Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 4, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 4, 1843 Page 1
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TH VOL IX.?Sa A(i4 ?WlioU Ho. M84. VKITTITH ANITNORTH TNTMUTAN ROYALTMAIL~ BTKAM FHII'8, Of 1200 toiu ami 440 horse power neb. Appointed by the Admiralty to sail between Liverpool Bad Boston, calliuc at Ilalilas to Ij.h1 and receive r<ui*usuiiEer* aud ller Majesty'* Mail*. HIBF.RN1A, Captain Charlea H. K> Judlunt. CALKDONlA, Captain Edward (J. Lou. ACADIA, Captain Alexander Ryne, BRITANNIA, Captain John Hewitt. Will aail for Boston via Halifax, Khom Boston. Ji rom Livkktool. Acadia, Ryrie, 16th August. 19th July. Hiberuia, Judkiiu, 1st Sept. 4th August. Britannia, Lott. 16th do 19th do .. . ... 1 lime ships carry exiierienced surgeons, and ate ?ui'|'lira Willi Kraiices'Patent Life Moats. .. Passage lo Liverpool $120?To Halifax $20. No berth, secured until paid for. fcuS^- No. 3 Wall ?t.. New Vork. ^ nil A h'TS t)N ENGLAND. IRELAND Sic.?Persons about remitting money to their >^a*?WB*Xfiifiid? in the " old country" can be shpplied with Drafts, in mini of 1, 2, 3, 5, 10. 20 it ?50, or any amount, invabl? on demand without discount or any other charm, at the National Bank of Inland, Provincial Bhik. do., Me-as;s. James Dult, Sou it Co., Bankers, London, I. Barned St Co., Exchange and Discount Bank, Liverpool, Eastern Bank of Scotland, Greenock Banking Company, Sir Win. Korbea Hunter R Co., Scotland, and the branches in every post town throughout England. Ireland, ' Scotland and Wales, which drafts will he forwarded by the ! stf.nner Caledonia, which leaies Boston the 1st October, on application to W. Si J 'I TAfHCOTl At their General Passage Office, 13 Peck Slip, corner South it. N. B.?All letters from tlie country must come post paid. , 826 ec r p-fr, ? Tn.AVEI.I.EHH UOIMl HOI t'l'H tlH ' WEST?Sixteen hours in advance of the | /7a|[WJI(IQlJ. S. Mail?Tri-Weekly Line to Savannah, 1 in connexion with the Central H ail road to Macon and the West?The splendid steam pickets GENERAL CLINCH, Capt. J. P. Brooks, and CHARLESTON, Capt. K. Barilen, w ill leavn Charlesion every Tuesday, Thursday and Satnrdiy morning, at 9 o'clock, after the arrival of the Wilmington boats from the north, arriv- i iugat Savannah the s i me day, and will leave Savannah on the same days as above, at (i o'clock 1'. M., after the arrival of the I car* irorn macou. Travellers will find this to be the cheajiest and most expeditions route to the south and west. The above boats are fitted 1 up in a superior style, and no expense or pains will be siiang) to ensure certainty, comfort, and expedition to the travelling labile. JOHN B. LAFITTE. Agent, 1 , Fitzsimmons' Wharf, Cha'leston. Charleston, September, 1843. i!7 2m*r 1 KOR CHARLESTON, HAVANA, KEY WEST, NEW ORLEANS.AND GALVESTON. (Texas.) - ?- THE ATEAMSHIPNllw YORK, John /wunBBI P. Wright, Commander, t 'tail on Saturday, October, positively at I P. M. ^^iliZMlaLuSJE This elegant, well known cop|*red stanmer will positively sail as above, and has been pur in complete order for the season, w ith wrought iron shafts, and has extejuive accommodations, with large and airy state tOMH> Kor passage or freight of specie, for either of the above ports, apply to the Captain on board, at pier No. 9 North River, 2nd wharf above Rector street, or to ul to"*r A. HUBBARD & CO., 37 Peck slip._ KOR CHAHLES'lON KEY WEST, HAVANA. NEW ORLEANS, AND v^KllHt-f^'iALVKSTON. TEXAS.? Ship ^illMtnri NEPTUNE, Captain William Rollins? sail on Tuesday, Ocfber 10th, at 4 o'clock. P. M. This suiwrior packet steamer has been thoroughly overhauled and put in jierlect order for the season. Fler cabins and stale rooms are elegantly furnished,and passengers can ivly *ii every comfort and accommodation in Iter. Kor passage as above, in the cabins or steerage, and for light freight for I harleston, apply on hoard, at the Tobacco lns|>eclion, foot of Clinton stieet, or to o3 1t J. H . BROWER. 75 Wall it. NEW ARRANGEMENT. FARE AND FREIGHT REDUCED. am REGULAR MAIL LINE?FOR PRO-g3?VlDENCE AND BOSTON, via, STON 3E2K2.INGTON AND NEWPORT?Composed of the following superior steamers, running in connection with the Stouington and Boston and Providence Railroads MASSACHUSETTS, Capt. Comatock. RHODE ISLAND, ( apt Thayer. PROVIDENCE. NARKAGANSETT. MOHEGAN. One of which will leave New York daily,(Sundays excepted) from Viet No. 1, Battery Place, N. River, at 5 P. M. ARRANGEMENTS. The HliODE ISLAND, Captain Thayer, on Monday, and Wednesday for Stooington and Newport, aud Friday for Stouington. The MASSACHUSETTS, Captain Comstock, on Tuesday aud Thursday for Stonington, and Saturday for Stouington, Newport and Providence. Passengers, on the arrival of the steamers at Stonington. will be immediately forwarded in the splendid and commodious Cars of the Railroad to Providence and Boston, and if for Newport will pioceed iu the steamer Mohegau (in superior order) from thence at 6 o'clock the following morning, thus giving them an^opportniiUy of a night's rest on hoard th? steamer Massachusetts or Rhode Island, and then breakfast on board the Mohegan. The above steamers have been thoroughly e.jnipped and prepared to promote celerity of travel and the comfort and security of paueugers, and not surpaesed by any iu the United Rates. For passage or freight, which is taken at very reduced rates, apply on board^at north side of pier No. I, 22 Broadway, or office of Samuel Deveau, freight agent, on the wharf. Tickets for the route ana ifamers' berths can be secured or "board, or at the office of HARNDEN fc CO. No. S Wall street NOTICE?CHANGE OF HOUR-On ai d alter Monday, Oct. 9th, the steamers of the New Jersey Steam V\sigation Company, forming the line to Provide re and Boston via Stonington, will leave pier No. 1, Battery Plnce, at 1 P M. ir/~Ou and alter the 10th bisi, Ireight will not r>e rt-ceiv <1 and forwarded after half-past 4 P. M. m9 tm* m .ojiMTj jg* PEOPLE'S LIME OF STEAMBOAT* KT. T*-Vr3?FOR ALBANY?Daily at 7 o'clock P. M.3K^*SE3ELThrongh direct?From the steamboat pier between Coartlandt and Liherty streets, Sunday excepted. The steamboat KNICKERBOCKER,Capt. A. P. St. John will !*ave Monday, Wednesday and Friday Evenings, at seven ? ht?imboat ROCHESTER, Capt. A. Ilonghton, will leave Tuesday. Thursday, and Saturday at 7 P. M. At i o'clock r. M.?Landing at Intermediate Place*. Steamboat SOUTH AMERICA, ?,apt. L. W Brainard, will leave Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoon, at 5 o'clock. Steamboat NORTH AMERICA, Capt. M. II. Truesdell. will leave Tuesday, Thursday aud Saturday Eveuing, at five Passengers taking thii Line of Boats will at all times arrive in Albany in ample time to take the Morning Train of Car? for the east or west. , ",l ? * - ? ? ? J . lot untisl ?M rnrniaK<wl wit It I IIP aUOVP I'OaiS mr urw lulu BU hv _ neit and elegant State Hnomi, and for s|wed and accommodation* are unrivalled on the Hudson, For r.\j?.iirr or Freight, apply on b<wd, or to P. C. Schultz at the office on the wharf. n2'> r INDF.l'KNDKNT RKQULAR OPPOsT MUHT LINK FOR ALBANY & 3w3HEdK.TKOY?Through Direct. without Landing.? The commodious and substantial uteamboat PORTSMOUTH. Capt. O. House, will leave New York from ihr foot of Barclay Inrt, ou .Mondays, Wednesdays and FriiUyt;and will leave Albany and Troy on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, and will continue these trips for the season. Freight taken at reduced rates. Apply on board. P. 8.?The above boat lias undertone a thorough repair, and is in lirst rate order. ?2 tm*r lann a?I SKVKN O'CLOCK KVK^IMi LINK bUic^BaJ'ror ALBANY AND TllOY direct, without 3Kpn_iHC^K_UndiuK?the splendid low pressure steamboat SWALLOW, Captain A. McLean, will leave tli? foot ol Courthndt street every Tuesday^ Thursday, and Saturday evenings, at 7 o'clock, for Albany direct. The Swallow has a laive number of state rooms,and for tpe*d and accommodations is uot surpassed ou the Hudson au8 ec ~"q> NKW ARRANOK.YKNT KOft fCT-rriUTSs 8 H R K W SB U R Y?Long Branch. Sandy Oceiii Ilouw and Katoutown Lauding. The new Steamboat SHREWSBURY, < aj.tain John P. Corlies, will uow run as follows, oil and alter 1 Imrsday, 27th j?,t ;?leaving New York, Irom the foot ?f ltobinsou street, even' Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, at 10 o'clock, A. M. And Kalontown Lauding on Monday, Wrdueaday and Friday, at 10 o'clock, A. M. The Shrewsbury will run as above, weather permitting, uni til further notice. All baggage at the risk ol the ownm. Fare 37>? cents. N. B.?Stagi-a will be in attendance to convey passenger from the aforeaaid landing places to any part of the county re qnirMl. The Shrewsbury will go the inner passage, when practicable, jel!tr NKW YORK AND KINGSTON STKAM KRKIUIIT AND PASSAOK LINK. Kor Kingston, auc Delaware and Iluditon ^^a^Cl^i^-ptrainboats KMKRALD and NORThe KMKHALD, Captain John Ketcham, will l<?ve New York, loot of Murray street, every Monday and Thursday at o'clock, P M. win Im? Kinnton ( Hon 'out landing) every Wednesday and Saturday at 3 o'clock, P. M. The NORWICH, Captain John Samuels, will Imv New York, I 'll', of Warren street, every WedneaJay mid Sitnrdi, at J o'clock, P. M. Will leav* K jgston (Roudont landing) every Tuesday and h riday at 3 o'clock, P. M. KXTRA TRIPS. The KMERALD will leave the foot of Murray street every Punday momingat 7 o'clock. Returning, leaves Kiugatou all o'clock, name day. For freight or parage apply on hoard, or to WILLIAMSON, 11ARLOW It CO., a?l 3m*r 164 West street. jgM FO? KEYPORT ANU MIDDLETOWN dTrtJ.Ta* POINT. Daily, (Sunday. egcepted,) (,?irhSE^MUK_ing at Seguine Dock. Staten laland.?On and alu r Monday. July llat. the atcamer ROCKLAND, Captain Crawford, will leave Middletown roint on Moudava, Tuea ?la,*, Wedneadays, Thursdays and Friday*, at halt-rnut one o'clock (tidepermitting,) and Keyport at So'clock P. M Returning, leave New York, foot of Robinson itreet, on Tiieada\ ?, Wednesdays. Thursdays and Kridaya, at 8 o'clock A. M. and Saturday a at 2 I'. M. Staicn will lie in readiness on the arrival of the boat to convav |?i arngera to Freehold or any part of th* country. Uniform conveyance* on Target EicursiMs, Patties of plea III* will he taken to and from Kort Hamilton or Keyport at seasonable price*. sSO lm*m MA STATKN ISI.ANI) KERRY', FOOT OK WHITEHALL ST.?The steamboat ^ BT A TL'M I Q I A V 11L II .. 111 I. ,.. >Nrw Y(,|k and Staten Llaud, on and after October 2d, a* follow*, until f urther notice >? Leave New York 9, II, J, SVC !ij$. Leave Staten Island I, 10, I, 3. All freight ahipped ia required to be particularly marked and ia at the riak of the owners thereof. sJtltf r _MT I mM NEWARK AND NEW YORK.?Far* ^L_aMU3*onlv I2>4 < ents !? all and Winter ArranseSB^aSESLnuiit.?The splendid aleauier PASSAIC, on . ad after Oct J, will run as follows:? I Leaves Newark, Irom foot ot Centre street, at * o'clock A. M. Leave New York, from foot of Barclay street, at 3 o'clock P. The accommodations both for passenger* an.I freight (which Is carried at ve*y low "" ) h?T|i b"*n K?"*tly improved. j y iu .1111 - re ^ _ NEW YORK * BOSTON SOUM' PiM?T. AWK.N PRESCOTT, rilota, or takd chawe u matter and * ? pilot ?f marl* bonnd to New Bnllnnl, nrrr NuimcI^i Hl.onK H"?ton, Portamonth, rortliuid, Keiiaebeck. and OTHKl< PORTS. Office at Krye Ik. Sliaw'a Nautical atore, 232 W. far ?Wt. corner Rahman. U?l irnoe to a number of merchant*. *gd tlieaeveral l?iir?tp CoDiiaair* in thia city, Bo?> PofUwdi jvUlmxr E NE NEW MARSEILLES LINE OF PACKETS. ilf& jJSt j?|fy ^TTt^indermeiitionedsniiis will be p^guUny di M'jt i'Ikm! l u in hence an J from Marseilles ou the 1st of each month durii.g the y<ari? ? _ From New York. Marseilles. ( OUKIhR, Cant, Duggan, June 1. Aug 1 TBkSCOTT. Cajit. My rick, July Sep" I1KLLKSP0S;T,( apt/Adams, Aug. I. Oct. ( OHKH.ANTH.Ca if. Hail? Sept. Nor. I Il'KY TllOMI'SON.Cipt. Sylvester, Oct. 1. Dec. I 1 hey are all cop|>ered and copper fattened, and have excellent accommodations for passengers. The price of cabin passage will be $100, exclusive of wines and liquors. (Joods addressed to the agents, BOYD h H1NCKF.N, will be forwarded Iree of otlier charges than those actually paid, ror Irt ight or |>assage apply to BOYD & H1NCKKN, Agents, No 9 Tontine Buildiings, or S. BKOOM & CO., _m20r 103 Front street! KOU I,( >M)().\?loth October?Regular picket WJ*5PVshiii WELLINGTON, C?pt. D. Chadwick, will MMMasaif as above, h?r regular day. J he accoinmod ti.msfur cabiu. second C'bin and steerage Ks-e,.gers, cannot be surpassed, in tins very superior vessel, roils de irous of securing berths should make early applied uiiii iu inc.utiviiAi, ol ec IWI Pinest. corner South. l'ASSAUK KHOM CORK-Vu Liverpool-lu MvaV1'"' 'lr,t -l1""- ships We beg I" inform inn friends MMiwaathat during ll?t? coming Hiring, 1814, we shall have .1 regular succession oT first class American ships, tailing from the above port every week, which will be lilted out in such a manner for second caliin and steerage passengers, as cannot fail to ensure thein every comfort. One of our firm, Mr. James D. BOOM, resides there, who will see personally to the forwarding nf all our passengers, and will spare neither pains or ex|iense to meet their wishes, anil have them forwarded without any delay. Tho-e sending lor their friends will at once see the advantage to Ik' derived liv paying in our line. Apply to. or address if by letter postpaid, ROCHK BHtll'HblU St CO. 3) Fulton street, uext door to the Fulton Bank, or to JAMK8 II. ROCHK, 14 (xoree Piazzas, Liverpool. P. S.?Rusage certificates and drafts can lie sent from this by the regular packet shi|i? on the 1st, 7th, 13lh, I'Jth and 26th of every iiicith, also by the Bostou steamers on the 1st and I'ith. *30 r frffg- ~NKW~LINK OF LIVERPOOL TACKKTS.kMRJPV Packet of Pith October ?The new and elegant packet MatHfiaship ROCHESTER, 1000 tons burthen, Captain J. Britiou, will sail ou Monday, 16th October, her regular day. The ships ofthi* line being all 1000 tons and upwards,persons about to embark for the old country, will not fail to see the advantages to be derived from selecting this line in preference to sny other, as their great capacity renders them every way more comfortable aud convenient than ships of a smller class. Those wishing to secure berths in this magnificent ship, should not fail to make early application to W. St J. T. TAP8COTT. At their Oeneral Passage Office, 43 Peck slip, corner of South Bt. The Rochester will sail from Liverpool on the *th December. Persons wishing to send for their friends,can have them brought out in first class ships, sailing weekly, on favorable terms. Drafts for any amount, payable on demand without discount, in all the priucipal ton it, of England, Ireland, Scotland or Wales, constantly for sale as above. The (iarriclt will succeed the Rochester, and sail on the 25th October. s'JHr ffig- KOlt LIVERPOOL?NEW LINE-Regular mMMtV ''" : 2.1th October Tin splendid packet ship JHSiMfaB1 i.VRRK' K, Captain Win. Skidds, of 1000 tons, w ill sail as above, her regular day. For freight or passage, having handsome furnished accommodations,apply on board ai Orleans ' E. K. COLLINS & CO. Price of passage, $75. 56 South street. The packet ?nin ROSCIUS. Captain John Collins, of 1100 ton*, will succeed the UARRlCK, and sail the 25th November, her regular day. Passengers may rely upon the ship* of this line sailing pnnc tually as advertised. ot 'ifg- ~ KOit LIVERPOOL?The New Line? Result" MnKffVPAcket 16th of October?The line New York bnilt jfiKflfapackft ship ROCHESTER, John B.iUon, maste., 800 tons, will sail on her regular day, 16th October. For freight or |>assage. having very superior accommodations, apply to the Captain on board, at west side Burliiitc slip, or to WOODIfULL ?c MINTURNS.87 South it. Prica of passage, $75. The fine packet ship Hottinguer, Ira Bnriley, master, 1050 tons, will succeed the Rochester and sail ou her regular day, 16th November. o4 r jjSafc FOR LI V KRPO O L?T<TSi I the 7th of. October! M0K*Vh(-r Regular Day?The well known splendid packet MpUaship GKORGK WASHINGTON, ( apt. Burrows, will sail &s above. Has apleudid accommodation* for cabin, second cabin and steerage Mueagu*t who will be taken ou reasonable terms, if early application is nude to JOSEPH Mc.MURRAY, 100 Pine street, s3ec comer of South. FOR NEW 9RLKANS?Louisiana and New (cHWrVYork Line?Positively first regular packet?The fast jKuHMisailiiiK packet ship MISSISSIPPI, Captain MiHard, will sail as above. For freight or pawage, having handsome furnished accommodations, apply ou board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS & CO. 56 South street. Positively no goods received after Monday evening, the 9th inst. Shippers may rely upon having their goods by this line correctly measured. Agents in New Orleans, Hullen St Woodruff, who will promptly forward all goods to their addiess. The packet ship YAZOO, Captain B. J. H. Trask, will succeed the Mississippi. <>3ec fcfiS- FIRST PACKET FOR NEW ORLEANS? rfyJfWThe splendid list sailing packet ship ARKANSAS, J?|jy|btipt' Burifss, sails po?itivel> as above, her regular I'lie accommodations ol this ship for csbin. second cabin and steerage passei gers, are such as cannot fail to insure comfort to tie m iluri ,g the voyage, a id the price of passag? is very low, for which immcdiale applffcaiiou should be made on board. loot of Wall Street, or to \V. ac J. T. TAttCllTT. 43 Peck s!,p, corm-r South st Who will have a continuation of regular lirst class inck?-u. as heretofore, to New Orleans. Mobile, savannah ind Charleston, every week, throughout the season. Passage, as usual, at the very lowest rites. *21 ec FOR SEW ORLEANS?Commercial Line? KKIM^To sail the 7th October.?The splendid ?ell known StiBhfie;-a< ket ship NICHOLAS BIDULE, Capuin Tiueman, will sail as above. steerage p/?*sengeri, who will be taken ou reasonable ternu if fatly application bp made on board, or to JOSEPH McMURRAY. o3ec 100 Pine street, corner of South. EMPIRE OP BEAUTY. The Pillowing Toilet articles are to be had genuine only at 67 Walker street, one door Irom the corner of Broadway Oonraud's I'oudre Subtile?For safely, quickly and permanently eradicatiuK superfluous hair from all parts of the human frame. Tins we prove beyond all doubt to every purchaser requesting proof, flew ire of counterfeits. containing deleterious projierties, and utterly inefficacious. No agent iu Brooklyn. Oonraud's Eau de Beaute? Kor thoroughly exterminating t?n, pimples, blotches, morphew. Stc eliciting delicate white neca, hands and arms, and imparting a juvenile b.onrn, by its dilating properties, preventing the formation of wrinkles, and baiiiihtuK them when present. Oouraud's Vegetable Liquid Rouge,'imparts a delicate blushing tinge to the cheeks, immovable by ruboing with a handkerchief >r a cloth. Uo mud's Blanc d'Espange, or Spanish White, gives to the comp nion a pure, life-like alabaster whiteness, In elegant boxes 25 cents eacn. OfllAid's Grecian Hair Dye?Kor coloring red or grey hair, without staining the skin, warranted. $1 per bottle. Eye Brow and Whisker Dye, 25 cents tier bottle. Crejin of L lies?Kor removing Dandruff, m.iking the hair rich, silky aud glossy, and gradually changing it to a dark brown or raven black. 50 cents per bottle. Agent*?2 Milk st,Boston; 76 C'hrsnut ?t, Philadelphia; Grey, "oiiklik<flime; Guthrie, Albany; Myers, New Haven; Wells ii Co. Hartford; Cow If s, Springfield, Kaulknrr, Norwich; Green In Co. Worcester; Carleion it 'jo Lowell; lloitac rsewliuryport; Pr*.it"u Portsmouth; Patten. Portland; Guild, Bangor; Phomas, ( incinnatti; Tuttle. Pittfbargh; imirge Stealey, Krankfort, Ky.; 8. Tousey, Rochester; Seth 8. Hand, Baltimore. s!3 lm*r F)It-. WHEELER liens to offer t? the notice of the public the following letter from a highly rejpectaule officer in the U. 8. Mavy:? _ _ , ? New York, Sept. 21,1843. To Dr. Wheeler, Ocnlist, J3 Greenwich street? Sir?It affords me great pleasure to give you the benefit of my 'estimouy of your eminent success in the cure of my daughter of an aggravated case of Scrofula Opthalmia, after she had been treated by eminent physicians anu surgeons without the least permanent benefit. I must add, that when 1 placed her under yonr kind care, (having hern induced to do so by visiting tome of yonr cured patients.) I was lit despair of lier ever being cured by any one? onee\e Ming entirely closed and iiglitless, the other nearly so and scarce any light could be borne. Kor many months she had been kept ill carefully darkened rooTs. The eyelids were most frightfully iull.tmed. and the child, by her previous treatment, educed to a mere skeleton. Your kind treatment and great cure will ever be h?ld by me, ind every member of my family, in the most grateful remembrance. Should this bring you to the notice of any like sufferer, or parent with an ulllicted child, the object of this testimony will be secured by relieving suffering humanity. Very truly, your friend, WASH. A. BARTLKTT, U. S. N., ?2G Ini m 221 Kinlitli AfwM. DOCTOR H. BOSTWICK, OPERATIVE SURGEON to the New \ork Medical and Surgical Institute. may be couiulteil daily between the hours of * and 5 n eloele. (VRf f Spllwimni llrNK ?8 1m*r TOSEPH GILLOTT'S STEEL PENS. REDUCED PRICES. THK subscriber is constantly receiving f'esh supplies of the a above justly celebrated pens, which lie offers to the trade at very low rales. In additiou to the st\les so well known, lie lias recently introduced the following new patterns, vir. :? Nos. 1, 2 and 3 Principality Peus. extra line, line aud medium points. No. 8?Caligraphic Pen?a prime article on pictorial cards, views of celebrated places. Not 9and 10?Washington Pen?very fine |toiut, and elastic, on superb cards. In evidence of the high estimation in which these Pen? are held, the following statement is made :? The number of Pens manufactured at the works of , JOSEPH GILLOTT. Trom Dec. 1841, to Dec. 1812, was 70.ol2.002. The public * re cautioned to be on (heir guard against Bpuri ous articles. Kach package of the geuuine pens bears a fac simile of Mr. Oillott a signature. J or tale by HKNRY JEhSOP, Importer, #1 John street. corner of (told. A good supply of Windle'a and Mosley It Co.'i London WM. sVSIm'ec PATENT ELASTIC SHOULDER BRACE. r 1111K Sl'BS* H1BKRS goffer, with full confidence in ita A Hlilitv and usefulness. the above n.nnnl article. Tin* article is intended to brace the shoulders support the b.ick, and eipind the cheat, Riving a graceful outline to the figure and will be found indis|ietisable to |>eriona of sedentary habits. Parents and iiuardians are |Mrticularly requested to eianune this brare; it will be found to poani every requisite <|uality for winch it i? recommended, namely? to brace the shoulders of children and olltera who have acquired the habit of stooping, in (I retain their form in an upright imsition. They eau be worn witii |>erlect ease, being formed with an elastic, back, aud w ill be found of no iin|iediment lo the free use uf the arms. The *uh<c.ribers also olfer their celebrated Klaatic Spring. Huaaia or Riding Belt. 'I he almve article* are manufactured under the immediate ina|iection of Mr. I',mells, who haa lieen engaged in tlie business for the last sisteen year*, and may be de|<en<Ied on aa superior to any article elfer offered for the same pu |>ose. Sold wholesale and retail At th^old e,ublU(hm?itof 237 Broadway, corner of I'ark Dare. N. B.?Ladies will lie in i'I'I led and til ted by calling at the reside ic*- of MADAMK PA tlHKLLS, 4? <?>-eenwich ,tnet, between Hubert aud l.uight sf??N IJt'ec W YO YORK. WEDNESDAY M fflR 8AI.E?A pair of bright bay CARRIAGE | ISETVlOllSKS, '0 to 17 hands h'sih, warranted only five L. 1 mill >it yeir* old, sound in all kind ill singls and double liirnesi and under the saddle, and of superior style and anion, belnuging to a private Ki-ntletiiBn in I be country,and if worthy of the attention of any one desiring a giod pair of hones They may he seen (or five or si* day?, on application at TATTKHSALL'S, Broadway, N. Y. >28 lw_ _ _ ____ MKOR SALE OR TO RENT?The IVmium MiHs, with 11 or IS run of (tones, with all -of it? extensive maehinery, situated neir two miles from New Rochelle, W esichester Connty. ai d State of New York, and in immediate proxiinitv to the city of New I ork, now in orilar for an extensive business in dour, i?nd can Brum and l ack Mil to IMI barrels each day, or could lie most advantageously eui|i|o\ed for any other purpose which tni({ht require extensive water tiower. The reputation for the past thiity-live >ears en toyed b) tlie Premium Mills, and their proximity to New York, with the facility of trausportaLiou afforded immediately adjacent, t>y way of the navigation direct to the Mills from any port, render the fscilities fur business unexcei tionable to those desiring such an estal.lishment. Apply to HEN11Y I'ATRIDOE kELLOOG. Esq , New Rocnefle, N. Y., Kelloif.MviUe, or to SILAS WOOD. Esq., 69 Br ad street, New I ork. New Rochelle, August 23, 1813 s2R Iwr ? HATS? KALL "FASH IONS, 1843.?The subscriber Jlflk improves the occasion presented by the fall change in the 1 fashion of hats, to< invite his friends, customers and the public iu general, to his KsUblishments, No. 130 Chatham street, and , 94 Canal, corner of YVooster streets wheie he offers for sale and inspection a large and elegant assortment of Hats .i:id Caps, at | extremely low prices. He particularly invites their alteutiou to hi* line Nutria Kur lints at water imiof, ?nd tit retain iWl color and shape lie would also call their atten tion to liia short napt Silk llats. at t2 i:< and $'! to. Aim, his U|<erfme Moleskin Hate, at tlie low price ol 53. The abovementioned Hats are neat and durable, and " ? > compare advan- . tageously with hat* sulci in this cilv at ?3ai:u $i. WILLIAM BANTA, { No. 130 Chatham it., and !M Canal, cor. Woosterit. | s2 }w(lwi?)*a I ~ ^ -.iTaDII-s' 4 Ml) vilsSK^' SHOES. CHEAPER THAN EVER. ! Al V\ VI.KKit's OLD STAND, 419 Broadway, where may lie f und a complete assortment of all the different kimln, colon, sorts and Size's, for ladies, misses and children. ' Oaiters, U,iot.?, liiiskiii*. Slipjiers. and walking shoes. Also. India Uubbers and .Moccasins, iml water proof over shoes of the latest st) le n<1 fashion; ltdir*', misses' and children's (falters of all kinds and colors, in the gteate?t style and variety, ol all sizes aii'l suited to all tastes; gentlemen's, boys' a'd children's boots aud shoes, of Krench anil native calf, c'arse and fine, in ' all their variety, ready made or made to order, at the shortest notice. Gentlemen's overshoes, and ail innumerable assortment of other Km ids, at WALKER'S. !!!) Broadway, ' corner of Canal st. N. B.?Heads ol fimilies, by patronizing this est iblishment, I will find a saving of 25 to SO per cent. o2 ltn*ec PARIS BOOTS AND l.ASTS MADE TO ORDKK, ' By E. X U S E R, 175 Broadway, (Basement.) One door from Courtlandt street. E, Bootmaker, and Msker of Lasts, an B#" Klve" of I 'lerce of Pari.i, begs leave to inform his friends and all the amateurs of a gentlemanly "chaussure," i that lie can now make, in New Y ork, with the best Kruoch material all thai is so perfectly made in Paris by his master, the i celebrated Bootmaker Clerce, whose numerous customers 011 this title of the Atlantic are respectfully invited to try Suser's Boots and Las's, before they despair of being " cliausses" iu New Vork, after the nicest latest Paris fashion. Also, the genuine Paris Jet Black Varnish sold. 1 sl7 lm*ec SAVE YOUR MONEY. 4 KALL AND WINTEH BOOTS, 75 r>er cent chea|>er than at any other establishment in tlie city. Call, examine, and be convinced of the facts, that yon can get the very best quality of boots, with everlasting patent soles on, made to your orders at the very low price of five dollars and filty cents per pair ; the same quality of boots are selling at other establishments at from $7 50 to $8. Call at CUBBEIILEY St MICKELL. *12 lm*m 127 William st., N. Y. . BOOTS AND SHOES.?WIL SO N Si JOHN SON, Successors to John Hutchiugs, deceased, have on hand and for sale, from tlie best manufictorir* in the country? iiki ' ;iie? loarse twweu aim rcggeii Boots, men anu Doyi. 100 " Fiue " " 1000 Pair Mororco Buskins. 1000 " Ladies' Kiue slippers. 3000 " Children's Shoes, various colors. .'00 " Womens and misses Gaiters. 1000 " India Rubbers, trimmed and plain. Eor sale in lots to suit purchasers, at their store. 120 CHATHAM STREET. opposite Ros?velt. N. B.?The store, being open until 18 o'clock in the evening, gives country merchants an opportunity to examine goods at their leisure, *28 lm*m ih | BOCT AND 8HOK STOii K~ john ready res|>ectfully informs his friends and the public, that he has commenced business in the above | line, at No. 99 Nassau street, where lie will thankfully receive aud faithfully execute, all orders he may be favored with on the mostsreasoninle terms for e.ssh? jv22r TO THK PUBC1C. (fijl fjrt TO $j000.?Mr. Kraucis R. (.'rump, Watch Mak?r, ] SP J- v/VJ 218 Grand street,, begs to inform his friends aiid the Public, thtt indcnodeot OI tM Watch business, he is prepared . to niaki advances iu cash on gold and silver watches,diamonds, silver tea sets, spoons, forks, and every description of gold or silver iu any shape, intended for immediate sale. Cash to any amount paid for old gold and silver. Watches of every description rt; aired and warranted. 218 Grand street. si 1 Sin * r ENGLISH ENGRAVINGS.?Strangers visiting the city are invited to call at 67 Canal street, a few doors west froin Broadway, sculli side, where they will tiud one. of the large* t collections of scrap and other engiaviuge iu the Uuited States, at lower prices than ever yet offered. The trade supplied on I i heral terms. Eiigraviugj by the old masters, and scarce books, bought and sold; colors, stationery. Ike. sl3 lui'rc FRENCH CHINA. No. 4 SOUTH WILLIAM STREET, Tip Stairs. AD \Lr.SME, Importer and Agent for Manufacturers, lias always on hand a large assortmeut lor dinner and tea sets iu plain white and gill French Porcelain, as well as ('inner and , d-ssert plau-s.of a'l sixes, assorted dishes, soup tureens, covered dishex, v\l id howls, fruit baskets, custards and stands. Also, l ea and Chocolate Ware, Greek, Kieuch and Amsri- i can shape. All the articles are warranted of the best quality, and to be , sold on liberal terms.and in lots to suit purchasers. st7 6m*ec AKCHKR'S FALL FASHION, KOR G E NTI.KMEN'8 HATS. AUTUMN?1843. i NOW ready for sale and iuspectiou at his old stands, 204 and 2i?0 Greenwich street. i P. S.?Also an elegant assortment of meu's, boys' and children's caps, of entife new patterns sll lm*ec to"Th e i ublTc! The firm heretofore known as GEN1N Ik VAN VRANKEN, HATTERS, Having been dissolved, the subscriber, JOHN N G!EN1N, Has opejied A HAT AND CAP STORE, No. 90 BROADWAY. Third door from Wall street. JN. G. bpgs simply to state his determination to nse his hot exertions to makv a HAT that for quality of material and beauty of finish cannot l>e excelled. He therefore trusts to receive from his friends and the public that support which will enable him successfully to carry out his designs. JOHN N. GENIN, Hatter, sll lm? m 90 Broadway, 3d door above Wall st. L. BARONTO, \ rtist, in Alabaster. Marble, Scagliola, Sic., from Italy i*.Respectfully invites the gentry, the inhabitants, shopkeepers, Miliars, country dealers and the public in general, to see his Museum of Arts, No. 23 Orchard street, (between Grand and Division streets,) which is now <>|ien for inspection, with a splendid assortment of Italian and huglish ornaments iu Alabaster, black marble, spar, agata, yellow stone, stalactite, rtd and various other marbles, verue di prafo, granite, Sic., Sic. \ consisting of various sizes of groups, figures, busts,, ll'lie eweri, Etruscan vases, candlesticks, tapers, pen trays, ink i stands, w itch can s, cl.<ck st mils, time pieces, spill pots, urns, docv tabies, lioreiitiue Imskets, bulls, cows, iions, broach"^ , i.e.klaces, oiit-liski, bell va>e?, got*oly vases. ring v?m, pap* J weights, ring stands, card boxes, snutT botes, birds nests, diuiauIu?, paintings ol Mount Vesuvius, of Naples; liookt on conchotomy, mineralogy, geology, marine botanist, Sic. 8ic. l'rice of article* Irom lik cent* to $100. Cleaning anil repairing of every description on moderate term*. Admission free. *30 6w* r T^O ARCHITECTS AND BUJLDKRS.?The subscriber I would respectfully inform his customers and others, that iu consequence of Ills old stand iu Broadway being burn* d down, he has taken the premises No. 135 Crosby stre?'t near Honston, until such time as the stores in Broadway are rebuilt, and lie is now preiwred to exeiite any orders for Ornamental Work and Carving tint may lie required, the same as formerly. New York, September stSth. IS 13. JOHN OALLIKR, sOT Im*r 135 Crosby street. COAL.?Large Not Sire $1.50, Stove St,75, aud fresh Broken and Kgg $5 per ton, of the best Fracli Orchard Ash, well screened, weighed by a city weigher and delivered free of cartage. A redaction of 25 cents i>er ton if Uken from the boats. l'KTEIt CLINTON, cornerof King *10?mr* and Oreenwieh streets IKON SAKKS.?Attempts have recently been made to prejo 1 dice the public against VV'ILDKR'9 SAKKS, on account ill ( their dampness, but they have never lx-en found too damp when tested by tire, but exactly damp enough, while others have been found quite too dry when eiposed to the same test. Mr. Wilder has improved upon the fust Safes made by him, in reipril to dampness. and reference can lie made to more than one hundred respectable houses, who, after a careful investigation of the relative quality and merits of the various kinds of Safes in market, (since the introduction of the sOcalledlm proved Salamander Safes.) Wave availed themselves of Wilder"s PAT K NT HA LAMA \ Pl'.ll SAK'K.S, as sold hythe.uhscri her, who is the only person in the city authorized to make or sell till' fieuiiini I'ltent Stlainiiuler Sites; and every person using Sifes, made in imitation of Wilder* Patent, is liable in three times the amount of the value of such Safe so used, and , will be held responsible by the patentee, who luu suits now landing against the manufacturers. Any res|ioinible person in the city, wishing to purchase a fire proof Safe, and having any doubts .is to the dampness of Sales sold by the subscriber, can have one placed in the store or count ing house three months upon'trial. and if not found satisfacto rT, will be taken away free from charge. 1 SILAS C. ICKURlNO, No. 1W Water st. N. B.?Second hand Safe* fm ??le at less than one-half the , former prices, such as have been taken in part payment for Wilder s Patent Salamander Safes. a30 Iwdviitw r VALk.NTINK has removed his Kngraving and Printing 1 Establishment from John street, to No. I Beekman sireet, (Loveiov's Hotel,) opposite the Brick Church, New York ? Wedding, Visiting, Inflation, aud Protessuuial Cards e?e cnted in the filststyle of the art, ai regard* the sMwriority of > tke engraving, nr itn' ** of the printing, .mil the whiteness mil i brilliancy of tlie card*. IVriou* furimhing their own cird plates,ran hive them pruitfcl on tli<> iwmi approved ami lathionable style of cards, at price* to unit the time*. The Ladiea and Uen'lemen of New Yoik, Brooklyn, and tlie adjoining citie* ?nd towra, are re*)>ectfolly invited to call and examine the * pec i men book*, Mid Iroin a variety of pattern cards i tatoct to Mr ii bate. *,u im*r | TO GUNSMITHS AND DBALSR8 IN GUNS. 200 BABREL GUN8, assorted, from common 400 single barrel (bins. assorted, from common to fine 200(1 pain of Pistol's, selling below the coat of importation MXI Kitle*, telling do do of mannfactore 200 Minkct* do , do do do I Guu Lock l.irnh* in every *tate of finish Took and Material* for making linn* Onti Lock*, Pe.rcu*?i<>n ( am, Powder Flaaka and Horn*. Shot Belt, and Pouches, (iiMM Bag J, Dog ' ollar* aud Chain*, fcc. kc ?for aale by A W. SPIF.S fc CO. who am constantly receiving from the foreign manufacture I regular npplm of every aiticle inquired for by the gunsmith or iportamaM. <19lm*ec CjrUAVV \VK \ I'i'l \ ( IV\: I It i m, ..I I rows Str.w P?r?lor,alc hv PK.USHK !*. I1ROOK5, i N?. 6| Liberty stnit. , RK H ORNLNG. OCTOBER 4, kn(;lish advertiskments. f ONDON?-ST. KATHKKINK'H IIOTKL. on** it* the hJ St. Katterine'i po<L(ht.H ami u*ar the Royal Miui.?niOMAS LKNNKY, lifel hifffiieward of the British Qutfii Steamship, respectfully informs tiis friends in the United Stales hat he Iiai tin* management of the above new ami elegant eita* dishineut, which is built and furnished regardless of entente, md is in every re.spcct adapted for the ivceiiCou of lluniln'4 anil rentletnen visiting K.nul md, i* tl.e holel front* that part of the lock in which the liners and most of tlie other American testis lay, and is within Ave minutes walk of the Hank and Royal h'xchaiitfe. The house ill he conduct, d ?>n Iiln-ml and ecolOinical principle*. The coffee room i? supplied w ith the LonIon, American, Kast Indian and coloniau p?imth. The viands, wines, &e,, are of the iirst quality. A good billiard room and ttnrm baths will he found in the house. Oentlemtii may connect by tlie seek or mouth for Iward, Slc., on the same terms is in America. T. LKNNBY be^ to assure those who may honor him with .heir patronage that nothing shall be wautint^ to render them oin lettable, ami by attention to the wishes of his Kuests, hope* o merit that confidence and good will so liberally bestowed on lim when steward of the T)riti?h Queen. s39eod Imr *_TE)r*jjnau ivi ?r,.M >r AA 11 ^ujwmiooiwn (H-TICE, 18 COUNHILL, LONDON, OPPOSITE THE 110YAL EYCHANUK MERCHANTS, Commercial News Kooms, Public LiJ ibraries, A ijrirnltii'-'*! Societies,Officers of the United States, Printer*, Publisher* of Newspapers, See. P. L. SIMM'JNDS, (ieuerif Axeiit ami Commission Merchant, belts to nci|u.tint his friends ami the American public iu (inernl.ibst he is renlv to receive order* for the supply .of Sews[>a|>ers, Periodicals.iStationerv, Printing Materials. Hancy Articles, Sic. of any kind and quantity, auJ goods of every description of first rate quality at the very lowest nnrket prices of the lav, and to transact business upon the most liberal terms, provided he is previously furnished w ith funds or drifts at either long or short date*, or a reference on some London or Li verpool House for payment P. L. Siinuuiiids will alio receive consignment! of any deicription of merchandize to l>e sold on commission, and accept bills at short dates for two thirds of the amount, on receipt of :h? bills of lading. .Consignments entrusted to his care will meet with everv poiaible despatch in their disposal, consistent with the interest of the cOnuiiuee,: an extensive knowledge of {eueral business coupled with promptitude,attention ?ud judgement, will he trusts enable him to sue complete satisfaction to ill who may favor him with their commands Heference may be made in New \ crk to James (iordon Benlett, Ksu , Proprietor of the Herald,who is personally acquaint'd with Mr.Simmonds and the nature and exteut of his establishment. s2Htfr TO NKWSPAPKU AOKNTS ASU PUBLISHERS IN THE UNITKU STATES. 'TMIOSE excellent Illustrated Newspapers, The Pictorial -l Times, and Illustrated London News, are supplied at 7? 6il sterling i>er qr. Punch at 4a 6d |ierqr, and all theLondon and Koreigu News|>apers as they ap|>eai' are regularly supplied, wholesale and retail, by P. L. SIMMONDS, Newspaper and Periodical Agent. lUCornhill, London. Subscriptions in advance, may be paid into the Herald OIHce. on Mr. Simmoud*' account. Advertisements received for insertion iu all the London, Country and Koreign Journals. s2;ltf i'nr. r. w iwi\i\ ur.i. \i.u is men 111 i.ouuou bv Mr. P. L. 8IMMONDS, for the American Papers, British and Foreign News paper Ollice, III Cornhill, Loudon, opposite the iloyal Exchange, where orden and advertisements will be received. s2Htfr UNDKR TDK ESPkCIA I, PATRONAOE O" HER MAJESTY (JUEEN VICTORIA : H. 11. 1). PRINCE ALBERT; THK ROYAL FAMILY, ANU THE SEVERAL COURTS OK EUROPE. ROWLAND'S MAOAS-AR OIL. rPH!S ELEGANT, FRAOJIANT, and PELLUCID OIL, J- in ils preservative, restorative, and broutilyitig qualities, is unequalled over tne whole world It preserves and reproduces the hair, even at a late period of lilt*; prevents it l'rotn turning crev; or if so changed, restores it to its original color; frees it from scurf and impurity, and renders it soft, silky, curly, and Itlossy. , To CHILDREN it is especially recommended, m forming the basis of a beautiful lie.-.d of liair. ROWLAND'S KA.LYDOR. An odoriferous cesmy liquid of Balsamic Exotics, and utterly pure and free from all mineral admixture It pleasingly dissipates all Pimple", Spots,Blotches, Heduess.Ta.i, Freckles, and other Defects of ttir .Skin, heals Sun burns. Stints of Insects, uud renders the most roiiKh and dry skin pieasantljr soft and smooth. '1 lie rail if. ut bloom it impiru to the Clwek, and the softness and ddicacy it induces on the Hands, Arms, and Neck, render it indispensable to every toilft, Oentlemen will inid it |>e<:uliarly grateful after shaving, in allaying the irritation of the skin. ROWLAND'S ODOVTO, OR PEARL DENTIFRICE. A White.Powder, compounded of the ruest and most fragrant Exotica; it bestows on the Tenth a |iearl-like whiteness, trees ihem from tartar, and iinpsrts to the glims a healthy firmness, md to the breath a delightful sweetness aud perfume. CAUTION. Each genuine article has a small label affixed thereon, bear inu the iiaineii of.Vlessrs. DODGE, CUMMINU81 CO., Sic. Duly Agents, New York.'' Lf All without such a label, ore SPURIOUS IMITATIONS ! ! ! koIiI by Chemists and Perfumers. ?!iU ltaw 6m r BELMONT HOUSE-NEW BRIGHTON QEOKBB fEIRISS, in returning his grateful ae ki.^wVilgment* tu the uumer?UK ladies ami geut'.'inen who lavored the above wnbliihment daring ike wmii, hegt to announce that lie has made ewy sni.a.l' arriiig>'inenl lot tinwinter, to accommodate families m.d neiglr boarders. The dining-ro< tn? and donni'onei will piiind c ?nf. itahly and elegantly furnilhed. The table will lietnppl ed wilh the c'.nice?t p?Oi i-ions, -Old til- wines will lie f*> opial to any, The nTOSiniitv of B'lmont Home to t!i?eSi\, w ith excellent Meambcrtta plying i-t stipulat-d bonrs. the we!! known mention <d the ho?t ana civili'y of the attruo.iiu, ctun'mieJ with ilie loc tion, beinK w thin s ?iep.>r ihe I ?u'li.n;-|'l ;w> reudeft litis establishment til* must metal and convenient in the Uuioii. Terms will be found exceedingly ifiod 'rate. [C/~ Good stabling aid cu. ch houses attached to the pre mtses. s>6 trr HAVANA MANSION HOUSE HOTEL. TIIE undersigned takes oecasion to inform bis friends and the public, lhat the Mansion is now located ill Iniuisidor street, No. 67. ia the vicinit) of lh? steamboat landing uid vegetable market, having commodious lainily apartments, irranged ill the neatest order. A person is employed to proenre permits to land passengers, baggage, Sic. who will board vessels immediately after the visit i)I the revenue ollicers. N. B.?Visitors to this Island should procure a passport fVorn the Swinish (Consul, at tne port ol rutbark it toil, to obviate difficulties and inconvenience. tflBmec WILLIAM FULTON. IMPORTANT TO "INVALIDS AND VISITORS To" THK ISI.AND OK CUBA. P Jl O G HESS H OTEL, IN the village of Orro, three utiles frotn Havana. Thin establishment is advantageously situated, properly fitted up and attended, affording tne tienefil of a country life without excluding the comforts and pleasures of the Capital, or preventiug a timely attendance to business. Every attention ii promised by the owuerstoirvet the satisfaction of their visitor*. CHARGES. Boarding for a single person in one room S? 00 a day. " " two or three jiersoni in one room- $1 50 a da) each jwrson. With families a particular agreement may lie entered into. N. B.?Omni busses are running from morning 'till night between the Cerro and Havana, nuking the trip in half aii hour. s24 lin PULASKI HOUSE, MONUMENT SQUARE, SAVANNAH, GEO., BY P. WILTBKROKIt. rPHE following may be adduced from among the many re'. A commendations w hich have appeared of this establishment: "The imiit remarkable future about Savannah,is the Pulaski House?being, beyond any comparison whatever, number one <mong the very best ?nd most genteel Hotels in the United State.." LEWIS KIT/GERALD TAS1STAO. naiNvm uiivh u numiiriu ssimra, tui.4, |>a)|E iuj. Pii.sski Hot'UK.?'The following w*ll merited compliment to this tlegant establishment, we clip from the I'hiladel liia IJ. S. Gazette. It is a matter of wor..ler, tint no many invalids go o points w here there are no comfort*, instead of (toppta^ in Savannah.* here the r I innate is gentle, without heir* enervating Those who visit the "Pul >?ki House," will forget their absence from horn*, iti th? midit of th? cleg tnce and refinement which pervades theestabli.hnient. Not only do traveller* sit down to .? table which many deem better than any other in the U. State*, hut superadded to this, all th-- n?atness in ilie linen, and other furniture ofilie house, and all tile ijuiet and security an- observed, which belong to private residences,?Savannan H>*; ul>!ican. [To the Editnrs of the United Plates Gazette,] Messrs. i?ditorst? Wi'l you allow me the privilege of vour columns to communicate some information of iuterest to the travelling community, among which a number of your siibscriliers must be found. Probably there is no snb ect about which iutended travellers feel so mnrh anxiety, as the imaus of comfort or enjoyment which they are ro |?w ,ess in the public accommodatioi.s that await them on their journey. At this, or perha|m an eirlier season ol the year, it is well known that many individuals,of both se*es, either from delicate health, or distaste of a " Northern winter," s?ek relief from the severe temiieraiure of our climate, ill the less changeful and softer weather of (he Southern States, and I believe there are many more who, fi.r the same reasons, would resort to the South during oar inclement season did they know that they could make a brief abode theri'without any great loss ol those comforts Slid conveniences which belong most emphatically to home.1 A brief experience in son'hern travelling, has enabled me to afford this most desirable information. Dnrin.: a recent visit to Savannah, Georgia. under 'lie instructions oia discriminating friend, I soon found myself most comfortably established at the I'nlaski House, in thattily. This Hotel, owned and conducted by Csptain Teter Wiltberger, is most delightfully situated, and is embraced in a range of build trigs, large, elegant and commodious. The utmost order and Imlet exists throughout the house, and neatneis, regularity and dispatch]"*rvade mil rhiraetetise every bianch of the establishment. The table is always supplied. at great difficulty audespeine, writli the choicest dishes of the season, while the most fastidious connoisseur con'd not complain of the wines. The wicietv re?iil-,nt for the season at this fine house, and drawn from the various Northern States, is of the most agreeable Of "our host" himselflet it lie said,that all his visitors unite in bearing testimony to his unceasing cart , judicious matitgeinent and courteonsdeportment, which while they have rendered this hotel inferior to none, and s?pen?r to most others in the United States cause all who enter the "Pultski House" as bis rue,ts, to lease it a* his friends and w irm well wishers. When, bervfo-e, to the , snteiic?of tins est ihltshment at Htvannali, is o he uld' tl the miljie'ss and salubrity <,f its climate during the winter months, and tie general attractive!! ss of the city, it canjot be donbte'l that when the in -rita of the "Pulaski House" ire once well known, it must prove the funrite resort at the ion ill of the invalid, as will as the traveller for pleasure. A M i: n-si tt t it r u "Thin Hotel ia infinitely unperior to tlt? one where we lodged n Cliarltuon. Here we oht lined th-* iueitinuhle Iniurv ol a warm bath." MKS, l?ANNY Ut'iXKli. ,2!i t,i*r Winter Journey tn <;eor,;i?. TiA TRAT3. TABLE CUTLERY, Jcc. AW. 9PIKB & CO. Ill Pearl street, are now opening nil risk* of new anil elegant pattern* of Tea Tray*, einhrarnn every variety of quality, color auil aizea, from night to tlnr;y indies. Aliio, 200 (trow Ivory lelf tip and Stag handle Kuire* and For'n. Alan, one caae new pattern* Crooker * Hue Pen Knivea. 19 lir'ee IU8T l.ANUKI) e* Oneiiltfrrm I'ivre, > I .r*t a**ortmeut of I' iriH made rich silk and Uttin Widd?*d t KmIm, (Japes, I 'a lailaanil IVIerine?. AI'O, mi invoice of (Irinornaille Skirti, n cntl|*1y new arttl U\ fnrial. by . < tlAKLLN l-AV, ?J0 i.t" r II Smifli n iftivn n. ( Vi Stnn ?r.v f?. EJ*On 8AI??. < Mr Al*?A eimi| i. te frintink mlu . . I r it Ureal " for a <in.ll daily or a weakly n? .piper, canaiatiuif ?f Brevier, Vnnio , an'y rvi*. ImjxiaiiisSioik-, L'aaea, Frnmej, kc., Ike., all nearly new. imiuire of JAMKS CONNER, ?#r Per <ev i>r,Va*?*a etui Ann street*] SI ii \lt IVhM* I r> prune V? Orleam licmtri. landing from ahip Oeranlgee, md **le by Mr ?. K. COLLINS k CO. to South u. [ERA 1843. CHEAP STORE TO MY OLD CUSTOMERS AN!) THE PUBLIC OENDRUGS, DYESTUFKS^PAI'NTS, MEDICINES. OROnERIF.M, iVc. No. I88UKKKNWIC II STREET. NEW YORY. IOIIN C. MORRISON offers lor sale, on tin' mo?t liberal " terms, a ?ery eitemire assortment of goods, among tbem tin* following, to wliii-li he notihl tolicil the attentionol APOTIIK* ARIES. Opium, Corrosive Sublimate, I 'amphor, A'jui Amnion it, Cream Tarter, Spiriis iNitre lluli ii, Cantile Snap, Sii|>er Carbonate Soda, l.iouonce, Tartaric Acid, B.iNunCopaiva, Eptoin Halts, Rhubarb, Lauiltuuin, Jalap Senna. Aloes, Sulphate (|iiiiiiui', Hon. Chamomile. Oil Peppermint, ami all Es?nr On in Arabic, tial Oils. ( astor Oil, < ?iim Myrlih, (Quicksilver, Cantliarides, .viaxuesia, '?it in TVmacanth, Manila, Pimdnwl Bark, Tioll ami Klotir Sulphur, Co ks of all kinds, Alcoiiol, Harsaparilla, Hoi t. liueii auil crude, Sponges, coarse and fiue, Calonvl, UruKltists' < ?las? Warp Ki-d Precipitate. Vials. PAINTERS. Window glass, of all and British Lustre, nullities, < ilue, all sorts, Wliite lead, dry and in oil, < iold and Silver Leal', IJed Lead, < iold and Silver Bronze, Litharge, Copper Bronze, Kpirili 1 urpentine, Chalk, while uid red, Putty, Paris white, Wh'tinif, Spanish Brown, Verdigris. dry and in oil, Venetian Red, Chrome Wreeu, Sand l'a|ier. Chrome Vellow, _ Pumice Stone, Yellow Oclue, 1' ivuch and Tar and Hosiu, American, Japan, copal, coach ;utd liarPrussian Blue, nets varnish. Vermillion, Turkey Umber, Uocten Stone, Terra de Sienna, Ivory Black, lied Chalk, (>um t niml, (rum Shellac, Paint Brushes, all siifs, Bright Varnish, . lime fink, Sash Tools, all sixes, Lamp Black, Black Lead. OILS. Oil, Kali, Oil, Train. Winter, Lintseed, Summer strained sperm, Neatsloot, Refined. whale, Olive or Sweet, Unrefined, whale, Sea Flephant. Tanners', DYK WOOD DKALKHS AND MANUFACTURF.RB. Logwood, Brazil Wood, Cimwood, Red Saunders, Klilic, llaten Wood, Nicaragua, Heil Wood. Barwood. Hypernii Wood, Omn Asphaltum, Peach Wood, Sal Ammoniac, K,bony Wood. Soaps, MANUFACTURERS Alum, Kull> rs' Kailh, Bine Vitriol, Madder, Dutch and French, Copperas. Km.', and Amer. ludigoe*, of Bengal, Carracas 01 Vitrol, and CiuaUmala, Sugar Lead, While Tartar, Bleaching Salts, Ked Tarter, Cochineil, Glue, Aqua Forlis, Suirnc, Nutgills, Lac Dye, Annatto. Starch, Soda Ash, Prussia te Potash, Pot and mil Ashes, Gum Senegal, Extract Logwood, Powdered Curcuma, Tartaric Acid, Powdered Blue Smalts, Bi-chroma'e of Potash, (Quercitron Bark, Sal Soda, Spirits Nitre Fortis, (rum Shellac, , Saltpetre, Cudhear, British Uum, Woad, Nitric Acid and (iraiu and Bar Tin, Oxalic Acid. UROCEK& Voung Hysou Tea, P?PI>er Sauce, Hysou " Macsbov Snuff, Imperial 11 Scotch Snuff Ounpowiler " Mace, Hyson Skin " Indigo, Flotant, Souchong " Castile Soap, Bohea _ " Cloves, French Brandies, Caster Oil, in bottles, Spanish Segars. Alcoh I, Pot and Pe.ul Ashes, Kpsom Salts, Starch, Cinnamon, Li iiiorice Ball, Friction Matches, Billi Brick, Carbonate Ammonia, Salentus, British Lustre, Fig Blue, Soda for washing, Powdered (ringer Root, Mustard, London, Alum. Caynnue Pepper, Olive oil in bottles & baskets, Powdered Nutmeg, Nutmegs, Powdered Cinnamon. Salii ctrr, crude and refined. CONFF.CTl0NF.RS, DISTILLKRS AND BAKKIIS. Cochineal, Oil of Anniseed, Nutmegs, Absynth, Mace, Carrayway, Cloves. Juniper, Cinnamon, Hose, Orange and Peach Wa assia Buds, ters. Allspice, Vanilla Beans, Isinglass, Tonquin Beans, (ruin Tngacanth, Coriander Seed, (ruin Arabic, Turkey, ( array way Heed, (ruin Gamboge, Aniseed. Oil of Hoses, Jajube IPaste, Peppermint, Pearlash, White rgreen, S.deratus, Cinnamon, Super Carbonate of Soda, Orange, Tartaric Acid, Bergamot, (iiu rer, white Jamaica, Lemon, Ginger, hast India. PAPKR MAKRR8, H ATT KM, &c. Iile? citing Powder?, NutjrnlU,. Powder d Ulue Smalt*, Blur Vitriol,, <?luev Verditfri*, Oil Vitrol. < oi'|ifi w, <'o|?i?er Calx, Ammonia, ShiJlac. \ntiinon y, Alcohol, Sugar of Load, Extract of Lf gwood, Aloes, he. PATENT MKDICINK DEALERS. Balsam ofHonev, Anderson's, Lff's & Hooper'* Turlington's Balsam, I'ills, Bilemm's Drops, Opedeliloc, llarltm <11111 I)riiisli Oil, Siws' .mil Liquid, S-*iilli / Ponders, 8od? Powders, Stoagliton's Bitters. (io<lfrey's Cordial, I'.n'ract S;,; i.ip,rillii, Anderson's Cough Drops, Ceplialic S'.ufT, Thompson's Eye Water. u'J I m d y ii w y HU T<Tl'lNOS~ STC)MACH BITTERS-Kor d?;s|iep.u, pal pit it ion of tlie heart, Ions of apiietite,assisting digestion, i.n:iil swe .la, and all nervous disease*. Nmnerons ceitifira es of|>ersoiis cured, as wll as ceitilicates of several physiciaus nlio nsc it in llieir practice, call lie seen at tlie proprietor's. Muiiiif.ii tii-ed .liiu sold 5i2 Houston comer McDougal street, priC" $1 tier bottle Agr 'ts ? on Bowery; 644 Broadway: Dr. llarton, eor Allen n.d Suntou streets; Mrs. Hays, Brooklyn; Ingersoll. Peekskill. s'.to lw* A A. SA.MANOS offers for sale, at No, 6 Wallst, 10 hhds mtwnw Siipi?, .uid 1 j bays of Coffee, lining from brig T |it, from St. J ago In Store? 10 hhds Snn cur*<l Muscovado Sugar suitable for refiners 4 boves white Sugar free labor It bnles su|ierior Uuba Tobacco, suitable for maonfaC' t nrers. 3M.IT1. S?-gars, of Lord Byrou, Wood TI Ir^uid a variety of other brands. WANTED?A Cooper, and a Mil wright that onderstands carpenfer's work, to go to St I ._ ?.! uba; mnst be single and of temperate hahi's Apply ss aliov il lm#r WHO WOULD BE WITHOUT TEETH, when the ? " following unprecedented reduction in dentistry is mide by the eel* brated Dentist, W. Thome, D.D.S., 62 East Broadway I Cleaning Teeth $1 00 Estracting 2.1 Stopping with his justly celebrated Mineral, 73 Single Tooth on Pivot 73 Silver 2 (HI " " " Gold 3 00 A complete set of Teeth, on the most approved principles, at ; the same price as the above. N. B.?Whers entire satisfaction is not given, no charge will lie made 62 East Broadway s26 lin'r TO THE LOVERS OK SUPERIOR I'.LAI K's Mistnre.?This eitremely delicious and onpar,U?>il 'IVa > liiirhlv I'^Uhralml 01 ( hin* unit Knrone lust imported is now lor s.\Ir at thr Csutou IVa Company'! Ornr- I r\l Tt-a hsublishmrnt, 121 Chatham street, Nrw Vorli, anil lit 1 Knltnn KM, Brooklyn?in , rU Trier Ml cruta aud tl ach. sK> lm#T UNITED STATES TEA EMPORIUM, 121 laU 129 Chatham ttrett, New York. And 116 Kultnn street, Brooklyn. AOKNCV. 318 Blkkikk* STRUCT, WHOLKilALK A N II 1UTAIL, Th? CANTON TEA COMPANY conrinur to offer for 1 i ll.- new and franr.ujt Tens of erery variety and style.? Their assortment ijieciilly includes rh? most delicious and l>owrrfiil Krades of I>rren and Black. Kerry package hear? thr iUn|i of nnatnna and eleg.uice, mid tin- Tea* therein arr to thoroughly secured from light and air, lint their quality anil powrr will remain unimpaired iu <uiy climate. Thrir system i of prosecuting business in, iwrhnin, scarcely to be eicelled. I' i? fonudei^ upon thr utmost regard to thr rights ol thr enstom- I er, especially with respect to weight an J quality, and unrivalled cheapMM. All purchasers arr railed upon to rrtnru any irticlcs winch lail to give thrm thr utmost satisfaction, which j thr lattev will hr cheerfully and promptly refunded. Country merchants, public establishments, heads of families, and ship- I masters will linil it a decided ailvontaur to supply themselves 1 from this establishment. OKfruiwr Jar* CorrKK roastrd every day. Orders from all parts of the United Stitr* rrrrnt-d with promptitude and despatch. Z r~ Thr ouly warehouse in America for the mle of Honnua i celebrated Black Ten. sit lB*m I). M. PEYSER, ft 00., N0.. 110 William street, cornrr of John street, and iV Broad- , of the following FANCY <H)ODH, which were carefnllv *elected >y * competent person at Parn, Berlin, fcc., and winch t| ey ntT. r for sale, in wholes*!* and mail, on liberal terms, vii:? Berlin Zephyr and Orrroan Worsted?the most complete assortment. Berlin F.mbroidery Patterns?a choice election. Canrin lor tmbroidery, of cotton, wonted, linen, silk, gold 1 and ,i iv -r, of all width* mid qualities. Silk I'hi uille, for embroidery, trimming and flower making. Purse Twist, Uvruiau, French and fcuitlnh, plaiu and shaded, I in *k"iiu. sticks, and on spools. H<.?* Hi I k for Kmbroidery and Fringe makers, in skeins and Oil M"Mlls. Suspraidert, roperbly embroidered, and Saspender Trim- , mines. (Jold, Silver and Steel Bends, in all Xos. Mother of Pearl, Wold, Silver and Steel Purse Ornaments. (Jfild ,ind Silver Fringe, Braid, Cord, Twist, Thr-ad acd | KinbroicVry Framee, and a variety ol different Fancy Aiti-I ftlei. Artificial F'owers?a choice uleetion. Fr>ng?s, of cotton, worsted and silk, imported and domestic liirups, Tassels, Buttons and all other kind of trimming. jy IT W*e?i ( III,OKI OK OK GOLD. LB. BINSSF. St CO., *1 William street, inform the T*ho tottmphisU that they have just recened per late arrivals a fresh supply of Chloride of Oold from the laboratory of one of lie most eminent Chemists in Psris. They warrant it to be qual if not superior to any in the United Stale*, whether j manufactured or imported, and offer it for sale in vials 1* (trims 1 >1$!. They have on hand a supply of most excellent plates, anil all the chemicals used, which thev offer lor sale at reduced price*. | Also on hand, thm>, four ana lis inch Achromatic Ljensei, mid Camera* constructed ou the '*rnai ?\stein? fancy I Frames for Portraits and Views **4 lo" ' LD. Piira Two Cant*. A hi; nsl a [Conv*(.ji> '.one - of the Herald.] AtraiwA, (('! <)) ^"pt. 2B, 1S43 The Threat rned ltuel?The Election?Firm** Mi/steriout Disappearance. MR. nKNNKTT? I)KAR SIR :? ? The individual alluded to by Peleg Jones, sonic time aincp, as having "sloped to the uninhabitable world" to evade a duel, ia no less than J. L. T., a young man who has figured here most extensively in all transactions ol life (low life in particular) but not ho hs to become suspected, until the well known aildir of honor sprang up, and uumerous little responsibilities, such as board bills, h<-rse hire, borrowed money, <tec. were actually refused payment, and the threats, kicks and duns of creditors becoming aggravated and alarming to the gentleman, he (us might be supposed) actually took leg bail, and alter arriving iu Charleston, to carry out the farce of financial operations, he sponged about there a while and negociated a draft olC F. Taylor & Son, representing himself as a partner ol Inn father, (which is not the case) and thereby received #250 in a decided swindling operation. But enough ol this. The whigs and democrats here are moving heaven and earth and a part of Texas to elect their candidates?which party will succeed is hard to tell. Meetings are held nightly, and the most animated, sprited and patriotic speeches delivered, advocating the great principles and humbuggery ol both parties. It is c|uite generally believed that George VV. Crawford will be elected Governor, and again strenuously supposed that little Hill Cooper will be the hero ot the day. Candidates of all parties ought to be elected?they are so deserving. The lire department prepare and march in precession to receive a splendid new engiu# from the. north this evening?a beautiful und costly machine, for the Clinch Company No 2, the most spirited association of firemen in these par's; in fact they defy the raging elements. To close my letter briefly, T inform you of the mysteiiom disappearance of Mr B , who has resided ai.d kept ? store here; a man ol family, a voluptuous wile and pretty children. The cause of this sudden absence is this?not long since, a Mr. 1) , a very intimate friend ol both parties, who visted the family olten, passed out ot the store one evening in haste, a scream of murder alarmed the neighbors, and Mr. B pursuing him in hot haste as the offender, supposed with the intention to kill him, for what purpose may be conjectured, if not proved, and with sorrow, as both the husband and wife belong to und are active members of the J4ethodiist Church More in my next. Yours, in haste?A lact, pelko Jonkb. A Ynvsa Woman and Six Children Lost for. TwoUaysand TwoNkihts inthe Woods in Clear* fiei.d Couniy, Pa.?On Wednesday the 13th ult., a Miss llebecca Ginter, a younu woman living at or uear the forks ol the Phillipsburgh and Birmingham road, in Clearfield county, Pa. accompanied by six children, of from 12 to 1 years of ag*. went oul into the woods to g-ith^r berries. Th* day being cloudy,they soon got bewildered and lost, and hi i'iiv uuiii iiciivcu 'x irmurtb tiuempi 10 nna ineir way out All '.hat day (Wednesday) they rambled about, but niuht closed on them, and b' ill they were in the woods and unprotected On Thursday mornins; they again commenced their wanderings. It was an exceedingly cold , wet, gloomy day, aa many of our renders will recollect; raining lrom morning to night. To thin inclement weather they were exposed the whole of that day, and throughout the night following, with but their summer clothing for protection. On this day their suffering must have been sreat; lor ihey were wearied by Wednesday's exertions, shivering with wet and cold, and almost exhausted with hunger, yet they kept on in their fruitless attempts to find a way out. But night agaiu (dosed on them?and a most chilling, trying mjtfit it must have been. Exposed to the cold, pelting storm, the guawmgs of hunger becoming more and more intense, unprotected from the prowling beasts of that woody country, i:nd despair ot finding their way out increasing every hour, how painful must have bren their situation ! The Hollidiivsburgh Ilegisinr, whence we have gathered the foregoing, bays that on Wednesday evening search for them commenced, and was continued throughout Thursday and Thursday night. On Friday morning eomr two or three hundred persons met and forin>d a line to "sweep the mountain," as a last effort for their discovery. But it happened that the unfortunate young woman and children were too far to the right to come within the range of the line, and so seemed destined to perish. But kind providence had ordered otherwise. A young man on the extreme right of the line, wintered n little from his true course and heard a faint cry in ihe distance. He immediately gave notice to the line, and after some expostulation, a detachment started in the direction indicated, and at about a quarter of a mile's march, they found the little party huddled together under a sort of shelter which the young woman had made with broken branches of bushes, ice. lor their protection In their extremity bhe hal stripped her own rtprenn In uflnrii r ? I ? ( In nr.* nf lipr littl* r>ninnun . inns, (a child of 1 year? old,) which was near perishing. They were all in the last stage of exhausl tion, and must inevitably have perished it relief i liad not been afforded that day Another MrrnDKH, iV,c ? An affidavit was made before the Mayor on Saturday, by a man named Clark, chnrging a man (we did not learn the name, ns we were unable to obtain a Might of the affidavit yesterday,) with ihe murder of another, both wood chopper*, in Ashgrove, parish of St. Charles. Ktuii was the prime azent in this bloody affair. It appears that the twain were intoxicated, and a quarrel arose between them, when one raised a heavy iron pot, and struck the oilier two violent blows on the head, causing his death. It appears ihat the murderer, unconscious of his work, then lav down and slept until morning, when the man, Clark, arose, and made some coffer, awoke the latter, and told him to wake his companion. He went to the pot to do so, and found him lifeless. He was arrested on Saturday, and was yesterday carried up to St. Charl's Parish by Cuptain You* eneg. lie acknowledges the crime, and pleads drunkenness in extenuation. Cnptaiu Youenesat the same time escorted to the Parish for trial, Morton and Davis, charged with a slave, together wiih the slave which was stolen.?New. O. j Hep. Stpt '25. Another Outback on a Female in thk Streets of Hai.timohr ?On Friday ?*v? nirg, es h rtspectable lady, accompanied tiy her son, a child of seven or eignt years ol age, was returning home from a house wliere she bad spent the Hft<-rnoon, she was accosted in Faytte street, near Pact, in the most obtcene and vulirar manner, by some black villain. She made nn effort to pass him, when the wretch attempted to lay hold of her, which so frightened her that the called (or assistance from a gentleman who, fortunately happened, though nt some diatnnce, to he coming up tlir street. The negro, however, before asMstance could be rendered, took to his heel?, Htid thereby ercuped a puni>hm*nt that vould have been a terrible warning in future, not only to himself, but to ail similar desperate villains. Hopes are indulged that he may yet be detected. SrrrosKT> Stncini ?The [Quincjr Patriot states that Brunei Tumor, of Souih Scituate, a very respectable citizen and in affla?nt circumstances, waa found dead on Friday noon of last week in a field a short distanc Irom his house, whither he had gone to shoot b'arkbirds. He was fiitj-five years of ane. Vear to the body a small hole was discovered in the ground where the br?ach of the gun had evidently been firmly placed; and it is supposed that the deceased pui it there, let the muzzle rest agai.itt his left side, and by the aid ol his loo', discharged the contenis into Ins body. Troubles weighed heavily upon hit) mind and led him to commit 'he rash act. Sickness at Kkt West.?K.xtract of a letter d-ited K^yWeist (Fa.), Sep'. 8.?'* ft becomes my gainful duty to announce to you the death of our mutual friend Lieut. Blyden Hedge, U.- uevenue service, which occurred yesterday aiternoon at four o'cloch, of yellow lever, only threedays sick. The cutter Nautilus is in port; Lieut. Woodward i... u...j .1.^ to if r i.iir ih now we'l. The sicknesa teem* to continue wicfi unabated violence, although not so fatal a? in IHII. Several woikrr>en have died it the barrac ks, and one or two solders Captain n.T'f'-n has thought it advisable to sn^and the buildup for a few weeks, and intend* removin* the trooj* to Indian K"y, by the nteamer fierural Taylor, to morrow morning. Capt. Ogden nas been mck, but is be'ter. Mr. Brcgg, from New Ytrk, nnd (ieergr Faulker. wer? tl two first ca*e?; both dean."

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