Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 21, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 21, 1843 Page 1
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TH Vol. IX.?Mo. 250-?Whole No. 3471. fou chaiii.kston. havana. kk.v wkst. new OHI.KWS, aM) galvktfton, (Teiai.) 'I'll S \||. on 'I'lin r^<i=v\'.MIi < ?ciuIn r, I li?- i-l-*i;.iii t. ?-l I known 1 coirrrnl iu.un .hi]! NKW VOliK, J. P. Wright, Comin Hitler, will n.til as above. This steamer has been put lit coinph t'* order for the season, and has extensive accommodations, witli large and airy state rooms. K??r passage tir freight of specie, apply to the Captain on board, foot of Ninth street, E. ft, or_to _ _ , .. A HUUIJaRD k CO., 30 Peck ilip. New York, Sept. 11. 1813. sllto5*ec - ?thaVI'LLKRS (soino south or vvk8t?hour. hi advance o( th* SZtfl \t f.tol . S .\i.iil?Tii-Wci'kly Line to ta.ivaiin.iii, ^ jY in cou net ion willi the < I'litral Kailroau to Mac, ? ail,I th.* W est 1 he iplendid st?im I.I. VI'IUI < I IVI 'II I -.1.1 -I I' Rn...L-. ?...! (' Ij \ 'C LI- S'i'l >N. ('apt. h I'.ir.U n, will leave ( h.trlesioii evely Tuesday, Tlni'<iiy aud.8*turd<y morning, at 9c'clock, rfter the of ihe Wilmington boat* from the north, irtivi nit; it Savaunah tin- same day, iuhI will leave Savannah mi tint b imc il v, ,,, above, at 6 o'clock 1'. M., al'ler the arrival of tlie cars IV*>iu Macon. Tiavellers will fin>l this to be the cheapest and most expedition!, route to the south and west. The above boats are fitted ?|> ill a superior style, and no expense or pains w ill be spared to " nsuie ceilaiiily, com'ort. a-id expedition to tlie travelling public. JOHN IJ. I-\HTTK. Agent, Kitxsiinmous' wharf, Llieleston. < li.irVsion, HepteinlM", 1813. sl7 2m*r jfc vk.? FOB NEW ORLEANS?Toucbiiif at all ihe ports III r ut a'd \i/.: St. Augustine, New Smyrna, Indian Hirer, * 'ape Florida, Inili ij Kev j Key West, Tampa 15ay, jaasaestaii , Keys, Port Leon. Alialachicola niitl 1 eiisacol i ? J he splendid steam ship CINCINNATI, J. Smith, Jin ler, (who his been lone engaged in the navigation I id ween I w Orleans ) w ill leave Charleston, S C.,?m tlie Uti't next, and after the arrival of the Wiltuiugtoii lor nil the ahove places. For passage only, having superior accommodations, apply on board, or if be letter, post Paul, t? JOHN K. LARiTTE, Agent, Kitzsiinmous' Wharf. ' hait'ston, S. C., Sept. !)th. 11)43. sll tolr .. ~ STK.\ M SUII' NKPTUNE. Captain William Rollins?T?> sail on Saturday, Oct bi r 'tli, nt I o'clock. I'. M., for Charleston, Key W -it, Havana. New Orleans, autl tial" \ eston, Texas 'I'liis superior pai'ket ste?iner is now being overhauled and put in perfect order lor the season. Her cabins and state rooms are elegantly furnished, and passengers can rely ?n every comfort aiid accommodation in her. l;'or passage as above, in the cabins or steerage, and for light freight and spicie for < -harleston, apply to J. H. BROWKR, sIC r 75 Wall st. *\xr >?l'KOei.K'8 LINK <J1< STEAMBOATS jS^_X'.>yV_3. FO R ALBAN V'--Daily at 7 o'clock P. M.? " ' "" US direct?Krom the steamboat pier between Courtlandt and Liberty streets, Sunday excepted. The steamboat KNtCKKRBOCKKR.Capt. A. P. St. John, Will leave Monday, Weduesilay and Friday Evenings, at seven o'clock. Steamboat ROCHESTER, Capt. A. Houghton, will leave Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 7 P. M. At 5 o'clock P. M.?Landing at Intermediate Places, Steamboat NOH'J'H AMERICA, Capt. M. H. Trues dell, will h ue Monday| Wednesday, Friday, aud Sunday alternoon, nt 5 o'clock. Steairboac SOUTH AMERICA, Capt. L. W. Brainard, will leave Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Eveuing, at live o'clock. Passengers taking this Line of Boats will invariably arrive in Albany in ample time to take the Morning Train of Cars for the east or west. The above boatj are new and substantial, <ir? furnished with neat and elegant State Rooms, and for si?eed and accommodations are unrivalled ou the Hudson. V or l'asiage or Kreight, apply on board, or to P. C. Schnltt at tjie office on the wharf. si ^vo-V M SKVKN O'CLOCK MORN1NO LINE Be?'^.i.lpKOR ALBA NTV, TROY, and intermediate . -ii.Landings?Krom the steamboat pier, at llie loot of Barclay street. fti-eakfast and on board. Li ins New Y ork?The Kinpire on Monday, Wednesday and H riday. The Troy 011 Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, at 7 A. M. Landing at?< aid well's, West Point, Newburgh, Hampton, r<iuihkt*i>*ie. Hyde Park. Rhiitehcck, U. Red Hook, Bristol, Catskill, Hudson, Coxsackie and Kinderhook. The new low pressure steamer iCMPI HE, Captain S. R Roe, on Wednesday. a* 7 o'clock 01 tlie inoriiing, Aug. I?.. 'I he new low pressure steamer TllOV, Captain A. (Joih.un, on Thursday, at 7 o'clock in the morning, Aug 12. Kor passage, apply at the office, foot of Barclay street, or on board. Notice.?All (roods, Freight, Baggage, Bank Bills, Siiecie, or any other Kind of Property, taken, shipped, or put on boam the boats of tliu I.iue^.iust be at the risk of tiie owners of such goods. aul6 r ^ INUKPKNOEST RlOiilLAR OITOS1ION NKiHT LINE FOR ALBANY Si iff .v 1'?11 \*?Through Direct, without Landing ? '1 he co'ino aiio'.u and substantial steamboat PORTSM0U1 H, ( pt O. lions., w,!l lene New York from the foot of Barclay street, ou Mo,.days, \Ved iesda>s and Fridays: anil will leave Albany and Troy on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, and will continue these trips for the season. Freight taken at rVduced rates. Apply 011 board. P. S.?The above boat has urn! igone a thorough repair, and is in first rxte order. _ s2 lm*r SEVEN O'i LOCK KVKNINU LINK &ZxsJy?r3?ror ALBANY AND TROY direct, without Ti 1 n'lr It l-iil !?|?w pre fure steamboat SW ALLC v> . Captain A. McLeytj will leave the foot ol *. miriia ;<u ftnri pvery i d?9ii.iy, i nurcuay, <um oaiuruay cvcninrs, 'it 7 o'clock, for Ylbanv' direct. 'i !n bvallow bat a i:u<e number ofslatc rooms,and For np. ru an 1 accomoWatiuiu is not ?itfl .sued on the Hudson. au? pc .I'WEaT/wT" hi. i POUT A NIKW1DDLETOW N U? ^yy i_t3*POINT, Daily, (Suud.tys excepted,) touch-W tlv lir, meat Srgiiim - Dock. Stjii-ii Island.?Oil and titer Mo'idiy. July 31st. the steamer HOCKLAND, Captain ( riu lord, will leave Midilletown Point on Mot days, Tuesdays. Wednesdays, Thursdays and Krida>s, at hall-post out' o'clock (tide permitting,) ana Keyjiort at 2 o'clock P. M Meturning, leave New York, loot uf Robinson street, on Tun las, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, at B o'clock A. M. ana Sttardiv a at 1 r. M, S-ti e> will lie in r*sdiuess on the arrival of the boat to convs\ |>.i sengers to Freehold or any |wrt of the country. I'uiforni on Target excursions, Parties of pleaMire ?ill l>c taken to and from Fort liamiltou or Keyport at leasonable prices. s20 lm*m jh NEWARK AND NEW Y'ORK.?~Kar* only IL'Jj Cents !?The splendid steamer I'AS- I 3?*>?^<Sm3EL. s A I < . after June Sth, will run as follows L up the loot of Barclay street," New Y ork, at 10 A. M., and 4 P. M. Leave# the foot of Outre street, Newark, at 7>? A. M , ani) and IS' P. M. The accommodations both for passengers and freight have been ideally improved. Freight carried at very low rates. jyl6 3m*ec m STAT F.N ISLAND FERRY, FOOT ^?.!>' >(IK WHITEHALL ST.?The steamboat C. ..aaGi&.ST\TK.N ISLANDERand SAMSON wil inn as follows until further notice :? Leave New Y ork ?, 9, 10. 18, 2, 3."<, S. 6. Leave Stiten Island 8, 9, 10, 12, 2, t. 5, 6. All goods shipped are ie<iuirrd to he particularly marked and are ?l the risk Of the owners tWIM. s5 r ,^-ar^i. .<M NEW ARRANGEMENT FOB SHREWSBURY?1 Branch. Sa.idy - :z.r ~*J ii ...i. Oi pin Hon*'and Eatontown Lauding. The new Steamboat SHREWSBURY, Captain John r. Corlies. will now run as follows, oil and alter Thursday, 27th nut leaving New York, Iroin ihe foot ?f Robinson street, evciy Tuesday, Thursday, and S . unlay, ?t 10 o'clock, A. M. A u?l Eatoutowu Landing on Monday, Wednesday aud Friday, af 10 o'clock, A. M. The Shrewsbury will run as above, weather permitting, anI til further notiee. All baggage at the risk of the owners, ( 'are 37>4 cents. N. 0.?S'ages will he ill attendance to convey passenger, firm the .ifure.aiJ landing places to any part of the comity re J quired. The Shrewsbury will go the moi-r p issa&v. when practicably _ Je_l3r_ NF.W YORK AND K1NOSTON STF.AM FREIGHT AND PASSAGE LINK. .?4 For Kingstou, aue Delaware and Hudson A?_?XjrVJ?ranal -steamboats EMERALD anil NOR'* *1 -g II. The I..?li.I; YLD, Captain Johu Ketchain, will leave New \'i.iU. fool ..I Murray street, every Moudaj and Thursday at 4 o'clock, P M. ... Will leave Kingston (lion'out landing) every Wednesday arid Saturday at 3 o clock, P. M. The NORWICH, Captain John Samuels, will leave New York, foot of Warrtu street, e?ery Wednesday and Saturday at 5 o'clock, P. M. Will have < ' ig.ton (Uondout landing) every Tuesday and Friday at. 3 o'clock, P. M. EXTRA TRIPS. TIip EMERALD will h ave the foot of Murray street every Sunday morningat 7 o'clock. Returning, leaves Kingston at 4 o'clock, same day. l*or freight or p.ifaagf apply on board, or to WILLIAMSON, BARLOW & CO., a2l 3m*r Kil West street. NF.W ARRANOEMENT. FARE AND FREIGHT REDCCED. ,1* RE(!i:L?H MAIL LINE?FOR PRO&..~3*L^3?V!DKNC.E AND BOS TON, via, STON ESuJE-INGTON AND NEWPORT?Composed of the following superior steamers, running in connection with the Stoitiiigton and Boston and Providence Railroads 1YI A9NAI'III'Nfc/i'"I * *|>1. ? omsloCK. KlIOUK ISLAND, Cart Tnctrrr. I'KOVID&M K. r li rv N A RllAOA NSKTT. viMOHKUAN. On* of w hich will l^nvf N*w York diily (fltnulayt ficpptf. ) from IVr No. 1, Battery Place, N. Kiver, ata P. Al. A UK ANIJKMKNTS. I'h? KIIODK ISLAND, Captain Th*y*r. on Monday, and \Vedueaday lor BW>oiii?ton and Newport, and Friday for tjlon jnBton. The MASSACHUSETTS, Capfata Comatorh, on Ton ri iy and Thursday for Htonirslon, and Saturday for Hloiiiug. ton, Nr* port and PmriiW* Ppjarniirn, on the arrival of the steamers al StonitiRton, will hi- immediately fijjwarded in the uplemlid and Commodious I 'nn el the Kailroad in rroridenre and Notion, and il' for Newport ? ill proceed in the i>tfam>'r Mohegan (in au|<erior orH i ) from theiice al fi o'clock the following morninK, thin Bivinvi I hem tn?o|HX>rtun'ty of a liiflit'* fat imi board th? tlearner ,Sl is";vliUtirlU or Rhode Island, and llicn bieakl'aat on board lh? MoV-ran. The above steamer* hive been thoroughly snipped and prepared to promote celerity of Imvel and the comfort and ?ecurity of pa*aeii*er?, and not ttirpaeafd .by any in the United .-Kate*. For pataace or lieniht, winch k taken at very reduced ratea, apply on board, at north sole of pier No. I. 21 Broadway, or offir. .if Samuel Devran, freight agent, on llie wharf. i'irketa for the route aua tiealutrt' bertha aw be tenured on beard, or at the office of H\UNDKN & ( O., No. 3 Wall ureet \Cj' On ai d alier the 10th nut, 1'ivinht w ill not lie received auci forwarded vtei h^H- % 4 IV M. mtfim* m Pi i ER84 >N RAILROAD. mmmM. ! A it I1. ON L. Vl.KNTr* Krom Patwaon to Jersey I iiy. Un and after Monday. 17th July, the cart will leave J'aikhio* UrroT Lr.avn N?* York. 8 A. M. 9 A. M. UK " 1?H P M. 4 V M. ? UN o. lra^k hahiim dktot. lkavk new vor*. 5 H J,' 6 P. M. >,, .TVr? |<I (BnntUjTi f*?-t-|it?l.) Piu?nK> is irr o :? i. wilt* Kerry, loot 4.' < oiirtlaiiut it ret* I, a I . i-r# Il.r li. ,r .f H, pwtnw. tvl??m l\' Mi X I KH- h i, * 11 Is inirn I.I WImmI. now limiting ?v lium ilii|i 81. Alary, (or ?,ile by ?[8 ?, k. collins si lo. j? South?t. E NE NEW ???- NEW LINK OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS? Taokft. of the 25th September?'The splendid fust siilJmmA&ok '.acket ihipSHEiUU \ N, ("apt. A. S. Depeytter, ? il l sail positively as above, her regular day 'J'he ship* lit this line are all IIUMI Ions liurtlien and upward*, anil their accommodations lor caliiu, s> i:oml 1 thin and steerage passengers if is well known are -uperior to any other liue of packets. Those wish ill* to secure berths, should UOt fail to make early application on hoard, or to W. it J. T. TAPSCOTT. 43 Peck Slip, cor South strew. Person! wishing to send for their friends can have them brought out in this ship, or aiiy of the regular line, 011 favoradeteiins. I hose about remitting money to I heir friends can be supplied w ith drafts for any amount, payable on demand, willicut disciiunt or other charve, on all the principal tow ns of Higbmd, In land, Scotland or Wales. Apply as above, s'ill Aififif- I'Oll LOMMJN?Packet of 1st Octnber-The MKf?W?plendid packet ship M KDIATOU, Captain J. M. hadwick, will sail as above, and has very superior accommodations for cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers, who will be taken at reasonable rates, if early application be made to W. & J. T. TAPSCOTT,. . 43 I'erk nil p. corner South it. Drafts for any amount, payable on demand without discount or other charge on all tie: principal towns in England, Ireland, Si-1.11 in11 .i-: l \V,i!",. ppl y as above. s2ll REGULAR LINE FOR NEW ORXEAN8MnRflfV Packet of 25th Sept.?The splendid fist sailing packet if# iltfi 'iif CASPIAN. ('apt.8. 11. Patten, sails jnisitively as above. 1 lie accommodations of this ship for cabin, socond cabin and steerage passengers are such as cannot fail to secure every comfort to passengers during the voyage, and the price of passage is very low; fur which immediate application should lie made on board, at pier 11 Kast River, loot of Jones lane, or to W. St J. T. TAPSCOTT, 43 Peel: slip, corner South street. Who have also regular first class packets sailing as usual 'o Mobile, Savannah and Charleston, every week, througtioii' the season. Passage as usual at the very lowest rates. sl9r FOR NEW ORLKAN8?Louisiana aniFNew York Line?To sucreed the Arkansas?The fast sailjSdfcMMi'ig packet shin MISS1SSI I'l'l, < aptain Hillard, w ill s.iil as above. For freight or pas age, having handsome furnished accommodations, apply ou board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall tlreet, or lo E. K. COLLINS fa CO, 5fi South street. Agents iu New Orleans, llullen fa Woodruff, who will promptly forward all |oodi to their address. slOr FOR SALE?The well known coppered and cop |HS*Wi>er fastened ship SYLVAN LIS JENKINS, Se> innur, i r, 1111: f I. :i >ad register '17 tons, carries lbs. of cotton from Mobile, was built in this city by James Morgan for Samuel Ilicks fa Co. under the inspection of Josilh Maey?her apron transom and top timbers of live oak and locust?has stauding and running rigging iu good order?had uew musts four years ago?is well adapted for a whaler, having a flue roomy deck. Lies at Dover street wharf Iler inventory can be seen at 51 William street. For terms, apply to s'i 1 m* r JONATHAN OODEN St CO. 51 William st. M FOR SALE OR TO KENT The PREMIUM MILLS, wilh 11 or 15 run of stones, willi all of iIs extensive machinery, situated near two miles from New Hocnelle. Westchestercounty, anil State of New York, and in immediate proximity to the city of New York, now iu order for all extensive business ill llour, and can grind ami pack PHI to 150 barrels each day, or could be most advantageously employed for any other purpose which might require extensive waler power. I'lie reputation for the past 35 years enjoyed by the Premium Mills, and their proximity to New York, with the facility of transportation afforded immediately adjacent, by way ol the navigation direct to the Mills from any port, render the facilities for business unexceptionable to those ilexirinir an establishment. Apply to lli.NKV PARTltlDGpj KELLOUG, K?]. New Hochelle, N. V., KclloifKsville, or to SI I. AS WOOD, Es>). 49 iiroad street, Isew York. New Rochelle, August 211, 1HI3. s20 lw*rc ?ri>. TO LKT?The rear part of the store. No. 218 Broadway, umler the American Museum, ?i/.eof the room .tiiML about 50 by "5 feet; entrance through the hall adjoining; or a seiiarute entrance can be had from Broadway, next to tlie bank. W ing one of the most central situations in the city, and well located for a billiard room, or almost any other business.? Possession can be had immediately. Enquire on the premises, of L. BUSHNELL. s7 2w?ec M MONTGOMERY HALL, MONTUOiMEKV, ALA.?The proprietors ol'this estahlishment, so favorably known to the travelling public on the great thoroughfare between Charleston and Mobile, are determined to maintain the high reputation for comfort and liberality of arrangement which it has so long, and they trust, not uudeservedly eojo> ed. The buildings, which are very spacious and conveniently arranged, have been thoroughly repaired, and the bed rooms both double and single, have been refurnished with uew beds and bedding, also, with every necessary article for comfort and convenience. The parlors, both public and private, are large, airv, and elegantly furnished. These facilities with carelul ami attentive servants, a cellar well stocked with choice old wines, a table supplied with every luxury that the season ami market can afford, and the firm determination of the proprietors to omit nothiof that will tend to the satisfaction of their guests, will, they trust, ensure them the favorable mention of the travelling public. An omnibus will, at all times, lie in readiness to convey passengers from the Railroad and Steamboats to the house, free of charge. Montgomery, June 7, 1843. W. T1LLEY &. OO. au 'O Cm r 1 ^ HATS?FALL FASHION'S, 1043.?The subscriber improves the occasion presented by the fall change iu the fashion of hat?, to invite bis friends, customers and the public iu general, to his Establishments, No. 130 < Intham street, and 94 Canal, corner of Wooster streets, where he offers for sale and ins|H-ction a large and elegant assortment of Hats and Caps, at extremely low prices. He particularly invites their attention to his line Nutria Kur Hats, at warranted water Proof, and to retain their color and shape lie would also call tneir atten tiou to his short liapt Silk Hats, at $2 2.'i and $2 40. Also, his superfine Moleskin Hats, at the low pripe of $3. The abovementioned Hats are neat and durable, and >u compare advantageously with bats sold in this city at $3 am. Si. HE Nil V BANTA, No. 130 Chatham St., and 91 < anal, cor. Wooster st. s2 5w(Iwis)*m ?fL_ FOR SALE?A pair of bright bay CARRIAGE /MtOll01l8hS, 16 to 17 hands high, warranted only five al^?^?nid six years old, sound in all respects, kind in single and double harness and under the saddle, and of su| erior le and action, belonging to a private gentleman in the coun , and are worthy of the attention of any one desirioi; a good r of horses. They may be seen for five or six days, on appli >a'i''lw *rc TATTERSALI.'S, Broadway, N. Y. TWENTY DOLLARS REWARD.; Stolen e" 'he pasture of the siibsrr'ber, on the night of the L \ A^>_l7th inst. a w bite faced sorrel Mare, full mane and tail, limn nearly white?no shoes on her hind feet when stolen. WMCTH will return saiil Mare to the subscriber, or give information where she may be fouud, shall receive the above reward ?2(> 3t? JOHN D1TMARS, Flatland. L. 1. Ml)' fGS FOR SALE?One thorough tired American Setter. Also, a beautiful high bred English Setter. .1 uit imported, both well broke. May be seen at any ie stable iu St. John's lane, in the rear, and adjoining St. John'a Church. s2N3t*m ~ PARIS BOOTS ANL) LASTS MAI)K iO ORDER, By E. H U S K Ji, 175 Hro'i/iway, (Basement.) One door from Conrtlandt street. E SUSc.R, Bootmaker, and M iker of Lasts, an Five"' of ( lerce of P.uis, begs leave to inform his friends and all the amateur* of a geutleminly " chaussure," hat he can now make, iu New Vork, with the beat French materials, all that is so perfectly made in Paris by his master, the celebrated Bootmaker Clerce, whose numerous customers on this side of the Atlantic are respectfully invited to try Suser's Boots and Lasts, before they despair of being " chaussea" iu New York, after the nicest latest Paris fashion. Also, the genuine Paris Jet Black Varnish sold. ?17 lm*ec 4L, t BOOT AND SHOE STORK. JOHN READY respectfully informs his friends ind the public, that he has commenced business in the above line, at No. 99 Nassau street, w here he will thankfully receive md faithfully execute, all orders h? may be favored with on the nest re-unuanle terms for csah> jv#tr 8AVE YOUR MONEY! FALL AND WINTER BOOTS, 75 i-er rent cheaper than at any other establishment in tne city. 1 all, examine, and be convinced of the facta, that you can get the very best quality of boots, with everlasting patent soles on, made to your orders at the very low price of five dollars and fifty cents per pair ; the same quality of boots are selling at other establishments at from $7 50 to $H. Call at CUBBKRLI.V & MICKELL. s!2 lm?in 127 William at.. N. Y. Vf B. SAN FORD (CASH TAILORING STORK.) 127 Ful ton St., has just opened an entirely new and splendid assortment of English and Wrench Cloths, Cassimeres, and Vestings. which for beaut;*, eleirance, and durability, cannot be surpassed in this city, being bought for cash. He will sell to all his friends and customers 25 |>er cent cheaper than those who do not ulliere (o the cash principles. Strangers and others who are visiting our city, are res|**rtfullv invited to call and examine his rich assortment of goods, all of which he pledges himself to make in a stvle and lashion which shall please the moat fastidious, as regards good cutting, workmanship, and prices. He would also inform his customers that he has a new and entire usortment of gentlemen*' outfitting of every description, consisting of storks, scarfs, collars, bosoms, shirts, drawers, suspenders, silk and linen cambric handkerchiefs, gloves and hoo?ry of all kinds. N. B. Punctuality observed strictly in filling all orders. M. B. SANFORD, *0 lm*r Next to the Herald Office, New York. DEPOT OK GENTLEMEN'S FANCY DRESS ARTICLES. READY MADE Ll.NENS,UNDER GARMENTS, de Ur. 'PHE Subscriber would call the attention of their patrons and * strangers visiting this city, to uieir ricn nun fnimiiir .?inrtnicni of stocks, scarfs, cravats, gloves, sus|>eiiders, |K>ek?t nidkerr hitfa, drr ?in|t gowns, hosiery, lambs wool, merino, ulk, cotton, Berlin, bucTtskin vid other under shirts and drnw ri Their assortment oftheabove goods, and nil other articles ippertaiiung to * gentleman's wardrobe :ire rich, varied, mid kteusivc, and will worthy the attention of the fashionable community, they would particularly recommend their new ityle of gentlemen's shirts. x containing m .ny improvements, tim shirts at present manufactured hy tnein, are cut to unit the form of the wearer, thereby doing away with the Urge ifverplita of linen used under the old system of catting, and adding not Only to cite comfort of tiie weiirer, but to tlie beauty of the form. Thin improvement wa? 30 manifest to the Judges of the late fair at the American Institute, that the first premium was (warded to the subscribers; their patcntelastic Hraee is particularly recommended to all persons who have acquired the habit of stooping. They w ill be found of immense benefit to persons if sedentary habits, by bracing the shoulders, they strengthen r.lie b ick, and expand the cheat, and will lie found of no impediment to the tree use o I the. arms. Tliey would also call attention to their patent elastic Hussia or riding belt. Gentlemen may depend on being suited with 'he but and moat fashionable articles, by calling at the old establishment ot PAHSKLLH Sc AOATK, an 20 lm*ec. M7 Broadway, comer of I'arli plaee. ON CHANGE AGAIN?RETURN TO THE OLD . , STAND. Pll K undersigned, after a seven years'experience of theevil *- eflerts resulting from large stores and larger rents, is happy to inform his numerous customers and the community generaly, that lie has elfecteu (thanks to a conscientious landlord) a leas, of of Ins old stand. No. 4, (formerly .'>) Wall street, Mortlmer Ititilmugs, corner ot New atreit, and for many years ceW'^ed by his well known Hit JN OK THE GOLDEN .v , v**'" ',PRCon who si* in quest of good cheap tuid I miioiianlf* Krtrmeufv To such of his old patrona who may liave lost sight of him during lua wandering;, he invites their return to the Old Spot, With tie nssurnnce of a strict ad he ranee to his well established lame f<1r skill and punctuality. Of the public generally he solicits a c til, being prepared with an assortment of tine and seasonable cloths, c issimers, vesting*, He. Sic., which he will be hippy to innke up iu the most faithful manner, and on reasonable charges, for ( ash Only. Tim same care and attention bellowed Oil making and trimming, as when the cloth is purchased of him. <1. B- Habcock continues in the cutting department. CHARLES f'-OX, sll lmr _ Sign of the Golden Kle-ee, No. I Wall at. It' K ? It E?ICE.- '? im tons of pure lake Ice of the brat una illy. l III- iiigiimiiii .. iur ping, i-t prepirrd to, and will ??ll, by tn? , Miu mailtr imtntitiit, chmprr thiui can Im nbtained fmin any othfr ?ourcr, ami paekfil m llif Iw-at manner, to K<> to *ny part of the world.? A mpply ol'thi' bi?lapprov?d par kiuif always on hand. JOHN M. LVON, ?I0 lm*r so Divuiuii itreet W YO YOKK, THURSDAY MO I FOR S/Yl,h. ATC. H. DARLING'S, 74>i Maiden lauc aud 5 Liberty I street, tli<" cheapest aud best selected stock of KKHNCtl, KNULISH ?c GERMAN KANCY GOODS, | Consisting of Needles, Comb*, Cutlery, Pins. Brushes, Jewelry, Hooks and Eyes, Perfumery, Steel Pens, Plated Thimbles, Razors, stroi*, 8cc. Willi all oilier articles included ill tlie above line. | C. H. D. would state for the benefit of Country Merchants, Pedlars and others, who may (ile.uie to call, that all coods iu the ! above liue will be sold ?u the most favorable terms. au24 lm*r TO PERSONS WISHING TO KNOAOE THEMSELVES IN T1IE DAGUKRRKOTVPE BUSINESS. li1 A. ARTAULT, 2:ii Broadway, 3d story front room, oi>A imRifH th?* I'arU i?*o#rrfii II v informs rh*> ! tints that, intending to go to France in a lew mouths, iic wishes to n il, at very low prices, (lower than prime cost), | 1000 French Dagucrrcotyi** plates, No. 30 and 10, (j,Lt niches by R}* inches. 8 largest apparatus complete, lixed with chromatic lenses of ifi inches diameter, for full size portraits (large plates anil hall'plates. 20 complete apparatus for quarter plates and medium size, (i chromatic lenses, i)i inches diameter. 12 cltfumatic lenses 3 inches diameter. 200 ounces of chloride of iodine. 200 ounces pure cromine. SO pounds hvdrosulphate of soda. 100 grams chloride of ({old. 60 bottles of a new preparation made by M. Lmebours, for tfildniK the pictures. 200 bottles French Tripoli. M bottles rouge. 50 bottles iodine. Ami a quantity of boxes, stands, and materials suitable lor the Daguerreotype. The greatest ptrt of these Roods arrived by the latest vessels, ami are warranted to lie pure and of the best quality. Also?A newr supply of frames, morocco cases, and a splendid Diorama, with 21 views, made iu I'aiis by M. Daguerre.and very costly. p r~ I'lcase to call at 235 Broadway, 3d story and front room. K11 IIIIT EDM. C. COAT ICS avails himself of the pUsims of inform* iiiK the Ladies ajul Gentlemen of New Vork and its vicinities, that he continues to I'aint Likenesses at the shortest notice, both Portraits and Miniatures. Those who w ill favor him with their patrouaue, are invited to call aud see his specimens of tiie same, at his residence, 387 Broadway, between white aud Walker streets. N. B. Mr. C. also continues to give private lessons to gentlemen. Lxdiea in classes Wednesday and Saturday afternoons. AUo, Laudscapeb painted to order, from the smallest to the largest ?i/.e. Those who wish to make it their profession, can be |ierfee.ied iu all the above branches, by applying as above. Daguerreotype likenesses correctly copied iu water colors in 24 hours, anlS lm'ec YLOOKAPHIC I'Kl'.ss ^ QBNERAL JOB PIUNT. ING OFFICE, 5ti Gold street, near Fulton.?The subscribers inform Druggists, Perfumers, Manufacturers, Grocers, and others, that they have (the present season) made extensive additions to their assortment of Xylographic Labels, to which j mTriiinK r rucil, 1'ressillK UOWM, ?C A choice collection ot Silk ?.nd Satin Scarfs, Cravats, Handkerchiefs, Moves, Ruimdm, Hosiery, Under Shirt*, Drawers, Muslin Shirts, Collars, bp. At prices which mint offer inducement* to purchaser* jy24 Jm*?c CHKAP CASH TAILORING KSTABLI8HMENT, 301 Pearl, late 10!! Beektnnn street. rPHK "itbsenber, well known fur the cheapness end durability < ol ln\ work, desires to inform Ins patrons and the public thai hi i< now, to smt (he mini tendency of the tiivwa, making garments ol the very lies; ijuality, at a reduction of 20 per cent from former prices, and less, it i* hvlieved, by 20 per i - nt, than garments of the same quality are made by the cheap houses in this city. In order that K*ntlemen may understand what is meant by cheapness, the follow in* hill of prices is submitted to their cnnside ation, v.ith a guaraniee that tb- woods shall be of the first rate quality, and tin- lit unexcritioiiable Superline West of KiikIuiiI Cloth Coats, 812 lo 10 I'auts of black or fancy double milled Cat*., 5 to 7 Veils, of Silk, Satin, lie. ' Making ?''.d trimming, in the best style, at ihe following pric-s Coats, SfiV^ to II Pants and Vests, I,'* lo All orders executed with punctuality and despatch. JOHN MOFFAT. As the season is advanced, the present stock of summer goods Will be sold low. *19 lm*r IMPORTANT TO 8TRANUF.R8?IK) Broadway-To so* cure a line head ol luxuriant Hair, a proof of thousands of signatures, by persons of high standing, can be had Vegetaiile r.Kiriri 01 .lampoons, lor eradicating I'amlrntt, preventing the hair Omn falling ou? or turning gray, secured hy inif applic atiou by I*. Mae*, who is tin' ?olo proprietor in the Union, IH9 Uroadw ir, ami sold in bottlet with directions. NOTICE.?No intimation of the kind will ever sumass the Jampoony. Approved by tin' Faculty of Medicine in raris. " Entered according to act of Congress, A. D. 1811, by P. Maes, in the Clerk's Office, in the Southern District of New York." I IIINESE CREAM.?1Thi? excellent article in mod after the ..pplication of the Jampoonjr. Tin- great excellence of the ( hincic Cream will he fonnd to consist in feeding the hair, supplying those pro|ierties to it upon which depends its luiuriance, healthiness and richness of an*."* nee. These articles can be obtained only in New York ol I*. MAKS, 180 Broad* Wjy. Private rooms for ladies. Also?IV MAES' \VIO MANUKAC1ORY?New imitttioti of the skill light summer wigs, and others, at a great reduced price, and of the best, made to order, wholesale anil retail, for country merchants. sIB Rt?r 0A8H HARDWARE IMPOHTKH OK MAHI)WAKK AWcfc'TLERY, No. 210 (iwnwich, conirr llirrlay street, IS NOW OI'KNINO * complete Maortment of Roodi in bin line. which Kc nlfcn at whole.ile or retail on th* low'eat trrim that th?y cab be pnrchaafd at in thia city Agi'iit for Coopera' (ilue. Country merchant* will pleaae uror him with a call previous to m,i k inn piirch-me* awln I in* r B1I.1.IAKI) CLOTHS?Jn?t received. for mI* by the piece or yard, by 20 3ti>*r WM. M. TITUS, SO Braver at. , RK E RNING. SEPTEMBER 2 BEACON COUHSE-TROTTIMO. ,31. j u?ey nuuiu irsnt-iuiuuy r til meir iiuenilOll, ueing Uie largest | and most splendid assortment ever published in this country or in Europe. < oiuanMrsm iuritMto fiiamintomMaortinent before purchasing* Xylogranhic Kugraving.?New designs and plates, suitable for all kinds of business, executed in the first style of the art, and Printed in bronze,variegated. plain and fancy colors. Jolt Printing.?Their office is also supplied with every variety of type necessary for the execution of every description of Fancy Job Printing. ( hecks. Notett BHlheadt, CirctiHtrs, Bilu La* ding, ll.tudhills, and all kinds of mercantile printing, executed on tcasonauie icrins. r.ncn ( .tnl Press.?This machine is particularly adapted to the]>riuLiiiKoT Cards, which it extent s with great facility and beauty: one person being able to print a pack ol tliebeot*?iiiatlled cards in two minutes, with fine ! Superior polished surface Cards (manufactured expressly for this establishment) furnished aud printed at the following prices UK) Cards for SO cents 530 Cards for $1 2'i 200 " ' 75 " 1,000 " " 2 00 300 " "$100 " 2,000 " " 3 50 Common Cards at less prices. BitOVVNSON & CO.. ?13 3w*r 56 Gold street, near Hilton. J10A T1UYS TAI'.LK GUI'LhKY, &e. AW. SPIES Si CO, 210 Pearl street am now o]iening six casks of new and elegant patterns of Tea Trays, embracing every variety of quality, color and sixes, Iroin eight to thirty inches. Also, 200 gross Ivory self tip and Stag handle Knives and Forks. Also, one case new patterns Crooker's line Pen Kuires. sl'J lm*rc TO triJNSvllTH.s and Dii/vLKl'is IN guns. Ofin DOUBLK BARItKL GUNS, assorted, from common (o |i?e 400 single barrel Guns. assorted, from common to fine 20110 pairs of Pistol's, selling below the cost of importation 500 Hitles, selling do do of manufacture 200 Muskwts do do do do Gun Lock Limbs in every slate of finish Tools and Materials for making Guns Guu Locks, Percussion Caps, Powder Flasks and Ilorns, Shot Halts and Pouches, Game Bags, Dog Collars aud Chains, 8tc. Stc.?for sale by a. W. SPIF.8 St CO. who are constantly receiving from the foreign manufacturer ivgular supplies of every article inquired Jl'or by the gunsmith or sportsman. sl9 lm?ec TO TIIK l.ADIKS. RINGLETS, KINK AM) VV1KK CURLS, BRAIDS, IV Krizettes. Plain Bauds, Bows, llead Dresses, Net Caps, Shell Combs, and other Ornaments suitable for decorating La dies' Heads. M. LARUE, Manufacturer and IVIwltnalc Dcultr, 169 Canal, corner of V?Tick, have now on hand a large, new and splendid assortment of the above articles, which they are selling at greatly reduced prices. They are of the latest fashions, and are manufactured ill a superior manner, in their new and peculiar style, imparting a beautiful rich lustre to the hair, and a durability to the curl, unattaiued by any other manufacturer. Old Curls altered to any patteru. aud made to look like new, at a trilling exjiense. A liberal allowance made to retailers. sl9 lin*r I'U KC.?LA IV lj Kj;\lr, tlie celeUraled lus-l cm Hat Manufacturer, moat respectfully utfonnt hi* kind friends ami patrons that Ik- lias associated himself with Air. J<is?l>li Lyou, (late from Paris) and have established themselves at No. 37 John strict, (under the firm of Lyon 4t King) where they have a most splendid assortment of Paris Millinery Articles, suitable for tlx- ensuing season. The above stock consists of an elegant assortment of Tuscan and Straw Hats, rich Silk Velvets, rich Velvet Kibbons, Lutestring and Satin Uibbons.all fill colors?French Flowers, Feathers; an entire new style of Silks, and every other article in the Milinery line. .Messrs. L. it K. would also state that the above Roods have been purchased for ca>h (direct from the manufacturers) and will be sold at a small advance on cost to those who may be pleased to favor them with a calll. al6 lm*r LVON h KINO, 37 John st., N. Y, GKNTLKMEN'sTlKFT Oh F WARDROBE?( fen tiemen or families desirous of converting their lett off wearing apparel into cash, cun obtain for the same the highest cash tin cp. To families and gentlemen quitting the city,or changing residence, having any superfluous effects to dispose of, will liud it much :o their advantage to send for the subscriber, who will attend them it tUeir residence by appointment. 11. LEVETT, No. 6 John st, New V ork. A line through the post office, or otherwise, will receive prompt attention. Clothiim cleaned, altered and repaired. an 17 lmr JAMES LACJT, DRAPER AND TAILOR,62 John street, near William, continues to make up Gentlemen's garments of sn-perior workmanship, and in the most fashionable style, at his usual low prices. Gentlemen in want of new and fashionable cloth ing, should call and examine his select stock of goads before purchasing elsewhere. Atrial will be sufficient to convince the most economical, that for beauty of fit, style of workmanship, and at such eitraordinary low prices, this establishment cannot be surpassed by any in the city. tO" Gentlemen furnishing their own goods can have them made and trimmed?a perfect fit warranted or the price of the goods returned. au24 lmr TERMS CASH. WM. T. JENNINGS ic CO. l~kR.AFF.HS ANl) TAILOKS, 231 Broadway, American Ls Hotel, opposite the Fountain, solicit attention to an assortment of reasonable goods, including Cloths, Cassimeres, Vestiugs, Sic., in all the new and v irion^ styles, under the assurance that the system of " small profit* and ipuck returns," wliich has elicited so liberal a patronage, will be continued, while our artiu^eineiits are such aj will pualile us to lill ill orders in future with promptness. A feature iu the establishment, which must commend it to those requiring articles for immediate use, is the addition to our stock, of an assortment of first quality ready made (Jarmenu, consisting of Surtouts, Frocks, l)ress Coats, Pantaloons, \ est*. ^ Office Coats, MONDAY, September23tU?Purse ^500?Three milt- licit* in hunnii wjtit an iusiiV stake of $260?half forfeit. II. \V oodrjff names ti. g. Dntchmui. Ufo. Soicer names I), g. Americ as. Win. YVheelan names b. g. llipton. *17 flt#ec ASTOK HOUSE; rTMIE subscribers will be happy to arrange with families and A singlegentlemen for [lie winter ; also with parties of single gentlemen, who may prefer a private table, mi reasonable terms. siMoctl COLKMAN k STETSON I \i:t.T( IN 11(11 SK. THE SUBSCRIBERS are prepared to make arrangements with families and kiii?I<- gentlemen fur the winter or by the year, upon reasonable terms. The prices of this establishment are the same as heretofore, viz: $1 50 per day. BENSON & HODGES. s3 lm*r B ELR10NT HOUSE-NEW BRIGHTON. f* EORGE PEIIIISS, in returning his grateful acknowledge metits to the numerous ladies and gentlemen who favored the above establishment daring the put seisou, begs to announce that he has made every suitable arrangement lor the winter, to accommodate families and single boarders. The dining-rooms and dormitories will he found comfortably and elegantly.furnished. The table will be supplied with the choicest provisions, and the wines will be found equal to any. The proximity of Belmont House to the city, with excellent steamboats plying at stipulated hours, the well known attention of the host and civility of the attendants, combined with the location, being within a step or tin* landing-pl >ce, renders this establishment the most social and convenient in the Union. Terms will be found exceedingly moderate. [Cy" Good stabling and coach houses attached to the pre I ruses. slti tl'r OTICE T<> KllENt jI, A.MEIUCAN AM) OTI1ER CITIZENS.?UNION HOTEL, No. 10 Hector street, corner of Greenwich street.?P. Delamotte has the honor to nform his friends and the public generally, that the partnership heretofore existing between the advertiser and J. Bonnard, has been dissolved by mutual consent, and that he has reopened his old establishment, situate as above, which has been occupied by him for the past live years. The Union Hotel has been thoroughly repaired and renovated, and now contains as complete and comfortable sitting and lodging rooms as CM be found in the city. The cooking department is conducted a la Kraucaise, and most amply supplied, without regard to cost, and the prices charged to guests are in conformity with the times. An excellent Fable d ilute is ready every day at 3 o'clock,for which the moderate price of 31 cents only is charfled. The advertiser hopes that his past exertions and present desire to give satisfaction, will insure liiin the patronage of his fellow countrymen, and of all gentlemen who may wish to obtain capital fare and accommodation, at the least possible expellee, si lm*ec WHO CAN MISTAKE A WIG, however artfully prepared, for the natural and living growth of tin- hair ? There is a dull, dead look, an artific ial stiffness about the r..;, r.iri.i.ia .? i........ .i,.... e... .i I article. And yet in nineteen cases out of twenty, for one tenth of the money that a Wig costs, tlie bald scalp may be nude to brill# forth its own .coveting, instead of being beholden to any thatcher of skulls for a second hand adornment. The venial showers arc not more conducive to vegetation than is Jayue's Hair Tonic to the growth of the Hair. If sickness, or sorrow, or any other cause, has shorn your brow of its c'estering curls, and thinned the once redundant side locks which burst in such h iance from beneath your fashionable beaver. Jayw i liau Tonic will j,ive life a?id vigor to the roots whicli still remain, and in an incredibly short space of time restore your Hyperion Curls in nil their pristine beauty. Those who have been for years unsuccessful fin endeavoring to cultivate whiskers and moustaches, will find this preparation the true Klixii Vitac. \rr- Sold by A. 15. & D. SANDS, Druggists, at wholesale anu retail, No. 71) Fulton street) 273 Broadway, and 77 Kast Broadway* sl6 9w*r BY THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. TN pursuance of law, I, JOHN TYLKR, President of the A United States of America, do hereby declare and make known, that public sales w ill beheld at the undermentioned Laud Offices, iu the Territory of Iowa, at the periods hcreinafU r designated. t?? \\ it At the Land Office, at l)u 13u<iue, commencing on Monday, the sixteenth day of October next, for the disposal of the public lauds withiu the limits of the undermentioned township, viz:? North of the base line, and Kast of the fifth principal meridian. Townships eighty-two and eighty-three, of range one. Townships eighty-one, eighty-two and eighty-three, of range two Townships eighty-one, eighty-two and si^hty-three, of range (!.; I . Townships eighty-three, of range five. An island in the Mississippi river, containing thirty-one 80forming parts pi sections thirty-four and win fivi in township seventy-eight, of ramce three. North of the hose line, and West of the fifth principal meridian Townships eighty-two and eighty-three, of range one. At the Land Office at Fairfield, commencing, on Monday, the second ?i ?v nt' (October next, i ?i the aisposal oT ii"' pablic lands hereinafter designated, viz :? North of the base line, and West of the fifth priucipal meridian. Township *?>veiit>*-*ix, of ran^e nine. An island in the Mississippi river, forming pasts of t?ertton* seventeen, eighteen, and nineteen, in township sixty-eight, of range two, and parts of sections thirteen and twenty-lour, of township sixty-ei^ht, of range three. Two small islatsris in the Al ississippi river, forming part of section six, in township seveutv, of range one, and parts of sections one and twelve, in township seventy, of range two. An island iu the Mississippi river, forming parts of sections fifteen, sixteen, twenty-one and twenty-two, except that portion of the island within the limits of sections sixteen, and two islands in tin* same river, one of them forming a portion of sections twenty-two, twenty-six and twenty-seven, and the other parts of sections twenty-two and twenty-seven?all iu township seventv-four, of range two. Three islands in the Mississippi river, forming parts of sections twenty-one, twenty-two, twenty-seven, twenty-eight, tweuty-nine and thirty-two, in township seventy-one, of rant; one. Huron Island, and six small islands in the Mississippi river, forming parts of sections three, nine, ten, fifteen, sixteen, twenty-one, twenty-two, twenty-three, twenty-six, twenty-seven, and thirty-lour, except so much of Huron Islands as lies ithiu the limits of section sixteen, iu township seventy-two, of range one. An island in the Mississippi river, forming part of section three, in township seventy-two, of range one, ami part of section thirty-lour, in township seventy-three, of range, one. An island iu the Mississippi ri*ert forming parts of section twenty-two, twenty-seven anu thirty-four, iu township seventythita, of rang# oat. Four islands in the Mississippi river, forming parts of sections twenty-eight to thirty-five, inclusive, in township seventy-** veil, of range one. Lands appropriated by law. for the use of schools, military, or other purposes, will t>e excluded from sale. The sales w ill each U? kept 01*11 for two weeks, (unless the lauds are soon disposed of.) and no longer \ and 110 private entries of land, in the township so offered, will be admitted, until after the expiration of the two weeks. Given under my hand, at the City of Washington, this eighth day of June, Anno Domini, 1813. JOHN TVLKR. By the President: TIIO. H. BLAKK, Commissioner of the General Land Office. NOTICK TO PUK-KMPTION CLAIMANTS. Kvery person entitled to the right of pre-emption to any lands w ithin the limits of the townships above enumerated, is required to establish the s line to the satisfaction of the Register and Receiver of the pro|?er Laud Office, and make payment therefor, as ks practicable ifter seeing this notice, uad before the day appointed for the commencement of the public sale of the townsnip embracing the tract claimed, above designated, otherwise such claim w ill be forfeited. THO. II. IJLAKK, Commissioner of the General Land Office. je20 ltaw to 20ct r 15Y 11 IK. ritfcSlUbiN 1 Ul< 111L. UA111!?u STATES. IN Pursuance of law, I, JOHN TYLER. President of the J United States of America. do hereby declare and inake known, that public sales will be held at the undermentioned land offices in the Territory of Wisconsan, at the periods herein,ii't. r designated, to w it At the land olRce st Mineral Point, commencing on Monday, the twcuty-third day of October next, lor the disposal of thi public lands within the undermentioned townships and fractional townships, * iz :? North of the line, and YVest of the fourth principal 'meri.... dian. Township eight, of ranire five. North o< the hase line, and east of the fourth principal meridian, and North of the Wisconsin river. rractional townships eight and nine, of range one. Fractional township eight, including parts of islands in ser lions eleven, twelve, thirteen, and fourteen, and townships nine of range two. Fractional township elfcht, including parts of islands in section eighteen, of range three. Fractional township eight, of range four. Fractional township eight, including the island in suction nine, and township nine, of range five. Fractional townships nine ami ten, of range si*. Fractional townships nine, ten, and eleven, of range seven. Fractional townships eleven, of range eight. < Bay, commencing on Monday, the second day of I letober neit, for the disposal .?f the public lands within the I'liderinentiow d townships, to wit !? North of the has" line, and East of the fourth principal meridian. Fractional township eleven, including the island, oj he north fide of Wiskonsau river, of ranee nine. >Jk-7,a Sections lour, liie, sis, seven, eight, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty, twenty-eight, twenty-nine, thirty, thirty-one, thirty-two mil thirty-three, l> ing west of the Winnebago lake and I s river, i'l township twenty, of range semi teen. At the l.antl Imice at >| nw inkle> cotnin ncmx on Miuiiny, the sixteenth day "I October next, lor tin- dispos il of the |>ublio lands hereinafter daiinalnl, tir. North of lli' bane line, and Mst of the fourth principal meridian. Township ten, "f range ten. The weft half of the southwest quarter of aectiou throe, in townsWip tw, of rantte nineteen. The east half of section twenty-fix, in township ten, of rang* twenty-one. The lot uumlier five of the southwest fractional quarter of retion nine, in township three, of ranue twenty-three. The southeast fractional quarter of section Jninetcen/hnd the lots one and two, or northeast fractional qnarter of section thirty, in township two, of ranue twenty-three. Lands appropriated by law, for the use of schools, military, or other purposes, will lie excluded from sale. The sales will each be kept open for two weeks (unless the lands are sooner disposed of), and no Ionicer; and no private entries of land, in the townships so offered, w ill be admitted, until after the expiration of the two weeks. Given under my hand at the < ity of WashiiiKton, tins 8th das of June, Anno Domini, 1811. JOHN TYLER. By ihe President, THUS. II. BLAKE, Commissioner of the Oeneral Land Office. NOTICE TO PRE-EMPTION CLAIMANT*. Everj person entitled to the riijht of pre-emption to my lands within the limits of the towmnips above enumerated, is required to establish the same to the satisfaction of the Register and Receiver of the propi'r Land Otfice, and make payment thetvfor, as toon as practicable after seein* this notice, and before the day appointed lor the commencement of the public sale of the township embracing the tract claimed, above designated; otherwise such claim will lie forfeited. TIIOS II. BLAKE, Commissioner of the (ieneral Land Officii jji ltaw to flOctj^ ______________________ CKIT r?l.> Ul.'C K.VW bolts of American Estra Pilot Duck, ' Nos I and I. Kor sale by E. K. COLLINS 8t CO., fl3*>! >... ? . 46 South *lnct; ' [ERA I, 1843. ( t'lHTHl Mt'NMlOlia. Before Recorder Tullmadge him Aldermen Martin and Dunning. Johah B. Piiili.ips, E?<p,acting as District Attorney. widi*k?d*v, Sept. 19?(fraud Latcmy?John Luke, a boy flgt'd 10 year*, whs trieii on a charge of ri and larceny, for huving stolen tl<i.r> from hU employ er,Norm?n Cooke, ol MJ Bowery, on the 28'h of May, 1S42 He was impleaded with Kit/.Simmons,who was convicted Im the samtoifence soon after he was committed. Officer Baker, who arrested him, testified that he coulcssultu th'1 theft, anil also stated that he hail spunt the inniu y. The following letter found in the pocket* of the ac ciik?.I when hiiivni nrrestiil pniifrssiiiir (tin u uu read to the jury : ? " Philadelphia, August 31. " Dkak Father :? " Dear Sir I left New YorV about two months ago. You ol course know why 1 left Now Votk. I wai sick fop one week before I left. I. could not work, because I wus so unwell, ami when 1 went hack to Mr. Cook'*, hu told me that I should not work there;that I must go some where r-l?e. As I was angry with liim ever since hu put me in the Tombs, I did not care w hat I done; 1 weut ott very sudden to his great mortication, because you know very well that 1 could not go without money, id I took a little to hear my expenses. I was agoing to Albany the nc*t morning, but when I got to the boat I saw Crawley, so 1 thought that 1 would go to Philadelphia. Well, I am hern yet, but I am a going to give Mr. C ok his money back, os I expect to make some money before long, and then I shall no to New York and take the money that I took from Mr. Cook bick again. lam well at present, and hoping you are the same, business is very dull at present. " Vours.respectlully, " JOHN LAKE." For defence, a number of witnesses, relatives ol the accused, were called, who said that the character ol thu boy wus good. Win. Johnson was called by prosecutiou, who siid the character ol accused lor honesty was bad. Hie Jury, niter a short absence, returned a verdict ol. guilty, and recommended him to the mercy ol the Courtl He was then sentenced to tho state prison lor the term o two years. Trial of James Holdgate.?Thii man, who it will heromembered so strongly resembled Redmond, of the United States Hotel, that the latter was near being convictcd, in 18*8, oi torging a check for $5000 on the Union Dank, ol which the former was guilty, and afterwards convicted and sentenced, was tried lor burglary in the Hist degree, in entering the store, and dwelling house ol John Buchanan, ili3 William street, oil Sunday,the -j 1st ol last May, and stealing in bank b lis and coin. The loss of th property being testified to by the complainant, Mrs. ELza Sheridan, who resides next door to the store that was entered stated that she saw the accused come out of tho store oa the afternoon of tho day the burglary was committed, between the hours of three and si* o'clock For the defence, Lewis Barnard was called?He testified that hu was a printer, and boarded at Jersey City; that on the Sunday in question he saw Holdgate at Jersey Citv, at about -J o'clock, and that he remained there until 8 o'clock ol that day. Henry Reynolds, keeper of u tavern ami waling house at 158 Maiden lane, also testified that he was ut Jersey City that day, and saw Holdgate there from :i o'clock to ti iu the evening. On cross.examina'ion he stated that Holdgate had hei n at his house, in this city, severul times, but hud never been there at night, or brought any bundle* there. The jury, alter an absence of an hour, wpre discharged, not bein? able !o agree. They stood 10 for conviction and 2 for acquittal. Tin; Case of Stubbing.?The ease of E<wna IUchatdson and Joh" Wallace, lor assault and battery, with intent to kill De Witt C Baker, having been called for the twentieth time, and the compl linant not appearing, the Court, with the consent of the District Attorney, ordered a nolle prosequi to be entered, nud tl>? complainants, who have been regularly in attendance, to bo discharged. The Grand Jury came into court and made the following presentment " The Ornnd Jury of the county, in closing their duties, beg leave to submit to the Court a few remarks. " During the term, they have visited the prison depart ment of the Halls of Justice, and found it in general good condition, excepting that part where witnesses, who are unable to give security for their appearance, sre confined. This part of the prison was dirty, and wanting in necessary cornier.'. " The Grand J'iry room is ill adapted for the purposes of business, paorly ventilated, exposed to the. full action of the sun two thirds ol the day, ?nd so near a frequented street,thlt at times it is impossible to hear witnesses. It is to be hoped that some measures mny be tnkon to remedy this cause of complaint. " Anonymous commuiiicatiors making complaints have been sent into the Grand Jury, the writers ot which could not have thought Ot he impropriety and inutility of send ing, or they would not have done so, as anonymous communications generally evince a want,of manliness or a distrust in the power of tu? law lor protection " The Grand Jury have hud nuny complaints before them as to the riotous and disorderly conduct of that portion of the citv in the neighborhood ol Grand and Division streets. They have summoned many witness*s and several oi the district wntcb, whose testimony has satisfied the (iraM I Jury that the course pursued by Alderman I'Uidy and H tlli-ll, in rilaekarftiuq persons arrested by the watchmen on their own recognizance*, impairs the efficacy ol th<* watch and renders useless their attempts to preserve the public peace, mid this Grand Jury do therefore present tliecon luct of the said Aldermen. " It ia in evidence before the Grand Jury, that the membets attached to the fire engines are the rioters who disturb the neighborhood, and that the engine houses are the common resort aud retreat of the rioters when pur- I sued. All which '.r. r.'si-nrlfnllv imhtiiiHail GF.O. W. BLUNT, Foreman. w j. bi'nkkr, Hrcretary. New York, Sept 20th, 1843. Receiving Stolen Goods.?A colored man named Henry Wright Wis tried on an indictment for receiving stolen goods, knowing them to be surh. It was proved that J.175 25 in spe iethat had b<.en xtolen irom the brig Aran dull by Joint Claik, tieorge \V. Brown and Orforge Wilson, u ho have b en convicted and sent to State prison, was found in po'session of the nccused at Newark, N. J., by officer Stokt ly. a few days alter the money had been stolen. Thomas M. Lyons, who assisted in the arrest, tes. tified that he found <>478 and seven cents in a chest at the house of tlienccused in avenue H, which ho said hail been eft with him by a woman named Sands. The defence proved that the money was taken to th? house of the ac. cused by Maigaret Sands, the wile of Jacob Sands, who is uleo impleaded in the same olfence. It was also shown that when the accused went to Newark, he told a co. lored man nam'd Brr./.il Banks where he was going, and that he could tell any body where to find hun. The jury acquitted him. The case of Bljnev, for,manslaughter, wo? put off for , the term, and set down for the first Wednesday of the next term. The court then adjourned till thi* morning at 11 o'clock Court of Common Plcn*. Before Judge Inglis. Sr.rT. 20.?KM v>- Warner, action Jnr alandir.?The | verdict in this case was six cents damages, and each f party to pay their own costs. The Court directed that the verdict be entered according to law, at six cents damages, and six cents roits. Unify rs. Wiseman?Replevin-?The ju: y returned a verdict for thu de'endant. Calendar for Thursday, Sept. 21 ?Noa. 10, 21,23, 24,2, 27, 29, 128, 124, Sty,31, 32, 34, 3J, 122, 13. Haiti more. (Cones; ondruce of the Herald. J Baltimore, Sept. 18, 1843. Odd Fellow Celebration?Dedication of an Odd Fellowi' Hall?Expected Vi*it jrom a Fire Company ? ISiminris Matters?Efftct* of the Storm?The Theatre??The Railroad Aicident. Mr. Editor? The grand procession ot the Odd Fellows came off to-day. The weather was fine, but hot; '.iy 8 o'clock | the main stre?ts were crowded with men, women and children, anxious to see the same. They numbered ubout 1800, and looked well. The handsomest part of the shnw was a large, drawn by six white horses, beautifully caparisoned, and attended by grooms dressed in Turkish costume, which contained about 70 orphan children, the larger portion females, and all about the npe ot seven to ten years. About lit of the I lrger ones followed on foot. Grandmre Wildey appeared to be in his ?. lenient; he was in full regalia, and rode in a barouche and four, with distinguished Iriendsofthe order from Other purr.. The crowd j was so great that I could not hear any of th- oration, which w.<s delivered by E 11. llhapin, of Massachusetts. It in now five o'clock, and they are about entering the new hall about to be dedicated? a splendid building, a description of which you will find in all our daily pipers of to-day. One of our largest and best fire companies are ma- ! king preparations to visit your city in the course of next month; it is the New Market They will i ike with them their large and splendid spouting engine, . which your firemen will nnd hard to beat. The " company is cotitnos'dof a fine, henrtyset of young , men and good firemen, and will number about Ho j I have been informed that Mr J. Keller, one of their most active officers, will be one of the party; lie is a noble fellow, an.I no doubt will be kindly re- 1 ceived by his brother firemen of the city ot Gotham Mr. Ireland, the president of the company, is a fine 1 man, and much resp>?ct?d here,a nd will perforin his part well. There is but little stirring here in the ' way of business, with the exception of the many | vessels ihai arrived wiihinthe last week,discharging , their cargoes, so as to r< ready for new ones. We < anticipate n good business in a few days, as there are a nitntlmr itC III I lie r> i I V ul minu ?i whom no doubt took advantage of the f?ra>\il turn-! oui to-day. The freshet up the country?at Harper's Ferry, Cumberland, and all the towns on the Potomacling been very severe, and great lose sunt dined. At ' Harper's F'-rry the water was above the second st<>- s ries of the houses, and' considerable damage sus-1 <* tamed to goods, house], streets, fences, SeeThe theatres, two now in operation, are doing a p fair business, but not over crowded. The mu-1 n . . LD. Prle? Two CtnU seuni, with the Mi sari M,aw, and t|le Hattleof Huuker Mill, Ate., (panorama,) art- very well at* tended. Polities move nlow. Tyler men hard to tin J, barring office holder*. Locoiocos not satisfied wiih their ticket, and the whis;*? afraid ?t being beat, though their ticket is decidedly ihe bent and mo?t popular. ' )ne o! the poor sufferers by the accident on the 12th instant, died on Saturday, and his remains were attended to the grave by a larne concourse of citizen*?the others are dniie; as well is rould be expected. Money nutters continue ? any, not paper enough offered at the banks by one hall?out door shavers nothing to do, and no quar relling about usury Mr. W. C.C, once a great lottery vender, and latterly a great loaner at a big price per month, with good collateral at that, ig now at perfect ease, no doubt wishing for tougher lini-n. No change in the flour market; small sale* at #15; grain in proportion. (General Le&kin I i&w last week; he looks well, and made a tint rat* mayor, but I am ot the opinion he will not be a candidate at the ensuing election. Dabney S. Carr is still at the Custom House attending to Ii:sdutie9aK Naval Officer. Nothing more here relative to an appointment to Constantinople. There is a small rumor that a caange is at>oui to take place in our post office, hut nothing definite. A little more attention or. the part of'tiic clerks ot that department in this ci'y, would do no harm. Yours. Philadelphia. {Corte?: oi deuce ol (lie Herald.] pHlt.ADICI.HIIA, Sept. 19, 1813. More Notnimilitmt?Political Proqwlt. To tun Editor of tiik New Yohk Ukkald? The whig conferees met yesterday, and concluded their labors. Morten Me Michael was nominated for Sheriff, Penrose Ash for County Treasurer, Philip Justus for County Commissioner, and H. D. Steever for Auditor. On the whole, the nominations are creditable to the conferees. The candidates are unexceptionable, both as to charncter and qualifications. Thn Pomeroy portion ot the conlerees having induced Radger to withdraw, the Iriends of Jlela, as it waa made a personal contest bet wen those rivals,thought they had a right to a^k, that Pomeroy should also quit the field: but Ralph n pereonal friends would make no concession. The result was, that the friend* of Badger, resolved to vote for McMichael, r.itlier that Poineroy should succeed, and Mac was consequently nominated, although fur from being the choice of Bela or hi* friends. If our 'Count' is mistaken. The whigs stand no more chanci of electing Morris to Congress in the first district, than they would have of electing Henry Clay to Congress, in Herks County. Morris will not receive a respectable vote, even from the whigs, be. being regarded by thera as a squatter.? There wi re plenty of good whig*, old residents of that district, either of whom would have concentrated the party vote., the candidate of a few discontented democrats in that district, if he continues in the field until the election, which is doubtful, will receive but the vote of a corporal1* gourd ; he may reach "forty nine, Benny Martin's vote." McCully will be elected by probably one thousand majority. The'Count'calculated according to his wishes, and therefore is most liable to err. The result of the election will satisfy you and your readers, that my statements were built on a better foundation than his Ceuritship's. Truly youra, H. Boston. ICorrnpondeuce of tlie Herald.] Boston, Sept. 19, 1843. 1Yip to Button?Boston (ompartd with JVew York? Business Protpectt?Exjtreu Linn, fyc. After a calm, delightful run through the Sound, in the splendid steamer Rhode Island, Captain Thayer, I arrived here somewhat behind the usual time, in consequence of a slight accident on the Stonington road. Thin old and venerable citv looks much improved to me, utter a three years absence. The Bostoni&na cat) justly boast ol more splendid buildings than New York, although they' have no one that can compare with your Exchange. Many of the citizt'ns here h-ivi* larger id '.n of the mtignifir^nop of iheir own city than the limited extent of their boundaries will justify. There are many mer. chants ol large capital, who are using their resources to extend the commercial capacity of the city to the utmost, and had ihey ?he surface and location, or the facilities of New York, they would lie a dangerous rival; but as it is, Boston must be content to remain for tome years to come, the third or fourth city in the Unir.n. With all Its disadvantages, it lias, (within a few years, made rapid "trides in all the moat important features of trade and commerce. It has nearly exhausted its channels ol internal communication,land must be satisfied with perfecting thoseit has completed. A native confined to this city acquires extravagant ideas of its bu?ine.??,aud it isonly in comparison with New York that the diminiitivenetuj of Boston is visible. Take them all in all. however, the Bostonians have the true Yankee spirit, and do all in their power; but there is a local prejudice, or selfishness in all their enterprises, that marks the New England character. There is not that public s; irit manifested in their improvements that is exhibited in the movements of the citizens ol any other city in the Union. Rut enough on this subject ; it is prolific in materials for comparison, but the contrast is so great til it it is pretty generally known by the inhabiiants of both cities. Suffice it to sav, that two places so closely connected together as Boston and New York are, never differed more in all their features. There has been a fair amount of business transacted here this season, bit the bulk of the internal trude comes from the villages of New England The western boundary of the six New England States, is, except in a few instances, ihe limits of their trade. 'I he reports that a large number of Western merchants came here to make ihfir purchases, are nn untrue as improbable. The Cunard line of steamer* i* another item in the importance of this city, and the main feature in its advancement, yet with all the efforts to make lliem popular and profitable, your splendid liners takeout mor; cabin pa-sengers? ship against ship. Look ut the lists. Th" numerous express lines, branching from this Scity to all parts of the south and west, beiu fit the mercantile communities more than the most sanguine advocate of their establishment could have anticipated. Their operations are to an immense amount, all of which are carried on%ith the most perfect reeularity and despatch. Harnden Ac Co. takes the lead in the experiment,and also in extent of busine. s Their depots are more like those of some extensive railroad company, than the private ' sablishments of individual enterprise. They have, since the commencement of their first line, had entrusted to their charge property of every variety, in every shape, of the most destructible nature, and of an immense value, not a dollar of which, has become mislaid, miscarried, or destroyed To do them the justice their enterprise de nerves, would occupy more space than my sheet will permit, and more time than my duties will allow. You know them practically, and conseTiently advantageously. The Caledonia is hourly looked for, but I do not believe she will arrive in season tor this mail. You shall hear from me again 111 a lew days. E. W. H. Cuksaprakk and Ohio Cahai..?A letter from a gentleman in Frederick county to his friend in Haltitnore, fays that the damage done to the Canal by tlie rains < f las: week and the Ireshet in the Potomac is very extensive?so much so as t9 render it dotntfu ,in the writer's opinion, whether the meina Ban b-obtained lor its proper repair. The flood of last week was a most extraordinary one, the waters ot the Potomac haviug ri.-eu lo a higher point than iad ever before been known. A* Editor r-'ranskd ?The Paris (Missouri) Hercurv states thai Mr. .IT. <iu<-s?enberry, editor if the Glasgow Pilot, w*a severely slabbed recenty, by a tuitn named Pitta. The difficulty arose roni nu application to Ques^t nberry by Pitta to nblish a certain article, which he refused to do. lign words ensued, till at length Pitts fell upon lim with a bowie knife and nearly cut him to >uces. Bobrkry. - We leara that the residence of Mr. VIcTavish, the British consul, about twenty miles rorn Baltimore, on the Frederick road, was entered >n Saturday morning last by some thieves, and obbed of several valuable pieces of silver plate.? Baltimore I'tilrmt. Wrathkr in Canada.?The rain of yesterday ivas most timely, and will have proved a grateful iiicor to the farmers, and agriculturists generally viuch inconvenience had been already experienced rom the continued drought; the wells and small ire ims hdVing dried up, cattle had to be taken, in ome parts, to a great distance to water. This Horning, the showers still continue, but the temerature, from keen cold, |has changed to a ?ultijr ?at.?Qim6cc Mercury, Sept. lb

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