Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 7, 1843, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 7, 1843 Page 6
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(KJ- CONSTITUTIONAL DEBILITY.?The Tonic Mixture prepared by th<> New York College of Medicine and Pharmacy, established lor the suppression of quackery, ii the moat effectual remedy for debility, produced either by aecret indulgence or protracted illness. The College during their last year'* practice, have met with some case* ol extreme debility, tuat after baring resisted all other remedies, have been effectually cured by this powerful invigorator. Said in large t.otiles, |3 each; ainall do $1 j in cases of half dozen, f6; carefully packed a..d seut to all parta of the Union. Office and conauiting rooms ol the College, 97Na*iau atreet. HONEY MARKET. Friday, Oct. 6?6 P.M. The atock market presented a complete panic thia morning without any adequate cauae. All atocki fell licavily. Oreat (peculation ha* for a long tima been going on in Harlem, based upon the fact of its rapidly ri?ing intnn?ic,value. Many cloiely connected with the road undertook to play with the stock,and a deep acheme was laid, after a large quantity of stock was sold short, to make the stock fall by artificially discrediting the|comp iny.jThu scheme utterly failerf| hroughtke sagacity and vigilance ofthe leading directors. The rumors growing out of the transaction frightened the weak brokers, and the desperate movements of those short of the stock* created a kind of panic, which ha* influenced all *tock*. When tbe market becomea settled, we will give a little history of the affair, which will be highly instructive. Harlem fell to.<lay 2 per cent; Illinois lj; Ohio |; Kentucky J; New York State 6's J; Canton J. At the new board |the fall produced a woful length of visage. The operations in exchange are not large, and foreign Qrj- 8 TORY OK NINON OE L'ENCLO*, with her L iter*, k :?Owing to tbt* r?pr*vd cull* we have had lor thiiwark, we take thwoccjiion to announce that it will not bo rejdy lor delivery tiil Satuiday, 14th October. It i* beautifully printed, in a book form, with Urge new type. Prioe accents. BURGESS fc STRINGER, corner Broadway and Ann atreet. |>i 111 are dull. The rate* ot exchange tc- lay aro aa follows, corrected l?y Wm. & John O'Brien, 16 Wall atreet:? Rates of Bills in New York. Boston, par a V dii Apalachicola, 1% a2 dis Philadelphia " >4 " Mobile, 12(?al3 Ifaltunoiv,,;#" " Moulgom'y 12>aal3 " Virginia, K V " Tuscaloosa, 12j-,al3 " N Carolina, 1)* 1M " N Orleans, para % " Charleston 1 1M " Nashville, 2 a 2Jf, " Savannah, 1 1*2 " Louisville, 1\ a 2 " AukusU, 1 l>? " 8t Louis, 1X a 2 " Columbus, 1>> IX " Cincinnati, 1 a IX " Macon. 1>? 2 " Michigan, ? a? " Union.Flo, 71 BO " US D'k N'ta 33 35 " South L. & Trust Co 80a 90 " We have received the official return of import* into the United State*far the year 1843. That year embraced the action of the tariff ol the extra *e**ion, which impoaed a duty on many article* before free. The return* before ui *how the operation of that tariff. The following i* the return of free article* imported, a* compared with that of 1841 A Summary Statement ok the Quantitt and Value of Goona, Wakes and Merchandise, Imported into the United Statei During the Years 1841 and 1842. 1841. 1842. Free of duly. QuanCy. Value, Quant'y. Value. Article for me of llie United States, ? 6.952 ? 17,118 Philosoph'l appar's.Stc. ? 2,103 ? 7,755 Books, maps ot charts, ? 42,226 ? 21,153 Statu'y, busts,casta,8tc, ? 873 ? 666 I'aiiitiiigs, (cc., ? 17,761 ? 6,854 Cabin's of coins dc gems, ? ? ? 1 mens of botany, ? 7,047 ? 4,948 Models of machinery, ? 607 ? 643 Anatomical prenarat s, ? 3,959 ? 1,775 Antimony, regulus of ? 6,565 ? 5,995 Spelier or zinc, ? 139,943 ? 105,981 Burr stones,unwrought, ? 35,887 ? 10,634 Brimst'e and sulphur, ? 113,454 ? 84,422 Bark of the cork tree, ? 4,403 ? 3,868 Clay, unwrought, ? 9,419 ? 13,857 Kai(s of all kinda, ? 496,227 ? 468,220 Ftira, undressed, ? 811,014 ? 503.030 D iui IiiiLj Jill) ilrina Q 1^7 9JQ A fWI OlC Gypaum, ? 100,676 ? 78,613 Barilla, ? 139,166 ? 75,418 Wood, dye, ? 604,791 ? J0J.404 Vnmanutact'd, {except mahogany, satin,rosewood and cedar. ? 499,719 ? 148,112 Animals for breed, ? 179,721 ? 28,289 Pewter, old, ? 607 ? 1,145 Till,pigs,bars & blocks, ? 296,349 ? 282,135 " in plates Hi sheets, ? 1,155,271 ? 922,309 Brass, pigs and bars, ? 917 ? 3,481 " old, ? 1.623 ? 1,202 Copper, pigs and bar*. ? 1,054,169 ? 821,169 '' plates, sheath'g, ? 535,473 ? 381,197 " old, ? 91,869 ? 82,19.) Bullion, gold, ? 137,749 ? 56,365 silver, ? 276,225 ? 39,458 Specie, gold, ? 1.131,700 ? 700,929 " silver, ? 3.444,959 ? 3,290,264 Te.iv pounds, 11,245,851 3,302,186 15,692,091 4,527,108 Coffee, do, 114.984.783 10,444,882 112,764,635 8,931,177 Wool, not exceedV 8 cents pr pound, (lo, 14,409,764 918,291 10,637,251 685,649 Cocoa, do, 2,504.170 222.326 499,135 28,576 Pepper, do. 3,576,040 130,794 2,576,159 92,977 Pimento, do, 2,418,148 125,414 8.059 416 Cassia, do, 002,346 72.847 197,865 16.748 Omgcr, do, 117.214 4,699 40.0(H) 1,220 Cemphor, do, 128,791 72,530 22,745 7,939 Indigo, do, ? ? 23,213 18,155 Quicksilver, ? 87,893 ? 30,321 Opiunt, ? 255,599 ? 38.1"* Crude saltpetre, ? 273,716 ? 334,625 Boracic acid, ? ? ? 29,776 Soda ash, ? ? ? 62,216 , Bristles, ?- ? ? 74,395 Lastings & pmnel's, for shoes or buttons, ? ? ? 71,763 Kpatilots and wings, of gold or silver, ? ? ? 278 .JjUieus, bleached 8c unbleached, ? 6,204,769 ? 10,047 Articles not enumera'd, ? 6,858,293 ? 3,123,358 Almonds, 815,195 58,573 ? ? Currants, 1,135,756 103,441 ? ? Primes, 681,016 43,107 ? ? Klgs, 1,989,585 85,944 ? ? Kauins, 9,967,141 615,614 ? ? Other fruit, 4,696,959 168,960 ? ? Mace, 22,639 13,777 ? ? .Nutmegs, 207,543 132,961 ? ? i^inuamon, 2,753 493 ? ? ri.-?ves. 108,226 17.867 ? ? Silk lace veils, 8tc., ? 358,663 ? ? ' tianufactures, ? 14,018,573 ? ? " an ^ worsted, ? 1,931.328 ? ? Cauilet.o ~ Worsted st.^ J. I-Iotto Tickler burg ' . ? ? ~ Sheet ings. bw. ^ & w 'lt> "jJ Bolting cloth, * 41,wo ? Total free of duty, g!2?} 2'12'ISS In Am. vessels, 3?n2?'iS? In Foreign vessels, ^ . .. ' ' ^ dn WrfV nS 100 do iff iff 1000 do *? 9^, 100 d<> hzti 31 ItWO rto *10 %l>, ,V0 do ?J V7-6 !"0" ? do 9?V 350 I, I,land R II 1.20 J7V f><Hio Kfiiturky 6 i, 30 y* 50 do ',j? t(*HI do M 99*A JO do .30 mC 3000 do |3 ?2 JO do l,iw VJV 3?00 do .3 99 J? WO do h w MS <000 do M 99 200 do ?r 525 rfo Hd "K m <!" .3 ?>; J22 do ?3 99 10 do 30H J.' I U'OO do 99 250 do bJU S24k tmS Bond* 40'i 50 do >30 ) >k iZ t? <?J* 50 'I" l^n Hg 1000 <lo ?30 39^ Second Board, iriuilirtty 19 40. T2.5 Hu-lmn R R bnw J7 WO J" R R MK 200 do 36 V M ^ ?nw mH 450 do bit 17 Here, then, ii an . mmense tailing cn in tne tree good*, and nearly all in jJm vrican vtitU. We ma; new compare the import! of th. * article* free in 1841 and dutiable in 184-;, a* follow* 1mpoht* or Articles *" ? in 1841 and Dutiable , ? 181*. 1 *41. 1842. (Juant'v. fitlne. qualify. Value. Wood inAhotfunv ? 499,719 * Almoiid*. pounds/ 815,195 M.57J 1 772.MU 122,874 tuinnU, do, 1,135,756 MM,0? <7,814 Prunes, do, 681.016 '3,107 547,426 12,131 Figs, <io. 1,989,585 85, .'.714,563 58,892 Kaisins, 9,967,111 6I5,l'11 20,?<9,927 797,961 Oilier fruit, 4,696,959 168,9<X> ? ? Mace, 22,639 13,777 4,551 2,307 Nutmeg*, 207,543 132,961 114,016 #?,715 Cinnamon, 2,753 493 14 97k 7,i05 ? live*, 108,226 17,867 278 057 46 Silk*, lace veil*, tic, ? 358,663 ? 657 982 " good*. ? 14,018,573 ? 8,060*. 109 " ami worsted, ? 1,931,328 ? 1,311,770 Camlets. ? 10,529 ? 2! 122 Worsted stuff, ? 3,712,206 ? 2,366,122 Ticklinburgi. ? 539,772 ? 187,006 Sheetings, ? 325,167 ? 110,782 .Bolting cloths, ? 43,888 ? 9,045 Linen*. ' ? 6,204,769 ? 2,953,618 28,393,051 16,940,829 The aimple operation of a 30 percent duty for revenue purpose*, wa* a reduction ol nearly >1] ,000,000 in the value o( certain import*, nearly all of which constitute the home freight* of American ves*el(. If thi* wa* the operation of atimple revenue duty, how much more effect ha* the pre*ent prohibitive one 1 Thi* we will examine hereafter. Sales at the Stock Exchange. $1500 NY 7??, 1819 107X 25 Fartnen'Tnut ?30 2IK 1200 do G'., IBM 107 23 do bSO 22 2000 do 5'?, 1845 100 20 Utica k Srhenec RR 119 78K do 1855 100 50 Aub 8i Rocli R R 94 V 4964 do 1858 lOO1* 12 do 94V 700 City 5'a, 18M ion 50 Cwiton Co 25V ?*? . , <*", DJ 33 Ohio L It Tnut 91 2000 Ind Dol Bds SH.V 50 Mohawk & Hud RR 37 700(1 do 37 7 do VK WOO do 37V 25 Jo Tli 1.100 Ohio 6'a, 1856 96k 75 Harlem R R 38 2000 do 96>< 100 do b3 37 V 74000 do 96 50 do ?3 37 XZ 3000 Kentucky 6'?, 30 y? 99 750 do nM :>m do blO 99 1J5 do ,nw 37V 3000 Illinois bdi, "70 b30 40 50 do Mo M 2000 do 39? 150 do ,?w 37U 1C000 do 39 175 do 600(1 do blO 39V 50 do Jji* '>000 do 39* 100 do hnw J7?! 4000 do ?39 39 150 do bl5 37 V 75 ?ha? Karmera'Truat 22 50 Pateraon R R >10 54 50 do 2l? 100 do ?60 55 Second Board. 3(10 Harlem R R *3 36V 75 Harlem R R ,1 ? / 25 do 36K 100 do jai) 6.'i0 do 36)2 New York Public Stock Exchuig*. SMiOO Alabama 5'? 73 ! 7000 Illinois Bond* c 40 8000 Water Ln, '58 opjr 100 3000 do 39 V 7000 Indiana l)ol Bds 37^' 2000 do l>3 40 20000 do UV 37V 8000 do b3 40V 7000 do 37?| 4000 do blO 40'? 3000 do 37 V, 6000 do 40'* 2009 do bnw 37'? 1000 do b3 40V 1000 Ohia 6'?, '80 a30 96\ 50 sha Karmera' Truat ?90 22 2"00 do 96 V 25 Canton Co iiw 25V 1000 do >20 96 V 85 Mohawk RR ?60 36', 200(1 do b3 96iu 50 llatlem R It nw 38V 2000 do 1)30 96V 125 do 37V 2000 do Wed'y 96V 50 do nw 37M 3000 do nw 961, 75 do c 37V 100(10 do C 96?ij 50 ,1? ,20 37 V State of Trade. Public gin or Liitki ? Boston, Oct ft.?Sale J094 tides, oak tanned, 17ft a ll(o; Hemlock, light Buenos Ayres, 16} a 17c; middling 16} a 16c: lie vy 14|; Zantibai 14 a 10c; Buffalo II a 13c; good damaged 11} a lac; poor do 9c; Upper iu the rough, 16} a 184 per lb; 619 Kip 8 a I0}c per loot; 800 !>? aplit IB) a 34C; 37 doze* flniahed Calf BkiDs49a60c; 1W) do roiiKh 87}C; 814 dozen Linings Sheep 1 87, o 3 2 and Lambs *2 a 1 76; 87 doz Kid and Morocco 3 la a ft 26, 67 doz Roan 3 87 5 13; 159 doz Bind iugs 1 aft a 3 60 per doz, cash. Tit*?Thare was another large public, sale yesterday, on tbeuiual credit of fix months, payable In the city. Yourg Hyson?9 half chests, 60} cents per lb; 10 chests 47; I! hair do 46}, 10 chaats 45 J, 8 half do 44}. 38 do 44, 80 1odo 43,-30 dodo 41, 16 do do40}; 9 do do374, 14cheats 36|, 106 half chests 34}, 164 do 34, 69 do 33}, 69 do and 48 chests 88, a3 half do 3a}, 54 do 31, 81 do and 37 chests 81}, 86 do and 66 half do 81, 19 do and 33 chestaSO}, 24 do and 30 hall do 39, 64 do do 29}, 108 do do 28, 16 do do a7}, 191) do do 37, 46 do do 33}, 2d do do 2a, 171 do do 30, 16 do do 18}, 163 dodo 18,46 do do I7},3iMo 16}, 160 131b boxes 34} 100 do do 33,148 do do 20}, (142 half chesta, 72 chests and 376 181b boxes withdrawn.) Hyson Skin?11 Chests 43, 8 do 34}, 38 do 33, 29 do 31, 2? do 38}, 17 do '27,22 do 26,16 do 26}, 46 do 244, 26 do 24, 24 do 23. Hyson?23 chests 43, 39 halt do 33, 40 13lb boxes 48. 80 do 46 J. Twankay?30 half chests 39$, (133 do withdrawn.) Gunpowder?0 half chests49, 11 do 48}, 47 do 47, 10 do 114, 63 do 31,16 do 30}, 11 do 29, 49 201b boxes 36}, (68 hf chests withdrawn. Pouchong?97 half chests 36}, 44 boxes 26}, 468 do 34. Congo?10 chests 26, (36 do withdrawn ) Bo'nea?10 half chests 12, (116 withdrawn ) Imperial?10 chests and 13 halt do60}, 4 do do 60, 20 do doS2, (76 do do withdrawn.) Provisions.?Both mess and prime park are in demand. We notice sales ef the former at $10,87} a 11, and of the latter at $9,87} a 10. There is a lair business doing in beef. Lar<i*is inactive demand. The sales rule principally at 6}a'fl cents, and the demand is confined to the wants for shipment. Butter, from choice dairies, for family use, is in uemand. Cheese is in active demand for export. TKn onlon^i^ urpothor fnr thp nnst f^w dova hna hppn very favorable for out door operations, which have been quite exteniive. Ashes ?Pots remain very dull at eurlast quotation!? Peierls are held at $5 31}. Salt's of both descriptions arc to a trifling amount, while the receipts are to a fair ex tent. Bbkabstuffs.?Very little doing in the important stapits included under this head. Genesee is still held at $4 37} generally. Michigan and flat hoop Ohio we quote at 4 37$ a 4 43}. Ohio round hoop 4 37 j a 4 60. Southern very inactive. The principal purchasers in thii market at present are from the east, who would take hold verv extensively at a little less price. The receipts continue as largf as usual, and the stock in store is gradually accumulating. Wheat has not changed since our last. The sales are in small lots as wanted. We quota 90 a 95 cents as the two extremes lor lair to good qualities. Nothing doing in any of the other articles comprised under this head. Crr-ron ?No alteration in this market, although price* are very unsteady, and indicate a downward tendency. There is very little doing on any terms. The market has lost the activity and spirit that existed belore the last arrival, although that is not the prime cause of the reaction The reports from the south have been of the most conflicting nature, so much so that dealers could not possibly arrive at correct conclusions as to the result of the new cr?p. Hat ?The receipts are very abundant, with a very limited demand. Wo quote North river 37| a 40c. The sales are principally for export Provision Market. With Beef, Veal, Mutton and Lamb we notice an improvement in quality and quantity, in oar different markets, and in some of the principal meat shops, at reduced prices. As fine and fresh Pork is now daily sent in from the country , this may be the cause. We notice the Common Council have at lait resolved to add some convenience and a place for the country produce at the Washington market. The removal oi the hen coops and chicken wagons is much wanted. The price of good Butter, is by retail, too high, considering the great quantity of grass and the fine season for the making of the article. We think some of the Ooshen Farmers will sell less milk and mak* more butter, owing to their losses on sending nilk to this market. In Fruits, we still have fine Peaches, and the second supply from up the river isjust coming in. Apples, of various kinds ranrinsr from 6s to 14s the bar rtl. Some very fine pound Pear* at 20s the barrel. Grape* in abundance from 6 to 10 cents the pound. All kind*of vegetables are abundant and cheap. The Fall varieties for winter store end consumption are brought to this city from a great distaneo in the interior, and will undoubtedly be sold at very reasonable prices throughout the leason. Crops ot every deseription have been prolific; and the cultivator* can alford to be satisfied with low price*, in consequence of the extra amount produced. PRICF.S OF PROVISIONS Apples, bbl-?* -$1 (10 a 1 50 Jowls 2 a 3 Beef, per lb 6 a 09 Lamb,per lb 7 a 8 BeeL i<ercwc- $1 50 a6 00 Lobsters 6 ? ? Beef corned 4 a 8 Lard, per lb 8 a ? Bhcklish 8 a 10 Mutton 7 a 8 Beets, per bunch 4 a ? Onions, per bunch. 6 a 8 Butter, fresh per lb-12 a 14 Parsnips, |>er dot---37K* ? Butter, firkin, per lb. 10 a 12 Porter House Steaksl2>,a ? Crabs, dozen 25 a ? Pork, per lb 6 a 7 Chickens 37}ja 75 Piss, roasters ? a$l 00 Clams, 100 15 a 37^g Potatoes, bushel 31 >4 a 37^ Calves Head, 8tc 25 a ? Potatoes,swt,bash-$0,50al,00 Cabbage, dozen. 50 a 75 Peaches, bask't- $! 50 a3 ? Cheese, new 6 a ? Khubarb, pr buoch- 4 a 6 Cucumbers,pr hun'd25 a ? Sirloin, III 10 a 12 Carrots, |>er bunch- 4 a ? Salmon, smoked- ? a 12 Dried Apples, bbl- ? a$l 00 Striped Bass, lb 10 a ? Ducks, pci pair. 62}^a 75 Sausages, ? a 8 Bels 6 a 8 Smelts, lb 8 a 9 Kggs, 9 for ? a 12)i Turnijis. prbunch- 3 a 4 Fresli Cod 4 a 5 Tripe, lb ? a 4 Flounders ? a 6 Turkies ? a 4 Oeese 75 a$l 00 Veal . 4 a 6 Halabut 8 a ? Watermel's, each.- 8 a 10 Foreign Markets. DKiuuETnnri, dbidmuoi's, oepi. 14.?since me fiaie 01 nay last, the arrival* Irom the United States hare been heavy, and, of consequence, pricci of your produce generally are on a decline. Flour ii idling at $0 76, and Corn Meal $3 SO per barrel, duty paid?stock of both large; Navy and Pilot Bread $3 a 3 50: Crackers no alteration; Butter IScti per lb, dull; Lard Sets per lb; Can dlea 14 cent* p. r lb; Corn $1 30 per bag of two buthell; Pork $13 by retail; Codfish (4; Mackerel No. 3, $6 75. Exchange is advancing; SO day sterling bills selling at $4 80 per ?. Philadelphia Cattle Markets Oct.6.?1048 Penn. Beeves ottered, including 208 haad driven to New York ; sale* were dull at $3} to $44 for inferior to lair quality ; ft J to $4 J far prime ; and a few ex>ra at $ft p-r lt)01b8-70 heal leit over. Cows and Calvea- 270 head rff.-red, sales $17 to $20, extra $25. Springers $12 to $19, extra $16. Dry Cows $7 to $9. Calves $| 60 to $2 per head. Hog??4' 0 Penn'tt at market; prices ranged from $4} to $11?25 inferior left over. Sheep?800 at market; rate* $1 60 te $2?extra $2f. Married. On Tuesday morning Oct. 3rd, at St. Stephent' church, by the Kev. J. H. Price, Mr. Thoha* W. Strong, to Mi** Esther WirfHiM, daughter of Mr. Joseph Wii.ham, all of thi* city. On Wednesday morning Oct 3, by thi Rev. Martin Schoonmaker, Mr. John D>: Bkvoise, to Mis* (Jertrude Suydam, all of Long liland. Died. Friday morning the 6h instant, Jame* Summer*, a native* ?.f tl,e couo'y o|- Carlow, Ireland, aged 31 year*. His fri.*?'<( and acquaintances are respectfully invited to attend h.'* fune'""l on to morrow (Sunday) afternoon,at I 4 o'clock fro * 'ate re'id'nceQje Washington (treet. On Th'ursda,* evening, the 6th instant, Johi* Fredk rick son of John *n'1 8oPhi* Loma*. ef 75 Butler *treet, Brooklyn, aged one month aad ,ix dVPaMenfc',n Hailed. BARRAOOK.-Bami.e HecU-.'^.H-t'^lan.lserv^t, of New York; T Pouiolt, PMaitteL . Anthony Beard, St Kitts; DrWl ' "if^if" vr.'iii .,w. Aleianuer Leacock, Amhoy; Mrs Mui. ' Mnrrell and servant, Barbadoes. Foreign Importations. Port au Piiijcce?Schr John Drew?600 bass co.*** lbs loKwood 100 hides 60 ceroons tobacco A ('. Hossien 00 4 bbls ginger G Hogarth. Domestic Importations. ('Hari.eiton?Ship H Allen?137 tcs rice Masters k Markoe ?161 bales cotton II Colt?319 do to order. MARITIME HUDATFl jk uuu iiiiivii uiy. Ailing Days of the Steam Ship* from liverpool, from america ' Vcadia," Ryrie Oct. 16 (J. Wnurn, Hosken Sept. 23 Oct. 19 Hiberoia, Judkins Oct. 4 Nov. 1 Briunnia, Hewitt Oct. 19 Nov. 16 Packet* to Arrive. Packets to Hall. from liverpool. for liverpool. llottiiiRiier, Bursley. Sept. 5 <}.\Vnj>!iingt0n,BurT0ws,()?-t 7 Montezuma, Lowber, Sept. 7 United Slum, Britton, Oct. 13 Roscius. Collins, Sept. 13 Rochester, Britton, Oct. 16 from portsmouth. for portsmouth. Hoebeo, Hehard, Sept. 1 Wellington,Chadwirk, Oct. 10 end'k Hudson,Moore, Sept 10 Switzerland, Knight, (let. SO I'authea, Dennis, Sept. 20 Victoria, Morgan, Nov. 1 from havre. for havrk. Kmerald. Howe, Ang. 24 Dnchesse d'Orleans, Oi!t. S Burgundy, Wotton, Sept. 1 Sully, Burrows, Oct. 16 Iowa, Linn, Sept. 8 Iowa, Linn, Oct. 24 Ship Masters and Agents. We ihall esteemit a favor, if Captains of Vessels will Kiv? ta Commodore Rorkrt Silvfv, of onr Newi Fleet, a Heiprt of the Shipping left at the Port whence they tailed, the * easel* Spnkenon their 1'aasaife, a of their Cargo, and ny l-oreiKii Newspapers or News they mav have, lie will loard them immediately on their arrival. Agents and 'Coreapondents, at home or abroad, will also confer a lavor by to this Offlc? all the Mnriup Intelhffnce they can biam. Nautical Information of any kind will be than*! tally *?ceive?l. PUHT OK SEW YORK, OCTOBBH 7, Ul* 6 4 1 MOO!* SETS 14 UN SKT? 32 I MIOH WiTIERj M Clear*) <1. Shib (>?>. Wuhintton, Bnrrow?, Liwnool, Orinpfll, ft linlurn k Co.?Brigs John H. St*|>h*ns, Hull, Btrmudn, !VfU illeton kCo; Anson, M*nn?, I.hkuiih, Nesmith, Si <'cr: L. Ulilwin, Thompson, Savannah, Dnnham f* l)imon; Midi, <-y, {laniard, Norfolk, JamM Hnntfr; Arixenr, MeClintock, BranIvwinf, Nrtunilh, Lwds k Co.?Hchrs Amelia, Trrrv, H\ vrtns>oro, NC. A. B. CooUy Si Co; K?il?, Scout, Norfolk, h y th? _ Arrived, Ship H. AIIi-m, Wilton, H day*from Ch?rli*ton,with co?ton, O. Sutton. I Schr John Drew. Alden, i:> days from Port fcu Prince, with 7 coffee, to A. C. Rome re ** *? Schr J. B. Urquharl, Wemble, from Norfolk, with potatoes, to master. Schr llaunihil, Birdsall, 2 day* from Virginia, with wood, lo master ' Schr 11. P. Havens,Turner, from St. Martini, Md.with wood, [ lo master. Sloop Pomona, Sherman, from New Bedford, with oil, tic. to MR Sloop Lady Adams, Cartwright, from Sagliarbor, with oil, Lo matter. Sloop Lady Fenwick, Ward, (rom New Haveu, witU molaa- 11 tes, to master. Mailed. ( Ship Huntress, Lovett, Canton; barque llecla, Williams. < Barbadoes, and others. < Herald Marine Correspondence. Okfick or the Rhode Iii.ander,> Newport, Oct. S, 1813. { Arr 3d, Sarah Louisa, t'hace, Kali Kiver for NYork; Oeorge Washington, Miller, Providence for ( harleston; 4th, Wando|<asso. Kddy, Fall Kiver for Georgetown; Diana, Small, Salem; 1 Calcutta, steelman, Dighton; Win Thompson, Buck. Fall Kiver, and Eicelaior, Woodbury, Warren?all for Philadelphia; l-harlea Pitman, 1 owuiend, Richmond fur Kail Kiver; Gold , Hunter, Howes, Dennis for Kondout; Kfcel. Dunning, Fall | Kiver; r.iample, Hildreth. Portsmouth, Rl; ( ranklin, Phillips, , Taunton, and Moutilla. Terrill, Providence?all (or NewYork; Defiance, Wells. NYork for Providence; Providence, Brown, Providence for NYork. Sid 4th, Factor, Metamora, Adams, Lodemia St Eliza; Wm 1 Thompson, Stewart, and Wm Thompson, Buck, all for Phila- ( delphia; Berry, Baltimore. General llecord. Packet ?hip Geo. Washington, Burrows, for Liverpool, will ?ail to-day. Her letter bags close at Gilpin's, in the Exchange, at the usual hour this morning. Schr Melville, Kent, from Kastport for Hartford, put into Gloucester 3d iust. with loss of loiemast. Launch.?A brig called the Vatican, of about <76 tons, was launched by Wm. K. Gime (k Simi, at Bucksport 28th ult. She | is owned by H. Darling aiid others, and is to be commanded by i ('apt. James Kustis. Whalemen. Sailed from Nantucket 1st inst. Mary, Pitman, for the Pacific Ocean. | Spoken. ( Justina, Shepheard, NYork for Trinidad, Aug 20, lat 33 24, | Ion 66 30?fore topmast gone, aud shifting her mainsail, weather | fine. I Sabine, of Portland, Merrill, NYork for Tobaaco, 28 days out, 1 Aug 25, off Salt Key. Poland, Smith, Newport, HI. for Savannah, Sept 24, lat 30 50, loll 72 10. Foreign Ports. Montreal, Oct 2?Arr Sir Hichd U Jackson, M'Curry, aud , Magnet, Morton, Liverpool. , i Barhadoes, Sept 14?In port, Patriot, Knowles, Boston for Martinico, ding, to sail iu I days; Atlantic, Montague, fin New Haven for Port Spain. Triii. disg; Seaman, Scull, aud Ann Stille, Wells, from Philadelphia, unc, do. Sid 11th, Pennsylvania, Turley, for Philadelphia via St Thomas; 12th, Pensacola, Hallett, from Portland for Port Spain, Trill; 13th, Sally Ann, Patterson, from and for Baltimore via St Thomas; 15th, New Haven, Downs, for Martinico. Vera Crux, Sept 9?Samuel, Kay, from Trinidad, and KIlia, from Tobasco for NOrleaua, with a cargo of logwood, put in for water and provisions. London, Sept 18?In port, Arethusa, Baxter, for Boston, Oct 1; Kennebec, Smith, for do, ld|f. Pillau, about Sept 1?Arr Alexander, (Iluss) Preusz, Nuw Bedford. , , , Port Nelson, New Zealand, March 29?Arr Hobt Pulsford, Caldwell, Hobart Town. Lake Porta. Buffalo, Oct 3?Arr Ontario, Miuer, Chicago; Burlington. Sims; Adelaide, Kockwood, aud R Mountain, Gardner, Cleveland; 11 ( lav. Root: Rockv Mountain. ( nrtis: Biddle. I'erkius. and Hamilton, Hay ward, Detroit; Stranger. Bates, Huron; I'latina, Persons, and Swallow, Appleby, Sandusky; Adams, Emery, Mouroe. Home Porta. Caitinf., Sept 30?Sid Curlew, Hinks, and Patapico,Conner, , to load lor Baltimore. Gardiner, Oct i?Arr Geo Si Heury, Nickersoii, NYork ? Sid Sept 30tli, Orient, Smith, and Margaret, Houdlette, for Havana. Bath, Oct 1?ArrBord-aux. Smith.NYork. Banoor. Oct 1?Arr Mary 8c Jane, Flitner, Pittston; Oscela, Park, N York. Portland, Oct 3?Old Joseph, Loring, Porto Rico. Sid 2d, Col Tayloe, Porto Rico; 3d, Sebago, Pt Petre, Guad; Henrietta, Cuba. Cld 4th, Sarah, Kimball, N York. Portsmouth, Oct i?Arr Milo, Chick, New York; Turk, do. Salem, Oct4?Arr Fairfield, Burr, NYork. Sid 3d, Deposit; Cardinal, Dimont New Bedford and NYork; and from below, early in the morning, Boxer, Kobinson, Canton. Boston, Oct 5?Arr Friend, Lovell, aud Richmond, Ames, NYork; Narragausett, Baker, Richmond; Hy Leeds, Brazier, Havana; Smith, Wheeler, Washington. NC; Queen, Eldridge, Fredericksburg. Signal for 3 brigs. Cld Constantine, Sampson, N Orleans; Parthenon, Woodbury, do; Luzon, Goodrich, do; Michigan, Colinan, Curacoa and La Guavra; Pandora, Green, Port au Prince; Mantilla. Bartlett, St Jagi deCuba; Willis Putnam, Couk, St I'eiers, Miq; Aurora, Gould, Wilmington, NC; Vermont, Ames, Albany aud Troy; B Bigelow, Dearie, NYork. Sid 4th, Edmund Perkins, and Leopard; 5th, Moselle. Gloucester, Oct I?Arr Hudsou. Tarr, NYork; td, Nevis, Fountain, anp Peru.Gorham, Lubec for Philadelphia; Franklin, Bryant, N York for Thomaston. DanveRI, Oct 1?Arr Victoria, Allen, and Samuel, Nicker?on, NYork. Ntw Bedford, Oct 4?Arr Senate Brockway, NYork; 5th, Adelaide. Slocum, aud Republic, Sowle, Albany. Sid Wm Brown, Bumpus, Philadelphia; Missouri, Hubbard, Baltimore; Industry, Cushmau, NYork; Louisa, Perry, Albany. Nantucket, Oct 1?Arr Nancy Finley, Adams, Albany.? Sid Kxact, Folger. Baltimore. Arr 2d, Col Simmons, Fish, Albany; 3d, Senator, Robinsou, NYork, NYork. Providence. Oct 4?Arr Ann Rebecca, Roberts, Cherrystone, Va; Marietta Ryan. Wheldeu, and Eugene, Cousens, Philadelphia; John Jay, Baker, do, via Fall River. Sid, wind NW. light, Geo Washington, Miller, Charleston; Francis L> Decker, Smith, and Glide, Cresse, Philadelphia. Also arr, Juliet, Fornheir, Rondout; Midas, Dennis, NVork. Fall River, Oct 3?Arr Thos Ireland, Homers, Virginia; Three Brothers, NYork. Sid Sarah Louisa, Chase, and Waudopasso, Eddy, Charleston. New Haven, Oct 5?Arr Powhattan,Garwood, Philadelphia. Sid Topgallant,; Tantivy, Chapman, Albany; Lady F'liwiclt, Ward, NYork. Alranv, Oct 5?Arr Henry Curtis, Hallet, Boston. Sid Sarah. Baker, and Sail y. Gladding. Providence; Edgar, Baltimore; T W Thome, Lowell, Norwich; Vulcan, Philadelphia. Philadelphia, Oct 6?Arr Hope, Johns. Barbadoes; Jane, Drinkwater, Eastport via Wilmington, NC. Below, Madrid, Lyle, Trinidad de Cuba. Cld Violet, Nowlau, Barbadoes; Wickford, Tuthill, Providence; (Charlotte, Littlejohn; Eliza, Sawver, and Mechanic. Sawyer, Boston; Caroline, Studley, Halifax; A Lord. Litt, Middletown, Ct; Brandywine, Stephenson. Bridgeport, Ct. Baltimore, Oct 5?Sid Margaret Hugg, Hugg, Trieste; Sophie, (Brem) Beenken. Bremen. Norfolk, Oct 4?The Madison, Foster, fiom City Point for Amsterdam, went to sea to-day. Wilmington, NC Oct 3?Arr Maria J Estell, Boston; Abigail it Eliza, do; D B Keeler, Thomaston; David Rogers. New York; Sarah Ann. Power, Jamaica. Cld Calcutta, Park, Tobago; Balkan, Godfrey, Martinique; Alaric, Rodic, and Sterling, Taylor, NYork. Charleston, Oct 3?Arr Jas Calder, Webb, Amsterdam.? Cld Southport, Griffith, NYork. Savannah, Oct 2?Arr Homer, Watts, Thomaston; President, Young, Philadelphia. Sid Augusta, Sherwood, and Saratoga, Cushing, NYork. New Orleans, Sept 27?Arr Tippecanoe, Gray, Baltimore; Globe, Lowry, Philadelphia; Rosario, Ducey, Cam peachy.? Cld Palmyra, ocobie, Boston; Sarah Hand, Derrick, Philadelphia; Caribbean, Philbrook, NYork. Below 28th, Lime Rock, Auld, Sisal; brigs Diadem, (Br) aud Lucy Ann, 1 barque and 1 schr. BEACON COURSE-TROTTING MOSDATt Ow. 9th. at 1 p'cfath pwchwly P?rse $50?mile heats?l>esl three in five?und?r the saddle? free for horses never trott d for money. H. Woodruff enters b m Sarah. C ?eo Spicer enters b g Stranger. n. jvic i.auieniin nil I'm i> m i^nuy ("inpKins. ? After which, a pursi-of $30, for men to walk, will be givan to the liest walkt r?mile beats- ihree or more to make a rare? entrance S3, to he made at the Course at 1 o'clock. Immediately after, a parte of $75? two mile heals?id harness?free lor homes ue\er won a (nine. H. McLaughlin enters b m Lady Tompkim. H. Jones enters ch g Cinciunatus. < teo. Spicer enters b g Stranger (ten. \ audenbtirgh enters I) g Wm. Tell. WEDNESDAY, Oct. Ilth, at 1 o'clock precisely. Purse $75?two mile heats?under the saddle?free for horses never won a purse over $30. Win. Whelan enters b g Oeo. Washington. H. Woodruff enters b m Sarah. (J?o Spicer euters b g Stranger. < teo. V andenbiirgh enters l> g Wm, Tell. C. Carman enters John Anderson. After which, a match for $500?two mile heats?in wagons? lietween? C. Bertine's br in Isadora, and Wm. Whelan'shg Fulton. . Immediately after, purse $50? mile heats?best three in firein wagons?f ree for horses never won a | urse C. Carman enters b m Lady Wiggins. D. Abbott enters b m North Star S. McLaughlin enters b m Lady Tompkins. H. Jones enters bg Bl:?' k Bird. (Jeo Spicer enters b g Stranger. I Persons having entered horses for the aliove purses will please 1 lie on the ground in time, as the horses will l>a called up pre- I cisely at tne time advertised. o7 3t"r ' i $25 REWARD.?Strayed or stolen from theiaat'ire /iST^of K. K. Carman, 10th Avenue, Fort Ws.hington, a 1 V ydark l?y mare, long tail, I5K hands high, a little white 1 on the hind feet; had been bli tered on all herl?gs Whoe er 1 can give information where she may be found to R F. CARMAN, or G. HAZARD, Yorkville, shall receive the above re sard. o5 3t * m F?R SALK?A pair of bright bay CARKIAOE 1 '^sHORSKS, 16 to |7 li.inds high, warranted only five / and years old, sound in all respects kind in sing'> mil double and under th? saddle and of superior sty ' ind action l? * private gentleman in the country,a* I 1 re worthy of u."* attention of any one desiring a gtod pair < f wmr? Thev ma " beaemi lor five or six days, on applicant ) orses. 1 hey ma, JATTKRSALL'S, Broadway. N V 06 fitr u KOR SALK OR TO RENT?The Premium Mills, 1 with 11 or 15 run of st.'nes, with all of its extensive ma- , Jljlchiiiery, situated near fwomilw from New Rochelk, , TvTItchester County. and State ol New Y ork, and in iminednte , proximitv to the city of New York now m order for an estensive business in flour, and can grind and Pack 100 to 150 barrels . ach day, or could be most advanlageonsly employed for any , other purpose which might rwunv ealensive water power. I he r imputation for the past thirty-five yean entoyed by the Premium , Vfills, and their progiwity to N*w Y ork, with the (acilit) of , trannportation afforded mljarfnt, by WIF of the r navigation direct to the Mills from any port, render the ficili- \ ties (or business nnrscer tionahle^to liioMileiiriiig surh ?n Mrahhshmeut. Apply to HfcNRY PAT Wl)OKKfcLLO< Km, New Rocnelle, N. Y.. Kelloggsftll*. or to SILAS | WOOD, Esq., 50 Br ad street. New k ork. 1( New Rochclle, August 23. 1813 ot.Mr [ ORGANS. ? nENRY ER BEN informs the public that he continues to manufacture Organs at the old establishment. 172 Centre itreet. He offers for sale the following Organs : One (Jothic / . ased Organ. fl sto|is, with a swell and |>edal bats; dimensions. V 15 feet hikh, 7 feet 9 inches wide, 6 feet 10 iuches ilatp. One (| Swell Organ. 10 fret f, inches high, 0 feet inches wide, and 3 ,, t'eet 9 inches dee I . One Swell Organ, of 9 fe*t 5 inches high, fi ,| 'Vet wide, and 3 feet 6 inches deep. A Chapel Organ of 5 stops, c I tret 7 inches high, 5 feet 4 inches wide, and 3 feet deep. An ,| legaut Parlor Organ Also, a small Parlor Organ. A second ,| 'i nd Church Organ. 9 feet high, 5 feet 6 inches wide, and 3 feet , leep A second hind Parlor Organ. A rosewood Saraphine. The above organs vary in price from $225 t?$900 f, II EN It Y KRBEN, ? ,fi6t*r Centre at, head of Canal street p MUSI NESS IS BUSINESS.?Therefore if you wish a share 1 ol it von mini circulate your cards and handbills freely To do this in ?n economical way, cam on N * Bt r rON, at tht office of th?? Locomotiv* PrintingKniuie, 114 lohn atreet, nnr Pearl, wlier* you can have *11 kind, of Job i'rintint done in ihf firm atyle, at the lowe.1 caah price., an<l no [, lioppointinent * . , . ,, . , ... ('drill printed at one honr a notice if rwiuiiM. o< Iw r / CTRAW W RA IT IN t? PAPER?INO ream., for .ale by? ,,, PKRSSK tt BROOKS,Si Liberty <t OTRAW WRAPPINO fAPE^W ?m. of (.n>*i ^ Straw Paper for .ale by PERSSEfc BROOKS, HOt So. > Li bast > ?U**t in VAT A NTFD ?A firtt rate tecond hand Safe, about 1*00 lb*.? *? Addrees O. K., at this office oS3t*ec INFORM VI ION W A N T KI) - < If uTl.l.lAM WI KH< >N , I a native of Beith. Ayrshire, Scotland, who emigrated to Dener&ra, about eighteen years mjo, from Olaagow, and left there or the L mled State* about two or three yean since. If alive, te will hear of something greatly to hi* advantage on apiilicaion to JOHN ALLAN, 17 Vandewater it, New York. N. B.?Should any person know of hit death, with'lie time iiul place, tliey would rotifer a favor by giving information is ibove, auil lie |?idt reasonable compensation Tor their trouble. o7 lwia*m JI* 1 ( ) R K W \ It 1i Lost Invnen Thursday, the 28th S. |>i JP V/ mil rhe 1st inst . ,i diamond clutter pin. containing B or ) stones ill the top and three in the item. Thi# finder will receive the above reward on raturning it to J. C. MOTT, oS 3t*iii 116 Fulton ?t. up ?tair?. BOARD.?A private family, having two good rooms uuoe.rnpied, would like to accommodate two gentlemen, either with breakfast and tea or full hoard. Apply at 14 Lispenard t treat. o6Jt*r BOA RDINO.?Five of six gentlemen, or gentleman and their wives, wishing to liotid together, will find pleasant and comfortable accommodations, at No 34 Vesey street, where [here are no children, and only a very limited number will be roceived. Refereures exchanged. 06 3t*ec BOARD U'ANTKD?A single i^entlanun it dnirotu of obtaining a comfort <lile room, with break fast and tea, iu ? mall family, in which tliere will he no other hoarder. A location above I'rince strict, near Broadway, would lie preferred. It is requested that none will apply who cannot furnish the accommodations as specilied Address "Bachelor," at this office, o* 2t*ec DOOMS TO LF.T?For Single Oentleroeu.?Two front par" lors, with adjoining rooms, on the second aud third with or without board, in a respectable private family, No. 106 Leonard street, a few doors from Broadway, o4 3t* r HANUSOMK APARTMENTS, with board, maybe ha on application at 411 Houston street?the entire second floor, which i? sparions and in good order A few double and tingle rooms may alto be obtained by applying as above 16 im*r DAY BOARDING. GENTLEMEN takinit their meals down town, desirous of scciiriir; day hoard in a private family, where the table is lupplied ill the best style, will find it to their advantage, (and far preferable both .is rexarda comfort and respectability, tu a public eating house,) by applying at 204 Fulton street Two jr three gentlemen can be accommodated with full hoard. Terms moderate. s4 Imr EAGLE 1IOTEL, No. 61 Broa' way, late 8t (leortse's Hotel.?The undersigned respectfully informs his frienda and the public that the above bouse,elixibly situated,haa been leaaed by him (or a number of years.and is now uuderxoiiiK such alterations as wilt render it one ofllie in 'st desirable locations ill the city. It will be thoroughly unproved, and opened on the first day of November. Applications for families and sinijle |ierions, as |iennanent boarders, respectfully soli ited. oGlw'r joseph h. short. Battery and "Philadelphia. hotel.?the subscriber is now fully prepared to make arrangements with families for board duruiK the winter. N. B.?The prices of this establishment remain the same as heretofore, $1 40|>er day. MARY PfeTTET. o2 6t*r NOTICE.?Debts which may be coutncted by the crew of the French ship Minerva, will not be paid 6y the captain nor by the consignees. 06 r M"OTICE.?Ou anil alter Saturday neit, the 7th instant, the morning train of cars which have heretofore left the City Hall, lor Westchester, at half past 5 o'clock, will leave alb o'clock, and the evening train of 7 o'clock and It) minutes will be discontinued. oi 6tr Post Office. # New York, October 4, 1843. J EASTERN MAIL.?On and after Monday nest the E'stern Mail via steamboats to Stouington, and Boston and Providence Railroad, will be closed at this office at 3 o'clock P. M. daily, except Sundays. 05 3t*r JOHN LOR1MER GRAHAM, P. M. rPO GROCERS ?Green Ginger, for Preserves.?Five bar1 rels fresh, just received and now landing, for sale, wholesale and retail, by JOHN C. MORRISi ?N, Druggist, 06 lw*ec 188 Greeuwich street. I O, OF O F. CELEBRATION.?The members of the Order generallv, are invited to attend the I elebratioii which will take place at Tarrytown, on Monday, the !lth of October, and for their better accommodation the steamboat COLUMBUS, Captain W. H. Frazee, will lie in readiness and proceed as follows: leaving loot of Clinton s'reet at 1%, loot of Kulton street, Brooklyn 7)4, foot of Chambers street, N. Y., at 8 o'clock, touching at foot of Canal street, and leave foot of Hammond street at HH, thence proceeding directly to Tarrytown. Fare Ml cents the trip. P. H LANE, No. 48) GEO. W. FORI)HAM, 10 {Committee. JA8. M. FLANDREAU. 23J The Marshals will report their respective Lodges to the Deputy Grand Marshal, ou their arrival at the boat. ot>3tis*cc cox's furnishing stores 15 MAIDEN LANE add 349 BROADWAY. J&. I. COX have just received an excellent assortment of the following articlest which they olfer at very low prices for cash:?Solar Lamps, Girandoles, Mantel Clocks,Jap-Minery, Hall Lanterns, Candelabra*, Table Cutlery: also, dodgers It Sou's celebrated Table Cutlery, Plated Candlesticks, Branches, Waiters, Cake Baskets, Urn-,Tea Kettles, Tea Setts, and every article 01 I i.neii ware, 01 nneitieiu ana Birmingham manufacture; Block Tin Whip, consisting of Dish Covers, flash and Oyster Duties. Vension Dishes, Cms. &<-. be German Silver Ware?Dixon & Soil's celebrated Britannia Ware?Polished Steel Kire Setts?a spleadid assortment of Shef field Plated Kpergnes. Silver Spoon?, Forks, Tea Setts die., &c., in great variety constantly on hand, Strangers will lind it to their interest to rail and insi>ect their tock previous to purchasing. N.B. Kail and winter strained Oil, as usual, at IS Maiden Lane. o7 lmeodis*m IMPORTANT TO THK OWNKRS OK HORSKS. Sic. JOHN WILLIAMS, VETERINARY SURGEON, re" xpertlully informs hit numerous friends and the public, that he continues practising succeisfully on the different diseases incidental to that noble animal ff-e horse, at his old established Veterinary Establishment at the sign of the Golden Horse, No. 328 Broome street, (a few doors East of the bowery,) New York. Mr. Williams in thanking his numerous friends for their kind patronage during a period of fifteen years in his extensive business iu this city, takes this opportunity of informing them he ha? considerably improved his infirmary, and has fitted up a number of convenient roomy ground floor stalls for sick horses, which will be attended to with Ins usual care, punctuality and attention. The fact of Mr. Williams being regularly educated ami brought up to the profession in the armies of Kngland aud Krance aud having had ninch exiierience, is a sufficient guarantee that those entrusting him with the care of their horses may rely upon the utmost skill and attention being paid to them. Mr. Williams would also suggest to his friends the advantages to be derived from employing him in the examination of horses for sale. His services are offered to both the purchaser and the seller, aud his accurate knowledge of the perfect formation of the horse cannot but prove beneficial. Mr. Williams' Infirmary is at No. 131 (Jhrysfie street, where lie is always to be found and consulted, aud where hones committed to nis charge will have the full benent of his care and long experience. His charges are moderate aud suitable to the times. o7 2t*ec ~ CH A LLENGE TO THE WORLD. WHKRKAS certain interested iudividtrals have endeavored for a loi g tune to denreciate tbe <|uality of our tobacco, sud have taken undue and dishonorable means to drive us from the field of com|>etilioii?we do now, relying upon the su|ieriority ol our manufacture over auy other of the same kind in tne country, or in tne world, challenge comparison witli any i|ieciineus of Fine-Cut ( hew111K Tobacco, Snuffs, anil all the varieties of smoking Tobacco, at the coining Fair of i he American Institute We are induced to tins course in justice to outselves, an well :bat the public may have an opportunity to nerci?e their own iidgnieiits, in regard to the re*|iective merits of an article of rtry general consumption. We adopt this as the most fair and satisfactory mode of setling ihe question of su|>eriority; and are williug to rest our claims to public i>atromge on whatever decision that may be warded in the premises. JOHN ANDERSON * CO.. o7 6t* m No. 2 Wall st, 213 and 21} Duane st. BUCKWHEAT FLOUR?New Burkwiieat, Familv Klour Corn Meal, and Rye Klour, hi barrels, half barrels, aud luarteis, suitable for shipping or lamily use For sale by o72t*r HOLT & O *EN, ?0!) Front st. Vf KDICATED VAPOR BATHS, 25 Courtland street.? 'A Scarlet fever, colds, inflammatory or chronic rheumatism, lie .cured in a few days, by the use of J. P. Carroll's Medicaed Vapor Baths. Open from 6 o'clock in the morning till 9 >'clock at night. Sulphur Baths require one hour's previous lotice. Portable baths sent to any part <>f the city or Brookl > u. lathing tubs and hip baths for hire. o7 6tr A S the light of the sun adds glory to the day?as the evening f*. zephyrs bear the fragranee of the flowers?so does the fanous l)r. HYNTER'S RED DROP gtve joy to the heart, iiid bear the glad tidings to our friends As long at this medi'ilie can be obtained, no persons of ordinary sense will give ountenance to any other. One single bottle will and does more [ood in a sii gle day than all the quacks in the country are able o do i? all their lives. It is ge erally a hard matter to convince he incredulous, but if they will have resolution to try there is M fc?f of what is sure to follow, vit: a thorough and certain ure for aU diseases of a private nature Priced l?r vial warranted. Office No. 3 Division st, the only place in I>ew Vork Albany, No. 5 Maiden Lane o7 It* in i-enn REWARD.?CROSS' SPECIFIC MIXTURE? For the cure of OonorrhoPa, (Jleets, Strictures and analagotis complaints of the organ of generation. Of all remedies yet discovered for the above complaints, this is the most certain. It makes a speedy and permanent cure, without the least restriction to diet, drink, exposure, or change in application to business. We give no long quackish recommendations to deceive the public. If the medicine does not speak for itself, no one shall ii>eak for it. Our object is to notify where it can lie had, and [he proprietor challenges a single case of recent (ienorrhiea to e brought, in which the Mixture will not effect a rapid cure, under a forfeiture of $J00. i in* ii it uiinurinu uuiominateiy pervades all rank ol soi'ie IV?high. low, rich and [ioor. matrimonial and They ire herf presented with a remedy by which they can cure theinKlrn without the least exposure in the shortest tune iioasible. Ktirther, the disease cannot be contracted if a dose of the Mixture is taken at night on going to bed when etposed. It is |>iit up in Iwitllei with full directions accompanying it, at VI a bottle (hie bottle last* a week, which generally cures? nun UtCmtd in two days. For sale only at Wm. H. Milnor's. 192 Broadway, corner of John tt. opposite Kranklin House, New York; J. Jones, corner if < hesnutand Seventh sti. Philadelphia; and at J. M. Smith's 138 Washington it. Boston. o7 lm#m HARPS r K. BROWNE It CO. Manufacture of th* Improved J Patent Doable Action Harp, by Koval Letters Patent. London?established 1810, (many years with Krard,) No. M5 Sroailway and 0hambers street, New York. J. K. Brown* offers for sale at MS Broadway, the finest colection of these beautiful instruments iu the United State*. His irrangements are s?rh as to enable hiin to transact business at Caropean prices, thereby saving purchasers the high dudes nnNMM by tariff on these instruments. J. K. Browne wonld observe these Harp* are constructed on he most approved principles, with all the modem improvenetits, are unequalled in brilliancy of tone, fineness of touch, nd perfectness of mechanism. Particular car* is taken to fit liein for the estrvme* ?f climate in this country, in which reswet they will ne found far superior to any of Earopean manufacture imported in the nsual way. These Harp* are patronised by the elite of musical tast* and irofensinnal talent in Kurope; among th* latter, he would menion N.L. Bochsa, who invariably selects from this es'ablishnent The Attention of professors in this country is solicited. ?i?ts of prices and descriptions may be forwarded ny post. Repairing carefully attended to; Harp* taken in eicbange, Itrings.fcc. s2l lm*r M A&SAOHUrtE I TS KA~Y "\YSTKRS ? 16*K Kulton street, opposite St. Paul's.? ./NAFOIjKON COURTIN take* pleasnte in informing li?se persons who have heretofore houored him with their paronage, an.l those who are willing to continue the same favor, lit the Massachusetts Bay Ojsters have recovered with the old weather their Iresh and delicious flavor so peculiar to iem, which bu tiven them the nam* of oysters of (anrale, iat hissalnoo. recently ?o elegantly fitted up, offers the most J met and comfortable accommodations. i There will always be lonnd m it a choice collection of the I >1 Iowiiik wiimi ?i*: Ohablii, Sauterne, (lrn?f, Baraac. Ilei- > sparklm* and still Hock, I 'liampaitne, Cb.ynliertiii, I1 otnmard, * Volney, Lat'itte, Larmze, Lenville, St Jutirn.kf, b nil ail sorts of foreign wines and cordials. I' He keeps constantly on hand the above wir e*, in the cask or ot, fofethcr with 1'rrserves, Sweet Oil and FrrsJh?? Jootls purchased I'rom Ills eat tblishment ar? sej.: olcii.irt* i any part of 'he city. Oystarm will be sent to ttie *? i Jvuer of ' nrcliaaers, (if wnuired) and opened by one of the,i;:?ii .'ants o < ? ntibini'iiienu. ^ at !& ? lASTO* Oil. ?IH bills < asior Oil, for sale Uj J J 04 It K K. 00LL(N8 It ('(V, M Houtlilat i FOlflUGUSK FKMALE FILLS ?, PIIKSK far-famei and celebrated Pills, from Pnmgftl, sre ws ti L i?Tceire, to be obtained in this,country. be* ao>emse 1 i?ul on tjie last column, fonrth page. AUCTION SALES. THOMAn BELL, A UCtlOIIM I BY BKLL k HOWAItD. I Store! No. 31 Jinn ttrttl and II.) Fulh-n Urtti.) TUESDAY. At I0)? o'clock, at No. 174 ?lh Avenue, near 12th it. Sale of Drugs, Fixtures, Medical Books. and Kumntr*.? Will lie sold (he slock of valuable drugs and medicines, spice, powder and tiui ture bottles, pots, jars, See 1 Also, marble couuters. physicians scales, a number ot rare ..... Kurnitun"?All tlie household furnitur* of the I inuly with which the sale will commence comprising carpets, bureaus, tablea, chairs, wardrobe. looking glasses, aofa, bedroom and parlor furniture, kitchen utensils, fcc. Alto, a valuable double gun and apparatus, saddle and bridle, Ike. WEDNESDAY. At 10}$ o'clock, in tli? sale room*, Extensive aale of elegant Furniture of all description*. Also, at the same time, the genteel furniture of a family going to Europe, and removed from Brooklyn lor convenience of sale. Also, piano fortes, paintings, looking glasses, China, glass and plated ware, stoves, kitchen utensils, be. o7 r . . ..... . By W. LYALLfc CO.' A UC 1 ION NOTICE.?Second hand and new furniture, ?**- . ?.? ? ? iikmiiiiib, i?7? ?> ?ii)c*, in me store, hv nroauway, opposite In* Olympic theatre a large assortment of secoml hand and new luriiitiire, mostly from a lamily breaking up housekeeping, inoluclmi: elegant sofas, mahogany chairs, dressing ami plain bureaus, enclosed washstands, card, pier and dining tables, swing cradle*. mahogany and maple bedsteads, mantel lamps, ingrain carpets, leather beds. heildnig, bed cuttains, clocks anil oilier housekeeping MUCIN. Also, I superior mangle, complete, ana one billiard table. Also, 20,ON) segars, several brands, some lery tine , ?7 Itlr_ 1 LUCAS r HOUGH, Ann. ' ' AUCTION NOTICE.?Large and extensive sale of l??*W .111(1 I elegant city made ctbiuet furuitjre. On Tuesday, Oet. loth ' at 10 o clock A'. M . will lie sold at auction, at the store of B. H. Willis, No. 372 Broadway, the entire stock of cabinet 1 furniture, consisting of solas of all patterns, sofa bedsteads, Krendi bedsteads, breakfast, tea and dining tables, card tables, ' <|uartette ubles, centre tables, plain ?nd dressing bureaus, with 1 and without marble tops, washstands, with and without mar- ' hie lops, towel racks, sofa tables, dinaus, ottomins, footstools, h<lf. three quarter and full French chairs, easy chairs, music stools, list stands, wo.k tables, curled maple and fancy chairs, curled maple bedsteads, wirdow shades, palli.isters, hair mattrasses, bolsters, pillows, and articles too numerous to mention. N B.?The above sale is well worthy the attention of southern and western buyers. Catalogues will he ready one day previous to the sa'e, when the goods can lie examined. Hale positive. o' 3t*r C. I). Hot K WkLL. Auctioneer. OIL PAINTINGS AND * INDOW SIIADK8 AT AUCTION. CIIAS. S. SMITH will *ell this morning, Oct. 7th, at 7 o'clock, at hit* sales room, 301 Broadway, corner Duanest., an assortment of Oil Paintings, some of which are very splendid, together with '>0 pairs or window shades, twin* the stock in trade of a dealer, all of which will sold without reserve, to close a concern, by order of the assignees. notiiicif that tlTey will lie sold without reserve to the highest bidder. o7 lt*r ST< WES. rvNF. SILVER CUP. EIGHTEEN SILVER MEDALS, v' AN1) MANY DIPLOMAS, have been it warded bv the Institute! and Societies in New York, Boston, Philadelphia and other tdaces, for the superiority of my articles. Reference to hundreds of individuals if required. The Stove*,he. are all new,'lie o'd paterns having been burnt in February, 1B42. Many improvements have been made?the ovens eulargeii grates atiu Are placet reduced. The most important is the Tubular Oven Stov?, which is the liest baker in ? use, the Tillies radiating two-thirds more heat through the bottom of the oven than by any othrr plan. The Combination Steam Conductor, the most perfect apparatus for conveying off the steam and smell from cooking. 1 The Triumph Steam Couluctor( new, pattern 1813.?This Stove has a large elevated oven, and 11 alto arranged to carry off . the sieain See. Caloiilere. or Heat Producers, for churches, fancy- stores &r I'atier's of the most splendid order, on jKiwerful heaters. Nv brick linings will last ft r years. Large Wood Stoves, for chur lies, school rooms, See., fror/ patterns made lor the nublic schools. Patent Agriculturalists'Furnace, for boiling food for t'.ock. Used by farmers and others iu every State in the Union. Sire , ol 15, 30, 40, 50, 60, HO and 120 gallons Prices much redaced. 1 J. L. MOTT.,284 Witer street, between Peck Slip and Dover street, o5 3tis*m and 15 Bowery. STOVES FOR STORES, STEAMBOATS. WORKSHOPS. Sic. npHK PATENT RING,OR SECTIONAL CYLENfoElt. f has be?n invented several years, and has prove ! io be the 1 most durable and it ost powerful heater iu use. M?ny iwrsons luve had ihetn since 1335 or 1836, without other repairs tli.ui occasionally a new vrate. It is known to all that a common cyl eniler stove requires a new cylinder almos' every wiuter.iii some cases two or more. It is a common remark with tum, "the Ring is the best stove I have ever seen." Prices reduced. A new pattern this season, of the most splendid order?suitable lor fancy stores, public nouses, Sic. J. L. MOTT, 261 Water street, above Peck Slip, . and 1.5 Bowery. 1 P. S.?A reward of forty dollars will be paid for he recovery of the silver cup and nine silver medals, stolen on the night of the 19th ult. o3 lwis*ec_ DORR & ALLEN XJAVE received by late arrivals of packets and steamers, s* -tl-.veral new articles in addition to their former assortment oi I DRY GOODS. Desirous of closing off tlrir present stock, they offer their goods at the lowest market prices,and invite the attention of all pare haters at No. I2S Pearl street. s27 2wis*r ~~ TO PRINTERS 17011 SALE.?Two founts of Type, Minion and Nonpanel. -1- which have beeu used on the New York Herald. Apply at this office. FOR HALIFAX fc LIVERPOOL^ The Roval Mail Steam Ship ACADIA. Alrxaiid>-r Rvrie. Kso.. Comnumler will leave Button Tor the above j>orts on Monday, Octolier Kith Passage to Liverpool $120. Passage to Halifax 20. Apply to D. BRIOHAM, Jr., Agent, 06 No. 3 Wall s treat. DRAFTS ON ENGLAND, IRELAND ^UBi Stc.?Persons about remitting money to their yy^eK*flEik*>Criefldi ill the " old country," can be sut>idi>'cl wiiii Draft*, in sums of 1,2, 3,5, 10. & JCiO. or any anviunt, |H?yahlc on demand without discount or any other charge, at the National Bank of i Ireland, Provincial Bank, do., Messrs. James Bult, Hon 81 Co., I Bankers. London, I. Birned St Co., Exchauge and Discount I Bank, Liverpool, Kastern Bank of Scotland, Greenock Banking 'ouipauy, Sir Wm. Korbea Hunter Ik Co. Scotland, and the branches ill every post town throughout England. Ireland, Scotland and Wales, which drafts will be forwarded by the steamer Acadia, which leaves Boston on the 16th October, or either of the tailing tuckets, on the 7th, 13th or 16th. W. ?i J. 1 TAPSCOTT At their General Passage Office, 43 Peck Slip, corner Souttl sc. N. B ?All letter* from the country must come |>oit paid. 26 ec - ? tiia vki.i.khh ?niN? aniiTH nn /WWHI WEST?Sixteen hours in advaure of the . S. Mail?Tri-Weekly Line to Savannah, in connexion with the Central Railroad to Macon and the West The splendid steam pickets GENERAL CLINCH, Capt. J. P. Brook., and , CHAKLKSTON, Capt. K. Barden, will leave Charleston every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday morning, at 9 o'clock, af- | ter the arrival of the Wilmington boats from the nnrth, arriv- ( nig at Savannah the sime day, and will leave Savannah 011 the j saine days as above, at <i o'clock 1'. M., after tlie arrival of tlie f cars from Macon. Travellers will find this to be the cheapest and most eiredi- g tious route to the south and west. The above boats are fitted up in a superior style, and 110 expense or pains will be sparadto ensure certainty, comfort, and expedition to the travelling jwb|;? IOWV D I AL'ITTL' s Kitzaimmons' rMr." (Charleston. I r Charleston, Septem ?' , 1843 sl7 2m*r .Mn jgm PEOPLE'S LINK OK STEAMBOATS I ALBANY?Daily at 7 o'clock P. M.? t X-JLZ.Throuifh direct?From the steamboat |ucr be '.ween Courtlandt and Lihertv streets, Sunday eicepted. 1 The steamboat KNJCKERBOCKER.Capt. A. P. St. John will leave Monday, Wednesday and Friday Evenings, *t sever o'clock. _ _ I Steamboat ROCHESTER, Capt. A. Houghtou, will le*v? I'uesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 7 P. M. At i o'clock P. M.?Landing at Intermediate Places. " Steamboat SOUTH AMERICA, Capt. L W. Brainard. will leave Mouday, Wednesday, aud Kriday afternoon, al I' J o'clock. Swan.boat NORTH AMERICA, Capt. M. H. Truesdell, 1 will leav i'n-sday, Thunday and Saturday Eveuing, at fire i'clock. > Cassation uking this Line or Boats will at all times arrive in 1 Vlbauy in ample tunc to take the Morning Train of Cari for ? .he east or wot. I The above boats are new and substantial, are furnished with j. ieat and elegant State Roomi, and for speed and accommoda 'ions are unrivalled on the Htidaon. For Passage or Freight, apply on board, or to P. C. Schnltv it the oflier on the wharf, s25 r .Mtfl SEVEN O'CLOCK EVENINO LINt ?3*f"r ALBANY AND TROY direct, without SC_|jLl anding?the sulendid low pressure steamboat SWALLOW, Captain A. McL'iu, will leave the foot o( t'ourtlandt street every Tueadav, Thunday, and Saturday venings, at 7 o'clock, lor Albany direct. The Swallow ha* a large number of state rooms,and for speed | >nd accommodations is not surpassed on the Hudson HIM L&st BLACK It ALL. OK OLD LINK OF LIVER JlSWWPOOL PA< K ETS? Regular Packet, and sails on JiaHKa hut.'lay, the I8ih Octolier?The magmliceut, well known, very fast nailing packet ship ENOL.aND, burthen ?>0 tons. ( ai'tain Samuel B.irtlett, will sail positively as above, Uer regular day. The accommodations of this spUndid packet for cahin, 2d cabin ?ud steerage passengers are unsur|nssed for splendor, conve nieitce and comfort by ail) vessel afloat Thoae embarking for ihe old country will liud it to their intereat to aelect thia desirable con reyance. For pastate. which is v ry low, and to seen re) the best berths, early application should be made ou board, loot of Bwkmnn st, or to the subscribers. ROCHE, BROTHERS It CO,, ? Fulton street, nest deor to the Fulton Bank. P. 8.?The England sails from Liver|>ool on the ?th of December. Persons sending for their friends can have them broughl out in her, or in anv ol the packets comprising this uiticeni and unequalled .ine, sailing from that port punctually on th> 7th and 19th of each month. Drafts st aight for any amount drawn direct on the Ro>al Bank uf Ireland and on Mtasrs. Piescott, (Jrote, Amea It Co. Bankers. London, which are paid free of discount or any charge whatever, in every town throughout England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. ror jitssage, kc ajiply as above. . i'T ?ucce?<i tne r. >11I.A \ I), and Mil for Liverpool ou the lit November, her re*uUrtlay ,$, LtX- .OLD BLACK BALL l<I.NE OF PACKETS? MvWyi'"r Liverpool?The aplendid faat ?fiilins packet ?hip jKBAbk'. N G L A NI). Harden, will be deapatched ?? above, h-r r?*?nl?r day. She hu au|<erior accommodation for cabin, aecond rabin and ?teerag? paatenger* Thoac w idling to aemre herthi will I* i|uir? to make early application to JOHN HKRDMAN, 61 South at.n-ar Wall atreet N. B.?Paa*age fiom (Jreat Britain and Ireland, via Liverpool, can at all time* lie erica iced, on the loweat termi, by an> of the regular iNicket ship*, and draf's furnished for any amount pt> lble at the National a. d Provincial Br nk of Ireland, uid at a'l the piincipal towna throughout the Unit'd Kingdom, on ap* plication a* above. f i*i- FOR HAVRE.?The superior French ship Ml hVjMfWNERVE, Captain d'Acheui, will sail on or about jjMMba'l"' 24th instant. -TrrTghtorp^.a^o h HEYD?CK or to BOYD it HINCKK^, nti r 9 Toniine Buildings. 4*Sr liM.CI.AHPAi KETKOH \KW ORLEANS a*frVV? I'll kef of nth October.?The snlrndid well known Mmmmmi' " '1''1 hip NORTH CAROLINA, Captain Drum I,oil.I. ?ill Mil punctually as above, her regular day. This fine lacket has accommodations for cabin, second cabin, and steer* Ke |?u?'-uger<, far superior to any other ship sailing to the above ort The price of passage i? low, and those wishing to secure erths should not fail in making early application on board at ier foot of Jones' lane, neit Wall street, or to W Ik. J. T. TAP8COTT, it their General Passage Office, 43 Peck slip, corner South it I Who have alao regular first class inrkets sailing weekly to I .ondon, Liverpool, New Orleans, Mobile, Savannah, and Charleston. o7 B5 rol NEW ORLEANS-To sail positively .'II 12th October?The lirat tlm elegant packer ship SAfl?.I IBKl<TV, ( apt. Norton, ?.11 he ,|.s|?sfched a* Iwive h>'r regular day. She haa unsurpassed accommodations ?r cabin, second cabin, mil steerage passengers, who will oe *ken at a moderate rate by applying on hoard the snip at ier lotilf l' .> i> \t aftl u .. njtar Wall .1 vi 9u vv/nn nxiiwiimi'i ? wt"" **> ~? * ?- ?? .> ? Ill I -rn- .?J I m~-~rnmm AMI si Ml NTS A i? i ?: * ' \ l? <). :k . R A V E I- f A M I L V Third aicht of the rilniinlinwt romic pantomime of th* COMI'h'lil'S OIET. ruin KVEN1NO, OctolMT 7^ tli' I^rforwuc* will commme with the )>?rtur? to Ouatarua Aaber To Im followed by th* ballet ixuituminM of M. DM HA LI' M r'.AIT. M Laronce, lr?n Jarelli | Julw Antuui# Kara! r'*'"i Krancoiae Karri I \1 Dechalumaau. J Harai Uoquii.M Oaliriel Karal | Jnijuaa. CWfc M lla Oltrer Jerome Rare! < outote C W Hant Half an l.our'? iniermiaaion will he allowed for promanada and refreahmenta in the (ir^ii.l Saloon. Whara Ice t'reaina trail Ieea. -.urt l< of Ow eh* cat kind, audio gr-at Wfe-t v< will he found To be follow art by lid timr) the NF.WCOMH PANTOMIME!: Entitled the CONJUROR'S OIET Don Panehio Jrroma Rarrl Caral.ero Grinaldo Antoine Havel I olorao Gabriel Karri Leon Karri Caruboi Joaeph Karri F io| I1 raucoi* llartl Turtle Maaaatti Klvma M'me Leon Jarrlli Myrrha Mra. C. W. Hunt In future tha Performance will cobmmoic* at 7 o'aUck >r?cia?ly. tfj^A ttrict Police will be in attendance, and *reat car* la i?i to prerent the admiaiion of improper penoua. (TV"Ti^kru Fifty ('ejita. May be had at the Garden during he day. (T7* A limited number of Seaaon Ticketa will ba <h* meed of vr~^ w.? - * - uv mi i"i>i|Kiiirinriii?[ mil estaDlialiment on account oi the weather a* the Orand Entrance from Broadway to the SaJo<w. s protected, and th<- new Saloon, which is ventilated from the top and sides. ran be o|i*ned at a momt*iif'? notice. PAKK THKATRK, THIS EVKNINO Oct. 7?will be performed LONDON ASSURANCE. Sir Harcourt Courtly Mr. Placid* Dattle - - - ; Mr Wtatlir Lady (lay Spanker Mr?. Hunt Followed by Mus Julia Turubull. in La Cechuaiia After which, ADVICE ORALIS. Odhody . - Mr. Placid* ITT" Bom $1?Pit 60 rent*? Gallery 26 centa. !T?-Door, open M 7. The Curtain will rise precisely at half i??f 7 o'clock CHATHAM THKATRK. Boi?*s 25 centa. Pit 12>i cents. Notice?The Doors will open at 7. Curtain will rU* at half before S o'clock. RENOVATED AND HE-OPENED. THIS EVENING, Oct. 7th?The performance will KM; ineuce with ROMEO AND JULIET. Romeo Mr. Gmtan Juliet Mra. O. Jonaa After which THE REBEL CHIEF. Edward O'Brien Mr. Orattan Cathleen Mra. Herring HtCHKUi'S OLYMPIC THKATRK~ I'HIH EVENING, Oct. 7, 1843?'The performance will com menee with AMY LEE. Vine l<ee Mra Booth After which HAMLET TRAVESTIE. lamlet Mr Mitahal I laudiuv Mr Nickinaon | Poloniua, Grahana After which. FRIED SHO+S. Stmivel Mr. Niekiama To conclude with A DAY AFTER THE FAIR Jerry Holland Mr Sterling, Mr Everard I Polly, Mra Booth X7 Dress Circle, 50 centa?Upper Bo tea, 26 oenta?Pit, 1IK ?Private Bo???, $6? Orchestra Boies, S3. ' '" I >oors open at 6X?Curtain rite at half-peat T. CIRCUS BOWRHV AMPHITHKATRK. Boies 2S centa?Pit 12k centa. Clown, John Gosain King M < er, Mr. Nixon. Equestrian Director, Mr. Carroll. BENEFIT OF MKB GOSSIN. THIS EVEN iNG, Octob- r 7th. the performance! will commence with a EIGHT HOUSE VAVALCADE. Still Vaulting by the whole Troupe, led hy Mr. CarrolL Mra. Gosain in n Splendid F.que?t"an act. Master Washington as the Yo nil Chieftain in Training. Mr. Morgan will display Ins Tower of Bal<noe. Comic Song hy Mr. Booth. besides Horsemanship, Vaulting Tumbling, and other Eaer ci ea. by the Troupe. Spanish D?nc?, bv Mr. Garvey. "Die Aunt "ill , T G Booth, and Choru*. "DainU Jimfrotndil arolin- i." Jenkins and accom|ianlMnl" Walk iIoml John," So K a nil Chorua by the Band. "OleTareRi r," Edwanls nit t honis 1 ravaguiia 11 uices. b\ Mward* and Mas tar George. Til lie followed by RIVAL DENT'STB. 7*" Seaion Tickets for sale at '.he bo* office, price $1. nrs open at 7. First overture to commence at quarter past rerformance to commence at half past 7 precisely. o3 r ;\ MKRICAN MUSKUM. ^RIAL OAROKH, A WO FAIR. Corner of Broadway and Ann street. T. P Barnum Man agar. ARRIVAL OF GENERAL TOM THUMB, _ This smallest of Dwarfs, who is elrven year* old. twenty-five inches high, and wentlis only FIFTEEN POUNDS, has returned to nis old quarten, anu may be seen every day and eveuinC this week. DR. VALENTINE. The eccentric delineator of different chai icter. ie engaged, and will open his whole budget of comicalities. Alio, engaged lor this w eV only, Mr. 8 K. O. Nallia, BORN WITHOUT ARMS, Who will exhibit many wonderful fata, displaying the Aitqaisliing Powers with which nature has endowed him in the USE OF HIS FEET AND TOES. Mr. WM. COLE, the uneqnalled Contortionist, who exfci hits the most astounding 'eats of Claaaic Gymnastic* in the world. His educated DOG HILLY beat* all creation. Mia* ADAIR, the popular vocalist. CELESTE, the danmwa^ FEjEEMERMAII) the K<enteti wonder of the world. C IT i BRASS BAND, of twelve musicians Fancy Glaaa Blowing Baloon Ascensions, Grand < osmorama, and 604,000 CURI08T TIES. The PERPETUAL FAIR la open without mo* Charge. HOUR CHANGED.?The day Performance* Wedneeday and Saturday afternoons, at three o'clock, and every evening at quarter before8 o'clock. Day visitors admitted tame evening free. Admission to the whole 26 centa?children undar MB yearn half price. PKAJLK'M MEW YORK mWIUH, AND PICTURE GALLERY. (BroaditHiv,oppo?iU the Citv ffmil ) EXTRAORDINARY PHENOMENON. CASPER HAUSER, Half Man Half Monkey, poesMaad of lie power of speeeh, yet walka anon all-four*. Mr. C. JENKINS, the Comic Delineator. Tenor Singer, and Janjo Player, and the Southern Minstrels, will introduce a valety of Banjo Melodies and Ethiopian Extravagance* Mian Vdair, the charming songstreas. La Petite Cerito, the graenul danseuse. Performance in the I-ectur* Room to commence at qBarter to ?afternoon entertainment on Saturday at 2 o'clock. Admittance 12X cents. r?A IJUINAL. rAIJNTIJNCi pHK EMBARKATION OP"THE PILOKIM FATHER! from I)elft-Ha?en, twinteil'by Robert VV. Weir, for tS* iiiiiU of the 'apitolat Wuliuntoii, will be gjw for exhibition )ctob?r 2d, for a ?h"rt time only, at the National Academy of )eaigiit Broadway corner of Leonard atreet. Admittance 2} cent*. Heaaon Ticket* 30 centa. Catalogs** 2k renin. Ol>eii from 9 a. m. to 10 p. m. a3) iw'n ~i<)N( c.RT OK HUJNORA CASTELLAfTwTth Italian. -> Knitlith. Krench and ttpnniah annua, and accompaniment by h* whole orrheatra, will positively take place, in toe great hall f Waahinetoii Hotel, on roe* day evening. Oct. 10, 1(43. I.e?iler of the orcheatra Mr. M. C. Timm. Particalan in tha roKmnmea. Tickets 91 each, to be had at the mnaic atoraa, hoteta, and at he door. < 'onrert to commence at eight o'clock. oi ?t*r LI R. W. V. WALLACE tieijs to acquaint hii friend* and die public that he will ?i?ea (irand Vocal and Inatrna nentaH oncert, alter Iiii return from Boston^ on Tueaday tha 7ih inat., at the Apollo Saloon. Broadway, united by Maaatna ?iit on nnd other eminent talent, which will be duly announced. o7 eod 2tr MADAME SUTTON, PROWH80R OK SINOINU, M Varick street, St. Johna' Park. al5 Jm'r ITALIAN 'MUSIC.?MR. M A N NIN < *, (twenty years raai dent in Naplea,) pupil of Pacini and Ci*ac*ntini. give* initructiona on terma to auit the time*, in Italian Krench, aad t'ngliah singing, and in the moat faahionable ityle of piano Torte playing. Mr. m. haa permission to refer to the following ?entlem*n>? J. m. Wainwright. d. d.; Menn Howlajid It a spin wall: j. k. Schroder. d. D.; Mr. J. T. Brigham: k. l Hawks*. d. d i Mr. 8. Ward. Mr. M. reaid> a at 210}{ lludsou street. n>?r Hpriog iL nl Im'f MUSIC. IOSKPH KAMMERF.K, professor ol music, rserectfelly ?' announces to hit patrona mid the public in general, that he h'l r?mo??d from V> C rot by to 1*1 Laurena atreet, whan* all orders for his Cotillion Band, to Witt on parties. etc . in or oat of town, will lie thaukfullv received and promptly attended to. I ?nlers for J. K will alao be received at Mr. W. Duboia' muaie ?ti>re, 2H Broadwai. ot lm*f DI8BHOWS RIPINO SCHOOL, 408 BOWF.RV. \,f It. D. baa the honor to announce that his School i* opea tat vl the re<*?ption of pnpila. daily. Sumiara excepted . nr Ladies, Irom 9 A. M. to I *. M. I> rGentlemen, from 7 to 9 A. M., ami J to 7 P. M. rfi. My traineil and ouiet horaea for the road or parade, ' ' , >r t?s i?s and particular* apply aa abore. ?nj 1? [ PAHKKK'S DA.V IMI A' ADK.MV, WASH! ,() ' TON HALL. Broadway, la now oneii for the seaaou' here the moat faahionable > and waltxea will be taught liote entering now will have the advantage of one month's itri tuition, as the quarter does not commence until Norm, r Dava of tuition, Wedneadaya and Saturdays. Publics II take place every Monday evening, on which occasion Mr. inienila bruisingforward a new hand; leader Mr. R. M Hot i; violin, Mr O. Hoffman;clarionet, Mr ? Myers, (leader hi the Weat Point band;) trombone. Mr. Ds(sr; basso, Mr i; flute. Mr. Ferrier. Daneing to commenc at 8 o'clock and ' p^iIi irp between 12 and I. i keta for ailmn?ion .V) cents to admit gentleman and his . ?. can be obtained at the Hall. 07 jt?r rfHKKR'S DANCING ACADEMY, up town. t> ( ithth atrvet, two doors from Broadway Mr P and !.lighter wishes to nonce to the public that thev have openu Afternoon ftehool lor vomit Ladie? and Boy?, from 4 to I lie youm' La?n<*? and Rny? eiasaet to he raofht eparateJy. <rwi advantage to both claaaes will be in practising their 'dancea t< tether. A renew day once rh, for the imreii't to m* the nrogreaa of their children. ? of tuition, Mondays and Thursdays at 4 o'clock. : vu __ TIVOLI SALOON. 'I P. DF.NMAN respectfully begs to announce to his na meroua friends and patrona. that he baa once more taken >ve place, ami intemls living -in ofenin?j(invitanon) ball. I. ?l?y evening,! >rt. nun,toipe ronunuto uuri-| ina mton , to he Ih.I it Collier'., Merrhanta kichante, Mr. La. I'M r *! .treet; Cnafom Hou?e Exchange; Pn,?', Ho.rr'? Terrapin Lunch; rhenn < o(ft* Honae. and at th* 'lKT ?The Saloon, for balla, partiea, public dinnan. "Vommittee Roomi.on reasonable terma. jth IOth 31* r OAtrays. TAHLE CUTLERY, *c. /. 8PIK.8 Si CO. Ill Pearl itrecL are now opening ail ?k> of new and eWaUt ntteru* of Tea Tray?. Mnbraoi y variety of quality, color and aixea, from eight to thip> fa. y >, >00 groaa Ivory aelt'-ctp and Suw handle Kiinea uid >, one caae new patterns Cmkv'i fine Pen Kan v.? y lm?ee i 'A ASH-??? fh..k 'n^.k^I^BHbOK!?1'7 j . W Libert j ,t.

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