Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 15, 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 15, 1843 Page 3
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to France, with oinc few !ot? for Liverpool ; n.aaula?turer* uc taking but little s.t pr*?-i.t It v ill be -en by our -tut. mi nt ahov.', ;ln- exj 011( t> (in hi Britain srt; much -mallei ut the tume time last year, which 11 very likely to continue, and 'nciea>e in proportion lor *ome time at leaat, from the very un heaitny Mate: of Mobile and New Orlean*, which tnuil retard operation* and shipment! We remain, re*pectftilly, your obt iierv'ii, STKWAKT Ic WRIGHT, Broker*, Tontine Building, cor. Wall and Water it*. At the eitreme South, the prevalence of the yellow fover ha* retarded business. The quotation* are a* lotlow* Paiec* ofCottow, Liverpool Classification. N.Y.Oct. U. N.O.Oct.i. CTtton, Sav'h. Up. f Flo. N.O.fMo. New. 7M. 7<A. Itifenor 6U?6J4 ?a? 6 V 6>? 6 *6'* Orchnwj ?a? bCa 6Ka#}, Middling 7 a7? 7??a8 7 a 7% 7<2a 7& 7Sa7?, Mid Fair .7Ka<>? 8>?a8K TVal ? a8 8Ha!) 9 a?k 8)?a8? 8?a 8X 8*a8? Oood ! air -9>4a9J4 10 al0>? 9 a9>J 8jJa 9 8>Ja8J4 I'm* .-10 all 11 al2 9j^a ? ?a ? ? a ? Corn Trade. Saturday, Oct. 14, U M. Since our last report about the movement* in the flour and grain markets, nothing ha* transpir*d to give a different complexion to the trade or to lavorably affect prices The receipt* at Vide water up to the 7th in*t. this year have been larger than ever before, and the quantity in the iuterior ib immense The manufacturer* ut the w?*t will make great effort* to get all the flour to the seaboard pouible before the cloie of navigation, and we are of 'he opinion that the stock in thia city during the ensuing winter will be larger than ever before known, and large enough to keep down prices to their present level. Account ol flour and wheat arrived at tide water during !?/ week in Oct. Total to Oct. 7th. Flour, bbls. tVheat.bu. Flour, his. H'heat.bu. 30.010 192,231 287,643 106,752 1,081, <51 876,776 511.099 1,082,692 412,044 18)2, 82.06-! 27,891 980,174 611,913 1843, 92,810 49,894 1,334,661 550,399 Keduciog the wheat to flour (allowing five bushels io a barrel) und we have an aggregate ot 1,444,740 barrel* of flour ariiving at tide water since thu opening of navi| gation. , .Nearly a million and a half barrel* of flour, worth at current quotations nearly seven millio ? ol dollars, which immense amount lias lain idle in the hands of the producers nearly a twelremomh, as the whole of this quantityof flour was manufactured from the w lieat grown in 1U42. This important (act shows the resources of the country, and of the hardy sons of toil,who are so fast add ingto its and their own individual wealth. Solang as they possess the tbility and disposition to hold on to their pro duce for remunerating prices,so long they will thrive and prosper. The farmers ui England are compelled to dispose ol their crops immediately after harvest, whatever the price may tie. Tne enormous rents and government taxes, keep up a continual drgiand on their resources.and in a large pr-|>orllon of instances they huve no other reaource hut their crops, ^rbich must, if necessary be sacrificed to meet tbe immediate pressing demand of their nob'e landlord,or royal tax gatherer. Things are different, thank Qod, in this country. The cultivators of the soil here till their own broad acres. They harvest their own grain, and not that with a mortgage on it as old as the growing crop. Their granaries are only opened to a purchaser when he comes cash in hand, willing to pay a lair price. Hpeculatora must submit to pay the actual value before a single berry is transferred to their possession or control. These are a tew of the many blessings a prolific (oil and an independent people are in the enjoyment of; and as the country becomes extended ;lands brought into cultiva tion; and the people rich and prosperous, the productions of tne soil will be governed by thote who bring them into existence, so that prices will be in proportion to the expense ol culture or manuiacture. The operations in thia market are not extensive. They are at present exclusively confined to (he demand fordo mestin consumption. Prices have not been very steady for the past lew weeks, and whatever change takes place fur inr IUIIJ1T mull Iir Yi i j ;rwum, II iun? 11 Homing i? persjnctive that can influence price* very materially.? We quote for Geneve. $4,50; Michigan ujul Ohio. flit hoop. $4 43| a $4,69; Ohio, round hoop, $4,66; Troy. $4,46 a $4 6't. Rje Flour, $2,87$ Corn Meal, northern, $2 76 a $2,81 J The operation* in grain are more extensive than in flour. Wheat is quite active, and hales lor the past week have been quite large at 94 a 96 cents, lor new Western, which is the principal description offered. Corn is quite brisk. We quote lor North River, at 63 a 64 cents, weight and measure; Southern,80 a 61c. do do. Oats are held at 26 a '26$ centa. Rye, 66 cenii Died. On Friday evening, 13th inst, Munoo Nuttier Camp bbll, eldest son of Mr. Robvrt Strachan, aged 11 years and 6 months. The friends of the parents are respectfully invited te attend his funeral, Irom his father's residence, 46 Mott atreet, this afternoon, at 3$ o'clock. PaMengeri Arrived. ChARLrsTOJf?Ship Auson?Miss Evans, Mr Evans, T 8 Artlan and W E Artlan. Domestic Importations. ''harlkston?SHip Anson?139 half* cotton FT Parish?'' hf Pipes brandy M Emanuel?t pkgs mdse W llacer Scco?13 pkg* \\ <-ks rice Po ie Kr res?100 bales cotton Post & Philips ?3 bis 1 bale mdse Lee, Dater 8c Miller?1 hoi Mrs Hood?29 bal.? cotton W Wad-worlh?1 printing press H Hoe?6 pkgs md e Jennings &c O-good?173 bales cotton to order. Savannah?Brig Wilson?26 balei cotton H Coit 8c co?16 do H Bronson? 57 ilo S & II R Oraves?28 do Parm?'ee. KiIborii & Itogt-rs?173 do O Collin??1 bo* J Lord?2 do S Co ber & Nephew?1 uo Harper 8c Brothers?JO bales cotton to oriler. MARITIME HERALD? * Sailing Days of the Steam Ship*. from liverpool. from america Acadia," Ryrie Oct. 16 O. Western, Hosken Oct. 19 gibernia, Judkins Oct. 4 Nov. 1 ritannia, Hewitt Oct. 19 Nov. 16 Packets to Arrive. Packets to Sail. from liverpool. for liverpool. Europe. Furb?r, Sept. 20 Rochester, Britton, Oct. 16 Independence. Nye, Sept. 25 England. Bartlett, Oct. 18 Sheffield, Pophain, Oct. 1 Garuck, Skiddy, Oct. 25 from portsmouth. fob portsmouth. Hend'k Hudson,Moore, Sept 10 Switzerland, Knight, Oct. 20 Panthea, Dennis, S?pt. 20 Victoria, Morgan, Nov. 1 Toronto, Griswold, Oct. 1 for havrk. from Havre. Sully, Burrows, Oct. 16 Baltimore, Funck, Sept. 16 Iowa, Lines, Oct. 24 Argo, Anthony, Sept. 24 Ship Masters and Agents We shall esteem it a fat or, if Captains of Vessels will give to Comwounrv Robert Silvev. of our News Fleet, a Keport of the Shipping left at the l'ort whence they sailed, the Vessels Simken on their Passuce, a List of their Cargo, an any Foreign Newspaprra or News tiny inay have. Hewil board litem immediately on their arrival. Agents and Correspondents, at home ar abroad, will also confer a favor by sending to this Office all the Marine Intelligence they car obtain. Nautical information of any kind will be thankfully !< ? # i v?l PORT OF NKW VOHK, OCTOUKR 15 sci? rises 6 14 i moon rises 10 21 il'pf sets 5 17 I hiuh water 12 s5 Cleared. Ship Atalanta, Raymond, ApalachicoW, TWSIocum; Levant, Robinson, Philadelphia and East lnd ft. D 11 Hobert on; Lor ifo, Vrqnha t. Mobile, E D Hur'buit Sc Co; Panl'iie, vvatcbters, Bremen, t'lesi<k*8c C?; Sully, Burrows, Havre, F'X St Livingston; Rochester, Britton. Liverpool, WodFutl Sc Minturn? Baique N Browu, Re-se, Mobile. J Elwell Sc Co?Brigs T*m O'Shanter Thoma?, Curaroa, J Foulke 4c Sun; Orion, ("Br) l)< ane, St John, N F". Tucker, Light Sc Co; 1J.moerat, fla ris. Lisbon, F"os er 8c Nickerson; S?ratog?, Cnshing, Savannah J Oaden; Belle, M)>r?, Wilmington, NC, Kd Powell; Almedi, Ash'ev, Apalachicola, E D Hurtbut 8c < ,i?Srbrs Virgnia, Bedell, Norfolk, Sturges & Clearman; Phrbr Eliza, Osborn. Alexandria, dor Elvira,Tucker. Pens>cola. t I) Hurlb'irtt 8c Co; Ch*< t?w, Loomis. Pen?acola and Mo bile, Sturgts 8c Clearman; Kei?ater, F'raitcis', Wilmingtuu, N C, A B Coolay 8c Co; Catharine, (Br) IVrry Yarmouth, NS, JH B'iar: AlKi'H, Mitchell, S sal, Bcuchaud 8c Thebaud; Eri', Harden, D.-m.rar.i, H Underwood. Arrived. Slrp Anson, Barkman, 6 days from Cbarleaton. v lih cotton. fcr, to O Sutton. Brig Wil.on Fuller, Cobb, 7 days from Savannah, with cotton, to Dunham & Djnion. Prif Josephine, Robinson, <m Richmond, and 3 ds from the Capes, with coal, to the master. firm Sullivan, Hawl?y,7 i'ays from Savannah, with cotton to Stur*?*? k C learman. Brig Moo i, Ha>es, J day* from Charleston, with cotton, sc. to Dunham & Dinwn. . Hrlii M rian, (jage.from Kail River, in ballad, to 1 wdrll k O idon _ ... j Schr Turk. Eld'idjje, I days from Portsmouth, with indse, to 8 W Lew is. . Sciif Deapitch, Nickcrsou, 4 daft frrm Deems, with fiah to ""schr Ann Smith, Hill, from Richmond, with flour, to E B Co?'ey Si Co. ... Schr (>i ii Scott, Doughty, fm V irginia. Schr John B Moreau, V ?>rhi?, fm Virginia. Sclir Kdeuburg, De ker, fm Virginia. Schr Chincrora, Anderson, I'm Virginia. Schr Constitution Lawaon, fm Virginia, with potato**. Schr Water Bird, Robins, from ' h.rrystone, with potato*#, to nnaater. Schr Heroine, Coats, fin York River. Schr Alpine, SI man, fin Newbury ort, with fish, bchr 'I uik, Eldiiilge, fm Portsmouth, with mde. Schr Old H >?dred, fm Mcahias. with lumber. Schr Olid*, Townnmd, fm Hichmond. with coal. S. hr Bejle, Powell, fin Norfolk, with md?e. Schr ICIiza Rebecca, Taylor, from Virginia,with potato**, to master. 8ch Anthrocopliia, Parker, fm Virginia. Below. One ship unknown. Sailed. Ships Nicho'a* Biddle, Trnman, New Orleans; Newark, Merwin, Sivannahj barque Rapid, Ward, Havana; brig Win Nelson, Port au Piince. Also, steamer New York, for New Orleans. Herald Marine Correspondence. Office of thf Rhode Islsndbii, 1 Nfwfort, Oct, 12. IK<t3. J Ait, Rowena, Estes, from Fall River for Pacific Ocean; St Oeorge, Mercy, Calais, for Philadelphia. 13th, ht Oeorge, Philadelphia; Rowena, Pacific Ocean. Oeneral Hernrtl. lllf |iacnrv np.?ir.n, wnuuu, MM unri|>uui, mill to-morrow. Her letter bags dose at the F.ichange a His If put 11 o'clock. LilTNCHr.D?In Bath, from th? way? of John Henry, the fin* coppei fattened birqne Baring <k Brother!, 192 tona, to be cammaildrd by Cunt John Crooker. Also. from the wav? of MmsriCUrk It Uewell, the superior barq- N?utilna, of about 310 ton* burthen, intended fur the freighting hnsineaa. Launch ? Schr Tio!*k?ta, of 121 ton*, to be commanded by CaPt David P Bramhall, wa* launched ai Kllsworth on the 27lit u!t. Imm Of a handsome MM, built k Lhl MOftt thorough and workmanlike manner, and ia intended for the coaatinir and freinhting busines*. Ql KBtC, Oct 9?The strong easterly galea have brought op the vesaels that were below iince Saturday afternoon, and a* several of them ?ailed subsequently to the Juno, Pearl, Lady Seaton, and othera, rf whose sailing we have advice we ma> every hour look for further arrivals. Spoken. New England, Welch, Boaton, for Newfoundland, llth imt. ?Boston Light W, 90 mile*. A large American brig steering E. with A in the foretopsail, Bent 25, lat 12, li, Ion 44, 30, passed by the Hwao, at Boston. Logan, Woodbury, Boston for East Indies, 10th inst. <ape Coil liearing WNW,80 miles. kmintt lr"in Mamcaibo for New York. Id uiat. Ut 31. 34. Ion 7?, J5, with lou of miintoynuii, foremast head and bowsprit? i-tperteiice J the fiuricant of th? Ut iuat. Porto Rico, from Philadelphia lor Boston, oat 4 days? llth i ust off Egg Harbor. . , Morning Star, Porllaud, lor Hituii, Oct 4, lat 31, 45, N, lou 71, 10, VVT FUhermen. Monotor.Cbadwick, of Marblehead, II day* on the Banks, with 50(HI fi?h, i|H>kru Sept 27th?by the Quebec at this port. Foreign Porta. Malaua, Sept 4?In port, ('ami*, Jams, fm Gibraltar, just ar. aud others before respited., Sept 19? Sid, Norman, Keudnrk, reported far Cadu iu the London papers, but probably for NOrleans. St Croix, Sapt 22?In port, Eliza, Lockwood, for NYork 3 ds. only Am vessel. Port al* Frince. Sept 33?In ;>ort, Mouawk, Paine .disg; .k'airlield, Wilson, do, for NYork; Omer, Kendall, for Boston. <>; Wm Henry, Rider, for Boston, dis$; Rorliambeju, Griflith, for Baltimore, 4. Going in, a brig, supposed the Peril, Evans St Joh*, NF, Sept 24?Sid, Eagle, Stevens. Gibraltar. St. 1 homas, Sept 26?In port, Seamau. Scull, fin Barbadoea, to sail for Bermnda to loadjfor Philadelphia. Barbadoks, Sept 20?Iii port, Win Kennedy, Martin, for St Thomas, uext day; Norri3, Cope, arr same day aud sailed for Demarara; Crescent, Callahan, from Philadelphia for St Thomas, 21st. Quebec, Oct 8?Arr Great Britain, Swinburn. London; 1 names, Clarkson, do; John h'rancis, Kent,Cork: Tamerlane, Bennett.' Liverpool; Briton, Litihtfoot, Gloster; Erin, Evans, \via t?u (1/..... n.. ... vi /- 1- ij 1 Abery s t with; Deveron, Christie, Plymouth?9th, Ann I- alcon, Lousuall, Jamaica; Ramble, Uerritt, Preston; Apollo, Walker, Dundee; Gov Douglass, VVyde, Bristol. Lake Porta. ClkvblaWD, O. Oct 10?Ait Roauoke, Seymour, Buffalo; Tom Corwin, Lagouryue. Pi Huron; Great Western. Detroit; Greit Western, Detroit; Kriendahip. Bairow, Pt Stanley?Cld, Roanoke, Seymour, Chicaito; Martha Freine, McKiustry, Buffalo; Hz se 'Irohy, Kingston; Friendship, Barrow. Pt Stanley. Buffalo Oct 12?Arr Presidtu', Shepard, St Joseph; M Fn-me, McKiuty ; O rant, Malou, nnd Minerva, Spencer .Cleveland; Chauucey, Heed, Ke d, Milan; Geneva, sweet, Ashtabula Home Porta. Thomaston, Sept ??Arr Coral, KelUr. A'e*andria? Uth, cld. (ieorges, watts,Wilmington, NC?Sid, Sabine, Blackington, NOrleans. Bath. Sept lo?Shi, Abby Amelia, Colboura, Key West. Camplm. Oct 9?Sid, Mary Hammond, Norwood, Charleston; Oordelia, Pendleton,' o. Owl's Head, Oct 1?In pirt. Clarmnon, Hoi me?, fn Thomaitou, for Charleston; Betsey Pieice, Crockett, do, for New Yo k. Salf.m, Sept 18?Cld, Ganges Dean,, Rio Grande aud a market; Helen Gray, 1'lummer, Philadelphia. Holmm Hole, Sept II?Arr Austin, Perkins, from Port au Prince lorBoston; Forest, Richmond, for do: Tarquin, Frediicksliurg for do; Merchant, Philad |for Beverly?Sid, Thoosa, frn Aux I ayes for Boston. Bos ion, Oct 12 -Arr Sartelle, Coring, Cronstadt; Wallace, Cunningham, do: Swan. BUiichard. Mangor, Wales: Malta, Newell, Para?13'h. telegraphed. Eli Whitney, Harding, fin Liverpool- Signal for a brig?1(1, Sardius, Lindsey, Havana; Stag, Pearson, Matanzaa; Oliuthus, Hanson, St Pierre*, Mart; Growler, Ulmer, Mobile; Baltic. Godfrey, Charleston; Count, Nicktrton. Albany and Troy via NYork; Fancy, Chase, New York?Sid. Sold,in, NOrleaiu; J A Lancaster, Richmond; Mariner, Hogan, Portland. Portsmouth, Oct 9? Cld, Kmma.Webster, Mobile via KeyWest; 10th, KlizabJth, Gunnison, Mobile. k'uoAKTOw.N, Sept 10?Arr Freenim, Spear, NYork; llth, F.i ergy, Divis, Boston for Falmouth?aud.reinain in port 12th wi h abort 0 sail bound K. Pboviukncf, Oct 12?Ar Providence, Alleu,Albany; Ariou, H>ath, N York; Lucretia, Johnson, Pictou. Pa<seugers, the crew of lishin.' schr Agnes, of Newburyport, before reported at St Paul's P E Island. Nfw Haven. Oct 13?Arr Smith Tuttle, Bush, St Thomas; ward, Host, do, for Newbern. NO; Daniel Webster, Ogden, Philadelphia; Linn, Lewi*, do?'Id, Ann Smith, Clark, Demara; Louia, Hoover, Brandywine; Exit, Whi'e, Nyack; Mary Bacon, Hawkshurst, do; New York, Jon??, N York. I'uii.adki.phia, Oct II?Arr Brazilian, Hitchborn, Boston; Factor, Handy, do; Anne htille. Wells, Bibidoes; Kxtio Robinson. Wilmii aton. NC: John Stull, Teal, Richm ond, Pennsylvania, Hughes. do; Excelsior, Wordi g, Boston; he trieve,, Gloucester; S sters, Small, Portsmouth; Brainaid, Noonan, Lubec; Hannah St Abigail Rocap. Provi dence; Henry Lemuel, Craniner, do; Henr> Brown, Liupo, do; Eugene, Cousins, do; F Crouch Toiulin, do; Columbian Eaifle, Leet, d ; Oueco, Cates, NB-dlnrd; H try Clay, 'ohusou, N * ?irk; Lenity, 8 ruth, do?Below, a barque and 3 brigs unknown?Cld, VV M Rogers, Harding, Boston; Julia, Van Gilder, Providence; 1* ato, Piesse, Salem. Mass; Larkin, Churbuck, NBedf-rd; Fla h, Lake, 'rovideuc-; Wave, ('rowell, Boston: Columbia, Hoover, Poughketpsie; Rich Thump on, Buck, Somerset. Delawahf. Bi.fakwatkr, Oct II?The Lucy, for Bo?ton; Porto itico, fordo; H A Sc*'rneder, for .Vlobil", and pwads of 21) co ,1 liud d sch?, principally bound to the eastward I-ft r>- hist evening with a tine breese I'm SSW. Tne e is but one small sthr iu the hirbor at present, suppos d to be bnuud s uth. INo vessels iu sight bound in?Weather pleasant?wind I'm the south and light. Richmond. Oct 11?Arr, Ellen, lladcliff, Portland?Sid, SilisCrme, Johnson, NYork. AMERICAN REPUBLICANS.?The American Repuhli cans of this city are requested to meet at the Eighth, Ninth and Fifteenth Wards, ou 'i uesday evening, the '7tn ins'., at 7 o'clock, for the pun ose of proceeding to the Eleventh Ward meeting. Th? Kighth Waru will assemble at the American House, on the corner of Spring and Laurens; ihe Ninth Ward on the corner of Christopher and Hudson, at the old Watchhouse; the Fifteenth Ward at the American Star, ou the corner of Barrow and Macdougal streets. One of the best Bt-uds of Music in'lie city will be engaged for the occasion, and all Americans desirous of the honor of walking in an Ameiican procession, are invited to atteud. By order of the Committee. ollfit'm P. DELEREE, Chairman. ONTARIO BANK DIVIDEND.?Twenty per cent on the capital stock of this Bank will be paid to the Stockholders on the 1st day of November next, out of the surplus prolits of the office at Canandaigua, in liru of the ordinary semi-ancual dividend due on that day. Stockholders who reside at ihe East will be paid at the Mechanics Bank in the City of New York. Albany Stockholders will be paid at the Albany City Bank. Stockholders residing iu Utica will be paid at the Branch in Utica. Stockholders west of Utica at the Banking House iu Canandaigua. The transfer books will be closed on the 21st iu slant for ten days. By order of the President and Director!, H. B. GIBSON, Cashier. Canandaigua, Oct. 5, 1843. oStoNlr HOYS* TAiLORS A NY BOYS' TAILOR who will produce a set of patterns equal 10 mine, now euiimiins at Hie fairoi the Atn'ricau Institute, will be entitled to those patttrin, which &r? near one thousand in number. and lik-wisc thegarments lh?re exhibiting, mar ed 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,7, 8, and 9, as a reward of merit, for ihe improvement some must hare made sinre they fint had access to mv old Iiatterus, which have since become worthless, as I havt made entile new one< to suit the the present taste and fashion. The value ol the clothing ithere is $5t> Ml. CHARLES HER WICK, ol5 lt*ec 390>n Broadway, DEADY MADE OVER COATS, Winter Frocks, Cloaks, ? Sic.?Extra Beaver and Pilot Cloth Ovtr Coats, Winter Froclu, Sacks, See. Also, extra and medium Quality Cloth Cloaks, forsale at 231 Bioadway, American Ho.el, oniwsite the Fountain. ol5 lm?r WM T. JENNINGS Si CO. GENTLEMEN'S LEFT OFF WARDROBE.?Gentlemen or families desirous of converting (heir left off wearing appa el into cash, can obtain lor the same the highest ca;h price. To families and gentlemen quitting the city, or changing residence, having any su|>ertluous effects to dispose of, will find it innch t? their advantage to send for the suoscriber, who will attend them at tneir residence by appointment. H. LEVETT, No. 6 John street. New York. A line through the Post Office, or otherwise, will receive prompt att niioii. CLOTHING cleaned altered and repaired. o14 lm*ec COX'S ~~ F U R N SUING STORES 15 MAIDEN LANE AND 349 BROADWAY. J Si I. COX have just received an exoellent assortment of the following articles, which they offer at very low prices for cash:?Solar Lamps, I'irandoles, Mantel Clocks,Jap'unery, llall Lanter s, Candelabras, Table < uclery: also, Rodgers Si Son's < lebmied Table Cutlery, Plated Candlesticks, Branches, Waiters, Cake Baskets, Urn-,lea Kettles. Tea Setts anil every article of Plated VV&ie, of Sheffield and Birmingham manufacture; Block Tin Ware, consisting of Dish Covers, Hash and Oyster Dishes, Yeusiou Dishes, Urns, lie. Sic Oerman Silver H are?Dixon ti Soil's celebrated Britannia Ware?Polished Hteel Fire Setts? a splendid assortment of Shel lield Plated Epergues. Silver Spoon*, Forks, Tea Setts Sic., 8ic , in graat variety constantly on hand, Strangers will find it to their interest to call and inspect their tock previous to purchasing. N. U. Fall and winter strained Sperm Oil, as usual, at 13 Maiden Lane. o7 lme^dii'm MRS. N. SCHELTEMA SUETS, 2 >8 Broadway, opposite the Park. resiM-citulW informs her customers and the ladies generally, that she his just received .by the late atrivals from Paris, several ca?ea, comprising a Urge and splendid a*, sor ment of Millinery, Embroideries, Silks, and other new Goods for Dresses und L lotks L tce? and Fancy Goods ol all descriptions. N. B. In the Dress Making Department alt orders promptly executed in the newest and most approved French style, tieing superintended by a lady who has just arrived, and who has had x|>erience in the most fashionable French Houses. Will open several c?ses of French Milliner) on Tuesday next, 17th lost. o!4 3t*r WM. TTJENNINGS & CO. r\RAPEK8 AND TAILORS, 231 Broadway, America! *- ' Hotel, opposite the Fountain, solicit attention to an assortneut of soasonable goods, including Cloths, Cassimeres, Vestmgs, Ike., in all the uew and various styles, auder the assuiuice that the system of " small profits and quick returns," *hich has elicited sojiberal a patronage, will be continued, while our arsaugemfuts are such as will enable as to fill all orders in future with promptness A feature iu the establishment, which must commend it to hose requiring articles for immediate use, is the addition to >nr stock, ol iui assortment ol nrsr quality ready made (.ftirnents, consisting of Surtonts, Hrocks, Dress Coals Pantaloons, Vests, Office Coat*, Travelling Kroeks. Dressing Uowus, he A eho?ce collection ol Hilk and Matin Hcaris, Cravats, Handkerchiefs, (rlovet, Huspenders, Hosiery, Under Shirts, Drawers, Muslin Shirts, Collars, lie At prices which mast offer inducements to purchasers. jyl4 lm*?c J. SOKIA'S CHEAP DYKING ESTABLISHMENT. Ul H. SOU IA begs leave respectfully to inlorm his friends and 'f the public in general that owing to the decreased state of he times, he has reduced his price 26 per cent below the regular charges. Ladies wishing their summer dresses, shawls, fce. dyed or pressed, will find it much to their advantage bv paying him a visit. Gentlemen will also do well to Call with such articles if wearing apparel as inay need dyeiug or pressing. All orders will be punctually attended to, and the articles done up in the Vst style at Soria's establishment, No. 490 I'earl st. His branches are at No 267 Bleeeker St., No 362 Bowery, and it 367 Grand st. Also a branch at 49 Kulton st. Brooklyn, and it Newark, N. J., corner of Broad st, and Washington Place. Merchants can have all kinds of goods dyed and put up in their original forms, aud on moderate terms. Princi|>a) oiltce?901 sari st. auJO 3m#ee JUST LANDKD KHOM HAVANA, per the Virginia and " Adelaide, a superior lot of Ba?s lor tying up segars; Paper Segars of the (forcia brand, and a lot of llie celebrated brand or Woodville lit gains, and medium siie. In store, an assortment of various brands, which are offeml W' olesnle and retail by A. A. SAMANOS, QlS 6t*r No 6 Wall stteet and 2W Broadway. M'OTICE.?(fonts having cast off Clothing which they want ,'o dispose of, will, by Itaving their address at W. Simp on s ? Wilson's old established store. 19 < hatham ailed on at their residence. All kinds of cast off clothing, vatchea, musical, mathematical instruments, seitanls, miaoi ints, guns, pistols, guitars, lie., bought and sold at No. 19 hatham street. N B. All kinds of carpenters'tools bought. oil lm*r \\T A. SMKTS has Just received |*r late arrivals from Ha. i" V' * ",,e " *or,ment of Kmbroideriea and Millinery rt cles, for city ret<11 trade, of the latest and most fashionable ****** ly.sjlWf |<ersoually, winch can lie (US ?""" ???*?. "I' nwir?. 0|4 bi'r j'U THt LUV I. KM Ot SUPfcKIUH ULAOK 1KA II !??>yu* * VWiwiwly deltcioui Mid uii| n illed Tea, to highly celebrated in Chin* and Karope, jml uporwl. is now for >ale atthr Canton ?5t Company4 UrneJ lea.hitaldwhment. Ml Chatham ?tr?et, New York, and lit niton atrm. Brooklyn?in packavaa Pnr? M cent* and t "h ?30 lin'f |T0 I'KlNTBKs. G?OR HALE.?Two fouiiU of Typy, .\ljBioii and Noapanrl, t wlueh haye !*?? med eajjtlir New York Herald. Am>It it tki* otlic*. ? dM ono REWARD.?The "tore of the subscriber. w? p 1 burglsrii usly entered during Sundiv and Sunday ni||la. September 3d, and WilcliM, Di*niouds, Jeweliy nil Silverware to a large amount stolen, for the recovery of which tl.e ab<.ve reward will be given, or a proportionate ainoant for an y part of it olt 3'*r F- It 3. S. ROCKWELL, No. 9 Astor Home. i?|Kf( HKWARD.?The r-ndence of Oeorge Wells, nt*r JpU\J riamlield, N. J , was broken into on the night of the llih inst.and the following article* taken :?Two large merino SliawW, oue white and one red with mantle burden; one large deep blue cripe Shawl; oue long ?carle' Shawl, the euda striped; ou* brown cloth Cloak, laced with velvet, with a velvet collar; one stiiprd blue-black silk Drets, blue and gold color: oue black lace Veil; one pair pla'ed Candlesticks; oue striped silk Dress, lot made; one suit of calico Curtains; one Lamp I Stand, m irked A K. W., and one marked M. A. W. %'M will be naid for the recovery of the above, or in proportion, and *20 for the detection of the thief, by o!3 3tis*r OKOROK W KLLS, Jr., 196 Front st Jfjiri HKWARD.?Stolen, from the Western Hotel, Cour <]p 1 \J laudt street, a black silk velvet Cardiual Shawl, trimmed with black silk Irimte, greeu silk lining It was taken about 2 o'clock, P. M. on Wednesday, October 11th Any person returning said Shawl, will receive the above reward. The Police and Pawnbrokers are requested to give this particular notice. A gold Piu of the value of five dollars wu attach ed to the Shawl. ol2 3t*r GENTEEL HOARDING AT MRS. GEUK'S. No. 27 Couiti.andt Street. SINGLE '1K MAKRIEI) Geutlemeu can be accommodated with excellent Board and comfortable Rooms ou moderate termi. Also, a front Parlor aiid Bed Room ou the second floor, furnished or ui furnished. o9 lm*m rPO LET, WITH BOARU.ii htudsome front Parlor?four * handsone Bed Rooms, at 411 Houston stieet. otOlm'r PACKET SHIP OCONEE, TROM NEW ORLEANS. is dischnrt;iii|C at the Quarantine, 9. I. Consignees will please attend to the receipt of thri-floods. oil ec C17NsTGNEKS of Merchandise |*r ship LIVEHPOOL, from Liverpool, will please send their permitsou board (he ship, at foot of I lover street, or to the office of the subscriber. Goods not iwrmitled in tire days must unavoidably be sent to public store. ol4 ec JOHN HKRDMAN. 81 South st PACKET SHIP OCON'EK from Ntw ()<leans, is di?charging in llie str-sin, Eiist River. C?n*igi.ers will please atleiid to the teceipt of their goods itnmediately. o'Jec rT^HE NE WYOuk EX AMINER, N~3'7. this Ha. |.ul> 1 lished at 220 William stpet, between Frankfort and Duaue, price 6 cents, or $3 a yeir, witn a deduction to Newsmen. It contains? Ecwin Crosiwe'l and David R. Floyd Jones? Packenham at New Orleans?Commodore Barrv? Irish Independence, 1782?'he I'uiou? W'>a' would Heiwalers have??the i United I ish'oen?Elections?Wellington?Letturs from Ohio : ? Mechanics' Inst'tute? Canadian Parliament?Remarkable I Irishmen and their descendant?i.olonel Barre?John C. ' a - I houn?Lords Shelbume, Pluokett, Castlerengh, N 'rbury, I Clonmell, Clare, and Caihainpton. tNo?. 1 and 2 may a'so be had. W. L. MACKENZIE. I 014 3'*ec sat. mon. aud tues. BUSINESS IS BUSINESS.-Therefore if you with a share ol it you must circulate your card* and handbills freely.? To do this in an economical way, call on Ft iLUblt St SUT- ] CON, at the ollice of the Locomotive Printing Engine, IIS ' John street, near Pearl, wh*re you can have all kinds of Job 1 Printing done in the lirst style, at the lowest cash prices, and no 1 disappointment Card' primed at one hour's notice if required. o4 lm*r VALENTINE has removed Ins Engraving and Priming i Establishment from John street, to No. I Beekinan street, (Lovejoy's lloiel.) opposite the Brick Church, New York.? Wedding, Visiting, Invitation, and Professional Cards ex* cuied iu the first style of the art, a? regards the su|ieriority of the engraving, neatness of the printing, and the whiteness and | brilliancy ol ti>e cards. Persons furuishiug their own card plates,can have them printed ou the most approved aud fashionable style of cards, at prices to suit the times. The Ladies aud Gen'letneii of New Yo<k, Brooklyn, and the adjoining cities aud towns, are tes(>ecifully invited to call aud examine the specimen books, and Irom a variety of pattern cards select tfl their taste ?29 ltn*r UPENljNi^j)F^TtlFALL FASIIiuJNd, /II J IICj :'1/V\TA/.U1 IJ r. iVLVUTiO, No. 60 ANAL Stbkict. A CARD-TO THE LADIES OK FASHION-MADAMK BE11RMAN begs most respectfully to inform tier friends and customers that the has received, by th? last arri. tals from Parts, her tall and winter fashion*, and the flatten herself that me same will stand unrivalle. in the city. The fashions consist of the following : full and entire n-w styles cut, uncut, plain, watered, and changeable velvet bonnets; do silk, satin mode and quilt-d hats, of an entire novel description, in ladies', misses', and children's sizes. Alio, a complete assortment ol cap* and hea l dresses, Paris ribbons, artificial flowers, leather*, anu hair ornaments of the best artists iu Paris. Madame B. solicits the ladies to favor liei with an early call and examine for themselves Magaziu de Modes t>H Canal street. o3 lm*r TO THK LADIES. OINOLETS, FINF. AND WIRE CURLS. BRAIDS, tv Frizettes, Plain Bands, Bows, Head Dresses, Net Caps, Shell Coinhi, and other Ornaments suitable for decoratiufc Ladies' Heads. M <5e M. LARUE Manufacturer and Wholesale Dealer, 162 Canal, corner of Vnrick, have now on hand a large, new and splendid assortment of the above article*, which they are selling at greatly reduced price*. They are of the latest fashioua, and are manufactured in a superior manner, in their new and peculiar style, imparting a beautiful rich lustre to the hair, and a durability to the curl, unattained by any other manufacturer. Old Curls altered to any pattern, and made to look like new, at a trifling expense. A liberal allowance made to retailer*. *19 lm*r b EMOVAL.?India Rubber Shoe* and Over Shoe*.?Juit nIv ceived fiom our factory, for fall trade, a large assortment of India Rub' er Shoes, consisting of plain aud figured lined and furred rubbers; gents elastic upper overshoes; ladies' elastic upper sandals, leather and rubber soles; ladies' fur aud ribbon oouud Orecians and Buskins; ladies' elastic ouilted silk overshoes, new style; goloe * hoes and various styles of misses' and children's shoes, which we offer at the lateU reduced prices. 20,000 pairs ladies' and men's rublter shoes, figured aud plain, ( by the case or trimmed and cleaned by the dozen. jOOO pairs ladies' lined aud fur bound rubbers, Merchant* are requested to examine tlie stock at|our new store. No. 26 Maiden Lane. HORACE H7 DAY, Su .^''**or to Roxburv I. R. Co. s2G linr 2ft Maiden Lane DEAFNESS. I)RS. CASTLE AND EDWARDS, AUR1STS, I JQ1 BROADWAY.?Extract:? A "1 cheertul'y comply with the request of Lieut. Mc- I 111tosh, to testify that he was invalided home as unfit for duty, I III |.ni??iii>n? f<r tatil ,nJ u.. .... I that while iu New York, on his way to England, he placed himself under the professional car* of Dr*. Castle and Edward*. \urist*. Under their treatment he recovered his hearinf, and has returned to his military duty. Signed. H. McNEVEN, M. D. Surgeon to H. M. B. Force*, Jamaica ACOUSTIC DROI S. A sore cure for incipient deafnvss, earache, pains, buzzing*, or singing sounds in the ears, collections of hard wax or vitiated seeretious of the organs. Their tcouatic oil has been a popular remedy as a curative in all diseases of the ears for upwards of twenty years. Office* removed to 3S1 Broadway, corner White street. ol lm*ec [ONES' PURE EXTRACT OF 8ARSAPAHILLA i " (/ANDY?One single 2S cent package is warranted to contain eight ounces of the medical properties of the pure root. 01 one thing, readei, you may rest assured, that this is Sarsaparill.-i only, not mercury or minerals. If you are using other extracts, j try this; you will liud its effect thus?it will mildly enter the , system, keep your blood and body cool, gently own the bowels, and restore those afflicted with any disease. This Sarsaparilla cures to lerinane.ut health. A good extract should be unmixed ( with other matter, and no heat should be used in preparing this. This extract has all these advantages; give it one trial. lean conscientiously recommend it for any disease for which Sarsaparilla is a remedy ; this is sold for 23 cents a package, or five for $1, at the sign ofthe American Kagle, 82<<hnthtm street, N. Y. Agents, Zeilier, 3 Ledgei Buildings, Philadelphia; Red ding, 8 State street, B turn; 57 State street, Albany; Mrs Hayes, I3*J Fulton street, Brooklyn; Williams. 243 Broad St., Newark; and 1 uduey, 331 Main street. Poughkeepsie. s29 lin*r \ TH hi < INVISIBLE WIG CO closely resembles the real iiead of hair that scept cs and & connoisseurs have pronounced it the most perfect and extraordinary invention of the day. The great advantage of this novel and unique wig is its bung made without sewing or weaving, which cause* its appearances so closely to resemble the natural hair, both in lightness and natural api>earaiice. as to defy detection, its textnre being so b'antiful, *o porous and so free, that in all cases of perspiration eventration is unini|>rded, and tne great evils of other w igs entirely avoided, '1 he sceptic vid connoisseur are alike invited to insjieel this novel and beau- ! t.lul Wig and the peculiir method of fitti. g the head, at the 1 in inufaciurei's. A. C. B <rry, 146 Broadway, comer of Liberty ! s'reet, up stairs. oil nn*r I 'I'll VVdUI. MAMKAClUKKKfi, kc ?The >u>scnber < J gives notice that he is the Ugil Assignee of JOHN (tOULDlNO. la'.e of lloxbury. Machinist, and as such i? | alone authoiir.ed to claim and receive pay from tlnae individuals or companies, ill vari'us parts of the U lited States, who j have mad^, or u ed, C'rtaiu itnproted michmerv, invented hy siid Ooulduig, for ihe manufacturing of Wool, ? hic.i imprive- i innits were secured to In n by Letters Patent date'l Dec.'Sth, Iili6, and 21th July, 1836; and he hc.eliy cau'ions such individuals and companies against paying any thing to any one except ' Imeself lor the use of Mid improv-ments; ?s no one else can t! i ve thein a leg<1 discharge for ihe damage, or comi ensatien, Io v> Inch skid ?xiuldi. g s estate is by law, entitled for ihe use of the improvements secuied to hiin b> the I'a'rnts above named. E. COPr.LA >>D, Jr. Assig. ee of JOHN OOULDING. 17* A? these Patent* expired on the Uth of December. 1840, nothing is claimed, or expected, for the use of the im.iroremei.ts since ihat time ol3eod lin*r BUCKWHEAT?I If 00 package* in barrels, half bar* rels, quarte s and eighths, packed in superior maimer for tin- southern market?a choice article and Trie from frit. For i ile on libi-ral terms by ol3 Imr OF.ORGK WKLLS, lr. 196 Front at. LUUliN A GORlJiAL. or thf. ELIXIR OK LOVE. In oldei: time, among th* Jew*, That man a second wife might choose? Who?> tlrst, by Fate's unkindly doom. No children bore to M?s hi* home. Afflicted thus, the Horn ah matron Prayed lo Lucme, the midwife's patron; j Egyptian wives, in such a crisis, ' Called to their aid llie Priests of Isis; And even now, the meek Hindoo? J Warm a* her clime, *ud tender, too? j If childless twelve mouths from her bridal ' Fliea weeping to her senseless idol, J And with railed hands, in acceuls wild, Petition* Brainah for a child; For well she knows. Love shuns U> blea* The Hindoo bed of barmine**. ' Ho much Tor love in days by-gone, And savage customs in our own; , But say, even now, doe* Love'* communion t Bless i i oi'* land, a sterile union / I , No. oft times conjugal feKcity, , h thus disturbed?ay, e'en in this eitf t Yet may the barren, if they try The means "increase and multiply," With "Lov?'? Elixir" for her friend. The childleas wife'* repining* end. But not th* nrocreative power Alonk, i* this Elixir's dower. Consumption'* ill* it will prevent. With vigor clothe the imixitent ; Suppress a gleet, whate'er iu date. And all life's functions renovate; Eruptions from the *kin it cha*ea, Ami bring* back beauty and th* (race*, 'Tis woman's tout?and ne'er deceive* her. From Fluor Alhsis it relieve* her, And each disease (with j*oper care, to?,) Her fair and fragile form i* heir to. Thtae ar* bat trcth*, who call* them ActiM Shall have stem proof in contradiction. Letter*?all forms of attestation? r rum uir j*Y*n? 01 rnjy nation; With ?r*tefiil minim from all quarter*, Panned by Di*en*e ami Unaokery'i martyr*. Thousand* who lay, with llutterinn breath, Almost within the jaw* of death; Now in their nightly prayer* rejieat, Thank* to Life * friend, in Nasaan street, t Ann iomrtimea name* the very number? "Ninety-two Naasau"?e?en in their slumber? Or, dreaming of l)ise**e* ordeal, Cry'1 >" "* "Lucina Cordial." fmon* oiderinf thi* medicine from the eonntry, by sending i einittAiice, caiinave it boied op and sent to any part of 'he r lion. Price $3 p*r battle, or f94 per doles. Alio for *ale at * ,. N North ith It, Ph Udelpbia. olO lm*m | 10PPER?100 ca*e* of eitra quality K.iigliah Hheathin* Cop J per, from 14 to JJot., JO?t received per recent arrival*, and tr ulf br * llM t K.COLLINS It CO. * South itrwt p * ' * ENGLISH ADVERTISEMENTS TIU NEW YORK I1KKALU i. rayululv fil?d in Loudon kv.Mr. P.L. 2UMMOND9, Acetic for the American Papers, British and Foreign Newspaper Office, II Coruhill, Loudon, opposite the Royal fci change, where orders and advertisemeuu will he received. *28tfr GENERAL AGENCY AND COMMISSION l OFFICE 1 18 CORNHILL, LONDON, OPPOSITE THE ROYAL J EXCHANGE 'T'O MERCHANTS, Commercial News Room*, Public Li J. "raries, Agricultural Societies.Officers of the United States, ' nibliilwii of Newspajwrs, h.c. P. L. 8IMM0ND8, (Jeneral Agent and Commission Merchant, begs to acquaint his friends and the American public iu I g>ueral.that he it reuly to receive orders for the supply ol Newspapers, Periodicals, Stationery, Printing Materials, I" aucy Arti- t cles, kc of any kind and quantity, and (iK>dt of every description of first rate quality at the very lowest marker prices of the day, and to transact business upon the moat lilieral terms, pro- i vided he is previously furnished with funds or drafts at either long or short dates, or a reference on some London or Li verpool house for |>aymeut. P. L>. Siminouds will also receive consignments of auy de- ( script ion of merchandise to be sold on commission, and accept J hills at short dales for two thirds of the amount, on receipt of the bills of lading, Consignments entrusted to his care will m-et with everv possible despatch iu their disposal, consistent with the interest of the c?nsign*es: an eitensive kuowledge of general business coupled with promptitude,attention and judge- ] ment will he trusts enable him to give complete satisfaction to all who may favor him with the>r commands. I llelereiice may be made in New York to James Gordon Bennett, Ksq, Proprietor of the Herald, who is personally acquaint- i ed with Mr.Suninonds and the nature aud extent of his establish- I men' s28ll r TO NEWSPAPER AGENTS AND PUBLISHERS IN . . THE UNITED STATES. ? . , . '"PHOSE eicelleni Illustrated Newspapers, The Pictorial * Times, and Illustrated London News, are supplied at 7s Ad sterling per qr Punch at 4s 6d per qr, and all the Loudon and 1 Foreign Newspapers as they appear are regularly supplied, wholesale and retail, by P. L. 8IMMONDS. Newspaper and Periodical Agent. IS Cornhill, London. f Subscriptions in (dvauce may be paid into the Herald Office. . on Mr. Sitmnonds' account. t Advertisements received for insertion in all the London, Couutry and Foreign Journals. s28tf UNDER" THE ESPECIAL "PATRONAOE 0s" HER ?, MAJESTY OUEEN VICTORIA: H. R H PRINCE J ALBERT; THE ROVAL I-aMILY, ANI) THE i SEVER A L COURTS OK EUROPE. uOWl.AND'S MACAS-AR OIL -THUS ELEGANT, FRAGRANT, and PELLUCID OIL, in its preservative, restorative, and beauiiiying qu?lities, is unequalled over the whole world It preserves snd reproduces the fnir, even at a late |ieriod of lite; prevents it from turning fret ; or ifi.i changed, restores it to its original color; frees it "rom scurf and impurity, and renders it soft, silky, curly, and (lossy. To CHILDREN it is especially recommended, as forming [he basis of a beautiful head of hair. KOWi^ND'S KALYDOR. An odoriferous ceamy liquid of Balsamic Exotics, and utterly pur.- and free from all mineral ndnnatuie It pleasingly dissipates all Pimple*, Sp.its,Blotches, Redness,Tan, Freckles, lull uuin 1/rirlU ui LIIC OKII1, UfniS HUII HU lilt, 31 UlgS UI IIISC<U. mil render* the most rough and dry skin pleasantly soft and imooth. he ra iinnt bloom it impart* to the Check, and the c loftness and delicacy it induce* 011 the Hand*, Arm*, aud Neck, HMrII InoiipMMM to IVICf toilet. " Gentlemen will lind it peculiarly grateful aAer shaving, in illaying the irritation of the ?kiu. 11 RO M I, AMD'S O DOS TO, OR PEARL DENTIFRICE. A White Powder, compounded of the t*'?: and moat fragraut Kxntira; it beatow* on the Teeth a pearl-like whireneai, In** ? them from tartar, and imparts to the gums a healthy lirmne*i, j ind to the bieath a delightful tweetneaa and perfume. ( CAUTION. Each genuine article hat a Hinall label affixed thereon, bearing the names of " Vleairs. UOD j|?, CUMMING k CO., ke , Only A (tents, New York." . All without such a label, nre SPURIOUS IMITA TIONS ! ! ! sold by Chemist* and Perfumer*. 1J *28ltawGinr ^ CHE P SiOK E TO MY OLD CUSTOMERS AND THE PUBLIC (JEN- 1' KRALLY. DiiUGS, I YESTUFKS, L'AINTS, MEDICINES. . (JKO^ERI'S. &c i No. 188 GREENWICH STREET, NEW YORY. , TOHN C. MORRISON offer* for sale, on the inon liberal r " terms, a very extensive assortment of uoodi. among them , the following, to which he would solicit the attention ol t APOTHECAltlKS. Opium, Corro?ive Sublimate, Camphor, Aqua Ammonia, i Cream Tarter, Spirits .sure Uulcis. , Castile Soap, Su|ier Carbonate Soda, , Liquorice, Tartaric Acid, BalaamCopaiva, Epsom Salt*, ( Rhubarb, Laudanum, Jalap Senna, Aloe*, Sulphate Qainim, KUr*. Chamomile, 0il Pemiermint, aud all Eu*a| t < in in Arabic, tial Oil*. Castor Oil, Gum Myrhh, Quicksilver, Cantharide*, Mngueiia, Gum Trasacanth, I Manna, Powdered Bark, j Roll and Flour Sulphur, Cok* of all kind*, > Alcohol, Sar*aparilla, Bor'X, refuted and crude, Sponges, coarse and line, * Calomel, Draggiat*'Glass Ware t Red Precipitate. Vial*. e PAINTERS. v Window glasi, of all sizes and British Lustre, c qualities. Glue, all sorts, n White h-ad, dry and in oil, Gold aud Silver Leaf, Red Lead, Gold and Silver Bronze, Litharge, Copper Bronze, Spirit* '1 urpentine, Chalk, white and red, Putty, Pari* white, Whitiny, Spanish Brown, J Verdigri*, dry and in oil, Venetian Red, 4 Uhrome Green, Sand Paper. * f'hrome Yellow, Pumice Stone, ' Yellow Ochie, Frenah and Tar and Koaiu, American, Japan, copal, coach and liar K Prussian Blue, ue?s varnisli. Vermillion, Turkey Umber, u '! a. u....... i Ivory Black, Red Chalk. Guin Copal, Gum Shellac, ' Paint Brushes, all tilts, Biii(ht Varuuli, Hose t'ink, Sash Tools, all sizes, Lamp Black, Black Lead. OILS. ' Oil, Kail, Oil, Train, Winter, Lintseed, Summer attained jenn, Neatsloot, Refined. whale, Olire or Sweet, ; Unrefined, whale. Sea Elephant. Tanners', Liard Oil, Sperm and Stetnc Cudlst, i DYK WOOU UKALKHS AND MANUFACTURERS. I Logwood. Brazil Wood, Cinnwood, lied Saunders, Fustic, Haten Wood, Nitaragua, Red Wood, Barwood, Hy|>ernic Wood, ' Ouin Asphaltiiin, Peach Wood. ' Sal Ammoniac, Ebony Wood. b Soaps, _ d MANUFACTURERS. u Alum, 1" ullers' Karth, g Blue vitriol, Madder, Dutch and Kiench, r> Copperas, Eng. and Amer. tudigoei. of Bengal, ( arraeat n OlVitrol, and Guatamala, le Guitar Lead, White Tartar, h Bleaching Salts, Red Tarter, it Cochineal,, Olue, si A'juaFortii, Sumac, c Nultfal's, Lac Dye, h Anuatto. Starch, w Soda Asn, Potash, Pot and Pearl Asliei, Gum Senegal, nl Loawood, Powdered Curcuma. n Tartaric Acid, Powdered Blue Smalts, si Brchromate of Poush, Quercitron Bark, l< Sal Soda, Spirits Nitre Fortit, v l)um Shellac, Salt I'etre, b I'udliear, British Uum, v Woad, Nitric Acid And a I Jrain and Bar Tin, Oxalic Acid. Soaps, ; OROCF.KS. Young Hyson Tt, Pepper Sauce, i Hyson " Maraboy Snuff, Imperial " Scotch Snuff Gunpowder " Mac*, ' llysoii Skin " Indigo, Flotant, 11 S mchoug " Castile Soap, Bohea " CloTet, hVurh Brandies, Caster Oil, iu bottles, Spanish Segars. Alcoh I, Pot and Pearl Ashes, Ejwoin Salts, Starch, ClH.anion, Li ,u<irice Ball, Friction Matches, B th Brick, Carbonate Ainmunia, S ilrratu*. Brilifh Lustre Hg Blue. boda for wnnhiir, I owder.'d Omgfr Root, Mu.Urd, l.o.ii?q, !?i i * * . .. L . CarmiiU Pei.,?r, 4 .Mive oil in bottlaa k baaketa. Powdered Vutinetj . Powdartii Cinnamon. " Saluetie, crude and refined, nassaa ? fix;;., s r I Juni|?r, ,V C^.u BuJ., Rom, Urauge and Paul, Wa t, Va."ll. Bet in, u ilfiW. fcsxte s Ifclm #i' k -Carra\ way Sead, V h!fBB">?"' >llia??d. Oil Of Rote*. Jujube iW. Peppermint, Pearla?h. Wintergremj, Sileratu., /il""* 00' 8ui*r < arboiuteofSoda, Rariam Tartaric Acid. ' O'" !" "lute Jamaica. r Bloechina P^* ^AKtR8' fcw&M. ?" Vi?rol. Cnt'^'- h JhalJIc ' J*' Ammonia. ira, S^ITSt-l Mtract of Lngwopd, Aloe., Alum 'kc *TKN* M?DIClNK bKALEffij. ru,", w.?B*.L.. L"'' k n*0^* litem iu'i Drop*. Onedeldnr fefc" V,1 ^r'tUh ?". 2*"' * "? Liquid, Oodfrey'T Cordial, as-jEST ?saag\fer ! 3-oi?.inhubanci company 1 iKsKSnS^jT^^S'sxrfitA. . Tk?? ur >?,, DIRECTORS. {.' LKrL&* ? Tliouuon Price ' WK All^'' b, John H. Lea, M? p m 1 *' Yioae> TurU? . hn P-Moore, ialeb C. Tun if, t o Anton Baker, Wm K 'inf ?*EO. T. HOPE. W^yH"H'WIC. Pwita,!. TO THE PUBLIC. * , ?Haa opened A HAT AND CAP STORK. aa oun t mir a v nu. TV DnV/Al/VT All Third door from Wall drift. 4 | N. (J. bef* simply to ?tate hit determination to u?e hit < ' brat eiertiona to mnkt a HAT th<it for quality of material '' ad beauty of liniah cannot he excelled II* therefore trnsta to ?' MITI from hia frieuda and the public lhat nppoft which will uable him auccraafully to carry out hi* draiKua. , JOHN N. OKNIN, Hatter, H iU ln*D M Broadway, M door abort Wall at. d DORR <te ALLEN v< JAVK received by late arrival* of packet* and teamen, ae1 reral new articlei in aildiiiou to their former aaaortment o4 DRY OOOD8. Deaironi of doting off th-ir preaent itock, they offer their '| oodt at the Inweat market price*.and invite the attention of all ' urchaaart at No. 1M Pearl ?treat. *27 lwia*r m \ ' [ON -1LES THOMAS bhLL. Auctii'i.i BV BF.LL * HbWAi r? ( Ma*" So. JJ Jinn itrtet ami 115 . monday" Furniture and Hotel Sale-^-At 10)4 o'clock, will he told tlx louffliold mil bu rooin furniture of the honae Nh v9 i #<1*; itKft, known u the SlJtl Al?u the Coutrut. of ,i, [ill! lamp*. (las* wure, liquors. wiue*. air* looking tliurt?all purchased within t few month* mil 111 *oo<l otder. File household furniture will he fir?l sold TUK8DAV. At I0)i o'clock, at the ules room, Large *ale of se<? <onable fancy and staple dry goods. AI?o, London cloth* c?s?imeres an>l teatiugs 111 loU to *uit. I >1 uiketa, *h?*eting, hosiery, fcc. Alio, a lot of wearing apparel, part ol the itock ol a merchant ailor. AI?o. a quantity of hardware, watches and jewelry.. A Ian, an entire invoice of London cloiha and ciaaimerea in ot* to a?it purchaser* AI?o, a quantity of groceries, s"mc choice wines and liquors. Also, an assortment of dry itoods from an im|?>rter. Al*n, a hinited nninl)er of riitht* t> water proof cloth and finrr article* on tne rvisstn is *01(1 tie "old itreet.? More particil l,i rs ? I he s?le rooms. WKD?K*DAY At I0*? o'clock in the sale mom*. Kltensives .U' of elegant furuit'i of all descriptions. Alio, at win time the gent'el furniture of a family going to Kurope .11.<1 ii'in.'Tvd from Brooklyn IbrcoaTwiniMof sale. Al?o, |?(.>.! i ' i:ir?. |mii my Uno; glasses, china, (last *nd dated ware. stovei, kitchen ut?i Sir. Alio, the balance of tin- siock t Brusael three ply, Vm* Ian anil iugrtin car,etiiig, oil cloth anil matting, aii'l piauo ortei. Also, 3 second hand piauo forte:i by outer of the Sheriff Also, ail iuvoice of Kngii h oil cloth anil carpeting. The piano fortei, seraplune and organ will be told ill the Ful on atieet ?t. re't 11^ o clock Also, 1 valuable s-iaphiua, do parlor organ 2 second hand >iano f rte?, I French sofa Wk DNKSDA Y, 2}th At II o'clock. Utiles* t.revioasly il'iposed of at p i??re sale, wilt be told, without reserve mi the reinist a'l the furniture, b?r roim aiangemeut*, futures (It?., 4tc . of ihe well known titryker's lav House, on the Bloom ngdili< Road. Alio, tin.- superb Uonuola oui't by Kmncis. A Uo, th cream bur ih < t? den chain, hot housr i, kr The prop i y can be seen at any rime. Any ^enon wiihing 0 purchase will net all i e.:e>-.My iii'orma ioii by applying to 1 H Chapman. 251 Hudson st BEACON COl/t E-TROTTINU The following Ptirs a will he given, to coine off over th. Beaon Course, commencing on Monday, Oct :? No. 1 Purs- S200?two miles heats, in harness, free for all rotting horses. No t. I'urse $50-mile heats, best three in fivp, under tha addle No. 3 Purse tin?two mile heats, in h?rnesi. No. I. Pur-e 850?two mile he t?, untie, the saddle. No ."i Purse $50?i!e'leats ha?t three in ve. to waggoni. All the above Purse (except No. I) free for horsei never won I'urse over <7V I hree or more in all the above to make a Lace. Kntries to dose at R. 8 > ith'i, 3i Park How, Monday, )ctober Ifiili, ?t 'J o'clock. P M oM 3t ec ~ 1 "fluiaTs'iov . YU'kst, TiMlT* in NKW ORI.V ANS, AND sfON, TFXA8.?'1 hesple-i.'id Sie^-i Slu. NK.PTI'NK Captain Wil. linn Rollins?To s il positively on Wed2'iih October, 'ii'ta t, H 4 o'clock P %l. |The unhealihineai of New Orlea s,?iih -"her circumstances, i,is induced f ii tain Pollins to delay the ilepanu e of the N |>un? until the annye ''av, 25th in ant. which st the earnest soieitition of mai v Pa?seu?ers he h s assen ed to rh great re lictance. The public m?y re?t ass., red i hat no delay will be u^mi led ro be' md ihe day now tiled. ? iic .<r|nu.?! uu - tu iii"e **iv uTcmtuitn, an ' n in per c orler. >sassenii <rs may r I" upon ever/ connf rc mid cmienience i" her, About one h'lf the number of h?r bar bs aie till UiMiSMKeil. r parage, fi r the above p >rt?. in state noma, cabin* or sti>"??afe, and for f-?ighr of light goods or pecie for f'h.vles' m. applv on hoerd, at th? Tobacco Invpecion wharf, foot oi'Clinton ?t f'ef E. II., or to ollto'Sec I. H BHOWf.h 7S Wall street. KOjI LIVERPOOL?'The New Line-Regul r Packet I6tb of October?The fine New York built ifikMMPacket ship HOC HESTER, John B/itmu, niaste , 100 tout, will sail on her regular day. Ifith October. Having very su;ierior accommodations, apply to the Captain in board, at west side Burling slip. or to WOODHULL Hi MINTURN8,87 South it. Price of passage. ST> The line packet iliip Hottiuguer, Ira Bursley, master, 1060 ons.will succeed the Rochester and iail ' n her regular day. 6th November. ol5ec Nt' W LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS^ KfMMfV Packet of the 2ith October?The p# and eleg nit acket ship O VhRICK. 1000 tons burthen, < ai>t. W. ikiduy. will sail on VVedi esday, 23th O tob? her regular day. The -hips of this line being all 1000 tons anil upwards, |ierons about to embark for the old cm'intry, will not fail to see lie a 'vantages to be derived frum selecting this line in i refernre to any other, as their great capacity render* them every ray more comfortable and convenient ihau shii s of a smaller lass. Those wishing to secure berths, should not tail to lake early application on b iard, or to W. St .1. T. TArS( OTT, At their General Passage Office, 43 Peck Slip, oiaec cor ?ouin street. H>U NI'.W O H 1. '.A N S?Louisiana and New mnV VkIi Line?Positively Kirsr Regular ?'acket To ItKr ail I lie 20th insl. Tlx last aailiuu packet ship YA!00. Captain B.J H. Trash, will positively sail as above, r regular day. For freight or past age, having accommoilatioiis unequalled, I'ply on hoard, at Orleans wharf, toot of Wall street, or to te. K. COLLINS h CO, 5tt South street Positively no goods received after Thursday evening, 19th nstaiit. Shipi>ers may rely upon having their goods by this line correctly measured. Agents in New Orleans, Hullen 4 Woodruff, who will jromptly forw ard all eoods to their address The packet ship 8H\K SI'KA li K Captain A Miner, will iticceeu the Yazoo, and sai1 31st inst., her regular day. ol5ec _ F'?R SALK?A Pair bright hay CARKIAOK /ljEr>UOKSKS, 16 to |7 nan "gli, warranted only live ' ? < "i ""l ?i* yeirs old, sound all resiwts kind in singly ind double harness and under the .saddle, and of superior sty ? likI action, belonging to n private gentleman in rh country ,ar I re wortly of 'lie attention of any one desiring a food pair if lorses They may be seen for live or sis days, on applicatit u it TATTKUSALL'S. Broadway, N. Y 06 6tr *f1 $50 RKWAKIj.?t !iii, dining th.' night of the ">3tli instant, from the enclosure of the subscriber at ^ 1'iimft.i Greene Cc N. V., a fine large light hay lorse about IB hands high, 7 - ? old, black mane and > f, lack legs, with a little white . me or both bind feet, has * - i ocked and pricked, tail rather tight and c.u.ies tolerably ? J p?has a mark upon the inner side of the left hind leg, on inn ambol joint, of about three inches square, caused by firing to move a si rain which has not yet healed up, beiug also deitiite of hair?also has a sm.ll scar at the root of the tail, on the ft side?also has a small s'arneirly round on the right side of is head, about four inches frr ni the eye?both of the latter will quite close scrutiny to be s< ; was in line condition when olen?is a round bodied, well made, noble animal, and is calulat'd to attract attention?wore set of "hoes without corlu hen taken?ga is rather heavy w en motiug slow, but is fine hen urged, and fast Tlieabuve reward will be ? a;d for horse , ml thief, or horse lone; or any information r*s|iecting either will be thankfully fceived by the subscriber at the above mentioned place. The uppoted tliief isa man of 'bout 45 to 50 ye?-s of age?rather >w in S'ature, sav abou fi f ft 7 or 5 feet 8? has dark *tush> (hiskers?\ery hea"y bUc? eard? completion dark?wore a lue dress coat considerably soded, and dark pantaloons and est?name and residence unk' i?n-nnf eye bloodshot?broad cross the chest. oil! 5tis*r BOSWKLL KKKD. HATH?KALL KAMIION8, 1S4J.?The subscriber improves ihe oc asion presented by the fall change in the ishion of hats, to incite mi friends, customers and the public i general, to his hstahlishrnenu, No 130 Chatham str.?t, and 4 Canal, corner ?f Wooster streets. w here he offers for sale ai.d ispection a large and elejj. it assortment of Hats and Caps, at streinely low prices frt [Mrticularly invites their attention > his fine Nutria Fur Hats al $3. warranted water , of. and ? retain tlfir color a thai* 1 ! ? oil d also call their afteii on to his short nspt Silk llats at i' ^5 and $2 W. Also, his a|iertine Mo'eskin Hats, at 'he low price ol J.'l The \bovei> iitioneil I its are .:eat and dnmblr. and * !, compare silvanLgennstv v Ith hats sold in this citv at it at .. $ WILLL\ VTA, No. 130 Chat, - n St.. and "M Cent r Vi ooster sr. ?2 5w( I wis)* in MJH SALK UK TO Kt.NT-Ttf fiwtni in Mil's wi ' II r 1 > run of sto-sa, with all of its as'eiisive ma' hiner,, si'uaied ne-r two m les from New Kochelle, e?tch*?terCounty, s J StateofNew k ork, and in immeilitte rijiimuv to the city of New I ork. now in or<:er for an esteriv? business in flour, and can grind uid ack I0i' to 150 barrels ich day, or could e most advautageously employed for any :her puri>o?r ? hn h mi< t re<iuire extensive ?ater i-ower I'he puigrion lor the past thi ty-fne \eirs en oyeit I i the Premium fills, ud their proximity to N>? Vurk. wit. the licitity <>f ransporiatioii afforded immediately adjacent, way of the xigation direct to the Mills from any port, rcnoer the f-cpies lor business unetce tioiiable to those Jesi.*>.|g such an esiblishtnent Apply to tie.NRV PA1 IllOOt Kk.LLOOU, jio , New Rocelle, N. Y-, Kelioggsv lie, or to sILAs VOOI), K.sq., 59 3 atl street, New \ ork New 1<or!telle, August 21 lilt oAtlrr TO lT T, AND POSSKSSION (ilVr.N 'VIM HI VTt^LY?The pl>-ASsul and desirable . story House, No. <54 tiree wich street. The pment crupaut is drI' leave town on account of ill health l o a good telant it W'll be let oi modeiate tetm?, with the privilege aft*r he 1st May. For particulars, inquire on the pteinis?>. nil tt. , B >OTS AND 8MUKS.-M ILsON V JOHN SON, Successon to John Hutrhuiga deceased. ia?e on hand an<) for wl' from the bast mannf clones lu the imntrj ? !00 < ases < oar** WH and Pegged Book, mra and boys. 100 * Kiuf " " 1000 fair Morocco Buskins. 1000 " Lati.e* fnn slippers. UKXi " Children's Shoes, various colon. 00 " Womrna and muses (falters 000 " India Rnhben, trimmed and plain. Eor ?alf in lots to auit purchaser*, at iheir atore, 110 C H vTHA VI STREET, opposite Ros??elt. N B.?Tha store ^eing open until 10 o'clock in tha evening, vcs counC'v merchants uji opportunity examine gooda ai fir leisure, 2*Tro*tn ^^^LADII.M' AND iVIlsafc,-' CHEAPER THAN' EVER. \ 1' WaLKKB'9 OLD STAND, ? Pj Broadway, where * may be f und a complete assortment of all tha different inda, colors, aorta and sites, for Udies. miaaaa ami children laiien. Boots, Buskins. Slippen. and walamg shoes Alio ulia Rubbers and More I'lns.'i.d water proof o?#r shoes of the itrat aiyle and fashion; ladle*', misses and children's Oaiten of II kinds and colon, in the greatest ai>le and rtr rlr, ol all les and suited to all taste*; gentlemen'a. boyt' and children'a iota and nhoes, of Kreuch and native calf, c arae nd Aue, in II their variety, ready made or made to order, at tha shortest Utice. Gentlemen'soifrthwa, and \n innumerable ass >rtmeut f other goods, at W ALK f.R'S. 419 Broadway, corner of Canal st. N. B.?Heads of families, br patronizing this est hlishment. ill tind a saving of Vi la 30 i er cent. flt Im'ec SAVE TOUR MOKBY. FALL ANU WINTEH BOOTS, 74 per cant rheaixr than at any other establishment iu the city ill, eiamine, and be convinced of the facts, that you can get ie very liest <juality Tboota, with everlasting |>atent sole* on, ade to your orden .it the very |ow pries of five dollan and fif cents i*-r pair : the same quality of boots are selling at othn fahlishnu'iita at from $7 50 to M. Call at 'UBBERLEY St MICK ELL, ?12 Im* in 127 William at , N. Y BOOT AND SHOE STORK. ^PV JOHN READY reap^ctfully informs his Irienu Tthe public, that he has commenced business lu the abov. ie, at No. 99 Nassau itreet. where he will thaiiklnlly receiv il faithfully execute, all orders h" >nay U' favored with on thi t?f reasnrMile terms for r*?h ] V >9 OK SA LE CHEAP?Acompi. Printing Office, calculate' for a amall daily or a weekly newspaper, copsistiu* ol revier, Minion, tgncy Type, ImposiiiK Stoue, Cases, Krame 4ic., all nearly new luquir* of JAMES CONNER, 9r Comer of Nassau and Ann atreels PORTIIOUST. V "lALB P1LL5. " M1K8K Oir-fanW, *ad cl-br* J I'ill., r?'?" l " p*;cn vf, to b? obuinril to thi? country ?** ' ? Ul1' I cat on th* lut column. foartb ' ?" I AMr^'^VNT^ " * Th* ? ti? * ' " ih? Thr*. irt it on Br i ilwv. / < for roll I, > s i ? ifit I! A VEi. . A M I L V . Sntrnili .tight of th* i|?l?*it*Jid ramie MiKoBiiBM ul (1m> CONJUROR'S OIFT M iNDAY tVENINU. October I#?Th? pofoiauo will commence with the U*eriure to Gustavu* Aaber Tn be fo'lowed by , . MILLINERS. V irmth, Mont Dauvergu* | Simon, Gabriel Raeel J"?U#V? .. A Havel Henri, K Raeel M'me Varni.h Mr. C W Hoot Iu thecourae of the evening a celebrated Pa* de Deal by Mad . l-eon Javelli and Mom Me tin. Alter which new end varied performancee on the TIGHT ROPE, By the ltafel Kairuly. Half to hour'* intermiunm will I* ,\l|.,wed for pronraale wd . ^ refreahment* in the Grand Saloon, When- lee < restina. h run Ice*, and Refreshment* of the ehoi cent kind, ami iu great variety, will be found. NEW COMIC PANTOMIME! Entitled the CONJUROR'S OIFT Don Panehio Jerome Haeel Caval ero Grinaldo Antoine 1U? j Colorao Gabriel Rerel Poltrano Leon Ravel Caruboi Joaeph Haeel Fni| Frantoia Rae?l Turtle Mumu KI M'me Leon Javelli Myrrha Mr*. C. W. Hunt The piece will t?rmw<te with a GRAND CHINESE DI VKRTIsSEMENT [T^ln luiare the Perlormnjiccn will commence at haJf-paat T o*cloc> precisely. 'J 7* A unci folice will be in atteudaace, and irenl car* u ken to prevent the admiaaion of improper peraon*. T"7*Tiuketa Kifty I >ut* May be had at the Garden riorum th; day XT A limited number of Senjoij Ticket* will be uu puted of iJ_/~ No postponement*' thu establianmeut on aeeountol tfc wither ? the Grand Entrance from Broadway to th* XeJooi 11 pr tec led, and theuew Saloon, which i* ventilated from th> tup and <nle*. can lie >i|ienrd at a moment'* notice (Tha i iia h thkathb. Boiea to ceiiu Pit I2)f cent*. Notion- The Door* will open at hal'-peat 6. Curtain will ri* tt 7 o'clock. RENOVATED AND HE-OPEN ED. MONDAY EVENING, Oct 16?Th* performance will ton meiice with PAUL PRY. Paul Pry; Mr Burton. Phebe, Mr* Hernnf. After which, Higli!a"<l Flii k. Mr Partington. Th c.iiicluile wirh WANDKRINw MUN8TREL. J-m Bag*. with aonva, Mr Burton. irilTCHKLL. N'uCvMPIC THKATHK. MONDAY' EVENING, Oct 10?The nerformanee will mm! inence with CAPTAIN OF THE WATCH. Viscount ds Ligny, Walcot | Adolph, Clark* Alter which MACBETH. Machch, Mr Mitehall. After which, NEW KOOTMAN. Bobbr Brsakwindow Hal land To conclude with BATHINO. M) Peri erpot, Nickiiison | John BttuchaBip, Dona if'7 Uiess Circle. 50 cents?Uppei Bote*. 25 ceuu?Pit, II* ?Private Boxes, $5?Orchestra Boxes, $3. rr^Do.r. onen at Curtain risen! half-past T. AnKHlCAN MC'WKUM AC RIAL OiRUKK ANU FAIR. ''nrner or Broadway and Ax. i street T P Barnuin Manager Iii order to accommodate ihc great cr wds attending hen. ther? will be TWO DISTINCT t-VPFORMANCEB DAILY, Commencing at 3 o'clock ?nd "K o'clock. P. M. OKNEKAL TOM THUMB, This smallest of Dwarfs, who i? eleven years old. twenty (Its inches hiii'i, a d weirns onlv FIFI'IlEm POUNDS, has ftumid in In? ol<l i|narter>, and may be seen every day aud ere. iii' ? this week. DR VAI> NTI M.. The eccentric delineator oI' different cht. icter, is engagad, and Will o|ieu his whole budser of comical, ties, whims craps, oddities, he. MR 8 K. O. NKLi. IS, Born without arms, will delight tli* visitors with the hundreds of beautiful and lilticult feats perturmed with his toes Mr. WM. <' Lb, the wonderful Chinese .\oiide?oript, with his DOG BILLY. who Sings Danes, and iierfornis a variety ol feits wbicii ssto'iish every beholder Mr. II O SHERMAN.jhe popu ar Ballad Singer. LA PETIT*: Ch LE^TV, the admire ' dariseuKAlbino Ladv. Fincy Olaas Blowing. ClTV BRASH BAND, ol twelve musician* Ora .d Cosmarania, the PERPt.TU.rtL KAIft, and 500,000 Curiosities. Admission to the whine 25 cents?children under tan yean hall price. olt ec PKAliK M NEW YORK MUSEUM, I AND PICTURE OALLERY. (liriMuhriay <rj>po?ite the < 'Uv Hall.) H Mr. H Bei nett Manager. H ALL KORONE ?HILLINQ'. TKN CHIPPEWA INDIANS'. CHIEFS, WARRIOR1* AND SQUAWS! Ten in number, remain ihreedays only, at tiny sail for Enrope in the ship hngl ",d on Thursday next. Ttnr insv* hi-seen throughout pit whole day aud evenuig, and at each performance will introduce their TERRIFIC WAR DANCES AND SONOS ! Miss ADAIR, the ch.trmuig Vocalist. LA PETITE CEKITO. the graceful D-noer. wild BOY Of tHe woods: HALF MAN AND HALF MONKEY! Possessed of the Power of Sjieech- yet has four feet?no hands an.l walks on ALL FOURS. He is beyond all doubt the most astonishing Curiosity la the World. He positively leaves after Satur'ay uext Also engaged, the irumeute HEAD, i USKS, and otbm BONES of THE GREAT MASTADON ! Recently diacovered in OrMW < <>unty, ami now for the flrat time eihibired in New York. The hones of thi> MAMMOTH, which lived and died hern* the Hood, are in perfect preaerrati'ii, mid tliia in the ONLY |>erle<:t Skull ever before discoOLA8S BLOWING! A Keif Playing Melodenu, and MQ,- H 000 C liiontie*. Admiatiou to all only One Shilling. oM m NATIONAL PAINTING H the embarkation OK THE pilgrim katherb 1 from L)elft-llaven, paiured|by Robert W, Weir, Ibr the Rj?tmid.i of the ''apitolat Waahington, will be open for eihihitiou October 2d, for a .h rr time only, at the NuiOBal Academy of Design, Broadway corner of Leonard ?tre*t. Admittance 2'> centi. Heaion Tickvta M eejiU Catalogues decent*. )lien from 9 A M to 10 P. M. ,2J 2w*ec ("TkANU SCOTTISH* VO<;AL KNTEKTAlN- H vi EST. M rpil K MISSKS Cl'MMrNO res|>ectfully announce their 1 lirat Concert, for the lesson to take place at the Apollo Tliurail iv. 26tli inst., when the following much esteemed melodies will be preaented in the programme i?What'a a' the Meer Kimmer?The Bonny House O Airly?My Highland I'laid?Mary of Argyle?The hroom o' tho Cowdeu Known? (). Tibhie, I hue aeen tlie day?The Koraakeu? My daddy la a < anlierrd < ail?'Twaa within a mile o' iwert Edinburgh Town?Thou art Lovlier?Whistle and I'll come to you my Lad -Ljut May a br?w Wooer?My Am Fireside, lu; The Miitt-a C , with pleasure. announce thac they will be at ted by Air. ( hrehugh, aud Mr. A. I'hillipa, who will preside at ihr piano forte. Ticketa Fifty Centa each?to be had, with programmaa, at the inuaic atorea, at Mr. ClirehughY 201 Broadway ; or at the Mutes C.'aresidence, No. 1 Warren at. oN eodr 'IMIK HUTCHINSON KA.V11L* reapeetfully aj uounce to I the citizem of New York, ih?t they will give their first VOi AL UNTK.RTA1NM tM' the APOLLO SALOON, BRO'DWAY, On Widii idii Kiuuo, October l(th. ISO; When they will in riduce a variety of their choice pieces, Tilt "Blow on, Blow oir," "The Snow Storim;" "The Cot when we were Born;" "Land Ho;" "The Glare of Bonaparte;'" "TH? Marech I ." I he Old (it initf State,* containing a family luatorv of the thirteen children of the tribe ol Je*ae. lie he. Ticket* fifty reut<?to be had at Hewitt'a and at Atwill'a Mmio Mores at naitou Si Miles'* Book Bt^re, 2jJ Broadway, at the door To commence at X belore 8 o'clock. o|< St*r an/kSUAV , 17rh OCT"Ut??. IW-OHAND VOCAL 1 1 \ II iVdTUllLUATil I- ? *?' ? ? ? -n.-f KW V' oy Jir. w. T. WALLA' t, miiiIfiI hv vudtin hU'l TON, on Taetday. lb- I'lh nut , at tn- Aiollo Salo m, Broadway. Leader ol tha Qu<r < (!?, Mr T>mm Kui Pr -tfrairimt* ee *m>ll bill*. Ticket, 10 ceui* each?to b? bail at lha Ma*ic Storaa and H?at the do r ("on<ert 10 commence at I o'clock. oil Itr 'pilUnsDA., IHK Btli O' TofltK, 184 -UlRv.ND i Vu> AL AND hSTKUVIKNTAL MADAM CINTI 1IA.MOLRI.AU. Prima Donna from the Urand Opera in Pa i*. tha Italian Oaara nnii the < p?i* Com que and MON 8. A RLO I . on Thojaday, tli* 19ih October. IIM3. ?t iHK Washington hotel. Dir?cor Mr Tian. For progr mmf *ee small bil l rtcketi fi fach-tu be had at lha Moaic Storaa and Hotaia and at the <loor Co-eert to commence at > o'clock oil " tr A~ >T"Mo CONSTaNTiNO .MARTINI-Z Proleaaorol Mu ic? will iuati"Cl \ounic L%die> aud lientleuieu on the I'iau" * oite and in -Muguig, both at their reaidenca* or at hia own?99 Mercer *l<eet, between Spiiug and Priuce *ir*et* Iwia'ac tllAuL-SluN ANUbAVANNAH I H fc),\ TK tS. THE Lid.ea and Gentlemen mgaaed for the above Thaatraa ' are informed trial arrangrman.t nave t>eeu made for thatr de,i*itore from .New koikon M.n day I'd mat. WILLI * M 1 KOhBKS, n'i 't'r *>ole Letter and Man agar MtE>CH hVi-, >l>(j i LiS-fc.-. MIL LKFKBVKK takaa r>leaa .re in annoancn >{ to the i lie that ha has leoiened hit daily evening cl ?te* ti>r e-iinn. He la now orgaman g a u?w one tremlew i witho,.. t<> j in are iiieirad to call at hia cla-t roomt, How,,rd . iraac. V. B. Mr. L will give private leaeout, froia 4 to o'clock, New York, October 2,1(4). oU Jtiar DISBKOWX MIDI.NO SCHOOL, 404 BOWKRV. MR. D. haa the honor to annoance that hi* Schaol la opta (of the reception of papila. d&ilv. Sunday* in canted , it Ladiea, from 9 A. M. to I t. M. rOeutleinen. from 7 to 9 A. M., aad 3 to 7 P. M. Hi, *ly tnuned and aniet horaee for the road or parade. ta at Korte. tit md twrttcalart apply aa aboya. ?nJ lm*r MAUA.vit r-UiTuN, P R O K K ? 8 O 11 OK HINGING. M Vanck atreet, St. Johns' Park. iU la'r ITALIAN MUSIC.?MR MANNING (twenty yean rtai1 dent in Naplea.) pupil of Pacini and ( rvacentim, give* ia.truction* on terau to aait the now*. in Italian Krench, and ^ngliah tinging, and in tha moat faahionable ?tyle ol plan* one playing. Mr. M. hat perniasion to refer to the lollowtug jeatleeaen:-? I. M. Wainwnght, 0. D.: Meaan Howland fc A.pinwaji. J. Schroder D. I).; Mr. J. T Brightm; H L. Hawka., D. D.; <ir. 8 Ward. . Mr. M. ivaidft at 230^ Hndwu .treet near Sprlag tt. ol lm*r 7A.MILV BOARDINti 8? HOOL IN TMK COUNTRY 1 A Lady who it "> eiperienced leacher. takea into her falilv a number of children not exceeding eight, aa boarder* aad No l*?'n? will be t|>ared to render the hou*e a plaauit l<ome to the i>urils and to advance them in their ttudia*. Jl*al attention will lie |iaid to their health and moral*. I lie l<icati"n u very healthy and mired 1 her* are now ip'<> rocuicm ^( factory frlerrnrea giTNi. furthir p-rticnl ir? in^tuir ol4 2**rrc J. J. Bi TI.KK, i? Joho ?t. I'll THE l.AUIrli,-m7m V. OODfcFRUY. Mf Broad 1- way, u|< nUiri, will r*oi*n uu Fndav n't!. th?- ilih iu?l., IT wintrr MUliuarv at ortnwnl. mw. ll a* many articles for r nig partita, ?uch aa Dmi Cap*. Ball Drra.??. Flow art, ( ad OrnaiMnu. hx . all ch. *? by Mia? K < h*rt*l!', for h?r (clump nit, iu h?t laat *oya<r to l'an?, and n-tfirw by tn? upickat. . I .ad I** ara lUTitrd to call aud j?d?* lor thrma?lTM. 11 U*t I

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