Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 13, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 13, 1843 Page 1
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TH Vol. IX.?2Vo. *451?Whole No. 3403 BRITISH AND NOKTH A M Kill CAN KOVAL MAIL steam hhipb. Of 1200 tons mid MO lu.r-?f i>?ww ?ch. Appointed by tli* Admiralty to sail Wwinm Liverpool and UiMtou, calling at IIili(u to laj.d aiiil rw-air.- I'uaaiand Her Majmty'a Maila. WBETINIA, l.'ai'taiu < 'liarlm II. K. Judkina. (.'A I.KDONIA, Captain V.dward O. Lott. . ACADIA. Captiin Ale*aiid?r Hyne, B1UTANNIA. (?i' John Hewitt. Will sail for Boston via Halifax, From Boston. From Liverpool. Acidic Byria, 16th August. 19th July. ililierina, JudHins, 1st Sept. 4th August. Brit.uinia. Lott, I6lh <lo ltfth do 1 luso ships earn' exi>erituiced snrg*ons, and ar? supplied with France*' Patent Life Boats. Passage to Liverpool $1*0?To Halifax $30. No berths sccuntU until paid for. For passage apply to D. BRIOHAM, Jr.. Agent, **?v No. 3 Wall st., New York. FOR HALIFAX Sc LIVF.KrOOL. sdxfiitoGfl The Koral Mail Steam Ship UK [TAX- , X^Vfvi^^l X1 A, J. Ilewitt. Ksq., (SommW. will | l**?v Boston for the above porta on Saturday Passage to Liverpool $120. Passage to Halifax 20. Apply to D. BRIGHAM, Jr., Agent, j ??r No. 3 WsJI stieet. FOR CHARLESTC^^^^^A"KEY WEST. NEW ORLEANS, AND GALVESTON. (Texas.) TO SA IL on Thursday, 5th October, the elegant, well known J- coppered steam ship Nl'-W YORK, J. P. Wright, Commatider, will sail as above. This steamer has bmn pat in complete order for the season, anil has eitensive accommodations, i with large and airy state rooms. For passage or freight of specie, apply to the Captain oe board, loot of Ninth street, E R., or to < A. HUlllJARD &. CO., ? Teolc slip. ? New \ ork, Sept. II, 1843. *lllo3*ec f. -r-M.-r- STEAM SHIP NEPTUNE. Captain William Rollins?To sail on Satusdav. Oc- ' tber 7tk, at 4 o'clock, P. M., for Charleston, Key West, Havana. New Orleans. and GalTexas This superior i>arket steamer is now Mfcg overhauled and put in perfect order for the season. Iler cabins and state rooms art elegantly furnished, and passengeis can rely en evwy anmlurt auu accommodation n her. For passage as abov*, in th- cabins or steerage, and for light freight and spesie for Cbarlestou, apply to J. 11. BROWER, ?7 fitr 75 Wall st. DRAFTS ON ENGLAND, IRELAND ' ^c-?Persons about remitting money to their friends in the "old country," be supplied with Draft!, iu sums of 1, 2, 3,4,10, 20 Si. ?60, or any araeunt, payable on demand without discount or any other charge, at the National Bank of Ireland, Provincial Bank, do., Messrs. .lame* Bult, Son & Co., Bauk'.'rs. Loudon, I. Barned U Co., Exchange and Discount Bank, Liverpool, I.astern Bank of Scotland, Greenock Banking i ompany/Sir Wm. Forbee Hunter St Co., Scotland, and t lie brandies in every post town throughout England. Ireland, Scotland and Wdles, which draft* will be forwarded by the itvaicv Britui?ia?k y W. & J. T. TAPSCOTT At their (Jenenil Passage OlfloA.I 3 Peck Slip, corner South st. N. U.?All letter* from the country must come post paid. s'J PEOPLE'S LINE OF STEAMBOATS mIt ALBANY?Daily at 7 o'clock P. M.?ntk 11 iWOBLTIirongh direct?From thiMteamboat pier between CuiirtlSJidt and Lilwsrty street*, Sunday excepted. The steamboat KNICKEHBOCKER.Cant. A. P. St. John, will leave Monday, Wednesday and Friday Evenings, at seven o'clock. Steamboat ROCHEBTElt, Capt. A. Houghton, will leave Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 7 P. M. At 5 o'clock I'. M.?L Hiding at Intermediate Places. Steamboat NUilT II AMEU1CA, Capt. M. H. Trueedell, will leave Monday, Wednesday, hriday, and Sunday afternoon, at 5 o'clock. St-smboat SOUTH AMERICA, ('apt. L. W. Brainard, will le*vr Tuesday, Thunday and Saturday Eveuing, at five o'clock. Passengers raking this Line of Boats will invariably arrive in 1 Albany iu ample time to take the Morning Train of Cars for the east or west. The abov* boats are new and substantial, an famished with nest and elegant State Kooms, and for speed and accommodations are unrivalled ou the Hudson. .For I'asss^e or Freight, apply on board, or to P. C. Schnltz at the ofUcf on the wharf. s4 M%) SEVEN O'CLOCK MORNING LINE C+-Wr3S&adt*UK ALBANY- THOV, Slid intermediate ti'i 1MB I rim'-'niri?Kroin the steamboat pier, aC the foot < f Barclay street. Brc.ikr.ut aud Dinner on board. I.*ave* N?w \ rrk?The Empire on Monday, Wednesday ami i-'ri !?y. The Troy on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, at 7 A. M. La-idinc at?Caldwell's, W?ct Toint, Newboreh, Hampton, IWhloeiisi?. H> 'If Park, Hhiueiierk, U. Re<l Hook, Bristol, Cat vail), Mu<lstiu, CnxsacUie aud Kitiderhock. 1 ,i?w low jtessnre steamer EMPIRE, Captain S. R. Roe, on Wednesday, at 7 o'clock iti ?!i?* m^rninif, Aug. 16.-. Tli- new low pressure steamer TROY, Captain A. Gorham, on Tliuridty, sf 7 o'clock in the mnnanji, Aur 12. For pas- ?e, ap.'iy at the office, foot Ol Barclay streec, or on bowl Notice?.Ml Good*, Freicht, Bagsrajje, Bank Bill*, Specie. k or any otiter kind of Property, taken, shipi?d, or put on hoard the Boats of tliu Liuejinuit be at the risk of the owners of sacli C>><h1*. au 16 r 7Mm Mft INDEPENDENT REGULAR OPPOSI.?V\fcTlsTION NIGHT LINE FOR ALBANY 8t 5&ZiJ*2E,TRC)y'?Through Direct, without Landing ? Tim commodious ami substantial steamboat PORTSMOUTH, Capt. O. ll'-use, will leave New York from the foot of Barclay nr ft, <n Slotidays, Wednesdays and Fridays^and will leave Albany and Troy on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, and will oontiune these trips for the seasou. Freicht taken at reduced r ites. Apply on board. r. S.?The above boat has undorfone a thorough repair, and if i in first r,<to order. s2 lm*r J** SEVEN O'CLOCK EVENING LINE ^ Mi^rT!:i3*for ALBANY AND TROY direct, without *- *" splendid low nrmsure steamboat SWALLOW, Captain A. McLeau, will leave the foot of Cour;!?ndt street every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday eveuiurs, at 7 o'clock, for Albany direct. The swallow has a lanre number of state rooms,and for speed and accommodations is not surpassed on the Hudson. anil ec 'mm J** NEWARK AND NEW YORK.?Fare nly 1 l'i Cents !?The splendid steamer PAS3G?1e3E.SA1C, alter June 5th, will run as follows:? L.nrc the loot ol Uarclay strvet.* ."Mew xorg, at iu a. auu 11'. M. Lmvm the Toot of Centre street, Newark, at 7K A. M , and and IX T. M. The accommodations both for paaaengera and freight hare beeji greatly improved. Freight tarried at very low rates. jyl6 3m*ec -sSWVi ,XH STATEN ISLAND FULEY. FOOT &-wlf??i|*OF WHITEHALL 8T.-The steamboats llrlrg. ST ATEN ISLANDER and SAMSON will run as follow * until further notice :? Leave New York 8, 9, 10, 12, J, 3?<, 5, 8. Leave 8 Is'en Island 8, 9, 10, 12, 2, 4, 5. 6. All good* shipped an- tequiit-d to be particularly marked and are at the risk of tlie owners thereof. si r ^Mn 0* NEW ARRANGEMENT FOR flZlHU* SHREWSBURY?Long Branch Sandy 3E>?30Ll!o<ik, Oomii House anil Katontowu Lauding. The new Steamboat SHREWSBURY, Captain John P. Corlie* will now run as follows, on and alter Thursday, 27th iost :?leading New York, Irom tlie foot ?f Robinson street, every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, at 10 o'clock, A. M. And Ellontown Landing ou Monday, Wedunaday and Friday, at Ifl o'clock, A. M. The Shrewsbury will run aa abov?, weather permitting, until further notice. All baggage at the riak of the owners. Fare ceuta. N. B.? '.tagea will lie in attendance to convey paasnigers from the alormaid landing places to any part of the county required. Tlie Shrewsbury will go the inner paaaage, when practicable jelJr NEW \ORK ANlT KINOSTON STEAM IKREIGHT AND PASSAGE LINK. ,iMMk For Kingston, aui* l>eliwar? and Hudson fclMisnsi '.,Ml-,!,uinhl?ti I .M KHALI) and NOR 1 tit* KMKHA LD, Captain John Ketcliam, will leave Nnvi York, foot of Murray street, every Monday and Thursday at S o'cil ck, P M. Will h'ave Kingston (Hon'out landing) avery Wednaaday and Saturday at 3 o clock, I'. M. 'l ite NORWICH, Captain John Samuels, will leave New York, foot of Warren street, every Wednesday and Saturday at i o'cloi k, P. M. Will have KiiiRitoa (Rnndont landing) evary Tunsday and Kridiy at 3 o'clock, I'. N1. KXTRA TRIFS. The K.MERALU will leave the foot of Murray street every Su .day imiriii.?at 7 o'clock. Returning, leaves Kingston at 4 o'clock, r. une day. Kur freight or passage apply on hoard, or to WILLIAMSON, BARLOW kl'O., *21 3m*r |M Weal tre?t. N +'. \V~AII HANI i KMKNT. KARK AM) KHKIOMT RKDHCED. >*3| KKOULAR M AIL I.I N K?VOR PKOfca^iff^VIDhNCK AND BOSTON, via, STON jr. ' ^ AND N?\VPOKT-~fcomposed of ti c l illow nig superior stiwincrs, running in connection with the StObiiiK'ru ,11 id B'xton mid Providence Railroads :? A) \SHA('Hl'SKTTS, ( ant. Comstock. RltODK ISLAM), Capt Thayer. l'HQV IDKN< K. NAIIRAOANSETT. MO II KUAN. Ou? of winch will leave New York daily (Snndsyt etcepte?l) from 1'ier No. 1, Battery Place N. River, at J P. M. akkan??kMknts. The |tHOOK ISLAND, Captain Thayer, on Monday, and Weilnrsday for Stouiugtoa and Newi>ort, and Knday for Btouuiffton. The \1 VSSACI1U8ETTS, Captain Comstock, on Tneaday aid Thuraday for Htouington, and to relay for Stonington, Newport (inn Providence. Pa*ernt"*re, on the arrital of the (teamen at Stonington, will i..r? ..U.t i.t (tie fti.letidi.l and coiiiui.MliotiH Car* <il the lUilrn.vl to Providence and Bontou, and if for Newport Ail! pmcacil in thr steamer Mohegan (in auperior order) from thance Ht R o'clock I lie following mornln*, Hlttt Kivi'in them an opportunity of a night'* reat on board the atenmpr >i;ift**?'huaettB or lli?od* Uland, aiid llH?n brnikfiut ou board the Mulieuan. . ... The above ateitmert have been thoroughly eqpipp and pnpared to ptom-ite celerity of travel and the comfort ud aecurity of pnueunere, and uot aorpneaed ,by any ia the United 8Ut?. I'or |'.i??Tge or freight, which ia taken at very rednced rate*, apply on board, at north aide of pier No. I, 23 Bmulwar, or office of funnel t)eve?u, freight .went, on the wharf. Ticketj for tbe route ana ?te.uner?' bertha ?in be teenred on board, or at the office of II.VKNDEN fc CO., No. S Wall ?twt tTT-On and after the itllh mat, freight will not be received ami forwarded after half-p*at 4 P. M. ml f>m* in OITKT'F!MI'K. 1V KMKNT IN KKK TK~MAT<;11 K.H. rpill, SUI KKLATIVK MATt H. made without bri^tone 1 or other di'letereoua or otleiwife iiigrtdianl?an article that i? actually wat'r-prgof and no iniatalte?it now n,ade and ?old by tl. ptoprietora (if a paient lately obtained, at No 161 llleecker itrte , New York. Theae maich<n I'-.iite wi'li ease and certainty in all weathen wild climate , uiiil Viiirn with a brilliant llatne, for more than a minute, m,,i tuat t hi hi i vertical portion,ao that aereral lettem may be <?ale<l with wai bv 'lie blaz- of one ut'thein. They may "i w iter for many hours aim yet i<Qite, and when the wood t? urv bum * before, home are saturated in perfumed wai.aml eiliuie an .i/rcMble odor iiial?ail ol tlie etacratile and unhealthy efllufia of the bumaione match. Orderi and cominiinicalintia , winy be adi'rcaaed to ti. HOW EN, xi n fo.r.lh? fatenteai, at No. I?1 Bleecker it.N.Y. N B.-Nob? aold of aellTM^l to hawk??. >7 lm*r E NE Tk.TT^^TET -%7 INJCi W I NEW JERSEY RAILROAD AND TRAN3~ PORTATION COMPANY FARE REDUCED TO"TWENTY^KIVE CENTS. \ From the foot of Court I mult street, New York. c (Every day?Sundays excepted.) t l.enves New York. Leaves Nvwark. At 8 A.M. At 2 1\ M. At 7 A M. At l? P. M. 9 do. 3 do. 8 do. 4l? do. 11 <lo. 4 do. 9 do. iL< do. I 5)? do. 10)2 do. 7? do. i 6)j Jo. do 8 do. It ON SUNDAYS. 1 From the foot of Courtlatidt street. (.fives New York. Leaves Newark. ( At ? A. M. and \K P. M. At 12)2 P. M. and 9\ P. M. 1 NKW YORK, ELIZABETH TOWN. 1 Limves New York. Lwves ElizalMth Town ( \t 8 A.M. At 3 P.M, At 7K A.M. 3* P. M. 1 9 do. 4 do. 8)2 do. 7 do. 11 do. 4)2 do. 10 do. 9)2 do. n 5>2 do. 12 do. The trains for Westfield, Pliinfit ld, Roundbrook, Snmsr- n rilie, (kc., connect with the 9 A. M., and 4)f P. M. ; trim* from New York daily, Sundays excepted. t Fare between New York aim EliiaDeth Town 25 ceuta. Fare between do. and Somerville. 75 ctliU. NKW YORK AND RAH<VAY. Leaves New York. Leaves Haliwsy. i.t 8 A M At 3 P.M. At 7 A.M. A<. P.M 9 da. 4 do. 8 do. H do. 11 do 4V do. 9)< do. 9 do. . 6% do. 1IX do. NEW fORK AND SEW BRUNSWICK. i Ijjoin Coot of CourtUndt struet. New York, daily ? Leaves New York. Leaves New Brmmvick. At ? A.M. At , P.M. At 6 A.M. At lOa A.M. ? 5)i do. 7)i do. ?), P. M. ON SUNDAYS. Lsares New York Leaves New Brtinswick. At 9 A. M. audSV P. M. At lUtf A M? and 8)2 P. M. < Fare, axcept in the Philadelphia trains, beiweeu New York 8 mil New Brunswick. 50 cents. Butweea New Vork and llahway, 25 cents. Passengers who procure their tickets at the ticket cilice, rereive a ferry ticket gratis. Tickets are received by the conductor only on the day when purchased. aul9 r SUMMER ARRANGEMENT NEW YORK AND PHILADELPHIA RAI ..ROAD LINE DIRECT. Via Newark, Nrwiiiumiwicic, Princeton, Trenton, BOHDKNTOWN Ar?? Burlington. Leaving New York daily from the foot of (^ourtlandt ?t. Morning Lina at 9 A. M.?Mail Pilot Line at \\ P. M. The Morning Line proceeds to Bordtsutuwu, from thenca by steamboat to Philadelphia. Tim Evening Line proceeds direct to Caindaa (opposituto Philadelphia) without change of cars. Passengers will procure their tickets at the ofica foot of ("iiujildiult street, whan' a commodious nfainbo&l, will l>e in reafftness, with baggaga crates ou board. PluUdelphia baggage crates are conveyed from city to city, wihout being opened by the way Each traiu is provided with a car in whicli ara apartments and dressing rooms expiesiily for \ the ladies' use. Keturning, the lines leava Philadelphia from the foot of >V il- I nut street, by steamboat to Bordeutown at 7 o'clock, A. M. and by railroc.d from Camden, at 5 o'olock, P. M. < The lines for Baltimore leave Philadelphia at 7>i A. M., and < t P. M. being a continuation of the liuea from New Vork. jv28 Imi '.c PATERSON RAILROAD. J FAKE (l.M.V 25 CENTS. , From Pateison to Jersey City. I On and after Monday, 17th July, the cars will laave i PATEUSON UkFOT LitATK NkW YORK. i 8 A.M. 9 A.M. , 11*"" 12KTM. 1 4 P. M. 6 " f ON SUNDAYS. I Leave Patkrion Dmi-ot. Lkave New York. 7X A. M. 8X A. M. t 5 P. M. 6 P. M. ( J'ransportation cars rl dnily (Sundays accepted.) Passcn- s s ara advised ta be at the Kerry, foot of Courtlandt street, a law miuataa before the statail hours of departure jvll 6m 1 FOR BUFFALO AND ALL PARTS OF TI1E WEST. I &S&3- &Q Gsya i ASSOCIATION PAfcfll&ff (SFFICE TO ALBANY. Utica $2 00 Rocheatcr, $3 OB i Syracuse, 2 25 Buffalo, 3 50 Oswego, 2 25 Up. and Lower C(ui"da*5 50 By the fast lina to Buffalo and found, $8 00. For passage 'apply to M. L. RAY, ' M. S. BALL & CO.'S CHARLESTON. SAVANNAH, MILLF.DOEVILLE, MACON, COLUMBUS it FLORIDA j >32^ PACKAGE EXPRESS. Mnau. M. S. BALL StCO.will receive Specie, BankNot-s! Bundles, Sample*, Packages ami Cases of < toods, au<l forward tlit*m by theii Em"*"**, to and from Charleston, Savannah, Milledgeville, Macon, ami all the way nations on the Central KaiJroad. Also, by the steamboat St. Matthews, Ca;>tain McNelty, on her regular trips to and from Darien, Brunswick, St. Mary s, ( Black Creek, Picolutta and I'alatka. M. S. Dal I St Co. will pay particular attention to the purchase I , of Ooods, collecting and paying Draft*, Notes and Bills, and j the transaction of any and all kinds of business, at any of the above named places. They will. also forward Goods and Merchandize to anypart of the United States, which may be sent to their care. They intend to nut on teams to run regularly through from Macon to Columbus, under their own charge, to earn' a" kinds n! merchandize, with all reasonable dispatch and safety. 011 the 1st of October next. Messrs. M. S. B. it Co. having made arrangements with the Central Railroad Company of (teorgia, for an apartment nndcr their own lock, and with a Messenger always in chaise, offer superior advantages for the prompt and safe conveyance of all 1 valuable articles that may be entrusted to their care. Merchants, IMantern, and others, desirous of receding their Goods with prompt dispatch, will find it advantageous to direct to them. If"/5" Office at Savannah, 1J3 Bay street; Macon. Washington Halt; M. S. Ball St Co.. Milledeev'.lle; Agent at Charleston. S. . C., A. Head, East Bay; S. l'hilbrick, Agefit for receiving and forwarding goods and merchandize at Savannah. M.S. B. St I o. will advance cash for all freights on goods sent to their charge. Charge* no more thsn the ordinary way of obtaining goods. au2G lrn*r i ( HARNDBNea^*?!? ; & co.'s ENGLISH. FRENCH, BF.LGIAV ,0> DA nI Kit H^N EXPRESS, GENERAL FORWARDING AND COMMISSION HOUSE. i HARNDKN It CO. will receive ami forward by their daily Eipmi Can, Specie, Bank Notes, Tack igeaand Par cell, to any part of the United States or Canadas, and ny the steamers and packets te any part of England, In land, Scotland, Belgium or * France. Particular attentinn is paid to the purchase or sale of all de- 1 script ions of merchandise, collecting arid paying Drafts, Notes, ' and Bills, to the entry of merchandise at the Custom House, 1 and to the general transaction of any and all kinds of forwarding and commission business. Bills of Exchange in sums to suit, furnished on St. John, N. B., Halifax, N. ?., or on asv part of Europe. All goods must b? marked "Harden 8c Co." Foreign Post 1 Office Letter Bags are mailejip for all the Royal Mail Steamers from Boston, and th? sft.iiner and sailing packets from New York. Principal offices and agents:? Messrs. Wilmar antl Smith, 32 Church street, Liverpool, England. Messrs. Maclean, Maris Si Co., 3 Ahchnrch Inn#, London. Messrs. Kjnrieraoii U Co., Paris anil Havre. Samuel Haight. Esq., American Consul, Antwerp, Belgium. Messrs. J. an<T J. (?. Woodward, St. Jului, N. B. A. W. Godfrey, Halifax, N. 8. J. G. Woodward, New Orleans, La. Messrs. J. B. Saaerac & Co.. Havana. Ilaradeu & Co. V Court st., Boston. All goods must he marked "Harden & Co. N. B.?Hamden fc Co. ara alone responsible for the loss or injisrv of any articles, or property of any description committed to their care; nor is any risk assumed by, nor can any lie attached to tha New Jersey Steamboat Navigation Company. by which their cratas are or may be transported; nor tlw New \ ork, Providence, and Boston ItAilroad, or the Bostnn and Providence Railroad Corpoatiuus, in resjiect to their contents at any time. HARNDEN St CO., ; jyia r No. 3 Wall st., New York. ^POMKROY jaf&a nOTI & CO.'S JSSgS jbUb 5K^J6?2Z-DAILY EXPH K.SS FOH ALBANY, TROY, CHICAGO and tlPCANAH VS. 'l he subscribers having completed titer arrangements with the Peoplo't Line of Steamboats, on the North ltiver. and the Hail Road Comj inies we*t of Albauv for running their Exprifcs for the season of IR43, an Express will leave their office, V. i Wall str,-et. New \ orli every evening, at quarter to 7 o'clock , for the above named and iuteimeiliate places. IMPORTANT. For the greater safety and security of all valtishle and money I packages entrusted in their earn, they have Salamander Iron Safes on Iniiril of the steamboats, in a strte room occupied ?x- I clnsively by themselves, and the messenger in charge ?lcei>s in I the same room with tlM iron sales.into which all such padkagea I an placed. POMEHOY & COMPA N V, ml ee No. 2 Wall street PULLENaECOPPtifltoflg^c ! 3 WHll etreet,^g?E3E^ NEW k ORK, ALBANY. TROY AMI AIONTREAL EXPRESS. Me*ari. Harnden & Co. having dupoaed of their ro?t* from Nrw York to A limn v and Troy, the mibucribftra, tli? old con- I doctor* of H%ntd<?u ML to'i Northern Kn?r?*?. from Ntw Y ork will continue r* run, a* hfmnfon, kitting New \ ork. Albany ! and Troy Daily anil connect at Troy will) Jacob*' Montreal 1 hiprcu, and will forward Mpoci?, Dank Note*, PacfcuM. Ban- ' nl??, Cam ??I < fond*, ke. to any place between New York and Montreal, and throughout lli* I anaila'i AI?o Kant from Troy 1 and Albany to Boston, and Wot from Albany to Buffalo. All liniinmt rntniatfd to thair charge will lie promptly at- 1 tendril to. Particular attention will lw paid to the collection of 1 noma, draft*, acceptance*, he. an?l proinpt return* made for the aaine. rl'LLKN k COPP. Office*? Pnllen \ Corip, 3 Wall alreet. New York. Tho* <fouifn, l.'? Kichange, Albany. A. G. Kilkin*. 228 River street, Troy. B. Jacob'* Kxrhangp Court, St Paul a ?t. Montreal. KK.KKRKNCKS. Nrw Yon*. At.BAtr. Taor. Prime, Ward k King, K. J. Humphrey, Jno. Payne, Jacob Utile k Co.. Thoi. Uouith. P. VVelU; John T. Smith fc Co. S. K. wow, Pe|>ooii k Hoffman. C.S.DouglaH, ( ar|ienter k Vormilyf, K. Leake. ' 11<hilit <m k ( o. Un'W, llobinaon k <',r>. a l#r ' ^ BOOT AND HHOC 8TOKK. 0 JOHN KKADV respectfully inforina hi* friend* mul the public, that he ha* commenced limine** in the above line, at No. W Saltan *tiwt, wh?re lie will thanklully receive and faithfully execute, all order* he may be larored with on the inunt remonatlle term-* lor c?*li. jv2tr UK A I) * VANDKUHKN. i BALK AND KM 1IANOK STABLR, i 1)0 Bromlwuy ?n?l 16 Crosby street. i ?f| _ The *hor? Sublet now exhibit eijiht [mirof exe*!horse*, fresh from the country,tit for well trained ' 1 l?ir?>? Alio, ik number of well broken anil snuml ?iu*le hornet. lO^Enuanor in Mchitraet. * lw*r W YO ORK, WEDNESDAY M( ???????? " : NEW YOKK fc BOSTON SOUNU PlLoT. rjWEN PHK8COTT, Pilota, or takea charge m matter and ^ pilot af vessels boaud t<> N?*w Bedford, over Niutucket Urn* Is, Boston, Portsmouth, Portland, Kenneheck, and OTH'\li POUTS. Office at Ftyt 4 8ktw'i Nautical store, 222 iVater street, corner Beekman. KWi*rence to a number of merh*nta, and the several lusurance Company iu this city. Boaon. *nd Portland iylK trnisr ?MARSEILLES UNE OK PACKETS. lliiL I tii- undermentioned ships w ill Im* regularly iliaratclifil l'r>>in Mice iuiiI from Marseilles ou tint 1st of each mouth during the par:? From New York. Marseille*. 701TOIKR. C?pt, Duman, June I. Aug. 1 1'RK SCOTT, (apt. Myrick, July I. H. pt. 1 lKIiliESPONT, (Japt. Adum, Aug. 1. Oct. I 'OlilOLANUS, ( apt. llaile, Sept. I. Nov. 1 PRY THOMPSON,?;?|.t.S>!vf?ti?r, Oct. 1. Dee. I They are .ill comiered and cupper fastened, and have excellent ccommndatious tor passengers. The price of cabin passage will be $100, exclusive of wines ,n>l liquor*. Goods addressed to the agents, BOYl) ii HINCKRN, will le forwarded I'roo of other charge* tlun those actually paid, t or freight or passage apply to BOYD k HINCKEN, Amenta, No. 9 Tontine Buihhugs, or 8. BHOOM fc CO., m2flr 103 Kimt Mnat'. '**? " (mji' iiun; ball link'ok paokbts IMwrTV'- 01t LIVERPOOL?Packet of ?he 13th Septemlier. MaHHb? Tim faat sailing packet ship HlBKllNIA, Capt. J in j t i ii i;, will he despatched a* above tier day. Those wishing to sacure berths, will railuire to make early .pplicntion to JOHN HEADMAN, fil South ?treet, near Wall st. N. B ?Piumage from Oreat Britain and Irelnud.via Liver|>ool. :au M usual he secured by the above splendid packet ahip, or :m have drafts inr ainr imnunt payable in all the principal owns tbrougheut the United Kingdom, aud on Messrs. J. Barud U Co. bankers, Liverpool; hi. ! Messrs. J. Unit, Sou & Co. or further particulars, apply a* above. s8r JWEj^ , KOH TlVEHPOOL?lingular Packet of tl?- l.ith IffypJfVSei'teinWr?The selem'id fast sailing iwcket thin ftl?SkiSTEPIIKN WHI1 NEY.CaPt. Thomson, burthen OHO tons, will .tail at above, her regular day. Having vm v su|>*rior accommodations tor cabin, 2d cabin and teerage passengers, persons intending to embark should make mmediate applicvt?? board, fool of Maiden lane, or to the ubscritar, J08E?H MaMURRAY, 100 Pine it , corner ofSotih. The abovaship wi'l l>e succeeded by the very splendid packet hip SUKl{11)AN, ( apt. Depeyster, burthen lion tons, to sail >n the SSth September. hlMUsanding for tl eir friends can lave them brought out fiy the above ship, or any of the regular uickats, sailiiitf from Liverpool ou tho 1st, i3;h and 2ilh of tvw y month. Drifts will also he given, in susas to suit the convenience of hose wishing to remit to their friends. on the Provincial Bank if Ireland and all its branches throughout the kingdom, payade at sight ; also, drafts payable in any part of England, Scotand and Wales, by applying as above. sR r EOR LI V ERPOOL?The New Liua-Kegiilar Packet of 16th of September?The new splendid MaiS6ii?cket ship til) KEN OK THE WEST, Philip uounoiue. master, 1250 tons, will sail oil her regular day, die lGtli Sept. Foi freight or p;usagn, having accomodations unequalled for legance and comfort, apply on board, west sido Kurliun dip, or to WOODHULL St M1NTUKNS, _ . IT South st. Price of passage $75. The tine |?cketship Rochester, Captain John liritton, bOil torn, will succeed the Queen of the West, and sail ou her refularday, )6th October sl3 < c Jpfcg- NKW LINE OK PACKETS KOH LIVi RHrTWV. POOL?Packet of 10th September.?The new and TWir iK? "'"i---' packet ship QUEEN OK THE WEST, agister WSO tons, C apt. P. Woodhouse, will sail on Saturday, 16th September, her regular day.?This nol.lepacket, the I.truest ver built in the city of New York, is fitted tip with every moiim impMVmtWt that call impart comfort to passengers? her :abins are verv spacious, and su|ierbly furnished throughout.? Her between decks are lofty and thoroughly lighted. She has itate rooms on deck lor second cabin passengers?the wUole af"ording accommodations superior to any other ship. Person* about to visit the old country will study their intermit and comfort by selecting this magnificent ship. Kor pas age, early application should be made on hoard foot of Hurling ilip, west side, or to \V. si. J. T. TAPSCOTT, 43 Peck slip, cor. South st. The Queen of the West will sail from Liverpool on the 6th of November. Persons wishing to send for tlieir friends, can lave them brought out iu her, or other lirst class ships, sailing weekly, on favorable terms. Drifts for any amount, payable ni demand, without discount, in all the principal towns of fCnglaud, Ireland, Scotland or Wales, constantly for sale as ibove. The Sheridan will succeed the Queen of the West, and sail !5th Sen1._ _ _ sir DLACK" BALI.; OR OLD LINE OK LIVERMf*JVpOOL PACK ETS?Regular Packet, and sails on Mg'jli'jtfcis ' nesday. the 19th Sept ?The remarkable fast sailing lew copiiered packet ship H1BERNIA, Captain Kichard L. Bunting, will sail positivelyas above, her regular day. The accommodations of the llibernia for cabin, 2d cabin and iteerage passengers will on inspection be found to be titled out in every way that Can add to the comfort ot those embarking for the old country, who should not tail to call and examine Iter accommodations hefjre paying passage in any other vessel. The price of passage is very low, for which, and to secure the best berths, early application should be made on bjaid, loot of Beekirtan street, or to the subscribers. ROCHE, BROTHERS &. CO 35 Kulton street, npxi uoor i?? ui? r 1111011 imiik. T. S.?The Hihernia sails from Liverpool on the 7th November. Persons sending for th^ir friends have them brought out in her, or in anT of the packets comprising this magnificent line, sailing from that port punctually ou the 7th and l'Jth of pverv month. For jiassage apply as above. The pncketship Cambridge, ('apt. Wm. Barstow, will succeed the Hihernia, and sail for Liverpool on the 1st of Oetober, her regular day. si2 ee KOR HULL, ENGLAND?A. first class AmenKljCaVeaii vessel, now loading, could Dike a small <|uantity Hiabrjf light freight, if immediate appplic ation is made to VVOODHULL ?. AIINTURNS, al5r 87 South street. FOR HAVRE?To sail 15th September?Tlte suWT?JV.p,,rior copper fastened and coppered Kranch ship CAiStmImm '' lvr 'T|-t 1 rriiii For freigli . or for passive for w kich sha has very comfortable accommodations, apply to BOYD k HINT KEN, No. 9 Tontine Buihlings, se7 ltr Corner Wall and Water street. I'ACKKT KU;T 1IAVHE?Second Line Th^ ^T. NICOLAS, John B. Pell, master, will sail Tinrfri the 1st of October. BOYD U HINCKEN, 9 Tontine Buildinlts, s6r corner Wall and Water streets. For. NEW ORLEANC?LohMHW "55 wHWPwVew York Line? Warranted First Regular Packet? Jtf&a&The fast sailing packet ship HUNTHVILLB, '"apt. E. (Cornell, having the most ql her cargo engaged, y, ill he lisnatched immediately. For Freight only, apply on board, it Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS 8c CO., 50 South st. Agents in New Orleans, Hulin (k Woodruff, who will promptly forward all goods to their address. The packet ship MISSISSIPPI, Captain C Ilillard. srill inrceed the Hunt.sville. slOec. FOll NEW ORLEANS?To me. t with ii?*puch ?The .'first class favorite ship ALFRF.D, Captain HfcSAfeaMvrrs. will sail as above. Iler between decks will >e uuatly fitted up for the accommodation of 2d cabin and steerige passengers. Those desirous of securicg berths will reiiuire o make early application on board the ship at Murray's wharf, foot of Wall street, or to JOHN HERDMAN, 61 South street, near Wall street, N. B.?The snbscriheT has first class ships sailing weekly for the above port, by which passage can be manned .it the current rate. s9m FOR CHARLESTON.?Regular packet nf KOtli KFjnn^ *aptember. The regular packet ship PKTKH HATJMMlMIEaa I*It 1 <J 1\ * apt. Post, will sul as aboYe?has splendid ar<miiim>d*tlons for ran in ami gteerage passengers?who wil] lie taken on reasonable terms on application on hoard tin- ship,foot of Uover strvet, or to J v )S K. I'l I McStl'll It AV, slO r 100 Pine street. ?#5?- FOR SALK?The well known coppered and copMjinfVl>erfasteiieil <hip SVLVANUS JENKlNS,8e>inour, anKMaSaain^iter, burthen and register W7 tone, carries 8(K),000 lb*, of cotton from Mobile, wan limit in this city by Jamoi Mortal! for Samuel Hiclu Si Co. under the inflection of Josi< h M a e > ? I ier apron mmom and top timbtrf ofI ire oak and locust?lias standing and running rigging iu good order?b id new masts four years ago?is well adapted for a whaler, having a line rootny deck. Lies at Dover street wharf Her inventory can he seen at 51 William street. Kor terms, apply to s2 im'r _ JONATHAN^ OOOKN tc CO SI Willinm ?t. AlA TO LKT?The rear part of the store, No. tflK Broadway, under the American Museum, sue of the room JaAL iltfuit ill hv 86 feet; entrance through the ball adjoining; It i )unite entrance rTii he had from Broadway, nest to the bank, being one of the most central situations in the city, and well located lor a billiard mom, or almost any other business.? Possession cau be had immediately. Enquire on the premise*, nf 1? BUSHNiXL. s7 2\v*ec ~*ml ' >1 (INTOOMKRV 1IALL, MONT(HIMKRV ff-W Al.A.~Th? proprietor! of this establishment, ?o favo.AyJUr,blv known to the travelling public oil the ureal thoroughfare l?tween Ch aria* ton and Mobile, are determined to maintain the hifrh reputation lor comfort and liberality ol arrangement whirh it hat so long, and they trust, not nnde.ervdly wuoyad. The buildings, which are very PMtOdt >nd conveniently arrange. I. have been thoroughly repaired, and [lie t>e?l rooms both double and single, have been refurnished wiih utw be-.lj and bedding, alio with every necessary article lor comfort and convenience. The Parlors, both public and private, are l?r?r?, airv, and elegantly furnished. These facilities, with carel ill ami attentive servants, a aellar well stockeil with choica old wines, a table supplied with every luxury that the seeson anil market can afford, and the lirm determination of the proprietors to omit nothing lliat will tend to the satisfaction of their guests, will, they trust, ensure them the fivorable mention of llie travelling public. An omnibus will, at all limes, lie in readiness to convey passenger* from the lUilroad uid Steatnln sis to lha hniise, free of charge. Montgomery. June 7, 1WJ. \v. TILLKY It CO. an 19 6m r " \ ? HATS?KALL HAHHIONS, lfct3?-The subsciilier J|Vs improves the occasion pr>sented by the fall change iu the fashion of hats, to_ invite his friends, customers and the public in general, lo his (establishments, No, 130 Chatham street, ami II Canal, corner of \V ouster streets whera he lor nale and inspection a large and elegant assortment of Hats and f'aps. at ntretiielv low prices. He particularly invites their attention

lo Ins line Nutria Kur Hats, at $3, warranted water proof, ami to retain their color and shape He would also call their attaii linn I,. I.I. short USUI Silk lists, at it IS and ? > VI *l,n 1,1. ui'rrtitH* Moliwkiii Hata, at the low price of $1. The above" mentioned H.1U are next and durable, and ?<n i'<im|nrf adrauMKi'onsly with hata sold in this city at $3 an.. Si. IIKNRV BANTA, No. 130 Chatham *t., and 91 Canal, cor. Wooater st. 2 Iw(lwis)" m HAVE YOUR MONK.Y. A-i FALL AND WINTKR HOOTS, 71 ner cent than at any other establishment in the city. I <ti|, riAi.lin*, anil l>e convinced of the facta, that yon ran ict ihf very bent quality of hoot*, with everlasting intent sole* on, in.ulr to your orders at the very low |irire of five dollar* (ml fifty rents |?t pair ; the umc .|uality of hoot* are selling at other *taMi?limrnis at from $7 50 to $?. Call at CUUBKULY fc MITKKLL'S *12 lm*m 127 Willj.un *t., N. Y. WATCHB8.?The largest and inoat splendid assortment of Witrht-a in the city, is to lie found at the subscriber's ? As he ia constantly receiving all description* of Gold and Si|. rtt WntcliM, of the newest stvle*, direct from the mannfacurers, in{land, France, anil Switzerland, he is enabled to nflrra larger assortment, and at much less price*, at retail, than uiv lion.;,. Ill llir ritv (lnl.l ualelie* a* low < t\) ? >?. larh. Watches and jewellery etchaiiKed or bouxht. All milchra warranted to keep aootl time, or the money returned. Watchea, cloclu and jewMlery repaired in the liest manner, ic t warranted lower than at any other place in th? city (i- C. ALL.KN, iroi?orter of watchca and jewellery, 7 lm*t? Wholwal* and retail, 30 Wall atreet, up tuira. RK H )RNLNG. SEPTEMBER 13 StP^AUsl I "There's a delight in smoking. None but tmok< ri know." The laying is true, when ye know where to fiud A ?<'gar that possesses the quality rue J" Of enlivening the spirits and cheering the mind. Ami enables the smoker to puff away care. This lusury always your sure to obtain, . If on SKIXAS in Maiden Lane promptly you call; If you visit hiin once, you will do so agaiu, i vi 1< or he gives satisfaction aud pleasure to all. Hi* Hegars are the choicest, mom exijuisile brands. By a ?om|>et?nt agent selected with c.ire. Direct from Havaua, by a|a*c ia I commands, BO And none in ihe city with his can compare. . His Colburn. ltegalias, La Norma*, and Stan, 11 Noriegas, Trabucas, Victories pur* ; Principe, Kipevautac, Imperial Segars, J * The best in the country that you can procure. | [>r Casnadoras, La, and ( ongrem beside, llis Uo? t'omparieros and miuisite brand, I "l With others that have coimietltion delied, _ I For his customers, SKIAAS his always on hand. " j "s In orib-r to secure a cinHinu inceol tlie approbation and custom | w, vrith-wnich SKI \AH has bt-e i so louf favored, he has encaged I a sjiecial and coiniient agent in Havana, to select I lie Tobacco ) aii'l superintend the making of all negnrs that he imports; conse>iueiiily. lie ran warrant all sold by him to be genuine, llis 1 "1 stock on baud is more riteusive and superior to of any i... similar eatab.ishmeut. ! ut Hctneinber tlie Number, 3 MAIDKN LANK, Howard's ve Hotel. au23 l"n#_r_ j ||| SF.'JAKH, TOBACCO HUGAR It COFFKK. til FaO '"/JT HE'-KIV CD. ;elefc.-?t?d Lo*<l By- 1 OvJjvJUv/ ron bnunl, consisting of Kegalias and medium six.- Segari. 1,1 32,(W0 of the Florida brand, do do do. bll 20,0tl0 Low pvire Ifvvsnu, do do do. vil 14 Dales <il On i*a Tobacco. n 8 Bale* of Havana do. 6 Cases of Free Labor St. Jafo White Sugar. 1)11 12 Bag* oi superior do Coffee. ris For sale by A. A. SAMANOS, auI7 Im*r No 6 Wall st and 289 Broadway. " A A. 8AM \NOS offer* for sale, at No, ti Wall *t, 10 hhd* "" Muscovado Surar, and i , s liliai's of Coffee, lauding from brig 1 | az, from St. Jago 1 go Ill Store? 10 hhds Sun cured Muscovado 8uga uituble for refiners r,. I boxes white Sugary free I ilior v^l 18 bales superior (Juisa Tobacco, uitnble for manufac- ha turers. ^ (je 3'?0,m. fleijar*, of Lord Byron, Wood* i ,anda variety of other brand*. % HS WANTKD?A Cooper, and a Mi \< right that understands Ej carpenter's work, to k?> to St Jaifod uba; must be singleand of temperate habits. Ap;dy asahov *B lm*r QNUFFi ( 1(/AA8 \.\h TO CCO" Just received p*r wi O recent arrival*, an importati ; of choice foreign Snuff*, ,f consisting of Lund/ Font's Irish ui.:li toast;high jjried Welch, ** Hardham s, No. 37, V iolet Strasburg, Mortou's mixture, Prince VI1 Albert do, (lopt-nhagru, Hr; nrwii'na>;e assui liie-nt |,. of domestic fun lis oi the subscriber's manufacture. ^ " On hand i prime lot of Havana Cigars, "Moriega," "La Nor* mi," "lie-galia." 44Panetela," etc. Cavendish lobaccoofthe most approved brands,Turkish, #i. (German, (4 qualities) Scafarlatti, and Spanish smoking tobac- | cos;Dutch and Kngjish clay pip?*;Jone?'llo)al |>atent matches; P(J cigar ctutea; tubes; fancy pipes; snu IF Iioihk, and every article c;li api>ertaiuing to a well stocked tobacconist's establishment, lor v sale at wholesale and retail by MUS. G. NEWCOMBR & SON, w an 21 lm*eo No. 1 Wsll st. lit ' KOllKIUN WINKS AND LUPOUS, l>? No. 33& Ann street. New York. th ^PHh\ advertiser has for sale the following choice importations of the very best quality, \ iz Old French Brandy in cask and bottle Bli II Holland Oin 44 M# 14 44 Cr * Hamburgh 41 14 (imported in 1806) nf 11 Madeira Wine iu Pipes and bottle 11 Sherry, Muscat, Bordeau*, Marseilles 11 I 44 Cataloni, Portl fitc. # a I Invalids and others will find pure liquors unadulterated as si. above?No. 3lHg Abu st. al9 tin* in A/[ B.SANFOhiJ(< ASH TAI LOlUNti STORK) 127 Fuf- i ivL, |()n at., has just oi?eiied an entirely new and splendid assort- 1 ineut of Kutflish and French t'loths, Cassimeres, and Vesting*, which fur beauty, elegance, and durability, cannot be surpassed |J; in this city, being bought for cash. He will sell to nil bis friends and customers 2 j per cent chea|?er than those w ho do not >? adhere to the cash principles. Strangers and others who are V< visiting or oil! . uv respectfulh invited to call ud cisniiii n liis rich assortment of goods, all of which he pledges himself to make in a stfle and fashion which shall please the most fastidious, as i>*k mis good cutting, workmanship, and prices. Ho 111 would also inform his customers that he has a new and entire assortment of geutleineus' outfitting of every description, con- l^ sistinu of stocks, scarfs, collars, bosoms, shirts, drawers, *us{lenders, silk and linen cambric handkerchiefs, gloves and ho- tl) siery ol all kinds. ... v%IS. iJ. Punctuality observed strictly in filling all orders. ru M. B. SA N FOUL), rn s9 lm*r Neit to the Herald Oliice, New Vork. oil Til T.Ali.(.nts"--STI\KMKT'S New au<l 8y,1 w tem for Cutting every kind of Fashionable Garment now in o(. vogue, is read v for delivery. Ah the reputation of the author as a fashionable cutter, is too well known to require newspajier comment. This system is, with confidence, offered to tli^ as the ir?<><t practical and complete work put published on this subject. It is the ri" suit of many years extensive and fashionably practice in New York an'l Paris, ami will be found to contain such ample, plain, and I recise instructions, ax to enable every student to cot with eese and certainty, all the various sty lea of ?irincuts now worn, both iu Europ? and America. r. Phis system cannot be affected by the future changes of ( fashion, and is recommended to the profession as a stajidaid , work, a,id may l>e obtained of the author, !i:l < edar street, anil j can lie lorwnrued to any part of the United States. s4 eoiitw*r 1 llEI'UT tc OF GENTLEMEN'S KANCY DRESS ARTICLES. READY MADE LINENS,UNDER GARMENTS, fcc.lno 01 ' PHI', Subscriber would call the attention of their patrons and ||j A stranger* visiting this city, to their rich and extensive as sortmeiit of stocks, scarfs, cravats, glove*, suspenders, packet t-j 1 handkerchiefs, dressing gowns, hosiery, lambs wool, merino, rp silk, cotton, Berlin, buckskiu and other under shirts and draw- 1 ers. Their assortment of theabove goods, and ull other article* 1 (( appert lining to a gentleman's wardrobe are rich, vai ied, anil extensive, and well worthy the attention of the fashionable or community, tlirv would particularly recommend their new stvle nf gentlemen's shirts, a? containing many improvements, t1! The shirts at present manufactured by them, are cut to suit the nu form of the wearer, thereby doing away with tke large (fverplus of linen used under the old system of cutting, and adding not '' only to the comfort of the wearer, but to the beauty of the 11 form. This improvement was so manifest to the Judges of the no late fair at the American Institute, that the first premium was awarded to the subscribers; their patentelastic Ilrace is particil- ' larly recommended to all |>ersous who have acquired the habit til of stooping. They will be found of immense benelit to persons of sedentary habits, by bracing the shoulders, they strengthen . the back, and expand the chest, and will be found of no impedi- J tnent to the free nse of the arms. They would also callatten- In tiou to their patentelastic Russia or riding belt. Gentlemen may depend on being suited with the best and most fashionable articles, by calling at the old establishment ot PAR8ELLS St AGATE, au 20 Itn*ec 237 Broadway, corner of I'ark place. jame-T:LAO Y, DRAPER AND TAILOR. Hi John street, near William, ,, continues to make up Gentlemen's garment* of sti|>erior ' workmanship, and iu the most fashionable style, at his usual rn I low prices. < >eiitlemeu in want of new and fashionable cloth w iug, should call and examine his select stock of goads before ....--I,-I......I,?,. A 1 rial u .11 1.0 t? rr,hv!n? the most economical, that for beauty of tit, style of workman- . hip, ami at such extraordinary low prices, this establishment cauuot be surpassed by any in the city. at Gentlemen furnishing their own goods can have them made and trimmed?a perfect fit warranted or the price of ths goods rammed. au34 lmr TESM8 ( ASH. WM . ~ T. J K N NI NOS dc (X)7 DRATKRa AND TAILORS, 23! Broadway, American Hotel, opposite (tie Fountain, solicit attention to an assort- Q, ment ol' seasonable goods, including Cloths, Cassimeres, Vestnigs, Sic., in all the new and various styles, uuder the assur- ? ance that the system of " small profit* and quick returns," which Ills elicited so liberal a patronage, will be continued, till while our arrangements are such as will enable us to fill all or- str ders in future w ith promptness. th< A feature in the tvitablishmcnt, which must commend it to <4 th ise requiring articles for immediate use, is the addition to our stock, of an assortment of lirst quality ready made (Jarmeuts, consisting of Surtouts, Frock*. ac Ureas Coat*, Pantaloon), sn Vests, Office Coat#, fj.( Travelling K rocks, Dressing Oowns, Sic A choice collection ot u Silk and Satin Hearts, Cravats, Handkerchiefs, Glove*, ut Susiwuders, Hosiery, th Under Shirts, Drawers, foi Muslin Shirts, Collars, 81c. cj At prices which must offer inducements to purchasers. jy24 3m*ec .| SHIRT MANUFACTORY, ot AND OKNTLKMKN'S FURNISHING STORK, m CO .MAII)KN LANK.?Just received the latest and most j "y approved French pattern shirts. A general assortment of ^ shirts, under garments, hosiery, cravats, handkerchiefs, Sic. Shirts and under garments inade up to order and re: aired at ,v short notice. For sale, a Counting House Desk, with three < drawers and book rack. WM. COLLINS. cl MM lm*r t( GKNTLKMKN'S LKFT OFF WAIi I) I: <Ui K?Hen tie- jV inen or families desirous of converting their lelt off wear- U1 ing apparel into cash, can obtain for the same the highest cash ' price. tli To families and gentlemen quitting the city,or changing resi- ni deuce, having any su|>ert1uous effects to dispose of, will find it D much to their advantage to serd for the suhscrilier, who will HS attend them at their residence by'appoiulme!:^, ^ No. S John st, N?w V;ork. of A line through the post office, or otherwise, will receive w prompt attention. fcl Clothing cleaned, altered and repaired, anl* lmr j.( l). M. PEYSER, & CO., ? NO. 110 William street, corner of John street, and 437 Broadway have received, by recent arrivals, an eateiislve supply of of tlie following FANCY OOODS, which. were carefully se- w leered by .1 competent person at Taris. Ilerlin, Sic., ami which thoy offer for sale, iu wholesale and retail, on liberal terms, (jr UerHn Zephyr and (ierman Worsted?the most complete a?- " lortment. Herlin Knlbroidery Patterns?a choice selection. co I ?iivs??'f,ir K.inl,riiiderv . of cotton, worsted, linen, silk, cold m. and iver, of all widths and qualities. |i Silk <"li^niHi1 for embroidery, trimming and flown making. , Turn I'witt. Uermin, French and Kutnah, plain and shaded, iu skein*. sticka, and on sooola. 4 Kloaa *i'k for Kuibroidery and Fringe makers, iu sk?ios and to on spools. Sui>pcudrrs, snparbly embroidered, Vid Suspetidsr Trim- (}, IJoId, Silver and Sti?l Beads, in all Noa, .Mo!Inn of IVnrl, Gold, Silver and Stwl Tnr*e Ornaments. Gold and Silvur Fringe, Braid, Cord, 'i'wiit, Thread and IWrU. _ IT Kinhroidory Frsinca; and a variety of different Fancy Artielea. .... Artificial Flowers?a choice seleetiou. ft Fringes, of cotton worsted and silk, iuijwrted and domeatie Ounps, Tassels, Buttons uid all other kind of trimming. tli jy I7 3in*ee_ y D W 11.11 K.I. Ms, No. 04 Broadway, opposite (Im I mtui, h* has fnscemd a lnrge supply of Goods, which he oner* |>l wholesale, and retail, at very reasciaol* pnew? an Beilm, /ephii, worsted. (i. rinm, carpet and shaded Worsted Klntroid<T\ Paturu, a beautiful selection Cauviss of every description , Worsted, Silk, cotton, Gold and Silver, Embroideries, Trim- |ti mm* and linking C henille lir Floss and Curse Silk. id.Mil and shaded lo> \rtilicial Flowers and heathers Tl K un*i variety of caat.iron Work Perfumery, to be sold 111 packages from M to X gross, at very , low priest J Fancy Note INpem, Wafers and Knrelopea, together with a "" I irge assortment of fancy articles, UJpTej, Work and Segar 4 aaea .? Hums and Tassels for pnrsei. anl2 lm*ee THK WK.Ll KNOWN SOLOMON HKINK, M a, \* WHO k.u practised in this city upwards of uine year* ai ? medical physician and surgeon, keeps hia olTiee No. 57 lteade st, u?ir Broadway , auil lm*r 79 E R A ] I, 1843. new urknin. [Correi|N>n<lruec of the Herald.] New, Sept. I, 1RI3. illoic Fever?Duelling unJ /hiHying?Alarming " Shite of Society?Rumored Changes in I'ub'ic n Ofli<eri?Cotton Crop*-Bank*. \ " y 1)kar Sir :? | u We are now in the midst of the yellow fever sea- ! a' n.and although it is not so fatal as in formeryears, j spares not the unacclimated. It is however the h anion of ourbeat physicians, that the great im [j ovementsof the city, have greatly contributed to u odify i?H virulence?so that it is not near so fatal 1 c it used to be in forrmr yiar.J, before the 6trrety 1 p ere paved. ! ^ We have had soarclv any thin? to break the ? onotony ot otir long dull summer, but the weekly ! j' illetiii* ol duels, some of which have been ,j ry bloody and latal. This is a shocking trait in <i e character <>l the. Orleaners?they .ire not sit- * lied with plundering you, Ironi the Bank Presi- h ui down to tlif lowest clerk, but it you dare saj iv' ttiing against the system, you are at once ' Ihed into a light?such is the preponderance < f ' llainy and rascality in this city. The motto is ,| hut your mouth and be robbed." Hundreds ol nkrupts an- at this moment riding in their car- n i^es and living in fine houses, which they have n imaged to put out ot the reach ? ! their cr'-ditors, t d this cWs ot pi-r^ons composes by far the krg- ? t map ritv in this city, so Ihnt it is absolut ely dau- Jj rnu-' for an honest man to assert his opinions J B. Perranlt, the late absconding cashier (t the {.' tiiens'B. nk, although advertised as a telon, hue ? id the audacity to return to the city, it is said, unr an a$*urance that he will not he disturbed, in- r< much as he is ho worse than the oniirers ol ihe tl ncliaMRr, A'chitalaya, and other banks, who 'I ive plundered tlmr Stoekhoiders of every dolUr t! ey eoukl I,iy their bands n on Edward York?, [> ho is probaoly as.g>od usO'Cullnghari, Breedlove, j'| irrod, ltd a boat si othoi) will probably be in- e) If el next to r-iiiru, and will be as cordially takf n r ' the hands of our cfrizenti. What think yon ol a e state of society in New Orleans 1 News reached here yesterday th tt Mr Mor<*nn, '' e Collector, whs dismissed, and Mr Dorsey ap- M inted in his place, and it is rumored uint other v ian^t'8 will take place in our public officers ? j.( oj? ferrous We hsrrlly think President Tyler ' ill dare do *.uch an bci now, as he must tie satic:d that hi days are numbered, and it will, besides, ^ ! much to his credit to let ihe. whigs h*re retain eiroffic. .h until liarrv Clay comes into power. New cotton is arriving every day, and aonvithanding so much croaking, the produ ct of a Icru li op is certain 'I here is ev^ry prospect that busi- v ss will be Rood and ^rotitable the coming season c his city is steadily growing, snd on the increase, id mustlycome a second Alexandria, should u * lip canal be cut across the Isthmus of Panama? ? think in that ca*et?he will far outstrip New York, 1 3th in point of bu?inesM and population. v Our batik* ut present are in good condition, with , i?* exception of the Union, which < very one is l Htimishy of. The President of this insitution n aluiiteered hi* services to eo to l-Jngland to get the ? tynieni ot her bonds put ofl, but it is very douhtfui h/th'-rtueh a man. who has neither weight not ' iHuence h'-re, and who has been, in some rnea- j ire, the ctiuseol her downfall, will be able to efct any ihicg. The (act is, we have now loo mi/ bank?, and while they ure so mismanaged they u ill neverb able to do any good for themselves m tt < community. Wf have now learned to do with 1 if them, anil we find the specie system to work v ill Ii will in nrne make a great revolution 11 >th in morula and business here. R. C. " Auguata, Ga. 1 [<,'Urrct(H>uUeuce of th? Herald.1 ci Augusta, Sept, 1813. ? Hnw lit i vuile a Duel. I G Bennett, Esq ? I I S.R? j A litil fl<ir? ut', some talk, end much excitemen' j fok place here n few days since, on the occasion f Madam Kumor, " letting the cat out of the bag,'' i?t a duel was to cotne off between two highly re- ii ectabl", youwt and unsophisticated gents?J. W 11 , and .1 W. II, the 'atter from the upcountry, the , rmer a resident here, but originally from the ' )rth. The chnlleige parsed and was accepted, e ground all laid out?time and distance specified, ? id duelling i>isi<i!s chosen- when " Greek was to * "ft Or^eli." Rut, ala?-! Ob, our country ! Mr ,J . declined to fijjht, under the plea that Mr. T. wh- *, i Ken'bman. The affair is sull unsettled?thr l( rties, perhaps, believing, that " lie who fights ami n? ;tw.iv, willliveto Hunt another day." Although tc ?t fu filling the first part, Mr T. may make "war the knife, and knife to the hilt." wli-n he return* v j:ii parts unknown. This is a fact. Mr. Bennett. st Yours, Pcleo Jonks. V. S. District omce. di PiMore CommiMionv.r Rupalye. ?l TuEiDir. SrPT 12?Jlllempt to iscitia llivnlt at Sea.? li eiteruay f >nr *t*amen, who-a name* am l lionins Lish t an, Saniui 1. Kllpatrick, John (Jiiban, and Peter Burns, 'i ho Man I charged witK having attempted to crestra ii- '? lit on board ot thii thip Hi'rculi'll, on the -.'8'h Anp;iu st, while on tne high aeaa. The jmrtii? wire belli to b ii! to Bppear to-morrow (IVedneiday) tor axuminaiioi. <" Common Pit-an. r Before Judge Ingraham. u skpt. id?Ifinry at Ryrlir vi. IVilliam Gavin nvH ' illimine Oavin.?Thif wan an action to recover the lance of one year's rent. The defendant, Catharine > ivin. previous to her marriage, rented from the plain. t I, as Mra. Oedney, the premi?e? known a* 247J Division " eet, for one year, up to the 1st of May, 1842, but ahaul ^ e fir st of December, lHll.g.ive up occupancy, pn) ine 1,1 i) in part lor rent due up to the period of leaving?aed 01 n now sought to recover the balance, $146 due up to m ny lit, The plaintiff proved the agreement, arid 'l knowledged the receipt ol the $60, denying, tli-il bj y act or consent of hia, he had a iiulved the defendant n >m the responsibility of occupancy. For the deft-nc.t ,| waa ?et up, that at the time of leaving the pri mil. s tin ir( y tv?< placed in the hands ot the plaintiff'* ngni, . > ooker, who receivi d it without any conditions oth' i ana full release; and the cafe of Whitehead v? Clit rd. waa cited from Htarkie's Reports, wtieru it was d<~ led, " that when the landlord accepts from his tenant e key of the demised house in the middle of th? quarter, was held that the former rould not recover in respect ^ ' any subiKiuent rent." That the premises were suba.'lantly relet to other tenants and l ent received by the laintilf , and that the plaintiff bail rented the adj lining uilding, which is under the same roof, to a Mrs. Smith, ,, hooccupied it for purpooea ot prostitution, and a? a r?- ( >rt for people of noisy and lewd character. Tlie Court liai god, that M e testimony as to the delivery of the key , > the agent of the plaintiff was contradictory, but it was >r the jury to decide oil that. If they were sitisfit d th* le premises were relet with the coiisent or the plaintiff. 1 id rant collected within the term of the surrender and ' ie 1st of May, then that was evidence of the assenting id acceptnney of th?? surrender, and that ifti r the 1st of ecemher. 1943, the rlaim of the plairttiff was lost That C legards the defence set up on the letting tlie adj^iiiin? cm lies, thete'timo j was also coiiti adittory, an?4 not 'j the most positive order. If was a question of fart, |hieh th?juiy Bitist decide. It would not al>suive the de 1 ndant, il at the re.renting o? the promises fjr the second r.r.she was coeni/.antof tkat loct.even theuahdone ith the consent of the plaintiff. S During the trial Mrs. Smith came Into court in a "form rage, and but for tho ititrrl?-renre of th>* wlnintiff", nh' * ould hive laid violent hand* on Mrs. Gavin. After ling frequently called to or.ler by th< Court, she bad " tally to be ejected by an officer, so violeit and instiltrig 1 at her conduct. It \va? not calculated to -nuke a tavoi a e impression on the jurv. as she had Intended, havirg ime down dreaded 'or the occasion, for the espres* irpose of showing that she was better tb;u> she wo J ought to be, and that her traducers vnr? no better than * ey ought to be Her attempts lo shed teats, ami get up lainting lit, excited much laughter among the spacta- m ra, jury, and legal gentlt men present. Thejurv, after a short absence, returned a verdict for ' plaint iff up to the lit D cambar, rent due >01 M TV ittnael for the plaintiff took eiceptiau to the charge ol eCourt.on the ground of re-letting, Forplaintiff? Mr. James l.oaier. For defence?Alder- *r au Scoles. ( Jlttvull and [lattery John Qilhtrt ti ./Milium J? uwflt and Mirhafl Duggan.?Thit was an anion lor an aati'.t a id bait* ry committed on the plaintiff on boar1 y e ship Courier. while on her voy?ge from this port to v easina, in Sicily, on 'he .'8th March la?t, the mata . iing the nasailant, and th? Captain consenting. The ainMITolfered in evi lence the d*poaitl?ns ot John Brown id John Waller, tak n, de ben* rue, by content. The U unsel for delendanta objectedjto auch deposition* being ad without the legal evidence being produced to shoiv at there men were absent from the city and beyon i the nitsaf the court, which not being dottti the case was al wed to go over for the term?the plaintiff paving costs v le rautse of the defendant's conns* 1 denounced in ' very measured terms by the plaintiffs counsel. Thi I1 joinder of the counsel was mighty like aa intimation ? out pistols and coffee ! Libel.?The case of Junes D. Hoe* ra. Moses T B'arh tun "Run ' ntnv?pap<>r, which wan let down for (i ill to n y, win, hy ro*?ent plact d thn first on the cnlendwfor ii morrow, Vetne?<!ay. ?f Calendar for Ttiniay-tio?. 60, 74, 14, SI, 33, 70, 77, I* ,70,80,36, ?, 3*. 68, 01,06. 11 L D. Two CMitl. Biiprrlor Court. Be'or?Chi?f Jimicu Jon??. Tcainar, S?rT. U.-Thi Ptoplt ??. ir?t. Hucklry tnd then ? 1'hH waa nu ae.'ion to recover th? amo int of a owl Cfiven to the Surrogate, hy th? il. l.-n l?nt. who admiiatered o'i the wfta'e hi* broth-r, an I miiappli?.<| tha toney, removing beyond the aeaa Hia turetiea arethe 'her defendant*. The cusp wm reanmed from yaterday i! I a verdict rendered forrhe pUintilli. Fur debt f\ i uno, id.'oin/ tin- 1 ??'s at flrt 604 J#. plaintiff Mr. Oirr. For defendant* Mr. Miller. h'rancii It Cotton and Charltt R Cuihman vi Kd^mr 'ttchum?Tim plaintiff* in thiaauit arc auctioneria ut ik city, and ihe defendant waa the late Public Adminia. ator.and th?nc'ion i*for th>' recovery oi money allied > httV'- lie u Riven to Jolin T. Rich, when acting aa tbe I'm k ordi puty for the drfaudnnt to curry on tbe buiinea* i the i ttice The principal witneaa on the part of the luiititt wu? Itirh, who Mated that the monica to receiI'd *eie applied hylum t'i m it the inr.ideotnl expenxa of he' r importation of the fit eta of decesa- d inteatatea; that i oon?. qi?.-.,c? ol h a ae;aing the t>ri* H <pe, rendered faion by i-a connection with the hiatory nt th? J ate Tom ?'?>> d? * it if n i ? ?,>?< ial i?nr Hiiruy, lie < n? aij'idenly diema "il tul had nut au ' pi'ortnnit) i*iven hioi ot nettling ip hia account* l'h<* i". u?? i-xaiui ?tmn ol tbi* witneaa am toater hat closelj preaacd, Mid a?a < ot rei y la vora ite to hi" f-haiacter. ilf ha ! heeu <Iet< <t> d in neveral acta I mia eafance, aurh n? pledging the i ffieta of the inteaatca, lii ., Ihi rowing anonry mid not making a return of he myenteric!, much of whic'i waa iKpoaed liy himaeif. Irlegu, the clerk ot tbe nlaint.ffi, wua brought tin to piove hat Kicli ha I transacted buaineat for the defendant, and q hn O iptiLitr of dark waa acc<uteim-d to receive moie* lor hi? emp'oyer which w trt: ullowed ia tko aettleneut of the mil lion aalca. For the ileftnae It waa aet up hat Rich h?d nouu'horiiy to borrow money ,and that the laney a > ccqvired wan not 'pent for the beartlt ol lbuil> Ildftlit or Inr the bu4ocs? connected with tile ollice of i? C'uhlic Adaiiniiti atnr, and thia waa attempted to be roved by the two clerkael tha defendant, Jamea I'. Monaije and Jo?i ph J- (>. iJrown, who were priaient in the llireol the defendant. When he brought Rich to taak abonl the .money horiweil fro ii Colton fc Co. and other acta of dialmneaty, 'fit they he aid Ilu'h tin n and there cotifeaa that be bad iriit j*l'Mi onne more) ciiimrn 111 ine purcna>eoi louery ckets which money he intended to haverefundedtoth? anitill'a, and had codm qur-utly ne?er chaiged it to, or dtl th? defendant oi hi* having borrowed it. 1'nac Adnice,the la'e law pattrie al the defendant, waa lntrodu*1, who teattfl'J that from hi* personal knowledge of ich he tvmrld not believe him on Ilia oath, and thlK niter fllteen year*acquaintance- l^ac C. Van Wyck, who at I,nown flirt, lur ten y >'Ui? past, al.o testified to hi* had bar,irtrr, leaiing that vrltne?? in no favorabln position ith the jury. Tii"c?*? wili be numme-l up to morrow, ^edn'siii.y, nt the op?ni' g <>1 the Court Km plnutifl', Messrs f. Iiroud* and Buokhmn Kordendunt, In parson arid Mr. On aid. Mriimnl Scaaloni. It foi'o Recorder Tallmadgt?. and Aldermen Martin and Dunning. Jam R. Whitino, Dil'rict Attorney. Sicrr li-A nolle jKoitqui wm entered In thecaaa of i I ward A Bedlow, indicted for nn oasault and battery on /illiarn A. Btecher, of Waverly House, on payment of oitl. JlHeinplt'l Robhi-ry and Jli&ault ?A short, knotty head d, black fellow, n.uned Samuel Liaiiey, waatried on a horgn ol a-vunlt and liattery, with intent to rob Michael ^roAii. The i oniplainaut tuttifled, that on the sight of he 20.h of Auguit of la*t year, the accused, in company i-ith a man Mined Alexander Davis, came to the graecry tore oi Anthony Crown, at tbo corner of Anthony anil .itill* Water meets, lit a late hour in the niglit. and alter btaining admission, anj calling for somithmg todrink, nd a-liii.g lor some groceries, which were not paid for, lavis btruek bun with a slung a*.ot and kuockeiliiim parall v down, when D.iily participated iu the assault, i iv it w as arrested soon alter, arid ti ied and cenvictvd of le offence. J benccond waa defended by Mr. Drinker, ho was selected by the Court, but there being no tettilony to contradict the ch rgo, the Jury reund him ullty. The i ourt ruspended seitance, iu 01 der to allow te prisoner time to show by entrivs a* the Custom House, 111b?hid aalled 1kb hand from this port to Portland, laine, previous to thftimu of thwalleged assault,and waa jerifoie, not in the city wheit it was con.milted. J] Flare u/i btlwrtn Parlnert.? Bernard McLarnan waa rie.l lor iim'UII and batten on William M. Slater,011 the otb ol J'tne last. The parties were partner* af 'he Eagle Intel, corner 01 Hudson and King streets, and a dispute rising ralativeto n dit"ol<1 inn, McLarnan rappi-d Slater iV' r the bead with a ball bat, and the jury lound him juilty. jlnuihtr .Issauil ami Ilairtry.?An old cogger named lol:n Klood, appeared, tj prostcntv auoth> r rid toiidler lamed Hugh MoKiroy, who bnd interfered with him arhiln h' hi %' I tins a barrel of twill, and pushed him in lit- mn 1. The nl<j man i-srmil to tnrgive him, and the nry concuired in the opii.tou by fiudn g bim not guilty, kite bit the court q'lito sprightly, with bi* thanks, and good luck to them all.'' Stealing 7tcie.-J .l1n Cl*rlt, the colored ateward of be brig Ara.iilah, C.ia<hii Ilnw land, uml two other black nen, named George Wilaou and Jobu W.Brown, wera lied on a charge ol grand larc ny, in stealing $3,-^MO in p?cia, from the cabin of thv brig, while shu waa Iving t the quarantine. on the I7ih ol Augnat last. Officer >lcGr?th tr>titii d that he arrested Wil?on and Brown iear llurrnburth, where they ronf??sed taking the rioney, and restored H'W of'heir ill-gotten gain. About 1300 oi 1 he came money wn? found in possession of iroWn, wbich life said be received irom Wilaon'i wile, Itbough thy day previoua h? denied that h? knew her. I'ni. Mh?i,kh, K-i| , wax nS4>|ned by the Court to defend te pruo'jei?, nnd nigued thHt the tact ol Brown'a posaeaon of a portion ol the money waa not aufflciant evidence ) convict him ol the larceny. The ateward, roue and aaid that Crown and Wilson wire both with bim when the money waa olen. The Jury fonnd thrm all guilty, hut recommended rown to mercy. DisorJtt ly //iitt##.? Maty Dsvia waa tried for keeping a S'irderly houae at No. 24 Pell aireet. Samuel N.Long No. fl 1 Call street, who keeps an appb-stand in the ou ary, tahtifi 'd tiiat he hod Keen wor??n go into if houar of Mrs. Davis, who looked su'<plci >us, and car: >(! thi m?ei?i a very strange Man ral other wilneasea stifled that th?y thou ht, Irom appearances, that the otivp waa an assignation bouse. The defence, conducted y Mr Sitting called Thomas Garland, who waa a ity watchman lR?t Miy, who teatilted that be never ?nw ny o e go in or out oi the honse that he knew to be of ad char.cttr, but htt bad hiatd a noise thvrc.proceeding mpu nt'ack upon the honse by ft man who was arestud. On crotF-examination, Oatlaed ita'ed that no ra? ri moved from the watch lor going with a woman, tars Yalratine, another watchman, who whs on that eat, aaid he saw one man and woman go into the botiae, lit could not tell whether the wom.u w?i bad or not. .'igone Courtney, who livea near by, aaid he bad been 1 tho house of Mr* Davis twice; that he went into the rciM'U one Il> I?K>- nark nil ?* - or mil jtiuuiin, ui lull r? d 4 not go there to grind an ax? lie had ' heard ?ome tin- ri.'ii>tiiiorM talk about (lit! hoiMA, hut hud heard ore oi them not." The ca?a wai aubmitted, and thu irr ieturaed a verdict ?f not guilty. JVilliim (>. (Vatrom Hitehargtd-?Thi? man, who waa dieted wlih AII)?irttJ. L)e Vlerritt, one of the flnanciara 1826, (or obtaining a till of ftooda valued at %t0 44, otu Mrs T (JarniT, w.i* dinchargt J, there not bring ridrnce intflcient to convict him. ffnllt Prmtqnit ?The Dutnc; Attorney ordered nail 'oitquii to be entered in the following casei : ? John Jacka, ami Kir/, a Jarki, hi* wile, lor uMault and ittaiy in bea'inK John C. Puk<r. John Southwell, lor mnilt and battery on Jacob Poiniler, complainant not appearing. J,icol> Reinheitnar, and Atimi^'a Reinheimer, for a?luIt and battery, in I eating Jonas K-llar? indictment rawn bv mistake. An indictment pgHimt Kellar for ift'ing K'-'inheimer rai u'?o dii>tci??ed for the aamu won, Alexander M'llhanvey, fnr aiaault and battery on Elhi Molahan?by requan of complainant. forftHtd Bail.?The name* of the following peraont laving b*en called, and not aaiweriiig, their rrcoKni?nea< w< re declared to be lorlriud, and ordered to be procat*} ? Charles Southwick, indicted for con?pir?oy with !h?r!ci F.irrington in combining to procure a divorce elwrt n Timothy M?unt and hiiwife, recently Mr#. ImgKtr n,by f?l?* testimony, to be efe'ed in the Coart of haccery?baile I by Franci* J Orunt ! whole forfeiture# ?r th? pa?t wf ek i m nut to *evi ral tti"tia?n J dolltra. Kotiert Mc.f.'evren, captain :>f the ?Lin Kalan-aroo, for wan It ami h .ttt ry on C'oneklin Bruth nailed by Daniel 1. K I. Edward Llppmnn, far aatanlt and hattary, ii rtriking 'aphmt Mayet -bailed by llenry Ballfter. Richard T.attreiuon, for a^aatiit and hat'ery, in break* ito the h'ti-e of Aon (.atirxnaon, and attacking her with i ni'e?bailn! l>y Andrew O'f'ennor. Oeorre MrO ufe, lor a??nnlt and hatter*-, in blacking ieey?n! Hobcrt Fo'ter -b?il?d by Juhn boater. Henry Kukirk, lor nnattlt and battery, in atiiking Thorn* J iker, nn officer of the ?th ward?bailed by John ndi r<on. O vin Morale ,?for m'ault find battery on J*hn Tho?T>ail?-<J by Michael H .nann. Michael McCartjr andFr.derick Falkland, for naaatilt i<l hilitry on Patrick Ki?,i?on?bailed by Edward D. VKinney ami Wm H MrKinm-y. J'him Madd?n?nd Richnrd H)de, for aafsult and batrv, io beatii.g Wrigbt Caae-bailed by Jam*a Ingiia id llschaM HyHr. H-nry Wright, lorrecnring atnlen rood*, knowing iem tohn ?nch?bailed by Henry K Sliver*. Samuel Norton md Charlea Willi, mi, for grand larcey, in atenlinc clothing, valued at $8rt, (nun the houae of loeea H. Ofden,en th* iO'h ol Kabruary l.iat?b.?ilel by Allium Norton and Francii J. Grant ' in the ?um of 1000. Tht Trial ofjfh SMpman for grin,1 larceny Willb* ieflrat called up tlii* morning at 11 o'clock. The Court then adjourned to thia morning at 11 o'clock. (jty. We heard of * polite Frenchman one time vho earned bin idea* of ?hllanlry to ?o higti a pitch if sublimity. ?-< <? run aronnd the othir *id?- of * *dy. when li< r ahadow fell, so that he could avoid tepping on it. ____________ fltj- "VTr. WV?tworth, one of th?> newly-elected lember* of Con/reao from lllinni*. had rath?r a ird t me during the canv as. In one place the whiga ied to prejudice the people ngain?t him by Buying int he w is ?n old bachelor; ami in another by staog that he wan in the habit ol whipping hm wile,

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