Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 25, 1843, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 25, 1843 Page 2
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YORK HERALD. \< w lork. PrHlaf, August {?, IS 4 3. Tiis Kukctons?Thk Next Concrkss?Thk Okkat Hack for thk Phizk Cor in 1844 ? K .r) tmined bein? knows thai thin ? the g.'t.iUs nation ?m which the biesaed sua ever u'd his genial influence. In years an infan', iii ttrrngth a giant. The past, embracing only a< utury or two, albeit crowded with events which ilisntfy the history of a world?the future lull ol 'li),ie. elicour^nrm^nl * - ? iiaiiuuni fiivaw n 'S3. Every epoch ia ihe progress of suchf* country is pregnant with warning and inst uction, and should be carefully studied by patriot and philosopher. We have just now reached a very remarkable crisis in our national history. A singular and unexpected combination ol events, has scatter* d to the wind* the schemes of trading politicians?given the de th blow to the hopes of many a partizan?disorganized much of the old elements, and eliminated from them new ones?and above all, given to the intt lligencr, virtue, and disinterested patriotism ol ihe land a great opportunity ol ?fleeting the practical application of those lessons, which ihe t xi>erience ot the past has so forcibly impressed upon the minds ol all who had eyes 10 see, or ears to hear- Jt is in this view, that the results ot the late elections, atlordiug as they do the most intelligible and correct manifestations ol the predominant feeling of the various sections of t ie Uuion, bccome invested with a greater Iiuii ... .l..n,nnoliU lion ol ihe popular mind The party which succeeds now is ceilainol a lengthened reign. The present is Ihe very lime in which it can lay br< ad and deep the louudatioRs of its supremacy, lor come. No wonder, then, that the struggle prolines to lx> fierce and bitter. Mo wonder that throughout all our borders, the sou ids of preparation .-houiij be ?o loud and continuous. I'tie ii tesul s <it the elections thus far, are eided y lavor.ible to the d?-m icratic pally. As remarked yesterday, howevt-r, the wings ol -iini m e will be able to influence the character ol .'\e U. 8 Senate. The next Congress wiil then b * composed of a Whig Senate and a Locofoco House of Representatives. Such a body, with a T>leriie ud.ninir-tralion, presents a very agreeable pr ?pect o| excitement, at all events Tne business cf President-making is conducted this time on somewhat different principles troni those which have regulated it heretolore. There is really in many quarters, a considerable approach to reason an I common sense in the discussion ol the claims of the candidates. Many people appear now to regard the candidate less and the country more The interests of " the party" do not shut altoaether f'Ut of view the interests of the na tion All this is cheerfully indicative ol returning national sanity. The fact is, that the people have now purchased by expelience the knowledge which they refused to accept on less ex|?ensive terms. The lolly and iuiiious tendency ol erroneous legislation do not now netd expositors?tliey have been written 111 universal disaner. What then does the country want 1 It wants repose?quiet?adherence on the part of its legislators to those sound republican doctrines on which the 1 nion was builteconomy, freedom from debt, unrestricted trade, low taxation. It wants, in truth, to be governed less. There is growing up rapidly into Btrength and influeace anew party, holding these views, and determined to apply new tests to the character ol presidential candidates. And the best proof of the progress ol this movement, is the fact, that the candidates at present in the field, tacitly acknowledge its existence and its im(>ortciice by very perceptible changes in their tactics. There is, for instance, an evident improvement in the bearing of the friends of Vati Buren, Calhoun, end Cass, towards each oilier. The respective claims ol these favorites are presttd with much more decency and good feeling than was heretofore discovered by the adherents ol rival candidates. These things we aliude to merely by way of introduction. The book ol the chances ef the various fucks on the lists is gradually unfolding its pages. We will take a look at it soon, and endeavor to scan the future. The State or Society in the United States and in Canada?The Montreal Gazette seems to take alarm at the great number of murders which have recently occurred in the United States, and he draws inference unfavorable to Republican institutions ? Now the editor ol that journal forgets that such things occur in his own loyal Province, and, i>erhap*, more in proportion to the number of inhabitant-than can be found m the United States. Let him look at recent events in ihe Upper Province to satisly himself on this point. We do not with to be understood ?s defending the horrible deeds which so often heard ot both here and elsewhere, bui to lament that the state ol society in this euhg.i' n- d ge should be so very bad throughout the world ? Nevertheless, while moth evil exists here, ihe con dition of ihe middle and lowerclto-es is infinitely eul?eriiit to tliai of the same classes in the Canada?, w iere they are treated with insult and contempt by pitiably miserable officials, and self-constituted ex elusive* 'I his same editor showed hut a lew flays since how the people wtre treated in Cunada by their own corporation, who would not even let the people know how they were intending t<> dispose of thern in th-^ir preparations for the reception of the Governor (it neral. Such di-parat\ betwe* n classes ?f the : uiif r-u j?*tts has a tendency to embitter the one CHin-t the oilier, and m depress the en? rgies c?f the :;e and ^nhjeei ihem to ihe i>rc<ntiy ot theoiher ? '/c could enlarge on this hurj?-f!t by g> ing in'o de?.i's until iti*-y would nauseate; but it is abundantly -oved that the .comfort, and prosperity and happi ; of the masses of mankind in the colony of the Canadas is lets, infinitely less, than under Hepublic^n {institutions in the United States The Monti-en I ? ditordrnw- wrong deductions from the facts as tiny exist, but he misrepresents the facts by the mode in which he puts them. iJe must not set hie handful! of ?nr'h and his little knot if utll-prwm. ' p? ople. against this illimitable country of moun i , |irairic,\itif, ami lenne pinn, hi dig, giunuue, rn ?je?tic river*, and our generous, enteipiising, Iree, induatrious.ihappy uud prosperous people. Jf ther* i- the evil of occasional collision, which is incidental to ail forme of governnent, there is the o'er- balancing Rood of conscious freedom and equality, which the oj?| reused serfs of Canada never (eel, and lie myoiiHbounding of the heart of the millions??f vereignswhich this glorious country and its hap i'y institutions produce. The Nauonai.Convention ?The mouth of May l>y universal coni-ent has b?en fixed, wherein to hold the National Democratic Convention ; hut what precise period of the month, has not even been allu ed to, until the oilier day, when a democritic meeting m Baltimore recommended the hird Monday in May. JO- Tne pious Journal of Commerce said that the recent Storm was unparalleled except by that ol the days of Noah eenr. if the Herald had eaid this, all the sanctified would have turned up the whites ol their eyes, and ejaculated " imoiousbut being thf lourn&l ol Commerce,it wan exceedingly proper, of course. The Rhode Inlander of Newport enyF:?" The N't w York pilot boat, New York, we are informed, i i coining here in a lew days, bringing < >gden Hoftlit in, I r] , District Attorney Whiting, and several other distinguished gentlemen of the city of Ot I hit 111, who are making h pleasure excursion in her. Puricr and Ref-rat. -Wc understand tlwt the author of" Ahuuerui" and * Medoru*' Dream," i* coming to this citjr to addrt-M a meetn? ?f Repealer* at Washington Hal! Thk Presidential Chefs Uoaep? Fiest Move at Tamma%y Hall?Conservative Doctrine riw Ordee or the Day.?The game, lor so it may be called, of President making, has commenced Et Old Tammany, and the first move on the board was made last evening, amid the lath, plaster and rubbish of the walls, which are now undergoing 'l * t -i muiuugii rriiiivauoii uy ine proprietors. The vicinity, h( an early hour, was thronged with anxious enquirers, and "Old Joe Murphy's," the " Pewter Mug," tec. oveirtowed with froth, fume, rum and glory, aa the time approached tor the delegates to assemble. There were strong representatione from the fourth, ninth and eleventh wards, of both delegate tickets, assembled to see fairplay,and with Major Hopkins on one side, and King Doyle on the other, from the fourth ; Major Broderick and General Brush from the ninth; and t>ol. Jackman and Quarter-Master Gage from the eleventh, all who know the lame, the zeal, the energy with which these gentlemen would advocate a partizan right, or oppose a violation of ancient and venerable Tammany Hall landmark, know that all the rights of Van Buren, Calhoun, Scott and Tyler were there moat strictly guarded. At about the hour of seven o'clock and a half, the delegates btgnu to assemble, and after wading through the lime, the mortar and the rubbish th<?t for the tune has banished gin c<'ck-tdils, root i/*. *ri auu I'lauuy :uinsiiri^iii>iii iiic uai'iuuiu ui (ilia iidll of the bucktails, they congreg tied in the old east room that liati escaped tlx* improvement ot the age, and there commenced the labors of their office. Henry Nicholl, of the First Ward, a decided Van Buren man was chosen chairmanyrotem., and some body appointed secretary. The names of the three delegates from the seventeen wards were then called, when it whs found that twice three answered Irom the Fourth, Ninth and Eleventh Wards. Here commenced a query as to the cause of such increased representation from theee respective wards, and it was then proposed that one Irom each three should be allowed to remain to tell the story of their wrongs, and the other two requested to retire. Th'a being compled wiih, the Fourth Ward delegates of the anti Van Buren faction stated that they met iu accordance with the recommendation of Tammany Hill, and being the largest in number,voted down their opponents, who took such proceedings in high dudgeon, and the minority then adiourned to another room. The opposing delegate contended that the room was so crowded thev could not divide it, and in order to obtain room for that purpose, they went up stair*, and there selected delegates. The position ol >he first delegate being entirely in accord ance with Timineny Hall usage, put himtelt and associates, being opposed to Van Buren, and a majority of the convention tn his favor; the question was about 10 be decided in favor ot the admitting the Van Buren delegate.", when n member from the uuterrified Sixth voted to lay the question on the table, which was adopted. Next came the Ninth Ward roarers, when the Ami-Van Buren delegates stated that the meeting at which himself and associates were assembled was held at the hour in the evening selected by the General Committee of Tammany Hall, and at the place selected by the Ward Committee. The Van Buren man asserted lhat the Ward Committee authorized a day ballot at which himself and associate had 1 been cliostn. The ma jority perceiving that although j the instructions ot Tammany Hull had been strict- i ly complied with by the majority that elected the anti Van Buren dele gates, yet hesitating to decide i this question, was also laid upon the table, lor the time being, by the ingenious member from the Sixth Ward. Then came the Eleventh Ward, the oldstardy democratic eleventh; and here the anti-Van Buren delegate contended that t hey had abided by Tammany Hall iu every particular, while the others avowed their Simon purity. This was also laid upon the table, and then, by resolution, the people of three wards were requested to assemble in day ballot on Monday next, between the hours of ten in the morning and eight in the evening, to select delegates to represent the party in Tammany Hall, then to select thirteen delegates to the State Convention at Syracuse. The Convention then adjourned to Tuesday evening, at half past 7 o'clock, when the question will assume one of much interest to the politicians of our city. {JO- The election of two members cf Congress to represent the Stute of Rhode Island is to take place on Tuesday next. Mr- Atwell having declined the nomination to represent the Western District, Mr Wilmarth N. Aldnch has been nominated in his stead. The nominations are therefore as follows:? E ictern District?Law and Order, Henry Y Cranstoft, ot Newport. Democrat, John H Wheedeu,ot North Prov irit nee. Wnlfm District?Law and Order, Elisha R.Potter, ot <*otiih Kingttown. Democrat. Wilmarth N. Aldrich, ot Scituate VkKMO.iT.?Th? following nominations for Congress nave been made bv 'he two political parties:? Whigt. Dtmocrali. Firat District, Soloo.ou Koote. C H Hinn gton. Ht-cond do Jacob Collamer. T. B R nsom, Tiiiid do Oeo P Mai>b. John rimith Fourth do O B Chan iter. P Dillingham, jr. The election tak.-s place on the 5t!i of Sej tember. Thk Oregon Territory ?A Company is being formed in 1 his city for the puri<ose of emigrating to the Oregon Territory, and fettling in that prolific region. We deem this an advantageous enterprise to such persons as can combine a small capital with industry and skill The Buffalo Ht.wr ? We have heard it rumored tliat the " Buff iio Hani" and throwing of the lasso, was to come off in the immediate vicinity of the city, at Huboken, and lhat it was to be tree to every one; thai placing it within the resell of every person in the city. Jf this be the true version of the matter, it will be a curiosity, indeed, to gee the tremendouscrowd?the tens of thousands of people who go over to witness it. The Messrs Stevens, wuh th? ir numerous lerrv bosts, will be prepared to accommodate all the v/orld, Rnd his?family >00. Hamilton Housk.?A mistaktn impression may luive been product d by an article in the Herald yesterd.iy, and therefore we announce that this favorite f iva souci establishment has not sustained as much damage as was generally tupposed by the flood Very few tf ihe gues'shave left. The great feature of the Hamilton House, which must ever render it a most desirable resort, is the elevated situation, and cons*?|uently the most salubrious spot out of New York. Now that every fear may be justly apprehended of sickness in the city, by reason of the flood, this place stands pre-eminent for a tefuge, and the month of September, we doubt not will bring a golden harvest to the energetic exertion9 cl ifp proprietor, who certainly deserves all praise for Ins devotion to the interests of his guests. The ri verroad, which (or a great part is not iuferiorto the Hoboken paws, has suffered far less than might be imagined. All the damages have been repaired, and a friend of ours staying at the house, drove up yesterday with his lady in forty-five minutes. This certainly does not look much like " impassable roads." Yalf.Com.ioe.?The degree of A. B. was conferred in course on ninety-six individuals; that of A.M. in course on thirty-three, ad cundem on two; and honorary on Rev. Jos. Greet,wood, of New Millord, Conn ; and lohn Thompson, Esq , of Poughkeepsie; the degree of M. D. in course on seventeen; and honorary on five; the degree of Bachelor of Laws on two. The Rev P. Phelan, of Montreal, was concecrated as Bishop, with the ceremonies ug*a| in the Roman Catholic church, on Sunday last. fU- Mr Henry Russell, hiving returned from his ieHFHTii ttiiu rouruirrii mur, iinn pjuiir in mr r>rfi|i | liouHe, Rockaway, for a little recreation Yili.ow Fkvkk.?Mr. Bailey, the pilot of the schooner Vanda, died yesterday morning of yellow fever at the Quarantine Hospital. The following story has been given in relation to this vewel by l>r. Van Hovenbutg, the health officer:? The schooner Vanda, Pearce, master, arrived at the Quarantine Uiound on the 7th lustani, from I'oini l'eire,UuadaU)uj>e, and l(j days from St. M?r tin's, witn a cirgo of salt. One ol her seamen sickeued with fever while at Point Petre?the mate was taken sick on the day they sailed) and died on the 17th July at St. Martin's?the steward complained ot bring unwell two or three days previous to their arrival at this port, and was. with a seaman, put into the hospital. The vessel remained at the Quarantine foriy eight hours, when, at the urgent solicitation of ihe captain and owners, she was permitted to proceed up the North lliver to Kingston, I'lstercounty, to discharge her cargo, having tnuiid sale tor it at that place, with orders to return to the Quarantine Ground when it was discharged. They were lour days on their passage up the river. Th<captain and second mate sickened ort the day of their arrival at Kingston. The steward who was shipped to supply the place ot the lormer one, sick* ened some lour or five days after her arrival. Th? North River pilot who took the vessel up, took sick on htr passage down the riv*r. The vessel, in charge of the pilot, mate, and crew, returned to the Quarantine Ground on Monday. Captain IVarce was left at Kingston. This precious story is gravely told by Dr. Van Hovenbutg, who is paid liberally to prevent the very thing which, according to his own statemeut, he nas in this case allowed ; and he is not only paid to prevent it, but he has sworn tnat no such vessd shall come up the bay, until after performing quarantine for thirty days. If the Vanda had contained poor emigrants, they would doubtless have been kept until their iinen was washed, at an exorbitant price; but on au infected vessel arriving, the permission is given " go and discharge jwmi vaigv, um ao euuu ao uittl ia uuuc return to do your remaining quarantine duty.'' Or, iii other words, go and communicate the yellow fever to a densely populated citv, and then return and do that which is really absurd, yet is nevertheless required by the laws. It this health officer can dispense with quarantine duly uutil the cargo is discharged, it can be dispensed with altogether; but we are at a loss to know whence he derives his authority for the course he has thought proper to pursue. Is there 110 power which can regulate the conduct of this man? or is he to be tolerated much longer in outraging legal enactments, and the rights of individuals a t his pleasure! A Portraiture of a Member of Congress ? In one of the districts of Indiana, Joseph L White, member of the late Congress, was defeated. The New Albany Democrat thus describes him:? "Miserable thing?without character at home or abroad?despised by the good, and sl'unned even by the bad?totally destitute of honor and integrity? the seducer of female innocence?the violator of domestic peace?a profligate wretch?a cowatdly slanderer?a noted swindler, and a creature who embodies more moral infamy in his worthless carcase than can be found out of, or even in,the Penitentiary." This is a vivid picture, truly, and if not flattered, Jo White mu9t indeed be a beauty, says a contemporary He was just the man to flourish in the debauching era of 1840, when "Judgment had fled to brutiah bessts And men bad lost their reaion." But we nre surprised that such a creature should be selected by "all the decency, all the morality, and all the religion," to receive their tupportand sanction for honorable station and important trust, at a jeriod when it is supposed drunkenness hits given t>lace to honest soberness, and infamy is no longer latronized by the virtuous. The,defeat ol 6uch a iiau is not a public calamity, we imagine. Now this Jo White we happen to know was one of the most talented and most respeoable men in Congress. He spoke with the vehemence of the West, but with a polish and appropriateness that no part of the Union could excel. Such, however, is the late of party men. His description would prove one of two things -either that the constituency of Indiana have disgraced ihemselves irredeemably by returning such representatives, ?rthat the editors ol newspapers, who can thus traduce an opponent, are the most unmitiguted scoundrels in Christendom. An Outrage and Reward ?Captain Stockton, the President of the Delaware and Raritan Canal Company, oflere a reward of #500 for the apprehension and conviction of the person or persons who injured the bank of the Delaware and Raritan Canal, and also the railroad thereon constructed, on the night of the 19th. It appears that they dug a deep trench from the canal under the railroad, for the purpose of producing a breach in the former and injuring the latter. Their diabolical attempt was fortunately discovered in time. It is to be hoped that they will be arreEtedand brought to justice. Cricketino ?The friendly challenge given by the St. George's Cricket Club of New York to ail the I'nited States, or to Canada, says the "Anglo American," has beeu accepted by the Toronto Club, and the acceptance has come to hand. We believe there will be some modifications necessary of the terms in which the Toronto acceptance is couched, but nothing doubt of a final arrangement The match will probably come off here about Thursday, the 7th September. An Ecclesiastical Council in Philadelphia, some snort time since, alter investigating ceriain charges against the Rev. Edward Covel, pastor of the third Baptist Church,and residing in Southwark, declares him to have been proven guilty of "traducing the character of members of the church." and "at tempting to violate a female member of his congngation," named MissHubbell. Yet notwithstanding this result, about two hundred of the members of Covel's church express their readiness to stand by their pastor, and if the decision cannot be revers. ed, to form an independent congregation. Dreadful Conflagration at Sackkt's Harbor ?We have the following calamitous intelligence from the Black River Journal, Extra, Aug. 21 This morning, at half past ten o'clock, the village of shcket'8 Harbor whs visited by a most destructive fire- It is supposed to have taken from the steamer 8t. Lawrence, which had left the dock about half an hour previous. It originated in the store h'Mise of S. T. Hooker; and as the wind was very high at the time, ihe fDmes spread with fearful rapidity, enveloping in a few moments the new rxien-ive store erected lust season by S. T. Hooker Jc Co., and s->on the entire range, as far east us the steamboat < fHce, formerly occupied by Wm.Buck* If y. The fire soon crossed the street, destroying ihe Commercial Hotel and all the intermediate buildings between that and the Centre Hon* kept by A. Schuyler, winch was saved. The brick building opposite the Commercial, occupied as a saddler's shop, whs also destroyed, and all the 'unldirigs on both sides of Havard street to the T'resbyterian Church, which was also consumed. The bakery and dwelling house of J 13. Phelps, Etq., the law office ol I) N. IJurnht i, several stores, shops, (fee , including the tin hIhv of C. Symonds, the grocery store of J. ?Mm|?oii with several others, names not recollected. Tht extensive livery stable of Mr. Dodge, was destroyed, with several finehoraea. J. 15. Phelps. E*q , also lost a very valuable animal, who |>erishea in the flames. It is reported that the Custom House is destroyed, and from iff contiguity to the origin of the fire, wp lear it may be so. yet from the direction of the wind at the time, wr hope it is otherwise. A young man leaped from an upper story in the Commercial and wne considerably injured. Both his legs were broken. The amount of property destroyed must have been very considerable, it believed that a very small portion of the property destroyed, wan insured. The report of the destruction of the custom house ia contradicted, as also of the hoires. An Important Point.?The New Orleans Courier contains a caution to the Government of Mexico in regard to a dengn entertained by Commodore Boylan to occupy the Island ofCozumel. under a grant from the governmentof Yucatan. Trie Courier remarks:?"If it be true, and should the scheme of the Commodore be realized, it cannot be doubted that this isiand will s(>eedily (all under the domination of Texas, who will thuj find herself established at the two extremities of the Mexican coast of the Gulf. The importance of this position whether for commerce, or in time of war, is such that the Mexican <*overriment cannot mnke too much harte to take measure* in order to prevent it* escaping from lirr Arid the <Tovernmrnt ol the United States i.ap-rlinps no Iras interested than Mexico, to hinder front pasainR into the hands of a nation morr maritime than Mexico, an inland ihtll almost commands the entrance to the (Jiilf. Mk. Washington Irving ?The condition ami position of Mr. Irving, Minister oi the United States to the Court of Madrid, are matters of much interest during the troubled state ot that country, and we are happy to find that he is as popular und as much beloved and relied on there as at home. The corres(>oudent at the Washington Intelligencer, 111 a letter dated July 31st, writes oi him and of the state of things in Madrid as follows : ? Since the dale of the letter in which I mentioned Mr Irving, the American Minister at Madrid, we have recent and direct intelligence ol him. He lud so far recovered from the malady with whicf. he wag confined for several weeks, as to be able to puss days abroad ou his feet and in his carriage, observing the popular excitement and the preparations for defence. He felt not the least apprehension for himself; indeed, even the British ladies looked to his hotel for re'uge in case of an assault from the trooj* at the gates. The cry without was " Death to the Engltsh-ayacuchos!" as it had been on the former revolution, ** Death to the Frenchified Spaniards!" The young Queen and her sisters would gladly have put themselves under the shelter of the American Legation, rather than remain exposed iu the palace i a prize to the victors in a des|ierate street affray. My informant mentions that the only American v ioin he knew (o be in Madrid, and often with Mr. lrsing, was Mr- Sumner, of Boston, a gentleman distinguished for personal merit and extensive travel. Mr. Hamilton, of the legation, was absent in the Pyrenees. Fkom China ?By the arrival of the ship Thomas Perkma, Capt. Graves, from Canton, whence she sailed on the 18th of April, we have received our regular fiieaof the Canton Register up to that date, inclusive. Our advices by the Ovenand Mail are to the 7ih of May. The French frigate Erigone and the United States frigate Constellation were atthe Bogue. Tne com manners had gone to l>antou to have an interview wiih the Chinese authorities. The trigone saluted the English flag at Hong Kong?the Constellation did not. The commander ot ihe Constellation was right, according to the Friend of China, salutes not being due until after the official proclamation that the treaty of Nankin had been ratified. A letter in ihe Register gives an account of some disorders at Canton on the 12th of April, but they produced no very serious results The disturbance arose between some " fast boat" men and the keepers (if a gaming house. The Chinese solders interfered, to the uumber of about two hundred, but taking part with the gaming house people, they were attacked by the crews of all the "fast boats" and beaten of!. One of the boatmen was killed and another fatally wounded. The people of Whampoa had sent up a deputation to remonstrate against the English being allowed to build factories there. The English have no such intention. Yucatan.?The schooner Susanna arrived at New Orleans on the 15th instant, in five days from Cainpeachy. The editor of the Bulletin learns from a passenger on board the S that General Sentmanat landed at Campeachy some weeks since on board of a small canoe, accompanied by two of his officers. He stated that he had been betrayed by the remainder of his officers to the Mexican troops ? One ot his partizans who had been entrusted with the defence of the oar of Tobasco, had surrendered immediately to the enemy. Sentmanat himself, with 50 ot 60 men, fought the Mexicans for some time near Tobasco, but was ultimately compelled to retreat: and seeing himself abandoned, made the best ef his way to Campeachy. When the S. lelt, he was at Mertda. The Texan Freebooters ?The Mexican Minister for Foreign Aflairs, has addressed a communication bearing date July 21, to Gen. Thomson, the U. S. Minister at Mexico, in which he strongly protests against the inroads made upon New Mexico, as he alleges by citizens of the Slates of Missouri, Illinois and Arkansas. The Minister pronounces euch incursions?made while Mexico is at peace with this country, while an amnesty has been proclaimed between Texas and Mexico, and negotiations are on foot to restore amicdble relatione between the two governments?as being acts of hostility against Mexico, and contrary lo the rights of nations. It alleges that as these incursions are made by the sufferance of the United Slates, whatever expense Mexico may incur to rrpel them, and whatever injury may be inflicted by them upon her citizens, are just grounds lor claims for indemnity upon our government. The Minister then prefers such claim for indemnity in the most formal and positive manner From Vera Crcz.?Welenrn from Capt. Brown, of the ship Birkenhead, which left Vera Cruz on the 4'h instant, that the second installment ol the U. S. indemnity was paid over in Mexico city on the 25ti ultimo.?iV O. Bu'letin. Hospital Report for 24 hours, ending at seven last evening?Admitted 20: of yellow fever 6?diecharged 15 ; of yellow fever 1?died 4; of yellow fever 3?Yellow fever patients remaining 29.?N.O. Bulletin, \6th. Sister Frei>rika.?The Sister of Charity in New Orleans, whose alarming illness from yellow fever was mentioned by the papers a day or two since, was, we are happy to say, out of danger at the latest dates. Court for the Correction of Errors, Aug. 23. ?Betsey Gilbert and al. appellants, vs. Samuel Arnold and al, respondents ?Mr. George Wood was heard for appellant. No ti on the calendar?Ezra Glover, administrator of Russell Glover, deceased, vs. Joseph Lopez Diaz, and al. executors of Edward Meeks, deceased. Present as at the opening of the court, except Senator Hopkins. Mr. S. A. Crapo was heard for appellants. AJternoon Station.?Ezra Glover, adm. of Russel uiover, deceased, vs. Joseph Lopez Dias and al executors of Edward Meeks, deceased. Mr.| E. C. B- nedict was heard for respondents. Western Railroad.?Beceipts for week ending Aug. 19. IM1. 134.'. I'lidengers, $*-887 $81103 Freight, StC. 6231 3t!W Total, $16,118 $11,601 Orrirg or IIkr Maimtt'i Chiff Aocnt for Emigrauti. oikbrr i or h i aiq Number or Emigrants arrived during the weet* ending this date :? Cabin S tteras' From England 1 320. " Ireland.... 8 Is? " Scotland ... 3 344 " Lower Port*. ........... 30 0 31 764 Previously reported f>3S 17,377 669 18,131 To the game period last year,.. 114 ~ 3S.1&9 A. C. BUCHANAN, Chief Agent. ffcJ?A di?grat"ful outran occurred a few days ago in Hie neighbourhood of Beauharnois, Canada I' appears that a party of Irish having received what they considered an affront trom some Canadian?, returned on the following morning to the place for revenge, but being unable to Hud the actual aflrontera, they commenced an indiscriminate attack on all Canadians whom they met on their way back Two men were severely beaten, so that their lives are despaired of. (.'ne, a resectable old habitant at his own door, who in consequence of the in juries infl.cted upon him is not expected to live. A meeting is to be held at Trenton on the 6:h September, to consider the propriety of erecting a monument commemorative of the battle of Trenton. OtJ-ConstableWinn, of Buflalo,arrested in that city a nun named Martin Vandekar, on Saturday last, on whose person was found tfSliO in 2's, counierfeit of the Hank of Plymouth, iVlass., and .3".'1 in good money. ftJ-Frorn 1792 down to the present time there have hrcii fwpntv.lwn ( invcrniiN nt P..t nu-Im nv*>rit<nnfr rather more than two yeare for each government. Nini.o's ?The Ravels give four pleasing entertainments to-night?the Revolving Statues, a truly classical performance, and worthy the attention of the amateur* of the fine arts; Tight Rope; a Fab St-ul by tlie ci drvanl Miss Wella? with ihe vc ry popular ballet Patomime ol Godem-ki, in which Gahriel and the French Dwarl dance a pas de deux. His grotesque filiating is certainly a most talent? d and attractive piece of acting. Niblo's never was so crowded by a succession of satisfied auditors as this season. The English vaudevilles are very well patronised. .Tohn Sefton'a benefit on Wednesday was crowded to the ceiling. Chatham Thkatrk.?The arrangements for the coming campaign at this establishment are nearly completed, and the house wdl open next Monday evening. Mr. Duvarna, the leasee, has effi cted en gagements with some of the bent artists in ihe the. atrical prolession in this country. We hear that Messrs. Jamison, Wallack, and Hadaway, wnh Mrs. Maclure and Mrs. G. Jones, and a number ol other favorites of the theatre-go:nn community have been engaged, which will make the Chatham. a* lar asdrnmalic talent is concerned, the b^st th* atrr in th<* I nited Htafp. Mr P C. Palmer is ?nRaged a* Treasurer. and Mr J M Proll will an as Stag* Manner city leteiUgewee. Tmk Sturm.?Tinough the most active labor the greater pait ol the cellar* ot our city have been relieved (rem the effects of the torrent on Monday night, and the treeta and sidewalks are undergoing thorough repairs under the energetic action of the Street Commissioner ? From computation by a rain gunge kept at Erasmus Hall'*, at Flatbush, it appears that the deluge covered the region within which it Irll to the depth oi nine inches and an ?ighth. That is On the 20th aud sis' 0 67 inchrs. And on the lat and aid 9 13 do. Advamtaue ok Takiho tiii Hkkald.? Yesterday morning the Herald continued, with one exception, an ex elusive rcjMjrt of the arrest ol the burglar David Devoe, and a gang of counterfeiters, under the direction of Justice Matielt. The Sheriff of Essex county, New Jersey, who resides at Newark, and ofticer Southard, of the tamo place, being attentive readera of this print, on perusing its columns yesterday morning,saw the publication, anil having knowledge of a building recently occupied by the rogue in that city, immediately entered it, and there found a large quantity ol stolen property, some ol which bos been identified ax taken from houses entered in the vicinity of Newark. The benefit of reading the Herald was thus illustrated, as, had the publication hot bpoti made, the goods would in all probability have been emov?jd yesterday by the paituers of Davoe, uud thus the rogue escape conviction, and tho losers never have recovered their propeity Patrol. PoLicfc and Watch?In a few days the recess of our Common Council will have transpired, and the Irgislative business ol our city will theu again be resumed In anticipation ol this, we suggest the absolute necessity of public action to induce those who profess to have the welfare ef the city at heart, to (stablish a diy and night P 'tiol police, the immediate benefits of which we have so olten pointed out in detail, that it is unnecessary h< re to r>-pea' them. Sutlice i' to say that a day and night pntrol police would put an effectual stop to shoplifting, and we therefore ask the diy good? merchants and small ilealejs, will not jour interest prompt > on to aid in calling a public met ting to instruct our city fathers? A night patrol police would Bli>ost eHectually prevent tho numerous burglaries that take place, and odd t? the activity and energy of our private sod public watch, as was fully exemplified by the?xperiments by Justice Mattel], in the lower wards lait winter. Therefore, we|a*k the whokwie merchant, the hanker uiiil the housek< eper, is it not your interest to act in ibis matter at once, and instruct our ttommou Council? A day and night patrol would rid Broadway and our public walks and prome-iades of the numerous male and female prostitutes that now infest it to the almost nightly exclusion of female virtue ami Innocence. Is not this suHicieut to cause fathers, brother*, sisters and mothers, each to prompt others and net themselves in causing ward meetings to b>i held to further|this admirable system I This plan will drive pickpockets to honest business, watch stuflers to hard labor, mock auctioneers to honesty, thieves to Blackwall's Island, and laiger roguesto Sing Sing It is so plain, so comprehensive, so elective, that a chiid will perceive that the rogues that iniest our pub. lie thoroughfares must be kept in such a perfect 7111 mr< movement by the continual evolution ol police otlicers, that New Y"rk would be soon too hot to hold them. Therefore, let all good citizens who desire the protection of their property . their persons and th> ir litres, aid in this movement, and thus compel the puMic autl orities to make an immediate adoption of this plan, until they can A id time to give us abettec* which we think from ourown practical knowledge will ba impossible. Which Ward moves first? Death ct James Gannighan.?This man, wh was stabbed last week in the si le, in au sffray in 35th street, by George Leoni, mathematical instrument maker, died on Wednesday evening, at the Bellevue Hospital- The immediate cause of his death was delirium tremens From the tima he was taken t* the hospital until Sunday, the symptoms in the case were favorable. From bis pre vious excessive hahitsjof intemperance, delirium tremens followed, an 1 the physician fearing that his life would be endangered from the wound if stimulants were given fo check the disease, delayed administering them, in bopea that he might recover from the last attack; but their auxious anticipations were not realized, and desth ensuer1. The coroner called an inquest last evening, at the hoipital, and the verdict will be given to-inoi'row. Mr. Leoni asserts that he acted solely 011 the defenf ive, Gannighan having first assaulted him, aud commenced the attack without provocation on his part. Getting a* Outfit One Charley Allen, being of evil nun.l and having a Strang and ardent attachment lor old clo's, appropriated to his special benefit a merino coat, a worsted sack coat, a silk-vest,aud^two pairof cloth pants, belougii g to William llobbins, of No. '2 Mechanic's Alley. On being arrested, and alarmed at his future prospects, he confessed the appropriation, and surrendered the tlckci ol the pawnbroker, who had be?n so kind as to loan the rascal a small amount on the stolen goods The pawn broker was stuck, and Charley escapcd Sirg 8ing, irom the mere fact that the whole toggery is valued at only $24 being $1 less than the law requires to constitute Grand Larceny Shop Likters in Crowds These lan 1 pirates are increasing mostrapiuly in our city, and scarcely a day passes that dry goods stores, &c. are not filched of various articles of value, and all owing to the fict that we have no day police patrol. Yesterday, Amelia l'otten was caught in the act of stealing ten yards of carpeting, valued at 26 cents a yard, from the store of Chailes Kvirsley, of 123 Essex street. Anthony Williams was also robb< d while carrying off a piece of satinet irom the store of I'lic. mas Oalligher, of 138 Bowery, and botU ccmuittcd f<r trial. Another Pork Cask.?A fe\v nights since William Sheridan, of S3 James street, corner of Batavia. lost two barrels of pork valued at 620 an, which information he communicated to officer Ben Parket, ol the Fourth Ward, whose keen nose on a chase soon traced the sttl^n goo< s to the possession ol Joseph Wa err, in Vater strewt, who admitted that he had bought them of a man named Lawrence Rogers. The officer knowing or believing thet Waters kept a "fence" tor thieves, secured him, then ar. rwted Rogers and lodged them both in the Lower Police office, where they were fully committed for trial. An Ingrained Villain.?About dusk last evening a full grown boy was detected in the act of stealing the brass s op cocks attached to the engine of the steamboat New Yoik, lying on the East river. He was arrested by Diick-master Doyle, and on being searched, a small quantity of copper stolen from other parts of the boat were found on him. The rogue was fully committed, and gava the name of Thomas K- egan. Such acts of rascality ami maliciousness deserve more severe punishment than any ordinary case of larceny. Dhoitixi thk Yesterday morning the drop game was attempted to bu practiced on a passenger by the North Amariea from Albany, but the intended victim had rend the Herald, and saved his cash. (B?- THK (iRAND K.N l'EIU'AINMKN I'S AT THK American Museum tiiis wrek are drawing crowds ofvi. sitor* Miss Adair is u great attraction^ The Kentucky iVIinstrelo are the admiration of every one, and Mr. Cole and hi* dog, T. G B>oth, Master Diamond, Great Wettern, Celeste, be &c. will always draw lull houses. Lock out for a rush there to-night at the snlendid performances at eiglit o'clock. The perpetual fair, dog knitting machine, Sir &( ., are great attractions to visitors. Tl:o knitting loom remains but a lew days longer. 30- A TRKMENDOU9 CROWD ATTENDED Peaks New York Muwiim yesterday to wituess thut greatest of wonders the Colored Child, who is but thirteen years old, and weighs 40.*> pounds, ixever has such a circumstance occurred before a< a child of the above age nttniuing such an immense size. The upper part of h> r arm is as large round as the body of a full grown man. Tho perlormances in the Lecture Room, by Mr. Walter, the tenor singer Brouwer, Miss Adair, Master Diamond, and La Petite Cento, are what might be expected Irom artists who rank 10 high in their respective professions. When it is announced ihat all is to be seen for one shil ling, it sufficiently account* for the preaent crowded houses. (H7- THE SATURDAY COURIER?The Philadelphia Mammoth Family Newspaper (orthis week contains iimo'g its world of literary npws andvurie^y, unoriginal Tale, of peculiar interest; two original Poems of much beauty; original Letter from a Ped?(trial) in New York; two new chapters of Sam Slick in England; original Kssays, Education and the Young, choice Poems, by H>iunah (Jould, John, Ic original Letter of Thomas Jefferson,a runosity; a juvenile tali-. The (Jratelul Hunchback; uu American Tournament; Female Sketches ; Hu morous Olio; The Family Circle; Sketches of Learned Vleri; Councils to the Young; The Useful Book; The Usetut SciencesjGood Breeding Lute Foreign News; Horti culture; The Oraund Swell ; Poetry ; Address ol the Fianklin Institute Committee; Thin** in New Yok; News from Texi's; The Drama; The Fashions, Jic., kc. Editorial Department?The Alarm Sounded; The Le Hoy Trial; Another Heberton Case; The Pardoning Power, Air.nn. Review* of New Books; The Arm? and N??Y; Hu?inesa and Money; The Market*; Now Countertut*; Price* Current, tic., Term*, $1 per annum; *injle copies sixpence. Bythe Agent J. A. TUTTLB, No. 6 Ann ?tfe?. (j(f- GENUINE EXTRACT OF K ARSAPARILL..? Gentian und Harsalrim prepared by the College of Mid:cineanl rharmacy of the city ol New York, ha* ?w gained tke confidence of the medical fa ulty of,bis country, and command* n ??ln unsurpassed by any otier preparation of the kind ever introduced in tin* couitry. It i* now universally prescribed in all casts ol?.<it rheum, scrofula, ring worm, tetter, blotches, or piinjen, onthelacc or bo-ly, rheumatism, either chronic o in11 imatory, uletrs, noder or pain* in the hones, an. all ilisease* arising Irom the abuse of mercury or impun)r 0f blood. Sold in single Iwttlen 7A cent* each; in r4*es:ontaintng half a doz-n, $3 M\ in do containing ono drten, >tl; carefully j *ek<dan mnt to all p*it* ol the UJon. W a. IUCIIAKDSON, Agm. Gflico and Consulting Rooms ol' the College, 97 NM?u street. {*?- MEDICAL HCIHNCE VERSUS QUiCKERY.?A C ire Ouara-itee.).?The College of Medclue and Pharmacy ot the city ol New Vork, established ir the suppression o; Quackery, is now prepared to tret all dweases ot n j rivate riatHre, and oiler to oil thofe aitctcd with tbes,p dix'tossing mnl.idies advantage* not to fc met with in any other in*titution in thin country, either ublie or private. From the constant correspondence, an from nnvato arrangements, between the member* of to College and the most eminent Prole^ors ol th* Medici!n*ti- v ttitionx of Europe, all the improvement* in the tri'ment y of these disease* are lot warded to them long befoe they B reach the majority of the medical proiutiion of th coun- 0 try. With *uch advantage*, together with the cornbi#d kill of the lirst medical men of this country, thn ColRe feel a.itifdied that the good work they have undi rtukf, "the Mippi e**ion ol quackery," will receive tho patinage i " desei ve* Ironi that portion of the public ieqiiirtg their Term*, f r iHvin>, nn-l nl) moilicino*, tt>. ?i N H ? P-itienu lmnR #t ? <li?? inc?. hy n'a'innheir di? i???r I'xplirldy in writing, Riving all lymptomf Jogethar n villi th<' trcitimi it tlinj rec?-l*?ii el?wlier?, finny, ran tl obtain n cheat Coifaining "II nwdicino, Wilh fill <l't"?c* H1 Hon* for turn, with * nitMr?nt??! ol c?iri?. adilrrffciiff tht #l AiccntofthBColl*g?, pout patil, ,, flyonVrT W. J|? ofVh,, r?n 0/,> Af'nt- A Office ami f'on?nl?nr ""'"a, '>7 Nbmbii n j utrwt. C BY THR SOUTHERN MAIL. (*>- Mr. Prortit, U. S. Minister to Brazil, will uail id a day or two from Norlolk in the U. S. ehip Levant, lor Rio Janeiro. U. S SchoonerGrampuji.?Isaac Stev#ns, whose name as Steward, has b en published us amonj those on board the unfortunate Grampus, in a letter to the Norlolk Herald Btates that he is alive and well?not having gone out in her. He also nays the following persons were not in her Charles L Clapp, seaman, George Benson, quarter master, and Ja.nes Smith, captain ot forecastle. Bobbers Arrested ?Yesterday afternoon Officer McGarth, oi the New York police, proceeded through this city with two colored men, charged . 1. . L .. - l.U..... .,e i U i 11 mu mlu An Willi IIIC IIIUUCI y I'l I1IC U||g iftiuaiiuii UU last, while lying at quarantine near New York. The sum taken wan $3,200; a great part of which was found in their possesion. They were arrested near Harrisburg, 011 the Cantl. It is supposed the remainder ot the inoaey isin New York ?Phil Gaz.,24th. Steam Frigatk Princeton?We understand that this tine vessel is to be launched irom our NHvy Yard, on ihurrday, the 7tli of September.?Philadelphia Gaztlle. flr3-A boy about ten yetra?f age, named Edward Henderson, was run over and killed, on Wednesday, by a train of burden cars, near Broad and Sale* or Stock* at Philadelphia yesterday. $1300 Sta'e &'s, annual, D64.63; H31-4 "Mate 6'n, 1843, 66, $7tHi old Stateti's, annual, I84d *8; $2000 Tennessee f>'s,82, ?j9372 now annual State 6'tt, 1846, 66; 20 shares Girard Bank, 6j; 37 shares Mechanics' Bank, 18J; 30 (hares Btink,c & p 6}; 30 shares Philadelphia Bank, 63. AfrfcH Boihu ? fil3,7oO Chesapeake and Delaware Caml, 1846, 29; tlllOO State 5's, S3}; (46'> State 6'd, 1963, 63; $2000 shaies Kentucky Bank, 97}; >10,000 StateS's,63; 26 shau 8 Nashville Bunk, 23. LATEST KOl'THKltN SHIP NEWS. Philadelphia, Aiiu 24?Air Kmily, Bernadnu, St laitn ilo Culi.i; K Tcmliu, T^kliu, NYork: Kmeliue. Nichols, Luher; Wellington, Brown, Boston. Cld Mononicaliela, Turley, Liv erpool. Baltimore, Auy 23?Arr Napier, Sauford, Amsterdam; Tryall, Gihbs, Provide,ice. Cld Harriet, Jar vis, West Indies Sid Solomon Stilus, Gray, Rio Janeiro and a market; W Witch, l.e Brou, Barlt.idoes. Ilelow, Bremen slop Allien. Richmond, Aiik 23?Arr Mirror, N Vork. Sid Manchester, and Nassau, NVork. Nohkolk, Aug 22?Arr Grand Turk, Mayo, NVork. Sid Torn l'aine, Anderson, and Alexander, Robinson, NVork. In Hampton Roads, Westphalia, (Bremen) Wessels, Antwerp for City 1'oint. Spoken. Emily Kllicott, Laadermau, of and from Baltimore for La (iliayi'a, \ll(i 18, oil' the ( liesi|ieake. Ion 74 1". foj- THE ANGLO AMERICAN FOR NEXT SA tunlay, August 26, will be particularly rich, as its table of contains will show. R>-minhceiices of Napoleon (hiring his residence at the Briar*, St. Helena. These iemiuiscences are highly interesting- Owre True, a tale, showing the effects of imagination. Tattling, an amu-. ring sketch, by Mrs. S. C. Hall. The Blockhouse, a thrilling scene in Louisiana. The Demon, "etcetera," by Laman Blancbard. Cardillac the Jeweller, a tale of Love and Murder, from the German. The Baker's Daughter. A very lull report of tbe recent debate in Parliann nt, on the state of the country. Politics, News, &c. Price * $3 ptr annum?single copies 6} cf nt*. J. A. TUl'TLE, Agent, 0 Ann st. (&7-MORE NEW BOOKS ?This day published, and lor sale wholesale and retail by BURGESS & STRINGER, 222 Bioadway, corner of Anu street. Christine, a Tale of the Revolution, by John H. Mancur, Esq. author>ol Henri Quatre, or the Days ol the League?A splendid novel, puce 12 j cents, or $9 per 100. New edition ol the Clock Maker, or the Sayings and Doings of Sam Slick of Slickville?Price 18} cents. Puscyism No Popery, by Bishop Doane, ot New Jersey ?An additional supply received this morning?price 18j cents. This day publishad?The LADIES' COMPANION for Spi tomhpr with BiMnHid pmh^llikhmonto The Ladies'Companion for this month far furnasses all Its competitor*, both in embellishment* and literary contents. Single copi<s 25 cents, or $3 a year. Suhscri; tior.s received, and regularly mni od to all parts or the United States and Canada*, by BURGESS St STRINGER, wholesale and retail Periodical Agents, 222 Broadway, American Museum building. Q&- THE NEW WORLD FOR SATURDAY, August 26th, will contain? 1. Recollections of the Emperor Napoleon, by Mr?. Abell, lat>; Miss Eliza Balcome, during the time spent by him in her father'* house at St. Helena, admirable, spirited, and talented. 2 A Night at Peleg Longfellow's, by Bon Gaultier? An amusing burlesque upon the "Domistic Manners" of certain proininrnt American authors, including th?' Lay of Mr. Colt," "The Death of Jabez Dollar," and oilier gems. 3. The Fair Saint of Toulon?Continuation ?1 thia excHing rule ot Animal Magnetism. 4 A Lyric in Prose, by Major D'Avezac. 6. A Highland Sunset?Original. * 0. Foreign Tales, Kcra|i|Bubk,and Facetke?Five pages of o?pital and laughable selections. 7. Editorial?The American Magazines? Pufeyism, Stc. ?Lit?rary Noticea?the Drama?ISew<>, &c. Price 6 j cents; f 3 a y ear. Office 30 A n n street. J. WINCHESTER. QQ- NEW WORK BY MR?. ELLIS, pri-e 13J cents This day published, at 30 Ann street, Mary and Martha the Two Friends, by Mrs. Ellis, author ol "Home, or tin Iron Rule," the "Daughters of Eugland," "Summer ani Winter in the P?reners." Stc. A most charming mora Tale, which will be welcomed by the thousands of th> authoress' admirers in this country. It is especially inter esting to tlie f> m lies of oar land. Price 12J cents; ten co pies for $1; $8 a hundred. J. WINCHESTER. OQK MUSICAL TASTE?Nothing ia more commoi now than to see large boxes containing musical instru ments, directed to remote portions ot the Weatern Stati? to towns of which not oue in a hundred knows of thee* is'ence. On one barge the other morning wore thre piano foites from Atwill's establishment, destined to new city in Wisconsin, and he informs us that he In quently receives orders for large packages ol his mot fashionable music,to be sent to places which heisobliqe to look on the map to find. The prngrcw ol art appeal to be more rapid than that of emigration. 101- CONSTITUTIONAL DEBILITY The Tom Mixture prapared by the College of Medicine and Pub macy of the City ot New Yoik, has effected s?mr mo extraordinary curea in oases ot extreme debility, prod ced by secret indulgence, lleing composed of a couibiu tion of the moat strengthening and invigorating botanic medicinea, it ia highlv recommended by the medic taruiiy to all persons suffering from dyspepsia, lassitud losi> of appetite, nervous headache, snd all unpieasu sensations attending protracted illness, or a weaken) constitution. Hold in laige bottles M each j small do $ incaaesoi half a dozen, carifully packed and sent all parts ot the I'uion. W. S. RICHARDSON, Agent. Olliceand consulting rooms of the College, 97 Nats 0(7- "A SECRET WORTH KNOWING SHOL'l NOT BE TOLD I"?In fact, a tight down good secret hard to keep?burning and tugging away a1 one's h-'a strings to impart tho joy ful news to aome kindrtd soi that it may be eujey?d in common. Tho lair sex are not alone in this strangely pleasing f? sati >n, aa we are about to exemplify. Your ear, go HH reader, while we would impart a secret to thee wot knowing, and which fully r-iTies out Shaksp- are's i vice?"Put money in thy Purse."' B'lt how? s.iy you Listrn then?You are amanjof course you are; that you wear a beard?Well, perhaps jou shave yourtell So much tiie better. Now if you never tried it, yi>u ha heaidof "Ouerlaln's Ambrosial Snaving Cream," win is sold nt au eimrmously high pr'ce. Neveithees? n i good article, but a better one is now about to take place?the Tuberose Heaving Cream, and which is sl at one third the price, only three shillings a pot lie er, your hand?You thank us; of course we know y would?But the number? True, we had forgot tha I 314 Broadway, opposite St. r*ul'4?PhaJon'i. Nfw York, August -Jlsf, 184.' CtC?" MR. C. BRISTOL: ? D?ar Sir- One might s |H>s? sufficient testimony had alretdy been givrn fo world to establish the superior efficacy of your prep: tion ot Sarsaparilla over the many nostrums now ven in this city. But, sir, as my rase is a peculiar one, | mit mo to add iny mite 'o the great fund of recommen tions of Bristol's Sarsapatilia I have been distressed wiih Scrofula in my head, in nally and externally, far several years, to that degre? times I was fearful I should become a maniac Ev thing was done 'hat could possibly be done for nn The v- ry best medical gentlemen in this city were ployed. Surgeons of science and skill exhausted tl I'Xperiencn on mn to no rflect, for every plan that cc ie brought to bear, or that was likely to have any bei !ial rtf. ct on me, proved abortive. At length I g.ive 'onrluding that I must linger out a miserable and pan existence, little thinking that there was yet a cure lot ny ..Hlictions. Having met a friend whose son had b laved by your S^rsnparilta, and whose statement 1 een in the papers, I inquired as to the fact, and desire ee his son. H iving seen for myself, l,then entertalm amt hope that it might prove n benefit to me, and I olved to trv the virtues of your Satsanarilla. 1 b ried it. and that too with the happiest hiuI hot ol coi inenoes to my health and cnmlort The large and f ul opening on my head, making a circle of al>out tl noliin diameter, in now en irely healed, and the I lowing on the ipot the lame an if nothing had ever 1 lenedloit. The severe anguish and distress by win ?n< distracted so much is gone, and I am now once n ookiug forward to the eDjoy ment of lite and comfort his ban been accomplisheil by your 9ar?apgiilla, at fould he a source of gratification and pleasure to t. on should publish this, my testimony ol the virtue Iristol's Satsnparilla, to the world, and especially in ity. I am, sir, with great respect, yotirs. Sic GEORGE W ROGERS, No. 1"8 Maimon atrett, New Yor C. C. Briitoi., Buffalo, New York Hold wholesale and retail by Wm Burger, No- />0O indt street, and Druggist* generally. CK7- PALPITATION OK THE HEART, ttendant symptoms, of drowsiness and lassitude oft nd Wodv me ?ft>-ctu illy removed by the invigoratin e.acy t f Sherman's Camphor Le/'-ngra. K r brada iry urn univrrially iKknou i< ilgt- l pte-i niinmt, m n .uitirtotr to <emirkin'?? they r^iinot ho fill paio <1 r < a | i'">i'tivf or cure. Mill only in hove nt , I it l>05, at f)r Shcnmn'< Waroho<i??>, IOH Nanian m Rent* 110 Broti'lwny, 10 A?tor Honon, Hi Hnd>on|tt H H Bowory, 77 K.nnt Broad <vny, H6 William utrrnt, m hntnut RHt, Vhiladrlphin H

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