Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 9, 1843, Page 3

September 9, 1843 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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jUrT RK? KIV - D BY THE BRITANNIA AND for sale at t> Husld Literary Dfpot, Herald Building*. ' No th*K?? orner ol ful'm and Nuiiu atteeta, the lollop 'uk EoiVgn Journal*:? The lllu?inl London Now* 18] Tke Pictorial Timea 1m| Th* Illustrati d London Lite, 18| B- 11* Life lu London .*? 16; Til" Weekly Dispitcb, I'Ji The Frixmhn'a Journal, IB* The Nation 18 j The Sunday Timra 124 Ti e Court Journal 1*1 B hain'a Cornier L'Europe, l'Jj Cliaa. Vfilmer'a News Lettar, Wilmer k smith'* European Times Agents can he supplied with all of the abave, by making application at tba Otticc, and on reasonable terms, the uiuuiviii iucj at live. nui'VCripiUJUB wiu ai?u and punctually attended to. {[(/ CONSTITUTIONAL DEBILITY EFFECTUALly eured by the Tonic Mixture prepared bv the College ol Medicine and Pbarmany ot the city of New York, established tor the suppression ef quackery, A. D. 1843? Solit in large bottles $i each, fmull do $1, in cases containing half a dozen $6, carefully packed -'ii'l ient to all par - ofthe Union. W. 8. RICHARDSON, Agent. Often and consulting room* of the College, 97 Nassau *'r?*t. HONKY MARKET. Friday, Sept. 8?0 P.M. The operation! at the board were to a fair extent, ami prices iimtthing better. Canton rote J; Harlem J; Illinois J; Long Island fell J. At the new board tbo operations were as usual. The arrest of the young gentleman, Saunders, who committed the forgery on the banks of this city in the names of Austin St Wilmerding, serais to h ive given great satisfaction. Therein somo doubt about the recoveiy ofthe money, however, at he expresses a determino tioi to held on to it, and endure the punishment. Ten yecrs in the State Piison, ha considers equivale nt to the operation of the bankrupt law, and clears him frem ro ponaibility. In domestic bills there it hut little doing, andrate* vary bu^ little. Mobile has somewhat improved, as follow*: ? Hairs nrUnursTie Kioinop in N*w York, Jrtr 1S41, ?sn SarT. J, 1*43?Correctbu BT W. fc J. O'BniEN, llj Wil.L STRICT. ' June Ull. Si/it. B, 1813. Boston. "* pur a p?r' > 1 din. riiiMetpha, I n I b? J* V Baltimore, 4Xn 4^4 ph. a T7i Richmond, f>\a 6 Jia 3a North Carolina, 5 a ? 1J4 Savannah, 3 a 3 *i 1 Angnsta, 15 a ? ,.?t> Charleston, 1 *a l>i k.i 1 Apnlachicola. 30 a ? 1 2 Mobile, 10 alfl 13*i'r 14 N'-vr Orlwins, 7 a 7 'Wis lK Louisville, 8 a 9 ljia l?& IS'*?hTilla, ? 2 a 2.\ Natchec, ? a ? J a 3^4 St. Louis, 8 a 8 l)*a 13? Cincinnati, ? a 8 ltfca 1>$ Indiana, 7 a 7 ? a ? Illinois, ? a ?? ? a ? Detroit. 4>4a ? ? a ? The indebtedness due from thu west and south has been greatly diminished during the past 60 days, consequent upon the movement of produce. It will be remembered, that subsequent tofthe'epening *>f the spring navigation the accounts from England were such as to canse a rapid rise in most articles of agricultural products. Fleur went up here te ft 83 a M 7?. This impulse was communicated throughout the west, and wheat rose in all the seo tiui'i of the interior. In the valley of the Ohio and Illinoit fair stacks of wheat were held by farmer* at 30 cents, who, altheugh indebted fortheir store billa to the reerchnnts, who in their turn were indebted to the Atlantic cit;??, wauld notifllnt tho^e low prices. Business wa* therefarestaarncnt all through. The speculation engendered ou the aeahoard rolled weit until wheat rote to 60 cent*. The practical effect upon business was that stocks were sold and lent forward, the proceeds passed from the hands of the planters to those of the merchants, and the p*f-sence of tha latter in our markets caasing goods to rise, has attested the improvement which we stated last pring would be the reaalt of the rise in agricultural products. In this city and Fhilapelphia, no merchants have been more welcome, paid belter,or stand in better credit than thasecf Illinois. As an index to the movement of pro dure geaerally, wo will take a table of the receipts of flour at tide water on the Hudson and at New Orleans this year and la<t, monthly. The receipts at New Or leaaa ara composed partly of thn produce of tha fertile val. ley jot tha Illi aois, a::d on tha completion of that work will Mina to Bt.ffa<o:? Jlecr.ins or Floub at New Ori.cim and to the HfD" soi* from the Otknixo of Canal Navigation. New Orleans. Tn tide tvalrr. 1842. 1843. 1812. 1813. April, 43,823 3,87 * 4,00 74.623 10,004 ? May, S7.S33 ? a 3,00 57,423 231,155 185,086 June, 26,133 5,30 a 3.87 S3,771 175,!>0li 233,912 Jalv, 18,348 ? a 4,.30 10,410 122,737 231,203 August, 20,011 4,00 a 4,25 28,226 102,735 231,010 Total. 143,670 206,46 J 638,629 926,813 We have the practical effect of a rumoied English dt* man J for agricultural products. As packets arrived sue crssively, and the news of an improvement in the wea tber waa confirmed, prices fell until the last arrival, when flour fell in this market 36 to 37} cents per buihel. The price it now |tH,i fall ef f 1 35 per bu?he 1 from the rates caus*d by (peculation on the atrength of the want* of England. Thli makes a difference in the flour received here and in New Orleans of >1,410.593. Now there i? not n farmer or miller in the country hut know* that the rise in flour waa in the hope of a foreign matket, and the fall was inevitable when a good harvest abroad ipoiled that market. Notwithstanding this plain and practical fact, a Wall street paper in. the interests of the manufacturer* stated as follows:? The improvement which has taken place in the trade of the Country mav be considered a the result, to a great e\tfi t, ef the larijf of lf4i. The protection afforded to our manufacturing intereiti, at a moment when they were svtUriag Iron the extreme depression of trade, has heeu i)f siyt,-,7?not only to those directly concerned, but to thtPVELsn great interests ol the country. It has furnished the ayriruitura) int?rests?nth a home market in Iht ahienct of a foreign demand; a mark. t u h ch ityis tho true policy ol every o*<i*try to foster and protect. Perhaps no better illustration ol the effect thus produced can be Riven than that hfforded by the article of wheat. The crop of the last year, as ia well known, was exceedingly Urga.and the general expectation has been; <!nrirtf tr-erresunt season, that flour would dtclint to a eery tuw pric* More especially has this been the case since th; prospects nl the present crop have been so favor, nbl*. But the actual re?n)t has been directly contrary tn this. The price of wheat, without any foreign lirmaiid, l>a? been steadily improving, bo h en ' he seaboard and in the interior, and is new from 30to 60 per ccnt higher than the lowest price* of the spring. To what cause can this be attributed? * Is it net the direct result of an improvement in the condition of other branches o! libor ky which they are enabled to parcbase more freely, and psj better prices? Suck bold aMertions aa these can do bnt little injury to any bnt tkeia who make them ; they expose the poverty of argument in support ol monopoly. If this tariff was the oattseof the rise, what is theci.n'eot the fall, when the manufacturing business Is said to be better t'l an ever? Have the manufacturers stopped eating, and live as it is presumed thay lived before the tariff was imposed, viz , on air, er have they grown so rich that they no longer cat the homely prodnotions of the American soil, but im port the viands of France? Certain it ia that prici a are falling, and that stocks are accumulating. There ere new in this cl;y 176,000 bbla of flour of the old crop What will become of it without a foreign market, lemains to be rei n. The growing crop in many sections of the country, aay the middle and south of Illinois, was greatly damaged hy the leng aold winter; there was very little now, and the crop was frozen]ont. This misfortune will aflect the interacts of Illinois temporarily more than tho supply lor the Uaion. Happily, our country ii so extended, and its climate so varied, that the utter failure of a as largejas England, atrsets ua but little. Now, that the butin*** of the whole country is conducted en a specie basis, or governed by what people can pay lor, thn bu'inees ol any one section may, by compariron, bo pretty accurately estimated by looking to the co edition and prospects of its products. When psople n ider banks bought as much as they could got credit for, th' rewssno rule and no limit to tholr purchases. For the coming year there is every reason to believe that the profits of all agricultural sections will be fair?that is, thay will be more than for the past few year*, Henoe, the business of the seaboard will be better. People will buy domeatic good* and imported good* because they want them, and have got the money to pay for them. The demand thm occaiioned will ctinc price* of gooda to ri??| domeatic good* will advance until they reach the value of niimllar foreign article at the co?t, with f?e duty inper 1,1*1. If thf- duty dirt not esiit the foreign supply would Increme, ua i ke?p d>wn tho domestic article , bi:t ai the ta iff d*?ea rxiM.'ali articU'j, ^oolleao for instance. moat command a price hereto percent higher than itacoM, before it can b? imported ; henor, tho domestic manufnctifem will obtain a proflt of 40 a 4ft per aent, aecure Irom comp?tiiion. Thi?,tho faranera will be obliged to pay while the norirnmnt geU no revenue. If thedntv wa? 90 p r aeut, the f rmera would *a*e >0 per cent, and the go?< rnment vould be well ?u|pmted. Thii weight *f the tariff will bs felt in iia full force n?:*t winter nr J ?p ing. aaUa nf #1*^ Stock ^Irhniiirp. $l7jOO Ohio fi'?, 1R50 01 2A Bk IlomV, ncrin t*5W .Viflo Ho Ot'K liCsntiMiCo b30 ii'iSt Vifll) do <* % 17 ilo 2,L 1 tXK) do IR60 ! ?'? 110 do VMM) ilo 'I' 2'i Faroifr*' Ln bnw 2i H*KI [<*mtirk> r.'n MO !)74 2.S do I,*) f> N York iJ<'t Ml b3 Mrt ii do *30 21V 1000 lllinoii fi't, *70 3.'iV !>0 do 21V '"f i" >> 3'iV 100 Long laid R R li30 .12 5 >hu Bk < ominrrcf.fullo.'i ,'W0 do jiV , n . ''V, , SM>* 1(0 Ho bco J2 u ^ "nd??n 1W ilifl do !,!% !?| Or,, ?* 1041 >0 N Jirn.v R R R7 M Bk I jm'?, .cnp <M 4,'ifl lUrlffm R R 7> 86* V Mohawk R R 36H Setond Hoard. $4000 ludiAiia b<l? ?3 SlV 100 Harlaui R R .JO 36V ?00 do ** a 100 do Hl< 475 shaa Canton Co hKI &> It Bk Com>, nerip ftj'J H?w York Public Mock Exchange. $11)00 U 8WW?6'?, '62 >>00 WO* 400 lUrlrin R 11 36S, Kiixi do ?60 114 23 do i'JO 3:i% 81100 N York 5^'*. >60 .103 75 do ,'M) 3t> 3000 Oliio 6'?, *0 92 V 100 do Jl,)* 1800 Kentucky 6'? 97V 75 Long Uld R R b30 52 1000 do 97), 350 do 5I?{ 1000 do blS 97?i 50 do 12 8*p. 51/k 1000 Illinois 6-s, TO 35V 150 do uw SlV 1000 do 35V 100 do blO 51V 4' 00 do (IS 35K 50 do 27 Sep. 51% 15000 do b20 3j,Si 50 do. l?t Oct 51,V 1000 do >20 35V 50 do 6th Oct 51% 10(10 do bli 35V 325 do 51V 6000 do inw 35>, 100 do ?30 5l\, 25 shai Cauton Co b30 26 50 do g20 51V 10 do itiin 21 loo do bCO 52 10 do ?6m 21V 50 do 51H 2S do b25 26 25 Farmer*' Trmt ?60 21 Si 25 do 6itd 26 25 Mohawk RR 2nd 37 25 do 15 25?i Nrronil Board. $1000 Indiana bd?25 v* ?15 31V SOCaiuonCo 28 250 thus Harlem K H snw 36St State of Trade. __ At?tion Sales, Boston, Sept. 7.?Leather?1049 title; Sole Leather sold, ouk tuune.l slaughter at 90a 36c per lb; do dry, IS a 18}c, hemleok slaughter, 18 a 1HJ; do dry, huavv, 14 a 16, middling and light Bun.oa Ay res, 161 a I7J; Zanzibar light, 16f a 18; buffalo light, 1SJ; gaod da magrd, 13 a I3J; poor do, 9} ; 113 side* heavy wax sold ut H| a 111 per foot; 360 of kip told at 8 a 9 J ; 838 lba splits at 33} a 35jc par lb. Hkins? 3?6 dozen lining skim sold, sheep at $3 a 3 36 per doz; Iambi at 00c a $i; 66 doz calf skins at 4S a 66 p r lit; 90 di-z kid and tnoiocco at f3 a 4 76 per doz; 117 doz roan at $1 76 aS 13; 148 doz binding!, at $1 60 a 3 60. The abov? all aold l?r cash. Cotton Tka?k Bf rwim Oimt Bnitai* anp Brazil ?The quantity of Cotton imported iiito the U ited King dum from Brazil appeara to be decreasing annually We copy the lolluwini; amounts of the qiiantiln->i impoitcd and entered for haine consumption, in each of the lust ten yeaia, from a recent parliamentary return [mported Home consump'n Pounds. Pounds. 1833 28,463,821 27,253,980 19,291.396 20,028,836 183 5 21,986,109 24,757,678 183 6 27,501.272 26,905,704 1837 20,010,135 20,822.50'J 1838 21.461,505 24,727,312 183 9 16.971.97fi 17,089 859 184 0 14,979.171 13,952,644 1841 16,671,318 14,095,988 1812 15,222,828 13,554,546 Eiroars of Cotton Yarn a*i> Goons to Brazil ? There ia a great tailing off in the declared vttlue of our experts of Cotton Gooda to Brazil, in 1*43, as compared wi'h the preceding year, or imlre.l wi'h any of the last ten years, as will be seen by the following table, which w? copy from u recent parliamentary return :? Cotton goods. Cotton yum. 1833 ? 1 667,583 ?t,073 1814 1,485,581 3,795 1835 1.500,708 981 1?36 1,762,789 816 183 7 1,014.437 18 183 8 1,657,702 1,150 183 9 1,632,680 630 1840 1,584,709 328 184 1 1,474.228 1,062 819,430 ? This exhibit) a falling off' in the value of the exports of thi? one article (Cotton Good*) alone, of 4631,893 in the la*t y tar. Auction Sals?Tea-?Another large sale took place yesterday, on tLe usual terms of six month*. notes payable in thin city, made satisfactoi y to the seller*. Htsow?836 chests at 4i) a 46c per lb. Yours Htion?813 hall chests at 21 a 70 cts; 418 half rhests at 31 n 64 Cts; 100 l*lh boxes at 86c; AO do J6i Cj 350 do 36c; (367 chests and Old hall do withdrawn). Hyson Skin?969 chests at 26 a 81} cts; (21 ."> do withdrawn). Gunpowder. 14 half chests 72; 3 chest* 70; 10 do 64 4'do6S; 31 half c!ie-ts 61; 19 d? do 69; 33 do do 68; 11 10 do 67; 41 do do 66, 86 do do 64, 84 do do 63}; 79 cbe?ts 634; 6 do 61; :<4 4 > 44; * halt do 31; t-6 do do Si); 950 I3lb bxs 63 j; 125 121b do 66; 'J96lb do 55}; 239 do do 66; 121 do do c3; 127 cases e*ch 12 2lb CHCuisters 62} Imperial?9 half uhi'Ms 75; 5 chests 70}, 30 half do 61}; 6 I'tirsts 61}; 7 half do 6o; 9 chcfts 58}; 21 half do 66 22 do do 64j; 20 do do 64; 3i do do 63; 60 do dn 62; 29 do d'i find 6 cheatf3 51: 30 hall do 601; 17 do do -18; 20 do do 47}; 64 do de 43}; 93 do do 31; 26 I3>b boxes 61 j; 100 do no 61; 95 12>b do 51; 75 61b do 60}, 276 do do 66, 30 cases each 2ib cannisters 62; 61 do do 62}. Souchong?6 cheats 20}; 25 do39; 54 half chesti 26; (612 chests withdrawn). Ashbs?No change in Pot?;prices rule at $4 31} a 4 17}. Pearls are very dull. We quote $6 31}. Sugar?There is not much doing in this article Price* however are still good. We notice sale-; of white Havana at 9| a 10}c; brown do 7} a 8c. Porto Rico 7 a 7}c. Hay?The demand for shipping and for domestic consumption continues very good. The receipts are sufficient for the demand. We quote fur prime 41 a 45c; inferior 41 a 4 o WmsKt v? Drudge is very dull at 23c; barrel* are quoted at :S a 23}, with trifling sale*. Csttoh?The market is very active and sales daily are quite expensive, prices are vt-ry firm, tending towards another advance, which,judging from the fetlmg among speculators must take place in anticipation of the next Euro; ea i arrival. The accounts from tbe Sonth continue very uniavoroble and the continued heavy rains have destroyed all hopes of fair yield. The Liverpool market wi.l become very firm on rcctipt of the advice* the last steamers cat lied out. Flour?Genesee has settled down te $4 50, which holdeis were compelled to submit to, as purchasers were not disposed to go over that. The sale* ot this brand at that price are still very trifling, speculators being well convinced that price* must go still lower. Quotation* lor other brands have not yet become fiitd, consequently we defer reroi ding ny ol the prices asked or ottered. There is very little doing with any brand* Wheat i* very dull, we quote 95c to $1 for all qualities. Rye i* held at 60c. Provision Market. A* the season advance* and the weather get* cooler the tltmand for meat* increases, and the supplies go off clear, er and nuicker than usual. The Butcher* should go upon the principle cf large (ale* and (mall profit*. Meuta of nil descriptions art* cheap enough at the cattle market, and tUa enormous profit tbw retailers demand and the monapoly they enjoy calls loudly lor *oaie uciionon the part ot the aonsumers, directly or through the ballot noxes indli petty. The coi poration haa turned a deaf ear to the uumer< in complainta long enough. The Fish market is abundantly supplied with every variety the waters of this vicinity affords, besides some they do not produce We notice wild Pigeons which are offered at $1 ? 1 26 tkedezen Peaches are plenty and cheap enough. th?y are (retting go d now, tasting something like peach* s, which they have not before this season. Cargo alter cargo of sweet potatoes daily arrive Irom the Delaware and farther h uth; they are very good a:.d very cheap. Lima Beans are scarce and dear, 16.; a quart are demanded. All the market! ara abundantly supplied with every kind of fruit and vegetables the south or the north produce*. Below we give a table of prices corrected up to the last m ment, which will be found perfect. Tricks or Provisions Apples, bW->'-$2 00 a3 Oil Jowls 2 a 3 Beef, per lb- . 6 a TO Lamb,per lb 7 a 8 Beel^ perewt* $4 50 a6 00 Lobsters 6a ? Beef, corned 4 a 'I Lard, per lb 8 a ? Blacktish 8 a 10 Mutton 7 a 8 Beets, per bunch 4 a ? Onions, per bunch.- 6 a 8 Butter, fresh per lb- 15 a 18 Fannin*, per dot" >37Ka ? Butter, lirkin, per lb. 6 a 10 Porter limine Steaksl2!,a ? Crabs, dozen 25 a ? Pork, per lb 6 a 6 Thickens 3775 Pigs, roasters ? a$l 00 Clams, 100 25 a 37)? Potatoes, bushel 30 a ? Calves Head, kc -24 a ? Potatoes, swt.hfpk? a ? Cabbage, doieu. 10 a 7i Peaches, bask't- *$1 JO al 75 Oheese, new 6 a ? Khnbarli. pr bunch- 5 a 6 Cucumbers, dot 6 a ? Sirloin, In 10 a 12 I'lrmu, |ier liunch- 4 a ? Salmon, smoked ? a 12 Dried Apples, bbl- ? a$l 00 Stri|ied B.lhs, lb 10 a ? Ducks, per |uir. -62)^ 75 Bsusages ? a 8 Eels 6 a 8 Smells, lb 8 a 9 r_mjs, 12 for ? a I2}{ Turnips pr bunch- 3 a 4 FrvsbCod 4 & 5 Tripe, lb-** ? a 4 Flounders ? a 6 Turkiea ? a 4 (ieeie 75 a$l 00 Veal . 4 a B llalabut 8 a ? Watermel's, each.- 8 a 10 Philadelphia Cattle Market. S?rr 7, 1P43. Beef Cattle-S72 at market, inclti ling "ft Irom Indiana ? 211-1 head were purchased lor the New Totk market and AO war* driven back to Cheater county ; sale 34 to 4} for inferior to fair quality, and 4| to 6 for prime?a fe.v extia sold at 6}. Cowes and Calves?27ft at market. Bales $ 20 to $96? extra $30 DryCowe* ffl to $g. Springers $12 to $16. Calves? $1 60 to $2 611 per head. Hogs? 618 at market; sal** 4J to 4} ; extra 4 ). Sheep-900 at market. Sales made at $16*1 to $2 60? extra $2 7?. 8 ?I? Died At Bethel, Conn., on the morning of the 7<h instant Sam*11 CaaDRMA, daughter o1 Juhn W. anil Mary Ami r man, of thia city, e 1 one year, one month and eight da* a. Passriigrrs Arrived. LivrRroot.?Picket ship Rochester?Wm Irving Hytlop, Miss Kanny llvslop, of New York; David Allen, Jr. of Pittsburgh: James b Duiiwody and ladv, (ieorgia; Mr* John llrilton. Miss Mary Uritton, Hubert Mcltea, David Allen, Ireland; Robert Dippie and lady. Master James Dilipie, Scotland; Petei Stark. Belfast; KiIhiuikI Bond, Arthur Shore, George Ilullen. England; Mrs K Mattison, MasterS Mattison, Liverpool; Mi?s L l>?n, Miss J Dun and servant, Glasgow?and 168 iu the steerage. Livi:RrooL?Ship Birmingham?U Macartey, and 118 in the steerage. Oi.asiiow?Ship Octorara?Mrs Smith, child and servant, Mrs Isaac, Miss Isaac. Miss Ann Isaac, \lr Isaac, Mrs Wells, Mr llay, Mrs Oilliu?6fl in the steerage. A msti huam?Ship Manhattan?Mr SchurIT and family, 3 in the steerage. Knrrlftn ImpnitatIons l.n rReooL?Ship Rochester?500 sacks salt 100 tons coal VV0."|!"|M V Miittum?? cks tndse 3* anvils li Hyslop k son10 pk*s H BarUs?4I Wo. .d ward IT Connor?4 Warsaw. Mart k Lisley-2!SI ?, Itams-t L Cook-l Russell. Mattison Si 11 Kr.uhf.l ^ 1 w-r" .' Channcey-2 K limit?1 Piatt iv J \V Towt Vco-2 A W Spif*n \ ei>? 2 J 11 Worn.ll k son-15 f ripp. & co-6 L k B Cnrtis-23 Bird, Oil) Man krn-12 Itichardson k Watson?0 .1 <iihon-l I Wat,..11 -1 ntini Iitmnra-11 i nomnnon M co ?IS J l,.l!frt? St Co?A (Jarnt-r 8t co?30 I ooker, Mead li co?1 B.ubrr St co?IK Win T Hunt St en?2 \ T Stewart St co?I B K Babtock?I K li ?rW.'. - >7 W Whitewriiht?ALord fc Taylor?3> .1 Keren ton?7 \iUIimi1 St co?I l.ew i? & Kairin in ? 2 .1 \1fyer 1 Sim.I .V .- > -4 <' ' iMrr?mi - >'> l inv i Mrl || % ... . |.v/ IVIt'. Pod?r St co?A K Broiiaon ll Bntterfirld 8t Kinlirr?18 I) llmlil. n .V i?'? Nfvi' ? fc. CO?3 \v Wliitew rwlit? 1 I Pnncan .V 0 J NichnUnn?f Pir*>f Ik Brooks?IS l K Jone?--i T U< nolil 1 >! * hulil 8c Hn??ell? 2 ll/nlnck It c > -I K I < r?I.? V I" Wan "T fc. 1 In ker ?14 Smill), Thurmr Si co?I W B lie i. ?1.1 Bin Ir-2 4 Jorton, I loilitc. St co?3 I I? 2 Stone St c ? I I \ Ne? Im>l?l ?72 B A Mumford?2 I) 4 ollvnnrp?' A S Brvant?1 A Pntmmond?II8S h*r? 20 li*? iron lV<r*on !k co? <6 lm mdM" 'OH <lo li" 4139 l'l'? cn*te? ?9 run 182 cuki coiiiwt to ord?r. Li??.npoi?t?Ship Onwego?34# 40n? milt 211 < copiier 1 hm nin-cir j Macy Ik ?on?37 pkg* IiikIu St Scott?143 Cameron V Imnd?At Tookor, Mead St co?24 Smuli. Tliurgar St c i-6<> J 0,1,01,?:t (? |'atti?on?<1 J Ltffetti?? J Coniiah?7 I) lla<lilen it ?on?(1 Nevint St co?3 Potr Si Allen?3 I limit?434) hit tin <74 iiirou cop|*r 6 ck? Hi rkw LAlterbnry?UC K Bill. 4 lurk fceo?7.1 Holiimon?7 B W Henchman? 8 Binna, Hnl<lNilko?-4 \V B Bend?15 Van Antwerp li co?I Mark li Church? J O B Dorr?9 Sheldou St I'helpa?3 W Wheelwright ?5 J Wilson?21 K Sanderaon?I New bold k Hussell?3 Denuiston It Duhrow?f> lleej It Spngar?2 Richaraaon fc Wataoo ?4 J Owu?5 Wood, Johnatnn St Burritt?7 Barclay IkLmng ton?I# H Patrick?I Bird St Gillilaii. Livraroot.?Ship Birmingham?1000 tks salt Taylor It Merrill?100 tons coal Woodhull St Minturn?4 pes iron J Cochran ?I h?N 3 bu (Jodfley, Pattison St co?2 casks W Smith?I do to order. Liverpool?Ship Xylon?I pkgt Mclntvre ?14 Kichardsoh St Walton?157 W C Iniirs?100 Adam* Broa? i B T Wlmlwright?22 H L Lh*-I3 J W Harni?? Cameron St Brand?71 Toilker. Mead St CO?It Ingli* Ik Scott?t Wight. Sturges St Shaw?9 (' H Koterelt?IH WChauncey Ik ?on?10 '1 Hltkeh?G6 E St S Willie*?4 .1 Li ffrrtu?27 C St S Hubbard?2 W B Beud?16 L, Atterbury?30 T Wiukley?I bales 100 tout coal 1200 tks salt A Slater?4 bales 240 bit tin to order. (ii.asuow?Ship Octorara?I'> I'kifi J McCall?4 A Rolker? 4i> W Win tew right?30 Smith, Tliurgar St co?UO.OOO tin* bricks J Lee ? 5 ploughs W 11 St J C Minturn?2 bin Onrton, Hodges St co?37 do 2 hales Oodlrey, Pattison St c.>?HO OB Morewood ?7 bbla whiskey M McKenzie?2 bo ten K Barber?30 caaka ale Richardsnu St Hart?225 tons iron to order. AMitt.Hn.iH?Ship Manhattan?50 pil?s Kin 639 bags colfee 200 baga pearl barley quantity willow lleiffer St Wi??man?25 bit mute Vietor St Duckwitr.?8 bagt iai>e teed to matter. MARITIME HERALD Sailing D?ya of the Steam Mlilp*. FROM LIVERPOOL. FROM AMKRICA Britannia, Hewitt Sept. 18 Caledonia, Lott Sept. 4 Oct. 9 km. w mieru, ikiskpii nept. 23 1'J Ship JII?(teri and Agents. We slinlI esteem it a favor, if Captains of Vnwli will gave to Commodore Robert Silvey, of our News Kleet, a 1 tailor t of the Shipping left at the l'ort whence they ?aile<l, the Veasels Spoken on their Passage, a Lid of their Cargo, Will any Foreign Newspaper* or Sews they may hate, lie will board them immediately on their arrival. Agents and Correspondents, at home or abroad, will also confer a favor by sending to this Office all the Marine Intelligence they can obtain. Nautical Information of any kind will be thankfully received. PORT OK NEW YORK, S KPT KM II Kit ? ?ci? risks ft 36 | moon hue! 49 SON SETS 17 I HIIIH WsTKR 9 4B Cleared Brigs Merida, Pepper. Oporto, N. O. Lenglii 81C0; Steadfast, Kirkpatrick, West Indies, A J. Peunistnu; Kim her I v. Armain, Newnern, SC. 9 L. Mitchell?Sehr Cora, Graves, Baltimore, A. B. Cooley It Co. ArrlT??l. Packet ship Rochester, Britton, from Liverpool, Aug. T, with mdse, to Woodhull Sc Nilnturn. Ship Birmingham, Robinson, from Liverpool, July 24, with mdse, to Taylor ^Merrill. Ship Oswego, Wood, from Liverpool, July 28, with mdse, to J. Macyfc Son?107 steerage passenger*. Ship Xylnn, Barrel I, 44 days from Liverpool, with mdse, to H. Haviland?161 passengers. Slop Octorara, Smith, 41 days from Glasgow, with mdse, to master. Ship Manhattan, Wetherill, from Amsterdam, July 8, and Portsmouth 20th, with indse. to Pfeiffer Hi Wissman. Prussian barque Ajai, Ruth, 62 days from Stettin, with 20,000 bricks to Win. Weisser?104 passengers. French barque Kagle, Seiguette, 38 days from Rochelle, with brandy, to A. Seiguette. British brig Cambridge, Parker, 12 days from Windsor, NS. with 200 tous plaster to master. Schr Star, Nickerson, 4 days from Boston, with mdse, to the master. Schr Bauuer, Suow, I days from Boston, with fish, Sic. to llu* taster. Below. One ship, uuknowu. Wind N. General Kecord. Detailed.?Packet ships Ashburton, for Liverpool, and Albany, for Havre, have been detaiued until this morning. Ashore.?The Prussian brig Johanna, Wallis, from Lisbon, with a cargo of 100 inojs salt, hound to New York, w ent ashore at 4 o'clock oil Wednesday morning, on Sou am Bi-.ich. It was high water at the time the vessel struck. The captain has come to the city for assistance, and he states that at 8 o'clock oil Tuesday evening he sounded in 30 fathoms water, a id previous to his going below, to get an hour or two's sleep, he give his mate orders to keep the lead going, and to call him when he sounded 15 fathoms, hut when he did so it was too late, for the brig was surrounded with breakers wlieti he reached the deck, and in a few minute* after she struck. The wreck master at Sou a in weut to her assistance, and he thinks, If the weather should remain fine I'-r a few days, the vessel will be saved When the captain left, the brig was tight, anil had but ten inchee of water in ner Her burthen is 260 tons, four years old, built of oak, and is full ringed. Disthkisino <1alk ami Loss ok Life.?Arrived nf rape Porpoise, Aug 25th. fishing schr Araunah, from Bay Chaleur. On Sunday. Aug. 20, Seal Islands bearing N, 30 miles distant, the Araunafi experienced a heavy gale of wind, during which she shipped a sea. staving in In r bulwarks, rails nd stancheous, and washing from the deck Ihe skipper and four men. (Ine of the men, bong entangled iu some rigging, was saved with the assistance of the two who were left on hoard. The others w ere lost, viz.: Kli llutchins, skipiier, aged 13 years; Kli llutchiusjr, aged 24: John llutchins, aged IS; Joseph Wilder, aged 30. 'I he Araunah sailed from the bay in company with sclirs Kclio, llutchins; Louisa, Grant, and James & Henry, Silas Pinkhain, all of and for Cape Porpoise. The Echo and Louisa have arrived, hut the James & Henry had not been heard from up to the evening of the 1st Sept. She was in company with the Kcho the day previous to the gale, and well grounded apprehensions are entertained that she was lost, w ith all on hoaru, during the gaie 01 me sum. i ne crew 01 tne James X ilenry consisted ol seven persons. Btuijrr Merchant.?The yawl nicked tip on the 19ili ult. having a head hoard with " Merchant" on it, probably belonged to the Darijue Merchant, Capt Dots, of Newport, HI. from Amsterdam June 26. to toucli at New Diepiie. ( oi i.micif*.?At Beverly, 2d inst. scnr Superior, Patterson, from * fishing voyjge. On the 18th May, was run into by the British brig Blue Nose, of St. Andrews, which carried faway the sclu's mainsail, davits, boo S tackle and top boom, stove in two of her deck stancheons. star-ed stern planks, (kc. or Apalachicoi.a fob the Sr.ssov 1b12, '13. ?Vessels arrived at this port from Oct 1, 1812, to June 30, 1813, 287, of 61,1)00 tons burthen, employing 3,425 men. The ports trotn which the*e vessels arrived, are?London, Liverpool, Havre, Havana, Genoa, Jamaica, Nassau, Kingston, Porto Uico, St. Jago de Cuba, St. Thomas, Bermuda, Montego Bay, Matauzas, Lucca, Point Petre These are the foreign arrivals. The amount of cotton already exported from this port this senson, custom house valuation, is SI,282..Hi.1* 8c. making an increase of busiuess beyond all precedent with us. Not Ire to Mnrlner*. Rockal.!..?Captain Kndicott gives the editors of the Salem Register, the following description of the true position of this island in the North Atlantic:? On Sunday. April 23. 18)3. ill ship Mason, from Havana for Russia, saw Ro'-]<,ill, made its longitude by three sets of Ltiuar Observations, taken on the same day, 13 II West of Greenwich, and by Chronometer 13 39 W, the Chronometer proving correct, several Hays after, bv observations taken in si*lit of the Scaw Light House, entrance to the Cattegat. Latitude of Kockall. 57 37 North. The Ilock can be seen from the deck of a ship. !) miles: it is surrounded on its southern side, by a dangerous reel, extending, I should judge, 2 miles. Resp'y your oh't serv't, L. ErtDICOTT. Whalemen. Arrat New Bedford 6th inst. Hector, Gray, Pacific Ocean, 33 days from Pernambuco, with 2700 bills sp, full cargo. Spnke May I. off Oaliipago* Island. Levant. Russell, W'arehain, 7 nios out, 50 sp. who reptd s|ieaking April 23, in Lee Bay, Win Wilt, Morse. FH, 6K mos, 80 bbls sp; May 4, K L B Jenney, Church, do, 5^? mos, 80 to; fith, Russell, Kay, Dartmouth, 17 mos, 800sp, w ho reported speaking Mch 19. Chas W Morgan, Norton, NB, 17)j mos, 1150 sp; Aurora, Coffin, Nant, 22 mos, 100 sp; Magnolia, Simmons, \B. 4'2 mos, 120sp; April 5, Osrland, Scranton, do, mos, 150 sp; Thule, I offin, Nant, 9K mos. 300 sp; D Paddock, Hussev, do, 19 mos, 500 sp, who reptil sneaking same day, Archer. Ricketton, NB. 21 mos, 1050 sp; Hose, Swain. Nant, 16 mos, 600 sp; Moss, Austin, NB, 28 mos, 600 sp. No date, exchanged signals with a whale ship, w ith painted ports, who showed a signal with white field with a red swallow till. A letter from S II Blackler, K.sq Consul at Tahiti, dated 9tlv, May, 1813, reports touched at T, April I, Indian Chief, Skinner, NL, 150 sp 60 wh; 91 h, Portia' il, Paine, Sll, 600 wh: llth, Atlantic, Bridgeport, 60 sp 300 wh. The Lion, of Providence, reports in Feb Orion, Nichols, Nant, 1000 spj in March, Tobacco Plaat, Skinner, NB. 400 sp; Ilvdasjie, Post, do, 500 sp; Two Brothers, Tinkham, do, 900 sp 600 wh; in Jan, Tybee, Swan, Stonington, 1800 wh. Waverly, NB, laying off and on, reports in April, Cyrus, Kmmons, Nant, 1100sp; Wal'er Scott, Bunker, do, 900 sp; Henry, Brown, do. 1300 sp; Pacific, Taber, NB.J800 sp; Massachusetts, Barnard, do, 1100 sp. The Henry, of Nant, has discharged her inate al Nnkuhiva, sick. Sailed from Nantucket 4th inst. Oeo Washington, Piukham, and Telescope, Fitzgerald, Shoals. Sailed from New Londou5th, Connecticut, Hamstead, Indian Ocean. Spoken. Harp, (Br) West Indies for Si John, NB. 3d inst. off S Shoal of Nantucket?by the Cambridge, at this port. Hope, Jones, Wilmington, Del. for Barbadoi-s?had experienced very lieivy weather, particularly on the 19th and 20th, ill 1 gale frie.n K. to N W, and a continuation of head winds from SSK to SK, all well Mary Cn|r, I'n >r, Boston Tir I'i rnamliiioo, 5th injt. (.'ape Cod Liclit N\\ .'id mile* F.dwiii, Hinckley, Providence fur Baltimore, paaaed Sth in?t. off Kire Island. Foreign Por1?. Hi Mrtiuii. Aug II?In port, Antarctic, Thompaon, for New York; Margaretta, Kverett, for Boston. P> humbi'co, An* t?In port, Laura, Pavne, NYoik, repc; Virginia Trader, Steward. 3s daya from Philadelphia. Ariel, proceeded south after discharging [j.irt of her c irf I); Olobe. and Vjjueii, from Philadelphia, do. Fused July 30, Cornelia, from Kin Janeiro for United Slates; 31*t, Midas, of Baltimore, bound to itio St Jorixi, NF. Aug 10?Arr Shannon, Stapleton NYork; 5th, Ana, Chamber*, uo. Homo Porta. Portland, Sept 3?Arr Ontario, Hart, Batb, and cleared for Havana; Little Mary.Trott, NYork. Bosro.*, Sept 7?Arr Klita Kllen, BuckiMftn, Georgetown, DC; Auna Ifeynolds, Taylor, I'hiladelohia. Telegraphed, I'orto Kico, Gray. do. Cld Burlington, VViion, Krederickaburg; Cotnit, Nickeraou, Albany via NYork, Reeside, Langley, N York. mxiartown, Sept i?Arr Fulcrum, Norria, Kiehmoud for Boaton; Fairfield, Gould, Albany for Boston; Freeman, S|iear, NYork for do; Litchfield, Benton, Kichtnond. In |*>rt, Detroit, and Philadelphia. Arr 6th, Vaukee, Babbid|(e, New York for Boaton. Nkwport, Sept r?Arr Annawan, Philadelphia for Providence; 6th, Columbia, Dennis, do for Boston; Matilda, Spates, do for Kaatport; <'ambridge, Hall, NewYork for Boaton. V S ship Independence aaileil from below at 3 pm. Sid 7th, Prince de Joinville, Gardner, Havana. _N? ? Havi.w, Sent7?Arr S R Smith, Bill. Albany; New York. Jones, .New ^ nrk. Sid Surveyor, Houck, Philadelphia; Moielle, Stannard. Albany. Ai.rait, Sept 7?Arr Utica, Beano, and Uncaa, Green, Boston; Victory, Thompson, Hudson; Krie, Oibba, New Bedford; I he.iii. While, Hartford. Phii.api Ulln, Sepl fl? Arr Lexington, Hickman, Hallowell; (aroline. Bo wen, Trinidad de Cuba; Cohasset, Sear*; W Bird, Corson; lulia, Van Gilder, and Liberty, Townaenil, Boston; llenry, Nicker*on; Lenity, Smith, and Aid, Kelly, N fork; Leader. Somer*, and Pennsylvania. Bacon, Richmond; Herald, <taodwin, Newliuryport. Lion, Leainan. Newlier.i, N'C; Thoi Feriner. Nickeraon, Providence? saw Holder Borden. Baker, hence for Providence, going into lieedy Island Piers on Wednesday. Below, St Lawrence, I base, Liverpool. I Id *wan, Snell, Orange drove. La; Huntress. Baker, ( harleston; F A Seward, Hoss. Fall Hiver; Kdw Kent, Carlyle, and Lois, Honeywell. Boston. I in hi.rat on. Sept 5?Sid, (Swed) Kling, Bremen; Dimon, Hobinaon, NYork; Mary Maria, Thomas, Boston. S*v*ixali, Sept 4?Arr F.xact, Johnson, <aud Leonora, Collins, NYork Nr.w Om mm. Aii^3I?Arr. John Mintnrn, Stark, NYork; *n*ti i <ii<i. vierricK, iniiaaeiinna. i id 30th, Jane llota, Merrill, do; M Leon, Whiting, Nl'ork. _ TWF,NT\ DOLLARS REWARD?L*.t or ^iJaT^^itolen fiom 111 ^iiteenth *freet, a fine h^vhorw, ' 1 ?>i'lit H. twills high, with 1 hlack tail a-vl in mr. Formerly l?'l""S"l in M. Van Schnick. oor Uth *tn?t and Sth Aveiue, and iww helon|? to H*tnuel I.nnititreet. lie ha* a white apot in hit forehead and .1 littIf while on hi* left hiuil fo it, mil Ins In li 1* ion- where the *addle come*. Hi* mane i* thin iear hi* head, mid h? ha* wind mil* on In* hind If**. Al??>, <11 .ild h'lk'. "I'll I''"* ? toinewhat torn to piece*: a wIm'h lly net I'OM! the body ;md 11 net to cover Him neck. The aliove tew ird will he pud oil the recovery ol the hor*e and Kig Mid 11 mitahle portion .0, *9 lt*m 119 Sittocnth street. 1U.W \ HI 1 ?i'l iti?en for proennm th- tody ol ^WV/ \1r li tepli F. Doming*. who wa? dronrned on Tliurt] I iy the 7th i:i?t ml in pa*?iiig thro'igli I MUtate in a urn ill ho<t 1 compa y with a 'tiler \nunc man. Mr. Dominge nn aliont wentv je?r<old. The above reward will be paid by In* mother >lr*. Oonnniie, 28.' Bn one aireet. *0 It * r r O8T-O11 Wednesday evening, fith, tuppoted at Nihlo's. A IJ gi.ld lever Watch and * tiea> \ tl 11 gniril chain, French pattern, a heavy elide w ith ,11 opal atone *et in it. Any perann returning the *ame to Mi. W. B. I 'o/.teiu, American lintel, will foe liliemlly rewarded. t8 St**c UOII BALK < IIKM'?A complete Printing Office, , ilculatai I for a ?inall duly or a we klr new*p*i??, con*i*ling of Brevier, Minion, hancv Type. ItnpnmngStnne,T'aaea, Frame*, *c., fce., all nearly new. 1 niiiire of JAMF.H COVNER, Vr Corner o( NMian wid Ann atreeu , BEACON TROTTING COURSE MONI>AV. S |.t IHh, J. P. M. I'""" "fsaoo. In* i'wiiull trottm* horns?milt* li'ats, bent 3 iu 5, in harueii. KNTRIK8: D. Bryant enters u in. Lady Snffolk. H. Woodruffh. k CoiiI'Mence. IN. IJ.?Members tickets lor the season ?j, to be hud at the I ticket office of the Course on days of trotting. ?e7 4t*r I TIT AN T ED?By a steady, sol>er and industrious man, *' situation as clerk, porter,or any employment which won' be adaptwl to an active |ierson. who writes I good hand, and willing to devote his time to liis employer. Good city referei. in he given. I'lease apply at No,.i LolurabiaOtreet, *8 3tki WANTED?A Tailor, a young man to work on the board, and to make himself generally useful in a clothiiiK store One who liu had some experience in a store would be preferred. Good references required. Enquire of f82t*r JOHN CHAFT, No. 321 Water it. TITANTEJ)?To Gentlemen of the Bar- A young attorney is ** desirous to do the office business, &e., of some older practitioner, and to recei>e a moderate compensation therefor. Address "Leges," Herald Office. sti 3t * r WANTS A SITUATION?A young woman wishes to engage herself as chambermaid, or to do the homework in a

small family. The best of reference given. Knquire at 71 .Vlott street, up stairs. ?6 3tb WANT K.I) -Purchasers I'm Pitwit Mauglaii.Uted lor smoothing clothes, Sic. They entirely su|?rsed? the use of ironing, and put a beautiful gloss on clothes, lie. They are a laborsaving machine, as one female Willi tlx Mangle will in one day do as much work as tsn leimlt* will do with the smoothing irons, and without the aid ul fuel. Tliay may ee ?.?ji iuoiieraliou at the princip ,1 ImMli in inanity. They will lie sold at greatly reduced prices by DUNCAN *. WKIT, 4 Little Oreen stTeet nu31 lm*m near Li hart, street, N. V. A\OLTN(i LADY, who has iec*iv*d a good Kngliah education, who understands embroidery in sll its branches, and has been accustomed to tench, wishes to ohtaiu a situation in a country hoarding school for young ladies Address, post paid, .M. L. T., office of tha Herald, N?w Vork. iui2ii 1 in * r DAY H AIU'ING G.ENTLKMRN taking their maals down town, desirous of securing day board in a private family, where the tilde is supplied in the best style, will liuil it to their advantage, (and far preferable both as regards comfort andreepect ibility, to a public eating house,) by applying at 21)1 Kultou street. Two or three gentlemen can be accommodated with full board. Terms moderate. s4 lmr PLEAS AN r AND A1KV ROOMS, with pantries attached, large enough for sleeping rooms, to be let at 3UII Broadway, between Kmnklin and White streets. Bruniifast and tea furnished in the rooms, if required. an2!) Zw*r ANUSlJME AP YRTM"- NTS,"with board, may be~had OU application at 411 Houston str'?l?the entire aecoiiil floor, w hich i? spacious and iu good order A few double and single rooms may also be obtained by applying as above si 'in*r APARTMENTS To LET. i.i house 42 Lumber street, to ingle gentlemen or to a small fhmiiy ae7 . w*m A(?' NTLKMAN X HIS WIFE, desiring the coinforta of aJhome, or two single gentleman, can have a front room on room if desired, with breakfastand ten, on ino lerite terms, in a small quiet family where there will lie no other boarder*. Bu* quire at No. I6fi Molt street. tf 3t*m ovsTehs. MILL POND, Shrewsbury and Princess Bay Oysters kept constantly on h%nd at Pine's New Motel, I'J Nnssiiu street, (between Cedar and Pine) fresh from the Hank* . N. B.?Fried Oyste sone shilling tlx |d.tte; S'ewad do. |9 3t*r CHALLENGE ACCEPTED?1 sec that you are not satisti -il with the last race; and to show you that 1 am not afraid to back inyself once more, to see if you can be nvide satisfied once, 1 will row you from the Elysian Fields. Hobokcn, on Monday the lllth, the money to lie placed in the hands of John Macon, corner of Washington and Battery place. ,9 lt*c STKPllf N ROBERTS. CIIRAP BOOKS FOR LTBTI \HIES, l*r ?WM A. I'OI. MAN. No ?(" Broidway, up stairs, offers the be>t Standird Works, suitable for Libraries, or to^repl-nish tlieiu??t very reduced prices?of History, Voy utw, Travels, 11 1 e Letire', Class es, Theology and Architecture. The collection i? rich and ei'eiitsive. Now is the time to purchase at low piices. s8 2t*r nuuavinus,oilTaintinTjihand dra\v7n(is ?A unist eitteusive and choice collection is offered for sale at such prices as cannot help to please those persons who are in pursuit of sotni lhi 'K to einliellish their rooms, or port folios. Six Cabinet Oil l'aiuliugs, on consignment. also for sale very low, fay WM. A COL.MAN, s9 il*r 203 Broadway, upstairs. DA(HJEIIREOTYPE VIEWS?The Falls of Niagara taken from different points. These views are so accurately taken, that gentlemen going to Europe will find them more correct and convenient to carry, than 'engravings, they lieing put up in neat uiurrocco cases. Of their accurtcy no one can doubt, ''lease apply at WM. A. COL MAN'S treat Book and Print Store, No. 203 Broadway, upstairs. Where may be had numerous fine engravings of the Falls,and Ainerietu scenery ill general throughout the United States. si 2t*r HltAMAN'S BATHS. New Bulling Kstahlishment, at No 4 ('ounlai.dt street, New York, I'uur doors from Broadway. J. BHAMAN has recently opei ed th? above new Bathing establishment. Every department is constructed on the most commodious and convenient plan. It is now in successful operation, and lidies and gentlemen visiting th? esf.ablishtnert will always find orompt attention, anil euery thing connected with it conducted iu the most genteel aud correct manner O9" Warm, Cold and Shower Baths, at all hours, from sunrise till 10 o'clock at ii'glu. s0 Iin'r QHOWKit BATHS?Portahle Shower Baths .'i0 cents a inece , k? for sale by the manufacturer. W. WEST, , 109 Hudson street. Shower Baths of every Hticription for sale by the manufae OUIP ROCHESTER FROM I.IVEHPOOL?Consignees ! O per this ship will plea<eseud their permits onboard, ??i I side Hurling Slip, or to thr office of tin* undersigned, without I delay. All goous not iiermifteil in five days are liable to bo sent I to public store. WOODHl'LL & MINTURN8, WH 87 South street 1 P"~ACKET SHIP C?< Ml'LGEE from Ne.v Orleans is di? charging at the (Quarantine, Stateu Island. Consignees will please attend to the receipt of their goods. alec 'E'REIGHT FOR BOSTON?A good \essel can have fifty " tons of heavy freight for the above port. Apply to PER8SE in. BROOKS, s*)r No. 61 Liberty street. STOCKS BOUGHT AND SOLI) ON COMMISSION, and Collections made on all parts of the United Stales, by WM. <c JNO. O'BRIEN, 16 Wall street, under the Mechanics' Bank. Southern and Western Drafts aud Bank Notes bought and sold. s2 lm*ec rPO ALL 'WHO LABOR.?Let even- member of this great L class read the Sunday Morning Globe, published every Sttndav, at 1U2 Nassau street?three cents per number. Under the head of The Age. in that piper, ihe rights of the Operative Classes will Ve ably, fvsrle??ly and liilly advocated?the neces ity of higher remuneration for labor, nml the right of the working man to ihe enjoy menta as well as necessaries ol life, insis'eti on. Ever diss of operatives will receive attention, aud their rights full discussion. Besidet this subject of a'l absorbing importance, the Sunday Morning Globe oners the strongest s'tnctiona to <11 clasies of readers, containing in every number Oriy.nil Tales, Humorous fetches, and every variety of entertaining literature s7 3t* in Medical, surgical and drug establishM ENT -To Ik- sold and immediate posse sion given, a Drug Sto-e, or moie properly s|ienkiug a NWifjl and Surgical Office, doing a side .ilid business It wil' be sold cheap as the present proprietor has to rn to Eu?ope. To a young .Medical and Surgical Practitioner it would be invaluable. It is looted in the ?erv best tnrt of the ciiy. Terms cash. For furtlier particulars adilress P. C. D , at the office of this paper. s7 lw*r M B. SANFOKI)" (CASH TAILORING STORK) has just opened an entirely new anil splendid assortment of English aud French Cloths, fassiinrres, and Vesiings, which for beauty, elegance, and durability, cannot be surpassed in tins city, being bought for cash, lie will sell to all his friends and customers 2i per cent cheaper than those who do not adhere to the cash principles. Strangers aud olhers who are v isiling our city, are respectfully invited to call and examine his rich assortment of goods, all of which he pledges himself lo make in a stvle nml fashion which shall please the most fastidious, as regards gnod catting, workmanship, und prices, lie would also inform his customers that lie his a new and entire assortment of gentti me is outlining of every description, consisting of stocks. so iris, colhrs, bosoms, shirts, drawer*, sual<enili'i"*, silk i d line,i cambric handkerchiefs, gloves aud hosiery ol all kinds. N. B. Punctuality observed strictly in filln g ill orders. M IS SANFOKI), ?0 lm?r Next to the Herald Olfite, New York. FI N FEA!? A I HOK E SELECTION of Young Hyson, part of the Marv Ellen, Zeuobia, and Oscar's car?..-s. fresh anil fr<ftrant. Also black Souchong and Powshong, Colooi g and Molea flavours; Howijua's black tea, Families, boarding houses and hotels de?inius of procuring the geuuine llowq.ia's mixture, can lie supplied by the single pound, or ill packages of 21) lbs at a reduced nrice. Also, Old llyson, lni|?erial H\sou, Skill and Gunpowder l eas, for sale low. wholesale and retail. A. A. JOHNSTON, Sugar Storv, 31 Bowery. s97tis*m S P EC IA L NOT IC E?C A UT10 N. r|'0 purchasers of the imitation of WILDER'S PATENT I SALAMANDER BOOK SAFES ?The puhlic are hereby informed that several |iersons have been manufacturing and selling Sales in imitation of Wilder's Patent Sal'tnandcr Si,fes, which they have no right to make or sell; neither have purchasers a right to use the same. All such nre daily violating the patent lavss of the Cniied States, subjecting themselves lo a law suit and |ienal damage. So far as purchasers are now concerned, there is no canse of alarm, as justice to the public on the |*irf of the |iateulee would forbid any course unjust to innocent purclusers prior to this notice, Vndalso such as have inintifactured without thr knowledge of the existence of a imtent. may most readily compromise for the past, provided no further attempt is made to violate. Purchasers, ss well as those who make, sell or use, will hereafter be held strictly liable to the full extent of the law for anv infringement after this date. For further^ iufucmatian. call on the patentee's counsel, Leth P. Staple*, Esq., N<>. 8 Wall street, New York, or the Hon Will ml PIi i 111 ps, Boston. .. B O. WILDER, Patentee Mr. Sjlas C, Herring, No 139 Wster street, is the only person aiithorixed io sell Wilder'* Parent Salamander Safe* in ihe rifi "f \Vw \ ork,^where orders will be received for any sue not on hand Particular aticntion will lie paid to orders. All work hereafter will lie executed in a manner sii|ierior, in every respect, to any Safes ever ofTered i n New York. B. G. WILDER sf) lw dy fc 2twy. Patentee and Manufacturer. UK A 1)8 OF HAIR. ~~ A O. B CHALLENGES com|ietition with all. The importance sslnch all ages have to th" Head of Hair is a clear index of ihe value set upon |iersonal figure.aud when by some capricious freak of Nature the human form is deprived of iu fair proportion. Art is resorted to, in order, by artificial means, to supply the deficiency. Hence have arisea those wonderful discoveries which bid Nature defiance, Barry's Yentilatiug aud Gossamer WMJS AND XlALf 8 The complete success that the shove named has met with in tit* iiimiiiii ictnn ni mi u mvuM MM <>i hair Tot th* I ><t urn v e?r?, fir f?ff?di hi* nml auininf f ipfrtationa. I If reaiifct lulls ?olieiu ? cull, confident of aatiafjnug (hf moat I'latidioattint lif i? thf be?t .mil che*|wai in ik<*i in thf city. Thfy can (>itly I"" hail it I Ifi Br.i.tilway, corner of Lihfity it., up ?tair?. Private room* for fitting wip and toupw, *i It'ni TIIK. WKLL KNOWN SOLOMON Hf'.INK, M D? WHO haa practiafd in thi? city apwarda ofuin? veara aa i medical phyaician and aurtffon, kffpa Ilia oflwf N .">' Ufade ft, a?' BWMWIT MW jni'r IN PURSl'ANCK of an orthr of thf Surrogate of thf coonI ty of Nfw ^ ork, notice is herein aivan to *11 l*r?oii? hiviiu claima a?aimt l'ct*r Mnrpfiy, late of thf city of Nfw \nrl j gentleman. lU'CfUfd. to i>if?'st tin' miiw with uifvonchfn ] thnrful. to thf atihacrihera, at the office of KdmniiO S. L>err< , No. M Wall atre?t, in thf city of Nfw York, on or before the eighteenth day of Ht'ptamlwr neit. Dated Now Vork, the lJth day of March. 11113. JACOB IIAKVKY, JAMES V. BRLL, ml6 law?mr Admimitnturi Willi the will tniificdi AUCTION 8ALE8. _ TIIOMAh BF.LL., Aitrt. BY BKLL *. HOWAHD (St inn \o. O .Inn itrtet and 111 FuHon ifrcct ) h\tuhdavT At MX o'clock at the auction room. Large (ale of ipleudid furniture, of all description*, at l#>i o'clock, in the sal*room*. Piano Korte Sale?Also, at I IK o'clock, in the Pulton street room, without r?serre, 7 s|>|ci<tliil s'cond hand and new piano lurtes, liy the beat makers in the world, both rosewood and mahogany. Also, paintings, lamps, chandaliera, glass and china war*, tkr Sir Also, by order of a receiver, will be sold withou' reser*e, in 'li. I ,ill.,ii ainvi stui-e Ido*Mroalmmny parlor chairs, various ity I's mid warranted, anil II mahogany rocking do. 17 splendid sofis, 2 aofa !*ds, H dor. imui* se?t curled maple chain, .mil '0 D"stou rockers. VflVIlAV - of .olleut second hand furniture?At 10)^ o'clock ! t?>? entire stock oj almost entirely good second tamed 111 the store No. 38 Anu strxt, comlection,the proiwrty of a person s*lliu!? "If cabinet in.ik?r? tunerials, hardware, See.? a .urJiv. splendid sett of beer rump*, with threw handles,silver miiiintrd, (fee., coat S16'.'. TUESDAY, At I0W o'clock, in til** auction room, large sal# of elegant seasonable dry goods, comi ri?mt staple and fancy English and domestic dry goods, hosiery, &.c. in lota to suit familta* and i purchasers. Also, the stock of a merchant tailor, remnants of cloths, cassi meres, vesting*, trimmings, dec. Also, a tarietv of fancy and pledged articles. Also, 2 trunks ladies' and gentlemen's wearing appnrel, a quantity of jewelry, See. Also, i large and splendid consignment of truly valuable gold watches anil beautiful jewelry, the sale of w hich will commence at II% o'clock. WEDNESDAY. At 10o'clock in the sales room. Extensive JHule of nlendid new city made Cabinet Furniture, by Catalogue, being the entire stock i'l t a>!e of a law manufacturer; mil also, that of one of our most celebrated manufacturers Hiving up th* business. Also, the remainder of the truly superior furniture from Win Alexander's establishment, who is giving ui> the Imsfness. Alsort valuible assortineu t of Inst rite second-ha-id furuitur* from a family living up housekeeping. Also, 5 sp'andid piano lories, minting*, chiua, cut glass, plated ware, lamps, chandeliers, fcb. W. A CARTER. Auclioneer. piATALOGlTE HAI-E (>! ' NEW CABINET FURNI TURE?CARTER St Co. will sell ou Tuesday, 12th September, at half past 10 o'clock, at 316 Broadway, Gothic Hall, consistiute of splendid cushioned and spring seat tolas, with straight and curved backs, thrcc*quartar and full F ranch chairs, all hair: rockM, superb booa eMM, WllflnlM, and very handsome dressing bureaus, tea and ln<Ntkfaat tables, ottomiiis, invtMi twarii tawincchairs, pianostools, nanliiii mahogany top. washa lands, bu*. C hina?Toilet, dinner and t?M sets. Pianofortes?One rosewood and one mahogany pianoforte. I Sale positive, and catalogue* are now ready. a9 3t*tn A UC'TION NOTI< K.?At 10 o'clock, at the aales room, i Saturdayi tkpt 9, i complete iaaortiMat of half tad fall i French chairs, sofas, tufted and plain, dreasing bureaus, French maple ind sow bNitmiaii diyans, ottomana, dining and tat t v hies, pilliasters, mathaaaea, pillows, clocka, pictures* fitc Also, the furniture of a gentleman, removed for convenience of ?ali*, vi/.: a fine piuio forte, bureaus, hedsteuds mid beds, chairs, vases, girandoles, kitchen furniture, bw. sit It Ml! A It. 'i'RP WUItl III ?K CO., KH Broadway. POK SALK A! PlJHhlw AUCTION"" THE RAHWAY MANUFACTURING CO. will sell Sit \ A JMlblic Aucuon, OB I7lh August, at their I'rint Works, in I BihwiTi N> J<iWtM MniMIti ttd moveable praiwrly ol the company, consisting of printing and eii^crnviiiK machines, cullenders, copi?r cylinders, dye 3opi>ers, dying ,ind bleaching apparatus, sle.un boilers. steam engine, 25 horse power, with 1 ' boilers, 2 lire engines, 2 patent balance*, iron sale. hydraulic and common pre**, large and small elide lathe, with complete set of turning and boring. aud blacksmith's tool*, an assortment of imported steel, and new and old iron, a i|uaiitity of druj(* suitable for calido printers and dyers, tulis, casks, and large cisterns, stoves, tables, benches, Ike. Catalogues of wliicli may lie had on application to Mr. Philip Ttussler, at the I'rint Works, or of FERGUSON fc WALKER. ivl9 lm*r SI William street. IJAl'I 1M0K E A' CTU)N~*ALfcS WILLI A VI WARD AUCTIONEER AND COMMISSION MERCHANT, 21 SOUTH CHARLES STRKET, BALTIMORE, IS prepared to mike liberal cash advances on every description ' of merchandise and lie pledges hiuuelf to use Ins bust eierlions in procuring lor his patrons the highest umUet valxe for all goods entrusted to his care, aud that Ins charge* sb ill lie moderate, lie solicits the patronage of Eastern Importers, Manufacturers, Shoe Dealers, tic., Sic., and res|>ectfully relers to? David Stewart, Esq.. Messrs. Wiley Ik U ilson, " George In Hays, " Pratt tk HroiIn- s, Baltimore. " Kernan it Stillniger, " Win West & Son, ", Chase & Co. ] Messrs. Maso'i & Kirkland, " Charnley & Whelan, " Mclutyre St Rogers, Philadelphia. " Ruddacli Ik Webster, Isaac James, Messrs. I. O. Gregory Sc Co., Jersey City. Messrs Kabreguettes &. Morra, " Wyckoff Si Scryinser, " Swift Si HriKk's, John Mowton, Esq., 'New York. Robert Johnson, Esq., L. l'lllivuyl. Esq., C. J. Coutan, Esq., , Messrs. Wells St Wetherbee, " Charles Wilkiua St ( o., " J. E. Thayer It Brother, " Isaac Pratt, Esq., Roliert Dunlop, Esq., Albauy. m>6 3t8t dy ltwy*t APOLLO CONCERT SALOON, HltOADWA V. MR. HENRY RUSSELL res|>ecifully informs the public, that lie proposes giving a vocal entertain meat at the Apollo Siloon, on Monday Evening, Sept. Ilth, 1813 On which occasion ne will ha\e the honor of presenting to the public several of bis new nml most favorite compositions. PROGRAMME. Part I. ARIA?I'm Afloat, I'm Afloat on the Fierce Rolling Tid^. Worua l>> Elita Cook. I'm alloat, I'm afloat oil the lierce rolling tide, The ocean's iny home and the balk is my bride?etc. etc '" \ - i .' 'K? 'Wind of ibe Winter Night, whence come* lliou /" orttt D>* ? iiaries viaauay, r.sq. inter night, whence come?t thou.' i! w linker trillion wand ring now I I ioiee on this desolate moor. And mournful, oh! mournful. thy howl at my door. Siy, when* hast lieen on thy cliNld-liDnlcir' Nav, wlial had thou sera, no tliv roaming afar' \V sorrow .iiip?ls thee, thou boisterous blast, Thus to mourn ami complain as t hnu jouruieit past I BALI-AD?"Koehaway." Words by Henry John Sharpe. Oil auld Long-Island's sea girt shora Many an hour I've whil'u away, In list uing to the breakeri roar That wash the beach at ltockaway. Till"' NEWFOUNDLAND DOO. Words by K W. N. Uaaley. Life saver'?ware steminer!? Deep-direr!?away!? Night's shadows are closing The portals of day: On the breast of the billow We hear Ins low wail? We luve nut up the rudder, Auii lurl'd ui> the sail. No signal Irom Heaven Will show where he be; Ami wherein he lie driven We men cannot see Ilo, Carlo! Newfoundland! follow Ins ci y, As it gaspingly an*wcrs The sea-moauer's sigh, Ike., 1(0. SON IJ?"The Old Seiton." Words by I'ark Benjamiu, Ksrj. Nigh to a grave that w as newly iu-<de, Leaned a Seitoti old on his earth-worn spade? Hit work w is done, and lie paused to wait The funeral train through theopsru gate, etc. . CA NT ATA? The Maniac " 1'his song is intended to depict the terrible situation of a | erson i.t first sine?confiiiad as a lunatic, until ins mental agony and despair overturn Ins reason, and reduce hun really to be what be is said to be. 'I he history of the old system of Madhouses, in r ngluid, affords mam, too many examples of this atnr-. lb ig under no proiier regulations or control, it was uot difficult for these who wisli-d to silence a person obnoxious to them, to procure |il?e certith ales of Ins insanity, and, once within ill" madhouse, lie w-s separated fiom the world i> v hopeless harriers, nod ile.ned the remotest chance of proving his own sanit) , a nl tho e who co' fined liiin. It inav e is ly Iw imagined, how Uueer t'ii- go.nling of Ms own feelings?sarruuuded uy the frightlul lorms "I lunacy in all its phases? " 1 lie m"pi' g Idiot, and vladman CiV,". etposrd daily and hour).. to the in-ult* and nlows of hrulalisin* and ii .feeling keepers, i d gtred at by the chance vi-iter through bars like i w la bei?t - Ins cuutplil t laughed at?his alternate bursts of iud<gu&> ion, and ap|?ils for |<it\ treat d as imoheieut laving*?it mi well lie mitgined how rtxsou would lor-iake us sea'?how soon the millM'py lieing would bee 'me a rually fitting associate for the uuf nunate wret< hes by whom he was surrounded In such a c ise, the events of the previous life of the victim would, in a distor ed slnp-, ua<ural ly form the principal subj. ct 0* Ins ravings?and so incoht rent recollections of by-gone, pleasing events are made to alternste with the horror* of die glooiny piesent With these few words of introduction, the Song is preseuU-d to the public. r*rr it. HON<J?"The . Id Ann Chair." 1 love it, I love it. and who sh.ll dare To chide me for loving that old arm chair f NKW MONO?"Life in the West." \> ords bv Oeorge P. Morris. Esq. Ho! broth-rs!?come hither and list to my story? l Merr and hriei will the narrative lie : rii-, urn-ii - iiaii.-H, i "? ") Klory? Maateram I hota, ofall (hwt I < . Wlierr once f-ow n'd a foiv-at a garde.. i? amlling? Thf meadow and moor'and are mirthe* no mon. I Ami there curia the ^iikr ul my ?' luge, beguiling i '1 lie children who clutter like gra|?? *> the dour, Tlieu enter. Imya; ch?erl>, boys, enter ?nd rcat, i The land of the heart i* tlie land of the writ. Olio, bo>?'.- oho, boy?!?oho'. B ALLAD?"The Old Bell." Kor lull five hnndred yaara I'm swung III ") old gr?v turret high; And m?n> * different theme I've aung, A> the time wentstealing In : I've r?-lf'l ih* ' haunt of a wedd<ng morn; E'er night I have vull y t>>11 'J, To My that the brine was coming, lovelorn. To sleep in the churchyard mound Ding ilong, ding dong, fcr . he. BONO?"Woodman Spa'e that Tree." Words by Oeoige P. Morris, Esq. Woodman ?|>are that tree ' Tourh not a single bough: , In youth i' sheltered me. I And I'll protect it now. NEW NATIONAL AMKHIl AN BONO. ' "Our Native Hong '?Our Native Song." Self ettM from our place of birth, To cliaien more fragrant, bright and gay. The memory of our ow n fair earth May cha ce .while to fade away; But thoald tome nnnitrpl echo lall, Of chorda that breathe hit country'! fame? Our touIn will bum. our ?|nritt yearn, True tii tli*- laud *f lore and claim. Th?* hiith?the low?in wvtl or ?ot, Be tnre there's tomething coldly wrong About the heart cfcat dor* not glow To hear it* own?ita Native Son*. Our native tons, our n-tive toiig, (III. where it lie who love* it not I The t|>e|| it ho|i'a it deep a d ttr<ng? Where'er we turn, whe,e'er our lot. K1NALF.?"L'rgo al Kactotum Delia lita."' ( from the Opeia 'II Batbiere di Seville.") To <v>trmeoee nt 8 o'clock. 'cents. at Hewitt's, Atwill's, and Wm. I ? ' tic Mtoret. I ' 1 I' K.irte used on this occasion, was jnaiiufactBred by ' hi- W rinu It ?ton, and from the Htore of J- L Hewitt I n, til Jtr I NL>Kl'h.NLM,.NT OHDKH OKOOOI> KKLLOWtl?Th# 1 following Lodge* meet at t o'clock. I'. M.itr _ _ , < nxtitutiou Lodge, No. 1, Tuesday. at JW k*t Broadway. n Washington Lodge, No. f, Monday, at 3M do do Jefferson Lodgej. Thursday. at Brooklyn. _ New York Lodge, No, 4. Wedi. ..lay, at the ?haktpj*ie Ho- I t*l, corner William aud Du.ine streets. MM lm ec AMUSEMENTS. XIBLOI GARUKV. Director. MR. JOHN 9KFTON. , tC^ln future the l'nrf'irm*ucr? will commence at h*lf-paal ' o'clock, precisely. 8HITJBDAV EVKVII*a, sept. o. HAVKL FAMILY. 9?v<-aili night ?f theSJ Mitfortunee of Kortuiutaa. Hie Performance to Conmeuca at 71* o'clock with a Nrw Ovwtuip by 7. Hanaau To Im? >ih . mini by the v .. ... MILL) N K.HS yarniah, Moo* Dautergu* I Himou, (Jmbnai R?rel "'"""v.. ?r . A H*v?' I R*y?I M mi- Varnuh ; \Jr, C W Hunt Alter winch,'In- celebrated J'jwpb Ma>a?Ui will (o tiuoagli tin *nr|iriiiug Contortion*. Half an liour'i intmrnwion will I* allowwl for mmnwilt and rrlrealiin* la in the (Iraml Maloon Wlifn? lee l i?aini. Kruit Icaa, ami KWr??hmwita of the choicest kind. Aiiil ill lfr?Hl variety, will b* found. To be follows! by <7th Unw) ib? NEW COMIC PANTOMIME! Kutitlwl tin' U MISFORTUNES OF FORTUNATU8! Or,?TIm? M**ii- Cnckoo! Coniiatinn of LIIT*" I?am' original Acmiia ! I'iiwm, Trick#, and Tramlornulioiu! Willi entirely new Machinery, Scwmtt, Coalumae, Prup?rua*, Overturn* nun Mmic, xc he. oitTBiacTion. Don Fortnnahu, Oabrial Ravel (A simple Sifnor of Snlunaiica ) Don B iballaa Jerome Hard Allwrto .M na. Martin Vulcan M*ua. D'Auewcne Don llwirinn* Antoine Rare! -innoriia Valloiialid C'harlaa Winther ( ntilrto Francoia Ratal MM on Moat. Vluartti < logo juaeph AaoJ Alouto I,anil Jaratn Pietrn Martiu Javeili Lorenzo Clarke Marcta uevera Coloaana Butfonl MflfrpllillJl Uadima lar.tnu Arrelina ^Madame Lena /ell* Madame \lsrtiu Javeili Ondine Mir, M Uuat K auction Mia. Brcauar Aft*t which AN INSTRUMENTAL CONCERT! Ill the Ralmaliiiiwt Ha)i>?a. Monday, last uiglit of the Franch Opart. !T7"A irict Police will ka iu attaatdinaa, ami frea^ ttm taken to prevent Ilia admaaien of improper penouj. 0~ 1'i.kvu Fifty Ceiito. May ha hatl at ')? Oerden <1 a ring th?* day l?7" A limited nuinWer of Haiuou TioiuMa will be di* po?rd of CT^No poetponaiaant a' this establishment on aceonntof the weather ai the (Jrawl Entrance from Broadway In tha Saloon i> pr. trend, and the new Saloon, winch i> lanulated froui the :op and aide*, nil lie opened it t momwit's uotiee. PA K K TIIKATRK. MR. WALLACE As Holla and Dick Dashall, hi* tint api>eamnce in America for four y?ara. MONDAY EVENING. Sept II?Will be performed PIZARllO. Noli* Mr WaPaek \taliba, Mr Lovell High l'rieat, Mr H Hunt t [)ro*enibo, Chippeud.iU Cora, Mra H Hunt Pizarro, Birry Alouzo, Mr Wheat ley Almaifro, Toomer l a* I asm, VacJii' hlvien Mr? Sloraan Alter which, I'ha new HptuiiiU Dance L? GullUiiua Misa J Turubull To conclude with, Mi AUNT. Dick D.islnll Mr Wallack Ratt'e, Mr. I'Ui ide I Kredari< k, Mr Andrews Euijna, Mrs Abbott I .Mr? Snlerlove, Mrs Varuou IO~Bo*ea $1?Pit 10 cents?Gallery !<f> '?its. (t Doora oiwu at 7. The < uruiu will rise precisely at half past 7 o'clock. CHATHAM THEATRE. Uotea 2.'j ue*ita Pita ceula. Notice? I'lie Doors will o;>eii at 7. Curtain will rue at qutrttr helnre 8 o'clock tiL'uriV'i'l' L-h iv it l'L nl'L'Vfn SATURDAY* KVKMNO. S^.i 9,-Th? iwf.jfmauM will commtnci' with the Play of PAUL ruv. Paul Pry Mr. Burtan Phflio Mr* Ci Joum To l lliiclllllf vrilll lilt! W1;F< k ASflUiit:. Mitrutaduka Magog Mr Burtou Mile? Lertram, Air 11i?*ln | Bella, Mra Harrison MITCHELL S OLYMPIC TIIKATRB. SATURDAY EVKNINO, Ke|ii. I tin?TU? p*rtorinaoa? to commence willi LOAN OF A LOVKR. IVlerSpyk, Mr (irs'ani | (Jertrude, Mr? Dustli After wbich NKW FOO'l MAN. Bobby Breakdown .Mr. Hollaad To conclude with GIOVANNI IN OOTHAM. Don Giovanni Mm Taylor (TT- Dim* I irrle, M cents?Upper Bmn, 2} c?oi??Pit, L2K ?Private Bote*, $'i?Orchentra Hone*, $i. O" Doors open at 7?Curtain ri?e at half-past 7. sSr IIOWKRY AIIIPHITHB A.TR1, Bote* i-'t emit*?Pit 12V;, cfim. Brilliant Opening of the Kouestritu C.iinpogn for the Season, SATURDAY AF'I 1 HM)ON &. K V KNINO, SFPT. ?, The perforuiHiicc lo with a magnificent GRP.. UN KVTnKK Principal act oi Horsemanship by Mr HOl.BS Minstrels of the South will *'?ea vaiietrof Kentucky, Carolina, Virginia wid Mia?itsi|>pi Fctr yaaucaa. [1^ ^" 1 riIt-rrnis-ion of 15 minn ?? ?* II Splendid Four Horse Act by Mr CADWALLADFR. Second apivranee this ieason of ;>ir n mi ia iv r.h. Ormi Arena contest of the Ol mpic Ihim, by the entire Company. Muter OLEN HOY, the Anir'icau Eqoeatrian Hero. The whole lierforinanee to conclude with part S of tha NEQHO OLIO. Doors o(ieii at 7 o'clodk. Perform nice to comtneuca at half l>?at 7. Family seats can be secured at the box aSica wirtiout additional charge. ^ AMIERICAN MUSEUM, OAKr?EN AND PERPETUAL FAIR UNEXPECTED ATTHAC1.CN! Day Visitor* admitted the taine cvanib, Ergafaiueut for a iliort period only of the ce..J>?ated and baaulifal MOVINO DIORAMAS, Combining the elementary eflects of Thunder, Li(htaaiap, I'aiu, Howlinet of the Temiwst.Jtc.with a perfection iisear be teen. Alto. Sifnor Vinaldi's far famed Mechanical kiuuhes. the ethiopian skrenaders, Or Button Minstrelt, who were received wnh such ferar of deliiil t last spring. are engaged for tint weak only. Muter Palhain will give hit extraordinary and wonderful OLE W1ROINNY BREAKDOWNS. Among the Serenade!* are Maatrt. Stanwood, Harrington, Oar rnou, Pel ham, Htc. Alto are engaged? Mitt M. e. ADA IH. the popular rocalitt. La Petite CELESTE, the admired dansueae, fcc. CITY Bit ASS BANl), of ten musician*. BALLOON ASCENSIONS and performanrea erary era liinK at 8 o'clock, and e*erv afternoon at 4 o'clock. Admission 26 cents?children under ten years half price. TREMENDOUS ATTRACTIONS! A I) M I T T A N C E ONE SHI L L I N O. PEALE Ii *K\V YORK HIUBVM, AND PICTURE OALLERY. (B <*!(<way. oypotitt U>* fitv Ffa/I.) MR. H. BENNETT. Manwer-The COLORED CHILD THIRTEEN YEAHS OLD, WEIGHS FOUR HUNDRED AND KIVE POUNDS. meaaures two feet round tha arm. three frrt across the shoulders, and six feet round the waiat. Mr. C. Jenkins, the much admired tenor tinea, iniaiitsble delineator and beautiful baigo player; Miss Adair, tha chartniiiK snngtrrett, and La Petite (Vrito, Master Vimrod, the unequalled Ethiopian Dancer, the graceful danseuse?Glass Blow ing, splendid uielndeon, and MHI.UOO curiosidaa. Evening entertain men ts to coinmeuae at o'clock. Performance on Saturday at 3 o'clock. s3 ac DISBKOW'H IIIDINO SCHOOL. 408 BOWERV. MR. D. has the honor to snuounce that hit School ia open tot the reception of pnpilt. daily. Hundavt excepted. , ir Ladies, from 9 A. >1. to 3 P. M. k tUeatlemen, from 7 to 9 A. M., and J to 7 P. M. Hi klf trvued and iniet hortea for the road or parade, to l?t Korta. nt anil particu Iirt apply as slMire. aui 3m?r "IAN ? FORTE AND SINGING rPIIE Mi ASKS Cl'MMINO r??iwetfully intimate that thej I re-comm' ice tuition in the abora branchea on the 1st ol September The Mittet C.'t tvttem ot instruction in Singing b it for itt object the lull det^opiaeut of the voice after tha Italian method, while the ttvle tne-, .ucalcat* is the Scottish; thus uiiiln>< the advantage* of Hie artificial to the uatural: in a manner the moat pleaanK anil ellective. Tumi-At tin* poiiil raaideaf* $15 qnarter?two pnpUa in oii? family 426; at the Mi.w C.'a reai.lencc $10 par qaartar. Keaidance 1 Warren atreet, corner ol Broadway. uW Im^r In Pi ACS" KoK fc W ANUKACTUK. .K.S. Y'Ol ?ra miKCtTallf ranaaated to ciH at IM Naaaau atraat, and eiamine a apecimvn of name plain, mada by a uaw procm, which eacel *11 other* in beauty ol" engraving and uaatoaa* of fimah. Bnidn. they can )<r afforded innch ckaayar Thai heretoli > . if a large number la raqairad. t arriage Mtfcer'a name plalea alao aaecnted in a atyla thai can't be anrpaaaed. W. L. ORMSBY, Itt Ntiaaan atreac N. B.?Manufacturer'a l.abela, and[TavinK and Printing lenerallv promptly executed cliMap??ary cliaaip. al lm,r PIANO FORTES FOB ULE^A Urge and raluabla a lock, conaiating of from 70 to 90 French action piano fortaa ill n<*w arc offered for aala at til Broadway, uaar l.iaprnard at. ind al the factory, 44 Weal Fourteenth atrm, between thailh ind 6ib aveiinea. Th.a atock compniaa aereral rary highly fimahed and anparinrtoned inatrumenta, with and 1 octave* of the lataat and moat appro*cd natterna. Kvary piano forte will ha warranted for ona year, and will ba told at pricaa unuaually low. J. WALKKR. N. B ?A variety of good Piano Forte* kept airluaierlv for hire anM Im'r PAINTINOS FOR 9ALK.? A private collection of Paint inga. the property of a rmmoiaaeur. Theae pictarea aia few in nnmlier. but food and it la confidently aaaerted thai thara *re two or three of the lieat picture* in the State* m thia collac *" *"r E?-nii?nnBn n^irnm 01 potMaini rtluliuta of ffe """ lh" ^ '"Aft Niw teiwS iVii ,lJMl.rou,,"u7^ Pw,,t th* ihonni ao^Tt Tki "?rtr?iu and Mmiitnm Th.^- who will f???r hi* .f tl'J^ ,n?,r*dtn f?ll uid Mr hit Iinrnnm ur il ,Hm*' *' "?id?ic?, JT Briwdwty, brtWMu Whit# and >> alkrr atrreu. N B. Mr. C. alao continues to inr# pn?ttr leaaooa to g?u* L.iiii*s m tlaava Wtdn?*adav an.f tfruurdav Alao, La?daca|*B |minr?^i io onto, from fb* niflwt to th? larger ai*#. Thoa* who with to maka ?t tlnnr profaaaion, can t* t*rl-cte?l in all the a bor* branch*#. br apply inf u ab<>v?. Dnnuirrpotviw likeneaa** correctlv copied iu water colon in 14 houra. aolt lm*a? f* HATS?KALL FA*MON9, '** -??** tubac.ihw impro%ea .be ormnton p??aent?<f hv the Tall change il ?h# Ualiion or liar?. to intite I #i?eni??, ruatmn. ,, and |b* pubhc in ireneral, to his K?rabln.h?#'enta. No. I* < hulnm atreet, and <M l anal, corwer of \S ?H.?t??r itr*^ w h^re he off^m tor ?al* and lapectiou * larire ?"?/ *l*?<int aaaortm* t of Hat* and <apa, at "ttremely Io** Vnv- ii P*rtgyi?njr ur* their attention ? hit fine Notrm rur Imi? at $;, Harraoteil water nr?>of, and ro rrfain thfir m|.?r and He * <>*tl?J alto mil their aiten 'io? ro hi? ?Nort napt Hilk liata, ar $' d& and $i >0. Alio, h?a .ui?erfi?e MP eakin Matt, at *he low price of $1. The thorwMentioned MnU irf nwf ami durablr, and "* ?! com para ad ran* agentialy with hau a?ld in thia city at $:ian*t $ 11 v i, I u a V T A l _ No. 130 ( liatliam ?t., and W Canal, cor. Woomrit. 2 J?( I ~ Puft'l UOUSe. F?- MALirriLL?> PHMt far-fanwil anil oi'lr-bratnl f"i 11?. fn>m Portn*a|. *r? vra 4 l?rcM??, to b* ohm ml in thia coaDtry ** adrartiM i?nt on th? laat column. lourt>Ji**?. TO PRIMEK* ~" J'OK 8ALK?A Fount of Minion and NoniMmt. which ha? o*d <m tb. N?? ^ 1' ~ -4r a fV..

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