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September 16, 1843 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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HT H Vol. IX ? No. ?54?Whole No. 34C0. BK1T18H AND NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL MAIL STEAM SHITS Of 1200 toils aud 440 hor*?* iwwti woh. Appointed by the Admiralty to sail lwtw??n Liverpool anil Beaton, calling at Halifax to laud *uu receifJ P?ua?ukrucen aud ller Majr?l> '? HIBERNIA. Captain Charln H- F. 'nikiiu. CALEDONIA, Captain Edward O. Lott. ACADIA, Captain Aletaixler Kyiui, nnri ANNIA, Captain Johu Hewitt. Will sail for Boston via HalifiX, Knout Boston. From Livt kfool. Acadia, Ryrie. lliili August. lUth.Julr. Ilibcrnia, Judklus, 1st Sept. 4th August. Britanuia. Lott, IClh Jo 19th do These ships carry exjierieuced surgeons, and ue supplied with K ranees' Patent Li fa Boats. Passage to Liverpool $120?To Halifa* $30. No berths secured uutil paid for. Kor passage apply to D. BRIOHAM, Jr., Aneut, &u3r No. 3 Wall ?i \>w York. FOR CH.AnLESTC^^P^f^V^KEY WFT, NEW OH LEANS, AI"iD GALVESTON, (Tex.s.) 'PO SAIL on Thursday,Stli October, theelccaut.well known x coppered strain ship NEW YORK, J. 1*. Wright. Com* winder, will sail as above. This steamer has been put in com* plute order for the season, and lias exteusive accommodations, w itli large and airy state rooms. Kor passage or freight of siweie, apply to the Captain on Ixwrd, foot of Ninth street, E. II.. or to A. HUBBARD & CO., 39 Peck .Pp. New York, Sept. II, 1813. sllto5*ec STEAM SHIP NEPTUNE. < .pt^Ti . William Rollins?To sail on Saturd-i, Or* t"ber 7th, at 1 o'clock, P. M., for Charleston, -yl-i.1 LfcJfS Key West, Havana, New Orleans, in <i ' ??l* r? 1,11' 1 r^ston. Texas This su|ierior |wcktt stev er is uow being overhauled and put iu perlect order lor the i i' Her ciibius and state rooms are elegantly furnished, k ill pn-sengeis can iely *u every comfort and accommodation i i lier Voi |Ht*ngt> as above, in the cabins or steerage, and for light ft iglit aUd specie for Charleston, apply to J. II. BROWER, r 75 Wall KOR HAL IK AX 8i LIVERPOOL. y/The Koval Mail Steam Sliip BHITANJYi NIA, J. Hewitt. Esq., Commander, will w-v-' leave Boston for the above ports on Saturday instant. P - to Liverpool $120. Puis ige to Halifax . 20. Aipl; to D. BRIOHAM, Jr., Aeeut, s8r No. 3 Wall _ DUAKTS ON ENGLAND, IRK1. V ^ D Sic.?Person* about (emitting mone> u> their &Jl2t friends in the "old country," Cat I bt plied "itli Draft!, in sum* of 1, 2, J, j, It), Waal-'-*-'! ??, "<?20 At jEM). or any amount, payable oil de'iimd without discount or any other charge, at tlie National Lia.L of Ireland, n:i il Baiik, do., Messrs. Joines Bult, Soi. V f'o , Hankers. L-. mI< i, 1. Darned k Co., Exchange and Discoi,, Batik, Livt.pool Eastern II ink of Scotland, Greeuock Kinking Com|mi>j sir Win. Forbee Hunter St Co.. Scotland inj t he branches iu every iwist town throughout England. Irela .d, Scotland and Jr.., which diafta will bo forwarded uy lir ? Britons';, ? y W. & J. T TAPSCO'f 7 At their General PuMce OlHoM 3 Peck Sil#, corner Sonttt St. N. B.?All !?'?ers from the country must come post paid. *!) .afl PEOPLE'S LINK OK STEAMBOATS B?? * Oil A LB AN V?Daily at 7 o'clock P. M ^rr - *f Tlir 'avjh direct?From the steamboat pier be twn'ii Courtland' u.o Liberty streets, Sunday exempted. Tha steamboat KN: ERBOt KER.I ant. A. P. St. John w ill le. re i\loud..v. v. unesday uid Friday Evenings, at suti.i o'clock. Steamboat ROCHESTER, Capt. A. Houghton, will leave Tuesday, Thursdav a.i J Saturday at 7 P. M. At J o'clock V. .V.?L 'iidinR at Interin*diate Places. Steamboat NORTH 'v U t. U1C A, Capt. M. H. Trues dell, will leave Monday,<lay, Friday, and Sunday afternoon, at 5 o'clock. Steamboat SOU1 H \ V "".lUCA, Capt. L. W. Brainand, will leave Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Evening, at live o'clock. Passengers taking this Line of Boats will invariably arrive in Albany in ample time to take the Morning Train of Cars for the east or west. The above bocts are new and -.ubstautial, are furnished with neat and eletrpiit Sr.ita !<,?iru and for speed ami accommoda Fur Passage or Kn ight, tm lv on board, or to P. C. Schultz at |^e office on the wharf si SKYTTTTT (,()('K MORNING LINK fwT^VCgeFOH ALII \ SV. TllOY, and intermediate tR"7 iiTii in/ f 'iim ' - r tiic steamboat pier, at the foot of Barclay street. fire. !'\h> md Dinner on board. Lemes New York?The J injure on Monday, Wednesday and Krt?Uy. The Troy on Tit-id;.v, Thursday and Saturday, at 7 A. M. Landiug nl?Caldwell's, Wtni Point, Newhurgh, Hampton, Poiixtiluvi^ie, Hyde P.irk, Rtnuebeck, U. lied Hook, Bristol, CaUkiU, lit.'Uoii, Ooxsackie and kiuderhook. The new low ?tea<r.?r r. M I'l RK, Captain 8. K. Roe, on Wi d:.: jday. at 7 o'clock in the mor.ii.ic, Aujf. 16.. The new lmv pressure ste.uner TKOV, Captain A. Oorharn, on Thursday, at 7 o'clock in the morning, Aug 18. For past-ije, apply ?t the nflic*. foor of Barclay street or o* board. Notice.?Al] floods, Freight, B.-?-;:sjre. Bank Bills, Specie, or any other kind of Proiwrty, taken, dipped, or put on board the Boats of this Lme4nust be at the ntli of the owners of such ^ goods. aii 16 r OSK INDEPENDENT REGULAR OPPOSIfi6r=?2?3?Tlf)N NIGHT LINE FOR. ALBANV k nr TCmJE-TROY?Tlimngk !>in-?:t, without Landing ? The commodious and substantial steamboat PORTSMOUTH, Capt. O. House, will leave New Yo. k fion the foot of Barclay street, ou-Mondays, Wednesdays and Kri<la>?; ami will leave All>aiiy and Troy on Sundays, Tue?Jv,? and Thursdays, and will continue these trips for the season. Freight taken at reduced rates. Apply on hoard. P. S.?The above boat has uudergoue a thorough repair, and is in first rate order. at lm*r SEVEN O'CLOCK EVENING LINE flTTt?jrC3?for ALBANY AND TKOV direct, without SE^_3K_JeL landing?the splendid lots i rvtsaie steamboat SWALLOW, Captain A. McLean, will leave the foot of Courtlandt street every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday eveaiiiiss, at 7 o'clock, for Albany direct. The Swallow has a large number of state r~>mn and for speed and irccminodatious is not surpassed on the Hudson. *?8 ec _UO jMSl REGULAR OPPOSITION t OR BOS CV- r"VV^* TUN, via NK.VVI'UK'I A.\;> I'KUVInil jW tr DENCE?Kxrr to Boston S? Ml; Deck $1 50; no charce lor Berths. Newport and *i; Deck 50 cti. The fast sailing steamboat CURTIS I'hOn, Captain Wm. H. Peck, leave* Catharine Market slip, Kan Hirer, evny oiida)*, Wednesday and Kriday, at 5 o'clock, P. M. For iwssage or freight apply on bo^rd, o* to'A. I) PF.CK, 205 South it. (13 Im'ec .Mn at* NKWAKK AND NEW YORH.-Fare fU ^o??'iL^only 12)* Cents !?Tlie splendid steamer PASJb?Jf Mr SA1C, alter June 5th, will run at loilo'vs :? Leave the foot of Barclay street,' New York, at 10 A. AI., aud 4 P. M. Leave* the foot of Centre street, Newark, at 7X M .and n-d IS P. Mi'he accommodations both for passengers and freight have been greatly improved. freight carried at very low rate*. jy 16 SMQ *z\ STATEV ISLAND KERRY, FOOT WHITEHALL ST.-The ?tm..i!^aU ~ a^K-STATEN ISLANDERaud SAMSON w.ll tuu -u follows until further notice Leave New V ork 8, 9, 10, 12, 2, 3i?, 5, 6. Leave Staten Island 8, 9, 10, 12, 2, 4, 5, 6. AII good* shipped are lequired to be particularly mark- t! and W *1 the risk of the owner* (tlWWt ?3 r NEW A It RANtiEM ENT FOR Gi?SHREWSBURY?Long Branch. s' I ' i-rf n-...i? ' I--... House ami Katontown Laudin. ilv- cw Steamboat SHREWSBURY, Captain John r Coilies. will now run as follows, on and alter Thursday. ust : leaving New York, Irom tlie foot of Robinson strwi ?v>r\ 1 iiesday, Thursday, aud Saturday, at 10 o'clock, A. M A i 'I F. \'onl<>wu Lauding on Monday, Wedunday and Fridav, at in o clock, A. M. T'f w>.'?-wsbury will run as aboT?, weather permitting, nn til lunlier notice. All baggage at tlie risk of the owners, tiv 31!? cents. N, B.~R'ages will be in attendance to convey passengers ftoi.i ihealotvaaid landing places to any part of the county reqnijvd. TS ^hi?'vnbury will go the inner passage, when practicable iwtv NEW ^ ORK AND KINGSTON STEAM FREIGHT AND PASSAGE LINK. For Kingston, auc Delawai* and Hndson ^-?jl*Csiial?steamboats EMERALD and NOW Th* . :i.;iaI>D, Captain John Ketch^m, wiU l?? New York, fort -;f Murrsy street, every Monday uid Thnml)) it i o'clock, I' .1. Will if ve Kimrtton (I! on out landing) erery Wednesday andSatnrd, 3 > clock, P.M. Tlie NUiiWH II, Captain John 8.irmie|?, will lra< v"? York, foot nf vY arieu street, every Wednesday and Saturday ?i i o'clock, I* ,V., W ill have 1 n,?'aton (Kondont landing) very Tuesday and Friday at J o'clock, P. M. KXTRA Till PS. The EMKK A Ll> will leave the foot of Mnrriy ?tr??f . vt\ Piind.n mori i.ikai 7 o'clock. Retiming, leaves Knigstou ?n o'clock, same day. If or freight or >fce apply on hoard, or to \\ lLLlAMSON, BARLOW V CO., *?' a"'*r l6< Weil ?tr??i. Ni.W AUK A NCIKMKNT. FARL A.NU FRF.IUHT RF.OIJCED. m It r.wuI.AH MAIL LINK?FOR rK( ft^_?Vra?VU)r.>< K AND JIOSTON, via. 8TO.N ^-gTTANO NKWI'OHT-.l ompose, of the follow iiik <n|ierioi timmeri, running in connection witi. the Stoiunirton and flostoi mil I'roTid. nee Railroads MAMSA* l.l M-" i 8, Cart. Corns lock. KHODK ii-UANL?, Capt Thayer. PKOVIDt>iiNAkKAWAN-t-.TT. MOHEOAN. ? , One of which will l**v? iMew \ ork daily (Sundays etcepted) from Pier No. 1, ttslteiy I'lace. N. Hiver, at i P. >1. A? l A.MJEM ENT8. The RHODE ISl,A.Nt>. l'tain Thayer, on Monday, and Wednraday for 8toouiKtou uid Newnort, and Friday for 8t<>uingt?n. . _ The MAHHACHUSfc, I I S, Captain Comstock, on Tuesday and Thursday for Su>uin*ion, and Bitarday for Btouington, Newport anu Providence I "as ten ? n, on the ui the steamers at Stonington, will be itnni. distely IVirwartM iu u,e splendid aud commodious Cars of the Rtiirnad to Kmiidencn and Boston, and if for Newport will paiceed iu th.- {Learner Moheg.oi (ill superior order) from thence nt fl o'clock the following morning, tlws Kit mi: them an opportunity ol a night's reat on board ths Meamer VI ijMchtiieili or Rhode Inland. and then breakfast on board tin Mohegan. The above steamer* h.wa hwu thoroughly equipped and pn nanil'n promnie celerity ol li.i?-l and the Comfort and *ecnrity of po.- j?u*ei?, aud uot snr; ??ed by any ia the United ! or p'tfjipc or freight, which n. 14km ?t very reduced rates, apply en t> "ird, at north side el ,.i i ?o. I, 22 Broadway, or office. if Samuel Devean, fwiilit yt-nt, on the wharf. Tickets for tin ute and sMuii.-V Vr;hs aan be secured on board, or ottlie office of HARNDEiN ii.i O., .No, J Wall strwt [T7"On Hud aftfr the 10th m??, f ieht will not be received anil furwnrtled after half-patt 4 P_ M "tHw* m BKKK- lly the tide or <innrt?>>. I i ? at alt timet, at th* Slaughter Houae ot John R. J\#*tou, tliR* doort from Tliird Avenue, (?ut tide,) in 26th ?tieei, ol * tujwrior quality, *"4#t M low h"? toteK: tutt lm?n E NE NEW tJffi- FOR I IVKRPOOL?Th? New Lin*?lingular MrMrW. Packs' of IClh of Saptambtr?Tha new splendid aW l '- -'?P itUKK.N OK THE WEST. Philip Woodhouse I%9 toils will nil ou her regular day, be 16th Sept. Kor passage only h rinr irrni lodatium unequalled for elegance and comlurt, apply on Vo.rd, writ tide Burliug slip, or to wOODUL LL & M1NTURN8, 87 South it. Price of paUM'' The fine packet ?>iip fWhester, Captain John Britton, 8#0 tons', will succeed rb? (^uaeu of ihi-West, aud sail on her regular ilay, 16th October slj r ~&4?- FOR L!V,TirPOO:~P Packet OeloWPWfV'>'r?The i f f *t *iili?e New York built packet ship flHMKaKOl 'H>.ts 1 r^K, John Uritton, master, 800 ions, will sail on Iter regular dav. liilli October Kor frrivht or posstge loving ?ei> Mi|<erinr accommodations, apply to tneCaptain uii' \vi t ,ule Hurling slip, or to WOOUHbLL U WIN TURNS" 67 South st. Price of passage, $?.'>. X lie hue packet ship llottinguer. ""v 11 unify, master, ldio ton*, will succeed (lie Roches. ,1 ai.d lil oil her regular day, Kitll November. slti r AlffS- TOU NKU'"oRLKAN"T-To sail Monday? 18th Wf*fV?The lint clans farorie ship ALFRED, Captain BEMaiCaMyers, will nail a* above. ilur U-uvwa declct will be neatly litteil up for the accommodation ol 2tl cabin and steerage passengen. 1'hose desirous ofsecuiitg bertha will reuuire to ni.ilce early application on board the iliip at Murray's wharf, foot of Wall street, or to joHN HERD MAN, bl Houtli street, near WaU street. > N. B.?The subscriber has lint class ship* sailing weekly for the above port, by which passage c<ui l e acntged > t the current rate. slOr "l? FOR NK.W ORL KAN''-Louisiana and'New MMRlW'Voik Line?This day at 2 t*. M.?Passengers by tliu BHuMw'ihip HUNTSVILLE, Captain Cornell, will please be on lioard, at Orleans wharf, foot rf Wall street. at 2 o'clock. Shippen will confers particular fivor by sending in their Bills of Lading early this innruinc, to K. K. COLLINS CO, 56 South street. Agents in New Orleans, llullcn Si Woodruff, who will promptly forward all goods to their addiess. The packet ship Mississippi, Capt. lLllard, will succeed the I IniitsT ille. slli-r KOR NEW ORLEANS?Touching at all tin* ports KFJpVViii East and West Florida. v.:t: St. Augustine, New jillMtaSmyriia, Indian River, Cape Moridi, Indian Key, Key West, Tampa Bay, Cellar Keys, Port Leon. Apalachicola and IVusacola?The splendid steam ship CINCINNATI, J. Smith, master, ( who has been long engaged i't the navigation between Florida and New Orleans,) will leaie I liarleston, S C.,on the 1st of October iient, and after the sr'ivil of Ihe Wilmington boats, for all the above places. For p >?<age only, having sin**rior accommodations, apply on board, or if he letter, postpaid, to JOIIN H LAFITTE.Agent, Fituimmous' wharf. Charleston, 9. C., Sept. 9th. 1813. si I tolr &6Sr PASSAGE FOR NEW ORL&ANS?First PackWTirWel?The splendid fast sailing packet ship ARKAN* jwStttaaSAS, (.'apt. Burgess, sails aos.ti\< ly us above, her reUiiUr (lay. Having splendid accommodation! or cabin, second cal)in and steerafe |>ass?ii|(ers, those wishing to secure berths should uM fail to make early application on bo?id, 01 to W. 4* J. T. TArsCOTT, s"re _ 43 1'eck slip, comer South st SAVANNAH.?I'acl<et o| 20th September? >^f?V0ll'V Kegular Line.?The well known last suling ket brig <). li. bAMAII. t'a; t. Sannermaii, will sail punctually as abo .e, and c<iu accommodate a limited number of cabin, second call ill. and s'eerige pts-engers, il early application be made on board, foot of >Uoie i Lane, or to W St J T. TAPSCOTT, sl6cc 13 fVrk lip, corner South street. a TO LET?The rear fart ol the store. No. 218 Broadway, under the Amci Museum, size of the room about 50 by !A fuet; entrance through the hall adjoining; a sejwPate entrance ctn lie had fr m Broadway, next to the tunli. being one of th? inost centr.d situations in the city, and veil located for a billiard room, or *li"Ost any other business.? l'? .session can be had immediately. Enquire on the premises, of L. BUSHNELL. ?T 2w*ec MONTGOMERY HALL. MONTGOMERY, ff"If ALA.?The proprietors ni this establishment, so favoJ'?i?SL bly known to the travelling public on the. great thoroughfare between Charleston and .lobile, are determined to maintain the high reputation for comfort and liberality of arruurfvmeat which it has so long, aid they trust, not undent.?uly njoyed. The buildiugs. which are very spacious and oouvanieutly arranged, have been thoroughly repaired, and toe led rooms Loth double and single, have ln-*u refurnished with new beds and bedding, also, With every necessary article for c,(.ufort and convenience. The parlors, both public and priv.aU., are large airy, and elcga. tly iuruithed. These facilities, ?.tii careful and attentive serv ints, a aellar well stocked wito cc.'tca old wines, a table supplied with every luiury that the -.cuoil and market can, and the firm determination of tli , pHetora to omit nothing that wiM tend to the satisfaction of tin ir guests, Willj they trust, ensure them the firorable Httnili .u ol tne travelling puoiic. /vu ominous win, ai an tinn !,t- ... readings to convey pusemters from the Railroad and Steamboat* to the house, True of charge. .1.1*. mery, June 7, 1813. W. TILLKY k UO. *il> l!t *m r BOOT AND WHOE STORK. 10HN READY respectfully informs his friends and the ^molic, that he has commenced business in the above line, at Nil 'fi Nassau street, where he will thankfully receive and faithfi'lle "lecute, all orarrs he miv be (avorvd with on the must r?MiM>imhl? terms for cash 1 v2?r " SAVE VOU'< !ONEY KALL AND WINTER BOOTS. 7S per rent '.cpr thui at any o'.'ier establishment in tlie city. Call. eT'jM^ne, and be convinced of tlie facts, that you can got the very .|i ility of hoots, W' h everlasting patent soles on, made to \ our orders at the very lo v price of five dollars old fifty cents i>?r por the si rue quality ol hoot* are selling at other establikliiii..>u *i from $7 JO to $ ! Call at CLibBERLEY & MICKELL. sl2 lm*m 127 William St., N. Y. r? HATS-r ? LL FASHIONS, 1843.?The subscriber impr???e? 'he occasion pnsei.'ed by the fall change in the fashion of hat< to invite his fiieiida, customers and the public iu general, to his Establishments, No. 130 Chatham street, and 91 < 'anal, corner of Wonster str-o.*. w her# he offers for sale and bisection a ls''(fe ami deuanl issortment of flats and Caps, at eitreinely low prices He pirt culirly invites their attention to his fine .Nutrn H'ur Hat* * SI, warranted watex proof, and to retain their color a'.d ?h.ip tie would also call tneir attesi tion to hi* short nspt Milk Hair if 52 25 and $2 40. AUo, his superfine Mole?l?i i Hats, at the low |iric? of $3. The abovementioned Hats are nen and liuralllt, and ""n compare advantageously with inns swid m this city ai S3.inn $l. HENRY BANTA, No. l;iu ( hitham St , nu?l 31 Canal, cor. Woosterit. st 5w(lwis)*m AMTIIMIOI SK. 'T'HE subscribers will tie happy to an*nRe with families and single gentlenu i for h? wi er ; also with parties of simile gentlemen, who insy pief r a in *vV" '*">|e, on reasonable term*, .litoctl COLEMAN & STETSON i'mTON HOU8E. ^HE SUBSCRIBERS are prepared to make arrangements J- with familiea and sin(1e gei.tlom^.i for the winter or by the year, upon reasonable terms. The price* of thin establishment sre the same as lieretofore viz: SI SO per day. BENSON <k HODGES. s3 Imr AMERICAN HOTEL, NKvTyORK -Having comple tod the reoairt and alterations c.I the Americ-ui Hotel, an the adjoining house (which I Iwi. li ned to it) I respectfully solicit irom niy iririmi iuiu inr |>>i->nt; it i-o.iunuaiM.n lit meir |ntro:iage. The situatiou is as good that of any similar ea tablishment in the city. It fronts > ''he Park.and the Foun tain la immediately opposite. TV h"itse has Deeu newly carpeted, and every thing thoroughly repaired. J I I end 1 tn * re U.>1. B. COZZKNS ALL NATIONS' HOTEL. No. ill Broadway, next Mow the City Hotel. This s?taDli?h,n>"it continues to do business at its former or usual moderate child's, namely :? Transient Boarders for Board and Lod-'iug $1 25 per day IVrmanent Board and Lodging pur week, i 00 Transient Lodgers, _ 0 M per day Permanent Lodgers without Board per week, 2 00 do Board withontKoom p i Week, 3 00 Dinners per week, 150 (ii'iitlrmeu living at this hotel tire n?t confined to any particular hour for dining, as they can di'i* at any hour from 12 to 5 P. M. sli 3teod*ec VTOXICF. TO FRKNCH, AMI |.|i AN AND (riTlKK ^ CITIZF.NS.?UNION HOTKL, No. 16 llector street, corner of (Jreeuwirh street.?P. Del un<>tte has the honor to uform his friends and the public generally, that the partnership Heretofore existing between the advertiser and J. Bonnard, has - en dissolved by mutual consent, and that he ha* reoivned his ..Id estahlishmeut, situate as above, which has been occupied by him for the |>aat live years. The Union Hotej has been thoroughly repaired and renovated, <nd now contains as complete and comfortable sitting and lodging rooms as can he (blind ill the city. The cooUinu d.-|?rtmeiit is conducted a In Franciise, and most amply supplied, without regard to cost, ind the prices rhanied to guests are in conformity with the times. An excellent Tab^ d Ilote is ready every day at 3 o'clock,for which the moderate price ..f 3' cents only is charOed. The advertiser ho]ies that his |wst exertions and present desire to give satisfaction, will insure liiin ihe pitronage of his fellow countrymen, and of all gentlemen who tn?y wish to obtain capital fare and accommoilatiou, \t the le*?t possible expense, si lm*ec TO HOTKL KKh.PK.H9. UOU HALE, the lease, furniture a"d futuees of the very ro" palar establishment, known a* the ILL. NATIONS" HOTEL, No. Ill Bro.ldwty, next be'os* ihe City Hotel. 1'lie house n hi the most I>ertect order, a d e itly fitted and furnishes! ; has sleeping npirtments for ab nt V>persons besides family \nd servants' rooms. The large |u!iic dining room ou the I .round lloor is neatly fitted and furnished, and aflf >rd? ample J iccoinmodation* to .line from four to live hundred persons daiI i v. The private dining rooms on the 2d !loor are une<|ualled :"or beauty, fronting on Trinity hurch i ard and on Broadway There is also on the 2d floor an elegant Billiard Room, '<.tilting on the churchyard, with f'nr of >loore*? best 1 allies, .nil all the appurtenances belonging 4.0 th'-m. To any person vi i^hing to embark in inch a.i estibli.hmeiit, who lias got 11 ?ns, the whole will be sold on f.vonble terms. For further I i* riicnlm 'injuuc on tli* premises o; Ml.< owr. | s i lit eodts*cc ___________? t>R. LAttDNt.K l VrfcUM OF rOPI'LAH AND PRACTICAL SCIENCE. 1 T^HK Public it respectfully in ?>rm*d that Dr. Lardner, ha. t iik collected a splendid ana iiofel apparatus, consisting or | erer>?l hundred Tcleacopic Driwiigs. Hcenic Illustrations, ?ro1oi(ical And other Dionu**i. *nd lntiiH obtained the 1'ief share in the proiierty in RlfcsKU/H PLAN* T Bit M, ?'Vliibittova of which picited sue** general approbation in rhiactvlast season, will in a te \ dasi onna saloon for a ?h??n time, in which lie will kito a series ol popular lectures n A tronoiry and other br inches of physical and mechanical newer, ?nd in wit h then* will lie a daily ethibitinn of the plan r mm, instructive and amusing e*i>*rioients in physics, and n'hrr ontects ofscientific intern*'. w hich will be particularly specified iu future announcement. TO INVENTORS, PATENTKE?, MASTUFACTUR.K1 <8.**.? |)r. Lardner inform* inv* itors and ill persons e*.*utel in the Aru and MaHuI ctu.t*, that lie will r^CeifC mwl'-N, ??r?winifs, productions of art, and specimens of mtnuficinvm, !?> **ihibition in the L>c*?i n, and that sncli objects will iicc??e occasional notice rui?i itpiauation at his lectul*s. Amine t om to be made to Tapt. Joh i laver, 76 Barclay at. l)r. L.nhier may b?* consulted on mhjects connectedwith en* fineeri ^ .. nl practical science during hia visit to New Vorlc. !4 Str atvCHKK'4 Kali. FashionT FOR OENTL K M F. N ? S HATS, AlITDM N?ltd. ****< NOW j'or??le md uui*iti jh at hi* old amnda, 201 and (imnwich *tr?et. P.M.? li i, >u eleuaut J?nri'iMf of mon'i, l>oy>'Rtiil children' '( e.iiife new patten i ill Im'ic ?!A8U HAt. UWAKE A I. V II ED F. LAOKAVR, IMPORTER OK IIARDWAHE.AND CUTLERY, .V . *l? Hreenwieh, r?m*r Barclay atreet, IS NOW OPr MNO*com|+-rf laaortin'-nt of gooda in hia line tvhh-Ii lie ..fieri at whole*, le or retail on the loweat term* !.:* > m be purchased at in this city, A sent for t Cooiwr*' Gin*. Country meivUiiU Will ple?? i??or lum witha c.ill prenoui to nittluuK misi.M'*. la** ggg-sa ...... . i ' ! W TO YORK, SATURDAY MO .sj "iThere'? * <lr> slit in smoking. Not* hut tmoi-rrt know." The saying is tru. * hen v know where to And A sefjar that |>ni. ?*( ; the >)U?lity rare Of enlivening tlia <* entering the mind, Aud enables the smoker tn puff tway care. This luiurv always yo?r nne ??. obtain, Ifou 8KIX AS in Maiden f ??< promptly you call; If you visit him once, yn will do ?o tgaiu, For he gives satisfacti 'i v ! cVn??i? to all. Hit Segara are the choicest, exoinsite brands, By a comperem agent selnrt^.l with i'-n?, Direct from Havana, by s|?*eiil < vtrmaniU, ilia Colburu, Kegalias, La Normal, .ti.u S:an, Noriegas, Trabucas, Victoria r*"* Principe, Ksperanzas, Sevan. The l??Ht in the country that >ou can iirornre. Cassations, La Normas, and Congress bnide, (lis Do* Com|>arieros and ex<im.,iie i r...,u. With others that have conuietitiou defied. For his customers, SKIAAS has al?,i, * on hand. In order to secure a continuance of the M'i<r?l.?tion and custom with which SKIXAS has been so long faiui.r.l. In li,u> enlaced a and com|>enl agent in Havana, to select the Tobacco anil superintend the makiug of all segars Urn lie iai|iutu; consequently, he can warrant all sold by bint u> ue (euiiii.e. His stock on hand is more extensive and su|>erior to iliai uf any similar establishment. Remember the Number, 3 MAIDEN LANK. Howard's Hotel. ,>iiij lm"v SK' i ARM Ton \( ( (), SUu7\U Ji en Ann 'U?T RKCKIV&D of tie telehnt.'' t >-d B7 ron brat?l, consisting of Regalias ami ir -'iinn ?17e Segars. 32,000 of the Florida brand, do do do. 20,000 Low price llavanas, do do do. 14 Bales of Guisa Tobacco. I 8 Bales of Havana do. 6 Cases of Free Labor St. J ago White Sugar. 12 Bags of superior do Coffee. For sale by A. A. 8AMANOS, an 17 tin*r No. 6 Wall st and 'J89 Broadwar A A. SAMANOS oilers for ssle, at No, U Wall st, 10 lilies Muscovado Sugar, and li bags of CoftVe, lauding from brig '1 1 ax, from St. in go I11 Store? 10 hhds Huii cured Muscovado Sugar 1 uitnble for Miners 4 boxes white Suxar, free labor 18 bales su|ierior Ultisa Tobacco, . uit.ible for manufacturers. 350,m. Segars,of LordByron, Woodv- I e, and a variety of other brands. WANTKD?A Cooi>er, nod a Mir wright that understands car|ienter's work, to go to St Jagodi ouba; must bf single and of tempvate h&btts, Apply asaboT1 ?g im*r SNUFF, C1G AXIS AND TOJ^tTO?Just received pvr recent arrivals, an importation of choice foreign Snuff", consisting of Lund/ Koot'a Irish high toaat; high, juried Welch, Hardhams, No. 37, Violet Strasburg,-Morton's mixture, Prince Albert do, Copenhagen, etc; together with a large assortment of domestic snuffs ol the subscriber's manufacture. On hand a prime lot of Havana Cigars, "Moriega," "La Nor111.1," "Kegalia," "Panetela," etc. Cavendish Tobacco of the most approved brands, Turkish, German, ( I qualities) Scafarl^lii, and Spanish smoking tolmccos;Dutch and Knglish clay pipes;Joues' Royal patent matches; cigar cates; tubes; fancy pines; snuff boxes, and every article appertaining to a well slocked tobacconist's establishment, for sue at wholesale aud retail by MUS. O. NKWCOVIBKSt SON, au ?l lm'ec No. 4 Wall at. FORK1GN WINKS AN L) LIHUOHS," No. 33^ Ann street, New York. THK advertiser has for sale the following choice importation* oi the very best quality, viz:? Old French Brandy in cask and bottle " Holland Gin " " " " " Hamburgh " " (imported in 1800) " Madeira Wine in |>u>e* and bottle " Sherry, Muscat, Bordeaux, Man " " Cataloni, Port, 4tc. Invalids and others will lind pure liquors unadulterated as above?No. 33}? Ann st. al9 lm*m MB. SANFORI) (CASH TAILORING STORK.) 127 Ful toil St., has just opened an entirely new and splendid assortment of Knglish aud French Cloths, Cassimerea, and Vesting*, which for beauty, elegance, anil durability, cannot be surpassed in this city, being bought for cash. He will sell to ill hia friends and customers 2i per cent cheaper than those w ho do i,oi adhere to tile cash principles. Strangers and others who <ti visiting our city, are res|?-ctfullv invited to call and examine his rich assortment of {(nods, all of which he pledges hi'u-t 'f to make in a stvle and lashiou which shall please the regards good cutting, workmanship, and prices llo would also inform his customers that lie lias a neu and eilt i* assortment of geutlemeiis' outfitting of every description, co"sisting of stocks, scarfs, collars, bosoms, shirts, drawers, suspenders, silk and linen cambric handkerchiefs, gloves Uu I .siery ol all kinds. N. B. Punctuality olxarred strictly in filling all orders. M. B. SANFORD, 9 lm*r Next to the llarald Office, Naw York. OTAILORS.?STLNEMFT'S New "and Complete Sy7 tem for Cutting every kind of Fashionable (iarinent now ill vogue, is ready for delivery. As the reputatiou of the author as a fashionable cutter, is too well known to require newspaper comment. This system is, with confidence, offered to the trade?not as a mere theoretical invention (or simulation,) but as the most (iractical and complete work ever published on this subject. It is the result of many years extensive and fashionable practice in New York ami Paris, and will be found to contain such ample, plain, and precise instructions, as to enable every student to cut with and certainty, all the various 'tylej of garments now worn, both in F.uro|>e aud America. This system cannot be affected by the future changes of fashion, and is recommended to the profession as a standard work, aud may lie obtained of the author, 93 Cedar street, aud Yio??~shlk f?r fcmbroidery nnd Krin^-o in,-.k.'r?, in akrtna nail 0,H"!,i?uil'ri, inprrbly einbroidmd, and 8a?p*r.d? TrimtSSld, Hilrmr nnd 8t<*l Bmd?, in all No*. Mothlw of IWl, (Jcild, Hilvir and Srwl Pur* Orn*m??u. Hold nnd Silfrr Image, Braid, Cord, Twut, 1 l.rvnd and TnnwU. Kmbroidrry Ifr*mM, nnd n rariftT of difffrmt raaey Artielm. Artificial Flowrn-n cl?>ie* ?M?etion. Kiinxra, of coitoi. wonted nnd tilk, im|>orte<l and (fomrttie Uimix, Taenia, uid all other kind of trimmmi. Jy 17 Jm*c? can rv? lorwaroM u> any pari 01 in# uuii*>u niaies. si **ou*%v - r Depot OF GENTLEMEN'S FANCY DRESS ARTICLES. READV MADE LINENS.UNDERGARMENTS, Stc.Scc. '"PHE Subscriber would call the attention of their patrons and * stranger* Tisitinjr this city, to tlteir rich and extensive asjortmeiit of stocks, scarfs, cravats, gloves, suspenders, jiocket handkerchiefs. drvssing gowns, hosiery, lambs wool, merino, silk, cotton, Berlin, bnokskin and other under shirU and drovers Their assortment of'he above goods, and all other articles appertaining to a gentleman's wardrobe are rich, varied, and extensive, and wrll s-orthv 'he attention of tile fashionable community, they would psfieularly recommend their new style of gentlemen's khirfs *? efmtajning many improvements. Tn?shirts at present m*int"etiin-d by them, are cut to suit the form of the wearer, thereby doinrr away with tke large (tverplns of linen used under tli*'<1 I i?e?n of cutting, and adding not only to the comfort nf the wearer, but to tne beauty of the form. This imi>rovem?n* m mu-.ifest to the Judges of the late fair at the American Itttitttta that the first premium was awarded to the subscriber": 'heir ??"t r elastic Brace is particularly recommended to all Save acquired the halnt of stooping. They will be found ol immense benefit to persons of sedentary habits, by brnei"'.' *he shoulders, they strengthen the bock, and expand the chest, and will h# found of no imi'edimeut to the free use of the arms The) v o-ild also call attention to their patent elastic Rmsi.i Of riding b"lt. Gentlemen mav dejieud on being suited with 'he be'' and most fashionable articles, by calling at the old esul !i Knit ? ! PAR*ELL? St AGATE, an 20 lm'ec 217 Broad vay, cortjis of Park place. ONCIIANGE AOAIN?RET 1 M.N it) THE OLD STAND. rPHE undersigned, after a seven yearn' experience of the evil J- effects resulting from large stores and l-rg-r i-nts, is happy to inform his numerous customers and ikt Community generally, that he has effected (thanks to a cons -i -iifion landlord) a le.ise of of his old stand. No. 4, (formerly i) Wail ?:r>tt. Mortimer Buildings, comer of New street, arj f,,r \u;- y *rs celebrated by his well known SIGN OF I'ME GOLDEN FLEECE?a beacon to all who are in quest ol ,;<<od cue-p and fashionable garments. To such of his old patrons who may have lost sight ol him during his wanderings, he invites their return to tli Wil rtpiL with the assurance of a strict adherance to his well es'sblts'ad fame for skill and punctuality. Of the public gei <-r l|j- he solicits a call, being prepared with an assortment of I B* MMW cloths, cassimers, vesting, Sic. Sic., which l:e wt'l I iiappv to make up in the most faithful manner, and on i. .no:u- I ble charges, for Cash Only. The same care aiid attention be- | stowed on making and trimming, as when the cloth U,n,v!.\v ( edofhiin. C. B. Babcock continues in Ihe cutting iltyut- , ment. CHARLES ( OX. sll lmr Sign of the Golden Fleece, No. \ Wail s?^_ JAME3LACV, r\RArER AND TAILOR, 62 John street, n<wr Wil'hrn, | ?-' continues to make up Gentlemen's garments of super,..r , workmanship, and in the most fashionable style, at his u*u.?l low prices, (tentlemen in want of n?w and fashionable cloth j iug, should call and examine his select stock of goods before purchasing elsewhere. Atrial will be sufficient to convince tlie most economical, that for beauty of tit, style of wor'iinuiship, and al such eitraordiuary low prices, this establishineut cannot be surpussed by any in the city. Gentlemen furnishing their own goods can have them made and trimmed?a perfect fit warrintsd or the price of the goods returned. au2t lmr TERMS CASH. WM. T. JENNINGS Sc CO. DRAPERS AND TAILORS, 231 Broadway, American Hotel, opposite the Fouutirin, solicit attention to an assortment of seasonable goods, including Cloths, Cassimeres, V< stings, Sic., in all the new and various styles, uuder the astur ance that the system of "small profits and quick returns," which lias elicited so liberal a intronage, will be continued, while our arrangements are such as will enable us to fill all orders in future with promptness. A feature in the establishment, which must commend it to those repairing articles for immediate use, is the addition to our stock, of an assortment of first quality ready made Garments, consisting of Surtonts, Frocks, Drens Coats, Pantaloons, Vests, Office Coats, Twvelling Frocks, Dressing Gowns, tic A choice collection ol Silk and Satin Scarfs, Cravats, )litiiilk^rrhi#fk. (ilnvM. Snapnudera, Hosiery, tinier Khirtf, Drawers, .N;ii .ln. Sliirta, Collm, Sic. At price* which must offer icdneeraenta to purchaser! jy24 3m?ec SHIRT MANUFACTORY, an') okn'ilkmln's kurn10iiino stokk, maidkn lank.?Just received the latest and most U?7 approved Ftmchinttrni shirt*. A miml assortment of shirt*, auder garments, hotiery, cnvan, h*ndkerchi-fs. 4tc. Ml. in* and under garments made up to onlcr and ret aired it short notice. rot sale, a Counting llonse Desk, with ihr<* drawer* and book rack. WM. COLLINB.

?u20 lm*r GkntlV.mkvs lkkt 6kk ~\v a r mm>b k?i*eutie men or families desirous of converting ihcir lett nfl weir i?C apparel i'lto ca*h, out obtain lor the laine the hi guest cash price. To families an<l gentlemen <iuitting the eity.or changing r^ideuce, having any sii|i?rtlui>us effect* to di*|>ose of, willtnid u much to their advantage [o send for the subscriber, who will \tr?od them at their residence by appointment. H. LKVKTT. No. 8 John at, New V i>rh. A line through the po?t oflce, or otherwi?e, will receive prompt atteution. , Clothing cleaned, altered and repair ed; an!7 Imr ~~ D. M.'PEYSKR, to CO., NO. 110 William street, corner of John atreet, and 4JT Broadway have received, bv pvent arrival*, an eitentive supply of the following KA.NC Y GOODS, whirli wrre earefnllv sejected hy a competent person at i'aria, Uerlin, kc.. and which tliey offer for tale, in wluileaaU and retail, on liberal terms, ^'uerlin Zephyr and Oerman Worsted?the most complete ne ortinent. _ .... Berlin Kmbroiilery Pattern*?a choice selection. Cauvass |.>r limhrnidery, of cotton, wonted, liuen, silk, gold and ..,irer, of ill widths and qnalitiea. Silk Chenille. for embroidery, trimming and flower miknig. Purse Twiil, llerman, Krencli and Kugluh, plain aud shaded, in .b.L.a ?nclis. and on spools. ?MHr1 |RK H RNLNG. SEPTEMBER 16 pnNTMilli! s DISK ASKS, \\l> I IIANUKS OK TKMl'KKAMKNT.?Water innst be adapted to the nature of the n*h, or there will ho no propagation of the species. The toil must be adapted to the seed, or there will lie no increise. The climate must have those matters in it which will unite anil Keep alive epidemical or contagious poisons, or tliev will become extinguished a? a lamp that is tinsnpplieil with oil. So it is likewise with the llumau Kiame;it cannot lie materially affected by epidemical or couUutious maladies, unless there be those matters floating in tin' circulation which offer the appropriate soil. By purifying our bodies with the Hu work in Pii.m, which have affinity with tlios? impurities u|m)u which contagion feeds, we may always feel secure, whatever disease may rage around us. True, we may have it, but it will soon be over; our sickness will lie the affair of a day or two, while those ? ho have been too w ise to use this simple and excellent remedy, either die, or have weeks, perhaps mouths of sickness. Sudden changes from very hot to chilly weather are unfavora- ' bid tO health;and it is I net universally admitted, that heal Hliu muisimr Alt: )?ovvcriUI agents 111 proilUC|ll|t UlSWUM*, JIIICI that conitaiit diiv %nd Constant wkt weather are both favorable to iti itineration; it doesnot signify* what we call it; it may* be ague; it may be bilious IVv?r; it may Im yellow lever; it may be dysentery; it may bo rheumatism; it may be bronchitis; it may becholic; it mav be constipation of tlie bowels;, it may be inflammation of tne bowels; it may be iullnnmatiou of the stoinach; it may be a nervous affection; but still it ii disease, and a disease curable by tlie Brandreth Pills, because they remove all impurities trom the body, all that can in any manner feed the further progress of the malady, no matter how called; thus these pills are not only the most proper medicine, but generally the only medicine that need or ought to be used. At the present time it is every man's dmv who wishes to secure his health to use them; it is the duty of everyone who knows anythin* of I their health*restoring isiwers, to make it known in his imme' diate circle. For there are some alarming signs, which tell of i the approach of disease. The sudden changes of temperament I nrv more to be feared and guarded against than any contagious | in Jady. i 'i lie IffFLl'F.N'7.\ has left manv in such a state of weakness 1 that there is in them a Kivat susceptibility to be affected by these I rhvees of the atmosphere and contagious maladies; but by the t'inely use of Brand re ill's Tills, even now ibis susceptibility | nn in- in a great measure removed, and power given the system | to re<i?t those morbific poisons, au-l the sudihei changes in the ' vernier with which it maybe brought in contact during the | i.ett fifty lays. Nature has formed tlie bowels for the evacuation of ?H unhealthy humors, and if man would but use coini pion seiiy , he would take care they performed this office faithtolly. M th?? bowels are out of oruer; if too slow or too fast, a l?*w do. ?i Brandreth's Pills will bring them to order. Ask the rn m who was dying from constipated bowels wbat cured him; he teil* you, Brandreth's Pills. A*k him who had had dvse it^rv I ?r s?x mouths, and every remedy had failed; he w ill ueo u y ou the Brandreth rills cured him in < vimil Bo with other *iuk 'lSvelve Brandreth Pills, rubbed down in half a pint of ntoiiMi .cored a little b an ulcer < ! the lace, which w*% i j- ? spreidiug to his eyes, ami which a do/en doctors ii id ?ned to cure, but could not: the poor pareuts would have gi\.*?i half th?-/ were worth to have had it cured, but every tillu- they tried did no good. until they gave, it a teaspoonful uf m;das<?*!? every day, in half a pint of which they had rubbed dw>v.i twelve Brandreth Pills; before the whole of the molassea v.'o* tw^en the ulcer was cured. And yet some foolish people, i^il lirandreth's Pills a <|uack medicine. It would be weli ii ilu-.e were a few more such <|iiack medicines. Will all your i<rvu.tucd Sarsaparilla Compounds cure like the Brandreth's Pill? f Can xUey.uendfyou to persons ewed as Dr. Brandreth can / I' ?i? ihey point out to you people wfco had lieeu helpless for from fcpilepsy and St. Vitus Dance who have been cured ?> the.r remedies ! If they cannot, Dr. Brand rem cai|. .in tue> point out to you .i persou who lor twenty years had never had** .i"ol without having used medicine, or imi means, ami whom the Braudivth Till* cured, in a inonvli, and gave h?m a.? ht.Uhy evacuations a* he had when he wan a child. If they cannot. Dr. Brandreth can. The UllANDiwh'i II I'lLLS not oul> do cure, all curable diseases, l>u: it o.ui be demonstrated, tlr r by th**ir tiinelv use. thev must infallibly cure. In a wry nliort tune, Dr. Briudri-th will biiwg before the public a concentration of the virtues of the iiraiidivtli Pills, both hi (lie form of I * 111 s, and in a lluid form, and then he will explain the reason of the cuies that must necessarily be the lesult of using the BIIANDKKTHIAN UKVKDIK8, w bellies they be internal or external] 1 have just rej reived the castf of a%medical gentleman, who resides at Slierbrook, Canada, w ho for twenty years was sorely alHicted with a disease, which came out in blotches and scabs all over his body. Thus gentleman so far forgot his prejudices which too often curse his profession, as to apply person 111 > t'> Dr. Bran* d.t th, and his course pioved a happy one; within six months he [ was entirely cured of his miserable and tormenting disease by the use of the 1) rami ret h Pills. Tlui use of the Brandreth Pill can iu no esse do injury, becan e the) ue mad< i f thosi herbs ind roots which experie i< 1 has lully proved always harmonize with the human body. The omission of purging with them iu rises of sicklies*, is often the j cause of a long attack, often ending: only by a cessation of lift. 4 How important it is that tliis course should be pursued?it will nor on!} he tin* sur-st iu* ans of ri'Ninriu^. but it will in a I prnat measure prevent, the recurrence of constitutional maladies ' ?it will surely weiken the malignity of the attacks and iu ! I time secure robust health. I As with all valuable medicines, tho Brandreth Pills have J L?*u shamefully counterfeited, but ?I have succeeded iu having | I ex?*ciu**d THKKK LABKLS (and which are nppended to each , box) of such intrinsic workmanship as to bid defiance to all future imitators. Now, a m w evil presents itself. Myndver* f tiseme t* an taken verbatim, and used by all the medicine I mongers <>f the day, who merely tak? my name out and insert c the name cf the medicine in the place of Brandreth Pills occu- s pied in the advertisement thus stolen from me Time will s prove how the e ij-ecu'ative uentlemeu will sustain themselves, My Friends h> ... rest s 'ti*ti*d that I shall, so long as ray life ) and energies are ; >u ted ine, by an OVLRIlULlN<? I HO- * VIDKNCK, attend p r>??;ally to the preparation of tle? Bran- J dreth Pills, and that i. ? ,-opertie* which have thus larren- j dered thein so popular ?till conti iii??d unimpaired. , U BKANDRKTll, M. D. The Brandreth Pills ere sol' ??y o * ^fent in every place of importance throughout the. woi*..l, each uent having a certificate of agency from l)r, Rrindieth, having t tc similcj ol labels on ?]* Bryidp'ni Pill a%'*d tl**reon. Bit A N 1)11 KTH n PllX* t?e ?oM at cts |*-r l?ox, >vitli full directions at the Principal Oku r,2m Bo idway, 371 Bowery, 18!)W Hudson st Th" following are duly appointed r agents for the sale of the Brandreth Pills iu the city ol New Vork and vicinity, viz? A. L. Towudsbury, Manhattanville. I), li. Wright, corner Lewis and Houston sts. K. II. Tripp, 167 Division st. , <ieo, B. Maigne, 98 Catherine st. J. O. Fowler, cor. Greenwich and Murray sts. B (?. Cordey, 50 Whitehall st. ' Win. P. Powell, 61 Cherry st. J I B. S. Taylor, 80 Veseyst. i Mrs. Wilkinson, 412 Cherry st. W. I) Berrian, cor. 1st st. ami l?t Avenue John Howe. cor. RiTinffton ?nd Ludlow st*. Tlieo. Martiue. 21st it. cor 9th Avenue. Benj'n Richardson. 43<1 at. cor 8th Avenue. Palmer Ac Fisher. White Plains. Stephen Hunt, hast Chester. B. H. Can?enter, New Kochelle. Bashford&t Hose, Yonkers .). 8. Keuyon, H.trlem. Thomas C. Lyon, Mnmaroneck. A iron Smith, West Farm*. W. & J. Orion, Port Chester. Mrs. Boofh, No. A Market it, Brooklyn. Mrs. Terrier. Williamsburg, L, I. Wm. fc. Ptrlter, Newark, N. J. D. W. Stone, Jersey City. ?16r NKW YORK SUROKONS' BANDAUK INSTITUTE, No. 1 ANN Street, 2il door from Broadway, in tin- American Museum Buildings?Under the direction of Jaines K ii<)itt M. D. Member of the Medical and t'hirurtjical Faculty, ol Maryland, Monitor of tin' District Medical society of Ohio, Member of the State Medical Society of ilia State of New York, and Principal of the above Institute. Kor the information of those who have not been informed** to the design of this establishment, we will briellystate il i* a DEPOT of all the latest improved Bandages used in Orthniiedic Practice, or where Baniligrs are kept fur the cure of Cfnb Feet, contracts) and distorted Limits, Wry Neck, Mump Back and lateral curvature of the Spine. The very celebrated wire Spring Ouidages, for the cure of varicosed or enlarged Vein., invented by Shoolbred and Wrenwick, of London, is kept here, also, all the latest improved Trusses and abdominal Sup. I porters ; also B,!1* an- made to suit special cases, and to | order for Surroons, Physicians, tin. I Doct. Knight also devotes special attention to the treatment of the above named deformities, and has mide ample arrangeme its to receive patients from abroad for that purpose, or will 1 f 'rwird I1.1nd.1ge; to any distant parts of the country. Kir further information we respectfully submit the names of a few nl'the most noted Surgeons uid iTiysiciaus, who are patr<> i of this Institute, and some of whom have presented most valnible improvement, in B.indatej V I iline Mott, M. I)., Professor of Hnr*ery in the 1'niver?itof New York; Ales. W. Stevens, M. I)., Kmeritns Proles| or i i t i* College of Phy. and Sitrg. New Vork city: J. K. 1 I. nil. M. U.; R. K. II off in hi, M. I).; J. K. Rogers, M. I " , -.r.rge. is to the New York City llospit il: W. Partes, Pro. j t'e,.ofoi Misery iii the College ol Phy. ind Sun,'. New York r.; 1 I'ivi Ooldsinith, M. D., late rrofessor of Surgery in th? t olle*i of Phy. and Stug. New York city; T. O. Mower, >.s<| Mi... o. U S. Army: Doct. Uubarry, Surg. V,'. S. N ivy. la PVI id l.'oa we respectfully refer to Professors Mc( I.I I -ns, Mmer. M *!?<, Jackson, Hewson, Gillingh >m. Homer and Cal honu In R>l'imore Professors Jennings. Jamison, ll andy. Monkner, Mill r Annan, Hale, Smith and Baxley. slti'Jmcod* ec Mt'.DII'U AND SUROK AL CARD, ""RINt IPI1S OilfcTA." NTORTH RIVFM DISPKNSARY.iMS Knltonstreet, near LOreeuwich.? I ?r. Merrison, Member of the Royal < ollege of Surgeons, London, eontinnes to be consulted CAutidentially fronj o'clock A .?l. to 10 P. M. daily, on all diseases of* pri imp rniuiir, miu im iii.-w uistreaainv a) mpfonM consequent on injudicious treatiiir.u and the im|>radrnt use of quack in-?die.ides. A regular medical education, Willi ui extensive practice of over 22 years, enables Dr. M. to adapt the pro|wr rewediea to the various consli'uttooa u well aa to the various forms of those insidious maladie* Dr. M. is daily consulted by patieuts where the leading <ymptoms have been only checked. still leavi?* the poison to ImU in iIm' system. until uinn itelv it dcvt I- i opes itaelf in the d*i '"r?bl? thai* or "aecoudarv syphilis." In | ill cxirs Dr. M. warrants a perfect cure without mercury or d?- j leterioua drugs, or confinement from business. In some forms of thedisease, cures are performed iu three to five day*, aud .u proportion with malignant cases. STRH TURKS OK I! KhTHRA.?Obstruction* in the c tnvthn?, stldh as stribtures aud enlargement of the prostrate I gl.'tid, aCCoin|i*'iied with much irritation aud dull pain iu tlioae , parts, are of the consequence* of inal'trefitmant, Dr. M. . cur^s strie*nr?? in ? scientific nuuiner, promoting their absorption without any pain. In some advertisements on tlie subject ' of slrictxres the symptoms are defined. This ia delusion?He- t caoae enl-ntement ol the prostrate gland, Sic would produce ( ansta'jous sytnytotns. It is cruel to torture patient* with boil- , (flea, Jtc. wlien in reality there is no stricture. Dr. M. is fre- . .jneiitly consulted where patient* have beeu injured by such an IWpmper course uSs'l'l I I TIONAL DKBILITY.?Th<'ii?sqdsofyoung < I men are suffering from the consequence* of indulgent > mase. j ret deatrnctive whit, and wliose nerves are farther nijisx,,' froin t the ii v if nostrums and pretended specifics, which stimuli, on ly to i iiioe greater depreaaiou. Dr. M. treats such caaea .in . purely pathological priori plea, and never fails in rvtahlishing a ' , ure. Strictly confidential. Letters post paid, aud containing 1 a lee of $3. w ill ensure prescriptions and advice; or for $10 meif < icines will he forwarded aud a cure warranted by thar?;iaatfi7 I ing a history of hia case. .... j Office 201 >? h ulton st. near (sreen wich. \ B?With two or three eiceptiona, Df. M. ia the only nnal- ' ifi.d advertising Surgeon in the city. jj30 Im?r * TO THR PUBLIC. The firm heretofore known as GKNTN h VAN VHANKKN, HATTKRS, Jiaving been dissolved, the subscriber, 1 JOHN M. UENIN, I tlas opened a Hat and Cap Store, ( No JO BHO AD WAV. I Tliiril door froin Wall street. , JN. O. he?s him i>' to st it' his determination to use Ins j best eacrtio i? to mil.en H AT that f?r quality of material and In'tiily ol' finish Cat'iot Ik- excelled. He therefore trusts to receive from Ins trnud? ?.<1 r<e public that support which w ill enable him successfully i.tcair tit his deanr s Js>li.N. OENIPf, Hatter, all lm*m 90 Br >adw<?v, 'd door above Wall at. FERGUSON 9c REID. COMMISSION M B R( HANTS, Hi T? lloroUTLAS St N. ORLKANS. NB.?Particular attention panl to lha receiving and for warding of (fooda. defers to \ KATMAN IL CO.. New Orleans. McMOKAN k McMKCHAN, !,<>ni??ill? i nil 6t*r Hon. thoh. W. WILUAM9. New London. \ A/f ACHINK BLANKKTS AND LAPIMNOS-for sMo by * lVL PEUSSK k brooks, c ?u No. (1 Libeity ?t] a [era: , 1843. Msxico.?15y the arrival of the schooner Ama | zon, at New Orleans, froiu Vera Cruz, journals have been received from that city. Bays the New Orleans j Courier of the 6ih inst., to the 21st, and of Mexico to the l(>ih inclusive, from which we have extract- ' i ed the most interesting contents, together with a decree cf the President, prohibiting tiie importation I of certain goods, a translation of which was give 1 j us by the Mexican Consul. Captain {Parkinson in bearer .of despatches from ' our Minister at Mexico to the Department of State, i Shortly alter the arrival of the Amazon, it was I rumored that the port of T&nipico was closed to to-1, reign trade, and that a decree to this efl?ct would 1 < [)e forthwith published. We have not been able to discover any foundation for this rumor, and we believe it to be doubtful at leafct. The Cenfor of the 21st, contains a letter from Vlatatnoras of the 9th, announcing thai the Texan ichooner Santa Ana had arrived there, having on joard Mr. Golun, a Mexican oflicer, who had carried despatches from Son',a Ana to the President cf rexas, and returned with the answer. The writer of the letter says, he is very busy in iranslating this answer; and that he has time rnly :o say, that it is very satisfactory for Mexico, that ;he Texan- Commissioners will be at Laredo, on :he 25 h September, a frontier town, where the :onditiona and duration of the armistice will be arranged. The result cf the primary elections, which have ust taken place, in Mexico, is not known. At VeraCruz they ware favorable to Santa Ana?but t is said, they have not ended in the same mRnler in other places. Hut there is nothing positive jn this subject, and it is difficult to form an opinon from this first essay, as the elections have three jradea. < The following is a translation of the decree re- J erred to: ? Cowst'LitK ov tut Mexican Republic, ) 1 Nkvt Ohlkans, t)lh September, 1843. | i The Minister ot Finance has communicated to me what 1 olJows,under d.tte I4*ii August. JIM Excellency the Provisional President has issued he toiiowin,' decree .? . Antonio Lopez do Santa Ana, General of Division, K'ell deserving ol hi* country, and provisional I'residuut )t the Mexican Republic, to the inhabitant* of the s.ime, naked known;?That wishing to protect tho national inluitry, and p;ive occupation and the means of subsistence :o the n?c silous clam, and in order to take advnntnge ot ;he numerous element* with which the Republic abounds, in'he exercise of the powers granted to mo by iholundutnental Ijws adopted in this city, and sanctioned by the nation, I have thought proper to decree as follows : ? Art. 1. The importation ol tho articles hereinafter mentioned, is prohibited under the penalty of seizure : Coaches, gigs, and nil kinds of vehicles, harness, hat; complete or beaver, furniture of all kinds, forte pianos, doll* and children*' toys of ell kinds. All articles of gold, silver, plated or copper, ns follows : All articles of metal, candelabras, urns for churches, :a?tors, rings of all nizes, earrings and drops, disks, sharing utensils, ms basins, pots and soap, truit baskets, sugar puts, basing of all kinds, canes of nil, salvers, chnins or the neck Irom China, shirt buttons, bracelets, tinder >oxes, broaehes for cloaks, chains, colFee pots, oalices, jells, candelabra? loi churches, candlestick* of all lize*, lamps, twefzeil, cartridges boxes, snnff, metal irnaments (or hats, srg.-r boxeg, finger rings, neckores, goblets for the altar, Suit cihoircs, crucifixes, irossrs, table service", spoons, gravy spoons, small ipoons. knives and orks, holy suus, thimbles, snullers, ilk reels, ladies' combs, spit boxes, fountains, military ravuM, military ?n i norse ornaments, uucKies ior gar- i ers, boxes for tl>? holy bread, cancers, shaving boxen, iars, pitchers, collije servern, wu'ch keys, picture frames, ni' itaU an ) me Ullions, thread boxes, wafer boxe*, bowls, boulder knot*, covin for the chalicu, tin potB, plates oi nil sizes, cla?ps f?r the bosoms, (tamps fer sealing, chocolate cups, ottrandes, tops for canes, eun*r boxes, plorie* ior altar*, bouquets for the church, all office fnniifure, shrives, *Hiia .lishen, sail sellers, tmeens, to jjs, inKslunds, fork*, vinegar cruet J, lamp r< /lector*. Ahtii'i k? or Ircn asm Stkkl.?King*, Mexican ipuri, aiguillettes, *tei l and iron wire, door* and window bars, liuus ot nil si-/.i-9, door knockers, shoemakers' knives, < pincers, horse brushes, wedge* for saws, lish hooks, an- I Vila, spade*,, tire shovels, gimlets, weight*, bung- ' borer*, small anvil*, bridle bit*, tinder boxe*, curry combe, dog collar* and chain*, iron pot*, bedstead*, bas- < Let*, padlocks, lamps, puilies, iron angle*, letter*, stew ' [)<n*,sci**ori', rat trap", door locks, bolts, all iron plated, < ,'hocolale pots. Iron naili ol all kind*, chape*, dancr, cord* lor musical instruments, icrew dri-ers, srutfere, spur*, frying nan*, guard* for shutters, I teelyaids, bookbinders' tools, bridle bit*, hooks, dentists' J iKtrument*, cooper'* tools, hinge*, hatchets, buckle* orharness, burse shoe*, iron work lor balconie*, &c., 1 cythei and sickle*, stove* tiles,scutcheon* for piitols, fcc. vheel hooks, porridee pots, large mallets, mould*, -oach sptiogi, nnill crow bars, shovels, inackets, adW hair pins, iron work for doors, pike*, flat rons, sword hilt*, rakes, lock wards, sledge hammer*, grates, ploughshare*, cork screws, gun worm*, gouge.*. r law*, mallets, curling irans, chimney tongs, iron kan- 0 lages, shoemakers' knives, all article* of tin and zinc. t Art. 2. The prohibition mentioned in the preceding j, irticle will begin to tnke effect lour months af er it* pub. r lication in the csiiitnl ol lha republic in retpect to the t cargoes which shall arrive at the ports on the Gulf ot , Mexico, and six months after fur those which fchall arrive { in the ports on the South rtea, the Uulf of California and i the sea 0) Uj per Calilornia. , Aar.3. The goods and effects now actually on hand, t the importation of which was never authorized, will be t re-sold and re-embarked in the space of six mouths, alter | which they will be seized in the shops and stores where , they found, and the proceeds will be pd)udged to , the informers and agents ot the seizure agreeably to the rules of the internal custom houies, end the holJ> rs ol .he aforesaid goods and effects will be li ,ble to a fineoi en to three hundred dollars, payable into lha public reasury, according to law. I Air. 4. A delay of one year will ba granted for the ar i -angement, by ?ale or by shipping of the goods and effects i low on hand in the republic, the importation of which is | irohioited by this decree, and at the end of said delay, tha . laid goods and < fleets will be proceeded against in the , i9me minner as those mentionad in the preceding article , Art. 6 Tha agents and iuspea'or* o- the maratime eti* i om houses, where it shall appear that such prohibited irticles hare been introduced, shall bo deprived of their w ploy meat*. Wherefore I order that the present decree be printed, )nblishid and circulated, and that it bo obeyed. National Palace oi Tucolu) a, Aug. 1 J, 1S1.1. (Signed.) ANTONIO I.OrF.Z DE SANTA ANA. IGNACIO TRIGUKKOS, Minister of Finance. The merchant* of this city are requested to govern themselves accordingly. F. DE ARRANGOIZ, Consul. Ueneral Session*. i Before Recorder Tallmudge, and Aldermen Woodhull and Dunning. jim? R. Whitiro, E?<j., District Attorney. Fbidat, Sept. 1ft.?Sentk^uk Da?.?This being the usual day ol sentence, the prisoners were arraigned and after coking the oath relative t* their previous occupation, wein placed in the jury room until called up for aen tence. Th^ first placed in the box was John, convicted ou three indictment* for bur ([Inry. On being by the Clerk if he huj any thin? .o s:iy why sentence should not ho passed upon bun, tie drew a sheet of paper written on both aide*, which he read in a loud voice, declaring that his confei 'ions were the only evidence against him, which were iMj.ivd by promises of release from the officers to whom i? ma l? the disclosures On the conviction lor burglary nthe first deRrpp, in entcrii.g the jewelry store of Frederick Levy, 78 Bowery, on the 4th of November, he was icntenced to the State prison lor ten years; on the convleion for burglary in the third degree, in entering the ancy and perfttnwry store of Joseph W. Trust, fl Walker itreet, on the il'h ol October last, he waa sentenaed for Ive years. [The prisoner here said that he hoped this would be n warning te all charged with crime never to reveal or jive up any property that had beeu stole,i, on promi'o ol jeing let up by the court or officers.] On the choree of burrlarv in the third decree, in en ering tho French Roman Catholic Church in Canal itri'fit, on the 4'.h of November last, he hm alsosenteo 'ed for five years?making a total on the three charge* of wfnty ynm; which will terminate his life, as he is now c 10 years of ago. a (IT he prisoner here afiiin iddrcimt the audience. and tl illnlupon nil the burglars, thieve* and robbers in hi* a learing, and their father* and son*, to t:ike warning and >1 lever to five any information to the police on promise* of ti avori t? be extended. f< Benjamin Slater, a colored roan, was next called On c >elng naked what he had to say why sentence should not >o passed upon him, ha made un mI>1? reply, in which he a :ootonded that the evidence ngsinst him on tha trial.*, although ?ull?<-ient to satisfy the court and jury of his fUilt, >Ht was incomplete, and if the whole tiuth bad ?>en told, the reiult would have been different. The (/Otirt then proceeded to sentence, and after comneuting upon the intulligencn ot' prisoner, and his well . mown character as a burglar, sentenced him to the tJ'.ate "rison tor ten years on the burglary in tha first degree, ? or entering tho Jewelry store ol Frederick Levy, 7a Jowery-flva years for third degree In entering the C>. holic. Church?Fire yi ars, for third degree in entering , he fancy storeof J. W Trust,?7 Walker street, anl fire 1 anre lor third degree in entering the store of SimuW r dart in on the 18th of October?making total of twenty Ive years, which in all probability will terminate hi* ife, as he is ab?ut 3} yeais of age. Slater and Motfitt . vere concerned together in tha three first nsmed burgla ies, but the latter was alone in tho last. On the charge r n?ao?. .... I hl ?...?! M.hhiiir a:iil C ,i ninip miim u?ii gl 11 y Mp^ filial ill'lll w?n w" ^ . letting lire to the dry gowUe utoro at the wutUwe?t cor- k?l LD. Prlo? Two Cant*. ncr of Breadwiy ami Anthonv ?treet BliUr wu tried in thoCouitor Oy?r and Terminer and convicted, but the verdict wal let uiide by the Hupr>me Court on ground* of illegality in the form of the indictmemt Moitalt wu not tried on the charge. David Crowlev, convicted on two indictment* for forgery in the third degree, in (urgingcheck* in tha name of .tiinou imiciiuii, whii ui ?i hiiajgu'ii iui lenience. mo mailt- a few remark* to the Court, in which U? said h? Uiid leen ; led to the crime by associates, and therefore inked for alt the clemency that could be extended to him. The Court stated in impniing sentence, that the of< nr<i wan one that had rapidly increased of late in this community, and therefore the stern arm of the law must De raised to prevent it. In this cane, he baring entered a plea of miiIty to the charge, and it being hi* first offence, they Hhould neither givu him the maximum nor the oainim>im part ot punishment, and therefore sentenced him to the State Prison for thrtu years on each indictment, making six combined. John Sexton, wiio had entered a plea of guilty to rhurge of forgery in the 3 I degree in forging a note for $71 in the name of Win. tt. Dunn, wu sentenced lor two years. Semuel .Ifmrs, the red haired boy, canvloted of an attempt at burglary in the 3d degree in endeavoring to enter thehouse of W. H. Brown, was sentenced tor (We years. He made un ingenious and elonuvnt appeal to the Court in his defence, tint being an old offender, and having previously I oeri in the penitentiary, no clemency wis shown him. John Clark, steward ofthe batk Aranda, Oeorgo Wilson and George W. Brown, colored men, convicted of grand larceny in stealing a box of specie from the brig containing KI.JUO, wero next arraigned. Clark waa sentenced for live years. Wilson, who says he was persuaded to roninnt the uct by (/lurk, was sentenced to threw years, and Brown, who says ho rocoired a part ol the money, to two years. Thomas Monnn, stevedore, for an aggraved assault ami battery on Jacob Marshall, cartman, was sentenced to the penitentiary for three months. Bernard McLaren, for an assault and battery on Win. Slater?lined $10. Michael and Patrick CJarrity, for an assault end bat_ i<l I \ . ..... . n 1. finn.1 CI It ,n y on ? iitint'H udi i iru?i?m* u piv. Jami i Bell, forassault and battery on Daniel McKay, iced $6. Fr ancis Fleet, for an assault and battery on Dennis Oil* e*pi?? fined >8. Wm. Kennedy, lor an aaiault and battery on Andrew tnox- tined $.Y Trial of a Coiner.?A German named John F. Bauer, tried on un indictment for lorgery in the fourth detree for parsing a Mexican counterfeit piece, purporting 10 be of the value ol twenty-Ave cent*. Tho prosecution proved by a boy neraed Charles Butt, who w?? clerk in the grocery store of hi* moiher, at the corner of Roosevelt Hid Stanton Btretts, that the accused enme there on thu evening ol the 11th ot August last, and purchased two Begors, lor which hu gavu a twenty.ttve cent Mexican r|uurter of H dollar, and received the chaoge.?Alter having the store it was aiccrtained that the piece hhh counterfeit, and the boy on whom he pass* d it on going out to look lor him, found him attempting to pas; a m mil or piece on John F. 0*ike, grocer, opposite, in nayment for .i glass of beer. The piece wa* r.-1 used, and thenccusod then gave three cents in change. On 'his arrest, officer Stnnton searched his trunk, and lound u number of plaster moulds or dies, and twelve American quarters, which were counterfeit. The prisosoner defended himself, agisted by Mr. Tomlinson, and contended tnat the plaster casts, and tho counterfeit money, were given to him by Leonhurt, who i* soon to he tried in Kings county lor th-> same etfenoe. The jury convicted him ol thu offence, and the court, alter stating the fnct that he had recently served a term in State prison, nentenced him to Sing Sin? /or t wo years,that being the extent ol the law on conviction for forgery in the fourth legree. Trial of Michael WaUh ?This perron was tried for a ibel on ,/ohn Me Million, late collector of the sixth ward, i* published in the "Subterranean," on the 39th July last. I'hu charge was relative to un ntli ay that took place at a mrter hou?e on the corner of Centre and Franklin streets, 11 which Me Million wa* said to be a participant. The Pstiraony showing tliat such waa the casp, anil that Motfahon was arrested on the charge, hut auhat quae tly discharged. the Jury returned a veidict of not guilty. Nolle Prmiauis - In the ras? ol Lyman Know lea, mer:hant, ol Delhi, Delawore comity, on an indictment for nl*n pretences, in obtaining goods amounting in value to (610 76, lrom John L. Oeib, ol this city?entered by rainiest ol complainant. Alio in tho case of James Rourke, indicted for petit larceny, in uttuling two empty limo burred from Randolph Brandt?by consent of parties. Forfeited Uail ?The name* of tho following persons having tpen called, nnd not answering, their recognizances were declared forfeited Jo*lim i Heixaa, iintvrn imlictmmta for grand larceny, in stealing a gold case of upper teeth from Win. ?. Par*ous, dentist, ol .4 Vcray iUnt, and a similar case from George F. Sohatl't-r, dentist?bailed in each ease in tho sum ol $600, by John Web?ter !!! Who is this John Webster, who thus allows bis name o ha ust 1 us bail for thieves by wholesale, and forfaits Ilia recognizances by $500 bwpJs ut!a time. Is he worth aa nany red cents I Whokno*a7 William Reynold*, for burglary in the first degree, for ntering the dwelling house of W? J. Burritt, of M Mul* i*rry street, on the -iOth o Jun* last, and stealing dotting and other property, valued ut $310 'J5?bailed by John Webster in the sum of $.MM). Margaret Burns, (or petit larcany, in stealing ribbon from s.iniuol Mnrcy, ot 170 Bowery?bailed by Alexander Lawson in the sum of $100. Carstpu Dasher, for a?sault and battary on William Jurk?bailed by FrPderick Wicht. Tho Court then adjourned till Monday next at 10 o'clkV. 8 UUtrlet Court. Belore Commissioner ltapulye. Brrf. 15 ?To-day the four seamen of the Harculea, arekted on nchaigu of attempting to excite a revolt at sea, n boar l aaid ship, appeared for examination, attended by heir counsel, Mr Benedict, Mr. Barrett appearing on lehalt oftho people. Tho Captain and his officers were xactined at length, and from their statements, it appears hat the Hercules sailed from Charleston, 8. C-, for LiverkioI, und was ou hi r return passage from the latter port to his, with tho same crew ; that at Livetpool, the vessel i'id been supplied with beef and poik, nut of hand, suttirint to have victualled her for a voyage round tho world ; hat on the'J^th ol August, the vessel being then under 'harg'* of a pilot, the lour si amen, Thomas I.iahman, Manuel Kilpa'ricU, John Oilhan und Peter Rurna, came aft jn the quarter deck, ant demanded " mi at,'' Lishmar being the spokesman ; the Captain ordered them to go forward, but lor a ti.Tfto they hesitated, when he attempted to puan me *poKi 'iibii iiacii, w U'CU unempi w?? rf?miru nw liiacquaring ell and a rihing the Cap'ain a blow, which be received on liia arm; thereupon theCaptain called npon ihe chief matt1, and arizing Lnhman, ircned him, and then Ihe rrat ofthe crew returned forward ; that Jutiu( the later part of the voyage the men ware disobedient, and per"orra.'d their duty in a alow and unaatiafactory manner, [>a> mg flight attention to the aulaty of the ahip, ber aaila, in.I theo* nei'a intorent*. The defence waa, that the pro/i?iona were of n moat inferior description, that the beef when boib'.i fdirai.k to a half, and thnt " ahort allowance" vaa served cn the crew, while the Captain aold the beef to he fteerape patter gera for hia own benefit. The aaaault >n the Captain wis partially denied. After the evidence in both aidea bed been heard, the Commissioner decided hat there waa not intttcivnt evidence of a participation in in Attempt to incite to revolt, ahown against Kilpatrick, }ilham and Bnrna, who wero therefore discharged. .i?hman waa committed tor trial, in default of nail, in tho lum of $500 Opening a I^'hr through Mtitakr.?The next waa a aae in which a la !y of unblemished reputation andhigh tnnding in our city, residing in Broadway, waa the ac uaed pirty, th? accuaiug purty being n cettain Garrit 1 erbnne. The complainant, wi<h a married aiater, toardi'd at No. ? in Broadway, in the month of May laat, and a letter waa received through the po*' office directed to him. The maid, a simple daughter of Krin'a Isle, (whoae education had been directed to thn cultivation of Uouee* hold uaefulneia, rather than to "bellea lettera,") aupposing it to he for her maater, who waa ahaent at the time, hastened to her ir.iatreas, nnl p ace ! it in her handa, telling her it waa lor her. The lady at onco broko thn wafer, and then, without reading, diarovercd that it w?* addrraaed to"Uarry Terhune,"and aho inatantly aought out tti-4 mothsr of thn youth, who waa alto r< aiding 'here, and pave it to her, apologising for the i?iatnke Tii- arr<ir w as treated in a jocuJai manner, and paaafd iff |>l<asantlv for the time Since then it turned out that he married aiater did not par up rent aa punctually i? n properly regulated establishment require*, and a mlt waa eomrnenoed against her hv the huahand of tho iccuae 1 to recover. Thin raised the blood of the Teriure?, which Hfion boiled to ovei flowing, when a aeatch warrant lor stolen properly waa also obtained by the lame gentlemaan against (Jerry, who threatened tociwo heoi i gentleman,and to aend hia lady to the State Prison. Uiia latter threat he endeavored to carry into eaectttion iv bringing the present accusation, which heacknow. e'ged he had oo intention of, until the snbsequent pel ce rations against hi* family Alderman Scoles appeared or the d"fence, but the ? ommiasioner dismissed tho harge without requiring any exculpatory evidence. Superior Court. Before Chief Juatice Jonea SarT. 15 ? IVnt va. R>rtea ond Ltggtlt, F.x'ri ?In thia aae, continued from yesterday, the Court charged that if t the time of contract the aharra had actually aoy value, fieti the Jury would render for the plaintiff in the full maunt : but if the* believed that on the contrary, auch Iiarea had merely a nominal value, then they ihould reurn a verdict accordingly. The Jury alter the l?p?e of a sw momenta, returned a verdict for tbo plamtlrJn ?ix ent? damngt'i and six centa co???. Kor plaintiff, Mmri. Sherwood, Cutting. Van Bergen nd Barton ; tor defendant, Menri Campbell *ud Meeker^ Fourth ami HlUh Ward Court. Before Judge Sterling. 8kct. lft.? Uoiling't F.otin* SaUon agtin.-U will be 'ncollected th it thi? 11 th? third time that Mr. Otaling ria been arraigned before the Court and jury, for having UCh a con?plcoou? amy of .<i<n* ia front ol hi* prenntc*. )n two former o'-eaiiona the jury rould not agree. The xlimnny km the?amo n* that elicited on Ihtloirtmr riala, aud the jury guv* a verdict for plaintiff* of $|0 and Oft*. for plaintiff? Corporation Attorney. Defendant, in >eraon. Onto Rivkr? At Pittsburgh on Monday, five rt three inehca of water in the channel At Vhcelitig on Tuesday, five and a half feet in the h innel, hi;<1 rising. At Cincinnati the iitit wan lightly oa the rute.

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