Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 24, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 24, 1843 Page 1
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TH Vol. IX., No. ?Whole No. 3004. RED BIRD LINE OF STAGES, IN CONNECTION WITH THEN,?A^ jSBO. IIAILHDAI) COMPANY 33CI rALL, .imvANOEMUNTS! TWO 1>AIL\ LINES! On and after Wednesday, llth October. iust , the KM Bird Line of Stages will leave the village of White Plains. every tnoruini;, (Sundays eicej?ted,) at 8 o'clock, A. M.. and every afternoon at 2 o'clock. P. M., and the Ksilroad Depot. City . Hall, and the Westchester House, comer of Broom* street and I th? Bow?ry, N*w York, every uiormug at # o clock, and every | afternoon by the 2 o'clock train. . _ Agents are in constant atteudiuce at# thv^ lvailroau Depots, ol whom even* information mav l>e obtained, and who will also Ueud to the baggage put under thm HIIIAM DEKOHK8T, Proprietor. White Plains, Oct. 4th. IH3. ell lm*ec .^.'/M^IERAHllANOEMENT^ .ii'.n iinm anu rniunur.ui niA ?a <nunuLiiii DIRECT. Via Nbwaa*. Nkwbkukjwick, P?i"<c?Tor*, Tkkktoh, 1 UoansNTOWN ANB BURLI.mjton. smmM ~'iTiiioudlnN siX HolToj. Leaviug New York daily from the loot of Courtlaudt ?t Morning Line at 9 A. M.?Mail Pilot Liu* at I' M. The Morning Line proceed* to Bord?utown, from thence by steamboat to Philadelphia. The Evening Line proceeds direct to Camdea (opposite to Philadelphia) without chance of Can. Passenger* will procore their tickets at the office foot of Courtlandt street, where n commodious sttainboat, will be in readinejs, with br.gxage crates on board. Philadelphia baggage crates are conveyed from city to city, WilioMt being opened by the way Each train is provided with n car in which arc epartmenta and dressing rooms expresaly for j the ladies' use. Returning, the linei leave Philadelphia from the foot of Walnut street, by steamboat to Bordentow n at 7 o clock, A. M. and by railroad from Camden, at 5 o'olock, P. M. The lines for Baltimore leave Philadelphia at 7X A. M., and 4 P. M. being a continuation of the liuea from New York. olB 2m*m p^TERS0N RA1LROAD MM USSflBai Kroin I'aterseu to Jursey City. Ou and alter Monday, Oct. 2d, 1843, the can will leave Patlrson Dkpct. Lkavk Ntw York. 8 A. M. 9 A. M. 11X " UV, P. M. 3 P. M. 4 " ON SUNDAYS. Leave Paterson DiroT. Leavk New York. 8 A. M. 9* A. M. 3 P. M. 4 P. M. Transportation can leavedaily (Sundays excepted.) Pusrn?ers ire advised to be at '.lie Kerry, foot of Courtlandt street, a ew minutes before the Mated hour of de <arture jyl9 6m* tllK SPANISH HTEAMER NATCHF Z. for HAVANH, Direct, Don Frac* V il lair, commander will leave the port ol ^^r nli > II New York on Wednesday, Nov. lat, fur Ha* ^^^^ ivuia direct. The NATCHEZ hat been . newly coppered, relitied with new boilers, find in poimt of elegance and comfort cannot be surpassed. For particulars for passage apply to JOHN B. STANHOPE, Ajtor House, who will accompany the Natcheijon her voyage. ol2toNl*r JOHN ft. STANHOPE. " r r r. FOR CHARLESTON. KEY WEST. y^CaBEiai HAVANA. NEW ORLEANS, AND >^HWR3HS<JALVEsfON. TEXAS.?The splcudid Stenm Shit) NEPTUNE, Captain William Rollins?To s>il positively on Wednesday, 25th October, instant, at 4 o'clock P M. The unhealrhiuess of New Orleans,willi other circumstances, has induced Captain Rollins to delay the departure of the Neptune until the above day, 25th instant, whicn at the earnest solicitation of many nusejigers he has assented to with (Treat reluctance. The public may rest assured that no delay "will be submitted to beyond the day now fixed. The Neptune Has been completely overhauled, and is in perfec order. Passengers may r Iv upou every comfort and convenience in her. About one half the number of her berths are still Mseneaged. For passage, for the above ports, in state rooms, caDins or stree'age, and for freight of light goods or specie for Charleston, apply on board, at the Tobacco Inspection wharf, foot of Clinton street, E. R., or to o!5 tn25*ec J. H. BROWER, 75 Wall street. - TRAVELLERS OOINO SOUTH OR WEST?Sixteeu houn in advance of the 8. Mail?Tri-Weekly Liue to Savannah, *ctlWll<WM in connexion with the Central Railroad to Maeon and the Wnt?The splendid steam packets GENERAL CLINCH, Cart. J. P. Brooks, ami CHARLESTON, Capt. F. Burden, will leave Charleston every Taesday, Thursday and Saturday morning, at 9 o'clock, after the arrival of the Wilmington beats from the north, arriving at Savannah the same day, and will leave Savannah on the *am? dayi as above, at 6 o'clock P. M., after the arrival of the cars from Macon. Travellers will find thil to be the cheapest and most expeditious route to the south and west. The above boats are fitted up iu a superior style, and no expense or pains will be spared to ensure certainty, comfort, and expedition to the travelling public. JOHN B. LAMTTE. Agent, Kitzsimmon*' Wharf, Charleston. Charleston, September, 1043. ?17 2m*r NKAV AKRANGKMKNT FARE AND FREIGHT REDUCED. aMM REGULAR MAIL LINE-FOR PROfl^rJ,-ga?yiDK.NCE AND BOSTON, via. STON 2PE^3K*.INGTGN AND NEWPORT?Composed ol the following superior steamers, running in courection with the Slouington and Boston and Provideuce Railroad* S? MASSACHUSETTS, Cant. Conntock. RHODE ISLAND, Capt Thayer. PROVIDENCE. NARRAGAN SETT. MOHEGAN. One of which will leave New York daily.(Sunday* excepted) from Pier No. 1. Battery Place, N. River, at i P. M. ARRANGEMENTS. The RHODE ISLAND, Captain Thayer, ou Monday, and Wednesday for Stcnincton and Newport, and Friday for Stouiugton. Tli.' MASSACHUSETTS, Captain Comstock, on Tuesday and Thursday for Stonington, and Saturday for Stouington, Newport and Providence. PtM'nxm, on the arrival of the steamers at Stonington, will be immediately fiirvvardi"' in the splendid and commodions Cars of the KailFvad y ? Providence and Boston, and if for Newport will proceed in the steamer Mohegau (in superior order) from ihence at 6 o'clock the following morning, thus giving them aiuppportnuity of a night'* rest on board th* steamer Maisaclmseti* or Rhofle Island, and then breakfast on board the .Mohegan. The nhov? stanmer* have been thoronghly equipped and prs^fvred U promote ctJerity of travel and the comfort and security of passenger*, and not *urpae*ed by any in the United Htates. For passage or freight, which i* taken at rrrt reduced rate*, apply ?u board jit north tide of pier No. I. 22 Broadway, or office of Samuel Ueveau, freight agent, on the wharf. Titketa lor the route and steamers' berths can be lecured on boud, or at the office of HARNDEN at COy No. S Wall *tn?t T7~ NOTICE-CHANGE OF HOUR?Ou and after Monday. Oct. 9th, the steamers of the New Jersey Steam Navigation Company, formtug the line to Providence and Boston via Stonington, will leave pier No. I, Battery Place, at i P M. (l/~un and altei the 10th Mist, freight will not be received and forwarded after half-past 4 P. M. m9 6m* m A* NEW ARRANGEMENT KOR ferSaJMT SHREWSBURY?Loot Branch. Sandy 3K*iaBCliiLHook, Oce*ii House and Katontown Landing. Tlie new Steunboat SHREWSBURY, Captain John r. Corlien, will uow run as follows, on and alter Thursday, 27th iust leaving New York, Iro-n the foot ef Robinson strwet, evsrv Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, at 10 o'clock. A. M. Ami Katontown Landing on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at 10 o'clock, A. M. The Shrtwabury will run a* above, weather permitting, un| til further uol ice. All baggage at the risk of the owu?r*. Kare T7)? cent*. N B.?Rtage* will be in attendance to convey passenger from the aforesaid landing place* to any part of the county re quired. The Shrewsbury will go the inner passage, when practicable jellr "airn m SEVEN O'CLOCK MORNING LINK II,;, Jf FOR ALBANY, TA.OY, and intermediate TEJHCjK. Landings?Frrm the steamboat pier, at tli> foot ol li irrl.iy street. Breakfast and Dim>?r on board. Lcures N?w York?The Empire on Monday, Wedne*day and nd?y. Toe Troy on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, Landing at?Caldwell'*, W?t Point, Newbureh, Hampton, p.vugt kieiisie. Hyde Park, ^Ihinebeck.U. Red Hook, Briitol, Csislill. Hudson, Coisacki* and Kinderhook. The new low pressure steamer EMI IRE, Captain S. R Roe, Thr ?-w low prraaure ateamer TiioV, Captain A. Oorham, o.i Turxloy, At 1 o'clock in the morning. Kor pa?a*x*, apply to K. B. Hall, at the after, foot of Barclay air.''., 111 us I'liura N .ucf ?All <*>>>?!?, Freixht, Baggage, Bank BilU, Specie, orai.y uher kiu<l of Property, taken, ampped. or vut on luiaril the ti. -u of thia Lni?,intiat ne at thr riafc of tneownera of aich go'wta. attic r PEOPLE'S LINK OF STEAMBOATS (+%/ ' KOR ALBANY?Daily at 6 o'clock P. M.? m T' ?' direct?Krom tne ateamboat pier betw<*n 'ourtluuli uid Liberty Btreeaa. Sunday excepted. i )? a team boat KNlWKRBOt.'.Kt;U,< apt. AT. St. John, will l??re? Monday, Wedneaday and Friday tvetunua, (it ail 'clock. 'i^irmM KtM'llKHTKIl, ?'apt. A. lloachtoB, wHl lrare l a-mi U Tnniada*. and Maturdav at ? P. M. Al j o clork 1'. M.?Landing at Intermediate Place*. !??.a.?hcnt SOl'TH AMK.MICa, Capt. L. W. Braiisard, will le-*a Moudari WrUueaday, and Friday afternoon, at I o'dnrfc. Dlwaluial NtlHTI) A V EKICA, Capt. M. !l, Trnoadell, w.ii le??# laeaday. 'i'lmraday and Saturday Eraaini, at five o'clock. Piuaem?*? Ukir^ ihia Lipa of Boa'a will at all timea airiet in Alt in ample lima to take the Morniuf Traia of Cara for tie 'wl or ?wt l'li? -ifcore W..-ia are Brw and aabauatial. are formatted with aad elegant Stale Kn?na. aad for aioed aad accoinmodati. na if anntalM ua the lladaoa. Kor PiaMtfe in Kreiftit. apply oa hoard, or t? P. C. Schnlt* at ire r/lrr mi the wh*.fl. aiirSorif K-Oii *?d a/krr Monday, Oct. ISrtt, the hoata of thia a a a a*... * I k ? - a rn ,.*?Laah I' VI ? * ..r * ** BKVKN OH'LOCK KV K.N I NO LINK ? - ALBANY AM) TIU)Y dinwt. will I out Ak..JULMiW- ?'> I'lctidid low pr?a?Bn> tMawiboat I*n VM.t'Vf , < ?|4aia 4,- virion, will laara th? foot of l aurrt rrrry Tnraday, Ttmrtday. r.nJ Saturday \rmuK?, at 7 o'clock, Mr All'aay diiycl. Tl?< <wallow Iim * large nawb?r uf motnt.and for t|?*d Dud M roinmuhlinM it not itr<ut?d on lh? lliidxm. SlwW \ OlUv AND KINUMTON 8TKAM KKEuJHY AND fAMAUl LINK *0 ror Kibki(?b, aoc l>?l*wtr? and Hudaon -at?a?boau KM MIALO and M)R? I*?uiC5E-wi? h. 'J In- KMhKALD. <a|>tain J oh a K?, will Ibb?? Nrw i oik, foot (if M array Mrrat. crwy Monday Mid Thunday at 1 u clock, 1' M. W ill Imt? Kiuattna (Itog oat laudiuf) ?r*ry W*luaa4ay and >>?tiir?Uy al 1? clock, P, M. "'In' NOHWK II, I aptaia JoImi HmhwIi, will Intra Nrw Yoik, fool of Warrm tlJWt, #??ry Wtdumday and Saturday at 9 o'clock, I". M. \V ill Uar? K j<?ton (Itoadoat landiaf) ar?ry Taaaday aud > ridtv U J o r! ik. r ,$TRA XRlr9 The EMKKALD will l?a?? lh? foot of Varrar atnvt rrty ffiiuilnv inorniugat 7 o'clock. Ktarauia, laataa Ktaction al 4 Vock, aaiMday. '"'' "WlfcjIiur.WliCB, a2l Jm r IW W?at?tr??t. mm ?TAT KN I LAND PEHHY, KOOT mid"LH'?? (o*lIoV,7 !.<*? N?w York ?, II, I, ... L??r? Httim Island I, II, I. 4. AM might htifwri imiiiW l? to purllrnUrlv M(M * id ? ( thurukofttoowiMN itMrtuf. i*l I ? ??I???? 11-!?-" E NE NE^ NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. To Mil from New York on the 2ith and .Liverpool on the 13th w _____ of each mouth ^ FTmNrwfS?^ 5b'" Captatu Wo. Hkiddy, 2,'ith October. L. .V?! !L1S' ^*Ptain John Collins, 25th VoTember. SI1"' ?! RR{-!M ^v^-aptain A. B. Cobb, 25th December. Ship SHERIDAN, Captiin K. A. l)ei>eysier, 25th January. .. . Krom Livkhpooi.. Ship S1DDONS, Captain E. B. Cobb, 13th October. Ship SHERIDAN. Captain K. A. Depeyster, i3th November. Ship OA It RICK, Capt. Wm. Skiddy, 13th December. Ship ROS< ICS, Captain John Collin*, 13th January 1 luie sl:i|w are all of the tirsC clan, upwards of 1000 torn, built in tli? city of New York, with such improvement* as combine great s|>eed with unusual comfort for passengers. Every c.ue lias l?m taken m the arrangement of their accommodations. The price of passage liuuce is $75. These ships are commanded by ex|?erienced masters, who will make every esertion to pve general satisfaction. Neither :lie captains or owners of the ships will be responsible for any letters, parcels or packages sent by them, auless regular bills of lading are sinned therefor. For freight or passage apply to E. K. COLLINS ii I.0..56 South St., New York, or to BROWN, SHIPLEY it CO., Liv?n>ool. Letters by the packet* will be charged 12>i cent* |>er singl hurt ; M ceuts per ounce, and newspa|iers I cent each. o23 jr Jft^ KI.\11TTANCES TO IRELAND, kc-Th. MT^Vsubscriber continues to transmit money in sums large pipBtg^'r nn ill, to |*Tson? residing iu any part of of Ireland in the same manner a* lie, and his predecessor in business have done fur the last thirty years aud more ; also, to any part of England, or SCOtluiu. Money remitted by letter (post paid) to the subscriber, or liertoiiallv deposited with him. w ith the name of the i? rson or Th? IrtrracK will sail Irom Liverpool on the 11th December r-rsons W'shing to send for th- ir fiiends can hirethvin hit nghf. out in h-r or any of the regular line on favorable terms Those wishing to remit money can be supplied with drafts for *ny amnjul, payable in all the principal town* of the United Kingdom. oivc REGULAR LINE OF PA< KETS FOR LON! rflMfWDON?Packet ol the 1st Novemlwr. The splendid, JniMBBni II known, fast tailing and favorite pi. VIC i??RIA, Captain Morgan, will tail positively as above, her regular day. Thu splendid ship has eice'lent accommodations for cabin, second cabin and sl.enpe passengers, and those aboat visiting the old country, would Jo well to make early application to W. fc J. T. TAPSCOTT, 43 Peck Slip, corner of South street. Who hare also regular first class packets sailmc weekly to Liverpool, New OrTeaus, Mobile, S.ivaninh and Charluetou. oct 23.-C _ ? Aj?" FOR LONDON?To sail on the 1st Novetiiler? MMrl^The new packet ship VICTORIA, ('apt Morgan, tons, will sail a* above, her regular day. Mir accommodations tor cabin, second cabin and steeraiie pas?engera arc unsurpassed by nny vessel in port, and as .1 number of ner pissengers are already engaged, those desirous of s?| curing berths should make early application to JOSEPH McMURRAY, oZlr 100 Pine street, corner of Sooth. ~OLD I!L\< K B\LL I.INK OK" 1 'A<~KETS kHI?VF'<)R LIVERPOOL?Packet of tlie 1st November. jSflkib?The splendid fast sailing packet ship OXFORD. < apt. Kathboue, will he despatched as above, h?r regular day. She has au|<erior accommodation for cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers. Those wishing to secure berths will require to make early application to JOHN IlERDMAN, , . 61 South st, near Wall street. N. B.?Pas?aije from Oreat Britain and Ireland, via Liverpool, can at all times be engaged, on the lowest terms, by any of the regular packet skips, and draf's furnished for any amount payable at the National *. d Provincial Urnk of Ireland, and at all the principal towns throughout the United Kingdom, on application as aoove. OSI r XAT- FOR MARSEILLES?Packet for 1st November nRfJVThe ship COURIER, Capt. Duggan, coppered and Ufar ipi*' laslene t. For freight or passage, apply t? S BROOM fc CO., or to BOYD It HINCKeSJ, ot2 ec No. 9 Tontine Bnildinir. JtAg- FOR SAVANNAH?First Regular Packet with WHnfWdespalch?The first class fast sailing ship I.AN('AAWMaitLSHIRR, Capt Lyons, burthen tjO tons, u41l sail us above, in-r regular day. Having very superior accommodations for cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers, those intending to embark should make immeaiate application 011 board, foot of Dover St., or to JOSEPH McMURRAY, 100 Pine street, otlr corner of Sonth. *?5?- FOR NEW ORLEANS?First Ship-Th* elerf'WfVgaiit fast sailing ship OE"RGE STKVAN8, Capt. JMMKa''ushing. will sail positively This Day, 2-ltli. Th' afk.-rfiMrt of her lietween decks is comfortably titt?d up with state ro.imt for the accommodation of 2d cabin passengers, who Mill I* ukenatavery moderate rate, as only a limited number can I.1 taken. Those desirous of se nriug berths will require 111 mm'- imii?-ui?ir i|>i>ntuiun ou ?? snip, as pier iu r.. k., or to JOHN HERDMaN, 61 Fouth street. near Wall street. N B ?'1'lie splendid well known j acket ahip Francis Deiiaii will succeed the above, and nail on the 2 thin it. This ?h p hat un?<|ualled accommodation! f'ir cabiu, 2d cabin and sleerik' i HMngcn. Apply aaabote oXf KOK NKW ORLEANS?LonidUM and New (HftSWYnrk Line? Positively First U.n.lar I'acket. To JWHfaaail the 31 nt Oct. The fast tailing packet thip OCO.N I apt Jarkioii, will tail an above, her regular day Vnr freight or paasage, having handtoins tarnished accommodai lona, apply ou board, at (Mean* wharf, foot of Wall or to K. K. COLLINS St CO, *>fi South street. Shippers may rely upou bar nig their goods by this line i:orrectly measured. Agents in New Orleans, Hullen k Woodruff, who will promptly forvtandall goods to their address. The packet ship Sbaks|>eare. Capl Allm Miner, will succcad theO' I IN'KK., and *.u i ihe mt h Nut. her <1 IV < '21 r tit- REGULAR PACKET KOR NEW ORLEANS WJrlV?l.he splendid fast railing packet ship NORTH JMMKa' AUOLINA, Captain Drummond, will hav* iimnudiate dispntoh for the above port. Tlie aceommodatiims of this ship for cabin,second cabin, and steersge passengers, are such as cannot fail to eisiire ererv 'nm Ion to pus-ngcrs during ihe voyage. a"d the price of passage is ?ery low, lor which i nun dute application sliouldbe made on board at pier fool of Jouea'lane, neii Wall street or to WTk J. f. TAPHCO'l'T. At their (Jeneral Passage ()ffice, 43 Pack slip, corner South st. The ships of this line tail ?very Ave dars as usual. N. U,?TheNrrth < smlina can accnmmodste a few moie paassHgers iu the second c abin, who will lie raspe'lably found st very moderate rate. ni9 j.)r NEW YORK sOL ft BOSTON SOUND PILOT. OWEN PREBCOTT, Pilots, or takes charge as master and pilot of teasels bonnd to New UsdlorJ, over Nantnrkei W*irt ?? ?.< "row Itrlrrrufr to a uumtttr of oirrth? >(? iumI lh<> mil*! Imuranco Comp*nin? in litis cilv, B??? ?n <n<4 Portland p?I? Imi 1 VHD--700 k?H< ?tf* |Min# I.Mr Urd, in ticallral onlrr. MJ tor ul? |jy II ? C. K. COLLINS fc CO. M South it jiersons m lieland, Kngland or Scotland, to whom it is ?o l?ioot, anil imm! |>o?l lowu, will be immediately transmitted, and paid accordingly, and a receipt to that effect Kit en, or forwINN U> Hit- MMIf. I In like manner money, or cliims on persons in any part of Irrland, Kugland or Scotland, can be collated by tin- suhscrib? r for |iersons residing in anv port of the United Stales or Canada, and will be paid to thrin accordingly. <^>21 lm*r HF.OHOK Mi-HKI l)K. Jr. M Cedar it. (Aa- I'ASSA.iK Kl? M I IIUK-Vn Liverpool?In wMMFWili' lii?i spring ships ? We t*? t.> inform our friends JltlHlxl duriiiK tbe coinuiK spring. 1814. we shill have a eguliu succession ol lint cl-?? American ships, vailing from the abote |H>rt ever- week, which will he Sited out in such a manner lor aecond cabiu and steer ige pa??eng>-rv aa cannot fail to enaure them rwy comfort One of aor firm. Mr. Jain?a D. Roche, resides there, who will see personally to the forwarding of all our passengers, and w ill spare neither pains or ei|*nse to meet their wishes, and have them lorwarded without any delay. Tho?e sending lor their IVieuda will at once see the advantage to be derived by paying in our line Apply to, or address iT by letter post paid, ROCIIK BHOTIIKUs fc. CO. li Kul ton street, nest door to the Fulton II oik , or to J AM KM U. ROCHE, 14 (torn I'latnas. Liverpool. P. 8.? Passage certificates and drafts can be sent from this by the regular packet ships on the Ut.Ttli, Dili, Mlk and iJlih ol every motth, also bv the Boston sii-ainera on the ur and ISth 44S; UI.\iK B AL L~ < > < OLD LINK OK LIVK./Y PAt'KKTR?Only recolar Packet, sailing on eduesilay, tli? I at ol Nov '1 he rejaikthle fast sailing p.u-kei ship OXFORD. hnrtheu 900 tons, t apt,uu Rathbone, will sail |H>sitively aa above her regular day. The accominodationa of this splendid packet tor cabin, 2d cabin and steerage paasengt rs are aiisurp?uv-d lor splendor, conve nience and comfort by auy vessel afloat Those emb?rkiiig for the old country will find it to tlieir interest to select this drsirable conveyance. For passage, which is v> ry low, and to secure the best berths, early application should lie made on bonrd, loot of Beekuuin ?t , or to the subscribers. RO? IIK. BROTHKR!* * CO.. X> Kullon street. Beit d?or to the Fulton Batik. P. S.?The Oslord tails from Liverpool ou the Idth of December. Persons sending for tlieir friends can bar.- them brought out in her, or in anv ol tlie packets comprising this magnificent and uiie.iualle'1 .lue, sailing from that |k>rt punctually on the 7th aud 19th of each month. ol) r 1JU- FOR LI VK.RPOOL?British Ship-With despatch n9fV ?The well known very fast sailing British ship BpK'.'ltKHTKK, John Wilson, master, havuig a large Ivor!ion of her cargo oil board, will have immediate despatch or the above port. Ship|>ers of goods will And the Cheater a most desirable conveyance. For ireight or passage, having very comfortable accommodations,applvto the subscribers. ROCHE, BROTHF.RS k CO., M Fulton it., oS.'r ueKt door to th* Fulton Bank. rOH L1VKRPOOL-NKW LINK -lUgulai nHMfV''ickut of iiith October.?Tlie splendid packet ship Captain Win. Skiddy, ol' lOOfl torn, \> ill sail aa above, her regular day. For freight or inssage, having handsome famished accomuiodatioiis,api*y ou board at Orl*<tut wharf, foot of Wall street, or to K. K. COLLINS k CO. Price of passage, S7J. J6 South stre?t. Tlie packet ship HO8CIU8, Cnptiin John Collins, of 1100 tous, will succeed the OAHUl'JK, and sail the ttih November, her regular day. Passengers may rely U|M)U the shi|? of this line sailiuf punc * tuallyaa advertised. 02 KOrt LI VKRPOOL?The New" Lin*? lieg.lTr IrMRvW Packet 16th of November?Th? fine New Vork bui t packet ship HOTT1NGUF.R, Ira Bursley, mast* , 10)0 tons, will sail as above her re#ular day. For freight or passage havinf v, ry superior accommodations, apply to the Captain on hoard, at w,-?t mile Burling slip, or to WOODHULL k MINTUKNM.tT Sooth at ?< Tlie fine packet ship Liverpool, J. Kldiidge, master. IliO tous, will succeed the llotliutfuer and sail ou her regular day, 16th December. oJ2 FoR LIVERPOOL?Kogular packet ol the 2 ,ih MKFjfV October?The well known fast sailing packet ship AKtjJfal i AHllICK, < apt W. Skiddy, of 1000 tons, will sail as above, being her regular day. Her accommodations for cabin, second cabin and steer*** rnssengers are unsurpassed by any ve.sel >u port, and aa a Minner of Tier pas-enners are already engaged, those desirous of securing berths should mak* larfv amdiratiouou to JOS. McMURRAY, 100 Pine atreet olTr Comer of South. "ijHt NEW~~LINK OF LIVERPOOL FACkETtUPacket of the 2Sth Octolier?The new and elegant JHilbfckrl ahip OARRICK WOO tons burthen, Capt. W. Skiddy, will sail on Wednesday, ilith October,her ir^'iiUr day The ships of this line being all I00? tons and npw ,rtls, persons about to embark for the old country, will not fail to ??e the advantages to be derived from selecting this liu* in (.reference to any other, ;>s their great opacity renders th?m every way more comfortable and convenient than ships of a smaller class. Those wishing to secure berths, should not tail to m.' early application on board, or to W. k J. T. TAF8COTT, At their General Passage Office, 41 Peck Slip, cor South street. w r o N YORK. TUESDAY MOl LUC1NA CORDIAL, OB TDK E LI X I R OF LOVE. i In uldti: time, among tlia Jews, 'l'ha! man a ?ecoud wife might choo*e? ] Whose lirst, by Kate's unkindly doom, c No childreu bore to ble?* Ilia home. > Afflicted thai, the Roman matron Pray'ed to Lucuie, Lite midwilV's patron: Egyptian wives, in such a emit, Called to their aid the Priest* of lsi?; . And even now. the meek Hindoo? ' Warm a* her clime, and teuder. too? Ifchilille** twelve month* Iroin her bridal ' Klies weeping to her teuteless idol, And with raised hands, in accents wild, I Petition* Bramah for a child; For well ah* knows. Love shout to bleaa The Hindoo bed of barrenness 80 much forlove in day* by-gone. And savage customs in our own; Gut nay, even now, does Love'* commumoa Bleat in our laud, a sterile union? No. oft times couiukuI I'elinlv I? thus disturbed?uy, e'en in thu eitf Yet may the barren, if they try The means "iucrease and multiply," With "Love's Klisir" fur her friend, The childless wife's repiniugs end. But not the nrocreative power n Alone, ii this Klixir's dower. \ Consumption's ills it will prevent, g With vigor clothe the impoteut; 11 Suppress a gleet, what e'er its date, a Auu all life s functions renovate; Kruptions from the akin it chases, n Auu brings back beauty and tlw graces; e 'Tia woman's trust?and ne'er deceives her. r From I' luor Alhus it relieves liar, ; Aud each disease, (with proper care, too,) , Her fair aiid fragile form is heir to. Tt.'se are bil tri-thi. who calls thans Actio* j Shall have stern proof in contradiction, Letters?*11 forms of attestJitiou? From the savans of every natiou; 1 With grateful missives from all quarters, i Penned by Disease and Quackery's martyrs. Thousands who lay, with fluttering breath, Almost within the jaws of death; Now in their nightly prayers rejieat, f Thanks to Life's friend, in Nassau street, And sometimes names the very uumber? I "Ninety-two Nassau"?even in their slumber? ] Or, dreaming of Diseases ordeal, J Cry < ut for tlie "Lucina Cordial." 1 Persons oideriug this medicine from the conutry, by sending t a remittanctf, can nave it boxed up and sen; to auy part of the t Luion. Price $3 per bottle, or 124 per do sen. Also for sale at i So. 9( North 6th at, Philadelphia. oIO Iin'm ? Bl, \ N'ARD'S PATKNT STATUHf YVOOtTlli COAL tj 3TOVKS?tor halls, parlora, officea, stores steimboata, Itc. Kor heauty, comfort and economy are not equilled by any t stove in the Ui'ited States Thesestoves are a Statue of Washington the Father of our country, surmounting two pedestals, Jj owe for weod and the o.her for coal. The one lor wood is con- " structed for alive and duuih stove combined, and for a live stove only. Tltf fitt ch mi her in the pedestal is "onst'uc'ed in J such a manner that the fire, by means of a revertable plate or 1 partition ill the ?tove, causes the heat to circulate through the entire height <>f the statue, iviiiif a large and beautiful radiating surface They have also a hot air chamber attached, end every 1 thing being arranged on the most scientific principle Kor ? uenenl utility tliev cannot fail to eive sati?faerinii TV.e mk. ' scriher itivi es the attention of those about purchasing to call mill satisfy themselves of tlienhovu facts. Tliey can be seen in operation daily anil for tale ouly in the city at 114 Grand street, one door east of Broadway james 111nds. oil ltn*m HARPS T K. BROWNE & CO. Manufacturers of the Improved " Patent Double Action Harp, by Royal Letters Patent, London?established 1810, (many years with Erard,) No. 385 Broadway and )3W Chambers street, New York. J. F. Browne offers for sale at 385 Broadway, the finest collection of these beautiful instrument! iu the United States. 11 is irraiiftements ar? such as to enable him to transact business at Euroiiean prires, thereby saving purchasers the high duties imposed by tariff on the*e instruments. J. K. Browne would observe these Harps are constructed on the most approved principles, with all the modern improvements, are unequalled iu brilliancy r f tone, fineness of touch, and iierfectnes! of mechanism. Paiiicular care is taken to lit tliein for the extremes of climate in mis country, in which rexpec t they will be found far supen< i to any of European manufacture imported in the usual wiy. These Harps are (wtronised by the elite of musical tast* and professional talent in Enro|ie- among the latter, he would mention N.ty Bochsa, who inv;f:ably selects from this es'ablishment. The attention of jir.i 'essors in this country is solicited. Lists of price* and ileacriyt ions may be forwarded by post. 1 Repairing carefully atteuded to; Harps taken in exchange. I Strings, 8tc. o21 lin*ec a MUSIC. ? fOSKPH KAMMF.RER, professor of music, respectfully .. " announces to his parrons. and the public ill general, that be has removed from A Clwby to 136 Laurens street, where all j orders for his Cotillion Baud, to wait on parties, etc., in or out of town, will be thankfully received and promptly attended to. e Orders for J K. will also be received at Mr. \V. Dubois' music (tore,286 Broadway. o2 lm*r MADAME SUTTON, ' PHOFK8SOR OF 8INOINO. 66 Varick street, St. Johns' Park. s!5 'tm*r music ( Messrs. Schneider & rebhun, Professors ?r Music, late of Saratoga Springs, resiwctfully announce, that they are now prepared to give their attendance at private J parties soires, serenade*, kff, durum the ensuiug season, |ieriorining the inost n odern and iiopultr music. All oiders for h?ir itt- iJ*iu e will he received and answered J at their present residence, JfrCmsbyst. o!6 lm*r j IT\LIA.N MUSIC.?MR. MANNING, (twenty years res ' den: in Naples,) pupil of Pacini and Crescentini, gives in- f structious on terms to suit the'imes, in Italian French, an ' i Kukli'h tinginy, and in the most fashionable style of piano I forte playing. a Mr. M. hts permission to refer to the following gentlemen:? J. M. Waiuwright, P. D.: Messrs. Howlnnd V Aspmwall; J. I: F. Schroder. I). I).; Mr. J. T. lirighain; F. L. llawkes, D. D.; ( Mr. 8 Ward. t Mr. M. re-ides at 230K Hudson street, near Spring It. I ol lm#r t to piano forte makers. JOHN GILL, maiiufacturerof Pi%iH> Forte Hardware, wishes to annuaii' e that in addition to his establishment, (oil 26lh streer and 'd Avenue) that he ha? made arrauiieinenls with Mr. ' John Phvfe, ivory dealer. No. 19 Murray street, New York,(as a?ei;t) where any article of piano lorte hardware can t>e pnr- i chased as cheap as elsewhere, and in any quantities < J.'O. respectlully solicits attention to the superior quality of his manufactmed goods, especially hia improved tunuiK pins, > which are warranted in ??;ry respect. Sixteen yean close attention to the abovs business in New York has enabled J. G. I to mow exactly what the piano forte makers require. All orders to John Gill, 26th street and 3d Avenue, New York, 1 or to Mr. John Phyfe. as above, will meet with immediate atter.' ( lion. Goods forwarded to any partofthe United States oil inr in ? Dl?BKOW'? HIDING SCHOOL, ' m BOWF.UY. MR. U. Km the honor to aiuiouuce chat hit School is opra to the reception of pupils. Jail v. .SuiuUvi excepted t tr Ladies, from 9 A. At. to 11. Al. . F itinllnnm, from 7 to '} A. M., and I to 7 P. M. , Hi. Sly rrs'ned and gmrt horses for the road or parade, to Fort* ni and particular* apply a* above. an5 Sm*r UNITED STATES TEA EMPORIUM, 121 late 129 Chatham ?ti tet, New York And 116 Fulton street, Brooklyn A?f*< v. 118 Hi.kki kkb Stkmit, W H g L K li A L fel A N I' It K TAIL, I HMIF. CANTON TKA COMPANY continue to offer fot ' | 1 sale new and Iragrant Teas of every variety and ityle.? | Their assortment spe< ully include* the most delicious and powerful grade* of Green and Black F.very package liears the Stamp of neatnasaand elegance, and tlie Tens therein are so ' thoroughly teemed from light and air, that their <iuality and ' power will remain unimpaired in any climate. Tlieir ?y?*em of prosecuting business ta, (wrhaps, scarcely to be excelled It ii fouuded u|>on the utmnat regard to the right! ol the custom er, especially with respect to weight and quality, and unri railed cheapness All purchasers are called U|Hin to return au\ articles which tail to give them the utmost antisfaction, which .1 the money will be cheerfully and promptly refunded. Country merchants, public *stiiblishm?uts, heads of families, and ship ; masters will hud it a decided advactage to supply .hemielves , from this establishment. Uiwci.iit Java CoKrgr. roasted evenr day. Orders from all jwirta of the United State* exreutod with prumptitnde snd despatch. ir>- Tlte only warehoas* ia America for the sale of Hon ina s celebrated Ulack Tea ? !9 lm*tn CHLORIi)E OF GOLD. LB. BINS8F, k CO., I] William street, inform the Pho tographists that they havejast received per lata arrivals a fresh supply of Chloride of Gold from the Laboratory of oue of the most eminent Chemists iu Paris. They warrant it tube ' e,|u?l if not superior to any in tlie Uuitad Mutes, whellier manufactured or itnj>ort*d, and offer it for sale iu vials li grains at $l. They haveon haud a snpply of most eicllent plates, and all the rhrnicals used, which they offer for sal* at reduced prices Also on hand, three, four ami sit inch Achromatic lenses, and Cameras constructed on the liennan system?Faiicv Frames for Portrait! ao>l s? ln??r LEECHES^!ClLEECHES! I OH 000 I'AHGE AND 1IKALTHY Sw*edish and , fcU)V/UU German Lmche*, just received |*r ship Candor, [ from Hamburg; and daily esprcted JV.UOO Sweednh and G?- i man Leeches per bark Franklin fiom Hamburg. For sale at moderate prices at G. A. It H. WITTfc, Importers of Leeches, I s30 lm* m 41* 1'earl street, New \ork DOCTuK J. OKANUtR de?tr?* in liifire to limit his practice, and confine his attention entirely to those diseases, in the treatment of which he has met wuli uniform success. VII?Disease* of the Heart, Lui gs. and Hectuin, iu all then -Iliferent lorn s. Also, all diseas-s pnaaliar to woman The temedies used lor th? above diseases are new hi their apilication, new in their effects and new in iheir preparation Office of Doctor Grancer No. !>i Amity street. Hours from 11 to * in the afternoon. ol7 tm*r r,(iin:iN rii\si \imii\ .v.. _i . .. ^ (nmption u actu illy tented. ami it it not generally aa early i a* moat i?ople imagine, l)r. Blake'a Panacea i* ? trrtim and rapid remedy. bo nonlideut are we of its uimiualled virtue#, that we hereby guarantee to refund the monty in mry c ?r where a |*rson after uaing a bottle ?ay? Ik la dia<atiaiiml. I ln? we will do in e?e rv c*?e, ao if nn relief it obUi .wd there will be no coat. We hope all will try a me licine offered on auch < eay terma. j Agency in tlna city No. 2Or, Bowery. In Brooklyn at Mr?. UayjMi 13*? Knlton at; and in Newark at Tnpiw'a, 291 Broad at. Trice SI per Imttle, or four for three dollara. on 3t*r PATENT ELASTIC SHOULDER BRACE. '"PHF. SUBSCRIBERS offer, with full confidence in ita A utility and uaefulueas, the above named article. Thta irticle la intended to brace the ahouldera. aupport the hack, and ipaml the cheat, giving a graceful outline to the ligure. and ivill he found inim|*iiaable to peraona of sedentary hauita P.?renla anil gtiardiatia are particularly requcated to CSainine thin brace; it will Ik- found to poaaeaa everv requisite quality for which it ia Rcamme uled, namely?to brace the ahouldera ot children and othera who haye acquired the habit of stooping, uid retain their form tu * i upright position. They c.ui lie w orn with perfect ease, being formed w ith an elaatic back, and w ill be found of no nni>eiTitnenl te the free ua? of the Anna. The ' aubaeriliers alio offer their celebrated K.laatic Spring Kuaaia <ai < Hiding Belt. The ibove article* are manufactured under lie immediate inspect ion of Mr. P.iraella, who h.ia l?*n engaged ii, the l)iiaiiie?a for the laatsnteen yeara, and in.iy be depended ix< ? anperior to any article effer offered lor the aamepupose. Sold wholesale and retail at the old establishment of PAIISKLLS fc AGATE, 237 Broadway, coruer of I'ark Place N. B.?Ladiea will be supplied and fitted by calling at th< residence of MADAMK PAItSKLLS, ?02 tireeuwich atrem between Hubert nnd liHiglil ati " oli hii" M TO PRINTKRrt. ffOR S \I,R.?Two fonn'a of Type, Vinion and Noopai-H, e.hieh hare Iver " en tl?* V'W 1 ork Herald Aiply t thu otfice. ????- " 1 RK I *NIM(}. OCTOBER 24, 1 BMOU8H AI >V KKTISEMENTS. | rilK NKW YORK IIKHALI) ? n-gnlwly filedin I don A bv Mr. P. L. SIMMONDS, Agent for the American Paperi, irituli <uiJ >'orriKii New?|ia|ifr Office, 18 Cornhill, Loudon, ipiMxite the Royal Ktchanve, where ordenaud adv rrli?emrnt? irill b? received s2i)tfr | GENERAL AGENCY AND COMMISSION j OFFICE. 18 CORNHILL, LONDON, OPPOSITE THK ROYAL EXCHANGE rj MERCHANTS, Commercial New? Itoonn, Public Li brariei, Aifricultural Societie*.Officer* ofthe United Statea, I ?rintcr?. Publisher* of New<|>a|>era, kc. P. L. SIMM'>NDrt, lieuenl A?eiit and Commiision M?r:liaut, be** to acquaint lii? friend , and the American public iu ucim.i.. >i iin? n-.iii) 10 receive oruer* lor me supply 01 >f?iMpers, Periodicals. Stationery, Priutinu Material*, Fancy Articles, k c. of any kind and quantity, auu good* of every deacripion of first rate quality at the very lowed market i>ricea of the lay, and to transact bum -; > upon (lie most liberal tenn?, proriued lie is previously furuiihed Willi fundi or drafts it either ontfor short uaies, or a reference on >om( London or Li verpool louse for pavmeut P. L. tSiinmoutU will also receive consignments of any d?criptiou of merchandize to be told on commission, and accept nils at short date* for two thirds of the amount, oil receipt of lie bills of lading. < ouiigutueul* entrusted to his care will neet with everv possible despatch ill their disposal, consistent vith the interest of the c'^isiuuees: an extensive knowledge of i [ business coupled with promptitude.attention and judge- 1 nent, will lie trusts enable hun to give complete satisfaction to j .11 who may favor him wilh their commands. Reference may be made iu New Vork to Jamea Gordon Ben- I lett, K?<1., Proprietor of the Herald,who is personally acquaint- : d with Mr.Simmouda aud the nature and extent of his establishnenl ru NKVVSPAI'Mt AliKN I S ANU PUBLISHKUS IN | TI1K UMTKl) HTATK8. IMIOSE excellent lllusirateil Newspa|art, The Pictorial Times, and Illustrated l.oudon News, are supplied at 7s 6d j terlinK per <)r. Punch at 4s ud |ierqr, anil all the Londou and "oreign Newspaper* as they appear are regularly supplied, I wholesale aud retail, by P. L. 8IMMONDS. Newspaper and Periodical Agentv lBCorulull, London. Subscriptions in advance, inay be paid into the Herald Office. I iu Mr. Sunmonda' account. Advertisements received for insertion in all the London, . 'onntry ana Ftwitii Jouruali. I ONUON-ST. K A l l! I;UINE'8 HOTEL. OPPMIM the Lj St. KatherineDock Gates. and near the ltoyal Mint ? rHOMASLKN^ H V, late Chief Steward of the British C^ueen ' iienmilnp, reaper* ull\ informs his friends in the United Statea I hat lie has Imp ma n?fc:iiiei.>: <sl in- above new ami elegant estailishmeut, which it 'mi;: aril furnished regardless of expense, ml is in every resprrt adapted lor cl??* reception ol" families and rentlemen visitinu Iviglaud, as the liolel fronts that part of the lock in which Che liners ami of the other American vesels lay, anil is *>li in live minufs walk of the Bank and Km al iichange. The <i nine will he conducted on liberal and eculomical prinoipl?-> The coffee room is supplied with the LouIon, American, K,?i Indian and colouiau pipers. The viands, vines, Sic,, are ol the first quality. A good billiard room ana varm baths will he Ion nil in the house. Crentleman may couractby th- week or mouth for board, Sic., on the same terms a iu America. T. LK.NNKY begs to assure those who may honor him with heir patronage that nothing shall be wanting to render tnem omlortable, and by attention to the wishes of his guents, hopes j o merit that confidence and good will so liberally bestowed on , lim when steward of the British Queen. s29eodlmr | BATTERY AND PHILADELPHIA HOTEL. E SI 11 self 111 EH is now prepared to make arrangements with fainili* or single gentlemen, for board during the virter, on the most leisonable terms. N. B ?The terms for transient boarders remain at the usual nice, $ 5(1 per day. M. PETTET, o23 6t*r . __ HAVANA MANSION HOUSE H()TEL T*HK undersigned takes occasion to inform his friends and J- the public, that the Mansion House is now located in Inluisidor street, No. 67 iu the ricinit] of the steamboat landing ind\egetable market, liaviuji commodious family apanmeuts, irrangetl in the ueatest order. A person is employed to procure permits to land passengers, Muage, Ike. w ho will board vessels immediately after the visit if the revenue officers. N. B.?Visitors to this Island should procure a passport from he Spanish Consul, at tne port of embarkntion, to obviate difio ill ties and inconvenience. .216mec WILLIAM FULTON. IMPORTANT TO INVALIDS AND VISITORS TO THK ISLAND OK CUBA. PROGRESS HOTEL, [V the village of Cerro, threo milea from Havana. This esta' blishmeut is 'dvantageously situated, properly fitted up nd attended, affording tlie benefit of a country life without schilling the comforts and pleasures of the Capital, or preeutiug a timely attendance to business. Every attention is iromised by the owuersto meet the satisfaction of their visitors. CHAKOE8. Soerding for a single iierson in one room S2 00 a day. " " two or three |iersou? iu one room- $1 50 a day ach person. With families a particular agreement may be entered into. N. B.?Omnibnsses are ruuuinir from tnoriiinir 'till uielit bt? wmi the Cerro and Havana, making tlie trip in half an hour. *24 lm MASSACHUSETTS HAY ^YSTF.RS ? 1C8H Vniton street, opposite St. Panl's.? '-'NAPHLKON COURT1N takrs pleasure ii; informing hose iwrsons who have heretofore honored him with their paronage, ami those who are willing to coutiirue the same favor, hat the Massachusetts Bay Oysters have recovered Willi the sold weather their fresh and delicious flavor so peculiar to hein, and which has siven them the name of oysters of ('aiicale, hat his saloon, recently so elegantly titled up, offers the most juiet and comfortable accommodations. There will always be found in it a choice collection of the ollowiug wines, viz: Chablis. Sau'-eroe, Grave, Barsac. Hermtage, sparkling and still Hock. Champagne, Chimlrerun, fommanl, Volney, Latilfe, Larruze, Leoville, St. Jumhii.&c., ind all sorts of foreign wines and coroiali. lie keeps constantly on band llie above wi im, in th? cask or ns, together with ("reserves, Sweet Oil at:d Fr-ac!'.;* ;.ie;ar. roods purchased from his establishment are sent :r-e o Icii t:ge o any pa)', of ihe city. Oysters will be sent to the. ,*? ideuce of >urchasem, (if required) and opened by one of the ii'a I'ants o he establish menu. n? lm*eg ~~ PHILADELPHIA DAOUKRREOTYI'K ESTABLISHMENT, KXCH U?K BUILDING, ROOMS 20 AND 2'. IIH10 Subscriber has received a lar<e supply of V'oiRtlanden' celebrated Daituerreotyiie Appartus, larre and small sires, ?ith achromatic lenses made according to Professor lentil's calculation. Also a new supply of b-st plates and chemicals, whic h he srarrauts good and sells at reduced prices The following gentlemen have agreed to act as agents, viz? j'.. White, Ksij . 17A Broadway New Vork P. llaas, Ks i, Washington, D. C. Dr \. Ca?p*ri, Richmond. Va. _ S iroidbent, hit, (or the Southern Slates. Wm. West, Esq, Cincinnati, Ohio. All corn monicationi (post paid) and onlers, aecompani-d *itn remittances, will he promptly a'teuded to, and should be lirected to WILLIAM LAUOENHKIM. ol7 .im'r Kxchange Buildings, Philadelphia iTiuiruNTur-" A RTIST, in Alabaster, Marble, Scagliola, kc., from Italy Res|iectfully invites tne gentry, the inhabitants, shopkeep m, B.i/. iirs, country dealers and tlie public ill general, to see lis Museum of Arts, No. 23 Orchard street, (between Grand ind Division streets,) which is no* o)ieii for inspection, with a iplendid assortment of Italian aiisl Knglish ornaments in Alataster, black marble, spar, agata, yellow itone, stalactite, red ind various other marbles, verde di prato, granite, kc., kc consisting of various sizes of groups, figures, busts, tazzes, -lebe ewers, Ktniscan vases, candlesticks, la|iers, |ien trays, ink lands, watch cases, clock stands, time pieces, spill pots, urns, inti(]ue lamps, shell vases, oval vanes, bottles, groups and single logs, table,., tlorrutine baskets, bulls, cows, lions, broaches, leeklaces, obelisks, hell vases, gozzoly vases, ring vises, pap<* veights, ring >Un<li, card boxes, snult notes, birg: nests, amnnu>, pnintlug* of Mount Vesuvius, of Naples; books on conchooK>-. mineralogy, geology, marine botanist, Sic. See. I'rirn of .rticies from lik ceil la to $100. Cleaning and reptiring of every description on moderate erms. Admission firm. s 10 6 w * r "To THK PUBLIC. ? jJj 1 f\(\TO $5000 ?Mr. Francis K Crump, Watch Maker, Iplv/W 21* Oraud street, begs to inform Ins friends and the i'iMic, that imleiwndcul of the Watch business, tie is prepared 0 m ike advances in cash on gold and silver watches,diamonds. 1 ilvcr tea sets, spoons Turks and every description of irold or ilver in any shape, intended for immediate sale. Cash to any tmonnt paid for old gold and silver. Watches of every detcriptiou repaired and warranted 14k Ornid street. sM 3m*r 117 ATCHKS.?The largeit and most splendid assortment ol Watches iu the city, is to be found at the subscriber's.? \a he is constantly receiving all descriptions ofOoldand Sil??c Watchcs, of tne newest stylus, duect fruin the manufacturers, in Eugland, France, and Switzerland, he is enabled to larger assortment, and at much lens prices, at retail, than Ml) other house in the city, (told watches as low as $20 to $& wch Watches and jewellery eichauged or bought. All *alrh?a warranted to keep good time, or tlie money retorned. Watches, clocks and jewellery repaired in the best manner, ml warrnuted lower than at any otfier place in the city ti. IALL !*. N, importer of watches anil jewellery, oT 1 m "r Wholesale anil retail. N Wall street, up stairs D EMOVAL.?India Rubber Shoes and Over Shoes.?Just relv reived from our factory, for fall tride, altr);* assortment of udia Kuhber Shoes, consisting of plain aud figured lined and ..,,-,1 rnl.hwt I ., I . I . t, , ... ?r iwdali. Inthrr and rubl>er aolea; ladies' fur and ribb..n lound (iirriAin and Uuikina; ladies' elastic quilted mil It arm new *t\ Ir, goloe hoes, and various style* <>i misses' anil luldren'i (hoes, which we otfer at the laUut reduced pncea. 20 >h)0 pairs ladies' and men's rubber shoes, tixured and plain, ?y the cur or trim turd and cleaned by the down. iOiiU |>tira ladiea' lined and fur bound rublwra, MrrrMutiurrkinitnl to examine the atock atnurnew ?tore, So V> Maiden Lane. MOUACK H. DAY Su 1 ea*ir to Kothnrv I . R. Co. iK Imr V) Nliiden U?? i<;E?ICE?ir,K rnno TONS of pure lake Ice of the but quality. The Highland Ice establishment, expressly Tor (hipping prepared to. and will sell, by the cargo, and (mailer quantiies rlwai^r tlui can he obtained fr ira any other (ource, and arknl lu I he heat manner, to go U> any part of the world. A iutH>ly of the beat approrrd uackiug alwava on hand. JOHN M. I. YON, olOfw'm U nitiiion (tree*. DM. HF.NRIQUKH, 51 William street, rexpectfully aq noanre* to lua iVienda and the public, tint he haa couitmatly on htud the following choice braud( of St-gars, waranted genuine and of lh? tirst quality La Norma. I -a Cabana Kiomla. Yugenuidad. Noriegas (of a moat xtiperior quality.) La Ksperutxa. Uo. "London Begar," amall sine. I'aueielaa, of a moat superior luality. I'rimavera. be Moya. Laiwrterot. Hrgaliaa (of the Norma brand.) King Keg,ilia. Uneen do. C dbailerot. I'riucipes (of lite favorite b rail da of Jurto Sana, Kfiidona an | Crux ) Smokers would do Wr|| to rail before purchasing elsewhere, i< the tistes of the mod fastidious Can always tie suited <t thia %til>h(tiu?ei?t. ol2 Imr | s ?'i K9I V.N. Hof an order of the Surrogktc of the County I of New York, notice ia hereby giv. u to all persous having I umi against John Carroll, late of the city of New York, Imik Shop keeper, deceased, 10 present the s?me with the vouchers thereol to the subscriber; and all persom indebted to the eatate, are re>)iie?!ed to in ike immediate payment. H1IIM CllVU'lV I..', lit U'.IUl.l N?w York. Octobir II, 1813. ' ' ol2 im* rrc ( lUAL.-Ultr N? Hie# Miot# V.00. *iul fntli lltok'a v-'aimI h UK %i i> l*r loo, of the l??t IVach Orchard A?li, wfli ?cr<?>! -', w?ifiw4 by t cur wti?li?r ?iitl itolifrml free ill csl* A reduction of J5?nt? i?*r to* if ukfu from th' bolt; VfcTK.M m iNTON. r-runol IO'ir i:< }! * nil lima? tali itw.i. . I ? IERA 843. Albany. ~* [Correspond'nee of the Herald.] Ai ban*, Oct. '23, 1843. Political?IVIii# itwl Democratic Semination?Unpopularity ami Disaffection on both tides?A instate* ami Juegltrs ? Tluir Doom predicted. To.thk Editor or thk Nkw York Hkrai.d:? !vi ,?tw.u a.> I am extremely hnppy in being able to renew my correspondence. My absence Irom ihe city on professional business during the greater portion of the season, has prevented me from acquainting the reading world, through the Herald, with the various mutters, doings, concerns, &c., of the famed 1 ci'y ol Albany. Other correspondent* hould have kept you advised during my absence. Politics, you and every body else knows, is the all absorbing bmmt-ss pursued by nine-tenths ol the people here. There never has been any party, sect or creed of politician*, hypocrites, or Christians, ever started in ihe world, but disciples ol them a'l have been, or are to be found in Albany. And, as for politicians more particularly, a more cruzy cor rupi set nf ver mherited any portion ol the sarth. Upon my arrivdl at home, I found that both the ! great parties had selected their tickets for the approaching ciU'vas. On the whig side we have Ohnmoiiher Batterman for Sheriff, Willmm Mix | forCl>Mk, and Samuel Sievens for the Legislature. Mr. Stevens is the only candidate on the ticket whose nomination was at nil unanimous, or who wi'l call out ihe strength of the whig party. His election i t admitted certain by the knowing oti?? , ol both parties llis very name is a tower of , strength. As a counsellor, he stands pre-eminent amongst the great quantity ot gigantic legal intei- . i .i_: M.-._ a . k- -.coll., I ircis m tin* omit' nn n uni/.< n, uc in uiiii> out r i beloved He it not, however, much <>t a politician, and will be as of en lound acting with the democratic iwrt) an wit4 the whig*. He will b? ail independent legiala'or, and will support all measures calculated to sustain the cr> dit ot the Stat#. He is a firm advocate ot the Hoff'tiian policy, adopted in 1842, and will advocate it upon the floor ot the Assembly. Hiving a large local interest here, he wi'l bean able champion tor our just rights, should we be aaain invad? d by the jealous, bankrupt, officious speculators sia miles north of us. The remainder ot the whig tii ket, with thn exception ol iheir can didate for sheriff, are not even worth a passing no- , tice. Their nominations were otnained by the most infamous itiirtaue, and in violation of the express wishes of the party. The " protective band," openly headed by tfamuel Strong, and secretly ( aided by Christopher Adams and Thomas Kirkoatrick, will defeat ih'* el? ction of Mix, the whig candidate for County Clerk, just as sure as the election comes The "band" is compostd of some five hundr'd indomitable*, who have sworn to defeat Mix and Batterm-in?and they are uble to do it, too The democrats have form?d a ticket, which no body hes the lea?tidea ot electing At their county convention, a dead'y hostility w.ts exhibited tie tween Croswell, Coming, Peckhum, and little Billy Smith, on the part nt the Old HunKers: and Peter Lagger, James M. Frei.cb, John Vau Buren, John , Cosiigm, on the side ol the Subier-aneans. The Old Hunkers Imvinji succeeded in convincing the , country jones (hat Lagtcr <fcCo were Catholics, , and opposed to the agricultural Governor, and also ] proffering loans to two or three city delegates who < went to the Convention under implied instructions | to adhere t" the Subterraneans, actually obtained , control of 'lie Convention, and brought out a forced , ticket, with the exceptf n < f the popular cuudi ( date for Sheriff', Henry Sloan. The Con- < venti'>n were compelled to present the name , of James ft. ft se, as a competitor on the democratic ticket against Mr. Stevens on the , other tide. It would be absolutely odious, and argument thrown to the wide winds, to attempt a comparison between them It is in truth impu dene** unparalleled, to ask ihe electors to vote for I imrall li #iBr- What (iiiahtications does he po> ?e^. adequate to itif duties ot grave, serious, and discriminating legislation 1 Where would the voting lawyer ol Hie three cornered court ot errors find u place t"<>r his diminutive qualities, when Michael Hoffman ensures of him ihe policy of th? Alnuny I unkers 1 He will then stand ti|>on ground | occupied by Wheaton, U.xou nnd Hall, either ol , whom were able to grapple wiih the ablest toe ? Alas! that such ligniies as Rose or Temp'e should be though' of for a moment to represent the 6ity ol j Albany tnilie legislature of this great State. Marey, t-Jansf-voort, Lansmg, Steele, Rector, Burton, Colvin, McK wi), Wood, Koon, Hlanchard, Warren, Pruyn.VunA'styne, Martin, Bleecker, ttec. Jec. &c , are all incapable < ' refT<-8"nting the citizens of Albany, and disqualified from being candidates of the , democratic party. Tne eleotors will teach the ( w re pullers, however, that their fraud upon them shall never be consummated The most appropriate ( torumfor Mr Rose, he will find to be, in Chancellor Pepper'* court. I?ivirt S,iring.='ei d lias managed to obtnin for him < -e:f <l<e Domination ol clerlv on the same democra * tic ticket. When I learned at Rochester that this ' ina.ii was up lor an ofiice, it puzz'ed me very much i to Ascertain which of the two parties had been sad- 1 died with the cumbrous load ; as I had knowu him J to act about as long, and about as conspicuous on r one side as the other. I had known him, a few 1 short years since, interim disiress speeches, and , pouring out his viata of vindictivenese upon the de , voted heads of Gen. Jackson and Mr. Van Buren. 1 and ol course I could not imagine tha' the democra- j tic party could so booii have toigotten his conduct, and now placed him ?a recent traitor ard political renegade ?upon their ticket for the best office in the cou ity But I found myself mistaken, and I now see him every day, soliciting every body whom he meets lor their voteB. He will assuredly be defeated by a heavy vote?as he ought to be. A political traitor is despised The selection of Henry Sloan for Sheriff was done by acclamation. The probability how j*, that lie will be elected by a flattering majority- Ai h> ostaineu his nomination by the siiontaneous voice of the party, it it a pretty sure evidence ot hispopu Urity. lie is qualified, and will make a popular she riff. Yours, icc W. L II Newark. [Correspondence of Ilia Herald. 1 Nkvtahk. (N J ) Oct. 21,1843 Meetingt ani Doing % of the Si/notii of New York and N>-w Jenny?Abolition, Theorttical anil Practical?Perjetionitm?The great Wright Proctuion ?Mr JVright't Speech. Dear I'knpiiitt? The Synods of New York New Jersey, at tei a stormy meeting of three days, adjourned lis' night. They convened Inet Tuesday evening inth> First Presbyterian Church of this city?the Rev Mr. Cheever, of Newark, preaching the sermon. I. was a goodly sight, to he-fjold those venemble rnei, sit'ins quietly and reverently, ambassadors of He iveil, met together to consult the best interests ol the church, spiritual and temporal " Unmoved end iilent each ?at there, Like imago In hii oaken chair ; Nor head, nor hand, nor foot, they utirr'd, Nor lock of hair, nor tre*?of heard, And of their ey??, severe alone, , The tn'iuklexhow'd they were not (tone." Nor did >hey show themselves wanting in the christian virtues ot love and charity: tor not a tew of the " colored brethren" w? re there to represent 'heir respective presbyteries, and to speak a word in season lor ttoe great cin?e of xttolition and the ngli's of man Oar ministers showed them thegrea<si kindness and a<ten<i >n; taking them io their hous- f 'hey introduced the m to thnr familit s, ai d shared with them their tables and their beds? thus showing that they had divrsted themselves of all (hi se vulgarpr>judices which have lor so long a time ?wayeo tliemindaof their countrymen. Af'erthe conclusion ef the sermon, which whs an excellent one, and the dtsmisuon ol the audi encr*, they proceeded to the election ol a moderator, which resulted in the choice of the Rev. Mr. Pierson; and alter choosing the minor officers, the meeting adjourned for the evening The next evening the sscranient was administered, on wnich oc casion the Synod was addressed by Drs Cox and Skinner, and the evening after by L)rs. Patton and Peters?all of which addresses were of the highest order. Hut the chief occupation of the Synod was ti e trial ot the Rev. Messrs. Belden and Hill, ol th< North River Presbytery, on ihe charges ol heresy and the breaking ?f their ordination vows. Th? heresy consisted in their holding and advocating the doctrine of the saints' perfection in honn*-** while in this Iff, which iscontrary to the confession I of f itti of the l*re*byieri*n church The. hreukiiu 1 ot their consisted in their not wuhlr.twin thems-lves from the Presbyterian church, which ! iliey had Hworn to do when ihey wt re ordained nn meters, in case they shoul.i ever differ Irotn their breihren in the fundamental doctrines ol the church Thf debates which arose on the trial were animating and instructive in the hurnestd^Kree; durinn j their protein many knotty points in iheor'gy were argued and disputed of with all 'he tact *ud ekiil 01 LD. Price Two Cents which such learned doctors ure capable. Nor were the accused wanting in talent* or firgnmente, but defended themselvss in a mo-t pkilllul rmnner, answering ail the crosa>quettions out to (hmi promptly and without hesitation; hut at the hhhip time weighing every word, and so cunningly fiamina their answers as not a little to perplex and netonitdi their vnerahle judges. They proved to a demonstration, that they had stormed thr "New Jrrustilem" a year Bgo last August, and having missdcred all thnrcarna I lusts and passions, had, hy constant fighting and watching, kept the citadel free from the intrusions nf its old occupant*, ai.d hud defended it succes dully, notwithstanding the furious attacks of the Devil m.d his f ini-aries. Tfuy also stated that it wan ih? ir intention still to perweyere in ihe defence, and never to hang out the white flag, while there waaa shot in ih?* locker The opinions of the Synod were divided aa to them ami iheir doctrines; and after taking up nearly iheir whole time in the trial, finally came to the concluHion'o Henci them home again to b<? tried by ilieirowu Presbytery; instructing that Presbytery "to deal as justly with them an they could consu*~ lently " We are told, that on a certain occasion, "The nous oi God came to present themselves beiore the Lord, and Satan came also among them " This was thecaHriu the present inaiance liict s?ble majesty, however, did not take the trouble to transform himsell into an angel of light, hut en'ered that august assemblage in the ?hft|<e of an Abolitionist, bearing an .iiui-r-l.iv?*rv memorial, and determined to muke a row. He atternp ed to make a speech in the morning, but wa< most unceremoniously set down? which he for the lime submitted lo. But last night see ng that n was his lest chance, he arese, and iu r%. till nniinaition itrni t-t-ii* i\ with hiu utiPiwh 1'."=?'? I - And now a scene of uproar ensied, which Mould not h^ve disgraced the political meetings recently ield in this pi ice Iii vain did th* moderator heat ihe11 >or with his cane? in vhiii <1 d criea of order, DrdT, resound from all paria of the building He woti'd slate the views of the memortaliR's. and the 1*11 <1 results followed. "Tantftie amm>i <<r!rilil>u? ir?l" thought I as I contrasted the elongated countenance* which I heheld a few evenings before, with those now before me, agitated with passion, mil filled with every variety of comic exprraion ? VVliu the worthy is who raised such a committor) I im not able to inform you Pui on the erection of ihetemph* of Fame [ have no d >ubt fiut that there wax a niche made to he filkd by him, wh?-n he i^hall have succeeded in liberating the Oppressed throughout the world Wlnle these things wertt going on in the religious world, politicians were holding a rejoicing ov*r the iemocratio victory in ihis State, ami the election of Mr. Wright, in the shape of a proces?ion, composed id about o(K) men and boys, carrviug lighted turpentine bal a on <he end of sticks, fligs, illuminated Oanners, &c Some of those banners bore on them most rare mottoes, which 1 should like here to notice, had I time ; but (lie following examples may be given of tlteir wi and patriotism. The most attractive one composed of a candle box, two sides of which had been knockcd out, and pieces of mu.'lin lacked on in their place, on which was written " Texas ull Wright." Another ran thus? " Shall the free born sons of liberty bow their necks to the arii-tocracy ? No!! Never, No!!!? Down wuh the aribiocracy. " After marching :hr?ugh the principal streets, the procession halted ti front of Mr. Wright's house. " Oh, where was Hilly then!" Alas ! he has found out that to be a *2ongrest-ni>tn " amt what it's cracked up to be." However, thrre wad no backing out. If fie withed o get any sleep that night, or preserve his fl'-wers ind trees from being trampled down, he must ihp ni<ih in smut* mv Accordingly he did Start not?he actually did corns out and make a speech. I was going to giv?: it to you entire; out I won't spoil it, as it is necesary that each one ihould hear it tor himself, to appreciate its merits. Bui it you will tnke the trouble to read tlie maiden speech of Tittlebat Tttmous", E?q , M P , on is recovering the Yatton erta'e, you will obtain a very good idea ot the style Hut, although this was a part ot what his lellow-citizens wanted, it was not *11. " IIow devilieh thirsty it makes a teller to walk through this dust," was the patriotic remark ot a bystander. Hut in vain whs the air rent with " three times three," over and over again, until the voices ot the multitude resembled the croaking of IroRs; in vain did a small cannon, placed in tront [>< Mr. W.'s housf, bellow torth his praise ; in train " The piperi loud and louder blew it was evident that the ir whistles w*re not to be wet that night. The election was past, and it would r?e two years ere it returned agnn. !*o, utter waiting tor some tune, and finding that "it was no use," they again formed in procession, and casting many a lingerivg glance upon the stately mansion, wendfd their way hick again, the band playing "Git eut ub de way, old L?an Tucker." Yourn, truly, John Rarlkycorn. BOAT AND OAR B AZAAR-At thu Mtablithmeul ran be found every description of Boat* that the ingenuity of man an miKKcat. Look it wli-it lie has dime uud tlien jadce if what lie can do At his e?r.ih!i?hinenr was limit he following unrivalled boats, vi* The Hwif'sure. of S'ewfiMindland; tlie liilet'ii foot sailing Dinky Troublcr; he Romp of llurlgate, and the P*ul Pry. The row I'W IHirtn I l**nr y n .... m ... .- , he (Kililr ( nnl>rii; tin- <}. W, I hapinan. the forty foot racer or the United Sutet thiii Ohio; the t> <rgt kmiress lor Klorida: he lirast miiuiitrd gig Neptune for Tampico Biy. and a hod of ithert enualli great OARS. SWr.KPS AND SCULLS?1 JO.000 f. ? on hand; t'so 2,0110 fret of L-n ird't celebrated Sculls for sale. This ip.m branch of his Luiineit i* truly worthy of attentiou.? l.ooU it the price*, only three and four itucc a foot. All ths i< ull* for racing dressed by the proprietors own hand*. Those [hat wot. ths last race can now be ?e?n at hi* office. Sixty Hosts always on hand. Viaii hia Diiiaar* if yon desire a treat. All work delivered free of charge r. L. INOF.RHOLL, t%,4ns and 414 Water and III Cherry streets?sol* proprietor, ocli lint FAMILY BO a It I) IN < i S( HOOL IN THK COUNTRY. A Lady, who ii an ex|ierieuced teacher, takes into her family a number of rhililrfn not *' eetling eight, as Uiaidrrs and tclmlart. >o |wna will he spared lo render the house a pleaant home to tin pupil* and to advance than ia their studies. Oreat attention will be paid to their health and morali. The location i* very healthy and retired. There are now three vacancies. Satisfactory reference* Riven. Kor further |~rticaUrs inquire of oil |>* no J. J. Bl TI-KK, 19 John st. VALt.NTl.NK Ilia reinored Ilia hngraviiig and Priutlug Establishment from John ittwt, toNo I neekman *ire*t, Lovejoy'* liotel.) opposite the Brick Church, New York.? Wedding. Visiting, Invitatio i, and I'rofeaaional Cards executed in the lirat (tyle of the art, a? regard* the superiority of 'he engraving, neatness of the printing, and the whiteness and tirilliaucy of tue cards IVrsoni furnishing their own card idites can hare them printed on the most approved and fashiontble stvle of cards, at price* to suit the times. The Ladies and ' ien'lemcn of New Yotk, Brooklyn, and tiM tdjoininK cities ani towns, are respectfully invited to call and xamine the tpecimeu books, and Irom a variety of pattern card* *e*ect to their latte, iW lm#r KKKNCH CHINA No 4 SOUTH WILLIAM STRKKT, Up Staire ADALfr.SMK, Importer and Agent for Manufactnreri, h?a always oh hand a large *s*ortmeut for dinner and tea *eta <ii plain white and gilt K tench Porcelain. as well a* i'in er and let*ert id.ites.of a'l sixes, a*torted dishes. soup tureens, covered lithe*, taUd howls, fruit baskets, custards and itands. Al*o, Tea and t hocolate Ware, Cireek, Kreuch and Amen an *hape. All the articles are warranted of the best quality, and to be told on liberal term*, and in lot* to suit purchssert. iff 6m*ec JOSEPH GILLOTT'S STEEL PENS. REDUCED PR I K.9. # 'I'HE subscriber is constantly recenina ftesh supplies of the * above justly celebrated pens, which tie otfers to the trade at iery low rites. In addition to the styles *o well known, he ha* recently introduced the following new pattern*, vix :? No*. I, 2 and 3 Principality Pen*, mtfra line, tine and medium point*. No. g?Caligraphic Pen?a prime article on pictorial card*, 'lew* of celebrated place*. .No* 9 and 10? Washington Pen?very flue point, and elastic, nn *a|ierb cards. In evideuce of the high estimation in which these Teni ara The number ol Peru inanniactured at the work* of JOSF.PH OILLOTT. from Dee. 1841, u> Dec. l?4t, was 70 6l2 1*12 The public are cantiomd (o be no their foard aninat .pun>a? article.. K?ch ?ck?f nf the genuine pen* bran fac at nileof Mr. Oillott. siiriiittiire For tile by HKNKY jRsSOP, Importer, 91 John >tn*r, corner of (Jold A food .apply of W'indle and Motley li Co.'a London pnn .19 Im -ec ~B' JOTS AND 8HOM.-WILSON It JOHN Hucceaaora to John Hutching., deeenaed, whm/ii baud and for a&lr, from the bast manufictorit. in the Maatrr? 100 (. asea ("o*r?e Sewed and Pegged Boot*, men and boy?, 100 Kine " " 1000 Pair Morocco Bask ma. WOO " Ladie*' Fine slipper*. JIHIO " Children'* Shoes, ranona color*. '00 " Women, aud im*se* Oaiter* 1000 " India Knbhera, tr'tnmed and plain. Kor aale in Iota to auit purchaser*, at their store. I? CHATHAM STRKKT. opposite KoaeTalt. N. B.?The atore lieing open until 10 o clock in 'be eTeninj. <ive* country merchant* an opportunity to examine good* at tt eir lei.ore, <M Im m -LablUM' AND *VIb CHBAPKIl THAN EVER. aT WALKER'S OLD MTA.NO. <i? Br.Mdwar. whwe /\ may f, mij f cofn|ilf*rc mwrtnifot of all th# thn?*rrnt liiiidi, colon, torti and n^'. 'rtr lauw?? !*???? and children, t'aiirrs, B.niU, Buskins. walnm* A Up. India K.ibliera and Mocc wina.?#d water proof o??r .hoes of the latit strlf tmi fsshioii; Isdirs . inissrs a?d ch Idreu s Hutm of ill kinds ami colors, in ih* imMst ttvU and ftfiljf, ol all ,,|,J muted to all ta.te?; ijeiitleinen'j. boy*' a d children * K.iota antl -hoe*. of Flench and ua'i.e calf, c ?rae >nd fine, iu til their ra/Kty, ready inade o- made to order, at the ahorieat i.itire. Oeiitlemeu'a overshoe* aud an innumerable is. runout .1 other tfood*. at VVALKtR'S. 419 Broadway, corner of ( a" *1 ?fN. B.?Head. ol families, by patrnnitinii this eat Mi.hment, iviii r-ii.i ? i ') to M pvr rant. 1 m ** BOOT AND SHOE-STORK. .. JOHN READY rwapeetfully inform, hi. fuenda lid the public. that he Una coininenced bu.iueaa ;u the aDO?? m?. it No. ? S'uim tm? h-re h* will (hanklnlly^receive Hid faithfully wetit*. Ml ?>rJrr? h- !?? b" jrttr noit r?UK)o*W twnu for c??n

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