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September 16, 1843 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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NEW YORK HERALD>cw 1 ork, itatard*)', September III, 184:1. Ai ws 1 kom Km.i.avd ?The Caledonia, the next mfam r due, will Ik* at Boston next Monday or Tuesday. She will hring sixteen dnys later intelJegeace. Stak of I lie <01111 try. Tins happy country, bleeaed with seventeen nu ions of people, with plenty to eat and drink, is iu a very pro?|>erous condition. Accounts Iroiu the uorih, south, east and west, Hive ns the pleasing intelligence that every where nV? r lli*? 1:111(4 I Imru ia itMiioiinl Kualili i.n.1 u>h!iIi? I abundant crops ol breadstufls?a sufficient crop of cotton?a guod crop of tobacco- aud plenty ol money. Very little sicknesshas visited iliesoulh this year, und New Orleans, the centre ol summer sickness, has met with less ravages froin the yellow fever than for nmny years past. Mobile, Charleston, i*avannah, have entirely esenpod from that life-taking, business-killing pestilence. In ?il ; ;irtf of the country, traders, fanners, and trt.tans, are rolling up their shirt bleevcs and prej>a.rin?j lor the eutuing seat-on, anticipating an iurrt-.i! d business, upon a sure and solid basis.? J'olnciaus are already in the field actively engaged .11 canvas-ing for the'comiag Presidential election There ate tenor a dozen candidates now ready to * nter the list for the "first office," and how ninny more will oiler themselves lor the honor, time only can tell It seems almost certain, however, thai the Beleclum will be made from Calhoun, Clay, Van Huren, or Cass. But time, the only umpire 111 political matters, will settle that question. In conclusion, we advise every one to attend to Ins own affiirs?put 110 trust in politicians?pay his tlehts, uud keep an eye lo the windward. Sions ok the Tiuks.?A very respectable portion dI ;he community 'magine that the end ol the world js at hand. The sudden changes in the weather, v irying thirty degress in a few days?the alarms uhout yellow lever?the defalcations, forgeries, and rascalities of young and old, clergy and laity, in oflice and out of office?the destruction of steamboats?luss of life by railroads?the crim cons and /nitons, married and single?the [splitting up of one i (lurch, and the row Licked up in another, to ascertain whether they are prophets or not, with the whole whirl of fun and folly, 1-ad to the belief that some ureal event is approaching. Some suppose it to be the millennium. Joe Smith thinks it to be more proselytes. David Hale thinks it "land." Others imagine it "Clay's" election. The "guard" hope that it is an office. The speculators say it's a ' bank," and the brokers a " lall in stocks." Not a few tlie second advent. Whatever it may be,however, u crisis is evidently at hand: a convulsion of some kind, natural or artificial, may soon be locked lor. Look at the singular occurrences in New York lor the last few days. One set of people thrown into excitement by the escape of a boy with #3U,tHW; another crowding the court-room, gaping at a man on trial for running away with money last winter; another court room filled with jH-rsons staring at a man but-d for rent, because his landlord seduced his wife; uuotlu r conjugation in the Park, to make a President lor their own benefit; anoMtcr batch going up the river tor the same purpose ; a large party overjoyed at Russell's concert. At the Park a collection of police officers, reporters, penny-a-liners, hangerson, and "dead heads," beating the lloors with clubs ivi ike success of some new piece ol trash. At Nib., lo's a " full and fashionable" audience laugh thembdves into convulsions at other absurdities. Dozens ol parties in different sections, attending to births, marriages and deaths. The whole city then goes to bed in fin^ weather, the Hood gates ol heuven are opened, and they wake up with their cellars full ot water, and send for the fire engines to pump them out. They close the doors and windows. make up t fir: and put on woollen clothes; wake up mid open the windows in an oppressive heat. The hot air blows in as from a furnace. Jn reflecting seriously upon all these things, pressing upon us in ever-varying confusion, we are constrained to announce solemnly, with our finger upon nose, that something will happen. Meeting of Labdbeks ?A meeting of laborers was held in the Park yesterday afternoon, which was called by the oflicers of un association recentiy established in this city. The object of the meeting, a.-appeared from the resolutions, is to produce an excitement among laborers and employers, in order to induce the former to demand one dollar per day lor their services, and the latter to pay such demand. The meeting was not large, although it appeared that considerable enthusiasm was dillu'i d throughout it. Ex-Assistant Alderman Davis of the Fourteenth Ward, made a sjvech, as did also several other gentlemen, and however honest they may actually be in their friendship for the "poor laborer," we thought we could perceive a strong inkJin^ at political demagoguisin sticking out at the corners. That the laborer is worthy of his hire, no body Will deny, but when we find their advocates to be nought but men who are aspirants torpnblio rta M>ns, it is to be feared that no movement, with such I^ad^rs, can ever eflect any radical or beneficial reiortri. IIarndxn ?te Co.?Another Extension.?'Jhere pre no limits to the enterprise of this firm. No s-ooner have they perfected one addition to their extensive establishment, than they are on the <jui rive lor another. Jn a lew years (hey will hase exhausted all the n?-w places in the civilized world, and then they will be coni|>el!ed to settle down contented, but not satisfied until thry are convinced they have gone at-far as possible. We have in our hand a circular, in which are detailed ih<- arrangements they have made to locate out of the partners uf the house in Liverpool, for the transaction of all branches of business connected with this country. What Ilarnden Co. promise, they perform to the shadow of a letter. To the commercial communities ol Liverpool, London aud New York, they will be a most invaluable auxiliary. The despatch, gaiety and regularity ol all business entrusted to the ol these gentlemen, admiis ol no comparison We commend them to our European Iriends, and Jio(k* th'-y will extend a hand, full of patronage, t? this enterprising and extensive establishment. Democratic Nomination in Massachusetts.? ti jv. Morton and Lieut. (?ov Clnlds have been nominated for re-election. No expression of preference for any candidate for the Presidency was made by resolution, but Lieut. CJov. Chi Ida and On rg- Bancroft, both Van Buren men, were elect* ?:d delegates at large lo the National Convention. - J Horaley Palmer, Enj , who arrived here l>y the l.tet learner, it in retried Will reside perina n rly amuug u?. It is an evil sign for the empire when men ot such eminence in the commercial world quit Linden for the new world. New York may be proud ot such an acquisition. jrf- Die tiovcrnoH ot Illiuuis uud of Missouri have not yet settled th> question of the delivery ol Joe Smith to Miaaour. lor trial. Governor Ford did borne lime aince deliver him into tin custody ol ?>flir> ra, to be conveyed to M > r.un, but he was ,... u- <1 by In.- disciple-, aii'i ".i.veyed to the holy t i v ill Nuiivoo, wh'-re h?* w ? brought up on u writ I ol litbtui corjmt, and altera long examination, tet t liberty Tne Governor of Misswun has mnce nihil iijioii the Governor of Illinois to call out the militia, fur the purpose of effecting the transfer ol ill' Propel ; but Governor Ford declines doing tbin, on the vround that the Lws ol the State have been luLy exercised in the matter. He also objects ?>n ilie grouinl that be has u ? authority to call out ihe militia for t-ueh a purpose. Joe i* therefore tie, for the Nauvoo le?u?n will l?e more th^n a iiu'cli for any police force that can be mustered in iliai wet ion ol Uie country. ?? Tint >aitmieks Forgery?Examination op Ra<5ke and wifk.?This man, who Manila implicated wiiii young Suuadera ia the forge rift on the Wall street banks, in the name of the firm of Austen, Wilmerding 6c Co., was examined on Thursday evening at a lute hour before Justice Matsell. He denies nil knowledge of the forgt rice, and also all communication on tliHt subject Willi young Saunders previous to their commission, or association with him on the day the checks were passed at tlie several banks. He savs that the first knowledge he bid of the money was from his wile, on the Monday following lb- forgery, when he advised her to give it up to Saunders*employers, and she refused, siiying that she would keep it till Saunders returned. That after the officers had visited the house, he found tha' she had given Mi? money lo thecolored woman, and he then persuaded her to let him get it back, which she refused, saying as before, that they had better wait until Saunders had returned, and let him do it. The wife state* in her examination, that the first knowledge she had of the money, was about two o'clock on Thursday, the day the forgery was committed, when a small boy came to the door of their boarding house in Canal street, and left a package, endorsed in the hand-wriiiug ol young Saunders, which she opened, and finding it to contain money, sealed it up and put it in a small morocco box that she had formerly used to hold her jewellery. That she did not inform her husband of it until the Monday afterwards, and then Beut him alter the colored woman, to whom the gave the money. The falsity of this statement is apparent at every step, as it is well known that Hagee was in great trouble lor funds to pay his board, and on the day following the forgery he settled his bill, which had run up to a large amount, and took a receipt therefor. The stamp used to seal the packages containing the notes, was also found in his desk, and several papers, showing conclusively that he had suddenly be ui'iiit* |iusscasva 01 iunos mai lie cannoi now account for. In addition lo this there are several witnesses who saw him and launders in company on the day the forgeries were committed ; and a young man who boarded in the same house with Saunders, at (>H I)uane street, on the Monday previous to the forgeries, found Kagec and Saunders at the room of the latter, and saw llagee in the act of writing, or imitating a signature, as he entered. In addition to this, why does he not account for the several thousand dollars missing Irom the amount originally obtained, or give some evidence of the source of the means he has used to pay hisjdebts, and employ counsel. This statement of the parties only tends to prove the result previously avowed by us, that their confinement together before examination, would give them an opportunity to agree upon some false statement, and thus retard the ends of justice.? The proof of his guilt is so positive and conclusive that his friends, if he has any, had better advise him t? enter a plea of guilty at once, and thus save trouble to the community, aud reserve his little remaining funds to support his wife while serving out the sentence of the law, as any Tiope held out to him by counsel must be fruitlet-s. 11 is wife exhibits great contrition, and when officer Kellinger brought her out for examination on Thursday, she said, "O, Mr. officer wis wiskers, how 1 wish 1 had give you demoney vcnyou first come, an den we should not have all dis trouple apout it." The officer readily assented to the remark, as then he could have pocketed the cool five thousand aud given Clapp his share for the arrest of the boy at Boston. They were both remanded to prison, and it is probable that he will be fully committed to-day, and his .?;<o I.JJ nuv iu iU IU3 a ? lIlR'dS. Literature and Forgery.?We give below a letter written by Whitmore the forger, to a gentleman iu this city. It was in answer to one written to him asking tor information relative to his navy contracts. No name was signed to the letter writtea by t!ie gentleman, to whom the following was addressed?hence the language:? Tuesday 10 od'U Sir?If you am afraid of your name you are no man for me. If you are not and have (hp means'.' aud have a mind of your own,end can judge between white & Black, or j are not afraid of your own shadow? why here it my name j and present stopping place. Just long enough to get agood lellon with me that lias money enough to carry into opperation one of the best Contracts given outthi"! year 1 am jttst from Washington on my way home to Connet& If you want to go in lor a good Job here in a Chance Call on J. C. Whitmore City Hotel Jersey City any tiir.e tomorrow or never Five hundred dollars reward is offered for the ap| prehension of this genius. Rail Pomp Accident -Henry Adams was the name ol the engineer killed on the Eastern road. The accident was caused by a rail being raised six or eight inches by some designing miscreant. The force drove the engine five rods ahead and mashed it to jnec-s, with the baggage cars piled on it, and tiie first passenger cars followed m its train and mounted the pile about eight leet high, throwing the i>asseDgciv from their seats, but killing none. Trouble in thk Marine Corps.?What is the difficulty in the marine cor| s? Col. Freeman and Sergeant Collier accuse Col. Henderson of using the privates as servants and farm laborers, contrary to all rules and regulations of the service. Is it so1? Does not Col. Henderson receive pay enough to hire his own servants and laborers! 11 not, his salary ought to be raised. Danjei, Weihter has been engaged as coursel f or the heirs of Stephen Girard, in their suit attains! the city of Philadelphia. He will make more money as a lawyer than as a member of the cabinet. Mr. Ri'sskll the Vocalist ?The attempt <>i this distinguished vocalist to give the tent scene of Richard III. through the medium of song, was triumphantly successful on Thursday night; and his success has emboldened him to proceed still further with these singular adaptations. We perceive be will give Cato's soliloquy on the immortality of I the soul at his next concert, in the same fashion, and noble indeed is the subject. Paokkt Ship Qttken op the West will sail this morning for Liverpool, full of passengers. Filling Up.?The Sheridan, the fine Liverpool packet of the 25th inst. No Tact.?What a pity it i? that country papers give no statistics ol their towns. Healthy.?1The nty of New York. Vk*y 1 'isaijbeeable.--The weather yesterday? warm?close?muggy. A Hlack Jikor.?A "nigger" juror sat on the trial "I civil suits, ill which white men were the parties, the otl er day at Buffalo. His fellow jurors were all white m< u. The Irish, it appears, are to be robbed of their patron saint, for Lord Campbell, in a recent debate in the British House of Lords, asserted that St. Patrick was a Scot. Floriha.?From Florida we have news to the 28th ult.? The St Augustine News, says : " We learn from our correspondent at J'alatka. that a large orange crop may be expected this tall, and that corn will at- in ouuiiunuuc in Hint iivri^iiuuiiitMuj i wn litres bears were killed in that vicinity on the #ih of August, one of which weighed near seven hundred pounds." 'J lie pott nt J'dlatka has been broken up, and the 'roop* removed to St. Augustine. From Southern I' l.rida the news in good. The emigrants generally enjoy iiDoil health. The crop* in Alachua tiave turned out well A Mr. Simpson, who has n :iter:ni; m Honda, about eight miles -"'itli <1 Lake Worth, deecriben the soil an very rich ml |. rtilr in that neighborhood, and was well i en- i| wuh lnst[i|i Wbile laying out their lands, his party, consisting of six persons, fell in with three Indian warriors, with their pucks, Arc.; they ' reiiteil 1 lie III Ullldly, took them to their camp, amusing them with shooting. iVc , one of the Indians making the second heKUhot, which delighted them very much Alter i>nHhtng the nmht with the party at the house ol a Mr Hutchinson, about tweltc miles from their c imp, they allowed them to depart, ? iii11iiri a (ri'-ndly tiiew?agc by tticm to Hjin Jones. Tin- Great Cricket Mutelie*. The present week lues been a great one with th< cricketers, and we ate glad to see ao robust aiw healthy, and yet innocent au amusement, grow ing ho rapidly into popular favor, for it has a tenden cy to invigorate both mind and body; it vends th< blood through the system with a quickened energy it gives the muscles a strengthening exercise; an< cheerfulness and serenity o! mind are attendant 01 such a stale of healthy action of the physical system A race of cricketers would produce an athletic pos terity, and therefore we are all interested in thesi games, both tor the present aud prosixsctively. Three Cricket Clubs have met here during tU< present week, and engaged in (riendly contests The St. George's Club, ol this city, which embrace! several celebrated players from some of the Hughs! counties, in which this game is verf popular unt mucti resorted to, has taken u high stand among s clubs of that character, and hence it becomes a sub j?*et of ambitious aspiration with other clubs to con tend with and excel them. The first match ol tin week in order, was that between the St George'i Cricket Club of New York, and ihe Uniou Cricke Club 1.1 Philadelphia,which came ofl'on theproutu of the loriner, near 32d street. Tne challenge was on the part of Philadelphia and the conditions, ns finally arranged, were tha the Union Club should play with any nine of tkeii own body, and two others from where they shoulc think proper, except members of the St. George'i Cricket Club; and that the latter should play with any eleven of their own body who should be actua members at the time of the challenge being given, barring Messrs. Wild, Green and Wheatcroft, whc were not to play in this match. Monday last waf the appointed day for the first match?it being r, "home and home" challenge?and to be played or the St. George's grouud first. The day, however, was to exceedingly stormy, that it was impossible to take ihe field, and in truth the morning of Tuesday was almost as unpromising as its predecessor, but about 7 A. M. the light broke through, and by eight o'clock there was all the promise of an excellent day for the sport, asSndeed it turned out to be, According to usual courtesy, the Philadelphians, being the strangers, had the choice of ground and of innings, and they put in the New Yorkers to the bat; ihe latter commencing with Messrs. Tinbon and Wright. Mr. Tinson is the President of the St. George's Cricket Club. A numerous company was on the grwund, who all seemed to enjoy the sport. The umpires were Mr Itaynor for New Yoik, and Messrs. Uarwick and Parber successively for Philadelphia. The markers were Metsrs. Sanderson and Paterson New York. First Tunings. Strom/ Innings. Thison, If? before wicket- .03 l>. .Ino Ticknor I Wright, b. BruUhaw I not out I (iroom, b. Do. 1 b. Bradsluw Kussell, b. Jno. TicUtior- 11 knocked ilowu bis wicket- ' Doitworlh, c. Turner, b. Bradshaw 3 run out bvJon. Ticknor- i Symc, c. Facon, b. J. Tick- c. Jno.t Ticknor, b. Bradnor _ 6 shaw Ba^e, b.Juo Ticknor ti c. 1\ Ticknor, b. J. Ticknor hkiniion, b. Do. 3 b. Jno. 't icknor 8. Nichols, Do. 3 c. AValler, b. Jno. Ticknor* Vinlen, not out 0 b. Jno. Ticknor Warrin, c. Bradshaw, b. J. Ticknor 1 b. Jno. Ticknor Bve. 2 Bye* Wide balls- 4 W ide balls II ~3 Phi LA DELPHI A. First Innings. Second Innings. I Jno. Ticknor, b. Wright-- 3 b. Wright 3 Turner,c. Vinlen, b. Groom. 7 b. Dodworth Kacon. rim out b. (iroom- I c. Bkippon, b. Dodworth Nichols, b. Groom I b. Dodvtorlh i llridshaw, b. (iroom Ill run out b. Dodworth K. Ticknor, c. Tinson, b. Groom 0 run out ( Waller, b. Groom 2 b.-Dodworth | I'rior Ticknor, l>. Wright- n b. Dodworth I lticbardson, b. Groom- 6 c. Kussell, b. Wright I Sutcliir, b. Groom 2 b. Wriifht ( O. 1'. ltlackburue, not out- II c. 8. Nichols, b. Groom- I Byes 4 Byes / Wide balls 1 Wide balls ! No ball ] 40 6' The next was a match between eleven membeie ol the Toronto Cricket Club, ol Canada, and th< St. George.'a Cricket Club ol New York. Hav ing been kindly furnibhed with proof sheet of that excellent hcdomadal, the Anglo-American which adds a Cricketers' Chronicle to its othe excellent departments, we are enabled to give i capital account ot the play, which wc furnish a follows:? A selection from the New York club proceeded 4o To ronto, three year* ago, and were successful there ; sinci which time they have annually hoped for a return visi from their Toronto lriendly antagonists for a trial orskil on tlie New York ground. The last has at length been ac corded, and the play was begun on Wednesday morning last, at 11 o'clock, the St. (je.orge's nrD ueing first put t< the bat. The Toronto gentlemen are all fair batsmen, am they are splendid bowler* nnd fieldsmen. Almost evry mil ot them can bowl w?U, they are active, catch well, rur well, throw in well, and back up capitally; in shoit,iti a most d?lightlul and exciting scene to wutch the coursi of their field play. The Toionto bowlers, on Tuesday were Moddock and Winck worth, the former being reliev Vd by Sharpe Wright anil Wheatcroit went in : th< latter received three balls from W. and two from M. ii five minutes, nnd was lairly caught at the poin by Barber, alter making one run. 4 runs made, 1 wicke down. TimHou next went in; he took 3 balls from M. 1J from W , made lour runs, and was, like Wheatcrofl caught atthepoiat by the watchful Barber. 8 rune, ; wickets down. Bristow next took the bat, he took 8 ball Irom each end, made one run, and hail his stumps iowere< by Winckworth. 9 runs, 3 wickets down. Now cami the slushing hitter, Wild ; he received 4 balls lrom W., lromM.,m'jde one run, anl was beautifully caught bj Winckworth at the leg. 13 runs, 4 wickets down.(irooin next took the but, he received 6 balls from W., from M.,made 6 runs, but Winckworth upset his house -'I runs, 6 wicket* down. Wright had hitherto kept hi but bi'Dutilully, he had rn ened J 3 balls liom W..'i-i Iron [ M , and made ID runs, hut was at length run out.' 39 run? t> wickets down. Kds-i 11 was the mccessor of Groom and bis hatting was the general theme of admiration Dodworth, however, followed Wright, he wa*bow)e< out by the second lull of Winckworth. 41 run* and ' wickets down. Kuesell maintained his bat ugaiust 3: ballslromW., 13trom M., and 17 from S, ho made 2v runs, and was at length caught at the point by Barber 61 runs, 8 wickets down. 8) me took the bat ufter Djd worth, a beautiful hitter and careful player ; he took 1 balls from 8., 12 IromW., mane 0 run*, and was finallj runout ; but previously, Green, who had succeeded Hits sell, took 3 balls from 8 , 3 from W., made one run, an< was neatly caught by Wilson at the middle wicket, ft runs, 9 wicket* down. 8>me was run out without ad ding to the general amount last stated, ami Bage brough out his bat. The inning was played in two hour*, an< the opinions were strongly in favor of Toronto. The Toronto gentlemen now took the bats, comment I tng with OirdTetton and Wilson ; the bowlers wer Oroewi, Wheatr.roft, Kusaoll, end Wright, and tbe innin displayed a complete overthrow oi wickets, althoug there were on immense number of balls given in tn course of the operation. Gird lest on took lti from Groom 8 from Wheatcroft, and was bowled out by the latter ufte making 4 runs. 10 runs, 1 wicket down. Winckworth a capital li ft handed batter, succeeded him. Wilson stnm up against lti b:ills from Wheatcroft, 29 from Groom, 1; frem Itussell, made 14 runs, anil was bowled down by tli> last named 31 runs, 2 wicket*down. Shnrp? came tics whom ltussell demolished st the very first ball. 11" wa* sue ceededby Berwick, a vet? ran player,but who, being lumi wa* allowed to ha - the wilt footed Robinson to inn lot him. Wheatcrott bad nowgiven up howling end the dread fill Wright had assumed the place. Barwick took 17 balli from Hussell, 18 from Groom, and ti from Wright, w hi took his bails. 6fi runs, 4 wickets down. Barber sue cecded him. In the meantime Winckworth wu* mowmf away w ith Ills lelt handed baiting, in the course el whirl he received I2b?lls Ironi Wheatcroft, 61 from Groom, I! from llu*-ell, and 3 from Wright, but after making 21 run he was caught by Tinson oehind tho wicket. 68 runs, i wirkrts <lown R<rrh leiinml tntn Ma nlnr?? tnnlt 7 11 u 11 from (Jroora, 3 Irom Wright ami wai bowled out by thi Utter after makinK two inns til runs, B wicket* down M lddock then alvanced, but wan bowled down bj Wright ?t tb? third ball, without adding to the *core Then came Barron, who took six ball* from Groom,' from Wright, and the latter lound hi* wicket after J runs 8S run*,H wickets down. Barber hail maintained hi* po ition against 21 ball* from Wright, and lb from Oroom he hail made Id rum, but Groom found hi* stick*. 7; run*, !> wicket* down. Thilpott* succeed-'d Barron; hi took ft ball* from Wright, 4 from Groom, made 4 run*, ari> wa* bow led out by Writfht; the general *core wa* no increased, and Itobinion, who had followed Barber, di> not add to t;ie score, but brought hi* bat out. The in ning was played in Jh. M)m., and it being now late in th< alternoon, it was arranged for delaying the second in ning* until Thursday morning. Toronto leaving off" 1 ahead. Thursday opened with threatening weather and i strong wind Irom their K.j notwithstanding which, an< also that the St. George'* men had lieen playing two verj hard successive davs, they did not feel in any way di* coutaged by the balance on the pteviou* day'* play.Better* were offering odd* on Toronto , it wa* inserted bj dome knowing one* that New York could not make n muny at the arcond Inning* a* ut the first; and one ex perienced cricketer 6Hi red an opinion that tne Ht George'* men would lo*e three wickets before they re itorrilfhe balance of tha previous day'**core. In tin second day i play tlia Toronto > entlemen again dilplayei most excellent fielding and tact, for which they weri frequently and warmly applauded by the apectatora a well a* by their antagonists. Toronto brought lorwai< her beat bowlers at lint innir.g; tlie.y coDiiited of Winck worth, Maddock. Philpolts, Stiarpe and Barron. Oftheae I'hilpotts, beside* being a magnificent wicket keeper, i* i howler of lightning swiftness, and Maddo( k i* a most ac curate length-bdll nitn. At 1 Oh. 00m. Wheatcrolt an. Wright assumed the bat* for New V'ork, The lormri took U bull* from W., 8 Irom M-, made 8 runs, and lower "d his balls to Wine,kworth, 10 run*. I wicket down Groom then went in, received II ball* from W , lit lion I'., und after making i> runs, w?* very unnoce???iiljr rui int. S!i runs, J wicket* down. Wild was the next, wh? 1 rocaivod | ball from 8., A from P , and wan quite a? need Ifwly runout alter (coring ?. 4tf rutin, a wickets down. Russell succeeded hina. Iii tbe meantime Wri|(ht was doing great execution ; be took i(? ball* from W.,3i from J M., 21) from P. U4 from 8 and 3 fiom B.; he made -.Mi run*, but 8. ?t length found hi* wicket. 45 rung,4 Syme took bit place, took B ball* from B., 81 from P-, 34 * from W , and 7 from M? made 14 run* and was bowled I out by Wmckworth, mi inn*, 6 wickets down. Dodworth followed, antl after taking 8 balls from W., making * -i runs, was given out by the u niiire, stumped by I'hilJ l>otts. 88runs,8 wicket*down. l'lnnon took his place. Russell had again sustained hU well deserved reputation as a cricketer, although evidently laboring under moat severe indisposition ; he took 'JO balls from W., 4 bum M. Si from 8., 1 trom B , and ft8 lrom P. ; he made 31 run* (the day before he made '22) and wa* l>owled out b^r * Winck worth 1)1 runs, 7 wickets down. Orecn took his place. Tinson was again unfortunate ; he took two balls lrom W., I from P., 1 from Shurpe, and was caught, at the leg, by the veteran Barwick. 91 run*, H wicket* down. Uagcthen wentin; his batting was in beautilulstyle ; but in the mead time, Green took 3 ball* lrom W;, 1 lrom s Slurp*, and was then caught by Winck worth in a style 1 thi*t occasioned him grt at upplause. Tbe catcher lull afi ter he had with difficulty reached and possessed himself of the ball, and ho threw it up whilst every limb was alt most literally extended toward* the heaven*. !?7 run*, 9 wicket* dowu. Green was succeeded by Brictow. Bage took -Jl balls from 8 , 6 liom M . made 7 runs, and was bowled out by Winckworth. 106 runs, 10 wickets down ; of which 8 were made by Bri*tiw,who brought his bat out, he having taken o balls from W.,and 1 from Sharpe. * '1 he inning was linished about hall past three, and the t rain wu* beginning to fall; it was therefore resolved to , suspend the piny till the morrow. But, in the meanwhile, J the opinions with respect to the St ti'orgo* men had undergoDe a favorable change, and brU were offered apuinst the Toronto men, who must now make 96 in their second ' inning, in order to win. The decision of the Toronto urn. t pire against l)od worth, wns warmly ennvussed, and we r venture to say that 1H) out of every 100 persons prw?Bt were convinced ol its very improper sentence. Dodworth ' himself, an old and experienced cricketer, and one of the j most submissive ol men under similar circumstances, wan urgent in bis protestations against the judgment. This 1 was much to be regretted, and we would rather hare seen | him submit at onae and without reply to that which is beyond appeal; but according to our own very close oh. > servationhewasnotout. ' Ni:w York. , First Tnningt. Second Inning*. Wright, run out 10 b. Sharfi , 29 I Winitrrol't, c. Harbor, b. M.oliloek 1 b. Winokworth II ' Tiuxou, c. do l>. ?!<? \ v. Bir.v iek, b. Sharjie 0 Brintow, b. Winekworth' 1 not out I! ' Wild, i'. Slnr|K', b. Winck! worth 1 run out 4 Groom, b. Winckwortli" !> runout li llnssell, e. Barber, b. Shariie 22 b. Winckwortli 21 Dodworth, b. Winckwortli. ii stumped by I'hilpott* 2 ' Syine,rim out il b. Wiiickwortli II i Green, c. Wilson,b. 8har|ie. I c. Winckwortli, b. 8U?ri?" ll Bige, nut out U b. Wilickworth 7 B yes 5 Bye* ti Wide balls 2 No balls 1 No balls 5

1)1G ' Ct> First luuiuss 66 Total 172 I Tokowto. First Innings. 1 Girdleston, h. Wheatcroft- I Barron, b. Wright 2 , Wilson, b. HusselJ 11 I'liil^ioits, b. Wright 1 Wiuckworth, c. Tinson, b. ltobinson, not out IJ ' (rroom 21 Byes 3 SlmriK', b. Kussi ll II Wide balls 9 ' Barwick, b. Wright 7 No Ball 1 . Barber, b. Groom 1(1 Birch, b. Wright 2 MS? r Maddock, b. Wright 0 Thursday night was one of unmitigated tempest of wind and rain; nevertheless, on Friday morning the.cross of St. George was floating steadily upontheturlol'the markers. But there wok not a possibility of proceeding in the game; and it was therefore resolved that it should be , postponed uutil this day at 10 o'clock. i City Intelligence. roues?.Strange as it may appear, in these days of rasC cality, not a rogua was arrested yesterday whoso crime i extended above the grade of petit larceny, unless the || practices of a couple of thimble riggers, who were sent to ii Blackwell's Isiand as vagrants, might be classed under " tho head of highway robbery, or obtaining money by 4 false pretences. Some extensive business is brewing, 3 however, which a few days will render fit for the public - eye; until then we shall lay low on the watch for the next forgeror midnight murderer. 3 Niblo's ?The most fashionably crowded Saloon \ welcomed the first opera of the Italian troupe. "Lu!) ci di Lammermoor" was applauded throughout.-*Signora Majocchi, the prima donna, waa signally ! successful. She has a powerful and brilliant voice, i with masterly execution. SigoorlAntognini receir! the most applause of the male singers. He is the ! best actor we ever saw on the "American" Italian I stage. Signor Vattellina is a most powerful bass : singer, and created a very favorable feeling in his | fivor. The chorus is very efficient. Their next , opera is Norma. To-night the Ravels will give a select entertainment for the "juveniles," who generally select Saturday to see the sights. Mous. Dechalumeau, a laughable ballet pantomime, in which j Gabriel figures conspicuously, and the pantomime a of enchantment, "53 misfortunes of Fortunatus." a This is a capital performance, and exhibits Gabnt ' to great advantage. Chatham Theatre.?We cannot in justice to our " feelings do less thau to call attention to the extraor1 dinary attractive bill offered to-night, for the benefit of that prince of comedians and good fellows, Mr \ Barton. A splendid comedy?a sterling farce?a l negro extravaganza?sundry dances and songs, and 1 the perfoimances of Miss Rowell, forming a bill 3 worthy of the occasion. Mr. Burton leaves lor the 15 south to morrow. ' The American Board of Foreign Missions ? B The 21th Anniversary of this B*ard was held at Ro| Chester, on Tuesday last. t Anong the 4istingiii?he>l persons present, were Dr. Cox, of Brooklyn. Dr. Skinner, of New York, Drs. Arm strong, Green an 1 Anderson, Secretaries to the Board, Dr. i' Edwards, of Andover, Chancellor Walworth, Hon. Theo. ? Frelingliuysen.of N. J., Rev. Mr. Pomeroy, Maine, Dr. Lansing, of iDanbury, Ex Lt Gov. Armstrong, of Boston, H Dr. Hawes, of llaitiord, Dr Blodgct,of Boston, Dr. Adams, 2 Syracuse, Prol. Goodrich, New Haven, Dr. Scudder, Madras Mission, Rev. Mr. Horsington, Ceylon, Rev. Mr. Bingham, Sandwich Islands, Hon. Messrs. l'ago, Vt., and i Cutler, Me, Dr. Aikin, Cleveland, and Dr. Wisner, of Ithaca. Tho Hon. Theodore Frhlinghuyson, President of . the Board, was in thfc c.hsir. . The folic wing i? a synopsis of the Treasurer'* Report We give the total* for each mission, which include all the ' expenditures in shape of remittances, drafts and expense* ! ofvoyngi*s. Mission to South Afrira, 91,000 64: West j Africa, 6 5-29 3i ; Greece, 3,695 32 j Turkey, 29,337 69: j Syria, 17,102 87 ; Nestorians ot Persia, 16 722 92 ; do of , the Mountains, 7,121 09 ; Bombay, 4 672 07 ; Almedmugr ger, 8,271 01 ; Madras, 7 362 01 ; Madura, 22,894 2S; Ceylon, 26,497 ; Siam, 8,429 9H ; China, 6,200 69 ; Singapore, 2(-3 84 ; Borneo, 7.719 63 ; Sandwich Islands, 40 43} 66 ; j Cherokee*, 4 620 99; Choctaw*, 1,927 60; Pawnees, 793 78 j Oregon, 3,043 33 j Bioux, 1,763 32 ; Ojibwoi, 2,089 18; Indians in New York, 2,843 92 ; Abenequais,347 ; Indian Missions generally, 317 80 ; Agencies, 7,376 63 ; do. in I New York,2,187 35; Miscellaneous expenses, inclining publications, salaries, he.,he., 21,461 9i. J (U7- AMERICAN MUSEUM.?The grand entertain. went at the American Museum this afternoon will draw in great crowds ol visitors. The icrcnsdeis are very fmpular, and the dioramas, Mr. Brower, Mis* Adair, Cc p*te,ltc. &c., are received with the most enthusiastic applause. Tlie F^ejo Mcimaid is a great wonder, anil receive* great numbers of visiters. This j* the luft day of the serenadcrs, and what a rush there will be to hear them for the last time. {??- LAST DAY AND BENEFIT OF THF. GIANT Gir), at Peale's New Yotk Museum, when ths most remaikable contrast ever heard of in the annals ol ancient or modern times will be presented, consisting of a child only one yearold, who Weigna |>ut four pounds, the Giant Girl weighing 4o,i pounds. This suipusses everything ' the imagination is capable of conceiving. The idea of one human being weighing one hundred times as much us another almost exceeds belief. Such however is the case, as hundreds to-day will witness. There will be three performances during tne day and evening, commencing at II o'clock, to be repeated at 3 and 8 The Kud-ge .Met maul and six performeis all for one shilling. Or?" BOWERY AMPHITHEATRE.?The signal sue cers which has attended the ingenious and diversified performances enacted here ha< been fully acknowledged by the community. Mr. Canfiuld will make kis third appearance. This evening is for his benefit. The athlatic lents ol this Ameiican Sampson, by far tran-ceiiJ any 1 similar exhibition ot extraordinary muscular attributes, and this, together with the numerous other details of the 7 bill iisufflcientto insure to the| indefatigable managers a full lecompense for their enterprise. , ?7-TIIK ANGLO AMERICAN, FOR THIS DAY j contains:?I. Original poetry," To a young L idy,"'icc., i. |>y C. S 2. Slanders refuted, oi " the Tub standing on I its own bottom} being u complete vindication by the t editor of the Anglo American, and showing his antagoj uist in his true light. S. Two visits to Wesiminster llall,by Mrs S. C. Hall. 4 Black Hugh Campbell, an exceedingly hnmirous article. 6. The tecond Siege of Vienna concluded, rt. The Beard historically consider I ed 7. The Kail of Murray, or the Bride ol Bothwelhaugh, pxrt I. 8 The Storming of Bedajo*. 9. Mr. Rhol in , Austria 10. Miscellaneous articles. 11. Cricket matches 1 ?New York vs Philadelphia?New York vs Toronto?a , full account of these two interesting matches. 12. Editorials, summary, varieties, ice , lie. Price >3 per yearsingle copies 61 cents. r J. A. TUTTLE, Agent, 6 Ann st. ' (!SJ- NO. 2 ASTOll HOUSE.? Graham's Magazine, (or O.-toher, (.odej '* Lady's Book, for October, will be published on Tuesday morning. The above magazines, lor October, at the office, No. 2 Astor House. ^ Ak< nts sending their orders immediately,can have the l ooks shipped in advance. Address GRAHAM fc CHRISTY, No. 2 Astor House,New Voik. ftr?- TO FOREIGN AN1) COUNTRY MERCHANTS , ?Knapp's instimable extra Blacking is offered lorsalea' t 119 Broadway and 492 Bo very. From the constant per sonal attention of one man for a qu rter of ? century to I this Composition, wn speak with fall confidence, imil IU, 11. r.,,i?l.n,il >... L -II ?; ii.nni uv II* i? u in i * nuunii worm I'rool liy thoti?andi we can Rive tbat no inch artii-le lm? I' en kiwwn bet n. We hnVL1 fuinijilf* #lo 1H year* old h? i good ai the day it waa made, and rail i>n??e tluthotrh i mate! do not,affect It. It r; considered even hotter two ? wari old than when n?w It i* nnqneitionahly tUcouly . MUcking known tbat will koc|> iu warm climatn. , (fij- LABORERS' UNION ASSOCIAT'ON.-Mass Meeting m the 1'ark.? At a Mass Meeting ai the Labo rets'Union Association,held in the Patk on if'iidsy evening, the 14th inst., Daniel B Taylor waa appointed President, James B. O'Donnell, Vice President, and l>a*id S. Roach, Secretary. Janes B.O'Donuell, E<q , then ottered the following preamble and resolution*, accompanied by a few remark*, which were unanimously adopted Whereas, a proper regaid for the preservation of our rights and interests requires,on our part, the adoptiou ol measures for the attainment and maintenance of those rights, ajlar at lenst, as they relate to the wages of the laboring class; and wlietcan a system has grown up amongst us within the last f'w years, air cting the interests of woikingmen in general, by which unlimited power is given to putty persecutors, tin ler the uame ol contractors sud sub-contractors, t* obtain our services at theirowti will, and at theirown price; and, wliereos, we have heard it suggested, tuat in order to remov* the objections made by mechanic* agamst the system of labor now practised in our State Pi isons, that it be abolished, and the convicts employed upon our public road?, thus translerring the oppression heretofore experienced by '"j""' ? " cuiinici, 10 one body woikingmen ?the Laborers, those least ablu to bear it? and who?e right's uud true intermits it seems must be totally diiregtrded, in order to redress a grievance which other modes will as well accomplish; and whereas the compensation received at present by the laborers ot the City of New York is an inadequate return for the arduous servi* ces they render their employers, and believing it to be the duty ol every man to procure by just and honest means a proper remuneration for his labor, thereforeResolved, That we, the Laborers of the city and county ol New York, will, orderly, peacefully, but resolutely, deinnnd of our employers an increase ot wages?and for the purpose ol obtaining it, hereby unitedly pledge ourselves to labor lor 110 m m who does not awnid to us ait equal compensation to that which the laborers in the int. mediate employment of the Common Couucil receive. Ut'NOlvcJ, 'I hat the sum of one dollar per day is but a reasonable remuneration for the toilsome and arduous duties that we have to perform. Resolved, That the Common Council of this city be, and they are hereby requested to embody all the contracts given by tliem to contractors,'jy which laborers will receive employment, a clause compelling the contractors to award to their laborers wngns equal to those paid by the Common Council themselves. /^Resolved, That we will support no person for tho neit Legislature, or for the next Common Council, who will not pleuge himself to i;se his exertions to create such laws at will place the laborers upon an ?qual footing with the mo?t favored men who depend upon tne sweat ot their brow for support. Kesolvro, That the abolishment of Convict|Labor in our State Prisons, so tar as it afiects mechanical occupations, is a just and equitable measure; but the employmeat ol Convicts upon our Public Roads if aa interference with the immediate interests of the Laborers, and is, in our opinion, unjust, it being a transfer to which we never shall quietly submit, and which no real friend of Workiugmen would desire. Resolved, That the thanksofthe Laborers of New York be hereby tendered to the Editors of all those papers who havo so kindly called the attention of their readers to this meeting. Itesolved, That the proceedings of this meeting bo published in such papers as the officers may d- em necessary. The Meeting was eloquently addressed by the President, Dar.i 1 B. Taylor, E?q , and Messrs. Abraham B. Davis, James B. O'Dounell, Webster and Murphy, and Sickles. The meeting then adjourned to meet ut the Forest House, 84 Spring street, on Tuesday evening the lDth iiist. On motion the meeting adjourned. DANIEL B TAYLOR, President. Jamks B O'Ddnnkll, Vico President. David S. Roach, Secretary. (Kjh IMPORTANT TO COUNTRY MERCHANTS. ?Many are now in this city purchasing goods, and we would remind them that 0110 of the first articles deserving of their attention and purchases, as also one of the irost important of "consumption" in'the country?we rafer to the Compound Extract of Ilorehound Candy, manufactured by J. Pease Sc Sou, of No. 45 Division street, celebrated for the cure of coughs, colds, &c. There are many villages in the United States where they have no agents, although their agencies arc extensive, and in those places too a great deal can he done. Their terms are liberal, and while they reap the ward, tho people are reaping the benefits. It is established beyond peradventure and coo tradiction, that their article has reached a standing in the medical world unparalleled in the annals of mcdicine Q&- TO SHAVE EASY.?A celebrated writer has defined mart to be a shaving animal. This is doubtle?s true ?o far as relates to civilised man, but a civilised man cannot shave without a razor, and he cannot keep his razor in good order without a strop. We would, therefore, just gently hint to our readers, that Saunders' Patent Metalic Tablet and Razor Strop, with Lur sides, has withstood the test of time, it having been before the public more tkan a quarter of a century, and it probably has no superior in giving that desirable keen edge to a good razor, which render* shaving an operation that may be patiently endured.?Boston Mcr. Journal. Manufactory 163 Broadway, between Courtlandt and Liberty streets. ft/- THE HAIR RESTORDD WHEN ENTIRELY BALD.?" No charge until restored"?All humbug or quackery is thus utterly disclaimed Beals & Co. have since the fall of 1838, applied 'Deals' Hair Restorative" on the above terms to upwards of 300 persons. Of their success, proof is given by personal leferenee to many of our first citizens. Is there any thing more wanted for proof. It there arn any who still doubt, they m.iy hiiii uvau iiieuiBcivev ui mis Juan, wunuu'. luiunug im\ expense uutil the proof is in themselves by the restoration of their hair. Tho. restorative is aa entirely niedi'sl compound, emulating from a physician. Office No. 13J 1st Avenue, near Houston. Depots for the sale, No. 173 Broad'* ny ; No. 'J Milk street, Boston; No. 14 Chapel srreet, New Haven. Ladies'Depot, No 47t($ Broadway. N. B.?One jar is test in any ease of baldness. G?- IMPORTANT TO THE UNFORTU VATF..?A cure guaranteed.?The Collegeol Medicine and Pharmacy of the city of New York, established for the suppression of quackery, is now prepared to treat all diseases of a private nature, snd offer to b11 those afflicted with these distressing maladies advantages not to be met with at any other institution in this country, either public or private From the constant correspondence, and from private arrangements bet wren the members of ihe College sad the most et.inent ptofessors ol the Medical Institutions of Europe, till the improvements iu the treatment ol thche diseases ave forwarded to them long before they reach the majority of the medical professions of this country. With such advantages, together with the combined skill of the first medical men of this country, the College feel satisfied that the good work which they have undertaken, "the suppression of quackery," will receive the patronage it deserves from that portion of the public requiring their services. Terms for advice, and all medicines, $5. N. B. Patients living at a distance, by stating their disease explicitly in writing, giving all symptoms, together with the treatment they received elsewhere, if any, can obtain a chest containing all medicines, with full directions for use, with a guarantee of cure, by addstssing the agent of the College, post paid, enclosing $6. By order. W. 8. RICHARDSON, Agent. Office and Consulting Rooms of the College, 97 Nassau street 00-THE CHINK.8E HAIR ERADICATOR IS warranted to remove hair from any part ol the body, or the money returned,or it can be seen used before purchasing. Beautifying Lotion.?For removing all tan, freckles, sunburn, morphew and roughness, and leaves the skin very soft, and gives the complexion a beautiful hue. Oldridge.'s Balm of Columbia?This is the only article that will keep the, head free from dandruff, keeping the hair from falling out. and restores it where tiald. Jones' Hair Oil?All who use oil on their hair will find this the finest, cleanest, and tho best in use. It is highly perfumed All the above to be had only at 31 Court landt street. 0J7- S=1CK HEADACHE ?The Headache Remedy in vented by Dr. Sjiohn, of the Royal Collegpof Physicians, London, is a sure and warranted cure. The daughter of Judge Patterson, of New Jersey, was cured by this rerno ily, alter getting it hereditary, and dreadfully troubled for twenty years. To be had only at 21 CcnrtlanJt street, 139 Fulton street, Brooklyn ft?- BARRY'S VENTILATING AND GOSSAMER Invuible Wig, so closely 1 esemt lis the real head of hair that sceptics mid connoisseurs have pronounced it the mo?t perfect and extraordinary invention of the day. The great advantage of this novel and unique Wig is im being made without sewing or weaving, which rnuie* iti appearances so closely to reiembln the natural hair, tio'.h in lighim as ami natural appearance, as to defy detection, its texture being bo beautiful, soporous and so free, that in all cafes ot perspiration evaporation it unimpeded, and the great evils of nil other Wis* entirely avoided. Th? sceptia and connoisseur nre alike iavited to inspect this novei and beautifnl Wig, and the peculiar method of fitting the head, at the manufacturer!, A.C. Barry, 14ii Broodwny, corner of Liberty at up stairs Or?- RHKUMAT19M The unprecedented succms of Dr. Hrttr)'* Vegetable Rheumatic Hyrup in (the cure o' hoth inll.immatoiy and chronic rheumatism, ha* tempted ceitsin persona to issue a counterfeit ?yrup, which con tains not n particle ot the virtue* of the original syiup, which is sold at only one place in the city, and that i* No. Bowery. See thi*, dear sir. About the first of lait June, 1 waa attacked with the rheumatism through my wholesystem, butaflecting my leg* chiefly, and to that degree was I affected,that I waa not ahle to attend to my business for above five week*; and though 1 was able Wr that to get out, yet the disease continually haunted me, and alter trying every medicine which I imagined coiil.l help me without the least avail, I wa* recomim ndtd to try your Rheumatic Syrup. I sent for a bottle, immediately relieved me, and before I had used the wholo I wa* entirely cured, and now feel perfectly free from the disease. Wm. H Haven*, No. 131 Aveauu D, New Yoik, Sept. 10, 1813. Kor numerous otliur crrliflcat)*, see back numbers of thr daily papers. Sold'at No. at-fi Bowery, and lo Brooklyn, at Mr*. Hayes, IS't Fulton street;and in Newark, at Trippe's, No. 293 Broa I street. 09- CONSTITUTIONAL DKUIMTV.?The Tonic Mixture prepared by the New York College of Medicine and Pharmacy, established for the suppression of quackery, ii the most eilectual remedy for debility, produced either by secret indulgence or protracted illness. The College during their lnkt year's practice, have met with somecases of extreme debility, that after having resisted all other remedies, have been effectually cured by this I powerful invigorator. Sold in large bottles, t'J each; *mall do $1; in cases of half do/.rn, $6: carefully packed irnl sent to all parts of the Union. Oltlce and consulting rooms of the College, 07 Nassau street. W. 8. RICHARDSON, Agent. Ilr.ALI/ Will ril'linjr iiuui a perion Irom utti inling to lnmiiK.'** ofjany kind, and hiinIreds ol prr*on* give up to it, ami t;o to bed. II they wito only acquainted with thn a?'oni*hin? virtue* nf "(herman'* Cumphor Lozenge*, which rnro 111# worst i" s in h very ?hoit time, an well as rrlii-Tf' palpitation ol the linHit, nt'u mckne**, ami nervous ?lfeetloTia ol varioui kiii-ls, they hhiiIiI at once rmort to tlicm, and iv ver he without them. Bo on your guard and get the genuine, which ore void only In tioms at iAcent* each, at the Hoc tor'* Warehouse, I(H> Nanaim *lro?t, or lit hi* rrgulai igent\ no llioa lway , i'17 llu'lton street, IH8 Ilowi ry,77 Ksat broad way, and 139 Fulton street, Brooklyn. ' BY THE SOUTHERN MA\L. Warren TH(|?ij flrtir . Hki.vidkrk, Sept. 13'h, IMS. Mr. Miller occupied the whole of yesterday mi the concluding argument ou the part ot the prisoner. His sfieech is universally admitted to have been it most ingenious and able production. The Attorney Geuernl at 9 this morning, commenced for the pro. secuhon, and concluded at hall piat 11. This, too, was a very able argument, ana embraced a clear review of the most important points iu the caae? Although he did not enter bo minutely as the others into the details ot the case, lie seized upon the commanding points, and argued them with great zeal and ability so much bo as to confirm liiHiiy who had been before lalteriug in their opinion When he cunaluded, Jud#e Wevious proceeded to charge the Jury, and concluded at 1 o'clock, P. M. i It was a very lucid and able charge, and an impar- i tial and eloquent review ol the evidence. The Jury retired to consider of their verdict at a " little past 1 P. M., Wednesday, and returned into 1 Court on Thursday at half past 2 P. M , and beioa asked if ihey had agreed upon tneir vrraict, mey : bay they find the defendant Not Guilty. At!lie rendition of the verdict, the prisoner was j somewhat dfleeted.and shed tears?almost the only K. sign ol l'eeling he has exhibited during the trial.? 1 Corrcfjiundent of Newark Daily Adver. The StTFEUKRs at York.?Passengers who rea< lied this ciiy yesterday evening from York, bring the gratifying intelligence that the four injured jtersoiia j now at the hospital in lhat town are doing very well, and that little or no doubt is entertained of the recovery of all of them Some apprehension in felt thai it may be necessary to ampu'ate one ol Mr. M'Cabe's legs, but this haH not yet been decided on. The ni tizens ?t York are doing all in their power to make the sufferers comfortable.?haltimore Am., ytsterday Sales of Stock* at Philadelphia, yc?ter?lny, $'}6 )b Schuylkill Navigation 6'?, 1948,100; J97fl0 Che* npi'uke and Delaware ti's, I95ti, 3>J: UooO Cinciunau Bonds 01$; SOOO State 5's, 58}; 171X1 do d'i, 68J. 100 shares Vicktburg Dank, 3 ; 100 do Wilmington K K, 171; 3f? do do do . 17i ; 65 do do ea?h, !7li 79 do Mechanics Bank. 19 J , on I do do do, 'JO ; $1000 Kentucky Bonds, !?7J , 1000 Wilmington KHtt'J, 1HJ5, 3 dt 00 ; -JOUO do 0'?, iar>S,S7i} l(HM) Read \ ing UK ironv't, tit ; 8 (hares Pennsylvania Bank, 140; 10 do Schuylkill Navigation, 41. LATEST SOl THKItN SHIP NKWS. Philadelphia, Sept IS?Arr New Hanover, (iarvin, t'adi/. Henrietta, Kairell, Porto Cabello; Rowena, Dill, LiiUuayra; America, Treadwell, Boston; Thame*, Atkins, Portland; Columbia, lloover, Melville. Mass. Baltimore, 8epl II?Arr Larrb. Abbott, St Johns, Pit; Oen DeKalb, Jenkins, N York. C'lu| Mary VVilks, Uall, It.irbadocs and a mkt. Sid luca, Conklintr, ltio; Humming Bird, West Ind?s; I' I Nerivi, St John, NB. Okohoki own, lit'. Sent H?Arr PilKrim, Boston. Richmond, Sept 14?Cld Lncilla, Peicnd, Antwerp; ltirlid Anderson, Bennett, London; Toulon, Hick, Pernambuco and \ HWMt. Mesarole, Sliopparil, Havru de (trace for Uostou, nut back in distn-sx with loxx ol' sails .ami leaky;; Luciuda Snow, Kales, and bostou, Jones, Fredericksburg for Providence, |<iit in on account of head wind*. In Hampton Roads, Danl Webster, Mauxon, from Hamburg, bound up James River; Monroe, till clirist, Eaxtport for llaltiinore, with loss of galley, boat, waist stove in, &e. Wilmington, NC. Sept 10?Arr Belle, Myers, NVork: < t|. cutl<i, Park, Boston; Only Son, Hyatt, Turks Island. CM Dcouio, Pickering, Surinam; Hansom. Dyer, Curacoa. Spoken. John Odlin, Trinidad de Cuba for ("Owes, no dale, lat 195!!, Ion i'.l W 0(7- EVERY PERSON WHO HAS 1,'SKD DR. TA V , LOR'S balsam ol Liverwort, Irom 376 Bowery, hnsbecu more or leu benefitted by its use, and probably ninety nine out of a hundred of thee who have used it, have been cured by its use. It is recommended by medical gentlemen, of the highest respectability in their profession,'as well as others wno ate acquainted with its merits. This Balsam is a cure for coughs, colds, consumption, dyspepsia, liver complaint, brouchitis, asthma, croup, whooping cough, kc , it used in season and according to directions. The public are requested to call at the office and examine our testimonials, and satisfy themselves. Q&- Be carclul to see that each bottle has our engraved label, (overthe outside wrapper) with the signutureof Dr. O.J. Leeds attached (o prevent counterfeits, and without which none it gvnuine. For sale by Mrs. Hays, 130 Fulton street, Brooklyn; by Dr. Q. J. Leeds, wholesale druggist, US Maiden lane, and at the original office, 375 Bowery. {ft?- THE PARISIAN I ALTERATIVE MIXTURE, for (hepermanent cureo! Primary or Secondary Syphilis. A euro guaranteed. Sold in large bottles, each; small do, $l;in cases of half dozen, fa ; carefully packed and sent to all parts of the Union. Office and consulting rooms of the College of Medicine and Pharmacy, V>7 Nas an stieet. \V. 8. RICHARDSON, Agent. fty- TUBEROSE SiIAVINOCREAM.?Thepleasuie in snaving'consist-- as much in liaviag a good lather to soften th# heard, as in the keenness of the razor's edge. Nothing is more perplexing to self shaving gentlemen than the soaps onl villainous compounds got up liko Piter Pindai's Razors, to sell, and which usually leave unpleasant sensations after the operation is gone through, smarting or otherwise, according to the alkali or other ingredient used. All of these evils may be avoided by a?vjf Pfialon* newly invented Tuborosa Shaving Crenm,which is equal to Outrlnin's Ambrosial Cream, and wo de/v any gentle man|svho has used the French article to tell the difference, although there is a difterenco in them, namely, Plialon's is more emolient. and is sold at one third the price of j the imported article. We are satisfied that thiscreu'*: i needs only a trial to entirely supersede the various soaps now in use. The Tuberose Shaving Cream may be had wholesale! and retail at the inventor's, E Phalon, Hair Dressing Sa-i loon, 211 Broadway, opposite St. Paul's. Single jots, beautifully labelled, 37J cents. (BJ- PROFESSOR VELPEAU's" CELEBRATED Pi'llor the radical cure of gonorihcea, gleet, and all unpleasant d scharges from tbcute bra. These pills are now aud consequently are counterfi ite-l by certain druggiMs in this city; they arconly to he had genuine at tha office and consul'!-.g rooms of the College of Medietas and Pharmacy, 87 Nassau street. Price $1 per box. W. 9. RICHARDSON, Agent. A DEAR DELICIOUS LOVELY WOMAN. Indeed thou art beuutiful, lovely and lair? Thy rlear healthy cheeks and thy black hair; And thy breast and thy neck, oua thy arms and thy eye* Lovelier thun ought else, that lives 'ueath the skies. I remember the time thou wit't nut then so fair, And thou hnd'stnot such tresses ot beautiful hair : Nay thy lace was disgusting, thy ncck tan'd, you foar'd Cure my pimples, you cried, and a blessing appear'd. How mighty art thou, wond'rous chemical soap ! Eveu mora to cure blotches than mortals could hope. May my blessing reft on thee; Miracle, I love thee ; Infinite great, there is none great above thee. Core pimples, clear freckles, and dark yellow skin, And eruptions and salt rheum, (and if you can) curt' mi Like a god, thy jiossestor, Junes like n generous cure, Sells bee at hall price to the helpless, the needy and poor O try it;bepo longer homely, for onccake will cure you Ai it ia, there is few of you, friends, who can mildly en dura ye. Pray excuse, but 'pon honor tic true I assure you.?Zmt We saw a person yesterday whose face a week ago ws beastly with eruptions and freckle", and by the aid of on< cake of the famous Italian Chemical Sup, he has nus a line healthy complexion. We are told that Jones, of 8. Chatham street, has paid over two thousand dollars (01 the rectpe. It changes dark, sunburnt or yellow skin ti n line healthy clearness. That we know, for we liav< seen it done. It cures sctirvy, salt rheum, erysipelas, liver spots, aud is the perfeotion of medical science. Be sides, 'tis fueh a pleasant rimed>?a piece of nice soap.Let all the world use it, and all the world will he hand some. It is sold nt the sign of the American Ragle, h-. Chatham street, New York; 189 Fulton street, Brooklyn 243 ftroad street, Newark; ? State street, Boston; and: Ledger Buildings, Philadelphia. Friday, Sept. 1.1-3 P.M. I There has been a fair business done in stack* to- luy^J and prices of Rood ?tock( roie. Ohio, { per cent. Ohi<^| (1 per cent itock i*, and long ha* keen,the lowest on tlx^H liat of spccic paying *tocki, that in, it yield* tbe greatvs^H dividend* for investment. The crisis in all the State* hu^H now passed, and tho*e which have itood through the gnl'^H will imp ova. Kentucky J; Illinois J; Indiana fill Long Island J; Tateriron J; Harlem J At the new board there was also a good business done.^H Tnu rates ot exchange to day arc a* follow*, corrivtt.^B by W. 8c J. O'Brien, 10 Wall street. Rate* of Kim.i in New York. Boston, . par a (lis N Orleans, 'at \ <li^H riiiUdelphi* V Nashville, \}i 2 lSaltimon*, Louisville, l\ 2 ViruiiiM, >, Ht Louis, I1* IV N < iml ins, 1', P4 Ciiirmmti, IS I ' ?. (.'liarlesion I Int'i of Ohio,? ? Mavannah, \ I Indiins, 2'i i)i Ank'iista, \ I Mich ,vl)n. I'1, 2 t'oluinbus, IS I'MU'k N'tt "to 37 Macon, 1^ 2 I 'iiion.Klo, 72 ~i Month L, ,V Trust < o BOamlM \ | .1 ii liicols, I1. 2 Mobile, 13 13V M'niifc.nn'y 13 l:l'j TlllC.lloOM, 13 13*4 The transaction* in bill* fir this packet have been to fur extent, with not a lnrge supply. There will protw^H bably be *ame $1.10,000 tu f'100,(XK) go in tho Havre pncki^H t vmorraw, but largo mm* are continually coming u^H Yenterdny, ?80,000 in new aovureigna just arrived wi r^H taken into the Mechanics' Bank. Yesterday most of tli^H transaction* were done in iterling at <i 0] per cent^J but to day the rate* cloaod dull at 0>. The rate* to da;^H are a* fallow* s? tiSHisthssiaa tin , N,? V..p? *?1 I* June 30. jl?K. 31. Si fl 11 l.ondon, Hi,' a 'I a f'i *?,j1 Krai J 2ft',,5 10 f.J 5M',V? 2i & ?4 ?'? 'I Aitci.-rH. n'4i :?v.i id <? * in'^H I la in bit r? i I'i'a 3J%? ; Itn incu. 77V "X 7# a 7H<? 78>t* 7'. The following arc mlei #1 (he Mouth, lataat <lnt*s. V. OW'? MokileCt. Har'h.9. ' 'kiiIi < Hirrlinn BO iliyi, 7'? iH'.4 21 a? ? a!> O'.n? Kr.nn <>0 il?yd. J .'Vi'i 27 I Mia? ?. a? S,1m? New V oik IK) iloyi, '{a^ili* I"?'B.116 J<al ilm I 'j a N> w V'ork >i?|ht, Jill |>m 17 aid para1, pin ? a', |'i^H Money continues ipiltr a? plenty ai hi fore, mi.I u? u navo lonR anticipate d, th proKiv** oftho fall trade doi^H not create a demand milNcicnt to allow the n:inU? in an^H degree to f*tfnd their circulating credit*, nnd uraiv I^H to employ the actual fund* on hand. Spec illation hits ready aeized upon atocka nnd (lour, and in now latlng cotton. Many produce dealer! huvc nufWed Irni^H the re lation ofthoipiing ?|>eoulaUon in that Una, un^H I

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