Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 27, 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 27, 1843 Page 3
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BY THE SOUTHERN M AIJL^ Conviction orDn. McClknachan.?The trial ol Dr. McClenaclian for a violeut assault upon the Rev. Mr. Aaron, a Baptist minister, terminated at Norristown yesterday It was proven that Mr. Aaron had slandered the defendant, in his temperance lectures, and in the pulpit. Judge Hurnstde in pasting sentence, said he considered the circumstances which led to the assault aggravating in the extreme. He sentenced Dr. McClenachau and his hrt'th'T tO a flile (it thirfv rlnl!ftrii uml on im l>ri?ouuicni o! thirty days each. Judge liurnside commented very severely on the conduct of the Reverend gentleman in making his sermons and teni|?eranee lectures abound with grots and improper l'?rsonal ubu&e.? Phil. Guz 26th. LATEST 8UITTHEKN SHIP NEWS. Phii.auki.phia, Auk 20?Below. Levant, Janvier, Leghorn; Holder Burden, Biker, Providence. Cld Anua Reynolds, Taylor, and Acorn, Howes, Boston; Washington, Rishop, Mataii*/ax. nrli \LTiMoR? , Aug 2i?Arr Napoleon, Chesebrousli.Kio Janeiro; Union, Smith, Providence; steamer Georgia, Norfolk? reports ill Hampton Roads, Colchis, I'rom Havre; oft (ireat \\ ycomico, Henry Shelton, from Bremen, Humming Bird, and Lady Warrington. Cld Schiller, (Biem) Johansen, Bremen; Sihbua, fitiilitis, Rjo Janeiro anil a market. Sid Ida, Hallett, Boston; Harriet, Jarvis. Kingston, Ja. Ai.i xanukia, Aug 21?Sltl Kavorite, (Br) .Masters, Barbados*. Nohkolk, Auk 21?Arr Odessa, Coffin, N York. S|d Georgian*. Bedell, do. Othello, Ryau. from N York, has yono up James River. Also arr, Texas. Baker, Boston. In Hampton Koads, I'ocasset, Curtis, from Lubec. A ship and a brigantiiie were standing up for Hampton Koads this morning. Wilmington, NC. Auk 10?Arr Droino, Pickering, Salem, 21st, Dirign, McNear, Beaufort; 22d, Grandee, Doaue, Porto Rico. Cid 16th, Sophia, Haven, Jamaica. Spoken. Leader, Boston for Rio Janeiro, -10 days out, July 13, lat 20 ?>2, Ion 'Mi 15. . Foreign Ports. Rio Ja.nkiro, July ?? In port, Creole, Sanders, from Philadelphia, just arr; Ganges, and Qiiincy, Savage, Boston, do do; Kentucky, Ankers, from Coast ot Africa, arr 3d, in miar?Auh others as before. Sid Columbus, (wh) Fish, 2100 bbU, bound to Bahia for a market; Duan, Darriugtou, St Catharines. (py- HOW DID YOU CURE THAT TERRIBLE HKaDACHE you were coniplaing ol the other day? sai.l my friend to mu when we last met. Why, how should I but by lending to Dr. Sherman lor some of hi* celebrated Camphor Lozenges. After I saw you I waa seized with vomiting, and brcamo so dizzy that I had to go U btd, and I suffered so much that it was almost past endurance. As soon as I obtained the Lozenges I took four of them, one after the other, and in half un hour after taking them 1 was about my business as usual. The effect of them wm instantaneous. Reader, this is the common experience of those who have suffered with Sick Headache and have taken Shernnn's Camphor Lozenges. And they not only cure Sick Headache ; they also are a specitic for Sea Sickness, Nervous Diseases. Palpitation, and the tfiects of over-living. They are speedy in curing Cramps of the Stomach, Diarrhoea and Bowel Complaints ; and will relieve from despondency, drowsiness and lowness of spirits quicker than any other remedy. Try them, but he sure and get the genuine, as Dr. Sherman's Lozenges ore never sold loose?only in boxes?at his Warehouse, 106 Nassau at., or at his regular agents, 110 Broadway; 10 A9tor House; 2-27 Hudson St.; 188 Bowery; 77 East Broadway; 86 William St., and 80 Chnsnut st. Philadelphia. Qtjf- TO THE FIVE HUNDRED SOUTHERN Merchants at the Astor, City Hotel, American and Hownrd's?A special invitation?To try one of the greatest and decidedly the most useful discoveries of the present day, is tendered for their individual benefit, namely, Pholen'i Tuberose Shaving Cream. This beautiful emollient Cream, surpasses any think ofthe kind ever ottered to the patronage of a discerning public; it is not an ephemeral invention got up to gull the public and sink into oblivion? "Like the passing hour," But an article whose qualities hare been studied during twenty year's of professional labor, and which, having met the highest encomiums of the press, is ottered in confidence as possessing qualities ol no ordinary value. It will operate on the beard like a charm, softening it, and at the same time healing any bump9 that may annoy the |>erioii. It is sold at the extremely low price of thret) lulling" the Jar, thug enabling every one to possessthis onderful cosmetic. The smallest quantity only is required to produce a t - M itiful lather. Those who doubt its conservative qualitir? are respectfully invited to give it a trial, at I'hulan'a hair dressing Saloon, No. 314 Broadway, opposite St. I'aul'a. 0(7- CONSTITUTIONAL DEBILITY.?The Tonic Mixture prupared by the College of Medicine and Thar, mncy of the City of New Yoik, has effected some most extraordinary cures in cases of extreme debility, produced by secret indulgence. Being composed of a combination of the most strengthening and invigorating botanical medicines, it is highlv recommended by the medical* faculty to all persons suffering from dyspepsia, lassitude, loss of appetite, nervous headache, snd all unpleasant seusations attending protracted illness, or a weakened constitution. Sold in large bottles $3 cach; small do $1; in cases of half a dozen, $5j carefully packed and sent to all parts ot the Union. W. S. RICHARDSON, Aeent. Office and consulting rooms of the College, 97 Nassau street. Q&- DISEASE THAT IS ANY WAY IN THE BLOOD will be * tl'-etiiullv ilrivcn nut hv the use of th#> niirn P.v. tract of Sarsap?rill?, from JI Courtlandt ?t. lu constHiu nri' of not ndvertising fo extravagnntly as others, tkt y can afford it 1110 per cent cheaper, and of pure quality? Price jO cents per bottle?$4 per dozen. 0(7-SUPERFLUOUS HAIR?This can be removed in t"n minute* by the Hair Indicator, from 'J1 Courtlandt street, and will not harm the most tender skin. It will be tested belore sold. {&- THOSE WHO PREFER RAISING THEIR, own hair to wearing a second hand article in the form ol a wig, can always do so by fertilizing the Foil of their peiicrauiums with Oldridge's Balm of Columbia. The wonder* it ha* wrought as a strengthens, preserver and restorer of the hair during the twenty -five year* it has been before the public, would fill many volume* in the relation. It open* the pore* of the scalp, renews the circulation of the blood in the capilliary vessel* of the skin, promotes the perspiration *0 essential to it* growth, removes the dandruff and scurf, (which are simply the re suit of mpprersed perspiratioD,) and imparts a silken gloss and the most delightful toftnes* to the tresses of beauty. Those gentlemen who have been hitherto unsuccessful in the attempt to cultivate whiskers, will find in the Balm a powerful auxiliary, and it is found true only at 31 Courtlandt street; Brooklyn, 139 Fulton street; Newark, 320 Broad street.?N. V. Express. MONEY MARKET. Sn?urtlny, Aug. 20-0 P. JI. The Stock market was rather more lirm tc- lay and pri ces better. Ohio rose $ ; Kentucky, Illinois, Harlem fell At the New Board there were the same features. We have accounts from Sydney, New South Wales, to the 1st of April, which repri sent trade as having relapsed into a moft gloomy position ; most ol the good* ottered for sale had been bought in, owing to the pressure for money and the disclosures which are coming out relative to the management of the Bank of Australia. The amount which the cashier of that establishment absconded to America wns ?lf,000. One house alone won liable to it for ? 160,000, one ef th?. directors for ?30,000, another for ?40,000 ; in fact, the system of trust without adequate security, ns shown in this company, had "I excited great suspicion on banking in general, and the Bank Stock declined JO per cent. The markets were all looking down. In the years 1930 to 1H36, during which joint stock banking was no rapidly increased, not only in Rnglnnd, but in all parts of the world, France, Austria, Belgium the United States, Canada and all the British Colonii s, en immense outlet was formed lor British goods. The Bank of England in the centre, extended itself over the,whole face ol the eerth. The late National Dank in the United States, end the Bank of Australia in New Hollan,d were the instruments by which the inhabitants of each country became indebted to England for her manufactures The same rottenness, revulsion and ruin is apparent wheresoever the blight of bank credit fixed itself. Lon. don is necessarily the centre of all paper credits. Wht r e/era bank is established it is an agent lor the sale of English goods. With a specie currency the English can not retain their markets. The breaking down of bank ing all over the world is the immodiato real cause of the misery of England. The deputation of the iron masters of Wales to Sir Bobcrt Peel, presented a memorial, of which the following is an extract:? It appeared from the evidence ol the documents produced, that the reduction of the rate ol wages, Horn the highest rate paid since January, 1930, had been as (el lows Od thick coal colliers' wages per cvnt. ^ (In miners'ditto ...44 " On furnace men's ditto 4') " On lorge und mill men's ditto 33 " While the quantum of employment hadjdecreased lo nearIV one-hall, as evidenced b> the extensive stoppage cf furnaces in the district, of which 7a only out of 13S were in blast. It wa.s explained that each furnace and blast furnished employment lor about 4()0 lumilies, through '.he various processes to the bur iron; and that the produceof thistrade was, to an extent greater than almo?t any other branch, essentially competed ol labor. The reduction in the make of pig-ron in South Stdllordihiresince K?-b. 1940, was stated to bo at the rate ol upwards of 100,ooo tons per annum, the price being reduced since 1838 about (10 per cent, and that of bar iron about 36 per cent. It was clear, therefore, as the ironmaster had no legal means ol reducing or evading the fixed payments and buither.s which the natureot bin business entailed upon him.nn alternative was left him but a still further action on wagi s which be was compelled to adopt, or close his works and leave his workmen a chaigeou the poor rates. To show th<* effects whieti the want ol employment had already had on the increase of llft-se rates," statement of the ex penditure in the several unions comprising the iron 'lUtrict, namily. Went Brumwich, Wtilaall, Dudley, 8toiirhrl<U?', Hiom?grove, and Wolverhampton, exhibited th<> lollo* tnft ic?olt?:? Expeii'litan * Tor th?> y? ?r ending, March, 133?, inclHilinR county ratea, X46,181 Ditto, IHtP, ditto 61 Ml J D<tto, 1810, ditto 63,616 Ditto, 1841, dillo ?6.tH4 Ditto, 184J, ditto fl.iSll Ditto, 1843, ditto 74 'JID Showing nn incrp??e In the latter compared with the for m^r reriod.ol ?4 perjc.ent If to thii wwe addrl the tc -v CMimial ?iii)?cri|ition? in each parish, together with the contribution* trom the relief fund in London, and taking into consideration ulto the dwrM* in tk? cost of mail . tenance in the latter period, there u little doubt of the increafe of puuperiim being actually augmented 100 jnir cent since 183?. Thia increase it atlli proceeding with alarming rnp'dity in all the unions ol the districtThe ITects ol the tarilli of the various continental and American states were next brought under discussion ? These were framed in almost every inataace with the object of excluding British iton, particularly in its more tioi>ht-d state, to the great prejudice ol the industry ol this country ; the increase of exports within the last lew years having arisen principally in the cheap and interior Scotch pig iron, with some ndditionil demand tor continental railways. In the case ol the Uniltd Statu, their re cant tariff hid, in the opinion of tome ol the members ol ihe deputation, been framed with the special object of meeting the exclusion oj their corn from our ports by excluding our staple productions from theirs ; the lalliug ulf in the exportation of iron ami hardwares to that country alone being more than AO per cent since 183H Mr. Thornley, M. P., confirmed this view of the case, by a reference to his experience in a recent visit to America. The lines we have italicised should impress themselves upon every individual in this country. The same senti raent is evinced in the ontagnniit speeches of Sir Robert Peel and Lord John Rus?el,and unless our tariff is promptly modified on a basis ot reciprocity to meet the great reductions recently made on American Agricultural products, and to be m ido, Sir Robert Peel having announced his intention to take the duty oil'of foreign wool, their po lie y will revert to the old exclusive system. This is a matterof the highest importance to our own manufacturers If their best customeis lose their foreign markets for their surplus, they can buy no manulactured goods. The following clause of a late customs bill, giving effect to the troity ot Washington, leaves no doubt of tho conciliative intentions of the British government " And whtrcas a Treaty has been concluded between Her Mxjesty and the United States of America, dated the ninth day of August, in the year one thousand eight hundred and lorty-two, whereby it is stipulated, that ull the produce of the forest, in logs, lumber, timber, timber boards, staves or shingles, or of agriculture, not being manufactured, grown on any of those parts of the State of Maine watered by the riverSaint John,or by its tributaries, of which fact reasonable evidence bhall, if required, be produced, shall have free access into and through the said river and its said tiibuttries, having their source within the State of Maine, to and trom the seapoit at the mouth of the river Saint John, and to and round the fulls of the said river, either by boats, rafts, or other conveyance, that when within the province of New Brunswick the said produce shall be dealt with as if it were the produce ot the said proviuce : and, whereas it is the inteti-, tion of the high conlraaling parties to the said Treaty that the aforesaid produce should bo dealt with as if it wore the produce ol the province of New Brunswick ; beit therefore enacted,that the produce in the said reci ted Treaty and hereinbefore described, shall, so far as rc* gards all laws relating to duties, navigation, and customs in force in the United Kingdom or in any of Her Majorty's dominions, bo deemed and taken to be and be dealt v. ith as the produce of the province of New Brunswick : provided nevertheless, that in all cases in which declaration! and certificates of production or origin,and certificate? of clearance, would be required in respect of such produce,if it were the produce of New Brunswick, similar declarations and certificates shall be required in respect of such produce, and shall state the same to be tho produce of those parts of the State of Maine which are watered by ther iver 8aint John or its tributaries.1' Sales at the Stock Exchange. $5000 N York G's, 1851 107 20 Howard Insurance 105 1000 do 1R62 1011 '4 .10 Aub & Hocli R R 9I>? 2000 do 5'*, 1833 99 % 50 Canton Co 25}J 2000 Tennessee ti's 91 50 Am Exchange Bk R(l 15000 Ohio 0's, 1800 92'4 25 Mohawk It R 37 4000 do 92 V 250 Harlem R R Vii 1000 Kentucky C's, 30 ys 97i!i 150 do 37*4 5000 do 97 Ts I"" do 37 H 1000 do 1)30 90 100 do 1)10 37', 1000 Illinois Bonds 35!? 100 do slO 37}, noon do 35 X 50 do bis 1U0 Bank Com, full 97,'* 125 do :I7*3 50 do 25 Paterson Railroad 50j 25 Ohio L & Trust b30 83 CO Stoiiington II H 21 20 N Y Insurance 100 Second Iloard. $3000 Ohio 6's, '69 b:m 50 Harlem 11 R slms 37 5000 do s30 92 50 do 37^ 50 shas Paterson R R b-15 51,' j 1110 Long Isld II R l>60 52li New York Public Stock Exchange. $1000 Gov't 6's, 1862 slO lll'? 200 Harlem Railroad 37?? H3000 Kentucky 6's, 91M 50 do snw 37ii 2000 Illinois 8%, '00 1)15 35M 50 do sl5 37L 1000 do sl5 3.'i'i 100 do bnw 37~. 2000 do 35? 150 do 3000 do 35M 75 do b20 3? 3000 do *30 35)2 50 do bnw 37 ilOOO do b20 a1)?? 50 do b30 3? 3000 do 35! j. 50 do 37 H 5000 Ohio 6's, 1800 *10 9250 Loop lsld R R s20 52?? 3000 do boo 93 200 do 5(>i 1000 do 9250 do b30 52J, 2000 do 13 Spt 92? 5# do 52?, 10000 do bl5 92?.? 100 do *60 52), 10110 I lid 1) lids 25 ys snw 31** 150 do s 10 52/4 1000 do bnw 3l,l.i 50 N Jersey It R sOO 86?j 2000 do 31 10 do 1H>'4 5000 Indiana Sterling 32 85 Canton Co 25'a 100 slias North River Bk 98M 25 do b 10 S 25?? 25 Farmers' Trust 22% 50 do bnw 2!i!k 25 do bl5 22 ;a 20 Stonington 11 11 31,'4 50 Ilarlem Railroad 37;a Krt oiid Uoord. S1000 Illinois V>s, *70 s20 35 ? f,000 Ohio 6's,'CO l>30 92W 5000 do < anal 6 s, '60 blO 35'j. 50 shas Harlrni 1111 37s? 5000 do bl5 35'i State of Trade. Bcston Auction Silks, Aug. 24th?Cigars, Havana, 50M (6 75, 4 mos., Lemon Syrup, 10 cases, f 1 50 per doz, cash; Hemp, Russia, Out shot and clean mixed, 16 tons, f l.VI per ton, cash ; Sp?nge, Smyrna, (13 bales, 30 a 35 cts, cash; Corks, velvet, 6 bales, 38}c, 4 mo-; Meatsloot Oil, 37 bbls, 5SJ a 65 per gall, 4 mos; Corn, Western yellow, 8000 bushels, 62J a 64 sis; (>00 do white 61$ a 62c, cash from store ; Tipes, smoking, 501 boxes, 16c per gross, cash. 25th, Lemons, Palermo, 900 boxri*, $2 S7 a 3 per box, 61 djys; Almond, Sicily shelled, 100 boxes llije per lb, 4 II1U?, VUIINI^ CCCU| U p* )?CI I'MSIJTA, 1 IIIUO, UUIIIOl , Sicily, 160 bugs $45p?r ton. 4 mos. (Landed from the Mene/ula, from Palermo ) Salt, Liverpool line, 1700 tacks $1 44 per tack, cash?Broughton & Sutton's brand, (landed Irom the Kbcn Preble) Freight*. The shipments of Flour the past week have created Rome activity in freights, and on flour the price has advanced. Our packets got a large proportion of the shipments of produce. With the exception of the extra quantity of produce gone lorward lately, freights are very dull. to livfrpool. Cotton, per lb, 3 16dajd? Flour, 1* 9dr2s ? Turpentine, 6dals9d Hca'y goods ptn,32s 6da36s to london. Tobacco, hhds,'25s?a? ? Mea't goods,ton,30?? a? ? Flour, per bbl, as 6da? ? H?avy goods, 25s?a2?s6d Naval Stores, 3s ?a 3? 6d Kice k seeds,tee 7s ?n? ? to havre. Cotton, pr lb ?|ca jc? Qtur'n Bark, 10?a? ? Ashes, ton $8? all) ? Mea't good?,ton,10 ?a? ? Rice. 8 -alO ? Married. On Thursday evening, 24th in'tant, by the Bev. Mr. Smith of fit. James' Church in James street, Andrew Murray, K<q , of St. Louis, Mo., to Miss Caiharini: Crawford, oi this city. flf?- The Baltimore papers will please copy the above. Died. On Saturday morning, Thomas, infant son of Robert Gilmer, oged 8 month*. The Iriepdiof the family are r3*peclfully invited to attend hit funeral thi? (Sunday) afternoon, from the residence of hi* father, No. 191 Greenwich street, at Ave o'clock. Paurii^em Arrived. Havre?Packet ship St Nicolas?Miss F.melie (iirand, of Boston; Mr* I-. 11/alx-Ili Beylar.1 an<l son, Paris; Mrs Mary (J Uninhart and servant, Mis* Anna Ur.|iihart anil servant. Miss Angelica 1 rqnliai't and servant, David l'r.|uhart, Louisiana; Mrs T IVII and daughter, Mrs Born. Charles Scrihner, Hector Ames. New York; Mrs Agatlie Croiet, l)r Chas Mills and lady, Virginia; Gen FGorrisson, Hamburg; Bayard Miligan. New Orlmns; Henry Underwood?'70 ill the jfeerage. Hamhurr?Barque Washington?Mr Shearman, Mr Curtis Mid child?III ill trie steerage. PitHNt'iiRf-r* Sailed. 1.1\ i Rrooi?Packet ship Siddons?Mr* Henry Richard* and niece, of New York; Michael Iniinls. Albany, NY; William H Reynolds, Newark, NJ; Charles Fearon, Montreal; David Cruben, London, Canada; Henry Brrk, Havana; Gustavus Merer, Mexico; George H&IJidiy, Johnson Uiliny, Belfast, 1 i*eland; Charles Morrison, Manchester,; John Schofield and lady, K.nglaiid; Wilson (li*y and lady, Dublin; Augustus lie harder, Felix Nicolay, Diililin; Francois Delarue, Pans. Foreign Importation)) Havfk?Ship St Nicolas?(Reported yesterday)?9 pkgs C Dord?I Thorspeeken St Co?100 Schmidt Si Vogel?130 V Bar salon?1 C Dcraismcs?I A S Permit?8 Morlot St tjcheffer?I KScll llaight k co?12 llerrick k Blunt?I c Kay?1_ H Farnuin Si co?3 H < fiiillautnc k co?li .1 Mitchell?5 O Varet?;i.', C 1'ayeu k CO?2<i Kuzat Si cn?17 Bceard, Gamn Si Co?2 Dias k Warren?2 J k T Woodhead?3 F A Huntington St Co ?AJ Mortimer?6 Lewis Si Fairman?I Sturges Si Shaw? N'evins Si co?I Wood Si Abbott?3 C Douchet?21 .1 H St h elix?12 Vnderwood, Tetrrel Si Blain?13 11 Dntlot?I K Schneider?3 < D.uigny?35 K Fiedler?3 F Kscher?I Schlichardt, Favtek co?I Schmidt Si Andrea?1 W Pelil?.'i Dorr Si Allen? 2 H Tnbias?3D Lane, Laiuson Si co?I Paciltn?77 Umber Si Dambinann?I A 11 Ward Sieo?3 Hourion Si co?3 Souteyran Si Permit?3 J Dupre?2 L 11 Binsse k co?11 C Gignou* kco ?3 <>11ison kco? 1 Habersham k Jones?2 II Babau?7 A Casclli?3 A Hone i Si CO?<2 Chevrolat Si co?9 Kasse Si Keber?2 Dormancnurt?12 Charnaud. Schluinp Si Sicl>er? > C W Tlioina??I, Kouladouv?J K. I> abreipiette's Ills Si Morra?I WB Draper?31 Loesclngk Si Wisendonck?2 Barclay Si Livingston ? 1 Warburg Si Danne?t A Si E Warburg?I Col* ille Si V leming?I Da vies Si Jones?3 F Oroneuthal?I Dnfour Si co?10 C ( F Born?A J O Krneuimtscli?11 F A Voisiu Si co "T.1 Ri<*ard*. B.isseti Si AJiorn?I llanideu Si co?2 G Gibson? ' f 'V ?? T Hunt?2 A Barbey?7 F< B Strange? H F Shclilon & co?11 Ball in Si Sander?I ('erf, B"cr Si May?3 Tiffany, V otingk Kills?2 A Anderson?10 F Steinheil?I Dale Si Ma*well?t T Hunt Si co?? J I) Will,au? Si sons-2 G F MeyVm ^'pih'iiheiin Si co?fi Si ro?3 Merke, I I.tie Si co -I II Wiener?3 T Fay?9 .Martin Si Lawson?I Peabody, Riggiifcco? I; M Casilear-10 II C Corbet-9 (IBkJR , s ""Wrr8 W Benjamin Si co-12 A T Stewart Si C.i?1.1 I III r ion Si Mai I lard?I, Hanford Si co?1 Brustlein Koop Si co?10 Boiceau k Rusch?I P A Hargous?? Hobt i? ray Si co?17 Benkard Si Hntton-4 T II Pintard-70 M D 1 A. B"rl*V-l C: Sc ,wartt-2S Lachaise Si Fouclie -21 G Hesaenburg k co-2 W IIColcs-ll Bern Si Keese-1 Kelt.' I is-l De la Fore,;-l J M Shaw-3 Kngler Si rolcj J D M Irysei Si co-^l A I Montane?1 T Magiini Si co-l llmstmann& ro-1 Schmidt Si Andrea?i (,?( (? (.lunth^r?U Iitmrry d Iverimis Jk ro?2 W Vyar 1 MorUin-IT II Meier-1 J *ve/,.a,ia- I Geo Sniton-I Young, Sin it li Ni co? 1 Si'huchrtrht?19 r ( ottenrt?4 .1 McC all Si co 211 Malmawt Si Sunili?Iti II Henne.|iiin?S Lannoy, Hourdeaua Si co-I Deraismes Si Bor/.ard?29 Maler.icn*, ( lourd Si co?2 Hi mi Si co?7 Wiclit Si Havre?7 Moran Si Inclin?2li Itennrd Si co?in L Pieilnnna?t C Bolton, F?? Si Lit iugston?i K Laul.lwe|| kco?I Martin Mantin?I Jolv Freres- I .11 \lli?parh? I F'J'omea k son?2 C linker?9 J I) Mullerkeo?I H in || Kohuslainm lii Spies, I liriil kco- I l.uiv Freres?I A ()ro? da.ide? \ II Wallet I Moutegris?II loonier. l.iM Hi'ooi ? Ship Svh ums Jenkins--'.ml sacks silt J Dilon do S Thompson?M cks soda G B Morewoo.l Si co?t case miUe J (: Kenworthy. Boisairi ? Schr Danube?(Keporwd yesterday)?iooo bushels salt J Foulke k son. MARITIME HERALD. \ _____ Pi SalMnt; Days of the HIrtm Ships. from i.ivfrpool. from amf.rica. A (J. Western, Hoaken Aug. 31 ' llihemia, Judkiua Sept. 1 n Britannia, Hewitt Aug. 10 Sept. 16 n Ship Nnitcra niitl Agent* J, \V? ihill ntwm it favor, if Captain* of Vexarli will Rita to Commodore Korkrt Sii.vkt. of oar New? Fleet, a He- K port of tlie SluppiiiK left at tlie Port whence thty ailed, tlie , Veiaeli Spoken on tlieir I'aiaage, a l.iat of their Cargo, anil A any Foreign, New>|>apcrs or Newi tliey may have, lie will tl board tliem immediately on tlieir arrival. AsteiiU and Cor- I, respondent*, at home or nliroad, will alto confer a favor by tending to thia Office all (lie Marine Intelligence they can v obtain. Nautical Information of any kind will be thankfully k received. a POltT OF IKW YORK, AUGUST !4T. * | ?u!? rum 5 23 i moos ?kt 7 29 un 6 3!l i hioh watfr ......... 10 ii j Cleared. ' Ship* Stephani, (Ham) Flor, Hamburg. Schmidt St Balclien; . Fairfield. Cook, New ()rlnan>, .lohnaon St Low den.?Hanjue California. May hew. Neu vitas, Brett & Vote; Hualco, Clark, I d..ii-. . m.. u..i.k, ii.i..i ii.:... v it.....i...., I Ht Johns, PR. Nesmith, Leeds 8c Co; Telegraph, (Hr) Hill. Bermuda and Barbsdoes, Middleton 8c Co; Merestor, (Br) Da* c vidsou, Windsor, NS. Thomas Winniett; Madison, Bulkley, Savannah, Sturgei 8c Clearman; Tremout, Woodside, George- * town, SC. Badger 8c Peek; Belle, Myers, Wilmington, NO. f.. s S. Powell; Caroline. Sherwood, Charleston, Dunham Sc Dimon. 1 ?Schrs Merchant, Stevens, Kranklin, La. I). L. Havre; Roches ter, Wise, Baltimore, J. Sc N. Briggs; Margaret, Woglam, Petersburg, J Hunter. . Arrived. , Ship Sylvanuj Jenkins, Seymour, from Liverpool July 12, with llldse, to J. Ilerilinan?<ki passengers. Ship Birmingham, Robinson, from Liverpool, July 21, w ith indie, to order. _ . ' Hussian baryue Nicolai Savin, Holsteiu, 77 days from St. | Petersburg, with hemp, iron and (lax. to K. Fiedler. i Hamburg barque Washington, Kruger, M days from Hamburg, with inilse, to Schmidt 8c Balchen?Ml passengers. Norwegian barque AColns, Kerbiorson, from Havre, July 4, ; in ballast, to Schmidt Sc Balchen?121 passengers. British brig Amelia, Walker, 20 days from Harbour Orace, j NK. in ballast, to Hunt 8c Brock. Schr Mary Caroline. Nichols, 7 days from Ocracoke, NC. with naval stores, to Bryant 8i Maitlaud. Schr Geo. Pollok, Casey, 9 days from Newliern, NC. with naval stores, to B. Blossom. I Sclir Warsaw , Hall, 9 days from Swaushoro, NC. with naval ] stores, to lluggle* Sc Co. Schr Win. (I. Harrison, Midget, from Washington, NC.with j wheat, to master. Sailed in uo. w ith schrs North state, and Mary Caroline, for N Vork; Carolina, Newport. Sclir Kinma, Cole, I days from Baltimore, with mdse, to Johnson 8c Lowden. Schr Hetty Aun, Kllsworth, from Harbor, w ith salt, part of the cargo of barque alisto. Schr Delaware, Howe, 'j days from Philadelphia, with coal, to master. I Below. One ship, unknown. Hailed. Packet ship Siddons, Cobb, Liverpool, aud others. Herald Marine Correspondence. St. Thomas, Aug. 8. Ill port, Wnfson, Powers, from Boston for St Domingo, unc. disg; Madrid, Little, from Philadelphia, do: Henrietta, Karrell, Antigui for La Ouayra, unc; St Marks, Williams, N Vork for lurks Island, unc. disg; Only Sou, (Br) Hyett, St Kitt* lor Turks Island, to sail same d?y; Harp, ( Br) McMann, Antigua for St John, NB. line, loading sugar. Sid 3d, Comet, Howell, (Jiiadaloupe for Turks Island; 7th, Commerce, Blanchard, Demerara for Mayasuez; Bth, Frances Louisa, Sylvester, Martinique for Bath, Me. Office of the Rhode Islander,) _ Newport, Aug. S.i, 1813. t Arr r.milv, Baker, Providence for New York. Sid Pilgrim, S Atlantic Ocean; Fame, Cherryfield; Van Buren, and George Klotts, Philadelphia; Kssex, Niork. General Record. Returned?Brig Rocket. Hardy, which sailed from Boston ltith Hist, lor I aJK- llaytien, having on thr 2nili, lat 28 30, Ion ti!l 30, experienced a severe gale, lost fore anil main topmasts, yards, sails and rigging attached. The Rocket's sails at the time wenfurled, yet the gale was so violent as to tear them from the yards. The vessel is not otherwise injured. Quebec, Aiie. 21st.?Kirst Vessels on their Second Vovaue.?Baraue Borneo, ('aptaiu O'Dounell, 10th July from Limerick, in II I]last, with i caliiu and 200 steerage iiaaseugers; haniue Recovery, Conway, 10th July from Duliliu, in ballast, arrived here early on Saturday morning, both on tlieir second voyage to this port this season. Tue first vessel from sea, last year, on Iter second voyage, was the John llell, Black, from NJw Ross, and arrived on the 24th August. Tlie Uritish llero, also arrived on Saturday on her second voyage. Public Sale ok Vksikls at, Avo. 21.? Briu Huntress, hurthen 18.5 tons or 1600 bbls; built in the State of New Jersey iu 1839, of first rate materials, copper fastened and locust tn'c nailed?$1,900. Also, the ichr Harriet, 114 tons or 900 bblt, built in the State of New Jersey in 1837?$1,70(1.? Sloop Union, burthen 66 tons or about 500 bbls?$200. Sloop Statira, burthen 41 tons?$100. New Yokk?Seamen's Wauls?With Small Stores.?To Europe, |?-r month, ? a $12; Mediterranean, ? a $10; West In dies,?a $10; Coasting, ?a $12; East Indies, ? a $9; South America, ? a S10. Wlialemen. New Bedford, Aug 24?Sid Statira, Adams, NW Coast.? Signalized, Brunswick, from Providence. New London, Aug 31?Heturued, Stonington, Hainley, anil Chelsea, Potts, partially dismasted in the gale on the 21st. Sag Harbor. Aug 23?Returned, Danl Webster, Curry, and Marcus. Shearman, partially dismasted iu the tame gale. Between Mont ink and Race Point, one ship and two barques, supposed whalers, partially dismasted, returning. At Western Islands, July 3, Zephyr, Smith, NB, clean; Electra, Ward, NL, do. Spoken?July 7, lat 39 12, Ion 32 30, Sarah St Esther, Harlow, Greenport, clean; 8th, President, Westport, 30 sp; 19th, lat 37 16, Ion 40. Thames, Hedges, from SH, clean; Ann 20, lat 37 12, Ion 69 3, American, Cooper, of and for do, from Crozettes; 22il, off Moutauk, Camillus, Crozettes for Sll. Spoken. Moselle, Havre for Boston, seen Aug 4, lat 43 17, Ion 10?by tkw St Nicolas, at this port. A barque w ith painted jiorts, had a red and white signal with two black balls in it, standing SW, was seen July 16, lat 18 10 S, Ion 33 30 W?by the George, at Boston. Hope, Mitchell, NYork for Mansauilla, Aug 16, lat 30 24, Ion <iJ?by the same. Foreign Porta. Bi'ENOi Avues, June 21?In port, Ohio, Rogers, for Boston, nnc; Sagamore, Mattison, for New York, do; Serene, White, would be condemned; Aurora, Doyle, condemned and sold; Chalcedony, Todd, from Montevideo, just arr; Kiuu Philip, Upton, Salem, do: Trafalgar, Barber, Bueco do; Win Price, Roberts. di-<g; Helen McLeoil, Norris, for Baltimore, 10 or 12 days: Oriole, Nortliain. for Marseilles, line; Oswego, (ireeu, (at Green's Island) will probably be condemned; Saratoga, Bearse, for Boston, iu 10 (lays; Jersey, Dawson, from and for Bueco, Idg. BBonaikl, Aug 0?Slil Mentor, Portsmouth. No American vessels in port. Demlraka, no date?In port, Carroll, for the Main, soon? only American. Quebec, Aug 19?Arr British Hero. Gibson. Belfast: Sarah. ! letcher, Liverpool; British Kins;, Bondman, Cork; 20th, Kntenirisc, Matthews; Jane Augulii, Smith; Nelson Village,, and Lanarkshire, Cannichael, Liverpool; Parsi-e Merchant, Pool, and Kli/.i Ann, Carrutliers, London; 21st, Har|HT, Murphy, I'lyinouth; Aristocrat, Thompson, Liverpool. Lake Ports. Clf.vbi.ajhj, Ohio, Auk 22?Arr C Crook, Welch; Oneida, Estes, and Baltimore, Sprague, Oswego; New Vork, liulterfield; North America, Col lard; Walter Joy, Lacy; 1) Webster, Sweetlaud, Panama, Wilcox, and A Winslow, Nickerson, Buffalo; (Jnzette, Miner, OKdenshuri;. ''Id Bllffalo, Tyler; New Vork, Butterfield, and Owantuigah, Montgomery, Buffalo; Rose, Twoliy, Kingston. Homo Ports. Eastport, Auk 1G?Arr Rapid, I 'ook. Cnlais for Bcrliice.? Sid 18th, Talleyrand, Knowlton, Philadelphia; 23d, Edward 1'rehle, Pettiugill, Barbadoes. Ban<;oii, Auk 23?Arr Monaco, Wording, NYork. Owl's IIeau, Ami; 21?Arr Sherer, Kellar, Thomaston for N York; 22d, Hylas, Euitis, Langor for Norfolk. Boston, Aug 2.i?Arr George, Ellis, Buenos A> res; Chickasaw, Kendrick, Baltimore; Casilda, Goodell; Win Penn, Taylor |ln'im, Lincoln; Splendid, Shackford; Pilot, Poland; H W (randy, Gaudy, and Caroline, Studley. Philadelphia; Havana, Gilpatrick; Wolcott Ityder, and S A Applcton, Nickerson, N York; Amanda F Mr rick, Jones, Litfle Kgg Harbor; Susan, Swift, Hondout. Telegraphed, Bernard, Donnell, Matauzas.? ( Id Edw Everett, Howes, and Chatham, Nathans, NOrleans; Uncle Sam, Atwood, Mobile: Diamond, H illock, and Council, Baker, Philadelphia; Albany, Bacon. Albany; L Bruce, Studley, NYork. Sid 2ltb, Franklin, Utility, and several schrs. Dapple Lawn nee did not sail Wednesday; she started jrnMr* day, touched on Governor's Island |Hiint, but got off, and remoinedat sunset. Providk.nuk, Aug 21?Arr Cordelia, Pendleton, Charleston; Mary Ann & Caroline, Corson, Philadelphia; Ann Eliza. Bai hy, anil ./Kronaut, Taylor, Kundout. Sid, wind NW. light, A 8 Johnson, Taylor, and C M Thompson, Soeley, Philadelphia; Charles, Mason, NYork. Fall Hivkii, Aug 21?(.'Id llaabet V. Johanna, Daniel, Stettin. Nkw, Aug 23? Sid New Haven, Downs; Smith Tuttie, Bush, and Black Hawk, Frisbie,Barbadoes; Sainl II Smith, Bill, Albany. Ai hanv, Aug 2.'i?Arr Glide, Burns,* Philadelphia; I Lady Washington, Thomas, New llaNen. Sid Nero, Smith, New llavcu. PtitLADFLrHlA, Aug 2tl?Arr Sylph, Nickerson, Boston; Vandalier, Berry. Prospect, Me; Matilda, Spates, K.astport; steamer 'J renton, Kester, Cape Mav?ireports, Vesper, from an Kastern | ort, schrs Kialto, Jane, Brilliant, and May Flower, above Newcastle, bound lip?passed off Delaware City, Chainplain, for New Orleans, and off Newcastle, Monongahela, for Liverpool. C|d Porto Rico. Gray, and Lion, Biker, Boston; David Belknap, .Marble, Newburg; i 'oluinbia, Hoover, PoiikIi keepsic: Indiana, orson; Achsah U, Douglass, and Jailor, I. White, Rogers, Boston; Glide, Crease, Norwich, Ct; H Tom1 in, Tomlm, N York; Charles, Lincoln, Taunton. Lkwks, Del. Aiik 24?Tlie Josephine, Coittts, lor NOrlesns, and Wickford, 'I'liltle, for Boston, went to sea tliia forenoon.? Orion, Wilkin*, for La Oiiayra.and Grecian, Long, for Boston, went to sea yesterday. There are now at th" Breakwater, one lierm brie and several lore and aft and topsail schrs, lioiunl out. No vessels in sight, bound in?weather cloud)-?wind NNK. and light Savannah, Aug 21?Arr G B Lamar, Sanneman, NVork. N?:w Orleans, Auk 18?Arr Monsoon, Snow, and I'altnyra, Scohie, Boston; kirby, Muir, NVork; Delta, Hinckley. Turks Island; Danube, ('I uk, < nmdi'ii, Me. ( Id Queen Victoria, R?nlett, Havre; Ajax, Love, Sisal and a nik:. pARROLL'S MEDICATED VAPOR BATHS, tabV li?hed 102.1 ?These Baths an' recommurded by the Faculty for the cure of Rheumatism, gout, ague and fever, scarlet fever, Croup, sudden cold, and those diseases of the skin which the want of pei'spiretion occasions. A Vapor Bath, if properly applied. Hires a tranquil and pleasurable sensation, soothe* intated feelings, renders the skiu soft and tone to the secreting organ* and enargv to the intellect, affording a consoling consciousness not to lie attained by any other artificial means. That the tendency of a Vapor Bath is not to weaken i or relai, is sufficiently proved by its exhileratiue influence on those ill health, as well as by its giving strength in many diseases of debility. Mrs. < arroll. grateful for the patronage bestowed, continues to administer the Batlm at reduced prices, at 25 Courtlandt st. Open from ft A. M. till 10 P. \1, Baths sent to any part of the city. Sulphur Baths require half an honr's notice. au26 I wr OIIOWKH II\THS~ Portable Shower Baths jo cents apiece t-' for sale by the manufacturer. \V. \VKST, 109 Hudson street. Shower Baths of every description for sale by the inajitifac turer, W. West, 10!) Hudson st. al9 lmi**ec El?\l. t . 1 t * V TKS av ills IiiniHelf of tlie pleasure ol'informing the Ladies and Gentlemen of New York and its vicinities, that he continues to Paint Likenesses at the shortest notice, both Portraits and Miniatures. Thotefwlio will favor him with their patronage, are invited to call aid si* his specimen* of the same, at his residence, 387 Broadway, between white and Walker streets. N. B. Mr. C. also continue* to give private lessons to gentlemen. . . _ LndimKi cImwj WednevUy and nut unlay aftcrnoona. AI?o, LsmUcspM painted to ortUr, fn m the ?inille?t to (lie large*! ?i*e. Thoie who with to nuk? it their prol'eaiion, can be perfected in all the above branch**, by applying a* above. Dagiirrieotypc likeiie**e* correctly copied in water color* in 21 hour*. atllfi lm*ec A (il/ ITAMAM I'M I. \ i ITT \ R ri*nltatadallt lorn *a nnmrroM uifliililn di Subato ultimo ?el ttaloue Paltno, la i*ioiia> ill tenerji Lunedi H8 del corrrute, nello *Icmo locale alle otto in punfn della ?era, una nedond.i rinn on* <li tntti colorn suit.into clic dexidcrano cwry ?ram'"i all" onore di ap|>artciicre ?l rorpo ill Volonlarj Italiani nella tmli/ia dtlla cittii *ia come vnl.nit.iri alliri. *ia come ntemliri onnniij, .iggimigendo Ic Inrn lirtne alle venticunpie gi.i nttenute. Cio I'atto, ail ottcnutosi il ntiniero deitli alliri Tolnnto dille tUato di-llo militia volnntaritu dello nt.ito, *i dar& toito cominciameito all' orgnnixxazinne. I Agnrini dell'nniforin* propiwta |?' rolnntarJ alliri r i?r la mnaica. po.mno Teder.?i wl I'affi' M Signor Palmo. Alt 7t III PUR fUOUSK FEMALE PILLS rTHK8K ftr-famed and celebrated Fill*, from Portugal, arc wt ' perceive. to be obtapicd in tl?u country. 8ec aavrrtKcj i "*iut on the laatlcolumu ' 1TANTED?A iwrlor nnd hnlruom in * private family, with '' lirwkfwt ilif Irn, lirlow 1 ImihIkt* strw'i. Atldrru In)I [i>. I8ti, Lower Po?t Offici*. IteferencM rieli.uigftl. Mli II *r XTANTKD?B\ a young man (if prepossessing personal ap- 1 ptma '1 hi idv< -1i ?r. ?IiIm?u?h stive, list resided hut a few months in thin city, Having spent lost of hit lift* in mercantile pursuits in t ?e K *st Indies and outh America; having no near connexion* anil hut few acuaintauces. has therefore taken this channel fortheaccomplish- J*j lent of hit wishes. lie is desirous of uniting himself to an . imericau lady, not older than himsrlf? 27; one who nosse^-sa ood Knglish education, correct principle, and ami able di?|*>* ition. TIm advertiser hat i sufficient comi*tency to rendei ny reatonable woman satisfied. All communications *<hlressed ? T. A. II., lTp|s?r Tost Office, will be considered entirely con deutial. au26 lw*m ** 'I'll \TI(>.\ W WTI P \ , ?li s jcoodsT'lerk. either in 'a wholesale or retail ator*- The advertiser been in tlie bu- " iuess a length of time, and is well acquainted with most of the " us i nets men in lhe southern part of this State?has had constlerable fxtiereute in the business, and feels confident he would ive satisfaction to his employer*. A note addressed to tj, at his office, Will meef with immediate attention. au27 U#ec H A VOl'Nfi LADY, who has received a good Knglish et'u- Ci rV cation, who understands embroidery iu all its branches, 4| ud has Ihmmi accustomed to teach, wishes to obtain a situation |v n a country hoarding school for young ladies. Address, post ?, mill M I. T .>rr. ?f flw. M at uf v i. r L ?n 'h. I in * r [N FORMATION WANTKI) of Patrick Donory, l?y hit ? L brother William, formerly of the parith of Drung, county 'avail. Ireland, who emigrated Mime ft or H yeart ago to tint ountry. and Wat last heard of in Pennsylvania. 1 Should thin l?e fortunate enough t<? meet hit eye, he will, vithout delay, inform hi* brother of In* whereabouts, as he is omew hat unions to know. Add rest, 111 Cannon ttiret, New fork. an 19 Jtwy *fc 1 , w fVX I TlOV || tie-wnit'i "I- tn inon> iiioiu note ?ign**d v-/ " < tutioii," will favor tlie Parties written to with an in- 1 erview an toon a* |>ostible, it will In* treated at ttrictly conn- 1 lential, and niiy lie uiiitu.ilIy advantageous. au?7 lt*m IOST A small brown !' ?< k? r Hook, eoutaiuing hank not?** r * to the amount of from 50 to 55 doll irs; alto |*anert and card* which can be identified. An> persou having found tuch a Hicket book, thall In* liberally rewarded by applyiiitf at the Bar .i >f the < it \ Hotel. M? I' * in BKKK?By tin* si.! or ijii in-i lor sale at all times, at the ? Slaughter House of John H. Preston, three door* fioin n Third Avenue, (east side,) in '46th stieet. ol a ?U|?erior quality, tl md delivered at at low a rate at can be bought in the city, for :ath. JOHN R. PRK8TON. > au25 lm*m DOB SALE?Tbt stock, Actum and good wttlofawholi* " sale Liquor Store in Brooklyn, situated iu a central part of the city, having a good tet of customers and now doing a good business. For further particulars address (with real name) L. M. at this office, stating when and where an intnrview may be j . tu 't Mirr TNDEPENOKNT OHDE& Of OOOD FELLOWS?Tlw ' 1 following Lodges meet at H o'clock, I*. M.:? (constitution Lodge, No. I, Tuesday, at 300 East Broadway. Washington Lodge, No. 2, Monday, at 300 do do y Jefferson Lodge, No. 3, Thursday, at Brooklyn. New York Lodge, No. 4, Wednesday, at the 8hak.t|>eare Ho- | tel, comer William and Duaue streets. an 14 lm*ec rjp^THK LOVKHS OK St PKKIOH| BLACK TKA.? railed Tea, so highly celebrated in China and Europe, juit imported, is llow lor sale at the Csuton Tea ('omwny I General Ten Establishment, 121 Chatham street, New \orli, and 116 Kulton street, Brooklyn?in package*- Price 50 cents and SI each. jy3A lm*r STKAM ENGINE KOH SALE, of i horse iiower, all new t MiditTNfi nuy be bought ? great bargain by a cash M* I tomer. Apply between 2 and 5 o'clock in the afternoon, at No. 300 Riviiigton street. au2t 3t*r t SPECTACLES ?C. 11. PKAl'Z(JRAK, Oculist and Opti cian. Canal street, No. 8i, (removed from Bmadvay.MI) has constantly on hand a Urge assortment of Si*ctacbs for short sighted persons. TAIso, every kind of Spectacle Glass. au3 I m * WATCHES.?The largest and moit splendid assortment ol I Watches in the city, is to be found at the subscriber's.? As he is constantly' receiving *1! descriptions of Gold and Sil- , ver Watches, of the newest styles, direct from the m.i'inficturers, in England, France, and Switzerland, he is enabled to , offer a larger assortment, and at much less prices, at retail, man any other (louse in the city. Gold watches as loyv as $20 to $25 j each. Watches uiul jewellery exchanged or bought. All watches warranted to keep good time, or the money returned. Watches, clocks and jewellery repaired in the best manner, aed warranted lower than at any other place in the city G. C. ALLEN, importer of watches and jewellery, aS lm*er. Wholesale and retail. .10 Wall street, up stairs ~ MONEY TOSLEND. " A BRAHAM J. JACKSON, PAWNBROKER, No. 50 -** IWde street, near Broadway, loans money in large or small sums, as may be required, on watches, jewelry, silver ware, dry goods, wearing apparel, and personal property ol every description. jy30 lm*r f-utncipe~segars?a card. THE SUBSCRIBKR, at present on a visit to this city on business connected with his extensive and well known establishment in Puerto, Principe, having noticed in several uewspaiM-rs under the head of public sales, the following advertisement:? "Thursday, at quarter of II o'clock, in front of the store, La Cruz. Prinei|ie Segars?100,000 Pruicil>e Segars of the above favorite brand, in qr boxes, suitable for the southern trade anil hotels. Terms, four months, over.$106, approved endorsed notes. The above is an entire importation by the ship Norma." Kinds himself in duty bound to caution the public against sncli an imposition calculated to deceive the public, and destroy the well earned reputation of his said manufactory. The said parrel so advertised with his brand as well as all those yvhich are not imported by his agents, Messrs. John II. Lasala It Co., being spurious. All the segars manufactured by him are exported by himself. None are sold iu Principe or any other part ol the Iiijfiud of Cuba. Only these imported aiid guarsnteed by the said firm are warranted to lie genuine "Crui"' Prilici]** Sugars. New Y ork, 23 August, 1813. . . an23 3t*in TO.MAS ANTONI.O DE LA CRUZ. sh'galts! " There's a delight in smoking, I.Ml urn km know." The saying is true, when ye know where to find A si'gvr that possesses the quality rare Of enlivening the spirits anil cheering the mind, And enables the smoker to puff away care. This luxury always your sure to obtain. If on 8KIXAS in Maiden Lane promptly you call; If von visit hi in once, you will do so agaiu, f' nr lie (lives satisfaction and pleasure to all. His Segars are the choicest, most exquisite brands, By a coin|H'teiit agent selected with care, Direct from Havana, by special commands, And none in the city with his can compare. Ilis Colliurn, Kegalias, La Normas, and .Stars, Noriegas, Trahueas, Victories pure ; Trinciiie, Ksperunzas, Imperial Segars, The best in the country that you can procure. Cassadoras, La Normas, and Congress beside, Ilis Pot Comparieros and exquisite brand, Willi others thauhave com|ietitiou defied, For hi : customers, SEIXAS has always on baud. In order to secure a continuance of the approbation anil custom with which SKI XAS has bean SO loos favored, lie has engaged a siiecial and com|ient agent ill Havana, to select the Tobacco anil superintend the making of all segars tint he imports; consequently, he cm warrant all sold by hiin to be genuine. His stock on hand is more extensive and superior to that of any similar establishment. lleiueinber the Number, J MA1DK.N LANK, Howard's Hotel. au23 lm*r PL. MUNOS, Importer and Dealer in the best Havana Se gars, respectfully invites his friends and the imblic in general, particularly the judge* of the article, to call at the store 31 Bowery, tignre of the Indian Chief at the door holding the sign in his band. He lias received by the late arrivals a handsome sui ply of the best flavored Segars, equal to any in the city, if not superior. The above store will be opeu from 6 A. !VL to 11 o'clock, P. M. jy22lin*r ONIJKK, C IWAKS AND TOBACCO?.lust received inr J recent arrivals, an importation of choice foreign Snuff", consisting of Lundy Knot's Irish high tna*t;high dried Welch, Hardham s, No. 37, Violet Strasliurg, Morton's mixture. Prince Alliert do, Copenhagen, etc; together with a large assortment of domestic snuffs ol the subscriber's manufacture. On hand a prime lot of Havana Cigars, "Moriega," "La Norma," "llegalia," "Fanetela," etc. t/aveudish Tobacco of the most approved brands, Turkish, German, (4 qualities) Scafarlatti, ami Spanish smoking tobaccos;Dutch and Kuglish clay pi|ies;Jones" lloyal patent matches; cigar cases; tubes; fancy piiies; snuff boxes, and every article apiiertaiuiug to a well stocked tobacconist's establishment, for sale at wholesale ami retail by MRS. O. NKWCOMBK Si SON, an 21 lm"ec No. * Wall st. 8 KG A118. TOB ACCO. SUOAR St COFFEE. E/"\ 000 JUST RECEIVED, of th?* celebrated Lord ByJUjUUU ron bna^d, consisting of Regalias and medium sire Sejrars 32,000 of the Florida brand, do do do. 20,000 Low |>rice Havana*, do do do. 14 Biles of Outsa Tobacco. 8 Bales of Havana do. G Cases of Free Labor St. Jago White Sugar. 12 Bags of superior do Coffee. For sale by A. A. SAMANOS, aul7 lm*r No. fi Will st and 289 Bro.nlw ?v FOHEIUN W1NF.8 AND LIQUORS, No. 33V? Ann street. New York. THK advertiser has for sale the following ahoica importarions of the very best quality, vir.:? Old French Brandy In cask and bottle " Holland (Jin " " " " " Hamburgh " " {imported in 1800) " Madeira AVine in pipes and bottle " Siierry, Muscat, Botdeaiu, Marseilles " " < ataloni, Povt. Invalids and others will lind pure liquors unadulterated as above?No. 3JX Ann it. a!9 lm*m BUTTONS FATKNT AOATE BUTTON DF.rOT, PATf.Rson, New Jkksrt. THOS PKOS8ER, jy25 lm*r Patentee. MAGNETISM APPLIED TO DISEASE.?Mm. JOHNSON, who has been et|ieriinenting for the last few years, in almost every part of the United States, upon the subject of Animal Magnetism, announces to his numerous friends that he lias taken an olflce at llfl Chambers street. New York, when- he will apply this agent to the removal of almost every class of disease, and effect, a* lie believes, a speedy cure, as lie has already done in several hundred of instances. He will also make examinations by aid of a clairvoyant, who will examine the nature of any disease, and prescribe a remedy while under the magnetic influence. Those who have diseases of long standing and have been treited by physicians to no purpose, are invited to call at any hour of the day. Terms reasonable. au26 lw*m DEAFNESS. DRS. CASTLE AND EDWARDS, AURISTS Ml BKOADWAY.?Extract OOl " | cheerfully comply with the request' of Lieut. Mc Intosh, to testify that he Has invalided home as unlit for duty, ill coiiseunence of total dealuess and discharges from his ear ; tint while ill New York, on his way to Kugland, he placed liimseii miner me professional nr? 01 i?rs. ?. ml If inn r.iiwiru. Auriats. I'nder tfieir treatment In* recoverad liia hearing, and li.u returned in liia military duty. biisned, H. McNKVKN, M. D. Surgeon to II. M. B. Forces, Jamaica ACOUSTIC DROI S. A in re cure for incipient deafneaa, earache, [Mini, huttings, or siliitinK aonnda in the eara, collections of hard whi or vitiated searetiona of the organs. Their acouatic oil haa been a |*ipular remedy as a curative in all disease* of the ears for 11J it a hI < of twenty year*. Orticea removed to 381 Broadway, corner White street. au2fi lm*r '1 HORN'S COMPOUND LXTKAl TOFCAPA1HA AND SARSAPARllLV A Certain, safe and moat effectual remedy ever discovered for the core of Gonorrhtf'i, lileets, Strictures,Whites, Pains in the Bach and Loina, Seminal W r.iknraa, Affections of the kidnies. Oravel, Scorbutic Kruptions. Sic. The linjh estimv tion ami enormous gale this medicine haa obtained lor the laat four veara. is a certain criterion of Ita immense utility ; it haa acquired the utmost lame in every part of Ktirope ; it lias been examined, approved of and sanctioned by the facility of medicine, and recommended by the moat eminent of the profession. I Prepared by J. B. Thorne, chemist, London, and for aale wholesale and retail, by JAMKS TAKKANT, i 26<i (treenwieh street comer of Warren street. ' Also, at 2 Park How and AIB Broadway, 16:1 Broadway, 411 Broadway coruer Lispenard street, 35W Broadway coiner of \v ilk. r -iiieei. anfe8wia*in REMOVAL TO NEW YORK. ! rPHK LOSS of Kirl, and Left no hindrance to the act of r 1 wnlkinc?.JOHN K. THOMAS. Cork Lw Maker. lie. r mwi-tiuily inform* lh? public that Iv haa removed from Phi t ladelphi-i to No. 472 Water ?treet, corner of 1'ike it, New York I'ity, win-re tie eontimiealto manufacture Artificial Liinlin, on J \ plan the most correct and least complicated, having, throiiuh neceuaity. inventcil, mule, anil worn an artificial leg for forty ycar?, ?nn lieeu a manufacturer for thirty-five year*, leel< couli Sent of iiiviim aatinfaction to all who c?ll ou him for Lee*. < limit*, Aritu, or the common wooden Leg. a r"ilt?**w? li COTTON?IT'l,l)tle?|AUI>attia < otton. in *tore and for *ale ' by I'blUMff k BROOKS, " u to No, ll.Libmtf ?t. AUCTION SALES. TW14l?lNibVfljfr ( Slurtl So. M -In" Itrrrl aiuf 111 Put ton ttrrrt ) TtJKBOAt. , IUn.l.xm- K.innlur?Ar l#H oVIncfc. ??? W -W mtrr. llif ralinr fumilliw nmuwl In ?h? In*#.. V, *|| mrr ?ln? f, i-ompruiii* "I "'"I* " r w?\ of b?u.<-k~'|M?I. IVliruUr* in llw 1- !-' id on StwuUy. WKI)N?nAv Al l?S oVI.x k. in lh? rw"?? K?lrit,i?.- valuthl* ?*lr .>1 t?w br,t m-<-...iH hind ?.i?l ?< ? l?f r .11 .1 il. ,.hI I., uiuar 11 mo at IWH h)' Hi' TO I.KT?Tin1 two ?U?fV Imhi* No. J7 Wk#i# it hi i<??. .___ l < )\< > \ i>. a r PI RLI< IliOIK ?\ PIIK KAIIWA \ MAM't \* Tl ltl>? I O w.ll ~ll ?t I I'liMn \n. \ , \\ i Uhway, N. J., *11 th* marlnoer v. ?*d of ir ronipinv. I I'liHim* ?nd *-?ntn>?n?e wirtiinw, illrml* i* ' i i- i ; Ii l\r aopfWB, t\M<? ?n<I H|r?rHing |i|nntui, itmm boilm, inn r?fi?r. tS pnwor, *tfli I nilm, J fnvfHKinr*, * |ImUn< m ir?*? Mfr liplr ml enmmoii Isnjf ?n<l ?utUI ?|??l i.iIk- with r..m|l-?* rt of tumuitf nikI hortnc. and bUi ti~.|? ?i. f import* ?l %i*fl iiid . x* ( HI table (or ? ilido pm?i?*r% -oi.t i ? riM s|n%.-4 I ! ... \ (ataluf ues of which iih\ In* h??l ?>m it. ?? to >1r |1?il?|? 'tuulfr, at iIh* IVuit VV? In or ?.f V KA(iI HON k W M> 91. u to hn*r '.i Willivi ?in?< TO PRINTKK*. ?OH MALK?A Fount ??f Mm km* tut) ?hi?h >?? i. been iimmI on the N. * * BOOK-KKKPINO IMIOMA8 JON KM. Accountant, 111 B*?sdw*r. onrtiRMa thiov|l I lb* S?m radically and thoroughlv instructed in t??* ??n 4-*'.-% .1 (if lirik. PhV4l? MKMtl 4!* given ?hr? |?r? It- i? I .1 and for til** by ll** sutlioi ? ilwitf - Jou? i run i,l t1 > < I I * i ii 11 I I'? L k 1.14 been adopted in iii4iiy of lli? mil Aradrittir m*t|fiiti ?? m kiit couut yno|isis of tint improved meihod <-l t*A? hiu?. ?* it. f Hunt's >ierch*nt'? Mu iiiai I??-? 1141 Accountantship? Aerounts 4?IjniImI in rui of dup?i?. Iiti At ion, insolvency or dnilh Hooks or b?l?iit?^ a.1 I in re FOR SAL*. A T H. DAIIL1NOH. 7|?, Maid-w l**? mil . I.ibrm t * StlVet, tin* cheapest Hid Im ?t .? ! ? ? 1 k KRKNCtf. ENGLISH HY |t\| \S I \M \ (WKHm ouiitiiii -I Cutlery, I'm*. Brushes Jewelry, Hook* and K> , IVrlNMti Nfeel IV,,if I'l.ii .1 TliiitM* ' Villi *11 other articles included hi tin alutir Itn*-. < . II. P. would slit** I'M lli? i In M* ami others, who iii i\ phaae to rail. ihst aII ko?mU im il*>bove line will b** ?old ou Uh* m?Mt f?% nil lm*r CASH HAi'DWAIti;. A I. F l( K I) K. I. A O It A V K.. OK IIAKDWAltK. AM) ( I tl.K.HV Nn. ilOUrmiwiih, roiun H?t< l*v ?ll?*i, TS NOW OI'K.NINt? ? romplwr . ?! ? in liu ' line, which In* otlVr? at wli?l<*<uilr or r?-tml >>n il?- |..?.?t crint tltat they can Im- |uir<*has<*il at in tlna rit>( \k' >n i. ooiwra't Jlllf. Cnmitry inrrchanti will ph-aa. favor Inn. wilh t rail |.r*?i..u? o in.ikiim pnrchaw*. .mJii Im r M. ?. BALL k <" 11A RL KSTON, S A V ANN AII, MIM.K.IMJK.VILI K MAt ON, COLUMBUS ?c KLORIDV "?"???? ? n MpM?rs. M. S. BALf? kCO.^ill r?'r?*ir?' Sjh*? i?', H nilT \?T?*x Biimllt**, S.?in|>1 **s. r.irk ?K?'< iihI i.'(iA4*A ol* tfooiU, and forw tril tfti<>m liy thiMi KiprraH. to ami from I 'linrlwifoii Su^iuihIi, Mil leils?*vi1lH, Macon, ami all (lie way utAtioiit on tlit* * mtr-tl l< ol roflid. \ lio, tt\ the Bteamboat 8(. Matthew* I i|Hiin M- Nelt^ m li?*r n*gular trips to ami from Darien, Brniuwicli, Si. Miry i, Black ( rpi'k, Picolatta and Palatka. M. S Hall &. Co. will nay particular attention t?? the purcliaM* nf Ooods. collecting and paying Draft*. Notes and liills, and the transaction of any and all kind* of hnsineAs, at an\ of iIh* above named places. They wille also forward <Jood? himI M?trliandize to any part of the United States, which may be sent to their nra. 1W) iRtind t? pal on Hiiim to m ngelarlj through from Macon to I'olummis, under their own cliarice. to carry nil kiml.s ol merchandize, with all reasonable dinpatrh and_safetyt on the 1st of October ne*t. .Messrs. M. !S. li HI o. having made arrangements Willi me Central Railroad Company of <)eorgia, for an apartment iimlrr their own lock, and with a Messenger always in charge, offrr lunerior advantages lor the prompt u d sale conveyance of all valuable articles that may he entrusted to 'heir care. Merchants, IManlers. anil other*, desirous of receiving their t roods with prompt dispatch, will litid it advantageous to ditvct to them. 1Office at Savannah, 153 Bay str>-et; Macon, Washington Hall; M. S Ball St Co, .VI11 ledge v l lie; Agent at hark* ton. S. Ct. A. J lead, ft Kast Bay; 8. rhilbricb, Agent lor meamag and forwarding goods and merchandize at Savannah. M. 8. B. & Co. will advance cash lor all freights on goods sent to their charge. ( barges no more than the ordiu iry way of obtaining goods. au2f> Im m dMM| a* KOH TDK KMIIINti HANKS OFF r-, tHLC3?SAM)V HOOK.?Kvery Tl'K.SDA V. aCLfifcdE-WKDNKSD.X V.TH1'IISDA Y.&KRI DA Y, 8UPKRIOR, Capt John I ion III . w ill leave the I'ier loot of' hamhers st, every Tuesday, Thursday and Kinl i . morning; leaving foot of < lumbers stri-et at H o'clock; Amos ?treet 'a past K ( anal street |i.utS; < atharine ferry, Brook lyn, it; foot of Pike street *4 i>ast!); and pier N?. 1, Battery, }, past 9. Lauding at Fort Hamilton each way. Bail furnished on board, gratis. A Band of Music accompanies the boat?and every thing will be done to make these Kxcursions pleasant and lie.ilthy. A Chambermaid w ill attend to the ladle* and children Kare for the eicurtion JO cenU. au20 I w*ec ROCKAWAY AND NKW YORK HTAOK?Will ran as follows on and after |3th m?t. Leave Rocitaway at 8 A. M., for New 1 orK, returning leave the Waverly House, Broad, way, at 3W I . .M. for Rockaway, by way of South Kerry Passengers leaving their names at 310 Pearl street, will lie iniuc. tually calle-J for by HKNRV CONK LIN, au5 t m r I'rnpriemr MARSEILLES LINE OKP/\L KKTS. iHfo'I'll* ii ihUttiU'!] t n Mini slu i>* will 1?* n?r u Url y dispatched In I 111 hence and from Marseilles on the 1st of each mouth during the year:? From New York. Marseille*. COURIER. Cap!, Duggau, June I. Aug. I TIIEHCOTT, (apt. Alyrick, July I. Sept. I HELLESPONT, ( apt. Adams, Aug. I. Oct. I rORlOLANUS. (-'apt. Haile, Sept. 1. Not. 1 II'IIY THOMPSON,( apt.Sylvester, Oct. 1. Dec. I Tliey are all cop|>ered and copper fastened, and have excellent accommodations Tor |>assengers. The price of cabin pannage will be $100, exclusive of wines and lienors. Goods addressed to the agents, BOYD & II INC KEN, will be forwarded free of other charges than those actually paid. For freight or passage apply to BO VI) k HINCKKN, Agents, No.!) Tontine IJiiil.Unci, or 8. BROOM U ifO., m2ftr 103 Front street A&ib- NOTH'V. TO P.\( KET SHIP COMPANIES? WfJtfVA western man, now in this city, on his way to NorfVMBfiaWdV (his native country) lor the purpose of aiding such id his countryineu as wish to emigrate to this country nest year, wislips if possible to make arrangements with some Packet Ship Company of this city to take passengers direct from Norway. For particulars inquire at store <9 Ferry street, immediately. au2J 2tls*r FOR HULL, KNULANU?A first class AmentsW^^cau t>*ssp|, now loading, could take a small quantity JMHIIIfaof light freight, if immediate appplieatioii in made to VVOODIU'LL kMINTl RNS, * ?15r 87 South itnwt, NKW YORK k BOSTON SOU NO i'lLHT. /""\WEN PRKSCOTT, Pilots, or takes charge as mister and " pilot of vessels bound to New Bedford, over Nintucket Shoala. Boston, Portsmouth, Portland, Kenuebeck, and OTHER PORTS. Office at Frye fc Shaw's Nautical store, 222 Water straet. comer Beekman. Reference to n number of merchants, and the several Insurance Gomimnies in this city, Boston, and Portland. ivtR tmisr HKL.L (iATK FKKHY HOI 'SE- - T, l.t-md the stock, futures, boats and furniture, if required, for sale. UliLThc advertiser wishing to start west the whole will I raa low. O. A. LANE, | alb 2w*r Hell (ifite Ferry House, (not of 8'itli st, E. It. t MONTGOMERY IIAU? MONTOOMKRV, AI.A.?The proprietor! ol'thi? establishment, *o favorably known to tlm travelling public on the great thoare between Charleston anil Mobile, are determined to maintain the liiiili reputation for comfort and liberality of arrangement which it ha* so long, an?l they trust, not undeservedly enjoyed. The buildings, which are very spacious and conveniently arranged, have fteen thoroughly retired, and the bed rooms lioth double and single, have been refurnished with new lied? and bedding, also, with every necessary article for comfort and convenience. The parlors, both public and private, are large, airy, and elegantly furnished. Tliese facilities. w ith carelul ana attentive servants, a cellar well stocked with choice old wines, a table supplied with every luxury that the season and maiket can afford, and the firm determination of the proprietors to omit nothing that will tend to the salisfiction of their guest*. Wil^they trust, ensure them the favorable attention of the travelling public. An omnibus wijl, at all times, lie in readiness to convey passengers Irom the Railroad and Steamboats to the house, free of charge. Montgomery, June 7, 1813. W. TIL.LEY 4t<X). a u 19 6in r MrOR BALE OJL KM II \\<;K FOB CITY run. PKRTY?A small Farm of about sixteen acres, in the highest state of cultivation, situaled but live miles from iboken Kerry, leading to the city of New York. This Proiierty has on it an excellent!!'* story dwelling In use, 3i by btlill ill the most approved style of tne State, with oatblllluings and all other conveniences to in ike it suitable for a tradesman's residence wishing to retire from the bustle of the city, and yet lie able, within au hour's drive to visit his counling house, as two stages pass the house night and morning. It is also suitable to the market g,miner or small farmer, at the same time taking boarders from the city. But above all this, what a situation for a roadside tavern, which it has been known as the St. John's llall, lieing situated between lloboken and llackensack, embracing the whole of that great tralic that passes those places to the interior of both those states. New York and Now Jersey. The said Farm will lie sold cheap, the present proprietor hiving business in KngUud. N.B.?There is about six acres of first rate potatoes; also five acres of buck wheat) a quantity of young fruit trees, kc., all in a flourishing condition. Application to be made to Mr. McPONNKLL, Auctioneer, 171 Chatham stJeet, Few York. If more convenient, a portion of the purchase money may remain on bond and mortgage. attli Im'ec M| I. AND.? Wanted to purchase, One?r two acres of land, gG&low lor rash. It must lie within a few miles of the city, uiil near a conveyance, with or without a small house on ir. A note addrea*ed to lx>* S3I I'aik Po?i Office, statin* price, location and d inscription, will In* immediately itlfniwd lo. au2V St*r n kall fashion koh okmtlkmkns' hath. wm. robkrtson Si ? o., JOS Broadway, will offer tVir new style of Gentlemen*' Hat* on Saturday, 1M Wth AnR.ot. The attention of thecal- HOH^TSotf fc'f' o an?R 3ti* * r JtS Broadway, two door* above Duane. (" < JKNTI. KM ENS' HATS, of iIm- Fall 8(yl?, are mow .wkrradv * 211 Bioadway, opposite 8t Paula *nt?>d?r _ _ VAN VKANKKN, Halter. Fa his boots a n asth^ma dk To okukk iri 175 Broadway, (Basemen!,) one door from Courtlandt street. K. SUBKR, Bootmaker, anil maker (.f I.aata, iyi " Klvc" of Clerce of I'arn, lieu* leave to inform in* i i'-inU mil all lli? amateur* of a k'eiiilriiiaiily " rliaiusurr," liat lie r-111 now make, in New \ ork, ? itli 11 If taut French maerials, all that is so perfectly mm!?, n: Pari*, by hi* master the Mjflmiti'il bootmaker llerf*, whose numerous CMtomera on hi* *ide of the Atlantic are re?|>ert fully invited to try SI'IF.K'S hoota and la*t* before they deip.tir or hem* chauoei' ill S'ew York, after the nicest, latest Pari* Fashion. Aloo, the genuine Pari* Jet Rlark Varnish *old. jy^S lin" r % I BOOT Wli SHOK STORK JOHN HEADY respecrftiMjr inform* hi* friends mTiI,, I... I.I.. Ilni h, 1.1. I l,.i..Mf,s III the above Hftiif .T.'i.rV """ i. JyttTm'eo u'r'w f"v??h ^ m"v br nn,,JXh' I % I A MrSEMENTsT" NIBMMi <* AKDKN. . L>.?w?r. MR. JOHN ??;rT? N MTI ?n*V, A?:?<' ? '*'1 l? If r>f tlt?* N tjltt rl?,f .ll >if lit# IIP* l.o* i* (!. ?? wilt !? MtlVl HIII\H\I I'll I VKMNO. ON M((S|(?V : K, IMS, 11? . l? HA V I I. V \ \(i I. i ? ill 111 lite Nrw i o ut r%N ro.MiStef iilitlr.l ill.\miii MIHTI'NATL'H! <>r -TIk- Mt?ir ( >. *<?>! > . linn ..| /" urifiiial H.-?n ' ... . ! ' T "1 W? u.<l Tr*n?l< n IIMIh ! " - i ,.4iiiiiiM. rrotwrtl**** >> 11 > 41,.t k. fcr " M MltlllVtM*. ',"2< M.n.1 llafrl | * mi|4> ?*igi..i? ?f KaUmrt ) ft" i--><.! >- lUfi Alfcaita M?m. Muik X ff " Hmmt l>'A?T-nin? |l ,n Hnroiw An ti.ifw Karri *nm.f 4* \ allodalid I HarWa Wmita* 1MI?U" ... ... rucim IUT. 1 *ln-l?-?<MI Mini Uwlu * Jw|iii Ktt?i -Lmn Jarrllt Mania I.iiD'hid l?k? Mart n ' Uw i I mi Hiilliirl \lir. lima M?da?tw? Jrminr Ra?r| (irrlw Madaiw 1-r.m J??rtli Aha Mmmm MmhJwwi iMit* Mn.C. H Hm( I aw fena Mr* Binaall*> *?* i? i.. c.w?r* at i n'rlnrk fwrlwlf arilh lit* OlIHH In U ^ ? A?h?f llall Ma li"HI - lllrmtiMit aaill ha all<>*"d for piMHMdt ??J I.. I. i. . I *. I 1). WW im?. knit Im ami HaliwkiiixiM of tht thoiml kia4. and in |MI at|M y will Im round T<| f"?rUd? ?Ml? \N INKTMI M> VTll. I 0*? KKT! II > it" < Hand I ItrliMti itntlw Haftnahnaal Hall "in * T~ \ ???>? ! r.d.c. aaiU Via rn aitanAaara, ?ud tmi Ml* tokm l<> !*? <-a' !* ? adnAaaaina .if ia|<iiin immmt y Ti" W'la ift t I Mai laa Had *1 tU Oviiaa dUM| tlw- dav ? 11initod aaaba* nf lUaaon Ti.hau "ill ba 4u |?i<?d at, ' Vu |mal|?Ma*?Mnt al tin. ?.uMiat.i?*it on arroant of tl? aaratli"i a< tli* I iraad t nlranra 1' Nn<adaa?y In tha Iklnoa a |n.,t#-rtrd. and tha ?? *al <ia aalurli ia lailllitnl fioaa ifca UH? and atdna ran ha iiaii.'d *1 nawwaal'a aaiirr AVIKKICAN Ml rtSU W. ??Ahi>EN ANU PER. FKTtML FOW IM *I M Tfcl> 4TTRA* TION ' I'lVMlll IIIM I III MH ii . Ihr Hnullr.1 Man and <l .. ia rnmii^l't iHMituahr Ml. M 'k I I, ' intrv ... *1 Ml. rn- IV- <n?n?i awl wi*h? >Hilt l iwrOrt in lua ' mm *hi< Iriliim, in?fcia? Inm I? ill' (mliil hut moil nitrn-atmg hi in i?v in ii?? ?> till IV lti*ril will tine mit ilim r at miniuli du i mff IV ilai ami nnimi Al?it rani' I iti? In imiiIuI ami HMmiifa " >1 M'lVINd l)l? OR AM 4* mhu ll gaii* -mi Ii mi?ivI ??inl?riiiin lm l.-i mi Iinliiiij 'In- ll ill in l.anilai i|?-- lln V* with Nturm an<l Hluim oi k }ilri llmllii ki' AI Slu. M \Kt r ?!* Italian Vi?. I iiii*i Miii M K AIIAIR. llw i?i<iiUi ?i<rtliii UNilrl't'l.MTK. M drniml daiiama* T. II BOOTH. fhr ivMnlnl riiinir nam Mi I Oi> il?.-i N.?4mii|i< IIHK\t Wl STI HN Imiiatnr ill I^H-.iaiiitKa*. k< IIII.I.Y llr nl?r?tRl "nitmt I lug I IT\ BH ll\\ll iif mi mHiii'Mni BMiUHIK I NKIIINII anil i?i|. iimani ? ??? y tuning M 1 oYlm k. ami n r> alti-mmiH it I oVIim Ii \diin??irHi ' 11 .-Hi* i hiMmi iiiiiIvi it.ii y?an half pn<# I'KM.K H MKW VOHK Ml HKl'M, AMI) U\I.I.KKY (H' FAINTINOS ( Urn ii </ if ii v , Ihr 1'iirk > Mil. II HKNNKTT, MwurN, rn|*?lf?llv iafnrm< ilia imblio Iif New Vuik. tllat |Im- al?i?? <->l*bll>limMil Will opatl nil MhimI y. \usual tUt, unl with |vculiai |'l?a?'iir auoanrl thai Iw la i-nililnd In j.n-?.|ii in ih.-ir nutirr |I? tioiirai lit lag CURIOSITY IS I in won1.11 ?f4 I <l|.Hill' |)< 1111.11' Who i? ONLY TIHRTKKN YP.ARH OLD. and of tte* #nurmoH? ttfiihl of O.I fOON DH t J Ail affidavit of Iwr iiuJ.- Iwlnir a juittr* < ( to i?a?a. raa bi* w< i< in llir Mu,. iiiii TV follow im iTifnnawi aw dnrinY>l: Mr WALTER, the nniili ailmirvtl li*iior iiiiit; MmIm TnAMOND ih? rntllnl Iwijo |>Uvn uiil ilarnat. Mr * BHOIiWKK. ilif mrliiMnl roll IK- itnirf, \! in 8 K. A OA IK th* rhariniiiK *orali?l. anil Li I'oiitv 4 KMITO, ifr (rarrfal daa niii* IVrfonnani* on S^inriUy aflrmooii, a> 1 o'< luak, and maiai rntrrtainmi-nl in ihr I.n lurv It ".in lu fii?m?Ky a' UV~A4miaai?n to iIm-Whol>-onl> ONK MIIILI.INO (TKPHAM aSYU'M, I'KINI K HTKKKT F'RENl II -V Proprietor* hating twlnwl (ha ??> of t'ANTLK laHDKW. A BKNKFIT for ihf On>h<ui \*vlum, Prior* itrwl, will lit< place on Momla\ K? "fltlh tiuail i.niatit AORAND KJOIIBITION C?K HRK WORK* if *nr|>*>?inc liriMnnry will I* ( ? ?. The whole to rotirluilr with tlx1 ?i\inl. terriftr ?n>t thrilltu# TIIK BOMBARI>MK*4T'OK *T. Jt'\N PTLI.OA, on tin i ITY OK VKK \ mi / By tli** Krpurh FliH ?n4rt Mmiril ftv^Tirket* Kilty To h* ?t iK^ Or|4t?* A?vli?<r. corwr of Prinw an?l Mirtl ?ia, or it tb*? U^r.l- i mi th* rv#tui| i . ' Mud ??t> 1?*r I >1 S|t M\\ S l!||H\l. - | " ton ROW f: % MM f) lift* fhr honor f?? * mii rr r||( . t *rh?w?! |? o|?a foV !?,. .. . | -. i,I | - | For L from ?? \ \| to i r .\j. For Ofiitlrmfn. from 7 fo ?i \ \T <to<f J to T V. M ^ Highly tMiniNl *n<l .itiief hor**** lot t!?r nmd or |i'4raii? to l?(. For trrms anil onrticaUni ? ?n} W*f fP(l l( W'.t lis ^ . * 111 An <| a ' m?w attraction hi tin* <JAHI>KN of th* Vl.ll A MK A, (Broadway U f wwn P|?rifiif ami IViinr ttr?rta.) whicti a?i4* ' ?- alaal ??* ialtla ll*M Hill 7 ..iila-rtlnllAl V lit k# liilllld I lift fitted up ill a atVle nf Kaateru i|i|mAi( and in iMuificance nerar Iwl'ore atti-mpti-d in litis country. Tin- beautiful r ountaia ia tha tented I ourt, paved Willi marble, ket>|i* the *ir delightfully cool anil pieman t, ?o that during tlx- liotteat <Ur> no lurnavetiirnrr ia ei|N*ri#itca?d from the heat. Tlw led mminri' ?irnnlril (o be mail* of p?i? aiiulalimk"l ream, which circuinatiuca alone reader* them a rarity >n tbia eitr. anil 8be*f FAItK THEATKE.?The luliea and gent l< men ii??k'-<I at tliia Thntl* for theeinuniK i?i?iiii, are naiiieated I" aiteod a on tlw morning nl Vriday th< lat <>l H?-It*mlwr nrti, at II o'clock. THOS. B A HRY, airJ7ec Stage Manager, PIANO FORTE AND HIN'UNO Tub misses cummino that thry re-roiniiwice tuition in the above branclwa on the lat of September. Thr Minn I'.'i i)Hrm of iMlrarlma in Nmginc ha* lor ita object tlw full dnrlniannl of tlw ?oi? ?fl?i tha Italian method, wlnlr tlw title tlw* inculcate la the HcHtlah, lima combining tlw artificial with tlw natural ia a manner the inoat pleaaiug ami ''ffp' ti*f. T?.HMa?At tlw pupil'* ir*idence $l.? |wr quartar?4wo pupil* in one family $25; at the Minis t.'i midnirr SIO |?r quarter IMdrncr I Warien ?tre*t, corwr of Broadway au? lga?t PHILADELPHIA l)AOUKRRfc.OTYPE ESTABLISHMENT EXCHANGE BUILDINO. ROOMS Hkf T'lIK Suliarriher*, having procured tlw A purr for ifce aale of 1 VOIOTANDfcR'S DAOt! ERK EOT V PE AIT AS A. TU8, cnn*tnic|ed irrorfill to Profe*aor PerivaJ'i ralAilatina have on lianil a large Miort?t of tlwae Apparatua. and art lata a* wi ll a* imateur* of tlwir art, wialiing to procure a good apparent, will fiml it to tlwir advantage to |>n>rui? malremeuta of tint conitrnctioti They al*o ha?e lately imported a lam* <IUl111itV of iierman mil Kreiicli plate*, ana all tlw chemical* uaed in their art, which they warrant hi every re*i*ei, a* they in-in ult to tlwir order. loll thing *ub?tanr?a. and ucroeco caar*, and all necesaary m iteriala *nr told on llw moat raaacKable term* Tlw following gentlemen hat* agreed to act aa tlwir agenta, vii:? E. White, Eaij., 17^ Broadway, N. V.| I*., Ea<|., WiihniKton I) C. Dr. A. <'a*p;tri, Richmond. Va. j P. Laurena^ Ear)., Savannah, (?? William We*t, Kaq. Cincinnati. Ohm. All communication* (|>o*t paid) and order*, acconpaaiad with remittance*, will be promptly attended In. and ahaald be directed to W . * E LAN'JeMO.IM. jh i lm*r kluhmff Building. Phila EXOHANOR HOTEL ^'HE aubacrilwr would inform hia friend* and he public that ' he haa lately taken th< Etchauge Hotel. No 2t I oartlaadt atrvet. in tlw city of New \ ?rk. Tm (MR h->aaa haa ha*B thoroiiKlily repaired, and refuniiahnl in an elegant and column- . ilioiii m inner, and in every arrangement ab"?t tha eaiabliak Ml lua greateat daair* liaa hern to ah r<ei> tiling that tfc* apirit of tlw age re<)nim fiom competitor* for |*tblic w?or lia location in the huainea* part of tlw city, and goiMenient prod (nicy lO IW poiur* OI irrmi ami 'Ifjunai? 01 inr an? railroad 1 in?*s of communication, particularly rrenm mowil it to the business and travelling community; while, at the Mme ti?p hit modtwate charge* will l?e adapted to the tiu> ? He 1m* b*en to fortunate aa to secure ll?e *evvirei of Mr. Knuitii* Phelps, one of the lata proprietor*, who will be the princii*il man tger. which, of itaelf. lie cntifidrot Will hp 'ha l>e*t guarantee that can l?e that every thine will be so conducted a* to give entire satisfaction U> thoee Who thai I fivor him with their patronage. V B RYCMON, New York, July 79. 1*1. al la*i? BOARDING REDUCED. ifALTON MANSION HOI M? fruk in, luufv, New \ ark J Mwhy fc ?M *? ! loeve to return thank* to their friend* and tlw- |?ublif in ? *?? ?vml. fo* 'ho liberal support the> havi received for an *at al tho hotel. and hv *trn*t tffetiM*" - M IMpM a continuance of their favor*, the proprietor* having rrdored ?k? price* of Boinlinu to V) cent* |?er day, <?r lw? dollars fifty cents |nrr week. Tho home i* mtust* iri the mo*r be?o??** i*art of the city, being convenient to the Albany, H??*ton and Philadelphia steamboats: likewise to the London. Livorpool ??4 Bri*tol nacketa. Trio a hove hou *e nml* no rommmV mum one of trie moat airy and tpaetou* pn-nuwi in the eit |, heviaf , | ,!*? . r < I w i'Ii fir if ii;. I * . -iheV revjOl ite to make it comfortable. In fact, the above more comfort in it* lino of biMinr**, than any inhot in the city. The senior proprietor, bring always on the preoiiaos. ho will nee every attention paid to hi* gur*t*. not only by Himorlf, but by hi* agent* and nervant*. Ale*, wines, spirit* lu* 1 coiU a glass, Fine Londou and Dublin porter, la draught mm bottle. P. 8.?Private room* for families. No charpe for *termgo N. B.?No connection whate%et with the WaJum Hi>*v oral mot* j? iyt i \ MKKM \ \ H<>I'M NKW YORK llavnt ? ?., t? ^V t^d tlie repair* and alteration* of the A meric ui lintel *n% llw. .....u l?)..rl. I ....... -.I I., ill I r?.?w solicit from my frimd* and thr public a coMinaatina of tbr.r patronage. Thr situation it a* food aa that of aiiv similar aa! tahiishinrul III th>- city. It fronts on th? Park. and thr ?a lain in immediately opposite. Thr hou*e haa beru iiesily cat VI<1 every tliuiK thorouithlv rriMiied. )Heodhn*rc WM. B. COZZKNS NKW LKRANON SPRINGS ia the moal t?lrhlul ?4 pleasant place of retort for visitor* during tha ?aasairr months, in the United Sutra. ,. Visitor* from tha, aouth, who intend visiting that place. '? find it the mo?t ex|#ditinua rout* to land al Hudson. thence j* railroad to Edward's Dei>ot, where stage* ?re w I*""' w carry them to thr Springs. _ ? The car* lease Hudson at 6 A. M. and I P M. ?? on the arrt* val of thr boat* from Nf? York, and pa*?rn?rr? trrive at tl?? Springs in thin how* from Hadaoa. ' \TOTI< K.?All parsons having a?T'?*? claim against JaaB IN Dotainick. late oftl.r cty oi N V ork. Sun-hrr. d? "?H . ire rr.|U "ted lo praaant ibr MW with tl? voucher* thereof. to Ihr subscriber, at ihr house. No ' I Mercer street Also. al tho?t indebted to thr eatate of aaid decaaaed, to make pa\uient thf 20th J iv of Nofemorr u?*it, to bafo re thr *111. > A N N N, DOM ixitK 'm?> i" N v 11 <mlfaw*Sr * C~ oil,, COAL ? IVich Orchard R?l A?h l oal. tir?t .ju-ili tv, will b*?old b> the mbacriher At the following low I'fjm lor <Nuii ; freih broken and cm, I'mm lump in the y*rd, ?cr*w>ed, in'1 delivered 10 any j>sm of the city at t!> i*r ton ; ifori' SI 7J ; large nnf $1 M ; li cento per ton leu will chantMi il t\k?u from the boat?weight anil quality wurr.iiifcd. r-KTKK ( I.INTON, j . ' JZin * r 57< Ownw ich, comer of K one ?t. THK WKLL KNOWN SOLOMON HKINK. M U.. WHO ha. practised in thi? city B|>wanl? of mi?v?N W medical plutician and surgeon, keeps hi? o(lW? ;>?. S7 Itead* *t, near Broadway, ao2J Im r

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