Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 2, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 2, 1843 Page 1
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\ TH Vol. rx ?No. ?00 -Whr>!? No. S4N*4. BRITISH AND NORTH AM h NIC AN ROVAL MAIL i 8TKAM SHIPS. Of 1200 toim and 440 horse ix>w*r nch. I Appointed by the Admiralty to tail betwsen Liverpool and Boston, calling at Halilaf to Uud and receivi Fas?enfencers and Her Majesty's Mails. HIBF.RNIA. Captain Charles H. E- Judldiu. CALEDONIA, Captain Edward Q.Lott. ACADIA, Captain Alexander Ryrie, BRITANNIA, Capuin John Hewitt. Will sail for Boston to Halifax, From Boston. Fhom Livkri-ool. tcadia, Ryrie, 16th August. } i ? y'. ibernia, Judklus, tat Sept. <August. ritannia, Lott, 16th do l9th 'J0 These itliips c arry experienced surgeons, aud are supplied with Frances' Patent Life BoaU. _ Passage to Liverpool $120?To Halifax $80. No berth, .ecured until paid ? au3r No. S Wall it., New Vork. ' DRAFTS ON ENGLAND, IRF.LAND Sic.?Persons aboat remitting money to their friends in the ''old country," can be supplied with Drafts, in iiiins of 1, 2, 3, S, 10, St ?30. or any amount, payable on demand without diaeotint or any other charge, at tlie National Bank of 1 Ireland, Provincial Bank, do., Messrs. James Unit, Sou St Co., , Bankers. Loudon, I. Darned & Co., Exchange and Discount 1 Bank, Liverpool, Eastern Bank of Scotland, Greenock Bank iug Company, Sir Wm. Forbes Hunter St Co., Scotland, and . the blanches in every |>ost town throughout England, Ireland, ! Scotland and Wales, which drafts will be forwarded by the . steamer Caledonia, which leaves Dostou the 1st October, on application to W. St J. T- TAi'SCOT T A' tlieir General Passage Office,43 Peck Slip, corue.r South st. 1 N. B.?All letters from the country must come post paid. ?2t, ec ' f-r-lriMTm travellers going south or i WEST?Sixteen hours in advance of the S. Mail?Tri-Weekly Line to Savannah, I ~_4Jnl'xjr_Tl'f in connexion with the Central Railroad to EBBieSfcs* Macon and the West The splendid steam pickets GENERAL CLINCH, Capt. J. P. Brooks, and CHARLESTON, Capt. K. Banlen, will leave Charleston eveIJT Tuesday, Thursday and Satnrdiy morning, at 9 o'clock, after the arrival of the Wilmington boats from the north, arriving at Savannah the same, day, ajid will leave Savanu&h on the tame days as above, at 6 o'clock 1*. M., after the arrival of the cars from Macon. ' Travellers will find this to be the cheapest and most expeditious mute tn the south and west. The above boats are fitted I up in a su|*rior style, aud no expense or pains will be sparqd to ' ensure certainty, comfort. and expedition to the travelling pit)- ' be. JOHN B. LAFITTE. Agent, L-;. i tipi?r /'i i?.? Charleston. September, 1843. ' sl7 2m*r . FOR CHAHLESTON KE~Y WEST, HAVANA. NEW ORLEANS, AND \LVKSTON. TEXAS.?Strain Shin '7 N * ' 1X1 * Captain William Rollins? sail on Saturday, Oct?ber 7th, at 4 o'clock, I'. M. Thin splendid and very superior |>acket steamrr ii now befcig overhauled and put iu iwrlrct order for til* season. Her cabins and >.uie room* are elegantly furnished, and passengers cau rely ?n every comfort ana accommodation in her. For passage a* above, in th? cabins or steerage, and for light Iretght and *|*cie for Charleston, apply to J. H. B ROWER, 75 Wall it. Or oa board, at the Great Western Dock, ?'*> r foot of Clinton st, E. R. ( f- T~*'-W|iia KOK NEW ORLEANS?Tourhingatall ( the ports in East and West Florida, viz: St. A ugustine, New Smyrna, Indian River, Cape Florida Indian Key, Key West, Tampa Bay, ^" Cedar Keys, Port I-eon, Apalachicola and I'ensacola ?The splendid steam ship CINCINNATI, J. Smith, i master, (who has been lone engaged in the navigation between J Florida and New Orleans.) will leave Charleston, S C., on the j 1st of October next, and after the arrival of the Wilmington ' boats, for all the above places. For passage only, having superior accommodations, apply on board, or if be letter, post paid, ' to JOHN B. LAFiTTE, Agent, ' Fitzsimmons' Wharf. f'hirleston, 8. C., Sept. 9th, 1843. ?14 tolr J NEW ARRANGEMENT. < KARE AND FREIGHT REDUCED. jMM /fl REGULAR MAIL LINE?FOR TROOmi vjr VI PENCE AND BOSTON, via. STON X=JHaE.INGTON AND NEWPORT?Composed of the following superior steamers, running in connection with tlie Stonington and Boston and Providence Railroads MASSACHUSETTS, Capt. Comstock. RHODE ISLAND, Capt Thayer. PROVIDENCE. NARRAOAN8ETT. MOHEOAN. One of which will leave New York daily (Sundays eicefted) from Pier No. 1, Battery Place, N. River, at 5 P. M. A RRANOEM ENT 8. The RHODE ISLAND, Captain Thayer, on Monday, and Wednesday for Stonington and Newport, and Friday for Stouington. The MASSACHUSETTS, Captain Comstock, on Tuesday and Thursday for Stouington, and Satarday for Stoning- ] ton, Newport ana Provideuce. Passengers, on the arrival of the steamers at Stonington, will , be iniinedijielv forwarded in the spleudid and commodious , Cart of the Railroad to Providence and Boston, and if for Newport will proceed iu the strainer Mohefau (in superior or- , der) from thenc* at 6 o'clock the following morning, thus giving them an,opportuu!ty of a night's rest on Doard tli? steam- , er Massachusetts or Rhode Island, and then breakfast on board the Mohegan. The above srsaraers have been thoroughly equipped and prepared to promote celerity of travel and the comfort and security of passengers, and not surpaesed by any iu the United i State*. ( r For passage or freight, which is taken at very reduced rates, apply on board, at north aide of pier No. 1, 22 Broadway, or of- , lice of Samuel Devean, I'reiitht agent, on the wharf. board, or at th? office ot" HARMiEN fc CO.. No. J Wall .treet (1 ~r~Oa and after the lOtli m?t, freight will not be received and forwarded afler half-piut 4 P. M m9 6m* m 7 ZT FhOPLfc/sTLINE OK STfcA.lBOATb KOK ALBANY-Dailv at 7 o'clock P. M.Throuijh diiect?From the steamboat pier b? tweeu Courtlandt and Liberty *treeu, Sunday eice(>ted. The lU-ainboai KN1CKERBOCK&R.Caht. A. P. St.. John, will 1-ate Monday, Wednesday and Friday Evening*, uneven o'clock. Steamboat ROCHESTER, ('apt. A. Hootch ton, will leave Tuesday, Thtirsdav, and Saturday at 7 P. M. At 5 o'clock P. M.?Landing at Intermediate Place*. Rteamboat SOUTH AMERICA, Capt. L. W. Brainard, will leave Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoon, at i o'clock. Steamboat NOHTH AMEHTCA, Capt. M. H. Truesdell. will leave Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Evening, at five o'clock. Passenger* takinf thii Line of Boat* will at all times arrive in Albaay in ample time to take the Morning Tram of Cars for the east or west. The above boats are new and snbstantial, are fttrnished with teat and elegant State Room*, and for spaed and accommodation* are ourivalled on the Hud*on. Kor Passage or Freight, apply on board, or to P. C. Schnltz at the office ?a the wharf. *2) r .Mn'jal "fNDEPENDENT REGULAR 0FP08IOri?&SpTION NIGHT LINE FOK ALBANY It 9LmH3LTHOV-Through Direct, without Landing.? llwri iiiinodiuua and substantial steamboat PORTSMOUTH, t apt. O. House., will leave New York from the foot of Barclay stiwrt. <>p MoLiiays, Wednesday* aud Friday*; and will leave Albany aud Troy on Sunday*, Tuesdays aud Thursday*. aud will continue these trip* for the *ea*on. Freight taken at induced rates. Apply on board. I'. H.?Tli? above boat has undergone a thorougli repair, and is in filtt rate order s2 ltn'r _inn. m SEVEN O'CLOCK EVENING LINE fl^S^Qsfo, ALBANV AND TKOY direct, without 3KZLJB3Ll >uding-lhesi.|.-iidid low [<rv**ure steamboat WALLOW, iptaiu A McLean, will leave the foot of <?artl>ndt street every Tuesday, Thursday, aud Saturday ii at 7 o'clock, for Albany direct. 'I?i * wallow has a I irge number of state rooms,and for ipeftl ami accommodative* u not surpassed ou the Hudson. sal ee " NEW ARRANGEMENT Foft SHHEWSBCHY?Long Bianch. Sandy ik, Ocefj* House anil Eatontown Landing. Tim- new Steamboat SHREWSBURY, Captain John P. iuriow Willi. .? run as follow*. <>u and alter Thursday, 27th m[ ^-Lmug N?w \"rk, Irom the foot af Robinson street, mrr Tuesday. Thar?d*v. aud Sitnrday, at Id o'clort, >1. A d Eatmitowa Laudiug oa Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at I* o'clock, A. M. ... The Shr* w .bary will ntn as abovs, weather permitting, unl til furi.-r notice. All baggsfe at the risk of the owners. Kan- 17 cents, V B. -ftiagea will be in attendance to convey p"*enger IVasa the rfrniiJ lauding place* to any part of the county re ' Y * Mlnvwabary will go the inner paaaage, when practicable. jellr Mi v lO*K *M? K IN<JST< V s'l'K \M K HEIGHT AND PAHS\?iE LINE. , , I jy |> ?r hii^itna, anc Delaware and Ilnnton ? .mboata EMCKaLD and Mill ? i"" lnhu Ketclunn, will Uave New |ofi ?m*i >1 ftltmif ihnm. Moad.y and Thursday at S " U W-sv.' Kwi,?"hi (K n oat Ui.ding) every Wednesday 1 a^AatinnUi s? 1? liwl, r < ... ?, MiHU li H, < at <*? Jiha Hanm^ls, will leave New I ink f Wtina itmt, every Wedar*d*y aad Saturday at ?.. el ? r. M. V? (il | aktas (lUHidoat Uadtua) e?ery Taraday aad ?n4ai at I n'ehn k IT VL ~ MTH4 TRIP* TW LV>KALI> t.?,t"f Marrsvstiwet erery ?.it>mia > sVlnsi Rmshiim, loans Kingatoa at I aV|?k * ' Wm (i?i?IM |?M(< -it'll i* biaard. arts VILulHOf. lARIXIWkl'O., atl 9m*t Ml Weatstreat. - - ? ^ a 11? a a I lua r ivn uinm a r.>u \ , . H . ..? | H .1 >..>! ,?*! .?. k , MMKM *'!** * ! fW? r (4 MrH?M ! ?* V ? Mfl, fc?< < Hnfc??l ? ?mn. Ml T X? .4. 4im<I??i rt?wiw? J>n4ni?,t>lt fk t A M "" jjir Jr.: jii *? Mwwirf *? fc?11* < w ) i ij-~ ? t n*i ii < ?f MM M MM MMir Z3 STTm MtM mm- .1- >> - M ? axil """ w rwt AM *? ??? C weSSTw w ixU > MM ,? i ttm rtt it t>? mmmam l>? i < ? * I eb- ^ BrKhr; S^STIyt .at ? m r.,v..?. _ | 1. -1 V?l> MM <M UMH MM M iM A if Un fMi Ami iM ?* Bin* ir mm, at ? ?VM T. fat MMMMM M< I Wfc?< It ??>*?? >. ill iwpnil |l M ?? raw TOM * MMTON MH ^mL0T. rt*Kf run* (>it r< ? ** mmiim 0S&15 E NE NE1 TAPBCOTT'8 (i'NERAL OWICt I tJ&tt ^hi^oFowinij Rr?^n!?. Packn- * n ,, 4> ?|>*t < inktcrihrn puuIikIIi a s<l?rtti-rd m:? FOR NEW OKI.HN* ????>'.'??> l?ckrt of Kiw 1 i* l>.rk? ?u? CASI IAN, < ; i will u l ? MwMUy, M Oclofer KOR MOBILE. Th? Packet Ship < ELIA, Captaia KleUhrr, will Mil Tth October. m, will tilted and the Packet Brig L BALDWIN, Tho?p?o?, will follow on the 5th "rtoher. FOR CHARLESTON Tlia P*rlr??'m?in I'll AUI L w T# i V t ?... ?.11 ...I 2nd October. The altovH arc all first clag rackets. fitted a|< with nm thing suited to the comfurt auil convruinter of |'<uw|rn, ad ?? commanded bv men of well-kuown esperience | Persons wishing to engage s |>*ssage in cabin, ?ecn??l csbm or sreeage, ill any of the above named packets, can Jo to >>ti the beat terms, on application to W. U J. T TAP8COTT, s30r 43 Perk Slip cor South urrrt MARSE1LLK8 LINE OK PAOK ? 1 A Tile undermentioned shll* will lie regularly til>1*1' Ik-.I nence and from Marseilles on the lit of each month during the it ear:? From New York. Marseille*. COURIER. Cant, Dugfan, June I. Au*. 1 ritESCOTTuC?M. Mjrick, July 1. Se, t. t HELLESPONT, (.'apt. Adams, Aug. I. Oct. I "ORIOLANUS. ("apt. llaile, Sept. 1. Nor I H'RY THOMPSON.Capt.SylTeater, Oct. I. Dec, I They are all coppered and copper fastened, and have eicellent iccuinmodations for passengers. The price of cabiu passage will be $100, exclusive of wines ind liquors. (ioods addressed to the agents, BOYD <1 HI NCR EN. will je forwarded free of other charges tliau those actually |>aia. For freight or passage apply to BOYD & HINCKEN, Ageuta, No 9 Tontine Buildings, or S. BROOM k ( <>., m2flr 103 Front street "&6B- FOR LONDON?10th Ocu.ber-IWuUr picket MfllfV.shiP WELLINGTON, <'apt. D. Chadwick, will MNUNEM-iau as above, her regular day. The ttccominoditious for cabin, rccond csbiii and steerage >as?e?.gers, cauuot be surpassed, in tnis very superior vessel. Persons de. irons of securing berths should make early applica ion to JOSEPH McMURIlAV, ol ec 100 Pine st, coruer South. PASSAGE FROM CORK-Via Liveipool-lu MWRS^the lirst spring ships.?We lieg to inform our friends BKUflEaathal during the coming spring, 1814. we shall have a egular succession of first class American ships, sailing from he above |>ort every week, which will be lilted out iu such a nanuer for second cabin and steerage passengers, as canuot fail ;o ensure them every comfort. One of our firm, Mr. James D. ftoche, resides there, who will see personally to the forwarding . mi <i iMflvniKcia, <iiiu win si' trr iiriiiier pains or expense io lteet tlirir w.shet, and have them forwarded without any delay. riio?e sending lor their friends will ut once see the advantage to je derived by paying in our line. Apply to.or address if by letter post paid, ROCHE BROTHERS St CO. 33 Kulton street, next door to the Fulton Bank , or to james d. roche, 14 Goree Piazzas, Liverpool. T. S.?Passage certificate!! and drafts can be sent from this by .lie regular p icket ships on the 1st, 7th. 13th, 19th and 23lh of 'very uionllualso by tie Boston steamers ou the 1st and Pith. s30 r BLACK BALL, OK OLD LINE OF LIVERKfjrJfWPOUL PACKETS?Regular Packet, and s^ils on MHHMbaMonday, the 2d October?The magniticert, wrll mown, very fait sailing packet ship CA.MBIUDOE, burthen lil) tons, Captain Win. C.Barstow.will sail positively as above, ler regular day. The accommodations of this splendid packet for cabin, 2d ca>in and steerage passengers are unsurpassed for splendor, conve lience and comfort by any vessel alloat Those embarking for lie old country will nud it to their interest to select this drsira)le conveyance. For passage, and to seenre the best berths, eary application should be made on board, loot of Beekman st. >r to the subscribers. ROCHE, BROTHERS &. CO,, 35 Fulton street, next door to the Fulton Bank. P. S.?The Cambridge sails from Liverpool ou the 19th November. Persons sending for their friends can have them brought >ut in her, or iu anv o( the packets comprising this magnificent ind uneiiuille'1 .inc. sailing from that |<ort punctually on the 'th and 19th of each mouth. For passage, he. apply as above. Drafts at sight for any amount drawu direct on the Ro> al Bank <>f Ireland and ou Messrs. Prescott, Urote, Ames & Co. Bankers, Loudon, which are paid free of discount orany charge whatever, iu every tow n throughout England, Ireland, Scotand and Wales. Kor pusajje. (kc. apply as above. The favorite packet ship ENGLAND will succeed the Camlridge, and sail for Liverpool on the 19th of October, her reguar day. s23r NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS.wfSMfWPacket of 10th October ?The new and elegant packet MbhSmii>Iii|> ROCHESTER, 1000 tons burthen, Captain J. Brit on, will sail ou Monday, ISth October, her regular day. The ships ofthis line biting all 1000 tons and upwards i ersons ibout to en bark for the old country, will not fail to see the advantages to be deiivd from selecting this line in priiftreuce to uiy other, as their grear capacity renders them ev?ry way more comfortable and convenient than ships of a smller class. Those wishing to secure berths in this magnificent ship, should not fail to make earlv application to W. i* J. T. TAPSCOTT. At their (ieiinral Passage Office, 43 Pe?k slip, corner of South st. The Rochester will sail from Liverpool on the Jth December. Persons n isliing to send for their friends.cau have (hem brought iut in first class ships sailing weekly, on favo'able terms. Drafts for any amount, payable ou demand w thout discount, in all the principal towns of hngldiid Ireland. Scotland or Wales, constantly for sale as above. The Garrick will succeed the Rochester, and sail oil the 15th October. ?29r ???- FOR LIVEKPOOL-NEW LINE ?Regular rRnRjfWPacket of 23th October.?The splendid packet ship MMMEbGARRICK. Captain Win. Skiddy, of 1000 tons, will iail as ..bove. h"r regular day. For freight or passage, having tandsome furnished accommodations,apply on board at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS & CO. Price of passage, $75. 56 South street The packet ship ROSCIUS, Captain John Collins, of 1100 ons, will succeed the GARRIC K, and sail the 23th November, ! r regular day. Passengers may rely upon the ships of this line sailing punc ually as advertised. o2 Fur" LIVERFoOL?The New Line?Iteculi' kPJf?V Packet lGlli of October?The flue New York bui' W"JlBfal>acket ship ROCHESTER, John H.itton, inaste too toils, will sail on her regular day, 16th October. For freight or passage, having very superior accommodations, ipply to tlie Captain on board, at west side Burling slip, or to WOODHULL it Al IN TURNS, 87 South st. Price of passage, $75. The fine nacket shin Hottinamer lm Rnrtl?v miliar lfUft ons, will succeed the llocliestfr and sail on her regular day, 6th November. *29 r KOR NKW OH LEANS?Louisiana and New MupJfV.Y'ork Line?Positively lirst regular packet?The fast fiUMHMiailing packet ship MISSIS81PPI, Captain Millard, will * ill ai above. Kor freight or pas-age, havingh.uidsome furlished accommodations, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, 'oot of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS & CO, 56 South street. No goods received after Monday evening, fltli Agents in New Orleans, Mullen 8c Woodruff, who will >romptly forward all goods to their address. The packet ship YAZOO, Captain B. J. H. Trask, will sueSeed the Mississippi. o2 FIRST PACKET KOK NEW ORLEANS? The splendid last sailing packet ship ARKANSAS, MMMta' apt. Burgess, sails positively as above, her regular i'he accommodations of this ship for cjhiii. si 1 >in and iteerage passengers, are such as cannot fail to in irlort to [hem iliiring the voyage, and the price of pass r* low, for which immeili ite application should be nud< , b" ird, loot jf Will street, o, i W. k J. T. TAI'SCOTT, 43 I'eck slip, comer South at Who will have a continuation of regular first class packets, is heretofore, to New Orleans, Mobile, Savannah and Charleston, every week, throughout the season. Passage, aa usual, at the very lowest rates. s24 ec FOR SALE?The well kuown coppered and copJ**fVper fastened ship SYLVAN U S J ENR1NS, Seymour, JIHHKbim <ster, burthen and register 647 tons, carries 800,000 lbs. ol cotton from Mobile, was built in this city by James Morgan for Samuel Micks k Co. under the inspection of Josiih Macy?her'apron transom and top timbers of live oak and locust?has standing and running rigging in good order?had new masts four years ago?is well adapted for a whaler, having ? fine roomy decV Lies at Dover street wharf. Her inventory can be sean at 51 William street. Kor term*, apply to s2 lm*r JONATHAN OODKN *t Co. 61 William st. EMPIRE OK BEAUTY. The following Toilet article are to be had genuine only at 67 Walker street, one door Irom the corner of Broadway :? Oouraud's I'oudre Subtile?Kor safely, quickly and permanently eradicating suiierlluons hair from all parts of the hnrr in frame. This we prove beyond all doubt to every purchaser requesting proof. Beware of counterfeits, containing delererious properties, and utterly inefficacious. No agent in Brooklyn. Oooraud's Eau de Beaute?Kor thoroughly nterrainating tan, pimple*. blotches, morphew. Sic., eliciting delicate white necfc, binds and arms, and imparting a juvenile bioom, by its dilitiug properties, preventing the formation of wrinkles, aud lisnishmg them * hen present. (Jounud'i V-.ft.hl. Liquid Houge,'imparts a delicate blushing tinge to the cheeks, immovable by rubbing with a handkerchief ?r a cloth. , ??.> -suil's Blane d'Kipailge, or Spanish White, Rives to the romp tion a pure, life-like alabaster whiteness. In elegauL h ? ? 15 'Mlts each. t i i.rand's Oreoiaii Hair Dye?V or coloring red or grey hur. without staining It'- Ikm. v??rrant?<l. Si per bottle. K\eMrow?nd Whisker Dyo. licrafs per bottle. ? ruin of L lies?Kor removing Dandruff, making the hair neb, s>lkv and gloaay, and gradually changing it to a dark brown or raven black. M) centt per bottle. Vk. iiU?1 M"lk at,Boston; 78 I besiuit it. Philadelphia; Grey, ' (hkeepaie; Outline, Albany, Myer*. New Haven; Wells * l O linrtlord; ( owlea. Bpringtield; I*aiilkner, Norwich; Cireen kl o Worcester; Carleton fc Co Lowell; llodge Newbury?irt. Piston, Portsmouth; Patten, Portland; Uiuld, Banior; bomaa. < tueinaatUj Tuttle. Pitubnrgh; t<>org<Frankfort, Kv . M. Touiey, Kocheater; Seth S. Hand, Balti il3 lm*r A A H AMANOB olm for (ale, at No, 6 Wall it, 10 hhdi VlMceomdo Sugar, and . li !?*# of ? offee, landing from brig 1 | az, from St. Jago III Store? W libda Hun rinl Muscovado Sugar suitable for refiner* < botem wlute Sugar, free labor W Wl*? ft?|terior fiuiaa Tobacco, suitable for inarm lac lama. JM.av Meusia.of Lord Byron, Wood*! te.?nd a variety of other wamTO-a f'oo|?er and % Mil wright that understands I ai ??''k, t? goto St Jaiuii vibii; must be ungleand i (Win lots A |.| I % intinf iR Ini'r ^ I ?..i.h il l Li. li \ , vVc AW. WW* k CO. Pearl street. are now opening m raaha .-I new and rleuuit mit-rns of Tea Trays. embrac X ??. I taint? of quality, color and aisoa, Irom eight to tliirJ \u?, m turn l?n aeif up aad (lug handle Knur, and AU? am i ? ? a?w patterns Crocker' line Pea Kmvea. N ! * UrilO WOULD" BL: WITHOUT TEETH, what UM toll. w.i.g ai,firrerte?tr,l reduction in deutiitry u in?de by m ,rl>i i t-4 ib ijut, W. Thorite, U.I) S , 62 Ka*t Broadway 1 < I. nug 1'?rth $1 (Hi striding gj ItC'intnjr with In* justly celebrated Mineral, 75 Mi.igl* Tooth on Pivot 7J " Silver - 2 00 Odd 3 00 \ , iu|4rte art of Teeth, ou the most approved principles, at ike saute |.|.? > sa the ibove N I - H iitu ri.iira saiiafacuou la not given, bo charg* will k? Mads ?J Leal Broadway. ? lin*r W YO PT YOKK. MONDAY MO UNION CO! hSE, LONG ISLAND. ' 1 u < TUtHDAV.OtUAriM -Kir? Kace?M?fr|iitnkei lor llirw ynn old. ?mI> tJOOeach, SiOU forfeit; closed oil tlie Utof Jau. * ilk thr following:? flanno-l Laird uauies ch. c. Vjimcraw, by Shark, out of Boni?*fs Bin# | l H. I. iyd names rh. c. Nijpn, by Imp. Trunin*, out t4 W Lmnrston namei jr. e. Richmond, by Imp. Trustee, out | of 4lirr Dnv. W. I. >invstoti *! < unm b. e. Dunvegan, by Imp. Truitee, out of Jemma. SKI l?N|) HA' F?''wivtxulie* for three years olds; subs. 'i 1 'li ! ' i* with iW following:? lurlm H Lluvd nunn rh c. by Tormeuter, dam by Mon| mouth Krliiw. Mi Shaw ii.>nr. b f. Itnp Trustee, out Diana Vernon. THIRD RACK?Pa'ar $IM>. Two mile heau. KOL RTIt R.\l K?I'uise (Iini. Mile heats; best three in KIKTII RA< R?Pnrs?$V). Knl. $10 addnd. Mile beats. The first race to com* off at It o'clock. I EattaaM U> Ku< I - 1 "i irr, S2. Grand 8taud $1. Stand! or Tm k, M cents. IVI4 Mtsnil, H cents. sM 5t fh UNION COURSE?LONG ISLAND. Konr Race*, and probably lire, in one day, to come off on Tuesdav, Oelober Id, 1*41. TO LKT? Thr oyster and victualing stands for the day. For inrtulars inquire of M. D. W., Crummies' Hall, 440 Broadway. siT) 2t*ec BEACON COUftSK?TKOTTINU. MONDAYS , On. ' r j.i, ?< ; I'M .1 m ii. i, i;.r $tno, Ivtween C. S. Bertine's big. Barnjr Black. A. Vailri|irr? b. g Bob Logic. TWO MILK HEATS UNDER THE SADDLE. Immediately alter a Sweeratake for free for live year olds. Win. WhevUn names b. g. Fulton. Isaac Woodruff names bl. (, African. C. *. Uert'iie names br. in. Isadora. Two Mile Heats in Harness s2) It* ec BKACON COURSE?TROTTING. Thursday, Oct. Mb. will Ik- given a purse of $1(10, two mile heats, in harness, free for all trotting horses. Entries for this purse to be made at II. Smith's, 3i I ark Row, on Monday evening, Oct. 2, by 9 o'clock?three or more to make a race. s30 3tr WANTED-YOUNG HOUSES.-Wanted from .XSFVhirty to thirty-five young horses from 3), to 5 years ' ) ? ."Id from 13 to 14 hands high, to lie of quick action sud sound The hones 10 be shown at Dilk's Stable, No. 191 Mercer street near Bleeker, between the hours of ten and three o'clock. Pacers preferred?all wanted for saddle. s27 fit* r <1 _ K"H SALE?A imii of liriu'l't b:iy ( AKKIAliE ^UBT>HORSES, 16 to 17 hands high, warranted only five XA2-^and ?ix yetrs old, sound iii all ies|>ects kind in single anil double hfuess anil under the saddle, aud of superior style and ac'ion, belonging to a private gentleman in the country,aud nre worthy of il?e attention of any one desiring a good pair of horses. They may be seen for live or six days, ou application at TATTEKSALL'S, Broadway, N. V 28 lw jjjT KOR SALE OR TO RENT?The Preminm Mills with 11 or 15 run of stoties, with all of its extensive mia^yL'-liinerv, situated neir two miles from New Hochelir, v> estclieiter County, and Statu of New Vork, and in iininedi.te proximitv to the city of New V ork. now ill order for an exten. ive busiuess in (lour, end can grind and t ack 100 to 150 barr?l? each day, or could be most advantageously employed for a' other purpose which might require extensive water i.owrer I Ii reputation for the pasi thi(t}-li?e \eirs e? .oyed by the I'retnium Mills, and their proximity to New York, with the lacil ty >.i traui|>orlation afforded immeil aUly adjaceut, liy w n '?' tji navigation direct to the Mills from any port, render ,h f ti ( ties lor tiusiuess uuexce tionable to those desiring su h <> establishment. Apply to Ht.NRV PATuIDGK hKM,')i,i, Esq , New IL cnelle, N. Y., Kelloggsville, or to felLAr* WOOD, E*<|., 59 Hr ad street. New s ork. New Rochelle, August 23, |8|3 s2< Iwr A|A FOB SALE, or exchange for Part of a brig or KcitoOdt!tTw er suitable for'he North Carolina trade. a House aud lot, in a Ilonrishi g town m N. C. The house contains 4 IT hi airy rooms all lathnl and pH?u-red, with Venetian blinds to the windows; it has from and back piazzas, a store room, kitciieu detached, smoke house, Sic. The lot is 33 feet Trout, and tear extending back 208 feet?an excellent well of water on the prems>*, shady trees in the yard, and is well fenced. Said projssrty would be exehanged for part of a vessel; the person to whom the property belong", to go iu her as masler, being iu every way com|<elent. Address, Manner, at this office. ^ ^ s27 fit r jiT MONTGOMERY HALL, MONTGOMERl, [o|W ALA.?The proprietors of this aatablishment, so far- XiHLrably knowu to the travelling public on the great th rougiilare betweeu Charleston and Mobile, are determined 11 maintain the hijth reputation Air comfort and liberality of a nuigement which it has so long, and they trust, uot undt ervedly enjoyed. Tiie buildings, which are very sp*ciou> and conveniently arranged, have been thoroughly repaired, aud the bed rooms both double and single, have be?u refuruished with new beds and bedding, also, with every necessar.-article for comfort and convenience. Hie parlors, both public awl private, are large, airy, and elegantly furnished. These facilities. with Carefnl and attentive servants, a cellar well stocked with choice old wines, a table supplied with every luxury that the season and market can afford, and the firm determination of l.? r.. u.,ll I ... .I.? tiou of tiwir guests, will, they trus#, ensurr them the favorable attention of the travelling public. An omnibus will, at all time*, be in readiness to convey passeugers (rom the Railroad and Steamboats to the home, free of cliarge. Montgomery, June 7,1(13. W. TILLKV fc CO. an 19 6in r PARIS BOOTS AND LASTS MADE TO ORDER, By E. H U S E R, 175 Broat/icay, (,Ba$tment.) One door from Courtlaudt street. K SUSr.R, Bootmaker, aud M-ikerof Lasts, an ^ PV' Klve" of Clerceof Pari*, begs leave to inform Ilia RMmM all the amateurs of a gentlemanly "chauaaure," that he can now make, in New York, with the beat French material*, all thai U ao perfectly made in Paris by hia muter, the celebrated Bootm iker Clerce, whoae nmneroua customers on thii tide of the Atlantic are respectfully invited to try Snaer'a Boot md Lasts, before they despair of being " chaussea" 1n New York, after the nicest lateat Paris fashion. Alao, the genuine Paris Jet Black Varnish sold. sfl lm*ec SAVE YOUR. MONEY. fa FALL AND WINTER BOOTS, 75 r>er rent cheaper thin at any other establishment in tlie city. Call, examine, and lie convinced of the facts, tliat you can get the very best quality of boots, with everlasting patent sole* on, made to your orders at the very low price of five dollars and fifty centa |>er pair ; the same quality of boots are scning at other I establishments at from $7 50 to JR. Call at CUBBERLEY k MICKELL. I sl2 lm*m 127 William at., N V. | BOOTH AND SHOES.?WILSON It JO UN SON, i Successors to John ilutcluugs, deceased, have on baud and for sale, from the best manufictories in the country? 100 ?. ases Coarse Sewed and Pegged Boots, men and boys. 100 " Fine " ' " 1000 Pair Morocco Buskins. 1000 " Ladies' Fine Slippers. 3000 " Children's Shoes, various colors. .'00 " Woinens and misses Gaiters. lmHI " India Rubbers, trimmed and plain. Eor sale in lots to suit purchaser*, at their store. ISO CHATHAM 8THEET. opposite Rosevelt. N. B.?The store heiug oren until 10 o'clock in the evening, gives country merchants an opportunity to examine gooda at their leisure, sttlm*in ~ BOOT AND SHOE STORED" JOHN READY respectfully informs his friends and the public, that he has commenced busineaa in the above line, af No. 99 Nassau street, where be will thauklully rereive and faithfully execute, all orders he may be lavored with on the moftjrraaonanle terms for r*sh? jv23r DR. W HEELER l>egs to otter te the notice of the public the following letter from a highly reapectanle officer in the U. S. Navy:? Nf.w York, Sept. tl, 1W3. To Dr. Wheeler, Oculist, S3 Greenwich streetSir?It affords me great pleasure to give you the henatit of my testimony of your eminent success in tlie cure of uiy daughter of an agsr ivst-vl cav of Scrofula Opthalmia, after sle- had ii-rn treated ny eminent physicians ami snrgnons without the least permanent benefit. I must add, that when I placed her under your kind care, (having been induced to do so by visiting some of your cur>-d patients.) I was in despair of her ever being cured by any one? one eye being entirely closed and sightless, the other nearly so. and scarce any light could be borne. For many months she had been kept in carefully dsrkeued rooms. The eyelids were most frightfully inflamed, and the child, by her previous treatment, reduced to a mere skeleton. Your kind treatment and great cure will ever be h*ld by me, and every member of my family, in the most grateful remembrance. Should this bung yon to the notice of any like sufferer, or parent with an afflicted child, the object of this testimony will be secured by relieving suffering humanity. Very truly, your friend, WASH. A. BARTLETT, U. S. N.. *26 I in m 221 Eighth Avenue. JOSEPH GILLOTT'S STEEL PENS. REDUCED I'RICES. rtsHE subscriber ia constantly receiving fiesh supplies of the 1 above justl> celebrated |>ens, which lie offers to the trade at very low rates. Iii addition to the styles so well known, he lias recently introduced the following new patterns, vi* :? Nos. 1, 2 and J Principality Pens, extra fine, tine and medium points. .... . , No. 8? Caligrapluc Pen?a prime article on pictorial caid* views of celebrated places. Nos 9and 10? Washington Pen?very fine point, and elastic. 0U superb c.uds. , In evidence of the high estimation in which these Pens at* held, the following statement i? made :? The number of Pen* manufactured at the works of JOSEPH GIL LOT T. from Dec. IHII, to Dec. 1042, waa 70 612(102 The public .are cautioned to be on their guard arainst .pnri ou* articles. Each iiackage ol the geunine pena bears a fa* ? mile of Mr. ?tillott s signature. For sale by HENRY JEsSOP, Importer, #1 John .t.eef corufi ul l#o1(L A good fltip)>l\* of NVindlf'i anil MoileykCn ^ London FHji >29 Im >?o, IMHJlOll H. BU8TW1GK, QPKKATIVK 8lrROKON to th* N*w York Mwiienl ami Sar/icAl Institute. may bccoiitnlrrdcUily hetweu th* hour? of tad y ociock. Otfict 75 ft'ham tors Mwt i| im#r IRK E \ RNING. OCTOBER 2, 18 ENGLISH A11V ERT1SEMENTS. T ONDON-8T. KATHKHINEH HOTEL. opposite the J St. Katherine's L)ocl listri, and near the Royal Mini.? THOMAS LKNNK.V, I tie Chief Steward ofthe British Queen Steamship, respectfully inlurmi hit friends in the United State* that he lias the management of the above new and elegant establishment, which is tiuiltand furnished regardless of expense, and is in every riviieci adapted for the reception of families and Sentleinen visiting England, at the hotel front* that paitofthe ock m w hich the linen and most of the other American vessels lay, and i? within five minute* walk of the Bank and Koval Exchange. The liouie will lie conducted on liberal and economical principles. The coifee room is supplied with the London, American, East Indian and colonian papers. The viands, winex, Sic,, are of the first quality. A good billiard room and warm baths will be found in the liouse. Gentleman may contract by the week or month for board, Ate., on the same terms as iu America. T. LKNNEY begs to assure those who may honor him with their patronage that nothing shall be wanting to render them comfortable, and by atlaution to the w ishes of Ins guests. hopes to merit that confidence and good will so liberally bestowed on him when steward of the British Queen. s2'> cod linr PMi A f. Ai:i.'V'i'V * ktii f'/iuvrikiuiiiv ? iiv.u.n / i ;\n w;uiu ikjoivii OFFICE. 13 CORNHILL, LONDON. OPPOSITE THE ROYAL EXCHANGE T^O MERCHANTS, Commercial News Hooms, Public LiA hraries, Agricultural Societies,Officers of the United States, Printers, Publishers of Newsiwuers, Ike. P. L. S1MM0NDS, General Agent ami Commission Merchant, begs to acquaint hist friends ami the American public ill gWMWljb<t MIlftul) to o i v. i rilc i s Inr the supply.ol Newspapers, Periodicals,! Stationery, Printing M uteri ils, F aucy Articles, he. of any kind ami quantity, and goods of every drseript ><ui of first rati' quality at the very lowest market |>rice* of the ilajr, ami to transact btisii.ess upon the molt liberal terms, provided he is previously furnished with funds or drafts at either long or short dates, or a referem.-) on some Loudon or Li veriiool house for payment P. L. Simmonds will also receive consignments of any description of meicliaiidize to be sold mi commissiou, and iccept bills at short dates for two thirds of the amount, on receipt of the bills of lading. <'ousigiiinents entrusted to his care will meet with everv posvhle d-spalch ill their disposal, cousi.stent with the int-rest < !' :ii- cOn?ugiiees: an extensive knowledge of general business coupl .I w ith promptitude,attention and judgement. will he tru?*i eii'li!.- Iiim in Kive complete satisfaction to all who may favor l im with their command* Helerence may be made i i New Vork to James Gordon Bennett, Esq , Propriet'" of the Herald,who is personally acquainted with Mr.Siminouds and tlie nature and extent of bis establishment s2l.ll r TO NEWSPAPKR AGENTS AND 1'UULISSHERS~TN THE UNITED STATES. rT,IIOSE excellent Illustrated Newspapers, The Pictorial A Tillies, and Illustrated London News, are supplied at 7s fid sterling L>er qr. Punch at 4s tin per <]r, and all the Loudon and Foreign Newspapers as they appear are regularly supplied, wholesale and retail, by P. L. SIMMONDS. Newspaper and Periodical Agent, 18 Corni ill, London. Subscriptions in advance, may be paid into th? Herald Office, on Mr. Simmonds' account. Advertisements received for insertion in all the London, ( ouutry and Foreign Journals. s28tf HE NEW YORK HERALD is regularly filed in London by Mr. P. L. SlSlMoNDS, Agent for tlx- American Papers, British and KoretKn Newspa|ier Office, 18 Coruhill, Loudon, opposite the Royi Exchange, where orders and advertisements will be received. s28tfr ASTUll HOUSE. THE subscribers will be happy to arrange with families and tinglegeutlemeu for the winter ; also with parties of single geutleineu, who may Prefer a private tabl?, on reasonable terms. slJtoctl COLEMAN 8c STETSON CARLTON HOUSE. rPHE SUBSCRIBERS are prepared to make arrangements -I with families and single gentlemen .for the wiuler or by the year, upon reasonable tenns. The prices of this establishment are the same as heretofore, viz: $1 50 per day. BENSON & HODGES. s3 lm*r XTOTICE TO FRENCH, AMERICAN AND OTHER C1TIZKNS.?UNION HOTEL, No. 16 Hector street, corner of Grceuwich street.?P. Delainotte has the honor to nform his friends and the public generally, that the |?rtuership heretofore existing lietween the advertiser anil J. Bonnard, has been dissolved by mutual consent, and that he has reopened his old est Oil nlimtMi I irimr* ... jIimvc ulnrh h<i nreiilned 1 by liim for tlie past live years. '1 hi Union Hotel hu beeu thoroughly repaired and renovated, and now contains as complete and comfortable sitting and lodging room; as can be found ill the city. The cooking department is conducted a la Krancaise, and most amply supplied, without regard to cost, and the piicej charged to guests are in conformity with the time* An excellent Table d Rote is ready every day at 3 o'clock,for which the nwd?rate price of 31 cents only is clmrOed. The advertiser Iiujkj that his |wst exertions and present desire to give satisfaction. will innure him the patronage of his fellow countrymen, and of *11 gentlemen who may wish to obtaiu fare and accommodation, at the lea*: possible expense. I Itn'ec BF.LVlOvr HOU-*E -NEW Bh'(JHl\)N rjEOBOF, PhlRISS. in retnruirf hi* grstefu ackuowfedgmeiits to 'he nil nei""' li'ie* i d ge itlemen wh i furore tlie above e*tabluiliuielii In 1114 tile i?,*t .?e ,oi, i?eg, to *i. jounce tint lie ha* made e\?*r\ suitI* -irr.i.'g, tnenl lor ill * inter, to accommodate Untitles anil <1 iglr Hard < I lie d> ning-Miuli Old liilin t r nil e u d e m? HiMy um! r'e ,.\i tl) furnished The Calile 11' h? suppl ed oi h the choie*t*. < d tli- ?i .? * will lie I0.1 1.1 eiimI any. The t'rnsiiii.i > .?i ll-'in>.i M-m? I-Iinenv, w it h ?*eel lent steam I. ,i? 1 I\ i 'U it <1 mil .t d 10 r*. <h" well known attention ol (,? host ai.d c 1Vi11 v if til" 't'.endaiits, combined with the loca10 in n.g w thin .* ?tep ur the Uuding-pl <ce, renders this estaiilishmeiit tin- most >ci?l and convenient in the Uni jn. Terms a ill !? f .11. d eic-ednigly moderate. r* ?i u>d stabling and coach houses attached to the pre limes. s.Ctfr HAVANA MANSION HOUSE HOTEL. 'I'llfci undersigned takes occasion to inlbrtn his friends and ^ the public, that the Mansion House is uow located in lnquisidor street, No. G7. in the viciuit) of the steamboat landing and vegetable market, having commodious family a|>artmeuts, arranged in the neatest order. A |>ersoii is employed to procure permits to land passengers, baggage, tic. who will board vessels immediately after the visit ol ine revenue officers. N. B.?Visitors to this Island should procure a passport from the Sjiauish Consul, at ttte t>ort of t mbarkation, to obviate difficulties and inconvenience. *21 6mee WILLIAM FULTON. IMrOKTANT TO INVALIDS AND VISITORS TO THE ISLAND OK CUBA. PROGRESS HOTEL, IN the village of Cerro, three miles from Havana. This establishment is -dvantageously situated, properly fitted lip and .ittendrd, affording the benefit of a country life without excluding the comforts and pleasures of the Capital, or preventing a timely attendance to business. Every attention i* promised by the owners to m?et the satisfaction of their visitors. CHARGES. Boarding for a single person in one room $2 00 a day. " " two or three persons in one room- SI 50 a day each person. With families a particular agreement may be entered into. N. B.?Omnibusses are running from morning'till night between the Cerro and Havana, making the trip in liall ail hour. s21 1m rUljAMVI HUUSE, MONUMENT SUUARB. SAVANNAH, GEO., BV P. WILTS* RGER. T"HE following may bp adduced from kdiouk the many re! -* commend stio..s which have aoiieared of thi* establishment: "Thi* most remarkable feature about Savannah,is the Pulaski House?being, beyond any comparison whnever, number one among the very bent una most genteel Hotel* in the Hnited States." LKWIS KITZUKRALD TASISTAO. Random Shot* and Southern Breezes, vol.2, |>age 1CJ. TYt.aim IIor>>:.?The following well merited complimeut to this elegant establishment, we clip ftom the Philadcl hia U. S, Oaiette. It i< a matter of wonder, tint so many invalids go to |Hiint< where there are no comfort*, instead ol" stoppi ig in Savannah.where the cltta?te is gentle, without heiug enervating 1 Those who visit the 'I'ul ski House," will lorget their absenee from honi", hi tie- mid-r of i've cleg nice and refinement which pervades theaatiblishruent. Not only do tr.vellers sit down to *i ta'de which man) n. in Setter than any other in the U. States, but tnienddrd to this, *11 the neatness in the linen, and other furniture <il the house. >.id all the i|uiet and leenrity are observed, which helm g t private reiidences.?Savannan It*, ublican. f To the Editor* of the Units-d Mate* iiaxette,] Messrs. Editor*:? VV ill you allow me in* privilege of your columns to csimtnunicat? tome information ni int?r?st to the travelling comtmnit/, among which a numl>er of your iiihtcnliers must be found. Probably there it uo tub ect about which intended traveller* feel to much antiety, aa the ni'aut of comlort or enjoyment which they are to poets-** in the public acenmmodalioit that await I he in on th> ir journey. At thi*, or perhapj an earlier sealon of the year, it is well known tliat mw> inilividual*,uf hotli eiea, either from delicate health, or distaste of a "Northern wintee," a?ek relief from the severe temperature ijf our clmate, in the less i liangelul and *?liter weather of the Southern State*, and I belii-ve there a;* many more who, IVr the same reason*, would resort to tlie Hmith (luring onr in<'lern"iit sraaon.did they "l?wi that they could make a brief abode lh-re wi'liour any great loss ol those romfort* and conn nieucet which belong mott emphatically to home. A brief rvpetience in son then i travelling, 114* enabled me t.. afford this moat desirable inform.! tion. During a recent eisit to Hatanaah, t iei>rgi i. under the instrurtion* ol a discriminating friend, I aoon found myself most comlortably established at tlie I'alaaki llouae. in that illy. Tin* Hotel, owned and conducted by Captain Peler Wiltlierger, is MO*t delightfully simsti .l. .ml is embraced in < ran^e .?(' build lugs, l irt", elegant ?nd roinmodioua. The inmost order and oniet enists throughout the house, and neatness, regnlaritv and dispatclMiervsde and characterise every bianch of the establishment. The table i* ilw i> t supplied, *t great difficulty and e?* pen*", with the chnicsnt dishe* ol the ss>*soa, while the most lailidiou* connoisseur conld nsrt coinpUin of ihe wine*. Tlie sorietv resident f,?r the two at this fine house, and drawn Irnm the various Northern States, is of lh? m at agreeable MMM Of "our host" himeelfb t it be tanlthat all hi* vi*itor* unite in bearing test l mi m) to hl? un< asing care judici us man gement ainlcourte*!?* deportment, which while rhev have render, ed thi* h<<tel inferior to wwe. *nd saie-n r to most otlieit in Use I'nitad State*, cause all sshoenter tie 'Pulaski House" as hi* giir ts. leas, it is Ins I i>i>'l? < i.l w arm ><. II ? i<li> i. Wli? . tle-refo'e, to the etistenceof this estibj shmeat at Sis snnah, is to he added the iaild?*** and salntirity i f Ks elim*l< luring the Winter mouths and tlie general altrotis . is-** ..I lire i ll) it cannot be donbt'd that when rhe merits of the Pulaski Home" are once well known, it must pros* the lavurile re?*rt at Ui? south of the invalid, a* well as the traveller lor ideas ra. A HI ft*' KiOKR. "Thit Hotel i* inliuitely superior to the one where we lodged in f har|e*u>ii. Met# weobuanesl the watims'de lutiaiv of a warm i s II."' MRS KAN NY lfrri.EK ?;,St r Wiuler Journey to I wirma. rp.j \ i tlflTlT'S ANU II ILI?KRM.-The s*h.rnb.r I w.-ildrepe t'nl'\ ii.f rm hi* *i"user* and other*, thai in , ,, I I .Is d oi Brssa4wsy hentg bunted down he ns tsi>s*n the p in ?e. so I 11 r>. by street near Houatun, iinti! *u h iim** *s 'h si re lu Br i.l **> re retissilt, *??! tint he l, inw prs uH III rvsle ? l| o I rs I s., n" i'?l Work iu? i v' i g lb t o ?s ? re;nn I, tt* ?i-n* f r? elf Ne,s ^i 1., -e, It . ai.. ' i IN I) s Ll.l, sM m'r '? < r .r.y rm io T r. fiTi.rir 2' 1 OH Tf* *V"0 ? >,i e'is ei? II f rnntl-. W t- ?Uk J? I v'?' it , 4 tdevt. hpj* mUtm >. . - t *tldic 'hit iu l-l?.i.Jeiit o. ateh '*? ise?s, l? i p -*t ?*ei| I it ill I he id lu,pe In l tab H, g <1 I Sid sllles aa a '?es.di i isimidl, I Irer |e ets. s("?-? s 'uras utd aser. .ki, ii|<n??r|tM at | its r III s>.\ .ti l* II.ten el f. i i.n n.diate tale. I sah to ant ' ,n ,11(1 f.r .ml ..||J S' d *il?er YVatrhaa of every de i r.ption teiaiifd i-n* -v irnmted til Orttd *ln^ it in i I i in, .ii-l Wt SI h. . Ft L K ' I 'V IN the world is Winn's Irith Vegetable RI.LIH < \M>V 1 for immediately removing the following dne?e* bowrl complaint, cholera morbus, rheumali?ai. pain in ihe head, tide and lireatt. scurvey. dy*|)*p*ia. spitting of bl . id. aathm^, whooping cough, iunuenia, coagha, colda and cnnmrnpi i n j;::: u 44' "m,M - u,m s iineod- m Whwloaale Atfent, HI Weat it [ERA % 43. Boston. (CoiTMpoodnnce ol th? H?rsl<1.) Boston, Oct. 1, 1843 Boiton atnl it* Pretcntioni? Commerce and Se>iety? jijiftrt trance ol Maldm?Manufacturrt and Mara In. Alter a pleasant sojourn in the vicinity ol this city, I am again within ita limits, among its long lailea trucks, and winding among i(h crooked, nar row, bat clean streets. The business part of this city is small, and conae- J quently much crowded, which gives a lock ot greater activity than really exi ts A fVw nanow ' lanea monopoliae the principal movements ol itii? "great metropolis," aa it in facetiously c?il'?d by its single, but honest-minded inhabi an'? nirm and the Kxchange, at two o'clock contains ih? capital, and the machinery that nu v aihai ciniUl, and where the strings are pulltd wniih i-ei* i!i?whole commerce ot this city in morion A word, or 11 wink sends a chip i>> the md ?>t ihe world?a whisker giv< s employment to tii.msaods?a word and a look dispose* ot vast HrctimufntioiH H >*iou is like a Frenc h !epine wnirh, with iig m <cl i ?"rv all contracted in a small mid us sho" ick? New Yoik is like a hi* Ktufieh i irf.mni iom ?? ? tick to eternity. The im n c h i"?he me rnpohso* 1 New bnuUiidsrc c?ri o iv muooii 'ie<'; wn>i N- ? York will not take nuy ui tie ir ot. Mil in K-?-. cti steamer* bfgin til*-if l"p? n*x' '"priii# ; irnl I in pleased loser* itann* unceit in o il i M nn'to-pii neerol the line lfi*e.< Praf'e*-?t thit iime. H i' I a\ ing the con.Hi' itial ?! ,? trtrn nt ol > .e i > o i11 to take the best cute I Mm m?? 'v? I vil| proceed to another pari ol ihe rn\ ? en- n ol iji'm 11 ice. The mv.-iMi iw r-nrJioviH n- ol hi h life here, arc on a v-i/ r-x r?j. r("i i v scale. Temperance is but an em/v n .hi* . The Inn- s devoted to dealing out .viia' iscall'd laiKon, aie generally located in out Oi Hie way places, known only to the natives A dry stranger, in want ol something wet, is compelled to eng ijje a native pilot to gel a private drink. In following one of the most celebrated, a few days since, ou an excursion of this nature, we were led through several dark, dull, dreary, devious bye-paths; and, finally, turned into a snuff store, kept by the widow Dunlnp, on pawing through which, we entered into the most quiet out-of-'heway place we ever imagined, where we luxuriated in the rich drinks the place aflorded. We were safe from the prowling movements ol all the temperance advocates. We, lor one, lelt relieved from the un easy, disigreeable sensation, while enjoying a quiet " brandy-smasher," in the sober, moral city of Boston, that strangers are so often afllicted with. In consequence of this, 1 have concluded, in speaking of New York and Bouton, to ask every one to look on this picture, ai d then on that. The vicinity ol ISo3tou has long been celebrated for its beauty, and deservedly no. In whatever direction you go, all is delightlul. Many manufactories dot the country around, and water privileges are valuable, and improved to the fullest extent. Maiden, a beautiful village, five miles distant, possessing much beauty of location, is uoted for us en terprize and activity. The oldest and m .ut exten sive dye House m me country in mere in iuii aim successful operation Rarrett'a dying establishment 1 w favorably known from one end ol ihe eoMUJT to the other. Its present proprietors, sons ol the ongi 1 nal owner, posfi' HB great talents tor inventing and perfecting the mont ingenious machinery for printing and embossing. Nearly every establishment of the kind in tnis country has taken its source irom this, the proprietors serving their time in learning the art at the above place. Odiorne nail factory is another concern well worth visiting. Indeed, look any where, and there are attractions. ad In my next I will give you a f urther description 1 of this part of the country. E. W. 11. Auburn. [Carreipoudeuca of the Herald.) Aubi'Rn, Sept. 29,1^13. Rathbun, the Forger?His Intention> ami Pros/uctt Mr Editor:? ' I have it etated from diflVrent sources that r Mr. Rathbuti, the great speculator, financier and i, lorg<-r, from Buffalo, now in our prison, in anxious " together with many friends, and daily expecting a 1 pardon from flovernor Bouck. This rumor I am b advised to contradict. He is not anxious, nor is he ] or his trieuds williug to receive a pardon, and the [ reasons are these?that there are other indictments < lying ugiinst Mr. Rathbun, and upon which he is liable at the close of the present term to suffer prosecution, and if executive clemency is shown now, f and he is pardoned.and the other indictments go in- to prosecution,and again a jury shall find him guilty. '\ and he sentenced to serve out r second term, li- C will stand a much p?orer chance, and find it much ^ more difficult, if at all, to obtain pardon ? second time, and therefore Mr. Rathbun himself, and his real friends deem it wise and prudent, surf altogether the best course to let the law have ii? due course in the premiss, whereby far bet ter results are anticipated. _ _ * I am informed, also, that it is not his dee gi k" the close of his term, as has oeen often si*i?n. t? * 20 to Buffalo for the purpose of taking ttir crotaif tor -hip of a nubhc house, or to practice me<iic'<i?\ ?" 'J which, the latter, h?* is fully competent, hut d ngnmaking Wisconsin his future and p*rrr?ii? nt rtsi ? dence, ond his friends have, or ?.r?* > bn?i? rottk- ^ ing purchases of landed prop- rtv on "Jifl r ?>i ,, Prairie," the finest tract la d m il f . territory or Union, it being hin wish to bo h enter the wide field of prod!?e;i*e indu-trv whi?h P <iod and nature has spread ?u' tor the r?of ?rt m t: convenience. of man. The i>Uce soon to bf vnr4i < ed by Mr R. cannot, I ss-n-f y u, easily he F.I ri and his loss to the medic .' it the i r s-i | will be severely felt an^ r?ar?*tif d'?v all, h>'h k?-?i er and convict?havin* em d-vtro dim-. If wi" tl. strictest propriety and dec >11111?pin* i g. -n ii v disposition? accommodating w^ict f"' hu-) k"id i the sick?gained htm m inr friend" an-1 P'>; ill it i never before experienced by it" ird 'i 11 I in n. position- Histtrm clows on 'lie 5th Oou-ber, hav |ing been tc'i'euced li,r fivf > ar?i One ihii ? 1 Di > i be allowed to mention, >iiid I bore Rev. I 'r. ? li pardon me. 'I h?* sinking resemblance he bears u> ? heighth, form. features arid exptemjio'i ol couutemn<'e to Rev IJr Cox, formerly ol New York, but d] now ol Brooklyn- I utruck with the analogy wlrn I first miw him, and others have remarked to me the same coincidence. Yours, tec. Attrmtf.d Murder amd Suicidr?A shocking occurrence took place in the town of Er n, in thin connty, on Friday last, which resulted in the death of John Goldsmith, aged ab?ul 90, and so dreadfully wounding Eilward Norria, that no hopes are entertained ol hisrecovery. A gentleman who reside* in the immediate vicinity of the occurrence, ha.? j kindly lurnitihed ua with the particulars ot the sad , affair. It appears that Norris was a tenant ol Goldsmith's; that they had many <|uarrels and lawsuits within the last two months, and among other < units Goldsmith was bound over to keep the peace, > and appeal at court on a complaint of Mrs. Noms. for threatening to take her life. Goldsmith had j, threatened several times during the past week, that ? Norris should not live to appear as a witness against Him at court, which convened on Monday On \ Sunday morning, as Norris WM in the act of feed- n ing his horses, Goldsmith upproached bim stealthi ' iy, and stabbed him with a large knile on the left j,' -ode, cutting a large gush to the intestine.-?upon ? which Mr. N. endeavored to escape from him by ? running, when G. again stabbed him in the back, near the left hip, inflicting the wound which must prove fatal. The cries of Norris brought to his ai | sistance Joshua Case: upon which Goldsmith pro eeeded to his barn, about ten rods distant, ami ne he pa-?-ed his own door he very deliberately wiped < the blood Irorn lus knife, observing that he ?as f now willing to die. He then fastened himself in the barn, and ascended to the hay loft, where he proceeded to inflict a wound by cutting hia right 1 irm above the elbow to the bone, which caused il him to bleed to deatn b"fore the doors could be j) torcedopen. Goldsmith was formerly of Blooming Grove, Orange county, and was wel. known in El- ii mira ? Elmira Gatttlt. J Tmainn Stvamboat D.sastkr?Lcm or Tfr* i ri.irpr* No I ?The uteamer Clipper, one of our H**. u Sara packets, under the command of Captain 1 ' .> if tit, hursied her boilers on the 19.h inet , about ) imm, a* rhe was backing out from Baymi Sara, to t ro< > i if to Tunica At the explosion the boat 1 tiroke in two, and ?unk immediately. The boilers 1 tain part ol (be cabin were blown away entirely I We have been unable to lram the exact number of ] hvr? lout by thiaixid diaaater, but of the whole crew , (-up, i.iied to be *i) only nine pewnaeaciiped ?Capt Laurent and the Pilot, Mr. Jordan, uninjnrrd, and , n acald'd. Capl. Iteaney, well known la our i titjf, WW wa? acting aa cU-rk on board, ia amon* , the miaainR John Tyaon, Engineer, and the mate, I whoar name we have not learned, are severely ? raided, and their recoverv desnaired of. There .1 w<-f no i>aa*rn<<-r? on b??ra. ? Ann Orirnnt 7roftxc, h, h-p< a K LD. ir ? '.,-T Two Cents. Cl?tilii|j Ihn Mr Editor? la the Cornptrollrr'o account {or ?-l-anini^ the atrteta, 7,801 of aat'e-i *n<l Minw*r to have be> n roll in fi tefu rtms I i* there Hated t? b? " u*ele?* rubbish," whin w- |e(j to believe (.r?'Huefd no revenue whjit-vet! Public revenue n has produced none?i>r>vttt? rrvnue I s-h -itld imitfiu*- I' hHH produ<;e<J, and a prity hand<nm<" Hintmnt too, 1' 'h?* parM*t in t>i?- eprft are ^w-nr>- ot i' ? r?-a vt'ii", which is n.*t very uu If ijiey h w. v r, ignorant on thiipo.iu, the Coriw?r tiion ?vi'I not be mi hereafter, and IhM in a few nionibf, the city in*y b'ti > d .? Iir.reautn to it* credit on ih a head, which it iid? u vrr enjoyed beI *h >11 ni*? fhnw ?h?i this " uaelea* rnHbiah" in, true.- i r> vi!ue, ftHJ iertV^ the Common C ltincil to t q ire iio*v it Hi* hi n?-rio ?i <jini>o<ied of, and b w it 8h til be di-|K*!i-d >i< tor h future Otie tier' ion <>! ilit- " u?t 1-h< rubbi?ii" it compoied hj.H ihe i k , ih i ?ir? placed 11 h< and barrela, n d 1' It on th> |MVinr-ut in iioul oi i vety dwelling, In l??* nrtpnrii ami rnrfed awav i' ran v 'iiipi CO.? Auoth- r portion of mm* u-i*!et?? r?i?:t>let**' iu funned ( ?h?? mm i j comniuiitiiMia, or material* tin 11 old Iojmiink*. Nosv, Ooiii Ui'?e portions of " melera rubSish" lixppt n to be vf-rv actue and fertilising Ptnire<-8 of v< g'-'Htion, ti nn'v up with itvidnv and it mieti exit* lutein Kir-(i , ami of course thrv ar?-t?l qual nn or'Hnte io ? ?< mrry like ihia, which is uew, ii.ii no x * i v. 'y i g-iuUniral T if ? ""H jjIi >. rtif cm. Ity earbonat* of po'afh, it d irr nr>I on ilc oiii>-r nid ol ilic Aiion'io at ten it urniy ti'iiH 'iff b i-li i, i'vui wnru K'ai.hed. Die mi'hraCite oo.?l ? li > tire caibonate umJ salhate < f potash, and i-ulphate of aluinine, and they are m>ld at al?i ut the samp price as the former in lie vicinity of Wales, and contain no bones nor reuse vegetables?no animal and vegetable matter o enricli them. Thin is one portion of the Compro'ler's " ust less rubbish." The materials of old buildings?and from bo many iccidenul fir^s in this city, they unfortunately suH-r ibound?are composed of carbonate of lime and loianh, as well at of nitrates and muriates of potihh and soda. Their ' fleets as an amendment are very dnruble, even when uncombined with comt) ost Tiirw nrlu>lp? nlrtnp. htp not onlv i nl ri nmni II v rich a* manures, but when mixed with new night mnl, they absorb that portion ?t ammonia which, in in drying would be loct, and thus become the medium ol retaining and gradually giving up to vegetation an abundance ol nutriment, which would otherwise evap rate and escape into the air, uncombined. The ammonia originating in the decomposition of the relnse vegetables, is also absorbed by i he ashes, and they are thus rendered much more fertilising. The bones may be either ground to dust, or be decomposed in a close vessel, the ammonia uf which will be readily absorbed by the pishes, whilst the copious residuum is animal charcoal, also an active fertiliser. Now to show that this immense quantity?these many thousand loads ot fertilising materials are not lost sight ol, a poudrette manufacturer confessed to me no longer ago than yesietday, that fie has for years been in ihe habit of sending carts round to collect it. If he had paid a dollar a cartload to the Comptroller, for the many hundred thousand loads which have ilitts disappeared, he would have obtained it dirt cheap; but us he has been permitted to take it for nothing, why of course l*e has obtained, it cheaper. The rt venue loses perhaps a hundred thousand Jollars uiinually in this way, but then it is public jroperty, and he who can ab(tract the most of it is, > believe, ccnsidered a smart man. In England, lie contiactor for each parish pays many thousands pearly for'be exclusive riuht ot fetctnng it away. Uete it is 'is?*l''tH rubbish," it seems, und thereore any one may purloin it. Yours resinc tully, W. A. KltNntH. PATKNT hLASTJO SHOULDER BRACE. rPHF. Sl/BSfHIBFIIS offer, with full confidence in iM * ulililr ami naefiilueaa. the above named article. Till* irticle I* I')tt'ii<I*m1 to brace tfie ahoiilderii. auppurt the h.\rk, and loaml the rhiiat, giving a graceful outline to the figure, and nil tie tmud inimiiefiaabfe to |ieraona of aedentary habit*, 'arenta and> ti" particularly reijuenri-J to etinji. e Una race; it win be found to pones* every requUite quality for Im li it i> recommended, niu/iely?to brice the ?ii ulder* of hiidren and other* who have acQuin I the h.ibit of ?ti>o|iiiiK, nil retain their lonn in an upright in.'itei. They can be worn nth perfect ease, liemg formed with a.. e|ai|ic Hack, ai.d will Ion iid of uo impediment to lie :'r pv* of tie itfiila. The ubx rihen ?l*o olit r their ce|r'.iu.;> I Klaatic h|>rius, Kui.ia or tidniL Belt. The alio ire article* are iiMimtauiured u ider the liiliv diate Hiaiwction of Mr. t'arwsila, who h u 'jeen eng >?ed in lie buainesa for (lie la*t ?iv.*?.u V1 Imay he d?( ended oil a auperior to any article r . !t-i?vl for the tome pa po?e. lold wholttole luid fetal' If ibe old establishment of PAKfir l.l.*? e* AiiATt,, ?J7 Orondwiy, corie[ ot Hark Pace. N. B.?Ladiea will be ?ii|iidiad and filled by calliiig at tha rsideace ol ?l 4t*A>1k. eAltHr.LI.6, 4W t.reeawn li^ireet, 'tween Hi.l?"l o"l I ?igh' Hit) f tt'ec :0 0, ^nirtt? <iN i1 DK H.KHS IN GUNS. >0Q DOL'I!I K b-v iil.KJ UI .N3, aaaortrd. from couiinan (Oil tingle barrel Uon?, aaaorted, from commou to (In* idem iva.It of l'iatu.'aj?elliii? In I ?v the cost of imt<ortatMMI >'ii Hitie*. eltmi iij do of inanafaeture 3W >'iiilie'- Jj do d> _ Uo 'Jii'i l.ork l.i , I a in every at it" of Aniail 1 ool? uio Mat) rial, lui ?u>lug (runs Uun Loclaa t'e < a! a, Powder M??ka ?n* Horn*, he II* It* and !* uchea. Oatne It ma, l?ot ''.oll,ir? aid Chains, c Sic ? foi aa! by A. W Sl'lth k CO. ho are constant*}' receiving fiom the t raiau mur'ilac. tirer g .1 ix *ui tdiea of every .arm le imjuir-d Im by t.e* ?un?mith i ilnnimu a!9 lm*e< r It h.St It iiiiliNA I<i 4 -OUT 1 WiLI.IaM TluiK'', IT,i Stairs. \P ^ I. S >1F. lm|x'itir a: d A*e I foi M anafai tur rt. hu alwayao.i h it'', a larg .uao>tni-i.i foi d n ei aud lea acta . i lain white I..d ?.|i I- .e.n I > reel a n aa *-ll aa in er and ea.ert lilatea ' a'l or-a. aaai rie.1 dlaiiea m.U|> COV?t<4 ?1 e?,?al?u ,.owi., fruit baafc; ?, cuatarda and aU-id. Vao, Tuurf I Mciilaw tt'i/r, Oi ta, F aucia aud .VmeriA'l t^ie artielea are wariantad ot I e le-at iualit* , and to be Id im l.'ieial term*.and in tola to anit imn haaera a<7 t n'ic M 4<18. I?tA E *' Es ?' N<> 1* !< *!" IVJU J?B,ie. j.c.m/V M " e I' r I no h p f ?n " ?( fc II " J? K X 10 " ft P F C J In *toi* and for tale by rEHSS1" ii BROOKB, _tT*>r No. *' LiberM alrut Alillli !?' I'nLl. t'rt.'li *'N, FOR UtNTL K M E N ? B HATS, AUTUMN?IHI. JOW ready Tor a I* uifl in*|*ctiouK kii old *t*nd*. SIH and ' 2M> Ore*uwich itreet. P. S.-Alio, an 'IrnMil uiortnvirt of mm'i, boy*' tod chilr*n'* cap*, of entife Lew pattern* all la'K TO THE PUBLIC. Tli* firm heretofore known u _ OKNIN k VAN V RANK F.N. HATTERS, U ivii.k been diuolred.the aubacriber, JOHN N Gt.NlN, Hai opened A HAT AND CAP STORK, No. <? BROADWAY. Third door from Wall atrert IN. (). b?Ka aimply to *tr.te tua determination to oaf hi* beat **ertion* t'i mike i HAT that fur quality of material jid beauty of tin tali cannot. be etcelled. tU ih?tflur? traata to vceire from hi* friend* and the public that aup|>ort which will nable him ancce*?folly to carry out hit d*ti?ii*. JOHN N. OKNIN, Hatter, 14 1 in in 90 Broadway, 3d door abo? Wall it. JKKAT IMPROVEMENT IN FRICTION MATCHES. FIE SUPERLATIVE MATl H, mad* without briniatoii* or other delctcreom or offruaire ni*r di?nt?an articli* that a actually waterproof and no miatake?ta now* and aold >y Um- proprietor* of a patent lately obtained, at No. 1C1 Bl**ck r*tre*i, New Vork. Th**e matcho%iriiite with eaae and '?rtniaty in all we?th*i? nd climar??, and burn with a brilliant Haine, for more than a linnt*, and that too in a rerrical that *mt*i^I l*tl*r? lay be scaled with wu by the bU?.* of one of tlicm. Th*y may ly in wnfr for many hottra anil y?t iffuit*, and when the wooii i dry burn a* before. bom* .ire aatiirated m l*rfoi*?d wal.and aliafe .ill .grccable odor inatead of the eaecnble and unhealthy IfliiTia of the hmnatone match. Order* and comQiMieatMM lay be addtr?a?d to O. BUWKN, A Ken t for the Patent"**, nt No. I?1 B leaner *t,N.Y. N B.?None anltl or ile'iaered to hawWera t7lm*r CK?IC E?IKE.?SOOO ton* of pure lak* Ic* of lite beat <lo? lity. 'Die llmhlaiid Ice ntabliahment, expmsly for ttiip itiK, i* prepared to, and will aell, by th? carfo, and imallef nantitiea, cheaper than cau b? obtained ft >m any other rource, n 'I packed in the b**t manner, to go to any part of the world.? I (apply of the beitapprvrtd packini >lwavt on hand. JOHN M. L\ ON, aid lm*r 00 Diawion *ir**t HON SAFES.?Attempt* haee r*c*ntly b??n made to prejo' dice the pu licafanitt WILDER'B SAFES, on account if heir damptiei*. lint they haee neter been found toe damp when rated by fir*, but rtictly damp *iion?h, while other* hare beam iiuiid (iii'te too dry wheu ex|Hi*rd to llie aame teat. Mr. \V ilder l> ta improveil u|H>n the tirat Sale* made by him, n regard to dai,., neaa, .inil reference cau b* nude to more than lie hundred i"?i>ec;?ble houa**, who, after a cir*lul iiire*li??ioii of the relative imluy and merita of the virK'iia kind* ol '.ilea in maiket, (anic* the iutroductiou of trie a.> ejiieii imiroved BaUmander i h??* aaaileil the?i ?!'* ol WI? ATKNT MAI. WIA.n'IjEK SAFES, ? aold bi t ?r, who ia the uiily |*rami in the city*" hor,1" ' ell the Cieiiuine Piteut SaPatent, liible in iiiiik Bate*, made in 1 ?uch Sale to uaed. and JUT - -'? ? endniK Ilauiat ibe aian'i .artjir W|lhjnj{ pnrrhaae n (|,? Aiiy mV'"*!*''r1,- an\ do?bw a* to the danip.iwa ol Safe* [iroof Hale, and bi ?^^ h)|vr (1||,m the atorr or c -nntlold by the jnbacti . . S(||j l(- >ol tvil|l|1j ,?titf?cU)inff h"ii?? three r.V"''" > . ry, will be taken a^j'|>AH HERIllNO. No 1 * Water at. v R flrrnnil han d f<" ll"1" on*-half the^rTitn. Uave been fjt-n I., i irt |>a>? for ivilder a I'alent Halama ud*r >?*>** *l?lwd)iWwf [/MULISH KN< KA \ ' IN'is -'rsnaer- ?i.,n"a il? ci?r 4 ?r* iii?it*<l to call at IP C*al ?tmi ? I. a* d.-?ia ? Iroadway, *<>ath *ide. wb*.-* tlir> .. I nll*c,?m, of ,' *!' and othe- r??T'X tta e a- ^H <?Ti t lower priM Ikiui >. i o.Tr-^ 1 ' ? J ? boo|M ^rtl wmi Ki,n,*\iiimh bv <nf !ani??w,a >t1 lm#M ought ana told, . *>*

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