Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 29, 1843, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 29, 1843 Page 2
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NKN" VORk I>V.HALI). new York, Tnraday, Auijii.i 20 1843. Amekican Akt and Artists?Th* Wai-H^QION Monument.? Quietly, aud api^i^uily without the stimuli of popular pat-onage, the fiae art have been wnhin the last ten or fifeen years, growing up into s;rength and beauty in our land. In painting ai<d nulF!U'e. America has giveu to the world names which it " will not willingly let de." The tiering inquiry?" wh? reads an American book V h^s been long ago effectually tile need ; and we are now in ti e Uirway of making the same saiUlactory die jh'imm oi uie accusation that America lias no ta^e lor the fine aria?no ariuta, and no soul to cpretiate ihein it she had. latleed, already hate we repelled this calumny; and it ia only the stupidly ignorant who can dare to repeat it. The works ol Power, Brackett, Grernough, and we proudly add oi Crawford, ar? worthy to stand, aide by side, with the noblest productions of the artists of ancient or modern times in the old world. Amongst our painters there is a marked, and moat gratifying advance towards high excellence. It is true that circumsiances will prtvent the extension oi that liberal i*tronage to our painters, which their brt thren enjoy in the father-land ; and, hence, the progress of the art will be somewhat impeded. But that a refined and educated taste lor that art, and un inclination to cherish and foater it, are increasing among-t ub, is undeniable ; and true gouiua is not altogether without its reward. And where is there a better field for the development of a high order ot excellence in this art 1 Where else can the artist receive more winning invitations to thai close and intimate communion with Nature in all her aspects?from the wildest magnificence to the most softened and subduing beauty, which is so t?sentially necessary to the right perception, and healthy growth ot those principles on the knowledge and practical application ol which his success depends 1 In architecture, alsa, the evidences of an improved taste are very apparent. The ecclesiastical edifices ?public buildings of other descriptions?cott. ees and villus?erected recently, or in processor erection, display a marked improvement in thisim portani brunch of the fine arts. In reflecting ou this subject, it has occurred 10 us, as it doubtless has to many of our readers, that the proposal to erect a great national monument to the "Fa her of his Country," affords a favorable opportunity of vindi. cam g the degree ol perfection to which architeclure has been brought in this country, and even mure than tins, of greatly advancing the art. ]t is the uuivcrsal expectation and desire that 1 his great work fchou.d be as |>erlect at. possible. And we are assured that it the enter) rise be conducied in the proper iiutnner, neiilier gemu*, nor money adtq'iate to the completion of the work in a manner to satisfy that expectation and desire, will be found wanting. In publishing some time since a description of the proposed monument, we did not suppose or intend to lead thu public to suppose ih*t any particular plan of the structure had been yet sehc'? d ns tlte ap' roved one. It would be obviously upj'Jet and impolitic to give the preference to any plan, unless adequate means had hem previously employed, l?T the pur pose ot laiity asceitaiuing the resources of the whole country, I>eeirous then that the work should be one worthy of its object and of the nation, and anxious to 6ee the occasion irop^r'y improved for the benefit ol archi ectuml art and science,we would the "Ateocistion" the propriety of requesting plaus from all ci mpetent i**reon* throrgioutthe Union. A public exhtbui. n ot the dengns thus eut>mi't>-d thou ii thMi h> i?..1 "It-, jatt <t printed catalogue of tb?*in, wi<tj dftttned dcwri|>tiou8 by'heir lUthors, i?i-Uv'd. Iu tlua the 4* Association" vouid become umeuable to public opinion in their e;-.ctions?the public would in tact Ik- the juUgts? nil favoritism and zg-zag m-'d'S of procedure effectually prevenied- and the best gu^r-iinee bentlorded that the work would be creditable to the nation, and worthy of its noble and patriotic object. Unless this mode be adopted, it w ill be difficult to carry out the enterprise succes>fully. The Recent Revolution in hie Chuch or Scotland ?Tne secession of upwards ol five hundred ministers with their congregations, from the established church ot Scotland, is one of the most lemarkable signs of the times, and as may readily be supposed, has excited universal interest on the other side cf the Atlantic It is the first decisive blow against that accurced union of church and state, which has bem cemented by the blood of an army of martyrs to the truth and liberty, and been one of the chielest obstacles to the advancement of treedom in the mother country. More, perhaps than any other event of the day, has it struck terror to the hearts of the supporters of the oppressive institutions ot Britain. It has well prep*red the way tor the annihilation of the iniquitous church establishment in Ireland, which has for so long aperied been the prolific source of discord and bloodshed. Every incident in this great movement is interesting to the friends of human liberty, and the delive ranee of religion from secular bondage, all the world over. We rejoice much to find that the calls ot the. emancipated churches for aid, have met ...?U ?~-. ll- I 1 1 mi ? Trim nutu mi<i grnrrui response. 1 IIP p'Opie of Scotland have already contributed $300,000?the city of London upwards of $50.000?the North oi Ireland $40 000?and almost all the continental relormed churches have testified their sympathy in an equally substantial and efficient manner. Numerous acta of individual munificence to an extraordinary extent, evince the remarkable enthusiasm which exists. In our own city the feeling amongst our Scottish tellow-citizens is very ardent. James Lennox and John Johnstone, m-rchantsof great wealth and respectability, have each contributed $2,500, and other instances of great liberality might be mentioned. All this is surely gratifying. We cannot but rejoice in the destruction of eystema of iniquity " by law established,' and in ihc re-organizmon ol one <>t the m<>? important churches of Christendom, we would fain perceive the harbinger of a bi tter day, when Christians of diflertnt denominations will live in harmony, no longer disgrace humanity aud their faith, by bigotry, intolerance, slid fana'ic hatred ol each other. Ciis.? Movemknt.?The friends of Cas3 are increasing in activity, and consequently in numbers in the West In Tennessee, there is a very respectable movement in his favor. Oa's is reg?rd?d by many l?cos in that State, as the most " available" candidate. Hut if the General's friends expect to do much, ihey must wo k grill harder. In Indiana, s'-veral ol the democratic import heve hooted 'he Cdf? fl ig. $J- Willis Hall, E q., ex-Atiorn*y General for tins vtate, experienced a severe shock of paralysis a' Albany on Saturday. bMiukA'-ifi ?One day last week Capt. McLean conveyed in the bteamboat Swallow to Troy, ovf l<*> Pru-aian emi '.rant-!, bound to Wisconsin. They are a part of a society i l L'it!ieran>*, and are soon to be lollowed by the remainder, numbering about fourteen thousand. They are induced to leave their native country, and to rri*kf thu their future p'Bid* nee, "o account ol the r -' sious freedom Kuaranieed by our F<-der*t Conftttut ?n They are > ir?ly, frugal, industrious snrt intel' Kent, well actainted with husbandry, and have meariH und spvaitton to engageiu it They will prove a valu< le acquisition (o the Territory in which ihev nht 1 ettfc The Bowling Green Fiuma;n will be illu'nitniled with gas on Tuesday and Friday eveoii Ks ol this week We un1tr*tand that on Friday eve mn( some tpleudid colored lights will be introduced. lion Jaeob Anon. Judge o( the City Court, CharjMton. died on the 25ih last. I Van Huren vs. Callioun - Corporation Olllce Holders vs. Cuilom House OOlcrrs?The ( Young democracy vs. The "Old Hankers." Yesterday was the day selected by the Tammany ( Hall Gauniy Convention of Delegates lor ihe four'h, niuih, aud eleventh wards, to decide the result oi their recent contested meetings. The polls were oi>ened at 10 o'clock in the forenoon, and at and about the same time ginger rop,root beer, gin smashers, brandy cock tail* and quaker punches were also brought inio action to sustain the patrio'ism, fire and gli ry to be produced oh the occasion. In the fourth ward the Calhoun, or anti Van Buren ticket, containing the names of Joseph Murphy, Thomas D. Bukfork and Aledad Piatt, contained as many var* ieus captions as (here were languages in Babel, aud was therefore well adapted to catch many a floating I m .ut naiu, miivug uuicr oi inc capuoas 01 their ticket we not'ced:? " Repeal Ticket." " Free Trade and Sailors' Rights." "Anti Caucus." " Oppored to the Quarter Deck Clique." " No Sailors' Home Monopoly," and " In faror of the District System." The opposition ticke\ containing the the names ol Daniel C. Pewtt, John H. Tenure, and Henry Cornell, was far more significant and definite in its i mottoes, as one contained " Delegates in lavor of Mirtin Van Bnren," i And the oiher, "Anti Tyler Ticket." < " No Custsm House Dictation." i There was a large and crowded attendance at i the old Shakspeure, where the poll was In Id during the day, and John Amirall lead the forces en one i 1 side, while Tom Doyle rallied strength on the i oiher. After an enormous destruction of more hi I cotiol than has been destroyed in that vicinity 'or I many a day, the poll was closed at 8 o'clock, and ttte following annonuced as the result s? i Calhoun. ^ Van Bunn. ^ | I MVUIIB u- Ol^ftlUlU, ?UM I ^BUiriVilDUIt) in Joseph Murphy, 437 John H. Tenure, 447 Med a J Piatt, 440 | Henry Cornell, 446 The result, therefore, was, that one Calhoun and two Van Buren men were chosen. A small fight took place between D >yle, the Dock Master of the ward, and a man named tullivan, not "Yankee," in which Doyle came ofi the best kicked of the two. No other blottd shed. The Nin'hWard was the great eoene of conflict, as here ihe "Old Hunkers" and the "Young Democracy" were brought into open array. At an early hour the battled forces were marshalled for the fray, aiid a long, arduous and sometimes turbulent combat ensued. Old J? flerson Hall has rarely seen more excitement, and with now and then an ellusion of patriotism that skinned the sconce of some 0| pouent, all jassed off very quiet until ihe close of the day, when a few black eyes and bloody noses were passed round, as remembrances ot the contest. The poll closed at 8 o'clock, when the following was announced as the result:? Calhoun. Van Buren. JameiH Sujdam, 8M Berjimin F. Cornell, 702 DavitlC Broiltrick, 816 George L. Fradenbu*gh,7i'3 Utoige Gieen, 817 James Qogckenbush, 700 The three Calhoun delegates were declared elected by a majority of 119 on the two highest candidates. A body of watchmen assembled about the house after the p?ll wus closed, and a few introduced themselves into the room where the poll was held, as it was closing, but were immediately requested to retire, by order of the inspector*, as their services were not needed inside. They complied, c and perfect order reigaed until the vote was an- ^ nounced, when three cheers followed " lor Calhoun j, and the district system." v la the Eleventh Ward, the election was only for ? two delegates, one having been accepted by the J convention. One ticket was headed t ? reopiea iicaei." ? " In favor of ihe District System." ' " F?>r Prrsidtnt, Van Buren " And contained the names of Joseph Bit-hop ar.d Nicholas Fiaher, as delegates. The other was headed I "For Van Bursn," And contained the names of Charles J. Dodge and Nicholas Fisher. The latter name being on both | tickets, the contest was therefore between Dadge and Bishop, the latter of whom had avowed that it , elected, he would support any candidate the meet- | ing would recommend. The result was, that Dodge, | ttie decided Van Buren delegate, was choten by a | majority of thirty-three votes, and Fisher elect- , ed without opposition. The district system , was avowed to be applicable to the ( voting ior delegates by the districts of the' Wards, and at a mass meeting of the Ward. , Hundreds were no doubt deceived by this head- , ing, which to them was supposed to contain an expression of feeling in favor of the selection of delegates to the National Convention by Congressional districts. It was a small species of deception, as no , doubt a majority of the Ward are in favor of such a choice of selection of delegates. The county convention meets this evening at half past 7 o'clock at Tammany Hall, when much fun is anticipated. Reformation of tue Staoi..?We lave received the following communication from an intelligent ^ ; German citizen. He complains of a long-lamented j evil, and althcu^hthe subject has been so repeatedly < brought before the public, yet we cannot refuse in- t senion to our correspondent's article; besides, he | presents the matter pretty forcibly:? ? Mr. Editor?Dear Sir?I have read with plea- l Buru in your|?ai>er, an article headed "The state aud % progress of the Diama," and 1 will say that 1 tally ^ agree with the writer?but he forgot the greatest of all the causes which have contributed to the degradation of the drama. Let us take a retrospect of 1 1 society, even not further back than twenty-five or thirty years; what society then whs, and what it is ( now. Tne inarch ot intellectual refinement, and ? not least of all, religion, have c hanged society en* . 1 t.r*lv wy.ik..? ^ .u~ market of filthy lust, they must be deserted. What i virtuous wite or chaste oaughw r will go and sit be- < i neath, aud t>?ar witness to actions ot their own sex 1 i the moat revolting 1 What honorable lather would I give permission to his son to go alone to & place where hiB young ideas msy take that c< urse which 1 may blast a virtues lite forever! The gallery adjoining the lobby generally is ti led with j> rsonsof both sexes and all agefc, the contagion ol whose presence is most polluting and dangerous. I once sat behind a cei.tleinau aud his two daughters, who seemed delighted with the performance, which, all at once, was interrupted by tearful oaths, screams from a female, aiidcri*Hol "turn them out" from ti.e rest ol the house. 'J he hero of the piece , just at the part wh re his greatest triumph lav, wa? interrupted, 1 io.ked daggers at the lobby, and played indifferent- , y during the rest ot the piece The youugest ol | i he young ladies be I ore me, about ten or eleven yearn ol t>ge, asked her lather what the reason cf i the uoi e was; lie, with a Huahed cheek, told her he i -ui>p?wed some persou wo.-taken ill?the taiher was 1 obi.g-d t? tell his own child a lie, but aa tl ashamed ol n, lie rose, say ing to the disappointment of the > ouug Indies, I dou't think this is a place torus to stay ; ki usgo ! A manager here in New York has stated, that without the lobby they could not keep the house o,>en. It is a glaring falsehood. Look at NibloV I will grant if is a drlighitul summer retreat ot itself, but it is neither ihn, nor the superior talent that is there to he loutid, for laat year the greatest pait ol the pertormera wtre from the Park company, and drew Iutl houses Niblo's lull housea are owing to his having excluded all improper characters. A man need uoi be ??hamed of having taken his wile or daughter there, nor need he tell a lie about it the nex: day. Would out theatre managers imitate Niblo, they would ensure success- Our aatbts need not go thousands ol miles to make convert*; charity i b<-kiu-4 at home. The lathers oi out cityought to grant no license to any theatre tha' would admit improper character*; but they, poor men, let people do as they please, tor tear ol being turned ou; at ihe next ftrelxm It... .k .. ,u.. *-i il m?- Kiniiu jui)>, ururioujr cumiitinjd of worthy mm, should have to Ion* overlooked bucIi a ouiwmre, ia at>iouit>hing indeed. Yours reepectlully, E. V. We bhall see whether, under the ntw rtgime at the Park, this evil will be permitted to exist. We learn from the N. 0. Diamond thatiduf | loon place on the 19 h injt ontheBnynu road, wiih small ewordi, between Mr. Jofeph Dyer and Mr. Labianc, in which Mr. Dyer received nineteen wounds, *nd Mr. Liblanc three, none of .which are mortal. t. * Yklijow Fstbr.?Thf> schooner V?ntU~reeentlv discharged at Aondout, Ulster county, sailed on Thursday lor Boston,uuder commit nd ol Capt Shute Captain Pierce, her previous commander, who was reported as dead of yellow fever, was in thin city an Saturday, looking as yellow as a doubloon, and ifter concluding his business, left lor Bangor by steamboat and railroad. He taid he had beeH laid up with some kind of billious fever, at Roudout, but whether it was the " Yellow Jock" or not he couM not say. Three persons have died in the vicinity where th< vessel discharged her cargo. One wxs hii IriehmHn who had been previously injured on the canal ai Rondout?the second also an Irishman who had been engaged in unloading the cargo of the vrhwl, and the third a clerk in a store nn the wharf near where the vessel laid. All these person^ had been indulging in eating pine apples that were on board the vessel while at Rondout. Dr. Vache, the Resident Physician, lelt this city on Sunday evening to vuit Rondout, and make lull examination into all particulars attending the death of these persons or others, il any have taken place since. In the meantime all further communication with Rondout is strictly prohibited, by the proclamation ol Alderman Purdv. the actinz Mnvnr. urnler the severest penalties of the law. Vessels arriving from that port are cut allowed to land at our wharves, and steamboats are forbidden to land passengers. Various rumors are in circulation relative to the existence of disease at Iiondout, and we understand that letters have been sent to this city giviag Dut statements of additional deaths. Ouo thing is certain, that the persons who ha/s lied from the strange disease, all partook, more or less, cf the pine apples that had been brought by her from Guadaloupe, where the yellow lever was raging. Nothing resembling a case of yellow fever has occurred in our city, which is more healthy than it iias been for several years past at this season of the pear. The vessel supposed to have introduced the jisease having left for Boston, and all communiculon between Iiondout and this city being effectually stopped for the present, not a particle of danger may >e apprehended by those anxious to return to their tomes, or Btrangers about to visit this city. As any additional information from Kingston will )e anxiously Bought, we subjoin another letter, which has been received in this city from Mr. Elomeyn, as follows:? Kingston, N. Y , Aug. 27,1W3 Among the cases mentioned in my letu-r ot Frilty lust, there was another death on that (Ihv, ['otal deaths three,) and in all, up to last evening, .welve to filteen cases, some ?[ which are yet crit | sal, while others are hoped to be out of danger rhis morning presents three additional cases, bin he fact, whether originating from direct communication witn the schooner or from other intercourse with the diseased persons, or the pestilential disease it that place, I have not been able to ascertain, in iruth, it is difficult, and I might say has been impossible to obtain particulars from our neighbors there respecting the matter. Vet I have been carelul in obtaining my information from reliable sources. The attending physician, however, has defined its character thus:?"In New York or the South, it would be yellow fever, but in the country it is billi3us " it is understood here that black vomit and yellowness have distinctly characterized the cases vhich have terminated in death. I should not have troubled you with this second 'ommunication were it not that the cases of to-day !in my opinion,) may furnish an important subjec of nquiry relative to this disease. Long experience las established the theory that yellow fever is not ontagious in the countr); but we have now tor the irat time a vessel bringing the virus directly to one f our populous villages, and there communicating i in itsorigiual form and character. It may be ot ast importance as well in relation to a review ot iur quarantine regulations as to the cause ot huma lity, that the fac's and circumstances should be ully investigated. TheBe are mere rude suggesions for your city Fathers, and ihe medical proleslion will be able to understand th'-m, although not :x, ressed in the latguage of the schools I am roure, fee. h M Kumkyn. P. S. One more death since this was closed. H. M R. The promptitude with which the city auihoritieB have acted is creditable to them, and although we yettorday morning. The testimony given on Saturday was mainly confined to proo't of bin possession ol much money, and the manner in which hec*pende.1 i?. But there was testimony given in relation to the delivery ot the letter which he despntchod when the inn wn* hall an hour high, and in which he *|>eak* ol the murder, al thouch the neighbors did n< t rec< ive intt iligence ol it until the tun wm two hour* h gh There Is not, however, as yet any evidence nffm-tini? Carter-not sufficient, in our opinion, to warrant his committal on so serious a charge Hi' trial has hern proloniffd unnecessarily hj thu admission of murh irrelevant testimony. OO" Don't forget the inter-*ling performances a" Vauxhall to-night. It if the mo*t comfortable p| ce of amusement in tht city. have no yellow fever here, we do not the leaa hold Dr. Van Hovenburg blameable. Some of our contemporaries have misunderstood the course which we have thought proper to pursue in this matter. It is admitted on all hands that the health officer allowed an infected vessel to go to Kingston, in defiance of his legal obligations to the contrary, and lor that we held him respons ble, and fur all the mischief which has ensued. And we do so, because the permission for such a vessel to go to Kingston would lead to the same permission i? visit New York, and it is much wiser to prevent evil than to complain of it when it has occurred. And the result is exceedingly gratifying, for the comments which we and othere made, have aroused our Board of Health to greater diligence and watchfulness, and New York will oe kept free from so fatal a pestilence. No danger now exists; but we owe nothing to Dr. Van Hovenburg City Intelligence. Stbacce Df.velopc?i?nt?.?Some singular and araunding davelopements will be mado in o few d ty ? relate to the participation of a notorious acoundiel uomed William H Thompson, in the recent prosecution sgsinst Messrs. Hamilton and Bergen, on a charge ot attempting o defraud the A'lantic Insurance Company. Thompson feas recently, by some extraordinary influence unknown o the Recorder or the District Attorney, released from irison, where he had been confined on several indictnents tor grand larceny, anl finally, contrary to the Lnowledge el the above named officers, nolle proitquit vere entered in all the indictments found against h;m.? Phis, with ether strange movements connected with the Lrrest and present incarceration of Sutton willbeeffecually probed to the bottom ere the week has passed. Fatal Efpict or aw ovta dose or Laudanum.? Charles Thomas Shelley, a na'ive of England, aged iboot 63 years, was found by his wife, Catharine, In a itateof insensibility on Sunday morn in* last, and almost mmodiately alterwaril (expired. The Coroner was summoned, and at the Inquest it was given in testimony that the deceased had been laboring fur some time past under ? ... ?-v. |?V nounced incurable. To produce sle. p he wa* advutd bout two week* liace to take laudanum, and oa Friday night he took na let spoonsful, which had the effect of throwing him into a <teep (lumber, accompanied with heavy sweating. On Saturday betook some more, quan. tity unknown, aul drank come tea. Thi* wan hi* l.iit dnnk. The Jury having beard the evidence, relumed n verdict that the deceased came to bis death by incautiously administering to himself an over dole ol laudanum. AxoTHKH INSTANCE OF DlSHnflESTT II* a Seeiakt? Andrew Beist r, a German, resniiDg at No 119 Twelfih street, yesterday discovered that a one hundred dolla.' bill of the Mechanics' Bank of this city bad been atolci from hit wallet, ? hicb, for s?le keeping, be had placet I in the buioau, to which none but the members of hi* own household could have had access Hia suspicions lellonayoung German Jewess, named Lina Basinger, bout 17 or 19 years of uge, who had but recenttv arrived in thia country, and h?d been receive<l by him as a ?ort of upper servant. He taxed her with the tin ft, b it hhe denied it with all the earm s'.ness of her race. A ler all eflorts to recover the bill had tailed, be went to the Policeottice, retaining poaaxsion of the book, and on hi* return found the bill lying in the bur. au drawer, where it had been placed during hi* sliart absence. The girl wa* fully committed. Attempting to Roa * Tili A carman while standing at the duorot thestore of Mesirs Hamilton k Berg, in Liberty street, saw a young lad named James D ivenpoit, attempt the till while Mr. Berg was engaged in attending on two customer*. He raised the alarm und had the rascal arrested. He ii fully committed for the attempt. Aron.eir.-An inqunt was held on the body of David H^iiohan, an IrUhman, aged about 60 yean, who died sud denly yesterday afternoon in a cellar under No. 18 Dover str et. The deceased bad be< n accustomed to drink pretty freely, and thi* in the opinion of the medical men who examiaed the body, suptrinduct d aj>opltxy, and ao the Jury found their verdict. The New Jrrsty Murder Trial. The trial of Carter for the rou'der of John Castntr, wa* continued through Saturday last. and then adiiumed to Fatal Bail i?t New Orlrnn The New Orleans Diamond, ot Sunday the 20th instant, coniee lo us with tbe following account ot a duel, which took place th< ro on the day previous There was considerable excitement in th<- ri?y last evening, in con?equ -nce ol a hotfile m?eune between Mr. Hue?ton, ol the Jtatou lluug<- Gazelle, and (he Hon Altee /-abrdiiche. The public nrt well acquainted with tne particulars winch led to this meeting, and as they were 6tated in our ppp-r of Thurs-day, we do not deem it necessary tortUr lo (hem again. The parlies met at six o'clock, at "the oaks," a short distance trom the Geniilly road. The distance agreed upon was tony yard*, and the weapoub selected double-barrelled shot guns, t* be loaded with ball?the parties to tire between the words one and five They fought tour rounds, the tesult ol which was as follows:? Ftft round.?Mr. Labraoche discharged both uarn'ia tu iur same lime, auu oeiore ivir. nursiuu had fired a second barrel, the time fixed upon expired. Of course, he lost a fire. Stcond round.?Both fired single barrels at intervals Mr. Ldbranctie's second barrel struck the pantaloons of Mr Hueston, and passed through the kne'sof them, without touching the fl?sb Third tourul.?Mr. Labranche fired both barrels at the same time ; the balls passed through the hat of Mr. Hueston, about two inches apart. Fourth round ?Mr. Hutston fired first. Mr. Labrant-he's shot took efiect in the left side, on the last rio, and passed out 011 the other side, ranging low down. lie threw his gun forward, and fell back at full length on the ground. The wound first pronounced mortal by the physicians in attendance The pdrties exhibited on the ground the utmost coolness and fortitude. Mr. Hueeton was placed on a liner and carried to a house near the ground. We art happy to state that at a late hour last night, hopes were entertained ot hia recovery. P. 8 lVlost sincerely do we regret the duty that devolves upon ua oi announcing the death of Mr. Hurston. He expired at half past 11 o'clock, in the fall possession of his mental (acuities Af?w days before the meeting, the fallowing paragraph appeared in a New Orleans paper, which may explain the immediate cause of the duel A Iracas occurred last night at the St Charles, between Mr. Hueston, of the Baton Rouge Gazette, and Mr. Librauche, member of Congress elect tiom the Second District, growing out of an editorial article which api>eared in the latt number ot the Gazette, reflecting severely upon the Congressional Delegation of Louisiana in the next Congress The parties were separated before Berious injury resulted to either. To the Editor of the paper in which this appeared, Mr. Huestou thus addressed himself:? I regret exceedingly that my good friends of th? Herald, should have brought my jirivate hfTtirs before the public. An editor tnough 1 am, 1 cannot conceive that my actions as an individual, or what may occur to me as an individual, belong more to the public, or ere more interesting to them, than what is done by, or happens to other men. But since it has been stated that I liad a difference with Mr. Labranche, I must say, this is a mistake. A person, in company with two or three others, did I'Otne and ask my name on Wednesday evening, while 1 was playing a game of billiards with a li end in the St. Charles Exchange, and when I nswered So it, one of the company threw his arms nround my arms and body, and endeavored to hold me, white the person who had asked my name struck me on the head with a stick. I threw the man who had taken hold of me, ditengoged myself from hi in, and turned to look for the one who had useii the stick. He was gone. I was informed afterward.-* that this man was Mr. Alcee Labranche, member elect to Congress, from the Second Congressional District, Louisiana. I state this to correct ihe error in the Herald, (an error uoiutentioual) and lor that purpo.-e alone. 1 had no dispute, or difficulty, or fight, or fracas with Mr. Labranche. He absented himself from the place too soon to allow me that pleasure. j. uukston. die following rejoinder was subsequently published by friends of Mr. Labranche:? To ths Public.?The undesigned have perused with surprise th? statement given in the Herald of this morning by Mr. Hueston, editor uf the Baton Rogue GrtZttte, relative to the chastisement inflicted upon bim by Mr. Alcee Labranche, for a false and shamelul publication respecting mat genMeman In that statement ot Mr. Hues-ton, there is not h single word of truth. He asserts that Mr Labranche struck nim while he was held m the arms ot one ol the friends who accompanied him, and that when he disengaged himself, Mr. L whs hurrying away The following is a true and correct aecount of .h. affair from beginning to end. Mr. ^aOr.u che intruded to leave to*n at 3 o'clock on Wednesday last, when one of his iriendb i>kioei! .n h;.J hands the pa|>cr containing the article from the Maion Rouge Gazette, in which lie was so infamously abused.? Hearing that Mr. H'lee'on, the editor ' { that paper, was in town, he immediately went in pursuit ol him, but was unable to find him till the evening, when he met with him in the billiard room of ihe St. Charles Hotel. The undersigned, perceiving the excited state of Mr. Labranche'd mind, and aware of his great bodily strength, accompanied him for no other purpose than to prevent him from usii,g 100 much violence upon Mr. Hueston. Mr. Labranche entered the billiard room, some five or six paces in advance of one of the undersigned, (Mr. Bouiignv) and the other was still lurther in the rear. Mr L. went up to Mr. H, and said?" Are you Mr. Hueston, editor of the Baton Rouge Gazette Mr. H. holding a cue in his hand, auswered "Yes," offering his hand to Mr L. Mr L raid "1 am Mr Labranche," and instantly struck him a severe blow with a hickory cane across the lace. Mr. H was stunned, and Mr. Labranche repeated the blow several times?when the undersigned interfered, in order, as they supposed, to preserve the life of Mr. H , who was saved from tailing by one of the undersigned, (Mr. Bouiigny) and m doing so Mr. 13. received a blow on the uim. Mr. H. was quite insensible lor some time, during which Mr. Labranche remained in the room; and was with some difficulty induced to retire by one of his friends, who apprehended that H was dead, and wanted Mr Labranche to avoid the police. From this plain,unvxrnithed statement offsets, it is evident that Mr Ilnxston's account of the matter iu this morning's tierald is entirely false?infamously false ?0 tar from being held while Mr. Labranche struck him, the truth is, no one came near him till he whs senseless under the blows ul Mr L., and so far irom Mr. L. hurrying away, he was persuadr-d to retire by a triend while Mr. Hueston was insensible?and next day sent two o: his iriends to Mr H. to tell him tne number of his house, and the street in which it is situated, and to express his willingness to give any satisfaction' to Mr. H. that he could require. Toe undersigned conceive themselves bound by a regard to truih and integrity to contradict in this formal manner, the bnee falsehoods continued in Mr. Hueston's statement, which are as revolting to a man ol honor as a Wow from a cane. Gustave Boutiaur, Arthur Guii.lottk, Edmund Ganuciikau. The und< rugned was not present at the commencement of the besting given to Mr. Hueston by Mr Alcee Labranche, but came into the room whilst the former was stunned, his head being supported by Mr Boulisny. Fearing that he was killed, the undersigned expressed Ins apprehension to Mr. Labranche, and begged him to retire to avoid bem# arrested by the police. Alter much persuasion Mr. L complied wiin the wishes of the underfinned, on condition tli.1t the undersigned would represent him 111 his absence in case any one thould cull tor liim. When Mr. Hueston was restored t<i his senses, he Cal ed out, "Where in the damned ni-cal 1" and then the undersigned told him that Vr. Labranche whs ready to give him whatever sa?! taction he nrght desire, and could be iound v ^lenever he those to look lor him. joseih Genojs. The followii.g paragraph succeeded from Mr. H ston: ? Mr. Hdkstcn and Mr. Larranchf..?Mr. Hues ton, >1 the baton Uotige Gazette, requests its to say that lie has no disposition to engage in a newspaper controversy with Mr. Libranche < r his friends.? His not? to the Herald whs drawn lorth by what he conciilered an unnt Ctv ury paragraph in that journal, and lurther than this lie c.niiiot go. He desires up to say iha' hec.ui settle ins personal difficulties without muktng helore the public. Thus tetminated the newspaper controversy, und the other step*, with their lalul const <iu"nces, are now known asabove stated. Naval?Tl tt TJ. a ship Vandalia, Comm'r McCluney, Irom Chagres, and last from oMOarthsgena, arrived in Hani) ton [toads on Thursday evening, and came un yesterday morning to the Naval anchorage oil' the hospital OfticfM and crew all well 'ihe usutl silutes were exchanged with th? U S. ship Pennsylvania. We are indebted to a < officer on board [or the lotlowing list of the offi-ers: \Vm.;J AncCluney, Comtnaiidri; Li? uienants, VV S Young, Win P. McArthur, Henry II. Lewis, Geo W. Harrison, Robert S. Moore ; Surgeon, Daniel A Green ; Assistant !<iirg? on. Tlmma* M P' Acting Master, James C. Wil'iamson i Mu.-bipnr-n, Chxrleg 11. Baldwin, Ldmund Shepherd, J> < J Wsddell.Ctas -P. M Guv, Fia? G C'.ark^, R P R. (j^wiy, Edward E Si .?e ; Oait?i..V C!<*rk, A'm, I) GiibJ; Car|f nter, I omaa rmnh; linut .4WHin R T.vdti \1uhU-rV Mali* Ylrnri r! .w,?>nh L?(t at Ciiuit ? on the 31 i .'uiy, the *cbr Sum Ij HniithHrd, (leo. B. Ir<-uai(Je?, mm-ier. Our H me crew died with the lever, and (lie remainder on fhore *ick ; departure from thr re uncertain.? Norfolk lhrrald of 9 Nibuj's ?The nkw Pantomime ? La?i night il e garden was thronged in everypart to see the new Pantomime of " 55 mitfmlwui of Furtuimtiuwhich, without exception, is the most amusing and mux niKoent composition yet produced by the Ravels. It ' abouuds in tun and finery ; Gabriel was thechie', t and admirably lie filled the pait. The succession of t uiisfortu's ot Fortunatus was ir ily amusing It is to t !>e repeated to-night ?Go early. Ocy> An exhibition ?t tire works which was announced (or last night at Castle Garden, lor the benefit of the Orphan Asylum in Prince street, was 1 postponed to next Monday, as will be seen by an J advertisement in another column The institution for whose benefit the exhibition is to be given, re ceives children without distinction of sex, country ' or religion, and contains more than 250 orphans, is ! la want of funds, and having nothing to depend on but the generous contributions of the public, makta this appeal to it for support. Of?- THE GREAT WONDKR OF WONDERS has returned to the city, and ii ta be seen at thu Amuii- ' can Mustuni. We allude to Gun. Tom Thumb, of course. He remains ihere only this week. The ?uperU perfor m inces by the fp'enJid Moving Dior..mac, Miss Adair, I IV r. Cols and his dog, Great Western, ko. lie .every alter. t noon nnd ?venii.g, elicit rapture* of applause Irotn the ] mMt delight* d audiences. Remember they are repeated , every aiternoon ami evening during the week. Off- THREE FEET ACROSS THE SHOULDERS, 1 is u very lair measurement lor a child, and two feet round ' the arm is not bad, eonbidering she is only thirteen years J ol age, and 40.S pounds must be admitted 011 all side* to ' he pretty good weight. The colored child at Pi ali:'* Mu- I seum is ol the above age, si/.o, and weight?that she i* a < great curiosity hundreds dailv attest by Aoching to see I her, and all candidly confess they never before *aw any t thing to equal her The Great Western made hi* ap pearance at thi* establishment last night, and the gratifl cation the audience received tram his peculiarly pleasing performance, wa* evinced by the most rapturous mani- ] I' station* of delight, and overwhelming nnd reiterated t plaudit*. t NOTICE.?Those person* who witnessed the j conduct ol Me**r*. Fieuch and Heiser. the proprietors of the Castle G-irden, towards a lady and gentleman nt that place, on the afternoon ol Sunday last, 27th instant, will ' confer a great favor on the parties, by leaving their ad- 1 dress at the oftle ot Barant Drklyn, No. 0 City Hall f Place. I 00- HIGHLY IMPORTANT TO MERCHANTS f ANJJ OTHERS ?Mr. A. Roberts, at Boston, propose* to ' cotlect all bills, drafts, amounts, ke. that may be eatrusf. ' ed to hi* care. '1'his gentleman i* in the city at this time, 1 and has effected such arrangements for the transmission of orders, a* cannot fail to meet the wants of this community. Mr. Doel, No. 4 Aun street, is authorized ta ri ceive c all orders for him. For particulars *eo advertisement in u thi* paper. 6 {&?- FRANCE IN A BLAZE! THE THREE DAYjJ ' WO ^DER OF PARIS ! La Paratonnere, or the Light- 1 ning Rod, by Charle* Paul de Kock, being hi* personal ' adventure* on the continent in search of romance. This | is the chrf d'auvre of its illustriou* author, and at the same time the most humorous and captivating, without descending to coarse vulgarity. As only (^limited edition | is printd, ugents and others should apply early. Publish- | pnvwe. r rum IU'' consiHiii corrmjjoinniiicr, mi ii?.? private imn|;umeiti between the members o(ihe College unj the mult eminent professors of the Medical Institutions ol Bnrope, ell the improvement* in the treatment ol these dispa'ct are forw ordej to them Ionic beforo they reach the majority of thu medical pro e?*lon* of thin country. With inch aiWartaRfH, together with the combined Kill 01 the first medical men of this country, thu College feel satisfied that the good woik which they have undertaken, "the suppression of quackery," will receive the pntronpee It deserve* from that portion of Ihe public re quirinir th"ir aervices. Terma for advice, and all medicines, $fl. N. D. Patients living at a distance, by stating their dla row explicitly in writing, giving nil symptom*, together with the treatment they received elsewhere, if any, can obtain a cheat containing all modlcints, with full dure tiona lor use, with a guarantee ol cure, by addressing th* airent of the College, past paid, enr losing fs By order. W 8 RICH A KD-ON, Agent. Olflr.c i nd Consulting Rooms of the College, P7 Nassau street. OCT- A BEAUTIKUL PR K*If NT?Nothing is more acceptable a< a gilt than whatever tends to promote the happiness ol the reoiver. Many person, desirous of sending a smnll memento of friendship to a distance ant surely puzzled to find some hing pleasing to the eye as well as useful to the person Now we that the following letter wl.i suinest a goad bint ,, ? ? " Bosroif, Aug. ua, 1848. My Dwr F n*nd T? - : Four no?f 1 prcifnt ol a Jtir of the" I uherose Shaving Cream," mati d a hearty laugh 'er on its tec ij't. Now, ta I it been a ba-ket of fine pea. , tinif, or grapt-i liom Cioto-' Point, it uould kirtenuH d nn?uch*en?atior?. Mr* K laughed otiuight ; Mi?? J c 'mjji-fl, and thoughthuw rccrntric joh hud grown", f ml nnu thu* I h?Vc t< r ril it" <|t|ulitips, I (im th?" happl<'?l I 't'<jr ^litr*. No Rt-nldii g fr< m m utitf brtrd, n formerly. ( " H" l! yoti?Uoull ?? ? nip ' ?pr?-?d" mjaelf belorn the ! I ullotv no one to >hir? i*? benefit*, till you tend an iIozhii j ir*. Truth* Invfntor for me, I tx'end mj f I i tiud, m- , (?i the trm o?MidenttU??*?y.) oftr " 4 v un?l to thuiik him. Don't forget, by return ?*pr?*?, * ? lo/rii, can fully peeked. " Thins, ?? I VALKNTINR." t ThU unrivalled f?ha*lng Cream i? ?old wh?lc??le and retail by K. rhalon, 314 Broadway, oppoaito St. Paula. StngU Jan three thtlllngi. * cu uj rfuurc a , 11VI w aiiu m I rti| unci itivtii, nuu ui Kali: at -Ji'2 Broadway, corner of Ann streit. 0T>- WHOEVER HAS READ THE NEW YORK PATERS for the last few yean, mult have seen unnum- ' bt-red commendation* of the music published by Atwill, J which has been unrivalled for its excellence and the style of itB publication. He never deserved commendation moiu thau at this moment, for his establishment,^ I 201 Broadway, never displayed greater attractions tlion I at the opeuirm of the fall season. The stock of English and American Piano-fortes, Harps, &c , and New Music, is magnificent. ^ 0!7- METALLIC TABLET.?This is the most perfect article tor the purpose designed ever invented, having 1 the wonderful power of producing the keenest and ] smoohest possible edge of the razor, in a tenth part of the time that is rtquiredon a bone, at the same time doing | away with the unpleasant use ol oil and water. I. is the I same size as an ordinary strop, and as simple in its use. r With one of them the mean* is ever at hand of keeping j" razors in pcrfect order. The first cutler* of England and j Freuce have them in constant use, and recommend them. | The celebrated M. Milliken, cutlcr to the royal navy, 301 |: Strand, after using one five years, aent a certificate of its i superiority to the inventor, where it can be aoen, with 1 many other* from the most scientific gentlemen of this i country. G. SAUNDERS, ? Inventor and manufacturer of the Metallic Tablet, , 163 Broadway. (JO- CONSTITUTIONAL DEBILITY.?The Tonic J Mixture prwpared by the College of Medicine and Phar j mncy of the City of Now York, has effected seme most 1 exti Hordinary cures in cases o t extreme debility, produ- 1 ced by secret indulgence. Being composed of a combination of the moat strengthening and invigorating botanical 1 medicines, it is bighlv recommended by the medicsl faculty to nil persons nittering from dyspepsia, lassitude, lot. of appetite, nervous headache, and all unpleasant or ations attending protracted illness, or a weakened cot stitution. Sold in large bottle* f2 each; small do Hj in caaesof half a dozen, $1; carefully packed and aent to all parts ot the Union. ' W. 8. RICHARDSON, Airent. 1 Office and .consulting rooms of the College, 97 Nassau ' street. Ct?- THE HEALTH OF. THE CITY?Many psr- t son* are appr i hensive that an epidem'c w ill urvak out at t this time, just ss we are on the eve of pro perity. The sure way to guard against i's attack ia cleanliness, which lies in the power of every citizen ; "an ounce ot prevention ia worth a pound of cure," and it is the duty of every <1 one to purify his pieinisesof all filth and garbage which t tends to ooxious vapora and malaria. ' The free use of pure Chlori te of Lime, or Blocbug a Salta, Is indispensable, and we are confident that the pub lie need only be informed where a pure, first rate article F may be 1 ad, to ensure a general use of its purify ing and ? cleaasing qualities. Mr J. C Morrison, wholesale and retail drugt;t*t, No. f!99 Greenwich street, (who furnish- r ed the poor of the 3rd ward with medicines gratis, in t?e cholera time) has it in it* pure and unadulterated state. * See advertisement in this day's paper. N.B ? Housekeepers, paper makers, and bleachers wilt F find it to their interest to call a* above. a ft?-GENUINE EXTRACT OF SARSAPARILLA Gentian and Sassafras prepared by the College of Mcdi- ? on 4 Pit ocu r.f tltr ^itr nl V u tir V/irli his r* r\ ur _ gained the coi.filenco of the medical faculty of this country, and command* n sale unsurpassed by any other a preparation of the kind ever introduced in this country, t It i* now universally prescribed in all cases of salt F rheum, scrofula, ring worm, tetter, blotches, or pimples, onthelacc or body, rheumatism, either chronic or in- c Ilitnatorv, ulcers, noder or pains in the bones, and all diseases arising from the abuse of mercury or impurity of t blood. Sold in single bottles 75 cunts each; in cases cob- c taining half a dozrn, $3 AO; in do containing one dozen, ? $6: carefully packed and sent to all parts of the Union, ft \V 8. HICHARDSON. Agent. Office nnd|Consulting Rooms of the College,97 Nassau i street. a 0(7- A MIRACULOUS INVENTION TO CURE eruptions, and to cl>ar durk, yellow or sunburnt skic, cure the bites of musquitoe", insects, tic. All eruptions, such as salt rlieum, blotches, pimples, scurvy, heat spots, erisipelis, Ice..,frecklrs, tan morphew, sunburn, kc , are entirely cured, and cleared in a very J short time, by the Italian Chemical So*p This changes ' ">ri, yellow or sunbuint skin to a tine hsal'hv clearness 1 Hou'bernt rs sho>'M never be without it. Merchant* and ' captains trading thither, might make a small fortune, a* ' its virtues are well known, Let persons give it one trial; they'll alwaysbuy more, it is so harmless, so ex _ celleht and beuutiiul, softenng, whitening, and clearing the skin. 8 ' Bold at 60 cents a cake, by T Jono*,it his wholesale perfumery store, sign of the American Eagle, 8J Chatham street, New Yoik; and by these ogents? in Philadelphia, by Zieber, corner Third and Dock streets, or next to the American Hotel, Washington, P C.$ in Boston, 8 State street; in Charleston, 8. C., i*i7 Kinn street; in Albany, 67 State street; in Brooklyn, 190 Fulton street. {& IMPORTANT TO THE UNFORTUNATE? A cure guaranteed?The College ct Medicine and I'harmncy ol the city of New York, established for the sup predion ol quackery, is now prepared to treat nil distant s ol a private nature,and offer to all those afflicted with these distressing maladies advantsgia not to be met with at any other Institution in this country, either public or BY THE SOUTHERN MAIL. i - ?Impoktatt fum tuk Wwr, (if true )?The | 'North Arkau-aV' published at Batesvilie, Arl1., >1 the 9th, contains the following :? "Important from mi Indian Nation.?The following etter, from an intelligent citizen of this vicinity now in he Whi, contain! mod important information. It will >e recollected that Ridge wai Killed ahout two year* ago >y the adherent* ot the Ron party. The death ot Rota wai doubtleta laact of retaliation. It muit result la u leriouadiittcul y:? Bkattik'i PftAiais, (Aaa.) July lire the Editor of Me Arkansat? Okam *ik -All la con?t?rnrftion here among the Cherrlleei ? John Robs ii killed. A gentleman diiect fiom thu neighborhood of Roan arrived here a lew houra aao with iho'new* Thotrutb of the report n not doubted here? The particular* are not, at yet, aicertained. No doubt ia expressed by the publisher of the ruth ot this information. Until it is confirmed, we may be allowed to ho/te that it ia not true, though .-ircumsuncts induce the opprehenbion that it may >e. The death ot such a man as How by violence would be of Haell an event to be deplored; but, when his position as Chief of his Nation, and the jonsrqtieices which nre likely to flow from such a :ataetrophe are considered, it would be deeply to be amented.?A'ultoxa/ InitUigmctr. Arkxst of Fibldkk Robinson ?We uaderstand that an examination was hud on Friday and FaturUy before Justices Dow, (iiberfou, and Clark ot fielder M< bineon, the free negro upon whom ceruin Treasury notes alleged to have been stolen from he United States in May Inst were found The irisoner was aided by Messrs. Coxe and Carlisle an :ounsel Tite investigatiou endad in the Justices loldmg Fu Ider Robinson to bail in the sum of t*o lundred und filtv dollars for his appearance at the next Criminal Court to answer to the charge of receiving the Treasury notes, knowing them to have kuii stolen 11 S Coxe, E-m. became iheprisoner's L??uril? ?r-.-ll. Dreadful Casualty ?On Sunday evening, a foung girl named Eliza Hill, about sixteen years of n?e, fell from the third story window ot a house ou he east side ot Front street, a few doors below Spruce street. Attracted by the singing of u hymn it a religions meeting, held in the City Block, at?the inrner of Spruce and Front street*, she leaned out >f the window to listen? bearing heavily upon aslal which was nailed across the wtndow as a guard? ind this suddenly giving way, she was precipated lendlong to the ground, her head striking the pavenent with such violence as to crash one side of t. Some persons who saw her tail sprang forward ind wised her, but ehe died instantaneously.? United Statu Gaz tte. We understand that Metsrs. Bennett Sc AnIrews have lately succeeded in raising between two ind three hundred tons of railroad iron from the sunken vessels Davenport and Delaware?the forner having been wrecked on Hazard's Land, a few nilee south of the Breakwater, and the latter on the Brandy wine Shoals, a few miles north of the same >lace.?Pliil. Gazette. Anothkr Strike?It is said llmt ihe hattrra and machinists ot Philadelphia, are about to strike for ligher wages. Hales of Stocks at Philadelphia Yesterday. 30 tharcs Mechanics' Bank, It); $1000 8tat? 6>, 18*3, >4; $1000 Cincinnati O'i, 91; 0 shares lvania Bank, 1 33; 30 do K ntucky Bank, 63; 36 do do c * p, 6i; 10 do Mechanics' Bank, Aktkr Board ?6 .iharrg Louisville Bank. 83; $500 6 )ercentg, li-4l, i7i; (166 43 100 do do, 67: $WX) Annual 6 wr cents, lt?46, old, 68 LATEST HOUTHEllN SHIP NEWS. Philadelphia, Aug 211?Arr Squire St Brothers, Beal, 6 Ai in Boston. Baltimork, Aug 2(1?Arr Albert, (Brein) Klockgether, fm Iremeu; Henry SlielMn, Longcone, fin do; Julia, Bennett, Lierpool; Orh, Walts, Kingston, Ja. 3d iust; Kdward, Jenuey, .toudon; Frances Janr, Coffin, St John, PR; Betsey k Jane, J I'ho ma*, Areciho, PR; Mary Stanton, Bearse, Boslou; Dover, 'ercival, do; Humming Bira. Goiiirey, 20 ds fin B.irbadoek? .eft &eh Calais, (sold) to sail in 3 ds; < oipiette, Young, Dema ara; Koxana, Phillips, San Bias?The May. Hopkins, sl'd cmeds previous for Mosquito Coast; I^ady Warrington, Duke lart, Matanzas; Condor, Calioou, Boston; Craven, Godfrey, Jighton, Mass: Man-, Cook. Newluiryport; Kagle, Yeatou, 'ortsmoutli. NH; New Delight, Gibbs, WarehamirMass; Ktt_ier, Crowell, Boston-^-CId, Hellespont, Adams, Trieste; Yucs au. Baker, Boston; Com Warrington, Gatrhell, Lagnayra and 'orto Cahello; Hoe, Snedecor^ N York; Ann, Latourette, New i ork.?SIM. Alexandria, Lewis, New York; Yucatan, Baker, )oslon; Ann, Latourette, &ud Hot1, Suedecor, NewYork; fryill, Uitibs, Providence. tt?-JUaT RECEIVED DYTHE GREAT WESTERN motor sale at the Literary Depot ot the Herald Olflce, n e w copies ol tne "illustrated London Newi," and "Pieorial Times " The former contains several magnificent enre?entations of Fathei Mathew celebrating High Ma?s and AdmJatoterng the Pledge in Li n Ion. A faith'ul representation of the Poiition of the Steamer Columbia when the was wrecked cn the Halifax coast. The Grand State Ball at Buckingham PalaceLauding ot the Queen and Cobourir Family at the runnel Pier, ttc., with a variety of explanatory reading. The Pictorial Time* U equally sttractive and enter- / lining, illustrated by view* of the Council Dinner of the forksbire Agr.cultural Society. The dinner in the Parilien Meeting of that Socie'y in the Mansion Hcuie. A Splendid Perspective View ol' Waterloo Bridge. Consecraton ot the Roman Catholic Cemetery, Cotnnercial Road, with a full length Hgure of ttie great Apo*le of Temperance. Models of Tempcrancs Medals, lie. Price ot the illustrated London News, 18]. Pictorial Times 18} cents. A moderate supply will be reserved for agenta and or lara, and to ensure no disappointment, persons desiring o coutinue thane numbers, will be supplied on the arri'al of each successive steamer, by leaving their names t this office. Arrangements have been made in London and Liveroo 1 to supply the Herald Literary Depot with a gr?at ariety ol European Newspapers and Pamphlets. Also received, a large supply ef Wilmer It Smith's Euopean Timmi.anl Chaa. Wiimer's American Newa Letter -both published at the lateat moment of the paakela ailing. THE HERALD LITERARY DEPOT is, aa usual, ?u|vdied with all the modern republications, from the beat lUthors, historical, literary and romantic. EMriRE OF BEAUTY?The following toils rticlea are to be had genuine only at 67 Walker street, me door from the corner of Broadway. Gourand's Poudre Subtile,?for safely, quickly end pei nanently eradicating supeifluous hair irom all parts of Iih human frame; this we prove beyond all doubt, 'o very purchaser requesting proof. Beware of count* i Bits, containing deleterious properties, and utterly inefii acinus. No agent in BrooUli n. Gjuroud'* Eau de Beaite?for thoiou?lily extermira* UK tin, pimpln/nioicntF, morpnew, eiicmng o?uate white neck, hands Rnd arms, and imparting a ju? * lile bloom, by it* dilating properties, preventing the ormation ol wrinkles, and banishing them when present. Oouraad'a Vegetable Liquid Reuge?impart* a delicate ilushing tingeto the cheek*, immovable by rubbing with handkerchief or eloth Oonraud's Blanc d Espsene, or. Spanish White?give to he complexion a pure life like alabaster whiteness, in ilegant boxes, 23 cent* each. Agents, 3 Milk it Boston ; 70 Cheannt it. Philadelphia; Jrny. I'o'keepste j Guthrie, Albany; Myera, New Hiven; Vejl-i k. Co. Hartford; Cowlet, Springfield; Faulkner, >* Norwich; Green k Co. Wnrceater; Carleton It Co. .otvell ; Hodge, New bury port ; Pruston, Portsmouth; 'atten, Cortland ; Guild, Bin?or; Thomas Cinnlnnat i ; Cuttle, Pittsburgh ; George Stealey. Frankfort, Ky. 0(7- THE HUMAN HAIK??ACTS vs. FANCY.? Die following are persons of the highest rcapectabiity, v hose assertion of facts will bo believed before all the ancy theories of quackery : ? The late Mayor of Philadelphia. The iBta British Consul ol Philadelphia. Mr. Henthaw, merchant, Boston. William Thatcher, senior, Methodist Minister in St. Gwrge charge, No. M North 6th st- Philadelphia. John r. Inglis, 331 Arch street, Philadelphia. John D.Thomas, M D , 191 Rice street, do John 8. Kurey, Itl Spruce street, do Hugh McCurdy, S43 South 7th street, do Jchn Oard, Jr., 12J Arch street. do A. Riodge, Esq , 10 Coenties slip, Now Vork. Col. Reaver, Postmaster at Batavia, Jf. Y. Dr. Dinghnm, of Bethany, N Y J P. Sclimidling. 47 Attorney atreet, N. Y. Daniel O Rricn, Philadelphia. Joseph Coggins, do Mr. Young, merchant,Saratoga. Mr Clay, rtiuggist, New York. Benjamin Harrison, Kayett" county, Kentucky. Djiius rtcoflelt], Stamford, Conaecticut. M. L. Conovtr, SID Pearl street. Elitor Boston Chronicle. Eii-h of these, and hundreds of others, know, and nost of them have certified of rase* where the truo Balm il f 'olnmlin has reproduced tho human hair on persons "aid, and thousand* well know that it will keepthe head ree from danditiir and scurf, nod prevent the hairfiotn aflimrmtt Aftur thliaimnla nf ltt(?la. ftheftlll >roul* ol which may i>e seoti at 31 Cortlandt street, where inlv (he true Balm may be lound,) we beg to ask who rill not prefer it* use to ?ny grease or daub. Cautioi*.?All who wish the origin*! and genuine irtlm of Columbia, must find the signature of Comitock k jo. on the outiiJe wrapper; all without that name ii :ount< tfeit, *o purchasers ran auit themselrea. We havo autlened the public so long thai we are getting tired, md there ia scarcely a day pusses but what ?o?ie one a I Ik on ua to t*ll ol the imposition practiaod upon them >y a iwuriotu article. To be had nnlv at 31 Conrtlandt alreet j Brooklyn, 130 "niton atro*t; Newark, *?0 Broad street; Branch home, 1 Cornhill, Boston. (M- CAUTION ?The increased mortality in the city mopg children should cause patents to be on their uard. They ahonld rcmembt r that Worms cause death hen tho cause ia not suspected, and that if a timely reort Is had to Sliet man's Woim Locnge*, the lireaof nm.y lorely children might be aated. Testimonials of heir great elttceo* are flowing in upon the Doctor e?ery ay, and thousands are rejoicing over the valuable dlanvery. I)r'* warehouse ia 108 Nassau stroet. Lvcnts, 110 Broadway, 10 Astor lloasn, '2-17 Hudson St., 88 B-wery, 77 Cast Broadway, 8fl William street, and 81* ;h?*nut*t, Philadelphia. rnokksbnii vklpeau'8 specific pill. nriliecureol sonoirLnja and glc? t, are only lo he had genuine at the otttce uf the College o Medicine and Pharimcy. Fiom tho laet ol then being the only r? m-dy iow usid by the tegular medical practitioner, a mure -ngthened notice is unnecessary Sold in boxes, con I<| Ulll III* UIIU IHIUUWU |>iw-yi|vr Tf vr a. RICHARDSON, A?fn?. J Offlcc?n4 conauiting room* of the CoIIfrp, ?7 N?m?'I , trwt.

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