Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 18, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 18, 1843 Page 1
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TH Vol. IX.?No. *.10 -Whole No 3-10S. JOHN HEHIJMAN*i OLD ESTABLISIL8D I ?MU>KAN'T PASSACF OFFICE. ?^v ;j-'y RKGTLAR lT^^PT PACKL^aHiPS, 61 Soul). ?u.-. t New York ... , , !*A88A<*K to a??d from Oi? it Biitun iu?u *'i& I ImiHiul led Lo d ?n. bj fhi r?*su1v iwikrt ?hip?. wilt K ? ?' the 1st. 7th. IJili, 10th, 4iid I'rtU of ?ich mouth lo auJ fruiii Liverpool u.tJ to and from LuuUou 1*1, 10tl? and 2<jui of month. . . Thf oiS-icrilwr has m J?* n*iein ill**d urniiH^Wi'nti to nrin^ I out iMHi.jr.1 it* vid oa ?. with ^."it coufidew* 'ure thou? j*t- | ions <li *K f<r fhiM* frVitk tlwi c v#?ry du?* aoo oil ai j i^i'tKhi \v>l! tliiiwn rh*iu, *'?d ill wlio fnHwin ivjt'i tntrn | Pa*. , ra. tl... Im>d rntn Vlr>:?*. * r, I 1 ;?! It l?im. Ti !' lul' L'liU. I "1'uil. I f.Vfiu- di!fi-ieut~|*>iii "of ill' Uiiiuli Province*, at tl>> 'owcsi j rates. . , , , , . | tho?? irring-inents, lm?rnT w I'h the savnr.t". w ,ch III* LirrrjNIiil enrifslKlltr -*.il i I i:1,^ U^lhlinlrflilTI, j iiuil xt*-u?iirelv miraged ill the Ireu'liliiig bn-i'ipii d.-.pitcin i yrirh ltlrutloi Hi t cl i>s ?Iim>? from Liverpool : i' .. in ? | p i! .>? (:? (.' HUU-, w ill freight Hid I-. ?i?ilk.- - ; :ie i 1 I:tv ir-ivrf 1\ ih'. ?-??a!ili?Hioeut i> u:i?it.;-!??t-l. mil liielirge uniiiei >f < l.?s- .lii|is unplnjred iU rli- lit." tl.fiy I can he 110 lii?iti?"; ** i? vi.?-v?*i wlnro Hill l?# gu truiL-eii Tin price of will In- n ill*1 l^wett rites, a'id should i ? ! those sent for ?l*cli ie I'll.'.. 'i* I'l'lti lli'i-f. v? 11 . in ' customary lefunded. Tin* ?(e,iiiilnvii I n I'rum tli Jit!, , ,t poru to Liverpool can, a* u?n I, lie Min i JOHN HKKDMAA. -.1 si, S V or J. fc W. KODINSON, n, r W II ,!reet, Merchant* &i,J Kmigmtt- ' \ge I Nr.. I(i ftorce 1'u/za*. Liii.'',v"l i DRAFTS AND KAlJlANGti. The Subscrib.r requests tlie attention of those remitting in' I t?y to their friends in his uuupmlled arrangements lor the payineut of his draft* on demand, without discount or anj- charge whatever, at the following Bulking lii?titutions, viz :? IN KNGLAND?Mes&rs. James Bult, Sou Si Co., Bankers Loudon. .... Messrs J. Barnard Si Co., Exchange aud Discount Bauk, Liverpool. National Provincial Bauk of ICniflaiid, and Br&uchei throughOtit Kuglaud aud Wales. Yorkshire District Bank aud Brauche*. BiriniiiKham Banking Co. Laneasler Banking Co. IN SCOTLAND?Greenock Banking Co in Glasgow aud Greenock. Kastern Bank of Scotland and Branches. IRKLAND?ProvinciaJ Bank of Ireland. Amagli Cork Kunis Mallow AthLine Carlow Knuiskillen Moneymore Ballnia Cavan Galway Omagli Belfast Coleraine Kilkenny l'arsoustowQ Bainbridge Cootehill Kilrush Sligo Jlallvineua Duhliu _ L udouderry 'Htrabuie Baiiiloii Downpatrick Largen Tralee B lllyshanuon Duiigannon Limerick Waterford Cloumel Duugarrou Mouaghan Youghall National Bauk of Ireland. Billinsloe Castlebar Moate Tip|ierary Bauagher Kuuiscorthy Nenah Tuam Boyle Kermoy New Itoss Thomastowu Cosher Calway Iloscrea Tralee Carrirk on Sair Kanturk Roscommon Wesljiort tastlcrea Longford Sligo Wexlord Charleaville Loughrea Tallow Wicklow Cloumel Micnaelstnwn Thurles N. B.?In addition to the Liverpool aud Loudon Packets, the subscriber is also agent for the regular pickets sailing weekly i V-... l'...I. ... M ri.i ? i *i ,i>. i Savannah, by which passage cau be secured at the lowest rates. ! jylj-tf JOHN HKKDMAN NEW LINK OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS. To sail from New York on the 25th and Liverpool on the 13th of each mouth. iHly Ship ROSCM'S, Captain John Collins, 25th July*. Ship SIPHONS, Captain A. B. Cohb, 25th August. Sliip SHKRIUA.N, Captain K. A. DepeysU-r, 25th Sept. Ship UARR1CK, Captain Wm. Skiddy, 25tn October. KnoM Livkrfooi.. Ship SHERIDAN, Captain K. A. Depeyster, 13th July. Sliip OARRICK, Tapt. Win. SrRiddy, 13th Augu.t Sliip ROSI'IL'S, Captain John Collins, I3lli September. Ship Sli'DONS, Captain E. B. Cobh, 13th Octolit; These ships are all of the first class, upward" of inn# tons, built in tli* city of New York, with such impro\t-m?-uls as Combine great s|ieed with comfort for pi -Kris ( .very care his I let Ml taken in the arrangement of tlwir acronmud itions. The price of passage lieuce is ? i. *1 *hiia are commanded by ex|ierienced masters, who w ill ui.vk'.' t v ii exertion to give general satisfaction. Neith-r '.lie captains or owners of the ships will S?- n.sible for any letters, parcels or package* ?etu ty tlicm, uvl.' > ftgnl ir hills of lading are signed therefor. Kor freight or liassage apply to k.. K. COLLINS Si CO., 56 South St., N?w Vork.ori i BROWN, SHIPLEV I U., Liv ri?.>1. Letters by the packets will be cli'ited I2;? i*r ?luul llwH ; 5(1 cents |>er ounee, and newspver-. 1cputi.?,V ;i1 cr THE K.N W LINE OF L1VEHP <OL '.>< ; fcl - New Ship LIVKIIPOOL. IO0 to. ., < !'| .V' " L, Joliu KldridBe. \ J,1.,) VjVil New ship QUEEN OF Til c. >XKHT, ( ' n''rr 1210 toui. rkili|> P. \V uodlmu V <'! I, Ship KOCHESTF.R. *>? com. ? ;?![' *' John Britlou ( \uH',n"irvShip HOTTINOUKR, !0W j {*? Ira Uurs-1>, (, ,, |h Those substantial, f?js? sailing, first cl _*? sliif*, ill imilt 11; the city of New \ iU, me con: mvulej hj* me', of ?"en-uCu and ability, an?l will be <tiipat"hetl <u t!>e IGtli each month. Their cabins are eleir'.Kt <n(l ?oin'n ><ii?ns a"d f'lriisiu'J w?th whatever can C'Urlno t<- i!i* en- auU ?oiTtl'oif of t?je-..gen. Neither the captains or owicrf of thane ship* will b* region tible for any parrels ?( utcli itm ?-uit ti> them. ipgul.r bills ladiiiK sre simiei thereto!. K'f fteiijlit or imsiirf 41 ,ilv to \VUOimt 1A it MIXTUKNS. m South ?tioet, N?w Vork, orto F1KLDBN, tMOTMKRS k < 1| an 9 _ * ' "'i'"l I TAPSCO I'T> <iKN Kli a L 4? VSvSAt u, FiL* K. I 43 PM'K SLIP, \r.W VOilK. & m M ?j&! Tnt-?ut*enV s t*? vill r!i#*:>* ?.i th?ir r* .?i.*m.j| the i iiUlic ice . to tuperior 4T?a?i>{t^iKi.u Id. t?i! -i i i :ir ihwiinei# from, fl'.U . .'iti mtifv t1' M? ! Futtti.?ti !rvlv.?l Sc??f! ?i.<1 or \N ale*, 11. liit lit* 'lictml )t4Ck , et iijh?. roiniiruiuu Hi* Ni. A LIN.; OK LIVERPOOL PACKKT'*,'' VI/.:? I h'n;1 KOJl' I' S ''apt Culli'ii Ship S.DD.I.Nr* ( t i. ' ???. H : /V "'.i;! iM V a,., tin ll,|?n-<rer f'afitj ' Ski..-). Xc? *? > M'n TlNi.fKH. ?\.|*ai.i n "i II .J N H, I . . ouliou.e. Mup i.vJ Ml'.bTMi, t Punier. V ? *?'. I LlVM1 ?'' r. < *pl h i t . "Is". Svli'ig . wici' tvn my. ill' ?it'-.!,r " LINK." i c hi'ih>..i J ol' i -j ';r?f ci'.sn .Vim 'i ir in *Uipii, %.tiliii? rv* ry j tra <l'\< m !' m l?' tin i. - "."h in ' i. u/i. t( tl>?- I yrnr, (or oi.e V'fj 1ivil i:.rii i.j p.eft .itLl, the , >...! || J of iMKnun d-t- ! -*i Pluaaires direct I', m I. ?rt, Kmtol snd t ?- < iinel, t - V. n York. Alw Inun Li>f.|'' 1' V ,?.t n?. Vu.bih , * ??.,(, 1, j Charleaton, I'lnL-ili-S 1'Jiij?. i. i?m . - .1 I! ttiir'if md tli t? { rioai port* In British North America, can at Jl tiim-s br rn- | lOU'l on liberal terms. Pmom wiihiii'' id srad fur tli. ir friends, ? ' not f.til to ? 1 the ailttnuiiit lo w dftitrd frotn ?rlrrtin( this li ? in ,'n lo>- 1 ence to any other, and they may rest uiiml iliat uun uil cm j will U-tiM-n to the p*ssn|te igreeahle, tli ships brhix 11 tnl up with 111 eye solely to the comfort of jiaumiiri. In >11 cavn where 11>? parties sent for decline commit, the money will lie reminded without any deduction, ax usual. A In* |nt*MRe from the various smporu of Ireland and Scotland, can also he secured The re*nlar packets for which the stthscribrrs are agents. anil an follows, vi? :?To and from London 011 the 1st. In, and 2flth 'I ? It'll mnllth. *l*o ftllil rrom I.iva*rtion1 '> < it... I. ??l. I'j.l. mill, .mil 2.5th of each month. New Orleans, Mobile, Savannah, and Charleston, weekly throughout ilie season. REMITTANCES. Persons in the conntry wishing to semi money to their friends hy enclosing the sum they wish sent, with the name and addles* of (lie parties to receive, it, may rely an a draft for the amount being forwarded |ier first packet, after the receipt thereof and an acknowledgement for the same returued |*-r mail. Drift* at sight, for any amount, are payable on demand, without discount or auv other charge, at the National and Provincial Banks of Ireland and branches, Eastern Bank of Scotland, Oreenock, and their branches, Messrs. James Bnlt, Son h Co. Bankers London Exchange, and Discount Bank, Liverpool and in every principal town of Great Britain and Ireland. Kurt her particulars made known on application, if bv letter, {Hist paid, 10 W. (k J. T TAPSCOTT. diy r 43 Peck Slip, corner South st MARSE1LLKS LINK OF PACKETS. jEs. ills. ^TTi^indermentiomM^nii?i will he rv^iiUrly dispatched from hence and from Marseilles on the 1st of each moutn during the year:? From New York. Marseilles. 1 COT'niK.n. Capf, Duggan, Jnnc I, Ang. I TilKSCOl T, t apt. Myrirk, July I. Sept. 1 HELLESPONT, Capt. Adams, Ang. I. Oct. i ( (JRIOLANI S, ( spt. Ilaile, Kept. I. Not. I H'RY THOMPSON,Cam.Sylreiitar, Oct. I. Dec. 1 1 bey are all coppered and copier fastened, and have excellent accommodations lor passengers. The price of cabin passage will be $100, exclusive of wine* I and liquors. Woods addressed to the agents, BOVD St HINCKEN, w ii I he lorwarded fieeo! other charge, than those actually pai.f Mf!' ot freight or passage ?pp|> to BOVD ?t IIINCKEN, Anm, No 9 Tontine Buildings or 8. BHOOM ?t < ()', m20r^ io:i Prrmt sim-i. KOIl NKW OliLKAN*. LOUIHIANNA AND NKW YORK LINKOK PACKK T." JibKoMlHbrtWf Kcciiminodilion of nhipperi, it i? nife.,),,, tld<?p?tch a nhip from this |x>rt on th? lit, 5th M'lti, l.ith, 3 tl ami r?h of r ii:Ii iiiiinili, c.iimn.nrin* the l"tli Uci' i-i I. tiniiiiiR until May, when regular '! <> ? will?.? <p|?oirit?l ij>, remainder of the yeir, whereby smi d<lr,>? . .d inpiitu will be prevented during the summer inouUn A h? I'yl lowing xhiim will commence tliii arrangum. ..t: Slop V A ZOO, Captain Cornell. Ship ()(ONKK, ( iptdin Jackion. Ship MISSISSIPPI, Captain Hiliiara. Ship L0UI9VILLK. t'lpMin Hint. Sbip SHAKSPKARK, Captain Viu.^r. Sliii" WASTON, Captain Latham. Sin, |lll' NTS V il,LK. Captaiu Muinfo.d. Ship Ot MULUKK, t upturn Le&vili Ship WASHvIIjLK, Captaiu t>i> liiutou, Ship MKMPHIS, Captain Ki.itf'it. Ship LOUISA, Captain Mulfoid. There ahipa wen* all built in the ri|\ nf ,\f? Vofi ?tprv?i- I |v tor packet.*, are of light drutl of ? uei Inv. r. ?-.-n11> ' newly coppered and pat iu *ple. did writer, m >'li ,tc< nti'ionti lion* for pmnenqeri mirqmlM fur comlhtt i h?*> *r? coin | mmided by eipprienced mail,-ri, who will m iltc ever) ev?rti, i I |o |(i\. > general satisfaction. 1 i,e will h a|i i, .11vi, III* an?l down the M inaimppi hy if-. mhrn'v Neither thf owiieri or cai tann. <jl thi-w iliipi will I*- ie.|Mi,j nlhle ?>r jewelry, bullion, |>r*eii uuti,,?? ,iivi oi p|.,ud, or for anv letter*, pueel oi |.o v.-r, mi< i.j ,,r t nf |, ,r,| them, unh-M regular bill* of lulut ,ie L.?fi lor i-V Mine .u d the value th?ro<>n ?tpr?i??il For freight or paaiMc. 'fT'l K. K t ULLIas & t O . % South ?t. ()r Hl'LLi > t HOOiiMI hh. -\it. in .>?? Orlennn. wlw will j?r< nipt I) toiw irj II ociu tutl.ur iH-'ie The ihipv of tllla In e e Vt irlMteil l,i ?nl i In (I j vertined, and ureal. ? ?" w I >l< ? l,i in re the g id* err,, i I Iv inea?urei| ,nr J \1 \' MINK UJ T \ \ ' a v.. k'1 ??> H BHOttl- ?. I' Nj ri 1 E NE NEW KOR CM* IM.KRTO.V II\V.\: v KhV WCHT. NEW ' ':M> 'J\LVI S'icv i lV.u.) ?' | ? ) ** A i 'Ml ] S tl I| Ol'U ' . I #' 'f^u t . Well klldWII i ' :m> ;>! * : .hip .WW \ Oli! ' P. Writ lit, lorn- ?! hi i (hi- u.l ? ibuvt TIiih ste?mer h ? b^cu put in coin- r out. ; Inr ilir ?*> i>.m, Imi fXtf ve accoiiiniotUlioub, ti * itu Ur^**a?U *?r 4t ??i-r??, ?. M <11 tif wht fii i'lr to tli*? Captain on uiid loot i.| .* i??'.h k iv. r, !'. ti t or lo ^ V A bBAllft k CO.,?Peck?lip. N ' lork 11 im sin, , ih* OINO son I' OB S/k' 1 \V> -wi\i ?mi 1.o;m mi .tdvance of t* - r* X'7 ' 'r p/ T w ? ' 'J Wi.-kly Line to * V r" ' **io', y '' tl'*'TiMitral Railroid to j * or : ?n . ,c 4i t, ,<e \Vcfct Tins spltndid sir in P-'Ii^m uf M R/l. ( LI\i H ('apt. J. P. Brook*. . i i M \ '! 1 S ' ( N , f .t i S f- r??? r. \\ ill le.*?* < Hiarleu'iM) * v? v ! -It. 1 il ' I'h! n,|pH?\ moniiuc, at 9 oV*< rk. 1- f t' ' ".a ?lit* W i'.h : ;:i 'ii to.?.; from ilieinn i ii\- * ? ' * ? 'It' ?i ? . l \s ill leaver S.iv?..i? .!? o.i i I I sn o* (J '.</.? at d o'clock r. Mm after tlieaniv i !' tl * < ! M ? | .. ;a\?- ? ?? ! I 0 ii tl. 1 !' the cheapest and rr<v> exi-*?l ' tii tu Mii wtit? Tb above In ? urv filled I.. iij> i sut ..i : I I n '\pMise or pauw v* 'I ' r p.trrd ?o . ? . ... V o i?i ? nJ extHMl; ion to tit friw l!? ,>ul - , l,c it : \ U I.AUTTK .w . .? !''itzsiii)inoiu'\tliul', iln leatou j ' [ (?liarl?<t n, Septcm!*', IMS. *'7 Jin"r I ik . , '01! N'KW OHI.I' V\S?'I' uclil 'i1 it >>1 ! ' vyT>J,-N/ i > i1 . M-rsiji ' tst ant! \Wj I I nM viz: bt I TJri'T i'Vi A u ,m NwSni)i'v f lJtvcr, Ca; < I i?j}h. 'v M " ii' t, Ii ?1j in K? !.? > M\ s T. t-M. . iJ .. j . tr-t ,..4 t K?-\. Pe rt I h?ii. A imI ? hic?-K m<<ci i {" IVuviCmU - '! ' >,!? ?'. d?t**ain tintC! s'i* J N N- AT! I Smith. ] J* in sf?,r, (who It s I ?-* lo?'K lU' v i isil,? . \ i#, i )? , i j '* Florida and Niw (J?l?\uis ) wil! ! *? < . rliv ?, i? ? ,, i!,4 i 1 l?tof October next, o.d /titer :!.? r >v .1 ? I (In Wi||, ,nyt n. j boats, for all the above | I cw K??r p-<?tr.e?. ! . t*a\ uu u ? J'1 rior accommodatiouf,-l i'lv o i I?-i d, or if 1? I n o(, j id, " to J( UN ? ! U ri Tl . I V? ii iii*. ? Charleston, 8. C , Srpt f)t!. Ilil ?lfiol? I S'J>AM SHU S r!"i I -\K l~ i'l' ni ' ? /vE?4 Will,i.m -'r'i nil n s t i,| . o, | t l.. i lit it 4 "VIli h ' ,'r?r It [ ' mt-r is now lifRig itteilit'-le i at,,l pur in |i- ot i'l? r !' r tli?- j season. tier cMltin* mil ?ut?* loons an* no^uitU In I.< 1, . anil passeugets nan u-i> ? t-Vi'i:* c.msliut v:i! Tromnf'JKinti ill lirr. Kor paitagi' is aiiov", m th? c.\lii>n <-r stepr'!;'' -iiii1 f r I glit , freight and -cie I'm Cli.ul> -tor, ..i nit ii II J. \Z x!6 r 7S Writ *t. ! r r '")TT\r-rvr>" ~ ^XirtiAMi *. St?TVs-snim if mon IraiT I i ' witluui i umi r.. otiiu i..ii;-, ,.i ill .N iiimia! 11. !. i i i " I rt-l . :<l, PlU u In, '' , I . ,'titi s 1. It S " V I'll I ' B llu'ii. I.iiiiiIhii, I 15 irjif i ' n , M'-'. ti r*' .'i itl ! ..? itt-j J ' D mil, Liv?-r|H>. V.tfti'T1. ^~'iil* oi Mot' uul * hi . U li/ihl , 1 nu 1 <'iiii>any, Sir V. in I'vil ? .'in. i. ( o., HciiifJ, i .1 j " ( lio 'itntil.t"- mi I'lt'Tj |.. .1 t'ltv thr U"li "ii V.irp I mhI 1ivi;uiiI ! ' >1 ?ii; I. ilr ifl-j n !' I>. f ii?l- ' tl | . ttvA'.atf Titiuii.j ? / W it T T T > i X' OI T : ' \t thnr Onm-itl Fa*?.iRe Oifk i J fV.-t t Souf. ?v. . ' N. H ? Al'l?iTer? fror.i the couati) iu? .'i. ?|ni! imc. I ?0 ' ~l<s^-'~\~?dA ficofiiK's LINK OK ?r k. AM BO A1~S Ulli ALB4 VVTDailv it t oV|... k !?. M. | *a> V ' ? ,l ' * * tl - j 1 ?v vti ? ??n?h.i?U and Uilnrii ?!Mi ,il iVrvcM1''' ! Thf- ?l.M t:b'.-.thS,'C!<KfliJf? HKM'aN A I' St J.I,,. | . viii ms?v? Monday, v'> eujifcsJav and riJaj, ai ? ?? ? i >Vlock Sttnniho?f HOniERTF.R. Opt A H.'itjlitou, will lt\\. I l'urvln , TlturiJiv, ?i:d ^4turit,-y *t 7 P. >1. A i i oVtoi I. IV M.?L mdiiitf a ! :i> nncli it* 11 .cfs. StMinbuj StJMTIl * x 1 r.!iI.A i|'t. M ll i'ruvriVII. j will !er,vi' Monday, Wednesday, rriuij', aud Su.iJa> allri- ,i uo<.'i, at 1 o'clock. ! , Si.- iuboii SOUTH AV'KI'.ICA, C ti>r I.. \V Bni''J** . a ill ii-if 1 u-jday, Tluus'Uy and Siturd..! EveiatiK. aC fi?> \ o'clock. .... , Pas.f. _'er* l.ikr,K this l.i?" of C'lita vill vari*'!v <rrlv,? > . | Alu.niy iu until* tiiu to takf llw vi,: .Hi, T.-i-u of .-.r, 1. . i ,, .i,? mst or v. ft?( j Tin IiohU jrt u?v and tubst mtial. ui" fumikhi-l will, if :l vid eir^ijii Sltlf,. n.d ic>. i <! uiu iCcoiuiund." I J. 'i..,i? if W'.riviWnl mi t'lf l'? !., " . r1 I or P..rv ,r or Kir ,- ,1 ! on l?i*rd or to P St hi;|?.-. I I" ' tl>? orficr on lh> ? lidrf ii j " SKVKN <li oui K MOil^liNCi LI .? . f 1'fOV f,m| }..t-rmcdni# ! TnT " wn dF ' i nti - L" r" IK ??kj \\ | ??. ? o| Birri-tV '?rect h iuii limner on l>oa?i! Sf*? N ' -Tr.*? fr mi *fl j\ ^ nr.?* Friday. T!tr Tn\ <?u . Tl?ur??Lt\ *ii'i di!'iru<(\. , > ii v K , L.. '*? { ?t--''aid" Hi's 'V-at Point. N-'n -.* ?, H?i?irt"i i Vus/VjW**'^*itj H, 'N/' Ml hJ llu l. bciitui ^ |W ui ^mnuri vr*r?u, It'lki.f ?-?l til. wll?rf. ?ll riul?'l? loi tli* mut? .villi itnunrri' brrihj oai. to .etun-d o> botrd, or at t'i? otRcr of > M \BNI)KN ? l)., N ) 3 W*ll Mr rh tT-Oii ?r.d ?f-??r tlif ctii ii.hi I, iiiM will not b? r-ctitvJ i viiTrw* iriH Orr h\H' |n?l t IV SI u " m ?? rATLU-Jsua ilAiL.ti.OAl>. O mmmesk i; Kti... \Jt> L i U ( .,.> I J. | |, Kium fall' i "ii r<> tity Oti v:d <ftf 1 Vlwfciial , Mlti J'?i> , III* c-trn will l??v<* P?riH?jv Lit.roT >t* * .k? A. .U. * A. >1. I'Vi I'.M ON SUNDAY*. liriT^ Tt *Kit: > I'uror L? 4\r Nrv? Yo??. '? v 1 ' \ Is 5 l' VI. 6 I. M. i Tf-Iiiiii MU-. 't C?f. H ?H1v (*un<1*y* wif .1 ) )>??* kcrirr iiv".it'v!:< iM*? I rffv t ?'? t< ?tf. . t, a i y **. . ? ti frlVlU I Oi U* 4."tUr? ?. w S/lil I hi' if * I, v |t**tatire *ft? inr v *-',"\1PI RK. <' *pMni "t U.. Jlti ' I <u tVeil tiuj] it 7 u t.ii ci i?, Pif .1 r i'u, ^ tiu !#> | Ill' .tA ! \ t- ,?U|I ?tt villi-. TuOY.t I i.. I Villi.I.Ml j i' u Ti?ornJ-tr. at o'cm.l. n t ?e imitiitutt, it. i.5 ; For |ia*fti*e, .i('iil> the f.??ii ?> *tre?. oi o I * :ma rd, 1 i N .IMT ?V* O.-fllA, fl -.^-t-'e tl.i'lW Pillr ^.ec'' C u Jii) Ol'f r i.itio of I'm, .-uy, tcl,e I. * iii'jirii, or jilt on ! . <><< he Hint* nt '.hi* Ln_r,inu>t !> ' .H tie !>: < 'In- o\\ .erv of mich * go* ?U. aaifi r " ,."7*1 ~i \!)> i*T\ rj~. N T TTl-.t. 177.\i~I T'i V..'?,i N!?;! I I MM- I' '< AI.BWVtt "v." "? 1 l'< )\ -T r i.. V l>.i~irt, >?itln ii L <IhrC-'Miiu i|.i>n?"' 'i ii'-! i i. ??' ?tt ''III !Ol i'H, ' ! 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P M . ft i.i. .. ."Kiiiiintdar '>.< br'h f>-.r p-uj "irit* and freight 'is?-r i"il'i:' c 'iTf .1 ' *.-.. ! itu4? jylG Sm***' U't ST.I-IK'.* M.AM) KF.UUY, l v'.?T A g^eJ**-^^?oy V 'i:: ri'.l! I.I. >T.?Tile ?. .nhn. , 1iwX.' I vrt.S tS I. V .N'UKU ind 8AMSO.N v C j run ... follows ii til In-*' L,?ave >;.? fort. ' t\ 10, 12, 2, 3M. 5 ? I . . - iuw ! ' ' 1(1, 12. i. 4, S. 0 All ii- J- ht|., .'d * '..i ,: to be inuiicul.nly ui?rk? d %t.f ! ,r* ii in. rialt "I the warn thlittC * r I ;ex NJ AHRANt'KM v f FOE vr-r^.L - ;* sf"!lAWBI UV-I i; usi*it. Stud; i junJw- I" ui ll'iu*1 and f ?t ' town l,i'i,linr I he :;"W - rt'...- ;U1KF. VV 8 BL' H V , I'.yiuu lul,: * I ( orli-t.. vt ill . a i.i-i 4, l"'low?,?a ai d illrr i'hursd.ty, iTth in*t lf.i? in* N> v k t. ! the foul t f (tobiit* i ?treer, tfn I U"? ! ?>, Thur? l.iy, and S^tu, J.i> . i: Id uVlitct, M | Am! Knioiiiowii t. ii.j-v,' on Monday, V'. til...J(U, . .?,! Kriilsi. it lit o '.'I'n'i. \ >1. | V Tlie 8brvt\ ?hiir5 v ill rntt #a Hho?e, wrnfher p^rnir'ine nr- ' _ til ftirtlarr uotiiv. Ail bay;: tu? ?,! '.W lit um. n Fare 37)? cents. N. B.?iSuki'h will Ik' in aftn.datiee (,i convev pa*?i'ritrr? ' from the alomaid l aidi .u |daut? to a.i> l ift n. 'lit i.ou.ity if | quired. The 8hrevr(bnry wit' BO the ii :.i(taaaage, *h? - prartie. ' If )r i 'Si I NEW YOHK AND KINGSTON STtAM FUUOllT ' AN I' PASSJAUK LINK. /el For Kiitiii'in, at.t' iltliwire and Il ili i ) 1..M lJ uoiti .\OHTlir KMKKALU, I tplliu T.'hu Keti li-tm w||l le Te Nrw V'ork, foot of .Vluira> ?tn*f,?'?ery Mu,id.> ,-uu J iiui?tl?> *i S " o'clock, T M. _ Will le*ve Kiniratm (Jlo-i cut l i.nli.a.) evcrj Wedue?d?v and Saturday tt 1 nVlivh. |? ?| 'i'lie .\OH I'..II. t ijii-.m I 'In S .rn-ti-N. vv-ll !eite\. w York, foot of r.-e i ?lr, t r U r. . t-d.i\ aiuiJn, i' " J o'clock, 1' M. i Will hat t. ji,v,t.?- (T?.ii d..u. I :t I' tic) ?M? Tutvlay tud . r rtuay at < o cw. h. i ? .. t XTHA TT'.IPS I"' Tl?- KN'.r.n \l,l> ? ,:l i-w 'l.i I- (.1 mi Mint,/*' -' ?v*rj i fiun.Wy nivnii.mii 7 uVl?ik. U ... . !i?r-a hmj ion ?t I j ,' o'c!?< k, unv 'Uj. j m fr? Itf'it or pi'ly oil IhihTiI. or tn ; . WiLLlAMt LAlluOW St CO . 4 I lm*r Ifil W?Hinwt NKW A 11 RAM5E.Y!K> !' KAHK AM. i Ki i'ri: l lll IircuD. %rm jr.! li I xi: \iaii OK I'KO- i ? Val,\ M I A Nil BOSTON, v?, ? ItH y im.tia AM) M'U i *?I'T-- J >f till- lolloping ?il|n lioi "Imil v in i?''tiot> (Villi ! ' ilir StiminBton ?."1 I! )?;on mhI ?'ri.?id?* ...* I*aili. ?<li i\l*sSA<Ml SKT'I 8. i ?j'i ( otnitock. HMOUi: !"!. \ NO, (.'a|l Thayer. ri:u\ k. NMMi.V'iAMSKTT. MOMK.OAN, On* of jrhirti nl' l"*w ?w A mV dulv (Sunday* e*en t- i _ d) t'r .m Pi r Nu. I. b >ivrv l'| . >, > iv.r, atjl'. .>1. .UllMMiKMINTS I rii? RHOUk. ISt AN Li, ?:<! ?. iii I hiyrr, on Monday, ard , WudiiMd.y lux StuujuHton a?id New, .i, nud pndiy t?.r I I 4 1 ?* MAdSAt'HUSKTT*. Captain ? oi:i;f?icV. on Tnct- L !iy nid T!i'if?din for KumiiiA .ou, and for Sloiiiw, ; 3 :ouf Sewportaii'l Prot idt'ucr. ramwim, un the arrival o( th* 't mrr*. at nfoir:'jton, will S iw nnmrdixtfly l.u\v*fded i? I'm* id cmiiiTV?rit ? * rli < *r? uf *l?f HA.mwd t?* IVitvidfia* vi?1 1>??! ?n, d it fo? |n NVufjort will prnc,M<l iii tit** ttr*i??u \l-du *.tu (in o? r U?r) froui i?h*uo at ti o'llock tin* f<?Ji??wiiig iiijiuiu* vhu , .. :! ' m n . I 1*1 .! a 4 1 I .m- i |j r .v: j ?rfch>uMtu or Hh?HJf 1 ;Nod, ?u.d ihfJi bivjtl ul ??u t >u?J I I J i'he itviinm nave bm thoron ;nij c,oi;?r d an'* 4 I tw i'romi>t?? ty of travtl u d riu c.-ailort iud ^ 2Jr*j/ ?ri'OMt^ ^n, jumi uociar? ..fM(i t>> .iuv ?u the Laiinl J cl f or k lMnff or fi*K??t, whid. i? uk-n A \ec\ r?diu J I }? v?-?w pier Nil !, IJroid v^v, ur I ' r, W YO YORK, MONDAY MORI wn*frt^o\ kn^lsm). nnawij s.-T \ J\v^ ' r' ' l>? ik?** S |? II Ki 1' \N- 1 iV^I IfM V IV N i. ?.' > < ' I- ! ? Il tVrtoim pi ?i /or >< . ,i ^ imi to -uy juri I'.iu* Old ouulry, ? i'? ai II timet ottfiiu 1 ?ui il?r >i?Y? 4 riU-r? Drift* *r I ifht for t.iy imoui. , 4nw !ion tiit* U?iy*l ll.n.t. ??* eland. Oil ?lin Alto, ui lueujdt* :i.|i*h*'l HiikiiK Hunt* , Mfj^r* <?r a% Vu?-t ( <>., Loudon, wltnl. ; t? Ire*- ol" di?Cou<* nr my rh-irtw \s Ii.iU*vpi u . Province and * i?u itv, betidr# *11 tiie iul tnd low ua , ironghm i f. J W ind* d >.?, tL n\ tu l th ^ i.*w?riiiK tilt* *ai!ie [ uijm ay li k id K :?Und a i 1 ilfU> J i uie* /u f'y U) or*h> r? V V**??r. (paid ) } OCHK IJI.O'J Hr.i. ^ 6. ? (> . 3j Fulton in^t, door to 11?t* Kit lion Bi.ik P. K ?-W* I??\h m HiK iiKiiioM of fiiM el t** .Ant rictii uj'j* mime y. >ykty tr??*i? Livorjioul. 'J lio?f lor tlr i l*4n**s il* IHmI :i tli i ?.! .<? to li.ive iliem l?f ??-??i?* ( tn i. i,s i iiu? i four irm. Wiluiirsl) IJo'Mu* i> ?. ? II n?tr psiswuv* rs 1 .r a* in'od with r re and dmp,itch. K -r aifK it Ui?<ve. .. to MfcjS 11 Kill UK. M t i<mw i l';W I v?r|m#?| I c ^ft ST- ^ irru.;7r>r r?uru%>~"oT r.i\ >.i 5 I U'InI TS?I?t|fi'Ur ra? i", aid Mil.' <?" ( 1 i't i-h\i fii ' ! ? ^ -t ? ti?h 4f?nnu i?v r..,sf o i I' 4 .j picket ship I Mil UN I V. Cap' ?i Kitlii/U I if?? 'A II ?i,l jMiiitifefy is ihive, iv,'?ilvr?li I'll, iv < '-mi' ' r? > Hil?erth i ?r culuu, 'M ?;;Jnn a;: 1 ivr^t* <! i* will > i i . i."<!tui'i I*,* f tr. I?* title .1 out * , t* ii'ij . ih.:ti.u ?l'1 io tin mm I it ??l I! ->e eiriharkiuK ' j ?r tli ?ld ri.'u'ry, \\li?? >I.<?iiM n it Uit in c*!| i id i * I r 40f0 a;?ihnlint- k'iynju pis4.?u- i:. .*??v ?tlier vea .01 li j c' i I" p^s^'.c v -;y !,ia. l ?i villi it, and l e sit* rhe ? <* l?"tth. , ? rl. .p; *. M sir 111 I Me nud.- Oil b- ud, l v>f ol i lc- k? t i *' < e i i.i tl hi.Iu fil?-r? ' i i:u? \\y liKOl lir.i;? 4* ( O JS FullomtuM. u^.vt dour l?? the W | r. ? ? T'n Wihe^ih il* oir t.m.iooi ou (lit "iili | , i. Prions fcCiid'i z '"r tv?ir tVifi d, i?i?i Itmi* ilii'in brought ill in In r oi in i'.uv i I tl..* |iii k**:?. v MU| I IM I, ill!, ill ? .: ?I r. 4iiln 'j firm tfmt i i' piiiirtm.|ly o\i tl?t 7th and lJth id , ?-i\ niotitli I -fi'* <!> \i U??. '1 !i?' p rk ?t *hip * airih-d-jr < *V (| f] i low, vmH ?mo. I'd i| Hi h* ma <Ml Mil Ivji L<iveip?ii<l ?? u.e lat'>f UflubiV. f ir | LINK OV UVKHHOOT~v c \ "1 > - | n K'kef ?d* Il h tf11 ^<'g'' "in ei?Tli.' >;!? d d !?? * -??'! I s^aT^i .r! khip -IIKKI MN < ? A. S iv .} ?r. | ill <?iit :n??iti\el> ?> *??J)V he . li''' .*> Th.' In. ? ? I' |lii? li e > ir all l l'U tuiik m! it'?v\ r?.i. id 'h* r r .'? d it o ? f.?? cil/i.i, mm;- nd cahiu a id *ti\'i . * : h i? li Wi'li k.n \V i U? *ijM ?". ? IMV ti^o Oi' 3 el i i 'i li >i?e i dl ui: tu .* I. * oi l li , -!i U1 ! iiol 1 1 to i iu' ?.r'y appl.c itioii on b?-' r i, or i v\ it i r T \?sroTT. < P II Pii'k >!i? eor SiMi'h ^?l*^t. I AitK U HLA . S ETtt < j.|VKI<''() I. ? i'u '1 *' of io Sciitfinliw. I ?v :>*frT,? -1 ne l ?l aull iE packet *trp II U . li.S'lA, (apt. < uMi.iu, v\ 11A !?e i!? spn'ob^d Uhi^. l??-t it??u!.r d\y. J T' ?>* wulntij to i ire bertha, /ill n*jnir\ ?o make early j M.liCatM'fl to ( JOHN UrRDMAN, ;l * >u?h Htierl, near Wall ?t. i N l? ?P??si:re from (irea* Biitaiu n.?i lr>' Mid,via Liverpool, .Li?tt usual Ih secured b> tb ilmt# il^iidid packet ship, or { ? *hjp i I th*? line .? .d > ?se i -in ? i .< mouey to their friends < it l> ? ?li il'ts !<): i' v aiu< uut j? v-n.e in all the principal < v ? u Ji M* ih? 1 tiM Kiugl mi. Mid on Messrs. J. Bar- i .1 > i'.,* t?*? t ?r . I.i\ rp'ir i *d V ?*rs. J. ttult, Son &. < 'o. i I r Portico la i . . u ibov#. sllr MMl < 11 V i.' LK> t' * J N Regular packft of 90th ^>1 . -?:Uh hip PETER II ATRl< * i't l*?j. ai!' sail tn above?has splendid im ?.iru? .1 i ? '"Vi i i k* presenters?who >vill be 1 i r".so .i?W la-u ? nppltcntion on board the ship,foot f !? ?v*r?, -u lo JOSEPH McMUHHAV, 100 Pinestreet* ?>fvv~ H.)H 8 A\ INN AH ?Packet ot 20 th September? 'V U?unhr Line.?The well known last sailing i!; tl?r^(i B. LAMAR, ("apt. Sannerman, will . i ; .1- in 8iy ns ibo.e, and can accommodate aliiniled nuin?nd c i i. and iteera|i ng( , 11 - urly ip? , lic./.iu ? itiudc o.i board, foot of Maiden I .me, or to VV. it J. T. TAPSCOTT, *1,} ee 43 Peck Slip, corner South strict. KMT? \KW ORLKANS?Lmiisirtin and NVw ! (*JMrfr Vuik I- '? * ?To snc. eed tin* Arkansas?'Jin* last stil- ; m&Z* <- l" k ' -?hin MISSISSIPPI, t'.'ptain Hillai.l. will J >iu> i<- ? J* or ir.Mtfnt or pas?aue, having handsome furnish' x'Coiinnod itio i.-? apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of . 1: [ ti. or -o I K. COLLINS CO, .06 South street. j A\ph t. i?i New Orleans, Ilulien & Woodruff, who \s ill j ( i1 oods to their address. sU>'r K . NEW ORLEINS?To ?di Motd I first chss favorite ship \LKRKI), ( aptiin ' [* ' ?, will sail as above. Her between deck? will * ?i, :?id MP for the accommodation ol 2d c xbiu a id s?'m . ( '<y p . L' rs. l' desirous of securing berths w ill p mi * i ii ? applicadoa on board tin hi] i n ot 1 .11 street* or to JOHN HERDMAN, 01 Son ? ,r^t ne . V? iir - vet. ! N R ?The subscriber has first class ships w.f..l lor | i a'^i^e |>ort, by which passage can t?e ei:* ^r.' t t .? . e i I j ^ 1 1 b<4 FOR SALE?The well kiw * ti eop * r^i K,,,i t,\|W { 4 , * *Vih^ iter fastened ship SYLVAN L S > IN.^.v t.i im j ?<*rrj||fi^naater, burthen and register t. .* imit < ? .iiM? i?0 .? of c?>tton from Mobile^ was bu L ij.i ? V i, ' , \ r. an. far Samuel Ilicks fci Co. uni'^r *'?e i u;? 'i?? < of l > h Msey?heraproi tianeom and t< . imlm f t ? %) ? d , vu?f.?has standing and rutiuiiitr i n?i -? t? - ! d ' , a masts four years ago?is well ?d , te?l I r a v\l. !*r, I * ? fine roomy deck. Lies at Hover I wh rf H *i niveut i. y | an be seeu at 51 Williatn street K-i (ei tn.", tpp > i . .i* lm*r JONATHAN* f Mi?.- n x - \v; ; f, J n;\V JERSEY RAILROAD AND TRANS PORT ATI' > O'JMPAW i NEW Yoiiu .V.M' MiU HiK FAKK UKDrCKO l'i) .J'W'KN i'i-KIVK f f .N'TS- | From th'* ?.f Coi: Ii ^tl N?-* ^ k il y?f?au?Wy\.1 ) Lmvm .v ? i rk. (.I'ln'. \?w urk I t ? A M. At * :y <1. A' " -\ .1 A' r M 9 do. 3 (! >. ! Hn I'J i'n I II Uo. 4 .! >. 9 ill. 'o 1 >* ilo. 10;; li>. 7}? it?> I Jo. 1$ .1 r J I... ON SITND ITS 11 ( ' (itt ;lie liut uf i ourliudr ?n?' n \<*>v ^ ifrlt Newirk At4 V M. 411.1 . (?' V Ax e>< P M r. l I'i P. M I I N Mr . ORK. F.I V/.\SI TH TOWN I r.?vn Ww Vn'ii. 1.1: *.?!* Ii 1'iiwn ' I t t A M. At 3 P M, At 7'< A M. P M. | I > d?. 4 do. DM 7 iln 1 1J -Je 4K <lo. 10 do 9 ^ Jo I do. _ 13 do. ! 1 Tiif tnin? f"r V. I PUinficId, Fnit'idhrook, Sumi'r- | I In , *c , t .i i"rtt witli tin- 'J \ V|., 4li P M triiin 1 t ..'.i St*v? Yuik ^rtci*Pt^d K-nc h r-.v.i n N. Vc.-li x. J * *V?*?ih Town 25 cents. | K1: tklwrci Jo .i I .* .tnrrvillc. 7^ oenl* NKW VOKIC AN0 lO I'W M . I . Le:>?i-* Nrw '..>ik l.i-n " K?h\?jy. I ' T A M *\t i I'. VI X i A. H. ii P. M ' 9 I'm. f do. t> d.* .! | tl d* 1%' d'l *JS do 9 J" 6lj do. 11J4 do. \T'V /OTIK AND Nr.W i! i N?\Vlf'K. f rum Uii i. of I i'it-t, NVw_ V orli I; I,wm? '\-v Vmli i?'i V-w Hrtintuiik j t ? A.M. At 1 I'M. Ai o AM h< M'a' A.M. I SH '! > Vi 3?. w r M i ON SUNDAY A. | l.wrr> Nrw Wrk Vr? 3m ?*viak. , Ar 1 \ M mC I' >1 A' A > , ??, I \t f r-. .? !.( it< thr rivUili-Uihid troiu*, ikIa.-u Is?w York ti Nfw Brm'-iwu-k. rM emt?. | Nt* Yoik/tr<) ! tliwav, i.i coin | 1 P, <ff v h > proriir*fhfir lit kit* i llit it'x.r ifc, rriv. . fi-rn ticket ? l'irk i? \f rrc-ivtil liv ih? con- ' ' ' if. iii? il., v. ?icti |.m.i-;i ij i m a VJKK a ! ;\ jmKMKNT KW YORK AMi Yin I.I HI V U \'. ,?iWD LTNk \ ' UiKrXi', j" Via NEWARK, NKWBR' ^?wit *, PIUNCTIO*, *' hKSTfJi, 1 il >Kt?>"* I OA t A'h Wt l*(. I 'V. J^iriujr N*w V ork 4nil\ Ire in i liV foot of (otirMiindi at. 1 Mominv' L'nt-if j> V M ? ' % ! IV *f Li " ?' t' >1 Th? Momma Li.i#- proeetd* ic Lriiri.'owu, from hy ^ to I *n i 1 ul? I; hia The hv'*tii ift Li.if* I'foiiM'il.j iliifci u? ^\ndvii (r?; posit# to t) w itKonf rliHuK^ ?T ?*.%/? r<**y?<jk> r? h?II |?nH!u?t th?*if t.i*k?*t? sit tt ?? '>!"' (* ("oof of ?urtlmJt ?tr?Ti ?t ? Mill be in ni..?y,tttrh 'WW cr. u? on bo-uii. 1^ Sin enft'H *rr c ?v- ;**r! from city to city, ifiout !#? : oj^n? ' by ih?? way Kar!? tfiiri is prortdrd with i : jii u h'.rti art* ip ituFuU Aud doitik t'lprfjiily lor 1 ;dim* iw. iipiiiriiiuK. tir I I IN rniladPlphi? irowl III* foot Of wal" II ill mbott i BordraloWtl M 7 o'clock, A. .M. I <!'. r !'" nl Iroin I a:n(t>'i, .il > It, .VI. 'I in- liic loi U?liii'ior? l*a? eJ'liilvh l|i:in at 7.S A. M., ?md 1 r M l-i.i* a continuation i?f tl. lirni from New York. I ' . !8 JUl'**! t)l> B.H-WI.O AI.D ALl. f\\ H'l 3 OK THE WEST. 1 ?33 &, A N.iCIATION r xsy vi,, .if kick TO ALI1AN V. * I'lici "'i Hoil.Mtrr, $1 00 Byrapn??, x *5 r ii 'falo, 3 5? Uaif' L'it 2 25 I ii. nod Lower Canada 5 50 ll ', ' h" 1" it li" to On (Til o and found, #1 00. J ot apply to Sr. I.. RAY, , to"! In* m 93 Barclay ?trei>t, Now York. 1 M 5 BALL k CO.'S HHAKLKHTOV. SAVANNAH. MILLEDOEVILLE, /.t< ON, < OH;MBUS ii KLOH1UA \ ,** rACKAOE EXPRE8U. r > -ijSrfcP: M? n? \i s 'J A f.L t* I 'O. will reppjvp Siiecip, [link \aiii null- ,M iiiiii-I'* and Cava of < JooiU, mid forward I 1 i1 i * ,'i;' . i i .mil I'r.iin I Ii irlt'?ton, S it .uinali, \ I i I - * L mIi. ' ? ' v.d 1*1 ill* way it itioiii on the ('mini II.n!- 1 > I \l*<i, !>j ii." itr.imlioil Si. Mattlipwii, I 'ajitnin McNelty, n u. i . ,'i i .r trii' to uid from Darien, Brunswick, Si. Mary's, ! l ick < ri "Ii, I'lcoUtta and Palatka. >1

.ii S IUII .v i ti. will pay particular attention to thepureliaat ' i ..h.iiv. ti'llivin* and payinsr Drafts, Nntp? and Bill*, ;u.<t e tr*ii*.i' lin:i i'f any and all kinds of lnnine?, at any "I tlv i i i mi' I 11 ire*. Tlioy will alio forward and M " iii..1;* in tu> part of the United Statn, which mi> I" < >, 'r i ir- J ney intend to imt on train* to run rutin . ' i. it. 1, ;r.,n< Macon to Columbus, under their ow i e?i . >'. i rr< il. Hi .ii? ol merchandise, with all ria*'> i..lil? di-is .''i . 1.1 . ii , h i the Ut of Oololier iieit. i ii Vi isr, !vl S B St Co. h it init inadr arnin*r iip >u wirh ih. I I! ii!road Company of (teorgia, for . i, irt- i n ..u |o 11 .v. l ick, and with a Mnneniter alw ., * i, -l ,. , if, ?,i . "dvantax** for the prompt and ? hp c i .v?yt?ct> .fa i i !, il arliclfj that may be i'MriutP'1 to'!k I. >1 ruanu, IMantPri, awl oth*r?, dcni >u. of" rro-iviiu thp' I* i? ith prmnpt dispatch, will lind ii tut uitaHinut u, J?f*t ,li?m. ' I r- Office at Savannah, 151 Bay Mrr*'; Mienn, Vv ti>iU nil) ' M. N. Ball & t'o.. v.j-.f w \ uo-i. s J , \. IIMd, 95 K.wt Biy; rlnl ?ru-k, A l<. . .-o>* ?w ! i i?*rinhn< ifurwl.! aiiu iwr^hirn4?*i? it w i* ? i ?iti M. H Ii o. mil advance Ci*'i !??? ill fr*ttfttu ??.i it to their chanre. ChirRM m? more thin the oriiMiv; ? ?< otitaiui * M< ?- i in ii !tn*r N \ *KKin. l<; o M m i s h i < i n m k .1 ' n \ n r a . ?i Ti'HOi'Ol T V" v "HI W.t i j ii.?i'irtit'llim. . i , i . ''i*l '. i warding of gn.i.l. Irli.i ...... If.' * I \ I >1 k ? .V ' 1 * .1 Fri I, . lir?? II ?V ? I il V \ I. , I * M Ji< . .? >? . i |t I'-Myurs?W i ll I n RK E \LNG. SEPTEMBER 18, SK<;,\ HS M i? il* li^hc iu tin ?k?i: . Sim#* ' 14. sum';**!. L?'(?m Tl>?' 0'*in|? i* ?nie. wh-r \r lmn\\ vthcPf t< f'tlU A ??n if Hi i* i ?? tit* . ilif y rare ( f enlir**uil)t( lilt ?|illiU \mi Ci.? *i "K Ik* nuttd, A.??t ? imI?K" i'.p ''tM fo Hill -?w v i \ 1 his luxury ilv< ? * ? -?ui n?ir?* to ohm? , h .?'! SKI V * ,ii .Vlniiifn I n| f:ly you call; (i ' u visit Ki,. one*, , u \*ill 1 ho v iiut fur lui i{H" s tlil *i-f| ??nl to ill. Il.s if ? ht.nv,i ir> H?'|iii?ite br.iud9( Wv * <* tii| if' l a^fnl *.*I?m t< 1 *uf. car**, pi.*-* t Ir ?m h iv* iiii, I); .1 itmandf, A yd in ili?* :t\ v\ nh ! i> mi compare. ftis i ?lk? ru, i? ?n .!iu L . N . in*, anil Stat?, IN'ori?*i(.ui. T >i.i. . Vi< r?tn ? purv ; Prtncn*. Ksi^ooi*,. I,i.|*'i,l StKara, I.- < .*1 in :1 r r..?i 4tn A. ti you can procure. C#?A-ulor..v l.? *?< i.<i % pi.! V'ongmi liesidf, lilt < njniMrirto* ami ?i<juiaite brand, W .i!? . (In r, i' .** 1 i. < < vnpetition defied, Kor hit rihtnini* 1 \ .\ 8 fas always on hand. m In ord^r fi.?M:,ur . ... i. '. \uc# of the approbation and custom ?il: atii i >1 .'X * F h*? b??n an I on < favored, he has enlaced i #i?#ciil vtd roini^'r i.'ui in 111\ana, to srlect the Tobacco vml *.r?n iteid i i! m j all segar* that he imports; coil ir 'iii**' 11 if r.u? M <r i: t all *??>l(l l?y him to be Keuuine. II is ,t.?cU mi! i mo exieusive and su|*nor to that of any U. I., iir ?? M Number, 3 MAIDKN LANK, Howard's Hot ?l. Im) 1 hi ^ r V'OIJ vt CO. NIK'All .V I UKKKK. ?(\ (*'] \ vr UKi.KI\ KX aft celebrated L<**d fl^ run bnutyl, consisting ol Kcunlias and medium i ?,i s /H ? ' imh! ,ii ii>r Kloridi braid, do do do. 2C,rw? ?.??? price Havana*, do do do. |1 ' IPS of (fUis.l Tobacco. 8 L des of Havana do. ? i'nsra of Kre# J.*bor St. Jago White Suicar. t'i Huk* of superior do Coffee. F >i ?alt? by \. A. 8AMAN0B, WIT Im+r No. < Wall ind til Broadway. \ A. HAM AN OS offers for tale, at No, 6 Wall ?t, 10 lilids C* Muscovado Suuar, and 15 ban* of Coffw, landing from brig '1* j az, from St. Jago In St n 10 hhds Sun cured Muscovudo Sugar suit *ble for Kliofn 4 boxes white Mug;ir, frw labor 18 bale# superior liuisa Tobacco, uitable for manufacturers. 150,m. S*eu irs, of Lord Byron, Woodfi ie,anda variety of other brand#. WANTKD?A Cooper. and a Mil \t r i u I * t that u n Herat anils ;ar|>enter's work, to go to St Jagod uba; must be sinuleand >f temperate hahi'a. Apply asaoov sll lm*r DNUFFTc \OaSS \m? TO iCCO Foil mewed j . 3 recent arrival*. an importati i of choice Ibreiun Hun II*, *onsi?tiug of Luiid/ Knot's Irish high toast;highjlried Welch, tiardham s, No. 37, Violet Str.tshorg, Morton's mixture, rriuce \|l?ert do. ( 111-I?; i. ? !?'; t".;, i !,. r w il Ii .i ln^f . m t ii??mi t )f doinrsi ic snuffs ol the subscriber's manufacture. On hand a prime lot of Havana Cigars, ,4Moriega,w '*La Norna," 44llepalia.w "Panetela," etc. Cavendish Tobacco of the most approved brands, Turkish, rerinau, (1 qualities) Scafarlitti, ami Spanish smoking toba* :os;l)utch and Kn^lish clay |>i pes ;J ones'lloyal patent match. *; jigar cases; tubes; fancy pi lies; snufT boxes, and every arti lr ipiieitaiuing to a well stocked tobaccouisl's establishing!!, lor lafe at wholesale and retail by M Us. G. NEWCOMBK Sr N an 2! lm*?*c KOUKliiN WINKS AND LHJI . No. 33j? Ann street. N-v. \ T*HE advertiser has for sale the f ' ?v. urn ? i- tions of the verv Iwst quality, \ i Old Frew idy in cask and 41 Holl hi " " 41 Jl ? 41 44 (import, o m I HOI)/ 41 M Wine in pii?e? at ?J t? til 41 8! , Muscat. Bordeaux, M ? " 44 C. ni, Port. ice. Invalids . others will find pure l.?w'ir* nnadu'tentml a* ibove?No. .i 'i Ann *t. in im?ei VT I;7s.\M OKD(I .ii LVX* toil St., has just o|ien?*d a-1 rot < meiit of Kiik'liah and Kr^i ?:t? 4>lo?' . ? i ?n-'-. which for beantv crMiv. t-iJ *1? .<???.I in this city, bett.? h^n<lit lor c ? > ? friends and cimoinei, >> j ceui ? . iot idhere to the c isb pruic.p'es Str i * risitiug our **ity, are iv>:??ci!ult) inviteo nnue us rich :'v? ii e?if of koo L, all of v% i.t n > i' :o make i?i ? *tvi?- ? l ' <hiou whicii shall i i< i ? tli" in"?st tji?idioos, TV,- ?r?U v?*(?d ?: tiuiL .* . uhi i?'iip, io I ;?i '* ' kvould ?Ui- r?iin I n custom'rs f!? ? !i?* \ u-.\ i id i i i?<" ?<soit*i e ' of 4*-'it!fiok' ..? uiitftlti :a of evm d 'sc-ij'tioii. co |j i . ? ' iliH! .1 , " : l?M i:|.'n - I' <i'i| 'i"t e iio oji' iH'iil'.e'Chit'f'l, <|oxhs ? d h'?* .?9l^ of .ill k lit s. H fn ic;tf?|j|y ob?e*ied ?uictl> in nl.i A ' m 1-n. \i B SWFOJ'P, vi!.i*r Next to thi Herslii OiKce, N?m Yotk. I lr: \T OK URN'I LKMKVS Vv.VY l)l<Kass MITIf'LKd. >.!' \ l> \ MA l)i*. Li \ S\) KB t> \ ?IM KNT^ fce k . fiuh*erii?-r wouM cull tl?<* itifiitioii iil'iln'ir |??troiu mil " *tfji ?f?*n v'l'.irifiy tUMcitv. to their rich nid *k?4 siv?* -n ?if ut ?okA vi.-f?. cut id. tUApft.tkTt, |? ck^i '"PJ,! IV j i A*'I? tlO-4! TV, !.../.*? ? A I'll ?Wi ?. ?1 k n tf.Ml B Til " |>UCr .K? 4 UlifT u .J* .* ?hir- ' ' 1 l-V ?% SMir^inf * o! 'rdlj iie go vJi, 4ml ill .iri-er artic'** l?l?--*tii n*t'm .' ?!?.I- niii > a 11 tr? ? *.t rich, \ 1 % * ! ?xte ?ii*- u>4 ?%eM Morutv 'In triftiU'iu **( lb* fv.hinuil'k c mmr iity t V> w? u??' i>* * cultrly n cnnnv u I t? !r u*e l 1 -?f?hrt . . * co *. iu.i *y | he JvrN *f in^nufiClurptl iv (lii 11. are cut to ?vit ill* for*?i o|* ?|ie v.?ir??r rbem?> a<;.i*u s?wai *ith'We I true iverplu* f liai"j uvd uii-tfr m* iilj ?> ?tem of cutt'r and oiltlviic ?iu' >nl> to tb- <jnmf'?r of tli?* * e:\rer ijii* to of tlie fu.m Tin * ?*i t .vf?ne..( \\h? so t??ih? lu I e? ?< ?!? !v !.?ir i*t tHiericaii lu?ii'u'.e, that t'.ie !*? * , *n. u * %* t*-.Hed to'he oifotcritjer*: tlu tr intent' l.utii Bry?< ?i i n! I- reroimn** j-I in ij? j- i , .u vtli<> Wtve cijuir <1 ti>- hj!>it f %t 1* 't J-h\- >a j11 >?- 11*it .ii of ifiuu >? 'it t< r**5* ?</ *?hIv f-tr hibit* by Itrjriu* the *h"UI<l*-rs tli?*\ s'*? ^ I?* the Inrlr ^ "l "X|n?n'?!?< <t,raiud hi!) r fonu?! >f r irv?"ii?rtei<t ?o tl>?* '? ? n?f ??f the irint. i he> a juM J? ?fT ? *?!41 to their |mte.,? eLj?;ic . ,'.t ? ' tf.vt'-iun .n?*\ I ,h?uiI 1 Hi ,ii?- ?! with tl. Li .it tu-1 ?no*i f i.hi uibli ? T?% 1 ^ Sj CaIIiuh *1 ii;'* o*.l rsr?i%iift).(u"i( ? ! !'.\ x \<; >TE, 4U 2C Irn' ^c Zi' Pri# r u. f 'Ni-k pi irr. " on ( IIaNOJTTu\J k . TO "ii rl 01.u ST \ Nl ? rPIIK iii'der-*!^ ^ii, Htr? r*,? 1 .? joe of the e?il rn^ii.ti Ir?>m U.Ar K O'fl '??! l*u r ;f?tit.<?, n happV Lo i:.f ? 11 '? ? m??t",;*oh% ?n?) i'. * n.: >innnity Kent-nili?, ? li-111> v.k* l ? ? Undlurd) a ?i hit old lUad No 1. (lu ri. r v '> .v.tii street, Mor> i nff r.ail" 1K1, r???- ,**r i?f NVtv ,i for ininy \edrn ret Tt -'I t?v n ? well k'i' A . t'ttA 1 'K 'I'llI-# (KiLDKN h i t. ".?i h 'tt* * f.i -ill a h m (} .? jt clu?a|? and IN* huc'.i ??f ii > 1.. iv it? mi. I .are lost ftik'ht of him l"?i ,u "i ? * m.l" i 1/?. In-1 1I1 r return to the Old S|?ot. a in. ike . tkiit ice .. . r ,i: m| tt*i?. t to Ins well eeubliihed iinei'tWaki I 11?*,?i lmki 1. *> r.4i* public Ken(*ralIy lie soi?i.u 1 fi.i'l. Ih-i 4 oiepaivJ a.I* u .is*or;ment of* fine and ?ea1 uiec'i 1 *. 1 .??i ne^, v?>?ci?iK which lie will h^ ii|'l?v lu 111 ni i?,? 1 . 11m 11. itliful iimniier, and on re.uoual?chtt| i '. ? uh I.,... .! gaflM cave im utwtioa be / - . 1.. >1 i ? I . ti * r s. }* when the cloth is ul'lioii. (,. l. BiiM.iM'li (.untiiiued in the < urtiiiK departr>?"ir. ( HARLK8 COX. a .i i .lie ?"/' of tlie Golden Kle-ce, No. J Wall ?f. , \ I K?TlacY^ [ jRAPKIl ANH T;.!LOH,62 John strret, nmr William, LV < u 'i in, , > . u|> (teutlemro'i (fannentii of mi.; erior \ .rl nidi.%1: i' ti.. Iu* uiutt lAsliionabl^ ntyk, at lot iii>i>?l ji l-n.-i < it i|. m.'ii in want of n?w and fashionable cloth nt. i i.i.i' II '! ' rsamiM In* Mbot Mock of (Dili before 1' '. .inu el:.. ." \?'e. \ trial will b* ?utfici?ut to convince l.c 1 ..? ii mi.. I, tint for iMMiity of lit, ?t> le of workmanhi|', a i.l - -r <i extriordjnary low |>ricri, tin* cstabluliim'ijt 1 "r,: >?nl liy any in OM city. (f. .lien I'uruishiiiK their own goodi can have thr-m 1 .il" ...ii ti r.ied?s |*rfect lit warranted or llif price of the .11JI 1 tn r TERMS ' ^ll WM. T. JENNING8 .V GO. V'M'f'KS A.NU TAILORS, 211 ltroadway, American ' Hotel, .>|>j'0?itP the KouiiUrtn, solicit attention lo an >ui* >1 w.uiih.ible ijoodfi, including < 'loth*, Ca*?iinrre?, Vestiu?. Sic., in all the new and various styles, uuder the assuriC' 'Iwt the system of " small profits and .|iiick returns," (Inch ha* elicited so liberal a patrouave, will lx- continued, r'.ile our ar.uii;. HK-nts are such as will enable us to till all or r< in future ? ith promptness. A feature in the establishment, which must Commend it lo hose renuiriuf articles for immediate use, is the addition to uir stock, of an aMortment of first <inalily ready made Oarneuts, consisting of Hurtouts, Krocks, l)reit Coats, PmUloons, Vests, Otfice Coats, Travelliug Kracks, DressinK Uowns, 4ic A choice collection ol !<ilk and Satin Scarfs, Cravatf, Handkerchiefs, (iloves, Susix'nders, Hosiery, Under Shirts, Dnwers, Muslin Shirts, Collars, &p. At prices which must inducements to purchisers jyJt 3m*?e fiENTLKMKN'9 LF.FT OFK WAItDKOBK?Gentlem? 'i or I imilies desirous of convertinic their left "If w n?r nit apparel iuto cash, can obtain for the same the hignest cax) iric*. To families and irenilemen quitting the city,or changing re., lence, hnving any soiwrlluoas effects to dispose'.f, will Mid n nnch to their advantage to send for the subscrilier, wli.. will ttend them at their residence by'appointment II. LBVKTT, No. 6 John st. \ orlc A line through the post office, or othfrw.V. r -v. i?-? irompt attention. Clothing cleaned, altered and repaired. ao'T Irir j FOR SALK. A T C. H. DARLIXO'S. 74}a MvrVu I in* aud 5 Litwrty j i V tfrrft, fli** cheapest ami b**t ifUrtril * ?. !? ?.t* FKKN< if. ENGLISH kUKKAUN r VM,V GOODS, ^onuiftinff of Nwilw, C vtlery, Pins. Rrt.!?? *, Jrwclry, Hoori iuiH Kyf?, lYr1ui?i?#*y, Sif^l IVas, I'Ufeil J'tiiit ? ? ?*, li^/or*, >:r ?|m. Ntr. Villi til otht*f urtirW i?iclti ! it ? f it ( . II. D. WOOld *tHt? ?Uf OUllf I , Mrf.'l i ,t-? Vtllar* .iiiJ ??fh*r*, * tin i* ' * >? i ? call. 11?.%| til J, i.i . bo\c line will ?old on fl?t* iim?i 11?? r it. M. PEYSKK, vV Of), WTO ilfl i ' in :'t . * '''it r ? I Ii'iih ?: if -f, 1 (7 Ri.j hi w.:\ !..?? i?y .urn ii>, nil r> l utirc ,.i. fill. Mllnivi../H'\W V ' >' >()I)H, wtnrli i i>, I'.iru. t'llin, in . urn! winch WV' II ' 1?' iu <tnii retail, uu liU'ial Irrui., fc-lin /oi h/rii'id Uermin Wjtuteii? til inojt ouii'l*.' !* MtMWI , Hi*rliii r..iii'f"i i-*f? I rnoi- < wl* lion. ' , > i- . r.>r mihkviIitv, ol ctutoii, rtronltJ, Uuen, lull, ,;ol(l nil ,?~i I .M >?l?Uh? Vi I (Ulllfir*. * Ik ' >wnill?- I" ;l l'r. ' ' " '??T>*? mil rt 'Wft KltUlUK. I'w 1,1, I i- til iii. Kiviirn -uiil Kutfiish, tiiJ fh.ilMl, i -inA, ' il ?i h|?v. ^ilk l'i?r Km irnt'l vv -tin! f rinjr m\k*r?, in ?k"in? am' n I'l iii. in. vi iV, i U|'?iii' .' nil) >3%|?-.|iI."T TMP' I. ,i,| mil ^iwl in ill S >?. \\ ii i it <? ' I. Sil?<-r i,i,l ^>*1 Pnrw Ornnn*nt? ' I I mil Hin^r h riu^H, iJi.tiii, I U.,i, '1 a ul, TlimuJ a*'' | tr ,.??? in . n? v id t r*ri*tfr ol lifTrmu Ktur.y Am> ?r. ul %'!?*eii ?n h'n >?( <? oU'itj I Au ! i'k, imported .ui<1 ' n.-? T U. il'i'f'Mt* iml el Uivi'l of trimming. ' v ^ i H \: DWAKC \ < 1 K. t? K I A '?n y \ , I ll'OK T r ' <> '* \ N I) CM j'!?KllY, j \ : ?' ir iw " li. ror*ir? 11 rrf ?v H \<)\V OF MN'm ? t.?< ?r"ii* ?! /ood* n ! i? j It if (rkich 'u *\ ? noliN*l" or r? mvI ??u tli? I mm- I . tri. ih i i ? k c tv iu?r. . 'I in f.i?u ?MV At*, mi to ;? fx* I tlllt <. <i irv ?? r i?v? * .* * i hi* * '*? * ruM i" > ?? I > ?4? If A'U* kkU%i 1 [ERA , 1843. Port llnliou. (<!orieipoiideiire of the Hnralil | Port Mahon, July lW.h, 1813. James Gordon Bennett, ICscj.? Once more a free citizen. Having escaped the bondage ol a floating prison in which 1 have been ! incarcerated for the last three yearn,I intend to use ! the privilege ot my freedom, as the fear of the caiB | uo longer tonguelies me by exposing to the gaze ol J the public the state of degeneracy to which our naI vy is reduced in consequence ot the unmanly, ungentlemanlike, and inhuman treatment of its naval officers to that cuttc ?f th" human family denomina- 1 ted seamen; not that any prejudice 1 might have entertained towards its oHici'ra induce me to make this exposure, which r ui be proved on oath by our crew, comprising the number ot 750 men, should | j any be sosqueamiish as to doubt its authenticity ; I but from h paragraph I read from a New York pa per, while at Port Mahon, respecting the difficulty of shipping seamen for our navy, and th- surpri > of our citizen* as to the objections of our se: hi Ironi niteriug ourservice. I thought t >r ilu -u , lion of this mystery I would merely take >. n* pective glance of 4 few occurrences v hich mnir 1 under my immediate observation dun, my < 1 1 tude on hoatd the Delaware, aud li-rvr < ur oitt j /ens, who ure so enamored of the dignified hi , raeter of our officers to draw f mm i!i - f ?!|ov/ ing their own conclusion*, which, perl jip* ni 1 ' somewhat auNt their h w., I ! j<| h.??an to ( thut in'ormntion they ai - - > anxious u> > >' ti.i, et ! 1 give hut a su.teili 1 I -a ? ? ( :v.- iririJen'* 1, merely state tii.ti tM>'i ig "n'-Ted the , T hm* t transported r-n in til tii?- finn-v 1 vh i> i 1 r?ce 'miig shi|>,and you niiy jiit); ..1 r>- .r 1 ,< ,,t m> ism in my country'* Mftvice, w' .vi. Mr ? .1 with punialim Mil tor rem'- 1. i: ? ?h<? II! of the d-i-k ir> coi-y '| i- u<; >' r-1?r. I o I on shore in v\ rl. it MiC It )l<* Of |l? nV ,-k, wiihoill | any l?rr?k V 1 I <I. ?1 t- in* .- i'i>i 1 .1 Imi , f-ucli eon'd tv tii? i i-"', in. 11 v a ' in ??? ?.! ? < * i!i> ( , sysieni ni 1 r<-' '< rv in?i h *i ? < nii-i- >in. t<o loiiii e^'n^d mi ny the 11 N-nni'-iiii-M * i t >w n>?vy > ii i- iio'.l ;i finteii H, v ti t??-i?. 1. your W' Tv eji-- 11011! h'lf !.- ? 'v dein led wlt? ? ":t I TMiu, (M'H'-ii-l- sir1"!1- Vi .V. -. >'? re liv'li"fie Initl. ' il * 1 ; tun ill our reiMi'ri<\.? 11 mi 1 ? 1 Ions'\ < >! ' verted I..t > < 1 ii >>v the u?'i 1! resource, the ! | 1 i !.icy t 'ill 1 \;" 11 1 M'r loll, y '1 in> (J not ' iin 1 it" H iii risciJ hit i" 01 I ek * 1 skini: il i> on** I? i:f ?i - rund comcellej n< > ? < -it h 3 j'omarti'o oU| ply the poeii.eis of ih?'6i 1 | ilninin<>i,-1' t-<nun?,?. Hit'x, in the vicmiiv Hi Nor ' I I'lii h -i: ?r iIn-a nil iat* r jj; . v\ -H-i are iiiad-1| *.??#? *?? | I c(,n" > ?*? v> il evn fin ld? ? l' wh it < in- in oi [ Ij low- (Till r? <l ?.n lio-liU Mte | Viii v'v nun iruiioir ; II")*' r J ll.*l I liny ilie VI il t willilll !> ' l||r- feHl.lO. j yciir tielm* il. . ('?'r in inu ii? |inin<*'l iiio I t s i J j v re tiv fiit* |iron I ?* i>l r? t1' I ving ilt?* rw1|. us h l? ? ei i iiy ? >y r iiin ill, iiiti lii lie i ii |K (| on i v. i ik b' I'irt I ll-l% ll.'til III til" I" il. l I Willir-f-. .1.Jfl .?l !he rru.:li II i hn.ird I hi e.i|i I St i our in )<n f. y III lil> r.i ttu ' l?i11 I iitirl i ii.or.i'i I i I'll s Ii -.lirrn r?iv cim iii-ny ' Mill - in ' I li 1' !?.- '| I lice il .ii ? tv. telling I <.|ipi u'niin'i pi is nitiiji h Ja ymi n<ii iiiiiiitiue you ' i IVi'U.'l 111 JUS II il : I XiHlr'llt ihf S' IHllldrt |S WllO ! coiilit be i' iit'ii- ? -iii:r? ui-1 * ? lulling the fiti nji-iiiij i- 1' ii-., v ii.i.i ihi* |i[ivnii n.j we rndu; reil ?i?^ <, ,* 111 or>i:11|ifii ii I ( i i. ii on one ocj ou mm hiy iii t ii-?it-.H ,tr ;i .< i', !i ving nothing to i,? r. i ii j! ,r o'i.Jii < ii) me captain, who, i -.1 *i c .... - i,i;-.,i. y ii r> sjiectabluappellaiiou . lui'iiim u- <;iiiinflfe).-, warded each a dozen j .if 'he <?i,le,lii?" III' Pi It CI lie. I THfOttfd lolty* OUT i < ffie ir on c ii-i'iii- of ill s description to prevent I iiie hini^nre i,i ihi r fit?:alitv. Never liad a Hate I (.iii .ii 11 ?i v11:i more ri .mon to lie rejoiced on hearing j in- re, rn ve n ,i ted we were on receiving ji>rii<*.i-.ii ? i nur ii gaiicd hammocks ready to go on | iitiurii the ii ii v.tre, then destined tor the Braail I <j innii * i r recommending Uapt. Skinner to the | niii' r -oi li'sdemijohn, to which he was lovingly | -iii .i ll i4, -ifnl h iving saluted him Willi three hearty . ar Mil-, it hide adieu to starvation and the Penn|-vi?i i i II tnis information cannot Bolve your , H- ir- - i !it .lie difficulty of procu'irg seamen, 1 I wi lielate ? few more particulars which have al e dy ippeared in the public prints <d England. To | guarantee the irn'h ot this statement while on the iiraz liaii station, Van Kensselaer Hall, our boat "W.;in, though t.iken m the act of committing the same revolting deeiJ, lor the commi&iou ot which, the 1st Lieutenant ol the Independence Irigate was rent home to be tried by court martial, though this unhallowed deed wai reported to the 1st Lieuteuant, and sworn to by the ship's corporal nod three oilier witnesses, men of unimpeachable character?, who detected him in the commission of this unnatural crime, it wits not UN'il they demanded Court Martial on themselves, which according to n*val law, cannot be denied, I ili.vt the slightest attention was paid to their report. ? Mark the following partiality which perhaps may en- (fc ble you to judge a little better as to the great diffi- ! culty of procuring seamen; after having gone through the mummery ol'a sort of mock trial, (hough convicted on the clearest evidence, he was acquitted of tho charge and transferred on board the Columbia fri?ate, and then rot until our ship's company, to a man, relused to |>erform d ty under him; while u few daysultrr, a marine of a m<*it respectable char acter, who, hein* <i 111?l?* intoxicated and talkative, while returning from shore liberty, had hi* hands i most inhumanly mutilated and sabered to Hiees, by the Midshipman of the boat, named Kemble, and ' though this ant of barbarity was reported by the ,, boat's crew to the officer of the deck, the unfor tunate victim of this ferocious treatment was put it the brig, and after a weeks confinement, was' agim taken out and flogged on the Dure baei , with the cats until he was covered u i , with blood. So much as to reasons, which it- n j seamen from joining our service. Indeed, it h i r rived to a respectable point, when the Kii*t Lieu'e uant ol the Independence can commit ilii itr. ? e ( ' crime ol sodomy with a reefer, and u cotnii; - . n officer Of the l)elaware with a favii'M b?y, itltf ] . notice is to be taken of these atxi'ii'i'Mim--;, v ti:I , an unfortunate seaman for Mi- slubont < tf ne? i j nunished to the utmost ex'ru> > ! ii><- i v, n instead of mocking us, bv it n*i |? f ' ] amendments of acts nn<l n?e. "I t!i? Hthi rarities allowed us l>v ? ?' *?.uein, u h >'<i 'iib?? ! ries, sour-crout.^'ckU? aii'i a i ut> ?< r <nii? r iiii cacies, which l^x.ert m ?< me lit ? i.u ar to on- ' rations in the Pf-rnis) !va ci i- -ir t ?n t r Uie lit i t ot some swindling i>?v I *11 ?*n i?eint' ri'. I mi) necessary f :in ! ? ie made ni ij.r o|lie? di i it ' sed of th? di g'l tin* rm'ruHes, the p 10 i.. | rir j would ma "'em wuh m? r?? >? 11?ii tfio r nn,.nv u n i against the ch. rmti't i t our < li.o'rs, whitli .-o ulin- | add to t-ie < race ol our ravy, a i ndv mo jo -. 1, degraded 1 i I, tor Mi i< n i.t mi , v*t, ? iitf i!v ftiHiou'iy of muni ?. aim n ! ri-l iir hnoilf r i..c.rlt hi ? i tie hi ? M <l i, p:ii v j ?* li f- rhnr?ct<T <>ii ti f?? 'it** I? .*'-<t?.tr?, i (irovi'rh'il l'ir no fj f^liiy ilian iti t> >' l??-; -? i *?ru-? i v ..? I r??w*rrtiy n vrn*> .ti?-.ii a man w iti?< < "lichU'r* imn tin |! tun ln'-r nuM.'i'W Kr '.'.lit H r llf I?r< . III 1/ li ill-H) in lli* I"mli tnu th? ('apiuiti, ! << Fir?' T? ? n?? i>hit 1^. win 11 i(- 1 m v.i? priori'the(| jari> r rf'ik.Mi.rt i. iimii 'lit- oii'l r .-1 ll' vrf. wh< i f 111 ll |i? t r>> '' > prcH * >> lulu v tin mhIi ciiiiiii inn l>? Itiii in I'll* x ! ?- w ii'H lie wvnny ('iiiiuinil Mi (rHiiMrM'nm ix i u' 1 rti 1 1 lu> fi >? I'ri ?'< rii*?, ' I ?<r, wImIiv.ioIiI be iiie r? mn, iif r> !v :* I 1 l<e 11 hi, in tiiii ii i n# n* n,f <ji iir> ol li r, 1 ? , ^.11 il Ii> run n,> i<> in- t . 1 l? ? it l<> ' > ?> irm, "iK< 1 i* r* h<wu>it 1 1 d?* nl; < nf limit** in 'VO'I it "fllHtll'llt I he 11 |> Hi 'X fe I' <111 The I 'I m tnl -1 1 ; the -11 nl1, r<t'i would I) i t-:rn "I .1 l I Ut'11.1" , .Hid d.*pi?< r ll Ihp rvic, H ft ill he c?i'n1linii nl the "1 nn?y vif'i-t ? 1 1 .t iiifii. ir? ead of l? i: i d nt l> h- 1 il >nt ili-r iii'-, W'?uld (if |> u'l'iril In ih - ill "1 111 " the t ub 11; t ti er Id. Oil, .t inn', ,> my !;<'? - rnoet ntn>t wiili in li^nH'i in to *< * *1 i ?i?litr * afliunt- i? iik ilie i l 'O.l r? I l> urn* r n! I'. .'Ui!'(, t 'i finally In nanm 'l by tl" -vcr of my c< u nryiii 11, <ind hear ,0 i' 111 1 '-<? 1 1 r .-'in . li- I * encourage ii''iiirif ii'n'iniu r nun '? < -i: ?n service.? , I hive < vi'ii k .ovrr Hoth Eritflich mid Americans 1 X toQ board ' E . ?h hip*. ud warn their W t i iids not u< f\ hnigT 'i i * * for uncertainties, ,r iie eornttiria ?>t' > c'i ?* i' "i i ieir old age tor the ih liud^ry hi mi' ^eam i?' Ayium, where the poor j1' ir, it Inn ti ? i ><j in the defence ot his * ou'i'ry. In viii* I ;he many dangers so incilent il i.>!i < iro ra-n .i, during hip wanderings over ri ie n i' K'r . m:f?'i. i' at length obliged to earn Ins I nut tH I'?i n a< ifngth permits him to crawl?a Vl ru m- i i i!i e and caprice of the aupermten- " -??'. i-iatf fl ?'t '-ujoyinn the remainder of his davs u ii a el r-vo-;e Ho you imngine nny neanian i ,v ir<- <- t ill- e facts would re-enter our service! I v.i ? ?tn I'ide l>y making a few observs'ion* ' wp-'Ct- m ic '' * celebration ot the fourth of July on board I.' .iwure. Every thing panged on as iwtial with s^am"!) or Amalakite party, and except f?r the f I..'tk.tC i?f flii* U'nP'l nr..I . ?ii - I ? /* mm li.ul Columbia, i>oor Tack could nt ver i untcn.f 1I1111 such whs the glorioun festival of the DecMra- \ tioa of Independence. A little niter nighlluil ft i / LD. Piic? Two I'Mtt. h strange and unusual excitement took place, owing to the brutal and unmanly conduct of iiiidsht|>man Read, before alluded to This chivalrous hero made his appearance on the main deck, kicking and striking at every person who came in hia way,or of whom he could catch aghm|Me. Don Quixntte's celebrated battle with the windmill* was not even a circumstance to this exhibition. This demon in hum*n shape, the hero of thia adventure, aflorded us, who were out of his reach, the. greatest amusement. Never did the yorvadaro ot a Spanish bull fiRht more effectually rouse the ire, or nrovoke the combativenexs of the lorest monarch, by presenting to his gaze the red badge of invitation, than did our youngster's by crying out?"catch thai mou !' In the days of old Lang Syne, amidst the dm of battle, neveraid the Highland slogan operate with more magic on the ears of her fierce warriors, than did ilus, our war cry of defiance?" catch that mouse!" on the senses of Midshipman Head. From that moment he appeared in the character of h perfect demoniac, driven beyond the bounds of downright lury itself?and seizing a club he cleared the main deck in a twinkling, routed and chased the objects of his pursuit from deck to deck, utteri 'tie most awful imprecations, his amateurs alii t remlinR iheir Iuuri by veiling *' catch that i" i :-! Amidst this scene oi con'iuiua, almost ' ' th drink and In: fastened on a poor i ill u lu? was crawling Irom Hit- head to the cU ,/ sizing him by the throat, and ' r "l-lihh'o I a cudgel, h** belabored the uu.'ori i in rii . M a most brutal and savage Milium r, < 111 would most undoubtedly, 111 a li >rr tin r?. h v I- ^ehed him, but lor the interteienee ..i i fir.r lj ?it -iiant, who, attracted by U s i:r<e*, came lurr y pi time to eave his life. 1 hi?u. !i Ivj v i reported to the liw Lieui li a ?I>i n'-'in-w > not taken of it, exr-epi itiw ne wmc "iii:i?<l i?. >(i? r >om? until he got vir hi>d.u!ikeu >i\ I -r *he resumed ttia inly i . i - 11f. 9o 'nifh t r imp irtial adminisfr.iliort ot justice ou l>>i.?r l> i r j>'i u I will, tor the i ', r> I ?e nrr?ther ???,?,iir rMH'e winch took place imn* ii'?i'?-lv t> I .e :nv ii |'.ir u Ir??n? M .I on; the ; ? > i' - v ni:K crii' liy. ih a\? ti Mian now i t>miij in'- I. \ kjiin hi ore -Iii,i who, be* . i on ih- I "l h >.-e * it -ti' 11 in?- woa expired, i c .i-.,- !:t- ifii,-.,i in -.iii 4C-I.'i ililis Willi the f'ui <( lorart e'es which In- ti> v?-r received, was i ril ri-ii liv tin Iiif I ii limit to be gagged, lied 1 .ii ii'. i' ? ? he clinu. c ibb under the charge I h st-iiiry, tin 11 Ih w? iiUI ?ousent, which barharun e?iii? nee whs mil u.u? .ftc'ition; he was again ?-!<t il c lie v ..iilii ((M rriii in sign, and upon his reit s.i, ii w c 'mk> ii u oi the brig, lashed to the. ?:ruling, "iH 11 -L'?il mi the cam Since which (n urti nc iiie I or-rr's clerk discovered that he ii ii i ii w h hi ?iiur. What Mississippi Lynch cin urn I tins in atrocity, or what seaman bis >viin? . i i mip i heiid like transactions, would not mi in. r <Jo rti.y tning than " re-enter eucli aservicel" iiii li mi hi u enaut is better capacitated to drill h iin.i.i y ' assume the trumpet, and direct >) . < j; rations ot a ship's company. Yours, ifcc. R. P. W. T:irc EijutMOcrtAL Storm ol Friday caused great I ...... c,.. ... VI/..^1 .).,).. I....1,1... .. Ir~ About lour o'clock in the morning the wind blew irotnthe touth with ho much violence, as to throw uveru irame building now in the course of erection for Mr. Daniel, on street, between 4th and 5'h streets By the violence of the storm the east gable i( a trick house now building by Mr. Isaac Clarke, >n H street, near 7th, was thrown down, and in its Ir.-ci-ut fell through the rool of an old Irame buildng immediately adjoining, which was tenanted by iiree f'-inales of the name of Scolield, who with a >oy, also Bleeping in the up,ier rooms, escaped allioit miraculously from destruction It appears hat the bricks were checked in their descent by :he roof ol the irame buildiug ; so that the females had some warning of their danger as they lay in bed. The bed on wliicU two of the females slept in the tront chamber was, however, covered with nearly halt a ton oi bricks and mortar ; and yet, strange to gay, the females were able to extricate themselves Irom the bed with only slight injury The boy, who slept in another bed in the same room, remained * quarter of an hour under the bricks and rubbish before lie could be extricated: and tills was happily ellected by the intrepidity and humanity of u neighbor named Redding, who promptly stepped up to his relief. The trees in die Capitol grounds, in Sixth and F slr> ts, as well as in other part* of the city, have been uprooted; and in the neighborhood much injury has been doue to fruit trees, corn fields, tec. The storm was one of unusual violence. ungauws) GENERAL PRINTING ESTABLISHMENT, S. \V. CORNER OK FULTON AND NASSAU STS Is supplied witli every material necessary for tlie prompt, neat, ami economical execution of every description of 2'Ji,3SS3: ff&aaHraam Addition 1.4 r?-j11,r? ?I ti) till* estalilisliinrat, in thr iumrancp that satisfaction will be Kivcn?as n t(.ir<l* t) po[ri|iliy, |>n*?s-work, anil charges?to those who require fancy or 'otninon, large or small work cheaply ami expeditiously xrc tiled. labels, checks. waybills. circulars. SHOW BILLS, BALL TICKETS. 8TK AM BOAT BILLS. IIIU.S OK LADING, HA I l.lll) VII HILLS, BUSINESS ( ARDS, ST V<iK BILLS. t ATALOtil'KS, THA MPLET8, BILL HKADS, IIANDBILS, NOTES. m m **' m m ? ro? "HKATHES, CIHCUSES, rilM'KRTS, MUSEUMS, LM TI HKS, I'l ill.K MEETINGS, )r any other places vyhere th?* Indent description or printing i* otiired. The facilities for tins work are not <*<piilfed by any lice hi this city, for, lieside* the large tsanrtment of This establishment has the LARGEST IMiKSSK* IN THK CITY. lie it imiiis have been taken to provide every material that can ? .i . U- of tervice, and therefore persons ha vim; occasion for (.?.%* s.l* , will tind it greatly to their advantage to patromte i ent'ihlKhment. "r . v iv ,i/e or form <?f Hill can l>e furnished at vury short I m. night 01 oay, b) ippiymff m '!?? fovftk mrv Co Joseph ? Miott. anlSlf A ?"\U0 TO THK LADIKST \ !S KVV r,t"i?? I teotioi). combining^ e'egauce and ecooo* ley, I ? l.ttlie* dr>*-?*. hihit, |>eli.sse fitting and making, fi3 . Hit t, .? II it tton and < herrv streets. Indies' " - . ? ' ? ?v principle, guaranteed a |*?rfect and legem la. v* Ml i i M iMh "-r-incy, which in so highly essen i| i i podu* i'l/ t?u lie** gum- t?, lino m idc Willi neatness ! , 11. . i i . i v> ith the latest Parisian .1 .i Lttd mrH it ihctf ViiijliMi ii ???;? r? d I. ul ?*i?f ?t ihe ?t. * - ? ,\ .it ?h|e art, and rights of 11?* i"vr-1|tl..i. ... i?e ? ? .) >1, i?> ? .e ,'in tice of which the ?? r haa realign] a u-i . h ? tti* i . and instruction .jut." !? ?? . Te so* - rrrn ?? V |miiK?ii0iri) --4 a. t s ?(id I unpr??ver?. Kliim-m T?> f'l A M i Kt >r 1 |?: \I\y t> \i '|t Hi MS V,M)I ? r??te? lnl!? reon**sled ?# e*j| ?r I |K N <?s^u street, ?tni ev i'ii .i . *! ? i umii t?| ii nil 11 ue?, ii"t<ie Uy a new pro -s, + \ . I. - s ' ?li >tlic i i ' iu . * *: u and neatnesa , i . .i *''ii ?>e .n- d iiiit'-h .hea>Mir iWoi . ?re?o*i e, it a I oit*" nOMi*>e* reonr-ed < .L.-iiue \1 ?ker's oam? ^U>u ?l cited in & styla that W I i i|t\i*BY, 138 Nassau stiMl v B?Vci tfirtHff'ji La'fhi, *.nl Keuravinic and Printing !' II " i '"'i t ? i . t-neap. siiin-r I > t'l ? \ FOrt 'l t. MaSKRU. f HV 'ill I., it*.11 iil nii.f- nf I'inno Kortr Hardware. wishes ' - i hi 'riii > i I > i Ins establishment, (on Kith 't fl i u 'I V'l'.ii",) li ii' liin niajc itrraiiffpnifnti with Mr. h.1 I*11> ( -. n . It - <rr, I'J Murray afreet, New Vorfc. ( ?s 1 ) .ii if ri*i I piano liirte hardware can be pnr'i 11? it.?? rm*M i.i-ni, and in any imnlitln. VI." - i r r ,jf ?'? | mil sir wife, imported by J. ?i i i. ii ill i.* fli> principal i'tsno furte m New ik I'll si?rr. d the be?t now in use, not etc-ptimt Weh ri -, > ii .1 i !'ti.e ?,ine is only necejaary lo establish its good i 11 ...|n' ill j- * licit* attention to tha sti|>erior totality of i- in, hi i in i i x>>oda, especially Ins improved tmiuiK pins, Ii . , r w runted in every rv?i?rt. Hiitem ywi rim ati, , ii ulnitv Imsitn ?? in New \ iirk lias enabled J. li , I, ?t.ji ll v what tli" piano furte makers require. -4,1 ii in I.iIiii t ill I, 'Itli street mill .lil Avenue, New Y'irk, V- I, h i Hn I" i- allot", will meet with immediate jttin* U'i. .ii* forwarded to my part i I th? I mini Mates. <11 m*rc ))' V M l K ?Tt TM H?K * M.K.?A large and valiuM* fork, consisting ?'f Irmn 7tl to ,'in |- renrh action pianoforte* I new. are nil' red for stl? it til Broadway, near l.ispenard tt. d at the factory, <4 Weat Fourteenth street, hetwavii tha }th ill liih aveiiuea. This stock comprises several vary highly rinisheil ami suparitoned instruments, with 6.1-* auil 7 octavaa of tha lateat and nst approved patterns. Kvery piano forte will l>e warranted Tor one year, and will h Id at prices unusually low. J. WALKKR. N. B.?A rariety of good I'iaiio Kort?e kept exclusively Co re. 4ii? lm*r JOT It K.?All persona having any Iff il claim igainst J as 15 ' Doiinnick, Isle of the city <>l N \ rk. bottler, deceased, v rtniesled to I'lsufnt the saint- with the vI?uI'hers then-' I, to e ubtciibr. "at lir- house N'.i. 'i:l Mercer stm t Alao, .ill ?>*? tn tlif rsbtlt' of am<l dvcnunl, to "lake payment 'lore tiw $tth day of November ne\t, to ANN .M DOM/NICK, Ki'i m20 to N*ll fimltaw* Sr rO TAILOHM.-STINK.MKT * Vw. ?""l mpleU' ?v?t>*in for I uttinit' \cry kind ' ' ! aahiooable ( armeiit now in >ifue. in ready lor il?li?ery. A? the reputation of the author i a fuhionil'le cutter, ia too well known to rc|uirv new?|>aper Jtnment. Thia system is, with confidence, offered to the *de?not a*'< ??" theoretical invention (or speculation.) but i the most nractn ! and complete work ever t>ubliahed on this ibject. It n ih* result of muni' year* eitensive and fashional? practice in New Vork anil I aria, and will be found to couHi siicli ample, I'laio, anil precise instructions, aa to pnable . r> student to cut with auil certainty, all tl:* varions j |.'? ,il'(nmeiita now worn, both in Kuro|ie md America. This ostein cannot be afWled by the future chanfes of ihion, ami is recommendrd to the profession a* a itandard ?rk, and may lie obtained of the author, 93 < edar street, at.d II lie loiwariled to any part of the timed States at ,'ilVw *r LTI IK \T - iiiii bushels |>rtin- Illinois Wheat, in* luidiiig from ahip Si. Mw, for sale by * )1? ?. K. COWLUNS >. CV- J? Svulhll.