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October 24, 1843 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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\~KU~\ ()If k' HF.K ALI) X, 1^. I III vlhj. 0?-II??>?T i I , I N*'J ? ^?k-?- ~ ^r?? t'Hiir LimiTVii^llM! lolluKiiig have just botn ( rfbiiahwt, And ai* lor aale at thi< olboo, together with nil ?h# lntant publicatioa* ot the .lay, at the wholesale i ! iftkil price*?Giah'aa'f aud tto.iey'a Lu.l>*? Book tiilitatl History of Ri-me ; tin* Mj stern s of Pari*, hjr Kiijfne Sue , Ninen de L'Kncloc, the celebra ted Ai|w?it ol Fi ance , The I mil Melodiea, by Tho inn* Moore ; The Wronga oj Women, by Chailotte fcluaN't^, The Momkina, by Cooper; Mr*, Klli?'? HotreMade Ka?y, or Complete Inttructor in aJl branched Ccokcry and Domestic Economy. Progrt-aa of County Nomination*? Democrats?\\ lilga?Old Hunkers? Young llnnkrri? Native Americana?-Al?ollllonlet?? All In a lump. ? . -l - i ne excitement relative 10 me uuimuouwu. ?? County Officers to be supported at the ensuing election is tast reaching Jts summit, as but three short weeks arc to p iss over before the contest will be decided The Democrats with all thetr aliases have nominated candidates for Sheiifl, County Clerk, and five Members of Assembly, the names ..i which have been previously given. The Whigs have selected a Sheriff, a County Clerk, and Coroner, and 1 i?t evening, at the Broadway IIou*, nominated flu* lollowing named eight candidates tor the Ltgi lature i? . Rickant s. WiUlumi, merchant, ot 4th ward. Robert Smith, stone mason, ot 16th ward httindge O Baldwin, plsue maker, of 16th ward, s.iinui'l Webster, shin joiner, of ll'.h ward. Augustus L. Brown, lawyer, of 16th ward. John Mnrtin, mason, ol ltith ward. AU iander 1*. Fonda, steumhaat atront, of b'.h ward. Jobu L. Li wtenoe, lawyer, ot 16th ward. The delegation took a last ballot at about twelve o'clock, but no additional choice being made, they adjourned to Wednesday evening to select the remaining four candidates. The democrats meet the feme evening at Tammany Ilall, to select eight additional names for their Assembly ticket. The Native American party have concluded their nominations, and the Abolitionists are preparing a ticket tor the support of their friends. Thus it will be t?een that every body is to be suited with a ballot, from which to choose candidates for public favor; and the result of the contes' will therefore be fore doubtful than for years past. The Native Am rican party are waxing strong, having as their ultimate object the defeat of a Democratic Common Council hi (he ensuing spring election, in order to obtain taiis'actioa for what they conceive to be a deprivation ot their share of public plunder that was divided among the Irish and German naturalised citizens after the Democrates came into power last tyring. The most active, efficient,and honest among them are seceders from the ranks of the Democratic party, and therefore their force will be essentially lelt, although at the same tune iheir hostility to the corporation in power will tend vtrongly to force nearly the whole body of adopted citizens into its Fttpport Thus their influence may be overbalanced, and not an object that they have in view effected. Some of the shrewd, cunning whigs, have joined these Native Americans, but with no intention to hold on at the i tolls, as iheir friends of the other creed will find when the ballots are counted. The Gerinaa population alone have raised a voice ajaiust the movements of this party, and strange as it may appear, the Irish adopted citizens, who are generally the first in the field, lie as dormant as terrapins in December. * The Democratic convention, to nominate a Coroner, meet again this evening at Tammany Hall lor that purpose. The whigs, in accordance with public opintou, nominated a physician on almost the first ballot The democrats have balloted night att< r night without such success. We shall see whai their meeting brings forth this evening. General 1!krtk.ani>?This distinguished and cherished friend *1 Napoleon has not been able to m parate himtelf from ex-President Van Burcn so srtoa us he antici|iated, aud henc? his visit to New York will be delayed until Thursday next. In the meantime, Mr. Van Buren will escort him to Bosion, and po*ibly they may be joined by Dick Johnh"ti, and thus torm an unparalleled trinity. In the e'i'.r: is, e'-cu stance# and history of the two it. ;i jy i hi' luins, there ifl much similarity?comparitive ob;cunty ot birth and parentage, heroic daring ci youth, aud progression in rank by jtereonal worth and determined energy, and that nobleness o! soul which ever marks true genius, enlarged minds, and exalted courage. The character and history ol Richard M. Johnson are well known, and wherever las name has reached his extreme goodness of h?*art is known too The fidelity of General Bertrand to Napoleon, when in adversity, while it hallow* his name, must be to him in the retrospect, a source of pleasing satisfaction. Fontainbleau, Eil>a and St Helena bear witness to his devotion, when the creatures raised inio existence by Napoleon abandoned him to his reversed fortunes; and Austerlitz, Spandau, Friedlaud, Aspern, Luizen, Bantzeu and Li ip&ic are identified with his military career aud glory. Let the old hero and the devoted trienu reenve all proper and respectful attentions, and it he and Col. Johnton should arrive together, give them the same reception which is designed to mark the appearance ot the hero of the Thames. Whether Mr. Van Buren will accompany them to t:ue cny was yet undetermined. By reference to the proceedings of the Common Council, it will be perceived that a committee of three from each Board has been appointed 10 tender the respects of the city government to the General on bis arrival, and to place at his service the Governor's room, during ht6 stay, to receive the citizens, who will doubtless llock in thousands to welcome him to our empwe city. Municipal. Economy ? Our city fathers arc eratic spirits bom* time since, in a fit ol virtuous patriotism, and sublimated regard lor tbe pockets of their constituents, they economised the wanes of the poor fellows who ar^ appointed to sleep in door way* o'uigliU, or doomed to walk like melancholy gho?t*farmed cap-a-pie with truncheon, and cudgelproof cap, in certain portions of the streets ot our city. The election, however,approaches, and these mm have votes; the city fathers, by the reduction, gained credit tor being caretul old codgers, and now, as will be seen by their reported doings last night, they sain the atiections ol the watchmen bj increacing their wages and restoring the back paj which wus stopped from the month of May last ? Tbu is a movement and u device which gives prool irrefragable that tiie Common Council potnetsn s me politic genius who is fitted (or a more august and extended sphere. Courts and kingdoms, and n>>t Common Council chambers and a city, ahould be tns sphere ot operation. The amount which is thus voted aw.iy in shillings it is said will amount to tue sum ol $15,(WO, and hence it will be seen they b.J high lor the "inost sweet voices" of the city C'kuiici. 'I hk Administration of Jtrsricu.?Let all persona r< ad the report ol a case winch has occurred lu the Department of Criminal Justice, which apl* ar- in our columns to-day, to see how the endsol justice are t vad>-d. This is only a s|*rcimen ol the daily practice iu that quarter; but that Mr Recorder Tallin ad ge should have acted on the ex par if statement ol one of a clat-> known as the "skinners ot the Tombs," is exceedingly surprising. How* ev?r, let all read, mark, learn, and inwardly digest the ei|>o8ure here made. ufmtkit f*tatw f-JKNATOBN ? Two Were to hn*e i lected in 1 enneasee on lheJ7th inst. Yilmaiw I s.VhK inMoiiilk?It had began to abate at the latft accounts. I' i vkm a i \ u kspi'ki?. A communication from the Board ?>i I W ulili n| Yu-keburff, aaoounce* the V? Uow i-ev<-r there, and ex|>rri>ace (ran thai it will l>rrvail ?a an efideinic. El< ven pertOB* have died ul th? diteute. Tmankmitimc in (JoMNtcTtcirT ?Oov. Cleveland ii * rrcfiniiiend- <i the obarrvance of Thursday, the 3<>ib Nov. aa a day ol Uiaukagi\inf m Coniieclitu'. Jti.k.ndid Launchu*.?One of the tineit t?hi|>^ now iu the London Line wan launched early yte tetiUy morning. It was a fpU eight. She i' called the Prince Albert, and will be commanded by Caj>tuiu Sebor, lately of the St. James. Hei day ol sailing is tin- 1st ol December next. Another new i"ackei, to be called the \otktlnre, w!II t?e launched to-morrow nioruing, between ten ' and eleren o'clock, from the ship yard of Webb & Alien. Tbii ship?? I?UK? 'Cfc>l broad, and 21 feet deep, ami is rated as high as eleven hundred tons She is five leet longer than the Montezuma. It is thought that in speed she wil .-Hfpasj any ship in the Old Line of Liverpool pack ets. to which she la to he attached. We nre glad to lrnrn that her commander is Cap tain D. G. Bailey, formerly of the Orpheu9, an< lately of the South America. He is one of the mos popular and experienced navigators hat sails ou of New York. Ska Rack.?It is not true that the yacht Gim crack has beaten the pilot boat Washington, but i is true that the Washington has beaten the Gim crack. So sure arc the pilots of the W. tlmt ihei boat can distance the G. that they are willing t< make a trial of s-peed between the two boals, Iron the Floating Light into New York, and give tin Gmicrack two miles statt. We should think tha thits i8 fair enough Thk Philadelphia Election ?Mr. Hutchinson the defeated candidate for the office <>t Sheriff a the late election in Philadelphia, attribute* his de feat to the secession ol the Irish, which was prompt ed by the failure of au Irishman named Clark, it obtaining the nomination lor the office of Count; Treasurer. So be it ; but did not Mr. Hutchinsoi run behind his own ticket ? Canada News.?Our advices from Kingston ari to the 18th inst. The Customs Bill passed tin Committee of the whole that night, and wastobi submitted to the House the next day, 80 it may b< looked upon as passed. Madame Cimi Damokkau.?The first concert o this lady was flatteringly successful, and to-nigh she gives a sccond, assisted by M Arlot. She wil doubtless have a crowded room, lor her merits are of a rare quality, and are duly appreciated. Nibi^o's ?The Ravel's played last night for Johr Sefton's Benefit. Last night the Manager's house was crowded in every part bj 7 o'clock. It ap peared the best of the season. A very prosperous re suit has attended the variety of the season, whict included two English Vaudeville Companies, the French Company, Italian ditto, and the Ravels ? Niblo's ought to be an evergreen establishment in. stead of a mere summer one The fashionable monde like an immediate place ol amusement ic this city during the winter. ciialtuim Theatre?The audience last night which responded to the manager's call for a benefit was such au one as any man might feel justly proud To-night Yankee llill appears in all hie glory in tht Yankee Pedlar, and the Comedy of the Greer Mountain Boy. For the first time Signor Astlry 'he most remarkable gymnast, makes his first ap pearance and performs a number of almost incredi ble feats of strength and pkill. The pantomime which was so successful on its first representation will be repeated. Fro>t at the South ?It was staking down at all parts of the south at the last accounts. Snow in Pennsylvania ?There was a sprinkling near Philadelphia on the 18th inst. Snow Storm.?We continue to receive particulars of early snow storms The first snow storm this season commenced here between 9 and 10 o'clock last evening. It it about one inch deep ? Albany Advertiser, Oct 23 Yesterday afternoon, nail the night previous suow again fell, but rain falling at the same tim? prevented its stay. We have had rain incessand] lor the past ten days, with cold bleak winds Thii morning the wind is from the west, and the appear ance ol the we?tlier issoniewhat more promising.Qwebtc Mcrcury, October 19lh. Philadelphia Navy Yard.?About one hundrei and fifty ship carpenters and joiners were disclmrg eil at the Navy Yard at noon on Friday, without i moment's previous warning, in conformance to ai order received from the Secretary of the Navy They were employed on the new sloop of war Ger mautown There are now at the Navy Yard th< f"Howinsr vessels of war: the frigate Karitan, thi steamer Princeton, sloop of war Dale, and a reve nue cutter. Supreme Court, Rochester, Oct. 18.?Thos. C Ogden, et al vs Oliver Lee,et al.?Mr. H K Smitl was heard for the defendant. Mr. James C. Smitl and Mr James Mullett was heard lor ihe rlaintifi and Mr. Millard Filmore in reply. This is the nios important case on the calendar?involving the tii 1> of the entire Holland purchase. We heard u portioi of Mr. Mullen's argument, which was highly in teresting from its comprehensive views of our his torv? indeed, ihatof England also?in regard to In dian rights?Mr. M. arguiug they were merely pot sf-esory, and not in fee. Arrest of the YalkjCollegk Mi-rderkr.?Tin Philadelphia Chronicle says : ?Mr. Louis Faseitt, i student of Yale College. New Haven, Connecticut and a son of Mr James Faseitt, hardware rner chant, of Market street, in this city, was arrested oi Sjturday as a fugitive from justice, from the Stan of Connecticut, on a charge of killing his tutor John B Uwight, a grandson of President Dwight, by stabbing him with a dirk We give below ai uccount of his arrest, committal, and tubsequen discharge on bail. David H.Carr, j>olice officer of New Haven, Ct. arrived in this city on Saturday morning, with ? letter to the Attorney General from Professor Silli man, of Yale College, detailing the facts of th< murder, and asking that Mr. Fassitt might be ar rested. Tne Attorney General immediately seni for Recorder Vaux, and put him in possession ol the facts of the case. Warrants were then issued by the Recorder for the apprehension of Mr. Kassitt, and placed in the hands of officers James Young, Georee Hoffner and Whiseener. Officer Whissener proceeded at once to the house of Mr. E. C. Fas*itt, a brother of Mr Louis Fassitt, in Washington Square, and there discovered thf latter eecreted in a baek room He was imme distely taken into custody, m,d conveyed to th? office of the Recorder. The Attorney General be ing apprised of his arrest, the examination com inenced. W. M. Meredi'h, Esq , and F. W. Hub hell, Eoq., appeared hs counsel for the prisoner. Hi uffiilavn of police officer Carr being read, the cour sel on behalf of the prisoner argued at great lengt on the admiring him to bail The Recorder de clined taking bail, and committed him for a furthe | hearing on l ues-day next, us a fugitive fromjustic from the State of Connecticut, on i he charge ol kill ' ins John B. Dwight. lr? the mean time the friend f;f the prisoner sued out a writ of habeas corpus be lore Judge King, and had him conveyed to the pri vate residence of the Judge, by whom he was hell 1 to bail id the sum of five thousand dollars. We have since learned, that Mr. Faseitt, in com pnnv with t>is brother and several other relative* left last evening in the Mail Pilot Line, for Con necticut. in order lo deliver IniiiMelf iminik* mi thoruies. Hayti ?The Charleston Courier has received i liie of Port Republican Men to the 17ih ull. Tin editor learns from these, " that on the night of tlx 9th Sept? mber last, an attempt at a counter revolu lion took place there, under the auspices ol Colone IMzon. Colonel I)a!zon, about 6 P. M , with i looae collection of aoldiery, took possession ol For Alexander, but finding it destitute ol powder, an< incapable ol delence, he abandoned it, and ad vanced >pon the town. On arriving at the thorough fare, h'1 was met b> the 6th regiment, commander by Col Jacques Lonia. At the word " halt," li< da-hed his horse upon citi/en Heuriguez, chief o Gen. Herard's start'; whereupon he waa immedi ately phot and killed by a soldier named K>gisDalzon'a escort of officers escaped to the woods The news of In? death was immediately conveyec to General H., who was already on his way to I he <<>rt, and who immediately, with his Mart, viaitei all tne lorts, and announced to the different regi ments Citiiioned in ifiem, the itsim of the abortive attempt. Regis was promoted to the rank of an ( tier 'General II . it ceeniH, was aware of the con' "piracy, and hail tiken measures to defeat it. Nu memos arrests were made ; but th<* conspiracy seems io have be< n confined chiefly to young men without regular employment, ambitious of miliary or civil odvanccment On the llth, tile provincia government installed Gen IVzaire m the office ol Protector, in the place of the |dte Gen. Voltaire." Domestic Maiitai nm- t he Portland Adver tiser siys, lint about th ny cords o| freah cut lurch wood i? on us way from that region to Lynn and Ipswich, Mussjiehuyen , which is to be mannt ictitreri ,, into shoe pegs ! i City Intolligenre. lm<mn InTKKrr.K??ck huh Justus Yesterday ^ , morning'i Herald contained the particular* of the ane>t I ot two young men named Richard Mtrtin ami George , Kisher, en a charge of petit larceny, but who were suppost d lrom having in their possession t.urglai ions ioftiuments, and a vatiety of other evidence, to be the peno i? ' who h.i l rect ntly committed varrjus Grand Larct'iiif# at 1 our public hotel*, as aUo several burglrrits. Then-men were secured on Saturday evening, aud notice wai given , to those who had beenjiobbed to appear at the City Prison I ytsUrday morning, and recognise the rogue*. Several > gentlemen lrom the Clinton and txchange Hotels, who j had been robbed by persona placed in the fame room nt a late hour at night, appeared, and torn the description of the pariiea were satisfied that these wero the rogues. Officers A. M. C. and James I.. Smith, who made the arrest, then proceeded with the parties Into .the City Prison to allow these gentlemen to recognize the rogues 1 as the persons who had committed the aeveral Grand ' Larcenies, when, to their astonishment, they were informed that they had been discharged. Upon enquiry, it waa found that Ehoneier M. Peck, a practitioner t about tlia Tombs, hod taken copies of their commitments for petit larceny before Recorder Tallma.lge, and also a negro barkti, residing in Centre street, opposite the Toml'i, named Henry H. Tucker, who was ottered us bail in the sum ol $.'00, and accepted ! The rogues were 1 then discharged, uud when the case was presented to the Recorder by the Clerks of Ihe Lower Pjlice, lie avowed ^ 1 that he hud been imposed upon by Mr Peck, and was not aware that any other charges existed, or were about to he a preferred against the two thieves. Since their discharge j t flow prison jesUidny, a number ol persons Iisvm pre. t ferred complniuU against them, and & quantity of stolen clothing taken by them lias been recovered Such an ^ improper, unjust aud unlawful interference with public j, justice we hare rarely been called upon to record. ti ^ Since the above was written, the negro barber has been v 1 arrested, and, on examination before the Police, made the following astonishing attidavit\ City and County of New For*, it. * Henry H. Tucker, barber, of No. 108 Centre street, B ? being duly sworn, de|K>SFS and say s that he was this morning called on at hit bajber's shop, at the nbove place, by c 9 Ebeneier M. Peck, a lawyer at the Tombs, who rrquest. > *d deponent to gabail, or surety, lor Richard Martin aud 11 Otorge Fisher, who were confined in the City Prison on r a charge of larceny, stating to deponent that he would T have to swear that he was worth the sum of two hun. ' drrd dollars. De|>onent said to said Peck that he was not I' t worth the said sum, and on Pick's asking kim if he would P take two hundred dollars tor every thing in his esta- ? ' blishment, deponent replie I that he would not, if it in. l' ; eluded bin clothes and a gun; on which laid Peck told him that this would answer, and ashewa?a customer of deponent, if he would oblige him, he would throw busino*s in deponent's way , and if he had to lock up his shop, ' during bis absence from tin-same, to go ha'l, he would ; make it up to him; when he went to the Recorder's office, in Nas?au street, and became bail lor said Martin and Fisher. De|>onent further says that he never saw said persons in or out of prison, and that the iimuunt of bail sworn to by him, was two hundred dollars. 1 HKNRY II. TUCKER. 5 Sworn before me, October :13d, 1843. Milk Parker. An officer was then immediately despatched to the Re corder's office for a copy of the affidavit of the barber made before him which is as follows 1 City and County of Ntw York, tt : Henry H. Tucker, of No. 108 Centre street in the city of New York, being sworn, says that he is worth two hundred dollars over and at>ove what is sufficient lor the payment of all his debts, and that liii property consists of ' stock in his business in his shop. ' HENRY H. TUCKER. , Sworn before me the 23d of October, 1843. t F. A. TAI.i.madoi. I ' It being evident to the Police that the stock in the shop j ol Tucker wus not wortk one fourth of the amount that he had sworn it to be, he was committed to answer the ol- * fence. We did not ascertain whether the author of the j! > unlawful act committed by this poor negro was arrested j , or not, but presume the Recorder will take immediate ac- F tion on the sutyect. g " Mixe Walsh" surrendered himself yesterday fore. ? noon, and James Kelly enetred security in the sumo! n $1000 lor his appearance at the next court of General n Sessions, that commences its term on Monday, November t 'lie 6th. Mr. Kelly justified in the requisite amount, and ii Walsh was discharged from custody. In tke forfeitures ol Walsh and Cummings, noticed in the report of the pro- ' ceedings of the Sessions as published yesterday, the name ? of Jamus Kelly was given as one ol the bail. It " should nave been Thomas Kelly, who was bail lor Cummitigi. * ' Bill Miillioa*. tut foinii _tinWKiir Deumiton was proceeding u]> Alien street, yesterday , morning, be mat William Mulligan, the well-known ; former, who escaped justice at the last term of the Court , of Sessions, by straw bail having been entered by Francis ' J. Grant, who lias since run aw ay to Europe, and Ebenezer M. lVck, a Tombs lawyer. Di-cni?ton arrested him at once, when Mulligan made fight, and avowed to the spectators that ho was no burglar, and had never been arrested for any offence or crime. Notwithstanding the earnest appeals 0! the officer for assistance, not oneof the crowd J stepped lorward to ?id him,and had not AssistantAlderman Ward, who was accidentally passing, stepped in, it is i more than likely that the rogue would hav*. escaped. He (l in now safe, unless new straw bail is obtained to release him. Arrest er a Mubderer ?Yoong Fssset, of Philadel" phia, who stabbed Tu or D wight, of Yale College, passed through this city on Sunday, in charge of an officer, who ? bad arrested him in Philadelphia. He left in the Eastern boat for New Haven, where he will ba tried for the of fence Mr. Dwight died on Thursday, and young Fa?set, remained in the College several days after the stabbing was comiHtted before he escaped. 1 Killed en the Hablem Railroad.?A newsboy named l Patrick Hogan, who has for a length of time travelled up and down in the Harlem railroad cars, to dispose of his t papers, was killed yesterday morning, near joth street, ^ by one of the cars passing over his body. He was in the , act of stepping from one car to another, when he slipped and fell between two, the latter of which passed over and killed him instantly. Knat< hkd ann Caught.?One William Muzzy, who is leader of a gang of soaplocks and loafers that congregate around Washington market, was brought up charged with stealing a three dollar bill from Daniel Ryan, while the latter was paying tor some refreshments in the mar c ket. Muz/.y snatched the money out ol Ryan's hand end * fled, but was puisued and overtaken. * at th?. Rack Course.?A negro sportsman, named Charles Hanson, was brought up, charged with 1 stealing a large quantity ( harness from the stables of Hiram Woodruff, and aleo about thirty dollars in cash, , which was the property of one of the grocers attached to the course. Hanson is fully committed. 1 Robbing a Tailor's Shop.?A negro named Pete Hawt kins was charged with stealings dress coat trom thestore ol Daniel Owetis, in Grand street. Hawkins nnd an other loafer entered the shop, and snatched the coat from the ' bo-ird, while the workmen were gone to their breakfast, and bolted with their prize; but the hue and cry being raised, thry were purused,an4 Pete caught and seat to the ' Tombs. Bubolart?The housed Simeon Drey fous was broken : open last night by prying open the window of the back basement. The thieves *tole a cloak and a quantity of > wearing apparel,coats, umbrella*, he. Of exurse they , were not arrested by the watch. Numerous burglaries , are taking place In every part of our city, and still we have no change in the hour of scrvice ol the watchman in the morning. AsroMiHirxi Escape.?a gentleman ot the Tire De1 partment, who says he wss standing on the pavement, corner of Duane and Chatham streets, on Friday evening when Harry Jordan was [Injured by the Southwark En' gine Company, informed us last evening that one of the wheelsol that apparatus, which weighs 4W0 pnun.I* pass, ed overthe body of Jordan. Since ho has been in the ho>" >- pital it has been ascertained that in addition to other e injuries, his lower jaw bono was bioken. He Is doing I- well at present. h Removal or Book Stands ?Quito < n excitement was cieatvd about the East entrance to the I'ark yesterday, I from the fact that the Superintendent ol Streets and. Cor e poration Attorney had succeeded, by prosecution under the city ordinances, to compel the removal of the book u stands that huve been stationed then- for several mouths past The occupants took advantsgc of the occasion to post conspicuous placards stating their grievances, and * off-iing then (ore to sell their st?ck at reduced prices. 3 The effect was good, as the books sold well at moderate rates. Stribe amoru tup Tailors.?The journey men tailors , of the city hebt a mass meeting at Dunn's Sixth Waid Hotel yesterday, at nine o'clock, which continued, with a slight intermission, until a late hour last evening I Amn 'niratinna ??ro ri Pi iDrd frnm ?* ?? employ lug lailots, who roti*Mited to pay the lift of pricaa i demanded t>j the journeymen, which 11 a amall advance r on previotia ratea Court of Chanrrry. Before Vice Chancellor. I Oi-t 3*?JT'yr* vf -Jtfyrn?Thin case cam* tip on an * exception toihe Maattir'* report. The re|>ort wai recont aidered and allowed in lull by the Matter, hut the Vice J Chancellor wua ofopii.ion that the teport allowed mora than w wcorrect, and acroidingly made an order modi, fylng said report. i Virginia linyA r?. Edward Hayd.?Thia c?ie came tip ' on a petition by the wife for a divorce, on the ground* 0f adult err- The teatimouy addnced at the first hearing being insufficient, time w u? allowed for the putting iu ol further testimony, which additional testimony wa? considered satlal.iclory l?y the Court, and on order, granting the prayer of the petitioner, was accordingly entered. | The petition ol Kelix Colrand wai referred to Matter Cembreling. I Marine Court. Befom Judge Sherman. Oi t. H.? WVMii.m Conjur r?. William Slnty.?Thia wa* tin action to ret over <J8mHgea l*r injurns nustained hy the plaintitl, who i* a iabort r, hy renaon of the cnrelei* driving ol tho servant of the defendant. It appear ed that the servant was driving the wagon ol the defendant through Kront street, between Dover an<! 1 Roosevelt streets, and then and there came in contact witb, and knockad down the plaiutitf. injnring hini ?o I severely as to oblige him to seek the. aid ol a phy'ician, f Bnd to confine him to hia home lor one week. The de. fence attempted to show that the wagon waa being driven at the rate of only !our and a half mtlea nn hour; but the plaintiff proved tiy several witnesse* that the rate wm nearer eight mile* per hour, The jury, undi-r charge ol the Court, returned a verdict in favor of the plaintiff in | f J% damage*. 1 Kur plaintiff, 8'ole^ for defen lant, Mr. Wefater.j i | Common Connrll0< t 33.? Boaki> ur Ai.dkhmkn?H|>i cial Meeting LMrrman I'uidy President, in the chair. .1 Nuisanct ?A petition trom several citizens relative a removal of manure dumped at the loot ot 28tb street nd Bud Second avenue, \*as referred to the City In pector Drainin Mercer sheet.?The street Committee report* d n tuvor of opening a drain in Mercer street, irom C?n*l tiC' tto 60 lect southwardly from Grand *tieet, which va* adopt id. Paving IMS I'retl.?Ileport of the committee on streets I the Board of Assistants, in tavorot paving 18th meet, roin Bloomingdtle Iload to the 8th avenue, and flagging space four feet wide, was concurred in. Lighting with (?'??.?Tho committee on limp* ond gas ejorted in favor ot lighting Lewis street, between Grand n<l Houston streets, end Broome street,from the Bowt;v o El iudge street. Adopted. Also to light the 3d and 3d district watch houses with ;as?Adopted. Contract for Oil ?The committee on lamps and gas eported in lavor of allowing the superintendent of lomps nd gas to contract with D- Sc A. Kingsland for 10,000 galons of winter strained sperm oil, at 86 cents per gallon?a duction of two cents per gallon beiDg allowed lor return f casks. Increase of Watchmen.?The Committee on Tolice re>orted in lavor of malting thirty new watch posts, and he appointment of 120 new watchmen; also, to vompel he whole body of the city watch to remain on duty in he morning until thirty minutes beloro sunrise, ami to ncresse their pay to $1 31 per night the year round. The "ommittee also recommend the lollowmg alteration of he posts:?1st watch district, three new posts, feur watchnen to cach post; 2d district,five new posts, with four vatchuaen to each post; 4th district, six new posts, four t-atchmeo to each; o h district, six new posts, four new vutchmen to each; 6th district, five new i>osts, lour new vdtch'nen to each. Alderman Bkabv moved to lay the report on the table, nil priut, ? Inch w as lost by a vote of 7 to 8. The resolution was then adopted, by a vote of 12 te 3. Lldeimen Woodhull, Brevoort, and Brady, in the m g?ive. Second Ileport.?The Select Committee, consisting ol tMermen Tiilou and Emmans, to w bom was releried the pphcation ol the city watchmen lor increase of pay, re orted in lavor of aliowing them $1 26 per night, the pay o take effect lrom the 10th of May last, being the time it vas reduced. I ne resolution was adopted by the tallowing rote Ayes?Aldermen Clayton, Emmans, Martin, Tillou, Vatnman, Puidy, Briggs ami llawson?8. Na>i?Allerrnen WoodUull, Dunning, Nash, Brevoort, Irajy nnd Lee? 6. The resolution was then sent to the other Board for oncurience. RtcrpVon of Marslyil Bet tranti?The resolutions from lie Board of Assistants as published below, were concured in, and Aldermen Tillou, Dunning and Nash wore ap. ointcd a rom nutter on the part of this board. Election Polls?The same committee reported that ower existed in the Commun Council to Changu the lace of holding the poll of any election district by dirrrtion. They therefore reported in favor of changing he following polls:? flth district, 9th ward. 434 Hudson street.

id do 17th do No. 1 Avenue A. 4th do 17th do at Ji tlerion Hall. 3J do 8th do 7S Wooster street. 3d do 8th do 168 Spring street. 4'h do 8th do at Peter Crawford's. fith do 8th do at Tivoli Garden. tttli do 8th do 33KJ Hudson street. 7th do 8th do 377 Spring street. 8th do 8th do 389 Spring street. The resolution was adopted. The following changes were also made 1st district, 7th ward, 133 East Broadway. 3d do 7th do 166 Cherry street. 3J do 7th do 159 Madison ctrect. 1st do 13th do at John O'Keefe's. 3d do 13th do Andrew Howes. Sd do Dth do 8. E. Amos and Washington. 1st do 9th do 699 Washington. 4th do 9ih do 391 Bleecker street. lluiltlinq a Well.?The Committee an Streets reported n favor of paying John Lynch, $14 for digging a well in he 13th ward, opposite the House of Detention. A communication from the Street Commissioner denied he justice of tbe report, and sustained bis position by nunerous affidavits, and charged that the Alderman of the twelfth ward, wno is chairman of the committee, said le did not intend to report in lavor of the wxll. Alderman Bhkcvoort said that tha Street Commissioner lad stated a public falsehood, so far as he was concerned, is he never had said he did not intend to report, but that le expresely said he did intend to report in lavor of Mr <yncn. Tliut such a bare faced denial of truth on the part of the Street Commissioner caused him to blush. Aldermen Nash and Puanr said they thought there was ome misunderstanding on the subject, as the Street Com nissioner was u sworn officer of this Beard, and he was lot likely tomt.kea false statement Alderman Woodhull said he thought the Street Comlissioner had done his duty, and the evidence presented kan.a^ :? i.? .ui.l i uuncun?uo lunciuiciuuugiu uo buvuiu ire nusmiueu u his position before the Board. Alderman Brevoort said be had not done his duty. He lien moved a reference to the counsel of the Board, in rder that the conduct of the Street Commissioner might e enquired into. Adopted. Change 0/ Poll.?Resolutions to remove the poll of the econd district of the 6tli ward to 134 Leonard street. Ltso.the first district of 10th ward to 85 Eighth avenue; i>urth district 16th ward to corner ?f 8th avenue and 36th treet. A resolution to remove the poll of the sixth district of tie 7th ward te 386 Madison street, was received lrom the loard of Assistants for concurrence. Alderman Nash opposed it. Alderman Bhiuus said it iiad been called for by the iVard Committee, who, he thought, were the best judges if the propriety of the meatura. Aldermsu Nash (aid the inspectors of the ward would efusetaseive it the poll was changed. Alderman Scolcs said it might be doubtful whether the *rard committee was the Simon Pure committee?It was mid to tell in these times, as in the ward he represented here were great doubts on the subject. The resolution was finally laid on thetabla by a voteof > to 6. Also to change the poll of the Sri district of the 3rd vnrd to 23 Warren street.?Concurred in. Also to change tho poll of the 2nd district of the 4th card to IB Oak street. Alderman Martin opposad the removal, and it waa laid in the table. Also to remove the following polla st district 14th ward to 76Trince. ird do. do 204 Orand. >th do. do 173 Hester. Alderman Scolrs asked if the Davis and tho Jones ward :ommltters bad both been consulted on this subject. If lot, lie thought it ought not to be adopted. Alderman Tcrdy said one of the removals was at the Forrest House, kaud the other was at the old Democratic lead Quarters. He therefore thought it was all O. K. Alderman Sioi 1) moved that the resolution lie on the able, which was negatived by a vote of 6 to 10. It was hen concurred in. Also to remove the 1st district Oth ward to the house of lohn Fra/.ee, corner of Washington and Leroy streuts, mil the 4th to 293 Bleeckvrstri<et?Concurred in. Tho Committee on Laws, reported in favar of allowing hr receiver ot taxes to appoint as many temporary lerks as he thinks necessary t> accomplish the public lUiineis in his office, the ezpeme is not to exceed $800? ost by a vote ol 6 to 6. Alderman Waterman then asked tome gentlemen to ecommend some plan whereby this assistance could be endered. Alderman Pusnr said let the Comptroller place the >ooks in the hands ofthe collectors of taxes ol the several b-ards where the board of Supervisors had ordered, and there the people had supposed they would be placed, then the Collectors were elected?this would be a subtitute such as wm desired. Alderman Waterman said that on the 1st of December hat question must be dccided, and the books then placed 11 the hands of the Collectors, unless the law was changd. Alderman Bradt presented a resolution authorizing tha leceiver of taxes to eipend some $700 in employing adlitional clerks In his office?lost 0 to . The Board then adjourned to Monday next. Board or Assistant Ai.mermen, Oct. 33 Regular neeting. Prtttnl.?President Brown and a quorum. Mtnulet ?The minutes of the last meeting were read ind approved. Appointing Rnumltntn.?The men oltlin Third District IVutch, under Captain Prerost, have petitioned to grant lim the power of appointing and removing tho roundsnen und?r his command; suggesting this as the only wny n which harmony and goo I feeling can exist in that listriet between him and the men of his charge. Reerrnd. JVet Ctllan.?The inhabitants of Rivington street, lutween Columbia street and the East Itiver, petition lor 1 sewer, to drain their cellars. Referred. Lying-in Uotpilal?Mrs. Isabella Scott, first directress if the New York Asylum for lying-in women, situated in Harion street, petitions in behalf of tha institution, to iave the Crotan water introduced into the building use,1 >V tbein?allegkig as a reason, that the funds of the initiation, which are derived entirely from private rub criptions, are to low, that it is difficult for them to meet he actual expenses. Referred. Engine Company No 21?The inhabitants ol the 10th kVitrrl in thl* fii?iflrhltnplin/*/l sif ml. AW...... ?? I -* * , ? ^....v.vwu VI am UTCIIUV Nilli 1 4 III HVTCfU , >etition the Council not to restore the engine to Company Vo J4, inasmuch ;m it is not requited, and the peace ami |iiietn<1 ** of the residents there is destroyed by the row tyi-m of the young men attached to said Company. Re'erred. Petition Dmitri.?The Fioanaft Committee reported ii;aii<st granting the petition ot Jumn Adair, to re nnd the mm oi fu U from the city treasury .deposited here bythulnte Public Administrator. The (prayer it lonied on the ground that lie i? not the heir at law of the nteitate. Report acceptvd. Alto, of John Coger, Jr., claiming abatement of interest m mortgage to the Corporation. Pttitinnt Granted ? Of Oerard Ptuyvesant, authorising he Coniptro4ler to pay buck to him the sum of f'JO id in bv him in mistake to the Col lector ot taxes. Ot Crastus Graves, absolving him from tasation, at being a itizen and reaident of Macon, OcoMarshal liertraml ?Assistant Alderman Dnixit rose in lis place, and leave being granted, moved tho following 'solutions, prefacing it with a few remark*, on the high character of the distinguished vuteran, and companion in 'Xile oi Napoleon ?his singular virtues, and exalted posiion as a statesman, in hii own country. He alto paid a landsome compliment to the French nation, (or ita oonluct towards this coentry during the Revolution, and >n all proper occasions, when a leeling was called forth owards the United Htatee. Ite?i|veil, Whereas Marshal Bert rand, the kind and aithlul friend of his illustrious Chief, and who follows! ii? fortunes not only in prosperity, but in the hour of e* le and adversity. one of the most distinguished ol thf ''ranch oldiem'ha* arrived in this city, anil whereaa.wt ntertaina high reaped for tho virtnea which liavi I'lornff.I hi? life?'Therefor?, in regard to thii diatinftliih d ?tr?nni r, and the great nation he rcpreienta, Renolvad, That a committee of three from each Koanl ) appointed, in conjunction with the Mayor and the Pr>li'lf-nta of each Board, to wait on Marshal Bcrtrand, am* ndar to him the reapecta o( the City OoTi-rnment, a id o ref|ne?t him to uiathe Governor'* Room, during hk '?V in thia eity, to receire tho aalntatiorii olourlcil* w iii/ nn Accepted, The I'rraidant named Aaaittant A Mar men W Danar, Bouoi, and Wu.i.itmi. ?? inch committee, from tbii Board, and the naolution wan sent io theother Board for it* action thereon. Kjtrlmtnl HuiU.?A report waa adopted in favor of allowing the counsel for ihe Corporation to defend suita of qectment against the Corporation at his owsdiscralion. Paying Contractor* A report in iavor of authorising the Comptroller to pay the contractor for regulating NJth street, between 3d and Mh streets, whatever sums may be unpaid for such services, was adopted. Also, in Iavor ol Francis Blair, for extra expense* laid out l>y him in constructing a newer in 7th ktreet, in consequence oi an obstructing quicksand. The amount claimed is about $1100. Iron Staircase.? The petition of William Downes, Jr., ta erect an iron staircase and balcony in front ol No. I0J Maiden lane, was relorred to the Alderman and Assistant A derninn ol the 1st Ward, with power. Lighting Watch Huuh?Tha watchmen of the 1st District petition to have tl.eir watch houso lighted with gas. Kt fi rred. If'rig/unaiteri, Meaiurtri, c$-c?The ordinance groi.ting the powei to the Mayor, Aldermen, and Commonalty, to appoint competent persons totheoflicei of weighers, measurers, lie , w as, with some slight amendments, con cuirfu in* Changing the P?lb.?The report frem the other Board recommencing the changing ot the Toll*, was concurretl in. Building a Drain ?The report, recomtmn ling the building oi' a drain in Mercer s-reet was adopted. Appointment to Office.?The apnointment of James Bo\ce, ai weigher ot anthrucitecoul was concurred in. Concurred in?Resolution,appointing sundry persons *o office, and changing the places of holding the Tolls, lrom the other Board, were concurred in. Sew Appointments?Several appointments to the ottlcos ot Weighers and Measures were ret erred to the proptr Committee. Coenties Slip.?The report from the ather Board, recommencing tne piauklng ot the middle pier of tiiix slip, was concurred in. Building a Drain ? The report from the other board rceommemJing the building of a drain in the Bowery from 11th and ISth street, thence to University l'luce, a branch tunnel running through Broadway to 13th street, was concurred in. Httignalion ?The resignation oi several inspectors of elections, and appointments in their place, were read and ccncnrred in. But chert of Ctinton Market.?A n solution, directing the committees of both boards, to which the patition of the butchers of Clinton Market, praying to have the premium paid by them on their stall refunded, to report at as early a meeting as couvenient, was adopted. Increaring the Pay of Watchmen ?The report of the ether board, recommending the restoration of the pay of watchmen to tin shillings per night, was taken up and concuired in. More Bunkum.?A resolution increasing the pay of the Captains and thu Assistant Captains oi the Watch, was adopted; the pay then will bj, for the former, $3 AO, the latter $3 per night. Sent to the other Board tor concurrence. Richard M. Johnttn.?'The sum of $1,000 having been moved Cor to meet the expense* to be incurred at thereCaption of Col. Richard M. Johnson, the resolution wits amended by interting $360 in the place of the $1,000, and such concurred in, and the resolution adopted. The IntpeclionjMW.?A resolution was adopted, dircct in? the counsel for the Corporation to repor t on the expediency ot repealing the repulsive features of the lurptc tion as regards the city of New York. Comptroller.?The report of the Committee on Finance from the other Board, on the communication of the Comptroller relative to the loans falling duo on the 19th Nov. next, waa referred to the Finance Committee of this Board. Lighting Watch /fumes.?The report from the other Bonrd intavoroi lighting the Second and Third District Wstchhouses with gas was concurred in. Jldjournment ?This Board stands adjourned by re solution to Wednesday the 1st November next, at 6 o'clock P.M. Superior Court. Before Judge Oakley. Oct. 23.?Samuel Colt vs. George Myer and Henry Myer.? This was an action of trover. The plalutitt is the inventor of the life preserving pistols, submarine battery, &c. &c , and the defendants are merchants of this city, who, among other things, import tin feil;from France aiid Germany It so happened that the attention of the mm of invention, was directed to the protracted war which his countrymen were waging against the Indians in Florida, and which, though so often finished, again broke out for want of Uncle Sam keeping " his powder dry." To remedy this, and place the success ot the campaign beyond all doubt, the plaintiff entered into a contract with the government to supply them with 150,000 musket and 100,000 rifle cartridges, made of a peculiar quality of tin foil, and u hich foil he contracted for with the defendants to import from Germany. However, the de. iendants did not comply in time with the terms of said contract, and though the plaintiff sought elsewhere, still he could aot obtain the required article to complete his contract with the government, and satisfy the world that Uncle Sam's blue coats,with Colt's waterproof tin toil cartridges,were more than a match for"them lnjins." The government refused to stand to thecontract,inasmuch as the war was over, and the swamps of Florida were supposed to be cleared of the varmint. To support his case, the plaintiff proved that the government had issued such an order, and itad directed the commander of the New York depot to supply him with powder, drummer boys, and a laboratory to prepare his cartridges. Also, that the sum of $6400 was placed in tbe hands ot tho Ordnance Department to pay the contractor,according as he delivered his contract. A nonsuit was granted on the grounds claimed, viz. that the damages sought for were remote and contingent-, that it was not shown that the plaintiff ha I Jo mnr.drdof th?|defendants the fulfilment of thecontract, within a reasonable time,or had proffered the price of the order. For plaintiff W 8. Peirion, Esq. ; for defendant, The adore Miller, Esq. John fan Duyne vt. Uriah Rider.?This was an action to recover the amount of a replevin bond given to the plaintiff, who was the late ShenfTof Kings county, Th? defence set up was, that the bond was a forgery . Witness, es were examined to prove the bad character of tbe sub scribing witness, named Smalley, who had been, while living, indicted for a similar offence. The case will be resumed to-day. For plaintiff, Messrs. Antlion and Van Cott ; fordercrdant, Messrs. Talmadge and Cooke. Calendar fo\ Tunday?Nos. lifl, 13, 103, S3, 131, 123. 9, 62, 41, 29,23, 70, 80, 81, 83, 34, 8, 89. Circuit Court. Be'ore Judge Kent. Oct. 93.?Daniel Dolfut and others, vt. Anthony LFroich.?This was an action of assumpsit to recover the amount ofthree drafts or bills of exchange, amounting in all to 18,000 francs, drawn by A. Brue, agent for the defendant, on the house of Johnston V Co., of Paris the plaintiffs, also of Paris, in this suit, being endorsers. Frosch, who was lately doing business in this city, as an imparter of French goods, but who has absconded, having been prosecuted by the United States for paning false invoices through the custom house, left Brue s* his Attorney in this city to transact his, business inpowering him by warrant to sign his(Frotch's) name for h11 purposes necessary to carrv out the objects of the agcncy arid the interests of tbe defendant. In the course t the agency, the drafts in dispute were drawn, but tha accounts of Frosch, with the house of Johnston Ik Co, being in dispute, they were dishonored, and the suit is brought to recover against the drawer. The defence setup was, that the endorsers having transferred their claims to others,could not bring an action againstthe trawer without producing testimony of retransfer; that simple possession waa not sufficient to entitle them to recover; also that Brue, by the power of Attorney, had no authority to use the name of the defendant out of the city of New York, in manner alleged in this suit; also, that tho drafts became due on tbe 13th of July, 1841, that being the last day of grace,and not on the 10th, when they were presented and dishonored; consequently, there being no proof ol presentment on the 13th, a verdict could not stand for the plaintiffs?and lastly, if presented, there should be shown in evidence that notice ol protest was erveu uii iuo ueieiiuaui. 1 ne oo'iri cnargen agHimi lue exception* of the defendant, aa the ran? [ rn?cnt<*H aeveral pointa which the Court wished should bo argued before the Supreme Court. Verdict tor the plaintiA'in *3,731 17 damagea, (I cents co*ta. For plaintiffs, Messrs. Well* and Vanwaggoner; for delendanta, Messrs. D. D. and 8.1. Field. Tliomae Jamet vi. Nelson Bieekrr and Robert f'inten? Thia wa* an action of treapaaa. The plaintiir rented the hotiae li'uated in the 8th avenue, an<l known aa the 16th Ward Hotel Tho defendant* occupied the lot lituated in the rear of said hotel, and the treapaaa alleged ugainit them ia, that they did in the year 1S40, block up 1? windows in the rear of said hotel, viz., eleven on the Oral, and Ave on the aecond floor, by building a abed and fence with a projecting cap, which leana directly againit and over the lower windows. The aecond floor windows were blocked up by propping up with ataunchioni blind shutter*, which being flush with the window caaing*, eft 'Ctuallv shut out every ray of light, to the great detriment or'he health and interest*, earthly and ipirituolly. of the plaintiff. It appears that he is a good citizen, and had fitted up hiihauae with a ten pin alley .shufllebofcrd, and domino room, a political hall, and a sacred aecond floor back parlour for the convenience of hi* godly Riven neighbor*, and the consequence of the conduct complained ol was, that the light, temporal and spiritual, wa? entirely cut otf, and the pitrsan and the devil j'T this rear attack on their abiding places. Tha plaintiff, backed up by the joint aid of the above respective warshippi r*, did pull down the nuisance once but to no purpose, the Kgyptian durkneas w** again viaihla, and the plaintill, alter a short struggle, followed suit, and eva. cuated tha premise*, at a great*acriflce. He now hringa this action to obtain redres* The casn will be continued today, when the defence will be heard in jtntifloation of such anti-ChrUtian proceeding*. Caleitdar for Tuesday ?No*. 74, A7,flA, 99 lit), IDA, PS, 107, 1(18,100,110, 119,113, 114, 1R, 91, *9, 19, 91,04,9A, 101. Court of Common Plena Before Judge Ingli*. Monday, Oct. ? Edward Bather ve Samuel Slum ? Thi* was an action of treipas*. The plaintiff i* adentiat in thi* city, and the defendant ia a comfortable scion ot tbetribaof Knickerbocker, whose constitution had oat worn hi* masticatory jorgnns,*to his sari discomfiture However, the march of dentistry being equally as rapid a* tha march of intellect, the defendant resolved to oall ,n tin aid of this man of hone and platina. To this he was the more impelled by observing a mouthful ol pearly grinders occupying the hitherto toothles* gum* of a liov of his ancient] times, who, like himself, had mourned the loss of many ft stump. A contract wn* intered into that tho dentist was to reflt the gums with a new set, as good and capable, u* the natural one* had been, the price to be >#0, and the term of tiial*ix month* I'lli> lull ni l wm cunningly and han<l?omi'ly ininhrd, hut nlti* for human ingenuity, the widowed gum* re fuwd to recfirr thrm, and r vtr of *ome month* ti? carried on, the gum* Anally triumphing. Thr good wife. *00, had tome ol her tailing ivoriet restored and refilled with goM, ond a hill ol J>I(W wa* presented a* ? alight c< nipen*alion for such dental *erTicea. The aum of f'iO ? a* paid (or refitting the month of the old lady, hut all compensation lor the "gude non" tn denied, on thr found* tlipt the contract wa* not fulfilled bjr the i<lain tiff to the satisfaction of the defendant. Unfoitunatelj for ihe laMer, it w><* proved that he hod ?t one time piotuiin) ro pay the deliliat, provided he won Id not *110; Imt |iromi*'* are like pia |cru*ta, fcc., ao th? plaintiff loun out. nuil occorJingly vindicated hit riulit and bil mechanical powera by the present action. The jury very proporly ordered the dentUt to be paid, with cotta, in eou*l< Jcruuou or the valuable tervicea iend :red to the world, and eipeciuiiy to theUdU *, by tl.e membera cl this uidisp.-.i a ble pn f auon. Kor plaintiff, M.-h-i* Kdward* and Buck law; fjr di(endant, Jnhu W. Mitchell. Cultmlar for Tutiday?No?. 14, 132. 31,39. 37, 47, 48, 50, 61, 52. V. S. Mu mint l a OJIicc. Ucioie Mr. commissioner i<4|ivivi>. Oct. 'JS ?To Jay Edwaid Benson, Mastsr, und i huiles Wright, Chief Mate of tbe ship Morrison, were arrested and admitted to bail, to aimwer to-morrow to a ckar(? o! cruel and uaufeiial punishm ml, preferred by one ot tho crew of that vessel, on her late voyage homeward from China. <K7- THE EXPERIMENTS IN MESMEH18V1 AT th); American Museum last night, seemed to strike every beholder with astonishment, ?nd wer? wc living umi*r the laws of the good old Turiian fathers, thatJuhnson would be hung Or a wi'ch ; but in these days of light and knowledge,the phenomenon is looked upon as something wondeiful, and notwithstanding it is beyond the comprehension ot the mind ol man, is yet an im|>ortant principle in the economy of Providence, which every one should look to. Wo would advise all to go and see for themselves The experiments are made e?ery afternoon at S o'clock, and every evening ;it 7$; and other, and highly interesting porformancai aie given at the same time.? Gen. Torn Thumb is to be seen at all hours. OCf- PEALE'S NEW YOKK MUSEUM.?The bill at this popular nlace of amusement is unustnlly rich this week. Master Barber, the whiskered child, completely ecliprea Qeneial Tom I humb; Morifl. A lriari, tbe piince ol magicians; Mechanical Figures; Mysterious Child; Mr. Collins, the popular comic, singer; M mmoth Boms; Fudge Mermaid, und hulf-u-million of curiosities, ,aru great attractions lor only One Shilling ! P^rformuncea commeuce at 7$ o'clock. 0Q- WILL BE READY IN A FEW DAYS-Priue l.'J cenla, Familiar Letteis on Chemistry,hi id its rela'ion to Commerce, physiology and Aguculture, by Jui'u.i Liebig, M. D , author 01 Agricultural Chemistry, Animal Chemistry, editedi by John Gardner, M. D No commendation is neceasarv to this important work. Professor Liebig, by universal conscnt, stands at the head of the scienco of Chemistry, and his reputation is coextersive with his knowledeo. ] Thi? edition will be issued in splendid book form? Booksellers, Agent* an 1 ethers are requested to send their orders immrdiati'ly, addressed to J. WINCHESTER, Publisher, JO Ann it. N. T. OtJ- HOU?EKEEPEIlSjATTEND!-J,ist Published, Mr*. Ellis'* Housekeeping made Easy ; or Completo Jn btructor in all branch?* oi Cookury and Domestic Econo my, containing the most modern and approved receipt! of daily use in all lamilics. Price T wentjr-livo C?ut?. Reriied and adapted to the wants of the Lilies of the Unite Status, by au American Ludy. Tin* will be found the most completo, accurate a:ul comprehensive manual oi cookery and household economy ever published. Itembraces all the most lecent improvements in the art, and isada|tedto the important changes|introduced within a few years, in consequence of the pmsiological investigation* oi Combo, and the chemical discoveries ol Ltebig and other eminent scholar*. In a medical and hygienie point of view, this work is, therefore, all important to every housekeeper who desires the well being of her family. The addition* by the American editor are such as to adapt it perfectly to the want* of our people, and much novel information in regard to cookery and the management of a household, will be found in the work. It* cheapness will commend it to every one. For sale at all the depots of cheap publications, and liy the publisher*, BURGESS k STRINGER, Corner of Broadway and Ann street. QQ- COUNT D'ORSAY'S NEW WORK ON ETIQUETTE Wilson ?c Company, 109 Nassau itreet, will publish this morning, the following curious work?price 25 cents ?Etiquette, or a Guide to the Usages of Society, with a Glance at B id H<tbitSj to which is added the only true theory of the Rheuish,or Spanish Waltz?By Count Alfred D'Orsay. " Manners make the Man." This book set* forth no les* tha i sixteen important rule* which should b.t strictlv adhered to in general society, besides futly explaining all thoielittle ceremouie* so neceatary to be observed in a well brod person of either sex. It is beautifully printed, In periodical form, (Brother Jonathan Monthly Library,) and may be sent by mail at lrom a to 6 cents pottago. <K?-|NEW TALE, BIf THOS.L. NICHOLS.-Tho following woik will be ready on Thursday morning next, and for sale at all the cheap periodical stores in the city : ?Ellen Ilamsay, or the Adventures of a Greenhorn, by Tbos. L. Nichols.?This curious Novel contain* vivid description* of many well known public place* in New York, written in a happy vein of humor so peculiar to the author. The plot i* also laid principally inthiscity, where the hero arrives lrom New Hampshire?meets with many serio ludicrous, strange, wonderful, and amatory adventures; but most singularly escapes all the temptations which are placed before him, and finally carries off a married woman very innocently?in doing which he makes a creat mistake, but reoent" o! his error in season to prevent unpleasant consi qu'ences. Illustrated with six < ngravinga, nnd lor sale at the usual rate* of discount to newsmen. Single copies 19} cents. ft?-11119 MORNING, WILL BE PUBLISHED AT the New World office, 30 Ann itrcet, the second camber of the greatest Novtl that hat been written during tlie present century, and which haa created an immense ex citement in Tdrix, us well as alt parta ot the continent of Europe, entitled The Mysteries of Paris, by Eugene Sue, trantlMtfdfrom the Frcnch expressly for the New Woild, to be completed in not over ten extra numbers, issued weakly, by Henry C. Doming, Esq. ^ No one can read two chapters without going through the whole work. The interest is intense, and the incidents thrilling beyond the powor ol expression. Every body ia spenking ol it, uad the demand lor the first number continues unabatt d. I rise I-Jj cents each. Office SO Ann atra?t. M-il subscribers will receive the entire work for $1, remitted lrce ol postage. To be completed in ti n numliers. J. WINCHESTER, So Ann ?t. Just Published?New World Supplement for October, and Blackwood's Magazine for October. Subscriptions received, and back number* supplied at 30 Ann at. ft?- AUCTION NOTICE?TH09. BELL, Anctioncer ?Hotil Furniture at Auction?The entire Furniture of the All Nations Motel, No. Ill Breadway, will Ueto.'d thi* day, (Tuesday) Oct. 34th, at li>J o'clock, A. M ? comprising Brusf Ik and Ingrain Carpets, large Pier anil Mantel Leaking Glasses, Mahogany and other Chairs and Rocking Chair*, Hola Beds and ?.ifa?, Pier and Centre Tables, Kretich Bedsteads, Curl'd Maple and Windlass Bedsteads, Dining Tabits, Bureaus, Wathst?Dd<, Marble top Toilet Tables, Toilet Sets, Hall. Astral and Mantel Lampa, Win low Curtains, Beds Mattrasses, Palli*?ters, tic , with a variety of Bed Room Furniture. Ahorich gilt Chandeliers. Also, Glass and China Ware-consisting of rich cut Decautcrs, Tumblers, Champagne, Wine*, Lemonades, Salts, Sic.; Dinner aud Tea 8ets,Ccffja Cups and Saucers, Pitchers, Fruit Baskets, tic. Also lour Billiard Tables and Fixtures, in excellent oider. Also, Kitchen Furniture. Catalogues reaiiy. BtcLL * HOWARD. OU- PHALON'8 TUBEROSE SHAVING CREAM, price 3 and 6 (hilling* the jar, Is astonishing every body that hat tried it* matchless qualities. h ia wondered how he can aell so good an article so cheap. The answer in in the enormous quantities which are daily carried out or hii depot, 21 i broad way, opposite St. Pauls. ThisCream pos^essss all the good qualities of Naples Soap, without the unpleasant smelt inseparable from that article iu a genuine state, without the deleterious effects attendant upon Its containing alkali, which causes irritation to tender faces. It produces a rich creamy lathery which will not dry on the face,hat produce a smooth and white appearance, highly gratifying. Phalon's Dahlia Cream, for the hair, is sold aa aboveAlso, both articles may be had ef Brainard k Co, Agents, No 13 Court street, Boston. (W-TO SHAVE EASY.?A celebrated writer has defined man to be a shnviiig animal. This is doubtless true so lar as relate* to civilized man, but 4 civilized man cannot shave without a razor, and he cannot keep his razor in good order w ithout a strop. We would, thareforn.just gently hint to our renders that Saunders Patent Metallic Tablet and Razor Strop, with four sides,hat withstood the teat of time: it having been befor * the public more than a quarter ol a century, and it probably has no superior in giving that desirable keen edge to a good rnzsr which renders shaving on operation that may ko patiently endured.? Hoitnn MtrtanliU Journal. Roussel Almond Cream, for shaving, a very superior aiticle,just received and lor sal* at O Saunders's, inventor and manufacturer of the Metallic Tablet Razor St< op, ICS Broadway. ____________ QtJ- PEASE'S HISTORY?Dear reader*, it dons not I resume to be n catalogue ol what has been done thou, sand* of years back, to recdfrltbe wounded end slain in battle; it is intended lor higher purposes; it is a valleiy el the writing* of the " gr? atest men of the day," and one on what subject f Answer. 'Tense's HoarhoundCandy," fo celebrated for col Is and coughs. The last one they have is from Ex President Van Buren?it hre.ithe* the risht snirit. Whisr* and demncratn nil come under its care. Lirtt>ENW4i.ii, Oct. 14,1H4>. Gentlemen?I have to thunk you oithnboxof y?ur (( doubt not) justly celebrated Clarified E**ence of H?i.rhound Caniiy, anil also for the very obliging term* in u liicli you havu been pleaied to present I* I have not, I ?m happy to inform you, as yet lia>i occasion to me it, but will <lo *o when noceiaary, with a confidence in it? eiticncy which ii well warranted by thn experience of othei*. Very rcupectlnlly, yourobt. iervt. M. VAN BVREN. To Memri. Peine Si Hon, 45 Division ?t. (H7-THOSE WHO PREFER RAISING THEIR own hair to wearing airoond hand article in the form of a wig, can alwayi do io by fertilising the loil of their pericranium* with O^dridge'* Balm of Columbia. Tint wonder* It hai wrought a* n itrengthenar, preserver and restorer ol the hair during thn tweuty-ive year* it ha* been before the public, would fill many volume* la the relation. It opens the pores of the scalp, rcnewi the circulation of the blood in thn capilliary veasels of the akin, promote* the perspiration ?o eaiential to it* growth, remove* the dandruff and scurf, (which are e Imply the re. tilt ofsuppreawd perspiration.) and impart* aailken gloa* and the moat deligtitlul *oftne** to thn treaaea of bemity. Iliose gentlemen who have been hitherto tin*ucc?**ltil in the attempt to cultivate whisker*, will find in the Halm * powrrlul auxiliary, and it i* found true only at 31 Cortland *t ; Brooklyn, l30Kulton it.; Newark, 330 Broad if. ft. Y. Kaprnt. OtJ- PROFESSOR VELPEAt'S SPECIFIC HU.S, foi the radical cure of gononhoea, gleet and all mncupu relent diachai g> * fiom the urethra. Theae pills ar?th* *?fe*t and mo*t effectual cure f?r those distre?sing complaint* at preaent known to the me lical prolestion, on,I can l?o used hy the mo*t delicate per-on without tiuntii g the In eatli, <li**?reeing with the s'onnrh, or confinement from buainn a '1 hev arn to be had genuine onl) at tbe New York College of \IJicin. nml Pharmacy. Price *1 aloy. W. S. RICHARDSON, Agent, Oflioe and smiting Room* of the College, #7 N a?au*tr?et.

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