Newspaper of The New York Herald, 13 Ekim 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 13 Ekim 1843 Page 3
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5 (&- COM STOCK k CO.'9 Cote ntinlfd Cumpouud Kl'iid Extrac' of 8 A H ? At' AH 1JL. L A, jtOHiM cuhk or jH > .. huu, >i?icuiul and syphiloid I Chronic Rheumatism, Disease* I (i ifinl Ueility, Biles, from au impure ha'dt I I Cutaneous Diseases, ol body, I | sculy Eruptions of the Ulcerations of the Thioat I Tetter, [Skin and Leg, I 1 Pimples or Pustules on the Paina and Swelling of thi I Face. Bones, Hp, Livwr Affections, I ; ' And all Diseases arising from an impure state of the I Blood, Exposure* ami Impi udenceain Life, I Excessive Use of Mercury, Ike. Tli? great popularity of SaatAriBii.!.*, and ita esUb lishe i etlicary, render i t (superfluous to enter into an) enco.nium ol its vlr nes, or adduce any evidence in its lavoi. This article is warranted puie, a* strong, as good, am) i in us targe bottles as any sold at one dollar per bottle, at tW I xv price of rirrv cents pes lottu^or^perdoy."1). ni'! can be found only at 21 Com tlandt street?Comstock & l!o?*, SJ Cornhill, Boston; 139 Fulton street, Brooklyn, I on I 3!"i Broad street, Newmk. j :t- RICORD'S PARISIAN ALTERATIVE MIX "I UK., for the permanent cure ol' primary and secondary '! syphilis. This mixture is the best and mokt ertectual remedy it present known for these distressing complaints, i controlling the diseases without injuring the constitution or conttnement from business. Hold in large bottleh, i ach, smullda, $1: incases containing halfdoz'-n, $S, ' ' are ully packed, and sent to all parts ol the Union. 1)1 thff and consulting rooms of thu College of Medieine and Phiirmac v,97 Nassau street. W. S. RICHARDSON, Agent, (D7- WEAK INVENTIONS OF THE ENEMY? t The Poudre Hubtilv, tor eradicating superllous human huir, safely, quickly and permanently, advances in public J estimation pro rata with thenbuse it receives from imita P tors. This singular chemical preparation has entirely annihilated the dangerous and utterly inefficacious com pounds in use, and el'Cited the envy and malignity of base " counterfeiters, who attampt to palm ott their poisonous t1 trash by decrying the genuine. Such impotent, yet au, dncious attempts, only recoil on themselves. The popui larity and extensive sale of the Poud e Subtile is not to i be r< tarded by such miserable shifts; it has attained the i highest pitch ol pHblic approbation, it is always tested beloretho eyes of every purchaser, when the strongest and toughest hair is seen to vanish like magic, leaving the skin soft, smooth and delicately whitu. t ven from the forehead, where the sup -rtluous hair has been removed, the blueness of the skin vanishes with the hair, leaving it the color of thesurrounding parts. The genuine is to be had no where else in New York but at 87 Walker st, one door from Broadway. $1 per bottle. ! Agents?Boston, a Milk street; 70Chesnut street, Phi[ l:ide]phia; Myer3, New Haven; Dyer, Providence; Carleton, Lowell; Green, Worcester; Orey, Pougbkcepsie; uuiHrin, Aiiiuny, l'ousey. llochester, fcc. (JO- OLD MAIDS AND YOUNO MAIDS, UACHE LORS, Sic?Who wants to be handsome and good look ingf Many may smile at this, but we have seen the experiment tested. We have seen seveiol assume what they never hail before,viz., clear skin and luxuriant hoir. jOne young lady and gentleman whose skin and face was disgusting with eruptions and freckles, and the Italian 'It em'.cal Soap cleured it, and also changes the color of V sunburnt or yellow skin to a healthy clearness. We used Jones' Coral Hair R< storative. Our hair was falling out, and filled with scurf, and tnis remedied it. It haB been used by the Qrst merchants of our city, who tell us it dies certainly make the hair grow, and gives light, red or grey hair a fine dnrk look.?Picayune. Hold very reasonable by Jones, sign of the American Eagle, 82 Chatham street. Ag> nts?Zeiber, 3 Ledger Buildings, Philadelphia; State street, Boston; or 139 Fulton street, Brooklyn. JUT- PROFESSOR VELPEAU'S CELEBRATED ;i pills, lor the radical cure ot gonorrhse gleet, and all un. pleasant discharges from (he urethra. These pills are now prescribed by the medical faculty of Europe as the 1 most certain an I speedy cure for thoje distressing complaints. Sol 1 in boxes "$l each. Office and consulting <t rooms of the College of Medicine and Pharmacy, 97 Nassau street W. 8. RICHARDSON, Agent. ot/- THE CHINESE HAIR ERADICATOR WILL mmovc a|] supei fli;#'is hair from the face, neck and hands iind cut injure the most delicate skin. This the proprie tors will warrant under forfeiture of $60. It will also be It ied before any on>'purchasing, and occular proof cannot fail to convince every one of Us singular powers Ilt has obtained such a large sale that it is counteifeited in an infamous manner by an old woman in Broadway, who thinks she can make something by counterfeiting it, and therefore puts it up in tin boxes. Never touch the poisonous stuff. The genuine Chinese cannot be obtained but at 31 Courtland street: Ctmstock & Ross, Boston, 62 Cornhill-, Comstock Si Williams, No 6 North Fifth street, Philadelphia-, and Comstock's Brother, St. Louis. 017- OLDRIDOE'S BALM OF COLUMBIA will, in one or two applications, stop the hair from falling out, re store it wki re bald, and keep the heal entirely free from dandruff. Ladies will also find it a great auxiliary to the toilett, as linir dOM up in it over night will stay longer in curl. It has repeatedly restored the hair on people 40, 160 and even 80 years old, after being entirely bald from 10 j to 40 y arn. We could enumerate, hundreds ot cases ol out first citizcnswho have had their hair restored throughout the country,and also referthe sceptical to people in thiscily, who are knowing to its supeiior virtues. Thi article i< so veiy closely counterfeited, that people by the looks of the wrapper cannot tell the difference, unj the only thing which can lie depended upon is the signature of Comstock St Co, which can always be found on thf" genuine. Sold only at 21 Courtlandt ftrret; M Cornhill, Boston; fl North Filth street, Philadelphia; 139 Fulton street, Brooklyn: 320 Broad street. Noi?nrlr (K7- WE CANNOT DO LESS THAN TO GIVE ! place in our columns for the following certificate, which | we cut from the New York Herald of the 9th instant, and say to our readers we think no family should he one hour without thi? very valuable and extraordinary salve :? To tiik Public.? Below ia a certificate about Connel's Magical I'ain Extractor,and we would respectfully ask all to read it, and then cnll on Mrs. Curren, 169 Wash inston street, and see the child, which will show for itself i. fact that every one will one day acknowledge, Tit: that life in every ca?r offire will be savedby this salve,if the vital parts are uninjured. The generosity olDr. Harris is worthy*)? all praise in j laying aside prejudice. But public opinion will toon j teach men that such .in article as this must be used in : every case of lire, and that physicians must use it themrelvra rather than lives should be sacrificed, as many deaths have lately accurred by fire, when no other skill could save life, and in no one instance has the Extractor tailed in relieving immediately, and healing, These are facts, and all will one day believe them. On th? 3d of this month my little daughter fell into a keltleof boiling (suds) water, w ith a good deal ?f soap in it, and it was very powerful suds, which is much worse i that Clearwater, and was dreadfully burned almost all I over, and very badly in her left side, so that I did not rx- I pect she would live at all, and a great many also saw h?r < who tuoughtsue would not live. I called on my family j physician, Dr. Harris, No. 1 Stono street, who recom- i mended the role use of the Magical Pain Extractor, (rom j Messrs. Comstock & Co , 31 Conrtlandt street, as he had j neon it applied with such signal relief on a man who was j dreadfully burned at Castle Oat den. A great deal ol the *kin came off with the clothes, and very large blisters immediately rose up. She was in the most dreadful agony any poor creature coold be in, when the Tain Extractor was applied, and it relieved her at once, reduced the blisters,1'and she is now almost well. 1 | was out ol the salve on Sunday, when the child grew worse, and I got something from a drug rtore, but it did ' no good, but made it worse. Monday I again applied the Pain Extractor, and immediate and soothing relief was given. 1 invite the sceptical !o call and see the child,almost cured, when life was despaired of, and I would ear. nestly rrcommend all mothers to keen this salvo always in the'house. MARY CURRAN, 169 Washington street. New York, Aug.8,1943Kurther comment is unnec.e??ary, as the above speaks I too plain. And to show people that its effects are as bene. | flcisl and soothing, we will publish in another place a surprising cure of inflammation in the eyes. The gentleman, Cant Samuel Bird, gave hia singular statement to the editor ot the I'eekskill Republican, and many have piobably already reod it in the Journal of Commerce and ' Daily Express This salve is n general cure tor all rut- j ward eruptions, swellings, inflammations, pain in any part of the b >dy, &c., the latter almost instantaneously? | Bmlnn Poil, Jiugunt 13th. TLii ailre has been found too high, snd the price is therefore reduced one-half, viz. 36 c?nts, SO cents, and one I dollar per box. Be sure and see that the fac simile signa ture of Comstock Ik fonnd on the splendid new (steel plate) engraven wrapper. It U'ed to be called Dalley's, but some plates having been stolen, the counterfeit has appen-ed with the outward dross of the genuine. There- I lore, t) he sure, have the article in the new dreu, which if< as cheap n^ain as the other. 31 Courtlandt street is whero it is sold. PRIVATE DISEASES A CURE OUARAN- | TEED.?Tho College ot Medicine and Pharmacy of the City of New York, established *or the suppression ol quackery, is now prepared to treat all diseases of a private nature, and offer to all those afflicted with these distressing maladies advantages not to be met with in any other institution in this country, either public or private. Krom the ron'tant corresi"ondenoe, and from private mlangemeiits, between the members ol the College and the roast eminent professors ol the medical institutions of Europe, all improvement* in the treatment of these diseases are lorwanled to them long helore they reach the majority ot the medical profession ol this country. With such celebrated remedies, together with tha combined skill ol the first medical mm of this country, the College feel satisfied that the good work they have undertaken, " the stippr-ssion of quackery," will receive the patronage it i!serves from that portion of the public requiring their service*. Terms for advice, all medicines, $5. Otlice and Consulting Rooms ol the College, 97 Nassau ftree'.. W. ?. RICH AHDSON, Agent N.B. Patients living ?t a distance, by stating their disease explicitly in writing, living all symptoms, together with the treatment they received elsewhere, if any, can obtain a chest containing nil medicines, with full direc tions lor use, with a guarantee ol cure, by addressing the agent of the college, pest paid, encloring $6. IT IS GOOD TO RECEIVE PRAISE OK greut men, whom the whols nation have honored; it is a 4ii'n that you have done some good to your fellow befags "They only feel true plsasure and delight When every action show# they mean aright " Messrs Pease Ik Son point with prida and satisfaction to the li tters that bren published Irom eminent nu n _.l. 1 I.. ,.n t . ?I f'ltlfl.l hv tK.. ... r.... who nnvr ??? "ii ti * '/ ???i u?r ui nirii ? i.umcu E??ence of Hnarhn'tnd Candy There i? the haa I writing ol the venerab'.e General Jackaon, the hero who ought the huttli * ol hi* country, whom civil at'rvice* were only equalled by hi* military; President Tyler, tho dignified ruler ol our national councils; Ojv. Botick, the able former CJovernorof New York; and Robt. II. Morrin, the wiae and diatingui?hed mayor of our great city. 8un ly theae endomemi nti must convince every one ol the in? finable value ol the Hoarliound Cundv. The nlmve cettilh ateHcan be men in their own hand writing, at 4fl Divide n treat fl?-"SWEET BREATH AND PEARLY TEETH' may always he secured by u free use of Sherman's cel? brated On is Tooth Paste, which is pronounced by all who have ever used it to be one of the roost delicious ami btautiiui si tides Uelore the public- It is entirely free Iroai all deleterious materials, leaves a pleasant taste in the mouth, it perfectly clean, au<) altogether the most economical preparation of the kind to he found. Dr Sherman's warehouse in I'M Nassau street Agents-110 Broadway, 10 Astor House, M7 Hudson, 188 Bowery, 77 East Broadway,8? Williannmet, and 1J9 Fulton strict Brooklyn. 5^ a GOOD MEDICINE.?We never learn a goo I thing withcut leeliiig a disposition to acquaint o'ir read ers with the fact that they may he beaefituid equally with ourselves thereby. The other day we lelt somewhat hi!, ious?a disordered stomach, lots of appetite, and a head which we were often on the po.nt ol knocking on the wall for its stupidity ; in (act, a regular " swell-! ead''? and were induced to try some of Peters' Vegetable Pills as a remedy. We took four on going to bed, and awoke the neit morning with a head asclear at the tone of a bell in a frosty morning, spirits as light ss a feather, and a disposition as contented and happy as ever philosopher enjoyed. No griping attends their influence, wliich is speedy as it is effectual. They will lose nothing in com imrisou with any article of the kind now in the market? [ Boston Daily Bet The article lor sale at 1*29 Fulton street. MONEY MARKET. Thursday, October 19?U F. M. The Stock market has presented a great re-action today. Prices being considered to havetouched th- ir lowest, a disposition to bu\ again sent them up. Ohio rose 1 ner cent : Kentuckv I : Illinois 2 Ttcr cent : and a further rise ol 3 per cent at the second Board; Indiana 1J; Canton 4; Harlem -JJ. At the new Board the some general feature* were apparent in a more limited degree. Bills on England are at 8| a9 for drawn bill?; city bills can be had of the best description at 9$. Saturday is packet day, and the mails previous to then are expected to bring bill* from the south. At New Orleans the quotations an-7 a 7J. We have received the mcstage of Governor JoiitP, of Tennessee. A large portion of it is devoted to the State debt and banks 'X he following is th? statement of the debt : ? The entire amount of bonds issued by the Btnte lor banking and Internal Improvement purposes, is us to), lows Debt op Tennessee, Oct. 1813. hit. pd by State. For stock in the Union Bank, 400,0(10 25,000 Bonds Ibr Bank of Tennessee, 1,000,000 60,000 Internal Improvements, act of 1835, S.l4 percent, 263,166 13,816 Internal Improvements, act of 1837, 5 percent, 1,497,250 74,862 Total amouiit of bonds issued and uu paid, 3,206,416 173,678 The Courier and Enquirer is alternately abusing and putting the state of Illinois, seemingly for tho purpose of throwing every obstacle in the way of settling tho debts of the delinquent States, in order to snake tbeir bankrupt condition the basis of a political movement, in forcing indirect assumption of the debts by the issue of a national stock, based upon public lands. This cannot succeed? the actual value of the public lands, which consist only ofthe net revenue to bo derived from them is not, since I the distribution ot their best portion oythe actol the extra session, sufficient to pay the interest oi Pennsylvania.? That paper remarks, upon an article in an Illinois paper, us follows:? It asserts, what indeed is t ue, that the actual debt ot the State has not been at all reduced by the action ot the Legislature, and that they will not he, should the arrange ment be completed which is sought to be effected by the Commissioners now in England. It asser<s, that false and fraudulent representations have beeu made to secui" the l?an contemplated to be male of the present Canal Bundholders?First, by the statement made, both in this coun try and in Europe, that the McAlister and Stebbins bonds had been liquidate!, and the $&00,000 ot State bonds hypothecated to them cancelled; while the facts are, that the debt has not beeu liquidated, nor have the bonds been given up to the State; neither will they be, (or the obvious reason that the bonds have been putfed up from 17 to 49 cents, without the remotest cause for their enhancement in value, and are therefore, now worth some six hundred thousand dollars more than the provision made by the Legislature for their liquidation. The debt ofthe State has been reduced by the amount of bonds, $3,665,000, subscribed to the two banks put in liquidation, and by the amount, $6,000,000 of the canal debt, if thv arrangement is concluded in Loudon in relation to the canal. In relation to the McAlister bonds, no statement has ever been made that the bonds bad been liquidated. Those bonds, $S00,000, were issued to that firm in pledge for a loin of $261,000. The State, at ihe last session, passed a law authorising McAlister and Stebbins to return the whole $900,000 bonds to the State, and receive warrants for the amount actually received by the State, and no more ; the warrants payable in two years, with interest; and full provision was made for taking them up. This was a special law, drawn up in t iscity, and passed by the great exertions of the parties interested. Thest-bonds were worth but 17 cents on the dollar when the canal bonds were worth 35. A law was also passed putting the Shawneetown Bank in liquids* tion, and authorising the bank to return to the State any evidences of its indebtedness, not provided for in the special law enacted in relation to the Stebbins'bonds. Now, it is very apparent that il the Shawneetown Bank could buy up the Stebbins'bands at 17 cents, instead ol the regular bonds at 34, and return them to the Governor, a great living would be effected, to the injury of Messrs McAlister and Stebbins. The object was to induce the executive to take thn Stebbins' bonds at par from the bank, although the law in relation to them expressly de clares that no more shall be allowed on them than the State actually received. A great deal ol machinery was set to work to effect this object. The Governor was surrounded by politicians of both parties, the Illinois papers influenced in regard to the subject, and the pur chase of the Stebbins' bond* commenced in this market, and the price rose to-26J, at which the last purchase of $100,000 ofthe bonds was made T^ythe bank from Halford & Co. It was this actuil demand, and no "puffing,"that caused the bonds to rise. When the bonds were purchased on the '39th of August, they were hurried off to Illinois, and effort* made to induce the ?Jovernor to accop' them immediately from the bank. It remain* to be seen who ther tho Shawneetown Bank can foist upon the State bonds at par which a special law has declared worth but about 90 per cent. In relation to the mission ol the Commissioners to London, they make to creditors there on effir of property more than sufficient to meet their claim if property improved. And we published, ou the arrival of the Acadia, part of a letter frcm Mr. Ryan, in which he entertaiiied many hopes of o fa vorahle result. On the success of that arrangement de pend* entiiely thevalueofthe Illinoisbor.ds. Iftheoller of the Stnto to settle, and her disposition to do all in her power, are treated with contempt and unmeasured abuse, it will be 'jiificiilt to exact taxes trom on irritated people t? pay. The LowellCourier, after making Dome remarks upon an article in this paper, mukes a quotation, end com mentsns follows : ? Sept. J7 ?" The impost trade has fallen off from $118, iii,416 in 1830, to $37,000,000 iu 1943! Those are the ef. tecta of a collapse In paper credit, assisted by a protective tariff." Herearo cause and effect brought in immediate con tact! The cause simple, plain ai?d direct, the effect astonishing Why is money plenty 1 8impl,7' because wo do not send it abroad lor foreign goods. Open the flood gate and let in your 9119,000,000 ol imports iistead of $87,000,000, and how long will this abundance of money last / The drain upon us will be $S1,000,000 greater than now 7 How long will monoy be plenty ? The t'ouriur considers, apparently, that mil trade between nations turns upon specie or money, 1 his is very far from being the case. The interchange between nations is entirely oneol barter. The nu?vemiint of specie is only to settle small comp.ira ive balanc cs. When a nation exports, it receives hack in return that which it is most in want of. During the past year mo ney specie has been the article most in demand, because paper money has, for the, most part, ceased to eiist. At t.heend ol an other six months, specie will have become dejs< mii.ated. and cease any longer to be wanted?wo shall hare enough. What, then, are we to riceive for oar exports I There arc now 13,000,000 hard dollars that have be?n laying utterly useless In tho barks of thus city lor near one year. Of what benefit will it be to any body- to go on increasing that amount I Supposing it possible loJo to, we must then cease to export er nceive goodK ill return As long as imports nre paid lor in article* of export, the larger the amount the better. There never will be a movement of money. It itonly an exchange of jirticlff tho1 U'P Mil Tint u-nnt Inr tkAs. n.liUk ?... ,1A ? &?** 1 4! rftt that beneficial ? The State of Mo*sachu*<;t<* awnufoctures article* to the exit nt of $100,000,000 pT itnnum, which are *old all over the sotith and welt. Siipf-ae, it< dead nfbeing a confederate Union, the Stalea were c-.i tirely independent of each other, and each, at after th< old war. had it* own separate customs and duties, went.' the south and we?t be b nefitted by prohibiting Mnvn chuiett* 7 or would New England be better for excluding aomhern produce ? Has not our perfect *> ? t?m of free trade promoted an internal growth ol uli ?ec tioliF, in an unparalleled degree I llnve n ot manufrc tares, south and we?t, grown prodigiously against the competition of New Knglind I The steamers have brought F.ii'land within fourteen day* of our shores 8he i* a wealthy, rcapectable add industrious State?why not take her into our commetrial union t Why not add h"i capital and efficient demand to stimulate our ins- I menie agricultural interest* 7 There are short lighted ?nd intriguing politician', on ho'h aide* of the Atlantic, > who endeavor to prevent ?uch a cor.aummaiion. Dut the j, time i< ripprobthing iinvitahly. The war of cuatom- I" hooaua will soon cea?? l>eioie the rapid eitenaion o' friendly lteliugs and M>ciul interest*. Males nt the Stock Klchange. B tiooo N York fi's, 1862 107 Si JO shu Bk of Com. full 96 < 20(111 Ky 6's, larije hdsbnw96 20 Hit Coin scrip 97*4 ,\ 4000 Indian* builds 35 ti Farmers' Trust 22 K 12000 do 14V 10 Merchants' Ins 93*4 %; 5000 do bGO J5M 70 Canton Co 21>4 J UOOO do 3514 50 Ohio Life fcTr H'. | 7000 Ohio 6's, I860 94>, 10 do 90 * 5000 .lo 94X 400 Harlem.KH 31X C 5000 do 1)6} 95 50 do nw 31V B 10000 do b30 95 250 do SlVi 15000 do 95 100 do slO Jl V k 6000 Illinois bonds X5\? 100 do 3- n IV 20011 do 35)5 450 do* 32 <1 6000 do 36 200 do s3 32 E 2IHMi do b30 36 50 do blO 32 9000 do 35% 100 do 31% J 2001) do 35% 50 do b30 32 81 3000 do b90 36 150 do 1)3 32 11 2010 Ky 6's, 30 yrs 98 200 do s60 32 V 3000 do 98>{ 100 do 32 "a S 11)00 do 98V 150 <lo 32S J 10 slias Del Hi Hudson 108,'4 50 do 32^ l1 10 do 108 50 d? blO 32k si 24 Union Bk 110)? 50 do slfl 32 "a A 10 Bk of America 95 150 L Island RK 52>? ! S dn !)5V.. 1110 Sronmulon 14.(4 1IU (' Second Hoard. '' $100(1 8t?te6's, 1862 107 W $3000 Illinois b30 36k ! 3000 Illinois 36>Z 3000 do b3 37 2000 do 36 ? 3000 do b3 37 3000 do 860 36 >, 2000 do b3 37 1 2000 do ?60 36>? 5000 do s60 36>i Mew York Public Ntock Kxchanire i $1000 Ohio 6's,* IBtiO >30 9tl{ $2000 Illinois, 1870 s60 34 M S 200# do 94 * 2000 do 36 ll 2000 do >60 941( 25 shun Farmers' Loan 22 ? 2000 do 95 125 Long Ulaud 52>? I 1000 do IIU) do s60 52 3000 Ky 6'?, 30 yrs blfl 99?J 100 do s90 52 1000 Indiana 35 50 do b30 52$tf c 6000 do 35>4 75 Harlem 11K 32 c 1000 Illinois, 1870 35* 75 do b3 32 6000 do 35H 1.50 do b3 32U, 1 5000 do s3 35X 150 do 32* I 3r00 do b3 35)2 250 do 32k 1000 do 35V 100 do 32 W 8000 do 35k 50 do >60 31 6000 do 35?J 150 do *15 32 i 1000 do >60 35 50 do ,3 22 Second Board. r $2000 Illinois6's, 1870 36% $2000 Illinois 6's, 187 0 37 I State of Trade. MortTRKAi. Ash Retort. ? Pott. Pearlt. Shipped, 7th October, 1842, *36 686 lu store, do. 06 112 690 SU7 1,387 ! Shipped, 1943, 473 1,111 III store, do 104 140 Do. not inspected, ? 60 < 677 1.301 ' ? <1 U7U More id 1843, 591 , Prices of ashes for small parcels of l>ot8, 24i Oil to 25s; larger lots, an advance of 6d. For small parcels of pearls 28s to 26< 6d; larger lots, an advance of 3d. New Bkuforu On. Marxist, for the week ending1 Oct. 9.?Sperm ? Sales of about 600 bbls were made the first of last week, at 72 a 73c; bin since the arrival of the Acadia , the price has advanced. On Friday and Saturday sales l of nbout 1000 bbls were made at 73 cents. Whale?We | notice sales of 600 bbls South Sea at 3#c, and 760 bbls at ' Sbfc. Whalebone? 30,000 lbs. South Sea were sold for 4&c. cash. Candles?Sale of 300boxes candles at 30c. Ashes?Pots wo quote at $4 60, and Pearls at $5 26 Ye- j ry little doing. Tl:e market is very inactive. Bhkaostvfks?The market is quite inactive. Speculators have made themselves invisible. Prices are with great difficulty sustained at present quotations. GtiU'ser ; whuat at $4 SO; Ohio round hoop $4 50; Michigan an*) Ohio llat hoop the same Southern brunris still continue nominal. Wo give no quotations, as our last are still current. Wheat is coming forward in large quantities. The season is so lar advanced that millers tear a close of navigation before getting all their flour to market, and consequently make no further large purchases el grain until i the season is over and priccs settled for the winter, the , effect of which is, that wheat will be pushed forward to ilie st aboard in great quantities, or to some inland point rot so early closed up by the ice us the interior. This market yesterday was n.ore active for grain than we have noticed lor sometime. Sales of Illinois wheat were made at 9.) cents, to some extent. We quote sales of rye at 66 cents. Operations in corn have been heavy, the ales ruliDg at 50 a 61 cents. The following statement shows the aggregate quantity of flaur and wheat which arrived at tidewater during i the first week in October, in 1842 and 1843 Flour, bblt. Wheat, bu. 1843 93 810 49.894 1842, 82,092 27,891 10,748 2 2 003 Yesterday, we remarked as follows :? I " There is a good deal of desperate speculation going i on in produce us well as stockB. The operation is thus? j one of the largest flour houses bought last week 6,000 bar rela flour at $4 44 cents, and then to influence a rise, put ' into store all the flour they received from their friends in the county, probably to the extent of 20 to 26,000 barrels. ( This enabled them to usk $4,6(3 for their own flour, which < being obtained, that of their Iriends must taku its chance, and will perhaps bring $4 37J, when in a regular market it would have roalited $4 60. This is an evil growing out of sending too muchflourto one house. You millers should " divide your eggs,"and there will be lew oppor tur.ity for "cornering."' This simple statement produced the following choice epistle: ? " J. O. BrNRKTT, Esq.? DK*R SIK? Wlia' an infernal (ool your correspondent is who wrote for you " that one oi the Inrgest flotr houses had bought on speculation 6 (KM) bbls. ol /lour for their own uso, and 1 then sold it to the prejudice ol those who were consigning Until to thtm The article is a malicious fabrication, and is a base endeavor to divert the business of that house. But like all other attempts ci the kind it will he unsuccessful. The facts are that h western party direi'te 1 through the party here a purchase ol flour? this was effected. Not one bbl. of the satnc has yet been resold. It had the el feet to advance the pi ice a trifle,but it is generully thought it will be only temjiorary, and that in a lew days the market will he us heavy as a stone again. Yotua respectfully, BROAD 81'." This note begins with denying the whole story, and ends with admitting in tinth, with the simple variation that the flour bought on (peculation wai not for themselves. A communication in an evening paper arrived at the lame results. That the flour bad not been sold we were fully aware, bee-use the trick failed. It is not of the smallest const quence, however, since it is admitted at all points that a house holding a sufficient (inan ity of flour to influence the market weie the instruments t f speculative purchases This is the lact which we s'nti '1, and which it appears is admitted. The millers inay judge for themselves. Cotton? Every thing connected with the movements in this article is in a very dull, quiet state. A magnetic t leep has come upon all speculators. The sales are to a t trifling extent, and confined to the trade Iltr?We quote 38 a 40 cents (or good. The supply is a large and the demand model ate. < h'nH-Mackurel are in good demand. We quete No. I, $10 36; N.?. 2, $8 60. mid No. 8 $6. The receipts are ! small- Dry cod sells at >225 a 2 87 J. Whiubkt ? Drudge is held at 24 cents, and barrels at 26 v cents. i Provisions?Mess porK sella at $11, and prime at $10 n ' io iaj. j Brighton Cattle Market. 1 Monday , Oct. 9. e At market 1260Bt?rf Cattle, 700 Stores, 48i.O s^hiep, and <1 .150 Swine. Several hundred swine unsold. v Prices Beet Cattle?We quote to correspond with laid week, vii A Hw ?-xti:?at $4'60: lir't quality M a $4 36; second quality $3 76 ; third quality, Ml a 3 60. I landing Cattle?Several lots of barreling rattle were purchased at about the following prices, viz V.ess $8 13|; No. 1, $-2 60, No 3, $3. 1 Siurei?Twoynai olil $8 a 13; three year old $11 a 17. Sheep-Dull. Small lot* at 74c, $1, $1 33 and $1 60. Withers $1 36 to $3. Swine?S'-lected lots of ShoatR to peddle at 4|<* and 5$. Ohio Hogs 3J, 3|, 4 and 4^c. At retail from 5to6$ceniF. Foreign Market*. SiproAeoRK, May 4.?Cotton Ooodi?No fresh import!; stocks becoming gradually reduced. Orey domestics saleable; stout and heavy quality wanted. Sales 000 pes 36 inch 3# yards at $3 76 per pi<ce; 9*0 do do 3 66; 190 do 1 stout, 3 00; prey shirtings of thin texture more saleable tothe Borneo traders?sales 600 pieces 3d inch, 18 yards, $1 10 per niece; 400 do 30 inch, 38 yards, $3 S6 a 40; 360 do $3 46; 100 do 3j; 3A0 >lo 44 inch, 34 yards, 1J; 360 do 41 inch, 3ri yards, 3f; 600 do 46 inch, 3? yards, Long Cloths?At present the Junk people are unwilling to give more than $3 80 per piece, but must soon purchase rxt< n fivrly. Sales 1300 pieces 36 inch, 40 > aids, $3(; 600 do lo $3; 160 do 3 30. Prints of every description much wanted, and supplies limited; 303 piecas fancy sold at 3} ,i 31 pur piece. Sales Gunpowder at $10 per picul; stock heavy. Sales Tig and Sheet Lead at per picul. Ptpper -S leable at 4 n 4} per picul. Singapore unchanged Sugar?Imports Irom Java, and a demand for Bombay, 1670 picul* sold at auction, avrrugel $4 67) per picul. Tea?The quantity undisposed of la large, and prices i n j ititr lower. We hear of a lew purchaser* at 3^ a 4j per , hox for mid to good quality. Some very Inferior offered, i but there ,ire no purchasers. Exchange on Londonsome transactions in Navy Bill* at 4?4d, and private bills at4*4id. Several bills ottered Torcaih; but the latter is becoming so exceedingly scarce,that it ii deemed prudent to curtail cash transactions for a time. Freights. 1 Vm fin. fiwfl ftM A . - rroiohti oro .... tlrely nominal, and there ii but littla offering roaitwi-e except cotton and tobacco, w hich are taken at about formar rate*. Died. On Thursday morning, 19th inst of conmmption, kmniii Flakao*!*, In the 36th year of hi* ago. (lit friend! mid those of hi* unci' a, Francis Hanralt/ nd Edward Flanagan, are reipectlully invited to attend us funeral, thin afternoon at t o'cloi k, from his late ri si ti nee, JJ7 Lew i* street. At Montreal, on Thuriday morning. 6th in?t. aged 94 veara, At*** Pmillif Ha*t, Esq. Advocate, of that city, . litest son of Benjamin Hart, E?q. deservedly regretted t?y all who knew him Pauengrr* Arrived. LivMtrooi.?Packet ?hip liosrin*?Mia Eli** L Warwick. \1i?? Virainia K Warwick, W Mather*. Toronto; J Crawford, A H Mcintosh, Minn I. A .facltton, V Moekiiu. W A Welsh, 1 England; N L I*eckn.K111. Brooklyn; P A Hay, Pennwlvania. " Barqin' franklin?H .) Balil^cke, (i W Von A |>l*n, T H.iliburton?J8 in the steerage. PaMengrri Mailed. [ T,or?t>or??Packet ?hip Wflling'on?J Evans, Mr? Evans, of I New York; Kdw Palmer, Mm rainier, Mr ( mi then, Philadelphia; (Ho F Simons, Boston; Mr Smith, Kentucky; Win \ 111(1 ()?o Willinmion, Jamaica; tapt Koiwr, llth Kr*l B\l I Lieut Romtr, Nth Regt; Mr Owraa. Canada. I 4 Savannah?Brig Madiaou?Rtt. Mr Dnnbam and lady, H?-? '? * > r Ir McGuire. Mr Middlebrook and lady. Mr Bennett and Ud> lr> Nichols and child, Mr* Bawden, Mi?s Roda, Mix Steoins, Me**n Roa*. Eppiu, William*. Bugner. Beckwith. H<>enburgh. Brown. Korelgn I mpoitatlons. Liverpool?Ship Rutciiit?U j>kgs W Whitewright?15 do ird. Gillilan It co?< R Hyslop 4. sou?13 Ricliardxni kWat)0-l OJ Pullman ?1160 lua tin Phelps, Dodge k co?80 cases leathiug copiier Joaiali Macy k aon?5 pkgs W Wyckoff?I C lyre?I J li I arker? Mi < miner? If. J it J Stewart?1000 sacks lit 125 tous coal E k I II|||? St co?71 pkgs H W Haydock?9 C Jackson?1 J < Jtlfray it <-<>?4 J A k R 8 Luquire?1 8 Holmes? M Garner k eo?I A R Van Neat?288 liars iron Kgrlaton k Battelle-5 pktc* J Lefferta?5 do Worrell, Wood V oaU?l R Worrell kKin-l M Armstrong?1 G Studwell?II utteitield k Fisher?1 I) S I'm I St co?I Manning k loiiruay -I J W Treadwell?2 J ( onnah?17 Patou k Stewart?13 TooBr, Mead St co?I I W L,uak -2 II J Cooper?I A W Siuea?I larks k Church?2 Plait St Hrothera?15 J B Hunt?I I B Winell?1 J M Oi>|>eiilieini?3 K llxrle-ck?17 S T Jones St co?120 I A Muinforu?9 < Vineron St Brand?1 J Reese?14 K Marshall -2 Coffin St Bradley?30 II K.irnlim St co?9 H McLelland?8 oliuson Ik Burritt?33 J Gihon?2 Tome* Ik sou?2 Cleveland . Ma*ou? 2 W (J Hunt?1 Wright It Brown?11 Parsons, Caning St co?32 Smith, Thurgar St co?I Wolfe St Bishop?15 Vnodhull St Mintum?31 II Steieus? I Oalmrn St Little?6,'i anda, Ko* St co?8 J MrCall?2 H Ballard?500 Ins tin plates M Bruce St son?2 pkga K I-' Sanderson?7 J A Newhold?I leiss Brothers St co? I I) II i.hleu Staon?I Barclay St Livington?1 Ne?iu? Ik co?3 K .Ylelley?7 Harvey St Slagg ?I Lewis itirrlmry !> Hunt Brothers?20 A Mitchell?2 M 1. Samuel?3 W Pemhertou?8 A Uell?6 Wight, Sturges St Shaw?30 lam at >ici mini it?:i J Kuiieitsoii?15 J Ferguson?20 Woodue St co?3 F. Lloyd?I T Prossee?51 \V Cnetincey?5 H J lunt?2 S Cochran?1 J Murphy?29 cs 16 bis 8 casks 3 bales 2t) dls mdse 2153 bars iron 60 ch sheathing copper to order. Hamburg?Ban]nt* Franklin?801 plates spelter 8 cases Nan inf. Kosier kco-i pkg* (J F Meyer?2 A Kolker St co?7 M Vetkmeister?20 Schmidt Ik. Vi)gel-2 Ilalstead. Haines Ik co? F -X Meyer?I L Goldschinidt -21 K S Schlessinger?6 M lirschfelat?3 F. Wiencke? 1 M Witte?2 K Bosshiikc?I w A I A II While?17 G 11 At A Witte?1 Hielsemoun-2 .1 H Fa*r?16 K Fiedler?II Bruatlein, Koop St co?3 C 11 Sand?1 lurlafe St Hurter?2 I G Gunther?1 H A Meyer?I Gorton, lodges He co?7 K Lipnold?1 Setley St Hevening?6 O B Dorr -3 C Payen St co?19 J M Oppenheim Si co?2 Keimer St Mecke -2 Motz & Pollit*?6 I) M Peyser i co?I E Beck?1 C T Lusher?i j h Sackinann?1 Graebf st Vietor?1 j Gill?% cases 5 ks 200 bdls W Von Seht 8c co?21 pkgs to order. Smvrna?Brig Diamant?10 bales wool 12 chts mdse N Kizo? 80 bales mdse Dutilh it I usmery?193 bale* wool 335 do ndse to order. Domeitlc Importations Nrw Orlf.a"ii?Sbii> John Minturn? 42 hhds tobacco PJ Vancia?73 Masters, MirUoe k co?55 Uogart St Kneeland?6 J Irtish?1 case L Thomas?1 B Gardner? 1 H North?200 bbls nolasses PA Seaman?100 ('hastelain St Ponvert?6hales cotton Roberts St Williams?100 R Irwin?27.? bales do 37 hhds suifar IV Barnwell?5 cks F. Fiedler?I M Spencer?10 Phelps. Dodge it co?4995 pigs lead ( ' H liogers St co?1789 Straclian St Scott ?2H tons logwood I F Butterworth?600 eke com 8 R Bwbf St, o?2 bxs Stur?e. Bennett St co?2 J Campbell?1 F. K Aaron? bdls Thos Meldrum Ik son?67 bales rope cutting lly Smith? -2'i do cotton to order. New Oiti'fcAfff?Ship Oconee?780 liigs lead Strachan St 9cOtt?325 C II UoKer* St CO?449 11 S YVnnlev?li:i IwU tnlmeeo ? J Francia?42 Bogart & Kin-eland?103 balm cotton Orray raft 8c Co?71 F Butterworth?55 '1' Beck worth?66 A Richards 00 do 3 blili castor i il Newbold & Crurt?23 do Masters It It Markoe?10 lid* sugar 25 do molasses J \V Dunham?246 bids lour C Cooper?3 cks beeswax 1 bag ginseng J St 1) McOregor ?I box J St II Swords?14 bales hemp F S Fickel?3 trunks W ' Wyman?lllO bbls molasses Chastelaiu & Convert?119 bbls Hour 127 sks wheat E K Collins St co?1 box Mason St Tliompion?8 do 2 bbls J It Bowen?I case W Hutchinson?23 bans feathers Greeuway St Henry?99 bales cotton 1 rifle 2500 pins ead to order. MARITIME HERALD. Hailing Uays of the Steam Ship*. kkom livkupool. from amkrioa Acadia," Hyrie Oct. 10 U. Western, Hosken Oct. 19 Hibernia, Judkins Oct. 4 ......... Nov. 1 Britannia, Hewitt- Oct. 19 Nov. 10 Packets to Arrive. Packets to Sail. from liverpool. for liverpool. Europe, Furberv Sept. 20 United States, Brittou, Oct. 13 Independence, Nye, Sept. 25 Rochester, Britton, (Jet. 10 Sheffield, I'opham, Oct. 1 England, Bartlett, Oct. ID from rortsmoi th. Garrick, skiddy, Oct. 25 Hend'k Hudson,Moore, Sept 10 for Portsmouth. I'anthea, Dennis, Sept. 20 Switzerland, Knight, Oct. 20 Toronto, Griswold, Oct. 1 Victoria, Morgan, Nov. 1 from havrk. for iiaviik Baltimore, Funck, Sept. 16 Sully, Burrows, Oct. 10 Argo, Anthonv, Sept. 24 Iowa, Lines, Oct. 24 Ship Masters anil Agents We shall esteem it a' Captains of Vessels will hive to Commodore Robert Silvev, of our News Fleet. a Report of the Shipping left at the Port whence they sailed, the Vessels S|<iken on their Passage, a List of their Cargo, and my Foreign News(i.ii>ers or News they may have, lie will board them immediately ou their arrival. Agents and Correspondents, at home or abroad, will also confer a lavor by lending to this Oftcs all the Marine Intelligence they can obtain. Nautical Information of any kind will be thankfully received. PORT OF NEW YORK, OCTOBER 13 iun risks 6 10 1 moon risks 8 28 iijn SETS 5 22 | hioh water 11 20 Cleared, Ships United States, Brittou, Liverpool, K. Hermit; Celia, Thatcher, Mobile, Dunham #< Dimou; Newark, Merwin, Saranuah, do do.?Brigs I'atsey B. Blouut, Howe, Belize, 1 loud. B. Blanco; Wolcott, Gardner, Havana, S. W. Dewey; Belfast, ;Br) Pultz, St. Vincents, Middletou St Co; Eyry, (Br) Knowlon, St. Joints, NF. Thos. Winuiett.?Sclirs S. St T. Parsons, Smith, Apalachicola; North State, Roberts, Washington, NC. s. L. Mitchell; Com. Kearney, Paine, Baltimore, A. B. Cooley St Co. Also, brigs Mary, Wiikeinau, Fairfield, Ct; Gipsey, [lawley, Bridgeport, Ct. Brig Washington, Meore, for Ilio de la Plata, and iron steam r l'lieuix, Low,for St. Joints, Canada, via Champlain, cleared in Weduesday. Arrived. Packet ship Roscius, Collins, from Liverpool, Sept. 13, with inilse, to E. K. Collins Si Co. Swedish ship Oustaf Wasa, llolstrom, 72 days from Stockholm, w ith 218 Ions iron to Boorman, Johnston St Co. Ship John Minturn, Stark, 24 days from New Orleans, w ith cotton, to Stanton St Frost. Ship Oconee, Jackson, 19 days from New Orleans, with cotton. to E. K. Collins St (Jo. Hamburg lianiue Franklin, Sin-boom, 51 (lays from Hamburg, with intlse, to Schmidt Sc Balchen. Prussian brig Diamant, Johnson, 88 days from Smyrna, with mdse, to Dutilh & Consinery. Brit; Harriet, Brown, 14 day* from Bermuda, with 18i hides lino bonis 13 oks tallow to VV. A. K. Davenport. British achr Catharine. I'erry, 0 days from Yarmouth, NS. with lumber, to J. H. Braine. Schr Wm. Peon, Foster, a days from Machias, with lumber, to J. F. Snow. Schr Jasper. 9 days from Machias, with lumber, to the master. Schr Cambridge, Crowell, 1 days from Boston, with mdse, to master. Schr Homer, Baker, I days from Boston, with indsc, to tl?? naster. Schr Suiiert'. Lambert, 2 days from Philadelphia, with coal, lo master. Schr Hornet, Smith, 3 days from Philadelphia, with coal, to natter. Schr American, Southard, from Philadelphia, with coal, lo naster. Schr Jane, Davis, 3 days from Philadelphia, with coal, to the naster. Schr Pioneer, Corsen, 3 days from Brandywiue, with Hour, 0 master. Schr Raynor Williams, Phillips, from Philadelphia, with 'oal, to master. Schr Olive Klizaheth, Jenks, from Philadelphia, with coal, :o master. Sailed. From the S. W. Spit?Packet ship Wellington, (hadwick, London. General Record. Packet ship United States, Britton, for Liverpool, sails o-day. Her letter bags close at Oilpin'a. in the Kxchange, at he usual hour this morning. Ship John Mi-sti rn, Stark, from New Orleans, carried iway lore topmast, main topgallant inast anil Hying jihboom, in the 2d inst. lat 28, Ion 7'J 30. Brio Ssli'M.?*'iipt. Brown, of the Harriet, from Bermuda, ( ports that the brig Salem, of Salem, hail been condemned at 1 anil would be sold in 2 or 3 days. Brio Captain Smith, reports having encountered a vliirlwind at sea, which carried away both masts, spars, sails, tc and strained the hull more or less. She was towed into shavlettjM harbor on ibe 8th inst. Drii. Oiiia, Soule, reported al Key West, is insured for M.000 in Boston at one ulfice, and $1,700 at another on freight noney. Qukbi.c. Oct. 7.?Several of the last arrivals were blown out if the (lull' by the late gale, some of them so far as to take ten lavs to recover llieir lost ground; and have experienced severe feather most of the passage across. Si'iih Skth In Wii.t.iam, Davis, of and from Thoniaston for loston. anchored near Kitt'ry Point 7lh mat. and ill the gale of 1th, at 111 p m. parted one of her chains and went iashore near Kort M'Lane, where she unhung her rudder. She leaks badly mil is discharging her cargo in a damaged state. So 1.1) A i Boston?Ship Wm (iray. 17 years old, 200 tons nurtheii, built at Medforu, comiered and coppcr fastened, Ike; sold, as she same in from sea, lor $122,'), cash, 4 and 6 mos. Her chronometer, $201, cash. Notice to Mariner*. Collector's Office, i New London. October lull, 1813$ The Light Boat it itioned at Bartlett's Heef, in Long Island Sound, having parted her moorings in the gale of the Htii lust, is now in port. Dm notice will be given of her return lo the station. Chas. F. Lkiti.r, Collector. Whalemen. Sailed from New London 9th inst. Peruvian, Brown, NW I'oast. Spoken. Delaware, Fisher. Philadelphia for Boston, lotli inst. off Egg Harbor?by pilot boat Savannah. Lexington, Philadelphia for Boston, 9tli in?t?by the same. A three masted schr, (dowbtless Kichinond, Philadelphia for Boston) was seen same time?by the same. Mary, ( Br) Bird, St Jago de Cuba for Smyrna, Sept 24, lat 30. Ion i7?by the Diamant, at this port% Louis Philippe, (packet) Cutoff, NVork for Havre, passed Sept 28, lat 10, Ion 03 40?by the Kuro|ie, at Bath. Foreign Porta. Valparaiso, about July 9?In port, < ayuga, Starhuck, from Canton, disg; Whig, Baldwin, Baltimore, do. C0411MHO. July 2-In port, Helena, Benjamin, from New York, for Callao and ( anion. Boatn aui, Sept 12?In port. Flavins, Jones, for N?w York. J'.rh: Talma. Cavol NOrleans. 'hiln. Lambert. do <1,,: 1 mile, l>i 11 do, immediately; Clarissa Perkins, Perkins, Jo do; l,agraug>', Porter, N Vork, 20th, Sea, Allen, lor do, immediately; Canonical, Cowplatid, <lo do. M arm illki. Sept ii?Iii port. Trescott, Myrick, for Nsw Vork. 20th. Sid Auk 18 a 19. Adna, Sherman, UaliU, on the Danube, near the Black Sea, to load grain for Marseilles. HavHk, Sept 20?Arr Alliolh, Simpson, ronstadt. B> hmi t>a, Sept 28?In port, Falcon, (Br) for New York, in I day?. Si John, NB. Oct 4?Arr Merchant, Berk, anil Oread. Bib?er, Philadelphia. Svunkv, < B. no date?Arr Cahawba, Coffin, NYork. MoNTJikai., Oct 6 Arr Souter Johnny, I.ittle Liverpool.? lit Susannah, Ileppell, l.ondou; 7th, Milford, t arter, and \von, Robinson, Liverpool. Urntrc, Oct ?Arr Acadia, Kohaon, and British Queen, rifley, London; Speculator, Pennon, Kieter; Favorite, (ireenlorn; lane Brown, VVyllie, and Margaret Johnson, Oroom, ilasgow; Mersey, Hamilton, Liverpool; British Queen,lilley, London; Queen Victoria, Sanderson, Pwllheli^ Augusta,Kacey SriilgewtMr; 7th, Lockwood, Young; Chieftain, Baldwin, and I.une, Pearson, Bristol; Miramichi, Boyde, do; Steadfast, Adorn; Jamaica, Martins, and Kurope, Oubb, London; Charlotte, h'erris, and Resolution, Wright, Liverpool; Tweed, Trevetha, 'lyiin; Congress, Sewell, Mostyn; Nicholson, Pennington, 'aval; Sii Win Wallace, Anderson, (ilaagow; Haiinini, Caroil, Dungarvon. (id 5th, Belle, Brewer, l'adstow; Dahlia looper. Plymouth; Despatch, Walsh, Waterford; Mary L'e ilia, Layborue, Liverpool: 6th, Sarah, Sim, Montrose; ( ousti Ution, Neil, Belfast: Roseberry, Young, London; Londondery Hatrick. Londonderry; British Quern. Lord, Bristol; Wm k. Henry, ('lark, Gloucester. Luke Ports. Bi kkai.o, Oct 10?Arr Columbia, Tyler, and Y.tidora, < obl>, Incago; O Richmond, Dorchester, anil Philadelphia. VlclUry Michigan ( Ity: Starkev, Case. St Joseph; Warreh, and I iii ioia, Monroe; W Trailer, L Sandusky. Home Porta. |,i nn , Oct ,'i?Sid K Wood, ami Purveyor NYork. Bath. Oct 8?Arr Kurope, Barker,) adiz. Sid 6th, Marga* et. Hondlette, Havana; Levant, Brown, and Rowland, Adams, iu'adalniipe Cldtfth, Angeline, Barnes, West Indies; Wm 'urrington, Barnes, (tuadalonpe I'oUTi ami, Oct*?(id Baltic, Waite, Surinam; Delaware. Vaitc, Philadelphia. Boirotv, Oct II?Arr Coquimbo. Knowles,Valparaiso; Aiiusta. Leach, Slatanias, Acorn, Howes, Philadelphia. Tele I apnea, PfUj r rumim, ruuii, iruui i iiimuri|>iii?. niKuai iui i ? ^ i , * *? barque uitl 2 britct. < Id 'ocliero M') r 11 Hit uii. M i??oi' ri Haima, Mobil)*: 0<tk Ryder, rtiiladel|>bi*: PmH, Duiiiii Mobilt via Key Weat: Detroit. 4'aininett, All?<ny mil l'i Ja*|>er, Howes. New Vork Hulled, wind NW, \ri(o, , iil I month, I alcutta; Sumboul Smyrna; Windaor. lUvana; . toleon. New Orlnus; Mary Hroutjhiou, I-r&uklort. Uui. t, Surinam. . ? ,, ... , New Bedford. Oct 10? Sid Aurora, (ioald. \V ilimuia NC; IIth.Time, Sweet, Suffolk. W, La tons, (Jodlrey.t turl , '"n'antim ket, Oct 10?Sid Elect, Macy, Albany . , ? Kd?jartown, Oct 7?Arr Nun, Tate, New York lor Ports mouth. _ , ... .. im ?/ . Hoik, Oct 7?Arr New Zealand, Lutelfor NYuik., and Harriet Fuller. do do; Peru, do for Philadelphia, Jtii. Thoosa, Variua, Au* Cayea for Boston, and remained 10th, with the above. . .... Pkovidkncc. Oct 10?Arr Orray Taft, Lovett, * Jiarlesfon; Loin44, Leeds, Philadelphia; Gen I Brainard, Pot tar; Moaes r.ddj, Rliv?*n, and Juno, murges, New York. Below, at wiclior above <Joulil Island, Lucretia, Johnson, Pictou; at anchor ab??ve Pomham rock, Leone, (Br) Tisdale, from do via hall Hirer; oft Field'* Point. b?'ttuif uj?. Jas Barbour, Hani(*, Philadelphia Sailed, wind NW. light. Wm Young, Adam*. Philadelphia: (convoy, Crowell. f?om Dennis ??; Tnuulatiou, Wells, and Defiance, Wells, NYork Bristol, Oct 0? Sid Alida, Usher. New Vork, to load for a Southern port. Ni.w Lor*now, Oct I?Arr New Haven, Downet. Barbadoea for NHaven; Potomac, Lorintt, Richmond: Mh, Washington, Howard, and Florida, Lanfair, NYork; #th, Florence. Tyler, do; Republican, Sharp, Trov: Helena, Dolebert, Rondout; Klim William*, Philadelphia; t ncas. Htorev, Albany}7th, Shei#r, Hicks, Richmond: Finaucier, Boston for* old Spring, dismasted; 9th, Thos \\r Thome. Albany; Franklin, Smith, NYork.? Sid 7th. Monomoy, and Cordelia, Now York; 9th, Wankinco, Marion, Wilmington, NC; Sherer, Boston. Nkw Ha v kn, Oct 11?An Lady Ken wick, Ward. New York; Hart, Fanren Kingston. Sid Antarctic, Bush, W Indies. Alhanv. Oct 11?Arr Tantivy, Chapman, N Haven; Black Dnmoud, Philadelphia. Hid Hy Curtis, llallet. Boston; Moselle, Htannard, NHaveti; Johu Randolph, Bell, Philadelphia; Herald, Hcudder, and Monarch, Tyler, Providence. Philadelphia, Oct 12?Arr Palm, Fldridge; Susan, Briy; Texts, Baker, and Wave, Crowell Boston; Thana, Small, Salem; Adams, Nickersou, and Glide, ( "regie Providence: Gtti Warren, Knowlton, Portsmouth; Mexico, Tomlin, and Wm Thompson, Stewart, Fa I River Below, Grecian, Benedict, I'm Bordeaux; Louisa, Wencke, Bremen; Packet.('lark, Boston; Avon, do ( Id M B Mahony, (new) McLaughlin. Charleston; Lebanon. Brown, Boston; North Carolina, Pratt, Newport: Patriot, Sleelman, Rough keeps ie; Saml R Paynler, Holl md, N Y ork. Arr at the Philadelphia and Heading Railroad Wharves, Richmond, Oct 9, S Kockhill, NVork; 10th, Tecumseh, Pendleton, Newport; Factor. Camm, Bridgeport; Julia, Vangilder, Boston. Incnin, N N "rk. Dklawahf Bhkakwatkr, Oct II?Arr Kxtio, ol Thomaston, and Bramard, from Lubec, lor Philadelphia. The following vessel* are also now in this harbor hound to the eastward, principally laden with coal:?Porto Rico, Columbia,Wickford, Solon, Volta, Richmond, Alexandria, Mechanic, Kliza KIIhii. Hornet, Isaac Jackson, Two Brothers, Prudence, Fulcrum, and Ainity. 9th?Stephen Baldwin, for Port Spain, Trin; John W Cater, and Ducamiu, for St Thotnas, went to sea yesterday.? Kcho, for Barbadoes, went to sea last night. Violet, for Barhadoes, auk several schrs, names not ascertained, went to sea early this morning. Richmond, Oct 10? Sid Josephine, Robinson, NYork. Charleston, Oct 9?Arr Magnet, (iai^e, Loudon. Apalaciih ola, Oct I?In port, Caroline ? Piatt, Rice, and Florida, (.'rocker, for NVork. MO 111 i . Oct l?Arr Mobile, Williams, N Vork. INFORMATION WANTED of MICHAEL <'LF.KR. a I native of the Countyof Cork, Ireland. When last seen was about three months ago in Boston Anyinfonnit'oo respecting him will be thankfulIv received at Mr. James Moriarty's, No. II Mulberry street, New Vork, where he will receive news concerning him. ol3 if T N F O i < M A TI () N WANTKI >. Of WILLI N M WILSON, I a native of Beith, Ayrshire, Scotland, who emigrated to l)eim nn, ahonf eighteen years ago, from (Glasgow, and left there for the United States about two or three years since. If alive, h- will hear of something greatly to his advantage on application to JOHN ALLAN, 17 Vaudewater st, New York. N B ?Should any person know of his death, with the time and place, the> would confer a favor by givnm information t* above, and be paid a reasonable compensation for their trouble. ?>? lwts*m WANTKD, in a private family of respectability, by a single (Jentleman, (Kngtish,) a room, or a room and bed room, well furnished. The terms inust be moderate. References exchanged Communications addressed R. S. S , and left at the New York Herald Office, will meet with requisite attention.? T( nil. to be stated. o11 ? 1 0 HEWARD.?Lost, on Tuesday evening. 10th instant, ?Jp IV/ either in Broadway, between (frand anu Howard sts., or in (irand, between Sheriff and Columbia, a sin ill Hair Bracelet with a Cameo stone set in the clasp. The above reward \*ill be paid to any i>erson in whose possession it may be, by calling at No .^6 South street, and likewise receive the thanks of the owner. ol3r dNCA REWARD.?The residence of Oeorge Weill near tjJVJV/ PUmfield. N. J , was. broken into on tne night of the llth imt. and the following irticles taken Two large merino Shawl*, one white and one red with mantle borders; one large deep blue crape Shawl; one long scarier Shawl, the ends striped; one brown cloth Cloak, faced with velvet, with a velvet collar; one striped blue-black silk Dress, blue and sold colors one black lace Veil: one pair plated Candlesticks; one itripeq s'lk Dress, not made; one suit of calico Curtains; one Limp Stand, marked A. K. VV., and one marked M. A. YV. $:io will lie paid for the recovery ??f the above, or in propor* tion, and $20 lor the detection of the thief, by oi3 3tis*r GEORGE WKLLs, Jr., 196 Front si* 1 ( ) HEWAHD.?Stolen, from the Western Hotel, Cow^ SP 1 V/ landt street, a black silk velvet Cardinal Shawl, trimmed with black silk fringe, green silk lining It whs Liken about 2 o'clock, P. M. on Wednesday, October llth Any j>erson returning said shawl, will reeeiTe the above reward. The Police and Pawnbrokers are requested to give this particular notice. A gold Pin of the value of live dollars was attached to the Shawl. ol2 3t*r rpo THE GERMAN JOT RNEYMEN TAILORS IN A THE CITV OK NEW YORK.?A general meeting of tli** above trade will he held at Mr. Mager'i house. No. 101 I- lizabeth street, on This Day, Friday, I3tli instant, at halfpist seven o'clock, P. M., to which the members of the trade hre invited to attend, to tike into consideration the measures adopted by the American Jouruevinen Tailors'Trade and Benevolent Societies, for redressing the grievances under which we all labor. Punctual attendance is requested. By order of the meeting, K. Pill ELL, President. John Klkifh.kin, Secretary. ??13 lt*r MERCHANT TAILORS.-Iu July last, a young man * ordered some c'othes to be made according to pattern g u meuts furnished; lie h is since suddenly deceased, and no memorin(1 iiin i* in I"- Innnd to ascertain bv whom the order was n> he filled* Any person who ms anadt cloutlM > under these eircn instances, will apply to E. VV. at the store of Gould, Hank* & (<>., I 11 Nassau street. Oil ir ' TO SPORTSMEN.?For sale, a first rate Eugli>h d nible i barrelled Fowling (inn?stub and twist and patent breech. Price $50. Apply at 15 Leonard street. o!3 2t'm rPC) WOOL MANUFACTURERS, kc?Th^ subscriber J gives notice that he is the legal Assignee of JOHN' OOULDINO, la'e of Roibury, Machinist, and as such is alone authorized to claim and receive pay from those individuals or companies, in various parts of the United States, who have mad*1, or u ed, certain improved machinery, invented by said (Moulding, for the manufacturing of Wool, wtiicti improvements were secured to him by Letters Patent dated Dec. 15th, and 29th July, 1836; and he he.eby'ious such individual* and comi>anies against paying any thing to any one except himself for the use of said improvements; dm no one else cau give them a legal discharge lor the damage, or compensation, to which said Oouldii.g's estate is by law, entitled for the use of the improvements seemed to him by the Parents above named E. COPULA ^'D, Jr. Assignee of JOHN OOUIIdING. {[ f A:? these Patents evpired on the 15th of December, 1840, nothing is claimed, or eijiected, for the use of the improvements lint tnal time oi>eod im* r PACKET SHIP ROB* fi 8, FROM LIVERPOOL-Consigneesbv this ship wi'l please send their permits on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street. All goods not permitted hi five days must unavoidably be sent to public store. o!3 5tr Nh'.W 151 ? KWill- NT I n00 pukaues in barrels. half bar rels. quarters and eighths, packed in a superior manner for sale on liberal term* by oi:j imr OKOROK WELLS. Ir. 1% Front it. OARD WANTED IN BROOKLYN-jTo^emau ? ith his wife wish to obtain Board in Brooklyn, 111 a g*nteel private family, wheie he ran have a front room in the basement or first story, for a doctor's office. The neighborhood of Knlton street will be preferred. A note addressed to I). I*. at this onf( ill IM hnmadwt* uttotton. oil rpo LET, WITH BOARD, a handsome ftont Psrloi fou L handsome Bed Hoorns, at 111 Houston street. ol0 1m*r GEN1 EEL BOARDING AT MRS. OK UK'S, No. 27 C o t: a t i, a n d t Strekt. OINOLK OR MARRIKI) Gentlemen can be accommodated ^ with excellent Board and comfortable Rooms on moderate earn u Also, a front Parlor and Bed Room on the second floor, furnished or unfurnished. o9 lm*m Post Officf., f New Tokk, Oct. 11th, 1813. S [ENGLISH MAIL.?Letter Bugs i>er Royal Mail Htearner Erf Acadia, which leaves Boston on the 16th insl , will be closed at the Uj?|?er ami Lower Post Offices in this city, on Satur day next, the i J'h iust , at 4'j minutes past 3 o'clock, P. M The Postmaster desires to call the attention of merchants and others forwarding l^uers to Kurope, to the followlug f*tract from the advertisement of the Agent of the (Junard Ijie of Su tmcrs: mNote?All Letters and Newspapers must pass through the Post Office, and all Letters found on board the ships will be seized by the Admiralty Agent, and returned to the Post Office." lOlIN LORIMKK liHAII \M P M ^ ROYAL MAIL FOR LIVERPOOL The 1 .etter Bags for th AC ADIA closest mden & Co *s hi press and Foreign Lett*r Office,^on Saturday, the 14th inst., at)* II I'ti, would inform the public that their Mails are transport* d under Government lock by their own Kipress, and have never yet been left by the Steamer. Persons desirous of so doing can prepay the nostage on Letters through to any parr of Europe or India. They also make up an especial bag for the Overland Mail to India, to ensure regularity and dispatch. o!3 3tec HARNPKN 8c CO. FOR SALE?A pair of bright bay < A RRIA OK 16 to 17 hands high. warranted only five and sis years old, sound in all re*|iecti kind insingi# ?n<i <iiinhl?* h trues* aikI under the saddln. and of superior stvt* and action, belonging to a |>riratr gentleman in the country ,ac I *re worth)' of tli? attention ol'any one desiring a good pair r f horse* They may be seen (or fire or sit days, on application at TATTKKSALL'8, Broadway, N. V 06 6tr ?fl $MI KKWAHU ?Stolen, ilnrniK tlif night ol the /iS*J^5th instant, from the enclosure ol the subscriber it oisackie, Oreene Co., N. V'., a line large light hay llorse. about 16 hands high, 7 years old, black inane and tail, black legs, with a little while on one or both hind feet, has been docked and prickcd, tail rather light and cairies tolerably well up?has a mark upon the inner siue of the left hind leg, 011 the gambol joint, of about three inches souare, caused by firing tit remove a sprain which has not yet healed up, being also destitute of hair?also has a small scar at the root of the tail, 011 the left side?also has a small sear nearly round 011 the riklit side of his head, abont four inches from the eye?both of the latter will require close scrutiny to lie s'en ; was 111 fine COaditlOD when stolen?is a round bodied, well made, noble animal, and is calculated to attract attention?wore a set of shoe* without corks when taken -gait is r.itlier heavv wlien moting slow, but is line when urged, and fast. The above reward will lie paid for horse and thief, or horse alone; or any information respecting either will be thankfully received by the subscriber at the ibove mentioned place. The supposed tliief is a man of about t.i to SO years ol age? rather low ill nature, say about 5 l>et 7 or 5 feet 8-ha* dark bushv whiskers?verv I1e.1v> black la-aril?completion dark ?worr 1 . I lie dress coat considerably soiled, dark pantaloon* ai d vt it?name and residence unknown?one eye bloodshot?broad across the cheat. o in Mis * r ___ JU )?WKLL KfcK.D "llATH?V\LX'FASHIONS, IS4J.?The subacril. improve* the occasion presented by the (all change 111 tin l.iahiou of hats, to invite his frwi.d*. customers and th? publn in general, to Ins Kstablishmenta, No. 130 Chatham atroet, and J1 Canal, comer of Woo?ter streets, where he offers for sale w.t inspection a lame and elegant assortment of Hat* and Caps, < ltremely low prict*. He particularly invite* their atteuti to his fine Nutria Fur Hat*, at $3. warranted water proof, a to retain their color and shape lie would also call their atP 'ion to Ills short napt Silk llat* it ID 2!i and 52 '>?) Also, l i upertiue Moleskin Hat*, at th? low price of (3. The abo> oeiitioned Hats are ueat and durable, ami ??,, compare advr> w-oiisly with hat* told in thu city at $3 am. 11. WILLIAM BANTA, No. 130 Chatham St., and #4 (anal, cor. Wousters'. ?J 5w(lwi*)*m (? VAN, V It A Ni k k M M ATTfc' H I [\ Si;c( KSIM>R to the late iirin of OKNIN * V'A 1 HANKKN continue* th?- l>u?nie?? in all iU l>rancn>*? in* <1.1 lUfld, No. 214 Hroadwav, omwaite St. Paul ? * 1,1 ml lull ?u>ck of Beaver, Nntria, I aaainrra, MoImiiu * other Hal*, of the latest now ready. .. ,, Van vrankkn, Hatt? oij iw*r 214 Broadway, oppoaite St. Paul a. i VfreT7\fFyTS. TllVlilfi .11* I - rrtr llw i MBII* la oil Bro llw IV , h i i J liKi.i.J for colli j wmtlwr Hh KHT' " V \LTKLL.IN A, <111 il mmi i > it;lit of fh? ITAl.t. \ UPKRA. THIH kVk.Nl NO, Ociubfr I3?Th? [?rformjuir? will com.. bm?i:? wilh tin ?>??nnrrti Norm*, BWIiui ro lie ?uee?Mt?l iiy t,,? (ilw?| Ouen (wiili new scenery, n?w iirmws, ?U,J ,|l it,,, urwinal music) mtitlod v NOKMA. Ktiar * 'oraiui Ada Kisa, Hittnora A rn?lia Majocchl J,"11'"". SiKnor P.roMi / i 7m"' Alienor Alfi in Valtrllin# ' * ' Minniir I liam* Half an hoar'* inlarmiMion will \<* nil.,wed for promraid* ?nd nn iraninenM lilioeitnml Where Ice Creaini, Kruit leev ami H?l'r?<linwiti of th? ehoi ceat kind, andiu Kreat variety, will he funud (nrur? 'he Partornuneea will rnmmm? u haif-paat 7 unlock precisely. C7~A atnct Police will be in attendance, ami ?r??t tars ta luin to prevent the admission of improper persons. jyiivkiU Fifty May be nad at the < ?ai<ieu durina th?* liny fCT*" A limited nuinbar of Season Tickau will ba ms I>i>?ed of. No postponement at thia establishment on account ol the weather aa tlie Onuid Kntrance from Broadway to the Saloou u pr<,tectad, Hid tlie new Saloon, which it veutilata? from the top and sidas, can he o|>ened ala moment's notice PARK THKATRB, ' THIS EVENING, Oct. 1J?will he pmrlormed THE LAbY OF LYONS. I laude Melnotte Mr Macraady Beauseaut, Mr Rvder I Col. Damas. Mr Chippandala 1'auline Mrs H Hunt Followed by Miss Julia Tunibiill. in I.a Smolenska To conclude Willi THK DOUBLF. RKDDF.O ROOM. Mr Pipe*, Mr Placide | Nancy, Miaa Ayraa \rr-Boiea (I?Pir 'lO cent*?Gallery 25 centa. 't"/*" Dcxirao|>eu at quarter to 7. Tne ( will rua pai ciselv at i)uarter i?st 7 o'clock. <'H ATI1 A M TIIKATHK. Boies 25 cent*. Tit 12^ centa. Notice? I'he Doors will ojien at hair-past 6. Curtain wiU riia at 7 o'clock. HKNOVATF.U AND REOPENED. THIS EVENING, October IS?The performance will now mence with SARCOPHAGUS. Giuper Blue Mr Race Tambourine Dance, Miss Partington After which, BONK SQUASH DIABLE. Bone Stimuli, Mr Rice | .luniettt, Mrs Hwrinf To conclude with THK RENT DAY. Martin Hey wood, MrJuBWOB | Mrs Heywood, Mrs (i Jones ITIITC IIKM/S OLVMI'IC TIIKATKK. * THIS EVENING, October 13?The |>erformauce will com mence with RAILROAD STATION. Sampson Jonas, Mr Holland I Mn Win Smith, Mrs Watte After which DKAD SHOT. Timid ; Mr Mitchell After which, NKW KOOTMAN. Bobby Breakwindow Holland To conclude with AMY LEE. Amy Mrs Booth r? Dress Circle, 51) cents? Up|>er Boies, 25 JcenU?Pit, UK ?Private Boie.i, $5?Orchestra Boies, (J. (T/-Doors <>l>ei! at t>S ?'"urtaiu rue at half-PMt 7. CIRCUS. BOWKKV AMPI1ITIIKATKK. Boies 25 cents?Pit 12li cents < hildren to Boies, whan accompanied by tlieir guardians, I2V? cents. Clown, John Oossiu. Riiik Master, Mr. Nisou. E<iue*trian Director, Mr. Carroll. THIS EVENING, Octob r 3?The performances will eaminence with a GRAND CAVALCADE. To lie followed by Hi ill Vaulting by the entire com|>an> < 'lassie (>roii|>inK* and Evolutions by the Huiiifiriaii Hrwtheis. Mrs. Oossiu in a splendid a t of Horsemanship. To conclude with the burletta of BILLY BUTTON. Besides a great variety of other amusing performances. OTT" Season Tickets for sale at the bo* office, price t5. Door* open at 7. First overture to commence at i|uarur put 7, I'erfonnauce to commence at half past 7 precisely. ol r AM krican nimKum. ATRIAL UARDBH, ANI) FAIR. Corner of Broadway and Arn street. T. P. Bamum Manager. RETURN OF GENERAL TOM THUMB, Thin smallest of Dwarfs, who is eleven years old, twenty live inches high, and weighs only FIFTEEN POUNDS, lias returned to his old i|uarter>, and inay lie seen everyday and evening this week. DR. VALENTINE. The eccentric delineator of different chalacter, is eugaged, and will u|>eu his whole budget of comicalities, whims, vcraps, oddities, Sic. Also engaged for one week only, the SPLENDID MOVING DIORAMAS, including ihe CONFLAGRATION OF MOSCOW; the terrific grandeur of which can be exceeded only by the reality. Mr. WM. COLE, the wonderful Chinese Nondescript, with his DOG BILLY, who Sings, Dances, and |>erforms a variety of feats which astonish every beholder Miss ADAIR, the charming Vocalist Mr. II. <i. SHERMAN, the popular Ballad Singer. CITY BRASS BAND, of twelve musicians. Fancy Glass Blowing. The PERPETUAL FAIR ii opeu to all visiters of the Museum without extra charge. Grand performances every evening at half-past 7 o'clock, and Wednesday and Saturday afternoons at 3. Admission to the whoie 2S cents?childrra under tea years half price. PBALBH N K \V YORK HUB KIT81. AND PICTURE GALLERY. (Broadway.mrpotitt the Citv Hull.) ALL FOR ONE ?HILLINO ! COMPETITION DEFIED AND DEFEATED. Mr. H. BENNETT. Manager, has been induced to incur an enormous ei|>ense by engaging the celebrated Chippewa , INDIAN CHIEFS, WAKRIORS AND SQUAW 8 ! Ten iii number, dressed in their national costume who can b? st-en at ihe Museum du'ing the whole day, and will jive their terrific War Dancei and Songs ! and go through their various interesting and imposing ceremonies at three o'clock, P M-, Alan engaged, the immenie HEAD, 1USK8, and other BONKS o? THE OREAT MA8TADON! Recently diacovered in Oranee County, ami now for the firtt time exhibited in New York. The hone* of thia MAMMOTH, which lived ami died before the Flood, are in |>erfect preeervati' n, and tliia la the ONL V perfect Skull aver before diacover i*d. a* tht u|>|ier |wrt of the aliiill baa been decayed and loet in all other ipecimeua ever found They remain here bnt a few dava previoua to being sent to Europe. Alao to be neeii lor a abort time longer, (day and evening) the WILD BOY OK THE vVOODH ! HALE MAN AND HALE MONKEY! I'oaaeaaed of the Power of Sjieech- yet haa four feet?DO Ikinda. and walkaon ALL EOUKS. He waa 'aught perfectly wild in the Uland of Borneo, leaping from tree to tree with the agilitr of a monkey, and hia now become tame, decile, and civilized, and ?|>eaka the Engliah laiiKuaKe, thouKh < f courae rather imperfectly. Hm ia beyond all doubt the moat aatoniahing Curioaity in th" World. LA PETITE CERITO, the graceful Dancer. Misa ADAIR, the charming Vocaliat. In addition to which may be aeen the FUD-OE MERMAID. GLASS BLOWING! A Sell' Playii.g Melodeon, and 500, 0W1 f'jrioaitiea fry SATURDAY, October 14, Anniveraarv of the Great CHOTON CELEBRATION, when there will be Three Performanc.-a?at II o'clock, A. M , 3 o'clock. P. M., and half-put 7 P M Admiaaion to all only One Shilling. ol) 2tr TAUGHNACLE. RUSSELL'S PLANKTAR1UM. INJUNCTION DISSOLVED. DR. L A R D N E R ' S E I R S T LECTURE THIS EVENING, To commence at 8 o'clock. Admiaaion 50 cent*. oil ltr NATIONAL PAINTING THE EMBARKATION OFTHE PILORIM FATHERS A from Delft Haven, painted by Robert W. Weir, for the Rotunda of the 'apitolat Washington, will be ojien for eihibitaou October 2d, for a ah'?rt time only, at the National Academy of D'-aiKu, Broadway corner of Leonard atreet. Admittance 25 centa. Seajon Ticketa 50 centa Catalogue* I2}? rent*. Open from 9 A. M. to 10 P. M. a2J 2w*ec A.MERU AN REPIJBLK'ANS.?The American Renobli ^ cana of tliia city are requested to meet at the Eighth, Ninth and Fifteenth Wards, on 'I ueaday evening, the '7th mat., at 7 o'clock, for the jiuri oae of proceeding to the Eleventh Ward meeting- The Eighth Ward will asaetnble at the American House, on the corner of S|<riug and Laureua; the Ninth Ward oi uf I hriltopner and Hndaon, at the old Watchhouse; the Fifteenth Ward at the American Star, ou tlie corner id Barrow and Vlacdoug-il atresia. One ol the beat Bxiida of Music ill'he city will be engaged t.?r the occasion. and all Americana deairolia of the honor of 1w ilking iii an American procesaion, are invited to attend. By order of the Committee. >11 6t?m P. DKLKRKK, Chairman COX'S FURN SHIN'G STORES 1J MAIDEN LANK 349 BROADWAY J(k i. COX have just received an noellent assortment<>r the following article*, which they offer it very low pricaa I II cash:?Solar Lain|>a, Oirandoles, Mantel I Incka, Jap?nnery, ] fall Lauterus, Candelabra*, Table fuilery: aim, Rodger* It Sou's celebrated Table Cutlery, dated ' andleiticki, Branch**, Waiter*, t'ake Baskets, tJma.Tm Kettle*. Tea Setts, and every article of Plated Ware, of Sheffield and Birmingham manufacture; Block Tin Ware, consisting of Dish Coven, Huh snl Ovster Dishes, Vension Dishes, Urns, Jtc. lie Oerman Silver Ware?Disnn It Stlt'i nlrbrnird Bii i Ware? Polished Steel Kire Setts?a splendid urn" nent "I field I'lated Kpergnea. Silver Spoons, Korka, Tea Setta ike , kc , iu sinat vam,,' eonatantly oil hanil, Stringer* will lind it to tlieir interest tat call and mapect thair lock previous to purchasing. N. (V Kali and winter itrained Sperm Oil, as asual, at IS Maiden Lane. o7 lmeodis*m ~ IX) KR & ALLEN HAVK received hy late arrivals of packets and steamers. several new articles in a<ldi(iou to tlieir former assortment o( DRY tiOOUS. Desiroiia of closing off til ir pivaeut stock, they offer their goods at the lowest market prices, ind invite the attention of *11 purchasers it No. IM Pearl street tZl Iwis'r 'I'llORN s roMPOl NL) EXTRACT OK i aTaVTa I AND SARSAPARILLA possess a few nlvanUgra not enjoyed by am other inediciue for the cure of all sevual diaea viml which must, with in enlmhlened public, render it aa fturfdlv highly popular, and a de?id??ruum long sought lor in tli* world It u?il< no coiAnement or charge of diet. In its approved form, that of a pute. it i? entirely tasteless, nod C<?U8>>s no unpleasant sensation to tire patient. It has acquired the utmost fame in ilrnoit every part of Kurope; it has hwii eiimined, approved of and sanctioned by the I icnlty of medicine, and recommended by themoet eminent of the, profession. Prepared by J. B Thome, chemiat, London, Hinl for tale wholesale and retail, by , , JAM KS TAJIK A NT, m Greenwich street, corner of Warren street. Also at 3 Park How and SID Broadway, 181 Broadway, IU Broadway, corner of Lispeuard street, 139 Broadway, corner of Walker street oil 2wis*ra 'I'D Al? HITM T8 AND Bl'ILDKK8.?Th? subscriber I would respectfully inform hia customer* and others, that in cnnawiaenee of his old stand in Broadway being burned down, h? ha* taken the premises No. 136 I rosby st.eet near Houston, until such time aa the ?tore? in Broadway are rebuilt, and that le it now prep?red to eaeute any orders tor Ornamental W ?rk did I arvinii (hat may be rwjuired, the same aa formerly New York, September 2?th. 1843 JOHN UAisLIKK. PuK LUOUSf? FKM ALE PILL.PHl* 8K fur-f&inrf .ml crlehrab-d Pill*, fr<un Potiagal, it* w? 1 to br o|.i*in?I in thia cmwtrt. *?i?-? neat on rlw U.i cr>loi!>|i t?x*thp?ii?

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