Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 1, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 1, 1843 Page 1
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TH Vol. tx ?No. Ml> ?Whole No. 9*81, . "i FOR CHARLESTO^^^O^KEY WEST, NEW ORLEANS. APJD GALVESTON, (Tm.) rP0 SAIL on Thui?d.iy,5tli October, theelejrant,well know? A coppered staain ship NEW YORK, J. P. Vvrijht, I omnia nder, will tail us above. Tlii? steamer has beeu put in complete order for [lie neaaon, and lias etteuuve accommodations, with large and airy itale rooms. .. _ or passage or Pre in lit of sp?cie, apply to the .p." board,pier No. 9 North River, 2nd wharf above Rector street, or to A. HtfBBARl) k CO., 39 ?>ck slip. New York, Sept. II. 1843. allto5*ec FOR HALIFAX & LIVERPOOL. The Roval MailSteain Ship CALEDOIf Tpltji NI A, E. (J. Lott. Esq., Commander, will leave Boiton for the above ports ou Sunday, Passage lo Liverpool Passage to Halifax ' 20Applv to D. BllIGHAM, Jr., Agent, s23 3tm No. 3 Wall street. - ^ DRAFTS ON ENGLAND, IRELAND Sic.?Persons about remitting money to tlmir j/jtmjkP/Lk(H?friends in the "old country," cau be supplied with Draft*, in sums of 1, 2, 3, 5, 10. " "HHKSsajo U ?i0. or any amount, payable on demand without discount or auy other charg*, at the National Bank of Ireland, Provincial Bank, do., Mess:*. James Bull, Sou Si Co., Bunkers, London, I Barned Si Co., Exchange and Discount Bank. Liverpool, Eastern Bank of Scotland, Greenock Banking Company, Sir Win. Forbes Hunter Si Co., Scotland, and the brandies iu every post town throughout England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, which drafts will lie forwarded "fey the steamer Caledonia, which leave* Boston the 1st October, o application to W. fli .J 7 I'APSCOl I Ai uieir tteneral Passage Office. 43 Peck Sli|f, corner South st. N. B ?All letters from the country* wu?t come post paid s2C ec r l^frl TRAVELLERS GOING SOUTH OR WEST?Sixteen hours m advance of the Mail?Tri-Weekly Line to Savannah, in connexion with the Central Itailroad to Macon and the W est The splendid steam pickets GENERAL CLINCH, Capt. J P. Brooks, and CH A'< LL STON, Capt. F Banlen, will leave Charlesion every Tuesday, Thursday and Satnrd>y morning, st 9 o'clock, -ifter of rhe Wilmington boats from the north, arriving at Savannah the same day, and will leave Savannah on ti e same u ys ;is noove, at o <> ciock r. ivi., alter uie arrival 01 uncart from Macon. Travellers will find thin to be the cheapest and most expeditious route to the south aud west. The above boats are fitted Up in a superior st , le, and . i expense or pains will lie spared to ensure certainty, com'ort. uid expedition to the travelling public. JOHN Q. LAFITTK. Agent, r iivsiminous' Wharf, t haleston. Charleston, September, 181., ?17 2m*r - _ F< ?K < l.KSl ?v," KM WKST. /Carfttl> HAVAN/i. NEW ORLKANS, AND >^|r|RinSe>(>.iLVh:sTON. Texas?steam Shi N EPTIJNE, Captaiu William Rollins? sail on Saturday, Oct ber "?th, at 4 O'clock, P. \1. This splendid and very superior packet steamer is now beinii overhauled aud put ill perlrct order for the teoson. Her cabins and state rooms are elegantly furnished, and passengers can rely ?u every comfort anil accommodation in her. For passage as above, in the cabins or steerage, and for light freight and s|>eciefor Charleston, apply to J. H B ROWER. 75 Wall st. Or on board, at the Grea' Western Dock, s!6 r foot of Clinton st, E R. j. rtL FOR NKW ORl. KAN S?Touching at all ports in Kast and West Florida, viz: St. Ausustiue, New Smyrna, Indian River, Cape Florida, Indian Key, Key West, Tampa Bay Cedar Keys, Port Leon, ApaKchicola and Pensacola ?The splendid steam ship CINCINNATI. J. Smith, ina&t?t, (who has been long engaged in the navigation between florid* and New Orleans ) will leave Charleston, S C., ou ihe 1st of October next, and after the arrival of the Wilmington boats, for all the above places. For passage only, having superior accommodations, apply on board, or if lie letter, postpaid, to JOHN B. LAFITTK, Atent, Fitzsimmous' Wharf Charleston, S. C., Sept. 9th, 1843. sl4 tolr N-KW ARRAINOEMENT. FARE AND FREIGHT REDUCED. - firi M REGULAR MAIL LINE?FOR PRO fl^*-aJ_C3pVlDENCE AND BOSTON, vis. 8TON SfciiSCfclNGTGN AND NEWPORT?Composed of the following superior Steamers, running iu connection with the Stuniuuton and Boitou and Providence Railroads :? MASSACHUSETTS, Capt. Cumnock. RHODE ISLAND, Capt Thayer. PROVIDENCE. NARRAOANSETT. MOHEOAN. One of which will leave New York daily (Sunday* excepted) from Pier No. l,^Batt>*H^Wacp,^ N'^ River, at 5 P. M. The RHODE ISLAND, Captain Thayer, on Monday, and Wednesday for Stouington and Newport, and Friday for Stonington. The M ASSACHUSETTS, Captain Comstock, on Tuesday and Thursday for Stonington, and Satard&y for Stoningtou, Newport ana Providence. Passengers, on the arrival of the steamers at Stouington, will be immediately forwarded iu the splendid and commodious Cars of the liailroad to Providence and Boston, and if lot Newport will p?oceed iu the steamer Mohegau (in superior order) from the c? at 6 o'clock the following morning, thus giving them *u,opportni 'ty of a night's rest 011 board th# steamer Musaclinsetts or Rhode Island, and then breakfast on board the Mohegau. The above stetimers have been thoroughly equipped and prepared to promote celerity of travel and the comfort and security of passengers, and not surpaescd by any in the United States For passage or freight, which is taken at very reduced rates, apply on board, at north side of pier No. I, 22 Broadway, or office of Samuel Peveau. freight aceut. on the wharf. Ticket* for tlie roore jaid steamers' berths oau be secured on board, or at the office of HARNDEN fc CO.. No. 3 Wall street IT1.*"On and after the 10th iust, freiglit will not be received r 0 forwarded after half-past 4 P. M. m9 6m* in t'EOPLK'S LINK OK STEAMBOATS tL?njy^gP >'OH ALBAN V?Daily at 7 o'clock P. M r* direct?From the atearaboat pier between Courtlamlt and Liberty streets, Sunday excepted. The .teamboat KNICKERBOCKER Cain. A. P. 8t. John, will leave .VIoutlay, Wedue*day and Friday Eveuings, at seven o'clock. Stmmboai ROCHES1 ER, ("apt. A. Houghton, will leave Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 7 P. M. At 4 o'clock P. M.?L mdiugat Intermediate Places. Ste.untioat SOUTH AMERICA, Capi. L. W braiu&rd will leave Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoon, at 4 o'clock. Steamboat NORTH AMERICA, Capt. M. H. Truesdell will leave Tuesday, Thnriday and Saturday Evening, at tiv? o'clock. Passengers taking this Line of Boats will at all times arrive iu Albauy in ample time to take the Morning Train of Cars for the east or west. The above boats are new and substantial, are furnished with neat and elegaut State Rooms, and for speed and accommodations are unrivalled on the Hudson. For Passage or Freight, apply on board, or to P. C. Schnlu at the office ttu the wharf. s25 r INDEPENDENT KEOULAK OPPOSl fc^J^-C3?TION NIGHT LINE FOK ALBANY h if afcJLTROV-Througli Direct, without Landing-1 tie commodious and substantial stedinboat PORTSMOUTH Capt. O House, will leave New York from the foot of Barcla\ street, ou Moudays. Wednesdays and Fiidays; aud will leavt Albany and Tro> on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, auo will continue these trips lor the season. Freight lakeu at reduced rates. Apply on board. P. S.?The above boat has undergone a thorough repair, anu it in first rate order. s2 Im'r SEVEN O'CLOCK EVENING LINK ^ J*f" ALBANY AND TROV direct, withon 3L0JLC.I Hiding?the splendid low pressure steambos SWALLOW, Captain A., will leave the foot ol Courtlaudl street evep Tuesda), Thursday, and Saturday evenings, at 7 o'clock, for Albany direct. The Swallow has a large number of state rooms,and for tpee<l and accommodations is not surpassed on the Hudson aufi et '_air. It*1 NEW ARRANGEMENT FOfl SHKEW'SBUR V?Long Branch. Saudi 3CaB^K^Z_Hook, <1 -111 House and Eatoutowu Lvmlint J he uew steamboat SHREWSBURY, Captain John r Corliem. will now ruti is llows, on and alter Thursday, 27th iust leaving New Yorl Irr n (he foot ef Ilobinson street every Tuesday, Thursday, - <1 Ss'urtlay , at 10 o'clock, A. M Ami Eatoutowu Lauding on Monday, Wednesday and Friila> at 10 o'clock, A. M. The Shrewsbury will run as above, weather permitting, an til further notice. All baggage at the risk of the owners Fare 37H cents. N. B.?Stages will be in attendance to convey pnssengei from the aforesaid landing (dares to any part of the county required. 'J he Shrewsbury will go the inner passage, when practicable, Wtr NEW YORK AND KINGSTON STEAM FREIGHT AND PASSAGE LINE. For Kingston, anc Delaware and lludsoi ^-^S^aC+nal-ateamhoata EMERALD and NOH 1 tie r.>1 MIALD, Captain John Ketcham, will leave New York, foot of Murray street, every Monday and Thursday at 1 -t-t _i. I> VI Will leave K iiiRstnn (Ron ont landing) eTcry Wednesday and Saturday at 3 o'clock, P. M. The NORWICH, (aptain John Samuels, will Imif.N(? York, foot of Warreu itrwt, every Wedin sday and Saturday a 5 o'clock, P. M. Will ! ??< K jetton (Handout landing) erery Tuesday ami Friday at 3 o'clock, I', Nl. KXTRA TRIPS. Tin* KMKHALD will leara the foot of Murray sfraet every Sunday morning at 7 o'clock. Returning, I eavea K ingstou at 4 o'clock, same day. ) or freight or |M??Agt' apply on boanl, or to WILLIAMSON, BARLOW h CO., ;i21 3in r 161 Went itmt. ' mm ro ?K E Y PO RT A N 0 MIDI) LKTOW N fir _ -nJ*POINT. Dailv, (.Sundays excepted,) touch ^ ^ r - Heguiues Dock. Suten Inland.?On and after Mouday. July 31st. the steamer K()< K l,AN I), < Captain Crawford. will leave Middletown Point ou Moi day?, Tuesday, Wednesd')s, Thursdays and Kridaya, at half-past one o'clock (tide |iermittin){.) and Keyport at 2 o'clock P. M HettirninK. leave New York, loot of Robinson street, on Tuesd.iv >, \\Vduesdays, T'm sdaya and Fridays, at I o'clock A. M. and at 2 P. M. Stages will he iu r?adi leaa on the arrival of the boat to coo s\ passengers to Freehold or any part ol the country. Uniform conveyances on Target recursions, Partiea of pleasure will lie taken to and from frort Hamilton or Keyiwrt at reasonable pricea. ?20 Im m STATKN 1SLA5D rMliY, POOl WHITKH.VLL ST.-The stminhoai "** wr^'i-L-vi |sL \NUKH will leave New Yoik and staim Island, on aud alter October 2d, aa follows, until further notice Leave New York 9, 11, 2, W.itXLeave Htaten Island 8, 10, 1, 2\, i. All freight ahipped in mimred to be (nrticularly marked and it at the risk >! tlis- owners thereof. t30tf r A A HAMaNOS lleis lor aale, at No, ii Wall st, 10 hlid Muscovado Sugar, and 1J lm*s of < oflee, landing from brig 1 | ax, from St. J ago Tu Store? 10 hhds Son cured Muscovado Sugar nitable for rfl'iuen 4 botes white Sugar, free labor 11 bales superior Guisa Tobacco, ^nitable for uianufac Hirers. .... >?" Swm nf Lord Bvron, Woodv lejwda variety of othe brands. WANTED?ACoop-r, and a Mil might that understand! narpeuter'a work, to go to St J ago d J nba; muat be single an< ol temperate halms. Ain>ly asahor ' nil I in* r i b<* HT Y-<, l AiiLb UU I'LhKt, dec AW. SI'IKS k CO. 213 Prarl street, are now opening m casks of new anil elegant patterns of Tea Tray a, embrar iiiK e?ery variety of quality, color auil fitea, Irom eight to thirty inches. Alio, *00 grou Irory self tip and Stag handle Knirw and Forks. Al?<>, ?ue caie new patterns Crooker's tins I'm Knit*. 19 la*ec E NE NE 0^"V'co"EN^? ENULISH. FRENCH, BK.LOIA\ .ATNI) \M h i< HN EXPRESS, GENERAL KOKVVAKUING AND COMMISSION HOUSK. HARNDEN (k CO. w ill receive and furwaril by their daily Express Can, S|>ecie, Bank No let, I'irk igesaud Parcels, to any part of the United Stales or Canadas, audliy the steamers auu packets many part of England, Ireland, Scotland, Belgium or V ranee. ''articular attentiiiu is paid to llie purchase or sale of all descriptions of merchandise, collecting and paying Drafts, Notes, and Bilis, to the entry of merchandise at the Custom House, and to the general transaction of any and all kinds of forwarding and commission business. Bills of Exchange, in sums to | suit, furnished ou St. John, N. B., Halifax, N. a., or on any j part of Eurojie. All goods must ba marked "Harden k Co." Foreign Post , Ollice Letter Bags are made-up for all the Royal Mail Steamers from Boston, and the steamer and sailing packets from New York. Principal offices and agents:? Messrs. Wiliner and Smith, 32 Church street, Liverpool, England. Messrs. Maclean, Maris k Co., 3 Abchurch lane, London. Messrs. Einerson it Co., Paris and Havre. Samuel Haigbt. Esq., American Consul, Antwerp, Belgium. Messrs. J. anil J. (i. Woodward, St. John, N. B. A W. Godfrey, Halifax, N. S. J. O. Woodward, New Orleans, La. Messrs. J B. Sazerac & Co., Havana. Harndeu & Co. 8 Court st., Boston. All goods must be marked "Harden & Co., N. U.?Haruden tk Co. are alone responsible for the loss or injury of any articles, or pro|ierty of any description committed to their care; nor is any risk assumed by, nor can any be at- i taclied to the New Jersey Steamboat Navigation Company, by which their crates are or may be transported; nor the New York, Providence, and Boston llailroad, or the Bostuu anil Providence Railroad Corponttious, in resjiect to their contents at auy time. HAKNDtN k CO., jyl2r" No. 3 Wall st.. New Y ork FOR, TROY, CHICAGO ?nU me Ca.nAijA?, The subscribers having completed the r arrangements with the 1'eophi's Line of Steamboats, on the North River, mid the Rail ltoad Companies of Albany for running their Expms for I In* season of 1843, an EspKH WjH leave their office, N?. 3 Wall street, New York, every evening, at quarter to 7 o'clock, for the above named and intermediate place*. IMPORTANT. For the greater safety and security of all valuable and money package* entrusted in their care, they have Salamander Iron Safes on board of the steamboats, in a strte room occupied exclusively by themselves, and the messenger in charge sleeps in the same room with the iron safes.into which all such padkages are placed. POMEROY Ik COMPANY, ml ec No. 2 Wall street 3 WaiUttreet, NEW VORK, ALBANY, TROY A.SLt NlONTREAL EXPRESS. Messrs. Harndeu Si Co. having disposed of their route from New Yark to Albany and Troy, the subscribers, the old con- , ductors of Haruden &. < o's Northern I'.xpress, from New York ' w ill continue in run, as lieretofore, leaving NVa Yi rk, Albany , and Troy Daily, and connect ?t Troy with Jacobs' Mont.val j Express, and will forward Sjucie, Bank Note*, l'acknxn. Bun- | dies, Cases o Gootla, Sic. to ail)' place between Nev York and i Montreal, and throughout the Canada's Also Last from Troy and Albany to Boston, and West from Albany to Buffalo. All business entrusted to their charge w ill lie promptly attended to. Particular attention-wrll be-paid to the cojlemiun of . notes, drafts, acceptance!, Sic. and prompt returns made for the same. PULLKN k COPP. Offices?Pullen St Copp, 3 Wall street. New York. Thos Gondii, 15 Lxchange, Albany. A. O. Filkins, 228 R>ver street, Trov. 8. Jacob's Exchange Court, St Paul's sf. Montreal. REFERENCES. New York. Ai.ha*y. Trot. Prime, Ward 8t King, E. J. Humphrey, Jno. Payne, Jacob Little & Co., Thos. Gough. P. WelU; John T. Smith St Co. 8. K. Stow, Pepoon Si Hoffman, C.S.Dougla's, Carpenter St. Varmilye, F. Leake. Houghton St Co. Drew, Robinson St Co. a 19r TAPSCOTTS GENERAL PASSAGE OFFICE, 43 PECK SLIP, NEW YORK. 1 lie subscribers beg to call the attention of their friends au,l the public generally, to their sui>erior arrangements for bringing out passengers from, and rem: ttinif money to any part o| England, Ireland, Scoflaud or Wales, ui the magnificent pack et ships, comprising the "NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS," VIZ.:? Ship ROSCIUS, Capt. Collins. Ship SIDDON8, Captain Cobb. Ship SHKRIDAN. Captain De|>eyster. Ship GARR1CK, Captain Skidily. New ship HOTTINGUER, Captain Bunly. Ship SOUTHKRNER. Captain Woodhouse. Ship ROCHESTER, Captain Pilmer. New Ship LIVERPOOL, Captain Eldredge. Sailing twice every month ; and with the " UNITED LINE," comiiosed of superior first class American ships, sailing every teu days, will make five ships iu each month throughout the year, (or one every six days) thereby preventing the possibility of unnecessary detention. Passages direct from London, Bristol and Greenock to New York. Also from Liverpool to New Orleans, Mobile, Savannah Charleston, Philadelphia, Boston and Baltimore, and the various ixirts iu British North America, can at all time* be engaged on liberal terms. Persons wi.lnnu In . ..,,.1 fnr f, ......I. u.',tl (, \ I .... the advantage* to be del ived from (electing this line in preference to any other, nnil they may rest assured that unusual care will be taken to make the passage agreeable, tlr* ships Ixthg titted up with ail eye solely to the comfort of passengers. In ill cases where the parties sent for decline coming, the money will lie refunded without any deduction, as usual. A free passage from the various seaports of Ireland and Scotland, can also be secured The regular packets for which the subscribers are agents, sail as follows, VI* :?To and from Loudon on the 1st, 10, and 20th ol each month. To and from Liverpool on the 1st, 7th, 13th, 19th, and 25th of each month. New Orleans, Mobile, savannah, and Charleston, weekly throughout the season. REMITTANCES. f rsons in the country w ishing to send money to their friends to iclosing the sum they wisli sent, with the name and ad? of the parties to receive, it, may rely en a draft for the UB nit being forwarded |>er first |>aek?t, after the receipt thereat, d an acknowledgement for the same returned per mail. D I'ts at sight, for any amount, are payable on demand, withoat iseount or any othej charge, at the National and Provincial 'auks of Ireliuid and branches, Eastern Bank of Scotland, tin ock, aud their branches, .Messrs. James Bult, Son fet Co, Baa rs Loudon Exchange, and Discount Bank. Liverpool and a >ery principal town of Great Britain and Ireland. F rther particulars made known on application, if hv letter, pjsl mid, to W. k J. T TAPSCOTT. div r 43 Perk Slip, corner South st THE ENW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. Mb Sb Ms. "?"Mm?-"**New ship QUEEN OF THE WEST, (!5|i? 1250 tons. Philip P. Woodhouse. f }?j? ^Hy Ship ROCHESTER, 85? tow. ( !SH? John Britton ijg J* *Ship IIOTTINOUER. 1050 ton.. {"{j ^ber. Ira Bursely, J ,6tl> j ,y Those substantial, fast sailing, first class ships, all built in he city of New York, are commanded by men of e*perience nd ability, and will be dispatched punctually on the 16th ol acli month. Their cabins are elegant and commodious, and are furnished arith whatever can conduce to the ease and comfort of passengers. Neither the captains or owners of these ships will be responihle for any parcels or packages sent by them, unless regular ills lulling are signed tnerefor. For freight or passage apply to WOOD1II LL St MINTURNS, ot v.... Y~.L or to FIELDEN, BROTHERS li CO.! ?? 9 Liverpool NEW LINK OK LI V tTHroOLI'ACK ET&. To (ail from New York on the 25th and Liverpool on the 13lh of e*ch mouth m Jfh tfh 4th New Ship KOSCIVS, CiFMio John Collin*, 25th Jaly. Ship SIDDONS, Captain A B. Cobb, 25th August. Ship SHERIDAN. Captiin K. A. Dcwyiter, 2>th Sept Ship UARRICK, Captain Win. ?k>ddv, 2itn Oofolwr. From l.nritrooi.. Ship SHERIDAN. Captain K. A. Dcperater, 13th July. sinp (IARHII K, ( apt. \Vm. Skiddy, uth August. Ship ROSC1US, Captain John Collins, 13th September. Ship SIDDONS, Captain E. B. Cobb, 13th October. The* (hip* are all of the lir*t clam, upwardi of 100# ton', milt in the city of New York, with such improvement* aa rombiilf great *|>eed with unusual comfort for passenger*. Kvery care ha* lieen taken in the arrangement of the r aCCOlD* nodation* The price of passage hence ii $75. l i es# snips ire commanded by e*i*rieiiced master*, who will make eveiy tertion to give general satisfaction. Neith?r tlie captain* or owner* of the *hip> will be r spon*i)le for any letter*, parcel* or package* *ent by them, utile** re:ular bill* of lading are signed therefor For freight or passage apply to k. COLLINS i CO., 5fi South St., New York, o. to BROWN, SHIPLKY & CO., Liverpool. Letter* by the packet* will lie charted 12)* cent* per singl tlieel ; 50 cent* |* r ounce, and WWIPHIW I cent Well. J\7 ec CA88AUE FROM OREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND ti$$V ll^V lit THE i\ BALL OK OLD LIN^U^^^ LIVKlirOOL PACKKTS. (Sailing from Liver|K)ol on tin 7th and 19th of every month.] tVraoiu wishing to *end to the Old ( onntry for their triend* .aa make the necessary arrangement* with the *ub*crilier*l and lave tlieni come out in tin * *U|?rrior Line of Packet*, Sailing vom Liveriiool punctually on the 7th and 19th of every month t hey will al*o have a first rate class of American trading shi|<s, ailing every *ix days, thereby affording weekly communicaion Irom that port. One of the firm (Mr. Jamea D. Rachel i* here, to see that they ahall be forwarded with care and tie*latch. Should the parties agreed for not come out, the money will ic returned to thoie who paid it here, without any reducion. u "*" or fid Line of Liverpool rackets, comprise '"''"w'nswagnilicent Ship*, viz I lie OXHJItn >rhe N K w y qRK Sf NlfilUDOE, ( OLUMBl S. SOUTH A Ml! IIK; A. ^NOLAND, NORTH AMERICA. With such nuperior and unequalled arraiiRetneutJi. the ?ub.criiM'ni confidently look forward for a continuance 01 that support va tiicli liai bt'eu extended to them 10 years, for which hey me grateful. 1 ho*e proceeding, or remitting money to their relatives, can *rW ?i n lflw r ? fl *iKtf 5\r. ***. amount, drawn direct ni the hoyal Bank "f Ireland. Puhlin, alto on Measrt. PRfcSCOTT, UROTK, AMK8 Si CO. U...L I i ?hich will be paidoo demand at any of the Baaiu or their InuichM, in all tlwprincipal town* throughout England Ireui?l, Scotland and Wale*. Apply, or addn-ai, (if by letter. post paid.) RlH.Hk. BROTHERS k CO. 3S h u I ton street New York, ne?t door to the Fulton Bank. N. B.?The Old Line of Liverpool Packet* sail from this oil for Liverpool on the l?t and I9lh of each month Partita etnrning to the old country will find it to their comfort and id?antage to select this lavorite Line for their conveyance, in reference to anv other. (127 r TO IPRINTER a" : I?OR SALE.?'Two fount* ofTyoe, Minion and Nonpariel, " which have been usctl on th? ,N?w York Heiaid. Apply ai*thu other. W YO W YORK. SUNDAY MOP PATEKSON RAILROAD. I i esafl ewata asaa tfl *LT'Jfu' From f'atenon to Jeriey City. On and after Mouday, Oct. 2d, 1813. the can will leave Paterion Depot. Leave New V'.mk. 8 A. M. 9 A. M. IIX " UK r. M. 3 P. M. 4 ON SUN DAY 8. Leave Paterion Depot. Leave New York. 8 A. M. 9>i A. M. 3 P. M. 4 P. M. Traii?|xirtation can le.ivedaily (Sunday* eicepted.) Pun'nKer? are advised to lie at the Kerry, foot of CourUaadt itiwt, few mi iiutea before the stated hour of departure jyl9 8m V1 TXPStOTT'S <?L Nl.llAL PASmoK OH-'H'K. " I i iir n?rwm..|i r iiri i i tii? 4 i rti-nt'ij win ue ursi'an'iifu uy u?c ubiicrihers puncluallv a* adv^rtiM*). viz:? o! FOR NEW ORLEANS. Positively first I'uckft or Pa**ige Krw?The Packet Ship ol CASPIAN, Captain 'J ovey w ill tail on Monday, 2d October. FOR MOBILE. $ The Packet Ship I KL1A, Captain Fleti her, will sail 7th October. u FOR SAVANNAH. The Packet Ship EXAl'T.fsmain Johnson, will stil 2nd ami the Packet Brig L. BALDWIN, Captain Thompson, will lollow ou the 5th ' 'ctober. |r FO|{ i HARLE8TON. The Parket Ship CHARLES TON,Captain Brown,will sail 2nd October. The abote are all first dig Packets, lilted up with every thing oi suited to the eomlort and conveuivuce ol' pan?|i(en. and are ? commanded by inen of well-known experience. Persous wishing toengagea passage ill cabin, sqcond cabin or stee aire, ill.tllfcof the a' uve u ,mtnl packet j, can do so on the be^t terms, on applicatii n to W. St J.'T TAT8COTT, s30r 43 Peck Slip cor Sout! >treet. ~PAS8A(iE FROM I OKK?Via Li?erpool-ln the lir?t spring ships?VVe beg to inform our friends ^ uinabi'hat during the coming spring. IU4t, we shall ha*e a ,eculn succession ol first class American snips, sailing from the above port every week, which will Ih1 lined nut iu such a manner for second cabin and sti erage passengers, as cannot fail to ensure them every comfort. One of our linn, Mr. James 1). Roche, resides there, who will see personally to the forwarding of all our passengers, and will spare neither pains or excuse to meet their wishes and have them forwarded without auy delay. Tho-e sending tor their friends will at once seethe advantage to ' be derived bv paying in our line \pply to, or address if by _ letter post paid, ROCHE BROTHERS ?t CO. F 35 Fulton street, next door to the Fulton Bank , or to w JAMES. L>. ROCHE, II Goree Piazzas, Liverpool. P. S.?Passage certificates and drafts can be sent from this by the regular packet ships on the 1st, 7th, 13th, 19th and 25th of every month, also by the Boston steamers ou the 1st and 16th. s30 r BLACK BALL, O^ OLD LINE OF LIVERrfTMrV^OCIL PACKETS?Regular Packet, and sails on JlltiifllfaMonday. the 2d October?The magniucent, well L....... . ..or,- .1,;.. i a u n iJin - l- i? 150 toil!. CnWin Wm V Barstow.will anil positively as -above, her regular day. The accommodations of th:s splendid picket for cabin, 2d cabiii and steerage passengers are unsurpassed for splendor, conve 1'iejice all'' Comfort bv an; vessel alloat Those embarkii<E for tiie old country will lind it to their interest to select this dniraMt conveyance. For passage, and to secure the best berths, early application should fie made on board, loot of Beekmau ?r. oito the subscribers. ROCHk., BKOTHTCHS & CO,, 35 Fulton street, nest door to the Ful ton Bank. Il P. 8.?The Cambridge sails from Liverpool on the 19th November w ..din* for their friends can have them lirought out in her, or in any ol the packets comprising this maguiliceut and unequalled lu<e. tailing from that port punctually on llie 7th and 19th of each month. For passage, Sic. apply as above. Drafts at silfht for auv amount drawn direc' ou the Ro, al Bank <>f Ireland and oil Messrs. Piescott, (irote, Anus 8l ' o. Bankers, Loudon, wlu< li are paid free of discount or any charge hi whatever, iu every town throughout Kugland, Ireland, Scot- p land and Wales. I-or lussape, lite, aiiply as above. in The fivorite packet snip ENGLAND will succeed the Cainbridge, aud sail for Liverpool ou the 19th of October, her regular day. s23r NEW LINK OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS^ 1 fcriCTV Packet of 16th October?The l ew and elegant packer 1l6*ll&dii|i ROCHKS I'KR, 10(H) tons burthen, Captain J. ? Brit on, will sail oil Monday, lfith October, her regular day. " 'I he ships of this line Nii.g nil 1000 Ions uud upwards, persona about to em hark for the old country, will not fail to see the advantages to b< di rived from selecting this line in pr> frrence to / uiy other. n? tl.eir grea' capacity render* them pveiy way inore ~ comfortable anil convenient than ships of a smller cuss. Those wishing to secure berths hi this magnificent ship, i.t should not fail to make early application to i., W lit J. T. TAP8COTT, At their Geiwral Passage Office, 43 Peck slip, corner of South st. The Rochester will sail from Liverpool ou the6th Decemlwr. J Persons wishing to send for their friends,can have iliem brought T; out iu first class ships, sailing weekly, on favorable terms. I>rnr'- for any amount, payable on demand w tliout discount, ?* in all the |irincipal towns of F.nglaud, Ireland, Scotland or pr Wales, constantly fnrsale as above. ?i The (tarrick will succeed the Rochester, and sail on the ea 2Ath October. *29r ot FOR LIVERPOOL?Pack't of lst of October.? S jWraPy Til- splendid liist class ship CAM BRIDGE, ( aptaiu tr JWliHHfaBarslow. w ill sail positively as above.her re*u'ar day, "> and can take a few more cabin, second aud st erage passengers, if early application be made ou boird. or to ta W. St J, T. TAPSCOTT. J; s27r 13 Peck slip corner of South stieet. ' FOR LIVERPOOL?NEW LINE-KejsiiiTr inHMfV H"ck?t of 25th October.?The splendid packet ship 4 JB|i2(<..\RKirK. Cain iiu Win. Kkiddy, of 10IH1 v II 1 sail as above, her reguial day. For freight or passage, lining handsome furnished accommodations,apply ou board ?t Orleans J wharf, foot of Wall street, or to fc. K. COLLINS ?t CO. kl Price of passage, $75. 56 South street. *1 The [>acliet snip R08CIUS. Captaitf John Collins, of 1100 tons, will succeed the GARRICK, aud sail the25th November, her regular Off, Passengers may rely upon the ships of tin* line sailing puuc . tually as advertised. s2l! n ^uR~nVKRropL"-TTie NevTTi^R^uir 4 fUMTCTW I arn'-l lOlll III UCUIIWr?lilt* IIIII' .>eW * ork lllll I jHflbi'&cki't ship ROCHESTER, JoIiii Britton, inaste '* 8INI ions, will sail oil her regular day, 16th October. Vol freight or iiassage. havms very superior accommodations, apply to tbeCaptain on board, nl west side Burling slip, or iO ra WOODHULL it MIN'l URNS, 87 South ?t. ?" Price of passant1, $<i. The tine packet ship Hottinguer, Ira Bursley, master, 1(150 1,1 tons, ?ill succeed the Rochester and sail on her regular day, f 16th November. s2H r JJj F* 'B LIVEBPOOL?To sail I .' Octob-r, her MtttV regular day ?The well-known, splendid packet ship * CA.MBlilDGK, Capt. Uarstow, will sail as above tli hiu splendid accommodations for cabin, second cabin and steeraiji-passenger?, who will be taken on reasonable terms, if U' early application is made to JOSEP'l McMURR\V, a' s27 6t r 100 Pine St., corner South Hi OLD BLACK BALL LINK OK PACkKTS " fJilffWKOR LIVERPOOL?Packet of the 1st of OctoberjUhS&fa l'he. fast sailing packet ship CAMBRIDGE, Capt Baistnvv, will be des|>atcbed as above, her regular day. Those wishiug to secure berths, will require to make early >P[lication to JOHN HKKU.MAN, 61 South street, near vVall st. N. B.?Passage from Great Britain and Ireland,v>a Liverpool an as usual be secured by the above splendid packet ship, or ^ uiy ship of the line, and those remtting money to their mends 'f can have dralts lor a?iy amouul payable in all the principal towns ihroughout the United Kingdom, and on Messr . J. Bar tr ied V Co. bankers, Liverpool; and Messrs. J. Bult, Sim Ik Co C,F For further particulars, apply w sbow < :n 2tr J|' ' FOB LONDON?Packet "of the 1st < >i- ? \ MF^fWThe superior. I ist sailing and well known packet ^ tship MEDIATOR Capt. Chadw ick.will positively sail as aiiote, Iter regular day. For iiassage, apply to ? JOHN HEBD.VIAN, til South street, near Wall st. N. B. Passage from London and Liverpool can at all times 4 be secured by the regular packet ships, at the lowest rates, M and drifts furnished lor any amount, payable at all the princi- th pal Banks and llrancbes throughout the United Kinsiloin. on application as above. ssO 2t r ' V FOB I.CN PO N?Tin'splendid, fmt s til oik park *gty#Vet ship MKDIA I OR C.apjiiu I hadwick. 1000 tons JNKMBaiiurtben, sails positively ou the 1st October, her regit- la1 day*. The accommodations for cabin, 2il cabin and steerage passen- * <ers. are sii|ierior to any ship in port. Karly application should b be made to J .Wc MURRAY, ? '' s27 100 Pine, treet. FOB LONDON?Packet of 1st October?The idrfjy iplenilid packet shin MEDIATOR, Captain J M MmmKm' hailwu k. will sriI as above, and has very sii|ieiior , iCCouiinodations lor cabin, second cabin and steerage passen- J gets, who w ill tie taken at reasonable rates, if earlv application > maile to W. & J. T. TaI'SCOTT. 43 Peck slip, corner South st. Prafis for any amount, (uyable on demand without discount r i tl er charge ou all th- principal towns ill England, I relaml, . Scotland and Wales. Appl, as above. s20 PACKET FOB HA v'RK?Second Line-The ~ sUfJf^slup ST\N 1( OL\S, John B Pell, master, w ill Mil >n the lito' I Ictuber 4 BOYL) Si H1NCKKN, f7)(c No. 1 Tontine Building. cor Wa I Mid Water st ^ iAfr KJK NKW OI?Lr.A>8?The Kegu ar Packet "> rffVV''f it"* i?t October?The splendid pwket ship TL 8- i" U A. < aptain Post, will tail a* above. i lias .pleudid accommodations I' r cvbin, second cabin, and a stenag-* psse tigers, who will be taken on reasonable term* if '* arly application he made on bo<rd at Burling Slip, or to -r JOSKPH McMUhKAY, ' alt tit r 100 fine ?tr?er, corner of South ti> jAi- KIKST PACK I. T SHIP KUR NKW OH of Jr JmFS^I.ICA NS?I'lie splendid tir?t clau ship St A LION, tn aptain lluwn, will be de patched oil the 1st Oct. I* I'll it .uperior ?lup offers a mm desirable conveyance for second

cabin and ..~ra?? pass. ngers?her between decks being (h loft) uidTen c.m.l : ibly fitted up. The puu|r will he it t'> the lowest ratea. Thine desirous of securing berths will require on to maW earls application ou board the ship, at I'ier 10 K. K., an Old Slip?or to lie JOHN HKKDMAN, 61 Month stieet, fri uear WaU street. re N. B ?The sttlscriher has a regular succession of first ship* sailiim weekly for the above port, by which passage can be an engaged it the owest rate*. stOr br FIRST PACKK.T FOR NKW ORLKANS- w ^WMrVThe splend. I last sailing picket ship ARKANSAS, MmIh1 apt. Burgess, saiIs positively as above, her regular The accommodations of this ship for cabin, second cabin and ~ <teerige passei.gers, are such as ca.inot fail to insure comfort to them during the voyage, and the price of passage is very low, for winch mini -diale application should lie inade on board, lout r i of Wall street, or to W. & J. T. rAPSCOTT, 1 43 Peek slip, corner South st Who will hate a continuation of regular first class Packets, iL1 as heretofore, to New Orleans, Mobile, Savannah and diarieston, even wwk, throughout ll* season. Passage, as usual, at ,w the verv lowest rates. ^ *24 ec KOIl NKW OHLHANS?Louisiana and New *i' ??**VV.rk I.ine?'To sue eed the Arkansas?Tlf fast sailjayuAHVnu packet shut MISSISSIPPI, ( aptain Millard will ou vulAsToovr. Kor freight or pas age, having handsome furnished accommodations, apply ou hoard, at Oilcans wharf, fool of be Wall street, or to^ ^ k M ^ ^ ill New OilfAiii, Hullen li Woodruff, who will promptly forward all food* to th*ir A<l<lre??. ?!9r Xjfff- FOR XAL.K?The well known coppered and cop- nti ?3ffWlT fattened >hi|< S\ LVANljN I KNKI N?, mour, in MiMfthin bnrtlien and reKiater '>17 tont, r?rri? Mki.OOii ifca. ol cotton from Mobile, wa* built in this city by Jame* Morgan for hamuel Hiclu k Co. under the inipectloa of Jo?i*h Macy?n?r apron transom Mid top timber* of lire oik and I locust?hiu standing And ruiiniiiit riKtfiiiK in good mler?hnd new muli fonr veara imjo?ia well mUpIM for whaler, ha viol * fine roomy deck. l,ie? at Dover aireet wharf Her inventory I can be seen at SI William Itivet for terina apply to \ a ln?*r JONATHANS UOUh.N ft, C0. il W ilium II. I of 4 ' -4 . RK H LNING. OCTOBER 1, 18' LI AC L S?U X10 X COUKSE, LONG ISLAND. I IV K R ( KST):NO INK 11 ^ ITFSPAY, October Id - Kirs' Hace?Sweepstakes lor three i .iri old ?uh S tun moll; (HHi lotfeit; cloned iiu the lit of Jan. nli tli. following:? Samuel Laird namea ch. c. Yemacraw, by Shark, out of Bon;t? Blue Chuln S. Loyd names ch. c. Niagara, by Imp. Trustee, out I I Olnay VV. Livingstou name* gr. c. Itichinoud, l>y I ini>. Trustee, out f Alio*- Grav. W. Livingston also name* b. c. lJunvegan, by Imp. Trustee, at of Jemima. SKtONO RAOK?Sweet* takes for tlnee years olds; ?ub?. 2110 ?ach. balf forfeit, closed with the foil wing;? Chartes H. Lloyd uamea ch c. by Tormenter, dam by Moiiloutb ! clipse. Mr. Shaw name* b f. Imp Trustee out Diana Vernon. THIRD RAOK?Pu ?< Slid Two mile lieati FOURTH RAOK?Purse $IIH). Mil* heats; best three in FIFTH R*('K?fnrse till, K.nt Sioadded. Mi'e hr*ti. Tlie lirst race to come off at IS o'clock. Entrance to Kiicl d *1 act k' (iraml Stand SI Stard, r Track, 50 cents Fit Id St nn, 25 ei ts ftt fl TT^ION (join E l.(I\T; ist.amiv Four Races, and probably live, in auc day, lo come off ou 'uesdav, October 3d, 181 < TO LET?The oyiN. anil victualing stands lor the day. or parculars inquire ol 1, 1). W., Crummies' Hall, 140 Broaday. >29 2fec BEACON C13U u a E ? T K OT TIN? t MONDA V, October 9d, it j P. it ^ mateb fiir $400, batwen C. S. Bertme's b'. g Utru<. Black. A Vanriperj I), c Bob Louie TWO MILE HEATS UNDER 'i HK SADDLE, nmedlately alter a Sweet* take for 1 aid. tree for live vearolds, Wm. Wneelan names h.I' ulion. Isaac Woodrftff names Id. g Afriein. C. ?. hert'i.e names br. in Isadora. Two Mile Heats iu Harness s29 4t? eo Bl". VCON i OURSE-TROTTINO. Thursday, Oc . Mb. will be given a purse of $ 100, two mile eats, in harness, free for all trotting horses. Entries for this uise to l>e made rtl II Smith's. 3.'i IWk Row, on Monday eyeing, Oct. 2, by 9 o'clock?three 0 more to make a race. s30 3tr WANTKD? V < >rN<i HORSES.?Wantad fr .m ,L?^r^lhir! v to thirty five young horses, IVom 3% io 5 yeais ^ ^i-ol.i. from 13 to 1-1 h nds high, to be of quicl< action id soil ml The horses 'O lie shown at Dilk's Stub e, No. 91 lercer street Hear Bleeker, bet eeu the hours of ten and rhrecl' ck. Pi?cer3 pr> feired?all wanted for saddle s27 (>t*r <1 K' R SALE?A iiiir of bright bay C ARM I AGE .AWj'sllt(RSES, IG t 7 hinds li gli, warranted onl\ fite anil ?ix yeirsob sound in ail resiwis kind iustiigl* id iiou:ile lit'oess and u ider the saddle and of superior style id ac'ion, belonging to a private gentleman in 'he country,am' e worthy of ihe atten ion of any ne desir ng a g >od pair of irses. They may be seen lor live or 11, days, on ap iicition TAT TEHSALL'S, Broadway, N. Y s28 lw foil sa'LE OH" T<' i IE N T?T lie Pmm in m Mil's tvi'h II or li run of stones, with all of itses ensive ina"hinery, situated neT two indes from New llochelle, esichester 'utility, and State of New I oik, and in unmedi ite oximitv to the city of New V ork. now in oritur for an entente business in flour, anil can grind and rack III' to 150 barrels ch day, or could lie most advantageously employed for any l,er purpose whii li tnig'it 'equire extensive water nower 1 In nutation for tli |>ast tin t -live ears en oyed b, llie I'remium fills, aud their jrro*i?iity to New Y 'rk, with the f acility ol ausporiati u afforded imn d alely adj teem, uy my of the h igatiou direct to iIk1 Mlil? from any port, render the I' ci'ies lor business unexce tnai tide lo those desiring hU'h an e*> Mishtneut. Appl, to 11 r.NKV PaTmIDOE t ELLOG(>, so, New 11. ciefle Y., Kelloggsv lie, or to ?ILA.> OOP. E?i|.. S9 B J?1 s:reet. New i ork. New Koclv lie, \?v.i*t23 I8ll s2? Iwr KisjL KOH SAL*', urexebang, Part of a brig or sclioonrTVlw it suitable for the North t irol ,. trade, a House and Mt. hu, in < tlMlUli a town iu .4 < '4'lie house oontaim. la geair) room , all lathed and ph?tered, it'i Venetian blinds the w indows; it has front and back pia/.zas, a store room, tchen detached, smoke house, JSC. The lot is 43 feet front, id rearestendiug back 2011 leet?au excellent well of water on e premis-s, shady trees iu the yard, anil is well fenced. Said property w ould be eX' hanged for part of a vessel; the irsou to whom the property belong', to go iu liei as master, iug in every way competent. Address, Mariner, at this Bee, s27 6t r MONTOOMKKY HALL,~MONlilOMbhl, jf A I A.?The proptietors of this establishment, so fav JwLrihly known lo the travelling public on the grern til "jghfare between Charleston and vlobile, are deterininfd i aintain the high reputation for comfort and liberality of a iigeineut which it has so long, and they trust, not und< rvddly enjoyed. Tne buildings, which are very sjiseionid conveuieutlv arranged, have Tieen tlioroiighlv repaired, am' e bed rooms Both double and single, have been refurnished ith new beds and bedding, also, w ith every necessarv articb r comfort and convenience. The parlors, both public tun ivate, are large, airy, and elegantlj furnished. These facili fs. with careful and attentive servants, a cellar well stockeil ith choice old w ines, a table supplieil with every luxur\ tli.r e season and market can afford, and the lirtn determination oi e proprietors to omit nothing that will lend to the salisf.ti jn of their guests, will, they trust, ensure thein the lavorabl tention of the travelling public. An omnibus will, at al ines, be in readiness to convey passengers Irom the Railroai' id Steamboats to the house, free of charge. Montgomery, June 7. 1B43 w TILLEY Si CO. aul9 Km r PARIS BOOTS AND LA8T8 MADE IO ORDER, Bv tl *' U S E It 17O h, O K!WIV, U Hirmrnl ) One door from t ourtlai.dt street. E SUSr.R. BootmaKer. and M ker of 1, ists * ' Klve 'of Clerceol 1'aris, begs leave to inlorin In lends and all the amueurs of a geutlrin,uly "chiussure, at he can uow make, lu New org, w ith the lirst Kr**uvh m rials, all thi' is so ii-rlectlv made in Paris b) his m stei, tb lebratej Bootmaker Clerce, whose numerous customers o is side of the Atlantic aie resiiect'ully invited to try Sose mis anil l.u s, before thev despair of bei g "" ir ew York, after 'he nicest latest I ant fashion Also, ll?* genuine Paris Jet Bl.ick Varnish sold 17 'in#?*c HAVK fc'OUH FALL AND WI\TKK BOOTS, 76 ifr en chea|*?r than at any other r*stahlishrner t in the cit\ ill, examine, and be convinced of the factf, that VOH Can ge e very best p.ality of hunt*, with everlasting patent sol?*s ?> de to > our orders at the very In* |?rice of live dollars and ti< cents i**r pair , the same quality of boots ire sellout *t OthV tablishineuts at from $7 >0 to Call at CUBBKKLKV & MICKFXL. sl2 lm*m 127 VV'illiam st... N. \ ITmjTS an if hhoT S?WILSON k JOHN ?N, Successors to John Hntchn gs d cea e a ii.i I.and aud for sale, from the be^t m*uul ctoii * in th ?untry? H O 1 ase* Coa %- Sewtd and Pegged Boots, men and boys. 0u M Fine " 000 Pair Morocco Buskins. 000 " Ladie-> Fine *li per*. 1000 * (J hi Id'en s Shoe* various colon. 00 " Womei s and tnissrs Gaiteis OIK) " India Rn' b*rs, friin . ed and plain. hor sale in lots to suit jmrchaseis, ?t the r sture. ki u rp.^ i HAAi MTKfejh'J, opposite Ros?ve|t. IN IS - I he store Km g open until 10 o'clock an the eveni it v?s country merchants an opportunity to rxauiiue good- .. w i-1 i. .. s* im*m BOO! AN J Hit) JOHN KKADY .*?*sp*i r luliy in forms his a'riei. id the public that lie has comme?, >-d biuine** m th*- abort le, at No. Nassau street, wher !.* w.|? tSa*iklnll> recei id faithfully execute, ill orders h?j nuv faenrH with ou t' >?r rmona''!' t*rm f?v e?sK Alt. WHKKLKIi b*g* to oflei t? the nutii e of tin* public th / follon inn letter from -i highly w ipecta ile oActr in the I Navy:? Nkw V'ohn, 8ept. 21, B13. tlr Wl .l.-r ( l. nl nf t ( tr??. iu n It .11 ? ! ? Sir?It affortK megrent ple^stir* to give you the beueflt of m itimony of V'tur **niiu?i t ?ucrw in rl*? cure of mv dmghte ui aggravated ? ^ of Srroinl* ()t fhalinia, .titer she hoi Im**i Mted by emi leiil physicians ami fciirgeoua without the le;?*i I must add, that when I placet her under your kind care tviug l>eeu induced *o do to hy visitiuK some of >our riirm tients.) I vf ui in despair of her ever Iteing Aured l?y any oneie eye being entirely elated and sightless, the other nearly so d scarce any Inght couftl l>el>on?e. For many months sl?e hart ii k> |it in carefully darkened rooms. The eyelids were nosi luhtfully inlUmed and the child, hy her previous treatment iluced to .1 mere skeleton. Your kind tr? ?fmn 'I and great cure will ever he h Id by me. d e?erv member <>f mN la.?.ily, in the raov gr.iielul remeni ance Should this bring you to the notice of any like suiter* , or imieut with an ifllicttd child, the object of this testimony ill be secured by relieving ?u 11V lug humanity. Very truly, your friend, . WA8I1. A. BAKTLfcT'i;, U. ?. N. *2li I in m 221 hight'i Avenue. JOSEPH GILt/>TT'S STEEL PENS IU1IK i KD PHI V S "MIK subscril er is constantly receiving f eah supplies of tin - above justly celebrated pun, v\hich ne offers to the toide ai ? ry low rites. In tdditiou lo the ntyles so well known, In 1 i recently introduced the following new patterns, vis Nos. 1, 2 and J Principality Pens, extra line, liue and inediun* , i??ls. No. S?<'aligraphic Pen?a prime article on pictorial card* rws of ctlebrateu places. i *it|*rb carda. In e< ideiic* of the high eatimation in which these I'eiu an lil, ttM following .1 iMmeilt i? in < <1. : The dumber of Pen< imiiufacturrjl it tin- work* of JOSKI'U ftlLLOTT. from Dec. 1811, to Dec. 18;,!, wai T;i 612 (W The public are cautioned to he on then guard afainat ?|'On is article*. K.acli of thejrenuine |?n? a fac ai ileof Mr.'MHotl? immtnre. Koraleby 1 IIK.NHV JEaSOP, Importer, 91 Joliu utiert. i curuer of (ioltl A rood inppiv of Windle'a and Moaley k Co.'a London i inn ?59 l in ec IHH/IOK U. Hi ?^r >VU K, i *PF.KATIVK. MTRGKON to the New Votk Medical and ' Surgical I Hill lute, may becouaultrd daily belweeu the lioura ' I and S o clock. Office 74 (Chambers itreet d ltn*r V [ERA IB. ENGLISH ADV EkTISEMENTS. 1 ONDON?8T K ATHFRIXF'N IIOTKL. opposit* t? e St hatherine1* Do, k linr?, ami urar tin1 Kovil Mint THOM A^ LhN N K V , I .<e i hief *teur ?rd oft* e Hirish tyu?*en 8lc-tui?hip, re*|H'?'tlully inform* his friend* in the I nitad 'tilM that he ha* tin* ?na? ageim-ut ??f the .tl?.-iew and lecmt csta hli*hmeut, which is i*tnft . % ? ! rii imhfd reiardl^ii oi fipeuti. and ii in every retpnct adtpted fo, the reception of farrii<*? ad iMtitnmi visiting kluiUiM is the hi U1 rro u thai past ofthc dork hi which The I ners and mmt o I the ?th-r A men can mitel* lay, ami i? within five minute w ilk ol tin- h oik and li ?yal Eschang . The house will l?, coudu. t'd o- liberal and economical principles '1 he coffee ronni , sappli d * ith tl.e Loii* ifon, American. K*st Indian and colouiau p?' r, Th- viand*, wines. {w ,, aiy of the first quality. A goou hiM nrd room ami w irin bath* ^ill lie found in the nous.*. Geiirlcm ui may contract by the ?,eek or IllOlltli lor board, on the iilin; term* as in America. T LI* NNKV beg* to assure those who may honor him with their patronage that nothing *htll be wa> tn ^ to render t* em comfortable, and by attention to the wiahes ofhn uuest*. hofes t.. merit thai cudHomici and good will to liberally beat iwedou linn when htewaid of the British CJueeu. Imr ~GENEKAL AGENCY AND COMMISSION OFFICE 18 CORNHILL, LONDON OPPOSITE THE ROY AL fcX' HANUC 'T'O MKHCHANTH, Con in* rcial New# Room*, Public Li* 1 brariet, Agricultural 4ocieiies,OtVicers ofthe United .State*, Printeri ! ublither* of N*wspMi>et?. ice P. L SIMM ?ND8 General .agent and Commission Merchant, beg* to acquaint his friends and rhe A in* ric n public in g neral.ih ?t he m re y to re eive rders loi the supp' ? w* papers, Periodical*,:Stationer' , PiiutMg \ a I en * U. I? ancy Articles, &c ul'iiuy kind and ?j autity, ai a good* ofetery d scription ol first rate qua^it} af I he very I- v\e*r marker imces of tin* day and to trail* ict b?i?i est upon the inont liberal terms,# provided lie 14 nn'i mis \ tin in lied vviili IiiihIs ?r drafts af sillier long i short < ate?, or a reference* on some l.oimIoii or Li verpool Ikmik1 for pa* men! I' I. bimmoi.ds will alio nil ive coiiM^iinn'iiUoftnv elf ncr.ption of merchandize to be n?>1 <1 w. commission, and accept I).II- at ftliort date* for t a o tliirilis of tin amount. on rereipi ??f the bil's of lading < onsignme t? entrusted to bin caie will meet witheverv possible despatch 1.1 their dis consistent viik tb in^rntt uf tmi fOoiigiiMi: an evtansi+s k owledgs >t general business coupled w ith promptitude,attention and jud ement. v\ ill he trust* enable loin to give coini lete satisfaction to all who may favor him w ith the r comm oids Heference may be made i?i New York to J a men Gordon Bennett, ! sn , Proprietor of the Herald, who is personally acquainted with Mr.Simuioud* and the nature and extent of his e?tabli?hment. s28tf r TO NEWSPAPER AGEN I s WD PUBLISHERS IN THE UNITED ST A I E8. 'pilOSE excellent. Illustrated Newspapers, The Pictorial 1 Times, and Illustrated London News, ait supp ied at 7s 6d sterling per qr. Puuch at Is rid perqr, and all the London and Foreign Newspapers aa they appear are reguhrly supplied, wholesale and retail, by P L SIMMONDS, Newspaper and Periodical Agent, 18 Corn! ill, London. Subscriptions in advance may bepdid into tht Herald Office, on Mr Simmouds' account. Advertisements received for insertion iu all the Lo d?n, Country and Foreign Journals. ?28tf THE Nl W YORK HERALD is regularly filed iu London I V Mr. P. L. SIMM NDS, Agent for 'he Ame.icau Paiiers British and Foreign Newspspei Office, 19 Corn it ill Lond n, oppos te the oyal Exchange, where orders and ad ertise*ne its w ill be reee.iiea s'Jftt tSCOTt H PIG AND BAR IKON Cut Iron Columns, Posts, Pipes, Girders. Blanche' ns, Piles, Gratings W heels, llailiug Bars, Tank Plate*, Retorts, Fur ace Bars, **sh Wrights, Boiler*, Poif, Cart Boxes, and all soits of Iron Cast* ings. Wholesale prices may he obtained by applying to Mr. SA vi 1 EL HOOD, s2ft 2tdv r 6 Crescent Motorics, L"ndon. ASTOB HOI SB THE subscribers will l?e happy to arrange with families atiC 1 single gentlemen for the win*er i also w th parties ofsiugh gentleman, who may prefer a private table, on reason ible terms itftocU COLEMAN & STETSON CAKLTON HOUSE rPHE SUBSCRIBERS are prepared to make arrangement* A with families *nd single gentlemen for the winter or by t he year, upon reasonable terms. The prices of this establishment are the ??me as heretofoi e vii: $1 SO i?er day. BENSON i HODGES s3 lm*r mo'i lCK to fr eni h. AM~ErT(V \ ViN i~OTHE i ^ citizens.?union hotel, Nr. lb U ctoi street corner of Greenwich street.?P. Delainottr has the honor ti nform lint friend* hikI (lit* nnhlir ttinernlh . tin uirt ?-rslfli heretofore existing between 'lie tdvertiser ami J Bornnird, ha.beeo dissolved by mndntl consent. And that lie has ieo|?eued ln> aid establishment. situate a* abovt* which has been occupied by him Tor the past live years. The Union Hotel !i u? 1*'? fihoroaghlf mpured uid nwviiud, umI fiuw contains w com plete and comfo table a'tting .uid lodging rooms as can b* ibuiid iu the city. The coidiing department is couducted a In Francaise, and most amply supplied, without regard to cost nid the prices charged to goests are in conformity with tie times. Auexcellent folde d'liott is r**?<I\ ?ver> d ?\ it :i o' clock,for which the moderate price of 31 cent* only is chnrfled The advertiser ho|?es that his past exertions and present desiie t? <ive sat..taction. will insure hun the p itrouage of his felloe countrymen, and <?t 4n gentlemen who may wijh obtaii capital fare n?id accommodation at the lefts' possible excuse si lin*ec IJKLvlONT HOUHE -NfclW BiilGH PON GKORGK PEIRI^H, in p-tiiruing hit graiel'u acknowledgment* to Hie iiumer*?u? laJies a.d gentlemen v\ 11 ? lUvort-the above establishment during the Past seisou, be?'* to announce that he has made every suitaM" arrangement lor th? whiter, to accommodate f'amilie? and single .bo irders. The di iing-rooms <md dormitories will l?e f?#u d c mf rtably tuii e|e?diitl> furnished. The table will be suppl ed with the clu -est provisions, a id the wi >es will be fouud enttal to any. I In . roximity of Belmont House to the rity, with excellent steam lie< is plyiu|i At stipulated ho irs, the well known attention 01 he host and crriliry of tl?e attendants, combined with tie* loc iiinn. lie,nu' within iitepoi the I < i<ting-pt?a . raid i-> wm< . i blishinent the most social *nd c? uveuieut iu the Uuiou. Term> will be found exceedingly moderate. [?/* Ciood stabling and coach houses attached to the prr inises. s I Mi HAVANA MANSION HOUSE HOTEL rTHK unde r?igned takes occasion l? inftinri hi, frie .da and A the public, that the Mansion Hoose is now tnrn!p,l m 11, piisidor street, No. tii, in the vicinit of the ate inuiMt land on tnJ vegettble market, naviug commodiuui laiiiiiyap.irtmei.ts uraim" J ill tl?* nealest order A |*rsoi, la emplojed to procure permit* to laud immwui". baggage, See whii will board vessels immediately liter the *isi it the revenue officers. N. B.?Visitors to thia Island should procure a pisspnrt flroii the Spanish ( oiisul, at the povt of embarkation, to obviate <11( licullies and inconvenience. s2l WILLIAM Kl'L I'HN IMPORTANT TO INVALIDS AND VISITORS TO TDK IsL VND OK CI BA PUOGK ESS II O T E L, IN the village of Cerro, thr e miles from Hat ana This est I bliihmrat is. dvMitav*o<uly iiuttni, properly flttrd hi ud attended, affording in. betieti of a couutr life wilhou kcludi.iK the comforts and pleasure* of the Cap ml, or pi> -iiiing a timely alt-nda. Cr to busi e.s H very alteution i promised by th>- owner* to meet ih satisfaction of their v ?itor CH V (IKS loardiiiK for a single |?rioii in one room $' <H| a d < " " two or three |ier?ous in one ro< m- $1 5(1 a da ich person, Wnh famili-s a particular agreement may be entered into. N II ?Omnibussi > ire running from morning till night him'i*n the Cerro and ll.ivana, maki k the trip iu hall an hour s2i lm f'ULAr-Kl HUL'SE, MONUMKNJ SUL.\i? . S ,VA.N nAH. <lr.O., BV . WILTB jiotil. I'HK following inay Le adducr from t' e many re ....... .1 .tin . v. I.... I. .. .... ,r..| ..I >1... . ,*1,1 .hull... ' Thf in t reuiarkaid** f Hture Savanti*}',!* the I'n'atk Inline?l?ei;iK, tieyoi d anv COiup riaon whatever, mimbri u*.* uioiig the very l?e?f nd tfenteel lloirlt I i the L' it tate lkwis kit/ rLKALu i ASISTAO Random Sihott and :vmtherii Brrejet, vol. 2, pane G k't* lair i H or si; ?The follow i ? wJI m^'i ed cowplime. litis e*Aiit rtiahli h . eiit, wt- clip I om the ' hiUflel i la (inletfe It it a matter of wonder tht ?o miny inftlid- m point whri* tkr ?oe no comlorit, iuare?d of st p,*i k 1 vhii ih v^Vrv the- clim te i* r?- t"**. without bei fe,,ervatiuk i'Ihiw w Ito visit l lir? Pul kt II >iih?',* will iui n**l h**tr akv*en oin hoin- hi ?he M id i of t?? elrg uct* And retrietn i? wli ? - vadr* f r?e *tdbli-hnenf N to lyduir v ll?r -it down *a: It* w hicn ina.iy deem ftt? r ih?&n any tin n i he L. Ska e ut ? eiadded t?? thin, all the n atne?* hi lit* liuen, and ll.? i urmture ol i lie lioua , and all the quel \ id * rurity are o ae. v d which In>|"iim i |?nv if tide ci* ? Jinan -a i Ke "b i? a [ loth Ldu r?? i the I nited ute* tf?7. It**.] lesara. iv'itou:? V iti y. u i|!i)w me th privilege of your c l iwitts to rsmiMU i ate tome M.f rtn tti not iitrr t to the trtV?ilin{ eowm nit rion< * hich a number of your ?U'? .Criner? must tn* l? mid. Pi' bably iher*- is no tub ect t *out which mended iriv?llr eef to m icli amiety, a? tit* tn an* ?f c"inlori or*- j?.ii>?* hi h they are to pot e??? in toe pub'ic accoinm *.?tio * tn wait them on th* ir joun.ey. At tins, or |*rh ip? an e-irliAr -e iu ? I the y? at if i* w ?-iI k .own tti .t many tndiv idu ?! ?, I ?n#i 'let. eit er from delic >te heal h, or Un-astr of a North* inter." i *k lelief irom the ??vere temper* ure ol our cl mi* i the |e*? ?h.oitte u| nd ofter ?p ther *?l th** So them St n iJ I i?el eve |? eie h e ma .y # more who, I' r the tame to on d te. rt o the South urintf our iucfe ri uf ? * ton d.d ih mow (hut lhe\ Could in ke n trie, ihode th re tv.ihour i r*atl"?tol tho*e coin O it nd ionve ?e icet who h !???? at emph ticAily to h<?ii<e. A br.el' eS|*rien? e in t ufh?r Vfltitii , Imu enable J me fo .ffo?d th.* uio?t oe?irable i.Toim .on During a recent fitit to ^nvammh (?e??^l<,;,! under he irMtru loni f n disc rim mat i * friend I toon found iny?elf mutt co xtatdv etcthlil ed a1 tn*' Pulatl?i limit*', in t'<u i< y. i h lot* I, ow nedand tondin ti ?J by < jitain Peer XViitUer^fr. < i tt *leli ghtfnl1 > ?i n ted nd it embraced in a range of huild iKt, lance, e i'Kaiit uid coinniodlotis i he u ino-t order an i n let eiitl* t'iiou?f h??ur I he lioii?e, and ne?t(nett i**wnlarif au?l ii?|Mitcli i^trTftd** nid ch i icte'Me ev ry blanch of the ettiblis'i 1 neut 1 li?* table i? alw . * *U| plird, at liilBrul v And * ' in** with tlie cho Ce?l dithe? .?f th** teatou, while the mo?i tti*liou? Co uoitacur could not coiiiidaiu ol the wine*. I Ik ociety retideut for th- t-.t??oii *i tni? H ie house* tnd draw roni the virioiit .Northern H'afea, i? ol the rioit aAfeeibh h i n ter. Of ?nr boat" himtelflet i? I?e ?ai>l,that .ill h?t vimt rn unif?n ' eariiiK tratiiiMn > to tiu u tuea^ cire, judiciout lining** nenr and cou leou-d< ,>ortm nt, which while the, have rewdei i thia hot' I inferior to no r, ami tui?- rt r to ni??-?i othert mi th* nit -d "*t ite* came ill who r iter me 'Ptilatki Houif" in ht ;detU, to eive it hit f*i nil a d warm w*ll wither* Wne. Iierclo e. to the e*i?t nee of ihit e?ttbi thriieiir. af "iav utiiih, in 0 he 11I1M ih?- mil ln**a aid aalntirity f i'n climate dnri ft ill * uiirr inont**, "ill the general allracliveii a* of tlm city , it cm.iot be doubted that when the mril. of the 'P?U ki Houae' ,re oao-well ' now n, it noiat prove the tivorit<'at th,mtli of the invalid, aa well aa the traveller fur plea* -re. A ?l ?? ><. KlbKR. "Thin Motel ia infinitely iujiermr to the one where we lodaeu n Ch*rte?to.i. He.e we obtaim-d thr ;.ie?iim < >le lutuiy of * warm butt." Mils I* <NNV Bl 1'lKk *2<i it r Winter Journey to Georgia. TO ABCklTKI i S AM) llill DERS-TV wtoiibw 1 would reape'tfullv inform Ion euariimt'ra ami .then, tint it :on*r?|uen< e nt In- old otit d in Br ulwty hem# buiu-d down ie lnu ttken'he pr'tn ae< No. H5 run by atreet near Houston nitil auoli time 'a the (lure* in Broudway are rebuilt, and thai le i< now prewired to ejenle any ordera for Ornamental Worti inn amnu tint may he required, the aatne aa formerly. New Yoik, September <Uih. 1I1J JOHN <M LI.IKR, *29 Im'r IK Cfiwty , t HI.ORlDK. OK tiOLL) I B. BINhSK Ik CO., 81 William atiivt, niloim the Pho tocraphiat* that ihey have iu*t received i>er la' arnv 1I1 r?<h supply of Chloride of Child from the Lthorumy ni our of he moat eminent ('hemiata I Pari*. lltay warraul it to b> >inil if not iniiennr to any in the Uni nl Mates, wt?ih?r inantlfactnrad >>r imported, and offei it for aide in eiala b *r*in? " " I hey have on hand a attpply of moat e*cillent plate*, and all hi' clienncali tiaeil, which they olfi r for aale it re lm il tinC'AWo on hand, three, four ami an inch achromatic " ?nd Camera* constructed on the Ovrinau ajrMeni""' ' Kiam<? for t'orUaita uid View*. 1 lul LD. Prlr? Two OUitl Literary Wotlcea. Thb Cathouc F mil* B u.-?Sudiirr, N> w V 'rk.? 1 his i* |<?irt six of thl0 work, of which we have i-pnken heretofore Kimni s Law C< mckndum ?We hav* her<* t ie October number of Kmue's Quarterly Ltw C m peadium, or digest of ca*e? reported in ine Unit. 4 aicm diid Great Britain, Sec , .<eing an appendix <o Kinne\ Ltw Com cndnim. LadikV C? MPANio?--?nowde(!, New York.?The October number of the Ladiea* Companion w sent t rili to the world with its u?ua' qiantumol poetry and prose. I'hk Kkschkp Xux, or a Convent and it? WRo\ns-For sale at the Herald < ffic* ?Thu work U bv the an li >r ol " Mabel, the Actreaw," which obtained a large share ?d public lavorj end ilia appears to be .in powerful'y ? rough', and at deeply interectii g mh hid former |>r> dnction The pub ish< r.4, lb * M nnrs ltur^e?? Je Hti 'iiger, an) in a briel p-ftnc<* i ? " III v ew ol the pre went excited grate of the pub? lio'ionil oil the Hiihj. ,j of Puaeyimil and HoioaU Ct'hoiici~m, it may be proper to nt*te? respecting ihoHC p-tMoirff 4 which lllllrttr ile he Vlli'llctiy N I 'It, even in oil own Unit a, ol a powrrtul sect, lh -t ihey ] were Hot penned well tiny reference lo tXI-tlng controvr-'icH. or lor the , urpose ol reawakening illiberal t r ju licea The siorv, ex raorrlinjry a- it 1 iiniy He em. i? Ounded on tic": aid all wlio ?re ac . qirtltl^fl wi<li (' ?- hii-iory and char< C,f-r of I <nt |>o. licv, <f which th<' .leHiiim are the most d*-voied uuMiIb, will recognize the irichliilii'ba of the doBcriptiriifl, and thf tttntral lid Iny to nature of the Interestm? incidents" This will give Home general knowledge of thf character of the book, which will, however, gain in popularity by the aucceBs i f others from the nuine hand. THE LIFK and ^HVCVTTTRHS OK Mariin CKI'SZLIwiT-Lta Ctanehard, Philadelphia.?Tne*epubadliere It iv _;ot out the 9:|i monthly number ?<f this (>rectou- twadd'e, with a wHI exefiuu-d plate Re, uhlican uiHtitutioom and ih>* manners ot our i>e"pi? I rtrr arnsslv Hnr rhtiiieH hu Ih'w H.ini nl uriil il.-v/.l A ut>j>-o' ?>t Q i. h i Victi ri i. bui unfortunately for himcflf tin I it r<-| uimii> ii w Inuli br h'd h< q nrrd ia>acr fi ed t?y ih-' ebuliiiOii ol his petty unci in<tiig~ until tyi''* Tiik Kmick^pb ckrr. on Nfw Y' re. Monthly ^ag .z'mu for t 'ci b-r ?al ml n?v"ik-l IIS nun.tin conies to tie m h y lad^n w ah choice things. thk Pi.( fic-riie and his faVOKITIS ?r VIrg. f*m l.v fi vqrthk ? knrgmw iv ^'rntir?-r, nrw York, niih ii?r Mtle nt ine h> rilrt Otfic* ? ' his in h transln ion troin tht- h, mid npp-ars li? h?* but the i first of a s-rien from iht* same quarter Th? author ss is hhiii 10 t-tand high ainoi k * wrdish iiovt lists, out littlr low< r ihail Miss tiiemer, who is ?o well kiiowii to ihe American resdt-r Trials am> Triumphs, ok Fa'tii Rkwardrd? ' by the uuth- r< f "kiiiiim, or the l int pound," the 'Adopted Child," <tee ?M VV U <'d : N< w York.? 1 his is a very neat volume, from ilu uri.l d ; pm of v'r b irdett. who, by uifse valuable productions, is IO ik nil ' >s llllal Sei VH'r to society by turmsliiug interestinc v\tnkr, in h linht andMrnct-fill stylr*,with t mot-il and rehxious tendency Such works are if n^cet^ary as ih^y are v.tlunble to youth of both -'Xt't-; for while in the vesiibu!'* ot file, when imre-?.i?inH imde influence the formation of luture character, the p|r*sing aiid vicious will be resorted to ii chet rtul and salutary writings nrc not wuhin their reach. The (ierac, (he Cock, anil (tie Cur. A Fible omilUii i> sK* >/>, dahrntett "by\m>tlakt" to a co tetpnmitnl *tf a ctrlatit New Yo;k Paptr l?m s uohd"n b'nnktt, esy.? Having fc"veil your readers ?o much lately of the rich, rare and racy. suppose you now introduce a -l"-cimen < f itif short, swe^t, and s.iucy You must know tha' sometime r?o, when I wan & j8ident of the rowdy Stute ot Arkansas, I had the uouor *.o numbt-r aiiiot ? tny " particular Iri?-ndt-"* a gentleman distinguished alike tor the fertility of us imagination, and the fl itnei-s of his wit. Th.a <t'ntleman bad surh a rt-inarkahlt' j>< ntli'int for fao'es ajid allegories, that it was guppost d by many, trim pure idtoayncracv, he could not awually tell irnth from fiction, (olcourse 1 epeaRin a Pickwick t .ti si iiw) Well, otir day he took it into his hesd to indiil^V* hi his iiRtial amusement, and made such i niT% in n i |ir'?rn,9C(if h? 8'?nie future aay# to try my hand at nn oA'-km. I dnn'i know as F have lit ill' in >rk exactly. It n> f, I can " try again " \l h rrrinin tin>??. and in a certain pi ace, rhere V is ii Ur*'' barn \arrt; in that yard flu re eat and iraok ' (J vegelaied, a good natur< d old hen and er chickens, and a Hpunky Imle ha^am, nho all iv?-d logi'iher hi moet i?r'?ct harmony Ithiji'fiieil, however, ??n ? ? - utilorurmte day, ihere ante i ito Una yaid ? fl rk ol nibbling v> ' t-r, an til ur> y over*ro*n game cck, and? Uuk, l?*?tn? try rooking cur 01 one ol tin- most wophlea .! eds Tlit* nee &e Ii?viim wretched out *h?-ir nt-ck* and ken their li'tui'uiJf and latitude. *0011 wi up a iuft eKit-Kiofx carkiinv, l?> the extreme anoyance all the neighbor-, and ihe en(iecial vexation nl Lilia n? ?!!??,?l hong ' on* ol th?* mildent it-nipt red i|.l mo- q nri li t ? I ilrw? in the world, wan un ' nino.ilv .1 vrc to s r-tn??- anil michrietian 1101919 Tne i>tiiudei>, howevfr, by variou* deceptive ihi 1 niaimged 0 c Jo ? the old hi-11 tilt! < h r.kiMirt, iat tbfy actually turned their h-.cka Upon bantam n I w.iu H not even hear him crow They were veil ho Car delu rd mm to ?uppo*e ihnt the strange iiitiliiiK wnicti tb-y lirard. but could not under mil, AH- a proi fr.f 111U8' coiicuiiuiiate w i d< m, and 1 1 he other cock wan a large, liir, but lazy-uiokug rd, and crowed with mo?t prodigious pow?r, lihough al av? wm-n bantam was ou' id i>iRht ) d it W4* altrrvvardn mid, bid mimicked bin wmn, to the greai del ghi of the guar and cur, y h' 11 lit 11 w ould be dicmtdly their intermi to III h - '1*1:11, 'TH Vi v .1 .ti .?;? ^ little ?nvi?e i ui concluding he *i U not ' j.i hr whole par y, cut luclUtitd, boiim i| 1'. I! v wi'lidi w 111 11 im in -ic d a trem< 11 otw upr. ar? the -i Hi. idlh'ir * it.gc and ?cr''?nied . * though iey wr rr in <:\, and (lie cur, who had induced it) itliliu out n'In> d k.rowl? t Ver PlMCe be had Ii Ulid !> wav into lie yard, HCUally yelped out It u in vntlaiion. Vntw r?? went on wo iderluliy well I'..r inort tune ; 11 was ere long, htiwev* ?. ?een that - tu'ruderp tiad lo in d an alliance, oti-ntuve and 1-iiSiVe, and t'lUt 1'ieir Hole oil] ci ? nH to obtain iiir> p a-it>n ot the barn yard; (his the tmum h-ni eii-f'-irifd .inrl knew ih?t iiH?y m.d inncii *?>uid 111r hih vicorv;) iliey arrw die poor I llf-ii in'n m imr ow coup, ?iid while he o.rkept iich '<> pounce ii|i >11 li? r. (tie rent riofid Ht Inrir, dailiiiied. .. 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