Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 29, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 29, 1843 Page 1
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W : .1 J I , ..L TH Vol. IX.?Wo. HUT ?Whole Ho. 8470 FOR CHARLESTON. HAVANA. KEY WEST. NEW ORLEANS, Ar>)D OALVKSTON, (Te*m?.) TO SAIL on Thursday, 5tli OctolnT. the elegant, well knowu l cop|?red (Uun ship NKW YORK. J. P. Wrivlit, ComUtnuder, will &ail as above. This steal ner has been put 111 coin* plete oriler for the ?e:ison, an J lia? eilensive accommodation*, with large and airy itate rooms. . .. . H or iiasnace or Irrii;lit of specie, apply to the l.aptam on hoard) pier No. 'J North River, 2nd w harf above Hector street, or to A. HUBBARD fc tU., 3D feck alip. New Yorh, Sept. 11. 1043. sHtoi?ec KOlt HALIFAX k LIVERPOOL. The Koval Mail8team Ship CALEDO5NI A, E. (J. Lott. Esq., Commander, will Boston for the ahove ports oil Sunday, l'vtssaKe to Liverpool ''i * I'ass.t^e lo HaliI'd* ' ? ' <0. Apply to D. BRIOHAM, Jr., Agent, ?23 3tlrt No. 3 Wall street. ? DRAFTS ON ENGLAND. IKELANU //kfis*pv Scc -Potom about remitting money to their friends in the "ol>l country," can be supplied with Drafts, in sums of 1, 2, 3,5,10. 20 8t JEi0. or any amount, payable on dcrtmd without discount or any other char**, at the National Bauk of Ireland, Provincial Bank, do., Mess.j. James Bull, Sou &. Co., Bankers, Loudon, I. Bamed & Co., Exchange and Discount Bank, Liverpool, Eastern Bank of Scotland, Greenock Bank* ing Company, Sir Wm. Forbea Hunter Si Co., Scotland, and the branches in every |>ost town throughout England. Ireland, Scotland and Wales, which drafts will be forwarded by the steamer Caledouia, which leaves Boston the 1st October, on application to W. & J T TAPSLOI 1 At their General Passage Office, 13 Peck Slip, corner Soutu st. N. Br?All letters from tlie country must come post paid. ?2fl ec >e?TRAVELLERS UOINU SOUTH OK s^b&mlSEiiV WEST?Sixteen hours in advance of tinS&TnXflf, ftgta U. S. Mail?Tri-Weekly Line to Savannah, in counexion w ith the Central Kailroad to Macon and the W est The splendid steam pickets UENERA L CLINCH, Capt. J. P. Brooks, and CHAjlL! Sl'UN, Capt. K. Barren, will leava Charleston eveI)* Tuesday, Thu sday and Satnrd y morning, it 9 c'clock, of>*" the arrival of tlie Wilmington boats from the north, arriving at Savannah the same day, and will leave Savaupjh on the name d?ys as above, at 6 o'clock P. M., after the ariival of the c*r? from Travellers will find this to be the cheapest and most expeditious route to the south aud west. The above boats are titled np in i superior style, and no expense orpaius will be spared to ensure certainty, comfort, and expedition to the travelling public. JOHN B. LAFITTE. Ageut, Fitzsimmons' Wharf, Charleston. Charleston, September, 1843. sl7 2m *r 1?' STEAM SHIP NEPTUNE. Captain stRQmMKlQ William sail on Saturday, OcyVxKjf/WJfofc* t her 1 th, at < o'clock, P. M., for Charleston, Kev West. Hatan*. New Orleans, and Oalveston, Texas This superior packet steamer is now beiug overhauled and put in |*rlfct order for the season. Iler cabins aud state rooms are eiepautly furnished, niin I'.td < ufccis uui ici j ?*u cvcijr vuuivu auu acuuiiiiiiuuauuu In her. 'or pas.ow as above in the cabins or steerage, and for light Ireight and *i>ecie for Charleston, apply to alt) i J. H BROWF.R, 75 Wall <t. FOR NEW ORLEA N S?Touching at a! I the porta in Kast and West Klorida, viz: St. S&fjfrjf, Augustine, New Smyrna, Indian River, Cape *"I'Ti'l" Indian Key, Key West, Tampa Bay. ^ 5S*ilSS3fc?Cedar Keys, Port I/eon. Apalachicola and Pensacol.v ?The splendid steam shin CINCINNATI, J. Smith, master, (who has been lone engaged in the navigation between Klorida and New Orleans,) w ill lrave Charleston, S 0., on the 1st ol" October next, and after the arrival of the Wilmington boats, for .ill the above places. Kor passage only, having superior accommodations, apply 011 board, or ifbe letter, post paid, i? JOHN B. LAKITTE, Agent, Vitzsimmont' Wharf. Charleiton, 8. C., Sept. 9th. 1IM3. *14 tolr BLACK BALL, OK OLD LINE OK LIVERfcyJwWPOOL PACKETS?Regular Packet, and sails 011 JMt$MtaMouday, the 2d October?The magnificent, well ku'>wu, ?ery fast sailing packet ship CAMBRIDGE, burtheu SiO ton*. Caiitain Wm. C.Barstow.w ill sail positively as above, M Iflll*! aay. Tiie accommodations of this splendid picket for cabin, 2(1 cabin and steerage passeugers are unsurpassed for splendor, conve mence and comfort bv any vessel atloat Those embarking for the old country will find it to their interest to select this drsirable conveyance. Kor passage, and to securellie beat berths, early applicatiou .should be nude 00 board, foot of Beektnan su or to the subscribers. ROCHE, BROTHERS It CO., 35 Kulton street, uext door to the Kulton Bank. I'. 9.?The Cambridge sails from, Liverpool ou the 19th November. Persons sending for their frimds Can have'thrm brought out 111 her, or in any of the packets comprising this magnificent and unequalled line, sailing from that port punctually 011 the 7th anil 19th of each month. Kor passage, &c. apply as above. Duds at sight for any amount drawn direct ou the Ro) al Eauk of Ireland, and oil Messrs. Prescott, (iroie, Ames it Co. linkers, London, which are i>aid free of discount or any charge whatever, in every town throughout England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Kor passage, iic. apply as above. The favorite packet ship ENGLAND will succeed the Cambridge. and sail for Liverpool on the 19th of October, her regular day, s23r NEW LINE OK LIVERPOOL PA' ' ETS.? kWpJrVl'jeUe't of 16th October.?The new and ele, t packet JHRMaM<hip ROCHESTER, 1000 tons burthen, < I'taiu J. Ben ou, will sail on Monday, 16th October, her n-gtiUr day. The ships of this line being all 1000 tons and upwards,persons about to en.bark for the old country, will not fail to see the advantages to be derived from selecting this line ill preference to any ottier. is their great capacity renders them every way more comfortable and convenient than ships of a imller class. Tb no wishing to secure berths in this magnificent ship, should not fkil to make early application t? iv s 1 t tapm ntt At their General Passage Office, 43 Peck slip, corner of South st. The Rochester will sail from Liverpool 011 the 5th December. Persons w ishing to send for their Iriends.can have them brought out in first class ships, sailing weekly, onifavoiable terms. Drifts tor any auiottnt, payable on demand w tliout discount, in all the principal towns of Euglaud, Ireland, Scotland or W.i'ei, SflnsUuitly for sale as above. , The Garrick will succeed the llocliester, and sail on the 2illi October. ?'-i9r KOR LIVERPOOL?Packet of 1st of October.? Th? splendid first class shijp CAMBRIDGE, Captain .JjH^glfcBarslow, w ill sail positively as above,h?r regu'ar day, mid can take a few more cabin, second and st erage passeniiers. ,1 early application be made ou board, or to W. St J. fr. TAP8COTT, ,27r 43 Peck Slip corner of South street. AS?- FOR- LIVERPOOL?NEW LINE?Regular Mr**WP?ck?l of 2ith October.?The splendid packet shin \ K Hit K, Captain Wm. Skiddy, ol 1000 tons, will cVilTTabove. her regular day. Kor freight or passage, having I amUome furnished accommodations,apply on board at Orleans Ml.arf, foot of Wall street, or to 1*4. K. CULLIND 8L CO. Price of passage, $75. . , 56 South street. The packet ship ROSCIUS. Captain John Collins, ol 1100 tons, will succeed the GARRICK, and sail the25tli November, le r regular day. Pa?sci>gers may rely ii|>oii the ships of this line sailing punc inslly as advertised. s26 . KlhSflf PACKET SHIP KOK NKW ORlfJwyLKANli-Th? splendid lint class ship SKA LION, JMaHitaa'.aptain Howes, will be de lurched on the 1st Oct. Tins >iii? rior ship offer* a most desirable conveyance for *> end c ibiii and s.eerage pa*s<-ngers?her between decks being loftv and very con>fo.tabfy fitted up. The piuale will be at ihe lowest rates. Tho?e desirous of securing berths will require to rnik earl* application ou board the ?hip, at Pier 10 t,. K., Old Slip?or to JOHN HERDMAN, 61 South stieet, near W aU street. N. B ?The subscriber has a regular succession of first class ships sailing weekly for the above port, by which passage can be enga*e<i <t the uwest rates. s<9r Fu'1 LIVERPOOL?Th? New Liu??Hegul. fcfjFSV Packet 16th ol Octol)er?The fine New York our 'a> k<'> ship ROCHESTER, John Britton, maste 8HU ton will sail oil her regular day, 16th October. Kor freight or passage, having ?rry suiwrior accommodations, apply to the Captain on hoard, at weal side Hurling sli|>, or to WOODHULL a MINI UENSTr South St. Priw of |**sage, $75. , The line packet ship Hotlinguer, Ira Bursley, master, 1030 tons, will succeed the Rochester and sail on her regular day, 16th November. _ f K- 1< LIVERPOOL.?To sail 1st October, het regular da> .?1 lie well-known, spleudid packet ship aSwUhBa < AMHKiDGK, (.'apt. Barstow, will sail as It i.. >, undid accommodations for cabin, second cabin and tlMur i?issenger?, who will be taken on reasonable tenns, il early application is made to JOSEPH McMURRAY, s?7 ?t r 100 l ine si., comer South. OLD BLACK BALL LINE OK PACKETS k**#WKOH LIVERPOOL?Packet of the 1st of OetoberJXMMMThe. last sailing packet ship (' AMBHIDOE, Capl will lie desimtclted as above, her regnlar day. Those Wishing to secure berths, will mini re to make earlj ?pi lirntion to JOHN HERDMAN, , 61 South street, near Wall st. JCAv,- KOK I.OMIO.V-The npli nilnl. lot sailing pack KT^tfV't ship MEDIATOR. Captaiu Ch.idwick, looo torn .MlMKabiirfhen, sails positively on the 1st Octolrr, her regu Ui day. Tl??- accommodation* for cabin, 2d cabin and t^ragr imimcii L? n. arc superior to any ship in |?ort. Karly application ?houl< lie ninde to <1. McMUjlRA V , I 827 MHI rinpurrvi. "ijS: KOIl LONDON?Packet ol" lit October?Th packet ship MKlllATOIl, C4puw J- M EjkijWLi ImilWM'K. will aail aa above, and ha* very aupann Iccouuiiudatioiia for cabin, aecoud cabin aud aleeiatce paasen *'{^k'jI'T.'TA^BCO^Ij''1 43 Peck slip, comer Smooth *t. Draft* for iny amount, payable on demand without diacomi or other charita on all th>< principal town* in England, Ireland Hoot land and Widen. Apply ?? above. a20 "TS; PACKKT KOR HA v'Rfc?Second Line?Th< kCTfVahipST NICOLAS, John H. IVll, inaaler, will aa. October oY^ fc ,|INCKEv ,)|f r y,-, if Tontine Building. cor Wall and Water at. i Pimi SAVANNAH.?To aail 29th SepteinlierW^K>TIh well known packet aliip SCOTLAND, <?Pt*ii Sftiftgy ?iii .nil r? above, her reRiilar day. She hai ***** '".n'mndatioiia lor atneraRe |>asaei.t<cr?, w ho w ill l.< tin*.ifiiriv .n^om ?. ma* ?? ?h??i U, -hip, loot of Rector atreet, or lo J0flEpH McMURRAY, ,r ,t[1. ' 100 Pine atreet. liJc KOIl NKW ORLKANS?The (iffLof the lat October.?The splendid packet aliip 1 US &L?&?k1 ,A. Captain Poat, will aail a* above. tJSTTwidid accommodation* for cabin, aecond nt' iAtf.- iMgsfimeri, who will b? uken oil riMonable twmi? t.?lr be made on board at ,.lr loo fine atreet, comer ol South. FIRST PACKET KOK NKW <>RLKAN?iSlJrfVThe aplendid laat aailuiK packet hip ARKANSAS apt. Unni'-aa, aalla positively aa above, her rejula <U||?, n'commodationa of tWa aliip for cabin, aecond cabin an< ,?,.ra, aiv sncli aa cannot fail to innnre coinlort t< ste? r.?H? I ? >lfli mill ilit* urict* of im?sni!o m verv low ?l \Y nil ?tr?i t. gjjpi coruPr 8<mtli ?t Who ?ill \n\r * continuation of Wil" lint clMf packet* ?ml??iolV>ri in New Orleaiw. Mobile Ha??iu.?li wul't.hnrle. "n, ??ywJrt,'Vhn.ugl.out Ihe Maw. Vmm*. ?. .? !, . the m rv low -t rMlfs. . Ajjjz M..V UKLfcA SS-I,I.HI?I*IW *n?l N?; sr. Wall ?!? "<. or ,UK K COL. |N8 h CO, S6 South ?trwt, Au-nis in New Orl.'aim, IIiiIUmi & Woodrun, who wi E NE NEW SUMMER ARRANGEMENT NEW YORK AND PHILADELPHIA RAJ .ROAD LINE DIRECT, Via ntwar*. Nkwbhlnswic*, Princkton, Tkkntor, Boedkntown Anb Buwmnuton. II.K - i-w > or* uaiiy irom the loot ol Uourtlamlt ?t. Momii.KLme.t 9A. M.?Mail Pilot Line at lM 1'. M. | 1 lie Morning Line proceed* to Bordeutown, from thence by Iteamboat to Philadelphia. The Evening Line proceed* direct to Camden (oppo*it? to i!11 'a) without change of cars. Passenger* will procure their ticket* at the office foot of Conrtlandt street, where a commodious suamboat, will be iu re^dmess.with baggage crate* ou board. Lhihdelphia baggage crate* are conveyed from city to city, wihout benjg o|H>ned oy the way Each train i* provided with a car in wliich are apartwenti and dre*?ing room* eipre*aly for the hdies' u*e. Returning, the line* leave Philadelphia from the foot of Walnut ilreet, by iteamboat to Bordeutown at 7 o'clock, A. M. aud by railroad from Camden, at 5 o'olock, P. M. The line* for Baltimore leave Philadelphia at 7}? A. M., and 4 P. M. being a contfciuatiou of the line* from New Vork. jy28 3m*?c NEW ARRANGEMENT. FARE AND FREIGHT II EDUCED. jMM m REGULAR MAIL LINE-FOR PBOClfrVlDENCE AND BOSTON, via. STON ***** IM/1TI1M AND NEWPORT?Composed of the following superior tteauiers, running in connection with . tlie Stouington and Boston and Providence Railroad* MASSACHUSETTS, Ciy>t. Comstock. RHODE ISLAND. Capt Thayer. PROVIDENCE. NARRAGANSETT. ! MOHEOAN. Ou* of which will leave New York daily (SuniUyi excepted) from Pier No. 1, Battery Place, N. Hiver, at 5 p. >1. ARRANGEMENTS. The RHODE ISLAND, Captain Thayer, on Mondiy, aud Wednesday for Stouiugton and Newport, and Friday for Stcmngt.'iii. The MASSACHUSETTS, Captain Comatock, 011 Toesday and Thursday for Stoningiou, aud Saturday for Stoningtou, Newport ana Providence. Passengers, on the arrival of the steamer* at Stouingtou, will be immediately fiuwarded iu the aplendid and comuiodiou* Car* of tlie Railroad to Providence and Boston, and if for Newport will proceed in the steamer Mohcgan (iu superior order) from thence it 6 o'clock the following morning, thu* giving them au^ppnortuii'ty of a niglii's rent on board thu ?t?ainer Massachusetts or Rhode Inland, and theu breakfast on board , tlie Moheffon. Tlie above steamers have been thoroughly equipped and prepared to promote celerity of travel and tne comfort aud *e- ' cunty of passengers, and uct surparsed by any iu tin' United 1 States. Kor passage or freight, which ii tiki-n at very reilured rites, ?[>ply on board, at north aide of pier So. I, 22 Broadway, or olce of Samuel Deveau, freight agent, on tlie wharf. Ticket* for the route anu (learner*' berths oan be secured on board, or at the office of HARNDEN b CO.. No. 3 Wall street (T?~On and afler the 10th inst. freight wi!l not hi- received tnd forwarded after half-|<ast 4 P. M. mO Gin" in --^^"^1 "FKOI'LIJ'S LTINI-T OK STEA n BOATS ALB ANY?Daily at 7 o'clock P. M.jrnmmmJKLJKLThrough direct?From the staanbcai pier between Court! audt and Liberty streets, Sundny excepted. The steamboat KNICKERBOCK ER,Cai>t. A. P. St. John, will leave Monday, Wednesday and Friday Evening", at seven o'clock. Steamboat ROCHESTER, Capt. A. Houghton, will lea\e Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 7 P. M. At 5 o'clock P. M.?Landing at Intermediate Places. Steamboat SOUTH AMERICA, Capi. L>. W. iirainard, will leave Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afteraoon, at 5 o'clock. Steamboat NORTH AMERICA, Capt. M. H. Trnesdell, will leave Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Evening, at live o'clock. Passengers taking this Line of Boats will at all times arrive in Albany ill ample time to take the Morning Train of Cars for the east or west. The above boats are new and substantial, are furnished with neat and elegant State Room*, and for speed and accommodations are unrivalled on the Hudson. For Passage or Freight, apply on board, or to P. C. Hchnltz ' at the office ou the wharf. s2j r fcJT "1 ~_jj INDEPENDENT REGULAR OITOSfb^^n^TION NIGHT LINE FOR ALBANY & ; jC_JBtdE_TllO V?Through Direct, without Lauding.? The commodious and steamboat PORTSMOUTH, ' Capt. O. House, will leave New York from the foot of Barclay- ! street, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays ;and will leave 1 Albany and Troy on Sundays, Tuesdays aud Thursdays, and ! will continue these trips for the season. Freight taken at rt>duc*d rates. Apply on board. P. S.?The above boat has uudergcue a thorough repair, and is in (mt rate order. r.2 lin*r j SKVEN' O'CL* K'K EVEN INcT L INE < q^SjyCjlafor ALBANY AND TROY direct, without SkMaJH^KLlanding?the splendid low pressure steamboat SWALLOW, Captain A. McLean, will leave the foot of Courtlondt street every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday eveuings, at 7 o'clock, for Albany direct. The Swallow has a Urge number of state rooms,and for speed ind accommodations is not surpass-'d ou the Hudson. auS ec iJA NEW ARRANGEMENT FOR SHREWSBURY?Long Branch. Sandy | jBLa_JHL^?>Ki>oU, Occan House an J Eatontown Landing, i The new Steamboat SHREWSBURY, Captain John r. Corlies, will now run as follows, on and alter Thursday, 27th inst :?leaving New York, from the foot of Robinson street, every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, at 10 o'clock, A. M. j And Eatontown Landing on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 1 at 10 o'clock, A. M. , ' The Shrewsbury will run a* abors, weather remitting, unl til further notice. All baggage at ihv risk of the owners. Fare 37W cents. N. B.?Stage* will be in attendance to convey pa,xenger Irom the aforesaid landing [daces to any part of the county re '"'I'he Shrewsbury will go the inner passage, when practicable, jelJr NEW YORK ANU~KINGSTON STEAM FREIGHT AND PASSAGE LINE. .MM For Kingston, anc Delaware and Hudson ?steamboats EMh.RALD and NORThe EMEMALD, Captain John Ketcham, will leave New J York, foot of Murray stmt, every Monday and Thursday at 5 o'clock, P >1. | , Will leave Kingston (Ron !out landing) every Wednesday and Saturday at 3 o'ctncK, r. ,vi. Tin-NORWICH, Captain JoImi Samuels, will leave New York, foot of Warreu street, every Wrdoadiy ami Saturday at J o'clock, P. M. Will leave V iiTstrm (Roudout landing) every Tuesday and Friday at 3 o'clock, 1'. M. EXTRA TRIPS. The EMERALD will leave the foot of Murray street every Sunday inoruingat 7 o'clock. Returning, leaves Kingston at i o'clock, same day. For freight or passage apply on hoard, or to WILLIAMSON, BARLOW & CO., a21 3m*r 164 West street. ~ ~Zxa KO? KEYPORT AND MIDDLETOWN cL .APOIXT. Daily, (Sundays excepted,) touchaLJE.ii>K at Seguine s Dock, Staten Island.?On and alter Monday, July 31st, the steamer ROCKLAND, Captain Crawford, will leave Middletown Point on Mo> day, Tuesday s, Wednesd?ys, Thursdays and Fridays, at hall-past oue o'clock (tide twrmitting.) and Keyport at 2 o'clock P. M ?eturning, leave New York, foot of Robiuson street, on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fiidays, at 8 o'clock A. M. and Saturday * at 2 P. M. Stage* will be in readiness on the arrival of the boat to conv?v passengers to Freehold or any part of the country. Uniform conveyances ou Target Excursions, Parties of pleasure will be taken to and from Fort Hamilton or Keyport at reasonable prices. s20 1m m jgA STATEN ISLAND FERRY, FOOT l WHITEHALL ST.-The steamboau JEiJSfcX-STATEN ISLANDERand SAMSON will ran as follows until further notice :? Leave New York 8, 9, 10, 12, 2, 3X, 5, 6. Leave Stateu Island 8, 9, 10, 12, 2, 4. 5, 6. All goods shipped are ie<iuired to be particularly marked and vie at the risk of tne owners thereof. s5 r .Mf) ja NEWARK ANp"NEW YORK??Far* A???-*"* ionly I2>? Cents !?The splendid steamer PASm^?J?2E-SAIC. alter June 5th, will ruu as follows:? Leave the foot of Barclay stmt, New York, at 10 A. M., and l P. M. Leaves^tw foot of Centre street, Newark, at 7>f A. M , and The accommodations both for raaseugers and freight have seen greatly improved. Freight carried at very low rates. jyl6 3m*ec Mt Oil SALE Oil TO RENT?The Prearing MiPs^ wiili 11 or I) ruu of stones, with all of it* extensive ma-hinerv, situated ueir two miles from New Rochelle, Westchester County, and Ststeof New \ oik, and in itnmediite prosnnitv to the city of New Irork. now in onter for an exten, -ite liusiuess in tlour, and can grind and rack 10a to IM barrels each day, or rould he most auvau'ageously employed for an\ other purpose which might require extensive water power. I'ht reputation for the past thiit>-ti>e jetrs eri'Oyed h, the Premium i Mills, and their proximity to New York, with the facility of transportation afforded immeil ately adjacent, l>y way ol the navigation direct to the Mills from any poit, render the f-ci'ities for business anexce. tiouable to those desiring such an es' tablishment. Apply to HfcNRY PATRlDOfc kELLOOO. 1 Ksi| , New Rocnelle, N. Y., Kelloggsv.lle, or to SILAS WOOD. Esq..W Br ad street. New 4 oik. New Hochelte, August 23, 1013. *28 Iwr OK SALE, or ejehangefor |>art of a brig or schoon- | mcr iniunic IVI hit nuilil uouc, .. ...... lot. iu a liotirishi k (own in N. C. The house contains I la'ire airy room', til lulled and pU?lered, with Venetian I Iin- ? r to 11 if window*; it ha* front and back piazzas, a store room, kitchen detached,*moke house, ?ic. The lot is 43 feet front, ' ami rear evtending back 20B feet?nn excellent well of water on " tin shaay trees in the y \rtl, ami m well fenced. 1 Said property would be exehwged for part of a vessel; the person to wliotn the proi<erly belong", to go in her a* master, lieing in every wey competent. Ailari-ss, Mariner, at tliia office. ^ T jkJL MONTUOMK.hY HAI.L, MONTUOMKIll. s ALA.?The proprietor* of this sstablishment, ?o lav I JUULntbly known to the travelling public on tb? grnt tfi roujjtifare lietween Chsriestnn and Mobile, are determined i maintain the high refutation for comfort and liberality of raugeinent which it has so long, and they trust, not undeservedly enjoyed. The buildings, which are very si?eioti? uid conveniently arranged, have been thoroughly repaired, and 1 the bed room* both double and tingle, have been refurnished ? with new beds mid bedding, also, with every necessary article t for comfort and convenience. The parlors, both public and private, are large, ntrv, and elegantly furnished. These facilities, with careful and attentive servant!, a cell vr well stocked with choice old wines, a table supplied with every lumry that the season and market can afford, and the lirin determination of " the proprietors to omit nothing that will tend to the satisfaction ol their guests, will, they trust, ensure tliein the favorable attention of the travelling public. An omnibus will, at all . times, be in readiness to convey passengers from the Railroad J. and Steamboats to the honse, fnw of charge. Montgomery, June 7, imj. \V. TILLKY Si CO. au 19 6m r ?*A,y? !?9I*,AgD LA8T8 MADK J O OKDKIt, By k.. * U 8 E R, 175 Uro'idmn/, (hanetirnt ) , One door from Courtlandt street. r ^ .>1 >ker of Lasts, nn Mm> of Clerceof I arts, begs leave to inform Ins ,1 friends and all the amateurs of a gentlemanly "cfuus.ur*" n thi.t he can now make, in New York, with the best ( reach ma l'V ! ' *' 1 u'"? I"r'r"v m " Paris by his master, the ,t celebrated Bootmaker (fierce, whtoe numerous customers on thl? mJi' of the Atlantic ar* ntpmfnlly intn try U?ioU4?ifi Lmis, before ihty (l*??ftir of Imm.r M <hui?vV in i N?-vv York, alwrlhi ntOf?t 1 - teat I urn laahion. ,1 Alio, I ueuuiiie Pari* J< t Dl ;cH. Varnish i >ld. |t r 17 ImVc "havk yoijk VIONKY. *> KAI-L AND WINTKH BOOTS, 74 Per rent I- *Ci?f'fTclirB|*'r than (it any oilier establishment in the city. II CalT, eiamiu*, mil l? connoted of the facta, that yon can gi t ) the ver> hnnt iiualily of boot), with everlaating patent aole? on. )f miuk ti) your ordera at the very low price of five dollari ami fifty cent* per pair ; llie ??me ipiality or boots are selling at other U MUbUhm''lt'"from$7St'uB&ERLK^al MICKKLL, 12 Im'm IJ7 William it., N. V. ?imrnmrn?m?m W YO r YORK, FRIDAY MORIS RACES?UNION COUKSE, LONG ISLAND. i-1 \ I- *i TUESDAY, October 3i^? Kir<t Kace?8\ver|>?ukesi I'orjthrw > e.irs oiu, ?un ?w? i-ncn, #nni iiuirn , i iiiwi on 01 Jan. with the following:? Samuel Laird names cli. < . Yamacr%\v, by Simile, out ofBou- , let* 15!ue. Chailra S. Loyd name* cli. c. Ni*!Mr?, In* Imp. Trustee, out jl Gipsy. W. Liviugtlon names nr. c. Richmond, l>\ Imp. Trustee, out >f Alice Gray. W. Livingston aUo names b. c. Uunve^an, by Imp. Trustee, iut of .Jemima. SECOND RACE?Sw<-ei>*taUe? for three year* old*; *ubi. |200 e.iclt. half forfeit, closed with the follow mif:? Charles S. Lloyd names cli. c. by Tortnenter, dam by Monmouth Kclipse. , Mr. Shaw nawes b. I". Imp Trustee, out Diana Veruon. THIRD R\l' K?I'u'ne * 150. Two inile heat*. _ FOIJRTH RACE?Purse $100. Mile heat*; beat throe in ive. i FIFTH RACE?Pnrae S50. Eut $10 added. Mile heat*. , The first race to come off at 12 o'clock. Entrance to Eucl>.s*tl ^l'ace, $2 Grand Stand $1. Stand, >r Track, 50 cent*. Field StMid, 25 cent* >20 5tfh lTN!ON COUltSK-LONC ISLAND. Four Races, ?r<l probably lire, iu one day, to come off ou ru<-?dav. October 3d, 1843. TO LET? The oyster and victua'iug stand* for the day. for |>arlulara inquire of M, 1). W., Crummies' Hall, 440 Broadway. s?9 2t*ec ~"BEACON COUitbK?TttOTTING. MONDAY, October Sd, it 2 P. V, a match for $( (J. S. bertine's tlarny I!lack. A Vanriper* I' > > Logic. TWO MILK HEAT i)ER HIE SADDLE. Immediately after a Sween*' for S300, tree for five year olds. Wm. Wlie?lai mes b. if. Fulton. Isaac Woodru names bl. g. Africtn. C. *. Berfiue n -ie-i br. in. Isadora. Two Mill' Heat* in Harness s21 It ~?h"""~""WANT^)-YOUN(* HOKSKmI-V .7; .oin thirty to thirty-five young horses, from f 1 A > old. from 111 to 14 hinds high, to lie of > si d sound The liorsus lo be shown at Dilk's Sta Mercer street near Bleeker, between the hours of ni>'cl?ck. I'acers preferred?all wanted for saddle. rfl F' 'H SALE?A Pair of bright bay CARRIA -LeE^^HORSES, Iti to 17 hands high, warranted oiily_ fn t } > ^?'l six yews old, sound in all respects kind in single ind double httiess and under the saddle, and of superior style Mill action, Ixdonging to a private gentleman in the coiinlry.aud ?re worthy of the attention of any one desiring a good pair of torse*. 1 hey may lie seen lor live or six days, on application lt TATTEKSALL'S, Broadway, N. V. *23 Iw "jKjSk BOOTS AND SHOES.?W ILSON & JOHN- i (IjpPVs SON, Successors to John Hutchiugs, deceased, liateou hand and for sale, from the best manufactories iu the "?ll o'Pases Coarse Sewed and Pegged Boots, men and boys, tno " Fine " 1000 Pair Morocco Buskins. 1000 " Ladies' Fine slippers. 3000 " Children's Shoes, various colors, ;oo " Women* and misses (iaiters. lima " India Rubbers, trimmed and plain. Lor sale in lots to suit purchasers, at the:r store. i;u t IIaTHAM STREET, opposite Ros?velt. N. B ? The store Heitis open until 10 o'clock in the evening, lives country merchant* an opportunity to examine poods at Lheir leisure, Im*m "SootTand shoe store'. JOHN Rl'.ADY respectfully informs his friends wd the public, that he has commenced business in the above line, at No. 99 Nassau street. where be will lhanklnlly reneivt lllll faithfully execute, nil orders l.o m^v U? (?v?trd A I on u-.iiuii r,,r essh. i v'l* TO THK LA OIKS. DINGLKT8, KINK AND WIKK CURLS, BRAIDS, iV Kriiettes, l'lain li.mila, Uo\rs, Head Dresses, Net Caps, Shell Tombs, and other Ornaments suitable for decorating La lies' Heads, M. & M. LARUE, Manufarturer and IVholentfe Dealtr, 102 Canal, corner of Vorick, tare now on hand a large, new and splendid assortment of the > ibove .trticles, which they are selling at greatly reduced prices. They are of the latest fashions, and are manufactured in asu- ' Terior manner, in their new and peculiar style, imp-mine a beatt:iful rich lustre to the hair, ami a durability to the curl, uuat- I ^ineil by any other manufacturer. , Old Curls altered to any pattern, and made to look like new, i it a trifling e?|ieiise. t A liberal allowance made to retailers. s!9 lm*r ( segakST " ! "There's a delight in smoking, I # None but ituokert kuow." ! Th? saying is true, when ye kuow where to fin J A separ that possesses the quality; rare I Of enlivening the spirits and cheering the mind, i And enables the smoker to pu If away care. I This luxury always yotir sure to obtain, II on SKIXAS in Maiden Lane promptly you call; If you visit him once, you will do so agaiu, For he gives satisfaction and pleasure to all. His Segars are the choicest, most exquisite brands, By a competent agent selected with care, Direct from Havana, by s|>ecial commands. And none in the city with his ran compare. /lis Colburn, Kegalias, La Normas, aud Stan, Noriega*, Trabucas, Victories pure ; rrincipe, Ksperanras, Imperial Segars, J The best in the country that you can proenre. Cassadoras. La Normas, aud Congress beside. His l)o< Comparieros and exquisite brand. With others that have cpmjietition defied, ' Kor his customers, SKIXAS has always on hand. Id order to secure a continuance of the approbation and custom with which SKIXAS has been so loug favored, he has engaged i sjiecial andcompent sjjent in Havana, to select the Tobacco j uiu su|? rintei]d the making of all segars that he imports; con tequeutly, he cau warrant all sold by him to be genuine. His , itock on hand is more extensive aud su|<e.rior to that of any f iimilar establishment. , Remember tlie Number, 3 MAIDKN LANK, Howard's Motel. au23 lm*r A A. SAM ANOS offers for sale, at No, 6 Wall it, 10 hh<U ' MlUCOvaaO Sugar, and 15 bat? of Coffee, landing from brig T \ ax, from St. J.tgo a In Store? I 10 lilids ?un cured Muscovado Sugar suitable for refiners 4 boxes white Sugar, free labor 18 bales superior Ouisa Tobacco, suitable for manufac- , turers. ijO.ui. Segars, of Lord Byron, Woodvi >e,aud a variety of other brands. VVANTKD?A Cooper, and a Mil wriglit that understands carpen'er'a work, to go to St J.tgo d .* wiiba; must be siugleand ?< remperate habitt. Applyasahnv iH lm*r OK b i OK J K K K KKS() N~ IN!S U RANC fc CO M PA NY ?Office 36 Wall street. This company coutinue their bu nuess of insurance against loss or damage by lire, ou goods, ivares and merchandise, and also on vessels and their cargoes against luss by iuland navigation. DIRECTORS Thomas >v. 1 norne, r.nsna mgRs, Thomas T. Woodruff, Benjamin K. Ilobson John R. Davison, Francis P. Sage, Thomson Price Joseph Allen, John H. Lee, John P. Moore, I Moses Tucker, James K. Holmes, Caleb C. Tunis, James R. Whiting Anion Baker, Wm. K. Thorn, Joseph Drake, lrad Hawley, John 0. MerrUt, Thomas Morrelt. THOMAS W. THORNK., President. < ??K.O T HOT!*'.. Secretary inlS jgb CRQTON WATRl< - 51 AfH FIRST PREMIUM IN DIA RUBBER IIOSK is confidently recommended fo in-, i airpnses f ir which leather i j ujeJ.r.nd n warranted to pot sc.s th- following properties 1st?I' is perfectly tight under pressure of the Troton. ?d? It is madethe strongest l itrici, and will not mildew to irj'ire in t! ? leas:, and requina no attention. Jd?It is r crjtroyv l bv c mine i-.i contact with oil oi grw?e, nor stiifrtied by mid weitliT, nor can the rnbb-r decompose, as ilirior are in no esse used._ Should the lent eompn I tnaileof the Hitw, r.ot possessing the above properties, it will he tal "U back, nt any time inside of til in mths from its purchase. and other riven in exchange without atiarge. 4ih?Conv'ing and jet pipei will be at*ached without charge. Buyers will note that wc are clearly satisfied that this ho^e (the process of miking which is m:known to any other in the trade) is in* the arti"'- long wanted for leading water and manv .ltlirr liquid*. HORAtJE II. DAY, anl7 r Snrcessor ?? I'orhnrv I I! I'.. 41 Maiden lane EMflKK OK BEAUTY The following Toilet articles | are to he had genuine only at G7 Walker street, one door Irom the eoro?r of Broadway Oouraud's 1'ondre Huhtile?Kor safely, quickly and permanently eradicating superfluous hair from all parts of the human frame. This we prove lieyond all doubt to every purchaser requesting proof. Beware of counterfeits, containing <le|e'erious proi?rtics, and utterly inefficacious. No agent in Brook'^Oournud's de Beante? For thoroughly exterminating tan, pimples, blotches, inorphew, Stc. eliciting delicate white tiecg. hands and arms, and imparting a jnveuile h.oom, by its dilating properties, pieveuting the formation of wrinkles, aud banishing them wnen present. .... (Kmrand's Vegetable l.i imd Rouge,'imparts a delicate blushing tinge to the cheeks, immovable by rubbing with a handker? (To find's d'F.spange, or Spanish White, gives to the eomii ?<ion a [ lire, life-like alabaster whiteness. In elegant botes 25 cents each. , Ooimid's Grecian llair Dye??or Coloring red or grey hair, without staining the skin, warranted. jl |>er bottle. Kye Mrow an l Whisker Dye, 25 cea's per liottle t ream of L lies?Kor removing Uandrnlf, miking the hiir rich, siiky and glossy, and gradually changing it to a dark brow n or raven blai k 30 Cents per bottle. Agents?2 Milk st.B.'.M i( 76 Chesuut st, i hiladclphia; <Jrey, Poughkeeiwir: (Jutlirie, Albany; Myers, New Haven; Wells & *? '...I.I. U',..,r V,?U'l.k. ti WorcwtiM ; < 'nrli-tni U 'o t.owell; JloJ". NewburyiH.rt; IV.ton, I'ortmnoiilli; PMtmi. I'ortUnd; <?mld, Uiuiaor;, Cincinnati; 'lutlle. ritmlHiriih; <""7* Stcjlry, Knuikfort, Ky.; S. Tonsty, liochfilrr; 8rth S. llund, Baltimore. ?IJJI m*r IM <0 I OU TlT in>:iT W it ;K,

nVRATlVK 8URUEON to tlic NVw York Medical and ^ lualitiitf, may to comnltrd daily between the honrt ol I ana 1 o clock. Office 75|'Jlmmb*r? itreet ? Im'r RK H riNG. SEPTEMBER 20, ] carlton house. rpHE Sl'BSi 1W11KKS are prepared to make arraugrmei]:ft J- with families and simile gentlemen fur th? wiuler or by the year, upon reasonable tenru. Tne prices ?>f tint establishment arc the same iu heretofore, J rii:$l Ml per day. 15enson k hodoes. 1 3 lm*r f vtotice toTkenchTamericanTand other { LN CITIZENS.?UNION HOTEL, No. 16 Rector street, ? corner of Greenwich street.?P. Delwnotte liaj the houor to ? uforin his friends .ind tlie public generally, that the |?rtnera!iip heretofore existing between the advertiaer and J. Bouuaril, has , lieen dissolved by mutual consent, and that he has reopened his j old establishment, situate ? diove. which Inu been occupied by him for the past live years. I he Union Hotel has Seen jj thoroughly repaired ami renovated, and now contains as com- y plete and comfortable sitting and lodging rooms n can l*? > round in the city. The cooking department is conducted a la t Frnucaise, and most amply supplied, without rei*ard to cost, a and the prices charged t?? guests are in conformity with the times. An excellent Vable d'llot * is ready every day at 3 o'- ( clock,for which the moderate price of 31 cents only is chained. t. The advertiser hoi>es that his past exertions and present desire to t ?ive satistactiou. will insure him the patronage of his fellow j countrymen, aud of all gentlemen who may wish to obtain capital tare and accommodation, at the least possible expense, si lm*ec STRY KKK'SHAY rpIIR proprietors, thankful for the literal twitronage bestowe?l -L thus far, beg leave to inform, that in addition to the usual lit Tactions of the place, thev have engaged the celehr.itedUaml under the direction of Mr. O. Schneider, so well known for the itiliveisil satisfaction given by them at the Uuited States Hotel, Saratoga, for the past two serous, who will play every fsir afternoon of Monday, Wednesday an<1 Saturday, lor the balance i>f the season. s23 lw#ec DKLMONT HOUHfc -NEW U HIGHTITNT p GOROR PK111ISS, in returning his grateful acknowledge luents to the numerous ladies and gentlemen who favored the above establishment during the past season, beg* to announce that he has made every suitable arrangement lor the winter, to accommodate f unities and single boarders. The dining-rooms aiid dormitories will be found comfortably and ide^AUtly,furnished. The table will be supplied with the choicest provisions, and the \s ine* will be fouml e<|u il to any. The proximit>; of Belmont Hoime to the city, with excellent steamboats ply in' at stipulated hours, the well known itt**ntiou ol , the host and civility of the attendants, combined with the I oca- ; , lion, being w itliiu \ ?tep or Hie I uidmg-pl 'ce, reuilen thin .Mi- : hi lament the most social and convenient iu the l/'uiou. Term* will ba foui.d exceedingly moderate. Good -st.i111 inft and coaeh houwa attached to the pre inises. s t> tfr , HAVANA MANSION HOUSE HOTEL. 1 rPHE undersigned takes occasion to inform lo< friends and ' J- the public, lint the Mansion House is now located in Iniiuisidor street, No. til. in the vicinit) of th? steamboat landing 1 and vegetable market, having commodious family apartments, arranged ill the neatest order. I A |>ersou is einplojed to procure permits to land passengers, baggage, Stc. who will board vessels immediately after the visit ' ol the revenue officers. N. B.?Visitors to this Inland should procure a pissport from the Spanish Consul, at tne port of embarkatiou, to obviate difficulties and inconvenience. s2l 6mec WILLIAM KULTON. "iMPOHT \ NT TO INVAI.MIS \M) VlsiTORS~TO"i ' THE ISLAND OK CUBA. i P It O G KESS HOTEL, TN 111.* village of < "erro, three miles from Havana. This es la? blUhmeot is <dvantag*ouily situated, properly fitted up ] .111(1 attmileil, affording Ine benefit of a country life without eiclndiiiu the com forts and pleasures of the Capital, or preMnting .1 timely attend i..oe to business, livery atteutiou is I' d by llie urn . . to m-et th? satisfaction of their visitors. CUVKWES. Boarding for a single [irrson in one r S2 On a dav. " ' iwd or iha-e persons iu one room- SI 50 a day each person. Willi laiuili's a particular agreement may be entered hito. N. Ji.?OmuibtUseu are run.iiug from morning'till night between the Cerro and Havana, making the trip iu hall an hour. *24 I in ARCtlhK'S bALh F AS Hi UN, K OR GENTLEMEN'S HATS, AUTUMN?IMS. dy for sale ar.d inspection at his old stands, 301 and -eenwich street. elegant assortmeet of moa'i, boys' and cliil> aps, of entile new patterns slllin'ec _ UBC1C1 ftrt TO $5000.?Mr. Francis R. Crump, Watch Maker, 1 248 Grand street, begs to inform his friends and the < public, that independent at the Watch business, he is prepared J to make advances in cash ou gold and silver watches,diamonds, { liver tea sets, spoons forks, and every description of gold or ' lilver iu any shape, intended for immediate sale. Cash to any imonnt paid for old gold and silver. Watches of every de- < cription repaired and warranted. 2iH Gruid street. sll3m?r ? A CA1IO TO THE LADIES, , ANEW Patent Invention, combining e'egiuce and econo- J my, in Ladies' dress, habit, iielisse tiitiug and making, 13 d Market street, between Hamilton and Cherrv si reels. Ladies' c lres*es cut upon the above principle, guaranteed a iierfect anil 11 legant lit, with infallible accuracy, which is so highly essen I uaf iu producing faultless garments, also made with neatness | md despatch, and in suiet conformity w ith the latest Parisian t UI(I London tashions. Ladies measured at their residence if required. Ladies taught the abovti invaluable art, and rights of ;he invention to be disposed of, by the practice of which the idvertiser hits realised a * *ry h uidsoine income, and ir.?ti'action icquired iu two easy le?soiis?u*i:us moderate. VV anted Immediately?I apprentices aud 2 improvers. 11 lm'm TO THE LADIES. A/flSS KV. rwniKKHV it-turned froin 1 1VJL uritU ? a*s<;rtineu of Silks, Laces, i* inbroideri?vs, C aps, Doiinrts and ladies' articles in general. will ?>p?*n on : Thursday i.e*t, the28;)i imt, several caars of the above goods,iu l?er more. 3V) Urt.idw.ty, corner of Leonard *treet, uj? stairi. >26 hn'in |' MILLINERY. Vf RS. N. KUIILONG. Huccessor to A. J. ENOEL, for- a LV1 merly Mrs. A. A. MbTT. " No. 46J BROADWAY. and 12?U BOWEKV, a-ill open at Broadway, PARIS (ALL MILLINERY, on I'uesday uext, 26th inst. s23 iw*m ^ 3 MILLINERS^ike.?CARL KING, the celebrated Tub- r can Hat Manufacturer, most respectfully informs hi* kind friends and patrons that he has associated himself with .Mr ii . Li /i ... f \ .1 i.V.I. ^ ?l. c..lvi>? K IOse|'ll IvyI>II, \ I lie 11.Mil I ni m I I ?, v .......... it No. 37 John street, (under tin* firm of Lyon St King) where e :hey have a most splendid.assortment of Paris Millinery Antilles, suitable for ihe ensuiiiK season. The above slock consists a >f an elegant, assortment of Tuscan and Straw Hats, rich Silk n Velvets, rich Velvet Ribbons, Lutestring and Satin Ribbons,ail u Tall colors?Krench Klowers, Feathers; an entire new style ol li 3ilks, and every other article in the Mi liner y line. ii Messrs. L. &. K. would also state that the above goods have e jeen purchased for cash (direct from the manufacturers) and * a ill lie sold at a mall advance on cost to those who may lie i ilcnsed to favor them with a call!. slO lm*r LVON IX. KING, V John St., N. V, ABRAHAM KASTOR, importer, No. ?:l Brniilwav, li.-;s just received by thesteamers Great Western and Britannia, 1 ind also by the Havre packets, a fine and large assortment of i lew Style Silk Bullion riliges, Geimps, 'Jorus, Tassels, But ^ xm%) black silk Trimming l.ace, Thread Laces, a great variety | if t rench Embroideries, such as Infants' Dresses and Waists. , Jheiuoisettes, Collars, Linen Pocket Handkerchiefs, Thread f Lace Veil,,Thread Points, Silk Blond Trimming Lace. Fancy t Sail Dresses, and every description of Gloves, Mits. and Cuffs. , Also, Baits, Purses, and Linen Thread Cajis. Also, a large c issortmeiit of Worsted ( In iks, llabits and ( aps for ladies ami hildren. and m.iuy other articles, too numerous to describe?all n if which he offers at reusouable prices. at wholesale aud retail, g sl3 lm*r CHLORIDE OF GOLD. , I B. BINS8F. &. CO., 8J William street, inform the Pho- J tographists that they have just received per late arrivals a resli supply of Chloride of Gold from the Laboratory of one of : he most eminent Chemists in Paris. They warrant it to he i|ual if not superior to any in the United States, whether ? II inufactured or imported, and offer it for sale in vials 15 grains ? I SI. d They have on hand a supply of most eicellent plates, and all he chemicals used, which they offer for sale at reduced prices t| Also ou hand, three, four and si* inch Achromatic L- nses, ? nid Cameras constructed on the German system?Fancy n tames for Portraits and Views. s2l lm*r 1X7 HO W<>ULD BE WITHOUT TKETH, when the ' ? following unprecedented reduction in dentistry is made by :he celebrated Dentist, W. Tnorue, D.D.S., 62 K.ast Broadway f Cleaning Teeth SI HO Extracting *5 Stopping with Ins justly celebrated Mineral, 75 Single Tooth on Pivot 75 " " " Silver 2 00 Gold 3 00 A complete set of Teeth, ou the most approved principles, at the same price as the above. N B,?Where entire satisfaction ii not given, no charge will be made. 62 East Broadway. s2fi lm*r JOSEPH GILLOTT'S STEEL PENS. i REDUCED PR1.E8. fubacriber is constantly receiving fresh supplies of the A above justly celebrated jieiis, which lie offers to the trade st very low rues. In addition to the styles so well known, lie ha? recently introdur??d the following new patterns, rii:? points. No. I)?Caliitraphic Pen? prime article on pictorial cards, i riews of celebrated place*. Not Baud 10? W.uhiuKton Ten?rery fine point, ami clastic, i an sti|>erb rardt. , 111 evidence of the high ettiraation ill which these Pent arr ,, held, the loliowmg tHtement is made :? 'l'h? number of IVn? manufactured at tli?" works of IOSKPH 'tlLLOTT, from Dec. I8ii, to Dec. 1?I2, wu c r;? <?12 (*r2 c Thcpnlilic ate ca?tinr..?d to he 01. their guard atainit tpuri- li nns article< Kteh package of ihe genuine |ient b"ir? a fac timile of Mr. Oillntt't ?i(tuatm?. ! or t<le by I1KNKY JlinfOP, Importer, 01 John street. corner of 'told A good tnpply of Windl?'t end Motley fll o.'t London P Pen? ?!f) ,m ,M AllDWAltK, CUTLKHY. NAILS2 c.iskt low priced table cutlery, carvers, Sic. 2 do do amall do 2,AdO kegs superior cnt nailt, (all ?i*e?.) v I cuk Ibbotton't mill and hand taw filet, attortcd. 20 do genuine Sheffield anvils. assorted. 5 do low priced hand and bach nwi. Alto, bed screws, iran candletticki, lea kettles^ chair web, ' sofa npriugt, Sic. kc. for tale to the trade at low prices, by JOHN A. NKWBOULD, t itS fir r 90 John Street. I 11 AOS. 1 Art B ALKS of No. I and 2 l.eghornt. 1UU jo Balet Sicilly't. 1 20 " 8 P K K.I J 80 " S P F 1 J J :: gE II Trwtit. i 10 " SPFj J In (tore Mid for tale by TKHSSF, Si BROOKS, , itir N". ?>l 1.1 ti. r 1 v -trr.t. | T<) THE PUBLIC* The firm heretofore known as O K.N IN Si VAN V RANK KN, HATTK.RS, II viugkeen dissolved, the tubtcribcr, JOHN N GEN IN, . Has opened A HAT ANO 1 AP 9TORK, 1 No. 00 BKOAIHVAV. 1 Third door from Wall ttreet. JN. O. b-'gt timply to tt?to In* det. rinni uioii to n?e hit ! best ftertiojit to inakt? a HAT that lor qualit* of material and iHMiity liui?li cannot be eicelled. He theict .re irnttt to J rei "ive from In* I'riciid* and 1 lie public that tnpport winch will J enable him turret fully to earn out hit detymt. JOHN N. OKNlN, Hitter, : 14 1m*in M Broadway, 3d door above Wall ?t. J rro THK LOVKKS OB KUPEKIOR BLACK TBA.- * L llon? ,a*'? Mi*??i' -Thw ftlPPmcly daltcioni i?n?l nn|>n- ? f.iui 'IV, w liiehlv celebrat?l in China aud Knrope, just I Li ii now lor Ilk ;it (he Cintnn TV* Company lJrn?- ? IS^rSTlUttMishmfnt, HI Chatham Urwt, Nrw York, and III ?Jlto?.t?rt. Brooklyn?in pachv*- Pnc- M ej^Uanitl *eh ... V ERA! 1843. ENGLISHADVKRTISEMENTS. I I ON DON?ST. KATHKHINE'S HOTKL. oppo?It? the I-1 St. Kalheritiv'* Dock Oaten, ami m'li lilt' Royal Vlmt.? J I'HOM A8 I.KNNKY, 1 i'liief Mt-wnrd ..I'll..' <i?wn iteamtltip, respectfully inform* hi* friend* iii llie United Statrc j , Ik* has the manakc'iiii'ikl of the above new aiid elegant v?t*- | ili.ihiiiiiit. which i* hnilt and furninhed regardle^ otexi ?'iij<j, , .ud u in every fiwpecl adapted lor the i ?-|>tn>n of lamili mil j lock in winch the liners and most of th** othrr Aine.ric an >.*- | els lay, and is within five minut**s \%^Ik of the Hank mil Royil I Cxchau?e. Tli*' house will he. conducted on lilieral ^?i<l ? co10inical principle*. The colfee room u supplied with iti?* |4<?n- 1 Ion, American, Kast Indian .mil coloniau painr* T! ie viand*. , | vines, Sic,, a?y of tho lint quality. A good billiard room ami varm bithi will be found in the house. ( enlleman may con- ! ract In the vieek or month lor board, tkc., on tsatno t<-rms ( Lb hi Imeri i T. LKNNKY begs those who ma\ ltonr.r loin with heir patronage that nothing .shall be w Kiting to render them ' :oinl? rtahle, and bv attention to the withe* of hi* r/uesu, hopes j [ o merit that confidence and uood will no liberally hi-stowl on li in when steward of the Hritiah Queen. s2*)eod Imr i UKNEKAL AGENCY AND COMMISSION ; OFFICE. 8 COKNHILL, LONDON, OPPOSITE THE KOVAL EXCHANGE rO MEHCIIANTP, * omnierciHl News Uoom., Vubli. Li- | Ihrarie*, Agricultural Societies, Officers ol the United Slates, , 'riliters. Publishers of Newspajiers, ?kc. P. L. HIMMOND8, Oeneral Agent and Commission Merchant, begs to acquaint hi* friends and (tie American public in reueral.that he is reidy to receive orders for the sup|?ly*of News'aper*, Periodicals,* Stationery, Printing Materials, I* ancy Artilies, ike. <>f any kind and quantity, and goods of every descrii*iou of first rate quality at the very lowest market once* of the lay, and to transact hiuit.esi upon the most liberal terir>s, prorided lie it previously furnished with funds or draft* at either ongur short dates, or a reference on some London or Liverpool louse for payment. j T. L. Himmouds will also receive consignments of anydekri| tion f dm rchaudize to ba sold ( n coromiaaion, ind ?< ? ept 1 oils at short dates for two thirds of the amount, oo rocei pt of j :he bills of lading. <'onaignmenta entrusted to his care will , neet with ever* pos-iihie despatch in their disposal, consistent with the iuti rest of the consignees: an extensive Ir.jowledg* of 1 gent-ril business coupled with promptitude,attention and judge- i nei.t. will he trusts enable lii in to give complete satisfaction to ill who may favor him with their commands Reference may !>e m d?? in New York to Jaities (Gordon H?enictt, Kso , Proprietor of the Herald,who m inrsonally acqu init- I ..I ..'ill. - U.....n,,..,l. i li" r?ttiro tit<l *>vf??iit nl' liu tlal.lbl l sli- I menr. s28tl" r ro NEWSPAPER AOENTH AND PUBLISHERSTpj T11E UNITED 8TA IKS. rPHOSE esrellen' Illustrated Newspapers, The Pictorial A 'l'imci, and Illustrated London News, die supplied ai 7s fid iterling per qr. I'uncli sit 1* (id perqr, and nil tin- London and foreign New.(papers as they appear art- regularly supplied, wholesale and retail, by P. L. SIMMOND8. Newspaper and Periodical Agent. 18 Corutiill, London. Subscription* in advance, may he paid into the Herald Office, on Mr. Sinimonds' account. Ad?ertiseinenl* received Cor insertion in all the London, Country and foreign Journal*. ?28t.f r|Mlh NhU \(>UK 111 . RALD is regularly filed in London | A I V Mr. I . L. SI.SlSlO.NDS, Agent for the American I'apnrs, : British and Foreign Newspaiwr Office, lii Coruliill, London, j jpiiomte the Itoyal Exchange, where orders and advertisements j will be reeei > ed. *28tfr ! 0< OTl II I'Mt AND BAR IRON, Cast lrpn Crtuui, J Posts, Pipes, Girders, Stancheons, Piles. Gratings, Whi*l?, Railing B.irs. Tank Plates, Ketorln, Knrrace Bar*, Hash Weights, Boiler*, Pots, Cart Boxes, and all soils of Iron Castings Wholesale prices may be obtained by applying to Mr. SAvtUEL HOOD, (28 iitdv r 6 (Crescent Mioories, London. DOUR tc ALU'JN UAVE received by late arrivals of packets and steamers, several new articles in addition to their former assortment of DRY GOODS. Desirous of cloi Ing oft' th ir present stock, they offer their goods at the lowest market prices,and invite the attention of all [>urc baser J at No. 128 Pearl street s27 2wis*r ENGLISH ENGRAVINGS.?Strangers visiting the cityare invited to csll at C7 Canal *treet. a few doors west from Broadway, south side, where they will find oue of the largest :ol lections of scrap and other engravings ill the United State* it lower price* than ever yet offered. Uhe trade supplied on 11 | ieral terms. Engraving* by the old masters, audscaxce book:!, ought and soli!: colors, st atiooerv. flic. *18 l?n*rc COLLECTING MILLS, DRAFTS, IkC., IN BOSTON, , J M tSfL?Thl snbscrilier has made arrangements in thii :ity, w hereby lie i* enabled to receive bills, accounts, Sic. in lostou for prompt collection. Merchants aud others wishing uch business transacted there, are requested to haml them ill to | dr. GEORGE DOEL, No. 4, Ann street, New York., who is uly authorised to receive bills and forward the same to ine for olfaction. All monies collected by the subscriber will be immptly paid over to the parties entrusting him -with their lusinesa, and no charge if bills are not collected, liy giving n? p r ii i hi ip ion in the above business he trust a the I'aciliies ottered are too obvious to require comment. ANDREW ROBERTS, ru2!) lm?r 'I State street, up stai r*. Boston. !. HORIl'S CHEAP DYEING ESTABLISHMENT. I YTR. SOI'.IA begs leave respectfully to inform his I'riojiJs and | "A the public in general that owing to the depressed state i f , lie ti ir, s, be has reduced his pric e35 percent ovlow tin, r-grt, >r el,'.r*~. ' LsJies wishing their summer dresses, shawls. Sic. d' ed or r >res<eil, will find it much to their advantage by paying film a . isit. Oeutlemen w t'l also do well to call with such -Jticles >f vrearin ' apparel as may nrsd dyeing or pressing. All orders ill be jiuuotaally attended to, articles doun up iu the ( M'Kt Sty ! ' >t ijoria t eslaDllstitnetir, .-<o. i;iu r'-ari si. His branch's .ire at No 2.*>7 Uleeclier st., No 362 Bowery, anil t 357 Grand st. AUo a branch at <9 Ktiltnn s'.. Brooklyn, and 1 X Newark, N. J., corner of Broad nt, and VVasJiniKI.hi Place. ( Merchants can have all kinds of iroods dyed and put up in lieiroriicinal forms, aud on moderate terms. Principal office ISO Pearl st. au30 3m*ec JHKAT IMPROVEMENT IN FRICTION MATCHES. ! PIE SUPERLATIVE MATCH, made without brimstone f or other deletereous or offensive lUKreditut?an article that " i actually wafer-proo'" and no mistake?ia now made and sold u y the proprietors oft. pateut lately outaincd, at No 1G1 Bleeckr strrei, New York. Thew matches urnite with ease and certainty in all weathers nd climatca aM biurn nItn a brilliant llama, lor more than a linute, and that too in a lertical posilio.' that several letters D ;iay be sealed with was by the bUie of one of them. They may |] ?y in water for many hours ana yet itfuite, aud when the wood ? dry burn as beiore. borne are saturated in perfumed wal. unl jhale an v " ible odor instead of the execrable and unhealthy II lllnviaol the biiiustoue match. Orders mil cnmiiiunicatious nay be addressed to l*. BOW EN, Acent for the Patentees, at No. 161 Uleecker st.N.Y. ' N U.?.\one wild nr delivered to hawker*. s7 lm*r ~~ MMttTl'sACY^ ? [DRAPER AND TAII.OU, 82 John street, near William, ? L-' continues to make up * iemlemen's K.irm?nts of su|>erior n vorkmanship, and in the inost fashionable style, at his usual i ow prices, (gentlemen in want of new aud fashionable cloth f ug, should call aud examine, his select stock of |[ou Is before > lurchasinif elsewhere. Atrial will be sufficient to convince c he most economical, that lor beauty of lit, style of workinauhip, and at such extraordinary low prices, this establishment ' an not lie surpassed by any in the city. ll [L/** (ientleineu fiirnishiuit their own icoods can have thein u aade and trimmed?a perfect lit warranted or the price of the , oods returned. au2t Irar TERMS ('ASH. WM. T. JENNJNU3~& CO. ~ ' ""\RAPER8 AND TAILORB, 231 Broadway, American ' Hotel, opposite the Fountain, solicit attention to au assort- ' lent of seasuuable Koods, inclndiuK Cloths, Cassimeres, Vest- f iKs, Sic., iu all the new and various styles, uuder the assur- w nee that the system of " small profits and nuick returns," .i rhich has elicited so liberal a patronage, will be continued, rhile our arsaniteinents are sncli as will euable us lo fill all or- M ers iu future with promptness. l(A feature iu the establishment, which must commend it to lose reaiuiriiift articles for immediate use, is the addition to ur stock, of an assortment of first quality ready made Oar- o tents, consisting of B Surtonu, Krocks, . Dress Coati, Pantaloons, Vests, Office Coat*, Travel linn Krocks, Dressing Oowtu, be vv A choice collection ol i tiilk and Satin Scarta, Cravats, . Handkerchiefs, Wlovea, " Musnender*. Hosiery, if 1 'fiJi-r Htiiru, Drawers, ivllullil Shirts, Collars, Sic. At rMcmi which must offer inducements to purchasers jyat 3m*ec H ICE?ICK?IC K.?JOOO tons of pure lake Ice of the best >iua * lily. The Highland Ice establishment, expressly for imp- a1 iriug, is prepared to, and will sell, by the cargo, and smaller juautitiea, cheaper th.vit cau be ubt.iiueil from any other source, ., uid packed in the best manner, to 10 to any part of the world.? ' A supply of thejbeat approved packing ilwayson hand ? JOHN M. LYON, \ *10 Im*r M Division itreet CHEAP CASH TAILORING K8TABLI9HM ~ 301 l'earl, late 108 Deekmau street. PIK subscriber. well kuown for the cheapness end durability 1 o( his work, desires to inform his luitrous and the public bat he is now. to suit the economical tendency of tbetinn.:. usiiik Harmruts ol the very best ijuality, at a reiiuction of 2t> v ? ?vnt irotn lormer prices, anil less, it is believed, b> 20 J>er .. . ui-11 Ii irinents ol tliesaine quality are made by the cheap > juses in this city. ? In order that gentlemen may understand what is meant by . Iieapneas, the following bill of prices is submitted to then >i;miI,".ui.ii, v lib ? unarm tee that the goods sltall be ol the rst rite quality, and the lit unexceptionable ej Su|iertiue West of Kngland Cloth Coats, 912 to IS I* nils of hi irk or laucy double milled Cass., J to 7 Vests, of Silk. Satin, ate. 2>^to 4 Making and trimming, in the best style, at the lollowirm ft rices Coats, to * I '' Pants and Vests, I V to IX All orders enecnted with punctuality and despatch ii JOHN MOKVAT. , As (lie season is advanced, the present stock of summer goods rill be sold low. *19 Im'r " ON CHANUIC AOAI'N-HKTI KN TO THK UlA) STAND. " rII1. undersigned, after a s'vu years' esperience ol the evil vi effects resulting from laige stores and larger rents, is happ) J 0 inform his numerous customers and the community aeneraly, that he has effected (thanks to a conscientious landlord) a ras" of of his old stand. No. 4, (formerly J) Wall street, Mor- to inter Buildings, corner of New street, and for many years crebrated by his well known SIWN OF THK OOl.DLN 'LKKi:K?a beacon to ai! who ar* m quest of food cheap and ash ionable garments. . . , . . . ^ To such ol' his old patrons who may h ire lost Sight or him Inriug his wandering*, heintitr-s their return to th? Old Spot. villi tm assurance ol a strict a Ihernnce to bii wrll established >im* for skill and punctoality. Ol t.i? public generally lie hoiciua call. being prepared with an imminent ol hue and s-.\- 4, onable clotha, cash men, reshiigl. He. Sec., which he will he iappv to tii ike up ui the most laithiul manner, and on reason*lie charges, lor Cash Only. Ths same care and attention ho towed ou making and trimmiug, as when ilie cloth is purthaa d of him. b. Babcock continues in the <utting depart " fis'iif CHARLkH ( tiXf i, ,i| |,nr Si^n -if?!i?1;?M.-ii I ? Wall its VI II. S \N I' (>itl>( Asii T A11 < )l<I Ni - I > I: ! ) i.'; |- ul lVI. ton St.. has just opened ?n entirely new and splendid assortnent of Kiiglish and K reach Cloths, f sssiinerea, and Vestings, I! vIncli for beaut}', elegance, and durability, cannot lie sur|iassed ii tint city, being bought for cash. He will sell to all hit lends and customers 2> |?r Cent clieaper th in those who do not d lie re to thi' risli principles. Simmers and others who are isitmg our city, are resj>ectlnlly invited lo call and eiamtne i . lis rich assortment of gooda, all of which lie pledges himself | n make in a stvle and fashion which shall please the most t.ts- | J1 idtous.a* rwro* goooenmuK. woriiwninip,in? l'f'7- ?" rould also inform hi* cuitoincr* that ?w ha* a n??w Mud mm* jj MOftment of gentleman*' outfitting of ?f?V description, cou- t istuiK of ttockt, scar?, collars, 1bosoms, shirts, drmwt?r?. **??; vndm, silk and linm cambric handkerchiefs, gloria ai d ho ^ ' ??[ B. nincurality observed strictly in Mlioc AU/JTff"* Nm?,u.nmVo"2.S?v?'- l? li I). Pt1c? Two 0?at** Philadelphia [Correipoudence ol the MnrtkM.] Philadelphia, Sept. 27, 1848 The I.att Suici/ie? Politic*? Rrptal, Q-r. Mil Editor:? Aa you have publinhfd some of the particular* joncermug me recent suicio* 01 Kosanna Harger, I have thought that a more'detailed account of her nii-ht prove interesting to your readers. Her career iah been un evenilttl one, and you may rely upon !i?? tnl'owing account us authentic. Her real name [us I learn Irom the records of the Court of General a lions) wii.9 I'.ofHiuiH Lo. Motit. At the trial, it appeared in evidence, that her mother died in the poor house, leaving lloannna ihen an infant. Sho was taken home hy Mr. Ttmo'.tiv Marger, (a clergymail residing in Twelfth near Filbert street,) and brought up in his family, with which she resided until about 25 year* of age. Mr Barger'a eon hav ing married, it difficulty nrose in consequence of Rcsanna'a interference in family matters of a delicate nature, and the discovery ol some irregularities in her conduct. A fracas ensued, and the attempted to destroy herself hy taking laudanum. This waa adduced in court an evidence of her being insane. Mr Barger dismissed her from his house, and notwithstanding her reckless und wayward disposition, furnished a sm-dl millinery store for her, at an expense of H or 7(10 dollar?, end established her in business on Second street near Almond. Sha h ill not long been here, however, before it discovered that her conduct was verv ''rregular, and in the rourte of a month or two, herself and paramour, (.a carpenter residing in r-outhwark) disposed of most of the stock An eft"?rt was now madeto unt a stopto the business. This threw her into ti violent paroxysm of rage, and she attempted her l't?? with arsenic Mr. harder, with a view to lier reformation, arranged to have her placed in the Magdalen Asy>urn. For this, lie was prosecuted, with hiK Hnn, in the Court o| General Sessions, m March, 1842, and it is from the evidence adduced on that occasion, tliat most ot the above facta are gieaned I can send yoti the nwteg if you wiali them I consequence ol thin trial, the son of Mr. Harder was dismissed from a lucrative office, which he held in the Commissary Department of the United States She failed to recover any money by the suit, (which was undoubtedly theonject in instituting it) her counsel, Mr. L cock, having cominendablv declined pushing it alter learning the facta Her Iriends having abandoned her to her fate, the was thrown upon the world to shift for herself. She took board at various places, generally leaving with more than belonged to her. In one family, with whom she lived in Moyamensing, the. lady lost most of her wardrobe, ?nri for some time the < flicer* were in search of it She made frequent attempts to extort mr?n y from ths Bargers, and r.iud<- eflor'a to procure goods by giving reference m Mr Oiiwine. in Market street, and others, who she stated owed her large amounts of money. she finally made her home at a house of ill fame in Lombard street, and while there wfis taken sick and vi ited by Doctor Kldridge. According to his statement, lie visited hersimn!y in the capacity of a physician, and he produces her notes, and the bearer ol them to prove it. lie tiiisas it may, she commenced a prosecution against him, which suit waa dropped immediately after it was instituted. He denies that any promise of marriage was ever made, stating (hat such a thing would have been treated as an absurdity by all parties, and says that the suit was ibandoned when one of those most interested disjovered that he was ready to go into investigation, ind that no money could be extorted by carrying it an We alterwords find llosanna nt the alma house, where she was removed a week or two alter she had titki-n poison. Those who knew her describe tier ns subject to violent fits of passion, followed by the lowest despondency and evident abberntions ol mind. It was no dout t during these paroxisms that s-he made the several attempts to destroy herself. The sea of politics is most charmiagly^agitated IU^i HI pietcm. ill oouiiiwurK unu uir numrew Liberties, the Democrats are ptillin<r each other b earn in the most loving manner. The result will probably be the defeat of McCully in the former* ?nd the election ol Whig Commissioners in the 1st er 15 nan now be hud that Hutchinson will ifnt McMichae; hy one ihoussnd. The abolition >redilections of 1 he latter is working him infinite njtiry. Ai fo. Prltz, for county treaturer, rely up>n it hi? cape i? hopeless. TheClaik parly are out i?iiin?t him in full cry. ami bis connection with i?urden?fc Co., in thv United States Bank transac* ion*, will lose him the confidence ot the ultras? ?ut nous verrant, as Ritchie says. Yours, truly, L. P. S. Repeal is becoming somewhat "stale and inprofitoble." The attempt to convert it into a poitical engine has signally failed, and thie, with J'ConnellV project of tending us abolition mission* ities, has caused thousands to abandon the cause. L. Further Particulars of thk Storm in Flo*i>a.?Wepive below* tew further particulars that live reached u* of the terrible hurricane which deiroved so much property in Florida on the 13th istant. Extract of a letter dated Port Leon, Sept. 14, 843:? Every hou^c on the water is prostrate, with the xccption ol your 6tore, and our ware houses, and ne ot our stores; the one with the offict in it is uich injured, so much so that it must come down, ill the reet can be rt paired with but little expense, 'our store is whole, but all your goods below th? (turners iiamsged ; your kitclien and the back part if your dwelling house and stable gone. Every muse in town is injured more or lew, except your tore. Ware's new house, and Amos Alexander's iwejling. There is but a single vestige of a wharf, hat is the high urn at the out rnd ol our wharf. relain ire. M. Mark's is in the ?ame situation. The iilroad bridge is gone, with a large portion of the ulroad. You may suppose what we have suffered 'hen 1 tell you the tide was some eight inches on iv floor (if the hotel, and above your counter, and * leet deep in N. W. Walker's I ouse What ia ie extent of ihe injury is not yet known. We ?ve hud no communication from any other point n the coast, ami* but one perron from Tallahassee i oih the Statira mid N G. Bourne were in, and had -en diB' barging lor several days?so most of the xids are lost or damaged. I had sat ui> till the tide us out of the rond beiore I went to bed, and when awoke it was blowing pretty strong. I got up, resscd, and went down -Hairs. Found the front o<>r open, and it was halt an hour before I could isten it; I did not know what to do?was afraid ie store would blow down ; went tound to Mr. lamlin's, and then the track was afloat?was anding id the oftiee till the floor was almost afloat, nd then wen' into the cotton wart-house.and stayed II daylight, in water nearly up to the waist: i saw irodu's warehouse tall, aud Madden's go oft in the ireani; Mr 11 and 1 expected to go every minute, rtr 11 fell ( H once into the water, and 1 caught his land and pulled hnn up; the whole cotton country s used up ; twenty-five hundred sacks of salt were JSt. Anonihil E?caf* or Convicts?Two more conictH .? () from the Penitentmry <tt Richmond, 'irgioin, on iS'mHav lust Th'm name* of rh?? runways nre Ji.lm .' 'mirh and (Vor/ft 11. Williamson, ml they both apptar to have h?? n men of tome ntoriety VVilii^ir?9 <n wis m Can-Hiao patriot,and :rHj)td Irom eentence "t riemh there fo 'he United ia<es. Hmitli htin l?*d a ?uol lile fur aome time, ml hm b't'iri* ma?le bow singular escapes. The liowiiK ate on ut of them npp-ara in a Richmond ipcn? Smith camelirst from Wheeling, for two and a nil years, uwf served his time out?committed >me offence in Richmond, and pending the proseution enenned t*ice from Henrico in thia city -the 2 i time locking the jailor up, und taking the ry off with him, which he deposited in JameaRi?r Having Irrn caught t?y ">ne cf our lynx eyed Iticers, and sentenced to th** Penitentiary, he waa iere identified, and his sentence increased irom 2 i 10 year*, iiy another *mfnce, after the identity, 'cording tothe liw This last sentence commen>d Aun'is: 31,133A, since which hia conduct haa 'mi Rood so far aa known. Williamson was a O.nadian patriot, and escaped id? r sentence ol death to the U S.?committed a rceny in Tyler county?was sentenced for two id a halt years, and wue received the 20th Jan*ry, lfM2. Potato a Crop.?The Westcliefter Record says: the pot a toe crop is not lull, and we are informea i m iny fitl Is the crop is m> roiled, au?i he ? 3 letid, that th<- farmers hove been ??Mi'*5** ^ " iat from gathering Irom >-i<'knesa h?v*."Th?i-" mm ? ' j J|)H, ? y\|ier the sbove waa o""h" ol a fri, called on us with a trwlrol the rotten potatoes trom his own field, *f * . . ?.*%* fhnimore than a quar i-ar l*ermnniunu _ r of h ? cro| i? rimed by ror, and his neighbors re in the mim situation. The potatoe which is nuclied hy the disease is as offensive wt decayed ient. Our friend imputes the evil to the effect ot he continnance ot the very warm weather after tr tops of the potatoen were dead. The complaint re hear is general.?Pftiladrl U. S Oat. Sept 27