Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 7, 1843, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 7, 1843 Page 2
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I !! NEV t ' Vol. IX.?Wo. ?? ??WhoU Ho. *48*. 453sla h a 11 n b e n ting*** jpb 1 & co.'s ?:,'Sit. HiK.NCH, BKLUIAN AN1) AMt-lUJ AN i.xi'llkss, UKNKRAI. fOUWAKDIMO AND COMMISSION HOUSE. tt L. ... ? 1 KNlJKN ft CO. will n-rrirfand forward by tb?ir daily i Kxpiv*? i am, b|*?rie, Bank Notii, Aits nfc* and Part#!*, to any part of the United States or Caiiadiis, aiidjiy llie ?to?m*ii and i j' >ckri? t? any pari of Kiiglaud, Ireland. Scotland, Belgium or Particular attriitinu i? paid to the pu rcbaa* or isle of all d? criptioni of inircliandise, collecting and paying Uralu, Notea, i ituil Hill i. to 11ip . Nirv nfmerchaudiie at the L uatoin Houae, and to lj|i? general traji?action of any and all Jiindi of forwardniK mill commission business. BiHiol wcwiie. in sums to suit, furnished ou St. John, N. B., Manias, N. S., or ou any part of Kurope. ? , _ _ ? _ _ All goods must be marked "Harden ?t Co." Foreign Post , Office Letter Bags are made,?M> for all the Royal Mail Steam?rj from Boston, aud tlw steamer ami sailing packets from New * fork. i < Principal office* aud awnts:? Messrs. Wilmer aud Smith, 32 Church street, Liverpool, < Messrs. Maclean, Maris ft Co., 3 Abchurch lane, Loudon. Messrs. Kmerson ft Co., I'aris and Hivre. 1 Samuel Ilaigbt, Esq., American Consul, Antwerp, Belgium. 1 .Messrs. J. aud J; G. 'iVoodward, St. John, N. B. i.W. Ooufrey, Halifat, N. i?. . I . ( , Wo'wtV.'sr'f, Ne* O'leao*, t?*. , Messrs. J. B. Sazerac il Co., Havana. 1 Hamden k Co. 8 Court St., Boston. All goods must be marked "Harden & Co. ( N. B.?Harudeu & Co. are alone responsible for tbt loss or j injury of any articles, or proj>erty of any description committed , to their care; nor is any risk assumed by, nor can any be attached to the New Jersey Steamboat Navigation Company, by , which their crates are, or may be transported; nor the New York, Providence, and Boston ltailroad, or the Bostuu aud Pro vidence Railroad Cor|iosations, in resiiect to their conleuts at any time. flARNDEN & CO., jyl2 r No. Wall st., New York. / ^PQMEROY & CO'S jfeMe Bit VeLDAILY y.vPHKBs I KOlt A LB AN V, TROY, CHICAGO and th?CANAUA8. The subscribers having completed tlie r arrangejnents with the People's Line of Steamboats, on the North River, and the | llail Road ('otnimnieg weal of Alhitnv for rilniiiinr their Kxnrois for the sf.uon of 1843, au Express will leave their office, N?. 3 Wall street, New York, every evening, at quarter to 7 o'clock, 'bt the ahovc named and intermediate nlacrs. 'MPOHTANT. , Kor the greater safety anil security of'ail valuable and rrionfy package* entrusted in their care, they have Salamander Iron Safes on board of the steamboats, in a strte room occupied exclusively by themselves, and the messenger in chante sleeiis in ! tlie same room with the irou safes.iiito u liuji all such padkages Hrelilas-.l. POMEROY?4oMPAT3y, I nil ec J W?l| street 0* PULLEN&COPP JBfcfr-Mfefr < 8 Wall-street, NKW YORK. ALBANY, TROY A NO MONTREAL EXPRESS. Messrs. llarnden (it Co. having disposed of their route from New York to Albany and Troy, the subscribers, the old con- | iluctors of Haruden x Co's Northern Express, from New York , will continue t? run, as heretofore, leaving New York, Albany i and Troy Daily, anil connect at Troy with Jacobs' Montreal < Express, and will forward S|>ecie, Bank Notes, Packages, Bun- i t dies, Cases of Goods, (kc. to any place between New York and c Montreal, and throughout the Canada's Also East from Troy t and Albany to Boston, and West from Albany to Buffalo. i All business entrusted to their charge will be promptly at- e t?iid'*d to. Particular attention will lie paid to the collection of notes, drafts, acceptances, Stc. and prompt returns made for the I lain*. PtJLLEN fc COPP. Offices?Pullen & Copp. 3 Wall street. New York. s TIkis (tough, 15 Exchange, Albany, i A. (i. Filkius, 228 River street, Troy. S. Jacob's Exchange Court, St Paul's st. Montreal, i REFERENCES. \ New York. Ai.hanv. Trov. ? Prime, Ward & Kins, E. J. Humphrey, Juo. Payne, f Jacob Little & Co., Tlios. Oough. P. Wells; John T. Smith St Co. S. K. Stow, Pepoon St Hoffman, C.8.DougIa*?, Car|ienter Si Vermilye, F. Leake. j , Houghton St Co. Drew, Robinson St Co. a lffr TAPSCOTTS GENERAL PASSAGE OFFICE, 43 PECK SLIP, NEW YORK. * m. m. he ^Tni^ubscribers'^^^^call the attentiou ot their fneml^inTl ?lie public generally, to their superior arrangements for bring- . lug out passengers from, and remitting money to any part o| England, Ireland, Scotland or Wales, in the magnificent pack! et ships, comprising the .. " NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS," V1Z.:ship ROSrilTS, Capt. Collins. vi,;? uinnnvtt i .r Ship SHERIDAN. Captain Uei>eyster. Ship (iARlilCK, Captain Skiddy. New ship HOTTINGUER, Captain Bursly. Ship SOUTHERNER, Captain Woodhouse. Ship ROCHESTER, < aptain PalmerNew Ship LIVERPOOL, Captain Eldredre. Sailing twice every month ; and with the " UNITED LINE," ' cotm>osed of superior lint class Americaii ships. sailing every ten Jays, will inake five ships in each month throughout the year, (or one every six days) thereby prevenliiiK the possibility of unnecessary detention. Passages direct from London, Bristol and Oreenock to New York. Also from Liverpool to New Orleans, Mobile. Savannah Charleston, Philadelphia, Bostou and Baltimore, and the various ports in British North Amarica, can at all limes be eng ig- d on liberal terms. Persons wishing to send for their friends, will not fail to see the advantages to be derived from selecting this line in preference to any other, and they may rest assured that unusual care v ill !>e taken to make the passage agreeable, the ships betng titled up with an eye solely to the comfort of j>assenster$. In ill cases where the parties sent for decline coming, the mull,) w ill be refunded without any deduction, as usual. A free passage from the various seaports of Ireland and Scotland, can ' also be secured The regular packets for which the subscribers are agents, sail ' as follows, vie :?To and from London on the 1st, 1(1. and 20tn ol each month. To and from Liverpool on the 1st, 7th, 13th, 19th, and 2.'ith of each month. New Orleans, Mobile, Savanuali, and Charleston, weekly throughout the season. REMITTANCES. Persons in the country wishing to send money to their friends b? enclosing the sum they wish sent, with the name and address of the parties to receive, it, may rely ?ui a draft for the arroiuit being forwarded per first packet, after the receipt thereof. and an acknowledgement for the same returned i>er mail. Drafts at sight, for any amouut, are payable on demand, with0 it discount or any other charge, at the National and Province! Banks of Ireland and branches, Eastern Bank of Scotland, (vteenock, and their branches, Messrs. James Knit, Son k Co. Binkers London EichaiiRe, and Discount Bank. Liverpool and in every principal town of Oreat Britain and Ireland. Further particulars made known on application, if by letter, post paid, to W. Ik J. T TAPSCOTT. diy r 43 Perk Slip, corner South *t THE KNW LINE OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS. m. M. ?jar^sagv New Ship QUEEN OF THE WEST, < '*!' 1250 tons. Philip P. Woodhouse. i }?^ ' Sliip ROCHESTER, 85? toni. $ '*!{ John Britton < mih Ju'ue ^ Ship HOTTINOUER. 10M ton*. ? Ira Bursely, ^ llfh jLl^Those snhstantial, fast sailing, first class ships, nil built in the cily of New York, are commanded by men of e?|>erieuce and ability, and will be dispatched punctually on the 16th ol each montn. Their cabins arc elegant and commodious, and are furnished with whatever can conduce to the ease and comfort of passeoK Neither the captains or ownen of these ships will be responsible for any parcels or packages ?eut by them, unless regular bill* lading are signed therefor. Kor freight or^.a^^.1^ MINTURNg 87 South street. New York, or to FIELDEN, BROTHERS k CO., nn 9 Liverpool NEW LINE OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS. To Mil from New York on the 26th and ^Liverpool on the 13th of each month jf& ^THOM NKW Ship RODC1U8, Captain John Collins, 25th July. Ship SlDDONS, Captain A. B. Cobb, 25th August. Ship SHERIDAN, Captain F. A. Depeyster. 25th Sept, Ship OARRICK, Captain Wm. Skiddy, 25th October. From LIVFHI-OOI.. Ship SHERIDAN, Captain F. A. Depeyster, 13th July. Sliip OARRICK, ("apt. Wm. Skiddy, 13th August. Ship ROSCIU8, Captain John Collins, 13th September. Ship SlDDONS, Captain E. B. Cobb, 13th October. Tnese ships are all of the first class, upwards of 100(1 tons, tram in tlM city of New York, with such improvement* as combiue great speed with unusual comfort for passenger*. ICvery care lias lieen lak ti in the arrangement of their accommodations. The price of passage hence is $75. These ships are commanded by experienced masters, who will make every eiertiou to give general satisfaction. \eith-r the captains or owners of the ships will be responsible for any letters, parcels or packages sent by them, uuless regular bills ol lading are signed therefor. For freight or passage apply to lL. K. COLLi NH ii C O., 56 South St., New York, or to , ;\p" BUf'B ? < l*iveri?ool. Letters hy the packet* will b* char??t I2X rent* per lingl llu. f ; rents prr ??nnr?\ and nrvrN|*l?" I o-nt ?'.irh j , 7 rc PA88AUK FROM URKAT BRITAIN AND lltKLAND 4tf> Sty Js? M ^lT THE IMTM* BALL LIN^JI^" LIVERPOOL PACKETS. I Hailing from Liverpool on the 7th and 19th of every month.] Person* wishing to send to the ()l<l Country for their friends Can mitkf the necemary arrangements with the subscribers. mid luve them come out ill tin ?ii|ierior Line of Parked, Mailing jtom Liverpool punctually on the 7th and 19th of every month. They will also have a firm rate class of.American trading ?hl|>s, inili.ik every six days, thereby affording weekly communication from that port. One of the firm ( Mr. James D. Ruchek is there, to see that they shall be forwarded with care and despatch. Should the parties agreed for not come out, the money will be returned to tho?e who |mid it here, without any reduction. The Black Ball, or Old Line of Liverpool Packet!, comprise the following magnificent Ships, vi* The OXKOHD, Vhe NKW YORK. CAM DRIDUR, COLUMBUS, EUROPE SOUTH AMERICA. E N O LAN D NORTH AMERICA. Willi nucli superior and tineiinalled arrangements, the aubtcrihers confidently look forward for a continuance of that support which has been extended to them so many years, for which they are grateful. 'I hose proceeding, or remitting money to their relatives, can at ill tunes obtain Drafts at sight for any amount, drawn direct oil the Itoval Bank of Ireland. Dublin, also on Messrs. PRESCOTT, OROTE, AMES & < 0. Bankers, London, wmcn will irr in... ?... ??->?? ? ... n?y ,r, uir nnnM.??r mm Branch**, in nil tl>* |>nnct|wl town* throughout Knulam], Ireland, Scotland and WaUf. ? r.?. 35 Fnlton Nrw Vnrk, no*t door to ihf Knlton Bank. V. B.?Th? Old Lin? of Liverpool PackrtJ nil from thin port for Liverpool on th* lit and 19th of e?ehi month. IWlin rninniiiiK to tlv old eonntry will find it to tlwir comfort and n<lvnntiK>' to tdlrct thi? favorite Line for their conyeyanc*, in pit Itiwd to ?nv MM. of r ! A I! Ll Oil, '2.VI bbU Urd < ?il, .??' \ .*r\ unperior tunlitv. for \* ?lo. by , B. K, COLLINS * t-O., o4 It M South itrert. <i V YOB NEW rOR CHARLESTON. HAVANA. KEY WEST, NEW , li ORLEANS. Aiv/u GALVESTON, (Trias.) I ^ f- f?1, THE *ThAMSHl!'NliW YORK, John Bi T. Wriifi?t, t > tail positively Co Saturday, Ittli October, ai 1 o cloc*. P. at M.. hariiK |io>t|>oai il lo tln? date by the ie: ho of the pas??iig*rs, mi account of the Ixi licknes* in New Orleans. This el-jtant, well known, coppered pteamer will positively | lot 1 at aliinf, r.nt! h?s lieen put in compete order lor t tie Reason, v with wrouKht noil slum., and lias t*>nuife accommodations, '' with larjje and airy state rooms. A Kor passage or freight of s|>ocie, for either of the ahore |>or!s, ipply to the Captain on board, utpiei No. 9 North River, 2nd | wharf aboie H<ctoi itrtmf. urtn 07 to!7ec A. HUBBARD lit CO., 37 Peck tlip. <" r f-l-i 101{ CHAHLES'lON. KEY WEST, ca x^^PPMI HAVANA; NEW ORLEANS, AND ^^l)RJ|51Uw?<}ALVKSTON. TETAH.-Steam Ship so JZllfcaali} NKPTUNE, Captain Williatn Rolliu*? To tail on Tuesday, Oct'ber 10th, at ' J'clock, P. M. This suiwrior packet iirdiurr ha? beeu thoroughV overhauled and put in perfrct order for tlie tnuon. Her :al>ius and state rooms are elegantly furnished,and passengers x :an rely ?u every comfort aud accommodation in her. i For passage as above, iu the cabnn ,or steerage, and for light rrfcht for Charleston, apply oti boaru, at the t'ob?cco ln?|>ec- j, ion, foot of Clinton stitet, or to o3 It J H BROWER, 75 Wnll st. new auranukmknt for W3" SIJR KWSBURY?Long Branch. Siuidy 3C^ajS3K>Hook, Ocean House anil Katontowu Landing. The ni'iv Steamboat 8HRKWsfll'R,V, Captaiu John r. Corlies, will now run us follows, on and alter Thursday, fth list leaving New York, Iroin the foot (' Rouiusou sireet, <ve.ry Tuesday, Thursday, Mid Saturday, ?t 10 o'clock, A. M. \utl Ealontown Landing on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, it 10 o'clock, A. M. |The Shrewsbury will ruu as above, weaiiirr iiermittm^, unl J ;il further nonets All baggage at tiie risk of the ovrtMi*' an Fare 37>? cents. rei N. B.?Sta#es will lie in attendance to convey passenger en roin the aforesaid landing places to auy part of the county re luired. i The Shrewsbury will go the inner passage, when practicable. ? jelSr r| NKWlORK ANU KIN(iSTON~STEAMl REIOHT ? AND PASSAGE LINE. ?? aA For Kingston, anc Delaware and Hudson ... l^iiai?steamboats EMERALD and NOR- "" TheT!Tff!RALD, Captain John Kstcham, will Isave New an Ifork, foot of Murray street, every Monday and Thuraday at J 'clock, P M. Will leave Kingston (Roniloiit landing) every Wednesday _ ind Saturday at 3 (vclock, P. M. . . ^ The NORWICH, Captain JoiW Sa!iii?el?, will leave New Ifork, foot of Warren street, every Wednesday aud Saturday at _ \ o'clock, P. M. Will leave K jgston (Rondout landing) every Tuesday and ** Kriday at 3 o'clock, P. M. - EXTRA TRIPS. J Toe r.MF.RALD Will l~".ve the foot of Murray street every Sunday morning at 7 o'clock. Returning, leaves Kingston at 4 j'clock, saine day. For freight or passage apply on board, or to H WILLIAMSON, BARLOW & CO., , ' a21 3m*r ir>4 West street |,; oA FOM KKYPOllT AND MIDDLETOWN "> HWu i.j*? POINT. Dailv, (Sundays excepted,) touch- *1' 3E___dfl^JC.iiikr at Segnioe s Dock, Htat^n Island.?On and j 1,1 titer Monday, July 31st, the steamer ROCKLAND, Captain ! au Crawford, will leave Middletown Point on Morday?, Tups- ! ' J lay*, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, at half-past one ' )'clock (tide permit til!)!,) and Keyport .il 2o'cloek P.M. He- 8t! urn ins, leave New \ ork. foot of Robiuson street, oil Tues- a." lays. Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, at 8 o'clock A. M. (1" ind Saturdays at 2 P. M. "e Stages w ill be iu readiness on the arrival of the boat to con- w< ray passengers to Freehold or any part of the country. Uniform conveyances on Target Excursions, Parties of plea- loj lure will be taken to and from Fort Hamilton or Keyport at arl leasonable prices. (30 lift'in jgm 8TATEN ISLAND FERRY, FOOT tr' P^^tRJtC3?OF WHITEHALL ST.?The steamboat ? ffi" . ? JLbTATEN ISLANDER will leave New York T ind Staten Inland, on and after October 2d, as follows, until i urther notice :? */ Leave New York 9, 11, 2, 3K, !>3?. ~ Leave Staten Island 8, 10, 1, 2%, 3. All freight shipped is required to be particularly marked and s at the risk of the owners thereof. s30tf r jgM NEWARK AND NEW YORK.?Fare ^?-J**?^.jfronlv 12>^ ( fiits !?Kail and Winter Arrange^Kvi3iKaK>ineiit.?The splendid steamer PASSAIC, on iud alter Oct 3, will run as follows :? 81 Leaves Newark, from foot of Centre street, at 8 o'clock A. iu VI. Leave New York, from foot of Barclay street, at 3 o'clock P. wl M. rc| The accommodations both for passengers and freight (which or s carried at very low rates) liave been greatly improved. ? jyH 3m*ec A NEW YORK k BOSTON SOUND PILOT. AWEN PRE8COTT, Pilots, or takes charge as master and " pilot of \essels bound to New Bedlord, over Nantucket Shoals, Bostou, Portsmouth, Portland, Kennebeck, and OTH- 364 ER TORTS. Office at Frye (k Shaw's Nautical store, 222 Wrier strw t, comer Beekman. Reference to a number of merchants, and the several Insurance Companies in this city, Bos- ca u?n, and Portlanil ivl# ImUr of MAR3EILLKS LINE OF PACKETS. ~ m m m. 'l ti?* undermentioned shii>s will be regularly dispatched I'roin le hence mid I'aum Mar?eill-? on the lit of each moalli during llie ill ^ Krom New York. Marseilles. COURIKR, Cam, DVirtaii. Juue 1. Auk. 1 ic TRKSCOTT.Capt. My rick, July 1. Sept. 1 HELLESPONT, Cant. Adama. An*. 1. Oct. I COIUOLANUS. Capt. Haile, Sept. 1. Nov. 1 m H'RV THOMPSONXapt.Sylvester, Oct. 1. Dec. 1 They are all coji|>ercd and co|i|ier fattened, and have excelleut 1 iccommodations lor passenger. in The price of cabiu passage will be $100, exclusive of wine* uid liouor*. on < roods ill!dressed to the agents, BOYI) & HINCKKN. will th? forwarded free of other chance* than those actually |>aia. m For freight or juusase apply to BOYD tk HINCKKN, Agent*, No 9 Tontine Buildups, or S. BROOM St CO., T mSOr 103 Kront slreet. ixf- FOR LONDON?l<>ih October?Key alar picket *' WKLLINOTON. ' apt. D. Cliadwick, will a* above. h?r regular day. 1 he jccominod <ti?n* for cibin reronri cbin and steerage pas euget*, cannot be surpassed, in tins very supwior vessel. _ l er-oiis dejirout of securing berths should mike early applica liouto JOSEPH McYiURRAV, r o! ec 100 Tinest, corner South. L tJU- NKW LINK OK LIVERPOOL PACKKT8.? <> irtMMPVI'acket of 16th October?The new and elegant packet 'T' Ifai'-r ROCHESTER, 1000 tons burthen, C.aptain J. "I lint on, will sail on Monday, 16th October, her regular day. 1,1 The ship* of this line being all 1000 tons and upwards, persons 111 about to eo bark for the old country, will not fail to see the advantages (O be derived from selecting this line in preference to tr any other, as their great capacity renders them every way more comfortable and convenient than ships of a smller class. JJ Those wishing to secure berths in this magnificent ship, should not fail to make early application to Z W. &. J. T. TAPSCOTT. I At their (tenvral Passage Office, 43 Peck slip, . corner of South st. " The Rochester will sail from Liverpool on the 5th December. Persons ? to send for their friend*,can have them brought out in first class shi|is, sailing weekly, on.favoiable terms. m Drafts for any amount, payable on demand w thout discount, *r in all the principal towus of Knglaud. Ireland, Scotland or :* Wales, constantly lor sale a* above. 'V The (iarrick will succeed the Rochester, and sail on the 25th October. ?29r M FOR 1,1V EH POOL ?N E \V LIN K -Regular dl M^TtV farkei of 25th October ? The splendid packet slut) bi iidyh?*(i.\l{ Kirk. Captain Wm. Skiddy, of 1000 tons w ill sail as above, her regular day. For freight or pwaie, having if handsome furnished accommodations,apply on lioard at Orleans c wharf, foot of Wall street, or to K. K. COLLINS h CO. c Priceof passage, $75. 56 South street b The packet ship ROSCIUS, Captain John Collins, of 1100 tons, w ill succeed the GARRICK, and sail thet6(h November, w her regular day. Passengers may rely u|>on the ships of tlii* line sailing punc tually as advertised. o2 ri H Oil LI VKRPOOL?The New Line?Hegnli" '' inF'rjFV Packet I6tll of October?The fine New York buil. p jfiluibpacket ship ROCHESTER, John Britton, mastei, , #00 tons, will sail on her regular day, 16th October. ^ For freight or iwssage, having very sii|>eri?r accommodation*, p, apply to the Captain on board, at west side Burling slip, or to >r WOODHULL & MINTURNS, 87 South ?t. f Price of passage, $75. ,r The fine packet ship Ilottiuguer, Ira Bursley, master, 1050 (Oils, w ill succeed the Rochester and sail oil her regular day, * 16th November. ol r X ffg- FOR 1.1 \ I.UPOOL?To Sail the 7th of October * wHMrWher Hegular Day?The well known splendid packet Jfiiiiib<lii|i OEORUE W ASHINOTON, ( apt. Burrows, ji will sail as anove. Has |.|endid accommodation* for CaMa, , second cabin and steerage passengers, who will be taken on t| reasonable terms, if early application is imde to ,, JOSKPH McMURRAY, ion Pine street, s3ec corner of Sooth. ,.j FOR HULL.?A good ship no* loading for Ilull * KTTfV"'' ^ke bulkof liOO bbls light freight Apply to ' JmmSICm WUUUHULL Jt MINT' ll.N, " i S ( R7 South street. a.'a- PASSAGE FROM CORK-Via Liwpool?In taJJHPWtlie first spring ship*.?We Iteg In inform our friends li.It during th? coming sprint, IBll we shall ntn n r, n*ul tr succession of first class American ships, sailing from the above port every w<*k, which wit! be fitted out in such n manner for second cabin and steerage passengers, as cannot fail ?' (o eninre them every comfort. One of otir firm, Mr. James D. Hoche, resides there, who will see personally to the Ibrwardinjf of all our passengers, mid will spare neither pains or expense to ? meet their wishes, and have them forwarded withont any delay. Those sending lor their friends will at once see the advantage to he derived by paying in our line. Apply to, or address if by letter |>ost paid, KOCHK BROTHERS kCO. 01 M rulton street, nest door to the Fulton Hank , or to ... JAMKS I). HOC HI'., 14 Gore.' I', Liverpool. P. ".?Passage certificate* and drafts can l>e sent from this by the regular packet shi|>* on the 1st, 7th, lltli, 10th and 2,Vh of "'in ,no"''' a'*? Boston steamers 011 the 1st and 16th. NKW OKLKANS?Louisiana and New ,r WWy *ork Line?Positively lirst regnlvr packet?The fast JflftpWaMilinv packet ship MIBSISSII'PI, Captain Hillard, will sail as ahoviy Por freight or |<assage, having handsome furnisliesl accommodations, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, Pi foot ol Wall street, or to p . . . fc. It. COLLINS & CO, .'>6 South street. inst 1? goods received after Monday evening, the 9th MhiPIHT* may rely uihiii imriiiK their good* by thii line enr- J netll maMiirrd. Acenti in .New Orleans, Mullen k Woodruff, who will ,,, promptly forwardall tooila to their addn-?R. The packet ship YAZOO, < aptain B. J. II. Tutk, will nor- p c?'d the Miuiuippi. o3e<nssAOK KOK NKW OHLt n.h n- " HTjpl^rnU' Packet of the lllth October.?The splendid well cl jHsMMBaKliown Cut sailing packet abip VIISMI MS I I'l'l, ('apt. " Milliard. will sail positively as abovr. In-r rentier n). This snip ha* splendid accommodations lor cabin, aerond rabta niliWnf p<?" a-ra !' .on. iltilmw m ii;jamilhia "J to the iboVf port and sec.uniiK the best tiertha, Oi.mM not fill " to m U-' early application on tmard, foot of Wall itiwt. or to '!' W j T TAPUCOTT.cof8o.thrt ll' The packet ship Al? ?mi will succred the Mississippi, .md *' will Mil on the ivh October, tier reituUr day. <? ec Sl ijki- KOK NKW ORLtAiNS < ominercial *?v^k.To sail the 7th Octolier.?'Tin- splendid well known 'bet ship >1' HULAS UIDDLK, (Captain True- rn m!TT7ll sail "? above. be llaa tiilmdid accominiHUtion? for rabtn, leound cahin, and ?ti*ni?H piaawiKers, who will lie taken on MOimirtble terms if ( early applicalio. be made on j?^r^MURRAy ?j mj 100 Tine street, oorner of South. 1 L K HJ YORK, SATURDAY M 'Nli^lSH ENOHAVINU8.?Stranger* vlaitiui; the city I are invitM! tf> e*M at (77 Canal str?et. .1 few doors writ from roadway, south side wneie they will find one of (lie Urges l lleotioiis ol scrap ana othe.- engravings in the United States, lower prices than ever yet offered. 1 tie trade supplied on I i ral terms. Engravings by the old masters, and scarce books, night ami sold; eolors. stationery. Ur sl1 lm*rc FRENCH CHINA o. 4 SOUTH WILLIAM STREET, Up Stairs > DALKSMK, Im|>orter and Agent lor Manufacturers, h>s L always on hand a large assortment lor dinner and tea hi ts plain while and Kilt French Porcelain, as well as thinner and suert plates, of all sizes, assorted dishes, soup tureens, covered she*, salad bowls, frtfit baskets, custards and stands. Also, Te.? and C hocolate Waie, Ure*k, French and Aiusri? shape. All the articles are warranted of the best quality, and to he Id on liberal terms,and 111 lot., to suit purchasers s27 tim*?o ARCHER'S FALL FASHION, K O K OKNTLKMEN'8 HATS, AUTUMN?J843. . TOW ready for sale and inspeclioa at h?s old standi, 304 and " ZtiO (ireeuw ich street. P. 8.?Also, an elegant assorttneet of inen'i, boys' and chilen's calm, of eutife new patterns sll Im*ec TO THE PUBLIC. The firm lie re to lor* known a* UEN1N & VAN VRANKEN, HATTERS, Having been dissolved, the subset ibar, JOHN N. UEN1N, Has opened A HAT AND (JAP STORE, No. 90 BROADWAY. Third door from Wall street. i N. O. begs simply to state his determination to use his best exertions to in.ik# a HAT that for quality of material d beauty of finish cannot he excelled. He therefore trusts to :eive fioin his friends and the public that support which will able liim successfully to carry out his designs. JOHN N. GEN IN, Hatter, >14 lm*m 90 Broadway, 3d door above \Vall at. (J ARCHITECTS ANI) BU1LDKR8.?The subscribe* woulil respectfully inform his customers anal others, that in iisei|ueuce of Ills old stand ill Broadwny l>en? burned don H, has taken the premises No. 135 Crosby street near Houston, til inch time as the stores ill Broadway are rebuilt, and that is now prepared to eseute any or den for Ornamental Work d Carving tint may be required, the same as formerly. New York, September 28th. 1813. JOHN GALL1KR, i2t) 1m*f 13J Crosby street. *OAL.?Large Nut Sire 84,50, Stove $1,75, and fresh Broken ' and Kgg $5 |*r tou, of the best Peach Orchard Ash, well reeued, weighed bv a city weigher and delivered free ol carte. A reduction of 83 cents i*?r ton if taken from the boats. PETER CLINTON, cornerof King il!>?mr* ana (ireenwich streets L BARONTO, . MTIHT, in Alabaster. Marble, Scagliola, 8tc., from Italy ^ ll?'spectfully invites trie gentry, the inhabitants, shopkeept. Bazaars, country dealers and the public in general, to see s Museum of Arts, No. 23 Orchard street, (between Grand d Division streets,) which is now o|H'ii for inspection, with a lendid assortment of Italian and huglish ornaments in Alajter, black marble, spar, auata, yellow stone, stalactite, n d d various other marbles, verde di prato, granite, &,c., &c. insisting of various sizes of groups, figures, busts, hum, ebe ewers, Etruscan vases, candlesticks, tapers, pen I rays, ink lulls, watch cases, clock stands, time pieces, spill pots, urns, tiijue lamps, shell vases, oval vases, bottles, groups and single >sjs. tables, iloreutine baskets, bulls, cows, lions, broaches, cklaces, obelisks, bell vases, gozzoly vases, ring vases, paper ights, ring stands, card boxes, snuff boxes, birds nests, ami in i, paintings of .Mount Vesuvius, of Naples; books on conchnify, mineralogy, geology, marine botanist, 4ic. tic. Price of :ieles from 12k cents to $100. Cleaning and repairing of every description on moderate ms. Admission free. s30 6w* r O GUNSMITHS AND DEALERS IN GUNS. AH DOUBLE BARREL GUNS, assorted, from common "W to line 40(1 single barrel Guns, assorted, from common to fine 2000 pairs of PistolTa, selling below the cost of importation 500 Hides, selling do do of manufacture 200 Muskets do do do do Gun Lock Limbs in every state of finish Tools and Materials for uiakiug Guns Gun Locks, Percussion Caps, Powder Masks and Horns, ist Belts and Pouches, Game Bags, Dog Collars and Chains, Uc.?for sale by A. W . OI ir.B ? UU. Iio are constantly receiving from the foreign manufacturer {ular supplies of every article inquired -for by tlie gunsmith sportsman. si9 lm'ec A. SAMANOS offers for sale, at No, 6 Wall st, 10 hhdt " Muscovado Sugar, and IS baas of Coffee, lauding from brill 1' faz, from St. Jago In Store? 10 lihds Sun cured Muscovado Sugar suitable for refiners 4 boxes while Sugar, free labor 18 bales superior Guisa Tobacco, suitable for manufac turers. D.ra. Segan, of Lord Byron, Woodvi le.and a variety of other brands. WANTED?A Cooper, and a Mil Wright that understands Jln-uter's wnk, to go to St Jaso d! v^uba; must be single and temperate habits. Apply as abov 1 sR lm*r D. M. PEYSER, & CO., TO. 110 William street, comer of John street, and 437 Broad' way have received, bv recent arrivals, un extensive supply ' the following FANC Y GOODS, which were carefully aected hv a competent person at Paris, Berlin, Sic., and which ley offer for sale, iu wliolesaU and retail, on liberal terms, Berlin Zephyr and German Worm ted?the mosl complete aa rtment. Berlin Embroidery Pattern*?a choice selection. < aiivass for liiiibroidery, of colton, worsted, linen, (ilk, gold d ,, iver, of all widths and qualities. Silk Chenille, for embroidery, trimming and rlower making. Purse Twist, German, French and English, plain and shaded, skeins, sticks, and on spools. Kioss Silk for Kin broidery and Fringe makers, in skeins and I spools. Susimiders. su|>erbly embroidered, and Suspender Trimings. Gold, Silver and Steel Beads, iu all Noj. Mother of Pearl, Gold, Silver and Steel Turse Ornaments. Gold and Silver Fringe, Braid, Cord, Twist, Thread and assets. Embroidery Frames, and a variety ol differeat Fancy Arties. Artificial Flowers?a choice selection. Kriuges, of cotton, worsted and silk, imported and domestic Gimps, Tassels, Bullous and all other kind of trimming. jy 17 3m*ec CHLORIDE OF GOLD. B. BINSSK ii CO.. 81 William street, inform the Pho tographists that lUey have just received per late arrivals a esh supply of Chloride of Ciolu from the laboratory* of oue of < most eminent ( hernials iu Pari*. Thev warrant it to be iual if not superine'fo any in the United Stiles, whether auufactuied or imported, anil oiler it for sale iu rials 16 gmins 11. They have on hand a (apply of most excellent plates, and all U i h-11111 lis used, which iliey offer for sale at reduced prices. Also on baud, three, four and sit inch Achromatic Lenses, id Cameras constructed ou the <j?rniau system?Fancy rarnes for Portraits and Views s24 lin *r jVMPIRE OK BEAUTV. The following Toilet articles * are to be had genuine only at 67 Walker street, one door om the corner of Broadway Goarand's I'oudre Subtile?Kor safely, quickly and perma utlv eradicating superfluous hair from all parts of the huan frame. This we prove beyond all doubt to every purchasrequeating proof. Beware of counterfeits, containing delerious properties, and utterly inefficacious. Noageui iu BrookI. Oouraud'i Eau de Beaute?Kor thoroughly eiterminating II, pimples, blotches, morphew, Jkc. eliciting delicate white ci, hands and arms, and imparting a juvenile biooin, by its ilatmg properties, preventing the formation of wriukles, and wishing them when present. Oouraud's Vegetable Liquid Houiie,'imparts a delicate blushig tinge to the cheeks, immovable by rubbing with a handkerhief >r a cloth. 00 mud'* Blanc d'Espange, or Spanish White, gives to the iimp (lion a pure, life-like alabaster whiteness. Ill elegant OSes 25 cents eactl. Gotland's < Jrecian Hair Dye?Kor coloring red or grey hair, rithout staining the skin, warranted. (1 per bottle. E>e Brow ana Whisker Dye, 25 cents oer bottle. Cream of L lies?Kor removing Dandruff, making the hair ich, silky and glossy, and gradually changiug it to a dark rown or raven black. 50 cents per bottle. Agents?2 Milk st,Boston; 76Chesuut st, Philadelphia: Grey, nughkeepaie; Guthrie, Albany; Myers, New Haven; Wells fc. o. Hartford; Cowles, Springfield; Vaulkner, Norwich; Greeu Co. Worcester; Carleton St Co Lowell; Hodire. Newburynrt.; Preston, Portsmouth; Patten, Portland; Giuld. Uuigor; 'hoiinu, Cincinnati!; Tutile, Pittsburgh; George Stealey, raiikfort, Ky.; 8. Tousey, llochester; Seth S. Hand, Haitilore. sIS lm*r JEW ~ VORK STEAM SCOURING ESTABLISH ' MENT.?Clothing repaired by Wm Joseph Smith, at No. 1 John street, New \ ork, entrance in John street Tike no ce. all those whose garments, from long service, have become tiled hi-'1 dlingtued I.y grease ?pots, oil, inin s, tar, pitch, C., can be taken out of shawls, diesses, table covers, carpel*, oaks, and all descriptions ol cloth in the neatest style iii<l ie shortest notice, bv tli* inhin ilin. St. |> .mil ?ee fur \ <mir'll, at No. 32 John street. All orders left are attended to as -etdily as |>oMible. to any part of the city. He also intends irry tug on, at the above place, the business of boot blacking. It, ri' In' Mill I- hilinv In ....I ....I?. Tl. licking used l?y him 1/ free from tli- ii,juriou? mixture ?o nctive 10 leather fonml in ordinary blacking. ol l?T WW. JO. SMITH. JOSEPH GILLOTT'S STEEL PENS. REDUCED PUILES. PHE mWriber i< miniintlv receiving fre*h snpplies >f the L above justly celebrated pens, winch lie ofl'era m the trade at ry low rate*. In addition to the style* ?o well known, he is recently introduced the following new patterns, vi* :? Not. I. t and 3 Principality Pens, extra fin-, line sad medium iint?. No. I?Caligrapliie Pen?a prime article on pictorial cardt, iews of celebrated place*. No* !>and 10?Washington Ten?very fine point, and elastic, 1 auperb carda. In evidence of the high estimation in which these Pen* are Id, the following statement is made The uamberof Pens manufactured at the work* of JOSEPH OILLOTT, from Dec. 1MI. to Dee. H4?, w*? 70,612,002. The public ase cautioned to lie on their guard against spanis articles. Each iMck.tge of the genuine |<ens bears a fac silile of Mr. Oillott s signature. Kor sale by HENRY JF.SSOP, lmiwrter, tl John street corner of (sold. A good supply of Wiudle'g and Mosley It Co.'* Loudon mis. _ sJS I in >ec PATENT ELASTIC SHOULDER BRACE. PIIE SlBSi HI HE IIS .nffcr, with full confidence in its l utility and usefulness, the above named article. This 1irle i> intended to hrare the slionlders, support the back, and [ixtnd the cheat, giving a graceful outline to the figure, and ill lie found indispensable to persons of sedentary habits, stents and guardians are particularly requested to rianiine this ace; it will lie found to possess every requisite quality for Inch it is recommended, namely?to hrace the shoulders of liidren :?n?l others who have acquired the habit of stoopiug, 11I retain llicir form in an upright position. They can be worn ith perfect ease, being formed with an elastic hack, and will found of no im|iedimeut to the free use of the arms. The ihscribers also offer their celebrated Elastic Spring, liussia or iiIiiik Belt. The above articles are manufactured under the linediate inspection of Mr. Parsells, who has been engagvil in 1e business for tlie last sixteen years, and ina> be de|>endcd on superior to any article effer olfcred for the same impose, old wholesale and retail it the ohl establishment of PARSELLS & AUATE, 2.17 Broadway, corner of l'arlc Place. N. B.?Ladies will he supplied and fitted by calling at the snlence of MADAMK. PAIIneLLS, 4M Ureenwich,streef, tweeu Hubert and LaiglU sfrewt s?i.t ?t*ec VJTTO.N DL'< K ?MO holts ol An cm E?tra Pilot Duck ' No* 1 and 4 Kor sale by ^ u , ,,1 1 imm '* Sooth itmt, I mrnsmmmmrn^ , _ . .. E RAL ORNIMti. OCTOBER 7, 1 AMUSEMENTS. _ N1III.ON OAKOKA. H A V E L P A M I L Y . Third night of the ettrnordinarv comic pantomime of the CONJUROR'S OIKT. THIS EVENING, October 7, (lie performance will commence with lie Overture to < iu?tavu? A nber

To lie followed |jy the billet pantomime of M. OKCHALl MK.AU. M Larouce, Leen Javelli I Jules, Autoine Havel Kinot, Krancoue Ravel M. Declialnmcau, J Havel Rociuiiiet. Gabriel Havel | Ja<|ae?, Clark M'lle Oliver Mad Jerome Havel Coutote Mr# C VV Hum Half an hour's intertni??ion will be allowed for promauad* ani iriiraimiriiil III llir * Trefill ntlOTII, Where Ice < )ieains, Fruit, and IUIre?li;nent? of die clioi cot kind, audiu iireat UMety, will In- found. To be followed by (3d time) tic NKW COMIC PANTOMIME! K.ntitled the CONJUROR'S (JII'T. Uon Panchio Jerome Ravel Cavaliero Grinaldo Antoine Raid Colorao Gabriel Ravel Poltrauo Leon Ravel Csntboi Joseph Havel Krog*" Fnmcoii Ravel Turtle - Maasetli F.lvina Mine Leon Javelli Myrtha Mrs. C. W.Hunt [Cfln futurv the IVrtormaucei will commence at 7 o'clock precisely. .. , \iJr~ A strict Police uill lie in attendance, and great rare to ken to prevent the admission ol improper |<ersons. tn7^1'i.;ket? Fifty C ents. May be lmd at the Gnrdcu durini theday. \?y A limited uurnlvr ol' Se.-xson Ticket* will b? di? posinl of. C7""No postponement at this establishment on account of th< weather as the Grand Kntrnnce from Broadway to the Salooi is protected, and the new .Sdloou, which is ventilated from tht top and sides, call be opened at a moment's notice. PARK THKATHKT T1H8 EVENING. Oct. 7-will be performed LONDON A SSI' RAN*' K. Sir Harcourt Courtly Mr Plaeide Dazzle Mr. Wheatley Lady Gay Spanker Mr?. Hunt Followed by Miss Julia Tumbull. iu La Cachuchi After which, oi Washington Hotel, on i uesiiay evening, uet. in, im.i. Leider of the orchestra Mr. M. C. Timm. Particulars m the proga mines. Ticket* $1 each, to be hud at the mtutc store*, hotel*, anil at Ih# door. Concert to commence at eight o'clock. o5 t!t*r \f K. W. V. WALL.VCK bfii? to acquaint his friend* and llie pilhllC that he will give a Orsnd Vocal anil lmtrn? mental Concert, alter his return from Boston, oil Tuesday the 17th iust., st the Apollo Saloon, Broadway, assisted hy Madame Sutton old other eminent talent, which w ill be dulyani.oiujr. il. o7 eod 2tr MADAME SUTTON, P H O K KH S O K OK H I Ml I N (I , '16 Varick street, St. Johns' Park. slJ 3m*r ITALIAN mi'sh MH. MANNING, (twentyy?ut r?i> * il-jit in Naples,) pupil of Pacini and Crescentint, givi* instructions on t-rms to attit the time*, in It.ilian French, and Knglisli singing, and in the most fashionable style of | lano forte playin*. Mr. M. his permission to refer to the following tcntlemeji:? J, M. \V'ainwright, I). I).: Messrs. Ilowland & Aipinwall: J. F Schroder. D. U.: Mr. J. T. Brighim; F. L. Ila'Tkw, P. D.j Mr. S. Ward. Mr. M. reside* at Hudson street, near Spring at. ol lm'r MUSIC. IOSKTH KAMMK.RKll. profeaaor ol music, rearectfully ' announce* to his patron*, and the public iu general, that he 111* removed from 59 Crosby to I3fi Lauren* street, whocrall orders for his Cotillion Rand, to wait on partim, etc., in or out of town, will be thankfully received anil promptly attended to. Orders for J. K. will alio b>' received at Mr. VV. Dubois' music store, Broadway. oi Im'r DI8BUOW8 HIDING SCHOOL. 408 BOWK.RY. MR. D. ha? the honor to announce that hi* School it ore* for the reception of pupil*, daily. Sunday* excepted v or l.adies, from 9 A. M. to 3 I*. M. |i, rOentletneu, from 7 to 9 A. M., anil 1 to 7 P. M. Hi. My trained and oniet horse* for the road or parade, tot et KortA "n* and particulars apply as above. auj Jm*r f PAHKKR'S. H A NC I_N( > ACADF.MY, WASHINO - . n' i iini.i., . i? "'?? ?i"-n inr me aeaaon, where the mod fashionable d.mce* and walltn will he taught Thote entering now will ha?? the ndimitait of one month'* earn toition, a* the quarter doe* not commence until Novem|*r. Pay* of tuition, Wedneadaya and Saturday*. Public* will t.?k>' place every Monday evening, on wlm h orcamon Mr. I'. intend* Vinginjtforvvard a new hand; lender. Mr. H. M lloffni.ui; violin. Mr. (I. Hoffman; clarionet, Mr. K. My en, (lenilei from tin- Wint Point l?*?id;) trombone, Mr. Duger; h.a?*o, Mr lle?t; time, Mr. Kerrier. I> ancing to commene at 8 o'clock and to break ir|' lietween 12and I. Ticket! for admiaaion 50 cent*. to admit a gentleman and hu tallies, call lie obtained at the Hall, o7 !tt*r I PARKKK'8 DAN< IN?. A< ApliMY, up town, in ' Kighth atreet, two doora from Broadway. Mr. I*. and lin daughter wuhoa to notice to the public that they have open d hi Vlternoon School fur young Ladie* ami Uova, from I to tl. The young Ladies and Boy* cTaaae* to be taught aeparately. The meat advantage to both cla*?e? will be in practicing their quadrilles and othei dance* together. A review day once a iiifnth, for the pirwn'a to ?ee the progrea* of their childreu. |)a\> of tuition, Monday* anil Thuraday* at 4 o'clock. o7Jt"2. OODA 4*11 til ton* of high utrength Soda Aah, lor aala by > ,_ N*.<?h P*RS8E fc BROOKS, o4 bl Liberty *u ADVICE GRATIS. Oilbody Mr. Plaeide Ifr"Boxes $1?Pit 5u cents? Gallery 25 cents. ir?"Door* oivu at 7. The Curtain will rue precisely at hall 7 o clock. CHATHAM THKATKK. Bmt'i 25 cents. I'll 12>? cents. Notic*?The Doors will o|>en at 7. Curtain will rise at half before 8 o'clock. RENOVATED AND RE-OPENED. TH|S EVENING, Oct. 7th?The iierformanc* will com ineuce with ROMEO AND JULIET. Romeo Mr. <iratfau Juliet Mrs. G. Jones Alter which THE REBEL CHIEF. Edward O'Brien Mr.Uraltau Cathleen Mrs. Hairing MITCHELL'S OLYMPIC THEATRE. THIS EVENING, Oct. 7, 1843?'The performance will com meuce with AMY LEE. Anie Lee Mrs Booth After which HAMLET TRAVESTIE. Hainlet Mr Mitchell Claudius, Mr Nickinsou | Polonius, Graham After w hich, FRIED SHOTS. Simivel Mr. Nickinson To conclude with A DAY AFTER THE FAIR. Jerry Holland Mr Sterling, Mr Everard I Polly, Mrs Booth fn? Dress Circle, 5fl cents?Um>er Boxes, 25 cents?Pit, I2>4 ?Private Boxes, $5?Orchestra Boxes, $3. tCT^Doors open at 6}??Curtaiu rise at h&lf-past 7. circus" BOWK11Y AMPHITIIK ATMC. Boxes 25 cents?Pit 12}a ceuts. Clowu, John Gossin. Ring M?ster, Mr. Nixon. Equastrian Director. Mr. Carroll. BENEFIT OK MRS. (JOSSIN. THIS B'VliNiNO, October 7th. the performances will commence w ith a El OUT HORSE VAVALCADE. Still Vaulting by the whole Troupe, led by Mr. Carroll. Mrs. Gossiti in a Splendid Equestrian act. Master Washington as the Young Chieftain in Training. Mr. Morgan w ill disiday his Power of Balince. Comic Song by Mr. Booth. Besides Horsemanship, Vaulting Tumbling, and other Exer ci-fs. by the Troupe. Spanish Dane, by Mr. Garvey. "OleAuiit Saliy,' T. G. Booth, and Chorus. "Dandy Jim from de (Carolines," Jenkins and accompaniment "Walk along John," Soog and Chorus by the Band. "Ole Tare Hirer," Edwards, and Chorus Extravaganza Uuen. by Edwards and Master <Jenrge. 1 o he followed by RIVAL DENTISTS. rTT Season Tickets for sale at the box office, price $5. Doors open at 7. First overture to commence at Quarter past 7. Performance to coinineiict it half past 7 precisely. olr AMKRRAIV MCJSKUM. .FJIIAL KAIIDKV, ANU FAIR. Comer of Broadway and Am street. T. P. Bamum Manager ARRIVAL OK GENERAL TOM THUMB, This smallest of Dwarfs, who is eleven years old, twenty-lire inches high, anil weight only KIKTEKN POUNDS, hiu returned toliis old quarters, anil may be seen every day and evenine tins week. OR. VALENTINE. The eccentric delineator of different cliaiscter, is engaged, olid will open hiu whole budget of comicalities. Also, engaged lor this w-< k only, Mr. S K. G. Nellis, BORN WITHOUT ARMS, Who will exhibit many wonderful feats, displaying the Astonishing Towers with which nature has endowed hiin in the USE OK HIS FEET AND TOES. Mr. WM. COLE, the unequalled Contortionist, who exhi bits the most astounding feats of ('lassie Gymnastics in the world. Ilis educated DOG BILLY heats all creation. Miss ADAlR, the nopnlar vocalist. CELESTE, the dainties*.? EEJEEMERMAID the greaterr wonder of the world. CITY BRASS BAND, of twelve musicians. Fancy (ilass Blowing, Baloon Ascensions. Grand < osinorauia, and 600,000 CURIOS) TIES. The PERPETUAL FAIR is o|>eii without extra H AITR CHANGED.?The day performances Wednesday and Saturday afternoons, ?t three o'clock, and every evening at quarter hefore8 o'clock. Day visitors admitted same evening free. Admission to the whol* 2i cents?children nnder tm yea? half pucr. PKAJLK'N NKW VOHK BTUSEI/III, AND PICTURE GALLERY. IBrtmdwmy.oppuntt thr citv Hall ) EXTRAORDINARY PHENOMENON. CASPER HAUSER, Half Man Half Monkey, possessed of the power of ijwh, yet walks upon all-fours. Mr. C. JENKINS, the Comic Delineator. Tenor Singer, and Banjo Player, and the Southern Minstrels, will introduce a variety of Banjo Melodies and Ethiopian Extravaganzas. Miss Adair, the charming songstress. La Petite Cento, th* graceful dausense. Performance in the lecture Room to commence at quarter to fl?afternoon entertainment on Saturday at 2 o'clock. Admittance 12% cents. NATIONAL PAINTING 'PHE EMBARKATION OK THE PILGRIM FATHERS L from Delft-Haven, usin'edtby Robert W. Weir, for the Rotunda of the Capitol at Washington, will be open for exhibition Octoher 2d, for a shnrt time only, at the National Academy of Designl Broadway corner of Leonard street. Admittance 25 cents. Season Tickets SO cents. Catalogues 12)4 cents. Open from 9 A. M. to 10 P. M. *23 2w*ec pONO.RT OF SIGNORA CASTELLAN, with Italian", \-/ Kimlish, French and Hpaimh ton**, and accnvniian.inetit bv lh* whol?? orche*tr*, will positively take |>lace, in the icr?Mt hall D?EX' 843. SELECT AltTKLKS (>l< I'Ki; KHMKIfY I MANUKACTUllKI) BV PATKY k ( ()., (formerly Pa- . tey, Butts kCo.t) Perfumers to Hpt Majesty, 37 Lombard . i street, LoiiHoii. * ? l PlleyV Fragrant Kas*nce of Citriododra, or Verbena?A new P and luu'hl)* rouc?'iif r.irfil Kwuff, i?osae?Hitig those qualifies to deaii toll in i perfume for the huiuk hi rvli ihiug fragrance, combining imrmatieuee with its etneri J pro|*?rty. If 1,1 la offered at mo higher price. than good Lavender Water, viz?2a *' 8d, and Us 6d |?er bottle. The Almond, or Ambrosial Shaving ( ream. 2s Cd ami lis 'id ' the toilet jar. This ('reawi possesses all the good qualities of the 11 finest Napjes Soup, unaccompanied hy the uuplenaant smell inseparable from that article in a Pennine state; and, in addition 1 to this advantage, it contains no uiicomhiueii or free alkali, as im sometimes the case in Naples Soap, which causea couaidera- . i ! irritatiou tot'endej i??as. This Ambrosial Shaving ( n im of a white pearly ap|*arance,and produce* a rich Creamy Lather, which will not dry ou the lace,the general complaint against almost ever> idi tving soap hitherto introduced being entirely obviated. \ Patey's Treble Diatilied Lavender Water, llalf-pints, 3k <?d; y pints, 7s. It is unusually permanent and reviving. Pa toy's Inexhaustible Smelling Salts, in cut glaaa and stopper w ad borles. Is ind ts 6d each. Patey'a Bear's Grease, price la, la Gd and 2s fid; warranted ot the first quality, Hemline as imported. Patey a Johnstone's Patent Windsor Soap, unrivalled in its ;v long standingi reputation. In packets, three* squares, Is; tlx squares. as. i l Patey*s Aromatic Kmollient Old Browu Windsor Soap, ' manufactured from VfKdtablf Oils, scientifically combined a. with tno piirwf snd milifct illulL producing prxin I maneut, and emollient lather, which acts oil the skin as a cosmetic, and yields a delightful aromatic fragrance. 2 s 6d |>er packet of six tqu ires. Patey's White and Brown Windsor Soaps, warranted milu, lor family use. Kadi |?nd per pound. Pate\'s Naples Soap, warranted genuine as imported. In pots Is, Is (id, 2s fid, and fa. , . . 11 Almond, Vegetable, Hose and Floating Soaps, ill packets of ci three siimre* for Is. r* KOIl TJIK TOILKT AND NURSKRY. Pa ley's Kxtra Kiue Violet Scented Hair Powder, particularly recommended for the use of ladies and infants, for its inildaud J cooling Qualities, and greatly superior to that generally sold. In * pound, half-pound and quarter-pound packages, at Is fid i>er Rt pound. ?? Patey's New Perfume, the Persian Kssence t'itronella Rosjc, dt an exquisite original, and |<ermauent perfume, imported from at Shiranz. Price 3d fid the bottle. Patey's 8u|?erior Tooth, Nail, Hair, Shaving, and f'lothes Brushes, to be procured, wholesale only, at 37 Lombard street. lO^Patey & Co. disclaim connection with any other house, i: and suggest to their correspondents the necessity of observing, I and beiuff explicit as to th * number of tlieir establishment. L) * wholesale Agents for Messrs. Rowland and Sons' Ma- I cassarOil, Kulydor, and Odonto. s28 12t 1st evy m r w BY THE PRESIDENT OF TI1E UNITED ? STATES. ? TN Pursuance of Law, I, JOHN TYLKR, President of the United States of America, do hereby declare ,tud make known, that public sale* will be held at the undermentioned m Laud Offices, in the State of Illinois, at the periods hereinafter designated, to wit !? At the Laud Ollice, at Dixon, commencing on Monday, the __ thirtieth day of October next, for the dis|n>sal of the public lauds within the uudurmeutioued townships and parts ol town hips, to wit North of the base line, aud Fast of the third principal meri- i, dian. 1 Townshi|?s thirty-six, thirty-seven, thirty-eight, thirty-nine, forty, forty -four, and forty-six, of range one. Townships thirty-six, thirty-seven, thirty-eight, thirty-nine, J forty, ami lorty-one, of range two. 1 Townships thirty-seven, thirty-eight, thirty-nine, forty, aud forty-one of range three. c' The south east quarter of section fourteen, and the south- K' west quarter of section twenty-four, in township thirty-three of I'j IIDfa one. ?j Tlie southwest quarter of section two, in township thirtythree, of range thre . ? The east half of the north east quarter of section twenty-one, v and the west half of the. northwest quarter of section twenty- j(' two. in township thirty-six. of range three. h The w est hal f of the north-east uuarter of section twenty-one in towuship thirty-one, north of the base line, of rauge one, ?( west ofthe third principal ineridiau. The east fraction of the northwest fractional quarter of sec- ,'1 tion twenty-one, (ou the east side of ltock river,) in township ui forty*three of rang* one, east. . . w North of the base line, aud East of the fourth principal meri- ** di in. ? Townships eighteen, of range two. Townships eighteen, twenty-four, and twenty-five, ol range thres. Townships eighteen, nineteen, twenty-four, twenty-five, and f,d twenty - i\ . i i ingi four. 111 Townships eighteen, nineteen, twenty-four, twenty-five, and twenty-six, of range five. Townshfps t went) -1 of range six. ri Townships twenty-three, of rauge seven. I The northeast quarter of section thirty, iu township eighteen ot range one. y The northeast quarter of sectiou thirteen, in township nine- ^ teen, of range one. The northeast fractional quarter of section thirty-four, in towuship twenty-one, of range two. The east half of the noitheast quarter of section eighteen, iu 0 township twenty-three, of range four. Thi* east half of the southeast quarter of section seventeen, < in township twenty-one, of range seven. The west half ol the northwest fractional quarter of section r five, iu towuship twenty-one, oj' range nine. 1 he southwest quarter of sectiou three, and the southeast E quarter of section thirteen, in township twenty-two, of range o nine. w The west half of the northeast quarter of section thirteen, in ? township twenty "three, of image mat. The west half of the southwest quarter of section twenty, in township fifteen, and the east half of the southwest quarter of section twelve, in township twenty-eight, of range ten. ^ The northeast quarter of section three; west halves of sec- th tious six and seven; sou th half of section eleven; north halt n< and southwest uuarter of sectiou fourteen; east half of section w fifteen; east half section seventeen; west halves of sections ui eighteen and nineteen; north halves of sections twenty-one and el twenty-two; south halves and northwest quarters of sections c? thirty ind thirty-one; sonth half and noitheast Quarter of sec- m tiou thirty-two: sou til half aud northwest quarter of section |>< thirty-three; and the southwest quarter of section thirty-four :l in township thirteen. The north halves of sections one to sit, ti inclusive; southwest quarter of section six; west halves of bl sections seven, eighteen, nineteen, thirty, ami thirty-one, and w the northwest quarter of section tweuty-three, iu towuship fourteen of range four. m Sections thre*-, ten, fourteen, fifteen, and twenty-five; nerfh ? halves of sections one, two, four, five, six seven, twenty-one, twenty-two, and twenty-four; south halves of sections eight n and twenty-three; west halves of sections eighteen, nineteen, J thirty and thirty-one; southwest quarters of sections six, seven, qi aud twenty-four; southeast quarters of sections four, and twen- all ty, and twenty-two; uorfhwest quarters of sectiou eleven, and ar northeast quarter of section thirty-three, iu township fourteen, "I i IBgl ?fik ba North of the base line, and West of the fourth 'principal meri ol dian. Township fifteen; the e^t part of an isl ind in Rock river, iu l." section tiiiriecn; also iracuonai sections eignieeu ami nineteen, in township mvoiimb, "i lUfi Fractional sections nineteen ami twenty-one; west half of j fractional section twenty-two; north halt of section twentyfive; east half of northeast quarter of section twenty-six; south halves of sections twenty-*eyen ami twenty-eight, ami north- . west quarter of section twenty-eight; north half section thirty; I' northeast quarter, southwest quarter, north half of northwest quarter, and west half of southeast quarter of section thirty- an one; section thirty-two, except the west half of the north went ''l nnarter; sections twenty-nine, thirty-three, and thirty-four, and vr the west half of the northwest quarter of sectiou thirty-five, in l'T tow nshlp m Ten teen ol t ing* thine. .. Fractional sections, twenty-one to thirty-two, inclusive, and " section thirty-three, in township seventeen of ramte four. Tart of an island in the Mississippi river, in section three, in township fifteen; fractional sections one, two, eleven, fourteen, twenty-two, twenty-three, twenty-seven, and thirty-four, in towusnip sixteen } and the fractional sect I ou thirty-six, in the tv fr ictional township sei entn n of i inge ->ix At the Land Office at Chicago, commencing on Monday, the ^ twenty-fifth day of September next, for the dis|K>sal of the pub- T lie lands hereinafterdesignated, to wit : # North of the base line, and K.tst of third principal meridian. fl1 Fractional townships thirty-one aud thirty-two, bordering on ' } the Indiana State line, of range fifteen. The east fraction of the southest quarter of section six, in ,n' township thirty-three of range four. The east half and northwest quarter of the northeast quarter 10 of section three, and the north lialf of the northwest quarter of ~ the same section, in township thirty-nine, of ratine ?if$ht. The e.tst half of the southeast quarter of section fifteen, in ,u ownship forty-three, of range eleven. The northwest quarter of section twelve, in township forty, of range thirteen. At the Land Office at Danville, commencing 011 Monday, the second day of October nett, for the disposal of the public lauds uiikin 11>?> 11 in if? of fmrt i oil a I t n v* n?>ii iiu t v% ent . t WHtifv nine, and thirty, north of the base line, of range ten, west of the second principal meridian. * At the Land Office at kaskaskia, commencing on Monday, A the sixteenth day of October next, for the disposil of the publie , UniU within the limit* of the southeast quutn of seem n J1! thirty-three, and the southweit fractional quarter of the Mine section, on island twenty-four in th? Mississippi river, iu town J" ship thirteen, south, of rauge three west. At the Land Office at Kdwards* ille, commencing on Monday the ninth day of October next, for the disposal of the public V Undi w ilhiu the limits of fractional sections thirty-one uid j thirty-two. in township six north, of ramie ten westv and frac- 11 tioual section twenty-b**, in township sit north, ol range ele- " ren west, constituting islands numbered sixty and sixty-one, in 0 (lie M ississippi river. At the Land Office at Quincy, commencing on Monday, the twenty-third day of October next, for the disposal of the putj- M lie lands within the limits ol ilie torn rationed tracts. \\r : North of the base line, and Kast of the fourth principal meridian. The north half and southeast quarter of section tweuty-thrse, in township four, of range three. The iiortliW 'st quarter of section twenty-two, iu township seven, of ran if r <even. Lands appropriated bv* law, for the Use of schools, milittry, I or other purposes, will be excluded from sale. The sale.', will each be kept open for two w kn, (unless th" lands are sooner di?pns**d of) and no longer; andnomivatr enInes of laud, in the townshi|? so off>-r>d, will be admit'-d tin- j til after the expiration of the two weeks. Oiven under my hind at the I'ity of Washington, this eighth day of June, Anno Domini 1813. JOHN TVLER. _ By the I resident : THO. 0. IJLAKF.. Commissioner of the General Land OITtc?. 0 NOTICE TO PREEMPTION CLAIMANTS. Every iwraon entitled to the right of pre-emption to any lands tb within the limits of the townships above numerated, is reimred to ttUhlish tie- i.uni't.> th,' s UM'id n n "f tlie ll'nnt'i : ' sinl Receiver of the proper land office, and make payment there, ert lor as soon as practirslile, after seeing this notice, ami before tlie day appointed for the commencement of the public sale of J Che township, embracing tin tract claimed, above designated , otherwise such claim will In' forfeited. THO. H. BLAKK. ? Commissioner of the Oeneral Land Office. ha je2l I taw to IfiOct r coi XYLOORAPHIC PRfcHS fc OKNKRAL JOB PRINT- ' IN(i OKKICE, M Oold street, near Fulton.?The sub- ' cribers inform Druggists, Perfumers, Manufacturers, Urucers, '] tnd others, that they have (the present season) made extensive **' additions to their assortment of Xylographic Labels, to which they would respectfully call their attention, beiug the largest 11 uid most splendid assortment ever published in this country or 1 in Europe. Consumers are invited to examine our aaeortm-n: before purchasiug. Xylographic Engraving.?New design* and plate*, suitablfor all kinds of business, executed in the first atyle of thear', 1,1 in/1 iirinrin hron/e. v.irieirated. nl.iin and I'.oicv enl<ir? Jo\i I'nutiiiH.?Their office is also supplied with every variety _ ,if l\ i?- for the eiecution "I every description of Fancy " loll Pniitin*. Checks. Notes, Billheads, Circulars, Bills La- i? ling, Handbills, and all kinda of mercantile printing, executed u, an reasonable terms. Patent Card I'resa.?This machine is particnlarly adapted to .he printing of Card*, which it execute* with |(reat faeility and | 'xwnty ; one |*.rsou be in* able to print a pack of lit* beat enamel- I' led cards in two minutes, with ease |? Superior polished aurface Cards (manufactured eipreaaly for f? his establishment) furuiahed and pnuted at the following pri- ,>, rea t.o 100 < arda for M cent! 500 ('\rdt for $1 25 tlx 200 " " 75 " 1,000 " " J 00 JIM) ' " $| 00 " 2.000 " " J M 1 Common ('arda at leas prices. t>v BHDWNSON St CO., Sl33w*r jOUoldstreet, near t-niton. | OOHN-300 bushels, for sale by _ . ^ oil 31 t. K. COLL N? & tO.. J6 Sou h it , TP. V. k'l i?* i'?o NTERMTIffGTp nil mm H TKD -ti? ..I rli Hiuif.Ti.ui Pullman No i Pn ?mi: .tr et, wish?? lit- atllicted to U'lilr-nl md ' ilii' r?d? Iirated Hr lluntei's R?.| >rop is Warranted to cuir III any and all case? 111 iliwaiit ol a nfitf nuMn. Accompanying each thI i? .i comprehensive KttiK, n|>liiuii( enry ibln of ihii fnuful disorder, < > tim l?ni>n with the mint limited t'diiralioii outunderstand Any frtnn liimnK tills >iii-di?in?* will be attended to uutil a i?rfert id I istinv cmv made, which generally occupies from three i ei'jht d ay*. Prior $1 l?'r vial, h w Inch la warranted to cure i any cam-, no matter how Ion* standing or how dteply seated i tin- system, or no charee. N. B ? Private parlors lor consultation, with prirati* entnuice tached, where tli<* Doctor maybe found at all hours. Tim 111< Ik- obt lined semiine in Unlftlo and Itochester, i. V , thmioii, Ma>s.; or Charleston, H. It can tie had in limn ti No 5Maiden Line. Of it#m MILL POND OYrtTKRH " KOIITY-KIVK RINDS OK OYSTKR8!" JOMK. srinu from tlir land of wooden nutrnejt.i, has aacer ' tamed that there arc forty-live different kmdi of oysters, ilinitti'd Now. any gentleman can be convinced by ocular emoust ration, that there are juit fourty-four kind* hardly ortli tli?. seasoning rvuuisite to give tlnm a passable llavor, by ailing at < ONKLIN'B Mill Poiul Oyster Depot. 61 Whitehall street, near South Ferry. Hotels, refectories, See. and families, supplied on application I above. ;o3 3t#ec JLTM. T. JKNNIN(iSlk< ()., Merrhatit Tailors, 231 Broad way, opposite the fountain.?Just receifrd, the following siortinniL of spleudid Tartan Plaid Vesting*:? Abercrombie, Murray, Knxer, Mar Kenzie, Hoyal Stuart, Kglintou, Foibfl, Nfac Donald, Athol, Victoria, Albert, Argyle. The above, v% i!l? af^reat variety plain and figured Silk, Sa ii Slid Woollen V eatings, comprising the best assortment in the itV, Will be in tde lip to older, at our usual moderate prices fo? say monoy. *28 i w i < m w ll STINEMETd, ATII of Nassau street, Iim on h uid a well selected stock of J fashionable> Goods, which he in miking up iu bis usual vie of excellence, and at prices equally as reasonable as those I any other establishment ruruisbiiiK a similar article. Those ?siroui of economising (iu the true sense) *r?? reipieMted to call No. 1*3 Cedar street, uu" door went of Uroadway. s29 Gt * r NO QUACKKRY. ^ORTY VKAliS EXI'KKIKNI'K in extensive Hospitals, flic.?Twenty-eight Wars belorv the New Y ork public!? or tor Joseph Kvaus lias it moved bis Dispensary to No. 100 liatham stiret, Penrl, where the uufortunate and "fHicted. ith every species of a certain dis?*?t&e, will be speedily and ilectly cured (without ixj?osure) ou the most reasonable rins. Also, the most dendrite ulcers and eruptions. His me ciuhh ire mild. si?*fdy aud effectual. All casus are guaranteed e sure to find the real <?ld Doctor, No Kin Chaham street. Attendance d uly until 10 o'clock, P. M. Advice gratis. 04 It*r ENGLISH ADVERTI8EMEWTS. GENERAL AGENCY AND COMMISSION OFFICE, $ CORNIIILL, LONDON, OPPOSITE THE ROYAL EXCHANGE PO MERCHANTS, (Jominercinl News Rooms, Public Li ' braries, Agricultural Societies,Officers of the United States, riliters. Publishers of Newspai?ers, Ale. . r. L. SIMM ONUS, General Agent and Commission Merliant, begs to acquaint his friends and the American public in tt lie is reid> to receive orders for the supply of Newaipern, Periodicals, St itiouerv. Printing Materials, Fancy Artiles, Jitc. of any kind and quantity, ami goods of every descripou of first rate <iualit> it the very lowest market prices of tn?i av, and to transact business uoon the most liberal terms, proided he is previously furnished with funds or drafts at either nig or short dates, or a reference on some London or Li verpool ouse for payment P. Ii. Simmonus will also receive consignments of any de:nptiou of merchandize to !?e sold on commission, aud accept ills at short dates for two thirds of the amouut, on receipt of le bills of lading. Consignments entrusted to his care will n't willi everv possible despatch hi their disposal, consistent ith the interest of the c0usiguee*: an extensive knowledge of 'iienl business coupled with promptitude,attention and judgeeot. will he fru its enable him to |)tc complete to I who may favor him with their commands. KeJereuce may be made in New York to James Gordon Bentt, Esq., Proprietor of the Herald,who is personally acquaiutwitli iVlr.Siiumouda and the uature and exteut of his established. s28tf r O NEWSPAl'KIt AGKNTS AND PUBLISHERS IN THE, UNITED STAT KB. [MIOSE excellent Illustrated Newspapers, The Pictorial L Times, and Illustrated London News, are supplied at 7s 6d crling per qr. Punch at 4s 'id perqr, aud all the London and oreign Newspa|>ers as they appear nn? regularly supplied, holesale and retail, by T. L. 8IMMONDB. Newspaper and Periodical A Kent, 18 Cornhill, London. Snbscriptions in advance, may be paid into the Herald Office, ii Mr. Simtnonds' account. Advertisements received for insertion in all the London, ovutn ana Foreign Journal!. %28tf PHK NfcW YORK HERALD ia reynlaiiv filed la Losdon *- bv Mr. I*. L. SIMM ONUS, Atfent for the American Papers, Irirish and Foreign Newspaj?er Office, fflfornhill, London, pposite tin* Jioyal Exchauge, where orders and advertisement* rill be received. $'J8tfr BELMONT HOUSE -NEW BRIGHTON N EORGE PEIRISS, in returning his grateful aeknowledgf ineuts to the ntiiitfr*us ladies and gentlemen who favored ie above ?>?tahli(*hoieiit during thf past neason, begs to aninuce that he has made every suitable arrangement lor the inter, to accommodate families and single boarders. The dilug-rooms ami dormitories will be found comfortably and egantly furnished. The table w ill l>e supplied with the choi*st provisions, and the wiues w ill be found enual to any. The roxunity of Uelmnut House to the city, with excellent steamr.ats plyiuif at stipulated hours, the well known atteutiou ol ?e host auu civility of the attendants, combined with the locaon, being within a step or the landiiig*plsce, reuders this estalishment the most social and conveuieut iu the Union. Terms ill be found exceedingly moderate. fT/"" Good stabling and coach houses attached to the pre ises. s . ? f fr HAVANA MANSION HOUSE HOTEL ~ f'HK undersigned takes occasion to iuforrn his friends and - the public, that the Mansiou House is now located in Iulisidor street, No. 67. in the vicinit) of th? steamboat lauding id vegetable market, naviug commodious family apartments, ranged in the neatest order. A pirson ie imployed to proeuv permit* f<> land passengers, ggage, fitr who will board vessels immediately after the^visit the revenue officers. N. B.?Visitors to this Island should procure a passport from e Swinish Consul, at tne port of embarkation, to obviate difulties and inconvenience. tflipac WILLIAM FULTON. MPOKTAN1 TO INVALIDS AND VISITORS TO THK ISLAND OF CUBA. P It OGRESS HOTEL, S the village of C'erro, three miles from Havana. This establishment is sdyantageously situated, properly fitted up d attended, affording the benefit of a country life without eluding the comforts and pleasures of the Capital, or preuting a timely attendance to business. Every attention is utilised by lite ow tiers in iif't'l lie satisfaction of their visitors. CHARUKS. oarding Tor a single |iersou in one mom $2 00 a day. " " two or three (arsons iu one room* ?l if a day ich person. Willi families a particular agreement may be entered into. N. B.?Omni louses are running from morning 'till night b>~feen the Cerro and Havana, making the trip in half an hour. siM I m HATS?KALL FASHIONS, ISO?The subscriber h improves the occasion presented by the (all change in tlm hion of hats, to invite his (riei.ilj, customers and th? public general, to his Katahlishmenrs, No. ISO Chatham stmet, and ('aual, corner of Wooster streets, whete he offers for sale and ipection a large and elegant assort mm' o!' Hats and Caps, at tremely low prices. He particularly invites thei' attention his fine Nutria Kur Hats, at $1, warranted water proof, and retain their color and shars* ll? would also call their atten >n to his short napt Silk Mats, it >2 2i and S3 *>0. Also, his pertine Moleskin Hats, at the low price ol S3. The aboveMitioned Hats are neat and durable, and compare advanreously with hats sold m this citv at S'tae.. Si. WILLIAM OANTA, No. 130 Chatham it., and 9t Canal, cor. Wooster it. i3 5w(lwis)*m ? aLADIEB' AM) MISSEa' 8HOB8. < UK AI'KR THAN KVKR. T WALKKICH OLD STAND, 41') Broadway, where I. may In- found a Complete assortment of all the different tlds, colors, sorts and siren, for ladies, misses and children, titers, Hoots, Buskins. Siip'vrs, and walKing shoes. Also, din Rubbers aud Moccasins.aud water proof over shoes of the lest style and fashion; ladies , misses' and children's Gaiters of 1 kinds and colors, in the greatest style and variety, ol all /.es and suited to all tastes; gentlemen's, boys' and children's >ots anil shoes, of Krencli and native calf, e, ;?rse and line, in I their variety, ready made or made to order, at the shortest itice. (ientlemeii's overshoes, and in innumerable assortment f other goods, at WALK&R'S, 419 Broadway, corner of Canal St. N. B ?Heads ol families, by patronising this est iblishment, rill find l saving ofB lo 30 pw cent. o2 Im'ec PARIS BOOTS KSO LASTS MAUK TO ORDER, By A'. H U S A' H, 175 Rroart>txty, (ffnstntent ) One door from lou rtlaudt street. K SU.sp.R, Bootmaker, and Maker of Lasts, an MVP" Klve" of f'leroe of I'aris, begs leave to inform his lends ami all the amateur* of a g-ntleinanly " chatissure," at !>* can now make, in New V ork, with the best Krvnch inarials, all that is so perfectly made ju Paris by Ins master, the lebrated Bootmaker (Jle/rp, whose numerous customers "n IS silk'of tiie Atlantic ir" respectfully invited to try Snser's win and L u's, before they despair of being " chanssea" in v k "fk. after tie' nicest la'est Paris fashion. Also, the (rutin* I irit Jet Black Varnish fold. 17 lm"ee SAVF. YOUR MONEY. FALL ANL> WINTER BOOTS, 75 rer c-ut '' >l"r th.'ii it i>m oth-T establishment in tne eity. ill", "( I nil I"', nul he convinced nf tin- li c t*, (hit yon cm pt p very b'-st 'iwility of hoots, with everlasting |>atent so|e? on, .(I* to your orders at the very low price of five dollars nod 01ceuts per pair ; the - ?m? <|iiality of boots are sell inn at other .ibliihme-ifs at from $7 i? to M. Call at CUBBF.KLF.Y H MICK ILL. 112 im*m 127 William at., N. Y. HiiOTS AM? SIIUKS Wit,SON k JOHN Sm i .'ssors to Jolin IIntchniK*. dttrnvil, it mi luiid and for sale, from the bwt manufactories in th? intry? 00 l,wii I 'oarse Sewed and I'eeijed Boots, men and boys ixi " Kine " " 1 <m Pair Morocco Buskins. <10 " I Allies' Fin? Slipper*. 00 " ( luldren'* Shoes, various color*. 00 " Womens and misses (niter* 100 " India Rubbers, Imiim-tl and plain. tor sale in lot* to suit purchasers, it rh'-ir store. 110 OHaTHAM 8TKF.KT. opposite Rosevelt. S.B.?The store being open nntil in o'clock in the eyeninf, u s country merchant* .-n opportunity to e*amine foods at eif leisure, _ *J> 1m m BOO'I \M> 8HOK flTORfc. mMV JOHN Itr \U\ irs|?ctlnjly mlorms his friend* d" the public, he has commenced busim-M in the above j?, (It No. M Nassau street, where he will thanklully receive id faithfully e*ecnt?, all orders lie may t?- I ntored with on the otnreiuionnMc renns for gash. iv22r ) (. MOVAI' ?India Hnbber Sh.>es mil Over Shoe*.?Just re1 ivi ,1 fii-in nr factory , l"r fall trvle, a I ar|(? assortment of die Rubber Shoe*, consisting of plain and hienred lined and m l rubbers; gents elastic upper overshoes; ladies' elastic npr sandal*. leather and rubber soles; ladies' fur and ribbon iind (Grecians and Buskins; ladie*' elastic qnilted silk ovi rit's, new sty le; Koine " hoes, and various style* of misses' and ildreu's shoe*, which we oner at the latest reduced prices. M 000 pairs I lilies' and men's rnhher shoe*, linn red mil plaiu, th>- case, or trimmed and cleaned by the down. 000 pairs ladies' lined and fur bound rubbers, lerchVnts are rei|uested to esamine the stock at our uew store, i. 2.) Maiden Lane. _ , , ? ,, HORACF. H. DAY, Sttcce?sor to Hoibnrv I. R. < o. 26 iinr 21 Maidw Lan?