Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 28, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 28, 1843 Page 1
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TH Vol. IX.?NO. 2U0 ?Whole No 347S. FOR CHARLESTON. HAVANA, KKV WEST, NEW OHLfcANH. AN'U OALVt'.STON. (Teiiu.) TO SAIl, on Thundiy.MliOeUiber, A*el?^w?U Mown * cnp|?red stvam iihip NKW YORK, J. j. Wright, Comiiuuder, will tail a* above This ateamer ha* put in coinpit te order for (lie season, and has eiieuuve accomiftoditioiu, wiili large and niry state rooms. _ ^ . .. .. (orinucage or freight of srtcie, apply to the Captain on board, fool of Ninth ..r^fe. jtj or* fc CQ ^ Pprk t,ip New York, Sept. IX. 1843. ___ llltoi'fC FOR HALIFAX U LIVERPOOL. Tin Hovb! MnilStram Ship CALF.DO * f,^?NIA, K. t?. Kiq., Commander, will leave Boston for the above l'orti on Sunday, to Liverpool '1?0, I Passage to Halifax " "0. Apply to D. BJUUHAM, Jr., Aceut, 23 3t m No. 3 Wall street. ^ DRAFTS ON ENOLAND, IRELAND Stc ? Parsons about remitting money to their 1 riends iu tlie " old country," rau be sup^<2Ziyjl^4&nj illied with Drafts, iu sums of 1, 2, 3, J, Ml. nKdncBaa20 St ?60, or any arenuut, payable on demauu without discount or any otlur chary*, at the National Bank of Ireland, Provincial Bank, do., Messrs. Jaines Bult, Sou St Co., Bankers, Loudon, I. Baiiied 6t Co.. Exchange and Discount Bank, Liverpool, Eutuil Bailk of Scotland, Greenock Banking Company, Sir Wm. Forbes Hunter &'Jo.. Scotland, and thu branches iu every post town throughout KnKlaud, Ireland, Scot' and Walts, which drafts will lie forwarded by the steamer Caledonia, which leaves Boston the 1st October, on application to W. tit J. T TAKSCOl 7 At their Oeneral Passage Office, 43 Peek Slip, collier South St. N. B.?All letters from the country must come post paid. s2ti ec j- TILA V K I.I.K.IIH (H1IN4* SOUTH OR WEST?Sixteen hours in advance of the JiU. 8. Mail?Tri-Weekly Line to Savannah, iu connexion with the ('antral Railroad to ? Macnn and the West The splendid steam picked (iliNl.lUL CL1NC1I, Capt. J. P. Brooks, and I HAKLI- STON, Capt. F, Harden, will leave Charleston eveiy Tn?Hi'iy, Thnrsdar and Saturday morning, at 9 o'clock, after the arrival of the Wilmington boats from the north, arriving at Savannah the same day, and will leave Savannah on the r*i le d,ys as above, at 6 o'clock P. M., after the arrival of the can from Macou. Travel ers will find this to be the cheapest and irost expeditious route to the south and wi-st. The above boats are fitted up iu ,i suinrior st>le, aud uo es|>e se or pains will be spared to easure certainty, cotn'ort. and expedition to the travelling public. JOHN B. LAFITTE, Agent. Kitujiiimous' Wharf, I ha I est on. ChsrlMton, Septembc, 1813. si7 zm'r - - STEA vi~ SIHP NEPTUNE. Cajitali /Wsr jTr"* William Hi.II ns?T" sail on Saturday, Ocher th. at 4 o'clock, P. M.t for h>rle?ton, Key W est, Havana. New Orleans, ami OjIve-ton, Texas '1 his superior iwcket ste*in ' i-i Hi iv being overhauled and put iu per|> ct urder for the ae.tsou. Her canins and state rooms are elegantly furnished, and passengers can rely ?n every comfoit aud accommodation iu her. Kor passage as above, in th? cabins or steerage, aud for light freight and specie for Charleston, apply to ill, - J. H BIIOWK.K, 75 Wall st. FOR NEW ORLEANS?Touchingatall the ports iu East aud West Florida, viz: St. Isfa Augustine, New Smyrna, Indian River, Ca|* Florida, Indian Key, Key West, Tampa Bay. ~ i Ydar Keys, Port Leon, Apalachicola auu IVnsacola ?'Thespleudidsteam ship CINCINNATI, J. Smith, master, (who hat been long engaged in the navigation between Florida and New Orleans ) will leave Charleston, SC., mi the 1st of October next, aud after the arrival of the Wrilmiugton boaU, for all the above places. For passage only, having superior accommodations, apply on board, or if be letter, post panl, to JOHN B. LAFITTE, Agent, Fitzsiinmons' Wharf. Charleston, S. C., Sept. 9th. 1643. n!4 tolr AffS- BLACK BALL, OK OLD LINE OF LIVERJrJI'ftkPOOL PACKETS?Regular Packet, and sails on *[? ?? Vlonday. the 2d October?The maiuincent, w. II Itnowu, >ery fast sailing picket ship CAM BKlD<?E, burthen 9j*J toi a. Cajitaiu Wm. C.Barstow.will sail positively as above, her regular say. The accommodations ot liv* *n!riwlid nirV?r frtr r?Kin 9,1 r?. bin .uitl steerage luusnii^rs hi* unsurpassed lot cp!end<>r, couve nience ail' o tnfort bv an; vessel irfuat Those embarking for the old country will find it to their tut- mi to select this ri-sirable convey nice. For passage, a>id to secure the best bt rlli?, early application should be made ou board, toot of Beckmau st. or to the subscribers. BROTHERS Ik CO,, 35 Fulton street, n"*t door to the Fulton Bink. P. S.?The Cambridge sails from Liverpool on the l*?tl? NoYember Persons sending for their friemU can have them brought out in her, or in any ol the |>aekets comprising this magnificent und tinea)iiilled line, sailing Irom lint port punctually 011 the 7th and l*?th of each month. For passage, Stc. apply as above. Oralis at tight for any amount drawn direct on the Ho, al Pai k f Ltd 11 d and ou 'leasrs. Prescott, tirole, Aims Si to. Bankers, Loutlou, whil Ii ire paid liree of discount or any charge whatever, in every town throughout F.ngland, Ireland, Scotlam! aid Wales. H or pissnge, Ate. apply as above. The favorite packet snip ENGLAND will succeed the Cambridge. and sail for Liverpool ou the 19th of October, her regulirniv. ?23r j.w- FOR LIVERPOOL?Packet of 1st of October.? K 3v?^.TIi* splendid liist class shin CAMBRIDGE Captain jUlfjiiiijsaitaretow, will sail positively aa above,her re<u ar day, end can l ike a few more cabin, second and st-erage passengers, if'^rly application be made on hoird, or to W. St J. T. TAPSCOTT, s?7r 13 Peck Slip corner of South street. 4^- FOR LIVEKPOOL?NEW LINE-Regular IVcl 1 r of 2ith October.?The splendid packet ship UK K. Ca| taiu W111. Hkiddy, of 1000 tons. will i.ul as above. Iter regular day. For freight or passage, having handsome furnished accommodations,apply on board at Orleans wharf, toot of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS & CO. Price of passage, $75. 36 South street Thep icUt l ship HOSCIUSj Cap'ein John Collins, of I too tons, will succeed the GARRICK, and sail the2}th November, her regular day. Passeugers may rely upon the ships of this line sailing pttnc tually ax idwrtwt '<??? FOR LIVERPOOL?The New Line?Xteg^b WlHHfVracki t ICtli of October?1Tlie fine New York Titti'i F' T&n. u-ket ship ROCHESTER, Jolw innste , W"i t? ill *?iI on her regular day, lUtli < Ictolier. Kor freight or passage, having very superior accommodations, apply to the Captain on hoard, at went side Burling slip, or to WOOD HULL & M IN TURNS, 87 South st. Pric.'of passage, $JS. The li'ie packet ship Holtinsruer, Ira Bursley, nias'cr, ifliO tons, will succeed the Rochester and sail on her tegular day, 16th November. r ' fjf? K' 'K UVUraOLf-To sail 1M O. toiler, l.-r WhkJV r":nl ir day ?The well-known, splendid packet ship ir*!' i< iT CAMBRIDGE, Capt. Uarstow, will sail as above. Hi* j undid accommodations for cabin, second cabiu and sr?passengers, who will be taken on reasonable terms, if early triplication is made to JOSEPH McMURRAY, s27 8t r 100 Pine St., corner South. iA&T OLD BLACK BALL LINK OF PACKETS WEPjPVFOR LIVERPOOL?Picket of the 1st of October? JjUMb l'be. fast sailing packet ship CAMBRIDGE, Capt. Barstuw, will lie despatched aa above, her regular day. Those wishing to secure bertlu, will reqmreto make earlyapplication to JOHN HKKDMAN, 61 South street, near Wall st. N. B?Passage from flreat Britain and Ireland,via Liverpool, can as usual be secured by the above splendid packet ship, or My shin of the line, and those remntiuK money to their friends * in have drafts for any amount payable in all the principal towns throughout the United Kingdom, and on Messrs. J. Bar?< d 11 Co. bankers, Liverpool; anil Messrs. J. Bult, Son k Co. Kor furtl-er particulars, apply as abote. s2'ir FOR LONDON?The splendid, fast sailing pnekfcf?fyet ship MEDIATOR. Captain Chadwick. 11)00 tons WWWlriatinrtlicu, sails positively on the 1st October, her reguThe accommodations for cabin, 2d cabin and steerage passenRers. .,re siii i-rior to any ship in port, harly application slioeld e made to J. McMUKHA V, s27 l 3Pine street. FOH LONDON?Packet of 1st October?The splendid packet ship MEDIATOR, Captain J. M. JM)INa1 hadwicfc, w ill sail as above, and has very superior accomuiodatious for cabin, secoud cabin and ateerage w ho will lie taken at reasonable rates, if earlv^applicaliun W made to \V. fit J. '1'. lArW/U'i ij 4:1 Peck slip, corner South ?t. Drafts for any amount, payable on (ienium without discnant or other charge on all th- principal towns iu England, Ireland, Scotland unl Wales. Apply a? above. *20 PA( KKT KOR IIAVllE? Second Line?The WB3?jPV?hip ST. NICOLAS, Johu B. Pell, mister, will sail ... the 1st o October UOYl) ?c IIINCKF.N. x'Hf 1 No. 9 Tontine Building, cor Wal ami Water st. KO? SAVANNAH?To ?ail Wth N-ptemherIreSSaJVThe well kuown packet ship SCy>TLAMJ, l'*plain Mills, w ill sail as above, her regular day. She lias cpliiiii.u accommodations or steerige passengers, who will be t .ke 1 At a low price, if early apt ligation Ik* made on board th ship, loot of Hector street, or to JOSEril McMURRAY, U7 Ttr KM) I'nie street. *?vr- ~KOR Nt\V OlILKANS-The Regular Packet MHP9fW<>f the 1st October ?The splendid packet shipTuSfffrMBssi <1 A, Captain Post, w ill sail as above. 11 s I'kndid accommodations fur cabin, second cabin, and 1 ,.*rag? p ssengwrs, who will he taken on reasonable terms il ( ally application b? made on boiril at Durling Slip, or to JOSKPII McMUMHAY, l2~ litr IM1 Pine street, collier of South. iAi- KIK*T I'ACKKT Sill 1' KoR ~NEW OR Wf jF$Wl-hAN*?The spleudid first class ship SKA LION, MllK(< Howes, will be d? pa'ched 011 the 27th in>t '1 his 1 uperior snip oners a most dwirahle conveyance fortei ind dliio and s.evrage mi??oiuit.-her lietween drc&s being lofty and very cno'fo.tnbly fitted up. The |<atsage w ill be at liii- lowest rates. Thoy? desirous of securing bertlia will require t.> niak earh application 011 board th" ship, at I ier in K. H., Old Slip?or to JOHN IIKR DM AN, 81 South street, near Wall street. \. B?The snbserilier has a regular succession of first class ships sail inn weekly (or the above port, by which passage can be ei iiaged it the lowesljrates. > tir ???- Kilt ST PAlKKT KOli NKW OKL A Nil? W^^tVI'I"" splendid last sailing jmcket ship ARKANSAS, apt. llnrgess. anils positively as above, Iter regular The accommodations of this ship for cshiti. second cabin and steer .ge passe gers, are such as cannot fail to insure comfort to them during th* voyage, and the price ot passage is very low, for which immediate application should be made 011 board, loot of Wall street, or to W. fit .1. T. TAPSCOT'l, 43 Peck slip, corner South st Who will have a continuation of regular lirstclaas rackets, as heretofore, t" New Orleans, Mobile, Savannah and Clurle?ton, eierv week, throughout the Mason. Passage, as usual, at III, 1 . . ' Inwe I I II. ?. s2l ec /.At- KOH Nh.w ORLK AN??Louisiana and New \ Oik Lire -To sue evil the Arkansas? I'lie fast sail; JiUUIlfci Mpcfkalthip >1 llflMlfn, ( ni'tam HlltoMt Will . hi j, iiiiitp. Kor freight or piu-nge, Ii.iviiik h uidaoine 1'nriilalii il .h i ommmlalion*, apply on board, at Orleaua wharf, loot of WpII alieet, or to K. K. COLLINS Sc CO, 5fi Booth atrret. A.i'iili i? Now (Irleana, Hnllen 8c Woodruff, who will promptly forward ?ll noodfto their iwww. KUit SALE?The well known coppered and cot* KT. 3Vl?rfa?l?il?l ?hip HYLVANtiS .IKNKlNS.Heyinotir, JSMtJMain KtT, IxTlh*-" uid r*?riaier '? ' ton?, carriea *11:1,1*11 1 i i,| 1 ,i . i from .Vlobile, ?? hmlt in thu city byjaima i lor??n lor M.nnrl Hicka & Co, under the inaiwctiou of Jo?ik?i \1iry?In r '.ipiiui trsnaom and top tnnbera of lire oak iocuot?Ima HtnudiiK a,id ruuning riKtrinit in itood order? Nail new maun funr J ear* i?ii-i? well adapted for a whaler, ha* >n? line roomy In li. Lin at Hover atreet wharf ller inventory can be man ?t n VV'iIImiii alrert. I'or teruia, apply to I I in* r JONATHAN (IOIiKN U < O. il William at. HINK.BLANKETS ANl> LAHPINUS?for ?ale by iVL I'KHSSE hBHOOKH, l.i No. 61 Liberty E NE flEW \ PATEKSON KA1LK0AD. jfFfirfr fltittto ^VJI KAKK ONLY " (T:\TS r rom I'ateraou to Jersey City. r On and ?ftn Monday, 17tli July, ure ran will If Ave PXTKB?0N i DEPOT L*AVB Niw YORK. , A.M. 9 A.M. V 11.4 12^ P M 4 r. m. i " v ON SUNDAYS. LKAVK PaTKRION DlCPOT. 1.K4VK NlCW Yoiltt. 1 "; > A. .y. A. M. j 1 P. M. t P. M. Transportation cars pi daily (Sundays eicepted.) Par.senBeri are advised to he at the Kerry, foot of Courtlaudt sln*t, a I \ frw miniiro? before the st*r?d honrs . f dpi>?niir? ivl"Km | j SUMMER. ARRANGEMENT !! NKW YORK AND PHILADELPHIA RAl jKOAD LINE [ DIRECT. Via Newark, Nkwiihuhswick, Phinckton, TnKifrow, } UOHUKNTOWN Al?B B U 1U.INI1T ON. J. iTiROL'Uim; uTUTisT J Leaviug * ev? York daily from ilie foot of Courtlaudt st. Morning Line at 9 A. M.?Mail Pilot Line at4?^ 1*. M. t The Morning Line proceeds to Bordentown, from thence by steamboat to Philadelphia. The Evening Line proceeds direct to Camden (opposite to Philadelphia) without change of cars. ' Passengers will procur:' their tickets at the office foot of Courtlaudt street, wlieri-a commodious swam boat, will be in a readiness, with haggase Crete, on board. i Philadelphia basitax* crates are conveyed ftom city to city, i wiliout Ileitis opeuetl cy the way Each train is provided with > a car in v. Inch are apartments tuid dressing rooms eiprea .ly for i theladies' UM- i Returning, the lines leave Philadelphia from the foot of Wat nut street, by steamboat to Bordeutown at 7 o'clock, A. M. and by railroad from Camden, at 5 o'olot 1c, P. M. i The lines for Baltimore leave Philadelphia at A. M., and ' 4 P. M. being a eouAuatiou of the lines from New York. t jy28 3m*ec i FOR BUFFALO AND ALL PARTS OF THE \VEST ) ASSOCIATION PASTCAGKOFKICE TO ALBANV. Utica $2 CO Rochester, S:t uo t Syracuse, 2 25 Buffalo, 3 50 I Oswego, 2 25 Ui>. and Lower CanadaJ) 50 ^ By the fast liue to Buffalo and found, $8 00. ForpasiaKeaP^to iiaVi au24 3m m <W Barclay street. New York ~~ . M S. li \ L L t*. CO.'S ' CHARLESTON, SAVANNAH, MILLEDQE- iiM ****?3 U4 VILLfc M ACOf}. ( I'l.I'MBUS JfcJltJJl 'I AND KLOUIDA ' w. if if, packauk mrtar" a Messrs. M. S. BALL U <",(). will receive Bank Not*"*, Bundles, Samples, and Cases of Goods, and for v. u ' them by theii Kxpres?,to and from Charleston, Savannah, Mil c ledj^eviile, Macon, anu all the way stations on the Central ltrtii i,i?u. rvuir, uy 1.1 ir Jiniiiuirai di, lnaiuirwa, II > 1C >I'U V, 01 her regular trips to and from Darien, Brunswick, St. Mary's, 1 Black Creek, Picolatta and Palatka. M. S. Ball Si Co. w ill pay particular attention to the purchase of Goods, collecting and paying Drafts, Notes and Hills, and the transaction of auiy and all kinds of business, at any uf the above named placet. Tliey will al*o forward Goods and Mer- . chandize to any part of the United States, which may be sent to their care. They intend to put on teams to run regularly through from Macon to Columbus, tuider their own charge, to 1 Carry all kinds ot merchandize, with all reasonable dispatch ' and safety, on the 1st of October next. Messn. M. 8. B. & Co. having made amusements with the Central Railroad Company of OeorKia, for an apartment under . their own lock, and w ith a Messenger always iu charge, olfer superior advantages for the prompt and safe conveyance of all valuable articles that may be entrusted to '.heir care. Merchants, lUanters, and others, desirous of receiviuc their Goods with prompt dispatch, will find it advantageous to direct to them. 1 (L f~ Office at Savannah, l.'i3 Bay street; Macon, Washington Hall; M. S. Ball & Co., Milledgeyille; Agent at Charleston, S. C., A. Head, 96 East Bay; S. PhtlUrick. Agent for receiving and forwarding goods,and merchandize at Savannah. M. S. B. it Co. willadvance cash lor all freights ou goods sent to their charge. Charges no more than the ordinary way of obtaining goods. au26 lm*r NK W A K KAN OK M ?. NT FARE AND FREIGHT REDUCED. _ir ,m REGULAR MAIL LINE?FOR PROVIDKNCE ANU BOSTON, via. STON 3E^flC2-INGTGN AND NKWPOKT?bomposed of the following superior steamers, running in connection with the Stouincton and Boston and Providence Railroads MA9SACHCSKTTS, Cant. Corostock. RHODE ISLAND, Capt Thayer. PROVIDENCE. NARUAGANBETT. MOHEGAN. On* of which will leave New York daily (Sundays etcept?d) from Pier No. 1, B.-.ttery Place, N. Hiver, at 4 P. )!. ARRANGEMENTS. The RHODE ISLAND, Captain Thayer, on Monday, am' Wednesday for StoniuKton and Newport, and Friday for Stoningtou. M The MASSACHUSETTS, Captain Comstock, on Tues- 1 day and Thursday for Stouiugton, and Satcrday for Stoning- 1 ton, New port ana Providence. " Pa*6engera, on the arrival of the steamers at Stoniugtou, will ? be immediately fofwarded in the splendid and commodious k Cars of the Railroad to Providence and Boston, and if for Vriii tiart vuill n> in fh.? \1nhw?n I in amiorinr r\r. r derj from li?eric? at 6 o'clock the follow ii.k morning, thu? giving t'uein ir^opporfunity cf a night's re*t ou boird tha steam- j r M.n.'^ctiuwttji or Uhoijf Island, and theu bfcaJnkst on bo.ird 'ho Mohegen. The aiiove ?learner* have hcen thoroughly e guipped and prepared to promote celerity of travel and trie coinlort and security of passengers, and not nurpaeaed by any in the Uuited States. Kor passage or freight, which i> taken at vrey reduced rates, % apply on board, at north ?ide of | ier So. 1, 22 Broadway, or office of Samuel l)evean, freight agent, on the wharf. Tickets for the route aau 1 teamen' berths oan be secured on Cl board, or at the olfirr of JIARNDEN It CO., No. 3 Wall street (T7"Oti nnd after the 10th wist, treight will not be received ind forwarued lfter half-past 4 P. M. mJfiin* tn LIN^ OK S'flA vIBOAT B r 3-7T tL'rZl* FOR ALBAN i ? Daily at 7 o'clock P. M.? IV ~ fig, i?* Tlir ii^h Hir-rr Kr-ir 'lie nti nmhimt rirr be- V tween Conrtl andt and Liberty streets, Sunday excepted. " The steamboat KNICKERBOt KEIUal't. A. P. St. John, vil! leave Mouday, Wednesday and t riday Evenings, at seven I* o'clock. Steamboat ROCHESTER, Capt. A. Houghton, will lr.ive T Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 7 P. Ai. At J o'clock i'. M.?Landing at Intermediate Places. 0 Steamboat SOU Til AMbKli A, f-Hpr L. VV. riM>nanl, . will leave Mo.idiv, Wed'.ejdv/, >jid KriJay afternoon, at 5 o'clock. Steamboat NORTH AMERICA, Cant. M. H. Trnesdell, wili leave Tuesday, T annua y ana fcaturt'ay Evening, p.t live o'clock. Passengers takiiii; this Line of Boats will at ail times arrive in Albauy in ample tune to take the Morning Train of Cars for o rh#? a-*it nr w?f IT The above b<M>ta rire n?w ami ittbstaa.'ial, are furnished with neat and elegant State Koomi, and for speed and accommodations are unrivalled on the Hudson. Kor Passage or hreight, apply on board, or to P. C. Schultz P at the office on the wharf. s25 r t i _jg Tndi.pkndknt rkoular oitosT ^ NIGHT LINK KOK ALBANY Si si ?Through Direct, without. Landing.? w The commodious and substantial steamboat PORTSMOUTH, aj Capt. O. House, will leave New York from the foot of Barclay itrr-t, 011 Mondays, Wednesdays and Kndaysjand will lxave Albany and Troy on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, and will continue these trips for the season. Freight uken at reduced rates. Apply on board. P. S.?The above boat lias undertime a thorough repair, and is in first rate order. sJIm'r "jjjjtirt 8KVKN O'CLOCK EVKNINO LINK for A LB AN V AND TROY direct, without SBm^JKb9K_I a tiding?the sl'lendid low pressure steamboat SWALLOW, Captain A. McLein, will leave the loot of Court laudt street every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday evenings, at 7 o'clock, lor Albany direct. The Swallow has a large uuinber of state roorns.and for s;>ee 1 / uid accommodations is not surpassed on the Hudson. V aul ec ,, M NKW ARRANOKMK.W h b?l 8HRK WSBli R V?Long Branch. Sandy X^Ad>.Hii>ik, Occiii Iinti?>and Katoutown Landing. 'J lie new Steamboat HHRr'WSBuRY, Captain John P. & Coriies, will now run as follows, on and alter Thursday, 27th iust :?leaving New York, Iroin the foot ?f Robinson street, * every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, at 10 o'clock, A. M. f \nd Katoutown Landing on Monday, Wednesday and Kriday, " U 10 o'clock, A. M. ... The Shrewsbury will run a* above, weather permitting, am JJ f.i! further notice. All baggage at the risk of the owuers. Kare 37X, cents. . n N. B.?Stages will be in attendance to convey passenger u from the aforesaid lauding places to auy part of tlie county re j' ''"{"he Shrewsbury will go the inner passage, when practicable, 0 lelSr \h\V \OUK AMI KINGSTON STKAM KHKIOHT I AND PASSAGK LINK. I ?rm K"r Kingston, anc llelaware and Hudson n j?l^nal?suumboata KMKRALI) and NOR "Th^^MKKALD, Captain John Ketrhsm, will leave New ([ k'ork, foot of Murray street, every Monday ?od Thursday at 5 n ii'clock, P Mi fi Will leave Kingston (Ron ont landing) every Wednesday Jj uid Saturday at 3 o clock, P. M. The NORWICH, Captain John Samuels, will leave New t, Vork, foot ?f Warren street, every Wednesday and Saturday at ? J o'clock, P.M. ...... _ , d Will leave V igston (Rondont landing) every Tuesday and b Kriday at, o'clock. P. Nl.THATKlps . The KMKRALI) w ill leave the foot of Murray street every c Sunday inormwxat 7 o'clock. Returning, leeies Kingstau at i o'clock, same day. c Kor freight or passage apply on hoard, or to b WILLIAMSON, BARLOW (It CO., a2l 3m*r 161 West street. v Jgat KOH KK.VPORT AND M1DDLKTOWN 3-?^^Tj?POINT. Daily, (Sundays escepted.) touch- r JE__aJtfJC.uiK at Segmne's Dock, St iten Maud.?On and ^ ifter Monday, July 31st, the steiiiner ROCKLAND, Captain Crawford, will leave Middletown Point on Mo'day, Tnet- t; davs, Wednesdays, Thursd?\s and Kridays, at hail-past one ( o'clock (tide iwrniittiug,) and Keyport at 2 o'clock P. M He- j turning, leave New York, loot of Robinson strw-t, on Tuesdays, VveducsiUvs, Thursuaya and Kridays, at 8 o'clock A. M. n slid Sat u rd i\ s at 2 P. M. f Stage:, will he in p adiuess on the arrival of the boat to con- r vsv pa?,e..,ers to Kreehold or any part ol the country. Unifnnn conveyances on Target Kscurtions, Parties of pleasure will be taken to and from hort Hamilton or Keyiiott at MMOMbll prio < ,20 III, - m . /-"L ..* T A TKN INLAND KKRRY, KOOI WHITEHALL ST.?The steamboat-. , m M I?r B i'ATKN ISLANDKRand SAMSON will 1 run \* lollops until turthor notice :? Leave New York 8. !#, 10, 12. 2, SNf, 6, 6. I .an*a Sr.t... Q ft ? .. V Z. \ AH kooiU ihipped are leqtiirei'l to Im' IwrtVoul.rrl^inark'"! nni! ' \t? \t tb* rink or th* owii?*r* fhrrrof. ^ r J* NEWARK AND NEij YOkUT^F, ^ -^^r^Jioiily I2? t-r"u !? I I* ?|>le.i<li(t steamer I'A 8 - m JfaSAlC. jUter Jane ith, will run a* follow.:- i tM loot of Barclay nreet, New York, at 18 A. M., am Lmtm :!ie foot of Centre itr?et, Newark, at 7? A. M . an<" *nd tjij I*. M. The accommodation! both for pawugera ami freight liav> | boon tro.uly improved. freight carried xi rerv low mre*. Jvls *m*ee * STHAW WBAPriNO PAPKR?7"?? immt of Crown ' Straw Pain-r lor *aie by PEKSKK fc. BIIOOKS. ,^r No. HI Liberty alrm. qTF(IAR? ?lihdv ?ery prime New Orleans Miigara, landing ^ from ahii< Ocmtilgee, mid for tale by ,20, 1 K. K. COLLINS k CO. M Sonth it. W YO rOKK, THURSDAY MO* ASTOli HOUSE. ~ rlK subscribers will be happy to arrange with familie* anil siugleKeutlemen lor the w infer ; alto w ith parties nl'siniile entlemen, who may prefer a priyite taole, on reason-hie terms, slitoctl COLEMAN & STETSON, CARLTON IIOUSKT pHE SUBSCRIBERS are prepared to make arrangements *- with families and iin(lc gentlemen for the winter or by the ear, upon reasoualile terms. The pricei of this establishment are the same as heretofore, iz: $1 per day. BENSON k HOUOE8. si lm*r ffOTj < K TO FRENCH, AMERICAN AND OTHER > CITIZEN_8._? UNION HOTEL, No. 16 Hector street, w?nri i>i viiitimitii mrwi,? r. uei.tinoue has me Honor io nform his friends and the public generally, that the iiartnership leretolore existing between the Advertiser and J. Bonnard, Iia? ?en dissolved by mutual consent, anil that lie has reopened his lii establishment, situate as above which ha* been occupied y him lor the past live years, '1 he Uniou Hotel Iiaj b-en horoif;hly repaired and renovated, and now contains as com'tele and comfortable sitting and lodging rooms as can lie mind in the city. The cooliing department is conducted a la rmcaue, iuid most amply supplied, without regard to cost, lid the prices charged to guests are in conformity witli the iines. An excellent T ilde d Hote is ready every day at 3 o'loci;,for which the mnderite price of 31 cents only is charOed. 1'lie advertiser hojies that his past exertions and present desire to i\e satisfaction, will insure linn tlie patronage of his fellow oiintrymen, anil of all gentlemen who may wish to apital l'an> anil accommodation, at the least imisiiMc eipense. si hn?ec STRYKBR'S BAY "PIIE proprietors, thankful for the lilieral patronage bestowed A thus far, lien leave to inform, that in addition to the usunl l ructions of the place, they hive enured the celebrated Band mder the direcriou of Mr. U. Schneider, ho well known for the satisfaction given by them at the United States Hotel, iiratOifa, for the past two seasons, who will plav everv fiir aferiioou of Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, lor the balance if the season. s23 1w'ec BK,LMON fitOU~<K~NEW~li k7GHTOS7 HEOIMiE PEIH1S8, in returning his grateful ncUnowledg* menis to the uuiner?us ladies ai d gentlemen w ho favored he ikon establishment during the past season, begs to anIQUBOe that he haa made every suitable arrangement lor the yinter, to accommodate families and single boarders. The diliug-rooms and dormitories will be found comfortably and 'hvA'.itly furnished. The table w ill be supplied with the provisions, and the wines will be found eipial to any. The iroximity of Itelinout House to the city, with excellent steain o.its plying at stipulated hours, the well known attention of he host ami civility of the attendants, combined with the loc.aion, being within a step or the landing-pl?ce, renders this estadishineut the most social and conveuieut iu the Uniou. Terms vill be found exceedingly moderate. Good stabling and coach houses attached to the pre nises. sititlr ~~HAVANA MANSION HOUSE HOTEL IMIK undersigned t ikes occasion to inform his friends and fit* IH.I.Ii.* lliif flw llmisa iu in In. [uisidor street, No. 07. in the vicinit) of tli*> steamboat lauding jid vegetable market, having commodious family ai>artmeiits, .rranged in the neatest order. A person is employed to procure permits to land passengers, lagg.ige, iic. who will board vessels immediately after the visit il the revenue officers. N. B.?Visitors lo this Island should procure a passport from he Spanish Consul, at tne port of embarkation, to obviate dificultics and inconvenience. slljimec _ WILLIAM FULTON. 1 MP<) KT A NT TO 1N VA LI DSAMi VISITORS TO THE ISL-VND ()( ' CUBA PROGRESS HOTEL, \N the villige of ( erro, three miles from Havana. This establishment is 'dvantag*oiisly situited, properly fitted pu md attended, affording tne benefit of a country life without 'xel nding the comforts and pleasures of the Capital, or preetitlilg a timely attendance to business. Every attention is iromisfil by the owners to meet th? sat isfaction of their visitors. , , CH\RUES. joardmg for a single |>erson iu one room $! Ot) a day. " " two or three persons iu one room' $1 SO a day ach jierson. Willi families a particular agreement inay he entered into. N. II.?Oiiiuibusses are running from morning'till uight lieween the Cerro and Havana, making the trip in half an hour. ?2I 111! attj/iKo. "(There's a delight in smoking, None but smokers know." The laying is true, when ye kuow where to find A segar that possesses the quality rare Of euliveniug the spirits and cheering the miud, Aud enables the smoker to puff away care. This luxury always your sure to obtain, II on SEiXAS in Maiden Lane promptly yon call; If you visit bun once, you will do so again, For he gives satisfaction aud pleasure to all. His Segars are the choicest, most exquisite brandi. By a competent agent selected with care, Direct from Havaua, by s|>ecial commands. And none in the city with his can compare. /lis Colburu, llegalias, La N'orinas, aud Start, Noriegas, Trabucas, Victories pure ; Prineijie, Ksp; aulas, Imperial Segar*, The best III the country that you can procure. C u .d ims. La Nomas, and Congress beside, His l)o? Comp.1rie.ro3 and ei<|ui?ite brand. With others that have cotmietition defied, Kor his customers, SKIXAS has always on hand. In orilt i io secure a continuance of theapprobntion aud custom *! ch S . IXAB has bee.u so long favored, lie has engaged *:>?irial md comment ugenl in Havana, to select the Tobacco no sui?*nmeiid the making of all segar* that he imports; coupquently, he can warrant all sold by him to be genuine. His tock on hand is more extensive and superior to that of any 1 mil.vr establishment. itemember tiie Number, 3 MAIDEN LANE, Howard's Intel. au23 tin * r A A. SAMANOS oilers for sale, at No, G Wall st, id hi. Is .Muscovado Sugar, and 16 b.itfk of Coltce, landing from brig T i ax, from St. J ago In Store? 10 hhds Sun cured Muscovado Sugar suitable for refiner* * boxes white Sugar, free labor 18 bales superior Ciuisa Tobacco, suitable for manufacturers. >0,m. Segar*, of Lord Byron, Woodvi le.and a variety of other brands. WANTED?A Cooper, and a Mil wright that understands ?r|)enfer's work, to go to St J ago d - ^iiba; inust be single aud 1 temperate habits. Apply as?l>ov ?8 Ua*r JOSEPH GILLOTT'S STEEL PENS. REDUCED PHl>KS. rHE subscriber is constantly receiving fiesh supplies of the above justly celebrated Jhmis, which ne offers to the trade at ?ry low rates. In addition to the styles so well known, he as recently introduced the following new patterns, vii:? Nos. 1, 2 and 3 Principality Pens, extra flue, tine and medium niuts. No. 8?Caligrmphic Per.?a prime article on pictorial cards, iew s of celebrated places. Nos 1 and It)?Washington Pen?very fine point, and elastic, n sujK'rb cards. In et idetiee of the high estimation in w hich these Pens are eld, the loltowing statement is made :? The number of Pens manufactured tit the work* of JOSEPH OILLOTT. from Dec. 1841, to Dec. 1m2, was 70 612 002 The public are cautioned to lie ou their guard against spuri' us articles. Each package of the genuine l>ens bears a fac si- < ule of Mr. ftilhtl1! liimjtnirp. Kor a.le hv HKNKY JEjSOP, Importer, HI John street, ( comer of Gold. i A good supply of Windle's mid Mosley It Co.'* London ens. *22 I w ' m | JKMUB. bk JUVVKKSON INSUranck. COMPANV > '?Office 36 Wall street. This company continue their bu? ness of insurance against loss or dam lire by lire.on goods, ares and merchandise, and also on teasels and their cargoes jainst loss by inland nn ication. DIRECTORS. Thomas W. Thome, Klisha liitcs, Titouias T. Woodruff, Benjamin H. Uobson, John 11. Davison, Francis 1\ Sage, Thomson Price Joseph Allen, John II., John P.JWoore, Moses Tucker, Jatnes F. Holme*, i Caleb C. Tunis, James IV. Whiting, Ausou Ba/.er, Wm. K. Thorn, Joseph Druke, lrad Haw ley, John C. Meruit, Thomas Morrell. THOMAS W. THOHNK, President. dCO. T HOPE. Secretary Hit igb -> llotoN W ATK.ll-DA y'h V HIST l'K KM IU a! IN <-> DIA. 11UBUKW. H03K is confidently recommended fo ay purposes for which leather is used,and is warranted to pos ess the following properties :? 1st?It is perfectly tight under pressure of the Croton. 2d?It is in >de of the strongest fabrics, and will not mildew o injure in the least, and requires no atteution. 3d?It is not destroyed by coming iu contact with oil or Tease, nor stiffened hy cold weather, nor can the rubber deomixise, as inferior articles are in no case used. Should the nast complaiut be made of the Hose, not |>ossessiug the above ropertie*, it.will lie I.then back, stanytime inside of sis louths from its purchase, and other given iu exchange without harge. 4th?(.'oniding and jet pipes will be attached without charge, layers will note that we are clearly satisfied that thin hose (the rocess of making which is mikuowu to any oth*r iu the trade) . just the article long wanted for leading water and many tner liquids. HORACE 11. DA_V, nnn r Successor to HovhurV I II C.. 4.1 Maiden lane ^MPIRE OK BEAUTY. The following Toilet articles -J are to l>e h<d genuine only at 67 W,<lker street, one door rotn the c Tuer of Broadway Oonraud's I'ondre Snhtile?Kor safely, quickly and permaently eradicating an,.erflnons hair froin all parts of tne huun frame. This we nrove beyond nil doubt to every purchasr reqnanting proof, Bewtre of connterfeits, containing dele rious proi - rties, and'ttlejl, inefficacious. No agent in BrookD. (Jonrp.ud's Ban de Bcaufe?For thoroughly enterm-nating RK H IN1MO. SEPTEMBER 21 Tf>rrll>lo Slorm in KloiHlii - Total D??triirtlon of a Town-Fourteen Iilvcn Loit. Oae of the mom dreadful hurricanes we ever remember to have occurred on this continent puwted over Florida 011 the 13ih intt , destroying buildings, lives, and property to an immense amount. Hie town of Port Leon lias almost been swept from the lac- oi tne earth. We give below all the particulars of this dieaMer that have reached ut. They are heart-rending enough [Piom th? P^it Li'on Oiz?ttn of Sept. 1ft.] Ourci'yisin ruins! We hive been visited by one ot the. mo>-t horrible i-iorni* that ever before devolved upun ua to chrouicle. On Wednesday about 11 o'clock A. M , ihe wind commenced blowing treth front the touth east, biingiug up a nigh tide, but nothing alarming; at 5 I' M. the wind lulled and tide fell, the w? thet r>ttit continuing lowery. At 11 ut nitflu tlie wind freshened, und tide commenced flowing, and by 12 o'clock it blew a perfect hurricane, and tin; whoU- town inundated. The Rule continued wi'h unabnt>d violence until 2 o'clock, the w*t?-r making a pr/m bicith ten feet iti'iji oor our town i h>* wind suddenly lulled for u few niiiiUK-H i ud then cainc Ir irn rouih-wtst with j redonb'ed Violenti* hud blew U I <)iy light Every warthmisr "?the town wu* ln<il Jhtt iviih the grounit, exctpl one., Hamlin >\E *i)?- I ami a imi' of twit aU<> ti ll A'early every dwiltnif was ihiown nom its' foundation, a ml riany of ih m tru lied to at nit ? The loss of property m Kvery itihabnaut participating in tin- l:u nnre or less. None have eacaped?inany with onl> the cl.>the? they stand in S . 'Vlarki suflered in the like proportion with outeelves. But our lo?teu are no hing in comparison with that at the light hou.-e. l'.very building but the light h?llu. OLIIII A.l.t ,lr..o,tf..l ...I .. . > ..wvww a'/wv. v.. umi u .*/ iciaic, /uuricrr* irprs /off, and among ihem some of our moat valued citizens We cannot attempt to estimate the loss ot each individual M this lime, i>ur. shall reserve it nu lil our feelings will belter enabie us to inv siigate it. The following is a list of those drowned, so tar as heard from :?A cra*y nea;ro hoy belonging toTalahasse ; Capt. M. C Robertson, his wife and three childrrn, and a child ol Dr. Treadwell's; Josei h Wood, a portrait painter Irom 'lallahassee j a child of R. V. 13ullin#, and five negroes TUob? saved tireCajit. Hungeil'ord, his wife and two children. Dr. 'lreadweli's youngest child, Messts Oglebee, Blethen and Kennedy, pilots, and five negroes. Our citizens are now out, looking lor any that may have r scaped, and bring the boditsof those that may be f^und. Such a total destrucii >n of propel ty never has occurred in our place. Our loss is estimated at $250,000. Ia addition to the above, we have learned tout the family of Edward Walker, living 011 Snell Point, wife, children and five or six negroes, ull peiuhed Mr. Walker himself etcnped by clinging to the branches of a tree, till the waters subsided It is also stated that there are several other persons living at this point, and who have not oeeu heard Irom, and of wliote safety gteat doubts are entertained. There are also saveral fann ies from tL'ij coumy, in eummer quar ters on .fames Mind, on whose account inuch anxi'-ty h Mr. Indeed such was the violence of the wind* and the height to which the tide rose, tint our imaginations ean scarcely fix lirni:s to its ravages. Cedar Keys, Apalarhicola and St. Joseph, can scarcely have escaped without much damage. fProm the Tullahasna Star of Florida I Extract from a letter dated Bel-Air, (near Tallahassee.) Sept 17: ? We have been visited by a most Jreaiiful hurricune, far more destructive than the jne of last year, for by this many lives have bflen ost; whereas with ill-? other the greatest injury was :o the crops. On Wednesday, the 13th inst. we had, ibout 12 o'clock, M. quite a heavy r.?in, when it fid up. and to all abearance looked as if it would ;tearoff; in tact it wa.-i so pleasant that at 4 o'clock Etebeeca, Jane, Richard and myself, rode 5 miles 0 where I had two h mds digging lime stone ; the sun went down clear, with a beantilul rainbow at he eaut, with all bijjna lor lair weather 'he next lay. But how short-sighted is man, when he tnoweth not what a season may brins? forth, for by 12 o'clock that night the wind increased with rain irom N K., and by three o'clock, very few ? xpecitd a house would be standing at daylight; but to r>ur sreatjoy from that time the wind gradually subsided, nnd bv sunrise we were in a calm, with no very s riou? Jos* to any ot the c:tiz"f.s o) Wei-Air. Tne crup is certainly more at riourly hurt by the. storm han tiie c it-rpillar, (or I unnk with the cdu r? we would h ive made as much as we could well lave picked out by Christrmu; even now. sliouio ive have Uvorable weather, w* will rnxke near 1 half a crop, lot ^ince the storm 1 can see twice ts in iny bolls on the Btalks as I nad any idea thenwere, and that is the observation ol several other >ersons ; the greatest iniury the storm h is done the jotton is by the trees thrown down on it. We did lot have a great deal ol cotton open at the tim?*, lot more perhaps than R to 10 bags, but what was ipen is lost; we have not more thau 4 to 5 bag* ncked iu, aud had ins'. put all the women pickiag Fli'-re hus been nothing yet heard from Si. Josephs wd Apul.ichicola, but those who are acquainted with Hie situation ot the places, art f arlul that hey must have *uft< red severely. 1 shonld have w/iUeu iiy Thursday'^ mail, but wanted to see and e >rn as. much of the storm as possible, to give you Indian Claim tdLanus in Ntw Yokk?TheMun;ie Tribe of Indians, now in the west, have made iclaim to lands inthcStateof New York, as ett "orih in the lollowing spetch of their repreaentaive : ? 'rrrcHor V*M-nep-to->w,or Jow tifA?D*0Bi'.p o* n<h?lf of thi vyctk rillk or l.>ou*?,dflivereJ to Huirr ilui vev. then 8uwni.>en<l< nt of the Krien t? Miss.on tuning the Shawnee wat ol the Musis sippi : ? My brother:?We have rome to ??e you and a?k of yon o help u<, iu a matter which concern* u* v ry much.? tty hiotlier: We have a r gilt to lands in 'he Statu ol New i'ork, ond havo always had, which wo n>ver soil or ce Irdaway. We are the *?a sail r.oo-*a band 01 Munci?a. )ur principal chief, who lived ihrn we left our 1 ind-j ii? name wm Qaav quoirne nongh or Long Arm. one r.ict ol /an l we own lain Oene*e? county, New York lot lar from Rochester, on Mininnk, hut asthere Hre two dace* or rivers of that name, it mny he proper to state hat tbi* tract is on the out nearest Rochester. Brother: tV'c lull this land when war was unou'. breaking out, (w >clle*o it ? as the Revolutionary war)?we wanted to he >ut ol the reach of war, and we left our land at that plane iu the care of a member of the Society of Friend*?we culled him the Wuife II >t Quaker. Brothe-: About 30 \ ear* the son ot th>> Friend in whose can we left our land went to tee us at Huron river ntv.ut the land; he said lii? father wasold, and wauled to get clear of the care of our land, an 1 wanted something done about it, but nothing was done at that time. About *t v< n years ago, or when the Cholera waa .so bad in New York, our chiefs were irnt for to go to Buffalo, and informed that If we would (o to Albany and make the case known about our land, that wo Phould have pay for it; acc irdingly livo of otir :hiefs start'd, but three took the cholera and died on the road, and tha ot tiers got discouraged and returned home, ind wo soon removed from that country and never done inything more about our lands. We want you to enquire ibout the Ian l,ou tho other .Vinitink, below Albany, Wyo ning aud Wialoofing, all of which was owned by tbo Vlunclea. Brother, w? want you to hav? tho recordsol Vew Yotk 1t?te, as well as thoso of the United State*, examined (veil, and seo in what way the white people got in pis lession of these itinda : be sure to see to tho nrst named ract.avd tho others t?o j for we left our land to b.? taken :ar<? of lor tts, and never sold it j and we remembxr that )tir father* told the Friend in whose, ore we left it, flint when their, chlld- n or gran l-chi dren became poor, that .hen when the white p< ople got money, that they mu<t pay far onr land. My br*the -, wo are no.v very poor, ive have no land, we are verv few, but jo'i may tell onr rriend?, the U tak?*r?, that the Muncie Indians nre yet llivo, or. I tli* ir voice caa atill b- hear I ; that we still I member ihestrong bands ol li i nlslilp which was made between them nnd us by William P.-nn and h'n liiendt Tim Oreat 0>l knows that what we ?t?y is true ; we want o do right in this matter iu t he i {Ut ?l our Saviour. We want tos rve the Lord while we live. We ore a pour little hand, and nowwo hope onr friends will help us in hi* bsisins-**. We wish to give mr love to nil our friend? nod to nlways remember the band of peace we entered into wilh them a long time ago. We TOUT yon HI IMVI'I r.vmip, Hgrni 01 mu riunaud Company. Nig^eJ, Wam ?h tooi?, or John Quanlroho. U'a* scnont xhnur, or John Nswcom*. NickodkMi'i Wadswosth, grandson uf Long Aim. f.) Maw*, KranJton of Long Arm. IlrWHV I'AV MOO'CHit LLAND. Minister to GnimrAirriiopi.K.?A letter from WttsliiiiBt< n, published in the Kaitimon: Patriot, suy " Ptbney 8. Carr, of Baltimore, has orriai111 y be? 11 a|>i>oinl?iJ Minister ICrsxirnt at Constantinople, in tii'- place of ill- iate (commodore Porter. Wbo ' lira N?*j Offio* in Baltinote. is i" t now in *l?? clnrK. Hy thin rotation in oHiof, Mr. U?rr Jo-"** an nfline worth #2 5(10 |>er annum, and Hew one worth #B000|ier annum, with #6,000 omli r. a profitable t-xchnnge. Patsnts?Th** yearly number of applicaata at the Patent Office, Washington, for patents, amounts to about 1,000, of winch 000 aie r< jec ed. and only about 100 claims out of 600 would stand the test of a well contested lawsuit. in, pimpta, blo'clM! KJiplWW, Sif e'ieiting MiaH white , ecg, hand* and stm*. md imparting i jotmiIc bioom, bf id|c propfrtiaa, pierrntinr thn formation of wrinkles, mid ' jnishing th?in when pt. jenl. Oonrntid's Vegetable Li.inid Honge.'imparta a delicate Mimic I 14 tinge to t'.i" chcelu, imiri' rtbl? by rnbbina with ? luudker- | hief *r x eloth. <*0 -?nd> I'lanc d'Pspange, or Hp <ni?h Whit*, give* to tlie , omp -ti'in 11 piir*. life-Ilk* alabaatrr whitrne**. In elegant OKI U cents MCll. Gomua'a Ortciui Hair Dff?Kor coloring red or grey hair, 1 rithout staining the skin, warranted. f I per bottle. I Kye Brow and Whiiwr Dye, M cents tier bottle. Cimri of L'li**?For removing Daiwniff, ,m iking the hair , ich. silky and glossy. and gii'lttally changing it to a il irk rown or raven blai.k. 40 ceniajx'r bottle. Agents?J M'lk st,Boston; 78 ( h?*mit st, Philadelphia; < Jr*y, 1 'oughk?T?ie; < inthrie, Albany; Vlyrr*. New I lav 111. Wr||? It I .'0 II.iiM.imI; Cowlt, S|irinrdelil; Kaulkner, Norwich; Oreeu I Co. Worcester; I 'aileton ft < 0 l.owell; II.wive, Newburyurt; Preston, rnrlainoiitli; I'aiten. Cortland; limld, Bangor; . I'liomaa, Cincinnati!; Tuttle Piit?!,urgh; (h-orge St.viTey, "nuikfort, Ky.; S. Touiey, Rochester; Stlh S. Hand, Baltino re. sU im*r 1 J. SOKIl'n CHEAP DYEINU ESTABLISHMENT. V* II. SO HI A begs leave re*|>ectfully to inform hu IVienila and thi public 111 general that owing to the tleim-ssed stite nl lie turn's, lit-1:1* reduced his price Ji iw cent below the rega ar charge*. Ladies wishing their summer dn>s*es, shawl*, ftc dyed or >, will find it much to their advantage by paying In in a i?it (> iit|f:uen w ill also do well to call witn such articles if w earing app rrl as in.av netd dyeing or pressing. All order* % il I in* I'.iMC'it dly attended to, and the article* done up in thr est stWe .1 * tm's ?st?bli?Ument, No. <!h) rian st. Hi. 'ir.i.i. !.. ? ane at No 247 Ule*fk?r at.. No 34 i Bowery, and it ?V Oram! si Also a orvioh at 19 hull on at. Brooklyn, and it Newark, N J., corner of Broad at, and Washington Place. Merchants can have all kinds of goods dyed and put np in heir original forms, and on moderate terms, Principal olhrelttfl I'enl st. wj(i Jm'M no VL ?Lai*" Nut 3i*e &t..Ml. Ntove $1,71, .mil fre?h Brolou ^ and Kg* $5 |"er ton, of tlie best I'each Orchard Ash, w> II ere t,ed. weighed liva City weigher a.|d tleliv-red free of cartig?. A reduction of 4 cent* tier ton if take* from the boats. PET EH (LINTON, corner of King slSJhnr* and Urwenwieh street*. no l'TON IH l K ? -mmi tm)IU ot Amirir* ! Kilra I'iIoi Urn k. i L' No. . ,0(t , Kor?le by ^ R C0LUN- fc , ? iliac M South itrrct [ERA I, 1843. i mpohta vr From havana?ClIANOK i.n thk gljv- j ernmcnt ?We have received, by the way o( i Charleston, itie following letter from our corr?epon dent in Havana. It ix seen that ureaf changea have been made in the government of that Maud Havana, ?ept. 16, 1813 Changttin Government?Great RejmcingB? IVhal't , the. C'< tutu??Health ol Isend you herewith t<?-Jay'i> IJ arm. ol thiapUce. I You willsee we have had srrai d?ii>gs hrre in the j way of important cSnigrti m the government ? j Valdes, (' Captain erieral") ihremoved, mul h'ho ' Surruu, i nd i.e lailer reiUced by the. termer In- | teiiduut, "Count Villatiu'. v.t," who took pt stetson yesterday, miitdst the >?hou(d uud acclamations n| upward* of tei> thousand ? ? r?>>n -.whohail at-v mblecl la fht? "I'laza de Annua" for ilit* purpose. booh un i iiivosiiu; sight Ilia nevee belore >>eea witumaed ' here, nor Ci?uld any people have displayed a more | general and unanimous rfjovciug than was exhibit- | eu hi me reiitru u> miiuc ? ..." ..... ht*r? reifardt J aathe lather ? hi* country. Two distinguished rore.giieri?, *'Crw iob<tl SulirniK, E-ij " una " tlex'r liioton, Esq." delivered uddi esiet, tin the occasion bv t-pecul permihsi on from the Gnver* , nor, mid the lormer id surb ti sp irited and maaterly , in inner i!iat lie completely oxbi naied hinitell and ( bad to be carried home on :< litter. Oil his way home, howi vf r, he was lilted iiito ins own "v< ? lame," the horses were t.tkeu ??ut,?ndhe was draw n | mine by a number c>l Catalan# "*n ti iuu/o," ah EltHcr. I have heard as yet of no removal*1 in the Custom House. liut rumors are in circulation that Don Antonio Nrt'tes will, in all prob:tbi ny, be appointed Adimni tr.idor, und Don Miguel Ant'o. Heuara.Con-! tador til the ? .me. I beg to a-aure you, since my arrival from the north, the tl? r.tld id increasing in popularity every day, and is held in grenl esteeui by ail the commercial community, mid is eagerly sought (or on every arrival iroin tiie Slates. As I t<fia!l remain n,.u,lu ?il WNilHr Hull 111,1V CYllfCL 111 til lir Iroill me often, if convenient to your good aulf, under the aiK<iaiuru uf "Pericoo."' P. S ?A deputation of Catalan merchants liaving waited on Mr C S., he lias promised to address the public on the 20ih mat . which address will no doubt oe received au the lormer one, with thouiwuida of vivas and InillU Latest fkom rh? Sandwich Islands.?news by j the VViliiam Grnv, Iroin Oaiiu, has been received in ; Boston to the 19ih ot April. All was quiet on tiie Island. The English* still held possession of the Islands, but as news had reached ihere that tiiey would be surrendered lo the native authorities, the public mind had been quieted, and business was beginning Jo assume its wonted characu r. Wo find the following record of deaths in the Seaman's Friend :? "Tt Honolulu, March 20, of consumption, Miss Susan Concord, atied 18 years. The deceased hud spent five yeard in the United States, among her lather's friend*, and lor the most part ol the time had attended ichool in Gortiam, Me. Homing that u voyatj' would favorably affect her consumptive cor> sliiuuon,bhe embarked a tew weeks since on bovxd the Bartholome w Gosuold, for the United Sia'.ta, but U coming no better, slie relumed to die at her father's hou-e. 'i hefuneral was attended by a large COIIlpHIlK In Honolulu, March 29, Mariar nged 7 years, daughter of.'ir. liithniond. Mr. R. ia a native ol Tmiut'in, Mass. " In Honolulu, April U, at the United States Hospital, DiVii Piue, colored iimn, native ol New York ciiy, a;ed 19 years He was discharged a few vrn'ka biiice lioui the American whale ship Margaret Scott." From Mexico ?We loura by the arrival of the US t r n B 'ubriiic.e, that when she sni'*?d from Vtra Cruz i.n ihe 1st of September, the U S. t>hip Viui:euuep_, Captum Buchanan, was left ut ttnehur ofl Sacrifieio-t awaiting the arrival or d(?s>t>utchee (rum our minister at Iviexico. The 8 cond payrntnt under the late c< invention with ,';1i xiim> li. s bn n i>;iid. and l.'i#* "eoniimta" Willi lilt- imouat ol $!4<>,<K;<> was on ltd nv ,y iu Vtn I | Cruz, and ivouid arrive at ihat place on i .lie 4th i.< j 3fp;?*nib r. The V'nrenne&" was ordered to Vern Cruz for ihn ot i onveying th? money to il ic United S(?t. e, l?'4' i was understood at cue time the Battibridxe eatltd, thu (J< nt-ral rhompson, .'fl mister ai Vlexic >, hud ewered into un nrrangeiveni wtih the hou-e ol Harsout) Co , to ship the money to New York in ilte tin* lvter?buri{h, at ihe expense ol ihe Clain aiiw. Capl Hut-banaii, with themagnanimity, ihat ha - always distinautehni him, m and oui <l his proleraio.1, in a letter to Gen. Thompson, pro,lowed to couvey the money to the U Sui'v, lre>e ol any ' charge to ih claimants ?Nor. Herald 2<v/i inif. > Common Council. 1 BotrnjiiK Alurhmsn, S pt, *J7ili-? Alder roan TfUDT f pmlileut. in Ikrtbair. ' Slreel Kxptnkti - The Kinnnce Committ< a reported in 1 l?vof ol ?ppi ?>pri jliug $ 100(1 an additional expe nditure on account oi a n ei??pei?< * tor the can eat year Laying H'alrr Pi/HB?The umn romnniu-ii reported In ' favni o j|'jiropr.mnij; $48 joS tor expenditure ol laying water pipu*. And i?o io compel tha super iotendent in v water pi|>e? lo p> norm the .;utie? lor men > |>ri loiniixt b> 51 the Ci.iel bogineer, and to di?bur?a Certain money*. o Aider m?i. Lkr opposed ihe 1 .tit r |>ar. ot the report and Alderman Wa' biiMsi* advocated It. '1 ho ordinance whs tin&ily tiaiendxl fo as to campel 1 the luperintendent to perlorm the ilu'iex al>ove n.inru d.ln.t ' objecting to hi? Iming clothed with power to disburse mo- " ney?Adopted. Aldermiu i'illoi; presented a resolntion instructing (he Klnance Committee to compel the President of the c ilr?l..r D'tae.l tn ? ?? (i.i.lilmnul hittnlfl l.trtllf f>. IV O I'TTl a T IO ? [ of additional duties not included io previous bonds.? Adopted. I Ai.lmman Wjthimu offered a resolution celling upon c all perxo * having cIhiioi on the Corporation due previous r t - J(l li ofDr ci-mb ir, 10 pre?eiit the same to the Comptiol- 0 ler on or befor-that period of time?Adopted. Al'ernmu WATKkMtn HiiiJ his object ia pre* nting this tl resolution wi- to mako a square ?< ttlement uf account* " lor 'he current year inordf rt.iatthe public could be fully 1] appri/. d uf the actual ?ituailon ol the expenditure, and d< thus prevent the usual mauner oi forcing tUts expenses 01 di one > ear into the payment of another. w I tctp lion nf President Tyltr.?The bills incurred by 'o the comwilttc in ruceiving ike President, amounting to tl about $3000, were called up ill Alderman Hcolri and Tillou moved a reference of the ti bills to<1 committee ol investigation. Cousi derable of u Hare up ioIIowi d aa to tbo character V of the bills, which were spoken of as containing nome little item" not intended for the public eye, although the t! committee deny iliat any espenie was incurred that was $ not necessary >? An additional appropriation of $2000 lor enrriage hire forthe year, icccption of the Secretary ol the Navy, k.z., 01 was also .nuked tor. Objections were made by Aldermen Nash and Tillou, tl until the hills of particulars were shown. Alderraai. a Lee, Waterman, Purdyand F.mmnns advocated the payment of the bills at once, rs they had b> en long due. The ordinance was then concurred in by a vote of seven to five?Aldurmen Clay tin. Naih, Tillou, Drevoort, and Scoles in the negative?Aldermen F.inieans, Vendervoort, Waterman, Purdy, Brady, R nvsuu and Lee, in the ulhrniative. I Srwt.r in frvinf Plart.?The ordinance to construct n sewer in I'S h ?tieet,to sewer in Irving Place, was can curred in. Hoard nf Health ? A resolution from the Board of A?- " sistautsto tip;,r?pr iute f-Jtmo to the Board of Health, was ^ cwearrtd lb Citu Wri/hert ? A resolution to appoint Dsnkl Mor- ei gan City Weigher, was concurred in. The iiotrd then adjourned to Monday next at ft o'clock. ' Board or Assistants, Sept. il7.?President Bhow* in ; the chair. The minutes ol the last meeting were dis ! penseil wi?h. Karluuvt Piert.?The report adverse tr> appropriating , a pier for the exclusive u :e ol the New York Pafflet.gti Ait-oclatiou, wai adopted. Board tf Health.?A resolution to appropriate the ?v.m of MOUOto meit the eipenaes which nave, and may be incurred by tlie Board uf Health, vva-. adopted. O -'l/i/ioinimtnh?Ci'y Wrifhtri?The appointment ol r* the toll-. *ing pf rsonn were concurred in? Daniel Nickels "I Daniel Morgan, Philip R?a--h, John Pi ire. Jacob Btirdett, Jonathan D< marest, David Demarest, Ca via Wlieellock, John H. Wood, Edward Hitchcock, EJwaid Coates David Kantha. ,} Neaiurtr, of Jnthraeitt Coal?John T. Cenway and )M Joseph R Skid more. SI Intpti'ior of Charcoal.?Thomas Blake. m vldjaurned?Board adjourned to neat Wednesday afternoon at A o'clock. Marine Conrt, Belure Ju<tgb Hinciall. ( 37.?Ruthm Smith vc. Gtorgt Jtffrritt and fKi't. ^ linm F. CallrrfitU?Tto plaiiitilf ia j carman, l>i<1 h?<! Inn Htulil a.'j./ming tb? chemical worMol lh? drleii'laut*, hi in Hammond at rrrt, near We*t, utid it ia alleged tUwt ii- conirquance of Ibe atmoapheie of the atwble becoming '!J! /Tnpr?,Kn???'il with thn ulptinritic acid q..? Irom the man- ' utactory, a horn*, the property ol tbe plaintiff, nod vaiu- 'u ed at JUOO, waa rem ered , and comparatively ti?. ,) le?? S vi witne?a*a were esamin> d on hr half of thr .1 plaint ill. who pro*rd tbe ?atimate 1 value ?l the hnrae. tb? cteleteriotn eft etot the chendi al ?oika the ?ttii? a piereot the nei((hboihooi1, andtlm C' lmfqu-nt t>lm<li>r?? ol the h'<r*?. Kiir the defoncr It althat tb?CjUH< 1, of hlimlntaa waaa constitutional opthaimic Uiteaite. t'onrt of Common Plea, Before Ju'tgp Inglw PsfT. 37? IPVl/injfon va. TTit Mayor ?In tbi* cat" . r which we reported yeaterday, th? jor/ found for tf > 1 I plaintiff?damagea $SoO. _JUi.ll.ll .1.11. . 1 LD. , erhM Tw? dMto. float (t <jf Xiiiitrvlirr* WiDRUDtT, <J?pt. J7:l??i H i ur wit- Mayor ia tb? clini. A quorum btfjag piL?tn\ the miautei of the la-t njnet inp v>?rr r< ?d Mii.f np,.rov. d. f'.imtnuntraHnn ?Tn? "-upm intenrt'-nt ?f Common Si i..>ciii r- poi ' ?>liarlf? T 'lbo* .1* it proper p<*r?on to b? pluC-0 ut the Ai> him lorth?- luc.aiom of thf Blind, at the ??*p<?ti?e oi the St it? - r^lerred to the ComptrotWr. tnii'Kii- The PrMHmt informed ill* Board that thn chifi bumnmolthe iu.euo>r wrf3 to reguluto the Am* or"* > ool??. Julia Him?n and Hie Corporation. ? Supervisor Tillou jir.n i ihe bill* "l co?t? oi JjtiaL Martia, attorney lor joim drown, ol Leonard ?tr?-Ht notoriety, in the ?uil instituted t>y tbe peupl.-ol thu SWte nj tin? that Virtnbao I'M the Uiriknur* ul a liond fiT? i\ t.y Untf to abjte h nuinanc i-. Tie bills amount to 49. Th? Supreme Court derided in favor of the defendant ; the K.nd hdeinj? btcn I ilk' n i<v out' iuai?iitrii?>>. an.l nnt n\ ?. .1.. i--. Ji rents. *The Supervisor presenting, vt*ry properly era* sured the otticers for the slove-.ily manner In whicn thU buniueiu was conducted Hnnd Jleccpttd -The Ivond of Bartlett Smith, Omnii ioner ot Common Rc^Ooli, in tun penal turn ol f 2 J. 0*26 I cla--Owen McC.>',v, No. 279 Division street, unci Pat| rick Moore, ol No m Monroe strrei, being the sureties. I Comptroller'* Office ?The Comptroller predated the JoJiowtD? Communication:? foMmuiil'l Opfiob, > _ Sept 57, Ia4:t. { To *,ne Hon. the Board of Supervisors, Uc. lie See. i okn*lkmkn : ? { I r? ?p<ctfully submit the te? asse sment rolls for your | conftrmution. 1 have been unuhleto do no nt an earlier I period by the delay ofr.i veinl of theasMSIor* The u irrejrate uinxint ot the taxable property enrolled | is $227,l>97,o90 (IS, be.iug u decrease of 49,809,810 43 below the en'olluient o1 the previous year. The ugregaie amount enrolled In the Lamp District is $220 tf04,4l2 M VVutch do 22*1,723,797 M Wliter do 217,910,(197 W Vou will be pleaaed to ascertain that the present tax to l-e levied need not bo so high in* wax anticipated, nor so l^rge even as that un pot ?d list year; no great istbe proposed r, ductioii.iiiat tin; increased tax tor water interest, and for the exemption ol the 12th and part of the 18th wards lrom the w.tcr tan, will not be practically lelt in the wther parts of the city. Th<) hesitation ol tho Common Council^at expensive projects, and its ettdrts for curtailing others of leaa notice, havi! had a marked effect in producing this desirable state of things. The improved laws rela'ive to the col. Itction of certain revenues belonging to the Common Council, long iu abeyance, have worked exceedingly well, producing results the most ?ruti ying, and lar beyond the tni?,? sanguine expccts'im. I allude to the laws pi riuilting tl.feCorporation to indemnify thcmatlvea for awarils advauced upon unpaid assessments imposed by the Supreino Court. It Is now four jeara since the Common Council tirst endeavored to procure the paasage ol this net. Tlin vigorous and mi-apprehending opposition it met it every at?ge ot its progr< sa, delay* <1 its paasage until the close ot ihe la-t n ssiou ol the Legislature. For the few months it bus been in operation, it haa contributed a l?tg? accession to the citv treasury, thereby enabling the government to dispense with an equal amount ed tax. O .v',tig to tin' cau'ion in expenditures, and the improvement in the r .'venues uhave allu led to. the aggregate tax need vot bit more than $l,MK),0tl0, being $2;iu,000 lower thn'j that of the previous year, and about 81 cents to eaoh 1?jO of the assessed valuation. The credits which the Nijverjl wards aie entitled to receive, will in fifteen of the '.ranis sltL'hllu reduce this rale: In flic Ifl'h ward the* will largely ruduce it, aud in tbe lath wart, almoit annihilate it. Kn*p*c)fiilly woinmunic.led, ALKHKU SMITH, Comptroller. Annexed i* a table presented by the Comptroller, ud compiled from the return* cf the A -e??or? for the year* 1844 and 184:):? Hki.ativk Value of Riai akd Pkmonal F.itatc tw tub ClTV Allll CoUHTV OK .Nt.ll VoKk, All Amumku in 184> AMP 1843. jiiifMiment <\f 1012. shieitment of 1843. Ileal K.itatr. Pit. Ktlatt. Htal Kitatt. I'tr. Ettal*. Wards. t $28,352,600 24,923,789 2t.129.t5.) 28,817,170 2 t:>,748.600 l,953,38t 13,206,750 1,709,344 3 11,913,726 5,041.673 11,428,226 5,6*1,371 I 8,428,450 2,302,087 7,175,1(00 2,222,587 5 8,925,(100 2,175,313 8,901,800 2,364,12* 0 11,1138,750 1,518.50)1 6,768,900 975,100 7 10,752,40) 3.810,101 10,6111,478 S.6M.OOO 0 10,952.500 1,960,516 10,905,500 2,871,632 9 'J,181,000 1,150.627 9.217,90)1 1,430,625 10 6,060,001) 510,;i 15 6,062,900 546.150 It 1,01:2,11111 115,10U :i,'J87 02J 8 ,4W) 12 7,10 .118 1,696,550 5,586,918 750.550 13 4,121,85" 2-17,265 1,066,800 275,785 II 6.72C, 100 1,836,131 6.141,385 2,102,927 15 11,7.;?;, 1411 9,150,501 I l,IH)o..l5U 9,182,056 16 13,795,715 662,530 12,026,763 5)2,670 17 9,528,000 1,562,111 9.2SJ.349 1,590,774 $176,512,312 61.294,359 161,950,514 63,046.575 KALMtfcl) A. ?>I I I'H, Comptroller. ComoUoilrr'* OIHce, City ol N?w York, b< plember 2*, 1848. Farmtrt' I.onn and Trtut Company.?Tho Comptroller pn ?en!td 0 commultic Jtit>n mloi raiiig tin Board tbat tile uKRHrkitisot the It. I wiitil 1>H<I rrti'ine 1 tl e personal estate nt this Company hi ?3 00014% 11 I o> the 111m of $ 1,(33,2tM 6.3, at in tb ' u.'i i Mi ol 1 li ' rutin**- I th>-j ihould Iidvl tint It!, i'kit* ^ni'-iiir 1.1 li 1 iii<tf?l ri> n>. lat wartl (m.-.W mi tuiit account, 1a $1 06, whiou he ricommendato he done b> this Bo;.ru. Tlii' icturii made ty the Company to the a*-e*aora of be i-.ifital ii.ti J id, ! f -J 1 CHt,( iKl. Ke#l otta'e held bv thain, or w icq itiev were oihirw mr t ixed, >lb(J,7l6 47, lcaviw a balance an above *t..t?-d to o? deficient on tba tax wilij 'hoy aji|i< tidril u ?ta om- nt, and ?rtid?vit ?l ita *oi i fiiifii rt a? ii.udt! by ;he I'n ?ideut, thai tue value of h?ii per-onal Mare, liable to t-an ion, doe* not exceed lip mm oi >Ji o n94 4a, Mnil on thia tbe a?ae??ment wm Imirojieilv ha??<l?ib aaaeaaor* reiuiing lo correct lha or* or, not withatnndiiig the (Journal fur the coi|>orotion had uloniii' i tbfm ol Ibtiaoarpciiit1!. 'I he motion to u<j ; i he irqiiired iimnuntto tho aaaeaaed ax of the company and to tne Kir.t Ward I ooka, waa carled by a vote ol I? lo 3 I'uyiiif Cinks Salaritt?A rrp?rt of paying John V, the Clei k o the I o iim.gficner* ol Cuicmon ichoola in the luib wurd >40 tor >erv.c?a lendaied. LfiM ii ti.e table. Rttcinliig a littnluliuti ? Tile * npertiaor of the 10th id<d offend iireaoluti< n rtanudiiiglb? teaolutton pa*aed r'.uy 6 h, 1S43. ahotiahing the con>p* naitiou allowed to lie collector* of taxe* in tbe aeveral warda Heferied to i aelect committee, to be rompott d of Supervisor* Scolea, 'unly and Brady. Railing Htveriue.?The Comptroller preaented a leriw i' reaulutiona providing lor imsirg tbe contingent expenses of tbe present j ear. Sherijf Han't Jltaunit.?The Committee on County Of. Ice*, tn tvmeb was referred tht bill of tbe Sheriff of tho ity uml county of New Yuik, report " that on a careful evlaion of tlie Sheriff'* tulla referred to them, they hava cme to the conclusion to recommend that the bill* be auited nt f IriJ* 68,end that Ihia ?um be paid to bioi from ie tre?inry upon ccnHitiont thai lie returna, ur der hi* ath ol office,the wairant* ismed to him, alluded to In i? omnmii mca'ion ol the Comptroller to thia Board, unur date of May 10, I94J, together with hit, the Sheriff*, Jing* in tho prrmi?e?, mi l the money! collected on laid arrant*, nod in c?: tt tli* Kbaiifl aboil ntglect or refuao i return the ?aiil warrants, youi' committee recommend mt no money be [.aid him on the laid bill*, aod that ths istrlot attorn y b* directed to take the ?ece**ary atepa to [iloicn a r, turn of the lacia " The committee m computed of Aldermrn Waterman , fcodhull and Vandervoort. j in; <inicjurii ui mil* rrnutjrrci oy <an puprm, i|iiiui n- Cet | >o rat ion n? acted upon hy the committee, wa? I, 1 or? 54. A jiortion or the chargei were objected to u eing against the Stale vml not th? county, and others fiu refused a* illegal charge*. Laid on the table and rdered to be printed. jldjnMrnmmt?Top Board i* adjourned to Friday next, iu29th instant, at 4 o'clock, P. M HCSjRTAJlJgr QSNB&AL PUZXVTXIVa ESTABLISHMENT, f. W CORNER OK FULTON AND NASSAU STS. supplied with -very material nwmiiin for the prompt, n?af, aud ecouomical eiecntion of every description of ifitiJHiSIf ?<i)S ablic ?t:-nlion i? riijiiested to 'his establishment, in the aairiricr that ample satiifactiou will (* Kiven?a* regards typoraphy, pr-sn work. mil rliarves?to those who require lanry or miinon, liirij? or small work cheaply and r ?p*diti"i?lr tecttted. LABELS, CHECKS, WA\ BILLS, riRCliLAris. SHOW HILLS, BALL liUKETS. 8TKW1IIOAT I1ILLS, BILL" C?h LAplmJ, UAI Lit OA I) BILLS, HI HINEBS t'AKDS, STAOE BILLS. . LATALOGUEI, PMAMPLETB, DILI. HKADS, IIANDBILS, NOTES, HEATH I t, r|R?'USES'." CONCERTS, ML'BF f MS. LMTl HK9, I'l bLK MEETINGS. raity otb.-r places wnere tlie largest description ot Printing ia it)ired The facilities for tint work ar? not ?|U?li ad by any Ire hi thin city, for, beaides the I irae issortment of ?tOA&lXOTAik "J* WKt This establishment has iha Li A HURST PHKSNRS IN THK CITY. rest imiiis have heen taken to provide every material that tan issibly lie of service, and thervtirvnmom havini occasion lor tow lull*, will find it Kreatly to their adi antafe ( patroni^ i establishment. |f"^"Aiiy sine or form of Bill can be furnished at van* ?hort lire, at a ay hour, night or day, b" avplyma ia the foarth >rv to loseph Kfliott. aalatf i(l\l K TO INUEns ILLS OR EAT BOAT A ND OAR / B A/AARS?At thm eatahfishme, t can he Ibmad rmj ascription of Boats that the hnrnaitr of m?njta" an**** ook at what lie ha* done and then judg.- of . ? rntJtMUhnwit wjw built l)i* fnl|o*riri* ,,n"r,\ , , ailinc The S, ,f. Hare o? j.'fe.'OThi'M'fc? mhy rrnabler; tlie homp oflie"* ^ ? month,; he rt.w boats llenrv St uk,.n ,h, forty foot racer ,e nob e C irnhr,th- I> W ^ ^ j. m (f , Florida. ^'LH'moMUed ai- T?m,,ic" MJ * h?" 0t then rijinlh *o-i' -,_i|?Xhi? new branch of hia hutinaai la (),.r4, See at tha prieea. oql% threa and rul> "'"'lur,',. ' ?|j sen I la lor racing ilreased bv tha pro >ur (f' ce a 1 j 'I'liose I bet wo, i ihe laat race can n >wba r"'"r. I.?a office Siilv Boat, always o.i haiol. Visit bia uS-rs .1 a treat. AII .work ' OK.IOC tnd lit Witir ?nd 141 ( h?wr>- proprietor. nJ4 Im'r ~ g\E? M t \.il i M k'4k' 1,1 lf'1 tO *UitP?r JIJAI'A UAlUb \f r yJr*"' f ku98K h BROOKS, it Li*** ?>

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