Newspaper of The New York Herald, 5 Ekim 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 5 Ekim 1843 Page 3
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wus to Mr CodJ Toronto, [ and uwient by tbu '.fuBibuiil Cmel Justice Robinson, in e?r<i of Hei.ry R'Cbm J?on, ir m L**wistou, m this S;ut?; ?.hf wh?> b'oiudto Tot onto, Uppwi Canada. Cruts efmintd.? i"b? money wai delivered to Mr.; Biciiurdiuii, wbu was the toil of the aaptain, and a clem of ibe b.'iut; alt the notes in the package were notes ol the baiiki ol CunaJu. Hknkt Richabuion called and sworn?I am the person t<> whom I lie package wad delivered by Mr. Riche; I took the package and pl.tced it m the ottlce; it was on f>uiidH)', 811.I we took it Herons itoJ back to Toronto; on Motutay, Pj'.ri. k Noou&n camn and avked if there ?*a? anr package tor ftlr. Codd; so I told biui there waa a t' ika.'e c! money, which I delivered to him, and said, j-mgnibgly, "Don't run away with it." Ha ?aid,"Nevei that." Kobkht Codd, broknr, was sworn, and deposed as /ol lows I was at>w>nt when the mouey was delivered to Konnaa; 011 my return 1 ascertained thefac*, and a'so that he hod neaped with hi* aen; I gave pursuit, una lound they had bren changing Canada money ; I followed thrill to New York, where they wore arrested through my exertion*; a carpet bag was found in possession of tho old man; one of tho memoranda corering a rolJ 01 bill* put up by Mr. Riche. at Buffalo, was found u the mm, Michael; the sum ol $1400 was also lound on liirn. urn* $1A00 on the father; oil the money win in specie; the lather said, when I found biin, that hi* ?on had taken the money from him on the wharf at Toronto; I asked him why he let him tako it; he said he could not help it; he i,l*o said all the money had been changed into gold and silver; I understood him that the son took the money frnm him by force. D?vts Howe, broker, called and swern?The young roan Patiicu, came to my oftice in vVall street and dwsired to change Canada money, which we discounted to the amount o< fltMO. He told me the money belonged to hi* muster, who had come here to stay sometime I'sts.e B Waukkb, police officer, called and deposed, thit he arrested the old man, Patrick, anal found about $14 0 on him. Jamfs L Smith, police officer, deposed that he assisted in the arrest ot the old man, Patrick, and found from twelve to filicen hundred dollars in gold?he said, his ic.n hud changcd the money into spacie while he stood out doors Tho tc*timony for the prosecution was here rested. Wit. M. Prick, E?n .then rose and contended that there whs not evidence sufficient to show a larceny, that the oileiice hai been committed in another country, and the only construction thnt could bo placed upon it was thai it waa embtzzlenient only That it was necessary for the p o. sedition to dhow that a larcenymust have been com n i ted in a foreign country, which had not I een shown in this e-iseby any testimony presented to the jury. It therefore became incumbe"t upon the prosecut on to provn that a lsiceny had been committed in Canada; and as there was no evlenCM that a law existed in that country making the stealing cf bnnk note* a larceny,the prosecution must fail in the case It was well known that by the common law ol the land, both of this country and Gr?at Britain, thnt the taking of bank notea or bonds waa not larceny, and therefore a special pt.itute of thia State was passed milking it nn Indictable offence. The District Attobnky contended that tho law of Canada made the atvaling of bank note* a larceny iu Canada and in order to unswor the objections, he would prove i' orally, and called Mr. Codd to answer. Mr Prici. objected, ns he thought tie lawsofa country should Improved by better testimony than a broker. The District Attorney contended that the law of any foreign couu'ry could bu proved by a person acquainted \yiih the law, but not by a printed book, unless it wa* certified as correct in some legal manner. He also argu d that the Court should be thejudgns ot ihe law of a foreign country, and finally withdrew the witnefs Irom the stand. Mr. Phice replied by asking the Court if a horse had been stolen in Canada and brought into this State, would it not be necessary tor tho prosecution to show first that the horse was stolen in Canada before they could sustain a c.t?.?. The Rf.cordkr gave tbe opinion of the which lie stated that the question whether the offence was a felony in Canada was one ot great delicacy; hut as t'le prisoner hi d the ptivilege of a bill ol'exceptions in case ot a decision ug.iimt him, they should so decide, as time did not permi: a thorough search into the authorities beating upon it The opinion, therefore, is, that the taking was a felon'ous stealing of propetfy of another in Canada. Mr Prick urge ! the Court to adjiurn the cause, that thev might take time to investigate tne case. The RscoRorn said that his opinion was pretty well formed that the decision cf tbe Coutt was correct; but th? question could be brought up under a billol excep tions. \i. n i;.? & mi. innrxi uirii icun rAV-r^ruun MI Hir lllillTimnil, UI1 the >ir<Mind that as the money hud never been in actual possession of Mr. Cod 1, the taking could not be considered larceny. He cited a number of authorities to show the lr-gality o hii position, and concluded that the offence could he emb' zzlement alone, over which this Court h id no jurisdiction. The District Attoriskv replied that the delivery to I the ? wan a delivery to the master Th- R-coanm stated ho considered the possession of the <to ey in lhehands of theclerk of Mr. Code), at Buffalo, as in possession ot Mr. Oo<)d, and therefore '.hr UrCt uy ? as complete, as he could i.ot discover when he hud part< d with the possession of the m'mey. Mr. rmce 'heri said that under this decision of the Court there was no other course lor the defence to pursue but to taUi exceptions to the decision; and also asked the. Ccurt to charge that th? description ot the note*, us given in the evidence, was not mtttcient, and alio that the note* were all of i icorpoia'ed companies of Canada The case was then submitted to the Court without argument Th-' Rkcorokk charged that the feloniously stealing of prnp.'i'y oi another in Canada was a larceny at common law. and that the sttallu^of bank notes in Canada con. stituies a felonious stealing in that country. Alto, that the pnss- ssion ot the money ii the hands- ol ihecleik of !V"r. < odd, a* his otft.^e in Buff iio, was a lull delivery to JMr. Codd. and the retore the offence of taking was larce ny, and not embezzlement. Ou the points relative to the testimony astothr- des"rip'iou of the notes by the witM-s<es, the Court charged that that was a matter of fact for the jury; and as to the lack of evidence in the prosecution in not proving the existence of the banks in Canada, from whence the note- had issued, or the genuineness of the notes or th'ir vnlu?, it was of no particular constquer ce, an the jury had the facts before them. Ca** 0/ Michael Nn?nan ?The case of the son was tin n calh d up, and the District Attorney, with the con p*nt of the Com t, entered n nolle prosequi, and he was discharged The reason for this proceeding was that tli'te was no testimony to show that the son had participated in tne stealing ol the money, end tteietorehe coiil I not be convicted of grand larceny. Case at Jamti F Blaney ?Thecase ol this young man indicted ?r manslaughter in the first degree, lor killing William Cullen, was called up, and a jury empannelled. The testimony will be commenced this morning, to which tioie the Court adjourned. Marine Court. ty'Sefor> Judge Hanoiiond. Oct- 4.?Fi<xk vi Harmon? This was an action to recover dan ages in a trade of horses. The plaintiff is a catiran, the defendant a grocer. Some short time sinethey traded horses, the deletdsnt giving his animal and f 18 in rxchange lor the plaintiff's. About lour or five 1 ajs al'er the eale, the plaintiff discovered that the horse was unsound, being ame, and wished to retui n the animal, but thi-was ri (use 1 by the de'erilant, inasmuch as he only guaranteed the hose until 12 o'clock ol the <in> succeeding the sale. Verdict lor the plaintiff in $d<? d"' ' -it iff?- KUMANl'E AND ART?A youi g gentUmau of tins city, walking d-nvu Broadway, a lew wei ks sine, wastmitr n wnh the appearance ol a young lady, wtiosn fotm ,'ind features were of the most extraordinary beauty T hi; lady observed him as they passed each other, and w> s no less struck with his air and manner. It was one of those cusi'h ol love at first sight, which even in tni age will sometimes happen. hry met in the street several times, and this mutual lilting of eAch other increased, until the gentleman Inund an opportuni > ol meeting the lady at a private party. Wlut promised so much pleisure, proved to each a source of the most poignant soriow The had but ?ne futilt U her .beauty. The soft down upon her lips ha<l gro*u tosueh an extent that though not visible in the Mr> et, it was so obvious in the drawing room, that hir lot ?r, a man ? ' nice ideas uud the most sensitive delicacy, W -s st tick wi'h leelings aklfi to disgust. It was in vain thst,he comhattrd w ith this leeling It was w rong, out he couid not avoid it. Thcla ly was conscious of the alteration in his feelings, liut could not account (or it, until a mutual friend under took to probe the xffsir, nnd to him the geutletnsn made a ftank ex plana' ion. The lady was covered with mortitie at Ion and distress. Conceive, ye beautiful, how she hate lelt, to lase for one little hiemish, all she valued in existence Fortunately she was a daily reader of the Star, and th' fir-t thing that struck her. in opening the paper the next mot 1, iti 7, w a* the advertisement ot the Poudri s Subfiles 01 Dr Felix Uoiiraud. Hope flswed into her soul in a hur?t ofecstacv. She hastened to the olfi.-e, lurni-hed berselt with the compound, ?nd the result waa completely successful. Wiien ne*' she met her lover, her lace was free from iti uncouth Hppeiuiage, and she ha* no t- nothing to mm he, Ueauty, and no bar to h<T lelicity.? N Y Star. To be had in thi? city only at #7 Walkerttr et, one door from the corner of Broadway, $| per bottle, and where it cau be soon tested. Beware of b.isc counterfeits. Not to be bad in Brooklyn. For list of agatita see advertisement. juj- PRIV \TE DISEASES?* CURE GUARANTEED.--The College ol Medicine and Pharmacy of the City of N' W Vork, established 'or the mippresiion oi qnarkery, ia now prepared to treat all diseat-e* ol a pr Vat? nature, and oiler to all those afflicted with these diftressing maladies advantages not to he met with in any other inntitution in this country, either nubile or private From the constant correi|i"n<1eune, and from private ar tai L-ements, between the members of the College and th< ni' i "i>n nt professor* ol the medical institutions of En rnp?, all improvements in the treatment otthe*e disease* are 101 wanted to them long i? tore they reach the tnaj > rdy ol the medical profession of th i* country. With tucli c? lohi ated remedies, together with the combined skill ol the first medical men ot this country, the College le. l sa tisfled that the good woik the* have und> rtaken, " th> nuppr ssion ot quackery," Will receive the patronage it <5 serve* Iiom that portion ol the public tequiring theii scrviree. Tetma lor advice, all medicines, $5 Odtoe and consulting Rooms of the College. 9? Nissan \V H. RICH AH DSON. Agent. N B. Patient* livint; at ti distance, bv atating their di ea t:explicitly in writing, siting all sj mptoms.togethel vi'h the tteaim''nt they received elsewhere, if any, can 'iio a chest containing all medicines, with full direr tions lor tise, with a guarantee of cure, hy addrusung tb? w^ent o! trif coiitge, po? ftifmniic j.v jp- ' WORMS?WOR >1 * ? W OR MP. "?Tlii'y lull cViiwron t>y bumlrfda, wh?rn the ctutr is BeTtrsu'pecte , tin sulf rerfl uever dreaming that these pi'htn art' doing ull Urn cwmchiff When th? hreath i* otfrnmve and thorn i? Ibtirh piking ol tin* tio'c, grinding the tuth during si ?|>, palenes* alioutihe lip*, with flushed cheek*, fcc., these ate symptoms which indicate the presence ol worms. Mherman's Worm Lozenges ur?- a Miecfic?they <Ie troy tin m whin nil oth'T mean* fail Children will U\? them easy, ami c?y (?r more. They have bet n tmd In nv?r 400,000 cases. auil always with psrfeet sneer**. L)r. HhermHn's wan h?ns*'is H*fl Nssshu street. Amenta? II" Ilioaluay; 10 Aster Home: 117 Mndaon strtet;IHH B i*<T? j 77 Kaot Broad* a> William street,and 3 Led g?r Buildings, Philadelphia. BY THE SOUTHERN MAIL (IalM of llovkl at Philadelphia. 8kcoho Board, Oct S ?$316 State 0 ? 1S46. <J1; $13 tM State ft'*. A"; 113 nharvt Wilmington Riilroad, 13; |H lo Vickstmrg Bauk.?i; 6 >1" Pennsylvania Bank, IH7; Fih*t Boakd, Oci. 4-20 Nhar<-s Hclm\ikill B*nk,r|c;, 8; $1?)OOT. niieMte B< nd? I I Jnlv, 83J; 13-barn Wilmington Kailroad 18; $4000 City 6'?, IB7H. I0J; $600 lo lo IWJ; 6t-h?rea Readiug Railroad, 17j; $#00 8ate6'??o. 17 shares Schuylkill Navigation Company, 39; 60do N Orli an* Oan Bank, 30; 10 do do 3i'J; 10 do Commercial Bank, 46, 31 do Camden and Atnboy Rnilroad, 88; $0000 Ctieiupedko and Delaware, 3.1; 30 >Iiart? United Mate* Bank, 4J; 100 do Vickiburg 3); 10 do SchU) lklll Bank.ckji 7|; 36 doOirard Bank, ttj; 14 do MerchauU' and Manufacture!*' Bunk, Piuabtirir, 47. LATKST NOlITHKKiM |SHIP NEWS Phil an k i. v h i a , Oct <-Arr Adventure, (Br) Curry. Abaco. Below, Hope, Johus, froin Barbados: Delaware. Mercier, Kio Grande: Madrid. I.iltle, Trinidad deCuba; R V Lo|>er. North, I BsISJ'rv!?~ii u.Va,?Br' Thomas; Porto Carlton, St Jago de Cuba. Baltimore, Oet 3?< 1(1 Commerce, Ptincr, Demerara and a 7. . i. .'Pf1 A"1?*} Charletton; Maria, Atwell, 8t Ausuttiue.? Sid Colchis, Kniaci.t. NOrl?tns. Richmond, Oct3-Sld Henry Clay, NYork; Wm W Wyer, Button. 09- GENERAL TO VI THUMB HAS ARRIVED in town, and wilt be greet "d to day by tncusands ot wann and happy hearts. The Oen is a great favorite wherever he goet, anil especially ut the American Museum, which it always his head quarters in this city. It we ara not greatly miftuknn the place will be thronged to-day with viziers,anxious to give the Gen. a cordial greeting. In the erening there will bo a grand performance by several ol the bent artists in the city. How can any body stay awav 1 HQ- PEALE'S MUSEUM CONTINUES TO BE well patronised, and will be always sure ol success with such attractions as Casper Hauter, the Fud ge Mermaid, th<- Southern Minstrels, Miss Adair, and Cerito The performances every night elicit raptures of ai>plouse, and are uniformly allowed to be rich, lorone shilling. 09-WE WOULD CALL THE ATTENTION OK our render* to the advertift ment of Dr. Taylor's celebrated Balsam oi Liverwort, which is so much counterfeited and imitated by the bum for the cure of consumption, and for sale at 376 Bowery, the only genuine. (XT- TO MY WIFE. Mycherixhed wife ! thou know'st full well What words of mine would faintly tell ; For thou hast witnessed, none but thou, '1 hi'se pangs, convulsing lip and brow, That wrung uuwitlinely irom me, Duep groans of piercing agouy Thy (lear loved voice, when torture's whip, Half loiced tho curse* to my lip, Hus si nt them all untutored back, And I have smiled upeo the rack. 'Tij over now?though nee'r was reared Ou human chin so wiry a beard. My razor, set on Ch<>pmBi)'i strop, Sweep down unfelt the stubborn crop ! No more I stamp, no more I ravp, With Chapman's Strop, 'tis bliss to shave. WILLIAM. 0(7- COUNTRY MERCHANTS AND DRUGGISTS are invited to call on Corns'oc* & Co , it Courtlandt street, and make irrarigements to sr-U on comniission the Magical P.ii? Extractor. They are determined that every family in the United States shall know the virtuesot this 1-tst but gieatest discovery in tho world, that will save life in any ca?e of burn or scald, if the vitals are unde stroyed, aid beal without a scar; extracts all pain Ironi hruists, saves limh and fight when all elm fails. The price has hecu reduced one hair, viz. *J5 cents, 60 cent* and one dollar per box. The lattar holda ten times and the middle fnur times the quantity ol the 33 cent size. 21 Cuuitlandt street ia thenniy place to g< t it genuine, and in Boston ofComatock k Ros<, SiCornhill. 0(7- PHALON'S TUBEROSE SHAVING CREAM ?The cool weather ia just the time for chapped lips and smarting faces, and nothing is more conducive to the?e annoyanc s than the miserable snaps got up lor shaving. Would you avoid these perplexities? then buv the Tuherose shaving Cream, which has a beneficial iff ct on the skin, softening the bwatd in quirk time and imparting a smoothness an I whiteness to the face net attained bv any other aiticle for shaving From its exceedingly low price, as well as its superior qntl'ties, it is destined to sti. perseJo the soap* are )>u> thing but a lavoritc with suit ahaviiig gentlemen. Thi? preparatio i is so pleasing in i'? qualities, and su well adapted for the end designed, that it meets the highest praise from the public; scsrce two months have elapsed since its tirst introduc<i>n (though years have bt en spent in perfecting it); yet it has sold beyoud comparc?the best evidence of its virtues. S.ild, wholesale and retail, by E Pnalon, J14 Bu adv. ay; Boston, l.n Couit street, Bruinard h (Jo. TO SHAVE E ASY.?A celebrated writer bos defined man to be a shavii g ui.imal. This is doubtless true so far as relates to civilized man,but a civilized mxn cannot shave without a rszir, and hit cannot keep his razor in good order without a sttnp. We would, th?re fore, just gently hint tu out l enders, that Saunders' P?tent Metallic Tablet and Razor Strop, with lour sides,has withstoo 1 the test of time, it havuie been before the public more 'ban a quarter of n century,and it probably baa no superior in giving that desirable kuen edge tonRtJOij razor, which rend r i shaving i>n uperation that may be patiently eudurid? Hoston Mer. Journal. i Manufactory 16J Btoudway, between Courtlnndt and Liberty streets. PROFESSOR VELPE \U'S CELEBRATED Pills lor the radical cure ol Gonorihea, Oleet, and all unnleasant discharges. These pills, the result o< twentyfive years experience in the Hospital le Chariti-, in Paris, have placed Professor Velpeau at the head of his proles sion in all cases of diseases of the urethra. They have entirely supereedtd the old snd tedious treatment, curing the most obstinate cases wi'.hout tainting the breath, disagreeing wi h th? stomach, or confinement from business. Sold in boxes, contrinlng nun hundred pills, (I each. W. S. RICHARDSON. Acent. Office and consulting rooms of the Colk'ge 97 Nassau street. Oiy-LADIES, READ THIS ?At 21 Courtlandt street can be had the following celebrated articles:? Oldridge's Genuine Balm of Columbia?that keeps the hair f'nm falling out, rn.slorcs i when bald, aud keeps the bead free from dandruff. The East India Hair Dye?Colors the hair any shade from a light brown to a jet black, and docs not stain the skin. The Chine?o Hair Kcadicator?Will remove hair from any part of the lace, neck and arms, and not injure tha most delicate skin These aitic'es can be found genuine only as above, and iu Boston olComstocU & lloss, 62 CornhiU. MONK Y MARKET. Wednesday. Oct. 4-0 P. Jtl. We have again laiw advices from England, and they are o! a better character ?han any before received. The posi. tion of the Bank of F.ngl?nd is as follows :? Batik of England. Srpl. 9. ?1ng. 12, 1813. 1B13. Inc. Circulation, ?19.I9?.coo jt i!?,35?,noo ?i3?ooo Deposits, 11.721.000 II.218.000 60'l.0t'0 S^eu ities, 22,391 000 21.890,000 804,000 Bullion, 12,018, rtt.0 lt.lUO.OOO 198,000 Thi-amctttt of bullion has a^nin a'vanc> d, and is now at a poi t higher than ever before. Money continues ex ceedingly sbund.uit, and in all directions trade is rapidly improving. One paper remark" as follow*:? "It is a singular tact, exemplify ing the truth ol the adage, that' wh> n ere door shins another opens,' that this extreme activity ii> the cotton market is not produced by ourtrade with the Uaited State*, which continues very depressed. Indeed, the stringent prov.sions of the new American tariff Tinve cut otl the trade with this country ('J a mere bagatelle, and the improved feeling- may be iraced to the existence of new channels ol consumption lor British manufactured products " The exports of cottons and woollens for the six months ending August 5, were a follows :? Declared Value ok Cottons ami Woollens Exported FROM OllEAT BII IT A IN. Exported tn tht 5th c.f ,1tigust. 1812 1813. Woollen and worsted goods, ?2.8(2 207 ?3,856,913 Cotton goods, 8,226,111 9,301,38) H re we see an increase of ?i,000,000 in tbepetwo branches; but we must not forget that the fallirg off last year was to the amount of ?4,000,000 The exports of cotton gooda in quantities have been as follows: ? ExronTs of Cottons from Great Britain for Six Months. 1812. 1843. Increase. Cotton yam, pounds, 38,603,611 62,101,914 3,698,3:13 Calicoes, plain, yards. 158.867 051 231,318,*21 I00,460,%70 print, " 123,781,219 143,893,119 21,313,900 The countries to which these cottotu have been sent are 08 follOWi ? DESTINATION OK t'.NIil.liH COTTONS. Plain. Prinlal 1812. 1813. 1842. 1843. India and China, 43,000.000 92.000 000 10,000,000 I2..WO.OOO Turkey and Levant, IK 00 ,000 21,0" 0,000 11,100,000 lO.OOO.OOG, 13,600,000 19,000,000 ? ? B.W.Indies, 4,8011,000 12. '00,000 4,900.000 9,100.100 " N. American, S.I'OO.OOO 4,800,0011 ? ? Uniteil State*. ? ? 12,100.000 3.100,000 Africa, ? ? 2,100.000 9,20o,ono Hans** towns, ? ? 11,300 000 17,300,001' Mexico, ? ? 810,0110 3,200,000 Sardinia, ? ? 6,700.000 8,600,000 Ot the plain calicoes the exports to the Kngliah Colo nies oro 1-27 OOO.OPO yards, making the whole foreign i x i>ort 120,000,1)00 o! the prints; SSO.OOO.Oi 0 yatds are to tin Colonics, and 107 000 000 yards foreign. These figurif present the undaniablu evidence of the great animation in the Cotton Market, and improvement Tn prices aie iiealihy. The low prices and abundance of money havi igbin produced their usual results, and price* must ris< Ibe great advantage of our producers. 1 he ex orfs o naiiiifncturf a to this country are very insignificant.? In relation to tho woollen trade a paper remciks : W. fear the great increase in the B, Igi.m woollen manufacture, and in tlieex|>orta from that country to the Urn tUil ftlates atld other foreign mm kefs, will account for i erious ilecline in the woullen manufacture ni England.? In it observed, there i* no duly on the iav nateiial Undir there ciicnm-tanees the retentional I* ?.ool<'uty in Etigliimi hecumis hihlv nasi ,.?,i ... politic. In relation to American Stock, the London Chronicle remark* W* are in d?iiy receipt ol communication" from hold ,tr5 of An? rican State Stock*, whoae interr?t in in arrear. It app< ?r* that the* i partie* are deprived thereby ol all income, ami they all^RR that with the (rroMt-nt hud la'th th>- Americana evincu the nhience ol wll faeling lor the .utt.iing* ol their crcdiiora, and for thtir owu hoaor? These parties express sui prise, too. that they do not ex. ::u :i '<'mon it mpathy on the part ?(tlM public |trw?, 1 hi J that i he Iwuhiiik houses who introduced th- s<?io<-Us i?to the Lo lon tnarlci t do pot rxeit th>-m?elves to obtain i jatticefrotn the delii.qneot 8 at> * Wearo certainly not f mdirt-reut, fjr our own patt, i0 sufferings of these in'oniiuate claimant*: and ?? trust that the leadinr capitalists are not wanting in their duty to them. Their irincipal reliunco is on ihe influence which the opinion of the civilised world must exercise on a moot sen-itive ' and &Fpiritig people. The Americans will not brook the t scorn and rejec'ion of that uorld. W? shall lie gla4 to insert in our columns with a view < to enlighten and direct its opinion, all puMic and authen tic decumen's calculated to elucidate Ainericnu had, or 1 Ameilcan good, faith; more especially such as may Und < to prove the refusal or the readiness of the American < people to tax themselves, to a just and reasonable extent, ' for the payment of the interest on their public debt. 1 In relation to American Stocks there was a better feel. ' ing, and prices again in advance. The quotations were as follows Lonoo*, f?ept. IS ?In Amrrlran Stocks there seems an increased firmnetH amongst holders, and except in Louisiana Bonds, the business has been limiti d by ih-' small amounts offered for sole. Alabama 6 per cent Dollar to; Sterling, 70 ner cent; Illinois 30, nominal; Indiana 30; Bank of Louisiana B?nds, both series, 83, buyers of 1844 I at 88; Consolidated Association, 60 to 63; Union Bank, fntir tn AH of IriJi ?<? riiif/w#' Pint n*?i centj Ma?*achusetta 6'g, Sterling par, buyers; Maryland 6'?, 8'prlinir, 60 Mi 665 Michigan (J'-i. 26; Mississippi Plan t?T'' Bank. 43; Union B ink. 26; New York S'ate 6's, 90 to #2, dittoCuy, 90to 9i; Olio 6's, 84 to Hflj Pennaylva nia 6'?, 63 to 6S; South Carolina 6's, Rteiling. 91 tiMj Kentucky 89, Tennessee. 8.">; Vnginia 6's, 88 to 90 per cent; U 8 B ink Hhnrw, 16s so 16s. Massachusetts Sterling 6V. at par in London and in demand. In Continental Exchanges tlie rates wereai follows Hamburg, Sept. 15, 1843. Amsterdam, 2m 35.45 stivers for 2 p. Paris 187)i cents " I j>. Loudon 13.113a marcs !c s. banco " 1 1. st*. Genoa, 3m 188,1^ cents " I p. Leghorn 221 lire " 300. m. banco. Parit, Sept. 16. Amsterdam, 3in 20!) cents for 1 florin. Hamburg 184% cents " 1 p. London 25 50 francs anil cents* " 1 i stg. Genua 'M% cents " 1 lira nuova. Leghorn 83?? cents " 1 lire. Amsterdam, Sept. 15. Paris, 2m 56*? Rrotes for 3 franca. Hamburg 35St do ; " 1 p. London 122*4 florins 8c stivers- " 1< stg. Genoa 46 13-lli cents of florins- " 1 lira nuova. Leghorn 39% do " 1 lire. London, Sept. 15. Amsterdam, 3m *12 1& J hotteidiirn 12 5 > florins & stivers- -for 11. stR, Antwerp I2.4X ) Hamburg I3.13H marcs & s. banco- " 1 do. I'aris 25.80c 82^4 francs and cents' " 1 do. Lisbon, 60d* 53V iiencesig. "1 milrea. <?euoa, 3m 25.92JJ lire lie St cents- " 1 s'g. Leghorn 30.67>4 lire " I i stf. Hullitm, per ox. Gold Standard 77 9 Silver do 11 S. A.dollar. 4 19V1 U.S.. do do doubloons 1000 weighing about 860 ot. I Bogota St Me*. do n 1'opayan do .....S74 9 j The of the news upon the Stock Market was uood, and prices generally improved?Illinois rote ?) Ohio 6$; Harlem, J; Indiana, |. Mr. Gkorof. Law, the President of the Harlem Railroad, has resigned, and ex-Alderman Banks has succeeded him. New York Public Stock Richange. $1000 N York 7's 107}* 4000 Ohio 6's, '56 96 11000 do 5j4's, '61 102)4 30(10 do %>4 10500 do 51, 100 10 shas Mechanics Bk 105 4000 Ohio 6's, '60 96j? 25 Merchants Bl< 104 12000 do 97 25 Delaware St Ilud Ca'l 108'i 1000 do 96V 50 Bit Commerce,scrip 97V 1000 do 96V 50 Ohio L St Trust 91 5000 do b30 97 10 New York (ii* Co 109 18000 do 96^ Harlem R K blO 39 11000 Illinois 6's, 70 s90 40 25 do 311% 2000 ill) 40V 100 do 39 >4 9(100 do 41 200 do b30 39 V 5000 do 60d 4l 50 Boston St Providence 101V 5000 do 1)3 I0>4 100 L Island It K b 15 52V 3000 do 41? 100 do 115 52>4 10000 CitvS's, '58 9'JV 50 Aub St Rochester R R 9iV 1000 Indiana 5's 39 100 Stoniugtoii Kit b60 33 20o0 Kentucky 6's 99V Sccond Board. $90n0 Ohio 6's 96 V 100 Harlem R R 38V 1000 Illinois 6's b3 4i% 50 do s30 38}, I00O0 City 5's, 1858 99V 50 do 3(iX 5000 do 1870 99V 50 do s30 38J4 5000 Illinois Bonds 60d 41 50 do 160 3fi>? Sales at the Stork Exchange, $1000 U S 6's b!10 114 15 do ?30 22V 1000 <lo .1)30 111V 20(1 L Island R R ?30 52 V 1000 Indiana ('anal 6's 11 ' j 100 do s30 52l? 1000 Iud Dol Bd<, 25 ys S8* 75 do 52* 30100 PenuH\Ivania 5's 6154 100 do blO 5 !0011 do 1)30 62 50 do sl5 52}i 1 1000 do 1)60 62V 50 Harlem R R 16111 37 1000 do s4in 63 50 do s3 38 V 1000 Ohio 6's b:'0 97 100 do csh 38V I0S0 do s30 96>4 50 do slO 39 2000 Illinois 6's, 70 s3 4i>, 50 do b3 39V H'OO do b3 411 j 100 do csh 39'4 8000 do bid 4154 100 do csh 39V 21)00 do bid 41V 50 do 1)60 39 V 10000 do bl5 4lV 175 do Csh 39'a 2000 do 1)15 11V 50 do s20 3!) iOf.O do blO 41H 50 do h6(> 3000 do csh 41V 75 do blO 39 V 10 shas Mechinics'Bk 105 50 do 39)4 25 Canton Co 25 V 50 do 39 10 Fanners' Loan s30 22)4 50 do blOd 39?s? Second Board. $2000 Illinois 6's, '60 41V 2000 Illinois 6'?, 70 bnw 41V >000 do bnw 41x 50 Harlem R R blO 39V 2000 do 70 11 w 41V State of Trade. Auctiosi Sai.c of Tias - Cargoes of the Thomas Per- , kins and Coromando Notes at mx month', payable in the city. 1 Ivso*?30 clie.'s 61 cents per lb.; 34 do 484; 31 do and ?-> hull do 45, 35 do 44J; 43 ch< sts 44 ; 28 do 4!J|: 28 hi do 1 404; 43 ChMtsWs 170 lo 38; 30 do 31; 310 181b boxes 464: 200 6'b do 4S; (170 chest* withdrawn ) Youm? Hvsos ? 69 chests 39}; 108 do 38; 31 do and AO half do37; 124 chests 36*; 928 half do 36; 82 chests 3*}; 133 hi do 34; lOdoand 140 chests 33}; 933 half do 33; 218 ,1.1 32. 10 do 31$; 114 ,!o SI; 91 do 30}; 715 do 80; 832 do 20}; 36 do 19}; 475 111b boxes 40; 60 do 24; 300 6 |,ound d>4'}; (274 chests 761 half do, and 160 1311 box. a with, i drawn) Htso* Skin? 66 chests 35, (4fl# do withdrawn ) 1 Guhfowdkb?10 holt cheats SI; 33 do 80; 300 13lh bj*- . < 8 65; lf'8 do 41}; 60 6 b flj 56}; 15H do 67. lMPk.niAt.-40 hf cl,t* 31}; 360 131b bxs 53; 163 do 42; 60 i 61b .lo 57}, 150 do 67; 88 do 43; 6 catea euch 12 2lb can* 63}; 61 do 61}. 1 Pi'hmc Sales or Winr. ? Philadelphia, Oct. 3d ? Tertu? cash, and 4 month* 8 qrcnkks dry Malaya 43centi; , 23do Calabria Port, 29 a 30; 29 do gold San Lucar. 4 >; 5") o Pico M a leira, 3-*; 6 do Q iadrii|>lu Grape Tart, 8a ; 3 lihda London Parteular M ideira, 70;6 <|r eases old dry P >rt, 66; 2 do old south side Madeira, 83}; ft do old Poit, 99; 16 hhda Pico Wine, 37}; 90 do pale 8li* rry, 45 a 60; 1 hlid very choice old Pott.65; 9 pipes old mild M.ideiia, ' $137}; 61 qr pipe* very choice i u re Juice ol the Oiape, mi ?0; IHqreks London Particular Madeira. 95; 3 do dry I'ort, 60; 3 do verv choice Madeira. 1 07); 12 do ol I Purf, 94, 3 do London Particular ren "rifle, SO; 2 hall pipes old Vla'eira, 65; 3 qr r .?Ug Port, old bud dry, 42}, 3t do old I dry Lisbon, 47},# do swrcf Pott, 65, 1 do very superior , ifold Sherry, 120; 3dool1 diy P it, 55 ; 3 <o Truth Port, _ <>2}; 1 do vety old utel fine Madeira, 1 95; 13 do Tra?h P<i.t, 1 15 a 1 13};S octavt a very rich Madeira, 1 65; 3 qr casks very silt erior Port, 6i: 5 do old brown Shern , 2 5*; i do dry old Port, 67}; 2 hilt plp.s old Madeira, 76; 3 (jr t i at,k? rich P rt, 6J}; 13 do pur. Juice of the (Jtap.1 80.4doold Mi-How Lisbon 9? J a I 05; 3 half pipes ' Madeira, 76; S qr casks uk pale Part, 47}; 23 do dry do 8(1; , 3 do London Particular TenerifFe, 55, 3 oct*v.<? do do .'6 a ( 6">;30 baskets Champagne,6 25 n 73-; 10 bux.s white Wine, I 03}, 2 qr cika veiy old gold Sherry, 85; 2 do ill - t mond Port ?t>; 3 actav.a Londou Particular Tautntf , 50 1 Ajhks.?Sales of Pots rule at $4 4?|, and Pearls at $6 31 a >5 87} BasAD?Turrs ?Thn maiket yesterday w*>? njt so firm ' If UMirtl ; p, ices were waveling, but finally settle,) down <i $4 43} It common brand* ol Genesee; Olno and Mihman rule a* $4 37} a 4 44] ; Ohio round hoop $4 6". t'he snles of Sou huin aro very limited. Wo quote | l)i>iir|;e,o*n at $4 78 ; Richmond County $4 62} a 4 7-1. A fair demand e\i?ts f(fr Wheat. We quote G?nesee I aood at 95 a 97c ; Western 92 a 96c Corn is dail> anivtug in large quantities Sales ol Northern rule at 63 a 66 CMita, wi ight. Barlt y is held at 53c. Oats tire dull at 25 i a 47 cent*. Cottos?The repented arrivaia from Kuripe aonfi m I the lavor?hl? report* received early in the M'??n Tin* istket ha< undoubtedly received an additional :mp*-t<m ' by the advice* received by the Aca lia, but it will requite , inother twentyfour hour* tn make it visible The rei<ort? lately received (mm lonif part* of the Huulfc give a (| note favorable complexion to the Juture a* regard* tliis I pie , Ttie da:ly *alo* in thi? port hnvebeen *m?ll to wh> t , ihry were before the artival of the ln?t leatner. Spict litor* ware waiting further advice* before t'f(ni>K dee|- 4 r into the bu?iuea?. They n<>? have more l*vorabii> r>, ortii, anil the con*f queue* will beiin increased *pecuL? rive exci'einent, anil extensive fate*. . Forcl(|ii Mni Ui ti. Ria J**v iat?. A'lgu-t J3 On the Ifth of tbi* month the sale* ol II >tir reached 6?m .airel* Baltimore H?|TOO, on 4 m??, $ft 08 net; 4'hi hbi* ' 'ticlnliOiidP'tU'.t) I8(|.4MI, 4 moi, Jfl 30 u?t: -JH0 barrel* t G-nrgetown IH|'*Ht, 4 mo* f(M uri; lfl-JO bbl* New York i I-; JAO 4 t*i"?, $0 t?7 net. n Coif e i* at ?i ce, wxathcr continuing cloudy an4 unfavorable lor ?upplie?. Ctilf e? More favorable advice* per "Oa?ton," with Ihe , ircnm*tance of aoveral home* entering th> mmk't.ini. nediateiv rn that ?t wel's arrival, and tte rep.-rt of larg V , ,le'at 8 t *1 cent* in the U S , while *upplie* have been T i nall, owing to late Nad we.i'her, have prevented the tail -v >11 pric?, which had been anticipated. *al?a hive bee si .?>,) a S||tO? for selected - f? Mn (a ?3 per 100 Iba; 8|| 111" n , 3jMftO, mwir'ed itiperior?$H 4-J u fS At; 8||000 n 3||HfO, 0 ! #1 *$# 33;9||40?? aregular- $4 t!? . m 74 A* the demand ha* been < hi. fl* lor the U. S. and ? nearly <ati*fl?d, It la expected price* will deciinn in u 3" 1 i?irttime after more tree > 11 mi lire ceme forward, which ire looked for by the end of the month; I!iw aupenoi v nted for H imburg, and may not give way n* *0011 a> <1 iwer qualities. F ireign ve**el? are alill going at low freight* to the fj United Stale*, under th< reciprocal treanei, which otie. ae ao much agaiu*t the (hipping interest for our own j| O'intrv Ferty <ent* p. 1 hag i* the liighest 1 ate asked Your newspaper* and *tatea??n are in a ?ti auge en o>, lo it would mem, about the trade with Braril, aatexaid* ? Kngland hating had advantage* over the United State*. , Phi* lacontr.ry to the lact, a* there ia no illlf rence in 'l(J. In' ies whatever on !?' import* from the one or the other. ,|,j On the 31od the flo'irmarket remained the a?me. Ba- ii> timore and ftuiquetunn* have been placed at l?||AnO a l7|| ' ' V00, credit, and we have to ad?i?e the receipt ni lOtiotibh v iper Tr?e*ti?. Stock in all hand* 80,000 bbl*. Richmond lamiual at lOflAOO. Cofl^e i? not quite m, firm : wit quota auperijr SflMO I |W; (ood 3|) .'(*) ,i D||3I<0 " Kxchanjr* <>n Knglarxl Kteighlt continue r'ull at ' i? ccou a to r*. Thu couTnyauOf take* i Oot tiaga cof- ){, M. ( i. crt' I )r Frclghtf. Of SavAHKAM, Sept M?No wauel up for foreign Port*. -M 2otat wiae? New Vork, rotton, 60c per l>ale; Boitoii, cot- VV( :on, |1| per bale. t, Moiiu, Sept U. There arethre? aquare ri<se<l vea- ,1,1 telartinmoiim in (>ort, twool which, th?ship Alahemian \V iiiti the bri({ VVttumpka, are laid on lor New Voik; the *' lat'er we un lerkUnd ln-inn nearly ?r quite engaged lull, ^ It tl 50 per title. The brig l?aer Mead, arrived on Slot)- , lay, will doubtlen be on the berth in a day or two? a whether er :iot there will be any change in ratea, we are va Died. Jy On the 4th instant, alter a lingering illne**, Mr. Wil- c LUM H?nmv Smith, Priuter, in the 28th year ol hia ng?. IS His friends uul acquaintance* aro respectfully iuv ited ' to attend hia lu leial irom his tate re*idenco, 100 Sullivan y street, thi* nfternoon at 4 o'clock. j, N. B. Mobile, A'a , papers will pica*" copy On Tti< silay evening la-t, al'er a lingering illness, II Clarison CaoLius, Senior, aged 70 year*. ,u The relative* and friend* ot the family, and thomi of hi* aon Clarkann Ciolms. Jun , and t?on* in law E P. Wood ruff and J. S. Vredenburgb, are respect fully invited to ^ attenil hi? funeral this (Thursday) afternoon, at 3 o'clock, s precisely, from his late residence No 1 Ree.l*treet Hi* reinait. will be conveyed to Green wood Cemetery form ferment. On the I-! instant, at the QuaratKe Hospital, of billion* remittent fever, Captain William 0?bO"n,o' the ?chr Phebn and Kliza, u resident of Brooklyn, 03rd & years. I'naHcngera Arrived. At Bos 1 on ?St-am ship Acadia, from Liverpool?Col'ind Bouveric. Mrs Bouveric and servant, Miss Blaudy, Miss Wain wright. Rev Mr '1 urabull, Rev Mr Neale, Sir Hamilton. lady and aervntit. (' Mcltea, V Powell, .lames Price, J K Boorilig jr, J II Gray. K. II Derby, \ Crocker, Geo K Rae, J W II Stew- ' art, John Ron4, M<siirs Gait, Philips, Jenks, Dawson, Wainwriiiht. Holland, Gibson, Blandy, Grevely, Dorr. Williams,

Boardmau, Schoell. lladnall, Lieut Wiuslow, hearer of despatches?35. Krnui Liverpool to Halifax?Rev J C Galloway, 1 Mrs Galloway, child and servant. Mrs Kelehon. Lieut Kergu*011, Georgiana Hughes, J H Liddell, Messrs Boughton. Slianneii, Stevenson, Lawson, Stairs, McKnat?14. Krom Halifax to Boston?Hon .) I. Starr, Capt Forrester, Messrs Cayley and 1 Parker? 1. Total 53. At Boston?Brig Sainos, from (joltenburg?Lieut John Jowzan, Swedish Navy. Korean Importntlona. Mansanilla?Schr Hope?82 logs mahogany CI sticks cedar 1500 estears palin leaf J 1) Laxala. MARITIME HERALD. Mailing Day* <f the Hlcam Ships. KHOM LIVERPOOL. FHOM AMkllICA Acadia," Ryrie Oct. 16 O Western. HnsUen S?..f ot ... ... it... ? Hibernia, Judkins Oct. 4 Nov. 1 ii Britannia, Hewitt Oct. 19 Nov. 16 Packets to Arrive. Packets to Sail. 2 FROM I.IVKRPOOL. FOR I.IVk H pnoL. ^ Hottinguer, Bursley. Sept. 5 OW.ishington.Burrows.Oct 7 Montezuma, Lowber, Sept. 7 United State*. Britton, Oct. 13 ' Rosrius, Collin*, Sept. 13 Rochester, Britton, Oct. 16 FROM PORTSMOUTH. FOR PORTSMOUTH. Ouebec, Hebard, Sept. 1 Wellington.Chadwick, Oct. 10 Hend'k Hudson,Moore. Sept 10 Switzerland. Kiii|(lit, Oet. 80 P&nthea, Demi is, Sept. 2U Victoria, Morgan, Nov. 1 " FROM HAVRK. FOR HAVRK, Emerald. Howe, Auk. 24 Duchesse d'Orleans, Oct. 8 f Burgundy, Wotton, Sept. 1 Sully, Burrows, Oct. 16 ' Iowa. Lines. Sept. 8 | Iowa, Lines, Oct 24 Skip Mm stent and Agents > W? shall esteem it a favor, if Captains of Vessels will give | to Commodore Rohfri SiLvrv, of our News I'leet, a lie. port of the Shipping left at the Port whence they sailed, the Vessels Spoken on their Passage, a List of their Cargo md < any Foreign Newsj>a|>ers or Sews they maj have, tie will i board thein immediately on their arrival Agents md Correspondents, at home or abroad. will also confer a (ivor by ? sending to this Office all the Marine Intelligence th?*\ cr.u j obtain. Nauticalluformation of any kiud wifl be thankful) . received. | POttT OK NKW VOKK. OCTOBER 5 iTJW RISF.S 6 II MOOIS SFTS 3 16 ] SUNSETS-* 4 35 I HIUH WATKRj 6 53 ', Cleared Shins Ohio, Hatch, Newcastle. Eng Badger 8c Peck; Louisi- f ana. Dewhursf. lames River, A. Foster St Son.?Brigs Crutoe, T Van, Matagorda. A. Caseili; Georgi ina, Davis, St. Tho- 11 mas. Badger & Peck; Effort. Koopma'i, Port Leon, J. Norton, I Jr ?Sclirs Sarah Louisa, Tillet. Edeiiton, NC; Daniel Baker, I B.iker. Williamsburg, Va. A B. Cooley St Co; Tuscarora, f Smack. Richmond, Allen St Paxson; Victory, Peulield, Alexan- |. dria, Sturges It Clearmau. a Arrived. Schr Hope, Mitchell, 24 days from Mansanilla, with mahoifany, to Ne?mitli, Leeds 8t Co Left no American vessels The British barque 1'hebe Jane, for Liverpool, sailed the day pre vious. British schr Martha Grace, Dickson, 14 days from Cumber- . land. NS. w ith griudstoues. to master. Schr Manchester, Worth, 5 days from Richmond, with tlour . nnd tobacco, to Allei V Paxsnn. On Monday, at lip- mouih of A Jam s River, passeil schr Marietta Burr, hence for Richmond. Schr L. L. Sturges, Baker, 6 days from Georgetown, DC. with tnd-ic. to Starves & Clearroan. Schr L>ali imine, Woglam, 7 days from Petersburg.witli llour, to .) Hunter. Sclir Eclipse, Gray, 4 days from Norfolk, with mdse, to the master. F Schr Mary Jane, Lawrence, 36 hours from Suffolk, with mdse, \ to master. hi Schr Express, Smith, from Brandy wine, with corn ineal, to II Allen & I'axson. Schr Ann D, Bedell, from Norfolk, with mdse, to Sturges St H CleMrmm. b Schr E. A. Steveus, Briggs, from Baltimore, with mdse, to J. R St N. Briggs.^ I' Schr Ann Eliza, Townsend, from Richmond, with coal, to ' master. !! Schr Hotspur, Warren, J days from Virginia, with mdse, to V master. Schr Clotilda. Van Name, 8 days from Virginia, with mdse, Ji to master. til Schr Copper, Johnson, 2 days from Virginia, with wood, to fo master. Schr Amos Birdsall, Birdsall, from Virginia, with wood, to N master. to Sclir Nidus. Stover, 7 days from Bticksport, with lumber, to Buck St Peters. Si Schr Wm. Henry, Thorndiko, II days from Thomastou, w ith lime, to master. Is Schr Senator, Clark, 4 days from Portland, with potatoes, to N master. so Schr Susan Jane, Draine, 14 days from Calais, with lumber, to Smith St Boynton. Schr Peter Hitter, Cameron, 2 days from Virginia,with mdse, E [u in.lstel . Schr Northampton, Allen, 8 days from Virginia, with wood, le to master. Schr Rubicon, Rayner, 2 days from Virginia, with wood, to H master. Cl Schr Director, Post, 2 days from Virginia, with wood, to the L master. Schr Fidelity, Chambers, 2 days from Virgiuia, w ith wood, V .0 master. ' At Hurl Gate?Brigs George, Inmber loaded, and , " ' lime loaded, both boitlid to New ink, I Telegraphed. to On ship, name unknown. Wind NW. L Sailed. I Ships Powhsttan. Stone, NOrleans; Sea Lion, do; Charles, y Herald Marine Correspondence. Office of tmf. Rhode Iii ahiikr, ) B1 Nkwfort, Oct. 3, 1813 j Arr l?t. Factor, Handy, Boston for Philadelphia; Metamora, (n "rencli. Providence for do; St Lawrence, Griffin. Philadelphia H Arr 2d, Adams, Nickerson, Providence for Philadelphia; A F di ilyriok, Jones, Boston for do; Spy, Smith; Charles, Mason, }* nd Ornament, Oaks. Providence I'or N i ork. x General l(e< urd ( , Ship York, Morrill, of Kennebiink, for Antwerp, put hack ril n Cronstadt 3?tli Aim"itli d.iin.i, to vessel and cargo, liav- mt 'iK beru struck by lightning off so titer's III.i it the day pre- . ions. . y ( owes, Sept. 11 ?The Adelaide, Foote. from Havana, which rrived at this | ort 11th inat. is reported to lie leaky, and has ^ :omi into the hafbor. Ah*idoNEU.?A brig of about 200 tons, water logged, dis- ~ naated and abandoned, with rudder cone, was passed Aug. 17. at 25, Ion 50?had i narrow white riblion aronnd her waist ami , i broad white streak across her stern above lb* cabin windows. |'j VV lialrnirn. , Sailed from New Bedford 3d uist. Harvest, Taber, for the In- JT ilian Oceau. . Si Spoken. Montezuma, Lowber. Liverpool for New York, Sept 10, lat ce >1, Ion 10. Pauline, of and from Bremen for New York, Hept I, lat 50, on 17. | \1edora. Turner. Bordeaui for Charleston, Sept 2, lat 46 N, on 16. "! Marcia Cleaves, New Orleans for Bremen, Sept 5, lat 49 N, on in. Oeorgiana, from Liverpool for New Orleans, Sept S, lat 47. ,,,r on 17 ^ , "i ( lurlotte. (rerry, NOrleans for Canton, 62 days out, Aug 29, c ' at IS 36 8, Ion 33 30 W. Favorite. ( Br) Alexandria for Barbadoe*, 17days out, Sept IS, *" at 23 17 N, Ion 60 37 W Van Buren, Norfolk for Porto Rico, 4 days out, Sept 22, lat V 7 3.', Ion 64 58. A Urge ship steering showing a white signal withabor- 11. er, ami letter O in it. supposed a New York packet, Mas seen ,,'c Jth nil lat ?, lou (6-by the Sanios. at Boston. be A steamer steering K. all sail set, lupposed the Caledonia, fin ? lostou was passed 29.h ult. i p in, about lat 10 30, Ion 67?by he same. Kame, of Boston, from Philadelphia for Hilifat. 29th ult. lat K 0 10. Ion 67. , Osceola, and Henry Leeds, Havana for Boston, 25th ult. off )ape Hatlenu dal Valhalla, Thatcher, Boston for Charleston , 26 h ult lat 38, ' in 74 20. _ foreign Porta. (( AiTwj.tir, Sept 16?Sid Bliiton, Si derstrom, NYork. Alexandria, Kgvpt, Aug 8?Arr k.ffort Hussey, /ante. Vldrro, Sept 3?OB, Timoleon, Dreyer, Amsterdam for )lU rpnoa Bremer. Sept 8?Arr f.mnid, Kdgird, New York; Kred?rirk ; acob, VVarnken, NOrleans; Bremen. Ko|ier. Philadelphia; 5th, ?kt lementine, Oesselman, Baltimore; 1st, C. mera, Whiting, Ma- t<)( "bka'kf., Sept 6?Arr Frederick, Hageman. Baltimore. Horiii in. S?-pt 6-Arr Lagrange, Porter, N V ork. Oscar. | atipje. NOrleans; 3d, Arabian, roster, Charleston; 12th, (Jul- f?r in, < nshing, md Str.ibo, HI f, Cfonatadt. Cum s. Sent 4?Arr Tiber. Snow, Virginia; 9th, Morart, n lelrh NOrloans; 14th, Ilialto, Adams, do. Sid 5th, Olga. ' 'banter, St I'etenhnrg; 17th. Rialto. London; Tiber, Ghenl; t*r loT.irt, Antwerp. Arr 13th, Coneord, Lord, Havana. w , CoRR, Sept 3?Arr Minerva. Knowles, Havana. (lj Camr, Aug 28?Arr Olendower, Parsons, Antwerp; 25th, ..kami, %?a?tll llimKllri' Ct *Hivr"<. Sept 3? Arr Hudion. Bucknam, llav.ini ,, t CoPr n. An* 25? Arr M W Birtt, Avrry, St Croii. ( k"i?t?bi, Sent 3 Arr Aquetnet, Mother, II.iv.imi; An* , Ark,; Livonia, Reed, Hamburg. Sid Srpt t, melia. Laiirela, N Vork 4(n I'mi . Sept 6?A.r Herrnlea, New London for Stettin: ttli ?()l i.mcaa Ami, Jackaon, Antwerp lor Nrw Orleana, Ifllh, l)e?dr- ,|? urn Howoa fordo; Nathl Hooper, I hur< lull, .Newport and r* Sid lib,, Grayburn,, hth. Win ? nice. Lowell, do; 12th. Tyrone, S|?-?r, do; 13th. John Odin,. st anover, Boaton. Arr 12th. Sultan, ItnrwI. London, ml till r I adu; h.bro. Perry, do, and ild (or Liver|>ool; IKh, Ifonme M" diet, llowe*. do, and aid for .St Ube*. Ki.ciour, Sept II?Arr llaniMh Spr**ne. Cook. Cronatadt l*J' r Havre; /Suletle, Kelly, < oiwuhaiten lor Gottenbnr*: llu-h- nee. oud Gibba, < ronatadt for Boaton; Jib, Ceylon, Rand, do for "il? V ork; Almini. Thaver, do for Bordeatu; Allmtli, Si mi won, Ike , i for Havre; Talma. Wimor, Boaton for Cronatadt; Jd. R Av ""'on ar. Carvei\ I'rinidad for do: 2d, Louiaa. Snow, Havana fir tbr ? i; Arno, Thurston, Boaton fordo; 1st. Middleari. Groaier, do ?*ll, r'do; r loiwnw, Leach. New Vork fordo; Gibraltar, Jordan, ?i'?ei ronaridt for Havre; An* 30, Kliu, Talbot, do lor New Vork; orr lei.inder, I'reuM, Boaton for Stctti ; (lenrra, Coffin, Ham- wlie r* for Cromtadt; 29th, Pico, Harris. from Cronatadt for blue Mton; Sept II, Hoi'helle, Htickina. ( ronai .dt for BreaU true Kill, Sept 14?Arr Ainbaaaador, Knight, .N Orleans oj Falmouth, W*pt IS?Off. Paralan. Ilnbhin., NOHmii* for iliATriB^P. fWpt 16?Art Euroj**o. Malo.?#\ \Orki >t. i, Cordova. ,\1or??, Trinidad d* < ul? HM i tl>. unwiklvu chiniaon VVork. JiH' Ai i an, S*|.t 6?Arr Salu'U, Townaand N \ otW Lin In. F.llia. Boa ton. and aid 7th fnr Smyrna: Olot>? II IUr N Irani; Uh. Sf L'wmw. Vlorriaon. <! >; *nirr> M?im >v-t N*w Vork: Maruin't Ann. < ro?liv. I.i.liiin aad tM fur Sid Sf|>! 7. Saluda. Malaga; uh. tlnn, do; td < 1.1 Jama. <! >; Naahua. I'?rry. I?ic*; Auk 26. Win \ < .Id II. hi truer and ValimakanU.Tucker, Malaffa; Mlh. Kpiiiiwi iwnsrnd. do Arr Mlh. Al>bv Baku, Pr-ilt. Mirwillaa. and I r V / ?_l? w.i I' R anil >!.l Hi. . in IVtin, Cnlrman, uiil .1 ' Tor hit Thoiou; Meuuuticook, avo, Marseilles. and I Tor N < )rl**a?is. [)iro?d? *ept 12 \ uUlir. Thore, and Sully, Bichon, Orlrtib; 2d. Amhii, U*>i??i?*y. ('hifliiton LiKMo.t Sepi*?Art Maurati. Williams, NOrlems; 4th, Fra my, < i tiers* m. Marseille**; Aul 31. Harmony, Macoduck, liana; 28th, Jin**. Pinckney. St Tatfo. UoTTi nri'H<i, S??i?t(i?Arr Caledonia, Oaviu, NOrleans; 4th. a/nlle, Dottier*. <).> Havri:. Sept II ?Arr Marengo, Orajr, NewOrleans Sid flfh, wau Lisa N Vork; 12th, Tylioai, Rogef*. XOrtauifl iadem. Barstow; ArchcUus. Boutelle, and New Hampshire N ( 11 !< tin \ i r .ih. B\r<ui. Unwell, do. V ? <* * ! . i? j th. Baltimore. Kunck, N Vork. I6tn; Argo Anthony, do 21th; cean. Willard, do 16 th; Norfolk, Snow. New Orleans, soon; arraganseit, Pe^iebechto, do 18th; Audelle, Gamain. do 28th fitaiaonbr^, do 30th; Mu\ KniKsUiiti, do Oct 8; Louis XIV. do 12th. Hoimm.. Sept 8?Arr I'ltiladcliiliia. WitliiiKton. NVork, udsou, liurkiiidii, NOrleaii*. SI J 15th. Klora. Smith, ChaV hi. Hl*i.L,Hf|?t I?Arr Itegnlns, Child, NOrleans. HilvokT. Sept !*?Arr St Lawraocf. Brown, Baltimore. Havana. Sent 21?In port, Adelaide, Adams, from and for cw York flisf; Promo, Irom Boston, do; Washington, liankl uid, from do. waiting freight: WoIk*. Jewitt, do; Juno, ick*, unc; Ku rotas, 1-roshv, do; Klita, M'Lellan. and M'Leln, Orr, from norland. unc; K A Brown, W**throok, from harleston, di?r; Woodstock, Tucker, Savannah, do. Sid ?-Mr\ Leeds Brazier, fi r Boston iLi IF a I. NS. Sept <*l?Arr Meindeer. Irwin Aleimriria; I Ph.I ..L.I'lalrli II, rrmf T.VI..1.11.. >wn *t. Cld 28th. Albiou, Kenny, Philadelphia. Liverpool, Sept 18?Arr Siddont, Cobb, New York; llth, treat Western, (*) Hoskei, and New York, Cropper, do; 12th, iverpool, KIdnd?e, do; llth. Formosa, Laidley, Mobil**; 10th, luMiit'ld Popham. NYork; 8th, Severn t Cheever, NOrlMni; t Pe'-pthurK. Howard, do; 13th, Hihernia. (s) Judkins, 11<&li,x and Boston; Thos Battersby, Leitch, NOrleans. Sailed IQtli, Hogarth, Redman, NYork; I3th. Roscius, Coins. do; Hub. ltieuzi, Smith. New Orleans; 7th, Montezuma, .owt>er, NYork; 6th, Hottinifuer, Bursley, do; 5th, Mersey, 'ucker, do; 7th, Lord Se.iton, Kitzsimmons. NOrleans: letok?, McLaren, do; l>th, Shenaudoali. West, Philadelphia; h, Laura, Snow, do; Kith, Shakspeare, Henderson,Charleston; )th, Harriet Jessie, Connor, do; 6th, Conqueror, M'Auley, o; .>rh. Mary. Sullivan, do; I2fh, Huron. Mnir, Baltimore; ih, Alabama, Wood, do; 15th. Southampton. Flint, Wilining* >n, NC; 16th. Kcho, Sill, NOrleans; 17th, Superior, Allen, N 'ork; loth, Hope, Morrison, Havana; fl\h, Amazon, Batcheler. N Orleaus. Loading, Sir Colin Campbell, Penticost; Clinton, Hartley; Vin Si Klizaheth, Pilcher; Kleanor, M'Pher on, and Oakland, lerry, New Orleans; Susan K Howell, Bailey, Baltimore; (lor >avis, Ncef: Bristol, Hovt. and Kuphrasin, Hunt in, Boston; Catharine Frazier, Fish, Bristol. IU; Portland, Stalker, f ha's>n; Joseph < unard, Kidd; Kurope, Furber; Independence, ye; Henry Bliss, Cummiucs, and Salem, Hieru. N\ ork; Hoilima, Buckley, Savannah ; Britannia, Lock, Galveston, Vias. London, Sept 7 -Arr Abbot Lord, No well, NOrleans; Nepine, Peach, do; llth, Jas CJray, Carter, Virginia; 13th, Columine. Robinson, New Orleans; Oberlin. Hoyt, Virginia; 15th, Irazil, Andrew, Wilinnnjtnn, NC. Knt outwards 5th, Tointo, Oris wold. NYork;ttth, Alii:*, Colby, Philadelphia; 7th ,bro. Perry, Charleston; 12th, Pmjhea, Dennis, NYork. ( Id 3th Brooklyn. Richardson, do. Knt inwards 18th, Kuroj>e,tu, laloney, NOrleans; outwards 16th, Constellation, Jackson, do; lartha Washington, Stevens, do; Kennebec, Smith, and Areliusi, B tsiei . I'nston Lan<;ksl'nd, Sept 11?Arr Mercator, Thorsen, Boston. Leohorn, Auk 31?Arr Jacob Pennell. Hasty, NewOrleans; 9th. Pedraza, Hutchinson, NYork. Sid 26th, Velocity, M1lusland, do Loirk, Sept II?Arr Victor Jacquemont, Demise, New Orlana m4Rsf.ii.lrb. Sept fl?Arr Tiofa, Kicker, NOrleans; lot), laumhal. Parker, do; llth. < larissa Andrews. Colby, do. Mau<u? a uc 14?Arr rWlip lit, Farreo, NYork; Isabel) , learse, do; Sept 14, VV Davis, Cornish, Boston; Aux 28, Con. m< < . Bailey, '1 ricste Madkira. Aue 2.)?Arr Ohio. Davis. NYork. and sld 26t.i or the Canaries; 17th, Clarion, Leland. do, and sailed 2>th Cor >1alaga Mai'Kitiu?. May 29?Arr Montgomery, Constant, Boston. Montrkal. Sept30-Arr f'aledo ?ia, Allan. Glasgow. Nan ii-s, Sept lu?Arr i anonicnsCoiipland, N N ork; Altorf, Jouardu*, Wyberg. SI?I 12th, Herinitaee, Badger, New Orpans N'fnvport, Sept 9?KM Bronte? Curtis Matanza*. I'oRTiMon h. Sept i;>? -\rr ttocbeairr, Owe,?. NOrleans and 'owes for KotteiddUi. Sid 12th, liendrik Hudson, Moore, N if ork. Pi v.MotTTH, Sept 10?Arr John Fehrman, Long. NOrleans ? *ld '3th, Burlington. Thing, do Off 0th, Russell, Lauphier, Hamburg for Boston; 7th. Atlantic. Grave. fi- m Niork Fo|ni Petr:-.. Guad Sept 7?In Poit. Harriet, McLellan, or Portland, 4 or taking in tiillast; Magnolia. Delano, for do. wtg cargo; Adamant, Purrincton, from Bangor, dun; Abgiil [Itchmoud. Cole, for do, 6 or B. disg Qi ? rec. Sept 20 ?Arr Eliza Ann, Johnson, Cork; Leo, Murphy, Wexlnrd; Cornwallis. Davies. Water ford; I.ii ia, LVhireheid, Wigtown: Sir John FaUt iff. Rowell. Portsmouth; arlton, Symmers. Liverpool; Calcutta. Ketsllick, Bristol; v tfer. Woodruff, Lancaster; Johns. Fos. and Home, VomiKer. ^ondoo; Bolivar. Stephenson. Trale: Queen *'ict??ria, llos e. Aberdeen; 30th, Thetis, lluuill. Limerick: Cyrus Hue; fVkin. Uewart. and Cecrops, Burrill. London; Friends. Nicol, Truro; Prade. Plewes. ??; Boyne transport No II ''Id 29th Kmloy. Fullertou, London; Prince George MacFirlme, Leith; 'ountess of Mulgrave, Kellv. Cha'ham; Lord Seaton, Talbot, )nblin; 30th, Rainbow, Arnold, L'Orient: Medina, Buchanan, )h*gow; Helen Dnuttlss, Forrest, Dumfries; H irper. Murphv, [irkildy; Leti*** C leland; John, Heseltou; Aberdeen, Duffy, up Aristocrat, Thompson, Linerpool S wink mi; mu., Sept 1?Arr Alexander. Pretm, Boston. Si Petersiu'Rc:, 8e;.t 3?Arr i'has Carroll, Dean, Boston. St Hues Sept 1?Arr Saratoga, Russell \ t^erp Tehei . Sept 7~Arr A?u;eliqae, Kdwards. New Y ork; 13th, \artar. Smith Havana k. Sept 8?Arr Minerva. Brown. Baltimore. Sid fith. umherlind. Vvhi'e. Segn?;Mh. Flora. Levant Wiijht, Sept 3?Off, Merchant. Murpi.y, from B ltitnore for klllsterd im Wkvmoi th, Sept 7?Off, Toronto, from NYork. Home Ports. Portland. Sept 30?Ait Financier. Sargent. Philadelphia. Nkwri'pvport. Oct I?Arr Spartan. Baltimore Salfm Sent 29?Arr \nK*retta. Crowell. New Vork; Oct I. ree Trade Cobb. Philadelphia; K II derrick, Wilkin*. New ?rk ' Id .101 h Sept B??*er. Kobinsou. Canton Sid 29th. Kli'th. B 'wer. ^Vork. 3rtth. Mermaid. Willi*, (having repaired) io Grande: Susan Upton, f'ai?e ile Verds, fiic. Bos i on, Oct 3?Arr Acadia, (s) llyrie, Liverpool; Sumo*, !????d. Gottenhura;; Geo Warren. Foster. PltiUdelfilu t. having eeu got off the Spit,. sUpi<osed \\ ithout damage, t Id Souther, laker. 8t Marks, Via; .Mary, Baker, Newbern. NC; Dover, ercival. Baltimore; Saratoga, Somes, New Orleans; Nimrod, 'hase, Apalachicola. Arr 2d, Grandee, Gilchrist, Rondout; Londout: America, Traadwell; Betsev, Miller, and Aurora. Pood, Philadelphia: Norman, Shackelford, Wilmington. NC. Nf.w Bedford. Oct 3?Arr Kllen Hodman, Shepherd, and illr&. Hubbard. NVork. Below, twe fore and aft sehrs from ie westward, one *up|>osed tl*e Time, Oarretson, from SufIk. Va. Kikjartown, Sept 29?Arr Col Simmons. Fish, fm Troy for antucket; Oct 1, Richmond, Ames, NVork for Boston. Sid above. Provincetown, Oct 1?Arr Union, Paine, Richmond for indwich. Providence, Oct 2?Arr Sylph, Smith, ftoudoat; Rhode lend, Hull, and .las L Long, Hawkins NVork. Sid Adams, ickerson, and Charlotte, Huskell. Pliiladeljdiia; Charles, Ma* in. NVork Bristol. Oct 1?Arr Gov Hopkins, Havana. Nfw Haven, Oct 2?Arr Topgallant,, Healy, Philadelphia; mpire, Thompson. NVork Sid Pacific. Murch, Mobile. Pm11.*oflpMi \, Oct 4?Arr in the Schuylkill. Kmerald, Bon. NVork; D M Me*erole, do. Cld Handolnh. Goldsmith, harleston; Martha Washington. Patterson, Criarlestown, Ms; ambler, Merit hew; Challenge. Park; Lexington, Wass; Orean, Long; Alliert, Nichols, and Alexander,Robinson, Boston; ouisa, Leeds, Providence; R Toinlin. Tomlin. NVork. Baltimore. Oct 3?Ait Coriue. (Br) Johnson. Nassau; II /alker, Terrv, NVork^ Gallant Mary. Evans, Porto Rico.? Id (.'oldlis. Knight, New Orleans; Norman. (Br) Taylor, St i)hns, NF.t Sid Caspar, Snilcker. Bremen; Panthea. Abbott, d low.i. Thompson, ltioj Na|>oleon, Chesebroufh.doj Paoli, uller. Bremen; J W Paige. Taylor, and Prompt, Davis, Bosin; J M Clayton. Parker, Trinidad; Pecouic, Kingston, Jam; ady Chapman, W Indies. Alexandria, Oct 1?Arr Sophronia, Newcomb, NewVork; ilins. Stnalley, r.astport: Mosart, Reynolds. Dostum, C VV /allace, (Br) Imley, St UcorK*, Grenada; Frank, Brittuo, N ork. Richmond, Oct 3?Air Josephine, Robinson, Boston. S??A1V?H, Sept 30?In port. Howard, Cnllati, and Rom land, lanchard from Liverpool, disg; Apollo. Scmhler, Boston,do; urclius. Godfrey. do, vvtg: Susannah < nmniing, C lark Ports* nnrh. Ml do; CorotnMido, Freeman, N York, uo: Savannah, awley; Wilson Fuller, Cobb, and New Jersey, Brown. do, IB: Adelaide.Kaker, from Trinidad, bound to Boston; Robert liowl "id. Fliuton, for Baltimore; Redwing. Sleeper, from hompmu, w tg. New 0?i.i*?l, Sept 26?Arr Nautilus, StefTen. Bordeaui.? d killiy, Mair, Liverpool; Gautlalete, (Span) Matcn, Oib I tar. IT ANTKI) ? a lirst rite second baud Safe, about lOfli) lbs.? Adilifn O k , at this offit.e o5 OK IIK.WARD.? trayed or ?tol-n from the ptudre of H F Carman, llttli Avenne, ort \Vu hingtou. a dark t?a In | tail tSjhil hand* high a little white on t he hind fevt; il lieen bit tered on all h r I gs. Who* er can give in rnn'ion wh-;re she may be found in R I- CARMAN, or O A Z \ 1U>, Vorkville, ilia I receive the above reward. uj 3t? in 1 f\ Hf.* ARl).?Lost b-tween Thur day, the .-8th S^pt . 1 ' ai d lie Ik nut , a i!i tinmid rlu.t, r pin. contam11,k 8 or I'mf in the top anil ill ee in the Cent. The finder will reive 'lieabove rewa'tl on returning it to J C. M"TT, 0 3t' tn 1'6 Fulton at, np stairs. ST.?Thi? mur ing, fifty sheet* of the notes of t <e New J Vork Dry D ckCo 1 notes on each *hee* II 23 sig'rd f the rashier onl\ Th*y were registered by the C.i mitr.llet 1 the ba k. No f to I to 1330, 28 ol hioh were fil'eil up; No 01 to I.,28 in' able to < . Law, u ted 2 Oct 1813. 'I be public e<'Muri tiedagiinsf circulate* the same, a* d a reasonable re* nrd wil' lie paid on leiving said notes at the Dry Dock B,ink ruer if Avenue II and lOih sf 'I he ab ve we e rolled i" vellow paper, tied with red tape, d su posed to be le/t iu one of ihe |)rv Dock ?t<* s 'ill*"! J WASHBUKN, Cashier J-' TICK.?On a id a ?er Siturilay ne?t. ibe 7th instant the morning train of cais whi< h have lieietoiore left rbe C ty ill lor Westchester, *t half < asl i o clock will le?ve at >> 1 lick, and the evening train ol'7o'clock and 10 iriiuutes w.ll disconti' ued oiR-r Post OrriCK ( New York, Oett?b r I, IIM3 ? VSTF.RN M AM..?On a"d after Monday neit Ihe K >l> r Mail via steamboats to Stoni gton. uio Boat'n and Pr vi,ce Railroad, will he closed at thia office ai 3 o'clock P. VI. ily egcept Annday* It* r JOHN LORIMER ORAM AM. P. M Richmond county soi p houhf associ*'I ION "?The <*eleg tes ehoaen by the "Soup House ve iat'On" are partu ulirly requested to attend ihemeeiim 'he 19th of October, a' the Ri.hmond I omit> Hall, for th>rpi se of nominating a "!*oup House ' and ids e" for the As* nblv Abo, for Sheriff, ou,.tv Cleik, and Con ner. V B.?Pui c u il attendance is rerju-sted ?? rh? ab venomi* i ns areofthe greit*?t advantag to the members of tms A latum, as an has 1 e n mide by t s<1 of honest d?'?c ts, (onr worst nerni s ) to deprive tt of the right of' eati v III at thee*|e-nse of the State," which if they Mieceeil, will :he c ur e of a month ileprt-e us ol the right of suffnige " lit "sonp, gratis," we would not ha'e "stamina" ugh to go to the polls and depoaite our b illots iu f vor ol egulir Si.up House N> miuation?." Be. rs up Spirits" of '13 ! arous* and burl these d sorga, i Am our demie ion ! As )on love v. ur "bowl of soup"? On love the makers of yonr ' soup"?aa v. n ' r? iiect" th? ma' fioiu which your "s ut " is mole, (for he is worthy of eoi hv us,I?Ico'jurcvou to be brisk iu th s movement, I, t your lallymg ii v b*?"My kingdom, nul for a horse lor a II wl 111 soup." And we ? til ere loiil 'each thes>- de -ran I nil 'lit [own <>i i miirnii m I noilK, rlim in I ir* till-1 yhtful ?out> ea era " Did ' on nut know the lututhat ire in a bowl of ?oup cataa at he State'a I i-onflilriit >oi? wo t'1 "iiot be foand wantii c." but ion ild fum forvurd nobly, uid tfiolfi', 11 e our "cont nt.' whig*." to defeit tneae "h ,VM' dem iCrmti." ''Abonlot i, a howl of?ou|p"? mv l" J'lei" foe < "bowl o ?oni. " A CITiZn-N "SOUTIH'M l.P xlen Ul.nd, Oct. *ih. 1H-IJ. o} lt?ec .W YORK *TKAM si Ol'KINiJ vsTABl.rsH KNT.?Clothing rrpa red bv W'ni Joaeph Sini'h at Nr. >hii?lr>t, Nf? York, entrance in John (tree! T ike no II ill ?e whoa* gaimi'uta, from I ntf service, hi?e brfom il * d diift|ure<l h\ K>r<nc spou oil. inin , I4t> pitc' on lie taken out of ahawU, d nwi, r^bf* coTrri, e? I*''. . k?, in.) all description* ol clotli in ihm?*ifclii>l' v ihorti*?t notice, by tli? aubucriber. Stop and ?ee for' youral No. 32 John itreet. All <>rd> rt lefi ?i;'attended i" ? rlilv ai poanihle, to any |nrt of the city. f'? al?o intend* |Th>k on, at the above. | lace, the buiinea* "I boot MK'inii. rt- he will be happy to wire ?nd eweul* 0 den. 1 he kniK n*ed by him it free from the i..juriuu? nintnre to dea livedo lealhar found m ordinary blartnnjr ^ HM1TH A V! I ? M v i v. 1'RI/O * 'MBPKft. 1: A VT L F A vi i 'L V . wond * *l.t Iif |h. - i. ...r>l. 1*1 V . Iirmc paalomima of li>* i ?>- I t. >H'S OIJJ'. i H1H fc.VEN'.N<i, Oc'otMr J lb.- i rrlornuuc* W..1 OMI with t^? Ktrtura in L*? liumtut (!> U ' 'ouroan* A?k?; l'o b? fallowed by (ImI lim? in New V- rk) th? pautimioM of THK I HIM ^KV SMTF.F.PKKi. J'romr ltn#l | Juliette M'mUn tinlf iu> hour1* iiitmni?ainu will be aIIow***! for promanftri* %a4 . WIHl'lllr. I? IB tlM Or?n4 SlIoM, Wh?f? ler I icitmt. V rut* ||,fm I mo u of til* chot Mil kind, uidin jrrnt ruwty, will l>? found T<)1>' follow^ by (l,t |,m,) ,h? NEW < O vIK PANTOM(MF.! initial M?r CONJ! IU)li'H nii'T Don Paaehio Jerome Ra??l Ca*al ?ro i irinaldo Amoine folorao Gabriel Rarai Polfrano L?on HhvaI Carttbol JdM>vh Havel FTug Francois Kivtl Turtle Vuuiti Klnna M me Le<m Javelli Myrrha Mr*. C. W Hunt IC^Jn future the Perlormancaa will commence at 7 u'alaafc precisely ,["7*-A?irict Police will be in attendance, mil (mtemu ken to prevent the uluiiiaiou of improper panons. (T7^Ticket* Fifty Cents. .May be had at the (tardea dtmog the day A limited number of Season Tickaca will ba du |H?ed of [T7-N.. postponements' thia establishment on account (X the weather a* the I irand Kntruice from Broadway to tha ftalooi, is pr tactad, and the new Saloon, which i* ventilated from the top and mles, can he o|iened at * moment's notice. PAKK TIIKATHE. Mr. MACKh ADY. THIS KVENINU. Oct 5?will be par formed RICHELIEU. Cardinal Richelieu Mr Macraadf Louis XIII, H-rry | l i istoi^ Lynda Huiiuet, Fisher | Franoois, Loeall Followed by Miss Julia La Bpafnola After which, advice oratis. Odbody ; Mr. Plaaida ITT-Boie. $1?Pit 50 centa?Oallery 25 centa. rp^Diwiniopeii at T. The CurUiu will rise praciialr at bail i*i i' 7 o clock. CHATHAM TflEATRK. Boies 25 cenu. Pit cents. Notic**?The Doors will open at 7. Curtain will rua at half before S o'clock. R K NOV AT KD AND R E-OPEN E D. THIS EVENING, Oct. 5th?The performance will *um meiiCH with DVINtJ GIFT. Martelli Mr Grattaa Annette Mra Herring Alter which THE REBEL CHIEF. Edward O'Brien Mr. frattaa Calhleeii Mra Hairing i*? ITCH KICK'S OLYMPIC THEATRIC THIS EVENING, Oct. 5, IB 3?'The perl'ormanea will aoBJ inence with diana's revenge. After which. HAMLET THAVF8TI?. Hamlet Mr Mitchell Claudius, Mr Nickinson | Poloniui, Grahaaa Alter which FRIED SHOTS. SUnivel Mr. Nickiaaon To he follow ed bv NKW ITflllTMAM Bobhy Break window Halland IT"? Dn*?? Circle, M cent*?Um'T Bote*, 25 cents? Pit, UK ?Private Bo*ea, $A?Orchestra (Jour , tl. UyDooti civil dt -Curtau: rist at half-past 7. circus" BOWFiHY A .>1 I'll ITIIK ATltK. Bonn 2"i cents ? Pit 12)< centa Clown, John Uiniiu I'iig M <*r, Mr. Nixon. Lquastrtui Direct' r Mr ' nrroll DOUBLt n M? OK MINSTRF.L8. BKNr.KIT OF M?. JKNKIN8. THIS EVEN-NO, Octoh r Jth the performance* will cobin i ce with a VK.NVTIAV ' AVALrAUK. A OKAND A9CKNSIO * Bv Mr HOOD, ft mtleSa*eto Upi>er Tier of Boxe*. Mr<. (Jossiu in a Splendid Kiine.'-ian act. Still VauTing by th? who'e 1 roups' led by Mr. Carroll. Master * nsliimitoii a% the Vo ik I hieOain in Training, Mi. Morgan will disi 11 v Ins Towi-r of B ilanc<r. Comic Song by Mi Booth llrsidi* Hor.i nmnship, V'u Icng Tumbliug, and other Eiar ci n. b> the Tronpe "Ole Aunt Sailv," T <t H"o'h and Chorus. "Dandy J in. from deCaroliu- Jenkins and accompaniutaut "Walk aim k )oh i," "*o j; air ' horua by the Band. "Ole Tare Hie r," Edward*. and ('horua Ex ravagaliza Dance?, liy K ? inli a d Matter Oaorg*. T<' he folio ed bv BILLV BU 1 TON ITT" Season Ticke's for talc it ihe bo* office, price %S. Do?r? o|icii at 7. Kirst - ierture to c nimenee at nuliter paat 7. P. rformsnce to cominn n e it h^lf P i 7 prr-C'se' oj r american mc5eum kr1al ??rukh, a \ o fair. r orner of Broadway and Ar i at'let. T. I' Baruum >1?'<ager ARIHVAI. oK (i VKH.\I, TOM THUMB. This *-n.lleat of Dwarfs. ho i< eleven >etrs '<' . t*e?ry lira inches high, a d wi'i.i only ' 'Fl'K^ ? Hi USDS, ha< relurii'd I" hi. ol I rpalter., and may le sen *s?r> day and *t? hi 11his week. DR V ?r>' NTI W, The eccent'ic delineator < f different chi ict?r. ii engaged. a>4 wi'l open his whole 1 ulget of comical (iea Also, engaged lor this iv ou y, Mr. S K G. Neilia, BORN WI THOUT ARMS, >Vho will exhibit many wond ifnl ea's distil iving tha 'stoniJ.uni Towers with whi h nature hu endowed him in tha t'SK OK HIS KKt.T AND i OKS Mr. WM. 1'lll.K, the iiii*h|ii\,led Contortion at, who exhl bits the most a*t< umiI tig ?it? of < last c Oyinnaatics in iIm wotld. IIm edurated [)<>(} 'll! L V beaia .11 creation Miaa ADAIR, the popular iioalist. t KLKSTK. th? ? KK..IK.h MK.IIVI \|l> iti- u > It-tt wonder of the world. CITT BRAH8 BAND, ol twelve musician* Knify clwi Blowing, Bxloon Asc-ns'ons, Oiand Cosmo,aina, and MHi.Oon I KIOSlT1K9. The Pfc.llPKTUAL KAMI is open without asm charge. ^ IIOl'R CHA*>K.I>?The dtv performances Wadnaadar nml Saturday afternoons, >t thtea o'clock. and every avaain^ at nu <rter before 8 o'clock. L)i?y visitors admitted Mm* eraaiag Iree. AdtniMion to the wholaU cents?children ante Ma nu half price. KAREWEU COXCBRT. STUYVKSANT INSTITUTE CONCKHT ROOM. BROADWAY. AyflR. HKNUY BlfSHKLL respectfully informs tha publla " I that he will give hi last Vocal Lnt-rUinment at tha Stnyvesant Institute. o? F riday Kveni'g October 6th, ISO. uu which occasion he will have the honor of presenting to tha pub lie several of hi* new and ino*t favorite compoaitiooa. PROflRAMME. Part I. BALLAD-'TleOld Bell." For full live hutidr d years I've swung In my old grev turret high: And many adifferent theme I've tuns, At the rime went stjaling by; I've | en led 'he chsum ol a wedding mora? K'er 111nlit I hive sadly toll"U, To ?>y 'hat the bride wa* coming, lovelorn. To ?leep in the churchyard mound? Ding ''on*, ding dong, fee. fca BONO?"Come. Brothers Arouse." From I he opera of the Biide's Band. Come, brother* arou?e, let the owl go to reat? Oh '. the >utnmer sun '? in the ssy: The bee's on Its wing slid the hawk s in Ilia Baal, And the river runs m-rrily hy.?etc. NAUTICAL BALL AD?"The Majn-Treck; Or. A Leap for Life." Words by George I' Morris, Kaq. Tliii song ia futinoed up u the well-known story of tha saam name, from the pen of the I?te VVilium Laggett. Old Ir tisides at anchor lay, In the harbor of Mahon; A de*d calm rested on the bay, 'I lie wav's to sleep had inn'; When little H I. t' e captain's ion, A lid both brave and good. In >|ki t, np shroud and rigginif run. And on the mam-fuck stood. A shudd r shot through e ery vein ! AII > yes were turned on high ! There tood the boy, with d.liy brain. Bet w en t e sea and sky ! Ni hold InJ he .hniw I.*!.'". 1 Alone he stood in air At that I <r he ght i otif dared to (0 ! U liat Mil could reach him there'??lc. RfcX'IT ATIVK?' 'Stand to your <ioas" Description of a Sea Fight, Viusie by art*r Stmd to your tuns, my hearts of otk, Let not * word on hoard be spoke; Victory soon will crown th* juks,? Mr silent and be ready ?*tc. THE TOMB OF V\ ASHINOTON. Winds b\ Mr* Sigonrney. Tomb of the mighty d?d'. Sacred be e%*ry tree That " ivpi above thy heid, Or sheds its bloom ' n th**. Wh l- In'I Fotwn.gc flown bright 'ueirh Viouilt Vernon'* ma; Honored by friends <i.d foesRest herein soft repose, Washington! CANTATA?"! h* Vlanige." Pa?7 it. TDC TCNT icrffg FROM RI< HA?-D THk. THIRD. " Til now the dead or night. a> d half th* world Is in g lonely, solem dirkii*** hun*."?* c Thi? sp-ech o( K nig Hichard w .< mad- on Bosworth Ki?l.', hen Shaki|?ire's M*C'rsl illusions of I* ing Hich.rd't 1 I vi tnn?, cal *d ghosts, app?ired to him, th- thai '* o c:> . h m I" nted towards turn wi h a clay-cold, b?t hoc and and C'i*d. in a voice which harrowed up his soul, >11 rny mnrd rer, d>-sp ir and die " When ti e gli ?t? vaui*u*u, tarod oat of his ''team. and m d? the ?bnv* ?,??ch. ui !| Cti I ? ai knowledges himself to have b**n a villain and g It derer His name is. *s Queen Anne predicted it woald ba, , by-word (or t; rgnuy " .'KW BONO?"1 h* Main, th* Main, the Flowing Ma to." The main, the mam the flow i >? mam, Whe.* proudly Idea i'i lumhia's fl??ti T'unai , the ma n is Freedom's strain, L-t ev'rv voice th* lay reivat; The curling seas, wi h I'rcaii' ii g hr**s?, I oil pi .yful on? an) tto the ?hoie; How i?f>t th* sce?* when all sr eue? How direful whm th* billows roir ?M* NF.w NATIONAL AM LRU AN BONO. "Our Nail** Song?Our Nit ve 8o..g." Oar native song, our native ?ou(, t?h. whe e >s he who lore* it not 7 The spell it holds is derp gn i strong? Wl.ep 'er we turn, w>?ie'eroar lot. BONO?'"Th* Ivy Ore*n." V ritten hv C. Dickens, HI. I ..I.. #k? ft crwi ?th*oVr ninn old -etc. BONO? Woodn.m Siw iliit Tm." Wooitmaii > pan* tfift tr?c To?. fi not ? ?mgl? bou?h, |n youth II thrlt ml ' e. And I'll protect it now. KINALK?' Largo *1 K.?ctot?ot tvil* ('it*." ( r?in en* o|?m o> I H'rbicradi Neville. c ?n> merer h:i I Ijaat 7 o clovk, ell Mi cent* ?o b* h*d ?t Hewitt'*, Atwill'i, u4 )utM>l?' vu?lr Stom. .,!,? Tone* t wil li?*iT?n. Piano u ed dii thl? orc<iioi? wu manof?<-tur?rt by H*l> Button, Mid i? furiiiihcd from Atwill'i Salnou. HT OK SmTn^Tra <AST> LLAN, wiih lull*.., Ii-h, K renrh and Sjiaiiuh aon(i. d aci-omcainroemiby If nchestM, will iH>?itivrly take i laet, in ine ( hall limiftoii Hotel, on Tuesday ereiiiug, Oct. It. Mfi.1 r ul the orcheatra Mr. M. C. Timin. Particalara m the o, nnn. * . >U *1 Mich, to be had at the moan Korea, hoMia, a id at i. or. n art to commence at eight o'clock.