Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 2, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 2, 1843 Page 1
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BMesHKHaesESBsaEs** TH Vol. I V ?No. ?40 -Whole No 3494, FOR BUFFALO AND ALL PARTS OF THE WEST. ASSOCIATION PASsJXOP flpKICK TO ALBANY. lTtica $2 00 RocHcstar, $3 M 8yr?cu?*, t 2J Buffalo, ? , '* Oswewo, a 25 _ Up. and Loww CA?ada 5 50 13/ the ld*t line to Buffalo and found, 98 W. au2l 3m m 93 Barclay street, New York. NEW JERSEY RAILROAD "AND TRANS PORTATION COMPANY "Vutu! ANySfWAK^ FARE REDUCED TO TWKNTY-FIVE CENTS. From the fool of Cuurtlandt street, New York. (Every day?8uud*ys excepted.) Leave* N?w York. Leavw N'twark. At 8 A.M. At J P. M. AtT A M. At 1* P. M. 9 do. 3 do. 8 do. 4>i do. U do. 4 do. 9 do. 5>| do. Sbi do. 10,S do. 7S do. G>J do. 9% do 8 do. ON SUNDAYS. From the foot of Cuurtlandt street. Leaves New York. Leave* Newark. At 9 A. M. aud 4* P. M. At 12K P. M. and 9* P. M. NEYV YORK, ELIZABETH TOWN! Leave* New York. Leaves Elizabeth Town At 8 A.M. At 3 P. M, At 7W A.M. 3K P. M. 9 do. 4 do. 8)2 do. 7 do. 11 do. 4H do. 10 do. 9K do. ?X do. . 12 do. The trains for West field, Plainfield, Roundbrook, Homerville, Stc., connect with the 9 A. M., aud 4>f P. M. ; trains from New York daily, Sundays excepted. Far* between New York and ElizaVth Town 25 cents. rare between do. and Somerville, 75 cants. NEW YORK AND RAH^VAY. Leaves New York. Leaves Rah way. At 8 A.M. At 3 P.M. At 7 A.M. At 3 P.M. 9 do. 4 do. 8 do. 6\ do. 11 do. 4X do. 9>? do. 9 do. do. llg do. NEW YORK AND NEW BRUNSWICK. From foot of Courtlandt street, New York, daily. Lwvu New York. Leaves New Bhmswiik. At 9 A. M. At 4 P. M. At 6 A. M. At UK A.M. tX do- 7# Jo- ?>4 P- M. ON SUNDAYS. Leave* New York. Leaves New Brunswick. At 9 A. M. and 4* P. M. At fi* A M., and 8* P. M. Kara, except in the Philadelphia trains, betweeu New York nd New Brunswick. SO cents. Between New York and Rahway, 2.) cents. Passengers who procure their tickets at the ticket office, receive a ferry ticket gratis. Tickets are received by the conductor only ou the a .y when purchased. aul9 r ~S~l JM M1SR Alt!R A N( iEMENT NEW YORK AND PHILADELPHIA RAI -ttOAD LINE DIRECT. Via NkWARX, Newbri'kswick, Princeton, Triwtoiv, BOROKMTOWN AM? BlIRI.INdTO*. THROUGH IN SIX HOIIRS. Leaving New York daily from the foot of Courtlandt st. Morning Line at 9 A. M.?Mail Pilot Line at P. M. The Morning Line proceed* to Bordrntowu, from thenc* by tramhoat to Philadelphia. The Evening Line proceeds direct to Catndoa (opposite to Philkdelphi.t) without change-of cars. Passeugan will procure their tickets at the office foot of Courtlandt street, where a commodious steamboat, will be in readiness, w itli baggage crates ou board. 1/hjladrlphia baggage crates are conveyed from city to city, winont being opened by the way Each train is provided with a car in which are apartments and dressing rooms expressly for the I (dies' use. R* turning, the lines leave Philadelphia from the foot of Walnut street, by steamboat to Bordei town at 7 o'clock, A. M. and by railroad from Camden, at i o'olock, P. M. The 1 mes for Baltimore leave Philadelphia at A. M., and 4 P. M. being a continuation of the hues from New York. jy28 3m*?c N+:w AKRANOEMENT. FARE AND FREIOHT REDUCED. mm REGULAR MAIL LINE-FOB PROfl.?W*JSa?VIDENCE AND BOS ION, via, STON Sk^SEZ-INGTUN AND NKWIORT?Composed of the following superior steamers, running in connection with lite Stomngioii and Boston and Providence J'ail road* M * SSACIIU8ETT8, ( hi., Comstork. RHODE ISLAND, Capt Thayer. PROVIDENCE. N A RR A < i AN SETT. MOHEGAN. m... ?f .. v.:,u ?.11 i.... v.,. v?.i ?i ed) from Pier No. 1, Buttery Place, N. Hirer,'at 5 P. Si. ARRANuEMENTS. The RHODE ISLA NT), Captain Tha>er, on Monday, and Wednesday for Stonington aud Newport, and F.iday for tsiouinKlou. The MASSACHUSETTS, Capttin f'omstock. on Tuesday and Thursday for Stonington, and Saturday for Stonington, Newport and Providence. Pwengen, rin the arrival of the steamers at Stonington, will be nniiiedi-.tely forwarded in the spleudid and commodious Cars r f the Railroad to Providence and Boston, and if for NVw|k ri will proceed iu the stumer Mohegau (iii tu^rior order) from thence at 6 o'clock the following morning, thus giviug til m *n opportunity of a night's rest on boa'd th? steamer V : "<rhusetu or lvhode Island, and then breaii'ast on board th* Moht^an. The a* 'V? simmers hare been thoroughly equipped and prepared t oromote celerity of travel and the comfort and security of pa sender*, and not aurpaeaed by any in the United States. For pMitk'e or freight, which ia taken at very reduced ratea apply on ' . rd. at north aide of pier No. 1, 23 Broadway, or office of 8 uni" I Devean, freight agent, on the wlmf. Ticket* i the route and steamers' bertha oau be secnrad on board, or at tli? office of /. j , JI ARNDF.N fcCO., No. 3 Wall street j 11 .' \'ii u win hit* iwui nisi, uriKiil win qui uv ircruru and forwarder 'fter half-past 4 P. M. m9 6m* m >JtM PEOPLE'S LINE OK STEAMBOATS g. tlii'-J* POH ALBANY-Dailv at 7 o'clock P. M.JUbmLht. Through direct?From tlie stramhoit pier between Courllii.ilt ami Liberty streets, Sunday excepted. Tlie Uumb cii KNICKERBOCKER,Capt. A. P. St. John, will leave J"u' day, Thursday, and Saturday at 7 P. M Steainbo.-.t K. HESTER, Capt. A. Houghton, will leave Monday, Wed i -daj aod^ Friday Evenings, at seven o'clock Steamboat SOUTH AMERICA* Capt. L. W. Brainard, will leave Monday, V". ednesday, and Friday, afternoon, at 5 o'clock. Steamboat NORTH AM F.RICA, Capt M. H. Truesdell, will leave Tuesday, Tburaday and Saturday Evening, at five o'clock. i Passengers taking thii Line of Boats will invariably arrive in Albany in ample tune to lake the Mornin( Train of Cart for . tlie e.ut or weat. The above boats are new and substantial, are furnished with nan'and rlegsnt State Rooms, and for speed and accommodation. are uuriv*IM on the Hudaon. For Passage or Freight, apply on board, ot to P. C. Schultz at the office on the wharf. au2l r SEVEN 0( LO?JK MUKMKO LINE ftT.^VTa?FOR ALBANY. TROV, and iutertnediaj* X?JKZ.Landings?From the itnamboat pier, at the foot of Barclay street. Breakfail and Dinner on board. Leaves Nw York?TIm Empire on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The Troy on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, at 7 A. M. Landing at?Caldwell'i, Weat Point, Newbnrgh, Hampton, Ponglikespsie. Hyde Park, llliinebyck, U. l<?d llook, Bristol, Caukill, Hudson, Ooxsackie and Kinderhook. The new low pressure steamer EMPIRE, Captain S. R. Roc, on Wednesday, at 7 o'clock in the morning, Aug. 16. The new low pressure steamer TROY, Captain A. Gorham, on Thursday, at 7 o'clock in the morning, Aug 12. For jiassage, apply at the office, foot of Barclay street, or on board. Notice.?All Goods, Freight, Baggage, Bank Bills, Smcie. or any other kind of Property, taken, slnp|ied, or put on board the Boats of this Line^nust be at the risk of the owners of such goods. au 16 r "Jirin INDEPENDENT REGULAR OPPOSl^lI^nrt^JeTION NIGHT LINK FOiC ALBANY St 3C^JK3E. i'R()V?Through Direct, wilhmit Landing ? 1 he commodious and substantial steamboat. PORTSMOU1 H, Capt. O. House, will leive New York from the foot of Barclay street, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridaysiand will leave Albany aid Troy on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, aud will continue these trips lor the season. Freight l?kt n at reduced rates. Apply on board. P. 9.?The above boat lias undergone a thorough repair, and is in first rate order. s2 1 in * r ** SEVF.N O'CLOCK EVENING LINE ^L~ Tl?^^73?fi'r ALBANY AND TROY direct, without 3C^MLS.iai.<liug?tlw siiiendid low pressure steamboat HWAI.I.ilM. ? srr :u A. V. Lean, will leave the foot of Courtlandl itm.: pv.i, Tne?de>, Thumlay, aud Saturday T'nin**, at 7 o'clock, lor Albany direct. Tht swallow haa a large number of ?t*te rooms.and for speed and accommodation* ii not aurpuaed on the Hudson. an* ee VMar> REGULAR OPPOSITION FOR BoSION. via NEWPORT AND PROVI^ DUNCE?Far* to Boaton *2 M; Deck $1 M; art rharae u.r Ucrtha. Newport and Providence $1; Deck M ct, 2'-' ,J?l vailinB steimboat CURTIS PKCK, Captain Wm. H. Peek, leari* Catharine Market dip, Earn River, every Monday, ft ftlnmkr and Friday, at J o'clock, P. M. Kui i-asaatfc oS In >l(ht apply ou board, or to A. 0. PECK, 206 Sou:!, st. ani lm*m I NEWARK AND NEW YORK.?Fare A.?J^-^TIJponly lJ44 Centa !?The splendid meam-r PArtSCvaJKjK-SAIC, al>?r Jnne 4th, trill run as follows:? Leave the foot of Barclay itreet, New York, at 10 A. M., and 4PM Le av?s the foot of Centre suwt, Newark, at 7X A . M , and and IH P. M. . The. accommodation* both lor pasaeutieia and freight have b>?.i. kreally improved. ! reiifht carried at very low ratea. jytft 3m*ee n - Mf-m STATES ISLAND FERRY, FOOT WHITEHALL ST.-rThe steamboat. !EZ-MI2LsTATEN ISLANDER and SAMSON will run aa IWIowi until further notice :? Leave New York 8. 9, I#, II, 1, ?, 3*. 5. ?, 7. Leave Htaten Island 8, 9, 10. II, I, 1, 4, 5, 6, 7. Lr<r* New York and Staten Inland everv bo?i Sunday. -1 l.laml Ferry?root of Whitel.ill jireeL toCliftondii?e, The tttvmboat Hercules will 'cave New YorM P. M.? Clnton, IP M. on Sunday, Jnl> lOUi. I' S ? E.^nrsion to Fort Hamilton, Sundays excepted.? ^ Le we Fort Hamilton 1% A M., retnruin* from New York, S* P. M. iU? 'mm NEW ARRANGE WENT FOR SHREWSBURY?Lon? branch, Sandy ~ *** ^ <)ceau House tnd Eatnntown Landing. ? 1?uiiiik'Wsltl II V ( antain Inlin r. Corliea. will now run aa follow*, on and after l'l,ur?<lay, 27th tn?t :?leaving New York, from the loot ?f llobimon itrwl, every -Twaday, Thnradny, anil Saturday, at Ift o'clock, A. M. And 'a too town Landing ou Monday, Wedueadav and Friday, at Ift o'clock, A. M. The Mhr>'w?l>ury will ran aa above, weather permittiug, notil fiirthvr notice. All baggige at the risk of the own. Far* centa. N. B.?btagea will be in attendance to convey paamngert from ill* aforeaaid lauding plurea to any part of the county required. ... , . Tlie flhrewabary will go the inner paaaage, whan practicable, ieUr ZV*L . FOR Tift FWITImT BANKS-OFF SANDY HOOK.?-tViRY TUESDAV ** f W lu hMvyiiw THl'RSDW ,n<1 KHI J)AV.? i h" .leimhoat SUPERIOR, Capt. John Oould, will l?T? the i loot of Chad ban it rrrt, every Tucaday, W edat* day, 7W?'l.iy and Friday morning ; leaving foot ofChamberi ireet at -lock . Amoa timet 3% paatCanal atreet K P*at t < nthanne F-'rry, Brooklyn. 9; foot of Pike atreet V pan 9, and pier ttt>. 1 Battery, X paat 9. Landing at Fort Hamilton aacl way. Hut f?rui.'i.M on board, A Hann of Munic acoompaniea the boat?aad erery thing wil be dOjH to maka theae Exruraion* i laaaant and healthy. A < Uj maid will attend to the Lsdi'? and t'hllilren Fu? fe? u* I*c?r?ion M cent*. ? ? J?*r E NE NEW FOR NEW ORLEANS. LOUIKIANNA AND NEW YORK LINE OK PACKETS M m M. For the better accommodation of Hiippersrit ii inteudelMo despatch a from thi* port on the 1st, 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, mia r>i>i ??t mm month, eoannciiii the lOtn October ?i<l iom* titiUiiiK Until May, when regular days will be. appointed for the remainder of the year, whereby delay* and disappointments will be preveuted during the summer mouths The following ship* will commence this arraiiK?meut: Snip V AZOO. Cantaiu Cornell. a::!; S&reiUrtei?d. ittliraia&a.'iffiw. ?(>.!' OcMULGEK, Captain Leavitt. Ship NASHVILLE, Captain Dickinson. 8hi . MEMPHIS, Captain Knifil.t Ship LOUISA. Cantain I shi|>s were all built in the city of New York, express[ ly for packets, are of liifht draft of water, hare rwceutly been newly cop|>ered and put ia splendid order, with aocoinmodationa for |>a?tender* unequalled for comfort. They are commanded by experienced masters, who will make every exertion to jive general satisfaction. They will at all time* l>? towed up and down the Mississippi by stesmbeats. Neither the owners or captains of these ships will be responsible for jewelry, bullion, precious stones, silver or plated ware, or lor any letters, parcel or package, sent by or put on bop-d of them, Unless regular bills of lading are takeu for the same and the value thereun expressed. For freight or passage, apply to k7k. COLLINS St CO.. 56 South it., or HULLIN It WOODRUFF, Agent in New Orleans, who will promptly forwird all goods to their address. The ships of this line are warranted to sail punctually as advertised, and great care will be taken to hare the goods correctly measured. mr HLACK BALL OH OLD LINE OF LIVERMTirjyPOUL PACKETS sails this day, Saturday, 2d of JnWHibHept., at 12 o'clock. The celebrated fast sailing packet ship COLUMBUS, Captain Oeorge A. Cole, can yet handsomely accommodate a few more cabin, second cabin, and steerane passengers, if application is made to the subscribers by ten o'clock. ROCHE, BROTHERS 8c CO., J5 Fulton ttreef, New York, next door to the Fulton Bank. P. 8. The remarkable fast sailing |iacket ship. South America, will succeed the above packet, and sail for Liverpool on the 19th of September, her regular day. s2r fjfg; "FIRST PACKET FOR LIVEROOL?To sail W?.WfVthu day, 2d September ?The very fast sailing and faJflMMnvorite imcket ship SOUTHERNEH, Capt. T. D. 1'aiiner, will sail punctually as above, her regular day. The accommodations of this ship for cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers are very superior, and those about going to the old country would do well to inspect the accommodations of this ship before engaging elsew here. The price of passage being very low. Those wishing to secure berths should make early application on board foot of Burling slip, or to W. & .1. T. TAPSCOTT, 43 Peck Slip, cor South street. Persons vvishing to send for their friends to come out in this favorite packet or any of the line, can do so on favorable terms, and those wishing to remit money can have drafts payable on demand, without discount or any other charge, in all the |K)st towns of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, on application as above. >2m FOR LIVERPOOL?Regular packet of the 1st mHkJW September?The first class packet ship COLUMJMnibUUS, Capt. Cole, master, will positively sail as above, her regular day. Having very superior accommodations for cabin, 2d cabin and steerage passengers, persons intending to embark should make early application to the subscriber JOSEPH McMURRAY, au2G r 100 Pines' , corner of South. Mbit ,?.KOH LIVERPOOL?Packet 16th September. RF3F*>1,ie IU>W splendid packet ship QUEEN OK THE faWF.ST, Philip Woodhouse, master, 1230 Ions, will ail Oil her regular day, the 16th Sept. For freight or passage, having accomodation* unequalled for elegance and comfort, apply on board, west aide Burliug siip, or to WOODHULL & M1NTURN8, 87 South it. The fine packet ship Rochester, Captain John Britton, 800 toiu, will sttccied the Queen of the Wmt, and sail on her regular day, IGtl October sir FOR LIVERPOOL?The substantial fast sailing MHWVpacket ship SOUTHERNER, T. D Pd'mer.master, JMSKaWiaring been detained, will sail to-morrow, 2d inst. For passage only, having very good acco-mir datious, apply to the captain ou board, west side Burling Slip, or to WOODHULL (g \lTNYUr\5S. flee 1,7 KOll HULL. ENOLAND-A Put clan Amenvssel, now loading, could take a small quantity JMlia'if light freight, if immediate appplir tion i.-? made to WOODHI'LL kMiNTUKNS, aUr 87 Somti street. "tK- FOK HAVRE?The French .hip tJaHOUNK, JjTTjfVCaptain Legraiu. For freight or passage, lor which ^NNtHEsa he lias vrrv comfortable accommodations, apply to the i, i'lain on board, at the foot of Hector street, N R or to BOV D *t H1NCKEN, 9 Toi.tiiie Buildings, slec cor. Wall and Water stieets. ??? ' FOR M:\TAN7..\S- First Ve??el-The fast (ailregular picket brig FRANCES ASHHEY, Ran I ill, master, having the ^renter |>irt of her Cargo engaged, .miI going on board, Ml M lak^ tlx- hulk of jOO libls.. for which or i;assnge( Inviiig handsome accommodations, apply ou board, at pier 12 E R. or to si Iw-ec JOHN J. TA\ LOH, 41 South st. 4j?6T FOK NEW ORLEANS?First Shi|i?The supeWrvVVrior fa>t sailing ship NIAGARA, Capt. Cole, will jHNMM0'*"1 'his da> and sail on Monday A few more 2d cabin ui,U stcri aye passengers can yet be accommodated at the lowest rates, if immediate application is made to JOHN HCRDMAN, G1 South street, near Wall street. N. B ?The subscriber has first (Ivs shipa sailing weekly for the above port, by which |>assage can be eugi^ed it the current rate. s2m PASSAGE FOR NE W ORLEANS-Positiveiy first kfffw. Packet?The splendid well known fast sailing packet ?N9Mhv?-.hip DAMASCUS. Captain Bliss, will positively sail hi above, her regular ilay. '1 his packet has splendid accommodations lor cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers. Those wishing to necure nertns snotua not t? muKe early application on board, foot of Jones' lane.or to W. St J. T. TAPSCOTT, 43 Peck slip, au29r corner South street. KOR NEW ORLEANS. Louisiana and New Vork Line? locket?To succeed the iM>J?iLoui*d. The fast sailing packet ship HUNTSV I I.LK. ' apt. O R Mnmford, will sail as above. For freight or passage, having handsome furnished accommodations apply on board, at Orleaus wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS fc CO., M South st. Agent* in New Orleans, Hulin & Woodruff, who will promptly forward all g"ods to their address. The packet ship MISSISSIPPI, Captain C Hillard, will succeed the MdnUVille. an2l r KOR SALE?The well known coptvred and copWHRfV Per fastened ship SVLVANUS JENKINS,Seymour, ^SBhIh ?aster, burthen and register 317 tons, carries 800,001* ios. oi cotton from Mobile, was built in this city by James Mortan for Samnel Hicks It Co. under the inspection of Josiik Vary?her aptjn transom and top timbeis of live oak and locust?has standing and running rigging in good order?had ne* masts four years ago?is well adapted for a whaler, having a fine roomy deck. Lies at Dover street wharf Her inventory can b.- seen at il William street. Kor terms, apply to s2 lmT JONATHAN OODKN h ( O il Willism st. NEW YORK k BOSTON SOT IN IJ HI l,OT r\WF.N PRF.8COTT, Pilots, or takes charge as master and v-* pilot of vessels bound to New Bed lord, over Nantucket Shoals, Boston, Portsmouth, Portland, Kennebeck. and OTHEH PORTS. Office at Fry* fc. Shaw's Nautical store, 222 Water street, comer Beelunan. Reference to a number of merchants, and the several Insurance Companies in this city, Boston, and Portland ji-18 tmUr FOR SALE OR TO RENT The PREMIUM ffTTw MILLS, with II or 15 run of MOMM, with all of its ex -Ldlateiisive machinery, situated near two mile, from New Kochelie, Westchester county, and State of New York, and in immediate proximity to ihe city of New York, now in order for an extensive business in flour, and ran grind and pack 100 to 150 barrels each day, or could be most advantageously employed lor any other purpose which might require extensive water i>ower The reputation for the |>ast 35 years enjoyed by the Premium Mills, and their proximity to New York, with the facility ol transportation afforded immediately adjacent, by way of the navigatiou direct to the Mills from any port, render the facilities for business unexceptionable to those desiring such an establishment. Apply to HENRY PARTRIDGE KELLOCJO. Esq. New Rochefle, N. Y., Kellogr's Ville, or lo 8ILA1* WOOD, E?q. 59 Broad street, New York. New Rochelle, August 23, 1843. au28 2w*r FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE FOR CITY PROfTTTw PERTY?A small Farm of about sixteen acres, in the .OHLhiKhest state of cultivation, situated but five miles from Hie lloboken Ferry, leading to the city of New York. This Property has on it an excellent 2>jj story dwelling house, 35 by ii, built in the most approved style of the State, with outbuildings and all other co'ivenieuces to m ike it suitable for a tradesman's residence wishing to retire from the bustle of the city, and yet lie able, within an hour's drive, to visit his counting house, as two stages pass the house night and morning. It is also suitable to the market garilner or small farmer, at the same time taking boarders from the city. But above all this, what a situation for a roadside lavern, which it has l?ecn known as the St. John's Hall, being situated between Hoboken and Hackentack, embracing the whole of that great tralic that passes those places to the interior of both those states. New York and New Jersey. The said Karm will lie sold cheap, the prrseut proprietor having business in England. N.B.?There is about six acres of first rage potatoes; also five acres of buck wheat; a quantity of yonng fruit trees, Ike., all in a flourishing condition. Application to be made to Mr W.M. McDONNELL, Aactioneer, 171 Chatham stJ?s-t, Eew York. , , If more convenient, a portion of the purchase mousy may remain on bond and mortgage. aufi Im'ec "Si MONTGOMERY HALL, MONTGOMERY, fflwALA.?Tbe proprietors of this establishment, so favo|"|*J, ?! ! ' k>iowi. to the travelling public on the grerst thoroughfare between Charkatoa and Mobile, eredetermined to maintain the high reputation for comfort and morality of arrangement which it has so long, and they trust, not undeservedly eiyoved The buildings, which are ,crv ,p*cious and conveniently arranged, have been thorough!' required, an H the bed rooms tioth double and single, h?' e been refurnished with new beds and bedding, also, with every invessirv article for comfort and convenience- 1'he imrloi , both public and private, ,uv large, airy, and elegantly lorniihed. These facilities. with careful and attentive servants, a cellar well stocked with choice old wines, a table supplied wth e*??ry luxury that the season and market can afford, anil the firm determination "f the proprietors to omit nothing that will tend to the satisfiction of their guests, will, they trust, ensure them the favorable attention of the travelling public. An omnibus will, at all limes, be in rendiness to convey passengers Irom :hc Railroad and Steamboats to the house, free of charge. Montgomery, June 7, 1813. W. TILLEY Ic OO. an 19 6m r OaA HELL GATE FERRY HOUSE?To let?and th? ffrTB stock, fixtures, boats and furniture, if required, for sale XJfMaThe advertiser wishing to start west the whole will rTTVdd low. O. A. LANE, all) 2w* r Hell Gate Ferry House, foot of (With at, E. R I'ATERSON RAILROAD. v.(T <7m, V From Patereon to Jrraey City. I On mill after Monday, 17th Jnly, line can will leare Patkusou DKrot Leave Nrw Yoe*. i I A. M. 9 A. M. n\ " 1IX P M. I * P. M. J i ON SUNDAYS. Leavk patrmo!1! Defot. Lkavf. Niw You*. IK A. M. ?X A. M. I S P. M. < P. M. Tranaportation cam ply Aijly (Siindara ncepted.) Paaeen (ere are Adriacd t? l>? at the t erry, fool of CourtUndt atrwt, I ffn miautn before the lUted hutri of departure. W YO YORK, SATURDAY MO] I BY THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. j TV pursuance of law, I, JOI1V TYLER. President of the ; i United Htate* of America, do hereby declare and make I known, tli* public sales will be held at the undernien- , tioned Land Office* in the State of Michigan, at the period* hereinafter designated, to wit :? I At the Land Office at (jene*ee, commencing on Monday, the ninth day of October next, for the di*i>osal of the public land* within tne limit* of the undermentioned towushilM and fractional townships, to w it North of the bnae line, and Ka*t of the meridian. Township* thirty-one, thirty-two, thirty-lhiee, and thirtyfour, and fractional township thirty-five, bordering on Lake Huron, ol rauie six. Townships thirty-one, thirty-two and thirty-three, and fractional township thirty-four, bordering ou Lake Huron, of rang* even. Fractional township* thirty-one, thirty-two, thirty-three, and thirl) -four, bordering on Lake Huron and Thunder Bay, of ranjre eijjht. _ p ractional township* thirty, thirty-one, thirty-two, and thir- , ty "three, bordering ou Lake Huron, of range nine. Fractional township of thirty, of range ten. North of the base line, and West of the meridian. Township thiitv-five, and fractional townships thirty-six, thirty-seven, and thirty-eight, bordering ou Lake Huron and i Mullet's Day, of range one. Townships thirty-five, thirty-six, and thirty-seven, and frac- | tional townships thirty-eight and thirty-nine, bordering on Lake Huron, of range two. At the Land Olficu at Detroit, commcncing on Monday, the , twenty-fifth day of Saiitetnbnr uext, for the disposal of the 1 public land* within the limit* of the following detached tract*, to wit :? The lot number one in section eight, lot number nine in sec- I tion nine, lot* three, four and live, in section seventeen, and lot : number one in section eighteen^ which have recently been *ur vevcU in township si*. south or range ten, east ol the meridian Land* appropriated by law, lor I In- use of schools, military, or other pur|>ose?, will In1 excluded from sale. ) The sales will each be kept open lor two weeks, (unless the lands are sooner disposed ot,) anil 110 longer; and no private entries of laud in the townships so offered will be admitted, until after the expiration of the two weeks. Given under my hand, at the ( ity of Washinston, this eighth day of June, Anno Domini 1843. JOHN TYLER. By the President : THO. H. BLAKE. Commissioner of the General Land Office. NOTICE TO PRE-EMPTION CLAIMANTS. Every i>erson entitled to the right of pre-emption to any lands within the limits of the townships above enumerated is required to establish the same, to the satisfaction of the Register and Receiver of the proper land office, and inake payment therefor, as soon as practicable after seeing this notice, and before the day ap|M)inted lor the commencement of the public sale of the township, embracing the tract claimed above designated; otherwise such claim will be forfeited. THO. H. BLAKE Commissioner of the General Laud Office. j2C [taw to 2.5 Sept r BALTIMORE AUCTION SALES. WILLIAM WAKD. AUCTIONEER AND COMMISSION MERCHANT, 21 SOUTH CHARLKSSTRKET, BALTIMORE, IS prepared to make liberal cash advances on every description of merchandise, and he pledges himself to use his best eiertions ill Procuring for his patrons tlte highest market value for all goods entrusted to his care, and that his charges shall be moderate. He solicits the patronage of Eastern Importers, Manufacturers, Shoe Dealers, kc., kc., and resiiectfully relers to? David Stewart, Esq., 1 Messrs. Wiley (k Wilson, " George & Hays, " Pratt k Brothe. s, Baltimore. " Kenian k Stillinger, " Wm Westk Son, " Kirkland, Chase k Co. Messn. Mason 8c Kirkland, " (harnley k Whelan, " Mclntyre & Rogers, Philadelphia. " RuiMach k Webster, Isaac James, Messrs. J. G. Gregory & Co., Jersey City. Messrs. Fabregiiettes k Morra, " Wyckoff St Scryinser, " Swift & Briggs, John Mowton, Esq., New York. Robert Johnson, Esq., L. Pillivuyt. Esq., C. J. Contati, Esq., Messrs. Wells k Wetherbee, " Charles Wilkins k Co., , " J. E. Th tyer k Brother, Host*n" Isaac Pratt, Esq., Robert Dunlop, Esq., AlHany. , an26 3tSt d' 8twy*r ' IIT ATCHF.M.?The largest and most i|>lc(i<lid assortment ol ' * Watches in the city, i* to be found at the subscriber's.? 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Principal office490 Pearl st. an2n 3m*ec OPKt I'A' I.KH <11 PKAf' Z(}K AK, OcnIist *ud Opti O cian, ("anal street, No. Si, (remored from Broadr.ay, M4) constantly on hand a large assortment of Spectacles for hort sighted |>er(Opa. Also, eeery kind of Spectacle (Has* au3 lm* NO I U.K.?All penoni having any Uuil rhun afainat J* B L>nmimck, lata ot'tha city <>T N. York. Ibntehar, riacauad, ir* requrtUul to pranmit tb<-samo with tlir vmichara tlwnof, to the nuliacntwr, at the houae No 93 Mi-rear uttwt, Alao, all tlioaa nulebtiil to the nine of iai-1 leo-aned, to make |<a> ment before the JOlh day of November n?U. to ? ? ANN M DOMINICK,UCt ?, mW to Nrll 6mltkw*St, RE H RNIJVG, SEPTEMBER 2 Four Day* Later from K uropc?Arrival of the Hteam Ship Margaret. The Margaret, Capt. Shannon, arrived at Halifax on Sunday, the 27th ult. in a passage of 13 days, having left Liverpool on the 9;h. Not being a reguhr packet, she did not bring regular files of English papers. There was no important change in the state of mnrlr?*la There is no news of special importance. Lord Wellington had declared in his place in Parliament, in answer to a speech from Lord Koden, that the British government were fully prepared to maintain peace in Ireland, forcibly if they must, peaceably if they could. The weather, from the time of the departure of the Great Western to that of the Margaret, appears to have been fine, and the prospectsof the crops betterFlour at Liverpool was difficult of sale, an-J duty paid,foreign was quoted on the8:h as (id to is lower. The South of Wales continues in a disturbed itate; toll-houses and toll-gates nre constantly coming under the new regime of "Rebecca and her Daughters," and the government seems to possess [io energy in maintaining the laws. So great is the animosity of the Welch people igainst the metropolitan police sent among them, that it is proposed to withdraw them entirely, and substitute Welch conscripts in their place. Among the political rumors, is one that Lord Brougham is busily intriguing, and very pain[ully anxious to resume his seat upon the woolsack. The Messrs. Gurney, of Norwich, and other j leading banks in the East of England, have come ' to a resolution, in consequence of the want of em- ! ploymentfor money, which has existed now for twelvemonths past, to lower the rates of interest , Dn deposits to 1? percent. i A great meeting of pitmen engaged in the 1 colleriep, was held on the (iih at Black Fell, about four miles Irom Newcastle, for the purpose oi forming a union to protect the rates of wages. More than 20,000 were present. Father Matthew appears to be pursuing his temperance career almost as triumphanly in England as tie did in Ireland. Thousands, heretofore votaries of Bacchus, huv? signed ihe pledge. At a meeting of proprietors of the St. George jteam Packet Company, held at Liverpool, a dissolution of the company was resolved on, it appearing that ia eight years the losses had been ?500,000. A huge bell, said to be the largest ever ca?t in England, was shipped for Montreal at London on iko 7ili nil It ureifflw seven tnn? eleven htin dred and twelve pounds, and is for the new Cathedral at Montreal. Its diameter at the mouth is i;ven feet three inches. The clapper weighs more than three hundred weight. Her B. M. steam vessel the Lizard was run down >y the French steaai frigate Veloce, off Carthegena, >n the night of July 2:5 The Lizard went dowr ilmost immediately, but only one life was lost, Lieut. Postle and the crew being rescued and tuken to Gibraltar by the Veloce. Zephaniah "Williams, one of the Chartist convicts, fias been hanged in New South Wales, for murdering an old man named Harknees He was convicted on his own confession, that being tired of life, had resolved to kill the first man he met. A girl of thirteen was sentenced to death at the Warwick Assizes, August 4th, for setting fire to a dwelling house in which she lived as servant. The judge intunated, however, that her sentence would be commuted. One ol the Scottish blacksmiths, cf the Gretna ?reen order, was sentenced to transportation, seven rears, for marrying a runaway couple within the English border, being somewhat intoxicated at the lime. There have been serious commotions at Lu>eck, originating in the discontent of some sol- i Jiers with the clothes supplied to them by the jontractore. The Senate was obliged to resort :o severe means of repression, and peace was reitored. American Sympathy.?We 'rejoice to have tha >rivillege of annwuncing that the Rev. Mr. Macmilan, ot Kirkcudbright, has received from New York i remittance of j?l,l()0, "to be applied toward ;recting in ihe town of Kirkcudbright, a church n connection with the Free Presbyterian Church >t Scotland "?Dumfriet Standard. In Parliament. The House of Commons was still busy upon the rish poor relit f biil xnd the new bill for the regulaion of theatres. Nothing of prominent interest :ame out in the debates. The House of Lords did little but routine business intil the 8 h instant, when Lord Monteagle gave lotice that on Ihe 14th he should bring forward a notion on the stale of the finances, and the Earl of Itoden called attention to the condition ol Ireland? Hieing his remarks by presenting a petition Irom ive thousand Irish Protestants, complaining of (the epeal agilition and of the repeal meetings, and declaring their readiness to support the authorities in luppressing treason and rebellion. The prayer of he petition was far the protection of their lives and properties. The Duke of Wellington made the chief reply to Lord Roden. He did not attempt to deny the critical situation of Ireland, and the extreme injury caused by those" criminal agitations;" but contented himself with assuring Ihe House that every thing had been done which could be done t'o preserve the peace of the country and to meet all mis(m U<k IVt matinn lunuiica* III fiiun, lie: ICIUIUIV.U Miv uvivituiuawvii of the government not to adopt any other measures than those now in force, unl?:?Fome decided change should make it necessary. Ireland. The Athlone Sentinel says that orders have been received to provision all the garrison, so as to be able to stand a three years siege. This is assigned us the cause of a sudden rise in the cost of wheat and fl >ur, but we consider it very doubtful, to say the least, whether any such orders have been issued. Mr. O Connell took up the slavery question again nt the meeting of the Dublin .Repeal Association, August 5, chanting the Irish in America with treating the unfortunate men of color wore* than they were treated by any others. He said he ceuld feel no sympathy l>?t men who acted so basely. 3peaking of the repeal xgitntion dying away, 11s hoped by the ministry of England, he said that he had then no less than eleven invitations to attend great repeal gatherings, Rnd by the time he got through them he should no doubt h*ve eleven more. Mpuln. The seige of Seville was raised on the 26th of July, and the Regent set out lor Cadiz. The Cor es was convoked lor the 15th October. All the diplo malic repres**niRiiYrn ni itinunu, cwc|h nil, ikmk i and the Mexican Minister, had announced thai Ihry < would wait tor instruction!* frnm their Government . before recognizing the Provisional Government It in Mid that the leaders of the tuccest>tul party were q'tairelling among themselves as to the course next to be pursued. On Kspartero's arrival at Cadiz, he placed himself under the protection cf the British flig, embarking on board the Malibar, which immediately got under way tor England. In his retreat trombelure Seville, he was hotly pursued by Gen Concha. General O'Donnell has been appointed Captain General ot Cuba. General Van ifalen and many other officers ot Espartero's army were taken prisoners. The Extraordinary Gaiette, published on the 28th, announces the submission ot Saragosaa to the provisional government, on_ condition of the whole National Guard ot that city armed and organised under the control of the constitutional A imtaniirnfO. Market*. Lo!?do"? Merer Market, Aug. 9ih.?A fain or two y Bearoper?tot?, with a little money a took hi ought forward on b.?na fiJe account, haa jnat made the English fnmla | to | per cunt lo*er na re*pecta Conaola, but which have every app -arance, farored bjr the splendid weather, ol maintaining the lnte advance. The quotationa for preaent tranafer am 94| to }, and for time the aame. Exchequer Billa are V>< to SI* premium ; the New Three and a Halt per Onta lt)lj to | ; the Reduced, ItUf to | ; and tha Three per Centa, 961 to 94{. Bank Stock ta worth 18U, I and India Stook JMj to38?|. The report oi the Amtterdam market utatea that the [ERA: , 1843. lundi were better on Saturday, but that ?ale? on Monday last cauied them to recede again. The Dutch two-and a half per cei.ta were 63 1 16th to 1 9 ; (he five percent! I00|; Spanish 13 5 8 j the thr?e per cents, 37 3 4 ; and Portuguese 41 68. There wan an advance oftwo per cent in Mexican. The foreign securities are not so lively. Spanish active" have receded from 191 ?o IS), and the three per cent* to 30) to Mexican are31| to ?4J ; Chilian, 97$ to 09 ; Brazilian, 70J, and Paruvian, 30J. The Dutch two and a half per cents realise 53 io ViJ Lowdo* Giuin Makk?:t, Ai it. 9?There has been only a moderate arrival ot hnglnh Wheat since Monday, yet the stand* were, on the whole, tolerably VlllnMW with sample*. The weather being very favourable lor the growing crops, and thu attendance ol both London and country dealers icanty, the demand lor till kindi of home grown Wheat wa* excessively dull, und the prices bad a d* wn ward tendency . In Foreign VVheatv exceedingly littlo was doing, and moit kind* might have been purchased on lower terms. Barley and Mult were qui)* a* dear ; hut the inquiry for 0*ts, Beans, Teas and Flour was very ilow. Liverpool Cotton Markets, Aug.5.?The snle? to-day reached tfuOu bales, ol which speculators took 'J000 American at 3^ 11 Sit. Agnst 8 ?Males to-day of 5000 bales, of which (peculators took 16(10. The sale* include 680 bales Peruvian at 4ld, 400 Egyptian at 5d, and the remaining American at 3 J a ft I. Liverpool Com Marrkt, Aug. ?.?At this day'? market a very moderate extent of business was done in wheat, on every description ol which, except the Quest qualities, adecl neol 3d to 4 I per 70 lbs must be noted. Flour w?* 2s per sack; and Is per barrel lower. Theduty on Foreign Wheat was last Friday reduced 3s per quarter, Rye Is, and on Flour Is 'J|d per bbl. Several sales of Bonded Wheat have taken place. Polish Odessa at (H.anil Wol^ast ut fit (?l und Ai lid per70 lbs. Wheat per 70 lbs?English, old, 8s a 9; do new, 8s 6 9i 0; Irish, 64 a 8; Bonded, 4-? a (is I). Flour per 380 lbs. ?English, line, 43? a 47-j Irish, 43 a 40s; American per bbl, free, sweet, U. S., 31s 0 o 32s fld; Hour, 30 a 31*. State or Traok ? Manchkstkr, Aug. 8?We had a very extensive demand throughout the week fer the suCerior qualitin ol printiug cloth, and n small advance as been the result on goods ol' that description, while shirtings, Sic. generally Bought on India and China ac. count, Hre still very limited in demand, and prices are today only a shade highor than they were at the lowest point some seven or eight mouths ago. Domestics continue exceedingly^ depressed, and are likely to go still lower. Gray luslians are, if anything, both dull and lowor, and stocks very heavy. Twist continues ready sale, and the market very buoyant. A large business is doing. A Stmkk.?The master spinners at Ashton, &c., bring word to-day, that the operatives in the employ of one oi the most extensive spinning and weaving concerns in that town h?ve struck for higher wage*. It appears that the rates paid by various masters vary conuderably. The turnout is said to be to endeavor to get the masters to sanction a list ot prices which they (the operatives) have sent to all the establishment in the neighborhood, and that should this list not be adopted, there is then to be a general turnout. A meeting of the delegate* takes pi see to night. Kochdalk Flannel Market, Monday, Aug. 7.? There has been veiy little change to notico in the flannel market during the last three week*. The demand has been limited, considering the time of the year, and ttrlnna Innr Thoro still crrr nt innr.fivifv in thewool market, and the manufaciurors show no de Mire to buy, but for immediate use only. Pricea are ?tationary. The accounts from Staffordshire are rather more favorable; iron may be quoted about ten (hillings per ton better. Later prom Bermuda.?By the arrival of the brig Lady of the Lake, Capt. Wingood, we have received our regular files of the "Royal Gazette " and " Bermudian" to the 19ih u!t.f from which we glean the following :? The Legislature was prorogued by the Governor on the 16th of August to the 20iti of September. Lieut. Col. Arabin, of the Hoyal Artillerv, and commandant of the garrison, died at St. George's on the 17th. There was a severe gale at Hamilton on the 18th, but no damage by it is recorded. The Bermudian ofihe succeeding day says:? Every alternate minute it blew in gusts of alarming violence, and at each intervening lull apparently gathered force and fury, wherewith to ternly and carry the besom of destruction over the face of our Ules. The sea, lathed into a rage, beat fearfully upon the shore, and by the force of the wind, and its own violence, incessantly flung showers of salt ppray over the land, ilain also fell in abundance. The gale continued to rage with unmitigated force the whole of the afternoon, and iroin thesume point, until about 5 o'clock, when the wind began to veer more southerly. At six it had reached the South, without any abatement in ita violence, and continued to blow from that quarter in terrifying and fitful gutts, until midnight, when it gradually veered point by point in a westerly course, and as gradually began to lose its strength, and subside. At the time we write, (two o'clock this morning,) the wind is blowing I rem the south west rather smartly, but with comparatively little of the alarming lorce which characterized it a few hours previously. Notwithstanding the great violence of the gale, I which threatened devastawug ravages among property both on ^hore und alljat, we have unfeigned 1 gratification in stating, thdt so tar as we have had 1 opportunity ol innervation and inquiry, no injury ei- 1 ther to shipping or houses has taksn place. 1 New Granada'We have been favored wi'hthe ( perusal of a letter, dated Caly, June 6, 1843, and ( though nut of the latest date, its contents may pos1 i ess some interest. We, therefore, make the following extract " Thp mmntrv innuift for the moment, (will AN mighty knows haw long it will last; still the consequences of this last revolution are left in many instances. About two months ag?, there was a movement near Palmira, ot runaway slaves, and oiher vagrant people, so abundant, you know, in this country; they collected together in armed bobies, robbed some * Haciendas' near Palmira la Florida, tec., wounded and killed some mayor do mos, and did all kinds ot excesses. They increased to 200armed men, and Mere very near taking this city, none or very few troops being here, and they would have regularly plundered it had the government not seasonable sent some troops from Popayan to put a stop to the anarchy. But it is feared, and not without reason, that this will not be the last eruption ot this kind; there is no police, whatever, and there are so many runaway and emancipated negroes and other vagabond# dispersed over the 0|*n country,that we must eipect every momenta repetition of these scenes; and it is very difficult to catch them when they retire into the thick woods Though this movement seems not to have had any political tendency, it has justly alarmed the government. The demoralization is daily increasing, and by the state ot the country and the absolute want of means with the government to counteract licentious habits and dispoailions, it is easy to foresee, that in a short time, there will be noseruritytor life and property in the open country. Fi-. nally by the corruption and indolence of the inhabitants, and the spontaneous productiveness of this part of New Granada, it must go to utter rum ! There is not the least hope of the opening ot the road to the port ot Buenaventura, and the Supreme Government has an interest that it may not be opened. Sew York. [Correspondence of the Heral.t.J New York, Aug. 31, 1813. Crop? in the South?Com, Ptar, Pumpkin*, \c. gooti?Cotton a failwrt. Jamks Gordoi* Bennett, Esq Dhar Sir? In my communication of the 26 h inst , it did not i a the south?a subject of much interest to many of your readers, no doubt, just now, as there ure many of our planters and merchants sojourning with you during the summer months. I !? g permission to give you my opinion ot them now. Froi/i Mobile to Charleston, in South Carolina, embraces what I mean by the South, and being the only distance to which my retnHrks may am'ly- First, of the cropsofcorn, peas, pumpkins,See, they are excellent throughout, with scarcely any exception. Indeed, I never saw better. But the cotton crop throughout the whole distance, although the stalks are large and look very fine, and to one unacquainted with the growth of the plant, might seem to be certain to yield an abundant quantity, yet to one with the experience of twenty years in planting, like myself, gives but a melancholy pros|iect for the planter- In ordinary seasons I have knowu hand* to pick out a hundred pounds of reed cotton in the latter week of July, but now, on my trip from the 14th to the IB h of August, I can lately say that I did not see one single open boll in all my travels The season has continued to be wet, as I learn, and the weed continues to grow without sunshin* to open the bolls. I hardly ever knew a wet summer to fail to bring an early Irost. S.x weeks are generally allowed tor cotton tomatore Irom the blossom This, then, will leave but a very short season for cotton to mature, if frost comes at about the ordi nary time. So that under the most favorable v;ew i of the case I should judge from 1,MM> to 1,W> thou- I sand half a a good yield tor such a season. Vours, See., ? A Tjuvexxoui fion Mollis. | LD. Prlc? Two Crate. Klorl?ln rO>rr*?pondenc? of the Hxrald.] Dttrovery of Mineral Springt?Aruilytii of H'atm ?Etiatt of Major Taytor?Snl, Climate, Q-c.? Orange Orovet, Magnolimt, Sfe. James Gordom Bbnnktt, Esq. Since the war whoop haa died away among ihe everglades and along the savannas of Florida, and the exciting reports of midnight surprises, family massacres, murderous ambuahes, swamp fights, dro., have ceased to greet our eye?t aa we untold our morning snm, inis Hruiiou 01 our cuumrj n ucgm* ninp to be regarded with much interest; and information respecting its soil, climate, capacities of production, and general resources, is eagerly sought after. Many erroneous notions respecting it havo been corrected, and the experience of those who have resided there proves that portions of it ara not only healthy, but admirably adapted to promote that "otiu?trumIi^nilate"whiali we all so ardently desire. The richness of its soil, the luxuriousnesn of ita scenery, the advantHgrs of its location, and the variety ot its production*, all unite to render it one of the loveliest portions of our glorious laud?the very garden spot ol tnese United Stales Hut its embedded treasures have not yet been drawn lortli. New discoveries of importance are constantly being made. Among them my attention hasbeeu called to four rem trkable springs, recently discovered on the estate ot Major Taylor. The water ot these springs has been analyzed by Dr. Jamea II. Chilton, of your city, to whom the Major sent samples for that purpose, and the following ia the result:? The flrit, called Upper Salt Spring, furnished, from one pint ef water, forty -one graiui inline matter, chloride of sodium predominating, chloride of (odium, chloride of magnesium, carbonate of lime, sulphate of lime, oxide of iron, chlorido of calcium, carbonate of soda, carbonate of magnesia, sulphate ol magnesia, silicia and vegetable matter. Second?White Sulphur Spring?One pint gives # S grains mattor, viz: chloride of sodium, ohloride of eslf?iiim ourlmnotn nf tin* phlori/4aa rtf ma<rnitsihm lulphatH oi limp, carbonate or mHgnesium, a trac." of iron. Third?Salt Spring?Seventy-four grxins per pint, via: chloride, ol fodinm, chloride ol magnesium, sulphate of magnesia, carbonate ot lime, chloride of calcium, sulphate of lime, carbonate of soda, carbonate of magnesia, a trac* of iron, vegetable matter, hr V.o. Fourth?Blue Sulphur?One pint yield* ten grain*, viz: chlorideof sodium, chloride of magnesium, sulphate of magnesia, carbonate ol magnesia, chloride of calcium, sulphate of lime, carbonate of lime, iodide ot sodium, Teg* table matter, Ice. All these waters are strongly impregnated with sulphuretted hydrogen and carbonic acid gas. Dr. Chilton remarks, tn conc'usion, that it must he evident to any one acquainted with the ingredients of these waters, that the springs possess medicinal properties ol a high order. Wnat id so singular in regard to these springs is, that they should all have their origin and hold their course so nearly alike, meandering along within 200 yards of each other, 10 (heir outlet at Lake Munroe. There was a legend rife in Spain many years ago, (hat iu this same flowery and fertile country there was a stream ot chrymal water, whose msgio charms upon the human tytttn conld stay the wrinkles of age, and write unfading beauty on the glowing cheek of youth. In fact it was uttered and believed by many that this hidden spring would secure all who should drink of it perpetual freshness, strength and vigor?and prolonging life's little day to its ancient r.uriiiion. It was under this impression that Ponce Dillon in 174H undertook this hazardous but romantic excursion to tkia theu wild and forest land. But his adventures were destined to he crowned with di4appoiutni<'n<, and the manly browa of his country's chivulric sops, and the blooming cb>eka of her lovely daughters, were still doomed to fee I the blight of ge, and yield 'heir freshness and their beauty an uuwiliing offer ng at the footstool ot old lyrantTime. It is sHid, however, th;it these very springs aro no other than those in search of which Ponce I illon came, but be that as it may, we will not claim for ihern all that Spanish fiction did. Under the Arndt occupation law, Florida has increased most rapidly. You are also aware there is a proposed mml route, which will connect Fort Vlellen with Tampa Fay by railroad. The New York mail to New Orleans, will then paas by inland water navigation from St. Mary's to Fort Mellon? thus shortening the time of transportation several days, while it will benefit Florida very materially. But 1 have already spun out this letter to a length not intended when I commenced- In my next (should this meet your approbation,) I propose to gtve a more particular description ol the country Mroiind thf St .Tulins river and Lake Munroe?to 'tike you with me in imagination, as I would be l>ieased to do ii reality, along their verdant bank*, in the clear moonlight, while the odor of the magnolia and the orange unite to perfume the balmy air, ind as you wander through the rich groves of the >ne, or recline amidst the *hady bowers of the other, if you are not forced to exclaim, with the poet, " If there be an Ely(iam on sarth, it i* thi?, it to this," then I shall deem you far more insensible to the charms of nature, than I could ever suppose one pos eRsing your taste, fancy and teeiing. Major Taylor's estate is snuate at Enterprise, on mid about the St Johns; he is a Virginian by birth, and settled here in 1841; he is about sixty veart of age, and unites to all the qualities ol a true Virginia gentleman, the practical knowledge of an American farmer. GENERAL PRINTINC* ESTABLISHMENT, N. W. CORNER OF FULTON AND NASSAU 8TB. Ih supplied with every material necessary for the prompt, M>t, ami economical execution of every description of is&zsm <30$ ff&aareajaa. Public attention is requested to this establishment, in the assurance that ample satisfaction will Ixr given?? regards typography, press-work, and charges?to those who rsqmrr fancy or common, large or small work cheaply and expeditiously eaecuted. LABELS. CHECKS. WAYBILLS, CIRCLLARJ. SHOW BILLS, BALL TlCKKTiL STEAMBOAT BILLS, BILLS Of LADING. RAILROAD BILLS, BUSINESS CARDS. STAGE BILLS. CATALOGUES. PHAMPLETS, BILL HEADS. HANDBlLS, NOTES, ron ^ THEATRES, CIRCUSF.S, CONCERTS, MUSEUMS. LECTXJRES, PUbLIC MEETINGS, Or any other plares when* the largest description of printing is required. The facilities for this work are not equalled by any otlce in this city, for, besides the large assortment of PlAJtf AW3> ?33tfj\3d2iiv]'7A!L TYM, This establishment has the LARGEST PHKSSKS IN THK CITY. Great pains have lieru taken to provide ever, latenal that c*11 liossibly be of Krricc, and therefore persons having occasion for Showbills, will find it greatly to their advantage to pwronil* his establishment. tC7"Any site or form of Bill can bajfenmhed at eery short notice, at any hour, night or day, by rapplying in the fourth story to Joseph Elliott. aulltf BOOK-KEEPING. 'l^HOMAS JONKS, Areonntant, 111 roadway,'continues * throughout the Summer months to receive pupils who are practically and thoroughly instructed ,,, the various duties ol the desk. Private lessons are g??n when preferred. Pnblished and for sale by the author as a bore?" Jons s Pn?? ciplcs and Practice of B?M>kkee|.|ii?t" Jvo. tl M. i.hli work has been adopted in many of the Brst Academic institutions iu this country, and has been republished in England F?r svnofisis of this improved method of teaching, Ms ait. 1 Hani's Merchant's .Magitine, Dec. IMI, Accountantship?Accounts Mi'Uted in enses or dispnta, Itti' gation, insolvency or death. Books opeced or baUuced. a3 I in "re PHILADELPHIA DAGUERREOTYPE ESTAF1.1?HMENT. EXCHANGE BUILDING, ROOMS W fc 77. THE Subscribers, hiving procured the Agency for the sals sf 1 VOToTANDER'S DAOyEHREQTV PE APPARA' TUS, constructed according te Professor Peers a Is calimlation have on hand a large assortment of these Apparatus, and artists >< well as imateur. ol' their art. wishing >o procure a good ap paratua, will find it to tlwir advantage to procurr instramanta nt this construction. they alao ha?e lately imported a lam quantity of < ?m? i and French plataa, and all tha clienocala used ini their art, which ih?\- warrant in rmv rwpcct, m thay >i? nuorto inrir or<l?". I'olislung substance*. and noiotct laaea. and all neceaaary materials ar? told on th<* most iwtaoaalile terms rn? following irantlemen Kara agreed to a?t aa chrir agents, via:? E. wl.itr Kaq 175 F oa-'way, N. Y.( f- E*J., Washington. D. C. Dr. A. I'aspiri, Uirl.mond. Va. P. Lanrvna, K.airj., $.irannan. (h. Wilium VVmt, K?|. Cincinnati) Ohio. \ll commanications (post pair) and ontoff, accoaipaatad ztzr,w'" M> I lm*r Kichanite Bmlding. Phila. i BATHER AND KI.VDfNO STORK. ?J 8priag atn?t, Li two doors IV"m tha corwr of Washington streat, near ' liaton Market, >?f.Vork. Constant y on hand a fatiaral aa ortmeui of and t'pper Leather, Black Morocco and Kid <kiaM. with P?*. "n*' Lamhahin Bindings.Shoe Threads, i.aaliiik-s tlallooua. Ribbons, Sh??tinj?a, Linen and Laathsr I ming*. Boot Cofdan<i W.'hha, Boot Trees, Lasts, Hammsra, l iaerrs, 4wls audi I teas, with a full aaanrtment of Shoemairfa Toola.iol th* most npprovad patterns. ..1i?*? WAitKKN" .ta-sf f l?XHES! LEECHES ! ! LEECHES :! !-OO.M? larga la a s| healthy Swedish and Oertnan Laachrs. jaat received and 1'.nno Swedish and (Jerman Leechea daily aipectcd, per Waa^ir^toa and Howard, from Hamburg. for saja aj,w 41 im. ^ *m?

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