Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 21, 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 21, 1843 Page 3
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BY THE SOUTHERN MAIL. Mule* of Mm-ltM at I'lilluritliililii. Tuesday. Sept. 10.? Second Board? 30 shares Manufacturer*' mid Mtchauics' B ink, l(ij; 'J lo Reading railroad, Id; $8071 State6'f,67|; *fi000 do. f>7?, $-.>00 State tt's, |843, 03; 1 ulrtre Notthern Bauk of Kt*mucky,87, 3 Jo dodo, S?i MJ60 Chesapeake and Delaware #'?, 1S56, 37]; 100 ( hurt'* Vicksbtirg Bunk, 3: UK) do Noriistown H-iilroad $I(K*) Ridding Railroad convertibleti's, 1850,61$; SO (bare* Wilmington Rail;uul, 17. " * .dnpsday, Sept. *20.? Second Board?$100 LthijfH Mortage (i'?, 64; $10(0 Rending Convertible ft'*. *'>> $<oi jo Tenn. ft'*. int. trom loth Stpt.,80; f:,ooo Jo <lo Jo, 10 'hart* Hchuylttill Navigation, SO; 10 Jo Camden iU Amboy lliiilioaj, US; 4> Jo Norristown Itailioa I, j ' ,,10,000 U. 8. 6V.1862, 114; $14 000 8taU: ft1*, ft9j; 100 sliVieksburgh Bank 3; i'lOiO Camden tud Amboy ft per cents, hit Feb. anJ Aug.,b S d?,U0; 6 shares Union Bank ot Tenntssee, 66|; 1 do Trenton Rnilioad, 84; $1000 Si-huylkiil Nav. 5'*, 1M5.91; -2) thares Schuylkill Nav.. JO; 2ft Jo Wilmington K iili oaJ, 17 J; 60 Jo Jo Jo, 17?;^ li>0 Jo Jo do, I7j; ft do Pennsylvania Bank, 148; 0 Jo Com mercial Bank. 44j; 5 do New Orleans Bk'g Aisjciation, .'0; iso do Wilmington RailronJ, 17f. LATEST 8UUTHEUN SHIP NEWS. I*>iii.a >h.i.pnia, Sept 20?Arr Lacy, ltcmick, St Johns, I'll; II V 8chroetit*r, Stafford* Mobile; Wiliou; Orb. \ app, in J Middlesex, Slriyht. NYork. < id Wmihiiitttoii, Mouroe HV,t Indies; Can line, Boweii, Deoierara and a markat; David Collin, Smith, 8t John*, PH. . .. DjkLTiMOKK , Sent I!)? CM Topliff, H ordiiw, 8t lhoinaa; Forest Kiiitf, Kelly, St John, NB. Hid America, (Brem) ( arstriis, Bruiun; Kdw ird, Januey, Si Thomas; /jine, Kaue, Wnrmiliain; Ann Uemnan, llowe, Bermuda; Mary, llowland, Providence; lloehester, Wiae. andMaria, Hopkins, N York. Klizsui i n City, NC. Sei?t lli?Arr Win 1 Watson, White, NYoik; Maria, Homers, West InJies. THE P \lll81 AN ALTERATIVE MIXTUHE loi tin! permanent cure of primary or seconJary syphilis. All persons suspecting ii venereal taint in their system liould use this powerful alterative without delay; it completely eradicates oil the bail ?ttocts ot mercury by invigoruting and strengthtning the constitution. Sold in large bottles, $2 each; small ditto, $1; iu cases containing half a dozen, fft, caielully parkej and senttoall parts of the Union. Office and consulting rooms ol the College of Medicine and Pharmacy, 97 Nnsf au street. W. S. RICHAliDSOV, Agent. MONEY AIAllKET. Wedncsduy, Sept. IiO-(i P.M. The Stock Market has been less active te-Jay. There ii a disposition to await the arrival of the steamer, in tbc hope that the favorable movement commenced at the Jate ol (he last advices will have increased. Fanners' Loan rose J; Harlem, J. At the New Board sales wore large, with but little variation in rati s. It is very evident IVom the etate of the market that con* Ulenceiu the ultimate payment of State debts isjaily In coming stronger. This is apparent in the aisimilation of prices to each other. All the low pricej stocks have au vuiic'u, uii'i wiiiu, w men was mu lowcui ui me <nvidend paying S'utia, 1irs rapidly approached] the level of New York. We may compare the prices of her stocks now with tnoseof New York, and in April last, when 1 he new 7 per cent stock was offered, as foliowh : ? April 1,1ri3. Sept. 20, 1013, Ohio 6's of 1850 65 a 66 95)3 a 96 " 6's of 1860 67>J % a 0G>4 " 7'* of 1851 none 105 a 106 VY'kO's of 1850 100 a 101 115 a 106 " 6's of 1860 102 a 103 107 a 108 " 7'snfl819 103 a 101>a 107,'? a 108 In April there was a difference of 30 per cent in favor of the New Volk stock, owing to the discredit ot' Ohio ? Since then the latter has gradually advanced, until the 7 per cen's sell as high as thosa of New York,'while the Ohio 6 per cents are still 1*2 per cent less than those ol N. V01 k. If the 7 per cents are worth as much as those of New York, Ohio 6's of the same time to run are worth the Bdine as those of New York. Hence the latter will t-ill or the former rise. There Is now, very little chance of an improvement in the value of money?all theindi cations are ol an increased abundance. The rise in stocks has been in the face of large sales on account of liusts closing up. It is stated that one eminent house hai remitted abroad since July, $ 1,000 000 on account oi Kentucky, Tennessee and Illinois bonds, being closed trustB. These remittances have foimcdan extra demand upon exchanges, and have formed a Urge supply of Ktccks upon the market, yet money has lowxred in prices and stocks risen. All theso are indications that th? elements of renewed prosperity are forming themselves into shape ; that thero are few or no commercial debts but what can be promptly met, and that but few new ones are contracted. The news from England, in a commercial point of view, is in no degree different from that by the previous packet?money, if possible, is more plecty than ever.? Thu disposition to move in American stocks seems to increase with the reccipt of every fresh batch of news from this side. The bullion continues to increase in the Bank uud the volume of thu currency swells much fastrr than the wants of business rrquire. The following is a table of the affairs of the Bank for some time Bank of Ekoland. Halt of Serurit's. JltUlion. Civcula'n. Deposit, money. IVc. 1811, 24,761,000 1,186,000 16,072.000 7,369,000 5 per cl. Jan. 1812, 22,880,000 4,779,000 16,632,000 7,918,000 6'3 " Mi. " 22,680,000 5,237,00(1 16,670,000 8,506,000 4'i " Alar. " 22,699,000 5,687,000 16.769,000 8,954,000 4 " April " 21,898,000 6,590,000 17,235,000 8,283,000 3'j " May " 21,366,000 7,032,000 17,536,000 8,015,000 31. " .lux' " 21.083,000 7,320,000 17,795,000 8,061,000 3 July " 21,713.000 7,818,000 18,279,000 8,.565,000 2H " Aug. " 21,525.000 8,196,000 18.952,0110 9.3.(0,000 2l? " Sept. " . 23.159,000 9,177,000 19,711,000 9,833.000 2>? " Oct. 11. 22,573,000 9,633,000 20,001,000 3,368,000 2 " Nov. " 21,931,000 0,789,000 19,903,000 9,072,000 l>a a 2 Dec. " 21,210,000 9,781,000 15,562,000 8,957,000 In. 1813, 21,672,000 10.705,000 19,312,000 10,107,000 " Fill. " 22,695,000 10,915,000 19,739,000 11,205,0(H) " Mar. " 23 830,000 11,051,000 20,093,000 12,003,000 " \pril " 23,587,000 11,190,000 20,239.000 11,631,000 " May " 22,696,000 11,291,000 19.853,000 11,155,000 " June " 21,601,000 11,172,000 19,521,000 10,195,000 " Inly " 21.462,000 11,615,000 19,280,009 10,721.000 An-. " 21,890,000 11,820,000 19,358,000 11,288.000 " Tho rales ol money has remained nominally at l?ai per cent during the year, but by late advices we hoard of cases where money was loaned upon consols for SO days, without interest?the lender to profit by an expected dif fcrence in priceThe quantity of money as represented by the circula. 11011 and depotsites ol the Bank, an 1 the bullion on hand ..t ll.ia tin.., Ik., ?nrro.r.nn.11n ,1n( ..nor ri>. I* 111*. ??" '? duccd to dollars ?t $4 SO the 4.' were oi follows :? Cir, /> /#<>.*. Tot'I Cur. Hullion. Sept. lWt,' $!t3,627,?Kl 47,198,500 110,826,700 11.041,000 " 1813, 92,918,400 53.H1I.400 116,762,800 56,736,000 I uc re.tse 6,616,1(10 5,937,100 12,681,100 1 )ec rease ?0fl,8?K) Now then it appears that the quantity of Bank curren cy which constitutes the basis of all the credit move, nienta of the kingdom, ha* increased within the year near $6,000,000, and the spccio on hand $12 684,000. The increased deposites corresponding with tho cnhnnccd amount of bullion, indicates the amount of bankers'capital in London remaining unemployed. The circulation of the Bunk of England being a legal tender, forms for the most part the basis of all the joint stock and private Bank movements throughout tho kingdom. Specie is the batis ot the 11 ink circulation. The Bank circulation is tho basis of all the other paper movements of the kingdom. The amount of specio is laigoand admits of a great increase in the amount of paper, which in its turn swells the bssis lor all other paper. With this enormous power of expansion, acquired by years of distress, the mone tary affairs of England are entering upon a year of good crop, with an amount of specie greater almost than over before I'hc securities or loans are very near the irlowctt range, There can be but a few millions of private paper above the usual amounts of O ivernment securities. The increase ot specie in the Bank since the close of 18t?, lias been steady and largo; and with a lair harvest, tho institution has ample means to assist Oavernment by pro inoting spocu ation in all directions, ai?l will, as here, evince itselt by seizing upon different subjects lor speCitation. Stocks and produce have been affected here, and when the money power li gins to move in England, stocks will run wild there. A paper inflation in England will drive'eoin out of the country, whither? riit>n> i* no B ink hern to rrni'l. a inflation ti.-? I which will tend toward* us in return (or the advancing prices of our produce there-, and it will, in nil probability, How in until erery channel of tra.lo is filled. Thia natural operation of vi*ible causes, will <lo mote lo bring about a pay mint of our State debt* than any legislature action which could postibly take place here. Kven Pennsylvania will l>e raised to the levwl of common h in the march of event*. Let us pee the progress of trade upon the main line ol her public, works forth it e m inths of this year ax compared with the corresponding * ason of last j ear. I'iilij iii> i:iim> on 111 v mai> i im or Pni>vinMt Imi'Dovkmi n rs, m?M I'liit tnt i I'Hi % i n I'msnrRnii, i> Ji it, Jim,* \*I> Ai hi ?I . Cnnnl. Haihcny Atiilin /'nicer. Tolnl. I mi. I7.8H2 31,049 ?."?.477 |:*H.:??I i M h :to.<c.ri 211,(171 :i i ,oso on ,r. t -i \UKiltt' 27,t2t 2l,r>?il 21 ,<i5I 78,713 Towl 1IA,?08 HI,311 102,081 313.667 lots. 30,378 21, 309 27,22:1 7H.WI filly 2A.II0 17,.MR 2?,IH>3 lil,9S2 August 27,509 19,110 22,(!fll (i),28| Total 83,157 57.9 ? 71 8*7 213.137 Inen lie in 18I3-3I.9II 26,*11 30.2.H 100,530 Htru is an IncreaMol near 6# per cent in the toils ot tlioir canals under reduco.1 rates lor produce to come to market. The New York toll* hare been as follows Tm.i.s rm kimii on 'i iii' N ? York I tvii < rn 7rii Si PI., IJli lit III) 1,01k MIM AT A l.lil <I*I>F.*'? I.IICK. 'J'ulli, I v/ ie?ek Tolnl lolls l^nchngrt lo in Sif t. lo Srpl.1, Srj'l. I. $44,051 $956,37(1 I3,.V(? Will 57,752 071,182 H,!MS IM I 82,311 1,197,101 16.072 11142 A2.7W1 907,073 12,113 "13 08,72<l I.I9HT72 l?,72fi The New York toll* aro about 'ii.per ccnt in advanct olthcseol last year. At all point* Mini lar iuditfitionn ol ilu swelling volumeol produce coming to market are apparent. The surplus m immense, and, under the modified tariff of Great Britain, with the currency of tlibt country on the eve ot another immense inflation, will pour eft into the bosom of Knglcnd, aud draw grest wealth into the lap* ?f our farmer*, propping their flu#, ging public spirits and agisting once more to rear alot the banner of State faith. Sale* at ttie Stock Hxcluinge. $i(?nn OliioS'n IMO US', ;!?; Farmers' Loan 21 23,010 doG'i WOO !)B>4 .'<0 do 2|i/ tooo do '.IB?, JO do y|i. do 96 M N Orleans Canal Bk 2S 8000 Kentucky ?'s M1; 60 Harlem HR Co s (0 sii'. 3000 do W'J Still do ,3 8000 Indiana St'nx Bds 76 dn -f.i2000 Indiana 6's 37 160 do 1(1i M00 Illinois fa's 70 :t7 loo L Island HR 62 ? 2000 do :i7'; :ioo do hsa vi * MM Ohio 7> SO' . 2,0 do cash V.'v Cj Mechanics Bk |ot,'4 mil do UiO 62ji Second Hoard. '100 Farmers' Loan 21 60 Harlein I8U 6000 Indiana Sterling b3 M'i Jo do 1,3 3HJ. fa AinhsBk 80 6000 Indiana Bonds bio 37'* 1000 Ohio u,{| flew Vork Ptibll* Stock Kxcluuige. $1000 N VVk6's "62 optiR 108 1000 do *3 37 """ ?I1I linv IUI#*.J I "IMP IJI) oi.l 3/ 4 12,000 Ohio 5's'60 ;*i?i UllK) (111 Ii3 :?71 2000 do s!5 Oti'.t 8IM0 do till 37fi 15,(1(10 do bll) 200 Farmers Loan lil'l 21 500(1 do till) 90'.. i0 do 1)1 24 8000 do cash Dti'fl 25 do ca*h 21 I00II do 96?* KHI do si in 23 HNIII do Uti.U 25 do cash V% 10110 do bnw 96'a 25 do btw 2I;'h 1000 do b3 96',' 50 do 21 IDiiO Oliio 7's li'jil 106 loo Harlem lilt Co Gm to 10(10 do 30dys 106 100 do b:i 3') IlltHI Kentucky 6's cash 99?? 175 do s3 30% 1000 do 200 do b3 38>'i 1000 do b30 91)*; 75 do *3 3??J 1000 do cosh 99'J 50 do b3 :iB'i 2000 do 99,'.i too do 1)3 38',, 1(100 ilo s60 ?? 50 do Monday 38,'j 2000 do b30 99% 10 do sl2m 33 2(100 do bnw 99), 5'i L Island KH Co 1)10 52'., 1000 Illinois 6's 1870 cash 37 U 100 do 52% 500(1 do 1)111 3750 do 1,30 52', 1000 do thw 37% 50 do bl5 52% 2000 do cash 37)2 50 Canton Com|> cash 26 1(100 do bill 37% 10 do 26 3000 do bio 3714 75 do 26% 1000 Indiana Doll lids 25 28 Taterson UK. Co s3 51 , years cash 37 Hecond Hoard. 5000 Kentucky (i s b30 19', 50 Farmers'Loan bio 21 7000 ilo Mji 25 do b22 21 1000 Illinois Canal 7's '60 37?,! Mate of Trade. Trade is now very good in this city. All eur holds ore Ciowdod. Oue wishing to sec swarms of strangers must visit the dillerent strainers an they arrive and depart. Canal Toi ls and Locmaoks ? Account ol tolls received on all the Canals o! this Stute to 14th Sept., and of all the lockugis ut Alexander's Lock, three miles west of Schnectady, to 1st Sept, viz:? Tolls. Lockages. Total In 14(A Sept. To 1st Sept. 1830 $l,005,05(i 13,5)2 1840 1,031,051 14,'J12 It 11 1,263,510 16,972 1812 1,1119,7118 12,143 1,262,382 12,726 l ius luiai mtrrusc uver m:?L is - C4't?,j;u Ol' tin's increase there, is at Albany and West Troy $711.1% " Buffalo $9?,28B " Oswego 13,312 109,600 " All other offices 62,498 242,494 The $70,496 represents the increase or tolls ou nil merchandize sent Irom tic'a water; the $109,600, the increase on produce Irom Western States, and the $62,493 the increare on the produce of this State. The amout of tolls thus lar iu '43, is apparently only $1,123 Jess than those of '41, but as about $45,000 has beta pui<l out of the general fund in bounties ou Halt, lead and cewl, this sum ahottld be deducted from the tolls of '44. Ashks?Both descriptions continue in good demand. Pots sell at $4 37, and Pearls at $5 2d and up to $5 37. Holders evtn ask more for the latter hind. Corn Trade. We continue to quote Genesee Hour nt$4 60a|4 66. All other brands lemaiu unchanged. New Southern Win at commands 90 cent*. White Cora 54c. Holders exhibit no great disposition to sell. They are awaiting the arrival ol the steamer. The Baltimore Flour Market on the 19tn inst. remained very quiet- Howard street was held at $4 62$, but there were no sales; City Mills $4 60, and sales; Rye Flour $3 SO, for good; Wheat brought Irom 76c for inferior to 93c lor pri ne; Whito;Wheat 100 a 105c, and Rye 80c, I'enn'a do 55c; white and yellow Corn 47c; 1000 bushels Fenn'ayel'.ow at 43c; Md Oats 20a21c. The Philadelphia Flour and Grain Market alio, on the 19th, continued rather unsettled and inactive, though sales had been effected, but at rather lower rates. The sales ol Wheat and Flour ranged :rom $4? to 4 44; some houses hold at $4 60. The sales of Coin Meal have been small, at $2 50 to 2 56 Ilye Flour?Latest sales at $-2 90 to 2 94, rather more inquired for. There have bten several arrivals of Wheat this week, and sales ol about 6000 bushels at prices ranging from 90 to 95c, according to qunlity. Sales ol about 600 bushels Pcnn'a round yel low Corn at 53 cts, part afloat and pntt in store; and about 700 at 51 cts and 900 at 5') cts. Sales of 500 bushels New Jersey O.-ts at 29 cts, and 600 Delaware at 25 cts. In Buff.ilo on the 18th inst, operations were large. Cnnl I n<l,n.i? t,. r?. .11, , f UU1 tmin L'rio ?i?rU prices'paid in New York. HSome parrel* of the new crop have been men, which are very handsome; one lot of IS bale* from JrflV-r?>n county, Georgia, was of very superior <|ualitv, and well cleaned, and held in Ihn Savannaii market at!?cent*, and for several lot* of good fair nc. have been refu*ed. In the rich land* of B iker, Thomas, and other countic* in On >rglo, thn wet ha* *priou?ly Injured the crop, and the caterpillar i* nli>oveiy destructive, while in the joorcr countic* the yield i* represented i>* fair, and many planter* will muke a* much or more than la?t reason. The New OrtaanrBulletin or the 7th m*t. *ay*, that the weather during four or five day*ha*boeu t xtrrmely wet, and very unfavorable to thn Cotton crop. I'lckiuff, indeed, mint Uave been nearly altogether impended, ami every day lo*t (rom the field at the tlm??particularly a* the crop wa* no much Inter than nratl, wa* a leriou* mailer. Heavy rain* beat out the cotton Irom the balli, and otherwise injure it. It i**ai.l that in Alabama the weather ha* been much more favorable, and that the crop nromi*< * very well Our account* of tne crop nre very eoiitrn'ictory, and no correct ottimote can be formed lor the pre*t lit. Married. On Wednesday evi ninf, by the Rev. Uavil Bigler, Mr. ctuklk* Kobii?<o?i to Mm Anna M. VVki i i*flK, daughter of Mr. Jnmca II Wdltngs, ol Detroit, Michigan-both ol Brooklyn. J ' " ">--'1 -?" '?<? "V"> I " w U taken by one house at 77$ cents and gees to the Hudson to be manufactured. A cargo of Chicago brought 76 cts. Further sales of corn at 36 cents Three cargoes sold. Some Michigan flour in good order at $3 75, but tho best brands commanded $3 feH. Sales of Black Ruck a shode above the last quotation. At Cleavelanu during the first two we. ks of September, there is u very heavy failing off. The aggregate receipts tnere during the second week in Sept., were 17,1:25 bush, wheat, 19,4*0 bbls flour, and 7,073 bushils corn, making the total receipt* during the first two weeks of September 184*3 3, a follows:? 1843. lb 13. Veereaie. Flour bbls 63 431 32,937 19,185 Wheat bush 193,592 89,470 93,123 Com 17,348 18,009 ? The grain is evidently in Ohio, but owing to the deter" mination of holdsrs ts keep out ol the market,the receipts at Clcavelnnd thus far in Sept. do not begin to meet those of the previous season. The arrivals ol Wheat at Milan, Ohio, in the week ending9th inst, average perhaps 3000 bush a day, varying in price from 65 to 70 cents. There termed to be more inclination to sail at these priccs than when it was higher. Account of Flour Rnd Wheat ai rived at tide water this season:? Total to 14</i Septrtnber. Flour, bbls. fVheat, bush 1839 375,877 166,110 184 0 883,635 649,289 1941 862 503 338,898 1843 740,887 433.980 1843 l,Otifl,731 407,617 Reducing the flour to wheat, allowing live bushels to a barrel, there is an aggregate of 1,148,334 barrels of flour arriving at tide watrr, since the opening of navigation, exceeding thearrivalsof '41 by 146,331 barrels. In connection with this table, it will not be out of place to state the receipt* of flour at New Orleans. According to the Price Current of that city, "631,176 barrels ol flour, and 118.248barrels or sacks of wheat," arrived at New Orleans, during the last twelve months. The Erie Canal is manifestlv the great avenue for the flour ol the Western States. The amount this season will not fall short of 1,600,000 barrels. Take these facts into consideration. Cotton Market. No change in priccg in this market, bill all sales arc at full pricei. The new* by the Victoria was of such a noture as to cause an increased firmness among holders,ami no large sales will new be made till alter the Caledonia arrive*. This morning several manufacturers were in market. There have been complaints from the owners of cotton on board vessels now at quarantine Irom Mobile and New Orleans, in consequence of the delay and expense cause.) by the health i emulations. The Board of Health met this evening to look into the matter, but they refused to let the cargoes comc up to the city. Tricks in New York. JV Oi Irons $ Mobile Upland Inferior 6J a (ij ti| a rt) Ordinary 7 a TV <i| a 7 Middling 7J a 7} 7| a 7J Middling fair H} n 8J 7| a 8 Fair 6} a 9 W I Cj Good fair 10 a 10) 9| l !l) Good and lair II a 12 -a ? Tran'adiotis last week in Dostou amounted to 940 bales,of which293 were New Orleans, say 86 attij'7}; .'13, 8a8j; and 142 Upland and Florida, say 565 at 7J.i8; and 77 at 8}a8|c, li mos. The market closed lirm, both purchasers and sellers unwilling to operate largely, until further intelligence front the cotton districts, and the knowledge of the eltcct in Liverpool on the prospects ol a short crop. This news will be received by the steamer Holders will not ger.erally take the prices offered this week, expecting a alight advantage by holding on !' -r the present. Prices iis Boston. Ordinary per lb Ai a .. 7| Middling fif a .. 7$ Good Middling 7$ a .. 8 Middling Kair 8 a .. 85 Fair to Good Fair .. 9 a .. 10 Fine 10J a ..II The sales in Savannah, in the week ending' last Saturday , ie irhed 216 bales Upland, as follows : - 7 bales at ft; 106a' 6 1-10; tat 6J; 3 at 6jj; 1 at 6J; 93at 7J: and i at 7}. and 'II hales Sea Island?16 at 16 and 13 cents per lb ,with 6 bales Htained do, at ftjc per lb. Thedemmd had been brisk through the week, anil priccs advanced fully J to j cent |>er lb since the last report. This improvement is Chirlly owili? to the SoeeulativR loelinir :ind advanced IM At Brooklyn, L. I, on the iitih inatant, Mm. E. E Blomkiild, native ol Norfolk, England, aged 53 year*. ller friend*) are invited to attend her funeral, ot 4 P. M tbn day, Irom her Uto residence corner Fulton and Nevlug streets, Brooklyn. Wednesday evening, betwem five and ?ix o'clock, Jo?hua Cliii:, second ami of William and Jane Ann Brook*. a({e<l tlx years eleven month*. The IriendM of the family are rt<|iie?ted to attend hi* lun? ral, at four o'clock thin afternoon, without furthtr invitation, at ti!) Kulton itreet, New York. Latrtt Ailvlcra hkckivkp a t thk wkw yohk ii kh 41.1) omi'k. Africa July 16 Manilla Mrch Iff Antigua Auk. 1 M alaua Aui,r. 3 Autwerp auk. 16 Marseilles Auk. Aui Cayes Auif. 13 Madeira July IS Batavia April 12 Montevideo July ('? Bermuda Sept. S Maiuanilla Auk. 4 Buenos Ayres July 0 M.itan/as Sept. 0 Belize. Hon. auk. I Mayaffuei Aug. 12 barbados Auk. 11 Mexico Aiik. 3 Bordeaux Auk. 13 Nassau, N. P. July 31 Bremen Aiik. 7 Neuvitas July 28 Bombay June 27 Oahu, &. I. Mrch 1!? Cane 1 own, C. o. ii Juue 10 Para Auk. 9 (/dlciifta June 7 Paris***** Auk- 17 Cadiz Aug. !) Port au Prince Aiik. IB ('liaures June 20 Ponce, p. it. Auk. l'j Cirntueifoi June i;t Porto ( abello Auk. t9 Cape II ay ti en J u I v 2? Point Pet re, < Juad. * * auk. 18 Oeuierara Auk. 30 lVrininUiico Aiik. ? Rlsinore **July 22 Rio Janeiro Aiik. 0 Gibraltar Au*. 2 St. Helena J*ily 10 (iuayama, P. R. * * * July 0 St. Thomas Sept. 2 (Galveston Aiik. <> St. Jairo tie Cuba * Auk. 17 Havre Auk. 16 St. John*, P. R. Aug. 13 Hamburg Aug. 11 St. Croix July 31 Havana Sept. 2 St. Domingo July 31 Halifax Sent. 6 Surinam Aug. H Jacuiel July 2S Trinidadde Cuba Aug. 9 Kingston, Ja. Aug. l.'> Talc;iliiiaua June 16 London Aug. 21 Tampico July 7 Liverpool Aug. 20 Valparaiso June I La < tuayra * * Aug. 11 Vera Cruz Aug. 27 Lima June 16 Yucatan July 3 Macao May 7 Zanzibar May 16 Pannengem Arrived. Trimti;?Brig Cumberland?L Cordona. Fortl^n Importations. Livkhi'ooi.?8liip Portsmouth?100 tons coal 1000 tacks salt 5 Thompson?27 bales Cameron &<. Branc?100 bxs tin 30 copper Phelps, Podge St co?S pkgs C K Bill, Clark Sl co?1 L Clapp 6 co?12 L Atterbury?2 M Armstrong?5 W Burton?12 Townsend, Havre fcc co?I V'. Corninu co?8 Sheldon, Phelps Sl co?12 .H'onnait?16 luulis & Scott?16 Biid & Gillilau?I Smith, Thurger Ik. co?1 Mill, Cox & Anderson?2 J Smith?36 J Oihon ? 16 cks 27 bags 7 bdls 12 bkts 17 anvils Wetmore Sl co?5 pkgs J C Berrian?24 H Norris?1 S llaskill? 61 Tooker, Mead Si co?t?9li B More wood?1 W Benjamin?5 Godfrey, Pattinon Nt co?222 Adams Brothers?161 YV Chance?9 Cuininiug & Riacli ? 1Ififi bars iron lleeley 6c co?2130 do 19 bags 6 casks 17 bales to order. Tiiifrsi k?Brig Cumberland?78 cs mdse I)u 11111 -Sl Cousinery 10 bbli (| cn n?in frtir O Mryoi II m gum II L Routh? 2 bis leaf Bnutlein, Koop is co i bbls cum I case orris root i ck oil 3 bbls lisli bones 1? cs mdse 2 bbls paste L llollrtian?2 cast's books K ( rooks?33 bales rags 1 cs mdse 2 cks 3 bbls autiinony to order. Dt'ivoi i:?B irque Blackness?194 bales 311 pes Stone Sl co?1 bluls 10 cases Cameron Sl Brand?10 bales Tooker, Mead St co? 18 Johnston k Boi rati 70 to order. Havana?Brig Patsey B Blount?20 pipes rum 28 bales indigo 60,000 segars B Blanco?139 bxs sugar St urges & co?118 do < ollomh k Iseliu MARITIME HERALD. Sailing Days of ilic Steam Ship*. from liverpool. from america Caledonia, Lott Sept. 5 Oct. 9 G. Western, Hoskeu Sept. 23 Oct. 19 PnckctM to Arrive. I Packets to Sail. from liverpool. for liverpool. Oxford. Kathhone, Aug. 19 Sheridan, De Peyster, Sept. 25 I'. Henry, Delano, Auk. 25 Cambridge, Bo-stow, Oct. 1 Virginian. Allen, Sept. 1 for roRTiMouTli. t ROM roRTsMoi'TM. I Gladiator, Brittou. Sent. 20 Quebec, Hebard, Sept. 1 Mediator, Ch&dwick, Oct. I FROM HAVRE. FOR MAVRK. Kmerald, Howe, Auk. 21 I L. Pliilip|>e, Castoll, Sept. 21 Sltlp Masters and Agents We shall esteem it a favor, if Captains of Vessels will (five to Commodore Robert Silvey, of our News Kleet, a lieport of the Slopping left at the Port whence they sailed, the Vessels Spoken on their Passage, a List of their Cargo, and any Foreign. Newspapers or News they may hare. He w ill boaril them immediately on their arrival. Agents and Correspondents, at home or abroad, will also confer a lavor by srndiiiK to this Office all the Marine Intelligence they can obtain. Nautical Information of auy kind will be thankfully received. POUT O*' NEW YORK, SKPTEMBKll il sci* risk* -17 i moor risks 2 57 mm sets 5 59 | hioh water cm Cleared. Ships (iladiator. Brittou. London, Orinnell, Mm turn & Co; Thomas Perkins, Graves, Marseilles, S, T Nicoll; l)ou Juan, Soule, New Orleans, Nesmith, Leeds kCo: Alfred, Myers, do, Johnson Si Lowden; Monument. MnilmlL ( hnHeston, Nesmith, Leeds St Co?Brigs ChatUliOocho , AVhtttri'i, Remedios, Cuba, Foster St Niokerson; Star, Cliasr, N< il'ulk, Nesmith, Leeds St Co; Culled States, York, Portland, Me. liy the same.? Schr A. K. Thorn, Wilson, Wilmington, NC. r? S. Powell. Arrived. Ship Portsmouth, Glover, 11 days from Liverpool,with mdse, to J. il. Howland?178 passengers. British barque Blackness, Murray, from Dundee, July 21, w ith mdse, to Cameron St Brand?17 passengers. Brig Cumberland, Hadley, 60 days from Trieste, with mdse, to Barclay ft Livingston. BrigCasilda, t'rabtree. 10 days from Matanzas, with 499 bxs :)8 hhds sugar to Spofford, Tileston St Co. Brig Patsey B. Blount, Howe, II days from Havana, with sugar, to B. Blanco. Brig Mary Susan, Hynes, 3 days from Norwich, Ct. ill bal last, to master. , Schr Julia Telfair, Lawrence, (o( \> ashington, NC.) 21 days from Demerara, with old copper, to S. L. Mitchell; 375 lbs do O. Burns; 480 do to order. .... Sclir Sally Miller, llalsey, Irani Plymouth, NC. with naval stores, to Baker & ?'o. Sailed iu co. with schr Virginia, for NVork. . . ? , . Schr Virjinia. Carutliers, 10 day* from Newhern, NC . with naval stores, to M. Piatt. Schr Manchester, hdmondsou, 4 days Irom Baltimore, with flour?hound to Providence. Schr Klifcabeth, Baker, 10 days from Georgetown, DC. with tndse?bound to Salem. Schr K*tra, Koom, 4 day* from Richmond, with coal?bound to Newark. Schr Spy, Connor, 5 days from Richmond, with flour, to the '"sclir Walter R. Jones, Pierce, from Virginia, with wood, to master. 12th inst. off Hog Island, in the gale, lost foresail, flying jii) and part of deck load. Schr Richmond, Smack, from Richmond, with llour, to Allen St Paxsou. Schr Henry P. Ballard, Lawson, from Nansemond, with potatoes, to master. Sclir John R. Brick, West, from Virginia, with wood, to the master. _ ? Schr Margaret Ann, Page, from Virginia, with wood, to the master. ...... Schr Philip De IVyster, Ritter, Irom Virginia, with wood, to master. Schr Hannibal, Lacato, I days from Folly Lauding,with oats, to H. P. Havens. Sclir Martin Van Buren, Phillips, 4 days from Folly Landing, with oats, to II. P. HllMh Sclir Wm. McGlansey, Smith, from Virginia, with wood, to master. , Schr Stales' Rights, Lippincott, from Virginia, with wood, to master. Schr Emeline Peterson, Hoffman, from Virginia, w ith wood, to master. Sclir Jane M, Cliff, 5 days from Portland, with indse, to the master. Schr Kllen, Penfield, 5 days from Portland, with indse, to the master. British schr Albion, Holmes, from Norwich, Ct. in ballast, to master. Sclir Vistula, Philhrook, from Norwich, Ct. iu ballast, to master. Sclir Kxile, 3 days from Brandy wine, with corn meal, to the master. Schr Coaster, Derrick, 3 days from Virginia, with wood, to master. Sclir Tho*. Martin, Ward, 3 days from Virginia, with wood, to jn utcr. Sclir Herald, Crosby, 3 days from Virginia, with wood, to master. Schr Bequel, Raynor. 3 days from Virginia, with wood, to master. Sclir Furdy, Pnngle, 2 days from Norfolk, with nulse, to the master. Sftllrft. Brig Androdus, Ritchie, Rochelb .aud others. llcrnhl Itlnrliic CorrmiNiutlciice. Orriri: n>- tiii: IIhook Islamikr.) Nkwport, Sept. |ft, 1BI3. i Arr 14th, Kffort, S|>ear, Thoinaston for New York; Atalanta, Patterson, and Brave. Orcut, Calais for do; l.'ilb. Ktnerald, Poland, do do; 17th, Rienzi, Durl'ee, N York lor Providence; Tlios 11 ile, Wilkms, Providence for NVork; Kneel, Dunning, Kali River for do. Sbl 17th, Knierald, Kffurt, Atalanta,and Brave, NVork; 19th, wind NVv. Poland, Smith, Havana; Good llo|ie, Burdick, Jamaica; Lodi, Philadelphia; Thomas Dale, and Kjcel, New York. Norwegian brig Ornen, from lames Itiiei foi \ntwerp,wInch has been in tiuarantine for 14 days past, is still in port. Her captain, 2d officer and sis men bni e been sick w ith bilious fever, liut are nearly recovered. She will proceed ou her voyage in a few days. General Record. Paikkt ship Gladiator, Britton, for London, ?ill sail to. da). Her letter bags will close at Gilpin's, in the Ksehange, at 11H o'clock a. St. Ship Vkspasiai, Barstow, before reported, is a Boston vessel, and insured there, and the cargo is insured in this cit\ for f-.11.000. She left this port on Saturdav.aiid got ashore as lietoo' >iated iu a thick fog. The schr Martin Van Buren, ( apt. Phillips, from I'olly Looting, passed the ship 011 Tuesday, the l'Hh. at 3 o'clock?she then was lying with her head oil shore, had all sail set, trying to press heron. Lighters and e\ery thing necessary to render assistance, have lieen sent from the city. Pai m i ship Victoria, Morgan, at this port ou Tuesday last, run by chronometer oil the 13th inst. with the wind on her lUltqit. Mi hi iu> T, lloaa, of Newport, auppoaed to lie I out, i-? i 11*11 red at Atlantic anil American otiicea, New York, lor $17.0*10, her full viliio. St .ririoi ?The sloop Sw (lull, Russell, which arrived at St. AtiKtattmt* on ill'' mat. from ?|?- Florida, reimrts having m*t, on Hi|l*borough Inlet, a suspicion* ton' anil aft achr, at anchor, which* on their lamliiu then*, moved about a mile out. Next morning a brig hove in sight, anil maile tow-irfls tlie schr; observing which, she imtnediatelv up anchor ami made oil to thpioitthward. anil alter bearing away from the ling, made her way back northwardly; they left her lack in k about, opposite Hillsborough, Monday morning, the 23il. On thellth, a whale boat with lour oar* citne in *ight, near Lake Worth; from the triruawvreaof those on board, they anpposed ihem to be negroes who ran away from St. Augiistin? on the 24th July Ust, and were now connected with the schr. The boat wan hailed, but no answer returned?two *hota were then tired at her, but by luaty pulling alie eacali'd. The achr had also been seen ott the liar at Kurt Pierce anil at New Smyrna. The U. S. revenue cutter Crawford havimj come into I..ike Worth, her ( attain ( Day) wa? informed of the* facta, and started, after an interview with the settler* there, in pnrsitit of the negroea and vessel. Wlialrmrn. Arr at Boston I'Mli inat. Maim Hen, *t1 in tic Ocean via rn? mo-town, with 1211 bbla spm "h do ldacn tinil?abaeut Ift nios. SiKikf, no date, ofl Western Isl i ul , ( iter Bniiton, Spark*, rrovincetown, ,'i weeks out, 10J *p; *'r a ,.i s,,|?.r ,|{)i i mo< out. clean; Marac.iibo, Nickeraou, . nv 12 bids lilackftah oil. \rr at Provincetown IHth. hs.pumuiv, ? 0"k, Atlantic Ocean, with 2.W bbla ip 20 do blackball oil. Spoke, no date, he. Panfic.Tilaon, Provincetown, 10 day* out, clean; I'licui*, Small, do, 14 day*, in ap. Pbocion, B"'ler, sailed from N*'WBedford 10th mat. for South Atlantic and Pacific Ocean*. ...? Zenaa f'ofl u, K imadcll, for Pacific Ocean, sailed from Nantucket 1?th ibst. H poked. Keliiwe, (Ilr) 7 day* from Trinidad tor Quebec, 7th inat. lat si,jo. Ion fill?by the Julia Telfair, ?t tliia Port. r illahaaaii. Neal, l.iverpool fm V w \ rk. 13th inat. lat I], brn 47. v,Snpei.or, (Br) Million, 70 day* from IVierhead I'm St John, Mt llth iaat. lat ?1M. Inn 11. I with I ...1 ,...... k. I t?ir Aiheria, if Boston. A l?iI' W to bv .1 N' iv York tucket, w,i. ?<cu 6U1 m.t. Ut it. 30, Ion 42 33. Korrlgn Porta. 1\Ut\yiS?M>t 'i-SUI KlWwoith. Boston. In port. Chief, and Georgiana, of Bnatou; Token, from Jo; Couveit, from Hath, (luu. DrMKiK R*, Aug 30? In port, Kirrtoa, for Norfolk, I day*, only American vr??i I. Point Tcthi . Oui4. Ail,: It-ln port, Centurion, Norm, for . lilt mn|iiv ?; ( irdi-ii.n, Mariner, from Portland, dim; Magnolia, IMano, from do, uur; Robin Hood, l.t-mont, di?K; Robt Treat, Tr. it, from Wilmington, SC. just arr. Mi:t, Scut l.i?( |il Lauarkaliiiv, Carmu'bael, London; Tottenham. Brown, New Kmc li'iih, Uuinfrirshin:, K< II>, Belfast; Bolivar, Koi.ui, Water ford: Johns, Brodil, Newcastle. 11 <hii i* I'arli. Wnr*?II t. Sept 12?Mid /aid.*. Cunningham, Havana. I'orii ami, tk'Pi l(i?Arr Moacow. Carter. Ilarre; 17tli, I??-iijainin. I'Uiit. Philadelphia: \Virivn,Titcomb, Baltimore; Am?ric.t, Crowell; Miranda. I'erry. and KlizaJane, Thomas, New S'tirL; IBtb, \ elaaro, I hoate, London for Boatou; * ol 'layloe, Wells, Si Johns, PR; t hallcnge, Oyer, New VorU. ' Id I6ih, Hebron, Hood, I ulii. Shi lUlli, A mericau, Adie, Trinidad; Napoleon, Osgood, ll.naii.i; Old Colony, Cuba. PonnMor rh. Sept Hi ? Id Pandora, Bailey, Eaatport. N?:ubi'Hvi'ori, Sept 17?Arr l iiiou, Colby, Philadelphia, Mardonough. NVoik. SaI.KM. S.'llt 111-Hill ( iciliit. Rmuvn MnntmiiUl and a mkt; Pactnlus. C ayenne; Mentor. Barter, from Romlout, for Bangor; KM Merrick, NVork; llitli, Diana, Small, <lo. ('lit Fairfield, Burr, il.> Boston, Sent lit? Arr Octavius, Col bum, Liverpool; Shaw, Loyett, NOmeans; Silieri.i, Bartlett, London; Arab,Crosby, NVork: Rival. Hinckley. I'oint Pet re,; Canary, Baker, Philadelphia; Koauoke Webb, Porto t ubello > ia New York; Caroline, Francis, WashinKtou. NC; Purveyor, Trewnrsv. and Osceola, Mv.ius, Hniidout; Jolm B, Gorham, and Kmiilout, Small, N York. Teleisraphed, St ia, Pearson, from London.? Sinnal for a haniue, supposed the M iry Brouihton, Chase, from Hamburg ( Id Vand.ilia, (of this port, late of Duxbury) Kverett. California; Havana, Gilpatrick, Havana; John Duiilap, Milliard, Oonaives; \,tracan. Wippiil, NI hh'ails; I hickasaw, Kendrick, Baltimore. Arr IKtli, \ caper Hopkins; Richmond, Soavey, and Black Hawk, Seavey, Philadelphia; Gov Arnold, Bacon, Salem, N.I; Kmblcm, Strout. NVorli. Nkw Bk.okorh. Sept III?Ari < II Hooper, Hamlin, Baltimore; Helen, Peny. N \ oik. Shi Pllli, Kllen Rodman, Shepherd, and Industry, Cushman, NVork; Adelaide, Sloeutil, and Republic. Howie, Albany. N \M rik T, Sept III?Arr Imperial, Swain. NVork. Nkw Haw*. Sejit 18?Arr Klizabeth. Hovt. and Plnnet, Saly, Albany Sid '1 auierlane, Sproul, Philadelphia; Ohio, I* arilham,

N York PlItl.ADKi.i'lltt, Sent 20?Arr Star, Wilson, New York. Cld Bunnell, Mathews, F.ili-a utli, Jain; Maria, Stetson, Port au Prince; Kinani'ier, Sargent, Portland; llobeit >Valn, Sears, and Lew is Bruce, Studlev. Boston; Surveyor, Houck, New Haven; Richd Taylor. Haskell, Charlestowu, Mass; America, Homers, Kail River; Albany, Nave. New York. An in the Schuylkill, Hclmylkill, Ryan, and Ontario, Holman. N \ ork BaI.TImork. Sept 19?CldCoriolaiuis. Haile. Trieste. Ai.hxaniiIua. Sept II!?Below, Adeona, of Bermuda, and Shylock. of Boston. Itn iimond. Sept IB?('Id Kdiiiburg, Houdh-tt, London. Noukoi n, Sept 1H?Arr Martha Klr/.abeth, Cromwell, Turks Island. Kdknton, NC. Sept Hi?Sid Sarah Louisa, Tillel, New York. Savannah, Sept 15?Arr Susannah Cutnming, Salter, Liver* pool via Portsmouth, NH; Vigilant, NVork for NOrleans.? Cld L Baldwin, Thompson, and Madison, Bnlkley, NVork; John W Smith. Jams, Boston. In |>ort, Susannah Gumming, Clirk, fin Portstinouth, Nil; \nrelius, Godfrey, Boston, disg; Coromando, Freeman, New Y ork, wis; Newark. Shapter, do, disg; Clinton, Lyou, do do; Henry Jenkins, Lightburn, for Havana; Ceylon, Colburn, from Boston, diss; Kxcallent, Davis, Philajdelphia, wig; John, Young, Camden, Me do, Kkt \Vi >i , Sept 6?Arr 1st. N G Bourne, Curry, New Y'ork, ami sld Ith for Port Leon; 41li, Statira, Babbidge, New York, and aid 5th for do. 1 rail Kerry, Chase, NYork for NOrleans, sent in her boat for stores on the 2d. TO RENT, JMt A FURNISHKD TIIRKF. STORY IIOUSK 1'*2EH* ' 'le re"1 01,1 board by ttif present oc^dLcuiunts. The House is 111 complete order, and situated 111 the most pleasant and convenient part of Broadway. The person taking the.same will hare the privilege of filling the vacancies with genteel hoarders. The best ol references will he required For particulars apply at 360 Broadway, between the hours of 3 and 6 P. M. *20 ttisrc JmA. 1" LET - The Basement under the Franklin House, 011 the north side of the entrance on Broadway?a very Jyytdesirahle locatiou for a boot and shoe maker, \pplv at trie ortice of til" hotel S2I Jt*ec HAVANA MANSION IKM SK ifoTKli n 'IIE undersigned takes occasion to inform his friends and ' the public, that the Mansion House is now located in 111 luisidor street, No. 1.7. in the 1 o'lioi 1 of 111 ? I ail >1111 ^ and \egetable market, having commodious family apartments, arranged in the neatest order. A person is employed to procure permits to land passengers, baggage, Sic. who will board vessels immediately after the visit of trie revenue officers. N. B.?Visitors to this Island should procure a passport from the Spanish t 'onsitl, at trie port of embarkation, to obviate difficulties and inconvenience. ill Smec WI I.I.I AM Kll.TON PARK THEATRE-.* CJiRD-Ut. Walkek*! ?enerit.? Mr. WALLAt li has the honor to inform the New York public that his benefit and last, appearance will take place 011 Kriday evening next, the 22d inst. when will be acted (by reiinest) and for the last tune. Sheridan's play of P1ZAH.RO Holla, Mr. Wallack With (also for th? last tune,) THE BBIOAND. A'essandro Massaroni, Mr. Wallack s21 2t*r 'PUIS NIGHT ONI.V?Mr. I. AM BERT "having "recently f returned from a visit to Europe, and having associated himself with two other gentlemen, hereby gives notice that a lecture will be delivered this (Thursday) evening, Sept. 2tst, at Concert Hall, 4(W Hroadwav, on St lUITl'UK HISTORY, Illustrated by his Collection of more than .id ILLUMINATED PAINTINGS, some ofw Inch aire the following:? The Spirit of (tod moving upon tne face of the Waters. The ( reation of the Sun, Moon and Stars. A Moving Representation of the Animals passing into the Ark. A Moving Representation of the Passage of the Israelites through tlv Red Sea, and the Destruction of the Egyptians. At the opening ofthis scene, the Hosts ol* Israel are seen passing through the Red Sea on drv ground; after which the waves return to their places, and overwhelm the army of Pharaoh, Nothing can produce a more imposing effect th in this scene. The Crucifixion and Uesurrectiou. These illustrations have been recently imported from London and cannot lie surpassed for correctness ol taste, beauty of design, and elegance of execution. They have been exhibited to crowded houses in various places in the I 'nited States, and have met with universal approbation, 'i hev are highly recommended by clergymen and other gentlemen of the first respectability. Tickets for admission 26 cents; children half price. Doors o|ien at 7. Lecture to commence at half past 7 o'clock. Sill ll-r j APOLLO HIM Klii SALOON, BKOADWA V. Mil HENRY IIUSSKLL renpectfuily informs the |>ublic, I lie proposes giving a vocal entertainment at the Apolto Saloon, on THURSDAY EVENING, Sept. 21st. I8J3, On which occasion he will liave the honor of presenting to the public several of his new and most favorite compositions. PROGRAMME. Part I. SON(i?" Our way across the Mountain, Ho !" When the tempests fly o'er the cloudy sky, And the piping blasts siuj,' wearily, Oh, sweet is the mirth ol the social hearth, Where the. flames are blazing cheerily. Our way across the Mountain, ho ! 80NO?" I'm Alloat, I'm Afloat.'' Words by Eliza Cook. I', I'm afloat, oil the fierce rolling tide; Th? ocean's my home, and my bark is my bride.?etc. BCENA?" The Dream of the Reveller," Or, The Three Houses. Words by Charles Mackay, Esy. Sung by Mr Russell at the grest Tem|>erance Meeting held in the Long Room it Exeter Hall, London, in the pieseuce of nirc tin-'* thousand persons. Around the board the guests were met, the lights above them beaming, And in their cups, replenished oft, the ruddy w ine was streaming? ... Their cheeks were flush'd, their eyes were bright, their hearts with pleasure bouuded? The song was sung, the toast was given, and loud the revel sounded. I drain'd my bumper with the rest, and cried, " Away with sorrow ! Let us lie happy for to-day?what care we for to morrow "' But " I spoke my sinht grew dim, and slumber deep came o'er me. And, mid the whirl of mingling tongue*, this vision paji'd before me. SONG?The Ivy Green. Written bv < Dickens, Esq. Oh! a dainty plant is the ivy green, It crrepeth o'er ruius old?See. TIIE NEWFOUNDLAND DOG. Words by F. W. N. Bailey. Life-saver :?Wave-stemmer' Deep-diver!?away ! Nights shadows are closing The portals of day : Oil the breast of the billow We bear liis low wail? We have put up the rudder, And furl'd up the sail. No signal from heaven Will show where lie lie , And wherein ha I ? driven We men cannot see. Ho. Carlo! Newfoundland ' Go follow his cry, As it gaspingly answers The sea-moaner's sigh, Sic. 11 AM LET'S SWLILOQIj Y-Hh.ikspeare. To lie, nr not to be, that is the question :? Whether 'tis nobler in the mind, to suffer The slings old arrows of outrageous fortune ; Or lake to arms xgainst a sea of troubles, Anil hv muni,! ill- -ikI ll...1,1 I... i .. .l.?... No more ;?and, by a sleep, to say we end The heart-ache, and ihe thousand natural shock* That llesh it hear to?'Tit a consummation Devoutly to he wish'd Slvaks(>eire, the router of the heart, and th*- great timivalled delitu-n'or ol human character, was horn at Stratford, on the Avon, in 15SI l( has l?een justly said of him, that "lie ethauited world*, and then imagined new." By the power of Iiis gemux, he demands and obtains our belief, even lor what is ^s observed in Ihe K.ncyclopaedia: " Not only are bis human character . inexhaustible, even in conception, but he opens the Kites of the magic world, calja up the midnipht gnost; exhibits witchea, and tills the air with sportive fairies, ands) l|<ii*t and di'lormxl inoniters, and although inch beings exist onl) in nomination, he extorts llie conviction (hit if they did actually exist, the\ would conduct theiuselvei ai he represents." Hamlet's soliloquy it, an h is lx en well observed, " one of lh< inost beautiful productions in (lie Kiiulish language." No praiie so truly s|>e.iks the li.erit of this admirable soliloiiDV, as thai which the |?oet himself has bestowed 011 his divine ( leopalra?"Age cannot w ither it, norcoatoin stale lis infinite \ iriety." In sublimity, pathos, imagery, anil all that regards language, there is nothing in the whole circle of literature, ancient or modern, that can iu any way be compared with it ; it rtands alone?a class of itself?neither second, nor like to any other work o( genius. r*KT II. SONlt?" A I.ife on the Ocean Wave.'' Words by K. Sargent, Ksi|. A life on the ocean wave? A home on the rolling deep? Where thescatter'd water* rave, And the winds their rjvel* keep. S< K.\ V? 1 he Warn tiler ? Wile. Wordt by Dr. ( oat*. Dark is the nmht' How A irk ! No light. no tir?- ' I oltl (in ilie hearth the last faint m>?rk? expire ! Slnvt rmir ?lie ? niche* by the cradle'* >ide, Kor him who pledged her love ! L.ut ye.raBride! Hark ! 'tin hi* fontstep* ! No, 'tis none ! Lui' Ii?t ! How wearily the time roll* on ! Why should Ire leave me thun f He once wa* kuiil , \?d I belicv'd 'twoulil |,ut ' How mad ' how blind! Hint thee, my babe?peat on ! 'Ti* hunger'* cry ! Slnep ! lor there'* no food?klie fount is dry ' K inline anil cnlil their wearying work have done ! My heart mil?l break?and thou The clook strike* one ! NKW NATION Al. AMKIIK AN MONO. "?>iir Native Mong"?Our Native 80111: " (jelf exiled from our place of birth, Tor lime* more fragrant, brmlil anil nay, The memory of our own lair earth May awhile to lade away; Rut should ?ome minstrel echo fall, I If chorda that breathe la in country '* fame? Our *oul* will ham. our tpirit* yearn, Trill" t<> liie i <nii w<- inrp iiiiii ri.mri Tin liiuli?the low?in we*l or wot-. He ?ur* tliere'? noinr-lliiiiK coldly wrong A lion I the lieait (hat <loe< not alow To ln- ir it* own?iu Native Song. KINALK?" l<ft'? he (A l< nuhinK (.'bora*.) [From an nn|mlili?li*il''t>era.] To rommenri it ImT|vi>1 7 o'clock. 'I'ii li<i* Mlrenli i' o il. I'o tw hail hl Hcwitl't, At will's, uml Win l)iilioii>Mii<ie Ston .. Tin- 1'iano Kurte to In- n < il mii thi.? occasion wm iii.mnUr mi.'III. Mi ChickeiniK, Boiton, awl front the ?ioi? < I I I. Hewitt k. < o. >20 2tr 1I7ANTK1)?A situatioa u tHrdifr, * ?t*ady, *cti\? m?n * who i? well convfriant with v?rv de|>?ittm-nt ,??' th. |,UI , irricuUrlj tin cow traction mil | hoiue*. frail hot hou**?, Uii(i>ca}>" 4ixl nmnmnit*! u u?Wnimk. In* ini< lire?l lor atVfnil yetn in ?om? of tile moy eiien* i\e ohI heat situation* hi thi? country. Th<- tdvrrti?er ? ui th*1 in' %r r*s|?ert.?hle reference. Auv command i. or * In . iw>st pud. directed to .1 K., 4 Cornelia itreer. New York. will be rt'4|*?ft nily tteuiMto- ?<l 4t*22, 29 ^ Nn \\r \NTKL) i ' i 8m II C.i ul \ rW >v ?hI \m idfioUftoBi opMort'iiilv ptiMati itsalf ptnoa wuHim i i mm imI incmr ve Imimiihh 1 i. ulvertia-r In* l>?eu eiiKtifed for th# lant ten V<*ra n tlw? buainraa of r?'jwly made linen and ^ nth-men'* outfitting aiore, in tl ? mo?t i?*?|n*ct-th|c p.ut of the k'i.ifeat thoroughfare in th'a city. He it tic.Hirotis <?l < mending th*> hutineai, I ?r which iiurpom > wi*hes to l'??' hi ? comiftioii with some one (KMifMink; either capital or -red?t to the iinoiiiit of from I to $2000, for w Inch t portion ol * i p oftta would bi Ulowtd Tnf men I itatsctptionahle refereu*e, Mill I* given md required. Addreai A il it ChMomce.pi ^ i. u.? ?>'>uiu i ' i K<>oii > iui it MII> and her daughter, -is iln'y could aoeomuiodaled with room* in (he hottl. sin lw* in | TIT ANTW)-I Wrhseen fni Patent Mingles iati for iwoftth' I ** ihis rlothfti, fctc. They ciitirvlv supersede t!? qm of ironing, ?ml |mir \ In-1iiril'ul slo-^ mi ? l .tin- , Vr. Tin-* <! i I tlx.rsaving mar hi ne, as one female with tin* Mangle will in one day tlo a* innrli work a* ten leinalet v\ ill do w nh the smoothing irons, and without the .ud ol* fuel. They may be seen in operation at the principal hotels in the city. They will be sold at ureally redueed prices by 1)UN( AN fcc VV KST, 1 Little tJreen street, in m tin'm Mtr Liberty street,N,Y. AypUNO LADY, who his nccjvfd a l, *i Knglish education, who uuderst inds embroidery in all its benches, and has been accustomed to teach, wishes to obtain i situation in a country boarding school for yonng ladies. Address, paid, M. L. T., office of the Herald, New York. au2f> lm*r DAY 55 Warding. p KNTLKMKN taking their meals down town, denirous of vT securing day board in a private family, where the table is supplied in the best style, will fiud it lo their advauta^e, (and far preferable both as regards comfort and respect thility, to a public eating house,) by applying at 204 Fulton street. I'wo or three gentleineu cau l.?e accommodated with lull board. Terms moderate. s4 linr H\ \ I)So M h \l\\ HTM u NTS, with board may !? I mI on application at 111 Houston strtet?the entire second floor, which i? spacious and in good order A few double and si 11k le rooms may also be obtained by applying as above I. 'in " r (ftCA REWARD.?Btoleu IVom 11?- bar room of the Plavil* tlptJV jOIlt New Brighton, in the night between Wednesday, tiie Cltli, and Thursday the Nth iust. three eases of Duelling Pistols, liHiirimr the following marks :?I case, darkwood, containing a brace of ri lie-barreled Pistol*, marked Lei|>sig; 1 mail gany case, bound w ith brass?the Pistols marked Carpenter. London; 1 mahogany case, bound with brass, marked Lacy & Co. London. Whoever will bring the above to the Pavilion, New Brighton, Stated Island, or to the (*|obe Hotel, No. tjtf Broad wav, New York, will be paid the shove reward. Pawnbrokers are particularly requested to stop the above articles should the) bfoflMi all St*M D OBBERY?REWARD The Stove Warehouse ol the mb l** scriber, 201 Water street, was broken into last night. The iron chest was opened and robbed of one silver cup that was awarded me bv the State Agricultural Society in 1811. Also, eight Silver Medalr of the American and the Mechanics' Institutes; one Silver Medal.s of the Boston Institute, awarded for Stoves, Furnaces, Ike ?all engraved with ray name and for the purposes awarded. Also, one black cloth Coat. I will give as a reward the weight iu dollars for any of the silver articles ieceived. s21 lt?ec JORDAN L. MOTT, 264 Water st, SHIP ONEIDA from Havre. ( onsigneas b) this ship are reijuested to send their permits on board, at pier No. G N..H. without delay All goods not permitted by the 20th inst. will be liable to be sent to the pnhlie stop*. BOYD &. lilNCKKN, 9 Tontine Buildings, ne2i itr Comer wall ind Water street. PACKET SHIP OARRICK, IVom Liverpool.?Consignees by tins ship will pleeae send their permits on board, al Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street. All goods not permitted in five days will be sent to the public store. slOec fPHIS WKATIIKK aduioiiisheH all I* isoiis to lie careful <1 I .1 I I . I . M..- t " 11'- VI.. .1. ........ 1 V*.*.,.. H.lka ?'. <"ourtlandt street, cure sudden colds, rheumatism, chill* and fever, erysipelas, lie. in a Tew days, and by timely use prevent their occurrence. Sulphur Baths require one hour's notice. Portable Vapor Baths sent to any part of the city. s20 6tr /"CAUTION.?The public are hereby cautioned against re" receiving <?i negotiating a cwtitteitiof dipoiiti of thi Bank of Geneva, payable to the order of A. < lark, and bv him endorsed, lor the sum of 230 dollars, dab'd the latter part of August last, or about the 1st of the present month. Also, a draft for $100, drawn by 111?' Bank of St. Clair. Michigan, on win* ind 1 < mil' . Nt-w 7onti t<? the order of I II. Botttf* field, with his endor emeut, dat"d about the same time with tie* above, the same having been stolen from the pocket of the sub* scriber, and payment of both having been stopped OX 3t*ro HENRY CLEVEL1ND. )R SA LE( H E \ P?A complete Printing < )Ace, calculated A for a small daily or a weekly newspaper, consisting of Brevier, Minion, Fancy Type, jmposiugStone, Cases, Frames, inc., &c., all nearly new. Innnire of JAMES CONNER, s!)r Comer of Nassau and Ann street* VTOTICE. GENTLEMEN'S < iST OFF ( LOTHING X^i PURCHASED, and the higheit price piiu for them rfcrsons having the above articles, nod wishing to dispose of them, will do wtu by calling on the lubscriben i. WILhON & CO 3 Courtlandt st N. V. A line through the Tost O/lice or otherwise will be punctual11 mended t?> Dving, Scouring and Repairing in all its hranrhes. Clothing bought. sold and taken ill exchange. s21 lw * r A LI Si ?o per bbl.?Kirk's Albany Pale and Amber Ale.? The subscriber is now receiving from his establishment hi Albany a regular supply of the above *u|)erior article, the price of which he has reduced to Si 50 per bbl. The former good quality of the Ale will be fully sustained. Purchasers are invited to call and test the article, it is su)>eriorto any that has beeji in market this season. ANDREW KI It K, 11 Jam-i st. Orders for the above left at Mr. Owen Colgan's, 20 Janus street. Brooklyn, will he punctually attended t??. ill It * t What made my cheeks so bright and clear' What made all freckles disappear, < -uriug eruptions far and near ' What cleared the sunburn from my brow, And made my face so fresh as now ' "J' the Chemical Soap, that all allow . nKADKHS?Many of you?not all?think this Chemical Soap * mere puff Well, give u oil** trial* it is, without exaggeration, one of the most wonderful discoveries in chemistry. It cutes pimples, blotches, freckles salt rluum, ami | makes d irk or \ ellow skin clear and >\ lute Sold at th*' sign of the American Eagle, 83 Chatham street, N. V'.; 139 Kulton st. Brooklyn; or 21t llroid *t. Newark. >21 Gteod ec flTHAT \ BROWN FACE AND YELLOW NECK VV THAT WELL FORMED LADY HAS GOT! If she will get a rake of tli r Italian Chemical Soap, before she has used half her face and neck will be clear, her cheeks white,mixed with rosy red. It also cures the worst ca.?'*s of erupti ns, pimples, salt rheum, (Wckles, fcc. Sold at the sigu of the American Eaglw. 82 Chatham st. N. V.; 13'J Kulton st Brook- I lyn, or M3 Broad st Newark. __ sli Mpm VI NK IIKAD OK DARK CLKAN If A f II TO BK HAD I FOB -i SHILLINGS ONLY^liiis fliei hundreds in thecity < au prove who hate used .1 thrw- shilling bottle of Jones1 Coral Hnir Restorative?it forces the hair to irrow. stops it* filling off, cures the scurf or dandruff, in?li< ? the hair beautifully dark, soft and silky, and keens it so thrice as long as any oilier preparation. Sold, price :is, 5s or fls a bottle, ,ir the lisu of the American Kngle, 82 < hatham st. N. V. or 139 f'ulton st. Brooklyn; 249 lir?it. Newark s21 6tiMod WH<> I MY FRIEND I 1 KT HIM THAT IS just show it, by calling and making J purchase of the following kinds of goods, wholesale and retail Silk Shirts and Drawers Merino Shirts and Drawers Limbs1 Wool Shirts and Drawers Cotton Shirts and Drawers Some of facli kind of extra si/.e. Also, Sn?p?-ii(l rs, Stocks, Linen Collars, Linen Bosoms, Should* r Urat es. Knlinc Bella, Money Belts, Pistol Belts, with a variety of ar icles for griuleiiicn outfitting for the approaching season. PI ase call and see. The goods will be freely shown. At wholesale or retail, hy s2l 6teodis* rc I HA PERKOO, 71 Maiden lane. N(TciTr7vcTivTiT{ Y PORTV VRAILS LAPhKIKV * I V K.VI'KNSIVK * JH ?;|itals. &c.-?Twenty-eight \ e;?rs l?efore the N*?v Y ork Public !?DOf TOR .JOSKPH KVANS has removed his Di*|H*nsary to No. 100 Chatham street, near Pearl, where the unfortunate and afflicted, with every species of a certain disease,will be speedily and perfectly cured ( without et|>osure) on the m? t reasonable terms. Also, the most desperate ulcers and eruptions. II is medicines are mild, speedy and effectual. All cases are guaranteed. Be sure to find the real old Dr., No. 100 Chatham *t reef. Attendance daily until 10 o'clock P. M. Advice gratis. s2l lt?r rPO SINOLK GENTLE.MKN and others, who for certain * reasons may privately reijuire MKDH'AL AID. Dr. < ?RK< ?ORV may be consulted confidentially ai all hour. of the day or evening, at his private residence, No. I I Barclay street, near Broad way. He has been very successful m the treatment of many " (1 ill* cured'* cases which sometimes result fromconci tied 01 hidden wees, but oftoft IVom mi taken or ifcexiiericiiced practitioners. Another important consideration wh|ch lias not been overlooked, i* the adat ling of remedies to the'convenience of patient*, who generally desire to obtain a , cure as speedy and ?s private as possible. i Mvny iiersons have a desire to he informed a little upon in itI 1 1 ,1.. 1....., 1 . i...... 1 ?111? '11 t?? publi li his treaties ??ti pri\.il?* maladies, call* d the lii?bican. All who inav thus desire to consult a professional I'm ml should "In nil lit** 1? hi rfli win ion ??!' this work. with #*iicitviaii which by Rentl) been pvbliilicd< It is much enlarged and gretth irni?ro%?*il embrace* many sub ects i>l' mt* -re,t and s> rnptonn of disease* not before allta?l?Mi in. Tht' various form* of hodilv and mental weakness, incapacity and suffering, which came under the head of pri vat*1 mafadie*. ue faithfully delineated, ind the best practh il method ol ob f lining sound health ; it is .1 work plainly and practical I y adapted ?o the URf of all who may unfortunately need if* friendly assistance, of whatever age orsex? that portion of the work touting upon impotence. and a certain ?Je*frnrtive hahit of youthful ind'^cretion, from whence results " constitutional debility," will Ih* lonnd both useful and interesting to ill classes?it h n friendly yet silent monitor, wherv sensual or semal debility In. | made inreatenint: inroads upon the health or constitution, and I points oni not ool the muii of escape but tlx certainty 01 restoration. The chapter on stricture is worthy of |?articular attention, ind 1 nldw 1 d b ever om fhs uitnor1a method 1 ing r ,i, om plaint is without piin. ind ?ft rd 1 p itive mi condition*1 cure, requiring generally only a very snort tune m it? a?? ouiplislmii nt. The price of the hook is mi cents, and h?* had at any hour of the day or evening of the author, at his nrivau tesidi ice, 11 Bare la) traet w u tw Park uid ?l it tl?* fallowing agencies, which are drug stores, vi* No. 86 Willi ?in st. near Msiden Lane. No. Kulton *1. ror. of * told st. No. 77 Kast Broadway, cor. o Marke* *t. No. Itt Bow?ry, cor. of Spring st. No. ;i? Kultoo st, cor. of W iter ?t. No. |-|f? IMaucy st, cor. of Suffolk st No. 8<J < ma I st. No. i?;l Bowery, cor. of Walker st. B th li if st e?, come 1 < i Broad wa) and( hamben itnd Tie* book will be 111 a sealed envelop to those who may choose so to order if?it will alsj be seat by mail on receipt ol n* ? 11 uid 1 ed 1 I > eUl mi * 1 01 R( l|( \l. ( IRD ?BTH!< T1 R1 Thi .1 ^"l the urinary passige. requiring iiioi? - pr<&ct knowledge with the unseen anatomy of the parts than stricture . none 111 which blundering r.islmess or ignorance may etlect mere drplo1 able mischief. Doctor Kawcett, formerly *ur*?eon ??l the 21th Regiment of the British irmy, having 11 id 1 jtensiye ei|n riencM during the Peninsular war in tl?e treatment of all disease's of tie* irinn passegi 1 ' hei with an eitwnivi pnctkn In tMa ? K\ and New Orleans for the last fourteen vears, devoted eg* dusiv-ly to the treatment of stricture, venereal im potency, st? ih nanism nocturnal emissions, ind those demorabh wln'h an- maltreated bv the mixture*, pills, and other pretended ipecifW 1 idministered Sj quacks, guarantees to cnie ill those mala without restraint i" diet, hindrance from mm nflss, uid without im ram> His nurgicaI diplomas from Lon don and Kdinburgh,and his medical degree from Philadelphia tofeth r with other of the moat marectahl lentiais, whicl can I n in Ian fVan in hia .tin e, 1M Full m street, wipi to command that n*s|?eetahilit> which lonu egperienee, egten siv*'nractiee. and prartical knowledge would warniit. ( Iffn e |% Knit,hi shei f. >21 I in ?| THORN'S COMPOUND EXTRACT OP OAPA'BA ANL) HAHSAPAKII.LA. posshsshs a few advantigea not ee joyed by any other medicine tor tlie cure ol all <1, ,v ,ses land wliich must, with an enlightened public, rendei it aasnredly highly |H?|?nlar. inda desideratum long aought foi in the medical world ' n??eds no coiifinemeiit or change of diet. In its ipproved l??ru I hat ot .? p.iste, it is entirely la?tel<'is. and c.uin"? no n i|?le.i< t I'lisAlmn to tin' puliAiit. It h*? t!i* ulliMMl 11 ? ' h'*'" moatrvery part of h uropi* ; it lm? l??ii csatniuMi. approv.-.! and tuutioiml lis tin- Uculty of medicine. md rwomm?mlri lij th? inont .'niiii.'iit of thr |imf??Hion. . rn-|?\rril by J. B. Thornr, clwmitt, l.on<lon, ni"l 'or sal. wholrnil. / VVIKM J \HK\N1 !?6 (Jrmiwnil ilrwt coin" of \\' ?rPP5 ,'"T' Alio, at J I'ark Row and JI8 Broadway. ' Br",??1wny, 111 , Bi'.ilway corner Lureuard ?tn*i, .W9 Broadway i:onier Walker ?U??t. Ulmu'm AUCTION SALES. TilOMA n BKLL. Auctioneer. BV RKLL fc IIOWAHD. ( Starrs \<t. jhm street and IIS Fulton street.) TlimSiAY. A t lu^s o'clock . in flie sales room, A inn . Hmtiimit of choicu f'urniltirt*. *ud a collrctiou of ?*luabUt i> uutiuga. At li <? i 1, , \it | h tlm1.1? laud. situated in the ?ery centre inu '"um. ,, t of 11villus of Sine Hinc. Imnedutcl il , i-mi, |i n Mflfllil ?n?i other 1*1 ?<:? ? Maps to be ,?t ii and information given at (Imp sale* mom. Alio, ii"j of lnMutiful wootlUml, located in Oncidi count , about 2.* mile*Imtn I'dea. u??ar K< iiisen, tiinJ*r**d | with line t?**cnaiid nuiil* ?soil .* client. lin|?roffd farms ui the immediate neighborhood ??*ll from 10 to i>er acre. MlpAV, At I0'| o clock in the room. Large sale of elegauf aeuouable dry *mmU comprising ?tapl* and fancy hnblisli and dorn 'itifi dry goods, hosiery, gloves flic. Also, a (|uantity of hardware, cutUry, guns. )?w4ry, watch* A No, the baltuceof lc of ;i merchant tailor. Administrator's Sale?By order of an administrator, tit# ef. frteu of a gentleman iiicludiut; tit# clothing. jewelry, hooks, &< AUo, !l riiniiijtf lathe*, in fin** order. SATURIMV, At 'Oia o'clock, in the sale room*. Large Hal?- of flck.iiit second hind na?l new furniture, of all descriptions, from families removing, &c. Also, the stock ot a cabinet maker. AUo. a lartfe > isortntfiit of va'uab'e furniture, by order of a rereivcr, comprising chairs, tables, bureaus, carpets, rugs. lookinn gl as-ies, softs, wardrolwj, safes, stoves, gUst warn, lamps, piano forte*, painting*. lie AUo, kitchen utensils, cutlery, kc. AUo, balance ?f slock of liquor* from a hot#1.! TUESDAY. \t in" 4 o'clock. in the Fulton street store and room*. Splendid Kuulish and French < lima?Will be Hold without reserve. tn entire i-.mHiicument, just received from Liverpool, of rich .tnd leautiful china wan*, consisting of full dinner, tea. coffer tud de*?ert *e ., new and classic style*; alao costly ??w v oriniiiciiu, ftgurt . groups, fctc. They are jutt landed, ami will be unpacked to-dt>. tnd arnuged lor examiuatiou on Monday, and soht without postponement .nt above. BENJAMIN MOONEY. Auctiooatr. AlV-TlOV NOTM K. POLIst(K.I) STKK.L KIRK /V SKTTS, HARDWAItK. crTI.KKV, BRlJ8H?8,Jkc. B. Moouey Ik Co. will *e|| this d.ty it Ml o'clock, at 9! Maiden Lane, a line assortment of Hardware. &.? . vix:?2 cases cast steel, hollow ware, frame pullie*. padlocks, hat and coat |>ins, tea trays, iron candlesticks, steelyards, augers, home rasps, files, sawn, butcher knives, lie. AUo I casks akate*; also 2# leather and parking trunks: also an invoice of damped hardware ncr ship fieorge Washington, conaiating of atau table knives and Ibrkt, horse rtaps, hand saw, mill saw , and flat has* lard tiles. Also < 'oclcer 4k. Sons^ and llerrirniug & Sous superior needle*. Also ;uij invoice ofeitv made brushes, viz:?Hair, cloth, scrubbing and horse brushes. AUo 600 polished steel fin* se^ts, w itlt standard to match. YUo, a superior assortment of to tli i jr. < " tlo ui tra i ow n "I ?,2i ir i Tll()WHIl!D< ?K St ro., 3oi Broadway. rPIH J RSDA I , Sept. 21st, it 10 o'clock, at the Auction Room A ?( atalogue Sale?A complete assortuifiit of new and second baud Furniture, comprising sofas of various patterns; nun half, three quarter and full Kreticli chairs; dressing and plain bureaus; elegan. secretary, book cases, wardrobe, breakfast and oiaioK tibki, nuurbw top ina wttwooH cutw tibki, can do* rockers and nurse chairs, easy do, cane and rush seat do, i:ar|>*iint. hair mattr??*ses, pilhasters, Ate. Also, i line toued piano forte. AUo, a lot of oil cloths. ill II* hi FOR SALK AT PUBLIC AUCTION. rl,IIK RAHWi* V MANUFACTURING CO. will sell'at A public Auction, mi AiiKU.t, nt their Print Works, in Ualiway, N. J., all tlit* machinery, and moveable property of the company, cotiaistiiiK of printing and engraving machines, c.iiienu.-ri, cop(iei cyiiiiuer*. uyr .ni|i|rti, uyiim aim uirio iiuik apparatus, sleam boilers, sleiin engine, Vt horse power, with 4 Douen, I nit wgiiiM, t pmi muucm, iron safe. hydraulic anil com moil press, large .uul small slide lathe, witn complete Mt >1 lurniiiu uul boring, and blacksmith's tool?, all a**ortmeut. of imported steel, ami new and ol>l iron, ai|uantity of drug* suitable lor calitlo printers and dyers, tubs, cask*, and large cisterns, stove*, table*, benches, titc. Catalogue* of winch may be had on application to Mr. Philip Ttus*ler, at the Priul Works, or of KKRUUSON fc WALKER. ivl9 lm*r 11 William street. PIAN() K(iH.TH AND SIN<;J\( r?1HK MISSES CUMMINO respectfully intimate tint tliey 1 n'coinmeuce tuition m the above branches on the 1st of September. The Mint s < '.'s system of instruction in Singing has lor its object the full development of 'lie voice after the Italian method while the style they inculcate is the Scottish; thus uniting the advantages o' the aitilicial to the natural, in a mmner th? most pleasing and effective. Terms?At the pupil's residence $!.i per quarter?two pupil* ill one family, S.'S; at the Misses t'.'s residence$10 |>er quarter. Residence I Warren street, corner of Broadway. auiW I in * r PIANO F >RTE9. TOHN PETHICK respectfully inform* In* frieuda and Ilii ' public that lie has Oil hand at Ilia old establishment, >o. 2(11 Bleeckerstreet a elmice assortment of Piuio Fortes, which he w ill cell on th? most returnable terms. For touch and tone?those important, consideration* with players of ex|?rj?nce?he woulil readily challenge comparison with 'he best Pianos now ill use ; and as to durability, he refers to tie* many and mqaal re. onimendations of hi* instruments by various professors who have nseil them for the la*i twelve years. The assortment comprise* various patterns, both of rosewood and mahogany, of sis octaves anil eighty note*, or Cull t terman scale. New V ul., Sept. IHUi, 11)13. s2l tm*M GCONCIA'S PIANO FORTE PRECEPTOR, illustraTing the principles of Music, by a novel and improved ?ys tun, and designed tor schools or self-instruction. The work ha* received the approbation of se.veral eminent professors. Jnsl published, and for sale at 02 Spring street, and by flSI 11* r i li I IIRIH'l'MAN. 104 Pe.rl st. MADAMtt KJTTUNI P 11 O V E 8 S O It OK 8INOINU, 61* Broadway. sit 3m*r HAK PS. | F. BROWNE Sc CO. Manufacturers of the Improved " Patent Double Action llarp, by Rotal Letters Patent, Loudon?established IRIU, (many years witn Erard,) No. 38i Broaiiw?\ and 13*4 I liainliersstreet, New York. I. I'. Browne offers for sale at lll'j Broadway, the finest col lection ol these lie in 11 I'll f I list rn inni I ft in iln- Umtoit fcstatca. Hw arrangement* are such is to enable him to transact business at K.urc>i~ .n pri-ea, tli< r. tiy snvirn; purchasers the hifch <luti<*a imposed bytirift on these instruments. J. K. Browne would observe these Harps an1 constructed on tlie most approved luinciples, with all thr modern improvements, are unequalled m brilliancy of tone, ltneue>s of touch, and |ierfectness of mechanism I'atticular rare is taken to fit tliem lor tin1 ejirwiiM f climate in this country, in which respect they * ill hi' tound far su[ierior to any of bnropntn manufacture imported in tin* usual way. These Harps an- patronised by the elite of musical taste and professional talent m Kuroie; among the latter, he would mention V_< Boehsa, who invariably selects from this establishment-. The att> ntiou of professors in this country is solicited. Lists of prices and descriptions msy be forwarded by post. Repairing caiefully attended to; Harps taken in etchanfe. Strings. See. s?l lm?r DHAMAN'8 BATHs. New Bathing Kstablishment, at 1' No 4 Courtlaudt street. New York, four doors from Broadway J BH A MAN lias recently opened ths above new Bathing establishment. Kvery department is constructed on the most commodious and convenient plan, ft is now in successful o|ieration, and ladies and gentlrmeu visiting the establishment will always find prompt attrntion, and euery thing connected with it conducted in the most genteel and correct manner. (L/- Warm, Cold and Shower Baths, at all lioura, from sonrise till In o'clock at night. s8 lm*r SHOWKR BATHS?Portable Shower Baths 50 cents a j'tese for sale by the manufacturer. W. WK.ST, 109 Hudson street. Show er Baths of every description for (ale by the manufae tn?er, W West. 104 Hudson St. Imis*nc pOI.LW Tl\(i BILLS, DRAFTS, hi , IN BOSTON. ^ MASS.?The subscriber has made arrangements in this city, whereby he is enabled to receive bills, accounts, lie. in Boston for prompt collection. Merchants and others wishing itch business transacted there, are requested to hand them iff to Mr. UKOHUK DOLL, No. 4, Ann street. New York, who is duly authorized to receive bills and forward the same to me for collection. All monies collected by the subscriber will l? promptly paid over to the parties entrusting him with their business, and no charge if hills are not collected. Bv giving his personal attention to tlie above business he trusts the facilities offered are too obvious to require coinnieut. ANDRKVv ROBKKTS, au20 Im'r 21 State street, up stairs. Boston. BILLIAItDS AlfK. Till-. OHDKR OK T11K DA Y.-f he subscrilier le-gs leave to inform his friends and the public that he lias t'ken (lie Billiard Koom in Mr. French's Hotel, 91 Chatham street, where he hopes to meet Ins customers and friend* formerly from (lit* corner of Broadway and Chamber* streets. t IIKISTIAN BHI DKN Bl.'Tl IIKH Srix KS BOt'OHT AND HOI.I) ON COMMISSION, and Collection* made on all parti of the l'nited States, by \VM. Si J NO. O'BRIKN, 16 Wall slrm, under tl?* Mechanis*' Bank. Southern And Western Drift* and Bank Now bought and odd. *2 lm#ec rpo THE LOVKHS QK Sl'PKHIOlt ILAI K TEA.? 1 llowqua's Miitare.?This eitremely delicious and unparalled Tea, ?o highly celebrated iu China and Kurone just imported. is now for ?ale at the Csntou Tea Company ? fJenen\ Tm h*uhlialiineut, 121 Chatham ?tr?et, New York, and IIS Kultou street, Brooklyn?in packages- Price M cents and $1 ?MI auM lm*r f lOAL.-lisric Nut Hue Si,Ml. Stove $l,7i, and freih Broken and K,gK $ > per ton, of the l>c?t IVach Orchard A?h, well screet.ed, ?. mhcd bva city weigher and delivered free of cartiC A reduction of ?.'icent* per ton if taken from the boats. PKTKR CLINTON, corner of King 10 2mr ana Greenwich street* A A. SAMANOS offers for sale, at No. 6 Wall ?t, 10 hhrfs Muscovado Sugar, ai.'l IJ bass of ( off*-?, landing from brig T | ax, from St. hgo In Store? 10 lihd* Sun cured Muscovado Sugar . uiltble for retiuers 4 (>o?e? white Sugar. Aw labor It hilet nupericr (Jiiisa Tobacco, nilabls for mannrac tun-rs. MO.m, Segars, of Lord Byron, Woodv . e.anda variety of oilier bi.iuds. WAVI'KD?A Cooper, and it MiP ? nnht that understands c*ri?*nter'? work, to go to St Jagndi . uba; must be single and of temperate hxhit*. Apply as aTiov ?8 lm*r ONI Kk. I IO A US AND TO CCO?Just received per l' recent arrival*. an importation of choice foreign Snuffs, consisting of Lund; h oot's Irish high toast; high Jned Welch. Ilinlhani s. No. V. Violet Strisbnrg, Morton's mixture, Prince Albert do, Copenhagen, etc; together with a large assortment of domestic snuff* of tne *ubscril>er'? manufacture. On hand a prime lot of Havana Cigars, "Moriega," "L* Nor I avmdiih Tobacco of the most lfpro??l brands, Turkish, (iermaii, (4 qualities) Scafarlatti, hihI Spanish muokuiK lobar eos;l)utrh and Kngli?h clay |>ij>es;JonesRoyal iwtent matches; eiKar cases; tubes; fancy |?ii*^s; snuff boxes, and every article appertaining to <i vwll stocked tobacconist'! establishment, for aile at wholesale and retail by MRS. ih NKWCOMBK Si SON, an 21 lm?ec No. 4 Wall ?t. Mi n i kkian dihi'knsary khtabmsiikd in ihj? ? It the world only knew one hall the desperate case* of disette of a private nature cured by the physicians at the Huntc nan l)i?|?'n*ar), !l Dixnionilnft, with the I ir-lanu-d andjustlv celebrat* <1 Hunter's Bed Drop. there would not be aav other rrm? !> u*ed This medicine has proved itself twelve yesrs.Mfo? to U* the on I v sure and liar ml cure on eartn. Those alflicled are respectfully invited to call ana examine th?- many pnvsl* rooms, and read hundreds of certificates of person* who 'wve bevii Cured by th?* hum! in tie* after ill el*e liave la l Jed. I iich $1, warranted in all < as?*s. Persons in Rochester and Buffalo, IV V., Boston, Mass. and Charleston, S I .. in w.uit ol this medicine, can obtain it genuine b\ remitting fl, with a description III MO other nunni r <an iIkv be ,ni" of gellmi th* tmrnrtielf. . \ (il m h ok I'llHV'KNTION WORTH A iv i'OI M> "l1 ' 1 KK ?I'r. Luml (. alderon'a Preventive ??,t Venereal { <'. tion. * irrinieil not to fail, if um>d u directed Tln? in* iln ible preiwration haviiiK lieu te.ted by .oid ri-rcioJ II ? imuniii'iiu approval of *o learned a body is the Knynl Academy ol Medicine. Pari,, i* surely sufficient Kiiamni?. ith,. imlilii' auainst another attempt to palin upon them i worthless nostrum. The particular* of the rtpnimrnli made In i committee *VPoiuted by the Ko>*l Academy. are detailed hi i hamphlet which will lie distributed gratis by theaiteiit, one wnich alsoacconyaiiiea each package of the preparation, a perusal of which will convince the most Ateptical. Princi|?t iipeiicy JJO Bowery, comer Bond street. Price of package containing twelre powders, $'!. ?W lm*f v' l ' V It '."llihila. \mv pi 11 lie t (Irli'aol Hutf-irs. landing k* from ship OcuialK^, mil ft>r ?.*!? bv ,211. K. K. ( OLI-LN8 .V < 0. *o?th ?l. lJ !< fUGUSB. FEMALE PILLS, THESE fnr-fam. <U*rf relfbr.itKl Pill?, from Portugal, %i* w? p?rc?ive, to be nbuiu?J m th? coontry. S*? ?UT?rti?? BMul on UN lail columr