Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 7, 1843, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 7, 1843 Page 2
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N'.' >1 U>KK HEKALD. >rw loik. Thurwla)'. ?rpl?mlHT 1, 1*13. Mohk Dsc< rsi>>N abiuttnk A'ashing ION ttouXv ?An important nwl wmirv.lwt prolong, o d# bate took place in the Brni?h House of Commons, on the 11th ult., relative to the Apprehension of Offenders (America) Bill. The debate was originated by the precaution of n petition trom the AntiSlavery Society of Plymouth, prating 'hdt tip'f&provision should be made i-t ilte b'll, tliat f.ipr:rive slaves ta*en for alleged crimnai offe< ces, should not be i ain subjected to slavery. The At oney <i?neral ook ihe ground that the tendency of 'he proposed alteration in the bill, would bt to exempt fugitive slaves altogether from ibf opeia i<*n of ?hi? law. It could not be wufpoped, he coutt that a alave, merely because he waj? a abvc, b1i?lIJ p*faea* an immunity which rNd m>. belong i? u ItC' TOan. A to the general vi-*e of me Outf? ruineut on the subject, he referred to those ex^n*Sfc?"J in the case of the Creole?ih.t when e*ca|? d s'av a were, on such, ^demaiided aa crirnuui! s hjecta t" the American law. their lib'tfy wa# t<? Ik protected, and they could i.o?. he $ v n u?i. The learned gentlemen proi'eed'Mi 'o h j: ? With reaped ?o aiijr thii'g 'nrtlier it won'J bequi'n ti??rr>rtby thu great Cvuiury, o . ott-r *in mi> ?,i?ikoi jn.lfU) "ol a nation with which ah-h.?d ju?t n erei luto \ 'r '? He did not lie-lata to j I,a *et?h< u d *i.rml. from our''u'y if wh Uiicl to ' Tib 4 ?l.ive? ?o |<>ut a* readily 11 freemen. Aa ti? ih? * t> <n of h?o?-? or t>o?ta Tor the imrpMi1 ot aiditip the im:u|h? of h ?ta?e. tberv could be no di>u>>t ttaa'. mcli mt hci w 11 10 h?s in no reapect treat? I 11 .-,11 act ot the.O ; their waa no pretence lor dealing with it us a >u< 11. But even the offence of atcaling w ik 11 >t ?.ic on a,}? nun o' which any lor--ign atate could cl> i n tlie return o. 0 luitiiiv. alave No crime* were rtioog .i-? ) in tje treat) in* under conaidur>ition excep'iu:; ;?Mr'er, u-a?uit *?i:h intent ta kill, piracy, amon, ro'beiy.o: 1 ' K* > Tlie right hon gentli-mnn ?ppo-lte ui?>n.l tiliruv uUi w..k the opinion of her m j??"ty V gti?er.imeii' a?to the na fit ?? ' slave to take with him whatever >vj< e-tliti at. U <> fcl' hi* flight w?t authorised to *ay that th?> eu'e'taiii d no opinion adverse to the appiopri it'on of property for ?uch a purpose ; such an net Ktt' I n?r? r t* ei'O idered >o connutu.e an oflVnao. It wj? q lite'iu that the provision* ol the treaty inicrht he peivaited, nt.d ?hv irjnry mm tit be resorted to for tbiT purpose Surh a thin* was j>o?thlr ; hut did there e*i>t an* mrh reasons b'e prei'a^iiitr of its occurring i? wou!d ju?ti'y thisc.onritiT ti laying to the Amertc.iu neople tn it they s* ere not w.>rhy ot b.'ing m limited to rive evidence as uitn<*???? ? that they wtir not to '*e ?~eli. ved n >on thi ir oath* ? If wo were thn? to d -noui)Ce any foo'ly of in.luidnaU, we could uo l?nfor net.t in ereourae with them as allies or trieuds. It v.. spid tbfc! i u ?la> committed the enmo oi orson the f" ii?iiiiient ? ?- .'c ??h b>it Itint a freeman fi'ilty of t"?tcr,ni?coiil'onl. i?. pun;sted o ithiftipricob tr. nt". Now, the rifl.t hurt p*ntl..:n^i o, it-quired jt'a slave were tuk. i: U|? ;li*'ged ? ft 8'* n, ?*? f>e tn oe punished a* ? slave or a* (icon .1" f To ?h.t h* ?h tii.: repl? that we kad noihi'.R lo <'< wrh the qu stinn o' hiK lav. ry or hi?fret.l!?m if i.tiat?e ? ?"r? m ?io te'pecr in* any of the sp cifl d etimi* n ave or not ?\ vc, 'no ought at once to l>e delivered up. in't i.o* olb'rvine. !) coutessed that he did l.ot see how'he qtwioi i f tUvttj or no slavery could f.irm any element in ti i i q iirTOn the side of the petitions it whb or>:'d b.. Mr. Mactuley and others that there *eie ii;?upcmblf diffieulties in the wav of carryingthe t>i:| lut-ooperation; between the northern St ites and (ire a? Hritain he considered that ihire would be no d ifficulty; bji 'here wae such a fundamental dirt in ih* law*, tirtnuem, haliiia und nsafrex ot thi- *niitn? in Sta'en. ih :t x trti-ty with It in wen our oi''Sr question ! O.if *.>1 ihe 3pe ikrrs, Mr I'uuconjbe, uuderto k to insinuate that the gryrnuenoif mi* country ?d? itis'.ncirt: ih tli-ir proless-d 'fnueaeort to sur<pre?s the slave trad*. Fi>r tlii.-* he we-* very prettilv chastised *?y Sn Robert Peel. lie 1cmarK?-iJ th\t he w?s in porb?-s-inn o' t.'ir ins*'! cli'Tir >e. a- u by ihe Government of the U.ut<d Status u> the ?,ffic?rs in command ? f iheir qaa iron, fitted out under the ri-luh article o' the treaty? and he tell lullv just'.fird in r c,c*',7:ri^ uiij imputations on their ho'i^ety and sincerity as being most incorrect and unjust. We were of cour e lully prepired for all this ofposition on the part oi (hi-ultra abolition party in England But we really did not expect that thc-y would h >ve exhibited such weakness as was devel- ' oped io this debate. Had their proposed clause been inserted, a most agreeable invitation would have been ?.xteiided to all the slaves to cummu crime. The only just and satisfactory principle o& which the treaty had be*n Carii<uuut, as f^:: us respects tl,e deliverance of tug fives by bo ii g>.v.-rnmeuU, is that which the British munsi/y have adopted And that it is all important t'.> the ?ndso: justice and the peace aud good or?J? r ol both cjdltries, that an arrangement of this kind should be made on liberal and equitable principles, we need not say. The immense facilities a fiord* d t- criminals in escaping trom the one coun'ty to ihe other, render thia matter cf vi;ry great inteieM; at d n/ cases of extreme rieii'acy ".lU-t m c iSaiiiy twinThe only proper basis of al; these io'r rna'n nai r g Ulations, is the simple princ pie, *M?e surrender" f nil fugitives, and only ihey cn r,'?d ? i.'h crime* fqtuf- J ly cognizable, and in some c? gree ?qal> | iu> ltliubie in both countries" Adherence to lbi<* ?flectually avoids difficulty an-f colltsi n. Tun Syracuse Convknto'n a^d iuk D?r* i r ?Ttie opinion which we st ?ue tui.e siine ?xp.cBed, has beeu confi'truu by the Idler ol < ur c?ire?p'ndent, who is now at .* vrnuse ititerinin g!iug witnthe Delegates from all p .r's rf the 6t?t?, and we g'.a I eoon have the d< cirion of ihe Convention rejecting the D.str.ct Systtin, en appointing delegates to the National Colv Mion ? delegates, too, the whole ol w'.< m will be th' pledged triends of Mr. Van Hurt u. A I this w? anticipated. But wbat will be the ro<tf?e of th-.s Democrats who are in hostility to Mr V<tu Flure- t Will they hold district elections ai d rend L) legator t'> Baltimore to contest the sea'-" nl tii- **vr?c'i?e Convention appointed metnb?ie? T!? fire is?* tini brig iter, the wa'er begins to biib>> *. mi f *?s^all have an explosion bynnd hjr un'esosone ct the feteain now beins uen?-sa:ed, t* let cfT booh. Tuk Fikemkn awd jhhk Rowdyism?We are informed that Fire E pine Com,> my. No. 8, are n-.t ihf culpable perons in ihe disgraceful and outrageous condu.t which Ihjp c'nuactrrised many fire companies ol thu city cf !*tr, and therefore we gladly do them Uie justice to state that they are represented to us as a wt'l eondncted body ft men, bat that in coawqu n<'e o. ihe Srutrfl at d asaasin like conduct of No. i}3 ?nd -?>m? n her.-, they are driven to aaaume an attnude ol seli-def-'nee ? With all the knowledge we had m-iaiied . tihe cm - ] duct ot many of the lawless vagabonds who ?.t nhi j themselves to, and diagtace the companies v. i n which thev are connected, we firt?i thfl we knew but very little oi the truth. Murderous bMiu'ta >*ri raade on tnes beloi>Kiii<{ to other c<>mpar. ? he n tie (>eacfaole pw*uit of the^r avocauoris, nurf Pirei.u ;?re openly nude to barn d"Vu the Jiou?* .? i < tkbu u the member* of oih. i e? occi u.H'> meet 'tis na ul f i ht'obordcn o <>oy?. r'H^ 16 n? 2ll ytnt nl ugr, tinned &t ilie corutrs of nut nr< ets w lb pi?tn'?, hi d c,in > n.uing ou'.-asee wbtcii<!t a dit*-kce to any r:v.? It d couimuuiiy. We hope the Mayor wf! ut^e ?jwm he haa comtnenret', and br? *a up thvre lyu.K binde V. lunt'era ah'u'd r.nt Of ai\ ..ved <o attach themvlvr* ?n engine ti rnpanie-> audrach cctrpaiifs as e >n'irn?e these feoH? w ufi o Vr?, and wa^e a?r o.i all o^isione, the quj^i ol lh? t-ry ' i . 0j u,e Fire Department require that they tolir-u'd be expelled. Law let* augrewon baa atauiued too bold a lp?nt to be longer endured. ftj- Solomon Htllan. h.,q , Mayor of B .ltir.iore, baa resigned in cona-quence of long contir,?rd in' disposition. ft> The Secretary ot th-Navy visi?.,-d the Phi iadelphia Navy Yard on Tu'wday uatkk. from r?i;?nus i\hk.ks--ry the arrival ol the Heim McLeod, Ca,itaia we htvc vi< e* in ih<- 9ih ol July Citpv*in Norris t?taie* 1 h--?* <? ; U A 'n ul hud received iimtruc.iou* tn return iiuine. pr?-?iu.?d from tlie interference ou hi- p^rl b?tw??n th?- two belligerent* ; ihi?, however, was ? ?*?ly c?pjfc'ur?d, nod it wu* ?u|HM>srd he would remain uaiil relieved bjr a ?iccr(?or. KUUITAI. ExrRAO*DINA?Y. - li e tchor>D?r E l??ri?ne?t,in Southwi?*, ur.vJat Newpc-t on the4th in?t*ut from Preiqie 1 ?, Like Erie. O'Gokhkix amd Ami rica.n Sukvutt.?The Liberator took up the subject oi American slavery, at a meriieg of ihe Uepe.ilen at the f>ub'in Coru Kac'i $e*it; ihe4?h fT*tiu?0,but lie ejhibitrd a mb<iu tit-i' i i, wliii.ii Hify be trac aWe to a diminution ot rhe rent (rum ihfl? qu?mr, and Ihe* diwiffrcuon of many repealers iu tins country. He said he de aired to ju?tily himsell, but at the samt time with an aflVctanon ol candor, he said " he did not want to iifigravate unv point of difterenca ibat mi^h! ; arise bet wet a ihrrti and the Amercai't-T' "Th* vlarylaud, the W^tno^tou, ihe ?ouh Carolina He^raler*, by the 1*1 mptiiudeut ilieir pri'C^f ding.-, h w taught him 10 adopt a more cautious policy: bt>t lie, ueverihi leas, htta eaiu (tough at this |ar. r meeting, to cot ihe Anw can Ke|>ealeis in di*t-ev< ring the ra? Ives from a Soctrty wh< (?e ultimate obje.-t waB j>ro(ehseJ 10 be lo disturb (he dom* at c i in;tiiui:onb cl tins ciui.try, and 4 Kr^ai the " Act ol Uniou" *hicb binds our Society t?geiher i After indulging (or some time in a more cautifua I t me towiiiJa Amnca, tie ?t !?r<a h thus broke K?rtii in iiiouieitUiy forgetfuliiet? of ine conciliatory which he had ptei-crilied f,r lnnmtl!:? Tbe Ai ocia'ior, viha, i, wit. nior?* ol caution thao |?T? IO?l J", S*OI>lni CHHVH<<MII< tl ?" ?1 i f tl'gl" ?l v?r> in An trim? ?} n iir rji portion tor tin't uifil? -oi the |tt?h |> npl?- aim uu 'h one ha it, < >iii>i iwlinx ol 1 i n gmtt uilt* * - ?-?! on the oth r T u) ?? !? m thai (MtiKixii. w>? n <) VI.. Bro?iia am1 b m if ot tin* immi of VIi>oiip> ? h. m i v r) ho y 1 u-w tl.o ik.h< IH 'o , il :re?? Iwittm ?? ?.h. m, ? nliCHtint in gio -.!??? j in \wici, vrt j'l?*i')inK the l.oirii) lac* nnn lb uul lit In* p rt) ot bh I I uu* mn A .li*(n>*ituai nvfc male to i.ilt Hi ror rilitt- ih?- <vii.iou ?i iha> As-t> eiu'inii ill Ikt Ol o Hilt n it tjriero, lm? tin ) o r/>i|t?i, o>* to * m .'iK/r to it lH ?t "ft fbi'ff ) T'ny u rfr h r f'tily-tll nrrr 'hr Ivo I t niiurg et'tty $rc> Hud ffriii liiw u in i n < Vrry cr< til ul'it' a<t Wli..t wat It to 1.1 ATI lit t u III tt 01 ii iii H tU Ik' 01 ' . llUHRIl hi* >lli' nigh' lie him k w i- I i- iot ?tili qi iK: in 'lit i t ibiK i i uul t> .?-??? li?- n.?* <li Mint it, m< t !>< > w?te, 'or mi in ?'Miii 0--0 hx| | i . ??, *t?t u-nnhi*>o rtrfe nipil '>> tl e Mow) o' tHi Uidt ii.i r (it nl"? (Hriir, In at ) yo; 1 'i vi-r Ii r u r< n ' In tm, mle th?i i ol man !'ifr* n*f n h Ii* ihi |no|M ity ol mno;lit i lik. tlo- Inn o U u-i* 3*it co lil ii (it thui ii Mr Mo m?-> itini Mr II ulna, ami ill*} ffiit in their rnmpotitiori' to th i> ro<>ni j'U'i y ing 'he I in jim *111 i* i*. muni iHjri^p' wan evm wor'c, ! 'fir it was .1 shrinking c tn> <1 w..y ?t d< elating what ! 'hey *i>hrj* to i upn?. btii u ha? they had not the cour*g? m speak out bmdiy. Thene were followed hy a rel>l> fron the Philad. Ipbia An I Slavery Society, which it enpeared w.ia net an original address to thr Wo'tn'tou, but a r. ydy 'o an altarK made U|ion them by Menrs Br nana nnd Vooney. (Hear, hear ) They declared in that their iielings i. gainst Ma very, and h>' rose to address the Association upon it with feelings of indignation against very man ? ho protects or countenances slavery, or who Lad the. least j.gj o?ition to conceive that one human being could become the property of another?(btar,h?a>] ?<?in-t every one who nouM leave one human bring to th*^ unlimited caprice of another?who would leave the mother ti> be tern 'r?.m her children, and the children ftom tvi< ir muth-i ??ho would le.ive the hu-bit?d and wiftn h? to-n ??'; d. nuili* pseated lor life, without that k p irj'irn bung occ isjoniiJ ly their own fault or inclim''On. Ttie servitude f ihr negroes of ihc South is here, ri* it, lr>aed hw .i leRi'ima'e ?ul'j"il cf discussion iii ilie r'guh.r Coin Exfhin.ije mectir^s of the Irish U' p< di> r.J, and change ol that cot diiion is admitt it t > b? one o( tin. objoc'ar fihe Repeal movemeni; their head cliitf, the sreat 1 iterator himself, Sjiesk in; t--r that A'socia'i <n, made the distinct avowal L?it "they were lor liberty all over the world? arauuR every fct Rnd iiersttasim?among every creed i.r.d r ij'? and Hut no misapprehension shou'd exist, uor any doubt ol his allusion to Muc-rican slavery, he specially, and with pecui li": enij'ha?is, particularized it, and then added 'iMt he did not hesitate, come what might, to " throw heart and soul into his opposition to the sys te/n that would treat human beings as the brute beasts of the field. He spoke distinctly and emphatically, for as he wanted to make an impression he used harsher words than he would have done if he did not know that harsh words were necessary to rouse the selfish temperament of the domineering master ol slaves. Ai.d he did mike that sensation wild he was glad of it. lie would retract nothii g of what he had belore said, though he would not repeat individual instances of oppression and cruelty." Hear him again on the subject t f the Charleston resolutions:? " But the Charleston people accused him cf uttering a bale calumny against them in rn'tiriog tinman neings to the riuintion ol the hea?U nr Ihc field. Bnt who* i? ihn net f uo they t;ot >-hut nut ibeir slaves (torn Ibe lie tit of ki.o * ledjte, frtni iriuims'ion on tIt. h'fr'iett mil jecl tl.fct cnuM he introduced to the n< ti? col i cittai. b e urirgv? ??e knowledge cl religion' II ?:? m'.o no details rf Hi.In i u l acts l f cuil'y. ?? ii.n> t *?t j??t cf th? ?.tvi riiHn* n p | ii' ii*!.* J iii B'-i'j ^ .* k Ir. m -Uv< owm r? Ih< n.?..f rB, ttiowil'g I 111' liiJtlll-Dns I klwVeiy out ol their own months, in l.agu g . si 1 cither th m any he Lad ti't* red He diJ no j'ich thing; t tit lie *,'Oke of "their reducirg human I eitg* to ll.t ala'e ol the hen* 1 ol th? flel", by tbutti .g (ir knowledge abd literature irom hem I wj cr ra. ia! in-citie vtitef tc ir?ti?ie? ?Uvos io j kind of liln?tiure. Wsm o* ih. Mfro frirat* | io|i??j? Wut" n'?t di?|?osi.b!e fbalel?T li the (ittlii d e.', di . he u?' I rcoiiu B**et# In ill** band* H the cti't-r. id the ?ame riMiiner a< a cov ?ndahor'e, nnd curb n d l?e ?old in s < i?il-r m < net tin?(<r an i*? 11i* tied not ifiiait ' iirs..f) u' agai ?( hi' o'Thi/ \v. ie iliej ci li i ti,n in'o 1! e m <ik?t ev> I) day ?n t ?vi y hour, and ?n it lit not Buy |i i?r l? a l.lorkbtad pte ? ould spsab ol 'hem i any o'lier lij In toan at ( ba li M W * 101 the I ?'.;i. ?o he ?..|.l 11.d feparn'id 'ion. h * la^il ) hiidf.n' in 11 M ni t.? t e 11 idoSi rxtn n i l ?.| tl e 1 utin C"i ti? i'?ntf lianas iglii.tlii 11. in ??J mr. 'hat ll^y v?.enlur. d 10 tl e ! ve! o' thr ! a>'? n? I. fi I ,n.rt il tie w l i - ail -1 II ?i w l>a*e 1 a urnr y, ^<in'i'te<t lie tin | i uJ ? f the iriiilt ? h n ih' y ron'd i ?t ih'*' that tli'?<?iiirn *t? fa's ? If they < ? ? 11 10 to, th< > would hen irJurtle '.Kin i. cal)'ii|t it a lelft' 1 alt.iii 1 ); hut 'l.i y cm v!? ted tb? msi He* lit U'lr* the cxpnatiou " bini 'hitiiHelic wm lii'li liim (lon i cl'e.ri r) Th< j ial>-eil i.i lira il) in th.'ir ow n | ? oils, w hlle they ?ihitne.1 dmvrri?h'T 11'nii'igat d, in. q ..vocal i..vfiy Here theie 1# no <q i ViUMiirn? n*?r can he CUaiVs'iTi K?*p*a'?T4 now he in ony doulit. Rmh tiert arid in r>:h? r par's of thece Cured Stale?, sym, a hy tor ih" lr'oh pronp'td gen' r< us ht ar't i<> aiJ a pe??ji!e in their tttiig^le the r?gh* ol s It t- vr-rwtieiif ; l*iit 110 itue Ain iic?n will 10!. raw 'h<* iHCeudivry enkiiidl'iis t.f ihe. fli-ne f d'scord i?r the proim t on of murtUrous s n'e amongel a ntrm't'S p?o I", ?h? in er? at< r c"n>| nra iv^ ititii tin uu.6.- if lie I .efa. and err as eculetted wi'h the ir lot as any other class of society, which is not, nor cannot be, w holly free from torn* ol the ?vile incident to t'-h'sstate <4 existence. Tuk Ykixow'k. at Rondout.?We have been put in possession ot the following letter and certificate on the subject ot the existence of yellow lever nt Rotdou', which may have the eflect oi allaying the thir may hate been excited. mayor's officr, Pept 6, 1B43. Th? f if'-w n? rerufic*te transmitted to me r?y ihe Resident '-'liy.-i i?n, binned by James R .Mauley, M I) , of vnecity, ecfter personal examination .it lb** fp > ?f t?T?or.s htboring undT the disease, , ii ^ ot bodies v. h.? died with 't, a (Void additional | ??.ti?lhCt( ly ? v dente ot the naturr oi the fever a< <?i,d< ui. The pre?i experience of Doctor Mao ; y -hi- kr.o-n at-ili'v 11 ni? p:ol< *ion and long nnect'bD p'oreesn n ail)' with tlie quarantine e tatilibhrtcti'oi this city , g:\>r to bi.i opinion theieritct coufiJence 01 the t,';.y Jiiroorities. i{ l BKRT H. iMoRRIS, M jyrr. Ro.idottt, Sept. 8, 1843. Dkar Fir i have tlif ',io,ior to fr*P?'?jt you the accompanying ct'^e ti \?rc have ti d a post mortr m exarin " i ot t1,^ mdividuM t ported as having died v?>idcy. T),r is a very plain one. Our t?* .noil j dtiiv? d iri>m the symptoms, have been ul'y '>,nfiriited y the facte reveabd by dissection We regard 'he diet-use at. quite amenable ui renried ,fs Tt e patient, 1 may ad'>, w?* one ot tne mini vrohfly make*J, having died in five days trom the farni attack. Yours in haste, Pajiurl Forry. Alex'k Vachk, Res. Physician. Certificate ?We, the undert-igned, from a full invreiik,Miio.a of the character of tne leb'ile disease now existmg at Homfout? an invest gallon based upon the features of the disease in the living, and ih<- appe-arwnce of th" internal oigans alter death? huve arrived at the following conclusions:? 1 The disease is a BOiitu* Hennthnt Frvtr, wiih s great t fndeney to a?*uiiie the typhoid type. 2 i>o >'ai as our |>ersoii?l knowledge extends, and so Ittr as we can learn from others, we are decidedly o< opinion that th?-re has not been a sirgle case of ViIIiht Ftvrr in this locality, nor has there been i w attle case acconmaDied with the blmk vtrmit pe culiar >o Hint diaeaf"'. 3 As trgrtr * the n ii siion of the .contagious n i* u'e ti> ilir di f,ise, our opini? n in the negative e 'qualiy d; ciee/f. Jamks h Ma. ;.v, y L> ) J N?-w Yotk ."a ph., *?i i). j ci?y. Kt w.x J,w..7T, VI 1)., it. e.u'ale. The British Indians, Warricrr, Chiefs ui d Squnwi.wbo have crea'ed so great a feifH'ion hert, we tin entend ?o to Newark and Pat?r oat iex bibit'heir MoJ.s if fi?, th-ir da^.c^s, Ate.? The/visit th" lor:ie. | i c to d*y anJ the Lrsr i on Fndiy. SjrracuM Convention. [Special Correspondence of lb* New York Herulii ] Syracuse. Monday evening, 8?pt 4, 1&43. Well, after leaving AJbany this morning at six o'clock, we all arrived in this famed village (f?* salt) at 1 o'clock, P.- M. The |>lac? is crowded in every nook and corner?lull 120 of the 128 members oi the convention are now preheat, besides 1,000 lobby members, and by the next train of care the other eight will be on hand. The day has been 'oveljr.'hnd alt iheeiijoyfheijt which rural life can ?rf"i t4, have been api reciated. This evening there wi!l be three cauevvn among the members of the onveiiti >n. Oae ol the Murcy faction, one of the Y.?urg cLgut, and one of the Calhoun members ine great atrue aeema to oe, who sbitll be fret-r dent of the Convention. The hoaor lie* bet wet n :VJ?rcy and Young, mid the country members of the convention are aaec'ive in log rolling tor their retjectiv? candidate?, us the beat of our New Y?>ik city teals My opinion now is, that Col. Your* will bear the p*lm; he it* recrgn:r"d as the radical cmidiiU'e Ntd Cromwell U on hai.d doing hi* '?? for Man y, and Murcy has h?en h?*re for the lad t?iret du>s milking kflaei ce with the delegates at> they rrne. A? for ih?- "Diuriot S)btom," I have no he>*itati??n now in (.r die iuk its tailur#; the counry rncmbeifc t?r'' d< pent'- op- n th?? *uhj? ei, and although every member fne'v admns tl e di-tuct s\rttPin iciheinost d? iitiKTitic, yer the fear of Mr. Van Tluron'j rrad>ial decline indue.s'!ieiii to no the whole,thrty-six votesfot ih^ it; ?n, rega'dle** of ihe principle. Tomorrow at ten < "clock th' C-nveniion orghnizPH in the Methodist church, m.a wnhin two hour* a? > r c'tar.s will he >n iown. M ?-rs. Taylor, ihiler, j Murpl y and Mttl?? ?ey, the O ilhoim members of ti e i V York city delegation, hav already ureun-ed ilt'r j armory fur war, nod not ^uhataudingthey are in ai. ! egr gious minorty, they will made fight to the eud Hie Convention in composed ot the very biggut men of ihe State. In facr, it presents the appearam c of a self constituted body. The majority of the members bear the title of Hon. My next letter will be oneot interest, and no mistake. So look out. Yours, &c. Quilt. Tlie Suffolk County Murder. [Correspondence ot the Herald.I Rivkrhkad, L. I, Wednesday. After I had despatched my brief epistle to you yesterday, I went in company with Geisler'a counsel to pay him a visit of condolence in his cell.? Unlike the Tombs, a prisoner is not debared lu re from the light of heaven, and he can be spoken with through the bnrsot his cell. I wan agreeably disappointed in the looks of the man. He Scars no appearance of the ruffian or the rowdy, much lr*s a cold blooded murderer; and if there ia r.ny truth in physiognomy, he never could have done such a deed as he stands charged with He is i\oun?; man aboui 22 years old, tall and slim, pale coun enance, with a pair ??( the prettiest blue eyes 1 alines evrrsaw; but above all he wore a moustache and imperial which harmonized with his countenm c in a most remarkable manner. He brought the de 6crip'ion ?f one ol Schiller's robbers forcibly to rn> memory He pretends not to be able to speak English (tb? people here say it'b all cbam), and his counsel held a loi g conversation with him in the language c their fatherland. Rut tell it not in Gotham, not let tt be heard in Broadway, this same counsel > ho is doubtless very learned in the law, but who appeared to have as much romance in his pericranium as a good si/^d pumpkin, and as much enthusiasm as a pickled cucumber, immediately sent for the only batber in (he town, and had bis client's mous ticheshaved ofl". Did vou ever hear of such Vandalism! Why ihr? memory of Monroe Edwards still lingers round ihe splendid whiskers wnich he wore in Court, nod what would have been ihe reminiscence of Coll, but fortlie romantic marriage, and all the other strange fancies with which his las* hours were attended. Would he not have been loog since forgotten like any common loafer'? and Vtt this la?vver. without the least regard to the feelings ol his clipni, or to his personal appearance, sends for a barbtr, aud, at imn frit swoop, demolishes a three months growth jus1, because he thinks that a cuff<>!k Coimtv Jury would not tolerate such CXCWSWiicen on thp human f<ic?* divine. Atdiniirr Judge Russles arrived, and took his seat of course is i residing officer. The bijl of fare did riot tiidude h grfrat variety, consisting of roat*. bet f and roa;-t pork, tinder as mv-nv modifications and shapes ?.? lflegeniim ( the* A >7 ri'cusine could powii-U H* ??inn The nt*-al de^patch'-H, nr>d a teetotiil one it w. j?, al! fie party adjourned to Ihe Conrt House. The prand jury were sworn io, and the Judge proceeded to charg-- them. H?* said there was only one prison; r t<> call the ntten'ion c.f the jury to Hi* care *as twimwhat rov?*l He whs chatted with mJ'ci< U"v killing ? I o se-he ho|*il iliey would i>r??ce? d w th tl e rs.if the man was in ?< rent, ne cuxhi to l e r? leased. If sH? nor iltr n exi-atiati-d lor s? rue tiin** on th?- u-ual topics, und, as tfihrase s. di^mi'scd them to ih?*ir Hniieg H>1 he ti r, 1' .d ov?-r il e ealander. but ih< Dthtrict At t irit* y ifid noi e^il on ?' ?* nmr'?tw?, mid iheCouit 'CnU U the < US- M M I > I V **U* Orilwold. It'll k hit litigation w ill not ii<t?*r? -t your readers, 1 hit tfif (Vurt, nit'l ro k a -tr??M to s>*e il e hecn ies o? ihe rou itry bit1 lailrd i.f finding any. At night there wm- atmi|>? mure lentipe by M>nit lerson from Uronk'jn, v? h'cfi'vttsa u nv flnr. I wen' *nd h ?ird ilu* dnii h'fnl ha'mony product! In the tairv fiag >is i.nd dulcet voice ?,i ihe lovely Mrs O., wife of Couuse|'? r of this place. A singular case of Bernini"a will b? tried durir s ll.e p.efen* term of the C jrt?the parti?-a,?.iid to b- highly r?-si*ct b'r- *h- ^ounpl. di d?nzhterofrMethodist preacher, and : you. i "nn a wedltii./ fanner I' ia s?iJ the fathei in willin n-tn I* matters lor $500 1 wi.l send yon furih" vmr'ictilrirs in my next, :b the exprew is weitirs:. Toby Trot. Plill?d? Ipltln. fCorretja?i tlic Herald.l I H 'adklph A, Sept. 5. 1343 Xatninatirms and J'ohtuul affair? in Philuditiihia. l>k?K SlK ? The drmocrats have at la.n completed their nom naticus in this county. Their congrresional candidates, viz: McCully in the first district, Smith in the third, and JngersoM in the fourth, will most probably be elected. Foulkrod, for State Senator, may be elected, but the candidates for the Assembly stand a sliin chance; and the candidates for sherifT. county treasurer, county commissioner and auditor, will certainly be defeated, uniess the whigs should u t'til i nine in u)>|imuiuii me |'ipc mycioui -m\rRfla Badger ia a prominent candidate, before the whig delegation, for sheriff; it he is nominated, good bye to their chance lor electing anv thing? they would even lose the city, the Clay Gibraltar Nowt verront. il. Niblo's.?Every part if this admirably condnrt. ed establishment was crowded last nig>tt,ln welcome the popular M'rdle C.ilv? Tne auuienr-t* were a?usual in ecstncies This evening the iiavels, v. in the inimitable (i tbriel at their head appi ar in th> new pantomime of the "56 Misfortune*," * '.licit lithe v?-ry best executed of the pantomimes hithe<-tr produced. To enumerato the asloiiisoing and vanous tricks and changes, (different altogethe r (r< n anv previously srf n,) or describe the splendor ol t| scenery, is utterly impossible?they must and ipi'i undoubtedly he witnes*ed by the thousands who have so long and just 1 v considered Niblo's Oard> i " the very Paradise of Pleasure" To-morrow t|> French company play the opera of "LtBdtAmoruh la Cow rmne. Mrs. Herring's Bkiskfit ?The bills of the dsy announce the unexpected recovery ol this estimable lady and accomplished actress, from a protn?ci ed illness, and that she takes a benefit at the Chatham Theatre to night. The house newly n|>eiicd, with new management, and throughout ample np pointmerts, constitute it a proper field for the occu Hon Many of nurmost popular performers? n more whom are Mr. Burton, Mr. Wallack, Miss Rallis. and Master Wood, with the prodigy, Miss Powell, have volunteered, and will all app<arin populci characters. It would indeed be surprising if. ii viewing the varied attractions described in llu bill, the house was r.ot filled t? repletion. Vauxhatl Garofn?Tonuht Mr and Mrs II ?'>d tuk' a ben> fit at this popu'ar pla? e ol pu'ilu resort. We ho,.e this (ltd rving couple may have t full in use. Naval.?The U.S. ship Independence?' ofi; Stewart, sail, d lr< m Newport at 2J P. M. on th< 5 h in? t. on n cm *e I ir> The dwelling ?>t iltr l<i?htR?*v. Bii-li<>i> l-e < at Wilmington,! ?l wan it m Fiirtay t.i*/>.11n? I ot |<la e any ?ihcr fcrt.clea woith upwaids of #100 CUy Intelligence. AnoiNrt Kic*rs 8i?? Si>u Htaik ration -Two oodtioU, named Pool aid Cunningham, committed to Sing 81111; ?n ctufidtion or pfataiag rouatyrfeilw. n? y st'cwjftnl an t?an^ on Tutdr. Being engtgc! near the wharf, tin y mwugil .0 ooi.Miuct a r#f; of Wood ui* which tbey act .?il, in broad <1 j> liitht, with flood tide and favorable w nd. A **.?f?xbcat pairing down, cr<*i*ed a (well lutficientio break up the rafl, and they both fell into the water. Cunningham, wf.e a good swimmer, n caped, while Pool tvm c^mpelif-l to cling to the timber, to prevent drowning, and w"u? therefote fetaUeu. The extreme seventy ana cruelty pneucm u; ou iubcoutibw is alleged to b? the principal cauce that prompt! the numerous attempts to uccap*. Fall am> Simoulah Dkitii.?On Monday evening, about du?k, a Oi l man laborer named Charles Adair, who had been enraged at the More ot Andrew Gists, 62 Front stn? t, luc.nded lo the third sloty to lower (town a barrel Dt ?u| <r th?t t ad be?n ordernt by a 4 uicb?cer, and ii> peiftrn.iog the duty .accidentally slipped and f II through the h t'clitvuy toth. fljor. H< wan taken up and carrien 0 .11- 1me, where every ut<?c>i?n was tfoderod bin hnt death ensued y eater day. An inquest vru held by the Coroner, and tiio physician*, alter a post mortem ex innnation, (*? * the opinion that the deceased cm to his death fr-ti uipturi ol the in estu e?, called the j'Juuen, pioduced by thofaU, which o a- n c</??arily Ittnl. The j iiy returned a verdict in accoidunce with the above 1 ac t J. Hicnvn or Stol?? Oo h -A 1 Irishmin named John McBrierty, who keefsu shopm Ur.inge str< et mat L -i inat J ?a^ ui re?tid iaat evening by i>Mccr Cockelair Oiiaciiarg? of purchasing n *ohl watch valued a' $11. itol- n (loui thr house of Mr. Va. d. tvoort loOtV tew we*b* si. c?. '1 ho watch wa* given to a colored l*>> named James Adams, by the colored gu I 'hut ?f<t!<i f ,at. 1 en- '"jen ?"1J by another colored mgiin tamed Jju t Vllonl???', McDrieitv for >7. ilcHrimy wa> locked m for f'urtLcr irt. stiga'ion. Accioi n r*Lt y Shot?A colored m m named WilliaD' Simpson, v <ina to the Lower Police > inter'(?> audsurrm dtred himself, stating that he hud iccidentuliy shot hp of hi colored ican named Charles ?Vi:lianis 1111he fact, whili' e|, aumg a gun at a ninepiri alley, win re he w en Hgct in Washington street WillMms win taken to the Hospital, and it is feared he wiU 1-h.ub o' his eyes It being stated to Justice Stevens tlmt the nun was not itt'hp *1016 that Simpson K>ok it to clean, and also that dilheuity bul transpiied betwemi ti*e parties tpliti 'e 10 a lottery policy, iu which William" cuargru Simpson with cheating him, the latter waa locked up .or lurther inquiry into the character of the case. CiQoar.E H bbkb.?Yesterday morning, Misj Ann Eli xa Vanuervootc. while on the eve of departure lor Newark, placed a valise containing her clothing, jawellry.icc, in the steamboat oftieu foot of Courtlandt street, and not keeping it iu view, some rascal slyly stept in and carried ii away. Tho fact being made public, otftcer John B. Adiimu, of the Second Ward, madi search and tound the iukt ralise in possession ol an old thief named Wm. Sullivan. The contents valued at about $60, were safely returned, and Miss Vandervoort was thus unceremonious, ly deprived of her tnorniug trip to Newark. f8he is the daughter of the popular Aluerman ofthe 8th Ward. Drow.iid im 4 tub ok Win*.-A child aged about one year, named M"ry Carrighan, residing with her parents at No 91 Seventuenth street, was accidentally drowned y est' rday by fulling into a tub of water during the tempo rary absence of her mother. She left the little innocent on the bed asleep, and on her return, haviog been absent half an hour, she found it dead in the tub. K? rooiiiKD,?man taken up in tho street on Tui!tday v-l'Oi'ied in thecart before reaching the cit* prison, recognized yesterday as Peter Crawloiu, clerk, a Sco*<*h .van, who had been residing come timo in this city. Marine Court. S??r 6 ?Pinter, vs. Caiyenltt and olhrrt?The complbn.fcu , who is a tutcher, kome .imi since cpeiicl a meat thop in f'-M llowe.-y, and placed it in tU?; chaise ol a m?a ii imrd Vau'lewater. v ho i cCiun'.d f?ch evening, lcr ihesuppl' urnif-hei, to ihe complainant, receiving f?i bis st i v,cv> as'at id s iur>. The deter .lint, Carpenter, it e M i?iiHl',..iid iiel'l a jtH^ment Van^vtraif r lor a ?um miioiiuting 'o about *5?, to sati?ly nhich he l<vied on hud aol'1 the property and fixtures of themes* ? op uniter the rbi'?e ot Vande water, at d this a<-tion u as l.n.light ly'he cmi|>ljl'.?n? to recover against th" defer. an'*, for (lie dan sue Mistniutd by the Illegal seizure ol his prui-ri). 11 'titty aJebtof his clerk. Thecasa w.-s tin d t>'i *h? 13 h Auguit l.s;,i,ut the jury cou'd not osrrc-e in. by il i eoliftnof ii Mr. Lester, who appeared for the defendant, the cuu-e w? set down for to day. Being fullid on, the <le't ii Ihiiis (>ei fen ally appeared, and claimed u M il Miit, on the giuuiid that Lusie was not autho i i*eii h , th?m to appear, oi act f'?r them in the matter, and on tui?, Jui'ge'ind Hied \hn p'oirtid out of Court. For pUntitT, Mr lomtinsoc; for JeknJuits, Mr.Uulltr. Lunging L'ikt vs. Tf'ulm Su'hn land.?In October, 1 ?<37, tbi jkmiui It ars in tliic city, auil ell reii to sell the defendant i?.o iubr ni Ldtt?r,?" bich Lehad ui his s'nroin Com tia?di'i>uut\, to bo tieliveied u. .Manlius, on iLc li-'e canal, prnvi.t.d 'In' (blend :in would advance V13ou acooou. TUi- was relustd, iiioiir.tiefc us the parties were straLgeis toeachotlur Ati-tiu W. Otis, a large butter dealt r, be ing present, ..ntl i>i.o- ii.g :h? pi lintill, received tV ?in ney requirtd liom the i!i It udut t, giving him n recur-' for'he aani.. :>nd bo*- ' <1 the money 10 the plaintiff rijis money tue<1e!e> '8i.t i iiul md to the account ol Otie.whu had a rui ni:>2 eroani ot svuic amount with him. The two tubs ol bu'tcr wire detneri d bv the plain'iff', even a' the store of the defe.d?nt, <ii?l placed to the crf^'li.! Otis, and so accounted tor, a* j*;ttl?tnent between Otis and the def'-i .laut The pUintift, efter the lapse of si\ years, brine* tlii* action to m?. virtue amount of i he two tubs, which iii claims were tii? property, and sold by hint directly under express agreement to tue delend int,not re. cnsruisinir Ous in the matter, excent merelv as a witness Tf7e di'fm d int set up the defence that hi! had paid for thr h'i't. r ? ? * I., ii.g )li.'t. 1'iirohnr'J fr?m, lilul not tlif plain lilt The umt.niu ci.ltiid by the plaiiitifl, with in terest, was f41,o0 The jury rtturntd a verdict fortbe defendant. For plaintiff, R. Niles; lor defendant, Mr. Allen. Court of Common Pica*. D< lore Judge I iprahim. Wtr!fr?Dir, Sopt 0 h?The r?M? uldi wn lor trlil t.? Jjj Uul leng ler'y, th?- Ciuit i it t?> l'Lur* ij> ut tlie uua! hour. Th" fo'liwi.i* fhii-e* i re rt-i i'oki fo th.i ?? ?>. Cfllrnd. r, H't 3^ 3) 40, 4J liM, 41, 4 5 46, 47, 4et, 9, 10 nrai rat 8t?iloii<, Before R ccr.icr Tal m#,1^ mm t Aidi r.ntn ?n Wocdkvll. JiMii H Whiting, t.?<| Diitiiet Vtorney. Pi pi. 6 ? Stk?i.i>o Cm.naiLS, ??o AitiOLi t<D Biv Tk*v.? Au Loii> Kiiiiiicii, Philip K i.uieh, Johi K n'.n'k . u.i Juhn Kiutiick, Jr. were iiimi toi t>. ting Micb.'i I ttullig.iQ. who had come uix.n tut-ii pomiuM in the H I n. cherries. The Jurj r. a verdict oi out tutpy. Da> id Caownr Plkadkd Gi'Ilty ? This m?n, 'ndicN d .in twoelmrK> ??i forgery in the tint J I'.'RTre, tui p'tfipg roM7t'i,rg?'dchi cka on th>* Seven'h Waid B-ink, drmun tuename mi Minott Mitchell, lor the urn tot*) o $I,C0A, withdrew hia previous plea of not guilt) , nnd < iiu r.d n plot hi KUilty. This rogue, in orilet to ?crcen himkeli, ha.-, during hia eonfinement, implicated ar.uniberol pi rsops ar \ Htticipants in his rascality,in hope* tJirrebj to lie '1M.J un State's evidence, and his aequittbl 'flu Poiicii were too shorp for him, und the .rap hp spt (?.> Miers hum sprung upon himself. Ti;e entfrirjr of tl p' lof "jui'ty was done i:o doubt with a view toohtaii from the Comt in bis aeuttnee, which hei'ois n?t deserve. Sevprul arrets ol innocent prisons havf een m^de through bis rascally stnt? nienta, nil ot which have proved to be us fdlie us he is vicious. He should ilicruoit itc ve no favoritism fron. the Recorder and Al ier:< on. 1> it ti e lull tenii of five vearn on cuch imliil nu-xt 1 ne partita who hove been so seriously injured ?,v iue talse tt/.t- ment?of thu rogue, should see that the Itiv U cor n cted with the forgeriea are correctly stated to the Court, and n? undue influence exercised to prevent him liom receiving (he punishment due bis offences i befeutenca ha? been postponed until Friday next. rt thkncihikkt ?The Court, in accordance with the previous position of Recorder Tallmailge, in the Board ol Supervisors, at their session on Monday, issued the following .? " Ordered, That (he Sheriff of tho city and county ol New York be directed to summon not exceeding ten officers to appear t-nd attend this Court. "Ordered, That the Clerk serve upon the Sheriff aco py of this order." It is to in* hoped that officers will tie selected to serve in rotation in this Court, thus extending the pecuniary hen< fit to oil n'tac'ied to ih<* police, and at the same time reu.J?r.*? tin r* familiar with the character of the roguriarraignoii ;n the Sessions, and the law that hears upon vlieirttle \ci. It is uulair, unjust, nnd contrary to every uriutiple ot public policy,to rivo these olfices as a men-ini cure to o.t set ol men, who soon become to* laty nnd at to b't< t'd to the duties incumbent upon them. Let ti c l.enfi'?be ^/teilt '-d among the whole, ant! iho court, tin j'tiurs partii*, witnusses, repoiter* mid, will II In b> iietiiin! t^vreby Since the above wn* written, the Slifi 'fl under the Oi lion it the C<Jti>t, hus i>r>i>red tl>e foil. vt-n g nai.t'l tljri is 'n dlien?lthe u ?l' dufit g the S. ji fcn l;ei t uti I .c>'l? ll.?j s, oT6 h Wards Jolin L)a\i?.n| ihe7rb; F:n)d ii. tii. llili; U mi. B. Burbwot ib> 14th; Jacob I..IVIIOI the ,11 I.; JvlC ,1? <* Kt intoti ol ihi-h'h. A. M ' miiiiIiiI he H h, *V<n il Stephen* of the ti n; Jinn -f* elch ol U.i 5 Ii, ?i il ,?i I'nl i tt WaMi ol tl e 7lh. lUi.ei.- Hie 'oi 'he Si j>tembi rterm only,nnd oil. i? Mill be ei.iol'nl lot the Octoberletm. Koi.?? iv?d l?i c dmiisrn.-The names of thalollo'v ii, , r on* having t.erii Called, and not answering, ih? ii i>HPi7.aiice? ? eie <b elated forfeited F ii?ruii i -Ln ot nrd ftenn-nn. a Frenchman, ol >11 l? ai.e . rut, oru.erl) I New Hoiu, Connecticut, I Ol Milling fusO is Worth ol cU h% :ro.n S. M. Blatch. i,i?liail.db) Kli Weili on l J-. epli L. Cei f, in the *ui? ot fft 0 (fh. .1 mie-i Hunter, for obia nintj from (Jttgorj ItCobill, '? ? ! mi k* *, bools, tl.ois aiid bats vr iuH i-t nbont f it'? !,ail d llil irl 3e' r'.uat.d Jame* B icW> Ii In tin sum 11 $IA< . Oris n<1 I ??er*v.?J s.'ph B F.lli?, a'iai Joseph B H!? on t>o HiJntu.t nt? ior di aling v blue cloth cloak ,u'" Chari % M-;d, (>tii b it.U I 11 o the value of >07 fron David VVii I , t; . .1 i I itli i t?bailed by Kcfcl ti: .1 Slont'7.-ilieig aid I Ii ii Y tinif, in the sum ol f9!".t>. Assaults tno H?i tu>ii ? ?F. l ward Blair, for r--'.11 r about sn lil.t ntiiiirg to stab I'imothy Doran?bailed i.) Josi ph Labe>. '1'hom.i b.iirr.?? ant* Cathsiint Bnrrow?t icrbeatlrf lolm Mulloy wi(h a cart iunn?-hailed by Kran O'Harro. KlvatdA 3-dlow, for *trikir|- William A. Be??hci ? tm <d by Robert .1. Cartr r. Dugau, fui kiiAi'9 a c^iy watrbman J I lli.uptiiiaii?l.nil>i) by Mirhnil Birimrd and J.ihn M Malum VMad mond fur ri-'triflip hrr.l ?f Jamf a O'Bt; t"> villi by A !?? I Rejioond. ?*Hit I* c? u? - N10 h?>l?a Tiotr. Junk ?hop <1. al< i. fo; (tialii.K an "on crowt'tr?b?il?-d by W,n. Kiltgfral in th?* mm ol >300. Robert MillHge and Sarah Mlllrdffe, black*, for ulral t"4 ftttc n y aTfU rfKi -a ym?r? rlo^h?bnlleil l?\ Knbp>' *'' ?< l.?#n 'nail An'''pw Thompftn. in t? p mm of fi o Jo?r|ili Collin*, for ?t'-alli f a dagqerrirtypo | crtrr ion John Plmn Jr , billed by U?org< Huilbut, in lb* um of fawi 'I h? Court than adjourned till ;hii morn in* at u'clotk. Fxm? \vi. RcRuir-We u arn uf^it tlip In n. the uHici of the Frederick Uera'd, 'hat Mr. E **"l lax, tirokrr.^>f thin city, who arrived at Fred Mii k ?n Monday laat, and nut up at JJinrnfminnV Mold, wne robbed that night of ?b<ut #15,000, ol w 'j i S 3(2000 were on the Wif|in?neport Bank. "#i000i>n h.igerstown, and nomr 01 her money lor bitinf of the Baltimore Hanke, or lor Messrs. Johnnutou Ac L<*e. About #5000 were on the Farmers' ajid Merchants' Bank ol Frederick. A*ter registering his name, Mr. Ing called for a caudle, and proceeded to No. 12. where ihe aervant pointed him, an4 placing the package of money on it i! a towel over it. if ?iien ihchfq me amir, went down stairs, and got his supper; after which he proceeded again i<< his room, unlocked and again locked ihe door, ahe thought, cast his eye at thr towel, ? . d ?en? t< h?d E ir'v i:? ihe morning he a^ote, dud on tukuif up ilic to.*el, found the money gone. Upon examining the door, he f?a?d the holt ^p una, but ou'si'?e the catch Th s he may havlett to him-ell by mistake, or it niiy have been doi e oy the pe^nn who look he mom y U|K>n a Knowledge of Ihe robbery c.migto Mr Zimmeimau's ears, an investigation was lmm^di. a'rlv demanded by him and atherouah sear< h m dN> th::?p tending t-> the recovery ol the rot<ber or he recovery " the money w?t elicited by the exminaiion.? Hi U. Anur cf fVtdmtwlay 'ihe Baltimore Clipper Rives additional inferm?ion in re * i rd to Ihe above robbery, from which ll ppeans ih it Mr In? is not Iree Iron* the suppTcion <f h.ivii g robbed himself The C'ippi r bays thai sevral cf those to whom the nvney brlon^ ed, left Baltimore on Tuesday ulfmoon lot Fred?-rrk and on reaching Ellicott's Mills. 1c nud that Mr 1.1? was in the cars uu his leturn to naiiiuior", when 'u?-y returned also ' n ranching the city, Mr lrp was t tk?-n before a number o; the cffi. ere el" thr Merc'ian's* and ihe M*ahiiiiea' Bn.k, and ^les?rs> L?*e anrl Johnston, (who were interested in the iorsH) (<d hlier a lenginy ?xuirna'ion, enndutted privately, he was retained in the custody tf those interefted A' this examination hullictent clue w?h ibtained as to the whereabouts ol the. money, and it his since been recovered aud returned to the owners. Santa Fg Traders.?The largest caravan of Santa Fe traders that has ever gone out, lelt Independence. Missouri, on the 24'h ult They number, says the St. Louis Republican, about one hundred and seventy-five wagons. Cartairi Cook, of the U. 3. army, with a portion of three companies of dragoons, about one hundred and fifty men, left on the same day as an escort. The drag<>??nu will escort h? traders to the Arkansas, and if satisfied that hat there ia no danger beyond, they will return If, however, danger is apparen', the escort will continue with the caravan to Hanta Fe. It 13 confidently believed that the caravan which which went out in the spring, under the protection of the U> 8. troops, have reuched their destination without molestation trom the Texians. The plains are said to be free of Texians, except Warfield and a p?rty of about fifteen or twenty men It is believed Warfield's party would not venture to attack the traders Naval?The U.S. schr Wave, Lieut Commodore S'nibri' k, arrived at Norfolk on Monday, 14 l.iys Irum Charleston, S C. Officers and crew all well. List ov OrPKim or the Wave.?Lieut. E. Temple ^hufcricli, tomiw&iidinff. Lieut*. R. Poinsett Lovell, B. riU BooneTTuMer. Art'g Master, Charles Deas. Act'g Surgtun, O W. Cro-s. 1V?*~kr at rrtK Piiimdri.phia Navy-Yard?The fltnn^r hci o'o nromi9*d to be given by Cipt. R. F. t'mckton. !J S N;:vy, to the shipwrights and other workmeu c?S.:;r?ri lo building the new war -teamer Princeton (? 'u e command of which Capt S. bas been appointed) came off at the Philadelphia Navy Y rd en fuee/'hy It was conducted on -tricly ?empe; 11'nci|l. a, and the workmen were acoon.jwuifd by tin ir Wiveu uud children. It was a hitpj-y day fur them. Sole* of Stork* at P!illadrl|ila, yesterday. $S0('0 Kentn k) d'?, 93. i ti. ri - ivtiLi > Bunk, 145; $?9W) CI iieuke ?ik1 Uoi 6's, J?A; $1 138 Penn*y Ivauiu6'j, ISot. .">5v; 4n-ha> ? Vuiop bitiu oi t'.rn, m; . llOOdu Heading Itailrout, if i |MQ 0 V b' H63 n *{ . $226 State 6'*, 1964 bS$; JMiO <!? ?> i, I6W. rvi Arrei Boakd?fl'JMJ l-in 18V, U>4; fcliSt S'Sto j 8V l^i!), Mi; JWOO ft Me G'*, ntw. an- uil, lit; *3300 City ??'?, 1SC4; 103; $4()U0 Wilmi' g'nt> 1836, *2; R'Cd1113 l?Otn!i, G3 LATEST SOl'THKKN SHIP NEWS. Pltit.APn ruiA, Sept C?.\rr Paul T .Jo.ipj, Ireland. Charle*t.-.tis K J* Voile, Kenton, Maraeaiho; Delaware. Waite, Portland; Kn iiVa A Srward, Itoss, and V'uka, Tu'tl". NeW York; Conr.cil, B I it. and Angcline It Thompson, Sh.mnou. Boston; Suiplus, Nichols, Kastnort; Danl Parker, ''urlis, Troy, N V.? Below, Ainrthyst, Anuerson, Providence: Mussell, Matthews, Boston; [VI iware, Waite, Portland; Trannoe, Post, Nfwbiujport; Retrieve,, Glomester: 5 brilts unknown. BALTlMont:, S.'|it J? Sill Millicent, Cole. NYork. Norfolk, Sept 4?Arr Grand Turk. (Br) Cann, St Kitts; Echo, Koliinsou. Hielimond for Boston; Maria M klotts, Warner. and Van Bureu, Heavy, NVork; Champion, Soule, l'ort1 land. -- Spoken. Sarah-Iane, It da>> from for Boston, 1st inst?by ttie Grand Turk, at Boston. Tiiir prumna cf run John w Ric-mm> nd?Mr Curpentrr, of i> e K^siern Gxpre.s, uritr'H to !i a A?ent in this c:'y, (M: J It. Ilall) under date of Aug.itit.t, Se(.t 4. >-8tt I owe : "The f.ite id the John VV Ilu'hinoi d h seelrd Siie was burnt i?> the whim's edge this morning Th* fire w^.s discovered about one o'clock, and si reud w th such u, i 'ity that the hands on bo?H <>f her (who v ere ill oslffp) h d barely ?in e to ee? rut without tlit ir e|t?iliirg, and mrtif viere. ?.hlg d to j>"np fr?.in It'irk overboard, 'o save tht-tnpt'lv1 s Ttiere issi'mrlinti! rnys> tioiis ah >ut the origin <>f h- fi."". There b en "o Hr- on b ard the boat, with the ex ' ( ption 1 f 1 ha* in the ki'chen, from 'he time rh" nrrivid ?>n Saturday until sbe was discovered to be ij fi"" Nolhii g remvins of the h '.ended s.CMiier lorn W ivichniond but the charred hu.l an t the ens?ine The less to tl.e owners is severe, btiMhey >vi!l heve tuotlitr boat iu mediately."?Ii<s i>n Tranter ipt CrjfltT FOR THE CoFRr.CT'ON OF ErJICBS?Jfltr L. A. Scolding, r? I' F. Ra'.kw re->iM Tidnii. r>cisir>f) | <*tpon< ri <ill n< >t l< rm. No IS ?.To-inil B*i:ks v* Maithv .w"tr<>i ^ Mr F. M. Ilrtiati' i | (i ed It.'r ?he ?pp>-l -int end cl< . 11'hsnAY, Sept. 5?N?. 18?SdO'e t>* ihe some .VJr .1 W Gi bcrt wan heard on behalf of the r>? s(>ondent r.nd closed. Mr. K. Beardnley commenced for the respondent and closed. Mr. F. M Haighl was hearrt in reply Decision postponed till next erm of the Court. No 19? Simeon B Jewett and wile, appellants, ??. the Farm'rs' l.oan Insurance Co.,respondents Five catisrsot the Kinie nature.? Ordered the heating ol the^e causes be postponed till after No 21 1? iznheth 3. Champlin, appellant vi. Richard M IlaiKht, respondent. Dudley fcelden opened for the appellant {K7-TIIE FF.JEE MERMAID, regarding the genuirnnt'Ps of which there ii ?uch o divrmty ot opinion among our mo*t scientific prnlensorf, is on the way to the city, and hns been engaged by Mr. Uurnum.of the Ameri can Mutt-um, in order that the public may become satis(led rt garding the much " vex?d question." In themean time, that establishment is putting forth attraction! and entertainments unsurpassed in this city in point of elegance, talrnt and variety. Tha benefit and last appearnr.ceol the Ethiopeun Serenuders take place on t-a'.urday next. (W-LAST WEtK OF THE OlANT OH MAMMOTH Child, at Pi-alo'i" Mutenm. Thi* perfect prodigy in human thapr, which weighs 405 lb?! and tneaaurea six feet round'he waist, will be exhibited only this wuek. That fhe-atlie preatest wonder in creation no one can doubt :h" I* e< ii lor one 'hilling, together with splendid rcrfutiriantcf, and a host of other curiosities. fcj PfA.NO FORTES AND MUSIC ?Splendid instill ments oi A it 1 English make, will be lonrd at A'.>iU'J i* (railway Santrri, No "301, near the Franklin 'Ti "e. No lt'Ui r awouu int of instruments ol every Ul.i'l ?.in ! . un ! in thU r .tv They are shipped so as to itdch any p i of the vn.riii in piirfeet order. It would t.; supeiflnou* to j.r i-e A'u li'< published music, lis rle 'nni i' kiinwn ?*vrry ? I'tri and purchasers will dud intilicxtc.i he n gi'igiiravrrj thing,oN and new, worth mi it g The bet T*-at- t?yt: a PipirUorfa-hionablecolrcti j*i i to M A will nike It iilmwlf. The purchaser may all' rw ards (lit up ?r. otiiinit ti? his ow n tai-te, but we liavr s i < ' alI\ irit.^lkeil ma'. l-.t'lo * Ution is r< qumite. Mori- nusic is sclJ this sen?cn thsn at any tiuia lor four } ears. #j- THE CITI ?ESE II MR f.n VDICATOn ?This mngic att'rl i ? ?. r*?,>"rt |a l'l*. ly not '<> contain arse nic, or nny other ponton A" csui df auid upr'i It. ' the pi opt i> lor * ill lot i' toai.y L riMblesoCiuty !M > i if will not remove tnj halt firi.i nn | hi* f he ''Oilv :n live minute*, And not in ut hum ? r ifjo. e :li? pu < iMicfttr skin of nthilil. 'I ir f", I- rtljr lmi ?< in*, iud cai: 1h? cpf .i??l any where wi*b |?i feet safety. 1 hi* i? the n?. I.- vngi< nl tnd genuine oiticie, and the m>ttM?i tr**h th"* is attempted to be told on its icptttution ia poisonous 1 lie genuine is to lie had on'y at VI Caurtlaiid etrce". QlJ FXTKNMVE FOItG:,'HIK* ? Etrery onn is us loi.iwiid ut tlia numb ilui iiirrea-o ot crime, which muy well Mm ue the philanthropist lor th? stability of our piihln loMitlitiont. V?ri' tin < i.u-on ?r? unsigned lor th?.rent Inxlly i f momls "in high places," which are .Isin thiitinrlvii in vhiudi pines It behoove ?. rj o e to look ? ell t? whan v> i b viltwhle, ssDOtliinf ' ,i i .on pr?ci u? fit wi l.saioi the eupi llty <of fascsl" Wo uouid Caution everyone desiroUN <f obtaining ''l( <' nuine Tuberose fchnvini( Creum, to see that the wtii 'en sigiutnrt ol Edward Piinlon is engraved ontha lnb> Pile unprecedented demand lor this celebrated Hhnvi' 9 Or euro will uo doubt rMsoup a bontol imitator*. B?* ?' ? public ?ite advised of the genuine, one tiiaiof ? hicn i nib tent *i> convince the sell chasing gent >eman * hi h nnoilii i I <?iiiv m* n? ? r Invented, its coi.serv. v 'I'l'lre n | i, (uMKIldttl l>y thOM ^liO ni. i??l |U.I?. ?, nn I li ii 10M *t nn? third lh* price of in, i>of!o ' ivi. n Cn'mnm Airm" *?n'?d Mi ?o? n* hn I ' iii- to w h( m a litii ml <l?. ncHon * III midf. Pol t tho e kit m a by Edivtid il 1 Urjjdnay. ^ jimt heckiv'.d UYTHK >oi talc at the Herald Li'trfcry Depot, llernM BuiMitig?, Voithv.-mi corner ol if uit^u or>i Nassau ?l.*au, t-o lolloping lattti Furaigu Journals? Thu Illuktrated Loudau New? Ifi| Ch? I ietoiml Timt-a, l-l Th" Hlu?trat> it London Lile, * * lb| Life in London 15 The Weekly Diapitch, 19| The Freeman'* Journal 18} The Nation ]8| The Sunday Time*, ijj The Court Journal 18) Boham'a Couiier L'Europe 1-ji Cha*. Wtlmer'* New? Letter, Wilmer St Smith'* European Time* l i* Agents can be ruj plied with all of the above, by mikitg application at the Ottice, aud on reasonable term*, the moment they arrive. Subscriptions will alio bu received aud punctually attended to. TE8J IVIONT - LIKE TUB FOU-O'.VINO, fr>nrt1vim witin't"*, might be multiplied to u iU|se volume, but our men will only admit the following:? KX1 RlOKDiWARY CASE. Qi-fblc. Ma) 8 ? D.*ar Sir A remedy called " Nerfn m Bone Liniment, ai d l..dlan Vegetable Elixir," csme to my knowledge about ta o months since, through our friend Mr. Campbell, and I procured some that came from Comati'Ck Ik Co. of New Yortc, aud had used It for about ft we>k without any material change, until one morning I iouhJ my tell uuder the exercise of very uncommon fe? lirgs, im.iMnii'R ib*t C?.u.d I be helped up 1 coul.l s'and ?ad w ilk. I requested my family to aid ire, but ihey utie unwilliri? I i-houl.' tiiist myself on my l?ft, not having '"r the ln?t tout teen und a halt year* even iiiu<l?th<'an.mpt toxiu'o'; I'Ut m> confidence wu? so Cicut tuat 'hey consented 'o an?i?t mo irom my bed 1 foUuil I toul'1 lucDi) lrg< with apjnr< nt ease, but couH not beor my weight oi rov fe< I With tupport. lio v'Ui, I cc'ild place one foot before the other with h lacilhy mat aito u?hvJ tw? a v all around me- They led me twice acruit the room; 1 sat down with feeling* of happiuea* that I uev r b- lore ?.<jx linii-etl ; the idea that I w to benstored to lb" world, ran through my Jruai'! Iikf an eltctric shock. My famii) urmund. d me in team of ji\, uuJ tie ejicitem-.-nt no completely ovrrcurne me tli?t 1 tainted. The tame day I w<>lk>d thrwt mii acroia the fbor, a^tfib beoiine " hea\y weight at each time on n y feet, and '.hci u?ed cmtcn< a "" u 'y?- u?j? wi<?n my ,'sucnpin naa d? cone to ur le established, that 1 Could cross tlie floor wit jout the least ai<l. My advancers nt from this time htm Det n almost incredible; I can walk two hundred vanls anb.K k with ease, ai>d my child'en, (the i ed-rid a'colte:i blesi-ed, like me, with near a do7,< n.) hare betn so overjoyed that they could scarcely eat or sleep, and Mrs Coining seems to feel halt a score of years youi ger herself. You will recolle t how much bent together 1 whj when yon wait last here : I have entirely oveicome this. 1' 1 looked as odd ai 1 felt when I began to walk, I would have bren sszed at in astonishment. I have seen raeny t>t my old acquaintances, some of w hnm did not Lao a' mo .11 all, and others would scarcely credit their ?en; es, and would hardly have been moreastonishrd though one tiad " men trom the dead." I have now every contidrcr^ thil I am a well man. 1 think this remedy Is the uost ext! uordicary of any I ever heard of, and if it is not extensively made known to tbe .public, I think the proprietor* ore very culpanle. If yon know the persons, Messrs restock Sc Co., selling it in New York, you had bet'er show tht m this letter, and let them refer to you, or pu'jllih thlJi' you think it would aid the distressed. Remember im; to your family. Yours, ETHaN C. COUWr^O We can also relet the sceptical, (it there any no-.v,) to some of our first citizens, and al'ua^ow some vi'ry surprising cures, verified under oath, and a'so un.ler he signature and seal of th'i Mayor of HartfOid and other distinguished persons, it that will Line any influence te induce all suffering witii rheumatic affections to use these remedies, by callu ? it the oiily p'are to get the genuine mediciae, 21 Conrtl dt street COM8TOCK & CO'S Concentrated Couipo-.tnii Fluid juxtrutof SAESAPAll I LLA, roa fhl ccre or Scrofula, Mercurial and Syphiloid Chronic Rheumatism, Diseases, General Debility, Bilea. from an impurehabit Cutaneous Diseases, of body, ScaryTTruplions of the Skin, Ulceration of the Throat Tetter, and Leg, Timples, or Pustules on the Pains and Swelling of the Face, Bones, Liver Affections, And all diseases arising from an impure state of the Blood, Exposures and Imprudences in Life, Excessive Use of Mercury, Sic. The virtues of this root is known generally to all, and therefore docs not rtquire any further explication. (If you wish for information, read some ot the co'umn adver. tisements of articles ina >? by others, and that ore sold for just double the price of this.) All we can say is, that it is made from the verv bust Spanish SarsapDrilU lUipl, together with cllnr s !> nefiCial ingredients with t'je u*in-.>st enrcand accui cj , by Messrs. ComstcckSc >'n, attlicun* fo'-pr e of M)ckwt* run, $1 r-a nozi*, Urge hot* and .s good a3 uuv raW at ,.er ho;hepuUic maj ftiu thrmselves. <j(7- Lose than 1 .Liu* irom this date * ill noi b* sold far i? s? (ban the r 1 prices, and it is to be had at 21 Co?rt??i? si. 7- IMPORTANT TO THE UNFORTUVATE?A >'guaranteed ?TheCollegeol Mcdicineand Pharmacy ot the city of New York, established lor the suppression ol quackery, is now prepared to treat Ml diseases ? of a private nature, and offer to all those afflicted with these distressing maladies advantages not to be met with at any other institution in this country, either public or private. From the constant correspondence, and from private arrangements be! ween the members ol ihe Coll' go and the most e'< lnent professors ot the Medical Institutions ot Europe, all the improvements inthetr< atinent of thi io diseases are forwarded to them long before they rrach '.he nwjoiity of the medical pro'esslons of thw country. With such advantages, together with the combined skill of the fir?t medical men of thli country,the College feel satisfied that the good uoik which thry hatenud-rtaken, "the suppress-on of qtuckcr)," will receive the patrciiDge it d. acrvrs from that portion ol the public le. quiiiuii thrir services. Terms for advice, end all rfiediciiies, $5 N. B. P<itien*8 living at n distance, by stating their ?ln?>a?e e\| licitly in writing, giving ol' symptom*, toare.ber with th. tri atmert they received elsewhere, if any . cau obtain a cX??i containing all medicines, with full directions for use, with a guuiante>- ol cure, by addKssing the a>??-ntof the Cvlkegf, po*t paid, enclosii e $6 By order. W H. RICHARDSON, Agent. O fice end Consulting R.-on* oi the College, 97 Nassau at. <t. i'tTT- "WEAK BACK AND nilFWMATISM 1Thsse pi i ?or.s w' <i may t e S<.||.uiig wj b the ?b? re cnii'|ilainis will find ? snr?txiiiu.Ix in s' i rmtiiV Poor Min.'s Planer, which is now acknowledged by a'l who have ever u<"d it, to he ilicidsdlj the b- ?i (.Iringih. i ing | latter in the world. It has i ow been in u??. ivany years, and ha11 produced ,i.uiecitw tbnn any her plaster w' Ich has t ver wen Be*'nr<' ol tniposi'lou. ure g?nuin11 nn!ci? they hnvr a Inc-sinale o D> .St trman's noire on the back. W-^r-ho'i-c 106 N:ii? hi street. Agent*? 110 : tOAsioi !!"?> >.: 2)7 Hudson; 1"S B.iwiry; 77 Eist Broadwaj ; ' 6 tV?lll?n street; and *9 Cheanut it. I'mUd. Ipftu. (ja/- PHOFESSOR VU.PKAU'S CELEBRATED Pil>-, torthr radical cute r,l goriot11a?8, gleet, oi.d til mncupuiuicnt ilischaiges not. 'he ui - tru, are mnvt-i-ally considered, by tue medicril iscuity of the United States. the saf- st and muit < m<?y lortlio?e dir* tressing complaint*. Ttiey eradicate tl disease in an lucre libiy short time, without tuning tim nrc-..b, disagatcing with the stomach, or coiiftneteent !roii business. Said in boxes, containing oi'" bundled pilis, $ I each, W. 8. RICH ARDSON, Afrit Office and consulting ronmsol the College ol Medicico ahd Phutmac.y, 97 Nasnau ?t 0(7- EMPIRE OF" BEAUI'V.?The following toilet articles are to be had geuuiae only ut 67 Walkci street, one door from the corner ?l Broad* jj :? Gouraud's Pond Sub'.ile?lor sat- ;y, quickly and permanently eradica ing superfluous l.ji:ium t>|l pan* of the human frame; tbia we proti bejond nil doubt to every purchaser requesting prool. B .vaie cf Cout'tr feits, containing deleterious properties, r oil u'.telly IruVicarious. No agentin Biookl)U. Uouraud's Eau de B"aute?l?r tboi uglily rx>imni" ting tan, pimples, blotches, mo. phrw, ii-, elicltifl? d?li* Cite white neck, hands and arm', .iDil impartial < Juvenile bloom, by its dilating propertit s, ptt*< ntit ^ the formation of wrinkles and bani-bi.g then wm n | r sent. Oouraud's Vegetable Liquid Rt<ugu?im; irtsn del'f >tn blushing tingo to the cheeks, inimrva' io by rubuing with a handkerrhielor cloth. Uouraud's Blanc d'Espa^ne or Spanish W.iitn?give to the compbxioi. a pure, I IV-like alMJUktcr whiteness, in clegai t boxt s, 26 cent* each. Agents? 1 Milk (, Boston: 7d ?-h' >nut st, Philadelphia; Grey, Po'ki epsie; ??jthrie, Albnt.y; My< rs, N w Haven; Wells & Co, Haitlord: (oulta, hprlngttvld; Faulkner, Norwich; Greeu & f.o , Worr.ister Caileton 1c Co , Lowell; Hedge, New bur v port; Vr.sion, 1'oitsmouth; Patten, Portland; Guild, Rai.gor; Thorns, Cincinnati; Tuttle, Pittsburg; George Si. *>ey, Frankfort, Ky. fftT- THE HIGHLY CONCENTRATED EXTRACT OK SARSAI'AHILLA?Prepared bv the College ( Medicme and Pharmacy of the city ol New York, established lor the suppression ol quackeiy, A D.18W. This powerInlextiact, prepared under the supt nntendence of the , med cat lacult} connected with the College, may be relied on tu the most efficacious remedy lor all diseases arising from an impure state ol the blood, such as scrofula, salt I heum, chronic rheumatism, scurvy, blotches or pimples on the lace or liody, ulcers, node*, secondary syphilis, or any disease arising Irons an injurious useof mercury. Sold in single bottles 76 cenlstach, in casts containing liaif dozen, f>3 60; iu do one dozen, $6; care'illy packiil and aentto ail parts of the TJn on. W. S. RICHARDSON. Agent. Office end consulting rooms of tho Cdiieg 97 Nassuu street. ?J- HHEl/MATISH la RAI'im^^VJ) PZRFECT. iy iuif'1 i>J "> il?"nry n ?n*r,nuiij umuuiu i?' 11J \ve b. iuve it i? the only i,.rdic.ioo whi. h can i>u d l ended upon na a euro lor Ibii > ivo.crute <ii. ???. R \ ih.-foll<iivin;;:-DeorSir:?Having Worn p.-rr. i- t ><! ol what I coniidcrcd un incut able Rbeumdii?m b> the urn oi jour Rheumatic 8yrU|>, I call do no W* ihnn cheerfully bear testimony to its excellent qtialitifi. I was taken la?t Kebi uary with it in my ihoulderii and 1> g?, ami wan confined to my bo.! lor hIwvm eight week*. 1 Wfii atn nd d by the hi?t doctori I could hear Of, but the* did me no nood ; I n' by tlie use ol yoursytup I am, thank li<avir>, pelleCtly well, nnd although my occupation (butch)'i) e*p> ?i me to all kind* of weatbtr, yet I pi ?emj *elf withthosamn carelepvti ?< n* ever. Youia riipcctfully, GEORGE W ALK!NGTON No. 8* Elm meet. Thi? medicine io fir *ale, whoU-rale nnd retail, a' No. \ VH Huwery : also fi-r ??le it Mr* llayo'No IH<> F'llfort treit. Brooklyn ; and in Nit\irk at Trlppt'*, No. .10) Ulead atrial. 3:7-( ONHTITU I IUNAL UKUII.I1 Y EFFECTUAL. I> Oiindhj the Tunc. MUtnre |iret aieU ij tin 1 M i iiie ?ti?4 rh*rwauy ol thncity of New York, < ' liixbe'l lor the ttippri ??ion ?l quackery, V. P. IM <0 .1 iu larffrhot lca eue.h, ftn.ill do $1, in rate* co.t. tnl ing half <? d x n ft>, ' arelully parked md ?nt lo ail pa "olthet'n op. W. 8. RICHARDSON, Office ai.d consulting roomt of the College, 97 Nauau t ^et. I I

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