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September 11, 1843 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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I1UNKY MAIiKKT. Sitiitlny, Sept. IU-U P. M. The business of the city U fair, on I stocks show a deposition to again ad vane e. The temporary check given by the rise of foreign lull*, causing apprehension ol' a Roarcity of money, is passing away. Tho activity of business, tbm,has been just sulHcient to raise prices from their extreme depression, and to give effect to the oppression of tlse tariff. Tho first parsaire of thatmon. strom,bill, caused a complete stagnation of trade, ar.d prices fell in consequence i uiuously low. They have no a'so tar recovered as to feel the weight of the hisrh duties, and the impression is general, that there can be no extended business until the oppressiva features of that bill are removed. The cash duties, without warehousing privileges, foil with crushing weight upon merchants of small capital. So general is the evil, and so ljud tho complaint, that even the most reckless and unprincipled of the political prints, with whom "protcc. tion" has been the rallying cry, are forced to back out. The Courier and Et-quier of Friday, remarked as follows : ? Th? existing tariff, is in our opinion, in very many of its provisions, too uitratn for any of the Itgitiinate purpitlet which caused it.i adaption. * * * * ? ? * Wo have said before and we now repeat, that a tariff of twenty jier cent ad valorum ou each and every article imported into the country, wi?h the exception of woollens and iron, would yield an abundance of revenue at the same time that it would afford all the protection th it any interest in the country requires. Woollens may r'quire at present a protection of twenty J\ve per cent, and wc would therefore, give it. How great must the evil be, when the most reckless of th* organs of the pnty which imposed this t??rifT, confesses that there is no resource, hut to go back to the ?luty of aOpcrcoMt. The present tariff averages 35 83 per cent, and woollens pay SO per cent. The people liavo now ascertained, that these duties must be cut down one half!! Such is ever the .caso when experiment is substituted for principle. Tho tolls on all the Now York State Canals, have been as follows for three years, distinguishing tbe amounts collected at Albany and West Troy, and at Buffalo and Black Rock, to the two extremes of the canal Tolls ok thk N York State Canals, from the opening or Navkiation' to thk 1st Ski-tkmbkr. Hu/f'nlu unit Total of Albany. Troy, Marl, Hock, all Tolls. VI;aee*. 1R11, 191,049 1*>,K!9 279,748 1,135,131) IB, 972 IMS, 134,360 1117.11.') 217,953 911,9117 12,111 11113, 152,357 155,8113 318,1176 1,127,552 12,"786 The receipts of toll?|at Albany and Troy, are on merchandize going wfi?, and those at Buffalo are on produce coming from western States. It will be observed, that the increase at West Troy is large, and is this year mort than at Jllhany, arising from the shipment? made at ttau* point, via tho Boit>a Railroad, at the expense of Now York. The whole amount of tolls at those two places gives an indication of the comparative western trada this year and laat. Tho amount of western business, as compared with 1812, has been 26 percent more, and as compared with 1641, has beon 8 per cent less. On the other hand, the receipts of produce from the west have been 60 per cent more than last year, and 12 per cent more than in 1841. The actual increase has been much larger,becauso the rate of tolls has been reduced. Tho whole country is rapidly increasing in wealth and prosperity, and with that increase the probability of a discharge of the public debts of the States is enhanced. Illinois has made a wise, praiseworthy, and we trust successful attempt, to compromise her canal debt, and with renovated means and ample resources, she will willingly pay taxes for tho discharge of hor improvement debt; other States will follow, with the exceptioniot Pennsylvania. When wo conuidor the past history of that Stete, it* present wealth, resources, and population, in relation to its debts, and that they have made no movement towards its discharge, the conviction presses upon us that no taxes ever will be collected for that purpofo. When the excise tax was levied upon distilled spirits in 1703, under Washington, of all the States of the Union, Ponnsylvania alone resisted it, and it was not until Washington himself, after making requisition for support upon the Governor* of the urronnding States,headed 16,000 militia,and marched into Washington and Alleghany counties, that the supre. macy of the law was enlorcod. It is true, at that lime the authority of the federal government had not been consoli datel by time, but since the late war taxes ham been li^ht, while the State hat prodigiously increased in wealth. The interest bearing debt of Pennsylvania is now $19,(100,000. If we compare her population, wealth, nnJ resources now, with those of the Union in 1793, we shall arrive at some idea how far the plea of inability to pay the debt is well founded. The following i? a table j of tho taxable property of the U. States, according to actual Assessment, with the population and debt at three periods Tniitblr Debt Property. Population. Debt. vr.head. 1799, 619,077.117 3,929,lfc>7 83,731,210 $;>| 47 JKll-15, 1,631,6.47,221 ?.310,000 129,130,000 $15 JO I83j, ? 15,230,000 noiif. Now.then, the Union,with property of all sorts, houses, linds, slaves, Ses.wtra worth but $619,077,447, and with a debt of $31 47 per head, impoverished 'by a long war without capital, or means of internal communication, no* only discharged that debt within H0 years, but incur red the expense of another three years war, and purchased $30,000,000 worth of land, nil of which was t>aid for, besides building up a navy, fortifying the country, and maintaining a stauding army, in addition to the regular expenses of government Now what is the position of Pennsylvania 1 It is as follow?, esjnrar as may be Debt Property Taxable Population. Jlebt. pr bead. prhead. Property 1799. 431,373 ? 21 17 255 102,145,900 18H-15, 913.000 ? 15 50 367 316,633,889 1843, 1,930,039 39,000.000 . 20 05 315 756,000,000 Tha taxable proporty lor tho first two perioJs is that cn which federal taxes were pa!d;that for 1843 is an approxi niaticn to that which pays county taxes. The debt per hend for the two first periods is the national debt, which was paid, and Pennsylvania paid her proportion. The State debt has beta -mostly contracted since. The tain, ble property per head increased lrom 1709 to 181 A, $ua par head, and shows a decline to 1843, which indicates only that the valuation for 1943 is very small. From His to 1843 tho increase has been immense. The articl? of ceal was first mined in 1H20, and this year 1,300,C40 tons, worth $5,300,000 is sent to market. The net gnnuel pro ducts of Pennsylvania, according to the census, were as follows :? Agriculture, $68,180,924 Mines 17 066,146 Commerce, at 25 pr. ct. of capital 10.603.3KH Manufactures, deducting one-third for material, 39,354,379 Forest and Fisheries, 3-5,380 Total, $131,033 656 Tho import' snd exj-o'ts of Pennsylvania, as compared with the U. ft itfS at different periods, wes as follows Imports and Exports op the UwiTKn States, distin il'ishih'l Pl;n>syi.V \nia, am> the popvlstiov or the LATTER. United Slates. Pennsylvania. Imports. Exports. Imports. Export*. PopVn. 1791, 23.000,000 20,20,., 156 11,950,000 3,436,093 134,377 lll'M, 62,585,721 61,971,382 8,1.58,922 7.391,767 1,049,158 11135. 119,895,712 121,693,577 12,389,937 3,739,275 1,518,230 1811, 127,916,177 106,382,TJ? 10,116,698 4,101,863 1,930,033 We have then Pennsylvania compared wtth the Unitsd States in 1799, as follows U. State 1 1799. Prnn. IMS. Population 3.920,827 1,930,031 Taxable Property 619,977,117 756,U00,000 ltni>orU and Exports 11,205,156 14,751,561 Animal Income 131,033,655 Canals?miles none 592 " cost 18,870,615 Railroads?miles none 118 en?t 1.783,176 Debt 83,731,210 39.000,000 Now, 4.000,000 of people in 1799,went to work and paid a debt of $81,000,000, while 30,000,000 of people now, with Immense resources, and 768 ml Irs of public work', pr<? 11- n,i mey cannoi pay 9?u,uvu,uini dcDt ; or with an nntina] incomo of >181,038,OOO they cannot pay 3,CO#,#oo, or pr cent of their incomr, to pre*ervo their honor. These facta iirn so palpable, that aa we stated above, they dearly ovincc that waat of will, which compelled even Wash* ington ti enfoica it In hi* time. The enforcement ia now out ef the quet t on, and public Opinion otily can compel them to bejuat. HI ate of Trade. AtreTio* S*tr?, Bostow, Sept. u.?Com?Ohio white, 250 bbls, 51 ii SO c per bn?hrl of 68 ib?, ca*h bbla JO c rnoli. Marble?Italian, 143 ilnba ndv, 47, broken and poor, aold at $1 'iH a ? per alab, caah. Wine?Sicily Madeira, IB pipe*, 76 halve, Woodhouae, "C. V." brand, adv, 'J pipes, 68 halve* aold, nt 41 a 44Jc; 8 pi pea, 47 halve*, 00 quarters, 43 sixths, "Cannita" brand, adv, 10 quarter* |ut 411 c, !W sixth* at 44 a 46 c per ga), sold, ? mix. Hag* ? New Orleans, 46 bales, IJ C per lb. cash. Hope Cuttings?New 0:lenn', 30 bales, I 1-16 c per lb, cash. Salt?60 bbla Syracuse, $1 S3 a $1 j7}perbbl, 6 buthol* each. The market* closed on Saturday very firm, and holders ofthe most staple article* ol trade were doing a vary acfive buUnen at improved and advancing rate*. Specula tor* in cotton will reon n rich harvest lioai th?ir storks, a* prices havo not only taken three steps lorwatd wi' bin the past si* weeks, but are high, and tending towards a still farther advance. Holder* and speculator* in flour are not so comfortably situated. Stock* are increasing and prices decreasing. The future looks rather black to those who ha\ c large supplies on hand, or*vhohavc made heavy contract* to receive And speculator* who have f?id in large lot* at high prici s, will find that they have made n great mistake, in turniug n druf ear to the predictions of this journal. The importers of foreign dry crool manufactures, have so far done a good business. They commenced the sea son with small stockx, which have boen pretty thorongh * ly cleared out, at advancing price*. The stock ot dry "? iwirivti, nt mviD Kirnpn ?iitn uomrMlC lmnin iaeturc, at prwiuut if vory ?uuU, uuU our jacket (hip* j ilnily arrive with trilling supplie*. TIm packet* now due aho'ill bring the heaviest frei-ht* ofth? *eo-on. Our Lome manufacture* cannot supply the demands oftlie trade and fulfil their contract* toi expoit. They are running night ?nd d*y. 8nJ are *'?'ninK out an tmmenw quantity of good*. The grocer* are doing a heavy trade, and price* 7?r the leading articles of their business are well up, and firmly sustained. The o ty is full of *tt anger*; the Western and Southern merchants have made their purchases, and are about leaving tor their homes. The trade for the rest of ihe season will he principally ronfln'd to the wants of the inhabitants nearer liom . Tho country merchants of N< w Kngland, and N-?w Yo?l( have not yet made th?ir annual vi*its. They generally arcour best and heaviest customers, and if Ihtir demand* are a* Imree in proportion us the south and wciit, the remainder of the searon will bu very uctive, up to the close of navigation. Our merchant* have carried on this fall a profitable trade. Almost evety article of consequence was very low at the commencement of the season, and (except in one or two instances) a graiunl advance has been submitted to by purchasers, a9 the demand improved. The only unfortunate part of tlie business is, that most had on hand sm^ll storks, a safe, and judicious principle to act upon generally, to commence a season'* trade, but which once in awhile will prove unptofiiuble. Fisii.? Dry Cod is quoted at $< 76a$J 81$, for the best qualities. ltiarKcrri is quite active, una rso. i is neni si $10 0J4 a 10 75. No. 2, $3 76 a $!>. No. 3, ot |$li. Tlie receipts are taken iinm"<!iat'\y ou airivul. Scoar?V?ry littlo doing in tliis article?price* are yet steady, uut not linn Wo notico sales of White Havana at 10c. Brown do. 7 a Sc. Cuba Muscovado, 6| u $7? Poito Rico 6J!a7Jc. l'no? ihions ?Beef and Pork are very inactive, and our quotations are lew than tbo?e given. We quote mime Purk at $10 UJaf.10 18} Mess do, $11 25. Beer cannot be otherwise than nominally quoted, a* the sales are so trilling. Lard is quite brisk ,the demand being principally for report. We quote inferior to common, oj a Go. Pritni?7 a 7Jc. Very little is doing < in Butter. Cheese is much wanted for shipment, and sales to some extent are mudo At 4| a $0. Oil ?The receipts of Wtaalo continue very tight, while the demand does not abate in the least. Two arri vals have taken place at the cast, but they wi re not large, and cannot alfect the stock in first hands but veiy slightly. The price yet rumnins as last quoted, for crudo Whale. Sperm is also very scarce, and at a price much above our quotations ol some little time since. We quote 79 cents, nitt lor all that is olTered. Moi.A??it??This article continues verv firm, ond Iho receipts light. Pric> i ore pr?tty well advanced, ond quotations remain without alteration. The demand is confined to the wanta of the trade. quote for South Sea 43 cents, but there is not much doing. TUo stock is very light, and the supplies trilling. Dry Goods.?The auction homos stiil get up fair sales, which are well attended, and prices firmly sustained. The sties this season have been unusually large. The importer* supplied the auctioneers liberally so long as their stocks allowed them to do so, but not having been replenish'din proportion to thesales,they at present are rather short of goods, which hat a favorable < (fret on pii'fs. Domestic manufactures have not been pl?nty ?t any time this fall. We quote brown shirtings 3 4 at 3] n 4f cents; do 7-8 at 6 a 0 cent*; bleached do 4 a 7 cei.ts; 8. I. do do 7 (i II cents; brown sheetings, 4 4, 6 a7 cents, do do 6*4 10 a 13$ cents; bleached do 4 4 at 7 a 13 cents; do do, 6-4,19 a 16 cents. Asmks?Very little doing in this article. Pots are (till quoted at $4 31 a (4371; Pearls are very dull, and prices wavering at $5 35 a $6 31$. The stork in this market quite large for the season. Hat.?The receipts of North lllvcr are to a fair extent. The aales ar? quite large.both for consumption and shipment. We quote for prime, 43 a 46 centi; for inferior, 40 a 43 cents. Tea.?The cargo of the Probus was sold on Satur 'ny, on the usual terms Most of the lots offered were sold, and prices were well sustained. The many cargoes sold by auction this season,have had no unfavourat le effect on prices, as they are as high now as at the first sale. Hyson?36 chests SO cents per lb; 30ti 13ibhxs46. Young Hyson?63 hall chests 76; 63 do do 75 ; 66 do do 63; 31 do do 43; 3i do do 47$; 63 do do 47 ; 76 do do 40$; 30 do do 35$; 17 do do 34; 35 do do 88$; 60 do do 33; 39 do do 33$; 37 do do 33; 476jchests!31; 730 I31b bxs 34$. Hyson Skin?36 clieaU 44,350 131b boxei 4] Qunpowder?33 half chests 51, 131 do 30$, 470 131b boxes Ati, 166 do 63$, 45 do 49$, 303 6lb do 56, 100 d? 61, 10 13 31b 011)8,65$, 66 do 63, 30 do 61$. Impeiial?70 half che'ts 30, 348 131b boxes 61, 140 do 60, 63 do 49. 260 61b do 66$, 164 do 63$, 76 13 31b cans 60$, 30 do 60. Sonchong?10 half chestt 40.37 do 39, 30 catty boxes Ningyong40, (343 do and 375 301b do withdrawn ) Powchong?50 half chests 38, (363 do withdrawn.) Cotton.?The market clostd on Saturday firmer than we have noticed for along time The tales for the week are very large, reaching full 13,000 bales, comprising New Orleans and Mobile at 6$ a 10$. Upland 6J a 9. The receipts for the same period wer? small, being nearly 40t0 bales. The last report from the European markets hat established so much confidence that speculators have become plenty enough in this mark&t, and caused the ex tenaive a.ile and high prices that have characterised movements since. Speculators have fairly run wild, and every bale that could be got hold of atcurrent prices was seized with the greatest avidity. Holders are not disposed toopciate. Many have refused a small advance on our highest and latest quotations. The stock in first hands in this market is large, very little of which it taken for do. ! mottic consumption. The tales for thy past week have almost exclusively been confined to speculators. The Caledonia cannot be in before the 18th inst. at least, and in the meantime pricei will advance here, from the anxiety of purchasers and the firmness of holders. The stock of old Cotton has neat ly left the Southern ports, and most of that oa this aide of tho Atlantic is in thu market. The new crop is a: riving quite fast at the South. On the 1st in.?t. lfll balet arrived at New Orleans. _ n n R ^1^111 |'i-i ?} a HO, Meainrxmrnt Ooo<!? $10 n 1 RicVfS * Jill) p?-i ton; <t'i?rollron n^rU $10; Whalebone, Je. t?or lb. nnrrtrd. On Sunday evening, by the 1W. Win Ten V.vck, Mr. Mi>5?0> K. 0*i en, to Martha Ann MaC0UI( k, of No. I? City HallPlace, all of thi* city. Died. On the morning of thn loth in?tnnt nTit r a lingering illneio, I am i I.nxr., ago 1 'Jl yearn end J!> il.iy*. Hi< frlrindi, and tbn* ol lii* brolhtr, J.iooh A Long, til th Am of I.OPT ?n I H'muibi re an 1 hi? brother in:,,w, Joh i MeAttl?-?, a - re?|weffnlly in?!1<'1 toatt.ii.t hi* V.netal from bis lam ri?i l.?no, No. IM) W.?t 8i\t. pill ' Ntrri t, thi* nil tt noon, iit three Vloc.k i>reri?ely. On tli ' 10tl> i i?lai l, nlti?r * linfforinir illn? ?, Johh Wtiic K>om i<, *or oi I iptaiii John Knowlts, ag< .1 tw" nt)-mi' year* mill *ix a<onlh* The iiitnda LunJ acnuauituncea af the luiuily aro ro rrom uu ine lniormauon wt: can ommn irom hip mo*i extended and authentic sources, we hare been thoroughly convinced the new crop cannot exceed in quautity two-thirds of ia?t yearV The giowiig cripis beyond any favorable influence of the weather, nut larfrom being bay ond any one of the numerous difficulties and dan gers attunding the harvesting and market'ng a crop over so largo an extent of country. A few morn weeks will tittle the nuestion? if it can now be considered suchmore decidedly. Below we gi vs quotations of the Sd and Vth alt, on rem I paring wbieh the advance during the week just clased i will be teen. 1 Lm.nrnoi. Classification. Srpt. 2. Srpt ?. Uplands. If.O.fMo. Uplands. N.O.$-Mo, | Inferior 1 .I'iMi ii'.iiii,1,' Gyi'i>? Ordinary a 0 >*iS'i 6*417 Middling fiKafiTJ 7 ?t' <iV:i7 7>.,i7V .Nlid. Fair- -7,'^-*771 ai7 11 7'a 1"V II iWi Fair 7 Oood Fair R*4-?0 Fina ?a? t)lt>10*? ?a? 10 all Flo?r.?The condition of this market lor this impor tant article of breadstuff's, is anything but favoraln? to the interest of the holder or producer of the interior.? Speculators hum not recovered from the overwhelming news by the Britauma. They are like the navigator at sea without a compos*. They have made wrongcnlniUtions, and nru now suffering from pinning too much confidence in their own short sighteduess. The prospect is indeed an unfavorable #ne. The result of the ctfect throughout the country cannot be estimated Holders lu this market, rather than submit to the great decline.have commenced shipping on their own account, risking a loss after exhausting every resource, than to submit lo present quotations at home, without an effort. The re ceipts in this port still continue large, while a mere nominal demand exists. Speculators are purchasing at rulinr rates in anticipation of a rise, caust-d by short sup plies from the interior This, in one sen<?, is a vuiy reasonable move. The producers of the We..t aro able and riispoFcd t? hel 1 on their grain utile's prices come up to a n numerating mark. They are not so generally compelled to submit to the going price, whatever it chanced to be, as formerly; they have other resources without sacrificing their wheat crops, and this msy have a very gra it afl'-ct cn prices; it will assuredly stop supplies, and that will lead to an advance in the seaport markets. Nothing but such a Mote of things can save those who buy tloumt the low puce i.e*<? of $J.?0 per bushel. The shi|ments on home account are principally to Liverpool. Quotalions fortius market csnnct yet be depended on, ns establishing any piices lo rnlp sales of any magnitude. nu mi uniiir jn urui xnie 01 inn iraie can 1)0 considered n criterion of the futura, we think (lie rrit of the season will not bebetterthan now exi?t?, both a* regard*priori and demand. The mock in (tore here cannot he leu* than 176 000 barrel*. Ohio and Wilmington can be bought at ?4 a $4,4.1}, in any quantity Southern iivery dull, and prices nieiely nominal, as they sr* not *eitUd 'ya ingle unle. Wheat is very inactive. We quote 90 cts. n *1 7or ullqiulilie* ol naw??dotd. Corn i< more plenty, an I prion feel the. effect of full receipt*?sale* rule ?t flti ct*. Kve if a little lirmar than previously quoted, and i* now hi Id at <W a 61 ct*. Freight I. NcwOki cahi, Sept 1?The amount oft sports ft jm our poit the past season ,ha9 been Urge beyond precedent, but freight* have not a'tained tho high rate* of some pre- I vioui year* on crops ol murh leu extent, swing mainly ton material increaae of ves?els, both in number ?n<I capacity, a* will be seen on releren<Mto our table of comj arative arrival*. The f?ct that most ot the produce ha* already been st?nt forward, ha* render e I the market quite inactive for forne weeks past, and it muii continue in a dHll state until ther.ew crops flow in abundantly. Cotton?To Liverpool?Jl per lb; to Havre, I cent; to New York; $1 7J n per lille; to Boston, , >1 *'ldo. Tobacco?To Cowes, Sir , 37s fll per hhd; to London, 37 6d;to Hamburg and Bremen, flti a 35*; to Liverpool 37- Ad; to Havre.31" 11,1; to New Yirk, $4 7? a $6; to Bonton, $4 SO; to Philadelphia $6 n $6 5!). Sugar and Molasses?To Northern Port*; -From the Const, nonr shipping; from the City, $'2 SO a $3 Bacon?To Northern port*?None shipping. Pork, 82J perbrl; Flour, 60; Lead, $4 a f t 60 per ton. The London and Liverpool packets from this port, mil with good fieights, hut their cargoe* are mnde upol a great variety ol produce, compruing (lour, pork, lar.\ and almost any thing else but our greate*t shipping staple, Cotton. The last packet for Liverpool took out a fair amount of freight, although she diif not go lull.? We quote Cotton to Liverpool at 3.1Ad u }dper pound; Naval Store*, Is 0 a 1*0 per barrel; Flour, It tial*9, Provisions, 3* A; goeds, 8s per tierce; Heavy Goods, 'Jtl* A a 'J6? per ton. To London?Navwl Store*, is a fi; > lour, 3s fi; Rice and Set da, 7* per tierce: Tobacco, lb* porhhd; Heavy Hoo<li, ?6* a -J7* 0; and Measurem, nt (foods,30* ner ton. Tnll?r> i ? 7 ?.. u.. ?.i? tpt'CtlulIy requested to attend bin funeral, this day, ?' lour o'clock, P. M , from hi* U'ht-i'* rekideuce, No. 07 J.imea ilreet, without further invitation. Lattit Advlcr* nrcnvKo at tiie n?.w tokk iikkai n orricic. Africa July 16 Manilla Mreh 16 Antigua Auif. 1 Malawi Autf. J Antwerp An*. 16 Mar?eill?i Aiijf. I'? Ami 'ayes Ail*?. 13 Madeira July IS Batavia April 12 Montevideo July l. Bermuda Au?. 15 Mausauilla Au?. *1 Buenos Ayre* July 'I MatanKas Aug. 21 Belize, Hon. Ann. 1 M;t vaguer Aiik'. 12 Barhadoes Aug. II Mexico Auk. '1 Bordeaux Aim. 13 N-ishhh, N. P. July 31 Bremen auk. ' rseuvitas juiy * Bombay 'une 27 Oahu, S. I. Mrch in ( an ton May 7 Para Auk. ( alio Town, C. G. H-June 10 Paris Auk. 5 ('alrutta June 7 Port an Prince Auk. 1 Cadi/ Aug. 3 Ponce, P. II. Auk. IS ChaKrei June 2d Porto < 'nbelln July 2<i Cienfuegos June 13 Point Peire, Guad. Auk- II Ca|ie llaytieu July 21! Pernainbiico Auk. 7 Demerara Auk. II Kio Janeiro July 23 Klsinore July 22 Si. Helena July 1!) Gibraltar Auk. 2 St. Thomas Auk. <!3 Guayama, I'. It. July ti St. Jago de Cuba Aug. 17 Galveston Auk. 6 St. Johns, 1'. 11. Auk. 13 Havre Aiik. 12 St. < mix July 31 llamlmrK Auk. II St. Domingo Inly 31 Havana Auk. 311 Surinam Aiik. 1 Jacmel July I Trinidad de Culm Auk. 9 Kingston, Ja. Aiik- IS Talcahuatia May .7 London Auk. 18 Tainpico July 7 Liverpool Aiik. I!) Valparaiso June I La (iuayra Aiik. 11 Vera Cru? Auk. 11 Lima June 16 \ ucatan July 3 Macao May 7 Zanzibar May 16 PiiwngcrH Arrived. London?Packet ship Wellington?Cornelius Verhryck and lady, Mrs Kdw ird Willi*, rliild and servant, Thomas I) Hire, lady, four children and servant, of Now York; Clias J Burnett, Wm J Burnett, Skaneateles: James Jones and lady, Virgiuia; Jolui ?<len, London?GS in the steerage. London?Packet ship Mwitr.eiland?I It Pratt, Mary Pratt, Kmily l*r?tt. John lloidey, Joseph Tolfnv, Ann Tolfree, Geo Wilks and lady, T K' lluih, Miss June Drake, T B GriKg, Juo Mitchell, John Jacobs?53 in the stfvriKe. PnMt'iigt rs to Arrive S*tvnnaii?Brig Kict'l?Mrs T Thomson, Miss Mustin, C p 'P TI,.> Foreign Importation# London?Ship Wellington?2fi pkgs11 Jessop?65 Morewooil fit co?30 li K Htaats?30 <? Meyer X son? I .1 noberttoii?7 W Vvse?1 J Walker?.'id J Wichelhaiisen?G Hnadlev & co?49 J \V H?rrii-2!tt slabs tin Law reuce St co?2 pkgs P Hunt &co?3 It II Kinor St co?83 ( lark St co?I Oppenheim St co?IB Cum* mi UK & eo?5 H Anstice?2 Welili St co?2 Paton St co?f A A Low?IV Forest St co?12 J Owen?2 Huntington St co?2 Lewis Tappan?2 M L Leman?2 Barber Brothers?-I King St co ?I Ay mar St co?I J I) Wright?I C G Gunther?I A Cliardon ?I I1 A Mesier?2j Herrick & co?127 to order. London?Ship Switzerland?20 bales indue Butterfield & Fisher?00 cks lieer W Ilarrimau?43 bales F, K Collins St co?7 J M Oppenheim?10 Goo II Mort'wood?40 do 5 pkgs Clark & McGowau?12 chests G Meyer St son?12 W Vyse?R .1 Moses & co?II HuiihcII St Whitinore?'j K A Huntington St co?2 K Tomes St son?2 < 'nmming St lliach? 1 C Dord?I Wells St Spring?30 J Wichelhausen?1 II Phelps St co?t J Iteese co ?16 W Nelson?3 D lladden?8 Baldwin?111 H Hyslon?30 B K Staats?3 G Pearce?2 Chester, < "lark St co?3 B H'l horp?2 J Swauwick?I F. Baldwin?2 W St J Morrison? 2Cary St Hart ?2<J G Sh^ppnrd?2 B Morton St co?2 IliHsell & co?I J Horsey?I Wiley & Putnam?2 J Lefferts?11 Herrick St Blunt?30 b tiles quicksilver Farr, Powers & co?3 pks J D Phelps St co? 10 Peck St oHWi bars iron Dickson & co?2300 bags nuts Faber St Bierwertli?40 bkts K Fiedler?ti kegs I cask 7 pkgs 1 case G IJ Morewood?11 biles Knuliali hare skins I case Barber Bros?1 bales W Fisher?1 T Hunt?2 Bartlett St Welford?1 J Keese St son?1 J Mortimer St son?1 Paton S: Stewart? 1 Wells St Spring ?1 (i Long? 1 D Weudell?1 P I Nevius?I J C Muller?1 .1 Geary?1 S Isaac?I C Bnrstow?1 D H Shapte.r?1 J Jennings St co?I J Raymond?1 Dickson St e.o?56 cases 34 fnkins I case* copper t'> order _ MA III TIM ft HERALD. Sailing Dnyn of tlie Steam Slil|u*. FROM LIVERPOOL. FROM AMERICA Britannia, Hewitt Sept. 16 Caledonia, Lott Sept. 4 Oct. 9 O. Western, Hoiken Sept. 23 Oct. 19 Packet* to Arrive. Pnckcts to Sail. FROMI.IVERPOOL. FOR LIVERPOOL. Garrick, Skiddy, Aim. I I S*Whitne,y,Thompson,Sept.13 Oxford, IL-ilhbone, Atn{. 19 Queen of the West, Sept. 10 f flrnrr. Ttfil?nn. Anf< U HtbmU. Baiitiiif, Sept. 19 FROM PORTSMOUTH. FOR PORTSMOUTH. Switzerland,Chadwick.Aus; 8 Montreal, Tinker, Sept, U Victoria, Morgan, Auk. 20 Gladiator, Britton, Sept. 2(1 FROM HAVRK. FOR HAVRE. Sully, Burrows, Aug. 2 S.doGrassc,Thompson,Sept. 10 Francois I, Ainsworth, Aug. 9 Ship Mutcra ami Agent* W? shall esteem it a favor, if Captains of Vessels will gJve to Commodore IIohert Silvkv, of our News Fleet, a Report of the Shipping left at the Port whence they sailed, tlie I Vessels Spoken on their Passage, a hist of their Cargo, and any ForeiKu. Newspapers or News they may hate, lie w ill board them immediately on their arrival. Agents and Correspondents, at home or abroad, will also confer a lavor by seudiiiK to this Office all the Marine Intelligence they caii obtain. Nautical Information of any kind will be thankfully received. POUT OP NEW YOHK, SKPTK.VRElt II. IUW RISKS 5 37 I MOON RISES* 7 15 I'M 6 15 | HK1H WATER 10 19 Arrived. racket ship Wellington, Chadwick, from Loudon ami Port* mouth, Auk. 5, anil the Lizard 10th, with to (jriuiiell, Mintnro Si Co. The W. lias had continual light wind* the whole passage. Ship Atalanta, Raymond, 37 day* from Liverpool, with nidsc, to S. W. Slocum. Herald Marine t'orriHjKuicltiice. Office of tub Hhodf. Isi.andkr,) Nkwpoht. Sept. 9. 11M3. > Arr flth, Carolina, Coe, Dightou for Philadelphia; Imperial, Reed, anu Alabama, Harris, Kwtown for NYork. A lore and aft lumber laden ?chr (said to be the Clarissa, of Bus Ion, struck oa Old Newton rock, knocked off her rudder and bilged. She now lies anchored, full of water, about one nule Mow Beaver Tail Light. Cutter Jackson and smack Alert halt gone to her assistance. Btb?Arr rev cutter Jackson, Connor, with sclir Clarissa in tow. Sid Calais, and Sarah Jane, Boston, and all other Kaslern hound vessels. General Kerord. Packet ship, Cipt. Tinker, for London, ?aiU this day. Her letter hags close at Gilpin's, in the Kxcliangc, at 11 o'clock. Cot i.ision.?Capt. Fuller, of the ship Plymouth, at Boston from Liverpool, reports that on the 7th iust. in a thick fog, lat I I J, Ion fiAS, cam* in contact with ship Sterling, of ami for Wiscaiset from Liverpool, and carried away lore topmast, cathead and bulwarks. The Sterliim apparently sustained but little d image. Fatal Ai cidcnt.?<-ai't ZeuasCrowell, of West Dennis, wis killed on Thursday, Tin inst. in Boston Bay,, by a Mow from tin1 boom of his own vessel, (the schooner Silver Spring) caused by a collision with a schr. on Till: examination Iwlhre Mr. Commissioner Curtis, at iBoston litli inst. Michael I ollaghan, a seaman in the I S. service, w is cotninilted to answer at the next term of the District < 'onrt for manslaughter, in killing Thomas Smith, also a C. S. seaman, oil board the sloop of w ar I'reble, on the ii.ld of July. It appeared that the accused had challenged Smith to fight. but finding himself mastered, drew a sheath kuil'e and stabbed him, causing Ins death. IYhi.ii Sai.f.?The ship (ieorges, touslturthen, i!) years old, cop|ier fastened and coppered, well I'ontul in sails, rigging, Sic. sold at Boston for SITOll cash. Whalemen, Arr at New Bedford ftth iust. I<r*el, Little, Indian Ocean, Augustine B.iv May i, with Zliim bbls oil, :tno sp. Left at Augustine Bay, Tenedos, Chester, NL, 7ihi wh. Slil treu 1'ike. Tierce, Indian Ocean and NW Coast. (Iff Western Islands July H, India, Walker, NB, clean. At do.1th. Itliogene, Boston, MOtp, \t Fayal July 17, China, Potter, NB, clean; Aug 2, Iloman, Shockley, do do. Falcon, Richmond, NB, clean, was off Florej Aiif 2, (not l.'ith, as reported.) l'hilip Tabh, of and from Warren, Rt. for Indian Oceau, H|M>KI'II JIUK ??, im JV| mn r.? i'. Spoken. A ship supposed the Sully, fmm Havra fur NVork,signalized Auif HI, off tin' the Wellington. at this port. Oreat Western, (<) Hosken, hence fur Liverpool, Itli inat. 10 i in, lat 11 6, Ion 57 ??. Sea Bird, (3 masted schr) NewOrleanj for Liverpool, Am 28, 11, Ion 60. Alhamhra, Wilson, NOrle.ans for Tnest" and V enici.-, 28 day* out, Ait* 28 lat 10 211, Inn .12 28. New KiiKhnd, Lowell, James River for London, Ant 27, lat 40, Ion 4?. Foreign Porta. 8t llttrit, July 19?Ait Uelridere, Lovett, Manilla for Boston. Lake Ports. Ct.F.vEt.A*D, Ohio, Sept J?Arr Panama, Wilco*, Buffalo; Clyde, D .ivies, Toronto; 6tll, Farmer, IVewcomb; Hocky Mountain, (Gardner; Col Benton, Whittel; Louisa, Brown; Victory,f-ook, and Warren. Richmond, Buffalo. ('Id I'mmi, Wilcox, Buffalo; Peacock, Valer, Toronto; Uh,.John Orint, Si,'<llen; (ia/ette, Minor; 'i renton, Di?hrow, and Dealer, DemicU, Buffalo: Mink, llaj.'.id in, Hindu sky; Warren, Richmond, Monroe; F.clipje, Fuller, Detroit. Home Ports. Lrncc., Aw* 11?Sid Mary Augusta, Varnnm. Philadelphia; Sept 1, Orandee, Oilchrist, NVork; 3d, (leo Warren, Foster, do; .'itll, St Leoil, Bahion, Baltimore; Melville, Kent, .New York. Th0M*?T0W, Aug 31?Arr tJeorgea, Watts, NVork; Sept 1, Susan Ludw it;, ( inline, Berinudt. Sid M. Mary Augusta. V mum. Philadelphia; F.itio, Rohiusou, Wilmington. lid 6th, darifsa, Watts, NOrlnana. PniiTi nn, Si pt 7~( Id Marv, Vork, Matm/ai. Sid Orh, <"al. li, Clllia. Portsmoi tii, Sept G?SIJ ITadaai.ih, Knowltou, Philadelphia. Ho?to!>(, Sept o?Arr Cnnatantine, Wadsworth, and Saxony, Scnddcr, Havre; F.un line, Nichols, Philadelphia; Looluel, Baliliid.i', R 'Iinit; PI, in.mill, Fuller, Liv-ii I Signal for a brig. < Id Charleston, F.ldridge, N w Ori on; .1 W I'iup1, Taylor, Baltimore; Sea Kagle > Smith, Gibriltar: S.lma, Pray, Barli ulo *; F'ranklin, Snow t lenfui gos; It len/.i, Hopkins. I.? Unayra Bad a market; (' yhele Dew ins. rlai ma: < hut Island. Hall, Am C lyes; \\ m \V Wyer, Adams, Richmond; Fominun. ^ ork, Philadelphia; Benj Bigelnw, Bean" \ V ink. N f.w Bmroiin, Sept 8- S|,l Monitor, Bc?.e, Phil nl. lplo i; Pomona. Shearman, N \ ork; fltli, .Joaenhinn. (Iliem) Sand-ledt, Amsterdam; Daeid Coffin. Smith, I'liiladeliiln>. 1 I'h<iviii? m'k , Sept !>? Arr Tho? Dale, Wilkin*, Baltimore; l.odeimi H Klr/a, Price, Philadelphia. Sail <!, wind N I. t.. si-., light, Powhattan, Onwy, ami Daw Wtbater, Ojrden, Phi Kai.i lli?rn,Sept 5? ArrJot Brown, Lewis, and Radient, Wilwy, Rondout; Oieeola, Wryalt, anil Yiutic, Bennett, New Irhrk; 6th '< ? Brown, May, Philadelphia; Meridian, Lewis, N Verk. 71 h, C hiliin, ( Mr) M illi i', Piotou. ll*iiTrn*i>. Sept 7?Sid Ironside*, Morlff, Philadelphia; 8t Dranyi, Toit, Ntork. Ai.ium , Sept !>? Arr < ilrdoni.i, Spelman, Providenee; New Jersey, Bill, Philtdelpliia; John Kandolph, do; 'I wo Brothcni, I (iooatpeed, and Tigris, Lovell, Boston: M/tssasoit, Brown, lull liiver. Slil (tango* .Alien; Norwieh, Crosby, and llenr\ Curtis, Ilalh't, Boaton; Hornet, Taunton; Krie, <)ihln, New Bedford; James North, Brown, nnd Bhepherdeas. Mount, New Cm mi uto*. Sept 7?('Id Smton, (Jallway, N \ urk; I ',!?# nor, llolilis, Baltimore. S*? ??riAii, Sept (i- Sid F.tcel, Baxter, Work. f SDKPKNDKN P OHDKU OK GOOD KKLLOW8?The I tollowim: Lodce* mem ?t H o'clock, P. M.:? t i nstitution liodill, No. I, Tuesday, at '100 Kn*l Broadway. Washington Lodge, No. 2. .Monday, (it 3(HI do do Jefferson Lodge, No I, Thursday, at Brooklyn. Ne\* \ ork Lodge, No. (, Weilneiilay, at the 8hak?|>e*re llo t'l, pomw W'llllwi .ind Diitnf ilrwii. .mil lin*ee 1?()H s \I,K ("UK -\P- Ae 111 I t p. ii.tmB Olfiee e ilrnl it. .1 lor a om.tll <1?11 >' or a we klv iii'W<i>.iprr, ronsiituiK "I llr*<rirr, Minion, Kdnrv Tv|?, Imputing Stona, J -,e?, k'mna* fce., !*< ., all iiMirly nrw, lininlr* of 1AMKS ( ONVKR, ^ ( oftiMr ttf NH.Hsan iukI Auu aro( ks? Boi.'oiir \n" hY>u> <?\ . mTMissiioN, w twl CoIImIiiiiii niiilr on .ill mm III tlie United Klitri. I>V WM & J NO. (I'nillKN, in VV ?n itm-t I ? .... _ . niidi'f tw M(tli?ii?>' R ink. ouilifrn anil Wcutrru Draft* Mid l}.uik Nottvi ImiiikIii .uiil 1 ??w rt lm?M bkacon trotting course. . v^v'1 \ V . , ''V I'll- ?'? ?. Ir?# foriill trotting horn*?mile h?*ts, le*?t 3 in 5, ill lirunr?s. KNTlllKS: D. Ilryant enters g. in. Lsily Suffolk. II. WoodruIV enters li. g ' ^onltdrnire. N. B ?Member* tit-lieu fur (Tie n iiini 9'<, to be had it the UoInCoSeeofum i MneM'iyioftnttidi. wT u*r WANTS V SITUATION?A jro?nc wommi wMmiomgage hmriru chambermaid, or to Jo the homework in a iiihII I'.iinily. The be?t of reference given. Ku?|uire,it 71 M t? tml, up sUir* slI3tl> \ATAMTfell)?I'urcluuen for I'atrut Minglen.nted for ?mooth'' ing clothes, Sir They entirely supersede the ute of imi,ing. and put * beautiful gloss oil clolllfs, Sic. They are a laboisaving m.irliine, as one lenmle with tlie Mangle w ill iu one il do at much work as ten lent.iIm will do with llw smoothing irons, and without the aiil of fuel. They may l*> aeen in oiieration at the principal hotel* in lh? city. They w ill lie sold at greatly reduced m u m by DUNCAN' St WEST. \ Little Green street. aull Im>in iiwr Liberty street, N. V. AYOUNO LADY,whoImi nmM a good bflUinlr cation, who understands embroidery in all its branches, ami ha-, lie, ii accustomed to teaeh, wishes to obtain it situation in n country hoarding ichool for young Mini. Address, |?? >t paid, M. I. 'IV, I' the Herald. New York. aii2lilm*r DAY BOARDING. G.ENTLEMEN taking their meals down town, dneirous of sccuriug day hoard in a private family. where th? t ilde is supplied hi the best st\ 1?, will lind it to tneir advantage, (and far preferable both a* regirds comfort and respectability, to a public eating house,) by applying at 201 Kultou fwo or three gentlemen fftn lie accommodated with full board. Terms moderate. si Imr PLEASANT AND AlllY ROOMS, with pantries attached, large enough lor sIvuiMng rooms, to be let at H/> Broadway, between Krnnkliii ami White streets. Brt^tfasl and tea furnished in the rooms, if required. au2?? 2w*r ANDSOME APAHTMh^NTS, with board, may be had on application at 411 Houston strfet?the entire second ttoor, w hich is spacious ami in good order. A lew double and

single rooms may also be obtained by applying as above s."> 'm*r AI'AHT.MKNTk TO LET, in house Lumber street, to linglegentleman ortoatoull family. se7 tW*B \ GENTLEMAN St .HIS WIFE, desiring the comforts of a'home. or two tingle gentlemen, can have a Iront room on ilir second iloor, well furnished,and pantries, and tin* adjoining room if desired, vritli breakfast and ten, on moderate terms, in a small quiet family w here there will be no oilier boarder-*. Kn* quireit No. 186 Kxott ^t1*' > i9 St * n TO THK JOITKNK V MEN HAT KI NISI IE RsiOF THE < ITY AND COUNTV OK NKW YORK. rIE Trade is requested to m?et at the Nnrtli American Hotel (IJowery). on Mondiv Evening, Sept. 11th, 1813, at ft o'clock, to hearfne report of tin* committee. j i it in I', ord rol the < hlirtnm, \. \ Nj KER. MDOQ LOST#- Loit, a Ball rcnitr Bluti of i bfitt* die color, witli white shoulder* and head, with a black spot on the forehead. The findsi will ' n y leaving her at the liroadway House. nil lt*ec AK.cnKit's FAL1. FASHiONT F O 11 G E N T I. K M E N ' S II ATS, AUTUMN?1813. . NOW ready for sale and inspection at 11is old stands, 2111 and :.'(i0 Greenwich .treet. P. S.?Also, ail elegant as.ortmeet of men'., boys'and children's cap., ol en tile new pattern. sll Im*ec A l'AIID~T(> THK I.AUIKS, ANEW r.ilent Invention. ^combining e'egance and ecoromy, in Ladie.' dress. habit, pelisse littiug and making, 53 Market .treet, between Hamilton mid < berry .1 reets. Ladies' out upon the above principle, guaranteed a perfect and elegant lit, with infallible accuracy, whicb is so highly #nsential in producing faultless'garment., also made with neatness and despatch, and in strict conformity with the latest Parisian and London fashions. Ladies measured at their residence if required. Ladies taught the above invaluable alt, and rights of the invention to be disposed of, by the practice of which the advertiser has realized a wry Inndsome income, and instruction acquired in two easy lessons?terms moderate. Wanted Immediately?I apprentice, and2 improvers. sll 1 III 111 TO PEHSONM WISHING-TO K.NtiAGE THEMSELVES IN THE DAGUEKREOT YTK Hl SINtSS. 1,? A. ARTAULT, 235 Broadway. 3d story front room, op posite the Park, res|>ectfullv informs the photographic artists that, intending to go to France in a few months, lie wishe, til Mil, at very low prices, (lower than prime cost), 1000 French Daguerreotype plates, No. 30 and 10, G3j inches by ll.Si inches. 8 largest apparatus complete, fixed with chromatic lenses ol IJa inches diameter, for full fi/.e portraits (large plates and half plates. 20 complete apparatus for quarter plate, and medium sue. 6 chromatic lenses, I*a inches diameter. 12 chromatic lenses 3 incbe. diameter. 200 ounces of chloride of iodine. 200 ounces pure cromine. .'>0 pounds hvdrosulpliate of soda. loo grains chloride of gold. 50 bottles of a new preparation made by M. Lerebours, for gilding the pictures. 200 bottles French Tripoli. 50 bottles rouge. 50 bottles iodine. And a quantity of boxes, stands, and materials suitable for the L)aguerreoty|ie. The greatest part of these goods arrived by the latest vessels, anil are warranted to lie pure and of the best quality. Also?A new supply of frames, morocco cases, and a splendid Diorama, w ith 21 views, made iu Paris by M. Daguerrt.aiul very costly. |r,- Please to call at 235 Broadway, 3d story and front room, sll lm*r ON CHANGK. AGAIN?KKTl; KN TO PHI (TiT) STAND. TIIF. undersigned, after a seven years* experience of the e\ il effects resulting from large stores and larger rents, is liappv to infwrm Ins numerous customers ami the Community gemrally, that lie has effected (thanks to a conscientious landlord) a leas** of of his old stand. No, 4, (formerly .'#) Wall street, Mortimer buildings, corner of New street, and for many years celebrated by Ins well known 8ION OF THK (rOLI)KN KLKKCK?a beacon to all who are in guest of good cheap and fasliiouahle garment*. To such of his old patrons who may have lost sight of liim during In* wanderings, he invite* thsir return to the Old Spot, with t lie assurance of a strict adherauce to his well established fame for skill and punctuality. Of the public generally lie solicits a call, being prepared with an assortment of line and ?*e.itiruM*flirthf.nniinin. rtrtiafi \ . x<\. which be will be liappv to make 111> in the most faithful in inner, ami ijji reasonable charges, for Cash Only. The mine care and attention bestowed oil tn tking and trimming, .is when the doth is purchased of hint. < 15. Drtbcot k continues in the cutting department. ^ ( 1IAKLKS COX. sl22 Imr Sign ottlie Golden Fierce, No. 1 Wall st. TO THK rUBCIC. 1 ft ft TO $5000.?Mr. Francis It. t rump, Watch Maker, O I yv tl I < ?i oid itra t. Im -1toinform bis frkids uid tin public, that independent oi the Watch business, he is pie pared to make advances iu cash on gold and silver watches,diamonds, silver tea sets, spoons forks, and every description of gold or silver in any shape, intended for immediate sale, ("ash t<? any amount paid for old gold and silver. Watches of everv description repaired and warranted. 218 Uruid street. si I Jm>r UOCTC)R GLOVER begs to mfom who have recent I \ | aired if hi has led the practice of hie profi that lie continues to prescribe for such is require bis aid as iihial. Those dilYii nil and pi"trul'd ca-?? i Inch . , eel experieui to ensari inccess, have been die pvticslai objects of his study. The recent improvements in chemistry bate nut into his hands several new ami important remedies which have escaped the observation of the lens scrutinizing nhysician. ifeDr. (tlover's primary education enables him to keen pa?> with the improvements of the day, being a graduate iu tin* in-dical profession. The uususpectiiig stranger should beware of the host of self-named Doctors and pretenders, some of whom aspire lo lie nutlior* < ! Iitllt- boi.k.i upon suhjei:t? or which tin y ?f l.ii,illy ignorant. Office, No. 2 Ami ?trret?private entrance, Itli door from tin1 Museum?office hoor? until 'i o'clock, 1'. M. <11 It* Ml 'NTKRIAN DISPKNS VRV-No. 3 Division itwl.Thetime it not far off when Hunterli Red Drop will niwrsede the use of every thing that was ever known for one clasi of diseases, notwithstanding unprincipled persons are trying to destroy its popularity ; hut it'? no u>e ; |ieople are not *o Kiiily lirctiwd, particularly when three are cuiril every week liy it, are |iers<ins lliat have used every thing tliey heard or read of. If you wish to go to no further expense, net this lirst, wananted to effect a prompt and vile cure, or the money returned. >1 peg vial. >11 j|*f JCE?ICE?1<'K.?.'lOOO tons of pure like Ice of the he*t iiua lily. The Highland Ice estahliiliinent, e*pn-ssly for snipping, it prepared to, mid will sell, by the cargo, ami smaller itu.iutities, cheatx i thin can lie obtained I'r <m any other source, and packed in the lies! mamer, t > go to any part ol tin wntld.? A supply of the liest ftiprovtd packing always on h and. JOHN M. LYON. slO lm*r M Division stnvt. fPHE Memliers of the Tripe ( lub are requested t>> in-et in I ' their rooms at Krford Shades, on Wednesday evening '*'i o'clock,(for the purpose of arranging for the season. Officer* will be ejected, ami interesting limine<s as well aaamusing communications intsoduced to llie meeting I'linctual attendance is requested. By onler of tli- Oil \NI> TRIPE, >10 at ec RICHARDS. Secretary. \|KDI( AIt, SURGICAL AND DRUG ESTABLISH A -VIKNT.?To lie sold and immediate |wisse:sion given. i Drug Store, or more properly shaking a Medical and Surgn il Office, doing a splendid business. It will he sold cheap as the present proprietor has to go to Europe. To a young Me'licil and Surgical Practitioner it would lie invaluable. It is located in the very best part of the city. Terms cash. Kor further partie n I trs adilrau T. C. D., at the office of this paper. ?? I w * r FINK TEAS. A c IIOIPK SELECTION of Young llysou, iurt of tin * ? Marv Ellen, Z<*nnbia, and Oscar's cargoes, fresh amllrtgrant. Also hi o k Souchong and Powshong, Colonng and MoIi i 11,Hours: llowqua's black tea, Families, boarding house and hole's, desirous of procuring the genuine Howq-.ia's mixture, can (>e .supplied by tin single pound, or in package, , .f W lbs at a reduced price. Also, Old Hyton, lni|?'rial Hyson, Skin ami Gunpowder Teas, for sale low, wholesale and retail. A. A. JOHNSTON, Sugar Store, 31 Bowery. i07ti?*rw SPECIAL NOTICE?CAUTION. rPO purchasers of .the imitation of WII.DKH'S PATKNT SALAMANDER HOOK SAKK8 ?The public a hereby informed that several |iernon? have been manufacturing and telling Sites in imitation of Wilder'a Patent Salamander Safes, which they have no right to ni ike or sell; neither hai e imrchaseri a right to use the same. All such are daily violating the patent laws of the l/uited Slates, subjecting them seltes lo a law suit and |ienal damage. So fir as purchasers are now concerned, there is no cause nf ilaim, as justice to the public on the |iart of llie patentee would forbid any course unjust to innocent purchasers prior to this notice. And also such as have manufactured milium the knowh d .I the esislence of a patent, may limit readily i .>mprnmise for lb* |mst, provided no further attempt is made to ?iolate. Purchasers, is well as those who make, sell or nse, will hereafter lis- held strictly liable to the full extent of the law for anv infringement alter ihia date. Kor further inloginatian. call on the patentee's counsel, I.ell. P. Staples, Ksq., No. II Wall street, New York, or the Hon Willafd l'hilli|is, Boston. n.G. WILDER, Patentee. Mr. Silas < Herring, No. 139 Water street, is the only person authorized to sell Wilder's Patent Salamander Safes in the city of New York, where orders will be received for any mat not on hand Particular atimtion will he paid to orders. All work heteifter will be executed in a manner ?u|ierior, in every respect, to any Saf-a ever offen d i u New York. il wu vulC <D lw >! fc gtwy. Rrtuniw ?n?'l Mwinfactnw OYSTERS. \III,I, POND, Slifewnlmry and Primes B*v <>f?tert kept .? rmi<t?ntly on haml ?t Pine's New Hotel, I!) Nauju street, (between (V<Ur*a? Pine) fresh from the Bank*. N. B.?Fried Oy?W?one shilling the phte; Stewed do. ? ) 3t*r O HOW KB BAT 118?Port >IJe Shower Birihi 50 rent ? piece O tor *nle hy the mannine tnier. VV. WKHT, l(PI I llldvin str>tf. Show er B?ths of eeery description Tor wlc by the mum tic Hirer, \V \Ve?r, tlrt Hnd??n ?t. *19 Imu'ec OIIII' i:<>< IIKSTKK KHOM I IVKBPOOL-Caa l- r thi* ship will |>|f ne wimI their permit* >n h.urd, writ fiile Blirlint Slip,or to theiifflec oi' th?' nuA r?igi> d, without .1.1 >v tlliinnili nUlvinnilnl in lue i|ai.? ?r?' luhle in h< ml to 1'iihlic fctoie WOODHULL b MINI HIV, Vint 87 thmtli stieei. AICIION SALKS. THOMAS BKM.. Auctioneer. BV BKLL * IIOWAKD. ( Sttwfi 22.Inn nti"t and 11 # Fulton itreet.) MONDAY. I vtriSh!" of c.celkut v.-rmd furuilui^?At 10^ oYlork ' '< "I ilui?>.t ul ?t h.ont furniture contained in the kfcirr tfo.,30 Ann ?trw?t, compriiifiK i very neat t ine Hon,the wropwrty ??l a. |H?r*on s*||iit>ofl AUo, a qiufifity of" cabinet inak-r. material*, hardware, See.? C'fttaloKnes on Sutudav. ... , .. , A1 ho, * nvlentiid sett of beer l?um|H, with three handle*,til ver mounted, &l?-., cost $162. TUESDAY, , , r . A* 10^ o'clock, in the auction room, large ?nle of elejjiuj jm-.iv ;n!>le dry good.?, comprising staple and fane) Kuuh?h ami don i. it ic dr\ good*, ho?iery, &c. in lots to suit lain 11 lea and pui I icn. - B , Also, ih itork of a merchant tailor, remnant* of cloths, cav ,|,|r . ?* 1 * '? I tjilii IIIS>? ?*' Also, * v.uikv of 1'ivey and articlfn. Al- , ? tricilis lulls' anil KftitieuiMi'* WBWfiog ap|>arcl, a <iuant 'y of welry, kc. At . i l<r. ill .(?!( ,,lul c iiiiifiiment of truIv valuable fold watch* ?i ' iMtit'nl vi'lis, ilir i.ilc of which will coinini'ucr 4t II,1- cloek. \VKIl\KSDAY, \t l<in'rI nr k hi hi'* salej mom. Kxte : ;,. ,1 ii.w oiy in nle ( aliinet Fumiiurf, bycslil, i . ii iii "iilirr f x'k ill I' ule of .1 1i ni" in aiml.n'tii.'i; til it I' .'Iifoar most celebrated man u flic* ttir?*i * k> in ii i ili" liu .iu>'. . \l?i. ' mli'r of the truly sii|ierior (iniiitun from Win Alevuidc. ' ulmn-ul, wlnii. uitiiiK up ill* hiisfmu,*. A Is "ii v 11 . mi merit of iii >i rate secoud-hnad furniture limn .i bnill k 1 lu ni1 Iiiiii<> I>i'i'|iiii){. Also, .1 .1 1 I'l.uio fortes. |MiiitiiiK?, ?liiua, cut glass, pitted waie, lau , chandelierfcli Till liSI> A Y, A' 1:'. o'clock ill I In- *.?l?- moms. Splendid I'.iiut tsci, Ileal Kslate, (ke.?A li< id (i In I invnii clinic p?tntim: , i.i i lindnl frame charmiux subjects, by the l?-.i m*?ler.i. C'.iuloiw** iii time. Ileal ?AI;o, several It run, houses, mill lots ; also, I acre; .|i|i- i 1 lly situated prop*'it>' iii Sinn Sinn ; also, some Inn' 1.1rms m i'niiij\ I \ i n t. and iii llii' State .if Nhw \ urU. BKIJ, & IIOWAlth, ASet! K. HOWAIU) will si 11 .ii Public Aiictioii mi This '' Day, Suri't. 11, 1819, at jft^g o'clock, the entire utile* of new mil sccutMl <' ilii.i.' Kuruituri' com I llieil III I Iii' store No. ill Ann .stnvt, reir on: il* Hooinx. All this slock lias been selectee auction,.tl is i.i uooil order. THUS. BELL, Auctioneer. A BKNJ. MOONEY, Auctioneer. Auction notic?hahuwahk, cutlkrv, (iCNS. Vl>l)L'-' >< V', Jiff.?B. Mooney St Co., will sell this ilay .it 10 lock, it '! >1 !. n Lue, to cloie consignments, 2'in i; uni t' Hardware, ti>'., rir. : conotiiiiills, rim I , lioppi i;; I,i:..e i padlocks, I i. H. |>eueil cases, saws, III' , Clllv . iSOUJC: I, ll'Hl bs, Ike. ktc. y ' )?I, tsk* en imeled i I.iw wr ire. / rinr ( ^lisli il.mble barrelled kuiis. A io* .. iufojMoini tw i waliry, Vl o- ivoic ii i or American manufactured haircloth, i. ,"...rr bn. ilie i. Al ei'iil ;tineut .if German fancy goods, violin* an-I . I aud silier tinsel suuII boxca, Stc. 6tc. AU ?iu sii|ieii<'i' ra?- . :, in eases. Ai. ? I' Cull. , tabe jatlery, scissors, stag iruanl carvers, iSie, Al i'i?A ;i? r ritle. < I'aloKue* are now ready. *11 Ifcc _ ii K. J. BKAl' s'S, Auctioneer. rlMli > 1 V Y, .I ii<! iv, .1* HI o'clock, itNil. l:iy Kn I ton St., 2d i- ll> -.(rnii, alii ) tin*::: ot'k nd flttures of a Kiiicynml (ilov Htn.v, en;, iitinif "I kUivi'.i, buck and other skint, suspender, to) s, giass tun, awning, tic. be. Wanted?A i: j 'i"ii lor i joi" j, man in a whdetale iioif. K. ks and write /rrmau, ngli.,li, ami French. luqtiiif at I3'.i Fulton itm iI nm r. ?li iu . ,i. C/Vi". TK.H, Auctioneer. (<IT \ L.? Mil U.K. OK NK.W I'AUINKT FURNl TIRK-CAF Kit St On. will sell nil Tuesday, 12th Sept iln<r, t lull past Hi o'clock, at 316 Broadway, Gothic Hall, ciiiim iU is; "I" v iali<l cushioned noil sprint: snl suI'm, th i i. bad I, ihrM-ourtar uttl ftill rMcn chairs. all hair. r kers, superb hook cases, wardrobes, and \. ry d.totn ' ureaus, tea and hrnalifast tables. ottolaaiin, divans, c\v winir chairs, piano stools, marble and nial: g.ny top, washstands, &>'. t ? 1 oilet. din . . ,ind ten sett. I r'' ' >n r' wood and on* mahogany pianoforte, ttitive, and catal iaif innowmnjii sOJt'in jl 8.\LK AT PUBLIC AUCTION, rpm W . \( TURINO CO will sell-at . Anc i, ' li Auguit, at their Print Works, in Rahvn V. J., all the i -hinery, and moveable pra|>erty of the ri tn", c sisting I' printing and engraving machine*, 'llem!. ip;vr cylinder , dye >oppen, dying and bleaching i i paratus, lo- un boilers,?' -mi engine, 2'j hor?'' power, with 4 rogin , 9 ] ; buUMi inn safe, hydraulic ai.d common press 1 rge ,.u<J small slide lathe, with complete set of turning mil 1 ins and blacksmith's tools, an assortment of importedsleel.pi; ! new und old iron, a quantity of drugs suitable for calido printers ami liters, tubs, casks, and 1 rge cisterns, stoves, tables, benches, Ve. Catalogues of wluc. nay I- bad on application to Mr. Philip Thibet, at the Print Yi'ork . or of kerouhon fc WALKER, i> ' lni*r 51 William street. ~ VPOL A i CONCERT saloon, broadway. Vif il. I! ". I! V If I 'SSKLL respectfully informs tic public, -I'-l- I In' iie jiroi .> i giving a vocal entertainment at the Apollu Silo or- "ili .id i Kvening, Sept. 11th, 1813. On ? c'i occ : 'ii he will have the honor of presenting to the public vreral I'his new and most farorite compositions. programme. Part I. ARIA?1'in Aflmt, I'm Alloal on the Fierce Rolling Tide. Words by I di/a I nok. I'm aflout, I'm afloat on the fierce rolling tide, Tin' ocean', iiy home and the lurk is my bride?etc. etc CANTATA?'", : >1 ol' the W inter Night, whence comes thou r Wor U by Charles Mackiy, Esq. Wind ' f t!. i.iler night, w hence corneal thou f A n.i ?li'.tl.i ih' whither ..rl thou wand ring now?, eaO is l .* i-uceoti this desolate moor, And m u. Ill I i niriiful. th\ howl at my door. Say, w in1 lust i.i-n ml thy cloud-lifted car Say, what hast ihott seen, on thy roaming alar f lial si rr, . .npels thee, thou boisterous blast, Thus t.i I'i'iu lid complain as t lion loiirniest past' A l i, a I)?"Koekaway." V. by Henry John Sh irpe. 'On mid Long Island's sea girt shore Man) oi hour lie wliilu sway, In list to the breakers roar J'Uat v, l,Ii the lieachat Itockuvvay. i hk. n" wkoundi.anh noo. W 'ids l'\ K. W. N. Usiley. Life saver'?wa?? stemmer!? I -ep diver!?away!? Night < shadows sre closing the portal* of day: On the hri'.ut of the billow We hear Ins low wail? We have | at up the milder, And IhiI'U up tlie sail. No signal (rom Heaven Willih )W h?* Im* ; I And wliriein 1 ? * drivt u We mm cannot ?ce. Ho, Carlo! Newfoundland! Co fc/ll<?%v Jus cry, A* it gaspingly aiuwara Th" si-a'tnoatier'a sigh, Sic. i?"Thf < >l?l Helton." Words by f'.irk Benjamin, Ksc|. Aiigii a fjjra?e that wa* in wly mailc, ' - extoii old oa hi* earth-worn spud#? l!_n w . was done, ?n?l lie paiis?d to wait i'iie fu .1 train throiigh the open gate, etc. < NT AT A? 'The Maniac.*' i fed to depi< teiiibh >ito itioa "i t i m I inttft hit DKQtil i|i>ii . mm! .1 p r his r? urn, l reduce him reallv to he wh.itl.e_n ! t.. !>e hut<>iy ol' the old system ol Mailti#iiise<, i i I- , s mmy. too many* examples cf this 1 or i introl. it ifu not pi soa onoiiow "i them, i?? procire ii certificates of his insanity, and, once will in them m the world b\ hop I est chance of | rot ing nit owa it - d him. It may easily beunagiaad, n t- el ingsarrouadad by dm fright! ras .'Ii ph m * ? "The m<-pii..; Idiot, and Madman iif," ie insults and blow of hrutalism j .1 flie rliaii? ?' visiter through 1 ii iplaint I taghod at? his ?11 raatc ba . u.d s J* for pity traaud at incoherent d how n Moa woald (ortaki if ipj wing woald bacon a re illy t?' ti . s?* efortl oil'>iMiiiate wretches by whom lie was sarmch i cat ?events of the previous life of the vi? tin il. in a ?list .'1 shap*^, naturally form the principal sab. 'mii r.iiri'v -and *<? incoherent recollections of l>v-_. "i inj; evem., are mad* to alternate with the horrors of rese Witl th fen word# of iatfodacttaa, the i atrd ?<j tlie pi *ic. paTTii. SON "Th* lid Arm '.'hair.* II t, I love it, and who shsll dare. T" hi !e me for 1 ?v ^ Hut old arm chair ? V* SON(*?"Life in the West." ' '. by Oeorcft I*. iMorris, Ksq. 11 bru' . rt!?come i itner and list to my story? Mtirr and brief will tht narrative lie : ll *re, like ? .ynarch, I reign in my gloryMauler a*: I, lioys, of all that. I see. Wh** e on I", wn'd a iorest a garden is smiling? The n^1 and Ri iorltnd are marshes no move. And ihe . the smoke of my cottage, begniling The child. ; who cluster like grapes at the door. Then enter, I cheerly, boys, enter and rest, The 1 * % 1 the heart is rh" land of the west. Oho, boys!?oho, boys!?oho'. \ - r m n" For full :ive mil red years I've swung in my oiu 11 v turret ingii; And many a .liferent theme I've inns, As the time wmlilnliBii by: I'vr pealrti ih" chaunt of a wedding morn; IC'er nig.u I have sadly toll'd, Tosny Uut the bride \v.n comiuer, lovelorn, To sleeji in (lie churchyvrd mound. Dins il<"is, ding dong, Ikr., Vc. 80> J?" ' ;<1 min S(> re Tree." \V i]4 b i f rjf I'. Morris, Km|. Wood i - ,.i s pare tliKl tree ! Touch not a siitx'* bi'iigh: In > ob:Ji it Ib*'!t"red me, And I'll protect It now. NW NATIONAL \MKKI( AN SONG ' Mur N ?Our N?ti?e Song." Self e?i led I'; mi onr place of birth, Tocliin"i inore (Vibrant, bright mil gv, The mem. rv of onr own lair earth Mav i'li nvhij* tn fade away; P'i' should fomo minstrel echo fall, Of choid* tint breathe hi* country"? fair.*? Our souls will burn. <>nr spirit* vmra, 'l'me to the land we lore ind claim. Tin1 high?the low?in weal or woe, He sure there's something coldly wrong V'"tit th>- hiart tlgit does not glow To h> >r its own?its Native Hong. C:ir native song, our native song, Oh, where n lie who loves it not T! >pell it hold* is deep and strong? Where'er we turn, where'er our lot. KT'nAIjK?"Largo al Kaotoiiiin Delia t ita " ( K.i in the 0|<?ra "II B irbi> re ill Grille.") To nirameiict at II o'clock. Tickets M cent*. To be bad .it Hewitts, Atwill a, and \\ m. Dubois' V1u"ic Stores'I'll. I'i *iio l? .r . u.ed on this occasion, was mamifarinrvd hy 1 Mr. ('hick.ring, B ' ton, and from the Store of .1 L. Hewitt V Co. t s!) :ttr TO PRINTERS. " POH SALK?. Ki nnt of Mirion and Nonmiwil, which hat " be*n nie<l in ' " ">f?w >1". ? ?! K)R CM Mil ! -n V IIA V \ \ \. KKV WKDT, NK.W otl! KAN3. A>JD ti.VLVLSTON, (!>*?,) 'PO m.\ 11 on Thwrj.i- v, 5th October the elfg.tiil.wni known I co,.f* I tt- .in NKW YORK, J. f. W,?ht, tornniuuler, \? ill ?nil aa al>OT?, l'hif ttMmer h*t ue?n i>nt in compi-tf irl'-r fr (lir v tin, unrt h*? Mien lite treonunoiUtionf, wuh wirl ii-y room). or treifiht of *pee?e, ipvl'" to ' ?p"i? ?n b> irrt, loot of Ninth street, F. R . or t ^ A HUllrt vr.D M O, 30 IVck ?l iv New V rV, t. II. 1IH1 I |JA< .! 'til \ 1 I.til* New Orleiuw w du j 1 c' .. e Qu.?r r.-.ine Su'rn Maud . . ' "l l"r,r R^Xlf. ( R K H. 15 | 11%v * t*tT \ I ?..,U of i* IV V ?.?!. lo. ""plight bW.KH. ,9, No. 61 Liberty Ureet , ami'skmknts; NIBL0 8 (iAKOKSr. Dirartnr, MH. JOHN ?EFTON. ir^-lo fufnr>' iltf PiTf?iraiiine?? will eoMMMt at l>air-|M*( ' o prucUfly, MONDAY KVKNINO H-vi. II. forntt i v??ly iti- Imi my lit of tin- Kffiicli and farawml a|>pmnnci1 of Miilnnniirll* CAl.Vl. YVIw will l.ilii linr |i*um of thr NV* Vork ( It" Cliaf il'ii.ii?r?of M A H IK, in Dooiotti'a *h*-rn ol , I UK ( II11.1J tii.' THfc ItKOIMliNT. " *riormanre in i at o cioa* wiui iw Orerluw to t .mlli un. T il Roaam Tn Iw liy (i,t HP..- in NVw York) a new and lou?ba liU Vim.I. nil.- hi | Art .-ntitled LA M ASS \HI) m; ( IIIMK ' I I"' 1 >irr?.t ?n rime ! I rttici|?l rliantcti-rn by M'me Hirher. Mom. DeaaourilW. Hi clier, Matlueu, Bernard. Biuriwr, Oteruot, heHalf aii liour'n iiitertniuion will li* allowed for iirooMuads and refreshments in tin- tir-oid Saloon, Where Icr <*. fruit kea, nil.I IMi.-.hnwliU of the ehoi cest kind, ami lu Kr^t variety, will lit found. To bo followed by (Itli nml Ijist time milmeity) I.A Kll.f.r l)U KK< >1M K.NT ' Marie ' .Mile 'aire In wliirli ?ln' will ?iu* lalut a la Kranca Kiih.ii'i * Mom, Blna l.a Maniaitf, M'mr Matlnmi I.a l)ncfifx?> * Hobillon Tonio Mona. Rirhrr t .Oternot Herman BihiImt l,ols I lam erg re U irant/. Chaffwir Tin1 ('.horuaea by the wlmlt Krench Company. To coni'lnde with a uew National (>?erlur?, Com|MiM<l by Mom I'rpvmt. in commemoration of the liATTI.K t >K NKW ORI.KANS. !: 7 A ?rict Police w ill lie in attnidanc*, ami UPrat oa/a taken to lirerant the idmi?aion of improper i*r?mia. (Ty"- I'l. ki ts Kilty I enta. May be had at the Uantw dunmt tlif iliy IY,'' A limiti'il nninh.-r of Haaaou TicJiata will ba <ha pitted of lIV-No poatp<memantat thii eataMUhmant ou account01 th? weather aa tin-< fraud K.ntmnrc from Broadway to tha Saloon is pr. tected, mid th* new Saloon, which la vantuataii Lrum tka Inn .Hid ^i.I.*h. r in ... 111>hi11>>t -ii > mniniiiii'a iintiea. FA UK TIIK ATRU. Mil. WAU.ACK A* Holla aiid Dick Dashall. lot first d|>ii?nQM la Amari?k fo? four year*. MONDAY EVENINO, Sept U?Will U iwlorml PIZARItO. Holla Mr VV.IUofc Ataliba, Mr l.ovell Hiijh Prie*t, Mr U Uaat Orozembo, Chippendale Corn, Mil II float Piiuro, Bnrry Alonxo, Mr Whaatlar Alinaruro, Tootnor < a* /*?*?. VmU Klnea Mr? Slomau After which, The new Spanish Dance l.i Gullianna Mia* J Tu/nbull To conclude with, MV AUNT. Dink Duliall Mr Wallaak ll.ut'e, Mr. Placide I Frederick, Mr Andrew* Emma, Mr* Abbott J Mr* Snharlota, Mr* Vamou pr7="Bo*?? $1?Pit AO emit*?IB raili. IC7*"Door*opun at 7. Tlia Curtain will rnw preanaly at ball peat 7 o'clock. cm at ham thk.vthk, Bones 25 cent*. Pit* Vi)i cent*. , Notice? The Door* will oi>eii at 7. Curtain will riaa at iinartar before 8 o'clock. RENOVATED AND REOPENED. Mil. BURTON'S BENEFIT. MONDAY EVENING, Sept. 11,-The i*rformaiica will I* performed TI1K RAKE'S PROGRESS. Sam Slap Mr. Burton To be follnweil by < OLLKOE LIKE. Webber Burton To conclude with PE R F E ( T ION. MITCHELL'S OLYMPIC THEATRIC. MONDAY EVENING, Sept. It, !M3?The pwrformanca to commence with THE BARKACK ROOM. After which first time in America, WATER WITCHES. To conclude with THE SECRET. Thomas Mr Holland tr? l)re*? Circle, 50 cent*?Upper Bote*, 25 cent*?Pit, It)* ?Private Bote*, $5?Orchaatra Boxes, $3. [T7~ Door* oi>eu at 7?Curtain rise at half-past 7. *9r bowery"\mpii itheatrb. Bote* 25 rents?Pit I2>?cent?. fJLOIMOITS ANNIVERSARY OF THE VICTORY ON LAKE CHAMPLAIN. Ami the Defeat of the British Army .it I'l altshurgh, September II, IIIM. by (Dm. Macdonoiigh :unl tJen. Macomb. An immense ami an|mtI>I>* painted Tran*|>arency, by Duke White, expressly fur tlie occasion, illu?lr\tin t tint brilliant i.itioii.-il achievement, will be lighted u|> in front of the AinphiOuVuiMDAY, TUESDAY. U WEDNESDAY EVE'US. Ii SPLENDID A< TS IN THE ARENA. Tin' Company now consists of the following members : Messrs. I iailwallailiT, Master Olenroy, J. Whitaker, Mauler Washington, Ale*. Rockwell, Mnin. Sliller, Wood*, Meats yer, Lipmin, Drrr, Hohln, Manning.^ Negro Minstrels?Mim. Chestnut, Hoffman, Morean, Manning, l.a Petite Elssler, ami a *u|ierb band of IlrniM Instruments. NOTICE TO FAMILIK.S.?Children uuder 14, accompanied by tlieir narentt, guardians, or errant*, will be admitted to the Bones for I2)j cents each. Door* open at 7 o'clock, Performance to commence at half past 7. Kamily seats CM he secured at the bos office without additional charge. AMERICAN MUSEUM, <rA KJ.'EN AND PERPETUAL. FA IK. 21 TALENTED PERFORMERS ! Day Visitors admitted the same venui* The manager Ins engaged for this week the celebrated FEJEE MERMAID ! This is said to hare been captured Alive near the Kejee Islands, and many naturalist* and scientific men who li.ive eiamined it assert that it is absolutely the work of Nature. Eiiga<cmriit for a short period only of the c?. iti"ated and beautiful MOVINO DIORAMAS, Italian I.ami-cape*?Sea with Storm and Shipwreck?Failv < irotto. Sic. he. Alan Mr. < ole, the tChinese Nondescript, and hi* educated Hinging Dog It i 11V. THE ETHIOPIAN SERE NADERS, who an- unequalled ill the world?positively for tins week ow' Also are engaged? Mis* M. E. ADAIR, the popular vocalist. La Petite ELESTE. the admired duisasae, lie. CITY I1BASS BAND, of ten musicians. BALLOON ASCENSIONS and performances arwr ** mug st 8 o'clock, and Wedne*ilay and Situnlay afaternonn at 4 o'clock. Admission 2J cents?children uuder ten years half priest. LAST IVKEK OK THE GIANT OIRL. THE FUD-GE MRKMAID. SIX PERFORMERS, A D M I T T A N C E HVE S II I L L I N U. PKAL.K ? NKW YORK MI18KVJ1, AND PICTURE OALLWRY. (Droniltcay, ojmottle the ('ity Hail.) MH II. BENNETT, Vanager, re?i>ectfully announce*, that hat nig heard that the h'eji-e Mermaid nil in the field, he ha* eiignit'd lie' FI'D-tiE, and has no hesitation in asierting that all doulit is entirely dis|>el|ed as to the existence of th?*? curious crexture*, a* w? liave one at the American Museum and another at I'ealc's, which fully establishes the fact thai them ate Mermaid* The I lioral <}|e? Club, consisting of Measrs. E. Thomas, J. Thomas,and T. Thomas, will introduce a variety of catche*^ trios, duetts, solo*, lie. Vlr. Delarii* will givean imitation ol the celebrated Daniel O'Connell?Mis* Adair, the charmint: songstress?La Petite lerito, the graceful Danseuse? Splendid nrll-XCf|II|C Kvauiug entertainments to commence at 8 o'clock. Performance on Saturday at 1 o'clock. ?3 ec "pHtinii et< Jk'sbenekit. CAMTI.K OARUKN. BRILLIANT EXHIBITION OF FIRE WORKS. Tliis Evening. September llth, consisting of Signal Hockets, ("hiiies.- Plantain Tree, Star of Poland, Cross of Malta, Saturn ami liia Satellite!, Kiery Plienii, Or <'hinew Umbrella ; Splendid piece, presented by Isaac Edge,* Tim Italia Stun. Fountain of Flora To conclude with, for the I.?at time tlii? IWOIIi B O M II A R I) VI K N T O K V K It A l KHZ. For description of nieces see hills of the Jay. RT-Ticketa JO cents?children half price. sll r WAI.VIT HT. THKATKB. (PHILADELPHIA ) THIS popular establishment will open for the season ON THURSIMV KVKM.NO, SEPTEMBER H. 1813. With a fivorite Comedy ami a new D-ama (of grest interest) by J. \1. Field, K?ii., entitled tlA Hill K. LI.K, or the Fatal Hazard ! Ptrticulars in future advertisements and hills. The Ladiea ?nd Otmtlemcn engaged at this Theatre are requested to notice that the tirit rehearsal wiil take place on tha morning of Wednesday, the I' II A. M. W. II. BLAKE, Stage Manager. PhiUde||ihia, Sept. 11, 1013. AN ipiTEREBTINO BOAT RACE.?Q? Thursday afXV ternoon neat, at 1 o'clock, at the hlysiaa Fields, Hoboken, will lie presented a greater and moie curious spectacle, occasioned by boat racing, than Was ever W itnessed in this country. Five male Indians anil one s<|iiaw are to paddle a tin beat, 20 f>et long, against that crack boat, the Tnomaa Jefferson, manned by the celebrated Lndlows, to decide a bet of $'200, of. li red by tlie kis-peraf the Indians, Mr. Jones. The Indians belong to the < hi|yiewa tribe?strong, athletic, and well ex|ierienced in the use of the paddle. They feel oretty confident of winning, but we ratlier think they will tinu their match in tin Lndlows. The scene will he an exciting one?more so perhaps than any other ev#r before presented at Hoboken. These Indians are now in the city and will sail on Saturdoy in the Queen of tlis Wnt for England. sllislt*r "ui8BROW'5~IUI)IN<? SCHOOL"! tnl BOWKRV. MK. I), haa the honor to annonuce that his School ia opw for the reception of pupils, daily. Sundays excepted. ?tnr Ladies, from 9 A. M. to 1 f. M. I? t< gentlemen, fr<?in 7 to 9 A. M., and 1 to 7 P. M. Hi My traiued and jaiet horsea for the road or |?rade, to let Port* ns and oarticnlars apply as above. any Jm*r IA V1 FORTE AND SINGING. " rPHE MISSES ( 1'MM I NO respectfully intimate that the* 1 re-commence tuition in tk? above branches on the tat <4 September. T!>c Mines t'.'s svsteni of instruction in Singinff has for its object the full ilevelopimiit of the voiee after the method. while the style tlie. inculcate ia the Hcoftiah: that uniting the idv.inUKaa of Mi? artificial to the natnral; i? manner the m<mt pleasing tud eHectiye. T(.rm??At thei mil'i resideiup tlrper i|oart?r?two puptla Hi >m? I iinily $26; at the Misses C.'t residence $10 par <jaart?r. Residence 1 Warren street, Curuar of Broadway. n? lm?r TO PIANO FORTE MANUFACTURERS. \r(M nr* rei|<?-<-tfnllf requested to aall at IM Nassau tlrfat, and einiinie a ?i?'<ime?i of nam' plates, made by a new promt, which escel .til other* in heaut\ nf engraving and amtneum nf finish. Besides, they ean he afforded mnch chaapar tnan heretofore, it a I irge nnmbar i* required. Carriage Maker? nam* plate* alio eiaentad in a atria that can't lie ?urpa**ed. W L ORMBBY, 13* Naaaan itrm N II ? Manufacturer's Labels, aad K.ngTaving and Printing generally promptly egecnted chea|i?very cheap. si ln>?r PIANO FORTES FOR 8ALI*?rA I >rge and valaabla atv?ck. consisting of from 10 to #0 rrench action piano fottaa nil new, ar* tilfi-ied for sale at 411 Broadway, uanr I.ispeuard at. \nd at the factory, ? West rourteaalh streat, batwara tba Jth and ti'h avenues Thi? slock comprise* several eery highly finished and superior toned instruments, with <!' and 7 octavaa of the lataat and inc?t approved i>?itcrns. Every piano forte will he warranted for one year, and will ba sold at prieea ntiusually low. J. WALKK.RJP N. n -A variety of good Tiano Forte* kept etclusively for V,ru O AIN I IN( t OK M A l?I* \ j i\<f> ?i 'i PiibC mf?, ill l,r,,l?rty of a con?oi?*vur. Tlw picture ar* few in Nian?t*r, ?ui *, o<1 and a ,? coiifUfaitly AWrHnl thai tbm ire two or hiw of thr b?*t i>irtun* in th?* in fhi? colla?fion. to rl% ,i ?ti> kmiiIhihii tV?tiron? ?>f potatwain* I aintiiiiia of oil m*fit will <!?> v*??|| to Aniwer thi? A^nwii b<it THaifnt Tuit IXKch. _ ** lw r _ IN >li11'UI'SKKfc.VtALK PILLS T"R8i: lu ftmr.l <u.d r.|.br?t.-.l Ml., from PorfUi^. *w w? * \mto be ol>um>?l in lhi? cimntrf DMut >n liw U*t Culuuui lourtli Hi*

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