Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 14, 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 14, 1843 Page 3
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- The following i* table of the export* and value of Cotton from Mobllo Eipna-r* or Cottow rao?i Mobili. "'2- 1141. It'll ere Lotion. Cotton, txiwrted. "e$seh Pounds. Value. Pounit. t'ulue. ?n*lnid, ill Am 1.1 42.119,1*6 $1,121,416 67,00^,04)0 4,185,190 in Br.lish, 44,977,361 3,511,078 16.219.113 3.110,000 France, in Anivri'n, 23,496,103 2,079,072 26,212,322 1,711,033 " in l-oreig*. 1,178.011 110,117 79>,55C 53,586 8colluud.ui Ainn n, I,-120.021 4,270,810 333,319 1 III Bruub, 4,2211,080 341,018 7,113,291 459.479 , . ? ? 1,183,888 91,721 Cuba. in Ameri'n, 1,.121,621 131,973) in Foreign, 218,228 19,258 5 ?. ?? ?.'8B 171,Ml Austria, in Ameri'n, 971,367 89,8*4 4.865,199 292,127 Hoiu d, in Ameri'n, 292,112 21,503 1,177.110 63,nil Belgium, m " 372,338 31,139 3,013,391 178,267 ? ? 1,812,112 108,Wll _ _ 332.U0U 23,2!U Total cotton, 119,808,214 $9,917,740 178,081,543 11,25",001 Otlu-r article*, 47,025 37,971 $9,965,675 11,212,080 The raaealitiraof politician* and State agents in regard to debt* and lonni of the ?eytr*l State*, are of themselves ?uffi-ient to diaguit the people end prevent payment of any taxe* tor d:a:harge of public debti. We hare on many occacioni tpoben of the manner in which tUeaffiir* of neTeral Wefctern State* have been managed by the connivance of Cowmi?*ioner? with Broker*. A trick has within a few day a been attempted to he played off vpjn Illinois, which will, we truat, he defeated through the integrity and cleir aight*!no?* of Governor Ford. The leading feoturea of the attempt are theia? The flinte of lllinoix originally subscribed to the capital of the State Bank about 2,600,000 doilara of it* bonds, and to the Bank of Illinois at Shawnetown abont1>l,0#0,000. Latt winter, when the work of reform took place, thece institution* were directed to return the bond* iatuid by the State and cancel the stock. At the lame (wunon a law waa passed for the relie' of ccrtain partita to v, hom tome 1; Ho ol" brain. t; do of bowelt, 8: do of ciiest, 2; <lo of kiiincTa, I; do of lunga, S; do of liver, 2; do of itoniacli. t;'do of w nib, I; Intimity, I; Jaundice, I; Lock Jaw. I; Malformation, 2 ; Maraimu*. 10; Old Agf, 4; Organic disease of heart, 1: Palay, 2; Hupturv, I; Scrofula, 1; Sprue, I; Teething, I; I nknown, 2; \\ hooping Cough, I. AOE. Under I year, 60; 1 to 2, 23; 2 to 5, fl; 5 to 10, (I; 10 to 20, 5; 20 to 5(1. 19; 30 to 40. 13; 40 to 50, 12; SO to SO 10; 60 to 70, 6,70 to 80, 3; B0 to 90, 1; Unknown I. United Statea, ISO; Ireland, 28; Kngland, 3; Scotland, 3; W?!e?, 2; (innnany, 2; V ranee, 1; Unknown, 2. Of tin- above, were from tin Aim* Hmiie, fiellevue, 2; HoapL tal, Ilcllevu". 3; Pem'antiary Hospital, Blackwell'a Island, 2; Lunatic Aaylum. 2; City Ilaa|>iul, 2. (,'olon-d p WM. A W ALTF.RH, City In.peclor. City Inapecmra Office, Sept. 11, I8t3. Katrat Artvlrr* KKcnvFD at THt v w mm 11 rutin orncr. Africa July 16 Manilla Mrch 16 Antigua Aug. 1 Malaga Auu. t .Miltturp Aug. 16 Marartllei Ang. 12 Auifa}** Auk. 13 Madeira July IS lUtsvia April 12 Montevideo July 6 |t< rnuida Aug. IS Manaauilla Aug. 4 lln. no* Ayrea July 9 M Uanra Aug. 2| Hell*# Hon. Aug. I Mayaguei Aug. 12 ll.irhaooea Aug. II Meiico Aug. 3 llorde.aux Aug. 13, N. P. July 31 Aug. 7 Ncuvitaa July 28 Bombay Jnue 27 Oalm, S. I. Mrch 19 Canton May 7 Par* Aug. 9 ( iii* Town, C. O. II-Juno 10 Paria Ang. S Calcutta June 7 Port au Prince Aug. 18 Cadi* Aug. 3 Ponce, P. II. Aug. 19 I hagrra Jnue 20 Porto Cabello July 26 Cientiiegoa June 13 Poiut Petre, Ouad. Aug. II Cap* llaytien July 28 IVrmimUtico Aug. 7 IVinerara Aug. II l<io Janeiro Inly 23 Klainnic July 22 St Helena July 19 (Gibraltar Aug. 2 St. Thomas Ang, 23 ( inayama, P. K. July fl St. Jago d?i Cuba Aug. 17 Oilveston Aug. 6 St. Johua, P. II. Aug. 13 llivre Aug. 12 St. ('mil July 31 Hamburg Aug. II St. Domingo July 31 llivana Sent. 2 Burin in Aug. 8 Jicinid Inly I Trinidad d? Cuba Aug. 9 Kingston, Ja. Aug. IS Ialcahiiana June IK London Aug. 18 1 amptco July 7 Liverpool Aug. 19 V alparaiso June 4 LaOttayra Aug. 11 \ era Crui Aug. 27 Lima June 16 J ucatan July 3 Macao May 7 Zaniihar May 16 Paaaengcri Arrived. Havr??Ship American?Mr Bochid, Jules Onstave and lidy, Mr Oonrolin, 1'ierre Loitii?2 in the peerage. Paiwnfen Kalltd. I.o*noi*?Packet ship Montreal?Mm Horn, Misallorn.of New \ nrk; Jame? Lucas and lady, Lieut Kenwick and servant, London; Abel Vallee, France; Mr? Bennett, of Jamaica, VVeat MM. $BO0,(M'0 of bonds of 1M6 were pledged,ai d on which the State had received about $.'10,008 That law specially provided that no wore would be p*itl on thoac bards than hid bean rccoiva l by the State, and thnt,only iu case the bonds wore returned and auditor's warranti uken out poyahle In two year* witk interest. Money vol provided to pay thi* inteip**, and it will bo paid. Theae bond* were worth about lrt to 90 per cent in the market, when tb? ri-gular bond* of the State were celling at 3? a is Now tho bank clique flrit obtained the interest oi certain persons who surrounded the Oovernor, and thtn came into this market tn purchase up, not the regular bond* to return to the State in liquidation of their capital, but purrhared these repudiated bond* at from 30 to '261 per cent] the Utter price was paid for the last purchase. These bonds were then hurried oir to Illinois, and all Interest used to persuade tho Governor to accept them from the bank and settle the claim. The Oovernor has been, however, forewarned, and therefore forearmed, hiuI these very shrewd individuals will be driven back into the market te sell the 1865 bonds for what they will fetch, and then buy up the other bond*, to conform to the law. A great responsibility rests with the Governor in this matter. The pledged bonds are specially provided for ia tho law, and are not acknowledged b> 'he State in any other way than as that law directs. All the other State liabilities an> rcdeamable for State debts at tho faceSales nt tho Stock Exchange. $2000 Stater.V 1862 108% 1000 Indians 5's 35% 2000 Oov't6"s, 'r.2 114% 1000 Ohio 6's, ^0 91% 3000 N V 5%s,'fil hfyly 102% 2000 do 0134 120(1, Ohio 6's, 1000 92% 8000 do 1850 32 20000 do 93 icoo do 92% 100' 0 do n tV 1000 Kentucky 6's !)7% 2600 do 93% 150 slias l?'HrnH'rs' Loan 23 5000 do 1)00 #3% 2.1 Ohio Life ii. Trust 82% MOO do *30 93 200 Canton Co 26 2000 do biO 93% 50 Stoningtou R R 33% foonn Illinois 6's, *70 csh 30 100 New Jersey IIII 8?'4 5980 do ti3'l 30% 5Q.Harlt-tn H H csh 37 flflo do csh 36)? 100 do It60 37'4 2000 do 3(i% <00 do still 37 15000 do *30 30 2.10 do s60 37 I2(lii0 do csh 36% 8.10 do 37% 19000 do 36,% 100 do *30 37 1000 do *U 36',. 12 Uticn 8c Schenectady 119% 15000 Indiana 5'* 36% 50 do 120 Second Board. 150 alias L Island 52% 50 Harlem RII b30 37% 50 do 52% 450 do 37). 175 Farmers Loan 23% 50 do bid 37% New York Public Stock Exchange. tm?0fl U State*6's, '62 111% 0000 Illinoin 6'*, *70 *10 30% 1000 d-> 111% 50.10 do sill 36*4 kSTOO N York 5%'*,'61 10:1 1IO0U do sl5 36% 5000 do G i, I8C2 108% 2000 do s60 35% 2Pi'0 Ohio fi's, '62 21 Spt 93% -10011 do 36% SOOO do slO 93% 10000 do sl5 36% 1000 do row 93 10 " do bit) 36% ltHH do 91% 25 sIim Farmers' Ln *10 23 |7f)f>n do snw 93% 25 do b30 23 COM do 93% 25 Catiton Co alO 20 '10(10 Kentucky 6'* 30d 97% 100 do 26 f'.HUiO do b30 97 % 25 do *30 26 <000 do 97% 25 do bl.l 26% reooo do bno 98 25 do b30 26% blOfO do 1>J5 9?% 250 Harlem Railroad *30 37 inert do Ml) 97% 171 do 37% |2000 Ind Del bds, 5)",bt5 35 50 do s90 36% 2880 do 35% 8.10 do 37 6000 do 35% 100 do *30 37 Si L 20t)n do blO 35% 50 L Island RR *30 52% vnen <(.. -i'.v 0'.n ,1.. 1.H1 '.') 1 I' 00 Illinois G's, TO 36?? .'<0 do sGO 62'4 'W?j <lo 10 36*2 SO do b!3 6?', !? ?lo slO 36 75 do blO 62*2 H'flO do MK 376 do 62* JO 110 no 16O 36>? 60 do ?30 62?, 3000 do 36>a 26 do s60 62?, Second Board. 100 sIuls Harlem R II b30 38 60 Harlem R it 37H 100 do 37% 60 Canton Co b60 26X State of Trade. Ashes?Pot* are still held at $431, and Pearls at $6 38 a 6 31. The demand for Tot* are quite fair, while Peoria are very dull. Hat?The demand for heme consumption and export con'iitutis goed, and the supplies very fair. We quote 43 n 4k for the he*t quality; interior lota aell at 40 a 43 Wiiiiicr- Srudge is hald at 28c, and barrels at 21 a S3J ctnts. The demaud lor both very limited. Cotto*?The greatest activity prevails in this market. Speculators are as crR7.y as ever, and are buyiug to any extent. Price* are still looking up and from present indication! in a day or two we sballbepble to report a farther advance on all grades: the sales this week reach near 7000 bales. Klh*s?Th? demand is daily improving and prices have adrnm e.i a tuila. Extern purchasers nre in the market find teke bold qnite liberally. We quote for Genesee $4 fOi , Ohie and Genesee fi 5f> All descriptions of Souther a'iil coa'inuu Jull, without any alteration in prices. Wh?it is getting more ac'ive auJ the sales rule 90c. a $1 for ordinary to prime Rjc i* declining both in price nnddiinand We qaote .,?li s y esterday at fOi Corn ia in fair demand with full receipts, sales rule at M cents for northiru, both weight and measure. Freights. Savahhah, Sept 0?The New York packets still take freight at 60c per hale, in >ound and squire pickagcs, and 6O0 per catk lor Rice. Married. On Wednesday September 13 by His Honor the Mayor, STSFHKa W. Gai*bs, Esq , to Muihi H, <lau;hior of the late Thorn is Woodward. Died. V At Mount Tl^asant, N. Y., ou Monday the 11th instant Wii.liam E. Fo??ai*, ?on of the late A. O Korbea. aged 40 yvars. Weekly He|M>rt of interments la the City and County of New York, from the 2nd day of Sept. to the 9th day of Sept, 1813. 39 Men ; 31 Women ; 66 Boys ; 36 Girls. Total 171. DIMCA9M. Apoplesy, 3; Asphyxy 2; Asthma, 2; Cancer, 1; Casanltiea, 3; Cholera Infantnin, 26; Colic, I; Consumption, 31; Convulsions, II; Croupor Hives, 3; Delirium Tremens, 1; Diarrhoea, 1; I'ropsy 111 the head, 7; Drowned, 2; Dysentery, 6; Debility, 4. Epilepsy, 1; Kever billions, 2; do puerjieral, 1; do remit 0 .1' 1... 11 A I. I.I. f.,?t ...nation MARITIME HERALD. Sailing Uajri of the Steam Ship*. rion i ivnarooL. raoM amkkica Britannia, Hewitt _ Sept. 16 Caledonia, Lott J?*'1'- * ??ctU. Western. Hoskn Bept. 23 Oct. 19 Packets to Arrive. Packets to Ball. i'hom LIVLRroOL. 101 l.lvt.apool. (' irrick, Skiddy, Ant. It 8. Whitney.Thom|?ou,Hept.ll Oxford. Ralhljoue, Aug. li> Uueen of the West, S<*|it. IH r. Henrv, Delano, An,. 2.) Hibernia, bunting. Sept. 19 i* hum portsmouth. tor portsmouth. Victoria. Morgan, Aug. 2U Gladiator, Brittun, Sent. 2ft Quebec, llebard, Sept. 1 Mediator, Chadvt ick, Oct. 1 riOM havre. roR havhk. Oneida, Funck, Auk.I(> S. de Graas*,Tlioni|Jtou,SGpt.l6 Kmerald, Howe, Aug. 21 Ship Masters and Agents. W? shall esteem it a fa Tor, if Captains of Vessels will five to <k>inmodorti Robkrt Silvkt, of our New* Fleet, a lieport of the Shipping left at the Port whence tliey tailed, the Vessels Spoken ou (heir Passage,a List of their Cargo, anil any Foreign Newspapers or News they may hate, lie will board them immedialely ou their arrival. Aueiiu and Correa|Hiudent?, at home or abroad, will alio confer a lavor by sendiug to thia Office all the Marine Intelligence they can obtain. Nautical Information of any kind will b? lhankfully received. POUT OF NKW YORK, NKPTUMBKH. 14 IDN RISKS 5 40 I MOON RISK 56 UN SST1 6 10 | HIUH WITH II 40 Cleared. Ships Andacia, (Sw) Valley, St. Peteraburf, Ooodhne St Co; Panthea, Abbot. Baltimore. Bucklin Si < .'rane.?Brigs Lady of the Lake, (Br) Wingood, Peruauihitco, fcc. Middleton It Co; Trio, Dome, Jacmel, Foster Jt Nickerson; Mary Anna, Shanklin, Halifax, NS. Geo. Whitakrr; Samson, Baker, Port Leon via Key West. K. I). Hurlhut St Co; Moxy, Spear, Thomuton, Nesmiih, Leeds St <%; Gertrude, Morgan, Boston, bv the tame; Growler, Ulmer, do, John Klwell St Co.?Schrs Ann Maria, Jones, Newberu, NO. S.L.Mitchell; Solomon Rosevelt. Benjamin, Richmond, K. S. Powell; Challenge, Dyer, Portland, E. Lewis. Arrived. Ship American, Burge**, 31 days from Havre, in ballast, to waster. Ship Martha Washington, Tyler, from Antwerp, Aug. 2, in ballast, to Post St Phillips. Shin Cabot, Schneider, from Fluibint, July 29, iu ballast, to J. de Knyter. Brie Wm. C rawford. 42davs from Lattuna. with logwood. to I Nwmth, Leeds He Co. British brig Diadem, Card, 10 days Irotn Windsor, >8. with plaster. to master. British brig Danube, Berry, 11 days from Windsor, N8. with plaster, to master. Brig Adams, Warren, 12 days from Lubec, with plaster, to master. Brig Apphia, Kenny, 1 days from Boston, with mdse? bound to Kondout. Schr Echo, Jordan, 10 days from Richmond, with coal, to master. Schr New Delight, (Jibbs, 12 days from Havre de (irace. Md. with pig iron, bound to Dishtou?put iu on account of the easterly wiud. On Monday, 30 miles south of the Hook, split foresail, &c. > Schr Amuzamendi, Snow, from Philadelphia, with coal, bound to Boston?put in on account of the easterly wind. Schr Two Marys, Martin, from Sagharbor, witli oil, bound to Philadelphia. Schr Joseph Brown, Lewis, from Fall River, with mdie, to master. General Record. Packet ship Stephen Whitney, Capt. Thompson, aails for Liverpool this morning, having be?n detained by head wind. Her letter bags close at Gilpin's, in the Exchange, at an early hour. Vessel Sun*.?Capt. Matthews, of the Yarmouth, at Philadelphia from Liverpool, patted on the 8th inst. five miles NK by N from Light Ship on Five Fathom Bank, and 12milt-s from < 'a|ie May Lighthouse, a lierm brig gunk in about sevt a fathoms water, main topmast and fore topgallant mast and yard (above water?supposed to have foundered on the night of 7th inst. iu tl, ? .?!? IV.,m tl,? r.r,l si.nop Volant, Williston, from Rondout, of and for Bristol. HI. with coals, weui ashore on the Gridiron, in Ilurlgate, litli in?t. She had not bilged eve of 9th, and it was thought would be got off lifter discharging her canto. 801 d.?Shin Illinois and barque Francia, late of this port, have been solo for whalers, five-eighths of the ship Sea, 818 tons burthen, built in 1838, with full inventory, Ike was sold at the Merchants1 Exchange by Minturn & Co. for $20,260, 4 and 6 amuM. Brki Susan Spofford.?We have nothing further from the Susiu Spofford, ashore at Nil's Mate. Boston harbor. The report by telegraph that she had got off. was incorrect. Her forefoot was observed to be started. She had no pilot on board wlieu she went ashore. Ship Prince Ai.bfrt, (Br) with a cargo valued at ?2.').000, left F.ugland in the early part of June for St. John, N B. and, at the latest advices, had not arrived. Slur Panda.?The Yarmouth Register says:?Any information couceming the schr I'anda, Esse*, will he thankfully received at this office. She was on George's Bank during the Bile of the 2Uth nit. and has not since been heard of. AcccmTF I't tformanct..?We are indebted to a friend for the following:?The ship Zone's chronometer (No. 5(90 by French) was put in order F. O. Kelley in November, 1838. On leaving port her rate was two seconds and two-tenths losing, and this continued to be her rate lor two years. She then reduced bar rate to two seconds, which she held duiing the remainder of the voyage, about two years more. In August, 1813. alter she had been running nearly five years, her rate was ascertained by W. Mitchell, and found still to he two seconds. The following instance, showing the accuracy of the performance of this chronometer, is related by Captain Ililler. The Zone, after being absent about twentv-seveu months, was in port with one of the Knglish surveying ships, commanded by Captain Belcher. As is usual, the commander offered to ascertiin the rate of the Zone's chronometer, and found that she gave the longitude of the harhor within one second and live-tenths of what was given by the means of fifteen superior instruments, with the rate that Captain Hiller had used. So splendid a performance as this cannot be eipected, unlets the instrument is of the first quality, every part adjusted with the utmost precision, and the greatest care taken ol it while on board the ship; for it will be remembered that during a whaling voyage the chronometer is not only subject to almost even- variety of temperature found on the globe, but to thousand of jars from coopering and other causes We are apt to place the greatest confidence in a chronometer that performs as well as this. We hare known captains to run sit or eight months, trusting wholly to a chronometer, but fwe consider this a dangerous exjieriment. Observations should lie tsken as often as the moon is on distance, especially when we have but one chronometer. It should never be forgotten that these instruments are verv delicate affairs?composed of a great aiany parts, any of which when disarranged may vary the rate or cause them to stop. The maker of the best chronometer that ever run cannot say with certainty that she will run for four years, or one year, ora tingle day; so far as he knows, the instrument may be in the most |ierfect order to-day and to-morrow the main spring, [lie balance spring, the detent spring, or some other part may give out, and tlie instrument will stop. These accidents, liable to happen to any chronometer, canuot be wholly controlled.?[Nantucket Inquirer. Whalemen. Arr at Provincetown 5th iust. Belle Isle, Smith N Atlantic Ocean, 3t0 bids sp 40 do blucklish oil. Heports. Aug 23. Esquimaux. Cook, Pro\ iuct-lown, 5 mos, 2G0 sp. Sid from do 8th, Fairy, Cook, Indian Ocean. Sailed from New Bedford 12th, Navy, Smith, Indian Ocean and N \V Coast. A letter from the Theophilns Chase, Baker, of Westport, report lier at sea, July 12, with I15 bids sp?h id_ spoken same day, Eagle, Perry, Kll, clean; Ingi, Cudworth, Wareham, do. Letters received at Nantucket, report at Fayal, I) Webster, Nanl, 30 days out, landed95 bbls oil; Hamblcr, do, 15 days out, 60; Almira, Edgattown. 30 days, clean. At T o in lie/. April I, Fabius, Nant, 2100 sp, to cruise 4 mot and home. At Wallace Island, no dale, Ohio, Smith, Nant, 16, ? mos out, 1200 sp. A ship steering E. supposed a whaler, showing at her mizen peak a blue sigual. lower edge red, with the letter H ill it, was passed 3d inst. lat 40 30, lou 70 12. Hpoken. Cordova, Trinidad for ??, 4i day* out, 10th ult. lat 18 N, Ion 13 30 W. Thomaa Hooper, Baltimore for Ponce, PR. 19th ult. off the port. A barque showing Not 3, 52, 46, signalized 5th iust. lat 42 N, Ion 57 W. Foreign Porta. Pon< I, PR. Aug 19-7I11 Ijort, St^ MarkSj Williams, from St i noma*, arr mm; t<oiih. naiy, ironi .> > oru, aisg. OoNllTM, Auk 2t?Mid Zebra, Lord, Boston. Ki.t.ston, Ja. Aug 23? In port, K.siwleta, Amti, nnc. Sid 15th, Madeline, ShauUland, Falmouth ami Trinidad de Cnba. Ttiftm'tm, June 16?In rort. Whin, Baldwin, from Baltimore, arr 6th, to tail 111th for Valparaiso Yah mocth, N8. Aug 28?Arr Knterprisu, and Dolphin, N York. Montrfai., Sept 1(1?Arr Caledonia, Allan, Glasgow. Cld 9th, Rory O'More, McMatter, Liverpool. Ql'tlix, Sept!??Arr Avon, Robinson, Liverpool; Milford, ('.liter, Bristol. Hd lllh, British King. Bonny man, Cork; Oth, Borneo, O'Donnell, Limerick; Knflymion, Sinclair, Newcastle. Home Ports. kasttort, Sept S?Shi Rival, Clark, Barhadoes. W i?< as?>:t, Sept 5?Arr Ontario, Barstow, Havre; Stirling, Saunders, Liverpool. So it h Thomaston. Sept 9?Sid Attakapas, Ilayden, and Voltaire, Bradbury, NOrleans. Batii, Sept 10?Arr Charles, Sylvester, Havana; China, Small, Alexandria; Wave, Hopkins, NYork. Hid 9th, Napopleon, Havana; America, Martinique. Portland, Sept 9?Arr Commerce, Piukham, Wiscasset for New York. Cld Motto, Williams, ' uba Sid John Cadinns, Cammett, Africa; Orb, ami Mary. Arr 10th, Sebago, Coffin, 1'oiut IVtre, Onail. via Salem. Owi.'s llt ad, Sept 0?Arr Sebooii, Hopkins, Bangor for Porto Rico. SsI.KM, Sept II?Cld Reaper, (rallonp, Africa. Boston, Sept 12?Arr Congiree. Doane, Antwerp; Charles, Low, ami Josephine, Hedge, London: Swiss Bov. Blaisdell, Riga; Sarah Jane, Thomas, and Aldeharnn. F.dgerly. St Jago de Cuba; Commerce, Towle. Ponce, I'll; Silunus, Hardy, Cape Haytien and Kingston. Ja; Calais, Deming, Turks Island; Delaware. Fisher; < olumbia. Brawn: Sylph. Nickernon: An tares, Croweil; Ronwell King. Biiggs; New Zealand, Poland; Berry, Sears; Kugene, Cousins; Squire k. Brothers, Steelman; Jane S ales, Fuller; Baltimore, lliekinore-Pitnios. Clark; Lion, Baker; J T Bertllie, Cranmer; Hinllo, Dodge; /one, Croweil and Isaac Jaekson, Tohey, Philadelphia; Choctaw, Kldndge. ( ha'ston; J A Lancaster, Lovelmil; Wave, linger*, and Nib' Dell, Richmond; Josephine, Robinson; Yucatan, B iker, and Henry, M, s?ervey, Baltimore; Cocheco, M'Crillis; II T Hnickle\, Saunders, and Ne?i?, Fountain. Rondoutl Cygnet, Cooper, Oouiives; Shaw inut, Shepard,; Wakulla, Parker. St Peters, Mii|; Galena, Abbo't, Washington, NC; Shetland, Frost, Havre de Grace, Mc'; Niagara, Lovell; Transport, Nickersfin; Balm e, Nickerson, and Fairfield, Oonld, AlbanyMail, Nichols; Jasper, Howes: Mtrietta, Croweil; PagevTaylor;Orerian, Chtse; Fortune, Smith; Fireman, Snear; Fancy, ( line; Yankee, Babbidge, and Cambridge, Hall, New York ? Signal for a ship. Cld Moscow, Simpson, Montevideo and Buenos Arm; Marv Ann, Tracy,; Kigle, Drew, Cape Haytien; Maria J K.stell, Gould, Wilmington, NC; Salem, Prime, Savannah; A Lawrence, Meeker. NYork. Oi.ot;cvsT*n, Seiirfi? \rr Commissary, Fit*, Surinam. New BroroRn, Sept II ?Sid H m Penn, Sanlord, New York and Albany; 12lb, Sachem. Kirby, Norfolk; Cicero, Besse, NYork. 1'RoviPF.Ncr. ?ept II?Arr South America, Sowle. NYork; Syren. James, Philadelphia: Albany, Gibbs, Albany; B Franklin, White, Kondout. Shi llicliil 'I homi>soii. Buck, Philadelphia; I'rool Glass, Blydenburg, NYork. BKIITpL, Sent 9?Sid Pearl, Pearce, Arr 10th, Commodore, Wilcox, York River, Va; Sally, Gladding, Al bany. n jT. '2?Arr Telegraph, Perry, Albany. Sid Hood I* rlends, Philadelphia. Ai.ranv.Sept 13?ArTMoselle, Stannard, New Haven; Mary Elisabeth, Strickland, Hanlord. Sid Klitabeth, Hoyt, New Haven. Pnii.AitRT riiiA, Hey\ 13?-Arr JoMph Cowperthwait, Stuvdivant, Kinj^on, Ja; b inancier, Haiyent, Portland; A B < ooley, (amp, and Jiru Jacket, Jjirvin, NYork; Henry. Briags. New Bedford; r ranees. Burt. Taunton, Mais CM Ahigtil, Grant, Portsmouth. Ml; T tllr> rami Knowlton; Kiln, Yvhelden; 1^'tinKlon, Waaa; Surplns. Nichols; Kalcm, Moore, and Lar? kin, Chiubnck. Boslou; Port Spain, (Br) McAlpine, Shel bnrne. NB? N Biddle. Walton, Nfw London; Lenity, Smith, i FallRiver; Hani Parker, Troy: Peru, Wmt, NYork. Below, I Only Hon, listen, from Gale's Kerry via New London; Oralloo, Mayannex. ... < S*va-h!?%H, S?j?t 9?< Id rhilura, Poane, New York. In port, F.iaet, Johiison.N York, |d?: Hobt Bnie*, Oardner. Baltimore, do; Hollxhush.Trundir, fm rhoinsston, di*?;W#onth i aroluia, | i orhett, Boston, do; Sarah Ann Jane, Oriincs, New Orleans rf|?airii>U' 1 /COTTON Pl/CK.?MO bolts of American K*tr.\ Pilot Puck, ! N"- l"lL Kor"4,"'y K. K. COLLINS k CO., (I) ,.e :a South Mn?ot. B \THft?ToruM# Shown Bathn 50 c?m? * * for ml* by the iiituufkcturrr. W. WKS'l, 109 llmlnon strwt. Hhow?r Bath* of nny dr.oripuon for Mir by th* maun ft HM,W. W?t, 10# Hu4?oa ?t. M9 linu'tc A* DR LA ROVER'S LYCEUM OK POPULAR AND PRACTICAL RCIf.NCB. , Public is reapectfnlly informed that Dr. l.aideer, ha1 ?iiik colleclej a s|<leniliil and novel ai'paratui, combating ?> luii.dred Telatcopic Driniuwn, Scenic Illmtr&tious, Meteorological and otlier Dioraiuaa, and haviug obtaintd th? duel'jhaje in I he iiroivrty in Rl'RSF.uL'8 PLANFTIRIUM, tli<- exhibition of w hich excited inch iremral approbation ill thia city lut leasou, will in a fear dayn n^?n a aahioii lor n short time, in WMCll kmilTljll MTM "I pWh* Iffllfl <>ii Astronomy ami other brtnehes of physical ami mechanical science, ami ill wricli there Hill lie a daily eihiliitivn of the planetariuin, m.tnictive and umuaiaf experiment* in phyaic*. and other objectt of?cic.ilific inte-e?r. which will be particularly in future aiiuouuceiue ita. TO INVh'.NTOliS, PATKNTKE8, MANUKACTUllKHS, Sic ? Dr Lard er infornni inveutori and all |?raon? I ci xaei d in the Arta ami Manufacture*, that he will receive I model*. drawing, , production* of art, and aiieciuieni of 111*1111- I Mr ure?, lor emiDitioii l i the Lyceum, ?ucli objects will receive occasional notice and nplauatiou at his lecture*. Application* to lie made to Capt. John llaver, 7ti Barclay it. |)r. Larduer consulted on mil<j<>ctn coniii.tedwith engiuecriiiu and practical >cieuce duriug las visit la New York. New York, Sept. '4, IR13. * I 6tr oro'sriA* PIANO" KOUTK PRECfclTOR-lllnstmtratinif the principlet of Music by a novel and Improved system, and designed fur school* or self-instruction. The work lid* received the ?pprob*ftoii of several eminent professors. Just published, and for sale lit C2 Sprint; street, and by I . O. CHRfHTMAN, 111 It"r 40? Pearl-st. ROYAL'MAIL FOR LIVhTTPOOLl T F.TTER BAGS for the lloyal Mail Steamer BR1TAN ' * NI A, will close at lltniden St Co'* Foreign Letter Office, on Friday. 15th at ,'4 to .'1 P. M. A bag will also be made up for the Overlaid Mail to India, which is forwarded with lliu utmost despatch. HAKNDF.N St CO. sit 2t 3Wall street. Posr Otncr, New Y ork, Sept. 12, in 13. ENGLISH MAIL.?Letter B.igs per Hoyal Slail Staumer H HIT ANN 1A. which leaves Boston 011 the If.tli init , will be closed at the Upper and I.ower Post Offices ill this city on Friday next, the fitli iuat.. at tS miuuts* past i o'clock P.M. JOHN LORIMER GRAHAM, P.M. sl:i 3tr FKli'UISUN Ae Itl'lIT), " COMMISSION MKRCHANT8, 84 TCHOPOITTI.AS St N. ORLEANS. NB.?Particular attention paid to the receiving at"' f?or" warding of (roods Hafars to VKATMAN It CO., New Orleans, Mc\U?nAN k MaMN'CHAN, Louisville s!4 6t*r Hen. T1IOS. W. WILLI AMS, New London. FRENCH LANGUAGE-MAN ESCA'S ORAL SYSTEM. MADAME L. MANESCA MJRAND informs her scholars that the advaiinad class** of rtie past season are resumin|{ for the will tar Ladies and gentlemen who wish to enter classes in the second, third, or fourth course, would do well to apply immedi>Mly. A new Evening Class for gentlemen will commence on Monday, the 25th of September. Those wishing to join will please l'hii aim leave uieir name*. Also, n Ladies' Morning ("lass will commence in a few days. Private instructions (hiring the day.11 <t>ec 78 FRANKLIN St. ALL NATIONS' HOTEL, No. Ill Broadway, next below the City Hotel. This establishment continues to do business at its former or usual moderate charges, namely :? Transient Boarders for Board and Lodging SI 23 per day Permanent Board and Lodging per week, 5 00 Transient Lodgers, _ 0 .'>11 p?r day Permanent Lodgers without Board per week, 2 00 do Board w ithout Roam per week, 3 00 Dinners per wee It, _ 1 SO t Gentlemen living at this hotel are not confined to any particular hour for dining, as they can dine at any hour from 12 to 5 P. M. all 3teod*ee ~TO~HOTKI, KEEPERS. FOll SAl.K, the lease, furniture and lix1uees of the very popular establishment, known as the ALL NATIONS' HOTEL, No. Ill Broadway, next below the City Hot-I. The hoiitH is in the most per ect ord-r. and neatly fitted and furnished ; has sleeping apartments for about 25 per>uns besides family and servants' rooms. The large public dining room on the ground floor is neatly fitted and furnished, and afT rds ample accommodations to dine 1'ioui lour to Ave hundred persons daily. The private dining rooms on the 2d floor are uneuuallttd for beauty, fronting on Trinity Church Yard and on Broadway There is also on the. 2,1 floor an elegant Billiard Hooin, fronting on tile churchyard with four of Moore's best 1 aides, and all the appurte >apces lielougiug to them. Tu any person wishing to embark in such an establishment, who lias got means, the whole will be sold on favorable terms For further particulars enquire on the premises ol Mr. Cotter. sIt 3t eodis'ec SUPERIOR OLD PORT WINK AND BRANDY, fcc.^ The subscrifter offers for sale very superior Tort Wine, in glass and on draft?also old pule Cog. Brandy. Old Madeira and Sherrv, in glass and wood. Fine Hocks. Clarets, Burguudys and Sauternes in eases of ne dozen each. Apply to OlLBtllT DAVIS, si ) 3tr 45 Pine street, corner of William. A GOOD SIGN. pRKEN TURTLE SOUP Ai>D MARTIN VAN BU" REN.?The health of the citv was never better than at the present time. l'p? ards of two thousand reiillemen dine daily at Goslius's Splendid Dining Saloon, Nos. CI and 06 Nassau street. A Magnificent Green Turtle, in weight nearly 100 pounds, will ke served up Friday next in Soup and Steaks. The mate of it was sent to our Ex-President, Martiu Van Bureu. 1st 2t?r TO THE PUBLIC. The lirm heretofore k>owu ss GENIN it VAN VRANKEN, HATTERS, Having been dissolved, the subscriber, JOHN N. GENIN. Has opened a Hat and Cap Store, No. 90 BROADWAY. Third door from Wall street. JN. O. begs simply to st'te his determination to use his best exertions to make a HAT that for quality of material anil beauty of finish canuot be excelled. He therefore trusts to receive from his friends and the public that support w hich will enable him successfully to carry out his designs. JOHN N. GENIN, Hatter, sW lm*m 90 Broadway, 3d door above Wall st. THE PARTNERSHIP heretofore existing ruder tin name of STARK EY it ABBOTT, Plumbers, 12 Water street, being dissolved, 1 notify all parsons from gi> ing credit on my account. JAMES ABBOTT, s 14 3t*r "^MI-IRK Of^ BEAUTY. The" following Toilet articles (Iir 1U ur MIU (r'umr only l?v VI TT Itmer Slirei, one UOOT Irom the corner of Broadway :? (ion rauil's Poudre Subtile?For ufrly, quickly and i>ermanenth eradicating ?u, ertluoaa h?ir fr 111 all parts of the human frame. Thia we prove beyond all doubt to every purchaser requesting proof. Bewire of roiinferli its,t containing deleterious properties, and utterly inefficacious No ageui in Brooklyn. (ion mud's Kan de Beaufe?Kor thoroughly exterminating tin, pimplea, blotches, morphew, Stc eliciting delicate white neca, hands and arms, and imparting a juvenile h.oom, by its dilating properties, preventing the formation of wrinkles, and banishing them wli?n present. (Jouraud's Vegetable Liquid House .(imparts a delicate blushing ting'.- to the cheeks, immovable by rubbing with a handkerchief or a cloth. (iouratid's Blanc d'Bupange, or Spanish White, gives to the completion a pun1, life-like alabaster whiteness. In elegant boxea, 25 ccnM each. (tounud'i Grecian Hair Dye?For coloring red or grey hair, without sraimng the skin, warranted. Si per bottle. Kye Brow ana Whisker Dye, 25 con's per Ixittle. Creim of Lilies?Kor removing Dandruff, linking the hair rich, silky and slossy, and graduilly changing it to a dark brown or raven hint k. .'>11 conn per bottle. Agents?2 M Ik *t,Boiton; 76 Chesnnt st, Philadelphia; Orev, Puuglikeepsie; Guthrie, Albany; Mven, New Haven; Wells 8t Co llsrttord; Cowlea Springfield; Faulkner, Norwich; Green Ik Co. Worcester; Carltton & Co. Lowell; Hodge, Newburyport; Preaton, Portsmouth;, Portland; Giiild, Bangor; Thomas, Ciuciunatti; Tuttle, Pittsburgh; George SteaTey, Frankfort, Ky.; S. Tousey, Rochester; Seth 9. Iland, Baltimore^ s!3 Im'r BRAMAN'S BATllS. New Bathing Ksiahlishnieiit, at No 4 Courtlaudt street, NewYork, four doors frotn Broadway J. BRAMAN has recently o|*ced the above new Bathing eitahlishmeut. Kvery department is coustnicted on the most commodious and convenient plan. It is now ill successful operation, and Udiea and gentlemen visiting the establishment will always find prompt attention, and etiery thing connected with it conducted in tlie must genteel and correct auuner. Warm, Cold and Shower Baths, at all hours, from snnrue till It) o'clock at ii'ght. s8 Ini'r [NDKPF.NDKNT OKDKK OF GOOD FFLLOWS?The A followiug Lodgm meet at 8 o'clock, P. M.:? i nstitution Lodge, No. I, Tuesday, at 300 Kast Broadway. Washington Lodge, No. 2, Monday, at 300 do do Jefferson Lodge, No. 3, Thursday, at Brooklyn. New York Lodge, No. 4, Wednesday, at the Shakspeare Ho tel. comer William and Duane streets. anil lm*ec ~7HOKN'rt COMPOUND KX l'KA(/l' OF CA~ PAlRA AND SARSAPA.RH LA. pOSSFSSKS a few advantages not enjoyed by any other meI dicine for the cure of all diseases ; and which must, with an enlightened public, render il assuredly highly popular, and a desideratum long sought for in the medical world. It needs no confinement or change of diet. In its approved form, that of a piste, it is entirely tasteless, and causes no unpleasant sensation to the patient. It has acquired the utmost fune in almost every part of Furope ; it has l>?en examined, approved of and sanctioned by the faculty of medici||p, and recommended by the most eminent of the profession. Prepared by J. B. Thorne, chemist, London, and for sale wholesale and retail, by JAMKS TARRANT, 26C Greenwich street coiner of Warren street. Also, at 2 Tark How and 518 Broadway, 163 Broadway, 414 Broadway corner Lis|*uard atreet, 35# Broadway coiner of Walker stieet. s!t2wis*m ' I M I K hish and ant M MMrftl wMch Dr. Hunter's Rod IJr->|> A has a-quired for its invariable efficacy in one particular (lis I'.lie w hich il prolesses to cure, baa rendered the usual prac'ice of ostentatious pulling not only unnecessary, but unworthy of it. It is known by its fruits; its good works testify for it; in all esses of diseases, whether recent n' chronic, this medicine lias invariably proved a certain and sjieedy ren edy. A single II in V.III 1'irtvr IM|> niniiiiu'' neyoiiu lip' rerun ill >Ill|wl I Hi ill III tlie estimation of every It inakcs a apeidv, iiermment mil hnnnlcaa cnre, without (he leant regard to regimen, e*|io?i!re or application t<> buaiueaii. Price $1 |>er vial, warranted in all c n*1*. The lluntcrian Diipenanry, No. 3 Piviiion afreet, is the only i'l im in the city wlifr# it ran lie obtained Retrain*. ?i i n r TO PlANo FORTE MraKrR* I UN (ilLIi, manufacturer of Piano Korte llir'lwan", wishes ' lo announce that in addition to hit eatabli liment, (on 2*illi *!reet anil 3d Avenue.) that In- has mail* arrangement! with Mr. Inhii Phyfe, ivory dealer, No. |9 Mumv Krvrt, Now S ork. (an agent,) when* iwv article of piano forle Inrilw are can lie | tirrhaaril a* cheap aa elaewhei*, and any quan'itiea. Also, a aiiperior article of s.evl music wir% imported by J (> , which u used hv theprincitml pianoforte maker* in New York, and i* conaidered the best now in line, not excepting \Yelister'a^ a trial of the Mine is only ueceaaary to extablish ita good qualities J O. ?e?pectfully aolicita attention to the aiiperior quality of liia manufactured gooda, es|wcially his unproved tuning pina. which are warranted in every respect. Sineen ye*-a cloae atteiition to the above hntinnu in New York has enabled J. (i. to ki <>W e*actly what tbe piano forle maker* rei|iiirr. All ordera to John (till, 2#th atreet anil 3d Avenue, New York, or to Mr. John Pliyfe, a* above, will meet with immediate .attention. Oooila forwarded to any |?rt of the United Mitea. sl3 Ini'rc 1*1 ANo FORTE AND SINKING. rPHK M1SBK8 CUVMINO respectfully intimate that tlw| 1 re-commvnce tuition in tk? almva branches on the lar el September. Th? Miaaea (J.'a ayatem of inatnietion in Singing has lor ita oliject the full development of the voice altar ilia Italian method, while the atyle tnf, inculcate ia tlia Scott i?h; tlms uniting the advantage of (lie artuicial to the natural; it manner the moat pleasing and effective. Tt.naii?At the pupil rraidenfa $IS per quarter?two papila in one lamily $t'r, at the Miaaea C.'a reaiilence (10 |?r ijaartar. Iteaidence 1 Warren atraet, corner of Broadway. ,ln*r TO PIANO FORTE MANUFACTURES. YCHT are rrap^ctfnlly requested to c*R at 13!) Naaaau atreet and examine a siiecimrn of name plalea, made by a new pro re??, which eacel all other* in beamy of engraving and neatneat nf finish Beaiilea, they can lie afforded tnach ahaaper than lieretofbie, if a large number i* required. Carriage Maker a name plate* alao accented in a atyle that can't be aurpaaaed. W. L. ORMSBY, I* N .ree, N. B.?Mannfactnrer'a Laliela, and Engraving aud Printing (euerally promptly eiecntcd cheap?very cheap. tl lm*r Ij'Oll BALE I H K \P? A complete Printing Office, calculated > for a unall daily or a we kly news|Kt|ier, conaiatiug of Srevier, Minion, l*ancy Type, linpoaiugUtone, O'aaea, Krainaa. I lie , kc., all neatly new, Inquire of JAMKH CONNKR, ?<*r _ l'nm? of ami Ann (liwti Stocks bouoht amd 5<7i n <>n ( om^hSTon; ' *H(1 < ollectioim mudf on nil p*rr? nf tli? I'liited St.itr. |iv W.M. \ J NO. O'HIUKN. 'fi \V*I| .tr.vt, 1 _ . m mdn th? Mfthnniti' Buik. / 'iiuhern and WMiarn Draft* and Ilauk NuIm iHiunlit mid old. ,a im?co dTjCn Rt,WARD.?The subscriliers' store, 657 Broadway tJp?J v/ wu entered on Monday uight, the 14th mil., mid the follow ing articles stolen:? Several part pieces of black and fancy colored cloths, cassimeres and fancy vesting*: a quantity of ready made clothing, vii: coats, pantaloons and vests. Also, a quantity of lineu camhricpocliet hdkfs, figured border*; silk figured pocket hdkls; a quautity lig'd silk scarfs and cravats; plaid cravats; black silk Italian crtvau; white Mid drnb silk gloves; a few rich lig'd green e' istic susl<ender.s; merino and cotton undershirts, drawers, *"d half hose, a quantity of se.witig silk, silk surge, ike. The above reward will be paid for, the recovery of the above goods and the apprehension of the thi< ves, si:tL't*i M UK'F,,c,j7 Hroidwiv. 1 O HEW AMD.?Stolen, mi Tue-dav evening. 12th inst., JplV from 39 Thompson street, a patent lever silver watch, No. 12123, and marked patent lever on the face The above reward w ill be given for such information as may lead to the 1 discovery of the watch, by calling at 39 Thompson street. ?H lt*ec M FOUND?A black setter do*, about 12 months old. The owner can have him by proving bis property, and

paying the expenses. If not speedjly claimed, the dog old for the charges. Apply at 47 Christopher St., after 7 o'clock in the evening. s!3 3t*r GENERAL MEETIVf? IN THE PARK rPHF. DEMOCRATIC KKPUBL1CAN ELECTORS of J the City and County of New Vork, who are in favor of electing delegates to the National Contention in the several Congressional Districts of this State, will meet ill the Park on Thursday evening, tlio 14th iust. at 5 o'clock P.M., when the . iiniuh IHK uiau.j aim i iii i > u.iiiuuiiitjnipinn u) inur in wie people'* (Wet:ilea at the late Syracuse Convention, will lie (lisensued, defended ami sustained. ProTCST. We, tlie undersigned members of the Democratic 8tate Convention of the State of New Vork, in Syracuse assembled, do on tliis the Jtli day of September, 1813, most solemulv protest against the action of a majority of this Convention in thus choosing delegates to represent the Democracy of this State in the National Convention to be held in Baltimore in the mouth of May next, inn. Believing, a* we firmly do, that such act is contrary to the spirit of the democratic faith, an unjust usurpation, a1 d one which, if carried out, will sap the fountain of civil liberty. We believe the ballot box in the hands of the people to be the (treat palladium of huiinu freedom, and through tliat channel, I and that alone, should the delegates to our National Conveu- j tiou bo chosen, Signed, WM. 8HALER. DANIKL B TAYLOR, U MOIiONY, sl5 2t?r JOHN MURPHY. HFNOLISH KN'liKAVlNtiS.?Similiters visiting the city ' nre invited to call at 67 Canal street, a few doors west from Broadway, smith side w hen- they w ill find one of the largest clleclioii'i of scrap and other engravings in I he United States, at lnwer prices than ever yet offered. 'J h? trade supplied on liberal terini. Kngraving* by the old masters, and scarce books, bought and sold; colors, stationery, Ike. s!3 lm*re rPH IS weather admonishes all |>er?ons to he can fuI of their I health. .Mrs Carroll's Medicated Vapor Baths Courtlandt street, cure siid len colds, iheumatism, chills and fever, erysipelas, eic., in a lew days, and by timely use(irevent their occurrence. Sulphur baths rnjuire one hours notice. Portable vapor baths sent to any part of the city. slJtitr XYLOORAPHIC PRKS* k GENERAL JuB PRINTINli OFFICE, 56 Gold street, near Fulton.?The subscribers inform Druggists, Perfumers, Manufacturers, (fro curs, and others, tint they nave (the present season) made extensive additions to their assortment of Xylographic Labels, to which they would respectfully call their attention. Iiei..g the largest and most splendid assortment ever published in this country or iu Europe. Consumers are invited to eiamine our assortment before purchasing. Xylographic Kngraving.?New designs and platea, suitable for all kinds of business, executed in the first style of the art, and Printed in bronze, variegated, plain and fancy colon. Jod Printing.?Their office is also supplied with every variety of type necessary for the execution of every description of Fancy Job Printing. Checks, Notes, Billheads. Circulars, Bills Lading, Handbills, and all kinds of mercantile punting, executed on reasonable terms. Patent Card Press.?This midline is particularly adapted to the printing of Card*, winch it execute* with great facility aud beauty j one person being able to print a pack of the best enamel Ifil cant* in two minute*. witli ea..e: Superior polished surface Cards (manufactured expreasly for tliis i'-.tabii?hm?rit) furnished and printed at tin follow nit'Price* :? 100 Card* for JO cat it* 500 Card* for SI 25 200 " ' 75 " 1,000 " " 2 00 300 " " $1 00 " 2,000 " " 3 50 Common Card* at lees price* BROWN SON It CO., 13 3w*r 56 Gold ?lr?et, near h ulton. Military.-? or Salf, an 'It. i . uiiiform, suitable for the Militia. Apply at 'J5 3d Avenue, up *lnir*. ?12 3t?in T aki-kt ha(( lost." T OST or Stolen from a Cartm m's cart at the South F erry, 1J on Saturday evening, September 9th. a car|?-t lug, containing a l"irtfnlio, witli vanou* paper* and letter* of no ralue to any one except tlie own r. The bag contained al?n a pair ot hoots and some oilier articles of small value. The liuder w ill olilige the owner liy leaving the paper* at the American Hotel, corner of Broadway and Barclay street, and i* at liberty to retain a* a OMPMWM lor hi* tumble, the hag and it* MMM excepting the portfolio and pa|M-r*, *12 3t*r TO THK PUBCIC. <? 1 f\A TO $5000 ?Mr. Francis B. Crump, Watch Maker, tJplVJv/ 2|R Orand street, l? gs to iu'orm hi* friend* and the public, that indeiwiident of the Watch l>D*ineii, he in prepared tn make advance* in ca*h ou gold and ?ilver watclie* di imoiidt, silver tea set*, spoons fork* and every description of gold or ilver in any shape, intended for immediate sale. Cash to any amount paid for old gold and silver. Watclie* of every deacription repaired and warranted 218 Grand etreet. all '-lm* r FOll SALE, A T C. H. DARLING'S. Maiden lane and 5 Liberty **- *tr*et, the cheapest anil Wst selected stock of FRbNCtl, ENGLISH St GKRMAN FANCY GOODS, Consisting of Needle*. Comb*, Cutlery, Pin*. _ Brushei, Jewelry, Hook* and F.yea, Perfumery, Steel I'etis. Plated 'Phiiebles. Raaor*. Htrona. Sir I With nil other articles included in the above Ime. C. II. D. would M*U* fur the Iienelit of Country Merchants, I Pedlars and others, who may please in mil, that all goods in the above line will I* aold ou the moat favorably Urma. uM lm*f WONDERFUL DIsrOVERY OTHIKER'S SOLUTION FOR THE HAIR, which will ^ rhainje grey hair to ita original color in a few minutra. This solution M 'I M I from HI M off-red, and cannot l.til Of an |)?K?ding all others. It ia higMv <-llic'inmn, and possesses the great advantage of beautifying the hair without injuring ill crowth. Those who doubt its virtues are requested to hare their hair changed paying their money. If humbugs would take thin method their would be eo reason to coinpl.iiu ()i e (11(1 ? ill prove the f ict. Sold wholesale and rvtail.and applied, at No. J Chatham at, opi>o?ite t lie ll.ill of Record*. New York, up stairs. 13 lm*r ___________ I BRA HAM KASTOR, importer, No 193 Broadway, has V j?,t rrctived by the steamers Orvat Western and Britannia, and also by tlx* Havre packets, a ft'ie and large assortment of new ?.t j 1<* Silk Hnllioii I" riujev Oeimp*. ' orda, Tassels, Buttons black silk Trimming Lace, Tlirearl Luri, a ureat variety of jreiicli Embroideries, auch aa Infanta' Dresses and Waists, l'heir.oi?i,,ti"i. Collirs, Linen Pocket Handkerchiefs, Thread Lace S etla. Thread Point*, Silk Blond Trimming Lace, Fancy U ill Dirsses, and every dt scription of (! loves, Mils, anil < uffs. Also., Purses, and Linen Thread ( aj?. Alao, a I.true apartment ol Wonted Clouka, llabita and Ca|? for ladies ami children, and many other article*, loo numerous to descrilie?all of w hich he offm at reasonable pricna, at wholesale and retail. 13 Im r poLLMTINO Bill L ?, I?HA Kl'H, hi ., 1N B OUT ON*, vy M \SS?The subscriber hat made arrangements in litis citf, whereby he is enabled to receive bill*, accounts, (lie. in Boston for prompt collection. Merchants and others wishing such business transacted there, an* requested to hand them in to Mr, UKOROK DOEL, No 4, Ann street. New York, who is duly aa I honied to receive bills and forward the same to me for collection. All monies collected by the subscriber will be promptly paid over to the parties entrusting him with their business, and no charge if bills an- not collected. By giving his |iersonal attention to the shove business he trusts the facilities offered are too obvious to require comment. ANDREW ROBERTS, anOT ln?*r 21 Stare street, np stairs. Boston It K?HE?It'E.? VWO tons of pure lake Ice, ol the|beal unality. The Highland Ice establishment, etpressly for snipping, is prepared to, and will sell, by the caigo, and smaller quantities, cheaper than can lie obtained fnm any other source, and packed in the best manner, to go to any part of the woild? A supply of tile best approved pack ing slwavs oil hand 1 JOHN M. LYON, sldlm'r ?Q Division street pDM. C. t OATKN avails himself ol the pleasure of inform a-" ing the Lidies and tientleinen of New York and its vicinities, that he continues to Paint Likenesses at the shortest notice, b< th Porti its and Miniatures. Those wlw will favor his ' w nil llieir I'.itroiiage, are mt iteil to call and s?e Ins si*cim?is ' nl ilie same, at his rtsidence, 387 Broadway, between Whit*and Walker streets. . ' . . . .. ' I > B. ,>lr. t . aino cmtinti#* to give private Jtatona to (?itlrmcn. 1 L .din in >> 'uremlay Aim Saturday afternoon*. . AN", I.fim!?<'*P?? lwi'ifnl to order, friim the * ma Heat to the largeat ?ize. Thoae who with to make it th?r profeaaion. can lir perfect. (I in all the aboee branches, by apply i?( u ahote. Ibgoerreot) pr likene??e? correctly copied 10 water colon in U vnr?. III! Im*?e ClOUN?1 "?0 ftacki Corn now Imxlii>k In m .hip Ormnlie lor mIc by E. K. COLLINS ?i CO., ?6<o M South street. 1i TITANTED?By a cojn|>etent person, a situation lo d stri? Imte cards. circulars, or btuiibilU. IVu* address by note, L M. at thi? oflire >-I Sir 1ITANTS A "I'l I *TION?A yoa?K woman wishes to an* ** f*B? herself as chimliermtid, or to do tlx- housework in a mall f.ttril I'h.-b-st of reference git en. t un11"'at 71 Mott street, up stair?. ?lt *!tl> WANT hi)?Purchasers for Patent Muillw.tMvl lor smoothiuf clothes, tcr 'J li?*y putirfly supersede the us*- of ironiuf, and put a beautiful aJoss ou rlotlies. Ike. They aM a laborsavin* machine, as our female with the Mangle will ?> our day lo aa niu<-b work as twi Irmalaa will do with llm amootbmi irons, aud without the aid of fuel. They >i*\ lie ?rru in oiieraliou at the principal hutaJs in the city. They will be sold at greatly reduced prices by DUNI AN Ik WEST, i LittU Oreau slreat, ? 1 anil lin* in nwu Lilxrty strrrt, NOTICE.?The Morning ai d W.-Uy Herald, with alf the othrr pyvrs, ran be had at all tiuirs at the Book St mil iu the Dr.i ii h l'os> < ?llii?. st'l H in Ai "I N(, L, A I' V, * ho has received a good Knglish education, who und?ritand? embroidary in all its branches, and has been accustomrd to teach, wi?haa to obtain a situation in a country boarding school for young lidiss. Address, post |?id. M. I. '1'., offn'e < i f flic llerild. New \ "rk Hiilifi lni*r A 1HY and Coni'<>rtablr sleeping apartments to lei, with Breakfast and Tea. Apply No. 61 1'iurd street, near Boud street. Tlio house is almost new. sll lt*r TJURNI8HED ROOMS WITH BOARD WANTED? " in the U|i|nt part of the cit>, for tw o single gentlemen, to consist 01 ? ii,noisome parlor tnd two bedrooms with a small room or light pamry Cora man servaut, who will out of the house. Meals to lie supplied at private tables, and a house in which there would be no other hoarder* preferred. Natisfactory references given and required. Address (postpaid) Box 393 Lower Post Office. <14 3t?r DAY B' 'A K. DING GENTLEMEN takinf their meals dowu town, desirous of securing day boarit in a private family, where the table is aupplied in the nasi style, will find it to their advantage, (and far preferable both as regards comfort and rmpectihiliiy. to a public eating hou-e.) by *14 Kulton street. I'wo or three gentlemen rail be accommodated with full hoard. Terms moderate. s4 lmr LEASANT ANO AlllV ROOM!), with pentrtes attached, large enough for sleeping rooma, to be let at M19 Broadway, between Franklin nod White atraeu. BrWRfast and tea furnished in the rooms, if required. auitU aw'r ANDSOME APARTME NTS, 'witlThoard. m a y be"?5 on application st 411 Houston str< et?the etilire second floor, which i< apacioua and ill good order A lew double and single rooma may alao be obtained by applying as above si 'in*r ^ dftlAnh REWARD.?The Store of the Sab?crib?n ? V*' huiglari'iualy entered durini: Sur.d n and Sunday night, the 3d inst . and ? large amount of watches, diamonds, jeaflry, and si'ver-ware taken, for the recovery of which the above reward will be given, or a proportionate amount for any part of it: E. St S. S. ROCKWELL, all 3t?r No. 1) Astor 1'Ouae 'JtQfin KKWA RD?Whereas lames C. Whitmore, late of ijpAiV/VJ this city, has. by forged orders on the Navv Agent in New York, delrauded this Bank of $2431, a reward ?) Two Hundred Dollars v ill be paid by this bank for his appreheuaion a"d delivery to ihe authorities ofthis State upou the requisition of the Governor thereof. 8\id W'hitinore is about 30 wars of age, slender form, pale face, sunken chteks, high cheek bones, Roman nose, dark hair, wears whiskers and is below the middle *ixe. He was last seen in Bridgeport ou Friday, the 8th inst., and may have cone either to New York or Albany. S. D. PARDEE, Cashier. City Bank, New Haven, Sept. II, lflt'.l. s 12 Mr 'auction Tales? THOMAs BELL. Auction**. BY BELL k IIOWAHD. (Sltrrei Xo. tt.'fnn *' reft and IIJ r\ilton afreet ) THURSDAY. At I0W o'clock in the sale rooms. Nflvmliil Paintings, Keal Kstite, kc.?A.bmutiml invoiceof chum |>aintinif*. in ?i>lruili(l frames, c(i%riiiiit<< subjects, by tli l**t uuuier*. < atiloKue* in time. Heal Estate?Also. wri-ral I iriin, houses. aud lo's ; also, 4 acre* shU'ikInil>- sit ii.ited proivrty ill Sing Mii( ; also, some tiiia lainis in IVntuylftiiia. mid ill I hi- .Stale of N?w \ ork Kill I) A V. At in^ o'clock, in tli>* sale room*. li<W Kb of I'lrfint if uiHutilr fancy and staple day goods, cloths, cassimeie*, vrs'inKs, drillings, hosiery, gloyes, fcc. Aim, a quantity nl li.inlM.iiv, cutlery, guns, Jewelry, watches and pledged articles, Sic. Alto, tln> balance atock of a merchant tailor. MATlUlUAY. At |f>)? oV'ock, in tlu* salerooms. Kxtensiye sale of very choice new and second hand household kitchen and cabinet furniture. B' NM VM IN MOONKV Au.t AI TTION NOTICK.--llAKDWARt , CI'TLKIIV, (>l NM, riSTOl,?, KAN? V <iOO|)S i.-.-B He Co. will ?dl litis ilnv .u 0 o'clock. At 91 Slxidru lane, a general anortuicnt of hardware, vi/. : Urar. ami l>itt?, jw|tiu>n?>tl brc.ulhaaktfs, lock*, irowrU, lirai* katllen, rizort iciaiors, lantiTiia, tea ramiinura. bo* wood rulea, Sir Ike. AUo?mi invoice of |ii?toli to clonf a stock Alio?til lnu< burn* naiU aaioitcd. Alio?12 o.tAs ?natni llf><l hollow ware. Alio?an invoiri-ofiuin-rior Aim-ricin mtnnlVttired bnitlwi Alio I iblf and ilexurt kmvea and forkt, utati yuard caiten, sctu of knivna anil fork?, |k*ii and pocket k111v? ?, ? -. AUo?f.(Mi card* nuperior knifr*. ai?i?r n'lli'll uncy uuum. coiogne water. toy watcties. suspenders, rases, suuflf boxes, powder ll uks, tin) bo tea, fc<\ i?. Coulogue* are now r&tdy. N. It. The Pin- Setts, Standards, and Fenders, postponed to next Thursday's sale iu consequence of the delay in landing' them, it being iin[Joaxibit' to obtain them for this day's sale. all It"r K. hTtIMPSON, Auct.oimer. HARDWARE, CUTLERY, GUNS, PISTOLS, R|. KLES, lie.?Jacob S. i'latt'a 12th Kail Trade Hardware Sale this season, will take place at the Meichants'Kichang' Auction Room, No 21 I'latt street, Friday, the 1Mb ilist at III o'clock, consisting of an extensive assortment of Rirmihgli 1111, Sheffield, Herman, French and American Hardware, Cutlery, itc. Stc. Also?at 12 o'clock, a large invoice of guns, pistols, rifles, U.S. muskets, duelling pistols, in elegant case*, Jtc. AUo?an MnuiN assortment of i;old MM gilt jewelry, among which are diamond pins, rings, brooches, bracelets. miniatuie framea, shirt studs. Vr. AUo?nine 'ases pen and pocket cutlery. Also?three cases elegant ti'atray*. For full particulars ?<v advertisement iu Courier & Enquirer and Journal of Comment ?M is2t"r h7iT s\u-7 a i pithlk; auction THE RAHWi Y MANUFACTURING CO. will sell 1st A public Auction, on 17th August, rtt their Print Works, in Rahway, N. J., all the machinery, and moveable praperty of the company, consisting of printing and engraving machines, callenders, copper cylinders, dye 3op(iexs, dying ana bleaching apparatus, steam boilers, steam engine, 2S horse power, with 4 boilers, 2 fire engines, 2 patent balances, iron safe, hydraulic and common press, large and small slide lathe, with complete set <if turning and boring, and blacksmith's tools, an assortment of imported steel, and new and old iron, a quantity of drugs suitable for calido printers and dyers, tubs, casks, and large cisterns, stoves, tables, benches, Ike. Catalogues of which may- be had on application to Mr. Philip Tcussler, at the Print Works, or of FERGUSON li WALKER, Ivl9 lm*r __ _ il William street APOLLO CONCERT SALOON, BROADWAV. Mil HENRY RUSSELL r-s|iectfully informs th? public. that he proposes giving a vocal entertainment at the Apollo Stloon, on Thursday Evening, Sept. l-llli, 1H13 On which occasion he will have the honor of presenting to the public several of his new and most favorite compositions. PROGRAMME. Part I. SONG?" I Love, 1 Love the Free." Words by Eliza l!ook. The wild streams leap with headlong sweep In their curbless course o'er the mountain sleep. All fresh and strong they foam along Waking the rocks with their cataract song. My eye bears a glance. Like the beam on the lance, While 1 watch the waters dash and dance. I burn with glee, for 1 love to see The path of any thing that's free.?etc. SONG?" The Brave Old Oak." ?i urns iiy 11. e. < iKincy, r.?n. A song of the iiak?the brave old oak, Who hath rul'd in the greenwood long? Here's health and renown to In- broad green crowu And his fifty arms 10Strong. There's f?ar in his frown when the sun goes down, And the lire in the west lades out \ Hut he showeth his might, in a wild midnight, When thegtorm through his branches shout.?etc OI,D BALLAD?" The fine old English Geiitlmiiaii." I'll sing you an old ballad, that was tnide by an old pate, Of a poor old Kilgll.ll gentl emsil, who had ail old estate, He kept a brave ii|d mansion, at a bountiful old rate, W itli a go' d old porter to relieve the old poor at his gate, Like a fine eld t.nglish gentleman, all of the olden liuia, etc BALLAD?" The Friar of the Olden Time." Words by Thomas O'keefe, Esq. I am a friarof ord rs gray, And down in tl'e valley I take my way ; I peel my b'acltberry, haw or hip, Good store* of venison fill my scrip ; My long hendt roll as I merrily chant? Wheiever I walk no money 1 want ' And why I'm plump the reason I'll tell, Who lives a good life is sure to live well ! What baron or iquire. or knight of the shire Lives half so well as holy friar I NEW BAl.LAD?" The Rising Sun." Words by llenrv John Hharpe. On a roc- y cliff I sto'd, And the ocean wasliM its base? A iirospect, " bnml and good," The grateful e) e could trace ; Not a tToud obscured the sky, 1 he dawn was bright and fa>r ; Nature s'umb'ring, seem'd to lia Unruffled by the air.?ere. THE TOMH OF WASHINGTON. Words by Mrs. Sgoliriiev. Tomb of the mighty dead ! Sacred be every 'ree That *avn above thy head. Or sheds its bloom on thee. \\ bile full Potomac Hows llriglit 'u-atli "Mount Vernon's aim Honored by friends and foes? Kest hera in soft repose, Wasiunui o* PltlT II. THE TENT SCENE FKOM RICHARD III. "Tis now the dead of night ! And half the world is in a Lonely, solemn darkness hong."?ate. It is with some diffidence that I introduce the novel e?perimen t of endenvoriug to convey, through the medium of soug, this brilliant conception of the immortal bard. It is my object to unite, with the pleasing science of music, a taste for the productions of those ancient and illustrious authors, w hose works have formed a partial standard of the English language. It is my desire to rivet the attention of the mind, a* well as to attract the ear, particularly of the junior portion of my audienct?and if I succeed in iny intention and meet with the antirobat'on of the public, the full measure of my ambition will be fulfilled, in offering to their notice " an Intellectual Vocal Entertainment." BONO?" I'm Afloat, I'm Atloat." Words by Eliza Cook. ,1'in afloat, I'm afloat, on the tierce rolling tide: The ocean's my home, and my bark is my bride.?etc. 8CENA?The Ship on Fi>e. Words by Charles Mack ay, t'.sQ. The storm o'er the ocean tlew furioo- and fast, And the waves rose in foam at the v ice ol the blast; And heavily labor'd the g<le beaten ship, 1.1k* * *tuiit-h?arted swimmer. the spray at hi? lip. And dark was the *ky o'er the mariner'* path, Eicept when the lightning illuminM it in wrath. A young mother knelt in the cabiu below, And press'd her fond babe to her hoiom of snow; She | ray'd to her Hud, 'midst the hurricane wild, "Oh, Father, hare merry, look down on my child!" NEW NATIONAL AMERICAN BONO. "Our Native Song"?Our Native Song." Selfeailed from onr place of birth, Toclimea more fragnuit, bright and gay, Tlie memory of onr own fair earth May cha< ce awhile to fade away; But iliuuld aome minntrel echo fall, Of chorda that breathe hi* country'* fatn?? Our loul* will burn, our ipirit* yearu, True to the laud we love and claim. The high?tlie low?in weal or nria, Be *ure there'* something coldly wroug About the hoart thai doe* not glow To hear its own?its Native Song. Our native song, our native song, Oh, where i* lie who loves it not 1 Tlie spell it holds is deep a<id strong? Where'er we turn, where'er our lot. FINALE?" Let the Draught be Water," ( Frotn an unpublished Opera.) To commence at 8 o'clock. Ticket* ,'i0 cents. To be had at Hewitt's, Atwill's, and Wm. Dubois' Music Store*. The Piano h otte used on this occa*ion, waa manufactured by Mr. t bickering, Boston, and from the Store of J. L. ILwitt ik Co al l 2tr GRAND SCOTTISH MUSICAL ENTERTAIN* MENT. r POOLE, from F.DINBl KOH. re*p?ctfully informs In* " friends and the public thit he will give a Urtnd Concert of Vocal and Instrumental Music on THURSDAY (to-morrow veiling) Sept. 14th, at the National Hall, Canal street, five door* Irom Hroadwa?, on which occiskih he will sing several choice Scottish Ballad*, and accompany a young Lady in the Duet* of "Ye Bank* and Brae*, ' and Now hor>?, now f-ar." He will alio ting "McOr-gor's Gathering," "Within a mile o'Edinbro'Town,' "The L?*s o' Oowrie, "Oh. wliv left I mv hame." "Here'* a he?lih. honnie amilinil !< th.. " I Sic. Mr. Ilackett, the (elehnted Vocalist, will ap|>ear in llv recitstive and air, "They mourn m* deed mi my fathcr'i lulls," "The lads of t>.e vill ua " "White HqmlL" fcc Popular (Jl esbythet horal tilre t'lub, from P-ale's Museum. Mr Todd will give the comic tonic* of "I'adily the piper." "Harney Brallagan," "Twenty-four Visitor*," &C. Mejsrs Thomas. Stone. McPheraon, Chamberlain, While, Tull>, Kidd and Mortimer, will sing Scottish, Irish, and other popular Soiici The comic song of Heather Jock, in character. National and Scottish airs bv the Caledonian Urm Baud. Mrs. Ylclhiuall will preside at the l'inno, and commence the MTtral iwta by Grand Overtures. Tlie Prograu m?- stiictly attended to. Tickets 25 Cents; to lie had of Messrs. J Lander, t John st : J. i ir.mdv. DM B i-r\; Mr < rombie, 7J Wrat B roadwav, and at the Hall ou the evening of the Concert. < Iiildr n admitted at half price. Doori open at 7, end to commence preciaely at 8 o^clock. _____ si t it *t KiN?- 1 KA>. AM CHOICE SF.I.F.i tion of Younf Hyson, part of the Slarv K.llan, Zenobia, and Oscar's cargo?-s. fresh and fr Gint. Also black Souchong and Powshong, ('olooi g and Moa llavours; Howini's black tea, Families, boarding houses and hotels, desirous of procuring the genuine Howrqua'a ini?tiire, can (je supplied by the single pound, or in packages ol 2<l lbs at a reduced price. Alio, Old Hyson. Iin|>erial Hyson, Skin and Gunpowder Teas, for sale low, wholesale and retail. A. A. JOHNSTON, Sugar Store. 31 Bowery. sWtis* m lii>. FOH "uVKKP(?OL? ttegular packet of the lith of Septemlicr.?The splendid packet ship SHKIIIII AN. bm then I I<X1 tons, I aptain Depeyster, will sail is above, liar regular day. Hsvnig very superior accommodations for cibin, second cabin and steerage passengers, persons intending to embark should make immediate application on board foot of Maiden lane, or to the subscribe. JOS. Mc.VlUKHXY, lUO Pine street, comer of South. Persons wishing to send for their friends residing in tha old country can have them brought out by the above ship, <r anv of the regnlar packi ts sailing from Liverpool on the 1st, 13th anil 2Mh of every month. Drafts will also t?- given (in sums to snit the convenienca ol those wishing I<I remit innue\ to their friends) on the Provincial Bank oflreland and all its branches throughout the kini:'lom, payable at sight. Also, drafts payable in any part of KngJ I.till (Scotland .od Wales, In applwng is above. sl'r K)ll NKW OIILK A N S?Tonchi tg at all thenortWMWVoi r.ast and Heit Florida. vi?: Si. Am.-u.ti < . Nee MH^faSinym i. ii ili.oi Itiver, (.'.t|a-I* lorida, Imli in he vv est, 1 amp* Biy, Cadar Keys, Pint Leon, Apalachic la si i Pens tcoM The splendid steam shin < l\i ISN IT1. J. Mn,th, SL"*"**?? (win'I'M l**ti l?n|t eiia in (he nnvigilimi hrtvii* I'litriiU iml Orlcani,) will Irarr ClvirlWon, M < .. on It. 1 1stof October urir, ?n<1 aflrr (he irriril .if (!?< WilmiiuT'ti "MM, for ill Ihr iibnfc phcn. I'or putw oiitv . Ini?iii>( ior ncr^minoilitiona, apply on boara, or il t<? Mfrr. pott P*lu, ? .fOIIN B' LAHTTE, Aamt, ' Kitzaimmon*' ? liarf. Ih&ilMton, S.C., S?et. Mi, 1MJ. *UtoU a AMUSEMENTS.1 ?????? ? I I ~ NIUI-O'M OAROK1I. Director, MR JOHN IKFTON. MUILON IT A 1,1 \ N OPKR A (OMPWY-Tha public *r>- r?ti*ctfully informed itnt this hiijtilv talented cotu|*ny i?' i" ,nr "* '""''it, ""I w''l perform on WidiiwJifi and r rm.m <ltirihk ilirir eovagrniaot. Tha liberal patronage ba owitl on the F'woli i'(imi'.iny h-u encouraged the proprietor to make arranyemeiu with rW luliau company, and to kaap tlui neretofwe ?mi ,-i-ur* fm orcheaira of th<' Imient !i<? ln-an augmented by th? bind ol tin* troupe. n ? Sitcnor t'iolf the calebra* ted tromU ne, aiiil ,,r. ,,m> for die airallencc of thai r l*rtorinanee. Higt.. I III, ?o well ?j.| favorable known in thI ? city , i? e K S"'t .11 I oil. r. I hi' comfort will he cirad for in providing for alt chAiifna in the weather of tha i rwcut |? raM the era. mil ;? are at all damp or tlw saloon will !? enc.loaed. Their tWjierformancu will take pb.* on tlx 14th mat. whan tlx opera ol Lucia di La?<mnrm<)or wilt Ik- pmduead. ' CK In fu'nre 111" Parlorinancea will connnanca at half-paa' 7 o clock, rwisely. THE RAVEL FAMILY THURSDAY KVBNINO. Hapr. u Tha Performance to Commence at 7^i u clock with tlx* Overture to I.u Diamana ile la f'ouronn* Aubar After which * New Seric* of the ArUrwhieh.ii N?w Np.?ni?h Dun, nIN El Xapataodo da t'adu, by (iahriel ili?*l. Anil Madame l.eon Jimlli. Altar which new and varied i>*rforinaiMSaa on the tTuht Rope, By tha Itavel Family. Half an hour'a inti-nniaaion will be allowed fur prancatde and refrrahroeota in tlx <irand K.iloon, Wliare lev ' iimiiii. Frni'. I cm, anil Ri-fraalimwita of Lh* ch?i cm kind, and in f rent variety, will b? found To be followed bv (11tli time) tha NKW COMIC PANTOMIME! Kiiiiilnl tlx S4 MISFORTUNE# OF F0BTUNATU8! , Or,?The Magic Cncliao! Cunai?tiiiK ol" UT/"lrt^j] orw anil t>ri(iiial Armas ! piaaaae, Triokn, and Traiufonnationa ! Willi Mitiraly n>'W Machinenr. Hawirry, < oatuuiee, Prepertlea, Oreiluree and Moaic, fcekc. iiiiTiiauTinn. Don Fortunatei, Oahrial Ravel ( \ annpl* Hif nor of ftalaniauo* ) Don Bahellav Jerome Ravel Alberto M"na, Martin Vulcan ?*'Moni. D'Anvrau Don lliviriiiue- Antoine Rarel S?nor de Valloilalid Charlie Winther tirif ildo Francok Ratal Hkel-on Mom. Muaa?a limn Joaaph Ra??l A hum l.eon JavelU Pietro Martiu Jatelil Loranlo C lark a Mama Coloaaue Stafford Marrellina Madame Jeroaia lUrai Amdiue MaiUma Laoii JavelM 7eIia Madama Majtin JavelM Ondine Slm.C. H. Haul Kaiichon Mrs. Dreaiiaf The ITALIAN OPFRATIC COMPANT. frep Havaaia la mcaicd, and will iPtiaaron Friday evennif naal, in LUCIA Dl LAMMKKMOOR. IT7*A strict Police will be in attendance, and Kiaat ean ta> ken to prevent the admission of improixr parsons. !T7"Ti..liets Fifty Cant*. May be bad at tit* Oitdao (inautf ui?* iiny Tv"" A limited number or Seaaon Tiokatt will be (ha pOSed of. CT"'- No postponement at Chit establishment an iccoanto< tba weather u the ()rand Entrance from Broadway to fit* Saloon it protected, and the new Saloon, which ia ventilated Iran the lol> und side*, can lie opened it a momaut'a notiae. PaKK thkatrb. ' Mil. WALLACE In two of hit most popular character!. THURSDAY EVENING. Sent U-Will ba parfarmed PIZAllRO. Roha Mr WaUaak Ataiiha, Mrl.ovell High Prieel, Mr H Ham Oroxambo, Chippeudile Cora, Mrs H Hani Pixirro, Harry Alonxo, Mr Wheat ley Ahmrgro, Toomar < aa Caaas, Tain Llviaa Mrs Slotaaa After which, Mill Turnbull in La Sylphide To conclude with. MV AUNT. Dick Duhall Mr Wallaek Ratt'a, Mr. Placide I Frederick. Mr Andrews Emma. Mrs Abbott I Mra Soherlova, Mra Varnon 077" novas $1 ?Pit .10 centa? Gallery 2.1 centa. Doors o|*?i at 7. The Curtain will riaa precisely at half past 7 o'clock. CH ATIIYM TIIKATRE Boin J5 centa. Pita 12H centa. Notica? Thf Doors will oi<eu at 7 Curtain will riaa at quarter before R o'-l irk RENOVATED \.\ll Rtf.OPF.NED. THURSDAY EVE'V'NO, S?pt Uth,?The performance wil commence with LOVE'S UNGUIS! fl. John Wilinot Mr Barton To b? fallowed bv Negro long!, by Maatn. Whitlock, Williams. Booth and H, Meaayer To conduit* with THE RAKE'S PROGRESS. Sam Slap. Mr Burton MITCHEUi'slIHiVMPIC THEATRE. THURSDAY EVENING, Sept. I4t IM3-The parfonnanee to commence with DIANA'S REVENOE. Highland Klin* * - ' Mist Helen Grove After which third rime in America, NEW FOOTMAN. Bobbr Breakdown .Mr. Hal land To conclude with WATER WITCHES. Q"7 Dress Circle, M) cents?Upper Boiea, 23 centa?Pit, ItJtf ?Private Boies, 8')?Orchestra Botes, $3 llj"Doors open at 7?Curtain rise at half-past 7. ajr BOWERY A M PHITH KATRE. " Boxes 2'i rents?Pit 12 W cenu THIS EVENING. 15 SPLENDID ACTS IN THfc ARENA. And minv otlvr amusing performaucee. N1 GRO EXTRAVAGANZAS. MR. CANFIELD, tlie Western Herculei, appear! to-night. NOTICE TO FAMILIES?Children under 14, accompanied bv their oarwra, guardians, or servants, will ke admitted to the Bi nee for UK ceuta each Doora open at 7 /clock Performance to commeoca at half past 7 Family seats cau be secured at the box office without additional charge PROPRIETOR'S BENEFIT. CAITIiE (HRDK1. BRILLIANT EXHIBITION OF FIRE WORKS, This Evening, September I lib. consisting of Signal Rocketa, Chinese Plantain Tree, Star i>f Poland, Croes of Malta, Saturn and hia Satellites, ' Fiery Plienix, Or Chinese Umbrella ; Splendid piece, presented by la-utc Edge Id, The Italia *u'i. Fountain of Flora To conclude with, for the last time this season. B O M B A It D M E NT O F VERA CRUZ. Pyrotech list Isaac Edge, jr For deacriptioo of nieces *e? bills of the day. [{"^Tickets .VI cents?children half price. sl4 Itr AMERICAN .viUUiVl". ?;aiJ?EN and'per. PKTITAF, FAIH 21 TALENTED PERFORMERS ! Day Viaitors admitted the same evenm. "*"ae. The manager Imi eng-iged fur this week the celebrated FEJEE MERMAID This animal it said to hare bean captured Alife nmr the Fejee Islands, and many naturalists and scientific men who have examined il assert that It ia absolutely the work of Nature. Engagement for a short period only of the ea.4"*?ed and beautiful MOV1NO DIORAMAS. Italian Landscape?Sea with Storm and Shipwreck?Faity Urutte, kc. Ike Also \lr. Bmwer. the comic singer. THK ETHIOPIAN SERBNADERS, who are unequalled in the world?pnailivcly for this weak eel AUo air engaged? Mi?? M. E. ADAIR, thepopnlar vocalist. La Petite C ELESTE, the admired duisuaee, lie CITY BHASS BANT), of ten musicians. BALLOON ASCENSIONS and performances evsry jve ning atS o'clock, and Wednesday and Saturday afatarnoon at 4 o'clock. Admission 25 cents?children under tan years half priae. LAST WEEK OK THE OlANT OIRL. THE FUD-(JB IVIFKMAID. SIX PERFORMERS, ADMITTANCE ONE S II I L LIN O. PBALR S IfKW YORK MVHEV1H, AND PICTURE OALLERY. (Broadway. nppontt the t'riv Hall.) MR. H. BENNETT, Slansger, respectfully smiounoea . that having heard that the Fejee Mermaid was in the (laid, he has ergaged tlx' Fl'D-OE, and has no heaitation in asserting that all doubt is entirely dis|*lled as to the existence of thee* curious creatures, as we have one at the American Museum and another at Peale's, which fully establishes tlia faet that than ate Mermaids The < horal <?le? Cloh, consisting nf Messrs. E. Thomas, J. Thomas, and T. Thomas, will introduce a variety of catches trios, duetts, solos Sir \1r. DeUrtte will live an imitation of tiie celebrated Daniel O'Connall ? Mise Adair, the aharming songstress?La Petite Cerito, the gracefal Danseusa?Splendid Self-acting Melodeon. Evening entertainments to commence at I o'clock. Perfor* mance on Saturday at J o'clock. *3 ?t " WAX.!* IT-ST TH KATHK. (PHILADELPHIA ) THIS popular establishment will open for the season ON THURSDAY EVENING, SEPTEMBER M. 1M? With a favorite Comedy and a new D'ama (of great interest) by J. M. Field, Esq , entitled (> A BKlELI.E. orthe Fatal Haxard ! Particul irs in future advertisements and bills. The Ladies and (Jentlemei envaged at this Theatre era re qnesred to notice that the firat rehearsal wiil take place on the morning of Wednesday, the 13th, at II A V. W. R. BLAKE, Stage klanaga* Philadelphia, Sept. II, |8tJ " HO.' |< r-ft^TlTKATRK rPO LET?'rtie Arch Stree' Tlicitre, for the seeson of IM3 * and l&ll Apply < cra niaIIy or (post paid) he letter, to P M L\FOI'REaDE, No. ho Crown street, Philadelphia. all 2w / Ml s|( - Pirtiee ind Kail* at tied eirli music, ronsistli / of fashionable selections of quadrilles^ waltzes, he. he., iierf'>rmed by good musicians, moie or less in number, ae may he desir*d. Orders lef' at 10 lay street, nsar reenwich, will he punctually attended to, by S SIMPSO^ aiz Ji-r An im i RKsflNO BOAT RA("f..?q? TWpfef ?r ternoon nnt, at 4 o'clock, at the H\mn Kialda, Hobokea, will Im* pre*ente?i * greater and moie curiout anar'acla. ocoa i >ned h\ bo?' racont, fian waa ever witne*?e(\ in thia coun rrv. Five m?l? Inil ana luni one tq'iaw ?rr to iiaddla * no baat, Zflfietloig. a?ain?t that craclt how, tha Tnomaa Jrffaraon, manned by the c?1?bril*J L iJI <wa to decida a bar of tfO?. off>-ed bv tne keeper nf the 11 liaim. Mr. lone*. The Indiana belong to the I'hit pew \ tril?-??trO! K. athletic, and well etpenenreri in the ua>' of the paddla. 1 Vv I el pretty confident of winnint, but wa rather think I her will End thrir match ia tha l.udlowa. The wane will be an eieiti-i* one?more * n-rhafH than any other ever lie fare prev ted >t H'iSokeii TV?e ludana ara now in the city and will a ??* on Satnrdoy in the W" * of tha Went for Fngland. ' ;a?'*r DI8DROWH RIPINO SCHOOL, 4W BOWKRV. . V^U. U. ha* the honor to anrmanre that hi? School i? opaa lor ? the reception of inipila. d^'lv. Snadaira irartad. . IT Ladiea, from !? A. M. to J t' M. _ ? I- ? ieiitlemeo, from 7 to ? A. >1 . and J to 7 P. M. Hi Sljr trained an?l quiet boraaa for 'he road or i arada, to laC Port* na and part n-n n n-JO'I'I V aa above. a?3 tmmt Piano fohtks k?m ra! i ?-A i?t* and vUmm* attack, consul ma of from ? Ito *0 F'ranch action p?u>o lonaa II new. are offered for ?le at 411 Broadway, naar Liapeaard ?t a id at the factory. <1 Heat Fonrteaath atreet, betwaan the Vh uid 6th aveunea. .... ... . Thia stock coinprnea aaveral ?ary highly nmahad and anpari ,)r toned muniment*, with ?S and 7 octaTea of tlM lataat and "Krery'piano /orte will h? warranted for one yaar, and will b ,old at priraa uiiuaually low. j. walker, ,V. B.?A variety of food Tiuio Kortaa kept eiclaaivelr fo lire. au?la?*? _ BROWN SHKETlNoS?su halea a*tr? hea*T, juat receiy . d?nd for aale by . ... * MtlOee PFN<?r I> PWOnKS. HI l.iKevtv a PoR TUUlJSr. FEMALE PILL?. PIEBK far-ramed and celebrated PiPa, from PorrufaK ar |*rcaive, to l>e obtained hi thi* country. 9ee| aate last oa tha laat colnau. ?? * .