Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 17, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 17, 1843 Page 1
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TH Vol. IX?No. B.VV?Whole No. 34?7. To the Public. THK Nl?W YORK HK.RALD?daily newnpaper-pub ",u nr?ry nay 01 tne year except mew I ears nay aim Fourth of July. Price 2 cents per copy?or $7 20 per annum? postages paid?cash in advance. THK WEEKLY HERALD?published every Saturday luorning?price 6J cents per copy, or $3 1'J per annum? postages paid?cash in advance. ADVERTISERS are informed that the circulation of the Herald is over THIKTV THOUSAND, and incnas in?; fast. It has the largest circulation of any paper in thii city, or the world, and is, therefore, the best channel for business men in the city or country Prices moderate?cash n advance. PRINTING of all kinds executed at the most moderate prices, and in the most elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, Pbophiktoh ok thk Hkrald Establishmknt, Northwest coiner of Kulton and Na?s?u streftl ?C? NEW LINK OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS. To sail from New York on the 25th mid Liverpool ou il.c 13tli of each mouth. ilfly ilfly I* H'?M NEW VoJK! Ship ROSCIUS, Captain John Collins, 25th July. Ship SIDDONS, Captain A. b. Cobb, 2Sth August. Ship SHERIDAN, Captain K. A. Deneyster. 25th Sept Sliip GARRICK, Capt n Win. Skiddy, 25th October. From Livkhi-ool. Ship SHERIDAN, Captni.. K. A. De|ievster, 13th July. Sliip GARRICK, ( apt. \\ in. Skiildv, 13th August. Ship ROSCIUS, Captain John Collins, I3tli Ssptember. Ship SIDDONS, Captain E. 11. Cobb, 13th October. These ships are all of the lirst class, upwards of MOO tons, built in tlia city of New York, with such improvements as Combine (treat s|?ecl with unusual comfort for |tasseiiKers. Evury c:ire has been taken in the arrangement of their accommodations. The price of passage hence is $75. Thess ships are eomnianded by experienced masters, who will make every exert ion to give general satisfaction. NeitliT the captains or owners of the ships will be responsible for any letters, parcels or packages sent by them, unless reuular bills of lading are simied therefor. ~ For freight or passage ai>|> 1 y to E. k. COLLINS & CO., 16 South St., New York, or to BROWN, SHIPLEY Si CO.. Liverpool. Letters by thi" packets will be char??l 12)^ cents |>er singl sheet ; ,'itl cents l? r ounce, Hiid newspapeis I cent each. jy7 ec <H,!?"kKTA8LISHEI> l'AS> UiK (>KFI<' K, 100 I'ine street, corner of South. Till'. subscriber begs leave to call the attention of his Irienui anil the public in general, to the following arrangements lor 1813, for the purpose of bringing out cabin, 2<1 cabin, and steerage |?s?enger?, by the Regular rackets, sailing as follows, viz : H roin Liverpool, the 1st,7th. 13th, 19th and26t)i of every month. " London, the 1st, Hitli anil 20th In addition to the above regular lines, a number of splemlitl New York built transient ships will contiuue to sail from Liverpool weekly, in regular succession, thereby preventing the least iNissible uelay to passengers oil their arrival in Liverpool. For the accommodation of persons wishing to remit money to their families or friends, drafts are given, payable at sight, on tke following Banks, vil:? Provincial Bank of Ireland, payable at Cork, Limerick, ClonBMa, Londonderry, Sligo, Wexford, Belfast, Waterford, lialway, Armagh, Athlone, Colerain, Balliua, Tralee, Youghal, Eiliiiskillen, Mouaghau, Baubridge, Ballymena, Parsonstowu, Dowupatrick, Cavau, Lurgan, Omagh, jhiiiganuou, Bandou, Knuis, Ballyshaiinou Strabane, Dungarven, Mallow, Moueymore, Cootchill, K i I rush. The Ulster Bank of Ireland, and ail its branches. The National do do do. Scotland?The City of Glasgow Bauk and all its branches and agencies. England?Messrs. Spooner, Atwood St Co. Bankers, London, payable in any town in Oreat Britain. For further information (if bv letter, post paid,) apply to JOSEPH McMURRAY, 100 Pine street, corner of South. Or to P. W. BYRNES St Co. 36 Waterloo Koad, si lmr Liverpool. PASS Vtit. FROM (illEAT BRITAIN AN1) IRELAND >m THE BLA^< BALL (H^U? LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. [Sailing from Liverpool on the 7th and 19th of every month.] Persons wishing to send to the Old Country for their friends ChD make the necessary arrangements with the subsrrilters, and have them come out in thi s sui>erior Line of Packets, Sailing from Liverpool punctually on the 7th and 19th of every mouth. They w ill also have a first rate class of American trailing ships, sailing every six days, thereby affording weekly communication Irom that |>ort. One of the firm ( Mr. Jaines D. Ilochel is there, to see that they shall be forwarded with care and despatch. Should the parties agreed for not come out, the money will be returned to those who paid it ltere, without any reduction. . Th? Black Ball, or Old Lnie of Liverpool Packets, comprise the lollow nig magniliciuit Ships, viz :? The OXFORD, The NEW YORK. CAMBRIDGE, COLUMBUS, EUROPE SOUTH AMERICA. ENOLAND NORTH AMERICA. With such superior and unequalled arrangements, the subscribers confidently look forward for a continuance of that support which ha* beeu extended to them so miui> years, for which they are grateful. 1 hose proceeding, or remitting money to their relatives, can at all times obtain Drafts at sight for any amouut, drawn direct oil the Royal Bank of Ireland, Dublin, also on Messrs. FRESCO!"/, WROTE, AMES & CO. Bankers, London, which will be paid on demand at any of the Banks, or their Branches, in all the principal towui throughout England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Apply, or address, (if by letter! post mid.) ROCHk, BROTHERS St CO. 35 Fulton street New York, next door to the Kultou Bauk. N. B.?The Old Liae of Liver|M>ol Packets sail from this port for Liverpool 011 the 1st and 19th of each mouth. Parties returning to the old country w ill find it to their comfort and ndvauHge to select this favorite Line for their conveyance, in preference to anv other. d27 r OLD LINE"LIVERPOOL PACKETS. tlfly 'I'llr. OLD LI^T^M^Tckets for Liiver|>oo! will hereafter l>e I despatched in the following order, excepting that when the sailing day falls ou Sunday, the ships will sail 011 the succeed; ing day, viz:? From New York. From Liverpool The CAMBRIDGE, (June 1 July 19 8J0 tons, < Oct. 1 Nov. 19 W. C. Burrow,f Feb. 1 Mar. 19 The ENOLAND, (June 19 Aug. 7 740 tons, < Oct. 19 Dec. 7 S. Bartlett, r Feb. 19 April 7 The OXFORD, {July I Aug. 19 ww urns, * i>ov. I uec. lit J. Kathbone, (March 1 April 19 Tli* MONTEZUMA, {July 19 Sept. 7 1000 tons, < Nov. 19 Jan. 7 A. B. Lowber, f March 19 May 7 The EUROPE, i Auk. 1 Sept. 19 618 tons, < Dec. 1 Jau. 19 E. O. Fu her. f April 1 May 19 The NEW YORK, (new) {Aug. 19 Oct. 7 9J0 tons, < Dec. 16 Feb. 7 T. B. Cropper, r April 19 June 7 The SOUTH AMERICA, I Sept. J Oct. 19 GiO tons, <Jan. 1 Feb. 19 E. O. Bailey,f May 1 June 19 The COLUMBUS, v Sept. 19 Nor. 7 700 tons, <Jan. 19 Mar. 7 (J. A. Cole, (May 19 July 7 These sliijis are not surpassed in point of elegance or comfort in their cabin accommodations, or m their fast sailing qualities by any Vessels in the tr.ule. The commanders an- well known as inen of character and experience, and the strictest attention will always lie paid to promote the comfort and convenience of passengers. Punctuality, as regards the day of sailing, w ill be observed as heretofore. The price of passage outward is now fixed at Seventy-Five Dollars, for which ample stores of every description will he provided, with the exception of wines and liquors, which will he famished by the stewards, if required. Neither the captain or owners of thwse ships will lie responsible for any letters, parcels, or packages sent by them nnh x* regular hills of ladiuic aie signed therelor. For freight or passage, apply to GOODHUE & CO, 64 South st. C, II. MARSHALL, 3t Burling sii. , n. v jy 12 and of BAHINO. B HOT HE US & < O.. L'ponl rfjtv ^ ""^'EW VOtS^^D HAVKK PACKETS. Second Line?The Ships of this line will hereafter leave New \ ,,rk ,iti the 1st, and Havre on the 16th of each month, as follows, vi* From New York. From IWvhk. New ShiONEIDA, 11st .March. < 16th April. Captain \ 1st July. < 16th August. James Funck. ( 1st November, r 16th Decetnlier Ship BALTISlORE, \ 1st April. { 16th May. Captain < 1st August. < 16th Septemlier Edward Fuuck.r 1st December. r 16th January. Ship UTICA, I 1st May. I 16th June. Captain < 1st Septemlier < 16th October. rrrarncK rirwin. r 1st January. f tilth February. New shipSt. NICHOLASl 1st June. i I6lh July. Captain < 1st October. < 16th November. J- B. Pell.t 1st February. ( lGlb Marsh. The accommodations of these ships are not surpassed, com binmx all that may lie required for comfort. The |incc of ca bin imxaftfc is $100. Passengers will be ?u|>p|i.-d ? jth eTery re i|iiisite with the etception of wines and lic|iior?. t ioods intended for these vessels will lie forwarded by the sub. scribers, five from any other than the expenses actually incurred on tliein. r or freight <W passags, apply to BOYD it HrVCKEN,, jel'i ec No. 9. Tniirine HuildiiiL'. f?i W ill mil Writer sts KOH NEW UIU.KAN8. LOUISIANNA AND NKW VOIIK LINK OK PACKETS m. m m. m. hoi the better accommodation of slupi>ers, it is intended 10 despatch a ship from this portonthv 1st, 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, and 25th of each month, commencing the tilth October and continuing until May, when regular da>s will be appointed for the remainder of the year, whereby great delays and disappointments will be prevented during the summer mouths The following ships will commence this arrangemeut: Ship YAZOO, Captain Cornell. Ship OCONEE. < aptain Jackson. Ship MISSISSIPPI, Captain Milliard. Ship LOUISVILLE. Captain limit. Hhip SHAKSPEAHE, Captain Miner. Ship GASTON/1'aptain Latham. Ship IIUNTSV ii.LK, Captain Mumford. Ship Ol MjLLtJEE. Captain Leavitt. Ship ''aptain Dickinson, Ship M KM I HIS, I. aptain Knight. Ship LOUISA, Captain Mulford. These ships were all built in the city of New York, espresi|y for packets, are ol light draft of water, have recently been newly coppered and put lu splendid order, w ith accommodations for_ jiassengers unequalled for comfort. They are coin manor)) ny "i?iient?n imuvrri, wno will make every enrtimi to give general Mttolnotiou. I hey will at all timet lie towed uit ill.I down the Mu*i?*ippi by *te*mboau. Neither the owner* or rnpuiiu of theae ships will be rejpon?ib|i for jewelry, bullion, precious *tone?.*ilver or platnl ware, or for *u\ letter*, parcel nr t*<;K.}?e, ?ent by or put on board of them. mile** regular bill* ol lading are taken for the same and the value thereon e*pre**ed. For freight or paavige, apply to K. K. COLLINS k CO.. M S.mth *f? or HIM.LIN h. WOODRUFF. Agent in New Orleans. wli'i will prninptlv forward ill k It to their address. 1'he ships of till* line .ire warranted to ?ail punctually a* advertised, mid great cm* will be taken to h?*e the good* correctly measured, mr E NE NEW FOR CHARLESTON. HAVANA. KEY WEST. NEW ORLEANS, AND OALVESTON, ('lV*a?.) TO SAIL on Thursday, :*ili October, th** elcifaiii.well known -* coppered steam ship NKW YORK, J. r. Wright, Commander, will sail a* above. This staamer has lieen put in complete order for the season, and has extensive accommodations, with large and airy state rooms. For Passage or freight of sj*cie, apply to the Captain ou board, foot ofNiuth strew, K. R , or to %T ? , A. HUBBARD k CO., 39 Peck slip. New York, Sept. II, IR13. slUoS+ec f rhTM THA VKLLKR8 GOING SOUTH OR VVKST?Sixteen hours in advance of the y Mail?Tri-Weekly Line to Savannah, in conneiion with the Central Hailroad to ' - 131C!i2w?% Macc 11 and the West?The spleudid steam packets GKNKRAL CLINCH, Capt. .J. P. Brook*, and ClIAIiLkSTON, Capt. b Brrileu, will leava Charleston every Tuesday, Thursday and Satord*y morning, at 9 o'clock, after the arrival of the Wilmington boats from the north, arriving at Savannah the same day, and will leave Savannah on the same dtys as abote, at 6 o'clock I'. M., alter the ariival of the cars (Vom Macon* Travellers will find (his to be the cheai>e?t and most expeditious route to the south and west. The above boats are fitted up in a superior style, and no expense or pains will be spared to ensure certainty, comfort, and expedition to the travelling public. JOHN B. LAFITTE, Agent, Fitzsiinmous' Wharf, Chvlrston. Charleston, September, MS* si7 2m* r ,fM I-, , FOR NKW ORLKANS?Touching at all tlie ports in F.ast anil West Florida. * i/.: St. Augustine, New Smyrna, Indian River, <'a|>e >| ^ 4*n) Florida, Indian Key Key We?t, Tain pa Bay. " -~"s? .Ww (Vilar Key*, I'ort Leon, Apalacliicola una Pinsacola ?The splendid steam slup CINCINNATI. J. Smith, master, (who has been long encaged j? die navigation lietw een Florida and New Orleans.) will leave Charleston, S C., ou the 1st of October next, and alter the arrival of the Wilmington boats, for all the above plaees. For passage only, having superior accommodations, apply on board, or if be letter, post paid, to JOHN ?. I.AFjTTK, Agent, F'ilzsimmoiis' Wharf. Charleston, S. C., Sept. 9th, 1843. sll tolr ~STKAM SlTTF N KPTUNK. Captain M till mi I; "IIII - T" . 'il i ,11 ! > tii'iln Oet' her 'tli, at I o'clock. I'. M., for Charleston, Key West, Havana. New Orleans, and Gal ?J"1 veston, Texas This sti|ierior packet steamer is now being overhauled and put in perlect order for the season. Her cabins and state rooms are elegantly furnished, and passengers can rely ?n every comfort anu accommodation in her. For passage as above, ill the cabins or steerage, and for light frefcht and specie for Charleston, apply to J. H. BROWF.R, sill r 7.'> Wall st. r f~f~ "" A ! NUI.A1MI) IRELAND Sic.?Persons about remitting money to their friends in the "old country," can be suiipi ied w i th Draft:., in sums of 1, 2, 3,5,10. 20 St ?M). or any araount, pavalile on demand without discount or any other charge, at the National Bank of Ireland, Provincial Bank, do., Messrs. .lames Bult, Son Si Co., Bankers, Loudon, 1. Barned Si Co., Exchange and Discount Bank, Liverpool, Eastern Bank of Scotland, Greenock Banking Company, Sir Wm. Forbes Hunter Si Co., Scotland, and t he branches in every post town throughout England. Ireland, Scotland and Wales, which drafts will be forwarded by the steatau y W. & J. T TAPSCOTT At their General Passage Offtc. 3 Peck $ ii>. corner Soutli si. N. B.?All letters from the country must come post paid. s9 Z* people's"Link of steamboats FOR ALBANY?Daily at 7 o'clock P. M.? "mf ar Xt jin....,...t. ,(jiVCt?From the steamboat pier between Courtlaiult and Liberty streets, Sunday excepted. The steamboat KNICKKRBO<:KF;It,Capt. A. P. St. John, will leave Monday. Weduesday and Friday Evening*, at seven o'clock. Steamboat ROCHESTER., ('apt. A. Houghton, will leave Tuesday, Thursday, R'ld Saturday at 7 P. M. At 5 o'clock P. M.?L Hiding at Intermediate Places. Steamboat SOUTH AMek.ICA. Capt. M. H. J'ruesdell, will leave Monday, Wednesday, Friday, ami Suuday afternoou, ato'clock. Steamboat SOUTH AMERICA, f'apt. Ij. W. Brainard, wilt leave Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Eveuing, at live o'clock. Paascnyers takini; this Line of Boats will invariably arrive in Albany 111 ample time to take the Morning Train of Cars for the east or west. The above boats are netv and substantial, are furnished u ith neat and elegant Stale Rooms, and for si>eed and accommodations are unrivalled on the Iludsou. Kor Passage or Freight, apply 011 board, or to P. C. Schultz at the office on the wharf. s4 *** seven ohi'LoiTit~v.oknTn u linT: {V "*jyi.jJ?F()U ALBANY, TROY, and intermediate JCmMJ I.Hidings?From the steamboat pier, at the foot of Barclay street. Breakfast and Dinner 011 board. Leaves New York?The Empire on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The Troy ou Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, at 7 A. M. Landing at?Caldwell's, West Point, Newburgh, Hampton, Pouglikeeosie. Hyde Park, Rhiuebeck, U. lUul Hook, Bristol, Catskill, 11 tn'.s ou, Cmsackie and Kinderhook. The new low pressure steamer empire, Captain S. 11. Roe, on Wednesday, at 7 o'clock iti jV :,ig, Aug. 16. The new low pressure steamer TRO V, Captain A. Ciorhain, on Thursday, at 7 o'clock iu the morning. Aug 12. For passage, apply at the office, foot ol Barclay stree;, or oa board. Notice.?All Goods, Freight, Baggage, Bank Bills, Specie, or any other kind of" Property, taken, snipped, or put on hoard the Boats of this Line,must be at the risk of the owners of such goods. aul6 r r i r. b 'ni < mROY?Through Direct, without Landing ? The commodious and substantial steamboat PORTSMOUTH, Capt. O. House, will leave New York from the foot of Barclay street, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays: and will leave Albany and Troy on Mundays, Tuesdays and Diarsdays, and will continue these trips for the season. Freight taken at leduced rates. Apply on board. P. 8.?The above boat has undergone a thorough repair, and is in first rate order. s2 1m * r _tn Jia SEVEN O'CLOCK EVENING LINE mU3?for ALBANY AND TROY direct, without W landing?the splendid low pressure steamboat SWALLOW, Captain A. MeLeau, will leave the foot of Court landt street every Tuesday, Thursday, aud Saturday nnian at 7 o'clock, for Albany direct. The swallow ha* a large number of state rooms,and for speed uid accommodations is not surpassed on the Hudsou. ant ee lweii regular opposition "kok bos?1 TON, via NEWPORT AND PROVIJb__JKjL DENCE?Fare to Boston $2 60; Deck Si 50; uo charge tor Berths. New|H>rt and Providence $1; Deck 40 cts. The fast sailing steamboat CURTIS PECK, Captain Win. H. Peck, leaves Catharine Market slip. East River, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at 4 o'clock, P. M. For passage or freight apply ou board, or to A. D. peck, 205 South st. sl3 lm*ec .mv) jgm NEWARK AND NkW vokk~?Fare fc-L?^V.*? ^*onlv 12^ Cents '.?The splendid steamer PAS3E^JbK.SAIC, after June 4th. will run as follows Leave the foot of Barclay street. New York, at 10 A. M., aud t P. M. Leaves the foot of Centre street, Newark, at 7>? A. m , aud uid IY, P. M. The accommodations both for passeuRera and freight have been greatly improved. Freight carried at very low rates. jylti 3m*ec xi?*cL:* OA STATEN ISLAND KERRY, FOOT WHITEHALL ST.?The steamboats W JtCJKm STATEN ISLANDER and SAMSON will ruu as follows until further notice :? Leave New York E, 9, 10, 12, 2, 3\, 5, 6. Leave Stat en Island 8, 9, 10, 12, 2, 4. 5. 6. All goods shipped are icqttired to be |>articularly marked aud ire at the risk of tlie owners thereof. s5 r JZM NEW AKHANUKMKNT KOR fa?SHIIK.WSBI' RY?Long Branch. Sandy .IT i?t^^.Ho"k. Oi t in Ilouse ami Eatontowu Lamli.igThe new Steamboat SHREWSBURY, t'antain John P. Corlies. will now run as follows, ou and alter I'lmrsday, 27th inst :?leaving New \ ork, Irom the foot < ! RoMHW street, every Tuesday, Thursday, nud Stturday, at 10 o'clock, A. M. Ami Eatontown Lauding on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, ii Hi o'clock, A. M. The Shrewsbury will mil as above, weather permit til.:?, until further notice. All baggage at the risk of the owners. Fare 37 >? cents. N. B.?Singes w ill be in attendance to convey passengers Irom the aforesaid binding places to auy part of the county le(Uired. The Shrewsbury will go the inuer passage, when practicable iellr nf.w YORK AM) KINGSTON STEAM FREKJHT . AND PASMAOH LINE. Kingston, arc Urlaware and Hudson W iJ*(11*l1';'.l,-,-?",amboaL: EMERALD and NORThe EMERALD, Captain John Ketcham, will l?are New Vork, foot <;f Murray street, every Monday and Thursday at 4 o clock, P M. Will leave Kingston (Hon out lauding) every Wednesday anil Saturday at 3 o'clock, P. M. The NORWICH, Captain John Samuels, will leava New York, foot of Warren street, every Wednesday and Saturday at > o'clock, P. M. Will leave Kingston (Roudout landing) every Tuesday and r nuay ai j o chick, r. 1*1. KXTRA TRir.S. The EMERALD will leave the foot of Murray strwt ?very Sunday morning lit 7 o'clock. Returning, leaves Kingston at 4 o'clock, same day. h or freight or iiassage apply on board, or to WILLIAMSON, BARLOW & CO., a2l 3m?r 161 West street. NEW ARRANOKMENT. FARE AND FREIGHT REDUCED, -i, RMHLAIL MAII. LINE?KOI: Pl.oA,-.' 2?J3?VIDEN< E AND BOSTON, via. ST ON liimituM AND N EWI'OIIT?Composed jf tin' following ft'ipcrior iinmiri, running in connection with the Htouiiigton ami Bostou and Providence Railroads MA8SACHU8ETTS, Capt. Corns tock. KIIODE ISLAND, Capt Thayer. PROVIDENCE. NARRAOAN8KTT. MOHEOAN. Oar of which will leave New York daily (Sundaysi ejeeptfd) from Tier No. I, Battery Tlnee, N. liiver, at S I. M. ARRANGEMENTS. The RHODE ISLAND, Captaiu Thayer, on Monday, and Wednesday for Stoiiiiigtou and Newport, and Friday for Stonington. The M V88ACHUSETT8, Captain Comituck, on Tuesday aud Thuriday lor StouiiiKtoii, and Saturday lor Stollington, Newport *nu Providence. P*?seiigerj, on the arrival of the steamers at StoliiliRton, v, ili he immediately forward-d in the splendid and comrnodions Can of the Railroad to Providence and Boston, and il for Newpurt will proceed in the steamer Mohegan (in superior orJei) from thence at 6 o'clock the follow ing morning, thus giving them an opportunity of a night's rest on board th? steamrJ JassachnaetU or Rhode Inland, and tlien breakfast ou board the Mohegan. The above steamers have been thoroughly equipped and prepared to promote celerity of travel and the comfort and security p| passengers, and uotsurpaesed by any in the United States. Kof passage or fieight, which is taken at very reduced rates, JPPlyon hoard,at north side of pier No. t. 22 Bromlw.iv. .,r ,,l. TvV,;,mr" .1 '""'P' Mr wharf. bolrd^r'.t'^omr.r1^rt"??'""lh? "?" ??O-Oi. *nd wrtlLYbe^wVed tiKi forwarded alt* r lull-pnM 1 |\ \] Mil)* NEW YOHK 4 BOSTON SOU iN u i n,0T. fVWK.N rilKSCOTT Pilot, or t.kc charge iu nutn nnd pilot of ve?,el, bound to New Bedford, om Nantucket Shoals. Boston, Portsmouth, Portland, Kemietwli, and OTHEH. POUT#. Office ,? Krye fc Shaw'. .tore m Water ?trvet, conier UeekinAii. Reference to n number of merchairs, and (he several Insurance Companies io this city, Boston, and Portland. jy 18 lmiar W YO r YORK, SUNDAY MOKI WRAKTH ON KNOI.ANI), I KKI.ANl)Ju MMHPWwIiich can be wnt by the it>-.un?)iiii BIUTaNJMMMmNIA, tniliiiK from Boston on I lit- IGtli Sr|>trnil?T. i vraoui |iri)r<*Jnii{ or wniliuK money to ui> >'I (>> 4 > I <1 Country, run at all ttnvH obtain from tin' auliu'ribrr* Draft* at ftitfni mr any amouui, urawu uireet on flit* ttoyil IS ink 01 | Ireland, Dul?liia. Alio, on llifuldntabliilKnl Banking House ol MMiri. Prescott, wrote, Aidm Ik Co., Loudon, which are paid free of discounts, or any chnnf whatever iu every rroviucn and County, besides all trie inland towns throughout England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, thereby snsweriug the same purpose a* Bank of England and Ireland Notes. Apply to or address, ifhy letter, (post paid.) ROCHE, BROTHEKh 6c CO., 35 Kulton street, iiest door to the Fulton Bank. I*. S.^We have a succession of lirst class American ?hij>s sailing weekly from Liverpool. Those sending for their relatives will find it their interest to ha\e them brought out through us. One of our linn, Mr. James L). Roc ha, is there to see all our passengers forwarded with care and despatch. For imssaiic applv \% above, or to JAMES D. ROCHE, 14 Ooree Pia///as, s12hc Liverpool Xiff BLACK BALL, OK OLD LINE OF LIVERMtJMPW P( )( >L PACK ETS?Regular Packet, and sails ou JWCillHiTni^, the 19th Sept The remarkable fast sailing new copjtereil packet ship HIBERNIA, Captain Richard LBunting, w ill sail positively as above, her regular day. i tie accominooaiious 01 the nitierim ror calon, 2il cabin ami steerage passengers will on inspection be found In l><- lilted out in every way that can add i? tin- comfort >< those embarking for the old country, w ho should not fail to call and examine her accommodations before paj iuu passage in any oilier vessel. The price of callage is very low, for which, and to secure the best berths, early application should be made on board, loot of Beekman street, or to the subscribers. ROCHE, BROTHERS & CO 35 Fulton street, next door to the Kul ton Bank. I. S ?The Hiberuia sails from Liverpool ou the 7tli November. Persons sending for their friends can hare them brought out ill her, or in any of the packets comprising this magnificent line, sailing from that port punctually on the 7th and 19th of every mouth. For (passage apply as above. The |iacketship Cambridge, ( apt. Win. Bars tow. will succeed the lliliernia, and sail lor Liverpool ou tl:e 1st of October, her regular day. SI2 ec 44^ NEW LINFOF~ l7lVERPOOL PACKETS? MCiRVPacket ol the 25th eptcinher?The splendid last sailHPnn%ii II Mill ship SHEKIDAN, c.ipt. A. S. Dc|>eyster, w ill sail positively as above, her nssillar day The rhips of this line are all Willi Ions biirtlien and upwards, anil llieir accommodations for cabin, second cabin and steerage IMKseiigcr* it is well known are -uperior to any other line of . packets. Those wishing to secure berths, should not tail to make early application on board, or to W. & J. T. TAPSCOTT, s 17 43 Peck Slip, cor Soiuli street. j OLD BLACK BALL LINK OK I'AI'KKTS MnKjeWFOR LI VKllPOOL?Packet of the 19th Septeml>er. mSm?The fast sailing packet ship ll.UEHNIA, ( apt. DiihliiiL:. will lie despatched as above, her regular day. Those wishing to secure berths, w ill require to make early application to JOHN HERDMAN, 61 South street, near Wall st. N. B.?Passage from Oreat Britain and Ireland,via Liverpool, can as usual he secured by the above splendid packet ship, or , any ship of the line, and those rem ttiug money to their friends can have drafts for anv amount payable iu all the principal towns throughout the United Kingdom, and on Messrs. J. Warned ik ( o. bankers, Liverpool; and Messrs. J. Blllt, Son Si ( o. For further particulars, apply as above. sllr FOR CHARLESTON.?Regular Packet ol ?0th 'V n'gu'ar packet ship PETER IIAT Hlal RK K. ' apt. Post, will sail as above?his splendid accsminoilations for cabin and steerage passengers?who will he taken on reasonable terms on application on board the ship,foot of Dover street, or to JOSEPH Mc.MURKAY, s"l r too Pinestreet. FOR SAVANNAH.?Packet ol 80th September? Wr**VOn)y Regular Line.?The well known fast siilmg iMHIMKnPdckct I rig (i. II LAMAR, ( apt. Sannermaii, will sail punctually as uho.'c, and can accommodate a Inniled number of cabin, second cabin, and steerage passengers, il early application be made oil board, foot of Maiden Lane, or to i W. Si J. T. TAPSCOTT, sli ec 43 Peck Slip, corner South street. (S&S: KOll NKW ORLEANS?To saifMoiKlay, IllTTi HLtKkV-'1"'"' 'lni' c'-ls5 favori.e ship ALFRED, ( aptiin .TT i IT.h x 1 w ill sail as above. Her between decks will be neaiIy fitted up for the accommodation ol 2d cabin and steerage passengers. l'liose desirous of securieK tierlhs w ill reonire to make early application ou board the ship at Murra>'s wliarf, foot of Wall street, or to JOHN HERDMAN, CI South street, near WaM street. 1 N. B.?The stihscrilwr has first class shi|>s sailing weekly for the above port, by which passage con be engaged at the current 1 rate. sl<;r ! 4*3?- FOR SALE?The well known coppered and cop- ! per fastened ship S YLVANU S J EN KINS, Se\ mour, jMMHEa'iiaster, burthen and register 517 tons, carries ?0(1,(100 lbs. of cotton from Mobile, was built in this city by James More,in for Samuel Hicks ft Co. under the inspection of Josiali Macy?her apron transom and top timbers of live oak and ' locust?has standing and running rigging iu good order?had ne>v masts four vears ago?is well adapted for a whaler, having i a line roomy deck. Lies at Dover street wharf Her inventory ' can be seen at 51 William street. For terms, apply to ( s2 lm*r JONATHAN OODKN & CO. 51 William st I NEW J ERSE Y UAILUOAIJ AND TKANsT ! POUTATION COMPANY NEW '1'OH K AN I) NKWAUK. FARE REDUCED TO TWENTY-FIVE CENTS. From the foot of Courtlanilt street, New York. (Every day?Sundays excepted.) i Leaves New York. Leaves Newark. At 8 A.M. At 2 P.M. At 7 A M. At IK F. M. ,, T" J do. 8 do. 4l/i do. 11 do. 4 00. o ,1,, ?,i2 5 ^ do. 10* do. 111 Jo. 6>i do. 9J? do 8 do. ON SUNDAYS. From the foot of Courtlandt street. Leaves New York. Leaves Newark. At 9 A. M. and 4V P. .M. At 12K P. M. and <>% P. M. NEW YORK, ELIZABETH TOWN. Leaves New Y'ork. Leaves Elizabeth Town At 8 A. M. At 3 P. M, At 7>i A. M. 3>; P. M. 9 do. 4 do. 8>a do. 7 do. U do. 4K do. 10 do. 9X do. 5^4 do. 12 do. The trains for Westlield, Plainfield, Koundhrook, Somerville, Sic., connect with the 9 A. M., and 4>* P. M. ; trains fron. New Yoik daily, Sundays excepted. Fare between New York anil Elizabeth Town 25 cent*. Fare between do. and Somerville, 75 cents. NEW YORK AND RAHWAY. Leaves New York. Leaves Rahw.iy. At 8 A. M At 3 P.M. At 7 A.M. At. P. M 9 do 4 do. 8 ik: ?? do. 11 dc IV da. 9J? do. 9 do. 6% do. llG do. NEW YORK AND NEW BRUNSWICK. rrom loifi ui * ouriianui sireri, iipw lura.uauy Leaves New York. Leaves New Briuiswit It. At 9 A.M. At 4 P.M. At 6 A.M. At UK A.M. 5)a do. 7K do. 8>, P. M. ON SUNDAYS. L#aves New York Leaves New Brunswick. At 9 A. M. and IV P. M. At I I U A M? and 8>i P. M. Fare, except in the Philadelphia trains, between New York and New Brunswick. 50 cents. Between New York and Railway, 25 rents. Passengers who procure their tickets at the ticket office, receive a ferry ticket gratis. Tickets are received by the conductor only on the day when purchased. *ul9 r SI' M M K K A K K A N< 1KM K NT NKW YORK AND PHILADELPHIA RAI .KOAD LINE DIRECT, 1 Via Nkwabk, Nkwbhi'wswh k, pRijicRTors, T*v.ntow, Hohih \ i <i\v.v Mt Bi,t(i\. Leaving New ^ ork daily from the foot of (ourtlandt st. Morning Line at 9 A. M.-?Mail Pilot Line at P. M. The Morning Line proceeds to Bordeutown, from thence by steamboat to Philadelphia. The Evening Line proceeds direct to Camden (opposite to Philadelphia) without change of cars. Passengers will procure their tickets at the olfice foot of ('ourtlandt street, where a cnmmodious f.t.-amboat, will be in re: dinens, with baggage crates on board. Philadelphia bugg.'ge crates are conveyed from city to city, , wDiout hems opened by the way Each train is provided with i car In which are a|mrtinciits and dressing rooms expressly for the ladies' use. Reluming, the lines leave Philadelphia from the foot of Walnut street, by steamboat to Bordentowu at 7 o'clock, A. M and by railroad from < atndeu, at o'olock, P. M. iif inn s Kir Baltimore r.?r rinmieipma ai n. >I , nun 4 r. M. being a continuation of the liin"? from New York. jy28 3ra'? PATERSON RAILROAD. KAUh OM.V 2i I'KNTS , Krom Paternon to Jfrsfv ity. On and after Monday, 17th July, tne car? will leave Patkrson Dkfot Lkavb N?w York. 8 A. M. 9 A. M. UX " I2X P M. 4 P. M. 5 " ON SUNDAYS. Lkavk Patjrson Dkfot. Lkavk New York. 7K A. VI. 8H A. M. 5 r. M. 6 P. M. Traiii|>ortatioii cart |>l daily (Sunday! excepted.) PammiSer's are adviwl to be at the Ferry, foot of Courtlandl ttreet, a >vf minnre* before the ?r*te?l hour* of departnre ivl4Am KOK BUKKALO AND ALLTXIITS OK THK WKST. ASSOCIATION rASSAtiK oh'KICK TO ALBANY. Utica $2 no Rochester, $3 00 Sjmcuw, 2 2S Buffalo, 3 50 Oswego, 2 25 Up. and Lower Canada 6 40 By lh< fast line to Buffalo and found, $8 00. Kor parage apply to , St. L. HAY, 1 an24 3nvm 93 Barclay street. New York. i M S. IIALL fc t'O.'M " 1 CHARLESTON, SAVANNAH. MILLKDUKVILLK, , MACON, C OLUMBUS V FLORIDA PACKAOE EXPRESS. * Mniri. M. S^ B.AJ.L JM'O.wrtl receive Sjiecie, Ba~Not~ , outlines, nmupiei, i n. iu.i , niniu < tin mi, HUH |i ir? l ril them by theii hspren ,to and Irom ( harleston, Savannah, Milledgevillii, Macon, and all the way station* oil the ( cntral U.o!ro*d. AI?o, by the steamboat St. Matthews, Captain McNelty, on her ivunltt trip* to and from Darien, Brunswick, St. Mary ?, Black I rn'li, Picolatta and Palatka. M. S Ball & Co. will pay particular attention to tlic nurchas, I of Oood*. cnllei'tinic and paying Drafts, Notes and Bills, and the transaction of any and all kinds of business, at any of the > above named place*. Tliey will also forward (roods mid Merchandize to an\ part of tlie United States, winch may be sen; to their care rliey intend to put on teams to run reynlirlv through from Macon to Columbus, under their own charge, to carry all kinds ot merchwidite, with all reasonable dispatch

and safety, oil the 1st of October neit. Messrs. M. S. B. Si Co. having mule arrangements with Central lUilroad Company of (Jeorgia, for an apartment u .iter their own lock, and with a Messenger always in cliarue, ,i|t, superior advantages for I lie prompt and safe conveyance of ill t valuable articles that may be entrusted to -.heir care Merchants, Rlanters, and others, desirous of receiving their n (foods with prompt dispatch, will lind it advantageous to direct to them. I?/*" Office at Savannah, 113 Bay street; Micon, Washington Hall; M. X. Ball h Co., Milledgeville; Agent at Charleston. S I V., A. Head, M Kast Bavi S. Philhrick, Agent for receiving and forwarding goods and merchandize st Savannah. e M. S. It Si ( o. w ill advance cash for all freights on goo<U sent to thei r chargr. Charge* uo more than the ordinary way of obtaining goods. ?u*i lm"i * RK F \llN(x. SEPTEMBER 17 SFOAR8. i nnv i .1 ?i?-iiictif in iinoKtmr, None hut sinokt rs know/' '1 In* ft.iv nig is true, when ye know where lo liud A ke^.ir (h it imtscsses I he quality rare Of enlivening (1ms spirit* and cheering the mini. Anil en title* the sinoltrr to puflf away care. This limtry .ilway* your *ure to obtain. If ou HKIa AS iu Maiden Lane promptly you rail; II' yon visit him once, you will do so utfuiii, For lie kivm satisfaction ami pleasure to all. His Sejjam tre the choicest, most eiouisite brands. By a C"mi?etent agent selected with care, V)ireel from Havana, by s|**cial command*, And none in the city w ith his can compare. Hi* Col burn, Regalias, L-? Noruias, and Stars, Noriegas, Trabucas, Victories pure ; Principe, K*i**riiiizas, I tutorial Segar*, The l>?-sl in the country that you can procure. (Jass idnr.u. La Norma*, and ('ongress beside. Hi* Do* Cornparieros and exquisite brand, With other* that have comiietitiou defied, For his customers, SKI \AS lias always on hand. ! Iu order to secure a continuance of the approbation and custoii with w hich SKI \ AS ha* been so long favored, he ha* engngei gMei ?l uid < omi tit igent in Hai in <. to selcel tM Tol uc< ana siipei intend the in.ikiug of all senars tint he im|x>rts; con sequeutly, he can warrant all sold b\ h I ill to be genuine. Hi' stock on hand i* more e\temive and sii|>ortor to that of au\ similar establishment. Remember the Nuuil?er, 3 MAIDKN LANK, Howard'* Hotel. ant) i ? ? i SKOAKS. TOBAiril. SI MiAll in COFFKK. cn nn/) rv?T UKVKIVILD oft>.* ce\*fc?*ted L I 117 ron br.nul, consisting of ILualiis and medium size Segars 'i'j.noii of the Florida brand, do do do. 20,000 Low price Ilavan.u, do do do. 11 Bales o| (iuisa Tobacco. 0 Bales of I javana do. 6 < 'ases ol Free Labor St. JagO White Sugar. 12 Baics of superior do Collet*. For sale by A. A. SAM A NOS, aul7 1m*r No G Wall st and 289 Broadway. A .V s XA1.A Nus 1 ,,,r SBl? '11 N vv lM *' 10 xv# Muscnvniio Migar, ami 15 baus of Cotfw, landing from brig 1 | ax, from St. Jago fu Store? 10 hhds Sun cured Muscovado Sugir uit *ble for rcikers 4 boxes white Sugar, free labor 18 bales superior Guisa Tobacco, tillable for manufsc Hirers. WO,in. Hejjar*, of Lord Byron, Woo Iv ?-,an?l .\ variety ofotliei brands. WANTED?A Cooper, and a Mil v right tint understand! rarp*>,,,ers work, to gotoHt Jagml uba; must b?* single sin of temiHTate bain's. Applyasanov 18 !m*r SNUFF, <'HeA MS AND TO CCO?Just roceived rm recent arrival*, an import .-it i i of choice foreign Snu IIs consisting of Lund/ Foot's Irish nigh toast;high dried Welch Hardham s, No. 37, V aolet Strasburg, Morton's mixture, IVinct Albert do, Copenhai^en, etc; together with a large assortment of domestic sn litis oi tiie subscriber's manufacture On hand a prime lot of Havana Cigars, "Moriega," "La Nor ma}" "Ilegalnu" 'Panetela," etc. C avendish Tobacco of the most approved brands, Turkish German, (I qualities) Scafarlatti, ami Spanish smoking lobar cos;L)utcii and Ktigjish clay pii*>s;Jones'Koyal patent mate lies cigar cases; tubes; lanc> pittes; sun (f boxes, and every artich ippert lining to t well stocked tobaccoai '??itablishment, foi ?afe at wholesale mid retail by MllS. G. NKWCOMBK & SON. au 21 lin*ec No. 4 Wall st. FOKKIGN W1 NKS AN I) 77li^TTo US~ ~ No. 33V? Ann street. New Vork. TH1C advertiser has for sale the following choice i ill porta lions of the very best quality, vix Old French Brandy in cask and bottle Holland Gin " ** M " Hamburgh *' 11 (imported in 1 POO) 14 Madeira Wine in i>i|>es and bottle 11 Sherry, Muscat, Bordeaux, Mart j rs 11 " < ataloui, Portl file. Invalids and others will find pur.* li jnors unadulterated a. nbove?No. 33 ^ Ann st. al!i lm*in bTsankohimi vsTit aTlo uint;store)inf?i ton st., lias just opened an entirely new md splendid assort ment of Kuglisli and French Cloths, ( assimeres, and Vestitigs which for beaut;', elegance, and durability, ca.oiot be snrpas*e< in this city, being bought for cash, lie will sell to all hi friends ind customers 25pei cnt cheaper than thou who oo no idhcre to the cash principles. Strangeis and others who ar visiting our city, are re*|*ectfullv invited to call and exam in liis rich assortment of K<?ods, all of which lie pledges himsel to make in a stvle and fashion which shall nlease the most fas regar ls good crtting, workmanship, and prices ll< would also inform his customers that lie has a new and entir issorttiifiit of leniciis' outliftinir of nverv dcarrintion. con listing of stocks, scarfs, collars, bosoms, shirts, drawers, sns [lenders, silk and li.ieu cambric handkerchiefs, gloves and ho .i? i. of til kind. N. ii. Punctuality observed strictly in filling all orders. M. 13. SANKORD, sO lm*r Next to the Herald Office, New York. TMJ TAI LOUS ?ST IN KM KT'S New and Complete Sy7 I tam for ( attinff ?verj kind or Fashionable, Garment now in vonue, is, ready for delivery. As the reputation ofthe authoi u? a fashionable cutter, is too wejl kuowi to require uewspai>er comment. This system is, with conlu'ouce, offered to thf rnde?not as i mere theoretical invention (or singulation,) but is the inost practical and complete work ever published on tltii subject. It is the result of*many years extensive and fashionable practice in N? w York aud 1'aris, and will be found to con Lain such ample, plain, and precise instructions, an to enabU ftvery student to t ut with ^ise. and certaiuty, all the variou rvles of garments now worn, both in Kuroi* aud America, rhis system cannot be atlected by the future change* o fashion and is vneommnndad t<? (ha pvoknion u a ndiii work, and inav be obtained of the autlmr, 93 Cedar street, am t i?- forwaroan to any pail ofthe United States. Mioaw* DEPOT OK UKNTLKMKN'S FANCY DRKSS A11T1CLK8. It K \ 1) y M A L) K LIN K N 9. UN D KH < * A RM K NTS, 6tc.k< 'l'HE Subscriber would call tin attention of thtir patrons u handkerchiefs, dressing gowns, hosiery, lambs wool, meruit silk, cotton, Berlin, buckskin and other undershirts .ml draw ers Their assortment of theabove goods, and all other articl*1 appertaining to a gentleman's wardrobe are rich, varied, an extensive, and well worthy the attention of the fashionabl community, they would particularly recommend their uev style ol gentlemen'? shirts, as containing many improvements The shirts at present manufactured by tnt'iii. are cut to suit lh< form ofthe wet' ivr, thereby doing away with the large rtverplu of linen used triiler the old system of cutting, and adding no only to the comfort of the wearer, but to the beauty of tin form. This improvement was so manifest to the Judges of tin late fair at the American Institute, that the first premium wai awarded to the subscribers; their patentelastic Brace is |>articu larly recommended to all |iersous who have acquired the hahil of stooping. They will lie found of immense benefit to personi of sedentary habits, by bracing the shoulders they streugthei the hack, aud expand the chest, and will be found of no impedi ment to the free use of the arms. They would also call attention to their patent elastic Russia or riding belt. Oentlemeu may de|ieud on being suited with the best and most fashionable articles, by calling at the old establishment ol I'AK.HKLLS Si AOATK, au 20 ltn*ee 237 Broadway, corner of Park place. ON CIIAN(?K AliAIN?ItKTl'KN TO THK Ul.l) rPIIK undersigned, after a seven years' experience of the evil A effect* resulting from large stores ami larger rents, is happv to iuform Ins numerous customers and the corninunily u?n< r il' ly, that lit-liui eflec ed (thauk-i to a conscientious landlord) a leas* of of Ins old stand No 4, (formerly 5) Wall street, Mortimer Hit?I?Iiiikh, corner of New street, aril for many \ears celehratcd by his well known 8IGN OK TilK itOLDKN KLKKCK?a beacon to all who are in <|nest of good cheap and fashionable garments. To such of his old patrons who may have lost *ii;ht of hiin during his wandering's he invites tli ir return to the Old Si>ot, with ik*4 assurance of a strict adherancc to his wrll established lame for skill a id punctuality. Of the public generally be soliciUinUibainiimpiiNwith in iMovtmstoJ Am uidai ? louoble clotht, cassiiners, vesting*, fee. Jkc., which lie wiM be happy to make np in the most fnthful manner, and oil reasonable charges, for < ash Only. The same care .uid attention bellowed on making and trimming, as when the c'othis purchas'd of hi iii. 15. Jlabcock continue* in the rutting department. f' IIARLKH I 'OX, h11 lmr Si^n of the(?old?'ii Kle?ce, No. I Wall st. JAME4 LAOV, DUATKR AND TAILOR, 62 John street, near William, routinm** to make np Oeutlemeirs garments of su|**rior workmanship, and in the moat fashionable style, at his usual nw prices. Oentlemeu in want of new and fashionable cloth ng, should call and eiamiue his select stock of giwds before purchasing elsewhere. Atrial will lie *ufliri*ut to convince he most economical, that for beauty of At, at k of workmaa chip, and at such extraordinary low prices, this establishment cannot he surpassed by any iu the city. ' ' (teiitleiuen furnishing their own poods can have them made and trimmed?a perfect fit warranted or the price of the good* returned. au2f lmr TKIIM9 CASH. WM. T JENNINGS Ar GO. DivAPKRB AND TAILOR8, 231 Broadway, American Hotel, opposite the Kountaiii, solicit att-ntioi to au assort* inent of s?asouable goods, including loths, t .smiiu ??*s, Vestiugs, Sic., in all the new and various styles, tinder tl?e rtssur uice that the system of "sin ill profits and <|uick returns, which has elicited so liberal a patrouaire, w ill lie continued while our arrangement* are such is will enable us to fill .ill or ders iu futuiv with promptness. A feature in the establishment, wSiich must commend it U those reouiritiK articles for immediate use, is ihe addition t< jur stock, of an assortment of first quality rend} made Oar meets, coiisirting of Snrtouts, Krocks, Dress ( outs, Pantaloons, Vflsfs Office I o.?ts, Travelling brocks, Dressing (iowna, Ike A choice collection of Silk and Satin Scarfs, Cravats, Handkerchiefs, Gloves, Suspenders, Hosiery, (Juuer Shirts, Drawers, vltislin shirts, Collars, Ike. At prices which must offer iodi'cem?uts to purchasen. jv24 3m*ec SHlHf M>VN11FACTOKY\ AND OKNTLKMKN'S Kl'RNISIIINO STORK. l?(1 MAIDKN LANK.?Just received the latest and most approved Kreuch pattern shirts. A general assortmentof diirts, under garments, hosiery, cravats, handkerchiefs, Si \ Shirts and under garments made up to order and re; aired at ihort notice. Kor tale, a Counting House Desk, w ith three Irawers anil book rack. WM. COLLINS. *u20 i m r pKNTLKMKN* LKKT OKK WARDROBK?OentleIT men ??r families desirous of converting their L it oil' wear".g apparel into rash, can obtain for the same the higtiest cash >nce. To fundi*! and gentlemen quitting the fit) ,or chaining realleuce, having any su|?rtluous effects to dispose of, will find it iiach to their advantage to send for the subscriber, who will iltcud thein at tkeir residence by ap|>ointmeut. H. LKVKTT. No. 6 John it, New York. A lui'* through ttw p<?t office, or ollwwiM, will receive >rom|>t attention. Clothing cleaned, altered mid repaired. snl? Imr I) M. PEYSElT fc CO., ^ (V 111) William sirwt, corner of John itivt, and 117 Broadw.\y hav received, by recent arrival*, nn ?ien?i?f supply if the following KANC* GOODS, wiiich were carefully sealed by a com|>eteiit Person at Paris, Berlin, fcr.. and wtiich hey offer for tale, in wnole?al? and ici?il, ou liberal term.-,, 'ii:? Berlin Zephyr and (Jennap. Worsted?tlie most complete a?ori.nent. Berlin Kmbroidevy Patterns?a choice selection < mvast lor tinbro.ik'H', of cotton, worsted, linen, lilk, gold i ,, ,ver, of .ill width* nid <|iialities Silk < .ir inlle, for embroidery, triinmmu and lliiwer m<kiug. Purs<t Tw i?t. Owman, Frencri and Knglish, plain Aud shaded, . tkeins. sticks, and on six>ols. Klo*s silk for Kinbroidery and Fringe Makers, in skein* an 1 It! upoolj. ... Suspender*, snpeilily embroidered, and Suspender Trim I inlil. Silver and Steel Beads, in .ill No*. Mother of IVirl, Gold, Silver and Steel Purse Ornament*. I Mil and Silver Fringe, Braid, Cord, Twist, Thread and I'assels. Kmbroid ry Kratne*, and a variety ?(' .litf.'-nt Fuicr Artiles. . Artilicial h lowers?a choice selection. Fringes, of cotton, worsted and silk, importe:! and domestic Oinii*, Tassels, Buttons and all utlier kind of trimming. jy 17 Jin?e? [ERA] lUt'J Tin* rtlrrry llriul rr' I would not fiom thn wiie require j i he lumber of tlx ir learned lore; Nop would I from thn rich desire *L* A single counter of their Morn? Km I h VO IW and I ll ive wealth A?d I havo spirits lightas air; And morethau wisdom, more than wealth A unrry heart thatlauzh* ?t pare. ?" . tiui Line other mortal* oi my kind, 1 ,i|S| I've stiu^xti'd foi Da.u. Fortune's favor ; j ty. And omriime* have t een hall inclined Mli't Co rale hei f >r her ill-hehavior. I,.u But lite was short?I thought it lolly the T<> lo e its m 'infiit* 111 itesnair ; (jM So ?lip aside from melahch'ly, l,y With merry Heait that laughs at cure. au, An * once, 'tis true, two witching eye*, <nc Surprised me in a luckless season, ?gj | j Turned all ni) mirth to lonely sighs, hil And quite subdued my hotter reason , a ? Yet 'twii* hutlovocould make me grieve, w'1 ,| And love, yu know, ia a reason lair, he' And much improved, a* I believed, no The merry nnart that laughed at rate Wl So now Irom idle wishes clear, j,1,* I make the Rood I may not lind; ( Alown the stream I gently stcei, i And shift my sail with every wind, st An l hail hy nature^halt by reason, i.? <;ati Htill with pliant heart prepare, "ie The man attuned to every season, 'u The merry heart that laughs ?t care. ,jJ| Yet wrap me in your sweetest dream, de Ye social fueling* ol <ha mind, im Give, sometimes giv.', your tunny gleam, up Anil let the rest ^oo?i humor find, g,? 1 Ye?, let me hail an 1 welcome give, ?,n To every joy my lot may share, tir And pleaded and pleasing let me live. an With merry heart that l.mglis at cai e. pri RIH I rould not Help It ?IVo not. I, 11,1 A plague upon the men.,I say; {* , They'll never leuve poor girls alone, Ever teaaing, night ami day, (jt. Till they have won us for tht ir own; ^ j ! And yet the wnmi'H love the men, "I'is surely lolly to deny? Kor nine w ill answer out of ten, j (|(. " 1 could not help it?no, not I j |? I told young William,t'other day, j ag I never would become ahride, I |,e But sure he took another way, , To tell me truly thut 1 lied ; ur First with a kiss ho stopped my lit eat h, Jti ; And aofily said, veet creature,why I" in p And though ho squt-eztd memnst to death, ,\1 " I could nut help it?do, not i." to What do you think ut last I said I '' I never shall forget, I swear! P' I tell \ oti plain, I'll never wed, K1 So tease me now, sir, if you dare ! J1 But, oh he kissed me so sweet, j * aim iookcu sii c.narmin^ in ^>y ??y 1 vowed in church tin youth 10 mift, " I coul 1 not help it- no no1 I.' 1 11 " 11 1 11 1 " Ncxlro ami I he Inllci! Stairs. Tilt* subjoined correspondence, l?euii< the rt'pl y of Gen. Thompson to the angry epistle of Bocanc gr? 1 touching the late Texin expedition s!g.iiti:-t Sa uta ? , Fe, aud claiming indemnity Irom the United Sta te.n ' for the expenses incurred by Mexico in suppressing ( j it, and thi response of the latter functionary to our I i'u Minister, will be found to possess much intermit. j Bocunegra's letter, to which Mr. Thompson replies, " was published in the Herald some lew weeks ago. Legation of the United States ok America, / IMkhico, July 'iid, 1811 i > 1 he undersigned, Envoy Extraordinary anil Minister Plenipotentiary ol the United Stall s of Ameiica, had the honor to receive, at a lute hour last evening, tliuno'e ol his Excellency S.-not D Jose Maria de Bocanegra, Minis1 terol Kor.igu Relation* and ot State, in which his Ex * cellrncy is pleased to staU: that "ftoin the public pap>i? of Texas, and the proclamation ol urmistice of President Tl Houston, It i ppear-i tlmt the Texan g .vernioeot has not i authorised the repotted invasion ol Sinta Fc,M mult hut J* Irom that ami other circumstances which he does not ' mention. it is to be inferred that those anventurcrs are ci | tixensot the United States." Th" undersigned was unawaru that up to this date any f positive information had been received regarding the re '{ aiity of such au invasion, and much 1. =>s us to its pariicu- iir ' lars.or ot the official disavowal of the ^oveiument ot IV'" - Texaf. Under such circumstance'?, then tore, he haj j11" wished that yuur Excellency hat postponed the vety "" grnve demand mad* nil thr receipt ol such iulormation. n,!i ! It is possible, however, that some of tho.e unprincipled ?t,. d m?n iuko trample on all legal aud moral precepts, und ,t who are to b.- loan.I in all parti., but teituily as trarua in >, the United Stales as any where else, may have incorpor rated themselves into such expeditions. In such a case 'I' thogovernm nt of'the undersigned will not only not inJ terposo its protection, uut will proceed on a par with 'j ,, Mexico, and will use all means within its power to ' ' bring them to condign punishment. The undeisigned, r however, does not lor a moment believe that the said ex ' ? pedition ha* been rai-ed in, or proceeded Irom the Umte.l "" J States The long experience jour Excellency hm had I . in the hallsof justice, must have made the piiuciple fumi, liar, that in matters of prool the testimony ol auitn.s- \ must ha taken in conjunction; and Const quently your Ex Xr;l ceilency ought fully to admit th'' expositions ol the Ame K ' rican pape s. Whnt then is their tenor 7 That the sl": | expedition is Teian?entirely Texan. The commander, e CoL 8atV ly, is a Texan; the stsrtu g |>oint is fou d in the "j i republic of Texas; and, accordion to eveiy cir umstance *" the expedition is Ttxnn No doubt, many persons fiom T ihe United Stuti may have united themselves to it, and I w" the sume may have bet n 'loneby mure than one Irishman; I M . hut then it would not be just to make reclamation on the , Government ol Great Butuiti lor it* share ol the reaponsi " hility. The undersigned, however, is persuaded that af ' ter mature examination, even granting the correctness o your Exeellencj's supposition, ths Mexican Government cannot seriously think of claiming indciriiity for the ex 11 penses incurre.l in checking the sa.d invaiion. Your Ex- .1 cellency has also been pleased to allude to the lart of the I punctual paynirut of the indemnity resulting Irom the j\ Convention of 3l*t J<tu last, a' a new claim for the friend. i ship and good faith ol the Uniti d State*. Mexico haa ! >trong claims ol this kind on the Government of the un dersigned,ou account ol tlie respect w ith which thii' Go ll> > vernment regards it.? unsullied name ami its fidelity in lultiiliHg its engagements, and lor the ptotniind interest It I* hi takes in the advance1? of Mexico in the grand career ol J'jj> civil liberty. But the undersigned rannot recngna- Jj any additional claim, the lact that Mexico having com- , Vi.l' plied with obligation# o which her national in it H ?a> ||,.,r |dndgcd,and the nun lulfiimentof which would cover hri Urid< >vitt\ eternal dishonor llut if the compliance ol Mexico K??i Wi'h its (Mat solemn promises is a prool ol fi iendly senti \V '' inents towards the United States, much more is the factol -J-J^ i neiv concession of five year#grant- 1 to Mexico tor th? pa) nient of a debt of whi h ihe United State* have the p,.|h. most per'ect right to exact paiment instantly. Th? Dim. iindemgnxd won 11 assu"- your Excellency that sur.h an ihe sentiments of th? United S^te toward* Mexico, ot j':"1' which a* a proof, nndth desire of its Guvernmert to dis j' "*' penae all |io?*ible prolectinn n? will to the Mexican# j'hi as to the Americana engaged in Ihe commeiee between both countries, that it ordered Col llirmy with n re x, It jinent of dragoons to be atn'ionid on the route between ^ '1' : Santa Fe mid the United States The undetsigii) d will lese no time in transmitting your Excel!* ncy's no'e to hi" government, nt the same tim-* ; giving assurance that us soon as any certain intelligrnci '.'J"' l<i received rrgaidiog'he said invasion, Ins gnveri m n' jj," ' will vindicate its rtlalious With Mexico and ita own \ < name. Nie > The undersigned, fc" , j Signed, WAIJDY THOMPSON. ( To Mis Excellency Sr D.Jose .Maria D jcanegri, Mmi9 ter, fcc. Vii [Tbsssistiiiv.J Palacf. or tik: Or.. -r^irriT, \ Msxico, \t'? y IHU. ) y'" When the und? rsigncd, Mini?t-i ol F.n.'i,} ? Affairs and state, ha I the honor on th< iI t of July i^'t. to address hi* Excellency Mr Wa Id T* ompsci. protesting in the j l(; name of theHupreme Gnver-.r in. a? nn<.t the Lew inva- j'|? sioti of New \1 x'CO.heh- * * i he e!eaie-t and most Tinconclusive manner, thtt areo I- .'to all thi nitelligenci Zni? received, it vis compos, d <>| oiii?. ? Irem tb" United ' states, introduced nito tl.n tei litory vt the republic in a character trulyhi stil'. and that it wai> in part veil!led by |.?\! Mr Houston, proclaiming an armistice *vith Mexico,th< |i,u natural conclnsii n being ma* the Government establish Kith ed in Texas bad neither organized nif sustained the ex- I'm I ( edition This conciniion i- so obv.ons so clear and so logical, that to attempt to elucidate it would be to lessen 111 its force and intent. .... His Excellency, Mr. Wad ly Thompson, in replying to 'he aaid note, was pleased to say, that up to the 2J <0' I June last, be wa* unaware that any pasitive inlormatiou 11 a i wen received r?*s{?rMintt >1" roauty oisucn invasion, (}r!)l and much less that the Government ol Texas had dila ,;ol|, vowed it officially Doe* thia mean to say, that became the American Legation hail not leceived such intelligence it wui not received by his Excellency the Presi- |j,?|p dent 1 Ho had received it ; anil if he mm the only one Tiewho had. he knew ho.v to appreciate it lor what it'. us Lai worth. But when Incts ware takun in consideration with provious matter!), they worn strengthened and eli vared Tom to acharacterol' voracity, naturally nnd substantially in In, j culpntiug individuals who had showed hostile, views and " gratuitous animosity towards Mexico. The history o( the revolution ol Texas and the causes influencing the proclamation of u repartition from .Mexico, ureas notorious "s public, and hsve supplied n< many Wit"round - for complaint ou the pari of Mo.xic.o against Ilux r.r is ol lliw United States, as any thing tnnt has ucctirrix' .{!!>* up to this invasion Oiti/.ens ot the United K'ates, ['* ilmo?t altogether composed, and do cowpos" the poptiln \^ 'I m of tho department now at*led Texts and Texan*? Hoi, Those who subscribed the articles ol indet,<-nden e, witt> I loir hut iew sx options, were ative* of the sail Sntes, and in which the spirit ol iusurr, ction was fomented and the views and piaua against the territory ol the Republic ; p rotated. *r { | Mr. Thompson, like the government which lie so wor- * . thily represents, knows in a manner not to be questioned. | thai from the part of the a>mo States armed nun, muni "" tions of war^nd money, have been sent lor no other pur ,, poses or oTiTeci, than to seize on territory usurped by'he j tirst Colonists. It is equally well known that there are I papers established in Texas, the exclusive object* of which N j are to sustain the attacks committed on Mexico, to in Li D. I'rlra Two CMIII ease the emulation tlnlli. villily the Me*ic?na, and h-.end the ii?nrpation ol a territory, to which it* citi is could not adduce ? amgle title a<tmi4s?h|? by en light s.l nations. Kvea now,th?r?uru mimr point* whor* eiing* are held to succor thosethry call Tsxans, bjr idiiiir them arms and men and such otlmr aj.l as mav N? teMJtry. Tlirge l.ict* are public ; they are not cxecu clrfiideatineljr ; (hey urn confirmi| anj talked ol witli iKiin^ tlexico Mini itH Government received anil count* to receive early notice of tin* airociutn conduct, luy il ami contrary to the |>rim-i.> ol jnatioe an<l >qmwpMclally between individual* ol friendly n >uou< , I if Irishmen 01 peiaonnlrom oih?r nation* arn to b? nd in the rank*of the Hdreuturera who have invaded |iUce, the nmjority ia c mi'owd ot citizen* frimi trie itcd States proceeding from ih*m, attiact^d or*ednced the invitation o( thoae 'i'K-<K''|' 'n rat?ing recruit* ; I all HCiinteil by the name apirit, ra ! to *ii*tain and re'ue thr imurpa>ion. Thii unleriigued doe? not ex (urate Ilia at ale ol the matter ; hia nai ration, it not laith>inJ complete in all purtrcularn.i* nevertheleaa true aa hole. Taking tun in conjunction with other matter*, lich have i no much injury to Mexico, it ia the <t testimony that Could lie presented and which could t In- overlooked with indifference, connected aa it ia 'L*1 * 1 r !. u.l . ?? Ika mini- iw<rm ill v ustmi in Dili inriiiM > micinn wu >u< rt ot Mexico in tKiu matter would involve the utmost I liability in it* government. I of Snivley in called u Texan?but is lie one I Thin poion cannot be maintained, he in a native of the United ales, and the name which he give* himvell do< * not mun the crime hi' haa committed in raining armed band* limit the Mexican llepulilic trom the United State*, in tho*e State* the pre*ent adventurer* were ruined, in tm l'kew were procured the munition* of war. Inpeudeiicu, in Miaaouri, was the atartiug point of thean n ; tt place where the laws of nations were trodden ion belong* ui the United State*, which country ala* vebifth to tnesccompatriot in .u m? The priw* of the d State*can well ??y that the expedition i* Texan, en. ely Texan, that the chiet who command* la a Texan, I that the poiut of rvndezvoul ia in Texaa ! But what unlit can thn*o periodical* bring forward in the lace of rh overwhelming evidence 7 By aaii^nlng to thiior at one *omo other place ot nativity ! Became the exJ it ion ha* proceeded from the North towards the iron r of Mexicn, it mu*t be Texan , although thoie com niur it have come lrom the United Statu*. Perhap* In pendence belong* to 1'exa* ! I- it not in Miarouri, anu not that ii part ol the United Btatea 1 The*e tact*, to Ihrr with the intelligence received by the Chief viaj rate of the Republic, give the clearest right to the mi riigned to iimi the term* of |ih> a*e* in the note ol 9l?t lv nut, which it he had omitted, might be adduced ainut him, when aubitautiating hi* right at a future riod. _ closing this nolo, .vir i n*mp*un Will j|f? |l||% l||r iilnrmgiitd to remark that the allusisn In the nut** of lly, relative to the payment ol the $270,0'O of the lirst itulmcnt wan no meant to strengthen the right of enico against iti aggressors. Mexico has other rights make the reclamations now made, an<l the allusion wu mply oh a proot ol loyalty ami ol the geod faith ai.d mutuality with which she knew haw to fulfil her euai^nwints, mid the benevolent sentimnnts which animtte s government to preset ve the good understanding witb iendly uaU'ina, such us the United States. Tho undersigned has the honor, Sec.. (Signed) JOHi: MAKIA UK BOCANKORA. To His Kxcellency waoov thnmeso* Sic. Ik.c. arxuv&iOjiy) aENEKAL PRZHTTZPfa KiS r A H L f 8M iVI E NT, r. \V CORNER ?K r"LroN AND NASHAU HTb supplied wi'rli -;'l necessary for the prompt, irnat, ami H-1!, ? I -v description of aiiu economical execution ol e, ? Pity. pren-Mork and clu*",,-I thZJL'H'~iM 1>P<' nrnoii, l uxe or small work ?./.??! fcney or cuted. w"r* cheaply a?u espeditiou.fv LABKLS . waybill's 'HECKS. SH()\V 111 l.l,ii u* lR'J/LAll8, 'TK \M BO \ r Bi LI H i'.'A1'1- TI<: K KTS, HAILKOAI) HILLS' ' mVhi1W2L?, LADIAO, HTA??K Bll.l s ];1^]'| 5|ARI)8, I'llA MI'LKTS, nnr^,.'.Ci?".'K8' 11 \ NUB | LS, U1 y^. H LA Ds, ' m A,' i1' "V-.H.^AI in'red." Vlie i:iri'liC?r7.r' 0 V^w'VP"Cn''l,''n "? 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