Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 8, 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 8, 1843 Page 3
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Died. On Krj.lny,Sth inat.,by being thrown Item lu* wagon, Ki.norr Hioaitis. The 'riends and acquaintance!, and particularly Mechanic*' Lodge, No. 31, and the member! ol the other Lodges in tiiiacily anil vicinity, are invited to attend hit funrral, this afternoon at 4 o'clock, Irom his late residence, J53 Hunry street. i Passenger* ArrI veil. L11 kr root/?Steam ship Great Western?C Atkinson, Henry Anstice, 11 Anderson, T Arlot, Mr Armsley, Alfred Boucher, WA Booker, 8 Uoullier, Mr Bones and laily, Mr Calvert and lady, Bishop Chabrat, E F Clark, Geo Cleveland and lady, C < uuuinifhain and lidy, li A Davis, J Duraud, J I) l)u|?v, VN m Durand, Thos W Dow me. Madame Damereon, W C Drtscoll. Warren Delano jr, M Delauy, H .1 Dillon, Mr Esslou and servant, E K Fores tie, Danl Fernando, Kobt Ferriday,E Grouset, Mr* Ooodband. J Gordon, 1} A Hopely, Alfred Hu^er, ' A Hamilton, J W Harris, Rt Kev Hughes, F K Honald. Mr and Miss Harris, .) Hayden, Hicliard II <>Iuck. lleury CI Hawley, J Henry, Henry Holm''*, E Hale, A K Joseph, E havser, Duncan Kennedy, Mr Kelly, lady, child and servant, G 1" Leitcli, Desse Latte; Oliver M Lowuds. hearer of daiatclmi Miss Larlistrat, Andrew Low jr, 11 McClelland, J C Mulligan, J ^ ^JcHenry, K c Miller, A 11 Moves, E Menlove, Hobt Mure. Md'lle Montalier. VV 11 Mowry, Georee Martin, J Mure, Mks Moore, J Moorhead, A Morrison; Mr Onilby. British Vice Consul at ' hailenton, and liearer of despatches; H I atterson, W I reheu jr. Kobt Priniile, M Patterson. J M I'hinney. Mde de 1 russilla, W II Rondeau. Mrde Romance, B W Schneider. G Sanders. J S Kayinond, H Schlesitter, J W Smith and lady, J HiL-eraml, Mr Sain|i7on, JO Stanse, Edw Sal small, Mrs J W Schmidt, lleury 'rarrant, J 'l'appan and lady, 1) B 1 eniiant, B 1 honipson, Thos Oliver, lady, son, two daughters and four servants, Mrv Colt, three Misses Celt and servant, Mr Oiuik; Mr Van y.aut, U-arvr of des|iatchej; J B V arnum jr. Kobt Walker, Danl U'heeler J .1 Wornoy, J Weston and lady, Miss Wilson, A S Wellington and lady, Mrs E Williams, P C Weston, Mr Younc, lady, child and nurse. Total 135. Livv ? pool.- Packet ship Virrmian?E Dickson, Mrs DickAUU W W.l.h. W W Amlreo:. Mr.: All.... M . r. Karet StAVns. Ma'rgnrft Falconer. Sr Kitth?Brig Bunker Hill?J Gotten. Foreign Importations. Liverpool?Ship Virginian?5pkgs E M Sc J Bradbury?2H Saudi, Fox It co?? Hala B rot hern?3 J A Newhold?26 Bird, t j i II il till keen?1 G PearceScco?1 Reiss Brothers Si co?3 Camitiiii Ik Brand?I D Madden Sc son?5 T Marriott St son?3 D S \V Paul Si co? 1449 bxs tin plates 77 cs copper Phelps, Uodge Sc co?26 pkgs Richardton Sc Watson?100 ball sheet iron G VV Shields?1 hlul G B Morewood?13 pkgs Manning' Sc Young?2 .1 (lihon?5 J Raphael?3 J Leach?16 McKee Sc co?1 T Reyliolds?64 J Macy 8c son?3 K Floyd?2 T Holzouke?8 M Van < > 1st i lie Sc son?1 W S Morrison & co?I Moore Sc Baker?II R Patrick?10 Humphreys Sc Seabury, Albany?23 luglis Sc Scott ?fi Barclay St Livingston?t Adams Sc Homer, Boston?2 Smith, Thurpar Sc co?2 M G Hunt?i F H Arnold Sc co?2 Stone. Swan Sc co?4 T Tucker St co?2 B F Babcock?5 T Hunt St co?3 Wright St Brown?3 J Falconer?2 M Pierce?1 B Converse Sc co?3 Coffin, Bradley Sc co?2 J W Badgett?1 Milton Sc Slocutnh, Boston?I W Whitney?4 W T Chapman ? I Barher Brothers?4 W J Miller?500 G B Morewood?1 C M Kellogg?72 Uainer Sc co?1 Louis St co?2 R M Jessop?3 J Hnrden?3.1 R S LaKuirc?1 S Thompson?3 Paton Sc StewaJt ?2 Mariner St Mayes?1 W Haines?3 S Smith?1 Wight. Sturget St Shaw?3 Peabody, Kiggs St co?4 G A PeckSc co?j Wotrell, Wood St Ooates?2 J W C Lanahiill?1 Robert JalTray?I Thompson St co?I Cropper St co?2 G B Curtis?I J II Worral Sc son?2 W W Smith?I A L Halstead?1 Derrick Sc Blunt?5 S 'I' Jou?s Sc co?1 W B Bogart? 1 Young Sc Smith?1 G Stacy ?24 Osborn St Little?1 W Whitewright?3 Reese St son?3 E Marshall?13 R Sc 11 Haight? 1 B .1 Eyre St son?1 W W Chester?2 S Hart?4 Messenger Sc Brothers?1 R Ewillg?1 Piatt Sc Brothers?1 Bailey Sc Kitchen?2 Sheldon Sc Phelps?1 D Desturo?2 Hunt Brothers?2 W Benjamin?6L Atteruury?1 W B Bend?1 Wolfe Sc Gillespie?7 Gorton. Hodges St co?3 Nevius Sc co?I J T Dolan Sc son?30 John Ginon?II J Nicholson?5 Hughes, Ward Sc co?3 G Hastings?3 Bird Sc ' lark?II Henry Farnuin?32 J McCall?97 Tooknr, Mead Sc co?19 J S Stewart St co?13 A Mitchell?3 J Leech?2 (Jrant St Burton?13 Godfrey, Pattison St co?1 A Hunter?9 Parsons Sc co?1 Wilth.ius Sc son?2 I) Oakev St son?33 Butterfield St Fisher?9 F Tome* Scson?1 J Spawforth?2 H Dash?1 Walsh Sc Mallory?100 tons coal 43(1 sks salt R Kermit?90 pkgs to order. MARITIME HERALDr^2 Sailing Days of the Steam Slilpa. from liverpool. from america Acadia,! Ryrie Oct. 16 ii. West* n. Hosken Oct. 19 Hihernia, Judkins Oct. 4 Nor. 1 Britannia, Hewitt Oct. 19 Nov. 16 Packets to Arrive. | Packets to Sail. k110m liverpool. fob liverpool. llotlinguer, Bursley. Sept. 5 G. Washingtou,Burrows,Oct !l Montezuma, Lowber, Sept. 7 United States, Britton, Oct. 11 Roscius, Collini, .Sept. 13 Rochester, Britton, Oct. 16 from I'irttTsMot'rh. for Portsmouth. Otiebec, Mellaril, Sept. 1 Wellington.Chadwick, Oct. 10 Hend'k Hudson,Moore. Sept 10 Switzerland, Knight, Oct. 20 I'aulhea, Dennis, Sept. 20 Victoria, Morgan, Nor. 1 from havre. for havre. Kmerald. Howe, Ang. 21 Duchesse d'Orleaim, Oct. 9 Burgundy, Wotton, Sept. 1 Sully, Burrows, Oct. 1C Iowa, Lines, Sept. 8 I Iowa, Lines, Oct. 24 Ship Maiteri ana Agent*. We shall esteem it a favor, if Captains of Vessels will (rive to Commodore Robf.rt Silvey. of our News Fleet. a RePort of the Shipping left at the Port whence they sailed, tlie Vessels Silken ou their Passage, a List of their Cargo, and any Horeign N'ewspaiieri or News they may hate. He will board them immediately on their arrival. Agents and Correspondents, at home or abroad, will also confer a lavor by sending to this Office all the Marine Intelligence they can obtaiu. Nautical Information of any kind will be thankfully received. PORT OF NKW YORK, OCTOBER K, bus rues 6 5 i full moon c 20 stik sets 4 30 i hioh water i) 48 Cleared. Slops Duchesse ^'Orleans. Richardson, Havre, Wm. Whitlock, Jr; Elizabeth Frith, Pierce, New Orleans, Ladd & Lord; Auburn. Durfey, do* Stanton St Frost; Levant. Whittlesey, Savannah. II. Haviland; Luconia, Porter. Charleston, I). H. Kotiirlsun.?Barques Charlotte, (Bn-m) Wehmann, Bremen, K. Noltenitis St I'avenstedt; Lion, Skolneld, Apalachirola, Nesinith, Ijfeds St Co.? Brigs M tpoiin, Williams, Cadiz, master; Dorothea, (Prus) Oehm, Stettin, Wm.Weisser; .Kolut, Haley, Porto II ico, Dunsconib Si Bcrkwith: Kagle. (Br) Hart, St. Johns, NK. J. St G. Laurie; (i. II. Wright, Cutis, Wilmington, NC. Iirett St Vow.?Si hrs Ilurd, Niikerson, Curacoa, Foster St Nickerson; Navarino. Gage, Deinerara, by the same; Patum-nt, < lark, Mstanzas, Reed St Hoppock; Pacific,???, Fraaklin, La. J. IVck; Canton, Staples, and Imperial, Rem I, baro n, Ga. R. M. Deinill; Sarah, I-urguson, Newbeni, NC. M. 1'latt; Lady Clinton, Cramer, and Andrew Brown, 1 urner, Hii liniond, A. B. Cooley St Co; Juliette, Woglam. Petersburg, .1. Ogden; Maria, Hopkins. Baltimore, Johnson St Lowdeii; Mogul, Salsbury, Norfolk, Nrsinith, Leeds St Co. Ship Mary Frances, Hubbard, for Mobile; barque Whilton, < urtis. for Bahia, and bug Philip Houe, Perry, for Valparaiso, all cleared on Friday. Arrived. Steam ship Great Western, Hosken, from Liverpool, Sept. 23, autli tmlse, to R. Irvin. Passed Liverpool'Docks at 11 a. m. 2td Sept. and Sandy Hook before 10 a. m. 7th Oct.; a strong N W. wind the last two days. Packet <sl>ip Virginian, Allen, from Liverpool, Sept. I, with indsr. to R. Hermit. I irk* Bunker Hill, Sheffield, 23 days from St. Kitts, with 221 goat skins 2 hlids molasses 1 bbl tamarinds 1 do copper 1 bos sweetmeats to master. British brig Active, Leslie, 17 days from Sydney, CB. with 180 chaldrons coal to A. Rvnock. Rriti?h brig Mercator, Davidson, 11 days from Windsor, NS. with plas'er. Brig I'ai id Duffel, Williams, f! days from Wilmington, NC. w ith naval stores, to E. S. Poweli. Srhr Ann Hyman. Totten, 3 days from Newbeni, NC. with ii \ hI stop's, to De Peyster St Whitmarsh. Srhr Julia Nancy, henfltsou, I days from Newbeni, NC.with naval ilMh to master. Srhr St. Pierre, Osgood, <i days from Newbern, NC. with naval stores, to M. Piatt. Schr Martin L. Smith, Wilson, from Richmond, with coal, lo master. Schr Garden, Hamer, i days from Baltimore, will) iron, to master. Schr Brave, Post, 3 days from Virginia, with wood, to the master. Schr John Lozier, Goslin, 3 days from Virgiuia, with wood, tO master. Sloop Ornament, Oaks, 2 days from Providence, with mdse, to master. Ligh'er sloop Betsey Furtnan, from the wreck of ship Davenport from Liverpool, ashore at Indian River. Wind E. blowing fresh. Herald Marine Correspondence. Office of the Rhode Islander,) Newport. Oct. ti. 1813. \ \tr 5th, Y antic, llt-mfolt, N Y ork for Fall River; Hero. 8|x-llman. Pre* idence for Albanyt Hamlet, Tuttle, do for NYoik; Yankee, < base, Kali River for do. Sid Cora, Demerara; Anawon. Mobile. All tbe vessels reported as sailed 4ill, returned same night. tth?A large portion of the (leet now ill port, bound W, are getting under way at 8 a m?wind WNW, and moderate. Ueneral Kcrortl. Bmu KrroRT, Koopman, from New York bound to Por, I.eon, witli a full cargo of merchandise, while laying at Una. rantine, took fire in her cabin about half-past fire o'clock Saturday morning, sad wax burnt down to the water's edge. Boats from tin'shore went to her assistance, and the steamer Wave towed her ashore on Lour Island. Whilst about twenty tnen were engaged throw ing water upon the flames, some combusti. ble matter on board the brig suddenly exploded; the shock was so great as to throw several of the men overboard, injuring them very severely, but fortunately no lives were lost. ("apt. Koopman and lady saved nothing but what they stood in at the time of the lire. The cargo consisted mostly of groceries and dry goods, and was iusured for$l2,U0Q in this city, and $3,000 in one of the New Jersey offices. The vessel is insured in Boston for SD.000. Part of the cargo will probably be saved, as lighters were alongside using every effort to do so. The only passengers were Mrs. Koopmau. (thecaptain's wife)and T. B. Nathan, the owner of part of the cargo. The explosion was caused by some spirits on hoard. Capt. James Bennett, of Fort Hamilton, J. McOee mil J. Hilva, both of Staten Island, were seriously injured; a few others were slightly hurt. Packet ship Oeo. Washington, Burrows, for Liverpool, has lieeu detained by the weather. Her letter bags art at Oil1 pin's, in the F.xchange. , "hit Wahkiiam.?Our inquiry re?|>ectiiitr this vessel ha* elicited the following from the Baltimore Patriot. The information it imp>rtr will tend to relieve the fears of aeveral person* tn this oitv, as to her whereabout*:?" The report of the loss of the ship Wareham, we are credibly informed, is a mistake. She was offered for sale last March, iu- (Juaya<|uil. Letters have alio been received from the i-jiit mi in June last." Hun; M\i>nm, Lytle, at Philadelphia from Trinidad, came into the <'apes on tbe 2d inst?on the 3d, while at anchor i eir the Brand} w ine, the wind at N W. parted the small bower chain, and on the tth. parted from the best bower, losing both anchors, t. k<"ther with GO fathoms chain. ToraVi.v Lost.?Fishing schrs Branch, and Henrietta, both >f Gloucester, went ashore in the Jate gale, in the Bay of St. I.twrence and were totally lost. Tbe crewi of both vessels .. ... .....I \V.. I. .A ,1 .....I.. .... shore at the mim' rnrooL, Sept. ! )?Thf Margaret, from Bristol Tor Wne. lee, was abandoned at ten, in a sinking state; crew taken on liy tlie Cambria, from Quebec for Whitenaven. and transferred to the Kleanor, from Quebec, arrivr.l yesterday at Beaumaris. Whalemen. K rancc* Henrietta, of New Bedford, spoken Sept 7, lal 30, Ion 26. , Spoken. Kranafca, (Kf) of Paimpof, ?i?nali*ed no date, lat 42 10, Ion :iH?1>\ the <Jr?nt Western, at tills port. Shaw, (llr)of anil from Maryport for Quebec, out '22 d?y?, 1.i iii,i. lat IX, Ion 17 20?by the same. I'lehrian, "I I liomaston, st'Trin* NNK. titli iust. lat 40 10, Ion ft>?>>y the same. . . , ..... Mir) Ann. Hoy, London for Halifax, Sept 17, lat 47, Ion II. J,noes II Shepherd, London for New Orleans, no date, lal 30, Ion H W* lupiter, Havre for Boston, Sept 2, lat 46. Ion 24. I'l\ inotitli, Kuller, Liverpool for Boston, Aiik 20, lal 45 N, l?u 21. Wm Ryan, of Boston, Inly 20, lat 1 S, Ion 20 W. Louisa. C nil* for Portland, Aiitf 30, lat 36, Ion II. Olympia, Havre lor NOrleans, Hept I, Ion II. Koi*elK? Fori*. AMSTranaM, Sept 2?Hid Kalconer, Collins, NYork?(was M Niw Dieppe 7th, to Mil ne*l morning.) Hk'mi k, Sept l??Arr Atlantic Urai?'. NYork. |lHoAn*r?iKs.fait *1?Pn?scd inwards, an American ship m , ill a black hall painted on mainsail, in tow of a steam tng. I nnvAi x, Sept 16?Arr Massachnscttf. Wilson, Virginia; I ill, l-.ulalia, Tliore, and Sully, Kirhar, NOrleans Corh, Sept 16?Sid America, Holme,, Portsmouth, under jurymiut. CuiHAVKN, Sept IS?Arr Medea, l'r*U, Balua; 17tll, Crosby, May, London: (ieontiaua, Andersou, Rio Janeiro. I'udc, Sept 19?Sid Pardonuet, r oote. N Orleans ( Hu.mtiut, Sept ??Arr Florence. Leach, NYoik: (ieuev.i, Coffin, Mitiu/.I?; Middlesex (fro/.ier, Boston; 'till Thetis. Altkeii, Charleston; 10th, Klua, FentUSOU, do. CoNiTANTINOel.K, Aug iitt?Arr Oluo, Sangstsr, Malaga, aint >ld 29th for Kertch. Dual, Sept 21?Arr aud proceeded for the n?er, Ilulto Adimi, frotn New Orleans ( mne do wn and ,ld, Neptune, I each, do. Passed byLConstitution, Roihfos. Bremen for do. Arr IBth, Albion, Huldt, NVork for Stockholm. Sid Brooklyn, Richardson, NVork. DuNiiKNK??, Sept 19? OH, Francis Siautou, Lefivor, Baltimore for Rotterdam. Elsinob*:, Sept 8?In (ion, Wallace. Cuuuingham, from Cronstadt for Boston, detainud by stronit head winds Falmouth, Sept 15?Off, Charlotte, (itsser, New Yosk for Hamburg. IIavio., Sejit 2??Arr Rhone, Johuston, and Ville de L/oii, Stoddard, NYorki 18th, Persian, NewOrleaiu Sid 16th, Baltimore, l-unck, N^ork; 19th, Ocean, Willard, do. Hixvoet, Sept ib?Oft port, Tennessee, Wise, from New Orleans. itlb ok Wight, Sept IB?Ofl, Alabama, Merrill, Bremen for ApalachieoU. jkri.mik, Sept 211?In port, Jacob Story, liurd, from Bostou, just arr; Kllen Prrkins, f enslev, N York, uisg. I.ivkkpooi, Sept 19?Arr Kspindola, Barstow, New Orleans; Sea Biru, I, i^uila'vi i d* Sid Hogirth, Redman, do. Vllrl,?Ml.l k'unniu, l.-...h~. VV.,rb 21st?Arr Ariel, Hohinsou, Alexandria. tM?CId and ready fur sea, im i, Buckley, Snv.inn.ili; Auues, Lambert, Trinidad. Loading, Susan K Howell, Bailey. BallitiMre; Gov Davit, Neef; Bristol, Hoyt.and Kuphrasi.i, Buutin, Boston; Catharine Kmzer, Fish, Bristol, HI; I'ortland. Stalker, Charleston; Bnt.umw, Lock, Galveston, Texas; Clinton. Hartley; Win hli/.alieth, Pilcher; Kleanor, M'Phersun; Oakland, Berry; Sir I'. Campbell, Pentecost; Champion, Cochran, and Kvenini; Star, Ijreen, NewOrleani; Joseph ('una d. Kidd; Independence, Nye; Hy Bliss, Cuinminics, anu Salem, lliern, NVoik; Boltuu Abbey, Mason. Philadelphia. London, Sept 21?( Id Constellation. Jackson; 20th, entered inward, ltob Hoy, Marsh, VirKiuia; 19th, outward,Troy, llills, NV'ork Nkwport, Sept 21?Sid New York I'acket, llos&ack, Grenada. Portsmouth. Sept 21?Arr Westminster, Tlovey. NV'ork, and sld for London; I'anlltea, Dennis. Loudou, and sld for New York. Sld 20th, Cato, Palmer, NYork Portland, Sept ii?Oft', Lady Arabella, Siiiipsou,Baltimore lor Hotturdam. Palkhmo, Auk 2i>?Arr Carolina, Circchuo, New York; 21st, David Banks, Solby, Messina; 19th, Anouuuo, Costa, NYork and Naples. Kioa, Sept 9?Arr Steinlit/.. Tansen, Lisbon. Siiiki.db, Sept 16?Arr Mexico, Copeland, Hotterilam. Tkxki., Sept l.'??Arr Merchant, Murphy, Baltimore. Trinidad de Cuiia. Sept IB?In port, Malaict, Colburn, Cm and I'or Bostod, ldu, to sail in 4 or i days; tCmeiiiie, Jordan, lor Philadelphia. Sld lith, Madeline, Shaukland, Bremen. Lake Port*. Clkvkland, Oct 2?Arr Lodi, Tubbs, Buffalo; Alineda, McBride, St Catherines. Cld Burliimtoii, Sims, and Owaniinfah. Montgomery, Bulfalo; Pilot, Hector, Detroit; Luanda, 'ields, Kingston. iiome ron?. Gardiner, Sept 30?SldiOrient, Smith, and Margaret, Houdlette, Havana. Bath, Oct 1?Arr Bord'aux, Smith, Now York; 4th, Oscar, Wait, Bermuda. Portland, Oct 4?(.Id Sarah, Kimball,NYork. Sid Joseph, Portcf Kicu; U S brig Appreutice, Moore, oil a cruise. Portsmouth, Oct 3?Below, Clara, Penhallow, from Cadiz. Newbi.'HYPORT, Oct 5?Arr Ferax, Knapp.NOrleans; Baltic, Pike. St Thomas; Florence, Kowler, Nova Snolia; All .hum, Snowman, NYork. Boston, Octti?Arr Gauges, Horn, and Mary Augusta, Farnham, Philadelphia', Corvo. Crockett, N York; Chatham, Davis, and Baltimore, Crowell, Baltimore; Outeaie, Jenkins, Jereinie. ('Id Loicau, Woodbury, East Indie,; Falco, < artrr, < icufuegoii; Watchman, Hopkins, St Johns, PK; Choctaw, Chase, Savannah; Litchfield, Deusou, Norfolk, City Point and ltichinoiid; Alinira, Parker, NY'ork. Plymoui h, Oct 1?Air Equity, Soule, Virginia. Holmes Hulk, Oct I?Arr Mail, Nichols, from New York for Boston. Eno??'town, Oct 4?Arr Fortune, Smith, from New York for Boston. Providence, Oct 5?Arr L?wis Snicer, Mott, llaiipahannock; Wm Young, Adams, Philadelphia. Sailed, wind N\V. Arrival, Jane; Proof Glass, Blydenburg; Hamlet, Tuttle, and Empire, Dayton, NYork. Sailed ou Wednesday evening, Providence, Brown, NY'ork. Nr.w Haven, Oct 6?Arr New Haven, Downs, Barbadoes; Planet, Seely, Albany. Sid Lady Washington, Thomas, do; President, F risbie, NY'ork. Ai.hany, Octti?Arr Moselle, Stannard, New Haven; Herald, Scudder, Boston; Erie, Gibbs, New Bedrord. Sid Clarion. Coleman, Boston; Prudent, Nickersou, Nantucket. Philadelphia, Oct 7?Arr .Madrid, Little, Trinidad de Cuba; Sylph, Nickersou, Boston; Surveyor, llouck; iKobert Morris, Buckaloo, and Pennsylvania,'Hinson, New Haven; St Helena, Milliken, Belfast; David Belknap. Marble, New Y'ork. Cld Stephen Baldwin, Glidden, Port Spain. Trin; Richmond, Kilborn; Lucy. Hemick, and Pomfret, Spoiling, Boston; Mary Si Eliza, Bailey, NY'ork; Squire St Brothers, Steeltnau, Wilmington, NC. Norfolk, Oct ft?Arr Mary Jane, McMath, NY'ork; President. Miller, Providence; Abbalhula, Kelly, Portland. Sid Julia, Basento, Cadiz. Richmond, Oct 4?Sid Hope W Gandy. Gandy, New Y'ork. Savannah, Oct 3? Arr Georgiaua, Bedell, NYork Apalachicola, Sept 23?Arr Florida, Crocker, NYork. "POUND?A WALLET, which will be returned to the right" ful owner by giving a pro|>er description of it and its i ontents, and by paying for this advertisement. Address to O. P. (i., at this office. u8 3tec AylASONlC NOTICE.? Mechanic Lodge No. 31 invites the officers and members of their sister Lndges. and the regular members of the Masonic Fraternity, to attend the funeral of the past Master Elliott Higgins, on Sunday afternoon. The procession will lie formed at the Lodge Koomi, at Warren Hall, Oliver street, at 3 o'clock. Every brother is requested to be provided with the prescribed regalia of the order. oB It*r 0NTAKIO BANK DIVIDEND.?Twenty per cent on the capital stoc* of this Bank will be paid to the Stockholders on the 1st day of November next, out of the surplus profits of the office at Canandaigua, in lieu of the ordinary semi-annual dividend due on that day. Stockholders who reside at the Ea.-t will be paid at the Mechanics'Bank in the City of New Y'orW. Albany Stockholders will be paid at the Albany City Bank. Stockholders residing iti Uticawill be (laid at the Branch in Utica. Stockholders west of Utica at the Banking House iu Canandaigua. The transfer books will lie closed on the 21st instant for ten days. By order of the Piesidi utaud Directors, H. B. (ilBSON, Cashier. Canandaigua, Oct. 5, 1813. oil to N 1 r I'KK.VUUM SOKA BhDSlEADS N" Mc(iRAW'S PATENT EXTENSION SOFA.?This article is so well kuowu to the public, and Us advantages have been so iucontestibly proved, that the inventor deems it Unnecessary to make further comment. He would, however, beg leave to refer to the few following highly respectable gentlemen w ho have these solas now in use, as to their convenience and utility :? Kx-President Van Buren, Kiudeihook, N. Y. James R. Whiting, District Attorney, do. Hon. C. C. Cambreleug, do. Hon. Seuator Preston, S C. Sini'l Ward, Esq., firm of Prime, Ward Si King, N. Y. Brown, Brotners St Co. do. Col. Crosby, do. llev. Dr Nott, Sc.ieuectady, do. A thousand more names could be given of g'-ntlenien and ladi-s of the first r>-s|iectabiiity if it were necessary; but it needs only to lie seen to be its own best recommendation. All |iersoiu wishing to purchase sofas, sofa bedsteads, reclining office or rocking chairs, are respectfully invited to call at 463 Broadway, second door above Grand street. N. B. The above sofa has been awarded, as premiums, at the various Fairs where it has been exhibited, one >;old medal, three silver medal* :oul f, !,.>>,? jut R*auIi> .1 above (irand street. 08 lin'iu ' OHO\NS. HENRY ERBEN informs ihe public that he continues to manufacture < ligniis at the old establishment,'72 Centre street. He oilers for sale the follow 11,g Organs : One Gothic cased Org.111, II stops, W illi .1 swell mil |?*iJ il litss; dimensions. 15 feet hi?h, 7 feet 9 inches w ide, 6 le>-t l? inches deep. One Swell Ort.Mii, 10 feet fi inches Kith, i> feet ti inches wide, and 3 feet 9 inches dee|. One Swell Orf ui, of *J feet i inches riigh, 6 feet wide, and !1 feet 6 inches deep. A Chapel O'gau of 5 stop?, 8 feet 7 inches high, 5 feet 4 inches w ide, and :i feet deep. An elegant l'arlor Organ. Also, asm ill Parlor Organ. A second hind Church Organ, 9 leet high, J feet 6 inches wide, and 3 feet deep. A second hind l'arlor Org an. A rosewood Saraphine. The ahore organs vary in price from $22'> to S900. HENKV erben, 16 6t*f Ceutre >t, heail ol Canal street. T (I, OK O K. CELEBRATION.?The members or the Order generally-, are invited to attend the Celebration which will t ike place at Tarrytown, on Monday, the Uth of October, and for their better accommodation the steamboat COLUMBUS, Captain W. 11. Kr?iee, will be in readiness and proceed as follows: leaving loot of Clinton street at l1*, foot of Kulton street, Brooklyn l\i, foot of Chamber* street, N. Y., at 8 o'clock, touching at foot of Canal street, and leave foot of Hammond street at 8SJ, thence proceeding directly to Tarrytown. Kale M cents the trip. P. 11. LANK. No. .'181 GEO. W. KORDHAM, 10 > Committee. JAS. M. KLANDRK.AU. 2:tJ The Marshals will report their respective Lodges to the Deputy Orand Marshal, on their arrival at the boat. 06 3tis*ec BUSINESS IS BTTSTNESS.-Tliererore if you w r.h a share ol it you must circulate your cards and handbills freely.? To do this in an economical way, call ou KtlLtihK St SUTTON, at the oflica of the Locomotive I'rintiug Engine, 113 John street, near Pearl, wh?re you can have all kinds of Job Printing done in the first style, at the lowest cash prices, and no disappointment. I ,1 r 11 s printed .it one hour's notice if required. ol Im'r UOHSALK CHEAP?Acnmplete Printing Office, calculated " lor a imall daily o_i^a weekly newspaper, consisting of Brevier, jmiiiiou, rancy l yi*-, Imposing stone, t un, f ram**. Sic., he., all nearly new Inquire of JAMKS CONNER, ?9r Comer of Nassau anil Ann ?treet? VALENTINE has removed his K.ngraving ami Printing " Establishment from John street, to So. I Beekman sireet, (Lovejoy's Hotel,) opposite the Brick Church, New York.? Wedding, Visiting, Invitation, and Professional Cards exe cnteil in the first style of the art, an regards the superiority of the engraving, neatness of the priuting, and the whiteness and brilliancy ol trie cards. Persons furnishing their own card plates,can have them printed on the most approved and f.uhioukbit style of cards, ii prices to suit the times. The Ladies and Gentlemen of New York, Brooklyn, and the adjoining cities and towns, are respectfnlly invited to call and examine the s|>ecimeu books, and Irom a variety of pattern cards select, to their tasfe. *2'l I in * r L 1UKONTO, A KTIST, in Alabaster. Marble, Scagliola, &p., from Italy -ia.R*spectfully invites the gentry, the inhabitants, shopkeepers. Bazaars, country dealers and the public in general, to see his Museum of Arts, No. Ii:l Orchard street, (between Grand anil Division streets,) which is now open for inspection, with a splendid assortment of Italian and Knglish oriiaments in Alabaster, black marble, spar, ngatn, yellow stone, stalactite, red anil various other marbles, verde ill prato, granite, lie., Itc. consisting of various si/.es of groups, figures, busts,, Ilelie ewers, Ktrasiian vases, candlesticks, tnpers, pen trays, ink stands, watch cases, clock stands, time pieces, spill i<ots, ums, anti<|iie lamps, shell lases, oval vases, bottles, groups and single does, tables, tloreutine baskets, bulls, cows, lions, broaches, necklaces, obelisks, bell vases, goxznl v vases, ring v.ises, pa pur weights, ring stands, card hoses, sinitl boxes, birds nests, ami ?ntus, paintings of Mount Vesuvius, of Naples; books on conchology, mineralogy, geology, marine botanist, Sic. he. Price of articles from cents to $100. Cleaning and repairing of every description oil moderate terms. Admission free. s30 fiw* r HALLEIfOE TO THK WORLD. WHKRLA8 certain interfAted individuals have endeavored i i 1 i K t,n!# to * * quality of our tobacco, ?u Jf*iTT J n unc".,p anc^ dishonorable infant to drive iu fr?>in the ii'MU ol comiH?titioii? we do now, rtflyniK upon the nuneri* ?"ty of our manufacture over any other of the aim* kind in the conn try, or in the world, clnllmue comparison with any i|teciment ol h inf Cut Chewing Tobacco, Mm.ff?L and all the varieties of smoking 1 obacco, at the coinm* Fair oh he American Institute. We are induced to this course injustice to oofielves as well that the public may have an opportunity to exercise their own judgments, in regard to the respective merits of an article of very general conwmntion. it.i. iu. mini lair anu aatmiaetory modi- of nettling ill- <|u?tion of luprrionty; and are willing to rcat our cl*im? to public patrnnaK* on whatever deeiiion that may be awarded in the premises. JOHN ANDKU80N * no., .>7 (.I "jn No. 2 Wall ?t, 213 and 215 Dntn? ?t. rpO THE LOVERS OK SUPERIOR BLACK TEA.? 1 How<|itn'? MUWrf.?Thi? e*tremely delicious and nniaralleil Tea, no highly relebratwl in China and Enropr, juit imported, is now for sale at the Canton Tea Company'i (Jeneral Tea Establishment, 111 Chathim strict, New VorN, and lit' K niton street, Brooklyn?in pnfKatrei- Friee io cents and |l aeh. ?* lm*r BUCKWHEAT KLOUR? Nfw Uuckwiieat, Kutnilv Hour l ori anil Hve Hour, hi harreis, halfbarrels, and luarteia, suitable for shipping or lamilv nse Kor sale by o72t*r HOLT li O iVEN, From-i. C^VMI-rt.v OIL?llfbbM utor OilTfot Mlf In J olli E. K COLLINS k CO., M Scuili ?l. BEACON COURSE-TROTTING. \ i^'*^ I K ' , I '!. Turne $50?mil" he*t??heii ihire in fi\<*?uud?r tue jailM? free for horse* never trott <1 fur money. H. Woodiuff enters ti m Harah. < Jen Spicer e?ter? li ii Similiter. S. Mcl.authliii voters Ii iii l.ady Toinpkiui. After which, a |>urse of <30, for men (o walk, will be given to the Item walkrr -nule heats- three or more to make a race? entrance S'.l, to be made at the Course at I o'clock. . i i.....i.. _r.. ?-< i i , nets?free lor ho rat's* never won a purse. H. McLaughlin enter* b in Lady Tompkins. II. Jones enters <'li g Cinciuuatus. (ieo. Spicer enters i) g Stranger. (ieo. V andeiihurgh enters b g Win. Tell. I WF.DNKSDA V, Oct lltii, at I o'clock precisely. Purse $75?two mile heals?under the saddle?free for horses I never Won a liurse over $311. 1 Win. Whelm enters h g (ieo. Washington. 1 H. Woodruff enters b in Sarah. 1 (ieo Spicer enters b g Stranger. (ieo. Vaudenburgh enters b g Win. Tell. C. Carman enters John Anderson. After which, a match for $i(JU?two mile lewis?in wagons? between ? C. I'erliin*'? br m Isadora, and , Win. Whelan'i i> g Fall >n, Immediately ifter. purse $ot>?mile heats?best three in live? in wagons?fiee for noises never won a | uise C, Carman ente's ti m Lady Wiggins. D. Abbott enters b in Noith Star. I S. VeLaughlin enters b m Lady Tompkins. H. Joiios enters bit Bla' k Bird. Geo Spicer enters b sj Stranger. Persons having entered horses forthe above purses will please be on the ground in time, a* the horses will be called up pre- ! cisely at trie time advertised. o7 3t*r ?fl K"ll SALK?A pair of bright bay CARHIA(iK X^VMIOltSKS, Iti to 17 Wilds high, warranted only five il^2_A-ainl six years old, sound in all res|>erts kind in sing! t 1 anil double luniess and uuder the saddle, ami of superior style aud action, belonging to a private gentleman iu the country,at J are. worthy of the att"iilion of any one desiring a good Pair cf horses. They may be seen tor live or six days, on .ipplic.iin j at TATTKRSALL'S, Broadway, N. Y i 06 #tt FOR SALE OR TO RENT?Th? Milk, with 11 or 15 rim of stoues, with all of its extensive ma hiiiery, situated neir two miles from New ltoclielle, WestchesterCounty, and State of New York, aud iu imineilitte proximitv to the city of New York, now ill oriier for an extensive business iu Hour, mid can grind and pack 100 to 150 barrels j each day, or could lie most advantageously employed for any other pur|K>se which might require extensive water oower. The 1 reputation for the past thirty-live years en'oyed by the Premium Mills, and their proximity to New York, with the facility of 1 transportation afforded immediately adjacent, by way of the 1 navigation direct f the Mills from any port, render the facilities lor business uuexcet tionable to those desiring such an establishment. Apply to HKNRY I'ATKIDGfc KELLOGG. 1*-s>1 , New Uoctielle, N. Y., Kelloggsville, or to SILAS nwuu, r.sq., ? or ail street, new lorn. New Rochelle, August 23, 1813 ofiiitr r? I! Vl S?H AL!. K A s i 110 N s7 Tsi 3.?The subscriber jpk inuGiH ihcoccasion pmMM by thi (all ehiui in the fashion <if hats, to invito his friends. customers and th? public in general, to his Kstablishments, No. 130 Chatham street, anil 94 Canal, corner of Wooster streets, where he offers Tor sale anil inspection a large and elegant assortment of Hat* and Caps, at extremely low prices, lie particularly invites their attention to his line Nutria Kur Hats, at S3, warranted water proof, and to retain their color anil shape lie woul d also call their atten tion to his short napl Silk llats. at. $2 23 and $2 40. Also, Ins sii|ierfiue Moleskin Hats, it the low price ol S3. The abovementioned llats are ueat and durable, and " i. compare advantageously with hats swld iu this citv at ?'<am. S<WILLIAM BANTA, No. 130 Chatham st., and 94 (/anal, cor. Wooster it. s2 5w(twis)*m >^^LAL)ItS' AND MISSEIS' SHOES. CIIKAPKR T1IAN KVKIt. A P \\^ LKER'S OLD STAND, 419 Broadway, where may be fi uud a complete assortment of all the different kinds, colors, sorts and sizes, for ladies, misses and children, (jailers. Hoots, Buskins, Slippers, and walking shoes. Also, India Klibbers and Moccasins,and water proof over shoes of the latest style and fashion; ladies', misses' and children's Gaitrrs of all kinds and colors, in the greatest style and variety, ol all si/."s and suited to_all tastes; gentlemen's, boys' a>.d children's boots aud shoes, of French and native calf, c arse and fine, iu all their variety, ready made or made to order, at the shortest notice. Gentlemen's overshoes, and an innumerable assortment of other goods, at WALKER'S, 419 Broadway, corner of Canal st. N. B.?Heads of families, by patronizing this est iblislunent, will find a saving of 25 to 30 |>er cent. o2 lm*ec ~PARIS BOOTSXNDTA.8T8~MADE TO ORDER, By E. 16U S E 11, 175 Bromlway, (Basement.) One door from Courtlaudt street. E., Bootmaker, and Maker of Lasts, an Klve" of Clerceof 1'aris, begs leave to inform his friends and all the amateurs of a gentlemanly "chaussure," , that he can now make, in New York, with the best Kreuch materials, all that is so lierfect I y made in I'aris by his master, the 1 celebrated Bootmaker Clerce, whose numerous customers on this side of the Atlantic aie rei|iectlully invited to try Suser's I Boots and Lasis, before they despair of lieing " chanssea" 111 New York, after the nicest latest raris fashion. Also, the Kenuine Paris Jet Black Varnish sold. sl7 lm'ec j HAVK YOU It MONKY. I J*?* FALL AND WINTER BOOTS, 7i per rent I cheaper thin at any other establishment in tlie city. Call, examine, and be convinced of the facts, that you can gel ] the very best quality of boots, with everlasting patent soles on, made to your orders at the very low price of live dollars and (if- 1 ty cents per pair ; the same quality of boots are selling at other establishments at from $7 50 to SB. Call at GUBUERLKY & M1CKELL. s12 1m*m 127 William sr., N. Y. BOOTS AND S11oi-Ts7-wiLsotTlTjoTTST SUS, Successors to John Mulchings, deceased, have on i.and and for sale, from the best manufactories in the couutry? 100 Cases Coarse Sewed and Pegged Boots, men and boys. 100 4t Fine ** " 1000 Tair Morocco Buskins. 1000 " I.adies' Fine .slippers. SOimi " Children's Shoes, various colors. .'00 " Womens and misses Gaiters. 1000 " India Rubbers, trimmed and plain. Eor sale in lots to suit purchasers, at their store. 120 CHaTIIAM STREET, opposite Rosevelt. N B ?The store being open until 10 o clock in the evening, gives country merchants au opportunity to examine goods at their leisure, s28 lm*m ^ I BOOT AND SHOK STORE". .JOHN READY respectfully informs his friends snd the public, that he has commenced business iu the above line, at No. W Nassau street, where he will thauklully receive uid faithfully eiecute, all orders he may be favored with on the mopr^reasonsnle terms for cash. iv?2r HAVANA*'1 NEW VHILKANS," ANI) ALVESTON. TEXAS.?Steam Ship NEPTUNE, Captaiu William Rollins? ^^ S^To nail on Tueaday, Oct"ber 10th, at 4 o'clock, P. \1. This supeiior packet steamer has been thoroughly overhauled and put iu |>erle<'t order lor the season. Her cabins and itate room* are elegantly furnished, md passengers can rely *n every comfort and accommodation in her. For passage as above, in the cahius or steerage, and Tor light 1 tp-fcht for < harleston. apply (ai board, at the Tobacco Inspection, foot of Clinton steel, or to o3 7t J. H. BHOWEH, 75 Wall ?t. ^V*}" ? M PEOPLE'S LINE OK STEAMBOATS g^B&^jfrFOR ALBANY-^aily at 7 o'clock P. M.31L?-j6?->3E 'l'lir<mi;h direct?Krom the steamboat pier between Courtlandt and Liberty streets, Sunday excepted. The steamboat KNICkERIMJCKER.Capt. A. P. St. John, will have Monday, Wednesday and Friday Evenings, at seven o'clock. Steamboat ROCHESTER, ('apt. A. Houghton, will leave Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 7 P. M. At 5 o'clock P. M.?Landing at Intermediate Place*. Steamboat SOUTH AMERICA, Capt. L. W. Braiuard, will leave Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoon, at J o'clock. Steamboat NORTH AMERICA, Capt. M. II. Truesdell, will leave Tui>?day, Thursday and Saturday Evening, at live o'clock. Pajsengera taking this Line of Boats will at all times arrive in , Albany in ample time to take the Morning Train of Cars for the east or west. The above boat* are new and substantial, are furnished with neat and elegaut Slate Ibioms, and for speed and accommodations are unrivalled on the Hudson. For Passage or Freight, apply on board, or to P. C. Sehnlti at the office on the wharf. s25 r .(httrt jai Sk'.VEN O'CLOCK EVENING LINE fl~TlTrj-jrgi?f(ir ALBANY ANI) TROY direct, without SK^^JHUiblandiiig?the splendid low pressure steamboat SWALLOW, Captain A. McLean, will leave the loot of Courtlandt street every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday evenings, at 7 o'clock, for Albany direct. The Swallow ha* a large number of *ute rooms,and for speWl and accommodations is not surpassed ou the Hudson. anl ec m NEW ARRANGEMENT KOR HHR EWSBU It Y?Long Branch, Sandy Jfc?<r Hook, Ocean Hoiiw and Katontown Landing. The new Steamboat SHREWSBURY, Captaili John r. Corlies, will now run as follows, ou and alter Thursday, 27th inst :?leaving New York, Irom the foot ?f Robinson street, every Tue*day, Thursday, and Saturday, at 10 o'clock, A. M. And Katontown Landing ou Monday, Wednesday and Friday, it in o'clock! A. M. The Shrewsbury will run as above, weather permitting, ual til further notice. All baggage at the risk of the owiisrs. Knre cents. N. B.?Stages will be in attendance to convey passenger froin the aforesaid landing places to any part of the county re quired. The Shrewsbury will go the inner passage, when practicable. jelJr NEW \ (IKK \\l> KINGSTON STEAM KHEIOUT ANI) PASSAGE LINK. vjJ Kor Kingstou, anc Delaware and Hudson '^fiial?steamboat* EMERALD and NORThe EMERALD, Captain John Ketcham, will leave New York, foot of Murray street, every Monday and Thursday at 5 o'clock, P M. Will leave Kingston (Ron''out Unding) every Wednesday and Saturday it II clock, 1'. M. The NORWICH, Captain John Samuels, will leave New York, foot of Warren street, every Wednesday and Saturday at 5 o'clock, P. M. Will leave K agston (Handout landing) every Tuesday and Friday at 3 o'clock, P. M. _ EXTRA TRIPS. The EMERALD will leave the foot of Murray street every Sunday morningat7 o'clock. Heturmug, leaves Kingston at 4 o'clock, same day. Kor freight or i usage apply on hoard, or to WILLIAMSON, BARLOW k CO., a2l 3m *r 164 We*t*treet. /a* H?" KKYPORT AND MIDDLKTOWN ro 1NT. Daily, (Suudaya riwptnl,) touchTr Wv Jr jug at St'Kiniii' 1 Dork. Staten laland.? On and after Monday. July 3l?t. the steamer HOCK I.AND, Captain ' Crawford, will lenve Middletown Point on M or day , Tllr?- I 1 dun, WVdnead aya, I Imradaya and Fridays, at lialf-|?ut our ' o'clock (tide permitting,) and Keyport at Jo'clork P. M He- ' turning, lravr New York. foot of Kobinson street. on Tun- ' d,i\ V VVrdnrad ays, Thursdays and Fridays, at 8 o'clock A. M. ' aud Saturday a at 2 P. M. Stages w ill be in readiness on I lie arrival of tlir boat to con- 1 v?v passengers to Freehold or any part of tlx country. Uniform conveyance* on Target recursions, Parties of pleasure w ill be taken to aud from Kort Hamilton or Kryport at i . !" I IM '? _ s20 itil in _ni? n OA H'TAl'KN ISLAND KKKItV , K< MiT <1?i I mV"l' WHITKHALL ST.?The steamboat ' \ET__.JML3LsTATKN.ISLANDKIIwilllraTe.Nrw Voik a and Staten Island, on and sfter October 2d, as follows, until i further notice Leave New York 9, II, J, S)tf. f,V. Leave Staten Island D, 10, 1, 2^, 3. All freight shipped in required to be particularly marked and is al the risk of the owners thereof. i30tf r M^*a NKWAUK ANUNKW YOKK.-Kw g??? *^3?onlv 12k Ceiiti !?tt.tll .Hill Winter Arrmir ?> fm y.imni -Tlii- ?plendiil ttlUMr PAHSAIC.on Mid after On 1, will ran .u l'ollow? Lewe* Newurk, I rum foot ol Centre itreef, *t (I o'clock A M. Leave New York, from foot of *ti*cf, M 3 o'clock P. i r' i . The accommodation! hoili for pmenirer* and freight (which it curried at very low rare*) have txvii greatly improved. Jyl# 3m?eo I AHP OIL?*J? btlj l. ird Oil, of un mii<- iljiy, f,i/ ) 1 * kj t;. K. ( OLLIN8 fc CO , ' 01 5# South itmi. ? WANTED ? A lir?t MteMMaJ luiid Hal*, about IWltt lb*.? Aililmu O. K.. at (his nfRca o5 3t"?*c WANTED \ WET NI ItSI On* who can hringgood ivcomuiBixtationa may i|>|>!y from 10 till Z o'clock ( 101 Vtntt atrwt oB It* [nVokm \tio\ w wtkik or\v i m i a m wii.son", I * native of Brith, Ayrshire, Scotland. wlio migrated to IVnrnwi, about i-ixlilet-n years n(o, from (llatgow, anil Ifft th?-r? for til* nint<*d Statf. about two or tlirv? y?ars nine*. If m will hrar uf toiiixilmii; L'n.itlv to liis adjutant- on ai>i>licaiouto JOHN ALLAN, 17 Vandenrater st, New York N. B?Sh'iulil .itiy irMhi K1111 v\ of hia dt-itli, Willi (ii* tunc md place, tliey would confrr a favor by giving io formation ? iluive, and be paid.t reasonable compensation lor their trouble. o7 lwis*m BO AH I).?A |'i it i I '.unilv, h ivintf two good room* lino cupied, would like to accommodate two- gentlemen, either n itli breakfast and tea or full board. Apply at U Lispenard rttn-ct. oti 3t* r DO a li D| . i ,. < i . lir i> iiK-u. nr irantUmMi and their '' wives, w ishing to bond together, will And pleaiaut add roinfortable arcommodatiom, at No 34 Vesey itwt, where here are no children, and only a very liuuied number will he received. Kel'ereuces exchanged. 06 3t*ec t? iOLE HOTEL, No 61 Brow way. law ft OvmiJi Ho* tel ?Tlie undersigned respectfully inform* It's frieuiU and ;he public tbat tb?"?bov?* house.eligibly situated,has been leased tiy liimfor* uuinber of yean.and it now undergoing ?uch alterations aa will render it one ofthe nr<st d*sirahle locations in the nity. It w ill he thoroughly improved, and opened on the lint day of November Applications for f.milieu a-d single |>erions, as permanent boarders, respectfully soli iled ofi Ivv'r .lOSKPM II SHORT BATTKKY AnT> ~HILAl)KLPHl \ MOTh L.?The xubscnlier is now fully prepared to in ike arrangements with families for board during (lie wi ter. N. 1$.?The prices of this establishment temain th? mine a? leretofore, $1 50|>ei'day. MARY Pr.TTKT. o2 6t* r N'OTICF. -Pebu which ma) !? i out rat-ted by the ctew of the Kieuch ship Minerva, will uot be |iaid by the captain nor by the consignees. 06 r NOTK'K.?On and alter Saturday nest, the 7th instant the moruing train of cars whirli have heretofore left the ('itv Hill, lor Westchester, at half past J o'clock will leave at 6 o'clock, and the evening truin of 7 o'clock ami 10 minutes will be discontinued o5 fiir 'TH) OR' < K.liS ? Green Ginger, for Preserves.? Five barrels fresh, just received and now landing, for s' I e, whole ale and retail, by JOHN MORRISON, I'ruggist, oO 1 w ? ec 188 Greenwich street. IMPORTANT TO Till-. O'VNKKS OS*' H' KSK.S, (tc. JOHN WILLIAMS, VETERINARY SURGEON, re" spectfully informs tu< numerous friends and the public, he continues practising successfully on the different diseases incidental to that noble amm&l tie horse, a' his old established Veterinary Establishment at the sign of the Golden Horse, No. 328 Broome stteet, (a few doors East of the Bowery,) New York. Mr. Williams in thanking his numerous friends for tli'ir kind patronage during a p riod of fifteen >ears in his extensive business in this city, takes this opportunity of informing them he has considerably improved his Infirmary, and has fitted up a number of convenient roomy ground floor stalls for sick horses, which will be attended to with bu usual cam, punctuality and attention. The fact of Mr Williams being regularly educated and brought up to the profession ill lite armies of England and France and having had m ich exiierieuce, is a sufficient guarantee thai those entrusting him with the care of their horses may rely upon the ntmo-t skill and attention be'ng p?ul to thorn. Mr. W illiams would also suggest to his friends the advantages to be derived from employing him hi the examination of horses for sale. His semces are offered io both the purchaser anil the seller, and his accurate know ledge of the |ierfect formation of the horse cannot but prove beneficial. Mr. Williams' Infirmary is at No. 131 ('hryslie street, wh"re lie is always to lie found 'ltd con.ulted ami w In r- hrn > s committed to his charge will have the full beue t of his care ami long experience IIis charges are moderate and suitable to (lie times. o7 2t*ec drjcfu | REWAiu7?< ROBS* SPECIFIC MTX?URE? <JptJV/v/ p(>r t|,H cure of Gonorrhoea, Gleets, Strictures and analagous com|dainls of the organ of generation. Of all remedies yet discovered for the above complaints, this is the most certain. It makes a speedy and permanent cure, without the least restriction to diet, uriuk, exposure, or change in application to business. We give no long ijuackish recommendations to deceive the public. If the medicine does not speak for itself, no one shall si eak for it. Our object is to notify where it can be had, and the proprietor challenges a single case of recent Gonorrhoea to lie brought, in which tfie Mixture will not effect a rapid cure, under a forfeiture of $500. This is a disease that unfortunately pervades all rank of socie ty?high, low , rich and poor, matrimonial and single They are here presented w itli a remedy by which they can cure themselves without the least exposure in the shortest time possible. Further, the disease cannot be contracted if a dose of the .Mixture is taken at night on going to bid when exposed. It is put up in bottles with full directions accompanying it, at SI a bottle. One bottle I,ists a week, which generally curcs? many are cured in two days. For sale only at Win. II. Miluor's, l'J2 Broadway, corner of John st. opposite Franklin House, New York; J. Jones, corner of ('hesuutand Seventh sts. Philadelphia; and at J. M. Smith's 138 Washington st. Boston. o7 lm*in HARPS JF. BROWNE & CO. Manufacturers of the Improved Patent Double Action Harp, by Royal Letters Patent, London?established 1810, (many years with F.rard,) No. 385 Broadway and 73Clumbers street, New York. J. F. Brow ne offers for sale at 385 Broadway, the finest collection of these beautiful instruments in the United States. His irrangemeuts are such as to enable him to transact business at European prices, thereby saving purchasers the high duties iiniwsed by tariff' ou tliese instruments. J. F. Browne would observe these iarps are constructed on the most approved principles, with all the modern improvements, are unequalled in brilliancy of tone, fineness of touch, ind perfectness of mechanism. Particular care is taken to fit :hem for the extremes "f climate in this country, in which resiiect they will be found far su|>erior to any of Enro|>eau manufacture imported in the usual way. These Harps are patronised by the elite of musical taste ana professional talent in Europe; among the latter, he would mention N. iL Bochsa, who invariably selects from this establishment. The attention of professors iu this country is solicited. Lists of prices and descriptions may be forwarded by post. Retiring carefully attended to; Harps taken iu exchange. mring". olc. ?? "" 1 M **SAOHUSlS PTS HAY OYSTERS?168W Fulton street, opposite St. Paul's.? NAPOLEON COURTIN takes pleasure in informing those persons w ho have heretofore honored him with tlieir patronage, and those who are willing to continue ihe same ftvor, that the VlasMi'hnsetts Hay Oysters luve recovered with the cold weather their fresh and delicious llavor so peculiar to them, and which has siren thrm th? name of oysters of Cancale, that his saloon, recently so elegantly fitted up, oflers the must [Jlllet and comfortable accommodations. There will always he found in it a choice collection of the following wines, viz: Chablis, Saoteme, Grave, Barsac. Hermitage, sparkling and still Hock, Champagne, Chambertin, Pommard, a Volney, Lalitte, Larroze, Leoville, St Juuen.Atc., and all sorts of foreign wines and cordial*. He keeps constantly on hand the ahoye wii'??, tn tli? cask or box, together with Preserves, Sweet Oil auu K'-:. *' #tiooils I'lirchaned from his establishment ar" sent !r-e o!e:i ::ge to any part of the city. Oysters will lie sent to the- ? itlence of purchasers, (if inquired) and opened by one cf ants o the establishments. o3 ~JOSEPH (iILLOTT'S STEEL I'ENS. KEDUCED PRICES. rPHE subscriber is constantly receiving f.esh supplies of the above justly celebrated |>en?, which he offers to the trade at very low rites. In addition to the styles so well known, he lias recently introduced tlie following new patterns, viz :? Nos. 1, 2 anil 3 Principality Pens, extra line, line and medium points. No. 8?Caligraphic Pen?a prime article on pictorial cards, rilVI of celebrated places. Nos f and 10? Washington Pen?very fine point, and elastic, an superb cards. In evidence of the high estimation in which these Pens are belli, the following statement is made :? The number of Pens manufactured at the works of JOHKPH '>1 L.LOTT, from Dec. 1841, to Dec. 1M2, wiu r:t 612 (K? The public are cautioned to be ou their guard aaainst spuri oils article*. Each package of the genuine pens bears a fac simile of Mr. (tillott s signature. For sale by HENRY Jp.f>SOP, Importer, 91 John street, corner of (Jold. A good supply ofWiudle's and Mosley k C.o.'s Loudon Pens s29 Im ec AKOH K KVS KALIrFA8H'(JN, ~ ~ FOR O E NTLE MEN'S HATS, AUTUMN-1843. . NOW ready for sale and insiwctiou at his old stands, 204 and 2b0 Oreenwich street. P. S.?Also, an elegant assortmeet of men's, boys'and chillren's caps, of entife new patterns sll lm*ec TO I'HE PUBLIC The firm heretofore known as OENIN Si VAN V RANK EN, MATTERS, Having been dissolved, the subscriber, JUrtN N GKM1N, Has opened A HAT A>D ? AP STORE, No Wi BROADWAY. Third door Irotn Wall street. JN. O. begs simply to state bis determination to use his best exertions to make a MAT that for quality of material and beauty of finish cannot be excelled, lie therefore trusts to receive from his friends and the public that support which will enable liiin successfully to carry out his designs. JOHN N. OEN1N, Hatter, sM Im^m 90 Broadway, 3d door above Wall st TO GUNSMITHS AND DtiALEKS IN CrUNJS 200 DOUBLE HABHKL GUNS, assorted. from common 400 single barrel Guns. uaorU>il, from common to tine 2000 pairs of Piators, selling below the coat of importation S00 Rifles, "filing do do of manufacture 200 V Iinkws do do do do Gun I.ock Limb* in every stste of finish Tool, and Materials for making Guns (inn Locks. Percussion Cam, Pswder Klasks and Horn*. Shot lli Its .in<i Pouches, Game llagj, Dog Collars and Chains, itc. Ike.?for sale by A. W. SPIK8 & CO who are constantly receiving from llie foreign manufacturer regular supplies of every article inijuirt-d for by the giuisiiiilh or hh)rt?wan. s!9 lin'cc FRENCH CHINA " No. 4 SOUTH WILLIAM 8TRKET, Up Stairs. ADALK8MK, lm|iorter mid Agent for Manufacturers, Ins a I w iy* on liaud ii large assortment for dinner and tea net* ill plain white and gilt French Porcelain, is well m dinner and ilessert plates,of a'l sites, assorted dishes. soup tureen*, covered tiishes, salad bow W, fruit baskets, custarils and stands. Also, 1V.I and Chocolate Ware, Greek, Kiencli and Amarican shalie. All the article* are warranted of the be?t quality, and to be old on liberal term*, and in Iota to suit porch.vsers Ml 6m*er TO THK TUBCIL Jt; 1 fW\ TO $.'>000.?Mr. Francis 11. Crump, Watch Maker, ^plOv/ ;Mil Grand street, begs to inform Ills friends and the p'lblic. that independent o! the Watch business, he is prepared ;o make advances in c*sh on gold ami silver witches,diamonds, itlver tei set*, spoon* forks and every description of gold or lilvor in any sh.ipe, intended for immediate sale. Cash to any unonnt paid for old gold and ailvt'T. Watches of every de leriptiou repaired and warruitpd 24* Grand street. II tin r HKS,? The largest and most splendid assortment ol VV Watches ill the city, is to lie found at the subscriber's.? As he is constantly receiving all descriptions of Gold and 8ilrer Watches, of the newest styles, direct from th? nianufacurer*, in Kngland, France, and Swit7.erl.ind, he is enabled to itf. ra Isrc.-r assortment, and at inuch leas price*, at retail, than uiy other house in the city. Gold watches as low a* $20 to $2J iach vVatches and jewellery exchanged or bought. All .v iiwhea warranted to keep good time, or the money returned watches, chicks ami Jewellery repaired in the best manner, ml warranted lower than at any other place in the city O. C. ALLKN, importer of watches and jewellery, s7 lm' c Wholesale ami retail. 10 Wall street, up stairs |( K ?ICK?ICK.?5000 tons of pure lake Ice of rlie tiest qua I lily. The Highland Ice establishment, expressly for snip ling, is prepared to, and will sell, by the cargo, and smaller uantities, chea(ier than can be obtained from any other source, ind parked in the beat inanucr, to go to any part of the world.? 1 ,iiiii,|y of the best approved narking always on hand. John m lvon, a 10 lm*r Division street IX)KK tc ALLEN n AVK received by late arrival* of packets and steamers, several new articles in addition to their former assortment of DHY GOODS. Desirous of closing ofr tlv ir present stock, they offer (heir roods at the lowest market prices,and invite the attention of all hir'' I. taers it No. 18? le.irl *treet. 1: ' -*v i * * r TOPK1NTERS COR 8 A LK..?Two fount* of Type, Miuion and Nonpanel, P which have been used ou the New York Herald. Apply it thuoin<w. DOCTOR H. HOST WICK., ^PKBATIVK SUllOKON 10 th? New York MHiwl *nd I SuruirM Imlitulf, may 'consultedlUily twlwni lh?*hour? ^ if ? Mill ? o'clock. Ulfic* 7J.Cluuilxr? iUki i!I lui*t AUCTION SALES. THOMAb BKLL. Auctioneer. BV BKLL lit fibWAHD. ( fttrrn No. 22 .1nn itrrrt and IIS Fulton itrert ) TUESDAY. At I0l4 o'clock. Ht No. 171 ?th Avenue, n?r 12th it. Sale of Drugs, Kialnres, Medical Books. tiiil r umit*r?? Will Ik- sold the s'ock of v iluable drugs and mediciuea, spice, l>owder .mil tincture bodes, |>ots, jars, atc. Also. m.irhle counter*. phyaiciaua scales, a number ol ran* mediol hooks, Ice. Klimiture? All the household furniture of the f?mily. w th which tlm w ill commence comprising car|ieis, bureaus 'abl-s, chairs, wardrobe, looking sImspe, sofa, bedroom and parlor furniture, kitchen utensils, Ike. Also, a valuable double kuu auil apparatus, saddle anil bridle, kc. WEDNESDAY. At 10o'clock, in the sale rooms, Extensive sale of eh-gaut Kuruiture of all descriptions. Also, at the same time, tin1 genteel furniture of a family going to Kuro|?*, and removed front Brooklyn for convenience of sale. Also, piano fort"*, paiutinica, looking glasiea, China, glaas and plated ware, stoves, kitclieu utensils. Sic. o7 r THURSDAY. Kurniture and Hotel Sale?At Itl'j o'clock, will be sold the household ami bar room furmiure of the house No 'HI ( street, known a? the Slag. Also, the conlenla of the bar. elegant lamps, glaas waie, liquors, wiuea, ales, segais, looking yt.uisca?all puiehased within a few moullia and in good order. The household luruituie w ill In- first sold. FRIDAY, At 10^ o'clock, at the aales room, Larsesale of sC t sonalil* laucy and at iple dry goods. Also, Loudon clotlia cassi meres and vestitigs in lots to suit, blankets, sheeting, hosiery, Sic. Also, a lot of wearing apparel, pait ol the stock of a merchant tailor. Also, a quantity of hardware, w atches and jewelry. _ LUC A 8 K. HOUOH. Auct' J" ! AUCTION NDTIUEI?iMtiueMmwHitM new ma elegant city made c binet furnit jre. On Tuesday, Oi l. Iinli it 10 o clock A M., will hi*sold at auction, at the ?tori' of U. il W-iitis. No. :i72 hmdwVi the Mtira stin k of ciwyi 'iirinturf, consisting of tola* of all patterns, sofa beds'eails, Kreucli bedsteads, breakfast, tea and diu'iig tallies, card tables, H'lartette tables, centre tables, id tin old dressing bureaus, with and wilbout marble tops wumUnils, with and without marble tops towel racks, sofa tables, di-aus, ottoinois, footstools. Inlf. three quarter and full French chai's, ??sv chairs, music stools, ha stands, work tables, curled maple and fancy chairs, cur ed ma|de bedsteads, window shades, palliasters, hair mattrasMv bolsters. |ullow?, and articles too uume ois to mention. N B.?The alio re sale is well worthy the.attention of southern and western buyers. Catalogue* will be ready one day previous to the sa'e, when the ROOM can be examined. Sale positiw o':tt*r STOVEiS FOR STOHKS, 8TK*MBOATH. WORKSHOPS, fcc piIK PATKNT KING,OH SKCTIONAL CVLKNDKR, I- has lieen invented several vers, and has proved to be the most durable and it ost powerful heater in use. Vlany persons h ive had tbrm since ISHOf IM.ttl, without other repairs tlian occasionally a new urate. It is knowr to all that a common cyl emler stove requires a new cylinder altnos' every winter,in soma cases two or more. It is a common remark with users, "the Hunt is the best stove 1 have ever seen." Prices reduced. A new pattern this season, of the most splendid order?suitable lor fancy stores, public houses, ike. J. L. MOTT. 261 Water street, above l'eck Hip, and l.'i Bowery. P. 9.?A reward of forty dollars will be p?id for lie recovery of the silver cup and nine silver medals, stolen on the night of the 19th ult. o3 lwis'ec J. SOKIA'S CHKAP DYKING K8TABLI8HMRNT. MR. 80RIA be*s leave respectfully to inform his friends and the public ill general that owing to the depressed state of the times, he has reduced his price per cent nelow th? r?gular charges. Ladies wishing theirsummer dresses, shawls, (kc. dy^d or pressed, will tind it much to their advantage by paying linn a visit. Gentlemen will also do well to call with such articles of wearing apjiarel as may need dyeing or pressing. All orders will be punctually attended to, and the articles dime up ill the best style at Soria's establishment. No. 490 Pearl st.l His branches are at No 267 Bleecker St., No 3A2 uowery, and at 357 Grand st. Also a branch at 49 Kulton st. Brooklyn, and at Newark, N. J., comer of Broad st, and Washington Place. Merchants cau have all kinds of goods dyed and put up in theirnrigiual forms, and ou moderate terms. Principal office490 I wrl st. au20 3m*ec WM. T. JENNINGS ic GU. DRAPERS AND TAILORS, 231 Broadway, American Hotel, opposite the Fountain, lolicit attention to au assortment of seasonable Iincluding Cloth#, Cassimeres, Vestiugs. he., in all the uew and various styles, under the assurance that the system of " small pro tils and quick returns," which has elicited so liberal a patronage, will lie continued, while our arrangements are such as will enable us to fill all orders in future with promptness. A feature in the establishment, which must commend it to those requiring articles for immediate use, is the addition-to our stock, of an assortment of first quality ready made Garments, consisting of Surtouts, Frocks, Dress Coatl, Pantaloons, Vests, Office Coats, Travelling Krocks, Dressing Gowns, (ke. A choice collection ol Silk and Satin Scarfs, Cravats, Handkerchiefs, Gloves, Suspenders, Hosiery, Uuder Shirts, Drawers, Musliu Shirts, Collars, tkc. At prices which must offer inducements to purchaiers. Jy24 3m*ec DR. WHEELER liegs to offer to the notice of the public the following letter from a highly res|>ectaule officer in the U. S. Navy:? Nkw York, Sept. 21, 1813. To Dr. Wheeler, Oculist, J3 Greenwich street? Sir?It affords me great pleasure to give you the benefit of my testimony of your eminent success ill the cute of my daughter of an aggravated case of Scrofula Opthalmia, after she had tieeu treated by eminent physicians and surgeons without the least permanent benefit. 1 must add, that wheu I placed her under your kind car*, (having been induced to do so by visiting some of your cured patients.) I was in despair of her ever being cured by any one? I one eye being entirely closed and sightless, the other nearly so. and scarce any liuht could be borne For many months she had hern kept ill Carefully darkened rooms. The eyelids were most frightfully Kill lined, and the child, by her previous treatment, reduced to a mere skeleton. Your kind treatment and great cure will ever be h-Id by ine, and t vei ) member of my family, in the most fr.iteful remembrance. Should this bring you to the notice ol any like sufferer, or paieiit with au .illlicted child, the object of this testimony will be secured by relieving suffering humanity. Very truly, your friend, WASH. A. BAftTLETT, U. S. N.. s26 Im m 221 Eighth Avenue. NEW VORK SURGEONS' BANDAGE INSTITUTE, ^"O. 1 ANN STREET, 2d door from Broadway, in tli -l"' American Museum Buildings?Under the direction of JAMES KNIGHT, M. D.< Member of the Medical and <'hiriirgical Faculty of Mary- I laud, Member of the District Medical Society of Ohio, Member "i the State Medical Society of toe tine of N?w York, and Principal of the above Institute. For the information of those who have not been informedas to thf design of tins establishment, we will briefly state it is a DKPOToiall the latent improved Bandages used in Orthoj*dic Practice, or where Bandages are kei?t Tor the cure of Club Feet, contracted and distorted Li nibs, Wry Nick, Hump Back and lateral curvature of the Spine. The very celebrated wire Spring Bandages, lor the cure of varicosed or enlarged Veins, invented by Shoolbred and Wren wick, of London, is kept here, also, all th*- latest improved Trusses and abdominal Su|?porters ; also Bandages are made to suit special cases, and to order for Surgeons, Physicians, See. DoCt. Kuignt also devotes special attention to the treatment of the ibove named deformities, end hue made unpke arran^ements to receive patients from abroad for that purpose, or will H rwaid btndues to ani distent parts of the country. For further information we respectful In submit the name* of a few o! the moat noted Surgeons and Physicians, who are patrons of this Institute, and some of whom have presented most valuable improvements in Bandages !? Valentine Mott, M. D., Professor of Surgery,in the University of New York; Alex. VV. Stevens, M. I)., Kineritus Professor in the College of Phy. and Surg. New York city; J. C. Cheteemen, M. I* ; It. K. Hon men, M. I).; J. K. poceis, M. D., Surgeons to the New \ ork City Hospital: W. Parker, Pro- ! fessor of Surgery in the College of Phy. and Snrg. New York city; AJban ioldsinith, M. D.. late Professor of Surgery m the College c>t and Surir New York city; T. O. Slower, i Ksq. Surgeon L Army; Doct. Dubarry, Surg. U. S. Navy. In Philadelphia we respectfully refer to.Professors McClellens, Muter, Meigs, .Jackson. Hewsou, (Dillingham, Homer At \lonkn. In Baltimore to Professors Jeunings, Jamison Handy, Monk?r. Miller. An in, Hell, Smith and oiiley. sib :<m eod*ec NEW YORK STKAM SCOURING F.dTABLISH MKNT.?Clothing repaired by Wm Joseph Smith, at No. 32 John slr*rt, New York, em ranee in John street Take no tice, ill those whose garments, from long service, hsve become soiled ai'd disfigured by grease spots, oil, luin s, tar, pitch, fcc., call be taken out of lhawla, diesses, i.ihl- covers. ca>|>ets. cloak*, and all descriptions ul cloth in the ueate?t style ana the shortest notice, by tha aubacriber. Stop and see for yoursell, at No. 32 John street. All ordera left are attended to aa peedily as possible, to any put of the city. Me also intends curv ing on, at the above place, ihe business of boot blackint;, where he will be happy to receive and etecute o ders. Tl.a bUckiuR Used by Mm is free from the injurious mixture so Oe* tructiveto leather found inordinary blacking. oj lw*r WM. JO. SMITH. OKKAT IMI'liOVKMKNT IN KHK TION MAT* HK.S. rpitK HI' l'K.KL,ATIV K MATCH, made wr'out brimstone ? or other drinrimui or onensive rngrenun- in >nu re ui? i is actually wat?r-proo'' aud no mistake?1? uow n.ade ami sold by ill- proprietor! of * patent lately obtained, at No 101 Bleeck- I er strep., N'? York. These murhw ignite with ease and certainty in all weathers and (lim,i[p?, and bum with a brilliant tlame, for more than a minute, and that too in a vertical position,so that sevral I'tters may be sealed with wax by the blaxe of one of them They mai lay iu water lor many hours and yet ignite, and when the wood I ? dry burn ai before. Home are saturated in perfumed wax.aud exhale an agreeable odor instead of the execrable and unhealthy effluvia of the brimstone match. Orders ami communications nay be addressed to (i. BOWKN, Agcut for the Patentee*, at No. 161 Blercker st.N.Y N W ?None sold or delivered to hawkers ?7 i??iSr USLOKI UK OK OOLU ~ LB BINHSE (t CO., 8'J William street, inform the Pho tograplmts that tkey have just received |>er late arrivals a fresh supply of Chloride of (Jolu from the Laboratory of one of the most eminent Chemist* in Paris. Tliev warrant it tube equal if not suiwrior to any iu the United States, whether manufactured or imported, and offer it for sale in vtals li grains at $1. They have on haiM a supply of most excellent plates and all the chemicals used, which they offer for sale at reduced prices Also on hand, thtee, four and six inch Achromatic I .-uses, aud Cameras constructed on the <J*rman system?Kancy Kiames for Portraits and Views s24 lm*r LEECHES! LEECHES! LEECHES! 90 0(10 1 AKtJK AND HKALTHY Sweedish and Uerinau I,eeches, just received |>er ship Candor, Iroin Hamburg; ami daily expccted 30,000 Swedish aud (German Leeches per hark Kranklin from Hamburg. Kor sale at moderate prices at l?. A. (k H. WITTK, Importers of Leeches, s30 lin*m <16 Pearl street, New York SJ I'A MSI I I, .t-.i IIKS?I tubs Nweedish Leeches, large sir-. ^ and line health, apply to BADOKK St PK.CK, o2 6t*rc corner Wall and South sts. HUTCHINOS' STOMACH BITTKH8? For dv,pep.ia. palpitation of the heart, loss of ap|ietite, assisting digestion, night sv?e.Is, aud all uervons diseases. Numerous ceitifics es of i>ersoiis cured, as well as certificates of several physicians who use it iu their practice, can be seen at the proprietor's. Manufactured and sold JJ2 Houston corner McDougal street, price $ I |ier bottle ? ? Agents?lin Bowery; 644 Broadway: Dr. Martini, eor Allen and Staulou streets; .Sirs. Hays, Brooklyn; lugersoll. Peeks kill. sit) lw? WHO WOULD BK WITHOUT TEETH, when the following unprecedented reduction in dentistry is mule Indie celebrated lVutist, W. Thome, D.U.S.,62 Kast Broadway/ Cleaning Teeth- $1 00 Kxtracling 25 Stopping with his jnstly celebrated Mineral, 7S Single Tooth on Pivot 7J " Silver J no " " , " Gold 3 no A complete set of Teeth, on the most approved principles, at the same price as the above. N. II,?Where entire satisfaction is not given, no charge will he made 62 Kast Broadway. ?2K Im'r COAL.? Larfe Not Site ?l,50, Stove #I,7J, and fresh Broker and Kgg per ton, of the beat Peach Orchard Ash. well screened, weighed by a city weigher and deliverer! free of cart age. A reduction of 25 ceuta tier ton it taken from the boats. PETER CLINTON, eonierof King sl??mr? mil OtwwwieB streets JfOK ruuutta KIMALK FILLS I ^HK.SK and c^l^bn?t?*<l J'lllt, from I'ofinrli *** w? I * impivt. t?> b?* ubLiuird in th?* louutrv. ? *? aatPMflt | U1PJJI 01 U? lail coJuuui, lua/th a AMUSEMENTS. NIHI.O'M ? A KUKRI. "* T)i? ? *inl?n i? now 1 and ihf fntfinc* lo tin Thfll* 'r? 11 <>u Broadway. All well wimcd and lightad for cold waathm. BKNKKIT OK SHJNOR PF.ROZZI. ln? prO|>rmor h.*?* to announc tint lh? I I A I,i \ uf'hRA 0 V1PANY it engaged for threw nighu mom, only, and will appear iu Bellini'a 0|*r? ol NOHMA MONDAY KVkN'NO ( The imforoMar* will com* llWt r* Willi tl t Orertiire n Norma, B*li;ui To 1m aurreedt>d by (..anil (with new ?c?n?y. new dressea, and ill the omiuihI mum') entitled NORMA Norma, Si^nora l.fter ( onini Ad ilgiaa, Simiora AmMu M.,jocchl Pollion, Si|nor Imuiii Oroveao, Siguor Attnio Vali?|iiu? Clotilde, Pi?nora I oadi Flat 10, Sianor'l'liaman BflWMfn til* Mcond and third.irlM of the 0|?ra, ( rind Kren.i and I .'aval inn from th? oiie.ra of KO.VIKO AND JL'LIKT. itoineo fiignora Majocchi Betwe>>u tli* lirat and icrond acta of the Opera, half an honr'a intermitaion Bonk. of tl.e Opera, in Bii|{li?li n ay be hid at Berteau'?, Jlj Broadway. lT7"lli future (he Performances will cmnmaucaat lialf-paat T o'clock precisely. tT7"A unci folic* will b?- in uteu dance, uid ifTaat can ken to prevent the adiniMioii of improper jwnoua. 0C7""Ti.keta hi fry t'euta V1*\ !>< had v tl* "irdcu during the day TT" A Imuti'd nuinner ol "4?aaou liekMJ will b? <hM powil of C7"No pontponemruta tin* earahliahuient on accouutol tha weulirr u the (irnnl Kiitruice from Ur iidw&y to tha Saloon 11 protected, .old th- <I?W S ilood, which is ventilatad from the top and side*, can be opened *1 A moment'* uotice I'HKATHK. Bon* iIemtB Pit emu. Notica?The Door* will open .it halr-pa?l it Curtain will riaa it 7 o'clock. RENOVATED \NI> REOPENED MONDAY EVENING. Oct O?Tle performance will ooal* mence with THKHESE. Ctrwin. Mr Shanford Therese Mr? J mica Alter which JUM O JU.VI. Jumbo Jmn Mr Rica T conclude with UU.vlPO LOGY Jerry Murphy Mr B Williama itllTCHKtli S OLYMPIC THRATHIMONDAY EVENING, Oct 9?Th*iwrformauoa will tornmen re with THE COLLEOE BOY. Dib?ter Mr Holland Alter which DIANA'S REVENGE. After which, FRIKD SHOTS. Simivel Mr. Nickinaon To conclude with NEW FOOTMAN. R.,l,ku Ur..,liU.., ? Hal land t ucl?, SU cents?Upper Boxes, 25 cents?Pit, UK -Priutf Bmn, $1?Orchestra Hum, $3. If?** Door* opeu at Curtain rite at half-put 7. _______ BOWUHV AJ1PHITHKATKK Boxe* 21) cents?Pit I2t. cent* Children tn Boxei, when accompanied by their guardians, 12)4 cent*. Clown, John Gossiu. King M'iter, Mr. Nixon. Eiusatxian Director, Mr. Carroll. BRNKFIT OF Mil. CHAMPLIN. Kir*t apiiearam-e tin* season of Ma*ter John Diamond, the original and unapproachable Extravaganza Dancer. First appearance this season of Mr*. Cole, the graceful ami accomplished Equestrian. Full Mi"*trel Band, an fallow* Mr. Jenkins, Banjo; Mr, Mesta?er, 'Violin; Mr. Mallet, Tamborine; Mr. Troy, Bon* Castaimtts MONDAY EVENING, October 9th, the performances will commence with a beautiful Scene of Kntree and Pageant, adorned by correct and the moat gorgeous costume of the Noble.* of Poland, represented by ten lady and , Veiitlemeu Equestrians. 1 lie linn re* and movements of the cavalcade, under the immediate direciinu of Mr. Carrol, and led by that superior horseman and Mr*. Cole, ontitlrd the FLOWERS OK CHIVALRY AND BEAUTY! Beside* a boat of other entertainments. See small bills. K7- Season Tickets for sale at the box office, price $3. oors o|h-ii at 7. First overture to commence at quarter put 7. Performance to commence at half past 7 precisely. o3 r AMKHICAN MU8KUJ1, /BRIAL UARDKNT, AND FAIR. Corner of Broadway and Ann street. T. P. Barnum Manager. RETURN OF GENERAL TOM THUMB, This smallest of Dwarfs, who is eleven years old, twenty fivt inches liiuh, ai.d weighs only FIFTEEN POUNDS, has returned to liis old quarters, anu may be seen every day and evening this week. I)R. VALENTINE. The eccentric delineator of different character, is engaged, and will o|>eii his whole budget of comicalities, whims, icraps, oddities, Itc. Also engaged for one week only, the SPLENDID MOVING DIORAMAS, including the CONFLAGRATION OK MOSCOW; tlie tenilic. grandeur of which can be exceeded only by the reality. Mr. WM. COLE, the wonderful Chinese Nondescript, with his DO(i BILLY, who Sings, Dance*, and perform* a variety of feat* which astonish every beholder Mis* ADAIR, the charming Vocalist. Air. II. (?. SHERMAN, the popular Ballad Siager. CITV BRASS BAND, of twelve musicians. Fancy (ilass Blowing. The PERPETUAL KAIR is open to all visiter* of the Miueuin without extra charge. Grand |>erformances every evening at half-past 7 o'clock, and Wednesday and Saturdty afternoons at 3. Adinimou to the whols 23 cent*?children uudar Ian y*an* half price. rBtiluri 19 llBiir* 1 ?/lvn iriuoxHViU| AND PICTURE GALLERY. (Broadway, (tj^iottlt thr 1'ity Hall.) Mr II Bennett Manager. COMPETITION DEKIED! WONDER UPON w O N D EH ! The mnii astounding Curiosities in the world, and anequalled performance*. All, FOR ONE SHILLING! CASPER HAULER, Half Man Half Monkey, possessed of the power of speech, yet walks upon all-four*. Mr. 0. JENKINS, the Comic Delineator. Tenor Singer, and Banjo Player, and the Southern Minstrels, will intr> ouce a Tariety of Banjo Melodies and Kthiotiian Eitraragauu* Miia Adair, the charming songstress. La Petite Crrito, th? gracrfa! daiisense The celebrated FUG-OE MERMAID, and JOO.OOO Curiosities. Performance* every erening at quarter to I, and Saturday afternoon at 3 o'clock Admittance (inly 12>{ cents. MITCHELL'S OLYMPIC THEATRE. MR. HOLLAND'S BENEFIT. MIL GEORGE HOLLAND resi'ectlully informs his friend* and th>- nuhli>-, iliar his Bi"ielil will take place ou TUESDAY EVENING NEXT, Oct. 10th; on which occasion he hopes to present thern with a series of en terUintnents of an uiiusmlly attractive character. With much pleasure he announce* that MISS MELTON, MR *LOM\N. Mil LATH \ Sl(i OH ClOFFI.tnd MONS. ?; ?RlGERE, have in the kindest maiinsr volunteered to acinar m a variety of enlertatnineuU?full paiticulars of which w ill tie duly annoauced. Mr. Mitchell will appear ill one of his most attractive characters, and Mr. Holland will perform hit celebrated monopolologue, entitled THE WHIMS OF A COMEDIAN. The Bo* Book is now open. o8 2tr "NATIONAL PAINTING THE EMBARKATION ?( THK PII,?iKIM FATHERS -* from Delft-Haven, iwiuted by liobert \V. Weir, for Ihe Rotunda of the ' apitol at VV'a?hiinMou, ?ill be ojwi f r exhibition October 2d. f r a ?li rt tuna only, at the National Academy of Des'gn, Broadway comer of l.eo'i iril "free'. Admittance 2J cents. S?a?on Ticket JO crnm Catalogues I1U rami (Ipen from 9 A M. to 10 P. VI. t9J 3w*m CONCr KT OK SIONOflA I AST'lUS, wnh Italian, English, Kmich 4n<l Spuiish songs. * <1 acfi.miianimant by tli- whole orchestri. will positively take lace, in >hr great hall of W <?hiu|toii Hotel. on Tuesday evening, Oct. 10, 18)3. Lander or the orchestra Mr. .M. C. Timin. Particulars in the progammes. Tickets *1 each, to b? hail at the music store*, hotel*, and at the door. ('oncert to commence at eight o'clock. o5 #t*r V! II. W. V. WALLAI K tje([? to acquaint his fitends and 1*1 the public that he will give a Grind Voi-al and Instxn* mental Concert, alter hi? return from Boston, ou Tuesday the 17th iust., at the A|iollo Saloon, Broadway, assisted by Madame Sutton ml other eminent talent, which will be duly announced. o7 eod litr _____ M . DAM el SUTTON, PROK1 1SOR OK HINOINO, Vi Varuk ?ln?t, St. lolnis' Park. sli Jm*r ITALIAN Ml'SIC.?MR, MANNINI ? dent in Naples,) pupil of Pacini and Crvscentint, irises instructions on terms to suit the times, in Italian Krencb, and English singing, and in the most lashmnable style of piano forte playing. Mr M. his permission to refer to the following *ntle?nen>? .1. M. Wain m right. I). 1).; Messrs Mowlam! St Aspinwali: J. K. Schroder I). I).; Mr. J. T. Brig ham; K. L. Hawkei, D. D . Mr S Ward. Mr. M. reiides at Hudson street, near Spring st. ol Itn'r JOSEPH K AM MERER, professor of mnsic, nvpectAilly ' announces t? his patrons, and the public in general, that he has removed from V) Crosby to ll* Laurens street, where all orders for his Cotillion B?nd, to wait on |?rties, etc., in or ont of town, will !? thankfully received and promptly attended to. Orders fur J. K will also be reeeisoil sr Mr. W. Dubois' tnusie s'ore, Broadw iv. o3 Im'r DISBKOW8 RIDINO PCIIOOL. ton BOWKHV. MM. D. has the honor to annonnce that his Hchool is opni lov the reception of pnpila. daily. Snndays excepted i it Ladies, from 9 A. M. to 3 I*. M. r>. tOentleinen, from 7 to 9 A. M., and J to T P. M. Hi. My trained and iiuiet horvs for the road or parade, talef Kor t<v tis and particulars apply at above. aui 3m*r I PARKEHS DANUNO ACADEMY, WASHING *' l'ON HALL, Broadway. is now otien for the season, when- the most fashionable dances and waltzes will be taught. Those i-iiteriiig now will have the advantage of one month's extra tuition, as the nuarter does not commence until Novetnlier. Pus of tuition, Wednesdays and Saturdays. Public* will t.?k?- place every Monday evening, on which occasion Mr. P. intends bringing forward a new band; leader, Mr. R. M.HpITmm * tot in \Tr fl Huffman; clarionet. Mr. K. Mvers. Header from llit* West Point baud;) trombone, Mr. Pager; baaso, Mr. Beat; tlule. Mr. Kerrier. Dancing to cummrgc ai 8 o'clock and fci break in> between It and I. Tickets for admiaaion Ml centa. to admit gentleman and his ladies, can lie obtained at the llall. o? 3t*r I PAIlKKR'S DANCING AC A DEM V. op town, in " Kighth utrrrt, two door* from H road way. Mr. P. and hit daughter ? iihc* to notice to the public tli.U ilier hare opened .in Afternoon School lor young Ladies and Boys, Irom I to 6. The young L.nliea Uld Boy* eltsae* to be taught separately The great adrantage to both claaae* will l?e in practuing their 'jii.tdriI! *- uid other dance* together. A renew day once a month, lor the iwren's to ?ee the progress of their children. Dayaol tuition, Mondays and Thursdays at 4 o'clock. o7 It * r I,. BIIASI AN'S BATHS'.?-New Bathing Kstablishuieiit, at No. ? < ourtlandt (treet. Newlork, lour iloora Irom Broad urgjr J. BRA MAN ha* recently o|?ned tlis aboye new Bathing Mtablishinent. K.rery department is constrncted on the in oaf. ommodioos and conrement plan. It it now in successful liberation, and ladiea and gentlemen Tiaitmir the eatabliahmeut will alwaya lind promt* attention, and euery thill* connects with it conducted in the moat grnteel and correct tanner warm, (.'old and Shower Baths, at all hoars from ?unr.?r nil in uVliiek ai mghi s* li?*r MK.DK ATKD VAPOR BATHS, to Coartland street? Scarlet ferer, colds, inflammatory or fiVinio rheumatisin Sic , cured in a lew day*, by the u?e of J. P Carroll s Medica led Vapor B.itlia. Open from fi o'clock in tl?- nxiniuiK till 9 oVIocfc at night Sulpbui Baths n-.|?ir? one hour's pretioua notice. Portable bath* wnt to on part of the city ot Brooklyn* - ... . L w..k. i.,? o7 ?tr oaming in us Aim iu*' ? -'? *

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