Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 3, 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 3, 1843 Page 3
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QQ- WHO WaNTB to be handsomr and OOOU LOOKING 7?Mnay may anile at thi*, but wr have seen the e?pcriment teated. We have seen several lately who have aisumed what they never bad btfore, viy. beautiful cleai ?kin and luxuriant hair. Oiiejoung lady and gentleman who'e ikin and lace were truly disguatinr with eruptions and Irecklea. and th? Italian Che. mioal Moap cleared it, and one cake, too; alio changt i the color ot suubuint or yellow akin to a healthy clearness. We. ouraelf, can speak frosa using Jones' Coral Hair Reatorative. Our hair was falling out, and filled witn rcutf, nnd tbil entirely remedied it It has been u>ed by thefirat merchaota ot our city, who te.ll ua it doea certainl) m <ke the hair gruw, and gives light, red or gray hair a tine dark look?| Picayune This ia sold very reasonable by Jones, sign of the American Eagle. 82 Chatham at. Amenta? Zieber, 3 Ledger Building*, Philadelphia; 8 State street, Boiton; 07 State atreet, Albany; or No. 13P Kulton atreet, Brooklyn; and 243 Broad itreet, Newark 00- COMSTOCK'S SARSAPARILLA This fine preparation i* getting into genetal use, by being made of the best ingredients and afforded at a price never before known, viz t no cents per bottle, $4 per dozen, in as large nottlts as any sold at one dollar. The effects 01 mis medicine is always beneficial, ami scrofula of thiit y years standing has bei*u cured by its use. The genuine is to be haJonly at 21 Courtlandt street; 139 Fulton street.Brook* lyn; 3-0 Broad street, Newark; and Comstock 8c Ross, 62 Cornhill, Boston. (K7- EVERY PARENT SHOULD READ THE following ? New YohK| Jan. 16,1843. Gentlemen :? During the pant week I have purchased two packagesof your excellent comi>oiiiid estract of Hoarnound Candy,for tl.ecureol coughs, cold* and hoarsenpfs and. sore throat ? it has entirely removed from my little boy a deep seated rough I had before making trial of your Hoarhound Candy, a* above, much doubted the efficacy of a medicine classed uoder the simple head of Candy. Such doubt docs not now exist. Hence, denning an acknowledgement of tho salutary effects produced by a slight use of your cough preparation to be only commensurate with the real'benefit derived,! very cheerfully proffer you i his testimonial of commendation. With great respect, I am, dear Sirs, your most obedient servant, THEO. FROST, No. 8 Grand st. Sold wholesale and retail, 45 Division street; 10 Astor House; 110 Broalway, New York; No. S Ledger Building", Philadelphia; No. 8 State st., Boston; 67 State street, Albany; No. 110 Baltimore street, Baltimore. MOSEY MARKET! Monday, Oct. 6 P. M. The stock market has been better to-lay, and pricts generally in advance. Ohio rose |; Indiana }; Kentucky J; Illinois 1|; Canton fell J; Harlem J. At the new board the transactions were fair. At New Orleans it appears the fall trade is very backward on account of the prevailing fever. This prevents any demand for exchange. On the other hafrd the cotton begins to come forward to afford a fresh supply of bills. Tiic exports to the 23 1 were 3532 bales against 5165 bales at the same period last year. The demand for sterling bills nnd on France was mostly for this market. The rate o< the former was 7JaTJ, and the latter $6 27$ si 6 30. This direction for foreign hills had reduced the rates on New York, which fell J a $ per cent during the week; 60 days bills were 1J a 2 dis. and sight } a 1 dis. The tendency of bills was downwards and would probably soon reach a rate which will induce purchasers for the import f specie. The receipts of specie at New Orleans from Sept.) 1 to 23d, were $99,166. The progress of the export trade o( New Orleans from the 1st to the 23d Sept. is seen as follows 1812. 1843. Cotton bales, 5,163 3,582 Tobacco, Iihds. 1,915 2,634 l.urd kegs, 2,153 6,510 I .cad pits, 27,715 25,399 ( sacks, 19,880 27,082 This indicates that produce is coming freely and promptly forward, and that the highest point in exchanges has pasaud. The operation of last year has again com menced. That is for specie to flow from the seaboard south and east, and from Europe to the seaboard through out the winter and spring, and to return with a full tide of business in the cummer and ensuing fall. The accounts respecting the statoof the crops and the progress of events in the West Indies arc rather of a mix ed character, but the general complexion i* to the favora hie side. The drought continued to be feverely felt in some districts of the island of Jamaica, end has injured the young corn plants to such an extent that fears were entertained that it would be sensibly felt on the crop of next season. It is not denied, however, that the producton of the present yearwillbe considerable in excess compared with 1042> It is admitted that the negroes, as toon &s they are visited with rain, will abandon the cultiva tion of the planters to attend to their own provision. The sugar crop in the island of Barbados wm estimated at l.ast to be 28,000 hogsheads; 24,000 had bean already ship, ped, which is the largest production of that colony since the year 1838. The Farmers' Bank of Mobile will probably soon nuke its annual return to the public, preparatory to commencing its grand 11 corner" in State money. The fol lowing was the condition of the concern last year, as compared with the previous one :? St* 11 mi nt ok tiu Akkair? ok tiif. Bank ok Mobii.i:. DR. DR. Orl. 30, 1811. Kor. I.'42 Bank estate 22,020 22,020 Ileal estate 19,879 133,872 Hills and notes 1.160,003 852,920 (Sills receivable 634,712 431,778 Expenses ; 10,215 5,657 Exchange on Sterling 13,419 10,213 Exchange nn N. Vara, N. Orleans, fcc? 198,746 131,302 Williams, Deacon fc Co., London 15,407 20,090 Keid. liviuf tk Co 15.150 15,150 St... ks, Hank and Insurance 7,100 23,658 Suspended debt secured by Stock of this flank 131,400 131,400 Suspense account 21,213 23.655 Specie , 89.505 22,152 Notes of the State Bank andlBr&nchcs, vi/.' 1,262,870 163,150 $3,609,321 $2,038,000 * Including $11,120 CO, Post. t?> thk 30th Of tobkh, 1811, ?xn on the 1st Nov. 1842. CR. CR. Oct. to, 18ll. If or. 1, '12 Capital 1,500,000 1,50(1,000 I'rolit and loss 21,285 151,494 Dividends 5,349 4,764 Due Banks of Stale 512,18't 17,776 Due Banks out State 204,580 C3.803 Due Treasurer of U. States 310 3,340 Depositors 1,057,139 273.350 (ire illation 26,137 19,871 Post notes III circulation 25,137 600 $3,600,321 $2 038,000 1 he leading features (or three years were aa follows:? /.nans. Specie, Cir. Dtp. Ocl'r 1840, 1.751,197 303,048 36.073 961,56. " 1811, 1,795,715 89,505 26,137 1.057.43A No*. 1842, 1,287,698 22,152 19,871 273,355 This presents an immense reduction in the loans oi the concern, also in specie, showing tha fact that last year its whole means were devoted to speculating itsell in cotton, through the medium oi the State hills. The cash means an J liabilities of the concern last year were, omitting the State money on hand, as (ollows :? Cash liabilities, Nov. 1843, 403.P92 " means, 143,846 Excess of liabilities, 340,146 The notes and bills receivable which it held were $1,387,60a, of which 40 percent were under protest. The whole means of the concern were devoted to the private operations of a few persons, and the same object will be pursued this year with diffeieat means. Instead of buy. ing cotton with State money, it will deal in the latter with its own piomises, il the people will allow it. Now, who are I he people who are about, as they say, to put down juanumii maie iiromneB, ana regulate" ine anairs of that State 7 The following from the report of the committee will show :? On examination, we And that the stock of the bank ii well distributed. The dividend book exhibitiLg one hundred anil sixty seven stockholders, the greatest number of shares held by any one individual being sis hundred and eighty-two, while the greatest proportion of the three filths of the capital held by individuals, rises from two up to two hundred shares each. One consequence of such diffusion of the stock is, that proxies are accumulated in some instances, in single hands, perhaps, beyond a desirable degree. One individual we And controling in his ewn right, and as guardian trustee, and by proxies, 211S aharea; which must place him in conjunction with others, few in number, in possession, in most caiea, of at least tho balance of power, if not the governing preponderance. The stockholders classed by locations, are as IoIIown Shartt. In Alabama 3934 Pennsylvania PO* Massachusetts , 7j New Yom 9026 Connecticut 09 Virginia 300 Florida ao South Carolina 100 Europe 4495 The state, two-fifths of capital, oneo l.XMKI The promlaes ol theie people, issue,! by cotton speculator*, nro to form n currency for Alalia in a, became the promise* of that State and people are not good enough? If the people are true to them?elve?, they will apredily cl^ar out the whole batch. Sale* nt the Stock Ktchangr, *moo N York !>'?, '.'ill ion 30 ?|lu Pheni* Bank H MOO Ohio ?'?, \W !M 20-Oliio Tnut 'H 1(10011 do V.O MO 07 to (lo 01 *4 otm <lo !i0 N O Canal Bk l>?0 3? iflro (lo blO 97 ,')0 Iio*ton 8c Prov 101*4 V>00 <lo 50 do Hit l.'ioo (lo !* > M llliw fc Syracuse I0? 'iOOO do l>60 07 AO Paterson H R h:?l y.l4 WOO do sJ '?'? 50 do 56 12000 Indiana Dol Bds to AO Long Island R R '.>7% 1000 do 39?^ 12 Farmers' I, nan 21 4000 do 30}* #0 Canton Co 12.'iW .'iOOO Ind Bonds. 50 y? Jr.1, >0 Mohawk R R bJO 30* iiioo lull S(u Bdi 37 2>0 Harlem R R 1,3 4(1 ?? :t(MI0 Kentuch} O's 30^ 2 .0 do b3 40>i IOOO Illinois 61| '70 <2 200 do 1,30 40>? 1110(10 do _ ;,3 42 410 do slO 40 k7000 do 42K 5? b30 40jf WOO I2)J m do b3A 40 >1 tOUO (to 42 W 3.0 do 10 avtoo do b3<) 42>? 19 Greenwich Im (. o 103 ? WOO do Csb 42 New York Public Utoefc Kxehanff*. SIMM N York 5 V i?? WMohlwkRH hi 39>, MOO Illinois C't, TO ? , 10 <1? ;!??* 1IHUI ,1., I2W I# uo ?lf MM do ?l# ?.*4 }" ,!? :{jjS 1000 do ??) <1., ? ,',?ltlt 160 % 10(H) do I'Ji 30 Harlem It H II nun do MX ? <*" <?H 2000 Ohio?'? " 175 do 1)10 II 104)0 tlo b!0 97 16 do W0 40 1000 Indiana 5's '<*> do J?,* .ooo do b3 4to/m 26 oo KH-0 do 40|i 100 do 40 1000 Kentucky"?'* MV M ?lo 3d 40 HOOO do 1)30 100)4 26 do klw 40 10 ?has Vick*burg: Bk 3 25 do >10 40 25 <'anion Co 25 % 100 I. I bland KIl s60 52>? Second Board. $5000 Kentucky tt's |btt> 100,J,' 50 Harl?m R R 39U 200 Harlem R R s60 3!) jOO do bl5 30'j 100 do s45 39 25 Mohawk fc Hud RR 39 State of Trade. This city ia full of strangers from every section, and trade ia better than it haa been lor aoo)e time. The pricea of cotton are firm, but there are not many aalea in conae<|uence of the diaposition of holdera to await advicea by the Acadia, due here to-morrow. Flour dealera are alao holding on for an improvement in their ataple. We canuot ere, however, any proapect for it unless speculators can command sufficient capital to control the suppliea of the whole Weat. Mouey ia cheap enough for them if they only have the baaia upon which tocreate confidence. Without the latterthey can. not get the money. In the dry goods trade article* *ell well, but lately there has bean no material improvement in prices. New York Cattle Market. Oct. 2, 1843. At market 1300 Beef Cattle, (600 from the South) 40 Cows and Calves, and 200t Sheep. I'rice??Beef Cattle?At the close of our report $5 50 is the top of the market, hale* at the close ol the week at $5 76 ; we quote $4 a $5 M, for retailing qualities. 40 taken tor Bermuda, and 400 uniold. Cow* and Calve*?All taken at (16 a fm Sheep and Lamb*?8ale* of ISM) at $1 26 a f3 60, for sheep, and $1 12$ a $2 36 lor lamb*. Cotton Crop*. The latest Savannah Republican say* We were favored last evening with the perusal oi letters from various part* of our State, and they all represent the crop as in a very nourishing condition. The tine, dry and hot weather is maturing the plant very rapidly, and there is now every prospect of there boinp as much Cotton made, in this State, as was ever made in any year previous to the last; and some writers think it will be even a* large a* last season, provided the Irost keeps off till the 20th proximo; The Vicksburg Whig say* We believe it ia now ge nerally admitted that the crop of the present year will be a very short one. Heretotore the crops in certain portion* of the country bid fair to be abundant, but we have recently had correct informntion from the plantations whose prospect* were brightest, and find that the*e have given up all hope of a large crop. The crops in Millikeu* Bend, Walnut Bayou, and Lake St. Joiepb, were supposed in August to be very promising, but now the planters in those sections of Louisiana think their crops will tall at least one third short oi last year. A planter in this county, who three weeks ago counted certainly upon Ave hundred bales, thinks now he will not make lour hundred. This falling olf is attributed to several causes viz the worms are injuring the cotton very much ; the eason 1* unfavcrable and fickle, and the balls are drop ping oft very faat, owing to the frequent heavy showers, succeeded by sunshine hotter than it wa* in August?the cotton i* still growing and opening bat very slowly. From the last intormation we can gather, we think the crop in this State and the upper pariahes of Louisiana will fall a third ihort of last year. Coal Trade. The following is the quantity of coal aliipped by canal in the week ending 28th instant :? Poltsville and Port Carbon lo.lia Schuylkill Haven 3,956 Little Schuylkill 1,160 15,218 Per last report 335,629 340,847 t railroad* From Pottsvilln 2,348 From Schuylkill Haven 6,200 7,648 Terlast report 136,918 143,466 Total 454,813 Married. First of October, by the Rev. Mr. Mer/.bacher, Dr. Samuel Lilienthal, from South Carolina, to Miss Carolina Nctthe, from Munich, Germany. Columbia, S. C. papers please copy. * Died. On Monday, the 2nd instant, after a lingering illness, Fanny Hal ky, widow of the late Jeremiah Haley, aged 62 years, 9 months and 13 days. ?.The friends and aequaintances of the lamily are requested to attend her luneral from her late residence Nc. 213 Duane street, on Tuesday the 3rd inst., at half past 2 o'clock, in the afternoon. Suddenly yesterday at 3 e'clock, P. M., Mr. Jonpr Pu Mr. aged 76 years. The friends and acquaintances of the family, and those of his sons, Johu II. and Edward H. Plume,also his brother in-law 8. S. Ingle, are requested to attend his funeral this (Tuesday) afternoon, Irom his late residence 147 Allen corner of Rivington street, at & o'clock, P. M., without further invitation. Weekly Report of Interments In the City and County of New York, from the 23rd day of Sept. to the 30tli day of Sept, 1843. 28 Men ; 30 Women ; il Boys ; 4t Oirls. Total 1S3. diseases. Asphyxy, 1; Asthma. I: Bleeding from Stomach, 1; do from Limits. 1. Casualties, 1: Cholera Infantum, 18; Consumption, 28; Convulsions, 14; Diarrhoea, 3; Dropsy, 2; Dropsy in the head, 10; do in the chest, 1; Drowned, 7; Dysentery, 1; Debility, 5; Kpilepsv, 2; Fever billions, 2; do pueriwral, 1; do nmit I ??>, a, uvi Koiirb, i; iiiiisinmauoa 01 prain, a; uo 01 Dnwels, 5: do of lungs, 6; do of throat, 1; do of liver, 4; Jaundice, 1; Marasmus, It; Organic disease of heart, 3; Palsy, 1; Spinal Disease, I; Sprue, 1; suicide, I; Teething, 2; Unknown, I. | AO*. Under I year, 49; t to 2, 26; 2 to 5, 9; 5 to 10, 5; 10 to 20, 2; 20 to 30, 17; 30 to 40, 22; 40 to 60, 11; 60 to 60 5; 60 to 70, S;70 to 80,3. place) of nativity. United States, 116; Ireland. 17; England, 5; Scotland, 1; Germany. 6; France, 1; British Possessions in North America, I; Unknown, 6. Of the above, were from the Alms House,Bellevue, 2; Hospital, Belleyue, 6; Penitentiary Hospital, Blackwell's Island, I; Lunatic Asylum, 2; City Hospital, 7. Colored persout 9. WM. A. WALTERS, City luspector. City Inspector's Office, Oct. 2, 1843. PaMenger* Arrived. Charleston?Ship Catharine?Mrs J Ewan, Mrs Guenecanlt. Miss Siegling, Capt Wetsman, J Siegling, G llankel?2 iu the steerage. Charleston?Brig Emily?John H Relden, and one in the | steerage. Falmouth, Ja?Schr Charlotte?8 Harris. Foreign Importation*. St Vin< ents?British brig Belfast?30 bales arrowroot Mid dleton Si co. Domestic Importation*. Charleston?Ship Catharine?337 bales cotton Kenard Si co ?360 Smith, Mills Si co?8bags feathers <) Si A Wetmore?II pkgH SchieHelin Son Sico?11 bbls W A Gayer?3 J A Stamler ?10 crates oranges S Broom Si co?233 bales cotton to order. Charleston?Brig Etnily? >28 bales cotton Smith. Mills !i co?46 Wm R Wadsworth?137 cks rice l. ifonr? 2 hf do Ktsiis kConner?20 bis I bale Wm B Harwood ? 2 eases nulse < lark Si Miller? 1 Waterbury, Rogers li co?9 locomotive wlieel* Rogers, Ketchum at co?26 empty barrels and 400 feet lumber to order. ( li inn ston?Brig Moses?SO casks rice 77 bales cotton Geo Bulkley?319 Renard Si co?75 l)e I'eyster It Whitmarsh?I bos Posts Si Main?3 pkgs H Strybling?( H Meigs Si ro?1 Curtis Si Wright. Sit 1NNSM?Br.O I'l.ntnn?II 1..I? ?' 1? ' < .1 M Preicott?8J j II r.ilin.m?30 Lawrence Si Trimble?6 br? M Daniel*?II bbls \V B Cm. ^MARITIME HERALD. _ Balling Days of the Steam Ships. FROM LIVERPOOL. FROM AMKRICA Acadia, Ryrie Sept. 19 Oct. 16 (i. We?tern, Ho*ken Sept. 23 Oct. 19 Hibernia, Jndkins Oct. 4 Nov. 1 Britannia, Hewitt Oct. 19 Nov. 16 Ship IQMten and Agent* We ihall eiteem it a favor, if Captain* of Ve**el* will give to Commodore Rohf.RT Silvkt, of onr New* Fleet. a lieport of the Shipping left at the Port whence they tailed, the Ver.neU Spnken on their Paaaage, a Li*t of their Cargo, ai d any Foreign New*j>aper? or New* they may hate. He will board them immediately on their arrival. Agent* and Correspondents, at home or abroad^ will alio confer a lavor by (ending to this Office all the Marine Intelligence they can obtain. Nautical Information of any kind will be thankfully received. PORT OF REW YORK, OCTOBUR .i PI* 50 I MOON I 13 UN (ETi 38 | llloH 120 Cleared. Ship* Rien/.i, Clark, New Orleans, Post & Phillip*; Sea I/ion, Howe*, do, Neamith. Leeds !* Co.?15 irilne V.olm, Terhomera, AmilerJam, Srhinidt li B lichen.?Briga Curti?, Blaue>, Cadiz, Thomaa Stalker; Kiact, John*on, Savannah, Sturgi a Ji ('learman; Orle.uin, Smith, Richmond.?Schr* Phebe |\ Hay, Aguadilla, Boonen Onrea fci < >; Sarah Jane, Stuart, Matamora*. A. B. Cooler & Co; Tangier. King. Bermuda, Neamith, l.eed? & Co: Home, Conkliu. Jacksonville, F.F. W W .Pratt j C. Slover, Davia, Newliern. NC; Mary, Hilton, do, 8. I.. Mitchell; Mary Jane, McMath, Noiiolk, Stuige* & I learman. Arrived. Ship Catharine, Berry, S day* from Charlraton, with cotton, to f ?eo. Sutton. Brig Annawan,Trathen, 1:1 d.iv* from (liu?nu PH. with jugur, Kc. to ?. W. I.rwii. Brig Prrnvian, (of Brngor) 2.') day* from Si?al, with hemp, Sir. to Nwimith, l.eri)? k t!o. Brig Tain O'Sliantrr. Thoma?, 17 day* from <'nracoa, with mto J. Konlko & Son British brig Holl'm, Pi-twy, 21 day* from Ht. V inirtiln, ill liallaat, to Middlrton fc Co. Brig Tlinfon, Lyon, 7 day* IVom Savannah, with cotton,to Stiirgr* hrinrmiin. Brig Mum. llaralc^sllr, 11 day* from t harhriton, with cotton ami iter. to Uro Bulkier. Brig Kmilf, Sherwood, fi day* from Chtrlmton, with cotton ami r C. to Dunham h Uimon. Brig liflli*. Mver?, II day* from Wilmington, NC. with naval ?torr% to K. B. Powell. Brig EBlflin*. Fl?h, J day* from Mritie, Ct. in ballaal, to mBrig Ann Elira, Mallory. 3 day* from My?tic, in hallaat, to ""schr'Charlotte. Mallory, 24 dart from Falmonth, J*, in I>\1la?t, to master. I.'ft Bntlih ?chr Ualny, for Nova Scotia, ""Sciir Ellen,Trippe, Wday* from Jackson* ill<* KK. with slur limbiir, lo H. Underwood. I Schr Judge Hitchcock, Lewis, 6 daya from Newbern, N< . 1 with uaval alore*. to M. Plait. Schr Keuulus, ( ole, H days from Newbern, NC. with uaval J stores, to J. Ogden. * Schr Ainrlia, Slroug, 8 days from Swansboro, NC with niral stores, to II. liuggle*. ' Schr Kmma, luU, 7 days from Baltimore, with flour, to ^ Johnaon V. Lowdeu. Schr Adrian, Pitta, 3 day* froin Uichinond. with coal, to ( tn.i?ler. , Schr Angeretia, Wallace, C dayi from Machiu, w ith lumber, to muter. Schr Auu, Mile*, 6 days from Machiu, with lumber, to the ( mailer. , Schr Excel, Lovell, 3 day? from Uoaton, with mdae, to the ( maater. . Schr Saml A. Appleton, Nickerson, from Boston,with mdae, 1 to matter. Si'lir Cornelia, llallett, 3 days from Boston, with indse, to master. Schr J. Cooley Si Co, Kldiidgc, IVoin Boston, with indae, to maater. Schr Cornelia, KickeUou, 2 days from New Bedford, with oil. to master. Sloop Ileli-u, Perry, 2 day* from New Bedford, with oil, to master. Below. One barque, unknown. Sailed. Ships Mediator, Chid wick, London, Cambridge, Baratow, l.u. rpool; Caroline^ ( Kr) Havre; Courier, Rio Janeiro; Scot- i imiu, im11 111, uiarianua, \ i' ti n I t . * * rr111 I'omona, Amsterdam; Natchez, New Orleans; ling* Florida Blanco, Havana; J D Noyes, Port Leon; Arcbelaus. l'orl au Prince; Albert, St Domingo; Peler Dtf in ill, Mobile; Philura. Savannah; Historian, Mirainichi; schrs Julia Telfair, Dctnerara; Ocean, Franklin. La; Victory, JaekaonvQU. FU; MnDnaoiih IwmI lev, Aux <ayes; Danube, Kirli, Beibice. Also. ships Hector, 1 Spencer, Mobile; Arkansas, Burgess, New Orleans; Lucas, Latham, Apalachicola; barques Ann Louisa, Marschalk, Vera Cruz: Star Republic^Galveaton; brigs Alwina, (Brem) Ahreu- t feld, Bremen; Detroit, Anderson, Georgetown, S< ; Hudson, ' Martin, Bangor, and others. Wind Weal. Herald Marine correspondence. Cnt'itiKR Orrici, ) Boston, October 1st, 184:1, $ I Arr Monsoon, Snow, New Orleans; Tiberius, Howes, lliita; ' Pearl, Ryder, and Edw Blake, Cole, Philadelphia: Tigris. Novell; Florence, Lovell, and Augusta, Nickcrson, Albany; Oak ' Hill. Lincoln, N York. *"Id Sept 30, Lodi, Battel, Hume, Howea; Packet, Clark, and Win Pitt, Baker, Philadelphia; Henry, Nickerson.Wilmington, Del; A M Hale, Chase, and European, Lincoln, NVork. Ueneral Record. Palkkt ship St. Nicolas, Pell, for Havre, u detained until this morning. Her letter bags are at Oilpin'i. in the Ex* change. Bhkj Wm. Tsvi.or.?Eitractof a letter to S. Baldwin, Esq' Secretary of the Board of Underwriters, dated EuxarkTH City, NC. Sept. St. The Win. Ta\lor is broken up From K It* to two-thirds I of the cargo will be s?ved. all in a damaged stale. The wreck master has advertised to sell the property next Tueiday. I shall stop the sale and ship the pro|>erty to Norfolk, and then shall ex|>ecl instructions whether to sell them or ship to New York. I wish >ou would send me n list of the cargo, llie amount and description of goods, and direct to this place. S W. Thompson. i 8c hh FKLi.owsHir, Farnhiiin, at Philadelphia froin Lubec, experienced a heavy gale of wind from NN E. on the night of the 26ili ult. off Cape May, during which carried away the foremast, foresail, he. Whalemen. Arrat Sag Harbor 21st ult. Josephine, Eldridge, N York. Heard from previous to May 1, Bengal, Jackson, Salem, 1800 bbls sp oil. Spoken. Benj Ellis, (Br) St KitU for NYork, no date, in Samhrero Passage?by the Belfast, at this port. Foreign Porta., Sept 28?Arr William. Howe. Newport; Claud. Buckwell, Slioreham; Souter Johnny, Little. Liverpool. Clu Messenger, McKandy, London; Hobt McWilliam. McDonald, aiH-rwt-ni.ianiernain Aiiwy, iiutcnius, Gloucester; Thornby, Johnson, Newhaven. Montreal, Sept 29?Arr I(lan>, Adair, Liverpool. Home Porta. Banc.or, Sept 2R?("Id Demerara, Blanckard, West Indies. Camuen, 8ept 25?Ait Kmily knight, New York. Sid 23d, Ceylon, riper, Richmond; 21th, Policy, Heed, Wilmintr Bath, Sept 27?Sid Mary Jane, Mitner, Dinger; tries, Sylvester, Cuba. Portsmouth, Sept 25?Arr Hadassah, Know it m, I 1,; 2!)tli, Hy ( lay, Foster, NYork. Nkwhl'RYI'OKT, Sept 29?Arr Or ml Philadelphia. Nantucket 28?Arr Philadelphia llama. Philadelphia; Mary TV oote Virginia NewHavi .1(30?Sid Warovn, Smith. NY.irk; nnsylvania, Hinsi. I Surveyor. Houck, Philadelphia. Harteor >*iit 29?Ari l.ion, DeiniiiK. NVork. Sid 30th, ( en Isaac I Payh r, Philadelphia; I'll ax, White, Albany: Garland. isson. N \ ork. Philadelphia, Oct 2?Arr Yucatan, Uer; Porto Rico, Cottrell; Lion, Baker; Challenge, Park, Oriole, Pepper, Boston; Granite. Hodgdon, Lubec. Karnham .do; riato, Pressv, Calais; Helen, Sears, 1 Sit unah, Merryman, Portland; (teuoa, Lamp V 11. Ni chols, Newport; New Jersey, Myer imb, and Por|>oise, Drake, NYork. C Id re; Emily Cummiugs, (new) Whitney, li u illett; Acorn, Howes, and ('ongress, Brow i, ican Eagle, IJyinmes, Charleston; Wm E Bird, ( i Kiver; Two Marys, Mott. New Bedford; Peru, We?i. h A Seward, ! Ross; Grampus. Stewart, and Shark, Stevenson, N York. Arr in the Schuylkill, Rambler, Merithew, Boston; Oregon, Corson, New York. At the Philadelphia and Rending Railroad Wharves, Richmond, 30th Sept, Anna Reynolds, Taylor, Boston; Charlotte, Littlejohn, Portland; Lodi, Snroul, Waldolioro; Mary Elizabeth, Harding, New London; Mexico, Tomliu, and Ellen. Collins, NYork; Bella del Mar, Randall, Boston; David Belknap, Marvell, Newburyport; Jos Brown. May, Kail River. 1 Richmond, Sept 30?Arr Indian, Arrants, Hartford. Sid Forest, Kelleran; Constitution, Martin, and Ruby, McKemie, Boston; Martin Smith, Wilson, NYork. Norfolk, Sept 29?Arr Wave, Rogers, Boston. Cutter Taney arrived in Hampton Roads on Wednesday, from a cruiser-port* having boarded on the 2Gth, C W Wallace, (Br) Iinlay, from Grenada hound to Alexandria, in ballast; John W Taylor, l^uiucy, Jamaica for Baltimoiv, with pimento and ballast? < captain at the point of death. Spoke same date, Commaquid, j of Boston, from New Orleans for Baltimore. 27th?The t \\ Wallace came into the Roads w itli loss of anchors and cables, having parted thein off New Point?re|<orts the John W Tay- i lor. aahore on York Smt. I Charleston, Sept 29?Arr< alhoun, Myers,and Monument, Marshall, NYork; Marathon, Johnson, and Electro, Packard, Boston; 28th, Anson, Barkman. and I Mint, Hull. N York. Savannah, Sept 28?Arr Wilson Kuller, Cobb, and New Jersey, Brown, New York; 29th, Howard, Collius, Liverpool; Apollo, Wiusor, Boston; Savannah, llawley, New York. <"Id Saratoga. Cushing. aud Augusta, Sherwood, New York; John, Young, Boston. Morile, Sept 23?Arr Alabamian, Lane, NYork. Cld Wm O/.man, Duller. Havana; Linden, Collins, Providence; WJ Watson. Levy, Si York. New Orleans, Sept 21?Arr Clara Ann, Minor, Sisal Cld , Osceola, Morgan, Surinam; Alicia, Walter, Sisal; 22d, Km- < pressario, Collins, do. I ?????????w^m T'O THE LOOKERS FOR THE SECOND ADVENT. \ A ?W liy do von s|?>ud money for what is not bread? Hark- I , en unto me, and let your minds eat that which is good, and J your souls shall be delighted?'55 Isaiah. 2 Be no longer w orrv- , ed by wolves. He ye were to look for is come, aud in the dens i of xour wolves it hath been many davs known. For they who , htve uo money, the wine and milk of his word are without price?each Saturday's N. Y. Chronicle. Ye who have to spare give to editors to publish the words therefrom, uutil all parts of >k. ?,,.|.i i... ?-- \%r?j -ffi.J i Oct. 7.?Cry of the A tiff I to the Unitarians; 14.?Kiret chap- 1 ter of the Everlastiug Gospel; 21.?Tothem in slavery; 28.?To j the scientific. o3 o&8tlfl 3t*m j PERSECUTION.?To iny friends and patrons dow n town, ] the Book Stand which formerly stood in the lobby of the j Branch Tost Office, is now rvtnoved to the room north of the of- j flee, when' the subscriber will always lie happy to see and wait 1 upon them as usual, lie will always endeavor to keep constant- | lv on hand all the new and cheap publications of the day. Also all new Books, Periodicals. Sic. The Weekly papers of New j York, Boston, and Philadelphia, as also the Dnylirs c.ui al- < ways be had j N. B.?All orders for Books, Binding, fee. promptly exe- i cuted. O. H. CROSBY. , o3 3t*r ( OPENING OF THE FALL FASHIONS, I AT THE MAGAZIN DE MODES, No. 60 Ca*al Sthkf.t. i A CARD-TO THE LADIES OK FASHION.?MA* i DAME BEHRMAN begs most respectfully to inform > her friends and customers that (lie has received, by the last arrivals from Paris, her fall and winter fashions, and she flatters < herself that the same will stand unrivalled in the city. The J fashions consist of the full and entire new styles cut. nncut, plain, watered, and changeable velvet bonnets; do silk, satin | made and quilted hats, of an entire novel description, in ladies', ( misses', and children's sizes. Also, a complete assortment of < caps and head dresses, Paris ribbons, artificial (lowers, feathers, ( Nlad'me B. solicits the ladi's to favor her with an early call Sic. Sir., and hair ornaments of the best artists in Paris. and examine for themselvea. Magazin de Modes 6(1 ('anal street. o3 lm*r M~ ENS',~BOYS' AND CHILDREN'S CLOTHING ? GEO. T. (?KK.EN, Nos. 110 Chatham street, and I -owery, will keep constantly on hand a I'ull and complete assortment of Mens', Boys'and Children's ('lothin*. of all descriptions, made in tin' most fashionable style, to which In- would I respectfully invite the attention of those in w?nt Ashe has i made arrangements to receive Cloths, Cassimeres, Vestiugs. ( Sic , by everv packet, and has secured the services of experienced ( Cutters, he pledges himself to give perfect satisfaction to all ( who may purchase. ! N. B.?Garments made to order at the shortest notice, and with strict punctuality. o3lm*r 8TOVKS. _ FOR STORKS, STEAMBOATS. WORKSHOPS, Sic. I rP 11E PATENT RING,OR SECTIONAL CYLENOK.R, a has been invented several } cars, and has proved to he the j most durable and most powerful heater in use. Manv persons , have had them since 1335 or IH3<>, without other repairs than oc- ; casionally a new grate. It is known to all that a common cvl euder stove re<iaire* a new cylinder almost every some ( cases two or more. It is a common remark with users, "the Ring is the best stove I have ever seen." Prices reduced. A new pattern this season, of the most splendid order?suitable for fancy stores, public houses, See. r J. L. MOTT. 261 Water street, abova Peck Slip, f and 15 Bowery. |( T. 9.?A reward of forty dollars will be psid for ilie recovery |( of the silver cup and nine silver medals, stolen on the night of , the l'ltli nit. OS hvis'ec |, WOOD NAI'THA. p TO PHYSICIANS Si DRUGGISTS -Consumption cured fl by Rectified Wood Naptba; this article having recently t come into use as a remedy lor TulierriiIons Consumption. the a subscribers have taken great pains to obtain it for the required h tnrity and strength, as recommended by Dr. Hastings, in the .ondoii l.ancet (No. 5,!), Sec. of the American republication.) o It possesses the requisite properties as staled by him, beinf per- o feclly colorless and tniicihle in water, without rendering Ittnr n bid. Sold wholesale and retail, by p RI'SHTGN Sc ( ((. Chemists and Druggists, w lit Broadway and 10 Astor House. CAUTION.?Great care should lie takei to have it pure. s< whereas the proper article is almost a certain cure, the most unpleasant results have followed the use of Coal Tar Napiha, or an impun* preparation. o3lt*r tl " Let envy drop her raveu quill, Let slander's venomed lip be still." VOUNII M K.N, would yon fl> from a unarr? Would yon 1 take the advice of a friend I Do yon desire that relief only to he received at thehands of the most experienced phvsiciau f Do you sgain desire yonr systems purified, and thereby lie enabled 1 to avoid unspeakable torment, and restored to your friends <1 without shame or disgrace! If so, why not apply it once to f, the Hunterian Dispensary, No. 3 Division street, where, if | there is the last ray of hone, or the stamina of life remaining. yon can as sure obtain all these as von procure the medicine. \ Listen not to envious and seemingly interested adttsers, but H look, act and think for yourself, and the sooner, under all eir- n cumrtances, the better. HUNTER'S RED I>lU>P acts like ( a charm; only tl per vial, and warranted to cure in the full sense of the word. N. B.?Private parlors, and private entranc* \ attached. Albany, No. 5 Maiden Lane. Buffalo, no agent. I) o3 lt*r Rifle' shooting <jratis \ ^iendid Earlish?oid f skeleton lever watch, worth $10, to be fired for at tlie Turtle . Bay House, on Friday next, the 7th October instant, frir of charge. The watch to become the property of any person winuing line succesaivc day*. Those wishing to lire must enter their names at the on or before Wednesnvv, or they will not lie entitled to fire \' h. the ? itch , oi lie seen, \nd the further I particulars known. Distance 200 yards. o2 3t*r DOR 11 & ALLEN HAVE received by late arrivals of iiackets and ?feam?r?. several new articles in addition to their former assortment of DRY GOODS. Desirous of closing off th*ir present stock, they offer their " goods at the lowest market prices, aud invite the attention of all i purchasers *t No. 12# Pearl street. s27 2wis*r TO PR1NTEH9. * l/OK SALE.?1Two founts of T\pe. Minion and Nonpariel, r which have been u*. J < n llie .New York Hrrald. Apply H at this office. V ' ??1 ^KBSRs, REDDING It CO. ur our only a?lh"riied ' . , . "**ents i'?? ?K? ipcl** of the Herald in Boitou. All persons vithing pajwr in thai ??v will apply only to them at (tate street. Tlie Kirat Kdition of the Wtekly can alwiya dr i.?j of tliem >n Saturday morning. sffl Iw is . \MANTED.-A young woman, an English orAmencan Kirl |ir?|i rii d. a* an attendant, by a lady who wishes to engage in? tliat ha* received a good common education, and haa own oustoined to do line sewing?one that haa formerly been em>lo>ed as a dressing maid would ?uit?b it it wonld sare time if mile were to apply encept those who ir>* confident that they can eall/.e the expectation* of the advertiser. Alio, a middle agad ffoinan, who em cook, wash and iron?one that can do general lousework. References will be required. The family is ?erv imall. Address P. A., at tlie office of thia paper, and mention here the lady is to call. 03 3t*ec \ Y^" ANTKD?A situa ion as Gardenei ? a steady active man? j ' ? who it Well conversant with every depailmeut of the busi i*ss, particularly the construction and m incitement of grecu louses, fruit and hot liousca, l.indu <i* and ornamental gardaniiif j understands farming, and would lake charge of farm and (ardeu. The adveitisei haviug lived for several years in some >f the most extensive and heat situations lu the country, the nost respectable reference can be given. Any commands, or a iue, t>o?'. paid, directed to M. H. 8., care of C. B. Titua, No, 17 Sixth Avruue. o3 litikiw *ec V\7ANTK11 IMMEDIATELY?A dver. one who under * ' stauda hit hiisinm, anil of steady habits, will fluil steady mployment ami have food wages,at 170 ('anal st. _o3 3t*r John moneypeney.

l"L' Ktl NTAINH UTANTED-A |<ersou to erect a Fountain anil make a small ** Kith Pond, twenty miles from New York. Address by t>y mail to Box No. II, Pott Office, New Roohellc, WestcheaLrr County, State of New York. ol 6tr Lost?In going front the foot of Wamui it. to 119 Murray street, a small Cheat about 30 inches Ioiik by 15 wide, with a ring on the top, ami the wood stained?It contained sundry articlea valuable only to the owner?It had acaril on it with the address, but the name was rather defaced. The limler will !? auitubl) rewarded by returning it to 196 Duane street, corner if Washington It. or at No. 9 Murray atn-et. o3 It'ec elthWAHI).?Loat, or alolen from thesubscriber, one gold, akeleton, patent lever watch, made by Thomas II, Liverpool. No. 3151. The above reward will be paid for the recovery of aaiil watch. ALEX'R. M'LACHLAN, ol lw ?ec 103 Oreeiiwich Lane. HANDSOME AI'A HTM k'NTH, with board, may be *a on application at 411 Houston street?the entire second Hoor, which i? spacious and in good order A few double and nngle room* may alto be obtaiued by applying as above i 'in r DAY BOARUlNtT GENTLEMEN taking their meala down town, deairoua of accuring dav board iu a private family, whew the table ia upplied ill the lieat atyle, will find it to their advautape, (and far preferable both aa regards comfort and resl>ectability, to a public eating houae,) by applying at 204 Fulton street. Two nr three gentlemen can be accommodated with full board. Terms moderate. s4 Imr BATTERY AND PHILADELPHIA HOTEL.?The subscrilier it now fully pret>ared to make arrangements with families lor board during the winter. N. B.?The pricea of tlua eatabliahineut remain the same at heretofore, $1 50 per day. MARY Pe.TTET. o8 6t*r ~C;HKAI> STORKT to my old customers and the public c.enekally. DRUGS, DYESTUFFS, PAINTS, MEDICINES, GIIOOEKIES, &c. No. 188 GREENWICH STREET, NEW YORY. I OilN C. MORRISON offers for sale, on the moat liberal ' terms, a very extensive assortment of goods, amnu them the following, to which he would solicit the attention ol APOTHECARIES. Opium, Corrosive Sublimate, V<HI?I?ii>., /i<iu* Ammonia, (/team larter, Spirits [Nitre Dulcis. Castile Hasp, Super Carbonate Soils, Liquorice, Tartaric Acid, Balsam Copaiva, Kpsom Salts, Rhubarb, Laudanum, Jalap Senna, Aloes, Sulphate Quinine, Mors. Chamomile, Mil Peppermint, and all Kssen* ( urn Arabic, tial Oils, Castor Oil, tiuin Myrhh, Ouicksilver, Cantlmrides, Magnesia, < >11111 Tragacanth, Manna, Powdered Bark, Roll mil Flonr Sulphur, Coiks of all kinds. Alcohol, Sarsaparilla, Borax, refined and crude, Sponges, coarse and tine, Calomel, Druggists' (Jlass Ware Red 1'recipitate. Vials. PAINTERS. Window glass, of all sizes and British Lustre, qualities, Glue, all sorts, White lead, dry and in oil, (told and Silver Leal', Red Lead, (told and Silver Bionze, Litharge. Copper Bronze, Spirits Turpentine, Chalk, white and red. Putty, Paris white, Whiting, Spanish Brown, Verdigris, dry and in oil, \ euetian Red, Chrome Green, Sand Paper, Chrome Yellow, Pumice. Stone. Yellow Oclue, French and Tar and Rosin, American, Ja|ian, copal, coach and liarPrussian Blue, ue?s varnish. Vermillion, Turkey Umber, Rotten Stone, Terra de Sienna, Ivory Black, Bed (.'balk, (>um Copal, (runs Shellac, Paint Brushes, all si/.fs, Bright Varnish, Rose fink. Sash Tools, all site*, Lamp Black, Black Lead. OILS. Oil, Kali, Oil, Traiu, Winter, Lintseeid, Summer strained sperm, Neatsfoot, lieiined, whale, Olive or sweet, Unrefined, wliale. Sea Klephaiit. Tanners', DYK WOOD DEALERS AND MANUFACTURERS. Logwood* Brazil Wood, .imwooil, Red Saunders, h'usiic. Hateu Wood, Nicaragua, Red Wood. Bar wood, Hypernic Wood, Hum Asphaltum, Peach Wood, Sal Ammoniac, Ebony Wood. Soaps, MANUFACTURERS. Alum, Fullers' Earth, Blue Vitriol, Madder, Dutch and French, Copperas, Eng. and A ire r Indigoes, of Beugal, Carracas OilVitrol, and Ouatamala, Sugar Lead, White Tartar, Bleaching Salts, Ked Tarter, Cochineal, <>lu?, Aqua Fortis, Sumac, Nutgal's, Lac Dye, Antialto, Starch, a.I. i> l-? 'lit uid Pari AilMi < J urn Senegal, Extract Li*vrooil, Powdered Curcuma. I'artanc Acid, Powiletfd Blue Smalts, Irchromate of Potash, Quercitron Bark, Sal Soda, Spirits Nitre Fortis, uin Shellac, Salt Petre, udliear, British (in in, IVoiid, Nitric Acid and train and Bar Tin, Oxalic Acid. OROCEKS. ITonng Hyson Tea, Pep|>er Sauce, Ityson " Mao*hoy Snuff, mperial " Scotch Snuff iunpowder " Mace, lyson Skin " Indigo, Flotant, Souchong " Castile Soap, Sohea " CI ores, French Brandies, < 'aster Oil, in bottles, Spanish Segars, Alcohol, >ot and [Varl Ashe.*, Epsom Salts, Starch, Cinnamon, Liquorice Ball, Friction Matches. ({ It Brick, Carbonate Ammonia, 4*|pratns, British Lustre, "ig Blue, Soda for washing, 'owdered (<inger Root, Mustard, Loudou, Muni, Caynnne Pepper, )live oil in bottles St baskets, Powdered Nutmeg, Nutmegs, Powdered Cinnamon. Saltpetre, crude and refined, CONFECTIONERS. DISTILLERS AND BAKERS Cochineal, Oil of Anniaeed, Nutmegs, Absynth, Vlace, Carrayway, Cloves, Juniper, iunamon. Hose, Orange and Teach W aaasia Bu<l?, ters, Ulspice, Vanilla Beans, Miiglass, Tonquin Beans, turn Tragacantli, Coriander Seed him Arabic, Turkey, ? arrayway Seed, ruin Gamboge, Anisee<l. >iI of lloses, Jujube Paste, Piyipermint, I'earlash, Wintergreen, Salerstus, Cinnamon, Super Carbonate of Soda, Orange, Tartaric Acid, Bergamot, t?in ;er, white Jamaica, Lemon, Oinger, East India. PAPER MAKERS, HATTERS, dir. (leeching Powders, Nutgalls, owdertd Blue Smalts. Blue Vitriol,, ilue, Verdigris, Jil Vitrol. Copperat, 'opper Cat*, Sal Ammonia, Shallac, Antimony, Alcohol, Sugar of Lead, K.xtract of Logwood, Aloes. Htc. PATENT MEDll 1NE DEALERS. Balsam of llonev, Anderson's, Lee's fc Hoopei's Turlington's Balsam, Pills, llateman's DrO|>s, Ojiedeldoc. i lark in and British Oil, S-ers' and Liquid, <eidliu Powders. Soda Powderi, <tongliton's Bitters. Godfrey's Cordial. Jxtract Sarsapanlla, Anderson's Cough Drops, 'ephali. Sou IT, Thompson's Eye Water. "J 1 V_LL_ BILLIARDS AND B()vVLINU^ALOON-^ PHK Tremont Billiard and Bowline Saloon, Nos. 64 Kast 1 Broadway, and Tl Division street. near Market street, with linr I) 1111 iri! fable* nn?l three Bowling Alley*, ii the moil exensite establishment of the kind in this city, bring ISO feet in i-nffth. The bowling alleys are undergoing thorough repairs nn improvements. when they will l?- the best in the city, laving heretofore hail tome of the largest game* (jot upon them -freijnently over 160 pin* in a string, and 171, 1811 and 191 ins have been got. They will be ready for rolling in a few ay*, when due notice will be given. On the night of o|<eninK, wo of the best player* will attempt to beat the largest game hove. The billiard table* are now in operation,on which only alf price will be charged during the day time. The proprietor i* thankful for the p?st favor* of hi* Humerus patr"n*. mid will tie pleased to *ee them all again on the repeniiu'for fall bu?iiie?*. Citizen* and stranger* will find'he ioil "lect cominnv in the above establishment, a* it ik intendil lor healthful etercise. >o gainldiug of anv kind whatever rill be permitted, and all vulgar locirty excluded. B ?A privilege to let in the above place to a good man for "lling ovstem, pie*, coffee and oih> r refreshments. llent low. Three good bov* are wanted to *et up pin*. Apply a* above. Notice^-The above establishment will l? open lor bowltng lit > \ filing. *30 Snod*m COX'S FURNISHING STORES 1J MA ID K.N LANK awn 349 BKOADWAY. I St I. I OX have jmt received ail excellent a**ortinent of 1 the following articles, which they offer at very low prices ir cash:?Solar T.ainim. Girandoles, Mantel Clocks,Jansnnery, I.ill Lantern*, l andelabras, Table Cutlery; also, Hogers fc Kin'* celebrated Table ('utlerv. Plated < andlestick*. H ranch, s, Vaiters, I ike Baskets, Urnt.Tea Kettles, Tea Sett*, and every rticle uf Plated Wire, of Sheffield and Birmingham inanufacire; Block Tin Ware, consisting of Oisli Covers, Hash and Kster Dishes, Vension Dishes, Urns, tc. Stc German Silver Ware? Dixon fc Son's celebrated Britannia Vare?I'olislifil Steel Kire Setts?a splendid assortment of Shel eld Plated Epergne?, Silver Spoon*, Forks, Tea Sett* 8ce , (tie , in great variety nnstantly on hand, Stranger* will find it to their int<r<*t (o call and inspect their oc.k previous to purchasing. vio ivn'm i'HOKN'S COMPOUND EXTRACT OF OAPA1BA AND SARSAPARILLA. [J08SK.S8K8 a few advantages not enjoyed by any other medicine for the cure of all setual disease* : and which mint, ritli ail enlightened public, render it assuredly highly ixtpnlar. irflMtHMM Ionic noiifht lor in lli" nwilicil world. It >vda no contiiMOtfnt or chaiiv* of dirt. In it? approved form, of a I1**'"', it i* entirely laatelr**, ami finiri no unpleaaant t-naatimi to tin- Iwtirnt. It liu acquired ilie titmoat fame in alloat ryery p*rt of Europe ; it liu bwi examined, approved of nil ?aaCtloue4 by tile faculty of medicine, ami recommended y tlw moit eminent of the i*of?aii?D. I'reuin-d by J. B. Thorue, ch?irii?t. 1-ondon. and for ?al? iholeaal** and retail. by JA&1KS TAKHANT. 266 Wrvenwicli ?treet coiner of Warren utreet. Al?0, at 2 Paik flow and ."ill) Broadway, 161 Broadway, 411 i,<?dway coium Lu\>na.rd Hint, Jjl Bcoadwav comer tl , Walk num. iW I*ii'i AUCTION SALE8. THOMAh lib.1.1. Auctioneer. BY BKLL It HOWARD. ( St am So. tt Jinn itrerl anil IIS Hilton itr?r t ) TUKHUAY. At 10K o'clock, at ihe Mi's room, I-arge Sale of Dry Oood?, t'lotlou*. aplmdid vVaicbet, Jewelry. aplended article* ... Alto, London clotlia, raaaiinerea, veatinga, blaukcti, bc.itry, abiru, glovea, iiiapeudera, atocka. Stc. Alao, tecond li uid clothing, Ike. WKOlVKSIMY. At I0)a o'clock, in theaale rooms, Large aale of valuable fumit'ir* of all dctcriptioa*. rompniniK a neutral variety of all kiuiU of article in the liotuc keeping lin?-. AUo. tlie stock of it cabinet maker. AI?o, tin' entire household furniture of .1 family giving up houaekwping Alao, a Urge imoico of carpeting, ruga, &C,, from an importer. _ TROWBRIDGE *CO. Thia Hay, Sept. 29th At 10 o'clock, at tlie S.ile- room, 101 Broadway. A< OMI'LKTK. assortment of furuiiura, conaiating ol'cliaira centre tablea. bureaua, aolaa, ottomans, divana, tTinintc ami tea tablea, inattraase*. pilliasteiv toilet setta, clock,, Sir. Alao, the remains iff an invoice of ca?p?Ls, oil >-loflit, mil stair roda, by order ofau assignee Alao, 30 aetta steel tire irons, by order of the Sheriff. o3 lt*rc It. H. TJMPSON. Auctioneer. HARDWARK, ( IJTLKKV, KAM V (iOOI)S, Sic. 4tc. ?Jacob S. I'latt will jell this day at 10 o'clock, .it the Merclianta' Kachange Auction Room, No. 2\ I'lalt street. 300 cniks cases anil lota of bngliali, <ierinau, Kmich anil American Hardwan*, Ulc. viz. 13 casks aail irons; 2 do and iiannel saws. assorted;200 dozen liles and horse rasps; 200 p ir buck tad slag handle carving knives and I" I Us. 2 run cloak and curtain Pins; polished steel tire setts. wood screws, broad butt hinges, brass rosettes. Ml jinlls, sash rollers, ruled lelter paper, ponket hooka and wallets, lull hooks, toasting irous, cheat handle*, steelyards, German silver table and tea sikuiiis, violins, plated squares, poke shaves. anutl boxes, toilet glasses. Ii liter chains, trunk aud chest locks, bright thumb and Norfolk latches, mortice and knob locks. American box coffee mills. Also, table knives aud forks, scissors, razors and shears. Also, carded cutlery, suitable for |<edlars or retailers. Also, tea kettles, clout uails Also, plated and ja|ianned Sadlery, viz. plated aud japanned bridle hitts, terrets, hooks, harness buckles, Ike, &c. Also, for account of whom it may concern, the same having been damaged on the voyage, one rase tea trays, ill sets, with black, cream audcoqttellco grounds, aud one cask flies, assorted kinds. 03 lt*ec l\<). B. GLOVKR, Auctioneer. FINK ARTS.?(. ? Smith will aell this morning, Oct. Id, at II o'clock, at the store of./ < . WaHleigh, corner of Broadway and Grand street, a collection of Oil Paintings, selected with great care as to quality and subject, amongst which will be found very desirable objects, wortny the attention of eonnoisenrs and the lovers of th liue arts general IV. They have been removed to Mr. Wadleigh'l store as a convenient and e|igible place for their disposition. Pictures now on view with catalogues. o'l Itis*r W A CARTER, Auction. , i AUCTION NOTICE.?Cabinet Furniture at Auction.? I'AIU'fc H V CO., will offer at auction, by catalogue, on Wednesday, I th October, at 10 o'clock, at 316 Broadway, a most extensive and superior stock of fashionable lumitu e, made in the late.t I'aris style, full, half and tliree-iinart'r French chairs, ottomans, divans with and without lucks, French bedsteads of latest stales, plain and marble top washstands, breakfast, tea and ladies work tab es, card do, pi tin ami dressing bureaus, plain, Spanish aud swan neck rockers, bookcases, secretaries, sewing chairs piano stools with hacks This sa'e is well worthy the attention of families, as tlu* articles have all been made in this city by a number of the beat cabinet makers. The catalogues are ready aud the goods can be examined. o2 :lt*r _ Auction notice,?fvoitttn, by gtdMH, wui b* sold on Tuesday at 10 o'clock, at No. 33U Broadway, corner of Anthony st, a large and complete assortment of new city maile furniture, most of which will he warranted, comprising almost every article in '.he line, among which are twenty sofas, ten dor. mahogany half and three quarter Krencli chairs, bac;; ami plain divans, ottomans, rockers, tables, armchaiis, Fieuel bedsteads, pianofortes?warranted, lamps, enclosed wishstaud;, bureaus, desks, oil paintings, cut glass aud china, &r., whic.i w ill be sold without reserve. Catalogues ale ready aud the goods can be examined until the hour of sale. o2 2t*ec ____ 0|,:0- 8- MANN He CO. GREAT SALE attlie Apollo Saloon, oil Thursday veiling, 5th October, and ensuing evenings, consisting in part ol large marble and alabaiter ornaments, plated ware: bronze aud ebony; oil paiutiugs, and faucy articles; large Baitliglia. agate, vellowtof Siana vases; Etruscan do; urns. Tazze of Adrian i, Group of the Dance; Graces of ( anova; I lancing Girla of do; (iroiips of Virtue; A polio; second Venus of Canova; Crouching Venus; A|iollo of the Medicis; the Prayer of Painpalom, Ike ? Also su|ierb French china diuuer and lea sets; thrse line gilt and plain white do; rich sliver sets, with circular supper services; Grecian and American cups aud saarers; china; Etruscan, Medicis and Rocaglea vase*, Ike. *>c ; solar lam|is; caudelahras; girandolas; plated waiters; cake baskets; candlesticks; branches; clocks, Sic. 8tc. Also; valuable paintinirs. original. of Lncnpria ll.nm.oia: an. cient-'pictures, I)y Leonardo di Lodi; Madona, of Raphael, &c. &c. Signor Viti ViU, will be happy to see his Irifiuls of N*w York, as well as those from the south and want. Tin' rooms will In- open on Wednesday previous to (lie tale, and brilliantly illuminated on Wednesday eveningK. H. LUDLOW & CO. Aucta (29 It thw 2d 3d 4th & 6th Oct. MILL POND OYSTERS " FORTY-FIVE KINDS OF OYSTERS I" OOM F. scion from the land of wooden nutmegs, has ascerO tallied (hat there an- forty-live different kinds of oysters. Admitted. Now. any gentleman can he convinced by ocular demonstration, that then- are just fourty-foiir kinds hardly worth the seasoning requisite lo give them a passable Uavor, by call iiiK at CONK LIN'S MillPond Oyster Depot, 61 Whitehall street iwu South Ferry. Motels, refectories, 8tc. and families, supplied on application a* above. < .:t tr * <MASSACHUSETTS BAY OYSTERS?168),. Fulton street, opposite St. Paul's.? NAPOLEON COURT1N tike, pleasure in informing those Itersons who have heretofore honored him with their patrounce, and those who are willing to coutitue the same furor, th?t the Massachusetts Bay Oysters have recovered with the cold weather their fresh and delicious flavor so peculiar to them, and which h;ut iriveu them the name of oysters of< anale, that his saloon, recently 10 elegantly fitted up, offers the most quiet and comfortable accommodations There will always lie lound in it a choice collection of the following wines, viz: Chablis, Sauterne, Orave, Barsac. Hermilage, sparkling and still Hock, < liampagne., ("hainbertin, Pominard, a Volney, Labile, Larroze, Levoille, St. Julien,he . and all sorts of foreign win's and cordials. He keeps constantly on hand the above wines, in the cask or bo*, together with Preserves, S?>? Oil and French Vinegar. (?oods purchased from his establishment are sent free ofclurge to any part of the city. Oysters will be sent to the residence of purchasers, (if required) and opened by one of the atierdants of the establishments. o2 lin*ec M. T. J K.\ N'lNUS & CO.. Merchant Tailors," 231 I id war, opposite the fountain.?Just received, 'list following assortment of splendid Tartan Plaid Yestings:? Abercrombie, Miirrsv, Frazer, Ma- Kenzie, Royal Stuart, Eglmton, Foibel, IVTac DonaJd, Athol, Victoria, Albert, Argyle. The above with a great variety <jf plain auu figured Silk, Satin and Woollen Yestings, compriiaig the heal assortment in the city, w ill lie made up to order, at|our usual moderate prices for ready money. s28 I wis* in QPANISH LKE< I1ES?4 tubs Swedish Leeches, large size, ^ soil line heilth, apply to BADGER Si I'M K, OlttHl corner Wall and South sta. CiORN?SM boahcUt fbr nlc bjr > o2 31 E. K. t'Ol.l.NS & I ()., 'j(> South it. UNION (;t)l'USi;-LoNO ISLAND. Tuesday, (Jclober 3d, 1843. FIRST HACK?Sweei-stakes lor tlire* year olds?subs. $300 each?SIOO forfeit? two mile limits? closed on the 1st Jan. Saint. Laird uamrs ch c Vemacraw, by Sharp, out of Bonnets o' Blue Charles S. Lloyd names ch c Niagara, by Imp Trustee, out of (Jipsey W. Livingston names gr c Richmond, by Imp Trustee, out of Alice Oray. W. Livingston names b c Tunvegan, by Imp Trustee, out of Jemima. SECOND RACE?Sweepstakes for three year olds?nubs. $200 ach, half forfeit?mile heats?closed with two subs.' C harles 8. Lloyd names ch c, by Tormentor, dam by Monmouth Eel ipse. \V. 8. Shaw names b f, bv Imp Trttswe, out of Die Vernon, THIRD RACK?Purs* (IM?1Two mile heats. F. T. Porter enters ch I'Princess, by Imp Priaia, out of Sally Hope?4 vrs old. I), Jones ch h Stanley Eclipse, by Bosiris, dam by Juo. Stanley?4 yra old. Charles S. Llovd b b, by Imp Valentine, dam by Monmouth Eclipn?i yrs old. W. J. Hhaw ch m Kanuy Dawson, by Veto, dam by Sir Charles?I yrs old. .Vlaj Jones gr m Young Dorr, by Imp Trustee, out of Dote K(?)liRTH RACK?rurse $100?mile lie?u?best three m Use. ( has. 8. Lloyd enters ch b Orson, bv Imp Valentin*, out of the dam of Alrica?J yrs old. W. J. Shaw rh m Kanny Dawson, by Veto, dam by Sir Charles--! yrs old. K. T. Porter eh m Princess, by Imp Priam, out of Sally Hot*?t vrs old. David \V. Jones h c Livingston, by Imp Titistae, dam t'> Henry?3 yr? old. Saml. Whitsou ch c Mar.eppa, by Imp Trustee, out of J?ne ?3 yrs old. KIKTII RACK?Purse en trance?$10 added?mile lie its. R.('has. S. Lloyd enters b h Dungaiioii, by Mingo, dam by Jno. Stanl-\?4 yrs old. N. Seaman ch h Croton, by Imp Trustee, oat of J im?5 yrs old. VV. J. Shaw b f, by Imp Trustee, out of Die Vernon? I \rs old. ol It'ec BEACH > \' C< >UR8E?TR< >TON< - ^ THURSDAY, Oct.#, it3o'tleek r. - t-Two Mil'' h?at?, in harne**. II. Woodruff enter* I) t Dutchman. I). Br Hint fiitfr? ur in Lady Suffolk Geo. S|i,r*r enton h z Amerkut. ol at*r _ _ l< \< I S UNION < OUH8F ftHrtjCEJ THIS PAY, lli?' ' in ?illleat<- Brooklyn lit W yHBBe.nmt 9 and at II o'clock, and return at rh?- r los. ol _5K!32Z-.tliH Hacr?. Kare tS c?'uU. oj 11 r KIR I,IV K.HI'OOL?To Sail tin- 7tli nfTlctober. JyWWIior Krcntar l>ly?Tin' well known ?pl>mini p?ck>1 JGfefl&hii.<iKOH<iK WASHINGTON, < t|>t. Burrow, w ill nil in above. II u I'lrudiii accommodation* for cabin ecnud cabin and utoeratte liitv n(fl>, k Ik) will he taki n on rcmonablr term*, if f irlv application i? mule to JOAKril McMUHRAY, IW Pino mnft, ?Vc corner of South. M)U Nh'.W OltLKANS < .mnicrciaj Lim WMWWTo nail the 7th October.?Tin* ipleudid well known JMMli?ll>ai'ket ihiti .NICIIOL-VS BI POLK, Captain Trm nan, will aail a* above. flaa uplmdid accommodation* for cabin, ?econd cabin, and tn-raffp |M?*enger*, who will be taken on returnable term* i' early application he made on hoard, or to JOSKPII Mi MI'RR \Y, <?3 ec KM) Pine utreet, corner ol ""ill i. PuRllIGUdfc'FblvtALK ?MlX*. 'PHK8K ftr-fanW M<1 celebrated IMI?. from r?rr.i?<1. ?r- ? * perenft. lu b?* obuim*(l in cotwiry. awij ?a?cr im utcnl on die last column, fourth DM* / ?mmmmmmmmmmfmp? AMUSEMENTS. [ IVIBLOH UAROBR. RA VKL FA MILY. Kir?t milit of the eitreuriJiimry couiic PuiMmiM of tlx CONJl/EO R* HOI_F T. THIS EVENING, Octolwr 1 the perf irnunc w<fl com* ? mmi* with the (Jvirturno Anb?f After which, light Ko|>e, liylbe lUrel Family. After which, I he rhrre (i'adiatori, by th? IUrelt, H.ilf .ui hour't iiitermi<?ion will he allowed for ptomnisd* and .... . fefr*?hnienu in the < Silo"M. Where lee t feanii. V ruit l<-??, and Refreshments of th? choi cett kind, and in *r?.*t vtriety, will I* foand ^'JL'Vf r1 by < Ut time) the NLW I.OMH PANTOMIME! Kr.lifl*'?| rti* CONJUUOK 8 <?1FT. Dou Pxnchio Ravel CartJiero Grinahin Antotof (Utfl Color&o (i.u.i q..j Poltrano Leon Ravel Cam hoi loaeph Ravel Prog Francoia Kav.l Turtle Muwtti Elvina M'ma Leon Javelli Myrrlia AIr?. C. W.Hunt (JT7"Iii future the Perlormancea will commniw at 7 o'clock preciaely. l?7*A itrict Police will be in attendance, and neat care ta ken to prevent the admiasion ol" improper jieraona. d"7-TukeU Fifty (>nu. May he had at the (tardea during the day. ?7*? A limited number of Seaaon Tickett will be dta po?rd ol*. Ct^No poatpotiemenr at this eatablinhment on accountol the weillier aa the Grand Entrance from Broadway t<> the Saloon ii protected, and the new Saloon, which ia ventilated from tl?e top anil aide*, can tie opened at a moment'a notice. PAllk~TIIKATHK. THIS EVENING, Oct. J?will W performed PAUL PllY. Paul Pry Mr. Chippendale Colonel Hardy Mr. Ptacide , ? _ Followed by Mias Julia Tiinibull, La Cachncha Alter which, A NABOB FOR AN HOUR Kramptoii, Andrew* I Sum Hobbs, Placid* To conclude with THE MA lilt 1 ED RAKE. Mr. Fred Flighty Mr. Wheatley ITT" Bo?ea $1?Pit So centa?Gallery 25 ceuta. irT-Dooraopeu at 7. The Curtaiu will riae preciaely at half pnat 7 o'clock. CHATHAM THEATRK. Boxea 2) centa. Pit 12H centa. Notice?The L)oora will iipen at 7. Curtaiu will riae at quartet liefore 8 o'clock. RENOVATED AND RE-OPENED. THIS EVENING, Ort. 3d,?'The performance will commence with THE REBEL CHIEF. Edward O'Brien r.Grattan u aim veil mm. Heirim; After which Irish Jik and Adventure by Mr Williama To conclude with THE PILOT. Long 'I'oiii Collin Mr. Scott mITCHELIi'8 OLYMPIC THEATRIC. THIS EVENING, (Jet. 3, 1843?'The performance will com mence with FRIED SHOTS. Slinivel Mr. Nickinson After which, HAMLET TRAVESTIE. .. ... , Hamlet Mr Mitchell Claudiua, Mr Nickinson | Polouius, Graham To he followed bv A DAY AFTER THK FAIR. Jerry < Holland Mr Sterling. Mr Everard | Polly, Mri Booth After which MY VALET AND I. Arnold Ardent, Esq Mr. Walcott ITT* Dress Circle, 10 cenu?Um>er Boies, 26 cents?Pit, lt)? ?Private Boies, $i?Orchestra Boies, $t DC?"Doors OIMM1 at 7?Curtain rise at half-past 7. c:iRcr?. BOWRRV AMPHITHEATRE. Boies 25 cents?Pit 12.^ cent*. Clown, John Oossiu. Itiui: M?ater, Mr. Nixon. Eyueatrian Director, Sir. Carroll. ENGAGEMENT OF J HE MINSTRELS, TUESDAY EVENING, Oct. 2d. the performances will commence with a A ORAND ASCENSION Bv Mr. HOOD, from the Stage to Ifp|>er Tier of Boies. Comic Son# by Mr. Booth. Still Vaulting by the whole Troupe, led by Mr. Carroll. GRAND WALTZ AND S+AR ENTREE < bonder will be served up in the Saloon free of Charge. ^ Beside* Horsemanship, Vaulting Tumbling, and other Eier ci-es, by the Troupe. The following new Negro Souks and Choruses will lie tunic by the Ethiopian Minstrels:? . "Ole Annl Sally," T. G. Booth, and Ohortis. "Dandy Jim from deCarolines," lenkius and accompaniment "Walk along John," Souk m?l Chorus by the Band. "Ole Tare River," Edwards, and Chorus. Kitravagauza Dances, by Edwards .md Master George To lie followed by THK TWO CLOWNS. IT7?" Season Tickets for sale at the hoi office, price $5. Doors open at 7. First overture lo commence at quarter pa?t 7. Performance to commence it half past 7 precisely. o3 r NATIONAL THEATRE, (PHILADELPHIA.) Wemyss and Oaltev, Lessees. Last Nteht of Mr Wallack. THIS EVENING, TUESDAY. Oct. 3. 1843. THE STRAGEH. Stranger Mr. Wallack To conclude with the fsree of TIIE IR.SH TUTOR. Mr. K. Forrest is emended, and will shortlr anpear. Doors o|>eii at 7 o'clock. Commence at h ilr.jiast 7 pricisely [C7*-Admission?Boies and Parijuette JO emu. Upper Boma t) cant* AAIKKICAN MIJSKUJW. ACR1AL UARDER, AND FAIR. Corner of Broadway ami Ana street. T. P. Barunin Maiutar. DR. VALVNTINE, The eccentric delineator of different rhincMr, ia engaged, and will otien hi* whol*. hudget of comical ties, including the DEMI-SKMl-CENTENNIALt K.LKIIRATIOV OFTHE SETTLEMENT OK TURKEY TOWN! Onto' of ih* Day BKN IA M IN BUZZARD, E?q. Also.engaged lor this w >>U only, Mr. H. It. G. Nellis, BORN WITHOUT ARMS. Who will exhibit many woudfrful feats, displaying the Astonishing Powers with whirh nature has endowed hint >n the USE OK HIS FEET AND TOES. Hew.II write with his toes, load and discharge a pistol, play the accordion and r olincello, and iwrfnrm msny wont erful feats with his toss, which must be teen to lie Inhered. Mr. WM. COLE, the unequalled Contortionist, who exhibits the most astounding 'eats of Classic Gymnastics in the world. His educated DOG HILLY beats all creation Miss ADAIR, the popular vocalist. CELESTE, the dansneae.? KEJEE MERMAID the center! wonder of the world. CITY BRASS BAND, of twelve musicians. Fancy Glass Blowing, BhIooii Ascensions, Grand t'osmorama, and 600,000 CURIOSITIES. The PERPETUAL FAIR is o|ien without extra charge. HOI II CHANGED.?The day performances Wednesday and Saturday afternoons, at three o'clock, and every evening at nuirter beforrB o'clock. Day visitors admitted same evening tree. GEN. TOM. THUMB, weighing only fifteen pounds, is engaged, and daily exi>ec*ed Admission to the wlinh'25 cents?children under tta years half prior. PKALE'H NEW YORK IHV9EDH, AND PICTURE GALLERY. (Bronrlwav irm>n*iie th* fttti HnJl ) EXTRAORDINARY PHENOMENON. CASPER HAU9EK. Half Man Half Monkey, possessed of the power of speech, yet walks upon ill-fours Mr. I'. JENKINS, *.he t'omic Pelineator. Tenor Singer, and Banjo Player, and the Southern Minstrels, will introduces variety of Banjo Melodies and Kthioiiian Extravaganias Miss Adair, the charming songstress. La Petite Cerito, ths grace ful dauseuse. Performance in the Lecture Room to commence at quarter to 8?afternoon eiirerlinin.ent on Saturday at 2 o'clock. Admittance I2)tf cents. NATION A f77M!NTING T"HK EMBARKATION OFTHE PILGHIM FATHERS * from Pell't-Haven, paiiited'by Robert W. Weir, for the Rotunda of the Capitol at Washington, will be open for exhibition October 2d, for a short time only, at the National Academy of Design, Broadway corner of Leonard street. Admittance 25 cent!. Season Tickets M cents. Catalogues I2K cents. 0|>en from 0 A M to III P. M. s2J Jw*ec npO THE LOVERS OF SCIENTIFIC BTLLIARD i PLAYING.?ANDREW, (who has beaten the best players iu this country at great odds) will play every day and eve' ning this wetk, at 410 Broadwiy, next door to the Olympic ineaire, ironi y s\. m. iu 11 r. ?i. tip him innw a numnfr oi very difficult strokes; will cause hin hn.ll to touch seven cushions and canon; anil many others a* novel. The room is ninety I'eeit hy thirty contain* seven tables, the best and largest in the world. All miikr the direction of Mr. Goodrich, who keeps i tir*t rate bar and refreshments. N. B.?Andrew will give instruction tolearners. No betting toll i 112 tt n * r A 111 >AT RACE will come offal the EL VSIANH1LDQ, 1*- llOBOKEN, on Monday, Oct. 9th, IM3. This.race will lie free for all scull boat* not e\c?edinit23 feet in length, and rowinK two pair of icult*. \ pur*e of fiftydollars will be giren, three dollars entrance, and all the eutrmce money to go to the second best boat. The distance to row will be three mile* and repeat, that is, the race to be rowed in heats: one boat niu?t win two heat* to lie entitled to the purse; after which all the other boat* to start again and row around the stake boat, and the first boat in will be entitled to all the entrance money. All boats wishing to enter for the above races will please to enter on or before F'rulay afternoon, at .1 o'clock P.M., as no boat wil I lie allowed to titer after that tinv. M. McCARTV. o:i tt'ec MADAMS BUTTON, PROFESSOR OF RINUINU, S-IB Broadwar. "IS *m*r ITALIAN Ml'SIfMli. MA.VNLNi., (twenty j-ar. resi* dent iu Naples.) pupil of Pacini and Crvscentini, give* instructions on terms to suit the tunes, in It -Inn Kreuch, anil Rugjiih singing, and in the most fashionable ?tyle of piano forte playing. Mr. M. Ins permission to refer to the following gentlemen:? J. M. Wainwright, L). P.; Messrs. Howland St Aspinwall: J. F. Schroder. D. D.; Mr. J. T. Brig ham, F. L. Hawket, D. D.: Mr. S. Ward. Mr. M. resides at 2'lflK Hudson itreet, near Hpr ng s*. ol Im'r MUSIC. IOSK.rH KAMMKRKR, professor ol innsic, resiiectfully ' announces to hi* patrons, and the public in generif, that he ha* removed from VJ Crosby to I3H Laurens street, where all orders for hits Cotillion Band, to wait on parties, etc , ill or out of town, will he thankfully received and promptly attended to. Orders for J. K. will alio he received at Mr. W Inibois music store, >lh Broadway. "> Im'r DISBROW'S R1D1NO SCHOOL, 408 BOWKRV. MR, D. has the honor to annonuce his School is op*? tor the reception of pupils, daily. Sundays eiceoted l tr Ladies, from 9 A. M. to 3 V. M. . ? .. p v t< Jentlemeu, from 7 to 9 A. M? and J to 7 P. M. . Ill, My trained and Jnlet horses for the mad or paradt, t?i let Kort<\ ns and particulars applv a*<l>o*e. aoa IB r (f HATS >ALL rA?HIO>9. jpL improves ine occasion pr> *enteil by the (all change in the iChioi. oV to invit - hi. fr.e^s. I"?> in general, to In* ?.?tahlnhmentt. No. 130 ? hatham stwet, and II Canal corn, r ol iVoo.ter vtreets. where he offers for sale and It .iH-ctHin alarge and eliaant .?o,t.?eu! of Hat.* and Cap., at low prires. lie particularly invites tneir attention to hil t ne Nut.r. Fur Hat*, at ft. warranted water Proof, and to retain their color and shape He wonld al.ocall their a'.ten Mole*kin I lata, At ihe low price of $3. Th# abovr &miion*d HatJ ar* n*af anil <Inr.Oile, ami compart ad ranw.U. hau a*l4 in th,. "ft ^ No. 1J0 Chatham at., and ?l ( anal, cor. Woo?l?r*.% 1 Sw(twi?)*m IUST I.ANUKD fi Onrirfa from Ha?ir. a law a?.ortm<-nt ' of Parit mad* rich silk and Mtin wadded (. loaka, < apw, ( a nail* mid PHrriner. . , \Uo, an invoice of Crinoimull* *kirf?. aii lirtlV "?* Wt'l rl?, lor mU bv CHARLES FAT, *30 61' r ia Molltli William and J1 Mum MiM