Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 27, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 27, 1843 Page 1
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TH Vol. IX?No. 805 ?Whole No 3*77 To the Public. THE !S'?W YORK HERALD? daily newspaper?published every day of the year cxcept New Year's day and Fourth of July. Trice 2 cents per copy?or $7 26 per annum? postages paid?cash in advance THE WEEKLY HERALD? published every Saturday morning? price 6$ centa per copy, or $3 12 per annum? postuges paid?cash in advance. ADVERTISERS ore informed that the circulation of the HerdlJ ix over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increas in* fftdt. It hat the largett circulation oj any paper in l/iil city, or thr world, and it, therefore, the bett channel tor hir linen men in the city or country. Price* moderate?cufch in advoitce. ''HINTING of all kinds executed at tho most moderate priccs, and in the most elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, Proprietor of ths Hkkald, North west corner of Fulton and Nasiju streets NEW J1CR..SE\ RAILROAD AND TRANSPORTATION COMPANY " NE\V VoRK AND NEWARK ~ FAKE REDUCED TO TWENTY-FIVE CENTS. From the foot of Courtlandt street, New Vork. ( Every day?Sundays excepted.) Leaves New York. Leave* Newark. At B A.M. At 2 P.M. At 7 AM. At IK P. M. 9 do. 3 do. 8 do. 4>* do. 11 do. 4 do. 9 do. 5^* do. 5W do. 10>? do. 7>k do. fig do. 9*2 do ON? SUNDAYS. From the foot of Courtlandt stroet. Leave* New Vork. Leaves Newark. At 9 A. M. and P. M. At 12K P. M. aud 9* T. M. NEW YORK, ELIZABETH TOWN. Leaves New York. Leave* Elizabeth Town At B A. M. At 3 P. M, At 7W A. M. 3% P. M. 9 do. 4 do. 8>? do. 7 do. 11 do. 4>? do. 10 do. 9>? do. 5>4 do. 12 do. The trains for Westfield, Plainfield, Houndbrook, Somervilli-, he., counect with the 9 A. M., and 4}? P. M. . traius from New York daily, Sundays excepted. Fare betweeu New York and Elizabeth Town 25 cents. Fare between do. and Somerville, 75 cunt*. NEW YORK AND RAH^VAY. Leaves New York. Leaves lUhway. At ? A. M At 3 P. M (I T A. M A*. Y. M 9 do 4 do 8 ill H do. 11 da IX do. 9S do. 9 do. b>4 do. 11)J do. NEW YORK AND NEW BKUNSWICK. From foot of Courtlandt street. New York daily Leave* New York. Leaves New Brunswick. At 9 A. M. At 4 P. M. At 6 A. M. At 11M A.M. 5Xdo. 7K do. 6& P. M. ON 8UNDAYS7 Leaves New York Leaves New Brunswick. At 9 \. M. and 4 MP. M. At llii A M? and 3% P. M. Fare, except io the Philadelphia trains, betweeu New York and New Brunswick. 50 cents. Between New Y ork and Kahway, 25 cents. Passengers v. ho iroi ure their ticket* at the ticket office, receive i ferry ticket gratis. Ticket* are received by the couductor oriy on the ui.)' v. hen purchased. aul9 r ~~ dl'MMLli ARRANGEMENT NEW YORK AND PHILADELPHIA RAI ^KOAD LINE DIRECT. Via Ncwiri, Ne^jii'nswick, FnirrcKTon, T?e*toh, BORHKNTTTW.N ANB Bublinoton. Leaving N>w York daily from the foot of Courtlandt st. Morning Line >t 9 A. V. ?M^il Pilot Line P. M. The Morui'ic Line i r . eeda to Bordeutowu, from thence by tfamboat to PliilyWp i .a The Evening Line ^rot.ei> .iirect to Camden (opposite to Philadelphia) without chaiiRt if cars. Pas.iei.gers will procure tit:/ tickets at the office foot of Courtlacdt street, where a Commodious it/amlioat, will be iu readi;<eis, w ith baggage crate* on bi. ird. Plijf iu.'l^liia baggage cr.ite* are conveyed from city to city, wihout beiifg opened by the way Each train i* provided with a car in which are apartments and dreisiug rooms expressly for the ladies' use Returning, the line* leave Philadelphia from the foot of Walnut street, by steamboat to Bordentown at 7 o'clock, A. M. and by railroad from Camden, at 5 o'olock, P. M. The lines for Baltimore leave Philadelphia at 7)( A. M., and 4 P. M. being a coaptation of the liue* from New Y'ork jy?8 3a'y PATERSON RAILROAD. a to* 7n From PntersoD to Jenw City. Od and afar Monday, 17th July, tn*? earn will leave Tatlkson DitroT Lf.avk Nj-w York. 8 A. \1. 9 A. \1. "V'm. ON SUNDAYS. Lf.avk Pumos dkrot. Lkavk Nr.w York 7H A M. A. M. 5 P. Vt. ? P. M. Transportation can pi daily (Snnday* excepted.) PasnenK't are advised to be a( the Ferry, foot of Courtlandt strert, t ' nrnnfe. before the ?rat**d Iwwn nf dennrrnre ivIOfin* " M S. BALL St CO."S CHARLESTON. SAVANNAH. MILLKDGE 40 VILLt. MACON.i 4tt.I .MBrs*BP? ANU FLORTfJA jHEtaf K^SuLl' ACKAUK KXPRK88 O If .tintn. M. S. BA1.L It CO. will receive Specie, Bank xotes. Bundles, Samples, Package* and Case* of (roods, and forward them by then r.xpres*, to and from Charleston, Savannah, Milled gevilU, Macon, ami idl the way stations on the Central Railroad. Also, by tlie st.-amboat St. Matthews, Captain McNeltv, oi her regular trips to and from Daneu, Brunswick, St. Mary s. Black Creek, Picolatta and Palatka. M. S. Ball It Co. will pay particular attention to thrpurchsae of I hx.ds, collecting and paying Drafts, Notes and Bills, anil the transaction of any and all kinds of business, at any of the above named places. They will also forward <roods and Merchandize to auyjpart of the Uuiled States, which may be sent to their care, fltey intend to out on teams to run regularly through from Macon to Columbus, under their own charge, to carry all kind, ot merchandize, with all reasonable dispatch and safety, on the 1st of October next. Messrs. M 9. tl. iiCo. hiving made arrangements with the Centril Raili.iad Company of Georgia, for an apartment under their own lock, and with a Messenger always in charge, offer interior adiantage* for the prompt and safe conveyance of all valuable articles thai may be eutrusted to '.heir care. Merchants, lUanters, and others, desirous of receiving their Goods with prompt dispatch, will find it advantageous to direct to them. [?7" Office at Savannah, 153 Bay strett; Macon. Washington Hall; M 8. Ball fc Co.jWilledreville; Agent at Charleston. S. C,, A. Head J5 East Bay; S. rliiRiiick. Agent for receiving ana forward^ good ' and merchandize at Savannah. M. S. 1-jffiCo. will advance casii tor all freights on goods sent to their charge. Charges no more than the ordinary way of obtaining goods. au26 lui?r NEW LINK OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. To sail from New York on tlie 25th and Liverpool on the 13th of each month lt?& nifty t rom Nkw Ship ROSC1U8, Captain John Collins, 25th July. Ship SipDONS, Captain A. B. Cobb, 25th August. Ship SHERIDAN, Captiin K. A. Depeyster, 25th Sent Ship GARR1CK, Captain VVm. Skiddy, 25tn October. From Liverpool. Ship SHERIDAN, Captain F. A. IJepeyster, IJth July. Ship GARR1CK, Capt. Wm. Skiddy, 13th August. Ship IIOSCHi8, Captain John Collins, nth September. 8hit> SIDDONs, Captain E. B. Cobb, lltn October. These ships are all of the first class, upwards of 1000 tons, built in the city of New York, with such improvements as combine great speed with unusual comfort for passengers. Every care has been taken in the arrangement of their accommodations The price of passage hence is $75. These shils are commanded by exia-rieuced masters, who will make eveiy exertion to give general satisfaction. Neith-r *.ne captains v ownnji of tlie shi|>s will be responsible f ' WIT letters, j?uce|s or packages seut by them, unless repilar bills of lading are signed therefor. For freight or passage apply to E. K. COLLI NS ?. CO., 56 South st.. New York, or to BKOWN, SHIPLEY U CO., Liverpool. I.. ,;w ui' .he pai'ki U will lie charged 12>i cents per singl altt.'t 5# cents per onnce, and newspapers I cent each. jy7 ec PASSAGE FKO 'l GREAT BRITAIN AND IREL vND >#?? Mb di inr. n/iuii v' > wi i' uuiL ur L.iVt It TOOL PACKETS. t Mailing tium LiVerix* I on the 7th and 19th of every month.J JVr?oj? wishing to mid to the Old < onntry for th* ir friend can iibikt Ulf iiKmitT arrangements v. ith the subscribers, and have them come out in tin s sU|>erior Line of racket*, Sailing lf>m Liverpool punctually on the 7th and 19th of every mouth Tney will alao have a fir?t rate class of American trading ?hi|>? sailing every in days, IMrbi affording weekly cominunica tion from that i>ort. One of the lirm (Mr. James I), (incite) it there, to ?* that th-y shr.ll br forwarded with care and de. tflwuld tlie parties greed lor not come out. the money will he rvturned to thou who |>aid it here without any rraluction 1'ht* Black Ball, or Ol Line of Liverpool Pack eta, comprise the following tnagnifv'ei Shun, ?ix The OXFO li>, Tlie NEW VORK, r '.MLitiCiUfc, t OLtlMBI'S. kl*ltffpE HOI "I'M AMERICA. V.NOLAND NOUTII AiMKKIt A. With such superior ai d nneo nailed arrangements, the subicrilMra confidently look forw .rd lor i com innanee of that snpT rt which has been extended to ihc.m ?J many yo^rs, for which th?) are gral. ful. % 'tuse proceeding, or remitting money to their relative*, can All tun ? obtain Drafts at sight for any amount, drawn direct Mil the Royal Bank of lirland, Dublin, also on Alvaars. PRKSCOTT, OROTE, AMES Sc CO. Rankers, London, which will he raid on demand at any of the Banks or their Brandies, in all the princi|<al towns throughout England, Ireland, Scotland anfl Wales, A|>['ly, or addreaa, (if by letter, post paid.) ROCHE, BROTHERS k CO. JJ Kulton street New York, next door to the Fulton Bank. N. B.?The Old Line of Liverpool Packets sail from this port for Liverpool on the lit and 19th of each month, Parties r'tirning to the old country will find it to their comfort and id,-an jige to a"l?"t lliia Uioii,? Line wir llieit conveyance, in pr?fi^raii?e to am other. '127 r MAR-SKIL.T.K3 LIN 12 OF Pile 7 T?. 'I inidermen'ioiMil s!ui>- will he ouniarly dispatched hence .md fltim Marseillea on tlie lat of each month during the year:? From Sew York. Marseilles. pet $v- i HELI.EHPO.VI , < apt. Adains, Aug. Oct. 11 It VM'l MftiP*rf<5N'(:a |'t*'sylvester, Oct. D? ' They ?ri all e.o^ red and cop|*r fastened, and have valient ^"r^^SKrwill be ?IOO. eicluaiv. of wi.e. I limni in |h> agents, BOYD k HINCKKN. will be forwarded fn?e of other cTtante* tlian those actually paid. For Ita*. ? _ ?|NrKKN, N" vsfeWar miOr 103 Kroul ttiwi, : E NE NEW Y( FOR HALIFAX 6c LIVERPOOL. The Roval MailHteam Ship CALEDO- I1 /^jMTOw^.NIA'.h. O. Lutt, Em)., Commander, will SI 'j'1 **| Boston for llie above jmrls on Suik1.iv, <li Passage to Liverpool ...... $120. Passage to Hal ifa* > 20 Apply to D. BRIUHAM, Jr.. Agent, 3t m No. 3 \Vall street. hi DRAFTS ON ENGLAND, IRELAND a Sic.?Persom about remitting money to their |? I friends hi the "old country," can he sup- ti plied with Draft*, in suin? of I, 2, S, 5, 10. tl, & JCJI), or any amount, lovable oil demand I without discount or any other charge, at the National B?nk of ai Irt l tu J, Provincial Bank, do., Messrs. James Bult, Son ill Co., Bankers, London, I. Barned & Co., K.x change and Discount Bank, Liverpool, F.astern Bank of Scotland, Greenock Bank- ' inn Company,, Sir Wm. Forbes Hunter St Co., Scotland, and J the branches in every pout town throughout hiiglaml. Ireland, fi Scotland and Wales, which drafts will be forwarded by the J steamer (Caledonia, which leaves Boston the 1st October, on ap- ai plication to W. It J 'f TAI'SCOl T. tl At their General t*a*sngc Office, I'J Peck Slip, corner Soutli st. cl N. B.?All letters from tin country must come post paid. oi s2l. ec V r rt| _ TRAVELLERS OOINO SOUTH OR ? WEST?Sixteen hours in advance of the S. Mail-Tri-Weekly Line to S avannah, in connexion with the Central Railroad to w Macon and the West The splendid steam ,, pickets GENERAL CLINCH, Capt. J. P. Brooks, anil CHAKLFSTON, Capt. F. Barden, will Uav? Charleston evt?ly Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday morning, at 9 c'clock, after the arrival ol'the Wilininiiton boats from the north, arriv- , ing at Savannah the same day, and will leaie Savai.n ill on the -t same days as above, at 6 o'clock 1'. M., after the ariival of the N cars from Macon. d Travellers will fiuil this to be the eheapest and iroit exoedi- ej tiona route to tlic south and west. The above boats are fitted ti up in a sii|ierior st) le, and no expense or pains will be scared to ai ensure certainty, com'ort, and expedition to the travelling pub- ai lie. JOHN B. LAFITTE. Agent, ri Fitzsiinmous' VVliarf, Charleston. tl Charleston, September, 1843. s!7 Zm*r & STEAM SHIP NEPTUNE. Captain " William Rollins?To sail on Saturday, Ocber 'til, at 4 o'clock. P. M.. for ( harleston, Key West, Havana. New Orleans, and Gal "?^^?^a"?veslou. Texas This su|>erior jacket sti-a- f mer is now being overhauled and put in |**rlect order for the 1 easou. Her cabins and state rooms are elegantly furnished, ? and passengers can rely *n every comfort anu accommodation 1? iu her. tl For passage as above, in th> cabins or steerage, and lor light v freight and specie for Charleston, apply to sib r J. 11 BR.UWER, 7i Wall st. ? * FOR NEW ORLEANS?Touchingatall /foQgtffmto the ports in East and West Florida, viz: St. Augustine, New Smjrna, Indian River,Cai* w Florida, Indian Key, Key West, Tainpa B?y. Cedar Keys, Port (.a-on, Apalachicola and Pensacola ?The splendid stenm ship CINCINNATI, J. Smith, master, (who has been long engaged in the navigation between Florida and New Orleans.) will leave Charleston, 8 C.,011 the 0 1st of October next, and after the arrival of the Wilmington boats, for all the above places. For passage only, having supe- a rior accommodations, apply on board, or if be letter, post paid, to JOHN U. LAFiTTE, Agent, Fitzsiinmous' Wharf n Charleston, S. C., Sept. 9th 1843. sl4 tolr FOR CHARLESTO^^^^^A"KEY WEST, NEW OH LEANS, AN'D GALVESTON, (Texas.) ? SAIL on Thursday, 6th October, the elegant, well knowu al 1 .r-rs... ?h.T? Vt'W VM Ills- I P ** matider, will tail as above. This steamer has been put in com- t( piete order Tor the season, and lias extensive accommodations, () with large and airy state room*. _ (j For pansage or freight of specie, apply to the Captain on ^ botird, fool of N inth street, E. R., or to i j A. HUD BAUD 8c CO., 39 Peck slip. New Vork, Sept. II, 1813. sllto5*ec al iVEW ARltAN UE.V1 EN 1. c KAIIK AND FREIGHT REDUCED. ? Ml_|->||?I an REGULAR MAIL LINK?KOll PROfSk Cf"""-'V''L' AND BOSTON, via. STON ** iM.miM AND NKWPORT?Composed of the following superior steamers, running in connection with the StoniiiL'ton and Boston and Providence Kailroads ? MASSACHUSETTS, Capt. Coinstoclr. X RHODE ISLAND, Capt Thayer. PROVIDKNCE. NARRAGANSSTT. MOHEOAN. One of which will iaivr New York daily (S imtays except 4) from Pier No. 1, llatt"ry FUce, N. lliver, at i P. M. ARRANGEMENTS. The RHODE ISLAND, Captain Thayer, on Monday, an J Wedueaday for Stoniugtou and Newport, and Friilnv fox Honing ton. The SlA8SACHU8ETT9, Captain Comstock, on 'lueiday and Thursday for Stouington, and Saturday for Stou ugton, Newport and Provideuce. TaMt-ut ters, ou the arrival of the steamers at Stoniligton, w ill I J be immediately fiirwarded in the spleudid and COtnmodiou? Cars of the ltai(r?ad to Providence and Bosio.i, .uid if foi * Newport will pioceed in the steamer Mohegan (in nui?-rior or- " tter) from thence at 6 o'clock the following momiuy, thus * giving them an,opportantty of a night's rest on board th? .team ? Massachusetts or Rlioile Island, aud flien breakfist ou board he Mohegan. The above steamer* have been thoroughly e<|uip|ied and irepared to promote celerity of travt I and the comfort wi' security of passeugers, aud uot surpaesiMl by any in the United f ^ite*. Kor passage or freight, which it taken at very reduced rates, < u>|'ly on board, at uorth side of pier No. 1, 22 liroadw?y, or of ice ol ^Oil 11 el t>tifrtu, I'ifijtht n^rut, ou the wharf. ' i ickpu ior me rouie aiiu st?amers Dertlis con be secured oi< ' ?Oard. or at the office of HARNDKN & CO., No. S Wall street T/^On and after the 10th uitt. freight will uot be received . tnu forwarded after half-pot i r. M. m'l '.in* in 4 i FEOPLK'S LKNK oh M i t.AMKUATS i? KOK ALB AN V? Daily at 7 o'clock P. ?V1.? t< '*' ?e '"'V.. I- -I. ..- L- .1? ? I.. | be- >1 weeu Courtlandt and Lilierty streeu, Sunday excepted. ?i The steamboat KNICKER.BOClCER,Cai>t. A. P. St. John, ai will l-.ave Monday, Wednesday and Kriday Eveuiutfs, at term s< >'clc<ek. Steamboat ROCHESTER, Cart. A. Houghton, Will leave ; Tuesd-iy, Thursday, aud Saturday u 7 P. M. \ At I) o'clock P. M.?Laiidrg at Intermediate Place? . Steamboat SOUTH AMEKICA, Capt. L. XV. Uraiuard. ^ a-ill lfaytf Monday, Wednesday, aud Kriday after tooo, at i o'clock. '' Steamboat NORTH AMERICA, Cart. M. H. Trueadei!, " will leave Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Evening, at live ~ >'c!ock. Passenger* taking this Line of Boats will at all times arrive in * \lbany in ample time to take the Morning Tram of Cari for .he f,vt or we*t. w The above boat* are new and substantial, are famished with ieat. and elegant State Roonu, and lor s|?.t'd and accommodations pre unrivalled on the Hudson. Koi Passage or Freight, apply on board, or to P. C. Schalti it the office on the wharf. s2.1 r INDEPENDENT REGULAR OPPOSF- r Cw *^*rttTIO N NIGHT LINE KOK ALBANY k I 3h_HUE.TROY?Through Direct, without Landing ? el i'he commodious and substantial steamboat PORTSMOUTH, C apt. O. House, w ill leave New York from the foot of Barclaj u itreet, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Kriday. , and will leavt K \lhauy and Troy on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, aud a will continue these trips lor the season. (( Krvight taken at rVduc?d rates. Apply on board. ai P. 8.?The above boat has uudergoue a thorough repair, and is n first rate order. s2 lm*r ^M?f| MA SEVEN O'CLOCK EVENING LINE ftf?^*r*3*f"r ALBANY AND TROY direct, without JbaoaJBaSLlandiug?the splendid low pressure steamboat iWALLOW, Captain A. McLean, will leave the foot ol Courtlandt street every Tuesday, Thursday, aud Saturday veilings, at 7 o'clock, for Albany direct. '] The Swallow has a lan.e number of state rooms and for neeil 1 ii J icc.immodatioti* i? not surpassed <>u the Hudson. ' I an 8 eg p, M* NEW ARRANOEMENT KOI< ?! jfr- SHREWSBURY?LonR Branch.> j x?^sldk.hiii>k, (icmji House and Eatontown Landing 1 The new Steamboat SHREWSBURY, Captain John ? j* orlies. will now run as follows, on and alter Thursday, 27tl nst :~jea?iiiK New Vork, Irom the loot ef Robmaon street ' very I uesday, Thursday, and Saturday, al 10 o'clock, A. M Villi Eatontown Landing 011 Monday, Wednesday and Knday, ' ,t 10 o'clock, A. M. The Shrewsbury M ill run as above, weather |>ertnittiiiK, am '' il further notice. /VII baitKaife at tho risk of the owners ,! Kare 37H cent*. " N. II.?Stages will be in attendance to convey passengn rom the aforesaid landing places to any part of the county re aired. v The Shrewsbury will go the inner passage, when praci icablr. ielSr I' VEW VORK AND" KINGSTON STEAM KREIOHT AND PASSAGE LINK. ,sSM Kor KiiiKstou, auc Delaware and Hii'lson 'Jfr" ?3*<^'.li<l.TsU''l'n"tt* ^ ^EltALD and NOK " The EMERALD, Captain John Ketcham, will leave New ? ork, foot of Murray street, every Monday and Thursday at J ''clock, V M. *' Will le:ive Kingston (Hon out landiuK) every Wcdnesda\ " md Saturday at 3 o'clock, P. M. The NORWICH, Captain John Samuels, will leave New M k ork, foot of Warren street, every Wednesday and Saturday at * 1 o'clock, P. M. Will leave V jgston (Rondout landing) every Tuesday and f'riday at 3 o'clock, P. >1. KXTRA TRIPS. The EMERALD will leave the foot of Murray street ever* _ Sunday inomingat 7 o'clock. Returning, :eaves Kingston at 4 'clock, same day. . or freight or passage apply on hoard, or to | WILLIAMSON, BARLOW & CO., 1 *21 3m "r 164 est street ? ..TUK ^aet KO < KKVPORT ANl) MIDDLETOWN u ' V !rl, ? I'UIN'l'. IJailj, (Sundays,) touch- "? at Negnme s Dock, Staten Uland.?On and * liar Mouday, July 3l?t. the s'earner ROCKLAND, Captain '< Crawforu. will leave Midilletown Point on Mo da' ?, ruesda>s, Weduesd >ys, Thursdiy ? and Krid;,ys, at ha I f-past one ' o'clock (tide periniltt"j(,l aud Keyport at 2it clock P. Jl lie ' tnruiiiu. luave New V irk. ihot of Kohin*0ii street, on Tues- n Jays, Wednesdays, Tuvs.U," and Fridays, a' B o'clock A. M. >nd Saturdit s at 2 P. M Htain will lie in nailiness in the arrival of the boat to cou |M"AciiKcm m r reeiioh) or mi ? i ^rt >i in# c uutry. Uniform conveyiuim on Target Ktcuniouf, f*rti<* of i?l*v art will be taken to and from Kort Hamilton or l'*\ port at nMAotiabl? price*. *20ltn#m M 8TATKN ISLAND KKHIIY, KilOJ WHITEHALL ST.?The ?teau boat* VT K.HTATKN IS LANDKtt ami SAMSON w.ll ' an u lollow* until lurtlier notice Leare New York 8, !>, 10, 12, 2, |K, i, 6. Lea** St*t?i Island 8, ?, |0, |2, J, 4, J (j. All Hood* >nir>|ica are iei|tiired to be r?uici,latiy i. ukeil ,-uiil ?rf at tli? rnk tf the imnci< thereof si r ? It A*^ Nr''<yAltK AND NEW VDiiK ?KH?- !' W==55*r!?JP<> >!y 12)4 CeuU !? 1 lie ideudid sie iitv r PA H. 11 , *n*r June 1th, will run -it follow* v I t ' Biurclay struct, New \ i.rk, At 10 A. v(.,and h L?*?e* the fool of Centra Street, Vev/urk, nt 7)4 A. M ami iml I a I. .1, , rk: iccomi.i.?U;.ti.)ii. bot'i for i us urers iuil freiirlit b<?>. \ men (irewl) ji'milii eurieil ,i vefv l. w lai * ivMI3in*e< f tun t; KKALO A U ALU liitlt ui tllr vvKlf ' i ASMUt/lAi ?ON PA JpAGfcTnFl1' ICE TOAtBA^^ jj Utien i* CO Rochestat, t'l oil 11 Hyacuse, J 2J Buffalo, 8 tf ? Oiwevo, 8 3A I'l'. huiI Lower lan*d*_l ifl By tlie f.ut line to Duttalo and found, $8 00. Kor^eap^to ft j?ii24 Smjn M Barclay street. New Vark. ? BL V. K OXIUE OK MANGANESE, iu lots to suit pur cliiumi, lur by _ I 8lie ER8SE Ik BKOOKS, 61 Libmv it. W YO )ltK. WEDNESDAY MO] TO THK l.AUIES. T~ ?IN<JLF,T8. FINK AND WIKK CUHL9, BRAIDS, t Kriiettea, Plain Band*, B.iwh, Head Dmwi, Net <'np?, telH omba, and other Umuxuli suitable for decorating La j . es' Head*. M. LARUE, J Manvfv turer and lllwlrsale Healer, L 162 Canal, corner of Vorirlt, I di ive now on li.iud a larwe, new and apl-udid aaaortment of tlie 1 . >ove article*, which tliey are aelliii': at Kreatly reduced price*. !' They are ol lTe latest laahlona, and aiv manufactured III a au- : rior manner, in llieir new and peculiar style, impartitii; i lieaii- V ful rich luatre to the hair, and a durability to the curl, unat- ^ lined hy any other manufacturer. Old Curl* altered to any pattern, and inade to look like new, 1 . t a Irifliiiii expense. . 11 A liberal allowance made to retailers. all lm*r ^ no MILLINKRsT&c.-<'AKL KINO, the celebra' .l TuI cm llat Manufacturer, must rr?|>ectfiilly inform* hj? kind ft iend*and patrons that he ha* associated himself witli Mr j nse|ih Lyou, (late from l'aria)and have established them?elvea j * t No. 37 John street, (under the lirm of Lyou Si Kii:) where n ley have a_ most splendid assortment of l'ari* Millinery Arti- | ks, mutable lor tin* ensiling .eason. The above stock consists ti f an elegant assortment of fusKan anil Sti i\\ 11 its, rich Silk 'elveu, rich Velvet Ribbons, Lutestring awl Satin Ribbons,all hi ill colors?French Flowers, ratthM): an entire new ?tyle of t' ilks, and every other article in the Milinery line. Messri. L. Si K. woulil aUo statu that the above goods have ir MB purchased for cash (direct ftoin the manufacturers) mil w ill Ik* lold at a small advance on coat to those who may be leased to favor thein with a mill. ti slti lm*r LVON ist KINO, V John st., N. V, f. A CARD TO THK LAD IKS, \ NKW Patent Invention, combining elegance and econoa my, m Indies'dress, habit, pelisse fitting and makiug, 63 larket street, between Hamilton and < herrv streets Ladies' t| res<es cut upon the above principle, guaranteed a perfect and legaut lit, witl. infallible accuracy, which is so highl- esseu , al in producing faultless garments, also made ? illi iiuatuess ltd despatch, aud ill strict conformity with the latest Parisian nd London fashions Ladies measured at their residence if Miu>n*d. Ladiea taught the abovn invaluable alt. and rights of le invention to be disused of, by the practice of which the ilvertiser has realized a very h tudsotne income, aud instruction n L'"|uired in two easy le.ssoug?terms moderate.. Wauled Immediately?1 apprentice* and2 improvers. . 11 lm*m D. M. i'EYShJR, & CO., , " CTO. 110 William street, corner of Johu street, and 437 Broad- (l ' way have received, by recent arrivals, an extensive supplv | f the following FANCY GOODS, which were carefully s?- : cted by a competent person at I'aris, Berlin, Sic., and which ley offer for sale, in wtioleaal* and retail, on liberal termi, r i*:? Berlin Zephyr aud (ierinaa Wor?t*d?the most complete a?>rtineut. Berlin Embroidery Patterns?a choice selection. Canvass for lunbroidery, of cotton, worsted, linen, lilk, gold . sd.* iver, of all widths and ijualitiea. Silk Chenille, for embroidery, trimming and (lower making. | , i ursa i mi, . lerinan, r rencn auu lungusn, plain ana sliaueu, ~ 1 skeins, sticks, and oil spools. Floss Milk for Embroidery and Friuge makers, in skein* and . I) S|>00ls. ^ Suspeuders, superbly embroidered, mid Suspender Trim- ? liugs. Gold, Silver and Steel Beads, in all Nos. Mother of Pearl, Gold, Silver and Steel Pursp Ornaments. Ji Gold and Silver Fringe, Braid, Cord, Twist, Thread and , tassels. Embroidery Frames, and a variety o( different Fancy Arti let. Artificial Flowers?a choice selection. Fringes, of cotton, wonted and silk, imported and domestic * Gim]is, Tassels, Buttons and all other kind of trimming. ; jv 1" 3in*er 1 ABRAHAM KASTOH, importer, No. 3'J J Broidway, ha* li just received by the steamers Great Western anil Britannia, t ud also by the Havre |>ackeU, a tine and large assortment of a ew style Silk Bullion h tinge*, Geimps, Cord*, Tassels, Uul- t >us, black silk Trimming Lace, Thread Laces, a greaHariety a I* 1* rench Embroideries, such as Infants' Dresses and Waists, t heinoiseite*, ColUrs, Linen I'ocket Handkerchiefs, Thread ii .ace Veils,'1 bread Point*, Silk Blond Trimming Lac*-. Fancy o all Dresses, and every description of Gloves, Mits, and < uft i. Also, Bags, Purses, and Linen Thread Caps. Also, a Urge isoitmeutof Worsted Cloaks, Habits and Ca|>* for ladies and liildrvu. and many other articles, too numerous to describe?all g f which he offers at reasonable prices, at wholesale and retail. , s 13 lm'r AkciiKR'd pali. fashion, < FOR UKNTI, K M K N ' 8 H A T S, AUTUMN?1843, rfO W ready for sale and inspection at his old stands, 204 and v ' 2b0 Greenwich street. " P. S.?Al.o, an elegant assortnieet of men's, boys' and chil- '1 reu's caps, of entife uew patt 'riu sll lin*ec 0 tu thlt'tjulict 3 The lirm heretofore known as ti GEN1N Ik VAN V RANK EN, HATTERS, Having been dissolved, the subscriber. si JUliN N GE.M1N, Has opened A HAT AND ? AP STORE, No. 90 BROADWAY. } Third door from Wall street. [ N. O. begs simply to state his determination to use his t, 1 best exertions to make a HAT that for quality of material | ad beauty of liuisli cannot be excelled. He therefore trust* to reive from his friends and the public that support w Inch will liable him successfully to carr\ nut his designs. , JOHN N. g?NIN. Hatter, 1 slllin'm 90 Broadway, 3d door above Wall st. ( SHU V " iVl'tA.'- ;(? , ANU GENTLEMEN'r* FURNISHING STOilit, ; Q MAIDEN LANE.?Just received the latest lnJ most J approved French pattern shirts. \ general assortment ot hirts, under garments, hosiery, cravats, haiillkerchielii, See. Shirt* ami uipl'T .'armeuts made up to order and re. aired <t liort uotice h or sale, u Oouutiun lla? j? jJe*k, with three rawer* and book rack. V/M. I UI<L.INS> g au20 ImT ______ 1 TO THE PUBCIC. 5 L' 1 nn 1,0 $5000.?Mr. Francis R. Crump, Watch Maker, 1 P J- " \J jmH Grand street, begs to iiilorni hi* friend* and tlie , lblic, that iiideimideut of the Watch business, he is piepired j i make advance.* in cash on gold and silver watches,diamond*, Jj ilver tea set*, spoon* lorks, and every description of gold or lver in any ihai'e, in (ended for immediate sale. Cash to any " mount paid lor old gold and sil\er. Watches of every de # ;ription repaired and warrauted 24? Grand street.. . si 13m* r jj IT A l'CHES.? l he largest and moat splendid assortment ol tl Watches in the city, i* to be found at the subscriber'*.- t l* he is constantly leceiving all descriptions of (told and Sil- v er Watches, of the newest sty les, direct froill the ma iufac- t irers, iu England, F'ranee, auu Switzerland, he is enabled to ffer a larger assortment, and it much lets prices, at retail, than [ uy other house in the city. Gold watches as low a* $20 to li ich. Watches and jewellery exchanged or bought. All ? latches warranted to keep good time, or the money returned. V.'atrhe*, clock* and jewnllery repaired in the best manner, I j warranted lower than at any otn< r pl? e iu the city ii G. c. allen, importer of watches and jewellery, *7 lm*ee Wholesale and retail, :0 Wall street, np stain. s< INDIA TEA COMPANY. ? 188 CANAL oTKKF.X, N< W YORK. U j'N* OlIRAGED by the satisfaction given since the opening " -*of their establishment respectfully invite the attention ol'liter- " tiant* and families to their ample stock of supvrior Tea* and offee, purchased for cash, by uue of the linn, long experienced d i the trade, and for year* an inspector of Teas imported by the ^ast India Tea Company, of London. They confidently recoin leud them, not only a* the best in quality, but as cheaper, fro I to li i>er cent than can lie had elsewhere. All ordexspromptl id faithfully executed. sB lin^m UNITED STATES ? TEA EMPORIUM, 121 late 129 Chatham street. New York And 116 Kulton street, Brooklyn A'unc?. 318 Ui.kt.CKKR Strkkt, ri W H () L E S A L E AND RETAIL, o, PH'. CANTON TEA COMPANY continue n. offer fot L sale new and fragrant Teas of every variety and style.? 1 'heir .usortmeut socially includes the most delicious ai uwerful grades of Green and Black Every package bears ;.e amp of neatness and elegance, and the Teas therein are mi loroughly secured from light and air, that their quality Mid ower will remain iiniui|>aired in any climate. Their system f prosecuting business is, perhaps, scarcely u> be excelled. It founded upon the utmost regard to the rights o< the custom r, e-.peeially w ith respect tO weight ami .|ii ilit v, md nnri ailed cheapness. All purchasers are called upon to return all) rticles which lail to give them the utmost satisfaction, whirl, fie money will be cheerfully uid promptly refuuded Country lerchants, public establishments, beads of families and ship tasters will I'md it a decided advantage to supply themselves rom this establishment. Ok pre ins. .1 a va Coffkk roaated every day. Orders I rum all part* of the Uuited 8 tales ox,*' acti witi r..mptitude and despatch. ?7* The only warehouse in America for the sale of Hod i i . elebrated 111 ?ck Tea au? lm*in IKE vT IMPROVEMENT IN KHTCTION M \TCHE8 PHE SUrERLATIVE MATCH, made without brimstone I or oilier deletereoos or offensive ingredii ut?a.i article thai actuall> wat' r-pr"Of and no inii'ake?it now u ade and sole i the proprietors oft. patent late|> obtained, at No ,t>l Bloeckstive , New V ork. These in.ucliol ignite with ease and certainty in all weathers id 11mates, and burn with a brilliant llaine, for more tba a A iinut", uid that to<j in a vertical position,so that veial letters ( 1) be sealed with wax by the hl.,ze of one of ihein. I hey mat tl y iu water for many hours auu yet ignite, and nlie , lie wood ? drv burn as liefore. some are saturated <n ixrlnin-d wax.amt ^ ihale an agreeable odor instead ol the execrable uiU unhealthy ? Ii'ivrtui mr n uiiaioue inaicli UriWs .111 >1 o,mi..tunc iMOm lay be addreaaed ti> U. Butt hN, H Aicm I ir ihe r.iteulee*. al No bl I5lw. kfr >1.N. V N Q ?\1i11f aolil or .|. I|V.'mI fit liRurltcrt ?7 Im'r WiM. T. JENNINGS & CO. ^AfKKS AND TAILOH8, 231 Bnadway, Ammcai J Hotel, n|i|io?iii- the Kounuiu, aolicit attention 10 an aaiiort,rnt of araionabl* rfouili, including (.'loth*, < aanmcrc*. VMlK?, Sic., 111 all the M'W and variona itylr? auilci ihe umir ice thai the ayatem of ' amall |>rofiu .uid <|inck nturns,' liich haa elicited ao liberal a patronage, will be continued, i! Iiilc our UNUi|(i'mMits art i?(h a* will enable ua (o till all or u in 1'uiiin with |irnni|>tiies? A fe.aiiie in the rsulilitimifiii, which iiiuu command it to a loae pvniirtni? articles for immediate aw, 1* the additiou to >1 ir stork. ol an *saortme:it of lirat quality ready made (Jarieuta, consisting of Surtoutf, Krocka, Orraa <'o.\ta, IViUloom, n Vrata, Oince Coat*, i'rir.'lhiiK Krock', Urcnint liuwns, ke ,, A choice collection 01 h. ailk and Satin Ucarls, Crarnta, Handkerchief*, <ilnv?a, Suspenders, lioaicry, Under Shirt*, Drawers, . Muslin Shirts, Ctllvi, &e. /,t price* which must offer to ptrchueri jyil lm*tB f ?A I II v Y V TArii.fc: OU 1'Lfc.K), dec. \ W 8PIK8 Si CO. 218 Pearl ifreet. are now ojxmiih* ?iy v cvki of -ifW anil *l<tftiit lattrrn* of Tfa Truyi. emhrarig cver> varifi y of quality, color and uze?, trom eight to thirAUo, 200 grots Wnry s*tlf ti|> and Su? handle K divot ami orki. '*[ Alto, one cat** iicw parent* (. rook ?? aiM rVn Knives. 14 im'T ,inh TO IVC. 12* .1 1 HiiWh A I 111 IS 1 AVii<?.l> ' B VZ.VAKS?\I ni* "ttablithine I t:?'i lie fi.uiul ?*?ei> P' ??cri|'ii" of B. >it * tint the infinity of m-in cv> ?<itf>te-t ooh <l he ha* <1<> '< inrt thenjudiie of wk?t lie can Jo \t t i* ettaMiahmeiit wa* built the fu!t11 * i''H nnri? ille.l 'mat*. vi*: -The Swift Sure of riilimlltn l: tlwiitura foot ?uli ? ?i 'inky I r- t'Jct, lh" i<Om|' of HurUil., and u^. i"nnl Hfy, # "U .mw I?>Mis II-"urv Suik, winch ? u in r re-, in i? m,mth,; * le noble Cimbriv, tin" < iV. ' ha|>iMn' tue forty foot r<cn ?r il??* United Statv* thjl>\)hw; ' .mhih Knii'u'a lut Klorida: ie l>nu? luom.ted hik N^jiimie for Tauipico U.ty , and a hotl of j ibcrs wjuallv |(?mi 0.\rt, Mwtv'p* mil Senllt?This new bmnrh of hi* biuimi i* ""ly worthy of attention. l.ook at tin' price*, Only thrra and iur |**iir?. a t <01 All the troll* for raciini iI(vm.mI by the prorirtoi* own hands. Thote lliat won the r*?t race can inw be ett at lii* oll'n Si*ty Boat* alwaya on hand. Vi*it hit axaari il you doiiri' a treat. All work delirerwl free of i liarijr. C. L. INOKKSOLL, W, 4?6 and 414 W?ier and 111 Cherry itreeu?tote proprietor, m lm'r RK E RNING. SEPTEMBER 2 BY THE I'll KMItK.VI ()F THE I'MTKD STATES. N I'unuance of Law, I, JOHN TYLER, President of tin* United States of America, do hereby declare and make nowu. that public i>ale<k will lie Ih-M at the undermentioned and ()rfici'*, in the State of Illinois, at the |ierioda hereinafter Migmnd, t i wit Al the Land Orfice, at Diioii, conimencinK on Monday, tin) lirtieth day of October ne*?, for the disposal of the public inds wtlhui the undurmen lioned tow us hips and |>urts of towuiip?, tow ittluith of the base line, ami Kast of the third principal tnuridiau. I'owiialuiM thirty-nt, thirty-seven, thirty-eight, ihirty-uine, >rty, forty-four, and forty-sit, of range one. Towuehiiw thirty-six, thirty-seven, thirty-eight, thirty-nine, >rty, ami lortv-oiie, of range two. Township* tuirty-neveii, thirty-eight, tliirty-uina, forty, ami >rty-oue of range three. The south east quarter of kw.lion fourteen, ami tlie southest quarter of section twenty-four, in township thirty-three of uige oue. The southwe*' quarter if suction two, in township thirtyiree, of range thiw. The half of tiie north quarter of section twenty-one, nd the west half if the northwest quarter of section twentyivu. in township thirty-nix, of range three. Tlie west half of the uortli-east quarter of section twenty-one I township thirty-one, north of the h.ue line, of range one, wt of the third punctual meridian. The east fraction of the northwest fractional quarter of seeon tweuty-iiue, (on the i side of liock liver,) in township irty-three of range one, east. lorth of the ba?e line, and Ka?t of the fourth principal meridian. Township* eighteen, of range two. ToWliehi|<* eighteen, twenty-four, and twenty-live, ol range nee. Townahips eighteen, nineteen, tweuty-fi nr, twenty-live, and AMity-six, of range four Townships eighteen, nineteen, twenty-four, twenty-live, and wenty-six, of range live. Township* twenty-two, of range six. Townships twenty-thnv, of range seven. Tiie northeast quarter of suction thirty, in township eighteen I rair.-i* oue. The northeast quarter of section thirteen, in township uiueof range one. 1'he noitneast fractional quarter of section thirty-four, in jwnship twenty-one, of ratine two. The east half of the northeast quarter of section eighteen, in mnship twenty-three, of range four. The east half of the southeast quarter of section seventeen, a township twenty-one, of range seven. T>I I?if -r ?l ? 1 - - - a u? um iiuuu\vc?i quarter ol section ve, iu township twenty-oil?; ol* range nine. The southwest quarter ol action three, and the southeast uarter of sectiou thirteen, in township iwenty-iwo, of range ine. The went half of tlie northeast quarter of section thirteen, in Dwnship twenty-three, of r oik? nine. The west hall of tin* southwe*t quarter of section twenty, in jwuship fifteen, and the east half of the southwest quarter of ection twelve, in township twenty-eight, of range ten. The uortheast quarter of section three; west nalves of secions six and seven; south half of section eleven; north half nd southwest auarter of sectiou fourteen; east half of section fteeu; east half section seventeen; west halves of sectious ighteen and nineteen; north halves of sections twenty-one and weuty-two; south halves and northwest quarters of sectious hirty and thirty-one; south half and northeast quarter of seciou thirty-two- south h ill* and northwest quarter of section h i rt y-t hree; and Um southwest quartei ol section thirty-four ii township thiiteeu. The north halves of sections one to six, uclusive; southwest quarter of section six; west halves of ections seven, eighteen, nineteen, thirty, and thirty-one, and he northwest quarter of sectiou twenty-three, iu township our teen of range four. Sections three, ten, fourteen, fifteen, and twenty-five; ncrth talves of sections one, two, four, five, six seven, twenty-one, weuty-two, and twenty-four; south halves of sections eight ud twenty-three; west halves of sections eighteen, nineteen, hirty and thirty-one; southwest quarters of sections six, seven, nd twenty-four; southeast quarters of sections four, and tweny, and t went) *tW02 northwest fu.niers Of section lltVIQ, and iortheast quarter of section thirty-three, in township fourteen, if mute six. ^orth of tlie base line, and West of the fourth priucipal meri dian. Township fifteen; the east part of an island in Rock river, in ection thirteen; also fractional sections eighteen and nineteen, 11 township seventeen, of range two. Fractional sections nineteen and twenty-one; west half of irartioual sectiou twenty-two; north half of section twentyive; east half of northeast quarter of sectiou twenty-six; south lalves of sections twenty-seven and twenty-eight, and northvest quarter of section twenty-eight; north half sectiou thirty; lortheast qu .rtcr, southwest quaiter, north h ilf of northwest uarter, and west hull* of southeast quarter of sectiou thirty<ue; section thirty-two, except the west half of the northwest uarter; sectious twenty-nine, thirty-three, and thirty-four, and be west half of the northwest quarter ol section thirty-five, in jwuship seven teem of range three. Fractional sections twenty-oue to thirty-two, inclusive, and pctiou thirty-three, in township seventeen of range four. 1'art of an island hi the Mississippi river, iu section three, in nv.iship fifteen; fractional sections one, two, eleven, fourteen, weuty-two, twenty-three, twenty-seven, and thirty-four, in >wusnip sixteen ; and the fractional section thirty-six, in the Actional township crvnuso of ni|i lis. At the Laud Office at Chicago, commencing on Monday, the w en ty-tilth day of September next, lor the dis|H)sal of the pubic lauds hereinafter designated, to v.;t : North of tlie l?a?e line, and of third priucipal meridian. ! Fractional townships thirty-one and thirty-two, bordering ou he Indiana State line, of range fifteen. The east fraction of the touthest quarter of section six, in owuship thirty-three of four. fhe e.tAt hall north ae*t iun>r of the i.nrthenst. quarter il* section tin/**, and iIk* north iiail of ilie northwest quarter of he same secti< i, iu tow iship :hirtv-iiue. of runra eiuhi. The east hall of the southeast quarter of section titiecu, in ?w forty?thr**\ ol* range eleveu. The northwest quarter of secti <n twelve, in township forty* >f rani;** thirteen. At tlit* Land Oifice at Diuivilli? Commencing mi Monday, the ecoud day of 'JjtoOer neit, for the disposal of the public lauds vithin the l.iitiu of fractional tow i.^iupn t weuty-eight, twentyine, and thirty, north of the buw line, of rang** ten, west c?f lie second principal meridian. At the Laud Omce at Kask i.skia, commencing on Monday, lie sixteenth dav of October next, for tlie dis|?o*il of the public mds within the limits of the southeast quarter of section hirty-three, and the southwest fractional quarter of the same ectioiij oil isJ uid twenty-four in the Mississippi river, in townhip thirteen, south, of range three west. At the Land Ofhce at K?lwards\ lie, commencing on Monday hie ninth day of October next, lo the diiuowl off the pnblic uids witiiin the limits of fractional section* thirty-oae and hirty-two, in township six north, of ran^e ten west, and fracional section twenty-live, iu township six north, ot range eleen west, constituting inland* iiumheied sixty and sixty-one, in he Mississippi rivi r. At the Land Office at Quincv, commencing 011 Monday, the weuty-thnd day of Oct< ber next, for the disposal of the pule ic lands within the limits ol the uudernientiotied tracts, vix : forth of the base line, a d Hast of the fourth |>riuci|>?il ineriin, The north half and southeast quarter of section twenty-three, i township four, of range (hree. i ue uonmvrsi. quarter 01 section twenty-two, in township sveu, of range rfvni. Lands appropria'ed by law, for (lie ttno of schools, military, r other purposes, will be excluded from tale. The iiIm will each be kept o|>e.i for two week*, (unless tlie mdn are sooner dis.-osed of) .uid no louver; and .10 private enIt'i of land, in the township* no o(T> red, will be admitted unI after the expiration of the two week*. (liven under my h uid at the I ity of Washington thin eighth ay of June, An io Domini 1843. JOHN rYLEK. By the Presidi-iit : TUO. D. BLAKE. Commissioner of the Oeneral Land ( Tice. NOTICE TO PRE-EMPTION CLAIMANTS. Every iiersou entitled to the right of preemption to a'iy lands rithin tlie limits of the township* above numerated, is reuired to establish the satne to tin* satisl'ictiou oi the AqHttW id I Receiver of the proiier I rid office, and make payment tliereir as soon as practicable, after seeing this notice, and before ic day appointed foi the commencement of the public sale f le township, embracing the tract claimed, above designated , herw .-,e such claim will be forleited. THO. H. BLAKE, Commissioner of the General Laud Office, Je2l ltaw to I60ct r . 1 m. " There's a delight in smoki>!2 Noue hut amokrrs know." The saying is true, when ye know where to find A s->|far that possesses the quality rare Oi enlivening the spirits and cheering the mind, And enables the smoker to pu If away care. This luxury always your sure to obtain, 11 on SK.1XAS in Maiden Lane promptly you call'. If you visit htm ran, jjn will <loan wain, Foi iie nives satisfaction and pleasure to all. 1 His Segar* are the choicest, inosl exuuisite br:iu?li. By a competent agent selected with tare, Direct from Havana, by special communis, And none in the city with Ins can comp ile. (lis Colbum, Kegalias, La Normas, Stan, Noriegas, Trabucas, Victories puis ; Princiiw, Ksperuizns. Imperial Hegars, ,,The best in the country that you can procure. Cassadonts, La Norma*, and ('.-ingress beside. Ills Dos Comparieros and ex,innate brand, Wilh others that have competition defied, Kor his customers, SKl.YAS has always on hand. In order to secure a continuance of the approbation and cuntoi, nth which SK1.X AS has been *0 long favored, he has engage special and cotnp.'ul agent in Havana, to select the Totiacc. ml ?uperintei:d the making of all negars that he iiii|?>rts; coo spientl), he can warrant all sold by him to be genuine III Lock on hind is mure extensive and superior to that of an) tnilar estab ishment. llememlier the Number, 3 MAIDKN LANK, Howard'' lorel. au23 Im'i t A SAMANOS oflhn far ante, at Mo? ; Wad nt, 10 hhd* V. Muscovado .Sugar, and 15 bi. s of t offer, lauding uoia briR 1 t ** from St. Jago In Store? ID hlidn lin i cured MuscoVad > Snga. suitable for rebu-r? i boxes white Sugar, free labor ID bale* superior Ouisa Tobacco, nitable for maunfa' tuiers i(),m. Segtrs. 01 Lord Byron, Woodv c.and a variety of othei brands. iVA.N I r.ll?A C.K.|?r, and a Ml' v. right that understand irpeu'er'* * ork, to go to St Jagod -ulia; mn?t be singlean> I temperate halo's. Apply as a,iov ?R ' m r JOSEPH OILLOTTS STEEL PENS nKDL't KU I'HI I S [VIE niilmeriber in constantly reeeivinif I esh a-ipplien of the I ihove ju?(l> celebrated |ieus. whlciilie oilers 10 t'-e t ail* al ery low r-ten. In ad litiou to the *t>le* to well known, lie ss recently introduced the following new pattern* vi/. No*. I, Sand 3 Principality Peus, extra fine, line and medium JllilS. Vo. I?C'sln rapine Pen?a prime article on pictorial card*, iews of celebrated place*. IN 1 is Sand 10? Washington Pen?very fine point, and elastic, 1 superb cards. In evidence of the high estimation in which these P.-n* are rid, the iol,o>vi"g statement is mu le :? The number of Pens laauul ict'irrd at tlie works of l(WI.'l>ll . .11 I I't'l' ("Mm l)?>c. I811, to Ui. . Hl2, w.m 70 ??12 (H)2 Th? jiulilic ai* ciutioiK-il tn b?- on tluir curdr wiiiit ?ptiri * amclei. Kxch rack iitr of thr ixii* t mi.. * far ?iult> ol Mr. ' : i mi I :iy II Nil \ Jr. SO'*, ItnyorUM, 91 John itivrr. comw of Uold. A b<xm1 ?<H'i " of W ii.ill" ? Mil Mol?y It < n '? L'mkIoh k Ml iw ?i )KM< Of ?Vyr.MOH llMJMNOt OVMrAN'V ' -Oilior 3<i " ' <11 i'ln* < ominnv 'outiiiu tlwir In* ??v ofnnit iiKi'auaiint l'?*? or 'Urn*** by lirr. on looii , Arc* 4111I 'niTcliHtiiliw, himI ?(? aii v?*a*l? and thur o*rgor? [aimt lox in muml imijculioii. DIRK.I TOKH Thninu VV. Thome, MuIm Ki?m, TIioimv. T Woodruff, Benjamin K. Hobtoa. lohu H. U?vi?on, Krancit P. Sam-, Thomuoii I'ric* -J0?"'?. A'1'". it.Uii It. " *. John P. Moore, Mowi Tuekrr, Jamw >. Holms, I '.slab C. Tiuiu, JaiHwIt. Whitiu#, Auaoo Baker, ?Vr*K. 1 hoiu, Jowiih Drake, lead Hawley, Joliu 0. Merrill, 1 hoiiiai Morrall. THOMAS W. THOKNfc.Pn-iideiit. cJKO. T. HOPE. 8?ci*uuy. rail jgb [era: 7, 1843. Iiowrll. Main. t Cortei|ioij(icttc? ol the Herald.) Li-wiu., Si-rT. 25, 1843 , IVom'tra of Pathtli'tn ? Uiear Lxi ilim<.nt turning the Mtsmtrimin ?Animal Atijnttrxm Jfxj'lotieti. 4" *e Dkak Binmktt? A* ii toine linn since I saw any account in yuurpai^r ol'uiHttff'and'hiuKM in this A nericai j Manchester, 1 take ilie liberty ot ( r*ardug \ou the IoHowiiik We have lately be n visited by the J lit v Li Koy Sunderland, ot ycur city, who ha* delivered tour lectures here on \v!:al lie Culls i>nlhe limn, or piiyeical sympathy, but >vlist sume ut' our naviins iiersist in calling meemeriBin. I rd you a copy ol the Lowell Mornirg lit raid, in w'..icn you , will see afull r< porfoi one ol Mr. Sunderland's lectures, and the manner in which lie explode* the i revalmt notions about "neurology" and "meaim r* [ ??*". ? I uring his lecture, last Saturday evening, Dr. P and some other rnesmeiisers ol thiapl ice undertook < to confute hun, but Sunderland used them up in less than no lime. I lie lecturer proponed to induce a I stite ol somnambulism in unv member of the uu- I <iiencet withojt any contact or nervous fluid i his I he did in a dozen ca.->ea or more, on persons who ( were inter strangers to him, and without even see- t ing them. They not only ltd into the sleep. but I ( actually arosei from ill* ir ?e.iis ..nd upproac ed Hie , 1 pkee where the lecturer standing The a ciei t j inagu' laers never t>aw it 111 t h ih wis< be I ore, aid an j I'r. P. and Mr. undertook to wake up the 1 somnambulists by transmitting what they called Ihe ' " neurauru," or 'magnetic Huh!," into iliem The t lecturer consented for them 10 try their powers, and 1 so they commenced pawing and scraping over the 1 heads and arms of the paiitnts The one Dr P 1 tried to wake up was his own subject, whom he said j he bad put to deep a bundled time", uud he could 1 "will" herto do anything almost. Hut itwnsnogo The wouldn't be waked up, and the audience cried out lor them to desist, 11* they did not pay their money to ate Dr. P. and Mr. paw over those ladies. Upon finding themselves unable to wnk?' them up, ttiey seemed to be quite ra lly, Dr P. especially, who persisted in uffirmiug Ins belief in the elimination o! a " magnetic fl ud," ?oiwithstanding the experiments performed before his eye-, which satisfied the thousands who have wi neesed ! iliem here that ihe prevalent notions about animal magnetism are utterly unfounded, and only received by such as have neversufli initly investigated the sublet ol human physiology. Cjreu' excitemeiit prevail- here upon the subject Tne accompanying extract is Irom a spirited little paper, published here, called the .Morning Herald A-i you give moat of the intelligence to be read, 1 Miow thev will be acceptable to ifie millions who depend on you tor accounts of all that is strange, wonder!ill, religion*, or scientific Yours, Arc t*. The following are extracts from Ihe paper to which our correspondent refers, and 111 our estima Hon Ihe whole subject is grotetquely ludicrous We are not surprised that Mr Suuilrilaud should put , my of hisnearers to sleep, f -r it is a common occur ( rence 111 our churches. Ihe uHRlors 1 I which make 00 pretensions to patiirtism Mr Snorf?*riHini h*?, doubtless, put many j*r?ouR to nle? p in the course i ni the ia-t ie w years, tor helms bten u Meihodlct preacher of long .-Uuiidiiii; :? Mr. Sunderland rejects, iu toto. a I the notions hereto fore prevalent, as to the reality ot the eleminatiou ot ?'<) li.iid, nervous or electrical. Irum the operater into hn> i subj ct. And w? believe notii ' mesmeiiser'or ' mumlogikt' has witnessrd Mr. Mindei laid's method ot op??-tting, hut who ha* agreed wi'h him,at oner, that whatever the <g>. ncy is, it In n t, and cannot be, a magnetic or nervous Hind, Unlike, all other operatnis, Mr. S. instead ot sd> cling ono subject, brings bis piocent to bear u|>un his entire wu. tlenceAnd, consequently, the results ot his espei >. meuts, pi r'orni. d tu tin* u a> , haw usionisb) d ui.d Kern* 1 oil;'d nil who havo uitnenred tin m. Hi" an li nco ia?t '.loud.) evening, at the city hall, were mIm u i tnotism.d, and all ol th ,n strangers to him. In con, mucing.lie infurme 1 us, that (luring bn lecture be de i^ncd to /uuucu a nu>i hi r oto-i esot real souiiiamhulikm that u, he Would cau?e t!io*e in to* ds?e bly wbu wei usceptible to fall in'o t *Mtv o| ?ymp-itb?tic slvrp a .1 in bill mate, to list' from their s< ats and come to him upe 'lie platlorix ! And utter lining the attrntion 01 ?h> oience for thin puiposa a lew minutes, some flteen pel sons (including both MM*) WW( tCQfid to bt a*li.-rp [Miraculous!] And now ocjutieii n m<tt ?>' r.ior liriin > sight ; it wus fo sei* one mid another t tr?>n neir seiiti with eyet lust clvtnl, and slowiy approach tl,< platfjim on which tho operator wa> Handing ! 8ome o ihem -iteming to be unableor unwilling to rise up and walk, Mr. M went to th'm, i.nd they then followed nun to his place,ami ono ol them went up (mm the i xtiemi p ,it oftbe hall. Room could no', be loUhd(fiir th? m all U|ion th* plattom, and tliey were falling to-hep in sin h nutn tierthat be could not fake care of them ! Hi nee. tl.epn. ' cess whs mis pi nded, and ,\ir S. went rouud iliio' thi- u sembly and restored thot<> to w akelulneis who had no' taken > eats U|h>ii th i-lai'oi in ; cud w have been ennbly informed that ion e -JO or 3d other gentlt men i in! ludios were decided I) effected and disputed to s-miu.- . ("rice,frigidity cf lunh?, Ike., by Mr. S's mcthudo U|>en. ting ou ihut occasion. N -tMieiuiis find inicretdmcr nbennmen:! were ln,ftii*^, by *he operatoi fiom the Huntnunit>tiIi-tn around him upoi he platloim One whs thrown into a state ol trance.o' ' ecstucy, andwas enrap'uicd with views of the Siviont, and her deceaatd friends. Shu tung in tones and in manner which convinced tnuuy at least thu* the piiei" . mens woro leal. And they were brought on without any of the manipulations ol mc mergers or neuioln Hists. thus d mo krating that tne notion* about the uansmiseion ol u nervous fluid have been ahogttlier un l mi nded. We have stated that all the phennmena usually produce i by the mcimeriter* nnd neurologists, by niarupu- , lotion, Mr. induces without enntjet, or th< usu of any electrical or nervous rt iid. He > ven itdlice- . (he state called si cond light, in peisons wide h? ake, are give* a most sati^tact'iry explanation of witchcialt and w hich so m ;cb perplexed the c in H of piou* und even int<lliL;e>it peiple. 'lo the invmtig 'ion o tt e<-e miiijects he has devoted a series ol yens, and wi grre v ith our neixhb ir of the P^troit, that he has, cer tan ly.dtinc more tomlig ten our citizens on the inter stit,^ ph< i nmena ?bove ret'-md to, than all wi>o have . receded h>m,ai.d as far as we know, either in this or anj thei country. I lit* folliwinc is n no her account of this 'unit hah" 'hough to niinyweak people eeri<tus,nfliir, I' rtin t. . pMiiomtuy In place confidence in t-uch hiirnbu ' dtifi thereby uns-ettle the little reason they htve. He induce I n state of trance in several o1 his pati> n's, as he hatbrtore dene at his lecturei in thu City ; an aftei < iwaU? ning his patien" he paralj sed their bmhssntha ihes con 1<1 not move th> m, and united th hands id foil t?r five *if tliem hj simply put' ing them in contact witlinu u> gr>iH|> ol the hands ; and n?ith'-r tin m-elve?. cr any < ii<- nt i>> person* w ho t it d, cmihl puii them apnt Un Aha was most lemarkahli', h* productd in one of hi* pa lent* a slute o( ?ecmid ?mht, or Khoat si t ing. Wn? near the patient at the lime, and and tv? ran have no don' friim her a(i|w.irni ce. ln.t ?>he had ? c 'mfl'l* prirtpi'n nf / t-uatis iepartrd ai tra? evtr And by any pti??M I he t'iter i h 'iioiiieiia ot |iual>i-t i? h i Been d -i^ht wer P odticcd iu the patie lit* in their w iking 1lalf murk Parnciii-ans ok ihk oon.nkcriout mut i)iR?lhf S> w Haven Hriiild "*>( Vlonday Iimh ih ioiio?iig |>uriiL'ulftrn (it the muidrr which we met, nined yesterday.? Yeatmday noon a revolting murder w:i* committed i 'Vtfi B II Society in MiddlHuwu, utiout foil. mile* fron vl riilt n. \lr Bicon, ohm nf the mo?t ri?pecmhle an- <'hy tanner* m that r. nn.n, went to cuurch in th not it 111 fr ' i n .ill lit* '.mil. eKCep l?i? wi e, and di I i i return till after the evei.lng ?ervi. e? were over Wn.n returned, hefi.und bis wiln weltering in her loo ^h-iay upon h. r hnck hi the centieol the room, h. ?*all(ru<n>d in, her l ire homh ' tiiuniH'ecl, hei turn* at HI d Mv?n ?wl>- In lur hrea* ! By h? r ! le lay a tunc ' i km c.m.m kej ?, and three ciuir-i, which w*ie hi ,cu and bloody. Two nl thi-ni wem r, vere I wi h iim|i " uent* 01 her fl ?n and un r, nieii in hrtting Urr r'!' I' mi l u?- wtoi h mm iiiin wmy mvri ?i wnu imom ?i,|encea ol Irightlul, :* )>? at> lerociiy , ?he in irrivlf Mom lie aaaoni'a o' her ?h? .!<. ran iny in their dub li^al exi itioua to uveiin titer ihi*ln roii', hut ill lated woman. Our informant, who reached thin city I??.t rvm-ru ' ici.r midnight, *?)? tin1 scene in thi' room wuh a|>|?>i111 , , Hid liigntlul. It N )np|iO<nl tbr) found her aloi e, mu. ii atip u|itun to robthrf hMii',(hp rrilMrd Ifrm. und ' i i doming i-XHiipniat. d, they comnl ted >he diabolical at.noaf biuta! minder. Shew a at>nii> Ml yeataol age. Hheiatrp eaented aa an e*tim..b'.hut cour ig mi* nn. nm.ol Irir n r.m.e, aid jnn th.- peiaon to re?i?t an ai ( 31 pi at lob'ttry. Hhv lid* hr.e children, an l w. aui'i > ?em lly eati emed.the ? hole lamilv b? ing mnuhet' ol th? 1 Pu Njtenan Chnr-h The hoi'i-- wa? tohbed ol 1<7.V btr vhon our m ormant loft, no further tiefl had bet n diaco v-red a The mu'dv i* ?>i(>po?e.t to have been enmmit'od *>v a upleoffoi.ignera. * h" hftd been linking in t i*> region <i?.n? ' Wio hiVu i> jd.'? uly di n ; a ' (Mi ol tern h lie n ^ h'U i<iiif'<*a 'it, m ii otb* v larK dtt-a#. Thoy am ?inmi 4i yearauf age. un- ' l?r?lard the?e l?tllo ? h ave been p.t Ming rat irt in th ? idy an ' along th.' roi to tf eridnti, an I i enoi a << re mas h?i? UTOII-Ct aa w?-11 aa MiarnlM 'heir, i iwt. (_ iihu m ei it amn >e?terjay alter the murder, ik>i><c ii > diy in tlua direc i .ii, and lhtr? i? ??"iy r won to li< v? that ihey are in thia rltv <>r itt \iiul) th>* u< % in*'. In tta> ir dtei.llul itri<g"iu. they nm-t li*n ? 1 ' iVime bloody, if noi woonded. K ery Iriand of huwaolij' I -Itotild lend h * aid in d- uctlng ne?i> u n tche? I . | socially aa they mwit no-w I?e aomewhern in Ntw | ? Hirenorit* unvuon*, ou'Imir rutiU to N'"* *?r? Threw g<Hitl*men irotn nrriv>il in ihi? pit) ^ <bont 11 o'clock taut iiinht Tbey hail ' ?*? ? i??K 'h? alarm upon the ro?<J, ? wrll a* |>ur?uinf the muruerei*. , LD. Two C?ntf. Tlwjr *?? ilireciiy Irom th? lo ?? wumiv thn borrM hu'.>-hfry hail hoeiicommr The wKol- rvgi >n about ki?riitcn w.t? in a ?Ute ot iuteine< meiit. und inirin it iv???oi?if on hi crrry direction. Wh?t B? ? Ii4 < uirli-! Such a colli blooded, li<'ndi?h mm '.-r on 4 htmlh d*y, ii|>on u Uno, uii|>ri>tect?-d, it. I. ,-f|.k< MiniBii, in hro<id d.iy ii^ht, in the very heart oi New K 4luini ! From another uource we have the lollo<vnm :? The jury huvti held an inqur't on the bo'iy. ThH iinit |)' I !>y tlie'inlortuiiMte victim <*'? moat a v. u.. H'rheud ?va? lit* rally miulte.l In piec ??nhe h <! ih no n ,i kb'irp knifa m U?<- region at ia.i i?a t i?n>i Hh'lnn n,b.#id. i vuriou* terrible brut<?a on ,h< bo.l) mid liml<K A m mi hm h> rn nrreat?d, and wmi examined b^l ire I i?tic? til Mid<Uptown. Two oihnr in n, tuniKH B.-ll UiiJ Roberta hnve been unvated, and are in prison. rii<* ?KCitem?nt i? very great Other pernons were arretted elsewhere on suspi Jioii, but aubaeqiiently dti-ciar^ed. The Miirdkukks of Chavis and Watson ? A etter from Jeftereon City, o* September 11.1843 , iddrfn-ed to the St Louia Old School Democrat, ;omninir.cai''8 the tollowiri^ information : ? The Hteamboiit Chicago arrived thin morning, >rinifin? JoIih ,ind l.'avid McOamel, I v Prelum*!. ??, Drown, Hrtrrin, Townaon, McO-rmick, Moaoo and chained with the murder and robberv < t yliarvis nnil WnHou, charged with a'tertng porno.i-, il tiie IJ S T:eiti>ury no" a btolen from ttie New i imi-r in inr d'iriiiiiT ui ?nr n charge of Richmond I Cuil*, U. 8 D-puty Marami tour uvMMttiiilb. Tlie rvaiu^i witne?H?-b ?r? ah prtseiil, as web fis ill others, wtioxp pitt-ence i deemed niiieiial on tiie rial lu 'act, [ helieve the government is consider' d ready 'or ti i ?l, but whether one will be tMd. nin.-t depend upon die li..<iin? of the #rand j'?rv in :he fiiBt place, and die di-?|.Obi ion of the prisoners. I indicted; who, it is underfiood, cannot be forces into trial ? the indictment term OBNBRAL FRZNT1NO H> r-VKMSHM IS NT, N. W CORNER OF FULTON ANI> NAR 'AU ST8 U supplied with every material necmsary fur th? (irompt, nnt, mul economical eiecution of every iiMrii|itii)n of Public attention ia rtxjnaited to this ettnbliihmi'nt, in th* aasuranee that ample satisfaction will tie given?as regards typography, press-work, and cliargea?to those wlm require fancy or Common, large or small work cheaply and eipeditiouslr executed. LABELS, CHKCK8. WAYBILLS, CIRCULARS. SHOW BILLS, BALL liCKETS. STEAMBOAT BILLS, BILLS OI< LADING. RAILROAD BILLS. BUSINESS CAKDS, STAOE BILLS, CATALOGUES, PHA.VJPLETS. BILL HEADS, HANDBILS, NOTES. r oh THKATRKS. CIRCUSKS, CONCF.HT9. MUSk I MB LKiTURKS. I'I'It Lit. MKKTINOS, Or any other plactw wnen? tli?* I ir^rjic description olprenting t? inquire*I. The? facilities for this work air not ?juall ? by auy oflce in tlii* city, lor, ImmhIp* the lark'*' aasortinent of PiAJw AW? -j' pa. Tins rtaMblialinient has, the L.AHC.RNT PKKHSKS IN THi'J CITY. (Jreat imim? ' i1 Ijwii '<k?i to jiroviile ever, material rh?t can l><>*?ilify !> -rvH i', mid thereforepersona Iuvirk occasion for Showbill., will fmil it <miily to their ad^ aiiure t<* patroni?? tii? y?uliliiliim-i ' [[[/"Auv sr/.u or form of Bill can be t i: piahed >1 r?ry ahort lotice, .?( Illy hour, iiikIu or day, li? plyiiitc in tlir fourth itnrv in I"? I'll Mliotl- in I'Hf ASTOR HOI SB I'HE subscribers will be ha^ipy to arrange with families and aii glegeiitleinen lor ihe win'er i alao w th parties of single lieurlciii- ii, who may prefer a private>', on r?n ruble term*. al.'itoctl I'OLKMAN Si sTKTSON CARLTON HOUSK I'HK KL'BSl'HIBKRrt rr |W|?i*d to nuke irrangeineura with lamilies and single gentlemen for th? winter or by the The price* ol thi.i muhliilimfiif arc thf ?amr aa hrrrtoforf, vi/: $1 5? per day. BENSON & HO DO If, 8 %3 lrr.*r MO'lN h ro HRKX H. AMrKH AN AND OTHU ^ r\T\'/Y NS..;.( N|ON HOTKL, No 16 lector street, burner of Green wi?K street.? P [Marriott* has the honor to ufortii bis InemU ji I tin public K^urrall; , that th? part enhi^i heretofore ensto.g * ?'<i the advertiser and .1 Bouuard. ha* -en dissolved by . .utu ! consent. and that he ha* reopened l)i> Id establishment > r +* ahov*. which hu? Iw-u occupied ?y him for rlie- pvst rive vear- i he. Union II' ? ! b** been In-roughly rep u red not ? :ov ?ted, i?id iiow couUuu* as emn?! te a id coinf<?rt 4??1* <ittlf>K .md lodging rooms u? ca h? o ?i?d in the city. The cooking dej?wtineni is conducted a la Ki;i?icai?e. and must imply supplied without regard to eost, tnd the price* charged to guest* are in conformity with the ones. AuetCellent I thle d'Hote i* ready every day* at i o'locW.for which the moderate price of 31 cent* only i* charQed. I'he advertiser ho|>es that his past exertions and present desire to ;ive satisfaction. w ill insure him tlie patronage of hi* fellow ouulryrrieu, anil of all gentlemen who may wi?h to obtain apital fare and nccoinmodatiAu, dt the least |N?s*ible expanse. ? fm*er STRYKKJi'S liAY proprietors, thankful Tor the JilarraJ patronage bestowed * thus f ir, l^g If ivh to info m, that in addition to rhe usual it ractio.ii10I rhe place, thev h tve **.i|r ged the celebrated Ba.d inder the direc ion ol" Mr. U Schncid> 1, ao well known for the in ve sil ?ttisfa<'ijori given by them ,t the I'nifeo dittos Hotel, Saratoga. for the pa.t two ?e?so is, who w ill piay every fair afer?ii ol Monday , Wednesday and ParUiday, /or the bxl inca f the 4-aton gpj'iw e?? Sf.l/vio V? UUL K -N17vv bttlOHTilN. 'JKOIKIK PKIRI**, in r-tnrninff his grateful ackuowledg* me.its to tin uumer?u* I idle* to.d gentlemen w'io favored lie shove establishment during th?* ? ist e'son, bef* to anounce th:il he has made eteiy suitable arrangement lor the kiuier, to accommodate lainilies and single boarders. The diuig-roonis .ml dornntorie* will t-e fou d c<?ml rtthly and le^antly furnished The table will hesuppl ed with the choiest provision*, and the wines will lie found equal to any. The roximity; of B? Imont House to the city, with excellent steam Oats plying if stipuliUd ho rs, ?he well known atttiition of lie host and cm?i?y of the attendants, combined with the locaton. being within s step or il?e landiug-pl ce. renders this e?tadishinent tlie m at ocnl ??i?d r uvetiieul in the Union. 'JVrma *iH be f u dexceedingly moderite. 'TT* Good s'. blnm and coach houses attached to th? ,">n?. Ml,.,. t<f tl "havasa mansion house"hotel IMIi4. undersigned t tkes oec.ision to inform his friends ami *- ( .? punnc, mat the .Maunon noane i? iiuw located "n In l? isitior *irvrt, No. li.. in th- vioiuit of th? iteamooal lai: an* nd vcxct till- market, liarinic commodious funil) apartim-uu ir.u.Knl hi the mateii order A iH-rson ii employed to procure i^rmiti to laml inuwiigari, <k.c wl" i will bo inl veasela linm.dl ,tely uftei the rmt I tin* revrtilii" officei *. N. B.--Vi?itor? to thin Island thouM procure a r'??port from >* S|?tiiiiih l iwini, at tin- port of embarkation, to obviate dil culm s and inconvenie 'cr. >:!i 'iin i WIM.IAM rULTOW. IMPORTANT TO INVALIDS VISITORS | o THE ill. VMi OK? tTBA. PROGRESS HOTLL, V th<* rill 'Re of < erro, thr e miles Irom Havana. Thi? e?ta till-limn.' is dvantageoiialy Mliu nl, pro|>erly tittid |ia d t'euded, tffordi. k ttie beneti if a countr life e. ithuut icludinu thr cnmforta and plriuorfi of the Capital, or pt? -iitiiiK a timely atMidaiC. to hun ??. I-very attention is rounaed by tli- owners to m-et th aatulai'tiou ol ' -ir ? .itora II \ KOF> loarding for a aintcl'* petaou in one room S'fl a Jay. " " two or three (icrsona in one ro .n- $l 3U a day n:li perioii. With lamili'a a particular agreement m >y be rnti red inia. N B ? Oini.ibutse* .ire rnniiniK from mom 11a till night b*weeu the erro and Havana, iriakt. g the trip in nail an hour. ?'44 lin UN CHAN UK AI.AIN -Kr.Tl KN T<? TIIK OI.H HT AND. I'HE understated. after a ?even y. ara'etiieriencc of th?evil effelt, rHsuliiMg from large Aiore* ami Unc?*r rents, i? happy in (Win hm iiumtrnu* cu.sfom**r? and thr cofnfflututv iiPiitru* ,, th?it he ha# (Trc ecj (tin ik? to a COIJftt IMltlO*<t I-on! lord) a -Hi* of of hit ?dd stand No I, (fornifrU i) 'A *11 ?ireet, \1i?r10V1 H111M iiu-i. coruff of Vf* ifr^t. 1 <1 for n atai e?r? l.mred by h? ?*|l know. H|<*N Oh TIIK <hm.,DI?N LKKcK?h !> m*<?1 j to a?.' who %r?* iu ?|of good cheap and ffftrtiteura Totuch of hi* "Id patron* who imv have hut itflif >f him iriiiK hi* w.?iiil**riujf<?. he invite* rh *ir to th#* Old H|k?i. mi in** a??ur*j><'# hi <1 ?(ricf *iJlirr?m#? to ru? %v?ll "?r iMmi r?l rnf* lor %kill iiiJ |mi .rtuiluv (jfrhe |>uMie Kttifr?llv h* no ritll till. Ih'I m i'iP|>.irv?| with an ?*ftortm?*il( of iW nnl ?*? ^blf eloihseiMiiufra, r^rjrg, xr fc.;., which h?- * i i tx* ?PI?V t ij i<> rh? m?nf faithful in tuner, ui 1 on rnuoai If ch..;lM. tort i?h i >nlv Iht* ariic cur* ?nd tlffiiHun !? luvimI iin m.tkiiitf ???il irimiriiuc. * * h? u thr c'oth i? porchiu\ of him. 1 it Blhcock routiiitim in fhf cu'tinc <l#p?rf CH \KLKH COX, <11 Imr Shu of tli* (loldcii X?i. 4 W?l| n. ^K(l T<~i\? ~v"lV.K-lM . ? KI its T I'KF.MfU ? IN s DIA K' tl ItUMh is eoiititlrntl) rHcuiuni^uded fo ,.y . .. v liirl l-ithrr n u??*d,ai d l> warranti-d to po? *? <i? oiinwiii i r>|? 'ii'? ? ?t~It i? prrO'fl tih-hl ntiii-r of ilir Crotou !d? It n i" ulf "I tl??- toiimwi *<)' ?. '"<1 will uol taildeaa iinurr in tin- lfn?t. tnd i?|Uirr? i'j nitration. ill?It k nut ilottMVwl l<v cumin* lu couUci with ml or r'Mtr, noi aiitf^nfd 'iy cold wmther, hot < III thr nihher d?iiiilnnr. ? inl'rfior artic'rt ?!* Ill no r.naH nn-4. 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