Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 9, 1843, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 9, 1843 Page 4
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? UotuaMU l??WI ATrEOTrto Assamtjiatioji in SaVaNNaH ? I he G*>orfi m of the 4th in*tani coutaiua the Ivillowing DttHtf. *ph U^rjitixiun Oitkajb ?We regret aincerely laMuui-uoce m ? Dr. riichdM Wayne, one ?t the itrmocoic Cdu<)iU? en lur Alderman, was rfiot by some ruffian on Sturday night last, iu one ot our atrreia, au.l without ihe blignu-st provocation Him wojudhas produced lever and other dangerous sy tni>u>ins, which we shall be truly happy to siait- ia our next publication, have disappeared livery reapectaule cmxeu should, today, interest himself in arresting any persou carrying concealed deadly weapons tti ihe i<olls li is a co?vardly practice, and in the moment of excitement oltrn lead* to reeuita which causes, when too late, serious resentence. Since the abave wan prepared for the press, we learn that on the aftid ivtt ol l>r. Wayne, a warraut w?s isaued, and a man n allied Chu Its F^rielly, commmtd to an?wef tne cnarge ol an assault *ith luient lo murder. Tut CuraoxKKs ?'Jen Z Taylor, commanding tht co[ia U S Military d?p?riniem, ~n....a ....... hi? Hr?o.qii,tru r? at Fori Smith, under da.e ol the lft h u.ii...u, s?)a ih at no farther serious conse q jr i.c-B art- i*? ly lc> grow out ot the late ' isturoauc?a among the Uheronee Indiana Four of the perikiui concerned iu the murder ot busnyhead have been arrested, and two others, one ot whom is a while, have escaped. Ykllow Fkvek ?Report of cases at the Charity Hiwpital, New Orleans, lor the 24 hoard ending at ti o'clock on the 2tt.n uit Admitted, 13; oiscliar ged, 4 ; deaths, 4; yellow lever patients remaining iu tne hospnal, 42. The 'lYojtic ot the 31st saysDuring the twentylour hours ending at t> last evening, there were admitted, 21?of yellow lever, 11. Discharged, 14 ? ol yellow lever, 6 Deaths, 4?ol y*llow lever, S Yellow lever patients remaining in the hospital, 45 Missomi Tobacoo ?We observe that considerable quautiueg ol iVlueouri leal tobacco have been talLi-u to the CinciNuati market this season. It is said 10 have proved ol eicellent quility, aud when inauuldcturtd, is pre I erred by couuoisaeurs to the Virginia cavendish. The Ctncinuati Gazette says that it will ultimately drive ttie latter outot the mar kei Tne manulaciurer* are buying the Mit-souri at 10 to25 cents jier lb according to quality, and one house lias this season paid oui $10 000 tor the pur chase ot <he raw material The tobacco oi Missouri i- a novelty in the Baltimore market, trom 1500 o 2000 ;.iid? haviug been recc.ved here uuii; g i?ie pr? ?t t-uruii We have Iu letotore hall Occasion to suy llioi, brlUtj ultctv article, waul c>i da' Knowledge ot i s q laiities and true value tiud iud<itnced purchasers to toucn it who Caution; bui have no doubt Uiai ?turn urne I.- utioldeU to eslabliSIl its real character, the tobacco ot Missouri will maiiitaiii a position quue as tavorabie iu tne tsiiuiaiiou ot purcu s<. rs . s that gr./wu iu any ot tue Stoles, aud that it will tonn a prominent item in ttie extensive anu uuportaut transaction oi ihe Baltimore tobacco market.? bauimurt American ohii\t Crop ?We learn irom the Petersburg In- | telhge iiver Hint a crop ol 8,(KK) bush'Is ot wheat wts raised tiiio year on 270 acres of the Shirley ei-taie on James Kiver. I'ue editor properly asks :? ' w ,ih bjcu lands ? nud nearly a I our ude-waier lands are capable ot as high a slate oi culluie?wiiy sn. uio itic Vtfgiiiiaii abandon the home ot his taiiuis to se< n ins lortuurs in llie tar West 1 Ihk Walking .VJaich ?E.worih and Fogg compleliUlheil gland pi uioiflaii lour ol one nnies hi one Liiiiusdnd Hours, yesieiday alteruoi'u, alio r celveU, llie our a cosily eliVr r p idler, and tlie i tilt r Ills wages ol JfO |>er d y. F.'gg lias rattier gained in rirsli by t<ie journey, and Eiwoith has lost bul Very iltile ?BjalOn IrunaiTipi. BY "THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. IN ['urstiauce of law, 1, JUHN 'i'VLEK. 1'iesideut of the United Sutea of America, do hereby declare and uiike Kiiowu, thai I'UuliC salt* w ill tie held a I llie undermentioned Lmd Uilic<-? in die Slate ol MiMOUri, at the |ieuod? tiereliialler daii^ualed, to w it zvl ilaiuourgh, la 11 in ton count), the seat of the Laud Office loi llie 1'laue dl.lucl of .dlMOUrt, commencing oil ilouday, lire ninth day of October IH-Kl, for llie ui?i>o?al ol the l'UuliL Un<l> wiiinu lire uuueiineutioiird towushii'i and fractional UlWuallllte, tO Wit :? Noilb ol llie D.ue line and weal of the Oth principal meridian, and weslol the lormer western boundary of tile Stale. Towiuli ,i (ill)-two, of range ihitly-lour. K Touualnp* ?i*i>-oiie and ?ixiy-ihree, ol ranxe thirty-five. i <>>vn*iii|? sixty-two and nxiy-four, ot rauge tin.ty-six. 9^ owu*hip? MXiy-uue and sixty-three, of range thiily-neven. I'oVf n>hl|>? Mil-I?i' and six.\ -loui, of range thirty -eight. _ 'I I... I..11 ll._ ..I . ....... II,.,I,. k ractio.ial township sixt)-two, and township sixt)-lour of range forty. ... . ... . , 11 .1 tiou&l townships sixt)-lwo ami sixty-three, of range fort y-uur. l-iactioual townships sixty-three and lixty-iour, of range fori)-two. North of the bast line and wet of the 5th principal meridian, dull ftist of tin* former western bou.idary uJ the .Suite. Towuships sixl) -one and sixty-lwo, ol r.nige tw ent)-seven, l'owusnii* ?tsl>, sixty-oue and sixty-two, ol lauge Iweutyeight. Township sixty-one of range twenty-nine. Also, at the same place, cotnuieuciug uu Monday, the thir* tee. I Hi day of ^November next, lor the disposal ot the public la.,d? w itrun the linnu of liie undermentioned townships and fractional townships, vu :? North ol the base hue and west of tile 5th principal meudian, and we?t of the former western bound.ii, ol the State. Fractional townships tifty, lllty-oue, tlfty-lhree, lift)-live, and fift>-s, veil, ol range tlurty-thiee. i owuships lilt)-two, tilty-lour, fifty-six,fift)-eight, and sixty of range thirty-lour. >raCUOual towusnip fifty-one, townships fiftv tnree, lifty-five fractional township hfty-seveu, and township lil'ty-uiue, of range thirty-live. t ractional townships fifty-four, lifty-six, and lift; -seven, and tow nshiyj sixty, ol rauge thirty-six. Kt*ciiOi?al townships lifty-uve, lifty-six, lift)-eight, and fil'tyn I Lie, of range llilit)-seven. ! lacuoasl townships lifty-fire and sixty, of range thirtytight. At the Land Olfie at Lexingtou, commencing on Monday, the second day of October next, for the disposal of the public lands within the limit of the undermentioned townships, to Wtt North of the base line and w est of the fifth |>riuci|>al tneri^ dian. * Townships thirty-six, thirty-seven, and thirty-eight, of range fouiteeu. '1 owuships thirty-five and thirty-seveu, of range fifteen. Towuship thirt)-tive, ol laugas sixteen aud uineteeu. '1 ow usliips thirty-live, Hurt;-six, thirty-seven, and thirty eight, ol range twenty-one. lowuship Hurt)-eight, of range twenty-three. 'i ownsbip thirl)-uiue, of range twenty-eight. '1 owuships Hurt)-eight auil lhul)-uiiie, of range twentyniue. 'f owiislup forty, of ranges thirty-one, thirty-two and thirtythree. ^oumwesi fractional quarter ol section twenty-one, and the norihosst aud noriiiwesl Iractioual quarters ol' section twentylour, in township nlty oue, south ol .Vlissouii river, of range twenty-six. Southwest quarter of section seven, in towuship forty-nine, of range tw eut) -seven. Lauds appropriated by law, for the use of schools, military, or oilier purposes, w ill be excluded Iron sale. '1 he sales will each be kept open lor two weeks, (unless the lands are sooner disposed ol,) aud no longer; anil no private entries ol laud, lu the townships so offered, will be admitted until ali-si the expiration of the two weeks. On en under m) hand at the City of Washii) . j, this eij^ith day of Juue, Anno Uoiuim, ItHJ. J siN TVLER. By the President : THO. H. BLAKE, Commissioner of the Oeuera' l^and Office. NOTICE IO l KL-EMPT1C .< CLAIMANTS. Ever> icrsou entitled to the ugii! o' pre-ciupliou to any landi within tlie limits ol ine low slut's above e..uui?i.led, is requu:d to Llie same to tin satlsUc.ion ul ihu- t.egistei hiid iteceiver ol uie t?roi??? la-.J o, and uuk<* intiii mriefoi as soon a* pr?ciiC4uie alln #cci * lln? uuiiCt-, tad i>etor*liif Ua> lUi llic CUUIlUr iCfetOfUl Vil tlir pUOUC MlC of tlic lowuftiti^, taiOfuciug ut? UiCt claimed, au?,#*e desiguaird, Oliierwisr such claim will tw lor lei led. i 11 U. il. tiL/YivE, Commissioner ol the Geuerat Laud Office. IUK to StOct r XYLOGliAPHlC Pitts'* 6c OENKllAL JOB I'HINTi.nO UI* f il t, l?uld near 1 uitou.?T???* sum* m i . i?ri? inform Uiugg.sls, lrrlum*-rs. ^UuuUclurm, liroceri, ?i.d ott?ers, tli?t titty hate (the pmeut season) m.ide exieusife adJiiiuti* U) thru AMurun??it %,i X>iugrn|>iiic Labels, to which ltte> vtouid r??|*eciluily Cu.ll their attention, lN*i?.g th?* largest and most pkvtidai aiMMliiwul ever |)uuli?ii?*(i iii this country or iu buro**. lomiioiiers are inv tied (o ettmiu? ou/ assortment Mun ? 11< ii*?n.s Xylogiapiuc fcmgraving.?New designs and platea, suitable foi .til ki..uii ol Uu4iu???, r*e<uted m the lirst style of Um* art, aud |'i i jU'U iu Oroufte, tariegalrd. plain and lancy Colors. Joi> i n.iiing.? J older i? ?Uo ?upp,ied w nil every variety if t>J? uec*-?kai> lot the eseciilion ol ever) de*<riptiOu of f am y Job i iiiiiiug. < liecka, Nole?, iiilllimUs, Circulars, bills Lading, Ilandfills, a.,d all kinds ol mercantile priutiug, eircuted <?U iea?ouao|e [cims. I'll* t C ir I I'lf.s ?Tfiis midline is particularly adapted t<> the pnutiug ??| < ar?J.-, Wii.cli it eieiute? with gie<? t lac I lit \ ami t#eao > i o?r j-ersou tiring lo |?i a pack ol the Oe?t eualfiej* led caiUs In two iiliuUtr*. Witti r-??e ! r??.j.e,n?r p lialied suildC*- ? .*<ds (luanuJactured eipmasly for this *-?> lurwisii?uJ anU printed at UlC following price# .(>0 ' ?ids for > itilts MM) < arda for $1 2j aw .5 " 1,991 M * 2 (K) *00 M ' $1 w M 1,90V M IM Common Carda at lass prices ttiiUWN HON k CO., 6t#r Mi (iold street, near ! olton. O K.aT iMFROVLMKNT IN frlUCTlUN M\TCHfc? SC'i r.KluA i I Vr. MA J < H. madr without brim-1 one * ov *Imi cWiHtnuM or oiMIVi ingredH ul?a?i ariicir that s a?iiiill\ \a vt r-,r ??| ^Jid uw mis ikfis iioh i. ade and so*fl b> Ul p oprieturs ol s i?at^ut lairl. ouuiucd, at No i0l blercker stnr , Hew ? ork. i t.? nil . km If .ue V* III, aagl ami t-ertiniV y ill all VMllMi a,"J ' ' ' ?? . WM. a hrilnsui llaiiir, fo. iiiMi- in.i.i . ID in ul**. Old linl Nio in ? %rrtical |N>?| hm,k> i-VTal I ttrrn ju.y ik with *,.* by Uie bU&? .,1 our ol tlimi. '1 he> may my I "..'i ih?iy ii '" ? .U1U >et Kullr, ml] W 11*11 111* in dry hurn aa bet.ire pom* *r* a.ituiiiied in |**rltiuied wa*. mil *? .ale a.i a.(i**at>l* odor luatead ol tii* earcrable .uid utth<*? 11 hy ifliiva uf lb* b iinalon* match. Order* mid communication* may be addre?e?i to O. BuWh.N, A^?i( for the Palentee*. at No M li|>i'ck>-r *t,N.l N B.?None aold or delivered to hawker*. *7 lm*r WA i CHK.8.?i'be large# I and moat splendid aaaonaieul ol Watches in the city, la to h* found at the aob.criber'a ? A? I" i* coiiatjuitly iwitiuk all description* of Oold aud SilTor Walchea, of the ueweit atyl?a. dnect from tlie mai.ufac;ureri. in Kn*land, France, and KwitwUiid, lie in euaiile.l to iifln a larger aaairtnieut, and at inurli lea* prices, at retail, tlion any otliei liouae in the city. tiold Watches ai low m &?<i to t&> each. A'atr lie, aitd jewellery egchaugf d or iKiUKlit All Watih'-a ranted to keep good time, 01 tlie iiioue returned tViU'tn-* Him k? and jewellery reiMired in tlie lie*' manner, at J wai ranted lowk i thin at any other place in the city < < ALLKN, importer of watchea and jewellery, i?l?n*er Wholesale aad mil W ?lt atreet. ill" alius CiJLLr.i lINii tjiLl.s" u7lAK7i, hi 7, IN ?\J5fON / vlArtii.?1'lw aub*criu?*r ha* made arrangement* in tin. CUT, ? neretiy lie it e.ialili d to r> <-<tlVe bill*. accouul*. he in Boston lor promt*collection Merchant* and other* wishing III h l#u?iue*? LMuai led tlie re, ?,* to hand them ill to Mr. OrAJKltl".. LMJr^l., No. Aim street. New York, who I* dul> authorised lo receive bill* and forward tlie an in*- to me lor mlieclion. All miuiie* collected by the ?ub*rriber will be pmm|>tly paid oyer to the partiea .-Iitruatn,:; him with their Iiuaiueaa, and no chtrue il hill., an not collected. B> givmK hia personal attention to the abure buaiuea* he iru*u the lacihtiaw offered are too otmoU* to iwqmr* comtne it . ?" ANDIU.W H'IIIKUTS *., . an? lm*l SI,Stale >uect, up ?Uin, Jio*tun.?. LU01NA CORDIAL, E L 1 X : K?*OP* LOVEJ. la olden tint*, among tha .lews, . That uian * second wile might choose Whom- first. *i? Kale's unkindly doutn, No children bore to bless 1>i? home. Afflicted thus, tlm* Kowau matron Prayed to Lucitie, the midwife a ratron; Kgyptian yvivea, iu ?uch a crisis, Called to their aid the Prinata of Isis; Aud even now, tlie meek llmdoo? Warm as her clime, and tender too? If childless twelve moiithi from tier bridal Klies weeping to her sense lees idol, And with rained hands, iu acoeuU wild, Petitions Brauiah I >r a child; For well the knows. Love shnui to blest The Hiudoo bed of barreiiueas. So much for love tu days by-gone, Aud savage customs in our own; But say, even now, doe* Love's convinuniou Bless in oi'R land, a sterile union J No. oft times conjugal felicity, is thus disturbed?ay, e'en iu this city ie! may tlie barren, if they try TIk'means ",nrre>we and multiply," vV 11' "Lore's r'.htir" for her friend. The cltildlc .i w lie's repiiungs end. But not the r ocreitive power Alone, is tins K.lmr's dower. Coiisumpiion'f ills it will prevent, With vigor clothe the im|>oteiit; Suppress a gleet, whate'er its dite, Aud all life a functions renovate; V. .u. .I,;.. -l 1 And brings back beauty and tlx- graces; 'Tis woman's trust?and ne'er deceive# bar. From Kluor AI bus it relieves her, And each disease, (with pro|>er care, too,) Her fair and fragile font) is heir to. These are but truths, who calls them ficuou Shall have stem proof in contradiction, Letters?all form* of attestation? From the t. vws of every uation; With gratefu missives from ill quarters, Penueu by Disease auil Uuackery s martyr*. Thuusauds who lay, with fluttering breath. Almost within the jaws of death; Now in their nightly prayers re|?eat. Thanks to Life's friend, ill Nassau street, And sometimes names the very number? "Ninety-two Nassau"?even in their slumber*? Or, dreaming of Diseases ordeal, Cry? Jt for the "Lucina Cordial." Pmmis oideriuK this medicine from the country, by tending t remittance, can have it boseal up and sent to any part of the Fuion. I'rice $3 |>er bottle, or $24 per doxen. Also for sale at No. 90 North 6th st, Philadelphia. aul6 lm*ec ON 8TRICTL'RK AND ITS CURL. THE FOLLOWING REMARKS WILL PLACE BEA FORE the public a ftw moat deeply interesting facts.? Firtt that the disease calt-.d Stricture is of vera frequent occurrence and often exists in persons who are not in the least aware of it ; next thai a very erroneous notion prevails respecting Stricture, and that ignorant advertising jteojile take a had advantage of the erroneous notion ; then, that there are three particular circumstances hy which a Stricture mam be always known?and in the last place, that the curr of Stricture is certain, free from pain, at id generally accomplished in a very little lime. With regard to the first of those remark* It is well known that Stricture is the result of a badly treated Gonorrhea. If, for instance, that disease is suffered to conti; uue on from tnouth to month to mouth, it slides into a jB|eet, Now, there is no |iain or inconvenience in gleet, and therefore it is often suffered to remain indefinitely. But it should tie known that gleet implies a chronic inriamtintion of the passage, which naturally terminates in thickeiiing, and this thickening at one iiart or other of the isusage is stricture; and fui* ther, that although stricture may thus remain unnoticed for a length of time, it is far from laying dormant, hut is the hidden cause of many serious maladies, not only of a sexual, but those also of a nervous and dyspeptic kind. But what especially leads the attention off from this disorder is the idea tliat stricture cannot esist so long hs uo impediment to the flow of urine is ouserved, which is quite a mistake. A stricture often eiistt for years without producing any very striking change in this respect; indeed a diminished or interrupted stream of uriue belongs only to the worst of cases, and it is to prevent this rery state that these remarks are published The advantage, however, which ignorant advertising people take of this erroneous notion is very cruel. Every body knows how men of this description swarm about this city, and that they will sell their nostrums as long as any one will buy them. Now, it is a fact, and one which every real physician will imrnediatel) acknowledge, that all the medicine in the world, alone, can never cure a stricture. In proof of this, nothing is more common than for the writer to be cousulted by |>ersous who have been taking all manner of things?as colored drops, and pills, and cordials, and the like, for many months together, but whom, on seeiug the real uature of the case, he has cared in as many days. With a view of preventing these impositions, therefore, it seems desirable to lay before the public a few plain circumstances, by w hich a Stricture may be known, which can be easily done : for although the symptoms of this disease are numerous, there are three oi' es|>ecial import, and these three maj lie slated very brietly?they are the followiug ; The first relates to The manner of urinatino.?It has been already said the stream need not be much diminished or imiieded. But obsene attentively, after it is finished and the clothes are re-adjusled, whether a drop or two will ever steal away, so as to wet a little ?nothing is more indicative of stricture. The nest is Thi Timk a 1??norkh(ea has remained uncured.? It is difficult to say how loug a Gonorrhoea or Gleet may run and not produce a stricture, for one is naturally more disposal to stricture than another ; hut, as a general rule, if it should be suffered to go on beyond six weeks, this alone would afford sufficient grouud at least, for the suspicion of a stricture. The last is? Thk Effect a Stricture has upon the mind.?The effect of Stricture is to depress the spirits and to lessen both bodily and mental activity. This also is one of the most common eflects. Not, however, that it is seen alike in every individual. but it is common that the writer rarely sees a case of stricture (and he see* many every day) in which the patient does not complain moir or less, that he is not so capable of business as formerly. It is gratifying also to witness the uniform return of spirits, and the disappearing of other maladies as the cure progresses. With regard to the cure of Stricture, on this subject it is sufficient ro observe (ami it is staled with confidence and pleasure) that this is certain, free from pain, and generally accomplished in a Vety little time. So much as this could not have been advanced some years ago ; but such has been the improvement in this art, and such the practical ej;>eTieiiee of the writer, that he can now accomplish the ure of strictare to as tn?uy days as formerly it demanded months. The v. riter also bets to state, that for those who wish to undertake the cure themselves, he has published a little volume, called "The Private Treatise," in which not only stricture, but the cure of all those delicate diseases which require especial care and privacy, is directed iu the plainest manner.? It is advisable, however that those who suspect a stricture, if possible, should consult the author persoutlly, and nothing will sun rise them more than the ease .mil ce.lainry of his means of cure. Separate rooms, also, are arrauged for those who may have to wait a little. It only now remains to say a word or two on the ground on which the public, and esi>eciallv strangers comiuir to ihis citv. may rely with confidrure on what lias tit-en advanced. With this view Or. Jlalph be*, to state that, beside his rank as graduate of Kdiubiii|(h, vc Sic., he lias In-eii en gaged in the..curt of those diseases, ooth in honpiuil and city practice, for more than thirty years, -url has puhlislivd two editions of a work e?lj-es<ly on tfietn Also that he has testimonial letters from the most einineut physicians in Kuroi*- to the most eminent iu Ainer,i:i?aa Sir Astlev Coo|>er to Dr. Mott, of New York, Dr Physick, of Philadelphia, ami others, and that he is per- 1 mitted to refer to almost every Physician of eminence iu this city. Dr. Ralph is consulted at his private residence. No. 8S Greenwich street, towards the Battery, at any hoar. He may also be consulted by post. The little volume above referred to is one dollar. ,11110 Im*i \JO CUKE NO FAY . DR. COOPER, 14 Duane street between Chatham and William streets, takes this method of informing civiiens and strangers that lie has for the last ten years confined hi* practice solely to the treatment of Venereal Mercurial, nno 'her diseases of a delicate nature. Although it is considered by ovtton - !' the mdicd profcMion i* -i ipeeiit of <juacker\ for oue of its legitimate members to advertise, still the advantage the unfortunate victims of venereal disease derive from a regularly educated physician devoting his attention to a particular nraiich of the profession, mu*t t>e apparent. Do you not emplov < surgeon to amputate a lirnb f?to an oculist ou disease of the eye 1?to a dentist for an operation on the teeth '?and to a surgeon noted for the cure of Syphilis when you are troubled with Venerea] f And you do so from tlie fart that those men are |*rfect in this branch, because thev only practice at it. Dr. C ooper s(>eut years in a celebrate*;Lock Hospital, and has for ten years enjoyed the most extensive practice in this way of any medical man in New York. Hecan cure the most aggravated cases of Syphilis, and mild cases removed in two to live days. The Dr is a regularly educated physiciau and surgeon, and never suffers his |Mtieuts to leave until a |ierfect cure is performed. It is deplorable to w itne?s some of the cases that are presented to the Dr., where the disease has been driven into tiie system by quacks, to break out again in the form of spots and ulcers on the body, i?ains iu the joints, sore throat, night sweats and emaciatiou. The Dr. will in every case warrant a cure, or make uo charge. STRI* TURK.?Dr. Cooper has discovered a new method, by which he can cure the worst form of Stricture m from one to two weeks, with scarcely am |?aiii to the patient. Irritation of the urethra, or prostrate gland, or of the neck of the bladder, ire sometimes mutaken for Stricture by general practitioners and charlatum. CONSTITUTIONAL DKBILITY, sometimes called Seininal W eakness, brought ou by a secret habit indulged iu by son men. I his is, where ?o<? freely indulged in, the greatest ? vil th it can lier?ilI raau; for itbeg-ts disease of the heart, consumption, dyspeptu, emanation of the frame, and fuinll} ends m complete idiocy. Dr. Cooper will effect a radical cure in such cases, a id restore the constitution to its original vigor,and that by a mild and simple course ot medicine. A cure wurrant..I in aver) ? lee "I BO charge Post piiid letter*, de ribtntf complaint and enclosing $'i, attended to. Patients attended in hotriH or boarding houses. Office ot?en til' I" at nignt. Iu*membcr, 14 Duane street, between William and Chatham sts. si tin*r __ I FEMALE MONTHLY PILLS. MADAME * Ofcl r.LLO? Female Periodical Pills?<*naran teed in every oast wr "*r * monthly periods have become irregular from colds, kr Their certainty of action has long been acknowledged by the m**d?cal profession, and hundreds that have uselessly tried various boasted remedies. Care is sometimes necessary to their use ; though thev contain no medicine detrimeutai to the constitution. Advice given gratis to aj' those who use the Pills, by Madame Costello. 34 Lispenard sireet, fietweeii Walker and ( anal, where the Pills are sold I'm e si pgr bsi Mitt lm*m GUIDE TO SOUND TEETH. A DESIDERATUM IN D KNTISTR V? nH A. C. CASTLE, HKM0VKD TO 381 BROADWAY, corner of WHITE STREET, has a Paste for filliiig decayed hollow teeth. It can l?e put into the most tender reeth w ithout any pain or in convenience, with which it be. ooines impacted into ONK hard solid body, thus restoriug and preserving (hitherto painful and us*Je?a teeth) artificial!y sound %nd t*erfect iu all their res|iective uses for life?preventing IN ALL < ASES, the necessity of extraction. Ladies the most distinguished in society, filer their testimonials in the most vivid terms, as t > iu efficacy. The Editor of the Evening Post ayi It is admirabl i#spted I neryon persoM. and Dr.Castle oparates on the teeth with great care and ability. The New Vork Aurora says " It makes the teeth in all respects perfect for life.*' The huu says :? Dr. < astle has ibtained much celebrity for his ei eel lent modi of Ailing 1 reeth." The most eminent gentlemen of the Medical Faculty have personally tried and recommend Dr Castle's Paste for filling the teeth. Tooth-ache pills, one of which put in (the* aching tooth w ill ff? ct a immanent cure (From the Journal of < ommerce.) DELICATE AND SUCCESSFl L OPERATION*?Dr. A C Castle has replaced by a most ingenious piece of dental mechanism, tlie lost |?ortioiis of the upper and lower Jaw bones, shot away in the cise of Lieut, h?, of the U. S. N., who met with this terrible and severe casualty, while in pursuit of the Indians in Florida. Wehayeseen letters from Lieut. H. confirmatory of tl is extraordinary cure and its eutire success, that the loss of these important organs so skilfully replaced by u , ,i. i source ol regn f to tin Lm nfr n int Dr. < inserts artificial te*th on the principle of adhesion by atmospheric pressure. Dr. A. C. Castle refers to the Spanish, French and A mbassadors, Ml Htoughton, the Spanish onsul. Kear Admiral V\ niton, L"rd Morpeth. Cien. McCsrty, < i*\. Mason, Dr. F. U. Johnson. President of the Medical Society, H N. V.; Mrs. General frames, J. B. B-ck, M. D ; Dr. I A Smith, Dr. E Delalnld, Dr. Beadle, Dr. Boyd, Dr. Bu<er.Di.J.( . < iieesiiian, Dr. A. II Siephens, Dr. J.. Torry, B i 11?-?. Ijr. W? <?ra>nou D U?-riu*, he. k <J ()Bc? HI Broadway. au23 tm*r A Kf)KI?;iAt, TKK.Tli I, i A I'MOril'lir-illC PllLSa * *<1 KK. with improvement!, altoKethcr |?vili?r to himself, b> Mr. LKV K I T, Dentiat, 11 r->.<J vv^y, entrain* in W irrei, atrrvt?the iiitrodurer ol the abuvr |>ri lie I Ill th ICtniiiiry in lli* year Ih.o. ! rotn ill* New V urk lancet, ?ol. Int. pagr W8?Prog ma* of '" lit*! ftti*ne?. Il affirii n. nr. at Mti.r,. I to hud that the Hcimrr >.f Dentmtr> i? link.n* mii I, rH|ud i>r.,tfiwi tin, ...uutry. Man) raluabl* im|>r<i?*m*nu have uf (at. I*-,.,, mirodured anion* i tlirm, thai of iiwrrtu g t*rih on thr |iriaci|>|e of AMio<|.ti*rir I'rw.ur*, a? in worthy ol attmtioa. Wi- h*li*t* that lo our ul*iiu-il toWDimin, Mr. th* credit Mouk* of in- i troduring thm unpro?*tn?nt, which hat d*?*r?*dly iKriml th* uur>iui?or*l aMirobatioo of mam of our i<rof*?aional br?tl Ten, Trw ul>?cnb*r|ui*ift l>i<|R?riicutw aiuviioa of il? i .blic l?|Ui*b#fe auOT lm'r i- walkiuf? JOHN rTTIIOMAB, Cork Leg Mtker, ftc. respectfully informs the public that he ha* returned fiotn Phi ladelphia to No. 472 Wttvr unset, comer of Pike *t. New York City, where he continue* to Manufacture ARTIFICIAL LIMBS, on a plan the mint correct <tn<l lout complicated,having, through necessity, invented, made, and worn an artificial leg for forty ears, and been a manu.acturei for thirty-live yean, Inli continent of giving satisfaction to all who call on linn for Leg*. H iuda, Arm*, or the t'ominou Wooden Leg. J. F. T. would infarni those who hare had the misfortune to lose a limb, that the Artificial Limb possesses lha follow ing properties, vit:? 1. A sha|>e exactly like the remaining limb. 2. A capacity to lie dressed exactly like it. 3. A mode of adaptation to llie turnip, way, sal*, Mid MCOinmodaling, having uo liearing on the end. 4. A knee-joint and aukle-joiut, with a flexion or articulated motion in the loot, having >priuga imitating the action of the muscl a. moving the foot in such a manner that the strot.g leuJons above the heel and in the iuatei> are wonderfully imitated. All letters must lie post p<id. afi 1m*r I llli iHU.vhlTrtAIR FOkCEI) TU iiKOWT STOPPED falling off, dandruff cured, Sic., for the low prieeof three shillings, by using one bottle of JONES'S C< IRAL HAIR RESTORATIVE ?Mind, reader, the above it the positive and real qualities of this article?we don't iiiiswplWent?we sell small bottles that you may try and know its qualities, without extending a large sum It is lot a nostrum, but a physician s rvri|ie to force the root? ol tlie liair to a healthy action, thereby causing its urowlli ? Persons who ha? e li lit, red or grey lutir, should use it; it will make their hair beautifully dark, and in time make tl>? hair irrow dark If ihi. i. r- J?.1... tl.? hair, it will make it (the hair) d liciouily ?oit and ailky. and Utyi? it ao thrice .is long as any other preparation. Give it a trial, it onlv 3 shillings, mid you'! never use any other hair preparation. i<>u can see the name* of the moil resectable liersiitis who have used this with success, at the store. Sold, price 3, S or It shillings a bottle, at the sign of the America.! Eagle, 82 Chatham street, N. V. Agents, Zeiber, 3 Ledg r Buildings, Philadelphia: Redding, 8 Stale street, Boston; 57 State street, Albant ; 207 King street, Charles ton, S. C., or 139 Fulton street, Brooklyn. ? si lm*ec \\T 1!O WOULD BE WITHOUT TEETH 1?WIwb * * * following unprecedented reduction in dentistry is made by the celebrated Dentist, W. Thorne, D D 8., 62 Last Broadway. Cleaning Teeth, - - . . . $1 00 Extracting, " 25 Stopping with his justly celebrated Mineral, 75 Single Tooth Oil Pivot, - - 75 " " Silver .... 2 00 " " " Ciold 3 00 A complete set of Teeth ou the most approved principles, at the same price as the above. N. B.?Where entire satisfaction it uougiven, no charge will lie made. 62 F.ast Broadway al9 1m*r PAKK'S LIFE PLLLrv THE Attention of all classes has lieen attracted to the undeniable virtues of Parr's Life Pill, anil a vast majority of the people have evinced, tliejr, unqualified approval of the high character awarded this medicine, and a'e daily becoming inure aud more convinced of its efficacy iu curing disorders the most opposite iu their recognized symptoms. Hence the proprietors have, from time to time, been obliged to enlarge tlieir establishment. and compelled to avail themselves of the combined aid of mechanical skill and steam power, in order to enable them to measure out a supply in accordance with the demand; and the philanthropic of every grade and of every clime will re^'ice tit leant,that this invaluable medicine is rapidly extending its liealiuii iutlueuce to every comer of the civilized world. Persons troubled with scorbutic affections are strongly advised to try them a' this time of the year. In a few days they wilt se?. the powerful cleansing projierties they possess,and thus induced to continue them. Ml l>ersous more or less suffer at this season from a relaxed state of the system, induced by the heat of summer?a few weeks course of the pills will clear off the sour and bad humors thus generated. The liver, whieh generally gets sluggish, will lie put into healthy iAon. and be able to |ierf>rm the functions alloted to it?the IxiaMedtogether w ill be reinvigorated aud prepared to undergo whatever change the fall may bring on. 1 hey are sold retail at most of the res|>ectable druggists iu New York, aud by duly appointed agents iu every city and towu from Maine to Louisiana, Canada, the British provinces, Havana, the West ludia islands, and South America, in boxes, 50 aud 25 cents each. Aud wholesale by THOB. HUBERTS si CO., 304 Broadway. Who be* to notify. Uie sub-.tuemu for the s ile of Parr's Life Pills iu the New England States, that Frederick Brown, Druggist, 68 Washington street, Boston, is their agent, pro tern., the ageucv of liworge Roberts having been w ithdrawn. so lmr DYSPEPSIA! A FEW DAYS SINCE, I announced in the papers of this city that I had resnmed the practice for this most distressing disease, aud stated also, that since the publication Ot my book 1 had made such additional discoveries as to induce me to believe that I could cure the most obstinate and inveterate cases, no matter of how long standing, since which 1 have been practicing upon it, and find it to answer my most sanguine ex|>ectatious in all case. ; aud I have now so much confidence in its importance and utili'y in its effecting a permanent cure,that I have no hesitation ill s 'lug that I caunot imagine a case of dysjiepsia, under my iinin I ate care that I cannot cure. OLIVER 1ALSTED, 24 Nassau street, si lm*ec ^or. f 'edar st. and 75 Chambers st. PRIVA 'E DIShASES. A CURE GUARANTEED.?The College of Medicine fl and Pharmacy of the City of New York, established for the suppression of quackery, is now prepared to treat all diseases of a private nature, and offer to all those afflicted with these distressing maJadies advantages not to be met w ith in any other institution in this country, either public or private. From the ceustaut corresiwndeuce, and from private arrangements, between the inemliers of the College and the most eminent Professors of the Medical Institutions of Europe, all improvements in the treatment of these diseases are forwarded to them Ioiik before they reach the majority of the medical profession of this country. All persons who have used the celebrated preparation of Professor Ricord, " The Parisiau Alterative Mixture," can bear testimony to its being the most powerful remedy ever discovered for primary' or secondary syphilis, strengthening the constitution, whilst eradicating tne disease. Professor V alj>eau's d"isco\ery in his Sjiecific Pills, for the cure of gonorrhea and gleet, has raided Inn immeasurably .ibove all his contemporaries in this particular branch of the profession. With^such celebraied remedies, together with the coinbiued skill of'the lirst medical meu of this country, the College feel satisfied tliat the good work they have uudertaken, " the suppression of quackery," w ill receive the patronage it deserves from that portion of the public requiriuK their ?er ice*. Term*, for advice, all medicine*, $3 Office, and Consulting 1 looms of toe Collet*. 97 Nassau st. W. S. RICHARDSON t Agent. N. B.?Patients living at a distance, by stating their disease explicitly in writing, giving all symptoms, together with the treatmeut they received elsewhere, if any, can obtaiu a chest containing all medicines, with lull direction for use, w ith a guarantee of cure, by addressing the Agailt of the Coll -ft pott l?id, enclosing Si. je28 3m' vvoavis KiLL THOUSANDS. CHILDRKN are most subject to them, bmt persons of all ages are liable to lie afflicted with them. Bad breath, pale ness about the lips, (lushed cheeks, picking at the nose, wasting ov.iy, leanness, pain in the bowels, joints or limbs, disturbed deep, frightful dreams, moauing ai d sometimes a voracious apiwtite, are among tiie symptoms <~>f worms. Many are doctored for months for some other imaginary disease, when one bo? of Sherman's Worm Lozenges would effect a cure. Dr. Ryan, comer of I'riuce street and the B"Wery, cured a man oi vorins that was reduced to a skeleton, and by only one boi ol Sherman's Lozenges: he is now as fat as an Alderman. Tin Hon. U. B Be.irdsley has saved the life of one of his children bj them. The sale of over 2,000.000 of boxes has fully tested thein riiey are the only infallible worm destroying medicine known What family w ill be without them I Consumption, Coughs, Colds, Whooping Coughs, Asthma, and ail iffe<:tionsof tiie lungs, will lind a healing value in Sherman's Cough Lozenges. Tney saved the Rev. Richard De Forest. the Kev. Mr. Streeter, Jonathan llowarth, Ksq? and that worthy old hero, Leonard Rogers, from the consumptive's grave. They cured lis one day the Rev. Mr. Dunbar, the Rev. Mr. Handcock. Wm II. Attree, Ksq., of distressing coughs. They art the pleasautest cough medioiue and care the soonest of any known remedy. Headache, S*a-sickntws and Palpitation, relieved in from five to ten minutes by Sherman's Camphor Lozenges. Persons attending crowded rocnns or travelling w ill lind them to impart buoyancy of spirits and renew their energies. Those suffering frorr too free living w ill find a few of the lozenges to disliel the bor on and lowness of spirits. Mr. Kraiith, of the Sunda} hem. '.aptain Chadw ick, of the packet ship Wellington, has witnessed their efficacy in a great many cases of sea-sickness.. Thjnr ojierate like a cli.irin upon tlie agitated or shattered nerves, u Sherman's Poor Man's Plaster does upon rheumatisin, lumbago, pain or weakness in the side, back, breast, or auy part of the body. Mr. H. (?. Daggers, 30 Ann street, Henry R. (iouldmg.iWi Chatham street, Moses J. Henriiiues, Ksq., and a multitude of others have experienced the wonderful effects of these Plasters. Price only 12cents. Caution is necessary to see that you get the genuine Sherman's Lozenges and Plasters, as there are mauy worthless articles attempted to be palmed off in placs of them, by those who would tnlle with your life for a sh i II inc. Dr. Sherman's ?arehouse is at 106 Nassau street. fcXTRAORDINARY CURt. OPIFKRQUE PER OHKN DlCOIl. I~\H. JOHNHON take* this method of informing |th* public IS that he still affords relief to the afflicted of both sexes, and inay be always consulted with the utmost confidence in the worst cases of secret diseases, or any* ol the effects resulting from the use of mereuiy, or the mal-practice of iiuacks. The following extract of a letter in the possession of l)r. Johnson, clearly illustrates the triumph of knowledge and ex|**rience over medical quackery, and at the same lime shows the great necessity in the public discrimination between the regularly educated physician and the charlatan. D?;ar Sih:? 1 put myself under the care of a nostrum vender when my disease lirst apjieared; he promised to cure me for one dollar, and made but light of my affliction. Instead of improving I became worse every day?my appetite failed, I was unable to attend to business, and after extending $120 this vile imposter had the impudence to tell me he was not a doctor, but merely sold his stuff. In this hopeless situation a Iriend hired a carriage (not lieing able to walk at the tune) and drove me to your office, 17 Unaiie street. You examined my case and promised to cure me. Y ou have |<erf'ormed your undertaking in a short time. As I now enjoy perfect health, I think it my duty to those afflicted to make this statement public through the press. THOMAS J. THURSTON. Carpenter, 1 Mnnroest., N. Y. A medicine may lie had of Dr. J. to prevent the above disease in any of its numerous forms. Office ojwn from 7 iu the inormng till ten at night aulO Im* in aCHENCK'8 PULMONIC SYRUP. INCIPIENT CONSUMPTION effectually cured by ? Brhenck's Pulmonic Syrup. Person? afflicted with ptilmonary disease, and all those who hive had the influenza, and hare been left with a had cou^h, will please read the following : Last fill, I, the *ubscritar t had a had Couth and pain in th?* breast which continued until March last, when I hid a severe i" ick of intl imm ti 1 ol the lungs. Altar Hus had continued 111 weeks it left me with a very had and distressing cough, which was tight and dry. I \> "l 1 seated pain in iny chest, attended with oppression It would bi impossible f ?r me t?> describe the ?tow ice ol n ? ugh which was incessant both night 'ml da) i 1 11 ptl of time ind at nights 1 would cough so hard a% to he heard, and disturb the rest of my neighbors, whowentll v?r) much I armed for my safety. I coturbud so bad that I began to fe?*l that unlesssomething was s|*eadily done I would nm b> incurable with pulmonary consumption, 1 commenced using Scheiick1* Pulmonic ttvrup. and I soon found it to rii?en the matter m my breast, and I ln-gati to raise freely. After I hail used the Ifo rup a^bilf, I could begin to rest w?*|| at raise freely until afl the corruption wu diichu*ii from my lung*. ana I then felt aj Wfll a* ever?my cough ail inbiidril anil my breaat felt strong. It has hoen sometime now since I have lull my cough, and I feel as if the I'ultnonic Syrap has removed every v.-tine ol pulmonary diva,.-from my system. I have great confidence in it* virtue*, and cheerfully recommend its u?e to all person* afflicted with a pulmonary complaint. I HARLOTTK KVANS. HI Montgomery st. Jersey city. Dated Jersey Citv, Aug. !>, 1813. l'rt|Mr>l >nd J. II, 121 Race st. Philadelphia, prnpriet r'sprincipil office Also, for sale, by I'eter S. Ui-ekmaii, Pi1, t .nrtlandt street, lielow (Jrcenwich, N. Vorlt, tin only pi .re in ttsis city where the genuine can tie had?this office exclusively for the sale of Schenrk's Pulmonic Syrup, and also for sali liy J. C. Vanschoonlioveti, No. 16 Broadway, \ib.nn I'rw , ? I I. I l.i >t 11, or bottles for SV ?i l?'r CHOI O.N VVA'J Kll?IJAY'H KIK8T i'llKMM VI A DIA RUBBKR HOKK is coutidently recommend*d lo any purposes for which leather is used,<uid is wairanted to pos sess the following properties :? 1st?It is perfectly ti.lit undfr pressure of the IJroton. 3d?It it mail* ol the strongest fahncs, and will not mildew to injure in the lijast, and requires no attention. Id?It is not de?tro>ed by coming in contact with oil ot <re^*e, nor atilfeneil by cold w it her, nor can the nibhrr de* oinpose, a>< inferior articles are in no rase us.-d. Should tin least complaint lie made of tl.e Hose, not possessing thrahovi ro|? rties, it will he taken haik, at any time Inside of sin months from Its purchase, and other iiiven in eicliauge without charge. 4th?Coupling and Jet pipes will be attached without charge l}u> ers w ill note that we are clearly satisfied that thia hose (tin irocess of making which is unknown to any other iu the trade) sjusltlie article long w?uted for leading water and many itier liquid* HOkACE H. DA Y, alllT r Mncceasov tn Hnthnrv I II f. . 4'i Viaiden lane 1 KM;jTF.8 ! l.c.mhfcs ! ! l,tfc.cme? !! :-.*,?? large i ' a il he.lihy Swedish and (Iitiimii Leeches, just received nil ' 'jtMKI Swedish audOerman I<ee< les daily ex|pecled, per Washington and linward, from Hamburg, for sale at the loweat market price at 6. A. fc H^WlTTE. tuu> lm*r Important Leeches, %i6 IWI st. N.,Y UIU4U.1'.JUHJUUI Hllll'UMWHIT'lll"! WATfcH , ptHMANENT arrangement* having burn made for a CoaX itaiit supply of thia Colyiium. it can lieuceforth be ob tuned I'rom in* agent at B A.M. until J P.M. ANDRKW LAKE, M.D., Opthalmic Surgeon and Oculiat, Ne. 8b White at., Mat aide ol' Broadway. The prc-emiuenl and pnrmaneut benefit derived fixim the n*e of this Kye Water, having met the *iiprob?tiou ol nearly all who have used it, fcotli in France. K-igland, and thia country, I do not think it requisite to mJte any remarks upon its efficacy. As the agent, I am fully authorized to aay, if It anould not meet the expectation* of the patient, it cau be returned, and the money will be refunded,.subject only to a deduction for the quantity usud in iiroi>ortiou to the price paid, which i? 10 fr. or $2 for one ox. vial witheye glass; 20 fr. or $4 for It oz. vial with e)ei(taM, 'J'li is eye water, strtnitlliens weak eye*, caused by a close application to study or hue work, and renders vision perfectly strong, the eve brilliant and healthy. It cuies the patieut whose vision has been weaketieo by levers, measles, change of climate, exposure auil late hours. It gives a clear sight to the aged, by removing morbid granulations from the eye. It ifford* almost immediate relief in all iuilamtnatory attacks to which the eye is suliject. It will remove the uioat inveterate case* of chronic opthalmia. It removes in a few days the smoky apiiearancea and floating si">N which appear to the eye in the nrst stage of amaurosis, checking the di>ea*e entirely. Penoua using 'his eye water occasionally, will find their eye* assume a brilliant transparent brightness and activity of motion which will remain |<eun went. By directing, as above (post paid), it will be forwarded'to any part of the Union. t7 to 3U"r ivJONl HL* KCi'uH I OF 1HK NEW YORK MEDICAL AND SURGICAL INSTITUTE, No. 75 Chambers ?treet. CASES SUCCESSFULLY TREATED. 4 Debility. 9 OouorrhaM. 2 Lineages of the Heart. 3 9 Gleet. under treatment, rapid- 3 Strictures in the Uretha. 5 ly recovering. under treatment. 4 Seminal Weakness. 6 Buboes cured by a new 1 Inability to bold the Urine. method of treatment 2 Midwifery. 3 Onanism^ 3 Secondary Syphilif. 2 Rheumatism. 4 Prim iry Chancre. 3 Diarrhoea. 3 Whites. 1 Scrofula. 2 Purulent discharges. 3 Dyspepsia. 1 Falling of the wouib. 3 2 Piles. under treatment. 2 Sore Nipples. 3 Ulcerated Breasts. 1 Cutaueous Kruption*. 1 Delirium Tremens.* 2 Dysentary. 2 Primary Consumption. 1 Diseased Lirer. 2 Apoi leiy. SURGICAL OPERATIONS. 1 Deafness, 2 Curvatures of the Spine. 2 Fistula inAuo. 1 Fracture. 4 Hemoorhoial tumors re- 1 Contraction of the Fingerj. moved. 2 Tumors removed from the 5 Inflamed Testicles. face. 2 Hydroceles. I Club Foot cured. I Hare Lip 2 Operations for squinting. . 1 Encysted tumor removed. 1 Contraction of elbow joiut 1 Imperforate vagina. relieved by au operation. 1 Adipose tumor removed from the vagina. DR. H. BOSTWICK, Attending Surgeon and Physician. C. McMANUS, Apothecary and Secretary. s6 lmec . DR LAKE, TNVENTOR of the "Patent" Strabismus and Ophthalmia l (iog^le. Office No. 06 White street, east side of Broadway, New iorlt. This iiistruu eut is certain in its operations, woru and applied wi hout Pain to the patient, and the squint can in tvery case be cured if the patient is not uuder three years of age. In regard to Dr Lake's geueral practice, as an Oculist, he flatters himself liis practical experience is n* guarantee, implicit confidence may placed in his professional ability. Office hours from 8 A. M. to 10 P. M,?Patieuts who cau only pay for medicine 10 A. M. to 1 P. M.? Patients at regular fee. 1 P. M. to 5 P. M.?Cases of Strabismus or Squinting. The mihlic can examine this instrument any time during of lice iioun. s7 to 3U*r I)R THOVIAS' tsPEClFlO PILLS, For the Speed]/ and Permanent Cure of Gonorrhaa, Gleet Strictures, Seminal Weakness, and Diseases generally of the Urethra. THK class of delicate diseases which these Pills are so well adapted to cure is of too common occurreuce.and it appears that all classes of society are subject more or less to fall into its malignant grasp, and, blasted in reputaliou and home down in suffering in body and mind, die victim of its progress is ready to grasp at any thing th <t offers a reasonable hope of recovery. Among the many medicines and means of relief that are placed before the public, unfortunately most of them are prepared by men unacquainted with the nature of the maladies which they promise to cnre, and many of them are ignorant of the pow -is of the very medicines they are using for that purpose; and as may be easily foreseeu, the result is that the individual so unfortunate as to fall into their hands receives no relief, but 011 the coutrarv, the medicine employed being perhaps quite the opposite of wnat is required in his case, and the time that is lost, only tend to fasten the disease more permanently, and fix upon the patient its most lasting and vexatious consequences. It is of the utmost importance to the welfare of the afflicted individual, that diseases of this class be speedily removed, and also that they be removed with pro|>er and safe remedies, otherwise they are sure to result iu consequence* the most deogerous to the |>eace and happiness of the patient, by leaving a |iermaueut seminal weakness, stricture in the urethra, inflammation of the prostrate gland, or some of the other very serious maladies which invariably follow a badly treated case of gonorrhoea Impressed with a sense of the great necessity that exists for some safe and speedy cure, to arrest this disease in its career and effectually put a stop to its ravages, the proprietor of Thomas' S|>ecilic Pills announces with pleasure that long experience in every variety and stage of this complaint, proves that these I'ills are all that is required to remove thoroughly and effectually from the system the first cause of this complaint, and by gently exeitiug ll e parts to a natural action, restore the natient, from the most aggravated stages of this disease to i<erfect and lasting he 1th. These Specific Pills are a vegetable preparation, composed of the active principles only, and are entirely inoxious to the most delicate constitution. All who have been partially or imperfectly cured by other medicines, can permanently establish their health by using a box or two of this remedy. Agents at ?'.! > niton street, corner of Gold; 77 EastBroadway, and/73 Broadway, corner of Chambers street. Price $1. au30 lm*r HO WKij COM PI, AI NTS I.URED. TAYNF.'S CARMINATIVE BALSAM is a certain, safe, ? and effectual remedv for dysentery, diarrhoea, or looseness, cholera morbus, summer complaint, cholic, gtiping |wiiw, sour stomach, flatulency, Sir. Sic., and all s|<asmoaic an i nervous diseases, as sick ami uervous headache, hysteria, cramp, kr. Sir. Krom L)r. M. L. Knapp, late Physician to the Baltimore DisIwusary, and ageut for the Mary and Vaccine Institution :? Baltimork, March 71, JB3S. Dr. Javmf.?Dear Sir?Yon ask me whar proofs I meet with of the efficacy of your medicine. I can s.ilelv say that I never prescribed a medicine for bowel complaints that has given me ?o much satisfaction , and my patients so sj<eedy and ivrfect relief as this. whenever introduced into a family it becomes a standing remedy for those ailments, and is called for again au"l igain, which I think a pretty good proof of its efficacv and us v fulness. In the summer complaint of children it his fmiueuth ip|>eare<l to snatch the little victim*, a* it were, from me grave. "It saved the life of iny child, and of such and such a child," I have repeatedly heard it said. In dysenteric affections of idults, I nave time and aEaiu seen it act like a charm and give iwTinanent relief in a few hours, I may say in a few minute* In line, it it a valuable medicine, and no family should be without it. Respect fully, M. L. KNAPP, M. D. From Dr. Wm. Steeling, Physician to the Cumberland, N. J., Almshouse. This may certify that I have used Dr. Jayne's Carminative Balsam very eitensively in bowel complaint*, and have not the least hesitation in declaring it su|*rior to any preparation that I have met with for the relief of these diseases. WM. STEELING, M. D. Bridoktok, July 19, 1836. From Jonathan Goiug, D. D. (late of New York) President of Granville College, Ohio. Dr. D. Jatwe:? Dear Sir?H iving made use of your Carminative Balsam in my family, and finding it to be admirably adapted to the comliUiuts for which it is intended, I take pleasure in recommeudlug it to the use of my friends and the public generally, believing those who are afflicted with anv ol these complaints, will liud relief in the use of this valuable medicine. JONATHAN GOING. New York, May iO, 1837. Sold wholesale and retail at the proprietor's prices, by A. B. It D. SANDS, Dr'iggists, No. 79 Kullon street corner of Gold St., 273 Broadway;77 East Broadway. Price 40 cents. ?u!9 lin'r cash hardware. ALFRED F. L AGRAVE, IMPORTER OF HARDWARE AND CUTLERY, No. 210 Greenwich, corner Barclay street, IS NOW OPENING a complete assortment of goods in his line, which he offers at wholesale or retail on the lowest terms that they can be purchased at in this city? Agent foi Coopers' Glue.. Country merchants will please favor him with a call previous to making purchases. _ auire Im r J. ?OKI CHEAP DYEING ESTABLISHMENT. Vf R. SORIA begs leave respectfully to inlorm his Inemls and lYL (|?. public ill general that owing to the depressed state ol he times, he lias reduced his price per cent bvlow the regu lar charges. Ladies wishing their summer dresses, shawls, See. dyed oi pressed, will find it much to their advantage by paying fiim a visit. Gentlemen will also do well to call with such articles of wearing apparel as may netd dyeing or pressing. All orders will lie punctually attended to, and the articles dune up iu the liest style at Soria's establishment, No. 190 IVarl st. His branches are at No 2i7 Bleecker st., No :M2 Bowery, and -it 'jtY! < traud si. Also a branch at 19 Kulton st. Brooklyn, aud it Newark, N. J., corner of Broad st, and Washington f'lace. Merchants can nave all kinds of goods dyed and put up iu their original forms, and on moderate terms. Principal office490 Pearl st. nu20 3in*rc THE india tea company. 188 Canal street, New York. ENCOURAGED by the satisfaction given since the opening of their establishment respectfully invite the attention of merI chants and families to their ample stock of superior Teas anil Coffee, purchased for cash, by one of the lirm, long e*|)erienced 111 me iraue, .inn lor years an iu>|>rct<ir oi Teas imported by tne Kast India Tea Company, of London. They conlijeutly recoiu mend thein, not only as the liest in <|uality, but a* cheaper, Iro 10 to 15 per c?*nt than can I* liail elsewhere. All ortlersurompU uid faithfully ejrcuted. au8 Im'm united" states TEA EMPORIUM, 121 late 129 Chatham ttreet, New York. And 116 Kuitoii street, Bruoklyu. Anr.wcr. 318 Hi.m.< k r k Htki.f.t, WHOLK8ALK A .N It RKTAIL, r)t CANTON TKA COMPANY continue to offer for sale new and fragrant 'I'ets of every' variety and style.? I'ln-ir assortment specially include* the most delicious and powerful grade* of (ireen and Black Kverv package liear* tin ttamp of uealnws and elegance, and tlie Tea* therein are ?o thoroiighlv secuied from light and air, that tlieir duality and power will remain unimpaired in any climate. Their ?y*tem f prosecuting business is, |>erha|>s, scarcely to be eicelled It i? rounded upon tlie utmost regard to the rights ol the custom'r, especially w ith respect to weight and i)iialily, and unrivalled cheapness. All purchaser! are called n|?>ii to return any irticles which tail to give them the utmost satisfaction, which ihe money will lie cheerfully and promptly refunded. Country merchant*, public establishments, heads of families, and shipmasters will find it a decided advantage to supply themselves from this establishment. Ih insr. Java Corrr.r. roasted every day. Orders Irom all parts of the United State* executed with promptitude and despatch. 1Tjr The only warehouse in America for ihe sale of Honiju>? celebiated Black Tea. j29 lm*m I KATHKR ANU KINITiNO HTORE. *>4 Hprlng street^ two doors from the corner of Washington street, neat Minton Market, New Vork. Constantly on hand a general assortment of Hole and l!pi?r Leather, Black Morocco and Kid Hkius, Willi Deer, (ioal and Lambskin Bindings,Hhoe Threads, Listings, Oalloons. Kibbons. Wheelings, Linen and Leather Ionium, Boot l.oid and Webbs, Boot Trees, Lasts, Hammers, fin cm, Awls and|Tacks, with a full assortment of Shoemn ers Tools,,ol the most approved patterns. su1 lie *? WammK.N rtruKirw. j RONTjaVk WAHKHOI SK, ISBWater street.?The snL 1 si rilwr keei>s on sale a Urge assoitinent of new and second hand Iron H,fe* and Money ( heat*, wilh good and w lire locks, il price* corresponding with the quility. Ordeni will lie reeeivi d to mainilactUMyill kinds, sizM and dimensions, I;re an(1 burglar proof safe*. Tlie subscriber is the only |>er?on (in ihe ill ) authorised to sell or receive orders t'*r Wilder's Patent HaI tmauder Hale, (which are now inadeilry) and all persons are Hereby cautioned[against making, selling or usemg Hale* mailt m imititiMii of vV 11 tit* r t latent NalamAiiuer, nch l>fiii|i ?*<|uall> liable ftjnci* ,Juor i?t 1843, and will be proaeruled by the entente* to tlK* flf?'|lt of the Ml Ant I <iw. 8ILAH C. HERRING, 130 Water at. N. B.?Old Safe* taken in part payment lor Wild**r'a Kir* Proof Baltnundw. si \Wc Biunv N HHKKTINUH-M) bal?eitra heavy, jn.t re^eii| ed and for aale by auJOec mmttMUUt fcJMOOKB, M Liberty it, MnMHMMMWMMMMll DRS, CASTLjS AND EDWARDS, AURI8TS, OOI BROADWAY.-fcxtr.ot:OOl "1 cheerfully comply with the mart ofLiyut. Mcintosh, to testify that he was invalid*;! home u unfit roc duty, 111 conaquenor of total deaiuess and discharges fiom Ins *! : that ? kile in New York, 011 nil way to England, be placed himself under the professional cars of Dn. (as tie and Edwards, Aurists. Under their treatment he recovered I111 hearuig, aud haa returned to hit military dtfty. ? _ Signed, H. McNEVKN, M. D. Hurgaon to H. M. fi. Korces, Jamaica ACOUSTIC DROl S. A sure cure for incipient deafnaaa, earache, paint, buzucfi, cr singing sounds in tli? ears, collections of hard wax or vitiated searetious of the organs. Their acoustic oil haa been a popular remedy as a curative in all disease* of the ears for upwards of twenty years. Office* removed to 381 Broadway, corner White street. au2fc Im'r MKOICAL AND 8UKG(?Ai t.ARDl "PRINl'IPIIB Ofc?TA." KT0RT11 RIVER DISPENSARY. !t04>< Kulton street, near (irvenwirh.?Dr. Merrisou, Member of the Royal College of Burgeons, London, continues to be consulted confidentially from 8 o'clock A. M. to 10 P. M. daily, 011 all disease* of a private nature, and all those distressing symptoms consequent ou injudicious treatment and the imprudent use of quack m*licides. A regular medical educatiou, with au extensive practice of over 22 years, enables Dr. M. to adapt the projier remedies to die various constitutions as well as to the various forms of those insidious maladies. Dr. M. is daily consulted by patient* where the leading symptoms have been only checked, still leaving the poison to lurk iu the system, until ultimately it devel1 lies itself in the deplorable shape of "secondary syphilis." Iu all cases Dr M. warrants a perfect cure without mercury or deleterious drugs, or confinement from business. In some forms of the disease, cures are |?rformed in three to live days, aud in .... ai nil/ i I'UrjC wr unuiiiiwi.?wusu UI.11UIII iij u,r urethr*, sudh as stribture* and enlargement of the prostrate gland, accompanied with much irritttiou and dull (tain iu those parts, are some of the consequence? of mal-treatment. Or. M. cures strictures in a scientific manner, promoting their absorption w ithoul any pain. In tome advertisement* on the subject of strictures the symptoms are defined. This is delusion?because enlargement of the prostrate gland, Ike. would produce analafous symytoms. It is cruel to torture patients with bougies, Lc when iu reality there is uo stricture. Dr. M. is frequently consulted where patients have been injured by such an imprniwr course CONSTITUTIONAL DEBILITY.?'Thousand!ofvoung men are suffering from the coiiswjueiicea of indulgent in a secret destructive habit, and whose nerves are fiuther injuv,from the use of uostrums and pretended specifics, which stitnuW ou ly to iuduce greater depivssion. Dr. M. treats such cases ou purely pathological principles, and never fails iu establishing a cure. Strictly confidential. Letters post paid, and containing a lee of $3. will eusure prescriptions and advice; or for $10 med icinws will be forwarded and a cure warranted by the patient giv ing a history of his case. Office 20l? Fulton st. near Orwmwich. N B.?With two or three exceptions. Dr. M. is the only Qualified advertising Surgeou in the c|ty. jy30 lm*r A PURE, UNADULTERATED EXTRACT OF tfARSAPARILLA. UNINJURED BY HEAT, 18 JONES' EXTRACT OK 8ARSAPARILLA CANDY, 20 CENTS A PACKAGE. CONTAINING SIX OUNCES OK THE hOOT, ' I I1A1 19,| wanuit one single pacaageiocontain me meaiciuai i properties of six ounces of pure Sarsaparilla Root. Persons who are taking Sarsaparilla for auy disease, should try this. 1 do believe thatoue iiackage contains more real Sarsaparilla, thau three or four bottles of the pretended stuff sold at $1. All afflicted with scrofulous diseases, derangement of the system, impurity of the blood, tie. should use this?also with salt rheum, scurvy, chronic rheumatism, pimples and eruptions on the face, Jcc. With the sensible reader, this will answer all the purposes of a long, (laming advertisement. Of one thing rest assured, I here state nothing but truth.. This Extract is uniuiured by heat. The machinery with which 1 make it, cost me over three thousand dollars. Price 25 cents a package. Sold at the sign of the American Eagle, 82 C hatham street, New \ ork. Agents?3 Ledger Buildings, Philadelphia; 8 State street, Boston; or 130 Kulton street. Brooklyn. an IS lm*ec MEDICAL CARD. HKFICE. No. 196 Foltoa st.eet -1)K. FAWCETT. MemW ber of the Koyal College of Surgeons of Londoi ana Edinburgh, and Member of the Jefferson Medical College, of Philadelphia, vithor of several works on the generative organs, Sic., confines his piactice to a certain class of delicate diseases, in all their various stages and complicated forms, the worst cases of. venereal affections will yield to his mode of treatment, without restraint in diet, hindrance from business, and without mercury. Constitutional debility, impotency, sterility. seminal weakness, nocturnal emissions, and all those deplorable diseases which are brought ou by a secret destructive habit of incousi. derate youth, and other excessive indulgences of the passions which undermine the constitution anil lay the foundation ol premature decay, (see l)r. Fawcett's work on these subjects) can be radically cured, and the parts restored to health and vigour. Strictures of the urethra, extending as far as the prostate gland and neck of the bladder, and which are generallv produced by the bad treatment of disease, and frequently they originate from masturbatiou, can be radically cured by Dr. Fawcett, at 196 Kultou street. P. S.?Dr. K. is the oldest advertising Physician in the city; his diplomas from London. Edinburgh, and Philadelphia archum up iularge frames in his ?ffice, where his works can be obtained. Price Ml ce<>tt. s5 Im'r H>HE PRIVATE TREATISE?This little book itself it A designed for those who require a speedy and private cure for certain infectious complaints, and ill which the best and most convenient treatment in a plain and faithful manuer. The price is $1. The present advertisement, however, is to state that th? author has now published the most interesting chapter ?that on the causes which reuder these complaints so obstinate and lingering?in the form of a single letter, w hich he supplies, free of exjiense, to any one wishing it. His reasons for doing this are given in the letter itself: and in this, also, will be seen why so many parsons suffer ou from mouth to month w ith a complaint which is so prone to affect the mind as well as functions of the body, and which is so easily and speedily cured when once its nature is explained. But leat it should be sumiosed that the letter here referred to professes more than it really contains, the author begs to state, that beside his long experience, he lias testimonial letters on the subject of his integrit) and skill from the most eminent physicians in Europe to the most eminent in America, as Sir Astley Cooper to Dr. Mott. of New York, Dr. l'hysick, of Philadelphia and others; and also that he is permitted to refer to almost every qhvsician of eminence in the city. Dr. Ralph would also further state, that he is consnlted on diseases of this nature at his private residence, No. 88 Greenwich street, at any hour, and those who honor him with their confidence, even in the moat complicated stt.te of disease, will be surprised at the ease and quickness with which, in guieril, they will obtain a cure. aull lm*r LOVE, COURTSHIP ANLi MARRIAGE. TVST Published, Physiological Mysteries and Revelations J in Lore, Courtship and Maniac ; an Infallible Guide Book, Air .named and tingle, on matters of the u'most im|K>rtance to the race, by Kugene Bechland, M. U. Translated Irom the third Paris edition, by PhilnM. Hiward. Among the natters duly considered lu the work, are " Matters of serious impoitauce to single and young married persona." " The causes of and certain cure for barrenness." " The arts of beasty and courtship." " The danger of solitary practices, and how the habit may lie removed, and ita eljecta cured," " The cause of love and jealousy, with iufallible remedies for eradicating from the miud the seeds of a hostess or an unhappy paslion." " Offspring, with newly discovered mode* based on scientific principles, lor the prevention, or propitiation thereof."? "Intermarriage." "Dress, with the form and colorsmost becoming to the various shapes and completions." "The most auspicious season for wedlock." " And most other matters of interest iu single and married life, as relates the principal tub jects above noted." For sale wholesale and reuil, at 103 Nassau street, New York. A post raid order enclosing $1, directed to HOLLAND It OLOVLR, New York city, will procure a copy of the work being sent to any i?rt of the United Stales, or the Canada*, or three copies will be sent for $2. Twelve copies will be sent to one address for ST None but r_..b~l n.iJL.i.,, t .liun .I,.r rvffira CAUTION?A work protesting to lie tin* above lint which is a mere catchpenny, has been published and |*'ld|ed about the streets. The genuine work can only be had at Holland & Glover's, the holders of the copyright, at tlte office ol the C vnoiure 102 Nassau ?t, one door from Ann street. an 12 lindfcw*ee ]VTADAMK COSTELLO, Female Physician and Graduate as Midwife, offen her professional services to the ladies of this city and country. Having had long experience and surpri 7ID8 iiicreu in the treatment of diseases incidental to her sei, aplfriset indies on the point of confinement, or those suffering Ooin >u|iprr<s'on, irregularity, obstructions, iic. that she will be happy to aftora R comfortable temporary home at her residence, where t'nev cm always hare the best medical treatment and the most matronly care and nursing, or if preferred, will wait on and attend tnem at their own houses until |>erfectly recovered. Madame particularly begs to impress on the minds of the delicate, tnat she officiates personally in every ca?e, so that he?itation or dread need never be apprehended. N. P.?Madame (ostello would inform ladies residing out pi the ckr, whose health would not admit of travelling, that she would devote her personal attendance upon them in any part or the United States within reasonable distance. Madame G. can be consulted at her residence, 34 Lispenard street, at all times and w ith the strictest regard to the wishes of her patients. All commonications and letters must be post paid, i au39 Im*m A MIRACLE TO Cure F.rnptions and Beautify or Clear Discolored Skin? A valtuhle discovery in Chemistry has been made lately by M. Besprini, an Italian chemist, for curing all eruptions, and for changing the color of dark, yeliow, or discolored skin, lo a tine juvenile and yOOthlWl cleiruess. He ha* made tin* in the wtriliwt form of > bmiM pfal Of soap, for any old cases of eruption, such as scnrvv, salt rlieum, erysil>elas, Sic., it cures wonderfully; alio freckles, tan, sunburn, inorphew, pimples, blotches. Sic. Hold wholesale and retail, price 6(1 cents a cake, at the sign of tne American Katie, 82 Chatham street, N. Y. (?ive it one trial only. Southern merchants, captains and others trading to the south, might make a good income by taking a <|uautity thither. They will he allowed (as well as all others buying a quantity)a liberal discount. Never buy this unless the signature of T. Jones is on each wrapjier. Ag"iil?, Zeiber, II Ledger Buildings, Philadelphia; Bedding. 8 State street. Boston; 139 Fulton ?Ueet, Brooklyn; 213 Broad sirm, i>p*<irK. ix.j. si im*ee MEDICAL AID. DOCTOR YOURSELF PRIVATELY. FIS IMPORTANT with many per)i<in need of medical assistance. that th?y obtain the b?nt advice privately and promptly. All who may thus desire to consult a professional friend, should obtain a little volume called th? Rubicon." The fourth edition of this work, with engravings, ha? receutly been published. It is much enlarged and greatly improved, embracing many subject* of interest and symptoms of disease not before alluded to. The various fonns of bodily and mental weakness, incapacity and suffering, winch come under the head of Private Maladies, are faithfully delineated, and the best practical method of obtaining sound health: it is a work plainly and practically adapted to the use of ull who may unfortunately need its frieud ly assistance, of whatever age or sei?that portion of the work treating up?n Impotence, and a certa-in destructive habit of \outhlul indiscretion, from whence result 'constitutional debility," will be found both useful and instructing to all classes ?it is a friendly yet sileut monitor, where sensual or setital debility has made threatening inroads uimn the health or constitution, and points out not ouly the means of eacape bat the certainty ol restoration. The chapter on strictnre is worthy of particular attention, and should be read by every one. The author's method of treating this complaint it without pain, and affords a positive unconditional cure, requiring generally only a very short time in its accomplishment The price of the book is 50 cents. Sold bv the Author, No. II Barclay st, near Broadway, and at the following agencies, which are drug stores, VI* S? No. 86 William st, near Maiden Lane. No. 79 Vulton ?t, cor of (Jold st. No. 77 Kast Broadway, cor of Market it. No. IBS Bowery, cor of Spring st. ?No. I IB Delaur.y it cor of Suffolk st. No. 89 ( anal st. No. ? Kultou st cor of Water st. The woik is written hv Dr. (Jiegory, who is still in the practice of his profession, at No. II Barclay st?where he may he consulted cofidnutially any day in the week at all hours of the day or evening. Doctor Gregory deem* it worthy to remark, that l? has often been applied to for relief by patients, who, having been treated for the complaint, were discharged as being cur'd, and themselves we-v of opinion that it was really so. A few days elapse, and the disease Ix-gins to show itself again; in some instances only occasionally; in others again the relapse is perinanait, inducing at length a chronic inflammation, attended with Other visible effects, which it would lie indelicate to describe in an advertiserunit, but which will l?e recogniled rwily 'V every on* >? afflicted. It is such > st?t'? of things as this that terminate in stricture, and it is by surgical means onlytnaia stricture can ever lie permanently removed. Not so, liowevcr. with the chronic inflammation or rather induration: lor in wis tageofthe malady there is a cure, and that too by mi Id ami liinple in?ans. Doctor Ureg< ry is promt say tliat h covered and brought to his aid a rrmwly uever bejo flieae c .,e,, which has proved sue e,.ful in everyJ"*'? ' wl.ere it I vis been applied, and has effecieilcMresJu through 1 to L'. years duration. Tills announcement is n?I na.1ie trough srr. ife* hr. everv evening. rti?fance sanding $1 by will have the jgiSraw iisssTrSitAi oaraKSWM wr is purely a vegetable orepaiation, i>oimmiu( the pro|wrtie? of cleaning the teeth and mouth?restoring the I turn to a healthy , state, and preventing any unpleasant taste or odour in the mouth, whether arising from decayed tMth or from ? deranged state pf the stomach. It it desikned to be uaad with a tooth brash, and will be found to Mperstde the necessity of a pawder keeping the teeth cleaa ad preventing the wearing away of the gums from tlw teeth, llis loul&rly useful in cum oftpuugy guius, intoruif them to 4 healthy state, and causing tliecn to contract around the tooth. In |>aiuful affections of the teeth and gum., arisiug Croui exposure to cold, it will be found highly beneficial, ll is particularly serviceable to use the Orris Tooth Wash at night just uefore retiring to reM. This method is recommended by emineut dentists, as by so doiug all particles of food winch accumulate durmg the day an entirely removed, and the month kept through the night in a cleaa, sweet, and healthy state. Sound teeth and white teeth are the most valuable portions of poor humanity ; but how many neglect the atteution necessary for tlieir preservation, even when surrounded by ill the means needed. Among these we know of uone more pleasant and effectual than the Orris Tooth Wash?it cleanses anil whitens the teeth, strengthens the gums, purifies the mouth, and sweetens the breath. We recommeud its use to all young and old.?(Boston Morning Post. The Orris Tooth Wash is the beat detergent we aver used on our enamel ?(Baston Tssusoript Kor sale by thepria'i -t mggists in the city, m4 r ANOTHER HUMbUli, T5AS81NO up Clwsuut street last evening, we saw a man bur ,ily (iigaved in pasting ui>oii one of the trees opposite the State House, a small written placard, which liaviug effected, na looked cantiously around like a thief, and then decamped with the utmost celerity. Alter lie was gone, we went up and examined the pnper. and the following is a copy of iu contents:?"A Humbug.?I have used six bottles of Jayne's Hair Tonic, according to direction, without receiving any beuefit therefrom. I have bewu humbugged out of sat dollars. John Cravcr. Kensington." Gracious! thought we,here's a tempest in a tea pot. The writer of that nonseuce is wel' turned. He sneaked off like a craven, after having pasted up wbat is palpably an infamous fib, as though he were conscious of having committed a deed, which, if traced to him, would brand him with obloquy. For our own part we are convinced that there is nothuif in this world like Jayne's Hair Tonic for the itroductiou of Hair. We have known it to fill the bald heads of several of our acquaintances with a beautiful crop, and have heard of many others who now sport wi exhuberant head of hair, who but a short time ago concealed their nakedness beneath the artificial assistance of a wig. No wonder the wig makers Imve declared war against Dr. Jarne, and are disposed to drive bim out from the precincts of civilized society. They are all of them John Craveus.?(Philadelphia Spirit of the 1 lilies, Feb. 6. 1840.) ouiu.u SANDS, Druggists, No. 79 Fulton street, 77 tul Broadway: 273 Broadway. aul9 lm*r DR. HEINK tatas the liberty to iufortn the public that ha till adliers to his old plan, i. e.?inuients laboring under syphilitic or mercurial affections, and being pronounced incurable by other physicians or in hospitals, that these are tha very cases in which ne will reiiuirs no remuneration, (not even lor medicines) until he has performed a perfect cure; it is <i?ita indifferent as to the saat or symptoms, whether in the form of ulcers, eruptions, pains in the bones or head, ulceration uf the ihroat or any other part. All recent affections will b? treated on an entire new plan. IS. B.?Dr. Heine will attend, as usual, to the various branches ofnis profession, office 164 Panal st. au23 lm*r NO CURE, NO PAY P)R. COOPER, of M Duane street, between William and L* Chatham strx?ts, tskes this method of informing the citizen* *ind strangers thnt he still affords relief to the afflicted of both sexes, and may be always chnsulted with the utmost confidence in the worst cases of delicate disease*. Or. Cooper, from a re?idejice of many years in hospitals in Europe, devoted to the treatment of delicate diseases, and from an extensive practice in this city for the last ten years in this particular branch of tha profession, guarantees a safe, siieedy and effec'.ailrure to such persons as put themselves under his treatment, liedeiit cases cured in two or three days, Dr. Cooper uses no mercury or any other dangerous medicin'. Dr. Cooler's mild ami iudic.ious mode of treatment will require no interruption from business or alteration in diet. Persons afflicted with protracted and deplorable cases, need uot despair of complete recovery. Dr. Cooper informs the public that lie is the only regularly qualified surgeon who advertises in Duane street, and exhibits uo diploma from the Stuy vesant Institute of this cily, procured by false certificate# and false pretences. The most inviolable secresy observed in all cousultatious. Separate offices, so that patients cannot ' orae in contact. Letters, post paid, attended to Charges moderate. Office open from 7 in the morning until 10 o'clock at night. Office 14 Duane st. aO lm*r | DOCTOR BKLL. T~\OCTOR BELL devotes his personal attentionIdaily, nntil 10 P. M.) to the removal of private disease Tu every state. All suffering under protracted cases, aggravated or unsuccessfully treated by inexperieuced or pretended practitioners?those laboring under the destructive effects of mercury of quack nostrums, aud all who suspect the remains of disease lurking iu the system, may consult Dr. B. always with a guarantee of a cure. persons contemplating marriage, who have been the subjects of delicate diseases, may consult Dr. Bell with honorable oonfidence. Post jiaid letters, describing the case of persons at \ distance, have his prompt attention. Dr. B.'s treatment never exposes to suspicion, and is well known to be safe and Derma lent. [C7~Privateoffices 87 Cedarstreet, two doors from Broadway, aul2 lm?ec HULL'S TRUSSES. NOTICE TO RUPTURED PERSONS. PERSONS afflicted with ruptures may rely upon the be*t a instrumental aid the world affords, on application at the office, No. 4 Vesey street. or to either 01 the agents in the principal tawns in the United States. Be careful to examine the back pad of Hull's Trusses, to see if they are endorsed by Dr. Hull, in writing. None are genuine, or to be relied upon as K?od, without his signature. .Many persons hav? undertaken to Tend imitations of Hull'a celebrated trusses, and thousands are im|>osed U|ion in eousejnence. These imitations cannot be relied upon ; they are made by unskilful mechanics, and ace no better than the ordinary trasses. Rooms have been fitted up at No. 4 Vesey street, exclusively for ladies, having a separate entrance from the busiimss department, where a female u in constant atteudance to wait upon female patients. au5 !m ?c TO THE LADIES. PR. HULL'S UTERO ABDOMINAL SUPPORTER. 'TMIIS new instrument for the radical cure of Prolapsus Ut?d J- or Falling of the Womb, by external applieatioa, su|ief ceding the use of the objectioual Fnsary, is confidently recorn* mended to the afflicted as the means of perfect restoration to health, it never having failed of Informing a cure, even under the most aggravated circumstances The fiupjwrter has attained a verr high character in Europe as well as in this country. It is adopted to the entire disuse of peasant's, and all other painful surgical expedients^ in i!u> Ly ing-in-Hospitals of London and Paris, and is universally recommended in Europe by medical mw of the highest rank.? In this couutry <t is sustained by the leading members of the faculties of Colleges and Hospitals, and by all the eminwt private practitioners. Rooms have been furnished exclusively for ladies at No. 4 Vesey street, haviug a separate entrance from the busiunss department, where a lady is in constant attendance, to apply Trusses and Supporters to female patients. au5 hnec TO MARRIED LADIES. \fADAME RESTELL'S PREVENTIVE POWDEH9. Av.1?'Those invaluable Powders have keeu universally adopted in Enrope.bnt France in particular, for upwards of thirty years as well as by thousands in tins country, as being the only mild, safe and efficacions remedy for married ladies, whose health forbids a too rapid increase of family. Madame Kestell, as is well known, was for thirty years female Physician in eke two priucipal Femal? Hospitals in Europe?those ol Vienna and Paris?where favored by her great experience and opportunities, she attained that celebrity in those great discoveries in medical science so socially atUited to the female frame, for which her medicines now stand unrivalled, as well in this couutry as in Europe. Her acquaintances with the physiology and anatomy of the f- male frame, enables her?by tracing the decline and ill health of married females, scarce in the meridian of life, and the c.msaqaet.t rapid and often apparently inexplicable causes which consign many a fond mother to a premature grave?to their true source, to arrive at a knowledge of the primary causes of female indispositions?especially of married females?which, in UtOI, led la the discovery of her celebrated " Prev*nti#Rfc Their adoption has been the means of preserving aSf trm^Sie health, but even the life of many an affectionate wife and fend mother. The advertiser feeling the importance of this subject, and estimating the vast benefits resulting to thousands by their adoption, would most respectfully arouse the attention of the married, by all that they hold near and dear, to their consideration. Is it not wise and virtuous to pievent evils to which we are subject, by simple and healthy means within our control.? Even- dispassionate, virtuous and enlightened mind will unhesitatingly answer in the affirmative. Price five dollars s uack age, accompanied with full and particular directions They can be forwarded by mail to any rait of the United Stria*. All letters must be pout-tutu!, anu aaaressea to MAllAME RESTELL, Female Physician. Principal Office, 148 Ore wieh street, New York. Office noon from 8 A.M. to 9 o'cloc P.M. Bosteu office. No. T Eaaex st. jltl 3ra*r FEMALE MONTHLY PILLS"' /~\WING to the celebrity, efficacy, and invariable success of " Madame Hestell's Female Monthly Pills in ah case* ol" ir regularity, suppression, or stoppage of those functions of nature upou which the health ef every female depends, since their introduction into the United States,now about four years, counterfeits and imitations are constantly attempted to be palmed off for the genuine. Cheap common pills are purchased at twelve cents a box, put up in aiffnrent boles, and called? " Female Monthly Pills," with the object of selling tlieia, if possible, at one or two dollars a boi. Females are therefore cautioned against these attempts to impose upon them. It ia sufficient here to stale that all Female Monthly Pills are counterfeits, except those sold at Madame IIhswII's Principal Office, 118 Greenwich street, New York, aud 7 Essex street. Bostou Price tl. Madame lleatell'i signature Is writteu on tlie cover of each box. N. B.?They can be used by married or tingle, by following the directions enclosed inside of each box. Sold also by appointment at 204 Grand street, corner of Allen, New York. jelO 2m* r CAUTION TO FEMALES." ' A/TADAMK RESTELL, FEMALE PHYSICIAN, would inform ladiee who, with a proper delicacy, have a repugnance to the treatment of their complaints except by one of their own sex, that iu all cases she attends to them, personally, her experience, practice and knowledge enablea her to do so. She deems it necessary to state this, as the doe* not wish to lie classed with the pretenders continually appearing and disap | pearing. advertising as "Female Physicians," who too igno I rant and incompetent theinselvea are obliged to get some scarcej I/ less ignorant i|uack to ex|>eriment instead. Coiisultinn par Ion and residence, 141 Greenwich street, between Courtland aud Liberty streets. Hours of attendance from 9 A. M. tot P.M. alO 2m PORTUGUESE FEMALE PILLS. irivitifTtn ami prkpahkd by M. OF. BOUPELOQUE, M.D.. LISBON, PORTUGAL; 'PHE Scientific cambination of ingredients of which these a Pills are C'/mpoaed, have made them the wonder and admiration of the world. They are known all over Eurojie to be the only preparation ever discovered that lias proved invariably certain in producing the monthly turns. Their certainty, in all cases, being such that they must not be used during pregnaucy, for though always mild, safe and healthy, tliey are certaiu to produce miscarriage if used dnrine lli?i oeriod The direction* an translated into English. and are enveloped round with tli?* seal of the importer, stamped. Each hoi contains the signature of M. dr Unudefooue. nud the English direction* hare the liumtOf of Dr. K. MELVEAU, authorisad agent for the continent of America. They can be transmitted by mail to any part of the United Stated. Sold by Dr. K. MELVEAU, agent and importer for the United Statea, office 129 Liberty street, near Orewnwich st. Price (.')?half bote* $3. No half no*es aent by mail. Sold, also, by apimintment, of Mr. V, M., at 120 t'herry slr^t, near t'atliariue ?t. Letters direoted to Dr. K. Melvean, bo* 24, New York, will meet with immeniata attention. All letter* miiat b? postpaid. Iwdfcw M A" D~AMt K K ? T K 1. L . FEMALE PHY8YCIAN, Office and residence, Ml Ormiwich street, Ixtween ? ourthndt and Liberty streets, wliera she can be consulted with the strictest cuolidmee on complaint* incident to the female mime. .... Madame Restell'a etperience and knowledge in the treatment of obstinate ca?e* of female insularity, stoppage, mimsion, ike i* such a* to require l*it a lew day* to effect a |ierfett cure. Latins desiring ptoj>er medical attendance during confinement or other Indisposition, will be accommodated during inch time with pnrate and res|?ctable board. "if re\entire Powder*," for married ladies, whone delicate or precariou* health forbid* a too rapid increase of family, will be sent by mail to any part of the United States. Price ti a lockage. All letters (postpaid) addressed to boi, 868, New lurk. Boston Office No. 7 Essu street." N. B.?Madame RE8TELL would inform ladies residing out ?f tlie city, whose health would not admit of travelling, that she would devota her |>ersonal attendance upon them la toy | irt of the United States within reasonable distance. PUBLISHED DAILY BY IAMKH UOKUOK UKIVNKTT, N.W. CORNER KULTON AND NASSAU STREETS THrNr.w York Hmn.n?A daily papar, issued every moruiuK of the week?price two cr.NTl |>er copy. < ountry nhscribers furnished at the same rate, (or any i|iecific iwriaa on a rvinittanca in adranca. No papar sent unleaa paid in ad' ranee. Thb Wnar.r HraAi.n?Issued erery Saturday morning at t?n o'clock-price sis sNn * 41 AiiTra rnri |>er copy?ftir- < milled to country subacriWt at (2 U per annum, ia advance or at the *nme rate for any *|>eciAed period. ' OoaaKSMNDKNTt are rr<|tie*ted to address their lattera to Jaw*# Uqbdo* Butjm, Proprietor and E.liftr-and all 1?j *ti "a. haauMM mm to poat-paid. " . I

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