Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 26, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 26, 1843 Page 1
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TH Vol. IX.?No. 804 ?Whole No. 3470. FOR CHARLESTON, HAVANA. KEY WEST, NEW OKLKAN8 A>Jd (JALVk^TON, (Texas.) HPO SAIL on Thursdav, 5th October, the elegant, well known copivred steam ship NEW YORK, J. r. Wright, Comm-tinier, will tail as above, This steamor ha* been put m complete order for the season, and has extensive accommodations, with large and airy state rooms. , For passage or freight of specie, apply to the t aptain on bmrd, foot uf Ninth street, E. R_. or to A HUDliAllD k CO., 39 reck slip. New York, Sept. 11 1813. ^ thavkllerb ooino south or WKsT?Sixteen hours >n advance of the U. H. Mai|?Tri-Wee! ly Line to Savannah, in connexion with the Central Kail road to JF' 'Macnii and the V est The splendid steam packet* OF.NERAL CLINCH. Cain. J. P. Brook*, and I H V'Lt- 8TON, Capt. F B?n? n, w ill leave C harlesion eve?y Tuesday, Tli?r?Uy and Satnrd y morning, at 9 o'clock, after thearrival of 'lie Wilmington boats from the north, arriving it Savannah (he s*me day, and will leave Savannah on the same diys as above, at 6 o'clock I'. M., after the ariival of the car* from Macon. Travellers will find this to be the chea|>esr uid most expeditious route to the south and west. The above boats are fitted up in a suiierior style, and no expese or pains will be spared to ensure certainty, com'ort, and ex|>editioii to the 1 r.tvelIiiik labile. JOHN B, LAKITTK. Agent, Fitzsiinmous' Wharf, Cha Icston. Charleston, September, 1843. s!7 2in*r Zr>T"l STK AM Sill I' NF.PTL'NK Caj't iiu J V\ illiam Rollins?To tail on Saturday, Ocher "ill, at 4 o'clock, I'. M., for < harleston, Key West, Havana. New Orleans, and Oalvestou. Texas This su|ierior jiacket steamer is now hen. overhauled and put ill perlect order for the season. Her cabins and state rooms are elegantly furished, and passengers can rely ?u every comfort and accomimdatiou in her. For passage as above, iu the cabins or steerage, and for light freight and sjiecie for Charleston, apply to J.H.BROWKIl, s!6 r 74 Wall st. ? FOR NEW ORLEANS?Touching atall ** 1K)r'!iHl"' Florida, vi/: St. AuKiistiue. New Smyrna, Indian River, Ca|ie Florida, Indian Key, Key West, Tampa Bay. Ceditf Keys, Port Leon, Apalachicola and Pensacola.?The splendid steam ship CINCINNATI, J. Smith, master,(whohasbeen Ions mnN in the navigation between Florida and New Orleans ) will leave Charleston, S C.,on the 1st of October next, and after the arrival of the Wilmington boats, for all the above places. For passage only, having superior accommodations, apply on hoard, or if be letter, postpaid, to JOHN B. LAF.TTE, Agent, Fitzsimmous' Wharf Charles' jn, 3. C., Sept. 9th. 1843 *14 tolr FOR HALIFAX Ik LIVERPOOL. , iw i\ovai .\iatioieam onip jBjfjfr'*- Jk^taNIA. K. O. Lott, Esq., Commander, will Z_stt!V J&?L_lea*e Boston for the above ports <m Sunday, Passigt t'> Li?eri>ool $120. Passage to Halifax -. 20, A|>iilv to D. BRIGHAM, Jr., Agent, s23 3tm No 3 Wall street. DHAFTS O.N K.NPI.ANI) lltkl.ANn Stc.?Person* about remitting money to tlieir friends in the " old country," cau be sup^"vtril'*jT i1'"'1 ";'1' Drafts, in sums of 1, 2, 3,3,10. J<> St ?50, or any amount, payable on demand without discount or any other charge, at the National Bank of Ireland, Provincial Bank, do., Messrs. James Bult, Son St. Co., Banker*. London, I Barned & Co., Exchange and Discount Biiik, Liverpool, Eastern Bank of Scotland, Greenock Bankink Company, Sir W'm. Forbes Hunter St. Co^ Scotland, and the branches in every |>ost town throughout England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, which drafts will be forwarded by the steamer Caledonia, which leaves Boston the 1st October, on application to W. St J '/ ?Al'St;<Jl I At their < ieueral Passage Otficj, 13 Peck Slip, corner Soutn st. N. B.?All letters from the country must come post paid. s2fi ec ftjgg- FOR LIVERPOOL?NEW LINK.?Regular MSfeStV''''Cke! of 25th October.?The splendid packet ship jBgMHfaOAll UK ' K, Captain Wm. Skiddy, of 1000 tons, w ill sail ai above, her day. For freight or i>asaage, having handsome furnished accommodations,apply oil hoard at Orleans w harf, foot ol'Wall street, or to ?. K. COLLINS St CO. Price of passage, $75. 66 South street. Thepir'.et ship R08CIUS. Captain John Collins, of 1100 tons, will succeed the GAltRlCK, and sail the 25tli November, her regular day. Passe s,-rs may rel > upou the ship* of this line sailing punctually >s advert feed. s2ti iSift^T' FOR LIVERPOOL?The New Line?Regular RRff>P.'<'liet Ifith of October?The fme New York built jiMl?.><ekei ship ROCHESTER, John Brittou, master, 800 ion , ? ill sail on her regular dav, 16th October. Fur freight or passage, having very superior accommodations, apply to the Captain on board, at west side Burling slip, or to WOODHULL St MINT URNS, 87 South st. Price of passage, $71. The line packet ship Hotiinguer, Ira Bursley, master, 10.AI t?iis, will succeed the Rochester and sail on her regular day, IGth November. s'it) r ~OLD BLACK BALL LINK OF PA< KKTS WK*fV.FOR LIVERPOOL?Packet of the 1st ofOctoberaMKUttb'Phe. fast sailing packet ship CA.YlBHlDt3E, Capt. Barstow, will lie dea|<atched as above hex regular day. I,Those wishing to secure berths, w ill require to make early application to JOHN HERDMAN, 61 South street, near Wall st. N. B.?Passage liom Great Britain and Ireland,via Liverpool, can as usual be secured by the above splendid packet ship, or any ship of the line, and those uunttiiig money to their friends can have drafts for any amount payable iu all the priucipal towns throughout the United Kingdom, and on Messrs. J. Barged k Co. bankers, Liverpool; and Messrs. J. Bult, Son St. Co. For further particular*, apply as above. *25r 4^/1 BLACK BALL, OH OLD LINE OF L1VERWMMfWPOOL PACKETS?Regular Packet, and sails on MtusiBa Monday, the 2d October?The magniliceut, well known, very fast sailing packet ship CAMBRIDltK, burthen 950 tons. Captain Wm. C.Barstow,will sail positivelyas above, her regular day. The accommodations of this splendid packct for cabin, 2d cabin and sieerage passengers are unsurpassed for splendor, conve inence ate'comfort by an\ vessel atloat Those embarking for the old country will linil it to their interest to select this desirable conve; nice. For passage, and to seenre the best berths, early application should be made on board, Toot of fieektnan sL or to the subscribers. ROCHE, BROTHERS Si CO., 35 Fulton street, next doof to the Fulton Bank. P. S.?The Cambridge sails from Liverpool on the 19th November. Persons sending for their friend* can have them brought out mi h-r. or it any of the packet* comprising this wailcwl and uneigualled line sailing from that port punctually ou the 7th and 19th of each month. For passage, Sic. apply as above. Drafts at sight for any amount drawn direct on the Royal Bank f Ireland and on Messrs. Ptescott, Orote, Ames U Co. B inkers. London, which are i>aid free of discount oranv charge whatew, in every town throughout England, Ireland, Scotland aud Wales. Kor passage, Sic. apply a* above. The ftvorite packer ship ENGLAND will succeed the Cambridge, and nail lor Liverpool on the 19th of October, her regular day. s2Jr ToTl LONDON?Packet of 1st Octnber-The MrJM^s)>leiidid packet ship MEDIATOR, Captain J. M. had wick, will sail as above, and has very sii|>erior accoiiiinodations for cabin, second cabin and stoerage passengers, who will De taken at reasonable rates, if early application be made to W. St.J. T. TAPSCOTT, 43 Peck slip, corner South st. Drafts for any amount, payable on demand without discount or other charge on all lb" principal towns in England, Ireland. Scotland and Wales. Apply as above. s20 AA-yr PACKET "OR HAVRE?Secoud Line?The tafjT-JfVship S I". NU OL\S, John B. Pell, master, w ill sail JHhHEbhi the 1st o' October BOYD Sc HINCKEN, s21c* No *> Tontine Biubling. cor Wall and Wa'er st. KIUST I'.M KKT SHIP FOR NEW OR fcJ??VLKANS?'I he splendid liru class ship SKA LION, JSUUhL' aptain Howes, will be de |<a'ched on the Z7tli iust Tins *uperioi ship offers a most desirable conveyance for second oliiii and a.eerage pass' iigers?her between decks hei.rj lofl- :i d very con fortabfy tilted up. The passage will be al the lowest rates. Those desirous of securing berths will reiiuiiv to mat earl* application on board the ship, at tier 10 K. K., Old Sliiv? or to JOHN HERDMAN, 61 South street, near W >U street. N. B.?The'subscriber has a regular succession of first class hips sailing weekly for the above port, by which passage can be engaged ,it the lowest rates. ?l6r FOR NEW ORLEANS?The Regular Packet OTTYVofthe Is' October.?The splendid packet ship TljSI A, Captain Post, will sail as anove. Has splendid accommodations for cibin, second cab in, and st.Tni.-H pxsseiiKers, who will be taken on reasonable terms if early application be made on bo<rd at Burling Slip, or to " ' JOSEPH McMURRAY, s2f,r 100 Pine street, coiner of South. I IKST PACCKf.T KOK Nf.W ORL> ANS? Y#*5^Tlie ?pjenilitl fast sailing packet ship ARKANSAS, II l|H. umnrsi, muu j n? aw.\, >< ? ?"" i t* accommodation* of this ship for cabin, second cabin and steerage pa?se gers, arv such a* cannot fail to insure comfort to them Jiiii.ii! tli" voyage, .and the price of putage is very low, fur ? hl. li immediate application should fee made mi board, loot of Wall suet, 01-to W. in J. I". I'AfSCUl'T. 43 Peck slip, corner South at Who will have a continuation of regular first class packets, u heretofore, to New Orleans. Mobile, Savannah ami Charleston, evt-rv week, throughout the leisiw. 1'ass.jgr, as usual, at the very lowest rates ?2I ec Atfjf fOll NKW OKLKAN8? Louisiana and New WH?V V?iK Line?'To sue eed the Arkansas?''l'lie fast sailiix packer ship \IIHNI HNll'PI, Captain llillaril, will sail dr. .move. Kor freight or pas age, having handsome furnished accommodations, apply on boaru, at Orleans w harf, foot of Wall street, or lo E. K. COLLINS St CO, M Sooth Mie-r. Agents in New Orleans, llullen fk Woodruff, who will promiitly forward nil goods to their address. *19r KOK ??ALK?i lie well known coppered and coiv yWfy.,?r fastened -Inp 8YL VANU H JKNKINH, Seymour, jBtHKiROiriS'nr, t'lirtheu and register M7 tons, carries Miu.iiihi Ins. i I cutton fp>m Mobile, was Inult in this city by James r.inrsan (or bmitiel Ilieks fc Co. uuiler the inspection of Josiah Macy?her'apron transom and top timbers of lire oak and locust?has standing and running rigging in good order?had new inasts four iears ago?is well adapted for a whaler, having a line roomy deck Liea at Dover itfeet w harf Her inventory can be seen at 51 William street. Kur term*, apply to V *2 Im'r JONATHAN OUPK.N Ik CO. M William ?f. KOll BUKKALO AND ALL t'AHTS OK THK WEST tfgfeS- iS. AS?OUATTON 1'ASOA^L uhKICE TO ALHA.N Y. l. Utica $2 00 Rochester, $3 00 Syracuse, 2 24 Bullalo, 3 JO Oiweap, 2 26 Up. and Lower Canada.1) M By the fast line to Buffalo and found, $8 00. Korpasiaxeap^yto RAy si'24 3mm _ ?3 Barclay street, New York. ]~TV.?ICK? ICL,?SWt tonaof purolake Ice of the best oua 111V- The ' r-hl.ii.d Ice establishment, esprtusly for snip ping, is prepared to, and will sell, by the cargo, and smaller i)t.aiiti'|es, clieaiier than can be obtained frain any other source, and |)n< >.*d in ine best manner, to go to any part of the woi Id.? A guvpU i I tiie.beat apprimd packing M ways on hand. JOHN fa. LYON, slii im*i <0 Division street W ilhA f?ibU uushels prime Illinois Wheat, uow landing from ship St Mary, lor sale by K l< I III.UN'* fc CO MS Southst. Qli.ClA -2fhhds. very prune Slew Orleans Sugars, landing lioin ship Ortnulgee, and for sale bv U?r K. K COLLINS ?t CQ. jfi South ?tBLACK OXIDE OK MANOANIW" in lots to suit rur rluueis. for sale hv ^ ?Uc "fcUSSK (k. CROOKS, 61 Libtrly ?u I E NE NEW SUMMER ARRANGEMENT NEW V OHK AND PHILADELPHIA HAI .ilOAD LINE 1 Dill EOT, Via Nkwark, Newbrunswick Princeton, Trenton, ? Bordentoww Anb burliniiton. d Leaving: N>w York daily from I lie foot of Courtlamlt >t. 8 Moraine Line at # A. M.?Mail Pilot Line at4X P. M. 1 lie Morning Line proceed* to Bordeutown, from tlieuce by } steamboat to Philadelphia. ' The Evening Line uroceedi direct to Camden (opposite to Philadelphia) without change'of car?. rUMiteri will procure their tickets St the office foot of Courtlandt street, where a commodious steamboat, will be iu _ readiness, with baggage crates ou board. r Shiltdelphia baggage crates are conveyed from city to city, unit beiijjj opened oy the way Each train is provided with f a car in which are apartments and dressing rooms expressly for j the ladies' use. a Returning, the lines leave Philadelphia from the foot of Wal- t nut street, by steamboat to Bordeutown at 7 o'clock, A. M. < and by railroad from Camden, at ft o'olock, P. M. C The lines for Baltimore leave Philadelphia at 7>? A. M., mid \ 4 P. M. being a continuation of the liuas from New York. f ji28 3in??c !r NEW JERSEY RAILROAD AND TRANS- b PORTATION COMPANY v s3i3? - csfsaw N K W VOHK AN I) NEWAHK FARE REDUCED TO TWENTY-FIVE CENTS. p From the foot of Courtlandt street, New York. d (Every day?Sundays excepted.) c Leaves New York. Leaves Newark. t At B A.M. At 2 P.M. At 7 A M. At IK P. M. a 9 do. 3 do. 8 do. 4(^ do. a 11 do. 4 do, 9 do. ft'-- do. r ft}? do. 10% do. 7>jj do. t 6>J do. do a 8 do. a ON SUNDAYS. Krom the fool of Courtlandt street. Leaves New York. Leaves Newark. At 9 A. M. and 4jK P. M. At 12? P. M. and ?*? P. M. NEW YORK, ELIZABETH TOWN. Leaves New York. Leaves Elizaheth Town ' At 8 A.M. At 3 P.M. At 7% A.M. 3Y% T. M. c 9 do. 4 do. 8>a do. 7 do. I 11 do. 4K do. 10 do. 9do. t ft), do. 12 do. * The trains for Westfield, Plainfield, Roondbrook, Somervilie, &e., connect with the 9 A. M., and 4>? P. M. ; trains s from New York daily, Sundays excepted. Kare between New York and Elizaheth Town 2ft ceiits. Kare between do. and Somerville, 7ft cents. a NEW YORK AND RAHWAY. Leaves New York. Leaves Itahway. At 8 a m At 3 P.M. At 7 A.M. a*. P. M i 9 do 4 do. 8 dll. 5J i!o. 11 da i\ do. do. 9 do. c G.'-a do. 11% do. NEW I'ORK AND NEW BRUNSWICK. i Kl<>m Coot of Courtlandt strwt, New York, daily Leaves New York. Leaves New Brunswick. At 9 A.M. At 4 P.M. At 6 A.M. At 11.A.M. ft3i do. 1W do. 8X 1>. M. ON SUNDAYS; Leaves New York Leaves New Brunswick. < At 9 A. M. and 4* P. M. At lltf A M., and 8>g P. M. Kare, except in the Philadelphia trains, between New York and New Brunswick. ftO cents. Between New York and Rahway, 2ft cents. Passengers who procure their tickets at the ticket office, receive a ferry ticket gratis. Tickets are received by the conductor o?!y oil the day when purchased. aul9 r [ PATERSON RAILROAD. ?SIS i3ail '< KARE ONLY 2ft CENTS. J From Paterson to Jersey City. On and after Monday, 17th July, the cars will leave Patsbson DKfox Lkavb Nkw Youk. 1 8 A. M. 9 A. M. * 11X " 12% P M4 P. M. 5 " ON SUNDAYS. Leavk Patkkson Df.I'OT. Leave New Yobk. 7% A. M. 8% A. M. 5 P. M. 6 P. M. Transportation cars pi daily (Sundays excepted.) Passengers are advised to be at the Kerry, foot of Courtlandt street, a ( few minutes ln-fore the stared hours of departure jvl9 6m PEOPLE'S LINE OK STEAMBOATS A~-"*y?3?KOR ALBANY?Daily at 7 o'clock P. M. ?", fS?- ?- Through direct?Krom tlie.steamboat pier between Courtlandt and Liberty streets. Sunday excepted. The steamboat KNI< KERBOCKER.Cant. A. P. St. John, will leave Monday, Wednesday and Kriuay Evenings, at seven o'clock. Steamboat ROCHESTER, Capt. A. Houghton, will leave Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 7 P. M. At S o'clock P. M.?Landing at Intermediate Places. Steamboat SOUTH AMERICA, Capt. L. W. tirainard, ' will leave Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoon, at i 5 o'clock. I Steamboat NORTH AMERICA, Capt. M. H. Truesdell, . will leave Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Evening, at live o'clock. Passengers taking this Line of Boats will at all times arrive in Albany in ample time to take the Morning Train of Cars for the east or west. The above bo-Us are new and substantial, are furnished with neat, and elegant State Roams, and for speed and accommodations are unrivalled on the Hudson. Kor 1'issagr or Freight, apply on board, or to P. C. Schnltz at the office ou the wharf. stft r ^ ~isii INDEPENDENT KEOULAR OITOST6 ..^V-jfrTION NIGHT LINE FOK ALBANY it 3E^jEdK.TltOY?Through Direct, without Landing.? The commodious and substantial stexmhoat PORTSMOUTH, Capt. O. House, will leave New York from the foot of Barclay I i ?treet, on Mondays, Wednesdays mid Fridays: and will leave I . will continue dime trips for the season. Freight taken at reduced rates. Apply on board. P. S.?The above boat lias undergone a thorough repair, and is in first rate order. s2 lm*r SEVEN O'CLOCK EVENING LINK ^ . TlKJTg?far ALBANY ANL) TROY direct, without W? l.uidinj;?tlie sj>lendid low pressure steamboat SWALLOW, t aptaiu A. McLe.iu, will leave the foot of Courtlandt street even' Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday evenings, at 7 o'clock, for Albany direct. I The Swallow has a large number of slate rooms,and for speed , ji?I accoimnodatious is uot surpassed on the Hudsou. ru8 ec N'KW ARRANGEMENT. " FARE AND FREIGHT REDUCED. /mm REGULAR MAIL LINE?KOR PROjg^JK.C3?VlDKNCK AND BOSTON, via, STON *CJBE3E.INGTON AND NEWPORT?Composed of the following superior steamers, running in connection with the Slonington and Boston and Providence Railroads :? MASSACHUSETTS, Capt. Comatock. RHODE ISLAND, Capt Thayer. PROVIDENCE. NARKAGANSETT. MOHEGAN. One of which will leave New York daily.(Sundays except' -d) from Pier No. 1, Battery Place, N. Hiver, at 4 P. M. AKRANt/EMENTS. "l'he MliUUfc lfiL.A.> u, i aj.uiiu Thayer, on .Monday, and Wednesday for Stonington aiid Newport, and Knday for Stoningtnn. i Tit* .MA88ACHT78F.TT8, Captain Comstock, on Tueslay and Thursday for Stouington, and Sitnrday for Stouingtou, Newport and Providence. Pasnengers, on the arrival of the teamen at 9tnnington, will jc immediately fiuwarded in tlie splendid Aiid commodious t'ars of the Railroad to Providence and Huston, and if for Newport will proceed in the iteamer Mohegan (in tuperior orler) from thei.ce .it 6 o'clock the following morning, thu* , xv v iiiic them ia?ppportun<ty of a night's rest on board th? steamer Massachusetts or Rhode Ulaud, and then breakfast ou board he Mohegan. The above steamer* have been thoroughly equipped and iirepared to promote celerity of travel and the comfort, and ?ecurity of passeugrrs, and not turpaesed ,by any iu the United Elates. Kor iwssage or frerght, which i* taken at very rcdnced rate*, ipply on hoard, at uui ili side of pier No. 1, Ti Broadway, or oficenf Samuel Deveau, freight agent, cu the wliarf. Ticket* for the route and str-untrs' berth* oan be secured on ward, or at the office of ? HARNDKN h C O.. No. 3 Wall street O^On and after tlie loth vist, freight will not be received tnd forwarded after hall-|wst 4 P. M. m9 6m* in ,?r?f .lm STATKN IKI.ANO KKIUIV, KOOT Tjm,.. I.rLC3?OF WHITF.HALL ST.?The steamboats W Writ. STATKN ISLANUKR and SAMSON will Tin as follows until further notice Leave New York 8, 9, 10, 12, 2, 3*, 5, 6. Leave Ststen Island 3, 9, 10, 12, 2, 4. 5, 6. All goods shipped ar? n-quired to he particularly marked and ire .it the risk 01 the owners thereof. (5 r Jtm NEW MtRANOKMKNT FOB y: h(-C3? BHRKWSBUIt Y?Long Branch. Sandy jt^auLiI'1"')!. I'reHi Hon* and Katontown Landing. < The new Steamboat SHREWSBURY, Captain John P. t'oriies, will now run as follows, on and alter Thursday, 27th uist :?leaving New York, from the foot (' Kohinson street, verv Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, at 10 o'clock, A. \1. \ml Katontown Lauding ou Mouday, Wednesday and Kriilay, I it in o'clock, A. M. The Shrewsbury will run as ahova, weather permitting, nn| i il further notice. All baggage at tha risk of the owners. i Kare 37J. cents. I N. U.?Stages will be in attendance to convey passenger rom the afore?iid lauding place* to any part of the couuty re luired. Vhe Shrewsbury will go the inner passage, when practicable. jeljr VKW V?l'<k Wl> K I N(1HT< IN HTK AMI KK1UHT A N I) PASS AUK LINK. .MM Kor Kingston, nne Delaware and Hudson ?EM>._ y?< unal?steamboat* KM Kit A LI) and NOllThe KMKHALD, Captain John Ketcham, w ill leave New Vork. foot of Murray street, every Monday and Thursday at 5 o'clock, P M. Will leave Kingston (Ron'lout landing) every Wednesday juhI Saturday at 3 o clock, P. M. The NORWICH, Captain John Samuels, will leave New York, foot of Warren street, every Weduesday and Saturday at J o'clock, P. M. Will leave KrJgston (Rondout landing) evrry Tuesday and Friday at 3 o'clock, P. M. KXTRA TRIPS. The KMKRALD will leave the loot of Murrav_street every Sunday monnngat 7 o'clock. Returning. leaves Kiuffstou at 4 o'clock, nmc day. Kor freiglit or minw apply ?ii board, or to WILLIAMSON, BAHLOW It CO., aSl 3in*r 1M Wot itrvet. 0* FOW KEYPORT AM) MIDDLBTOWN POINT, Daily, (gundtyt fufptHl,) touch3EnJLJE.ine fit ScRthnr h Dnrli Slat.n Ijltml.?On and alter Monday, July lint, the au-amer ROCK I.. AN I), Captain Crawford, wilt leave Middlrtown Point nil Mondnyi, Tur*dava, Wwlimidiyi, Tti?nd?v? and Friday*, at hall-rait our o'clock (tide permitting.) and Keyport at 'io'clock P. M Keturning, l?ave New York, foot of llohinton Mreet, on Tuesday*. Wednesday*, Thursday* and FruUyi, at II o'clock A. M. and Saturday" at 2 P. M. Staue* will he in readiness on the arrival of the boat to eonriy |K\i*en(ters to Frrahold or any part of th? country. I'lliform conveyance! on Target Kicuriioni, Parties of pleasure w ill h" taken to and Irom l>ort Hamilton or Keyport at (M10 i it>lf price*. lm?in .WW ** NKWAIIK AM) NKW V OIIK7-K?"i? Q.,?only ll&CeitU !? 1 he iplemlid iteamer PAHSLJU.'AII , after .Inn. 5th, will run a* follow*:? Leav* the loot of Barclay *treet,| New York, at 10 A. M , and 4 P M. Leavei the foot of Ceutre itrwt, Newark, at 7X A. M , imd S"The*accommo(Ution? both for paiK'ntreri and fWizht hnre been greatly improved. ..... Freight carried at very low rates. jyl6 3m"e? inn; l'<)K ll. HoisiwiuK, OPERATIVE SURGEON to the Nrw York Medical and Snr^icHl tnititnre, may beconmlteddaily between thehonri I I and J o'cl ock. Oifice 7i Chambers sum, *( lut*t % W YO YORK, TUESDAY MOR TO THK LADJKS. I 5INGLKT8, KINK AMU WIIIK CUKLS, BRAIDS, i v Frizettes, Plain Bands, Duvri, Head Umimi, Net Caps, hell Combs, and other Ornaments suitable for decorating La it's' Heads. M. LAIUJE, Miinvfiulurnr ami IVhaletuile Dealer, 163 Canal, corner of Vwrick, ave now on hand a Urge, new and splendid assortment of the bsive articles, which they are selling at greatly reduced price*. They are of tlie latest ftshions, anil are manufactured ill a sutrior manner, in their new and peculiar style, imparting a heauiful rich lustre to the hair, ami a durability to the curl, unatitined by any other manufacturer. Old < urls altered to any pattern, and made to look like new, t a trilling e*pense. A liberal allowance made to retailers. sl9 lm*r ]M> MIL LIN KKS, Sic.?t A It L KINO, tli" celebrated Tils l can Hat Manufacturer, moit respectfully inform* hj* kind lends and patpnus that lie has associated himself Willi Mr osepli Lyon, (late frnin Paris) and have established themselves t No. 37 John street, (under the lirin of Lyon St King) where hey have a most splendid assortment of l'aris Millinery Artiles, suitable for the ensuing season. The above stock consists if .inelegant assortment of Puscan and Straw Hats, rich Silk Velvets, rich Velvet liibbons, Lutestring and Satin Ribbons,all all colors?French Flowers, Feathers; an entire new style of iilks, and every other article in the Miliuery line. Messrs. L. St K. would also state that the above goods have leen purchased for cash (direct from the manufacturers) and ?ill be sold at a smalt advance on cost to those who may be ileaseil to favor them with a call!. slti lnv?r_ LYON Si KINO, 37 John st., N. Y. 7 A C A R I) TO T11K L AD I Ks7 A NKW Patent Invention. combining elegance and econo' my, in Ladies' dress, hanit, pelisse tittiuit and making, 53 Warket street, between Hamilton and Cherry streets. Ladies' 1 res<es cut upon the above principle, guaranti ed a |>erfeci and legant lit, with infallible accuracy, which is so highly esseu ial in producing faultless garments, also made with neatness Hid despatch, ami iu strict conformity with the latest Parisian md Loudon fashions. Ladies measured at their residence if enured. Ladies taught the above invaluable a:t, and rights of he invention to be disposed of, by the practice of which the dveitUer lias realized a very handsome income, and instruction cquired in two easy lessons?terms moderate. Wanted Immediately?4 apprentices and2 improvers. s 111 m * m D. MrPEYSEit, & GO.",\TO. I iO William street, comer of John street, and 437 llroadL' way have received, bv recent arrivals, au extensive supply if the following FANCY GOODS, which were carefully sercted by a competent person at Paris, Berlin, Sic., and which hey offer for sale, iu wnolesala and retail, ou liberal terms, rir.:? Berlin Zephyr aud German Wonted?the most complete atr ortmeut. Berlin Kmbroidery Patterns?a choice selection. Cauvass for Embroidery, of cotton, worsted, linen, silk, gold nd si iver, of all widths and qualities. Silk Chenille, for embroidery, trimming and (lower making. I'urse Twist, German, French aud Kuglish, plain aud shaded, n skeins, sticks, and ou spools. Floss Silk for Kmbroidery aud Fringe makers, in skeins and in spools. Suspeuders, superbly embroidered, and Suspender TrimDings. Gold. Silver and Steel Hi1.ids. in all Nos. Mother of Pearl, Gold, Silver anil Steel Purse Ornament*. Gold aud Silver F'riuge, llraid, Cord, Twist, Thread aud I' assets. Kmhroidery Frames, and a variety ol different Fancy Artistes. Artificial Flowers?a choice selection. Fringes, of cotton, worsted aud silk, imported and domestic Uiini>s, Tassels, Buttons aud all other kind of trimmiug. jv 17 Sin*?c A BHAI1AM KASTOK, importer, No. 3M3 Broadway, has ts. j n;,t received liy the steamers Great Western and Britannia, md also liy the Havre packets, a tine and large assortment of lew style Silk Bulltoii Fringes, Geimps, Cords, Tassels, Bilious, black silk Trimming Lace,(Thread Laces, a great variety >f French Kmbroideri<>s, such as Infants' Dresses and Waists. Jhemoisettes, (Collars, Linen Pocket Handkerchiefs, Thread Lace Veils,Thread Points, Silk Blond Trimming Lane. Fancy Sail Dresses, and every description of Gloves, Mils, anu Cutfs. Also, Bags, Purses, aud Linen Thread Caj>s. Also, a large uuortment of Worsted Cloaks, Habits and Caps for ladies and rhildreu. and in my otlier articles, too numerous to descrilie?all )f which he oilers at reasonable prices, at wholesale and retail. s!3 lm*T ARCHER'S FALL FASHION, IT n It ? R N T I. R M R V > S HATS AUTUMN?1813. NO VV ready for sale and inspection at hii old stands, 201 ami 2t>0 Greenwich street. P. 8.?Also, an elegant assortmcet of men's, boys' and chillren's ca|>?, of entife new patterns sll Im*ec TO THE 1UBLIC. The firm heretofore known as GENIN St VAN VHANKEN, HATTKRS, Having beeu dissolved, the subscriber. john n. gfenin, Has opened A HAT AND fAf STORE, No. 90 BROADWAY. Third door from Wall street. JN. (J. begs simply to state his determination to use his best exertions to make a HAT that for quality of material ind beauty of finish cannot be excelled. He therefore trusts to receive from his friends and the public that support which will enable hiin successfully to carry out his designs. JOHN N. GENIN, Hatter, 14 lm*m 90 Broadway, 3d door above Wall st. "SHlllT MANUFACTORY, AND GENTLEMEN'S FURNISHING STORE, CO SlAlDEN LANE.?Just received the latest ani most <J ajipr ived French pattern shirts. A general assortment of hirts, under Karmeuts, hosiery, cravats, handkerchiefs, Stc. Shirts and under saran'iits made up to order and repaired at short notice. Kor sale, a Counting House De?k, with three drawers and book rack. W.M.COLLINS. au20 lm*r TO THE PUBcic. Jf" 1 fifi TO $5000.?Mr. Francis R. Crump, Watch Maker, JP J- V/V/ 248 Grand street, bees to inform his friends and the pnblic, that independent of the. Watch business, he is,pre|iared to make advances in cash on gold jjjyer watches,diamonds, lilver tea sets, spoons, forks, and every description of gold or lilver in any sha|ie, intended fur immediate sale. Cash to anf iinomit paid for old (fold and silver. Watches of every deicription repaired and warranted. 218 Grand itreet. sll3m*r WATCHES.?The larsest and most spleudid assortment ol Watches in the city, is to be found at the subscrilter's.? As he is constantly receiving all descriptions of Gold and Silrer Watches, of the uew?st styles, direct from the manufacturers, iu Kngland, France, and Switzerland, he is enabled to offers larger assortment, and at much less prices, at retail, than uiy other house in the city. Gold watches as low as $20 to $26 sach. Watches and jewellery exchanged or bought. All watches warranted to keep good timi*, or the money returned. Watches, clocks and jewollery reiwmd in the best maimer, i?d warranted lower than at auy other place in the city G. C. ALLEN, importer of watches and jewellery, s7 Im*ec Wholesale and rerail. 30 Wall street, up stair*. INDIA TEA.'GOMPAN Y. 188 Canal btrect, New York. PNCOURAKIED by the satisfaction given since the opening "of their establishment r<*pectfully invite the attention of merchants and families to their ample slock of superior Teas and Coffee, purchased for cash, by one of the firm, long experienced in the trade, and for years an insjiector of Teas imported by the East India Tea Company, of Loudon. They confidently recora men J them, not only as the best in quality, but as cheaper, fro 10 to Uper cent than can be had elsew here. All ordersproinptl snd faithfully executed. *8 Im*ui "united states" tea emporium, 121 lat* 129 Cfuitham street, Neio York. And 116 Fulton street, Brooklyn Alkivcv, 318 BLKKCKKR Stkf.KT, WHOLES A L E A N D RETAIL. Thv, CANTON TEA COMPANY continue *> offer for -I sale new and Iras rant Teas of every variety and style.? Their assortment specially includes the most delicious and powerful grades of Green and ill irk. Every package bears tlie tamp of neatness and elegance, aud the Teas therein are so thorouKhly secured from light and air, that their quality aud power w ill remain unimpaired iii auy climate. Their system uf prosecuting business is, perhaps, scarcely to be excelled. It is founded u|?in the utmost regard to the riithts ot the customer, especially with respect to weight ami quality, and uurivalled cheapness. All purchasers are called upon to return any \rticles which tail to give them the utmost satisfaction, which the mouey will be cheerfully aud promptly refunded. Country merchants, public establishments, heads of families, and shipmasters will find it a decided advantage to supply themselves from this establishment. Oicniti^e Java Coffef. roasted every day. Orders from all parts of the United States executed with promptitude and des|?tch. K? " The only warehouse in America for the sale of Houqita's celebrated Black Tea. au29 Im*:n GREAT IMPROVEMENT IN FRICTION MATCHES. rPHE SUPERLATIVE MATCH, made without brimstone A or other deletereous or offensive ingrrdisnt?au article that is actually wat'r-proo' aud no mistake?is now made and sold by the proprietors of u patent lately obtained, at No.161 Bleeckw street, New York. These matches ignite with ease and certainty in all weathers mil climates, and burn with a brilliant llaine, for inore thau a minute, and that too in a vertical |Hisilion,so that several letters may toe sealed with wax by the blare of one of rliem TheV may lay in water lor many hoiirs <tna yet ignite, anil wlien lite wood is dry btiru as before. Some are saturated In nerfunie<l wax.and xlule an agreeable odor instead of the execrable and unhealthy rffinviaof the brimstone match. Orders and communications may be addressed to Ijr. BOWEN, Aftent for the Patentees, at No. 161 Uleecker st.N.Y. N R ? None sold or delivered lr< hawkers sT lin'r WM. T. JENNINGS Ac GO. DRAPERS AND TAILOKS, 231 Broadway, Americiui Hotel, opposite the Fotintiiin, solicit atleiition to an aesortinent of seasonable goods, including < loths, Cassimeres, Vesting*, he., in a!l the new and various styles, nnder the assiir inre that th? system of " small profits and quick returns," which has elicited so liberal a patronage, will be continued, while our arrangements are bach as will enable us to lill all orders in future with promptnejs. A feature in the establishment, which must Commend it to those rt(iniring articles for immediate use, is the addition to our stock, of au assortment of Arst quality ready made Garments, consisting of Burtont*, Frock*, Dress Coats, Pantaloon*. Vests, Office Coats, Travelling Frocks, Dressing Gowns, (ke A choice collection ol Silk and Matin Scarf*, Cravats, Handkerchiefs, Uloves, Sum-en ders, Hosiery, Under Shirts, Drawers, Muslin Shirts, Collars, lie. At priees which must offer inducements to purchasers jyW Jtn*ec NOTICE.?GENTLEMEN'S CA8T-OFK CLOTHING PU RCHASED, and the highest price paid for thvm. Persons having the above articles, and wishing to dispose of them, will do well by calling oil lie' subscribers. J. WILSON & CO. S Courtlandt st. N. Y. A line through the Post Ortice or otherwise will be punctually attended to. Dying, slcouring and Repairing in all its branches Clothing bought, sold and taken in exchange. s2l lw*r GASH HARDWARE A I. F II ED F. L A G K A V E. IMPORTER OF HARDWARE AND CUTLERY, No. ?Hl tiweuwich, comer Barclay street, IS NOW OPENING a complete assortment ol goods in his 1 line, which lie oilers at wholesale or retail on the lowest terms that they cau be purchased at in this city Agent for Coopers' Glue. Country m?rch*nU will pl?i* Uvor him with a call prpYiou* tAmniiini pnrrhn<M? %n2f? lni?r TEA TRAYS, TAMLE 0UTLE1U, fcc. AW. HFIG8 St CO. 218 IVurl ilwl, art* now oprnincm oiwtu of m-w ,111(1 clrKaiit patUTiu of 'IV* Tr?y?. rmbnriiik ? *?> vnrirty of ijimIi!y, color /*ml lirei, Irom to thirty uichra. ? Alio, mo groat lrory self tip and Sux li?n<lle Kuivm Dud Portia. Alto, on* cw u*w patt'rm Crookrr't fiu? Pen Knirn. 19 lm?re RK I NING. SEPTEMBER 26 CAKLTON HOU8K. THK 8UBSCK1BKH8 iraprrpiml to make arrangement! A witli bmilin anil uncle gentlemen fur tlin wluter or by thr year, upon reasonable terms. The prices of this establishment are the mine u heretofore, ?i7.: $1 50 i>er day. , _ BK.NSON Sc HODGES, s'i lm#r NOTK'K TO KRK.NCH, AMK.H1CAN AND OTHKK C 1TIZK.NS.?U NION IIOTKL, No. 16 Hector street, corner of reenwich ?lwt.-l'. IVIamotte has the honor to nform his friends and ihi- public generally, that the partnership heretofore existing between the advertiser and J. Bonnard, Ins been dissolved by inuiual rnmwit. MM he MS reopened (us olii establishmeut, lituate as above, which has lieeu occupied by him for the past five years. 'I he Uuiou Hotel has been thoroughly repaired .mil renovated, and now coiitaius as complete and comfortable sitting and lodging rooms as cau I* found in ilia city. The coiiking driwrtment is conducted a la Kroncaise, and most amply supplied, without regard to cost, and the prices charged to guests are in conformity with the times. An excellent I'abbs d'Hote is ready every day at 3 o'clock, for which the ino,l>? ite price of 31 cent* only is charOed. The advertiser holies that his past exertions and present desire to give satisfaction, will insure him the patronage of his fellow countrymen, and of all gentlemen who may wish to obtain capital fare and accommodation, at the least possible expense, si lm*ee " ~ STH YKUR'S BAY 1'IIE proprietors, thankful for the lilieral iwtronage bestowed t thus I tr, beg leave to inform, that in addition to the usual at factions of the place, they have engaged the celebrated liaiid under the direction of Air. (i. Schneider, so wi ll known for the universal satisfaction given by them at the United States Hotel, Saratoga, for the past two seasons, who will play every fair afternoon of Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, lor the balance of the a^ou. s23 lw * N BK.l.MOvF HOUSE -NBW BRIGHTON. G EORtiK PKIHISS, in returning his grateful acknowledgments to the numerous ladies and gentlemen who favored the above establishment during the past season, begs to announce that he has made every suitable arrangement lor the winter, to accommodate families and single boarders. The dining-rooms and dormitories will be found comfortably and elegantly furnished. The table w ill he supplied w ith the choicest provisions, and the wines will be found eiiual to any. The proximity; of Belmont House to the city, w itfi excellent steamboats plying at stipulated hours, the. well known attention of the host and civility of the attendants, cunibined w itli the location, being within a step or the Ianding-pl;ce, readers this establishment the most social anil convenient iu the Union. Term* will di* lounii exceedingly moderate. [CT" liood stabling and cohcIi houses attnched to the pre nuses. sl6tfr HAVANA MANSION HOUSE HOTEL r['IIK undersigned tikes occasion to inform his friends and A the public, lint the Mansion House is now located in Inquisidor street, No. Ii7, in the vieinit| of the sti- initio it landing and vegetable mark't, having commodious family apartments, arranged ill the neatest order. A penon is employed to procure permits to land passengers, baggage, Sic. who will board vessels immediately after tin) visit of the revenue officers. N. B.?Visitors to this Island should procure a passport from the Spanish Consul, at llie port of embarkation, to obviate difficulties and inconvenience. 21 Gm<*c WILLIAM FULTON. IMPORTANT TO INVALIDS, VISITOHSTO THF. ISLAND OK CUBA. PROGRESS HOTEL, IN the village of Cerro, three miles from Havana. This establishment is advantageously situated, proiierly titled pu and attended, affording the benefit of a country life without excluding the comforts and pleasures of the Capital, or preventing a timely attendance to business. livery attention is promised by the owners to i?*et the satisfaction of their visitors. ( IIA.HUKS. Boarding for a single persou iu oue room $2 00 a day. " " tw o or three persons in oue room* ?1 io a day each person. With families a particular agreement may lie entered into. N. B.?Omnibusses are running from morning'till night between the Cerro and Havana, making the trip iu hall an hour. s2t ltn C~~ OMK TO jNTiKKSOLL' S (tHKAT BOAT AND OAK BAZAAH9?At this establishment can be found every description of Boats that the ingenuity of man can suggest. Look at what lie has done and then judge of what he can do. At his establishment was built the following unrivalled boats, viz: ?The Swift Sure of New Foiiudlaud; the sixteen foot sailing Dinky Troubler; the ltump of Hurlgale, and the Paul I'ry. The row boats Henry Stark, which won 29 races iu 18 months; the noble Cimbria; the <i. W. Chapman: the forty foot racer for the United Stales shiptOhio; the barge Kini'iess'for Florida: .I,- Iim.. ...I fnr Ta.nnie,. It ,e an,I ? l?wl ..f others equally great Oars, Sweeps ami Sculls?This new branch of his business is truly worthy .of attention. Look at the prices, only three and four pence a foot. All the sculls for racing dresseil by the proprietors own hands. Those that won the last race can now be seen at his ortice. Siity Boats always on hand. Visit his Bazaars if you desire a treat. All work delivered free of charge. C. L. INOKRSOLL, 3%, (Ofi and 4 H Water and HI Cherry streets?sole proprietor. s2l lm*r A A. HAMANOS offers for sale, at No, 6 Wall st, 10 hhiU Muscovado Sugar, and 15 bass of Coffee, landing from brig T i az, from St. J ago In Store? 10 hlids Sun cured Muscovado Sugar suitable for refiners 4 boxes white Sugar, free labor 18 bales smierior liuisa Tobacco, ?uitable for manufacturers. 330,in. Segars.of LordByron, Woody' le.aud a variety of other brands. WANTED?A Cooper, and a Mil Wright that understands cariicnter's work, to go to St J.uodj ivnba; must be single and ol WPmHMNM. Apply asabov st) lm*r "HAIiPS T K. BHOWNE & CO. Manufacturer* of the Improved " Patent Double Action Harp, by lloyal Letters Patent, London?established 1810, (many years with Krard,) No. 33j Broadway and 73W Chambers street. New York. J. K. Browne offers for sale at 38J Broadway, the finest collection of these beautiful instruments in the United Stales. 11 is arrangements are such as to citable him to transact business at prices, thereby saving purchasers the high duties imposed by tariff oil tliese instruments. J. K. Browne would observe these Harps are constructed on the most approved principles, with all the modern improveinfills, are unequalled iu brilliancy of tone, fineness of touch, anil |ierfectness of mechanism. Particular care is taken to lit them for the eitremes ?f climate in this country, in which respect they will be found far su|ierior to any of Kuroi>ean manufacture imported in the usual way. These Harps are patronised by the elite of mnsical taste and professional talent in Europe; among the latter, he would mention N. Bochsa, who invariably selects from this establishment. The attention of professors in this country is solicited. Lists of price* and descriptions may be forwarded by post. Repairing carefully attended to; Harps takeu iu exchange. Strings, 8tc. i21 lm'r PIANO KORTES KOIl SALE.?A large and valuable stock, consisting of from 70 to 80 French action pianofortes all new. are offered for sale at 411 Broadway, near Lis|>eiiard st. and at the factory, 44 West Fourteenth street, between theith and 6th avenue*. This stock comprise! several very highly finished and superior toned instruments, with 6>? and 7 octaves of the latest aud most approved patterns. Every piano forte will be warranted Tor one ymr, and will b sold at price* unusually low. J. WALKER. N. B.?A variety of good Piano Fortes kept exclusively to hire. auJ9 lm*r PIANO FORTES. JOHN PETHICK respectfully informs his friends and lha *' public that he has on hand at his old establishment, No. 2111 Bleeckerstreet, a choice assortment of Pimm Fortes, which he will sell oil the most reasonable terms. For touch and tone?those Important considerations with players of experience?he would readily challenge comparison with the Inst Pianos now in use ; anil as to durability, he refers to the many and frequent recommendations of his instruments by various professors who have used them for the last twelve years. The assortment comprises various patterns, both of rosewood and mahogany, of six octave* aud eighty notes, or full (German scale. New York, Sepr. 18th, 1843. *21 lm*ec TO PIANO FORTE MANUFACTURERS. VOU are respectfully requested to call at 138 Nassau street, and examine a specimen 01 n tin* plate*, in.ule b V a new pro cess, which excel all others in beauty of engraving and ueatiiast of finish. Uutides, they can be afforded much chea|>er than heretofore, if a large number is required. Carriage Maker's name plate* also executed in a style that can't be surpassed. W. I,. ORMSBY, 138 Nassau street N. B.?Manufacturer's Labels, and Engraving and Printing (enerally proniptly executed cheap?very cheap. si lm*r TO PIANO FORTE MAKERS. TOHN <>1LL, manufacturer of Piano Forte Hardware, wishes ' to announce that in additiou to bis establishment, (on 26th street and 3d Avenue,) that lie has made arrangements with Mr. .John Pliyfe, ivory dealer, No. 19 Murray street, New York, (a* agent,) where any article of piano forte hardware can be purchased as cheap a* elsewhere, and in any riuantitie*. Also, a superior article of steel music wire, imported by J. (I , w hich is used by the principal piano forte makers in New ?r?, and is considered the best now iu use, not excepting Web ster *; a trial ol the *aine i* only nece**ary to e*ubli*h it* good qualities. J O. respectfully solicits attention to the snpenor quality of his manufacturer! got,da, especially his improved tuning tuns, which are warranted in every respect. Sixteen yn's close attention to the alrove business in New York has enabled J. O. to know exactly what the pianoforte makers require. All orders Co John Gill, 26th street and 3d A venue. New York, or to Mr. John Phyfe. as above, will meet with immediate attention. Good* forwarded to any part of the United State*. *13 Im'rc PIANO-FORTF.S, MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS, NEW * MUSIC, See. See., just received at ATWI LL'S Music Repository, 201 Broadway, near St. Paul's. Purchasers an- invited to examine severil splendid Rosewood and Mahogany Pianoforte*, this day added to the already extensiveaisortment of Piano* now on hand, Flutes, Guitars, 4cc. Ste in great abundance. The supply of new and admired Music is very great, embracing the publication* from all |>aiU of the country. Purchaser* can depend upon receiving correct editions. A liberal deduc II">11 w nnr noun, is ">u'-n u in Ml.uilll > . Th' follow iug is u small list of the popular ma.-.ic Moism. MARciir.ii k (iiirmrrri. Woodland Bride Java March (Mil Farm Home Lawrence grand Ho Oh. *my, my own love, stay Statestrret do Rover is free Roarer's ilo I know a star Gov. Morton's ilo Romance froin the Opera of Highland doliQS Tlie Karthrjuake Harvard Quickstep Farewell to Northmaven, by Home do Dempster Rory O'More do Oh, were mine a fairy boat Bartlett's do Light Dragoon Iron Bolts do Merry Farmer Boy Promenade do Old Vno eitral Elm Henneaty's do She never smiled again Gordon's do America my Home Park's do Temperance Shout of Liberty Winchester do Oil a summer's day Lawrence do I have a cot, by the Harvard Snow's do (Jlee Club *76 do Wai.tzk*. Kukek's do Giraffe Waltr. Whitlow's do South bo ro do Lynn do Sleigh Bell ilo Massasoit do Fairy's l<e\el do Mt. Washington do Enteralil do Postillion do LaKrivolite do Marine Artillery do LaOaiete do Rrnmmer'a do Villa do Ldinunds' do Pouuhk'epsie Quadrilles New i.pition or tHr roi.Lnwi*cj .Admirhi Rosm, SrcJ True love can ne'er forget Wreath Quadrilles True heart of Woman Garland Walf/.es Loie's Chosen Hours Merrily o'er the wavea' A life hi the woods, away Oh, sail with ino Oh, take me back to Switicr- Take your time. Miss I.ucv land Craeovienne Maid The dream is past Moon o'er the Mountain < auloKiiesgiven gratis. AT WILL'S Music. Repository. 301 Broadway, Siifn of th e Golden Lyre; sl.i 8 2taw TnkFr near St. Paul.a < horeh. H~" K,KF?By the side or quarter, lor sale at all tnne?, at ti e Slaughter Howe of John R. Preston, threw doors mm Third Avenue, (east side,) in IMh street, ol a superior quality, ami deliri'red at aa low a Irate as can be bought in the city, for cash. JOHM H. PIU.STON. [era: , 1843. RaiMti (<'orrr>|>oml?uee of the Herald.] Voqtigc out?Brig Edwin an/I Captain?S< tna y and Prospects?Afternoon Hide in tlie Interior?Canaries Introduction to Major Taylor? Conversation on Mattn.? and Thing* in General un i I iid inn tVar, Ab'rfition, Alligators, Dough Facts, 4v'i ?rt particular?Flight 0/ Fancy and Descent to Utilitarianism. James Gordon Bennett, f-'sq Passing over the various incidents of a sea voyage from here to C.liarleslon, and the taken (or granted fact, that Captain liuckly, of the Hrig Edwin, is one of the most accomplished, skilful and gentlemanly seamen that ever trod on the quarter deck of a merchatman, (and so strongly impre.-sed upon the minds of our passengers was this notion, that had lie riiB his vessel on shore ofl Cape Hatteras and drowned the entire company, an unanimous vot-i of thanks would have been pissed, and resolutions adopted declaring in most emphatic terms that no blame could attach to the Captain) we land you at Charleston. After leaving Charleston we proceed to the mouth of the St. Johrra liiver?then by steamboat up that river to Lake Monroe. of the loveliest days to which this most delightful country ever gave birth, a trnveller was seen winding his way through the luxuriant foliage of i< forest track, too narrow and grass-grown to he calle I a road, and yet too often frequented, and too well delined, to be regarded an a mere pa'hway?the sun had dehned over the western hill tops, but his casual ray came stealing through the interstices of the thick clustered trees, throwing along his course the most curious and fantastic shapes of mingled shade and sunlight, and forming at intervals above his head a rich and varied canopy ot green and gold, as Ins bright beams were rellected from leaf tu leaf. The cooling breeze of the distant ocean on the left, might be felt, tempered mi I softened by its passage over fl >wery lands between?the beautiful Cainry, and her thousand sister songsers, were pouring forth their tich notes of untaught melody, and the m iny-toned mocking bird iudulging herself in the utterance of such an eccentric diversity ot songs as was really amusing, and at times even ludicrous ?the air was laden with perf ume, and nature herself appeared to be revelling in voluptuousness. The stranger, however, appeared to heed all these things but hitle?<md although he occasionally raised his eyes to the . roan and clear blue heuvens above, as the arching boughs and branches of the Mngnolia and (>yp:rss, and their "constituency," which bordered Ins road, left him unshaded, and as they closed over him aga:n, dropped them upon the velvet green beneath, an observer could easily notice that his "spiritu.d and his corporeal," were dwelling amidst scenes and places far removed. Aloue and on horseback he pursued his lazy way. He was below the usual height, ol slender make, and though originally of delicate frame and features, api<eared to have seen somewhat of hardship and of danger. He had not reached the meridian of lift,and by tone would probably have hern called young. Travel had placed her mark upon him, and if, instead of her deep sunbrown signet, iiia cheek had retained its original f reshness, he would scarcely have been called handsome. A ii"gc ol sadness hung arouud his leatureu, although his countenance becpoke benevolence. Suddenly he emerged from the wood upoil a broad prairie. On the one hand a river was courti ng its slow way along the channel, and on the other h s eye rested 011 a large field. Hanked by rich orchards, whose trees were bending beneath the w ight id their luscious fruit?the fig, the orange and the lemon. Still further on, and almost hidden from view, could be discovered a white dwelling, and directly beyond the higli ground and shrubbery which concealed a lake?that Lake was Liakf* Munr&e, and that dwelling the house ol Major Taylor. The stranger spurred on, anil soon hi? horse stood before the door?a ue?r? was iiumediately at his aide. Ma?s i, sir, is within; will Maya's friend dismount1! Well, Mr. Curly, I am a stranger to your m.uii?yon m.iy, however, take my horse?mid so saying, l.i dismounted, and was shown in; he proceed d through the hall, uud was conducted to the piazza in the rear, where,in a loose gown, reclining on a eourh, in easy indolence, lay a gentleman tsonie 50 or 60 \< ars <f age, who rose to receive him as he approached .*iir, said the traveller, 1 am u stranger iu this region; my home is in the uorth country, and love of travel have brought me here. Stranger, I am a Virginian by birth, though long u resident ol Florida?this is my home, and the lands I around you constitute my estate?be pleased to nuke yourself at home. While this dialogue was pissing, a young negro came hurrying in with a small pitcher ol lemonade and a plate oi green fig*, which he placed upon a round bUck walnut table, and of whieh they both partook. Well, stranger, continued the Major, you have wandered a long distance from your home; I hope you are not disain ointed iu the appearance of our country. I suppose you exacted to hud nothing but pine barrens and swam|>s, panthers, wildcats, and yellow fever; and you caunot, therefore, complain much, even should you not find all these?and the Major smiled as he waited an answer. Well, sir,I must confess that I am rather surprised than disappointed ! I had heard of Florida at the north, as a dismal land of swamps, forests and everglades, wild beasts and venomous reptiles; and al though 1 never credited all the tales 1 heard, I knew from its geographical position, and description, that it possessed some advantages and redeeming qualities. Now that I am here, 1 find the actual far exceeds the id*al. I see very little to desire here that you may not have?very little to dread that you may not easily avoid?and as for Florida herself, about this region, she appears to me like some sweet maiden, constantly adorned with her Sunday dres->. Weil, wc have had trouble enough a' one time and auoiher about her, und with her, and the ought to be worth something to us now. She cost us a rich sum Ah! sir, there it is again; you northern gentlemen are always harming upon the old string, the Florida war, and the poor Indian*! You have too much sympathy, sir; too much sympathy altogether?but I can excuse it in you, lor it is the excess of a v irtue, and you are ixtremely ignorant in the urernises. 1 mean that in this master as in the slavery business, you have little or no practical kuowledge, and are therefore not competent judges. Sir, you have not lived here, and until your fanatical ranters and declaimers on the rights ol man,and sympathizers with . the forest savage, take the trouble to make themselves acquainted with subjects they don't understand in the only way they can be understood, they will continue to make themselves the objects ot contempt to thfse whom they modestly seek to enlighten ! Excuse me. Major; you have jumped at a conclusion; your remarks constitute a "imj* ?t</uUitr"? you did not hear me fully out?nevertheless, I can say in all candor 'hat vour notions on these subjects are pre cisely such as 1 urn proud to cherish,although a northern man Well, then, if you have rested, we will take a short walk?yonder stands the ruins of an old Spanish fort; from it you may see to advantage the country, and we can continue our remarks. Well, Major, I have been something of a traveller in the course of my shott career?but on rny word, I have seldom seen so much to admire in on?- view.? You have not exactly the sublimity of the north, or the wildin ss of the west; bat far quiet betotj, tusoriouselegance, and pretty wildnesa, yoitr territory is unsurpassed by any soot 1 have visited. If the originator ot th?Indian doctrine of a future state was a resident of this place, I don't wonder that he taught the red man to look upon his heaven j as one large hunting ground, where the swt etest groves and prairies, lakes und rivers, woods and mountains, teemed with life, and joy, and music? tor to his " untutored mind" Florida most have suggested all that he could conceive of luxury and hap piness And were I a Swedenborgean, ' think I could just lay me down beneath yon pomegranate tree, and fancy, as I closed my eyes, 1 tirea'hed the incense of paradise, andaJl the spirits ot my iriends departed were whispering sweet words of hope, and trust, and love, and making the fragrant air their messenger. Hut, Major, I am something of a Utilitarian, not withstanding my i oetic temperament. So just let us speak a little of Florida as a residence. I have heard it said that it was very sickly hen?that there was still danger from the Indians?that, except truits, she waa capable of producing but little?how is ill Well, as for the first query, I must admit that I litve heard some talk of the same inyseli. and it seems to me exceedingly curious that people who believe healthy persons come out here to die, recommend sick persons to come out here and get well. Sir, look at me. I wa?t rmsed m the w?-?'ern part oi Virginia, and liyed thi n- wh? n we werv I obliged to take ?.ur produce in (lit bnata to N?wOr lettus, dud walk buck again, 2,500 miler I've Lmd , 'M * ? -) ?Ik * ^ LD. Prict Two C?nU. in Florida some 17 veiirt.; ?io l look tt? though the climate whs uuhealiliy * No, mr, im on#- of the bent climates in the woi!d, or rnth?- r I should say this section of it ? for innpenkinK o| it as one, fH rsons make a great mistake. Went Florida and the extreme houiIi, perhape some portions ot the interior, are rather unhealthy?there i* too much ot mnant water, and too little a,>ace for the circulation ot tresh air; and I agree persons unaccustomed to the uoun. i m ,1. n#il iKIm jtunrl if ? f ft #' %/ Will riWiut 111/ .> ly sufl r severely from billioua remittent fever; but we are healthy enough here, and there is no better possible climate lor invalids than that ol East Florida In regard to danger from the Indians, perhaps you can judge tor yourself Some two hundred miles south you may hud a lew specimens ol the race, but hereabout* I assure you they are very *" scace." You could hardly scare up enough m a day's travel to do u dance at the American Museum And then they're Brown wonderful tame of late?thev're as harmless ah youne alligators, though I allow they have rather a fierce look, and might Irighteu Mnne of your mouistached dough hires 1 don't think, however, there's any occasion for men to fear them Our soil you will observe consists of three diflerent kinds; along the coast the white sand extends itself, from its shelving hanks, several miles into the interior: this of course is of little service?but the prairie land, and the hammock land, which compose almost the entire section of the country, except the immediate seaboard, are botii rich and fertile in theaxtreiiie. And as for products of the soil, I i:..l- , .,.?,l?,.? it m.lltinrT *vr liuv vriy lime Uttnriuu ?u |>ivumwc nu; except fruit At present, tind until we get a little M-?>ro thifk'v settled, we only ruse the article* we need feir our own utr, corn, Acc. ifec. But, sir. th?? best of cotton and tobacco will ere long be her*. and tb>* c?ue increased greatly will be the principal staples: and 111 qua jiiantiiy we can compete in these articles * p.irl of the world. I have, as you can about 200 acres under cultivation and the experiment in each of these articles thoroughly convince me that this may be made a great country for growing either. Our live oak timber is another valuable. Government have constantly running some three or lour schooners freighting this a wi*y to the diflerent naval stations. And I learned ashort time ago that a contract had been entered into by some peculating yaakee to furnish Eng.and with this Hume Florida live oak. I can famish you with some statistics hereafter, which may rathersurprise you. I can tell you, sir, a man wants but little that nature don't yield spontaneously, to live here a perfect prince. A very dttle ready money, und a few " niggers" to start with, and he is independent. Well, Major, it you have no objection, we will now adjourn, and to-morrow we will go more into particulars ; and I will eel your opinion of the best mode of raising fruit, loca'ing emigrants, clearing the interior, renderinsr it more healthy, and increasing the value of Florida, as a national Territory. Generai. Herthanu.?It may be a matter of some interest to many to ascertain more particulars of the distinguished visitor who has lately visited New Orleans, and therefore we supply the following; brief memoir:? Bertrand, Henry Gratien, count, general of division, aid-dc-cainp of Napoleon, grand marshal of the palace, iVc , famous for his attachment to Napo leon, ?l<oiii he unit iiih laintty voluntarily accompanied to St. Helena. lit* whh hum <>| parents in the middle ranks ol life, entered the military service, distinguished himself in the corps ol engineers, and rodo to the pout ol central ot hriaade. In the camp at Boulogne, in jstil, Napoleiin had occasion to become acquainted with Inn worili. From that titn - Bertrand was with him in all his campaigns, signalizing himself everywhere, especially at Auktvrlitz, wliere li?- wanone ol the Einperor'a aides-decamp. In 18Uti, lie took Hp?ndau, a fonress about nix or seven miles Irom Berlin, alter an attack of a few days; and in 18o7, contributed to the victory over the !>' ugsiaua ai Pricdland, and excited the admiration of the enemy by lux masterly coad'tct in building two bridgea over the Danube, alter the battle of Aspern, in the war ot 1809, ssainst Austria, lie (littiiiKiii-ln d himself <i)ual!y in thec.n pw'gnp of 1812 and 1813, particularly at Lu'zen ai.ri b >Vy.en In October, 1813, he defsnded several iuua iMnt posts against superior numbers, and after tne buttle of L-ip-ic, in which he defended Lindenan against tiiuii'y, conducted the retreat in good i rder. Alter the battle of llauau, lie covered Menu until ihc army had passed the Rhine. He took part in the campaign ot 1814, by the side of Nai>oleon, whom he accompanied to Elba, returned with him, and finally shared his residence at St Helena. After Napoleon's death (1821) he returned from St. Helena to France. American Cotton Mills in Canada.?We understand that two enterprising gentlemen from the United Slates, with the design of t-Btahiishinga cot'ou manufactory m the Province, have recently concluded the purchase o* u fine mill privilege in the Chambly District, where they are now engaged in erecting buildings U|x>n an extensive scale, to carry out their plan We believe it an admitted fact that British manufacturers are unable lo compete with those of the;U States, in otir supply of the courser decriptions cotton cloth, while the discriminating duty is about aeven per cent in favor of the former,which will not nenrii.iy the ex|*'nsesatt? nding two freights across the Atlantic, the one of the raw material from America, and the other ot th' mnnulaeiured arti de ol this country, either oi wmcii tne American not liable to In the manufacturer, egtablt: lied within our own boundary, a stronger competitor will be lound, tor besides being on a better looting in respect to duties, lie will have the advantage of as cheap labor as can be procured in any part of Europe. Ttie common wages given to women employed at lactones in the Eastern States is, $2to$:i l>er week. Ju the country parts of this Province thousands work for as little as $2 per month, and they are well satisfied to get it. At present there exists a colonial duty ol five per ccnt on c?tton wool, which we hope our Legislature will remove at its next session, for titice we cannot consistently secure to old Knglaud this branch of the manufacturing trade, we should by nil means, tiflord every facility of making it hii object of colonial industry.? \Ivntrcal Herald, 28. Monumknt to Lord Sydbnham.?A beautilul tablet to the memory of the late Lord .Sydenham has been erected in the Gallery ol St. George's Church, Kingston. The tablet was prepared in Kugland, and is chaste in its design as linifh^d in its execution. It bear? the following inscription: ? N??r 'hi* "pot lie* the body of The Bight Honorable CHARLES I'OUl ETT THOMSON, baron hvdknham, Of Sydenham, County of Kent, and Toronto in Canada. Born 9i-pt. 13, 179?. Bred a merchant of London and St. Peteraburgh, He from an early age Devoted himself to the m-rvice ol hi* country, lie *atin Parliament tor Dover and Mancheatur From IH.'Bto 19.19 Was Vice I'reaident oi the Board of Trade From ISJO lo 1-J4, And rrcRidaut, with a Scat in the Cabinet, From to Auguvt ls?0, Whi n he was appointed Uovmion iikumi. ok UHiriuM No?tm AMtai< *. While in thin hi*h station h? accomplished The He-Union of the Canadaa, An?l labored unceasingly To found a system of Institutions fitted to wcttre Th.- pence und prosperity ol this country. A fatal accident occasioned his premature dpccasn nt tliii place, on the 19th 8e|>t1441, at. 42. " He rests from his labors and nia works do follow him." t( ''I iUVl', B) OaNSKAL FRIXVTZIf O ESTABLISHMENT, V. W. CORNER OK FULTON AND NASSAU BTS. Is tapplied with every material necessary for the prompt, riw , and economical execution of every description of 3\.fcS3S1 393 !?5 I'ublie attention is r*<|neMed to thi* ?st*blishment, in the asluraiice that ample satisfaction will be given?as regards 'VI*"iraphy, press-work, and char***?to those who wiuite 'sa?y or ommon, larr* or small work cheaply and expeditiously sxecuted. I.ABKI.S, WAYBILLS. D /,H,l,,k\rk SHOW Bll.l.h, ??,A,LJ' iHi' I a ?iKi(J HTKAMBOAT Ml LIS, BILLrtO^ LADING. RAILROAD BtLLH, ?I *INWWit AKDS, tJTAGK BILLS. ui| r iiyiijll ' PIIAMPLKT9. B1 \,,tl s U8, HANDBIL.H. m mm mm*. mm m .<M . roa ini ATR'- 8 rrRcrSE*. (IQNCKRTB. MUHV i MS 1 " LK( TL RKt?. Pl'bLIC MLF.Tl^OS. (it mv other places \i her* the I mjest description ofr> , ring is r*iiinr?d. Th<* facilities for this work are not e.)ii*l. e b) any irfce in tin* city, for, besides the Urgi assortment ol' PJLJSUKI "/ This establishment lias the IjAki^kht pkknmkm in th?- crrr. ireat p?ins liave been taken to provide every vsienai that can ossiblv* l?" of service, anq therefore persons h*v ;?< occasion lor Ihovvbills, will find it ifreialv to their arti antage to patronise ii? establishment. . , , . ,'"7"Any site or form of Bill can hefitrnitbed at tst\ shirt lotice, at any hour, mglic or avPU'"* m the roarUI tory to Joseph Llliott.

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