Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 5, 1843, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 5, 1843 Page 2
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e.a kt UiM MTtM on Tharaday, rnd a loll average WMBl of huameaa wu done in manufactured gooda, nirn being eery firm There wm a briak demand for yarn*. bet'iTor h - consumption and asportation, and price* we<? lull) aupported. Tueie waa a good supply el noil, *hich prevailed h ghrr Itimi being roaliwd aiihounh th<-r>- ?? a lair l>uain?-?a done. H?ui? ?i ? rh. re uat a good attendant at tbia nark at on unlay, and a fair demand or manufactured attiffj, capecially > raja liatiugt, aud tor all detentions of good* piioea ware Arm. The yarn martlet ?(i rather more active, aud a> the stock ? were rather low, prices rather looked up Tbri* waaagood (apply ot ordinary wooli at former rates but machine akin wool waa rather icaree and looewhal higher Hvddca?riki.d.?The continued loencia of the wea ther hat a|rery tavorehle e?*ct upon the fancy trade of thia diatrict ; hence we bail a very active demand lor uearly all descriptions of goods, fjr w hicli lair pricea were obtained , and it seems not improbable that the demand will couiinue lor some time longer. The pricea ot woola war* Arm, from anespectatlon that they would go up at the sales then taking place in London. Laco? ? Considerable activity is itill manifested in the woollen trade at thiadiatrict, th?ugli perhap* the amount , of business tranaacted in the Cloih Hall* iince our laat , hai not h?M>n ftillvr *nnil tr% that r.f th?? t wo nm'ptiinff mar- ! ket day*. Price* art fully maintained- Kor domestic | ooasunption there ii b (ocJ kuiiness doing in article* suited to*be Autun.n trade. Nottiwoh.m?The Nottingham Jonrnal of to day | state* that such i? the lanientsble condition ol the denand . for silk boater) , including stocking* and glove*, that I some ol the bouses have atopped all their frames, and than have limber limited employment. Thi* deplorable (tateof tbing* U alike at Derby, Bel per, and Mans. | field. Hochoal* ?There i* vary little change in the flannel market to day. Paihapa, upon the whole, there ha* been a rather better demand for good*, but no improvement in price*. The wake* in the neighboring village* ar* now ukiag place every week, and thi* cau*e* fewer good* to be hi ought to the market. The wool market ia yet lan&ui I, and price* much the same a* the prcviou* week. Hivac, Aug. 16 ?Ashe*?American Potach has experienced a Might decline, and 76 bbl*. ex r?f cted from New ^ ark were sold at Mo par 60 kil.daty (if?i6) paid Pearl a*h has been without inquiry, and remains a* tietore quot? I, at MS 60 a -?fl The Emerald and Iowa had on board 664 bblt potash. Our stock comiats of ouly 800 bbl* Pot*, and lOOIibl* Pearl*Cotton*?Since last report our market ha* exhibited a conaiderable degree of activity; the demand ha* been, generally speakiac. very extensive, and if at interval* the transactions have been must be ascribed rather to the backwardness of holders in bringing lorward sufficient assortments than to any reluctance on the part ol dealers to operate (reely. The more cheering character of the accounts from tne English, as well aa Irom our own manufacturing district*, have in some ne>ure contributed to the amendment that ha* taken place, which the pronitiou* State of the ?-<nther has aim promoted But the improvement ba> not been confine 1 merely to the animation that hai been displayed, piic<a having likewise felt it* beneficial influence, and undergone an advance on nearly all U Slates descriptions, which may be written at 13 on ordinary and inferior qua lities, and fl on middling grade*. Judging from the am attitude aatumed by aellt-r*, and the fact of our stock fait diminishing, there s. ems to be substantial ground lor anticipaunc still further umeliorition in bu-iness, which hop.- acquires mlditionjl strength by the leeling o( confidence that is now prevalent, and the lavorable aspect of things in g' n-ral. Coff.e?Our market ha* again been quite flat, and pri. cea barely mainti in themselves at our quotations. The sales tiav.-been on a restricted aoale, and consist of 1?>60 b4??S: Domingo at S43 to 36j am hags Brazil at 33|c to 38A, aii<1 15 barrels, prime, at 66; 4<>7 bugs Laguiiyra, at 40| to 69, in bond, ami 637 bale* Bourbon, at fl 03J to 1 06 tier ball ail., >iuty paid. Imports?3 918 bags Biazil, 6,183 nags E ?st Inrtii,an 1 81 bags St. Domingo. Stock, 1S.6U9 bags at, D >miDgo,8,3110 bae? Biazil, 360 cusks, 6,600 bags Havana, Laguayta, 8t-, 8,60# bags bast India, 100 hales Bjnrbon 700 bales Mocha, and 340 casks from our West India possessions. Hi l?-a?Good South American H<des, dry, are scarce and it request, and would n>e>t with a ready sale The transactions since last report consist of 1.419 Buenos Ayre-, drv, at 74c to78?, 1000 Montevideo, wet raited, a' 33} -;316 NdW Orleans do at 33Jo; 400 Rio do|*t 31 Jc;3 S>K) Cartbagena, dry, at 68'; 1,017 B ihia do at 43|c tu 46}, and 1.230 East India Cow Hi Us at 61}c to 66 par hall kit , duty paid. Imports?-1,300 Rio, 1 667 Bahia, 1,480 New Or leans, 760 trom New York. Lead?Nothing has been done in Missouri Lead, which we quote -t f.33 60 to 33 61J per 60kil., duty paid. Wh have received 4 671 pig* by different vessels, irom New Orleans. Rice?This article remains in the tame state of stagnation as last noticed, but prices have undergone no altera, tion, and we still quote them at 1.30 60 to 34 60 per 60kil. duty (f 1 374) paid. An arrival of 461 casks came by the Emerald and Iowa, from New York. Stock, 800 tiercesTallow?Prices have advanced since last report, and 93 casks New Orleans found huvers at t 64 per 60 kil., duty paid. 60 tons New York, deliverable within the next two months, wire token at t 67 60 to 1.67 874- 130 casks Buenos Avres fetched f At. and All ra?ba Hnuia ..... - T f 67 AO per ?> kil, likewise duty paid. A supply of 20 casks rami' in the Emerald. Whalebone?Scarcely any demand h:c ttikrn place this week, the auly sale bein^ about 4 torn. American fishery, at f2 70 per } kil., duty paid. The market is upon the whole dull, and prices have rat'ier a do wnward tendency. By theEmeiald we received 2b4 bundles, and 67 bundles rri red coast w ise. Woods?N ) demand whatever has been manifested in Campeachy logwood, which we quote at 111 to 11 24 for Spaauh cut. We have to record sales of 46 tons St. Do min^o logwood at f 7 43 to 7 60, and 10 tons Fustic at t 7 60 p?iv?0 kil, also duty paid. Some importations arrived from St. Oomingo.our colonies and coastwise. In other articles, we have received from the United States, 1269 casks tobacco, IftQ bags bees w?x, 6 bales wool, 20 cases tes, 600 bbls flour, 6 case* rhubarb, 18 bbls caster oil, 60 bbls iron ore and 29 bbls balsam. ? -.August 17.?Our mail this morning put us in possession o( American news brought by the steamship to Liverpool; it had not, however, any effect upon our msrket- Holders of Cotton still demand the advanced rate, which has limited the sales. Ashes are quoted at 40. In oth*>r article* of American produce there is nothing to report. Mskseillks?Cotton Irom the United States continues very calm, aaJ the only tarnsaations we heard of, was of 62-t bales Lousiana on delivery, respecting quality and price we remained ignorant; 724 bales ordinary and very ordinary Jumel told at 66jfr. and 103 bales Naplouse found bu yen at 64 fr. Rice was in mare request, and paid with 21 i to23|, and S3 fr. per 60 kilograms. (food bills remsin very scarce; money, on the contrary, abundant. On Amsterdam, nothing occurred; London was calmer ; paper on Spain in request ; Vienna and Trieste vary scarce, and Paris much sought after. Musical and Dramatic ('bit-Chat. Mr. Buckstoue has been elected chairman and treasurer ot the general theatrical fund Clara Novello has been playing Amina, in " La Sonnambula," with great auccrta in Cork. Fanny El'-'er proceeds to fulfil an engagement at tne Dublin Theatre Cento ?eta oft lor Italy, and makes her dtbut at Perugia on the rir-t <>( next month. Mile. Rachel, who 19 in delicate health, has left Ly?ns tor tfwuzeiland, where the tragic actress is expected to remain until the end ot the mon>h. It appear* that there are upwards ot 500 journals in Ctiioa are consecrated exclusively to -tie music*! art, and that almost all the considerable capitals contain two or th'ee th-atres for operas. Tne op?-raof the " Puruani," the panle deux be tween Cento and Ellsler, ihe National Anihem, and the baJ.'et of " O/idine," brought matters to a close at her Majesty's theatre on Saturday night. | The house was exceedingly well attended. On Monday night, a version of Mr. Balfe's opera ! of'Le Puits d'Amour" was produced at the Princess's Theatre, London, under the title ot "Geraldine, or the Lover's Well." It was very success- ' ful. Mr. Henry W&llack has become the lessee of Covent Garden Theatre, which will be opened under the new management ib the latter end ot Septem ber. Thr Manchester Theatre Royal. ?Mr. Robert Roxby will open the Manchester I heatre on the I I4ih ot October next with Shakspeare'a piay ot the Tempest. Mr W Beverlev t? pointing a new drop, 1 and some novelties wnl b* introduced in the decor- I ative department. Mr. Charles Pitt. Mr. Samuel Butler, Mum Emily Montague, ot the Theatre Royal, j Edinburgh, and Mr Reeve, a tenor siuger, have been already engaged. The manager of the Cork theatre has engaged Clara Novello, Miss Helen Faucit and Mr. Anderson. New Mcsic ?A very pretty piece of music in four flats, has just been put>lifh?*d hy Me?*rs (;ramer, Adtlieou and Beale, and will become a favorite with the rair sex from the tender sentimentality ot ihe wordt, and the appropriate character ot the score. The latter is ihe production ot our townsman, Mr. Georg- H Thorn,?'<n, who has before been very succrMtuI in hi* adaptation ot original melodies to , pretty pieces ot poetry ; the former are Irom the ; l?e" of Mr. John Cartrae, and this joint tribute to the I mum and St. Cecilia in dedicated to Mm Phusbe j Hutton aa their re pre* nt alive. WiLaon, the vocal it, is i-till giving Concert*. {JO-There are two Revenue Cuttera being built at Pittsburg, entirely of .luniutta Iron?one intended lor l~ak<- GnWr.o, is 14',l feet long by 24 feet beam, und will be profiled by cne high pressure engin? aud ihe Ericsson acrew t her ribs are constructed, show ng a light and beautiful model. The other cutter is intened for the Gull of Mexico, and will be launched there, and descend the Ohio and Mississippi. ?he is 160 leet long by 23 leet beam, will be propelled by two high pressure en nines, and by Hunter's plan. Each of these cutter* will mount two large pivot Faixan guns. Capt Howard, who is superintending the construation ol these vessels, has made a most beautiful row-boat ot iron ; it u 81 feet long by 4 feet wide, and weigh*only 27o pounds. 03-The U. 8. ship Levant, Commander Hugh N. Page? having on board ths Hon. George M. Profflt, Minister to the lirauls, and Mr, Hackett, .Secretary ol Legation?dropped down to Hampton n ota* irom nonoi* on inurMay Imi, and wu to procred to Kt with th' firat fair wiod. NKV\ YORK HERALD. York Taeiltjr, 5, ! *' Tub Fokkion ? W?* l??t li^hi nctitwl the foreign Qfwi by the Biitdnuis, which will b? found on our finl |wge- It was conveyed to thin city by ' Hrtrudrn'u express with the despatch which always characterises that enterprising and spirited establishment Without being very striking in anyparI ticular instance, the news, nevertheless, possesses ; considerable interest. In Ireland the Repeal movsi me tit is found to interlere with the operations of trade, and hence by attempting to remove one evil another is created. The news from Spain is not without interest, but the reader will find all the information from that andall other parts of the world in itaappropriate place. To morrow we shall publish another letter from Mr. Bennett, written irom Edinburgh after visiting ??" auu vtuci i'uiiioub 111 ocouana. The Administration or Criminal ju?ticc?Important Trials to tare Place this Term.?On yesterday, several of ihi courts for the administraI tion of criminal justice, were opened for the present term A few remarks bearing ea the respectability and efficiency oi our tribunals?the increase of crimt?the means in our power to chcck it, and the manner in which they hive heretofore been employed, are thus suggested. We can imagine no subject of greater interest and importance than this. It cannot be too often presented to public attention. The very existence of a community, as oue of peace, order, and prosperity, depends on the | rigid administration of aa enlightened and just | criminal law. tt ia a-paiuful truth, but it must be told?heretofore, offenders against good order and morals, have not been dealt with, in all cafes, in a manner calcu- ( lated to inspire much respect for our institutions, or elevate us as a social body in the eyea of others. , Even in instances, where the offence was ptcu- , liarly aggravated, inasmuch as it struck directly at , the public interests and the general safety, and did , not injure a mere private individual chiefly, there , has been a laxity?or indeed, to speak more accu- . rately, and designate things by their proper names? , a shameless absence of all acti#n on the , part of the recognized guardians of our i temples of justice, and the supremacy of the ( Lw, criminals of the worst character have been | suffered to continue their polluting presence in a , society which they had dishonored and disgraced, , and against whose reputation and welfare they had | aimed the deadliest (.lows. Again, in other in- f stances, whfn owing to the fidelity of some particular officer of justice, or the persevering energy of the private prostcutor, offenders have been brought to trial, there have been so repeatedly exhibited uawarrantable delay in the infliction or inadequacy in the measure of punishment, that the legal formalities have been converted into farcical nenentuiea. He who moat respects and loves his country, and most earnestly desires her welfare and the respectability of the community of which h;is a member, will be the readiest to acknowledge these melancholy truths; and will cordially join us in the langunge of an indignant remonstrance addressed to those at whose door the chief authorship of the evil anu u is gramying 10 nau mat there is a rapidly growing disposition on the part of the respectable portion of our fellow citizens to effect a thorough, searching and complete reform of our modes of administering criminal justice, and preserving the peace and good order of society. We tell our officers ot justice, then, that the eyes ot the frienrls ot law, and order, and justice are upon them, and that infidelity, <r inefficiency in ihe discharge ol the solemn duties ot their trust shall not pass unnoticed or unpunished. During this very term there will be ample opportunities of discovering their willingness and ability to maintain the law's omnipotence, and to show that it is really amongst us what it is intended to be?"a terror to evil doere, and a praise to thoee who do well." Let there, then, be no shrinking from the full discharge of doty in thecases of those offenders who hav? outraged public decency by blasphemy and scurillity?wantonly slandered private character?and commuted acts of the grossest violence in our streets. It shall not be our fault if the press forget or shrink from its duty. We shall sustain to the fullest extert, the faithful public officer; and be as energetic and persevering in our exposure of him who exhibits a different character. Medical Coroners ?Amongst the few instances to be met with of any regard being paid to the qualifications oi candidates lor office, irrespective | of their claims on tbe dominant " party'* for a share of the " spoils," we hare of late observed that in various sections cf the country, in the election of ( educated physicians to ditch trge the important du- < ties of Coroner. We wiEh that medical knowledge ( were in all cases made au indispensable qualified- < tion in candidates for the Coronerehip. Without that knowledge it is sufficiently obvious that in a great number of instances the duties of the office < cannot be adequately discharged. This is no party I question, and we trust that our views do not need t more particular exposition to commend ihem to 1 general approbation. Whatever candidates each ( party may nominate for this office, let them be me- s dical men of intelligence ?md experience. h Calhoun Meeting in the Paek ?A large con- * course of people assembled in the Park yesterday afternoon, in accordance with a call for the friends a of Calhoun. Dr. Stephen Hasbrouck of the 14th > Ward, the active opponent of the recent School Law, was made chairman, and some dozen other persons appointed as assistant officers. There wu very lit'le enthusiasm in the meeting, although a large portion of the audience, through which we moved, appeared to talk and act as though opposed to Van Buren. James H. Brady, Esq , being called for, addressed the meeting in a speech of over half an hour, in which he avowed his preferences for i Mr. Calhoun as a candidate for the Presidency, and dwelt forcibly upon the urinciDles that this statesman had nailed at his mast-head. Mr. Barber followed, and the meeting ad- ' journed with great quietude and decorum. A long address and resolutions, of the usual character, were presented and read, which appeared to be a declaration of p'inciples of the Calhoun party of this city. 'tr>- Count Zabrelo, Charge d'Affaires from Ru?. sia, haa arrived in Washington to take charge of the Kustian embassy during the absence of Baron B^dtsco, who pays a visit to his native land.? Mr. Williams, the fail er of Baron Bodisco's wile, | died at Georgetown on Thursday last, and this event may occasion some delay in the Baron's departure. Mr. Williams was a clerk in the War Department. fjj- Joseph Buonaparte, brother of Napoleon, and Ex-King tl Spain, arrived in Washington on Thursday last. (JO Josef h L White, Ehi , late member of Congress from Indiana, and one of the ablest ntatemen, and bf?t ora'ora, and soundest lawyers from the Western country, has taken up his residence in this city, where he will pursue his profession as a lawyer. Mr. While is de?t ned to occupy a proud position at th? bar of this city. i Tiik National Liberty Party Conveniiox.? | This Convention, which has been sitting at Buffalo recently, has nominated candidates for the Presidency and Vice Presidency. J. (*. Birney has been nominated as the Presidential candidate, and Thomas Morris as Vice President. The vole was unanimous. 148 votes beinft cast. jj* un iue at un.,tne sword made lor Commander Alexander Slidel Mackenzie, by order of a number ol citixeHB ol Philadelphia, was presented to that officer by the committee appointed for that purpose. It nktk* Rains bdt it Pouts, ia an old hying, the general truth of which it frequently brought home to the mind of every individual. The event* of the last four and twenty hours have crowdeo upon each like "thick coming fancies.'' In dif. ferent columns of this day's paper will be found, each under its appropriate head, medical, financial, casual and criminal occurrences, which startled the public mind in succession. The robbery ol Rockwell's well-known jewelry store in the Astor House, had scarcely elicited the public sympathy for the sufferers, and indignation at the inefficiency ol our police, wlitn Wall street was electrified by the promulgation of forgerirs, which, for variety and extent, have not been equalled for years. The particulars will be found under the money head, ana are moat extraordinary. A youth ol some eighteen years, hitherto of good character, delibe. erately perpetrates iorgeries which may reach $50,000, draws the money and takes passage lor a foreign land, with the coolness, deliberation, and sagacity which generally mark maturer years, and a Ion* acquaintance with crime. The checks which he forged are beautifully engraved, being done expressly for the firm, and the filling up was done in a manner to deceive the best judges. Some which we saw were signed by the firm and drawn in favor of W. H. Priest, the cashier for the firm, whose endorsement was done in an admirable manner. This method of making the checks payable to the cashier's order was adopted for safety, that the bank tellers might all be more familiar with his endorse meat. Yet they were all, without exception, deceived, and the frauds discovered only by finding the accounts overdrawn. These transactions were the theme of conversation in Wall street, when a new impulse was imparted by the fall of a young gentleman from the piazza of the Exchange building upon the stone side walk, spattering his blood around as he struck. His name wa? Oddie, and, medical assistance being procured, hopes were entertained of his recovery. To this succeeded the report of the robbery of the PhoBnix Bank porter, .iic nmoiini ion was, nowever, not large, By this time the heat was melting, the thermometer higher ban it has touched before this season; and the imaginations of men proportionally excited and ready for he mass meeting in the Park in the afternoon, and he arrival ot the English steamer in the evening What city but New York has such a variety and ;onstant lecurrence of excitement'? The yellow ever in other and slow moulded cities may be a /ery respectable sort of a fever, but amid the whirl and excterm-nt oi the metropolis, it would lave to " sing email." It is nothing to the news ever. British Justice and British Morality.?The sonduct of the Britith government in the adminisration of the affairs ot its Canadian provinces, has til along aflorded precious specimens of tVeir ideas >f justice and popular rights, and the maintainance of ts own characteristic reputation. But we do no? luppose that there can be found any act recorded in hat painfully instructive history, which exhibits nore fully the misgovernment of the provinces, than he manner in which the participators in the latt struggles have been treated. Several of the promilent popular leaders now enjoy lucrative offices inder the government, whilst others, not perhaps so ictive as these, have been robbed of their property, ind dtiven forth homeless wanderers on the face of he earth. Look at the case of the poor man, *hobe name we do not now recollect, who made lis escape from Botany Bay, after suffering five rears of the greatest suffering. He, we think, was mnished pretty severely, and surely had somewhat :lainis on the mPTrifiil mnaiHerntinn nf flio ??/?? ? V. V 8vf rnment, than men who actually suffered nothing, lie, however, could not be such a serviceable tool, ind has been therefore left to hia fate. There are many many similar cases ot hardship. We are gratified to observe that the partial pardon of Papineau, Brown and O'Callaghan, continues to excite much dissatisfaction amongst many even of the most attached friends of British power in Canada. Every principle of justice requires that there should >e a general amnesty at once. It has been moat inrighteously delayed. Prcohess of Enterprise in the West.?A very ntereating meeting took place at Alleghany on Saturday last, for the rurpoee of adopting measures or the construction of a steamboat wharf. A comnodtous harbor entirely secure from the ice, capa>le of containing one hundred steamboats, and having a communication with the canal and the Ohio, :an it teems be constructed for #40,000. From the ipirit exhibited at the meeting and the energetic manner in which the project has been liken up, we have no doubt that it will be brought to a successful lumiutuon. Fire ?The dwelling bouse, with most of the con:ents, belonging to and occupied by Mr. John Wyckcfl', of New Lotts, L.I .,was entirely consumed :>n Saturday evening last, about halt past 11 o'clock, rhe loss was partly covered by insurance. Tur Italian TnourK ?The troupe of Italian3(>era Singers, who have been for some months joth West and South, but more recently in Baltinore and Philadelphia, have arrived in this city. We some month* since, when they were in New Orleans, discussed their relative merits, and decribcd this company entire, and we arehaipyto lear that they are about to aflord our fellow citi. ens an opportunity to enjoy their delightful music. The names of the persons composing this troupe, ,ad of the operas which they intend to produce, ,re as follows iiMIIOf THK FlSIT ffmOBRI OF THI ITALIAN CoMr ART. Mrs. Coraini, Mr?. M <)occhi? Prim* Donna. Mr. Antorniai, Mr Peroxl? Primi Ttnori. Mr Valtellina, Mr balvtt ? Primi Batii. Namm pf thi OrrKit that will ii mruHtD. J. Purltani, by Bellini. Lucia dl Lammcrmoor, by Donizetti. Norms, by Bellini. rtliurlt.H Donicetti. Ormma di V?nty, by Donizotti. Marino ltaliero, by Donisatti. We have not yet learned where they intend to appear; it may be at the Park?probably at Niblo's. Frkncii Opera at Ni?u>'s.?M'selle Calvl, the justly popular singer, appears at Niblo's to-morrow, where she is engaged in connection with the French company for three nights only, as she makes her deL..a ?a nLII- J.I 1 .1-- ? i?L ? ?*??- r uui ai x uiiHuri|?riii on uie itm insi. inc very lavorahle impression ihis lady created among the lmaittut of mane, cannot (ail to make her engagement gratifying to the public and profitable to the proprietor. ThrQParr Theatri ?It will be Been by a reference to the list of pasrengers by the Britannia, that Mr. Simpaon of the Park Theatre haa arrived, bringing with him the old American favorite, Jamra Wallack. The Tneatre will open within the week, but on what precise day is not yet determined. Ninuo's ?Anoiher crowded saloon last night was attracted by the new paniomime of the "fi5 Misfortunes of Kortunatus," which has undoubtedly made a greater hit than any other production of the Ravels. This is mainly to be attributed to Gabriel, who plays the leading comic character, in which he improves nightly. The scenery, machinery and tricks are beautifully designed and executed, and but which will be repaid tenfold it the audiences continue as great an they have since the first night Of courae it will be playd this evening, with the ii*ht rope, Italian Brigands, dancing by Madam*Leon and Mona. Martin, <tec. The fiaeopenaaloon of Niblo must secure a great portion rf ihe amusement loving public during the pr?;aent sultry weathei. Erratum ? A line ot Mr. Jamea Bergen's state mentin our paper of yesterday whs oini'.ted, which made it read?"And a Grand Jury have found a bill for the alleged subornation," when it should have read " That a Giand Jury have found a bill for the alleged conspiracy, and did not find a bill for the alltgti tubornatitn." IfTMU* Convention. " Am thin Convention will be held this day, we hav -iespatcbed a special correspondent to give us th lullcet detail* of a 1 that may occur in an asseuiblag which will have so important an influence oa th weal or woe ot the United States for some years t< come. Our correspondent lelt New York on Sun day evening, and trom Albany, en his way up, hi thus writes to us: ? Albany, Monday, 4 o'clock A. M. Politii?? Accidtnlt? j4ni Fun. Last evening the delegates from N?*w York, Kings Queens, Suffolk and Richmond counties, mad? their appearance on board the steamer South Amer ica, foot ot Courtiandt street, New York, at precise ly 5 o'clock. In the New York delegation, twt alterations were made from the origiaal "ticket.* Old Ironsides Purdy, ol the lOih Ward, withdrew and substituted in his place, Dr. Wiseman. In the I2ih, Alderman Brevoort withdrew, and substitute! S. D. Moulton. Both of these changes will kick up a regular row in their respective wards. Pet< Quia, of the 12ih, was determined to be the sub stitute for Mr. Brevoort, but he being a strong Cal houn mao, Brevoort was equally determined h< should not. Quin carries the 12th Ward upon hii back, and he made the delegation to suit himself but through some means he lost Bight of the Presi dential question, and got himself completely caged Among the "lobby" members from New York are Levi D Slamm, (one of his hands in a sling and report says it was injured by the discharge of i pistol, whilst practising at a target, by way of prepa ration,) Ex-Consul Thomas N. Carr, Peter Smith (the betting man of the 7th Ward,) and Jerry'Towl the Naval Officer. Scarcely had the boat swung from the wharf when politics were made the order, " not of th< day," but of Sabbath evening. Slamm and Car immediately pitched upon the Van Buren member of the deleffationn. anH lh? u/ni> ihm md tH?n lectures of instruction was a tin to motuet. Slamn declared that JohnMcKeon took delight in raising h?11 with every Irishman in New York; that h< had belied Mr. Van Buren d?d rascally, and the moment the convention was over he woHld bring the rascal to an account through the columns ol the " Plebeian." The four immortal Calhoi^ members of the New York delegation were bus^ engaged in concocting plana to carry the di/^ct system through the convention, or burst it ui*

On the steamer nearing Fort Lee, Mr. J ft rard, cf the New York " bar," exchtagja signals with his wife from the shore, w hich c?med considerable amusement. Many of the passengers not exactly understanding the familiarity, commenced waving their handkerchiefs, and as the fair one continued to throw her linen to thfc breeze, the passengers all claimed the compliment, and sent forth a loud huzza, which was by ntf means gratifying to Mr. Ginrd's feelings. li*t the sctue in a short time took a melancholy change. On arriving at West Point, one of the hands was lowered in a small boat, to carry the line ashore, as is customary, and no sooner had the small boat touched the water than the staple drew out, throwing the boat upside down, immediately back of the steam* er's wheel. At this moment the steamer was backing water, ant? her paddle struck the poor fe-llow upon the head, cutting it open to the skull, and sending him out of sight; but with the greatest presence c( mind he dived down and passed from under the wheel. When he came up he was about one hundred yards from the vessel, and his shrieks were of the most alarming nature. It was life or death in an instant. The steamer gradually made for him, and as fate would have it, a rope was thrown him, which he caught, and he was brought upon deck. A physician on board dressed his wound and declared him out of danger. The name of the person is John Noble. The opinion at Albany is that the Convention will unanimously adopt the district system. Ex-Gov ernor Marcy (a de legale) is in favor of it, as is also Col. Young. They tear a rupture, disastrous to Mr. Van Buren, should they force a convention delegation by the way we took on board at Newburgh, Benjamin F. Butler, and R. D. I)avis>, a delegate from Dutchess County. There?all is told up to the present moment, and here I close. Yours, &c. quilp. City Intelligence. Extraordinary Burglary and Robbery?The extensive jewelry store of Meura. E. & 8. 8. Rockwell, of No. 9 Astor House, was burglariously entered yesterday morning, and valuable watches, silver and Jewelry, estimated at about twenty-five thousand dollars, was atolen therefrom. Theatore adjoining that kept by the Mesars. Rock wells, was vacated a few weeka aince by Mr. Simpson, crockery dealer, and since then hai been untenanted. The robbera effected an entrance by first opening the front door of the at ore formerly occupied by Mr. Simpson, with the aid of false keys, and then as a matter of cnutlon, to prevent a light from being aeen through tha key hole, closed it over on the inaide and placed a bar acrosa the door to prevent entrance. They then commenced operatiena with instruments by picking a hole through the briok twelve inch partition that divides the stores, large enough to admit tho passage of their bodies, and then entering the premises,, made such saltations ?f costly jewelry aa waa least bulky and moal valuable. All the elegant gold watchea in the larga case near the door were takes, and all the valuable diamonds, oaeofwhioh was estimated at $1900. Gold chains.diamond rings and hrreast pins, were removed, and a large quantity of silver, tea and table spoons were taken among other valuables. The hole cut through the wall is not more than eighteen inches in diameter, and therefore the rogues are not brawny square shouldered burglars. Tliey must have weill matured the plan of robbery, aa the spat selected to open the partition wall was the only one in which they would not have met with difficulty, as shelv ing and cl?seta cover the remainder of the apace. The store forma aa L, having a front on Barclay street, run ninginthe rearoi Aapinwall's apothecary store, and an other on Broadway. The door on Barclay street was se curely locked on the ituidt, and the keys left in the door After the burglars had aecured their plunder, they quiet ly opened the door on Barclay atreet, closed it after them Jumped into a cab that .was standing opposite, and drovi off, while the streets were deserted by police or watch men, day-light having dawned in the east. It is Strang* that with such a valuable stock of jewelry, no persor was kept to sleep in the store, but is still more stratg that such a robbery should take place in ane of our mosi public thoroughfares and the rogues escape detection They will quickly melt the available gold and silver foi immediate purposes, and retain] the precions stones anc othrr valuablea until a chance is obtained to aend then foi disposal to tome European city. It will be remember ed that an effort waa mado about a year aince to rob this same store by breaking a front window, but the lelloa waa arrested bv a watchman who heard the noiae, and or trial was convicted andse?t to alng Sing. The Messrs Rockwell offer a eward of only $400 fer the recovery ol tbe pioperty, which, if extended to as msny thoussnds will probably he the meana of reatoring a large portior and arresting the thieves. The facta that lollow the discovery of such sn enten sive burglary tend more strongly than any other to shot the miserxblecharacter of our police ayatem. Instead o there being some head or authority inveated to employ i dozen ol the most efficient active and honest officers ti start immediately in pursuit of these rogues, not a move menl is made except by those officers who voluntarily feel disposed ,to spend their own money in hopes of auc rata, trotting to the reward of $400 alone as payment foi their labor and expenditure. If not auoceaaful all ia lost and no recompense given either by the firm that has loa the property or thu Corporation. Many of the officer who are possessed of information thst might lead to dli coveries, will therefore not risk their own time and mc ney in such service, and others who have all the dispc sltion to follow the track of these rogues, may not bav the means to pursue them. How long ar- these things t continue, and how much longer a>e we to be without night patrol whose duty it shall be to guard the property of the public until sunrise, ai?l not leave it, as isthecas with tue present watch arrangements of our city, froi he dawn of early day, to be played upon by burglar and thieves I 8ui>drn I)kith.?Yeatenlay morning the Coroner hel n inqurat on the body of Wm Roea, at the houae of Pete Jonm, N<>. I?i0 Heater The daceaaed wna n cai [>ent?r by trade, and a native of Walea, aged ab ut i >ear?. He waa of very intemperate hablu, and had hw rompiaining of puina in the cheat foraevernl day a. Afi< taking ?ome medicine that he had procured fiom the Cit Diap>naa>y, he retirod to reat on Sunday evening ahoii It oVIoc.k, and waa found in the morning in thebaaemer of the houne, dead. How ke got there, or what waa th mat'er with him, nobody knowa. The coroner'ajarjr r< turned a verdict of death from inflammation ol the lung and irregular hahita. Thp. IUcb between the trotting mire J.ady flu folk and the pacing horae Oneida Chief, came o yeaterday afternoon over the Beacon Courae. The cot teat w?< lor $3(10, beat three in lire, and waa won b Lady Suffolk in thrao atrnight heata. Time am. 30a - 9nr JDj ?3m. MHJ. The courae waa wilt attended, and tt weather favorable, bat' xceaaively warn. Board of lupervlion. e M*ddtt, Sept. 4.? Hit Honor the Mayor in the Chair, e Preajnt?A quorum. The miuutea of the lut meeting were read and approv B cd t 8oi?u4* Bcavicaa.?'The bill of Barnabai W. Oaborne 0 Clerk at the Lower Police office, for $933 32 beyond laia TJ> 'or lenrioea rendered in attending to thedutiei of tna * office on Sunday?Referred. B Several bill* irom the Board of Education far printing alao. froanewapapera, police officera, hack drivera, kc were referred to the proper comnaitteee. State Puni? The Superintendent of Coaaon School rucommended Jt Ifereon Houston, residing at 137 Thir _!? i. f " l,r?per person to be aelccted aa a Statt ' Eomp'roilBr ^ *Dd Duml> 1 o'titntion?Referredt0 'hi "?*M?4?B,TAld* Po??* preaented a hill for $25 ' s??h ,e* lor Pull,n* down a buildins', No. y * the mama ST^Ll??.rd.er_ ?.f ^ ?KingMaj/| ? late in.nd.ti^-OM^.VUb". ?r7",OD' 0,u,ea DV., ? Paying WiTitiaiBg.?The bill# ?>r tl _ ftod John Bjgart, tor attending a? w?n^0mM J>?uoty . Court, in the caae of the rJLu 8,#" . ren. and Parker, were7?n'2Xn^'the?"? jo w co? > D"\7r,"n Jo?o?.?Th? bill* of Jadge/l?*?' An; ; drew Warner, Clerk of Common Pleat /**Natheniel , JarTia, County Clerk, for attendance ic'T."' *,-'11'0 ' fcc. and recommended to be paid by r Committee on - County Oiflceri, were, on motion of A^m,n .U,DT r*~ ferred to tbe Counael lor the Board, tr reP? u to legality of the lereralcharge*. _ S Okfickri attcndino Court or &n g der called the attention of the fcl. 2?^?ro'?f* 9 flcera appointed by the Bberiff /*??*" ??KU": Jhe number now designated ia curred, application ha> bean 3?* e?? 1' "P* ?"m ber already o> the lut e,q/" than ia required, and a redi^ ?*Ting of exN Alter aotne debate^e an 8o*Llt' offered a reaolutinn r?in?i><? j i./mg the number to ten. Aid. Lie amendedJvV*tPn?"0' *? ^"-Alderman Puatuch proposed reduction by the n .__j Vk'rJi lie thought, had the power alone,and no doubt the b!/would oh**rl'ul,7 b" governed bjr it in ? th a ./ >- thought it the most proper courie to lay > ih? ??!the whole matter on the table, ai the nroce^inirere >?"eRular. The Court had the power to 9 ' . . fmbur of officers, and he aa a member of that ronrt not #*?rt ,h#t power, and reduce the number to J*1 considered sufficient for the public interest! /"? Recorder, ? aenior Judge, had paid the pro d?r cAteiy to the Board in laying the matter before L-jSml in learning from then their wishes; but it was nQJ5cpected that the Board would assume the power or -jTonaibility. Ha had no doubt the Court wovld act ywly in the matter, knowing the opinion of the Board. V The Mayor acquiesced in the opinion of Alderman .Woodhull, and recommended that the entire matter lay on the table, which waa agreed to. On motion of Aldermin Waterman, tho Board adjourned, to meet on Tuesday the 13th instant, at 13 o'clock, noen. Superior Court. Before the Chief Juitice. Sept. 4.?This Court commenced it* September Term at ten o'clock. A Jury waa empannelled, and he Coujt then adjourned until Monday next, the 11th ihat, at ten o'clock. The Court will hear argument* during the week. Court of Common Pleas. Before Judge Ingraham. Mopdat, Sept 4?The September term of this Court commenced thi* morning at the usual hour. The juAtr* summoned were called over, and without transacting any l.uiiuet* were dismissed until ten o'clock to-morrow morning. The following is the callendar for the term :? 1?Bertrand * Caff.-. 3- Marsh va Kingsley. 8?Place vs Devoy. 4?Oglevie vs Hull. S?Meigs vs The Mayor, &.J. 6? Jewett and others vs Roberta and Dunbar. 7? Labron St Ivea vs ClutP. 8?Fowler * Davis. 0?Roberts vs Bevins. 10?Robert* va Bevies and Ludlow. II?Them vs Fostick and Brooks. 13?Roach vs The Mayor, Sic. 13? Carahan vs Shepherd and Smith (cross action). 14?Soiith vs Liese. 16?Poleck vsLyon. 16? Kellogg vs Douglass and Armstrong. 17?Houghton vi Lock wood. 18?Wellington vs The Mayor, kc. 19?Hastings vs Belknap and Gomperts. 30?Bogardui vs Hoyt. 31?West vs Vail 33?Bowen vs Wright and Hotchkisa. 33?Joyce va Schlesinger. 34?Lyons and Gray vs Marshall. 3d DaviavsMyera. 36?Green and others vs Leoni. 37?Cropasy vs Sharp. 38-Kolb vs Warner. 39?Eaton aod Bryan va Smith. 30?Scott va Jacobua and Concklin. 81?Centre vsVandover. 33?Wood vs Trow. 33 ?McCarthy va O'Brien. 31?Wiseman vs Haley. 85? Leebach vs Diegio- 36?Davit va Horscblur. 37?Allen v? Munroe. 38?Porter vt Burlev, 39?Ryder vt Benson. 40?Bunker vs Forreat- 41?Trotter rs Barker. 43?Meeker va Cotter. 43?SooQeldva Hart. 44?Corkley and ColT va McKeoa and Fincb. 45?Gilbert vi Orindla and Dug?an. 46-Chapman v* Dumicoinh. 47? Jacoby va U. 8. Fire Inaursnce Company. 48? Blunt va Ramaay. 49?Murpliy vs Riley. 60?Hom va Beach. 61?McKcnne vs McKeon. 62?Scbmaeltz vs Slinsbury. 53?Caikint va Wheaton. 64?Van Co:t va Lagoux and Bryant, (cross action.) 66?Hart and Foley va Smith. 1 66?Brown and Taylor vs Hart and othera. 67?Cornstock vs Porter. 68?Pinteax vs Roufse and othera. 69? Barlow vs Storm. 60?Peck vs Crondall. 61?Writer 1 vs Or ceil- 62?Souteian and Perret vs Brown. 63? Rogers vs Taylor and Thompson. 64?Ryder vs Gwin and Wile. 66?Clarke and othrra vs Leete. 66? Chauncey va Nones. 67 ?Howell vt Topping. 68?Marsh va. Lossee. 69?-Wvltaeer vs Rossiter. 70?fcuiott va Auchlocloss 71?Lord vs smith. 7a? Hawkins ant! Smith, va Beldvn. 73?Barker va Belden. 1 74?Stevens vs Mt-rritt. 75?Fowl?r vs Reymond. 76? Maginnis and Walah yt Calahan. 77?Schmidt va Davit. 78?Ketcham vt Coltou. 79?Clark va Brower. 80?En*, ler and Foley va Arrant and Ernets. 81? Reddy vt Walton anJ Brown Si?Moore vs Hudson Fire Ins. Com'y. 81?Kennedy va Hopper and Douglas. 81?Craighead vt Maton. 8.1? HandIry vt Armstrong and Simpson. 86? Milderberget vt Colguite. 87?Brady vt. Gray. 88? Underbill vt. Beert and othert, (crota action.) 80?Galloway va France Ic Neil-on. 90?Woodward vt. Lewes. 91?Proudfit vs. Trephffen- 92?Cherard Tt. Robinson ? 93?Porter vt. Barlt & Whittaker. #4?Warner versus Mapes. 94?Hawkins and Williamson vt Barrett. 96ivay va Souza. 97?Cuabrtleng vt Scudder and othert. 93?lnglis and scott vs Cass. 99?rearce vs Mundleson. 100?Hughes va Weeks. 101?Duryea vs Bell and How. i ard. 103?Water* va McGowan. 103?Sandford and others vi M'Crum. 104?Loveland vs Laimbeer, Jr. 106? Booth va Snowden. 186?Marritt and Williams va Regney 107?West v* Thorbe. 108? Wilmarth va Belmont, i 109?Madden va Snoden et al. 110?Smith va Wood.? Ill?Corr v* M'Keon. 112?Mackay It Well* va Woodruff. 113?Havana and other* va Hendrickson and other*. ' 114?Thorne va Bicklord and Hubbajd, (croaa action )? lift?Tharkey vi Stewart. 118?Smith vt Devlin. 117? Chapman va Hawes. 118?Lasher v* Van Vaorhie*. 119 ?Earlev* Woodgate. 120?Wilbur k Whipple vs Law ' rence and Willis. Ill?Parnell vi Oallagb?r. 122?La. batutvsLeoni The following iatbe Calender fcr Tuesday No*, 9,10, ' 15,17, 119,31,23, 23,24,2?. 1 General Heailona. Before Recorder Tallmadge, and Aldermen WooJhull I and Dunning. Jambs R. Whitiro, Esq., Diatrict Attorney. Mono at, br.rt.4.?The September term of thi? Court commenced ita session, after the usual summer recess oi , several weeka. The Calendar for the term eompriaea the following caaea-.?Muider, 1; aasault and battery with intent tc t kill, 3i arsau I; robbery in the first degree, 1; forgery, 2 i burglary 10i grand Irtceny, 16; receiving stolen goads 3; keeping disorderly house 1?total, 38 new cases. Ol the old caaea there are twelve previously indicted; foui 8 previously convicted, awaiting sentence, and oae confired for abandoning his wife. Grand Jury?The names of the Orand Jurors being calied, the following gentlemen answered, and were sworn ?Foreman, George W. Blunt, mechanic; Benja* min Bliley, physician; John L. Browcr, gentleman; Wm J. Bunker, hotel keeper; John C. Brown, builder; Wm Everdell,engraver; Edward Flanigan, merchant; Wm ' c?jI, silversmith; William A. Howell, cabinet maker 9 Henry A. Halaey, merchant; John Jackson, mason; Aaron Mine, mercnnni; onrpneiu nnapp, gentleman; j nomai Kelly, brewer; Lemuel Pitman, gentleman; Jamei Peach, painter; Jamia T. Roger*, merchant; Jeremiah Skidmore, coal merchant, and Edwin Town tend, clothier?total 19. Tha Rkcordkr then proceeded to charge the Grand Jury on the importance of their public dutiaa in the court* of which he dwelt with mach force upon theneoeaaity o their making full and complete invratigation in all caaei preaented to (hem before true billa of indictment war< rendered, aa the effect of an indictment in oate of cleai ecquittal be'ore a petit Jury, waa nearly aainjartoua u the reputation of the accuned at if convicted. He than called their attention in o<der to attract that of our public authoritiet generally to the exoeaaof pritonarton B lick* well'a Itland, over and above tbe meana 01 accommoda tion, and atated '.kat there were twice aa many covlcta a' cella wherein to confine them, the contequence being tha tha keeper it compelled toplacatwo in each cell, whrr the original intention of the priton tyttem wat that thej hould be kept aeparate. He aWuded to the factofmon than three-fourth* of the prUoneraon Ihe ialand being va granta, committed for diiorderiy condnct and grota intox ication and diaeaae, who, under the pretent discipline were promitcuoutly placed in daily ataocietion and laboi with thieve* and other* committed for criminal oflencea Thia waa an evil that required a certain remedy, aa it* vi cioua conaequencea led to the utter ruin of all thou brought in contact, and tooner or later, after their di* charge fr*m term of aervice at vtgrantt, they wen brought into thit Court for tbe rommiiaionol cr.mita offence*, and tent buck atpiiionnrt or onviettto Sing Sing State priton. One ofthe molt i fHcient remedi?t,h< thought, would be tbe ettablithment ot a workhouse in which not only the vagrant, but the joor, And yet ho neat pauper might be placed, in hopea of phytical and menial reformation, and, at the tame time, ndd something bv hit labor to aid in paying the etiormoua expenditure of the Aim* llouiedepaitment, which It nearly one h ill * of the whole amount of city tax. Hnthencongratuint?<l " the Grand Jury on Ihe Milking fact that, .lotwithatanding the immeme population of our city, and tha great influx n! European! of nil clane* and description*, yet we wer? d not viiitad, at manv ol thone a<Moininir hn.l rrrentlv r been with rrob* ?nd* riota, calculated to bring diacradit f 'ipon our free inttituliotit, arid disgrace upon tb? * public autlioiitie*. One of the moat important and nece? n ?ary atepa towarli preventing thu inm-aie of crime. h? t conaidered, wrh the a/xoily am ?t and punlahment of of T fender i. In inliitury ?fleet had alwaya baen apparent 'I wherever practiMd; and he, therefore, hoped that the it Grand Jury on one aide, would aot with promi>tMu<)? e md decision, while the Court, on the other, wouM lenil f- them every nid in ita power to advance the pnblic i""' oeaa. After pointing out the general dntie* of the Oranc lury, (relative to the mpprettion of the aale of lottery f ticketa, erection of wooden houaea within the orelimi a il the law againit UMiry.fce, Iha Grand Jury retirid I. thair room to proceed wllh the public bualneaa. y Three ah?< nteea, four of tho petit Jut y, andjBne Or?n< ' Miror of the laat term, b.lng ? ? * ?? fined >M,tt< ? Court adjourned till thla morning at II oclock, whu Jury trialt will be commenced. \ Saadfor J made tLe , ?,tPT; * ?Aaautant View Ch?- ? f>iJowiag deciaioMa :? <?" Yobk. Cim Akav. nulandtr, hir ntxt frund, Mary H. Hanwick by ** -A.- H. Dane and B. V U U?i. RaktrtJ Ktmnck *** ?nd A. L. Jordan lor deft. lor for conplc w. ?*> ? tor delt. W. C- Rhinelander. * Kenwick- J. A. - limited divorce (ought Bill dir 1 Deere* agaiur*'0 be paid by the romplfa n^xt friend. miPBfwl with John R and Blizobtth Flanagan.? > WtUiam or com pit. U H. Burluck for delta. Dp O. Bowidm to John R. F. i* void in part, and relief cree tha* premi*?a accordingly. Delt*. not personally 1 againrid no coat* to either party. liatv*/ie Innurance Company Jote Man* Lunar ?C. s oore and D. Lord, Jr. for complainant*, E. Baud ford ' / J. Anthon, for deft. Demurrer to bill overruled with at* ; but without prejudice to objecting by the anawer 4o all the diacov?ry bought, except that relating to the defendant'* Interest* and tha extent of the ahipiuent. Ru/ut Mead v? Henry Phillip? and ttkere ?H. A. Foster forcompit. P. A. Cowdrey, (or deft. Ferri*. J. Dikeman, for deft- Howard. Jhrignment declared fraudulent ? Complt'* debt and con* to be paid out of the iund. Deed to Mr*. Howard let aaide for fraud, and *he charged with co*ta. Edward Stainer v*. James C Bell and ftaac Bell.?N. D Ellingwood, for complt A. G. Roger*, lor Uaac Bill. Decree that bond and mortgage be given up and cancelled. Benjamin Wright and of. ?? Ezra W. Miller and ml.? Hannah Miller and Ezra Miller and aL 3. A. Lott, for Wright and otner*. A. W. Bradford lor Hannah Miller. J.Anthon, for aamu partie*. B. W. Bonnev and 8. A. foot, for Eliza W. Miller and other*. J. L. Hiker for R. Ca mpbell. Decree letting aiide the deed* and decree* of Wetter velt andD>< Gauno,a* against the children of Ezra W and Hannah Miller, with coiti. Tht cro?? bill of HannalT Miller dismissed, with coats, to be paid to E. W. M. Cost* to their children in that suit out ofthe estate. The Brooklyn Bank v. Henry Hearing and others?J. A. Lott, lor complainant*. M.K.Cook, lor defendant WeriDg. Decree that mortgage is valid and overruling the defence set up U?ual oider tor foreclosure aud sale. Jamrt Barker, Executor oj Henry Morgan v Henry P. morgan'* administrator and o hers ?Smith Bsrker. for complainant. W. Siliiman, lor defendants Mitchell and R. H Woods; J. M Webster, for Purdy and Harton ; J. O Barker, for Ann Mary Woods?Decree that fund belong* to creditors of R H Woods. _ , Carats Akhupd at Aliikt John N. Smith vs. Thomas Bayeua and others?I. Coon for complainant, C. Sttfeaa lor d'fendant Segue ?!)< crea that complainant baa a lien on the fund in i eceiver's hands, and ia entitled to a priority lor his debt and costs. Jacob A- Lord v? Catalina Under dune k, fc A J. Parker for complainant, N. K. Wheeler, for defendants Bill dismisaed with coata. John R McLoughny vs. John Cowen and Janus Grant. A- J Parker lor complainant, L. Monaon for delandanta. ? Decree that bond and mortgage are umrious, and that tney he given up and cancelled. Delta, to ray coata. Archibald Mclntyre vs. Frederick /. Barnard.?L. H. Palmer for comp't, 8. Stevens for deft. Decree for comp'c. with costs. James Lawrence vs. C. C. Whittlesey Jldminr.? A. Bacon. O.Allen for comp't. P. Gansevoort for deft. Decree that complainant is not entitled to cost*. Mortgage te be cancelled bv difendantElisha Brown, vs. Eli at Dewey ?A Becker for comp't. A.J. Parker for deft. Decree that bond aud mortgage are usurious, and ara to be cancelled, and that comp't. is liable on his prior bond and mortgage and note*. Deft, to pay cost* of suit. fiery. Wilson vs Pelsr Leversee.?R. W. Peckham for compit. W. W. Frothinghsra and M.T. Reynolds lor den. Bill dismissed with costs. Elizabeth Wiley vs. Jams? Wiley.?J Koon for compt. C.Stevens and S. Stevens for J leu. Decree for com^f, with costs. Simeon IV. Barney vs. Wm Mc Gillis and Archibald McClute?S. Stevens lor compt James Ed wards and M. i'. Reynolds for Deft. Decree for compts. debt, interests and costs, out of the trust lua J. John J. Kittle vs. Magdelen Fan Dyck and others.?D. Cady for compt. J. Koon for defendants. Decided that Magdalen Van Dyck's dower right was utject to the mortgage. Cause to stand over to make Maria Van Dyck a party, and with leave to defendants to open the proofs, kg. Stkamkr Princeton ?The U. S. steamer Princeton, will be launched lrom ihe Philadelphia Navy Yatd on Thursday next. The airangements are nearly completed; the workmen were employed on Saturday in taking out the east end of the thiphouse, which la a dernier movement. The steamer presents a very preity appearance on the stocks, and is evidently an excellent model. Most of the machinery is on board and in place, including the propeller; and indeed, the whole vessel is in a much greater state of forwardness than is usual previous to launching. We learned that the workmen employed on her will "knock " to-night, having completed their labor, and that visiters will be ad mitted on board the vessel lrom Tuesday morning until Wednesday evening. A large liumber wiil no doubt avail themselves of this opportunity of inspecting an experimental specimen ot ship building, and machinery, intended, if success! ul, to be applied to the largest ships. it would teem that Captain Stockton, who has superintended the entire construction of this vessel, intends holding a rejoicing. We were yesterday shown an invitation card to a great dinner that is to come of] on Tuesday, on the strength ot the completion ol this crack craft. Captain Stockton seldom does thinga by halves, and therelore a grand frolic is anticipated?one only a little inferior to the grand Tyler party given by the Captain to Hia Excellency, when at Pnucetonon, his way to New York, at which, it is said,no less than two ttiousand bottles ol champagne were demolished ! We were icformed that about four hundred of the above invitations huveb* en sent to different individuals, includng naval officers, politicians, mechanics employed in building the vessel, and private citizens. If this be correct, no less than eight hundred souls?including men, women and childrenare invited. This will make a pretty comlortable little dinner party, und one at which the Captain may figure to some advantage. It is a fttt worthy the Captain's generosity?he should be encouraged in i t JJA./n/JWoJ?F iu m ? vim vf?uk (if irjt/nuuy (W THE SALOON AT THE AMERICAN MUTE UM *11 tilled lull last night, to hear that inimitable band of minstrels, the Ethiopian renaders, whtse performances are always received with the moat enthusiastic applause. The whole entertamm< nts went off with great eclat. It is the greatest wonder in ereaiiou how Uarnum can givji so much far so triflm* a sum Hit place will aoou take the lead of all placeaof amusement intheUnited State*. The Dioramas, Misa Adair, Celeate, the mechanical figures, fcc. kc., all gave the most entire satisfaction and delight. They give a grand entertainment tc-nigkt at 0 o'clock. (W-THAT THE GIANT QIBL AT FEALE'S MUi SLUM is a great curiosity, is indisputable, and that the attractions there, embracing Jenkins, Mia* Adair, kc.kc. kc., are extraordinary for One Shilling, is very plain. If you doubt it, go and see fory ourself. 09- MORE NEW NOVELS.- The host Novel ol the eaaon, The Old Man ol Harlem, by the author of The Tempter and Tempted, Just published complete in an extra or the Brother Jonathan supplement ; beautilul book r edition. Price 1J| cents, or $8 per hundred. Persons in want of a copy; would do well to call early, p as the first edition ia nearly exhausted. i A new Novel trom the pen of T. 8. Arthur, Esq , author ; of Insubordination, Bell Martin, lie. ks , this day pub, lished, The Little Pilgrims, a sequel to The Tailor's Apf prentice, by the author of Tailor's Appren ice, a beautiful r book edition?price 1-2$ cents, or $8 per huadred. Cooper's new Novel,the Wyandotte, or Hutied Knoll? price 60 cents. 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