Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 7, 1843, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 7, 1843 Page 4
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"I o^- 8 TORY OF NINON DE L'ENCLO1*, with her L: iters,fee?Owing toib?* r*pe?v.d culls we hare had for thiiwark, we take this occasion to announce that it will nut ho re*dy lord?l!very till Saturday, 14th October. It in beautifully printed, in a book form, with large new typo Price Mcenta. BURGESS fc STRINGER, corner Broadway and Ann atreet. , Q(f- CONSTITUTIONAL DEBILITY.?The Tonir Mixture prepared by the New York College of Medicine and I'harmacy, eatabliahed (or the suppression of quackery, is the moat effectual remedy for debility, produced either by secret indulgence or protracted illness. The College during their laat vear'a practice, have met with some cases ol extreme debility, that after having reeiated all other remediea, have been effectually cured by thia powerful invigorator. Seld in large hottles, $i each} mall do $1; in caaea of half dozen, (6; carefully packed a..d sent to all parta of the Union. Omce and conaulting room* of the College, 07 Nassau atreet. MONEY MARKET. Friday, Oct. 6?0 P.M. The atock market preaented a complete panic thia morning without any adequate cauae. All atocka fell heavily. Great apeculation haa for a long time been going on in Harlem, baaed upon the fact of ita rapidly rising intrinaicjvalue. Many cloaely connected with the road undertook to play with the *tock,and a deep scheme was laid, after a large quantity of atock waa sold short, to make the stock fall by artificially discrediting thefcomp iny.JThis scheme utterly failetf| hrough tke sagacity and L vigilance of the leading direotora. The rumora growing out of the transaction frightened the weak brokera, and xue ueiperaie moTeiuaiw v? ??u?i v? iuc nuua? created a kind of panic, which ha* influenced all itocki. When the market become* settled, we will give a little history ot the affair, which will be highly initructive. Harlem fell to-day 3 per cent; lllinoia lj; Ohio f; Kentucky i; New York State 5'sJ; Canton J. At the new board |the (all produced a woful length of visage. The operation! in exchange are not large, and foreign bills are dull. The rates ot exchange to-lay aro aa follows, corrected by Wm. 8c John O'Brien, 10 Wall street:? Rates of Bills in New York. Boston. par a W dis Apalachicola, IX a2 dis Philadelphia " )i " Mobile, 12Wal3 Baltimore,,^" " Moutgom'y 12>,al3 " Virginia, K X " Tu?caloosa, 12&U3 N Carolina, 1)2 1* " N Orleans, par a if " Charleston 1 l2 " Nashville, 2 a 2% " Savannah, 1 1)2 " Louisville, l^i2 " Augusta, 1 l>4 " St Louis, IX a 2 " Columbus, 1)6 IX " Cincinnati, 1 a 1% " Macon, 1>2 2 " Michigan, ? a? " Union.Flo, 75 80 " USBTiN'ts33 35 South L. 8c Trust Co 80 a 90 " We have received the official return of imports into the United States lor the year 1843. That year embraced the action of the tariff ot the extra session, which imposed a duty on many articles before free. The returns before os show the operation of that tariff. The following is the return of free articles imported, as compared with that of 1841 :? A Summary Statement of the Quantitt and Value of Goons, Wares and Merchandise, Imported into the United States During the Years 1841 and 1842. 1841. 1842. Free of duty. Quant'y. Value, Quant'v. Value. Article* for use of the United States, ? 6.952 ? 17,118 Vhilowph'l appar's.&c. ? 2,103 ? 7,755 Books, maps St. charts, ? 42,226 ? 21,153 Statu'y, busts.casts.8cc, ? 873 ? 6U6 Paintings, dcc., ? 17,761 ? 6,854 Cabin's of coins 8c gems, ? ? ? 1 Specimens of botany, ? 7,047 ? 4,948 Models of machinery, ? 607 ? 643 Anatomical preparat's, ? 3,959 ? 1,775 Antimony, regulus of ? 6,565 ? 5,995 Spelier or zinc, ? 139,943 ? 105,981 Burr stones,unwrought, ? 35,887 ? 10,634 Brimst'e aud sulphur, ? 113,454 ? 81,422 Bark of the cork tree, ? 4,403 ? 3,868 Clay, unwrought, ? 9,419 ? 13,857 Rags of all kinds, ? 496,227 ? 468,220 Furs, undressed, ? 811,014 ? 503.030 Raw hides aud skins, ? 3,457,248 ? 4,067,816 oypsum, ? iuu,?7t> ? 78,515 Barilla, ? 139,166 ? 75,418 Wood, dye, ? 604,791 ? 305,404 Unmanufact'd, (except mahogany, ?atin,rosewood and cedar, ? 499,719 ? 148,112 Animali for breed, ? 179,721 ? 28,289 Pewter, old, ? 607 ? 1,145 Tin,pigs,bars & blocks, ? 296,349 ? 282,135 " III plate* ?t sheets, ? 1,155,271 ? 922,309 Brau, pigs and bare, ? 917 ? 3,481 " old, ? 1,623 ? 1,202 Copper, pigs and bare, ? 1,054,169 ? 821,109 plates, sheath'g, ? 535,473 ? 381,197 old.,, ? 9|M9 ? 82,19 > Bullion, gold, ? 137,749 ? 56,36} " silver, ? 276,225 ? 39,458 Specie, gold, ? 1,131,700 ? 700,929 " silver, ? 3,444,959 ? 3,290,264 Ten?, pounds, 11,245,851 3,362,186 15,692,094 4,527,108 Coffee, do, 114.984,783 10,444,882 112,764,635 8,931,177 Wool, not exceed'* 8 cents pr pound, do, 14,409,764 918,281 10,637,251 685,649 Cocoa, do, 2,504.170 222.326 499,135 28,576 Fep|>er, do, 3,576,040 130,794 2,576,159 92,977 Pimento, do, 2,418,148 125,444 8,059 416 Cassia, do, CO?,346 72.847 197,865 16,748 Oinger, do, 117.2*4 4,699 40,000 1,220 Cetnphor, do, 1*8,791 72,530 22,745 7,939 Indigo, do, ? ? 23,213 18,155 Quicksilver, ? 87,893 ? 30,321 Opium, ? 255,599 ? 38.17* Crude saltpetre, ? 273,716 ? 334,625 JBoracic acid, ? ? ? 29,776 Sodaaah, ? ? ? 62,216 Bristles, - ? ? 74,394 Lasting* it pninel s, for shoe* or bullous, ? ? _ 71,763 F.pauUts aud wiugs. of gold or silrer, ? ? ? 278 ,X?iueus, bleached ll unbleached, ? 6,204,769 ? 10,047 Articles not enuniera'd, ? 6,858,193 ? 3,123,358 Almonds, 815,195 M,57S ? ? Currants, 1,135,756 103,441 ? ? Prunes, 681,016 43,107 ? ? Figs, 1,989,585 85,944 ? ? Haisins, 9,967,141 615,614 ? ? Other fruit, 4,696,959 168,960 ? ? Mace, 22,639 13,777 ? ? Nutmegs, 207,543 132,961 ? ? ("'innamou, 2,753 493 ? ? Cloves, 108,226 17,867 ? ? JSillu*- 'ace veils, fcc., ? 358,663 ? ? ' .Manufactures, ? 14,018,573 ? ? " d worsted, ? 1,931.328 ? ? 4'amlet, o f - '<?.?? ? ? Worsted at,- Tickler burg. ' **? < , 519,771 ? ? Sheetings, bw. ^ wht, ? 325,167 ? ? Bolting cloth, ? 47,888 ? ? Total free of duty, 66,019.731 30,627,186 In Am. vessels, 58.9W.2I6 27,108,877 lu Foreign vessels, 7,023.505 3,518 609 Here, then, is an . 'mmenac telling cff in the free goods, and nearly all in Jin. '*rican v? ??/?. We may new compare the import* of th.' article free in 1841 and dutiable in 184J,aafollow* :? Imports or Articles tit 1841 sito Dutiable 1 Ml. 1842. Quant'y. Quant'y. Value. Wood, mahogany, ? ~ ~ Almond*, pound*, 815,195 ,?!'??? I'll?? Currants, do, 1,135,756 l'rnnn. do, 681,016 '3,107 5*7,426 42,1.(1 Fig,, Jo, 1,980,585 85, W4 .'.714,563 58,892 Iru tins, 9,967,111 615,l'I? JO.bV*9!927 797,961 Oilier fruit, 4,696,959 168,9tf0 ? ? Mace, 22,639 IS,777 4,451 2.307 Nutmegs, 207,543 132,961 114,016 66,715 Cinnamon, 2,753 493 14,976 7,iQi I laves, 108,226 17,867 278,057 46 '?* Silk*, lace veils, lie, ? 358,663 ? 657 982 " goods, ? 14,018,573 ? 8,fJ60!l09 " nnd worsted, ? 1,931,328 ? 1,311,770 Camlets. ' ? 10,529 ? ?!'.22 Wonted stuff, ? 3,712,206 ? 2,366,122 1 Ticklinburgs. ? 539,772 ? 187,((06 Sheetings. ? 325,167 ? 110,782 t Bolting cloths, ? 43,81# ? 9,045 4 Linens, * ? 6,204,769 ? 2,953,618 28,393,051 16,940,829 " The aimple operation of 20 per cent duty for revenue purposes,wa? a redaction ol nearly $11,000,000 in the value of certain import*, nearly all of which constitute the home freight* of American vewel*. If thi* was the ope- f ration of a simple revenue duty, how much more tffact ' ha* the present prohibitive one 1 Thi* we will examine * hercalter. Sales at the St??ck Exchange, $l.'>0fl N Y 7's, 1819 107X 25 Farmers' Trust s30 2tV II 1200 do 6's, 1051 107 25 do _b30 22 4 2000 do 5's, 1845 100 20 Utica k Sehenee RH 119 78K do 1855 100 50 Aub St Rocli R R 94 V 4964 do 1858 100^ 12 do 94V 700 City 5's, 1858 100 50 Canton Co 25V flu oo7' 11 f*w;? r ?> ni 2000 Ind Dol Bda 38^ 50 Mohawk li Hud KH 37 < 7000 do 37 T do 37W .WOO do J7W 23 do Tt\ 1000 Ohio 6'., IMS 9?S 7J Harlam RR 3? 2000 do 100 do b3 37 V 74000 do 96 JO do (3 37*2 3000 Kentucky '?, 30 ya 99 730 do 37 v 3009 do bio '19 113 do uw 37C 3000 llliuoii bdi, *70 b30 4 0 60 do |>30 31 ' 2000 dn 39)^ 130 Ho (nw y/iz ( ItOOO do 3? 173 do jivj I 6000 do bio 39 W 30 do J7C I jOOO do 39)4 1*0 do bow S71. 4000 do *S0 39 130 do b!3 37^4 73 aha* Karmm' Truat 21 30 Palrraoa RR alO 33 30 do tlX It*1 do *60 33 * Second Board. \ 3<?0 Harlem KB ?3 36 K 73 Harlem RR *3 16 V ' 1 do 36 Ji 100 do J6?5 r 830 do 36$ { New York Public Stock Exchange. 8V100 Alabama 5'? 73 1 7000 Illinois Bonds c 40 * 8000 Water l.n, '38 opB 100 3000 do 3?V H 7000 Indiana Dol Bdi 37K WW do bS 40 l< 10000 do nw 3?'i 8**00 do b3 40V 7000 do V\ 4<NMI do blO 4017 3000 do 37* 6000 do 40* 2000 do bnw 37*7 1000 do b3 40^ 1000 Qhi? 6'?, '60 *30 96jJ 30 ?h* K?rmfri' Tniit *90 22 2000 do 96^, 2i ( anton ( o nw UK 1000 do ,20 96W 23 Mohawk IIIt a60 36'J 2000 do b3 %k 30 Harlem K R nw 38'i 2000 do b30 %? 123 do 37 V 2000 do Wed'y 96*si 30 do nw 3714 :?>00 do nw %1, 73 do c 37>, 30000 do C 96X 30 do *20 V\ 10<0 do a3 08A 21 do 1)3 37.S .1000 do Wad'. %%' 100 do ?10 37* 1000 do *30 96M 100 dn MB v\ > Ho * 10 96)f 50 do "is 377i IMHt do <#\ 350 L Island R R 1.20 MS f.iMKi Kfntorky #'?, JO yi 99)* 50 do v*C 4000 do h3 99* 50 do .30 mC* 3?S t> ?3 *> <jo btw 52% 3000 do >3 )9j|i 100 do htw 52^? 4000 do t.3 09 200 do MU ' 000 do Hd 99* 300 do ,j ?i 4000 do >3 OT 50 do 3Bd y)i? I I *50 do W 850 do bStl 52*-. t -!1S '"'DO'" Bondi 40'i 50 do ,30 5>W 'J <jo 4OH 50 do b60 51\ '000 ,10 ,30 39* I Second Board, J 70 ? Z? R R taw r "2 ,Ur,TR R ss* 200 do Mk 40 do Miw *)* 440 do blO 17 < State of Trade. Public Sals of Liatiei ?Boston, Oct-6.?Silc 1094 idea, oak tanned, 17} o -Jl Jo^ Hemlock, light Buenoi Ayref, 16} a 17c; middling 16} a l?e; be.vy 14|; Zaniibar 14 a l?c; Buffalo 11 a 18c; good damaged 11^ a lac; poor do 9c; Upper iu the rough, 18} a 18? per lb; 610 Kip 3 a 101c per loot; >00 lit* aplit 19J a 34c; 37 doze* finiahed Calf Skins 40 aOOc; lrto do rough 87}c; 814 dozen Lininga Sheep 1 87, a 3 81 and Lambs 83 a 1 76; 87 doz Kid and Morocco S 13 a ? 36; 67 doz Roan 3 87 a 6 11; 160 doz Bindinga 1 06 a 3 60 per doz, cash. Tea?There was another large public sale yesterday, ou the usual credit of fix month*, payable in the city. Yourg Hyson?9 half chests, 501 cents per lb; 10 chests 47; II half do 46}, 10 cheats 46}, 8 half do 441. 38 do 44, 80 do do 43, 30 do do 41, 15 do do 40}; 9 do do871, 14 cheats 36}, 106 half chests 34J, 164 do 34, 69 do 33}, 69 do and 48 chests 88,13 half do 3l}, 54 do 31, 81 do and 37 chests 81}, 86 do and 66 half do 81, 19 do and 33 chests JIlJ, 14 do and 10 halt do 19, 64 do do 18}, 108 do do 18, 16 do do 27}, 190 do do 37, 45 do do 21}, 16 do do 33, 171 do do 10, 16 do do 181, 108 do do 18,46 do do 17}, 3D do 16}, 160131b boxes 34} 100 do do 33,148 do do 10}, (141 half chests, 73 chests and 376 131b boxes withdrawn.) Hyaon Skin?11 chests 43, 8 do 34}, 38 do 38, 38 do 81, 16 do 38}, 17 do 37,33 do 36,16 do 36}, 46 do 34}, 36 do 34, 14 do 33. Hyson?33 chett(43, 39 halt do 33, 40 131b boxes 48, 80 do 46}. Twankay?30 half chests 39}, (188 do withdrawn.) Gunpowder? 9half chests49, 11 do48}, 47 do 47, lOdo 81}, 68 do 31,16 do 80}, 11 do 39, 49 301b boxes 36}, (68 hf chests withdrawn. Pouchong?97 half chests 36}, 44 boxes 36}, 488 do 34. Congo?10 chests 36, (36 do withdrawn ) vvura?iu 11 a ii uuciu i ?, \ t tu wuuuiawu J Imperial?10 cheats and 13 halt do60J, 4 do do AO, UO do doSj, (76 do do withdrawn.) Provisions.?Both mess and prime park are in demand. We notice sales ef the former at $10,874 a 11, and of the latter at $0,37^ a 10. There i* a fair busineas doing in beef. Lani^is inactive demand. The tales rule principally at 6}a0 cents, and the demand is conftncd to the wants for shipment. Butter, Irom choice dairies, for family use, it in uemand. Cheese lain active demand for export. The splendid weather for the past few days has been very favorable for out door operations, which have been quite extensive. Aihbs.?Pota remain very dull at eur last quotations? Pearls are held at $5 31 Sales of both descriptions are to a trifling amount, while the receipts are to a fair ex tent. BaKABiTUFFS.?Very little doing in theimportant staples included under this head. 0?nesee is still held at $4 37^ generally. Michigan and flat hoop Ohio we quote at 4 37J a 4 43^. Ohio round hoop 4 37j a 4 60. Southern very inactive. The principal purchasers in this mar* Itet at present are from the cast, who would take hold verv extensively at a little less price. The receipts continue as large as usual, and the stock in store is gradually accumulating. Wheat hos not changed since our last. The sales are in small lots as wanted. We quote 90 a #5 cents as the two extremes lor lair to good qualities. Nothing doing in any of the other articles comprised under this head. C*tton ?No alteration in this market, although price* are very unsteady, and indicate a downward tendency. There is verjr little doing on any terms. The market has lost the activity and spirit that existed belore the last arrival, although that is not the prime cause of the reaction The reports from the south have been of the most conflicting nature, so much so that dealers could not possibly arrive at correct conclusions as to the result of the new crap. Hat ?The receipts are very abundant, with a very limited demand. Wo quote North river 37i a 40c. The sale* are principally lor export Prnvlilnn Mftrkfut. With Beef, Veal, Mutton and Lamb wo notice an improvement in quality and quantity, in oar different markets, and in some ot the principul meat shops, at raduced price*. A? fine and freah Pork is now daily aent in from the country, thi* may bethe came. We notice the Common Council have at la ^t reiolved to add some convenience and a place for the country produce at the Washington market. The removal of the hen coop* and chlckcn wagons ia much wanted. The price of good Butter, ii by retail, too high, conii* tiering the great quantity of grass and the fine season for the making of the article. We think tome of the Ooshen Farmers will sell leas milk and make more butter, owing to their losaea on aending n ilk to this market. In Fruita, we atill have fine Peaches, and the second supply from up the river is juat coming in. Applea, of various kind* ranging from Ss to 14a the barrel Some very fine pound Pears at 20s the barrel. Grapes in abundance from 6 to 10 cents the pound. All kinds of vegetables are abundant and cheap. The Fall varieties for winter store and consumption are brought to this city from a great distance in the interior, and will undoubtedly be sold at very reasonable prices throughout the season. Crops ol every description have been prolific ; and the cultivators can afford to be satisfied with lew prices, in conscquence of the extra amount produced. Pricks of Provisions Apples, bbl -$1 00 a 1 50 Jowls 2 a 3 Beef, per lb .... 6 a 09 Lamb,per lb 7 a 8 Beef, |iercwt-- $4 50 a6 00 Lobsters . 6 ? ? B?f rnrtu>fl 4 a ft I.anl iwir IK...... Q ? Bhcktish 8 a 10 Muttou 7 a 8 Beets, per bunch... 4 a ? Onions, l>er bunch. 6 a 8 Butter, fresh per lb-12 a 11 Parsnips, per doz---37Wa ? Butter, firkin, per lb. 10 a 12 Porter House Steaksl2}ga ? Crabs, dozen 25 a ? Pork, per lb-. 6 a 7 Chickens 37>sa 75 Piss, roasters ? a$l 00 Clam?, 100 25 a 37>? Potatoes, bushel 31)?a 37>? Calves Head, Sic 25 a ? Potatoes,swt,bush-$ll,50al,00 Cabbage, dozen. 50 a 75 Peaches, bask't- -$1 50 a3 ? Cheese, new 6 a ? Rhubarb, pr bunch- 5 a 6 Cucumbers,pr hun'd25 a ? Sirloiu, lb 10 & 12 Carrots, i*r bunch- 4 a ? Salmon, smoked ? a 12 Dried Apples, bbl- ? a$l 00 Stri|>ed Bass, lb 10 a ? Ducks, |>er pair. 62}?a 75 Sausage* ? a 8 Dds 6 a 8 Smelts, lb 8 a 9 Kiggi, 9 for ? a 12>{ Turnips, prbunch- 3 a 4 Flesh Cod 4 a 5 Tripe, lb-" a 4 Flounders ? a 6 Turkic* ? a 4 Ueese 75 a$l 00 Veal 4 a 6 Halabut 8 a ? Watennel's, each.- a 10 Foreign Market*. Bridgetown, Barbadoe*, Sept. 14?Since the date of my lait, the arrival* from the United State* hare bern heavy, and, of a consequence, pricea of your produce generally are on a decline. Flour ia idling at $0 76, and Corn Meal (3 SO per barrel, duty paid?itock ol both large; Navy and Pilot Bread $3 a 3 50: Cracker* no alteration; Butter 13 ct* per lb, dull; Lard 8 eta per lb; Can die* 14 centa p. r lb; Corn $1 30 per bag of two bushels; Pork $13 by retail; Codfish $4; Mackerel No. 3, $5 75. Exchange is advancing; 60 day sterling bill* selling at $4 80per?. Philadelphia Cattle Market* Oct.6?1046 Penn. Beeves offered, including 308 haad driven to New York ; sale* were dull at $8} to $4} for inferior to (air quality ; MJ to $4} Car prime ; and a lew ex<ra at $6 p- r 100 lb*?70 heal lett over. Cow* and Calvea- 370 head eff.-red, sales $17 to $20, extra $3.*>- Springer* $l-i to $19, extra $16. Dry Cow* $7 to $0. Calve* $ | co to $3 per head. Hog*? 410 IVnn'a ut market; pricea ranged from $4} to $11?35 inferior left over. Sheep?800 at market; ratea$l 50 te $2?extra $3?. Married. On Tuesday morning Oct.3rd, at St. Stepheni'church, by the Rev J. H. Price, Mr. Thohss W. Miss Esther Wi-sham, daughter of Mr to h Winham, all of thi* city. On Wedne*day morning Oct y th* Rev. Martin Schoonmaker, Mr. Johm Dr Bevoisr.Io Mm (immoj sutdsm all of Long Island. Died. Friday morning the 6 h instant, Jams *'%-??*, a iativt 'of the county of Carlow, Ireland, a^ed II yecra. His fri,*01'* ,nd acquaintance* are roapectfully invited 0 attend h.'* funer>l on to morrow (Sunday) afternoon,at 1 o'clock fro * *,'B '8,e residence5M Washington street On Th'ursda,* e??n'nf. tl>? 6th instant, Jons fame iici aonofJohn %n<1 Sophia Lomai, of 75 Butler street, Iroo'klvn. aarnri one ?ne month aod s.a days. PM.enfc'*" Balled. B * R B ADO K.-B.rqi.e Hecla-, 'j <ew York; T Pouiolt, PMiittel, . 2 t.' Inlhony Beard, St Kitti; Or W 1 *'T Hexander Leacock, Amhoy; Mn Mni. ' ** ' 1 errant, Barbadoes. Foreign Importations. Pout au Phinc*?8chr John Drew?con baga co.*-**^;??? lit logwood 108 hide? 60 ceroona tobacco A C Ro??ier> bbli ginger O Hogarth. Domestic Importations. Chari.kiton?Ship H Allen?137 tea rice Muttn h. Markoe -163 bale* cotton H Coit?319 do to order. MARITIME HERALD. Mailing Days off the Steam Ships. from MvcnrooL. from amkrica Icidia,' Rvrie Oct. 16 i. We*tern, Hoaken Sept. 23 Oct. 19 libernia, Judkina Oct. \ Not. 1 Iritaunia, Hewitt Oct. 19 Nor. 16 Packets to Arrive. Packets to Sail. FROM MVFRPOOI.. FOR l.tVKRPOOL. lottingner, Bnraley. Sept. 5 < i.Waaliington.Burrowa.Oet. 7 '(oolemma, Lowber, Se|>t. 7 ITuitml Hi.ites, Britton, Oct. 13 loaciua, Collina, Sept. 13 ltochester, Britton, Oct. 16 FROM PORTaMOt'TH. FOR PORTSMOUTH, nebecllehard, Sept. 1 Wellington,Chadwirk, Oct. 10 lend'k tlndaon,Moore, Sept 10 Switzerland, Knight, Oct. SO anthea, Dennia, Sept. 20 Victoria, Morgan, Nor. I FROM HATRC. FORHAVRK. merald. Howe, Ang. 21 Darheiae <1'Orleant, Oi!t. 8 Inrgundy, Wotton, Seju. 1 Sully, Burrowt, Oct. 16 >wa, Lmea, Sept. t Iowa, Liuea, Oct. 24 Ship Masters and Agents We shall eateemit a favor, if Captain* of Veaaela will Kir? > Commodore Horkrt Siuvrt. of onr Newa Fleet, a Heort of the Shipping left at the Port whence they jailed, the eaaela S|<oken on their Passage, a of their Cargo, and ay >orefn Newspapers or Newa they mav hare. He will oArd them immrautHy on their arrival. Ag*?iit? and ?Cor aiMindmU, at home or abroad, will aim rm>r?r hv miinR to thi? tidle* all th? Marine Intelligence th?y can hum. Nautical Information of any kind will bf tliaafcl'ully eeiied. PORT OK IIICW YORK, OCTOBEH 1, Uff 4 1 MOOI* 14 ON 32 I HI?N WATER] 14 Cleared. Shiii Wa?M?|ton, Burrowa, Liverpool, Orinmil, ft linarn Si Co.?Brif? John H. Ste|?lien?, Hull, Bermuda, Mi< dier>ti k('o; Angora. Meani, Lainiia, Nenmith, It L. Ulclwin, Tliompnon, 8a?annali, Dnnliim Hi Dimon; Sidney, laniard, Norfolk, Jame? Hunter; Arnene, MeClintock, Branvwine. Nenmith. Lwd? *?. Co.?Mchr* Amelia, Terry, 8\ ?nn?W?! NC. A. B. fcooley kCo; F.til*. Scout, Norfolk, b v the ?me. . . ArrlTed. Shin II. Allen, Wilwn, 14 day* from Charleston, with cotton, O. Button. Schr John Drew. Alden, 15 da>? from Port |su Prince, with coffw, to A. C. Roninf. ** ? Schr J. B. Unjuhart, Wemble, from Norfolk, with potatoes, to master. Schr, Birdsall, 2 day* from Virgiuia, with wood, to master. Schr H. P. Harens,Turner, from St. Martina, Md.with wood, to master. Sloop Pomona, Sherman, from New Bedford, with oil, fcc. to master. Sloop Lady Adams, Cartwright, from Sagharbor, with oil, to master. Sloop Ltdy Kenwick, Ward, Irom New HaTeu, with molassea, to master. Mailed. Ship Huutrvss, Lorett, Canton; liarque Hecla, Williams, Barbadoes, and others. Herald Marina Correspondence. Orrim or the Rhode Islander.) Newport, Oct. 5, 1843. > Arr3d, Sarah Louisa, Cliace, Kail Itiverfor NYork; tieorge Washington, Miller, Providence for Charleston; 4th, Wandopasso, Kddy, Fall Hirer for Georgetown; Diana, Small. Salem; Calcutta, Steel man, Dighton; Wm Thomiwou, Back. Kail Hirer, and Excelsior, Woodbury, Warren?all for Philadelphia: <'harles Pitman, 1 owusend, Richmond for Kail River; Uold Hunter, Howes, Dennis for Rondout; Kneel Dunning. Kali River; Example, Hildreth. Portsmouth, 111; j<raiikliu, Phillips, Tauntou, and Montilla. Terrill, Providence?all (or New York; Defiance, Wells, NYork for Providence; Providence, Brown, Providence for NYork. Sid 4th, Factor, Metamora, Adams, Lodemia Sc Klita; Wm Thompson, Stewart, and Wm Thompson, Buck, all for Philadelphia; Berry, Baltimore. Oeneral Record. Packet ship Geo. Washington, Burrows, for Liverpool, will sail to-day. Her letter bags close at Gilpin's, in the Exchauge, at the usual hour this morning. Schr Melville, Kent, from Kastport for Hartford, put into Gloucester 3d inst. with loss of loir mast. Launch.?A brig called the Vatican, of about 475 tons, was launched by Wm. R. Gime 8i Sims, at Bucksport 28th ult. She is owned by H. Darling aud others, aud is to be commanded by Capt. James Eustis. Whalemen. Sailed from Nantucket 1st iust. Mary, Pitman, for the Pacific Ocean. Spoken. Jumna, Shepheard, NYork for Trinidad, Aug 20. lat 33 24, Ion 66 30?lore topmast gone, and shifting her mainsail, weather fine. onuinr, UI 1 umanu, .?irrilli, IIHI 101 a uuasco, to ua> > uul, Ang 25, (iff Salt Key. Poland, Smith, Newport, HI. for Savannah, Sept 24, lat 30 50, Ion 72 10. foreign Ports. Montreal, Oct 2?Arr Sir Richd L) Jackson, M'Curry, and Magnet, Morton, Liverpool. Barhadoes, Sept 15?In port, Patriot, Know lea, Boston for Martinico, ding, to sail in I days; Atlantic, Montague, I'm New Haven lor Port Spain, Trin. disg; Seaman, Scull, and Ann Stille, Wells, from Philadelphia, tinc-do. Sid 11th, Pennsylvania, Turley, for Philadelphia via StTkomas; 12th, Pensacola. Hallett, from Portland for Port Spain, Trin; 13th, Sally Ann, Patterson, from and for Baltimore via St Thomas; 15th, New Haven, Downs, for Martinico, Vera Cruz, Sept 9?Samuel, Kay, from Trinidad, and Kliza, from Tobasco for NOrleana, witli a cargo of logwood, put in for water and provisions. London, Sept 18?In |iort, Arethusa, Baxter, for Boston, Oct 1; Kennebec, Smith, for do, Idg. Pillau, about Sept 1?Arr Alexander, (Russ) Preusz, N*w Bedford. Port Nelson, New Zealand, March 29?Arr Kobt Pulsford, Caldwell, Hobart Town. Lake Ports. Buffalo, Oct 3?Arr Ontario, Miuer, Chicago; Burlington, Sims; Adelaide, Kockwood, and R Mountain, Gardner, Cleveland; H Clay, Root; Rocky Mountain, Curtis; Biddle, Perkius, and Hamilton, Hayward, Detroit; Stranger, Bates, Huron; Platiua, Persons, and Swallow, Appleby, Sauuusky; Adams, Emery, Monroe. Home Ports. Castine, Sept 30?Sid Curlew, Hinks, and Patapsco,Conner, , to load for Baltimore. Gardiner, Oct I?Arr Geo & Henry, Nickersou, NYork.? Sid Sept 30th, Orient, Smith, and Margaret, Houdlette, for Havana. Bath, Oct 1?ArrBord-aux, Smith.NYork. Bangor. Oct 1?Arr Mary & Jane, Flilner, Pittston; Oscela, Park, NYork. Portland/Oct 3?Cld Joseph, Loring, Porto Rico. Sid 2d, Col Tayloe, Porto Rico;3d, Sebago. Pt Petre, Guad; Henrietta, Cuba. Cld 4th, Sarah, Kimball, NYork. Portsmouth, Oct i?Arr Milo, Chick, New York; Turk, do. Salem, Oct4?Arr Fairfield, Burr, NYork. Sid 3d, Deposit; Cardinal, Dimon, New Bedford and NYork; and from below, early in the morning, Boxer, Robinson, Canton. Boston, Oct 5?Arr Fri?nd, Lovell, and Richmond, Ames, NYork; Narragansett, Baker, Richmond; Hy Leeds, Brazier, Havana; Smith, Wheeler, Washington. NC; Queen, Kldridge, Fredericksburg. Signal for 3 brigs. Cld Constaiitine, Samp Hon, nurirans, i arineuon, w ooaoury. uo; l.uzoii, uoouncn, do; Michigan, Colman, Curacoa and La Guayra; Pandora, Green, Port au Prince; Montilla, Bartlett, St Jag > de Cuba; Willis Putnam, Cook, St Peters, Miq; Aurora, Gould, Wilmington, NC: Vermont, Ames, Albany- and Trov; B Bigelow, Bearse, NYork. Sid 4 th, Edmund Perkins, and Leo|>ara; 5th, Moselle. Gloucester, Oct 1?Arr Hudsou, Tarr, NYork; 2d, Nevis, Fountain. an|> Peru.Gorhain, Lubec for Philadelphia; Franklin, Bryant, N York for Thomaston. Danvers, Oct 1?Arr Victoria, Allen, and Samuel, Nicker?on, NYork. New Bedford, Oct 4?Arr Senate, Brockway, NYork; 5th, Adelaide, Slocum, and Republic, Sowle, Albany. Sid Wm Brown, Bumpus, Philadelphia; Missouri, Hubbard, Baltimore; Industry, Cusliman, NYork: Louisa, Perry, Albany. Nantucket, Oct 1?Arr Nancy Finley, Adams, Albany.? Sid Exact, Folger, Baltimore. Arr 2d, Col Simmons, Fish, Albany; 3d, Senator, Robinson, NYork, NYork. Providence. Oct 4?Arr Ann Rebecca, Roberts, Cherrystone, Va; Marietta Ryan. VVhelden, and Eugene, Couseus, Philadelphia; John Jay, Baker, do. via Fall River. Sid, wind NW. light, Geo Washington, Miller, Charleston; Francis D Decker, Smith, and Glide, Cresse, Philadelphia. Also arr, Juliet, Fornheir, Rondoul; Midas, Dennis, NYork. Fall River, Oct 3?Arr Tho* Ireland, Somers, Virginia; Three Brothers, NYork. Sid Sarah Louisa, Chase, and Wau(lopasso, Eddy, Charleston. New Haves, Oct 5?Arr Powhattan.Garwood, Philadelphia. Sid Topgallant. Ilealy, do; Tantivy, Chapman, Albany; Lady F?nwicK, Ward, NYork. Alranv, Oct 5?Arr Henry Curtis, Hallet, Boston. Sid Sarali, Biker, and Sally, Gladding. Providence; Edgar, Baltimore; T W Thorne, Lowell. Norwich; Vulcan, Philadelphia. Philadelphia, Oct 6?Arr Hope, Johns, Barbadoes; Jane, Drinkwater, Eastport via Wilmington, NC. Below. Madrid, Lyle. Trinidad de Cuba. Cld Violet, Nowlan, Barbadoes; Vvickford, Tuthill, Providence; Charlotte, Litllejohn; Eliza, Sawver, and Mechanic. Sawyer, Boston; Caroline, Studley, Halifax; A Lord, Litt, Middletown, Ct; Brandywine, Stephenson. Bridgeport, Ct. Baltimore, Oct 5?Sid Margaret Hugg, Hugg, Trieste; Sophie, (Brem) Beenken. Bremen. Norfolk, Oct 4?The Madison, Foster, from City Point for Amsterdam, went to sea to-day. Wilminhton, NC Oct 3?Arr Maria J Estell, Boston; Abigail k Eliza, do; D B Keeler, Thomaston; David Rogers, New York; Sarah Ann. Power, Jamaica. Cld Calcutta, Park, Tobago; Balkan, Godfrey, Martinique; Alaric, Rodic, and Sterling, Taylor, NYork. Charleston, Oct 3?Arr Jas Calder, Webb, Amsterdam.? Cld Southport, Griffith, NYork. Savannah, Ort 2?Arr Homer, Watts, Thomaston; President, Y'ouug, Philadelphia. Sid Augusta, Sherwood, and Saratoga. Cushing, NYork. N? w Orleans, Sent 27?Arr Tippecanoe, Gray, Baltimore; Globe, Lowry. Philadelphia; Rosario, Dncey, Campeachy.? < Id I ilinyra, Scobie, Boston; Sarah Hand, Herrick, Philadelphia: Caribbean, I'hil brook. NYork. Below 28th, Lime Hock, AIIId, Sisal; brigs Diadem, (Br) and Lucy Ann, 1 barque and 1 schr. BEACON COURSE?TROTTINGK MON IIA V. ()ct. Mih. at I "Ylock precisely Parse $M?mil' heats?liest three in fire? uudcr the saddlr? free for horses never trott d for money. H. Woodruff enters b in Sarah. ( ieo Spicer enters b g Stranger. 8. McLaughlin enters h m Lady Tompkins. After which, a purs- oft JO, for men to walk, will be given to the best wslki r?mile heats- three or more to make a race? entrance $1, to be made at the Course it I o'clock. Immediately after, a purse of $75?two mile heals?in harness?free lor Itprie* never wou a P'irse. II MeLaacMia #* :. r> in Lady Tompkini. II iiHiei sv' <s eh a ('inrinnatus. ( i?n "t rt enters b| Stranger \ >...ten burgh enters b g Wm. Tell. WV.UM SOAV. Oct 1 o'clock precisely. r ir?. t > wo mile heats?under the saddle?free for horsei never won a pur?? over $*>. Wm Wh? I <n enters b g (?eo. Washington. II. Woodruff enters b m Sarah. t ieo Spicer enters b g Stranger. (ieo. V andenburgh enters b g Wm. Tell. C. Carman euters John Anderson. After which, a match for $500? two mile heats?in wagons? lotweeo? C. Bertine's br m Isadora, and Wm Whelan'shg Kulton. Immediately after, purse $.50? mile heats?best three in firein wagons?free for nones never won a | nrse I'. Carman enten b m Lady Wiggina. D. Abbott enten b m Norm Star 8. VeLnughlin enren b m Lady Tompkins. H. Jones enten b g Bin- k Bird. (ieo Spicer enten b g Stranger. Persons having entered horses for the aliove purses will please lie on the ground in lime, as the honeawilllie called op precisely it the time advertised. o7 3t"r ?fl $23 RK.WARD.?Strayed or stolen from the nast'ire It H. Carman, 10th Avenne, Kort Washington, a < 1/ Y- dark I,av mare, Ions tail, I5X hands high, a little white itu tne hind wt; had been bli tered on all her legs. Whop er ran live information whetv the may be found to K K. CARMAN, of <i. HAZARD Yorkville, shall receive the above re -ard o43f m an _ FnH SALE?A pair of bright bay CARRIAGE T js. 16 to 17 li.ind* high, warranted only five f V " \ and ?ii 5 ears old, sound in all respects kind in sing1# Htniess and under the saddle and of superior sty and action b? "'ouging to a private gentleman in the country,at 1 n> worthy of ti.'? "iention !)f *">' one a good |.?ir - f horses I'hey ' oG fitr MKOH SALE OR TO RENT?The Premium Mills, with II or 14 run of sfnea, with all of its extensive machinery, situated near .'wo miles from New Korhelle, Westchester Coonty. and Stateol New York, and in immediate proximity to the city of New York, now in order for an extensive business in flour, and can grind and t>ack 100 to 140 barrels each day, or could be most advantageously employed for any other purpose which might rmuire eatensive water power. The reputation for the past thirty-five years en>oyed b? the Premium Mills, and their proximity to N?w York, with the facility of transportation afforded immediately adjacent, by way of the iiavigalion direct to the Mills from any port, render the ficilii iea (or business unexcertionable to tilpae desiring such an esUbliihment. Apply to HKNRY PAT RIDGE iKLLOOO Km New Rochelle, N. Y., Kelloggivill*. or to SILAS WOOD, Esq., 4? Br'ad street. New k ork. New Rochelle. August 23. IH3 otiiitr ORGANS. nENRY EH BEN informs the public that he continues to nianiifacture Organs at the old establishment. 172 Centre treet He offers for ?ale the following Organs : One Gothic ued Organ, H stops, with a swell and pedal bass; dimensions. 15 feet huh, 7 feet 9 inche* wide, < feet 10 inches deep. One iwell Organ. 10 feet 6 inches high, 6 feet inches wide, and 3 feet 0 inches (lee; . One Swell Organ, or 9 feet 4 inches nigh, fi fret wide, and 3 feet # inches deep. A Chapel Organ of 5 (torn, .1 leet 7 inches high, 5 feet ? inches wide, and 3 feet deep. An legiut Parlor Organ Also.aamall Parlor Orgaa. A second 'i nd Church Organ. 9 feet high, 5 feet ? inches wide, and 3 feet leep A ecinil hind Parlor Organ. A rosewood Saraplnne. The above organs vary in price from * $900 HENRY ERBEN, sfl 6t*r Centre it. head o| Canal street. DCSINKSS IS BUSINESS.?Therefore if you wish a share ' ol it you must circulate your cards and handbills freely,? fo do this in in fconomical wiy, call on FOL(JKH St 81 T* rON.It tht office of tb* Locomotive Printing Knginr, 113 lohn street, near Pearl, where you can have all kinds of lob I'rintinf done in the first style, at the loweat caah prices, and no lisappointmant 4 , . ... , . Cards printed at one hour s notice if required. o4 lm?r OTRAW WBAPPINU PAPER-**mm. for sale by,,, PKRSSK Ik BROOKS, ?| Liberty at QTRAW WRAPPING PAPEjt-70W'warns ..I I row. ^ Straw Paper for Mle by PERSSE k BROOKS, Oir No (1 Libacty stfeet W ANTF.D ?A Ant rata aecosd hand IWr, about I0<W lb?.? ** Address O. K., ?t this office oJJt*?e INFORMATION WANTKD.-Ofr 'LUAM WILSON, ' native of Beith, Ayrihiff, Scotland. who emigrated to D?nirrara, about eighteen inn ago, from (lUagow, and left there for the United State* about two or thns^ \eara since. If alive, he will hear of something greatly to hi? ad?antage on application to JOHN ALLAN, 17 Vandewater at, New Vork. N. B.?Should any person know of hi* death, with the time and place, tliey would confer a favor by giving luformation aa | above, and be |wid i reasonable compensation Tor tlieir trouble. o7 lwis*m i (1 fl REWARD.?Loat between Thuriday, the 28th Sept., <J> A V7 ?nd the 1st inat.. a diamond cluater pin, containing II or ( 9 atone* iu the top and tlwee in lite item. The finder will re- | ceive the above reward on returning it to J. C. MOTT, ob 3t* m 116 Knlton at, up ataira. BOAHD.?A private family, having two good rooms unoecopied, would like to accommodate two gentlemen, either with breakfast and tea or full hoard. Apply at 14 Liapenard street. 06 3t*r BOARDING -nwoflil gentlemen, or CMllMnan and their wivea, wiahing to bond together, will find pleasant and comfortable accommodationa, at No- 34 Veaey street, where there are no children, and only a very limited number will be received. References exchanged. 06 3t*ec BOARD WANTED.?A single gentleman ii daiirotu of obtaining a comfortable room, with breakfast and tea, in a amall family, in which there will be no other boarder. A l?" cation above Prince street, near Broadway, would lie preferred. It ii requested that none will apply who cannot furnish the accommodationa as specified Address "Bachelor," at this office.. DOOMS TO LET?Kor Single Gentlemen.?Two front par' lori, with adjoining rooms, on the second and third story, with or without board, in a respectable private family, No. 1% Leonard street, a few doori from Broadway. o4 3t*r HANDSOME AI*A RTM ""N T 8, with board, may be ha on application at 411 Houston street?the entire second door, which i? s|>acions and in good order A few double and single rooms may also be obtaiued bv applying as above 5 'm*r IMY BOARDING GENTLEMEN taking their meals down town, deeirous of securing day board in a j>rivate family, where the table is supplied in the best style, will timl it to their advanUfe, (and far preferable both as regards comfort and respectability .to a public eating house,) by applying at 201 Kultnn street Two or three gentlemen can be accommodated with full board. Terms moderate. s4 Imr EAGLE HOTEL, No. 61 Broa< way, late 8t (Jeorge's Hotel.?The undersigned res|>ectfully informs his friends and the public that theabove house.eligibly situateil.has been leased by him (or a nninber of years.and is now undergoing such alterations as will render it one oflhe in"stdesirable locations in the city. It will be thoroughly unproved, and opened oil the first day of November. Applications for families and single persons, as permanent boarders, respectfully soli -ited. 06 Iw*r JOSEPH H. SHORT. BATTKUY AND PHILADELPHIA HOTEL.?The subscriber is now fully prepared to make arrangements with families for board during the wii ter. N. B.?The prices of this establishment remain the same as heretofore, $1 Ml per day. MARY PtTTET. o26t_*r _____ NOTICE.?Debts which may be contracted by the crew of the French ship Minerva, will not he paid by the captain nor by the consignees. 06 r \fOTICE.?Ou and alter Saturday neit, the 7th instant, the * morning train ol car? which have heretofore lelt the City Hall, lor Westchester, at half past 5 o'clock, will leave at ?> o'clock, and the evening train of 7 o'clock anil 10 minutes will be discontinued. o5 6tr Post Office. J ..... ? New York, October 4, 1843. J ASTERN MAIL.?On anil after Monday next the E tern Mail via steamboats to Stouington, and Boston and Providence Kailroad, will be closed at this office at 3 o'clock P. M. daily, except Sundays. _o5 3t*r JOHN LOR1MER GRAHAM, P. M. '"PO GROCERS ? (ireen Ginger, for Preserves.?Five barrels fresh, just received and now landing, for sale, wholesale and retail, by JOHN C. MORRISON, Druggist, 06 lw?ec 188 Greenwich strert, T O, OK O. K. C ELK BRAT I UN .?The members of the Order generallv, are invited to attend the Celebration which will take place at Tarrytown, on Monday, the !)th of October, aud for their better accommodation the steamboat COLUMBUS, Captain W. H. France, will he in readiness and proceed as follows: leaving foot of Clinton street at 7)?, foot of Fulton street, Brooklyn 1%, foot of Chambers street, N. Y., at 8 o'clock, touching at foot of Canal street, and leave foot of Hammond street at 8*. thence proceeding directly to Tarrytown. Fare 40 cents the trip. P. H LANE, No. 581 GEO. W. FORDHAM. 10 J Committee. J AS. M. FLANDREAt'. 23 j The Marshals will report their respective Lodges to the Deputy Grand Marshal, on their arrival at the boat. 06 3tis*ec COX'S FURNISHING STORES 15 MAIDEN LANE aud 349 BROADWAY. J St I. COX have just received an excellent assortment of the following articles, which they offer at very low prices for cash:?Solar Lamps, Girandoles, Mantel Clocks,Jap*nnery, Hall Lanterns, Candelabras, Table Cutlery: also, Kodgers It Son's celebrated Table Cutlery, Plated Candlesticks, Branches, Waiters, Cake Baskets, Urn-,Tea Kettles. Tea Setts, and every article of Plated Ware, of Sheffield and Birmingham manufacture; Block Tin Ware, consisting of Dish Covers, Hash and Oyster Dishes, Vension Dishes, Urns, tec. Sic German Silver Ware?Dixon & Son's celebrated Britannia Ware?Polished Steel Fire Setts?a spleadid assortment of Shef fissld Plated Epergnes. Silver Spoons Forks, Tea Setts Sic., Sic., in great variety constantly on hand, Stringers will lind it to their interest to call and inspect their lock previous to purchasing. N.B. Fall and winter strained Oil, as usual, at 15 Maiden Lane. 07 lmeodis*m IMPORTANT TO THE OWNERS OF HORSES. See. [OHN WILLIAMS, VETERINARY SURGEON, res' spectfully informs his numerous friends and the public, that he continues practising successfully on the different diseases incidental to that noble animal the horse, at his old established Veterinary Establishment at the sign of the Golden Horse, No. 328 Broome street, (a few doors East of the Bowery,) New York. Mr. Williams in thanking his numerous friends for their kind patronage during a period <>f fifteen years in his extensive business iu tlii# city, takes this opportunity of informing theui he has considerably improved his Infirmary, and has fitted up a number of convenient roomy ground Iloor stalls for sick horses, which will be attended to witli Ins usual care, punctuality and attention. The fact of Mr. Williams being regularly educated and brought up to the profession in the armies of Knglaud anil France and haviug had mnrli exiierience, is a sufficient guarantee that those entrusting hiin with the care of their horses may rely uihiii the utmost skill and attentiou being paid to them. Mr. Williams would also suggest to his friends the advantages to be derived from employing him in the elimination of horses fur sale. His services are offered to both the purchaser and the seller, aud his accurate knowledge of the perfect formation of (he horse ciuinot but prove beneficial. Mr. Williams' Infirmary is at No. 131 Chrystie street, where lie is always to be found and consulted, aud where horses committed to his charge will have the full beuent of his care and long experience His charges are moderate aud suitable to the times. 2'*ec OHALLENOE TO THE WORLD. WHEREAS certain interested individuals have endeavored for a loi g lime to depreciate tbe quality of our tobacco, and have taken uudtie and dishonorable means to drive us from the field of com|>etition?we do now, relying u|>on the su|*riority ol our manufacture over any other of the same kind in the country, or iu the world, challenge comparison with any specimens of Fine-Cut Chewing Tobacco, Snuffs, and all the varieties of smoking Tobacco, at the coining Fair of I he American Institute We are induced to this course in justice to ourselves, as well that the public may have an opportunity to exercise their own judgments, in regard to the respective merits of au article of very general consumption. We adopt this as the most fair and satisfactory mode of settling ihe question of superiority; and are willing to rest our claims to public patron ige on whatever decision that may be awarded in the premises. JOHN ANDERSON * CO.. 07 6t*m No. 2 Wall st, 213 and 215 Diiaue st. BUCKWHEAT FLOUR?New Buckwheat, Familv Flour Corn Meal, and Rye Flour, iu barreis, half barrels, aud <iuarteis, suitable fur shipping or lamily use For sale by o7 2t* r HOLT Ik O V?N, 709 Front st. Medicated vapok baths, 25 couniand street.Scarlet fever, colds, inflammatory or chronic rheumatism, Sic .cured in a few days, by the use of J. P. Carroll's Medicated Vapor Baths. Open from 6 o'clock iu the morning till 9 o'clock at night. Sulphur Baths require one hour's previous notice. Portable bath* sent to any pirt of the city or Brookl > n. ' Bathing tubs and hip baths for lure. o7 6tr AS the light of the sun adds glory to the day?as the evening zejihyr* liear the fragrance of the flowers?so does the famous Dr. HVNTER'8 RED DROP gtve joy to the heart, and bear ihe glad tidings to our friends. As long as this medicine can he obtained, no persons of ordinary sense will give countenance to any other. One single bottle will and does more good iu a sii gle day than all the quacks in the country are able to do i? all their lives. It is ge erally a hard matter to convince the incredulous, but if they will have resolution to try there is no fe>rof what is sure to follow, viz: a thorough and certain cure for a'l diseases of a private nature Price $1 per vial warranted. Office No. 3 Division st, the only place in I^ew York. Albany, No. 5 Maiden Lane o7 lt'in REWARD?CROSS' SPECIFIC MIXTURE- , dpJVJvJ j.'or the cure of Oouorrh&a, Oleets, Strictures and ?r ,i.. ,,r Of aTi remeii'ea yet discovered for the above complainta, this it the mo?t certain. It makes a speedy anil permanent cure, without the least restriction to diet, drink, exposure, or change in application to business. We ?ire no long i|nackish recommendations to deceive the I public. If the medicine does not s|<eak for itself, no one shall speak for it. Our object is to notify where it can lie had, and the proprietor challenirr* a single case of recent Uenorrhtea to lie brought, in which the Mixture will not effect a rapid cure, under a forfeiture of $500. This is a diseasethat unfortunately pervades all rank of socie tV?high, low, rich and |K>or. matrimonial and single. They are here presented with a remedy by which they can cure themselves without the least exposure in the shortest time possible. Further, tlie disease cannot be contracted if a dose of the | Mixture is taken at night on going to bed when exposed. It is put np in bottles with full directions accompanying it, at SI a bottle ()ue bottle lasts a week, which generally curesmany are cured in two days. Kor sale only at Wm. H. Milnor's, 192 Broadway, corner of John at. opposite Franklin House, New York; J. Jones, corner of < hesmit and Seventh sis. Philadelphia; and at J. M. Smith's Washington ?t. Boston. 07 lm*m HARPS f K. BROWNE li CO. Manufacturers of the Improved J Patent Doable Action Harp, by Royal letters Patent, London?eatablished 1110, (many years with Krard,) No. 3J5 Broadway and hamtiers street, New Vork. J. K. Browne offers for aale at 3*5 Broadway, the finest collection of theae beautiful instruments iu the United States. Hit arrangements are ?ach as to enable him to transact business at Kumpean prices, thereby saving purchasers the high duties impMM by tariff on these instruments. i J. K Browne would observe these Harps are constructed on a the most approved principles, with all the modem improvements, are unequalled in brilliancy of tone, fiueiieas of touch, s them for the eitremea of climate in (hii countiY, in which reanect they will be found far superior to any of Earopean manufacture imported io the usual way. These Harpa are patronised by the elite of mnsical taste and | professional talent in Kuropa; among tht latter, he would men- <1 lion N.U. Bochaa, who invariably selecta from this es'abliah- I ment. The Attention of professors in this country la solicited, a Lists of prices and deacriptions may be forwarded by poat. i H< i?irniK carefully attended to; Harpa taken in "change. Strings, kc. all lm*r M AhSA<'HUSK TT8 HAY J 0Y9TK.K8 ? I6SK Kulton street, opposite St. Paul's.? NAPOLKON COURTIN takes pleasure in informing those |?rsons who have heretofore honored him with their patronage, and thoae who are willing to continue the aamr favor, ihit the Massachusetts Bay Ojsters have recovered with the cold weather their fresh and delicious flavor so peculiar to i Item, ind which has given tlirm the name of oyster* of Cancale, { iliat his saloon, recently so elegantly fitted up, offers the most J 111 let and comfortable accommodations. n There will always be loand in it a choice collection of the |? following wiiik, vi*: Chablia. Saoterne, Orave, Barsac. Her- it imMiie, sparkling '"d still "ock, Champagne, Chainnertin, I" I'ommard, a Volney, Latitte, Larmze, Leon l ie, St Junen.lic., ? and all sorts of foreign wines and cordials. I'l He keeps constantly on hand the above, in th? caak or l>oi, together with I'reaervaa, Swret Oil and Kr-=o!-.i- ;..?gar. A Hoods purchased from his eattblishmant are sei.: :r*e r>!ctur|e 11 any part of 'he city. Oysters will be sent to theidence of L purchasers, (if wiuired) and opened by ona of ttie*:t ?ii '-'silts o <the establishment*. oi '.Si*et n \sTOR. OIL?1* bbls Castor Oil. for sale t?> R (J o4 1t K K. ("OLLfNS fc CO., S? Southfct j POlCiUOUSK FEMALE PILLS jj PIIK8K lar-fame?; and celebrated Tills, from Portugal, ate as t.? I iierceive. to be obtained in this .touutry. bea latamae IS maul oa the l?st wlaiao, fourth page. AUCTION SALES. THOMAs BELL. Auctioiw. BY BELL k HOWAIIU. ( Storei No. M Jinn ilreet and lis Fulltn Nriri.) TUESDAY. At I0M o'clock, at No. 171 ?lh Avenue, nm Ifth u Sale of Drugs, Fixture*, Medical Book* and h urnitire ? Will be aold the stock uf valuaWla drug* and medicine*. .pica, powder and tincture bottlea, poU, j?r?, kc. Alao. marble counter*. phyaiciana acale*, a number ot rare medical hooka, tie. _ , , Kurnitare?All tl?e household furnit?l? of the luinly. with which the tale will commence compriainf cari<et?, bureau*, tables, chairs, wardrobe, looking glaasea, aofa, bedroom and parlor furniture, kitchen utensil*, ?c. Alio, a valuable double gun and apparatus, saddle and bridle, kc. WEDNESDAY. At I0)? o'clock, in the ?ale room*, Rxteniive sale of elegant Furniture of all deacription*. Alio, at the same time, the genteel furniture of a family going to Europe, and removed from Brooklyn for convenience of *ale. Also, piano forte*, painting*, looking glaae*, China, glau ami plated ware, stove*, kitchen utensils, tcc. o7 r By W. LYALI. U CO. A UCTION NOTICE.?Second hand and new furniture, ** Ike., tint morning, at I0>? o'clock, in the *tore, 449 Broadway, opposite the Olympic theatre, a large assortment of * coud hand and new furniture, mostly from a family breaking up housekeeping, including elegant *ola?, mahogany chair*, dreiaiug and plain bureau*, encloied washstnuds, card, pier and diuiiig tables, swiii|( cradles. mahogany and maple bedstead*, mantel lamps, ingrain carpeta. feather beda, lieddiug, bed curtain*, clock* and other hounekeeiiing article*. Alio, 20,0?U segars, several brands, tome very fine o7 lt*r LUCAS !>' HOUGH. Auct. Auction notice.?large and extensive aaie ofnew and elegant city made (Minuet furnitjrr. On Tuesday, Oct. loth at 10 oclock A'. M-, willbesold at auction, at the atore of B. II. Willis, No. 372 Broadway, the entire itock of cabinet 'urniture, consisting ?? " solas of all patterns, sofa bedstead*, Krencli bedsteads, breakfast, tea and dining tablet, card tablet, quartette tables, centre tablet, id am ?iid dressing bureaus, with and without marble topi, waanstandi, with and without marble torn, towel racki, tola table*, di'uit, ottomins, footstools, half, three quarter ard full Krencli chairs. easy chain, inuaic itools, hai stands, wo.k tables, curled maple and fancy chairs, curled maple bedsteads, wirdow ahades, |>allialters, hair mattrasses, bolsters. pillows, and articles ton numerous to mrntiou. N B.?The above sale is well worthy the attention of southern and western buyers. Catalogues will be ready one day previous to the sa'e, when the goods can lie examined. Sale positive. o' 3t"r C. U. ROCKWELL. Auctioneer. OIL PAINTINGS AND * INDOW SHADES AT AUCTION. CIIAS. S. SMITH will sell this morning, Oct. 7th, at 7 o'clock, at bis sales room, 'tin Broadway, comer Duauest., an assortment of Oil Paintings, some of which are very splendid, together with M pairs ol window shades, being the stock in trade of a dealer, all of which will be told without reserve, to close a concern, by order of the assignees. The paintings belong to different persons, and they are hereby notified that they wilt lie sold without reserve to the highest bidder. o7 It * r ST< IVES. one silver cup. eighteen silver medals. v AM) MANY DIPLOMAS, have been awarded by the Institutes and Societies in New York, Bostou, Philadelphia and other places, for the superiority of my articles. Reference to hundreds of individual* if required. The Stoves,&c. are all new,'lie o'd pat ern? having been hurnt in February, 1842. Many improvements hare been made?the oven* enlarged. ([rates anu Are places reduced. The most important is ine Tubular Oven Stov?, which is the best baker in use, the Tubes radiating two-thirds more heat through the bottom of the oven than by any olbrr plan. The Combination Steam Conductor, the most perfect apparatus for conveying off the steam and smell from cooking. The Triumph Steam Conductor, new, pattern 1U13.?This Stove has a large elevated oven, and it also arranged to carry off the steam Stc. Caloiilers, or Heat Producers, for churches, fancy stores Sic fattens of tile most splendid order, on powerful heaters. N<. brick liuings will last f< r years. Large Wood Stoves, for chur lies, school rooms, &c., froi/ patterns made lor the public schools. Patent Agriculturalists' Furnace, for boiling food for stock. Used by farmers and others iu every State in the Union. Size of 1J, 30, 40, JO, 60, 80 and 120 gallons Prices much redaced. J. L. MOTT.264 Wuer street, between Peck Slip and Dover street, o5 3tis"m and 15 Bowery. ~ STOVES " FOR STORKS, STEAMBOAT*. WORKSHOPS, fcc. pHfe PATENT RING,Oil SECTIONAL, CYLENUKR, -L has be?n iuvented several years, and has prove ) io be the most durable and it ost powerful heater in use. Vgpy persons htve had them since 133} or 1836, without other repairs than occasionally a new urate. It is know>' to all that a common cyl eniler stove requires a new cylinder alinns' every winter,in some rases two or more. It is a common remark with user*, "the Ring is the best stove 1 have ever seen." Prices reduced. A new |iattern this season, of the most spleudid order?suitable lor fitucy store*, public nouses, tic. J. L. MOTT. 264 Water street, above Peck Slip, and lit Bowery. P. S.?A reward of forty dollars will be paid for he recovery of the silver cup and nine silver medals, stolen ou the night of tIM lain Ult. 03 IWU'eC DORR <fc ALLEN LTAVE received by late arrivals of packets and steamers. seJ 1.renl new articles in addition to their former assortment of DRY GOODS. Desirous of closing off th-ir present itock, they offer their goods at the lowest market prices,and invite the attention of all parehatern at No. 128 Pearl street. >27 2wit>*r ~~ TO PRINTERS UOll SALE.?Two founli of Type, Minion and Nonpanel. " which hare been uaed on the New York Herald. Apply at thia office. KORHALlKAXk LIVERPOOL." I The Roval Mail Steam Ship ACADIA. /y^CWJLjLjm. Alexander Rvrie, K?q., Commander, will leave Boston fur the above ports ou Monday, October Itith Passage to Liverpool $120. Passage to Halifax 20. Apply to D. BRIGHAM, Jr., Agent, oC No. 3 Wall street. DRAFTS ON ENGLAND. IRELAND Sic.?Persons about remitting money to their friends in the "old country," can be supiili^l with Drafts, in sums of I, 3, 3, 5, 10. & ?40, or any amount, payable on demand without discount or any other charge, at the National Bank of Ireland, Provincial Bank, do., Mess;s. James Bult, Hon Si Co., Bankers. London, I. U trued it Co.. Exchauge and Discount Bank, Liverpool, Eastern Bank of Scotland, Greenock Banking (.'oinpany. Sir VVm. Korbea Hunter k Co., Scotland, and the branches in every post town throughout England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, which drafts will be forwarded by the steamer Acadia, which leaves Boston on the 16th October, or either of the sailing packets, on the 7th, 13th or 16th. W. ?t J. | TAPtCOTT At their General Passage Office, 43 Peck Slip, comer South st. N. B ?All letters from the country must come post paid. s26 ec " TRAVELLERS GOING SOUTH OR WEST?Stiteen hours in advauce of the |SiU. S. Mail?Tri-Weekly Line to Savannah, in connexion with the Central Railroad to Macon and the West The splendid steam pickets GENERAL CLINCH, Capt. J. P. Brooks, and CHARLESTON, Capt. K. Barden.will leave Charleston ev>?. ry Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday morning, at 9 o'clock, after of the Wilmington boats from the narth, arriving at Savannah the s ime day, and will leave Savanuah on the same days as above, at<> o'clock P. M., after tlie arrival of tlie cars from Macon. Travellers will find this to be the cheapest and most expeditious route to the south ami west. The above boats are fitted up in a superior style, and no expense or pains will be sparadto ensure certainty, comfort, and expedition to the travelling public. JOHN B. LAK1TTE. Agent, I1 itxsunmons' Wharf, Charleston. Charleston, September, 1811 sl7 2m*r OSk PEOPLE'S LINK OK STEAMBOATS ^Tfftj_'ir3?y()R ALBANY?Daily at 7 o'clock P. MX_flULThrough direct?Krom the steamboat pier be .ween Court landt and Liberty streets. Sunday excepted. The steamboat KNJl^RBOCKEHjI'apt. A. P. St. John hiii irave ivionuay, w e?uie*uay ana r riuay iLvruingi, at *ever. o'clock. Steamboat HOCIIE8TKH, Capt. A. Houghton, will lmvr l'ne?day, Thur*day, and Saturday at 7 P. M. At S o'clock P. M.?Lauding at Intermediate Place*. Steamboat SOUTH AMERICA, Capt. L W Mrainard. rill leave Monday, Wedueaday, aud Kriday afternoon, al > o'clock. Steamboat NORTH AMERICA, Capt. M. H. Trueadell, Till leave i'n*aday, Thursday and Saturday Kvening, at Ave ('clock. I'aamnKer* ukinft (hit Line of Boat* will at all time* arrive in Vlbauy in ample time to take the Morning Train of Car* for he east or wc*t. The above boat* are new and *ab*tantial, an furnished with ieat and elegint Stitr Hooma, and for *|*ed and accommod* .ion* are unrivalled on the Hudaon. Kor Passage or Freight, apply on board, or to P. C. 8chult? it the office- on the wharf. *26 r JMM 1 SfcVKN O'CLOCK KVKNINO LIN* dZSMJ3>for ALBANY AND TROV direct, without TKwJE^LUnduK?the splendid low presiure *teamboat SWALLOW, Captain A. McLean, will leave the foot ol 'ourtUndt afreet every Tueaday, Thursday, and Saturday venings, at 7 o'clock, lor Albany direct. The Swallow ha* a large number of ?tate room*,and for *p*?l aid accommodation* i* not *urpaaaed on the Hudson. an* ec BLA< K 11ALL, OK OLD LINK OH" LIVKRm3(?WPOOL PACKETS? Regular Packet, and *ail* on JUjUlfe hur-4?y, the 18th October?The magmlicent, well known, very fait nailing jmcket *hii> K.N(ILaNI), burthen tOO Urn*. < aiium SUUM B.irtlcu, will tail i?hi iv. I, a* above, lierregular day. The accommodation* of thi* splendid packet for cahin, 2d cabin and ateerage passengers are unsurpassed for aplendor, conve nience and comfort by any veaael afloat Thoae embarking for iImoM country will find it to their intereat to select thl* drairatileconveyance. Kor |<a*sage. which i? v ry low, and to aecnre| the beat bertha, early application aliould be made on board, loot of Beekman at , or to the aubarribera. ROCHE, BHOTHKHM k CO,, JS Kulton street. neat daor to the Kultou Bank. P. 8.?The KngUnd sail* from Liveri>ool ou the 7th of December. Peraoua aending for their frietida can have them brooghi nit in her. or in anv ol the packet* compriaing thia munificent ?id nnet)ualle<1.ine, willing from that |N>rt puuetuaify on th? 'th and 19th of each month. i/rans ai mini lor any amount drawn direct on the Ko>al )ank of Ireland mdon Moin. droit, Antra li Co. Jankers, Loudon, which are paid Itw of discount or any charic thstever, in every town throughout Kngland, Ireland, Scotami and Wales. For ptasage fcc. apply as above. The favorite packet ship < IXFURll, will succeed the KN(J,AM), and tail fur Liverpool on the 1st November, her re^uar day. o6r OLD BLACK BALL LINE OK FACKETB|nVfV Kor Liverjiool?The iplendid faat tailing packet ship MkMb'''-N(?LANI?, ('apt. Bartlett, will be despatched a? ibove, h-r regnl?r day. She has superior accommodation Tor cabin, second cabin and irrrtf passenger* Those wishing to secure berths will r*iiiir* to make early application to JOHN HKRDMAN, SI South it, n-ar Wall stre?t. N. 11.?Passage fiom Oreat Britain and Ireland, via Liver>ool, can at all time* be engaged, on the lowest terms, by any >f ihe regulai packer shi|>s, and draf's furnished for any amount wyabU at the National a- d Provincial link of Ireland, and at 1 ihe puncipal towns througho?t the United K incdom, on apilication as abnvn. o? t KOR HAVKK.?The superior Krench ship Ml (JrfflPWNKRY'K, Captain d'Acheui, will sail on or about Sfittbtli" instant. Ko< freight or inusage, apply to CRkAOH Ik IIKVDKCKKK. or to BOYD It HIN< KK.Vl, 06 r _______ 9 le Buildings. UMilTLAK PA<KK.T KOR M.W tai,r.ANS J*fnPW I'll M ol lltli October 'I'll, vjilendid well know n KMb!1'!' k't "hip NORTH < ARdLlNA, I <plain Drum ion.I. will sail punctually as above, her regular day. This fine irl.i-t I.I. ir.'oiiiini hI if ioiis Cor < - a I 111. second ralnn, and steer ce |uvi***tiK*'r?, Mr *ui*?nor u> any 01 ner ?hi|> tailing to the above I >rf V J\nce ' 'ow- *n* withing to secure I Tint should not fail in making early application on hoard at I er foot of JoBri' lane, next Wall street, or to I k ? an W k J. T. TAP8COTT. t their Cieiwal raasage OIJci, 43 Peck slip, corner South at I Who have also regular first class pa< Wets tailing weekly to on don, Liven >001, New Orleans, Mobile, Savannah, and harleaton. o7 Tor nkw orlkans-Td ?.i KJWWthf I2th October? Th? tint cl?? elegant packet ?hip BBBbLIBKRTY, CiM. Norton, will be iMwtched ? k)t? her regular day. She liu naaarpaaaad accoBiBiodationa >r cabin, w.imd cabin, mil ?teerw I>? '"?[ti, who will be krn at a modente rat# by applymK on board the >hi|> at I ler I K.R.,'or to1 ? 07 Su JOHN UUU)MAN,I1 Soalhat, ue?r Wall ?u I > ? 14 .. , ? AMlrSI A! KNTS. ?? ? - ~?rr. n<MI ? ' MIIJI:*. R A vTli f A M I L v Third ii>tlit ol' ti n nir .onlinii\ rotnic |iantomi?e of tha I ( ONJI I IR 8 OH-TT I THIS EVENINO. Octobar 7, tiie""i^rfor?a?ca will caa maaca with tha < >>?rture to Uuatavua A?bar To ba followed by the ballet imnuimima of ... M. IIM HALUMKAI'. M Laronrv, 1-aau Jatalii | Julaa, Anloiaa Raral r isot, t ranroiv Rxarl | M. Dachalumaau. J H#?al Itoquinat. Oabnal Ratal | Jaquaa, CWrk M 11a Oliver Mad J aroma Raaal Coutota MnCW Hoot Half an Lour'. intarmiwion will \? allowed for pronMiada and refre?limenta in the (Jrand Saloon. Whara Ic* Cwma. ! rait Ice. ?ud Hefreahmeiita of tha eha< cat klud, audm great Hfcety, will be found To b? folio wad by (Id time) the NEW COMH rANTOM I ME! Entitled tha CONJUROR'S GIFT. Don Panehio Jeroma Ratal ( aval .pro Gnnaldo Antoine Ratal Coloreo Gahnal Ravel Poltnuio Leon Karat Caraboi Joaaph Ravel raneola Raval U ?: F.lvina M'me Leon Jarelli Myrrh* -Mra. C. W. Hunt irr-ln future the Performances will commencm at 7 o'aUck pwcmly. irrA.tnct Police will be in attendance, and great can u kail to prerent the ailmiition of improper peraou*. (T>"Tiokeu Fifty Ccuu. May be had at tha (Mm darin* the day. A limited namber of Benson Tickeu will ha <ha posed of. (T7*"Ni> postponement at thia eatabliahment on aeeoaatof the weather ax the Orand Kntnnee from Broadway to tha Saloot it protected, aud the uew Saloon, which la Tentilatad from tna top and aidea. can be oiiened at a moment'a notio*. PAKK THKATHK! THIS EVENING, Oct. 7?will be par formed LONDON ASSURANCE. Mir Harcourt Courtly Mr. Placid* Dazzle Mr. Whiatlay Lady Gay Spanker Mra. Hunt Followed by Mill Julia Turabull. in La Caehuaha After which, ADVICE GRATIS. Odbody Mr. Pt**i<b VTT Boira $1?Pit 50 cent*?Gallery 25 centa. Doora o|>eu at 7. The Curtain will ria* preciaeir at half iM>t 7 o'clock CHATHAM THKATRJB. Boiea 26 centa. Pit 12% centa. Notic^-The Doora will mien at 7. Curtain will ria* at half before t o'clock. RENOVATED AND RE-OPENED. THIS EVENING, Oct. 7th?The performaiie* will aoaa'; meuce with ROMEO AND JULIET. Romeo Mr. Grattan Juliet Mra. O. Jonaa After which THE REBEL CHIEF. F.dward O'Brien Mr. Grauan Cathleen Mra. Herrini MlfCIIKLL i OLYMPIC THEATRX. THIH EVENING, Oct. 7, 1843?The perforraaaoe will eon meuce with AMY LEE. in.. I *' ? BOOM After which HAMLET TRAVESTIE. Hamlet Mr Mitahal I Claudia*, Mr Nickinson | Polonini, Graham After which. FRIED 8HO+S. Stinirel Mr. NiekisMa To conclude with A DAY AFTER THE FAIR. Jerry Holland Mr Sterling, Mr Eterard | Polly, Mra Booth (T7 Dre*s Circle, SO cent*?Upper Boxes, Si Mnu?Pit, UK ?Print* Boxes, $5?Orcheatr* Boxea, $3. [C^Doora open at 6X?Curtain rite at half-put 7. CIRCUH BOWERY AMPHITHEATRE. Boxea 2^ cents?Pit 12k cents. Clown, John liosain Ring M a er, Mr. Niioo. Equestrian Direct"r. Mr. Carroll. BENEFIT Ofr MKB OOS8IN. THIS EVENtNG, Octob- r 7th. tl>e performances will commence with a EIGHT HORSE VAVALCADE. Still Vaulting hy the whole Troupe, led hy Mr. CmtoIL Mrs. Gossin in a Splendid F'que?t"an act. Master Washington at the Yo tin Chieftain in Truniag. Mr. Morgan will display his Power of B*1<bm. Comic Song by Mr. Booth. Beside* Horsemanship, Vaulting Tumbling, tad other Ear ci e*. by the Troop*. Spanish Dance, by Mr. Oarvey. "Die Aunt Sally, T. G. Booth, and Chora*. "Dandy Jim from deCarolina," Jenkins and aceompulMal "Walk along John," Hoi g anit Chorus by th? Band. "Ole Tare Rir>*r," Edwards, and Chorua Exlruvagauxa Dances, hy E>'warda a?d Mas tar Gtorga. To u? followed hy RIVAL DENT'STS. !T7- Season Tickets for sale at the bo* office, price %i. Doors open at 7. Fir*t overture to commence at quarter paat 7. Performance to commenr-s at half past 7 precisely. o3 r AMERICAN nVBGVIH. ACRLAL GARDEN, AND FAIR. Corner of Broadway and Ann stmt. T. P. Bamnm Manager. ARRIVAL OF GENERAL TOM THUMB, This smallest of Dwarfs, who is eleven years old, twenty-fir* inches high, and weighs only FIFTEEN POUNDS, mm r? turned to his old quarters, aiitl mi. be seen everyday tnJ eve niiX this week. DR. VALENTINE, The eccentric delineator of different chai tcter, m nM?l, and will o|*n his whale budget of comicaligiea. Aleo, engaged Ior this w ek only. Mr. 8 K. O. Nellie, BORN WITHOUT ARMS, Who will exhibit many wonderful feata, displaying the Aauui ishing Powers with which nature has endowed him in CM USE OF HIS FEET AND TOK8. Mr. WM. COLK. the unequalled Contortionist, who emhi hit> the most astounding 'eats of Claaaic Gymnaeties in the world. His educated DOG BILLY beats nil rreatioa. Miss AI)AIKl the lopu ar vocalist. CELESTE. the dsnsonav KBJERMKRMAin the g'entrtt wonder of the world. ClTT BRASS BAND, of twelve inusiciaus Fancy Olaaa Blowieft Baloon Ascensions, Grand ( minor una, and MO,000 < \JR108I TIKS. The PERPETUAL FAIR is oren without M tharge. HOUR CHANGED.?The day perform an cee Wednesday and Saturday afternoons, at three o'clock, and every availing at Quarter before B o'clock. Day visitors admitted same tiaiog free. Admission to the whela 25 cents?children under Ma yaaas half price. PKALR M NRW YORK HVIIVB, AND PICTURE GALLERY. (.Broadwav, npt'Ottle tht ( 'it* //?// ) EXTRAORDINARY PHENOMENON. CASPER HAUSER, Half Man Half Monkey. T- Tr J of the power of Sjiee'h. yet walks apon all-foers Mr. C. JENKINS, the Comic Delineator. Teaor Hiufar. aad Uanjo Player, and the Southeni Minstrels, will introdaaaa variety of Banjo Melodies and Ethiomao Eitravaganiae Mia Adair, the charming songstress. La Petite Cento, the graceful danseuse. Performance in the I^ectnre Room to commence at <1 Barter la B?afternoon entertainment on Saturday at 2 o'clock. Admittance 12% cents. NATIONAL PAINTING THE EMBARKATION OFTHE PILGRIM FATHERS from Delft-Haven, iwioted'by Robert W. Weir, for th^ fUtnmla of the 'apitol at Washington, will be open for exhibtrioq October 2d, for a sh'<rt time only, at the National Academy oi Design, Broadway corner of Leonard street. Admittance 25 cents. Season Tickets SO cent*. Catalofnee 12k cents. Open from 9 A. M. to 10 P. M. ?2J 2w*ea pONt'f.RT OK SIGNORA C ASTELLA~N7WTth Italiaa. English. French and Spanish aongs, and accompaniment by th-* whole orchestra, will positively take place, in tbe great hall ,.f II....I ...'r 1-.. : v.. WW nmMIUKKMI IK'iri, <mi umiw> nril|ll|, VCl. IV, IMJ. Leader of the orche*tra Mr. M. (I. Timm. Particular* in the pronmmn. Ticketa $1 each, to be had at the muaic itora*, bo tali, and at the door. Concert to commence at eight o'clock. oJ (tar MR. W. V. WALI.AI K Im-ij, to acquaint hia friends and the public that he will (ire a <'rand Vocal and Inatrne mental > oncert, alter hia return from Boston, on Tuesday the 17th inat., at the Apollo Saloon. Broadway, aaattted by Madame 3ut?0n mill other eminent talent, which will be duly announced. o7 eod 2tr MADAME SUTTON, PROrCHflOR OK HINGINO. Vi Vartck atreet. St. John*' Park. slJ Jta r 1 TALI AN MUSIC.?MR. M A N NIN?*, (twenty yean real' dent in Naplea.) pupil of Pacini and Crescentini, given inductions on termi to anit the time*, in Italian French, aad English singing, and in the moat fashionable ,tyla of piano forte playinf. Mr. M. haa periaisaion to tefer to the following >entlamaa>? J. M. Wainwright. D. D.; Meaar* Howland It Aapinwali: J. F. Schroder D. D.; Mr. J. T. Brigham; F. L. Hawkaa, T). D. i Mr ?. Ward. Mr. M. residt s at 230K Hudaon ttreat, near Spring at. oi Im'r JOSEPH KAMMERF.R, professor oi muaic, raeneetfWlly " announces to his patrons and the public in geceral, that he h<, removed from V> ''rosby to IM Lauren* meet, where ell order* for hi* Cotillion Band, to wait on partie*. etc . in or oat of town, will ba thankfully received and promptly attended to. Orders lor J. K. will also ba received at Mr. W Dubois' aiaaia tore, MA Broadwat. ol Im'r DISBROW'S RIDINO SCHOOL. 4M BOWF.RV. Vf R- D. ha* the honor to announce that hia School IS opaa la* ** the reception of pnpils. daily. bandar* excepted , tr Ladiea, Irom 9 A. VI. to 3 f. M. ( rOentleman, from T to 9 A. M . and S to 7 P. M. r(i, My trainer) and luiet horaea for tha road or paraiie, t-' , >rt?s ns and particulars apply aa above. \u} 1? [ PARKF.R'S DANCING ACADF.MV, WASH! .(I ' TON HALL. Broadway, ia now open for the se??v.,' lien- the moat fashionable dance, and waltiea will ba taught'line entering now will have the advantage of oaa month1* ,rra tuition. *a the quarter doea not commence until Noveaar Dava of tuition, Wednesday* and Saturday*. Pub] ice II take place every Monday evening, on which occaaioB Mr. intend* bringing forward a new band; leader, Mr. K. M Hoff i; violin, Mr O. Hoffman;clanonet, Mr ? Myer*, (leader hi the Weil Point band;) trombone. Mr. Dafar; haeeo, Mr t; flute. Mr. Femer Dancing to comnenc at I o'clock aad r-iM irp hatwaen Hand I. ' icketa for admiaaion 10 centa to admit a gentleman and hi* ! i>*a, can be obtained at the Hall. o7 Jt'r | I'ARKF.R'S DA"NCl77(jrAf'ADKMY, up town in Kighth atrvet, two door* fro* Broadway. Mr. P. aad . illuchter wishes to notice to the public that thev haveopenii Afternoon Schoel for young Ladies and Boy*, from 4 to Tlie younr Ladiee and Rov* rTaaaea to he taught aeparataly. ireet advantage in both claaaea will be in practising thair . lullea and other dance* t< aether. A review day oac* a th, for the rareu'a to nee the progrese of their cbildiua. ? of tuition, Monday* and Thursday, at 4 o'clock. * 1t?r TIVOLI SALOON. \J P. DF.NMAN respectfully bega to announce to hie aa meroua friends and petrou*. that he haa once more taken * > ive place, and mteiiila giving an o|?iing (invitation) ball, ' i <day evening,Met i? be continued dan-g the teaeoB to he had at Oilier'*. Merchant* t.ichangej Mt.La. .. 194 I vnal.treet < uafoai Hon* > ,change;Pi?'* Hoirr'a Terrapin; Thenn Coffee House. and at the LFT ?The Salvia, for ball*, partiea, pablia dianara. "Vommittee Room*, oo reeaonable term*. ')th 10th 3t*r EA TKAY3. TABLE CUTLERY, Sec. /. sriKR A CO. 211 Pearl *treet_ are now opaatng sis .,ka of new and degaftt wttema of Tea Traya. aanbraoiy variety of quality, color and *ise*. Irom eight to thif .ea. ' TOO groaa Ivory eel [-tap aad Stag handle Knnea ind ', one caae new pattern* Crooker'a fine Pea Nnie^> 1 lmBee t 'A ASH?JO ton* of high ,tfen?th Soda Aah.for ? k by PF.RSSK k BROOKS. U Libertj *{, \

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