Newspaper of The New York Herald, 17 Ekim 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 17 Ekim 1843 Page 1
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TH1 Vol. IX., No. 27ti?-Whole No. 3407. BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL MAIL STEAM SHIPS, Of 1200 tons siiil 410 horse power each. l iiili r contract with the Lords of the Admiralty. lllBEUNI Commanded bjr C, H. JC- Judkuu. BRITANNIA, J.Hewitt. CALEDONIA, E. (i. Lott. . A< VD1A, _ Aleaauder Ryne, | Will ?ail 41 followi:? Kiiom Livkrpooi*. Khom Bo?ton. Acadia. Sept. 10. Oct. 16. Hiberma, (let 4. Ii0T* ' Britannia, Oct 19. ?l0V- '?' CaUdouii, Nov. 4. Dm. } Tlieae veiielt carry ?ii*rienc*d ?nrreou?, and are lupplied Tith li'riiu'^r Pat?utLif? Foatn. Wnr ffeiuiii 01 passage apply lo D. BIUOHAM, Jr.. Agent, i)17r No. 3 Wall *t., New York. - . DKAKT8 ON KiMiLAND, IRELAND Sic.?l'eriom about remitting money to their frirnda in the " old country," can be tupidied with DraiU, in mtnu of 1, 2, 3, i, 10, Si ?50. or any amount, payable on demand without diicount or any other charge, at the National B ink of Irel.oid, Provincial Ba'ii, do., Mess:j. jUmes Dult, Son Si Co., Bankers, London,!. Barued Si Co., Exchange and Discount Bank, Liverpool, r.ajiteru Bank of Scotland, Greenock Brinl ini? Company, Sir Wm. Korbe* Hunter Si Co., Scotland, and the branches in every post town throughout England. Ireland, Scotland and Wale*, which drafti will be forwarded by ;Ktireat Wetteru on the 19th or Garrick on the ?5th, oiJ appli :atiou to W. k J. T TAPSCOTT At their General PwMge Office, 43 Peck Slip, corner South it. j N. B.?All letters from rh* ennntrv mn?r ?mna I - KWR CHAHLtSlUN. KK.V Wb.ST, HAVANA. NEW ORLEANS, A NI) OALVEStfON. TEXAS.?The splendid Steam Sin . NEPTUNE. Captain Williain Rollins? To <il Positively ou Wedn?iliv, 25th October, instant, at 4 o'clock r M. The hiiieos of New Orleans,* ilh other circumstanres, his induced Captain Rollins to delay the departure of the N? ptune until tlie above day, iMh ini'ant. which at the earnest solicitation of tnany msseiiKers he h it assented to * ith great re luctanee. The public may rest assured that no delay will be suhtni l-d to beyond the day now lixed. Tite Neptute has been completely overhauled, and is in perl?ci order. ''isseng^rs may rlo upon every comf rt and conveiiieiice in her. About one half the number of Iter bcr hs ate still I'UetiKaiied. Kfr passage, for the above ports, in state rooms, cabins or stree-age, and for freight of light goods or sjiecie for Charleston, apply ou board, at the Tobacco Inspection wharf, foot of Clinton st eet. E. R., or to oi? to,f>ec I. M BHOWKh, 73 Wall street. - - - THE SPANISH STEAMER NATCHEZ, FOR HAVANA, Direct, Don Krai.l cis Villair, commander, will leave the port of HV) t New York on Wednesday, N"v. 1st, for HimsirjZtSaMTana direct. The NaTCHEZ has been newly coppered, refuted with new boilers, and in point of elegance and geneial comfort cannot be surpassed. Kor particulars for |Mss<tgtv apply to JOAN R. STANHOPE, Aster House, who will accompany the Natchez on her Toyase ol2tonl*r JOHN R. STANHOPE ^ TRAVELLERS GOIN(i SOUTH OR s45&4g8v*9 WEST?Sixteen hours in advance of the S. Mail?Tri-Weekly Line to Savaunah, ^-fr'lVi ^'Tp in eonnegion with the Central Railroad Vo SfcHfiF 1 Tn?? Macon an"l the West Phe splendid steam packets GENERAL CLINCH, Capt. J. P. Brooks, and CHARLESTON, Ca|)t. K. Harden, will leave Charleston every Tuesday, Tliursdiv and Setnrdsy morning, at 9 o'clock, aftlr it... nrr;?l rvf ll,o Wil ?i i ..<rtn? .1? I. intr At Savannah the s ine day, and will leave Savannah on the seine day* as ahove, at i> o'clock P. M., after the arriral of the ears from Macon. Travellers will iind this to be the cheapest and most expeditious route to the south aud west. The above boats are fitted op iu a superior style, aud no expense or pains w ill lie simrad t? ensure certainty, comfort, and exiieditioii to the travelliu. lic. JOHN B. LAF4TTE. A?e?t, Fitzsiinolons' Wharf, ? hv'-*'.* Charleston September, 1843. II' <? ! ~NEW ARRANGEMENT. FAR:'". AND FREIGHT HEIWCED. yaSt RF.GULAR MAIL LINE-FOR PROg?^jaJLC3? VIDF.NCE AND BOSTON, vis. HTON tWLT'WCJK-IN'UTGN AND NEWPORT?lomi?sed of the following nuperior steamers, running in connection with the Stonineton ai d Boston and Provideuce Railroads S? MASSAt HUSETTS, Capt. Comslock. RHODE ISLAND, Capt Thayer. PROVIDENCE. NARRAGAN8ETT. MOHEOAN. One of which will leave New York daily (Sundays exceptHi) from Pier No. l,^BAM. rv^IM,|ce^N^lj iver, at 4 P. >1. The RHODE ISLAND, Captain Thayer, on Monday, and Wednesday for Stouington and Newport, and Friday for Stonintrton. The MASSACHUSETTS, Captain Comstock, on Tuesday aud Thursday for Stoniugton, and Saturday for Stoningtou, Newport and Providence. l'aaseucers, nn the arriv i| of the steamers at Stonington, will be immediately fiy-war'.J in the splendid and commodious Cars of the Railroad *' Providence and Boston, and if for Newport will pioceed iu ilie sieamer Mi.hegan (in superior order) from thence at 6 o'clock (he following morning, thai giving them m^opportmifty of a night's lest onlioaid the steamer Massachusetts or Rhode Island, and then breakfast on board the Mohegan. The pbove steamers have been thoroughly eqnirped and prftnred to promote celerity of travel and the comf irt and security of passengers, and not surpaesed by any iu tht United Mates. For passage or freight, which is taken at veij rednced n;e?, apply on hoard .at north side of pier No. 1, 22 Broadway, or oftiee of Samuel Deveau, freight agent, on the wharf. Tickets for the route and steamers' berths can be secured cn board, or at the office of HARNDEN k CO.. No. S Wall street !T7~ NOTICE-CHANGE OF HOUR-On aud after Mouday, Oct. 9th, the steamers of the New Jersey Steam Navigation CompAy, forming the line to Providence and Boston via Stonington, will leave pier No 1, Battery I'hce, at 4 P M. |T7~On and alter the 10th wist. freight will not be received and forwarded after half-pest 4 P. M m9 Im* m J* "sKVEN O'CLOCK MORNING LINE fl^i*SrC3?FOR ALBANY, TROY, and intermediate 3B??*S?*ELLandings?From the stnimboat pier, at th"e foot of Barclay street. Breakfast and Diiiu"-r on board. Leaves New York?The Empire on Monday, Wednesday aud Friday. The Troy on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, at 7 A. M. . .. I.inrfii,tr ?r?<'nldwellV Wear Point. Newbniwh. Hamnloi Poughkeepsie. Hyde Park. Ilhinebeck, U. lied Hook, Bmtol, Cntskill, Hudson, Ooisackie and Kinderhook. The new low pressure steamer EMPIRE, Captain S. R Roe, Ox this day. at 7 o'clock iu the morning. The new low pressure steamer TItOY, Captain A. Qorhom, on Tuesday, at 7 o'clock in the morning. Kor passage, apply to K. B. Hall, at the office, foot of Barclay tree: or on board. Notice.?All liood*, Freight, Bmjcage, Bank Bills, Sliecie. or any other kind of Property, taken, shipped, or pat on board the Boats of this Line,mnst be at the risk of the owners of such goods. au 16 r PEOPLE'S LINK (>> STEAMBOATS |g^3?*Ja?FOR ALBANV?Daily at 6 o'clock P. M.^>t i'i.i. direct?From the steamboat pier he rween Courtlandt and Liberty streets. Sunday (excepted. * The steamboat KNICKERB0Ci6iR,Capt. A. P. 8t. Johr, will leaved Monday, Wednesday and Friday Evenings, at si* o'clock. Steamboat ROCHESTER, Capt. A. Houghton, will leave Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 6 P. M. At 5 o'clock P. M.?Lauding at Intermediate Placet Steamboat SOUTH AMERICA, Capt. L. W. Brainartt, nil! leave Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afteroooL, at f o'clock. Steamboat NORTH AMERICA, Capt. M. H. Troesdeli, avili lerive Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Evening, atliv o'clock. IWengcrs taking thin Line of Boats will at all times arrive in Albany in iuuple time to take the Morning Train of Car* for the east or west. The r.bove boats are new and inbstantia), an fnrnished witn neat tuid elegant State Rooms, and for speed and accommodation*. unrivalled on the Hudson. rot Passage or Freight, apply on board, or to P. C. Schulti tu ine otfice on tlie wharf. s25 r NOTICE?On and after Monday, Oct. 16th,the boats of this line will leave for Albany at 6 o'clock, P. M instead of 7. SEVEN O'CLOCK EVENING LINE QJ-!??A^3*for ALBANY AND TROY direct, without Zh_>^9EadE_lan<liug?the splendid low pressure steamboat SWALLOW, Captain A. McLean, will leave the foot of Courtlandt street every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday vrnings, at 7 o'clock, for Albany direct. The Swallow has a large number of state rooms.and for speed aad accommodation* is not surpassed on the Hudson. en8 ec NEW iORK AND KINGSTON STEAM FRElOHf AND PA8SAOE LINE. Mk For Kiugstou, auc Delaware and Hudson rfjL.Canal?steamboats EMERALD and NORHg - -w J tfln-u The cMKR\ LD. Captain John Ketcham, will laave New York, bot of Murray street, every Mouday and Thursday at 5 o'clo.-k, P M. . , Will l*ave Kingston (Ron/tout landing) every Wednesday anil Saturday at 3 o'clock, P. M. Til- NORWICH, Captain John Samuels, will leara New York, foot of Warreu street, every Wednesday and Saturday at ft o'clock, P. M. Will leave K agston (Rondout landing) every Tuesday and Friday at 3 o'clock, i". M. EXTRA TRIPS. The EMERALD will leave the foot of Murray street every rcnijuA} rnonimKnh f n clou. xxrturning, lor.Yea rviligsiou ai 4 | 'clock. snine day. for height or pn'naee apply on board, or to WILLIAMSON, BARLOW k CO., ril 3in*r Ifil We?tstiv*t. /M KOM KtYPOHTANOMIUULK.TOWN foe?; ZLi'Agf* TO IN T. Daily, (Sundays eicepted,) touchtTi i *! W niic at Seguine's Dock. Staten Island.?On an J arter Monday. JhIj 31st, llir ?ti-amer llO<^KLAND, Capt.iin Crawford, will leave Middletowu Point oil Mondays, Tnes?U??, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, at halt-past on* o'clock (tide permitting,) and Keypnrt at 2 o'clock P. M Ket urning leave New \ork. fool of ltohrnson utreet, on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, at 8 o'clock A. M. and Natiird\\% at 2 I'. M. Sliri-* will lie in readiueM on the arrival of the boat to con??y passenger* to I' leehold or any part ol' the conntry. Uniform conveyance* on T?w excursions, Parties of pleasure will bf t.dieu to and from Kort Hamilton or Keyport at fesaonahle prices. ?2# lin*m *** v'|-vv i'MltANtiKMKNT FOR Cm?8HRKW88URY-L0M Branch. Sandy !SC_^rfBbMK?Hr>ok. Ocean House and Katontown Landing. The new Steamboat SHIIKWSBURY, Captain John P. Corlies, will now run aa follow*, on and alter Thursday, 27th imt :?leaving New Vork, (mm the foot ef Robinann street, cTriy Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, at 10 o'clock, A. M. And Katontowu Landing on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at 10 o'clock, A. M. The Shrewsbury will run ai a bora, weather permitting, oni til further notice. All baggage at the risk of the owners. Vaie 37>? cent*. N. B.?Stage* will be in attendance to convey passenger from the aforcraid landing places to any part of the county re tfoirtsl. The Shrewsbury will go Uie inner passage, when practicable, lellr_ 0* NKW YORK.-Fare i?only 12K Cents!?Hall a>id Winter Arrange3fciJt?3C-ineiit ?The splendid steamer iAssAlC.on end after Oct 3, will ran as follows:? I,. !?< ? N i? .k, Irom loot 01 t entfe street, at ( o'clock A. M. Leave N?>v i'otk, from foot of Barclay street, at) o'clock T. M th.' accommodations both for passengers and freight (which i? cirr e'l at very low rates) hare been greatly improved. Jyl#Sm*eo 8TATKN ISLAND FERRY, FOOT fl2a&?2*OF WHITEHALL ST.?The steamboat fig. ST ATKN ISLANDER will leave New York and niAten Inland, on and alter October 2d, as follows, until farther notice Lnave New York 9. II, I, J)*. 5V. Leave Staten Island I, 10, I, 2*, 3. All freight shipped is required to be particularly marked and * at the rilk A f the nurnnn rliaMnf ilOff . E NE NEW PASSAGE FROM C0RK?Via Liwpool-In MHRVWthe Tint spnng shit>s.--We beg to inform o?ir friends JmUAmb* during the coming spring, 1844. we shall have a tegular succession ol lust clasa American snips, sailing from the above port every week, which will be fitted out in auch a manner lor second cabin and steerage pajangera, as cannot fail to ensure them every comfort. One of Br firm, Mr. .Jaines U. Roc lie, resides there, who will see persaBlly to the forwarding of all our passengers, and will sfai'e nettref rmiui or etptnse to meet their wishes, aud have them forwarded without any delay. Tho*e sending lor their friends will at ouce see the advantage to be derived by paying in our line A.i>i?Jy to.or address il by letter poit mid, HOC H E BROTH KIRS fc CO. 35 r ulton street, next door to the Kulton Bank. or to JAMES D. ROCHE, 14 (ioree Piazzas, Liverpool, p ?_d ? - - "... . . . a?nKr- (.-rniiiram ann oralis can oe sent irom tins oy the regular packet ships on the 1st, 7th, 13lh. 19th and 25(h ol every motth, also by the Boston steamers on the 1st and 16th. "3?r AKRANOI'.MKNTS FOR fcf.yScVs.iKe Iroin Dublin, Belfast, Newiy, Londonderry. 91 i B.ill'na. Galway, Cork, aterford, Wexford aud L inerick can now- be engaged fi r the first spring shi|>s, tailing from Liverpool, by wetdily opportunities. Such ?s may be sending for their relatives will find it their advantage by miking arrangement with the suDscribers Drafts payable st sight for large or small sums on the Royal Bunk of Ireland Apply to ROCHK. BROTHERS Si CO., 35 Fultou s'r?et, New York, or to nlO r JAMES D. ROCHE, Liverpool DRAFTS ON ENGLAND, IRELAND. Sic MsWJVPersons about remitting m rney to their Tr ends in the -WHfieOld <*ou .try. cau be supplier with drafts, in sums of Xl. ii. 13, ?5, ?10 i.20, ?30, ?30, or aiiv amount, payable on d' .n >:i I, without discount or any other char?. at tnfr N aiional ti iik rf Ireland, Hr..fln ial HanK do. Messrs James Bui', Sou k Co., 'mil;- r? L?udnn: I I3arn?rd Si Co., Kxchniiie am! DisiMltnt Bi.ik l-ive ,?u I; Fasten Bank of Scotland; Greenock Bii'il.' s<\>mi> u>; "*n Wtu. Forbes. Hunter Si Co., Scotland; and tie l.mnclu'i in every p >?t town throughout > ngland, Ire1-ud, h.:otl <M<I mi'i vV'hI ?, which drafts wi'l be forwarded by th* p k t <hi s nf the 7*11, 13th ana loth, and the st?amer Acadia, aliliiii Ir in B stou on the P.tli Oet-lier, b' sppl\ ii g to W. & J T. TAP8COTT. At their General Passage Office, 13 Peck Slip, corner South st. N. H ? ' II letters from the country must come post p lid ol3 r ""jfrlsg FOR LIVERPOOL?Regular packet ofTh??th WTlKfVr,<:t0',',r?The well kno'*ii fast sailing packet ship \ KltlCK. i 'apt W. bkiddy, of 1000 tons, will sail as above, being her regular day. Her accommodation* for cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers are unsurpasted by a'?y ve sel n "ort, aud as a number of her p<u euser* are already e ig tged. those desirous of si' curing berths should make i ,vly applicationnii to JOS. McMURRAY, 100 Pine street oFr Comer of South. JC*g- ~ OLD BLACK BALL l-hNt UK PACKETS *M#VFnR LIVERPOOL?Packet of the Wth OcioberJHjKlKB'rhe splendid fast sailing packet ship ENGLAND, ( ain. Dartleit, will be de*|iatched as above, h?r regnl?r day. Site has superior accommodation for cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers. Those wisliiug to secure berths will require to make early application to ' JOHN HERDMAN, 61 South st, n?ar Wall street. N. B.?I' i;- age from Great Britain and lrela id, via Liverpool, can at all times be engaged, on the lowest terms, by any of the regular packet ships, and drafts furnished for any amount payable at the National aid Provincial Urnk of Ireland, and at all the piinci|ial towns throughout the l/niled Kingdom, on application as abote. oli 5tr ???-~ NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS? MnRJfV Packet of the 2,'itli October?The new aud elegant diKHlEv 'acket ship GAURICk. 1000 tons burtlieu. Capt. W. ftkiilov, will sail on Wednesday, 25th O tobei ,h*r regular day The ?hips of this line b?ing all 1000 tons and upward*, persons abont to embark for tlie old country, will not fail to see the at vantages to be derived from selecting this line in | reference to any other, a* ilieir great cipacity renders iliim evety way inure comfortable aud convenient than ships of asinaller class. Those wishing to secure bertlss, should not tail to make early application on board, or to W. ?t J. T. TAPSCOTT, At their General Passage Office, -13 l'eck Slip, cor South street. The (farrack will sail from Liverpool oil the 13th December. Persons wishing to send for th ir fiiends can hive i he in >.r. i.^l.t rt.,1 in li.,rr,i.r .ftl,. Ii..... f... hi. tho?e wiihing to remit money can be supplied with drafts for uysmonnt, payable iu all the principal town* of the United Kingdom. olSec " "FOR LIV ERPOOL?BritishVessel?Theweli WRVvVkiiown fast (ailing British ship CHESTER. John I ?on, master, having i large portion of her cargi angaged, will have quick despatch for the aoovf port. I'artie< about shippiug colonial or domesfle produce, will find the Chester a most drairable conveyance. For freight or passage apply to the subscribers. ROCHE, BROTHERS k CO., 35 Fulton ?t., olS M next door to the Fulton Bank. BLACK BALL. OR OLD LINE OF LIVER((KjrlfVPOOL PACKETS?Regular Packet, and sails on JUHMMa' hur<day, the 18th October?'The magnilicent, well known, very fast sailing |?cket ship ENGLaND, burthen 900 tons. Captain Snout I Bartlett, will sail positively as above, her regular day. The accommodations of this splendid packet for cabin, 2d cabin and steerage passengers are unsur|<assed for splendor, conve nience and comfort by any vessel afloat Those embarking for the old country will find it to their interest to select this desirable conveyance. For passage, which is v* ry low, and to secnre| the best berths, early application should be made ou board, foot of Beekman st, or to the subscribers. ROCHE, BROTHERS m CO,, 35 Fulton street, nest door to the Fulton Bank. P. 8.?The England sails from Liverpool on the 7th of December. Persous sending for their friends can have them brought out in her, or in anv ol the packets comprising this maguiticent md unequalle'' .uie, sailing from that port punctually on the "th and 19th of each month. Drafts at sight for any amount drawn direct on the Ro\al Bank nf Ireland and on .Messrs. I're-.'-ott, i J rote, Ames U I o. Bankers, Loudon, whirh are paid free of discount or any chirge whatever, in every town throughout England, Ireland, Scotlaud and wales. For pissage, apply as above. Tlie favorite packet ship OXFURJ), will succeeo the ENGLAND, and sail for Liverpool on the 1st November, her regular day. ofir idfiS" FOR LIVERPOOL-NEW LINE-Regular ajn^fVPackut of 25th October.?The splendid packet ship JNIttlfifeOARRICK, Captain Wm. Skiddy, of 1000 tons, will tail as above, her regular day. For freight or |?usage, having handsome furnished accommodations,apply on board at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS &. CO. Price of passage, $75. 56 South street. The Racket sniu kOSCIUS. CaDtain John ('nlli** r,f 11rwi tons, will succeeif the GARRICK, and sail the 25th November, her regular day. Passengers may rely upon the ships of this line sailing punc tually as advertised. o2 AA-Af- FOR LONDON?Regular Packet of the 20th OcK JftSVlolier?The fast sailing packet ship SWlTZER,MHMlfaL>AND, Capt. Knight, buitheu 1000 tons, will sail as abov*, her regular day. Her accommodations tor cabin, second cabin and steersee passengers ar? unsurpassed by any vessel in port, and as a numper of Tier passengers are already eugtged, those desirous of securing berths should make early applic ition to JOsKPH McMURBAY, ol3r 1(10 Pine street, corner of South. FOR HULL.?A good ship uow loading for Hull jwHBJ^can take the bu 1 l^ofjfJviTx'I"i/kIN''V 10 16 ec 87 South street. ???; FOR HAVRE.?The saperior French ship MI Captain d'Acheux, will sail ou or about JKpMfa'he ?lth instant. For treight or passage, apply to CREAOH St HEYDECKER. or to BOYD It HINCKF.W, o6r 9 Tomine Buildings. PA' Ivhi" t-OK HAVRK?Second Liue?The M *IrV hiii <>\l> \, J -m*s Funck, master, will sail oil 1st of \ovemb-r. UO\I) S? lli.M KKN, No 9 Tontine Building, oI2 ec corner Wall and Water streets tiffg- KOK M\R^E1LLES?Packet for 1st November? Iv3p3(vVT ' ihip COURIER, Capt Duggan, coppered aiid MMHw'.>l'|>et lastene 1. 1> or liriglu oi passage, apply to S BROOM k CO . or to BOYD * HINf KK.N, ol2 ee No. 9 Tontine Buildinc &S?- FOR Itio D'? J A NfclRO?The fast saiTmg copW|MMry.peiTd barque MAZKPPA, a first classvessel, will iail MHmIeb mi <?th instant. r or passage, having very superior state room accommodation' for foity passengers, apply to < apt. Smith on board, at pier No. UK R . or to GIJHDON S COIT. 31 Old Slip A limited number of s eenge passengers will he taken on moderate terms, if early application be made. ol5too20*in fcgg- FOR SAVANNAH-First Regular Packet with WrrlfVdeMiiich?The first class fist sailing ship LANCA"^ "i Lyo s, burtheu 850 tons, w41l sail as above, ner regular day. Having ?ery superior accommodations for cabin, second cabin and steerage iwssengers, those intending to embark should make immediate appjicati' n on board, foot of Dover it., or to JOSEPH McML'RKAV, 100 Pine street. ollr corner of Sonth. Ifg' FOR NEW ORLEANS?Louisiana and New W?3WVYork Line?Positively First Regular ''acket To jpUtflMrail the 20th inst. The fast sailinu Packet ship Y VZOO, Captain 11. J. II. Trash, will positively sail as above, her regular day. For freight or passage, having accommodations unequalled, appl >' on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS * CO, Vi South street. Positively no goods received after Thursday evening, It*.h instant. Shippers may rely upon having their goods by this line rorrectly measured. Agents m New Orleans, Hull?n ^ ft Woodruff, who will j '"iT/fM'-u'ij.' r^VpSfl \KSPEA H E, Captain A. Miner, will sucreed the Yazoo, and nail 31>t imt., h?r regular day. olXc Xjna. FOB NEW OIU/1' \NH? V'irst Ship?1 he rle' y^Muj^Kant last sailing lhip OE''ROE mt EVANS, Cm it jE?j?3|Z|Cii shine. will nail on Wedneiday the IRili i st. IV after |urt of her lielween decks is comfortably fitted up with atati- roonu for the accommodaiion of 2d cabin passengers, who will be taken at a very moderate rate, as onlv a limited number can be taken. Those desirous ..f ? uriiig lierths will require to nuke iminodiate application on hoard tbe ship, ?t pier 10 ?. K., or to JOHN HERbMAN, 61 South street. near Wall street. N. B.?Tlx' splendid well now* packet ?hip Krancis pMM will succeed trie ibove, ami sail. ou the i *li mat. Tills sli p has unequalled accoinmod.itioni fur cabin, 2d cabin and steerage passengers. Apply as ab<ne olfir ?fc?- ItKOULAR PACKET FOR NEW ORLEANS racket <sl Itill October.?Tlte splendid well known MMHM'acket ?hip NORTH CAROLINA, Captain Druminond, will Mil punctually ;ts iljove, her regular day. This fine packet haa accommodation* 'or calnn, secoml cabin, and steerage iwssejigers, far superior toany other ?hip sailing to the above port. I he Price of passage is low, and those wishing to S'-curi' berths should not fail in making early application on boaid at pier loot of Jones' lane, nest Wall street, or to . . . _ , _ W. ?t J. f! TAP8COTT, At tlttir General Passage Office, 43 Peck alip, corner South at Who hare also regular tint class |?cketa sailing weekly to London, Liverpool, New Or.eaus, Mobile, Savannah, and Charleston. 014 NEW YORK * BOSTON SOUNl> ru,OT. nWEN PRESCOTT. rilou. ?r ..1 V pilot of bound to New Bedford over n2h??< ?' *hoala, Boiton, Portimouth, Portland, KanneWk tK. IHIKT8. Oltcv at Krye k Slmw'.^V.S Wafr atrwt, corner Uwktaan. Hftnrwte to * . mm herof 'm,. Chute, and th* w?*ral In.iiraore ?;ompn ,i?i in Ihia citv u,? 'rf ivIH ,m, ?J VAN VRANKtN. HATl'hK HI ..SUCt^KawuR to the Ute hrm of UKNIN It VAN TT U "AfjKKN, contmuet the buaimaa in all its hraarhea at tlNolditaad, No. 114 Broadway, opnoaita St. Paul'., Anew and full itock of Beav?r, Nutria, C-u.imere, Molaakin and other iUu, of the Uteat atyl?, now rwdy. i9| # VAN VKANKEN, Hatter. p,s ?w*r 114 Broadway, opposite 9t PaulY W YO / YORK, TUESDAY MO I.TIfilN* r.()HI)UL I ob the j, PLIX1R LOVE. In oldei: time, among the That mail a gecoud wife might ihop?i-? Whose (irst, by Kate'* unkindly (loom, No children bore to bless hi* home.. Afflicted thus, the Roman matron P"Wed to Litciue, (he midwife's patron; Kgypiian v/i^?*, In eucH a crisis, Called to their aid the I rieaU uf l-ia; And even now, the meek Hindoo? Warm aa her cliine, and trader, too? If childless twelve months from her bridal Fliea weeping to her senseless idol, And with raised hands, in acceut* wild, Petitions Bramah far a child; For well she knows. Love shuns to bleta The Hindoo bed of barreurittss. 80 much for lore in days by-gone, And savage customs in our own; But say, even now, does Love's cotnmnuiol Bless in oca land, a ?t?ri|e union) No. oft times conjugal (elicit*. Is thus disturbed?ay, e'en in this city Vet may the barren, if they try The means "incn-ise and multiply," With "Love's t'.lixir" for her friend, The childless wilfe's repiuiiigs cud. But not the urocreative power Alonk, is this Klixir's dower. Consumption's ills it will prevent. With vigor clothe the impotent; Suppress a gleet, whnte'er its date, Ada all life"* functions reuovate; Eruptions from the sWin it chases, Aud brings back beauty and the graces, 'Tis woman's trust?and ne'er deceive* her. Prom Fluor Albas it relieves her, And ?\ch disease, (with proper care, too,) Her fair and fragile form is heir to. Tl.fae are bxt truths, who calls them Action Shall have stem proof in contradiction, ' Letters?all forma of attoatatiou? From the savans of every nation; With grateful missives from all quarters, Penned by Disease and tluackery s martyrs. Thousands who lay, witn fluttering breath, Almost within the iaws of death; Now in their uighlly prayers re|>eat, Thanks to Life's friend, in Nassau street. Aim sometimes names the very number? "Ninety-two Nassau"?even in their slumber? Or, dreaming ol Diseases ordeal, Cry < .11 for the "Lncina Cordial." Persons oideriug this medicine from the country, by sending a remittance, can have it hoxed up and sent to any part of the Union. Price $3 per bottle, or $24 per dcjeu. Also for sale at Ma. 9t North lith Ph't-delphiv old Im* m J&fL KOR SALK OK TO HUNT?Thi Premium Mil's, Pj# with II or li run of stores, with all of its extensive maJJiiJL'-hiuerv, situated nenr two m'les from New Rochelle, Westchester Comity a..d Siateof New York, and in nnmediite proximitv to the city of New V ork. now in oriler for an exten?ive business in (lour, uid can fjrinu and nack 100 to 150 barrels each day, or could be most advantageously employed for any other purpose which might reo.uire ex'tnsiv" waier power. The reputation for the past thirty-five ^eirs er rytu I v tlie Premium Mills, and their proximity to New Yor?, w i!i the facility of transportation afforded immed'ately adjacent, 'i\ way of the navigation direct to the Mill* from any port, ninuer the facilities for business uuexcei tiouable to those dttsiriug such an establishment. Apply to HfcNR.Y PATHIDOi'. kELLOOG. Esq, New Rocnelle, N. Y., Kelloeifsv.lle, or to SILAs WOOD, Ksq., fi9 Br ad street, New ? orlt. New Knchelle. August S3, I Hi:). ofifitr TO LKT, AND POSSESSION GIVEN IMM"] " jBj DIATKLY?The pleasant and desirable I story House, "rlln v" Greenwich street. The present occupant is desirous to leave town on account of ill health. To a good tenant it will be let on moderate terms, with the privilege after the Ut May. For particulars, inquire on the premises. oil 3ty "_JKa BOOTS AND SHOES ?WILSON Si JOHN* SON, Successors to John Hatchings, deceased, have on hand and for sale, fr ill the beat manufactories iu the country? 100 Cases Coarse Sewed and Pegged Boots, men and boys. 100 " Fino " K " lmin rair Morocco uusKins. 1000 " Ladies' Sue Slippers. 3(W0 " Children's Shoes, various colors. A00 " Womens and misses Gaiters. 1000 " India Rubbers, trimmed and plain. Eor sale iu lots to suit purchasers, at their store. 120 CHATHAM STREET, opposite IWvelt. N. B.?The store being open until 10 o'clock in the evening, gives country merchants aii opportunity to examine goods at their leisure, s28 lm?m A^-^T.AniKS' AND MISSEV SHOES! CHEAPER THAN EVER. T WALKER'S OLD STAND, <19 Broadway, where may be lVund a complete assortment of all the differed kinds, colors, sorts and sizes, lor ladies, misses and children. Gaiters, Boots, Buskins, Slipj>?rs, and walking shoes. Also, India Rubbers and Moccasins.and water proof ovar shoes of the latest style and fashion; ladies . misses' and children's Gaiters of all kinds and colors, in the greatest style and variety, ot all sizes and suited to all tastes; gentlemen's, boys' and children's boots and shoes, of French and native calf, c larse -tutl fine, in all their variety, ready made or made to order, at the shortest notice. Gentlemen's overshoes, and \n innumerable assortment of other goods, at WALKER'S. 419 Broadway, corner of Canal st. N. B.?Heads of families, by patronizing this est iblishmeut, will find a saving of 26 to 30 per cent. o2 lin*ec BOOTAND SHOE STORE. JOHN READY respectfully informs hii friends and the public, that he has commenced business iu the above line, at No. 99 Nassau street, where he will thankfully receive uid faithfully execute all orders he rr.*y l>e favored with on the mmr re?aonf*nle rem** 4nr iv'JVr RiiD KIK1) LINE OK STAGKS, IN CONNECTION WITH _ ssr* ~ . 1 ^.iNGKMe.NTS ! TivO DAILY LI ?ES! On and after Wednesday, llth October, inst , the Red Bird Line of Suges will leave the village of White Plains, every morning, (Sundays excepted,) at 8 o'clock, A. M., and every afternoon at 2 o'clock, P. M., end the Rulmad Depot, City Hal', and the Westchester House, corner of Broome street and the Bowery, vew York, every morning at 8 o'clock, and every afternoon by the 2 o'clock train. Agents are in corstant attendance at ths Railroad Depots, ol whom everv information may be obtained, and who will also tteud to th? baggage |.ut under their charge. HIRAM DEFOREST, Proprietor. White Plains, Oct 1th. 813. oil im*ec (foil BUKKALO AND ALL PARTS OK THE WEST iS ASSOCIATION rA8SAG~TTTKICE TO ALBANY. Utica $2 Oo Rochester, S3 00 Syracuse, 2 25 Buffalo, 3 50 Oawepro, 2 26 Up. and Lower C.tnadatt 50 By the fast line to Buffalo and found, $8 00. For pos5age apply to M. L. HAY, an24 3m m 93 Barclay street. New York. SUMMER ARRANGEMENT" NEW YORK AND PHILADELPHIA RA ..KOAD LINE DIRECT. Via Nkwaiik, Newbulkswick, Princeton, Trf.nton, Bo IIDK.NTOWN ANB Bl'KLINOTO^. z30HE!_uFjEtj9HEE_ THROUGH IN SIX limits. Leaving *'?w York daily from the Toot of Courtlandt st. Morniug Line at 9 A. M.?Mail Pilot Line at iii P. M. The Morning Line proceed* to Bordentown, from the?ce by itcamboat to Philadelphia. The Evening Line proceeds direct to Camden (opposite to Philadelphia) without change of car. Passengers will procure their t> ^S" at ' he office foot ol Courtlandt street. where a commodi w ^uamboat. will be in readiness, with baggage cratea on buT.. W. Philadelphia baggage cratea are conveyed from city to City, ihout being o|?ued by the way Each train is provided with a ear in which are apar.meuU and dressing rooms expressly for the ladies' use. Returning, the lines leave Philadelphia from the foot of Walnut street, by steamboat to Bordentown at 7 o clock, A. M. uid by railroad from Cainden, at 5 o'olock, P. M. The lines for Baltimore leave Philadelphia at 7}{ A. M., and I P. M. being a ;onthiuat.ion of the line* from New York o2i 3m* m PATEKSON RAILROAD S4S0L jlilail fAiti. O.M,* 25 CENTS. From Pater&on to Jersey City. On and after Monday, Oct. 2d, iWJ. the cars will leave Patkrson Dipot. L?:av? Nkw Yon*. 8 A. M. 9 A. M. 12>tf P. M. 3 P. M. 4 " ON SUNDAYS. LtAVK PATKRiOft DgPOT. LkavS NtW YOR*. 8 A. M. ox A. M. 3 P. M. 4 P. M. Transportation cars leave daily ( Sundays eicented.) Passen ,jers are advised to be at the Kerry, foot of Courtlandt street, few mn utei before the ?Ut-'d hour of departure. jy 19 6m NEW JERSEY RAILROAD AND TRANS i'OKTATlON COMPANY. flaB eaaga eaaam -^sgfqp--'iCTwSr' N KW VUKK AiN L) N fcWr A !( K. FAHK REDUCED TO TWENTY-FIVE CENTS From lh-? foot of Conrtlftndt *treet, New York. (Every day?S-'U'lsys excepted.) Lw? New Vork. Leaves Newark. At ? A.K At 2 P.M. A'7 A M. At IK P. M. 9 do. J do. 8 do. 4S d?>. It do. 4 do. 0 <lo. 5', do. iS do. (h. 7H do. 6*4 do. 9\ do, t do. ON SUNDAYS. From the foot of Conrrlandt ?fr*et. I.mvm New Vork. Lnv? Newark. At 0 A. M. and ik P- M. At 13? P. M. nnil !?k P. M. NEW YORK, ELIZABETH TOWN* Leaves New York. Leaves Elizabeth Towr At ? A, M. At J P. M, At 7W A. M. 3* P. M. 9 do. 4 do. KH do. 7 do.

U do. <H do. 10 do. 9){ do. 5>? do. 12 do. The traini for Weatfield, Plninfield, Roiimlbrook, fionvrville, he., connect with the 9 A. M., and 4% P. M. ; train* from New York daily, Sunday* excepted. Fare between New York and EliiaUth Town 25 cent*. Fare between do. and Somerville. 7S cents. NKW YORK AND KAH<VAY. Leave* New York. Leave* lUhway. At ? A M At 3 P.M. At 7 A.M. At. P. M 9 <ltf. 4 do. 8 d'?. <4 do. 11 do ?V do. 9H do. 9 do. 6? do. llK do. NEW tfORk AND NEW BRUNSWICK. Fjom foot of Courtlandt itreet, New York, daily Leave* New York. Leaven New Brunswick. At 9 A.M. At 4 P.M. At 6 A.M. At Ilk A.M. 5H ?lo- Itf do- >* p- M. 7)N SUNDAYS. Leave* New York Leave* New Brniiawirk. At 9 A. M. and 4k P. M. At 1IM A M? and P. M. Kare, except in the Philadelphia train*, between New Yoik and New Brunswick. 50 cants. Between New York ann Rnhway, 23 renn. r?meii|(er? who procure their ticket* at the ticket office, re ceive \ ferry ticket gratii. Tickca are received by the conductor orly on Ihe (lav when purchased. nil 19 r COAL.?Large Nut Hue Stove and freah Broken and Kgt ti |>er ton, of the heat Teach Orchard Aah, well creeneil, weighed by a city w?i?her and ilelirered free of cart te. A reduction of 25 centa |>er ton if taken from the bow. "KTKH tll.lNTON. corner of King In lor* end Orernwirh atreeta. RK H RNLNG, OCTOBER 17, U havanaImansion HOUSE HOTEL. THK undersigned ukes or.easiou to iuform hit friends and j th* pabnc, thit the Mansion House it flow located in Inqui* id or street, No. C7, in the viciuiti of the steamboat landing | and vegetable market, lidtiiMf coramoditfui family apartments, . arrAiiK' d in the uwtest order. A i?erson it employed to i-rocuiv permits to 'and passengers, : bagK' age, JSc. "*(>'? wll bo -rd vessels immediately aJ'ift t*?? visit Ol' tTlf re?eliU" ollli'l'.-:-. I N. B.?Visitors to this Island should procure a passport from the Spanii.h Consul. u trie port of rmbiukation, to obviate dil- I lenities and iucouvemeace. 1 ?2l6mec _ WILLIAM FULTON. J IMPORT AN1 TO INVALID* ANA VISITORS TO ' THK ISLAND OK CUBA. f PROGRESS HOTEL, IN the vill ige of < erro, three miles from Havana. This esta- I blishmeut ia vlvantageously situated, pro|>erl)* fl'Ted up axd attended, a (fording tne beuelil of a country life without tirludiug the comforts and pleasures of the Capital, or preventing a timely attendance to busmen*. Kvary attention ia promised by the owuerato in-*t the sViifcctiou of their riaitora. ? CHARGES. Boarding for a aingle. |>eriou in one room S2 00 a d?y. ( " " two or three person, iii one room- $1 5C a uay cc'h person. With fairMii aa particular agreement may beenterwl into. t N. B.?Omuioua.- 'H are rxmiing from morning 'till night b/v j tween the Carro and Havana, i..aiuus tl>e trip iu naif in hour. >24 Im c ~~ OKL VIO.N l~HUU8K -NEW BKIGHTON GEORGE I'KlltISS, III returning his grateful acknowledgments to the iimnerotn ladies and gentlemen who favored C the above establishment during the past season, begs to all- h tinillirti f Knr llti Inn inula uvurir aeean Iiaintiil f Inr I Iim winter, to accommodate families and singie boarders. The dining-room* and dormitories will he found comfortably and t elfiiaiitly furnished The table w ill he supplied with the choi- c cent provisions, and the wines will be found equal to any. The proximity of Belmont llouae to the city, with excellent steambeats plying at stipulated hours, the well known attention ol j the host and civility of the attendants, combined with the location, being within a step or the landing-phce, renders this esta- 1 blishineui the most social and convenient in the Union. Terms C will be found exceedingly moderate. | miuea. Biii tl'r ^ MASSACHUSETTS BAY OVSTKII-8?I6?ij! Fulton street, opposite St. Paul's.? NAPOLKON COUHTIN takes pleasure in informing those persons who have heretofore unoctliioittilk thwik* troitage, and those who are willing to continue the lamr favor, that the > iassa< husetis ",lV Oysters have recovered with the cold weather-tht ir fresh and delicious llavor so peculiar to them, and which has eiven tli-in the name of oysters of Cancale, that nil saloon, recently so cleg nitty titled up, otters the most quiet and comtoriable accmr'mod.'tioiis. There will always be lound in it a choice collection of the following wines, viz: Chaiihs, Sauterne, Grave, Uarsae. Hermitage, sparkling and still Hock, Champagne, Chambertin, Hott-.iu.ird, Voluey, Latitte, Lair. ii>, Leoville, St. Juien.iSic., and ail sorts ol foreign win<*s and cordials. He keeps constantly on haud the above wi ps, id tlis cash or H bo*, together wiih Preserves, Oil and Fr*scr.J? Siiegar. (j Goods purcha.ed from Ins establishment are sent Ir-< olciiirge t i any part of '.lie city. Oysters will be sent to tfce.vs ideuce of ? purchasers, (if required) and o(>eued by one of Ifte ;t*u .'mils o the establishment*. r.2 !;r,*ec HAUPS ]" F. BHOWNK & CO. Manufacturers of the Improved ? Patent Double Action Harp, by lUiyal Letters Patent, London?established 1810, (many years with Krard,) No. 333 Broadway and i3?i Chambers street, New York. J. F. Browne otters for sale at 3Hj Broadway, the finest collection of these beautiful instiuiiieuts in the United State*. His irraiiKemeuts are such a* to enable him to transact business at European prices, thereby saving purchasers the high duties imposed by tariff on these instruments. J. F. Browne would observe these Harps are constructed on the most approved principles, with f II the modern improvements, are unequalled iu brilliancy r f toue, fineness of touch, aud |ierfectuess of mechanism. Pa> 1 icular care is taken to lit thera for the enrreine* of climate i : this country, in which respect they will bo found far supesr j to any of i.urui>eau manufacture imported in the usual wij. These Harps are patronised b > the elite of musical taste and professional talent in Kuroiie amoug the latter, he would mention N. 0, Boulisa, who uiva'.aoly selects from this es' The attrition of pr.i lessors iu this country is solicited. Lists vif prices and descript ions may be forwarded liy post. Repairing carefully attended to; Harps taken in exchange. Strings, iic. ?21 Im*1 r MUSIC. TOSKPH KAMMEllER, professor of music, respectfully ? announces to his patrons, and the public in general, that lie has removed fiom 59 Crosby to 13G .Laurens street, where all orders for his Cotillion Hand, to wait on parties, etc., iu or out of town, will be thankfully received and promptly attended to. Orders for J. K. wilt also be received at Mr. \V . Dubois' music store,28.') Broadway. o> lm*r PIANO FORTES. JOHN PKTH1CK resiiectfully informs his friends and ths ? public that he has on hand at nis old establishment, No. 201 Bleeckerstieet. a choice assortment of Piano Fortes, which he will sell on the most reasonable terms. For touch and tone?those important roii'.iderstiiins with nlavers of experience?he would H'ldllv challenge comparison with the Iwst I'iano* now in use ; and m i to durability, lie refers to the inaiiy and frequent reiommenda- . tious of his instruments by various professors who have used ' them for the last twelve years. The assortment comprises v;i- | rious patterns, both of rosewood ami mahogany, of si* octaves | and eighty notes, or full Ciermau scale. New York, Sept. 18th, liM3. ?21 lm*ec. 1 TO THK ILAL?lt8. Ringlets, kink and wiue curls, braids, Krizettes, I'lain Bands, Bows, Head Dresses, Net Caps, Shell Combs, and other Ornaments suitable for decoratiug Ladies' Heads. M. & M. LARUE, Manufmtwxr and WTiolemUe thaler, lti'J Cuaal, corner of Vnrick, have uow on hand a large, new and splendid assortment of the above articles, which they are selling at greatly reduced prices. They are of the Ulrst fashions, and are manufactured in ssu* perior mauuer, iu their new and peculiar style, imparling a beau- i tilul rich lustre to tlie hair, auJ a durability to the curl, unattained by any other manufacturer. Old Curls altered to any pattern, and made to look like new, at a trifling expense. ' a liberal allowance made to retailers. s!9 lw*r j WM. T. JENNINClSJ & CO. < HRAFERS AND TAILORS, 231 Broadway, American i L' Hotel, opposite the Fountain, solicit attention to an assort- j meut of seasonable goods, including (Cloths, Cassimeres, Vestings, Stc., in all the n?w and various styles, under the issur- ' ance that the system of " small profits and quick returns," t which has elicited so liberal a patronage, will be coiilmued, t while our arr-aii|(emeiit? are such as will ennhle us to fill all or- > ders in future with promptness. 1 A feature iu the establishment, which mutt commend it to those reouiriug articles for immediate use, is the addition to our stock, of an assortment of tirrst quality ready made Garments, consisting of Surtouts, Frocks, < Dress Coats, Far talons*, I Vests, Office Coat*, Travelling Frocks, Dressing Oowns, A choice collection ol Silk and Satiu Scarfs, Cravats, . Handkerchief*, Glove*, Suspenders, Hosiery, J Under Shirts, Drawers, Muslin Shirts, Collars, tic. Ac prices which most offer inducements to purchasers. jy24 3ui*ec Vf ENS', BOYS' AND CHILDREN'S CLOTHING. i-'A GKO. T. GHEKN, Nos. 110 Chatham str-^t. and 4 low ru urill bfwn rnnitintlv on hand ? full .mil runiiilfl^ ?i?orl I mentof Meus', Boys' aud Children'* Clothing, of all descr<l>- ( lious, mailt* in the most fashionable style, to which he would res|>ectfully invite the atteutiou of those in w?nt Ash# has 1 made arrangements to receive Cloths, Cassuneres, Vesungs, , fee , by every incket, and has secured the services of experienced . Cutters, he pledges hnnself to give i*rfect satisfaction to all who iniy purchase. I N. B.?(iarmmiU made to order at the shortest notice, and Willi strict punctuality. o3 lm*r G~~ENTCK.MK.VS LTfT OFT WAR0HOBE.-Oen tie" , men or families desirous of converting their left off wearing appaiel iuto cash, can obtain lor the sdine the lustiest cash price. To families and gentlemen quitting the city, or changing resi- I dence, having any superfluous eli'rcts to dispose of, willlindit . much to their advantage to send for the subscriber, who will 1 attend them at their residence by appointment. H. LEVKTT, No. 6 John street. New \ ork. j A line through the Post Office, or otherwise, will receire prompt att niion. CLOTI1I NCI cleaned, altered and repiired. oM ltn'ec N'OTl' K.?tienis having oil Clothing which they want 1 to dispose of, will, by having their address a^ W. Simpson > ik W ilson's old established store. 19 Chatham called on at their residence. All kiuas of cast off clothing, watches, musical, mathematical instruments, sextants, quadrants, guns, pistols, guitars, &c., bought and sold at No, 19 Chatham street. N. B. All kinds of carpenters'tools bought. oil lm'r J. JOKU'S CHEAP DYE1NO ESTABLISHMENT. Vf R- SORIA begs leave respectfully to inform his friends and 'A the public in general that owing to the depressed state ol lie tunes, he has reduced his price 35 per cent below the regu lar charges. Ladies wishing their summer dresses, shawls, &c. dyed oi pressed, will find it much to their advantage by paying liiin \ visit. CJentlemeo will also do well to call witn such article* of wearing apparel as may need dyeing or prenting. All orders | will be punctually attended to, and the articles Jo lie up in the best style at Sonus establishment, No. 490 Pearl st. His branches are at No 2i7 Bleecker St., No .!62 Bowery, ant! I at 357 Grand st. Also a brunch at 49 Knlton st. Brooklyn, .uk , at Newark, N. J., corner of Broad st, and Washinvtou Place. Merchants can have all kinds of goods dyed nnd pat np in 1 their original forma, and on moderate terms. Principal office4901 ?arl st. &o20Jm*ec | JOSEPH GILLOTT'S STEEL PENS^ i REDUCED PRICES. i rpHE subscriber is constantly receiving flesh supplies of the | JL above jttstly celeliratrd pens, which ne oilers to the trade at very low rates. In addition to the styles so well known, he 1 lins recently introduced the following new patterns, vi* :? Nos. I, 2 and 3 Principality Pens, extra fine, line aud medium , points. No. #? Caligraphic Ten?n prime article on pit tonal cards, 1 views of celebrated places. Nos 9and 10?Washington Pen?very fine point, and elastic, , on suiierh cards. in eviiience ot rn? nign earirnation In wnicn *tie?e r#n? are held, l1"- followints atatement is inul# :? The nuir.btTof Pen* manufactured at th?work* of JOSKPIl OILLOTT, from Dec. 1841. to Dec. 1812, *u 70,612 002 The jmblic are cautioned to be on their iraard **ain?t 1 parlous article!. Kach package of tlie genuine i*u? bean a fac timile of Mr. Oillott 9 signature. I> or aale by HKNHV JF.'sSOP, Importer, 91 John atr*et, comer uf (jold. A Rood aupply of Windle'i and Motley 81 Co.'a London Pent iMIm'ec COMB TO INOjtRaOLL'B ORfcAT BOAT AND OA l? IIA/AAHS?At this eHtabliahmetit Can be found every inscription of float* that the iuRenuity of man can auggeat Look it what he has done anil then ludge of what he can do. Al I his eatabliahmeut waa built (lie following unrivalled boat*, nr.: ?The Hwift Sure of New Koundland: the aiitwn foot aailing Dinky Troubler; the llump of Hurlgale, and the Paul Pry. The row lioata Henry Stark, w hich won *9 race* in 18 month* tlie noble Cimbria; the (i. W. Chapraut tl>e forty foot rater for liir United Slate* ship Ohio; t!i? tiarge Kinorea* lor Honda, the braaa mounted t.ig Neptnne tor Tampico ll.'.y, and a boat of others anju ally great. Oare, Sweep* and ScT'lla?Tina new branch of hi* bu*ir.e?s in trnl', worthy of itteiition. Look at the prieei, only thr*? and four |rnce a foot. All the arulla for raru.g ur?s?ed by the pro prietor* *wu hand*. Thoae that wou ih? laat race ran now Ins?eti it hi? office. Kitty Boat* alwayt on hand. Viait Ilia liazaiir* il >ou deairea treat. A'l work delivered free of charge C. L. INOEKSOLL, 116,406 and <U Water and HI Cherry atrweu?aole proprietor ait lm*r ClOI'PKR?100 caaea ot eitra quality Kngliah Sheathing Cop ' l?er. from II to Mo*., ju*t received per recent arrivals, and ,'"olS'oc tl?. K, COLLINS ll CO. M Bonth*lrf?; l'!i jib.".1 _ . ^ ERA 343. I'katii yr a Unitkd Status Sknatob.---The Hon. Lewis Linn, United Statea Senator, trom he State ol Missouri, was found dead in his bed, at lia refiJence in St. Genevieve, on'lueadaf, the 3d nut., at 12 o'clock, M. For some time past his vealth has been ieehle. lie has been laboiinn jnder ail iJifclioii ot the heart, 'l'he death of Dr. Linn will be a source wl general regret. Through a it? ?>t activity and important stations, lie had won or himself (he grateful uflections of a uumerous >ody of friends. He leaves an interesting family ind the State as his mourners. A St. i^ouis piper gives the following moreextenled article on this melancholy event and the lieleased Senator:? Dr. Iiinn suHered severely Inst spring from an utack ot chronic rheumatism, and on hiu rrcovery, iiatl>' a visit to Philadelphia, Mew York, and other eastern cities. On his retui'n home about a tortlight ago, he ap(>eared to be entirely restored to lealih, and hi* family and friends had just begun to longratulate themselves on his renewed strength and ictivity, and the public on the bright career which till awaited him, when the sad trith broke upon hem, that be whom they so fondly admired, hud :loaed his pilgrimage ou earth. It was the good tortune of Dr. Linn to enjoy the lonfidencc and eoteern of all Parties, notwithstandng he was a member oi the United States Senate luring the most exeitingset-sionBeverknown in our loliticnl history. With attainments ol a high or* ler, an intellect gifted byr nature with unusual enlowiiicnts, and :t heart pure and unsullied, he won he allnMH iu nt m!I iitineinted Willi him. and he. Mine an especial lavnrite of the |>eople of tiim Stale, to whoef interests he hail devoted hi ruse It villi untiring industry. llis unremitting exertions o promote me prosperity of Missouri, und to nd'dtic'1 the interests of the Gr^at Weet, long ago aused the citizenu tl this State to regard him as heir etpeeul tlumpion in the hull* ?l Congress, ud to s;>eak of him with feelings of the highest re;ard and enlhusiafcm. Twice had he been elected o the United States Senate with little or no oppo ition; both hid political liienda und opponents recor ling their voles in his lavor with thegreuieat cheerfulleen. No man in Musoori ever commanded mote ge icral and sincere respect, and none ever ponBeesed a nor* wide spread or deserved |>opularity. The planers and merchants, the t rontier settlers and the emi [rants to Oregon, found in him one who labored for heir prosperity with on ambition unalloyed by selfishleee?w ith 110 ulterior or sinister objects to gratify, ind with no oilierdrsire than to perforin hia duty to lis constituents faithfully, honestly and uunstentaiousU'. His efforts in behalf of Oregon will ' ver denniy lasoam<; with our Pacific Territ" lis .vas the labor of first urging on the Wat Uuifernmfnt the importance of the occupation nd tetlenient of that lovrly region, and to In < lorn? he honor < ! arousing :he attention of whole country to that great question. It is to be deeply regretted that he w?s tot spared to witness) the tri uiiiph of that great measure, which he originated, advocated, and urged forward with zeal, until tlie indifferent became interested, the doubtful convinced, and tile hostile prepared to abandon all oppoai;i#n to it. But notliiui; can rob him of the honor which in so eminently his due ?nothing c<in separaie his name from the future glory of our Pacific I'erriiory. Th? first city whose foundations shall >e laid west of the Rocky Mountains by American Htizeiis, will bear Ins name, and those emigrants to Jregon now on their march across the western praiies, will form the nucleus around which will soon >e gathered a happy and thriving population, to ateet hereafter the sagacity, forecast and patriotism >fthe I Aim1 n te d Linil. To the citizens ot Missouri and of the whole naion, ihe Ueuth ol Dr. Luni is a heavy calamity.? Mo one in Missouri can till the void ihus created His |>uhnc life affords a model worthy ot mutation ; 118 conduct us Senator, an example to be followed by all who may succeed him. lie was courteous, chivalric, brilliant aud profound ; an uncompromising hut conciliatory advocate ot his political principles ; a dt buter ot great power, but unostentatious m hid manner ; a statesman without vanity, u poll tician without bitterness, u man, like the Chevalier Llayard, " tantpmr, sum reprociu." Tiie sadness visible 011 e <ery countenance yesterday, when hia death was announced in our city, and ihe low ami m urnful tones in which ailspoke of th"great pu' lic lors sustained by his sudden decease, proved the sincerity and depth ot the affection universally lelt lor one 10 worthy and so pure viost sincerely i!o we sympathise with her who has lost an idolized husband and wiih those who have jeen deprived, l>v ihiastflictive dispensation ol Prondenee, of uii affectionate and honored parent. If t can afford any consolation to the bereaved lamily 0 know that oifters mourn with them in the hour ol heir gri'. f, they have the b>-st assurance which can )e given, that evfry Missourian feels the deepest sorrow at the loss of one bo distinguished and eo oved. The New Have* Steamboat and Transportation Company vs. Cornilius Vandkbuilt?Thi? was an action on the case tor damage to Ihe steam!)oat Belle by collision with the steamer New Haven, commanded by Captain Joel Stone. The trial lasted the greater part of three days The circumstances of the oas-e were detailed at length to the iury. . The declaration was dated the 27th of June ; ihe collision took place on the evening of the 9 h, about 9 o'clock. It appeared from the testimon) tint the niitht was very dark and foggy, and the New Haven was ahead for a greater part of the dis tance from New York ; that she was obliged to proceed very slowly in consequence of the fog, and ihat the Belle patted her unobserved in the log, a tew miles below the city. Some tew witnesses staled that they saw the lights of th?* steamers when it the end ot the pier, bat the weiaht of testimony teemed to he that ihe Belle was not seen till within 1 few leet nf the whart, when the p?ople cheered, ind the bell was rung, and rockets sent up in reply The New Haven followed in a lew moments. The Captain not knowing ihe Belle had got in, steered Hi ( usual course in the fog by lead, time and comrmss. When the rocket went up, the New Haven was within two or three boat lengths ot the Belle, steer ir.g directly towards her. Captain Stone perceived ihe danger, nnd instantly rang the signal bell to back This signal the engineer mistook, and the wheelt madeoiieor two levolutions forward. Captain S instantly sprang to the scuttle and called >ut, fo: 1 hkI's Hake b?nk the boat." It was too kite. Jn . moment the New Haven struck the broadside of tlu Bi-llc, tearing her wheel houe, breaking the wheel, .ind seriously damaging her. A few werks alter the collision the thaft of th? Belle broke, it was claimed, in consequence of ihitinjury. This, however, was scarcely support^ b> the testimony. It also appeared that Oapt. Stont used all the caution in coming up the Sound and 11 making the wharf,fliat could he required of the rnotnrudent captain. His general character as a steam boat captain, for prudence, caution and ability, n the language ol a witness, was second to none. An attempt was made on the part of the deft nolo show that at the time of the injury the New Hn ^en wa? chartered to David P. Allen, theson-in-l?w >f Vanderbilt, and a charter party conveying ih? ioat to Allen for six months from the 15th fVcem H-r, 1841, and renewed for six months further, wi ' ad m evidence. A depoiiiion of Mr. Allen wa i!so read conhrriiing his ownership. On th** other land it was thown that Captain Vanderbilt hired he Captain, Engineer, and some of th* h?nd?, th? 1e stiff-red the Captain to act as his ag-nt, and ex?-tuted other acts c f ownership during the continu ince of the alleged charter party. The case wh9 submitied to the jury on Tli'irs faj evening, and yesterday afternoon they came in *ith a verdict ol #lft(X) forth* plaintiff*. The Judge hhkI lie tnought it too much, thai in? nry ni?8t have tak? n into their estimate the bfnk ing of the shaft, or ihe detention of the boat. They 1'iould not have doue eith'T. The fir*t he did not think proved by the testimony; the other was of too incer'ain a nature to be taken into an estimate ot iamages. He therefore refused to recive the ver Jict, and told the jury to think of it again. This morning the jury rame in with another verJict of #{>75 damaged and costs, which waa accepted bv the Court. R S. Baldwin and Jl. I. Ingprsoll for Plaintiffs? D Kimberly and C. A. Ingersoll tor Defendant.iXtw f/uven Herald, 14lto. Thk Lakks ?The Coiutitution ia in from Chicago, after experiencing a tedious trip Cap'. Vary eporU the weath'-r an having been unueually tetn eatiioiix, and nioh as called forth all th ? euergiea of he fenmen. The Albany, which we noticed a> laving ruua.-l.ore on Lake Huron, w.ll prove a to a! wreck. Trie rocka having cut her hull to pec s Japt. Im^on w*s about to proceed tr> her with * ?iew of stripping the wreck of her rigging Of the ixty new mil craft which were recently put <n commission upon our waters, she was probably one ol he beat. Seven-eighths of it is covered by 9-VW) insurance in one of the offices in this city Buffulo Adverttttr 1,1 II - ??^ LD. Price Two C?nt*. (uiiiiiHiii Council. Board or *?Monday, Oct. Kith.? Alderman KflWFOn, President ;rru I'm y.tlmhliihmtnl at a Work IIuuk AUeriaan W.??. mak called up, a* a ipecial order ol the <l?y, th. ordinance | to ettabliah a work house in connection with our alma hone. I Alderman Tillou ask?c) hr time to coam ler tha subject i which won timw to him. It waa therefore laid on the table, to l>e taken up at the neat meeting. Paying Voctori.?A resolution to pay Dr. Jai. O. Smith $14 tor nmlical services rendered at the 3d district watek house whs negniivtd. (trading the Sixth Jlvmtu.?'The Committee on Street* repoitel in lavor of gruling the Sia|ti A v? nue between 21st stre.t and Blooniit'Kdale road; and el*o grading iWh, i7th, ?dth and Jt(th sireeia, Irom Sixth to Eighth Avenues Adopted. Clraninq S/rv</?.?A communication from the nt 01 Strceta waa presented aud r?f>d He ataUa that tli" ..n in her of Clrtl to collect cinderf, aahea, gart age and, in the various stre? ta ofour city, ia not sufficient? th. ru bi-in^ but sixteen. lln then lore asked for more help lli :?rr?d to Committee on Cleuning Streets. Paying Jamn Dunn ?The counsel of the Board, to whom iv.i? releired the resolution providing for th* payment ol Ji3oo toJumei Dunn, keeper of the Sixth Ward Hotel, lot injury done to hit premise* at the election in the Spring ol Ih4J, presented a communication, in which he dvunle'that Mr Dunn has no legul claim. Pitr jVj 7, Eat'. Rivtr ? The (Committee on Wharves, Pien aud Slips, report* <1 in favor of planking and repair ing minute pier, 110 1, r.nm mvi-r. Aiivpieii. Stvitr in I As Hototry.? The Strict Committee reported in favor ot constructing a sewer or drain in the Bowery, Irom Nth Itntt to 18th street. tint) through l'.ith street to connect with thoaewerat University Place, and alio to construct a tunnel through Broadway to 12th street? Adopted. Report from the Comptroller,A communication from the Comptroller stating that tho Common Council had no pow er to rrmit|isai-siment* under tiny circumstance*,waa referred to the Law Committee. Also nailing lor tn appropriation of f>17'J 600 'or redemption ol temporary Water Loan Stork, for the y>'?^ 1943, and $'J"U0 lot the paj mi nt of the interest on the ?*ater Loan Stock, u ith un ordinance to that effect. Adopted Mora Cl>rkt ?Tho Receiver nl Taxes asked for an additional number of Clerk* in lu? other, the present being insufficient- li? therefore nsk* lor four aIditional Clerka. Aldermaii VVai fiiaiAit rfferrd a renolu'lon to allow the Receiver of Taxes to emplov aa many Cloik*, temporarily, is he may tho public business may require? their salaiy to be fixed by tho committees of Kinance of both boat da. Alderman Scoi.k* laid ho thought that the number thould lie fixed before action was taken upon it flnblly.? The resolution wan referred to the Committee of Finance. Public School ? Alderman Einmns offered a resolution to authorise th" School Commissioners to purchase a public site lor a school house n. Kim treat, between Franklin and Leonard streets. I? -r 1 . Change of Poll ? AM n Waikhmis offered a reaolutitin to remove 1 poll >1 the f> 11 lionet of the Ninth f;ard, from 61 ( 'mirth met to 4:14 Hudsun street, corner of Charl H 11 1 to Law commute) Appointn,-, \ i ition appointing Edward Trainor c11 v weig11 er, wan '. Reception p/ Col. Jo ?Alderman Bmuos offered a resolution appropriating SI( 00 to he expended in the re reption f Col. Richard M. Johnson, ex-Vice President of the United Malts. Ahlertnen k >i,tsi anil Na?h opposej ft. Alderman I or advocated the n solution?He said ho was 111 < iving the old soldier at he ought to bo received 1 In ve.l that his constituent*, without regard t > re in favor of such expenditure aa waa n<*iu*RRn 1 Alden.i.n Vlderman of the 6th ward wan not in in 1 herefore moved that the resolution be I... utile, which was adopted, by a vote of 8 to a. j Aldirmen Clayton, Woodhull, Dunning,Nash, Waterman, Brevoort, 8colen and Brady. Nav? ? Alderman Vaudervooit, Purdy and Briggs. Piying the Watch.-Alderman Bmoo* offered a resolution to restore the pny of the city watchmen, from $1 to $1 per night, to take a ate from the I Oth of May, 194S. Alderman Hcoi.n said he thought the watchmen ihould he continued on their post* a longer hour in t''e morning. He therefore moved to refer to the committee to whom the subject had been previously presented. Alderman Piihdt''aid he hoped not?that thia commit lee had had thi* i.'ib|ect under consideration for along time, and it wr.M full time that ^ome action was taken. It was doing nothing mote than to reitore the pay to the nam') rate it waa before the whig* reduced it, and be thonght that the Common Council should do it at onoe without any lorger delay. Alderman Woodhull raid that it wa* neceaaary to examine into the propriety of compelling thu watchmen to servo a longer time in the morning than they now do before the pay waa increased. He v.'so said that their pay would bo increase 1 to $1 -lb per night on the I at of Novemj her, and he tbjnpjht it was doubtful whether the Common Council had power to grant an appropriation for aalary for back service*. The resolution wn* finally referred? to the special committee on police, ol which Alderman Tillou ia chairman, by a vote of 4iies?Aldermen Woodhull, Nash, Waterman, Bra voort, HcoleR and Brady?fl. * Nay*?Aldermen Clayton, Dunning, Vandervoort, Purdy, Briggi?6. Appointed?Wm. W. Simpson and A. W. Godwin were appointed weighers of anthracite coal. Change of Poll?K rosolution to change the poll ol the 2d district of the 17th ward to No. 1 Avenue A, and the 4th district, to Jetfl-rnon Hall in Third atieet. Referred to Committee on Laws. Tlir Board then adjourned to Monday evening next, ?t fl o'clock OPENING OF THKFALL FASHIONS, AT THE MAOAZIN DK MODES, No. 60 Canal STmrT. ACAHn-TO TIIK LADIES OK FASHION.?MADAME BEIIRMAN b*'gs mo?t respectfnllv to inform her friends and customers that she has received, by the I ant arrivals from Pans, her fall and winter fashions, and she flatters herself that the same will stand unrivalled in the city. The fashions consist of the following lull and entire new styles cut, uncot, plain, watered, and changeable velvet bonnets j do silk, satin mode and <jnilt?d hats, ol an entire novel description, in ladies', misses', and children's sites. Also, a complete assortment of caps and head dresies, I'nris ribbons, artificial flowers, leathers, and hair ornaments of the best artists in Paris. Madame B. solicits the ladies to favor her with an early call and examine for themselvei. Mauar.m tie Modes 6# <'anal street. o3 1m*r STOVES, FOR STORK", STEAMBOATS. woRKHHOPS, kc. nnHE PATENT RINO,OH|SE( TIONAL CYLINDER. * has been invented several ye?rs, and has proved to b? the most durable and n ost powerful heater in use. Many persons have had ihein since 1335 or 1136, without other repairs than occasionally a new urate. It is known to sll that a common cylinder slove requires a new cylinder almos' every winter;in some cases iwo or more. It is a common remerk with users, "the Rmi{ is the best stove 1 have ever seen." Prices reduced. A new pattern this season, of the most splendid order?suitable lor fancy stores, public houses, Sic. J. L. MOTT. Xi Water street, above Peck Slip, and 15 Bowery. P. 9.?A reward of forty dollars will be paid for ihe recovery ( of the silver cup and nine silver medals, stolen on the night of I he 19th nit. _ _ o!6 is6f r DIl WHKKLER begs to offer t# the notice of the public the following letter from a highly respectaule officer in the U. S. Navy:? Nkw York, Sept. SI, IK J. To Dr. Wheeler, Oculist. J1 Greenwich street? Mir?It affonls me great pleasure to give yon the benefit of my 'estimony of your -mitieiit success .in the cure of my daughter of an .igirravated case of Scrofula Qpthalmia, after she had oeen treated by eminent physicians ami surgeons withont the least permanent benefit. 1 mnjl add, that when I placed her under yonr kind care, (having been induced to do so by visiting some of yonr cored patients.)! wai in despair of her ever being cured by any one? u olo?a??l nt??l Kiuhtless rlie other nesrl v so. and searce any light could be borne. For many months ?h? had been kept in carefully darkened room*. The eyslids were, most frightfully iutUnvd. aud the child, by her previous treatment, reduced to ? mere skeleton. Vour kind treitment and great care will ever he h?ld by me, md everymemb** of my faiiiily, in the most grateful remembrance. Should this bring you to the notice of any like sudsier, or paieut with an afflicted child, the object of thu testimony will be secured by relieving siiffe-iiig hnmsnitr. Very truly, your friend. WASH. A. BARTLF.TT, U. ?. N.. lm m 131 Kmhth Avenue. IV)UHI.K EXTRA ITALIAN HAIK \WASH. 'T'HIS ' KLKBKATKI' preparation, the only one thai lm l ever been discovered, 0 r th* successful estirpetion of that moil offensive disease of the Iwad, DANOKL FF. his during the 1st* uprise anrl dimmer season. been applied and e. ted by thousands of Ladies and Gentlemen, and in noon* instance, has it tailed to effect A IN IMMEDIATE AND RADICAL CURE. It is r-commended by the meat celebrated and skilful physi ians and ehemi?t? of th* dav. ! very one fhonld avail themselves ?f its benefits, and thni secure a clear head and a laiurint cost ol hair. It is for sale by its proprietor?price $1 th* bottle, and 2J cents the single wash in the stin >. P 1 US9EDDU, 17 Park Row nUSINF.98 IS BU9INK88.?Theivt',.ie ir yr>,i wish s share ol it you must circulate your cards and handbills freely.? I'o do 'In* in an economical way, call on FliLUbR Si SuTTON. at the office of the Locomotivs Printing Engine, 111 lohu street, near Pearl, whi-re yon can kav* all Itinda of Job Printing done in the lint style, at the lowest cash prices, and r.o lisappointment t -ards printed at one hour's notice if required. o4 lm'r VfALEN'l'INE has removed his Engraving and Printing Establishment from John street, to No. 1 Beekman street, Lovdoy's Hotel.) opposite the Brick (Church, New York.? Weilding, Visiting, lnvi'itioii, and Professional Cards *?* cuted in the first Style of the art. as rejnrds the superiority of ilw niitriifiiil, nMMN of th? printing, and the whitrnea* ard brilliancy of tMe cud*. I'mnm furntahing rlieir own card pUtea can have th-m printed on the most appruved axiu fiuniouible ityle ofcardi, M yricej to gull the timea. . . Tlw Ladin ind (ientlMM 'if New York, Brootlyi. ind th* tdjoining citiea *nd tn*m, ore reapetttnlly " **'?)_ tatnine the ipecimeu book*, ruid Irom a variety J"** wlwt to their ta.f lm r. (Tm I- m' pi * ii l' L-vTHAj T SAKBAPARILLA i'A NDY?One iin?le 2i cent I*':ky ' '?Of *?Kht <>uniji'? of the tthi. !a Hiraapanlla one thing, reader, > o1111J |(- uung other eitracta. only, not mercnn or mi ^ (r (;( wj|| mjMy ,ntrr the try thu; \ ou ? ill i | |??|v cool, gently riien Uie boweU, K -P your ^ /nv d.;^e. Thin Sampwilte I1_ < A j,,,,,! extract ahould he unmned ?Ml no he-.r be ii??d in preparing thu. ; IM. all rhe,e ulv anus-a. give It one trial. I can mm#ntl it for any disease for which . .niu it \ rrmedy; this is sold for 25 cents s j*cks#e, or fire tW SI \r the six i >( the American Kagle, t2 Chatham stn^t. \ ^ A*'iiU, />itwr,:i l.eilgw MaUding*. riin*arii>mn, "? link H !">(?!> ?tn*t, Bmton; 57 8utP AImbT; J" t(m?, 139 Kulton itrwt, Brooklyn; Williimi, M Broad ?(., Nrwark; and Puiinty, 331 Main ttwt, Poufhk?*i'ai^ ?W Im*r To WllNTKkc. ~ at thii offie*.