Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 31, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 31, 1843 Page 1
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WW?^ TH Vol. IX?No. 43H?Wliolc No. 3I30. To the Public. THE NEW YORK HK.RALD-daily newnpaper-publiahed erery day of the year except New Year's day and Fourth of July. Trice 3 cent* per copy?or $7 '.16 per annum?postages paid?cash in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD ?published every Saturday morning?price cants per copy, or $3 13 per annum? postage* paid?cath in advance. ADVERTISERS are informed that tho circulation of the HeralJ is over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increas ing faat. It hat the largeit circulation oj any paper in thii citu. or the world, and it. therefore, the be* channel for bu tintti men in the city or c?un/ry. Pricca moderate?cuh n advance. PRINTING of all kinda executed at the moat moderate pricea, and in the moat elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PROPRIETOR or THE HKNALD ESTSBLIIHMSNT, Northwest corner of Fulton and Nassau streets. BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN ROVAL MAIL STEAM SHIPS, Of 1200 tons and 440 horse power each. Appointed by t)i? Admiralty to sail between Liverpool and Boston, calling at Halifax to land and receive Passeu* senders and Her Majesty's Mails. HIBERNIA, Captain Charles H. E. Judkins. CALEDONIA, Captain Edward (J. Lott. A?J AO IA, Captain Alexander Ryrie, BRITANNIA, Captain John Hewitt. , Will sail for Boston via Halifax, From Boston. From Livkrpool. Acadia Ryrie. 16th AuKust. 19th July. Hibernia, Judlrfus, 1st Sept. 4th August. Britannia. Lott, 16th do 19th do These ships carry experienced surgeons, and are supplied with * ranees' Patent Lira Boats. Passage to Liverjiool $120?To Halifax $20. No berths secured uutil Said for. For parage apply to D. BRIGHAM, Jr., Agent, ?"3r No. 3 Wall st., New York. - FOR LIVERPOOL. VIA HALIFAX. iw The Royal Mail Steamer HIBERNIA, Captain C. H. E. Judkins, will leave for the above ports on Friday, the 1st S?|itember. The Hiberuia is a new vessel, and completely fitted up with every improvement lor the comfort of passengers. For passage, apply to a21 r D. BRlOHAM, Jr., Agent, No. 3 Wall st^ - rfc,_ "?TTa ON ENOLAND, IRELAND, fcc.?which can be sent by the steamship WESTERN, sailing fmin this port on the 31st All*, or by the IIIUEItN IA Bostwu on the 1st of September. We have at all times for sale Drai'ts at tight lor any amount, drawn direct on the Royal Bank of Jirlind, Dublin. Also, on Messrs. Prescott, Orote, Ames & Co., Bankers, London, which are paid free of discounts, or any charge'whatever in erery Province and CountyL besides all the jnlaud towns throughout England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, tnereiiy answering the same purpose as Bank of England No teg. Apply to or address, if liy letter, (post _paid_) ROCHE, BROTHERS & CO., J5 Fulton street, next door to the Fulton Bank. P. 8.?R. B. & Co., have a regular succession of first class ihijis sailing weekly from LiTerpool. Those semi inn for their relatives will find it their iutereit to have them brought out through us. One of our firm, Mr. Jimt-s D. Korhe, is there to to see all our passengers forwarded with care and despatch. For passage apply as above, or to JAMES D. ROCHE, U Ooree Piariai, an24 Liverpool. - ? w DRAFTS ON E \ (?I. A NI) Tit ELAND, sftyQamI^PV See.?Persons about remitting' money to their friends in the "old country," can be supplied with Drafts, in sums of 1, 2, 3,5,10. tt ?40, or any amount, payable on demand without discount or any otlier charge, at the National Bank of trelaud, Proviucial Hank, do., Messrs. James Bult, Son Ik Co., tankers, London, 1. Barned Sc Co., Exchaage and Discount Bank, Liverpool, Eastern Bank of Scotland, Greenock Banking Company, Sir Wm. Forbei Hunter Sc Co., Scotland, and t be branches iu every post town throughout England, Ireland, Scotland aud Wales, which dral'w will be forwards by the iteamers Great Western or Ilibernia, by W. 8c J. T. TAPSCOTT, At their General Passage Office, 43 Peck Slip, corner South it. N. B.?All letters from the country must come post paid. j'y-llr THE ENW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. jfe MShip HOTTINOUER, 1050 toni, f j?[^ vu|?F,b,r" Ira Bursely, J 16th July. * Those substantial, fast sailing, first class ships, all built in the city of New York, are commanded by men of experience and ability, and will Ik dispatched punctually ou the 16th ol each month. Tlieir cabins are elegant and commodious, anil are luriiislied with whatever can couuuco tu the ease ami comfort of passengers. Neither the captains or owners of those shi|>s will be responsible far any |Ntrcels or packiges sent by them, uult'ss regular bills lading are signed therefor. For freight or passage urnlv to WOobirCLL & M1MTUKN8, 87 South street, New York, or to FIELDEN, BROTHERS It CO., an 9 Liverpool. PASSAGE FROM GREAT BRITAIN AND IRKL AND BY THE BLACK BALL OR OLD LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. [Sailing from Liverpool on the 7th and 19th of every month ] Peraooa wishing to send to the Old Country for their frieuds Can make the necessary arrangements ?ith the sutiscribers, and hire them come out in tin's superior Line of Packets, Sailing fri'in Liverpool punctually oil the 7th ami tO'li of every month. They will also have a first rate class of American trading shil>s, sailing every sis da}s, thereby affording weekly communication from that i>ort. One of the Arm (Mr. James D. Roche) ii lli. re, to sec that they shall be forwarded with care and despatch. Should the parties agreed for not come ont, the money will tie returned to those who paid it here, without any reduction. The Black Ball, or Old Line of Liverpool Packets, compiise the following magnificent Ships, vis :? The OX'KORl), The NEW YORK. ('AM BRIDGE, COLUMBUS, EUROPE SOUTH AMERICA. ENGLAND NORTH AMEKICA. With such su|>erior and miciuilled arrangements, the subscribers confidently look forward for a continuance of that support which has beeu extended to them so many years, for which they are grateful. Those proceeding, or to their relatives, can at all times obtain Drafts at sight for any amount, drawn direct on the Royal Bank of Ireland, Dublin, also on Messrs. PRESCOTf, GROTE, AMES It CO. Bankers, London, which will be naid on demand at any of the Danks, or their Branches, in all the principal towns throughout England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Apply, or address, (if by letter. po?t naid.) ROCHE, BROTHERS k CO. 34 Fulton street New York, neat door to the Fultou Bank. N. B.?The Old Line of Liverpool Packets sail from this port for Liverpool on the lit and 19#i of each month. Parties returning to the old country will And it to their comfort and advantage to select this favorite Line for tlieir conveyance, in preference to anv other. <127 r NEW LINE OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS. I To sail from New York on the Uth and Liverpool ou the 13th oi eacn m?ucn. My Mb- iflfy h ROM NFW Ship RO8CJU8, Caiitain John Collins, 25th July. Ship S| DDONft, Captain A. It. Cobb, 25th August. Ship SHERIDAN, Captain K. A. Depeyster. 25th Sept. Ship OAKK1CK, Capt >in Wm. iSkiddy, 15th October. r rom Livkhpool. Ship SHERIDAN, Captain K. A. I)e|*yster, 13th Jnly. Hhip QARHICK, Ca|>t. Wm. Skiddy, 13th August. Ship R08C1U8, explain John Collins, Uth flspttmbrr, Ship SIDDON8, Captain B. B. Cobb, 13th Octolier. TW shi|>s are all of tlie tir?t cla upwards of 1000 tons, built in the city of New York, with snch improvements aa comliinr great s|?ed with unusual Comf.-rt for pissengers. Hvpry car* baa lieen taken in the arranj.-nient of their accommodatious. The pricr of passage hence is J75. These shi|'s are commanded by experienced masters, wh > will make every nertion to give general sati?faction. Neith-r the eaprains or owners of tlie ships will be responsible for any letters, parcels or packages sent by llirm, unless regular hills of \tyiitig are signed therefor. For fivaght or ixusaKe apply to E. K. COLLINS k CO., 5fi South it., New York, or to DROWN, sVllPLKY ft. to., Liverplwl. Letters by the packets will l>? char:?d l*H cents per siligl sheet -^50 cents jjer^oniiee, ami newsu/r- I cent eirh. jy7 ec OLD LINE LIVERPOOL PACKETS'! jffv M M m TMKOLP Ll^WjTraekets forTtve^ml will hereafter IkI despatched in tlie following order, eseepting that when the aailing day falls on Sunday, the ships will sail on the succeeding day, vis'.? From New York. Fr"m Liverpool The CAMBRIDGE, tJnim I July 19 #'i0 tons, < Oct. I Not. 19 W. C. Burrow.f Feb. I Mar. I!) The ENGLAND. SJnn? " Aug. 7 i'"0 tons, \ Oct. I!) Dec. 7 8. Rartlett, ( Feb. II April 7 The OXFORD, (July I Aug. 19 noo ton*, \ No*. 1 1'ec. 19 J. Rathbone, f March 1 April 19 TH* MONTEZUMA, Unly 19 Sept. 7 1000 tons, <Not. 19 J^n. 7 A. B. Lowber, f March 19 May 7 The EUROPE, I Aug. 1 8e,.t. 19 Gil tons, < Dec. I Jan. 19 E. O. Fnrher, (April I May 19 The NEW YORK, (new) I Aug. 19 Oct. 7 950 tons, < Dec. Iri freb. 7 T. B. Croppw, (April 19 June 7 The SOUTH AMERICA, (Sept. I Oct. 1* (1511 tons, <Jan. 1 Feb. 19 E. O. Bailey, ( May I June i'J The COLUMBUS, (Sept. 19 Not. 7 700 tons. < Jan. 19 Mar. 7 (). A. Cole,(May 19 July i These ships are not surpassed in point or elegance or conifcri In their cabin accommodations, or in their fast tailing <ju?liti's by any Teasels in the trade. The commanders are well known .-u men of character and mperiencrv and the strictest attention will alwayi lie paid to promote the comfort ?r.d convenience of pHssengers. Punctuality, a* regards tlis day or sailing, will ba observed as heretofore. , . The price of passage ontward is now flsed at Seventy-Fiva Dollars, for which ample stores of eTery description will be rimvided. w ith tt exception of wines uid liquors, which will ie furnished tiy the stewards, if required. Neither the captain or owners of these ships will he respon tu>E ? i. .?? hu it,... ?.!i ... Irecnlar bilii of UduiR ?rr iignmt thrr*?or. For or n?: in-, applr to OOODIIUF. K CO, ?4 South ?t. i,? Iwwar E NE ME' m. m. M $& . NEW YORK AND HAVRE PACKETS. Second Line?The Ship* of tlua line will heieafter lwave New ,? ork on the Ut, and Havre on the 1Mb of each month, ai follows, vii :? m ui iimi mj Ekom \kw York. kih.m IUvhc. New Shm ONEIDA, C l?t March. ( 16th April. Captain < 1st July. < ICth August, ui 11 4 t i ls( November. ( 16th December. Slup BALTIMORE, I l>t April. i Ifith May. Captain < 1st August. < 16th September . toward r iiuck.r lit December, f 16th January. ampu rn A, C lit May. C 16th June. I ajrtaiii < 1st September < llitli October. Frederick Hewitt. f lat January. (16th February. New ahip St. NICHOLAS f 1st June. I 16th July. Captain < 1st October. < November. J- B. Pell.t 1st February, f 10th Marah. The accommodations of these ships are not surpassed, coin biuiuK all that may be required for comfort. The price of c& bin passage is (Kit). Passengera will be supplied with every r? i|ui?ite with tile exception of winea and liquor*. (ioods intended for these vessels will lie forwarded by (lie sub. ambers, free from any other than the eipenses actually incurred ou them. Fur freight iar passage, apply to BOYD Si HINCKEN, Agent*. ielSw! No. 9, Tontine TtuiMiiilr. cor Wall and Wat? ?Ir Kill NKW ORLEANS. LOUIS1ANNA AND NKW YORK LINE OF FACKKTS jr m. M. m. For the better accommodation of slnpiiers, it ia intended to despatch a ship from this |Hirt ou th? 1st, Ath. Ktth, l.ith, 20th, and 20th of each month, commencing the Kith October niid continuinic until May, when regular days will be appointed lor the remainder of the year, whereby great delays and disnppoinlmeuta will he prevented during the summer mouths The following shins will commence this arrauKHueut: Ship YAZOO. Captain Cornell. Ship OCONKK, Captain Jackson. Ship MISSISSIPPI. Captain Milliard. Ship LOUISVILLE, Captain Hunt. Ship SHAKSPEARE, Captain Miner. Ship GASTON, Captain Latham. Ship HUNTS ViLi LIE. Captain Mumford. Ship OCMULtiEK, Captain Leavitt. Shin NASHVILLE. Cam.!.. ni-ki....... Ship MEMPHIS, Captain Knight. Ship LOUISA, Captaiu Mullbrd. Tliese uliiixt wire all built in tlw* city of New Yutk, expressly for |>*ckcls, are of light draft of water, have recently newly coppered and put te splendid order, with accommodations for |>asseni(ers utiequflTed Tor comfort. They are coinminded by experienced masters, who w ill make every exertion to give general satisfaction. They will at all time* be tow ed up juil down the Mississippi by ttetmboau. NeiUief the owners or captains of these ships will be resiKinlihle fi>r jewelry, bullion, precious stones, silver or plated ware, or for any letters, parcel or package, sent by or put on board of them, unless regular bills of lading are taken tor the same aud the value thereon expressed. For freight or passage, a?ply to E. K. COLLINS 8t CO.. 56 South St., or HULLIN & WOODRUFF, Agent in New Orleans, who will promptly forward all goods to their address. The snips of thin line an' warranted to sail punctually as advertised, and great care will be takeu to have tin- goods correctly measured. mr BLACK BALL OK OLD LINE OK LIVEIlWMWyPACKETS FOR LIVERPOOL?Only regular M^HbtPacket ship and sails oil the 1st of Septem'er. The remarkable fast sailing favorite packet ship COLUMBUS, Captain Cieorge A. Cole, will sail positively on Fridy, the 1st of September, her regular day. The accommodations of this magnificent packet for cabin, 2d cabin, aud steerage passengers, it is well known are unsurpassed by aily other vessel afloat. Those visiting the Old Country will find it their interest and comfort to select this desirable conveyance. For terms of passage, which will be very low, aud those wishing to choose the best berth*, early application should be made oil board, foot of Beekinan St., or to the subuni'iir udotik'uu i. / /* 35 Fulton street, New York, next door to theFulton Bank. P. H. The Columbus sails from Liverpool ou tlie 19th of Octoher. Persons sending lor their friends run have them brought out in Iter or any of the packets comprising this magnificent and unequalled Line, sailiug fioin lint port ou the 7th and 19th of each mouth. For passage apply gs above. The packet ship South America will succeed the Columbus sail for Liveri>ool on the 19th of September, her regular day. au25 r _ liMP' OLD BLACK BALL LINE OK PACKET8.? mKk?V Packet of the 1st September for Liverpool?The fast sailing packet ship COLUMBUS, Captain Cole, will be despatched as above her regular day. Those wishing to secure berths will require to make early application to JOHN IltHDMAN, 61 South street, near Wall st. Passage from Liverpool can as usual lie secured in any of the packet ships sailing weekly, auP drafts furnished for any amount payable at the Natioual and Provincial Bank of Ireland and Benches, and Messrs. J. Butt, Son & Co., Bankers, London: Cxchmgii and Discount Bank, Liverpool, and Branches, throughout 1.1.1 miiI and Wales, Greenock Banking Co., and Eastern Bank of Scotland aud Branches. For further particu __ ___ &u " r J""OR LIVERPOOL?Hegulnr packet of the 1st KT^aV Sepiemliei'?Tbf first class packet ship COLUMr| iMimIH S Capt. Cole, master, will i>ositirely sail as above, her regular day. Having very superior accommodations for cabin, 2d cabin and "tcerage iiassrngers, persons intending to embark should make early applicatiou to the subscriber JOSEPH McMURRAY, an26 r I <K* l'ine i' .corner of South. l*'OR LIVERPOOL?Packet 16th September.? ffjMPWThe new splendid packet ship QUEEN OK THE JmKHBaWRsT, Philip Woodhouse, master, 12)0 tons, will sail on tier regular day, the 16th Sept. For I'rright or passage, having accomodations unequalled foi elegance aud comfort, apply on board, west side Burling slip, ?r to WOODHULL (St MiNTURNS, C7 South st. The fine packet ship Rochester. <'sprain John Britton, don tons, will succeed the Queeu of the West, and sail on hex regular day , 16tb October a29r KOR HULL.~EnTi LAND^A~fi"rsTcuTs~AmmkJHKVy.can vessel, now loading, could take a small ipiautit. JBHafiiSa >C light freight. if imiiieHiate appplication is made to \VoODHULL k Si I NT URNS, alir 87 South street. FOR MARSEILLES?Packet for 1st September? WWrfVThe ship HENRY THOMPSON. Cant. Svlveater. Apply to S. OHOOAf it CO., or to BOYD & HINCKEN, Brokers, No. 9 Tontine Buildings, ?u2l r corner Wall and Water streets^ jt*g-"" PACK]ET FOR HAVRK?Second ?Tin?^? MHWrW'-hip UTIC-A, Frederick Hewitt, master, will sail ou tirilra ' )?' of September. BOYD & HINCKEN, 9 Tontine Buildings, au29r comer Wall anil Water streets. FOR OUADALOUPE.?The very aui>enor copWMMrWper fastened and copi>ered French ship OUSTAVE Jp^WaEDOUARD, Capt. Negret. She his very coinfortable accommodations lor passengers. For freight or passage apply to BOYD Si HINCKEN, uI2ec 9 Tontine Building, cor. Wall aud Water sts. Afif run ?oiar 1.1 nr?r irsi lt'UU|JrMvl.i! packet ship with despatch?Th? splendid. well jNaaNEaUnown packet ship FRANkLIN, Caj't. Kennedy, will sail as above without delay. She has splendid accommodations for cabin, 2d cabin and steerage passengers, who will be taken at the very lowest raten. Those desirous of seeming liirllis would do well to make early application on board the snip, foot of line street, or to JOSEPH McMl>RRAY, an 10 pc 100 Pine street. PASSAOF. FOR NEW ORLEANS-Positivelv fir>t Packet?'1 he splendid well known fast sailing packet DAMASCUS. ('aptain Bliss, will iiasitivly sail ^s above, her regular day. 'I his packet lias splendid accommodations lor cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers. Those wishing to secure berill, should not f.iil t* make early application on board, foot of Jones' lane, or to W & J. T. TAi'SCOTT, 43 Peck slip, au39r corner South street. "fcg- KOR~ NEW ORLFANS-First Packet Sl.ipjOTMrVTlie superior fast sailing ship NIAOARA, (.aptain JiMakbaC ole, will positively sail on Friday, 1st August. 'I hi, superior ship has unsiiipassed accommodation for cabin 2nd cabin, and steerage passengers, and only requires to be ev nmiued in order to coniinand a preference. For passage, appl) on board the ship, pier 14 East Fiver. or to JOHN HERDMAN, 61 South St, near Wall si. N. B?The jpbsc'iber will despnth first class ships weeklj for New Orleans and .Mobile during the. fall and winter.and tin passage will be at the very lowest rate*. au:Mr FOR~NKW OITTeANS Loaiiiana anil HrjWrV New Vork Line?Regular |<acket?To succeed th* JUilfaLnniu. The fast sailing packet ship HUNTSVTLT7R7 ('apt. O. R Mmnf. nl, will sail as above. Foi freight or passage, having handsome furnished accommodations apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to P K I'lll.I.IMS Jli fit ? s.?.tl, .? Agent* in New Ovlean*. Unlm dc Woodruff, who will promptly forward nil Rood* to tlinir address. The packet ship MISSISSIPPI, Captain C Hillard, ?ill raceeed the NkdIitIIp an2l r t~ FOR BALL OH TO RRNT?-TKa PRK MUM MILLS, witli U or 15 run of *tone*, with nil of its extensive machinery, situated near two mile< from New lie, AVe?tche?ter county, and Stale of New York, and in immediate proximity to the city of New York, now in order for vi extensive business in tl?ur, and ran grind and pack 100 to 1J0 barrel* each day, or conlil lie mo?t advantageously employed lot any other purimse which might require ettensive water |>ower. The reputation for the pant 3J years enjoyed hy the Premium Mills, and their proximity to New York, with the facility nl transpoitation afforded immediately adjacent, hy wny of the na* illation direct to the Nl ilia from an/ port, render tbe facililien lor bnsineas unexceptionable to 0io?e deMriug *uch an establishment. Apply to HKNRY P \ MTR1DOK KK.LLOOO, Etn, New Roc (telle, N, Y., Kellogj'* V ille, or to SILAS \VO01), Kt<i, iO Broad itreet. New i ork. New ft " lu ll" ^n|tlii 23, IrtrJ. au2R2w*r -gr- -M,)NTOOMERY HALI? MONTGOMKRY, fnwALA.-The proprietors oflh't estnbli*hment, *o favoJ'.jB."''1) known to the travelling public on the great thoroughfare between Chinaton and Mobile, are determined to maintain the hiph reputation for comfort anil liberality of nrrangem tit which it has no Ioiir, and tliey trust, not undeservedly enjoyed. The buildings, which nrr rery spacious and conveniently arranged, have he^n thoroughly repaired, and tnebM room* both double and single, hire bni mimlilM with new bed* and lieddufll, alio, with every necessary nrticl? for comfort and convenience. Tlie parlors, both public and private, are large airy, and elegantly furnished. These facili tien. with carenil and attentive servant*, a cellar well storked with choice old winea, a table anpplied with every luxury that the aeason and market cangifford, and the lirm determination ol the proprietor* to omit nothing that will tend to the latisfac lion of their guest*, will, they trust, ensure iheiD the lavorabh attention of the travelling public. An omnium will, at all time*, be in readine** to convey passengers Irom tlm ilailroac and Steamboats to the house, flree of charge. Montgomery, June 7. 1843. W. TILLKV k CO. ML VORSALK OR KXCHANllK, KOR CITY rilO !;;! rtKTY?A amall Farm of abont nitteen ?ti?, in th< .LaJflLhiKhmt ?tate of cultivation, aituated lint tivr nijlrn the iTobokrn l-erry, trading to tin* city of New York. Thii [ property lm on it an eirejlent atorv dwelling home, ? b\ ? limit In tin" moat approved style of the State, with outbuild , tnfl and all Other conveniences to make it auitalile for a trades I mm'i residence wishing to retire frtiin the biMtle of the city >et Ih- able, within an hour's dri\e to viait his rouiitini hoiine, aa two stages paaa the home night and morning. It ii ,U.. niuble to the market gardncr small firmer, at lh? am* time taking boinlfn Inm the city. B-it above all thia what a aituation for * roadside tavern, which it ka< been kncwi aa the Bt- John1! llall, being aitnated between llobokan aiK llackemack, embracing llie whole of that great trade that i?s<e< those place* to the interior of both those states New York and New Jersey. The >aid F irm will lie sold cheap, the prearni proprietor liavinf business in England. N U.?Tliere la about si* acren of ftrst rateimtatoes; alsc five arret of buck wheat; a quantity of yonnf Iruit trees. kc. all in a flourishing condition. Application to be made to Mr WM. McDONNELL, Auctioneer, 171 Chatham street, E>w V?f mor? con*""!"1'. njwMon of Om r?rch??? money may i? main on bone and moit|*#?. Jm'w W TO W YORK, THURSDAY Jf j FOR BUFFALO AND ALL PARTS OF THE WEST. eaa Ao.iv/viAiiuii 'nooAuri v/rrivn i u i , Utica $2 Ot) Rochester, $3 00 Syracuse, 2 25 Buffalo, 3 50 Osweeo. I 25 Up. and Lower Canada 5 50 By the fait line to Buffalo and found, $8 00. Kor pas'iage apply to NL L. KAY, au24 3m m 93 Barclay street, New York. "SUMMER AH KTNGEMENT NEW YOKK AND PHILADELPHIA 11AI .ftOAD LINE DIRECT, Via Newark, Nkwbritnswk *, Phincktow, Tkknton, Bukdkntown Aw? Bt'?li<nirnw. Leaving New Vork daily from'die foot of Courtlindt *t. Morning Line at 9 A. M.?Mail I'ilot Line at 4% P. M. The Morning Line proceeds to Bordeutowu, from tlieuce by steamboat to Philadelphia. The Evening Line proceeds direct to Camden (opposite to Philadelphia) without changeof cars. Passengers will procure iheir tickets at the office foot of Courtlaudt itrest, where a commodious steamboat, will be in readiness, with baggage crates on board. rUj!adel|>hin baggage crates are conveyed from city fo city, winout being open eu by the way Kach train is provided with a car hi which are aparlineuu and dressing rooms expressly for the ladies' use.. Returning, the lines leave Philadelphia from the foot of Walnut street, by steamboat to Bordentnwn at 7 o'clock, A. M, and by railroad from Camden, at .'i o'olock, P. M. The lines for Baltimore leave Philadelphia at 1% A. M., and 4 P. M. being a continuation of the lines from New York. jy28 3in*?c ~ PATEitSON" 11AI Lit OA L)7 vjs&j- infiTiiif 11 iTir Iriwir FAlUi ONLY as CK.NTS. Krom Patersoii 10 Jersey < 'ity. Ou aud after Monday, 17tli July, the cars will leave Patiiisoiv Depot Lkavi Ni.w Von*. 8 A. M. 9 A. M. ll\ " 12>i r. M. i r. M. a ON SUNDAYS. Lkavk Patkkson Dki-ot. Lkavk New York. 7y% A. M. 8tf A. M. 5 P. M. 6 P. M. Transportation cars ply daily (Sundays excepted.) Passengers are advised to be at the Kerry, foot of Courtlandt street, a few minute* liefori" (he stated hours of departure. jvl9 fim NEW JERSEY RAILROAD AND TRANSPORTATION COMPANY. jdS NKW Y( >1! K AN I) N K\?ATTK; FARE REDUCED TO TWENTY-FIVE CENTS. From the foot of Courtlandt street. New York. (Every day?Sundays excepted.) Leaves New York. Leaves Newark. ; At 8 A.M. At 2 P. M. At 7 A M. At \V, P. M. 9 do. 3 do. 8 do. 4>? do. U do. 4 do. 9 do. 5% do. do. 10,'i do. 7>2 do. tiV> do. 9M do 8 do. ON SUNDAYS. From the foot of Courtlandt street. Leaves New York. Leaves Newark. At ? A. M. and 4& P. M. At 12K P. M. and 9** P. M. NEW YORK, ELIZABETH TOWN. Leaves New York. Leaves Elizabeth Town At 8 A. M. At 3 P. M, At 1% A. M. 3>* P M. 9 do. 4 do. R',i do. 7 do. 11 do. ibi do. 10 do. 9>? do. 5>? do. 12 do. The trains for Westfield, Plainfield, Roundbrook, Somerville, &c., connect w ith the 9 A. M., aud 4>4 P. M. ; trains from New York daily, Sundays excepted. Fare between New York and Elizabeth Town 26 cents. Fare between do. and Somerville, T!> cent*. NEW YORK AND RAH<VAY. Leaves New York. Leaves Rahway. At 8 A. M. At 3 P. M. At 7 A. M. At 3 P. M. 9 do. 4 do. 8 do. 6\ do. 11 do. 4\ do. 9J? do. 9 do. 6', do. 1IM do. NEW YORfCAND NEW BIU NSWICK. From foot of Courtlandt street, New York, daily. Leaves New York. Leaves New Brunswick. At 9 A. M. At 4 P. M. At 6 A. M. At UM A.M. M do. 7>? do. 8k P. M. ON 8UNDAY87 Lmvps New Vork. Leave* New Brunswick. At 9 A. M. and 4& P. M. At ll*4 A M? and 8>* P. M. Fare, except in the Philadelphia trains, between New York and New Bruuswick. 40 cent*. Between New Vork and Rahway, 25 cent*. Passengers who procure their ticket* at ihe ticket office, receive a ferry ticket gratis. Ticket* are received by the conductor only on the day when purchased. au!9 r NEW ARRANGEMENT. FARE AND FREIGHT REDUCED. aSK REGULAR MAIL LINE?FOR PROfl-TnHLfra?VIDENCE AND BOSTON, via. 8TONSL^JCaLlNGTGN AND NEWPORT?Composed of the following su|>erior steamers, running in connection with the StoninKton and Boston and Providence Railroads MASSACHUSETTS, Capt. Comstock. RHODE ISLAND, Capt Tliaytr. PROVIDENCE. N A RRAGANSETT. MOHEGAN. One of which w ill leave New York daily (Sunday* excepted) from I'iej No. 1, Battery Place. N. River, at i P. kl. ARRANGEMENTS. The RHODE ISLAND, Captain 'I'liayer, on Monday, and Wednesday for Stonington and Newport, and Friday for StoninKton. The MASSACHUSETTS, Captain Comstock, on Tueaday and Thursday for StoninKton, and Saturday for StoninKton. Newport and Provideuce. Passengers, ou the arrival of tlie steamers at StoninKton, will be immediately forwarded in tlie splendid and commodious Cars of the Railroad to Providence and Boston, and if for Newport will proceed in the steamer Molw*Kan (in superior order) from thence at 6 o'clock the following momiiiK. thus KivniK them an opportunity of a night's rest on board thi steamer Massachusetts or Rhode Island, and llien breakfast ou board the Mohegan. The above steamers have been thoroughly equipped and prepared to promote celerity of travel and the comfort aud security of passenKers, and not siirpaesed by any in the United State*. For passaKe or freiKht, which is taken at very reduced rate*, apply on board, at north side of pier No. I, 22 Broadway, or ofa? 1 r* r i - ? .i ? i t Tickets for the route anif steamers' b? rtlis uui be (reared on board, or at the office of HARNDEN Si CO.. No. 3 Wall street 0""0n and after the IO1I1 inst, freight will not be received and forwarded after half-past 4 P. M. m0 6m* m -yj a* PEOPLE'S LINK OK STEAMBOATS ^?C^VTg?FOH ALBANY?Daily at 7 o'clock P. M.? wT Hr. Through direct?From (lie steamboat 1'ier between Courtlandt and Liberty street*, Sunday eicepted. The steamboat KNICKERBOCKER,Capt. A. P. St. John, will leave Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 7 P. M. Steamboat ROCHESTER, ( apt. A. Houghton, will leave Monday, Wednesday u^Fnilif Evenings, at ?eveu o'clock. Steamboat SOUTH AMERICA, ( apt. L. W. Brainajd, will leave Monday, Weduesday, and Friday, afternoon, at 5 o'clock. Steamboat NORTH AMERICA, Capt. M. H. Trneadell, will leave Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Evening, at five o'clock. Passengers taking this Lin* of Boats will invariably arrive in Albany fit ample tunc to take the Morning Tim of Cars for the east or west. The above boats are new and snhstantial, are furnished with neat and elegant Stale Rooms, and for speed and accommodations are unrivalled on the Hudson, For Passage or Freight, apply ou board, of to P. C. Schulti at the mSm (M M wliarf. au2l r , jggk HKVK.N ti'C|,(il K MORNINO LINE ^rij^FOR ALBANY, TROY, and intermediate 3CboJKJELLandings?From the steamboat pier, at tlie . foot of Barclay street. Breakfast and Dinner on board, r Leaves New York?The Empire on Monday, Wednesday md Friday. The Troy ou Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, at 7 A.M. Landing at?Caldwell's, West Point, Newhnrgh, Hampton, r Poughkrenste. Hyde Park. Khinebeck, U. Iled Ilook, Bristol, ! Catskill, Hudson, Coasackie and Kinderhook. The new low pressurv steamer E\1 PI RE, (Captain S. R. Roe, : on Wednesday, at 7 o'clock in the morning, Aug. 16. I The new low pressure steamer TROY, Captain A. Gotham, 1 on Thursday, at 7 o'clock in the morning, Aug 12. For passage, apply at the office, foot of Barclay street, or on board. Notice.?All (Joods, Freight, Baggage, Bank Bills, Specie, or any other kind of Pro|>erty, taken, shipped, or put on board the Boats of this Line.oiust be at the risk of the owners of such goods. aul6 r 7mm ^|jj TNDEPENDENT RKOCLAR OPPOSlftTl*Vr3?TI()N NKJHT LINK FOR ALBANY & LJULT HOY?Through Dirrct, without Landing ? The commodious and subst-intial steamboat PORTSMOU'l H, ('apt. O. House, will leave New York from the foot of Barclay street, on Moudays, Wednesdays and Fridays; and will leave Albany and Troy on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, and will continue these trips lor uie season. Freight taken at rnliioi'il ratea. Apply on board. V. H.?The above lioat haa iiudargone a thorough repair, and ia in irsi r iti' order. atiJI *3\ " IFDKPKNPKNTOPPOSITION "LlNK i g? ^ p,J*TO ALBANY, landing at Coxssckie, KinJK?MS iW derhook .mil linltimorv?M Cents? Btrtlii M Cmli-Sni'(?r B C?nl??Forward Deck 25 Cents.? The new and fast tailing ateamboat WAVE, ('apt. Vanderbill, will leave ilie fool of Robinaofl street this afternoon, (Thuraday, An* 31st,) at J o'clock. S B.?Tlra Wave being of light draft of water, and making I.nt few hnili'.fti paa*eng--ra will arrive in Albany in good lime for the Hail road*. Hern la r days from New Vork, Tneaday, Tlinraday and Saturday. From Albany, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. L'glit freight taken low. an3Mt*m .Mf) SF.VF.N O'I LOCK KVKNINd LINK. & jr^3*f"r ALBANY AND TROY direct, without Jt?Jl r landing?tlra splendid low pressure ateamboat ' 8WAI.I.OW, Captain A. McLean. will le*?e the foot of J Conrllandt stiect every Tuesday, Tlinraday, and Saturday venings, at 7 o'clock, for Albany direct. [ The Swallow haa a large nnmber of slate rooma.aud for ip?*4 and accommodations ia not aurpaaaed on llie Hudson. j. ail 8 if ; TON!1 !M 'N f.wPORT'%D?PROvN I XJUL IM-.M I h ire to Boston 52 10; Deck 11 50; I no charge for Berths. Newport and Providence SI; Deck Ml cts. The fast sailing steamboat CURTIS PF.CK, Captain Win. H. Peck, leaves Catharine Market slip, Kaat Hirer, eeery Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at A o'clock, P. M. For paaaage or freight apply ou board, or to A. D. PECK, 205 South at. anS lm*m _ I in. ll Si ft W A It tT~A N I) N K W VOUK.?Fare > only UK Centa !? Tlra aplendid steamer PAS' AIC, after June 5th, will rnu aa follows:? ' Leave lira foot of Barclay atrert, New York, at 10 A. M., and ' 4PM Lea*? the foot of Centre ttn*t, Newark, at 1% A. M , and , juiiJ |l^ p JV1 1 Tha accominod?tiona both for pusaeugera and freight hare ' b?*ii greatly unproved. .... Freight rarrii"! >i very low rates ivtS tm ec i ^ ~ST VP F.N ISL AND FFRRY, FOOT i ^Lrrg?*.^3?oy Whitehall st.->ti? i SEiSt3L8TATKN and SAMSON wll I ran aa I illows until further notice t Leave New York ?, 9. 1?, II. 1. ?. W. 5>, ?. T. Leave Stateu Island S, 9, 10, II, I, I, C *i > T. 1 Leare New York and St-iten Isl oid erery hour an Sunday. ?--- i c \l l..,.h?ll .fravt lnrlift?? ,1,. 'I ou,!3 rn?ii mi)-wn y. - . ? fsV-tesiiteMisr*N- ?*> ?~ ' 8rss-3t? aowfe wasssssssmmf9^mmmmmmmmmm >RK H IORNING. AUGUST 31, 1 BY TIIE PRESIDENT"OF THE IJN1TED STATICS. TN Puriuanee of Itw. I, JOHN TYLER, President of the I United States of America, do hereby declare and m?Ue known, that public tales w ill he held at the undermentioned land offices in Ili?' Territory of Wisconsin, it tli?* jteriodi hereinafter designated, lo wit :? At 11land Dlfice at M ineral Point, commencing on MoniUy, the twenty-third day of OctolM*r next, for tin- disposal of the public land* within the undermentioned townships anil fractional townships, vi/ :? North of the base line, aud Wnt of the fourth principal fmeridian. Township eight, of ranee five. North of the bas>-line and east of the fourth principal meridian, and North of the VVisconsan river. Fractional townships eight and nine, of range one. Fractional township eight, including l<art? of island* in ?ec tii?n* eleven, twelve, thirteen, and fourteen, and town?hi|>a nine of range two. Fractional township efeht, including part* of islands iu section eighteen, of range three. Fractional township eiulit, of range four. Fractional township ei^ht, including the island in section nine, and township nine, of range five. Fractional townships nine and ten, of range six. Fractional township* nine, ten, and eleven, of range seven. Fractional township* eleven, of range eight. At the Land Office at (ireen Bay, commencing on Monday, the second day of October next, lor the di*|>osaI of the public lands within the undermentioned township.*, to wit North of the base line, aud Kast of the fourth principal meridian. Fractional township eleven, including the island, on the north side of Wiskonsan river, of range nine. Sections four, five, six, seven, eight, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty, twenty-eight, twenty-nine, thirty, thirty-one, thirty-two and thirty-three, lying west of the Winnebago lake and Fox river, iu township twenty, of range seventeen. At the I, mil Office at Milwinkle, commencing on Monday, the sixteenth day of October next, for the disposal of the public lands hereinafter designated, vii :? North of the base line, and east of the fourth principal meridian. Township ten, of range ten. The west half of the southwest nnarter of section three, ill township two, of rani;* nineteen. Tlio rant half of section twenty-six, in township teal, of range twenty-one. The lot number five of the southwest fractional quarter of section nine, in township throe, of range twenty-three. The southeast fractional quarter of sectiou Jnineteen Janil the lots one and two, or northeast fractional quarter of section thirty, iu township two, of range twenty-three. Lands appropriated by law, for the use of schools, military, or other purposes, will ne excluded from sale. The sales will each lie kejit open for two weeks (unless the lauds ace sooner disposed of), and no longer; and no private entries of land, in the towuahipa so offered, will be admitted, until after the expiration of the two weeks. Given under my hand at the City of Washington, this 8th day of June, Anno Domini, 1813. JOHN TYLER. By the President, Til OS. 11. BLAKE, Commissioner of the (General Land OfTiee. NOTICE TO I'RK-EMI'TION CLAIMANTS. Every peMOu entitled to the right of pre-emption to any lands within the limits of the townships above enumerated, is required to establish the same to the satisfaction of the Regit tor and Receiver of the proper Land Office, and make payment therefor, as soon as practicable al\er seeing this notice, and before the day appointed for the commencement of the public sale of the township embracing the tract claimed, aliovu designated; otherwise such claim will be forfeited. THOS. II. ULAKE, Commissioner of the Oeneral Land Office jtS Itaw to !)Oct r SEGA RS. " There's a delight in smoking, None but tmokeri know." A segar that |iostesses tlie quality ran* Ofenlivening theipiriti ami cheering the miud. And enable* the smoker to pu ff away care. This luxury always your ture to obtain, If on SKIXAS in Maiileu Lane promptly you call; If you visit him once, you will do so again, For he gives satisfaction and pleasure to all. His Segars air tlie choicest, most exquisite brands. 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Every package hear* the stamp of neatness and elegance, and tlie Tens therein are so thoroughly seemed from light and air, that their 'inality and power will remain unimpaired in auy climate. Their *y*tem of promoting Inuine** 1*, psrhspa, scarcely to lie needed. It is rounded upon the utmost regard to the right* ol the cn*tomer, especially with respect to weight and quality, and unrivalled cheapness All pnrchaaers are called u|K?n to return any irticle* which fail to give them the utmost satisfaction^ winch the money will be cheerfully and promptly refunded. < ountry merchant*. public eatahlishment*, head* of familie*, and shipmatters will find it a decid-sd advantage to supply themielve* from thi* establishment. OKKtiinr Java Corrrr. roasted every day. Onlen from all part* of the Ifnivd Urate* evecnted with ! promptitude and de?|>atch. IrV*" only w?i?hn?M in America Ijt ih- sale 01 nnngni'f celebrated BUck TV*. j29 Im'rn ^TjJ^ INDIA TEA COMPANY. 1S8 ('ANAL 9TRKKT, flllEWYoRK. 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D. would state for the benefit of Coantry Merchants, Pedlars and others, who may please to call, that all goods in the above line will lie sold on the most favorable terms. M? lm*r / KATIIKH \ND KINDTnO HTIMIK, 2115 Hpriut nmt, I IJ two doors from tJje corner of \Vashin^toi| itrwt, ussr I iiition AurK'i, < .".?.11 r .... ~ ortnwac or SoU??4Upi?r U?th?, HUck Morocco ?ii<i Kid Skin* with l)?T, <?o*t una Liimbukin Bmdio??,8ho? i hrraili. tailing*, Oalloom. Kibbon*. 8hmin?, Luiwi md UiWr Lining., Boot Cord1 *n?l Webb*, Boot Trm, Luu llimmfn, finerr?, Awl? aitH|T?ek?, with a fail aaaoitaiMl of 8hoema* tnnwti0SBUn #. ****** [ERA: .843. Cairo. (Correspondence of the Herald.) Cairo, 17th Aug., 1813. Situation of Cairo?ll? mbxtantial Enjoymrntt?A valuable landlord?Sporting, tfc. Dear Sin s? Here we are at Cairo, a town beautifully situated at the junction of the Ohio and Mississippi rive rathe Mediterranean seas of the United States. Cairo, in Illinois, has some resemblance in its situation to its namesake in Atrica. A delta, equal in beauty to that formed by the Nile, makes a splendid entrance to its landing; and the pyramids and catacombs have rivals in the monuments erec led iu the State to by gone generations ; for the Indian mounds tell the Bame history, and excite as much surprise as the former. The annoyances, however, which the curse of Moses brought on the Egyptians, nnd which we, poor Christians, sometimes feel, Sliylock-like, claiming their pound of firth, do not exist here. Cairo, in Illinois, has temples where, lovers of pleasure worship. It has also the Egyptian idols; and our parly reverenced them. Beet and poultry, fattened for the tiies ol Inis, Serapis or Osiris, could not have surpassed in delicacy, the viunds of which we partook; and the wine, furnished by the host, might have served as libations to ihe gods. Although this is an out of the way place compared with those we left, it is an O.uis. < >ur host, I homas Keven, is a fine specimen of the Old Dominion?one of the olden time- and must have received his power of imparting pleasure from some secret order of Epicurus He is certainly a man of great talent, and one of the altractions of the place. On entering the hotel, he bade us a thousand welcomes, and at supper entertainer! us with anecdote and stnry. II?nc?k, of Fla., R?h?ns, and Ruck W?ik?r, ol Miss., Fl?yd, of N. Y., K?nw?thy, of N. 0.,?nd others,declared that, although accustomed to fun and frolic?having seen life's changes, and read Pickwick, they oHered to row themselves up Salt river, and find their feed, if the host of the Cairo hotel could be surpassed, even putting the if- vil against him. One of our party spoke of the Prairies?our host's eyes glistened with delight, and he thus addressed us. "Young men, you should have seen the prairies under th t circumstances I did. On a beautiful morning in June, I saw thuee emerald fields, moisieued with pearly dew, looking aB if nature'formed th* scene fori hose tuperior beings described by the eloquent Addison, as the connecting link between man and angels. A gentle breeze wafted the perfume ol the flowers on me, nnd 1 felt my heart vibrating with the same emotions I once beCnra fulr u vcinhdra Pnnrctncr nvpr un Atwilinri harp, produced the purest strains of melody." This is his style of speaking when his feeling* are awakened He is plain and unassuming in his manners and dress,?but possesses more knowledge on every subject then any person I ever knew. He is proprietor of the hotel, and owns a plantation of 1200 j Hcres, about 20 miles tiack o| it. II some of the codfish aristocracy from New York were to come here, instead of playing pranks at Saratoga, their man ners and knowledge of literature might dc improved by Thomas Keyes. Tuesday, our host, not satisfied with his exertions to please us on Monday, pro|>osed a bird hunt The guns were mustered and cleaned?the powder and shot pouches filled,?the "Ticklers" replenished, the d 'gs culled, and off we went. A few rods from the hotel we separated, and formed two parties; one of which, accompanied by the setters Ftgg and Flash, took to the low ground on the edge of the Mississippi, for woodcock; the other, with the pointers Trick and Juno, traversed the corn fields on the Ohio side. To this party our host belonged, ami so proved hiin?elf in more than one acceptation of the word. The doga set and pointed, the birds rose, the guns popped, and the name fell. All the birds seemed to get at the right end o/llie jruni.and consequently into our game bags. The result of the forenoon's work was twelve brace of woodcock, six snipe, and thirteen brace partridge. These last our host declared were thirteen pennyweight* heavier than the best bird ever shot in the Old Dominion. A glorious six o'clock dinner rewarded our toil, an>1 tongs and ales, adventures and jokes, alternately excited and pleased us until a late hour in the evening On Wednesday we strolled around the town, and I will now describe it. It is bouuded by a levee of the most substantial description; each side of the triangle is one and a quarter miles in length At ihe landing is the hulk of the oiu steamer ash, nttea up as a wnai ooat tor me reception of passengers and freight from the boats running on the river. Fr?m the wharf you proceed to the hotel?a magnificent building, erected by a company wiih money borrowed of the celebrated " W. W. W." London bankers, ft is surrounded by gal* leries on the first aud second stones, supported by small neat pillars?is capable of accommodating8(H) KueMa, and the surrounding scenery givesit a beautiful appearance. From the cu|H>la the prospect is deligh'lul?the background of the landscape is formed by the woods of Kentucky and Missouri, which add to the effect o( the mingling of the limpid waters ot (he Ohio with the luthid ones of the Mississippi. Whore Mi?si*sippi, spreading wide, Extends her deep and rapid tide, E'er yet Ohio'* water's lave In her majestic rolling wave, Strike* on the trav'lei's eager sight The rocky cliffs ot toweling height. East of the hotel is an extensive iron foundry, which gives employment to a large number of operatives, for the large number of boats ruuning on the river renders a station here necessary for the the construction and repairing ot machinery. In time this town must be one of the largest in the State, it being the extreme southern point. When the railroad now in finish shall have been completed to the capital of the State, it will enable (he farmers of the interior to place their produce in market at one half the present expense. I hey can also obtain their imports from New Orleans with greater despatch and cheapness; for at Cairo the river is always navigable, which is not the cawabove it. The bank established here a few years ago, " to develope the resources of the place," had the tendency ?f the banks of the Mississippi?it caved in, and is now numbered among the ihings (hat were. On Thursday morning we were awakened at an early hour by the noisy tongue of the cupola bell, pulled by the vigorous arm of the vigilant landlord, lor he never leaves this duty to a fulmrdinate. " When ikies proclaim night'* ch-serlei* noon, He walk* hi! lonely round*. ^ to catch on his tympanum thi earliest sound ol the approaching boat. Alter a stay prolonged beyond what we arranged, we took our departure in the " Lancet" steamboat, favorably impressed with the town, and grateful for the kindness received from our worty landlordBnfftdo. [Correspondenceof the Herald.J BrFFAf-o, August 28, 1843 Butimu of Buffalo and the I.-xktt? TheatriaUi? Politict, fife. d*ar hsralp:? I hail your arrival here as of an old and valued friend. The stirring scenes of the great metropolis of the Union, in which I formerly mingled, are brought up before me in their living and true colore, a faithful map as it were, of all things that "live and move, and have a being" in the city of Gotham- j But, Mr. Editor, I sat down to spend a leisure moment to communicate to you some of the events which are transpiring here in this, the Queen City of the Lakes, for every body reads the Ifmld in Buffalo, as well aa everywhere else. It is now, as j you!are aware, the dullest part of the businew. season; but still there is much of life and animation Jnr. I>a an.I mhaill^I ami in 111IT Hro.l f I <Vtl V. The commercial transactions here are immense? beyond ihe conception, almost, of (hose who are noi practically acquainted with our trade and commerce. Fancy to yourself the arrival ol an hundred veseels in 21 hours, all laden to their utmost capacity with the products of the teeming west, and then you may have some idea oi our lake bu*iness. It often happens that 30,000 barrels ol fl >nr, and lllO.OOO bushels of wheat are landed upon our wharves in a sintle day, besides a large quantity of iiork, ashes, beef, butter, lard, iron, l< ad, and iium berlesa minor article*. ^ Look at the increase of canal tolls at the office in this city. They amount to $93,000 over those of a corresponding period ot last year. Allathis increased trade goes to awe II the business and augmeut th? wealth of New York. Eternal gratitude to the illustrious Clinton (or his agency in opening this great channel ol interna! trade, the Krie Canal, by which the people of the State hive been enriched; which has caused flourishing villages and populous cities to rise up even in the midst of the wilderness. The flour and wheat business has been partially suspended here (or the^last week or two- All are waitiof th? incoming of th? nsw orop, wluch has LD. I*rlr? Two CMto. beguu to arrive in quitnlittra. Flour la held to-day at $4,26 for the beat fancy brand*, and 94 124 for common and mixed, with but little doing- wheat ia held at from 87 ctu. lor bent descriptionii, down to83 tor those less favored. Theie la not much doing, hut ere long, during the orewnt week, we eipect a heavy supply from the Weat. All other kind of buaineaa m rather inactive, owing to the pcarcity of a circulating medium.? Just send on a few hundred thousand of the lurplus capital of New York, and I will warrant a safe, aure and profitable investment The Seguing are here, and give a concert at the American to-night. Russell and Wallace have been here and gone?bo?h were favorably received, and their concert* well attended by the beauty and fashion of the city. Burton is going through with an engagement at the fugle street Theatre, and all the play-going people huve loot the button* from their vesta. Dan Marble is also here, as popular as ever, with In*<|inddities and oddities and yaokee* it-ms. The theatre, with all these aitractions, how* ever, in hut poorly sustained. The fashionable ?>'H?on is fast drawing to a close. The hotels at the Falls are being deserted, although there is a goodly number yet congregated there. The river route, by the steamvr Waterloo, has been all the go this summer. It has been discovered that there in much Kjilendid scenery between the mighty cataract and this city, well worth a trio to see. The abolitionists are preparing lor holding 'heir National Convention, which comes off during this week. It is anticipated that it will be a rich aflair. I will give you a here. The political cauldron is boiling. Politician* are moving, with an eye to the loaves and fishes. The "democracte" neia h county convention on rnair Van whh in luck, although there was quit* a sprinkling of Tyler nu n and Johnson men among the nutubeth Hy the way, it ia ludicrous to witness the efforts of the administration menot this city to identify themselves with the democracy, who plainly tell them they will have none of them. Well they may be suspicious, and have no confidence in the professions ol democracy made by the President, when all the office-holders here are, or were but recently, rank, bitter whies. There ia Haddock, of the post office, Lathrop, of the custom-house. Eaton, post-office a*ent, and Robinson, marshal, all till recently violently opposed to every thing that savored of democracy, and who did not change until it became necessary to retain th?ir respective offices. And R?binson, more Irank and above board than the others, makes no secret of his preference for Clay, and is, in fact, managing to secure a whig nomination lor the sheriffalty this fall. If the President wished to prove his democracy, let him di?miss their enemies from the most important offices here, and appoint those in whom tha bone and sinew have confidence. Then his real democratic friends could take hold of the subject of his nomination with something like a feeling of consistency, and without lear of being met on every hand with the rebuke that all important stations are filled with whigs. But enough of this Fawning sycophancy i? all powerful now a days, of which our office holcferx appear to have a plentiful stock. News, scandal and gossip are scarce. We had an elopement and marriage here a few days since, but no excitement grew out of it, and it was therefore a < i a 1 : i I I :? Idliure. Dcvcrni iiiuiihircb wn utivr nan 111 mBu life recently, and more are on the tapia. We have had one murder, and another attempt within a few weeks?hut this is nothing, aa you can have them daily, served up with a riot or two, from your neighbors of Philadelphia. So no more at preaent. Datid. BOOKS FOR"THE PEOPLE. rpHK FOLLOWING PUBLICATIONS ARK FOR i SA1.E AT THK HERALD OFFICK, North W? Corner of Fulton and Nassau, sts?where all the Cheap Publication! of the iliv ivi Ikp hait a* soon as issued, at tlie PlItMHHINa PRICES. ALLISON'S HISTORY OP EUROPE, from I7? to 181.), iii |ti iitiml?-r?, at 2J cents each. BRANDE'S ENCYCLOPAEDIA ofSciencc, Literature and Art, iti 12 numbers, at 25 conn each. MeCULLOCH'S INIVKR8AL GAZKTTEEB, or Geographical Dictionary, in twenty numbers, at 45 cent* each. FROISSAHT'S CHRONICLES of England, France, Spain and the adjoining; countries, in ten number*, at 35 ceors each, with iiO KnicraruiKS. SHAKSPKAUK'S Dramatic Works and Pneini, with aotfw and etchiugs on steel, eight (lumbers, at Zj cent* each. THE FAMILY LIBRARY, numberiug 157 vol*., issnud weekly at 25 centa [>er volume. MACAULEY'H MISCELLANIES-The Critical anj Miscellaneous Writings of T. JiabiiiKtou Macauley, 4 no*., < 25 cents each. THE WORKS OF HANNAH MORE, with a Portrt ?l, in eight numbers, at 2.'? centa each. Religion* Publication*. The Great Reformation in Germany, Sic. in J tols. (I Life Old Opinions of Itev. Win. Milne, D. 1). |C A Sermon preached bef< -e the Univegity at Oxford, by the Bev. E. B. Pusey, D. D. |<e A Statement of Facts, in relation to the recent Ordt nation ill 9(. otepncvrs *.nnrcii, torn, uy tsi?. Smith and Anthon. tc. WnTrrlfjr Woreli, By Sir Walter Srntl, in Zi number* ; each novel will b? complete in one mimber, at iU cent* each. fvanhoe, The Legend of Montroaa, (Iny Minnerinir, The Pi rate. The, Fortune* or Nigel, Hob Hoy, IVverij of the Peak, Olii Mortality. Uuentiu Durward, Heart. of M il Lothian, St. Honan's Well. Bride of Latnmerinoor, Hed (rnautlet, Keuilworth, T)w Crandwi, WivHtf, | Woodstock, The Monastery, I Fair Maid of Perth, Tlie Abbot, I Chronicles of the < uiongate. Ilnrprr'* Srlnt Library. PrltiAin, by Dulwei* 2J cent* Alicc, or tlie Mysteries, 35c. Disowned, do. do. La*t of the Barons, do. Devertaiii, do. do. Komi I)ay?, 17\e. Paul Clifford, do. do Adam Brown, F.ugenw _ do Lost Ship, 25s. I, ist Days ot Pompeii, do False lleir, 12)6c The Ciariua, do. The Home, or Family Itieuxi, do. Joya, and VamilyCare* HSiC. Self-Devotion, V) Chang* for the American Nabob at Home, do, Notea 12Si? Fartvit Maltravers do. | Dlt krni (Bo*1 Work*. Complete in number* ol from 1(10 to 2J0 page* eocji Old Curiosity Shop, M cents. Oliver Twist, *Jc2 Martin Chuz/.l< wit, 6'^e. Pickwick Papers, 00c, Bamaby Hudge, Mc. Sketches of F.very Day Note* on America, 12'ac. Life, Nicholas Nickleby, JOc. Novellat'a Library Complete in" ten'number*?the whole for W, tingle anmber li cent*. Vivian Otrr, Romance and Reality, Henrietta Temple, The Vonng Duke, Peter Simple, Franceaca Carrara, Coutarini Fleming,' The Two Bridea, Veneris, Wond'i Tale* of Alroy, III Octavo Form. Subject only to the regular Postage on Newtpapert. Life of \\ I'llingtou, jL'ie. Meteorology, Ji*. The Nautilus, 12,ljC. Animal, or Organic The Bible in Spain, 2Sc. Chemistry, _ lit. Xincali, '-'ic. Chemistry applied to The Comet, 12Sc. Agriculture and PhyLecture* on History, aiology, tic. Man of the People, lll'^c. Kate in Search of a Fugvnia Grandet, I2',c. Husband, Bianca Ca|>ello, IH^c. Letters of Mary, Queen Francis de Valois, 12V,e of Scots, 25c. Pauline, a Tale, 12',c Memoirs of the Queens I ?. L'v ni* Knnrr. ttc. Nina, by F. Bremer, 12>ac.j Cooper's Novel*. Tin- Pilot, *?< I The Ileidenmauer, tttc Homeward Bound, .*>0o. Th? Wtterwitch Mercedes of (.'.utile, 5Mc | The Pioneers Mo. I.ntlle*' Mnf(Mliic, Oraham's Ma|f.i*ine, 2Jc. I Ladies' Companion 23c Oodey'a Lidy ? Bonk, 23c. | HmolleU'i Work*. * F.ach Novl complete in one vol. I Roderick Random, 23c, I Humphrey Clinker, 23c. The Adretifnres of Sir Peregrine Pickle, 40r. Lanncelot Onira, 23c. | Ferdinand Count rathom 23c. Fielding's Works. Tnm .Ion's , 30c. I The Lifeof Jonathan Joaeph Andrew* ami hit Wild, with the Life of fri-nd Mr. Abraham Fielding, himf "o hi* Adam*. 25c. ?>niu?, **. Amelia, *3c. | Mlseellaneoti*. Wife* of F.ns'and, lake. J. C. TajhOTo's Life, 12K'c. ?|?,wlv Aiidv *>c. John Fyw ? Life, 12%c. Tlie vVuirvn ..r England, 2jc. Charles O'Malley, ?C. The Daughters ofFnic- The Attache or Sam |?,H, 25c. Hlick in KmUmI, Bt Mae.niley'i on the Author of UieCloek Holwiken 50c. I Maker, I1H<Home or the Iron Rule, 25c. | Meredith by tlie Cuttnieaa Ramble* in Vncataa, B1.M | of BlesaiDRtos, t3c. Jack 1 lint on, op. ed, 3 Due I Philip in tear eh of a W ila 12V? J. SORIA'S CHEAP DYEINO FJSTABLIBHMENT. Yf II. SOU I A hef? leave respectfully to inform his friend* and ivl putilic in feneral that owing to the deiireaaed state of the tunes, he has reduced his price 23 psr cent below the regular eharfe*. . , . Ladiea wishing their summer dresses, shawls, fce. dyed or pressed, will find it mm h to their advantage hv paying nim a viait. Gtntiemeii will iwao do weJItofall with *ufP,| 'VvT of wf iring aianri'l J* m ?y ne?d ilynxtr or proMi"*. AH on* will In* luuiCta-'iilv MIMHini 1o, and article* no"? "P beat ?ty le at Soria'a canhlUhilMiit, No. 400 r?arl?l_ _ ,nj Ilia tranche, are at No U7 Bleecker at.. No S?f Bowwr. ?nd at Jtt7 Or?..d at. Al.o a branch at ? !?$. * L** js-ys!!!. <s,.t < '|. A, I 1 ? I i! |> Al'Z^HAK, Ocolirt Mid OWi SPtCTACLKHj-C^M. rr?v Bro.dr.av.fii) aaaortment of S,*cucUTcrr TfcftS Ota;. ?3 ?? . i\ rirRSl'ANCKof.n orrfrr of the Rnmnn of the connI 'it .?f \f?w \ ??rk, notice is hereby given to all peraon* h?v'n? ,U.m?a??..t Peter Morphy' U* of the city, of New York gentleman, deceaaed,, to piwat the um with iW-ik f. to tl>' aubacnben, at lh? office ol hdmuud ^ Uem. No!?I XVall itiwt, in tlw city of New York, on or befo* the eighteenth day of September ne*t. l>ated New York, th? lath day of March, [M-v JACOB HARVKV, JAMfcU c. atLL,., .. nil lawtmt Aiminutratcn with will

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