Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 19, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 19, 1843 Page 1
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TH Vol. IX -.No. ur.7 ?Whole No. 34U0 To the Public. 1 TI1E NEW YORK HERALD? daily newspaper?pub- | liihcd every day of the year escept New Year's day and Fourth of July. Priced cents per copy? or $7 26 per solium?postage! paid?cash in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD-published every Saturday morning?price 6J cents per copy, or f.3 13 per annum? postages paid?cash in advance. ADVKRTIsERS are informed that the circulation of the II it raid is over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increas ing fast. It has tht largest circulation oj any paper in this city, or the world, and it, therefore, the bett chitnnel for bu' linem men in the city or country. Prices moderate?cash in odvance. PRINTING of all kinds executed at the most moderate prices, and in tho most legant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, , piiotrifr-toh or the Herald Establiuhmrnt, Northwest corner of K niton and Nassau streets AUKNTH. 1 aa following is a list or agents tor the Herald wheie subscriptions will bo received, an4 single number* are found lor sale:? Baston, Mass , Mfisrg. Reddine St Co. Philadelphia, Pa Messrs. Ziebor k Co. Baltimore, Md Wm. Taylor. Washington, D. C Do. Buffalo, N. Y?. T. S. Hawki. I nrw naven, t.uuu...... , ... j.ll. fcasc. Hartford, Conn J.W.Judd, Albany, N. Y.. Goo. Jon<?s. Troy,N.Y Levi Willard. Lausingburgh, N. Y A. Lewis. Newark,N.J U Smith. Cwsliill. N Y . .H Rewo. Peekskill, N Y T. MonUhousn. Sing Sing, N. y w. a. Stanton. New Orleans, La... ,,-J.C. Momun. Cincinnati. O.. . Robert Carnahon. Patonson, N.J..., Matthew Dougkcity. Rochester, N. Y A- Jones. ~ Elizahethtoivn, N. J.. .... .Samuel Crono. New Brunswick, N. J William Solcmoh, St. Louio, Mo Woodward & Mathcw*. Charleston, S.C Amos Head. Hudson, N. Y .Oeorgt dare. Augusta, (?d S.A. Holmes. Mobile, Ala .M Boullemct Pnughkeepsie, N. Y . . Levi Smith. Trenton, N.J J. Raunsloy. Louisville, Ky W. A. (Uldeman. Wheeling, V a F. C. Brook man. New London,Con...... ,...8. & O. Rogers. Utica, N Y J. B. Loat. Nashville, Tenn A. Billing*. Syracuse, N. Y ...James Robertson. Bridgeport, Ct S. W. Hatch. Jackson, Miss J. W Clar k. Vickshurg, Miss Mrs. E. A. Parker. New Bedford, Mass A. Robinson. Providence, R. I John Green. Worcester, Mass L. Thompson. Naatuck?t. Mass J. P. Hussey. Geneve, N. Y Wm. H. Austin. fty- Yedr'y suljscription to tlie Daily Herald, $7 26, andfoi' a shorter ]?.riod at the same rate. The Weekly Herald. $3 23. FOE BUFFALO AND ALL PARTS OF THE WEST. 3r at 10 o'clock, A. M. The Shrewsbury will run m al)ov?, weather permitting, until further notice. All baggage at the risk of the owners. Fare 37)4 cent*. N. B.?Stages will be in attendance to convey passengers from the aforesaid lauding places to any part of the couuty required. The Shrewsbury will go the iuner passage, when practicable jelJr NEW V ORK~ AND KINGSTON ~STEAM FREIGHT AND PA8SAOK LINF,. For Kingston, anc Delaware and Hudson fl--??^3?C.nal-sWamboaU EMKHALD and NORSL^ltZ.vv it: U. t he EjViERALD, Captain John Ketcham, w ill leave New York, foot f Murray sti et, every Monday aud Thursday at J o'clock, P M. Will leave Kingston (Hon Out landing) every Wednesday and 8..turdav t :i o'clock, P. M. The NOlvWll H, < aplain John Samuels, will leave New York, foot of Warren street, every Wednesday aud Saturday at } o'clock, P. M. Will leave Kingston (Rondout landing) evsry Tuesday and Friday at 3 o'clock, P. M. EXTRA TRIPS. The EMERALD will leave the foot of Murray street every Sunday moruingat 7 o'clock. Returning, leaves Kingston at 4 o'clock, saine day. F or freight or passage apply on board, or to WILLIAMSON, BARLOW & CO., a2l 3m*r ^ ^ 161 West street. _ w A |(|{ AN<iEM K NT\ FARE AND FREIGHT REDUCED. .MM REGULAR MAIL LINE?FOR PROg^MLg3?VlDEN<:E AND BOSTON, via, STON 5E3fl3LlNUTGN AND NEWPORT?Lompoaed of the following siilierior steamers, running in connection with the Stonington and Boston and Providence Railroads MASSACHUSETTS, Capt. Comstock. RHODE ISLAND, Capt Thayer. PROVIDENCE. ^ NARRAGANHETT. MOIIEGAN. One of which will leave New ork daily (Sundays rtcepted) from Pier No. 1, Battery Place N. River, at i P. M. ARRANGEMENTS. The RHODE ISLAND, Captain Thayer, on Monday, and Wednesday for Stonington and Newport, and Friday for Stonington. The MASSACHUSETTS, Captain Comstock, on Tuesday and Thursday for Stonington, and Saturday lor Stouington, Newport and Providence. Passengers, on the arrival of the steamers at Stonington, will be immediately forwarded in the splendid aud commodious Cars of the Railroad to Providence and Boston, aud if for Newport will proceed iu the steamer Mohegan (in sii|ierior order) from thence at 6 o'clock the following morning, thus giving them an opportunity of a night's rest on board the steamer .M ihsacliusetla or Rhode Island, and then breakfast ou board the Mohegan. The above steamers have been thoroughly equipped and prepared to promote celerity of travel and the comfort and security of passengers, and not surpaesed by any in the United States. or passage or freight, which is taken at verj- reduced rates, apply ou board, at north side of pier No. 1, 22 Broadway, or office of Samuel Deveau, freight agent, on the wharf. Tickets for the route and steamers' berths oan be secured on board, or at the office of HARNDEN *<:<! . No.3 Wall street 'V'i wn n?Q imrr ill* ?vm m?i.. n?#in "in nui of rPCriVPU and forwarded after half-past 4 F. M. m9 6m* m * -w?rr-y -waw srTUr ASSOCIATION PASSAli" OFFICE TO ALBANY. Utica 12 00 Rochester, $1 00 Syracuse, 2 25 Buffalo, 3 60 Oswego, 2 25 Up. and Lower Canada 5 50 By the fait line to Buffalo am' found, $8 00. For passage apply to M. L. RAY, auil 2m<m 93 Barclay street, New York .Mm oA PEOPLE'S LINK OK STKAM BOATS il "3* FOH ALBANY?Daily at 7 o'clock P. M.3B **** ^ direct?-From tn? steamboat pier between Courtlandt and Liberty KtreeU, Sunday excepted. Tim steamboat K NIC K F.RBOf ' K Ell, Cant. A. P. St. John, will leave Monday, Wednesday and Friday r'.venm#, at seven o'clock. Steamboat KOCI'KSTKR, Capt. A. Houghton, will leave Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 7 P. M. At 5 o'clock P. M.?L Hiding at Intermediate Places. Steamboat NORTH AMERICA. Capt. M. H. I'ruesdell, will leave Monday, Wedue?d.\y, Friday, and Sunday afternoon, at 5 o'clock. Steamboat SOUTH AMERICA, Capt. L. W. Brainard, will leave Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Evening, at live o'clock. Passengers taking this Line of Boats will invariably arrive in Albany in ample time to lake the Morning Train of Cars for the east or west. The above boats are new and substantial, are furnished with neat, and elegant State Kooms. and for speed and accommodations are unrivalled on the Hudson. For Passage or Freight, apply ou board, or to P. C. Schulti at tV office on the w harf. s4 OA SEVEN O'CLOCK MORNING LINK Br -~^jj ?j*FOR ALBANY. THOY, and iut<*rmediafe ^C__AS_aK_Lan(linL's?From the steamboat pier, at the foot of Barclay street. Breakfast and Dinner on board. Leaves Ne? York?The Kmpire on Monday, Weduesd.iy and Friday. The Troy on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, at 7 A. M. Landing at?Caldwell's, West Point, Newbnrgh, Hampton, Pouirhkeepsie. Hyde Park, Khinebeck, U. R?*d Hook, Bristol, Catskill, Hudson, Coxsackie and Kinde.rhook. The uew low pressure steamer EMPIRE, Captain 9. U. Roe, on Wednesday, at 7 o'clock in the morning, Aug. 16. The new low pressure steamex TROY', Captain A. Oorham. on Thursday, at 7 o'clock in the morning, Auc 12. For passage, apply at the office, foot of Barclay strrai, or oa board. Notice.?All Goods, Freight, Baggage, Bank Bills, Specie, or any other kind of Property, taken, shipiied, or put on board the Boats of this Line.must be at the risk of the owners of such goods. an 16 r INDEPENDENT REGULAR OPPOSIT10 N NIGHT LINE FOR ALBANY 6t ^ W ruiw ti.-?....i. n;?. i The commodious sod substantial steamboat PORTSMOUTH, ( apt. O. Home, will lea- > New York from the fool of Barclay itreet, ou Mondays, Wer esdays and Fridays; and will leave Albaoy and Troy on Sun Uy?, Tuesdays and Thursdays, and will continue these, trips to; ie?e<son. Freifht taken at reduced rates. Apply on board. P. S.?The above boat has undergone a thorough repair, and is in first rate order. s2 lm* r MM SEVEN O'CLOCK EVENING LINK fc~^VCJ?for ALBANY AND TItOY direct, without ^Kii3Bfc3L.landin)$?the sjilendid low pressure sti'unboat SWALLOW, Captain A. McLean, will leave the foot of Courtlandt street every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday eveniiiKs, at 7 o'clock, far Albany direct. The Swallow has a I irge number of stale rooms.and for speed and accommodations is not surpassed ou the Hudson. auR ec Imm ** NKWAHK AND NEW YORK.?Kan rj. 12)< Cents !?The splendid steamer PASaC^3EJE.SAIC, alter June 5th, will run as follows:? Leave the foot of Barclay street, New Y ork, at 10 A. M., and 4 P. M. Leaves the foot of Centre street, N' wark, at "M A. M , and and IK P. M. The accommodations both for ras>engeri and freight have been i^reatly improved. Freight carried at very low rates. jvlS 3m**c ~ STATEN ISLAND FERRY, FOOT " yr^r?F WHITEHALL ST.?The steamboats jT if . STAT F.N 1SLANDKR and SAMSON will run as follows uutil further notice Leave New York 8, 9, 10, 12, 2, 3><, 5, 6. Leave Staten Island 8, 9, 10, 12, 2, 4 5 6. All goods shipped are lequired to be particularly marked and aiv at the risk of the owners thereof. s5 r " <? -? jgM NKW ARRANGEMENT FOR SHREWSBURY?Long Branch. Sandy 3^^-_j3t2Z-l!ook, Ocean Hon* and Eatontown Landing. The new Steamboat SHREWSBURY, Captain John P. Corlies. will uow run as follows, on and alter Thursday, 27th jnilt :?leaving New York, from the foot ?f Robinson street, every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, al 10 o'clock, A. M. A ...I L'.,..I.anfliittf nn Mnmliv WimIimmiUv ?.! fc'. i.Ui. E NE NEW M s. BALL & I'd 's I CHARLESTON, SAVANNAH, MII,I.KDGE >2? VILLK. MAI ON. ( (MJIAIBl sja?a>l AM) h'LOHIDA JU&fcJ ! WjELP ACKAIIK K X !' K K S 8 >i?jsrs. M. 8 BALLikl'O. wiH rerene Steele, [;d>,K \ote?. Bundle*, Sample, Packages and Cases ol < irods, and forward tliein by then k.ipi?a<,to anil from ( hirleston. Savannah MilledgcvilU, Macon, and all the ? r, stations on the Ojitral'lUilroad. Also, by the steamboat St. Matthews, Cuilain McNeltv o her regular tril* to and from Darien, Brunswick. 8t. Mary'.! Black ( reek, Picolatta and PaJatlu i.8 iBaM n C<? wi" lPy I'THcularatWntionto the Purchase or <rooug, collecting and |>jiyin|l Drafts, Notes and Bills, and tin* trans.u 'ion ol any and all Uiiid& of busiiit^ns at ailV of tin? pore named puces, i ney will also forward Goods aiid Merchandize to anvpart of the United States, which may be sent to their can*. They intend to nut 011 teams to run regularly through fro in Macon t? ( nluinnus, under their own charge, to carryall kinds ot merchandize, with all reasonable dispatch and safety, on the 1st of Octolier next. .Messrs M. S. B. & ( o. having made arrangements with the Central ltailroad Company of (ieorgia, for an apartment under their own lock, and with a Messenger always in charge, offer superior advantages for the prompt and safe conveyance of all valuable articles that may be entrusted to '.heir care. Merchants, IManters, and others, desirous of receiving their < hinds with prompt dispatch, w ill fiud it advantageous to direct to tlli lll. \CF" Office at Savannah, 15!) Day strtvt; Macon, Washington Hall; M. S. Ball Co.. Milledgeville; Agent at Charleston, H. A. Head, Hi Kast Bay; S. Philbrick, Ag-lit for receiving and forwarding goodii and merchandize st Savannah. M.S. B. & Co. will advance cash for all freights ou goods sent to their charge. Charges no more than the ordinary way of obtaining goods. au'iti I in * r SUMMER AKKANGEMENT NKW YOKK AND PH1LAUKLPHIA UAl jttOAD l.INE DIRKCT, Via Newark, NEWBiu'.Miwicii, Phisceton, Tbenton, Bordkntown Anb Bi'ni.iNi;ton. Leaviug New Vork daily from the foot of Courtlandt it. Morning Line at 9 A. M.?Mail Pilot Line at 1% P. M. The Morning Line proceeds to Bordentown, from theuce by steamboat to Philadelphia. The Kveniug Line proceeds direct to Camdcu (opposite to Philadelphia) without change of cars. Passengers will procure their tickets at the office foot of Courtlandt street, where a commodious steamboat, will be iu readiness, with baggage crates on board. Philadelphia baggage crates are conveyed from city to city, wihout being o|ienedoy the way Kach train is provided with a car in which are apartments and dressing rooms expressly for the ladies' use. Returning, the lines leave Philadelphia from the foot of Walnut street, by steamboat to Bordentown at 7 o'clock, A. M. and by railroad from Camden, at o'olock, P. M. The lines for Baltimore leave Philadelphia at 7>i A. M., and 4 P. M. being a continuation of the line.. I'rnm V??/ V,.rlr jy28 3m??c ~ _PATERBON RAILROAD SSlS jQ? FARE (INL ',' 2.) ( K.NTS. From Paterson to Jersey City. On and after Monday i 17th July, the cars will leave Paterson Depot Leave New York. 8 A. M. 9 A. M. 11* " 12% P M. 4 P. M. S " ON SUNDAYS. Leavk Patkr?o:< Depot, Leave New York. 7% A. M. 8% A. M. 5 P. M. 6 P. M. Transportation cars ]>1 daily (Sundays excepted.) PassenI ger's are advised to be at the Kerry, foot of Courtlaudt street, a I few minute* before the crated hours of departure jvl# 6m FOR CHARLESTON. HAVANA, KEY WEST, NEW ORLEANS. AN'l) GALVESTON, (Texas.) 'T^O SAIL on Thursday, 5th October, the elegant, well known J- rop|>ered staam ship NKW YORK, J. P. Wright, Commander, will sail as above. This steamer has been put in complete order for the season, and has extensive accommodations, with large and airy state rooms. For passage or freight of sptieje, apply to the Captain ou bmucl, foot of Niuth street, K. R., or to A. HUBBARD Sc CO., 39 Peck slip. New York, Sept. 11. 1843. sllto5*ec r f-r-i. TRAVELLERS 4iOINO SOUTH OR .SPfrfPf?1 WEST?Sixteen hours in advance of the iitoU. S. Mail?Tri-Weekly Line to Savannah, illottaij in connexion with the Central Hailroad to '*' lw? Macon and the \\ est The splendid steam pickets GENERAL CLINCH, Capt. J. P. Brooks, and CHARLESTON, Cai>t. K. Harden, will leave Charleston evoty Tuesday, Thursday and Satnrd^y morning, at 9 o'clock, after the arrival of the Wilmington boats from the north, arriving at Savannah the same day, and will leave Savannah oil the ?.mir my* as anove, ai o o clock i'. M., alter the arrival of the car* lrnm Macon. Travellers will find this to be the cheapest and rrost expeditions route to the south and west. Th?* above boats are fitted up in a superior style, and no expense or pains will be spared to ensure certainty, com tort, and expedition to the travelling public. JOHN B. LAFITTE. Agent, Fitzsiminons' Wharf, 1 ha?leiton. Charleston, Septembe*, 1813. sl7 2m * r ^ ^ ? ORLE IN 8?T( inching 11 ill the polls in h'.ast and West Florida, via: St. Augustine. New Smyrna, Indian River, < ape Florida, Indian Key Key West, Tampa Bay. ('edar Keys, Port Leon. Apalachicol i and lVnsacola ?The splendid steam shin C1NCINN ATI. J Smith, master, (who has been long engaged in the navigation between Florida and New Orleans ) will leave Charleston, S C., on the lstni' October antt and after the arrival of the Wilmington boats, for all the above places. For passage only, having siiperior accommodations, apply ??n board, or ifl?e letter, post paid, to JOHN B. LAFiTTE, Agent, Fitzsimmous' \vharf Charleston, 8. C., Sept. Oth. Ift43. s!4 tolr ~~ r STEAM SHIP NEPTUNE. Captain S/&4 FlfW William Rollins?To sail on Saturday, Oct her th, at 4 o'clock. P. M., for < harleston, *rl, X Kt > Wp!, lla\.oit. N?-w Orleans, and (tal *^5ajae3^?? vp?ton. Texas This superior paeket steamer is now Unng overhauled and put in i>erf*ct order for the season. Hit obiia and state rooms are elegantly (krnkind, and passengers can rely ?u every contort and accommodation in her. For passage as above, in th? cabins or steerage, and for light freight and specie for Charleston, apply to J. II. BROWER, sl6 r 75 Wall st. BLACK BALL. OK OLl) LINK OF L1VERjflSyfWPOOL PACKETS?Regular Packet, and sails on rfM5ttllE?Tuesday, the Hth Sept ?-The remarkable last sailing new cop|ieretl packet ship HIBERNIA, Captain Richard L. Bunting, will sail positively as above, her regular day. The accommodations of the Hibernia for cabin, 2a cabin and steerage passengers will on inspection be found to l?e fitted out in every way that can add to the comfort ol thos* embarking for the old country, who should not fail to call and examine her accpmmodationa before ia\ing paasage in any other veeev. The price of passage is very low, for which, and to secure the best berths, early application should lie made on board, toot of Beekman street, or to the sub^rrilnrs. ROCHE, BROTHERS & CO 35 Fulton street, next door to the Fulton Bank. P. S.?The Hibernia sails from Liverpool on the 7fh November. ravona eaoding for their frieuda can have them bromght out in her, or in any of the packets comprising this magnificent line, sailing from that port punctually on the 7th and 19th of c\er\ month. For )>4*sige apply as above. Tne packet ship Cambridge, Capt. Win. Barstow, will succeed the llitiernia, and sail for Liverpool on the 1st of October, her ragalar oa lit w i NEW LINE~T)F LIVEKmOL PACKETSIKflVPacket of the 25th September?The si lendid fast sailJHaiHw ng racket ship hHKIM i) \ N, Capt. A. S. Depeyster, The -hl| S of' ill s Inn' an; all 1000 tons burthen and upwards, ami their accommodatioM tor cabin, second caliin and sti-erage passengers it is well known are <uperior to any other lm<> of packets. Tho?e wishing to secure bi rths, should not Uil to make eirly application on board, or to \V. (Si J. T. TArSCOTT, (IT 43 Prck Slip, cor South strew. tUI' B LAI K 15 \ I.I. LINK OK PACKETS MrWPy.FOK LIVERPOOL?Packet of rhe 19th September. JcfiflL-'I'lK faat sailing packet ship H.BKRN I A, ( apt. Hunting, will lie despatched ?s above, hw itytnlar day. Those wishing to secure berths, will require to make (arly application to JOHN HKHDMAX, 61 South street, near Wall st. N. B.?Passive from 'rreal Britain and Ireland,via Liverpool, can as usual he secured by the above splendid paeket uliip, < r any ship of the line, and llu?e n intting money to their friends can have drafts for any amount payable in all the principal towns ihrouKliDut the United Kingdom, and on Messrs. J. Barlied & Co. bankers, Liverpool; and \Ies3rs. J. Bult, Sou St Co. For further particulars, apply as above. sllr KOK CHARLESTON.?Regular packet ol 'Oth mMMFV. September. The regu'ar packet ship PETER II \TJHHlta'l RICK, Cant Post, will sail as above?has splendid accommodations forcanin and steerage passengers? who will lie taken on reasonaht terms on application on board Ihe ship,foot 1 of Dover strtet, or to JOSEPH McSll'llRAY, (10 r HIO Pine street. KOK SAVANNAH.?Packet ol 20th September? in'\ Regular Line.?The well known last s 'ling ickftbrig O. 11. LAMAR. I apt. Sannernun, will sail piiiiciually as abo.e, and can accommodate a limited number of cabin, second cabin, and sreeragf ivuseugers, il early application be made on board, foot of Maiden l.ane, or to W. Si J. T. TAPSCOTT, g|l ec 43 Peck Slip, corner South strvet. ijcg. Kill NEW ORLEANS?To sail inisitively on Wednesday, 20tli inst.?The fast sailing ship A I.- 1 jgnmShaH II hl>. I ai'tain Myers, will sail as above. A few in-ire.eeoud cabin and sienag" pass.-iigers can vet Im' the lowest rites, if immediate application is made Apply on hoard the ship, at Murray's wharf, foot of Wall street, or to jqHN HERDMAN. 61 South street, lie ?r \VaM street. 1 N. B.?The'stibicriber has first class ships tailiiiK weekly for the above l?ort, by which paasaKe can be tMifigi'd it the curreut rate. slflr &??* REGULAR UNK KOH NKW OHLKANSMrjMTV Picket of 2Mh S?-pt.?'The splendid last s ul in * packet CASPIAN, ( apt. M. H Patten, sails positively | as .iliuve. Tne accommodation* of this ship lor cabin, second | cabin find stemM^e passengers are such as cannot to i?*cure every comfort to p.issetitfers dtiriQK tlie voyage, and the pricr* of passage is very low; for which immedi ite application should i be made ou board, at pier It East River, foot of Jones laiie, <?r t?? W. & J. T. TAPSCOTT, 41 slip. comer South street. W ho have also regular first class packets sailing as usual ?o Mobile, Savannah and ('harle.iton, every wei-k, throiiKtiou* the s? isnii. iv* ,,,,>i,..I ,.t ihe M-rv lowest rates. ilOi ** v i* ^y (> ^ i ( ^ ^s im Mil i n w . ork Line?To sue eed the Arkansas?The fast saili rnr packet shin MISSISSIPPI, Captain Hillard. will *n>,KV ?r pas a^e, havinRhandsome furnish ou noaru, at Uitwu whirl", loot ol Wall arret, or to K. K. COLLINS h CO, M South street. Agents 111 New Orlcmi, Hull.,, 8c Woodruff, wlui will prnmpm I"|w.nd ill t.1 ih.-ir .iddie??. tIOr itik H>l< *ALK-^i'lie well known co|>i<f>rrd and copMfTXVl'" ????! 8VLVA N L S .) KN K INS, Se> m.>ur, jj|yUlBa<iinali>r. burthrn and register M7 tons, carries mtii.lNMi ii,a. til L.nton from Mobile, huilt in (hi* city by James Mori All for Samuel I licks Si Co. under the inapectiou of Joaiah Man?li?r apron transom and top timber* of lire nth and locust?Iwa staudmC and ruiiiiiuuc rigiing in good order?bud new mast* four veara nico?is well adapted for a whaler, havm? a fine roomy deck. Liea at Dover atreet w harf Her inventory can be awn at il \Villiam afreet, hot terina, apply to i!!l |m r JON ATM AN OOHKN fc t'O M William St. W' hTTa I'?4110 bllahela prime llliuoia Wheat, now landing IVoiii ihiP St. Mary, lor sale by fc. K. COLLINS h CO. * South at. W YO YORK. TUESDAY MOR ""Sir 8EGARS "There's a delight in smoking. None but smokers know." Til' saying is true, when ye know where to liud < A segar |K>sseii?es the quality rare Of euliveniiig the spirits and cheering tlie mind, I Auil enables the smoker to puff away rare. This luxury always your sure to obtain, i If on SK.1XAH in Maiden Laue promptly you call; If you visit him once, you will do so agiiu, For he gives satisfaction and pleasure to all. I His Segars are the choicest, most exquisite brands, By a oompetant agent selected with care, Direct from Havana, b> s|iecial communis, And none in the city with his can comp.irr. flis ('olburu, Kegalias, La Norinas, aud Start, 1 Noriegas, Trahucas, Victories purii ; Princilie, Ks|>erair&M, lm|wrial Segars, ' The best iu the country that you can procnr*. 1, La Norinas, and < 'impress beside, Ills Dos <'omp.irieros aud evouiitire Imml With others tlmt have coinj>etition defied, Kor his customers, SKI,\AS has always on hand. In order to secure a continiMnceof the approbation and custom , 1 with which SE1XA8 hat (" en so loss favored, m has mmm ] a siiecial md compent ni;ent ill Havana, to select the Tobacco 1 and su|<eriiltend the m.ikniK of all seijars tint he imports; consequently, he can warraut all sold by him to lie genuine. His1 stock on hand is mora extensive and tU|ierior to ofauy [ similar establishment. Ilemember the Number, 3 MA1DKN LANK, Howard's 1 Hotel, au2:t lm*r 1 S K< AKS, T( IB At ( () SUiSAH U COVKEE. Onn JU3T UK. KIV k'L> aftft* telebrat^d Lord 11/ <JV/)V/\f\J rou braiul, consisting of Regalias and medium ?i*e Sejcars. I 32,000 of the Florida brand, do do do. < 20,000 Low price Havana*, do do do. < 14 Bales ol (imsa Tobacco. U Bales of Havana do. ' 6 Cases of Free Labor St. Jaffo White SuKar. ' 12 Baijs of superior do Coffee. Kor sale by A. A. SAMANOS, i mi 17 lm*r No. 6 Wall st and 289 Broadway. A A. SAM AN OS offers lor sale, at No, fi YVallst, 10 lilida | Muscovado Su^ ir, and 16 bates of Coffee, lauding from hri|[ T | az, from St. JogO In Store? 10 hhds Sun cured Muscovado Su?ar > uit.tide for refiners 4 boxes white Su^arv free^labor io iMM-it superior Mima lonacco, ui table lor manulac- 1 Hirers. t 3i0,m. Segars, of Lord Byron, Woodv K.anda variety ofother I bran dk. I WANTED?A Cooper, and a Mil wright that understands i car|ien'er's work, to go to St Jagod.' ~.uba; must be single and I of temperatehabits. Applyasaoov' im*r 1 SNUFF. CIGARS AND TOj i('CO?Just received per ! recent arrival*. an importati ni of choice foreign SunIIs, consisting of Luudy Koot's Irish nigh toast;high jjried Welch, Hardham's, No, 37, Violet Strasburg, Morton's mixture, Prince Allien do, Copenhagen, etc; togelher with a large assortment of domestic snulfs ol the subscriber's m inufacture. On hand a prime lot of Havana Cigar*, "Morieita," "La Norma," "Kegalia," "I'auetela," etc. Cavendish 1 ohacco of the most approved brands, Turkish, I German, ( I qualities) Scafarlatti, and Spanish smoking tobac- j co*;l)utch and English clay pi|>es;Joiies' Royal patent matches; cigar cases; tubes; fancy pipes; snuffboxes, and every article | apln rt.lining to a well stocked tobacconist's establishment, for ale at wholesale and retail bv i MRS. O. NEWCOMBE Si SON, au 21 lm*ec No. 4 Wall st. I FOREIGN WINKS AND LIQUORS, " No. 33% \nii street, New York. THk'. advertiser lias for sale the following choice importations of the very best quality, viz Old French Brandy in cask and bottle " Holland (Jin " " " " " Hamburgh " " (imported in 1800) " Madeira Wiue in pipes and bottle " Sherry. Muscat, Bordeaux, Mar* ? " " Cat iloui, Port, Sic. Invalids and others will find pure lienors unadulterated as above?No. 33% Anu st. a!9 lm*tn M" B. SAN K'OKI) (CASH TAlLOKl NO STORK) 127 F tiT ton St., has just opened au entirely new and splendid assortment of Knglisli and French Cloths, Cassimeres, and Vesting*, which for beauty, elegance, and durability,cannot be suipassed in this city, being bought for cash. He will sell to all his friends and customers 2J per cent cheaper than those who do not adhere to the cash principles. Strangers and others w ho are visiting our city, are respectfully invited to call and examine his rich assortment of goods, all of which lie pledges himself to make in a stvle and fashion which shall please the most fastidious, as regards good cutting, workmanship, nml prices. Ho would also inform his customers that he has a new and entire assortment of gentleineus'outfitting of every description, consisting of stocks, scarfs, collar*, bosoms, shirts, drawers, suspenders, silk and linen cambric handkerchiefs, gloves and hosiery ol all kinds. N. B. Punctuality observed strictly in filling all orders. M. B. SANFORD. s# lm'r Neit to the Herald Office, New Yoik. DEPOT OF GENTLEMEN'S FANCY DRESS ARTICLES. READY MADE LINENS,UNDER GARMENTS, itc.f . THK Subscriber would call the attention of their patrons and strangers visiting this city, to their rich and extensive assortment of stocks, scarfs, cravats, gloves, suspeuders, pocket handkerchiefs, dressing gowns, hosiery, lainbs wool, merino, 1 silk. Cotton, Berlin, buckskin and other under shirts and draw* ers Their assortment of theabove goods, and all other articles . appertaining to a gentleman's wardrobe are rich, varied, and extensive, and well worthy the attention of the fashionable community, they would particularly recommend their uew style of gentlemen's shirts, as containing many improvements. The shirts .it present manufactured by tTiein, are cut to suit the form of the wearer, thereby doing away with the large overplus of linen used under the old system of cuttiug, and adding not only to the comfort of the wearer, but to the beauty of the fimn. This improvement wa* so manifest to the Judges of the lite lair at the American Institute, that the first premium wai awarded to the subscribers; their patent elastic Brace is particularly recommended to all persons who have acquired the habit of stooping. They will be found of immense benefit to persons of sedentary habits, by bracing the shoulders, they strengthen the back, and expand the cheat, and w ill be found of uo im|>ediment to the free use o I the arms. They would also call attention to their patent elastic Russia or ridiug bolt. IVentlemeo may depend on being suited with the best ana most fashionable articles, by calling at the old establishment ol PARSELL8 St AGATE, au 20 lm*ec 237 Broadway, corner of Park place. ON CHANGE AGAIN?RETURN TO THE OLD STAND. THE undersigned, after a s?ven years'ei|*>rience of the evil effects resulting from large stores and larger rents, is happy ' to inform bis numerous customers and the community general- 1 ly, that he has effec.ed (thanks to a conscientions landlord) a ' lease of of his old stand No. 4, (formerly 5) vVall street, Mortimer Buildings, comer of New street, and for many \ ears celebrated by Ins w 'II known SIGN OK THE GOLDEN KLEEuE?a beacon to all who are in quest of good cheap and fashionable garments. To such of his old patrons who may have lost sight of him | during his wanderings, he invites til '-ir return to the Old Spot, with the assurance of a strict adheraiice to bis well established < fame fd* skill and punctuality. Of the public generally lie soliciu a call, being prepared with an assortment of fine and sea- < son tble cloths, cassimers, vesting*, Sic. Sic., which he will lie 1 happv to make up in the most faithful manner, and oil reasonable clurges, for Cash Only. The same care anil attention bestowed ?ii making and trimming, as when the c'oth is purchased of him. C. B. liabcock continues in the cutting department. CHARLES COX. sll linr Sign of the Golden ! le-ce, No. I Wall st. JAMEs LACy, DRAPER AND TAILOR,tl John street, near William, continues to make up Gentlemen's garments of siqwrior workmanship, and lu the most fashionable style, at his usual low prices. Gentlemen in want of new and tasluonable cloth iug, should call and examine his select stock of goods before purchasing elsewhere. Atrial will be sufficient to convince the inost economical, that for beauty of fit, style of workmanship, and at such estraordiuary low prices, ibis establishment cannot be surpassed by any in the city. (1./- Gentlemen furnishing their own goods can have them made and trimmed?a |?-rfect fit warranted or the nnce of the goods returned. au2l linr TERMS < ASH. WM. T. JENNINGS As CO. DRAPERS AND TAILORS, 2:n Broadway, American , Hotel, opposite the Kouutarin, solicit attention to au assort mPIit ol CM^toii.ittii> LrOi )? iin^l inline I 'littli, i ' ,u moma Vwit. nigs, Sic., in ali the new anil various styles, under the assuruice that the system of " small |irntits and <|iiick returns," which has elicited so liberal a patronage, will he continued, while our ar,uigemeiits are as will eua'jle us to till all orilers in future with promptness. | A feature in the establishment, which must commend it to | those requiring articles for immediate use, is the addition to c our stock, of an assortment of first quality ready tnadu Gar- ( tneuts, consisting of , Hurtouts, Krocks, I I)r<ss Coats, Pantaloons, Vests, Office Coats, Travel ling Krocks, Dressing Uowm, fcc A choice collection ol Silk and Matin Scr.rft, Cravats, Handkerchiefs, (iloves, Suspenders, Hosiery, Under Shirts, Drawers, Musii.i Shirts, Collars, Sic. At prices which must offer inducements to purchasers jyJ4 jin'ee QK.NTLKMKN'S LKKT OKK WAIlUltOBK?tlentlemen or families desirous of converting their lelt ofl wear'iii; apparel into cash, can obtaiu for the same the highest rash , price. i To fimilies and gentlemen quitting the city,or changing resi- t dene.', having any supnriluou* effects to dispose of, will iind it . much to their advantage to send for the subscriber, who will , Uleud them at their residence by appointment. , H. LKVETT, , No. 6 John st, New \ ork. , A line throiijh the post office, or otherwise, will r-jceive < prompt attention. t Clothing cleaned, altered ami repaired. anH Imr , FOR SALK, 1 A T C. H. DAKLINO'S. 74)$ Maiden lane and 5 Liberty street, the cheapest and nest selected stork of KRKNCrl, ENGLISH St GERMAN KANCY GOODS. , Consisting of Needles, Combs, Cutlery, Pins. Brushes, Jewelry, Hooks and Eyes, Perfumery, Hieel Pens, Plated Thimbles, lt.i7.ors, Strops, Itc. ( Willi ill other articles included in the above line. ' C. II. I), would state for the benefit of Country Merchants, i Pedlars Old others, who may please to call, that all goods m the ? shove line will be sold on tit* most favorable terms. au2l lm*r I). M. PEYSER. & CO., C NO. 110 William street, corner of John street, and 437 Broad- i way have received, by recent arrivals, an es'ensive supply c af the following KANC I GOODS, which werecarefulK se- I lected by a competeut person at Paris, Iterlin. Sic and winch they offer lor sale, in wholesale and retail, on liberal terms, ( i Berlin Zephyr and German Worsted?the most complete as- ' lortmeut. Berlin K.inbroidery Patterns?a choice selection. I C'nnvass for Embroidery, of cotton, worsted, linen, sitk. ir u i RK E NINti. SEPTEMBER I!?, T<? I'lAMO FOR IE MANUFACTURERS. YOIJ arr mprctfully mpi>ntril l? <-.*11 at i:tfl Na?an ?trwi ami fiainim* a iwcinwii of namr platra, insult- l>y a new pro rrHi, wliieli fieri all ollii rs in lirtuit of riiKnivmic anil iiealiimi [if liuikli. U?siill's, tlvry ran l>r anoMlrd mnrli cheaper lliail linvtofur, if a liuxe uumbttr i* raquirvil. Carriajtr Makrr'i name plain tl?o executed in a style that j can't be lurpaued. W. L,. OHM8BV. 138 Nassau street N. B.?Manufacturer's Lat?els, hi id Kugrav iutf and Priuting ! generally promptly fi^cutnl cheap? ver> cheap. si 1 in * r I O l'\ s\ |m )n 1 K VI K K JHN GILL, manufacturer of Piano Forte Ihrdwarf, wiihwi to announce that in addition to his ettablishmeut, (ou 2t>tI* , itreetand ltd Avenue,) that li has made arrangements with Mr. John Pltyfe, ivory dealer, No. !'? M??r?av street. New York, (aa j iiceut,) where any a'ticle of piano forte hardware can l?e pur* , chased as cheap as eUcwhere, aud in auy iiuaQ'ities. Also, a anperior article of aieel music wir-*, imported by J. U , which is used by the principal piano Ibrte maker* in New York, and is considered the ImM now in use, not eicepting Weh | iter's; atrial of the same i* only necesaary to estahlixh its good | qualities. J < J. respectfully solicit* attention to the superior quality ol I his manufactured goods, especially his improved tuniutf pins, I which are warranted in every respect. Sixteen yea s close at- ! lention to the ahove business in New \ ork his enabled J. t?. to know exactlv what the piano forte makers require. All?mlers to John* ?ill, 20th street and 3d Avenue, New Vork, or to Mr. John Phyfe. as abo?e, will meet with immediate attention. Ooodi forwarded to any part of the United Mates. s!3 lm?rc 1ANO KOllTKH KOU SALK.?rA large and" valuable slock, consisting of from 70 to HO French action piano fortes ill new. are offered lor sile at411 Broadway, near Li*i>enard sr. md at tne factory, 41 West Fourteenth street, between the ft It ind tiih avenues. This stock comprises several very highly finished and su|>erijr toued instruments, with 6% and 7 octave* of tke latest and most approved patterns. Kvery piano forte w ill l?e warranted for one year, aud will b told at prices unusually low. J. WALKER. N B.?A variety of irood Pmnn IT-trr*** U-i.? ?v/>I.i-.vm1v IV* oire. uMla't A I .Mill TO THE I. A PIER, ANEW l*ateiit Invention, combining e'egance ami economy, in Ladies' divas. habit, |ielisse lilting and making, i3 Market street, between Hamilton and Clierrv si reets. Ladies' ilreeses cut U|*on the above principle, guaranteed a perfect and rlegaut lit, with infallible accuracy, which is so In till I v essen tialiii producing faultless garments, ilso made VI itil neatness mid despatch, anil ill strict conformity with the latest Parisian mid Loudon fashions. Ladies measured ai their residence if required. Ladles t.uulit tie' above n\ iluable a t, and rittlils of the invention to be disposed of, by the practice of which the advertiser has realised a very huidsome income, and instruction acquired ill tw o easy lessons?lei ins model, te. \\ anted Immediately?I apprenticed and 2 improvers. si I 1 in ' in J. aOKlA'S CHEAP UYEINO ESTABLISHMENT. TVTll. SOMA liegs leave res|iectfully to inform bis friends and ItA the public in general that owing t" the depressed state of ihc times, he has reduced his price 'i'j per cent bvlow the regular charges. Ladies wishing their summer dresses, shawl-,, Sic. dyed or pressed, will lind it much to their :idvantage by paying him a visit. Gentlemen will also do well to call with such articles of wearing apparel as may nenl dyeing or pressing. All orders will lie punctually attended to, and the articles done up in the best style at Soria's establishment, No. 490 I'earl st., His branches are at No 2i7 tileecker st.. No 3j2 Bowery, and it 3>7 Grand st. Also a branch at 43 h ultou st. Brooklyn, and ?t Newark, N. J., corner of Broad st, and Washington Place. Merchants can have all kinds of goods dyed and put up in theirorigiual forms, and ou moderate terms. Principal ofiice490 Pearl st. au2o 3m*ec FERGUSON & REID. COMMISSION M E a C H A N T S , 84 TCHOPOUTLA8 St. N. ORLKANS. NB.?Particular attention paid to tliu receiving and for w arding of goods llefers to VEATMAN & CO., New Orleans, McMOKAN Mc.Vls.CHAN, Louisville si4 6t*r Hon. TIIOS. W. WILLIAMS, New Loudon. OOLLKN FACTORY KOU SALK.?The subscriber will sell one half or the whole of his Woollen Factory, which is located on the KarmiiiKton Jliver, 111% miles from Hartford, Connecticut. The mill is in complete operation, and now making Htl yards of broadcloth daily, with water powur sufficient for any reasonable extent ion. The style of cloths may be seen at Messrs. Colfiu, Bradley & Co's Store, No. 44 Exchange Place, New York, where other more particular information may be bad as to prices and terms. OEO. C. KL LOGO. New Hartford, Conn. Aug. 31, 1813. 10,1)0(1 dollars wanted, ou satisfactory security situated iu New Hartford, Conn.?interest at ti per cent, payable annually, the Mechanics' Bank, New York. Kor particulars see Messrs. fulfill, Brady At. Co. 41 Exchange Place. sl2 I0r?m GEO. C. KELLOGG ARCHER'S FALL. FASHION. KOU O E N T L E M EN'S HATS, AUTUMN?1843. NO W ready for sale and inspection at his old stands, 201 and JoO Greenwich street. I'. S.?Alio, an elegant assortmeet of men's, boys' and cliilIreu's caps, ol entile new patterns sll Iin'ec ABRAHAM KASTOR, importer, No. 393 Broadway, has just received by the steamers Great Western and Britannia, old also by the Havre packets, a line .old large assortment of lew style 1-511k Bullion Miugis, Oiimps, lords, Ta?i?els, But lotitj black silk 1 nmmiug Lace, rim;id Laces, .1 great variety >f French Ktnbroideric*. such as Infants' Dresses ami Waists. I 'hemoisettes, Collars, Linen Pocket Handkerchiefs, Thieau Lace Veils,Ihreid Points, Silk blond Trimmmif Lace. Fancy Ball Dresses, and every description of Gloves, Mils, ami ( nils. Also, Bags. Purses, and Linen Thread Caps. Also, a lain** assortment o! Worsted < Cloaks, Ilahits and Caps tor ladies and children, and many other articles, too numerous to describe?all of which he offers at reasonable prices, at wholesale and retail. si:< I in * r TO 1HK I'UBLiC. The firm heretofore known as GKNIN & VAN VHANKKN, HATTERS, Having been dissolved, the subscriber, JOHN iN GKNIN, Has opened A 1IAT AND oAP STORE, No. 90 BROADWAY. Third door from Wall street. JN. G. begs simply to stste his determination to use hi* best exertions f?? make a HAT tfut for <]ai^lity of material uid beauty of finish cannot he excelled. He therefore trusts 10 receive from his friends and the public that support which will fiiable lum successfully to carry out his designs. JOHN N. GKNIN, Hatter, sl4 lm*m 90 Broadway, 3d door above Wall st. SHIR f MANUFACTORY, AND GKNTLKMKN'S FURNISHING STORK, CQ MAIDKN LANK.?-Just received the latest and most o?7 improved French Mtwiskirts leral usortmeut of ihirts, under garments, hosiery, cravats, handkerchiefs, iic. Shirts and under garments made np to order and repaired at ihort notice. For tale, a Counting House Desk, with three Irawer* and book rack. WM. COLLINS au20 lm*r 1 o TH k I UBCIC {J* 1 nfj TO $.'>(>00 ?.vlr. Francis 11. Cnimp, Watch Maker, P A v/VJ 210 < ?rand street, begs to inform his friends and the f'lblic, that independent of the Watch business, lie is prepared o make advances hi cash on gold and silver, illver tet sets, spooui forks and every desciiption of"gold or illver in any shape, intended for immediate sale. Cash to auy imouut paiU for old gold and silver. Watches of every de icription repaired and warranted. 216 Grand street. si 1 Jin* r WA i CHKb.?The largest and most spleudid assortment ofl Watches in the city, is to In* found at the subscriber's ? \s lie is constantly receiving all descriptions of Gold and Silrer Watches, of the newest styles, diiect from the mantifacurers, in Kngland, France, anu Switzerland, lie is enabled to ifTera larger assortment, and at much less prices, at retail, than my other house iu the cily. Gold watches ;is low as $.20 to $26 sach. Watches and jewellerv exchanged or bought. All vatches warranted to keep good timet or the money returned. w atehtt, docks Mdjiwillcn repaired ia tot Mil mmmt? j 1 warranted lower tlian at any other place in the city G. C. ALLKN, importer of watches and jewellery, s? I in rr WkOMRd# Old wll, !'? W 11 itffSt, IP stair*. INDIA TEA'COMFA N Y. 188 '"anai. street, Nkw YoilK. ENCOURAGKD by the satisfaction given since the openiufi of their establishment rm|?ectft?lly invite the attention of iner:hants and families to their ample stock of *iii*ri<ir Teas and oflve, |iurcha*ed for ouh, by oue ?>f tlie lirui, loux e*|H?rienccd ii the tnnlr. and for ^e.irs an niapeftor of Te.t? imported by the ?a*t India Cm Company, of Loudon. They confidently recoip mend ihetn, not only a* the l>?*at in quality, but .is cheai>er, fro ' 10 to 15i*?r cent than e in had elsewhere All ordenproinptl i lud faithfully executed. au8 lin*in ( UNITED STATES TEA EMPORIUM, 121 late 12H Vluitkant utreet, New York. And 116 Kulton street, Brooklyn Aokicv, 318 Blkf. kvk Struct, WHOLESALE AND KE TAI L , Iv. CANTON TEA COMPANY continue to offer for i sale new mid fragrant Teas of every variety rind style.? I'lieir UMrtmnil *|>ecially unhides the most delicious and powerful grades of I ireen and Ula.k Every package liears the tamp of ueutiims and eleg;uice, and the Teas therein arf IO :horoughly secured from light and air, that their quality and *>wer will remain unimpaired in any climate Their system jf jirosecuttng hutineii is, perhai*. scarcely to be excelled. Il s (blinded upon (he utmost regard to the right! o( the customer, esiieciallj with re*(>.ct to weight and quality, and tiuricalled cheapness. All purchasers are called upon to re'urn auv Lrticln which lail to give thein the utmost satisfaction, whicfi he money will I*- cheerfully an.I promptly refunded. Country nerchatits, public establishments, heads of families, and shiplusters will lint* it a decided advantage to supply themselves rom this establish nent. i i( >ri>k Java Coffee roaated every day. Orders from all parts of the United States executed with > iromptitude and despatch. i ; /" The only warehouse in America for the sale of Hon |Oafl celebrated Black Tea lin'in PiRQTQN WATER?DAY'S FIRST PREMIUM IN I) IA RUBBER HOSE is confidently recommended fo my purposes lor which leather is used,.uid is warranted to poa *".vi the following pro|ierties 1st?It n perfectly tight under pressure i." the Croton 2d?It is made of the strongest fabrics, and will not mildew o injure in the least, and raj aire* no attention. 3d?It is not destroyed by coming in contact with oil or .rvase, nor stiffened hy cold weather, nor can the rubber deloinpose, aa inferior articles arc ill no case used. Should the east complaint be made of the Hose, not posn-asing the above op?rtiea, it will be taken b.ick, at any tun.' inside of six noiitlis from its purchase, and other git eu in exchange without ii.irge 4tt|?Coupling and jet pi|vs will be attached without charge, lyers will note that we are clearly satisfied that tin* hose (tlie meets of making which is unknown to any other in the trade) s just the article long wanted for leading water and many .ther liquids. HORACE II DAY, aul7 r Snecessor to lloxburv* I It C., 4'? vlaiden lane [<K?H K?H'K.?-5000 ton* of pure lake Ice of the best ana 1 L lily. The Highland Ire establishment, expressly for snip- ? >jgg, is prepared tof iihI will m4I( Ik fli?* CAt|0( lidUMllfT liisntitie*, cheaper than can l>e obt lined fr >in any other source, ' intl pneirrii in llie l>est manner, i?> so to any part of the world.? ( V supply <>t tli*' b?st approvtd packing Iwnvsou hand. ( JOHN M. LHJN, i s 10 1 in * r frfi Division street 1 VltKAT IMPROVEMENT IN KUU TKI>T M VACHKS. . PHK HUl'KRLATIVK MATCH, made without brimstone I or other deleteivous or offensive iiikr>*Ji? nt?an article that s actually wat? f-proo'' tud no mistake?is now n ade and sold ?y thr pioprietors of?? patent lately obtained, at No itil Bleeck- * r stree , New V ork. % These muchss ilnite with ease and certainty in sll weathers uid i Innate*, mil burn w irh a brilliant llauie, for more than * ninute, and that too in a vertical position,so that several I tters t n<> be sealed with *ax by the hi ,/.e of one of them. They may ^ sy hi water for many hours inn yet Uuit*, and n hen the wood ^ i dry burn as before, some wre saturated in nerfumed wat.ann ihale an agreeable odor instead of th?? esecrabie auit unhealthy r fliuviaof the h'linstone rnatrli. Orders and communications fj nay l>e addressed to U. BOW KN, .. Agent for the Patentees, at No. Mil Blocker st.N.V. I and ivtr, of all widths and ijnalities. Silk Chenille, for embroidery, trimming and flower msliin/. . I'lirsf '1'wnt, (Jerman, French and Knglish, plain and sh.idiii, in skeins, sticks, ami on spools. Kloss S"ilk tor K.mbroiuery aud Fringe makeri, in skeins am' 1 OU *P?o!s. | Susi*ndtrs, superbly embroidered, and Suspender Trim- <j ming*. h Gold, Silver and StH Beads, in all Nos. t Mother of Pearl, Gold, Silver and Steel Pnrse Ornaments. Hold and Silver Kringe, Braid, Cord, Twist, Thread and K.mliroidary Frames, and a variety of different Kancr Arti- | Artificial Klowers?a choice selection. Kriiiiies, of cotton, worsted ami silk, imported aud <!omestic J Gimps, Tassels, Buttons aud all other kind of trimming. ' iv IT * . v5H HAK L)WA E .1 A I. K 11 K I) K. I. A G R A V V.. I t I.MPORTKR OK HARDWAIIK AND CliTLKRY, , J No. 21(1 (Greenwich, corner Barclay street | I IS NOW OPKNING a complete assortment of goods in his | 1 i line, which he oilers at wholesale or retail on the lowest ? terms that they can be purchased at ill this city, Agent for ] ' Coopers' Qlue. > to DUkiug purchases. ahHj lm*r J [ERA 1843. Tilt- SI ait- AKrlt-iillural Kali*. Ah we have already announced, we have despatched a Special Reporter to the Great Fair at Rochester, and here we have his first epistle, written on ii s way up:? Td< v, (Sunday morning,) Sept. 17, 1S43 The Norilirm !' ur Fir?l Uenrrol Epitt'e ot Simon Biilj'tniih?7Vic Sir uirr Sw<il( U) A flight '/' ijt W> l it Hu/'lOil-ItiriHrnt* by th ll'uy?'hny?A to tlw l\hilio<hst Chwch, ffpc. Editor op tiie Ntw York Hkrald :? We shall mark the night Inst past with a white atone, to be dropped into the calendar urn 1 was eaturday nikht?it was the Bitamboai Swallow ? it was the last bell, It was a glorious ui^ht?a first rate steiinbrat, and an excellent bed Whenthr boat cleared, tlie night was as elear as ihe bell itwlt. ftXCf|itinR ii niiiglH mtfored rag of tt black cloud, humped like mi buffalo, liuiigmK oter the Jt-rney liitIh And upropro ot the Swallow?t-lir makes Hit- ni?ht iript through to Alban> and 'I rov without t<>ticti 1 UK ut an iiiteimediate landing, a desideratum to passengers desirous of a quick a?d <(ui?'t passage. Nor will Captain McLean, and Iiih courteous und intelligent second in cwnuiuud, Lieut. Knight, la11 to make the traveller peif>ctly "at home." The South America (with Nat Willis on beard, boui.d lor Ur.derclitt the romantic Highland re nrement of the popular lather of the "Deterted Bride,") wan but ball an hour tthead of us. We passed tier at Newbur^h, one ol her Among the pusse tigers ol ihe Swallow, was Mr Harwick, one ot the Toronto cucket players. He teemed highly elated at the triumph ot hid c'ub; passed a fine (ompliment to the politeness und bos ptialtty ot Iiim New Voik competitors; and s.ud that lie had become to enamored ot the commercial metropolis ul the Knickerbockers, thai he really believed he should cease his allegiance to her Majesty, and seule down an inhabitant of New York He is u man ot business, a ue-toialler, and would be a useful citizen. At Newburgh, th? moon rode up in the sky, giving to the clusters ol while cottages ol the village, in contrast with the dark mountains around us. a very pretty appearance indeed. There was i saiuti- fird from the beach as we piqued, in honor, no doubt, ot your amiable correspondent's irruption into ilie "diggins" lit conversation with a young gentleman, aunlive of the " L'ay uaa section," we took occasion to reman u; mi the tid" of business si tting in to New Y?.rk. " Yes," said he, "she's tne first city ot the empire, that are certiug; and Beun< it's Herald is the tallest pa|>er in ihe corporation, that are a fact. The city regulates the trade ot the country, and the Herald regulates the moruls We told the gentWmau the nature of your relation to the Herald establishment. "Good! put her right Hlr^ Ipht I tirfjliph Tllul'a I li? or?-ut t . ui I #if Itunnoll'u concern. They have started many ti youngster, wIid was tiiMX) his Itifci legs, right into business, l?> the stepping btone of Home buch u| poii-tnient us yours. That's what 1 call enterprize?and that's the only popular course lorn paper urter all. Stranger what will you have to drink." 'J he morning opened rich. 1 arrived it Troy, and being detained till one o'clock, we luok ndvan tage of the interval in r< connoitring this pleasant place, with its handsome residences, clean pavements, and umbrageous streets. Visited ai the vlftliodist church, State stret t; heard a very liberal sermon 'rom Brother < Jo vail, oil the text from Matiliew?"Thou art Peter, m d upon this ruck I will build iny church," Sec We were much reireshed in the inner mail. I'll''re were several handsome young ladies 111 the choir, and they sum; very sweetly. My lellow pasenper, Mr. Tuttle, is about t.turning; and 1 must take advantage ol his courtesy, and close. Should misambronnl weather continue lor several days longer, we expect a in< morahle time at the ttgrtculiural lair at Rochester Faithfully, your?, Simon Baktonaii. Naracalbo. MaKacaiuo, Aug. 1H, 1K43. [CorronponJence ol the HeraM.] Movements anil Doing? in Maracaibo?Naval u>ui Ma. kit Intelligence. Although the news "rom this section of terra lirnia is not of much moment, still perhaps you might wish .1 lew lines, by way of friendly remembrance, and not only privately but publicly, as we of this repub m; uiuiiii bomeimng <u an amitity with your ? lic of the northern region, and although we are not so far advanced in many resects, yet our inarch is onward, and we take pride to ourselves that of ail the republics *>f South America none are blessed with brighter prosp. els than Venezuela. Peace and contentment are the order of (he day. Commerce gradually increasing, agriculturt is fl ?u rishtng, with good crops of coco*,for instmce. The American brig Science will sail to-morrow, being ihe sixth vessel already this season, and it is daily coming down the lake from the interior. '1 he crop <?f coffee is being nearly all shipped, viz: by the Victorme, now about sailing lor New York, end ihe Km on, just arrive i, and will probably be despatch ed soon for Ne?v York also, and will probably take ihe l-ist of the present crop, ai>d costing on ln>arii about seven cents, making rather a miserable remittance, says you. We are lully aware of the fact, >>ut hope coffee with you will command a better t>nc" than our Inst accounts from the eini>oriuiii ol the United Slates. By our last accounts Irom you it nppears thai 'here is quite a flare up among the religions part ot your community. Puseyism, Millerism, Mormoni?m, and how many other "isms" I know not ? What can all this mean and w hat does it portend Humors ot war between Kngland and France, re rpectmg the Sandwichlsland alftirand matter grow mg out of it? the r'einon of Ireland in the shape ol *u O'Counell, Arc stalking through hrinV green isle, wiih abolition in Ins train and among the catalogue of grievances?mostly imaginary according to ublic prints. Is it possible that the dignity of Kog laud will long allow this May we not he thankful i hat these two republics areas well to do as they ire These religious at d political ex itementswnl :ome go and be l>\gnne as long hs grass grow ^ ?nd watt r run.--, and are in fact only petty grievances na long as they are not disturbed and so long as >er?ecution is not resorted to Now the greatest grievances of this place is tinwant of ca-h, and the visit ol the host ol blaek ! gs, who have made sul tiavoc iu tli'* pur.-e and poekeis >1 some of the idlers ot this place. There is at thir lime more strangers in \lsraeaihn, thi.n I ver Anew efore. Most ot the fashionable hole s are tul' We are establishing some more v., tor the public convenience Y'Stt-rday the flags ol the foreign consuls were displayed. The Kaglisii, French, Danish, Ate. But no star spangleij banner A'Hved in tl?i- breize, excepting from the American vessels in the V>av. It really s s ngular, th n you are not repr?sent'd Iifre since the last year Atie. Col Hull's return notne, u appears that a Mr Cocktiurnoi I> \1111nore was r.ppoinud, but has not made his appearance. This I have frnr.i an American, and ils i ih<u rumor is that he embarked for this place ..s long ago as ('ctobcr last, and has not been heard of since, tec The anxi" us wish of the American I resident* is, that Mr. Roland L)ub= will have the I n|'fi/iuuuviii> Navy Ordkrs - Sureeon J M Foltz, ship Boson, Bston; I' Mid C Winkler, tri?rn.f?> Cumberand, Boston; M.u. R C DiivhII, Irtgate Savannah, NVw Vork; Carpenter H. I'. Leslie, Navy y*rd, Norfolk; P. Mid. G. W. Ilitminerslt y, fngatSavannati; P Mid. KVnwick Stenson, brig Ldvv ence; P Mid fcis<tiert Thom,?on, lrigat< t'uinlerlaud; Prof J. Meiere, Naval Asylum, Philadrl>hirij Pr I Joel Grant, trigate Savann,th; fcur;?.?n W. Whf'an, lir-t surgeon ot the Mediterralean tquidron; P Mid R. P. Lovel, nhi|> Boston, is acting master; P Mid A MacRae, ship Boaton. Uo. ton; P. Mid L. Gibbon, ship Boston, |L ston; Vlaaterd Mate, J. H Polley, ship Boston, do ; I i-ut. J. 0 Gaiter, lri:;ate Savannah, N Y , Leut Jeo. \i* White, store ship Lexington, X. Y ; Pass VIid. T H. Stevens, iron stearin r at Erie, PennsyU ^nia, as acting master; Mid Wm. W. Roberts, K. | K. Ta'tnal, and Wm. A Webb, detnched from . itore ship Lexington, N Y ; Comm'r R Peck, te- ? ieved tiorn special duly at Washington, and waiting j rders; uieut. J P MeKinsiry, on Like Erie; Li < Holland, receiving ship Norfolk; Lieut K Lou v, brig Perry. Nortolk; P. Mid J.B. Carter, re. chip Norfolk, as acting master; .Mid. It VIiIIt?rtn, brig Perrv i> \i/.ii.? n fL \?r:u __ . IVh.MUiAi iu.i ? n uiimii vr ? iimuii, tt^Uliaill urgron Narrow Pscapi: ? (lwt ling house with mom ?( 'lie furniture, Jtc , belonging 10 Mr B F Has veil, itt f?nu?burgu, Vi , were consumed hv fir?* on r.irsl iy bo-t. I'he lamily were in bed and a^lt -e nitil the fire Ind mide conoid r*W|e progress. On .waking, Mr. H '* li-st impulse whs to awr.tuu h on, h lad of Bum** ten or tw? Ive year* old. On eachtng the room he found the bed on (ire Tim ire ih aupposcd to have originated irom a cpark drop < ied fruin a candle in a back room, where the boy j ? lad been greasing *hoes the previous evening j i L D. Prlc? Two I WU. k.miohanon to r\nada. The hnbjoinrd compa rative statement el amvalj, imui mi , nod pawwo KTH at th?- port ol Quebec, m the years 1842 and 1843, up to the lOili ol September each year, turniahes h reasonable source of enquiry as to the cause o' ho eiioruiouH a defalcation:? AnuiVil.l AT Qumitc Pe??a<?. T "ina/jf Paiirngtri 8 >pt 111 1*4J, tk 6 Si" l?9 tl i4B 8-pt. 10, |H4.'I, h#7 3l?;i3i 19.SI3 More this y.*r, J9I P?,1ii9 le?? It would appear, that while the tonnage hnd greatly increased, and the number of vereela aup; mented 291, that the pat forgers were lew by 22,496, wiiilft the lower port emigration increased in a cor responding r oriod i?y JI7 i o wnat calls'* is mis attributable ! Tn a suspicion of the stability of the Oover aent >1 C.inai! il To the promised boons upon the result of the ap(X?,il question in Ireland"? or to a denre to clianue the current of emigration to Van Dieman's Land? The lacts statistically exhibit a woeful falling off from the neighboring colony. Whitmork, i'iik Fobubk?This, worthy appear* to have practiced swindling tor some time, it wr. are to believe the Norfolk Herald, which publishes the lollowirg statement :? Wiiitmokk, thk Swindler.?The press litis much ado in registering the exploit* and trial* of rnKii-s in these times. The scamp Whilmore, who ran the tig on one ol the New Haven baiks. by procuring money on a pretended claim on the Navy A^ent at New York, tor "Iricuon primers," having left New Haven, wan, alter several doublings, (like an old fox) ascertained to haV'- gone to New York, where we expect to hear ol his arrival in a day or two, and commitment to the "tombs." Ii may be something new to our Norfolk readers to leaiii, that ibis accomplished swind er was in this Borough last winter, where he lelt his marks lor 11 sinnll amount 111 the s* indium way. We learn irom ?ood authorny that this skillful financier, while in Richmond last winter, seeing a not'ce hi one ot ihe papers, of the success of Mr S N. BoUford, of this borough, in electrotype gilding, was tnerebv induced to come to Norfolk, for the purp ise of acquiring a know edge ol an art so well calculated to s> rve him in his vocation of forgery anil swindling. He made overtures to Mr. Botsiord, we'learn, to obtain a knowledge of his pecret, but a let being rrquired in advance, he dropid the subject. Having heard that a gentleman at Old Point cou'd give him ine'ructions, he, (with ? conteueratc who went l?y the name ot Batne*) applied to that source of information, announcing himsell as James C. Whitmore, M D. Here, by the preliminary ot 11 "promise to pay," (which was never fulfilled) he obtained lus ohieet. aud niter getting hie batteries made, he and his accomplice, (wlio tie said was Ins wile'.-i brother) lelt for Washington, without paying his tavern hill, leaving hi* wile and one c hild tn vUrfge. On Iiih passage to WdMiiiigtoii he attempted to run the rig upon liie captain it the Osceola, hut finding n was "pay your passage or he set ashi i. lie gave a pair (T gold spetsaa security Af;er mi ' absence ol seveial weeks, he wrote to Mr W'nlteia at whose hotel in Norfolk h. had h it Ins wile and chtlJ, and enclosed him an accept* d dralt on New York, loi a larger amount than the debt he owed Mr Walters, requesting tliut gentleman to pay llndiflerence to hi* wile, ,,r tend on ; which wat< done. I he draft., however, nirned out to he a viilainous Irjiid. No such fiun ns thai which it purported to be drawn upon, was ever heard of in New York. But these, it neems, were not tho only instances ol Ins genius; while at Old Point he sawnome 'trielion primers" made hy Mr Perkins, to whotn the invention belongs, and who had then proposals hetore the 1 lepainiient at Washington to lurnish the Government. Tins contract Wniunore had the ad dr< M to obtain. Jok Smith in Danqkh.? there appears to be a fire smouldering in Illinois which may very soon burst forth and consume Joe Smith and all his disciples, not even sparing the giand temple ot the taitiiiul in Nauvoo. Listen to the following alarming intimation:? Tne Hawkeye, published at Burlington, Iowa, contains tin- following .-tartling announcement in lelation to Joe ."mini and followers. Should the iiropo.i* d convention be lawless und rash enoug't to carry out the measures hugg* gted, we feel too confident of the tirmursd ot Gov. Ford, to doubt tor a moment Ins promptitude til atiording his citizens military protection against such unauthorized aggrestiou What is more, Gov. Ford's boundless popularity in the State over wtncli he preside*, will oecure any requisition he may make upon the rnililia ot Illinois, unhesitating obedience:? Anti-Mormon Convention.? Delegates from several ol | ihe lower counties ou the Military Tract will conveno at Cartii.-ge i.ii Tn*nlly, Wednesday and Thursday nekt, 10 take into consideration tne piopriety ol adopting de measures in relation to the Mormons, 1'he Into reltiSMl on the piirt ot Oov Fold, to osue a new writ, in compliance with the Governor ol Mmaotiri, lor Joteph Suntn, h> s . iik' neii a spirit which wo ear may end in nloodahed. 'J'he Misnoui ian?, WO,000 in number, it is said, ?tand ri idy tc <;o operate with the lliinoiau*. It i* exl?c(ed 'here wilibu a great ciowd at Carihuge on the occasion. Violent Rain Storms, Acc ?We received by >undh>'s mails further particulars ot the recent diorin :? [Fiom Rochester Advertiser. Sept. IB J Tliff wiuJ commenced blowing Irom the southeast ou Wednesday cvraiag, anil so lueteased In violence on I hursday as to intercept communication on the L?ke bo twe? n this and Canada. The Oneida and Ann rica wi re liotli kept back wmi' thiity six homi, while the (tore, tapt.K'-rr, which li ft tor Cot>oiiigori We Inenlay eve ning, after crossing the Lake, was obliged to return to the Genesee?tt;e swt II hen g ko heavy a? to forbid landing at Cohurg. Along the American shore, all was in repose. We never remember to have seen a more powvilul hower than tell yesterday morning, a ter h rain ol t wen ij-four hours. It poured down for about two hour* in orrmts, flawing ihe stre. t* in all <lir? crions We t^ar tha triMitarie* ol the Genesee will prove to hove been ut-bridged by this lopiuus fall ol water 'I he uoiotmt of ruin wilicli lell was three inches and A7 l") h. fFr >m Bntlalo Adv. Se| t Id | M?hini Di<??tr.h ? Ihe ?chr I.odi red ronsiletH bly in theitaleou Thursday night. Shi was driven over :o the Canadian shore, where she lay buffeting it our for * vernl iiouro, ami finally rode out the gale with the Ions >1 her dick load and sails Nkws from iiik Mountains.?The Oregon Knuarants "going ahead" tiueiy?1 Ik Indent nclrnce, >lo hxpoaitor, s<ept 2d, saysWe imn wei k r< ceived h l> iter from our esteemed Iriend, William (iilpin, E-q , wi ostarted to Oregon i'emioiy, thin vnnin, in company with Lieuieiiiiut Freni> nt'a ex t>l nnng expedition 'Ihe letter is dull d "South Folk of Piaitf, Jul} 26th, 1843," ^ddi' t-ed to the i>t this paper. and is aa lollows :? ''Idiop you a hue by a couple ol Hhauneo Indians ho are ;oing o retuin to Mis-?,uri [loin th>s plari. We re aUnit hall way to Fort 11.11 hero. and I :?(? rt to ii ach the nisulh of the Columbia by the 1 .t ot Ortobei The mi^riin's ate all aheml ol us and have, by tilia time, leached the Mouth Pass, threugli the mountains " Tins is ihe lateat inio matioii receivrd from the Oregon errugruiiiH and Irom thia it la clear, that the m grama will make iheir trie with cs-ie, h? ?orr* ihf bad weaitier commences Mierega to them. Crowding to tiik Wist ?People are polling lor file Weat. All the hi-ais ?n 'he |akr-?go Mil. A life of Waahiuyf'hi All-* <<n la to he wr.ii' n iv lna relative, lhc p iet I >ana. aZINERAL P&ZNTZlVa I .- rAHI.IfSil.VlEN'T N. W CORNER OF FULTON AND'NA8SAU STft l< V 'lh every miferi il nere?vy forth* prompt, n t>, anil economical e\?'rutioii of every <l*?eri|>tn n of !T&33<33 <3i>3 i?&33303333, I'nhlio attention is re?inejte<| to this establishment, in tlie ninnnrr ample satisfaction will I.* gin-ii?a* rego-ils tv!> fraphy, press-work, and rhalttn?to those who reijuire 1'nn :y n' 'ominou, I,Ans* or small work cheaply and ei|?diiion-h xecnted. LABELS, CHECKS. \VA\ BlI.I.**, ? IK? I I. \R!?. SHOW HI I.I.S, BALL i iCKETS. STEAMBOAT BILLS, Bll.L> "K LAPIN". RAILROAD nil.LM, HI SINKSSi AHUM, HTAOE BILLS, ( ATALjf'aKS. MIAMPLETS, BILL M ADS, HANDBILS, N ' mi m mm mm m M x rod THEATRK.S, l I IK I ?y.s. < <>>< J/MfV 1'sfcl N,s LM TI'Rh S. H BLK MKE I IM.s Or any other places wnere the I wgest description "f rnntm* is reunited The farihrie. < >' ??worh ?r? not nuialled by ?u> otlce in thi? citv. for, beside* the Urge assortment of JMUW ?B/3iAlflllfltlWTAlL ITYlWy Thi? h%* th?* labokut phkshks in thk city. irwr i*itiA nav ro**?n ranrri in j>rovi<ie every nulpriil tfwit can ?>?ftibly b* of iTvjcc, tin! .f i??r??nM having ocr*jur>n li>r OwwbilU, will And it fTNfly to th*ir *<h tnr*r<* to lin ftraMlnhmeiit.

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