Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 11, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 11, 1843 Page 1
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TH Vol. IX.?Vo. 91'J .Wholc No. 3401. BRITISH A .YD NORTH AME1MCAN HOYAL MAIL STEAM SHIPS, Of 1200 toils aii J 440 liorse powar each. Appointed by the Admiralty to nail betweau I.itarpool and i3u?tou, culliinf at U' land and receive PasseuMll{m and Her Majeity'a Maila. HIBKHN1A. E-Jadkini. CALEDONIA. Captaiu Edward O.Lott. ACADIA, Captain Alexander Hyne, BRITANNIA, Captain John Hewitt. Will s til for uoituu via IlallUl, Fhom Boston. fc hom LivmrooL. Aradifc Ityriy. IuUi Augltat. 19th July.^ H i her ma, JmlKina, lat Sept. 4?', AflfUlt. Britannia, L,ott, I6U1 do i?m ao The.* tliijM catty Mi-rwucad aorgeou*. auu are lupplied with Franr"?' IVwul Lira Boat*. _ .. ... r'aiMt,'i! lu Livarpool jiaO?To Halifax $30. No benlu aacurad uuUl paid aulr No. 3 Wall st., Sew York. KOR HALIFAX u UYEKPOOL. Tha Royal Mail Steam Ship BKITANsV>ltfp^ffcitNIA. J. Hewitt. E?q., Commander, will !'<*?* Bo*ton for the abc\e port* 011 Saturday itiih imtaiit. Paaaage 10 Liverpool $120. Funntte lo Halifax 2U. Apply to D. BRIGHAM, Jr., AReut, ?ti No. .1 Wall street. STEAM SHIP NEPTUNE. ?'apuiii ?1 \\ illiam Rollins?To tail 011 Saturday. Oefj "li it^t '"r *th, at i o'clock, P. M., for Charleston, Z?6LaS??r1f*jt W '-at, Havana. New Orleans. and Oal?e%Uiu. Texa* This superior packet ?t<"i?h, in iiovi btii .j overhaalad anil put iu porlect order lor lha ?<- .?.-a. Ikr c?t-iiia and stite rooms are eleeantly furnished, and I'MKuiteiii cau tely an every comfort and accommodation in her. For p?<*ag* as abova, in tli* cabins or ateera&e, and for light *pauiafor ( narleatou, apply to J. H . BROWER, i ne h.\t i.It Al.b, Cuirtaio John Kftcham, will leave New York. I' [ ' Murray ?iwi, every Motidiy and Thursday at J o'clock, 1" M. Will If re king?t>n (Hon out landing) erery Wednesday and Saturday it I i> clock. P. M. 'I lie NOKW ICH, Ciptain John Hamnel*, will leave New York, fool nf Wnxren itmt, every Wednesday and Saturday at } o'clock, P. M. Will have Kingaton (Roudout landing) every Tuesday and Friday at i o'clock, P. M. EXTRA THIPS. The EMKBALP will laavc the foot of Murray ?tre?t every Sunday iriorningat 7 o'clock. Returning, Leave* Kmotion at 4 o'clock, fame Jay. * or freight or pMisge apply on board, or to WILLIAMSON, BARLOW & CO., a2l Hm"r 18-1 We*t?treet. NMV AMH \NH?.vTKNT\ (fAKAND > HKIOHT REDUCED. as\ HKOt'LAR MAIL LINE?FOR PKOflvTr-^r^V'llJs.: ' K AND BOSTON, via, 8TON SI?Z.IN(iT?iN AM) NKWPORT?('oinpmed of the l'i !' wine <u,ieriot steamers, running in connection with the Stoi.i >,lim. ti.d Boston and Providence Railroads MASSAI llLHt-.TTS, (.'apt. Comatock. ItllODK ISLAND, C?pt Thayer. PUOVIDKNt K NARKAHANRKTT. MO Hr OA N. One of w:ll leave N*w York daily (Sunday, except?d) ftim 1 tar No. I, Hsttarr PWca, N. Kiver, at "i P. Si. AIM' ANOEMENTS. Tha'UiODK IHL \Nl), Captain Thayer, on Monday, and Weouni'&r Sroaington and Newport, and Friday for Tl.'r \ ASSACI1US! I TS, Captain Comitock, on Tnnads\ ami I hnridav lor Sroninrton, and Saturday for Stonmgt. . Newport and Provid-nca. fa>?-?g' ! ?. "II itie arrivnl of tli? ataamen at Stoningtnn, will bf ininnili?:elj forwarded in tlie ?rletidid and commodioua ( r. of th-r Jlailr'.ad to Providetic* and Button, and ir for N. v. ;n n vill inocevd iu the stewiner Moh'gan (in superior order) fr> in thaoca at 6 o'clock the following morning, than gieinq them ?ji opport*n!ty ol a night's reat on board the stenmer e hureru or Rhade Inland, and then breakfam on board thr Molitgau. The aiwi'.e steamen have been thoronghly eqnlpped and fif| ii?l to promote celanty of travel and tin comfort and security of pnsaeiigen, and not surpawW by any in the Vuited 8t.i1e?. L'..r l.uina nr .. I.i.l. .. .1 ,?l ? #!. apply < i ! !. at n< rth side of pier No. I, 22 Broadway, or office of fratnuel I>*v?*u, freight agent, on the whail. Ticket* t?v tin- route luia itraram1 berths oan be secured on boartl. or at the uflu-e of HARNUKN Si CO., No. J Wall street tO^On and after the 10th nut, freight will not he received aetTforwardi'd after h?lf-iM?t 4 f'. M, mflfim m r? IHTfl-fALL FASHIONS, I8t3 ? The suhscnber Jpet> iri| r.?e< he occasion gr. ?siit>d by ihe fall change in the Uahi< n nl hal-. to iiirni-1 i* li'midn, custom-re and the |iiihlir in kw eral, ?o hi? KstablishmMia, No. i3ii (.hatham street, and M ' ;*ii*l, Con* r *f V\ owstri (tree,* ? her* he offers for lale and ills, ectioii a large mil e|. guii a*?ortment of llat' and Cap*. at extremely low price* He particularly invite* their attention to hi* th e Nutna ror Hata at ?1, warranted water nroof, and to irt.iin thi n color and ?hap? Me would alto call their attea 11< t. :,!? ."It I'Ai't "ilk list*, at $ .' di anrt $2 M). u|?vtine >ln e*liiu llat?, at 'he low price of $J. The aboveme iiji.iiMl H it* arc neat and diimlih, and " ?, romjiare advant igi-oml) with hat* *?ld 111 this city at $|*nu Ji. HKNRY BANTA, No. 1:10 < hatham it., and M Canal, cor. Woottersr. *X5w(lwi*)*m _ 1 ' Cvi'.l'.L, n".Ntl?,NSOLOMON HKINK, M 1)7, WHO ^*a praeiiaed in thia city npwtril* of nine year* a* * R"dical physician and urgi'ftti, keep* his offiee No. 57 ) ? l?. ,t It, >>r(w?v. anil lm*r BKO > N Silf.hTiNOS?SO bile* extra heaty, just receiv ? dand for sale by r fl??30eo rKRSSE k.BHOOKS, 61 Liberty st, - owau*i. r f-|, , DRAFTS O.N ENGLAND, IRELAND ~ about remitting money to their fr|pn,'? i? 'be "old country," can he ?upPlied will. Dnto, in aiwns of 1, 2, 3,5,10. k. i.Sfl, or any anietint, payable on demand withi ur iHki or tj* other^e, at (tie National Bank of lrelsjiil, I ruviucial (tank, do , Maura. James Bult, Son St Co., B?j k?v? Lond II, I. Barnod St Co., Exchange ajid Discount Ba u l.ifviHiol, Raataru Hank of Scotland, Greenock Banking I owi-any. Sir Wm Forbes Hunter St Co., Scotland, and t lie blanche* i i eT?r> pout l?w? throughout England. Ireland, Scuta id aid \Sale*, which draft* will b? forwarded by tluItwy ? ritaiini*. If y W. St J, X- TAP9COT P. At their I rnwti Ot!U?, 3 Peck nil#, rorner South ?l. N B.?All l?tter? tVom the country muit come post paid. ?9^ 1 PEOPLE'S LINK OK STEAMBOATS ?} V*m,, COK VLBAN V?Daily at 7 o'clock P. M.? 3fc?., <W Jt- 'I hi.:n<(ti i. ect?From the ateamboat pie-r txv tweeu Ceurtlandt s.,d Litaer'.v street*. Sunday excepted. The ttearoboai K NIC k K KBOCKER.Capt. A. P. St. John, tvill Iwire Mocuay, W?due?itsy and Friday EQMiings. ataeveu Bareboat ROCHESTF.R, Capt. A. Houghton, will leave Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at7 P. M. A t 5 o'clock P. M.?L iiidiug at Intermediate Place*. Slweoiiai iNUKTM AMKHICA, Ut|*. M. H. Trueadell, will he??r Monday, Wednesday, Friday, ?nd Sunday afternoon, at 5 'clock. Steamboat ?i0 :TTH AMERICA, Capt. L. W. Branmrd, will l?a?e Tneadav, Thursday and Saturday Evening, at live o'clock IV -f irerj u.kihf this Line of Boata will invariably arrive in All-? > . imide tune t take the Morning Train of Car* for the -*ail or w-iit. Thi.,? boiu are new and substantial, are furnished with ne-it and aietcoiu Sute Koi n*. and for *i>?.d and accouiuiodatioi > .i- unrivalled on the llad^ou. For ' ?i f.vight, apply on board, or to P. C. Schultz at ilie o9>!-p oe the wh*rf si ~Sjj> ~ M x{7v^..Nr(r( L<)( K MOIiNINO iJISi K gr^-i- a* K?k ALBANY, TROY, and intermediate it. y ' ^ the steamboat pier, at the foot til ><ircl"iy street. Breakfast and Dinner on board. Lenve* Nf?w Vork?The t .injure on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The Troy on Tuesday, Thursday aud Saturday, at 7 A. M. Lx.iiimr ?t?< aldwall's, Wwt Point, Newbnrrh, Hampton, Foughkerasie. Hyde Park, Hhinebgck, U. lied Hook, Brntol, Cat/xiU, llousoi., <V>x*ackis and Kinderhook. The " low treasury steamer em pi he, Captain S. 11. R>?, on V- edresdiy, at 7 o'clock'in the morning, Aui;. 16. Tlu- . r* l >w prnsaara statiner TRO Y, Captain A. Oorham, on Thursday, at 7 o'clock in the morning, Aug 12. For passage, apply at the office, foot of Barclay stree;, or on board. Nonce?All (iooda. Freight, Baggage, Bank Bills, Ht*rie, oraay othw kind of Property, taken, shipped, or put on board the Boat* of tlii* Liu?,<nujt be at the risk of the owners of such goo4?. aulti r INOKPI NDENT regular opposTTION NIliHT LINE for ALBANS St nfib ii ,f-i- r- TlillV-Tlir..ii^b Direct, without Landing ? 1 tie co-umod'ou* and ^ steamboat PORTSMOUTH, 1 apt. O Home, will leare New York from the foot of Barclay stren, on lonUys. VV'e<1i,?*day? and Fridays^and will leave Alb jit and X'roy oa Sundays, Tuesdays and Thundays, slid Knt.ttiu t. km .it i%?lucrd rates. Apply on board. 1*. ft.?'] h<- above boat ha* undergone a thorough rv|?ir, and ia in ftr-t rate "rder. $2 lm*r S-^rSt'.V K.N O'CLOCK EVENING" LINK .v?*r,,r ALB VNV AND THOY direct, without ii ?'?y?~lmdiin?the splendid low pressure steamboat SVT \LLOw, Captain A. McLeau, will leave the foot of C#oril*ndt siren i-r?r> Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday veyiug*. at ! g'?lock, for Albany direct. The :f w Hon ha* a lane*1 number of state rooms,and for i|*ed and accommodations ia uot surpassed on the Hudsirn. rMl? er " > REGL'LAR OPPOSITION FOR~BO3C-Z~ TON, via NEWPORT AND PUOVI - ir Dfc.NCE?Fare to Botlou $2 60; Deck $1 i(l; U" ch?'*e i .r Berths. Newport and Provideace $1; Deck 40 cts. 'I he t sajling steamboat CURTIS PECK, Captain Wm H. Pe**k. leaven Catharine Market dip, Eaat Itivtr, every Monday, Weiiesdav and Friday, at J o'clock, P. M. iV passage or freight apply on board, or to A. D. PECK, 105 Saath U. an) lm*m _ MOTS NEWARK AND" NEW YORK.?Fare '"y-?-5?j?onlr 12,*i C-enU !?Tlte splendid steamer PASafter Jnne ith, will ran aa followi Leave tlu foot of Barclay street. New York, at 10 A. M., and t P. M. Lcnrea the foot of Centre street, Newark, at 7X A. M , and ar.H 11, P. M. The aeeomraadations both for passengers and freight have bee>i (reaily improved. Freight earned at low ratcv jylG 3m*ee JITATEN ISLAND FERRY, FOOT tV- -^?**?Zl*OF WHITEHALL ST.?The steamboats jlS~_&C2Z.STATKN I9LA.NDF.Raud HAM SON will run aa follows until further notice Ltave New York *, 9, 10, I?, I, 3l4, S, g. Leave Staten Island 8, 9, 10, 12, 2, I, 5, C. All go?N l? shipped are required to he particularly matked and are at tne rnk of tae owrera thereof. s6 r NEW. ARRANGEMENT FOR 2* SHREWSBURY?Long Branch. Sandy i Tf " "L Oc?nn House and Eaton town Landing. The n?.? Sii?mboat SHREWSBURY. Captain John P. Corlic?. will now run as follows, on and alter Thursday, 27th mat :?leaving New York, fro in the foot el Robinson street, even Tue*iUy, Thursday, and Saturday, at 10 o'clock, A. M. And Eatontonn Lai.ilmgou Monday, Wednesday and Friday, a' in o'clock, A. M. The HVrewsbary will ran aa abova, weather permitting, nucil further ao'ire. All baggajre at the riak of the owuers. Vnie 3714 e?-uta. N. B.?Mtajes will be in attendance to convey paiiengro flow 'he aforvuid landing place* to any part of the county reKire T1' sbrewabnrv will go the inner passage, when prarticahh jel3r NEW VoRK AND KINGSTON ST E AM F RE I OUT AND PASSAGE LINE. For Kingston, anc Delaware and Hudson ' 1^?steamboats EMERALD and NOR E NE NEW ^EW~JERSEY HAILROAD AND TIIANS * PORTATION COMPANY NEW YOKK AND NEVC'A|7K t FARE REDUCED TO TWENTV-K1VK CENTS. 1 > roui thefoot of Con rtlaudt strert, New York. (Every day-Suuday? excepted. J Leave* New V ork. Leaves Newark. At ? A.M. At 2 P.M. At 7 A M. At 1^ P. M. 9 do. 3 do. 8 do. 4S do. 11 do. 4 do. 9 do. 5s do. do. 10X do. 7? do. G>? do. OX do 8 do. I ON SUNDAYS. , Krom the foot of Courtlandt itreet. Leaves New York. Leave* Newark. < At? A. M. and 4V P. M At I1U P M .nrf qV P M ; NEW YOftK, EL1ZAB F.Tli TOWN" , Leave* New York. Leaves Elizabeth Town ( At I A.M. At 3 P.M. At A.M. 3* P.M. 9 do. 4 ?lo, 8* do. 7 do. 11 do. 4% do. 10 do. 9% do. b)i do. 12 do. The traini for Westfield, I'laiufield, Roundbrook, Somirrille, Sic., connect with the 9 A. M., and i$i P. M. ; traini from New Yoik daily, Sundays eicepted. I Fare between New York anil Elisabeth Town 25 cents. Kare between do. anil Somerville. 75 cents. NEW YOHK AND 11AHWAY. Leaves New York. Leaves Rahway. At 8 A. M At 3 P. M. ft 7 A. M. A< I .P. M 9 do. 4 do. 8 d<? 6 3i do. II do 4ii do. 9fc do. 9 do. fi'i do. 11% do. NEW *ORK AND NEW BRUNSWICK. , Fjoin foot of Courtlandt street. New York, daily T.uaves New York. Leaves New Brunswiik. At 9 A.M. At 4 P.M. At 6 A.M. At 11*4 A.M. t 5H do. 7>i do. 8>J P. M. ON SUNDAYS. Leaves New York Leaves New Brunswick. At 9 A. M. and 4? P. M. At II* A M., and 8* P. M. , Kara, eicept in the Philadelphia trains, between New York i and New Brunswick. 50 cents. , Betwrea New York and Rahway, 25 cents, i Passengers w ho procure their tickets at the ticket office, re- i ceive a ferry ticket gratis. Ticket* are received by the eon- 1 ductoronly on the day when purchased. au!9 r SUMMER ARRANGEMENT NEW YORK AND PHILADELPHIA RAl -ROAD LINE DIRECT, 1 Vt* NKWAHK, NCWBHUMWICK, PRINCETON, TRENTON, j lloHDKN I OWN AN D 11. R I I 1 .. N ' Leaving New \ork daily from the foot of Courtlandt st. I Morning Line at 9 A. M.?Mail Pilot Line at !P. M. The Morning Line proceeds to Bordeutowu, from thence by ' Steamboat to Philadelphia. The Evening Line proceeds direct to Camden (oppositw to . Philadelphia) without change of cars. Passengers will procure their ticketa at the officii foot of ! Cotullandt street, where a commodious steamboat, will be iu , readiness, with baggage crates on board. Philadelphia baggage cratei are conveyed from city to city, wihout being opened by the way Each train is provided Willi a car iu which are apartmejits old dressing rooms exnresslv lor the ladies' ntr. Returning:, the lines I'ave Philadelphia from the foot of Wal- i nut street, by steamboat to Bordentown at 7 o'clock, A. M. and by railroad from Camden, at 4 o'olock, I'. M. i The liuea for Baltimore leave Philadelphia at 1% A. M., and | 4 I*. M. being a continuation of the lines from New York. jy28 3m??c PATERSON RAILROAD. i :^P. KAftr. only & cknts. From Patersou to Jer.iev City. On and after Monday, 17th July, the cars will lenre ( . Pathhov Dki-ot Lf*vk Nkw York. 8 A. M. 9 A. M. l\U " P M. i P. M. 5 ON SUNDAYS. Lkivs Patkrion Ubfui. Lkavf. New York. 1% A. M. 8>? A. M. . 5 P.M. 6 P.M. 1'ransportation cars |d daily (Sundays excepted.) Piuien- ( L'er's are advised to be at the Kerry, foot of Courtlandt street, a lew iniuulM before the stated boars of departure jvW fiin KOK BUFFALO AND ALL PARTS OK THE WEST. j ASSOCIATION l'ASSA(.?K OK TICK TO ALU AN \ . Utica $2 00 Rochester, $3 00 Syracuse, 2 25 Buffalo, 3 10 Oswego, 2 25 Up. and Lower Canada, 5 50 By the fast line to Buffalo and found, $8 00. For paslaKe apply to < M. L. KAY, 1 ai>24 :tm in 93 Barclay street. New York. 1 M. s. BALL a. < o.-s 1 ( IlAULt'-STON. SAVANNAH, MlLLF.DOEVILLE. MACON, COLUMBUS & FLORIDA rACKAUE"rRr"" Messrs. M. S. BALL & CO. will receive Bnecie, Bank Notes| Bundles, Samples, Packages and Cases of Goods, and forward thetn bv tlieii Y.ipress. to and from Charleston, Savannah, Milledgevill*, Macon, anil all the way stations on the ( eiitral Railroad. Also, by the steamboat St. MattMWI,( iptlin McNeltv, on her regular trips to and from Darien, Brunswick, St. Mary s, Black Creek, Picolatta and Palatka. M. S. Ball Si Co. will pay particular attention to the purchase of Goods, collecting and paying Drafts, Notes and Bills, and ! the transaction i>rany and all kinds of businejts. at .tnv of the above named places. Tliey will also forward Goods and Merciiaudi ze to an v part of the United Suin, which uuy br irat to their care. They intend to out on teams to ran regularly , through from Macon to Columbus, under t(ieir own charge, to carryall kind* ot merchandize, with all reasonable dispatch and safety, on the 1st of October neit. Messrs. M. S. B. Si. Co. haviug made arrangement* with tlio < entral Railroad Company of Georgia, for an apartment under their own lock, and with a M?s*euger alwajs 111 charge, offer , superior advantage* for the prompt and safe conveyance ot all I valuable articles that may be entrusted to '.heir care. Merchants, IManters, and others, desirous of receiving their (ioods will) prompt dispatch, will tind it advantageous to direct to them. ICr~ Office at Savannah, 1ST Bay street; Macon, Washington Hall; M. S. Ball 8c Co.,Slillcdgeville; Agent at Charleston, 8. C., A. Mend, 95 ka?t Bay; 8. T'hilhrick, Agent for recaiviug 1 ana forwarding goods and merchandize at Savannah. M. S. B. & Co. will advance cash for all freights on goods sent to their charge. Charges no more than tha ordinary way of obtaining goods. au86 lm"r , <^r?HA&RcNo.U,BN?^ ! ENGLISH. KRF.Nf H. BF.LOIAN ,0.1 > \MKKH AN EXPRESS, GENERAL KOil WARDING AND COMMISSION HOUSE. IIAUNDEN & CO. will receive and forward hy their daily Kiprms Cars, 8|>ecie, I'ank Notes, Packsgesand I'arcels, to any < part of the L" n i ted State* or Canadas, and by the steamers and ' packets t?> any part of Kngland, Ireland, Scotland, Belgium or 1 Kranee. ' Particnlar attentinn is paid to the purchase or sale of all descriptions of merchandise, collecting and living Drifts, NigtMi an<l Bills, to the entry of merchandise at the Custom House, I and to the general transaction of any and ill kinds of forwardui|$ and commission business. Bills of Kxchangp. in sums to 1 suit, furnished on St. John, N. B., Halifax, N. 8., or on any part of K.urope. All goods must be marked "Harden & Co." Kois-ign Tost Ollice Letter 1$ tgs are made .up for all the Royal Mail St.'am- ] ers fixin Boston, aud the steamer .uid sailing |v*ckeu from New York. Prinri|>nl offices and agents:? Messrs. Wilmer and Smith, 32 Church street. Liverpool, b.uglaiid. Messrs. Maclean, Maris li Co., 3 Ahchurch Ian*, London. Messrs. Kmersou St Co., Paris and Havre. Samuel Maiglit, Esq., American Consul, Antwerp, Belgium. Messrs. J. and J. I?. Woodward, St. John, N U. A. W. Oodfiey, llalilai, N. 8. J, G. Woodwartl, New Orleans, La. Messrs. J. u. ntirrw Si o., Havana. , llarnden h Co. H < 'ourt ?t., not toil. All goods mint l>e marked "Harden 1c ('o. N. B.?Hamden li < o. an> alone responsible for the loss or injury of an) article*. or pro|>cTl/ of any dmrriptiuu Committed I to their rare; nor is any risk assumed by, nor ran any b? at- I tachod to th* New Jersey 9t< nboat Navigation (' mpaiiy. fcy which their crate* are, or n v Iw transported; nor thr Nrw York. I'rov:ilrjice. anil Boston li'iIrnnti, or tl??- llostmi anil Pro* viib-nce Haiti ad I'orpontiom, in re?i>ect to tlieir content* at any time. HAHNDLN k I t)., {flit no i Will ?t. Ni-w Yonu ' - ^ POMEROY ! <S&&?. a... KOIt ALBANY, TROY, CHICAGO and the CANADA*. The sub*cribers linviiiif completed tin" r arrangements with the Propla'* Lino of Steamboats, on the North Hirer, and the I Hail Hold Comjianie* west of Albany for running thfir Kiun*a fur the season of 1MI, an Kvpreaa will l?a?e their office, Nh. 3 ' Wall atrpet, New ^'ork, every evening, at i]ilarter to 7 o'clock, I for the above named and intermediate placet. i IMPORTANT. i Kor the greater saf-tv and security of all valuable and money I package* entrusted in thfir rare, iliey have Salamander Irou Haf<? on hoard of the itrainlioati, in strte room occupied e?clusively by themselves, and the ni'tsruifer in charge sloei* m the sam? room with tlw iron ?.into which all such padkage* are placed. POMK.ROV ?t < OMPAN V , ml ec No. I Wall street j /y>uriTt,T'KN&(:orrCTOylSBfaL ' $^S2LNo :l Wa" >"reft, ' NKW \ t)KK. ALBANY. TROY A.Nl> M< ?N I Kh \L K.xFKKHM. Messrs. Ilamden 8t t o. having disposed of their rout* from New York to Albany and Troy, the subscribers, the old con- ] doctors of Marnden *t'o'? Northern Kiprrss, from New \ ork , will Continue to run, as heretofore, leavint; New York, Albany , and 1 roy Daily anil connect at Troy with Jacob*' Montieal | K*pr*-**. and will forward S|>ecie, Btnli Notes, Packages. Bun- , (lies, < asea of Ooods, Ike. to any place between New York and Montreal, and throughout the < nnvria's Also Kast from Troy ?a,1 ! ' ,n Boston, mil West from Albany to Buffalo. i All business entrusted to their charge will lie promptly at- . temled to. I articular attention will lit paid to the collection of ( notes, riralts, acceptance*, fcc. and prompt returns msde for the . ?R5l ? , PULLKN k COPP. Olllre-, Pllllcn .V f onn tU'.ll..?. v v _i. Tho. <? >"*&. U Exchange, Albany. A. <?. hilktii* 22? River alreet, Troy. S. Jacob * St r.uT? at Montreal. N K w York. A in ANT T..V Prim* Ward *Kin*, 1T J. HampUy, Jno pJ i JambL.ttlefcCo., Tho.. Oou?h7 P W?li; ' John T. Smith k i'O. u ir Jr' IVpnon k Hoffman, r's OmiffUi. I arpenter It V.rmilye, Vl.~L. ' 1 Houston Si Co. *. L??ke. Drew, Ilobinxw fc. ('o. a Wr . BOOT AND BHOR ?TORK. i,luAL)V inform. hi. IVimiU mid ?!>? public, that It* n?? commenced bniine** in the ^bovv> line, at So. W N****n ?treet. whare he will thuiklully receive and faithfully eiwure, all order* he may he favored with on the Diuil reanonanle terra* for r?*h jvWr l read" k VAND e US EN, " SAI.E AN!) EXCHANGE STABLE, 4.V) Broadway and 16 Croaby ktrp?i. *f1 The above Stable* now exhibit eight pair of excel^^ ^^Innt hone*, freah from the conntrv.m lor well trained .L^^J^coach hone*. Alio, a number ?>f well broken aod oona tin(|f hone*. I * \!y Entrance in each ?tr*t. ?? Iw#r W YO YOKK, MONDAY MOR NEW YOllK h BOSTON SOUftU PILOT. r>\VKN PR.E8COTT, Pilou, or tak<'* charge as ma?t?r and > ' pilot of tourl* bound to Ne>? Bedford, river Nantucket ilionlv Boiton, Portamouth, Portland, Kennebeck. and OTHiK POUTS. Office at I" rye h Shaw's Nautical store, 222 iV.iter strxel, corner Beekmau. llrierwice to a uuinher ol' mer ii?. v?, >~ *?nM m uu? cuy, potno. and Pnrrln?n ivl# Imicr ~~ MAltSKILLKS LINE OK PAUKETb ffigc tff|- tim- Jjgfr 'I'll* undermentioned ships will be iv^ul trly disnatched from lance and fmm Marseille* on the Wt of each uioutli during I We rear:? From New York. Mar*eille?. ;OUHIKR, Capt, DiiKgui, June 1. Auk. 1 rRESCOTT.Capt. Myrick, July I. Sept. I SKLI.ESrONT, C?pt. Adams, Aui{. I. Oct. 1 X)RIOLANl.'8, Capt.>-, Sept. I. No*. 1 [IMIY THOMPSON.Capt.Sylvejter, Oct. I. Dec. 1 They are all coppered and copper fastened, and have excellent iccommoilation* for passengers. The price of cabin ikusage will he $100, eicliuive of w ines unl liquor*. (roods addressed to the agent*, BO VD ill HINCKEN. will H* forwanled five of other charge* tliau those actually paid For freight or passage appl> lo BO VD & HINCKEN. Agent*, No. 9 Tontine BuHiling*, or 8. BROOM St CO., m20r III:l Front ntnf't? 4ab- "o'lT) hi.aTk'iiai.i. link of cai kkts toWKrWFOK LIVERPOOL?Packet of the 19th September. MfaSgaiM?The f*st sailing packet ship 11. BERNI A, Capt. buioHilt, will be despatched as above, her regular day. Those w ishiug to secure berths, will re<iuire to uiake early ipidicatiou to JOHN HEHDMAN, 61 JJoulh street, near Wall *t. N. B.?Passage from (ire,it Britain soil Ireland,via Liverpool, can as usual lie secured by the above splendid packet slop, or my ship of the line, and those mutting money to their friend* csn haT? drafts for any amount payable ill all the princii a) towns throughout the tJuin il Kiufdon, and on Messrs. J. Bar* led Co. hankers, Liverpool; and >1? ?&rs. J. Bult, Sou Si Co. For further particulars, apply as ahov. ?8r (LSt FOR LI V ERPOOL-^Betnilar Packet of the TsTh 8eptemb?i'?The selenWiH fast S'ilii g imrket ship ' %MJ'I EP1H N Will I NEV. < ant. Thompson, burthen Will tons, will sail as above, her regular aiy. Having very suiierior accommocta'ions lor cabin, 2d cabin and iteerage passenger*, persons intending to embark should make minediate applicant*! ?n board. foo* ol Maiden lane, or lo the mbscri!i?7, J08fc?H V:MUUH*i, 100 Pines' , corner of Soidt. The ahovoship wiM be succeeded by tin' very silemlni pack't ihip SHFRIDAN, ( apt. Depeyster. burthen 1100 tons, to sail on the 25th September. Persons saudins lor t?cir friend* can lave them brought out by the above ship, or any of the regular >ackets, sailing from Liverpool on tho 1st .3th aud 26th of every month. Drifts w ill also he <ivan, in sums to suit the convenience f ;hose wishing 'o remit lo their friends, on lie Provincial Bank , r I ....i... a ...a ..n :>. i - i. .i I ' - < i . ... ....... ........ in 1.1111. M.:> in'l'UKHUUl ?l? noiiiuoill, paya>le atsiiiht; als>. drafts jiayable in a><y pail of Knglnnd, Scotlaud ami VV "lea, by appl\ ittg as above. sll r FOR LIVK.KPOUL?The New Line?Regular MR*?VPacket of ltitli of September?'The new splendid attlfifife aeket ship QL KKM UK THL WKST, Philip NVoodliouse master, 1260 tons, will tail on her regular day, the 1'iUl Sept. For freight or passage, having accomodation* unequalled for elegance and coinlort, apply on board, went ante Burling ?itp, or to WOODHULL Si M1NTURN8, 87 South it. Price of passage $75. The tine packet snip Rochester, Captain John Hrittou, RflO tons, will succeed the Queen ol the West, and kail uu her remlar day, 16th October .ill ce oArJr NF.W LINK OF PACKKTS~rOR LIV K.RPOOL?Packet of 16ih September.?The i.ew aud f-^T *fr.? packet allip QUF.K.N OK' TilK WKST, i.gister U-SO tons, ( apt. P. Woodhnuse, w ill sail on Saturday, ltitli Septen.lwr, her regular day.?This noble packet, the largest ver built in the city of New, York, is fitted up w ith every tuoleru improvement that can impart comfort to riasseugers?her cabins are very spacious, and superbly furnished throughout.? Her between decks art' lofty niul thoroughly lighted. She has itate rooms on deck for second cabin passengers?the w hole affording accommodations superior to any other ship. Persons about to visit the old country will study their interist and comfort by selecting this mafiuilicent ship. For paai*ge, early application should be made on hoard foot of Burling ilip, west side, or to VV. Si. J. T. TAPROOT'!1, H Peck slip, cor. South st. The Queen of tha West will tail from Liverpool on the Jib of Voven)her. Persons wishing to send for their friends, can lave them brought out in her, or other first class ships, sailing weekly, on favorable terms. Drafts for any amount, payable hi demand, without discount, iu all the principal towns of Kngland, Ireland, Scotland or Wales, constantly lor sale as ibove. The Sheridan will succeed the Queen of the West, and sail !5th Sepl._ air BLACK BALI.. OH OLD LINK. OF I.IVK.KwflV'""'' PACKKTS?Regular Packet, and sails ou iff ii1 Jm'1" the I'Jlh S-pt ?The remarkable fas' sailinir new copi*red packet ship HIBrlRNIA, Captain Buuliug, will tail positively as above, her regular day. The accommodations of the HiUernn for cabin, 2d cabin and iteerage passengers will on ins|iection lie found to lie fitted out in every w ay that can add to the comfort ol those emhaikiug for the old country, who should not lail to call and examine ln?r accommodations before paying passage iu any ither vessel. The price of passage is very low, lor wht-h. anil to seenic the best berths, early application should be made on board, loot oi Beekman street, o> to the subscribers. lU)t lit, BROTHKRS it CO 35 Fulton street, next door lo the Fulton Bank. P. S ?The Hi hernia sails from Liverpool on th< 7th N \ ember. Persons senduig for their friends can have them brought out in her, or iu any of tha packets comprising tins mtgn Or ,t line, sailing from that port punctually ou the ilh and I'>th of every inontli. For passage apply ns above. The packet ship Cambridge. Capt. \V m. Barstow, will sue etd the Hiheriiia, aud sail lor Llief|x>ol on the 1st of October, ler regular day. s' ec MF3J- FOR HULL, EN(~LA ND - V first rl^Is A rueri~ K'\yvf?'Can vessel, now loading, could take a small quantity liJto'l light freight, if immediate application is in.ideto WOODHULL k MINTURNS, al5r 87 South street. !. t m iii vii i. ."JTTTT.T ... WWl!fVr.*riCr.C,?I,rr r?W,u?l ami coppered Krench ship OA* pSNtiKCyHI>L"!N 1< apt. Legrain. r or freigh or for p.-.ssage For w ho a ahe ha* very comfortable accommodations, to BO\ U & HlNf'K h.Sf, No. 9 Tontine Builuiiigs, ?*7 Itr Comer Will and Water at Wat fiflSS- PACKET FOH 1UVHE?Second Line Thi WW?|ry.*hi|i ST. NICOLAS, John B. PHI, master, will nil Mbh", 'he I" of October. BOYI) <*. H1NCKEN, 8 Tontine Buildings, ?rr comer Wall and Water streeta. Aflj?~rAS8AOK FOR NEW ORLEANS-SAILS THIS fcrl*(f0A\?The splendid well known fast sailing | wo Let KMaahip DAMASCUS, Captain HI ins, will positively sail is atiove, her regular day. '1 nia packet ha* sple.idid acrommoJations torcahin, second cabin and ateerage p<s?a.gers. Those wishing to secure berth* should not fail te make early applicv :ion on board, foot of Jones' lane, or to VV. & J. T. TAPSCOTT, 43 Peck slip, _all If corner South street. FOH NKW Oil L EA N S. Louisiana and W^MrVNew York Line?Warranted Kirat Kegnlar Packet? AUM&The fast a.iiling packet .hip HI NTSVILLB, I apt. E. < oniell, having the most ol her cargo engaged, w ill he lispatched immediately For Freight only, apply on board, it Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E K. COLLIN^ & CO., 56 South at. Agent* in New Orleans, Holm & Woodruff, who will promptly forward all good* to their nddreas. The packet ship MISSISSIPPI, Captain C Hillard, "?ill moceed the llnntsville. slOec d'frS" KOU NKW ORLEANS?To meet with despatch wfjMPW?The first chss favorite slop ALFRED, < aptam i "Jtfiii' ' ' will anil as nl>ove. Her between deck* will " m-uiu fitted up for the accMnmo toti i ol 2d Mbin and sfi-erage pasaencers Those desirous of seourirg berths w ill reouire to make earl\ application on board t> e ship at Murray' wliaif, foot of Wall street. nrti JOHN HERDMAN, 01 South street, neir Wall stieet. N. B.?The suhacrilier ha* first class ship* sailing weekly for the above port, by which r -* i?e can be eng-wied it the current rite. s'Jin ASS- IMS PAT < II LINK F(TR~NK W~ORI. E ANS? Nebular pack, t ol the lotli Sept.? he first cl i-apackMflvt slop VV.SPASAIv , burth?n .000 tons,* apt Harlow, will positively sail aa above, her regular day. Her accommodations for cabin, second cabin and steerage Passengers, are imtsur|ias*ed by any vessel in port. Persons in [ Hiding going south should mike immediate application oil board, at Pine street wharf, or to . JOSEPH McMURRAY, _a5r 100 Pine <trver, comer of South* FOR ' HARLE8TON.?Regularncket >< nth KfORfV September. 1 lie reRU'nr {>ack<t IK I KH 11 \ IfVMCMat T!' 11 K, (.'apt I'ojt, will nil 11 ab-iTt-hu [>! ' idtH tcc>uiiii,il?tiona for canin and ateerage |n??'iitfri?who will In-il?fi m i renaouahle term* on aDUjic.ition on hoard tlir nhip.foiit >f Dover atr?et, or to joskpii mcmi'riiay, ?I0 r 100 Pine airect KOR saijk?The well known ropi-ered and con perflatenedship 8TLVANUS J K.N K INS,Se\ m nr, mma'i' i?ter, burthen wd regiaier 5l7 tou?, carriaa rim,(hi in ol cotton from iViobite, ?? built in thin city by Jimes Mown for Samuel Hick* (i Co. under the inflection of loaiih Macy?her apron irmanm and top timber# of life ink mid locuat?lii? standing and minimi rigmng in good order?hid lew mull four mt> ago?it well adaptej for a whaler. hating i fine roomy dec*. _ Li?a at Dover street wharf Her inreutory :au lie ?cc? %t Jl William atreet. Kor terma, apply to at l?e it i\ A'l'll A x oom n h ? (> m Wili.<m at gfft. TO LfcT?The rear part 01 the ?lor* No IB lit ailffvjJ way, niid?r the American Museum. site of the room i^jtfLibout M hv n tot; entrance through the hall adjoining; ii a at inrmte nutrance ran li<- had from nroadwaw nejt to the nnk, (wing oue of tin* moat centnl situations in In- city, and well located for alulliard Miin, or llldotl any atlfff bii i N ? Povraai n c\u l'e had immediately. Knuuire on the pre'itis**, if l. bushnkll. a7 2 w * ec ' Von 8ALK OH*TO RKN lr?Tne I'KKMIUM MILLS, wuli II or IA ran of ?tone?. with all of iu IjJJLteinive machinery, aituated near two m:)m from New llochelle, Westchester count j', and State of New York. an.I in mmednte proiimity to ihe city of New York,now murder for in ettensive business in Hour, and c in grind and |mi k 100 to l.ifl larrela each day, or conld lie most advantageously employed for iny other pur|iore w hich might require intensive water power. I'he reputation for the 3i yearn enjoyed by ihe IVanum Mills, and their proiimity to New Vrfrk, with the facility of ranaportation afforded immediately adjacent, by way of the navigation direct to ihe Mills from any port, lender the facili:i?? tor Imsiness unexceptionable In those desiring s?ch an es tablishment. Apply to IlKNRY partridge kellt'Uli. New Hochelle, n. y., Kellogg'? Ville, or to silas w ood, Esq. j9 Broad street, New \oik. New Hochelle, Angust >3, 1843, an282w*r jt?l montoo^tkrv hall, montoomkhi, aAl.A.?The proprietors or I tin establishment, so f* Torn lily known lo the travelling public on the great thoroughfare >etweeii Charleston and .Mobile, are determined to maintain tho IhkIi reputation for comfort and liberality of?rnuigenient which it t?fu? to long, and they tru?t, noi undeservedly enjoyed. Tlw buildings, which are wry spaciom *ud eooreiiteiitly arranged, have own thoroughly mpmred, i.,d the bed room* both double and single, Kure mn trliimiiSnl with new tied, i id beddiiH, also, with every necessary irticle for comfort ami convenience. l"iie J>arlor?, both public and private, \re larce, airv, and ejeoutly fumithed. This. facilities with carHul ami att< live s?rvsnf?, a cellar well ?t"cked with choice old wine*, a ta.ile supplied with every lumr> tha' the season and market ran .?!l" >rd, wd the linn drtei min.ti mu of the proprietors to omit nothing that will lend to l ie sati?ln tion of their guests, will, tliey truvt, nil ire tlie.n the 11vorablilt lant ion of the mvllng public. A.t omnibus will, at all urn*., be in readme** to convey passeugen trom the Railroad uid Steamboat! to the bouse, five of charge. Montgomery, June 7, 1WJ. W. TILLEY kf'O. anl'J 6m r SV? hhdi prime New Orleans Sugar, in ?t i Undin*. For sale by E. K. COLLINS k CO., * M South street. >RK E NIN(x, SEPTEMBER 11, SEGA Rd "(Thert'g a delight in ?inok*ig, Nona liul rmakm know." Th? Having is true, wheu vc know v> hen* to find A M-jur that imhuniu the quality ran" Of rnliviiniK liit- >i>iriu ami cheering the mind, Tim luiury al? iy? your sure to obtain, If on 8KIXAS iu Maiden Lane i>romi>tly you call; If you visit him once, you will do so attain, Kor In* gives satisfaction ami pleasure to all. His Segars 11* tin* choicest, most exuuisite brands, Hy a competent agent selected witn can*. Direct from Hivana, by special commands, And none in the city with his can compote. ilia t'olliuru, Itegalias, La Normal, aud Hum, Noriegas, Traliucas, Victories pure ; Principe, K.sperantas, lm|>erial Shears, The l>?st in the country that you can procure. Cassadoras. La Norinaa, and ('otigreiis beside, His Dos Comiwrieros and eiquisite brand, With others that have competition dWied, Kor his customrrs. SKI \v\S has always on hand. In order to secure a continuance of the approbation and custom with which 4K1XA8 has b?eu so long favored, he has engaged a (MCMI aadcompeot agent ill Havana, to select the Tobacco anu superintend the unking of all segars that he imports; consequently, he ran warrant all sold by him to be genuine. His stock on hand is more eiteusive aud sui?rior to that of any similar ?*ub ishme it. Knneiiilier tlie Number, 1 MAIDEN LANK, Howard's HoteL au33 lm*'_ *( .<.Ai.S. TUB m (). srtiAU i COKFKSL ?i\ (hlO 'Vi'l LIV E B, oft.-a celebrated Lvd 87Ovi')Uv/Vi ron brand, consisting of ltegalias and medium sue Segars SZ.oou 01 tne Morula nranu, ao do ao. 20,0?M) Low price lUvxa.ts, do <lo do. 11 Bales ol Guisa Tobacco. 8 B iles of II tvana do. 6 < '<!? ? of Free Labor St. Jafo Whit* Sugar. 12 Bays of HPcriar do Coffee. Formal* by A. A. 8AMANOS, a\a 17 lm*r No. 6 Wall at and 289 Broadway. A A. 8AMANOS offers lor tale, at No, 8 Wallst, 10 lilidi Muscovado Sugar, and 15 ban* of Coffee, lauding from brig T opaz, from St. J ago In Stor?? 10 hhds Sun cured Muscovadi Sugar, suitable for refiners 1 bote* white SntMr. free labor 18 bales superior Guisa Tobacco, suitable for manufacturers. 330, m. Senars, of Lord B>ron, Woodville, and a variety of other brands. WANTf.l)?A Cooper, and a Millwright that understand! carpen'er's work, to go to St Jain de Cuba; must be singleand of temperate habits. Apply wMOW. sll im'r QNVFV, ("It/AltS AND TpBACCO?Just received p?r O recent arrival?. an importation of choice foreign Snuff", consisting of Lund/ Foot's Irish high toast; high jjried Welch, ilardhain's, No. 37. Violet Strasburg, Mortou's mixture, I'rince Albeit do, Copenhagen, etc; together with a large assortment of domestic snuffs ol ttie subscriber's manufacture. On hand a prime lot of Havana Cigars, "Moriega," "La Norma,'' "Regalia," "Panetela," etc. ( avcudish Tobacco of the most approved brands, Turkish, German, (4 qualities) Scalarlatti, and Spanish smoking tobaccos;l)utch and English clay pipes;Joues'Royal patent matches; cigar rases; tubes; lancy pipes; snuff botes, and every article apliertaiuiug lo a well slocked tobacconist's establishment, for sale at w holesale and retail by MRS. O. NEWCOMBE St SON. au 21 lm*ec No. 4 Wall st. FOKKION WINKS AND LIWl OKS, No. 33*-i Ann stre<t. New York. THE advertiser has lor sale the following choice importations of the very best quality, viz :? Old French in cask and bottla " Holland (iiu " " " " " Hamburgh " " (imported in 1800) " Madeira Wine in pi lies and bottle " Sherry, Muscat, Bordeaux, Marseilles " " ( ataloni, I'orl, ii.c. Invalids and others w ill tind pure liquors unadulterated as above?No. 33J-, Ann st. aid Itn* r: DEPOT I OF GENTLEMEN'S FANCY DRESS AllTICLES. READY MADE LIN ENS. UNDER GARMENTS, fccfcc TDK Subscriber would call the atientiou of their palrons and 1 strangers visiting this city, to their rich and extensive assortment of stocks, scarfs, cravats, gloves, sus|ieuders, pocket handkerchiefs, dressing gowns, hosiery, lambs wool, merino, ilk, cotton, Berlin, buckskin and other under shirts and drawers. Their assortment of the above goods, and all other articles api<ertaiuing to * gentleman's wardrobe are rich, varied, and extensive, a:id well worthy the attention of the fashionable community, the) would particularly recommend their uew style of gentlemen's shirts, as containing many improvements. Tlieshirts at present manufactured by them, are cut to suit the form of the w earer, thereby doing away with the large itverplus of linen used under the old si stem of cutting. and adding not I only to tin; comfort of'the wetrer, lint to tlie beauty of the form. This improvement wai so manifest to the Judges of the late fair at the American Institute, that the first premium was awarded to the subscribers; their patent elastic Brace is particularly recommended 10 II parsons who have acquired the habit of stooping. They will ho found of immense benefit to perwus of sedentary habits, by bracing the shoulders, they strengthen the back, and expand the cheat, and will be found of no i in i?*dimi'nt to the free use of the arms. They would also call attention to their patent elastic I'ussia or ruling bell. Gentleinrn may dt-|<e:id on being suiter) with the beat auu most fashiouable articles, by calling it the old establishment ol PARNKLLS Si AHATK, an 20 lm*ec 2T> Broadway, corner of Park place. jame*~LACY, DRAPKR AND TAILOU, 62 John street, near William, continues to make up Oeiilbineu's garments of superior workmanship, anil in the most fashionable style, at Ins usual low prices, Oentlemeu in want of new and fashionable cloth ing. shuiild call and examiue his select stock of goods before puichv.'ng elsewhere. Atrial will !e sufficient 10 convince the snoht economical, that for beauty of lit, style of workmanship, aj.d at such extraordinary low prices, this establishment cannot be surpassedby any in the city. ly*" Oeiitlnneii furnishing their owtj goods can have them ill II.e and trimmed?a perfect lit warranted or the price of the good*returned. au24 Imr TERMS ' ASH. WM. T. JENNINGS fc OO. DRAPERS AND TAILOK8, 231 Broadway, American Hotel, opposite the Fountain, solicit attention to an assortment of smuoiixhle goods, including Cloths, Cassimeres, Vailm?'h Sic., in all the mhw and various styles, tuidex the assur i. > that the system of " small profits and quick returns," which lias elicited so liberal a patronage, will be continued, while our irran^nriciits are such as will enable ua to fill all order in future with promptness. A leature hi the establishment, which must commend it to those requiring article for immediate use, is the additiou to onr stock, of an assortment of first quality ready made Garmolts, consisting of Surtonts, Frocks, Dress Coats, Pantaloons, Olfice Coats, Travelling Frocks, Dressing Gowns, Uo A choice collection ol Silk aud Satin Scarfe, Cravats, Handkerchiefs, Glovre, Husiwiiden, Hosiery, Under Shirts, Drawers, Muslin Shirts, Collars, ke. At prices which must offer inducements to purchaser* jylU 3iu*ec * SHIK. I MANUFACTORY, AND OKNTLEMEN'8 FURNISHING STORK, CQ MAIDEN LANK.?Just received the latest an4 moat approved French pattern shirts. A general assortinent ol shirts, ander garments, hosiery, cravats, handkerchiefs, Sic. Shirts and under garments made up to order and repaired al short notice. For sale, a Counting House Desk, w ith three drawers and book rack. \VM. COLLINS. au20 Itn-r n KNTLKMKN^t LKKT ()FF WARDRTTB~E?Tjent I*vs men or families desirous of converting their lelt off wear ing apparel iuto cash, can obtain lor the itme the higinst cash pric#. To families and gentlemen quitting the city,or changing residence, having any suinrlluous effects to dispese of. will tmd it inurh to their advantage to send for the iliscriber, who will ittmd them at tlieir residence l.> appointment. II. L.C.V 1*? i I , No. 6 John ?t, New V ork. A line through post otfice, or otherwise, will receive prompt attention. Clothing cleaned, altered and repaired. an 17 Imr FOR SALh, A T C. H. DARLING'S, 14% Maiden tan* and 5 Liberty iV utrwi, llie cheapest and ne*t ^elected stock of KRKM tl, ENGLISH St UKHMAN FANCY UOOD8, Consisting of Needles, Comhs, Cutlery, I'm*. _ Diuihea, Jewelry, Hooka and t'.yea, Perfumery, Steel Pens, Thted Thimbles, Razors, Strops, Stc. With all other articles included in the above line. ('. II. L). would stale for the benefit of Country Merchanta, Pedlars and others, who may please to call, that all goods in the above line will lie sold on the most favorable terms. *u2l lm*r I). M. PEYSKR, & CO., NO. 1 III William street, corner of John street, and 417 Broadwav I lave received, by iwent arrivals, au eitensivs supply of the following KANC 1 GOODS, which were carefu 11v seleried hy a rum|<etent Person at Paris, Berlin, kr and winch thev offer for aale, in wholesale and reuul, ?iu libenl terina, ri?:? Berlin Zephyr and Herman Worsted?th? most compters assortment. Berlin Kmhroidery Patterns?? choice selection. Cautasv for t.mliroidery, of cotton, wursted, linen, silk, gold in.I |Ver, "I 111 widths IM >|iialitie?. Silk < liemlle, for embroiderv, trimmins and flower making Puna Twist, livrui in, French and Kngliah, plain and shaded, iaafceiua. it irks, ann oa spool*. Kloss Shk for Kmbroidery and Fung* makers, lu skeins and " su,i?"ders, snparbly embroidered, &jd Suspender Trim , _ . , .... Hold, Silver and steal Beads, in all No*. .Mother of Pearl, Hold, Silver and Steel Purse Onjaments. (ioM and Silver Fringe, Braid, Cord, Twist, l'hrend and r_ . -~a = - - ? r minr*, huu r Thrifty ui uiurrrui r wjr.y yiru* , . . \ rtilu i.1l Hower??a choice Mixtion. Kriuiira, <if cattou worsted and silk, imported and domestic Gimi-s, Thaaela, Buttons nud all other kind of trimming. JT 17 3m*ec DWlLllK.I.MH, Nn.iti BroaJway. opi<o*ite the Fountain, has iwceiswi a large itpflr of ?)o?<U, which he offers wholesale, ?nd retail, at very raaaftiiAole pricaa? Berlin, /epliir, worsted, tiennan. cari*< and shaded Wonted Kint>roider\ Pattern, a beautiful s'U-ctiou ('auraat of every deacription Worsted, Silk, I'ottou, Oold and ilrer, ICmbroutoiaa, Trimmill* a id Klort?r miking Chenille Pious and I'urse Silk, I'lsin and shaded \ Flowers ami Keathera A *?vat ?an??y of cast iron Work Perfumery, to beeold in iwka?ea from to X groes, at Tary low prirea Fancy ?|jite Paper*, Wafen and Korelnpe*, together with a Isrife ajsortmeut of fancy articles, Gloves, Work and ?e?ar (Jaaaa Rums and Tassels for ptirsaa. _ *nl2 lm*ec WOOLLEN FACTORy" FOR S.\Lk.?The siikacnh^r will sell one half or tin* whole of his Woollen Factory, which is locati ! on th? Fanniniton Hirer, 19^ miles Iroin Hartford, Connecticut. The mill is in complete operation, and now making fltl yards of broadcloth daily, with water |*m?r suiricieat forauy reasonableeiUMition. The style of doiks may lie aeen at Messrs. Comn, Brndles St < >'? Store, No. 4) Kichanfc I'l ii e. New \ ork, whore oilier more particular information may lie had as to prices and terms. GEO. C. KLL OCiO. New Hartford, ( onn. Aug. 31, 1W.1. 10,1)00 dollar* wanted, on satisfactory security limited in i New Hartford, Co'in.?interval at 6 pi?r cent, itayanla annu illy, at the Mi rhanics'Hunk, New * ork For particulars see Metiri. CoiBn, 111 l<ly Si < O. 41 Eich.uige Place. a till |nt"m IIKO. C, KKI.LO(K) TO TIIB LOVKH8 UBHUPKitlOR BLACK TEA.? I H.)W'iu?'? Mi voir.?'Tlii? fllmnrly Micmm mid imp?mllwi Tm.w Jutthly <-.*lft)nit?d in China and Enrol*. juU imported, i? nuw lor ?.?!< at tin? Cmton T?* Company's (trueml T? f?gfabli*hi!i''iit, HI ''HmIwh ?tr*"t, X?w Vork, mill II* Fiilrnn ?tr?t. Brooklyn? in |wk <*? - Pria* JO mill and Si ntcK. inM lw*r roR II B()STVV I K. n^ERATIVr. SLROROX to ih? N?w York Mrdical and v" Curate il Institute, may IxTontultrddailv bn*m.thtlmn of 3 ,\inlj o cluck. Offlc?Ti Chambar. ?U*rt ?8 lm*r mmPP-[ERA 1R43 Memphis. [Corrtspomlmicn of the Herald.) Mmrns, Tenn , Aug 25. 1S-13. Growth of J\hmphit ? Na oal Iirpot? Divtttion of IVo'f Rtetr?The Huh It?( kurchtt?Military? Amnttmtutt ? lht I.'idtf* anil thtir limns. Mr Editor: ? Having wailed in vain for your correspondent of Inst year, to make his appearanee in your interest ir? ' columns, we have ventured to give y?u a slight his ! tory of our doings, this summer, in the hope that it ! may attract the attention of some oi your numerous readers to this "young giant of the west," as our city has been appropriately called. Our town, different from most of the towns of the Mississippi valley.has none of that mushroom growth, so common to them during the great speculating mania which pervaded the country n tew yearn since. On the contrary, although pofseseing natural advan'ages superior lo uny of her rivals, her growth to importni c-4 has been slow but steady, and her prosperity brought about by men who have gone ou ! soberlv, with their own good judgment t>> guide j thein, an lo ih- rt al worth oi property, rather th-n the crazy calculations of S| eculnin^ town makers. The consequences are that at present Memphis is attracting more attention abroad, and offers greater indue merits to enterprising men, than any oilier plane in the soi^ih or w est. You are, doubtless, aware that, this in the point spoken of, at which the new naval depot is to be established, and our citizens are sanguine in the belief that the western armory will also be located here. Our very efficient Mayor, with the Hoard of Aldermen, have contracted for the introduction mm the city the water of Wolf River, h stream which empties into the Mississippi on the north ot the town, which, besides ^applying ub with water for domestic use, will afiord great power tor manufacturing purposes. Travelers must he astonished at the mnny fine buildings, which are erecting throughout the cry, and, we doubt not, will admit that considerable ta.'te has been dif-played in the larger portion of them. The Gayoso llou*e, a splendid edifice (!>y far th? finest in the State) will be opened to the public earIv this tall. Sosa>sthe its enterprising own r*. Ttie Exchif'.ge Hotel, kept by one of the best landlords <>l the south west, is the crack hos e c f the place. The City Hotel ttdoMf a good blttineaft, but owing its unfavorable location cannot compete with the Exchange There are many other public houses, which are well kept, and compare most favorably wi'h the hotels ot the west. Our piritufil welfare is well provided for, as far as churches are concerned; besides those that are already occupied, there are four n?w ones in the course i f f rectton. The Methodis' denomination is the largest and wealthiest in the city, nnd are very liberal with their means i n the affairs of their'churcb inilitHnt.' Ttteir "meeting house," when finished, will be an ornament to our town, as well a* the largest in the place. The Catholics have a very neat chapel The congregation, as yet, is small; but like their brethern throughout ihe world, very devout They are under th; pastoral care of the ltev. Mr McAleer, agen'leman wtll qualified for the Etatiori he fills. The Episcopalians, under the care ol the Rev. Mr Alston, a talented young unmarried divine, have a fine church, nnd arrogate to themselves all the " aristocracy" of the place ; the b< lies of the ci ty at'end this church -but who would expect it otherwise f Mr. Alston is "so h.androme," and has bespoke the cushioned seats ot his Father's mansion tor th" especial use of his congregation, so that they will have some pretention to ?xclusive gentility in the next world, as well this. The Baptists have u new church in the upper part of the city? it is quite small, but very neat Memi>h's can boast ot but little military spirit? | there being but one volunteer cotnpuny at present, ?the Me to ihi? Blue.?, a handsome, well-drilled ligh' infantry e'-rps, composed ot ih* choice epiritsotthe place. Tluyate peculiarly happv in the selection ot their Ificrre, being all gentlemen of the fir-' stamp The Guards, a weli appointed nfl- corf* by some mi?uian u.'ement have (alien through, thu leaving th- Blues to h'l th<? tavurs of the ciiizen?. whir h ore very j istly showered upon theru on everv appropri itv occasion. Our citizens being more of a money mttkirig than a pleasn.e -fi kit.g people?the Hmus?Mn? nn are bin tew We h ?v** froir.e sinor>g u* though who seem ti in ke it their ludy to wear this lite as pleasant aiWiA^iK If to t it i I k 4 /?! thai u'<t >i K./Jukf o.i lor our win1' ments The ill Htr?* is now clos?d. having dour but a poor business this last season, ow ing to its bail management, and not for the want ol dramatic t iste in the city At prewenr, instead of the drama, we haV'* two very pleasant p act s of re I ort, V.iuxliall and Concert Garden#, wii?-re cougre gate every evening the beauty mid lusbion ol tlu neighborhood ot the respective gardens W? attended the latter place a lew evenings sine* and were well pleased, enJ now in order thai we may show you a few of the "lion's"' ol our city, a* well as to anjoy a hauly glance at some few of our belles, put on your most pleasant looks aril accompany us into the Saloon of Concert Garden We are late ; the tnost of the company have retired, but a !Vw are yet engaged in circling around in the " m<iiy t'ance," by a coupd'mil, which must safely you until ihe dance ceaees. You will be willing to acknowledge that it is an assembly comprising much beauty and no little gallautry, hut we fee your attention attracted to the truly haudsome lady at th> head of the first cotillon ; her beHUty is of the mo?, splendid orrler, and (he is awarded the title ot th? " belle ol the city" without a disarming voice,? vei from those who might raise some claim to the Hp pellation themselves. At another time, when w feel im?re galiant, we will escort you around, ami allow you to judge foryoursell, whether or not the title can be disputed with her. TI.e finely formed gentleman dancing w;th her is n warm heHrti d son of Erin's Isle ; much ot a lady's man. You may think hia manners are very much affected, but allow us to correct you, by assuring you that a long acquaintance with him leads us to believe that such is not the case. The lady on the right of the second cotilon, we hive not the pleasure of an acquaintance wub, but believe she is from a n?ighbonug county, on u visit to her friends in this city. Her appearance is very interesting, notwithstanding her dr?*s is not in the best taste?a great deficiency in the nioat of our females, whicli we hope to sea reformed Her partner, a sm ill gentleman, who has something ot the appearance ot a balloon, from the circumstance ol his being inflated with his own vanity, is, doubtless relating 10 her Irs "travels in Europe," aa this is# we behev",the first night ol his a< quaintance with her; and lie makes it an introductory lecture to everyone he is introduced to. Vanity a*tde, he j is a very pleasant gentleman; and, we are told, much given to spoiling portraits, which admonishes us that we mint deal gently with him. Oj the left of the firat cotilion, dancing earnestly and talking incessantly, you see a lall figure, which vouwillput down in your own mind as anything but a beau; but who, nevertheless, m one, and deservedly much of a favorite with the ladiea. He ia recently lr>m Europe, and bears a title ol n?bility, but whether it is applied to hirn in jest, or aa a mailer ol right, we are not able to say; sura are we, though, that he de?erv<s to be a prince, if hi* friend* report of htm correctly. His periu< r is vlna , well known in the fashionab'e circles throughout the State, aa a lady ot much talent aiio beauty. In the same cotillon with our " nobleman," ia a f??le gentleman, well made, and vary eaay and |0lite in his manners. He isiromTens, and 011 his way to Paristo at'eyd the medical schoola of that city His brother is minister from our neighWoring Republic to the French government. '1 be ladiea say ol this gentleman that he ia very interesting. His name implies as much, being v-ry si milar to Julia imith. We think we have heard Ihe name belore. But, come; they seem determined to keep up the dance all niiht, and ns it ie anile lale, let us retire ; we have uot khuivn all the 'Miona" we would wii?h, but at another time we will make ample amends b) aervin* up some who figure in a ((iflrrent sphere, and,p?-rhn|*, more extensively. The l<*'fi**s ain> *hall have our attention in (he next, and w<- oh\l! then introduce you to Bonr* cf our p'lvtte pari'e, which youwi!! find very intfreetiiiK. However, be fore Ro:n-<, let n<r introlu *e t > you our very w >rthy Mayor, Major H Here h* ptanda by the aoda fount. You will be certain to be pre ik> we wed in his fivor Hut tine nunneryand> d'g uri'd appenrwice, ?r?* mire t?> w.ti ujmn ?traen i -,wi lie hi* marv virtue*, m>ike him a nenrral lavoiit* a>n'>ii|t his fe|lowr.citize?i?; he i* a Oarhelor, devot*dl> f nd of the fair sex; a soldier inthe b at aenae t firtt* irftii ?a firm democrat, and ft warm dm rer ot ?h*> Oi Hero, havinn ??rrv?*d u: dcr hnn in (Ik Creek ?nr ? Now we will attend you t? your qiitriers?and then, lor I he present, Adieu, Charl?y. Corai' for ma CoRRRcrtoif ?'P Trboh*, ^epi 9?No.'25 (yharle* Puinp*lly im .'d Sec. v?, Aitrun Clark. Mr M. T. Reynolds wnahe.nd for r^pon* dent. Mr. J S Bosw?.rth was heard iu rep!y^ D?" cision postponed (ill next term. Adjourned until Mouday at 12o'clock M. LD. Mm Two Cmntm. I4'*) Winston, p?. [CorrMi<*. n<Wnc? of the H? ?M.] F*LL41MOTON, Hi Co.. P*., > Sei>i 7 iH.ia ' c " ' ?" 9 ] Si knot System in Ptnn?ytotiniii?y*nlur??Abtli* tion. Jas Gordon Sbnnkit, Lsq.? Dear Sir? The country correspondence of the Herald beiag of uiucli importance to thoae residing at a distance from each other, an by iui means they get better accounts ol particular localities and tbeir inhabitants than they can obtain elsewhere, allow ma to contribute my mite for that purpoae. Nawapauers, particularly the Herald, have done more to make us acquainted with each other, ihan any otherehan. ne| I am aware of. The Herald being the grand centre ol information of every kind, "raal, persona) and wixeil," m e^ijerly sought lor at this place, and, in my estimation, h n done more to ilif]use useful iiihirinti'ion than all Pie common schools in thiadiaI trier for the Ust tan yeurs In (net, our common schools have b?i?n so wretchedly inarmr A latterly, owii n principally lothe oppositio* which the system rei f ive.i from home of our weahhy inhsbiiante, who taiatioo us a menus of educating children generally, anil who inisaine w< alth is a sufficient passport toso? ieiy without education?lhat sufficient moiiev Ci.nn< t he rnii-ed to employ competent teachers The conw quence is, our common schools are in a numerable condition; and an)siemol education which has r< H-cied so much honor on het citizens, is with us doomed to fall iruo disgrace. This in a beuuli'ul -region, and nature has been lavish ol her favors Vegetation, under the influence of ill's delightful weather, progresses rapidly, and bids lair in rewar<J the husbandman witn a great abundanceThis ih one of (lie oldest settlements in the United Stale*, being part of the original purchase ot W||. Iiorn Penn A great number ol the inhabitants still hold to the tenets of that iftily great and benevolent man?he who never nought to obtain lands by fraud and violence?and whose followers, by iheir integrity and benevolence, secured the aflectioua of the original holder* ot the soil to such an extent, that in the darkeai days of Indian warfare, no outrage wan ever attempted on their settlements. Although generally very unpretending men, tlure are some among ih?m of vry fiue talents, and most sound and discriminating judgment; the kind ot men who do the real huxinesa of life, and give character, by their usefulness, integrity and benevolence, to their age and generation. Among ihese men I might number Mr. J. M r, Jr , Dr. L, and many others Abolition has its friends hers. Not that fanaticism which would light the torch of civil disoord and wroug one man to nvht another, which would array one s< ction ot the Union against the other in deadly warfare, aud ii fl ot an evil a thousand (old greater thr.n the oue they wish to remedy. Hut itiey would prefer that Congress devise gome rmaus 10 purchase he slaves < I thetouth, and in so doing peaceably rid tne country of tfie stain of Blavery ;ntailed on us by our English forefathers, and which we have not aa yel been enabled to wipe ofl Yours, &c. Pklawarr Cillslngton, Pa. (Corretpoudttiice of the Herald.) Nbak Morribvillk, Bttcbs Co , Pa. ) Sept. 9, 1848 $ Viait tnCujit Partridge'* Military and Ch.uical Inr ?lituti\ mar Bri*t$l? Trial of oil Black P.ob Jor Ripe on the Children? Mormon* and Rtligioua Me tngt established. Ufar BltNNKTr: ? Since my la*t communication addressed to you, I have made several Hying visits through the small villages bordering on the Delaware river, in the lower part of the old county of Bucks, and if time ermits, shall E>ve you .it tim-a short ao 'ounts of lVL, K'UJiiit oDfnill in < **|v ?*}* * j!_M'| of K.nalwn -..-a !. < I"}''' '."'/IT.-Tl'noi i .uM?,V<i whio, r, t-,r..,1,. v;. -VJh >r^ii 2n * iiTl , this ?l V. ; r II,H., ihoM Who a > r -t Ir;.-,J4 ? ..!.mi,i 'n?'?%Vr?..*... ,?.J o.lm. who ?m ?/r2ily r ?. ?! to Mil * 4 <-t mi... h .ZUl of *11 of which he |i|-dji?K l>im?elf nt rii > i.<i | which ?h?il th* m ?t fi?ill :r ?" >* ? "?'? ^orkm^.K.,., ...<1 pr.M. H, I* ah lit ?!<> i ifoim hit otutom-rt thil h<- h?? ? ?rt? ? J ettlim i.iorfiif'l of ic?* atl* ir*> it outfitting of cyrry Jp?cri|<tiivi, con i?tin? of utoCk" ?c?rt? CfllUra, boaomt ?hirts. draw era. auii<o id.-rs. Ik ah11 liiimi : mbric ktndkcrchiefa, *!'>*? ?no ho* f>ry ol ill kind#. IS. ii. It?uetu*lity obi?rT?l strictly in fillii * M B HANKOHO, >ii lm*r Nftt to thf H?r?ld Oflkx. N?w \or?.^ 1UIIVAT??!> Hick< Prim- Illinoi. WW, Undi* ? ?h.p OtmnlfW, for ?) hy coLLINg k C0.. X South ihe seene. For the present occasion I cannot omit to tell you ihit I mad'* the Military aad frn-t'tute a vimt. It is under ihe immedia e cure and direction ol th'' venernble Oapt. Partridge, of ihe II S Amiv T e col!> ge is iwo mile* below Bris10I?ilit huildit *- are extr-nsiw?iht-ir portion and apiieuraiu e ,r< r- it>nik ilvy baudhonu'and unvoting I'he beautiful lawn situated b-tween the ttuildings *nd river i? u.-ed tor drilling mid oiner miliiaiy exercises The pnpi's, who are called cadeis, ar?* instructed in eii her * civil or nn i'ary education, as ihey mav prefer. The ciid.M, during the last session, ?were mostly instructed in the art of war, c.m|) duty, tha Hrt ? f fortification, defence, 4c. On the lal of th?* rnon'b nn immense concourse ot people, i* riiai*. 2000 visited the institute, with several companies ot vo'unteers from Philadelphia, for he purpose ot representing the battle of Bunker's Hill, which wan done to the satisfaction o> all, save h lew of the spectator*, who were so badly shot in the neck that ihey could sot in any possible manner keep no their b^ada to witness the firing, evolutions, manrnuvring, Aic Cipt Partridge acquitted himself in a very gentlemanly manner throughout the whole o( the;ardiious scenea and duties ihat were necessarily imposed upon him,and certainly merits a large share ot public patronage for hia devotednsss o the instruction of our youth by inspiring ihem *itha love ot the protecting military powers of our cenmry. The trial of the old negro, Kr-lsey, of whom the II-ruld contained the first notice, aud from which dl the Philadelphia papers copied, ws* a matter >1 great astonishment at Morrisville, How was it possible! But it was the tact, fori, myself, read it incog, and could scarcely refrain Irom telling them < f your secret sprint's for obtaining not only tha -arlieat intelligence of all affairs, bull foreiga and domestic, but also the most authentic. These prings are really likenei. unto the eleciro galvanic telegraph, of which the notable Dr. Lardner talked so much about whilst in New York. Well, to proceed: his trial will come on probahlv by Tuesday, the 12ih inat He attended Friends' meeting as usual, a week ago this Sabbnth?alter meeting was over, snd he oal of the house, he wm again srreaied and taken before a magistrate, and finally committed and bore off iastanterto Doylestown jail, tot actually committing a mp>- an a child nine years old! The object was to have him in jail out ol the way, bnt all this does not keep down the excitement, and any one that cannot realize his being guilty trom his advanced age and nubt cile powers, is almost denounced as an abelitioniot, and threatened to^be mobbed, if not treated to a ride on a rail, with a coat of tar and feathers. 01 the resttit ot the trial 1 shall endeavor loinform you at an eariy period. There are eome thirty or more subi <.Bued to a1 tend as witnesses to hia rnararier. ocr. u your wonny ?nu vrncraicu, Isaac T. Hopper, w*re to etai.d by old Bob. and have h!I (he circum-tan :e* of the case well prob-d. well David Pau, Brown fo explain and balance the scale.* of justice, it ia thought, by not a lew, he would be clesred. A? it ia. he is bv himaell, with no opportunity ot conferring with any one hut hia coun?el, Win R Dukeraon, E*. a young lawyer II* opponent latitat old aly, shrewd and cri e?- yed n J dirr, John Fox, Esq. The >iormons|lmv' m.ifi" qjite an irmre*aioD upon the minds ol tue inhabuaiita hereabouts, converting ond even baptisms in n auiall mill pond several; but I oelieve < yet tliey are all ot the weaker sex; althovgh there are many men that like to hear them lecture. /\a for preaching,! do not ooasider that they d.' and givefiodly advice like the generality of Christian ministers It is true they are very w ell versed in the scriptures, and speak remarkubly fluent, and endeavor to the very utmost to mako all believe thai the Mormons are. the only peeple who hp* ttu'y iu the way of going to the kingdom of H-aven. A considerable impulse has been given to 'h? erec ion and establishment ol new meeting hou?es, mce Milier's views were propagated in theae purts No If pa than tour or five have been establn-bed within a few months, in a circuit of about si* miles. I mean four houses have been erected and occupied?all fr?e except one, which is a Presbyterian meeting house in Centreville, three ruiles Irum PalUingtou, > nd five and a halt Irom Trenion Yours, tciy \t h liNrniin /1 i?ii i'a I? < >it I v < 8TOBF.)

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