Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 10, 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 10, 1843 Page 3
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HONEY MABJUCV Batudaf, Sept. 0-6 P. HI. The stock market wM much batter to-day, and prieea generally roae. Harlem, |; Canton, 1$; Indiana, f; Illi. noia,{ At the new Board there were aalea of United Bute at 114*. We extract from an Englith publication the following remarka upon the influence of the American trade upon the value of iron in England, and alio same particular! of theatateof that trade from official document*:? It thould never be forgotten that in the year IBM iron could not, with all the powerful and extended meana of production, be made fast eneugh to meet the demand of that period. Purchaaera were then anxioua to get their name* put down in the order-book of the iron-maater lor a supply, itfter all previoua orders on the books had been eiecuied; and wa state deliberately and advisedly our opinion tbat those previoua orders, which would take many weeks, in some caaea several months, to be executed, unwanted, iu the highest atate of demand, to more than till thn iron now on nand and unsold in Oreat .Britain. '1 his demand waa not so greatly diminished oy itia breakage ol the Bank* and Mercnani-Dannri" u? mo United State*, in the spring and summer of 1M7, a? to cau?e the trade to be unprofitable. For in the circumstantial, and, what weikall call authorized, veraion of wbut was aubmitted to the Minister*, which the " Wolverhampton Chronicle" ha* published, Mr. W.H. Sparrow (peak* te thi* fact decidcdl) in the following axtract:?"W. H. Sparrow, Ea<j. then gave an account of the make and price ol iron tor several year*, and alio brought under the view of the Miniiter* aeveral statements a* to the rate of wagea paid at different period*. Thu number of Inrnacea in blast in 1836 (in South Staffordshire) wa* 94; in February, 1840, there were US; now there were only 73. Ths trade waa doing well until April, Ittl, when it began to decline. The redaction In the price of iron had been about sixty percent; the reduction in wage* wa* about forty |>ercent." Now let it be noted that "the trade wa* doing well until April,1841," which was four yeara after the breakage ol the Bunk* anil the commercial convaliion ol the United States; and "it began to decline," mr to be bail, lixtean months befom tiie new Tariff'of the United State* was enacted or came into operation. It is not to be denied that our miners and manufacturer* must feel sensibly a great falling off in the demand for their product* in the United States ; but Mr. Sparrow's evidence prove* that there hai been some greater came than that at work to plunge the irontrade into its preaent ruinoti* condition. What in that cause? We contend it i* immediately the breakages of the numerous Bank* in Englaad,Joint-Stock and Private, which have taken place since the menth of Apiil 1M|| and the contraction ef the circulating credit of the conntry which those breakages have occasioned. This 'fleet Is uroduced in two way* : first, by the withdrawal of beacconimolation which the broken Banks themselve* affrrdnd to the public, and, second, i>y causing an othor Bank* to regulate their business by more (trict rules of circumrpection and caution?all referable to violent changes in the currency. YVV n?w insert nnt of the details submitted in tables to the Miiiieteri, but canaot understand those relating to prices, whore bar-iron is set down at ?i the ton, and this price is quoted for Oatober, 1843?not yet arrived. We auppoae it means the regulation price as determined at their quarterly meetings by the iron-masters, which having b^en settled, may continue till October. We know that hsr-iron is now delivered at Liverpool at from X4 to ?4 6 the ton, and the latter price was quoted ky Mr. Thorueycroft. The following figures, however, give the ruUtive prices :? "The following statement, the result of one of the documents, shows the highest and lowest price of two clashes of iron, since January, 1888, and the difference per cent Highest. Lowest. Difference. For*'1 Pijr Iron Xti 10 lit 10 6l)j, per cent. Common Bar Iron 11 10 5 0 35 " After inserting another table oi prices, the reporter states :? "The general result of these calculations is a reduction considerably beyond that stated to Ministers, namely, *i*ty per cant in the selling price of iron. The following table shows the highest and the lowest rate of wages paid since January, 18J8, and the difference per cent JJescription Lowest Diffe,e of Workmen. Highest rate. rate percent. Thick coal collier* 4?. (Id jier day- 3*. Ud. 2i Aimers ami thill coal 3 3" 2 0 30 miimi 1 iil, i -r ton. 0 7*^ 40* fillers 1 u 0 7 40 ? Puddlers 9 0" 6 0 37 H Alerrhatit rollers 4 " 3 SO t This is the &\erage of the furnace men. t T his ii the average of tlie mill meu. This tabla prove* tbut the reduction in wage* whs stated at its maximum; the goneral average being con aiderafely leaa than lorty per cent." We cannet cemprehend the reason for omitting "the H jnaku ' in 1B41, and as we are unable to supply it, we must lake tbt-lollowing, as it stamla in "Aris's Birming ham Gczette." from whieh we copy it. "The subjoined statement exhibit* 'the make' in Staf Jordshire South at the times stated FSimactt H"klj/ make Jin'l makr in hlail. Inns. Ions. 1840 February 7875 893,750 1042 Marc h * > C8*0 311.000 1843 .January 82 ?.'?W 328,000 H July 72 5760 211,Will The general result of furnaces in and out of hla?t, H nmong flltysix Arm* ol South Staffordshire and eight H Jirms of Sbropahire, (given l>y name) in this H"kly make. H In blast. Out of hlast. tons. Mouth Staffordshire 72 69 5830 H Nir.ipshire 20 16 1222 Total 92 85 7052 Stock of Iron in Soi-th Wiles. H Tons of liars. Tons of Pigs. ^ Cardiff?Crawshay It Vo. 11,000 ? Thompson Si Co. 3,300 ? ^ >ir?|Kjrt?Briilej Jl Co. 1,500 2000 Th?mps*u St Co. 4,000 ? Rhymtieyn Co. G.IMM) ? Harford k Co. 700 ? British Co. 2.00:1 ? Clydach Co. 500 ? Blanavnn 300 3000 Coalbrook Vale ? 500 Pentuyn Co. ? 300 Total 29.200 5,800 Mr. John Altwood's itock at Cardiff and Newport consist* Kl bars, U.0UO tons; pigs, 3,000 toon. H Stale* at tlte Stock Exchange. ^&8ti.? N V J's 115.5 99>i 10 N York Gas 107 ^ 2000 Ill's 6's, Iff.0 30 5 Ner & Wor KR 20 ^^KtOOO Ohio 6'?, 18?;0 92'* 10 < an ton Co 26 H, ^ 5000 do b30 W, 50 do 26^ loon Indiana Sterling 3lj? SO do b3 27 ^ 2000 do 32 50 do 27 ^^H50iI0 Indiana Dollar Rds 3I1? 50 do 271* ^ 'JOOO Kentucky 6's, 3U ys 9750 do *60 26', ^KlIllN) Illinois Botidi 36 25 do b30 27 ^^K2finii do snw 36 25 do nw 27 ^ sonfl do inw M% 350 Harlem RR hio 36^ ^ SOOO IPs Si. Mi'nCa'l bds 35UN) do >3 36S 33sha* ?.'itv'Bank 102 150 d>> blO 3fiV 50 B I; of < oin (scrip) !Wl? 100 do sl5 'li.\ 25 M<'? B't Ass'n 87V 50 do 36X 55 Ohio Life 81 Trust <2 2.50 do 36$4 40 Stale Bank of N.Y. K3'i 75 Look Island RR 20 Firenuns lus 111 50 Stonington RR 1)30 32 Second Board. vi ?has Harlem 36\ 50 Canton ('o 26% '' uitoii Co b30 27 H New York Public Stock Exchange. ^hlooo Oov't6's, '62, l>20 Ill's 1000 Illinois 6'i, 1850 35X ^^ 000 da slO 114^ 1000 do 34% ^^ ti'H) do sl*0 H41a 2,'i shas Farmers Loan 22 ^^ (MIO do 5'it, '53 1)60 103V- 50 Canton 4 o l>3 27 ^H000 N Y 5X'?. l?il bfiO 103'J 25 do b?0 27k ^Hooo Ohio 6's, 18.10 SlO 91M 25 do 27 ^DI'O do 92 ^ 75 do b30 27^ Into <l0 in do s3n 2),', MO do b20 36'a SO ill) Imw 26% on do 1)20 36'J 175 Harlem Ml 36 f, m do 14 Sept 35?S J.'iO do 3tU, K)U do b30 36275 do 36?* i0(l do 35*? 50 do b 13 36?, 0? do 26 Sept 36 50 do b!5 37 00 do buw 36j< 50 do 14 Sept llti'i 00 do bio 36 50 do bZO :U>% 100 do sliw 36 50 do b!t0 37 >00 do bl5 3?>. 50 do s30 36K 00 Iiul. Dol, 15 y? b 15 34 *2 50 do snw 36'., KIO do 1)20 34*4 25 do snw 36?. KI0 do 34 H 50 do bl5 36V KIO do b30 34V 75 L Island UR 51V 100 do nw 'M% 15 di> 51 00 Illinois 6's, 1850 36 50 do 51% Second Bonrd. 100 I ml Dol, 25 T* inw 35*i .'i0 L Island ltll blO 5IJ? KHI Illinois 6's, 70 s 15 35V 50 do s30 5IX .has I. M ind lilt 51M 100 do s60 5l? do bl5 51Ji Dleil. Da the 34th August, in Mobile, Ala. of the atranger'a per, Mr Hhirt Uomf*, tinishmakcr oftbiicity. RiulJ' tily, on Saturday morning, Mr. James Obant, a Lrn of Scotland, aged 46; lor the last ten yeara a reai|it ?l this city. Ilia frienda and acquaintonn-a, alio the mcmbora of Inpaoy Franklin Bluea, are revpectlully invited to at1(1 hix funeial in citizen dr????, this (Sunday) afternoon, 1 o'clock, Irom hia latereaii'w e, No. 6 Jamra alip. IL?rBrooiPacket ahip Kmtland?Mi** Whitewrifhl, Mr? hup, M??n William*, Wantalf, Ponaell, Krrn, Headlv. rill, Mcllvan*?141 in theateerage. Panengeri Nall?d. ivi.ii pool?Packet *liip Ajhhnrton?Kranci* Drown, Mr* vvn, <?erard 8 Boyce, Mr* Bruider. Henrv Cook, Henry W i*tic, tJeorge CoBiiell, of New Vork; John (Inly, Philadeli; Her Mr Parker, Mr* Parker, Miu Stitrce*, fi II Giwii, Ion; Rev John O Manly, Mr* Manly, Toronto; Thoma* |*?ti, Sainl llodgkeme, V'.iiulmil; Mr* Dr Dartnell and ?ert, T Dartnoll, W Dartnell, E Dartnell N Dartnell, <i Dart, J.imfs Ho**, J P Iletherincton, Mr Tracy, Canada; Capt tome and lady, Driiiali Army, Canada; Kdwaril Probyn, [till, Em. Foreign Importations L i;?rooi.?Ship Eunland?100 ton* and .'>00 tack* *alt C H lull?673 bar* iron 40 Mil* () B Morew<>od V co?87 niece* fcr N Ludlow W i>kK? Qtlljy k *on?12 Wilaoa Ik Brown I' new?M nMM It Itebjnapn?10 Miller, Verant Ik Ma? II J A Reed?8 Cameron V Brand?12 Ke*lerll co?63 l\i???> W Si J Morrison?t D Morri*on?3 J Mcllvain?3 I Freeman, Philadelphia?200 Lawrence, Murray &. In?*te? k h Jonrneay?! Injrli* Si Scott?1 J Cam*?1.1 llill? Enjlh k Thuvtr-3 OHmii k Pullman?23 T B Mahae I [ i ' Morton-?S Ward It Aikm?I Mark Levy ft Broi R. m, Brother! k co?2 S Haakell?i Harvey Ik 8lafg?84 A i ! l/veli?12 J Haphael?1 W II Remio?60 W |te? right I FTllWl Si *on? 1 8 T Jo?l| II .1 Miti In II |V.,rn< r-l .1 N llfa-lH Owen*-227 J It EriUla, Phlladknhina ,i v co?9 Godfrey, Pattlaoa k co?64 Sand*. po> k | l<ichard*nii k Wataon -30 I Oihon Ik co?8 W N Bay| k .'.'-2 I' Murray?27 N K Keinp-I 8 Bi nn. it-f. Henry |*-l Stone k CO?1 HlIMi, Ward k co? | <} HaatiuK* & i.l Coaoah # l'ar<cn?, Canning V co?30 .1 Keririuon?740 ho ck? tin I'li. lix. Dodlie tk CO?I pkfr* A Mitchell k co?'I fckey Si aoa?1 J MMMM Ik CO m Bnllerheld Ik Kilhcr?3 Idaon?I J Wauon?I E Coming kco? I Sheldon. Phelps 1?8 j Nicholson 30 ' Met ill St co- 3 I S Ballard?2 A T |*rt - I Ailama, Howe* k co?2 Lord Ik Tavlor?A W Beti ?"> Nevin* li co?B tiortoii, llodge* k co?6 Richard*, htfcA horn?4 trriahtk Brown?I Steele. I Muter .V Hush, [in?i W A Howe?I li A i ashman?1 Wetherlll, Whit ceo?'IN Piener Ik co?I < ollin, Bradley Ik co? I .1 Kile., I liorv Si Allen? 1 II Sterens?1 A L Stewart?I Bird, II in Si eo?34 J Clihon?I (I W Bett*?16 .1 Si .1 Stewart 6 I < (ill "II I .1 It Derrick?6 I'alon Ik Stew art ?11 .1 P Wil E? i.l I-(Terta? I Woll'li Bi*hop--l Bale< Turner li co?2 I:, it I lit J r Jone* kea- I VVornll, Wood k < "ate* -I V in Waceer fc Tucker?i Kield k Thomvaoa?a [II oris Pealiody^ Ri?R*kco?4 J It L Holme*?4 .I K fn % ?on-i yj ?io?on? 1U Uurton, Hod?M k co?1 Uib ton k co?W (ttniw k eo?4 P MeCKatr?9 L B Curtis fcco? 15 Wight. Stum fc Shaw?2 Robt Jeffrey fc.eo-1 W White; wnght-l J k I Co?-J D Coleou?8 Bird. OiUilau k co-? C K Bill, Clark k co?1?U E t Saudereou-? J H Jonee?123 cum 61 bkle* 1* bu to order. . ... .. Rotterdam?Ship Ashburton?5Jppe*u? A Wolfe IS J O H iker?10 cki madder Meyer k Stuckeu-18 c? Booueu Oravee k co?U ce 2 pkgs to order. MARITIME HERALD. Mailing Days of the Steam Ships. riOM LIVERPOOL. THOM AMERICA Britanuia, Hewitt Sept. 16 Caledonia. Lott Sept. 4 Oct. 9 Li. Western. Iloskeu Sept. *3 Oct. 19 Ship Masters and Agents. We shall esteem it a favor, if Captains of Vessels will frive to Commodore KorkRT Sil.vrr, of our New* Kleet a lieport of the Shipping left at the Port wlience they tailed, the V'eeseU Spoken on their Passage, a I.iat of their Cargo, and any Foreign Newspa|ier* or Newt they may hate, lie will board them immediately on their arrival. Agents and Cornwpoudenti, at home or abroad, will alio confer a lavor by sending to this Office all the Marine Intelligence tliev can obtain. Nautical Information of any kind will be thankfully received. PORT OK NKW YORK, SKPTHMBKR 10. or* risk 36 I Moopr rises 6 <9 UN 6 17 | HI(IH lit Cleared. Hliim Mt)nfrt>il. Tmk??r Trillion Inlui Oricwnlil; Vintfitlut. (Nor| Klligers, Hamburg. J. C. Muiler; Vespasian. Barstow, New Orleans, Cook Si Smith.?Barque Crania, (S?) Lnuorth, Stettin, Schmidt & Balchen.?Brigs Cere*, (I'rus) Nolletihuer, (ilieuj, Win. Weisser; Kilfaro, (Prus) Moritz,; Amelia, (Br) Walker, Harbor Grace, NIP; Saratoga, Cushing, Savannah, J. Ogden?Schrs Hari>, Cator, I'ara, E. Corning* Son; Hegulus, Cole, Wilmington, NC. J. Ogden. Arrived. Packet ship Switzerland, Knight, from London and Ports mouth, Aug. II, with indue, to Griunell. Miuturu (K. Co. Packet shin Kugland, Bartlett, from Liverpool, Aug. 8, with milse, to C. II. Marshall, and Goodhue & Co. Ship Ashburton, Plummer, from Rotterdam, aud llelvoet Aug. 3, with giu, etc. to A. Wolfe. Herald Mnrlnc Correspondence. Office of the Rhode Isi.andkii, > Newport. Sept. 8, 18i3. $ Arr 7th, Sarah Jane, Thomas, St .lago ile Cuba lor Button; P alinos, Clarke. Philadelphia for do; 8th, Calais, Ueming, Turks Island for Boston,; Louisa, Potter, Baltimore for Nantucket; Thomas Dale, Wilkius, do for Providence; James Otis, Litchfield, and Galena, Abbott, Washington, NC. for Boston; Hose Walker, Briggs; Eugene, Cozzens. anil Charles, Dodge, Philadelphia for do; rione "r, Crowell, NYork for do. Ueneral Kecord. Rum IWT KoMIKUV, C apt. Tinker, for London, sailsfc i to-morrow. Her letter bags close at Gilpin's, in the Exchange a I II o'clock. Kv*.. *... ?? . Wiifrir f Pliimmor nf the A.l.hne. ton, at litis port, reports having pasted on I lie lilli imt. 30 miles SK of George'*, a quantity of lumlier and a vessel's lower yard with the truss and rigging attached. Interesting to Piloti.?The Board of Wardens of the Portof Philadelphia are now i-usaged in the investigation of the case of Pilot Clumpett, on charges preferred against him by ('apt. John W. Mierckeu, of the ship Susquehanna. It appear* that on her recent passage from Liverpool to Philadelphia, Mr. Clumpett was put ou board the vessel off the Capes by one of the pilot boats. In coming into the Breakwater she toui lied upon the Shears, which Capt. M. attributed to the carelessness of Clumpett?althoUKh it is supposed the vessel received no injury from that cause. The princjpal charges are neglect of duty and other matters thereunto |>ertaining. Mr. C. hears the repute of beingau honest, steady and industrious man. and au efficient and skilful pilot. The result will transpire in a day or two. New Yoiik?Seamen's Wages?With Small Store*.?To Europe, per month, $12: Mediterranean, $10; West Indies, $10; Coasting, $12; Kast Indies, $9; South America, S10. Seamen's Wages, Philadelphia?With Small Stores? To West Indies and South America, $12 a 13; Kast Indies, $11; Coasting, $13 a 14; Europe, $11 a 15. Whalemen. Letters from the following ships report them at Fayal, as follows:?July 23, Cherokee, Devoll. NB, for Indian Ocean, no oil; 31st, Lucas, Borden, do, for Cro7.ette Islands, do; Isaac llowland, Fisher, and Java, Shockley, do, for Indian Ocean, do; Aug 3d, St (ieorge, Thomas, do, for NW Coast, do; (itli, Persia. Wlnp|iey, do, for Indian Ocean, do. Isaac llowland, lauded three men Oil account of sickness, viz. John Beard, Leland J l'.irkluirst, and Lewis Antonio. A letter from Maria, Raymond, NB. reports her at sea. July 7, with 600 sp; had spoken Geo Washington, Taylor, NB, for Indian Ocean, 3G days out, no oil; India, Walker, do for do, 5C days out, no oil. A letter from Herald. Mavliew, NB, report! her at Flore*, July 2ti. all well, no oil. Off do A ug 15th, Falcon, Richmond, NB, for Indian Ocean. A letter from E L B Jenney, Church, FH, reports her off ri.llilu . 1*1,,,,l? Via, ! will, It', .1, Imnn.l int.. P,. ?. j Maria, NB, steeriiiK fc. si>okeu Aug 22, lat 38 10. Ion 41 30. Spoken. Saxony, Scudder, 40 day? from Havre for Boston, Sept?. lat 42 20, Ion 59 20?by the England, at this port. Nautilus, of Portland^ standing west, Aug 0, off Fair Islandby the Ashliurton. at this |K>rt. A ship with a black hull in her foretopsail, standing K, passed Aug 2*J, on the Grand Bank?by the saine. Aldebaran, Edgley, St Jago de Cuba for Bostou, Aug 21, off Cape Mai/*. Gov Brooks, Philadelphia for Kio Grande, Sept 3, lat 37 45, Ion 73 34. Token, from Boston, Aug 30, lat 30 50, Ion 74. Foreign Porta. Matanzas, Atig 21?In port, Oxford, Cutter, Boston, 3 ds; ??, (probably Cyclops, Rogers) from Havana to finish ldg for Hamburg; Bordeaux, Smith, disg, for Boston 12 or 15 ds. St .Isfjo df. Cuba, Aug 17?In port. Adelaide, Baker,fir Trinidad, 3 days; Monsoon, Godfrey, Philadelphia, do. Ti. hks Isi.anp, Aug 21?Passed, Sarah Catharine, fromB i timore for Cape H&ytien. C.tdi7,Aug3?III port, Albania, Crowell, for Portsmouth, Idg; Osprey, Ripley, Plymouth, do; Neptune, Tay, and Russian, Simpson, South America, do; New Hanover, Garvin, do. Home Porta. Calais, Sept 2?Sid Ganges, Horn, New York; lit. Rival, Clark, do; Aug 30, Escort, Bryant, Philadelphia. East Thomaston, Sept 5?Sid Ediiihtirg, Crocker, NOrto&us; Lucy Ann, White, do. Owl's Head, Sept 4?Arr Voltaire, Bradbury, Camdeu for N York, andsld 5th. Bath, Sejit 2?Arr Rowland, Adams. Guadeloupe; 5th, Lawrence. Foster, Key West. ( Id 5th, Napoleon, Jordan, Havana Sid Denmark, Cushing, Havana; Jaines McCobb, Bachelder, Barbadoes. Salk.m, Sept 7?Arr U S brig Apprentice, Moores, from a ciuise. i , Boston, Sept 8?Arr Onaco, Drew, Liverpool; Windsor, Liunell, Cadiz; Ida, Hallett, Baltimore; Kdla, (Sw) Asander, Leghorn: Porto Kico, <iray; Ella, Whelden, and Angeline, Jofiue. Philadelphia; Detroit. Cammett, Albany; Oscar, Baker, N'York. Telegraphed. < onstantine, Wadsworth, from Havre. Signal for a barque and a brig. 4 Id Mattakeesett, Weston, and C'almitta: Victor. Gorlialll. An* Hnmiipl Fogg. West Indie*; Bengal, (iiirham, N Orleans. fut back, 1) R Martin, Darling, slit ith for Rotterdam, returned on account of head winds. Gloucester, Sept 2?Arr Grand Turk, Baker, Prospect for Philadelphia. Nkw Bedford, Sept 7?Arr Sachem, Kirby, from Delaware River. Kuoartowti, Sept 7?Arr Columbia, Brown; Rial to. Dodge, and Isaac Jackson, Tobey, Philadelphia for Boston; Rnxana, Pendleton, New York for Thomaston; Jasper, dolor Machias; Patriot, Crockett, do (or Portsmouth. In port 8th, the above, and those reported Previously. Hoi.mi s Hole. Sept 8?In port, Shaw mm. Shepherd, Manillas for Boston; Antares, C rowel I, and Columbia, Brown, Philadelphia for Boston; Benjamin, Lunt, do for Portland; Shetland. Krost, Havre de Grace for Boston; Nile, Bell, Kirhmond fordo; New Zealand. Poland; Kmeline, Nichols; Harriet Fuller, Fuller; Jane Vales, Fuller.and Danl Baker, Philadelphia for do; (ten Warren, Day, do for Portsmouth; Jasper, Stuart, do for Machias; Lochiel, Kingston lor Boston. Remain 7th. Benjamin, Danl Baker, Nile, Shetland, Gen Warren, and Nancy. Providence, Sept G?Arr Lewis Spicer, Mott, Rappahinnock; Danl Webster, Ogden, aud Richd Mush, Ilray. Philadelphia; 7th, Wave, Sutton, Pictou; Planet, Howlaud, Petersburg; Richard Thompson, Buck, Philadelphia; Exact, barren, Delaware Bay. Bailed, wind E, light, II Walker, Terry; Victorj*. French; Juno, Sturges; Editor, Dayton, and Excite, Dale, N York. Ai.hanv, Sent 8?Arr .Hornet, Taunton; Maria, Spelinan, Providence; Efi7.a, Harwich; <Jen Cass, .Morton, NYork; Mohawk, Clark, Hartford; Vulcan, Philadelphia. Sid Belle, Portland. Philadelphia, Sept 9?Arr Wm Penn, Taylor; Pilot, Poland; Evelina, (base, aud Constitution, F.ndicott, Boston; (>ro7,imho, Sargent, Lubec. Below, Walter. Boyd, Liverpool; < asilda, Goodell, Portsmouth; Merchant, C arlisle, Boston.? ( Id (' M Thompson, Seely, Falmouth. Ja; Lodi, Sproul; t inderella, Crowell, and ("ohasset. Sears, Boston; Atlas, Vaugan; Amphitrite, West; I'alestiue, Stevenson, and Oregon, Corson, N York. Savajinah, Sept 'j?ArrlJ S revenue cutter Crawford, Day, from a cruise on the south coast of Florida, as far south as New River. The Crawford has examined all the inlets between Musipiito and New Rivrr Cld Excel, Baxter, NYork. MEDICAL, SURGICAL AND DRUG ESTABLISHMENT.?To be sold aud immediate |>o<*e<sion giien, i Drug Store, or more properly shaking a Medical and Surgical Office, doing a splendid business. It will lie sold cheap as ihe present proprietor hat to go to Euro|>e. To a young Madical and Surgical Practitioner it would lie invaluable. It is located in the very best part of the city. Terms cash. For further imrticulars address T. C. D., at ihe office of this |>a|>er. s7 Iw'r TV>~ B. SANFORD (CASH TAILORING STORE) ivl. has just opened an entirely new and splendid assortment of English and French Cloths, Cassimeres, and Vestings. which lor beaut)*, elegance, and durability, cannot lie surpassed in this city, being bought for cash. He will sell to all his friends and customers 2"i per cent cheaper than those who do not adhere to the cash principle*. Btnumr* and others who anvisiting our city, are res|iectl'ulIv invited to call and examine his rn h assortment of goods, all of which he pledges himself to make in a stvle and fashion which shall please the most f?sI idiom, as regards good cntting. workmanship, and prices. He u,.,.U.I.?;,,l'l,rl? Vii. I... I... i I r n> assortment of gentlemen*' outfitting of every description, consisting of stocks, scarfs, collar*, bosoms, shirts, drawers, suspenders, ailk and linen cambric handkerchiefs, gloves and honiery i>l all kinds. N. 11. Punctuality obaervad strictly in filling .ill orders. M. B. SANKORI). ?0 lm*r Ni'tt to the Herald Office, New York. FINK TEAS. A ('HOICK HRLF.IITION of Young Hyson, twrtofthe Mary Ellen, Zenohia, and Oscar's cargoni. fre*h and fragrant. Also black Souchong and Powshoii|i, Coloong and MoViea flavours: Howqna's lilack tea, Kami lie*. Ixiarditig houses and hotel*, desirous of procuring the genuine Howqua's mi?ture, can l)e supplied by the simile pound, or in packagas of 2il ll? at a reduced tirice. Also, Old Hyaon, Imperial Hyaon, Skin and Gunpowder Teas, for sale low, w holesala and retail. A. A. JOHNSTON, Sugar Store, 31 Bowery. s!?7tis?m SPECIAL NOTICE-CAUTION. r I 'O Purchasers of it he imitation of Wl LDEIl'S PATKNT 1 SALAMANDER BOOK SAKK8 ?The public ai? hereby informed that several |>erson< hare been tniiiuUcturing and selling Safes in imitation of Wilder** Patent Salamander Sale*, which (hey hare no right to make or aell; neither have purchasers a right to use the same. All auch are ilaily violating the patent laws of the 1'nited States, subjecting them selves to a Taw suit and |?<ual damage. So far as purchasers are now concerned, there is no cause of ? n** to 'he public on the part of the patentee would forbid any course unjust to innocent purchs?ar* prior to this notice. And also such a* hare manufactured without the knowledge of the eii?tence of a intent, may most readily compromise for the past, provided no further attempt ia made to violate. Purchaser*, as well as those who make, sell or use, will hereafter lie held strictly liable to the full euent ol the law for any infringement after this date. For further inf.cmalian, call on the Patentee's counsel. Let!. rar ?.USl%..t',, 'oNO- ' Wall street, New York, or the Hon Willard I hilli|?s, Boston. . .. ? .?? ??.'" WILDER. Patentee. Mr. Sil,s < . Herring. No. ISSI Water street, is the only |iersoii authorized toaell Wilder* Patent Salamander Sale, in the city of New York, where order* will lie received for any site not on hand. Particular a hen r ion will lie paid to order*. All work hereafter will lie eiecnted in n manner sii|>erior, in every resign to any Sales ever offered i n ,N*W York. ' B.O. WILDER, *9 Iw dy It Btwy. Patentee and Mannfartm. t OT<M KS BOfrOllT A N I? MOLD ON ) miMISSION" <tnd I'ollif Mona made on nil J>aft? of the United Ni.iim, l>y WM. Si JN<?. O'BRIKN, 16 Wall.invt, under tlie Merhaniaa' Bank. Southern ami Woit'rn DrafU and Hank Not** l?>nsht and old. ?2 Im'ee TTOR SA LK I HEAP?A complete Printing Office, calm I itad ^ for a tinall daily or a vre?kly nrw?i"?per. roiiaistiiw of Brerifr, Minion, Kancy Tv|?, ImiKjainf Btona, ('am, Vrainen, fcC" tC" *" "",,y n*W> jAMK.8 CONNER, 9r Cornar of Naaaatt and Ann itraeta BEACON TROTTING COURSE. MONDAY, S^.i| lltU, it ^p.'ut J. I* M. I'lir-e of $9M), free forfeit trotting hor***?mile h'at*, beat 3 ill 5, in haruesa. KNTHIkj!^; D. Bryant euter* g. in. Lady Suffolk. H. Woodruff enter* b. g Confidence. X. B.?Members ticket* for tTie > in t:>, to bv had at tli? lioket office of the Course on'days of trotting. iw7 U*r AirANTKl)? By a steady, aober and induttriou* man, a * V situation a*clerk. |?irter.or any employinent which would be adapted to all active person, who write* a good band, and is willing to devote hi* time to hi* employer. Good city referonce (Mil lie given. Pl?a*e apply at No,.i Columbia street, s? 3t*r W A ,\Thl>?l'urcli,u.*rs lor I'stent Mauglen used lor smoothins clothes, Sic. They entirely su|>er*ede (he use of ironing, and P<it * beautiful clos.s ou clothes, fcc. They are a labor aviiiK machine, as one female with the .Mantle will in one day (Inasmuch work as ten lemalwi will do with the smoothing irous, and without the aid of fuel. They may be >een in oiieration at the principal houili in the city. They will be sold at greatly reduced price* by DUNCAN St WEST, 4 Little Green street. nu3l lm*m near L'berty street, N. Y. AYOL'NO LADY, who has received n good Knitliali education. who understands embroidery in all its branches, and has been accustomed to teach, wishes to obtain a situation in a country boarding school for youug ladies. Address, post p.iid, M. I.. T., oilier of the Herald, New York. mi2t> lm?r da.y boarding. G. ENTLEMEN taking their meals down town, dasirou* of ccuriug day board in a private family, where the table is supplied in the best style, will liud it to their advantage, (ami far preferable both as regards comfort and res|>ectibihty. to a public eating house,) h\ applying at 201 Kulton street. Two or three gentlemen <au lie accommodated with .lull board. Terms moderate. s4 linr PLKA8ANT AND airy rooms, with pantries attached, large enough for sltMft'iuii rooms, to be let at 309 Broadway, between Krauklin and White streets. Dr4|tf\st and te* furnished in the rooms, if required. an29 2w*r HANDSOME APARTMENTS, with hoard," may be had oil application at 411 Houston street-the entire second door, which i? spacious ami in good order. A lew double and single rooms may also lie obtained by applying as above 13 lin*r Apartment# to let* IuIimmS luibw mmI to single gentlemen or to a small family. seT iw*tn A GENTLEMAN Si HIS W1KE, desiring the comfort* of a'home, or two single gentlemen, can have a front room on ......,,,.1 w.l I I'll riiiulioil ,.wl lUMtrl.- ?..< tl>.. ..1 t. room if desired, with breakfast and tea, on moderate terms, in A. small quiet family where there will he no other boarder*. Enquire at No. 166 Mott street. s9 3t*m A CARD.?Mr. Prince expresses his gratification tliatC. H. Schneider has retired discomfited from the field. He would suggest to him, how ever, that the past may prove ail useful lesion to luin as to his future aels, and will serve to teach him that his foreign practises are not congenial to the American Atmosphere. N?w York, September i, 1813. slO It*r II K?11 K- ICE- >001) tons of pure lake lee of the best uuality. The Highland Ice establishment, expressly for shipping, in prepared to, and will sell, by the cargo, and smaller quantities, cheaper tliau can he obtained IV,im any Other source, and packed ill the liest manner, to go to any part of the world.? A supply of the best approvtd packing alwayson hand. John m. lyon, slO lm*r 60 Division street. ' PHE Members of the Tripe Club are requested to meet in ? their rooms at Krl'ord Shades, on Wednesday evening at 7 o'clock,|for the purpose of arranging for the season. Officers will tie elected, and interesting business as well as amusing communications introduced to the meeting. Punctual attendance is requested. By order oftli-UK AND TRIPE, sl0 3tec K1CHARDS, Secretary. OYSTERS. TV/TILL POND, Shrewsbury and Ptiucess Bay Oysters kept constantly on hand at Pine's New Hotel, 19 Nassau street, (Iwtween Cedar and Pii.e) fresh from the Banks. N. B.?Fried Oyste-s one shilling the plate; Slew ed do. s9 3t?r UNOllAVINOS, OIITPAINTINGS AND l)RAWINUS ?A most extensive and choice collection is offered for sale at such prices as cannot help to please those persons who are in pursuit of something to embellish their rooms, or port folios. Six Cabinet Oil Paintings, on consignment, also for sale very low, by WM. A. COLMAN, s9 2t*r 203 Broadway, up stairs. "T\AGUERREOTYPE VIEWS?The Falls of Niagara J-' taken from difTereut points. The*e views are so accurately taken, that gentlemen going to Europe will lind them more correct and convenient to carry, than engravings, they lieiug put up in neat merrocco cases. Of their accuracy no one can uoubt. Please apply at WM. A. COLMAN'S great Book and Print Store, No. 203 Broadway, up stair*. Where may be had numerous line engravings of the Falls,and American scenery iu geueral throughout the United States. s'J 2t*r BRAMAN'S BATHS. New Bathing Establishment, at No 4 Courtlaudl street, NewYork, four doors from Broadway J. ORAM AN has recently opened the above new Bathing establishment. Every department is constructed on the most commodious and convenient plan. It is now in successful oiieration, and ladies and geutleinen visiting the establishment will always find prompt attention, and euery thing connected with it conducted iu tfie most genteel and correct manner. [?7" Warm, Cold and Shower Baths, at all hours, from sunrise till 10 o'clock at night. s8 lm*r QIIOWER BATHS?Portable Shower Baths 10 cents a piece ^ for sale by the manufacturer. W. WES'l, 109 Hudson street. Shower Baths of every description for sale by the manulac turer, W. West, 109 Hudson st. al9 Imis'ec | PA( Kf.T Mill' UUMULUKt Irom i>pw Orleans is uncharging at the (Quarantine, Staten Inland. Consignees will please attend to the receipt of their goods. s4ec INDEPENDENT ORDER OK GOOD FELLOWS-The A following Lodges meet at 8 o'clock, P. M.:? Constitution Lodge, No. 1, Tuesday, at 300 East Broadway. Washington Lodge, No. 2, Monday, at 300 do do Jefferson Lodge, No. 3, 1 hursday. at Brooklyn. New York Lodge, No. 4, Wednesday, at the Shakspeare Ho tel. corner William and Duatie streets. auU lin'ec DEAFNESS. DRS. CASTLE AND EDWARDS, AURISTS, JOI BROADWAY.?Ettract:? DUJ "I cheerfully comply with the request of Lieut. Mcintosh, to testify that he was invalided home m unfit for duty, in coiiseoueuce of total dealuess and discharge* from his ear: that w hile in New York, on his way to England, he placed himself under the professional car* of Drs. Castle and Edwards. Aurists. Under their treatment he recovered his hearing, and his returned to his military duty. Signed, H. McNEVEN, M. D. Surgeon to H. M. B. Force*, Jamaica ACOUSTIC DROI S. A sure cure for incipient deafness, earache, pains, huzzings, or singiug sounds iu trie ears, collections of hard wax or vitiated seuretions of the organs. Their acoustic oil has been a popular remedy as a curative in all diseases of the ears for u|iwards of twenty years. Offices removed to 381 Broadway, corner White street. au26 lin*r MEDICAL AND SURGICAL CARD. "PRINCIP1IS OBSTA." VTORi'H R1VKR DISPENSARY ,20lW Fulton street, near Greenwich.?Dr. Merrisou, Member of the Royal College of Surgeons, London, continues to he consulted confidentially IVom 8 o'clock A. M. to 111 P. M. daily, on all diseases of a pnv.ile nature, and ill those distressing symptoms consequent on injudicious treatment and the imprudent use of quack inadicides. A regular medical education, with an extensive practice of over 22 years, enables Dr. M. to adapt the proper remedies to llie various constitutions as well as to the various forms of those insidious maladies. Dr. M. is daily consulted hy patients where the leading symptoms have been only checked, still leaving the poison to lurk in the system, until ultimately it ileveloiies itself in the deplorable shape of "secondary syphilis." In all cases Dr. M. warrants a perfect cure without mercury or deli tenons drugs, or confinement from business. In some forms of the disease, cures are |>erforined iu three to live days, and iu proportion with malignant cases. STRICTURES OH' URETHRA.?Obstructions in the urethra, sudli as stribtures and enlargement of the prostrate t! tnd, accompanied with much irritation and dull pain iu those p irts, are some of the consequences of mil-treatment. Dr. M. cures strictures iu a scientific manner, promoting their absorptinn without any pain. In some advertisements ou the subject of strictures the symptoms are defined. This is delusion?bec .use enlargement of the prostrate gland, &c. would produce a lalagous svmytoms. It is cruel to torture patients with bougies, 8tc. when in reality there is no stricture. Dr. M. is frequently consulted where patients have been injured by such an I!nimiwr course CONSTITUTIONAL DEBILITY'.?Thousands of voung men are suffering from the consequences of indulgent.- in a secret destructive Mbit, and whose nerves an1 further injftv,from the use of nostrums and pretended specifics, which stimuliw. ou It to induce greater depression. Dr. M. treats such cases on purely pathological principles, and never fails iu cktablishiug a cure. Strictly confidential. Letters post paid, and containing NM of (IK. will ensure prescriptions and advice; or for fit) MM irines will tie forwarded aud a cure warranted by the pant*tgir ii g a history of his case. Office 2iM>4 Fulton st. near Greenwich. N B.?With two or three exceptions, Dr. M. is the only qualified advertising Surgeon in the city. jy30 lm*r A PURE, UNADULTERATED EXTRACT OF SARSAPAR1LLA. UNINJURED BY HEAT, IS JONES' EXTRACT OF SARHAPAHILLA CANDY, vl.i CENTS A PACKAGE.CONTAINING SIX OUNCES OF THE HOOT, rPHAT IS,I warant one single package tocoutnin the medicinal ' properties of six ounces of pure Sarsa|Hrilla R<iot. I'ersous v iio are taking Sarsaparilla for any disease, should try this. I d.i lielieve that one package contains mor? n>al Sarsaparilla, than three or four bottles of the pretended stuff sold at SI. All JlH/.!-,! it , 111 k Ar. ifn Ions <liie:i*p? >Un,? n,.nl ,.r imparity of tilt* blood, he. iliould use this?also with mIi iii-Hin, scurvy, chronic rheumatism, pimple* mid eruptions on till* lace, fcc. With the sensible reader, this will, answer all til* purposes of a long, flaming advertisement. Of one tliiiiK mt <hi red, I here ?taie nothing hut truth. TLjs hitract it uniui ii red by heat. The machinery with which Intake it, coat me over three thousand dollar*. Price 25 cents a package. Sold at I lie sign of the American Kagle, 82 Chatham street, New York. A grata?3 Ledger Buildings, Philadelphia; S State street, Boston; or IM KultJin street. Brooklyn. anl5 Im'ec MEDICAL CARD, , \KKICK. No. 1% Kulto.i street ?UK. KAWCETT. Mem" ' berof the Royal College ol S.,rgeousof London and Edinburgh, and Member of tlie Jefferson Medical College, of Philail Ipnia, e'ltlior of several works on the generative organs, See., 'iilines his practice to a certain class of delicate diseases, m all tlieir various stages and complicated forms, the worst case* of tenereal affections will yield to his mode of treatment, without r-' t rami in diet, hindrance from business, anil without mercury. ? onstitutional debility, impotmcy, sterility, seminal weakmsi, nocturnal emissions, and all those deplorable diseases which are brought on by a secret destructive liabit of inconsi ' rate youth, and other eicessive indulgences of the passious ? hich undermine the constitution and lay the foundation of l> mature decay, (see Or. Kawcett's work on these sublects) r i be radically cured, anil the parts restored to health and viv, nr. Strictures of the urethra, eiteiiding as far as the prostate lit, ill nnil iierk of the bladder, and which sir generally prodn'1 by tlii" had treatment of di??a*e, and frv<ineiitly ihff original t from m.vaturbatioii, can bp radically cured by Dr. Kawr<-r|t, at 196 Kulton ?treet. 1'. s.?Dr. K. n theoldeat advertising Phyncian in the city; i * diploma* from London, fcdiuburgn, ana Philadelphia air I mif up ill large frame* ill hu office, where hia work* ran be tamed. Pri<* M ew<t?. *S lm#r A MIRACLE 'I'll Ciin* Krupuona and Beautify or Clear Diacolorrd Skin? A valuable diacovery in hemiatry baa l>een made lately In M. Beaprini, nil Italian cheiniat, for caring all emptioM, I I fir rhanmng til* color id' dark, yeliowr. <>r diarolonil akin ( I Aim juvenile Old youthful cleanieaa. 1 ha* made thia in " convenient form of a beautiful piece ol aoap, for anv old ' ea of eruption, inch aa arnrvy. aalt rheum, eryaipelaa, lu*., ii care* wonderfully; alio frwKlea, (an, (Unburn, morphew, pimple*, lilotcbea, if. Sold, wholesale and retail, |>rice till ila a cake, at I hi- aigu of tlie American Kagle, H2 (. h itliain ^reet, N. Y. Oive it one trial only. Southern merchant*, r ptalna and other* trailing to the south, might make a good ini "iJW by taking a quantity thither. They will lie allowed (aa \< fll aa all oilier* buying a quantity)a liberal iliaconnt. Never u> tltia uuleaa the signature of T. Jone* ia on each wrrai>l*r. NgenU, /eilier, ] I,rdger Building*, Philadelphia; Ri dilin*. 1W Kulton treet, Brooklyn, ill Broad ivtw, II 11*1 rv BOOKS FOR THE PEOPLE. T?HK FOLLOWING PUBLICATIONS ARE FOR I Sale at the herald office, North w?t Corner of Kulton and Nassau, sis?where all ttw Cheap rublic it ions of the day ran W had aa soon m iaaued, at the PUBLISHING PRICES. ALLISON'S HISTORY OF EUROPE. rrom 17W to , l"ti, in IB numbers, .it 2j cents each. t BRANDE'S ENCYCLOPAEDIA of Science, Literature i anil Art, in 12 uumlieri, at 2.'j cents each. MeCULLOCH'S UNIVERSAL GAZETTEER, or Oeographical Dictionary, in twenty numbers, at 2J cents rtfli. ( KROISSART'S CHRONICLES of England, Krauce, Spain and the adjoining countries, in ten iiumbrri, at 25 rents each, with 120 Engravings. a HHAKSPEARE'S Drainatit* Work* and PoMM. with nolee ?i and etchings oil steel, citclit numbers, at 26 cents each. I THK FAMILY LIIIItAKY, numbering IA7 vola., issued , weekly at 2.') cents |ier volume. MACAULEY'S MISCELLANIES?The Critical and Miscellaneous Writings of T. Ualnugton Macauley, 4 noa., ?# j cent* each. THE WORKS OF HANNAH MOKE, will) a I'ortw V ' in eight numbers, at 26 cent* each. IteltKlouH Publication*. The Grest Reformation in Uerinaay, kc. in 3 vols. $1 Life aud Opiuions of Rev. Win. Milue, D. I). )c I A Sermon preached before tlw University at Oxford, I by the Rev. E. li. I'uwr, I). 1). t A Statement ol' Facts, ill relation to the recent Ordination in St. Stephen'? Church, New York, by Dm. Smith and Anthou. 9c. Wavrrley Novels, ' By Sir Walter Seott, ill 2b numbers ; each novel will he complete in one numbei, at 26 cents each. Ivanhoe. The Legend of Montrose, Guy Maniierinff, The Pirate, The Autiquary, Fortune* oi' Niijel, < Rob lloy, I'evnrij of the Peak, I Old Mortality, Uiieutin Durwaril, Heart of Miu Lothian, St. Ronan's Well, t Bride of Lainmermoor, Red Ouantlet, I Keuilwoitb, The Crusaders, Waverley, Woodstock, The Monastery, Fair Maid of Perth. I The Abbot, Chronicles of the C&uongate. , Hnrptr'i Kdrrt Library. Pelh?m, by Bulwff >-85 cohu Alice, or the Mysteries, 25c. Disowmd, do. ilo. Last of lite Barons, do. ' Dtfcrmui, do. tlo. Forest Day*, 12' aoPill ClHford, do, do \dsm Blown, ttlZc. F.ugene Anm.dn. do Lost Sl?i|>, 25*. I Lust Days of Pompeii, do False Heir, 12}qC Tlie Cxariua, do. The Home, or Family Rinnzi, do. Joys, and KamilyCim I'JJjc. Sell-Devotion, 25 Change for the American Nabob at Home, do. Note# 12)ac. F.arnest Maltmvera do. | 1 Ulrkfim' (floz) Work*. <'omidete in numlmrs of I'roin 100 to 2,0 ()t^'ea each. Old ( iniosity Shop, 40 cents. Oliver Twist, 25c. Martin Chuizlewit, t>l4<". Pickwick Paper*, 5tk:, Barnahy Hudge, 50c. Sketches of Kvery Day Notes on America, I2j?c. Life, 37.l*c Nicholas Nickloby, 5ilc. Novrllnt's lill>rnry Complete in" ten'uumbers?the w hole for $2, single numbers 26 cents. t Vivian Grey, Romance and Reality, Henrietta Temple, The Vouug Duke, Peter Simple, Franceses Carrara, Contarini Fleming, The Two Brides, Venetia, Wond'* Tales of Alroy, In (h'.lftvn Form. Subject only to the regular Postage on Newsp*|?ns. I Life of Wellington, 25c. Meteorology, 25o. The Nautilus, 12>?c. Animal, or Organic I The Bible in Spain, 25c. Chemistry, 25c. Zincali, 25c. Chemistry applied to The Comet, U,S>c. Agriculture and PliyLectures on History, llli^c. stology, 25c. Man of the People, iR\c. Kate in Search of a Kugeuia (Iraudet, 12'?e. Husband, 12,aC. Bianca Ciipello, li! '.vc. Letters of Mary, (|ueeu Francis de Valois, ' of Scots, 25c. Pauline, a Tale, 12'ac Memoirs of the (|ucens Ancient F.gypt, 25c of France, 25c. Nina, by 1". Bremer, 12>?c.j Cooper'* Novell*. The Pilot, 50c. I The Heiilenmailer, 50c Homeward Bound, 50c. JThe Waterwitch 50c. Mercedes of Castile, 50c | The Pioneers 50c. Ladle*' Mn((uxliie. (iraham's Magazine, 25c. I Lauies' Companion 25c Godey's Lady s Book, 25c. | Mniollrtt'c Work*. F.ach Novel complete in one vol. Roderick Random. 25c. Humphrey (.'linker, 25c. The Adventures of Sir Peregrine Pickle, _ 50c. Lnuucclot Oreave*, 25c. Ferdinand Count Fathom 25c. Kidding'* WorkN. Tom Jone* 50c. The Life of Jonatlian Joseph Andrews and his Wild, with the Life of friend Mr. Abraham Fielding, Kssay on his Adams. 25c. Genius, 25c. Amelia, 25c. MliccUaiiroui. Wiles of Kngland, 12)gc. J. C. Calhoun's Life, 12^c. Handy Andy, 50c. John Tyler's Life, 12}jc. The Women of F.ngland, 25c. Charles O'Malley, 50c. The Daughters of Kug- The Attache or Sam laud, 25c. Slick iu Ktigland, By Macauley's Miscellanies,SI 00 tlie Author of theClock Hobo ken, 50c. | Maker, 12l?c. Home or the Iron Rule, 25c. I Meredith by the Countess Kambles in Yucatan, SI,nil of Bh'ssingtou, 25c. Jack Hiilton, cp. ed. 3I&C I Philip in search of a Wife 12fi NKW VORK, ALBANY. TROY AND MONTHKAL BXPRF.R8. Messrs. Harnden &. Co. having disposed of their route from New-York to Albany and Troy, the subscriber*, the old conductors of Harnden & Co'* Northern Express, from New York w ill continue t? run, as heretofore, leaving New York, Albany and Troy Daily, and connect at Troy w ith Jacobs' Montreal F.xpress, and will forward Sjiecie, Bank Notes, Packages, Bundles, Cases of (>oods, Ike. to any place between New York and Montreal, and throughout the ( anada's Also F.a*t from Troy and Albany to Boston, and West from Albany to Buffalo. All business entrusted to their charge will he promptly attended to. Particular attention will be paid to the collectiou of notes, drafts, acceptances, &c. and prompt returns made for the aiiie. PULL F.N St COIT. Offices?Pnlleu Sc Copp, 3 Wall street. New Vork. Thus (rough, 15 F.xchange, Albany. A. (J. Fillsiiis, 22? River street, Troy. S.Jacob'* F.xrhauge Court, St Paul's St. Montreal. RF.FF.RF.NCKS. Nkw Yontt. Ai.iia.nv. Thov. Prime, Ward & King, F.. J. Humphrey, Jno. Payne, Jacob Little & Co., Tlios. Gougli. P. Weljj; John T. Smith St Co. U.K. Stow, Pepoon & Hoffman. C.8.Douglass, Carpenter & Vermilye, F. Leake. Houghton jit Co. Drew, Robinson St Co. a l!)r iJ O M E R O Y & co.'s ^ ? ? M*n v K.x-phf.s?inr-ww*1 FOR ALBANY, TKOY, CHICAOO and theCANADAS. The subscriliers having completed the r arrangements with the PeopU's Line of Steamboat.*, on the North River, and the Hail Itoad < 'umpanie* west of Albany for running their F.xprtfcs for the season of 1849. an F.xpress will leave their office, N?. 3 Wall street, New York, every evening, at quarter to 7 o'clock, for the above named anil intermediate places. 1M POKTANT. For the greater safety and security of all valuable and money packages entrusted in their care, they have Salamander Iron Sale* on hoard of the steamboats, in a strte room occupied exclusively by themtelt est and the mexsencer in charge sleeps iu tlie same room with Lhe irou safes,into which all such padkages are placed. POMKKOY & COM PAN Y, ml ec. No. 2 Wall afreet harnde n caggi & oo.-s Wwz ENOLISH. FRENCH, DELfSIAN AND AMKHK AN EXPRESS, GENERAL KORWARDINO AND COMMISSION HOUSE. H ARNDEN Si CO. w ill receive and forward by tlieir daily Express Cars, Six-cif, Hank Notes, Packtgesaud Parcels, to any l?rt of the United State* or Canada*, and by the steamers and Iochfti tw any part of England, Ireland, Scotland, Belgium or Francc. Particular attention is paid to the purchase or sale of all <! ?(criptiom of merchandise, collecting and laying Drafts, Notes, and Bills, to the entry of merchaudi?e at the Custom House, and to the general transaction of any and all kinds of forward* ing and commission business. Bills of Exchange, iu sums to suit, furnished on St. John, N. B., II, N. S., or on aay part of Europe. All goods must be marked "Harden Si Co." Foreign Post Olfice Letter Bags are madeAup for all the Royal Mail Steamers from Boston, and the steamer and sailing packets from New York. Principal offices and agents:? Messrs. Wilmer and Smith, 32 Church street, Liverpool, CanaM. Messrs. Maclean, Maris Si Co., 3 Abchurch lane, London. Messrs. Emerson Hi Co., Paris and Havre. Samuel Haight. Esq., American I onsul, Antwerp, Belgium. Messrs. J. and J. O. Woodward, St. John, N. B. A. W. Godfrey, Halifax, N. S. J. (?. Woodward, New Orleans, La. Messrs. J. B. Sazerac Si <'o., Havana. Harnden 8t Co. 8 Court St., Boston. All goods mutt be marked "Harden Si Co. N. II.?Harnden Si Co. are alone res|<onsihle for the loss or injury of any articles, or pro|ierty of any description committed to their care; nor is any risk assumed by, nor can any lie attached to tlm New Jersey Steamboat Navigatiim Company, by which their crates are, or may be trans|iorted; nor the New York, Providence, and Boston Railroad, or the Hostnn and Providence Railroad Cor|>o?itions, in resjiect to their contents at any time. (IARNDEN Si I ()., ivl2 r No. 3 Wall st . New V ork. OLD LINK LIVERPOOL PACKETi. tHf? ^^^^Ol>D LI kets for Liver|Hiol will he^^^^Ie A despatched in the following order, excepting that when rhe sailing <l.iy tills oil Sunday, the illi|>s will sail on the succeed inn Jay, vu:? ! rom New York From I.iverpool The CAMBUIDOE, (June I July 19 8i(i tun*. \ Oct. I No*. 19 \V. C. Burrow, r Feb. I Mar. 19 The ENGLAND, (June 19 Aug. 7 7M tout, \ Oct. 19 Dec. 7 S?. Bartlett, f Feb. 19 A|>ril 7 The OXFORD, (July I An*. 19 800 tons, < Nov. 1 Dec. 19 J. Uathbone, r March I April 19 The MONTEZUMA, J July 19 Sept. 7 1000 torn. < Nov. 19 Jan. 7 A. B. I.owber, f March 19 May 7 The EUROPE, i A""- 1 9"P?- 19 618 tons, \ Dec. I Jan. pi E. O. Furber, r April I May 19 The NEW YORK, (u*w) (Auk. 19 Oct. 7 940 tons, \ Dec. |tf Feb. 7 T. B. Cropper, r April 19 June 7 TImi SOUTH AMERICA, (Sept. T Oct. 19 6M> ton*, \ Jan. 1 Feb. 19 K. O. Bailey,f May 1 June 19 The COLUMBUS, S?*"''1' 19 Nov- 1 700 tons. < Jan. 19 Mar. 7 O. A. Cole, I May 19 July 7 1 These ship* are not *urpa?se<! in point of elegance or comfort 1 in their cabin accommodation*. or in their faat tailing <|ualities 1 by any vessels in the trade. The commander* are well known a* men of character and 1 eiperience, and the strictest attention will alway* be |?id to 1 promote the comfort and convenience of iKittengera. Punctuality, at regards the day of tailing, will be obterved at heretofore. ' The price of paasage outward is now filed at Seventy-Five Dollar*, for which ample storijj of every deaoription will be ' provided, with the exception of w ines and liijuori, which will 1 be furnished by the stewards, if required. < Neither the captain or owners of th??e ships will be re*|>ontible for any letter*, parcel*, or nackaue* sent by them unlets 1 regular bill* of lading are signed therefor. For freight or pa?t ige, apply to OOODHl'E fc CO. (M S.mtli at. ; ' , II. M AKHIIAI.I, 3D llnrlltlK *lip, N. Y. iv 12 *n<l of IIA HI N'< BROTHKRWfc fib.. LWl. fcifc- KOR i 11 A 111 I >> rC N'. MMWy. Swi.i. ti.Im r Tli'' n*?l*r iwrkrt ?hi|i PKTKK M A T- v jHBBmiTRU'K. M't. Potl, will 11 >u above?ins iplmdiil arc?min<nl?(ion? foroanin aihI imn'mim?who ? ill I*' luken on rewnable i?rm? "" niMllirnli?>n on board flic ?hi|\fo<?t . of Dover atrert. orto TOShPH McMl'RR.A V, nio r ____ too Pine utreet. ^ QUl >.AR?IW M'd? prime New Orleann Sour, in ?im-e and f landing. Kor ?al? l>v t. K. COLLINS .V ? '()., ( r M Souih iirwti AUCTION S AI ,ES. , THOMAs UKLL, Anctioearr I BV BKU. fc HOWAKl). ( stirret No. 23 .'inn utrrrt and ll.'i Fulton ilrtet.) I MONDAY. I , KitrnHnlf ol'c.cellnit awond hand iurniliirw?At 10K o'clock I * ill li?- m>|d the entire Mock oj alinoat entirely good aecoml 1 . Mini furniture couuinrd in tli* atore No. Auo alreet, coiniriiiuK ? wry neat aclectioii.tlu* |>roi**rty of a |>rraoii aell in ^ off , Alio, a quantity of cabinet mu-ra material!, hardware, <kc.? Htaloituea dii Htturday. Alio, a ai>l*udi<] aett of liter |>uni|>a, with thre* hand lea.ail trr noun led, Ju\, coat TUESDAY, At MS o clock. in the auction room, Unit* sale; of elegant eisoualde <lrv goods, comprising ?U|>lr ami fancy Knglish and lomeatu' dry good*, huivry, &< in luts to suit families and >u re haters. Also, the stock of a merchant tailor, remnants of cloth*, cas- . nineres, vesting*, trimming*, Alio, a v.irietv of fancy ami pledged article*. AI?o, 2 trunk* ladies' anil K(,nlletnen'i wearing apparel, a , luautity of jewelry. Sic. ? Alio,a large and splendid consignment of truly valuable gold watches ami beautiful jewelry, tin- sale of which will com- ' nance at 11% o'clock. WKDNK.8DAY, At 10S o'clock in the .sale* room. Kltensive Hale of tplendpl new city made (abinet Kurnilure, ly catalogue, being the entire stock in traile of a large mauuacturet; and also, that of one of our moat celebrated manulacHirers giving up tin* business. Also, the remainder of the truly superior furniture from Win i\le*ander's establishment, who in giving up the husfness. Alton valuable assortment of tir?t rate tecond-liaud furniture "rom a family giving up housekeeping. Also, .'i splendid piano fortes, paintings, chiua, cut glass, dated ware, lamp*, chandeliers, fcb. THURSDAY, \t IDS, o'clock in the sale room*. Splendid Paintings, Heal Kstate, Acr.?A Im-.iutiful iuvoii choice painting*, in splendid frame*, charming subjects, by the . est maulers. Catalogues iu time. Red Katate.?Also, several farms, houses, and lots ; also, I icres splendidly situated property iu Sing Sing ; also, some line farms iu Pennsylvania, and iu the State of New York. I W. A. CARTKR, Auclioneer. i r<ATALOOUK SAI.K OK NKW CABINKT KURNI (Tl'RK?CARTKR V Co. will sell on Tuesday, 12th | September, at half past 111 o'clock, at 316 Broadway, (rothic Hall, consistiug of splendid cushioned and spring seat sofas, w ith straight and curved backs, three-quarter and full French i chairs, all hair: rockera, *n|? rb book cases, wardrobes, and i very handsome dressing bureaus, tea and breakfast tallies, ottomans, divans, ewers, sewing chairs, piano stools, marble and mahogany yip, washstand.-, &c. China?Toilet, dinner, and tea sets. Pianofortes?One rosewood anil one maho^anv pianoforte. Sale positive, and catalogue* art' now ready. s9 3t*m _ FOR SALfc AT ll/BLHi A (JO HON , TMIK RAHWjlV MANUFACTURING I'O. will sell"at J- public Auction, on I7tli August, at their Print Works, iu < Railway, N. J., all the machinery, and moveable pra|ierty of j he company, consistinu of printing aud engraving machines, 'alleuders, copper cylinders, dye ?op|ier*, dying and bleaching ipparatus, steam boilers, steam engine, 2!> horse power, with 4 toilers, 2 lire engines, 2 patent balances, iron sale, hydraulic ' ilid common press, large and small slide lathe, with complete let of turning and boring, and blacksmith's tools, an assortment >riin|Mirted steel, and new and old iron, a quantity of drills iiiitahle for calido printers and dyers, tubs, casks, and large cis- | ,erus, stoves, tables, benches, &c. i Catalogues of which may be had on application to Mr. Philip Ftussler, at the Print Works, or of FERGUSON SC WALKER, , iv 19 lm*r SI William street. APOLLO ( -ONCERT SALOON, BROADWAV. MR. HENRY RUSSF.LL respectfully informs the public, i that lie proposes giving a vocal entertainmunl at the Apollo Saloon, on Monday Evening, Sept. 11th, 18-1 J. On which occasion lie will have the honor of presenting to lie public several of his uew and most favorite com|>ositioiis. PROGRAMME. , Part i. i AKIA?I'm Atloat, I'm Atloat on the Fierce Rolling Tide. i Words by Kli/.a Cook. I'm atloat, I'm atloat on the tierce rolling tide, The ocean's my home and the baik is my bride?etc. etc CANTATA?"Wind of the Winter Night, wlieuce comes thou I" Words by Charles Maokay, Esij. Wind of the winter ni)(ht, whence coinest thou f Ami whither, an! whither art thou wand ring now? Sad, sad is thy voice on this desolate moor, And mournful, oh', mournful, thy howl at my door. Say, where hast liven on thy cloud-lifted car! Say, what hast thou seen, on thy roaming afar? What sorrow impels thee, thou boisterous blast, Thus to moum and complain as thou jouruiest past? UAL LAD?"Rockaway." Words by Henry John Sharps. Ou auld Long-Island's sea gilt shore Many an hour I've wtiil'd away, In list'iiiug to the breakers roar That wash the beach at Rickaway. Tllk'- NEWFOUNDLAND DOG. Words by F. W. N. Bailey. Life saver'?wave stemmer!? Deep-diver!?away!? Night s shadows ?re closing The |iortals of day: i/u ine uihui oi nit* uiiiow We hear his low wail? We have put il|> the rudder, And furl'dup the tail. No signal (roni 11 eaten Will show where he he; And wherein he be drivru We men cannot see. Ilo, Carlo! Newfoundland! Go Iblhiw his cry, Ah it gaspingly answers The sea-moaner's sigh, Sic., Sic. SON*}?"The Old Sexton." Words by I'ark Benjamin, K.sq. Nigh toa grave that was newly made, Leaned a Sexlou old on his earth-worn spade? IIis work was done, and he paused lo wait The funeral train through the open gate, etc. (ANT ATA?' 'The Maniac." This song is intended to depict the terrilde situation of a | ersou hi first sane?coufunid as ? lunatic, until his mental agony and despair overturn his reason, and reduce him really to he w hat he is said to lie. '1 he history of the old system of Madhouses, in Kngland, affords many, too many examples of this nature. Beig under no proiier regulations or control, it was not difficult for those who wished to silence a person obnoxious to them, to procure false certificates of his insanity, and, once w ithin I he madhouse, he W/*s separated from the world by liojieless barriers, and denied the remotest chance of proving his own sanity, and tho?e who cm;lined him. It may easily be imagined, bow under the goading of bis own feelings?sarrouoded by the frightlul forms of lunacy in all its phases? "The moping Idiot, and Madman giy," exposed daily and hourly to the insults and blows of hrntalisun and unfeeling ltee|ier*,tnd gazed at by the chance visiter through bars like a wild complaint laughed at?his alternate, bursts of indignation, and apjieils for pity treated as incoherent ravings?it miv well be imagined how re won would forsake i seat?how soon the unhappy being would become a really fittiug associate for the unfortunate wretches by whom ho was surrounded In such a case, the events of the previous life of the victim would, in a distorted shape, naturally form theprinci)>al subject of liis ravings?and so incoherent recollections of n-gone. pleasing events are made to alternate with the horrors of the gloomy present. With these few words of introduction, the Song is presented to the public. PaTTll. SONO?"The Old Arm Chair." I love it, I love it, and who shall dare 1 O Clliue rue lor l'iviiik lliai oiu arm cnair r NEW SONd?"Life in the Wert." Words by (Jeorge I'. Morris, Eaq. Ho! brothers!?come hither mid lint to iny story? Merry and briet will the narrative be : Here, like a monarch, I reign in my glory? Master ain I, boy*, of all that I see. Where once I-own'd a forest a garden is snuling? The meadow and moorland are. marshes no more. Ami there carls the smoke of my cottage, beguiling The children who cluster like grapes at the door. Then enter, boys; cheerly, boys, enter and rest. The land of the heart is the land of the west. Olio, boys'.?oho, boys!?oho! BALLAD?"The Old Bell." Ki ir (nil fi?e bnndred years I're swung In my old grey turret high; And many a different theme I've sung, As the lime went stealing by: I've pealed the cliannt of a wedding mom; K'er night I have sadly toll'd, To say that the bride was coming, lovelorn. To sleep in the churchyard mound. Ding doug, ding dong, Sic., Sic. SONO?"Woodman Spire that Tree." Words by < Jeorge p. Morris, Esq. Woodman spare that tree ! Touch nota single bough: In youth it sheltered ine. And I'll protect it now. NEW NATIONAL AMERICAN SONO "Our Native Soug"?Our Native Song." Self exiled from our place of birth, To climes more fragrant, bright and gay, The memory of our own fair earth May chance awhile to fade away; Itnt should some minstrel echo fall. Of chords that breathe his country's fame? Our souls will barn, our spirits yearn, True to the land we love and claim. The high?the low?in weal or woe, Be sure there's something coldly wrong About the heart list does not glow To hear its own?its Native Souk. Our native soiik. our native souk, Oh, where is lie who loves it not ! The spell it holds is deep and strong? Where'er we turn, where'er our lot. FINALE?"Largo al Factotum Delia Cita " (From the 0|>era "II Barliiere di Seville.") To commanee at H o'clock. Tickets 50 cents. To be had at Hewitt's, Atw ill's, and Wm. Dubois' Music Stores. The Piano Kone used on this occasion, wa* manufactured by Mr. ( bickering, Boston, and from the Store of .1. L. Hewitt lit Co. _ s9 Mr BY TUB PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. TN pursuance of law, I, JOHN TYLER. President of the l ITnited States of America, do hereby declare and make known, that the public sales will be held at the undermentioned Land Office* in the State of Michigan, at the [>eriod* hereinafter designated, to wit :? At the Land (((lice at (ienesee, commencing on Monday, the ninth day of October neit, for the dis|tosal of the public lands within the limits of the uiiderinejitioned townships and fractional townships, to wit :? North of tlie base line, and East of the meridian. Townshiim thirty-one, thirty-two, thirty-three, and thirtyfour, anil fractional township thirty-live, bordering on Lake Huron, of range si*. Township* thirty-tine, thirty-two and thirty-three, and fractional township thirty-four, bordering on Lake Huron, of range seven. Fractional townships thirty-one, thirty-two, thirty-three, and thirty-four, borderiug on Lake Huron and Thunder Bay, of range eight. Fractional townships thirty, thirty-one, thirty-two, and thirty-threeJ bordering on Lake Huron, of range nine. Fractional township of thirty, of range ten. North of the base line, and West of the meridian. Township thirty-five, and fractional townships thirty-si*, thirty-seven, and thirty-eight, bordering on Laka Huron and Mullet's Bay, of range one. Townships tliirty-nve, thirty-si*, and thirty-seven, and fractional townships thirty -eight and thirty-nine, bordering ou Lake Huron, of range two. At the Land Office at Detroit, commencing on Monday, the twenty-fifth day of S?a>teml>ej- ne*t, for the disposal Ol the |>uhlic lands witliiu the limits of the following detached tracts, to wit:? The lot number one in section eight, lot number nine in section nine, lots three, four and five, in section seventeen, and lot lumber one in section eighteen, which have recently been surrev ed in township si*, south of range ten, east of the meridian^ Lands appropriated by law, for (Jie use of schools, military, ir other purposes, will lie excluded from sale. The sales w ill each lie kej>t open for two weeks, (unless (he lands are sooner disposed o?) and no longer; anil no private enries of laud in the townships so offered will be admitted, nnil after the ei pi ration of the two weeks. (iiven under my hand, at the City of Washington, this eighth lav of June, Anno Domini I8<3. JOHN TYLER. By the President : ' THO. H. BLAKE, Commissioner of the Oeneral Land Office. NOTICE TO PRE-EMPTION CLAIMANTS. Every person aiititled to the right of pre-emption to any lands vIIhill the limits of the townships above enumerated i? rcijmr<1 to establish the same, to the satisfaction of lb- Register and teceiveror the pcoiwr Uml oiMr, and make payment therefor, I < soon a* practicable after aering thu notice, anil Mtn die I %lHM>inie<i lor the ?eeencenwt of the public s,|e of the J wnatup, embracing R?||t claimed ahoy# deeiicnated; other- I ri?e such claim will I* fc?Hferd. I / ^ THO. H BLAKE. I ( Commit*loner of the (.General Land Office I j36 I tew to 26Sept r A Ml'SEME NTS.' NIBIjO'M OAROKN. OifMtor, MK. JOHN MKVTON !?^ln futiir* the IVrfornriJuir* will comiiwnr* ?t o'elork, pwivlv. MoNT)AV KVRNIffO. fcpt II. otilivcly t|)f lot night of the Krwieli Oiwf*. in<1 hrew?-ll ?P iwraiiimf CALVE, IV ho will take in-r lenn.if the New Vork *la?e if timr I haj ti'nuvreof MAIilK, in DniMti'iOl?ri| ol THK CHILI) ?>( ' THK RtOINOlNT Th? Performance to I nmmnct at 7^ o'cloak witktiw Overture to (tailliaine Tell Roaatui To lie .uawW by (Ut time tu New Vork) a new and loafha kla Vaudcville, iu I Al l. -utitM LA MASSARU Dt; t K1MK ' Tile (Hrret oldiimr ' Vincipal chai??ter? by M'me Richer .Men,. I ) ??<,nrill?, Hi clwr, Mathieu, li-rnard, Butcher, <iter not, lie. lalf an liour'l iiitcrmiMioti will he allowed for tiroineimde ami relrenhmeilt in tin" < truid Malnon, iVhere Ice ('team*, Kruil Icea, and ltefre?hme?ia of the i ho* cnt kind, and in great variety, will L>?- found. To be followed by (8th and 1 -a*t time in tliia city) LA VILLE DU REOIMKNT! Marie .M'lle Calv* In which ?he will ting "lalot a It Krmnca Huljiice Mout. Bl?? l.a Maniuiw. M'me Mmtlueu I,a I)iicheii?e Robllloil Tonio Mona. Richrr < arloa Otemoi Herman B Backer Loia Dwipil II, i Hin i Cliaflhry The Clioniaea by the whole French Company. ^ ( Mom Prrvost. in commemoration ofth<* BATTLE OF NEW ORLEANS. ft?" A snrt Police will Im hi attendance, and great oar* fa leu lu jircv?iit tti' admission of improper parson*. r/"Ti-kft. Fifty <'?u. Slay be had at tlie Oarden during lie day A 11 in i lid n u in tier of Season TickwU will be die posed of C7"No |KMtponetn?itat (lut establishment on acsountul the weather as the t irand Kutmmv from Hr.> l.lwsv to the Saloon is protected, and the new Submit, which 11 ventilated from the top ami sides, can be opened it a moment's notice. PAKK THKATRIT.. MK. WALLACK As Holla and Dick Daahall, lu> lirst apiiearanee in America l ir four years. MONDAY EVENINO, Sept 11?Will be perloraxd PIZARHO. Ilolia Mr WalUi'lt Ataliha. Mr Lovell High Print, Mr II Hunt >ro/einbo, t.'hi|>p?-iidale Cora, Mrs II Hunt l*izarrn, _ Barry Alonxo, Mr Wliaatlay \lmarjrro, Toomer ? an Cssas, Vac be Klviea Mm Hloraan After which, IV new Hpanialt Dance l.s < inlliauna Miss I Turnlmll To conclude with. MY AUNT. Dick Daaliall Mr Wallaek lattle, Mr. Placide I Frederick, Mr Andrews '.min i, Mr? Abbott J Mrs Hoberlove, Mrs Vernon IT/" Boxes $1?Pit JO cents? Gallery 2$ cents. [i*^~ Poors open at 7. The Curtain will rise precisely at half' mat 7 o'clock HOVVKHV AJMPIIITIIKATHK. Hox?* 2.'i cents?Pit I2,li cents. 1LORIOUS ANNIVERSARY Of THE VICTORY ON LAKE I IIAMPLA1N. And th" Defeat of the British Army at PInttibttivh, September II. 1811. by I om. Macdonough anil Gen. Mjeomb. An immense and superbly painted Transparency, by Duke White, expressly for tin1 occasion, illitstratio ; this brilliant national achievement, will lie lighted up iu front of the Amplii theatre, t?.i MOMDAY, TUESDAY. tu. WEDNESDAY EVE'US I . SPLENDID At TS IN TIIK AREISA. The ('ompaiiv now consists of the following members : Messrs. C'adwallader, Master (ilenroy, J. Whitaker, Master Washington, Alex. Rockwell, \le?tri Sliller, Woods, Mestayer, Lipmau, Drrr, Hobbs, Manning. Negro Minstrels?Messrs. Chestnut. Hoffman, Morgan, Manning, l.a Petite Klssler, and a su|ierb band ol llriss Instruments. NOTICE TO FAMILIES ? Children under II, accompanied by their parents, guardians, or servants, will ke admitted to the Boies for 12% cents each. Doors open at 7 o'clock Performance to commence at half past 7. Family feats can be secured at the bo* office without Additional charge. _____ AMERICAN MUSEUM, GAIiPEN AxND PKKPETUAL F AM. 21 TALENTED PERFORMERS ! Day Visitors admitted ill* same nvenin* The manager has en graced (or 1 Ins week I lie celebrated FEJ EE M Kit MAID ! This animal ia mill to have been captured Alive uear I lie Fejee Islands. and inanv naturalists and scieutilie ineii wlio have examined it assert that it in absolutely the work of Nature. Others, however, insist that ita existence is a natural impossibility. When ' doctor* disagree,' the Public mint deride. As the senses ol Sight and Tonch are totally intdequate to detect the least deception, it ia, whether considered the Wonder ol Nature or the Perfection of Art, the Moat Extraordinary curiosity the world ever produced. It can be aeeu throughout the whole day and eveuing, Engagement for a abort period only of III* ca. b"*t?d and beautiful MOVING DIOH AM A8, Italian Landscape*?Sea, with Storm and Shipwreck?Faity (irotto, in-. &c. Also .Vlr. <'ole, the Chinese Nondescript,and his educated Singing Dog Hilly. THE ETHIOPIAN SEN EN A DK. UK. >\ ho are unequalled in the world?positively for this week on Also are engaged? Mias M. E. ADAIR. the popular vocalist. La Petite CELESTE, the admired dansueae, ko. CITY BRASS BAND, of ten musicians. BALLOON ASCENSIONS ami peri'ormancea every ? mug at R o'clock, and Wednesday and Saturday afatenioon at 4 o'clock. Admission 2.1) cents?childien tiuder ten years half prioe. ^;A8T WEEK OK THE <11A NT OIH lT THE FUP-(tE MI KMAID. SIX PFRFORMERS, ADMITTANCE ONE SHILLING PKAL.KS SEW YORK MUSEUM, AND PICTCRE GALLERY. (Rrmiliray. ujr/umtt the Citv Hall.) Mil. II. BENNETT, Vanager, respectfully announces, that hav mg heard that the Fejee Mermaid was in thelield, he has engaged the F1 'D-OE, and h is no hesitation in asserting that all dooot is entirely dis|>elled as to the existence of these curious creatures, as we have one at the Ainerirau Museum and another at Pcale's, which fully establishes the fact that ther* ate Mermaids The Choral (ile? Club, consisting of Messrs. E. Thomas, J. Thomas, and T. Thomas, will introduce a variety of catches, trios, duetts, solos, Sir. Mr. Delarue will give an imitation ol the celebrated Daniel O'Connell?Miss Adair, the charming songstress?La Petite Cerito, the graceful Donseuae?Splendid Self-acting Melodeon. Evening entertainments to commence at S o'clock. Performance on Saturday at S o'clock. s3 ec DISBROVV'S RIDING 8CHOOL, 4118 ROWKHV. MH. D. lias the honor to announce that hi* School it open for the reception of pupils. daily. .Sundays excepted. |Spr Ladies, from 9 A. M. to J I'. M. r Gentlemen, from 7 to 9 A. M., and J to 7 P. M. III. Vly trained and iiuiet horses for the road or ptrada, to let Fortis mi and imrticuUrs apply aa above. ani 3m*r PIANO FORTE AND SINGING. rp11K. M138F.8 CUMMING res|iec!fiilly intimate that thef I rr-comm-nce tuition ill the above branches on the lit ol September. The Misses (Vs system of instruction ill Hinging has fur ita object thr full devi lopinrnt of the voice after the Italian method, while the style tnc, inculcate i? the Scottish; thus unit ink the advantages of I lie artificial to the natural; it maimer the innit pleasing and ellettive. Tumi?At the pupil a retiiieiiye til per quarter?two papil* in one family S2V, at the Misses C.'t reaidence $10 |*r quarter. Residence 1 Warren street, corner of Broadway. u36 Im'r TO JMAtMC) FORTE MANUfACTURtUS. YOU are respectfully requested to call at lit Naaaau street, and examine a siiecimen of name plates, made by a new process. which excel all othera in heiuty of engraving and naatueaa of linisli. Resides, they can lie afforded much cheaper than heretofne, if a large number is required. Carriage Maker's name plates also axecated in a style that can't be surpassed. W. L. OKMSBY, lit Nassau atreM N. B.?Manufacturer's Labels, and Kngraving and Printing generally promptly executed cheap?very cheap. si Im'r U1A NOKOKTE8 FOlf S\LK. A Targe and valuable * stuck, consisting of from 70 to (Ml French action piano fortes all new, are offered fur sale at 411 Broadway, near Lispenard stand at tlie factory, 44 VVeat Fourteenth street, between the 5th and fith avenues. This stock comprise* several very highly finished and superior tuned instruments, with 6>i and 7 octaves of tbe latest and most approved patterns. F.very piano lurte will be warranted for one year, and will be sold at prices unusually low. J. WALKKR. N. B.?A variety of good Piano Fortes kept exclusively for PAINTINGS KOR 8ALK.?A private collection of Paint inm, the property of a connouseur. Thaae picture* are faw in utimlier, hilt good, and it i* confidently asserted that than arc* two or tlirw <if tht* best pictures in the State* in this collection, so that any gentleman desirou* of possessing Painting* ol' real merit, will do well to an*wer tliis ailvertiuMnant. Adure** bo* 710 iip|?>r Post Office. *fl lw*r T7l)M. C. (OATk'.S avail* himaell of the plea*nn> of inform iik the Ladle* and (Jentleuieu of New York and ita vici nitie*. that lie continues to Paint Likeiie.ues at th* shortest nolice both Portrait* and Miniature*. Tboae who will favor him with their patronage. are invited to call and *ee hi* tpm-imena of the *ame, at hi* rtaidauce, 387 Broadway, batwara Whit* and Walker streets. N. B. Mr. C. al*o continues to kit* private l?**ons to |*utleinen. Ladle* in clasaes Wednesday and Hatnrday aftamooua. AI*o, (..andscapea |>ainted to order, from the tmallaat to the largest aixe. Tho*e who wiah to maka it their pmfaaaion, can lie |*rfected in all the ahore brancha*. by applying a* above Daguerreotype likene**** correctly copied in water color* in >4 hour*. anl* lna*ae r? HATS?KALL KASHION8, 1143?Th? .nbae.ibev impro*e* ibe occasion presented by the fall change in th? ftahion of hat*, to invite hi* friend*, customer* and th? public in Keneral. to hi* K*tabli?hmeiits, No. 130 Chatham strsat, and '.II ('anal, corner of Woojter itreet*. wliere he offers lor sal* and inspection a larite and elegant assortment of Hat* and Cap*, at extremely low price*, lie particularly invite* their attention to his fine Nutria Kur Hats, at $'l, warranted watar Proof, and to retain their color and shape lie would also call tneir attaa tion to hi* short napt Hi Ik Mats, at S3 D and $3 JO. Also, hia superfine Voleakin Hats, at the low pnca of $3. The ibovamentioned Hats are neat and durable, and ">i. compare advaui igeoutly with hats snld in this city st $3 an.. $i. HKNKY BANTA, No. 130 ( hatham St., and SM ( anal, cor. Woostev *t. ()KH? K OK JKKKKK8QN IN8URANCK COMPANY v ' ? Office 36 \V all alrret. Thi? company continue their bu lineaaof insurance tiiimt loaa ot ilinuir by hre, o? good*, w.irra ami merchwdiae, and alio on teaarfa and their cargoes, aitainst loaa by inland navigation. ^ DIRfcCTORH. Thomas W. Thorn*. K.liaha Kick*. 1 homaa T. Woodruff, Benjamin R. Hobaon. John K. Davison, Francis P. Hasp, Thomson Trice Joseph Allen, John II. Lk, John P. Moore, Moaea Tucker, ? James F. Holmes, Caleb C. Tunis, James R. Whiting, Anson B iker, Wm. K. Tliom, Joseph Drake, Irad Haw ley, John C. Merrilt, Thomaa M.or^i.1 ,, THOMAS W. THORN*., PmulMt. iJKO T. HOPE, Secretary. ?" i*b PoRTtJoUSS FBMALf . PHKSE and celebrated r.ll?, ftom rortuga aw we ' perceive, to be obtained 111 ih<? country. M* MfJIIlf* ilent on the laat column, fourth paa* TO PRINTERS. ,V)H SALR?A Fount of Minion and Nonpaml. whiab baa ' hee? on (he V.-' * ?' irHKAT?MJ HackslPrime lllinota |Wheat, landing from VV .lull Ofmiilgi'*. h>" K. K. COLLINS k CO., *?*c T 7 quwtfl 11 LACK OXIDK OK MANOANK.8K, in leu to .?irp?r ' > rlumri. f?' l>y ,!? "KH8SK > BROOKS. ?1 lORN? IJO Nacka Com now landing frocp 'h't' Oe,n?l?' > fur .?l? by E. K rol.LINS* CO.. t??c N South iiwt

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