Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 13, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 13, 1843 Page 1
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THJ Vol. IX., No. i!71?Whole No. 3493. RED BIKD LINE OF STAGES, IN CONNECTION WITH TIIKNKW YOHKAND BUBB1 RAILROAD^ 'cOM P A NY. rKINUKMKNTH TWO DAILVu . i On md altar Wednesday ) Ith OctobM^H'it . the Ked Bird i-ineoi mages will leave me villas ? ?" ? riwui. | morning, (Suudays excepted,) at 8 o'clock, A. M., and every \ aleruoo 1 at 2 o'clock. P. M., ?ud the Railroad Depot, City : Hall, and the Westchester House, corner of Broome street auu 1 th" Bowery, New York, every morning ?zt B o'clock, and every ) afternoon by the 2 o'clock train. Agents are in constant attend:uice at til.* Railroad Depots.ol whom every information may be obtained, and who will also tteud to the baggage put under their charge. HIRAM iiEtOREST. Proprietor. White Plains, Oct. 4th. 'BIS. oil lin*ec jfc7Z.IT _ THE SPANISH HTEAMKR NATCHyS/&?ig}trifciW EZ, FOR HAVANA, Direct, Dou Frar.Villair, commander, will leave thenort of 1Mh-fl\|Tn New York on Vvediiesdiv, N"v 1st, for Havana direct. The N A1 CHE/ has been I newly copiwied, refitted with new boilers, and in point of elegance ami gennal comfort cannot he surpassed. For particulars for passage, apply to JOAN R. STANIIIOPK, Aster House, who will accompany the Natchez on her vo>an* o!2 tonl*r JOHN R. STANHOPE I - FOR CHAHLESION, KKV WEST, HAVANA. NEW ORLEANS, AND aLVESTON, TEXAS.?Steam Ship N E PI UN K, Captain William Rollins? ^^^^^3?? This superior steamer has Ijeen thoroughly overhauled and put in complete order for the season. Her state rooms aud cabins are elegantly furnished, and passenger* can rely ?u every comfort and accommodation. Her day of departuie has been changed to Monday Kith October, ins'aat. For passage for the above ports, and for light freight or specie to Charleston, apply on board, at the foot of Clinton stieet, E. R., or to o.Otoltir J. H . BROWER, 7S Wall strict. f- TRAVELLERS UOINO SOUTH OR /^UaPiWKHT?Sixteen hours in advance of the JU|L/fe}U. S. Mail?Tri-Weekly Line to Savannah, ill connexion with the Central Railroad to Macon and the West The spleudid steam r rkets GENERAL CLINCH, Capt. J. P, Brooks, and y ' AIILESTON, Capt. F. Barden, will leave Charleston eve\ 'i??day, Thursday and Saturday morning, at 9 o'clock, af arrival of the Wilmington boats from the unrth, arrivH .Savannah the snme day, and will leave Savannah on the s.T>.., days ns above, at (i o'clock P. M., after the ariival of the cars from Macon. Travellers will find this to be the cheapest and most expeditious route to the south and west. The above boats are lilted up iu a superior style, And no expense or pains will be spared to ensure certainty, comfort, and expedition to the travelling public. JOHN B. LAFITTE, Agent, Fitzsiminons' Wharf, Charleston. Charleston, September, 1843. sl7 2m*r FOR CHARLESTON. HAVANA. KEY VMT. NEW ORLEANS, Ai^D GALVESTON, (Texas ) - - THE *TKAM S H1P N P. W YORK, John T. Wright, Commander, t sail tiositively i Saturday, 14th October, at 4 o clock, P. M., having postponed to this date by the reof the passengers, on account of the sickness in New Orleans. This elegant, well known, coppered steamer will positively ? (th wrought iron shafts, and has extensive accommodations, with large and airy state rooms. For passage or freight Of specie, for either of the above porta, apply to the Captaiu on board, at pier No. 9 North River, 2nd wharf above Rector street, or to o7 tol7ec* A. HUBBARD k CO., 37 Peck ilip. ?'OR HALIFAX AND LIVERPOOL. S&SaHHV The Roval Mail Steam Ship ACADIA, Alexander Ryrie, Esq., Commander, will leave Boston for the above porta ou Monday, Passage to Liverpool $120. Passage to Halifax 20. Apply to D. BRIGHAM, Jr., Ageut, 06 No 3 Wall street. SEVEN O'CLOCK MORNING LINE CaAffliFOK ALBANY, TROV, and intermedia^ 3K_lalE3C>LaiidinEs?From the steamboat pier, at the foot of Barclay street. Breakfast and Dinuer on board. Leaves New York?The Empire on Niouday, Wednesday and Friday. The Troy on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, at 7 A. M. Landing at?Caldwell's, West Point, Newbnrgh, Hampton, Poughkeepsie. Hyde Park. Khinebeck, U. lied Hook, Bristol, Catskill, Hudsou, Ooxsackie and Kinderhook. The new low pressure steamer TROY, Captain A. Gorham, on this day, at 7 o'clock in the morningThe new low pressure steamer EMPIRE, Captain 8. K. Roe, on Friday, at 7 o'clock in the morning. For passage, apply to F. B. Hall, at the office, foot of Barclay stre*: or on board. Notice.?All ttoods. Freight, Baggage, Bank Bills, Specie, or any other kind of Property, taken, snipped, or put on board the Boats of tliis Line^nnst lie at the risk of Uie owners of such goods. aul6 r <rn people's line of steamboats fl?^5gU53?FOR ALBANY-Daily at 7 o'clock P. M.Through direct?From the steamboat pier between Courtlandt and Liberty street*. Sunday excepted. The steamboat KNICKERBOCKER-CaPt. A. I'. St. John, will leave Monday, Wednesday and Friday Eveuings, at seven Stenmboat ROCHESTER, Capt. A. Honghton, will leave Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 7 P. M. At i o'clock r. M.?Landing at Intermedial!' Places. Steamboat SOUTH AMERICA, Capt. L. W. Brainard, will leave Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoon, at 6 o'clock. ttteamooat NORTH AMERICA, Capt. M. H. Truesdell, will leave Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Evening, at llvr o'clock. Passengers taking this Line of Boats will at all times arrive in Albany in ample time to take the Morning Train of Cars for the east or west. The above boats are new and substantial, are furnished with neat and elegant State Rooms, and for speed and accommodations are uunvulled on the Hudson. For Passage or Freight, apply ou board, or to P. C. Schultx at the office ou the wharf. s2) r NOTICE?On and after Monday, Oct. !6tli,the boats of this line will leave for Albany at 6 o'clock, P. M instead of 7. \ seven o'clock evening line A, -J, i3?for ALBANY AND TllOY direct, without SEaailaESfcJandiiig?the splendid low pressure steamboat SWALLOW, Captain A. McLean, will leave the foot of Courtlandt ill-ret even* 1 uesday, lliuriday, and Saturday evenings, at 7 o'clock, (or Albany direct. The Swallow has a lar^e number of iiate rooms,and lor speed and accommodations is not surpassed on the Hudson. au8 ec NEW VOKK AND KINGSTON STEAM FREIGHT AND PASSAGE LINK. mM Kor Kingston, anc Delaware and Hudson t^*LSp<^nal^t^boaU EMERALD and NORThe EMERALD. Captain John Katcham, will I tare New York, foot of Murray street, every Monday and Thursday at i o'clock, T M. Will leave Kingston (Romlout landing) every Wednesday and Saturday at 3 o\:lock, P. M. Tin'NORWICH, Captain John Samuels, will leave New York, foot of Warreu street, every Wednesday and Saturday at J o'clock, P. M. Will leave K .igston (Rondout landing) every Tuesday and Friday at 3 o'clock, I*. M. EXTRA TRIPS. The EMERALD will leave the foot of Murray street every Sunday morningat 7 o'clock. Returning, leave* Kingston at i o'clock, same day. Kor freight or pu.-.age apply on board, or to WILLIAMSON, BARLOW It CO., ail Sm*r 164 West street. ~ZKOH KEYPORT AND M1DDLETOWN CL iif 1 Ul .N I . Uailjr, (Sundays excepted,) touchSEvaJHUibing at Segnine s Dock, Staten Island ?On and alter Monday. July 31st, the steamer ROCKLAND, Captain Crawford, will leave Middletown I'onit on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, at liall-|>ast one o'clock (tide permitting,) and Keyport at 2o'clock P.M. Keturuint, leave New York, foot of Kobinson street, on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, at S o'clock A. M. ana Saturday* at 2 r. M. Stages will be in readiness on the arrival of tha boat to conv?y |?is.seiigers to Freehold or any part of th? country. Uiiil'orm conveyances on Target Excursions, Parties of pleasure w ill be taken to and from Fort Hamilton or Kev|>ort at reasonable prices,. s20 lm*m inn ** NEWARK AND NEW YORK ?Fare I2S Cents !?Fall and Winter ArrangejKvaJ?3E_ni<'iit?The splendid steamer PASSAIC, on and after Oct 3, will run as follows .... Leaves .Newark, trom fool ot Centre street, at 8 o'clock A. M. Leave New York, from foot of Barclay street, at 3 o'clock P. The accommodations both for passengers and freight (which is carred at very low rates) have been greatly improved. jyW3m*ec _ _ PASSAGE FOR NEW ORLEANS?To sail KVorJrWpositively Kith October?The splendid well known jtM&fa ast sailing packet ship ALABAMA Capt. Burner, will sail positively as above, her regular day. She has exceedingly good accommodations for cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers, and is calculated to afford every comfort to passengers during the voyage. Those about going to New Orleins, would do well to ins|>ect this ship, and inake vnrty application on board, foot of Wall street, or to W. k J. TAPSCOTT, <3 Peck slip, comer South street. The Yaioo will succeed the Alabama, and sail on the 20th Oct. N. B.?The ships of this line sail every five days as usual, throughout the season. ol2*c FOR NEW ORLEANS?To sail positively on loJMPy.'he l?''1 -The elegant first class ship OEOROE TF.VENS, ( apt. Cushiug, will be despatched as above. This ship offers a most desirable conveyance lor a limited number of second cabin passengers, as no steerjure paaseniieis will be taken; the second cabin is handsomely luted up with state rooms, autl all other arrangements necessary for the comfort of pssseugen For passage, apply on board the ship, pier 10 ?. 11., fool of Old slip, or to JOHN HERDMAN, 61 Sooth itreet, near Wall street. ?.t u TL 'V... r....? -1... _...i:?? _?ti.. I* the above port, by which |>nssAge can be engaged *? the lowest rata. oil Jtr Hg- FOIl NEW ORLEANS?Louisiana anil New MHHWYork Lint1?Regular packet of 20th October?TIm JUbBm1'')*' sailing packet ship YAZOO, Captaiu R.J. H. will >ail a* above, Iter regular day. For freight or pnasagH. having handsome furnished accommodations, apply ou board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall afreet, or to K. K. COl.LI NS Si I II, id South street. Shipper! may rely upon having their goodi by this line correctly measured. Agents in New Orleani, llnllen Sc Woodruff, who will promptly forward all goods to their address. The packet ship SHAK SPK.A l<E, Captain A. Miner, will ncceed Ilii' V MOO, .mil nil .11st inst., her regular day. oUr fcSg- REOULAR PACKET FOR NEW ORLEANS Packet of 14th Octolier.?The splendid well known jHMtflMI'aeket ship NORTH CAROLINA, Captain Drumiinuiil, will sail punctually as above, her regular day. Thi? line incket ha? accommodations for calnn, second cabin, and steerage passeugi rs, superior to amy other ship sailing to the iboffl port. The price of passage is low, and those wishing to secure lwrihs should not fail in making early application ou board at pier foot of Jones' lane, next Wall street, or to W. &. J. T. TAI'SCOTT, At their Passage Office, 43 I'eck slip, corner South at Wlr> hue nlso regular lirst class packets sailing weekly to London, Liverpool, New Or leant, Mobile, Savannah, and Charleston. o7 j XWU FOR NEW ORLKANS?To tail positively on WMffW-'-he mh October?The firat class el,'gant packet ship i iMMkLlRKRTY. Cam. Norton, will be despatched as > above her regular day. She has unsurpassed accommodations #??? r?h n ??f* 11 .i aiwl ilpunifc 1> wlut will I... I taken Ht a mo<lt<mr rau* by applyin* on boiiru the *lup at Tin 12 Kit .(or to oT Sir JOHN HERD MAN, 61 South it. near Wall at. "ijfr KOR UAR9KIL.Lh8?l'ackrt for Ut November? M^yjtVTIir ship COUUIKK, Capt. Dukkiii, C0|?|<ere?l ud Mmmtm' .'l'l*r lailenwl. _ Kur In iitht or paaaane, apply to H. BROOM !k ' O , or to BOYI> k HINCKKN. o IJ ?? No. 9 Toutine B ui Mmg. 0 E NE NE jifig- .DRAFTS ON ENGLAND, IRELAND, IHc~MRraVIffW about remitting money to their frieuds in the JHftgMfipOldCouutry, can be supplieu with drafts, in turns of ?1, Xi.x'J, ?j% i.10. J.20, ?30, ?Mt or ail? amount, payable on demand, without discount or any other charge. at the National Buik of Ireland, Provincial Buik do. Mciirx. J<tmes Bulf, Son Be. Co., ban ken. London; I. Barnard 8c. Co., Kxch?nge and Discount Bank, Liverpool; Eastern Bank of Scotlaud; Greenock Banking Company; Sir Wm. Forbes, Hunter Ol Co.. Scotlaud; and the branches tu every p >st towu throughout Kuglaud, Ireland, Scotland and Waifs, which drafts wi'l be forwarded by the packet ships of the 7th, l!?rh. and lt>th, and the steamer Aca uia, slum* iiuiii dumou on in* i*j111 uctooer, uv applying to W. St J. T. TAPSCOTT. At their OeneraJ Passage Office, 43 Peck Slip, corner South st. N. B ?All letters from the country must come poit paid. oil r FOR LIVK.RPOOL?British Vessel-The well WfjCTW known fast sailing British ship CHESTER, John JaHlMMBbBvviIsoii, master, having a large portion of her cargo engaged, will liave quick despatch for the aliove port. Parties about shipping colonial or domestic produce, will M the Chester a moil desirable conveyance. For freight or passage apply to the subscribers. ROCHE, BROTHERS & CO.. 35 Fulton st.. o!3ee next door to the Kulton Bank. jjtf- FOR LIVERPOOL?Regular packet of the 13th October?The first class fast sailing ship UNITED afcjuaiSTATHS, Cspt. Brit'on, burthen BOO tous, will sail as above, being her regular day. Her accommodation* for cabin, socond cabin and steerage passengers are too well known to require comment, and as a number of her berths are already engaged, ptraOUl HtHWIII to embark should make immediate application on board, foot ol Maiden latie, or to the subscriber, JOS. McMURRAV, 100 Pine street, o9r corner of South. tg- BLACK BAH., OK OLD LINE OK LIVERKflWWPOOL PACKETS?Regular Packet, and sails on JUlbllb t hursday, the I8lh October?The magnificent, well known, very fast sailing packet ship ENGLAND, burthen 900 tons. Captain Samuel Burl Lit, will sail positively as above, Iter regular day. The accommodations of this splendid packet for cabin, 2d cabin and steerage passengers are unsurpassed for splendor, conve nience and comfort by any vessel alloat Those embarking for the old country will find it to their luterest to select this desirable conveyance. For passage, which is v< ry low, and to secure| the best berths, early application should be made on board, foot of Beekman st . or to the subscribers. ROCHE, BROTHERS U CO,, 33 Fulton street, uext door to the Fulton Bank. P. 8.?The England sails from Liverpool on the 7tli of December. Persons sending for their friends can have them brought out in her, or in anv ol the packets comprising this magnificent and unequalled .iue, sailing from that port punctually ou the 7th and 19th of each month. Drafts at sight for any amount drawn direct on the Royal Bank of Ireland, and on Messrs. Prescott, Orote, Ames St Co. Bankers, Loudon, which are paid free of discount or any charge whatever, iu every town throughout England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. For pusage. See apply as above. The favorite packet ship OXFORD, will succeed the ENGLAND, atid sail fur Liverpool ou the 1st November, her regular day. oGr NEW LINE ok LIVKRPOOL PACKETS.Packet of ICth October ?The new and elegant packet JBBlMSaHliip ROC!IKS TKR, 1000 tons burthen, Captain J. Brittou, will sail on Monday, liitli October, her regular day. i The ships of this line being all 1000 tons and upwards, i ersons about to embark for the old country, will not fail to see the ad- i vantages to be derived from selectiug this line in preference to any other, as their great, capacity renders thein every way more comfortable and convenient than ships of .1 smller class. Those wishing to secure berths in this magnificent ihip, should not fail to make early application to w. si j. t. tapscott. At their General Passage Office, 43 Peck slip, comer of South st. The Rochester will sail from Liverpool on the5th December. Persons, wishing to send for their friends .can have them brought out in first class shi|<s, sailing weekly, ou favorable terms. Drifts for any amount, payable on demand w thorn discount, in all the principal towns of Fngl&iid, Ireland, Scotland or Wales, constantly for sale as above. The Garrick will succeed the Rochester, and sail on the 26th October. s8r FOR LIVKRPOOL-The New Line?ReguUj M[SRYWPackel IGtli of October?The fine New York uuii JBRMfapacket ship rochester, John Britton, master 800 tons, will sail ou her regular day, 16th October. For freight or iwssage, having very superior accommodations, apply to the Captain ou board, at westside Burling slip, or to WOODHULL St M1NTURNS, 87 South st. Price of passage, $75. The fine packet ship Holtinguer, Ira Bursley, master, 1050 tous, will succeed the Rochester and sail on her regular day, 16th November. olO r tfic- "old black b vllTline of packets MraMfWFOR LI VERPOOL?Packet of the 19th October? JpMMbThe splendid fast sailing packer ship ENGLAND, Capi. Bartlett, will be despatched as above, lfr regular day. She has superior accommodation for cabin, second cabiu and steerig- passeugers. Those wistiiug to secure berths will require to make early application to JOHN HERD MAN, 61 South st, n?ar Wall street. N. B.?Pa<s'a({e from (treat Briuiu and Ireland, via Liverpool, can at all times be engaged, on the lowest terms, by any of I he regular packet shi|>s, and draf's furnished for any amount payable at the Natioual a d Provincial ltruk of lrelaud, and at all the principal towns throughout the United Kingdom, on application as above. oU 5tr FOR LONDON?lnlh October?Regular p eket fcRSMfV8'1'!' WELLINGTON, '.apt. D. Chadwtck, will JHWaKB-tail as above, her regular day. The aicommod tions for cabin second cabin and steerage passengers, cannot l>e surpassed, in this very su|>erior vessel. Peroons desirous of securing berths should make early applica tiou to JOSEPH McMURRAY, ol ec 100 Piuest, corner South. FOR LONDON?Regular Packet of the 20fh Ocjf*WWlober? Tlie fast sailing packet ship SWITZERMalfaLANI), Capt. Kuight, burthen 1000 tons, will sail as above, her regular day. Her accommodations for cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers are unsurpassed by any vessel iu port, and as a number of her passengers are already engaged, those desirous of securing berths should make earlv application to JOSEPH Mc.MURHAY, o!3r 100 Pine street, cor.ier of South. FOR HULL.?A good shin now loading lor Hull MKjR3FVcan tak* 'be bulkof I' 00 bbls light freight Apply to Jffiilib WOODHULL St MINT I'R.N, 9 ee 87 South street. 445- IjKRFv ST SMITH. EMIGRANT AOENTS, ^iHRIVrrom Lancashire and \ orkshire, England, have esta an office No. 60 South street, New York, for l>rotectiuu of Emigrants either coming to or returning Irom till* countrj ? have i'acket Ships sailing weekly. Drafts payable .it sight on A. Haywood, Sons & Co , Liverpool. or their order on any Bank in England, Ireland, Scotland, t Wales. A spe dy conveyance to any part of the States is ilso guaranteed on application to the subscriber*. A BERRY. iiIO 6t*r THOS. A. ijMlTH. KOR HAVRE.?The sui>erior French ship Ml IoMkjVNERVE, Captain d'Achvux, will tail on or about JKmUmbrn' he 21th instant. For height or passage, apply to CREAUH Si HEYDF.CKER. or to BOYD & HINCKE^, 06 r 9 Toutiue Buildings. PACKET FOR HAVRK?Second Line?The MnKsV*l>ip ONEIDA, James Funck, muter, will sail on JfiflflCithe 1st of November. BOVD k HINCKEN, No 9 Tontine Building, ol2 er. corner Wall and Water streets Jr?S3e- ~ FOR RIO DE JANEIRO?The fast sailing co|.? Kr^rsVpered barque MAZEPI'A, a first class vessel, will sail .n Nth instant. n.r passage, having very superior stateroom accommodation* for forty passengers, apply to Capt. Smith on board, at pier No. 11 E. R . or to OURDON S. COIT, 31 Old Slip A limited number of s eerage passengers will be takuu on moderate terms, if early application be made. olO to o20*m fig-To 5 5 AV"ANN AI f-Ti rn Regular MM with MttSrW-'lespatch?The first class fast sailing ship LANCAJiWHflM^HIRE, Capt Lyous, burthen 8J0 tons, will sail as aliove, ner regular day. Having >ery iu(>erior accommodations for cabin, second cabin and steerage passengars, those intending to embark should make imineaiate application on board, foot of Dover St., or to JOSEPH McMCRRAV, 100 Pine strvet, ollr corner of South. PARIS BOOTS AND LASTS MADE JO ORDER, By E. H U S E It, 175 Brntirfwiy, (Hutement.) One door from Courtlandt street. E SUSr.R, Bootmaker, and Maker of Lasts, an Elve" of Clerceof Paris, begs leave to inform his xni! nil rh#> nm?rf*ura nf .1 ir*?n 1 l??in ml v " rltiiuttir# " I that lie van now make, in New > ork, with the beat French materials, all tliat u so jierfectly made m Paris by hia master, the celebrated Bootmaker ( lert e, whose numerous cuatomers on this side of the Atlautic are respectfully invited to try Suser's Boots and Las'i, before they despair of being " chau?ses" in New York, after the nicest latest Paris fashion. Also, the geniuue Paris Jet Black Varnish (aid. a!7 lm*ec BijOTS AND SHOES.?WILSON Sc JOHN SON, Successors to John Hutchings, deceased, have on hand and for sale, from the best manufictorifs iu the country? 100 Cases Coarse Sewed and Pegged Boots, men and boy*. I0fl " Fine 10(10 Pair Morocco Buskins. 1000 " Ladies' Fine Mippers. 3000 " Children's Shoes, various colors. '00 " Womens and misses Oaiters 1000 " India Knbbers, trnimed and plain. K.or sale in lota to suit purchasers, at their store. 120 CH.VTHA.V1 STllEKT, opposite Kosevelt. N. B.?1The store being OpM until 10 o'clock in the event im, gives country mercluuils au opportunity to examine goods at their leisure, *28 lm*m ^^LAUlIiS' AND MISSEV SHOES. CHEAPER THAN EVER. A i' WALKER'S OLI) STAND, 419 Broadway, where may lie fund a complete assortment of all the different kinds, colors, sorts and SIW, lor ladies, misses and children (iailers, Boots, Uiiskius, Mippers, ami waiving shoes. Also, India Kuhbers and Moccasins,aud water proof over shoes of the latest style and fashion; ladies', misses' and children's (Waiters of all kinds and colors, in the greatest style and var>etv, oj all sues and suited to all tastes; gentlemeu s, boys' a d children's hoots and shoes, of French and native calf, c arse mil rtne, in all their variety, ready made or made to order, at the shortest notice. Oentleinen's overshoes and an innumerable assortment of other gooda, at WALK MI'S. 419 Broadway, sin u j corner of Canal st. V'_ ,~""ads ol families, by patronizing this est iblislinieut. will a saving of 25 to 30 |>er cent. o2 I in er SAVE YOUR MONEY. FALL AND WINTEH BOOTS, 75 per cent 'J'*" *ny other eatablishinent in the city, l.all, examine, and be convinced of the fa.-ta, that you can get l!?.V1U".',ty ,:f.^OOU' w,ilh 'verlasting patent sole, on, ri '," 1 price Of five dollars and (iflit hih . /f * '?!? ity ?* hoot* wiling at other estAblifthmt'uis at from $7 50 to $ti. Call at is imin ' UBBERLKY fc MICK ELL, _?12lm?m |j7 William sr.. N Y BOOT AND SHOE STORK 2jWbl?SlS , . - ? mint* noovr lino, at No. 99 Naimh troet. whrro ho will thankfully i*ctiv? tnd faithfully oiofnto, *11 onion ho m*v ho Uvororl with on th* ino#t Fftwmnnlo t#rm? for ?*??h jvr*>fr MKOH SALC OH TO RKNT-The Pn-mmm %UH? with II 01 li run of atone*, with *11 of iU ettennire mifWinery, litulnl near two mi In from New Ko<'h?lie, We?tch<nfer('onnty, autl Skateof New Vork, and in nnmmlntr prommitr to the city of N*w Vork. now in oriler for an eiten ivr Inuiucu in Hour, ami can grind and rack 100 to 130 barn la each day, or conld I*1 mo?t advantageously employed for an> other jmrpoie which might require eitenaire wafer iwtwrr. The reputation for the paat thirty-ffv* ir*r? emoyeu I i the Premium Mill?, and their proximity to New York, w t?i the facility of traaaportation afforded immediately adjarent, 'j> way of the navigation direct to the Mill* from any port, nm?er the fteilitiea t>ir tximneaa nneicei tionable to thoae deainng auch an e?tahliihinent. Apply to HKNit\ I'ATWPlIK HKLLOM4), K.?q., New Rocnefle, N. Y? Kellomfttill*, or to WILA^ WOOD. K?n.j J9 Br-ad Mn>et, New lork. New lvochell*, Auffuit 23, 1M3. 0?<tr W YO W YORK. FRIDAY MOR HAVANA MANSION HOUSE HOTEL _ HMIK undersigned takes occasion to inform hit friends mill J- the public, that the .\lausiou House i? now located iu luquisidor street, No. 67. in the viciuit) of the steamboat landing an<l vegetable market, uaviug commodious family apartineuts, arranged in the neatest order. A person is employed to procure permits to land passengers, baggage, fee. who will board vessels immediately alter the visit ol' the revenue officers. N. B.?V isitors to this Island should procure a passport from the Spanish Consul, attne port of embarkation, to obviate difficulties and inconvenience. s2l6uiec_ WILLIAM FULTON. IMPORTANT TO INVALIDS AND VISITORS TO THE ISLAND OK CUBA. PROGRESS HOTEL, TN the village of Cerro, three miles from Havana. This estaA blishmeut is sdvautageously situated, proiwrly fitted up and atteuded, affording the benefit of a country life without excluding the comforts aud pleasures of tlie < 'apital, or preventing a timely attendance to business. Every attention is promised by the owners to meet the satisfaction of their visitors. CHARGES. Boarding for a single person iu oue room $2 00 a day. " " two or three |>er?ons iu one room- >1 60 a day each person. With families a iwrticular agreement may be eutered into. N. B.?Omni busses are running from morning 'till night between the Cerro aud Havana, making the trip in half an hour. *24 Im BELMONT HOUSE?NEW BIUGHTON GEORGE PEI HISS, in returning his grateful acknowledgments to the numerous ladies aud cenilemeu who favored the above iwubluhmeiit iluritiic the past bf.uou, begs to announce that he has made every suitable arrangement lor the wiuter, to accommodate families and single boarders. The dining-rooms and dormitories will be found comfortably and 1 elegantly furnished. The table will be supplied with the choicest provisions, and the wines will be found equal to any. The proximity of Belmont House to the city, with excellent steamboats plying at stipulated hours, the well known attention ol the host and civility of (lie attendants, combined witli the localiou, being withiu a step or CM wVlf-frf*, renders this establishment the inost social and couvenient iu the Uuiou. Term* wiljjie fouudexceedingly moderate. \fcy~ liood stabling and coach house* attached to the pre mises. s 16 trr MASSACHUSETTS BAY aYSTKHS?168>, Fulton street, opposite St. Paul's.? NAPOLKON COURT1N take* pleasure in informing ( those |>ersons who have heretofore honored him with their patronage, and those who are williug to contiuue the same favor, that the iVIassachusetts Bay Oysters have recovered with the cold weather their fresh and delicious flavor so peculiar to them, and which has given tlirm the name of oysters of Caucale, that his saloon, recently so elegtntly fitted up, oilers the most quiet and comfortable accommodations. There will always be lound in it a choice collection of the following wines, viz: ('habits, Kauterue, Grave, llarsac. Hermitage, sparkling and still Hock, Champagne, Chainbertiu, I'ommard, Volney, LafUte, Larroze, Leoville, St. Juuen.Stc., and all sort* of forrigu wines and cordials. He keeps constantly on hand the above wine*, in the cask or box, together with Preserves, Sweet Oil and Kr-sat'.i- ;.;cgar. Goods purchased from his establishment ar- sent -t ofciuige t" oiy part of the city. Oysters will be seut to tr,e ? ideuce ol purchasers, (if required) and o|>ened by one of the :; *.. i.'aiits o til- establishments. ,:2 BUS1NKSS IS BUSINESS.?Therefore if you wishashare ol it you must circulate your cards and handbills freely.? To do this in an economical way, call on KoLOhK St SUTTON, at the otlice of tbe Locomotiv* Printing Kngine, 115 John street, near I'earl, w here you can have all kinds of Job Printing done in the first style, at the lowest cash prices, and no disappointment. Card? priuted at one hour's notice if required. o4 lm*r "\TAL1lNTINK ha* removed Ins hngravmg and Printing * Establishment from John street, to No. 1 Beekmau street, (Loveioy's Hotel,) opposite the Brick Church, New York.? Wedding, Visiting, Invitatio i, and Professional Cards executed iu the first style of the art, as regards the inferiority of the engraving, neatness of the pruning, and the whiteness aud brilliancy ol ttie cards. Person* furuishiug their owu card Ha? c iiirui j'liiurti oil Uir must ai4>rovtfU auu iaaiuoilable style of cards, at prices to suit the times. The Ladies and Gentleman of New York, Brooklyn, and the adjoiniiutcitic* and towns, are respectfully invited to call and examine the ?|>ecimen books, and I ruin a variety of pattern cards select li> their taste. s29 Im#r V YLOUttAI'HlC PRESS U GENERAL JOB I'KINTIN Li OFFICE, 56 Gold street, near Fulton.?The subscribers inform Druggists, Perfumers, Manufacturers, Grocers, and others, that they nave (the present season) made extensive additions to their assortment of Xylographic Labels, to which they would respectfully call their attention, beiujt the largest ana most splendid assortment ever published in this Country or in Europe. Consumers are invited to examine our assortment before purchasing. Xylographic Eugraviug.?New designs and plates, suitable far all kinds of business, executed in tlie first style of the art, and priuted iu bronze, variegated, plain and fancy colors. , Job Printing.?Their office is also supplied with every variety of type necessary for the execution of every description of Fancy Job Printing. Checks, Notes, Billheads, Circulars, Bills La- 1 ding, Handbills, and all kinds of mercantile printing, executed 1 ou reasonable terms. Patent Card Press.?This machine is particularly adapted to 1 the printing of Cards, wlncn it executes with great facility and beauty ; one person being able to print a pack of the best enamelled cards ill two minutes, with ease 8ui>erior polished surface Cards (manufactured expressly for this establishment) furnished and printed at the following prices :? 100 C&rda for 50 cents SOO Cards for $1 26 200 " ? 75 " 1,000 " " 2 00 300 " " $1 00 " 2,000 " " S 50 Common Cards at leas prices. BK0WN80N k CO., ?13 3w*r 56 Gold street, ueax bulton. TO PERSONS WISHING TO tNUAlit THEM SELVKS IN THE D AG UER.REOTYPE BUSINESS. Ip A. ARTAULT, 235 Broadway. 3d story front room, op posite the I'ark, respectfully iuforins the photographic artists that, intending to go to France iu a few mouths, he wishj es to sell, at very low prices, (lower tluui prime cost), 1000 French Daguerreotype plates. No. 30 and 40, 6>4 inches by 8J4 inches. t largest apparatus complete, fixed with chromatic lense* of 1)i inches diameter, for full size portraits (large plate* and half plates. 20 complete apparatus for quarter plates and medium tizr. 6 chromatic lenses, inches diameter. 12 chromatic lenses 3 inches diameter. 200 ounces of chloiide of iodine. 200 ounces pure cramine. 50 pouuds hvdrosulphate of soda. 100 grams chloride of gold. 50 bottles of a new preparation made bv [M. Lerrhours,'.for gilding the pictures. 200 bottles French Tripoli. 50 bottles rouge. 50 bottles iodine. And a quantity of boxes, stands, and materials suitable for the Daguerreotype. The greatest part of these goods arrived by the latest vessels, and are warranted to be pure and of the best quality. Also?A new supply of frames, morocco cases, and a splendid Diorama, with 24 views, made iu Paris by M. Daguerre.and very costly. DT7" Please to call at215 Broadway, 3d story and front room, sll lm*r ARCHKR'S FALL FASHION, FOR GENTLEMEN'S HATS, AUTUMN?1843. NOW ready for sale and inspection at his old stands, 204 and 2b0 Greenwich street. P. S.?Also, an elegant assortmeet of meu's, boys' and children's caps, ol entife new patterns sll lm*ec TO THE 1UBLIC. The firm heretofore known as (JENIN U VAN V RANK EN, HATTERS, Havinc? htvn Hia?f)lv?>il fltn anlurrih^r JOHN N. GEN IN, Ha* opened A HAT AND CAP STORE, No. 90 BROAD WAV. Third door from Wall street. i JN. (}. begs simply to (Lite Ins determination to use his beat exertion* to tnxk* a HAT that for quality of material and beauty of finish cannot be excelled. He therefore trusts to r>ceive from his friends and the public that support which will enable him successfully to carry out his designs. JOHN N. CiKNlN, Hatter, *14 lm*m 90 Broadway, 3d door above Wall *t. TO THK rUBMC. (J?1 AA TO $5000.?Mr. Francis R. Crump, Watch Maker, J 1 V/U 218 Grand street, bens to inlonn hi* friends and the pqhlic, that inde|>endeiit of the Watch business, lie is prepared to make advance* in cash on void and sil ver watches,diamonds, silver tea sets, spoon* forks, and every description of Rold or silver in any shape, intended for immediate sale. Cash to any amonut paid for old Kold and silver. Watches of every de scription repaired and warranted 241 Grand street. si I Jm'r W/ATCHKS.?The largest and mo*t splendid a**ortmeot ol " Watche* in the city, i* to be found at the subscriber's.? \s he i* constantly receiving all description* of Oold and Silver Watches, of the newest styles, direct from ths manufacturers, in K.ngland, France, and Switzerland, he is enabled to offer a larger a*sortment, and at much leas prices, at retail, than any other honse in the city. Oold watches as low as 120 to tM ach vVatches and jewellery exchanged or bought. All watches warranted to keep good time, or the money returned VVatches, clocks nnd jewellery reimired in the best manner, ted warranted lower than at any other plice in the city O. C. ALLEN, importer of watches nnd jewellery, o7 liTi'r Wholesale nnd retail, JO Wsll street, up stair*. FL-ICI^ICE Xr\()rt TONS of pure lake Ice of the best quality. The Highland Ice establishment, expressly for shipping it pre; ared to, and will sell, by the cargo, and smaller quantifies. chea|>er than can lie obtained fr >m any other source, and packed in ihe best manner, to go to any part of the world. supply of the best approved backing always on hand. JOHN M. LYON, o"> 2w*m Wl Division street. TTHLORIDK (IK OOLD tographists tfiat they have jmi received |?r lute arrivala a fresh supply nf ( hlornle of Gold from the Laboratory of our o( tlie most eminent Chemist* in Pari*. They warrant it to be equal if not auiwrior to any in the Unit?il State*, whether manufactured or imported, and offer it for aale in viala 15 kmiiii at $1. Tlwy hare on hand a anpply of moat excellent plate*. and all the chemical* used, winch ihev offer for sale at reduced price*. Alao oo hand, three, four ana ait inch Achromatic L-naes, and Cameras conatnioted on the tferman ayafem?Kaney Knme? WW Portrait anil View*; *24 lin*r yMFIHK Of BfcAUTY.??The lollowinf Toilet articles w are to be had genuine only at 67 W.ilKer atreet, one door Iron) the comer of Broadway :? i Oottrand'a Pondre Subtile?For aafrly, quickly and tierina- 1 nentlv eradicating sui>erllu?ua hair from all parta of the liu ( man frame. Thia we prove beyond all doubt to every purchas- ! er requesting proof. Bew ire of counterfeit*, oo'. tawing deleterious proiertie*, and utterly inetficacioua. No agem in Brook1 yn. Gonraud'a Kan de Beante? For thoroughly exterminating tan, pimples, blotche*, morphew, See eliciting delicate w hite necg, handa and artna, and imparting a juveuile b.oom, by ita dilating properties. preventing the formation of wrinkle*, and i banishing them when present. i Gonraud'a Vegetable Liquid Honge.'imparta a delicate l>|nah- . ing tinge to the cheek*, immovable by rubbing with a hauilker- j chief V a cloth. . Wo miil'i Blanc d'Kapange, or Spanish White, give* to the comp Aion a pure, life-like alabaster whiteness. In elegant botes. 25 cent* each. , Gob/aud'a Grecian Hair Dye?r or coloring red or grey hair, without staining the skin, warranted. SI per bottle. Kye Brow and Whisker Dye, 25 centa l>er bottle. ( ream of L lies?For Unloving Dandruff, making the hair i rich, ailky and gloaay, and gradually cliaugiug it to a dark I brown or raven black. 50 centa tier bottle. , Agenta?2 Milk st.Boaton; 76 < h'suut at, Philadelphia; Gfry, i I'oughkieiisie; Guthrie, Albany; Mvera, New Haven; Wells Si Co. llartlord; Cowlea. Springfield; f aulkuer, Norwich; Given Ik Co. Worcester; Carleton (* Co Lowell; Hodge, Newbury . I> >' ...I.. l',r.l.,,.l I 1...1 .1 D ' rhomnn, Cincinnati; Tuttk, I itUburnh; (Mirgc Htralry, Frankfort, Ky.; S. Touify, KochMlfr; ?fth 8. Hand, Baltiwor?. ill lm*f j TOIMI LOVERS Qt St PCRIOR BLA( K TKA.? ] ii HowqM's Mi?urf.-Thi? fitmnt'ly <I<<I1C10111 and un|<?rall#<l Tea, <> highly crkbntml in China anil Ktir<>|?, juk importrd ii now lor ialr at ihp ('inton Tm Coinuanv'i <.J?iirral IVa hitabliihmont, 121 Chatham itrett, Nfw York, (ml III Fniton (trvwt, Brooklyn?in p?ckac?n- rnen M cwu and || > RK H ATT MD i\/>imrvT?r'? r? in in lO, IS ENGLISH ADVERTISEMENTS. THE NKW YOKK HICKALD is regularly filed in London bv Ml. L. SlMMONDS, Agent for the American l'a|>eri, British and foreign Newspaper Office, 18 Cornhill, London, opposite the Royal Exchange, where orders and advertiseiiienls will be received. s28tl'r GENERAI? AC.ENCY AND GUM MISSION ~ OFFICE. 18 CORNH1LL, LONDON, OPPOSITE THE ROYAL EXCHANGE 'T'O MERCHANTS, Commercial News Rooms, Public Li A braries, Agricultural Societies,Officers of the United Slates, Printers, Publuliern of Newspapers, Sic. P. L. 8IVM')NDS, General A guilt and Commission Merchant, begs to acquaint his friends and the American public in general,that he is ready to receive orders for the supply of Newspapers, Periodicals, Stationery, Printing Materials, h aucy Articles, Sic. of any kind and quantity, and goods of every description of first rate iiuality at the very lowest market prices of the day, and to transact business upon the most liberal terms, provided he is previously furnished with funds or drafts at either long or short dates, or a reference 011 some Londou or Li verpool house for payment. P. L. Simmouds will also receive consignment* of any description ol merchandize to lie sold on commission, and accept bills at short dates lor two thirds of the ainouut, on receipt ol the bills of lading. Consignments entrusted to his care will m et witheverv possible despatch in their disposal, consistent with the interest of the cnusignew. an extensive kuowledge of geueril business coupled w ith promptitude,attention and judgement, will ha trusts enable him to give complete satisfaction to all who may favor him with their commands. Reference may be inade in New Vork to James Gordon Bennett, Esq., Proprietor of the Herald,who is personally acquainted with Mr.Simmouds and the nature and extent of his establ ishment. s28tfr TO ne wspaper-agents and publishers in the united states. THOSE excellent Illustrated Newspa|ters, The Pictorial Time*, aud Illustrated London News, are supplied at 7s Sd sterling per <|r. Punch at 4s tid perqr, and all the Loudon and Foreign Newspa|>era a* they ap|ivar are regularly supplied, wholesale aud retail, by P. L. SlMMONDS. Newspaper and Periodical Agent, 18 Corohill, London. Subscriptions 111 advance, may be paid into the Herald Office, on Mr. Siiumouds' account. Advertisements received for insertion in all the London, Country aud Eoreigu Journals. s28tf UNDER THE ESPECIAL PATRONAGE OV HER MAJESTY OLEEN VICTORIA ; H. R. H. PRINCE ALBERT; THE ROVAL KAMILY, AND THE several courts ok europe. KOWLANU'S MACA^AR OIL. This elegant, kraghant, aud pellucid oil, 111 its preservative, restorative, and beautifying qualities, is unequalled over the whole world It preserves and reproduces the hair, even at a late period of life: prevents it from turning grev; or ifs.1 changed, restores it to its original color; frees it from scurf and impurity, and renders it soft, silky, curly, aud glossy. 'iv, 4' 11 t 1 niiru : 11 i_.i r? the basin of a beautiful lirail of liair. ROWLAND'S KALY DO It. An odoriferous cie.amy liquid of Balsamic Exotics, and utterly pure and free from all mineral admixture It pleasingly dissipates all Pimple*, Spots, Blotches, Redness,Tan, Kreckles, and other Defects of the Skin, lie.vls Sunburiis.Stiiigs of Insects, and render* the most rough and dry akin pleasantly soft and smooth. 4 he nitii.iiit blooin it imports to the C lieek, and lite softness aud delicacy it induces on the Hands, Aruis, and Neck, render it iiidisiwusable to every toilet. Gantlemeu will tind it jieculiarly grateful after shaving, in allaying the irritation of the skin. HO W LAND'S O DON TO, OR PEARL DENTIFRICE. A White l'owder, compounded of the rarest and most frig rant k'xotics; it bestows ou the Teeth a |iearl-like whiteness, frees them from tartar, and imparts to the gums a healthy firmness, and to the breath a delightful sweetness aud perfume. CAUTION. Each geuuine article hai a small label affiled thereon, bearing the names of "Messrs. DODGE, CUMM1NG 8t CO., Stc Only Agents, New York." Ii /"All without such a label, are SPURIOUS IMITA TlONil! ! ! sold by Chemists and Perfumers. *28 Itaw Gm r CHE*P STORE TO MY OLD CUSTOMERS AND THE PUBLIC OENK KALL V DRUGS, L'YESTUfrFS, PAINTS, MEDICINES, OROCERIKS, &c No. 188 GREENWICH STREET, NEW YORY. JOHN C. MORRISON offers for sale, on the most liberal " terms, a very extensive assortment of itoods, ainon|( them the following, to which he would solicit the attention of APOTHECARIES. Opium, Corrosive Sublimate, Uamphor, Atjua Ammonia, I'rvam Tarter, Spirits iNitre Pulcis. Castile Soap, Suiier Carbonate Soda, Liouorice, Tartaric Acid, Balsam Copaiva, Epsom Salts, Rhubarb, Laudanum, Jalap Senna, Aloes, Sulphate Quinine, H lurs. Chamomile, Oil Peppermint, and all Essenl Uum Arabic, tial Oils, (Castor Oil, Gum Myrhh, Quicksilver, Cantharides, Magnesia, Gum Tragacanth, Manna, Powdered Bark, Roll and Floor Sulphur, Cork* of all kinds, Alcohol, Sarsaparilla, Borag, letined and crude, Sixmges, coarse and liua, Calomel, Druggists'Glass Ware Red Precipitate. Vials. PAINTERS. Window glass, of all sizes and British Lustre, minlities, Glue, all sorts, Wliite lead, dry and in oil, (Jold and Silver Leaf, Red Lead, , Gold aud Silver Bronze, Litharue, Copper Bronze, SuiriLi 'I urnentiue. Chalk, white and red. Putty, Paris whit*, Whiting, Spanish Brown, Veidigrn, dry and in oil, Venetian Red, Chrome ' sreen, Sand P.t|ier, I Chrome Yellow, Pumice Stone. Vtllow Ochie, Kreusli and and Kosin, American, Japan, copal, coach and har I Prus.iiii Blue, ne?s varnish. : Vermillion, Turkey Umber. Rotten Stone, Terra de Sieuna, Ivory Black, Red Chalk, Gum '-opal. Gum Shellac, Paint Brushes, all sizes, Bnght Varuish, Rose i ink, Sash Tools, all sizes, Lamp Black, Black Lead. OILS. Oil, Kail, Oil, Train, Wiuter, . Lintseed, Summer strained sperm, Neatsfoot, llelined whale, Olive or Sweet, Unrefined, whale. Sea Klephant. Tanners', Laid Oil, Sperm and Stearic Candlti, DYE WOOD DEALERS AND MANUFACTURERS. Logwood. Brazil Wood, Camwood, Red Saunders, 1- untie, llateu Wood, Nicaragua, Red Wood, Barwood, Hyperuic Wood, Gum Asphaltum, Peach Wood, Sal Ammoniac, Ebony Wood. Soaps, MANUFACTURERS. Alum, Fullers' Earth, Blue Vitriol, Madder, Dutch and French, Copperas. Kng. and Amer. Indigoes, of Bengal, Carracas O f Vitrol, and Oualamala, Sugar Lend, White Tartar, I Bleaching Salts, Red Tarter, Cochineal, Glue, Aqua Fortis, Sumac, I Nutgnl's, Lac Dye, I Annatto. , Starch, . Soda Ash,I Prussiate Potash, Pot and Pearl Ashes, Gum Senegal, I Extract Logwood, Powdered Curcuma. Tartaric Acid, Powdered Blue Smalts, Bi-chromate of Potash, Quercitron Bark, , Sal Soda, Spirits Nitre Fortis, (him Shellac, Salt Petre, Cudbear, British Gum, 1 Woad, Nitric Acid and ( Grain and Bar Tin, Otalic Acid. Soaps, ' GROCERS. Voting Hysou Tea, Pepiwr Sance, Hyson " Macaboy Snuff, Imperial " Scotch Snuff. Gunpowder " Mace, Hyson Skin " Indigo, Flotant, Souchong Castile Soap, Bohea ' Cloves, ? rr'|ch Brandies, Caster Oil, in bottlaa, Segars Alcoh I, Pot and Pearl Aslias, Ejwom Salts, . , -iiiuamon. L'!??,![ ice,Ball, friction Matches, Bith Brick, Carbonate Ammonia, Saleratun, British Lustra. I" ik Blue. Soda for washing, Powdered (iingrr Root, Mustard, London, Alum, Caynnne Peiijier, Olive oil in bottles Si baskets, Powdered Nutmeg, Nutmeits, Powdered Cinnamon. Salt|?tie, crude and refined. ! CON K ECl'l ON ERS, DISTILLERS AND BAKERS. Cochineal, Oil of Anniseed, . Nutmegs, Absymh, Mac*, Carrayway, t ('loves, Juui|*r, | Cinnamon. Hose, Orange and Peach Wa' Cassia Buds, (ers. Allspice, Vanilla Brads, Isinglass, Tonquni Beans, <?um Tngacantli, Coriander Seed, tium Arabic, Turkey, Carravway Seed, (Jum ttamboge, Aniseed, ? Oil of Kotes, Jujube Paste, f P<Mi|iermint, Pear lash, Wiutergmu, Saleratus, Cinnamon, Super ' arbonate ofSoda, < Ora> ge, Tartaric Acid, , Bergamot, Oin rer, white Jamaica, Lemon, Ginger, Kast India. PAPKR MAKERS, HATTERS, he. BWrhiol PowJpn, NuunlU, ' t'i . tar ils>r *<l II Snulra HI..* V if rirtl LHue. Verdi(tri?, i Oil Vitrol. Couperai, Copper Call, Sal Ammonia, ' Shallac. Antimony, * Alcohol, Sugar of 1/ead, / Kxtract ol" Logwood, Alora, Alum, St?. , PATENT MK.DICINK DKALERS. Balaam of Honey, Andfnon'f, Lw'i Ik Hooper's Turlington's Balaam, Pills, I Hitemui'a Dropi, Opedeldoc. . il.nIt m .mil British Oil, Seers' and Liquid, S-iilli * Powder*, Sodi Powders, ito ighton'a Bitten, Godfrey'a Ccvnial, h Katract Snr*apTilla, Andrraon'a Cough Drop*, H L>plialic Snuff, Tliompsou'i Eye Water. oi Im ilyltwy*r ^ LEECHES! LEECHES! LEECHES! t !)n nnn ' AR(>K *ND HEALTHY Swaediah and f 6V?)V/VV/ (Jermau I**chea, juat rerened |ier ahip ( andor, rom Hamburg; and daily ei|iecte<l 3(1 Oflfl Swedish and (ier- 1 nan L fee hen |ier bark Kranklin from Hamburg. Kor aale at tioderate prica at O. A. ik H. WITTE, Importer* of Leerhea. i a3() 1m * m 446 I'earl atreet, New York TO THE INDIES. \yflSS FY. OODKFRY tumuff Ju*t returned from ran*, , IVI - U,..?l.?a.w. aaaortm.!.' r?f I L'U. l_ 1 if?, Bonnet*, and ladin' articlra iu |i>n'ral. will op?n on rhnmuy nnt, th?2Hrh iaat, wrrral cun of the <tborr goo<la,in \ ,rr ?tot*. Broadway, corner of Leonard utrwt, up itaira. t. 26 lin'm ^ ^ WIIKAT-4M bntlwlt primr Illinois WIk-u, now lamln,! , from iliip St. Mary, lor sal* by U K K CULL1.1B k CO. M Southfet, / ERA 43. New Orlettn*. (('Orrrsimnd'iio- of th? Herald.) Nkw Obi.kanh, 3d October, 1H43. Repeal Movement?Yellotv Ftver?Politict ami the Municipal Flection?Tyler inn?The I'res*, anil the Musquitoes. Dear Sir Every body here is delighted with Bennett's letter to the Titties. It in an admirable piece of sarcasm, and expresses very forcibly, what every body thinks, that the conduct of O'Connell wm brutal and inhospitable in the extreme. The Repealers in this city, who were prostrated some lime ago by the publication ol O'Oounell's anti-slavery speech, have been revived by the application of a little soft soap in the shape ot a letter from O'Connell, thanking them for their "blunt," though most of it was derived from the labor of the slaves. A meeting was held last night, and the Hmgs and denunciations ot the great repealer were forgotten under the pleasant (lattery of the letter accepting the " splendid contribution of j?]50-l-i Hd " Numerous orations were made, and high sounding resolutions were passed An ugly broken down political orator, who, having been used by all parties, seems to be despised by all, of the name of Lime, held out in some sophistical argumentation and shallow declamation, all tending to show that O'Connell had the rinht to say what he chooses about slavery and slaveholders,and it was nobody's business Father Mullon, the Priest, made some good remarks, lull of Irish lervor and blarney. The meeting finally adjourned, and the repealers seemed much satisfied with themsr'v , and with O'Connell. The Tropic is pouring hot shot into the cause. In this it regenerates the opiui?u and feelings of the majority of our people. Our city is only kept alive by the yellow fever, politic.-, and municipal atlane. The fever is decidedly epidemical. There have been 130 cases reii, i,.^ ni course, this does not include a third ol the cases in the <"i?y T There has been an averttge of aboui 12 or 15 deaths a day. The political parties are hard at work with reference to the municipal elections which occur in April. They are both, whigs and democrats, making votes, or as the fashionable plwase goes, " affording facilities." The Mayor it seems is very unpopular. By a drunken brawl on the day of the l<*?t election, in which he committed a violence on some democrat, he has aroused the most fiery vi-ngeance of the fierce democracie. They have already nominated their candidates. The down tr.wn Creole party have put M Mangny in nomination. He is a fine young fellow, ot ?nl lant and generous character, and very popular among the Creoles The Second Municipality boys, who, 1 understand, have increased their votes tremendously, insist with great pertinacity in running Dr. Macfarlaml The Doctor is very popular with his party, and as far n? 1 can learn, is a brave, honest, and talented fellow, but a little loo fiery and violent. He is the minority of one, the opposition in the Whig Municipal Council, and by his fierce and inr???aiit attacks on Mr Petirs, very much annoys th if accomplished financier Peters is a very superior man, much superior to your New York (i nanci' r? He is shrewd, accomplished, popular in his manners, brave and sell-possessed, but, in my opinion, is a most dangerous man. He rules the Council, who all seem to be placid gentlemen, content to fill their seats cushioned and comfortable, to answer yea or nay, as Mr. Peters may say. Tylensm is dead herv. The Tyler paper is supported by the Democratic party, anc a very abie paprr it seems to be The Henld is a poor, dirty, miserably printed affair. The Bee has sunk under the patronage of the State to hopeless stupidity. The I Bulletin was never anything else. The Tropic is a quite lively, energetic, well mannged i>nper The Courier is an able and zealous paper. The French side is, however, better than the English These terrihle visitants, the scourge ot the South, mueuuitoes, compel me to bring my letter to a close. You shall hear from me again foon. Paul. Movements of Colonfl Johnson.?On Tuesday last Colonel Johuson was at Worcester, in Massachusetts. He made a speech in the evening at the To Hall. The room was crowded?there must t ive "en some 2,NX) or 3,000 people present. A writer who witnessed the scene, says:^ Mr. Davis, the chairman ?f the committee, introduced the colonel?a grey headed old man, wearing a black coat, with a crumpled shirt collar, and the ideutica! red vest, in which, tradition savs, he shot Tecum^eh. After rising, fie seemed very anxious to impress upon us the tact of his being but a poor speaker, and not in the of making addresses I thought lie was tnking a great deal of unnecessary trouble. Then he told how he loved his "teller citizens," and how they loved Inm, and how unworthy he was, and how they thought differently, and how. us he did not wish to impeach their judgem nt, he took the offices that had been forced upon him nil ihisperiod. Now, however, he had determined to become a private citizen; he didn't want office. He had come to New England to gain instruction at the agricultural fair; for he was considerable of a farmer in a small way; and make a pilgrimage to Lexington, Bennington, Plymouth Rock, &c. He ended with the subject ot Oregon; how he got there 1 could not make out, but 1 hadearly given up all idea of following the thread of his discourse, tor the very good reason there was no thread to it. He declared nat he firmly believed there would be a railroad through it to the very Pacific itself, within ten \ ears He would like to see the British try to take the ter ritory; old as he was he would shoulder his mus lietin itsdefence. I was very much disappointed in his speech. As an orator he is nothing, and his -peech was of nothing but himself. However, some illowance mu.-t be made for his being latigued. Judge Merrick then rose and offered a resolution highly complimentary to the old hero, which was sarried. The citizens wsre then presented io shake lands with lum. Not caring to see this ceremony I :;arne away. The weather to-day is splendid. II I ?ettime I will Rive you an account ol the lair and :he ball which is to be given thin evening. Singular SriciDK ? Peter Sible, a native of Germany, alter a residence of about three years, in the vicinity of Minden, Montgomery county, N. V , without a known cause, committed suicide on TuesJny last, by hangine himself, in the following most singu'ar mannerOn the morning of that day he It ft his father's houte in company with another brother, from whom, however, he shortly parted, as they had intended working for different individuals, for the day Mr. Sible did not return as was expect ed when evening came, which ,however, did not ex cite suspicion in consequence of an engagement he had made with a wagon maker nearby, and from whom he had been to work previously! On Thursday, however, it was ascertained that he had not been at the aforementioned place, and upon more strict inquiry, that he had not in the meantime been seen by anv person, which excit? d suspicion for hih safety, and on Friday, accordinuly, a search wax I made in a wood through which !?ible had to pess ind which resulted m finding him suspended by h imall cord from a tree that projected over a precipice tome twenty-five leetdeep, ran-ing him in all miiik orty feet over e brook that winding its way he ifath -ao difficult was the at-cenr, that of some orty persons present, when the Coroner arrivd, no' me could be prevailed u>on to ascend th?* tree t< oose the unfortunate victim. The tree was then mh mli i.r<.KuKltr iwua lliu nriltf at lu tuali t r? nit u, TTlllt.ll |.|f.7.... ...... :ovenng the body. The tether of Peter Si>>le, md family.,were prevailed u;on f>y fat ipfg nc of this unfortunate him, lu quit then lativc "ouniry, mid leave the home < ( thru hikl; behind, where th?*y hud enough md e,*to abide with him in 'his town until inot. r *, ring should arrive, and then sail to :eth? r, t ti?come permanent settlers of thf fair prai ten of Wisconsin. With this pleasing anticipation, (id they while away their nine, with nought to ruf le their happiness until last Friday about noon, when tne father alone was th' first, by the discorery of his son's hatwhich had fallen to the ground, but for which circumstance he would probably mill ?e hanging,) to behold him suspended high ov?-r hik lead in this awful situation It is impossible to migine the feelings of the old man? a stranger in a trange land?with no kindred but his family iround him, who all looked up to Perer, their son u.d iTBther, as a guide and director in this land of rangers An inquest was held on Fiiday night, and xaminations mid**, which resulted in obtaining no itherevidences o! in?n ity,ihtn a settle i me'unchoy tor 'he last few months, without ascertaining an\ ause tliat should tend tlureunto The b?-reav< il amity are ?ympathi?-*d with by all who have visited h??m in this time of trial. Attkmptkd Mi'kdrk ?On I'uesday night, abetr 0o'clock, as a person named James Southern wa i: tir>g out of an alley in the neighborhood of 4;h i d Catharine etrtets, a person accosted him by ennr ng who he was, when he replied that he was m ' vloya man," meaning that he belonged to ih. 'i tyamcnsing Hose. He was immediately fired a' iy the individual, and dreadfully wounded in th? are. It is thought that he will lose the use of hie ..... 11. ..... i ... 11... I tn rv *o wiivr/cu "*"-i uu Gazette. i LD. I'rle* Two C?nt<. Takinm thk Veil at Baltimore.-The imposing ceremony ol taking the white veil was on Monday performed at the Carmelite Nuunery on Aiwjuith street, in Baltimore, in the chapel attached to the institution, which was witnessed by a large concourse of spectators. The candidate lor the vei was Miss Caurtnay, of Charles county, Maryland. From another source we have the iollowiBR particulars :? "The imposing ceremony of' taking the white viel was on Tuesd.iy i>erl<>rm'd at the Carmelite Nunnery, in the chapel attached to the institution,which whs witnessed by a large concourse ??j .-pectator* The candidate for the viel, Miw< Courtney, of Charles county, Maryland, attended by Mm hllen Louisa Jenkins, of Philadelphia, in the ra|>acity of bridesmaid, entered the chapei about 9 o'clock, both dressed in pure white, with embroidered viela thrown loosely over their heads, taking their seata directly in front of the altar, among the audience The sucrement of high mass was then performed by the Rev Mr Gildea, and also administered to the applicant for holy orders The Reverend Archbishop Ecclesion entered, arrayt d in the pontificals of hi< station, when the curtains behind the grating of the cloisters were drawn, and about 2t> sisters all dressed in white, with heavy black veil* thrown over their heads and shoulders, each bearing tn her hand u lighted taper, were perceived walking two and two towards the door leading 10 the chapel. The candidate lor the ve,l was received by the reverend mother, a lighted taper wreathed with flowers placed in her hand, and conducted within the precincts of the nunnery, the sistera with their lighted tapers following, which was visible to the audience through the gratings. The An hbishop read a passage of scripture, proclaiming the reward of those who forsake the world and all the ties ol kindred to follow Chrict.M tha authority (it tlie church for the dedication which was about to oe performed, and delivered an eloquent addrers, directed principally to the young noviciate. "She then approached the railings, and the Archbishop questioned her as follows:?"My child, what do you demand?'' to which she answered, "The mercy ol God, and the holy habit of religion." Q. "Is it of your own tree will that you demand the holv faith of religion"!" A. "Yes, it is." Q "My child have you a firm intention to persevere in religion to the eud ol your hie,and do you hope to have sufficient atri ngth to carrf constantly the sweet yoke ol our Lord jeBUs t'hriBt solely forthe love and leur ot God?" A "Relying on the mercy of trod, I hope to be able so to do." The novice then arose, and retired, conducted by the suction as and assistants, to put of! her secular dress, and r< turned in a tew minutes arrayed in the religious habit ol the order. She then knelt down, aud her secular veil being removed by the assistants, she wasgirded with a cinclure by the superioress, and received the veil of tlie ch'trch, previously prostrating herself before the altar. She was then raised and saluted by the superioress, aiier which she saluted all the sisters present, when they retired iu ihe precise order in which they had ent? red, chauniing the same low and solemn hymn which had been heard throughout the greater part ol the ceremony. The extreme beauty ol the novice, the solemuity ot the ceremony, and her firm and unfaltering carriage and ! manner, tendered the scene one of unueu&l in United Ntatei District Court. Before Judge Detts. Oct. 12?The XJ Statt* t>? F->ur cattt oj French merino cloths mni keilL D ?The claimant .? * pat taer of the firm of D<s La Mottefc. Co , in?|>ort?-ni oi French gooda in this city, und the cast's aie claimed is forleited by the U. Htatas go vernment. under the old plea ol under valuation of invoice. The goods wmb invoiced in Paris in December, IN4I, at the net value or I 11 ,<>04 OS The Custom Home appraiser*, however, valued them at an increase of about three thousand francs. The case has been before the court since yesterday, and is not yet concluded, owing t? the number of witnesses on both sides, and the conflicting nature of the testimony. For theU. States, District Attorney Hoffman and Watson?(or the claimant, Francis B. Cutting, Esq. Superior Court. Defote Judge Oakley. Oct. 12.? The Tnuteei of the Congregation of Shear with htnet t't. Jlndrtvo lln riton ? The plaintiffs owned eer tain lets in Not tolk street, which are used as a burying ground, but which, having (alien into disuse, waa occupied by th" persona living in the neighborhood to dry clothes in, and for similar purposea, the entrance being through a part of the lencn adjoining the property oi the delen dant, and fur this an actum ol trespass is brought against him. 'l he delence set up is, that the boards wereremovi d irom the fence by the consent ol the sestou, as a convenience to persons wishing to see. the ground. The court charged in lavor ol the defendant, and the jury returned a verdict in his lavar. i For plaintiltf, Jonathan Nathan?for defendant, H. Ni' chol. Calendar for Friday ?No*. 44, 124, 81, 87, 88, 90, 8, Ml, 12, Hi, 9.1, !?ti, 97, 98, 1M0, 101, 102, 103, 104,106,107, 108, 100,110. Circuit Court. B-UMf JllUg. UUI. Oct. 12.? Noah Woodruff vt If'm E and hilar F. Crmft. ? Thin in a c<?t! of replevin, and has nlieady been before thep'iblic. It wan continued from yesterday, and promis> <i fair to occupy the greater portion ef to-morrow. Mr. Jordan is counsel for the plaintiff, and Mr. Blunt for the defence. It is ol no general interest. Calendar for Friday.? Nor 71, 3,8, 20, 43, M, 60, 48, 7S> 78, 91, M, 95,97, 9*, 13, 2ft, 44, 0ft, P2. Common PleM. B efore Judge UUlxpff'er. THumoiT, 0".t. 1 i ? l.fmard Hunn and Thnmai L. Taylor vt Sheriff Hart, J. II Rlaidell, Deputy Sheriff,and otk' em?Tbis was an action ci{ trespass. NatbanC. Ely bjr tii*attorney, K Imund Terry, issued two writs of execution I'gnnxt the plaintiff*, who were commission meri-hanik, doing business at 93 Wail street. The writ* were ;iven to the sheriff"' of Kings county and New York,and > tliejn Ignient was paid to the Sheriff' of the former. No iceot payment was served on the Sheriff of New York, who hud levied on thw property of the plaintiffs, but bad not removed it j however, he proceeded to collect the imountofhis dues regardless of the notice, and sold a quantity of ftftlce furniture to satisfy his claim. Kor this n.e present action is brought. The defence set up waa, 'hat no trespass was committed, inasmuch as the gooda bad been previously levied on by the Sheriff, and that the ider to co'lect the dues was given by the attorney of h'.ly. The Court, however, rharged against the BherilT, leaving it to the jury to say whether or not he had acted under the order ol the attoruey. The |ury returned* verdict for the plaintiff* in damages and cents coita, ipninst all ot the defendants For plaintiffs. Messrs. Satterlre and Cram. Fer defen dants, Messrs. Hart and Terry. .frrf. Reynoldt vt. (r*ori>tJI. Palmer ? This is an action on a cuse against a common carrier. The defendant t*n. d a sloop on board of which the plaintifl shipped a quantity of produce, to be sold in New York. However, i.u alA?n %a- am ?lin ilntrn Htf fc* P \1 illiar h tia*?tta in (K* 4ound, and all was loat, nave the laili. anchors, he. The axe is set down tar the first Thursday o( next term, in consequence ol the absence of Mr. Brady, who was enraged in the Court of Sessions. Messrs. Cole* and Bruah ippeared for the plnintill. rhe court then adjourned, there being no caaea ready lor tria'. Calendar for Friday^ ? No* 127, JO, 16, 61,66. ( enerul Meaalona. lefore Recorder Till madge, an 1 AMtrm Waterman and vtsrtln. Jimki R. Wmriwo. Esq . District Attorney. Thvkhdat, O -t. I i? Ti tal of Offlcrrt Sweet ami Calvin I he trial ol these persons lor assntut and battery commit - donjohti Mulligan on the 7th ol September, at which line hi* leg wa? broken, was resumed JaMks T Bsadv, tkI Wm M. Patca, E-qrs summed up for deience. and the ')inrict Attorney closed in an energetic and forcible ap. <tl ?o tin J'irv. The HtuoRDr* charged theJury very briefly, and the ise wa? submitted at a quarter pan' 3 o'clock. After an ibaeiice ot about twenty minute*, they returned into otitt with a Ti rdlot ol RUiiiy. The Court than adjourned till this morning at eleven ''clock, when tbe c*?e ot Michael Walih for libel on L vi D. S.amm will be commenced. The witnesses in all other caaea ware discharged until holiday next. City Intelligence. Thk vii to iikt * Coat.?On Wednesday Petar B. I"'une, c >rpentei, of ftoflj Greenwich street, callcd at the olise ot Henry K Thorp, 80 Ch.tries street, and told hi? wile that M* Thorp had sent him for his overcoat, a? they v ere about making a trade. She delivered the coat, and t wua afterwards ascertained that the rogue had obtained by lalse pretences, he never having been sent by Mr. Thorp lor the article. Locked up to answer Strkkt Ttm.vci?This class of pettv rogue* are in reasing rapidly. On Wednesday two of them stopped in onto! the store o( Abel B Smith, of Ml Hudson street, nd very modestly took possession of a piece ol pongee .tndkerchiefs, which th< y threw into the area beneath f itorc Mn<i fh?*n it rnd<iw off a cIctIl ot Me store sa * Hi' rogue* In the act and gave chase, when ley ware arrested, riving '!? oamea of James Devine . .d Abraham Loiier. B ,a?KT - A colored man ramed Nathaniel Saunders, i r-.morli Knitn u at ?hw \1 jnsinn HntlM in mi.I way, wretert himself on Thursday night in the nee, Hrd iluriug the night rohbed the t>ock?t? of Mr. m Bukcr, who w?* lotting there ol ?? The black gne wm pursued early \.Iwy morning and fecored I'd >70 of the inwney, which wan returned t? the lawful wner. Navat..?Uni'ed Sintrs efnreahip Erie, Lieut, intmndtr l>uk?-e, wan ac Valparaiso, July 10, in twodnyi from Rio Janeiro, and won d sail u lour or five day* (or Callao.

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