Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 29, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 29, 1843 Page 1
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' I II TH Vol. IX.?No. a30 ?Whole No. 344 H. To (be Public. THE NE.W YORK HERALD?daily newapaper-publiihed every day of the year except New Year** day and Fourth of July. Price 3 cent* per copy?or $7 26 per annum? poitagea paid?cefli in advance. THE WEEKLY HER\LD-publiahed every Saturday morning?price centa per copy, or $3 13 per annumpostages paid?cash in advance. ADVERTISERS are Informed that the circulation of the Herald is over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increaain? fait. It hat the largett circulation oj any paper in thii city, or the world, and it, therefore, the heat channel for 6utineit men in the city or country. Price* moderate?caah n advance. PRINTING of all kind* executed at the most moderate price*, and in the moat elegant style. JAMES GORDON BK. INN KIT, rnomiETO* or thi Hchild Eitabluumrnt, Northwest corner ol Fulton and Nassau streets. AGENTS. 1 us following Is list of agents for the Herald, where ubacriptions will be receivod, and tingle number* are found lor aale Boston, Man Messrs. Reddinir k Co. Philadelphia, Pa Messrs Zicber St C?. Baltimore, Md Wm. Taylor. Washington, D. C Do. Buffalo, N. Y.. .......... .T. 8. Hawka. New Haven, Conn T. H. Pease. Hartford, Caen J. W. Judd, Albany. N. V Geo. Jones. Troy, N Y Levi Willard. Lausingburgh, N. Y A. Lewia. Newark, N. J 1) Smith. Caulull. N. Y .H IUwe. leek-hill, N Y........... .T. Monkhouse 8iui; Siug, N. Y W. A. Stanton. New Orleans, La ?J C. Monran. Cincinnati. O Robert Carnaha\. Patenson, N.J Matthew Dougheity. Rochester, N. Y.. A. Jonea. Klizabethtown, N. J Samuel Crane. New Brunswick, N. J William Solomoix, St. Louis, Mo.. .Woodward k Mathews. Charleston, 8 C Auios Head. Hudson, N. Y George '. lare. Augusta, Ga. . .8. A. Holmes. Mobile, Ala. M Boullemet Poughkeepsie, N. Y . .Levi Smith. Trenten, N.J .J. Rautisley. Louisville, Ky W. A. Haldemun. Wheeling, Va K. C. Brook man. New London,Con S. It G. Rogers. Utica. N Y J.B.Loat Nashville, Tenn A. Billings. Syracuse, N. Y James Robertson. Bridgeport, Ct S. W. Hatch. Jacksnn, Miaa J. W Clark. Yickshurg, Miss .. .. .Mr*. E. A. Parker. New Bedford. Mass A. Robinson. Providence, R. I.. . John Green. Worcoeter, Muas L. Thompson. Nantucket. Mass J. P. Hussey. Geneva, N Y Wm H. Austin. BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL MAIL STEAM SHIPS. Of 1200 tons and 4 10 horse nower each. Aj'I 1 i;< 1 by the Admiralty to sail MCWMH Liverpool and Sutton, calling at Halifax to land and receivj Passeuseujjers and ller Majesty's Mails. HIBERNIA, K. Judkins. CALEDONIA, Captain Edward O. Lott. A.CADIA. Captain Alexander Ryrie, BRITANNIA, Captain John Hewitt. Will tail Tor Boston via Halifax, Fhom Boston. From Liverpool. A cadiRyrie, 16th August. 19th July. Hiheruia, Judkins, 1st Sept. 4th August. Britannia! Lott, lfith do 19th do These shiiM carry exivrieuced aureeons, and are supplied with Frances' Patent Lil'u Boats. Passage to Liverpool $120?To Halifax $20. No berths secured until paid for. For passage apply to D. BRIGHAM, Jr.. Agent, au3r No. 3 Wall St., New York. FOR LIVERPOOL. VIA HALIFAX. yyv&LThe Itoyal Mail Steamer HIBERNIA, Cap^KflrTi^tain C. H. E. Judkins, will leave for the ab,)Ve ports on Friday, the 1st September. The Hibernia is a new vessel, and completely fitted up with every improvement for the comfort of passengers. For passage, apply to id I r I). BR/oHAM, Jr., Agent, No. 3 Wall st. ~~r rf1 , ummnicifwni.twn iwvi.aimh y^BUaiWVk''.?which can be srat by the steamship ^aftWILJL^OREAT WESTERN, sailing from this port on the 31st Aug, or by the HIBERNIA from Boston on the 1st of September. We have at all limes for sale Drafts nt sight lor any amount, drawii direct on the Royal Bank of Ireland, Dublin. Also, on .Messrs. Prcscolt, (Jrote, Ames ft Co., Bankers, London, which are paid free of discounts, or any charge "whatever in every Province and County, besidea all the inland towns throughout England, Ireland, Scotland and Wale*, thereby answering the same purpose as Bank of England Notes. Apply to or address, if by letter, (post paid.) ROCHE. BROTHERS fc CO., Si Fulton street, next door to the Fulton Rank. P. 9.?R. B. k Co., have a regular succession of first class shj|>* sailing weekly from LiTerpool. Those sending for their relatives will fmd it their interest to have them brought out through us. One of our firm, Mr. James D. Roche, is there to to see all our passengers forwarded with care and despatch. For passage apply at above, or to JAMES D. ROCHE, 11 Goree Piaixat, * 24 Liverpool. _ , DRAFTS ON ENGLAND. IRELAND. Sic.?Persons about remitting money to their ''fiends in the "old country," can be tupplied with Drafts, in autns of 1,1, 3,5,19, 1 1 '? 20 & ?50, or any aiaount, payable on demand without discount or any other charge, at the National Bank of Ireland, I'rovincial Bank, do., Messrs. James Bult, Son St Co., Bankers, London, 1. Baroed Si Co., Exchange and Discount Bank, Liverpool, Eastern Bank of Scotland, Greenock Banking Company, Sir Wm. Forbe* Htimer Si Co., Scotland, and t he branches in every pott town throughout England, Ireland, Scotland and \\ ales, which drafts will lie forwarded by the steamers Great Western or Hibernia, by W. Si J. T. TAP8COTT, At their General Passage Office, 43 Peck Slip, corner Smidi st. N. B.?All letten from tlie country roust come post pain. jyllr THE ENW LINE OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS N~.hi,jyivf.,m,oL.feteU. New ship QUEEN OF THE WEST, 7 |?;|* 1250 tons. l'hilip P. Woodhouse. \ iiiih May Ship ROCH E8TER.M ton,. j John Brtttou. J Kth June. / Ship HOTTINOUKH 10*. ton.. t J-jJ 1 r $ 16th July. Those substantial, fait tailing, first class ships, all built in the city of New York, are commanded by mrn of ecperiencf ami ability, and will b* dispatched punctually ou the ItHli ol e.wh mouth. Their cabins are elegant and commodious, anil are furnish*! with whatever can couduce to the rase and comfort of pasaen"'NeitheT the captains or owners of theae ships will be responsible far any parrels or packages sent by them, unless regular bills lading are signed therefor. Korfre^tor^s^^.^ M|NTURN8 8? South stiwt, New York, or to FIELDEN, BROTHERS & CO., an 9 Liter|>ool passA?STFROM oatAT BRITAIM"AND IRELAND m. M. M M. BY THE BLACK BALL OR OLD LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. [Sailing from Liverpool ou the 7th and 19th of every month.] Peruana wishing to send to tli? Old Country for their friends enn mako thf nocessarv arrangements with llie subscribers, and have thein come out lu this superior Line of rackets, Hailinu from Liverpool Punctually on the 7th and 19th of every mouth They ?ill also have a first rate class of American trading ships aailing every ai* days, thereby affording weekly communication Irom that port. Oue of the firm (Mr. James I). Roche! is there, to see tliat they shall be forwarded with care and ties latch. Should the parties agreed for not come out, the money will I* returned to those who paid it here, without any rrductioo. The Black Ball, or Old Lkie of Liverpool Packets, compriit the following magnificent Ships, 'ri* The OXKOH I', The NEW YORK, CAMBRIDGE, < OLUMBU8, EUROPE SOUTH AMERICA. ENOLAND NORTH AMERICA. \\ Ith *n, I) superior ami! <! arrangements the subscribers confidently look forward for a continuance of that sup port which has been extended to tltern so many years, for which they are gratelul. nwMt?.iltn? nr wmiftinv monev fn tK#ir rfUti?M at 111 nn^ obtun Draft at liglitTor any amount, drawn d'iraci on the Hnviil Hank of Ireland, Dublin. al?o on Mimn. PRKHCOTT, OROTE, AMF.S It CO. Ranken, London, which will be naid on demand at any of the Ilanka. or thaii Branches, in all the princiiwl mwni throughout England, Ireland, Scotland and Walea. Apply, or .dW (,f Vt('r/'r.t-rnlic? r^KnH It CO. M Kalton utreet New York, neat door to the Knlton Dank. N. B.?The Old Lin* of Liverpool 1'acketa tail from thii port for Liverpool on the Utcuxl 19th of each month. Pnrtirg retaining to the old countr) will And it to their comfort uhI adranttfte to select this favorite Line for their conveyance, in preference to any other. o27 r my NF.W YORK AND HAVRE PACKETS. _ Second Line?The Ship* of thii line will hereafter leave New \ nrk on the lit, and Ham on the 18th ol each month, u lbl l?w?, vi?:? _ Fbom Nr.w Ynna. Fnow New Ship ONEIDA, V Itt March. ( iftth April. Captain . < l?t Jjily. < Itith August. James Funck. f lat No-ember. / Kith December. Ship BALTIMORE. I IK April. i 16th May. Captain . < lit \uguat. < tfith September Edward Fnnck.f lit Detemkw. ( IGth January. Ship UTM'A, I Itt May. i Ifith June. Curtain < September < l?th Oetobar. n?derick Hewitt. ( I at January. ( 16th February. NewihinSt. NICHOLAS Mit June. I 16th July. Captaiu \ IK Oetobar. < 16th November. J- II. Pell, f Itt February. ( 16th Marah. The anaommodations of theaa snips are not iiirpaaaed, com liiuint all th-at mjy be required for comfort. Th? price of ca bin pisiafe It tlOO. I'aaannuera will he supplied with every te quisita with the eiceptiou of winaa and liquora. Ootids intended for thnu* viwx'lt will be forwarded by the tub icribers, fir* from any other than the einenaea actually in Mrred on them. For freight or paasag*. - I'J'ly to BOYD k IMNCKEN, Agents, i j?ti eo No. J, Pontine Building, cor. Wall and Water sti ??? I ?? E NE NE I NEW LINK OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. To aail from New York ou the 25th and Lmrpoul on he 13th of each ntauth. ^Fhom Ntw Ship KOflCIUS, Captain John Collins, 25th July. Ship SlDbONS, Captain A. B.Colib, 25th Ausust Slip SI 1 FillII)AN. Captiin F. A. Depeyiter. 25th S^pt. Ship OAK1UCK, Captain Wm. Skidav, 25tn October From Livkri-ooi. Ship SIIKKIDAN, Captain F. A. IVpevstar. 13th July. Ship GARRICK, Capt. Win. Skiddy, 13th August. Shin ROHCIIIH Inh.1 (',,11,;,: n?t. nil1 SIDDONS, Captain K. B. Cobb, 13tl> October. These shi|>s are all of the first class, upwards of 11)00 ton*, built ill the city of New York, with surli improvements as combine great s|ieed with uausual comfort for passengers. Every care has been taken ill tl>? arrangement of their accommodations. The price of passage hence is $75. These ship* are commanded by experienced masters, who will make every exertion to give general satisfaction. Neither the captaina or owners of the ship* will be resjNiusibin for wiy letters, parcels or packages sent by them, Unless regular bills of lading are signed therefor. For freight or passage apply to li. K. COLL I NH 81 CO., 5fi South St., New York, nr to BROWN, SHIPLEY it CO., Liverpool. Letters by the packets will be charged I'-'V, cents |ier siugl beet ; 50 cents |wr ounce, and uewspa|>ers I cent each. jy7 ec OLD LINE LIVERPOOL PACKETS >Hfy ^TTTm'SlD Ll^h^^Tackets for Liverpool will hera^^MW J despatched in the following order, excepting that when the sailing day falls ou Sunday, the ships will sail ou the succeeding day, vtx:? _ From New York. r rom Liverpool The CAMBRIDGE, (June 1 July 19 850 tons, s Oct. 1 Nov. 19 W. C. Burrow, f Feb. 1 Mar. 1!) Hie ENGLAND, I June 19 Aug. 7 750 tons, < Oct. 19 Pec. 7 S. Bartlett, ( Ft b. 19 April 7 The OXFORD, (July 1 Aug. 19 800 tons, < Nov. 1 Dec. 19 J. Rathboue, r March 1 April 19 The MONTEZUMA, (July 19 Sept. 7 1000 tons, < Nov. 19 Jan. 7 A. B. Lowber,(March 19 May 7 The EUROPE, (Aug. 1 Sept. 19 Git tons, \ Pec. 1 Jan. 19 E. G. Furber, (April I May 19 The NEW YORK, (u?w) (Aug. 19 Oct. 7 950 tons, < Dec. Ir> Feb. 7 T. B. Cropper, (April 19 June 7 The SOUTH AMERICA, I Sept. I Oct. 19 650 tons, < Jan. I Feb. 19 E. G. Bailey, ( May 1 June 19 The COLUMBUS, (Sept. 19 Nov. 7 700 tons, \ Jan. 19 Mar. 7 G. A. Cole, (May 19 July 7 These ships are not surpassed in \xiint of elegance or comfort in their cabin accommodations, or tit their fast sailing qu&liliis by any vessels in the trade. The cn?> manners are >ven miinvn as men 01 character and experiencft, and the strictest attention will always bo paid to promote the comfort and convenience of passengers. Punctuality, a* regards the day of sailing, will b? observed as heretofore. The price of passage outward it now fixed at Seventy-Five Dollars, for which ample stores of every description will lie provided, with the exception of wines mid liquors, which will be furnished by the stewards, if required. Neither the captain or owners of thuse ships will be responsible for any letters, parcels, or packages sent by them unless regular bills of lading are signed therefor. For freight or passage, apply to GOODHUE k CO, 64 South st. C, H. MARSHALL. 33 Burling slip, N. Y. iv It and of BARING. BROTHERS fc CO.. L'pool. JOHN HK ROMAN'S OLD ESTABLISHED EMIGRANT PASSAGE OFFICE. MM.rn.rn. IChGCLAR LINK OK PACKET SHIPS, 61 South street. New York. PASSAGE to and from Great Britain and Ireland, via Liverpool and London, by the regular packet ships, sailing on 1 the 1st, 7th, 13th, 19th, and tSth of each month to and from Liverpool and to and from London 1st, 10th and 20th of each month. . The subscriber has made unequalled arrangements to bring out emigrants, and can, with great confidence, assure those |>ersons sending for their friends, tliat every due and diligent attention will be shown them, and all who embark with them Passage can also lie engaged from Liverpool direct to New Orleans, Mobile, Savannah, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Boston, and to the differeut ports ol' the British Provinces, at tlie lowest rates. i With those arrangements, together with the advantage which his Liverpool correspondents possess, being large ship owners, and extensively enp*ged ill the freighting business des|>atching yearly at least 1110 hrst class ships from Liverpool to the va rous ports of the United States, with freight and passengers. '1 he facility offered by this establishment is unsurpassed, and from the large number of first class ships employed in th? line there can be no detention w liatever, w hich w ill be guaranteed. The price of |>assagewill be at the lowest rates, and should any ol those sent for decline coining, the passage money will be as customary refunded. The steamboat fare from the different ports to Liverpool can, ax usual, be secured. JOHN HERDMAN. 61 South st, N Y. or J. k W. llOBINSON, near Wall street, Merchants and Emigrants' Agents, No. 16 Ooree Piazza*. Liverpool. DRAFT9 AND EXCHANGE. The Subscriber requests the attention of those remitting mo ney to their friends to his unequalled arraugemouts for the payment of his drafts on demand, without discount or any charge whatever, at the following Banking Institutions, VI* IN ENGLAND?Messrs. Jamej Bull, Soli k Co., Bankers London. ?... Messrs J. Barnard k Co., Exchange and Discount Lank, Liverpool. __ , V.ilni,*! Prnvinoial Bank nf V.nirlaiirl and Branches thronch out England and Wales. Yorkshire District Bauk and Branchra. Birmingham Banking Co. h^'sCOTLANlf?Greenock Banking Co in Glasgow and Greenock. Eastern Bank or Scotland and Branches. IRELAND?Provincial Bank of Irejaud. ^ Amagh Cork Eunis Mallow Alhlpne Carlaw Enniskillfa Moneymore ISallwia < avail Gal way Omagh Belfast Coleraine Kilkenny Parsonstown Bainbridge Cootehill Kilrush Sligo Ballvmena Dublin Loudoaderry Strabane Bundon Downpatrick Largen Tralee. Billyshannon Dungannou Limerick Waterford Cloumel Duugarron ktonaghan Youghall National Bank of In>land. Billinsloe Ca-stlebar Moste Tippwaiy Banagher Enniscorthy Nwali Tuam Boyle Fermoy New Hoi* Thomas town Cosher Calway Roscrea Tralee Carrick on Sair Kauturk Roscommon WeaU>ort Castlerea Longford Hlieo Wenlord Ckarlesville Loughrea Tallow Wicklow Clonmel Micnaelstnwn Thurle* N. B.?In addition to the Liverpool and London packets, the .snbscrilier Is also agent for the regular packet* sailing weekly from New York to New Orleans, Mobile. Charleston, anu Savannah, by which passage can be secured at the lowest rales. jy!3-tf JOHN HKHDMAN. TAPSCOTTS GENERAL PASSAGE OFFICE, 43 PECK SLIP. NEW YOKK. M. M. M. M. 'l'he subscribers lieg to call the attention ol thtfir friends an.I the public generally, to their superior arrangements for bringing out passengers from, and remitting money to any part o| Kuulann, lreknd, Scoflaud or Wales, in the magnificent pack* et ships, comprising the "NEW LINE OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS," VIZ.:Ship Roscrus, Cspt. Collins. Ship SIDDONS, Captaiu Cobb. Ship S11ERIDAN. Captain Depeyater. Ship GARRICK, Captain Skiddy. New ship HOTTINOUER, Captain Bursly. Ship SOUTHERNER, Captain Woodhouse. Ship ROCHESTER. Captain Palmer. New Ship LIVERPOOL, Captain Kldredge. [ Hailing twice every month ; and with the "UNITED LINK.," composed of sii|ierior first class American ships, sailing every ten days, will make five ship* in each month throughout the year, (or one every six days) thereby preventing the possibility of unnecessary detention. Passages direct from London. Bristol and Greenock to New v.,rb Al... (V.,... I I ... V" /i_i \< .l:1 a i. Charleston, I'iul.ul. Iphia, Boston mid Baltimore. and the various porta in British North Amnici, can St all times be engaged on liberal terms. Persons w ishniK to semi Tor their friends, will not full to see the advantage* to oe derived from selecting this line in preference to any other, and they inay rest assured that unusual care will be taken to make the |uissag? agreeable, the shi|is befhu fitted up with ail eye solely to the comfort of passengers. In .ill case* where the parties sent for decline coming, the money will be refunded w ithout any deduction, a* usnal. A free pannage from the various seaports of Ireland and Scotland, can | also lie secured The regular packets for which the subscribers are agents, sail I aa follows, viz :?To aud from London on the lat, 10, and 20th of each month. To md from Liven>ool on the 1st, 7th. 13th, 19th, anil 25th of each month. New Orleans, Mobile, navaunah, and Charleston, weekly throughout the seassn. REMITTANCES. Tersons in the country w ishing to send money to their friends hy enclosing the sum they wish sent, with the name and address of the parties to receive, it, may rely a draft for the I amount being forwarded per first packet, after the receipt thereof, and vn acknowledgement for the same returned |?r mail. Drafts at sight, for any amount, are payable on demand, with, out discount or any other charge, at the National and I rovin' cial Hanks of Ireland aud brauclies, Eastern Bank of Scotland, Oreenock, and their branches, Messrs. James Bult, Son U Co. Bankers Loudon K*chan*e, and Discount Bank, Liverpool and in every principal town of Ureal Britain and Ireland. Further imrticulars made known on application, if by letter, post paid, to W.'k J. T TAP9COTT. d3y r 43 Peck Slip, comer South st i ? JFoll NEW OKI.KAN'S. LOUIS1ANNA AND NEW YORK LINE OF PACKK.TS m. m. M M. ^FoMhe better accommodation of snipperaTit is intended to despatch s ship fmm this port on the 1st. Mh.lOth, Uth, 20th, r and 2Jth of each month, commencing the 10th October wtd continuing until May, when regular days will be appointed for the remainder of the year, whereby grvat delays and disappointments wilj be prevented during tne summer months '1 he following shins will commence this arrangement: Snip YAZOO, Captain Cornell. S[>'P OCON'KK, < aptain Jackson. ' JJhjP WJ?SL. Fvs C?pt?iii Billiard. LOUISVILLE, Captain Hunt, a!."'' ? .Laptain Miner. Ship OAS TON, Captain Latham. Ship HyNTSVi^I.K, Captain Mum ford. uu'1' N iaiwiH'?' Captain Leavitt. 2!1"1 fin |>Vt i u^ Captain Dickinson, i ?!'!'' Captain Knight. Ship LOUISA, Captain Mulford. These ships were all built in the city of New York, expressly for iwckeu, are of l,ght draft of water, have recently been newly copia-red aud un^^Jendid order, with tions Hjr i?u??n|nl llOTTvvVPn for comfort. They nr^ commanded by eiiwrranced masters, who will make frfry rifrtion to give general satisfaction. They will at all times be towed op and down the Mississippi by stnmhoats. Nisithef the owners or csptains of these ships will be responsible forjewelry, bullion, preeions stones .silver or plated ware or Mir ...? - h->. ?mi oy or mil on hoard or them, utile.* regular lulls of lading are taken for the aame aad the value thereon eiprflued. For freight or i>iu?a*. apply to K. KTblLrNS h CO., M South ?., or HULUN k. WOODRUfcT, Agent ... New Orleins. who will promptly forward nil goods to their addreaa. The ships of thi? line are warranted to mil punctually ? advertised, ami great car* will be taken to have the goods eorreetly measured. Mr KOR VAKSRILLKS-faeket Tor 1st September? WljtfV The ship IIKNRY THOMPSON, Cant. Sylreater. Jfifilbi Apply to SBROOM fc CO.. or to BOYD fc IIINCKKN, Broker., No.!) Tontine Bmldtnga, i h!1i eoruet Wall and Water streets. W YO W YORK, TUESDAY MC FIK8T PACKKT FOR LIVK.ROOL-To aail Kt-WV ?? ill" 30th "f August very fa?t snilint; mmI U^ 1 SOUTHERNER, ( opt. T. I). I Palmer, will sail punctually as above, her regular day. The accommodations of thin ship for cabin, second cabin and eteeraje passengers are very superior, and those about Koini( to the old country would do well to inspect the accommodations , "f this ship before eng:>.-.;'np t Isewhere. The price of paaiase ' Wufwylnr. Thm wiihiiii to wen* bertha ahould IMS# J early application on bo?xd loot of BurliuK slip, or to W. it J. T. TAP8COTT. 43 Peek Slip, cor South street. Persons wishing to aerd for their friends to come out ' in (his favorite paiju t or any of the line, can do ao on favorabla ' terms, and tko<c \VixliiitK to remit money can have drafts payable on demand, without discount or any other charge, in all the , post towns <>r Kiiglaml, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, on appli- ' cation aa above. au2<> r ???- H.A<' K BALL OK OLD LINK OK LIVERWMWy. PACKET 8 KOR LIVEllPOOL?Only regular Tjhsl ? (he lat or Septem'er. Tlie remarkable fait sailing favorite packet sliip COLUMBUS, Captain Oeorge A. Cole, will sail positively on Fridy, the Ut of September, her regular day. The accommodations of this magnificent packet Tor caliin, 2d cabin, anil steerage pat-cnger*. it is well known are unsurpassed . by any oilwr vessi'l jlloat. Those visiting the Old Country . will find it their interest and comfort to select this desirable conveyance. Kor tcinn of passage, which will be very low , anil i those wishing to choose the best berths, early application Kliould be made oil board, foot of Beekinan St.. or to the subset iberK. ROCHE, It It OTHERS &. CO., 'ti Kulton street, New York, next door to theKulton Dank. I'. S. The Columbus sails front Liverpool on the 19th of October. Person* sending for their friends can have them brought out in her or any of the packets comprising this m unificent and unequalled Line, sailing from that port on the 7th and 19th ol each month. Kor passage apply as above. The packet ship South America will succeed the Columbus sail for Liverpool on the 19th of September, her regular day. au25 r Xfir KOR LIVERPOOL?Regular packet of the 1st September?The first class packet ship COLUMAirjtijSsiUVS, Capt. Cole, master, will positively sail as above, her regular day. Having very su|>erior accommodations for cabin, 2d cabin and steerage luissengers, persons intending to embark should make .early application to the subscriber JOSEPH Mc.MURRAY, an'.'fi r 100 Pines! , corner of South. ifctfg- OLD BLACK BALL LINE OF PACKETS.? Packet of the 1st Septemlier for Liverpool?The fast fi i packet ship COLUMBUS, Captain Cole, W ill be despatched as above her regular day. Those wishing W secure berths will require to make early application to JOHN HERDMAN, 61 South street, near Wall st. Passage from Liverpool c<ui as usual be secured in any of the packet ships sailing weekly, anP drifts furnished for any amount payable at the National and Provincial Bank of Ireland anil Branches, and Messrs. J. Butt, Son k Co., Bankers, London ; Exchange and Discount Bank, Liverpool, and Branches, throughout England and Wales, Gieeuock Banking Co., auj Eastern Bank oT Scotland and Branches. Kor further particuars apply as above. an 23 r X*3r?- I.-(>In ! VI-'H PfTfTl TI,.. ...I.,.I i\,I. packet ship SOUTHERNER, T. 1). Palmer,master, Jnui?Ea?il> sail 30th iust. Forlreighl of 1000 bbls. llonr, or bulk thereof, light freight, or passage, having very Rood accommodations, apply to the captain on board, west side Burling Slip, or to WOODHULL Si MINTURNS, au2!?r _ 87 South street. M#' FOR. LIVERPOOL?I'acket 16th September.? KrjKflfVThe new splendid packet shipCiUEEN OK THE , JaaiSisWrS'r, Philip Woodhouse, master, 1250 toils, will I sail on her regular day, the 16th Sept. For freight or passage, having accomodations unequalled for . elegance aud comfort, apply on hoard, west side Burling | aiip, or to WOODHULL & M1NTURN8, 87 South st. The fine packet ship Rochester, Captain John Britton, 800 totis, will succe<Hl the Queeu of the West, and sail oil her re; tatlar day, 16th October a29r FOR GUADALOUPE.?The very superior copyP3M^.pej fasteni-d and cop|>ered French ship OUST AVE I mshmEDOUARD, ( apt. Negret. She has very comforts1 ?Jr accommodations for passengers. 'For freight or jtassage apply to BOVD St HINCKF.N. ul2ec 9 Tontine Building, cor. Wall and Water its. FOR NEW OJtLEANS?Star Line^FfrttTegokKjMlfVlar packet ship with despatch?The splendid, well jifiltil?uuowu packet ship FRANKLIN, Capt. Kennedy, will sail as above without delay. She lias splendid accommodations for cabin, 2d cabin and steerage passengers, who will be takeu at the very lowest rates. Those desirous of securing births would do well to mak* early application on board the snip, foot of Hue street, or to JOSEPH McMURRAV, aulOec 100 Pine street. FOR NEW ORLEANS-First Packet ShipWI3Rl^.Tlie su|>erior fast sailing ship NIAOARA, Captain jfippEu'olc, w ill lie despatched in a few days. This suiierior ship lias unsurpassed accommodation for cabin, 2nd cabin, ami steerage passengers, and only requires to lie esI amiueU in order to command a preference. For passage, apply . on board the ship, pier 14 East River, or to JOHN HERDMAN. 61 South st, near Wall St. N. B.?The subsciiber will despath lirst class ships weekly ' for New Orleans aud Mobile during the fall aud winter,and the liassage will lie at the very lowest rates. au2!r FOR NEW" ORLEANS. Louisiana ~^d New York Liue?Regular packet?To succeed the The fast sailing packet slvip 11UNTSVIl.Lfc, ( apt. O. R Mumf.?rd, will sail as above. For freight or passage, having handsome furnished accommodations i apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E. K.COLLlNS ?t CO., M South it. Agenta in New Orleans, Hulin it Woodruff, who will promptly foiward all goods to their address. The packet ship MISSISSIPPI, Captain C IJillard, will succeed the HtMUVillft anil T FOR BUFFALO AND ALL PARTS OF THE WEST. CM; ASSOCIATION PAS^AGEnTTFICE TO ALBANY. Ufica $2 Rochester, $3 00 Syracuse, 2 25 Buffalo, 3 50 Cr.Twro, 2 25 Up. ami Lower ram da 5 50 R- rl-s* r-ef Tin* tr, *.yA fr??.?wl CO ItO KorpasOace.p^to RAyan 21 3m m 93 Barclay street, New York. SUMMER ARRANGEMENT NF.W YORK AND PHI L>A D KLPH1A RAl .KOAD LINE DIRKCT, Vr* Newark, Nf.wrru:*?wick, Primcetoi*, Trenton, B rbknt *1 \ !' Bl'HI tMr.TOM. Lenviug New York daily from tjie foot of Courtlandt it. Morning Line at 9 A. M.?Mail Pilot Line at 1% P. M. The Morning Line proceed* to Borden town, from thence by steamboat to Philadelphia. The Keening Line proceed* direct to Camden (oppoaite to Philadelphia) without change-'of ears. Passengers will procure their tickets at the office foot of Courtlandt street, where a commodious steamboat, will be in le.idinesj, with baggage crates on board. Phil.idelphia baggage oaten are couveyed from city to city, wTTWht being opened By the way Kach train is provided with a car in which are apartments and dressing rooms expressly for the ladies' use. Heturning, the lines leave Philadelphia from the foot of Walnut street, by steamboat to Bordentown at 7 o'clock, A. M. and by railroad from Camden, at 5 o'olock, P. M. The liiieo for Baltimore leave Philadelphia at A. M., and 1 4 P. M. being a continuation of the lines from New York. jy28 3in*ec PATER SON RAILROAD. FARE ONLY 2S CENTS. From Patcrson to Jersey City. On and after Monday, 17th July, the cars will leave Faterson Depot Leave Niw Vom, 8 A.M. Jill JK ' 1?H P. M4 P. M. 3 ON SUNDAYS. ? ? Leave Paterson Depot. Leave New York. 7X A. M. A. M. 4 P. M. 6 P. M. Transportation cars ply daily (Sundays excepted.) Passengers are advised to be at the Kerry, foot of Courtlandt street, a few minute* before the stated hnnrn <if departure. jvlO Cm NEW JERSEY RAILROAD AND TRANS FORTATION COMPANY NEW V'llRK AAH NEWARK. FARK RKDUCKD TO TWKNTY-FIVK CKNTS. From the foot of Courtlandt street, New York. (Every day?Sundays elected.) Leaves New York. Leaves Newark. At 8 A. M. At a P. M. At 7 A. M. At IK P. M. 0 do. 3 do. 8 do. do. II do. 4 do. ? do. IK do. 5K do. 1?X do. 7? do. g3 do. 9% do 8 do. ON SUNDAYS. From the foot of Courtlandt street. Leaves New York. Leaves Newark. At 9 A. M. and i*< P. M. At I2S' P. M. and 9X P. M. NKW YORK, LLIZABETII TOWN. Lf ivm New York. l<raTii Elizabeth Town At * A.M. At 3 P. M, At 7? A.M. 3? T. M, 9 tin. 4 do. 8)4 do. 7 do. II do. 4K do. 10 do. 9,^ do. 5)4 do. 12 do. The train* for We?tfield, Plainfield, Rnundbrook, 8nm?rtille, ftc., connect with the 9 A. M., iind 4>g P. M. ; train from New York daily, Sundays encetited. Fare hffwiN ii New York and Eliraoeth Town 25 cents. Fare between do. ?nd Somerville. 7J cents. NKW YORK AND RAIlU'AY. Leaves New York. liHVH Rahway. At ? A. M. At J P. M. At 7 A. M. At 3 P. M. 9 do. 4 do. R do. do. II do. 4* do. ?? do. 9 do. 6* do. II* do. NEW YORK AND NKW BRUNSWICK. From foot of Courtlandt street, New York, daily. Leaves New York. Leave* New l)rnn*?v ick. At 9 A.M. At 4 P.M. At ? A.M. At II?i A.M. 5? do. 7W do. P. M. T>N SUNDAYS? Lr.ives New York. Leave* New Brunswick. At 9 A. M. and 4*J\ M. , At IIU A M., and ?S P. M. Kare, eicept in the Philadelphia trains, between New York and New Brunswick. M cents. Between New York and Railway, 25 cents. Pawnirer* who procure their tickets at the ticket office, receive a fi-rry ticket gratis. Tickets are received by the con due tor < >n l \ mi thf #U\ whew ymnmmm> ?" r _ p o M K R 0 Y jnTl j^S^DAifvrKxrKK.a?5? rOK AI.HANV, TROY, CHICAOO ami the tJANAPAS. Th* utacribm harm* completed ther inuMNU with tW People*. Line of BteambffaU, on the North lti?er, ajid the Rail Road ('ompaniei wnt <>f Albanv fur minting (heir kxpr*? for fl># ?*a?on ot im:i, an Kipre** will leav* ifmt wlw, No.3 Wall atmef, New York, every evening, at quarter to 7 o'clock, for lm abovr named anu intermediate umM* IMPORTANT. or the *reit?-r nafrt y and neriirity of all ralnah e anil money imrkace* ciitrmted in their care, they have S.tlamander Iron "afei <>n board of the tteAmboata, in a ttrte room nccirod exoliuively by themselvea, and the inr??rn*er in charge ?l<*l>? m the mm- room with the iron Mfri.into which all wch'N?aw a? traced. POME ROY fc COMPANY, i mtrc No. J Wall ?trrei| RK H )RNING, AUGUST 29, 1* pa I'ULLEN&COPP Jftfr-flHfr g^-^fesryo. 3 Wall-street,jMFJHr N'KW YOltK, ALBANY. THOY ANl) TIO.VTRKAN ' ? , EXPHKS8. Messrs. !iarti<leu 8c (Jo. having disposed of their route from N?*W',?*rk to Albany ami Troy, the subscribers, the old run. i iuctors of Harnden & ()o*s Northern KxpreM, from New York will continue r# run, a-* heretofore, leaving New York. Albany I md Troy Daily. and connect at Troy with Jacobs' Montreal Kipreii, ami will forward Specie, Bank Note*, Package*, Bunlies, Cast* of (roods, Ike. to any place between Net? Vork and < Montreal, and throughout the C anada's Also Ka*t from Troy ( uid Albiny to Boston, and West from Albany to Buffalo, / All business entrusted to their c harge will be promptly at totej, draft*, acceptance*, Sic. and prompt rrlnnn made lor the ianw. PULLKN tk CO PP. Office*?I'llIIen Si Coop. :t W ill street. New York. Tims (iouijti, 1.) Kxchauge, Albany. A. (?. Fills ins, 228 River street, Troy. S. Jacob's F.xrhanue Court, St Paul'* *t. Montreal. REFERENCE^. New Vork. Ai.hanv. Thov. Prime, Ward Si Iving, K. J. Humphrey, .luo. Payne, lacob Little It Co.. Tlioi. Oough. P.Wells; John 'P. Smith Ik Co. S. K. Stow, I'epoon St Hoffman. <'.S.Doiigla**, Carpenter 6c Vermilye, F. Leake. HouKliton jc Co. Drew, Robinson Si Co. a Mr a+*tl'"sl uarndbn catsffi) v?& cn.'s KNtiLISH FRENCH, BELGIAN" awt) amkuicajj EXPRESS, GENERAL FORWARDING AND COMMISSION HOUSE. HARNDEN Si CO. will receive anil forward by their daily Expre** Cam, Specie, Bank Note*, Packages and Parcel*, to any part of the United Stales or Canadas, and by the steamers and packets to any part of England, Ireland, Scotland, Belgium or France. Particular arteiitinn is paid to the pu rchase or sale of all descriptions of merchandise, collecting and paying Drafts, Note*, and Bills, l? the entry of merchandise at the Custom House, and to the general transaction of any and all kind* of forwarding and commission business. Bills of Exchange, in sums to suit, furnished on St. John, N. B., Halifax, N. S., or on any part of F.tiro|ie. All goods must he marked "Harden Si Co." Foreign Post Office Letter B tgs are made-up for all tlie Royal .Mail Steamen from Boston, and the steamer and sailing packet* from New York. . . Principal offices and agent*:? Me*sr*. Wilmer and Smith, XI Church street, Liverpool, England. Messrs. Maclean, Maris Si Co., 3 Abchurch lane, London. Messr*. Emerson Si Co., Paris and Havre. Samuel llaight, F.sq., American Consul, Antwerp, Belgium. Messrs. J. and J. (?. Woodward, St. John, N. B. A. W. Godfrey, Halifax, N. 8. J. G. Woodward, New Orleans, La. Messrs. J- B. Sazerac Si Co., Havana. Ilarnden Si Co. g Court St., Boston. All goods must he marked "Harden Si Co. N. B.?Haruden Si Co. ?? ?ln?? f..r it,. I.... .,r injijry of any article*, or property of any description committed to their care; nor is any risk assumed by, norcau any be at- , tached to the New Jersey Steamboat Navigation Company, by which their crates are. or may be transported; nor the New I York, I rovidence, and Boston Railroad, or the Bostnn and Pro- | vidence Kail road Corpomtions, in re?i>ect to their content* at any time. IlARNDUN & CO., JVl2 r No. 3 Wall st.. New York. ~ M STKALL 9L CO.'S CHARLKSTON, SAVANNAH, MILLEDOEVILLE. MACON, COLUMBUS & FLORIDA PACKAGE EXPRESS. Mmrt. M. S. BALL ScCO. will receive Specie, Bant NotTI" Bundles, Samples, Packages and Cast's ol" Goods, ami forward tlifin by theh ?ipnn. to ami from Ohm ?stoo, iuuMk, Milledgeville, Macon, and all the way stations 011 the Central Hailroad. Alan, by the steamboat St. .Matthews, Captain McNelty, on her regular trips to and from Darieu, Brunswick, St. Mary's, Black Creek, Picolatta and Palatka. M. S. Ball St Co. w ill pay particular attention to the purchase of Goods, collecting and payin); Drafts, Notes and Bills, and the transaction of any and all kinds of business, at any of the above named places. They will also forward Goods and Merchandize to anv part of the United States, which may be sent to their care. Iney intend to nut on teams to run regularly through from Macon to Columbus, under their owh charge, to carry all kinds ot merchandize, with all reasonable dispatch and safety, on the 1st of October next. Messrs. M. S. B. Silo, having made arrangements with the . Central Railroad Company of Georgia, for an apartment under their own lock, and with a Messenger always in charge, offer 1 suiwrior advantages for the prompt and safe conveyance of all 1 valuable articles that may be entrusted to'.heir care. 1 Merchants, IVIanters, and others, desirous of receiving their (foods with prompt dispatch, will find it advantageous to direct to them. 1 If/"' Office at Savannah, 153 Bay street; Macon, Washington , Hall; M. S. Ball Ik Co., Milledgeyille; Agent at Charleston, 8. C., A. Head, B5 East Bay; S. I'hilbrick, Agent for receiving 1 and forwarding goods and merchandize at Savannah. I M. S. B. St (-0. will advance cash for all freights on goods sent to their charge. Cliarges uo more than the ordinary way of obtaining goods. au2?i hn m NEW ARRANGEMENT. FARE AND FREIGHT REDUCED. OA REGULAR MAIL LINE?FOR PROflZ^HjITtfrVIDENCK AND BOSTON, via, STONSEL^aDE-lNGTGN AND NEWPORT?Composed of the follow nig superior steamers, running in connection with the Stonington anil Boston and Providence Railroads MASSACHUSETTS, Capt. Coinstock. RHODE ISLAND. Capt Thayer. PROVIDENCE. NARRAGAN8ETT. MOHEGAN. One of which will leave New York daily* (Sundays excepted) from Pier No. I, Battery Place, N. River, at 5 P. M. ARRANGEMENTS. The RHODE ISLAND, Captain Thayer, on Monday,'and Wednesday for Stonington and Newport, and Friday for 1 Stonington. The MASSACHUSETTS, Captain Comstock, on Tuesday and Thursday for Stonington, and Saturday for Stoning- , ton, Newport ana Providence. Passengers, on the arrival of the steamers at Stonington, will 1 be immediately forwarded in the splendid and commodious 1 Cars of the Railroad to Providence and Boston, and if for . Newport will proceed in the steamer Mohegan (in superior order) from thence at 6 o'clock the following morning, thus ' giving tliem an opportunity of a night's rest on Board tint steam- | er Massachusetts or Rhode Island, and theu breakfast on board ths Mohegan. The above steamers have been thoroughly equipped and I prepared to promote celerity of travel and the comfort and security of passeugers, and not snrpaesed by any in the United States. For passage or freight, which is taken at very reduced rates, apply on board, at north side of pier No. I, 22 Broadway, or office of Samuel Deveau, freight agent, on the wharf. Tickets for the ronte and steamers'berths can be secured on board, or at the office of HARNDEN Ji CO.. No. 3 Wall street [T7"On and after the 10th inst, freight will not be received and forwarded after half-past \ P. M. mfl 6m* m sW') Jil PEOPLE'S LINK. OK STEAMBOATS fly. T'WUrgsFOR ALBANY?Daily at 7 o'clock P. M.W. 1 Hit W Through direct?From tiie steamboat pier between Courtlaudt and Liberty streets, Sunday excepted. The steamboat KNICKERBOCKER,Capt. A. P. St. John, will leave Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 7 P. M. Steamboat ROCHESTER, Capt. A. Houghton, will leave Monday, Wednesday and Friday Evenings, at seven o'clock. Man. Line. Steamboat SOUTH AMERICA, Capt. L. W. Brainaad, will leave Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, afternoon, at i o'clock. Steamboat NORTH AMERICA, Capt. M..H. Troesdell, , will leave Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Evening, at five o'clock. Passengers taking this Line of Boats will invariably arrive in | Albanr in ample time to take the Morning Train of Cars for the east or west. The above boats ar? new and substantial, are furnished with * neat and elegant State Rooms, and for speed luid accoininoda- | tions are unrivalled on the Hudson. For Passage or Freight, apply on board, or to P. C. Schultr at the office on the wharf. au21 r jMM aA SEVEN O'CLOCK MORNINO LINK 1 *M>3?KOK ALBANY, THOY, and intermediate I ** * ' * ?from the steamboat pier, at the | foot of Barclay street. Breakfast and Diuner on board. Leaves N?v York?The Empire on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The Troy ou Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, at 7 A. M. Landing at?Caldwell's, We?t Point, Newhurjh, Hampton, Poughkreosie. Hyde Park, Rhiuebeck, U. Red liook, Bristol, CatsVill, Hudson, Coisackie and Kinderhook. The new low pressure steamer EMPIRE, Captain S. R. Roe, on Wednesday, at 7 o'clock in the morning, Aujr. 16. The new low pressure steamer TROY, Captain A. Oorham, on Thursday, at 7 o'clock in the morning, Aug 12. For passage, apply at tlie office, foot ofBarclay street, or on board. Notice.?AO (Joods, Freight, Baggage, Bank Bills, Specie, or any other kind of Property, taken, shipped, or put on board the Boats of this Linejnust be at the risk of the owners of such foods. au 16 r jg* SEVEN O'CLOCK EVENINO LINE &?J*t=3?for ALBANY AND TROY direct, w ithout Tt splendid low pressure steamboat SWALLOW, Captain A. ,'lcLnau, will leave the foot of Courtlandt street every Tuesday^ Thursday, and Saturday evenings, at 7 o'clock, for Albany direct. The Swallow has a large number of state roams,and for speed and accommodations ia not surpassed on the Hudson. ant ec | TO THE 'I RAVELLINW PI BLIC. I OPPOSITION LINE?'The splendid steamboats _NK. W JERSK.Y, Capt Hobt Fury.and .... ravin.r'nn Capt O. House, will form . adtilv line for the balance of the season between New York and Albany. Leaving Albany and New York every evening. Freight will be taken at low prices. For freight and passage ap- I ply on board. au2 lm* I ' m, | -m It. M JUL All"OPPOSITION FOR BOS- | TON, via NEWPORT AND PROV1- , 3e^jflQlL PENCE?Fare to Boston S2 40; Deck tl SO; no charge for Berth*. Newport ajid Providence SI; Deck JO cts. The fast sailing steamboat CURTIS PECK, Captain U'm. H. Perk, leaves Catharine Market slip. East River, every i Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at 3 o'clock, P. M. For ps'iage or freight apply on board, or to A. D. PECK, 205 1 Sonth St. aui lm*in I -Wi ll NEWARK ANl) NKW YORK-Fare A. 3*.only 12)? Cesita !?Til* splendid steamer PAS31?JbLJC-SA !(', aftrr June Jtli, will run a* follows :? Leave the foot of Barclay street,' New York, at 10 A. M., and 4 p- M Lnm tb? f'tot or Centre street, Newark, at 7X A. M , and and IV{ I'. M. The accommodation* both for passenger* and freight hare been greatly unproved. Freight carried at very low rate*. jyU 3m*ee mm STATKN INLAND FERRY, FOOT WHITEHALL ST.-The steamboats T 3TT? .V ST AT I.N ISLANDER and SAMSON will ran a* follows until lurtlier notice Leave New Vork ?, 9, 10, II, I, I, 3*<, S. ?, 7. Leive Staten Inland ?, !>, 10, II, I, 2. I, J, 8, 7. Leave New York and Stateii Island every hour en Sunday. 8taten Inland Kerry?foot of Whitehall street, to Clifton direct. The ilea in boat Hercules will leave New York3 P. M.? Clifton, J P M. on Sunday, July 10th. P. 8.?K.jiirnion to Kort Hamilton, Sunday* eicepted.? Leave h oft Hamilton 1% A. M., returning from New \ ork, I,'a P. M. j 11 r ~t_n-i OA NKW ARRANGEMENT FOR 8HREW9B1 It V?Long Branch. Sa.uly Ocean Hon* and F.atontown Landing. The new Steamboat SIIREWSBcRy, Captain John P. Corliee, will now run as follows, on and after Thursday, 27th inst :?leaving New Vork, from the foot of Robinaon street, every Tuesday, Thunday, and Sin inlay, at 10 o'clock. A. M. And Eaton tow L inding on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at 10 o'clock, A. M. The Shrewsl ary will ran M abov* weather permitting, nr.til further n .tice. All baggage at the ri?k of the owners. Faie 37W (ents. N. B ? Stage, will be in attendance to convey passengers from the aforeae id landing places to any part of the county re- I qnirrd, I The Slir?",v?bury will ?o the mner passage, when practicable, ] J*.? , ERA] 343. l('nii?d?. ( We continue our extracts from Lord Sydenham'^ * nemoir. U la the autum of 1840, he made an extended tour ' o hrou/li Upper Canadi, which favored l.ind he thua i ? lescribes:? j " I am delighted to have seen this nnrt of the ; j| jouutrv; I mean the great district, nearly us large ' (, ?s Ireland, placed between the Ihree lakes, fclrie, t Ontario, and Huron. You can conceive nothing ? iner! Tin most magnificent soil in the wot Id?lour n eet of vegetable mould?a climate certainly the ? >est in North America?the greater part of it admi- i ably wntered In a word, there inland enough aacl ,, jjpabilitiesenough for some millions of people, and ^ n one of the finest provinces in the world; the most a ierlect contrast to that miserable strip of land along [ t he ht. Lawrence, called Lower Canada, which has ( ;iven so much trouble. | t "I shall fit the capital of the United Province in j his one of course. Kingston will, most probably, t je the place; but there is every thing to be done | l?et, to provide accommodation for the meeting of t he Assembly in the spring." I Of the Canada Clergy reserves, he writes as I [ollows:? "The Clergy reserves have beep, and are, the . *reat overwhelming grievance?the root ol all the , troubles of the Province, the cause of the rebellion ' ? the never-tailing watchword at the hustings- the [>eri>etual scurce of discord, strife, and haired. Not n man of any party but litis told me that the greatest boon which could be conferred on the country would be that they should be swept into the Atlantic, and ! Iiut nobody should get them; for after all, there is litile to divide?there will be nothing, after deductiiiR the chiirges, for the next ten or twelve years; but the difficultv lay in the settlement. And when \ to this never failing source ot excitement here you add the consideration, that by the Union, il you left lite question unsettled, you would throw the agitalion of i< into the Lower Province, where, amongst ill its ills, the greatest of all, religious dissent ion, is hitherto unknown, the necessity for a sett lenient becomes doubly great. Thank. Uod, 1 shall achieve it. My Bill, ol which I sent you a copy, has gone , ihrougli the Assembly by .1 considerable majority, 1 thirty to twelve, and I feel confident that 1 can get it through the Council without the change of a word. 1 " if it is really curried, it 1 the greatest work that evr has been done in this country, and will be of more solid advantage to it than ail the loans 1 and all the troops you can make or send. It is c worth ten Unions, and was ten times more difficult. t ' Yeu will laugh at me; but if it were possible to make you understand the st?:te of feeling unon this subject, and the evils which this question nas t caused, which you cannot do, you would not. 1 ] .u... T L 1 ..f coiiirtw, km), umi i iidii lime iKi|'cn i?i suvurcuuig , in the Assembly. For fifteen years every Governor has only made the matter worse ; and though I ! might iiave got the Council M> agree to giving the i funds to education, I never thought 1 could get the < Assembly, which lor thirteen years has voted lor t that, and against religious purposes, to consent to ? such a plan. Hut I told you that I would work to c some purpose, and I have done it. Ten members, i who had always before voted for education or pub- I lie works, voted generously for me this time,though r titty may lose their seats bv it." * O.i the 14 h ol June, 1841, the firflt session of the t United Legislature was opened at Kingston. The $ following extract from a letter of Lord John Rus- t sell, dated two days previous, is amusing. Luxu- v rious dogs ! Three dollars per diem, besides arm- a chairs, desks with stationery, and Heaven knows \ what! Ii "1 think we shall do very well here. I have Teally 1 ? very fair house lor the Assembly and Council to t meet in ; and the accommodation would be thought ' splendid by our members of the English House of 1 Commons But the fellows in these colonies have been spoilt by all sorts of luxuries ?large arm-chairs, detks with stationery before each man, and Heaven knows what So I suppose that they will complain The house I lodge in is really a very nice one?or rather will be when finished, which will just suit the arrival of my successor ; and the public offices areUr better than at either Montreal or Toronto.? Hut the confusion of the move is tremendous, and he practical consummation of the uniou is, I as sure you, far Iroin a heuey-moon !" Upon the important subjects of Education and Emigration, he says s? v " The only things I cannot manage here, which I should like to deal with, are education and emigration. The first I can do nothing in ; first, for want of money, and next, because 1 cannot get the Priests to agree to any feasible schemes. They pretend to be in favor of something, but are in reality apposed to teaching the people at all, being weak enough to think that so long as they are ignorant they are under their control The rebellion ought to have taught them better, for then the masses all e left the Priests for the agi'atora. p "For emigration 1 have done here nearly all that is a possible, and little enough it is; but I do not see how to do more. Wakefield's plan of bringing out la- c borers by the sale of lands is utterly impracticable n in the e Colonies. Land is worth nothing except j. lor the labor that is bestowed upon it; and that is .1 barely remunerated,even putting out of the question the cost ol transport. The whole land revenue ll arising from sales, of the two Cauad is, does not reaeh i?20,000 a year, which might bring out 2,000 1 or 3,000 people. This year we have 2'.l,000 by vo- . luntary emigration, and shall have probably double 1 next year. To talk of an emigration fund from land, than, is ridiculous The only thing to do v I to encourage voluntary emigration, t>y affording all the assistance in oar power to forwarding and J placing the people when they arrive, and either locating them, or getting work for them This ' I have done. I have dispatched about 7,000 to the ' Upi>er Province at the expense of government, who * would not otherwise have been able to get on ; and 1 is many Irom Quebec to this place (Montreal) be- " *ides. For here again is one of the capital blunders ' made in England upon this subject. You treat j1 Quebec as Canada?think that when you hnve " thrown a ship load of poor starving emigrants under a the rock there, you have placed them in a situaiion n to provide for themselves. On the contrary, they * havetogo four or five hundred, many eleven or ^ twelve hundred miles further, before they cnn do 10. And this is expensive, dilatory, and difficult But suppose, them arrived at their des ination, what is to become of them 1 Land thev cannot purchase ; and if it is given to them it is of no use, lor they 1 must starve for a twelvemonth till it yields a crop Besides which, Irish and English laborers know no more of clearing and settling a forest than they d<> of the longitude. It would take them a day to cut down a tree, which a backwoodsman will do in three minutes. Well, then, they may labor for wages. But few people can afford to pay lor labor. Labor must be valuable according to the value ol what it produces; and the fanner here can no more give a dollar a day, with his prices, he could a guinea. This is the fact. It is true there is a great outcry for laborers, and more laborers ; but when it cornea to the point of hiring them, uuless it be during the harvest, every farmer in Upper Canada will tell you that he cannot pav them. Even this year one half ol my 22.000 emigrants must have been unemployed, or hav* gone to th- States, but lor the public works I was carrying on " "This is a bad picture ol the chance for emigration c in a large scale, of whi'-h yon talk (to loudly in * England. Hut although I consider it impossible to c rrame any great plan, snch as people seem to look or, and which hns been hinted at, but never ex-! I' lained in Lord Durham's Report, 1 by no means ' ' despair of good. I shall Fend Dr. Rolph to Kngland " ig.iin to agitate, and if possible, promote the send ing ofl people by themselves, their landlords, or '' their parishes, and in this way I have no doubt ol letting at least twice aa many next vear an this. 1 c' shall devote all my means on thia aide ol the water , to settling them either with people who may be * able to afford t? pay for labor, of which there are some, though not many?or to locate them in parts " of the countiy wlyrre public wotks are being carried I" r>n, so aa to combine settlement with wages. This f>y the bye, 1 have already done to great advantage ir 'his year; but by not sticking the emigrant himseli ** there, who knows nothing of clearing or life in the ' bush; but by making place lor his labor, by trans 11 Unting an old woodsman further into the lorest Hl Lisily, by undertaking as inany public works aa I '* an possibly get through, where the emigrant can 0 >e sure of employment, may save money, become iccu?tomed to the country, climate, and hardships if buah life, and eventually provide for themselves " is settlers By directing all my resources to these r" .hiroia mill romliininir ihem. I believe Ihul much I ? rood may i>e produced in tire or six years; thirty or orfy thousand i" year being introduced, of whom robably two thirds may remain, and make good ii *orkmen. But to attempt to do more iu this colony i> a a mere delusion." t> At another date, he writes,*;on the same sub- ^ ect f, '"I told you. in my last, that Wakefield's doctrine j L von't do in Canada. To force concentration here o a the greatest of absurdities. There is no fear ol S eople spreading too much. No man will go lar lr nto the woods, ii he can help it. The evil ol these V Provinces, or rather of the Upper, which is the ai L D. Prte* Two UmU >nly fi?*ld to be thought <>t tor colonization, bu leen the improvident grant of land to individuals, rho have become poMeaaed ot immentte tracts. Iiree lourtha ol the country, which they hold withmt doioK any thin* to them, tuifl pr?*ventin* any ettlementa even in their neighborhood, by ih<*ir rental to make roads and communications rtjfar rom a hish price being essential, as Wakefield has I would willingly give land to settlers who came onu fide to establish themselveu, and would einagi o make roads, Asc. But there is, alas! none to ive, except whit is rendered valueless by the eighborhood of these cursed landjobbers, who cut ft' all accetu to it. Talk of a high price, indeed t? could buv any nuribcr of thousand acres of these eople at 2< per acre. The worst evil of all is ths r un to companies, such as the Canada Company, nid the British North American Company, unac:ompiinie('^'iy conditions that aettlernenis should be sarrted on by them They have become landjob>ers also; spent tlieir capital ia buying more land, nstead ol improving und arttlinfr what was granted b^m ; and have added to th?* other nuisance. The irstslep, therefore, ia to compel the holders of lands o bring them into the niarkrt to be purchased by >ona fide settlrra, or to improve them themselves. ! would willingly liave suggested a tax, to be laidon it home, as Lord Durham does in his Report, but I lo not think the colonic would like legislation ot his kind I have adopted a course which I know viil prove equally efticacious; namely, to give the nhabitants in their District Councils the power ot evving a rate for roads. bridges, fee. The moment hey get the power they will use'it; and then goodlye to th?> jobbers, for the uihnbitants feel the cau<e ?tf their suHenng, and by making the tag equally leavy oh uncultivated as on cultivated land, they vill very shortly bring those gentlemen to bookEmployment will, in the meantime, be found for housands of emigrant* upon the roads and cotniiunications thus to be made, and allotments of *nd givpn them, or purchased by them, when they ind work. Fallal ngton, Pit. | (:?'rrr?|H>nd?uc? of tli* Herald. J FAr.LstNoroN, Bucks county, Pa ,) August 26,1843. > Furring awl Feathering of an old Negro in New Jersey?Its Causes. jeak bknnktr? Knowing that you are tree and williug at all times o throw the virtuous lash of morality into the dens >1 vice and pollution, to strike the poor victims with iwe and terror, showing them the error of their ways, leads me to inform you of something that is ilmost new under the sun. To condense my story, [ will tell you briefly that there lives in Fallsington in old nogro man, Robert Keisey, aged about 80 rears. He has lived within a circuit of three miles luring his long life. He is now woith about 1800 iollars; is well to live, with the great exception ot >eing u bachelor, having his hall all to himself, save t few mice ; has been in the habit of making pretents to children both male and female, for ntty 'ears, ?s well as to adults ; and now, horrible to reate, was within a few dayB past prosecuted for & ane committed in his own house upon two little vhite girls aged eight and nine years The m gisrate required him to Had bail to the amount of M(XK), which not obtaining, he was taken twentywo miles to Doylestown jail, the county town, vhere'the judges lessened the ba il to$500.ana set him ,t liberty till his trial comes on tn September Court, vhen yoH may expect to hear more ot the case. His louse and ^oss ess ions were in considerable danger or manv nights and days during the firat excitement. Whether he has taken 'oo largely of the ' Lucina Cordial" or " Elixir of Love," is not yet mown. Yours, <Scc ^ Delaware. Sunday Morninu. P S.?Singular as the coincidence may be, it is 30 less than truth that at the very time the above communication was being penned last evening, beween 10 and 11 o'cleck, some dozen men or more ittacked the old negro's hous^; broke the doors and windows; unroofed his house, Jcc ; obtained poslessinn ot his old and enfeebled body; gave him a iomplete coat of tar, ripped his feather-bed opes, md wallo ved him thoroughly ia the feathers; after his he was put upon a rail, and carried through the Ullage, when a shrill whistle caused the visitors to eave him?and he, being completely bewildered, vandered several miles ere he found his home. New Brighton. [Correspondence of the Herald.] Belmont House, Aug. 27, 1841. rames Gordon Bennett, Esq i? Dear SimHere 1 am, seated in the parlor of this excellent stablishment, among a few very beautiful girls, erfectly enraptured, and do not know how to get way. It ia just like a arrall paradise, the dear reaturesare so enticing. H?w do you suppose I t'jst leel? Why as it I was seated in a golden chair :i heaven, and sotne beautiful little angels were oating and lluttering about tne?1 can compare it 9 nothing else. Ia your re marks about the location ot Belmont louse you misstd the best part of the description, wi'.l give what you omitted. The scenery from he time you leave the city till y?u arrive at this ilace, is moat beauiilul?the view up the North and iast rivers, as you come nearer Staten Island, ia iplendid?the view down the bay, Fert Diamond in he distance?the ships oi war and merchantmen of 'very size, lying at anchor, and the beautiful wooda >f Long Island. The most pleasing view is when ou arrive at this delightful place among the ladies, here is fond lor the imagination, it is a garden it beautiful and blooming young girls. What can e moreeublirne? more magnificent?more splendid tian all thisl Nothing Would you not like to be ere1? Do you not envy met No matter, we cannot Iways find so much of heaven on earth?we are ot all equally blessed?we are not always in our outh. Y?ur account of the Ball given at this place last 'huraday, created a sensation here which was nite amusing to a quiet looker on like myaelf. he ladies were pleased?the gentlemen wero leased?the hoat was pleased. The Herald was iiuch sought after; one poor lellow, who had half . doz?n extra copies sent him on that particular iiorninff, could not keep one tor hiinseli; when he ent tor them ihey were all minna, so ihe gentlemen tad to go without, till he fished up one in the evenng. One thing astonished the ladies greatly?you *>n? iiw. Lclle nt the rvniiii Thev were ill belles; amidst no much beauty, no out* bore off lie palm. We have the most delightful amuiementi here. Rowing, fishing, flirting, nod all aorta ofsporting are lirrwd on in this neighborhood pretty extensively. Gentlemen make contrncta and engagements here is well aa in the business atreeta of New York? >onda are entered into, but as they are bonda of natrimony, very little aecurity is aaked. A gentleinn ol middle stature ia engaged to a pretty darkyed Mi.--, and will soon fulfil hia promises at iho ppropriafe place. Another, a tall gentleman, of ommanding figure, is very attentive 10 the amiabla nd interesting daughter ol one of your wealthiest itisens. M.iy all happiness attend them. 1 have ju?t been told of a very excellent trick* layed on a worthy of great notoriety, who has itely turned Doctor, and taken an office in Broadway. A gentleman called at the Doctor's office, ut finding him out, wrote on the slate hanging ver the door, ihe words una vert poco fro, No. roadway. You know this is the name of aa exrllent sun?, sung by iMadnnie Sutton Rut to our :ory--when the Dr returnrd he looked at hia ate, but not being able to read what was oa it, h? nd "O, it's the name olsome d d Frenchman, urn-** my horse, and I'll go right to him " Th? r?-tendfd Doctor soon lounn he hnd been hoaxed. For the benefit of your many readera, tell them lit the most beauuful pirt ot the season is now fttinf in. One visit to this delightful spot makes a permanent favorite resort, (and this is the oolr iotel on the Island where you can enjoy yourself, nd feel comfortable, and at home). The kind at ntion which is showed to all at this place, makes ne regret when they have to leave. ? Yours, Ate R C. RP.S ?I notice among fashionable movements lat the celebrated Pete Kiersen is taking little rcreation on this Island, and is giving a benefit to ome of the hotels. Indiana.?It is a remarkable fact, that the farmers 1 fi'ty-eizht counties in Indiana, can transport their . ' ._ r ik.>r <ii?n iloon l)v water, iu flat riHIUCIIODB IIUIU p oats to market f?i*teen are boucded or interrcicd by the Wabash, ten by the norlh branch of Vhiff river, twenty by the south and its lorka. >urteen bv the Ohio and ita tributaries, five bjr ,nk<? Michigan and St. Joseph's, and others by ther blanches and creeks. From all parts of the late, fanners and mechanics cm prepare their eight, and in the winter season float off to New rleansor other markets, and return in season for nother year's laborIndiana Bladt.

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