Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 4, 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 4, 1843 Page 3
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09-THE FOLLOWINQIBBUT ONE OF SEVERAL buudred caaei of uncommon car?a ed^cted by Ikeue ex- liu ,| traordinary remedies, from well known citizen 25 H 1 have been tm jreara aorely afflicted with therheuma- 25 urn, tuilcilug immeniely, and being lame during the whole of the time. It commenced in my toe and ran up to my and knee and dually to my arm* and handi, rp. o that I have laid awake, in great diatrrM, all night, ?_ce many time*, and the corda have contracted ao that my Ai Anger* were drawn crooked and *till by the cords "hort , . cuing. The cotd* ol the ankle contracted, and the Joint* ^n. swelled. Last winter I commenced taking the Indian _ Vegetable Elixir and Nerve uud Bone Liniment, from ..oini Comitock It Co., 31 Courtlandt atreet, and have uow tukei, c#uti only two t ottlta, and have by it beon more benefitted than ' xj, by any of all the remediea ar preicription* I ever Uelore e.?i, u?ed, and feel it my duty to make the fact public, that 1 . thoaa allltcted in the *ame way may avail tbemaelvea ol ' ita benefit*. I would with pleaiure give personal asaurance of ihe cure to Buy onxiwiahing to inquire. Tli CHARLES SHEI'HARD, 183 Franklin at. barn New York, Sept. 10 Du To be had genuine only at 21 Courttandt atreet arriv 000 t MO.VKY MARKET "O Tiieadny. Oct- 3-0 P.M. ingt The stock market waa very heavy to-day, BnJ prices <'0 generally gave way. Canton leil i; Harlem ijj Ken- ^J.1 tucky J; Illinois}: Indiana 11: docteiline 1. Hie! At the New Board there ware tale* of United States othe took at 113{. The accumulation of money in Philadelphia i? pro- p0| j| griming rapidly, gome ot the bank* receive daily about $90,000, and pay out $30,000, which proportion show* the manner in which the progress of businass fatties old dtbts ^ un-i crnates new ones. New York fundi are taken there cro|l' freely at par, which accumulate large balances to thair meni ac -ount in this city. Theae I alances cannot find employ wert mrnt. O(tiers have been made to loan on stock* at 4 per j.'(( cent, for six mouths. pas?i The steamer from England will probably arrive to- Tli morrow. Her news is looked for with some interest. A [mtai powerful element in the op rations of tbo commerce is toob th? state ot the China trade. China has lor centuries last < been the reservoir of enormous suras of money, constantly drained frr'i Europe. The throwing open of her trade city will have the important iffdct of turning baekthecur- in no rent of coin to Europe. Already near $40,000 000 in spe- "" o has been received in England, for the ransom of Cant J^ir ton and indemnities. This is but the prelude of large last ipplies. These are important elements in the future va Krow lue?f mosey. Thu following is a table of the revenne of the port of Boston in ltUJand 1843 Revenue ok the Port of Boston Year F.noincj Sep- In ? , TEMBKll 30. for L Fourth quarter 1841, 570 693 55 11112 565.979 02 Mru, First " 1812, 731,0)16 40 1813 589,71(1 12 .J* K.cmid " " 747,768 18 " 681,608 80 "ol" Third " " 735,351 34 Estimate 1,175,384 0() em $2,793,899 77 $3,014,712 74 r For the first three-quarters ot the prasent year, during On Which the actual receipts are given, there was a (ailing ?''j'gcg oft in revenue of $418,219, or 17 per cent. With the On fourth quarter of 1843 commenced the operation of the prudent tarui, which raised the average of duties from r.? per cent on dutiable imports, to 3ft,8 per cent Hance the Tbu dutiable import* at the port of Bolton, for the two years> dene are aa follows ? 1842 1813. Dutiable imports at Boston $10,745,700 $8,613,450 Foreign arrivals 1,392 1,276 n " clearance* 1,209 1,189 ^ This is the true picture of the decline of trade and ;ll commerce at all the port* of the Union, under the oppres- vite<! aivo action of the prrsent tarilt, the cash features of h'* *' which are perhaps the most onerous burthen ever impot- ? cd upon any branch of a nation'* business. The arm of the law interposes directly to crush commerce for the benefit Afric of manufacture!. The constitution of the United States Antij guaranty* to nil equal protection and equal laws. Y?t a Aux i liw is pissed with the eipros* object of favoring a c ln*9 of manufacturer* at the expense of the shipping and Bneu commercial interest*. Thi* is done not by the indirect action of roveaue laws, but directly, by compelling them Bordi 'tlier to relinquish business altogether, or adl vane a Jft UiTm" per cent of their capital to the government, in the shape |-*|* of revenue duties. i;adij The dilapidated condition of the government finances, compelling it to the issue of a species of paper money, not- ('ape withstonJing the large loans which it ha* contracted this year, ar? a sufficient evidence that the commercial inte- Gilm rests are perishing. The importing capital of the Union is corpnlled, under the present law, to advance to the Havr government $3,000,000 per annum, taken from the means n?va of small importeis. The result is, that the imports have Halil not been made, and tke government is without revenue. Kin? This state ot things must continue until the prrsent taritf is modified in the important particular of cash duties, l>n C without warehousing privileges, and the government debt will rapidly increase, as it if now doing, or resort M*"' must be had to direct taxation. The only resource of which the Federal Governmen1 ( i is now possessed for a revenue, is the customs duties. ljn. Uudor the present tariff, the average duty upon the gross imp rts is 30 per cent. If, therefore, the government expenditures are confined within the limit of (30,000,000 per annum, an import of $100,000,000 of goods i* absc- H.< lately necessary to yield that sum. This year the im- HrWcports will be but $4),000,000. Now, if under the present tantT, foreign goo?* continue to b? excluded, whence i* Stre? the government to derive it* revenue I This is the point to which the farmers aro to direct their attention. If to Fa bent fit the manufacturers, they consent to debtroy the j i','!1 commerce ol the country, and with it the revenues el the M Bi government, they must alee inbm>t to direct taxation, to welli supply the wants of the government. For this year the ? wan * nf tKu ifAvornmont ro /? Via ?*>?? 1 i?'l !><> <??. irtg, in the shape of loan* and new iscuos of poper money. Ni Tint cannot, however, last. The alteinttive then prolent* itself in a shape which cannot be ?'dodged"?a fariff solely with a view to revenue, or direct taxation. $20,- p,> ro i M Oppr annum must be raised by one means or the otliT. Hence, without any reference to sectional inte- Po: rests, in a high or low tariff, the question at issue is really direct taxation or a customs revenue. The advocates for logw n protective tariff are rf ally the champions for direct tax Wl)0( tion. The land revenues we have not considered, because for years to comethey will not be available. Last gout year they produced but $1,000,000, and this year will ~~ yield still less, because under the distribution act a large hhd? quantity was divided between the Statei, which was se lected by the State authorities with a view to its productiveness and locality. These lands, thus selected by the States, are to be sold for State acceunt, be ore the Federal tp ^ Government can sell any more lands. For instance?under ?0 .1 the distribution, Illinois got 310,COO acres of the choicest R7(,|o land within her borders. These lands she has advertised re?c? to sell on the lit of April next for her State liabilities- Si'rii Other States will do the same. These sales will meet all Uj,rt the demand for land far some time to come, so that the KoIh public lands as a resource to the Federal Government are , annihilated for some years at least There is no alternative even now, scarcely, but direct taxation. The ruin brought upon commerce during the 1 ist year ha* so far destroyed the revenues that the com- . , i.ig Congress must take some vigorous measures to restore (? V rtfiirs. Those who oppose a modification of tho tariff. with 8 view to increase the revenue, must stand beforr ; th" country as the advocates of direct Federal taxntijr# I*? The lower House of Congress is of that castofpsrty j|oui whieh is in lavorof equal laws and a purely revenue ta Mimi riif Tho Senate are of opposite viewa. Hence the ques- "c tion will at the coming session probably be brought di rectly to an issue, viz : a reduction of the tariff to meet pa,,t| the ivants ot the Treasury, or the imposition of direct ^ ^ taxes F.iw politician!, we opprthend, on the eve of n Bur* Presidential election, will feel disposed to advocate the 'l>Wil latter course. Hence there is soma chance th<>t commercomayba relieved from the fetters which now bind W? it. "> 1 Sains at tho Stork Exeltangs. N V 7's '10 107 100 Canton Co 25'i *>iy mi (I u S fi'?. V>2 111 25 N o Canal & Bkc Co 30 boar. Minn luil Mb Bonds |oo Harlem It K 161 3'?V re?P< ?OiMl do CO do 3fl sendi 1000 lad l)ol Bonds SO 2.1 do t juji ?l<tai 40<t0 do 38*% 325 do 'iPju reeei j?"Ml Kentucky 6's. 30 ys 0!>,'? 100 do h30 30 ? 7(IIMI Illinois Bonds,'70 4I1, ISO do *1(1 3B?<i Vino dii s30 It,1, 110 Look Island R R b:io 5sL * 10000 do ?20 41 150 do 52C 25 Ohio Life & Trust 50 do f<K) 52 175 Fsrireis' Trust 24>? 50 do b 10 52*; R.'l l.ifayette Bk, Cinn 55 50 do 52 5 N V ork Ins Co 05 25 StoniiiKton IIR S21\ ' 25 Cm,ton Co 25X Second Board, 3A0 sliaa Harlem R R 30 15 Ohio 01 nian. 50 do h3 30 50 Lour Island 11 R 52ii "0"" .',0 do 1)10 38Balti IVew York Public Stock Exchange. Poru $ 50(10 U S ft'*, '82 113li 25 Harlem RR 1>I0 30?< .'iM'IO IndDol Bonds bl5 3R?il 50 do slO 38 ? Shi 1000 do 3?7h 125 do :I<1'? to I) 1(100 Ohio 6's,'00 %>.{ 50 do bnw 3*1 C B*i 1000 Kentucky 6's, 30^ys 100 100 do Ii3 :10>? wMl 1 <jo b3 'wji ioo do 3fl? to A* ''"n. u "H 10 mo no nri ,W>0 Illinois Bd? e?h 4|V 25 do b30 119 to B< 2000 do 1.10 ?|V Ja Ho mi Bri I"10 '!? }IW t'S 50 do 3S1' Anil ri 50 0 do 1.30 73 JO do U20 3BV Scl 11000 do b3 2J do tw 3?? *c. t. 5W0 do 4I& 3.50 do btw ir.7, Scl 51101 do I.M 41", 50 do ,1 ?0 to A anoo Mo 2?n ,,*0 '3 ?gij 1 ?Hr? 1000 (K> csh 4I14 1 AO Ho r% li IB* COtfw SIHN) flo M 40 73 <lo bli 31\ M 12000 (lo Call 41 7J do hl.^ ir ? bou*v ' *! ,1,? ?W .J? '!? i.:m 3o HH . ? ^ do hi 31114 ?forf*< 10 tilnft Rnniton 20 107 <),> >4 ' v\' Sr) ^ ^ ' hri<? l< R bl'2m 12 100 ilo %yt *ioi" ntom< 2Vj .ii-nicr.' Triut ?3 n*i 50 Long Inland II K c?'h Wi S*?l 5j|C?nton Co oh 2.W 150 do b|0 42? to J. J I0 25 "4 25 do jov" Hi'l Ullirl.?nD " ?!< csh 52^ md?It Harlem H It citi Jo', 350 do ?3 w? Hcl ,S j}? ?3 50 do bl5 52k toton 1?. J *6m 37 H ?cn <1<> :?) 52 M Scl U du :? S9fi 100 do b30 UK Second Board. Mi L Itland H R ? Harlem R R l< arlem K R GOd 100 do ?} W u do li30 60 do .10 ? it State of Trade. adeia rather ?ctire In this market, and there it an " I lent business doing in nloiher parts of the country. Hu.-We hear of sale* ef poti at $4 87| a 4 43j, aud Is at $5 31 i. Thii ?how? a alight decline. KADiTurri.?Holdara a?k more for Oenesee flour,but , ore far other Wiud?. For Genesee >4 60 is now the ^ !. Who will give it* Wheat ranges from 90 to 07 i a liuthel. Cora 60 a Wc. ie amount of Flour arrived during the la?t week of timber at the Albany office was h'lour 65 627 bbls. ^ kVheat 6,363 bushels. < lis in Flour makts the enormous aggregate of 06,593 all iring th? same week, the amount of flour and wheat n red at the office at West Troy, amounted to abcut 44,- ni larrels. Making an aggregate arriving at tide wa- ? f about 110,000 barrels. ie amount of merchandise cleared from Alban}|dur- 'J he same time, amounted to 4 274 200 pounds. K tton.?All appear* quiet. There are sales, ho vever, li ae timid and shrewd, Speculators are awaiting furadvices lrotn England by the steamer now duo ier prices demand mora on the crop than on uny r element in ti>e trade. nvisiONs.?Prime P?rk sells at $9 87J. Mess $10 75 a I1 J. Trime Beef $150 Mess $7 a 7 26. State Prison ' . $10. 1 V Cotton Cron a inexed is an extract of a letter received In this city, ? 1, Monck's Corner, Sept. '27lh, 1943 Sante* cotton c i th'S yenr will be very short; we have just com- t< Md to pick. I. ni year at this time halt the crops " ' housed. My short cotton crop presented a good pro*- t 10,1 ? time since, but the recent rains have done it ir (liable injury ; my provision crop cannot bu sur- t id- < ip New Orlf ana Bulletin says that the amount of cot- * hipped to that city, out ol the lied River and iti tri ries, last seasou, could not have been leva than 300,alea, which. valued at the low prices for which the v :rop was sold, would amount to about $5,000,000. i ie Savannah Kepubllcan of the 29th ult.,says One I' ir irost intelligent merchants, who returned to the v on Wednesday, frcm the up country, informs us that j] i event can the crop be more than two thirds as lai g? * at of last season. He was lormerly a planter, and he I his information has not been derived merely from I iff the fields in passing along the read, but that for the * six weeks he has visited all the impo'tant cotton ring counties in the State, and kas been over most ol t Large plantations, and he knows that the worm and irpillar have been very destructive. S Freights. j Charleston on the 30th tilt., there was a vessel up ,iverpool, but we havn heard of no engagements. To J York brisk at 76 a $1 lor cotton. The same quotaare also well maintained to Boston. , Married. , i Msnday evening thn -2nJ instant, by the Rev. Mr. ti. of St. BurtUoU mi w's church, Sam'-el Jackson to | Adeline Whitkivklt,, all of this city. i Monday evening, by his Ho-ior the Mayer, Mr. DtF Butt, of Vammar?neck, N Y.,ti) Mies Luchetia tighter of the late Eragmua Lewis, of this city ? this city, on the 3rd instant, by the Rev. Gregory , rston Bedtill, thu R >v. John B. Richmind, of Provi ' e. R. 1., to Miss Hahrif.t Eteleau, eldest daughter | ie late George Cooper, Esq , of New York. Died. , i Tuesday mornin?, at seven o'clock, of consump" James McLean, in the 35!h year of his age. s friends and those of the fanny are respectfully inI to attend his luneral this afternoon at 4 o'clock, Irom ite residence, No. 453 Greenwich street. i Latest Advices received at the new v?rk herald office. Aiik. 15 Malaga Aug. 9 ;ua Sept. M Marseilles Auk. 12 ! erp Aug. 16 Madeira July 16 Dayes Sept. 3 Monterjdeo July U ' ria May 4 Maiisamlla Aug. h) uda Sept. 5 Mat&nzas Sept. 17 os Ayrea July 9 Mayaguez Auk. 12 e, Hon. Auk. 1 Mexico Auk. 3 id'*** Auk. 11 Nassau, N. P. July 31 saux Auk- 13 Neuvitas July 28 < en Aug. 7 Oahu, S. 1. April 19 Sav June 27 Para Auk. 9 Town, C. G. H-Juue 10 Paris Sept, 3 June 7 Port au Prince Sept. 20 Aug. 9 Porto Rico Aug. 17 res June 20 Porto Csbello Auk. 29 "ueKos June 13 Point Petre, Guad. Aug. 18 JIaytieu Sept. 23 Pernamknco Auk. 8 Aug. 30 Rio Janeiro Auk. 6 ore July 22 St Helena Auk. 7 iltar A us. 2 St. Thomas Sept. 2 ama, P. R. July 6 St. Jacn de Cuba- Aug. 28 eston Auk. 6 St. Johns, P. R. Aug. 13 p. Sept. 2 St. Croix July 31 bure Aug. 11 St. Domingo Auk. 21 Sept. 20 Surinam Auk. 8 1 a* Sent. 2? Trinidadde Cuba Auk. 9 J ie! luiy 25 Talcaliuaua June 16 I ston, Ja. Sept.. 12 Tampico July 7 < Ion Sept. 5 Turks Island Sept. 15 rpool Sept. 5 Valparaiso June 4 I ruayra Aug. II VeraCruz Sent. 2 I June 16 Yucatan July 3 May 7 Zanzibar May 16 < ilia April 3 1 Passengers Arrived. , racoa?Brie Tam O'Sliantcr?J '/. Howen, and C Frank- I vannah?Ship Newark?V L Ripley, D Howe. iaRI.eiton?Brig Edward?H Prescott.H J Pickard. Passenger* Sailed. ivre?Packet ship St Nicolas?J C Muller, H Dorinsnt, A Berhet, C 1 rolliet, E Le Gall, John Cauchoise, Miss ie, Mr Birlion and lad/, Master Bishop, J G Perrenaud, and two children, of New York; Mrs J ueylard jr, Master ard, Philadelphia; AuKustu* R Street and ladv, two Misses l, Mrs A 11 f'oot, Mrs M S Williams. New Haven; K LeNorrille, Paris; Mrs M C Meade, Miss Meade, V Durrulady, three children and servant. om Boston?Steim ship Caledonia, for Liven>ool?AddiI: Miss Rotch, Thos Ward, of New York; John B EiikPhiladelphia; Donald Stewart, Liverpool; M C Deforme, rave, Paris; F A Whitwell, (not Whitnalc) of Boston; K odd, does not go in this ship. Kor Halifax?Win W \Vii Jos P Hagerty. Total in all 16. Foreign Importations. :wcastle, EnK?Barque Hiram W Tyler?8 bales 1 bbl H :hfflelin Brothers?13 pkus Clark Ik McGowan?9 chain s W Ay mar?98 casks soda ash G B More wood?22 lilid.-, black 100 bis Venetian red G Meyer & soa?200 tous coal s soda ash 18 cs milse to order. or . i t i Il,:? nr. ! U in. ... ? ....... ?... .v.-.. ii<j iri.niN. iiiuiko iii! U?gs , e 10.000 bricks A C Rossiere?75 ceroons indigo K Caranna . do A Molly. ! k r av Priwck?Sclir Ostrich?692 bags coffee 100 loci m.v ny 15 ti>n? logwood A C Rossiere. ; RT nr. l'xix?Schr Mary liright?(120 bass coffee 15 tons ! ood Skelding St Kerr is. . rt. Havtikn?Schr Erie?1000 bigs coffee 17,000 lbs log 1 A (' Rossiere. uacoa?Brig Tam 0'S!nntei^-(Reportcd yesterday)?25 logwood 10 do Nicangua wood 16 do Indian do 291 inles skins J Koulke & son? 50 kegs tobacco T Si H Messenger , ales goat skills S B Brauden. 1bcibo, PR?Brig Ann aw *n?{ Reported yesterday)?13!) J sugar 18 do molisjes S \V Lewis. urns ?Biig Peruvian?(Reported yesterday)?1000 <|tls , ood Boucliaud & Tbebaud. ,. Domeitlc Importation*. rAJiAH?Ship Newaik?33 cks rice Dunham SiDimon? ' ales cotton I'armelee, Kilborn Si Rogers?149 J H Talman Wood?2 7 G Collins?1 bo* Barclay & Livingston. Iari.fstok?Brig Kdward?19 libls rice <?ray Si Crosby? . 1 116 bales cotton De l*e>?ter Si Whitmarsh?101 do Law- ! ' Si Trimble?15 J Morehead?64 Burnett Si Johnson?161 [ ird Si co?2 Vietor & Duckwit/.?50 bales yam Wells Si ' iig?44 bbls J 11 Taylor?24 do Reed &. Brothers?1 keg J C *1 ie?1 bag leathers Dunham Si Diinon. mai oi.a?Brig Damascus?05 bales cotton 10 bbls grease 1 i'ts Si William;?36,000 feet lumber Badger Si Peck. MARITIME HERALD. _ i Sailing Days of the Steam Ships. _ . FROM LlrrsroOL. FROM AMKRICA l.ia, Ryne Sept. 19 Oct. 16 ] e?iem, Hosken Sept. 23 Oct. 19 mia, Judkins Oct. 4 Nov. 1 uuia, Hewitt Oct. 19 Nov. 16 icketa to Arrive. Packet* to Hall. I from liverpool. for l.lvr.RfOOI.. 1 nguer, Btirsley. Sept. 5 O.Washington,Burrows.Oct 7 ;e7.utna, Lowber, Sept. 7 United States. BrittOn, Oct. 13 ius, Collins, Sept. 13 Rochester, Biirton, Oct. 1C from roRTsMOt'th. for fortsmot'th. iec, Hehard, Sept. 1 Wellington.Chadyvick, Oct. 10 ' I'k Hudson,Moore. Sept 10 Switzerland, Knight, Oct 20 ' lea, Dennis, Sept. 2J Victoria, Morgan. Nov. 1 vmm iiavrk. for h 4vkk. raid. Howe, Aug. 24 Duchesse d'Orlcans, Oct. 8 , nudy, Wotton, Sept. l Sully, Hurr.'ws, Oct. 16 i, Lines, Sept. 8 | Iowa, Lines, Oct. 21 f Ship Masters and Amenta , p shall esteem it a favor, if Captains ol' Vessels will give i !ommn?Jor* IIohfrt Silvfv. of our News Klect, a 1U- < of the Shipping left nt the Port whence they sailed, tlx' 1 Is Spoken on their Tassaae, a List of their Cargo, and i Koreitn Newspapers or Sews they may have. lie will 1 1 tliem immediately on their arrival. Agents and Corindent*, at home or abroad, will also confer a fsvor by iug to this Office all the Marine Intelligence they can n. Nautical Information of iuiy kind will be tliankfully v*d. r OUT OK KKW VOItIt, OCIOBKR I. RISK! I MOOH 1 16 ] 37 I HIGH W1TK*| 5 45 1 Clrnrcil. | ipi Powhattan, Stone, New Orleans, Johnson fit Low den; i les, Henderson Jr, Boston, Taylor St Merrill.?Brig ( is- i| Anthony, Wilmington, JVC. Brett it Vose.?Schrs Geo. [ ik, Casey, New-hern, NC. B. Blossom; Direct, Briitt*. more, J fc. N. Briggs; A. B, Cooley, Camp, Philadelphia, . Cooley St Co; Montano, Klilrulge, N'ewbnryport and month, S, W. Lewis. Arrived. p Newark, Shapter, 7 days from Savannah, with cotton, utiham Sc Dimon que tlirim W. Tyler, Tylw, 39 days from Newcastle, K., " imUe, to Badger i* Peck. g Tower, Smith, II dayi from Port an Piatt, with coffer, '' C. RMM I g Damascus, Chase, 19 days from Pensacola, with cottou, idg'-r It Peek. g F.dward, Bulkl-r, fl clays from Charleston with cotton I ice, to I lunhatn fc Dimon. I ir, Matthews, 10 days from Cape ll.iyti wi'h coffee, a A. C. Rossiere. ir Ostrich. F.llis, 12 days from Fort an Prince, with coffee * t . Kossiere. ir Mary Bright, Peterson, 9 days from Tortile Pais with , to A. B. Cooley Ik Co. ir.l. W. Smith. .Jarvis. 8 ilavs from Savannah, w ith cotton t I to Boston? lnit in to land a sick man. j ir Perseverance. Vveakes, from Newlx rn, NC. with naval i, to 8. L. Mitchell. " ir Commerce, I raig, from Wilmington, NC. with naval I, to A. B. Cooley & Co. ir Rochester, Wise, 10 dltyi from Baltimore, with, N. Briggs. ? A. Marshall, Johnson, 9 days (from Jlichmond, with , to Wolfe It Co. a ir North America, Sterling, from Folly Landing, with po- , I, to master. ir American System, Nelson, from Folly l.iniliiif, with ,| oes, to niastt r. Schr K. Aahbury, Warreu, from Cherryalona, with potato*#, XAT > mutfr. Schr Chincarora, Andenon, from Cape Charlei. with pota- one >e?. to mailer. aCCii Schr Mail, Hamnuiud. i dayi from Virginia, with wood, to ploy i;'*tcr now Schr Manner, Tarr, 4 day* from Gloucester, with fi?h, to the reili lastcr. won Below. ?<> ' Out' thip, on.' brig, unknown. Mailed. ? Ship 8t Nicnlaa, Pell, Havre; Hienzi, Clark, New Orlaana; yy rtiet Kneel, Johnnou Savannah: Sterling. Pierce, St Mary I, ta; Orleans Smith, Richmond. Wind SW '"'"'J Herald Marine Correspondence. Okho: ny thk Rhudk I?i **dkh,I t*; Nt wrimr, Oct. 2. 18*3. _ { V V Arr Sept TO, (ten Marion. S Ive.ier, Warren for Wilmington, |,y , !('; Manchester, Kdmonil*, Providence for Baltunure; llenry lt.r < lay. Srort. do for Kullv Landing: Win Thompson, Stewart. .ill lliver for Philadelphia; Loin: Wh irl", Nickerson, Harwich OC ir Apalachicola. Sid Canton, NYork. 'P Arr Oct 1. Factor. Handy. l)o?ion lor Phil til.-l 'hi i; Mefnio- II In k. Krench. Providence for do; St Law rence, Oriftln, riuladel- for I hia for BmKHIJ Tjpr, Nye. New liediord for Albany; Avon. rrrv. uouimi n?r riiu uu i|>;ua: tveu >iiiicr, ?W6et, MarnitMieau Ql >r Work: Franklin, Small, Harwich for do; I'ttriot, Allen, TTJ o fordo; Oregon. Moore. Macliia*fordo. Berry, Sears. Boston ?r Baltimore; ('oliawct, Se,ir?, d?> for Philadelphia; Loilfinia it , li/.i, Price. Kali lliver for doiTime, Sweet, Norfolk for New J*11' edfoid; Rhode lil.uul, Hull, NVork for Trovideuce. General Record. H Schr Ashore.?('apt. Matthews, of the Frie, from Cape rtoo laytien, reports?Sept. 2t, saw a topsail schr ashore on the east sum art of Mayaguana Iteef, with foresail ami mainsail set, blow- sa IK flesh and right on the reef; could not render I hem auv assistnee w ithout endangering our vessel and her crew. Vkssk's Ashore ?We learn from Capt. Haw ley, of the 8a- 12-' ainiah, at Savannah, in 8 days from New \ ork, lhat lie .aw ^ shore oil Biruegat. a large ship which hid not l>een previously sup ported?(douhtloss the Vespasian, before mentioned,) lie saw far | n the beach what he supposed to be either packages of mer- [>ub handite, or |iersons, which the distance rendered it impossible or ( r> determine We are also informed by Capt. Brown, of the Ter iew Jersey, also at Savannah from Ne* York, that be siw on .. "riday morning, a square rigged briit with a w hite streak paiut- I) d round her side*, iro ashore about 25 miles north of Cape llat- .. ma, near New lulet, about break of day. A schr run in and 1 ^ ame to anchor near the brig to render assistance, but before . fj apt. Brown lost sight of her, she had commenced stripping ber he had commenced stripping hrr sails, Capt. B. coulil not asertain the name of the brij;, but say>; she w;u deeply ladeu and ITS lound South. I ! Suit Bcildino in Mure.?Launched, in Thomaston last (it., veek, baniue Klliot, of 270 tons?and schr John Frederick, 102 |im Dili. On Monday, the ship Leonidas went off in grand style jart rom Ounce's yard in Warren She is 089 runs burthen, and ? viII be commanded by Capt. Oliver Jordan; she is said to be a loble vessel. On Saturday, at K.ast Thomaston, from the yard TT if C St S StarrHti, the schr John Kendall, 169 tons, to be com- A i nanded by ("apt David Kobinion, and owned by J White, I K the (imball and others At Csinden, (Goose River) on Tuesday, par i.njue ( it-nl (ireen, 2'Ht tons buitben. to beeommamled by ( 'apt den iilas ( lark. The line co(q>er fastened shin , burthen about (jiv mil tons, from the yard ol Messrs ti F St J Patten, in Bath, ou wii blondsy week. She is of a superior model, and is intended for dial lie freighting trade. Me Commerce ok Boston.?Arrivals during the monlli of ol'i Sept., 1813:? , dM Ships. Barques. Brigs. Schrs. Sloops. Total. Jen "oasfwtse, 6 ? 77 517 2!) 637 'oreign, 18 ?1 47 118 0 201 |iis Of the foreign arrivals, 1 barque, II brigs and 93 schrs wen but British; I brig Sicilian, 1 brig Swedish. mei Clearances during the same period? auil Ships. Barques. Brigs. Schrs. Sloops. Total. no 'oastwisc, 18 15 45 IG9 11 258 Ag ""oreign, 7 R 46 113 0 174 cor Of the foreign ele.arinces, 13 brigs and 97 schrs were British; stai brig Swedish, the latter via Alexandria, DC. in i The Hoyal Mail steam ship Hiberilia, cleared and sailed on his lie Ht; the Britannia arrived on tbe 3d and sailed oil the 16th; out he Caledonia arrived on the 20th and cleared .in the 30th. ma Spoken. Madrid, St Jago de Cuba for Philadelphia, out H days, 29th ov? rlt lat 33 2t>, Ion 77?by the Newark, at this port. ner Mobaw k. 18 days from Boston, bound into I'ort au Prince, jnd >0tli ult. off the harbor?bv the Ostrich, at this port. 1ml Cashier, Cape Havtien for Bostou, 27th ult. lat 32 25, lou 71? pen >y the F'ie, at this port. nit Pern. K.vans, Boston for Port au Prince, Sept 15, lat 26 45 N, I on68 50. Me Beaver. Kdmonds, Mstanias for Hamburg, no date, lat 32 20? ahl iv the Kobt Mills, at Bristol 1 y Commerce, of Boston, no date, lat 31 10, Ion 75 30. rot Fort'lgn Porta. Jhj Matanzai, Sept 17?In port. Chief,Creasy, for Boston, soon; opi Augn.ta, l.each, do. 3 days; Token. Loveland, do. 4: Ueorgi oui ana, Trench, for Neuvitas, next day; Convert, Skoltield, Phila- the Jelphia 5; Jas Komptoii, Halifax, 4. SKI Buaver, Kdmonds, nU Hamburg. du Turks Isi.anp, Sept 15?In port. Liibou, Nichols, for Bos ori ton. same night, only American vessel. r Port au Print*. Sept 20? In i'ort, Omar, Kendall for Boi- ~ ton, uno; Fairfield, for NVork, 12 days; Austin, Perkins, ol II Plymouth, for Boston, 6; Roclmnbeait, Griffith, of Baltimore, ... & Port ai: Platt, Sept 21?In port, Energy, Smith, for New J < York, 7 days. J" Capk Havtien, Sept 23?In port, Hocket. only American ' "r vessel Sid 22d, Cashier, Oerrish. and Lake. Vinal, Boston. dis <^i racoa. Sept 15?In port, Hellespont, for Boston, 10 days, ' July American vessel . Laouna, Aug 29?Outside the Bar, Prudent, Eager, big for V Europe, only American vessel. jn Home Porta. pei r.111 .ti.uimas, ^r|'l ?J\ rr c.xampie, i> t OIK. fmr Buckbport Sept 26 - Sid Nidus. Stover, NYork. (Uruimcr, Me. Sept 2G?Arr Nimrod, Smith, St Martins, W Indie.,. ?? Bamhor, Sept 29?Arr St Helena. Harlow, Baltimore. : Portland, Sept 2#?('Id Col Tayloe, Wells, Porto Bico; Henrietta. Richardson, Cuba. Arr Cull, New York for Hallo- . well. Cld 29th. Tasso, Moore, (from Havana) Boston. Salem, Sept 29-tlJ Cardinal, Dimon. NYoik. Boston, Oct 2?Arr Vernon, Bobbins. Hamburg; Only Sou, . Hatch; F.ddington, ( lapp, and Aid, Kelly, Philadelphia; Co- } met, Ireland, Washington, NC; Regulator. Sawyer, Rondiut; Lexington, Crowell: Texa-s. Pillsbury; Kffort, Spear, and r Statesman, H'am, NYork. Geo Warren, with coal, is ashore >n the Spit?has a lighter alongside discharging canto. Below, it anchor in Nantasket Bonds. America, and Orandee. or 3 brigs. Cld F.dmund Perkins, 1 user.noil, NOrleans; Nepune, Stearns, St Thomas; Albany, Bacon. Albany and Troy. J J \rey, not Cooper, goes master of the Bed Rover, cld oil Satur- |'()r lay lor Aux < aye*. Arr 1st. Ariosto, Fabens.Riga; Massisnit, hai Bartlett. Hamburg; Caroline &. Mar v. Higgius, Cnr.icoa; Mis- sic lissippi, Fogg, Bonaire; Apphia. Means, Bondout; Casket, Ne Wilson, Cohasset; Kliot, Baker; Sulla, Banes; Kmerald, Hodg- kn Ion; Falcon, Moore; Arcot, Kinersnn; November. Kllis; Man rffi latun, Hopkins; Thames, Atkins; Kscort, Bryant; Fort Hill, Iri> lirav; Wm 11 Turner, lingers; Altamaha, unties; Clinton, pi-r Harding, and Sciota, Thompson, Philadelphia: I'hrenix, Prince, thf Turks Island; Pontiac, Sonle. Nanseinnnd; Daniel Fnncis. cp.i Small. Bichmoad; Isiliella,' lark. Fredericksburg; Cambridge, dei Hall, New York. Arr Sept 30, Bobt Wain, Sears, and Biclid reTaylor, Haskell, Philadelphia; Despatch, Nickerson, New mil York. ca? Nkw Bipforo, Oct 1?Sid Tiger, Nye, Albany. coi Providkmce, Sept .10?Arr Bea|>er, Kent, Nansemond; Spy, co> Smith, Albany. Came up, Zenobia, from t'ronstadt Sid Me- 1 tamora, French, Phil tdelphia; F.dwd ,J Ballard, Lawson. Vir* ery fini i; Henry Clay, Scott, I- oily Landing. Manchester, F.dmond- tov ion. and Chesapeake, Post, Daltimote; Win Hart, Oandy, Phi- ami adelplua; Ornament, Oaks, and Native, Smith, N York. Arr ? Dct 1. F.xile. (Br) Card, Picton; Hannah fci Abigail, Leland, jastport; Olide, Crease, Philadelphia; Maria, Alers, and Ports- r., nontn. Allen, Albany; Montilli. Terreli, Bondout; Kxample, | ilildrvth. North Biver, NY; Kditor. Dayton, and .1 Laiyiheer, , \enny, New York; Shave, Dyer, Orient, LI. Sid Spy, Smith, J Ubany. , '!! Bristol, Sept 2*j?Arr Portsmouth, Allen. Albany; Excel, ' , Induing . IN York. Sid Cynthia Ann, Scranton, do. Arr 30th, IJobt Mills, La'*'e??, Matauzas; Three Brothers, Wardwell, .5 Mbany. Nr.<v Haven, Oct 1?Arr Meteor, Stevens, Lssex: President, 'risbie, NYnrk. Sid Splendid, Biown, Clierrylield; Franklin, | ? l'homas, Albany: Cynthia Aun, Scrantou, and New York, . I one., N York. ?''? Phii ?Dr.irHU, Oct 3?Arr Jane Ross. Merrill, NOrlenns; ".inerald, Hodgdon, Boston; America, Southworth, MiddletOn, 't. rid A"na Reynolds, Taylor, and Lodi, Suronl, Bo*ton; Vlerchmt.Carlisle, Beverly, Mass; Susau Taylor, OSrinnell, ' Vied ford, Mass; Oregon, Corson. Brooklyn; Jona Wainwright, , . .yr.mirr, and Michigan, Allen.NYork. Arr in the Schuylkill, Hartlia Washington, Patterson, St Thorn**; Morning Star, ^ Indson; Dulcimer, Cavalier, and Jane, Higby, N York; Ann .. Elizabeth, Smith, Digliton 1 Ai.kxanmua, DC. Sept 30?Cld Cowper. Huflington, Am ^ iterdarn. Sl,l 2!>th, Shylock, Matthews, Bermuda. Wii.mington, Seut 22?Arr Orclnlla, II trding, and Robert, Treat, (Jnadvoupe; Alford, Mason, NYork; ?6th, Ada- '11 nant, Purrington, I't I'etre. (Snail. ''Id 21st, Republic, Lin- A :oln, Jamaica; 22d, Victory. 1.1 well, NBedford. en i Washington, NC. Sejit 22?Arr Superb, Crockett, NYork; yoi IV in (Sr.iy, Jars is, New II iven; 23d. Pamlico, Fulfnrd. NYork; cd I flth, Two Brothers, Richardson, NYork; Washington, Dixon, ol"i ioston. Cld 25th, Anaconda, Fulford, NYork. h iv Nfwbkrn, NC. Sept 23?Arr Klizalieth, Bradley, Indies. prii >ld Roanoke, Palmer, do. giv Ciiaklkston, Sept 30?Arr Birmingham. Robertson, Liver- the >ool; Tybee. McCormick, and Dimon. Robinson. New York. (, Id Daiil Webster, Parker, West Indies; Hayne, Trescott, and ter 'A Brown, Wejtbrook. Havana. In port, Catharine, Berry, the or New Yoik, readv; Anson, Barkman, and Southport, (SriI- , ilh, for do. Idg; Calhoun, Myers, do, w tg; Monument, Marball, do, diss; Chicora, Rogers, Tin Liverpool, disg; Virginia, .. '.atou, fordo, Idg; Tremont, Taylor, and Thomas Bennett, P Halsey, waiting; Belvidere, \\ amhersie, fin Antwerp, do; Manthon, Johnson, Boston, disg; Barrington, Barton, fordo, Idg; j'j"1 Utile. (Swed) Hansen, and Sir H Parnoll, (Br) Moif. wa'ting; Jeune Flue, (Kv) Pontet, repairing; ( reole, Sparrow, for Phila- 'I ' lelphia retdy ; (Sar.ellt^ (Slover, do, Idg; Huntress, Baker, do 01 Jo; < online, (Silkev, for Boston, do; I ervantes. Tufts, do do; Victoria, (Br) Hudson, Nassau, do; Proxy, (Sracia. fin Frank- y fort, Me waiting; Orray Taft, Lovett, for Providence, resdv; cm Moon, Hayes, for NYork, Idg; (Seorge, Hull, do, wtg; Paul T JH Jones. Ireland. Philadelphia, Idg; Lancet, HofTses, fin New Or- * * leans, disg; Kleauor, Hobbs, Baltimore, do; F.lectro, Tacka'd, y\ Boston, w ig. ... Mobil? . Sept 45?Arr Isaac Mead, Thorp, New York. Cld Morea, Fdgar. do. Nrw Ohi.kshs, Sept 24?Arr Orozimbo, Marey, Liverpool; p'siifi' ld Cook; Louisa. Leavitt; James Sc Fdward, Webster, md Niagara. Fuller, New York; F.dw F.verett, Howe. Boston; Joshua F.inlin, Lvle. Philadelphia; Tnskar, Lovell. Boston; Frederick, Bedall, Sisal; Tairy Not, Anderson, Turks Island. n Id Orleans, Johnson, and Clarissa, Lunt, NYork; Virginia Antoinette, Sliakspeare, Tampico; Constancia, Ortega, L.i- " i ^^S3 SToVKS. ~ R FOR STORKS. STK * MBOAT*. WORKSHOPS, &c. Ind TMIK PATF.N'l KINO, OR SK.CTION VL CYI.F.NDF.R, fun ? Ha? be*n i Tinted >pvpmI YP?r?, and hat pr.)?ed 10 be the j?er Tt(H( flnruMi* mid > oat powerful luafi?r in n?o. Vanv hcphuk iivr hul th in since 111!or IB.Ifi, without otl-er repair* tlian oc- ?h<> aa'otiaMy * new irrate. It is known to .11 that a common cyl chil inii r siove recinirr* i new cylinder almost every winter,in tome 21 risen two or more. If. is a common remark wiili tuer?, "ihe by I King in tli* he*t stove i have ever Men." Price* reduced. A Ml irw |Mttem tins mtoti, of the moit splendid order?suitable V or fancy ?tore*, public house*, kc. No, J. L. MOTT, 261 Water street, above Peek Slip, *2 and I') Bowery. ? P. S ? V ? ? ril of forty dollari will he p?id f, r h< rt-eovery >f the silver cup and uiue silver medal*, atolen on the night of lie I'.lth nit. OS lwis**e NO QUACKERY. POllTV YKARS KXPKRIt-N('K in extensile HospitaU, I L tLr. - TwenU -eight \ htfore the New V'nrk public!? )dor Joseph Kvaiis has emov?d bi? Dispensary to No. ICft fori liatllMn street, rear Penrl, where the unfortunate and Ulicted. Hal villi every specie of A certain diieme, will he speedily and Son lerfectly cured (without xposur) on the mo?t ii<uonnhle Wa eriti*. Also, the mo*t dmner te ulcers and eruptions. His me- aitii licine* are mild, speedy ana effectual All caaes are giiarnteed. lure Je sure tofind the real old Doctor, No Iflo ( haham street. Oys Attendance daily until Ifl o'clock, P M. Advice dials. " o4 It*r Wa IJirfjK SHOOTINO On ATI*!.? A ip end'd Knglish gold Si IV Ueleton lever watch, worth $H0, to be flred for at the Turtle coin lay Hou?e, on k'ridsy nut, th? 7tli October instant, free of St lnrg*'. The watoh to become the property nf any person will- ?toc itiK threj snccewvcdays. Those wishing to fire must enter ? he r names at the bar on or before iv, or they will not T entitled to fire?where the watch can be ?eeu, and the fur'her articular*known. Dittenw200yarda oJSfr DORR ft ALLEN J^tl [TAVK received by late arrival* of packets and steamer*, *e- lJl(| LI veml new article* in addiiion to their former n**ortmeut of DRY GOODS. l m io J* .it the lowest in.ukrt prices,and in vile tlie attention of *11 urchasiT* >t No. IW Pearl *treet s57 2wii?r "1(| WHO 13 MY FRIEND! bVr I F.T HIM THA I' IS jnst show it, by eallint and makn * who ^ purelvue of the followiiik kind* of Roods, wholesale aud ptail A1 Silk Shirt* anil Drawers Rrop Merino Shirts and Drawer* Wal I,amhs' Wool Shirts and Drawers Cotton Shirts aid Drawer* (j'> Some of each kind of eitra si?.e. Also, Suspenders, Storks, Linen Collar*, Linen Bosom*, r ji boulder Brsre*, Itidiim Ileitis, Money Bflts, Pistol Belts, with I ? , variety of ar'icles for tenth-inon outfitting for the approach- . i* season. I'l> ase rail and see. The good* will be freely At wholesale or retail, by .. . rpt *21 oteodi**rc lttA f EREOO, 74 Maiden lane. 1 ANTED.?A young woman, aa Rnfliih or Aaaerican girl preferred, u ar attendant. by lad) who witlirm to engage that has received a good com-non educ,tiou, and ha* heen stumed to do liu* sewing?one lliat !iw formerly born einoda? a drawing maid wot Id suit?b it it would save turn" if 1 were to a|>|d\ cicep' then* who are couiidtui that they can ?? tnaexpactations of th- td>erti*er. Also, a middle aged nan. who c u cook. wa?h and iro??one that at do general [( work 11 fern ices will lie requited. The fam ly is very II. Address I*. A.. ?| tha illiceof tint PM*r. and mention re the lady is to call. o3 3t"ec * ANTED IMMKUIaTKLV?a dyer, one who understand* hi* business. and of steady h?bi a, will flud steady toyment and hnve good wages, at 179 Can*' >t Ii 3i*r John moneypeney^ fountains. 'ANTED?A person to erect a Fountain and make a small | Kish Pond, twenty milea from New York. Address by , nail to Box No II, Post Office, New Hoclielle, Weitrhes'ouuly, State of New York ol Btr , fj REWARD.?Loat, of aula from the subscriber, am gold, skeleton, I intent lever Match, made by Thotnaa ndell, Liverpool. No. JIM. The above reward w ill be paid ;he recovery of said watch. ALEX'R. M'LAt'HLAN, ? lw'ec 1113 Greenwich Lane >OMS TO LET?Kor Single Gentleman.?Two I'root parlo'S, W'th adjoining rooms, on the second and third story, i or without board, ill a respectable private family, No. I'Jti | naril S'ns I , |. ? ,r. i. Ml Broad ? iv ol :il r A.NDHo.ilE APARTMENTS, w'ithHoaid. ma'y bTbT on application at til Houston trivet?the entire second r, which i? spacious ami in good order A few double aud . ;le rooms may also be obtained by applying ajs above m?r ~ LUY~B^AKKINO. f'NTLEMEN taking their meals down town, deairous of accnriug day board in a private family, wh-*rr the table is plied ill the best style, will liud it to their advantage, (and mrelerable both as regards comfort and reapectvbility .to a , lie eating house.) by applying at 201 Ku I ton street. Two t ;hree gentlemen can he accommodated with full board. ( ins moderate. s4 lmr VTTEWV AND TTflLADELPllTT HOTEL~-Thi subscriber ia now fully pwated to nuke arrangements vvitu ' ilies for hoard during the wi ter. I. D.?The prices of thia establishment remain lh? same as ttofoie, <1 40 per day. MARY I'r.TTET. JK 8 >\LK.?The Terrapin Lunch, its I.e.ise, furniture. Stock and Kintnre*.?This well known and lonir established itoorant w ill be disposed of immediately. as the proprietor's Itli reqnires his retireme t from the business, tor purlieuinquire on the premise*. o4 3t*r THAT BOiil' RACE ONOE AGAIN set-ins likely that weshill never settle the matters |iertainnK to the boat race between 8'ephen Huberts and myself. In Sun of yesterday I tit <1 1 statement which is ill nearly every ricular untrue. He says?-"The proprietors of f'a?tle <i*rt alto, consideiniK me honorably and fairly the victor, have en me the twenty-live di'l'firs previously promised to the miiiB boit." V sinus of Animas anil Happhira ! Imtnetely after reading this bombastic annttuucenieiit, leaded on sieurs French and lleiser, anil they assuied me. in presence leveral |iersons. 'hit they had not given up "the tw? .ty-five lars," nor did tli y mean to. Hoheris a'so st-tes that Mr uiiiKS. one ol the judges who decided against him, li s ??s made on the result of our contest, which are the enmes of decision. This is au eiaHReratiou < f la is He had hets? not one cant of his ow" money wasslak' d. T iis lact was utiOi ed to Roberts a?d his friends previous to our starting. 1 I hey avowed themselves perf, c. ly ? tislie I -said they had objections whatever to his acting in the capacity of umpi e. in, he (Itolierls) in another >heet sa\s that my noat did not ne in contact with his own. As hefur# i pront-nnce this 'emenl false. My boat d'd roineiu contact with his, and I, ;ousequtuce. was put back several tent hs. To the rest of assertions I ca:i but reply he v ho will ?ilfully fabricate i untruth. will, without any cotminnciont oftonscie ce, uufactnrr a thousand. Hitherto I have icmained dormant, "g perf' ctl v satislied to abide the decision of my judge*, ho declared the race a denl !>ei>. a d that it must lie rowed ir,) although I wat confident the wliile that 1 was the winI now claim the race. Mr Wright, one of Roberts' llfes, was at the time of the contest, at least a mile and a f from the st ;ke boat; Mid unless h? |K>ssesses the faclty of letrating a mil stone with till vision, is not cipable ol ju.tly erfering in the business. dr. Roberts'^efiitiiion of the word "honorable" must belike ire Antoi.ey's. a peculiar one. He wishes me to act honory. So I will, as m all previous transactions lietween us,and f.ll tell him how If lie will act decently, and consent to v this race (which I Ime alreidy won) over, I will double i slakes, mid allow bun 11 |iict the iudge from any disinteres |M>rsoni he may s-lect Betides, if he will give me another l>ortunitv of betting him fairly and oprnl. I will |iost from r to live hundred dollars on the evert, ami in such a way that r? can be no bickering mil quir eling after. I will accumulate his rowing propensities in any reasonable way, and, us I I atlhis Inst trial, beat nim without, making any very tsiralina-y effort. Tempos fugit. SIDNEY DO HI,ON. iHt'r U8INK.88 IS BUSINESS ? I herefore if you wish a share ol it you must circulate your cards and_ handbills freely.? i do this in an economical way, call on FoLGbR ii SUT>N,at the office of the Locomotne Printing Engine, IIS tin street, neir Pearl, wh-re you can have all kinds of Job iutiiiic doue in the first style, ai the lowest cash prices, and no [appointment 'ards printed at on? hour's notice if required. ol lm*r AL.UABI.K MKVM INKS ?Ur. Church's Ceugli Urops, a safe and cariaiu cure for coughs colds, asthma, tightness (hp chest, citarrrh and spitting of blood. Sold at 50 cents f bottle. Rheumatism, fkc.?I)'. Church's Chemical Kssence of Musd?The unexampled success which hit* attended the use of ? remedy, hat caused it to be eagerly sought for by thousands individuals suffering under the tortures of rheumatic affeciis; stiff j 'inls and swollen limb* are also cured ill a short le. Sold t|| bottles at SO ceu's each \ Clear Comp'exion ? Church's Vegetable Lotion, a high esteemed cosmetic that effectually removes pimples, itches tan, freckles, rimrworm, and all other cutaneous erupns. The use of the Lotion for a short time will establish a lliant complexion. 71 cents per bottle tch?I his loaths me disease cured with a single application Church's Scotch Ointtierit. t he above valuable remedies r"ay l>e found at ? HUUCH'- DISPENSARY, I i**r ins Bowery, corner of Spring street. |K. TAYLOR'S BaTT^AM OF LiVKKWOftT? ;it 17,'j Uowerv?Is the most IBCCWntl remedy known consumption and diseases of the lungs. Immense tuimb'rii e bum cured whtu almost on the verge of the grave. I'he U always find in its use great beuelit. Scarcely a family in w York but h?s ei|ierieuced i's good effects?universally awn Mini every where recommendad?such is it* astonishing CICy. It is the lu.or mm's ns wi ll as the ricli mnt's best f id To the sick we ?av, do not allow yourselves to be suaded tint any other of the numeroos medicines got up oil reputation of this article, (such as balms, balsams, [unais, candid. itc See.) w ill answer your purpose as well, for lend upon it the result w,ll lie, that yon will he obliged to ort to this remedy iu the end; therefore, we say again, do not Iter you selves to be deterred from taking this at once In all ;ei, when used in season, it is a sure remedy for coughs, colds, isumption, liver complaint, bronchetas, asthma, whooping igh, sc. ice. rfie genuine is prepared only at the original office. 375 Bow, >vi.ere it it for sale, wholesale anu retail. Also, down rn. only by J.O. Leeds, wholesale druggist, 128 .Maiden I mc; I by Mrs. Havs, 139 Fulton at, Brooklyn. o4 3t*r BILLIARDS AND ROWLING SALOON UK Tremont Billiard and Bowling Saloon, Nos. 61 Kast Broadway, snd 71 Division street, near Market strett, with r Billiard 1 ables and three Bowling Alleys, is the most exsive establishment of the kind in this city, being 150 feet in k'th. The bowling alleys are undergoing thorough repiirs improvements, when they will lie the best in the city, inu heretofore had some of the 1 irgest gune* got upon them rcnuently over Hill pins in a string, and 171, 188 and 191 s have been got. They will be ready for rolling in a few s, w hen due notice will be given. On the night of o|>euing, > of the best players will attempt to beat the largest game ive. The hilliaid tables are now iu operation,on w hich only f price will be charged during the day tune. 'lie proprietor is thankfu1 for the put favors of his r.umer; pit roils, and will he pleued to see tliem all again on the reuing for fill business. Citizens and strangers will find he st s. lect company in the abovewstablishm'nt, as it is intendr.?r healthful exercire >o gambling of aue kind whatever I hi' permuted, and all vulgar society excluded, i. B ?A privilege to let in the above place to a good man for iug oysters, pies, coffee a'<1 oth r refreshments. Rent low. 'hree good boys are wanted to set up r<ius. Apply as above. Jotice?The above establishment will lie open for bowling livening. s.iOSteod'm O THfc LUOKKKS FOR THK ONU_ADVKNT. ?Why do von spend money for what is not bread I Harkiinto me, and let your miods ear that which is good, and ir souls shall be delighted?55 Isaiah, 2. Be no longer w orn ay wolves. He ye were to look for is come, and iu ihe de-s our wolves it hath been many dais known For they who e no money, tne wine and rmik of his word are without ci?each Saturday's N. V. ( hrouicle. Ye who havr to spare e to >-dilors to publish the words therefrom, until all parts of world are penetrated by the VV'r rd of God. let 7.?Cry of the Angel to th? Unitarians; N. Kiwt chapof (lie Evcrlastiug Gospel; 21.?Totheui iu slavery; 28 ?1 > scientific. o3 nkKlO 3t*m ^KSK.'UTION.?To my fiiruds and patrons down town, the Book Stand winch formerly ?too<l mi the lobby of the nch Post Office, is now removed to the room north of the ol, where thesubscriber will always Ik* ha|i|>y to see anil wait n tliein as usual, lie will always endeavor to keep constant* m Innd all the new and cheap publications of the day. Also new Books, Periodicals, he. J he Weekly p ipers of New k, Bmton, and Philadelphia, as also the Dnylies can al,, l? h hI I. B.?All orders for Books, Binding, &c. promptly e*ced. O. II. CROSBY. 3 3t*r _____ TM. T. JKNNINU9 St CO., Merchant Tailors, 231 Broad ' wit, opposite the fnunt-iin.?Just received, 1m* following oitwent of splendid Tartan Plaid V esti'igs:? Aber. rotnnie, Murray, Fraier, Ma Kriiiie, Royal Stuart, F.g'mton, Ko.bel, Mac. Donald, Athol, Victoria, Albert, Aigyle. Phe above, with a great variety of plain and figured Silk, Saand Woollen Vestings, comprising the lies! assortment in the f, will h* in-de up to order, at,our usual moderate prices for 'y money. sjlt Iwwm h.MOVAL.? ledia l>nblier Shoes and Over Shoes.?Just received Horn our f.ictorv, for fall tride, a large assortment of i? Kuh'er fh->es, consisting of plain and figured lined and ed rubbers; i?iit? elastic upper overshoes; ladie.,' elastic upsandils, leather and rubber soles; ladies' for and ribt., n id (tieri. ns and Buskins; ladies' elastic quilted silk overrs, i ew itvle; g"loe hoes and various Styles of misses' and dre i's slv>e*. which we oner at the laie.t reduced pricea. 1000 pairs ladif *' and mm'* rubber shoes, ftgttrad ond plain, (he case or trimmed and cleaned bv the dozen. IUII piirn laili^a' lined .mil fur bound rubbers, lercl.' d- .ire rei nested to examine the stock atournew store, ( 25 Maiden Lane. II')ltA ' h II. DAY, Successor t" R?xbury I. R. Co. i B imr 25 Maiden Lane. , " COX'S ~ ~~ F IT R NI H H I N G STORES IS MAIDEN LANE 349 B HO A?) WAY. St I. COX have ju?t rice.ved an excellent assortmentof the following articles, which they offer at very low prices -ash:?Solar Lamp, "iraudolei, Mantel Clocks,Jap-nnery, I Lanier's, Canilelahnu, Table Cutlery; also, Kogers k 's celebrated Tabl? Cutler*. I'lateil < Candlesticks, Branch,a, I'ers, Cake Baskets, l*rn?,Tea Kettles, Tea Setts, and ev?ry ;leof Pla'ed W ire, of Sheffield and Birmingham manufac; Block Tin Waie, g of Dish Covers, llash and iter Dishes, Vension Dishes, I'riis, lie. kr ermau Silver Ware?Dixon Ik Sou's celebrated Britannia n?Polish, d Steel Kite Setts?a splendid assortment of Slief 1 PUted K|>ergnes. Iver Spoon*, horkt, Tea Setts etc., See , iu great variety ita'itly on hand, ra.irers will liud it to their interest to call and inspect their k previous to purchasing. s3U I wis" in horn's compound extract of capaiba and riarsapak.ii la. (SSE88E8 a few advantages not enjoyed by any other meiliciue for the cure of all sexual diseases land which inust, & i an Iiligliteiied public, render it assuredly highly |>opular, a desideratum I""* sought form the medical world. It si Is no confinement or change of diet. In its approved form, t of.i paste, it is entirely tasteless, and c.iusts no unpleasant stion to the patient. It has acquired tl?e utmost fame iu si* I every pirt of f. urn|? ; it has l>een examined, approved of f.<m i toned by the I u nity of medicine, aud recommended 1 lie in ut eminent of tlie profession. J epired by J. B. 'I horne, chemist. London, and for sal? Jt lesale and retail, by J \ V!E8 TARRANT, ?1 28?i Greenwich street coiner of W.irre i street. B Iso, at I Park Row and ill Bro-idway. I?1 Broadway, I'I & liw.iy comer Lispeuard street, 3M Broadway coiner tf c< k r meet s30 lwis*r B ,smi; OIL-in blil* Cu'ot Oil. fornal* liv i" K K. COLLINS It ( 0., M 8011 tint. 11, ill!) OIL?2.?0 bbl? L?rd Oil, of very (tiiwrior guMity, Tor ''' ?|,bv R. K. COLLINS V CO., Jt M Sooth itrwt. BACCO?1 hh4 Ktutncky Tobacco, lor sah by 1 | on 3t t. K. COLLINH fc CO., 46 Soathtt. AUCTION SALES. THOMAn BKLL, Auctioneer. BV BKI.L k HOYVAMD. (Start* No- M I"'1 i'r"l < "'> MS t\Uon itrtuI.) WKPNtHUAY. -J At '0)4 o'clock, in the ??'* rponu, b ' Larw aale of ratuaole furniture 01 all deacripliona, cimpriin* II teneral variety ol *11 kiu<l* ol article in ilia home ket; uK in*. . s Alio. th? atork of a cabinet makej. . . r,, Alan, the r-itint luu ahold loriniur"of a family amine up loavkeepiig. _ , o? Al?o, a lrr*f invoice of ear|*tuilf, rufa, kc., from an importt, Inti Al?0, a fine lot of *ro.enea, clioic<" win* and liquora, Ihe iilance of hotel I'urmtutv, a l.rat rate grocer'e ?a#on. an invoice ifuplendid I'll mi cure. Alan, n apleudid invoice of Bruaaclt, Venetian and Ingram :arpetings, and uplendid oil clothi. AUo, I aofaa, bv order of the Sheriff. KKIUAY, At lllW o'clock, at (lie aalee room, Law 8n|e of Dry Oooda, Clothing, aplenJid VYatchea, Jew?Ir>-. tpleudeil articles. Alao, Loudon clotIm. cainimerea, veatings, blanket*. hoaiery, ihirta, glowa, auaixudm, atocka m. Ha AI?o, ?econd h mil rlnfbin*, kr. AUo, in continuation, the <tock of a wholesale and retail dry VVI iooila atoie, by order of Ataiunee* SA'Ili KDAY' At intjo'cl.irk in tbe na!?a room. [? Kxtenaiveaaie ol' K egant * urniture ol all detcriptiona. jirri Also, ai tin same titnr, the rer'fi | furniture of a family comic (J to Kurope. and nmovadironBrooklynlorcortmwmi.ii s-le. ken Alao, piuio I'll Ilea, pnintiiius, Im.kinK Klaawa, china, lilaaa J MtfUlM wm>i MUM) kitehen nteoeila Kc< the or.u. 'niuir.i, j\ucunueer. ooa AUCTION NOTI't".?Large and Peremptory Ssle of Oold r>ii af]J Kilter Watches,|Jew?liy, kr.?H AI()ONfr.\ Ik Co. will st-ll this day. ?t 10 o cluck, at No. 'it Maiden Lane, to jg p rlose a concern, 160 elegant U.ld and Silver Ws'ches, of tb? top most elehrated manufacturers, rind with w nch the tale will ? commence. .... Alio J-welry, tiz: iierlii'^ silver guard chillis; rich hair piiii, diamond lireAst pins, broachei, linner ring*, bracelet*, BtII'Is, IkC. AN.I, opera glasses. jiearl and shell mounted quizing zlas.n, spy glioses, rich gold and dnmoud suull bout, panama segar cases, 8tc. Mi AI?o, 2 elegant gilt and four column clucks. ' ata'og'ies are now ready. ol It'm C. D. UOCKW-,LL, Auctioneer. | AUCTION NO ri'K ?HemmnU and Pieces of Oil Cloth r -fV at Au -tion ?TllOWBRlDOK & CO will .ell this day, Oct-4, attire Sales room, :t0t Broadway, at 10)4 o'clock, by order of the Assigurea. the balance ol th-* stock of Oil * loths. now iu the hands of ihe Assignees, witlnut reserve, to close a concern, anil will be sold in single pieces, of ell lengths and ? quantities. Also, a general arsoitmeiit of new slid fas'.iouable city made furniture, com rising i assortment. Also, a lot of second Imid furniture?housekeeping utensils. Tl n< It *m ~~ W A I'AKTKIt, A-ctioneer AlCTION NOTICE.?Cabinet Furniture at Auction.? ART" K V CO., will oiler at auction, hv catalogue, on Wednesday, I'h Oc toiler, at 10 o'clock, at 'Jtti Broadway, a .. most exten'ive and superior stock of f,shi?i<ab!e lurnitu e, made hi til* lute t Pa?is s'yle, lull ha f and thrre-uuarter French chairs, ottomans, divsns wiili and without txeks. French bedsteads of latest styles, plain ? d marble top wash stands, breakfast, tea and laui's work tali es, card do, pi iiu and dressing bureaus, plain, Spanish and sw. n neck rockers, _ bookcases, secretaries, sewin/eli iir? pi ino stools with backs 1 his sa'e is well worthy the attention of fatnil es, as the articles have all been made in this City by a number of the beat cabinet mak- rs The catalogues are r*ady and the goods can b? examined. 02 3r#r GREAT SALE atthe Apollo Imm, on Thnwl^y evening 3th Oc ober. and ensuing evenings, consisti g HI part of large marble and alalia ter ornaments, pine 1 ware: bronze and ebony; oil uaiu'ings, and fuicy articles; UltS Bvuiflis, Ifltl, \ellow.of Sisna vases; Ktruscan do; HMt TtSSI nt Alriana; Oroup of the Dance; Graces of C uiov?; Dancing Girls of do; oi (?rou|is ol V irtue; Apollo; second Venus of Canova; < 'roucliii: ^ Veuus; Apollo of the Medicis; the Pravr of Paminlnni, kc-- _] Aho .superb r rencti china dinner ami teams; tnrve line gi:. | and pla>n white do; rich ailve. set*, with circular supper sn ? vices; Grecian and American cups and sauce'*; china; Etru can, Menicis and Hoeic'ea vase,, &c. *>c ; ?olar lamps. candelabra*; gi ran do Ias; plated waiters; cake bankets; candlestick*; branches; clocks, okc. Su. ( ] Also; valuable paintings, original, of Lucreti.i Romans; ancient-pictures, by Leonard i di Lodi; Madona, of Kaphael, 11 (kc. he. Signor Viti Vili, will be happy to it? his friends of N-w -jYork, as well hh these from the south and w?st. The rooms w ill he open 01 Wednesday previous to the sale, anil brilliautly illuminated on Wednesday evening. E. H. LUDLOW Ik CO. Aucts s29 It thw 2d 3d 1th & 5th Oct. BEACON COUIt8E?TROTTIN<j. B THTHSDAY, Oer.'i I'. M.-Puiw S300~Two * Mile heats, in harness. II. VVoodrnff enter* b g Dutchman. 1>. Bryant enters grm Lady Suffolk. <ieo. Mpicer enter* b g Ainericns. N. B.?The follnwivg purses will be given, to commence on T Monday, "ct 8, at 2 o'clock I*. M.;? Purse $100? free for all trotting horses?Two Mile Heat* in D harness. I'urse $75?two mile heats in harness?free for all horses never wo'i * raee. kTurse $75?two mile heat* under the saddle?free fur all horse* never won a pur?e over $3". Purse $30?mile heats?best three in five?in wagon*?free for ^ all horte* never won a purse. i?' I'urre $50? mile heat*?t-est three in five?under the saddle? 'r free for Imrtas i ever trotted for money. to t Purse S.W?mile heals?he?t tliree in live?under the saddle? re frve for all pacing horses escjpt Oneida Chief. m Entries for the above purses to be made on Thursday evening hy 9 o'clock P M , at 11. Smith's, 31 Park How. Three or bii more t" make a race. <>4 2t*r *'< HARPS. *'! I K. BROWNE It CO. Mnnufactnrers of the Improved jj' " Patent Double Action Ilarp, by Koval Letters Patent, London?established IKIU, (many years with Erard,) No. 3B5 'J Broadway and Chambers street, New York. ch J. K. Brown* offers for sale at 385 Broadway, the finest col- I lection of these lx-^|tiful instruments in the Umteil States His arrangements are sV*h a* to enable him to transact business at 'I" European priees, thereby saving purchasers the high duties im- " posed bv tariff on these instruments. J. K. Browne would observe these 4ari>s are constructed on ga the most epproved principles, with all the modern improvements, are unequalled in brilliancy of toue, fineness of touch, ha and |ierfectness of mechanism. Particular care is taken to fit ~ them lor the extremes of climate in this country, in w hich respect they will be found far superior to any of European manufacture imported iu the usual way. These H?r|>* are patronised by the elite of mu*ical fast* and professional talent in Ktiroi*-; auinug the latter, he would men- | tiou N.C. Bochsa, who invariably selects from this establish- ,l1( ment. The attention of jirofeskors iu this country is solicited I Lists of pr.i es and descriptions ir. iy be forwarded by post. H Repairing caiefully attended to; Harp* taken in esrUange. Strings, Sic. *21 lm*r SUMMER ARRANGEMENT r?| NEW YORK AND PHILADELPHIA RAI jftOAD LINE ? 1 DIRECT. Via Newark, Nrwonu^swic*. Phincktow, Trkwtoi*, BnFOttSTOWt* AXP BURLINGTON. JFGShsh T THKtMOIMN SIX IU>I us. Or Lmviug J*ew York daily from the foot of Courtlandt at. De Morning Line at 9 A. M.?Mail Pilot Line Rt4j< P- M. The Morning Line proceed* to Bordeutown, from thwice by steamboat to Philadelphia. _ 1 The Evening Line proceed* direct to Camden (opro*iteto rr Philadelphia) without change of cars. I Passenger* will procjre their tickets at the office foot oI Courtlandt srree;, where a commodious u.'ainboat, will be in (| readiness, with baggage crates on board. Philadelphia baguage crates are conveyed from city to citT. wihout being oiiened ny the way Each train is provided with ' a car in which are apartments and dressing rooms eipraasly for . the ladies' nee. .? lteturning, the line* leave Philadelphia from the foot of Wal- ! and hy railroad from Camd?n, at 4 o'oloek, M, The linea for Baltimore leave Philadelphia ?.t 7)4 A. M., and _ 4 P. M. beinf a continuation of the line* from New York. A jv28 3m*?c /l rATERSON RAILROAD. jw Fioin Pa'eriou to Jersey City. On and after Mouday, Oct. 2d, 1843, 'he ran will leave Paterion Uicror. Leavk Ntw Yo?*. V" 8 A.M. 9 A.M. I IK " 1P M. " 3 P. M. C " ON SUNDAYS. L*a?k rate rboiv Dspot. brave N?,w Yon*. 8 A. M. 9K A. M. 3 P. M. i P. M. Transportation car? leave daily (Sunday! eicei't-d.) I'uien eera are advised to be at the Kerry, foot of Cnurtlaodt ttreet, a I few minute* before the Mated hour of de artnre jyllGm ?ir FOR BUFFALO AND ALL I ARTS OF THl. WEST Cot S ASSOCIATION PAAfUuTTTTFICK TO ALBANY. Utica %2 00 Rochester, $3 *H) Syracuse, ? tj Buffalo, 3 JO ? Oaweco. 2 21 Up. and Lower Canada. 4 40 By the fait line to Buffalo and found. $8 00. i For I'uiaua apply to ? Si L. RAY, hv anJ4 tin m W Barclay afreet, New York. ori M S H A LL Sc 'JO 'S " o' CHARLESTON. SAVANNAH, MILLEDGK- .... ,mip1 VILLK MAI <>N.I-OLUMBUHJawBa -AND FLORIDA IX W m PA CKAII K E X 1' K E S S itTV ,-vieasri. M. S. RALL h< O. will receiv" Specie, Bank vnea, Inudle*, Sample*, PackitKea and ( lavi of Onod*, anil forward <LVJ hem by theii E\pre??,to and from Chirlenton. Savannah, Mil- > I'dKcvilU, Macon, ami all [he way nation* on ihe I entral Rail- V oad. Alio, by the iteamboat St. Matthew*, Captain McNelty, fl ir her rebuilt tripato and from Darin, Dmntwick, St. Mary ?. Koi Hack Ciwk, ncolatta and I'alatka. ? M. S Ball & Co. will pay particular attention to the> nurchaae if Ooodn. collecting and paying DfOa, Note* and Bill*, and he transact ion of any and all kind* of buain***, at any of the bove named place*. They w ill al?<> forward Oooda ami Mer- ,S handixe to auypart of the 1,'nited Sutea, which may be ?em I . , ci their care. They intend to put on tram* to run regularly I | ? arry nil kinds ol merchandize, wall ill reasonable dispatch ?i nil .safety, on the l?l of October licit. Messrs. M.S. U SH'o. having made arrangements with tlir > entml Railroad Com patty of (jeorgia, for an .-lparfmerit under . heir own lock, And with ^ Messenger always in chance, offer 'i_ uiwrior advantage* for the prompt and safe conveyance of all aluable articles that may be entrusted to '.heir care. Merchants, IManler*, and other*, de, irons of receiving their Oj Joods witli prompt dispatch, wiM I in d it advtntagnous to direct ' i) them. _ ... ?* IC7~ Office at Savannah, 153 Bay street; Macon, Washington ,1r'>" lall; M. S. Ball ft Co., Milledgeville; Agent at Charleston. #. (l>?t A. Ilend, to K??t Bay; S. Philbrick. Agent for receiving "ild nd forw arding good* and merchandize at Savannah. then M.S. H. b Co. will advance cash lor all freight! on good* pnt lo their charge. _ <iuje Charge* no more than the ordinary way of obtaining good*. 1 anifi lm'r lolls URAKTrt ON KNGLANI), IHh.I. VNU, fcc - ''"n oWJfV P*r?oi.a about remitting money to their I'r e.ids in the nd WMKitOld Country, can lie s'lppliej with drsfts, in ,uimh ol || I, iJ.l'3, AJ, AIA. AS, a:30, JtM, or anv amount, payable on box, eniand, without discount or any other chr.rte, at the ^ation >1 i io<\ ank of Ireland, Provincial Bank do. Messrs. .1 ime* Bnlt, Son t . ai Co., banker*. London; I. Barnard it Co., Kxcliange and Dis pure mnt Bank, Liverpool; Kastern Bank of Scotland; Oreenock i!ie< auking Compsuv; Sir Wm. Korhea, Hunter kCo., Scotland; id the branches in every pMt town throughout, Ireml, Scotland and Wales, which drafts will lie forw ir'ed by I/O m packet ship* of the 7th, Uth, and loth, and the stumer Aca- r a, sailing from Boston on the 11th Oct' her, bv applying to at Chi W. & J. T. TAP8COTT, ^*1 MRU "Hirru | .1*1 1*'' I 13 fVck 8lit>, corner Soulji ?fc I PH N. B ?All l?(?r? Jrom the couutry roa<? coini-1?)?? imiiI. | 1 p 04 r "iwt ~~~ A M ITS EM ENTS, ' " ?rRI.O'? fJAHUKI. ITALIAN OHKH A COMPANY I* Propr ?tor h?? ? *?t [ I<k iif? in nifonfinc th*? h*hM :t#d mi ?rr?n, fm'i.l wi'h th? Ojwf* Cvaiimiy to g nut the lie w 0|i"* nf <J m?w rti \ *rf\. HHT NHUf't B'' ' < (TP TI1F. OFKRA. lecond ?1>I ran .r? in \>w V <.rli ?( r*i?Dor CALV?tTI. IS RVEHINfl, OetoW 4 th* parfomMac* wi I con* mmcr %?lib f' r rtnr* to "ZanMU" Aoh?r reduction to ti-mm?ili V-r y Douiiotti Attn which'I _ ?i,il i fr i, tir?r icti, of U> MM A HI V * H<JY. Mutic t.y Oooizftti. _ UI?T*l?ITIOI?. "7;/ 8.i?M Mnjne-hi dide ? < >%d I ;oonc di \ Si?..or CU??i < iuido Hgnnr M>(f*ic)n J 4iii Pirelli Rolando ThtoiM If an hour'* intermmion will I* allowed for ?ro iwn?<W and refrrthmanta in the Onnd Halooa. lere Ice Crwnu, Kruit Ice*, ami Kel'ietlitnenta of the rjiov cm kind, audin greit variety, will be I'oond. 7^Iu futiir? the Performance* will commnuce at 7 o'claek :i*elv. "7" A *trirt Police w ill be i:i attendance, and irreat earn tato prevent the ml in us ion of improper peraona. 7-Tiukeu VUly <'wit*. May be lutd at the (lwden darta? nay \ limited nnmber of Heiuoc Ticket* will b? du rd of. 7-No prstpouement at this eatahliahment on account o< th* itlier a* the (trand Entrance from Broadway to the Saloon in tecifil, *nd th'T.ew S.iloon, which i* ventilated from tha mil aide*, can lie opened nt a moment'* notice PAHK THKATRB. THIS K.VKNI.N<>, Oct. 4?will be partormad WERNER. Werner Mr. Macraady Jmephiiie Mrs. Sloman Followed by <* Julia Tunibull. in La OuiUianna Alter which, A THUMPINO LEWACY. Jerry Ominoiu Mr. Chippeudala r?" Bone* tl?I'it SO cent*-Gallery cent*. 1*^ Door* open at 7. The Curtain will rue predialy at half it 7 o clock. CHATHAM TIIKATKET Boie* 2.1 cent*. Pit Wi cent*. The Dour* w ill mien at 7. i nruin will rua U half he lore 8 o'clock. i> RENOVATED ANI) HE-OPENED. IMS EVENING, Oct. 4th?1Th# performance will wa mence with THE REBEL CHIEF. Edward O'Brien Mr.Orattan Catlileen Mra. Harriot After which dley Overture by Mr. William* To conclude with THE 8TRAOEK. Stranger Mr. Jamiaon iti ITCH KIEL'S OLYMPIC THEATRE. 118 EVENING, Oft I, IS 3?The performance will com menco with MY VALET AND I. ArmilH Ard.n V.n Mr WJnnll Aftrr which FBIVI) SHOTS. Slmivel Mr. Nickinaoo Al>?r which, REVOLT OK THE r?OR HOUSE. Moll Chubb Mr MitcbaJI To hp followpj hv DF.AF AS A POST d Walton, Mr Everard | Triif'xni Sappy. Mr Holland [~V Drvas Circle, SO filt? Upper Boxes. 2*> cents?Pit, 1SH Private Boxes, $5?O reheat Boxea, IT^'Door* open at 6X? Cnrtam rite at half-put T.*. BOWKRV AMPIIITI1KATRR. Bote* Vt cent*?Pit 12?? cents. lown, John Oossiu. Ring M i rr, Mr. Nixon, tlquaatrUn Direct -r. Mr. '"arroll ENEKIT OK THE MOTHKR OK JOHN T AYMAR. <ill\ND OALA. HIS EVENING, Octoh r ?ih. tiie performajicaa will Commence w ith a VENETIAN AMNIVAL. Still Vaulting by the whole Troupe led hy Mr. Carroll, Mri Got tin in a Splendid act Master Washington a? the Vo nu < hieftaiu in Training. Mi Morgsn wil' dijpl.y hit Power of flal nce Comic Ho! g hy Mi Booth eaides t!or?itmnuiiliip, V* Itinr Tumbling, and other Exw] ci fa. hy the Tronfe. The following new N gro Songs ?jid Choruses will b? snug y the Kthiopian Mintfrnl*:? "Ole *unt Ball*-," T. < Booth and Chorun "Pmidv Jim from deCarolin's," Jenkins and accompan'MM "Walk tioi s John," So g an?. f liorus by the Baud. "Ole Tare Hi??r," Edwards. and Chorvi Extravaganza Dance*, hv Edwards a d MasterGaorgm. T" he followed hv DILI.V BUTTON [T"^ Seaton Ticke'a for tale at the hoi office, price $J. Uoor? ot*'n at 7. Kirat >-?erture to cnmme >ce at quarter paat Performance to commence at half past 7 preci*al". oJ r NEUrCAN INimElin. IJUAL, OARDKR, ANO FAIR. Corner of Broadway and Am stT?et. T. P. Bamum Manager. OR vm.vntinf;, lie eccentric delineator of different ebu ictrr, it ei>gared, and will open hit whole hudret of comical tiea, including ln? EMI-SKMI-' KNT ! MM M, rH,KilRATI()v OF THE SE'l TLEMKN'T OK TURKEY TOWN! Orato of he Day benjamin nv/y. < Rn, f.?i. Alto,engaged lor thi* w ek ou'y, Mr. S K. O. Nellia, HORN WITHOUT ARMS rho wi'l exhibit mv \ wond-rfnl fata, di-pliving the *ttoaking Power* 'Vit'll whi h nature hat eidowed him In the SK. OK HIS KEET AND TOES Hew II write with Ma es. load anil discharge n pistol, n| iy rh? accordion and r.oluill.i, ard perf <nn mi" worn erfiil featt with his toas, which ntf lie ?e?n to he believed Mr W:V1 ' I 'I F., tl-e nne?jtia""d Contcrtiomat. who eihita the moil a timid eg e-ta of (lattc Gymnsstiet in lb* vld lii? eilii"af?d D'>0 PII.LY beita all creation Miaa DAIR, 'If popular eoialitt. CELKSTE. the d*na???e.? CJFEMKHMAI^ th" g e-itert won Her of I he world. CITT IASS BAND, of twelve musician* Faney Glaaa Blowing, loon A*c?naiont, fined (*o?:rotama, ajid MKI.OOO RIOSlF.8. The PERPETUAL KAIlt i? opeu without extra ilOUR (CHANGED.?The day t*rformaneea Wednesday d Saturday afternoons, at three o'clot k. ai.d every evening at arter beforeB o'clock. Day visitors admitted same eveaing e. (JEN. TOM. THUMB, weighing only fifteen pounds, ia?> ?...i ??,i .U.I--.-I Admission to the whole 2J centa?children under Ml TMK ilf |irn:r. FSALE'S l*KW YOIIK tll SKUM, ANU TICTUHK OALLERY. (Brnadtrfiv, npfwrite 'he City Hill ) EXTRAORDINARY PHENOMENON. JASPER HAirSKK, Hx'fMan Half Monkey, poaaessad of power of stwh, yft walks up-in ill-forrs Mr. I'. JKVKINN, thcf'oroic Delineator. Tenor 8iogrr, and ,njo Plaver, and the Southern Mina'rela. will introduce a rmty or Banjo Mclixlin and Ethiopian Kitrrirsranias MIh Uir, the charming songstr**a. La Petit* Cento, th? grtc*llanSeilae. 'crfnrm?uce in th" Lectnre Ftocm to commence *t qaartef to afternoon entertainment ou Saturday at 2 o'clock. \dmitur,ce I2>t cent*. NATIONAL PAINTING 'HE EMBARKATION O*' THE PiLOHIM FATHER* from lielft-Haven, rainierf by Robert W. Weir, for heR?> ida of 'he ''apitol at Washington. will b? open for eihibition toher 2d, f( r a ?h r?. tiire only, at the National Academy of e'Eii. Broadway corner of J ennrrd flm>. Mrr.ittance 21 cent*. Season Tickets 30 cents Catalogue* ri cents. i|?n tmm 1 A M in Hi P M a*3 ?w**e 'O THE LOVER ft OF S( TkntIFIC BILLIARD PL A VINO.?ANDliF.W, (-rho has b-aten tlie beet r'?T* i in thi? con; trv at gieir odds) will play erery day aed *e*' iik this we'U. at 110 Ktoxlw.y, neat door to th* Olvmpio "at re. ("run OA M. to II t*. M He will show a number of rv difficult sirok s; will cause his ball to touch seven cu*hn? and caron; and mani others ? novel. Tiie room la ninafaef bv thirtv Co taine ?even l.Vliles, the b"*t and la'geet la a world. All nnder the direction of Mr. OoodricL, who ens a first rate bar and refrtalime ts. V. II.?Andrew will (five instruction to learners. No bettiaf lerated o? 3tis*r BOAT II ACE will come off at the ELVSIAN FIELDS, > HOnOKEN.on Monday, Oct f)th. 1*13. Thia race will free for all SCO 11 boats not exceeding 2'l feet in length, and ?ini{ two pair of sculls A purse of fmydollars will be given, re dollars entrance and all the entrance money to go to the ond hear boat The distance to row will he three mile* and est, th'T is, the race to be rowed in heats; one boat muat ii two heats to lie entitled to the purse; after which all tb? ier boats to atari again and row around the stake boat, and first '?oat in will be entitled to all the entrance money. All its wishinir to enter for the above racea will pleas* to enter or twfore Friday afternoon it 3 o'clock P.M., sa no boat will allowed to enter after that time. M. McCARTY. 3 ?*ec MADAME BUTTON. PROFESSOR OF SIN O1N O, *><! Broadway. al5*m*r ' AI. IA N Ml>l("-Mil M ANNIS",(twenty )?*rs~r?Tdent in Naples,) pop l of Picni and Cr scent'ni give* i?iuctioiia on terms to nuit th?fimes, n Italian French. and I'.li-h ain".inir, ai.d iu the moat fashionable stjle ol piano I- pUvirg. M. h .a perra'sairn to r? far to the following i etitlemen:? M. \\ Ki?wr'gl\t. 1). D ; Messrs 1'o vland 8I *ep'iiwai J. Schroler D l>.; Vr. J T. Brightm; K L. llawke , U.S.; r. S. V? ?M. Mr. M. rmidr a at ITOX lludaon street, near Spring ?U ol I in * r MUHC. 08KPH KAMMEREH, profe<*or o( music, re?pertfnlly announce* to Im natron*. and the pnblic in if?'er?I, ihni h? i removed from 1!) Croshy to I:K Lauir* m?i, ? here all ler? lor Ilia Cotillion Hsnd. In waif on p rrie*. ete , in nrool town, will lie tli-nkfnll. rece'ird mid promptly attended to. ili-r? for J. K will ai*o be received st Mr. W. Dubois'mMil iv, ?*.'i Hrosdw^i. of lm*r DISBROW'S RIOINO SCHOOL. ?M BOWtllV. [R. D. ha* the honor to aminnnce that hi* School it ope* lo? L th? reception of pupil*. da11v. Snmlan r.l?PUd it 1-ndle*. from 9 A. VI. to J I'. M rtjentlemen, from 7 fo 1 A. M , and I to 7 P. M. [i. ' 1 v trained stnd iiui-t hor;r* for the road or i?ra<U, t?'*t Mk II IM pMtHWMW IfflT mww ?u51ra*r MJI.L POND OV-?TKRS "KORTY-FIVK KINDS OF O YSTEII9!" )MB ncion from the Imd of wooden nutmeg*. has ?*c?rtaiiied th..t then' ar> forty-fir* different kina* of oyster*, tutted. Now. any uentl< man can be convinced by ocular lonitrilion, tint thro are just fourty four kinds hardly til the seasoning reouiaite to mve '" hi a paatihle flavor, by in* it i:ONKI.IN'S Mill 1'ond Oy*ter Depot, fil Wh tchall street, near Mouth Ferry, otpli, refectories, See. ami families, supplied on application l*>re. M*vsy< H?'si;rTs hay i'STEBS ? lr>#t? Kulton street, onpoaite St. Paul'*.? NAPOLEON COUKTIN tak. a plraaure in ii I'ormiuf * person* who have heretrf re honored him wi'h their paa?e, anil tliov who are willing to continue the same fivor, till' Va?s*eHu?etts Ba\ Oyster* hive recovered with ta? i we.ith?r their freth and del.ciou* llamr so prculiar to it, and winch haa p ire i th?m th- none of ov?ier? of* aiicaje. Ilia nation, recently ail elegintlv fitted up, oner* tne most t and comfortable accowmod^lioua .. . , . here will always be lound ii, it .i choice collection of, the iwinr w ilPa, vif. ? habl'S. Hot <<iave, Bunc. Her*e, .pirkliix and till >'o. k. < a'"' linanl, i Volnev, Litilte. Lai" f Leon lie. St JuUen.fcc . ill i??rt? offi'MKB *viii*iind con i ui< e k*va ,-ou.tint r on hand the arova w. CMk or together wr h IWnei. Oil *nd ??=;-' ,- ??? da purcliaieil from hi* ea'ibli.hme^t r.^mr?. 1V rf Oltv. Oy ster, will he sent to B?. -s iuVi;C? of has^*, (if * juired) and o|ieuedby oi.e of Ui:i;:*m?iiuii italiliakHieu". Q- a* ** TO PKINTER9. II SALE.?Two fount* of Type, Minion and Nonpanel, whi' h have been used on the New York He/aid. Apply PuRTUaUSt FfcMALB PILLa K8i'. far-famed ?ad wl?bri?t?l Pilln, fmm Tonn**!, ?i? w? *rct'ive, to b* obUimM in thw tonutry. on tlte last column, lonrth i>**e

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