Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 3, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 3, 1843 Page 1
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iSBBBHBBBBaasaS TH Vol. IX?No. aei ?Whole No. *483 BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL MAIL STEAM SHIPS, Of 1200 tain and 440 horse power each. Appointed by the Admiralty to tail between Liverpool and , Boston, calling at Halifax to land and receive PassentcUKvrs aud Her Majesty's Mail*. ) HIBERNIA. K. Judkina. j CALEDONIA, Captain Edward O. Lott. ] ACADIA. Captain Aletander Ryne, BRITANNIA, Captaiu John Hewitt. , Will tail for Boston via Halifax, From Bostok. 1 rom Liverpool. t Acadia. Ryrie. 16th August. 19th July. Hiberma, Judliiui, lat Sept. 11 iUKU I Britannia. Lott, 16th do 19tli do Theae snips carry ex|*rieuced surgeons, aud are supplied with Krancaa' Patent Life Boat*. . ? ... ? P.iana^e to Liverpool $120?1 o Halifax $20. No berth, .ecured until paid ?o^saje jppljr to^ mi3r No. 3 Wall ?t., New York. ~ ^ tlHAFTS ON ENGLAND. IRELAND ! Sic.?Persons about remitting money to their " v^ynMKZ^Ckfrirnds in the "old country," can be sup- r plied with Drafts, ill sums of 1, 2, 3,5,10, { ?? *u 01 ? ?. " ?"> amount, jwyaoic oil uriimia . without discount or any other charg*, at the National Bank of 1 Ireland, Urovincia) Bai\K, uo., Messrs. James Bult, Son 8c Co., Banker*, London, I. B.inied tic Co.. Exchange and Discount Bank, Liverpool, Eastern Bank of Scotland, Greenock Bank- I iug Company, Sir Win. Forbes Hunter 8c Co., Scotland, aud J the branches in every post town throughout England. Ireland, i Scotland and Wales, which drafts will be forwardea by the t steamer Caledonia, w liicli leaves Boston the 1st October, on ap- i plication to W. 8c J. T TAPSCOT1 t At their Ueneral Passage Office, 43 Peck Slip, corner South st. 1 N. B.?All letters from the couutry must come post paid. c s2ti ec u TRAVELLERS GOING SOUTH OH P WEST?Sixteen hours ill advance of the . S. Mail?Tri-Weekly Line to Savannah, in connexion with the Central Railroad to Macon ami the West The splendid steam pickets GENERAL CLINCH, Capt. J. P. Brooks, and CHAKLKSTON, Capt. F. Harden, will Uav? Charleston eve- . ry Tuesday, Thursday and Satnrd >y morning, at 9 o'clock, af- ' ter the arrival of the Wilmington boats from the north, arriving at Savannah the sime day, and will leave Savannah on th* . same days as above, at i o'clock P. M., after the. arrival of the cars from Macou. i Travellers will find this to be the cheapest and most expedi- J tious route to the south and west. The above boats are fitted J up in a superior style, a:id no expense or pains will be spared to ensure certainty, comfort, and expedition to the travelling pttii- a lie. JOHN B. LAFITTE. Agent, v Fitzsimmons' Wharf, Cha'leston. a l harleston, September, 1843. sl7 2m*r c FOR CHARLESTON, HAVANA? KEY WEST, NEW . ORLEANS. AND GALVESTON, (Texas.) ? - THE ?TEAMSHIPNliw YORK, John P. Wright, Commander, t tail on Saturday, y^9Ey8|fi|u?^a7tli October, positively at 4 P. M. This elegant, well kuowu coppered staam- r " ??S*i^?a"?er will positively snil as above, and has been put in complete order for the season, w ith wrought iron shafts, and lias exleusive accommodations, with large aud airy state : rooms. i For jiassage or freight of specie, for either of the above ports, apply to th* Captain on board, atpier No. 9 North River, 2nd , wharf above Rector street, or to oi to7?r A. HUBBARD & CO., 37 Peck slip. ^ FOR CHAULESTOV. KEY WEST, I HAVANA. NEW ORLEANS, AND j JALVKSTON. TEXAS.?Steam Shin s rrflr NEPTUNE, Captain William Rollins? li To sail on Saturday, Oct"ber 7th, at 4 v o'clock, P. M. This splendid and very superior packet steamer is now b?6ig overhauled aud put iu |>ertect order for the eason. Her cabins and stale rooms are elegantly furnished, aud passengers can rely an every comfort aud accommodation t in her. Il For passage as above, in the cabins or steerage, and for light Irefsht and specie for Charlestou, apply to t J. H. BltOWER, 76 Wall it. Or on board, at the Great Western Dock, . ?I6 r foot of Clinton st, E. R. J NEW ARRANGEMENT. 8 FARE AND FREIGHT REDUCED. REGULAR MAIL LINE-FOR PRO- a fl-?TTOli-C3?VlDENCE AND BOSTON, via. STON IBS^MStlNGTGN AND NEWPORT?Composed of the following superior ste.imers, niuuing in counectiou with the Stonington and Boston and Providence Railroads V MASSACHUSETTS, Capt. Comatock. RHODE ISLAND, Capt Thayer. PROVIDENCE. , NARILAGANSETT. J MOHEGAN. One of which wi'l leave New York daily.(Snndayi except- .. ed) from I'ier No. 1, Battery Place, N. River, at 4 P. M. ARRANGEMENTS. " The RHODE ISLAND, Captain Thayer, on Monday, and Wednesday for Stoning ton aud Newport, and Friday for j Stonington.. The MASSACHUSETTS, Captaiu Comstock, on Tue?- r day aud Thursday for Stonington, and Saturday for Stonington, Newport and Providence. r Pasaeugers, on the arrival of the steamers at Stoniugton, will be immediately forwarded iu the splendid and commodious ( Cars of the Railroad to Providence and Boston, aud if for Newport will pioceed iu the steamer Mohegan (iu su^ierior order) from thence at 6 o'clock the following morning, thus giving them an^ppportmi'ty of a uight's rest on board tlia steamer Massachusetts or Rhode Island, and then breakfast ou board J the Mchegan. The above steamers have been thoroughly equipped and prewired to promote celerity of travel and the comfort and se- * eunty of passeugers, aud uot surpaesed Lby any in the Uuited , States. ' For passage or freight, which is token at very reduced rate*, apply on board,at nortli side of pier No. 1, 2K Broadway, or office of Samuel Deveau, freight agent, on the wharf. Tickets for the route ?nd steamers' berths can be secured on , board, or at the office of ! HARNDEN 8c CO.. No. J Wall street 1 QT7~On and after the 10th Hist, freight will not lie received and forwarded after half-past 1 P. M. m9 6m*in mm PEOPLE'S LIN*TUF~STEAMBOATB ' FOR ALBAN V? Daily at 7 o'clock P. M ? SEoiaJEUSLThrough direct?From the steamboat pier betweeu Courtlandt nnd Liberty streets, Sunday excepted. The steamboat KNJCKERBOCKER.Capt. A. P. St. John, " will U.iv^ \1 nniinv. Wrtinf-tdjiv and Kridav Evenings. at leYra . o'clock. Steamboat ROCHESTER, Capt. A. Houghton, will leave Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 7 P. M. At 5 o'clock 1*. M.?L<<u<!iugal Intermediate Places. Steamboat SOUTH AMKItltA, (apt. L. W. Brainard, will leaTe Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoon, at 5 o'clock. Steamboat NORTH AMERICA, Capt. M. II. Truesdell, will leave Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Evening, at 6re o'clock. fiiuecjtera taking this Line of Bo*ts will at all timea arrive in Albany iu ample time to take the Morning Train of Cars for the east or west. The above boats are new and substantial, are furnished with neat and elegant State liooms, and for speed and accommodations ire unrivalled on the Hudson. For Passage or Freight, apply on board, or to P. C. Schnltz at the office on the wharf. s2.i r ~INDEPENDENT REGULAR OPPOSTCto i r-M?T|ON NIGHT LINE FOR ALBANY & 3K_J9E!iiLT ROY?Through Direct, without Landing.? The commodious anJ substantial steamboat PORTSMOUTH, Capt. 0. House, will leave New York from the loot of Barclay strift, ou Mouilays, Wednesdays and Fridays; and will leave Albany and Troy on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, and will continue these trips for the season. -j Freight taken at reduced rates. Apply on board. P. 8.?The above boat has undergone a thorough repair, and is k in first rate order. ?2 Im'r K SEVEN O'CLOCK EVENING LINE ' flTi^.-Qtfor ALBANY AND TROY direct, without S?anJBdE_landiiig?the splendid low pressure steamboat t SWALLOW, Captain A. McLeau, will leave the foot of . < ourtlmdt street every Tuesday^ Thursday, and Saturday t evenings, at 7 o'clock, for Albany direct. I The Swallow has a large number of state rooms,and for speed and accommodations is not surpassed on the Hudson. ( ae.8 ec I NEW ARRANGEMENT FOft SHREWSBURY?Long Branch. Sandy ) 3KM^SB^K-Kook. Ocean House and Eatontowu Landing. , Tl.e new Steamboat SHREWSBURY, < apt*in John P. Corlies. will uow ruu as follows, on and alter Thursday, 27th iust leaviug New York, trom the foot ef Robinson street, every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, at 10 o'clock, A. M. i A>,.l I'atontown Landing on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, . it 10 o'clock, A. 11. Thf Shrewsbury will run as abovs, weather permitting, nn| til further noticr. All baggage at the risk of thf owusrs. Fare J7H cents. N. B.?Stages will be in attendancs to convey passenger from the aforesaid landinK places to any part of the county re quired. a The Shrewsbury will go ths iuner passau*. when practicable, I ?'? <1 NKW YORK AND KINGSTON STEAM FREIGHT AND PASSAGE LINE. jMM atM For Kingston, anc Delaware and Hudson (iT*1*imboau tMKRALL) ?"J NUK* ^TtM^^uT^VLD, Captain John Kslcham, will leave New T York, foot of Murray street, every Muuday and Thursday at 5 ' o'clock, P M. Will leave Kingston (Ron-'oot landing) every Wednesday I and Saturday at 3 oxlock, P. M. '"lie NORWICH, Captain John Samuels, will leave New ' York, foot of Wanren street, every Wednesday and Saturday at 9 o'clock, P. M. ' Will leave K agston (Rondout landing) every Tuesday and , Friday at 3 o'clock, P.M. * EXTRA TRIPS. The EMERALD will leava the foot of Murray street every hundav momingnt 7 o'clock. Returning, leaves Kingston at 1 o'clock, same dey. For freight or passage apply on board, or to WILLIAMSON, BARLOW k CO., < 3m?r 161 West street. I OA FO? KEY PORT AND M1DDLETOWN POINT, Dailv, (Sunday, excepted,) touxh m If W ing at Segnme s Dock. Ptaten Inland?On an<| , alter Monday, Jaly 31st. the steamer ROCKLAND, ( amain Crawford, will leave Middletowu Point on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, at hal I'-inut one o'clock (tide|? rmittiii)j,) and Key|>ort at 2o'clock T. >1. He- : turning, leave New York, foot of Robinson street, on Tnea- , days, Wednesday!. Thursdays and Fridays, at 8 o'clock A. M. ! and Saturdays at 2 P. M. Stages will be in readiness on the arrival of the boat to con- * vsy |?a?sengers to Freehold or any part of the country. Uniform conveyancas on Target Excursions, Parties of plea- . aur* will he taken to and from Fort Hamilton or Keyport at reasonable prices. sM lm*m *0* STAT EN ISLAND FERRY, FOOT iV ."rS.yS?OF WHITEHALL ST.-The steamboat TW g.STATEN ISLANDER will leave New York ' and Staten Island, on and after October 2d, as follows, until further notice a Leave New York 9, II, 2, 3S", ' Leave Htaten Island 8, 10, 1, S. i All freight shipped is required to be particularly marked and I is at the risk of the owners thereof. s30tf r t ' jt ~i NEWARK AM) NEW YORK?Kar* \ I "*rjC3^oiilv 12?i Onu !?ynil and Wjnlrr Amine^C^JKJLirK-nt.?TIi* ?|>lnnlid utr.tmrr I'ASSAM ,011 , and alter Oct 3, will run n? follow* I, L<wvi? Newark, Irom loot ol Uejitre street, at B o'clork A. , Leave New York, from foot of Barclay street, at 3 o'clock P. j 'l'hi accommodations both for passengers aad freight (which carred at very low rate*) hare been t, really improved. f Jyl? Jm*ee NEW YOllK * 08T0N ROUNU i'lLOT. 1 OWKN PRESCOTT, PiloU, or takfii chan* m master an.I I pilot of res irU bound to New Bedford, over N an ticket ^ Wioala, Boston, Portsmouth, Portland, KianfbfCR.ano OTH KU PORTS. Office m Krye fli Hhaw't Nautical ?ton?, 22a ? Wslif it/irt, corner IWIwnui Iletrrence to a nnmber of mer- J cliaau. and Insurance Companies in this city, Boa- J t< n, *nd Portland. iyII Imiar b . # E NE NEV MARSEILLES LINE OF PACKETS. m M. TIiu u11 dermen 1101 ied ?hiin will be regularly dispatcTeinrmn ieiice and from Marseilles ou the lit of tuch month tlumik the rear:? _ From New York. Marseilles. vOURIhR, (.apt, DiiKiran, June 1 Atiir 1 ritKSCO^T,^. jliyrick, July'. Sept! ! fijifi'f a,,t-A<*>nu< Auk. I. Oct. I ^ORlOLANUs, t apt. Haile, Sept. 1. Nov. 1 iniY THOMPSON/'apt.Sylvester, Oct. 1. Dec 1 1 lie> are all cornered and eopjiex fastened, and have excellent iccommodations lor passengers. The price of cabin pausujje will be $100, exclusive of wines iiwi liquors. tioodsaddressed to the agents, BOYD h HINCKEN, will c forwarded fr*e of otlier charges than those actually paiu. r or I'm*lit or passage apply to BOYD & HINCKEN, Agenu, No 9 Tontine Buildings, or S BROOM & IT)., ra20r 103 Front street FOR LONDON?l<Hh October?Kegular p.cket |nHl*Viliil) WELLINGTON, C?pt. D. Chadwick, will MMakaar<<>'l u above, h*r regular day. The accominod'tioua for cabin. lecond c*bin and steerage ias?ehgers, cannot be surpassed, iu this very superior > esse). 'ersons dr irous of securing berths should make early aptdica iou to JOSEPH McVURRAY, ol ec 100 I'ine it, corner South PASSAGE ~KHO.M COKK-Via Livejpo..f-Tu ijtfywthe lint spring ships.-We beg to inform our friends HPailBBthat during the coming spring, 1811, we shall have a egular succession ol first class American snips, sailing from he abote iMirt every week, which will be lilted out in such a rianner fur second cabin and steerage |>asseiigers, as cannot fail o ensure them every comfort. One of our firm, Mr. James D. lorlie, resides there, who will see personally to the forwarding 'f all our lutssengers, and will spare neither pains or expense to licet their wishes, and have them forwarded without auy delay. l'ho?e sending lor their friends will at once see the advantage to * derived by paying in our line. Apply to. or address if by rtter post paid, ROCHE BROTHERS Si CO. 3J Fulton street, next door to the Fulton Bank. or to JAMES D. ROCHE, II tioree Piazzas, Liverpool. P. S.?Passage certificates and drafts can be sent from this by lie regular packet slii|? on the 1st, 7th, 13th, 19th and 26th of very mosth, also by the Boston steamers on the 1st and 10th. *30 r NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS.? pjSKrV Packet of IGtli October ?The new and elegant packet itTtir I 1000 ton:i burthen. Captain J. | lrit>on, will sail on Monday, Itith October, her regular day. The ships of this lino being all 1000 tons and upwards, persons bout to embark for the old country, will not fail to see the adautages to be derived from selecting this line in prafrreuce to ny other, as their great capacity renders them every way more , omfortable and convenient than ships of a smller class. Those wishing to secure berths in this inaguiliceut ship, , hould not fail to make early application to W. 8t J. T. TAPSCOTT, At their Gvutiral Passage Office, 43 Peck slip, corner of South st. The Rochester will sail from Liverpool on the 5th December, 'ersons wishing to send for their friends,can have them brought tut in tirsl class ships, sailing weekly, on favoiahle terms. Drafts lor anv amount, oavable mi demand u ilimir illirnnnt n all the principal towns of Kngland, Ireland, Scotland or >V.ilea, constantly for sale as aliove. The Ctarrick will succeed the Rochester, and sail 011 the 1th October. s29r FOR LIVERPOOL?NEW LINE-Regular (onMfV Pickvi of 25th October.?The splendid packet ship EniM< *A RRR 'k, Captain Win. Skiddy, of 100(1 toils, will ail ai above, her regular day. For freight or passage, having andsoine furnished accommodations,apply on board at Orleans v harf, foot of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS & CO. Price of passage, $75. 56 South street. The packet ship ROSCIUS. Captain John Collins, of 1100 nns, will succeed the C1ARR1CK, and sail the 25 ih November, t r regular day. Passengers may rely upon the ships of this line sailing punc Bally as advertised. o2 KOtl LIVERPOOL?The New Line?Result (qaRlFy.Packet 16th of October?The fine New York built 1 Hfifilfapacket ship ROCHESTER, John Britton, maste., | 00 tons, will sail 011 her regular day, 16th October. For freiiihl or jwissage, having very superior accommodations, ' pply to the < Captain on board, at west side Burling slip, or to WOODHULL U M1NTURNS, 87 South st. Price of passage, $75. The fine packet ship Ilottinguer, Ira Dursley, master, 1050 oils, will succeed the Rochester and sail 011 her regular day, 6th N ovember. s29 r ~~ Foil NKW ORLEANS?Louisiana and New rffjMfWYork Line?Positively first regular packet?The fast HBMHBasailiiiK packet ship MISSISSIPPI, Captain Hillaril, nil sail as above. For frviglit or passage, havinghandsome fur- 1 ished accommodations, apply ou buartl, at Oileaus wharf, oot of Wall street, or to K. K. COLLINS & CO. 5C South street. 1 Positively 110 goods received after Monday evening, the 9th .1st. Shippers may rely upon havius their goods by this line corectly measured. Agents iii New Orleans, Mullen U Woodruff, who will iromptly forward all roods lo their address. The packet ship YAZOO, Captain B. J. H. Trask, will succeed the Mississippi. o3ec P FIRST PACKET FOR NKW ORI.EANSThe splendid last sailing )<acket ship ARKANSAS, Capt. Burgess, sails positively as above, her regular The accommodations ol this ship for cabin, second cabin and teerage passengers, are Mich as cannot fail lo insure comfort to hem during the voyage, and the price of passage is very low, or w Inch immediate application should be made 011 board, foot if Wall strwt, or to W. 8t J. T. TAPSCOTT, 43 Peck slip, corner South st Who will have a continuation of regular first class packets, is heretofore, to New Orleans, Mobile, Savannah and Charles011, every week, throughout the season. Passage, a* usual, at lie very lowest rates. s24 ec EllfOUt OK BEAUTY. The following Toilet articles are to be had geuuiue only at 67 Walker street, one door rom the corner of Broadwayx? Oorraud's Pondre Snbtile?For safely, quickly and nermalentlv eradicating sufierlluous hair from all parts of the hunsn lra:ne. This we prove beyond all doubt to every purchasr requesting proof. Beware of counterfeits, containing deleerious properties, and ntterly inefficacious. No ageut in firookyn. Oouraud's Eau de Beaute?For thoroughly eiterminating an, pimples, blotches, morphew. See. eliciting delicate white lent, hands and arms, and imparting a juvenile bioorn, by its UUtuip properties, preventing the formation of wrinkles, and lavishing them when present. < ? ur.ittd's Vegetable Liquid Rouge,'imparts a delicate blushnij tinge to the cheeks, immovable by rubuiug with a handker:ln f >r a cloth. <;<> rand's BUuc d'Espwge, or Spanish White, gives to the :oniji txion a pure, life-like alabaster whiteness. In elegant ?>ve.i 25 cents each. 1 IoL.aud's Grecian Hair Dye?For coloring red or grey hair, vuhout staining the skin, warranted. $1 per bottle. Eye Brow and Whisker Dye, 25 cents per bottle. C ream of Lilies?For removing Dandruff, making the hair icli, silky and glossy, and gradually changing it to a dark irown or raven black. 511 cents per bottle. Agents?2 Milk st,Boston; 76 Chesnut st. Philadelphia; <?rey, 'ouulikeeitie; Outline, Albany; Myers, Sew Haven; Wells Ik 'o. Martlord; Cowles, Springfield; Faulkner, Norw ich; Greeu tCo. Worcester; Carletou & Co Lowell; Ilodue, Newbury>ort; Preston, Portsmouth; Patten, Portland; Oiuld, Bangor; 1'homas, Cincinnati!; Tuttle Pittsburgh; George Stealer, 'rankfort, Ky.; S. Tousey, Rochester; Beth S. Hand, Balti"<"e. s!3 lm?r r\R. WHEELER begs to offer l? the notice of the public the following letter from a highly re^pectaule officer in the U. Navy:? NV.w York, Sept. SI, 1813. lo Dr. Wlieeler, Oculist, S3 Greenwich streetSir?It affords me great pleasure to give you the benefit of my estimouy of yonr eminent success 111 the cure of my daughter f an aggravated case of Scrofula QPlhalmia, after she had been reated D> eminent physicians and surgeons without the least ] permanent benefit. I must add, that when I placed her under your kind care, haying been induced to do so by visiting some of your cured utienls,) I was in despair of her ever being cured by any one? jiie eye being entirely closed and sightless, the other nearly so, tnd ft C arc A AllV liultf inulil hnrm> U'i?r mmiv m.inllia alia Kail >eeu kept in carefully darkeued rooms. The eyelids were mmt 'rightfully inflamed, and the child, by her previous treatment, educed to a mere skeleton. Your kind treatment and (treat core will erer be h?ld by me, nid every merabar of my family, in the most Kratelul reinem'tunce. Should this brum you to the notice of any like sufferr, or patent with an afflicted child, the objectof this testimony vill be secured by relieving suffering humanity. Very truly, your friend. WASH. A. BARTLET'l, U. S. N.. >26 I ill m 231 Kiiihth Avenue. d( k3t0r h. bostwiuk, OPERATIVE SURGEON to the Vew York Medical and Hurtiical Institute, may be consul ted dally between the hours if S and 'i o'eloelr. (iMee 7^ .('humhers street i> 1m*r joseph gillott's steel pens. REDUCED PRICES. , PHE subscriber is constantly receiving ftesh supplies of the J- above justly celebrated |wns, whichhe offers to the trade at ery low rates. In addition to the styles so well known, he las recently introduced the following new patterns, ?ix :? Nos. 1, 2 and 3 Principality Pens, extra fine, tine and medium i >oinU. No. t?Caligraphic Ten?a prime article on pictorial cards, , 'iews of celebrated places. Nos Sand 10?Washington Pen?very line point, and elastic, i in superb cards. In evidence of the high estimation in which these Tens are leld, the following statement is made The number of Pi ns manufactured at the works of JOSEPH 'ilLLOTT. J from Dec. 1BI1. to Dee. 1M2, was 70 612 (102 The public are cautioned to lie ou their gnard araitist spnri' >us articles. Each pack ige of tlie genuine |>ens bears a fac sinile of Mr. Gillotl s signature. Kor s Je by HENRY JEsSOP, Importer, 81 John street, corner of Gold. A good supply of Windle's and Motley St Co.'s Loudon i 'ens. l!9 I m1 ec 1 TO THE PI B( 1C. & 1 HO TO fiOCO.?Mr. Francis R. Crnmp, Watch Maker, IP ayjyJ 2-18 (Jrind street, begs to inlortn Ins friends and the ' tblic, that inde|i*iideiit of the Wntch business, he is prepared 0 make advances in eash on gold ind sil >er watches,diamonds, liver tea sets, spoons, forks, aud every description 'if gold or ' ilver in any sh?|>e, intended for immediate sale, ( ash to any monnt paid for old gold and silver. Watches of every decription repaired and warranted JMt tJrvnd street. ' si I :tm?r patent" el a sficT shoulder hrace. 1 HE SUBSCRIBERS .offer, with full confidence in iH . 1ul,',.lT and usefulness the shore named article. This rticle is intended to brace the shoulders. support the h;irk. and i VMnd the chest, giving a graceful outline to the figure, and rill be tound indi?|?eiisahle to persons of sedentary hamtt. , arent* and guardians are particularly requested to eiamine this ,rar ? ,l w.111 found to possess every reijumtr rpislity for vhir.n it is recommended, namely-?to nrace the ihouldeis of mluren and others who hare acquired the habit of stooping, nd Main their form in an upright position. They ran he worn nth |**r ect ease, bring form.'.] with an elastir hark, and * ill ! e louud of no imiiediment to the (n* use of(he arm*. The uhscriliers also offer their celebrated Klastic Spring. Russia or tiding lie It. 1 he above articles are mannfactured under the mmediate inspection of Mr. rarsells, who has been enga#?d in he business lor the last siitreii years, and may he depended on jold ?linlesale and retai I at the old establishment of P<>*"' PARHKLL8 fc AOATR. 817 Broadway, comer of lark liar,.. N. B.?I.vim will be supplied and tittiNl by callinx at the I esidence of MADAMK I'AlisKLLH, 402 UmwiZ.UwT iftwwi Hubert mid Laialit ?f rv*?r 2M*ec. ' PNULISI r KN(IRAVIN UH- Stimaffm Ailing th* pity j " * are invited to call at 67 Canal street, a few doors writ from iroadway, south side where they will lind one of tin* largest ttllections ol scrap and other engravings in the United States, 1 lower price* than ever yet offered, The trade supplied on It?ral terms. Kngravmgs by the old maitm, and scarce books, ought and soldi colors, sutioaary, kc. sl3 lm*re W YO V YORK. TUESDAY MC RACES?TTNION COURSE, LONG ISLAND. TUESDAY, October 3d.?First IWc?Mweepstake* for three years old, ?ub $300 each; $100 forfeit; closed, ou the 1st of Jail, with the following:? Samuel l.aird names ch. c. Yainacraw, by Shark, out of Bonnets Blue. Charles S. Loyd name* ch. c. Niagara, by Imp. Trustee, out ol Glixy. \V. Livingston uaine? gr. c. Richmond, by Imp. Trustee, out of A lice Gray. VV l.niniMXIi ila.l iimnM 1, X nimvwra,, >,! lint. out of Jemima. SECOND liACF.?Sweepstakes Tor three years olili; tabs, each, half forfeit, closed with the following:? Charles S. Lloyd name.* ch. c. by Torineuter, darm by M011mnulh Eclipse. Mr. Shaw names b. f. Imp. Trustee, out Diana Vernon. THIRD RACE?Purse $1,10. Two inile heat*. FOURTH RACE?Purse $100. Mile heat*; best three in five. FIFTH RACE?Purse _$50. Ent. $10 added. Mile heats. The first race to come off at 12 o'clock. Entrance to Enclosed Space, $2. Urand Stand $1. Star.d, or Track, 50 cents. Field Stand, 25 cent*. s2f) Jt f h F? 'II SALE?A inir of bright bay CARRIAGE HORSES, Iti to 17 hand* luicli, warranted only live ' J T IT1""* Veirs old, sound in all respects kind iu single and double lifiieg* and under the saddle, and of superior style and action, belonging to a private gentleman in the country,and ?re worthy of the attention of any one desiring a good pair of horses. They may he seen lor five or six days, on application at TATTERSALL'S, Broadway, N. V sl!8 lw MVoffSALE OR TO"RENT-^l\he Premium Mills, w ii h 11 or 15 run of stones, with all of its extensive machinery, situated near two miles from New Rochelle, v\ entchester County, ai d State of New York, and iu imineditte proximity to the city of New York. new in order forau extensive business ill dour, and can grind and pack 100 to 150 barrels fach diy, or could lie most advantageously employed for any other purpose which might require extensive water iiower. The reputation for the past thirty-five \ears en toyed by the Premium Mills, and their proximity to New York, with the lacility of transportation afforded iinmed'ately adjacent, by way of the nvifktioo direct to the Mills from any port, render the facilities for business unexcet tionable to those desiring such an establishment. Apply to HENRY PATRIDUE KELLOOU, Esq , New Ri ctielle, N. Y., Kelloggsville, or to SILAS WOOD, Esq., 59 Br ad street, New I ork. New Rochelle, Angust 23, 1813. s28 lwr A Allies' Al\ 1J ,Vt CHEAPER THAN EVER. T WALKER'S OLD STAND, 419 Broadway, where may be fund a complete assortment of all the different kinds, colors, sorts and sizes, for ladies, misses and children. CJaiters, Boots, Buskins, Slippers, and walking shoes. Alio, India Rubbers an<l Moccasins,snd water proof over shoes of the latest style and fashion; ladies, misses' and children's (Jailers of al I kinds and colors, iu the greatest style and variety, ol all sizes and suited to all tastes; gentlemen s. boys' ai.d children's boots and -hoes, of French aud native calf, carse and fine, iu all their variety, ready made or made to order, at the shortest notice. Gentlemen's overshoes, and an innumerable assortment of other goods, at WALKER'S. Hit Broadway, corner of Canal st. N. B.?Heads ol families, by patronizing this est iblishinent, will find a saving of 25 to 30 per ceut. o2 lm*ec ~PARIS BOOTS ANiTLAsf sTmaDB TO ORDER, By E. H U SK K, 175 Broadway, (basement.) One door from Court Uudt street. E SUSr.R, Bootmaker, and M iker of Lasts, no Elve" of Clerceof Paris, begs leave to inform his friends and all the amateurs of a gentlemanly " chaussure," that he can now make, iu New V ork, with the best French materials, all that is io perfectly made in Paris by his muter, ihe celebrated Bootmaker Clerce, whose numerous customers on this side of the Atlautic are re?|>ectl'ully invited to try Suser's Boots and Las's, before they despair of being " chausses" 1u New York, after the nicest latest Paris fashion. Also, the genuine Paris Jet Black Varnish sold. s!7 lm*ec SAVE VOUR MONEY. FALL AND WINTER BOOTS, 75 tier cent cheaiwr than at any other establishment in the city. Call, ex unine, and be convinced of the facts, that you can get the very best quality of boots, with everlasting patent sole* on, made to your orders at the very low price of five dollars and fifty cents per pair ; the same quality of boots are selling at other establishments at from $7 50 to ?S. Call at CUBBERLEV & MICKELL. 12 lm*m 127 William St.. N. Y. " BOOTS ANirSTrOE^.-WILSON & JOHN~ ^ SSOV, ' Successors to John Hutchiugs, decease*!, have on hand and for sale, from the best manufactories in the country? 100 Cases Coarse Sewed and Pegged Boots, men and boys. 100 " Fine " 1000 Pair Morocco Buskins. 1000 " Ladies' Fine slippers. 3000 " < 'liildreu's Shoes, various colors. '(J(l " Womens and misses Gaiters. 1000 " India Rubbers, trimmed aud plain. Eor sale in lots to suit purchasers, at their store. 120 CHATHAM STREET, opposite Ros'velt. N. B.?The store being open until 10 o'clock in the evening gives country merchants au opportunity to examine goods at their leisure, s2#lm*m " 4i'| BOOT AND SHOE STORE. JOHN READY res|>ectfully informs his friends aud the public, that he has commenced business in the abovr line, at No. 09 Nassau street, where he will thankfully receive and faithfully execute, all orders he may be favored with on the i mntff.reARonAhle remia for rssb. iv23r FANO-FORTK8, MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS, NKW MUSIC, &c. he., just received at AT WILL'S Music He pository, 201 Broadway, near St. Paul's. Purchasers are invited to examine several splendid Rosewood and Mahogany Pianofortes, this day added to the alrmd> eiteusive assortment of Pianos now 011 liand, Klines, Guitars, Sic. &c. in great abundance. The supply of new and admired Music is very great, embracing the publications from all puts of the country. Purchasers caii depend upon receiving correct editions. A liberal deduction where music is ordered in quantity. The following is a small list of the popular music :? Songs. Makchls it QuicKiTcrs. Woodland Bride Java March Old Fjirjn House Lawrence grand do Oh, sthy, my own love, stay State street do Rover is free Roarer's do I know a star Gov. Morton's do Romance from the Opera of Highland do8tQ9. The F.arthuuake Harvard Quickstep Farewell to Northmaven, by Home do Dempster Rory O'More do Oh, were mine a fairy boat Bartlett's do Light Dragoon Iron Botts do Merry Farmer Boy Promenade do Old Ancestral F.lm Henncwey'i do She never smiled again Gordon's do America my Home Park's do Temperance Shout of Liberty Wincliester do On a summer's day Lawrence do I have a cot, by the Harvard Snow's do Glee Club *76 do Wai.ties. Kukek's do Giraffe Waltz Wins low's do Sonthboro do Lynn do Sleigh Bell do Massasoit, do Fairy's Revel do Mt. Washington do F.merald do Postillion do l.aFrivolite do Marine Artillery do LaGaiete do Bruminer's do Villa do Kdmunds' do Poughkeepsie Quadrilles Ni w Editions or the following Admired Songs, &cj True love can ne'er forget Wreath Quadrilles True heart of Woman Garland Walt/.es Love's Chosen Hours Merrily o'er the wav??l A life iu the woods, away Oh, sail with me Oh, take me back to Switter- Take your time. Miss Lucy land Cracovienne Maid The dream is past Moon o'er the Mountain ( atalogues given gratis. ATWILL'S Music Repository, 201 Broadway, Sign of th e Golden Lyra: sbR 2uw Tu&Fr near St. Paul.s Church. L. BARONTO, ARTIST, in Alabaster. Marble, Scagliola, 81c., from Italy Retpectfally invites the gentry, the iuhabituts, shopkeeper*, IWi.irs, country dealers and the public in general, to see .... ....~r.,in .. ink, ,ao. 4j ?_/rcn*rn iirwi, t mwmi (tranil and Division streets,) which is now open for inspection, with a splendid assortment of .mil Knglish ornaments in A labaster, black marble, spur, acata, yellow atone, stalactite, red and various other marbles, verde di prnto, granite, kc., &c. consisting of various sites of unmiw. figures, busts, tazzes, Hebe ewers, Ktruscan vases, candlesticks, tapers, pen tray*. ink itanda. watch cases, clock atanda, time piece*, apill pota. urn*, unique lamps, shell vase*. oval vaaea. bottle*, group* and single Jogs, lablcs. rion-ntine basket*, bulls, cow*, lion*, broaches, necklace*, obelisks, Iiell vases, gotnolv vases. ring vaae*, i?a|??r weights, ring stands, card holes, snuffboxes, birds ueata, amiaulua, paintings of Mount Ve*uv ina, of Naples; book* on concholog>, mineralogy, geology, marine liolamtt, ike. 8w. Price of article* from 12>i cent* to $100. Cleaning anil repairing of every description on moderate tome. Admi**ion free. *30 6w* r 'piul:CHITKCTSAND BUILDK118.?The 'subscribe I would rrs|teetfnlly inform his customers and otlieri, that in niiaeipteiice n| Ins old stand in Broadway being burn- il dowa. lie has taken the pr-mises No. 13} < rosby street near Houston, intil auch time na the stores in Broadway are rebuilt, and that tie la now prepared to?ieute any orders for Ornamental Work \nd Carving that may be required, the same a* formerly. New York, September 81th. 1811. JOHN OALLIF.n, t?9 lm*r 135 Crosby street. PIOAL.?Large Nut 8i*> SI,.Ml, Store Si,75, and fre*h Uioken ^ and Kgir $5 l*er too, of the best Peach Orchard A*!i. wel icreened, weighed bv a city weigher and delivf red free of cartige. A reduction "f 15 rent* per ton if taken from the boats. PKTfciR CLINTON, comerof King *19 imr* and Oreenwirh street i [HON SAKKS?Attempts have recently been made to pre.jii dice the public agvinst VVILPKK'S SAKKS, on account ;lieir dampness, but they have never been found too damp whtn ested by fire, but exactly damp enough, while others have Ixvu round quite too dry when exposed to the same test. Mr. Wilder ha* improved upon the firat Safes made hy him, ,u regard to dampness, mid reference call be made to more than me hundred res|ieciable houses, who, after a carrful investigaion of the relative quality and merits of the various kinds of Safes in market, (since tlie introduction of the *o called lin iinirell Salamander Safe*.) have availed themselves of Wilder'* I'ATKNT SA I. \M AN I) Kit SA KK8, as sold by the sub>?ri ^er, who is the only person in the city authorized to make or iell the (iennine Patent Salamander Safes; and every person using Safes, made in imitation of W ilder's Patent, is liable in Ihrve times the amount of the value of such Safe so used, and will be held responsible by tlio patentee, who has suits now neadiag igaiMi tba Maaw letin r?. Any responsible person in the city, w ishing to purchase a fire proof Safe, and having any doubt* a* to the dampness of Safes ...til li\ ill- <nli?rrilier. can have one nlaced in the store or ????? in*" ho in* thive month* ni <>n trial. and if not found *ati*facto rv will be i.ikfii iway I'rtv from cliaice. '' SII.AS (' IIERHINO, N?. 131 Water it. N. B.?Second hand Sife* for *n|e at le<* thin one-hall the former price*, such a* have taken in part pnymmt for Wilder'* Patent Salamander Hale*. ?30lwdy?tw r V ALK.NTINK ha* remored hi* KntfriYinir and Printing Kitahliihme'.it from John *treet, to No. 1 Uetkman *.reet, [Lovejo/'a lintel,) oppo*ite the Brick < Imrcb, New York ? Wedding. Vinitiiig. Invitatio.i, and I'rofeitional t nrd* vermeil in ti.o lirat *tyle of ihe art, ai regard* the ?u|>enority of ike eflgraviiig, uejineti of the printing, anu the whitrnta* aid lirillianey of the card*. IVnoii* fu mi thing their own card I'latea.ean have them printed on the moat approred and faahionahle atyle of card*, at price* to anit the time*. The L,adiea and IJeirlemen of New York, Brooklyn, and the tdjoimnii citie* and towc*. are reajiectfally invited to call and ''amine the *peciinen hooka, and from a variety ol pattern card* leleet to their ta*te. *89 lm#r ju ?RK H iRNIiNG. OCTOBER 3, 1& " ENGLISH ADVERTISEMENTS. GENERAL AGENCY AND COMMISSION OFFICE. : 18 CORNHILL, LONDON, OPPOSITE THE ROYAL EXCHANGE TO MERCHANTS, Commercial News Rooms, Public Librarian. Societieti.Olfieers of the United Sutea, Printers, Publisher* ol* Newspapers, Sic. 1'. L. 81MMONUH, tteneml \nciit and Commission Mer- j chant, bi'Ks In acquaint Ins friends ?ud ihe American public in general,that he i? ready to receive orders for tint supply.ot Newipapers, Periodicals,! Stationery, Printing Material*, ^ ancy Articles, See. of any kind tud ij'iaiitity, aud goods of every <1<" scrip- 8 tiou ol lirst rale quality .it (lie very lowest market prices of the day, and to transact liumirn upon the most liberal terms, pro- ' viued lie is previously furnished wilK funds <ir drafts at ei ther f long or short dates, or a reference on some Loudon or Li verpool house for payment. a P. L. Simmouds will also receive consignments of auv de- . script ion of merchandize to lie sold on commission, and accept II hills at short dates for two thirds of the amount, on receipt of j the lulls of lading. Consignments entrusted to Ins care will u meet with every possible despatch in their disposal, consistent { with the iatXMt 01 tM cOnsifDMt: an eileusive knowledge of general busiuess coupled w itli promptitude,attention and jud :? 0 inent, will he trusts enable liim to give complete satisfaction to all who may favor him with their commands. " Reference may be made in ,\Yw York to Jatnes Oordon Den- c nett. Eso , Proprietor of the Ilerald.who is personally acquainted with Mr.Sinunouds and the nature and esteulol 1 is establish- v ment. s?8tf r TO NEWSPAPER AGENTS AND PL'ULlbUltRS IN f THE UNITED STATES. h rTMIOSE eicellenl Illustrated Newspapers, The Pictorial 1 A Times, and Illustrated London News, are supplied at 7s Gil sterling per qr. Punch at 4s fid per <jr. and all the London and t Foreign Newspai>ers as they ap|<ear are regularly supplied, , wholesale and retail, by P. L. SIMM0ND8, b Newspaper and Periodical Agent. 18 Coruhill, London, n Subscriptions ill advance, may be paid into the Herald Office, j] on Mr. Simmonds' account. Advertisements received for insertion in all the London, ' Country and Foreign Journals. s28tf t HE NJfiW YORK HERALD is regularly filed in Lou<toil 0 by Mr. P. L. SIMMONDS, Agent for the American Papers, s British and Foreign Newspa|>er Office, IS Cornhill, Loudon, j opposite the Royal Exchange, where orders and advertisements will he received. s28tfr II SELECT ARTICf7l]S~0~F PERFUMERY {' Manufactured bv patey & co. (formerly Pa- 1 ley, Butts & Co.,) Perfumers to Her Majesty, 37 Lombard '1 street, London. _ fl Patey's Fragrant Essence of Citriododra, or Verbena?A new and highly concentrated Essence, possessing those qualities so . desirable in a perfu ne for the handkerchief: a Iiulit refreshing u fragrance, combining perniauenre \\ ith its etherial property. It (1 Is offered at no higher price than good Lavender Water, viz?2s H lid, and 3s fid per bottle. The Almond, or Ambrosial Shaving Cream, 2s (id and 3s 6d 8 the toilet jar. This Cream possesses all the good qualities of the finest Naples Soap, unaccompanied by the unpleasant smell iu- | separable from that ar.icle in a genuine state; and in addition I to tti's advantage it contains no uncombiiieu or free alkali, as " is sometimes the case in Naples Soap, which caus- s consider,i- v ble irritation to tender faces. The Ambroiial Shavine < re m is of .1 white pearly appear.uice.and produces a lich Creamy Lather, which will not dry on the face,the general complaint against almost every shaving soap hitherto introduced being entirely obviated. Patey's Treble Distilled Lavender Water. Hall-pints, 3s fid; pints,7s. It is unusually permanent and reviving. I'atey's Inexhaustible Smelling Salts, in cut glass and stoppered hot'lea. 2s and 2s lid each. Patey's Bear's Urease, price Is, Is Gd and 2s fid; warranted of the first quality, genuine as imported. Patey's Johnstone'* Patent Windsor Soap, unrivalled in its long standing! reputation. In packets, three'; squares, Is; six squares, 2s. Patey's Aromatic Kmollient Old Browu Windsor Soap, manufactured from Vegetable Oils, scientifically combined with the purest and mil-lest Alkali, producing a creamy, l>ermaneut, and emollient lather, which acts on the skin as a cosmetic, and > ields a delightful aromatic fragrance. 2s 6d per packet of six squ UPM Patey's While and Brown Windsor Soaps, warranted mild, for family use. Eacli Is lid per pouud. Patey's Niples ."<oap, warrauted genuine as imported. In pots Is, Is (id, 2s fid, and 'is. Almond, Vegetable, Rose and Kloating Soaps, in packets of three square; for Is. FOR THE TOILET AND NURSERY. Patey's Extra Fine Violet Scented Hair Powder, particularly recommended for the use of lad es and infants, for its mild and cooling qualities, and greatly snjierior to that genenlly sold. In pound, half-pound anu quarter-pound packages, at Is fid per l>ound. Patey's New Perfume, the Persian Essence Citronella House, an exquisite, original, aud permanent iwrfume, imported from Shiranz. Price Cd the bot'ie. Patey's Sujierior Tooth, Nail, Hair, Shaving, and Clothes Brushes, to be procured, wholesale only, at 37 Lombard street. If*?*" Patey St I o. disclaim connection with any other house, and suggest to their correspondents the necessity of observing, and being explicit as to the number of their establishment. *? * Wholesale Agents for Messrs. Rowland ami Sons' Macassar Oil, Kalydor, and Odonto. s2'J 12t 1st evy m r ASTUR HOUSE. THE subscribers will lie happy to arrange with families and siugle gentlemen for the winter s also with parties of singl * gentlemen, who may prefer a priyate table, on reasonable terms sIMoctl COLEMAN Ik STETSON , AuliTON HOUSK^ " THE SUBSCRIBERS are prepared to make arrangements with families and siugle genlieineutfor the winter or bv the year, upon reasonable terms. The prices of this establifhment are the .aine ,n heietofore, viz:$l Sli per day. BENSON & HODOES. sJ lin* r BELMONT~HbuSE-NEW BrTc?~HTON"~ GROROE PEIRISS, in returning his grateful acknowledgments to the nuiner?us ladies and gentlemen who favoicd Lhe above establishment during the oast HMM, begs to innomice that he lias made every suitable nrrangemeut lor the winter, to accommodate families and single boarders. The dining-rooms and dormitories will be found c<>mfi rtably and elegantly furnished. The table will be supplied with the choicest provisions, and the wines will li~ founilequil to any. The proximity of Belmont House to the city, with excellent steam boats plying at stipuliteil hours, the well known artenlion of ilia host and civiliry of the attendants. romtiiued with the location, being within a step or the laudiug-plsce, renders this establishment the most social and cruveuient in the Union. Terms will be found exceedingly moderate. [C?"" Good stabling and coach houses attached to the pre HAVANA MANSION HOUSE HOTEL. rT,HE undersigned takes occasion to inform his friends anil 1 I ffce public, that the Mansion House is now located in In- ( qnitldor street, No. 67. in the vicinity M the steamboat landing and vegetable market, having commodious family apartments, arranged in the neatest order. A person is employed to procure permits to land passengers, baggage, Sic. who will board vessels immediately after the visit ' of the revenue officers. N. B.?Visitors to this Island should procure a passport from the Spanish Consul, at the port of embarkation, to obviate difficulties and inconvenience. s21 fimec WILLIAM FULTON. T.Ml'UHTAN'i TO IN V ALI US .\NI> VISITORS TO TIIK ISLAND OK CUBA. PRO GRE S S HO T E L, IN the village of Orro, three miles from Havana. This establishment is advantageously situated, properly fitted up and attended, affording the benefit of a country life without excluding the comforts and pleasures of the Capital, or preventing a timely attendance to business. Every attention is promised by the owners to unvt tli satisfaction of their visitors. CHARGES. Boarding for a single person in one room $2 00 a day. " " two or three persons in one room- $ I iO a day each person. 8 With families a particular agreement may be entered into. N. 6.?Omnibiisse* are running from morning 'till uight between the Cerro and Havana, making the trip in half an hour. s2f lm PULASKI HOUSE, MONUMENT SQUARE, SAVANNAH, GEO., BV P. WILTBKKGER. THE following may lie aditn.el from among the many rej commend itious which have nnp?ared of this establishment: "The most remarkable feature about Savannah,is the I'ulaski House?being, beyond any comparison whatever, numlier one among the very best ami most genteel Hotels in the United States." LEWIS FITZGERALD TASISTAO. Random Shots anil Southern Breezes, vol.2, page 165. Pri.asKi Hoi se.?The following well merited compliment to this elegant establishment, we clip from the I'hiladel hia U. S. Gazet te. It is a matter of wonder, that so many invalids go to points w here there are no comforts, instead of stoppi ;g in Savannah,where the climate is gentle, without beiuc enervating {? Those who visit the 'TnLski House,'* will forget their absence from home, in the midst of the elegance and refinement which S! pervades the establishment. Not only do tr sellers sit down to a table which many deem better than any other ill the U. States, C but superadded to this, all the neatness in the linen, and other furniture of the house, and all the quiet and security are observed, which belong to private resideuces.?Savanuan Ilei ublican. >. ,, [To the Editors of the United States Gazette,] Messrs. Editors:? [ Will you allow me the privilege of your columns to communicate some information oi interest to the travelling community, c among which a number of your subscribers must be found. ? Probably there is no snb ect about which intended travellers L feel so much anxiety, at the in-ans of comfort or enjoyment p which they are to possess in the public accommoJatioi.s that await them on their journey. At this, or |>erhap* an earlier im- O! soil of the year, it is well known that many individuals.of both *rxes, either from delicate health, or distaste of a " Northern winter,'' s'ek relief from the severe temperature of our clunate, ... in the l?s? changeful and softer weather of the Southern States, and I believe there a'e many, more who, IVr the same reasons, would . sort to the South during our inclement season,did they |'c know that they could make a brief abode there without any great loss o| those comforts and conveniences which brlong most emphatically to home. A brief experience in southern ,;l travelling, has enabled ine to afford this most desirable inform* im tin. , . ?l During a recent visit to Savannah, Georgia, under Mie instruc- . lions of a discriminating friend, I soon found myself most com- .* fortably established at the I'ulaski House, iu that lity. This isi Hotel, owned and conducted by < iptani Perer Wiltberger, is most delightfully situated, and is embraced in a range of build . nigs, large elegnnt and commodious. '1 he uimost order and iiuiet exists throughout the hon?e, and neatness, regularity and (;< Uiipntch j*rvade and ehiractense every hanch of the establish- |,. ment. 1 he table is alwtys supplied, at gr.-at difficulty judex- . in'iise, with the choicest dishes of the season, while the most fastidious connoisseur could not complain of the wines. The bi society resident for the season at this fine house, and drawn v( from the various Northern States, is of the most agreeable Of "our host" hitnselflet it lie mil,that all his visitors unite th in be?rini( testimony to his unerasing care, judicious man meinent Miu courteous deinjHni 'iit, winch while they hire m?derea this hotel inferior to none, aud superior *<? mint others in the I'nited States, cauM all who enter the "Ciil t-Ui Hodk" u bit < ruests, to leave it ii hit friends and Warm well wish.-rs. When. ... iherefo-e, to the csuteoeeof this establishment at Savannah, is , to be added the mildness and salubrity (>f it* climate during the *y winter months, and the attrirltien *s of the city, it can- l(, not be doubted that when the merits of the "l'ula<ki House" ,1 are once well t'nown, it muit i>ro?e the favorite re??rt at tin ' south of the invalid, ,n well a? th- traveller for pleai'iro. A SUBSCRIBER. ? ii "This Hotel in infinitely superior to the one where we lodgei! in Charleston. Here we obtained the uieniiuia'de Insmy of u " warm bath." Mils KANNY BUTLER S sW fit'r Winter Journey to (feorgia. IMTtHK LOVKH9 OA SUPERIOR BLACK t7.A7- ?.| ? Howtjua't Mixture,? 1 In* extremely delicious and tinpa* p railed Tea. ?> highly Celebrnretl in China and (,uni|?, jul imported, is now for sale it the Canton Tea Comuany a Oemral Tea Establishment, 131 ( ti.ithim street. Npw York, arid I If tli " 'niton street, Brooklyn?in parkagea. I'riee V) cents and $1 ,,, seb int'r ^ PORSALKt IIKAP? Acom;>lete Printing Olfie., eilculated J() " for a oin>11 il?ily or a w-. kly newsinper, comistinf Of I5re?i?r, Minion, Kaut y Type, lmi>?singfttone, Cases, Frames, w ,Vc., &c., all nearly new, Inquire of I'd JAMES CONNER, lh ,<tr Corner of Nassau and Ann s'reetsj SUOAR?JVhhds. very prime New Orleans Sugars, landing Q( from ship Ocmulgee, and for sale by UOr IE. K. COLLINS * CO. M South st . v? ERA 13. Berlin (Corre?ptf,t!.-u<)i of the Herald, j KkhI rtf, July 20, 1843 I Hit Weather ? Dimtlrou* Storm?Travel/in# ?A Locomotive Mon'irc\?Announced Royal Atlmiirr ?Proiptctive Mufovilc Influence in the German Diet?Oirman Fairs, ami the State of Trade rAMK* Gordon Bennett, lisii ? Sir We have had the most exlraordinary seaon on record in this part ot the c.iuntry The ' veather, alter having been unusually mild and quable up to the end of April, s iddenly changed bout the beginnina: of May, and ever since we luve been iMuged with rain, which has poured lown in torrents., and rendered the atmoephrre exeedinely raw and uncomfortable. The Oder and ther rivers have risen in consequence beyond their isunl limits, and their inundations have occasioned onsiderable damage. About Whitsunude there ! i^as a hail storm of such unexampled beverity, thai | everal individuals were killed in the open fi Ids; louses were unroofed,windows shattered, carnages verturned?the passengers in the open wagons on he Leipxick railroad marlv drowned?in short, here was the devil to pay. The weatherwise attnutr all this to the cornet?that distmgu'shed stran;er who came to nigh our earth lately us almost to irush us with his tail This supposition, whether rue or not, is a proi f of the march of intellect In he middle ages comets were considered as l'or-bo- i ting a ''change ot tim^s and states." (See Slink pear's Henry VI ) Now their influence hasdwin Hed down to producing a derangement of the al- i nanac This lastw*ekor two, however, there i iasl>ecn a great improvement; the rain hasceased, i he sun has again made his appearance,and we may iow l?ok lorward to a trw weeks of summer he- ' ore our northern aatumn cets in. i In spite i f the unfavorable weather there liae I leen, and is, an immense deal ot travelling going I in this season; people are continually on the move, < rime lor nlcMMiirr* nlliffH on linmiifsM Tn? iinm ets theexamnle in this,as vrt II us in niuny other repects. His Majesty is certainly endowed w th the tumpoflocomotrveneBs; lie lsalwuys cn route, aim ippearu delermined not to leave n single hamlet unisited throughout his extensive dominion*, besides naking occasional oa In at the nei 'h bonne court*. J11 a tour from which tie returned the other day, le spent some time at D&ntzic, formerly a republic luder the protection of Poland, and now one ol the nost important commercial elites ot Prussia, (rwn hence lie proceeded to the ble ot llugen, where he i?idan interview with the King of Denmark. Of iourse this is attributed to some political manoeuvre, he subject ol which is opeu to conjecture, neither if the two monarch* having thought tit to acquaint he public with the secret* dismissed between iliem it this conference, supposing there were any. How?ver, the following reports are current, and I will <ive them v>u tor what they are worth. The King ?f Denmark has .in only son (rather a mauvais nujtt tiy the way), who is about forty years of age, utid though twice married, without issue. After li:s death, the crown ol Denmark will devolve on the resent incumbent's nephew, Prince Frederick of Hesse, ii young man ol three and twenty, who is llso next heir to the Electorate of Hesse Cas?el, and, consequently, a first rate match Now, the Emperor of Russia has two marriageab e laughters, whom he is unxious to provide with niitable husbands, and tumor says that he has n"! upon this young sprig ot royalty for a son inaw. The " main voice ot Denmark" is not much n favor of the proposed alliance; net her is it very jiur 10 Germany, and the dread ot Muscovite t.fluen e i < thought to have induced the King oi ?russ::i lo i"vite his brother monaich to a conferee, in h??pes of being able to dissuade him Irom orming such a connection. In case the young niur in i|ii>-bmuii succrruH 10 me Hi roue ol Den ?in!k. h" will have too voles in tha German Diet? >n< lor ihe Dutchy of Hoistein and one for ilie 3i ?:tor tie .?t il these should lie at the tispi i?f iiussia, the supremacy of Austria and '< tint ht'iiy might be not a little endan- , !?red Jii my ?;>in*"n, ihe alarm felt on this tub- | er.t i.i |?i;"fp? iy "rufintoup; relationship goes for no i hir.g in ,- iliti s, i>? i? j'""ved to demonstration by t he h.ct that ih Kmijol P.'")- id himself isthe uncle | ,f the yoiiog Cnn.J Dji-h'-ss, whose matrimonia' i irospects h/ is r^i>rft?-h* ai.xiousto destroy a tpue ol then; rumor* ii~ continues to all app^tt mceo'i the best t'-rrns pcasiblt > 'h the Cz-tr, anii a now rtceivuiK depuii s iimn a uu?itn ri s? mem if grenadiers, the colooelship of which w.ts con erred on him fwentv five yea's ago, and whohav* rrived here from .Saint Petersburi!h to congratu it#* him "n the anniversary of that event. While pleasure or intrigue keep the higher circles ( :i motion, ihe mercantile part of the cornrnuniti r:* under the necessity of spending a portion > I lieir time in travelling, in ord^-r to atfnd ihe difprent fairs These fairs belong to a system of com fierce, formerly prevalent throughout Europe, aim erivmg its origin from Asia, where they are still nuch in vogue. Even in Germany they retain omething oriental in ilu ir aspect, being frtquenreri iy numbers of Polish and Moldavian Jews, Greeks, lutksand Persian0, in their national co-tume and peaking their various dialects. The principal iermari lairs are held at Leipzic and Frankfort on he Maine, minor ones at franklort on the < >der, Brunswick, Olfenbach, fee. They take place at tated eeasoiis, generally three tunes a vear, and ast from two to leiir weeks. The lair at Frankfoit m the Oder, (fifty miles from this city) is jubi past There were rnauy buyers Irom Poland, wht? purhased Eeglish mauutacmred goods to a grea' .mount at ruinous prices (about ten per cent Inw^r han they are in England) ? but in German maou- , ictures business was dull, owing ro the unaatisfao i Dry state of trade in general. This is partly occa < ioned by the high prices of food ; the lower cl isset- ( aving to expend their earnings chiefly on provi- , ions during the winter and spring, they are left t nthout the means of purchasing articles of luxury | ) any considerable extent. , 1 am, Sir, your most obedient servant, i A. B. / fjockport. [Correspondence of the Herald. 1 ,. Lockport, Sept. 30,18-13. Lot kport? The Pruttian Setiltrt \mes G. Bennett, Esq ? Sir v Lockport is a thrifty town of some 7(100 inhabi- u int.*, dispersed over a tract of country on both v idea of the great canal, large enough t?r a compac' '|( ny of 200,000 population. The citizens expect to i ill it up by the next census Mr. Hat?kell, the com nunicative host of the large and commodious lailroad Hotel, who has several of the authorized ommiatsioners of the Niagara county Prussian olony at his house, informs me thut the community rnbraces about 900 families?some 300 individuals , f whom are now temporarily at Buffalo. The i gents of the colony fiave already purchased [ the Honorable Washington Hunt, (elect) I this county, ? tract of 1100 acres of land, >r which they pay down the hard metallic ; nd it is their purpose to add further ptir laws of the adjoining lands, ?nflicient for the laintenance of thesettlement. Five hundred men f ihe associati n are now on their way up front Ibnnv, and (he rrsi lue arc en route behind. The idividuals in the purchate of lands contribute needing to their m-aus?their proportions varying om 10 to 120 acres. Seventy acres are held in ummon to be distributed among the poorer of the * rotherluod They bring wiih tliein their own me innics, artizans, priests and phyaiciaus A niim- " tt of these hardy and serviceable settlers are the ?, 'terans who figured in the campaign* of the indolit.tble Blucher against Napoleon. The lands of c e colony lie adjoining the one mile reserve of the late, on the Tonawanda anil Ni.gura rivers, n >me eleven mile* southwest ot Lockport, in an I ivanlaneoua position ot communication with trie c iark"'s The Prussian community will add lnr>;?-tu the prosperity of ihe county, distinguished, ??' ' i?y ar--, t??r -'eacly industry, honesty, and peuc-- ^ :>lent**i of character. 3. 'tJ Simot' ani> Narrow E-cai e ?Capt. Charlra h earl, ?>l ihis port, was knocked overboard Iron, iu ->loop ilunter, about midnight, on the 23d <1 t x'-'niber, ? hen about 17 mile.* west o| Monte lie Fnint. Francis Risley was t::e only one lei' i bi/ird; lie #ot ou the long bo%t, and b-iftid ?'np earl, y tiie b "tnd ot his voice, in 10 or lft mines. 1 v. s ?<> dirk that they were unable to jard ili vpnel, but <uicceed"d of landing on short si beli<r d#yi.giii, Boiwithstanding the aurt. The* id but little nop'?, Low ever, ;n Ui.diug in eahty , ill., innriiiai -o .-i .... -J --I , .... | mi- 1'1'n uni rtliu ?* hale boat launched, in w*nch C pf Pearl ami h inner succeeded in bjirr?ir>fr the v **el, winch ' ev found in a natecondition, al'er it hud remained ,, one with lull sails ?et, some six or t-irfhi hours! y apt Pearl arrived here a tew duya since, with hi? ;?el, "sale and found."? Hartford 1'itrut, Siyt. 90. l< LB. frtcm fwo Cwtl Hfw Orlinii* (CorrMfOurftnc* ?.l\b> H raid.) Nkw Orleans, S*pi. 21. 1843. HviiPftf Protptcti?H'tignatiim o/ tkr CulLrtar? Cundidakt for the Office? Antiripated Rri'gnaticnt <jf the Postmaster- I'rntptrti of .Vr Kan Burnt in T.ouitinnn? The Velloic Fever, ami On Cotfan and. Sugar Crops. Dkar HIR :? I h-ive not much news to send you. The season for burners is, however, evidently o|*ened, us there tB great stir on nur levee in the way of cotton bales, boxen of merchandize, ttec , which are there thrown out by our ships and steamboats on their arrival, to be taken to our warehouses. The proepect fora good but'iuess year la very flattering. Perhaps lor the laist tru years, it has never looked better. In the eity, a erent number ot fine brick buildings have bet n erected, besides immense large stores and waretioiuea, tor the accommodation of the vast amount oi tner h iridic?, which cornea to this place from the four <piurterj of the globe. It may, indeed, b? fitly compared to Altxmdra in Egypt, w hen nhe wis the entrepot ot the cam himI the west. T. Gibbs Morgan has resigned his post as Collector, and numerous ar>* the surmises of the gentleman who will succeed him Among those spoken ot, are a. Cuculler, B. P French, <i Dorsey, mid J. W. lireedlove. It is impossible, however, that the latter geniU'mnn can be appointed, as lie does not belong to the Tyh r school, although for the rake of the office, it is said that he gave in his adhesion some weeks ago. Besides his recent connexion with the fraudulent i-ffa rs of (he Atchafalaya Rank, in which he figures so largely, would, it is hoped, prevent the President from making such in appointment, and if he. did, the Senate would iit'ver confirm it. There are various reports about the accounts of [lis late Collector, ot his having retained a large ium lor commission, and (lie guarantee ot tlie mblir moneys. thing is certain, tliat his neglect will cost the government a lan<e bum, in the urine ot Young Breedlove. who stole the Treasury notes It is believed, that the Postmaster will shortly resign, and'li^n there will he more scrambling lor (ti-:e. Other removals in pi.blic places are BfHiken, ??> it is lik> ly that we are to have a complete revolution stiorily. Mr Bureu injured bis cause very much in this Slate, by the late proceedings o! the Syracuse Convention, and it U now very doubt ul whether any of the r latea will submit to its dictation. I am sorry luslriends should be. t-o imprudent, as I think. elected without *ny trickery, ^y the fair vote ot the people. This State trom being one of ihe strongest whig States, has become thoroughly democratic. The yellow lever will not become au epidemic this year, ami it will be perlectly sate tor persona to arrive heie about the lirst November, but not before. The new cotton which comes 10 rnnrket, is of a line divcripticn, h d<1 sells as Ian' a it is landed, at better prices than it did last year. Tue eugar crop promitis abundant. li. C. Ucrgcu, X. J. | Correspondence of the Herald.] Bergen, Slept. 28, 1848 Dear Bennett li has long been a matter ot diacuwion and c?niroversy among the learned as to the correct situation of this place ; and as it mey edify your readere to know in what 1 the world it ir.a> be found, ' subm" io you the Following. THl^vill; g ? of Bersr-n icj rivaled neur .h,* 'I <.k?"tit*ol?, about two i. es Irom Jersey Coy, Ju'i i hitherto escaped the ohimp'^tiofi of travellers; happy, however, in this r? .-pt'ct, <r' b- had likewise esc.ti>ed their illnaiureo remarks *nd maledictions. Th?*re is, it. is Hue, lit'1" her" m attract the f*ye?a school-house, a church, a tav? rn, an^i i? blacksmith's lorge, supply the spiritual and t? u au s of those wii?> make up tiie small ^orteiy. By some r>ior? extrr.orrliiiarv nifvenn..t. tf.ev ha' - mai.iiaed tn mn from lu re to .I-is? y citv, h four-wheeled lung yclept n sto^e, (drawn by horses long tCo mortgaged to the ctows.) m> that the inha>itaiitH, wh.i are wonderfully fond of news, generally catch tne rumors ot the day Irom the driver.? I h?* no|iu!atiMii c>'ii?i.-tH ol about 15(1 Van Winkles, KM) Van Ripen, 1IH) Wn Horns, and about 60 Vun Hurens; in all about 400, comprising several familifb win. h have inhabited ihe place since time immemorial They keep till their wealth among them- -Ives, in eriiiarry;ng, and keeping' all strnngersand interlopers at a warv di*tH.nce. They are also a hard-money people, and remarkable for turning the ^nny (he right way It is paid to have been ail old u^. established by one cf ilie primitive financiers IB r n, ihat no one should leave the village with nore thuu six guilders in Ins pocket, or return witit eiw than ten ; a shrewd regulation, well worthy the itteminn ol M>me of your modern political econonixts, who are so anxious to fix the balance of trade. kVha., however, tenders Bergen so perfect an elymin, in (he eyes of all true Hollanders, ia the iiatchless height to which the spirit of cleanliness is :atned there. It amounts almost to a religion imong the inhabitants, who pass the greater part of heir time rubbiug and scrubbing ; each ho'isewifr ries with her neighbor in her devotion to these ub>ing brush ; and it is said, a notable housewife in he days ol y?re, is held in piou" remembrance and II most canonized as a saint, for hnvngdiedof purr -xhaustion and chagrin, in an intfleclual attempt 0 scour a black man white Yesterday I was fcttunate enough, through the lid of a guide, to gain admiitance info the kitchen ,1 one ot (he illustrious hurdlers, and 1 doubt wheberthe parlor wou'd prove more wotthy of observation Among the decorations ol the kitchen was 1 printed sheet of woodcuts, representing the vatous holiday customs ot Bergen, with explanatory hymes. Here I was delighted to recognise the oflilies of New Year'sday?(he festivities of Pinkter, and all (he other merry-makings handed down n my native place from the earliest times of New Amsterdam. I rngerly made mysell master of this reciousdocument for ji trifling confiderntion, end aire it ol! as a memento of the plnee? though I uestion it, in so doing, 1 did not carry iff with ne the whole current literature of Bergen. Yours, tec. RirroN. More Forger* and Swindlinr?Robert Salear was taken into custodv on Thurs-dav after moo,*<tyn the Norfolk Herald of Saturday, and esterday brought before the Mayor, on a charge f obtaining at different timea three barrel* of whisky, a barrel of sugar, and a bag <<t coffee, from Messrs. Haynes<te Gc>odri(l?e, upon forged orders, igned with the nnnifs of John C. Heifield, and rohn Forbes, cusiomrrmif Messrs. II Ac G., living n Currituck County, N. C. Superior Court. The Chief Justice and Judge Oakley on the B nch. Oct. 4 ?The Couit wan engage! *he greater part of hia day ia hearing motion*, 1'be Calender will be taken up in order, le.moriow (Tuesday.) Calender fur Tu'tday ? No*, ft, ft, 14 , 78, 77, 16,17,30, Il, i3, 54, 9J, 38, U0, 30. Court of Common Pleu. B. lore Judge Ulthot ffer. Oct. 3?Engltr rind Fairy, n. Madame drianf and ^trdinand Finicta.?The plaintiff* art- French importers, uitig husinee* it; No. tSOTrarl street, and in the y?ar 1943 fere intlnced to extend n r,re<lit to the deiendants, who ven doing bunnies* at No 38 Piatt strict, on irrpo/t"ia of iiocy French dry joocl* Two sepai nte Mil* were purhased by the defendant*,the (list in Oct. IM1, f^r >133 33, >r which a note was given ?t *ix month*; lh.- MC??d pur. ha?e wan in the December fnllowiu*, utrotiiiiing to 341 17; for tbis putchaae a second notewuf Riven ulso t a six months' credit. Both not)* were protested .or on-pay merit, und this suit brought to recover the mounts. The detencr sought to?st>bli<h*d win, that 'erdiiund Fiuiels was not a partner, but only a book*eper for Madame Ar?ant and her eldest daughter Frani-line, whoalone rum, osed the Btrri i f Ai*ant It Co., and -'vera! witnesses wen brought forvar.t to prove that Ftiols did no" net h? u ;?irtner, hut >? a .ooVfei eper. The nughter and allegu! part- er >< ?s j laccil on the nd to m- the nartnerihip, I ut w olje tdtobythe counsel < iiit T 'a. 'titf, as tw.ntg an i ie? ??? < vk Iti.i *, >s' ich ohti^ii waj 'n tiiirit I I'j the 0?>tt t 'fbe brother of ielf-was '!.u hr- u^'.it ward pra?e that h'h.d i rhaw,1 rO"d<. in France, ar t hu.t i t h'"i ou'to hi< roiltei to a> 11 :or 1 it? on eomTlssmn. miJ h knew of no Trtnersblp 'ii?Ung ; !" lie bad, he alleged e wonl ! nnt have li.trusted hi" g<" ds to his rother to tell, 't he plaintiffs produced the porter or h* lr t.i tatilisb muit, who jirov.-d that In IVtmi'r, M1,M fas sent by Ml. F?iov, ?< ei he i, wi ll a note u the atore of A'" -at C? , ' ri'? street, to ascertain iom them the name. .he^rjoi.s ronpW. r.g ifcillim, ,nd received iron. Kr r:?? ' -,'he M?n tnr.t, ihen?raos ,f Madame Araand > .d Feedint-d H (ni l ? . . ten by he latter on the *.??e notr Inch h? Ud brought. rh.a ,I * h-retained io Mr F?!e), and ?aw him at that tim? n'er the n..nie? ?> he ' Reference Book"? wbich lock vas pr dnced, and the witno* pointed out tl:e entry, "he Judge? barged 'he Jury that it '.va* a atrapln matterf.l ict, and it wa? lor th' ni to decide whether Finlfis was partner or net. The Jury returned a ver.'iot for the laintift* In the lull amount. For plamtifti, Mer?rs. Hoice F. Clark and Roberts. Sword*?For delendants, jr. Themaa barter. Cnltndt t for Tun day.?No? M, 61, 4S, 41, 17 , S8, SO, 7 , 14,133,1>, IS, 34.

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