Newspaper of The New York Herald, 30 Eylül 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 30 Eylül 1843 Page 3
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I4UNEV MAHKKT, Friday, Sept. ?9?O P.M The stocW market it in e mor amusiug state ol excitability The bear party circulated a itory to-iuy, which K've them the decided advantage. It is well kuowu that the banks hare l'rge loans on rtocUat3|to 4 ] r cant, having no othrr mode of em ].laying tteir lunds. In addition to the?e loans, large mm* remain unemployed- The rise of stocks in con>"? ....... ... -..I. ? ?> oprmtontimid. In this fctate of LfTairs some wag started u i mnar that the banks were about tj raise tne rate of in iet'hl on loans to 6 per cent per annum. Immediately stockjobbers took alarm a* if when buying for a rise; a difference of 1 per cent per annum wan a matter ot iiifortaiice, and stock* fell as follows:?Harlem 'ij per ct.; I?ong island I, Obio j; Illinois 3 per ccnt; Indiana J; do i-teiling 1 per cent. At the new board there were sales of U. States stock at 114*. Notwithstanding tho rumor, money wu never more plenty than now; large sums may be had at 3 a 4 per cent p?r aunum. The moment any improvement should tukc place in tho rate of money here, funds from other cities would flow in more freely. It i* the competition for loans that makes thu rateof money low, and not the will of the city batiks. We have seen to day two country cathieri in Wail atiett, offering money at 4 per cent freely. The ettrct ol the report that interest is rising will be to sen J money hero and make it ultimately lower, and stock _ n. ? PkiisHcli.hia hank has *AOn <W<I halan>>a VHB ? u.i*?v.r- r "I-"" here now Keeking investment. The rates of exchange today areas follows, corrected by Win. aud John O'Brien, 16 Wall street:? Kates or Bills iff Ntw York. Boston, par a dis Apalachicola, X% a2 dis Philadelphia H " Mobile, I2kat3 Baltimore, hi i Montgom'y 12,'aal3 " Virtfitiia. }i " Tuscaloosa, 12>>al3 " N Carolina, 1^2 ' N Orleans, M a /? dis <'harlpstou 1 1>4 " Nashville, IJi a 2 " Savannah, % 1 " Louisville, IS a I?* " Augusta, % I " St Louis, lka 1^ " Columbus, 1 1>* " Cincinnati, 1>4 a 2 Macon, lit 2 " Michigan, ? a? U men .Flo, 72 75 " USB'kN'ts35 37 " South L. St Trust Co 85 a 'JO " In sterling there is a fair busineia, without any rise is rates, which are as follows:? Exchange on London 9 J a 9k " Paris 6 36 as 36} The larmeri have reason to congratulate themselvei on tho working of the tariff. Flour this year is lowei than ever before, and the advocates of a high tariff art endeavoring to persuade the shipping interest that th< protective system favors them because they bring home tho raw material. The New York Commercial of Thura day has the following:? For instance, take the case of a piece of broad cloth. Ii it not obvious that the conveyance of foreign wool, log wood, fustic, and copperas, to De used iu its manufacture vftotds more employment to shipping than would that o the broadcloth itself? These are the vagaries of protection! high tariffs favoi farmers because their wool is consulted instead of fo reign! the shipping interest is favored by it because thej bring home fareign wool 1 Is it not astonishing that sucl contradictory follies are used to sustain a system of mo nopoly 1 Money continues exceedingly abundant, and the quan titles concentrating here from the interior banks for in vestment is increasing. We are now commencing a new crop year, and as business advances, the bauks of the in terior experience that growing plethora of money whicl has so long been experienced on the sea board. Thcii old affairs become settled up, and tiie cash from the At luutic, seeking the west for the purchase of produce, findi its way into the hands of the dealers, who discharge thrii lia' ilities to the banks and renew them but in a very li mited extent. Hence the banks are beginning to seek the same investments which have been forced unonthebanki ami companies of this city. The institutions of Pbiladel phia and Baltimore are following the same course, and i $10,000,000 of stocks have been taken by corporations it New York, probably $30,000,000 more will be sought foi by the institutions ol other States. The operation of las' year, in relation to our external trad.*, will be repontoc this year to a far greater extent, I ecause price of pro duce are lower li.-re than ever, and are rising in valu< abroad. The interior is in want of currcncy, and mus obtain it before imports can take pbee to any extent. It large sections of the country there are no banks whose is-U'S miyht supply a currency, and give the meons o purch <sinc;. The following is a statement of the banks ii St ites where the greatest reduction in banking has taken pl?ce, showing the bank capital now and in 1839:? Bank Capital in Operation and Population in 8ev?: bal States. 1339. 1843. JVo. liank Papula. No. Hank Point hanks, capital. lion, hankt. capital, latiun Michigan, 25 3.01K.70I 212.267 2 8511,?00 251,Of Ohio, 30 10,107,521 1,510,467 6 1,165,378 1,700,00 Iilinois, 2 5,123,185 476,183 uoiie ? 670,10 Mississippi. 3 1 30.37W.I03 375.651 1 3,050,000 460,0# Louisiana, '16 41,736,768 35-',411 6 20,839,240 397,10 ArlniHo, 2 1,495,857 97,574 none ? 102,00' Alabama, 7 14,379,225 590,756 " ? 607,110 Florida, 4 4,582,236 54,177 " ? 65,00i 128 113,522,896 3,679,186 15 25,904,618 4,252,001 Decrease, 108 87,618,278 ? Increase, ? 572,81' The population for 1843 is estimated at the yearly pro portionate increase in each State,as seen in the census fcon 1830 to 1940. The number of banks in each State at< tho*? u h :ch go on deing business, excluding those whos< charters ronn expire, of which there are four in Ohio In Mobile thure is Mill the Bank of Mobile, capita! J. I,SCO,000, but such universal indignation hm b en xpieosed against it tnat it probably will be put in liquidation this winter. Ol the six banks in Louisiana two of the laig>st are not in a condition to push thcii movements very vigoiously The bank in Mississippi is in a very dilapidated condition. The enormous bank cap tal operating in 18S9 was the cauij of the large im (torts and high price* oi that year. It is evident to every one that the sudden withdrawal of that capital, and its liquidation, to the extent of $87,600,000, in a year during which the agricultural production has been so enormous. is sufficient to convince everyone that no exlen. nlve purchases or rise in pi ices ol imported goods can take place. That the want of a currcncy is sogrcatarl so pressing that specie will continue, at least throughout the coming year, tobettie best remittance to this coun try. The immense liquidation of capital going on must continue to assist in making money plent; u;>on the Atlantic ; while the West must draw its supplies from abroad by the sale of produce which ii now going forward extensirely, to I rising market, in England. The business done in all tha section of the country embraced in the above table, muai be done without banks, and will create no demand upor the banns hero lor their means. The imports of 1839 int< the Union were $167,000,000, or ahout $10 per head o the population. Hence the above States bought $37,000, 000, mo.'tly by means of notes made payable at the hankt in those States, and endorsed and discounted by the banki i.i tnis city. This cannot now ha done. The goods now purchased for those sections is with money collecte< there and brought here, thereby increasing theaccumu latious here. As long as this is the case, it is very eri dent tilers can be no great rise in the prices ol importei goo !*, and consequently that the imports cannot bi large This is tiie great groundwork o! the trade for th< coming yenr. The main feature over all the interior ii a scarcity o rirrnI ltin-r medium In ihi? ltniilinn thn rrsiv**rfimrn has come lor ward to make uie of it* necessity of a loan to supply that want in lome dfgree, which will be don by tlio iiaueof treasury notes in the manner no recentl; described by us. It is the opinion of the most experience financier*, 'hat this new movt ment ol the gorernmuc will produce an entire change in our monetary afTairi The same thing ne rly has been frtquently proposed ii England, more particularly by the elder Ricardo. Hi plan w-s.ii wn remember, to obviate thu fluctuating ch? i acter of paper, by the English government causing it debt to the Bank of England, which debt constitute* it capital, to bo paid otf in government paper money,wliicl monev the bank was to pay out gradually in the redem| tion ol its own bills now in circulation, until the whol was called in, and the government paper substituted i circulation. This government money to be hencefortl kept nt u fixed amoHnt, and no other paper money allow? to be i-autd Tho Bank ol England to go on as a bank c discount end drjioutn but nut uf issue. By this opi ratioi lit ic advantages of paper money are derived, wit lion ita ruinous fluctuations The able movement of M Speuctris an initiative step to the same result*. 9nlM at the Mock Exrliangd. ?5A00 Pennsylvania 5's b2l* 150 Farmers'Loan 24 ItKHI Illinois?'?. "RO 100 do tifiO 24* MflOO do *70 40 50 do 23J 17000 do 40^ 100 ilo 1)60 24 VllMl do b'10 4| JO do 23} 2iino do 40K 25 Stonington R It e?h 33} 2tHiO do sfiO 40 10 Alii. At Roeh R R "4 VHin do !>:?? 41)1, 45 City Hank 10'? .ViOfl do b ift 40j4 ii Meclniiio' Bk 105 |Vii,? do 4074 300 L Island R R b60 53 i, i ii in do Csh 40 50 do 52} | 11,0 do sf'ill MX Ijl do 52 Siioo do bSO iO'i M Mohawk R R ldOO Kentucky 6's 99)i "* '|" .10: JtilOO OUiofi's,'60 ?i>4 1*W ,?> _ ?30 3!1 4'ioo do !>.'>*? in" Harlem It R 40J .Vi'MI Indiana 5's 3Mi ' do 40! I'J '0) do :m 200 ilo bl5 41 .VKMI do bo :l?>, 2D0 do <0, looon do :tnl4 2*0 do 10 H00II Indiana Bta lids 3t> 100 do alO 41 30 dins Del Ik. till,| Ca'l 10?>4 100 do csli 41 130 National Bank |H0 100 do b30 41 20 State Bank 100 do >60 40. Second Board. W $2000 Ohio 6'?, bSO 96 100 L UUud H K b30 53 * 3000 lud Hit fell* 100 do 52}? ? 5000 do b30 37 100 do M/i . 24 Harlem R R 41 '<? ?" M N?w York Public Stock Kichangc. isj $1000 U State. 6'. 114* j" y tic* ?t ?ch RR >60 llUJ, 1000 Illinois 6'?, '<>0 40* 25 I'awrtou R R *30 ink ; MOO do 10 40 23 r aimers Loan i3 ? (J. 2000 do 39 V 25 do b 10 Zi\ 1000 do 39 H 100 do C?h 21 1000 do 40? 50 do 23 \ 7000 do . ,, 40? 100 do ?3 23; . . lono do Wtd'y 40W 150 do bjo 2' K * ViH) do bJ 40V 100 do blO 2.i WMtO do 40Jj 300 Long Islaud R R 52'., 1000 do blO 40W 100 do 1)30 52; 7(00 do 40% 100 do (30 52$, 77 3000 do 10? 50 Harlem R R b30 41 W 6000 Oluo 6 a, 60 95JJ 50 <lo 40K L* 5000 do u w 96 300 do bnw 40 S V, 2??0 , , do blO 9i\ 100 do b60 11 3'I00 Ind Bill, 25 yri blO 38 50 do ?60 40 M0U do b3 38 75 do bnw 41 ? 2?0? do blw 37Ji 50 do b60 41)4 ??>- do 38 100 do 1.30 41)2 2000 Kentucky 6 * 99li 25 do 41 50 ihas Canton Co blO 2.')?. 200 do 41 hi 25 Mohawk K R b3 39>4 25 do 41" ~ 25 Jo >10 40 50 do Not 1 40 n 2? *}" 50 do ?3 41H A 25 do 39jJ 150 do ?uw 40)2 1 Second Board $1000 Illinois 6's, *70 csh 40?.' 50 M'U St Hud KR bnw 39^ B 25 M'k & Hud RR buw 39% 25 do bl5 39% = 1 State of Trade. v 1 Ashks ?All Ulquiet here. Sulci of Pearl* were at f?6 H 1 3!i a 637|, and Potn at $4 60 V iint.ADiTUPri?Transactions in Ohio Flour at $4 60, ? which is rath-r high ; Gunrst-e $4 37^. Wheat 06c. Corn .. 6ljc. R> e 62 and Oats 26 a 27|c. p, Canal. Tolls Account of toll* received on all the caoali of thia State to the 21d September, and of the lock- ? ages at Alevandei's lock, three miles west of Schenecta- P dy, to the 1st Septembar, viz :? Tolls?3d week Total to 2id Lockages to in September. September* lit September. I 1839 $57,480 ?1.063,414 13,542 1810 71,30# 1,105,421 14,912 1841 83,038 1,347,148 16,972 P 184 2 75,116 1,091,904 12,143 ? 1 1843 04,691 1,347,072 12,726 J1 1 n Cotton Trade. >< | Prices continue steady and sale* are to a fair amount. ? Transaction! at lull price?. It will be recollected, saj ? the Columbus, Ch-o. Times, of the 2l*t instant, 1 hut wo quoted thesaleol the lirst bale ( of Cotton which wns brought to this market the present ( 1 season at 6)c. We are happy to be enabled now to state, t from good authority, that that price has been sustained. Cotton is now selling at from 6 to 6} cents in our streets, the quantity brought in, however, is very limited. Tnere was but little doing in the New Orleans S 1 market on the 19th instant, price:! were too high to meet V the views of buyers. The stock on hand was light. There , , had baen 1800 bales of new received, sales since then j amount to about 600 bales. The old wasout of itarket? < 1 a crop of 1200 bales, which has been held :or some time, I 1 was shipping lor Liverpool. ~ We are indebted to a friend for the following extract of j a letter from Mobile, which it appears the chaucc for a large crop in that sec ion is still considered favorable. It > is dated l'Jih Sept., 1843 " The Aluboma River is in fine condition lor boat* of v 1 any draft of water, a very tinuxu^l occurrence at this j ' early period of the season. The planters are doing all J they can to hasten their cotton forward to obtain the early I r prices, ns they beliuve they will be the best. About GOO ' bales of the new crop has arrived, and the greati r part is now on the market. The ditHculty of negociation, and r the want of vessels have prevented any activitj in our 1 market. Fair cotton 19 tola reeilily at 8 cents, specie ; ether qualities iu proporluai. We are determined to do buunes* hereon specie alone thin reason. The crop in our State will reach at least 460,000 bules. The writer has j utt returned liom a tour in the interior." Extract from a letter dated Griflen, Sept. 20, 1843.?"1 think the crops of Cotton in the upper countries much t better than in the lower. Indeed, 1 have heard but two or three plantKts say that their crop would be as short as last season. An early frost will, of course, make a short crop 1 ?but il it keeps oft" ?ntil the 20th of October there will r be a goodcrop of Cotton throughout upper and middle Georgia. 1 Provision Market. r There has been no change in Beef, Mutton and Lamb, since our las . We hear of but little geod Veal in maikttj We notice that wmn ol our heavy butchers and first meat shops display very fine quarters of Ohio b?ef. 1 Vegetables of all kinds are in great abundance, some of which come* from the bhakers at Lebanon, beyond Alba. ny, say 30,000 ears of sweet Corn, and even Cabbages. One thousand of the white and 600 of the red or pickling ' kind aro almost daily arriving at our market. We are re* r ceiving Cranberries from Michigan in large quantities t Two hundred barrels have just arrived to Kipp St Co. > They sell them at $7 and are very haudsome and in tine order. More are on the way. Pricf.i or Provisions Apples, bbl -SI 50 a ? Jowls 2 a 3 t Beef, per lb .... 6 a 09 Lamb,per lb 7 a 8 Beef, per cwt $1 50 a6 00 Lobsters 6a ? I Bivf. corned 4 a 8 Lard, |>er lb 8 a ? s Blacklist) B a 10 Mutton . 7 a 8 Beets, perbunch- 4 a ? Onions, per bunch.- 6 a 8 f Butter, Iresli per lb-15 a 18 Parsnips, |>er doi- -37 Wa ? . Butter, lirUin, per lb. 6 a 10 Porter Hons* Steaksl2)ta ? Crabs, dozen 25 a ? Pork, per lb- 6 a 7 i Chickens 37}?a 75 Pius, roasters ? a$l 00 Clams, 100 25 a 37>? Potatoes, bushel 31>?a 27>c Calves Head, Sic 25 a ? Potatoes,swt.bu?h-$l,25al/>u Cabbage, dozen.50 a 75 Peaches, bask't- $I 50 ?3 ? Cheese, new 6 a ? Rhubarb, pr bunch- 5 a 6 Cucumbers,prhun'd25 a ? Sirloin, It) 10 n 12 Carrots, i>er bunch- 4 a ? Salmon,smoked- a IU Dried Apples, bbl- ? a$l 00 Slri(ied Bass, lb 10 a ? ' Ducks, |*-r pair. -62%a 75 Sausa?e? ? a 8 0 Kels 6 a 8 Smells, lb 8 a 9 0 Kugs, 9 for ? a 12)a Turnips, pr bunch- 3 a 4 0 Fresh Cod 4 a 5 Tri|ie, lb ? a 4 0 Flounders ? a 6 Turkies ? a 4 n Geese 75 a$l 00 Veal 4 6 0 Halabut a ? Watermel's, each.- 8 a 10 II ? Tea Sale. . [i Another large tea sale came off this morning. In [ consequence ui me recent advances ill i was, nuiuers h I soem to be pressing their cargoe* into the market. 1 The c..rgo, the tale of which we have now to report, wu< of the Leva- t. Terns. note* at six month*, payable ij 1 in thii city, to be made satisfactory to the lellers. ! Hvsow?10 hf chests 96 cents; "20 do 04; 10 do 92}; 90 dietl* 87}; 10 half cheat* 96}; 90 do 86; 35 cheata 60; 60 131 h boxe* 66 j' Yovno Hriow?97 half cheats 97} cents; 90 do 6>}; 96 ? I do 64} ; 94 do 64; 60 do 63}; 32 do 64; 16 do 69}; 16 do 61; tl , 9* >ln 49; 81 do 48; 106 do 47}; 939 do 47; 69 do 46}, 36 do 46}, 66 do 45; 161 d? 41}. 62 do 43}; 90 do 49}; '28 * 1 do 4lt; 99 do 41; 60 do 4'}; 96 do 39; 195 do 88}: 66 do , 37}; 181 do 37; 3i>3 do 36}; 934 do 36; 908 do 35}; 128 b r do 35; 180 do 34; 9* d> 31; 109 do 30}; 10 do 92; 86 do a 90}; 313 do 90; 10 do 18; 109 do 13; 900 131b boxe* 41; l> (1314 hf rhrats withdrawn.) l' i Hvson Skin?67 hi chests 30 cents; 10 chests 98; 90 1' do 97; 90 do 26} I GunrowDSR-8 hf chests 63 C.nts; 10 do 67; 90 do 69}; J 118 <to 69; J9 cheats 61; 72 halt chests 30}; (38 CO 1 withdrawn:) 47 91b boxes 41; 5cases each 12 9ib canis- ?; tei*(>3; 19 do 62} l' lMrkRiAL? 0 half cheits 79 cents; 7 do 77}; 7 do 66; ji 90 rto 624; 19 do 66}; 6 do 69; 70 do 64-'; '23 chests 47; , 19 do 31}; 35 6 pound boxes 43; 98 cases 9 pound cams tera 69. r< PowcHOsii? 4 chests 53 cents; 15 hf do 48; 30 do 46; 6 . chests 40, 7 do 37; 100 hT do 34}; 95 do 34; 19 do 33; 30 do 39}; 111 do 82; 40 do II}; 10 boxes, 98}; 63 do 28: 753 do 27}; (232.'.o withdrawn ) ( SoucHorco?10 hail chests 30 cents; (51 do withdrawn.) t? *1 Philadelphia Cattle Market. I Thursday Kt?.nim>, Sept 2-a?Btevts?1131 offered ? viz : #89 head P* nnsylvania and 149 Ohio, (including 410 I driven to Ne-v Yoik ) Salea were dull from 3} to 4} tor inferior to lair qualities, and 4} a 4}c for prime and lairextra prime $6 per loo lbs? I0U lelt over. < i'owi *nd Calves.? 925 offered?Prices ranged from 1 $22 a 26; superior $27. Springers $16 a 16; extra, $19 ? Dry Cows $6 a 8 t Caltcs?$1 a 9 60 per lit ad. Hons-996 Penn'a Hoga in market?Salea at 4}a4} ? n'ra at 4|- 196 left over. 1 Hhcip and I.ambs? 1500 offered. Sales at $1 a 1 40 per j head; extra $2. Married. ' On Wednesday evening the 97th instant, by the Rev. 8 j D. Bttrchard.Mr. Nathanih. D. Humus to Misa Eliia ^ kth C., eldest daughter ol Mr. Jo^tph, allot , this city. d Died. At Marihorotigh, Ulster County, New York, on the96th ^ inMont. John K Park, ihe only *on ol Jesse and Hannah (j Park, aged 4 year*, 9 month* and 7 doy*. Dkath or Mr. Joaciiim TJki*rich Erfrs, at Berlin, '] Prussia ?On the 9th of August, 1848, at hi* hotel. No 7U Wilhtlm* street, in Berlin, Mr. Joachim Hkinrich r Earn, altera lingering illne?a Not.ce thereof i? her ehy given to all his relations and 1 wtienlarly to Mr. Albrecht Dietrich Ebers, his son. 5 by the appointed trustees of the. last will of the deceased. DR BUBO. COUNSELOR DIETTRICH. Berlin, Prussia, 95th August, 1843. Latest Advice* I RKCKIVItn AT THK ns.w vorx hkrald OrriCK. Africa Aug. 15 Malaga; Aug. <> , II ei Aiib. 12 * Antwerp An*. 16 Madeira July 16 ( a Atix ( ayea Sept. 3 Montevideo July 25 , Batavia May 4 Mamanilla Auk. Iv h BVrmuda Sept. 5 Matanzaa Sept. II , Buenoa Ayrea July 9 Mayaguez Aug. 12 ( Belize. Hon. Auk. I Mexico 'A1!*' 3 e Barbadoea Auk. 11 Naasau. N. P. Inly 11 1 . Bordeaux - Auk. 13 Nenvitaa July 28 i Bremen Au?. 7 Oaltu, 8. I. April l*t a Bombay June 27 Tar* Auk. ! . . Cat* Town.C.O. H-Jmie 10 Parit Sept. 3 Calcutta June 7 Port anPrinc# Sept. I i if Cadiz Auk. 9 Porto Rico Auk. 17 < hagrea Jnne 20 Porto Cabello Ang. 2*i u I II'iiluego* June IS Point I'etre, liuad.- Auk. IB j ,t t'apr Haytten July 2S IVmainbuco Auk- ' Uetnerara Aug. 3D Rio Janeiro Auk- 6 r '':'?,n9Te luly 22 St. Helena Aug. 7 Gibraltar An*. 2 St. Thomai Svpt. Uuayama, P. R. July 6 St. Jago de Cab* Am*. M . JWveaton Aug. 6 St. John., P. R. Aug. I< {'**?? Sept. 2 St. Croix July 31 Hamburg Aug. 11 St. Dotninxo Auk. 21 4 Havana Sept. 16 Surinam Auk I ii llalifar Sci>t. 16 Trinidad de Cuba Auk. U lactnel July 2A Talcahuana June I ' a Kinguon, Ja. Sept. 12 Tampico July i London Sept. .1 Turks Inland 8. pr. 5 Liverpool Sept. 5 Valparaiso June Li Utinyn Auk. It yeraCrn* Anr. 2t l.inia June 16 Yucatan 3 < Vltc.Kt May 7 Zanzibar if, <a Manilla" * April S l 4 Foreign Importation*. Haunt-mi?Sliip Condor?(Reported yeaterday)? 1 ca?e S ii Bi'rgtl?I A Keater? 23 J M Oppeiiheim?11 J Napier?1 \V H a Mortmnan?1 (> W lie) beriter - 2 K Fiedler?2 Broitlein, Ko.,p < 'J I p....nn (. II IV,.? Ki ?n_i: U' V... O..A. ' ^ i bile? 1 bo*e? K LepoldVl c*?e A < ??elli?2 Meyer. Leon Sc co K ?18 run I but# D evnor Si co?12 !>oxe? Nanninc, Renter V, co -:i do IS cn?e? (J II White?I do B Deyer-2 C Wencke?I Reeiter V Meche?1 F H Hchle??in(fer?10 I) F Oleim?I \1 Werck- I '.i loeimer?I <: H F Mortii(t--2 ca?ei 1 bale S00 demijohn* J Kurck ?2 bam >ppcie Schmidt Si Ualchen?21 b*l?i W A k A M I hite-^ C??I?? (I B Dorr?I do '-IF l.m krr?91 bales mdse E 1'fV'HW-i, do Oorton. llodge? St CO?I J Mendell?J btla order Bi i it.. Hon?Brig Kanh.?w:??180 Iocs mahogany K Aleiani? ii tidies sartaparilla Oriiiuell, Minturii St co. Sr J 4.1? Hchr Ursula?22 Ions Lima wood 1 bdl sarsapanlla t hid<>> I b'tl 1 hf do I bot 1 bag torture ahell Tyaon fc Judth f3U bid's 12 ceroom uiditfo I bag s|?cie H St I) Cotheal It co ?215 bid. j W H I low land Ik co?221 deer skint Pott St Phillips >3v' hides Uoodliue St co. Domestic Importations. Nrw Ori.kans?St Leon?4 bales cotion W Barnwell? libds tobacco SiniBB Tileston Ik co?61 bale* hemp IJ hhd? Imcco 4 Ublt bef5w.iT 1' J Krancia?2 pkgs Hendricks Ik Blunt 154 bales liemp J S Kelso?369 pig> I id Howes, Oodfrey St ubinsou?2Utl |>igs lead 112 bbls pork 20 do lard A Averill Ik co 1 bbl sugar Koberts St Williams?12 hlids tobacco Gray St rosby?227 do Masters, Markoe St co?1 do 6 bags ginseng reenway St Henry?2 cases < oinstock St co? 16 libit corn rnenl K Collins St co?40 bales hemp Suydain. Sage St co?2 kegs J clullen?52# sacks wbeat 15 bbls (iriswolil St co?8 bis >tton O Merle?7 do A Kobinson?617 do to order. MARITIME~HERALD. ~ Hailing Days of the Steam Ships. FHOM LIVERPOOL. FROM AMKRICA aledonia, Lott Oct 1 cadia, Ryrie Sept. 19 Oct. 16 . Wet tern, Hosken Sept. 23 Oct. 19 ibernia, Judkint Oct. I Not. 1 ritannia, Hewitt Oct. 19 Nov. 16 Packets to Arrive. Packets to Sail. FROM LIVERPOOL. _ FOR LIVERPOOL, irginiau. Allen, Sept. 1 Cambridge, Baratow, Oct. 1 ottiuguer, Burtley. Sept. 1 U. Washington.Burrows.Uct.7 [outezuma, Lowber, Se|it. 7 Uuite<l States, Urittou, Oct. 13 ?tciut, Collins, Sept. 13 Rochester, Britton, Oct. 16 FROM PORTSMOUTH. FOR PORTSMOUTH. end'k Hudson,Moore, Sept 10 Mediator, Cliadwick, Oct. I autliea, Dennis, Sept 20 Welliugtou.Chadwick, Oct. 10 lediator, Cliadwick, Oct. 1 Switzerland, Knight, Oct. 20 FROM HAVRK. FOR HAVHK. imerald. Howe, Aug. 24 St. Nicolas, Pell, Oct. 1 urgundy, Wotton, Sept. 1 Duchesse d'Orleans, Oct. 8 >wa. Lilies, Sep). 8 Sully, Burrows, Oct. 16 Ship Masters ami Agent* We ihall esteem it a favor, if Captains of Vessels will give ) Commodore Hohert Silvkv, of our News Fleet. ?V ort of the Shipping left at the Port whence tliey sailed, the 'easels Spoken on their Passage, a List of their Cargo, and ay Foreign Newspapers or News they may have, lie will oard them immediately on their arrival. Agents and Corespondents, at home or abroad, will also confer a lavor by ndiug to this Office all the Marine Intelligence they can btain. Nautical Information of auy kind will b* thankfully pceived. ?OKT OF NEW YORK., SKPTKMBKH 30 U!? RISKS "1MI MOON S?TS U 4 UN SETS 43 | HIGH WATKR 12 44 Cleared. Ships Caspian, Torrey, New Orleans, John Flwell & Co; icotlaud, Mills, Savannah, Taylor Si. Merrill: Sutton, liallo(ay, Charleston. Geo. Siitton; Covington, Mauran, Warren. II.?Baniu? Pomona. Colly, Amsterdam, Schuchardt, Kavre St ;<>.?Brigs Florida Blanco, Fldridgc, Havana and Belize, Hon. I. Blanco: Historian, Dodge, Miramichi, Nesmith, Leeds k lo; Peter Demill, Lewis, Mobile, Dunham 8c Dimon; Philura, )oane, Savannah, do do; Warsaw, ilerbest, Charleston, do do. -Schrs Julia Telfair^ Burns, Demerara, S. L. Mitchell; Daty base, Downs, Aux Cayes, 8. W. Lewis; Teazer, Brings, St. lohii, NB. P. I. Nevius St Son. Arrived. Ship Sharon, Purrington, (of Bath) from Liverpool, Aug. 17, rith mdse, to J. O. Ward?62 steerage passengers. Ship St. Leon Whiting, (of Castiue) from N?w Orleans, 22 ays from the Bar, with cotton, See. to master Ship Helen ilar. for New York, sailed 4 days before. On Thursday, off iarnegat, saw two barrels, the heads painted red, with letters J. 8. on them. Brig Hallowed, Smith, UT days from Cronstadt, in ballast, to naster. Brig Kanhawa, Harvey, (of New Orleans) 22 days from Beixe, Hon. with mahogany, to llenard St Co. Left no American ressels. Off Cape Carnaveral, spoke U. S. brig of war , >u a cruise. Schr Ursula, Roberts, from St. Juan, and 40 days from Old Providence, with hides, See. to Tyson St Judah. Left no American veseels. Schr Urbauij, Hall, 5 days from Plymouth, NC. with naval itores, to J. Peck. Schr F.ssex, Matthews, from Fredericksburg, with wheat, to naster. Schr A. C. Havens, Purnell, from Washington, NC. with aval stores Schr Mary Jane, Crabtree, from Washington, NC. with na-al stores. Aclir \1arv K1 i7.*?ln*t li. 3 d^vi frnm Viririiiia will, unml tn natter. Sctir B. S. Penniman, Booue, from Virginia, with wind, to raster. Schr Authrocophera, Parker, from Virginia, with wood, to naster. Schr Banner, Arey, 3 days from Virginia, with wood, to the n aster. Schr .Nassau, Dearborn, from Richmond, with Hour, to Allen It Paxson. Sclir J. B. More&n, Bird, from Virginia, with wood, to the naster. Schr F.dinhurg, Smith, 3 days from Virginia* with wood, to naster. Sclir A. Cadmus, Curtis, 3 days from Norfolk, with naval tores, to master. Sclir Joseph K. Fotts, Cobert, from Norfolk, with shingles, <i master. Sclir Dolphin, Crowell, 3 days from Norfolk, with potatoes, o master. Sclir Spark, Williams', 1 days Ironi Cherrystone, with potaoes, to master. Stur C. L. Stuart, Warhis, from Norfolk, with shihgles, to naster. Sclir K. L. Crook, Swan, 3 days from Virginia, with wood, o master. Sch. (Jfn. Scott, Sanford, 3 days from Virgiuia, with wood, o mutai . Sclir Piiebe Eliza, Osborn, from Georgetown, DC.with flour, o mastei. Schr Ann Elizabeth, Jorman, from Philadelphia, with coal, 0 toaster. Equity, Edwards, from Philadelphia, with coal, to the naster. Sclir Samuel R. Paynter, from Philadelphia, with coal, to naster. Schr Model, Ireland, 3 days from Philadelphia, with coal, to naster. Sclir Magnet, Salsbury, 8 days from Calais, with lumber, to mster. Sailed. Bremen barque Johann Georg, (Jeerken, Bremen, and others. Wind WNW. Herald Marine Correipondence. Orrics ok tni: Riiodk Isi.amuek,? Newport, Sept. 28. 1843. ) Arr 26th, Caroline, Cole, Philadelphia for Somerset; Turk, jldridge, NYork for Portsmouth; NH; Monomoy, Nickerson, ioston for NYork; Liberator. Olorer, Romlout for Providence; '.seel, Dunning, N York for Kail River. Sid Abbot Lawrence, ioston. Sid 27th, Monomoy, and Jos Brown, NYork; Translation, o; Amity, Philadelphia; 28th, Gen C'ohli, Martinique; yacht 'enobia, NYork; Rienzi, do. General Record. Collision.?Sclir Urbania, Hall, from Plymouth, NC. was a contact on Thursday, off Barnegat, with schr A. Cadmus, roni Norfolk for New York. Stove in the U.'s bulwarks, rail, quare sail boom, split the jib, itc. The U. has the anchor of lie A. C. hanging on her side, abaft the fore rigging. Bak^i *: Renown, hkaats, of Philadelphia, from Norfolk, ras wrecked at Port I'raya on the 8th ult. Wlnle lying in Port 'raya harbor, the chains patted in a violent gale of wind, and lie vessel went ashore. V essel and part ol' cargo remaining on oard, a total loss. Passengers and crew saved. The passengers fterwards took passage on board the Jane, of Somerset, for Lieria. ('apt. Skaats has returned home in the Emeline, at New ledl'ord. Died, of bilious fever, on board the Emeline, on her assige from Ca|>e de Verds, Geo Derrick. of Charleston, late d mate of the Renown; William Luce, of Baltimore; Albert K .unibert, of Washington; Seth I rowell, of Barnstable; John olinsTon, of New Orleans?late seamen of the R. Missino Vkisi li.?Ship W areli in, Game, of Philadelphia, liled from Baltimore 2d March, 1839, on a trading voyage in tie Pacific?we have had no tidings of her for a long time past. Iclir Betsey. Perkins, sailed from New London for roasts of Wu and Chili, July 18, 1812, on a sealing voyage, and has not ince been heard of. Steamib Ki.r sinno has lieen taken from the Edgartown jute, and proceeded to New York. Ahkivai * st yi i BKC.?The total number of arrivals from ireat Biitaiu up to 2'ith inst. inclusive, is 1.012. The total umber of airivals in the year 1812, was 863. Launched?In Bath, Me. on Monday last, from the ways of 1 K & J Patten, a splendid ship of about 8vn tons burthen, in nded for the freighting business. At Kail River. 21st inst. a idendid lint; called the Maria.i (She was built by Joseph i tndall, and is owned by Mimdy Si Bowen, and Capt John N lead, who ii to command lier. Her cabins and berths are neat nd commodious, slie is intended as a tegular packet between lavana and Mobile. Whalemen. Arr at New Bedford 27tli inst. Lagoda, Maxfield, from Pacific Jcean, Talcahuana June24, 27(10 libls oil, 600 spin. Left at T, Iv IJlay, Saver, of and for Naiit, few days, 22110 bbls. Spoke ill New Holland l)ec II, Shepherdess, (.'left, Mystic, 400 wli; >tf New Zealand Keb 4, Averick, Heinekeu, Bremen, out 4}j noj, 3 whs; April 14, John <k Edward, Hudson, NB, 1000 bbls, >ound in to recruit. Air 2#th, Kmeline, Skaals, (late Wood) Pf rt Praya. Cat* de Verds, Auk 23,with 14 bbls sp. Reports, touchedal Port Praya n Au*. Chili, Dexter, NB, clean; China, Potter, do du; hagle. 'erry, KH, do, put in to land the captain, who was sick, and Id 10th Aug on her voyage, captoin having recovered; Jane, tlauchester, Somerset, clean; Ann Maria, hall River. fjObhls; '.lectra, Ward, NL .'JO sp; lima, Cudworth, W ireham, 40 sp.? Vug 24, lat 14 4 N, Ion ??i 13 W, saw Superior, Bishop, SH, for ndian Ocean. On the oh July, '43. the Captain Wood's boat leinp last to a whale, was stove; the captain, aft<-r clinging to a Kirtion of the boat three hours, was seized with the cramp and Irowned; the male's boat at the time was a long distauce to the e*ward, and could reuder no assistance. India. Walker, NB, off PoJt Praya, Cape de Verds, July 23, '? mos out, clean. lte|Kirts spoke July 4, off Corvo, William iotch, NB, 3 weeks out, 6 bbls black hsh; Maria, do, 30 mos, 4)11 sp. Touched at Port Praya July 17, Mercator. Cook, NB. for Iiili*n Ocean, clean; l*>th. Trident, Black, do for Pacific, do; 4th Vni;. Heroine, West, Kll, for Indian Ocean, clean. '1 lie Warren Star says?" The Exchange, Luce, of this port, eported a missing vessel, was reported by a letter from the Laayette, of W, in Nov, 1842, off Zanzibar, 11 mos out, with 400 >bls s|<m oil, and the itilormalion published about six mouths ince.1 Spoken. Orb. of Portland, for Savannah, no date, lat 34 40, Ion 71. Adelaide, New York for Havana, 4tli inst. lat 34, Ion 71. Spy, Sisal for New York, 13th inst. off Key West. foreign Ports. KiNfltTon. Ja. Hept 12?In port, Phienit, for Baltimore. Sid lth, Janet, Baltimore. Himtc, Sept 23?Arr Elliotts, Oascoigne, Kimouth, Gov rnor, (iorman, Limerick; Wild Irish (Jirl, (iraham, London; Sir Wm Wallace, Husband, Aberdeen; Heroine, Walker, do; "emliroke I astle, Stanbury, Milford; Sjiermaceti, Moon, and ieo Wilkinson, Brown, Plymouth; Lord Sandon, Keneran. \insale; Coronet, Wright, NYork; Mountaineer,Carey, Southimpton: Peel's One, llarly, Hull transport Princess Royal, No I. London; 21th, Sir Kranci* Bond Head, Allen; Volusia, hildi; Ayrshire, Mackay; Yorkshire, Bache; Sir Richard lackson, Mrtiavy; Kichinucto, Oanson; Elizabeth, Warren; Seslor, Corrigall; (/lima, Whipple; Clio, Halcrow, aiidC'utess ii,.u.r I ,?..r,w,?l ! ....... a Walerheii, L)odiia; Priacilla, Taylor, ami Neitor, Smith. Plymouth: Ainiton. Johnston; Java, Voting, anil Quebec, Livin*itoil, London, Niobe, (ilen, and Symmetry, Brown, Suntlerand; Mary I o(ie, Barnes, Dunearvon; Sarah Stewart, Low, Belfast; 1 ransit, Fergtuou, Dublin; Industry. Colinio, Penr.anci ' ienl Orahatn, Jame?on, Alloa; Compton, I hapmni, Briai.o. Marion, NT ill*, t Hrk: Niuian, Taylor, Limerick; \une, IJIick, New Unas; iith, Bernard. Dumhle, Milfnrd: Anor.i, Scott; I dare, Ill iff; John Walker, Laurin, nail Henry , tiucau, Molt, Liverpool; Great Britain, MontKomery, Belfast; MI7.1 \V irw ick,.\ew York; Bowm, Kllwood. Workington, Si Int.inn, Levie, Flint; Percy, Scott, Sunderland; Vol una, K.uthnpe, and John Si Mary, Oliver, P.tdstow; Kmauuel, Pearion, Bri?. I'nllaa, Hall, Weiford; Bridget, Knot, Wicklow; 1 ianin, Clark, Cork; Centurion, Heppenstall, and Victory, Li^htfoot, London; Bee, Mitchell, ( liatha?i Jane Black. Unrann. Limerick; Prince <Jeori$e, Friend, Portsmouth; Henry, lohnson. Dublin. Cld ISth, C?or de Lion, Kendall; British Hero, Gibson, and Win (ilen Anderson, Turner, Liverpool. Home Porta. Bat! t Sapt 8S?C'ld Peru, Wade, Gnadaloupe (reported at Gtidintrfor Havana); Franklin, Patten, do. Pontt.aMD, Sept??Arr Delaware, Waite, Philadelphia.? I hi < aroline, Jordan, Havana. Sid Kaatern Star; Cumlierlami, Kea/.er, Baltimore. Bostoi, Sept i!B?Below, Nestor, from Liverpool. Signal for ? brig. ( Id Hi Cloud, Davit, Mobile; Two Brothers, Good.|ieed, NYork ind Albany; Harvest, Kelly, NYork. Nkw Biovonn, Sept 17?Arr Corinthian^ Shepherd, NYork. 4ld C II lloo|ier, Hamlin.Baltimor ; 28th,Cornelia, RickeUon, mil Eiperiment, Atkiua, N York. . ??ktvi'iit, wp< m?/ill riiiHuriu, , ?L l 1 nn?aripni?. Bak\?tari.?, 24?Arr Sistrr*, Small, Philadelphia. Kikjartowx, Sept 27?Arr ?*vcral ve??rl? bound K. In port, no?- reported lutj alto, Statesman, bound I'RnriDRMcSept 27?Sid Sarah Klizabflh, Harrington. Mtimor*; Bell. <|el Mar, Rm4*1I. N York. WayboMet, Col lina, for N?w York, sailad from Warwick Nack on Tueaday morning Na-wTUvk*. S?i>t 27?Arr Splendid, Brown. ( Kerryfield; Ohio. ij'aruham. NYork: Hobt Monris;Surveyor, Houck. and Pennsylvania, Hintou. Philadelphia, Tantivy, Chapmau, Albany. Sid Moselle, Staiinard; Pacific, H|?rry, and S R Smith, Bill. Albauy; Kmulator, Hullz, Philadelphia. Philadelphia, Sept 29? Arr J RusIiuk, Waatco^t, Provi deuce; II WVstCOtt, Vance, Turks Island; Joua Waiiiwright. Lynmire. K nigstou, Ja. (_'ld Tamerlane, Sproul, Boilon; Palestine. Stevenson, and Vesta, Ludlam, New York. Arr in the Schuylkill Nicholas Biddle. Walton, New Londou; Jabet l? White, Hoger*. Providence; Cornelia. Holmea, and copy, Davit. NVork. Charlkstox, Se|it 2i~Arr Belvidere, Wainbersie, Antwerp; Col T Shepherd, Cooper, Kingston, la. Savannah, Sept2l?Ait Rowland, Blanchard, Liverpool Sid Newark, Shapter, NVork. ArAi.aciik ola, Sept M?Arr Caroline K Piatt,'Rice, New York. Nkw Oklusi, Sept 20?Arr Chatham, Naaon, Boston; Champlain, Miller, Philadelphia; Constancia, Alarmas, Tarnnico. Cld Oconee, Jackson, New York; Roailette, Slater, ToDaaco. MKSSHS. RK.I>DIN(i ,V < (). arc our oul> antli^rixed agents for the sale of the Herald in Boston. All persons wishing the paper in that city will apply only to them at 8 State atiwt. The Kirst Kdition of the Weekly can always be had of them oil SatiirdaN morning. s28 lwis r 'IXT'AN I KO?A |>erton to erect a KnunUiin and make a small ? ? Kith Pond, twenty miles from New York. Address by by mail to Box No. II, Pott Office, New Kochelle, Westchetter County, State of New York s25 6tr TXTANTED?A situation an Ciardner, a ateady, active man, ? ? who is well converaaut with every department of the business, particularly the construction and management of grern houses, fruit and hot houses, landscajie aud ornamental kardcn ing. having lived lor several years in some of the most eiteusive and best situations in this country. The advertiser can give the most respecuble reference. Any command:, or a line post paid, directed to J. K., 4 Cornelia street, New > ork, will

be respectiiilly attended to. *21 11*22, 29 & 30m WANTKD?I'urcliaters I.>r Patent Mangles.used for smoothins chillies. Uc. They entirely tupertede tlie use of ironing. and | ul a oeautilul gloss on clothe*, tic. They are a laborsaving machine, at one female with the Mangle will iu one day do as much work aa ten lenities will do with the smoothing irons, and without the aid of fuel. They may be seen in operation at the principal hotels in the city. They will be told at greatly reduced prices by DUNCAN 8t WKST, 4 Little Green street. au31 lm* m near Liberty street, N. Y. AYOUNO LADY, who has received a good K.uglisli education. who uiidertlandt embroidery iu all it* branches, and h??been accuslomed to leach, withes to obtain a situation in a country boarding school for yoouc ladies. Ad Jr-ss, post | paid, M. L. T., office of the Herald, New York. au26 lm*r DAY W ARDING. GKNTLKMEN taking their meals dowu town, desirous of securing day board in a jirivate family, where the table is supplied iu the best ttyle, will find it to their advantage, (and far preferable both as regards comfort and resl*ct ability, to a public eating house,) by applying at 204 Kulton street. Two or three gentlemen cau be accommodated with full board. 1 yrmsuiournHr. |l unr HANDSOME A PA HTM k NTS, with board, may be hail ou application at 411 Houston street?the entire second floor, which is spacious and in good order A few double and single rooms may also be obtained by applying a* above sft 'm*r jjjl () REWARD?Lost or stolen, ou Friday morning, iWth SP * ^ September, ,i Russia-leather pocket bock, containing a'lout $65, v z?olio note on the Norw ick Bank, Norwich, Ct, and tlie remaining $15 upon banks in this Slate. The above teward will be p, id to any persou who leaves the money at the office of the Franklin House, or at 122 I'eail street. If the person who took the money will return the papers contained in the pocket book, he will much oblige the looser. s30 It-r POCKET WALLET LOST?Lost last Wednesday evening, at Russell's Concert Room, or between that and Williamsburgh, via "roadway and Grand street, a dark pocket wal ler, containing a sum of money and few pajiers, of no use but to the owner The finder is welcome to as inucli of the money as will pay liim for his trouble. if'he will MM the pocki t book and pajiers to the owner through the post office. N.IJ.?The owner's namejwas ou a ticket of the Mercantile Library Association. s36r npoTTHE MILLERITES AND SECOND ADVENT-1 ISTS.?The Son of Ma" with the Eveilasting Gospel, the Word of God. is come fr im the Mouth. In ?*.ch Salurdiy s N. York Chro> icle may ye see the word. No longer give money to sh w li? is to come, but give for new?papers to publish this and the word til ougli the wor'd: so shall ye serve God. He not misled by wolves in slisep's cloth ug, but be to < tod as I am? Faithful iwd True. I am no i eedy ad>euturer, but an old correspondent of Mr. Banks, 16 State street. *30 lt*ec NOTICE.? I he regular monthly meeting of the Hat Finishers Be-evolent Society will !> held at the Brati'h Hotel No. 36 Bowery, on Monday evening, October 2d, at half-past 1 o'clock. By order of A. BENCHER, President. WM. W. HENV1LLE, Secretary. s30 2ieod*m POST OFFICE,' ( N?:\v V'ouk, September 28'h, 1843. i ENGLISH MAIL.?Letter bag* per Royal Mail Steamer CALEDONIA, will be closed at the Upper and Lower Post Offices on Saturday neit, the 30th instant, at fortj-five minutes past 4 o'clock, P M. JOHN LORIMER GRAHAM. s28 .Hr Post Mailer. DOVAL MAIL FOR LIVERPOOL -Letter bags for the It Royal Mail Steam Ship CALEDONIA, wilT closest Harmlen & Co,'('Foreign Letter Office, ou Saturday, 30th, at \t to 5 P. M. A bag will be made up eipressly for the Over-Land Mail to India. HAKNDEN k CO.. s29 2tec 3 Wall street. PACKET SHIP OCMULGEE from New Orleans, is die cli irging at the ?oot of Pike street. Consignees will please attend to the receipt of their goods. vIO It r P- ACKET SHIP sr. NICOLAS FOR HAVRE, willnil tomorrow, the 1st iust, at 12 o'clock, M.. at which time passengen will please be on board, at Pier No. 4 N. H. when a steamer will tow the ship to sea. The Mails will closc at the usual placet at ll>s o'clock. s30r DORR & ALLEN HAVE received by late arrivals of packets and steamers several new articles in addition to their former assortment ol DRY GOODS. Desirous of closing off th' ir present stock, they offer their goods at the lowest market prices,and invite the Attention of all purchasers at No. 128 Pearl street (27 2wis*r "ITALENTINE has removed his Engraving and Printing * Establishment from John street, to No. 1 Beekman sireet, {Lovejoy's Hotel,J opposite the Brick (-hurck. New York ? Wedding, Visiting, luvitmtio i, and Professional Cards exe citted in the first style of the art. as regards the suivriority of tin* engraving, neatness of the printing, and the whiteness and brilliancy of toe cards. Persons furnishing their own card plates,can have them printed ou the most approved and fashionable stvle of cards, it prices to suit the times. The Ladies and Oen'lemen of New York. Brooklyn, and 'lie adjoining cities and towns, are respectfnlly invited to call and examine the specimen books, and from a variety ofpatreni cards select to their taste. s2J lm'r I.. B VH ON I (>. ARTIST, in Alabaster, Marble, Soagjiola, Jkc., from Italy Respectfully invites the geutry, the inhabitants, shopkeepers, Bazaars, country dealers and the public in general, to see his Museum of Arts, No. 23 Orchard street, (between Grand and Division streets.) which is now ojien for inspection . with a splendid assortment of Italian and English ornaments in Alabaster, black marble, spar, agata, j ellow stone, stalactite, red and various other marbles, verde di prato. granite, be... itc. consisting of various sizes of groups, figures, busts,, Hebe ewers, Etrnscan vises, candlesticks, tapers, pen trays, ink stands, watch cases, clock stands, time pieces, sptll pots, urns, antique lamps, shell vases, oval vases, bottles, groups and single OOCa. tables. tl'>rentine baskets, bulls, cows, lions, broaches, necklaces, obelisks, bell vases, gozzolv vases, ring vases, paper we glits, ring stands, card boles, snuff boxes, birds nests, aini <ntus, paintings of Mount Vesuvius, of Naples; books on concliolog), mineralogy, geology, marine botanist, Sec. ttc. Price of articles from 12^9 cents to $100. Cleaning and repairing of every description ou moderate terms. Admission free. s30 Sw* r ROWLING 8 A LOON. H'HE Tremont Billiard and Bowling Saloon, Nos. 6( East l Broadway, and 71 Market street, near Markel street, with four Billiard Cables and three Bowling Alleys, is the most ex. tensive establishment of the kind in this city, beiuir 150 feet in leiiL'th. The bowling alleys are undergoing thorough repairs anil improvements, when they will be the best in the city, having heretofore bad some of the I irgest games got upon them ?frequently over 160 pins in a string, and 17l. 188 and 101 pins have been got. They will lie ready for rolling in a few days, when due notice will be given. On the night of opening, two of the best players will attempt to beat the largest game above. The billiard tables are now m operation, on which only half price will be charged during the day time. The proprietor is thankful for the past favors of his numerous pa'rons, and will lie pleased to see them ?ll again on th- reo|>euing for fall business. Citizens and sfrangers will find he most select company in the above establish*! nt, as it is intended for heilthfureiercise >o gambling of an> kind whatever will he permitted, and all vulgar society excluded. N. B ?A privilege to let in the above place to a good man for selling oysters, pies, coffee and oth- r refreshments Rant low. Three good boys are wanted to set up pins. Apply as above. s30 2teod*m TO THE LADIES. T ADIT'S in want of fall ribbons, llow-rs, k<\, would do well Li to call at No. % Bowerv, where thev will >e- a good "ssortment of the above men iouei articl-s, together witb a variety of straw goodi, from the fuifs' to the coarsest texture,at wholesale and retail, as low as thev can be found in the city. s30 It* in J I ST LANDED n Oneida from Havre. .1 larue assortment of Paris made rich silk ami satin wadded ( loaks, < apes, < anails and PelfriiiM Also, an invoice of Criunmaille Skirts, an niiitly new article, for .ale by cHARLKS KAY, ?:<0 6t*r 15 South William ai.d ii Stone street*. COX'8 FURNISHING STORES ti MAIDEN LANK aivo 319 BROADWAY. I it I DOX have just received an eicellent assortment of ' tlie following articles, which they otfer at very low prices for cash:?Sol ?r l.aniim.? Jirandoles, Mantel Clocks, Jap'nnery. Mali l.anter s, ( amlelabras, Tahle futler} ; also, Hngrrs k Son's celehrsted Table Cutlery, Plated <'andlestieks, Branch, s, \\ alters. I akf Baskets. I'm- ,Te? Kettles. Tea Setts, and every article of I'la'ed Ware, of bheffield anil Birmingtiam manufacf.1 r>-; Block Tin Ware, consisting of Dish ('overs. Hash and Ovsier Dishes, Vension Dishes, Urns, fcc. fcc (iermui Silver Ware?Dunn k Son's celebrated Britannia Ware?Polished Steel Kire Setta?a splendid assortment of Sheffield I'lated Kpergnes. Silver Spoons, Korks, Tea Setts, fcc., kc., iu great variety constantly on hand. Strainers will find it to their interest to call and inspect their stock previous to purchasing. s30 Iwism LEECHES! LEECHES! LEECHES! OH nnn ' AROE AND HKALTHY Sweedish and ?ilMUv'V7 tterman Leeches, just received |?r ship ( andor, Ironi ti inburg; and duly ei|>ected 3J.0H0 Swrrdish and Oerma'i Leeches |*r bark Krankliu from Hamburg. For sale at moderate price* at <f. A. Si H. VvlTTK, Importers of Leeches, sin lin*m 4<6 I'mil street, New York. IKON SAKKS.?Attempts have recently lieen made to prejudice the public against WlLDKH S SAKKS, ou account of their il iini'iiess, bill they have never been found loo damp when li sted In tire, but exactly il.unp enough. while others Imvc lies'n I'oOnd iiuite too dry when exposed to the Mine lest. Mr. Wilder ha* improved upon the rtrnt Safe* mud* by him, in regard l.i dampnes*. and reference can I* made to in ore than one hundred i-e.pectable hou?es, w ho, ?ft?r a careful inveitifaI! >11 of the relative <|iialiiy and merit* of tin* variou. kind* of Site* ill market, (silica the introduction of the so railed Improved Salamander Safei ) have availed themselves of Wilder'* PATENT SALAMANDER BAKES, u .old l.y the subscriber, who ia the only |>er*on in the city authorued to make or ?ell the (tannine Patent Salamander Safe.; and every |ier.on ming Safe*, made in imitation of Wilder'. Patent, i* liable in three time* the amount of the value of *uch Safe *o u?ed, and will be held ie*pon?ible by the patentee, who ha* >uits now pending againat the manufacturer*. Any re*|>on*ible |ter*on in the city,~"wi*hinK to purcha*e a fire prool Btfe, anil having any doubts a* to the dampno** of Safe* old by the *ubacriher, ran have oue placed in the itore or counting houte three month* upon'trial. and if not found satisfacto* rv will be taken away ftee from charge. SILAS < . HERRING. No. IM Water *t. N. B,?Second hand Safe* for *al? at less than one-half the former price*, *uch a* hare been taken in part payment for Wilder ? Patent Salamander *afes. *:)0 lwdy2tw r PO I IIH I.CV r.l?* OK8UPEKIOR BLACK TEA.1 llowiiua'l Miiture.?This eitremely deliciou. and uuparalled Tea, .0 highly celebrated in China and Europe, just imported, i* now for *a|e at the .11 ton Te* Company s (Jeneral Tea Establishment, 121 Chatham street, New York, and 114 Kulton itreet, Brooklyn?to packages* Price SO cents aud $1 *ach- nN lm*r M'CTH'N S.M.r> Wlfcar ( Sluret So. M?jw? tlrett and IIS Fulton itr,.| , SATURDAY At I0? o'clock in th# sales room. La'ge sal* or valuable furniture of all deacriotioua.comprising a ireneral variety of all kmdaof articles in th* houa*kseping line kitchen utensils, Sic Large Brussels carpets and raja, piano fort??.sofas and chairs. China?Also, the balance itiici nl' splendid Londau China, and Liverpool ware, dinner, tea, coffee, and dcaert setts, lamp shades, (lata ware, Ike. At 12 o'clock precisely. Billiard Table?A very superior and complete billiard table, with all the apparatus, tic. can be seen at auy time in onr front basement. Also, an invoice of choice wines? Port Madeira and Sherry, in casks, demijohns and bottles. The Port Wine is eery ??" perior. Also, the entire furniture from a Hotel, including the bar futures, wiots, liquors, glass ware, Ike. Also, cooking moves Also, an entire invoice ofiplcndid ra'|>etiiiR.the balance stock of carpet store, iu various remnants, from ten to lifty yards MONDAY, At I0K o'clock, in the sales room, K?tra Sale?Piano Fortes Sofas, Furniture, Painting', 8cc.? The following articles hy catalogue and without reserve, by order of a receiver, and for account ol whom it may concern, viz: 2 splendid new piauo fortes; 2 *ecoud hand do; I London Cabinet do; 1 superb city made do do; a quantity of valuable music, a clmice collection of original paintings ami works, J cases beautiful stufleil birds, iu:. Also a large assortment of elegant furniture, best tofcs and rocking chairs; parlor, mahogany ami maf'le chairs; bureaus; mattrasses, beds, 4tc. Stc. Ill the Fulton street store. London and French China?The balance or the cotmguinent just received from London, of the sti|>erior and heaiiiifulKuglith china St'ffordshire and Liverpool ware comprising tea, coffee, dining and desert setts new anil beautiful style goods. Also, la-^pshadei, cut glass decanters, tumbler*, wine*, Stc. By F. J. BF.AKNS, Auctioneer. 1.9 Fulton street, 2d tioor. HANDSOME FURNITURE-This Day, at IU o'clock, at No. 2UI Kim street, a general assortment of household furniture, consisting of tola*, mahogviiy chain, cent'e, lea, and diniiiK tables, girandoles. hall and astral l.iin|m, window shades, oil cloths, parlor and stair carpets, rugs, fire sets, looking glasses, bureaus, feather beds and bedding,bedsteads, china and glass ware, table cutlery, Sic., together with the kitchen furniture, w nil which the sale will commence. t30 lt*m AUCTION NOTICE.?Remnants of Oil Cloths, Carpets, new and second hand Kurniture, he ,Stc.?Charles S. Smitn will sell this morning, September "JO, at IU o'clock, at his sales room, 892 Broadway, a large au elegant assortment of city made cabinet furniture, among w hich are sofas, different styles and patterns, divans, Ottamans, plain and dressing bureaus, dining and marble top centre, tables, rush, cane seat and mahogany chairs, See., Sic. Also, carpets, oil cloths, crockery, pictures, from a saloon, all to lie sold without reserve s3ll lt*in High bred imported huoivv iIoRnf.d'c atTLE? Will he sold bv auction, liereiupturilv, and without reserve, at tho ethibition and fair, to M held by the Philadelphia Agricultural Society, on Thursday, the 5th October nest, at 12 o'clock, noon, at the I.smli Tavern, about IS miles from the Schui Ikill Permanent Bridge, on the Lancaster turnpike, 2 Imported Cows ai?d 9 Ileiffers, Bulls and Calves, their offspring, bred at Pow eltan. These animals in form, points,jiedigree and handling, sustain the loug established credit of the herd of Mr. Wlutaker, to whom they beloug. WOLB'JT 8i 11ERKNE88, Anct. Philadelghia, Sept. 27, I8i:t. s2!lislt*r HENRY RV8NELLS CONCERT. This Evening at the LIBRARY CONCERT ROOM, BllOADWAY. ]UR. HKNRY RUSSELL respectfully informs the public IvX that, he proposes giving a Yocal Entertainment at the N. Y. Society Library .corner of Broadway and Leonard st, on this. Saturday evening, Sept 30th, 1&I3, on which occasion he will have the honor of presenting to the public several of his new and most favorite compositions. PROGRAMME. Paht I. BALLAD?"The Old Bell." For full five hundred years I've swung III iny old grey turret high; And many a din'trent theme I've sung, As the time went stealing by; I've pealed the chau t of ft wending morn, E'er night I have sadly toll'd, To say that the bride was coming, lovelorn, To sleep in the churchyard mound. Ding dong, ding dong .Ike. lie. SONG?"Come, Brothers Arouse." From the Opera of the Bride's Band. Come, brothers arouse, let the owl go to rest? Oh! the summer sun's in thesky;? The bees on its wing ami the hawk s in his nest, And the river runs merrily by.?etc. NAUTICAL BALLAD-"The Main-Truck; Or. A Leap for Life." Words by George P Morris, Esq. This song is foun led up n the well-known story of the same name, from the pen of the late William Leggett. Old Ironsides at anchor lay, ill the harbor ol .Mahon; A dead calm rested on tht- bay. The warm to sleep had gone. See. RECITATIVE?"Stand to_your Ouns." Description of a Sea Kight, Music by Carter. Stand to your guns, my heart! of oak, Let not a word on board be spoke; Victory soon will crown the joke,? Be silent aud be ready.?etc. THE TOMB OK WASHINGTON. Words by Mrs Sigmirney. Tomb of the mighty dead'. Sacred be. every tree That waves above thy head, Or sheds its bloom on thee. Wh'le full Potomac tlows Bright 'neath Mount Vernon's tun; Honored by friend* and foes? Rest here in soft re|K>se, Washington! # CANTATA?"The Maniac." Tart II. CARDINAL, WOLSEY'S FAREWELL ADDRESS TO CROMWELL.?Sinks ware. . Cromwell, I did not think to shed a tear In all iny; but tliou hast fore'd me, Out of thy honest truth, to play the woman. Let's dry oureyei; and, thus far, hear me, Crumwtll; Aud, w hen I am forgotten, as I snail be, And sleep in dull, cold marble, where mention Of ine must no more be Heard. say then, I taught thee; Say. Wolsey, that once trod the waves of glory, And sounded til the depths and shoals of honor, Found tlui' a way, out ol his wreck, to rise in: A sure and safe one, though thy master iniss'd it. Mark hut iny fall, aud that which ruin'd me. Cromwell, 1 chirge thee, (ling away ambition: Bv that mii fell the angels; how can man, then. The image of his Maker, nope to win by it/ Love thyself last; cherish those hearts that hate tliee Corruption wins not more than honesty! Still in thy rit(ht liaud carry gentle peace, To silence envious tongues. NEW NATIONAL AMERICAN BONO. "Our Native Song"?Our Native Song." BONO?"The Ivy Ureeu." Written by C. Dickens, Esq Oh! a dainty plant is the ivy green. It creei tin o'er ruius old.?etc. BALLAD?"My Old Wife." Old time has dimm'd the lustre of her eyes that brightly shown, Aud her voice his lost the sweetuess ol its girlhoods silvery tune; But her heart is still as cheerful as in early days of life, Aud as fondly as 1 pril'd my bride, I love my dear old wife.?etc. COMIC?" Largo al Factotum Delia Cita." (From the Opera " II Barbiere di Seville.) FINALE?"The Bubbles of the Day; Or, share Companies in general To commence at hall past 7 o'clock. Tickets 50 cents each. To be had at Hewitt's, Atwill's, and Wm. Dubois' Music StoiW. ?30 Itr THE RESi I KD NUN ! Or A Convent ?ni> its Wiosoi. "In these deep solitudes Mini awful cells. Where heavenly pensive contemplation dwells, And ever musiug melancholy reigns, What mean these tumults in a vestals veins'" WILL BE PUBLISHED OF SATURDAY, *th instant, price One Shilling.?This ihrillingly interesting tale, founded on facts of recent occurrence, by the author of Mabel the Actress, ike. This work illustrates truthfully and powerfully the sever* and arbitrary policies of a prevailing sect, a id should be read In all interested ill the Anti Puseyite discussion of theday. The author writes with the earnestness of a man who describes what he has seen or known. This tale cannot fail to command universal attention. Published in a handsome book form, with perfctly new large ....i Alio, the third edition of "Mabel the Actress," price 12K cents. uUHOBnS k 8TRLMJER, 29 2tis r I !omr Broadway and Ann ?treet. HKHI) OK HI KKALOES FOR SALE.?The"proprietor offers lor sale, singly or ill pairs, ten Buffaloes, two and a half yean old. They are known to lie of great value in Kurope to stock the parks of nobleme'i and others. To Farmers also they are valuable, at they make the noblest oi?n, cows and heel in the world, by lieing crossed with common cat'le. They're also valuable for exhibiting. They can be ?een. and ill in format ion obtained by calling on Mr ( arpenter, at Perry's Hotel, Hot.,.Wen l'h." wiIIim .'.Id it ,i ^r.-it luig tin Itur " Let envy drop her raven ijuill, 1 ,el standee's venomed lip be still." VOUNO MEN, would you fly from a mare! Would you l take the advire of a friend f Do you desire that relief only ty lie received at the hands of an espwrienced physician ' Do you .igain desire your systems purified, and thereby be enabled to avoid unspeakable totment. and restored to your friends without shame or disgrace I If so, why not apply at once to No. 3 Division street, where, if there is the last ray of hope, or ilie stamina of life remainiug, you can as sure obtain all these as you procure the medicine. Listen not to envious and seemingly interesied adv.sers. but look, act and think for yourself, and the sooner, under all circumstances, the better. HUNTEH'S R C D DROP acts like a charm; only $ I per vial, and warranted to cure in the full s.ote of the word. N.B.?Private parlors, and private entrance attached. Albany, oflicc No. 5 Stanwis Hall >oagent in Buffalo. sM ll*m THE OIRARD CASE. TNTHISOBEATt ASK the firvt legal talent in the conn try 1 iseiigagvd. Webster, ('lav vid Adims are imoug the dis tiuguished counsel, and their joint fees can scarcely amount to less than ten thousand dollars. Some curious devforements in relarion to the habits and pursuits of the late Stephen Oirard will be elicited by the eross-?iamiuations, and the whole world will be agog to read the evidence In short, of all the re cently before the public we know of none of such general iml>ort*nce And d?ep interest to the people at larjr, eicept.ttie era. s which contain Chapman's unrivalled Magic Razor Strops. Hold wholesale and retail at 102 William street. sJO 11"r OUTCHIN09' STOMACH BITTERS?Kor d- s|?p?ia, * * palpitittou of the heart, loss orappetile, assisting digeation, iiUflit iwfiti, mid nil nervous diseases. Numerous ceititica es ofjiersoiis cured, aa well at certificates of vrfrnl physicians who mi- it iu their (iridic*, cau be ?een at the proprietor! Mamifactu r<l and told Sil ilouatoii comer McDougal street, price $1 |?r bottle AgenU? Bowery; M4 Broidmyj Dr. !l*rton, cor Allen and Stanton itnreti; .Vri. Il iyi, Brooklyn; Ingerioll. Peekskill. 130 lw* 'IMIK HYOKIAN BALSAM A 9I HK REMEDY.?Thit J- Medicine, for thecureol pulmonary and consumptive diteates, although hut trcentlT introduced into the United Hutea, is rapidly aatuining hitch rank aa a remedy. It deaervea all the favor bwtowrd upon it for ita certainly of cure in advanced itages of lung complaints and consumption. Iu discoverer and inventor, Dr. Cook, eminent tu London lor hia medical abilities, Ii4a received the" highest encomiums id Kuro|ie for the benefits he ha? diaivned upon patient* that were rapidlv dying, but for the use of the Hygeian BaU*m. An enlightened community will iooii appreciate iu worth. Hold by thf |iroprtetor it his office No. II Barclay itreet ; Aapinwall, 16 William at.; and the Mesart. Hand*. "9 h niton, corner of (iold at. ; and alao rt (Jaaaner Ik Young't, No. I!)2 Chatham at. aM) lt?? THORN'S COMPOUND EXTRACT OFCAPAIBA AND SARSAPARILL/t. POH8E8SK8 a few advantages not enjoyed by any other mei ilicine for the cure of all tettial dincaaea : and which muat, with an enlightened public, render it assuredly highly popular, andIt desideratum long aought form the medical world. It need i no rontiuetnent or change of diet. In its approved form, tli/it yl i past*', it i* entirely and cantei no un|>lMMi)i teuiatlon Id the patient. It h.u acquired the utmost fame in altnoit every |>art of f urope ; it hai been examined, approved of and lanctioued by the faculty of medicine, and recommended by'the moat eminent of the profession. Prepared by J. B. Thorne, chemist, London, and for sale wholesale and retail, by JA.VlKS TAHltANT, 266 Greenwich street coiner of Warren "feet. Also, it 2 Park Row and '>18 lirnwdw ?y, 163 Broadway, <l? Broadway comer Lttpeuard street, iW Broadway coiner ol I 1 Wilk r (IIMt. ?juiw..-r J . . . AMUSEMENTS. (UIIDK1. KA VKL F A MILY . l.nt Niflit ill the .\?-w f'omir Pa: tosiim* of tfca ?iTiiu?...M Mi\h>tunttvj Fununatus. SATURDAY KVKNINO. Sept ?. ih. iwlbniMi wtB l\?? , conmnei with Aft. ' ? I* Couronn# ilkif Alter which, for the fir?t *et of the Ballet Pan torniina of Keuhe.. v, L>avLPHIDE. IMa Moi? Martin | Handy. Oabmi fUaal 1<W .J*""?* IL".'I I Ly M'm L J?rJE Alt r winch. 'ha celebrated Joaaiili will tu iKfotu hi* (nrprUlBK Contortion. "'mtmu wui g? whh After which, Tiiht Hope. By the lUvel Family. Half *u hour'i iiitermiaaion will be allnwad for .?i rvfreahtmutaiti tha <>r*nd Saloon, Wh?i* Ic? I raamv H rnit lce?, and lO-fraahinwu of lk* ceat kind, and in great variety, will be found. To be followed by (19th time) tlie NEW COMIC PANTOMIME". Entitled Uw 36 MISFORTUNES OK FORTUNATUS! Or,?The Ma?ic Cuckoo ! Consisting of n*** ""I original Sown*'. Dressee, Tricks, ind Transformation ! With entirely nr* Machinery, Scenery, Costumes, Properties, Overturn and Mu?ic, fcc kc. DISTRIBUTION. Don Kortunatus, (JabriaJ Rini (A ample Signor of Salamanca ) Don Babellas Jf*o?? Ra??J Alberto -M-m. .Vlartio Vulcan Moos. D'Aarwfn# Don Henriaue Antoine R***l Sivnor de V allndalid Charlaa Wiplhar Unlaldo Francois Ratal Kiel, on Mom. MaaaaCb l?..go Joseph Ratal Alouio Leon Jatalli Pietro Martin Jetelli Lomi to Clarke Marcia Colossus Stafford Marcellina Madame Jerome Ratal Arreline Madam* Leon Jsvellj Zelia Madame Martin Jatalu Ondine Mr*. C. H. Hunt Fauction Mrs. Broadley A strict Police will be in attendance, and great can taken to prevent the admission of improper persons. (TT^Tioketa Kifty Outs. May tie had at the Oardan durum the day [f7*" A limited number of Keason Ticket* Mill be die posed of. No postponement at this eaUblishmant on account ol the weather as the (Jmid Kiiy-ance from Broadway to the Saloon it protected, and tile new .Saloon, which is veutilatad from the top and ?i<le?. can be oi>eiied at a moment's notice. PARK THEATRE. THIS EVENI NO, Sept. Mtti?Will be performed CHIMNEY PIECE. Muddlebraiu, Chipp?nd<le I Frederick, Andrew* Followed by Miu Julia Turn bull. in I'ss de Danube Alter which, GRANDFATHER WHITEHEAD. Grandfather Whitehead, Mr Placide To conclude with CHARLES X'l. Charles 12th, Placide | Adam Brock, Chippendale ir s~ Bcnea $1?Pit 50 cents? (Jallery 21 centa. If/"" L)oora open at T. The Curtaiii will rue precutdv at half |at*l 7 O'ClOCk. lalTCHKLL'S OLYMPIC THEATRE. THIS EVENING. Sept. 30. 18 3-The performance wUi commence with A THUMPING LEGACY. Jerry Ominous, Mr Holland To be followed by SARATOGA SPRINGS Timothy Tape wall, Miichell | Peter Posey, Waloolt After which, THE SECRET. Tliomaa Mr Holland After which GIOVANNI IN GOTHAM. Don Giovanni, Mi?iTaylor | Don Ouxman, Mr Wtlceil IT r Diess Circle, 10 centa?Upper Botes, 21 centa?Pit, 13)4 ?Private Boxes, $1?Orchestra Boxes, 13. KIT" Doors open at 7?Curtain riae at half-put 7. NATIONAL. THEATRIC. (PHILADELPHIA ) Weinyaa and Oakey, Lessees. Benefit of Mr Wallack. THIS EVENING, SATURDAY, Sept JO. 1MJ. PIZ \ RKO, Rolla Mr Wallank To conclude with the farce of MY AUNT. Dick Dishall Mr Wallack Mr. E. Forrest ia engaged. and will ahortly appear. Doora o|>eu at 7 o'clock. Commence at hall-past 7 pneiseiy [?7""Adinission?Boxea and ParquetteiO centa. Upper Bona 21 cent*. AMERICAN MimECii GARITEK, AND PERPETUAL FAIR Saturday, September flu, 1843. [f^Two Performancei, at (o'clock and 7X P. M -/ T1 FAKEWKLL BENEFIT, aud positively tha list appearance of tha BOSTON MINSTRELS. THE CHIPPEWA INDIAN CHIEFS AND SQUAWS, will fivr th>ir war ton ; and dauces at the afternoon |*rformance only, aa they leave for Boatou all o'clock. Jo-Co Sot, the celebrated Sac Chief?Co-Que-Lea, the Ckip|>ewa Chief?<juet-a-we-ba, a celebrated Indian Orator. Alio euicagad, Mr, WM. COLE and kis learned Doc Billy. Mna ADAIR the hiiclily popular Vocalist*.?La Petite CELESTE, the admired dansn^e.?Mr. COLLINS, the Co mic Singer.?CITY URASH BAND, of ten musicians-MO,0(H) CURIOSITIES?The FEJEE MERMAID, captured alive near the F-jee Islands The Splendid Baxaar?Or new Hall, establishedfthe principle of a Perpetual Fair. Dr. V aleueutine is eriKHjp-d, and will ap|>ear on Monday neiL Alto. Matter Nells, the man born without arms, with many other noveltiet Admitsion 21 cents?children under ten teari half priea. ndw friui/ nrsvrrsi AND PICTURE GALLERY. (Broadwuy, wpottft the ('Uv Hall.) LAST DAY AND BENEFIT OF JO CO-SOT, Tlif Indian chirr, wlio ?ail? for Europe ou Moutlay. The CHIPPEWA tHIB- OF INDIANS will appearou thia occasion, auil introduces variety of war lonti, dances,he. Tomahawk Kiglit between Jocoaot and the Chippewa Chief ? Taking the Sc.Jp. In consequence of the Chuipews Tribe of Indiana leaving br the Bolton bo'it at j o'clock. Two Performances will take plsee during I he day. at II and 3 o clock. On each occasion they will introduce the Tomahawk Fjght. La?t D*v of The GIANT GIRL, 11 YEARS OLD, and WEIGHS 405 POUNDS. The CHILD ONE YEAR OLD, WEIGHS FOUR POUNDS, CASPEil HAUSER. Half Man Half Monkey. The FUD-GE MERMAID?half Ki.h half Female. Mr. C. Jenkina, the much admired Tenor Singer, celebrated Comic Delineator, uuriralled Banjo Player, and uneqaalled Nefro Eitravaganzist?Miaa Adair, the charming songstress? ,1 Petite Onto, the graceful danseuse? All to be MM for t )ne Shilling. FOR ONE NIGHT ONLY. MR. HILL, (alia* Yalike,- H,||) rr>]>ectOlllv announces to lie ladies and gem lemeii of Jersey City, tbat he will fi?a a HUMOKOUS ENTKRTAINSIENT AT THE LYCEUM, On SATURDAY EVENING, *ept. 30th. when he will fer a number of his most celebrated IMITATIONS! SAYINGS ' I YANKEE STORIES! ! ! DIALOGUES ! ! ! ! ANECDOTES !'.!!! fce. fcc. Mr. Hill will also, by desire, perform two of his Scotch Melodies on the Klute. '.J" Tickets 23 cents each. Doors open at 7?Entertainments to commence at half-past T o'clock. sW lt*ec SIGNOR CIOCFI'S GRAND VOCAL AND IN8TRU: .MENTAL CONCERT, at Washington Hotel, on I uas (lav Evening, October 3, 1(43?assisted by the following talent: ?Sin. Anlogniiii, Madam Otto, Miss -ophis Gierti. the celebrated pianist from Norway, her first appeiraiice, Moua. Carrieve, Intnl. Mont. Offner. Violinist, Moas. Etien and Mr. W. V. Wallace, with full Orchestra. Leader, Mr. H. Mullen. Programn e to be had at the Music Stores. Concert to commence at li.ilf-pait 7 o'clock /""Tickets SI each. .JO It SatMftTrc fiONCERT AT THE APOLLO SALOON.?SENOR DE ItlB.AS lias the honor to announce to his friends and the public in general, that he will, in compliance with the wiah of lui friends, will sue his Vocal and Instruments! Coneert, on Saturday, the 30th mat tut. on which occaaton ha will be as. sisted by Mrs. Loder, Mr. Timms. Mr. Alnera, Mr. Hul and Master Scancia, and a Grand Orchestra, led by Mr. U. C. Hill. < onductor Mr. Timms. '1 ickets Fifty Ceuts. to be liad at all the Moaic Stores and principal Hotels. Concert to commence at 8 o'clock. ?25 Men NATIONAL PA IN TING 'fHE EMBARKATION OF THE PlLGRIM FATHERS 1 from Delft-Haven, Diluted by Robert W. Weir, for the Rotunda of the < apitol at Washington, will be open for exhibition October 2d, f. r a short time only, at the National Academy of Des'gii, Broadway corner of Leonard street. Admittance U leiiti. Heaiou Tickets V) cents. < stalogwas 12>, cents. Open from 9 A. M. to 10 P. M. ?n lw'ec OPTICAL CAMERA OBh( L'KA? Is now exhibited the most celebrated < amera Ohsrura yet inTeuted, at the corner of Broadway aud Canal stieet, np staira Entrance from Caiiil street, 42W. Admission 12)5 centa?children 6K cents. sJ'Ut'r W. A. REITEMEYER. fl HATS-TALL FASHIONS, 1S43 ? The sabecribsv JP? improves 'he occasion presented by the tail change in the ftshion of hats, to invito l is frieuda. customers and the pablie ,ii general, to his Establishments. No. 110 Chatham strast, and W Canal, corner of Wooster streets where he offers for sale and nspection a large and elegant assortment of HaU and I spa, at itremely low prices, lie particularly iiiviim their altentiaa to his tine Nutria Kur Hau at >], warranted water proof, and to retain their color and aliapt- tie woald also rail their stum cion to his short uapt Silk Hats, at S3 JS and $i yt. Amo. km lupeThne Moleskin Hau, at the low price ol II The abeveneutioned Hau are neat and durable, and "<i. compare adran'Ageuusly with hau seld in this citv ai tlsn* i* WILLIAM SANTA, No. ISO Chatham at., and ?? i .anal, cor. Wooeters*. 2 }w(lwis)*m il>M T. JEN.NINUS fc CO . Merchant Tailors, 231 Bmed '* way, oepesite the I unuin? Just recti red, 'he foliewtag i isortment of splendid Tartan Plaid V eatings:? Abertrombie, Murray, Kraier, Mar Krone, Huynl Stuart, KaliuUm, v Koibrl, Mm DoaaU, Athol, Victoria, Albeit, Arnyle. The above, with a great variety o| plain aoJ Agurvd 80k, Haii aud vVuollru Veiling*, compnMng th? W?i Ucortnxnt in thr uy, will be imde up to order, at oar uaaal moderate pricaa for , uly money. ? lwu'? NO QUACKERY. ~~ IfOKTY YKARH hXPMil r.N<' K in extensive Hospital*, 1 4i<.?Twenty-eight Year* before tlx Nrw York public!? >'ctor Joseph Kraut liaa amoved hi* bi*peu*aryto No. 19# li<iliain *treet. rnr Petri, wherr thr unfortunate <nd fllictod. it)i every specie* ot? * Wrtain 'liwvue. will be *|?w<lilv and rt'ectly cured (without iipo*ure) on the rno*l rmsouable int. AI*o, thr nui't desper te ulcers aud eruption*. Hi* monies are mild, *pee?ly anil effectual All ra*r* an- faaranMM. ?ure to find the real old Doctor, No 100 < h.?hatn Vttrmlaiice daily until 10 o'clock, P. M. Advice grat *. 10 Iff 'TTSALK C H E A P? AcomplaCa Pnirttaf Oftee, *alcutai?J for a .mall daily or a weekly nrw*pa(?r constating of vier, Miuion, Kaufy Type. Impoamg ??on?, ( aaea. Frame*. . fcc? .11 nearly mm. CONNER, ,r t ?mn o( Saaaau and Aun (treat! UcT(WHKAT?IWharrela, half barrels, 300 qnaitrr barrela, yo<>. ighfh barrel*, in neat packages, ??iU>le fur ship> ,,r um iU flK, for *ale by * HOLT k. OWEN, g jt*r ^ ro?* st'eat earner Beekman. iMILY KLOl'R? "< a*t.tli* " "Rail Itoad,n "T'ndti I' Vlil,*. "Akron," "Beach," lie. Bnckwlieat and lu<Jioi il, in barrel*, half barrrl* and iiuartvr birrcU for ?alr b> HOLT It OWtN, :0 lt?r 2OT Front corner Berkman ureet. y ttt/KLUOUSt. K^AMLU FTiXa v 'IIGMC far-fanw. aad celebrated l'ill?, from PortugV ?r? ? * iereeive, to be obtained iu thin conntrr. *e? nr. rrti.r ?ni on iim 1*41 column, fourth . ' -V.