Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 19, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 19, 1843 Page 1
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TH Vol. IX., No. a77 Whole No. 3400. RED BIK D LINE OP STAGES, IN < ONNKCTION WITH _ m. thk -nm1V'^k a*nu ?&&->>&&& RAILROAD COMPANV. ? .. (NtiKMr NTS! TWO D.\IL\ I.I \ M! On and *fl?r Wednesday, llth October, inst , the Red Bird Line 1)1 Stages will leave tbe vili ige of White Plains. every mori.iiig, (Sundays excepted,) at 8 o'clock, A. M., and every a'tetiioo i at 2 o clock I . M? uud the Railroad Depot, City I Hal', i"d the Westchester House, corner of Broome streetand | th' Bowery, * e? Vork. every inomiug u t 8 o'clock, and every ! alter, >oib, the 1 o'clock train Agents are in constant attendant* at th.' Railroad Depot". 01 whom e?erv nifi tinalioii may lie obtained, and who will alio tteud to ih bansate 1 ut under their charite. HI RAM DEFOREST, Propnetor. White Ptainr, Oct. <th. l?43. oil lm*rc DKAKT8 ON ENOLAND. IRELAND Sic.? Persons about renin tins money to tlle.r : fiieudt ill the "old country," can be su|- : plied with Drafts, in mmi of 1, 2, 3, 5, 10. I JT W? ?o ii Cilt. or any amount, livable on demand without discount or any other chirge, at the National Bwk ol I, Provincial Bank, do., Messn. James Bult, Son U Co., Bankers, London, I. Barned & Co., Exchange and Discount ] /Jank, Liverpool, Eastern Bank of Scotland, Greeuock Banking Company, Sir Win. Korbea Hunter Jk Co^ Scotland, and the branch^ m every po?t town throughout England. Ireland, Scotland and Wales, which drafts will lie forwarded hv the I Great Western on the 19th or Garrick on the 25th, on applicaW. k J. T TAP8COTT At their General Passage Office, 43 Peck Slip, corner South st. N. B.?All letters from the country must come post paid - - FOK CHAIil.kSI (IN KK\ WEST, HAVANA. NKW ORLEANS, AND; >zJtJPIX*kOALVKSTr)\' Tni?_Tk.,.?i.?j;.i Steam Shi.i NKPTUNE, Captain Wil- | liam 11 o 11 ma?To mil Positively on Wed- I nes-Uy. i'ltli October, iil?tant, at I o'clock P M. Th? u li-al hiness of New Orleans,with oilier circumstances, i Ins induced Captain Rollins to delay tlie departure of the Nep- j tune until the above ilav, 2Mh ins'ant. which at the earnest solicitation nf many rMsscjuers ho Ins assen'ed (o with great re- I lucfame. Thepublic may re?t assured that n? delay will bo | su"mi t'-d "o bevond the day now fixed. 1 he N'eptun' his bee completely overhauled, and is iu perfec ,or'er. I'aswnigrfrs may r !> upon every cooil' rt and cou- ' variance i" her. About one half the number of her ber hs aie still isfiic/ged. > '< r passage, for the above ports, in state I rooms, cabins or stree age, and for freight of light goods or specie for Charleston. apply on board, at the Tobacco Inspection wharf, foot of Clinton street. E. R., or to 015 to .* o J. H BROWKK, 75 Wall street - ?- - THK HI'AMSH STEAMER NATCHK/ FOR HAVANA, Direct, Don FrarSAWjffjf , ptfZ* Cis Villalr, commander, will leave the port ol ^iril l New Y?rk on Wednesday, N^v. 1st, for Havaoa direct. The NATCHEZ has been newli coppered, teliUed with uew boilers, and in poiut of elegance and geiirial conifurt cannot be surpassed. For part cul rs for passage, apply to JUAN R. STANHOPE, Aster House, who will accompanv the Natchez on her ?o\age oi2 tonl'r JOHN R STANHOPE _ TRAVELLERS OOINO SOUTH OR WKST?Sixteen hours in advance of the U. 8. Mail?Tri-Weekly Liiie to Savaunah, |l^"Trj in connexion with the Central Railroad to HnSBEf^a* M >con ami ilie West The splendid steam packets GENERAL CLINCH, Capt. J. P. Brooks, and CHAHLFSTON, Capt. F. Barden, will leavo Charleston every Tuesday, Thursday and Sawrdsy morning, at 9 o'clock, after thearriv il of the Wilmington boats from the north, arriving it Savannah the s>me day, and will leave Savauuah on the same d'tys as above, at 6 o'clock P. M., afUT the arrival of the cars from Macon. Travellers will find this to be the chewiest and most expeditious route to the south aud west. The above boats am titled up ill a r.u|ierior style, and no expense or pains will be spared to lie. JOHN B. LAHTTE. Agent, Fitzsimmons' Wharf, Charleston. Charleston, SeptemHer, 1843. nl7 2in * r NEW ARRANGEMENT. KAHv. AND FREIGHT BEDUCED. .mm jam REGULAR MAIL LINE?FOR PROflT^?JU3e VinEN( E AND BOSTON, via, STON S2=JGE.tNGTGN AND NF. WI'OliT?Composed of the following 'inferior stnmrrs. ruuuing in counectioo with the f?tr>;iiiigton acd Boston and Providence Railroads MAS8A) Hl'SETTS, Capt. Comstock. KHODE ISLAND, Capt Thayer. PROVIDENCE. NAI5K.AU AN SETT. MOHEGAN. One of which will leave New York daily (Sundavj excepted) from Pier No 1, Battery Place, N. Kiver, at 4 P. M. ARRANGEMENTS. The KHODE ISLAND, Captain Thayer, on Monday, and Wednesday for Btoniugton and Newport, and Friday for Stoniogtou. The M ASSACHUSETTS, Captain Comstock, on Tuesday and Thursday for Stouington, and Saturday for Stonington. Newport and Providence. Passengers, ou the arrival of the steamers at Stouington, will he immediately forwarded in the splendid and commodious Can of the Railroad r > Providence and Boston, and if for Newport will pioceed iu the stumer Mohegau (in superior order) from thence at 6 o'clock the following morning, thus (riving them an, opportunity of a night's rest on board thu steamer Massachusetts or Rhofl Island, and then breakfast on board the Mohrgan. The above steamers h ve been thoroughly equipped and prepared to promote celerity of travel and tne comfort and security of passengers, and not surpaesed by any in the United States. For |?w|i or freight, which is taken at very reduced rates, Apply i.ii board, at north side of pier No. I, 22 Broadway, or office of Samuel Uevean, freight agent, on the wharf. Tickets for the route and steamers' berth* can be secured on board, or at the office of HARNDEN it CO.. No. S Wall street NOTICE?CHANGE OK HOUR?On and after Monday, Oct. 9lh, the steamers of the New Jersey Steam Narigatiou Company, forming the line to Providence and Boston ria Stoninglou, will leave pier No. I, Battery Place, at -4 P M. (fT'-'on ?uu alter the 10th inst, freight will not be received ann forwarded after half-past 4 P. M. m9 6m* m jern SEVEN O'CLOCK MORNING LINE KO" ALBANY, TROY, and intermediate .M m m Landings?From the steamboat pier, at the foot of Barclay street. Breakfast and Dinnw on board. Leaves New York?The Empire on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The Troy on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, at 7 A. M. Landing tt?Caldwell's, West Point, Newhurgh, Hampton, Pongh^-epiie Hyde Park. Rhinebeck, U. Red Iiook, Bristol, CaisKiIl, Hudson, C oxsaekie and Kinderhook. Ti new low pressure steamer EMPIRE, Captain 8. R Roe, on this day. at 7 o'clock iu the morning. Tne new low pressure steamer TROY, Captaiu A. Gorham. on T'j?day, at 7 o'clock iu the morning. l?or passxge. anply to F. B. Hall, at the office, foot of Barclay Stti e. or un rn ,j.rd. Nf tic*. -AH Goods, Freight, Baggage, Bank Bills, Specie, or ii.y mlier kind of Property, taken, shipped, or put on board the Boats ol th.i Line,must be at the risk of the owners of such gin i1! aulG r ~T ll'l V 'V I INk ITJ M'I'h' A VI KfUTH flSr^irvS* LBAN7-Da.Tr at Vo'^cTociTrM*! J? Through direct?h roui the steamboat pier between ('ourtlnai'lt and Liberty streets, Sunday excepted. The steamboat KN'K'K ERBUCICER.Capt. A. P. St. John, will lr;ivr| Monday, Weduead&y and Friday Evenings, at six o'clock Steamboat ROCHESTER, Capt. A. Houghton, will leave Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday atfi P. M. At J o'clock P. M.?Landing at Intermediate Places Steamboat SOUTH AMERICA, I apt. L. W Braiuartl, will leave Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoon, at 2 o'clock. Steamboat NORTH AMERICA, ("apt. M. H. Trundell, will leave Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Evening, at five o'clock. Passataer* ianir.({ chit Line of Boats will at all times arrive ia Al'jany in ampin tune to take the Morning Train of Cars for the ?u: or west. Tht above h jius are new and substantial, are furnished with n-N?t and elegant State Rooms, aud for speed and accommodations aie unrivalled on the Hudson. For P u:ag- or Freight, apply on board, or to P. C. Schnlu at tn? oh>* oo tile wharf. s2."> r NO I i<' E?t *ii and after Monday. Oct. 16th, the boat* of this line * ill leave lor Albany at 6 o'clock, P. M instead of 7. /'I ShV~K.N'OVLOCK K.VKMNO LINE ALBANY AND TKOY direct, withont 3taa^H^KBla:idi..g?i!ie splendid low pressure steamboat I*V.'ALL0^V , t aptain A. .McLean, will leave tlie foot of Courtl.M !: street even- Tuenday^Thunday, and Saturday vfuir <?, at 7 o'clock, lor Albany direct. The n ' .How has a large number of state rooms,and for speed and vcoicn. idatious is uot surpassed on the Hudaon. suP ec NEW AND KINGSTON STEAM FREIGHT AND PASSAGE LINE. -? For Kingston, anc Delaware and Hadson ^L"*" ^j-^j'L^ EMERALD and NORThe r.MERALD, < aptain John Ketcham, will Uave New Vork, foot of Murray street, every Monday and Thursday at S o'clock. P M. Will Kingston (Roniout landing) every Wednesday and Saturday at 3 o clock, P. M. 'I'hi NORWICH, Captain John Samuels, will leave New York, foot of Warreu street, every Wednesday and Saturday at 3 o'clock, P. M. Will leave V a^stnt, (Kondout landing) every Tuesday and Friday at 3 a'clock, P. M. EXTRA TRIPS. TV" EMERALD will leave the foot of Murray street every Pu.iday morning it 7 o'clock. Returning, leaves Kingston at 4 o'clock, same day. nr freight or passage apply on board, or to WILLIAMSON, BARLOW k CO., a3l im*r 164 West street. S*!>- > OA FO'< KEYPORT AND MIDDLETOWN ?? f ~3* I'111 N'I*. Daily. (Sundays excepted,) touch I, (ill tf nut at -Iguiue i Dock, Stat* Island.?On and at?, .'.i iil.iy, Jul\ list, the steamer Rl><'K LAN D, ( aptain I nwforU, wit leave Middletown Point on Mo day", Tuesdt\s, Weilnesd?>?, Thor?4*ys and Fridays, at half-past one o'clock (tide peuiiittinji,) and Keyport at 2 o'clock P. M Ketur.iing leave New Vork loot of Jtobrnson street, on Tdesd.n W ednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, at I o'clock A. M. mil Saturday s at 2 P. M. Stages will lie in r< adiuess on the arrival of the boat to contrti l a-??'iigera to Freehold or any part ol the conntry. f'niloi in conveyances on Target Kscursions, Parties of pleasure will lie taken to and Irum l> ort Hamilton or Keyport at reasonable pricee. s2t) lin'm r NEW ARRANGEMENT FOR SHREWSBURY1?Long Branch, Sandy Ocean llouw and Eatoutowu Landing. 'llit new Steamboat SHREWSBURY, ('aptain John F. Corlies, will now run a* follows, on and alter Thursday, 27th mat l.-avum New York, Iron the loot ?l Robin.vm street, ev rv i nexlay. I hursday, and Saturday, at 10 o'clock. A. M. And Eatoutowu Landing on Monday. Wfdnesdav aud Friday, at III o'clock. A. VI Thi Shrewabari will . ?ii as aoovs, weather permitting, ui.| til lunl ii .."inf. Ml uii- .it (Ur run or in* owner*. V'.ir* i<!i rrrla. >. Ii.- will be in ittrixluic* to cunvt*/ inutienner fnim tl ii' |uin!iu<i |ijrtc.'a to auy |?.irt of the couutv r* T u-> w H *<1 ll'* itimT pnMuiie. v?h?n practicable. _ irHf ' J NfcWAKK \M) NKW UiHK.-K*re Lxttjevimlt '"H '-i*?>t? !? ? all anil IViutrr Amn.f Sk-a-akaJt-iiii-iit ? I III* splendid ttemner PASS A It., on 11.1 aIIi-i Oil .1, will run nn follow* :? l.? ?\r> N , .iii (ruin mot 01 r 1-litre ttrect, at o'clock A. V. Limy* " v. ' ik, from foot of Hnrclay atreet, .it 3 o'clock P. M. The accommodations both for i'.\s?en*er? 40it freight ( which Ii c.irr i'il ?t tery low rate*) naye been greatly improved. jyl?iifm*er t Am A 1 fcW I.UANU KKHKY, KOOT fi^:ii?-S40K VVHITtHALj; HT.-The ( Hmboat " J gT a ti.' v isi a VIII H ?iiii N?w Vnrk ami Mtateu Mund, on anil after Octobar 2il, aa lollowa, nutil liirllin notice Lraye New York ?, II, 8, J*. 4*. Leare Stalen Inland #, 10, I, 2'!i, All fr?i(ht ?hi(i|ied m injnired to be particularly markad and j 'I iVnafc of the owner* thereof. ?3nrr r Ciori'KU-IW ciuiol ?-i'm ijiiKiity r.iiKiiiiii / |?r, Irom 14 MUm., jcit itemed p?x wwat inirili, and JU "c " Ju. I...CULUNS k CO. * 8ouih?tw* E NE NEW ffig- PASSA<iK FROM COKK-Vw Liverpool-lu JMMPWthe first spring ?hipv?We beg to inform our frieudi i#MU|hslh>>t during the coming spring, 1841 we shall have a ie*;uUr succession ol tint c|.??* American ships, tailing from , >he above port every week, which will be fitted out in such a 4 manner for second cabin and steerage |>a*s?ngers, as cannot fail a to emure them every comfort. One of our firm, Mr. James L). Roche, resides there, who will see penonnlly to the forwarding i of all our passengers, and will ?|>are ueither pains or e*|>?iise to 0 meet their wishes, and hav? them forwarded without auy delay. Tho?e sending lor their frieuds will at once see the advantage to [ he derived by paying ill our line. Apply to. or address if by ii letter post paid, HOC UK BROTHKR8 St ( O. Jj r ulton street, next door to the Kulton li oik , or to JAMK8 I). HCX'HK, 11 (.ioree Piazxas, Liverpool. 1 . Passage certificate* and drafts can be sent from this by the Ngubr picket ships cm the 1st, 7tli, 13th. I'Jtli and In ol 1 e. i rj BM ..til, also by the Boston steamers on the 1st and 16th. J s:w r a SPH1NO AKKANUKMKNT8 FOR 1844?P??- ' M'JsfV'""".ir'.'.'n Dublin, Belfast^ Newry, ^Loiidtmdtjrryj Slij t ITTmenTT. can now be engaged f? r the first sprint; ships, sailing i from Liverpool, by weekly opportunities. Such is uay w sending for their relstives will find it their advantage by nuking arrangements with the subscribers. Drafts i?yable at sight for large or small sums ou the Royal Bank of Irelaud Apply to ROCHK, BROTHKUS & CO.. t 3J Fulton str-et.New York, or to olOr JAMES D. ROCHE, Liverpool |*g- DRAFTS ON ENGLAND, IRELAND, Itc? MRflwW Persons about remitting money to their friend* ill the ( MtffcVSiiOld Country. can be supplied with draft*, in soma of I ?1, Xi. i.':i, X5, ?10 (.20, ?JU, ?M, or auv amount, payable on j 1 (Jem tun, without discount or any other charge, at tne National i " Bank ol Irelaud. Provincial Bank do, Messrs James Bull, Son v & l o., bankers. London; I. Barnard V. Co., Kxchmge and l)is- ! " count Bank, Liverpool; Eastern Bank of Scotland; Greenock r B.nikinu Company; Sir Wm. Forbes, Hunter &l Co., Scotland; * and the blanches in every p >st town throughout Knglaud, Ire- I' laud, Scotland and Wile.;, which drafts wi I l>e forwarded by [ the packet shipn of the 7th, 13th. and Ibtli, and the st?amer Aca diti, tailing from Botton on the 16th October, hv atipl' ing (o f W. it J. T. TAPSCOTT, 1 At their (ieneral Passage Office, * 43 Peck Slip, corner South st. N. B?A || letters from tbe country must com.' post paid ~ FUH LIVERPOOL^The New Line?Kegub r 16th of November -The fine New Y..rli lun ( / IHNlHM'aeket ship HOTTINGUER, In Bursley, maste. , ' lOSfl tons, will sail as above her reirular day. t For freight or passage having very' superior accommodations, t: apply to the Captain ou hoard, at west side Burling slip, or to t WOODHULL & South st c The line packet shin Liverpool, J. Kldridge, master, I1J0 tl tons, will succeed the llottinguer and sail on her regular day, tl 16th December. ol8 q FOR LIVERPOOL?Regular packet of the ?Hh f WfJjWWOctober?The well known fast sailing packet shin ? SJmUBm' '\RRICK, Capt \V. Skiddy, of 1000 tons, will sail | as above, being her regular day. i in ai.tuuiiiK'uaiiuiii iui tauiu, irLiiuu cauiu nriu >irrni||c luissencers are unsurpassed by i?y ve.sel >n nort, and a* a uum- [, ber of her pas-eueers are already engaged, those desiroui of se- ^ curing l>erllu should make < arly applications to JOS. McMURRAV, 100 Pine street ? ol?r Corner of South. (] jjBt NlCW LINE OF LIVSHPOOL PACKETM? hfnMFWPacket of the 25th October?The new and elegant JflflfliliEv acket >hip OAHRICK. umo tons huitheu. ('apt. W. t Skidoy, will sail on Wednesday, 25th O -tobei ,her regular day. i The ?hi|'S of this line beiiiK all 1000 tons and upwards, |>er- t sons about to embark for the old country, will not fail to see the a 'vantages to be derived froin selecting this line in i refer- . enoe to any other, as their great cipacity renders them every way inure comfort >ble and convenient than ships of a smaller . class. Those wishing to secure berths, should not tail to ' make early application on board, or to ? W. Ik J. T. TAPSOOTT, , At their General Passage Office, 43 Peck Slip, ' cor South street. The Crarrack will sail from Liverpool on the Pth December, f Persons wishing to send for th ir fiiends can hiveihem brought out in h-r or any of the regular line on favoraole terms, h Those wisliiug to remit money can be supplied with drafii for ?ny amount, payable in all the principal towns of the United Kingdom. ol5ec J FOR LIVERPOOL?British Ve^.el-The well MMfJ-y known fast sailiur British ship CHESTER, John .IHMfaiH'ilton, niasler, having a large portion of her cargo j engagrd, will have quick despatch for Hie above port. Paitie> ahour shipping colonial or domestic produce, will find the Chester a mou desirable con v? vance. i f" or freight or passage apply to the subscribers. J ROCHE, BROTHERS Jk CO., 15 Fulton ?t., h o!3ee neit door to the Fulton Bank. 0 {it FOR LIVERPOOL?NEW"TiNE -Hegular " P?ck?! of 25th October.?Tlr- splendid iwket ship JMMIfatiAKRICK. Captain Win. Skiddy, of lnOj tons, will *' sail as above, her regular d.-y For freight or passage, having handsome furnished accommodations,apply ou board at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to J E. K. COLLINS & CO. Price of passage, 875. St) South street. The packet ship ROSCIUS, Captain John Collins, of 1100 i tl tons, will succeed theOARRIGK, iiid sail the25th November, ! , her regular day. I; Passengers may rely upon the ships of this line sailing punc , tually as advertised. o2 FUR LONDON?Regular 1'icitetof the 20th Oc- tl jfJJ^V'ober?The fast sailing park.i ship SWl'l'ZER- ri JMhICbLA ND, Capt. Knight, buithen 1000 tons, will sail as a abovr, tier regular day. Her accommodations lor cabin, second cabin and steerage Passengers ar- uusurpassed by any vessel in port, a id as a num- . ber of l>er passengers are already engtged, those desirous of se- I curing bertha should make early applictiion to JOSEPH McMURBAY, 5 o!3r 100 Pine street, comer of South. FOR HULL ?A good shin now loading for Hull tak*' the bulk of I'OO bbls light freight Amily in jMkHaiE. WOOUHlTt.r St MINTUKN, olfi ec 87 South street. ' FOR HAVRE.?The superior French ship MI MnKffV NERVE, Captain d'Acheui, will sail on or about i ?NGI?'he 24th instant. t b 01 treight or passage, appl v to t, 6REAGH it HEYDECKER, or to BOYD 8c HINCKE'v, j o6r 9 Toniine Building*. ???: PACKET FOR HAVRK Bwond Line? The tf ;?fW.hip ONEIDA, Jamns Kunck, master, will nail ou .Hdfilfetlie 1st of November. | BOYD k HINCKEN, No 9 Tontiue Building, >12 ec comer Wall and Wnterstreets n KOR MARSEILLES?Packet for l?t November? * The ship COURIER, Capt. Duggan, coppered and v i H||(BCop|ier lasteuert. v I' or height or passage, apply to S BROOM St CO , d or to BOYD k H INC KEN, o12er No. 9 Tontine Ruildiug. (| PQR MO DE IA \ EI H< I?The fait tailing cop- ? barqne MAZEI'PA, a lint class vessel, will sail iNMb >n 20th instant. passage, having very superior stite room accommodations for forty passengers, apply to < apt. Smith oil hoard, xt pier No. HE R . or to OURUONS COIT. 31 Old Slip A limited number of s eerage passengers will be taken ou moderate terms, if early application be tnaile. olD to o20*tn FOR SAVANNAH?Kirst Regular Picket with MfVjfV^espatch?i'h* lirst class fast sailing ship LANCA.MMMM^IIIRE, ''apt Lyot's, burthen lUti tons, will aail as above, ner regular day. Hiving very superior accommodations for cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers, those intending to embark thou Id , make immeaiate application on board, foot of Dover ?t., or to JOSEPH McMURRAY, 100 Pine street, ollr corner of Sonth. REGULAR PACKET. FOR NEW ORLEANS jMMfW?The splendid fist tailing jiacket ship NORTH 'AROLlNA, Captain Drummond, will hare>'dispatch for the abote |>ort. & The accommodations of this ship for cabin,second cabin, and C steerage passengers, are sucli as cai.noi fail to ensure etcrv 'dm- v fort to passengers during the voyage, a'd the price of passage is very low, for which iuun diate. application shouldbe made on ? board at pier foot of Jones' lane, next Wall street, or to W. Si J. T. TAP8COTT, ( \t their (ieneral Passage OITtce, 13 Peck slip, corner South st. The ships ol this line sail "very live days as usual. N. B.? rheNorth Carolina can acc immodit? a few moie P passengers in the second cabin, who will I* respectably f.,uud I it 1 v-ry miiaernif rate. uiv JAa- FOIl NKW OKLKANS?Louisiana and New t#JWy.V?rk Line?Positively Kirs' Regular ''ackei To J||PMh"*>I ?h*Wlh inst. The Hut sailimi Packet ship YAZOO. t.aptain IJ. J. H. Tnuk. will positively Mil u abort, her p-gnUr day. I Kor freight or PMnge, having haudiome furnished accommodations, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS IK CO, 56 Mouth ttmi. Shippers w II please seud in their bills of lading this day. Pas*engers will please be on board Itie steamboat Hercules, at Whiteha'l, to-morrow (Friday) at J P. M., at which time the I ship wi'l aail. Shippers may rely npon haviug their goods by this line correctly measured. Agents in New Orleans, Mullen 8t Woodruff, who will promptly forward all iconds to their address. The tucket ship 8HAK8PKAHK, Captain A Miner, will iUCi.eed the Yazoo, and sai' 31st inst., her regular day. ol5ec 1 KOR N tW ORIGANS-Kirst ship-Ill^ ?|7. jHM^gant last sailing ship (JK 'KOK STKV ANS, ' aj>t. Aishiug. will sail mi Wednesday the I Bill i st. 'i he iftn part of lit-r between decks is comfortsb.y titt-d up Wl'li st >;e r.ionn for the acenmmo latiou of 2d cabin passengers, who will hi* taken it a very moderate ale, as only a 'united number t can lie tiken. Those de.irous of ?e uring berths will[ reijniie to m'ke immediate application on bo ml the ship, at pier III K. II., or to JuH> IIKIIUVIaN, G1 South sireet near Wa'1 street. N U.?The splendid well known packet ship Francis Uepan ' will succeed Hie ab >ve, and ?ail o.s the 2 Hi ins',. Tnis sh h has un"qnalled accommodationi f >r cabin. 2d cabin and steer- v ige passengers. Apply as above oltr h NSW YORK * B?9TO> P SOUNl' PILOT. I \WF.N PR K. S( OTT. Pilots, or takes charge as mister and o v-r pilot of vessels bonud to New Bedford, over Nantucket Shoals. Boston. Portsmouth, Portland, Keunebeck. and OTH- h KK POUTS. Office at Frye It Shaw's Nautical stoy, 222 Va'er street, corner Beekmau. Ilelereuce to a uumber of mer:hantK uid the several Insurauc.e (Companies in this city. Bos nn,and rnmssil. ivis i-nr boots and ihuu -wilion h john 4I^HVsON, Successors lo John Hatchings, deceased. f hate on baud and for sale, from the bast minufiftori's in the 1 country? PiO Cases I oarae Sewed and Pegged Boots, men and boys. 1011 " Kine " . IOiki Pair Morocco Buskius. ! ] 1000 Ladle. Fine tlippcrs. W? ' Children's Shoes, various colors I ( '<*> ' Women* and misses Outers 1000 ' India iiiixbera, ai. l plain. I , Kor sale in loU to s"it l.ui*lia<er?, at their stor*. M II r.iIW sno.r J'. <<p;iostM Rosevrlt. i ' . N o.?i he stop-'leing I., en nntil 10 o cluck in lh? evening I] gn>s country Mvchuis koopp rtiiniti to examine g." d< il tl eir leisure ,211 liis'm L.\L)i hri' and mkofcis. 4l^MI CHKAPKH THAN K.Vtll. A ' "ALK kit's OLD STAND, 1 p.i Broadway, where 1 <?- may be I und a complete ussorur nl ol all the kinds, colors, sorts and sites, for ladies, misses and children | trailers. Boots, Hiiskins. 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Alto, Tea and 1 liucolntr Wio?, Orrek, K Pitch and Aman>u aUapv. All (he article* are wariuttd ol tha b?t cjiialily, and to ba old oa liberal term*, and iu Ibu 10 tail puxciuwia. ?*7 >RK f ORNLNG. OCTOBER 19, National Institute Paper* THE AZORES ISLANDS L*tt?r f'om Hon-C\li b CutHina, Envoy Extraordinary and Alinitltt Pleuipotentiai y to ChinaU 8. 8te?m Krioatk Mistcuai, Apo 31, 1843. DkAR Win?The Azurt? or W, gtern Island* ai?' a group J of amuil mlmxli, nu.u in uiimher, cituatn.l between ih?* | paiul rl? of 3d iJcur. l'N ftl nun anil JO lifir J:> inin- north I U titude,and between the meridian* oi a"i4eg. b miti- and I 31 d-g and li linn longitude ?mt Inni Ureenwich.? , Of thn>e, Fayal. Pico, Ht J<nge, Uraciosa. and Terceira are placed near together in the centre, whib to the nor'h. wei-t ar? Corvo nml K lores, aiid to the southeast San Mi. ' gtlel and 8i)nU Vtana. These island* w?r? without inhabitants until they hecame known to thn Po'tngu< ?e in the fifteenth century. They were Ukeu potsetsiui: of in the name ol the Crown of Portugal in the nni'dle oi tlint century, anil colonized under it* auspice*, partly wi h Portuguese and partly ? ith Flemings, und have remaintd in 'he handsoi Portugal to the present time, having now a population ol about 13)000 ioiiU. who are duly tepreirntnl in the Cortes at Lisbon ui an inti gt al portion ol the'uguese monarchy. They huvt been the scene of important bia torical even'.* at different time#; and, at a vei y rscent pe riod, here was organized anil prepared lie military lorce which aided in the tr.mi.tVi of the Crown ol Portugal irom Don Migual to Donun Muria. But it is in a scientific point of viaw that these inland* arp more especially interesting. They ore all ot vol', anio oiigin flu 1 formation, exhibiting in their configuration, their surface, their compouent materials, and their present condition the signs of the subterranean igneous action, tha obvious effects ot alternate eruptions aud earthquakes being apparent on ev ery side. Though there is not at the present moment any'crater in activity, yet to lately as the year 1808 there wan a set ies ol violent volca. nic eruptions in ban Jorge, aiid in Iftl1 a volcanic island was thrown up and the" sank sg:<in close in the vicinity of San Miguel; and tho remarkable hot springs ol San Miguel are a continual manihstation of Jhe volcanic forces incessantly at work under the tirlace of the greutid. Owing to these considerations, the Azores constitute a most mi motive geological study, where the geologist flnus much to observe, and where even the unlearned visiter mny see displayed before his eyes the stu pendous uguncy to which is in part owluo: the external configuration of the earth. I have been foitunately enaMrd by the Missouri ha. ving touched at Fayal, which lay in her course to Oibraltnr, to pats the chief psrt of two days in the penonal examination of Fayal >md Pico, with Oraciosa, Sun Joige and Terceira in sight, besides attaining afterwardaa close view of 8&n Mi gin I; and it has occuried to methat I can not make any better use of the results of my rvfcstsrvntintis and inquiries than by laying them before the National la. titute. At the first distant view of those inlnn lit from the sea, the observer ia (truck wilh the extreme unevenneis of their general surfac, the great tievation of particular points, mid the regular conical li nn oi seme ol ele vations. Of these elevations, the mnut regulnr in it a shape, and at the sume time highest, is the Pmk of Pico, which rises to the altitude ol about 7u<i0 feel* in a bi ll shaped mountain, aurmounted by a small cone, anlis in certain views of it ho perfectly tegular that, oil seeing a representation of it, one would imagine it to buon a tificial structure rather than the work of nature, (examples of simple, though less high and less beautilull'- regular conical elevation,may he seen, lor in?tanoe, oil Fay. al, Terceira, and San Miguel 1 b? gin with tbe island of Pico. This islnud is oMorir < in lorm; its broader and north vv H.ferly snd, on which is tbe peak, being of) against fayal. Inspecting it 'rum that side, \ ou find the lower part of the island next the iiti to be entirely covered with loose fragmer.ts of lava or "ther volcanic objections. The houses built of nlocks of brown lava; the p?hMes 011 the b ach atx tourded 'ava , tbe high stone wail" by which the estates are divited are of lava; the vineyards which cover 'his p?rt at tne i?lau I are cut up into little compartments by low walls of lava, an I in the place of soil there is litle or nothing vmible to the eye butthe ??me broK<jn frtifntent* of volcanic cinders and lava. It be ms wondetful how any v. g tation can grow in this apparently (le-ot.i'e reg.Mj, composed of the molten rock* ot the interior of tho earth, heaved up <ii its surface by sume old erupneu, there cooi*<t into mansen harder than bt-tote, and then broki n and scattered obotit by some new convulsion ol nature. But the at. mo-phere is v. arm and dry , and there it, under and be tweeu the rocks, sorae little soil, when, in such an atmos phere, the vine A .unfiles lnxnr.atitiy, - ud most ot the wine which is exported liom the Az?rescr used in them, is raised from tbtse volcanic vineyards ui Pico Pr.'iceeuing up the mouuttiu, however, you at length come to a region wuere the climatu is moister, by reason of the clouds which gather lound the aides ol the peak at all seasons ot the year, and whtreof course moreof soil has been formrd by accretiou of vegetable matter. This process is a very simple one First, lichens glow in the moisture on tbe lace and sides of the rocks and stonn.? As these decay,they affjrd soil enough for mosses, ferns Hud heaths, wnich again are lollowed by grasses, by arboricient scrubs, and by trees. In this intermediate re. gton of the m >ur.tain are found in abnndnnce not only the usual shrubs and trees of the Azores, but pasturage for sheep and cattle, from which Fayal derives supplies. The upper part of the mountain ia a barren mass of lava, volcanic scorin, and broken rocks; and at the sum mit is a larger and a smaller crater, fmth nearl y filled up with lava, but ?lill with their outlines distinctly defined, and b itn in form and in material testifying the nature ol tbe agency by which tbe island ItseJf was raised up out of the depths of the ocean. Thi* account ot Pico I have drawn partly frem personal inspection and part,y lr?m the representation* of others who h.ive atctnded to the summit o( the peak. I myself however, ascended to the larger and more remaiknble crater on tin* summit of the island ot F.iy al, about 3 000 let-t aboi'e the sea ; mid I procted to describe the geological features ol that mlJiid. N-ai tlitt shore, at tne extremity of Pico, ?ff against Fayal, ale two isolated masses of brown tula, the compact' d inudi of some old eiuption, but totally unlike in composition to the ueigUkui nig islands, though resentMing one of the bluff* ut the entrance ol the opi>oiite har. bur of O; ta, on Fa) si. Ami in the m d?t ol the channel, ol about two miles in width which divides the two it. lands, with ninety fathoms ol water, ttere has been sounded out, in the first place, at one point, a volcanic crater; an 1. in the econd place, at another | oint, a cene having an oblong aunitnit ot about one hundied and t wen tjr by amtv leet in tttmt, and ruing to within twenty si* loet ol the surfacesf the sea. The port of Faynl, and the best harl>orofthe Aior. s, is Horta, opposite to P.oo. As you approach this island Irom the west you per.-*o*ve its broken surface is co vored with verdant fields divided oft bv means ol hedge rowaol green canes, which, as y?u i'rst discern them with the glass, give to the whole ot the island the appealKnee of a tesclated pavemi nt, or mosaic ?mk of brown llat rocks. But you presently distingtiisu the white Iiou-es scattered along the sides ol 'ho island and the verdant fields around them; and, ns you advunce, you com i in sight ot the little cove of P<?rt Pim. while directly l>?foreyou and beetling above it, is a high steep sided inouutuin, cultivated to its summit, and Mir.nounted by ? lookout. Passing this, you come to an< ther insulated mountain, whose pi ecipiiotis sides, being at>?olutely perpendicular, ere destitute of ver,line, but whose summit ia covered with a vineyard and the conspicuous whito dwelling house ol its proprietor. And. sailing on, you n'er tUi: h jrbor of Horta, a b -utltiful crescent-shapad hay, stretching along in a graceful curve to its termination in another putpenoicular mountain, while at the bot torn of the bay are the white building* of the town, relieved by a background ol verdant gardens and hill sides .u tin' rear, forming one ot tha loveliest pictures which the eyecun behold. The two mountains, which stntid at the extremities of the Bay o1 Horta, are a peipetual and ever visible monument of the volcanic structure of the island ot Fayal.? One of them is a mass ol rough tula, the other a huge mats ot volcanic rocas and lava-, and the steep aides 01 each bring continually undermined by the tea, no ve*e tatlon gathers upon their side* to cover up and conceal their composition. When you land at Horta, the pebbles ol rounded lava on the beach, the coarse and sparkling lark snnd of which the beach is composed, the volcanic block* ol which the quay, fortification, and sea wall are constructed, all bespeak the same igneous origin ol the island. The liberal hosri ali'y and indefatigable kindness of >ur iuo*t estimable consul fi>r the Azotes, Char e? W. I).ib u y, F.'<1 , | ovidt d lor me I he m? mis t f imme 'iate|j aaceudiug t? tbt a deir.t as it is Cfclled, or principal era ier of Fayal. We gccompliahwd the ta?k, paitiy hy meuns ol horses tuid asses, and partly on foot, in about eight hours, without any i-Btraordmar) fatigue. Leaving Mr. U iliuej's b autilul te i Knee, with its extrusive, luxuriant, ai'd exquisite garden in Horta, our course lay along an elevated ridge lor a number ol mile*, amidst iicbl) cultivated fields of c.'tn and groves ol orai ges, sometime* | separate ! firm the ioadonl> bj the suep ?ld?s of the ra Vine in whicu the ro.i 1 lay, sometimt* hy high walls <il lava s'oni s, in each case with hedge ro a s ol Canes, rosea, myrtles, t,y Iran gen*, and other Dowers and shru ?s. over tupping the w alls Kayal,'n It remtmt ered, I* covered I m th verdure. Vast quantities are seen ot the evergreen faya, (Myrica fay?) tiom which the inland derives its name occasional giovea ot small pines appear; hut there is adeficieocy of large tree* The boosts, like th" atone walls, are cons ructtdol fragments or hewn block" ol voleanic rock As we ai. eo ted further, the road, evety wht re narrow, was a?en to ' < dug lutoithe volcanic <lel'ri? ol which itssidea sere t orn[?i??tl , houses and cultivated tanil began to di?*p > ?r j ' he verdurec n ' ti .tie I, I' It was o h. nth lei n , d . t h i ti.ll ,.| ml , only hff * I ! 11 K ^*it'ii''*e lo; 11 t lit ol s e |i <">ti tint rtgtlt .ay a A |,1>- * .tile tit t'euvat.i Co* eie.i \* tth .tnd heath ; o ' ou ; 't iiinttr*r I ? p v ?li?), nccupiftl hy thelovely v tht^t o ii >t luges, -Villi the halboi nl hi 11 | i ? <1 me "ikb n?? Fjmihim ij 'n "h'kih.1 ) inn 1 <r w lind.'hep ik of Pico loww .ig lip into the kky above the < 1 njilii, whiih covercd ita *i<ten, hut Mc ii< cunxal uunut exited to the admiring g?*n At length we ctmeul a riilfti loth* Cnl 11 a We stood on the rim uI u i iiculai cra'er a* gtilaiIv toi med 11? a |iiiorh howl, about 1,T0 > f?tt deep and anme 7,P0(i acrvta Before I we u'Ki f n? are ol its Jr-pth, one of our company inquired ' Vh?t bird- they were w hich ?i> aau at the bottom ol the Pinter They were black ?hcep, which in the distance teemed to be little hird?. For, the bottom of ihe cratei ' iMmg partly filled up, and it* aidea nnd bottom, except ' wbera there it water, h? ing covered with verdure, it alI'oida excellent pamurage to aheep. The water in the era ' tercoiitaina beautiful gold fi<hea, whether indigenoua to the place, or put tbete ny the hand ol man, I do not know. 1 \nd thua, while thu crater retains ita perlect orm, not | having bei-n dir tubed at the crateraon aomnol the ialanda , are by eaith>|uakea, it haa the additional inteiea- ol bcipg * The Fn nch Aitronomera have made itimo French oia**?IU? Spttuuh surveyora ?et it down at Uia| BpannH ' oitea. 1 IERA 1843. 1 beautified by th? bright heather and gram which clothe ! iti pti taking in this rippct of the lovelinen ol the rent of Payal. Descending a little way, we dined in one | ol the flowery ravine* on the mountai . fi<lp, and then vixitid the incooipar.ihly t>-uut >111 eslatt u which Mr D <bni*ji ha* at San Tomu, the small luiK out to wer on w hich is u con*i|<iciion? ot ject ?u emeii.ig ihu harbor, and ao i e turned hy nightfall to H >ria. Without <lw rlln g fuither on Kayal, I hasten to "peak ol Han J irgti Thin island. likn the smaller one ol O ai'i o*n, h lu lull view Irom r ayai, to ihe Itft ?l Pico l'nt*ae two island* art' li-111! ; being cultivnt< d in graiu, lruit?, an J paalui i?gi- lor cattie, in t h? m. a* in K t v n 1 the di?n te. K> at ion of < he tut ( ice. and i he accuntulaii>>u cl trrgetahle matter having mud.' greater pro* i w< i ha 011 Um north et I\ null' 01 Pico But I ?t?*?U ol 8 m J m ?e chn H\ in acOnUnt ol ihe erup1 tii ol Hid, ulnady m Here the operation* o'Namr*, ot itbic'i tlir A/.?rH wereini't lormad, have h?en witm a?>d by thti piaa'iit gwntrir ion, mid the geological stflictuie ol the uith ha> heeu tha v la ihi? ot'j'Ct of'eK|ierim> lit on h gran I ? '*! The erup iona commenced ori the firat ol Mav , 13< 8 ihio^um upanim inense m .a- of cinders ami atone*, renohn a ai'ioanha channel to Piro. On the 3.) th.a cia'vr hegnn to sink u to repose, an A fifteen ?m.lien>? b oke ??n' in ita vicinity, 'r?m which a a'ream of lava inn touarda the village ol Vellpc. On the I |ih thefci-bei-aat* dormant, and th laige crater froke forth afresh. throwing up huge tout a u ..i a torrent of lava, which might !>? leen from H'ayal, running in a river ol Are to the aea, aweepiiig away co'inliy hooaes and c t'age", and destroying a part of the village ol Umiilina At the lalard ia long Hiid narrow, and the lava ian actona it, the injury done wn? net very exivutive. caps of loo e slant Hunted on the top of the Ihv.i a* it camoiorth; nnd these are already covered with lichen", wtiicli have given place in aome parts to lernt and (mall graiies; lay a* have b> gin to aprlng up, herbngo alrt ai'y diversities the scene; and all-tionntiful Nature ia her?elf rapidly rt pairing the desolation which her hand k?d occasioned. Treceira abound* with evidence of in volcanic, itructurc; and haa a coast io precipitous and craggy, with ?o faw good landi/ie nlacts. and 'hesa no cuailv defended, that it in almost imprepahlo. Even tho Kinull island ol Corvo has it* r.ra'er; while trap rocks and walks of lava abound In Kloref. But the most curious signs of present and continuing volcanic operations hive leeently occured, and still arc to be seen in tb* inland ol San Miguel. I have mentioned the volcanic lalnnd which rota in 1811 near this island, and of which particulars are given by Pr Webster in his account of 8t. Miehatl's, ns aliio in Purely'* memoir on the Atlantic Oretn F.jitlupi.-Uen had occurred in 1810 uud 1811 in different parts ot the iiland, indicating tome unuritd disturbance in tU? volcanic region* beneath. On the 10th ol June the exploaion wufi fir?t seen by the crew ol the 9) lvina, a Britiati sloop o' war; column! ol ?m >ko, fi'e, cinders, ashes, and stones ofimnif-nae size being thrown up from the depth of lorty fathoms in the aea, about half a league Irora the western ex'remity of the island, for several weeks in succession, until n small oraterilorm island wai made, about one hundred and fitly fert in height nndamile in diameter. On the 4 h of July the eruption of stones had ceased; and onlynstream of boiling water poured lorth from the crater; and in October th? whole had again sunk beneath the ocean,though f-?r sometime afterwards Miiolce Usued forth from the sea near th spot. Ol subsisting subterranean action manifested on tho aurfpcn of the islaud, the most remarkable iustanceaare nt the Caldeirasof Ribeira Oi unde, and in the valley ot tho Furnai The chief feat of mcrititce commerce and the largest place on *an Miguel is the ci'y of Poutu del Oada, on the south side of the island. Next to this in magnitude, t u1 without anclioragH or haibor, is Ribeirn Grande, on th? north siJe of the inland, within a lung aeries ot conical hills, near the sea shoie and very observable from sea. About thrpp mile* from Rifceira Grande are the Cildeiras: hot springs or hailing pools of whitish mu-lJy mineral waters, occupying the cru'erg of dormant or ex'inct vol Cano??, and are frequented by bathers, but yield in impur tanr? and inter* ?t to the bath? in the valley "ot the Furniia Th>j?e sre m seri? a ol boiling springs or raldrjnso: various qualities, sttiift'ed in what was once the v??t crater of one of toe great volcanic eruptions In which San Miguel u as foim-d (tome ol the f'uldeirar .ire fuiphurous, others chalybeate, seme highly carbnnattd; anil they are used both ftr hatb'tig and for draught. H- re ti e earth trembles,the grouud is hut, an I a | uui|.i?g gnuiid H heard beneath jmj, as the voluiH's of boiling water ate hewed up by the fires beneath, in 'lie hollou % of the tjald- ires I reter you to Dr. Weh-ter's >voik and to Bullar's Winter in the Azores for a more ull and minute account o1 these remarkable hot sprirgs When I lulid^d at F'ujal I had the U'i? X|Mjat "d pleasure of (ruling Dr. Webster thare; and he lelt Kay a I on thw IH:h br M Michael I trust thil learned chemist and accomplished observer ol na'ure will, on his return to the United Slat**, add to hit claims to the public approbation by further illnstra tionsof the curiouB geology and rumarkablu phenomena ot the Azere*. Without pretending on thi* occasion to describe the natural production* of the Azores, I remark that ihey are without venomous reptilei - that tbey esjoy a temperature always mild; that tin ir inhabitant* aie a healthy and vigoron* race ; that all the chiul fruits and domestic bird* and animal* of the most favored regions of the temperate zone are raised upon them?a| rieots. melons, p> am und applet, appearing side by side with grape*. figs,orange? on<l bananas ; that I *a* the nutmeg, the cinnamon, and the camphor tree of the Eait growing freely in Mr Dabney' garden* ; and that the name Az >re* is derived from the island biwki, which now, a* when the island* were first visited by the Portugu-*e, are *ren roaring and ba lancing themselves in mid air ahovo the deep valley* ol tbn?o heautilul Island* 01 the West. Let me add a few word* of one curiou* plant which ia almmt peculiar to island* ofthe description of ibe Az.res, nnd ia obtained from them and from the Canaries lor the deman J'of commerce This is the orchal weed, ?ftordinr a rich purple dve of *uch value and raiitv that a ton i I ii is worth, in ordinary times. Iron jtiO i to ?3isi m London, nnil in lime* of scarcity ha* been *ol<l forXllKIO. Tin. substance is a soecie* of lichen,?(Bocella tinctona,) ? hich grim son the face ol the sea espoaed volcanic locks of the Azores, and ol the neielihorirg group* ol the Viad iras and ranmies From 'his, or tr"m another small lichen, the Lrcanma larta rea (it is doubtful 'r< m w Mcb P'rltati* from uoih) i lie i nlotisg matter ol bitmiu jwjirr which is of so much value and importance in .ci- nce n. h chemical'est. is und rstood to lie obtaimd. (Helena's Mat Mad vol ii, pp Mllaidrq) I ?hall setid io the Ins'i'ii'e, ii) some *nfe convrjanre ? specimen o' th" lava n-rk' o1 hm, m il of the p< euliai sand ol the shores 01 P co and Fa} al 1 have the honor to be, very respectfully, C i U?HIN0?. To F. Misioi , Jr . E q. C-rr^spoiiding S?critary of tt>e National Institute T 8 Oils-LrAM, August *28, 1843 - I regret tobecnm polled to a id to the above letter that the raueralogicitl specimen* which I took from th- Az >res lor the Instiiu'e were d?*troyi d with other of rr i personal ?tlect*. in the caltsnitou* conflagration of the Missouri. Thkashry Notes.? We uunex front the Modisimian an article on the new ueue of Treasury Nutes, which in some s<n may be considered I'fHcial i? TRKA'uar Notes ?The Richmond Enquirer has ^ >me enmmentson the subject ol a rumor which it i<ik?slrnm a Whig paper respecting a supported contemplated issue ?.| Treasury notes. It quotes Imm h paper ot ihe irue Benton stamp some ot its stale repetitions ol the i Id jwny- clang about Government paper. It treats Mr JrHerson'ij very deliberaie? very carefuliy and repeatedly exi resseri opinions, as "unguarded," and not otitlerl to consideration Ii ia wonderful with what lactlity ttie authority of ihe ^reatap; stle ulUemocraty cm be quoted one day, tuiddeiidrd the next, by his pro eased disciples. A? we understand, ihe act of Congress ot March ti. 1843, provides that when any ot the Trea.-ury notes ihen outsisnding shall be redeemed, at any tune before the 1st ol July, 1844, the Secreiary ot tne Treasury "may cause other noiea to the dime amount to be issued, in place of such as may be re('eeriierl under the limitaiitin* and other provisions t the resprctive acta by u hit h s tid note? were oti?in ally authorized and issued" Tie limitations ii tide r which the outs andi-ig notes were issued are, jiatthev alinulil not be nl a denomination less lhan fi'iy do'Urs. ami *hi u d l"-ar interest at a rale not xeeedirg six p< r cent C>n the 3rd March, 1H43, there were oiirstan ng Treasury notes to 'he 'mount of nenily twelve millions of dollars Fur utnt to the autiiority ^.ven by .inother rtction of '.n actuf 1843, a l?an millions ol dollars vas obtained at 5 per cent und a small premium, with which the same amount ot Treasury note? je.iring six per cent interest have been or will be - deernr d. *s ihe remaining live millions ot notes i > call ihem in, thai ih- country miight, as soon al>rnciicab!e, have the b-mfii ot the present red iced value <>l money Accordingly, none has been i; ven by which interest ceased on nearly one-halt i I ihr atni unt on the UWt August Inat, and will renee on the whole amount us the respective isiiuta come du>*. Mu',na"ihe wtnmof the public service," in the i iimu-tge of the nC'< M'on*repa, r<quire from time '<? line iKe ifi'Ue ol not- h to ?li|vly the pluce I h >-e tiili-. red. ?-me<l. I tie inqu ry h> calii*1 lie cm .ry, v, ni d> noiiriMiiona wmil i be u o- . onv-nieni |or ue public ?ervic , and w11mt Tit- ?<f interest could e ado^U-d * h rli ?nu d ?,ivt ihe riKntinthe Owiiii 'ry, and vet not ob-iruct the rrcelt t ot the nutea by h?* i-ublir creditors 7 For aome year? the government has hfnejt >n*fd lit great hnSird, < ela>, and expense, in the 'rnnt? lorialion ot aoecieto the remote point* oltheUulO'i vhrre us dihburwemeiiiKare ma e. All these could jt obviated by the employment of Treasury in're if h low denomination, who h could be remitted vnii prrlrct safety by ihe ordinary means to the ii.ibursuiK a<mt?. la fact, application* lor surh iote? by iho^e H*rn'.i have been trrquent. Avcoid ugly it has tu-en determined l?T the present to iseue nrin of the denomination of titty dollars. It waa?a matter ot some importance to nave the nterest upon five millions ot dollars. Mr Wood tury, while Secretary, had lxaued notes, some >enrin? two millo mtrrest, and others two per cent ' rhcy answered the main purpose ot lacilitaiinK the iperationt of the Treasury, but in the then condi- I ion of the money market, the. rate of inttre; i wa- I tot efficient to prevent the noten being immedi?" I LD. frie? '1*0 Ctnti ly returned umttlinr ii|ac? t>y ihoae beariof a higher r?tf. It in nippnstd ?h?t thi? prwnt abuidnnee of mo wv will j laiuy mr n?ue ?.| !h,i.?h a mrrt. nomtnnl hut: cf, especially il nv? rut |- mio c?iii hi ihe pkamire <>t the holder Wiih itiii. v cw, die noiea will be purchased at par at th* riepo*it<irt?a ol the I Treasury in th? city of New Y irk, uuder ihr authority giv?*ii hy the net of 1837, mid will br ? *. changed at other depoaitoiies, and ut lUe Land Office* and Custom HoU'fi lor coin Thus it is amici, Hied thai economy, reaponaibility, and ronveni nee hi ihe diwburaement af the public inorey* will be promoted, while ahandaome aaving of interest will be eflert?-d This is a plain ataiemeut of a very simple operal lion There ia n<? loaning of money or credit by the < iovr-rnm?-?it 10 any one, no diarounts, no drafta b\ fi-cal ageuta, no rlepoaitea; nothing but the ordinary |iayinema by ihe Treasury, through the public ageuta, 't the expenwa of the Government, to th? egient of perhaps one-fourih of their amount, in the ' m-'de ao |>o*erluily urged by Mr. Jt-fT-raon. ft is no man's pr< j cr !? is provided oy Congreea by a tterif-s ol la** since 1817 The discretion given by these Uw a was intended to enable theTta*aury 10 isfcue the notes in ike f?>rmand manner hrptadapted to exiting circumstances ?? lbe\ un?h' arise. Now, we have been unable in g-c either the unauthorised aaaumpiion chared, by ucli a description of Treasury noiea, or any danger to aria* Intuitu m That iu'l authority is u ven t>> actaof l <in*iesa, has not been and cannot be denied. Mr Rrchie admits the constitutional power "to rmse loans by meant* of Treasury not'a" Indeed no one has \ et denied it. These notes are a continuance ol ihe loan made when ihe orirtnul no es weie issued. Theae, however, in effect borrow from the people at latfje?those weat into (he hand* oi moneyed inati I tutions, where they were hoarded. Mr Ritchie, however,denies " the right ot issuing them in such h lorm as to he intended and calculated to answer the purposes of a circulating medium." Why ooit It the right exists to issue them at <t I, what provision ot the Constitution forbids their being in such f im Hflwill answer ihe purpose of a " circulating rmdium" tor the <*overnment 1 Who baa the authority to restrict the exercise ot a general power to any peculiar lorm and mode 1 Must the Government puy a heavy interest on tt? lonnsin order to prevent ttie evidences of its indebtedness becoming "circulating nt'dium," by thus offering an inducement to hoard them 1 It is doubled wheiher such a course would be recommended by any but Rani; directors and stockholders, to whom such notes uttord convenient means of temporary investment. The truth is that no lorm can be devised which is not calculated to render Treasury notes a circulating medium, except a heavy rate of interest. Those heretofore issued have long constituted and still constitute a considerable portion ot the circulating medium of the country. There are at least two millions of dollars of notes, upon which all interest has ceased, now actually outstanding nnd in circulation, and notwithstanding the official notices inviting their return, they are kept out and constantly us> d tor the purpose of remittance. According to Mr. Ritchie, ihese noti ? are not warranted by the constitution, hecaust they were calculated to be, nnd have actually become a circulating mediumHe must deny totally and absolutely the power to issue them, or he must admit thai they may asauaia just such form a" convenience and economy iu the public expendnuies require. As to any danger Irom such an issue, the eastern paper trom which the Kichmoi d Enquirer quotes, Hud whose sentiments it endorses, unmiti in terms 'h-t theie can he none; "th;?t the sum is too insigiiifican' to produce any terrible t fleets;" but it tears m?i' "extenr-ive operation* " We have uheudy shown that under existing laws ihe whole amount cannot exceed five millions ot dollar* But there are some politicians ot the apjirrlifnaict school, who seem unwilling to employ any instrument in a reasonable manner, trcm tear that ti may be u*ed unreasonably. Fire and water, accoiding to their theory, ought not to be employed in a steam erguie, because thev may be combined to such an extent as to pr< due:* great mschiet. The (air and honest purpose beiiii; to promote the legitimate otjecta ot ihe Government, the Congress of ho IT..11. /i SloU^ K. ulIcIU ..... k liie power c f dett-rminiiift the extent ta which Treasury notes may he judiciot:?ly applwd, an with ' nny other power conleired on ihai body by the -* ? ?< !??.?? i? Until h? ?mnn?ed hv that body to flood the country with an irredeemable paper curtency, it will be time to sound the alarm But, ao long as the Treasury notes are redeemable in coin, on dcinat (I, an effectual and moat stringent check exis a to any over issue. It bet ma., at least tiretnatu e to ohj ct to a measure v hich is admitted to be he.'mlea?, because it may be entirely changed in Ha character and become dangerous. 7 her-' are other views of this subject which might be pr? s^ntej ; but ?e are hdniotiit-hed by the length of this article ot the propriety oi bringing it to a < lo^e. May we ask ?>( Mr Kitchiethe courtesy torepubU-li th< ne rr-ina<kh 1 l l ILIAN MUMC -MH MANNING (twenty )?ra mi 1 dnii in N ) i ujnl ?>f Ptoni and Cracentini, gives in Tuctiona oh trrim to suit the timet, in Italian French, and Knili>li lingm*. and in the uioat laahionabla alyle ot piano low |>U> i r >1 h .? iK-nniMion to refer to the following unjtlemenJ? J M. Waiiiwriglu. U. U : M???r? Howland k AapiuwaH: J. K Schroder L). l>.; Mr. J T. Bnghim; K. L. Hawkat, D.D.i Mr S A ard Mr M.'1 at J30H Hndaon atreat nor Spring it. ol lm*r ,v,U->u: MESSRS OCHNEIDER St REBHEEN, Profeeenra of MuaiC, lateof J-araloga Spru.gV rrai^ctfuily announce, that ihey are now |ir?paten to give ineir attewlai ce at private t'art M ?oi < *, jnei|jile< St', dur ?< ihe r mi' g .ruun, pai iormiug thr moat i, od>m ?ud popular mu->ic. All o dera for hair it-ml .ncr wil be recrivri and antwered v thr-r |>rr?fiif re- il?-?i e V) C',ni?>< ? g lin'r TO HAM > M ?K I'h M KtH?4 JOHN GILL, mam facruor I Piano h orir riaruware, wiahaa " to announce that in-dilitinn lo hta ra:? I ?h< rut toil Uth trretand d Avenue) '|i?t he i i niade aria eine .fa wnh .Vlf. John Ph' fe, ivory deilrr, No 10 v'uiriv ?trret, .N^w York,(ia e:,t) where anv article of piano 'or'r hardwue can r e l urr!i*a>d aa cheap aa ela-wnere and in any >|uaiilliIra J. <J. 'r?|?-r till ll y aolicila atlrui ntu lo liir auiaTiur quality of ) it tnatiufnctuied gooda. ra|WCially hta impioved tilling rlna, < h.i h are wamnted iii rT t> rr?e*ct Smrri. yeaa cloee atntion to thr above bnsinrta in New Vi/rl haa enabled J. O. io Know riartly what thr piano tone inakrra require. All nrdrr? to John Gill, ZBth itrwt anil 3d Avrnue, N*w York, if lo .Mr. J ohn Phytr. aa above, will niret with iiumediata attea n wcotis lorwarovu to any pan 01 ine l uiumi main. ol7 !in* ni PwlLAU^LPHIA LiAf^Ui RREOTYKK E-TrtRLlSHMENT, K.X< H \OK HUILUINO, KOO.MS M AND V. TH K St-b?c'ib?r hut receive* a lar?e turpiy of Voigtlgndm' I ce > hraieil Daguerreoty pe Appartu*, lair* and unall titet, <nt!i achro malic leutet maJr according to Profetmr Petlvar* calculation. AUoanew inpnly ol beat platea and chemicalt, which br v. rant* good and telli at reduced pricet. Tin- following gentlemen have an reed to act at agentt, via? VVhre, h I7j Broadway New York P. Ilaat, ?m, Vi aahmgton. 1). C. Ur A. Cat pari. Richmond. Va. 8. 'iroadbrut, K.t i, t<n the Southern Statea. Wm Wett, Et*i, < incinnati, Ohio. All com municationt (poat pud) and nrdert, a^compani'd itn r inittencM, will be promptly a'tended to. and thould be re.ted to WILLIAM LAUOKMIMM. ol7 3m*r h.(change Building*. Philadelphia. IMIL1 BOAXDINO *?< HUOL IN THC COUNTRY. ' A Lady, who in an experienced readier, taket into her fa... I ly a number of children not etoeeiling eight, at boarder* and liolara No mint will l>e apared lo render the h<>u?e i pleai it home to the piiinlt and to advance them in fhrir ttudiea < >at attention will be |uiid to their heal'h and morula. I lie location it rery healthy and reined. '1 lie re an now ee racanciet. Hatiafactcrv rrferencea given. Kor further particular* in./mm nil 2w ' rrc J.J II i TLKH 19 Joha at I'O AKUIIITKC'l ? ANO ill il.DKKn I li- tuhtcribar ' would ntpoetfullv infirm hit cnttomen and o|hcn, that ia itei|uenC* of hit nld ttai il in Broadway being Imni'd ilown. hat taken tha prrmitc* No. IJS frothy ttreet near Houtton, il *uch tune nt the ttore* in Broadway are rebuilt, tad that it now prepared toeieute any ordert for Ornamental Work I Carving that may be miutr-d, the tame ,ag formerly. \*?%* V11tlf iJlth lEi'l TOHN OALLIER. ,?<) Ira* Ui Cfotbv VuTI'.'K.?tJ?in? hating <a?t nil Clothing which th?y want lu ditpnaa ol, will, by Uavmg thnr adorns at W Simpi '? k WiUon'aold rtUbli(hr<l >t?r?. 19 Chatham iimt. h 111 on at their n-aiilrnc*. All kirid? of catt off clothing i?, muiical. mathematical liiatriimriils, tettuiu. rjuadgitna, pistol*, gi'itan, he., bought and told at No. 19 I li.luitn ?trwt. > II All kn '!? of <Mr|?Mitfr?' molt b?ngli>. ol< In'l ' ML,*> Nut Sitr Tj, >to\r tl Oj. and Irali Hnthi* > 'I t.(* %'j l> |"*r ton. ol tli# li??t I'mth Orchard Aah w?ll *-i4ln?d by tcit\ w*i*lwr a id ,l?liv?r?l fr?* of c*rt \ redaction if Vt c*nt? (?i ton il Mkon from the IhiMs F,Th M . |. IN TON corner of King ' ? f'1 h f EX li \ IT A .'AN i AI tVv amT MIS r.KI KBKA'I K" pr?t> ran..,,. rh? only on# rv ,f bvrx diaroVflinl, fir'h* ?uic--s?lul aitirpation of tnal ! nlTciiaive i. "In*'.rad, UANUKI FF, . ... - ,1'iri f th? lat? Ii ri n ni l miner a?y*.'ii b>?t?ppll?d III I liy tliuiiaanda ..f L.i.ltea and l.eiitlrmeu. and in m mm : ci Mm, 11 . i nv A.-* I.M.Mr.ui.* 1 r. 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