Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 6, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 6, 1843 Page 1
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TH Vol. IX.?No. S04 -Wholt Ho. M80 KOK CHARLESTON. HAVANA, KEY WK.8T. NEW ORLEANS. AND GALVESTON. (Teiaa.) . , - ?^ THE KTEAMSHIPNEW YORK, John P. Wright, Commander, t >tiil on Saturday, October, |iositivrly at 4 P. M. Thi? elegant, well known coppered staamwill positively sail a* above. and has b?*ii put in complete order for the season, with wrought iron shuts, and lias extensive accommodations, with large and airy state rooms. For passage or freight of specie, for either of the above ports; apply to the Captain on board, at pier No. 9 North Kiver, 2ud wlurf above lWtor street, or to _ 02 to7*r A. HUBBARD k CO.. V Peck slip. - ll'Z" i?'<in niAltl.kH'lON. KEY WEST, HAVANA NEVV ORLEANS, AND ti A L V E S t O N. T EX AS -Steam Ship NEPTUNE, Captain William Rollins? mBHUto sail on Tuesday, October 10th, at 4 o'clock. P. M. This superior packet steamer has beeu thoroughly overhauled and put in |*rlect order for the season. Her cabins and state rooms are elegantly furnished,uid passengers can rely an every comfort and accommodation iu her. Far passage as above, id the cabins or steerage, and for light freight for Charleston, apply on board, at the Tobacco Inspection, foot of Clinton stieet, or to 03 ?t J- H . BROWER, 75 Wall st. ^ NEW ARRANGEMENT KOR 3* SHREWSBURY?Long Branch, Sandy 3E=J|CBLHook. Oceau House and Eatontown Landing. The new Steamboat SHREWSBURY, Captain John P. Corlies. will now run as follows, ou and alter Thursday, 27th inst :?leaving New York, Irom the foot ?f Robinson street, every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, at 10 o'clock, A. M. A Kmiit,town Landinif on Mondav. Wednesday and Kridav. at 10 o'clock, A. M. The Shrewsbury will ruu ai above, weather permitting, unI til further notice. All baggaue at the risk of the owner*. Fare 37>? cents. . N. B.?Buutes will be in attendance to convey passenger from the aforwsuid landing places to any part of the couuty re quired. The Shrewsbury will go the inner passage, when practicable, jellr NEW YORK AND KINGSTON STEAM FREIGHT AND PASSAGE LINE. jr:4 For Kingston, auc Delaware and Hudson B^^^^^e3l?<^iiul^-steamboats EMERALD and NORThe EMERALD, Captain John Ketcham, will leave New York, foot of Murray street, every Monday and Thursday at i o'clock, P M. Will leave Kingston (Raiv'out landing) every Wednesday and Saturday at 3 o clock, P. M. The NORWICH, Captain John Samuels, will leave New York, foot of Warren street, every Wednesday and Saturday at 3 o'clock, P. M. Will ltave k jrjton (Rondout landing) every Tuesday and Friday at 3 o'clock, P. M. f.xtra trips. The EMERALD will leave the foot of Murray street every Sunday inoruingat 7 o'clock. Returning, leaves Kingston at 4 o'clock, same day. For freight or passage apply on board, or to WILLIAMSON, BARLOW fc CO., all 3m*r 164 West street. tiipri ki yp"i?t mm ft'nrrr Ag?POINT. Daily, (Sundays excepted,) touch3K^^3BLjK>ing at Seguines Dock, Staten Island.?On and after Mouday, July 31st, the steamer ROCKLAND, Cajptain Crawford, will leave Middletown P<jint ou Mondays. Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, at lialf-past one o'clock (tide permitting,) and Key port at 2 o'clock P.M. Returning. leave New \ ork. foot of Robinson street, ou Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, at 8 o'clock A. M. and Saturdays at 2 I\ M. Stages will be in rradiness on the arrival of the boat to convsy pa?sengers to Freehold or any part of the country. Uniform conveyances on Target Excursions, Parties of pleasura will be taken to and from Fort Hamiltou or Keyport at reasonable prices. s20 lm*m M STATEN ISLAND FERRY, FOOT feP-SsSrfOF WHITEHALL ST.-The steamboat 3?^S3?.STATEN ISLANDER will leave New York and Staten Maud, on and after October 2d, as follows, until further notice Leave New York 9, 11, 2, 3>i, b%. Leave Staten Island I, 10, 1, 2j?, i. All freight shipped is required to be particularly marked and is at the risk of the owners thereof. s3Utf r IWtgt ** NEWARK AND NEW" YORK.?Fare ^L~^55^53ponly 12W Cents !?Kail and Winter Arrange3EI?3KjK-ment.?The spleudid steamer PASSAIC, ou and after Oct 3, will run as follows :? ; Leaves Newark, from loot ol Centre street, at 8 o'clock A. m. Leave New York, from foot of Barclay street, at 3 o'clock P. M. The accommodations both for passengers and freight (which every moith, alio by Oh* Boston steamer* on the lit and I6th. _s30j; NKW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS.? MP3W%. Packet of I6(li October?The new and elegant packet jwaHabHliil1 ROCIIESTER, 11)00 ton* burthen, Captain J. Brit'on, will Mil on Monday, 16th October, her regular day. The ships of this line being all 1000 ton* and upward*, person* about to embark for the old country, will not fail to ?ee the advantages to be derived from (electing this line in preference to any other, ai their great capacity renderi them every way more comfortable and convenient than ship* of a smller class. Those wishing to secure berth* in thi* magnificent ?hip, should not fail to make early application to W. *. J. T. TAPSCOTT. At their General Passage Office, 43 Peck slip, comer of South st. The Rochester will sail from Liverpool ou the 5th December. Person* wishing to tend for their friend*,can have thein brought out in first class *hip*. sailing weekly, on favorable terms. Drafts for any amount, payable on demand without discount, in all the principal towna of England, Ireland, Scotland or W.>'es, constantly for sale a* above. The,(rarrick will succeed the Rochester, and *ail on the 25 th October. *29r ???- FOR LIVERPOOL-NEW LINE.-Kegular Packet of 25th October.?The *plendid packet *hip JARHK'K, Captain Wm. Skiddy, of 1000 ton*, will sail as almve, her regular day. Kor freight or paasage, having ImniUome furnished accommodations,apply on board at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS Si CO. Price of passage, $75. 50 South street. The packet ship R<)8<'IUS, Captain John Collins, of 1100 tan*, will succeed the GA1UUCK, and sail the35th November, her regular day. Passengers may rely u|K>n the ships of thi* line tailing punc tually a* advertised. o2 KOrt LIVERPOOL?The New Line-Regnli Packet 16th of October?The fine New York nuit JWtfKapacket (hip ROCHESTER, John Britton, mutt, mm ton*, will *ail on her regular day, 16th October. Ki<r freight or imssage having very superior accommodations, apply to the Captain on hoard, at west side Rurling slip, or to WOODHULL k MINTURNS.87 South *t. Price of pa*sage, $75. The tine packet ship Hottinguer, Ira Buraley, mailer, 1050 tons, will succeed the Rochester and sail ou her regular day, 16th November. 04 r KOI! LIVEKPOOL-To Hail the Till ..f OctolH-r. Hi^Vher llrgnlar Day?The well know n splendid packet JaKHNL*hipOEOROK WASHINGTON, ('apt. Burrow*, will tail s ahove. Ha* 'plendid accommodations for cabin, second cabin and steerage lmsseogers, who will be taken on reasonable terms, if early application is mule to jbSKPIl McMURRAY, ion Pine street, ?3ec corner of Sontli. FOR NKW ORLKANH?Louisiana and New MlHfVYork Lino? Positively lint regular packet?The fast jUmbm-ailiim packet ship MISSISSIPPI, t amain Millard, will ?Ail H> ilKivr. For freiglit orpasiage, having handsome furnisheil accommodations, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS & CO. 46 Sonth street. Positively no goods received after Monday evening, the 9th in?t. Shippers may rely npon having their goods by this line correctly measured. Agents in New Oileans, llullcn k Woodruff, who will promptly forward all goods to their address. The packet ship YAZOO, Captain B. J. H. Trask, will succeed the iMississippi. o3ec FIRST PACKET FOR NKW ORLEANRJHW^The splendid hist sailing packet ship ARK AN8A8, JflHMfial apt. Hurgess, s.'iils positively as above, her regular day! , . ?, , i'he accommodations ol this ship for cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers, are such as cannot fail to insure comfort to them during the voyage, and the price of passage is very low, for which immediate application should lie m ule on board. foot of Wall street, or to W. & J. T. TAPSCOTT, 4S Peck slip, corner Sonth st Who will have ? continuation of regular lirst class packets, u heretofore, to New Orleans, Mobile, Savannah and Charleston, every throughout the season. Passage, as usual, at the very lowest rates. s2l ec *JB?. FOR NKW ORLEANS?Commercial Line? KKpJPWTo sail the 7th October.?1 lie splendid well known JfiMMb^wket ship !Nl< HOLAS BIDDLK, Captain Trueman, will sail as aliove. I Ui. splendid accommodations for cabin, second cahin, and steerage passengers, who will be taken on reasonable terms if M,p,,c4,lon * m"'P 00 josKPHMr Ml RRAY. ^3 ?c )00 I'ine itreet, corner of South. E NE NE ENGLISH A D V K RTISEMENTS. LONDON-8T. KATHERINE'S HOTEL, opposite the . J?0!* Md ne?r the Royal Mint.? , THOA1A8 1-iENN K\ , late ( hiel Steward of the British Queen Steamship, resjK'Ctlit 11 y informs his friends in the United state* that tie has the management of the above new and elegant establishment, which is built and furnished regardless i)fe*i>ejise, and is in every ies|*-ct adapted for the receiition of families and geiitlemeu visiting England, as the holel fronts that part of the dock in which the liners aud most of the other American vessels lay, and is within live minut's walk of the Dank and lioyal Exchange. The house w ill he conducted on liberal and economical principles. The coffee room is supplied with the London, American, East Indian and colouian papers. The viands, w ines, &c? are of the tirst quality. A good billiard room aud warm baths will lie found in the house. Gentleman may coiltract by the week or mouth for board, Jtc., ou the same terms as iu America. T. LENNEY begs to assure those who may honor him with their patronage that nothing shall be wanting to render ttiem coin (enable, and by attention to the wishes of his guests, hopes to merit that confidence and good will so liberally bestowed on him w hen steward of the liritisli Queen. s29 eod lmr GENERAL AGENCY AND COMMISSION ninnm? is carried at very low r&tea) have beeu greatly improved. jyl6 3m*ec _ NEW YORK k BOSTON SOUND PILOT. /"YWEN PRE8C0TT, Pilots, or taken charge as master and " pilot of vessels bound to New Bedford, oTer Nantucket Shoals. Boston, Portsmouth, Portland, Kennebeck, and OTHKit PORTS. Office at P rye It Shaw's Nautical store, 223 Water strwt, corner Beekman. Rcfereuce to a number of merchants, and the several Insurance Companies in this city, Boston, and Portland. jvlt Imiisr MARSEILLES LINE OF PACKETS. M: m m m The undermentioned ships will be r?*uUrly dispatched I'rom hence aud fsoin Marseilles ou the 1st of each month during the year:? From New York. Marseilles. COURIER. Capt, Duggan, June 1. Aug. 1 TRKSCOtT, Cart. Myrick, July 1. Sept. 1 HELLESPONT, Capt. Adams, Auk. 1. Oct. 1 CORIOLANU8, Capt. Haile, Sept. 1. Nev. 1 H'RY THOMPSON,Capt.Sylvester, Oct. 1. Dec. 1 They are all coupe red and cop|*j fastened, and hate excellent accommodations for |<assengers. The price of cabin passage will be $100, axclusire of wines and li'iuors. Goods addressed to the agents, BOYD li HINCKEN. will be forwarded Iree of other chances than those actually |>aid. For freight or passage apply to BOYD li HINCKEN, Agents, No 9 Tontine Buildings, or S. BROOM It CO., m20r 103 Front street! FOll LONDON?l"th October?Regular picket ?#S*Vshii> WELLINGTON, Capt. D. Chadwick, will as above, her regular day. The accommodttions for cabin, second cabin and steerage { asseagers, cauuot be surpassed, in tnis very superior vessel. Vrsons de?irous of securing berths should make early apnlica tion to JOSKPH McMURRAV, ol ec 100 Pine st, corner South. PASSAGE FROM CORK?Via Liverpool?In WHWythe first spring ships.?We beg to inform our friends jlMWIb'liat during the coming spring, 1814. we shall have a regular succession of first class American ships, sailing from the above port every week, which will he fitted out in such a manner for second cabin and steerage passengers, as cannot fail to ensure them every comfort. One of our firm, Mr. James D. Roche, resides there, who will see personally to the forwarding Of all our passengers, and will spare neither pains or ex|>ense to meei their wishes, and have them forwarded without any delay. Tho?e sending for their friends will at ouce see the advantage to be derived by paying in our line. Apply to, or address il by letter i>ost paid, ROCHE BROTHERS 8c CO. 35 Fulton street, next door to the Fulton Bank , or to JAMES D. ROCHE, 14 Goree Piazzas, Liverpool. P. S.?Passage certificates and drafts can be sent from this by the regular packet ships on the 1st, 7th, 13th, l!)th and 25th of 18 CORNHILL, LONDON, OPPOSITE THE ROYAL I EXCHANGE. ''PO MERCHANTS, Commercial News Roomi, Public LiA .branes, Agricultural Societies,Officer* of the United Slate*, Printer*. Publishers of New*pai>eri, See. P. L. SIMMUND8, (tenera! Agent anil Commission Mercliaut, begs to acquaint his friend* and tlie American public in general,that he i? ready to receive orders for the supply.ol Newspapers, Periodicals,!Stationery, Printing Materials, l<aucy Artic.les, 4tc. of any kind and quantity, and goods of every descriiition of first rate quality at the very lowest market prices of the day, and to transact busii.ess upon the most liberal term*, provided he is previously furnished with funds or drafts at either long or short dates, or a reiereuce ou some Loudon or Li verpool house for payment. P. L. Simmonds will also receive consignments of any description of merchandize to lie sold on commission, and accept bills at short date* for two thirds of the amount, on receipt of the bills of lading. Cousignments entrusted to his care will meet with everv possible despatch iu tlu-ir disposal, consistent with the. interest of the consignees: an extensive kuow ledge of general busiues* coupled with promptitude,attention and judgement, will lie trusts enable him to give complete *atisfactiou to all who may favor him with their command*. Reference may be made iu New York to James Gordon Bennett, Esq-, Proprietor of the Herald,who is personally acquainted with Mr.Siininomls and the nature and extent of his establishment. ?28tf r TO NEWSPAPER AGENTS AND PUBLISHERS IN THE UNITED STATES. 'T'HOSE excellent Illustrated Newspaiiers, The Pictorial -L Times, and Illustrated Loudou News, are supplied at 7s fid sterling per qr. Punch at 4s lid per qr, and all the Loudou and Foreign Newspapers as they api>ear are regularly supplied, wholesale and retail, by P. L. SIMMONDS, Newspaper and Periodical Agentv IB Comhill, Loudou. Subscriptions in advauce, may be paid into the Herald Ollice. ou Mr. Siminouds' account. Advertisements received for iusertion iu all the London, Country and Foreign Journals. s28tf rPHE Nfc.W YOKK IIKllALL) is regularly tiled iu London A bv Mr. P. L. SIMMONDS, Agent for the American Papers, British and Foreign Newspaper Ortice, 18 Comhill, London, opposite the Royal Exchange, where orders and advertisements will be received. s28tfr UNDKR THE ESPECIAL PATRONAGE OF HER MAJESTY UUEEN VICTORIA ; H. R. H. PRINCE ALBERT; THE ROYAL FAMILY, AND THE SEVERAL COURTS OF EUROPE. ROWLAND'S MACASSAR OIL. 'T'HIS ELEGANT, FRAGRANT, and PELLUCID OIL, J- iu it* preservative, restorative, and beautiiyiug qualities, is unequalled over the whole world. It pre*erves and reproduces the hair, eveu at a late peiioil of lite; prevents it from turning g?-? ; or ifs.> changed, restores it to its oiijfinal color; free* ic Iroin scurf ami luiiiurity, and renders it soil, silky, curly, aud glossy. To CHILDREN it is especially recommended, as form mm tlic basis of a beautiful head of hair. ROWLAND'S KALYDOlt. An odoriferous cieamy liquid of Balsamic Exotics. and utterly pure and free Iroin all mineral admixture It pleasingly dissipates all Pimples, Spots,Blotches, Redness,Tau, Freckles, and other Defects of the Skin, heals Sunhiiriis.Stiugs of Insects, and renders the most rough and dry skin pleasantly soft and smooth. '1 he raaiaut bloom it imparts to the Cheek, and the softness and delicacy it induces on the Hands, Arms, and Neck, render it indispensable to every toilet. Ueulleuieii will liud it peculiarly grateful after sliaviug, in allaying the irritation of the skin. ROWLAND'S ODONTO, OR PEARL DENTIFRICE. A White Powder, compounded of the rarest and most fragrant ti.xotics; it bestows on the Teeth a |>earl-like whiteness, trees them from tartar, and imparts to the gums a healthy firmness, and to the breath a delightful sweetness and |>erfume. CAUTION. Each genuine article hat a small label affixed thereon, bearing the names of "Messrs. DODGE, CUMM1NU di CO., Sic Only Agents, New York." i /-All without such a label, are SPURIOUS IM1TA TIONS ! ! ! sold by Chemists aud Perfumers. sK8 ltaw 6m r BELMONT HOUSE-NEW BRIGHTON PEOROE PE1RISS, in returning his grateful acknowledge incuts to the numerous ladies and geutlemeu who favored the above establishment daring the past season, begs to announce that he has made every suitable arrangement lor the winter, to accommodate families and single boarders. The diniug-rooms and dormitories will be found comfortably and elegantly furnished. The table will be supplied with the choicest provisious, and the wiues will be found eiiual to any. The proximity of Belmont House to the city, with excellent steamboats plying at stipulated hours, the well known attention ol the host anu civility of the attendants, combined with the location, being within a step or the landing-place, renders this establishment the most social and conveuieut in the Union. Term* will be found exceedingly moderate. (?7" Oood stabling and coach houses attached to the pre misen. *16 tfr HAVANA MANSION HOUSE HOTEL rpHK undersigned takes occasion to iufonn hi* friends and -L the public, that the Mansion House is now located in Inquisidor street, No. 67. iu the vicinitl of th* steamboat laudiug and vegetable market, hariug commodious family apartment*, art.iuged in the neatest order. A penon i* employed to procure permit* to land passengers, I ','gage, Sic. who will board vessels immediately after the visit the revenue officers. N. B.?Visitors to this Island should procure a passport from th" Spanish Consul, at tne port of embarkation, to obviate dif uues anu inconvenience. -.21 6tnec WILLIAM FULTON. i .1 POUT ANT TO INVALIDS AND VISITORS TO THE ISLAND OK CUBA. PROGRESS HOTEL, IN the village of Cerro, three miles from Havana. This establishment is advantageously situated, property fitted up and atteuded, affording the benefit of a country life without excluding the comforts and pleasures of the C apital, or preventing a timely attendance to business. Krery attention is promised by the owuerato meet the satisfaction of their visitors. CHARGES. Boarding for & single |<ersou in oue room $2 00 a day. " " two or three persons in one room- SI 50 a day each person. With families a particular agreement may be entered into. N. B.?Oinnibusses are ruuning from morning 'till night between the Cerro and Havana, making the trip in naif an hour. s24 lm ri HATS?FALL FASHIONS, 1S4J.?The subscriber improve* the occasion presented by the fall change in the fashion of hats, to invite his friends, customers and the public iu geuer.ll, to his Establishments, No. 130 Chatham stroet, and 94 Canal, comer of Wooster streets, where he offers for sale and inspection a large and elegant assortment of Hats and Cap*, at itrrmely low prices. He particularly invites their attentiou to his flue Nutria Fur Hats, at S3, warranted water Proof, and to retain their color aud shape 11* would also call their atten tion to his short napt Silk Hats, at $2 23 and 82 *>0. Also, his <u|<erfitie Moleskin Hats, at the low price ol S3. The abovemeutioned Hats are neat aud durable, and -?>i. compare advantageously with hats sold in this city at S3ac? $4. WILLIAM BANTA, No. 130 Chatham St., and 94 Canal, cor. Wooster it. s2 5w(lwis)*m ^^TTaDII.S' a Mil ^ SU.lf.-l CHEAPER THAN EVER. A l' WALKER'S OLD STAND, 419 Broadway, where '* may be f,.und a complete assortment of all the different kinds, colors, sorts and sizes, for ladies, misses and children. Waiters, Boots, Buskins. Slip|<ers, and walking shoes. Also. India Rubbers and Moccasins,sod water proof over shoes of the latest style and fashion;ladies , misses' aud children's Waiters of all kinds and colors, iu the greatest style and variety, ol all sizes and suited to all tastes; gentlemen s. boys' and children's boots and shoes, of French and native calf, c larse ind line, in ill their variety, ready made or made to order, at the shortest notice. (Jentlemen's overshoes, and au innumerable assortment of other goods, at WALKER'S,419 Broadway, corner of Canal st. N. B.?Heads ol families, by patronizing this estihlishment, will find a saving of 23 to 30 per cent. o2 Im'ec PARIS BOOTS AND LASTS MADE TO ORDER, fly E. H V SE R. 176 Broadway, (Basement.) One door from CourtUndt street. E SUSf.H, Bootmaker, and Miker of Lasts, an Klve" of Clerceof Paris, begs leave to inform his friends and all the amateurs of a geutlemanly " chaussiire,'' that he can now make, in New York, with the best French materials, all thai is so perfectly made in Paris by his mister, the celebrated Bootmaker Clerce, whose numerous customers on this side of the Atlantic are respectfully invited to try Suser's Boots ,\ud Las's, belore they despair of being " chaosses" in New York, after the nicest latest Paris fashion. Also, the genuine Paris Jet Black Varnish sold. sIT Im'ec SAW VIIIIII MllVtV FALL* AND* WINTLh"BOOTS, 75 Per cent rlnMix-r than at any other establishment in the city. Call, examine, and be convinced of the facts, that you can get the very be*t <ioality of boot*, with everlasting intent soles on, made to yonr orders at the very low price of five dollars and fifty cents per |*ir ; the same quality of boots are selling at other establishments at froui $7 JO to M. Call at CUfiBKllLKY & MICKhLL. sl2lm?m 127 William st., N. Y. BOOTS~AND SHORES.?WILSON k JOHN Successors to John Hntchings, deceased, ha>e on n.uid and for sale, from the b?sst manuf?cu>fir? iu the country? 100 ( m Coarse Hewed and Pegged Booti, men and boy?. 100 " Fine " " 1000 I'air Morocco Buskins. 1000 " Ladies' Fine Slippers. 3000 " Children's Shoes, various colors. ' "0 '' Womens and misses (.Miters. I??* India Rubbers, trimmed and plain. tor sale in lots to suit purchasers, at their store. ?? !*0 CHATHAM 8TKEKT, opi>osite Rosevelt. N. B.?The store being ojien until 10 o'clock in the eveuing, gives country merchants an opportunity to examine goods at aeir leisure, >28 lm*m BOOT AND SHOK 8TORJL.? JOHN RR,AD\ res|>ectfujiy informs hit friends ind the public, that he has commenced business in the above me, at No. t9 Nassau street where he will thankfully receive ind faithfully eiecnte, all or.ler* he msy be favored with on the iwmireesouable terms for r??h. ivlJr n R',MOVAL.?India Rubber Shoes and Over Shoes ?Just reIV reived fiom our lactory, for fall trade, a Urge assortment of India Rubber Shoes, consisting of plain and figured lined and liirrecl rabbfri; elantic muter nvi>MKnM< I*r leather and rublier soles; ladi*.' fur and ribbon ound (Irecinns .Hid Huskius; ladies elastic quilted (ilk orcrihwi, new style; 10I0* thaw, and various styles of misses' in.I children's shoes, which we offer at the late<t reduced price* 40.000 pairs ladies' anil men's ruhlier shoe*, (inured and plain by the case or trimmed and cleaned bv the dozen. 50(10 pairs ladies' lined and fur bound rubbers, MercMuiU are requested to eiamine the stock at our new store No. 25 Maiden Laue. .. HORACE M. DAY, Successor to Hoibury I. R. Co. s2fi linr 25 Maiden Ijine, /SOIlN-iOO bushels, Cor sale by *-> oiit i. K. CULL N8 k CO., 56 South st. W YO W YORK. FRIDAY MOI IjVVULISH ENOKAVINUS.?Strangers flkitiai the city * are invited to call at 67 Canal street. a lew doors west from Broadway, south side. when* they will tiutl oue of the large* t collections of scrap and other engravings in the United States, at lower price* than ever yet offered. The trade supplied ou I i beral term*, kngraviugs by the old masters, aud scarce hooka, bought and sold; colors, staliouery. tic. *13 lm*re FRENCH CHINA. No. 4 SOUTH WILLIAM STREET, Up Stairs ADALKSMK, Importer and Avail for Manufacturers, has always ou hand a lance assortment for dinner and lea seta in plain white and silt French 1'nrcelaiu, as well as diuner aud dessert plates, of all sixes, assorted dishes, soup tureens, covered dishes, salad bowls, fruit baskets, custards and stauds. Also, Tea and Chocolate Ware, lireek, Rieuch and American sham. All the articles are warranted of the best quality, aud to be sulil on liberal terms, and in lots to suit purchasers. sS7 6m*ec ARCHER'S FALL FASHION, V O 11 GENTLEMEN'S HATS, AUTUMN?1843. ready for sale aud ius|>ection at his old standi, 2M and P. S.?AUo, ai> elegant assortment of men's, boy?' and children's caps, ol eutife new patterns all lm*ec TO THE PUBLIC. The firm heretofore known ai GEN IN Si VAN VRANKEN, HATTERS, Having been dissolved, the subscriber, JOHN N. GfcNIN, lias opened A HAT AND CAP STORE. No. 90 BROADWAY. Third door from Wall street. JN. O. hc^'i simply to state his determiuation to use hU best exertions to make a HAT that for quality of material and beauty of finish cannot be excelled, lie therefore trusts to receive from his friends and the public that support which will enable him successfully to carry out his designs. JOHN N. OENIN, Hatter, sl4 lm?m 90 Broadway, 3d door above Wall st. TO AH< HITE<"l'S AND BUILDI', IIS.?The subscriber would respectfully inform his customers and others, that iu consequence of his olu stand ill Broadway being burned down, he has taken the premises No. 135 Crosby street Houston, until such time as the stores ill Broadway are rebuilt, and that he is now prepared to exeute any orders for Ornamental Work and Carving that may be required, the same as formerly. New York, September i!8tb. 1843. JOHN OALL1ER. s29 lm*r 135 Crosby street. COAL.?Large Nut Sixe S4.50, Stove $4,75, and fresh Brokeu and Kgg $5 i>er ton, of the best Peach Orchard Ash, well screeued, weighed bv a city weigher and delivered free of cartage. A reduction of 25 ceuts tier ton if taken from the boata. PETER CLINTON, corueror King sl9 ?mr* anil Greenwich streets IRON SAKES.?Attempts have recently been made to preju A dice the public against WILDIK'B SAKtS, ou account Jf their dampness, but they have never been found too damp wheu tested by fire, but exactly damp euoiiKh, while others have been found quite too dry when exposed to the saine test. Mr. Wilder has improved upon the first Safes made by him, in regard to dampness, anil reference can be made to more than one hundred respectable houses, who, after a careful investigation of the relative quality and merits of the various kinds of Sales in market, (since the introduction of the so called Im proved Salamander Sales.) have availed themselves of Wilder's PATENT SALAMANDER SAKES, as sold by the subscri ber, who is the only |>erson in the city authorized to make or sell the Genuine Patent Salamander Safes; and every person using Safes, made iu imitation of Wilder's Patent, is liable in three times the amount of the value of such Safe so used, aud will be held responsible by the patentee, who has suits now ( ending against the manufacturers. Any responsible i>ersou ill the city, wishing to purchase a fire proof Safe, and having any doubts as to the dampness of Safes sold by the subscriber, can have one placed in the store or count ing house three months upou'trial. and if not found satisfacto ry, will be taken away free from charge. SILAS C. HERRING, No. 139 Water .t. N. B.?Second hand Safes for sale at less than one-half the former prices, such as have been taken iu part payment for Wilder s Patent Salamander Sales. s30 lwdy2tw r L. BA.RONTO, A RTIST, in Alabaster. Marble, Scagliola, 8cc., from Italy fl.Respectfully invites the gentry, the inhabitants, shopkeepers, Bazaars, country dealers and the public in general, to sen his nf Arl?. No. 2'A Orchard ?rr?%*r (hftuffn ( rami and Division streets,} which is now ojien for inspection, with a splendid assortment of Italian and English ornaments in Alabaster, black marble, spar, agata, yellow stone, stalactite, red and various other marbles, verde di prato, granite, Sic., &c. consisting of various sizes of croups. I'ikures, busts, Uz/.es, Hebe ewers, Etruscan vases, candlesticks, tapers, pen trays, ink stands, watch cases, clock stands, time pieces, spill |m>U, urns, antique lamps, shell vases, oval vases, bottles, groups and single dogs, tables, tlorentine basket!, bulls, cows, lions, broaches necklaces, obelisks, bell vases, gozzolv vases, ring vases, paps' weights, ring stands, card boxes, snutf Doxes, birds nests, aiuiautus, paintings of Mount Vesuvius, of Naplet; books ou conchology, mineralogy, geology, marine botanist, Sic. Sic. Price of articles from 12* cents to $100. Cleaning and repairing of every description on moderate term*. Admission free. s30 6w* r TO GUNSMITHS AND DEALERS IN GUNS. 200 DOUBLE BAKIIKL OUNS, assorted, from common 400 single barrel Ouns. assorted, from common to fine 2000 pain of FistolV selling below the cost of importation 500 Kiiles, selling do do of manufacture 200 Muskets do do do do (Jun Lock Limbs in every' state of finish Tools and Materials for making Ouns Oun Locks, Percussion Caps, Powder Flasks and Morns, Shot Belts and Pouches, Game Bagi, Dog Collars and Chaius, kc. Sic.?for sale by A. W. SPIES Si CO. who are constantly receiving from the foreign manufacturer regular supplies of every article inquired; for by the gunsmith or sportsman. s!9 lm?ec QTRAW WRAPPING PAPER-7000 reams of Crown 3 Straw Taper for sale by PEKSSE Si BROOKS. No. fil Liberty streetHUlttHINOS' STOMACH BITTERS?Kor dvsiiepsia, parfWldon of the heart, loss of appetite, assisting digestion, night sweats, and all nervous diseases. Numerous criti tics'es of |>ersons cured, as well as certificates of several physicians who use it in their practice, can lie seen at the proprietor's. Manufactured and sold 652 Houston Corner McDougal street, price $1 |ier bottle Agents?150 Bowery; 644 Broadway: Dr. Harton, cor Allen and Stanton streets; Mrs. Hays, Brooklyn; lugersoll. Peekskill. s lO I w * A A. SAMANOS offers for sale, at No, 6 Wall st, 10 hhds Muscovado Sugar, and 15 bags of Coffee, lauding from brig '1' fax, from St. Jago Til Store? 10 hhds San cured Muscovado Sugar suitable for refiners 4 boies white Sugar, free labor 11 bales superior Uuisa Tobacco, suitable for manufacturers. 150, m. Segars, of LordByrou, Wood*' 1 e,and a variety of other brands. WANTED?A Coo|ier,and a Mil wright that understands can*uter's work, to go to St Jagodi v.uba; must be single aud oi lemperaie nanirt. /ippiva*al>ov sV lm'r WHO WOULD BE WITHOUT TEETH, when the following unprecedented reduction ill dentistry it made by the celebrated Deutist, W. Thorne, D.D.S., 02 East Broadway I Cleaning Teeth $1 00 Extracting 25 Stopping with his justly celebrated Mineral, 75 Single Tooth on Pivot 75 " " " Silver 2 00 " " " Oold 3 00 A complete iet of Teeth, on the moit approved principles, at the same price as the above. N. B,?Where entire satisfaction is not given, no charge will he made 62 hast Broadway. *26 lm*r TO THE LOVKKS OK SUPERIOR BLACK TEA.How'jua's Mixture.?This ettremely delicious and unparalled Tea, to highly celebrated in China and Europe, just .inported, it now for tale at the Ctuton Tea Company t (General Tea Kstablishment, 121 Chatham street, New York, and IK Kulton street, Brooklyn?in packages- Trice 54 cents and $1 ?*ch. t30 lm#r UNITED STATES TEA EMPORIUM, 121 I alt 129 Chatham itrert, New York. Aud 116 Kulton ttreet, Brooklyn. AOF.J?CV, 318 BlkkcHKR STRH!T, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, T?h*< CANTON TEA COMPANY continue to offer for sale new ami iragrant teas ol every variety ami style.? Their assortment specially iuclude* the mint delicious and powerful grade* of Green and Black. Every package bean the ?tamp of neatness and elegance, and the Tea* therein are so i thoroughly secured from light and air, that their quality and power will remain unimpaired in any climate. Tneir system f prosecuting business it, perhap*, scarcely to be excelled. It is founded upon the utmost regard to the right* ol the custom r, especially with respect to weight and quality, and unrivalled cheapness. All purchaser* are called upou to return any irticle* which fail to give them the utmoat satisfaction, which the money will be cheerfully and promptly refunded. Country merchants, public establishments, heads of families, and shipmasters will tind it a decided advantage to supply themselves from thi* establishment. QerCINE Java CoKricK roasted every day. Orders from all parts of the United State* executed with promptitude and despatch. \tjr" The only warehouse ia America for the sale of Hon|0* s celebrated Black Tea. *29 1m*m D. M. PEYSER. & CO., ^0. 110 William street, corner of John street, and 437 Broadway hare received, by recent arrivals, au extensive supply if the following FANC Y GOODS, which were carefullv se'ected by a competent person at Paris, Berlin, kc.. and wnich hey offer for sale, io wriolesal* and retail, on liberal term*. ?ii:? Berlin Zephyr and Uerman Worsted?the most complete assortment. Berlin Kmbroidery Pattern*?a choice selection. Canvas* for Embroidery, of cotton, wonted, linen, silk, gold tnd .i iver, of all widths and qualities. Silk Chenille, for embroidery, trimming and flower making Pur,? Twist, (German, French and English, plain and shaded, in skeins, sticks, and ou soools. Kloss silk for Embroidery and Fringe maker*, in skein* and on spool*. Suspeuden, superbly embroidered, and Suspender Trimmings. Gold, Silver and Steel Beads, in all No*. Mother of Pearl, Uold, Silver and Steel Parse Ornament*. Gold and Silver Fringe, Braid, Cord, Twist, Thread and Kmbroidery Frame*, and a variety ol different Fancy Artities. Artificial F'ower*?a choice aeleetion. Fringes, of cotton, wonted and *ilk, imported and doneitic Oimps, Tassels, Bnttous and all other kind of trimming. jy IT Sm* ec CHLORIDE OF GOLD. LB. BIN88E fc CO., M William street, inform the Pho tographinti that they have just received per late arrivals a fresh supply of Chloride of Gold trom the Laboratory of one of the mo?t eminent Chemists in Paris. Thev warrant it to be equal if uot sut>erior to any in the I nited States, whether manufactured or imported, and offer it for sale in vials li grains *'They have on hand a supply of most excellent plate*, and all the chemicals used, which ihev offer for sale at reduced price*. A I... .... k....t ll>m> four anil *1* inch I wid Caine?? comtmcted on the (Jarmaii lyitein?Kaiicy H'r*me? fur Portrait* and View* >24 lin'r 10 THK rUBCIC. A' 1 nn TO ?A000.-Mr. Franci. H. Crump, Watch Maker, JP IV/U 248 Or.iml ttreet, betc? to inform Km friend* and the l>'lblic, that iude|i?ud*iit o. the VVatcli |>ii?ine*?, he k prepared to make advance* in ca?h on gold and ?irv?'r watclie*,diamond*, < 1 vt>r tea ?eu, tpooot. fork*, and every de*cnption of void or iilver in any thai*, intended tor immediate *ale. Ca*h to any imonnt paid for old gold and ?il?er. Watche* of every d<<cri|>tiou repaired and warranted. 24i Omnd drwt pOTTON DUCK ?MO bolta ol American fc*tr? Pilot Duck v> Not 1 aud.4 For ?ale hy ? K. COLLINS h CO., ?U*C * South Mrert, RK H INIJVG. OCTOBER 6, 184 Piano Koirn s, musical inhtiiumknts, nk.w MUSIC, he. tic., ju?t received at AT Wl L.I/S Music He poiitory, 201 Broadway, near St. Caul's. Purcnaner* are invited to eiamine several (ideudid Konewood and Mahogany ruaofoitec, thia day added to the already e*teuiive auortment nfPiaiio* now on liand, h'lutes, Guitars, 4cc. tic. in great abundance. The supply of new and admired Mimic ii Tery kireat, embracing the publication* from all parts of the country. Purchaaera can depend upon rrceivinic correct editions. A liberal deduc tiun where music in ordered in quantity. The following is a small list of the popular music :? 8o?o?. Mahchks St liuic-'kstkfs. Woodland Bride Java March Old harm House Lawrence grand do On, stay, my own lova, stay State street do Rover is free Roarer's do I know a star Gov. Morton's do Romance from the Opera of Highland do&QS. The Earthquake Harvard (Quickstep Farewell to Nortlitnaven, by Home do Dempster Rory O'More do Oh, were mine a fairy boat Barllett's do Light Dragoon Iron Botts do Merry Farmer Boy Promenade do Old Ancestral Kim Hennesey's do She never smiled again (iordon'a do America my Home Park's do Temperance Shout of Liberty Winchester do Ou a summer's day Lawreuce do 1 have a cot, by the Harvard Snow's do Glee Club >76 do Waltzes. Kukek's do Giraffe Waltz Window's do Sonthboro ilo Lynn do Sleigh Bell do Massasott do Fairy's Revel do Mt. Washington do Emerald do Postillion do LaFrivolite do Marine Artillery do LaGaiete <lo Brummer's do Villa do Kdmuuds' do Poughkeepsie (Quadrilles N?:w Edition* or the following Admikkd Sonus, 8u? True love can ne'er forget Wreath Uuadri lies True heart of Woman Garland Waltzes Love's Chosen Hours Merrily o'er the wants1 A life in the woods, away. Oh. sail with me Oh, take ine back to Switzer- Take your time. Miss Lucy land _ Cracovieune Maid The dream is past Moou o'er the Mountain Catalogues given gratis. ATWILL'S Music Repository, 201 Broadway, Sign of th e Golden Lyre; ?15 8 2taw TutiFr uear St. Paul,sChurch. rTtAVLORs BAI.saM (ik LIVERWORT?Prepiit'd at Hi Bowery?Is the most successful remedy known for consumption and diseases of the luugs. Immense numbers have beeu cured when almost ou the verge of the grave. The sick always lind in its us>' ^reat benefit. Scarcely a family in New York but has eiiierieuced its good effects?universally known and every where reconimendad? such is its astonishing efficacy. It is the lioor man's as well as the rich man's best Iriend. To the sick we say, do not allow yourselves to be l>ersuaded that any other of the numerous medicines got up ou the reputation of this article, (suchas balms, balsams, panaceas, candies, (kc. fkc.) will answer your purpose as well, for depend upon it the result will be, that you will be obliged to resort to this remedy in the end; therefore, we sav again, uo not sufler you'selves to be deterred from taking this at once. In all cases, when used in season, it is a sun- remedy for coughs, cold*, consumption, liver complaint, broiichetas, asthma, whooping cough. sic. &c. Trie genuine is prepared only at the original office. 375 Bowery, where it is for sale, wholesale and retail. Also, down town, only by J.G. Leeds, wholesale druggist, 128 Slaideu lane; and by Mrs. Hays, 139 Kultonst, Brooklyn. 04 3t*r EW-YORK STKAM S(JOURIN(i ESTABLISHMENT.?Clothing repaired by Win Joseph Smith, at No. 32 John street, New York, entrance in John street. Take no tice, all those whose garments, from long service, have become soiled ami disfigured by grease spots, oil, luin s, tar, pitch, Sic., can be taken out ol shawls, dresses, table covers, carpets, cloaks, and all descriptions ol cloth, in the neatest style ami the shortest notice, by the subscriber. Stop and see lor yourself, at No. 32 John street. All orders left are attended to as speedily as possible, to any part of the city, lie also lutends carrying on, at the above place, the business of boot blacking, where he will lie happy to receive aud execute oiders. The blacking used by him is free fiym the injurious miiture so lies tractive to leather found in ordinary blacking o5 lw*r WM. JO. SMITH. BUSINESS IS BUSINESS.?Therefore if you wishashare ol it you must circulate your cards and_ handbills freely.? To do this in an economical way, call on FOLGKR St SUTTON, at the office of the Locomotive Printing Engine, 115 John street, near Pearl, wh*re you can have all kinds of Job Printing done in the first style, at the lowest cash prices, and uo disappointment Cards printed at one hour's notice if required. o4 Im^r DOOMS TO LET?Kor Single Gentlemen.?Two front |iarJ* lors, withadjoiuing rooms, on the secoud and third story, with or without board, in a respectable private family, No. 106 Leonard street, a few doors from Broadway. o4 3t*r ANDSOME APARTMENTS, with board, may be ha 011 application at 411 Houston street?the entire second floor, which is spacious and in good order A few double and single rooms may also be obtained by applying as above si im'i I)AY BOARDING. GENTLEMEN taking their meals down town, desirous of sccuriug day board in a private family, where the table is supplied iu the best style, will find it to their advantage, (and far preferable both as regards comfort and respectability, to a public eatiug house,) by applying at 204 Kultou street. I'wo or three gentlemen cam be accommodated with full board. Terms moderate. s4 lmr B~A.TTK.UY AND PHILADELPHIA HOTEL.?The subscriber is now fully prepared to make arrangements with families for board duriiiK the winter. N. U.?The prices of this establishment remain the same as heretofore, $1 50 per day. MARY PkTTET. o2 6t"r EMPIRE Of BEAUTY. The following Toilet articles are to be had genuine only at 67 Walker street, one door from the comer of Broadway :? Gouraud's I'oudre Subtile? For safely, quickly and permanently eradicating sui?rlluou* hair from all parts of the hu nau frame. This we prove beyond all doubt to every purchaser requesting proof. Beware of counterfeits, containing deleterious properties, and utterly inefficacious. No agent in Brooklyn. Gouraud's Kan de Beaute? Kor thoroughly eitermiaating tan, pimples, blotches, morphew, ike. eliciting delicate whi(e neck, hands and arms, and imparting a juvenile bioom, by its dilating properties, preventing the formation of wrinkles, and banishing them when present. Oouraud's Vegetable Liquid Rouge,'impart* a delicate blushing tinge to the clieelu, immovable by rubbiug with a handkerchief ?r a cloth. Go-raud'? Blanc d'Espange, or Spanish White, gives to the comp ation a pure, life-like alabaster whiteness. In elegant botes 25 cents each. (to&nud's Grecian Hair Dye?Kor coloring red or grey hair, without staining the skin, warranted. $1 per bottle. Eye Brow aud Whisker Dye, 25 cents per bottle. Cream of L'lies?Kor removing Dandruff, making the hair rich, silky and glossy, and gradually changing it to a dark brown or raven black. 5(1 cents per bottle. Agents?2 Milk st,Bost?u; 76 Chesnut st, Philadelphia; < Jrey, Poughkeejwie; Outline, Albany; Myers, New Haven; Wells V. Co. Hartford; Cowles, Springfield; Kaulkuer, Norwich; Green it Co. Worcester; Carleton K Co Lowell; Hodge, Newburyport; Preston, Portsmouth; Patten, Portland; Giuld, Bangor; Thomas, Cincinnati!; Tuttle, Pittsburgh; tJeorge StenTey, Krankfort, Ky.; 8. 1 ousey, Rochester; Seth 8. Hand, Baltimore. (13 im*r DR. WHEELER begs to offer t? the uotice of the public the following letter from a highly res|>ectaole officer in the U. S. Navy:? Nr.w York, Sept. 21,1843. To Dr. Wheeler, Oculist, S3 Greenwich Street? Sir?It affords me great pleasure to give you the benefit of my testimony of your eminent success in the cure of my daughter of an aggravated case of Scrofula Opthalmia, after she had Deen treated ny eminent physicians and surgeons without the least permanent benefit. I must add, that when I placed her under your kind care, (having been induced to do so by visiting some of your cured patients.) I was in despair of her ever l?-iiig cured by any oue? one eye tieinireutirely closed and sightless, the other nearly so. and scarce any light could lie borne. Kor many months site hail hiH kept in carefully darkened moms. The eyelids were most frightfully inilamed, and the child, by her previous treatment, [educed to a mere skeleton. Your kind treatment and great core will ever be held by me, and every member of my family, in the most grateful remembrance. Should this bring you to the notice of any like sufferer, or parent with an afflicted child, (he object of this testimony will be secured by relieving suffering humanity. Very truly, your friend. WASH. A. BARTLETT, U. S. N.. | s26 lm m 221 Kighth Avenue. doctor h. bost wick, rvPK.RATIVK. SURGEON to the New York Medical and v7 Surgical Institute may be consulted daily between the hours of 8 and ^ o clock. (iffir* 7S|l'hnm)M>n iiwi tl lm*r joseph gillott's steel pens. REDUCED PRICES. rPHH subscriber is constantly recemng fresh supplies of the A above justly celebrated pens, whichlie offers to the trade at very low rates. In addition to the styles so well known, he has recently introduced the following new patterns, vir :? Nos. 1, 2 and 3 Principality Pens, eitra line, line and medium points. No. t?Caligraphic Pen?a prime article ou pictorial cards, views of celebrated places. Nos 9 aud 10? Washington Peu?very fine point, and elastic, on superb cards. In evidence of the high estimation in which these Pens are held, the following statement is inade :? The number of Pens manufactured at the work* of JOSEPH GILLOTT, from Dec. 1841, to Dec. 1(42, was 70.612.002 The public are cautioned to be on their guard against spuri' ous articles. Each isickage of tlie genuine |iens bears a fac simile of Mr. < nllott s signature. Kor sale hy HENRY JEsSOP, Importer, tl John street. corner of (told. A good supply of Windle's and Mosley tl Co.'s London Pens. s29 I hi r "patent elastic shoulder brace. HMiK SUBS( R1BKRS loffer, with full confidence in ita ' utility Hid usefulness, the above named article. This article it iatnM to broot tic sh Mftlom* rapport th? bock, im nnuid the cho^ imni i grtctral osuiw to tin llfirB.uM n* ill be found in<lH|**nsHble to persons of sedentary habits. Parents and icuardiau* are imrticularlv rmiiiented f<? ? * imnif rln? brace; it will be found to poaaen* every requisite cjunlity* for \\Incli it it recommended, namely?to brace ilie shoulders of children and other* who have acquired the habit of (looping, mil retain their form in an upright position. They ran lie worn with |ierfect eaae, being formed with an elastic back, and will lie found of no imi>edimeiit to the free uae of the arm*. The *ub?criber* alio offer their celebrated Elaatic Spring, Ru**ia or Ridiuu Belt. The above article* are manufactured under the immediate inspection of Mr. Partella, who ha* been enKa^d in the btisiiies* for the la?t sixteen year*, and may be depended on a* *uiierior to any article effer offered for the *ame pu po?e. Hold wholesale ami retail at the old eatablishmeut of PAR8ELLS k AGATE, 237 Broadway, comer of Park Place. N. B.?Ladies will be supplied and fitted by railing at the resilience of MADAME PAR8ELL8, 402 Greenwich street. Iietween Hubert and Laicht street. *23 23t*ec 'PO THE LOOKERS KOR THKSKrOKl) ADVENT. 1 ?Why do von spend money for what i* not bte.?d ? flark- ( pii unto me, and let your minds eat that which is good, and yoursouls shall be ileliKhled?33 Isaiah, 2. Be no longer worry d by wolves He ye weie to look lor ia come, and in the dens tif\oiir wolves it hatli been many dava known. For they who . have no money, the wiue and inilk of his word are without ' prirr?each Saturday's N. Y. ( hronicle. Ye who have to spare Hive to editor* to publish the word* therefrom, until &ii part* of the world ire penetrated by the Word of <>oit Oct. 7.? t ry of the Angel to the Unitarian*; H.?First chapter of the Kvirlaatluc Uospei; 21.?Tothein in slavery; 21?To theicientinc. ,, i ot.giin it m CASTOR OIL-U bbla < aator Oil. for sal* by " ot It E K- COLLINS St CO., 36 Soutliht. f ARD OIL?230 bbla Lard Oil, of very auperior quality, for I* .ale by E. K. COLLINS k CO., o4 Jl 36 South street. PORTUOUSE FJ?M ALE PTLLJ^ "TMIKSK. far-famed Mil celebrated Pilla, from Tortiiial, are we i perceive, to be obtained ia tkii tommy. aea advertise oteiu oa the laat cola inn, fourth wage, t [ERA 13. OJIt< lal dkpaktmknt ?p htatk, i Washington, Oct. 2, 1843. > The following decree ot the Tunisian government, translated Irointhe Arabic, has tieen communicated to the Department by the Consul of the United States at Tunis, J. H Payne, and is now made public for the beneht of all persons interested. [Translation from the Arabic.] Glory to Goti ' The Ooleltn? Bizerlu?Sum?Monastftr? Malmiia ?Sfax?Jerba?Giibe*?Tubarca. Keliold a regulation, which, it God so directs, miifct nrevent tne introdurlion nl ranniirlpii niay. trer?, and other objects, forbidden to be brought into this ^tate. Decreed and signed by us, and which must be minutely observed. Article lit.?It mutt be made known generally, ami strictly enforced, that no Teasel may enter any other port or roail than those above named, either to receive or to lan<l goods ?Oulipia alone excepted?and even there ves eld may only anchor, and deliver letters, but mint neither receive nor land any thing else. All vessels entering the beforementioned porta or roads must proceed direct to the point assigned lor their disembarkation,and not attempt any landing at any other point. Notice mutt be ?;iven to ship captains that a guaru is ordered to prevent anding atany hut the points designated, anil to execute upon whomsoever shall tail to respect this order, the law provided for such cases. The vessel, moreover, to which uny ant! thus olfemling may belong, will be considered as a smuggler, and incur all the penaliies of a smuggler, even though she may have nothing contrabund on board; because u communication has been made Irom her at n poiutnot authorized by law. Ahticlk 'itl.?At each port before mentioned, and in the Lake of Tunis, shall be stationed un armed guardboat, and a guard, for the purposa of patroling such port, and of watching vessels, and ol preventing any landing at points forbidden. Articlr :id?Whenever any vessel shall arrive at either of ihe ports or roads above-mentioned, the captain of such vessel must swear, according to the lorms of the religion which he professes, that his vessel oontuins no thing except what is registered in the paper called a manifest. Ahticlr 4th ? Each and every vassel which arrives must, alter the eath of the captain and the lauding ol the cargo, be visited and examined by an Inspector, accompanied by some one duly authorised by the Consul of the nation to which the vessel belongs, for the purpose at ascertaining whether sh has any thing contraband on board. If, in this visit and examination, there shall lie discovered any counterfeit Tunisian money, or other object of which the disembarkation is prohibitod, the captain ol such vessel, even thaugh not of this country, must be discharged fiom his employ, an 1 sent back to his own government, in order that his owngovernment muy execute the demand lor his discharge, ami puniih him ac cording to her own laws. Upou the captains of our country the same order must be enforced. Article 6th ? In oach ot the ports and roads before mentioned, and in the (iolctta, at the entrance of the Lake, the government will establish a point for the landing of goods, wherein will bo placed Inspectors, and ulong with them one person, chosen by ourself, and one other person, in whom we may confide, chosen by thi Christians, to bear witness with our Inspectors, regard ing whatever goods may enter. All such goods, on en tering, shall not be opeued, but shall receive the seal o an Inspector. Tlnn sealed, they must be sent to tin Custom-house. Should any case or parcel that has p?? o.?l tl.ia ?Ikm I. n..,. i, ........... . I.. ..... .... |..?VU| V, .. .V ?I>..VU> 'C?l'"l|i "? Inspector's seal, and be seized, it will be treated us con truband, even though nothing contraband may be thereii contained. Article 6th.?No sandal, (or lighter) must he employ cd 11 bring goods trom vessel* to the Custom house, un less furnished with a government licome, setting foith the captain's name and that of his surety. These nume< are also to be recorded in a boo a, which must he kept by the head man ot the body of sandal tnasteis instituted by us. Each one of them, in taking goods fiom sueli plac as may be appointed by the government, shall receive from an Inspector a certificate, specifying his name uiuJ the number ot cases or packages that he h&s in charge, (all ot which must be sealed,) and the mark of cach case or package; and for whatsoever cases or packages may be received with this certificate by the Custom-house otneer, that officer shall give a receipt. Article 7th?It is hereby proclaimed that any one who may be seized by the guard with counterfeit money or any other article of which the introduction into the State is prohibited, shall, it of this country, whether high or low, receive the punishment of the galleys ; if not ol this countrjr, such offender, whether high or low,(nfter having, as is the custom in all nations, tieen deprived ol every thing contraband in his possession,) shall be irrev<cahly banished, with an announcement to his govern, ment that this sentence is inflicted, because heisdishon est and a troubler of the earth. Article 8th?Sandals (or lighters) and other vessels with business on the coast, must never land at any places but those abovo name 1,excepting through the necessities of the sea, or when driven thither by storms ; under which extremetiea, to save life, they may enter elsewhere ; but in the places thus entered, nothing must either be received or landed. Any of them thai m*j come to either ol the beforementiontd places to receive a cargo, must obtain from the inspector at the said place, a certificate, setting forth the captain's name, a descrip tion of his person, the number of hia crew, the nature ol his cargo, the amount of articles on board, their marks, and the name of the port whither he ia bound. The dea tination being reached, and the cargo landed at the point oppropriated for that purpose by the government, ronfor inably to the aforesaid certificate, the inspector belonging to that point must seal every case or package which the vessel brings. The fulfilment of these forms will be equally exacted from the people of this and of other coun tries. Article Oth?Should circumstances induce us to send any vessel, whether belonging to our subjects or toothers, to any port or road not hereinbefore mentioned, the Captain ol such vessel must be supplied with a passport Irom us, admitting him to ?uch port, and a addressed to the governor of such port, authorizing him to receive such vessel. Article 10th?In the gates of all our citiea we will place a guard, and also two witnesses, one of our country and th<- ether a christian, whose duty it shall ho to esa mine whatever may come to entertherein, whether upon the person of thoie who arrive, or upon animais, or in conveyance* with wheels, that nothing, without being Known, may t>e introduced, either by persons ofeur own or any other country. The only exceptions to this examination are our great men and th? consuls, the carriage* of eith^ of whom our guards are forbidden to approach. In the event ot our guard having ground* lor tuspecting any one that may appear at the gate*, or hearing counterfeit money concealed, inch person may t>e touched and may be searched on the outside of his dress, whether he heot this or of any other country. II the searcher find nothing, he must then ask pardon ? If he find any thing, then must he give up the offender to justice. None can he exempted. Artici.k 1 Ith?All porters and cartmen who convey {oodson land, shall bo embodied by us into distinct bands, over each of which shall be placed a suparvisor, select ndfrom the people of our country. These supervisors hall register the name of each member of their respective Sands, and keep acquainted with their persons ; and none may be continued in such service without a written authorization and sufficient sureties. It is the object of this measure to establish precision and regularity in the con . eyance of good* and other things, arid to prevent any one Irom undertaking the trust without a sanction. God rules! Only God can give succeed to the purposes of man! From the servant of God, of God the Most High ! The Counsellor,* Achmet Pacha Hey, Prince ot 'he Tunisi^Government. To our Jflly, Sidi John Howard Payne, Consul General of the American Government at Tunis. We cause it to he made known to you that our 'tate is overrun wiih counterfeit morey, in a way which has drawn forth loud complaints and inflicted serious injury?hoth public and private?by so obstructing commerce, that men's capital have been 4imost annihilated in ttieir hands, anrl merchants ire overwhelmed. A damage thus devastating ought not to be left to itt* own course It is our duty to provide a remedy for this crushing evil to our .(topic, and to protect commerce against the vicked. For these considerations, we have thought fit, as r-'ventive, peremptorily to ordain the rules hereini? fore written, weich it is our intention, with all >ur means, strictly to enforce; and the benefit of vhich, if it shall so please Ood, will be felt by all, n causing the exclusion of counteifeit money and >f contraband goods. We therefore desire you to uake this mandate known to such as are under four jurisdiction, that none may pretend ignorance, >ut all conform scrupulously to the laws thusjudged -suitable to the general good, and the utility of which ipplies equally to every dweller in our country, whatever the difference pf nation or of rece. This s the best that our rolicitude for the propriety of :ommerce suggests to us at present. We hope for j your aid in the execution of the new measures we lave communicated; and without which commerce would perish and awful calamities ensue. God rules! Only trod can give succrsh to the j purposes of man. [L 8 ] j Written on the 21st of Rabiah the second, in the /ear of the Hegira, 1259 (corresponding wnh the ISih of May, 1843.) A title newly given to hU HighniM by the Oran>l llgnor. , Anotiif" ?Sa frkrpk.^t ?The Wiscasset Hepabio-n 9iaten that a eir-tuge fis>h was discovered near -'eguin on Tuesday oj last week,by Cupt. Mclnure, >i the fdiouner Adeline, of Phtpsburgh. The fi?h * described as about thirty-five leet long, his body vas Hie size ol a six ion boat, and striped like ? titer; his head was flat like a t-nake, his fin like a )'s sail, his tail tUt like a sail boat running to a ioint. Capt_ iMclntire says he sailed alongside and >ricked the fish with a harpoon, and that he shove<) ns body up against the vessel, and made her trem fir no iiiuu^ii snr unu tuck >1 roc:K. iioi mb"'"* ufticient gear, did not harpoon him. When Hi*i liacovered, he wan a mile and a hall distant and | tanking it was a boat, made for it. LD. Prle* Two C?nt?. PhlUdtlfihtj^ [Corretpondouce of the Hmlil PlIILADtLFBU, Oct. 3, 1841. Protracted Meeting at the Wharton Street ('hurrk Rev J. N. Ma fit. Dkak Bknnktt :? Perceiving that your reporter ot religious intelligence haa omitted Brother Maffit'a recent efforts imnniTHr the irrtnii neonle nt Southwark. I vi>liint?<-r a sketch of his last assault upon the strong holds of Satan in that district. The kind of resiatance he had to encounter, is sufficiently understood from the single fact, that Southwark is the hardeat locofoco district in the State, and consequently not much afraid of brimstone. Brother Maflit made his appearance about t quarter of an hour before the opening ot the meeting, which was almost entirely composed of young ladies of great beauty, elegance of attire, softness ol heart, and warmth ot feeling. No Booner had the great admired entered the building, than a loud duzz sounded through the church, amidst which there was to be heard, " there he is," "that's him with the frock coat buttoned so cloBe," " what a lovely figure," " such an intellectual head," " hasn't he splendid eyes," " don't you think he's too foppish"? " no, 1 like to see a minister neat," " what a strange woman his wife must be not to live with him," &c. Sec. It was not until about 15 minutes alter he began, that Brother M. seemed to wurm to his subject, the danger ot postponing the time of conversion; his sermon, though neither coherent nor connected, was exciting and eloquent in the highest degree, of which you may judge by the following imperfect specimen s ? "Brethren and Sisters, why will you say to-morrow! to-morrow. How do you know that to-morrow will not find you in death, or il alive, that you will be as willing to receive the mercy which is offered you us to-night. It was but last night that a young sister, amiable, lovely and beloved, resisted our entreaties to come up to this altar?resisted the entreaties of an aged, father?of a doting molher? of a pious sister?of an urgent and leelin* lover?to these and to me her only rt'ply was, 'perhaps tomorrow night * Hut I look for her in vain la-night. Oh, I fear ehe ia not here; nil, if you be here, dear youtig lady, will you not hear me to-night? Will you not come up to-night? Will you not come up to-night! Will you not come up now?now?now (with great effect.) Come up straight now (clapping his hands ) v_)h, I implore the Ureat Jehovah, and 1 do it with great humility, and I request you, brethren, to implore him? (Amen, amen, umen, in various tones responded to this appeal) that he will not pass judgment upon tins youthlul rebel?this hard hearted and infatuated, yet lovely and interest1 ing young lemale, thai he will not shut the door 1 upon her hopes lorever. (Lord grant it now, resounded from the whole audience ) f "I remember, my friends, the remark of a poor , condemned felon in the prison near Cincinnati? - ' that never in his lite had such a sound struck his > heart as when the iron d??or of his cell had enclosed lum in his dungeon of darkness?ot horror?ot so> licitude, and ot unguish, and had shut him from the society of Irienda?from (he happiness of home?of family?ot wife and of children.' Alas! Alas! ( Alas ! (hi a most subdued and melting tone) such , will be the feelioga, only a million times more hitler, which will rend the heart of this young sister when the doors of her heavenly home shall be shut i i'ti fur forev.?r?forever (with irresistible solemnity and <iw<\ ai which nearly all the ladies and some of gentlemen wrung their hands and placed handkerchiefs to their eyes ) Hut, sisters, there will '?e another door open?the door ?t hell?a door which shall grate upon its horrid hinges and sound its terrifying echoes through the dungeons i of the hapless damned, as it excludes its unfortunate inmates from the sunlit of joys of hope, from the sweeis of friendship, from the xympathy ot relations, Irom the caresses of a mother, brother, lover. Ah, me ! how lamentable that falp, how deplorable that lot, where the wretcned outcast shsll behold ihe fiery furnace of blazing brimstone, shall sink in the lake of death, of endlessdeath. *nd raising, after centuries of anguish, liop> h h- rtiivuish, to the surface of the lurid pool, shel eiy in to the angelic spirit who stands guard upon iht portals ot Zion,4 Watchman, whatjof the 111 < 11 r. V t?> which the sentinal on Zion's walls shall ..usv ei, with a voice of thunder,' Eternity, eterni>, <' rmi>"Hi re the voice ol the speaker, which hud been more and more broken and depressed as lie dercribed the regions of the damned, became almost inaudible, and finally still. The scene was now teailul? the whole congregation wrought up to a letting of terror, alarm, fear and suspense, that showed itself only in half moaned sobs, subdued ejaculations, and ubundant weeping. The speaker having recovered himself, proceeded? "But I will not, as did once George Whitsfield, putjon the black cap of the sentence passing judge ; I will not paw sentence on this insensible young, this procrastinating sinner; but 1 will pray, and do you, my brethren iind sisters, pray to the throne of mercy, that nich may not be the portion of this dear sister, but ' ImI if she hears me this night, of which I am fearfully in doubt, rhe may come up to the altar, that die may approach the minister of mercyvwho stands here ready to throw around her the arms of love, and welcome her with the kiss of aflection. Glory, brethren, glory, (with fluent clapping of hands,) I see her rising?I see her coming - glory (in toneB <>f exultation and triumph). Rise up all, every one, >>n your feet, and sing some joyful canticle, for our dear sister is at the railing, penitent and heartbroken." At this invitation, the audience rose m maue, and commenced the singing of a most joyful and exciting hymn. Brother M lelt the pulpit, and rushing to the railing, welcomed the dear, amiable, fnd certainly beautiful girl, in the manner he had l>romissed, while she seemed thrilled with delight at this charming reception among the saints of the temple. As there is much variety in the matter and manner of Brother M 'a discourses, I shall send you in my future letters more exact sketches of his dm courses to be delivered every night this week. Wesley. Cumberland, Did [Correipoudence ot the Herald.] Cl'MUKKLAND, Md.,Sept. 28th, 1843. hitgractjid Proclaim#!?Fight with a Cirrut Company. Dear Bennett,? A most disgraceful not occurred in our town this morning between one of our citizens (Mr C. Sprigg, brother to Sprigg, late member of Congress), and Horn'- showmen that had just arrived in town for the purpose of exhibiting a circus performance. As Sprigg was passing the hotel where these showmen stopped, something was said to him which he construed into an insult, and he immediately turned and knocked the showman (Turner) down. Turner's son (another showmaB) then stepped up to Sprigg, and Sprigg knockcd him down. By this time the bystanders interfered, and the fight was stopped. Sprigg then walked immediately to his house, II distance of a quarter of a mile, armed himself with two rifl barrelled pistols, and came immediately hack to the hotel, followed by his friends mid hundreds of citizens, and enquired where ihoae d.imned rascals were; he directly saw the old man Turner, and attacked him again by ramming one ot his pistols in his face, knocking him down, and kicking him severely. He then turned and addressed himself to one of the men staudiug near lirn, and says, you are one of them, and immediitely raised his pistol and fired at him, but missed 'inn. in*- At:ur-iiir-iji hup iiinr wnv rry grffti. Sprigs then marched up and down the streets, pistol* in hand, with a mob ol five or six hundred at Ins heels, delving the authorities, and all else that could be brought to bear against him, hunting for liowmen lint he might shout them. Nohhowman Ix'iu^ t< uiid, the mob dispersed. The circus, after filing over its (right sufficiently, pulled up stakes tnd lilt. I would just advise all that come this v iy lor th' luture to arm themselves, as ourauthonties -eem to have lost all their p?.wer, and physical lore* ip all that can protect men in this commanityatthie time. AN Eyk Wit em *-^P * l"-'***TIIAVKLLRHS OOIWO south OH /fVf'A? < ?>? = hi.urs in ndvanfi* of th? w Mill? 'i'ri-VVwkly Line to Sarannah. ' wijh ih? ?>ntr?l Railroad to ZSaSMm u,VV?I?n.e .I.i^ndid *WM| . , N i- |M j, f LI \< H, ' "IK. J ? Brooks, %n?l h Vm 4 i'(>\ 1 *Pt- BariWhi, will I***# i harleston eveThh .! " i Vn?r??l uid S:?mrd?y m<> iiioff, at 9 o'clock, *f! ?\ . r v .1 of tlw (vilmrngfon boats from the north, ?rri?' . $ , I- ib the ime day, and will lea\e Savannah ou the V I H .bote, At o o'clock IV M., After the arrival of the | r,,v?l 4 w >11 ftiul this to b* tlie chmp*?t and rno?t iinu? route t !h?-?outh and wi-nt. Tlie above boats an nttml n> 111 < ?"i? 'I" at>l<\ <nil no eipt-nw or pnma will b*> ?i',ir?dt.. mir ocrtAiut\*< comfort, and e*ii?iiition to the travelling 1W1 ik. JOHN B LAKITTK. Agent, Kitiaimmona V\ narf, ( nmleaton. tliarleaton, September, IW3. a!7 Im*(

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