Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 19, 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 19, 1843 Page 3
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pit.coition ol iU? cloth procured wai exported, anJ this ?**| ort tia'i#*, consequent it|>oi> lo v prices, continues 10 atic.h an extent thai scarcely h haleol brown thirtings is to Iw^boiight in the city. The exports from this port bnve been as lollowi I? Jan. to Pept. 1,194a, packages, 13,176 184.1, ' J6.678 Total package*. 14,402 The manufacturers are therefore working donble time, and tithe out o( thia market alone perhaps 8,000 bales per week. Hence the itock now here is equal to about five weeks consumption only, and owing to the backwardness ol the season, new cotton is rot expected in any quantity in this market for ten wveks to come. The manufacturers will then tore send into this market caah, or its equivalent, to the extent oi iieor $3,000,000, to seek employment in trade, while the Jaige export* of the manufactured goods operate! favorably upon the exchange!. Tha manufacturer! mu?t ?oon f*el the ipjuriou* effects of the tariff. Tha belt market! for their manufncturei are the Brazil! and theWeat Indies, Irom whence near $*.000,000 worth ofivgar waa imported in 1841, and that conatitutei their mean! of paying for these export! of cotton. The present tariff ha?, however, laid a duty ol 60 per cent on that sugar to prevent its coming here, in order to benefit the southern planter*. Now, if they are prevented from bringing sugar here, the aaine operation will prevent their buying cottons when the currency of this country shall have become full The foriign market has now become, by the gradual operation of the compromise tariff, as important to cotton monulactun ra aa to agriculturalists. Last winter, when large stocks of manufactures were on hand, and prices fell ex reeiliogly low, every means was taken to clear the markets, by expoit, in order that the returning home trade might meet with no obstruction. That export could not have taken place, to any extent, but for the colopee in the currency here, which allowed specie to bo the best iiunuauvniu isim !, um UIUM UUW MJtlll CCSiM? IIIIII'HUll' trade is opened to the general receipt of foreign product* in return. Some official tallies have been published of the revenue accruing at the pott of New York, which in a remat knble degree show the decay of trade, undi r not only high duties, but cat-h duties, without warehousing privileges. The Compromise Act expired, and cash du. lies were levied, on the commencement of the third ifiarter of 1842, and the revenue accriling at this port has lievn follows Revenue at the port of New York, 3d qr., 1842, 1,892.187 " " " 4 " l.lAsem) " " " *< 1st, 1843, 1,876,874 ?? ? '< 3d ' 2,578 6SS Total per year, $7,616,296 The value of merchandize imported into the whole United States, in the fourth quarter of 184-2, under the full operation olthe present tariff, according to the report of the Secretary of the Treasury, wa? as follows:? Value of merchandize imported paying duty, 7,197,493 ' ?* ' free, 6,450 601 Total imports, 13,648 094 Amount of duty accruing, '2.67#,389 Average rate of duty upon dutiable goods, 36.83 pr ct " " " gross imports, 18.9 " Now, it will be observed, that applying this averoge to the duties at the port of New York, gives the business of the city, for a twelvemonth, at $37,691,480. Comparing this with previous years, we have the following results:? IMPORT! INTO THE TOUT OF NSW YOKK. 11128 41,927,792 1835 88,191,305 1829 31,713,307 1836 118,253,416 1830 35,624,070 1837 79.301,722 1831 57,077,417 1838 68.453,206 183 2 53,214,402 1839 99,882,438 1833 55,918,419 1810 60,440,750 183 4 73,188,591 1811 75,713,426 1842-3 37,581,480 The imports of 1S38 were in expectation of the operation oftbetarif! ofthatyear. Its operation in 1839 and '30 reduced the amount largely. From that time bank expansions ran the amount far above the control *f any tariff. The moment the banks were broken down, and high cash duties substituted, the trade of this city fell back to the business done in 1830 . Three hundred and filty thousand people, in 1S43-3, subsisted upon the same amount of business as was done by 203,007 pel sons in 1830. Observe the (luc. tuatior.s in the above tabU. In five years they rose from $3.r>,000,0C0 to $118,363,416, and have now fallen back to $37,000 POO ! What idra mast a foreign merchant have in inspecting such a table? Assuredly, that wc arc not regular business mon, doing an honest and upright busi ness, in the observance of due economy, but a nation of desperate gamblers, with whom no safe business can be transacted. While the business man must necessary by ar. rive at such conclusions, the statesman will triumphantly point to it as irrefragable evidence that there is no security lor propel ty, and no safety for bus inert, under Tt pub lican institutions. This is all in a great degree true, and arises from the want of a settled policy in relation to financial and commercial affairs. It wasthis that presented itself so forcibly to the mind of Daniel Webster, Est] . when, in his Baltimore speech,he advocated almost any policy, so it should he prrmanen/, to remove trade from the strife of political parties. The immediate cause of the decreaxd tra'e of New u>?, diki "iniu uu9 ni'iim mure innuence inon nyfii high taiitis and diforden d currency, is th* requirement of tho government that merchant*, Irom their genei ally cmull capital*, rho'ild advance to the government, in cash, it* whole revenue*. The revenue of thegovirnir.ent, in years, it atiout $20,000,000, derivable from cubtoms. Customs are an indirect tax upon consumable goods, ot the cost of \? hich it lorm* a part, and to be paid by the eouramer. The average time for imported goods to go into the hand* of the retalhr is ibout three rvon'hs from their entry. K the tax is l?v ed at the entry, it i* a forced loan to the same amount from the merchant* foi three month*,or when he can *ell hi* good*. The duties at New York, for the pa-t year, have, it*, been f.7,61fi J96 advance to the government lor three month*, or $1 ,b79,i'74 for th' whole j ear, taken, out ol the capital em|do\ed in commrice,tor government purposes. It is this atrocious wrong which has destroyed business and choked the channels o< produce on its way to market II the mi an1' of the merchants aie locked up in the govern' ment vault*, hot can they carry on their business o( hipping produce any more than importing goods? Rale* at the Stork Kxc-liangc. I'.tooo OovV?, 1866 hfyly I02l4 5000 do sill '.iR 1600 Slate 6'? IHMI 99 I2.H0II Illinois 6's It'.', 1000 Ohio 6's I860 #S 13,000 do 37 26,0(10 do (l.'i>4 7 Ain Kircliai hi" Bk 5000 do s20 96l4 26 Bk Commerce fall !l4Ji (100 do culi 95'4 40 Ohio l.ife Ik Trust 83 12,00(1 do 95? JO do 83 X 16,000 do !>2Jn 74 Canton Co s90 25 2000 do 96>? 6 do 24* 700(1 do 1>60 96S 624 Harlem RR Co 3'S 10(10 Indiana 6's 36!, 60 do liGtl 38 5000 do 36*4 5 Uticn Si Sclin RR I9>* 6000 do 36Jt 100 Farmers Loan 23>t 6000 do 36?4 50 Loan Is'd RR h3 52^ 1000 City V* 99 60 do vl(l 52'< 1000 Indiana Sterling Bds 34>? 60 N Jersy RIl f'o b60 88 5000 Ohio 7'* 106 75 Paterson RR Co 61 7000 Kentucky 6's 911 Scron?l Board 7.") Iiariem >o;g ?i;,uiru unmiij man ?j.i 10 do 38)4 MOO do 18,6 94 40 ilo >10 38 I INN) do '60 140 do sin 38*. iii.inio do b3 96 200 do blO 38 '4 MIUI do b2 9K J# do ?30 38 10,000 Illinois 37 New York Hubllr. Ntork Kxrhaiigf. J000 U Stales 6'h '62 90d I M '4 3000 liulm Doll Bils 4y 36', IS,000 Ki-nlnrky 6's bl4 ??K*4 30011 ill 36', III.INIO do st.w 'ill', 1000 do |li>', 30011 do l>30 98% 1000 do *10 3KH 21100 do bnw 90*4 lootl do blO 36'4 1000 do 130 '.#8 1000 do sill 36*< loon do 281I1 Srpt nsu 1000 do >10 36', 30011 do s30 98'4 3INI Hsrleill KK 38 2000 do 98.'4 100 do b20 38J? 1000 do tin 98)J 200 do 37*3 2000 Illinois Cn'le's 1860 36'? 2i ilo s3ll 37% woo Jo :mji son do 1.14 38 <000 <lo sin 36'j, 300 do 37)1 20"0 do 36^ (jo do blO 37? "J" btw 37 140 do slO 37)| 3000 ilo 37 mo do sill 38 'J**! "? b'4 37ft 2M d? I*'0 3R>! 10(10 do 3?li rt0 do ?is t? t S ?hio,6,f 60 * ? Stoninftmi KR 00 St 4? . ?<' 40 LOOK l? RR CO 42', 5L2f? . w , lJ'w -JJH J4 Canton Co sfio 24 .000 do Wediuday 943, 74 do caslt 241 i'lOO do "Ifl w* 'Jl v,rmt'r.V L"an ,,J0 11 SE India Doll Bd, 4**7 & M Nor,,, K,V" Hk ? Second Ilo art I. 10,000 Ohio 6's ^60 tw 96 2000 <i,,vl6'. '62 4m 1141 "?? ,<1o 96 40 Il.rUm 38' mo do , _ sin 96 io do bin !a> moo Illinois 6's *70 37X ,'ifl do i n I#! 40on do bIS 38 50 Farmers' l.oan l>30 21 20110 do 110 37^ Cotton Trade. Sain, many upponlaliv#* ones, are made On Saturday eight hundird baltl changed handi-two hundred bale! from one siiecula'or to another. On Friday ? sale of lotn thousand bnlea was made Ity which the seller clean-. Vl.OOO, and some say $40,001) He purchased the lot li Februnry last when cotton could be had for a song a bale I'hio.s at Livkhpool Classification. N. (J. if- Mobile. Vnlnndt Interior 6K>(K 6* * 6?( l .r 7 a 7 k 6)2 a 7 M'' < 7>. * IK 7"J a 7)i Middling fair i a 8 }"'?" "J**9 l^alf ,",td Cm.- -. 10 alOH 9'J a 9V, 4 tood tud lint II ai2 ? a ? tlf? Ka.n I unlkM. There are now two mailt due. Holder* are anxiouily looking for the arrival of the iteamer from Kurepe. torn Tr*rtc TenneMe flour i* idling at >4 A8} a hnrrel in thia mar ket. '1 here it no greut activity to day. Flour was held at $8,76 a $a,S8 in Buffalo on the Iti I ir.a ant. Hale* of wheat were made at 7ftj cent*. 'I he number ol arrival!, with aggregate ol (lour, wheat Ike. imiorted into Buffalo during tbe flrattwo wet k?o Hept. are hereunto given:? t'fnm. l-'lmir. Wheat. Com IRtO 2fi,2H? 99, *76 9 00 Utl 27,4!i:l III mm 17 jt, I9? 41,711 131,<93 | llfM 1??3 19,Ml 112,3.1# 28,<?7 The export* l>y the ciiil during the flrit two week* of Sept., for lour *ea*on*, ore m follow* :? I84M. IS41 1842. ItMl Flour bbls ? ,?"? 27,613 45,511 M.M? | Wltrttt bu?li Hi. 103,036 WI.7UI HS.49U The increase iu the quantity ol iour exported eastward during thu two week* ol Sept. exceeds that of 1843 by *ome 8,000 barrels .and although there in scarcely any difference in the aggregate ol' wheat sent forward trom this city, the receipt* at tide water (how an innreane ol 3(1 per cent, which of courie i* occasioned by the full supply coming in at the various point* east of u* on the canal. Cleaveland on tbo 14 h instant,sales ol wheat were at 70 and 71 cents. C. C. Mill* tloiir at $3,6(1. Corn was offered at 3) cents. In Cincinnati.on the 13th, fl?ur was taken at < and at *8,70. Th"J market, though it exhibited no advance in price, wa* very firin, and -.11 the produce at the Canal win lought as fdit as received. There had hreu aomc improvement in bu?inesain Saint Louis in the we. k ending the 8th iuM?nt, and the quuntity of pioduce forwarded w?s Urg? Sales of counliy bronds flour were at *3,60 a $4; Citv Mills at $4,60 a $d, retail. The following statement exhibits the exports east, via canal, I'tom the opening ofthe Oswego canal to the 1st of September:? Articles. 1842. 1843. Increase. flour bills. 49,774 95,076 45,302 Wheat bush. 5,560 57,351 51,791 The destruction ot a portion of tue flouring mills,with a large amount ol other property the past fall in that village, oy fire, impaired thu available means of many of our citi zens; yet with prompt energy they have gone ahead and rebuilt in part lor future operation. Had not this latalny befallen,a much larger quantity of flour would have been man ulactured for ex|>oit. Flour?The market .it Montreal on the l.r>th instant continued rather mactivc, w jttiont much variation iu price* Canada Fine commanded over 3d cash ? but the quail tity in market amounted to comparatively nothiDg. ex cepting sour, which the principal holde s seemed inclined to ship rather than accept it* proportionate value there. A rale ol 30(1 barrels "Yonge Mills"took place on that day at cash, but that brand was not <o wi II liked aslormrrly, owing to its being ground too low, a fault very common in flour wiien it is produced from w heat ground on contract United States fljur was held ut Jtis a J7*, but wum dull oi sale. Coal Trade. All those in waul o; coat had better make their pur chuses now. We give a statement below showing the quantity shipped by canal and railroad;? By Cnnul to September 14 294 (ii-i By Railroud 130 lt?i Total tons from Schuylkill legion 428,b20 This supply and it is only a portion ol the aggregate quantity coming into maiket appear* large, but the increased consumption in all parts of the world n to be taken into consideration. In our opinion thepresuit is the beat time io make purchases. New York Cattle Market. Sept. 19, 1843. At market 1400 beef cattle, 367 Irom the South, the ballance from the W??t?3300 sheep and lambs,'it cows and calves. Pnicics ol Beef Cattle have declined this week. We quete the range of prices from $3,60 to $6,60 09 wi te left over. Cows and Cai.vks ? $16 to $26?all sold. Hhkkf and Lambs ranged from $1 60 to $3 60?Lambs $1 to $3 1-2}. 300 lift over Died. On Monday morning, Wilson, in the seventyfifth year ol her age. Her relatives and friends, and those of her nephew,John J Wilson, are respectfully rnquetted to attend her funeral Irom No.8 Dominick street, this afternoon at 4 o'clock. Mobile papers please copy. At Bergen Point, N.J..on the Ittth instant, of a khart but severe illness, Pkter D. Latourettk, ton ot Captain David Latonrette, aged 'J4 years. On Monday morning, September ISth, Pun.lis Codk, a native of Wexford, Ireland, aged 63 yeari The relatives and Iriends of tho lamily ere respectfully invited to attend her funeral, this afternoon at three 'clock, Irom her late residence No. GO James street. Weekly ltcport of Interments Iu the City and County of New York, from the 9th day of Sept. to the 16th day of Sept, 1813. 38 Men ; 31 Women ; 55 Boys ; 41 Girl*. Total 168. DI9F.ASK9. Abscess, 1; Apoplexy, I: Casaulties,3; Cholera Infantum, 22; Consumption, 33; Convulsions. 7; Croup or Hives, 1; Diarrhoea, 2; Dropsy, 4; Dropsy in inelicad, 5; Dropsy in the chest, 3; Drowned, 4; Dyseutery, 8; Debility, 5; Kpilepsy, 1; Erysipelas, 1; Kever, 3; Fever billious, 6; do remittent, 1; do soarlet, 2; do typhoid, I; Intlamation, I; do of brain, 4; do of bowels, 6; do of chest, 3; do of Kidnwvs, 1; do of lungs, 5; doof liver, I; do of stomach, 2; Intemperance, 1; Jaundice, I; Lock Jaw, I; Lues Venerea, I; Marasmus, 16; Old A#1*. 1; Organic disease of heart, 2; Scrofula, 1; Small Pox, 1; Spinal Disease, 1; Whooping Cough, 3. A (IE. Underl year, 45; 1 to 2, 25; 2 to 5, 14; 5 to 10, 6; 10 to 20, 7; 20 to 30, 23; 30 to 40, 19; 40 to 50,12; 50 to 60 5; 60 to 70, 7;70 to 80,5. FLACKS OF NATIVITY. United States, 128; Ireland, 21; England, 4; Scotland, 5; Germany, 8; France, 1; Italy, 1. Of the above, were from the Alms House, Bellevue, 3; Hospital, Bellevue,6; Penitentiary Hospital, I; do Blackwell's Island 2; Lunatic Asylum, 5; City Hospital, 4. Colored person* i. WM. A. WALTERS, City Inspector. City Inspector's Office, Sept. 18. 1813. Passenger* Arrived. Savannah?Brig Exact?J Stoddard, lady, four children ami servant?3 iu the steerage. Korelgn Importations. ' Havana?Ship Hellespont?6'.t3 boxes 47 lilids sutfir 5 cases segars Spotford, Tileston Si co?150,000 segars Lillie 5t Kasines ?15,11(111 J Avezzena?10,000 I. Brtinseu?32,0(0 A !k. O WetmOre ?50,000 T des Arts?175,0011 B M I'icabit?IS.imhp VV II Thomas ? 311,000 J K llodrigue*?11,000 A A Samanos?2 cases segars K Eeluirte?2<l bales grass K Goularil. JDomeslle Importations Savannah?Brig Exact?35 cks rice II Butler?174 bales cotton J M PrescoU?98 C Warnock?I ck wax Wm Burger. BasapBsaaasaaspksaHSSMaaejasBiHsnBBun. MARITIME HERALD Salitiijjt i>?y* of ih? Strain FROM LhMtrOili.. I- ROM \MMU(A Caledonia, Lott Sept. 6 Oct. 9 G. VVf?ii?ni, lioikeu Sept. 23 Oct. 19 Ship Maulers and Agents We shall esteem it a favor, if Captain* of Vessel* will give to Commodore Robbri HilvrTs of oar Nswt i- k?-t, i R nort of the Shipping left at the Port whence they sailed, the Vessels S|N>ken oil their Passage, a List of their < argo, and any Foreign Newspapers or News they may hate. He will hoard them immediate!} on their arrival Agent* and Correspondents, home or abroad, will also confer a favor b\ sending to this Office all the Marine Intel) licence I lie v can obtain. Nautical Information of any kind will be thankfull \ leceived PORT OF NEW YORK, SEPTUM BER 19. UN RISKS *> 4.'? | Monv RISKS 12 H? Cleared Slops Hibernia, Bu iling, Liver|>ool, C, II. Marshall; Asliburton, White, New Orleans, If. Wolfe?Barque Nicolai Savin, (Hii?*ian) llolsteiii, St, Petersburg, K. Fiedler ? Bilg Topaz, Valpey, St John, Ml-Sclirs Montgomery, Davis, Port an I'rince, Foster St Nickerson; Punlico, Fullerton. Washington, NC. < aminerde.i & Son: We\ inoutli, Couch, Uichmonil. Allen St Paxsou; Ann I), Bedell, Norfolk, Sturges St Clearman. Arrived. Slii|) Hellespont, Kiln, 9 days from Havana, with IU|M, Sic. to Spofford. Tileston St Co. Brig Kxact, Johnson, ti days from Savannah, with cotton, to Stuige* St Clearman. Schr Hopewell, Baker, from La Guayra anil Porto f'abello, Auk 24, with coffee, hiue* and logwood, to (>. Win taker, anp others. , | Schr Clara Fisher, Blain, 12 days from Newbern, NC. with naval stores, to B. Blossom. Schr Milliccnt, Cole, Irom Baltimore, and 2 days from the Breakwater, with mdse, to Johnson Si Lowden. Schr Mary Jane, McMath, 2 days from Norfolk, wtth mdse,. to Sturges Si Clearman. Schr Joshua It. Sands, Wainvv right, from Virginia, with wood, to master. | Schr Caroline Baker, Krisk, from PhiUdel|ihia, with coal, to mister. Schr Ileury Lemuel, Cramer, from Philadelphia, with coal, | in master. Schr Ainphitriie, West, 2 days from Philadelphia, with coal, to master. i Schr Roht B. < "lover, Callahan, from Philadelphia,with coal, i to mastei. i Schr Peler Decosse, Williams, from Philadelphia, with coal, i to master. t Schr Samli. Abbott, Baker, (Vom Philadelphia, with coal, i to master. I Schr Lexington, Voting, from Philadelphia, with coal, to master. l Schr Teazer, Brings, ti days from Ka?t|x>rt, with plaster and i fish, to P. I. NeviusSi Son. i Schr Marv Frances, Kempton, 1G days from Bangor, with lumber, to Buck St MM, k Schr Cornelia, Nickersou, from New Bedford, with oil, to i (Jrinnell, Mintuni It "o. i Sclir Abraham Simonson, from the wreck of ship Chester, w ith ?alt, to Roche Brothers Si < o. Lighter Hiram Uivou, Stilwell, from the w rvrk of ship C lies? ter, with salt, rigging, s|>ars, sails. Sic. Sloop Atlantic, Fletcher, 2 days from Norfolk.with |mlatoc?. t to master. Below. i Two brigs, unknown. Wind S. (irncrnl Hrrord. P*ikit ??vvip llini:it*ia, Bunt ug, for Liverpool, will *ai| to-day. Tli?' H. takm tl?*> place of the South Antrim, which t Iim Ikhmi sold for a whaler. She ha* Im^ii put in complete order, * having been if-copptrwl, lie. H??r letter bt|< do* at (tilpinV in the Ki change. Uim i*ii ship I iimtvh, Wilson, from Liverpool, ashore on Homer, had 10 cabin passenger* ami 239 in the steerage. and .? cargo of 300 tons salt and 100 ton* coal. The w:n in c ha rue of .i New York pilot wlien ?lie struck, tud w?- understand that the disaster m attributed to those on hoard tlie ship, who stat? d 1 to the pilot that she drew tw?> and a hall feet ol w.?r -r l<-s*thau r she artually did. She was discharging her cargo into lighter*. 1 at last accounts, a* fast as possible, mid was al*o lieiug stripped \ OT her rigging. \c. Tin-pump W'lurh was saut dnwu to her. could not lie put in o|*>ratiou. She i* an old vessel, and will doubtless |??? lost, together with a part of the cargo. Two lighter* have come up from her, with salt, rigging, sails, spars, lie. lie. ? linn. Lrrv. Ilemick, of Boston, from St. John*, PH. i* thorn upon the lowM ml i?i Tinicum Uland. Pflft ?'i tini cargo will have to lw* discharged before she cau be got off The vesselwas tight up to last account*. Saturday noon. A lighter h was des|tfitehed to her assistance from Philadelphia. , Stkam ship North Ami.rii k, (Br) from llalifav, which was mm" ii (loytvii i i Island, in Boston harbor, got ofl without da in sge , and lelt again for llalifat on Saturda> afternoon, with a large party ol passengers that rame over in her on a visit to Ho*ton. Wbkck.- Aug. 22. lan:,:io\v. Ion 1220 N.?m mmi ,1pt Wreck Ol a vessel, apparent^ 2MI tons and Unti'h built, mam mn*l ?'> !< and wal>'rli>ii?-<l. Nollrr to Mnrlnrra. J ?|.t Fiivwrrll, ofth?>Tho. Hixiprr, at Baltim.,rr Irom Turks , UI.uhI, ?ay? lliat I he liglit l?>at *tttioi?'<l at ill* Wolj' Trail (In-lnw Ualunion*) li.n ilrllldl live mil<< tn tli?- S\V nf lirr moorinK*. which nearly naml tin ruiniiiit! >i?lion". > On the ?th of Spplemlwr, 18-12, tlie Kiiuliah liariiiii' Planrt I i ii! Tlwin|>?m, jw*v <1 "vr th<- tail .?f > Urge shim I in tlir II >i nrniiiii, inn nnii nun- Minoini, h.iimI\ Hittom. I'll., .i..,,i ... (fiidi'il Wl*W nnil KNK about thr~ ??| ,?'Vrr,!u". rtf'iv h?J?V bt?k?-r?. 1 kr pomltmi ii hi Intiludr 16 2'i N iui.1 ioiitcit IM 10 p.. ' Whakmen, 7 MontKoiiK-rv Martin, from Alhntic, with 40 bbU (> arr at \Varrfti, HI. Itoth. Spoken llerschel, of Bangor. steei nig N, Itfth lllll. lat TT M, Ion 7<? by the Kucl, at ibis wort, Harriet Si imir, Charleston for l.iver|>ool, Au? 13, lat < ton 19 211 Statesman, IWh out lat 42 20, Ion 07. - Korrlgn Ports. II?? * na. Sept V?lii imrt, llobert Morris, Outerbridge, for NOrlraiis; Juno, Dicks, from Boston, just mxr; Wolla, Jewell, freight or charter; Louisa, (iallaither, for Philadelphia, soou; Virginia, Kanium, for NVork, i days; (Vylon, Trott, lor do, neitday; Henry Lmli, Bmiw, for Boston, noon; McLellan, Orr, from Batli, arr 1st; Kurotaa, Troabv. fa Liverpool, dug; Two. Moon*, Boslont do. Oseola, Holmes, for Boston, tailed name day ; Patsey B Blount. Howes, for 2 days before; Beaver, Kdmonds, for Matauzas, sailed nr> sly. I'ou l o < alit.i.i.o. Auk 2S?In |>ort, Joloi Burr, Siuitli, for Baltimore, 27tli only American vessel. Sid 2lib, Itoanoke, Webb, Boston. KiM.sioN.Ja. Sent t?Adv riienii, Krv, for Baltimore. 10th. SKI Auk 2'j, (probably arrived) Manchester,Philadelphia; Janet, Charleston; Pnenin, Fry, Baltimore. Bahhadoks. Auir 2ti? Arr YVaiikinco. Baltimore. Qi khm? , 14?<1.1 Briton, Booth, ami Robert, Ay ton, London; Davenport, Dunn, and Birkley, Seatle, Liveniool; Louisa, l>??a?e?, ( ork; ltichd Watson, Lrali, Trinidad; Canada, McArthur, Glaseow. Mom hi ai., Sept I'j?Arr Bellona, Auld. Glasgow. HAtirti, Sept J?Arr Kate, Ra> iner, Alexandria; 6th, Kalklaud, Cram, do. Sr Johni. NK. Auk 28? Arr Attila. Ilobhius, Boston for Labrador, W K Des Barren, Crockwell, NYork. Lake Porta. Bi fkai.o, Sept 16?Arr Wateiloo, Jemmies. and Dole. Allen, Cliippewa; New Knuland, Brown, Detroit; Kulton, Hart, Toledo; Boston, Kitos, Chicago; Owaiiu Kali, Montgomery; Kree Trader, Karl; Constitution, Wail*; Trenton, Disbrow, and Huron, Couolly, Cleveland; Illinois, Pickering, Monroe; II Woods. Dixon, and North Carolina. Travers, Toledo; Swallow. Appleb), Sandiiskt and Veuice; Dayton. Merril'ield. Vernull ion; Stranger. Balm, and Kintlj. Chase, Huron; lnde|ieiidence, Holmes, Milan. t Id Waterloo, Jennings, and Dole, Allen, Chippewa; Perry, Wilkinson, Perrysburiih; Rochester, Folger, Detroit; Alps, Oweu, Toledo. Home I'ortn. Portland, Sept l.'??Arr Mary Pease, Shields, Trinidad de Cuba KdoaItowh, Sept 14?Arr Tangent. Bo.iidman, Krederickihur({ for Boston?experieuced strong NE Rales duritiK most of the passage. HaRTKORO. Sept Hi?Sid Belli , Brooks, Albany. Albany. Sept Iti?Arr Sainl II Smith, New Haven; Ariel, Grin, and Advance, Providence; Andrew Jackson, Norwich; Mohawk, Clark, Hartford 4 "Id Maria, Providence; Moselle, Nllaven; II M Ridgley, Bridgeport. I'hh.aih i.hhia, Sept 18? Arr Violet, iNowlau, Barbadoes; Solou, Ball. Havana; Maill.oid. (Br) Murphy, Antigua; Ran clolpli, itnluHinmi. ( harlmton; Manhattan, Hopkins, roril.tiiti; Anne Catharine Muuro, ( Br) Worth, Matanzas; Frances llalMCK, Liwii Gloucester; Porpoise Drake; Dolphin,Lamb* and Oofida, Et{low( \? v% york Cld Phuadclphift, (firvm) Gravs, Bremen; Neuvitas, McFarland, Barbadoes; Paul T Jones. Ireland. Charleston; Oak, Kyder; Kdentou, Clnpn; < ouncil, Hiker; Scioto, Thompson; Arcot, Emerson, ami W II Turner, Rogers, Boston: Bold ( 'ommauder, Wing, New Bedford; Thos Nickersou, Providenee; Monitor, Besse, Wareham. Mass; David Belknap, Marble, Newbury, NY; Surveyor, lionck, New Haven; Frances, Burt, Ditfhton; A B Cooley, ( amp; Mexico, Tomlin; Delaware, Cresse, and Grampus, Stevenson, NYork; Vulcan, Smith, Albany. Alexandria, Sept 15?Arr Catharine, Winslow, Lubec. Iln hmomi, Sept li?Arr Huby, MeKen/ie, Lubec; Intrepid, NYork. Norfolk, Sent 14?Arr Win W Wver, Adams, Boston for Richmond. In ilamptou Roads, Sally Miller, |IIalsey, from Plymouth, NC. Tor N York, put in on aeeouut of head wiud?. Sid 15th, Mary Jane NYork. Newbkiin, NC. Sept 7?Cld Touaz, Greeu, West Indies. Washington, NO. Sept 12?Cld Caroline, and Smith, for Boston. APOLLO CONCERT SALOON, BROADWAV. MK HKNRY RUSSKLL respectfully informs th* public, that he proposes giving a vocal entertainment at the Apollo Saloon, on Tuesday Evening, Sent. 19th, 1813, Ou which occasion he will have the honor of presenting to the public several of his new and most favorite compositions. PROGRAMME. Pakt I. SONG?" Some love to roam o'er the dark sea foamV Words by Charles Macay, Ksq. Some love to roam o'er the dark sea foam, When the shrill winds whistle free ; But a chosen band in a mounUiu laud, Aud a life in the woods for me. CANTATA?MWind of the Winter Night., whence romest thou V9 Words by Charles Mackay, Esq. Wind '?f the winter night, whence contest thou f And whither, all! whither art thou wand ring now? Sad, fad is thy voice on this desolate moor, Aud mournful, oh! mournful, thy howl at my door. Say, where hast lieen on thy cloud-lilted car? Siv, what hast thou s?en, on thy roaming afar? What sorrow impels thee, thou boisterous blast, Thus to mourn and complain as thou jouruieit past? BALLAD?1 'Bockif ij Words by Henry John Sharp*. On auld Long-island's sea giit shore Many an hour I've whil'u away, In list'uiug to the breakers roar 1 wash the beach at Kockaway. THK NEWFOUNDLAND DOG. Words by F. W. N. Bailey. SONG?M My Mother's Bilde." Words by George I'. Morris. This book is all that's left me now? Tears will uubidden start? Willi filteriug lip and throbbiug brow I press it to my heart. Formally Reiterations passed Here is our t'dm'ly tree My mother's hands this Bible clasp'd?She dviiu; gave it me. CATO'S SOLILOQUV ON THK IMMORTALITY OF THK SOUL.?Addison. It must lie so. Plato, thou reasouest well! Klse, whence this pleasing hope, this fond desire, This longing after immortality f Or whence in is secret dread and inward horror Of falling into nought ? Why shrinks the soul Back on herself, and startles at destruction f 'Tis the divinity that 'tis within us : 'T is heaven itself that points out an hereafter, And intimates eternity to man. Eternity ! thou pleasing, dreadful thought! Through what variety of untried being. Through w hat new scenes aud changes must we pass f The wide, the unbounded pros(?ect lies before me ; Here will I hold. If there's a power above us? Aad that there b. illBitiW cnf iIom Through all her works?he must delight in virtue ; And that which he delights in, must be happy. Marcus Fortius Cato, a distinguished Komau philosopher, general, and intriot, was born 91 years liefore < -hrist. Alter the battle of Pilars*] is. he lied to Utica, in Africa ; and, retiriug to his apartment, read Plato on the Immortality of the Soul, twice over, and then, rather than fall into the hat;(Is of Julius Caesar. I?y whom he was pursued, stabbed himself with his sword,and [ died at the age of 411 He thought, moreover, thit the toils of life would I** succeeded by a happy immortality. He ought not, however, to have committed suicide. Socrates was accustomed to say, " That God has put us in this life, as in a post which we cannot uit without his leave." If an individual knew that death would be more agreeable than life, or that somebody else would take lis I if** unless he did it himself, eten then suicide would not be justifiable Cato certainly found nothing in Plato's wri ings in favor of it. He only found the glorious doctrine of the immortality of the soul maintained by arguments which carried conviction of its truth to the mind. The " Soliloquy9' is from Addison's 14 Tragedy of 1-ato. Part II. THE TENT SCENE FROM RH HARD 111 'Tis now the dead of night ! And half tl?e world is in i Lo.iel), solemn darkness hung."?etc. This speech of KIjiK Ki' hard was made on Bosworth field, when Shakspeare's spec'ral illusions of King Rich ird's murdered victims, call d ghosts, appeared to him, the shad* ot etch of whom ooiute' towards him, w irli a clay-co'd, hut interring handi ind encd, . < vokw whirh hirrowfti up hit soul, " Thou art my miirdeie?despair and die J1' hen the ifhosts vanished, he started an of his ream, and made toe above sj*e? h, hi which lie acknowledges himself to have be u a villain and a murderer. kits name i*. s Queen Anne predicted it would lie?"a by-word lor tyranny " NKW SONG-"Land IIo!" X\ VLLAD?"The Old B-ll." For lull five hundred years I've swung In y old gr*v turret hiyh; And nnuy a different theme I'tesung, A< the time went stealing by : I've i>ealed the chaunt of a wedd?ng morn; K'er night I have sadly tolTd, To say lh.*t the bri< e w as coining, lovelorn, To sleep hi the hurrhyatd mound Ding don* ding dong, ike , &c. RONG?" Woodman Spare that Tree " NKW NA TIONAL AMERICAN SONG. "Our Native Song"?Our Native Song." Se|fe*iled from onr place of birth, To climes more fragrant, bright and *.ay. The memory of our own lair earth May clia ce awhile to fade away; But should some minstrel echo fall, t M chords tint breathe his country's fame? Onr souls will barn, oar spirits yearn, True t the laud we love and claim. The high?the low?in weal or woe, Be sure there's something coldly wrong About the heart that does not glow To hear its own?its Native Song FINALE?' Largo *1 Factotum Delia <ita " (From the Opera " II Barbiere di Seville.) To commence at ha f past 7 o'clock. Tickets .V) rents each. To be had at Hewitt's, At w ill's, and Win Dubois' VIusic Stores. The Piano Forte to Ih? used on this occasion was manufactured by Mr. Chickering, lio- ton. and from the store of .J. L. Hewitt &c Co s?H *tr ijiA.Miriinir.^, ;nuan A I. I >si iiij ?| I-.,r* f. \v ' MUSIC Sic. &c., .iust received at A TWILL'S Mu?ic !<* pository, 201 Brad way, near St. Paul's. Piuchaaerx are invited to examine several splendid Rosewood and Mahogany Pianofortes, tills day milled to tie alread> e?teusive assortment of Pianos now on hand, Klntes, Ouitars, he. in1, in great abundance. 'I'iie supply ol'new and admired Music is very great, embracing llie publications from all parts of the country, Purchasers can depend upon receiving correct editions. A liberal deduction wliere music is ordered in quantity. The follow ing i? a small list of the popular music :? Sonoii. Maikios v (^uii KiTiri. Woodland Bride lava March Old harm House Lawrence grand do Oh, slay, my own love, stay Stateslreet do IL?er is fro* II oarer's do I know a star Oov. Morton's do Itomance from the 0|>era of Highland dofcQS. '1 he Karthiiuake Harvard Quickstep Karewell to Nortlnnaven, by llotre do Dempster Korv O'More do Oh, were mine a fairy boat llartlett's do Light Dragoon Iron Botta do Merry Farmer Boy Promenade do <?ld Ancestral Kim # llennraey't do She never smiled again (rordon's do America my Home Park's do I'emi eranci' Shout of Liberty Winchester do On a summer's day Lawrence do I have a cot, by the Harvard Snow's do Olee Lluh 76 do Wai.tim. kukek's do Oiraffe Walt* Winslow 's do Honthboro do Lynn do Sleiuh Bell do Massasoit do hairy'a Kevel do Mt. Washington do Kmerald do Postillion do LaKrivolite do Marine Artillery do LaOaiete do Brutnmer's do Villa do Kdinuuds' do Poughkeepsie (Quadrilles Ni:n Kditions or tilt roLl.owirtu AiiMnon Sonus, he. True love can i.e'er forget Wreath Uuadrilles I'me heart of Woman Garland Waltsea Love's Chosen Hours Merrily o'er the waves \ life 111 the woods, away Oh, sail w ith me (>h take me back to Take yonr time, Miss Lucy laud Cracovienne Maid The dream is past Moon o'er the Mountain I atalogues given gratis. ATWILL'S Music Repository, 201 Btoadway, Sign of tl e Golden Lyre; nl.-i R 2taw TulkKr near Wt Paul.s t/hnrch. I'O FOREIGN AND CO! NTH\ M? KCHANTS KN APP'S INKKTIM MILK KXTIIA III. M KIN*. I Mllered for sale at llf Broadway and 102 Bowery. From the onstant personal attention of one man, for a quarter of a cen,m to this composition, speak with lull confidence, and . o... iinri \ .1 I. it I lir, iiiu h. i.> I it... L....... .....I.I t'roof by thou?md? w? can Kive that no inch article ha* l*ni tnown lier? We have ?*mi<h-< live to ten year* old. a* Hood <* hi- day it w.w nt.olr. and rui prove hot rlimiti-* (hi not alert it. It ii coiiiidomd e?en better two year* o|<l than ?In n ew. It is nn<itle?tionably ths only lllackitm known that w ill ee|> ill ttintl.olil^Atfl. ?10 11" i FwK I liul Sr FhMALE PILLS IMiESK far-fainet .ltd celebrated Pill?, from Portugal, arr *e I perceive, to be obtained hi this country, 8e? advertii* oent on the laat columu. IhwIi.imm, msmmmmaBmamBBsmmmaamamBmmam UTANTIil)-P?rfiM?n for Pami MuiIh iwd for imoolh* * ilie clothe?, lie. They entirely ?u|iers>tje the dm of ironiuc. and l?it a beautiful alosi on clothe*, fcc. ThfV arc a laborsaving machine, u nw female with the Mangle will in one day Jo ill much work as ten females will do wilh tlie smoothing iroiu. and without the aid of fuel. Tlirv uiay he seen inoi?ralion at lli? principal holali in tlie city. They will be sold al greatly reduced l >r I <',-s by DIIN? AN k WKST, 4 Littl* (Jimi s'reet au3IIm*m near Liberty street, N. Y. A Sill N(i l. \II V w'no has received a good K.ngliili ration, wlio understands embroidery in all it* branches, Hid hm Im^-ii accustomed to tearh, wiihM to obtun a situation in a rouulry boarding school lor young ladiea. Addreii, post l?aid, M. L. T., ntfire of tlie Herald, New York. au26 hn*r DAY HOARDING. (JBNTLKM K.N laking their menli down town, desiroui of securing day hoard in a private family, where the table u applied III the beat style, will lind it to their advantage, (and far preferable both aa regards comfort and respect ibilltyj to a public eating house,) by applying at 201 Fulton atreet. Two or three gentlemen can be accommodated with full board. Terms moderitr. si Imr HAND SO MK AI'AKT.M ' NTH, with board may be had on application at 411 Houston street?the entire aecoud door, which i? spacious and lit good order A lew double and ingle roomi may alio lie obtained by applying a* above *3 'm*r p \< KK.T Sllll' (iAKItll K, from Liverpool.?Consignees L by this ship w ill tileaaa aend their |wrinita ou hoa'd, at Orleans wharf, foot of \V.>|| street. All goods not permitted in five days will bo scut to the public store i!9eF'OK MALK <11 h. AC?A complete Printing Office, calculated for a *111,111 dally or a weekly news|M|ier, consisting of Dr^virr, Million, i*anc> l'V|w, IIIIJ"?HIIIK !*itone, I ?ses, I* raine*. Jkr , lu\, all nearly new Inquire of JAMK8 CONNKU, nf>r t .truer of Nassau anil Ami ilrwl* DILLIAKDS \im- THi OKDKR OF THkl DA* FSi suhscrilier be/* |e t%e to inform his frmidi and tli?* i?u lie that I??* t ken the Billiard Koom in Mr Ktench's Hotel, Chatham street, when* he hoi?es to meet his rii-tomer* an I friend* formerly from the corner of Broadway ami t hainbers itreeu. >i I* < IP IftTIAN BKIDKNBUT* HER. OT0CK8 BOUGHT AND BOLD ON CQMMltfBION, O an<H ollcctioiis mailt- on all parti of the L'uited States by W M J NO. O'UKIKN. 16 Wall street, mult r the Mechanic*' B ink Southern ami Wt-stum Drift* ami It tnlt N??fes bought anil told. i2 Im'fc HAVANA SKUAKH Just received, |>er barque Rapid, fromHayana30,000 La Norma, l?t <)ii liiy; H.iMiO As'uriana 24,000 L? Norma, 2d <]Ualit\ ; 7 000 i'o? stantii 10,04.0 Caiailores?lor e, for h<>uie trade or export, by si i tflC (iKOSIIK. I \1 & S< II I( I- IIIK . ?H Willi till sf /^i() \ L,?-L.otfe Nut Si/.H $i Ml, >tove $I,7A am) fresh llrnke and Kgg $.'> |*-r ton, of the j?e?t Peach Orchard A?h, well screened, weighed by a eity vtriuher and ileliv red fr?e ol cartage A reduction of 'J.'ieent* i?er tint if laken from the boats. t LINTON, corner of K inu 19 2wr ai d (treenw ill street* Tar T k Y v r i K ?u 11r K v, & AW'. SPIK8 St CO. 218 Pearl street. are now o|>euing six casks of new and t legaiit patterns of Tea Trays, etnhraciiiiT e?ery variety of quality, rolorand si7.t?4, Irom ei^ht to thirfv in< I?f4 Also, 200 gross Ivory self tip and Stag handle Knives ami Fork*. Also, one case new patterns Crooker's fine Pen Knives, s 19 lm*rc to tiik la dl ks. Rinolkts. kink and wire citrls, braids, Frizettes, Plain Bauds, Bows, Head Dresses, Net Cans, Shell Combs, and other Ornaments suitable for decorating La dies* Heads. M LA.KUK, Manufacturer and Wholesale Dealer, lt>*2 Canal, corner of Vf?rick, have now on baud a large, new and splendid assortment of the above articles, which they are selling at greatly reduced prices. They are of the latest fashions, and are manufactured in a superior manner, hi their new and peculiar style, imparting a beautiful rich lustre to the hair, and a durability to the curl, uuattaiiH'd by any other maiiufacturer. Old Curls altered to any pattern, and made to look like new, at a trifling expense. A liberal allowance made t?? retailers* sio lm i to ounsviiths and dealers in guns. 2QQ double barrf.l guns, assorted, from common 4041 single barrel Guns, assorted, from common to fine 2000 oairs of Pistols, below the cost of importation 600 Rifles, selling <le do of manufacture 200 Muskets do do do do Gun Lock Limbs in every state of finish Tools and Mat*rials for making Guns Gun Locks. Percussion Caps, Powder Flasks and Horns, Shot Belts and Pouches, Game Bags, Dog Collars and ('bains, See &c.?for sale by a. w. spiks & co. who are constantly receiving from the foreign manufacturer regular supplies of every article inquired! for by toe gunsmith or sportsm tu. sill lm#ec chkap cash tailotting kstablishm knt, 904 Pearl, late 108 Beekman street. r|1IIK subscriber, well known for the cheapness end durability ' of bis work, desjres to inform his patrons and the public that he is now, (o suit the economical tendency of the times, making garments of the very best quality, at a reduction of 20 |wr centTrom former prices, and less, it is believed, by 20 |?er cent, than garments of thesaine quality are made by the cheap bouses in this city. Iu order that gentlemen may understand what is meant by cheapness, the follow ing bill of prices is submitted to their consideration, v itli a guarantee that the goods shall l>e of the first rate quality, and the fit unexceptionable :? Superfine West of Kugland Cloth Coats, $12 to 16 Pants of black or fancy double milled Cass., .r> to 7 \ ests, of Siiu. Satin, ik* 1 ?? i Making and trimming, ill the l*?st style, at the following prices ('cats, $6% to 8 Pants and Vests, l>4 to 1% All orders executed with punctuality and despatch. JOHN MOFFAT. As the season is advanced, the present stock of summer goods w ill be sold low . sl'? lm * r MORGAN'S LAMP WARE HOUSE, 154 Fulton stveet. ?The suhscrilw has just received from his factory the following invoice of new and elegant Lamps and Giroudoles :? 100 Solar Astral l.tmps, new pattern, cut shade .00 one light Solar Suspending Lamps, do plain 20 two do do do 20 three do do do 10 four do do do Ml elegant ( lit l/uniw for l.:,IU 'i'.? ilo snuare Lauthoriis, with cut glass .'{(Mi *ei* of spleudid Girandoles, of splendid finish 50 do do Mantel Lamps, with rut glans ?lr ?|>h I GO dozen side Reflecting Lamps 20 do Siis|wmiInit; Liverpool Lamps do Study, or Mcchanical do 60 do Billiard Lamps 't0 do Ballast B IK?with his uonl assorted stock of ( handt Iters and Boat Lamps, from om 01 the most btvatiAil selection now in this city, which he will sell at wholesale and retail, at the lowest inarket price. JOHN VV. MORGAN. 164 Fulton atieet, sIH 3t *ec three d inrs east of Broadway. IMPORTANT TO STlt A NOKRS?189 Broad way-To s?. I cure a fine head of luxuriant Hair, a proof of thousands of | signatures, byjhmsohs of high >lauding, can lie had i Vegetab'e Extract of .lampoons, for eradicating Dandruff*, preventing the hair f?om falling ou* or turning gray, secured hy I one application by IV Maes who is the sole proprietor in the | Union. IK!) Bn iadway; and sold in bottles with directions. NOTIt'K.?No intimat on of the kind will ever suri>a<s the | Jainpooii\. Approved by the K?e"|ty of Medicine in Palis. | " r.nter'd accordiiik to act ??f o-igress, A D 1811, bv P ! Maes, in the t lerk1* Ollice, in i!?e Southern District oi* Sew York.'1 < HINKSK I'RKAM.?This excellent art cle is used after the .pplicatiou of the Jampoony. The great e*cel!*nce of the < hinese < renin will be found to consist in feeding the hail, sup pl>ing those pro|?erties to it upon which de|?e?ids its Iumiiiance, liealthi'.ess and richness of am?e n* e These aiticles can be obtained only m New York of I' MAKS, 1W? Broadw y. Private rooms for ladies. Also? *. SlAKS* \V1G M A \I.'FACTORY? New imitation of the skin light summer wigs, and otlieis, at a great reduced | iice, and of the best, mide to order, wholesal* imI retail, for country merchants. .-.IH tit r A.1TMK I {'? subscriber? will be ba^py to arrange with families and * sit glegenlleuieii for the wiu'er . also w th parties ot single gentleni* ii w ho may prefer a priyare tn'4-. on r?*;u? ?utble term* IStoctl i OLKvlAN & STETSON CARLTON HOUttfe rT,Hk SI BSt tilBKKS are |?re|?ared to uiike irfdugeinenis * with taflillies and ingle gentlemen for rhv Winter or bv th* yea', upon reasonable terms The prices of this eMahlismnrul are the auie as beretofoie viz: Si 50 iierday. BKNSON 8t HdOOKS f lin*r BKLvtO.vr HOU K NKW BK OHTON. GKORGK PICIRISS, in returning his gritefu ackiow'ed.meats to 'he iiurner?u? 11 lies a d ge itleine i w h favorr th?' above establishme it du in; the > ?st ?c soil, l?eg?t to announce that he has made every suitable arrangeme-it lor the winter, to accommodate tainiliesaid s. ,g|e boardt?. * he di ning-rooms .mi dormitories wil e I n d c in itv ly nd e|e?autl) furnished The table 111 tie suppl ed >iih tli- cho cest provi-ions, a d th'- wi r-s will b- foand euutl to a iy. hi nrovimity of Be<moat House to the ity, with etcelleu steam boats plying it stipul it d no rs, ?h- Well known att-iMon ol the host anu Civi'i y of the atte idants, Combine'I with the location, being w thiu i step or the la .dmg-pl ce. renders thin e^t-t blishinent the most octal lid c nveuie it in the Union. Term* will be foil d exceedingly moderate Oood stabling .mil cimcIi houses tttaclu .1 to th mi?w. ri tn 0~i U K TO FRfclN( H, AMt.HU w \\i? OTHLH 1'ITIZKNS.?UNION HOTKL, No. 10 Hector ttreei. corner of Oreenwich street.? IV Delamotte ha* the honor to nform In* friends and the public urnenilly, that the i?art ership heretofore existnig Iftween the advertiser and .!. Boutiard, ha* befti dissolved b> mutual consent, and that lie has reopened hn old eatablisbmeut, situate a* above, which ha* been occupied by him lor rhe past live year*. 1 he Union Hotel has been thoroughly repaired and reuovated, aud now contain* an complete and cnintortabje sitting and lodging room* aa can b*? found in the city. The coding department in conducted a la Krancaise, and most amply supplied, without regard to coat, aud the prices charged to guest* are in conformity with the time*. An excellent Table dilute is ready every day at 3 o'clock,for which the moderate price of 31 cents only is charOed The advertiser ho|tea that his past exertions and present desire to liri Batiataetioa. will imui nia umpitroM|ioi his itHon countrymen, and of all gentlemen who may wish to obtain capital fare and accommodation, at the least possible eiprnse tl lm#ec ___ y s THE LIGHT THI s| N idds flori to tl * ? is the evening lephyrs bear the fragrance of the ilowr* -?o do*-* the famous Dr. HI NTKR'H KhD DROP give j?y to the lie-irt. aud bear the glad tidings to our friends. As long as 1 ibis medicine can lie obtained, no person of ordinary sense will I irive counteiiince to any other; one singb* bot'le will aud does more good in a single day than all the rest of the bodge |?odge trash combined. It is gt-nerally a hard matter to convince the iiicieduloiis, t ut if they will have resolution to try, there is no fear of what is sure to follow, vit a thorou <h and certain curv of all disease* of a private nature. Price $1 |>er vial, warranted. Office No. 3 Division street, the only place iu New \??rk. Albany, William Huasell, druggist, No 3 South Pearl street?the only place in or noith of AftNUiy where ihe pure article can lie obtained. a If# It r \TO (4l'A('KKRY.?f orty Years fcsperience in eitensive Hospitals, -Twenty-ei?ht Year* More tlie New York Public !?DO? l oll lOSKPlf KVANS haa removed his DiajHMisary t'j No. 100 I hatham street, near Pearl, where the unfor In- *|*-eiliiy 4ii<1 perfectly ciireii ( without e?|>o*iire) on the most reasonable term*. Alio, the most deaperate ulcer* and eruptions. II is mfdirin* are mild, ?|**dy and effeetu il. All case* are guaranteed He sure to find the real old Dr., No. 1110 (hatM street. Attendance <l.tily until 10 o'clock I'. ,V1. Advice gratis. ?19 It*r TUU&N'S COMPOUND EXTRACT OF CA PAIBA AM) SARSAPARU LA. UOSSKSSKS a few advantage* not enjoyed by any other me ? dicine Cor the cure of all seiual diseases and which mint, with an enlightened public, render it assuredly highly |N>|iular, and a desideratum long sought for in the medical world. It need* no confinement or change of diet. In its approved form, that of a paste, it i? entirely tasteless, and canse* no unpleasant sensation to the patient. It has acquired the utmost fame in al most every part of t nro|ie ; it has been mmiued, approved ol and sanctioned by the ficulty of medicine, and recommended by the most eminent of the profession. I'repired by J. II. Thorne, chemist. London, and for sale wholesale and retail, by j A M KS TAHRANT, 2t>t) Greenwich street coiner of Warrvn street. Also, at 2 Park Kow and AID Broadway, lt>I Broadway, 4H Broadway comer Lis|ieiiard street, J.W Broadway comer ol Walker street 111 'po i iik. i.ovKKa ok si it.hioii bla< k tka I llowi|Ua'( Mutnre.?Thia eitreinely delicious and nnpa railed 'l ea, ?o highly celebrated in China and Kurope, jus imported, is now tor sale .w ihe I snton Tea < ompsuy i (teue ral l ea Kstablishment, 121 Chatham strvet, New \ork, and IP Knllon street, Brooklyn?in packages Trice SO ceuta and $i AMOTION SAT.ES~ THOMAS BKLI.. Au.t BV BKLI. k H(i\\ \l<It ( S7?>?? Ml. 12 Jinn ih ftl and ll'i h'tilioii m..i | TUKSDA Y. At 10 o'clock in tlw *?l? rooMa. Lam aaU- of el<-?ant moublt Jaucy ami ?t?i.k dry gooda, clot In. caaiimrn's. air 11 in tfn. Iionrry, ||Iovm. Sir AUo?a quantity oihardware. cuttory, jr??lry, watrhm, ami |>Ic<IkciI art if to, fcc. AUo?th** halauc** of atoi-k of a nirrcnant IllWf. Alao?a <|uantitv of ailrer wan. tom|>ri?nig ailvar tabU and iPasiHioim, mustard anil nalt i|mhium, .utfai toiitfa ami illvw (Ml Atliiiliiittratoi'a N?U ?ThvaffrcU of a gcntUmui, dar-aacd. by order of an adniuiiatralor, including his i lothiiiK, j?w>*lry, booka. Aii'. Alto, an itivoii'ftof >ii?i?'inl>-r?, iIovm, Hoatary, iliirt collara. Iiii'Uh, Ilc. front a I'mni->fi iik atom. AUo. ime ? <1 l?|i- luruiiiK lath'. WKDNKHUAY. At loVi o'clock in thf sali** room. I.arui' tali' of elegant fnrititnr>* of all deaf ri|iliou?; alio, a valuable lolliaid table. with all the a|>tialni '<>ni|>l?'t*>?cau Iw ?een in tin- auction room AUo. a large aaaortmrnt of eirell*ui aeroud hand furniture, from a family breaking up housekeeping. I'iauo Kortra? Vt ll>io'clock precisely, in tin* Fulton atore, 3 second hand and Sipleudid n w piano Inrtei, Ill line order. THUH8I.AV. At '0)^ o'clock, hi tin* *f?lm room, A liiu* aiH< rtmeut ol choice furuitur**, and i rolUrtioii of villi ibla p kiatiaci. At II o'clork. I *rrr* of valuable laud. iiia,ttml in the v?ry centre ami l?u?ine?H part of ivillus of Sinu Sum. Immediately afn*r? ValunhU farm* in Temuylv una miiiI other |?l?ce? Mr|W to h?* teen and information given .it the *ale?t room AUo, K '>g ?cr?*H of beautiful woodland, located in Oiieidt ro?Mity, ah- ut 2S mil*** fioni I ti? t. n?*ar Hnn?c . tim^ieml h itli line I km CO and niaide-miiI c'lcellwil. lin|<rov?d (aim* m the immediate neighborhood well from 30 to $ 0 l*er i? ri'. A B. TIlOWHIliTuiK ?c < o. ~ Tl'KHDA V. Se|>t 19th, at 10 o'clock A *1. at the luctmn room, 'fin Broadway, an a?*ortme..t ?.f Wi ies, Liquors a ?d llgtfi, Vlt S 20 five k illon dd.aiiiohns Seitf i tte Brandy: 20 < oicua'* do 20 do do lloll ind (tin; 10 Swan lirand do j do do S nta<ru7 I turn )o do do Motionyahela Whiakey 20 do do Madeira Wine in do do Sheriy (io ' casi-H Sheiry; 2ft 'emijolun Port Wine I3UMI r. iikli Prim ii- MHNI Steamboat do; jtMio It-n.lm 4000 La No 3 M ?> Oth< I l-ruiiU. l'? 1 * HI H ll Tl MP8(1N K octionwr r*OLD AN1) SILVK l< WATCHES AND JEWELKY 'I ?lA'Hlt s I'LVl T will neli, thi* d?v, 19th inU at 10 iiVlnnk. ^1 I'l ?tl -tivft in ele*nnf irold mill silver orient li*. ver watches. I to 24 hole jeweled, be.- I L<II1<1<III makers Al<n, J1' i'lri of varum. ki id*. Also, at the sani liuif a ili'l iO '. ihi' 1'ltli t ill trade sile of haidware this .hhihi?cutler). g" s, pistols, 1 He,. Sic Also, iiuiii r tli inspection oi the wai ileus of the port, for acCount of the 11 derwriters, 40 lot# Thorn** I inner St t ,'j Sheffield goods, for Cash. the *11in having li e . damaged on the voyagco! iuiportatin , consistiu 1 of taper filet, hor?e rasps, l?. hie kuitec miii fo Its. pan aud pocket BMivea, Sir. a 19 it*r - ri 8VI. PC Hi 1 At' I KIN THK HAH W * V MANUFACTUHINU CO will sell at public Auction, on 17th August, at their Print Works, in Railway, N. J., all the machinery, and moveable pra|>erty of the company, oouiitiMt or prtniiiiK and aamfini machines, calleuders, copper cylinder!, uye ->op|iers, dying anil bleaching apparatus, steam boilers, steam engine, 25 hone power, with I boilers, 2 fire engines, 2 patent balances. iron safe hydraulic aud common press, large and small slide lathe, with complete set of turning and boring, and blacksmith's tools, an assortment of imported steel, and new and old iron, ai|Uantity of drugs suitable for calido printers and dyers, tubs, casks, aud lance cisterns, stoves, tables, benches, the. Catalogues of which may be had 011 application to Mr. Philip Tlussler, at the Priut Works, or of FKROUHON Ik WALK Kit, ivl9 1ni*r >1 William street BEACON COUR6JE-TKOTT1N1* MpI |'.\ N^'si'pteii I"r ' ,||^"-Pin-.e Three lillle^le its ill harniss, with an msii'e stake of $2.'i0?half forfeit. II. Woodruff names h. it. Dinchin 111. Geo. Spicer names b. K. Ainepcus. W in Wheel an names b. g. Ripton. s!7 9t*ec JhgA TO LET?Tba rear part ol the store, No. Ill BroadKi# way, under the American .Museum, sue of the mom ihout 10 by JJ feet; entrance through the hall adjoining; or a vpufate entrance can be had from Broadway, nest to the hank. Iwiiik one of the most central situations in tin* city, aud well located lor a billiard room, or almost any otlier business.? Possession can be had immediately. Kuouire 011 the premises, of L. Bl/HHNKLL. s7 2w*ec iVIONTUOM K It Y HAM,, MONTiiOM KH V, f!Kw ALA.?The proprietors of this establishment, so lavoJyJLriibly known to the travelling public on the great thoroughfare between Charleston and Mobile, are determined to maintain the luuli reputation for comfort and lilierulity of arlangamant which it has so long, and they trust, not undeservedly enjoyed. The buildings, which are very s|iaciou* and conveniently arranged, have been thoroughly repaired, and the lied rooms both double and single, have been refurnished wot, new leils ami heihlim!. also, with everv uecessarv article for comfort ind coBiwiiMt. Fhi parlors, both public in private, are lartje. airv, and elegantly inrnished. These facilities, with careful ami attentive servants, a cellar well storks I witn choice old wines, a table supplied with every luxury that tite season and m.irket can afford, and the linn determination of the proprietors to omit nothing that will tend to the satisfaction of their guests, will v they trust, ensure them the favorable aiteution of the travelling public. An omnibus will, at all times, be in readiness to convey piissengers from the Ilailroad and BtMUQbotU to the house, free of dww. Montgomery, June7, 1813. W.TILLKV fk OO. in 19 ton r HAT8?FALL FASHIONS, 1813^?The subscriber improves iM oocmmm iwywitiw i>\ f(au change ill flu fashion of hats, to^ invite his friends, customers and the public in general, to his (establishments, No no 1 hatham street, and M Canal, w oqatcr rtmu whnv he often for sale and inspect ion ,\ large and elegant assortment of flats and < <ps, at extremely low prices, lie particularly invite* their attention to liis tine Nitria rii Hats at $'i, \\ uranfei ?l n itn rnn of, ana to retail tin color and shape Me woald also call tneii ittea tiou to his short nipt Silk Hats, at $2 IS and $2 M). Also, his superl'me Moleskin Hats, at the low price of $3. The abovementioned Hats are neat and durable, and * ? compare advantageously with hats sold in this city at $3 am* $< IlKNUV BANTA, No. 130 'hatham st., and 91 Canal, cor Wooiterst s2 5w(lwis)0 in pa his ill >oT8 an t) lasts madk i o okdkr, By K. HI! S K ii, 175 Brott*w<iy% (Basement ) One door from < ourtl tudt street. Bootmaker, and M ker of Lasts, mi Klve'* of I "lerceof Paris, l>egs leave to inform his friemis a.ol all the amateurs of a geiillemsuly ' cli unsure," that lie ctii now make, in New * ork, with the best Kf>n< h ?ll tin is so p-rlectly made in Paris by his m^ter, the celebrated Boot 111*k?T ('lerce, whose numerous custon ers on this side of the Atlantic ue respect ully inv <1 to tr> H user's Boots and Lass, before thej despair nil ("chaoses*" in New York, after the nicest lit st raris fash. 1. Also, (he genuine Paris Jet Black Varnish sold. s 17 lm+ec mlu, BOOI AND Mlt?K STOHK JOHN KKAD\ respectfully informs In, Ira and I he public, that he has commenced business in ft?e ab??? line, .it So. 99 Nassau street wher* lie will t!i.iuklull> recen oid fiitlifullv execute, *11 orders be mnv I* Isvored vsi?h on tl? iii>ir ^son^nl' n>rm? for iv?" HAVE VoU i UNM a VI I ) WiNTKP BOOTS 7'? -r ce 1 -lieaper th*<? at any oilier 1 in 1,.#- if . .v ......... 1 ...I Iw ..A .If). I iff. . ... . the very U?*sl jt.ililv of hoots, with everlasting |>.tIe ? sol ? , made Co vour orders at the ve y h? pr.ce of live dollus nl ly cents i*r ptir , t tie same | ?> ? I if > of lioot* vie selling t( the. hsm 11 si i nir* 111 * nl I rum $' >< to S > < < 11 it t l/bHMtLKl Aw MJCkhLL, -*12 lin*m 127 William N |"TT~r7h^i \ 5 VTISHTNU VU tiNuXui ill SKhVrSlN 1 UK UAGlrKR.jn I'h BL'Sl > K8& L"* A %I1 J AULT, 2M Urotilwdv , 3d story front room, oj t posite tlie ark respeoJullv informs the p'lOoigf ?phlt ?i l ?ts ihtt. intending ro go to h rmCe in a !? * mouths, null to dell, tt ve'? low prices. (lo.?er ilia.. |<i ifi?- cont), mmM1 FreuCn 'aguerreotv|w? No jn diid 10 *>'? niche- ti\ i 11 1 ? largest app*r% us comp' te, tUrd with chrom.itie lenses i 0? inches tliainr*ter, lor full '.lie portiait* (Urge platea iti 11 ?I plates ' iO ruin,,tu> lor quartet pi ten md medium siVe 6 htoiii ft. leases, I'a inches di?tuie ?*r 2 eii ointi c I^ium-h i inc* ^ diameter ?00 mi rrs ?l ci onde of lodlu'* <U0 tin c pure >0 ounds n ilro?ulph vie ol sod* Uni *i* lis chloride o| gmd 1 *M iiotilrs oi ? *w prrpsration made by M. Lnvbouri, lui 1 gildm* the pictures 1 >on uottle* Krencli 1 ripoli. 30 inittles r?.uge SO bottles iodine Vnd \ quuitity of boxes, stand*, and materials suitable lor tin i itN noi ypii 'I he greatest part of these goods arrived by the latest vessels, aud are warranted to l?e pure and of the best quality. \Uo?A new supply of frames moitKCo case-*. and a splen did Diorama, with 21 views, made in I'aris by M. Daguerre.and fmI i ?>'l, / I'lease to call at2J.'? Broadway, 3d story and frout room, sll lm*r EDM. C. (-OATKS avails himself of the pleasure of inform in* the Ladies and (Gentlemen of New York and its vicinities. that he continues to Taint Likenesses at the Jmrtesf tic*, both Portrait* and Miniatures. Those who will favor hin w nli fli? ir pmOM?l . UVllViMIOMlMI see hit IjDMiMM of tlie Mmf, at hi* ftsidence, 391 Broadway, between White and VValker street*. N. B. Mr. C. also continues to give private leasons to gen tie men. Ladies in classes Wednesday and Saturday afternoon*. Also, Laudsca|*w painted to order, from the smallest to th? largest size. Those who wish to make it their profession, cab fee perfected in all the above branches, by ipplviug as above Daguerreotype likeness** correctly copied in water colors in '24 llOIf. KIlM Ifn'-r XYITmJRAPHM VUKSH * OKNKKALJOB rltlNT I NO OK KM K, W (told street, near Kulton?'Toe ?uU* rjbm inform Druggist*, Prrftixri, Mualaciiircn, (iroetn sii?l others, that they haw (the present season) made extensive nbli'ious to their assortment of Xylo|(rtphic Lat?els, to which they would reat?ectlully call their attention, being the largest and most splendid assortment ever published in this country or hi Europe. Consumers are invited to ciamine our assortment '< pwcMai. XyIographic hngraving.?New designs and plates, mutable for all kind* of business, executed in tne first style of the art, ' 11 mI ui in ted in bionse. ? iriegated? plain iad faaci colon. Job Printing ?Their office is also supplied with every variety of type necessary for the eiecnlion of every description of Fancy I r Job rruiting. < hecks. Notes, Billheads, Circulars, Bills La- I . ding, Handbills, and all kinds of mercantile printing, eiecuted | [ on reAAoiMiue term*. r Patent Card Pr*ss.?This miclnne is particularly adapted to \ the printing of Card*, which it esecutes with great facility and t Imvuty : one pmoa Im-mik al>l? to print a park of thohest enamel- , 1.11 . Uilt III two milium, wi'h ?w?e ! Superior polnlied surface Card* (manufactured riprnaly for f this establishment) furuiahed anil limited at the follow ink price* 100 Cards for Menu MO ( ards for tl 24 ). 2110 " " 74 " 1,000 " " 2 DO , Jill) " " ?l 00 " 2,000 " " 3 40 Common I arda at leaa price* BKOWNHON k CO., illlw'r 46 Uold atrert, mar niton. ' ASA B. 1 KRKuVS. , ASH TAILORING _K>T/\KLldHMENT, A'o Cedar itrrtl, NKW VOKK. / KNTI.KMKN who iwtrnms. this < ash Kstahluhmeut will 1' derive a decided advantage of from Z0 to III |*'r cent over thosr who purchase at other storvs on the credit aystem, lor Here tliev arv not iveich?rired equivalent to the delinquencies o those who never pay. A fre,h uid el<-Kant assortment juat receive ', together ?irh , tlir I- .,11 I- Mm ii* <i; at is*' ,| UNULISH KWOKATIWOf. ?tia?ap Ttaitiag ? < lJ ?re invited to call at VI Canal street, a few door* ?">? """ | t; l<r,,.t,lw ,v .....ik ...I. ?I .k_. Illiel.iil> * I collection* of temp anil other engravinga iu the I'liiied I p ?t lower Iiricf* than ever yet offered Hie tn4* ?uppli'?Ion I ? heril terms. kngran?K? l?y ihe old in.wters, and?c*rce hooki. I M bought and aold} colon, ?u?ion?ry, fce ?13 Im rc AMUSEMENTS. M HK THKATRB. TillS I VI- VI \H t lOfli -Will I*- |?rlurnrf>rf THK HONKV-VIOON link- Amu/4. Mr Walluk it<iUii<ln, Mr Whrallry I Jiili.iuiia Mrt Hlouun Jai'i|, Pliridt* | VoUiirc, Mill McBndr .. . . Afar whieh, Mint Julia Tumhull, in fcl Jalro (I* Xrtn To conrlatic wuh THK UKIOA.N D. ah ??n<lro Mmarmi, Mr. Wallatk A1*". Mr Lovail I Otuvi . Mm McBrida 1 T -i'U' .. WWIejlMarwOraew. Mr. H Hum Onllrry I'I raiilt. |M>( 7 o'clorw"""" *' ' ' ' ortaiu will riw pmrixly ?t half *11 iii,os oakukn. Uifwtor. MH. JOHN 8KFTON thk RAVKL FAMILY this I. vi. vim., v.. The Perforiii-IIM'X to < ..inmei.c- ?c 7>, ? clock with Overture to I olirhiiu'lli. Monifort After which, Tmht Rope bv the It iv.-l Family After which. "{ Principal chawrtrrH by the Kivfl V tnuly. Half am hour's iiiU*rmi?siou will be allowed for iiromcu*<t? m rrfrvibvie f? in tne Orand HmIooh BKTWKKN THK 2d fc Jd ACTS Ok THK OPKHA. vVlurr ice< 'leauu. Kruir and Refreahme it? of tin- hoi mt kiud. 4ndin great variety, will b* found To Im? lollowfd by (I lih rim*4) thr NKW ro.MH PANTOMIMR! Kntitled rh* MINFOItTUNKfl OK KOKTUNATU?f Or.?Thr Magic Cuckoo! outunng of ' " I6-^C1 new and original 8ceu*i ' Trirks. did Transformations ' vVith entirely new Machinery. Si'fiicry. ''oatuoMs, Prupertir Overture* Hid Music, lie ,-HIKIHI now. Don Kortuuatus. Gabriel Ravel ( \ ?nn|de SiKnor ol' Salamanca ) don B?Im*IUh .Jerom# Ravel \ltievto ..VI nn Martin Vulcan Mom. D' luvergne Don lie., nine Antolue Ravel -ivtior de V allodalnl (, harles Wintlie# Grit Uln K mucins Ravel Skel-<m Mons. MumiIi i> I o*?ph IU?>1 Allium 1.1-1 >11 Javelli I'lrtrii Martiu Javeht Lorenzo C larke Marcia ue?. ie I 'oIosriii Si i fford Marcelliua Madame Jerome Havel Arreliue Madame Leon J iv?*lli Zelia Madame Martin lavelli Outline Mn. C. II Hunt Kaiichni Mrs Brnadley Tin- ITALIAN OPERATIC COMPANY, from Havana is i-iil iK'iI. ami will appear on Wednesday eveniutf unit, in NORMA. T"7"A strict Police u ill Im hi attendance, and itmu care ta ken to prevent the admission of improper |>ersoua. IX^T^Ti-keta Ktfty Cent* May be had at the Garden duriai th> day T5" A limited numlier of nenaou I ickets will be .hs posed of. C/"No postponement a this establishment on account of ttn yrathlT as the iraml Entrance from Bio ulwav to the Silo... is pr. tec ted, and the new Saloon, which is ventilated from thr top and siiles, can lie o|iened it a moment's notice. CHATHAM THEATRIC. Dotes 25 cents Pit* I2S cents. Notice? I'he Doors will <y>eii at 7. Curtain will riae at quarter before 8 o'clock. RENOVATED AND RK-OPENEP. Benefit of the Virginia Minstrels. THIS EVENING, September 19th?The iierformanca will commence with T1IK L \ I) V OK LYONS. Claude Melnotte, Mr J tmi*<?< I Pauliue, Mra (J. Jonaa Dumas, Greene | Widow Melnotte, Greene Previous to which, TI1K DUMB BELLE. Vivian, Mr Hield | K.liza, MrsJonea After the Play, A Locomotive Lecture. by W. M. Whitlock Gymuastir Keats. by the American Brothers. To conclude with * A GRAND EXTRAVAGANZA. NfffO Danres, Souks, ike. Ii> Messrs. Williams and Booth MITCIIKLI.H OLYMPIC TIIBATHK. THIS KVKNINO, Sept. 19th, 184.1?The Iierlbrmance. will ciimtnence with A THUMPING LEGACY. Jerry Omiiious, Mr Holland After which. DIANA'S REVENGE. After which THE DRUMMER. Mr (iassey, Mr Walcot | Misa Shotwell, Mrs Watts [TV Dtess Circle, 30 cents? Upper Boxes, 2J cent*?Pit, I2X ?Private Boiea, $5?Orchestra Boxes, tj. OCT-Doors ojh'u at 7?Curtain rise at half-past 7. HOW K.ICV AMPIUTHKATRR. Boxes 25 cents?Pit I2}? centa RE-ENGAGEMENT OK MR. CANKIELD, The Western Hercules. Grand Alliance of Genius Splendor anil Novelty. I 11 m r,v r.nifl", n, |iifiiiiM'r rjm, IS SPLF.NDID At TS IN THK ARKISA, Anil ninny oilier aiuuiiuif iierl'orinaiieiMNM1 Hf) KXTRAV AwANZAS. NOTK'K TO FAMIMUS ?Children und.r 11. accompanied hytheir iMirrnU, Kuardians, or servants, will ba admitted id tin* Bokch for I3K centi etch. Doors o|**n at 7 o'clock Performance to eommanca at hal past 7. K unity seat* ran be secured at tin" bo* office without additional charite AMKHU'AN mi'HKIin, <1 ? I1DKM, AMD PKIIPKTUAL K AIR. 500,(KM) < t'RIOSITIKS?The FKJKF. MF.RM AID, captured alive near the K j>-e Ul.onU 21 TALKNTKD PKRFORMF.RS THK KTHIOPIAN MKRKNADKRB, Mntn. Uermoa Suiiwi'ihI, Harrington and I'elham. MissAL)AlR and Mr II O. SHC.RVIA.N, the VocaliiU. La Petite 'KLKsTK, the .olmired dnnsueae, kt MOVING DIORAMAS, Italian Landsca|*t?Sri, with Storm and Shipwreck?Faity Orotto, V<\ he CITY BRASS HANI), of twelve musicians. BALLOON ASt'KNSIONS and performances tveri ?? amu it 8 o'clock, and Wednesday and Saturday afaternoon at 4 o'clock Day visitors admitted the omo evening free. Admission t) cents?children under ten years half price. PKALK'N NKW YORK NVSEVn, ANl) I'll TURK WALLKRY. (? rotirfwny 'h* i'lf 1/ #/ /!) ONK WKKK LONGER, and POSITIV* LY Tut LAST THK GIANT IHL-lhf KM H POUND ? HILD-ihr tUD-GK MKHMAIU? ?i.d Six iVr formers, all Lroni shil l?M . " ** At flu' urgent solicitation of .? ffr? at many |?er*oiis who ! t\c eiprvsst-d .i orHHi d^irc to witness the woud?rful contrast f^tw^ri the GlA VT GIRL, li \ KAKS OLD. & WKIGHS 105 POODS. s d the CHILD ONK Y> All OLD, VVKIOHS Kol/R POINDS. thp Muiafer has re-??im ged t*?e?e unpr ccdented productions of iia'urv. The Choral <Club, roitsistiuj? of Messrs. K. Thomas, J. Tiiom** and T Thomas, nil! introduce a variety of* Matches, tr os, duetts. solos, dir. Mr Delaruewill gi re an imitation of r|?e celrbrated Dani I O'Connefl?.Vliss Ad ir, the ctiarmmif ?o.ieitrPM-L? Prttlp' Vrito, tl?e ura ef'ul dauseuse?Splendid a !?; Mrlndion hven iik entertainments io commence at 8 o'clock Performil'ir* on Saturday *i I o'clock t? ; \ ND Vol \ L VM' INsTTTl aIK >TAL < ONCKK'J MR. VV. WALLACK, isms .?l by \lADA M 'UTToN, ?. Mo nliy^ the 2'j> li inst at the Apollo Saloon, on which or* (o J|r# |'?p Inlln' effect to ill** lllll ic, bo'h VIKT*' if?#f nine cat a .iill in.i ?lfic?e??t c ? a 1 a bev ?i .)?' K' auu * II Im* ii der th ireetioi: of \ii Tiinm Kor pr-'sr fumes see smal! hills. i i urn c Mtii. i" iiiu iti me music store* a?u i"iic s, ainJ i ilie door. ( ouctr* f' comnM li precitly. >inra rg TTTiT "n- j.Y ir 1 OK POPt.'LAh AM) PRA< 'I ICAL Hr IKM K T'Hfc Putilic is re?|iecttully mlormfd that Pr I?ardi er. ha* vijifColiMlf | apfouditf . <1 oov?| u imh()U, i liiiiiigof everal )iu dred Telescopic Drawings, S c.ic 11 lu trationa, Oeteor I?UI< n| 4 <1 olltei UlOMM us, md hiving obtain d ll?e h ef* share in ?he property in K 1/8 PLANI.T ' RIL'.Vl. if exhibition of winch excited such iren raJ approbation in this city I st st'uoii, will hi ,i IV* < oi^ii s.tloni. for a in* rt time, in ?hicli he will give * series of pnpu'a lecture* ii A?troiioin> anil other br .uches of phyati al and mechanical icirnci1. mil in *irh there will ??e a (Jul) exhi -ifi? . ol the |>lai**t iriuui, instructive iml; exiwr unci it* in phyaics. and ither objects of?cie tific mte es which wi.l b? i*ai ticul trl> !? *<*atl?*a m future aiiiiouni eme- ri. TO IN VKNTOK&, PA I KN KK*. MANUFA< TUIt Kit 8. Iko.?Dr hard er informs inventor* ami all persons gaged in thf Arts ami MaiUUctUies, thai he will i?-cei?e models, drtwings, productions ol' art. and iiifrimem ??l mnuulac ure*, loi exhibition in the Lycen n, aii?4 that such objects * ill receive ncCMioiml notice ami expla ation at his lectuies Applications to lie made in < apt. John Haver. 7H b?roa> st. lir. Lardner nia\ U* consulted on subjects coin ected with engineering .mil practical science during his visit to New \ ork. New York,He|?f 4, I&4J. a 4 6tr D|8B|wm RIDJNU SCHOOL, 108 BOWKKV. \/l K. L>. haa the honor to announce #utt bis School it open lot " the reception of pupils. daily. flundava excepted . *>r Ladies, from 9 A. M. to J I'. .VI. V fi^utlemeu, from 7 to 9 A. M., and 3 to 7 P M. Hi My iratued and ouiet horxes for the road or parade, to let Knr r* n* ?uid imrticnfiir* auulv as Abuvr *?'? 1m*r -.ROM SI K fc>:r THEA'l RE TO LET ?The Arch Street Theatre, for the va?. >11 of II4J ami I8ll. Apply ertonally or (post imid) by letter, to P, VI LAKOURKiu)E, No. i00 Crown ?trret, Philadelphia. *13 2w"t m*da vi k -t/r r- n. P R O K E S 9 O R OK SINOINH, <Ht Broadway. *IA 1m*r I) KAMAN'S UATIIs. N?* H.thmir K*iabli*hmeni, at U .No 4 Courtlaudt *treet, New York, l.-ur door* from Broad *aj) BRAMAN ha* recently th* above new Bathinff ,'abn*>irnent. Kvry df|Mrtmeiit is constructed on th* moat ivnimiiduiui and riwmial plan It It now m *u<<raaful ,peration, and ladie* .mil viaitiug flw e*tablialiment A ill *1 aaya find jiri'mw attention, and euery thing lonueeted wruh It conducted in the moat (ent??l aud correct manner Warm, Cold and Shower Bath*, at all hoar*, from tan ri*e till 10 o'clock at n'lclit id lm*r OHCHV KK MATHS?PortahJe Shower Bath* JO cent* a piece J for *ale by the manufacturer. Yf. WEST\ 1M Hadaon afreet. Shower Bath* of every deac nption for ule by the manulac n>. r, W We*t |i?o Hudxtn it. lmi**M x'l.l.h.i I IN(i BILLS, DRAFTS, 8t* ., IN BOSTON", MASS.?The *oh*crtber ha* made amntfeiunii* iu thu Ity, whereby lie i* enabled to receive hill*, account*, fcc in lottou lor prompt collection. Merchant* and "then wi*hin( ucli Iiimiik'** transacted there, are reouestwl hi hand them in to ilr. GEORUE DOEL, No. I, Ann street, New York, who i* Inly authorized to receive bill* and forward the tame to air for ollectlou. All monie* collected by the. ?ub*criber will be Tomptly |mid over to the (mrtie* entru*tin( him with their >u?ine*a, and uo charge if hill* are not collected By fi'iutf li* luminal attention to the above bu*nies* he rruata the facilile* offered are too obvious to re>|Uirt nnnineur. ANDKKW ROBKKT8, ?u29 lm?r II time iff?. "V B<.*Con I<1> miiiivli.u ?. . . i iii vim! ihv eelphraiwi Til. I can Hat Manitfactnrer. moil leapectlullv informs hi* kind i h'iiiU and pifron* that w ?ioriif?'u l?ims?*lt witn >1r# lovph Lynn, (lai?* from Plsrii) ?N hi?muNlrtW themselves .1 No. 37 John nttwt.iuudrr thr firm ol Lvon k *'"?) whw Im-V Intff a >?>?( ?|?l?idid JMsortmeat ol Pmru Millim-iv Arlil*w amuble lor th" Thr above ttock consists f ;ui elmiMC assortment of rusc&u and Straw Hats, rich Silk vVKets, rich Velvet Ribbons. Lutestring and Satin Kibl>ons,aH ,|| colore?French ! lowers, Feathers} an entire new style of ilk*. Mid every other article in the Milmery line. \le**r*. I? Hi K. would alioititc that the above tfood* have purchased for rash (direct from the maim far tureri) sad ill Ik* sold At -i small advance oil cost fo thine who may be IfaMfd to favor them with a call I. in.'. \.\ ON fc KING ^ ^ 1Kb.F?By the *ide or ^iiarier, for sale at all times, at the ' SUuifhter Houm* of Job- < Trmton, three doors'fro n hird Aveuue, (east side,) iu /ath itrrrt. ol s fU|*nor <jualit\ . d delivered st as low a rate a* can l>e bought in *h* ?h rofl\ H PIU *TOrt. sold I Ul * V)

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