Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 7, 1843, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 7, 1843 Page 5
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NEW 10IJK HERALD TVw lork Sal urriajr, tktntwr 1, 1M3 Mr L Willi! J it, our only authorised agent for thp salect the Herald in Troy, N. Y. All pereont w?hing thr paper in that city will apply only to him, at 180 I' iver street. Anticipated Arrival of Cnl Jotinaon---Prrparation for hi* Rerrptlon Corporation Kronnmy and Corporation Kxtravagancv. Tn** oW H?to of the Thame*, in the kiuduets of Ins heart, has reeolved to gratify the wishes of many <? ho live in the bustle of receptions and entertainment ot the distinguished, by visiting New York \? hen he has finiated the important business which calWdhim to the eastern States, and ihe review of ilie Connecticut militia and volunteer companies, whose martial immortality has now been achieved. He may be here on or about Thursday next, and in the mean time the recently appointed committees, ? who once allowed him to slip through their fingers, : I ...Ana.a are meeting m poiernu council, w H?ri??c thing tor the occasion but that which is the all-es untial, for " ready money i? Aladdin's lamp." The Common Council will doubtless vote him the ueeot the Governor's room, in which they will make of him a raree show for the amusement ot the gaping idlers, but not a "rap" will be appropriated lor either brandy cocktails, segars, extra dinners, or plebeian " drinks." When President Tyler visited this city, the economical corporation not only took care that he fared sumptuonsly, but they fed others and called them his suite, gave dinners to hundreds of hungry hangers-on, and putied away all care themselves tor the amount of the bill, in the smoke ot thirty-seven dozen ot the best segars, which would undoubtedly keep a pretty considerable " pother o'er their heads"; but when an old soldier and statesman, whose services the nation is ready to admit, pays them a flying visit, he is to be treated werse than loafers whose services it would be difficult to discover. President Tyler, three Secretaries, and one poet lauriet, in the person of his hopetul boy, whose presence was necessary in the train, are ingeniously, by a tpecies ot legerdemain, multiplied into twenty-eight persons, and hence the first item ot the bill which the city officers paid at one of our hoteis, reads thus:? President and suite consisting of 28 persons, per day for three days, $108 Now, deducting three Secretaries and one private Secretary, and 24 remain; if, therefore, an actual President is equal to 24 Secretaries ot" State, of War, or of the Treasury, we seriously ask *h* Corporation liow many a President's successor :t e^m' tol And as Dick Johnson will admit of co atL.h . President he must be, and should be treated accordingly at the raie which this mathematics ;r\> blem would establish when it has been solvea by the city fathers. But we will read further from the bill of particulars to whiph we have r^f^rrer?:? 183 dinners, $# each, including wine, $660 Not only are five persons magnified to 28, but 182 others are conjured into existence, and dined and wined at $5 a head; and like Banquo's kingly issue, though the line does not Btretch out to the crack ef doom, they "show the eyes and grieve the heart" of the tax payers. The better part, however, is yet lo come:? 113 bottles of wine at $2, $326 31 " brandy, $1 50, 46 60 lemonade, 11 00 37 dozen segars, a 3 shillings. 13 89 As the President and his suite were provided for at $*2 per day, andjthe 132 dinners were commuted lor at $5each, including their wine,these additional items must necessarily be the result of a cozy private jollification of those who were excluded from the dinner table, or perhaps?but 110, we will not draw the curtain These items follow:? 33 extra breakfasts, $33 00 Postage, porterage, be., 39 CO Drink, breakage, 4tc , 19 62 The 113 bottles of wine for the more dainty, 31 bot. ties of brandy for the " smashers," #11 woith of lemonade for the teetotallers, or for intermixture with the brandy, and 37 dozen cigars, at a cott of near #300, is a fair Bample ol a corporate " free and easy." That a large item for " breakage" should follow, is by no means surprising, for as some staid old Alderman, unexpectedly overtaken on such a joyous occasion, tried to sing, "We wont go home till morn ing,"and threw a becoming and suitable determination into his actions, " breakages" would necessarily occur, and if so, they must be paid for. The " drinks," however, after all these items, puzzle us. it may be that porters became necessary to enable the "carousers" to go home when morning did arrive, as they had determined in poetic measure not to go home before, and an item lor such service would favor this presumption, and "let's take a drink all round," would be natural under such circumstances. The 32 extra breakfasts were doubtless for seme of the "codfish aristocracy," who took pot luck early to avoid the common rabble. If, then, such liberality on the part of the Corporation signalized them so recently, and all their expenditures attendant on the reception of the Presi' dent cannot be looked for in a tavern bill, why should Dick Johnson, who is old in his country's service, be treated merely to empty show and parade1? If they will not treat him to segars by the dozen, for heaven's sake permit him to "pufl his pipe's ambrosial gales," and give the old hero a cold cut and a cocktail. Ounahd Steam Ships?The new steamer building lor this line of packets will be ready to take her station as a regular boat early in the spring, under the command of Capt. Ryrie, nnw in the Acadia, who will be succeeded n that ship, after another voyage, by Captain Shannon, formerly cf the Co* lnmliia Th^ nth#?r hnafa v. ill remain iinrior tli* command of their present gentlemanly commanders, until further notice from this quarter. In speaking of these beautiful steamers, we cannot forget Mr Heatley, the polite steward of the Caledonia, the favorite in the line, and so perfect a master of his profession that some of our most experienced ran profit by taking a few lessons* frem him. The most magnificent sbip that ever floated would not become popular unless her officers made her so; consequently nothing is so important in equipping the Atlantic steamers, where competition runs high, as gentlemanly officers in every department. The Cunard line of steamships are nearly perfect, so far as this necessary feature is concerned Although there are instances of preference, as in the individual named above, there is not an unpopular man holding any important station on board. We trust the line of French steameis will be equally as for tunate in the selections made for their government and control Dreadful Explosion ? A powder mill was blown up at High Falls, abou! seven miles from Cattskill. on Tuesday afternoon about three o'clock. There were six pereone in the building at the time of the explosion, all of whom were blown to atoms! Some three hundred kegs of powder are said to have been jn the mill when the accident occurred. The foreman was indisposed, and the person having charge of the packing and drying hou*e is supposed to have been intoxicated The report of the explosion excited considerable alarm at Cattskill, many persons taking it for an earthquake A similar accident occurred at this same place three or four years ago, when four persons were killed. ThkQuekn or England.?Her Majesty Victoria the First, who la attouishing her subjects by her tr< iiiftjt visits to her neighbors, the European sovereigns, is in condition which promihes to bleesher loyal Kulij<*ctB with another prince or prinoeae. 'rj- On Monday ln>*t, the Count Albert Lupi de Monialto exhibited hie credentials aa Charge d'Atldirea ol hie King ol Sardinia,to the fiecrelary ot State, hy whom he was subsequently presented to the President. satrwdihf, i?r* Foeom.?1This youth, with hm acc wnplices, was brought up yr?t#-rdity to plead to the indictment* which have been lound against him, as ? ill be seen by a reference to our Sessions report Nominations for Sheriff?All Sorts or Balloting? No H exvi.t.?The delegates to the Van Buren County Convention to nominate candidates for Sheriff, County Clerk, and Coroner, met last evenina at Tammany Hall, and the meeting was a perfect Godsend to all the porter houses, oyster stands, b-tr sho|?, and pea Hut factories in the vicinity of the old wigwam. The suavity of manner of the various candidates for office, was truly ludicrous and amusing. The ieehng character of their enquiries *fter the health of the delegates, and their wives and children, was fol lowed with still more endearing protestations of regard and favors intended when alluding to their own humble pretensions to the office they were desirous of obtaining. Little knots of politicians of the small beer and brandy and water order, were seen assembling about old Tammany at dusk, and long ere the hour of the meeting of the Convention, the vicinity was peopled with candidates and their friends, on the sharp look out tor every straggling delegate, who had not been previously sounded. At about eight o'clock, the " Pewter Mug," " Widow Lynch's," "Old Joe Murphy's," " Little Tammany," "The Hole inthejWall," and other piacea of resort, began to swarm with the overflow of patriotism, rum and gin cocktails, and all wa9 excitement awaiting the result of the first ballot of the delegates for the office of Sheriff- Nine o'clock came, and still no result. The consequence was th?t considerable cursing and swearing, and grumblings, like distant thunder, was heard among those whose patience was not of Job-like character; but time soon brought the tidings of "a ballot," "aballot," and all rushed to hear the result. The " Pewter" had been selected as the headquarters of JoS?n J. Westervelt, one of the candidates. "Widow Welch's" opposite, by Harry Atwood and his friends, while John Emmans, more cuuning, and in order to cover more ground by his influence, changed his position, as the battle raged, from " Little Tammany," to " Old Joe Murphy's" and "Tommy Wadlow's." Thus stationed, the leaders were all ex* citeinent, when down came the delegates and runneis with the following, as the result of the first ballot:? Henry Atwood 34 John Gnntni, 21 John J. W**tervelt, 19 Wm. C. Seaman si Allan M Suiflca 6 Blank 6 83 I: thus appeared that all the delegates were prefect, a.nd voted except three, the whol* number be,t N?1: r*ut there being no election, another ballot ?r&s called tor, and continued as follows:? Stcond Ballot.. Third Ballot. At woo J, 33 At wood, 31 Kmmant, 22 Westervelt, 26 Westervelt, 21 Emmans, 2# Seaman, 8 ? ? 98 84 Fourth Ballot. Fifth Ballot. Atwood, 32 At wood, SI E.umans, 80 Wnstervelt, 28 Westervelt, 20 Emmans, 96 82 86 Sixth Ballot. Sevtnth Ballot. Atwood, 31 Emmans, 3t Westervelt, 24 Atwood, 31 EmmiDi, 28 Weatervelt, 22 Sean an, 7 Blank, 1 85 84 Eighth Ballot. Ninth Ballot. Atwood, 34 Atwood, 34 Emmam, 20 Emmans, 20 Westervelt, 17 Westervelt, 17 Seaman, 11 Seaman, 11 92 82 Tt now being 1 o'clock in the morning, and from appearances on the last ballot that no result could be obtained, the Convention adjourned till Tuesday evening of next week. The Whig Meetim;s of the several wards to elect delrgates to nominate the several county officers | for the fall election, were held last evening. Th?re was little excitement, and the only result worthy of note was that all the delegates cho=en were consid?ied to be friends of Henry Clay for the Presidency. The Whigs will therefore nominate a clean Clay ticket for the fall election. Parliamentary Proceedings in Canada ? It is amusing to see the dignity which the little body called the Parliament of the United Canadas, assumes. Their jurisdiction is limited to the local I nutters of a miserable colony?a kind of parish | uicciiug uusiucm?lur nicy uave noi power 10 pass an act of any importance without the permission of the English government, and yet they could not assume more airs it they were a Congress of Kings Their .bsdizened door-keepers, whose insolence is co-equal with the ludicrous self-impottance oi the parliamentary members, are doubtless designed to aid the phantasy with which their election seem* to have possessed them, and all their proceedings partake of a mock-imitation?a sort of serious burlesgue oi the Imperial Parliament. Ey the latest reports which we have from the seat of government, w? learn that they have been engaged, in imitation of the.British Parliament, whose jurisdiction encircles the globe, in a debate on the answer to the address from the throne,and a trial of strength of parties. The minority on the address in the legislative council, was precisely four, which makes the aflair still more ludicrous, while it exhibits the power of the government over the members. If they would disi>en8e with high sounding folly, and return to common sense legislation, they might deserve their prr diems, and benefit their constituents. It is intimated that a dissolution cf the Parliament is to be asked fcr, that an appeal may be made to; the people on the seat of government question, but with the exception of those immediately interested by their proximity to the congregated wisdom, the people Kenerallv have more re gard to the business transacted than to the place where it may be done. Nevertheless, this question threatens all sorts of evil influences on the peace ot the Province, and it will be made a stalking horBe tor aspiring politicians, tor some time to come. Amkrican Athknakcm in Paris ?The American residents in Paris have established a Library and Reading Room, under the above name, for the purpose of affording an agreeable place of meeting for American citizens, and a place where they may obtain publications relating to their native land. The Representative of the United States at the Court ol France, with his consent, is to be the President ol the Association, and the Consul of the United States at Pans, the Vice President, bepides whom there are three directors. The President at the present time, is Henry L?yard, Esq Charge d'Affairs of the United States, and Vice Bresident, Lorenzo Drape, Esq U. S. Consul at Pans. Authors and publishers of valuable American works, by sending them to this institution, may place them where they will become more extensively known abroad, and at the Bame time render a service to the residents or visitors in Paris, and particularly to the members of the Association. The Approaching Fair at Niblo's.?A hasty glance at the interior of the garden last night, satistied us, that persons desirous, or intending to exhibit wares at the Fair, must move wilh haste to secure i eood location. There are already sent in nrtirlpH sufficient to fill all the tables in the grand saloon Vauxhall Garden has been taken by the Institute, .ind is being prepared for the reception of the Agricultural Department. From ihe present appearance?, and the exertion making to Becure increased facilities to both exhibitors and visiters, we can Bafely predict that this Fair will be the most brilliant of til It is hoped, with some degree of certainty, that Daniel Webster will deliver an address during the exhibition We advise intending exhibitors to srnd in their wares to-day, Monday will be too late. Thk Maryland Elbctios.?In Baltimore, four out of he fire members of the State House of I>e|efHifcft are whig*. This is an unusual result. The wing* are sanguine of carrying the State, which may give them another United States Senator. I Dimmer to Kobkrt Tyler ?There wen* 30l> per sons at the dinner given to Robert Tyler in Philadelphia on Thursday. One paper, in speaking of Mr. Tyler's speech on that occasion, says?"His ferver and excitability of temperament, and exu berance of fancy, is apt to lead him into expressions, which colder natures would consider somewhat fanciful and extravagant." It is not an unfair inference, then, that Mr. Robert |Tyler said some very silly tliinge. The following extract, however, is one of such momentous importance to Lord Brougham, that all who have admired that distinguished man's exertions for nearly half a century in the cause of the people, of intellectual culture, and the diffusion of knowledge, will look for it with a melancholy interest:?" The speaker, in conclusion, adverted to the allusion which Lord Brougham, in a recent speech, had made to his father and himself, and repaid him. for the contemptuous manner in which he spoke of the younger Tyler, by expressing quite as much contempt for his lordship's opinion. [Oh!] Whatever were his own demerits, and however an honett ambition might be blighted by future accidents, there was on? auhiert of mn. gratulation, which could always solace his misfortunes, and infuse pride into his breast?that he was not born an Englishman." There is something so strangely mysterious in the forebodings of " blighted ambition" by " future accidents," that we will reward the solver of the strange intimation which is here conveyed. His sources of gratulation will, however, be received as "fudge," alter his candid acknowledgment that he is prompted by ambition, and he may find in the same family another illustration of the truth, that vaulting ambition sometimes o'erleape itself Expeditious Travkllino ?A gentleman of New York lately left tor Boston, and while there he concluded to go to London, and see what bargains could be made in stocks. He accordingly left in the steamer, staid five days in London, got on board the Acadia, and appeared at New York Stock Board, having been absent 31 days! So close is Tlireadneedle street now to Wall street. Wkighty Transactions.?One of those extensive dealers who undertake to depress stocks, lately sold Harlem stock short. That is, he agreed to deliver it at certain prices, in the hope of buying it cheaper. Instead of falling, however, it rose, making a difference of ?25 t0 be pajd. His creditor compromised for $12,50, and took a note for the amount. These are your brokers. Oh! Wal' street! CCh What a world of business in talk, small beer, and tobacco juice, there is transacted at the corner of Wall and Broad street There is always a collection there, which partakes of the character of an organized riot. Middlesex County, (Mass ) Senator County Convention b at Concord on Tuetday last, the following iiiiemen were nomuated as Whig candidates f< he Senate of this Commonwealth Stephen 11 lyward, Acton ; Asa F. Ijawrence, Pepperell ; Henry Wilson, Natick ; < arles Choate, Woburn ; Isaac Livermore, Cambridge ; Royal Suthwick, Lowell. 0The most respectable members of tlit profession of Montreal have associated them* into a society for the purpose of cherishing a friendly communion among its members, as well for keeping up an honorable feeling towards each other, as in an interchange of useful and interesting information. Clerical Transgressors ?The Rev. Mr. Milbank, an Episcopal clergyman, was tried last week by an Ecclesiastical Court at Middletown, " for drunkenness and other matters." What the " other matters" are we know not, but whatever they were, he was acquitted. Female Convict.? Ro?*ann Keen, was tried and convicted at Salem, N. J., on Friday week, of causing the death of En>s Seeley, by poison, and he was condemned to be hung on the 3d of Nov. next. The prisoner is scarcely more than sixteen years ot age. Rapetti's Bkskfit-?This gifted leader had a most glorious benefit last night. The opera of Lucie di Lammermoor, was repeated with increased success. The Italian troupe are steadily advancing in public estimation, and they repay this interest by unremitted attention to the pieces they produce. With Rapetti as their leader it could not be otherwise. m Madame Castkllan.?This accomplished lady gives another concert on Tuesday next, at Washington Hall. Niblo's.?The Ravels give two most excellent pieces to-night?Montieur Dechatumeau, a ballet pantomime, and the Conjuror'i Gift, the last comic pantomime, which has drawn crowded houses each night it has been performed. Gabriel appears in both pieces. In the former he has gained great popularity in Paris and New York. Antoine, the popular clown, is again to cause immoderate laughter to all beholders. Tne Ravel family, we hear, are about proceeding to Mexico, where they will pmy iwu years ui ieusi. .hub win De a joss 10 me lovers of well acted pantomimes; so we must make the most of them during the remainder of their short stay in the city. It affords us pleasure to refer our readers to the benefit bill of Mr. H. P. Grattan, at the Chatham to night. He is in all things a bright, worthy gentleman, a scholar, an author of great distinction, and as an actor ranks high in the first class. He has played a brief engagement at the Chatham, and has there produced two of his pieces, which have been received with the greatest tclat. To-night he takes leave of our citizens in a benefit, in which he ventures on the Shak9perian ground. The character he has chosen is well fitted to his every capacity, and to his efficient taste. We mean Romeo. Mrs. Jones, as Juliet, appears the embodiment of every perfection the great author could desire as the representative of his hero. The pece will be capitally done ; with Eeveral dances by Mits Kallia, songs, A:c. The pe formancc w.ll conclude with the Rebel Chief. Tub Sitffolk Cou.vtY Democratic Convention, met on Tuesday evening, atPiverhead- Richard W. Smith, Esq and Silas Horton, Esq. were nominated for members of the Assembly. Joshua B. Smith, Esq., wai> recommended by the convention forSenator. Samuel B. Miller and Egbert T Smith, Esqs. were chosen delegates to the Senatorial convention. Soubrkqitets ?In the Canadian Parliament one member, (Dr. Dunlop,) has the soubriquet of the Tiger, and another, (Mr. Hineki",) who is a member of the cabinet, is usually called the Hyena?and thif amongst loyal and dignified monarchists. The Collector of Customs in Montreal has tanctiontd the stone warehouse on the,Lachine Canal, for the warehousing of flour, wheat and salted nritvikinn? frr>m th#? ITnifpH Stntpa without payment of duty on the first entry thereof. Ohio River.?At Wheeling, on Tuesday fhe 2<>th ult.. there were five feet of water in the channel ; falling At Pittsburgh, on Monday, the river had four and a hail feet of water in the channel. Fini.?The hotel ol Mr Coates, at Medford, N J whs destroyed by fire between 11 and 12 o'clock on Tuesday night. It was the result of accident, in consequence of a fhw in the chimney. Marshal Bertrand has gone to the Hermitage on a visit to General Jackson. He will return by way of Lexington to Cincinnati. Da. Browpcucii.?This gentleman's condition is , very alarming. % ?' Official Report of the Lou of the United State* Steam frigate Mltionrl. Gibraltar, Aug. 'J8, 1843. Sir?It lias become my paiulu duty to report to you that the 'United State* steam Irigate Missouri, under my command, has been almost entirely destroyed by fire. I arrived here on Friday night, the iftth initant, iu 17 day* from Norfolk, and Ave lrom Kayal. The next day commenced taking in coal, filling up th? water, ov.rhauling the machinery, and making the necessary air?n. fiuwnts prior to leaving here on the Sunday following. After paying the cuMomary honors to the Gjvernor, by salutes from the ship, the Hon. Mr. Cushino juJ myself came on shore to pay our personal respects, first to our Consul, Mr. Sprague, who afterwards, accompanied us to the Governor, Sir Robert Thomas Wilson. We remained on shore and spent the atternoon with ourConsul, intending t* return to the ship in the evening, and I had ordered my boat to be on shot e far us by 9 o'clock. At about 8 o'clock a message was brought to me tbat the Missouri was on fire; I repaired, without a moment's delay, to the only gat* throughjwhich 1 could pass the walls of the city, the others bring, as is the cus. .. mini. VI IWIIICU UllWrWttTUB, UOWBVBr, that they were all thrown open, by direction of the Go. vernor, the moment he heard of the fire on board the Missouri. I am pleated to mention here that every aa. lUtance wai rendered to u? by that distinguished gentleman, as well as Irom Sir Oeorge Sartorius, commanding Her Britannic Mqjeaty'a 74, the Malabar, aa will be aeen by a communication from me to those gentlemen, a copy of which, I have the honor herewith to encloae ) My boat, fortnnately, had been aent aa aoan aa the tire broke out, and 1 found her at or near the landing place ; when I arrived on board, which waa in about twenty minutes, perhaps, from the moment I received the startling intelligence, lfound the flamea raging with violence, and the officers and crew exerting themselves to the utmoat to overcome them. Every person on board waa ao diapoaed of, or atationed in auca a poaitien, where he could do the most poaaible good. The powerful pumps on board had with alacrity been rigged, with their hoaea attached, and were in operation; those men who were not at the pumpa, were employed in drawing and paaaiDg water in buckets, and pouring it upon the flamea. At a single glance, however, I discovered the prudence of flooding the after magazine, which waa immediately done-, the forward one having already very prudently been ordered to be flooded before 1 retched the ship; soon after 1 did so, two engines in large boata, well manned, came alongaide. These were sent oft by Sir Robert Wilson, the Ooveenor, and by the able and energetic exertions of Mir Oeorge Sartorioua and hiaolflcera, with the aesmcn from hia ahip, that at one time I waa in hopea the devouring element waa conquered; but alas! the (Uttering hope waa soon diaaipated by its breaking out again with increaaed violence; tliia only increaaed the energiea and zealoua efforts of the officera and crew of the Missouri, and our frieadly auxiliaries, until they were driven from their stations by the flamea. w nen i saw mere was not a rav 01 hope len to (are that noble ship, I summoned a council of the officers, and those English officers who were aear me, to ascertain their view*, they quickly and tinauimously decided, there was no hope left of saving the ship. I therefore gave the order for every person to quit her without delay, and without confusien, for by thia time there waa but very little spaCe remaining for those on board to stand clear of the flames and smoke; the wind had increased, and the ship was in flames fore and aft-, the crew immediately toot to the water, and received the ready assistance of boats, anticipating the exigency, from her Britannic Majesty's ship Malabar, and from the vessels in the harbor. Such was the state of the ship, when the officers and crew were compelled to give her up, they saved nothing hut what they stood in. Atter I had seen every person out of the ship, I lowered myself down by a rope from the starboard wheel house, and was taken on board one of the boats in waiting. This occurred at half past 11. Tho immense number of boats surrounding the burning ship at this time, were directed to pull out of the way as last as possible, fearing lest tha ma^dziues might not have been fcftectually flooded, an I e\plosion might take place; anil in that event the loss of I life would have been great. Fortunately, however, the magazines did not explode until 3 o'clock in the morning, 10 completely were they flooded; and, as they exploded nder water, the .^hock was not severely l?lt. At the polite invitation of Sir George Sartorius, the crew were sent on board his ship, the .Malabar, and have remained there until to day. 1 have had them removed to a ship chartered for the purpose of conveying them and the officers to the United States. As the officers and crew have by this unfortunate and

unlooked lor event been rendered completely destitute of clothing, and erery thing else, it has become absolutely ossarv, for the preservation of their healths andcomt to have them supplied immediately with comfortavearing apparel, and I have directed the Purser to the necessary purchases. i lieship chartered is the Rajah, of 600 tons, of Boston, , and bound to that port, and will sail in eight days from mis uaie. i navr una iuc crew empiuyea, bo wen as lighters from the shore, in saving ag much of the property as possible irom the wreck; the guns, anchori, chain cabin, Sto , will probably be recovered in time to aend them by the Rajah, aiU all such articles as cm be got from the wreck before she sails?the remainder will be sent to the United States by the next vessel which sails from this port. The machinery,boilers, and many valuable parts will be recovered. Alter saving all that is valuable, or can lie of any use whatever,! will request Mr. ?prague o".r Consul, to sell thr remainder to tue best advantage Until to-day I have not been enabled to ascertain any tatislactory evidence as to how the fire originated. The following, Sir, ii the testimony of three coal heavers, who were at work at the time in the engine room, and in the vicinity where the tire broke out I will state the circumstances ^n their own word;, taken down us they re* lated them John Button states that " about ten minutes to eight o'clock 1 went t? the starboard i :igiu?.e?'i More room,with a globe lantern,to get a pair ot beam scales to weigh coat, which they were at that tine taking in; in getting down the scales a wrench (ell and broke a glass demijohn, containing spirits of turpentine; 1 wiped up as much as I could; I then went down to the cylender where they were at work to see how much ol the spirits had run down- I was on my way to the chief engineer to report the circumstances of breaking the demijohn, and had just got on the berth deck ladder, and had not not reached the spar aecK, oeiore i nearu me cry 01 arc; i lurneu round immediately, and uw the flame bursting up through the gratings above the (team cheM; I ran on deck, sot a fire bucket, and endeavored to extinguish tuedame. William J. William* states? I was by the starting bars in the engine room, at work on the outside of the cylinder; we heard something dripping down, and we sung eut to Sutton not to be dropping his water here (for there was usually a bucket of watur kept in the store room above); he said you need more would becoming down; we went on in our work, and the first thing I heard Clum sing out fire; at the same time I saw the flame burst np suddenly trom the felt and canvass which was around the steam chest. I jumped with Clum to the steam cheat and pipe, and endeavored to haul the felt off, which we were not able to do; 1 then went to work to try and extinguish it." Alfbkd Clum statea?" 1 was at work putting on the cover of the cylinder; I saw something like water dripping down, and I sung out to Si'tton, who was in the store room above; he raid something which I did not understand; 1 had a light near me, and the water, as I supposed it to be, had ntarly wet through the felt and canvass which was around the steam chest, when it fell down up on my lamp, which was below; immediately the whole felt and canvass was in a fheet of flame, and, together with Williams, 1 tried to haul the felt off, but could not succeed; the flame blazed up, and caught the boards which made the flooring of the store room immediately above; it was impossible to work about the packing* of the cylinders with n lantern." There is no doiibt on my mind,Sir, a* to (he correctness ol the above statements, and to that circumstance alone must we attribute the dreadful calamity which has over, whelmed myself and officers with the deepest and most painful feelings?the destruction of our noble ship. During the sad and melancholy scene I am hapny in having it in my power to bear testimony of the zeal anil flrmnetsof all the officers; they evinced on this trying occasion a coolness which does them infinite credit, and is alike honorable to themselves an J to the service The ere w^lso did their duty like men, and deserve well of their country; there are three or four who were particularly distinguished lor their zealous efforts and good conduct, and of whom 1 will speak again in another communication. ] have the happiness to inform you that all the crew of the MiMOuri were saved without a single accident occur, ring to any of them. If, on a review of all the circumstances connected with this disastrous occurrence, you, Sir. should deem it expedient that a Court ol Enquiry should be directed to investigate the lacts of the case, I should be much gratified if such a course should be adopted. ] have the honor to be, Most re*pectlully, Your very obedient servant, JOHN THOMAS NEWTON, Captain. Hon. David Hf.hihaw, Secretary ol the Navy, Washington. Marine Court, Before Judge Sherman. Oct. 8 Ifm. Carter rs. John Ukidell and Charltt Pur,?n _Thi? was an action to recover dhmnges lor service* rendered by the plaintiff in the capacity of clerk to the defendant*, who are dry good* merchant* at No. A6 and 64 Canal street. The plain.iff wa? eleven month* in the employ ot the defendant*, and claim* salary at the rate of $4(M) per year fer the (ir*t six month*, and for the last 8 at the rate of $4IW per jear The defendants oppose thi? claim,the rates being, as they allege, $S00 and $400. Th? y admit, that at these rate*, there i* a balance owing to the plaintiff for $36 37, which balance they had tendered, but ? a* refused. The Jury, after hearing much evidence as o what the plaintiff'* servicc* are worth, and the amount ui amry pain 10 ricrKi in similar estannsiiments, returned a verdict lor tha plaintiff, allowing him the balance ad minted to he due by the defendants. For plaintiff, Mr. Taylor; for defendant, Mr. Warner Jamti Phillip* vi- Oliver Honker.?In thii ease the plaintiff l? n maiter builder, and the defendant ii a journeyman carnentcr The action ii lor balance of board. The defendant was employed by the plaintiff on various job* from the early part ol latt spring until the Mth oi August, when ho became very ill, and required a Doctor, and additional nursing The wife of the plaintiff became ill at the ?ametimi-and died, the defendant recovering. At a ietlli>ment,the plaint iff charged In his account lor board, 19 weeki at 60 per week, and three weeks'nuriing at M p?r week. This was the disputed item. Several wit .lease? were examined on both sides ai to the value of the tick attendance, some alleging it to be worth $6, others >uly worth the same as the usual lioard. The Jury re timed a v?rdict in favor of the plaintiff for $10 AO, this >eing considerably below the amount claimed originally. For defendant, Mr. Duryea. Or; The Mayor of Cincinnati has decided that a fine inflicted by him for the violation of any law ir 'I the nature of a debt, and as the Legislature at ti last nekton Hbohshed imprisonment for debt, the on-paynu-nt o| the fine will not subject the defen iaui iu ini^riHonmeni. ftJ-Kight new cafifB of yellow fever were reported o the Mobile Board ol Health on the 27th ult. Nkarly Finished.?The new sloop of war, I'ort< outh, building at Portfmouth, N. H. She is o! t*ie largest class, her tonnage being about 1100. City Intellljfrnro. Baimi. Ocriuai;.?On tha 37th ult, difficult/ arose between o man named William Jones and Jamea Doyle, brother of Thomas Doyle, dock-master of the 4th ward, at tho corner of Sotith and Koosefelt street, when the former ?e,i. d a paving stone and struck Doyleon the back of the he.J, iullictiug f'uch serioui injuries that he died last evening. Jones hat gone to New Orleans. He is lame, aid, beiug a cockney, may be eaaily detected by the public authorities of New Orleans, who, it is to be hoped, will be on the look out. Burglary.? A colored man, who says his name is Wm. J. Cooper, was arrosted on Thursday lor offering to sell Ave house balls woith $16, and nine inside brass shutter fastenings, valued at (6, to Davis 8. Hunt, locksmith, of 127 Chambers street, on suspicion of stealing them. Yesterday Samuel Mitchell, of 34 Bank street, claimed the above articles as having been taken on the 3d ol October, lrom an unfinished house in Wooster near Canal street, which had been burglariously entered. The rogue was fully committed. Blacksmith Drowned.?The body of Joseph McQuade blacksmith, recently engaged In the employ of Edwin Seager, ol 160 Washington street, as a journeyman, was found drowned yeaterday morning, at the slip between Courtlandt and Liberty stieets. He was of intemperate habits, and as he had recently been on a spree and absent from his is supposed heaocidently fell overboard while laboring under the influence of liquor. The Core nor neiu an inquesi on me nouy, wnicn terminated in a verdict to the a wore effect. House Robbed ?The dwelling house of a widow in indigent circumstance*named Timpaon,of834Broome street, was entered on Thursday evening, and six ailver t?a spoons, marked " C. W. C. T.," stolen, with an over coat and a variety of other clothing. The house was entered by the rogues through the basement. The increase of burglaries is such that many of our citizens are preparing themselves with fire arms to shoot down these midnight robbers. A few effective shots will create more awe among them than an hundred arresta. Superior Court. Before Judge Oakley. Oct. 6?Campbell P. IVhilt vs. Thomas Sufferin?Continued from yesterday ?The investigation on the part of the plaintiff into the uffairs of the Marine Insurance Company, to shew that the representations made by the defendant to the plaintiff were not in good faith, was continued to day, the Vice Tresident being the witness examined. The monthly stati mi nts made by the officers of the company to the directors, were offered in evidenco, and showed that the course of business up to tho 1st Dec. 19J8, was profitable; that in July 1836 a dividend of 6 per cent was declared and paid, that after the 1st December, H80, the losses were both numerous and severe, several vessels having been |lost on the Florida shore, in which the company was largely interested. From this time out the itock began to decrease. The year 1887 was disastrous both an laud and by sea, and in the spring of 1838the stock was in the market at 60 and 70 percent below par?and finally a Receiver was appointed to wind up the affairs. A non suit was claimed by the counsel for the defence, on several grounds, the principal of which ware, that the plaintiff bad totally failed to shew in evidence that Campbell P. White bad paid a single cent for the stock at issue ; also that there was no evidence that Campbell P. White was a party present at any of the conversations given in court, to prove misrepresentation or fraud The chief objection was, that they had failed in establishing the malo animo or wicked intent ou the part of the delendant. The fact of his being caraless in ovamininor into tho offaiw nf *??n?non? moa nn? in the eye of the law, a |>rool oi wicked intent. The Court reviewed the evidence and the arguments of the counsel on both sides at length, and decided that the plaintifl had not sustained the counts charged in his declaration, by the evidence adduced so far, and unless he can produce fuither testimony to-day to prove the malo ammo, the olhe.- points not being to material, a nonsuit will he granted. Calendar for Saturday?Nos. 77, 20,31, 23, 28, 33, 33, 36, 37, 38, 10, 6, 30, 30, *41, 46, 47, 46, 40, 60, 61, 63. Circuit Court. Before Judge Krnt. Oct. O.?Kilby Co. vi. Andrew Ure ?An action of Trovor, continued from yesterday. The case was not concluded, nor is it of any general importance. Notice to tke Bar.?An adjourned circuit has been ordered lor the second Monday in November next. Oeneral Sessions. Beforo Recorder Tallmadge, and Aldermen Waterman and Martin. Jamis.R. Whiting, Esq., District Attorney. Friday, Oct. fl.? Trial of Blaney.?The trial of Janes F. Blaney, stone cutter, for manslaughter in the first degree, in stabbing William Cullen, plumber, on the 16tl? of August last, was continued. The defence called Mrs. Janb Feb, of 61 Marion street, who testified that Cullen and Blaney came to the store of her husband on the morning of the 16th of July las:, and Cullen treated Blaney while there. Alexander 8. Forbes was next called?Resides at No. 7 Cei.tre street ; never saw Cullen until the morning ol the lftth of July ; Cullen and Blaney came to my place on that morning and they drank 'hree times together ; after bring there fifteen minutes, Cullen asked to see me in the back r?om; I told him that I did not wish to hear any thing he said ; Blaney then remarked that he came in company with Cullen, and if he had any thing to say he ought to say it in his presence ; some words ensued and they then clinched ; 1 separated them, and told them they must not quarrel in my house ; they then wanted more liquor aud I t-Afiilftd (n ? 11 it Intkum Ihnv lia.l onAtkoc rlinr?K onH I sepai sted them again ; they were bath intoxicated ; they thtr made fritnds with each other and went away. C. G. Bmn, or the firm ot Fisher k Bird, marble cu ten, OllM?Blaney lerved a put ot his time with oui firm; nearly two years; his character lor honesty, sobriety, and order, was always considered good. The testimony for defence was here closed. The prosecution called Alexander Maaaisoa, who said that Blaney was pretty mussy when he was in liquor ; he was considered by his acquaintance at rather treacherous ; his general character is good, sa far at I know ; I have run with No. 3 engine, which Cullen belonged to. Wm N. Bancxer knew Cullen; I was drilling him the night previous to the aft'ray ; the character of Blaney among his associates is generally bad. On cross examination, he said ne could not remember that he had heard any one speak of Blaney except Morriscn, a young man who run with engine No. 3. The defence called Patrick Farnbll, who testified that he knew Blaney well, and that his general character was good. The testimony on both sides here closed, and the case was submitted under the charge of the Court, alter certain points of law had been presented by oounsel. The Recorder charged tne Jury that the o(fence was mausleugnter in the first degree, according to the yiew that the Court entertained of the law bearing upon the evidence, and also that at common law the offence would have been muider. The Jury went out at about 3? o'clock, and the Court took a recess until 0 P. M. At (5 o'clock the Court re assembled, and the Jury were called in. The foreman stated that they had not agreed, and one of the jurors asked the Court to repeat their view ol the different grades of manslaughter, as applicable to the evidence of the case. The Recorder then reviewed the statute, and concluding, the Jury still expressed their opinion that thry could not agree, and were discharged. They stood eight for manslaughter in the first degree,and four lor the third. Young Saundert rfrraigniit.?This young man was arraigned on ten indictments for foigery in the third degree, to all of which he entered a pUaot not guilty. Ragee aud bis wife were arraigned on only one indictment lor forgery in the third degree?that being for the (orgery of the check on the Bank ol Commerce, lor They both entered a plee of not guilty, also. The reason that but one Indictment has been (ound it owing to some trifling error on the part of the Police Clerk who prepar ed the papers for the Orand Jury, in not endoi sing the names of Kagee and his wife tinon the several complaints. The Grand Jury were thus misled, but indictments will be prepared on all the charges, and found during the ensuing week. Ragee is without doubt the principal in this affair, and should receive no favors nat extended to his associate in crime. Charles J. Williams was al?o arraigned on a charge of burglary, ia entering the jewelry More of the Messrs. Rockwell, Astor House. Plea of not guilty. The Court then adjourned to Monday at 10 o'clock. 09- HOUSEKEEPERS ATTEND.?Published this day tiy Burgess k Stringer, 2W Broadway, corner Ann at., MRS ELLIS'S HOUSEKEEPING MADE EASY, or, Complete Instructor, in all branches ol Cookery and Domeatic Economy, containing the most modi rn and ap proved receipts of daily use in ail families. Price twentj-five centa! Revised and adapted to the want! of the Ladies of the United States, by au American Lady. Thia will be lound the most complete, accurate, and <".omprehew>ive manual of cookery and household economy ever published. It embraces all the most rocent im. provements in the art, and ia adapted to the important changes introduced within a few years, in consequence of the physiological investigation! of Combe, and theeheml. cal discoveries of Liebig and other eminent scholars In a medical and hygienic point of view, thia work ia, therelore, all important to every housekeeper who deaire the well being of her lamily. The additions bv the American editor are such aa to jdapt it perfectly to the want* of our people, anil much novel in formation in regard to cookery and the management of a houaehold, will be found in the work. It* cheapnesa'will commend it to every on?. For nail!"at all thed?,>ota of cheap publication*, and by the publisher* BURGESS & STRINGER, cernerot Broadway and Ann itree**. <&- WEAK INVENTIONS OF THE ENEMY The Poudre Subtile, lor eradicating superfluous human 'iair, safely, <|uickly and permanently,advanci in public ftimation pro rata with the abuie it receive* from imitaora. Tbi* singular chemical preparation ha* entirely wnihilated the dangarou* and mterly inefflcaciou* com .Kiiind* in u*e, and elicited the envy and malignity of baie :ounterlciter*, who attempt to ptilm oil their poifonou* ra?h by decrying the genuine. Such impotent, yet ait laciou* attempts, only recoil on them*elve*. The popu arlty and exti nsive sale ot the Poudre Subtile i* not to >e retarded by *uch miserable shift*; it ha* attained the lighest pitch of public approbation; it i* always tested leforethe eye* of every pntchnser, whe? theitrongeit ind toughest hair ii *een to vaniih like magic, leaving he skin *oft, (month and delicately white; even Irom the orehead, where the superfluous hair lias been removed, he liluenes* ol Ihe ikin VHtii?h? s with the hair, Uaving ttho color of the lurrounding pirt*. The genuine Is to e had no where elae in New Ymk but at #7 Walker st., in-door from Broadway, $ I per bottle. Agent*?Boston, 3 Milk street; 70 Chetnut (treat, Phiadelphia; Myers, New Haven; Dyer. Providence; Carleoil, Lowell ; Green, Worcester; Oray, Poughkeepaie; luthiie, Albany; Touiey, Rochester, fc?. ft?- PROFESSOR VELPEAU'B CELEBRATED ;>ill*, tor the radical cure of gonorrhie gleet, and all unileaiant discharges from the urethra. Theae pill* are tow prescribed by the medical faculty of Europe aa the no4 certain and speedy cure for thoae distressing coa .ilamts. Hold in hoxta $1 each. Gfltce and consulting soma of the College af Medicine and Pharmacy, 07 N a* W. B. RICHARDSON, Agent. .; v. -w BY THE SOUTHERN MAIL. Maryland Election. The whigB appear to have beeu eminently su<cessful in their election for State Legislators, this week, in Maryland. The Baltimore American gives the results a* tar as known,'and adds these observations in recapitulating tiieir triumphs:? Thf whig gains so far, are two delegates in Anne Arund-1,four in Baltimore city, two in Frederick,two in Montgomery, one in Carroll?all certainly ascertained, and making a total gain of eleven. Beside* these there is a reported whig gaiu of one in Allegany, and one in Washington county?making an aggregate gain of thirteen. In Cecil county there is a whig Iobs of two, which leaves the clear whig gain, so far, eleven i * ..... u ? " xjasi ycui me iouuiucu iiiojuiiiy in uir noUbe ol Delegates wastwelve?the whigs having 35 and the Iocob 47. The whig gain of eleven delegates makes a difference of 22?bo that if the countios remaining to be heard from staud a8 last yeur, the whig majority in the new Home of Delegates will he t*n. We confidently look (or whig gains in several of the counties yet to be heard from Without any further changes, however, the result now ascertained?the Senate being also whig by a majority ol five?will secure the election of a whig U. States Senator for the ensuing six years, and likewise n ju9t divi-ion of the State into Congressional districts. ^ j An United States Senator is an important gain for the whigs of Maryland, but the districting ot the State for the next ten years, is still mere important. Sales of Stocks at Philadelphia. Second Board, Oct. 6.?10 bhares Schuylkill Navigation Co, 38}. FiR?T Bo**d, Oct. 6.?$10,000 State5'l,61; *8000 do, 01}; $10,600do, 61}; 45 share* Manufacturers' and Mechanic*' Bank, 18}; 16 dj Pennsylvania Bank, 1#8; 6 do do do, 169; $826 State6'?, IMS, and '46, 64; 26 share* Vicksburg B'k, 8}; $900 City 5'? 1816, 10U; $30u0 Chesapeake and Delaware 6'?, 1856, 36. LATEST SOUTHKUN SHIP NKWB. Philadrlfhia, Oct ti-Arr Star, Wilson, NYork. Below, Madrid, Little, Trinidad de Cuba. irMi?:*Tirfir Hi1*.' **!*?'"? Liverpool;.Georgia, onur, a jciir wun iviontell'* signal; off the Wolf 1 rap a barque, ami off Swan I'oiut a full riKKtd brig?all bound up. Cld Copernicus, (Brem) Haeilop, au<] Kriut & Guttav, (Brent) Beurinanu, Bremen. {&?- GRAND HOI.IDAY?UNPARALLELED ATTRACTIONS?How can the American Muieum be otherwise than full to day? Tom Thumb is to be seen at all hours, which alone is worth twice the price of admission; so also is the Feeje Mermaid. In the alternoon at 3 o'clock there will be grand performances for the convenience of families, schools, ici.. by the eccentric Dr. Valentine, Mr. Nellis, Mr. Cole, the wonderful dog Billy, Miss Adair, and Cerito. In the evening there will also be the usual performance. Can such a combination of curiosities and entertainments be found elsewhere for 26 cents? 00- PEALE'S MUSEUM PRESENTS UNPARALleled attractions to-day. Caspar Hauser, the wild boy of tne woods, at all hours. In the afternoon at 4 o'clock, grand performances are given by the Southern Miastrels, the best representatives ' ob <!e colored people,"being in conjunction with several other talented performers. Usual performances in the evening also. QQ- NF.W HISTORICAL NOVEL?by the author of ' The Fortunes of Godolphin," " The Fatalist," fcc ? The second edition of the following excellent novel will be ready on Monday morning, October 9th:? THE TRADUCED?Wy N. Mitchell, Esq.?This is an extraordinarily exciting work, independent of its histori cal merits. As a novel or romance it is one of the most powerful wc have read lor a length of time. Ten thousand copies of this new novel have been sold during the past ten days. It is published complete in No. 4 of the Brother Jonathan Monthly Library. Price only 12 j cents, or ten copies for one dollar. For sale at all the cheap publication stores in the City and by most of the news agents throughout the United' States. WILSON AND COMPANY, Publishers. 162 Nassau street, New York. (&- TO SELF-SHAVING GENTLEMEN PO?sessing a Strong Beard and a Tender Face Whatever tends to promote comfort is a blessing. This is a maxim established by the experience of ages, and we would beg to apply it to a new article about to be introduced as a substitute for shaving soaps, which are objectionable from their necessarily containing alkalies. We allude to " Phalon's Tuberose Shaving Cream," ?hich is superior to the celebrated Ambrosial Cret.ta of Guerlain's, of which much is imported from Paris, Gentlemen who' have been in the hubit of using Gut rifeia'g, one trrul will assure them that Thalon's is muoh the chcspest, as hh jars (beautifully got up) contain twice the quantitv tor three fhillings of Gucrluin's four shilling pots. "The beautiful softening qualities of this cream on thn beard operates like magic. Will the ruader tuke our word for it 7 Call and tee for yourself. Sold wholesale and retail by Elward Phalon, Inventor, 214 Broadway, opposite St J fir*- PRIVATE DISEASES A pitpv nmiiiM. i TEED.?The College ot Medicine and Pharmacy ol" the City of Ni'W York, established ''or the suppression of quackery, is now prepared to treat nil disease* of a r vate nature, and offer to oil those otflicted with these (littreating maladies advantages not to ho met with in any other institution in this country, either public or private. From the constant correspondence, and from private .*r* rangements, between the members ol the College and tiie mast eminent profeasors ol the medical institutions of Europe, all improvements in th* treatment of thi>ae diseases are forwarded to them long before they reach the majority ot the medical profession of this country. With tuch celebrated remedies, together with the combined skill of the Arst medical men of this country, the College leel satisfied that the good work they have und* rtaken, " tho suppression ol quackery," will receive the patronage it deserves lrom that portion of the public requiring their servicee. Terms for advice, all medicines, Office and Consulting Room' of the College, 07 Nassau tree:. W. S. RICHARDSON, Agent. N.B. Patients living at a distance, by stating their disease explicitly in writing,giving all symptoms, together with the treatment they received elsewhere, if any, can obtain a cheat containing all medicines, with full direc tions for use, with a guarantee of cure, by addressing tho agent of the college, post paid, enclor ing $6. QQ- PREMIUM RAZOR STROPS-The first premi um at the Fairs of the American lnftituti>, has been awarded, year after y?ar, to O.SAUNDERS lor the invention of the Metallic Tablet with four sidts? No. 1 side having the rftact ot a hone, without using oil or water-the other sidea are for keeping the razor with a fine smooth edge, so a person with one of them can alwaja keep a razor in the most perfect order, without having recourse to a cutler or barber. It is used and rerommen<)f d by the first cutler* In England, and certificated by the moat acientiflc gentlemen in this country. Its great celebrity has caused couaterfeits and imitations innumerable, which can easily be delected by the coarse and imperlect surface ol what is called the Tablet aide, the original being smooth and polished. Manufactory 163 Bioadway, where a l*r?e assortment ot Toilette articles of ih? In! quality oan always be bad. 0Q- PROCLAMATION TO THE LADIES. Will i*iiak*pearv say* tin very ?illy To giid bright go.'d or paint the lilly ; But science, the firm Iriend of beauty, Is everlastingly on duty? Not only tinkuriag and repairing (harm that are somewhat worse for wearing. But Cupid with lre>h arrows arming By adding new charms to the charming. One of hi* triumphs of invention, (For which the seer deserve* a pension,) Thus to the fair of every nation He publishes by proclamation : " To all the heavenly gilted sex, Whom blotchea or eruptions vex, Or tan or so! lower** perplex With perleat confidence 1 say Juat try (Jotiraud's Eau de Beaute. You wh# would bloom and frek..iica* win For a rough, coarse, discolored skin, Will find it* hue, though dark as tin, Vanish, a* night melt* into day, Before Oouraud's Kan de Beaute, U*e it?the rosy hues that dw.',i On the smooth lip ot ocean'* shell,' Are not more beautiful, ma belle, Than those that o'er thy cheek* shall stray, Bathed in Ootirand'* Eau d ' Beaute." To be had only at 67 Walker street, one door from the oornerof Broadway. Beware of spurious imitation*. och the miraculous Italian chemical *OAP, that ha* lately become fo lamotis for curing erup tions, freckles, and lor changing dark sunburnt or) ellow skint* a healthy clearness, ha* lately excite! a jew dancing barber to imitate thi?. Th public mmd beware j we shall publiih in a few day* the sirangast account ot thi* puppy, furnished by one who know*? ha, ha, be,he ! Never buy the chemical soap without the signature ol T. Jones on < ach wrapper mind! Thia u told, price fto rents h the sign ol Ibe American Engle, Ha Chatham street, N. Y.jby Redding, b State at., Boston j Zeil?er, 3 Ledger Building, Phila ; or 139 Kulton itiect, Brooklyn. Lately purrbaaed, at an enormous expense, from M. Bowrard, of Taria, all the recipes for making M. Bowrard'i Water of Beouty, for eliciting n dslicato neck, irnis, and a red, loay, blushing jovniile loco, alio, M. Bowraid'i Subtile Powder, do. SpnDish Almond White. 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Thia mixture ia the beat and mo>t etfcrtnal remedy at present known for thise distressing complaints, ontrolliug tbe diseasrs without injuring tbe conatitulon or confinement from business, hold in large bottlrs, ?4 each, small da, fl: incaaes containing hall do* n, fa, iirelully packed, and sent to all parts ol the Union. l)fiKoh and consulting rooms ol thv College of Medleine and i'harmacy, V7 Nsa<au afreet. W. 8. RICHARDSON, Agent,