Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 5, 1843, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 5, 1843 Page 2
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.*.,11, Hid do-vn ih?.ir irv*. they ?howfc h*v wrhh ii" v ? anted; they did wi, mid a numb" wif mini ditu !> pit -cH under nrreat* prwa's wtr introduced to nnd soon lifter five aergeanti two corporal*. nnd a private, w?. i e led out aud ?h< withi. ewluofth- barracks. Spain is in a atate c tr&naition, and the pr-e-rt condition ot th*t fine an di*ir c!t*d country is a libf 1 upon civilization. Wit the finest coloniea, and the moat brilliant prospeci whi> h an\ modern nation evi r pr saeawd, J*pam he beeaBrartunUr t&ihag into the rear, and a rntnti ar.d moral drcrepitudt terms i imv? overtaken h' V ople, which^renders ui r a pueoua t-inht anion the i.atio',3. From the events of which that di true'* d ccuntry l* now the theatre, it ami d aeci t iu' the under which ih body corpora's I* bora c innot be cured without ttie Hdministr.itinn c deaierate remedies More unlt'n' ly things hav happened than that f?;u\o, ?re long, will s'tk into province of Frat cr. Italy. The most contradictory accounts respecting th insurrection in Boiogna liml their way abroad. Th Algeniaine Zrituiz ol August 2Siti has private ae vice* by way ol Ci>ir?-, winch represent the di^oi tiers ..s important, and it n<it??s the chiefs:? "The original leadets it the tnoverneut, anion ?hom is the voui ? VUrohese Tauar*, a Gouu Zimbeccari. n:id Piedinontese ex-officer, name Meuru, have * fi'<-cifd the ir escape Now, the j?*i sons at the ht-nd ol the insurrection sre one La a brrtini, from Bologna, two brothtrs Maratori Iror Bazzann, ( ne ot whom is a physician,) a corn dealer Irom Btzz^no. and a man who wi.s lornierl a gendarme Irom Bologna." The Augeburs Gazette has a paragraph date August 24 h, which makes light ot ih^ ati-iir, reptf senttog it a? a mere contest with fcmupglers. Thi is inconsistent with tubs, quent accounts. A notification, dated 2bi,i August, by the Curdi ual Legate Spinola, Governor ol Bologna, lets it b seen that the disorder was one of a political uatur rnd ot considerable importance. The lintiiediate cartes of these disorders istracet to the dtsaaiutaetioD occasioned by the reporiet iatemioa ol th'- P*pat Governmeut to levy nev Swiss troops There appear* to he no foundatiot for the ciutetneul that ttie dis urbances have bee I excited by some disbanded Swiss troop*; because, as Protestants, a new capitulation was reluoec them. Kuiiln. Tl?e Emperor Nicholas has ^one to pay a visit to the Kins ot Prussia. Letters from St. JYter.-burgh ot the 8Lt ult state that the Emperor Nicholas lias issued an ukase, establishing a uniform rate ol postage throughout his dominions. By another ukase lie had ordered the foundation oi a bank at Tomsk, in Siberia, the firt-t establishment of llie kind in Asiatic Russia. .Syria. Letters from B^yrout mention an unpleasant oc currenre at Jerusalem. It. McGowau, physician to 'he Protestant mission, tiiiine on horseback b<fore a green grocer's shop, ordering some mi;lone, when a party of soldit rs !> cm to j'-er hi 11 and to tickle his horse. Afier liieff-ctuailv desiring them to rie?ist, he swept his whip behind to kee|. them < fi He was instantly dragged Irom his horse and severely beaten. 44 Mr. Youn*, the consul, on h-srirg the circumstance, immediately gent his JatiUaries, w ho released Dt M'Gowaa and brought him home. At the same time, he demanded ue a satisfaction from RedBchid I'at-hn, that ine soldiers should be punished, and the sergeant of tin cuard publicly degrade 1. Redschiil P.icha replied, that the soldiers were mere taw Redill lately levied, and therefore excusable, in some measure, from ignorance ; but that he would place llie seigeant lor a week under arrest. Mr Young, well knowing ihat such nominal satisfaction could have no salutary fflect in deterring oth? rs from commuting similar ouiraaes, declined to recede (r'>m his first demand, and sent a courier to Colo tel Ko<f,tlie Cou?u!-Ge uersl, ai q minting him wiih all the circumstances ot the cate " On Col. Rose's rrpresenta'ion, the Seraskier, Ahmed P.isha, sent Omar, Uey Colonel oi Artillery, to Jerusalem, to mquir* into ih?* case. Th< British auih-rities placed the Queeu'sship Geyserm Omar Hey's disposal, anl he u tt Beyrout on ihe 27<hJuly for Jaffa. The house of the French Consul at Jerusalem had also been violently attacked, because he hoisted the tidg it hi couutry. Theatrical, Miulial. &c. Oi the 2Ut of October, Mis. Allrtd Shaw will appear at Dritry lane Theatre, in Rossini's Cene rentola, and shortly afterwards in a new opera which has been composed expressly lor ht r, by M Benedict, who ha? the direction of the musical de partment. Raiiilorth mid Mus Romer are al bo engaged. I.ablacueund liis family arc about to qiit Piii. for Naples, his native cit>, where Jr.- wi r main f<>i two months, having obtained a covgr to :b?t ftt c ironi the director of th : Itulia*i iii- .i'ic at Paris ? Pt-reiani is awaiting the o,>cui ;^ of the l.ali in tlieatre in Paris (which is to take place on tlie 1st Oct.) aia charmit g couiiry resid ..c at Chalons. Rossini ha? just left P?rU, uiifoout iis havine be?-n po-fe ble lo procuie a nme from Inrn Every effort has b<-en truiiless Unwilling to bear one woid said ot music, Roasini h is no; eve i been m th-<?i,era. Hr is returning to Bologna, cur^-d of u pa.nli'l dis-ase by Dr Civiale, who, with reason, seemed to t?im a far more iHii> p^mouage than Du(>rr^. I; is Mita Hots ui relied to the ureal ten<>r who a.-ked hi-n for a pirt, " i havt-come loo early and you too late." Thaiben? is still at Ems, and wi I shortly leave to join Libl&che and larmiy at Naples. Liszt is still at Nonnenwrth; he intends buying a piec ot ground, and building an elegant villa in the beautiful environs of Grafenweldt. Mrs. Henry Siddor-.F having reduced the rent of the Theatre Royal to .?1,000 i*r annum, Mr. Murruy remains in Euinburiiti, liechuitig the proposed leatt cf the Liverpool Theaire. Two new operas are in preparation at Milan, tin titles of which arc "Chi piu^uarda m< novedo"an< " La Dima e lo Zottulaito." The music of th< first named work is by Bauer, and of the latter b| Fioravanti. Ronconi hus an Italiau company ?1 Baden whi hive recently been performing Rioci's " Sentra muccia'* wnh nvich success. The vocalists con neted of Sigi.ora Neva, the buflo Magrinu, and th tenor Tosi. Fanny Ellsler's engagement in Dublin has turnei up a trump card for Hie enter, ruing manager of !tia national theatre. Attfr dtductiug all payment* which wire made on the ir.ost liberal scale, Mr Calcraft hsi? netted between ?900aud ?1,000 bv hit successful speculation He har succeed; d id effect ing a re-erg agement with this captivating artive. who wiii again appear before a Dublin audienct shortly before Christmas next. On Monday m^ht adramuio pi?ce of ihat peculiar class winch bt loi exclusively to the Royai Ampiuthea'te of Art-, wan pr> duced at A&tley's The title of thw new cnivalric, dr imatic, and eq i'Strian sptctscte is th^-" Conquest ol Granad* . 01 the Steed ot the Silver ?!?r, and la-t strugnl.- of >ht Moors!" The |.loi la lounded on Sir E L B i!wer's tlory of " Leila ; or tae Siegr of Granada " Slieridan Knowl^s has beta fur rorne considerable tnie pasteug >ged in finishing a new tragedy. The company of equestrians under the manaee inent ot SiRtior Hilm r, who t-ucco ded to the m -.n ugemeut ot the company on tn?* death of the lati jVir Ducrow, alter having performed 111 the variou towns ot England, Ireland and Scotland, were in duced lately to visit Hamburg for a prules?;nnal en prriment. Alter a few weeks stay, during wlt.i. their peifurmances were very mis* .'ably attend'M the director ha* bet n compelled to anoounce (n sale th" s'ud of hotses, drenes, property, See., t satisfy hie- creditors and returu with his company i England. M dmne Kunnerlz, a young and pretty tque-tria tnei.trque uiynijii^ue, ;.t Ma< ihurg, w.i* kill< during die pcrformancee on Uie 26.11 ultimo, by h^ how tilling on her. At the llaymark'.t Theatre, on Thursday, a lilti extravaganza, called " New s Irom China,'* wa produced with lairsucceis Tne Birmingham Musical Festival comm uc(8 o the 19th in?t Rossini's .Muter, a iifv m raugement ol Deborah, Crotch'.* Oratorio ol line, and Tne Mesciah, constitute the chiel attr.M tionaot the im?nmn:Yperloriuaocft; while iheoihe h? eouoita on e*c i day are Inm the bent work* ? Mozirt, Haydn.B. ethnven,H i mine 11, MeudHef.lir St.i. Dr. weoify will preside at the organ. Th principal voca! performer** en^ged ure Mms G. No vello, Mr* Aired Shi* Mrs. Koyvet<, Mi*s M Hawea, Mi*s Kamforth, Mr Bennett, Mr H. Ph, iii*, Mr. Manvers, Mr. Gtubilei, v1r Mach n.Signo Alario, and s*ign<>r tonus ii. The people <f Hir mingham (wrm entertain strong hope* i|mt , Queen Dowager, now that Her Majesty r??idis i tne neighborhood, will honor H wnh h-r presence are nulling great preparations lor the celebra: :on < the lestivai. Vienna -Staudigi has made his rentriM th.-K.h tier nor I'heatre in t ie I'uriUDi, an J has since p. formed in Norma and Figaro; Hie Haiif ?uc?: ii been awarded to linn w i *hicli illdistinguish' aruat i> greeted wlier v ? pi.-ii'or oss he te at seconded by the I'n.n t U >.ma, \lillle.Luizrr Doi zelti'a vlariuo Paltcro li.. a . of -n produced tor t tit- tin! n! n n#iv t?n/?f il 1/ ?. _u 1 ... > ? ? ?- - ? W-t, . ?ci< ii i. ^nu ^ruiiir to became a greallnv irue witi me Vicuna cJil taiiu; hid natural voicr en&Dlra him to kidk wi jwrlect eas* aud lacility, and jk'ir. uiiooaiiori, t( note ao difficult to mt tin?vu., the ('. and even I iMt.eada to L): If hd* a Roud aiylr and much tare Toe orchrMm aod ell iru* it the Karnerilmr Th> h' nr<* Tn? ?uter? Milanollo ha*e g ven he , v |?-s thin (tvfu'j-five concert , betiues havii jilayrd at court *>id al tonera, by the Pnucee Lie d fffiHtcin'.tail -rhontmrg, arid hav^ tijuce jkeiforined r at Hdi.'eo, Bruuu, <JraU ;md Pre^urg, making a e loltl ol one hundred and rilty concert* imy have |kt?, tormed at *mce their arriv.'i in Germany; they tn>t tend |>roceerlint; to Liibnrh, Trieste, Venice, Milan, >i Piednrvit, ?md 7 uric. Tbereae was fourteen years d ot i it i 29 || ( f, nnnitj, and the violin, upon h wl':r !: * :y. -i < is an Au'aniua JStraduanut), is Crr.7.1 at . i , A.: o 1705; 4?id usea u bow presented i" to her bv l)f BtioI; M -rtrt'a iustrtirm lit s u Feri?l nindua tJiqliani Film* Nicolai Anno 1702 nndplaja r with n bow givm her by Lalou*. Ttiey have alreaH dy cleared ubout ?3000 by their travel*. Markets. London Moitur Miinr, t?ipt. 18.?The fundi Love " fluctu ted to somu extent since our previuus report, and of lain there haveh?en unriky feelings displayed iegard '* nut Irefsnd, where the pljcing ot barracks in a Mate of R fortification, with other wailike preparation*, favor the idi'a that government anticipate a struggle. On Monday and Vuesday last ther? was a rise, but on the latter day large sale* were made by the bank broker, which had the i tr.rt of again depressing the maiket to our present e quntitions Money u plentiful at a discount ot 1J to 3 I- percent. Exchequer bills have slightly improvedf l'lie main feaiu'w in the lornign market isacommuni ration retarding M< xicvn bonds. The nmonnt now in g ciiiuumon m wan-1 ny inr iifuuiH lor nil- mcxirKii uu> ( vernmeut, M'-ssts V. Co., to be ?s MM.flOO; those j e 'ntle ' i n in December 'sst it to bo ?i,-ib4 OtiO, but il tin input htd be?n confined to the amount r?qmrfd for r" r nl fivtOH oM bond*. it would not have exceeded l" ?* 624 94m Th<- first mentioned sum was tbe am. u?t ol 'i ii? w h.iud. d to Messrs. Lizaru It Co., at the period when I- tliu convi r?ion of the old bon is to?k place; the difference y beta# intended to cover commission aud other charjes; it is certainly a novel, and many proclaim it n rascally (J proceeding, to make the bondholders pay the expenteof ,_ < by this airangfrnent the ?tock is much re. duced in valnr, and especially as tho money lemaining in the agent's bauds, aftei liquidating tbe outstanding portion ol tbe April divide nds, is not more than one half ' ol the sum required to omt those duo in O^toner next, e Much di?snti<i'nrtion is expressed on tbe subject, and e under the cirrunftancf* it is not surp that prices hav.> recede.I to 33} for Active, and 9J to 9| for Deterred. J Portugal# Converted h ivc inproved. Spanii-h stuck j ban varied little, honjh ultairs in the [Yniustiltiitill wear a wry difturNed aspect. Brnzillian bonds at one period ?vr. J p r ci nt lower, but h ive since rallied to their pre: \ iou< quotation. The Xino bonds cf 1813 have m> t much 1 inquiry, and have reached72. j London Moxev Makeet, Sept. 18?Three O'clock? 1 The British Fun.b huve been steady to..lay, but littlo buhiu.>? has taken placr. Consols have met with buyer* lor Money, at 94] to J, and Exchequer Bills at 61 63, and i 89 61 pre in. Considerable excitement continues to exist in connection with Mexican Bonds ; they have been done at 83$ to :?3A. but to i ft' ct large pales lower rates must be submitted io. Bueaos Ayns Bonds b.ivo brought 37; Peruvian, 30J ; P.>iluguese,44 j Spanish Five ;;er Ceuta, 19; and Three*, S6J. Lorino* Marrkts, Sept 18.?Since our advises per Caledonia on the 4tli uistunt, a more general demand has prevailed loi our staple articles and most description; of Foreign and Colonial Proluce, and in many instances higher prices have been obtained. The weathir has been uninterruptedly floe, and the gi eater part of the harvest muFt now becomplcUd. We have no Ian rdatrs Irom India orCnu.a; the overland mail, ivhich was to have l-l't Bombay on 18th July, h 1 not nrrivtd rt Alexandria when the last steamer 1. ft. In VUh.**, a moderate business is doing nt iormerprices; 32 New York Tots, at public tale lastwcek, brought 23* 6-1 to -J3? 9J. Brandy?Tho rvcent unfavorable accounts of the vintage have caused a brisk demand tor tli.- first brand* of cognac.piiceaof which h?vo advanced 7d te 8J per gallon; we now quote l?44's 4s 41 to 4, 6s per galion. Coch!iieal ?n improved demand, and again 21 dearer; the soli s comprise 300 bags?Honduras silver 4s 8d to Sh 3d, black 5* 3 I to (is?Mexican silver 4s 4J to 4s 6J, and black 4 * 11 hi to 6* 31 per lb. AU k.nds oj Coftee forliomeuse meat r more ready sale pi better price*; we now quote Ceylon 49* to 60s. Sama 32s to 35'; Java 34s to 4-ts Sumntia J'ii to 23.- 61 and Pd'lang '.'4' to 374 Koreign descriptions continue tiegl? cted, nii'l with tlie xception of a cargo ol St. Domingo fiom Aux Cayts at 26-61 aflo-.t, no tiansactions worth i otice have taken pla-e The Cotiu>an\'s ?jIc ut Amstet. ilam or 4'h instant, went iff heartly, 136 <"?0 bag* having b-en bouabt in, and the Continental markets generally feel the influence. The Cotton market at Liverpool has been very ttendy, the sales the pu?t loitn>ght reaehin? 8"),ISO bales of all kinds, ht very full prices to an occasional advance of lor American-apply lug, howtver, more to qualities at and below lair. Drugs?The small public sales 7th instant, went ofT heavily?Rhubarb was l?ou<ht in at 2< 61 for fair Chlua, and the 4' 0 cases Cam; lior were withdrawn at ?13.? Op um ha* no sellers uo ler 8s to f?s 3d per ib. I'he duty on foreign Wl, at advanced to 16s on Tliursd ry, previously to which about 360 100 qts. were taken ! out ol bond in this port. Piicesof English are rather lower since our last, hut the finest *ort.s o! trca foreign are supported. In Flour, little doing; ail ly ing here has been treed ut the duty ol Ps 61 per barrel, and is worth ' fiom 3ls to 32s per barrel, Us present value in bond is tbfiut 22s to 23s. Little doing in llem^; we quote St. Petersburg clcan ?2-* 1<>;, I :id Manilla ?22 to ?2.t p<>r ton. Hi( "? continue in faird m <ad, at the ipoent advance. Indigo held firmly 6 4t 0 chests are declared for the q(1 artelly sale*,toe uimeocolOth provimo. At the sale, at Liver jiool on the |4th instant 219 chcits Urn gal and r Ou le ? < it at 3 4 ti 4d advance) mJ l ti J soroons Carraocss ,'iom 2" 8' to 4' 10 I per lb. j Our Iron mniket is?u-ain firmer, nnj for cargo in Wal * ?4I.'< .re required. We quote ecmnicn bar lierc ?6 &?. ! S m-.ll.ll ?. 'I Ills und till la riftr Ivory?Owing to thi absence of the two principal buy* ers.ti ere no competition at the public rales, nnd with tilt? inception of Uu or thi?-e loll, the whole 23 tons were bought in ut very full juice'. Am lican Lard it in fair demand at 3fs to 39s per cwt, d'ny pan!. fci?ii<>h Lead ?16 to ?16 5*. Spaninh ?15 1<>. No i American here,' ut it b:i? b?< D a^ked f>r of late, and won d | robabl* bring to-day ?lft 10s [>er ton. Oil?? Linsnt-d i? fi m r at 32j. p. r cwt. Sperm hna also Mflvanctd. and f.iI.k have bee.n inado ut ?70 per ton lot Uody and ?J.'? for H -id matter. No change in common>' or seal. Olive oils remain d< prosed at our recent quotations notwithstanding the unfavarnblu advices lrotn Naplth Provitions?The market con'inues flat, and prices of both Irish beef and pork are lower. Of lor, ign d. scrip tmns the supply is Urge, but they are entirely without dem md,though there are eager sellers ot low prict*. Rice?in limited demand, at a decline ol 64 per cwt ; we quote Bengal?s. 6J to 1 Is. 6J, and Caroliua lis. CI to 10s. per cwt. Saltpetre?sells readily, from 23a. to 261. per cwt. Nitrfti^'jda iu improved request, and now worth 163. 3d to lfts 6j. TV.* reports of the Cloverseod crop are not farorab'c, and there is more enquiry lor good foreign ted lrom 46i. j to ?0s. per cwt. <1 p. ; Spelter mevta olf slowly at ?22 10?. The price at : Hamtro stands in ?21 2s 61, free on board. i English sheet Zinc ?33 to ?34. Wi hare bad a good deal doing in Brrgal Silk of late, D find good qualities may be quoted la. Nearer. Of Chins, _ the stock is small ; Tsatlee is worth 19<. to 23< 61 per lb Silk Piece Goods?At the p-ii lie sale on 13th inst. of A,124 pi'Ces white Ponjees offered.only 1600 were fold L' from 28 i 6Jto 32" , the ramaindet being withdrawn for higher prices. Privately, 3,000 pieces, to 28$ yards, j hove been sold at 31s. "l Spices are Dim-Casaia Lign<a 65r t" 70j Tepprr 2jJ to 2{ I for Suniatta; Pimento 2jd to 2j !. Small Kales ol ' Viace, Nutmeg? and Clove* nave been mado at steady prices. ! A fair de-rand prevails for Sugar for heme use, at the previous currency. Foreign is firmpr, and importers go. i nernlJy w.thhold trom selling at present, anticipating >m : improvement in the autumn. The principal sales com pri?e 2 OtO borne. yellow Havana a> 2?s to 21s ft I, a sm-itl cargo all at at 22?, 9,300 bags Manilla from 19; to 20", j l,000hhds PonoRieo at 18j, 600 hhds Cuba ot 17? 61, 4)0 j ' e .scs Brazil,chi?fl> Baliin from 90*to23s for white, and 17< to l^s tid for brown, and a c^^l^o ot l'"ito Hico afloat at I I9?percwt. In all th<e near porls of the Continent, the demand is cradually imp-ovaug, and the 'J'radin* Cornpan}'* Bile of 8 31* baskets Java at Middeibtirg on I4?h ins? nt, went off bri?kiy. In white Havana w? have no i -aI i lthe 81 Petersnurgmarliet is rnoch depressed. I allow wonli -lri 'lull a: -Jit to 41s 9 I in nil situati iris; the m m weuth< r pr. vjant* the chandlers fium workituc. ivr V va* hid no public salasot Taa since oar lust, and 11 le ong iTivatelv. Tli'! tobacco market is alull, buyers waiting till some ol the numerous recent arrival" are nampletl '' A'e are ovrr stocked with Turpentine, and lor a direct s cargo ol Wilmington 6* 6.1 haiva been accepted i- The 18 tons ol Whalebone noticed in our last were?oll at A'jiai; lor a sm<ill parcel, ?JQ0 would stilt beobtainali ble bm in <iuuntity the former price could laot be exI reeded. r Liverpool Cotton Mabikt, Stpt. 18.--Tbe demand i, for cotton since Friday last hoi proved extensive. We ,j hive no d( cided ailvriic in prices to notice, but tlae mur. k?t hai been ft m, ?Dd l!<,noo bales have cbniiR' d I a.ids, nt f ndy rates?speculators have piirrhasrd 7,'KK) ImIp*. ' I'he sales to d ty hav.-consisted n( 10,100 bales, viz: 6"0 W?at India GJal, M0 B. hio ttd 'J60 Marmiham (M to *J, 1 J'O Egyn'ian 'J ?? 6d, 100 Pernam 1. 3<Mi Ba a Island l(id to lajd, 300 Sural 9J1 toS}l, an t remainder American, e 8-pt 16 ? A vi i y laru^ amount ol business has txen transacted in cotton this weefe; the ten?r of the advices tito ght by the Hiberniaand (i eat Western is calculated to impart a grea'.er degree ol fumnsss to the trade, I ui n o".mi; to th?- ready manner in which holders ol Amen ' ran have met the demand, as there is little or no change t in the value ol these descriptions. In some partial in stances an advance ol { ' pa r lb has been rea'i/id, and a r ?im lar improvement u apparent in Brazil ainl Kgyptian. ,1 Saira s arn J I per lb better th in on tbisd^y iortnighl. jn 0-<0 hil ? h va* net w th ' uyers, si/: 80,166 Atiimr n ' 47SU Bifl/.'l 1900 Kiryptlan, 130 West India, See , an'l 9'60 '* K.??t ln'lrn, fcc. lf.W'O American, 100 Egyptian, and 3.0 !" Sural have been taken on speculation. Livmifooi. Toan Mabxkt, "ept 18 ?Our report by the list packet, titnler dale of the 4:h instant, contained a r f.-i.l urrmiht a< fhn afotonl hflrvMt ??? ?hii rnnniPt M tlt'it |.erioJ, which, irrespective of Mverel hours rain on the 14th, h <a progreased m all directior*. with ? ?tra >,r.ii iary rapidity, #nd ?noer tbfl uapice* of aa brilliant j weather im can remembered at auy former time It* , th- kou ht-rii an'l mi.lUnd oountii'*, therefore. th - harvest, wi>h th? encep'inn oi 13 .?r?.-?, i?- completed, mid ever in n>. northw ipl, including the writer ciaiiicia of Scott I i ' i-'id moat pK.'ta o( li land, a conai lei able jiortionoi r 1 ln(j .in ei it aire ely r-cured in e*cel|<"ut condi tinp : i i r-iw i l>o ?, the accounttfrom many p?rt? ">' icmU'loW, rel itive tr? thfc prodnc'ivi: yiold <?f V>'h' fct Ir. -n ii!.oitr?'B?ciy diverufi d anil conttartic* ii- T' * hicn u? to . ! i aivinif a dec idtvi opinion t ^ i!?' ?? tin* h ii-j c> ti.f MiiiiiiK of the neat |iuckei _ *h'-n < m.rc p!iT,i?. cB[ic|inljn enn h>-louud?ill the in t run \f n.ay irnink >W the nem Wh ?t, in mo y in* '' ?tan''.?.H| is complain*) ?i ,m ticim; im?ter in th?* ncale III th'in that ot I .? year, and In aome, dHtelewt in nnap itj p. r acre ; ?till it? ecomei a <iup?tion whether the I rgel) ,,, mere i?e<J l-timber ol a u? under this culture in the nr> sent deuaon over the preceding one, may not attord a fair Hverag. growth comp'. e.| ? it!, lurnxr viar? win.,. ' |?rl ! crop# ?( other |ttcuMural produce, tit* ir. |. .('coil tl.r whole an: ro U< r lavoraMe ) hut tlie d?;|?.. f 1 rn ? hithiTt*h??? not been?ufflci*ntly rxtmnkva when, h- on, at ??siit, to juouounce any accurate judgment. Littirooi. Oovmioh MtiiKT, Irpt 18.?American ? Sine the 4'h instant ther# has bun only a limited business doing in provisions In New B<mT the transactions havo bceu ol a retail character to tha trade, at prices ranging within the quotation*. Of old, a few ?ales to thri extent of about 4i 0 barrels, are reported. The stock of Pork being Hlme?t exhausted, leavea little room lor comment on ihia article, sale) could readily bo made, ex ?bip Cheese his ruled dull Tho supply of English i>rumi<es to bo abuQdant. This, with the urnvals ol new from America up to the present having proved of irrem I?r quality, has caused tho transactions to be limited? I,*r i Uju eoo'l demand, andplicet look upward). With ro'd weather th" consumpt'on will increase. Grease Butter sells in small lots, but tho active demand tsover lor the prewnt season. There arc uo sellers under the quotation!. American PaormoRs ?Lireai'ooi., Sept. IB.?Referring to our last of 4'h in?t. we now Imve the pleasure to hand )ou our circular, showing the present state of our American provision market. Cheese, U. 8 ? In consequence ol (he recent imports of this article being of so pour a quality, little has been done therein. The quality, instead ol improving, is falling ctf, anil we i egret to state, it is now littl- better than cur<)a. There is a good demand for lair quality of K.nglish, while inferior is likely to be a c implete drug. We would again urg.t upon shippers to send nothing but the very finest nrticle. Our quotations are the same as in our last; the remark wo th< n made respecting fine, being applicable a', the present tinao, that it would realize thet x'reme. i. not a higher price. Kme 62s o S4t; middling 4d* a48?; ordinary 3*? a44?; duty 104 61, :>iid five per ceut pet cwt. Beel, U. 8.?Some New York India mess has been moving off at 80s per tierce, in small lots to dealers, ts they wanted it lor uppiying vessels, an icipating the arrivals of nt w Irish soon-, the weather, which has continued very hat since our,is materially against this There is now no longer any doubt of the navy contract, it being known for a certainty that tbu government has a large stock in ttore. We are, however, of opinion that we Khali have an extra demand for butcher's meat in our mai.uf.iC turing districts, which will counteract the loss of the government supply. We have little doubt of being able to introduce American beef for home consumption, but it must be ol the rinest quality. We quote Nu. 1 prime (in bhln. oi 200 1S>?) 41? a 41s; mens 50* a 63s; extra me?s and family 62s ati6<; No 1 prime (in tierces of 336 lbs ) 75* a 60s. mea? a 9m; extra mess and family ions a 107s 6J in bond. Duty 84 and 6 per cent per cwt. Pork, U. 8?Poik is lull; Rome small sales have been made tor eiport at 40s per bbl. The atock is now exhaust, i d,snd in tht! aHsi nc'Ol further supplies, our quotations are nominal Prime 37s a 40s, and mesa 41 a 46s nerbarrel Duty 8s and five p r Cent per cwt. Lard, U 8?Lard is in good demand, nnd prices have an uutvardtendency. We would recommend shi,mentsot ihis article; kegs are much wanted and would pay well. We do not alter our quotations, but repeat them fur your government. Inferior 30 a 34?; middling 85 a 36?; flue 38 a 40s per cwt. Duty 14* and five per cent per cwt. Hams, U 8.?The demand for this article ha? almost ceu"'d, in consequence of there being nothing to operate upon; a small lot in bond realized our extreme quotations. Pi ices are firm for Hams in canvas; for thosn out of canvas there is no sale. Our quotations are 62 a 57s 6d per cwt, duty paiJ Duty 14> and fiv>; per cent per cwt Butter Grease-Sells in small lots, but tho active du mind is over for the present aoa?on. We are, however, of opinion prices will not eo lower. Wo qu te 36 a 87i 6J per cwt, duty paid. Duty Is 8d and five per cent per cwt. Butter?Irish Butter continues low, and the season being so favorable for pasture, we tear there is little chance of good b< ing doae in Americ in. Duty, 20s, and five percent per cwt. Sotiperc' Grease?This article continues in g)od demand. and prices sretully maintained, imports meeting a sale on arrival. Good we quote 81s a 32s 6 i; mU lling 27s a 2S?,and ordinary 25s a 27s. Duty, 1< 8J, ?nii five per cent p>r cwt. We agiin recommend this ar?i> 'e. Lai d Oil ?A lot of this article, alluded toil, our Inst, realized 89s 3d a 42< per cwt. It is in good deti nd, but the market is quite bare. Duty, 20 per cent and 6 p rcimt ad val. Wheat. IT. S ?The OMtlnnuim nff,... -,?,oiU..r ??.. ..!?? the advance ol pries. We therefore repent ourquo'atations. via: for United S'ates, duty paid, 7? 6d a 8s per 70 lbs. Duty, 14s per quarter. Klour? Sweet, in bond, (nominal) Sour, 'i3s a 24?. Sweet, dwty paid, 30s a 31*. Sour, 38s a 29a per bbl.? Duty, 8i 6d per barrel. GEORGE WRIGHT k CO. Si ate of Trade?Bradford?All kinds or plain and fancy good- continue in di maud, and full prices are olv I turned ior every description ol yams. The a Ivauce on wool has induced spinners of yarns to ask hiu'her term*, which have generally been submitted to. The stocks on hand aie very light. " Huddfrifikld -Most kind of goods were lesa inquired for Irfet maiki t day for low qualities; there was, ho*ev> r, a moderate >:> aiaud. In the wa ehonsea, there is consi derahlu activity, and it is exacted that a good hufines* will t-e don?*, at le.iSt, for some wceksto come. No change has occurred in tha wool mai ket. Halifax ?A fair antrum of business has been tronRacted in pieces. Yarn* and wool have also met a rea ly sale,and though we hav>- no alteration in prices to notice, the trade is cecidedly bettor. Both tpinners and maiiUfacturersare fully employed. Leick?teh.?v*ef>rc happy to report the continuance ol a g jod tiade in almost every description of the staple mauutacturc-of the town ni fancy branch,on which 60 m9ny work people of both sexes depenis employ ing more hands than it did two or threo months tince; and as more wages are obtained in both the warp and stocking manalactnrea, in conicquence ol mnro general emplojment, akriskneaa is observed through every part of the Leicestershire community. The cut up, shirt, and wrought hose hands ale upon stt iV*e, to on.e extent, for an a tvaaM ot wagw. Tke glove wanob is n uhout the Rami-state it liac b en in for the last month, the hands being gtnerally employed,though still some are stinted; others, weary of th" ft'int, have gone to different employments. Ttc worsted mills i.iil continue bri-k. The owners complain of the low profits. The Berlin warp branch is (till good; some worst! il pieces are now making, which hav>- ii'.t diminished the call for cotton pieces; the demand has so increased mat the hands entertain I hopes of continued employ meet. Le> ds ?The markets i t both cur cloth halls, as regards the quantity ol goods Fold, bn verbis week been a fair average of the maikets fur the last live or six weeks. 'i be principal demand continues to be far good beavers, pilot cloths, and heavy tw. edu, whi st the demand for fine ai.d mid-tie qualities of cloth does not partake of the general improvement. There also coutinues to be a con?iderablt bu>iners doing oft the matket days in cloaking? and ! shawls,any thing new in style being very much iu da mand There is. on the whole, more business doing than at the same period for several years patt. Business continues to improve in the warehouses, and the general opinion is. '.hat a good trade may be expected throughout the year, if goods keep steady in price. Manchester.?Early in the month n large amount of business was done in Yarns, at some improvement ; but the prices demanded for future contracts are so high, that the transactions have ol lata been limite d. Spinners are at present entirely engaged, and it is thought that buyers must thoitly accede to their terms Manufactured goods, winch were previously in good request, in conif quence of the non-oi rivals ol the East Inhan mail, have met a limited sale during the last week, the stocks, however, being low, prices remain firm, and are likely to continue so. Priming cloths, cords, domestic and other heavy goods, suitable for the home trade,are in tolerably brisk demand; and for cords, icc., higher rates are obtainable. For mou??eline de laines, th< ro is an usually extensiveinq nry, workmen in this branch are eagerly sought for. :.nJ in many instances, rireminms have h. en offered. Block printers are also very busily employed. Noithsoham ?The trade in silk hosiery marmactnres roiitiniK'S very dull, and a rise in the price ol the raw material bat turther added to the depletion. The lancy cotton hose branch i* without improvement. Such is the failing off" in the demand for hofiery, that many of th>; needle makers have scarcely a day's work in the week We do not hear of any improve m>-nt in the cotton glove trade. The demand for wrought cotton hoir.-is exceedingly flat. HoiiiiitLF.?We have hai a bmk plcce market, and rearlysll tin:good* oft-reil have metwith buyers,at steady prices The re dy sale (or goods has giv-n a buoyancy to the wool market, ai d the dealer* in the raw mitierial have not been so e?i,*er to sell at lonner prices. The wi.tli tu are fully employed, and a few weeks continuance oi the preient briskness will enable them to obtain highir wag> t. Havhc, Sept. 15.?Ashes?Very little has been trans, ncted )ioo?l<i?t report,only ftO bbU American Potash, tieliv ribln net' nn.iitli, having lotin. buyci ?at 189 AO per I 50 kit,<iiity I8 5>, p id. I'earlash is worth <44 AO, but we have nn s.ile to B'>ii?e No arrivals ur-- reported. Bees wax? A lokol 2$ 'oi.s N<-w O' le^us found ku, t rs at 11 K7J j er half kil, dui> 4}c, paid. Cottons? Dciin* tUe whole ol last t\tek, aid inthetsriy pait of th" pie ?nt one,our market - hiMte 1 n i orMderdile glee if llatne?s ; the transact., os on some days ere on a ver, Cot.lined scale, and [ rices began to wr ,r a downward ipt -arTiCC Deal<is,in expectation p i h.<psof obtaining mine iLt"<sion, bought sparingly, and merely to supply imn. liat' necessities.but hold?rs. although willing sellers tt;ai rent r.ites, evinced uo diipaaiticu to press forward, o. lo accept lower terms i'h? fi'.iiat itu ie evinced on th?i. part, would seem to liavehad tbeilf.-ct of luatormg conft. dence. for since Wednesduy more bmkness has been dis played in the demand, the sales have been daily to a fair extent, and prices which were be'ore drooping, have now become suffer, with mther en upper tendency than otherwise. The accounts from the other side ol th< channel continue upon tho whole favorable, and th; weather still bi ing m.i't propitious, there appears const* cjuertly to br gond r.ison tor anticipating further im hi n incoii*;dvrable, and r.enotyet ]ii;< ly to arl'l rially tor.ur *?ock But the udvirea liom the Unlttd State* exported bjr the ric it ?: amer?, (front WMtcru i iv' Hih<mia,*ill in ml piobubilin convey mm? intelligence of f>n inteieatl'g nature, and gofrrto deci le the point a^ t i fu'ure ro?p?-ct* Kick?Not II ei?rh*(>?t inquiry ha* hn n maui'psti (1 for 4'arolin? rice, whicti ?st?. fort- quoted, at U1 at -J4 60 per ftO kil, duty fl 37J paid. Our tck h?? ni t ret rived any fui thcr addition \Vh?l?ho. c- Prices continue to nlvancc, bi><i nb< ut three ton* ? upected hy the Villi: de Ljon.loui Now York, were *oW at fi 87 J per half kil, duty paid. Wo are now quite hare ?f tiiit article. IUiiii, Sept. lb.?The rdvici-sbj the HiVrnin, received yeiteiday, via Liverpo j1, imparted in addition.1 degret of firmness to the cotton trade. An advance of fu| to ? ?a*g. rit rally demaud-'d, hut on those term* there wer< no buyer*, anJ price* c.inrmt be quoted more than f 1 to 2 Light-r. The tendency ol the matket in, however, tip ward* W'halebene i> scarce and in requ at, whilst ric> and t.illow are little ir quired lor. wheat i* r*thei cheaper- Froighta to New Voik are low. AiMiTFNnxM, Hfipt. 13.?Thepo'ltion of our Cofl e markrt ?inn* the l?*t ha* t xperieroed little alteration, eiei pt that ?eme iiiinitier? of ?re>n hiiiI yellow sort* an r ith#r in request, i?iid a.'ll a shade higher} ordinary, i n the i on'rsry, are le?* enquired alter, ant may *'ill l? lou^ht it 90 cent* per half Netherlands lh.; Humut'M ell* at 16 reiiig, hut in other d?'?? riptions nothin* or cm. ed The transaction* in unrefined 3'igar, though a fi" p ii rfn "hi iiibim iihvf nil* wi-i li .. ., > | i i 01 lor i\ < on?iint|.tion *t to U4I1, w?i* on the whole very in ifufieont, ind in tlx- K u* iHilin m/hing at all wan dom, im every mie in dwlrona to wait for the reaiilt of the i>ni> liu a'lrt.onjivhicli ii to be hel I at Mi ldlelitir?b on lb* 14th initant: HtiriuaB) ia quoted 10 to'J4 fl, Kaat Indiu 90IU34, nit yMlfciv Havana i-J to Ml pel An Nethn lamia lb? 1!ipo, with iii*|edon.g, remain* unaltered; cli-aue<1 Amines 11), ond here cleaned 19 fl Of were,?ttice otirlaat, loohbdi Mar) lai.d ul l?7 It ill. lutely brought into tha market dunned o(, beaidea lt>0 LhU. ut another kind, andMhhdi Kentucky fold n ?.'rlivi-rj. Ail<-MSr sorti remained quirt, and with the eacrptloft vi 87* ? roons Cuba leaves, uo further ?at?iS camn'o our kn?? ltylge. On the 14th instant -6J ;>?ck. g. Porto H co loaves will be brought to theh-mmu. ,N?wYoih Pot Ashes, ot which 300 k> gs have nnived, which bad been prevtouhly told on delivery at 1611, may now be bough . t 16} (1 in bund; ditto Pearl Ashes cither ou the *pot or or, contiact at 18 <1 in bond. Hambukoh, Sept. 8.?The acoounU respecting the to iultot the Dutch Gotten sales have made no particular impression on our malliet, which remains firm, though without much doing, the sales of tho week having been confined to 2,6tK) big*, at 3|to3J?cb; 2 6 0 L* guyra at 3} to/ij; and 4 MM) hags St Donnngo ut'JjtoJt ?ch. 3r^xil Sugar was in little request, buvers having their attention principally directed towards Havana, of which the following sales were (ff<fCted, viz : 2.600 boxes brown ut 4 j to 4}. and j ellow at 4(, 6} to 6( grot. Cotton has ogsin advanced In value, 260 bales irom the United oivw-s imTiu< oeen soia at 3| to 4|?CU,' "Jva ftt. uomingo l at 8 9 IS to 4|,and90 ?eron> Laguayra at 4 9 10 ich. Rico remained unaltered. The transaction" in Tobacco con lilted of 1.446 package! Porto Rico at 3j to 4^ ich, besides a few (mail parcels Havana and St. Domingo at diflorent currencies. Of Hides several first hand transactions took place A which about 7.600 Rio realized flf t? 6sch, and 3.000 Ltguayr* at 6 tw 6J sch. Common Council. Oct. 4?Joint Meeting.?B.ith Boards met in Joint Meeting?all the nic mtiers present, except Aldtrmen Purdv, Hatfield, Brigg* and Lee, and Assistant Aldermen Dodge ol the 31 War?t, and Oliver of the 16th. R'.tignaliont ?Of Cornelius \V. Lawrence, as member of v he Croton Aquduct Board.?Accepted. Of John A. Morrill, ns Inspector of Election of the third district of the 16.h Ward.?Accepted. Of Samuel Hoyt, as Measurer ot Charcoal?reason why ?so many in the business that ho cannot make a living at it ?Accepted. Of Thomas Com tan. as Inspector of Election of the second district of ilie ltitli Ward.?Accepted. The returns of the Chief Engineer were presented and referred Rtmortd.? Zxlmon 8. Hawkins was removed from the WO* of Inspector an i Weigher ol Pressed Hay. Re-appoititnl?Jomos B. Shea wis re-appointed Justice ot ih.- Uth and lO'.h Wards. Elijah Anderson was appointed Inspector of Lumber. Jede.liah Snow, Thomas Wif gins, James Sturgis and Orlnudo b. Williams were appointed Measurers ot Ch*r> CO.ll. Peter Tice, William H. Barnes, John Button aud Simon { Ack> rm:ir. were removed lrom the office of Iusj'ectors of Lumber. City Weishcrt.?The following persons were appointed city weighei*John Price, W. V. Seaman, Joseph Weekes, R. S. Van Tuyl, James Archer, Charles C. Clark, Joseph I P Delveccbio, Jahn Stiles, Philip Roach, Peter Souse, John Hallet, L*wis A Bertu, John Bartino, Elijah Barker, Jain s Westorvflt, John O. Ketchum, John J D -voe, Henry Suydam, G<orge F. Richaids, Joseph Moore, Asa W. Wilden, James Connor, and David M. Hughes Jfeightrt of Jlnlhracile Coal? The following persons were appointed weighersof anthracitecoalJohn Rey nolds, David L Ring, John E. Muller, Anthony M Costor, Adolph Waldrou, Amos Travis, William C. Van Alen, Hugh Nealis, Freet>orn Locke, John Oormlty, James Sliles, Benjimin Ilutnn, Jotrpu Newell, Andrew Hoff, Patrick Curley, Edward Benj-imin, Henry Posk, S J Jaques, Stephen B Hoffman, Jr . Burnett Diary, J?s. S ivuckhi, consianie oi me om warn, jjmes B Harvey, Stephen Davenport, L> niU' 1 Kissaa, J-unes W. H.nlev, Tho mug C. Smart, George E. Ktilin, Joshua Knapp, John McAndrew, David ParKs, Jahn Downy, Samuel Matthew, William Marten, William K. Taylor, Henry Shanlroid, and CharleaO'Neil. John Myerwas appointed inspector of election, of the '2d district of the lflih ward, in place of Thomas Coneten, resigned. of Hirtni A. Norris ? Assistant Alderman Ward, of the loth ward, ottered a resolution to remove llirum A Norri.i, Superintendent of Croton Aij'u duct. Assistant Alderman Ward sustained his resolution hy alleging that Mr Norris hnd walked into the office of the Wuter Commissioners a lew days since and took down a imp, and when told that he should not remove it,us it was desired in the office, he replied to the Commissioner ttiut he could Command those that would obey him, but he should not For this contempt 01 trcatmant hy an officer ol the corpo.-st'on he felt it his duty, with other charge;, that he was prepar d to prove ugainst him, to ask for hi-, immediate removal. Assistunt Alderman Bonos moved to lay tho resolution on 'he tahle. Q lite a delicto here ensued, in which Alderman Waterman, Tillou, Van lerwa'or and B"ggs took part. Alderman Ward replied, and denounced Mr Norris in the most pointed terms as totally unfit for the station to which he has been appointed, nnd that he had refused time and again to perform the duti"? pointed out to him by the Croton Bourd and Anuduct Committee The motion to lay on the tab'.o was here withdrawn. ' A motion was then mudeto appoint a comnutt.e of in- 5 vestigation into the charges preferred a^hin-t Mr V mtU | by the Assistant AIdeimano> theTi nth Ward,which v, as i adopted by a vote of twenty to niae Alderman Tuxott off. red a re-oiii'ion to tnsp#nd Mr. | Norris until theeo charge* were fully investigated, ctd sustained the resolution in a few rcma'U*. Alderman Douus said that the Croton Aqueduct Com mittee and Board were opposed to the nppointment of Mr. Norrii, and have been opposed to him since he has bt-.n appointed, and tkU was the secret ol this persecution. Aflire up then flowed between Assistant Alderman Chuilo:k and Alderman Tillou, in whirh the lurnier charged that ii the latter intended to cay that the charges Mr. Norris were not known to him belore, he w?s mistaken, a^ they had beiu submitted to him while on a caurn. committee. Alderman Tii-lou detiied that hchadsaid that this was the first he had known of the charges against Mr Norris, but if half that had been chargcd were true he should go lor hi* immediate removal. I O..V1..UI unit, u|? u luuwwru, ueiwecn /vititsruihii Nasli ank Assistant Alderman Boggs, in whioh the forI mer df nied that be had ever cbatg< 3 the Superintendent of Repiirs with dishonesty. A motioD to adjourn was lost by a vote of 3 to 25. Alderman ScoLks followed in a few remark* calculated to Ian the ttsmi ? among hit democratic opponent). At'iMan (Alderman Bonos asked win re the chargts j were against Mr. Norm?there was nothing presented heraol nd finite character?they were general, and in every view ot the attack it looked tehim like rack persecution. Ht> moved to lay the resolution to eur.iend Mr. Norris on the table, which was lost by a voteoi 14 to 14. A vote was then called on the resolution to aufpend, which wai also lost by a vote of 14 to 14 Assistant Aldermen Brown, tho President, then appointed the follon ing Aldermen bs the Committee ot five under the resolution to investiga c the charge alleged against Mr. Norris Aldermen Tillou, Clayton and llawson, and Assistant* Bnggs and Nesbitt. Aer.isiant Alderman Bo<.os then off red a resolution to compel Assistant Alderman Ward to piesent the charges against Mr. Norris, in writing to this Board, so that they could be presented to this committee. AsiiMant Aidermr.n Ward replied that he would not go brfore any committee nor ma ,ie any further movement in the nwttor ui.der the resolution. Alderman Watbrmai* responded with considerable force in rrply to the refusal of Alderman Ward to appear before tbe committee and sus'ain his charge*. Alderman Warp asked the reading of tbe resolution referred to the committee, as presented by him, which i3 as follows: ? "Resolved, That H A Norris be and he is hereby removed irom the office of Superintendent of the Croton Aqueduct department." As-ia-nnt Alderman Bonos replitd to the position of Assistant Alderman Ward. A'ststnn: Alderman C. J Dooar. said that after the refusal of the members to su*p> nd Mr Norris, he considered ihnt Assistant Alderman Ward bad acted correctly Samuel G Molt was U|-pointtd wilgher of anthracite soul. And tlit Common (Council then adjourned Board or Assist ants, Oct. 4?Adiocssid Mectikg.? Pre-id- nt Brown in ttan Chair?The minutes ol tbe lust three meetings wire read and approved. The Board then took a r< cess, to m-ettho other Board in joint ballot. At nine o'clock the Co ird re-assemhled r..i,7?i. _rAi?n?i t n ?. - . ?.?.v. . - uic .11) < fficif.nt corresponding secretary ol the American Insti tute, invited the Board by delegation to be present at trio open in? oi the Fair on tlie 10th in?t. The invitation nan con lied iu choice aud appropriate term*, and waa of course accepted. Bone ti oiling Kttailiihmtnt?A petition signed by leve ral rr.rdiCdl mid piofttdonal geutli men residing in toe upper part of the > ity, was r.-ad. s> ttine f.iith in strong trr ms the evils inflicted by the "b.>ne boiling establish ment"iri thut pirt of the city, and p'aying the action of the Corporation in the matter. Petition relerred to City liupector. jimily street ? A petition to light Amity street with gai was ret> rr'd Pier JVa. 33.?A report in favor of concurring wi'h the other Board, recoT mending the repairing of pier No. 93, fc. R , was read ami adopted. Hurl'ng tlip.?A rej^rt, recommending the petition of owneiaot vifdcla and others, praying to prevtnl large from unloading at Bul ling '.lip, to be referred to th - Alderman nnd A?si?tant of the ward, was adopted. Inertasing Pay of IVatthmrn ?A report in favor of incr?aiir.g the pay of w atclinv.o was rend, recommt nding ihat the follow iog be the rat?s pemi^htCaptain* >3,60; Assistant Captain* $9j Writchmen $1,38. The report ata'es that " it ii no nnuuial thing to find watchmen thot Hown while in the ditcharge oj their 4u lift'1 III A*<u*tn:it Alderman Williams moved that it lay on the able nr.d be printed, inasmuch a< the statement* made in the report were novel! and riquired time to examine? carried lUltate from Priion ?John O'Shaughnessy, a journejnmn tailor,immured in the Eldiid .<- street prison for veiling liquor without license, at tho suit ot the Corpora 'inn, the e.osi* anil fei 3 amounting to $30, prayed for re. 'ease on the ground ot iioverty. Concurrence '?ith the Mber boird I* moved. R-fetred to trie Committe on Police. Watch and Piison. with power. Adjournment ?This Baird h fK'jtiurncd to Monday, he Q.4,1 tlrl.ihn* int.1 Kv , , 1^ From Havana?Accouu'w (iwm 'Tavan? f il< lial Cuplaio General Vald'y., ?>f il.i I !*nd ul < nb? '<a <1 been succeeded by Don L< npo'Wi X.,..ii>L? n I' ll Don Antonio Larru?, lotendarit of the fiu' branch ol the Island of Cuba, ha* b?en sue ' did by the lorrner Iniendani, Count Villanueva I'lii* churii<f haa been broii?nt about by tiic revo ution in s*puinLatkr from Rio Ja^kiko ? We an- indebted f< iie (oIiI' iiob of C^pi Chason, of the hii# JanM ro, . K fik- n, J^nmica, l?T liifBof the Royal G. r. Hi .md Morning Chronicle, up to the 8th of ? *( m'>er, iiicliiaivo They contain nothing ?t interea ti ill-- A tii'-riciin reader, except iiecountaof the <ii uri iih fi e hi Kintrnton on the 26 h < f August l.ixt hie Ii I - > been anticipated by advices received h <?tlier porta, Our attentive correspondent at Kingston, wriiint - J -i - ?-i - -li - ih ?f r " 11) 11 r wuu m II r. mti? r (inie <>i inr o u un. ,, ? t #H (n-r barrel; M.-al at |?-r barrel ; nnd lin: M i*r 100 pounds Thcue wcr? the wlio|p*al? i icfB; (he matk< t vm? glut'ed.-- 'lull Atrur. Wku-ii's Circus *m at Crnou ou I he fourth of ^rptember. *NT?wT0R!r^ERAL5" \cw York, Thursday, October B, 18*3 ?fl>- Mr L W.JUiit U our only auihoii*eil agent lot h- -a!.-cl tb.- Il? r?M in Troy, N Y. All persons wi?h fh j. .p. r iu ti ' t city will apply only to him, at 230 IV?T t The Foreign S?w?. Oar columns to-day are crowded with the foreign news brought by the Acadia; there is, however, nothing particularly deserving of comnurnt at this moment. The Queen ef England, it will be seeu, ia yatchting, and visiting all the neighboring sovereigns, with whom she takes pot luck for a law days, and then resumes her yatchting. Having spent a few days with Louis Philippe, the King ot the French, she next visited her uncle the King of Belgium, and betore she gets home again, may possibly look in upon other sovereign powers. In Spain ranks that will not easily be healed. It therefore becomes these delegated, their parly being slightly in the ascendancy, to select such men as will secure not only their own party vote, but the confidence and support of the neutral force of thi* city, who are fast becoming a moral party of t-uch strength as to overbalance either in ascendancy wlio present candidates unfit to perform the important duties assigned them. TheBe officesaie of Utile importance in a political sense, except to nspiring politician^, a* no principles of government are carried out in their selection, and therefore hundreds, and we might add thousands, who would follow the party wake to sustain candidates tor places of legislation, will not do so in voting for the rfljcos ?f Sheriff, Coroner and County Clerk. The community have too much stake in the filling of these im portHnt stations, to allow themselves to be led part blindfolded in support of men incapable of performing the service*for which they are selected; therefore let good, honest, able and responsible men be chosen as cand.dates, or they can never be elected. The Great Forger, Jack Reed, aliasClinton ? This celebrated individual will probably be brought home in the Great Western, by virtue of the treaty of Washington, under the wing of O. M Lowndes, Esq. whom the London papers style " the great American barrister," othersthe "American minister" We believe, however, he held no other appoiuimnt than " envoy extraordinary" for Jacob Little & Co. to recover the forger and the money. $13,000 is already obtained,and there are hopes that the balance may be recovered. It is possible,when he finds that he will be given up, that he will compromise. He had much better stay in London. It ;ipp>*ars that Reed, with Webb the forger, went into business together on their stolen capital, at Hull, where they established sawing mills. But Reed's attentions to Webb's wile were, it seems, too pointed, and Webb ran off to France, leaving his family in the care of R?*ed?thus t bowing that there is no honor among thieves, and putting the old proverb to shame. It is highly gratifying that the Messrs. Little are likely to recover their property. Msxitan Claims ?It nooears that there is some complaint against the course adopted in Mexico in ending the money belonging to the claimants to ihis country. By the terms of the treaty with Mcxico, it is expressly stipulated that the Mexican Government ?hall deliver the amount of indemnity at Vera Crti7., tree of expense; and then, to cover all the expeme of shipment of the specie to theUnited St?tes,it is ex iiresoly siipulated that that government fhall pay two tad one half per cent on the amount of ihe ind^mlity, which is one and one quarter per cent more Inn the customary charge for freight and insurance Vera Uiu7. to the United States. How is it hat the Government o! the United States, whose Secretary o( the Tr<at,ury is authorized by a law of 'ongress to receive and disburse to the ciaimantihe amount of their indemnity, can make any :harge against the cUimiuitbl Have they not al ready suflered and lost enough by Mexican outrage >ta their property1? Mu t they be Mibj'ct to a new ind illegal exaction by their own government1! Let u.s have this matter ex ituinrrl into. Another Shot at Pijakyism ?The Harper* liavr puMii-hfd, in a pamphlet at one shilling, the ch^rgt Mivercd by Diahop Mcllvaine, of Ohio, to ttir <:lergy of his diocese, at their recent Convention 1'he Ihthop takes pretty good care to let it be snown, that he has very little respect for Pn?fyisrx n any fhnpe, and hr eloquently enjoin" upon lm ilerKy.the ex rcise of the utmost vigilance ag.unai k ,t. For aale at thia office. me civil war continues. In Wales, Rebecca is a* active as ever in the destruction of gates, la Ireland the Repealers are as noiey as usual. Aud of the movements of the rest ot the world, our ex* tracts of foreign news will give all necessary information. To morrow we shall publish another letter from Mr Bennett, who was in Paris at the last advices. Van Buren Nominations.?The county convention of the Van Buren party meet to-day at Tammany Hall, to nominate candidates for sheriff, county clerk,and coroner. This nomination will be watched with great interest, uot only by the party for whose special benefit it is intended, but by the pub lie at large, who have a still greater stake in the choice tf the men who are to fill these important stations for three years The prominent candidates for sherifi ure John J Westervelt, the present deputy, who has filled that station for years ; John Eir> nuns, Alderman oi the Sixth Ward, and Harry At wood. Several others are looking up to the office, and may possibly receive a vete or two in the delegation, but one of the three above named will certainly be nominated For county clerk, the mcst prominent men are James Connor, the typefounder ; Danitl C. Pentz, of the 4th ward ; Samuel Osgood, late deputy of the 12th ward; Isaac B. Smith, assistant Alderman, and Wm. D. Waterman, Alderman of the 9th ward. One of these geutlemen will receive the 1 r .1 : 11 ??C- -I i?AL vuuiw, uuu any uue ui uicill IS well quanueu I or me station. For coroner, Dr Archer, the present incumbent, Dr. Vanzant, Dr. Raw son, Alderman of the 16ih ward; Orville J. Nash, bntcher; Isaac Knowlton, and Cornelius B. Timpson, are among the iirst who stand a chance for the preference, but the public, as we have time and again expressed the opinion, have virtually decided that no man can perform the duties ol that office with such general satisfaction as one of the medical faculty. To those unacquainted with the intricacies of partizan machinery, the scene in this convention to be exhibited to-day would be a useful study, fraught with serious conclusions as to the permanency of republican institution^ but wheu it is remembered that the people themselves, in their sovereign capa" city, decide upon the acts of a body of men bo coiistiluted, and so prone to political trick and traffic, all fear of any long continued usurpa' ion of power by any clique or faction, must be dissipated The firet movement in the convention by those who are politically honest, should be to obtain a viva voce vote on all nominations. This was loudly recommended and advocated by the Van Btiren press, as t!?e true democratic principle in all conventions, pr< vi?.u?to tlip Resembling of the recent State Con. vention at Syracuse, ar.d therefore must be sound doctrine on tins occasion If it fails, as it probably will, from want of sterling independence on the part of the delegates, the next important movement will be a tcramble to secure a first choice for one of the three otficea to be filled. This will be of great importance to any one candidate who can count strength sufficient to elect him on the first ballot. The candidates for the two remaining offices will then be compelled to run a perfect gauntlet before success attends their efforts, unlets by private caucus of a majo'ity of the delegates, the three moo are already helecied. Should these nominations, as we have before stated, bo made solely with an eye to the selection of Van Buren men, a breach will be created in the democratic City Intelligence, Folic*?Rather a dull day jes'erdoy. Tom Lowery, charged with robbing the drover EnAeld, several months since, waa arrested yesterday by otlicers Cocki fair and 9tek*ly, and comsaitted for trial. H* waa arrested some weeks since on the same charge, but was discharged at the time for want of evidence. Two new complaints of passing counterfeit money were made against Kate B'-amcr, on which she will certainly be sent to the State prison. Bf acom Couasic.?The trot between Lidy Sutt'olk, Dutchman and Americas, two mile heats, in harnew-', comes oft'to day at 8 o'clock. It will be a very interesting rn/<n if iko (kraa Knra<>a ctatf Binr.ut.ah Cause of Di-ath.? A boy name! Isaac W. Watt*, about eight jenrs of age, was killed on Tneaday evening in the following strange manner. He been playing with several boy a in the Bowrry, and run into a stable near the corner oi Hester street, from whence he was chased out by the hostler, an<l iu running across the street causht hold of the wheel of u waggon standing opposite, to stop his progress, when he slipped end fell on thu pavement, i'racturiig his skull so as to causa almost instant death. Rowbt fiasmkn ?On the night of the 13th of June last, between the hours of 10 and 11 o'clock, the house of Engine Company, No. 48, was attacked by agangof desperadoes, while the members of the company were in meeting in the upper pait of the hou?e, and the doors and windows broke,i in with paving stones and the engine dragged out, capsized, mutilated and broken. Charles H. Hmith, the foreman of the company, witnessed th* pro. ci'i dingi, and having exerted due diligence to discover th'? perpetrators of the rowdy conduct, succeeded this week in causing the arrest of the following youug men, who are fully committed on charqes ot riot and assault :? T. rrence Smith. John O'Neil, Simuel Soears, Chailes A. Golding, John Connollv, Qeoree McCauley, Albeit McIIwain,Michael Duff) .Richard Hj de.and William Sexton. OO- Charles Wh.j.mkr, of Liverpool, will accept our thanks for the London Times of the lihh, received by him by ppeci'd express. TtJ- Judge Jamkb Vandkrpokl died in Albany last Tuesday. Mr Roesbll.?This distinguished vocalist gives a cnncfrt this evening at Brooklyn, and a farewell concert at the Stuyvesant Institute, in this city, on Friday. Niblo's?The new pantomime has created quite a sensation; we are not surprised at it, whether we consider the beauty of the scenery?the cleverness of the transformations?or the rich acting of the Ravel?; the three form a combina ion rarely to be witnessed. All strargers nve ture to pay thif? establishment a visit, acd our citizt ns have long made it their lavorite resort T5y the Why, Hill has compos. ed an admirable ove rture for the new piece, wl.ich meets with deserved apnlauae Chatham Theatre ?At thia comfortable and orderly house latt night, was pertormed the melodrama of the Itebel Chief, and the beautiful play of the Stranger. The latter ptce, we are persuaded, could not be performed in a more effective or masterly manner. Mr. Jamison performed the part of of the Stranger in a manner which does credit to the piece, and Mrs Jones, us Mrs. Haller, received the enthusiastic plaudits of the audience.? We do not know, on the American stage, a more promising actor than Mr. Jamison. There is an ex cellent bill offered for this evening. Another Appointment.?Nathaniel Greejie has received the ftppoiulnv-nt of postmaster of Koston, vice George Win Gordon, who g.? s Consul to Kio de Jnoeiro. The appointment is to tike t fleet on the 15ih iust. Superior Court. Before Julge Oakley. WKDKF.fDAT, Oct 4?Ridley vt. Bedell ? Thin ca?e, continued liom > ei>t> t?lny?the t-ourt charged the jury, tbfct it Bedell ha l by tin- evidence, proved a right of way. and that the stable of ih<? plain iff eucroached on that light, he was justified in law?that he exhibits no w>re maliciousness or violeuce in es'-ihii'hing Mscl>iim tu that right than was neces-.ary. Thuchicl p>iut (or the jury to determine the corrcct boundary of th? adjacent rear lot,known ns Winsiow's, the fenoe of which hfcd been changed twice If the fenca of Winslow had encioacbed upon the lots in question, and Bed--lt'fi right of way ol ten feet lay adjacent to such tancv, then Winslow was the person to sutler and not Ridley ; but if the tenco ofWiutlow was correctly drawn, to de.isrn.ilc his tut. then B. dell had a full claim ol 10 teet adjacent 10 that leuce, and if tke stable ol the plamtitl encroached, ihu defendant was justified in cutting oft from it as much at encroached upon that right. The jury were to decide the boundary ol YViuvlow'a lot, and then the case was jierffOtly clear A verdict was returned tor the plainlilf in $6 costs and $6 damages forpuintin.Uhartas o t/Onaor; lor fieieuce, Raymond. Calender foi Thurtday-76,7/, 20,51, '23, 38,82,31.30, 37, 3*. circuit Court. Before Judge Kent. WcDMiD*T,Oct. 4.?Fuller vt. Jiinutrong.?An action of trover, to recover a quantity ol crockery which the defendant Lad received by fraudulent re[>iesema'ions, end und r false pretencis. He rtpreaented hiiiipolf i>? worth >3(M)0over and above all d*rus, duea and demands, the oalv existing claim against Uim bt in-i au old pn tnt-tshipdebtof $3#0. The goods were shipped, but subsequently the plaintiff discovered that Iip had been cheated out ol his ptoperty?that the defendant had tiken the benefit of the bankrupt act, bis debt* amounting to $7n ?>c, and that he had a judgment debt ogams' him of $3Wa,ot' which $1200 was remaining on hand The certified "opy ot bankiupicy waa offered iu evidence. The jury fuuwd for the plaintiff. Calender far Thursday-46, 1, 9,15, 16,43,61,82,68, ti, 69, 70,71,72,76,77, 84,91, 9J, 93. V. S. District Court. Before JuOge Butu. Wkdnfsd4Y, Oct 4.? The U. Slatei v. JeanBano.This was an oction oil a bail hond anting out of tb? case ol Froach, the importing merchant,u ho w..s some m nlhs since arrested on a charge o! } erjur) , in pasting Iraudulent invoices through the custom hou>o. The Grand Ju ry found seven indictments aK*in*t him, on four of which he waa held to bail in the turn of $lt>,00o The District Attorney bi ing dissatisfied with the nature and ?olveucy ot the sur? tie*, m rested him on the other three bench warranta, and compelled him to give bail ot a morn solvent character. Tne defendant became one ot tich bail, in the sum O' $4000 Fro?ch has absconded, und it isnowsotight te recover the amount ol the security. The defence set up was that the entire proceedings were illegal?that a ti u? bill having been leturnad tiy ihe grand jury the Cairminsioni r was not au'horiz d by the statu e to receive bail?if he did so, the act waa illegal The Court charged the jury that, as the case involved certain legsl points on which he wished to have more timw t<> deiibeiate and hear arguments of counsel on, they could find a verdict lor the plaintiff, and a bill o: exc pHods would then be prepared by the counsel for thn people, which would give afuitber opportunity of considering the nn-ritn of the legal (oitrts at issue. The jury accordingly found or the plaintiff for plaintiff the Messrs Fields. Court of Common Pleas. Before Judge Ul'hoeitkT. Oct 4.?Joseph W. Redly v? J oh n It Walton and Ed ward brown ? This w<is an action of trespass. The plaintiff hired !?r one month a portion ol a house in H *us. ton stret t Irom the difendnnt Walton, und>ra writieo agieement And in August la t the suircM* i'mting from the ) ard to the rooms occupied by the pUintiff were removed, also the tool was uncovered, in consequence Ol w BICU III Uv ll w auniniiicM uui iii|) ? i nil siui ui . The defence let up i*, that the p'aintift hail no 1< << I right of tenantcy, thete on suffrage, bIilt the exptr .lion ol the first montli, and secondly that the repairs wero made with the cod ami ol the plaintiff The evidence wua contradictory. The C*urt clmrg, d. that the non production ol tbo agreement hy the pliiintifl, alter written notice being served by the defendants' counst 1 to pioducn it, wa* :*tal to establishing a right of tenantcy. The quel tion for the jury to determine wan?had the pUimiff E roved his right, and was he the tenant ol Waitou T ii to, e bad a legal clsim lor damage*?if not, tie defendant had a i ight to make the repaint Again ?if a legal tenant, and had given . onsent, then the verdict muat be lor the dele d mts. A sealed verdict will he returned at tlte opening ofthe court to day. For plaintiff, Harris WiJaou; lor defendant, J W. C. Level idge. Robert Hundley r J. Math fit Jlrmtlrnng and Qrorge Simjiion ? Thia la un action ol replevin. On theSd June laht thndift ndant seized on n lotol spruce spar*, dock M logs, Aunts, and a h< m.oc* stick, valued at ?AOO, hy virtue of a landlord's wanuntfor rent of shore?tha claim for rent whs f49. The defence si-t up is, that the claim of the defendants was le^nl -nd Just, and the warrant was duly serve I. The case will b continued at theojemig ol the court lodav. For plaintilt.J. II Klauiiagun , for the defendants, Messrs Firli'a. Calender fur Thurtilny? 'on. 81, IB, 41, 17, .IS, At), 144,1W, Utt, 1,0, II,S3. 44. 48, 30, 3d, 131, M, 03, 147. Genernl Sessions. Before lUcorder Tallmadge, and Aldtrmca Clayton and Martin. JaMrs R. WHtTiwn, E?<j , District Attorney. W? DwmoaT, October 4 b.?Hone S'ealing ?A colored man, named lohn Williams, was tried for stealing a hntse and wagon, belonging to fftn D. Vreeland, ol Bergen, V. J, on the 4d of September lsst. The ar.cus d wns ound standing near the horse and wagon, that had been removed Irom Washington Markit to Albany strei t, and a-hen asked ? here he pot the horse, he said it belong, d ( i> htm, and reluseJ to give tipthe lines, and wasihen ?iken to the police offlr.e The Jury, not com eivi-.g th' iiridenre sufficient to chow acinar intent ol larceny, ucquitted him. T'ial of Patrick Noonan.?Thia man, impleaded with ! aia sou Michael, was put on trial an a charge el giai d irceny, in stealing $t,IAA in Canada bank nn'es, the roperly of Roheit Cold, broker, of Torouto, U. C., on t m 45tli June last. F,bw*sp B Rimr. called and sworn.?I am a clerk for K di .t o d.llirokar a id reside in Buffalo, am in the ha1 it of iiirchasiint funds at Buffalo, fn transmit to Mr f!?,i,i '.i Toionti";! transmitted *3lft6 to Mr Codd on the 'J6 h fJune lint, in diftrroBt bank notei, mvelopori in |>b| ?r, 111,1 nm*kpiI in tr.y h inJ wiitiajf. (\ nnutbrr ol anveloiie* wnrn hure ibown witnmi 1 ??'|turn continuti?l cu identity a number ol thtot il

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