Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 23, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 23, 1843 Page 1
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TH Vol. IX?No. !401 ?Whole No. 3473. To the Public. THE ; YOriK 1IEUALD?daily newspaper?published ev?*ry day oi the yfar except New Year's day and Fourth oi July. Price 3 centu per copy?or $7 'IB per annum? (Kist'iftes paid?cash in advance THE WEEKLY HEIIALD?published every Saturday nv>;ning? pr ice 0} ceirs per copy, 01 ?> > i* poiUjrui. |mid?cukh in advance. ADVh RTl-ERS are informed that the circulation of the HrrulJ Never THIRTY THOUSAND, and increasing frtpt [t has the largest circulation of any paper in 1 hit city, or the world, and is, therefore. the bent channel for bu linens men in the city or country. Trices moderate? cash in urivuno. PRINTING of all kindcexecuted at tho most moderate prices, aud in the most elegant style. JAVES GORDON BENNETT, pKOriilKTOR OK THB HlCKALD ElTABUf IIMtfNT, % Northwest corner ol Fulton and Nassau streets NEW LINE OK LIVEIil'OOL, l'.\< KJ T8. To tail from New York ou the iitli .uid Liverpool ou tho 13th of each month. illfe MOM Nitw York. Ship KOHOIUU, Captain John Collius, 25th July. Ship SIDDONS, Captain A. B. Cobb, 26th August. Ship SHE'HI I) AN. Captain K. A. Dejteys'er. 2oth Sept. Ship (5AHUK K, (>.ptain Win. Skiday, 2J>tl? October. khom livkhfool. Ship SKIKKIDAN. Captain F. A. Depeyster, 13th July. Ship GARKICK, Capt. Win. Skiddy, 13th August. Ship 1<OSCII< S, Captain John Collins, 13th September. Si mi SIDDONS, Captain K. B. Cobb, 13th October. I hese ships all of the first class, upwards of 1000 tons, DttUt III tht Clt? uf New Vork, with such iniproverneuts as combine gnat speed with unusual comfort tot fieyenten hvery c ire has Ijeen taken in the arrangement of their accommodations The price of passage hence is $75. These ships are comiiMuded by experienced masters, who will make every exertion to #ive general satisfaction. lth-r the captains or owners of the ships will be responsible for any letter*, parcels or package* sent by them, unless retfular hills ol lading are signed therefor. Kor frnj^ht or passage applyto K. h . < DLLIiNSSi ( U..JS South St., New York, or to BllOWN, SHIPLEY &. CO., Liverpool. Letter* by the pickets will be charged I2)? ct-nls |ier sink'l sheet : cents |K'r i,mice, ami newspapers 1 cent each. jy7 ec THE KNW LINK OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS. rlffy ffMy N*w 8hi?raL' &* n??.quw. |Sir"' Ship K OCH EST EH, 850 ton,. j }*jj ^Ty. John Brittou { ,fith Jnne Ship HOTT1NUUKR. lOiO ton., I Ma'rch!^" Ira Bursely, $ 16th July. Those substantial, faat sailing, first class ships, all built in the city ,'f New York, are commanded by men of e*|ierieuce i.,d ability, and will he dispatched punctually on the 16th ol eh. H month. . Their chilli :<rc elecnut and ,!ommodiiius, and arc furnished with can conuace to the ease ?u?d oomlbrt of passengers N' ithei the ce.ptaiiift or owners of tliese ships will be respousiblr loi nny ptrc?ls or p ckaijes sent by tliein, nuless regular bills biding arc sixi^d therefor. Kor freight or ii<t<sage appb' to VVOOmiULL Si MINTURN8, 87 South street, New York, or 10 nc.ijut.n, uiviuutiva au 9 Liverpool JOHN Mb! IIP MAN'S OLD ESTABLISHED EMIGRANT PASSAGE OFFICE. Ml m M. M. Kr.lii L.AR LINt, UK PACKET Silil'S, 61 Soutl^treet. New "lurk. P\SSAHF. to and from Great Britain and Ireland, via Llv er|i?ol and London, by the regular packet ships, sailiug on the 1st, 7th, 13th, 19th, and 2.">lh of each month to and from Liverpool and to and from London Ut, lOtli and 20th of each month. The subscriber ha* m.ide nn"i|nulled arrangements to bring out emigrants, and can, with great confidence, assure those persona sending lor their friends, that every due and diligent attention willbe shown them, and all who embark with them Passage can also lie engaged fiom Liverpool direct to New Or1-aus. M I'nile, Savannah, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Boston, and to the different ports of the British Provinces, at the lowest rates. .With those arrangements, together with the advantage which hi> Liverpool correspondents posses*, being large ship owners, aid e?', osivcl) e.i?aged in the freighting business despatching yearl) at least 100 first class shins from Liverpool to the va rous ports of the United Siates, w ith freight and passengers. The facility offered by this stablishment is unsurpassed, and from tlwlutl IMM i first CUM ship* employed in the line there can lie no detention wh.tever, which will be guaranteed. The price of pi_:sage w ill be at tile luwest -.u s, and should any ol those set a for decline coming, the passage money will be as custoinarv refunded. The steamboat fare from the different ports to Liverpool can, as usual, be secured. JOHN HEltDMAPl. til South st. N Y. or J. k W. ROBINSON, near Wall street, Merchants a ad Emigrants' Agents, No. !6 lioree PiaMas, Liverpool. DRAKTS AND E.\< 'HANGE. The Subscriber requests the attention of those remitting mo ney to th? ir friends to his unequalled arrangements for the paytn"nt of his drafts on demand, without discount or any charge whatevei at the following Banking Institutions. vifc :? IN 1 VtiLAND?Mewrs. James Bult, Son i Co., Bankers London. Messrs J. Barnard M Co., Exchange and Discount Bank, Liverpool. National Provincial Bank of England, and Branches throughout Engl uid and Wales. Yorkshire District Bank and Brauches. Birmingham Banking Co. Lanou?er !iinking to. IN S< OTLAND?Greenock BauKing Co in Glasgow and Greenock. Eastern Bank of Scotlaud and Branches. IRELAND?Provincial Sank of Irelaud. A mash Cork Eunis . Mallow Athloue Carlow Enniskillen Moneymore Ballhna Cavan (ialway Omagh Belfast Coleraine KilUtnuy Parsonstown I. i - ? i.:n ifii_^u Bli?? o.llitnriuKc < v..nuii ..i.iui... ifs*' Bally mena Dublin Lmdouderry Strabaue Bmuou Dowupatrick Largen Tralee Ballyshannon Duugannon Limerick Waterford Clonmel Du^gari ?i Mouaghan Yougliall National Bank of Ireland. Billiusloe Castlebnr Moate Tipiwrary Bauagher Knniscorthy Nenah Tu.un Boyle Kiimoy New Ross Tliomastown Cosher Calway Rotcm Tralee Carrick ou Sair Kanlurk Roscommon Westjiort ! < astlerea Longford Sligo Wexford Charlesville Loughrea Tallow Wlcklow Clonmel Mich.ielstnwn Thlirles N. U. ?In ad-lition to tlic Liverpool and London packets, tlie subscriber is also agent for the regular packets sailm; weekly from New V ork to New Orleans, Mobile. Chariest vi, ann Savannah, by which passage can be seemed ?t the lowest rates, .yia-tf __ JOHN HKRDMAN. TAPSCO ITS GENERAL PASSAGE OFFICE, 43 PKCK SLIP, NEW VORK. lifiy 1 he subscribers be* to call the attention ol their fneuds ami the public general!}, to their su|>erior arrangements for bringing out imsseugers from, and remitting money to any part "I r'.iiglatid. Ireland, Scotland or Wales, in the magnificent pack et ships, comprising the "JitW LINK OF LI VKRPOOL PACKKTS," VIZ.:Ship KOSCIL'S, ('apt. Collins. Ship SIDOONS, Captain Cobb. Ship SHK.RIDAN, Captain Depeyster. Ship OARKICK, Captain Skiiiay. New ship HOTTINOUttR, Captain Btirsly. Ship SOUTHKIlNKR, Captain Woodhouse. Ship IIOCHK8TKR, < aptam Palmer. New Ship LI VKRPOOL, Captain Kldredre. Sailing twice ever) month ; and witli the " UNITKO LINK," eompoied of superior first class American ships, sailing every ten uu>?, will make live ships in each month througnont the j ear, (or one "very sis days) tlierrby preventing the |>ossil>ility of unnecessary detention. Passages di.ecl I'roin London, Bristol and Oreenock to New York. Also from Liverpool to New Orleans, Mobile, Savannah Charleston, Philadelphia, Boston and Baltimore, and the various ports in Dntish North America, can at all times be engaced on 11 !>eI term*. Persons w isliins, to semi for their friends, will not fail to see tile .idvantages to be derived from selecting this line in preference to any other, and they may rest assured that unusual care will lie taken to make the passage agreealde, the ships being fitted up n ith a.i eye solely to the comfort of passensers. I? >11 .m?i . wl>rr>- the i?artie> sent for decline coming, the mo ney will be refunded without any deduction, as usual. A free pa?..iRe 'rum the various scaporU of Ireland and Scotland, cai. alio l>e secured Thf re;rni-ir iwckets tor which tl?> subscribers areajteiits, tail ft* follow#, vi/,TohikI from Loudon on tlie 1st, ID, and 20th i it'*i nvn !i To and from Liverpool on tin' 1*1, 7th, 13th, ; -th, a. I "ithofeach month. New (>rh:un, Mobile, Savannah, and Charleston, weeklv throughout I lie season. K K >11T T A N C K S. Per*oni in the coitnrr> vv ishiug to tend money to llieir friend* by enclosing (In sum lhe> with sent, w itli the name and aduiv',i ol th'1 pntnej to receive, it, may r- ly en a draft lor the amount bein? loiwurded |>er lirst racket, after the recei|it thereof and a?i acknowledgement for the *atne returned |?-r mail Drifts at Htuhi, for any <momit, arc payable on demand, without discount or any other charge, at the National and Provinrial Banks ol Ireland anil branch**, F.aatern Bank of Scotland, (ireenock, *ml their branches, Messrs. Jam** Oult, Sou & (jo. Hauliers London Kxchan*e and Discount Bank. Liverpool and HI ever) principal t 'Wll of (Jt.-at Britain and In-laiiil. Further particular* made known on application, if by letter post paid, to W. fc J. T TAPSCOTT. d.V, r 11 Peek Slip, corner South st FOR NEW ODLK.AN8. LOUISIANNA AND NKW YOHK LIN EOF PACKETS m- Si Koi the better accommodation i* iulended to despatch a ship from this port on lh? 1st, Mil. With, l.Uli, 20th, ami of each month, commencing the tilth October and continuing until May, wheji rexular days will be appointed for the remainder of the year, whereby Rival delay* and disappointmi lit* will he prev ented during the summer inontha r he following ship* will commence this arraignment: bhip * A/(M), ( aptain Cornell. RhipOCONKK, < aptain Jackson. Slop Mississippi, ( aptain IIilliard. Ship LOI'ISVILLK. ( aptiin Hunt. Ship SHAKSI'hAKK, (aptain Miner. slop OhSTJ>N,/'.aptain Latham. J up IIUNTSViuLK, ('aptain Mumford. i Sl.i|' *>' Ml'i^liKtii ( aptain Leaviit. Mill J*ASH\ ILLK, Captain Dicluuson, l?b ' I. 114 ) it niu|? rflup LOl ISA, Ca|i|iii| Mtill'orii. These fill's *?i* all I 'lit in the city of N<"T* York, eipresi1v for pa.eket?, we ol' lirfhl Jrall of water, Mte recently beto uewl) "*?] *"1 1HI1 splendid ordjr, with aceommodrlions for |'u??'iiK'-r? unw|nalled lor comfort. They ?re coninauileil by experienced masters, who will mnke every esertii n to gue general satisfaction. 'I hey will at all time* be towi d ii11 mil (lo.i II the Mississippi by stesmboats. Neither the owners or captains of theae ships will h? resporutile for jui.elry, bullion, preciousstones.silver or plated ware, or I'ur *ii) letteii, parcel or package, ?enl by or put on kosrl f f them, unl*.? i.'wuUr mill of lading are taken for the same ard t!i Value tln-reou esprivted. Jhoi freiuhtor i .unite, apply to K. IV. COLL IN H St CO.. M South it., or HULLlM Ik WOOI'RT'KK, Agent in N?w Orleans, who will promptly forward ill Roods to tlieir addrew. I'lie >lii| < of thu I ne are warranted to sail punctually as ic'vi ttlied, ami great car' will be taken to h??e tne rooU correcilv measured. mr 4 E NE NEW ' SUMMER AKKANGKMENT NKW YORK AND PH1LADKLPHIA RAI .flOAD LINK DIltJfiCT, Via N*wa?*. Nkwhrunswick, Princeton, Trknton, bohucntown Amu Burunuton. Leaviuit New V ork daily from the foot of Courtlandt ?t. Morning Line at 9 A. M.?Mail Pilot Line at \% P. M. 1 he Morning Line proceeds to Borden town, from thence by steamboat to Philadelphia. Line proceeds direct to Camden (opposite to Philadelphia) without change of cart. _ Passengers will procure their tickets at the office foot of Courtlandt street, where a commodious &i 'ainboat, will be in readiness, w ith b ibm ?Ke crates ou board. rinlaililphia baggage crates are conveyed from city to city, wihout Leuiis opened by the way Kach train is provided with a car in wnicn are apartments ana dressing rooms expresiiy ior tli?* Indies' use. IleturniiiK, the lines leave Philadelphia from the foot of Walnut street, by steamboat to Kordeiitown at 7 o'clock, A. M. and by railroad from Camden, at 'j p'olock, P. M. The lines for Baltimore leave Philadelphia at 7K A. M., ami 4 P. M. being a contiuuatiou of the lines from New York jy28 3m*?c ~ PATEHSON railroad. KAKK ONLV 2.'i CENTS. From Paterson to Jersey- City. On and after Monday, 17th July, tne cars will leave Patkhson Dki-ot Lkavk New Yon*. B A. M. 9 A. .VI. 11% " lJH P M. *T. M. 5 " ON SUNDAYS. > Leave Patekson Dkpot. 4 Leave Nr.w York. 7yt A. M. 8H A. M. 5 P. M. t> P. M. Transportation cars pi daily (Sunday* excepted.) Passen- 1 ijers are advised to be at the Kerry, loot of Courtlandt street, a f"<?> minutes Ix'Tnre (lie sIdimI hours of departure ivlR 6tn m s. bXll ilia's CHARLESTON, SAVANNAH. MILLEDGE- ?? VILLE, MACON. COLIJMBUsSi@Ca[ AND FLORIDA JSyfcd_ ** J " A C K A U E E X P K E 8 3 ytTw^ Messrs. M. S. BALL Si GO. will receive Sjiecie, Lank Mutes, uundie,, Samples, I'aeKsges anil UlMtol uoods, and lorward them by theii Expre??,to and from Charleston, Savannah, Milled* rvilla, Macon, aud all the way stations on the Central Kailroad. Also, liy the steamboat St. Matthews, Cajitaiu McN'elty, on her regular trips to and from Danen, Brunswick, St. Man's, Black Creek, Picolatta and Palatka. M. S. Ball it Co. w ill pay particular attention to the purchase of Goods, collecting and paying Drafts, Notes and BiUs, and the truisaction of any and all kinds of business, at any of the above named [daces. They will also forward Goods and Merchandize to any nart of the United States, which may he sent to their care. They intend to put 011 teams to run regularly through from Macon to Columuus, under their own charge, to carry all kinds ot merchandize, with all reasonable dispatch and safety, 011 the 1st of October next. Messrs. M. S. B. it Co. haviug made arrangements with the Central Hail road Company of Georgia, for au apartment under their own lock, and with a Messenger always in charge, offer suwrior advantages for the prompt aod safe conveyance of all valuable articles that may be entrusted to their care. Merchants, Planters, and others, desirous of receiving their Goods with prompt dispatch, will find it advantageous to direct to them. \CJ" Office at Savannah, 153 Bay street; Macon, Washington Hall; M. S. Ball i*. Co., Milledgeyille; Agent at Charleston, S. C..A. Head, 95 East Bay; S. Philbrick, Agent for receiving and forwarding good.i and merchandize at Savannah. M.S. B. Si Co. will advance cash for all freights on goods sent to their cliarge. Charges no more than the ordinary way of obtaining goods. au26 Iin?r /Z,i PEOPLE'S L, I N E OK L3TEAA1 BOATS , FOR ALBAN Y-Dailv at 7 o'clock P. M.? Till" 1 1 3r "i-i. direct?Krom the steamboat pier between Courtlandt aud Liberty street v, Sunday excepted. The steamboat KNICKERBOCIvRR.Cant. A. P. St. John, will leave Monday, Wednesday aid Friday Evenings, at seven o'clock. Steamboat ROCHESTER, ('apt. A. Houghton, will leave Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 7 P. M. _ 1 At 5 o'clock P. M.?Landing at Intermediate Places. ] Steamboat NORTH AMERICA, Capt. M. il. Truesdell, j will leave Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday al'ter- 1 noon, at 5 o'clock. Steamboat SOUTH AMERICA, Capt. L. W. Brainard, will leave Tuesday, Thursday aud Saturday Evening, at live o'clock. 1 Passengers taking this Line of Boats will Invariably nrrive in I Albany 1:1 ample time to take the Morniug Train of Cars for I the e;u?t or west. The above bout* are new aud substantial, are furnished with neat and elegant State Rooms, aud for spei-d aud accommodations are unrivalled on the Hudson. For Passage or Freight, apply on board, or to P. C. Schultz it the office on the wharf. s4 | I%jM'm1 SEVEN O'CLOCK MOUN1NU LINE < flr^3aNLgg?FOR ALBANY, TROY, and intermediate | v* -J t ....i:..,. 1/ (i,,. gte.imboat pier, at the foot of Bart lay street. Breakfast and Dinter on board. Leaves New Vork?The Empire on .Vonday, Wednesday and Friday. The Troy on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, ai / j\. ai. Landing at?(.tldwc'l'i, West Point, NVwburrh, Hampton, ' Poughkeepsie. Iiyde Park. Rhiitebeck, U. Red iloou, Bristol, Ca tiki 11, Hudson, Ooxsaekie and Kinderhook. 1 The new low pressure EMPIRE, Captain S. K. Roe, on Wednesday, at 7 o'clock >11 the morning, Aup. 16. The new low pressure steamer TUOY, Captain A. Gotham, on Thursday, at 7 o'clock in the morning. Auk 12. Kor passage, apply at the office, foot ol Barclay stree:, or oa bond. Notice.?All Goods, Freight, B.igf;a;ie? Ennk flii!*, Specie, or any other kind of Property, takeu, shipped, or put ou board the Boats of this Line,must ti?at ue risk of the owners of such (foods. nul6r 4MM MB? INDEPENDENT REGULAR OPPOSIA-^5tJLC3?TlUN NIGHT LINE FOR ALBANY it 3La_JB?jK.TltO Y?Tlrough Direct, without Landing ? The commodious and substantial steamboat PORTSMOUTH, Capt. O. House, will leave New York from the foot of Barclay street, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Kridaysiaud will leave Albany and Tro> on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, and will continue these-lrips for the st mod. Freight taken at reduced rites. Apply An board. P. S.?The above boat has undertone a thorough repair, and is in first rate order. , s2 lm*r 03K SEVEN O'CLOCK EVENING LINE fill J IIP*' r ^LBAN^ \ND TROY direct, without XMa^uJC.1 andiux?(he splrndid low pressure steamboat SWALLOW, Captain A. McLean, will leave the foot of Courtlandt street every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday evenings, at 7 o'clock, lor Albany direct. The Swallow has a large number of state room*,and for speed and accommodations is not surpassed ou the Hudson. au8 ec NEW ARRANGEMENT % FARE AND FREIGHT REDUCED. M| REGl LAR MAIL LINE?FOR PHOfic^A?3?VIDENCE AND BOSTON, via. STON ESnLiNGTGN AND NEWPORT?Composed of the following su|ierior steamers, runniug in connection with the Stonington and Boston and Providence Railroads :? MASSACHUSETTS, Capt. Comstock. RHODE ISLAND, Capt Thayer. PROVIDENCE. NARRAGAN9ETT. mun WAH. On* cif w hich will lcnvf Nrw York daily (Sundarj excepted) from Pier No. 1, Batti'rrjPlace. N. River, at 5 f\ M. a RRAN tlV. M K NTS. TheRHODE ISLAND, Captain Thayer, on Monday, and. Wednesdny for St.oniiwton uil Newport, and Kriday for Stoninutou. The M ASSACHU8ETT8, Captain Comstoek on Tue?day aad Thursday for Stonington, and Satarday for Stonington, Newport aua Providence. Passengers, on the arrival of the steamer* at Stonington, will be iinir.1 ilI.itelv forwarded in the splendid and commodious ("ars of th? Hailrbiul to Providence and Boston, and if for Mew|>ort will pioceed hi the steamer Mohegan (in inferior orler) from there# at 6 o'clock the following morning, thus <iv:ng them aivopportunlty of a night's rest on board the steam-r Massachusetts or llhotle liland, and then breakfast on board he Monegan. The aho?e uteamer* have been thoroughly equipped and repared to promote celerity of travel and the comfort and. security of passengers, and not surpassed by any in t'lie United tale*. h or pusx::c or freight, which it taken at very reduced rati*, ipply on bo.irJ, at north side of pier No. 1, 22 Broadway, or ofice of Si.mttel Deveiu, freight agent, on the wharf. Tickets for the rente ana s teamen' bertha aui be secured on ioard, or at the ollic of HARNDEN St CO., No. 3 Wall street X7*On and after the 10th nst, freight will not be received nid forwarded after half-pant 4 P. M. ml 6in? m .e#wn jza staten island ferry, foot WHITEHALL ST.-'l lie steamboat. WT. W TZ- STAT EN ISLANDER and SAMSON will . un as follows until further notice :? Leave New York ft, ">, 10, 12, 2, 3M. 5. ? Leave Staten Island H, 10, 12, ?, < J, 6. All goods shipped arc leqiiired to be particularly marked and ire .it (he risk ol the owners thereof. sA r jmM NKW ARRANGEMENT FOR SHREWSBURY ?Long Branch. Sr.ndy j?_^Bl^?>Hook, Ocein House and Eatoutowu LandiiiuThe uew Steamboat SHREWSBURY, Cantaiu .John P. Jorlies. will now run as follows, on and alter fliursday, 27th iust :?leaving New Vork, from the foot of Robinson street, very Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, at 10 o'clock, A. M. Vnd Eatontown Landing on Monday, Wednesday and Kriday, U 10 o'clock, A. M. The Shrewsbury will run aa above, weather permitting, unt til further notice. All baggage at the risk of the owners. Fare 37X cents. from the afore*,aid landing pipe* to any part of the county re quired. The 8hr*w?bur7 will go th# lira*? wlm practicable jH3r NKW VOHK""ANI)"!KINGSTON STEAM FIIEIOHT AM) PASJJAOK LINK. .Mm Kor Kingston, nnc I > I?v? ire and Hudson Si f ?steamboats EMERALD ami NOlle I ITWH'II. The EMKItALD, Captain John ketcham, will lair* Now York, foot of >Marray street, every Monday and Thuriday ?t 5 o'clock, P M. .... Will leave Kingston (Ron ont landuw)ev?ry Wednead&y tnd Saturday at :{oVlock, P. M. The NORWICH, Captain John Samuels, will taav* New York, foot of Warren street, every Wednesday and Saturday at J o'clock, P. M. Will leave K .igston (Rondout landing) every Tuesday and Friday at 3 o'clock, P. M. EXTRA TRIPS. Th? EMF.RA LI) will leave the foot of Murray street every Sunday morninKat 7 o'clock. Returning, leav^j Kingston al t o clock, same day. Kor freight or passage apply on hoard, or to WILLIAMSON, BARLOW fc CO., _?*1 I1" ' If,4 West street. /ML?X(llLKI,/v.roUT and mtddletown By ?VJpncJ*POINT, Daily, (Snndaya eicepted,) touch '"W at Srguines Dock.Staten Island.?On and alter Monday July 31st. the*te,mer KO< KLANP, Captain I, raw lord, will leave Middletown Point oa Mordays, Tin sdays, Wednesdays, 1'hursdav. and Fridays, at haH-nut cine o dock (tide permitting,) and Keyport at 2 o'clock 1'. SI. Hetlulling, leave New Vork. loot of llohinson street, oil Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursday! and Fridays, at 8 o'clork A M. and Saturdays at 2 P. M. Stages will lie in rradineai on the arrival of the boat to conrav pusengers to I' ret hold or any iiarWnf the country. Uniform conveyance* on Target Kicursious, Parties of pleasure w ill he taken to and from Fort Hamilton or Keyixirt at reasonable iirices^ s?n im?m .Mft NEWARK AND NKW YORK.?Fare ftr ^nr""lf In tents !?The splendid steamer PASSAM., after June 5th, will run as follows:? Leave the foot of Barclay street. 1 New York, at 1# A. M., and 4 P. M. Leave* the foot of Centre street, Newark, at 7X A. M , and and 1)4 P. M. The accommodation! both for passengers tnd freight have bien greatly improved. W YO FORK, SATURDAY MOI FOR CHARLESTON. HAVANA. KEY WEST, NEW ORLEANS. A>jD (iALVESTON, (Temu.) TO SAIL on Thursday, Sth October, thrrlnaiiLwrll k'iown rop|>ered stunm ship NEW VORK,J. r. Wtiijlit, Commnidrr, will tail a* above. This steamer lias ln-eu put in com plete order for the season, anil has entetuivc accommodation*, with larxe and airy ?t.ite rooms. For passaxe or freight of specie, apply to the Captain on board, foot of Ninth street, E. K., or to A. HUBBARD Si CO., 39 reck slip. New York, Sept. II, 1R43. glltoS'cc ^ TKA VKT,LKRS GOTNTTSOUTH OB WEST?Sixteen hours in advance of the //*Jf J( F ist-> I v: Mill?T, ; iv .1.1. i: e... u 111 connexion with the Central Hailroad to ra^gSSrU' 'j>? \1.icnii nnil the W>-*t The splendid steam pickets GENERAL CLINCH, Capt. J. P, liiooks, ami CHARLESTON, Ca|>t. F. Barren, will leave Charleston eveiy Tuesday, Thursday and .Saturday morning, at 9 o'clock, lifter the Arrival of the Wilmington boat* from the north, arriving it Savannah the same day, and will leave Savannah on the same days a* above, at C o'clock l*. M., alter the ariival of the cars from Macon. Traveller* will find this to be the cheapest anil mont expeditious route to the south and west. The above boats are lilted up in a sii|?erior style. and no expense or pains will be ?jiar?Lto rnsuie certainty, cointort. and expedition to the travelling |Mklic. JOHN B. LAK1TTE. Agent, Fitzsimmons' Wharf, Cha'leston. ( haileitODiSeptember, 1843, el7!Cm*f STEAM SHIP NEPTUNE. Captain T Wl William Kollin*?To sail on Saturday, Oc, her 'tit, a> I o'clock, I'. .VI., for Charleston, Key West, Havana, New Orleans, ami Gal- ' ',*1 vmton, Texas This superior paekit steamer is now boing overhauled and put in |>erlect order for the. eason. Her cauius and state rooms are elegantly furnished, md passengers can rely en every comfort auu accommodation in her. For passage as above, in the cabins or steerage, and for litht Ireight and specie for Charleston, apply to J. H.BROWEK, slfi r 75 Wall st. r- f-|~f K()R N KW O It LEANS?Touching at all the ports iu East and West Florida, viz:. St. Augustine, New Smyrna, Indian River, Cape ***-('' l^nlTil]J Florida, Indian Key, Key West, Tampa Bay, n ?mPT tr~~. i'filar Ke\?, Port Leon, Aoalachicola and Pensacola.?The splendid steam ship CINCINNATI, J. Smith, master, (whohas beam long engaged iu the navigation between Florida and New Orleans,) will leave Charleston, S C., on the 1st of October next, and after the arrival of the Wilmington boats, for all the above places. For passage only, having superior accommodations, apply on board, or if be letter, postpaid, to JOHN H. LAFiTTE, Agent, Fitzsnnmoiis' Wharf. Charleston, S. C., Sept. 9th, 1843. sU tolr ~ FOR HALIFAX & LIVERPOOL. Boval MailSteent Ship CALEDO/wTv'fl sit ^' A, E. O. Lott, Esq., Commander, will Irai e Boston for the above ports on Sunday, Passage to Liverpool $120. Passage to Halifax 20. Apply to D. BR1GIIAM, Jr., Agent, s2:i:it m No. 3 Wall street. OLD BLACK BALL LINE OF PACKETS kMrvV. KOR LIVERPOOL?Packet of the 1st of October? ibmb'rim; fast sailing packet ship CA.MBIlIDOK, Capt. Barstnw , will be despatched as shove, her legitlar day. Those wishing to secure berths, will require to malte early application to JOHN HEllDMAN, 61 South street, near Wall st. N. B.?Passage from Great Britain and Ireland,via Liverpool, call as usual be secured by the above splendid packet ship, or any ship of the line, and those remitting money to their friends Ciu have drifts for any amount payable iu all the principal towns throughout the United Kingdom, anil on Messrs. J. Barned St ( o. bankers, Liverpool; and .Messrs. J. Bult, Son St. Co. For further particulars, apply as above. s2'lr NKW LINK OK LIVKllPOOL PA? KKTS? Packet ol the 2,5th September?The splendid fast sail. ilWMi "!' racket ahipSHKRIDAN, Capt. A. S. Deiwyster, w ill sail positively as above, her regular day The khipa of this line are nil 10(10 tons burthen and upwards, md their accommodations for cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers it is well known are 1 u peri or to any other line of packets. Those wishing to secure berths, should not fail to make early application on hoard, or to W. k J. T. TATSCOTT, 43 Peck Slip, cor South street. Persona wishing to send for their friends can have them brought out in this ship, or any of the regular line, on favorable term*. Those about remitting money to their friends can be supplied w ith drafts for any amount, payable on demand, without discount or other charge, on all the principal towns of k ngland, InW, Scotland or Wales. Apply at abova. s2u ?***- BLACK BALL, OK OLD LINK OK LIVKRKfS^WrOOL PA?' KKTS?Regular Packet, and sails on I jtaMUciha Monday, the 2d October?The maicnilicent, well known, v?*ry fast sailing packet ship ('AMBltlDOK, burthen >M) tons, Captain Win. C.Barstow.will sail positively ns above, b nr i ul r?! if* The accommodations of this splendid packet for cabin, 2d cabin and steerage passengers are unsuipassed for splendor, conve nience and comfort hv any vessel afloat Those embarking for the old country will find it to their interest to select this desirable convey ince. For passage, and to sccnre tii best berths, early application should li<- nwde ou board, loot of Beekman st. or to the subscribers. KOCH*-;, BUOTHKH8 Sc CO,, S5 Fulton street, next door to the Fulton Bank. P. S.?Th? Cambridge sails from Liverpool ou the 10th November. Persons sending for their friends can hare'them brought out in her, or in any of the packets comprising this magnificent and unequalled line, sailing from that port punctually on the 7th and 19th of each month. For passage, &c. apply as above. Drafts at siuht lor any amount drawn direct on the llo^al Hank of Ireland, and on Messrs. Prescott, Urole, Anus & (?o. Bankers, London, which are paid free of discount or any charge whatever, iu every town throughout Kugland, Iieland, Scotland and Wales. For pissace. 8tc. apply as above. TI.m l*a vnri f m n.rlt.r ?liiti ! \ I I . A \ ll will ?nrrm?<l the Tain. bridge, and sail for Liverpool on the 19th of October, her regular (lay. ?23r ???- FOR LONDON?Packet of lit October-TlTe JjTyjVsplendid packet shin MEDIATOR, Captain J. M. JMMKa' hadwick, will sail as above, and lias very ior accommodations for cabin, second cabin and steerage nassenC?r.4, who will be taken at reasonable rates, if early application be made to VV. St .I. T. T.APSCOTT, 43 Perk slip, corner South st. Draft* for any amoiint, payable on demand without discount or other charge on all th- principal towns in Kngland, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Apply as above. s20 AASjr FOR NKW ORLKAN8?The fast sailing ship MrayJVPDWIlATTAN, ( apt. McCerren, will meet witli .IKmIib I' <P'Ii Ii. A few more second cabin and steerage parsenders can >et lie accommodated, at the lowest rata*, if immediate application is made on beard the skip, at Murray's wharf, or to JOHN HKRDMAN, 61 South st. N. II.?The subscriber w ill despatch first class ships weekly for New Orleans, by which passage can lie secured at tli" lowest rates. s2J Itr Atffir KOR NKW OKLKANS?Louisiana and New fcs jrJn* Voik Line?To succeed the Arkansas?The fast sail^qfc^JikSaouc packet ship MISSISSIPPI, Captain Ilillard, w ill sail as above. For freight or past age, having handsome furnished accommodations, apply on boaru, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS & CO, 5fi South street. Agents in New Orleans, Htillen Si Woodruff, who will promptly forward all good* to their address. s'!)r MB- ~ RKGULAR LINK KOR NEW ORLEANS? WMfSVPacket of 2.*>tl> Sept.?The splendid last sailing packet ASMM&bip CASPIAN. Capt. 8. It Patten, sails positively as above. The accommodations of this ship ior cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers are such as cannot fail to secure even- comfort to passengers during the voyage, and the price of passage is very low ; for which immediate application should he made on board, at pier 14 East River, foot of Jones lane, or to W. & J. T. TAPSCOTT, 43 Peck slip, comer South street. Who have also regular first class packets sailing as usual to Mobile, Savannah and ( harleston, every week, tliroughoii' the season. Passage* as usual at the very lowest rates. sl9r &?,? KOR NKW 6~RLEANS-I>espttrh Line-It. -nMMMP^Iar pai'ket i I'the 1st Oc.tober?The splendid packet jllMMw'hip Tl'SKINA, Captain Spencer, burthen 000 tons, will positively sail as above. Hiving superior accommodations for cabin, second cabin and stoeragn passengers, persons w ishing to secure berths should make early application on board, loot of Burling slip, or to JOSEPH McMURBAY, 100 Pine street, s22 corner of South. FOR SALE?'The well known coppered and copfcffSM^kper fastened ship SVLVANUS J KN hi NS, Se> inour, JIHMMW'i.ister, burthen and register 547 tons, carries 800,1100 lbs. ul cotton from Mobile, was built in this city by James .Morgan for Samuel Hicks !l Co. under the inspection of Josiah Macy?her apron transom and top timbers of live oak and locust?ha* standing and running rigging in good order?had new masts lour years ago?is well adapted for a whaler, having a line roomy d>ck. Lies at Dover stre?t wharf Her inventory can be seen at SI William street. For terms,.apply to _ s2 lm*r JONATHAN OUUKN 8c Ctl si William st. SEGAR8. "iThere'a a delight iu smoking, None but imokers know." The saying ii true, when ye know where to find A that possesses the quality rare Of enlivening the spirit* and cheering the mind, And enable* the smoker to puff away care. This limtry al way* your sure to obtain, II on SKIXAH in Maiden I.nne promptly yon rail; If you visit him once, yon will do ?> ag tin, For he give* satisfaction and pleasure to all. Hi* Segars *? the choicest, most eiijuisite brand*, By a competent agent selected with care, Direct from Havana, by special commands, And none m the city with his cau compare. His Colbnm, lleg,alias, Li Normaj, and Star*. Noriega*, Tmbucas, Victoria pur? ; Principe, faperancas, Imperial Her.ars, The best in the country that you can prornr* Caasadonu. La Norma*, and Congress beside, llin Do* Cmnparioros and exquisite brand, Wilh others that have competition defied, Kor his customers, SMXA8 has always on hand. In order to secure a continuance of the approbation and on'tons with which MKIXA8 ha* been mi long favored, lie has encaged a siiecial anil com|>ent agent in Havana, to select the Tobacco ana superintend the miking of nil scgirs that he imports; con seiinently, h" can wariant all sold by him to he genuine. His stock on hand is morn extensive i?ud su|>erior to that of any similar establishment. . Keuiomber the Number, 3 MAIDF.N LANK, Howard's Hotel. MM lm*T oni fV, cloau AND to i \< < <>--.inst meal vail i?i O recent arrival*, an importation of choice foreign Huutfs, -onsisting of Lund/ hoot's Irish tiigh toast; high dried Welch Hiardham a, No. 37, Violet Htrasburg, Morton's mixture, Prince Albert do, Copenhagen, etc; together with a largo assortment of domestic snuffs <?l the subscriber's manufacture. Ot. hand a prune lot of Havana Cigars, "Moriega," "Lll Norma,' ' Ift* *alis," "Paneteln," etc. Cavendish Tobacco of the moat approved brands, Turkish, Hen inn, (* qualities) Scafarlatti, and S|?nish smoking tobac eo?;l)utrli l\nil r.nnHMi nil;, ill imrni imicim; ciii'ar ! ??< <; tit'iet; IHncjr ril**; ?nuff botes, and erery article ?m>erf iimng to j well storked tob*cconi?t'? eatablitlimem, for ale at wholesaleand retail by Mils! 0. NEWCOMBR ft SON. vi }1 .No. < Wall ?t A A. SAMANOS offera lor mIp, at No, 6 Wall ?t, 10 hlida Muacovado Sugar, and , li bans of CoflW, landing from brig 1 f nr., from St. J.igo In Store? 1(1 hhd? Snn ewwl Mmeoviulo Sugar iditable for refiner* 4 ho*ea white Sugar, free labor It bol? ?u|Trior Guina Tobacco, .uilable for mauufae 350,m. sliram, of Lord Byron, Wood?' ie.anda mriety of other bnuida. . . . MTANTKD-A Cooper, anil a Mi? wright that understand* carpenter's'.?ork, to go to St Jagnd > ^.uba; mmt be ungleand of temperate habit*. Apply a?aboT >11 Ini'r QL'OAR?2?hhd?. very prhne Vew Orleana Sugar*, landing k ' from *hip Ormulgee, ana for r\le l>v ?#>r Ji. K. (/DLLl.NS k CO. to South ?t. RK B tNING. SEPTEMBER 2 astorIiouse. n"MlE *ub?crihers wilt he happy to arrange with families and J- single gentleman for the winter l tUo with partiea of tingle gentlemen, who may prefer a private table, on reanon ihle tennt. .IMoctI COL. KM AN ?1 STETSON ?:A11LTON HOUSE. THF. SUBSCninKRS are prepared to make arrangements with familiei and tin*le gentlemen for the w inter or by the year, upon reasonable term*. The price* of lllit eaUbluhnient are the tame at heretofore, viz: $1 6U perilay. BENSON U ilODGES. >3 !m*r BELMONT HOUSE-NEW BRIGHTON. EOROE PKIHISS. Ill returning hit erateful ai knowletlir ineut* to the uuin< r*u? ladies aud Kentlemeu who favored the above establishment during the past i^uon, beg* to announce he has made every Huitable arrangement lor the winter, to Accommodate i mini ind tingle botratrs. Thedlniuff-rooins and dormitories will I e found comfortably and ele^autly furnished. The table will he supplied with the choice* t provisions, and the w iues will be fouud equal to any. The proximity; of Belmont House to the city, w ith excellent steamdc?tiply)ni itipulated noor .the well Iniowt tttninoii of the host ami civility of the attendants, combined with the location, being within i step or tlie Iauding-pl ?ce, renders this establishment the most social and convenient iu the Uiiiou. Terms will be foundexceedingly moderate. [TOT Good stabling and coach houses attached to the pre mi i? ai6 tir OTM:K ToTrENCH, AMKKlt'AN AND OTHfc.ll CIT1/KNS.?UNION HOTKL, No. 1? Hector street, corner of Greenwich street.?P. Delainotto has the houor to nform his friend* and the public ifenerilly, that the partnership heretofore nintini between the advertiser and 1. BwimMi hat been dissolved by mutual consent, aud that he has reoi>ened his old establishment, situate as above^ which has been occupied by him for the past live years. '1 lie Union liotej has beeu thoroughly repaired and renovated, and now contains as complete aud comfortable sitting aud lodging rooms as can be fouud 111 the city. The cooKing department is conducted a la Kruncnise, and most amply supplied, without regard to cost, iinn me. prices cnarijeu 10 guests are in conformity Willi the times. All excellent rallied Hote is ready every day at 3 o'clock,for which the moderate price of 31 cents only is charted. The advertiser hopes that His past exertions and present desire to give satisfaction, will insure, him the patrouage of his l'ellow countrymen, and of all gentlemen who inny wish to obtain capital l ire and accommodation, at the least possible expeuse. si lm*ec HAVANA MANSION^ 1-IoUSE HOTEL r|111K undersigned takes occasion to inform his friends and J- the public, that the Mansion House in now located in Inijuisidor street, No. 67, in the vicinit) of the steamboat landing and vegetable market, having commodious family apartments, arranged in the neatest order. A person is employed to procure permits to land passengers, baggage, Sir., who will board vessels immediately after the visit of the revenue officers. N. B.?Visitors to this Island should procure a passport from the Spanish Consul, at tne port of embarkation, to obviate difficulties and inconvenience. sZ16mrc WILLIAM KULTON. FOR .SAL;., AT C. H. DARLING'S. 74>g Maiden lane and 5 Liberty street, the cheapest and best selected stock of FRENCH, ENGLISH ii OERMAN FANCY GOODS, Consisting of Needles, Combs, Cutlery, Tins. Brushes, Jewelry, Hooks and Eyes, Perfumery, Steel Pens, Plated Thimbles, Razors, Strops, 8tc. With all other articles included in the above line. C. H. D. would state for the benefit of Country Merchants, Pedlars and others, who may please to call, that all goods in the above line will be sold on the most favorable terms. au24 lm*r TO THE LA0IK8. Ringlets, fine and wire curls, braids, Frixettes, Plain Bands, Bows, Head Dresses, Net Caps, Shell Combs, and other Oruameiits suitable for decorating La dies' Heads. M. LAIiUE, Manufarlurer and IVIwlcstile Dealer, 16-2 Canal, corner of Vxi ick, have now on hand a Urge, new and splendid assortment or the above articles, which they are selling at greatly reduced prices. They are of the latest fashions, anu are manufactured in a superior manner, in their new and peculiar sty le, imparting a beautiful rich lustre to the hair, and a durability to the curl, unaltained by any other manufacturer. Old Curls altered to any pattern, and made to look like new, at a trifling expense. A liberal allowance made to retailers. sl9 lm*r rPO MILLINERS, (k.c.?CARL KINO, the celebrated Tusi can Hat Manufacturer, most respectfully informs hi* kind friends and |iatroiis that he has asiociateu himself with Mr Joseph Lyon, (late from Paris) and have established themselves ai No. 37 John street, (under th? firm of Lyon &. King) where they have a most splendid assortment of Paris Millinery Articles, suitable for the ensuing season. The above stock consists of an elegant assortment of Tuscan and Straw H its, rich Silk Velvets, rich Velvet Ribbons, Lutestring and Satin Ribbons,all fill colon?French Flowers, Feathers; an entire new style of <.n, \l.'l....,,, I...U Messrs. L. Si If. would also state that the above goods have been purchased for rash (direct from the manufacturers) and will be sold at a small advance on cost to those who may be pleased to favor them with a call!. *16 lmkr I AON Si K1 N< i. :17 John nr., N. Y, ' -.Sit lMlllJWAttiS A L K 11 K 1) V. L. A OllAVE. IMPORT Kit OK HARDWARK AND CUTLKRY, No. 219 Greenwich, corner Barclay street, IS NOW OPKNlNO a complete assortment of goods in his line U oilers at wliolisale or retail on '.he lowest term3 that they can be purchased at in this city A cent for Coopers' Glue. Country merchants will please favor him witha call prvvioai to msUing purchases lHWtm*r ~ PIANO FORTH AND SINGING. rPHR MIKSK.S Cl'MMIMi respectfully intimate that they X recommence tajtion in r I a bore bnnchee on the 1st oi September. The Mun-s C.'i system of instruction in Singiui: has :or its object the full development of the voice after the Italian method while the style they inculcate is the Scottish; thus uniting the advantage! ol the aitilicial to the natural, ill n m inner the. most pleasing and effective. Terms?At the pupil'* residence $15 per quarter?two pupils ill one family, $- '?; at the Misses C.s residence $ 10 per quarter. Residence 1 Warren street, corner of Broadway. au'iti lm*r PIANO FORTES. TOIIN PKTHICK respectfully informs his friends ami the " public that lie has on hand at his old establishment, No. 201 Bleecker street, a choice assortment of Puno Kortes, which he will sell on the most reasonable terms. Kor touch and tone?those important considerations with player* of experience?he would readily challenge comparison with 'he best Piano* now in use ; and as to durability, lie refers to the many mid frequent rei otnmeiidatious of his instruments by various professor* who have nsetl them for the last twelve years. The assortment comprises various patterns, both of rosewood anil mahogany, of six octave* and eighty notes, or full German scale. New York, Sept. IHth, 1B-I3. s2l lm*ec _ lip PtRSONS WISHING TO f.NGAGK Tlih.MSKLVKS IN THK DAGUKRRKOTYl'K BUSINESS. 1/ A. ARTAULT, 2M Broadway, 3d story front room, op posite the Park, respectfully informs the photographic artists that, intending to go to Kranee ill a few months, lie wishes to sell, at very low price*, (lower than prime cost), luOO French Daguerreotype plates, No. SO and 10, ttj-j inches by inches. 8 largest apparatus complete, fixed with chromatic lenses of inches diameter, lor lull size portraits (large plates anu half plate*. 20 complete apparatus for quarter plates onu medium site, (i chromatic lenses, inches diameter. 1'J chromatic leuses J inches diameter. 200 ounces of chloride of iodiue. 2(10 ounces pure cromine. AO pounds livdrosulplmte of soda. 100 grains chloride of gold. 50 bottles of a new preparation made by M. Lersbours, for gilding the pictures. 200 bottles French Tripoli. 50 bottles rouge. 50 bottles iodine. And a quantity of boxes, stands, and materials suitable lor the Daguerreotype. '1 he greatest part of these goods arrived by the latest vessels, and are warranted to l>e pure and of the best quality. Also?A new supply of Crimes, morocco cases, and a splendid Diorama, v? ith 24 views, made in Paris by M. Daguerre.and very costly. 077" Please to call at 236 Broadway, 3d story and front room, sn lm*r U DM. '. (OATHS avails himself of the pleasure of inform -Cj iug the Ladies and Gentlemen of New York and its vicinities, that he continues to I'aint Likenesses at the shortest notice, both Portraits and Miniatures. Those who will favor him with their patronage, are invited to call and see his specimens of the same, at his residence, 387 Broadway, between White and Walker street*. N. B. Mr. C. also continues to give private lessons to gentlemen. .Ladies in classes Wednesday and Saturday afternoons. Also, Landscapes painted to order, from the smillest to the largest size. _ Those who wish to make it their profession, can lie |>erfecled in all the above branches, by applying as above. Daguerreotype likenesses correctly copied in water colors in 24 hours. anIK tm'ec XYI-OOKAPIIK I'HKSH k (IKNKKAL JOB I'lWVJT INO OH HICK, M Oold stn-et, near Kulton.?The subscribers inform druggists, Perfumers, Manufacturers, Grocers, and others, that they nave (tlie present season) made extensive additions to their assortment of Xylographic Laliels, to which they would resiiectfully call their attention, being the largekt and most s|de:idid assortment ever published iu this country or in Europe. Consumers are invited to examine our assortment before purchasing. X)lographic hngraviug.?New designs and plates, suitable for all kinds of business, executed iu the tirst style of theart, and printed iu bronze, variegated, plain and fancy colors. Job Printing.?'Their office is slso supplied with every variety of type necessary for the execution of every description of Fancy lull Printing. Cheeks, Notes, Billheads, Circulars, Bills Lading. Handbills, aud all kinds ol mercantile printing, executes! on reasonable terms. Patent Card Press.?'This machine is partirularly adapted to the printing of Cards, which it executes w ith grvat facility and beauty ; one person being able fo prima pack of the best enamelled c.ikIs iu two minutes, with ease ! Superior polished surface Cards (manufactured expressly for this establishment) furnished and printed at the follow ing prices Mifl Cards for 54I cent* 500 Cards for SI 25 200 " " 75 " 1,000 " " 2 00 300 " " $1 00 " 2,000 " " 3 50 Common Cards at less prices. Si tO.. ?lS!w*r % Uoia street, near hniton. TO GUNSMITHS AN!) DKALHRS IN GUNS 2QQ DOUBLE BARREL OUNS, aasorted, from common UK) kiiikI** bnrr??l Oons. assorted, from common to fin* 20IKI iMirs of Pistols, telling below the cost of importation 50<l Kifln, selling ilo do of manufacture 2IHI Muskots do , ilo do _ <lo Omi Lock Limbs in every state of finish Tools and Materials for mtkinff (inn* Oun Locks, IVrcossion C.ios, Powder Flasks and Horni, Shot Bults and Pouches, Game Bins, l)>g Collars And Chains, Sic. 810.?for sale by A. W. SPIES fc CO. who are constantly receiving from the foreign manufacturer regular supplus of every ariitle iii'iuind for by tne gunsmith or tpoftltlMUI. *H) lin*oc ^iNTLKMEN'S UoFT OKK WARD HOBE?Oentlev> men or fimilie* desirous of converting their lett nff wearing sppnrel into cish, can obtaiu for the same the hightst rash pnc*. To families and (rentlemen quitting the city,or changing residence, having ?nj snpartluoas effects to dispose of, will nnd it much to their a Iranian* to .;'nd for the stfhjcriber, who will attend them at their residence hy appointment. H. LEVETT, No. 6 John st. New York. A line through tl*> post office, or otherwise, will receive prompt attention. Clothing cleaned, altered nnd repaired. *n!7 imr IMA/Iwrv M. I>WOJt V? ivrv, nrKHATIVK BUR0EON to the New York Madical mi?I v ' SurKiml trsy h*ron?ulti?ddaily brtwirn the hours A \n<l" o'clock Oifir* Chanihcr* ?u ct ?? 1m*r WHEAT?WO~bn\hei? prim?* Illinois Wh^t, now Umliut from ihip 8t. .VI vry, for *ilr by tin t,.j K. COLLINS Si CO. to South it. [era: i, 1843. Itayleatowii, Pa. (Corre?pon<li>nce of the Herald.) Doyi.estown. Bucks County, > Sept. 18.1813 S Detcriptivt Hide to Doyhtloten, and iti ritual i oil? Jpjitariin eof Vie liuililtnua. Strutx. Court, Trial, Conviction?Great Sutpente o/ SenUnce of KeUey of liiijic Memory? Hiolert ami Mobitr* cleared for tht vrewnt. Dear Bknnkit,? After a ride of about lour hours from the vicinity of Falisington, through a most pitiless and merciless Btorm of steady ruin and cold wind, on Monday i last, we arrived lure safely with our apparel pome, i whnt dampened, ar.d experiencing: a little more fatigue than otherwise, provided the weather had been clear and pleasant. The prospect of the couiitry upon the whole route was enchanting and delight- j ful. Alter leaving Newtown, which is a borough of i Home importance,10miles from Morrisviile.we found that we were continually on the i&cent, travelling over numerous hille, and even n small mountain, near which is lite vale of Lihasakn, the Hcene of a Penotylvaniaa tale, written by li ^1 Pax*on, one oi the ejit< ic* <>i the Newtown Journal Thefarms, averftgii'gitrom iX> to 2<H) acres, told well tor the productive luxuriance ot their corn und buckwheat crop.-; small I arms, as a general rule, hemg better tilled and improved than too very large tracts. The dwelling houses, barns, and other improvements, w itti their neat fence.", oil looked remarknhly well, utid went far to show that the Buck* County liirniers wereju.stly and honestly entitled to all the encomiums that have so lavishin?ly betn bestowed upon thtm ; and may they continue to merit nud hei.r the palm. We took board and lodgings with Mr. Benjamin i\i ii... . .. ..i :ir i ,i... i. .... mumo, tuc >vuu uui* i?i i.ic ucbi hotels in the borough of Doylestown. lie adminis- 1 ters to the watrsof tiisguestswith bo niucli ease and | 1 comfort that one feeis quite at home. His table 1 groaned under nil the good things of the land, and ! hid vi.ins from the table smacked as if ih? y hud been J selected with great care and prudence, which is pe- i culiar to our host,who appears bent and determined j lo make every une ol his guests leel aa it ihey were really at home; at h im his endeavors, with his gen- i tlemanly depor m nt aud great affability of man- ' ners, caused me to In gt-r at his house with much more leisure than I anticipated when first seated in his bar-room as u stranger; and I believe Mr. Morris may flitter himself there were others similarly situated to myself. This same Morris, when the acting sheriff a lew years ago, hung the celebrated Spaniard Mina, who ?vaa tfie paramour of the noted Mrs. Chapman and accomplice in poisoning her husband. The borough presents the apperranee of being but a modernly built town, siluatttd upon a very ele- | vated hill, which may be seen very many miles distant. in eve:y direction. It was made the county I town some 25 years a?o. I am never confident ! about datrs, ana may err with regard to this; at any rate the whole town has been built up preny much within this period, and certainly presents a neatness, freshness, and cleanliness we hut seldom witness in as old seuled counties as Bucks. The county buildiriss were fir-t located at Bristol, secondly at Newtown,and lastly here,which perphaps is the proper plac:; wiih regard to its geographical situation; but as to population 1 urn not so sure. Havingsaia this much upon the journey and stop- ( ping place, 1 may irfonnyou the court presents the , verysame motley appearance of buttle and confusion b all otlur courts do in our State. The lion.'J hos. S. KurnmWe, the presiding judge, with his asf-ociate, 1 J l.).|Hueknnn, were upon the bench; the other associate having recently died. After the usual p'eliminnnesol opening the Court, fee. &c., the old negro Kelsey'a trial was called up in due time on Tuesday, the 12'h in?t, as I informed you in my last letter; he was placed hieh up in the prisoner's box, and when ibe indictment and eharge were read to him, and asked the question "guilty or not guilty," his bold au<t impudent reply wac to C E. Wti^ht, ; bKj , tin rttatr*3 r.tiorney. "\o more guilty than you are!" This somewhat disconcerted hi* attorney, i William R. Llicaerson, E?q , although he possesses more than a usual quantity i f bra?s for a lawyer.? It went far to incense the court ngiunst him; and upon reading the second charge his reply wm the I I a - m ? ct,> n,'i. c u....... ......r.rl<.n> n A A, <, r. i t'.. A ~ i- .u, iii,|<uiiui? oaiu U|K?IUI u miuuut*, wlucii prejudiced the whole court I must ; assure vou not iu his favor; it went toehow that he was bold and lull ol assurance Upon calling the jury he challenged his tull complement ot 20?the plain itl but t> The evidence ol the oldest girl, aged nearly 10 was so strong, plain and conclusive, with the corroborative evidence of an old and venerated friend. J. Burton, in connexion with E Howell's, Wm. Gore's, the constable, and sorn* others, that llis court deemed it unnecessary to proceed any further in the examination of witnesses The amount ot the evidence was, to be brief and modest upon the subject, that he would invite these as well as other liule girls io his house to get oranges, almonds, mint-sticks, &cc. kc., and when there would take th'm upon his lap, piny with them, kiss them, <fcc ; take them into a dark room und lay them upon a board which laid upon a chest and then grant} bis infernal Itut. And to cause them to be passive ' and submit to his brutal desires, he would tell them that the tiig girls he took up stairs and laid them ( upon his bed so that he wunlil not hurt them so , much, and even told the nanus of some ot them to the shame and eternal disgrace of old Falls-township. The judge in Ins charge tothejary, siid "thai nny assault or attempt made upon a girl under 12 i years ot age, according to hu old English law, con- ( stunted a rape, although the girl might be pas-ive \ an1 perfectly willing to ail the Brutal desires ot the I intn; an J he believed the laws of Pennsylvania, ' with regard to thin particular cast.-, had not been r changed or ultered in any way whatever; but when t over the age ot twelve, years, it the girl were pas I five and willing, it could not be considered a rape " ' This was about the sum of the law of the cas*. L he i jury retired at 12 o'clock noon, and returned a ver- f diet of guilty in thirty minutes. The counsel on i botli tides, by mutual consent, agreed to drop th> c other indictnienis against the old darkey, which I was filly concurred in bythe bench on account ol < liie advanced age of the def endant. i The whole Court and town appeared to manifest ? an extraordinary degree ot interest and excitement I to Imve old l'obby convicted and punished severely i It is true there were a low that doubted the ehtld't 1 testimony, and believed that it should not have i been taken bona tide, as she wua not of the bright i est intellect: others thought the Judge wus wrorifc I with respect to the special noints ot law relative to i the rape. Dicktrsou und a Mr. Farian, I think, ol i Philadeli hia, were both opposed to the Judge's opi- I nion and manner of substantiating the child's testimony; that is, that ke made too much ot it; otherthought that his age would pr< vent him Irorn hink ing about girls or w< men; and others again ho|?*cl that he might be eh >' * so that the littir girls' cha-1 raeters shou d not b tarnished I y having been wnh a nigger, wun r<jaaru 10 mo senience in hp pas*eu on hun, hundreds, il not thousands, have been mom astonishingly disappointed; here is Friday Arrived Ihe time allotti d lor my stay irt l.'oylestown, and ?ll in as much suspense and mystery as upon \Vednc5 day, the day he was found guilt)! I nave deferred writing you until to-day, on account of the fentenre The conjecture now is, that an argument will tnk? place to-day (Monday, 18 li insi ) lor a new trial; 1 ol the truth and result of this conjecture, which wil form materials for another letter, you shn.ll be d'tly intormed from tny old quarter. 1 The grand jury had a list of twenty or ihir') names before them of the rioters and mobites, bnt by being presented in an anonymous manner hy * letter received from Philadelphia, through 1 W. \l. Dickereon, Esq-, they did not consider ihe> would be ju.tillable in taking any ac'ion upon then at this time, so the whole li^t was laid aside, anr probably the whole allair will now pass oil without luriher thought or notice. j Yours, itec. D?r.AWAKK. I From Tprkh Isr.ANo ?By the last arrivals at tint port Irom Turks Island, we learn that the late ra- 1 kinsa ol salt had been very abundant, and the stock [ on hand unusually large. The price, put onboard, < was from 7| to M cents per bushel?export duty one ? cent per bu-hel The Turks as they are called, are quite wrathyat the late order of the British Go vernment, to abstract from the old leaser ol the salt pound?, which hey have enjoyed for ahn tt three 1 quartern fa century, one third ol what ihey now occupy, and to relet them under a new tenure, by which it hopes to derive more revenue th ui Item the present system?we may say, however, thn' the export duty, which i8?ll paid by the foreign purcha ser?, yields more revenue to the Colonial Govern m? nt oi tut* niinimoo. than donved Ir<>m al I other aourcea.? U. S. Out. Ktpl. 22. CSrkat Expt/whox.?A passenger from Wilming ton, Del., yesterday afternoon, mentioned th.t ju.-t before lie left that city, a trernrndoiu explomon wa3 heard at a distance ; and there was no douiit. from the ainoke seen to aaecnd, that the rowd?r millsot Mee?rs. Dnpont had blown up ? Phda. tin , zelit, Stpt, 22. i LD. Prln Two Cents. rommoii PUu. B' tore J ii'lge 1 nv^tm. S*pt. 23?George Seofiili v?. Sheriff Hart.?Thli waa an uctinu brought to recover i umpuniwtioii for Iom matuini'd by ne>i li^enc# of the Sheriff. The plaintitt placed iu the band* of the defendant an execution,under which, a levy was ma<ie, but it i? ulleged that suMcient property waa not arrefted by the Sheriff to *atia<y the amount of the writ The landlord of the pernon ugmnat whom the execution wan ianued aerved a notice upon the HheritTof a claim winch lie had lor reDt, and the aoodi were aoid at roachmon'a auction atoro The aumot $10 waa paid into p.ouit lor the landlord, thia being ulmuat all the proceeda ot the aale. The plaintiff tailing to ahew negligence, 0r to prove any olthe Let! netlorth in hia opening. Thecaan went to the jury on the charge of the court, and a verdict w#*s r^nucr^o ior m? luiuni. For plaintiff, ? C Gray. For defendant, Colonel Hart. Calvin Jllgin v?. John Tylee lliigum and W. TI.'ih h. - Thia wuc an action to recover the amount of four promu&oiy nous 'Ihe defendants xvere clothier*,and together wi'h a Mr. Brown,carried on btuinei*in thi?city and at Chaileaton. The notes wiredrawn by Blown, who transacted the attair* ot the firm in New Vork, and accepted by Brigum, and were pant away lor good*, which were worked up lor the geneial stock. Brigum failed, and in conaeqiieuce the partnership was compelled to make an assignment. The plaintitf, to prove that the gooda were aold and Accounted (or in the Keuernl partnership, gave Blown a lull releat-e, and offered him a* a witness to pievethe cuse, and a win granted. Today a verdict wua, by content, tuke u ior the pUlntilf, subject to certain objections. For plaintitf', N. B. Blunt, K?q. For4?f. n lunta Fresco tt Hull, Kk[. William McKenna vs Matthew McKeon?Jln Jlclion for Sltnder.?The plaintiff ia u one aimed man, and keeps a grocery in Mulberry street. The defendant in a grocer on tha corner ol Hestei and Orange. The same ot the action is, that on the night of the 'ilth May, as thu plaintilt wax passing the dei> udant's store, lie heard ?omo one cnll after liim, that he w.'s a "d?d thief," and urge on two proititutca to us-eil hiin with stones. On reaching hia own store, he told what hud happened, and beirg doubtful whether it was intended (or him, he took Patrick Jordan and another man ua witnesses, to the defendant'* store, and there the snme word* were repeated by the delendant, who charged the plaintitf with b . i stolen a hum and usuw; that he lived in an alley among a pure.el ol thieves,-aud had been horsewhipped out ot the stores of utii.T | rreoiis, lor iusuuevmg propensun ?. i ue tu lenre ?*t up ii, thot n one armed man, resembling the plaintiff in size and general appearance, bad been detected by ih? clerk of the defendant iu the act of stealing, and the clerk pointed out the plaintiffas thu thief?also that the defendnut wan nut the pel son who u*td the words charged as slanderous. Ttie witnesses Tor the defencc will he produced on Monday morning, to which day the case and the court nru adjourned.?Kor plaintiff Messrs. Blunt ana As*t. Aid. Henry. Gt-m-rni Mellon*. Before Recorder Vallnudge and Aldermen Woodhull and Dunning. James H. Whitino, Esq., District Attorney. Ski'T. 122?Cut* of llamtlltin and Iter gen.?Tho argument on d< murer to the indictment found agaimt Jeremiah G. Hamilton and James Bergen, for conspiracy, w ns heard yesterday before the Court ol General Session*. Kor the accused the case wan argued by Edward SandronD and Da.mki. B. Tallmadok, K.^ijs , and for the pro secution by District Attorney W'hitino. A decision will be qiven at the ensuing term. Sentencrrt ? Margaret Watson convicted of Grand Larceny ,in Mealing a $600 Treasury note from her employer, Aaron Adolphus, was sentenced to the Stat* prison for two years. J,.me* Hollpafe, the well Known forger and burglar, whose resem.daijco to Redmond, some years since came near sending the latter to State prison for the forgery committed on (he (Jnion Bank by the former, was next arraigned en conviction of burglary in the third degree, in enteiing a hnrd war* store in Canal street, on Sunday, lit noon liny, for the purpose of robbing the premise*, wa? sentenced to the State prison (or five year*. Churl's Walker, hisnisocia e, convict)d ol thesameoffence, wa-i sentenced for three years. His sentence was jommuti-d, on the ground 01 its beina his first offence. Samuel Daily, a colored man, for assault and battery ivlib intent to rob Michael Crown, at the grocery store of ins blotter Anthony, at th* corner of Anthony and Littla Water streets, was sentenced for two years. The p.tit jury were discharged, and the Court adjourned for the term. The Mormons.?Joe Smith'* position become still more critical. We very recently staled that a convention waa to lie held at Carthage, which threatened the extirpation of the whole Mormon r e, nr.J of the proceedings of that convention we have some i.itinuition Irom the St. Louis New Era of the 12th instant, as follows Thk Mohmwsami Anti-Mormons.?On Wednesday Insi a meeting of dt It Rates Irom Hancock and die surrounding counties was held at Carthage. They had be?n appointed at previous meetings of tlie people opposed l<> ihe Motmons The official proceedings have not vet leached us, but we learn from the Biulington Hawk Eye ot Saturday last, that the resolutions adopted were of ihe strongest kind. They aeclared, it Governor Ford would not surrender Joe Smith on the ltqmsition of ihe Governor of Missouri?which he had refused to do Irom political considerations?that they would call in aid from other counties and other States to assist them in delivering him up. As rumors were prevalent that n number o| the citizens had had their lives threatened by the Mom.ens, the meeting resolved to avenge any blood that might be shed. They agreed not to obey the mandates of the Mormon oflicersot the county, who have been put in power hy the Mormons, the whole county treasury being now at their disposal. There is considerable excitement?ihe crisis seems to be rapidly approachn?'?aud we greatly fear the consequences. All nay he remedied, it ihe Mormons as a religious looy, will but eschew politics and amalgamate vith our citizens?but we tear it is too late to do sven that Taimhu, TAiLoasssi-s, ano Ska.msths.ssm ?An)ther large meeting wasiioldeii at the Marlborough 3hapel last evening, by this deserving portion of our Nipulation. It wus eveu more numerous than on a nrmcr occasion, and more la<lies were present, rhe venerable John Wi,son took the chair, and nade some a| propriute remarks. The meeting was id dressed further by Mr VVm C Patterson, Mr. lorace Seaver, Or Walter Channtng, Mr. John Weed, Mr Campbell, and others, with great ability, md in a manner to call down the reiternted aptlause of the a'ldience. The remarks of Dr. Chanting were of an eminently practical and timely sharacter. lie dwelt pirticularly on the effect of ong continued and siaentery labor?such as this lass ot our male and female population are engaged n?upon the physical system : and related the remits of his own experience in his pro!' ssion, where ermiles especially, were ruined in health and degraded hy incessant toil; and also where ihe mother with her unborn child was obliged to l -! cr in tins manner, and give birth to cramped and inal-formed [jflpring fie had stm all this, and it had made Ins blood run cold. If society, by its tolerance of ...?l, i.n/l nntiresainnn. bm those comnlaia ed of, would jusiily tlittse thing#, they must abide by the consequences of tbr crime and evils which they engendered. They should see to it at once, und patronize only tho?e who would pay a faircomp n: ation tor labor, and he saw nothitB in the bill ol prices but what wns just. Indeed, he knew it was r.ot tio much as ihev actually deserved. The ladies, since the last meeting, have formed a separate association, und h.ive resolved to make earnest appeal to th" public. We hope hey will meet with timely aid and sympathy.?Potton Timet, Sept. 21. Caddo Gazette states that a man was whipped to dealh a lew days since on Red Kiver, nearly o; poeite Lon<; Prairie, by one Fuller find some others. Iff was flushed, until not only the skin, but absolutely the Heah peeled of! the ribs -indsi'iie. A'yo, th it about three weeks sinee, a ni?n \"he> resides in Bossier Parish, near the Arkan* )as liii", named Win. Martin, whipped nnother so i>atl!y that it v/as supposed his death was caused thereby. Cause:?The man msulted Martin's tvif.-, <>rat |pa?t she said so. aSNSRAL PRINTIlfa KrilAHMrtllMENT, V. W ( ORNtH OK FULTON AND NASSAU BTS. j? iQpplinl wirli e**ry nTP?wrv for th* pronpt, lint, and economical execution offTfty description of 3MlSK>S -333 5>&aSi5133?,, Public attention i* i?<ine?teil to thia establishment, in the ? uranc* ample (.itist ictmn will be given? is r>'?.iri|? typo[rapllJT, ptva?*Work, anil chantrs?to those who r??iiiirr faiicy jir .' milium, l,ir<? or in .ill worn cnrapiy aim itrcatrd. LABKLH. * CHKCK9. WAYBILLS, riRrl I.AI?S, SHOW BJLl.Sj, DAM. I i( KKTS, 8TKAMBOAT BILLS. BII.I.N OK LAUINO, HA1 L>Hp V\) BILLS, fll'SINKSS CARDS, ' I' \OK RILLS ( A TALOOI KS, PHAMm.TS B/l-L MKADT handbils. won THRATRF* rffirrnF.H. CONCKRTS. MUABUM9, In ri m*. i-i buc mketiSkjs. (>r my other i?l ! < " '? "* th? Mrxwt 4Mri|iti(n ol i>nntin? i ? raaiiir*d. Tlif I'uriliti lor llii? work ,irr not *.ju?llml by any nffre in fhi* nty, for, b?-?tiif* tlir litrni" uaortmrul of .AAE> ?xuAiMKiHVAii. Tliu ruahli<hm*iit hu rh? LAKOGHT PKKH.HKM in THK CITT. Uriiat lulu* h.i*r bwn taki'n to prof id* Hfry material that can nnaiibly hr of arrricp, anil lh?T?l'irf Twriom having oceaaion for *ho?MU. H ill linil it itmitly to tntrir .iiJ?aiilaf* to patroui** lui ftaMiahmnit. V"Any Ave or form of Bill can bo fnmi?h?l ?t ??rr nhort iio'k-h, dc Ml) hour, night or itiv, bv ai>i>l> iiik hi the fourth Itory to '(/>*rh Elliott. WlJtf

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